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Februarie 2014

SPOIL YOUR LOVED ONE: Lovers all around the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday 14 February. One way of spoiling your valentine is to pack a special picnic basket loaded with locally­grown oysters and a chilled bottle of wine to enjoy at your special place. PHOTO: MARZAHN BOTHA


Langebaan Nuus 13 Februarie, 2014

Club members furious about jetty HELÉNE MEISSENHEIMER Members of the Langebaan Yacht Club (LYC) are up in arms about the controversial new jetty at their club. After Weslander reported last week that the jetty was built without informing the club members or SANParks, several members wrote that they are shocked that this happened and they want answers. Allegedly moorings at the new jetty were also privately sold to three yacht owners. Club members are now demanding answers, but Nico Slabbert, club committee chairperson, said the matter is private and not to be discussed in the media. The LYC has 1 200 members. Club members told Weslander that they have

The controversial new jetty at the Langebaan Yacht Club.


been complaining to the committee, but have not received proper feedback. Pat Bopape, head of the West Coast National Park, said there will only be a meeting with the LYC regarding

the jetty in March. The club leases their property from SANparks, who are the aquatic custodians who regulate any human activity on the Langebaan Lagoon. The lagoon is an internation-

ally recognised marine protected area. Senior SANParks official, Pierre Nel, said normally the park would be approached prior to any building projects being done in the lagoon. The park would then contact the Department of Environmental Affairs to ascertain whether any restrictions are applicable. Thereafter they would assist the applicant. “Any construction project in the water could have a detrimental effect on the marine environment. Secondly, we don’t want a piecemeal development that could have an even bigger effect. “We understand the LYC needs the facilities and we are generally very happy with the LYC and the way they manage the club and the area. We find it a bit disappointing that we had to learn about the jetty in a roundabout way.”

It has been confirmed that the Saldanha Bay Tourism Organi­ sation (SBTO) will again be hosting the popular Langebaan Lagoon Celebration. This year the fun will happen on the weekend of 26 and 27 April. It is still early days as to what events will take place, but the SBTO promises it will again be a great event. What has been confirmed thus far is that the after party on the Saturday night will be hosted at Flamingo’s and the theme will be black and gold. There will also be food stalls and fun activities on the beach. Watch this space. PHOTO: WESLANDER

Langebaan News 13 Februarie, 2014


Fietsryer lig beseer

’n Fietsryer is onlangs lig beseer na ’n botsing met ’n blou duinebesie by die kruising voor Langebaan Curro Privaat­ skool. Die botsing het in ligte reën in die agtermiddag van Dinsdag 28 Januarie gebeur. Volgens die Langebaan­polisie het die bestuurder van die duinebesie vir verkeer gewag om regs by Longacres in te draai. Die fietsryer het in die aan­ komende baan gery en is raakgery toe die duinebesie die draai vat. ’n Saak van roekelose en nalatige bestuur word ondersoek. Hierdie spesifieke kruising was al voorheen in die nuus weens motorbotsings.



Langebaan Nuus 13 Februarie, 2014

Langebaan’s makeover project JOANIE BERGH Four underprivileged families in Langebaan will soon benefit from the town’s very own home makeover project. The initiative was launched by the Langebaan Community Policing Forum (LCPF) in collaboration with the real estate company, RE/MAX in Langebaan. “We are going to choose four houses belonging to clearly underprivileged people, specifically in Langebaan North, and give them a makeover they would otherwise never be able to afford,” said Peter Lindenberg, chairman of the LCPF. He said with the community’s support they are going to make sure the water and electricity supply to these homes is in full working order. They will also be painting the houses and making sure the roofs are fully waterproofed. This project was made possible by a donation of R26 294 by RE/MAX in Langebaan to the LCPF as part of their na-

The team from RE/MAX Langebaan are front from left: Hennie Venter, Estelle Koch, Domonick Lodewick (broker/owner), Peter Lindenberg (LCPF) and Hennie Orffer. At the back are Susan Opie and Adele Lodewick. Absent: Barbara Warner, Charlotte van Wyk, Doret Grobbelaar, Jennie Olls and Theresa Lourens. PHOTO: JOANIE BERGH tional foundation for charity and local community upliftment. Domonick Lodewick, RE/ MAX’s owner, said each of their estate agents has pledged to give a percentage of their commission towards

this initiative – be it from the sale of a property or a property rental – part of the money will go to the fund and be ploughed back into the community. They will also assist P.L.A.Y, the Langebaan Primary School Reading Pro-

gramme and the Langebaan Neighbourhood Watch with donations. Lindenberg said the LCPF is very grateful for the donation and will ensure the project is such a success that they will be able to assist more households in future.

SBTO manager says farewell Langebaan resident Dave Osborn may have left the West Coast, but he is keeping a back door open for his return. The Saldanha Bay Tourism Organisation (SBTO) manager left for the greener pastures of Stellenbosch last week. For Dave there have been many highlights during his four years with the SBTO. The only low light he says is leaving, but after four years he believes it is time for someone new to take over the reins. “The biggest highlight is

that we achieved what we set out four years ago to achieve. The tourism organisation is more stable and we have given it credibility, both locally and nationally. “We have done this in an inclusive manner working with different role players. We have seen growth in tourism in the area and it is poised for more growth in both the leisure and business tourism sectors.” The recent festive season has been incredibly successful, he says, as there were very few incidents that sparked negative publicity.

Dave admits there have been challenges, but believes SBTO managed to address the vast majority of the valid concerns and issues raised. “This shows in the support we have from the municipality and local communities. “This undoubtedly has been one of the proudest periods of my life. To work with people who have absolute commitment to the area. It has been fantastic.” In parting he says “we are not selling our house – we will be back one day. We love the West Coast”.

Dave Osborn.

Langebaan News 13 Februarie, 2014


Hulde aan ontslape VLV-voorsitter ’n Huldeblyk is by die eer­ ste vergade­ ring van die Langebaan VLV­tak aan Dienie Rust, hul voorsitter gebring. FO-


Almal by die VLV Langebaan is in groot skok oor die skielike heengaan van hul voorsitter, Dienie Rust (64), op 12 Januarie. Dienie het in Februarie 1984 by die Vredenburg VLV-tak aangesluit. Sy het verskeie posisies beklee van sameroeper, sekretaresse, Sirkel Weskus sekretaresse en was ook

voorsitter van die Vredenburg en later ook Langebaan VLV-tak. Sy was met Jan Rust getroud en het twee dogters, ’n seun, twee skoonseuns en vier kleinkinders. Hilary Nepgen (waarnemende voorsitter) het gesê “behalwe wat sy vir haar familie beteken het, was sy ’n dierbare vriendin by wie ons almal so baie kon leer en iemand

wat lief was vir die VLV. “Haar hande het vir bitter min stil gestaan. Sy het die mooiste naaldwerk gedoen en pragtig gebrei.” Op die Langebaan VLV se eerste vergadering vanjaar op 5 Februarie is opnuut hulde gebring aan hierdie geliefde VLV-lid. Sy sou op diè dag haar 30 jaar lidmaatskap-balkie ontvang het. – Charlotte van Eeden

Dienie Rust.


Langebaan Nuus 13 Februarie, 2014

Dis tata vir Kraalbaai se huisbote MARZAHN BOTHA As jy aan Kraalbaai in die Nasionale Weskus Park dink, sien jy die unieke preekstoelklip en huisbote wat op die ligblou water dryf. Maar volgens ’n hooggeregshofbeslissing mag die huisbote teen Februarie 2015 nie meer op die waters by Kraalbaai geanker wees nie. Slegs die twee huisbote wat aan die Nasionale Weskus Parkeraad behoort sal op die water wees. Die Nasionale Parkeraad het ’n aansoek by die Kaapse hooggeregshof ingedien om vyf van die huisbote te laat verwyder. Volgens ’n huisbooteienaar, wat nie sy naam genoem wil hê nie, het die eienaars die aansoek teengestaan, maar hulle gaan “die ankers moet lig” omdat fondse beperk is en hulle moes onttrek. “Ons het gehoor dat die Parkeraad alles sal doen om ons uit te kry, al kos dit wat ook al en al verloor hulle die eerste ronde teen ons, sal hulle appelleer of by ander instellings aansoek doen vir ons uitsetting. Hulle sal aanhou tot hulle wen. “Die hartseer van die saak is dat ons reeds in Kraalbaai was voordat die watergebied as ’n nasionale park verklaar is. ’n Paar jaar gelede, nadat die Weskus Nasionale Park

Die huisbote by Kraalbaai is so ’n instelling soos swem in die warm water van Kraalbaai vir Langebaners en besoekers.

Die huisbote by Kraalbaai. gestig is, is die watergebied by Kraalbaai by die Nasionale Parkgebied ingesluit. “Dit is in die stilte en geheim gedoen sonder om met

Kraalbaai-geskiedenis Toe Rietbaai as ’n militêre gebied verklaar is, moes die huisbote wat daar geanker was, uitbeweeg. Op daardie stadium was daar reeds ander huisbote en seiljagte in Kraalbaai gewees. Frank Whitehead het, soos vertel is deur La-

wrence Green in sy boek A Giant In Hiding, al jare gelede in Kraalbaai op sy boot Whylo gebly. Die Weskus Nasionale Park is op 30 Augustus 1985 verklaar. Die water is eers in September of Oktober 1987 tot nasionale park verklaar.


die huisbooteienaars te konsulteer. Dit is net op ’n dag in die Staatskoerant gepubliseer en die watergebied is ingesluit in die Weskus Nasionale Park, wat ongrondwetlik was.” SANParke gaan glo twee huisbote by Kraalbaai vir toerismedoeleindes uitverhuur. “Wat is die verskil tussen ons huisbote en die van Sanparke s’n. Hoekom kan hulle bote daar bly lê en nie ons nie?” vra die vyf huisbooteienaars waarvan sommige se huisbote al meer as 40 jaar daar lê. “Ons weet dat die Weskus Nasionale Park ’n konsessie aan ’n persoon gegee het om

’n massiewe groot huisboot in Kraalbaai te meer en dit saam met dié van die Parkeraad aan die publiek uit te verhuur. “As Sanparke aan hulself en ander die geleentheid gee om daar te bly, hoekom kan hulle nie vir ons akkommodeer nie? Ons was immers daar van die begin af,” sê die huisbooteienaar. Volgens hom het die huisbooteienaars vir jare dan hulle permitfooi aan die Weskus Nasionale Park betaal tot op ’n dag wat hulle meegedeel is dat hulle permitte nie uitgereik gaan word nie en hulle huisbote verwyder moet word. “Ons vermoed hulle is nie eerlik met hulle motiewe nie. Hulle wou die baai ontwikkel en huisies op pale bou in die water. Dit is afgekeur as gevolg van impakstudies. Maar nou is daar weer ’n aansoek dat Kraalbaai ontwikkel gaan word,” sê hy. Volgens Pat Bopape, bestuurder van die Weskus Nasionale Park, gaan die stryd oor die huisbote al vir jare aan. “Na konsultasie met ons regsdepartement mag ons nie oor die aangeleentheid gesels tot Februarie 2015 nie. “Sanparke het die mandaat om die strandmeer namens die staat te bestuur en wil hê dat die huisbote verwyder moet word en dat slegs Sanparke se huisbote daar geanker mag wees,” sê sy. Bopape noem dat sommige van die huisbote ’n seer oog was op die strandmeer. “Snert,” sê die huisbooteienaars. Daar is slegs een wat sleg lyk en dit is een wat al 40 jaar gelede ’n permit gekry het om op Kraalbaai te staan. Sanparke se prokureurs het die eienaar verhoed om sy boot te herstel,” sê die huisbooteienaar. Dit wil voorkom of die afsetting van die huisbote van die meer ook nie veel te doen het met die natuurimpak wat dit op die omgewing het nie.

Langebaan News 13 Februarie, 2014


Plea to leave negativity behind The festive season was extremely successful for Langebaan and the volume of visitors remained constant from 13 December to 12 January. This enabled businesses in our village to flourish. Although all the municipal systems were under pressure, the officials managed the situation relatively well and problems that arose were rapidly attended to.

I would like to congratulate all those people and organisations who played a role in ensuring that our visitors and residents could enjoy our wonderful village and its natural environment. Langebaan is truly a “unique people and place experience”. The Saldanha Bay Municipality (SBM) is now reviewing the season to determine lessons learnt so that we can adapt accordingly for the future. The traffic congestion in Oosteval Road was a challenge throughout the season. The development of Oosteval Road is a priority for the SBM. The study regarding this development, at a cost of R1,4 million, is in progress and should be completed within the next financial year. Thereafter R26 million has been allocated over three years for implementation. A public participation process will be conducted in this regard. The SBM Integrated Development Plan (IDP) Review was conducted in September. The public’s initial requirements that were facilitated in 2011 were reviewed and the process will culminate in the 2014–15 budget. Please get involved in the public participa-

tion process regarding this budget in March 2014 so that resources can be coupled to the priority requirements. It has been stated as a fact in the social media that Langebaan residents contribute 40% to the rates and taxes of SBM. In reality the percentage is under 30%. Langebaners’ outstanding rates and taxes amount to 12% of the present accumulated R150 million in arrears for the region. The concept of cross subsidisation of poorer communities is a controversial subject in South Africa, but we must accept that it is a societal reality and as such not negotiable. There have been many positive developments in Langebaan in the past two years. In my next column I will discuss the projects that have enhanced the quality of life of our community. Those individuals who concentrate on the negative issues and misuse the social networks to discredit the SBM and individuals in our community have caused unnecessary polarisation in our village. As mentioned before, let us all abide by the Madiba principles of respect, reconciliation and consideration. My “champion” group for this month is the Security Services including the police, who together with the Neighbourhood Watch, SANParks, SBM Law Enforcement and the security companies, kept our village crime-free and safe. Thumbs up for Langebaan. Be positive, take responsibility and make a difference where you are. André Kruger Councillor Langebaan. Tel: 022 772 2412: Cell: 073 664 0506 Email:

SUDOKU: It is early in the year still. Here is a medium­level Sudoku puzzle to give those lazy brain muscles a little work­ out. Answer on page 9. SOURCE: SUDOKU-PUZZLES.NET


Langebaan Nuus 13 Februarie, 2014

Liefde is oral in die wêreld Met Valentynsdag om die draai wonder ek hoe die liefde hierdie jaar aan die Weskus gaan seëvier. En met oesters in die omtrek en genoeg sjampanje kan enige (vaal-) entyns vir sommiges verander na ’n liefdes- of verliefdheidviering . . . Ja, daar is ’n verskil. Onlangs vra een van my kollegas my wat sal ek skryf as ek nou ’n boek moet uitbring. Met alle oortuiging weet ek dat daar nie werklik ’n liefdesroman of ’n hygroman uit my pennestal sal kom nie. Daarvoor het ek te min verbeelding of is daar al te veel flieks wat my idees “gesteel” het. Maar as ek iets moet skryf, sal dit wees oor my liefdesdramas wat in verskillende plekke in die wêreld afgespeel het. Moontlik hoe wonderlik of sleg die liefde kan wees as jy saam met iemand reis, en hoe die verhouding gesink het met die terugkoms. So kan ek onthou hoe ek en my gewese kêrel in Frankryk baklei het omdat hy net by plekke wou kom om foto’s te neem. Hy het geensins belanggestel in die geskiedenis van ’n plek nie, wat my later begin grief het. Met ons aankoms by die hotelkamer het ek vir my ’n warm bad getap, daarin gaan lê en aan die slaap geraak. Net om die volgende oggend wakker te word in koue water en te besef die verhouding is verby. Hoe kan ek in die mees romantiese stad in die wêreld eerder in ’n bad

wil slaap. In Thailand was ek altyd oorgelewer aan my hoogskreatiewe lover se buie en woedeuitbarstings. In Engeland moes ek vir ’n baie sjarmante Australiër groet wat Japan toe gevlieg het om sy doktorale tesis oor die Groot Muur van China te doen. In Turkye was die liefde so mooi soos die welkende tulpe, al probleem was my hart het behoort aan iemand anders wat my eerder net liefde as geskenke sou gee. Op die skihange van Oostenryk was ek baie verlief op my vriend saam met wie ek van een skihelling na ’n

volgende geski het. Maar ek het direk ná die vakansie Suid-Korea toe gevlieg. Met my terugkoms ’n jaar later, was my liefde in iemand anders se arms. In Hawai was ek weer tot oor my ore toe verlief, maar dikwels werk daardie vreeslike “verliefdheid” nie uit nie, en oorleef dit gewoonlik net vir oomblikke. So, hier is ek nou aan die Weskus, waar daar baie liefde te gee en te ontvang is. Ek praat nie van die hartsmelt-verliefdheid nie, maar van ’n omgeeliefde tussen familie, vriende, jou naastes. Dit voed jou, gee jou krag, laat jou lag en omarm jou. Dit is “die liefde” waarvan daar in die Bybel gepraat word en nie “’n liefde nie”. Jy deel die liefde met meer as een mens. Hoop jy het Vrydag baie liefde om aan baie mense te gee.


Put emotion behind and move forward With the emotion of the recent LRRA AGM behind us we trust we can now move forward constructively once again. A disturbing feature of the entire run-up to the conclusion of business on Saturday has, however, been the cynical manner in which a small minority of people have approached the process. Some non-members turned up at the LRRA AGM on Saturday with R100 and demanded the right to register and vote. Some appear to have been instructed to do so in a clear and irresponsible attempt to manipulate the outcome. Some appear to have been bussed in late to exercise a vote without otherwise engaging fully in the proceedings and yet others appear to have attempted to pass themselves off as members of the LRRA, or to assume the identities of members, in order to enable them to vote. An altogether reprehensible state of affairs reflecting extremely badly on those irresponsible people involved. I have always understood the democratic process to impose a solemn responsibility on everyone who presumes to vote to acquaint themselves fully with the issues and to make informed judgments on those issues. Petty politicians apparently do not share that view. Those who would reduce local participative democracy to a mere numbers game do both the institution and this town a grave disservice. It’s ultimately about the quality of decision making

and not the numbers. Engagement of each and every mature and objective resident of this town without favour in matters affecting the entire community is what is required. But this also places a responsibility on the individual concerned to exercise that right in a mature, informed and independent manner. Simply recruiting members to civil society organisations such as ratepayers’ and residents’ associations to swell the pool of voters and so to attempt to influence elections in favour of the candidates of one’s own choice, rather than to participate meaningfully and continually and contribute to the quality of decision making, is irresponsible in the extreme and threatens ultimately to reduce local participative democracy merely to the expression of the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. We need even wider responsible and objectively informed engagement with the residents of our town as befits a mature and open democratic society. Winston Churchill once famously observed that the most compelling argument against democracy is a five minute discussion with the average voter. We do not want that to become true either of the LRRA or of our town. Langebaan has clear and present challenges to address and inclusive, mature and informed, if robust debate, rather than petty politicking and the numbers game, is the only way to find the right way forward for everyone. Johan Ackron Langebaan

Langebaan News 13 Februarie, 2014


LRRA off to good start for the year Dear Langebaners, I would like to make use of this opportunity to thanking all Langebaan Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association members and others who attended the LRRA Annual General Meeting. The attendance was unprecedented in this town, with well over 250 attendees and 140 eligible voters – an emphatic statement of the engagement by civil society so necessary in our democratic dispensation. We are also appreciative of the general spirit in which proceedings were able to be conducted, reflecting credit on the LRRA and its members. In particular we thank

those members who gave the new executive their support, and for so emphatically renewing our mandate to act in a principled, informed and independent manner in the interests of all in our community. We will not disappoint you. I invite all those who did not support us, to accept and respect the outcome and to constructively engage with me and with my newly elected committee to help to take this community forward. We are all absolutely committed to that as we assured members with whom we were able to engage in the run-up to the election. I said at the AGM that as members of the LRRA and


THE ANSWER: Did you get it right?SOURCE: SUDOKU-PUZZ-


as residents of this town we should talk to one another, rather than talk about one another. We stand by that, as do we impartially for our adherence to constitutionality, fairness, independence, ob-

jectivity and the rule of law. We have, as in the past, to continue to strive to achieve our mission and vision guided by our values and norms to make this beautiful town of ours the best place for all to live in. We embrace robust debate provided that it is in-

formed by fact, objectivity and community interest. Uninformed emotion, prejudice and malice have no place whatever in a community such as we would like ours to be. The emphatic mandate and expression of confidence that the new executive received on Saturday bring with them solemn responsibility. I and the members of the executive are all well aware of that. The election is over now and it’s back to work. Let us all give effect to the motto: “Be informed, be prepared, be involved”! Yours faithfully Jaco Kotze Chairperson


Langebaan Nuus 13 Februarie, 2014

GENERAL ) Fresh Food Market Day every first/last Sunday of the month at the gardens at the Blue Bay Lodge, Saldanha. From 10:00 – 13:00. Fresh local produce, rolls, cupcakes, artisan breads, cheese and more. FRIDAY 7 – SUNDAY 16 ) Darling Music Classical experience: Beethoven comes to Darling. Visit for more information. SATERDAG 8 ) Car Boot Sale from 10:00 – 14:00 at Die Stal, Yzerfontein. Free entry. Please bring donations for SPCA. Contact Eldré at 082 877 6677 or mail her at to book your parking space. ) Voortrekkers vergader by wit saaltjie by Spreeuwalle 17:00 – 18:00 vir laerskoollede en 17:30 – 18:30 vir hoërskoollede. FEBRUARY 8 ) Saldanha Sport Club is

holding a craft and food market from 10:00 until 14:00. Come and enjoy a fun-filled morning with crafts, boerewors rolls , jumping castle and pet adoptions. Contact Magda on 081 797 2040. VRYDAG 14 ) ATKV-Saldanhabaai se Valentynsdag/Safari-ete word by verskeie huise aangebied. Koste: Slegs donasies in ATKV-blikke. Bespreek asb. vroegtydig by Corné 083 235 8619 of 022 714 1702. ) Saldanha Animal Care fund raiser Valentine’s Dance at Klipzaam Venue 082 921 023. Bring a picnic basket, an open fire will be available. Tents and caravans can be pitched. Tickets are R50 and the event starts at 19:00. ) West Coast Hiking Club hike in the Grootwinterhoek Mountains has been moved to Yzerfontein. Enquiries Johan Coetsee (082 950 0131 or email VRYDAG 14 – SATERDAG 15 ) Huweliksverrykingskamp: Kom breek net so bietjie weg saam met jou le-

wensmaat en ervaar ’n naweek saam met mekaar. Klipfontein Plaas. Navrae: Ds. Manie Reiners 082 940 4504/ 022 713 4933. ) Whale Spotter workshop held at the Weskus Mall from 07:30 til 09:30. The workshop is designed for children aged 7-14 who would like to explore the magic world of whales and dolphins. More on http:// whalespotterworkshops2014_ Cape_Western_Seaboard.htm. Participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a cell phone. THURSDAY 27 – 2 MARCH ) The popular Jazz on the Rocks music festival is happening again at Tietiesbaai in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve. The programme features SA and Cape Town’s best and most popular jazz artists. Cost for a weekend pass: R400. Contact 021 591 5208 or email SUNDAY 1 MARCH ) Spore in die sand by die Plaasmol. Skakel

082 923 6107 vir meer inligting. ) Elpetra Ministries Open Day. Handmade garden furniture at half price for sale. Contact Trevor at 084 727 7214 for more details. VRYDAG 21-23 ) Lamberts Bay Crayfish Festival. Call 027 432 1000. SUNDAY 5 APRIL ) Car Boot Market: If you are looking for an outlet to sell your unwanted goods or homemade craftwork, join us at the Car Boot Market at the Catholic church premises, Suffren Street, Langebaan, from 09:00 to 13:00. Bookings open on 12 March. Contact Heidi 083 779 5127 or heidi.engelbrecht@ SATURDAY 26 AND SUNDAY 27 ) Langebaan Lagoon Celebration in Bree Street, Langebaan. Enquiries 022 772 1515. E-pos Dagboekinskrywings is gratis. Spertyd: 11:00 Dinsdae.

Drie grotes sing by konsert Van die groot name in Afrikaanse musiek tree by vanjaar se TygerBurger/CapeGate-leserskonsert op 28 Februarie op. Kurt Darren, Theuns Jordaan en Gerhard Steyn het onderneem dat hulle meeste van hul groot treffers sal sing. Die opkomende plaaslike sanger Dillon Lerm sal saam met dié drie veterane die verhoog deel. Wat lekker is van dié konsert, wat by die Liqui-Fruitamfiteater in die Paarl gehou word, is dat ’n mens regtig waarde vir geld kry. Elke

kunstenaar sal sy eie volle vertoning by die leserskonsert lewer. Die aand van die vertoning sal mense iets te ete en te drinke kry by ’n verskeidenheid kos- en wynstalletjies. Kom vroeër en kuier op die terrasse terwyl die son ondergaan. TygerBurger het vanjaar hande gevat met Smile 90.4fm, wat as radioborg aan boord is. Van die Smile-omroepers sal die aand as seremoniemeesters optree. Kaartjies kos tussen R130 en R160 en is beskikbaar by of 021 872 9754.

Gerhard Steyn sal sy Baby Tjoklits by die konsert sing.

Langebaan News 13 Februarie, 2014


Make-up – get the natural look As a model I know that make-up should be about enhancing rather than concealing. Forget about contouring and corrective make-up, this is best left to the professionals. Let’s focus on enhancing what you have. Keep makeup simple and natural, apply with your fingertips and finish off with the applica-

tors if brushes are too intimidating. Colours that are transparent, pale and pastel are easy to apply and are pretty much mistake proof. Use foundation to cover any unevenness. It’s not necessary to apply foundation all over your face just

Bird watchers and others interested in the bird life of the West Coast National Park (WCNP), have time until 14 February to enter for the annual Wader Bash of the West Coast Region’s Sanparks honorary rangers (HRs). The Honorary Rangers Sasol Stretton’s Wader Bash is held from February 21 to 23, in con­ junction with BirdLife SA and is in aid of birding projects in the WCNP. Teams go out and identify as many bird species possible within a 24­hour period. It starts on the Friday at 17:45 and finishes on the Saturday at 17:45. The weekend will conclude on Sunday from 09:00 till 12:00 with interesting lectures. Enquiries and more information: Pam Rutledge on 022 772 2787/071 160 282, or e­mail

apply where you need it and ensure you blend it carefully. Apply a shimmery eye shadow across the eyelid and blend with fingertips or a sponge-tipped applicator. Experiment with colours to find the look that works best for you, apply mascara to top and bottom lashes, with extra emphasis on outer and top lashes. Swirl the blusher colour onto your cheeks in a circular

outward motion. Start at the point on your cheeks directly below the middle of your eyes and blend with fingertips. Rub the edges of the colour until it flows into your natural skin colour to create a natural look. Apply lip colour to lips, high shine will make your lips the focal point of your face. Remember anything too glossy will need constant touch-ups.

Vrydag 14 Fe­ bruarie is dit weer Valentyns­ dag. Tyd weer vir rooi rose, soetsappige kaartjies, tjoklits, romantiese kers­ lig­etes en wan­ delinge langs die strand met sonsondergang. Waar kom die jaarlikse mallig­ heid vandaan? Volgens Wikipe­ dia is een van die gewildste stories dié oor ’n St. Valentine wat in Romeinse tye soldate, wat verbied was om te trou, ge­ help het om die knoop deur te hak. Hy is hiervoor in die tronk gegooi waar hy volgens oorlewering die dogter van sy tronkbewaarder, Asterius, gesond gemaak het. Voor sy tereg­ stelling het hy vir haar glo ’n brief geskryf geteken “jou Va­ lentyn”. Dit was in die Middeleeue dat die idee van romantie­ se liefde gewild geraak het en in die 1800’s dat die gebruik begin is om blomme en kaartjies te stuur aan geliefdes. FOTO: SERVICES.FLIKIE.COM


Langebaan Nuus 13 Februarie, 2014

Nuwe hoof het liefde vir kultuur Dirkie Victor is as nuwe uitvoerende hoof van Curro Privaatskool Langebaan aangestel. Hy is ’n boorling van Grabouw en het by die destydse Paarl Onderwyskollege studeer. Sy onderwysloopbaan het by Laerskool De Kuilen begin waar hy vir ag jaar onderrig het. In dié tydperk het hy ook sy BA-graad buitemuurs voltooi. Van daar af is hy vir vier jaar na Hendrik Louw in die Strand waartydens hy nog verder studeer het om sy B.Edgraad te voltooi. In 1996 word hy vir ’n tydperk van nege jaar en ses maande skoolhoof by De Villiers Graaff op Villiersdorp. Victor het ’n groot liefde vir toneel en drama. Toe die ATKV hom in 2006 nader om by hulle aan te sluit, het hy

Dirkie Victor is die nuwe hoof van Curro Privaatskool op Langebaan. dit as ’n groot voorreg beskou. Hy het begin as streeksorganiseerder: takke in die Boland-Karoostreek en daarna, in 2013, bestuurder: takke by die ATKV-hoofkantoor in Randburg geword.

Tog het sy onderwyserhart teruggehunker na ’n skoolomgewing. Tydens sy ATKV-jare het hy in kontak met die onderwys gebly deur opleiding vir beheerliggame van skole en ook onderwysers te doen en ook leerderskursusse in studievaardighede aan te bied. Hy het die geleentheid by Curro met ope arms verwelkom as ’n gulde geleentheid om sy koöperatiewe sowel as onderwyservaring te kombineer. Dit is vir hom spesiaal om hier aan die Weskus te wees – die plek waarvandaan sy vrou, Anna-Maree, afkomstig is. Sy is ’n nooi Carosini van Velddrif, met net so ’n lang pad in die onderwys. ’n Hoogs ervare grondslagfase-opvoeder wat die afgelope klompie jare by die Khanya-rekenaarprojek betrokke was, gaan sy haar

ervaring in die implementering van interaktiewe witborde, rekenaarprogramme, en so meer by Curro Langebaan tot voordeel van die leerders aanwend. Die Victors het twee dogters, Madelene en Nandi, sowel as een kleindogter, Manique. Victor wil Curro Langebaan nie net ’n uitblinkerskool aan die Weskus maak nie, maar ook dié spogskool in Curro Holdings. “Vir my is dit belangrik om iets strategies te benader – om bepaalde strategieë in plek te hê om in die regte rigting te beweeg.” Dit is duidelik dat ‘n man met soveel entoesiasme en ‘n positiewe lewensuitkyk nog diep spore in die Weskusgemeenskap – spesifiek in die lewens van jongmense – gaan trap. – Margarete Heese.

Longacres Privaatskool het verlede jaar geopen met 18 graad 1­leerders en Emmie Barkhuizen as skoolhoof. Vanjaar het hulle ’n graad 1, graad 2 en graad 3 Afri­ kaanse klas asook ’n graad 1 Engelse klassie. Hulle het ook drie nuwe opvoeders by: Graad 1, Lizel Pienaar, Graad 2, Louisa Loubser en Graad 3, Belinda de Kock. Bo is Lizel Pienaar by haar graad 1­klas.

Hier is Emmie Barkhuizen met die Engelse graad 1­klas.

CURRO SE BESTE ATLE­ TE: Sportsterre by Langebaan Curro Privaatskool se kleure­ sport is junior Victor Ludo­ rum (links agter) Nathan Goos­ sen en senior Victor Ludorum, Stefan Conje. Voor sit junior Victrix Ludorum Michel du Preez en senior Victrix Ludo­ rum Carmen Visser.

Langebaan News 13 Februarie, 2014


Curro spog met 5 A-gemiddeldes Uitstaande prestasies is deur Curro Langebaan Privaatskool se 2013-matriekklas gelewer. Die skool spog met ’n 100% slaagsyfer en vyf matrieks wat ’n A-gemiddeld in die Onafhanklike eksamenraad-eksamen (OEB) behaal het. Daar het 59 leerders matriekeksamens by die skool afgelê waarvan 93,2% met universiteitstoelating geslaag het en almal bo 50% gemiddeld behaal het. Die graadgemiddeld is 67,5%. Andelene Theron het met 89,14% gemiddeld die beste gevaar. Sy staan ook onder die OEB se top 5% in ses of meer vakke. Die ander A-gemiddeldes

sluit in Benjamin Venter (83,86%), Cara Uys (82,57%), Ruan Hurter (84,43%) en Samantha Warmerdam (80,57%). Cara staan ook onder die top 1% in die OEB wiskundige geletterdheid-uitslae.

Ruan Hurter.

Die twee spogatlete van Topolino Privaatskool se kleu­ resport is Danielle Antonio en Matthew Jacobs.

Andelene Theron.

Cara Uys.

Benjamin Venter.

Samantha Warmerdam.


Langebaan Nuus 13 Februarie, 2014

A rainbow of kites fill the air just minutes be­ fore the start of the Downwind Dash. PHOTOS: EVAN NAUDÉ

Colourful Dash Downwind trant was only 11 years old and the eldest man was 62. A special word of thanks

The 28th running of the prestigious Langebaan Downwind Dash took place on Saturday 25 January. The event, reputed to be the biggest kite event in the world, lived up to its reputation with 200 entries and a large contingent of And then overseas competitors. What made it particularly special was the involvement of many West Coast watersport enthusiasts who pitched in to help with the organising, marker boats and rescue services. Saturday afternoon, minutes before the start, a kaleidoscope of colour filled the sky over the main beach as a flock of kites rose in the air. The excitement from both spectators and competitors was palpable. A jet ski going flat out parallel to the beach served as a starting gun to set the first half of the fleet off along the gruelling 20 km course. The first kite boarders passed the finish mark near the beach in Saldanha 23 minutes later at an average speed of 52 km/h. The big question every year is whether the kite boarders

goes to the Saldanha Bay Municipality for their generous support throughout the day.

they are off! or the wind surfers will be the fastest. This year the wind surfers were the first to pass the winning post, but controversially it was ascertained that some riders did not go past all the markers on the course and as such the first six finishers were disqualified. In the end, after careful review, it was determined that the correct first three places were taken by South African kite boarders. The overall results were: Men: 1. Oswald Smith, 2. Carl Ferreira and 3. Taro Niehaus. Ladies: 1. Lyde Heckroodt, 2. Sjoukje Bredenkamp and 3. Simone Swanepoel. The race not only attracts the professionals every year, but it is also a great event for families to enter together. This year the youngest en-

DASH WINNERS: The winners of the 2014 Downwind Dash in the men’s division are, in first place, Oswald Smith (centre), Carl Ferreira (right) in second place and Taro Niehaus (left) in third place.

Langebaan News 13 Februarie, 2014

Feast of yellowtail in lagoon Yellowtail, yellowtail and more yellowtail. Not in the history of angling in the lagoon has there ever been such a run of these fish. It started during the second week of January and while I am busy writing this report, the boats out there are still catching them. Just phoned Terry Boucher and most boats on the water have yellowtail. Thys Basson started the run by finding them entering the lagoon on the Saldanha Bay side. He had some incredible fun catching them on spinners under the terns. This is probably the greatest angling ever. You simply wait and watch where the terns are flying. You then charge at full speed to the spot and cast spinners into the shoal of fish. The fish turn and chase your spinner and when they hit it your retrieve is stopped and line starts screaming off the reel. There is little doubt in my mind that pound for pound they are the strongest fish caught by anglers. This huge shoal of fish has now found its way up the lagoon as high up as the reserve area and they have been biting during every low tide. The number of fish caught is staggering and the boat totals have been as high as 20 plus fish a morning. To date I estimate that over 500 yellowtail have been landed! This must be brought into perspective when in “normal” years no more than a dozen are caught. The yellowtail are being caught everywhere, Struis Bay, Simon’s Town, Cape Point. They are so plentiful that the price to the fisherman has dropped to R8,00 per kg. The fish in the lagoon are relatively small and range from 2 to 5 kg. Other fishing in the lagoon has come to a standstill. I think that the small fish have simply run for cover as yellowtail are ferocious feeders and will eat anything that comes their way. December was a good month

Nico Coetzee shows off a beautiful yellowtail. for stumpnose with some excellent fish being caught down towards the Spreeuwalle. There are also some good elf around, but with the yellowtail so dominant they have been ignored. To end, a final story about yellowtail. All fish braaiers will argue for days on which is the finest fish for braaing. There is the galjoen group, the snoek group, the elf group and the yellowtail group. This last group can get into heated debate about which of these are the best. On Monday 21 January we caught a good elf and a good yellowtail and so we were going to at last decide which the best braai fish is. That evening we put the elf and half the yellowtail on the braai and dished up a piece of each – the verdict was they are both so good we could not make a decision. Remember the following couple of months are our best angling months, so get out there and enjoy. P S: Yellowtail now tally over 600! – Vincent Taylor


Februarie 2014

Mykonos prepares for Offshore Regatta The Mykonos Offshore Regatta, with over 80 recreational sailing yachts competing, is set to take place on 28 February. Now in its 24th year, the regatta is becoming a key event on the Cape summer sporting calendar. The event is organised by the Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) in conjunction with Club Mykonos. The yachts will leave the RCYC on the morning of Friday 28 February, with the winners crossing the finishing line at Club Mykonos in Langebaan that afternoon. The first three yachts over the line will be rewarded at the prize-giving event. The send-off to the 65-nautical-miles race from the V&A Waterfront will be a grand affair. On the Saturday a second race takes place, which is a pursuit race where the slowest yachts on handicap start first and are chased down by the faster

More than 80 yachts are expected to depart from the V&A Waterfront in the Mykonos Offshore Regatta on 28 February. yachts, which start later according to their handicap rating. The prize-giving dinner and party will be hosted on the Saturday evening at the Bouzouki Restaurant at the Club

Here is Nollies van der Merwe, manager of the boatyard at Club Mykonos, with some local beauties at the prize­giving last year.

Mykonos resort. Club Mykonos Marketing Manager Michelle Goldschmidt said: “The Mykonos Offshore has grown in stature over the past few years, and is now one of the biggest events on our calendar. “The send-off from the V&A Waterfront will be an exciting event, as will be the reception at Club Mykonos on Friday. The celebrations will continue through Saturday, culminating in a prize-giving, dinner and party. We still have some openings for accommodation, and guests can also visit for the day to enjoy the event and be part of the festivities,” she said. Along with the regular RCYC members and professional sailors, the RCYC Development Sailing Team, a group of adolescent boys from disadvantaged backgrounds in Cape Town, will also be participating in the regatta. Further information can be found at,za or at

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