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The History of Hair is being portrayed in an exciting new art exhibition that looks at the evolution of hair at the Irish Architectural Archive in Dublin which runs until mid February. It’s a very inspiring exhibition not to be missed by everyone in the hair and beauty industry.

Of course we also have to remind ourselves that history also was made in Ireland in 2017 when the Apprenticeship was finally announced as part of the Quality Qualifications of Ireland on the QQI National Educational Framework. It was only then that the real work of preparing documentation and logistics for the apprenticeship could begin. The first apprenticeships were rolled out in Limerick & Clare ETB. However, the pandemic affected the timescale of the programme, and these core groups will graduate this year, 2023.

In parallel with the introduction of the apprenticeship programme, the system of Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) was being developed in Hairdressing. In November 2021 the first eight hairdressers started the pilot process of RPL. This process finished in May 2022 and all of the eight were awarded their QQI Advanced Certificate in Hairdressing. Those participating were from different parts of the country, aged between 25 and 60, and were already very experienced hairdressers. They were already highly competent in completing all aspects of hairdressing on clients but had no certificates to prove this towards recognition on the QQI National Framework like other industries.

These eight graduates are now akin to ambassadors for our industry, showing what can be achieved, and a great encouragement to others to follow in their footsteps. Let’s also acknowledge with gratitude the people behind the scenes who devised the training, writing programmes, mentoring, examining etc. The awards ceremony last November was a proud day for Hairdressing, and I was so happy to be there for the occasion. Following the outstanding success of this pilot programme, I am certain that there are lots of other very talented hairdressers across Ireland who would like to pursue this RPL route to advanced certification. If interested, contact the Hairdressing Council of Ireland by email and you will be given a direct email contact for the RPL process to start the ball rolling. Make it your New Year’s Resolution! Go for it!

Something else not to be missed is the Hair and Beauty Guru Champion of Better Business Performance and Professional Standards, Nergish Wadia-Austin, who will be in Athlone on March 27th.

And to finish on an Environmental friendly note, did you know there are 10 different ways you can recycle the hair that you cut off clients every single day? See inside for more details….

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Kim Kelly from the Patrick Gildea Hairdressing Team, Donegal won the National Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year.

The awards took place in The Mansion House, Dublin were Kim received the Award From the Minister for Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris TD.

It was truly a night to remember, with an electric atmosphere that saw each apprentice winner getting recognised for their hard work and dedication to their apprenticeship. Kim is currently in her second year of the three year National Apprenticeship Programme with ETB.

Commenting on Kim’s award Patrick said: “What an amazing achievement for our young team member Kim to get such an amazing award! We are so proud of her. Kim’s talent, dedication, and passion for hairdressing is something that every young person should aspire to”.

Speaking about the success Kim commented: “I am delighted and completely over-the-moon to have received this award. It means so much to me to get recognised for my hard work and commitment as I have such a passion for hairdressing and always strive to do my very best. I am really focused and dedicated to my apprenticeship and it is a huge step in my career “

The Patrick Gildea Hairdressing Team are delighted for team member Kim who won the award as part of the Generation Apprenticeship Programme out of 187 nominee!.
Kim’s talent, dedication, and passion for hairdressing is something that every young person should aspire to.


Milano Professional BB Bleaching Powders are being renewed:

NEW vegan formula, packaging and range.

The new technology, that works both inside and outside of the hair fibre, is able to:

Repair chemically treated hair. Protect hair from external agents. Restore hair’s resilience.


What do you do with all that hair

We all know that if hair is long enough, we can donate it to make wigs. But what about the 99.9% of hair that isn't long enough? There are many ways to recycle hair, including making hair booms and hair mats as well as using it for gardening and composting.


Composting and Gardening

Hair is rich in Nitrogen, making it an ideal fertiliser for local and industrial composting.


Waterway Cleanups

Hair adsorbs oil and pollutants, even in water. We’ve used hair in this way to clean up oil spills and polluted rivers across the UK and Ireland.

Hair Mats 3

By felting hair with our unique machinery, we can create a hair mat that can be used to cover storm drains or clean up waterways.


Regenerative Biomanufacturing

Working with Biohm, a London-based regenerative biomanufacturer, your hair is being combined with their unique binding material ‘orb’, to create particleboard-like sheets as well as moulded 3D objects. They are also working with mycelium, the root structure of fungi, to grow around hair to create insulation panels.

To learn more, visit 6
It's a question stylists get a lot, and normally it comes with the usual “we just bin it” answer. Well, times have changed as hair can now be recycled in 10 different ways thanks to Green Salon Collective.

Wool Alternatives 5

We are collaborating with Natural Fibre Co., a British woollen mill in Cornwall, to develop a hair-wool fibre alternative to petroleum or cotton based yarns, ropes and twines. Our current blend is 40:60 hair and wool blend using salon’s waste hair and undervalued, destined-forcompost wool.

Hair Rope Making 6

We have created a truly unique workshop with our research partner, Sanne Visser, Design Researcher in Residence at The Design Museum. Our workshops invite people to explore hair rope making while inspiring them to rethink the concept of waste.

Hair Felt 7

Our Head of R&D, Stephanie Hodgson, is conducting an experiment to test the ability of ‘potting felt’ a product for houseplants made from salon hair waste, to save water, deter pests, and release nitrogen into the soil.

Architecture 8

Collaborating with architecture and research firm, Pareid, we explore the application of salon hair waste in architecture and building materials. Pareid are interested in visibly showcasing the presence of hair in final products and instalments as a way to compel people to consider the material not as waste but as a resource.

Wigs 9

We can use even the shortest of hair in the Green Salon Collective hair recycling projects; however, when the hair is long enough to create a wig, that is what we will do.

Art 10

We can turn hair into dresses and clothes by working with dressmakers and designers. In 2022, Green Salon Collective was featured in museums across the UK and Europe showcasing what can be done with hair.


Professional BEAUTY &HAIR SHOW

The Professional Beauty & Hair Exhibition made a triumphant return after a three year break due to Covid-19 pandemic, to the RDS in Dublin on 6-7 November.

Professional trade visitors streamed through the doors over the two days to reconnect and network with industry peers face to face, and to discover the latest products, brands and trends. The event attracted exhibitors from across all sectors of the market, including skincare, hair, spa, aesthetics, nails, lashes, make-up and more.

Three live stages – Hair and Barbering, Trends and Techniques, and Skin and Advanced Treatments –hosted a range of industry experts, who gave talks, live demos and advice on a variety of topics.

Image Skillnet were on hand giving industry advice to all Hair & Beauty professionals.

The event finished with a sparkling Ball and Awards on the Night in the prestigious Shelbourne Hotel. Congratulations to all the winners.

Professional Beauty & Hair will return on 28-29 May 2023 for another great exhibition.


Beautifully crafted and ergonomically designed, KNOT KULTURE74 professional styling brushes can be found in the hands of iconic stylist around the world! Contact your Xpert Professional

#KULTURE74 #KultureYourHair
Manager for more information. [KNOT ]


Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)


In parallel with the introduction of the Hairdressing Apprenticeship programme, the system of Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) was being developed in Hairdressing. In November 2021 the first eight hairdressers started the pilot process of RPL. This process finished in May 2022 and the eight were awarded their QQI Advanced Certificate in Hairdressing in November 2022. These graduates were from different parts of the country, aged between 25 and 60, and were already very experienced hairdressers. They were highly competent in all aspects of hairdressing, hiring personnel, managing staff, managing daily finances, stock ordering, product selling, reception skills,


customer service, health & safety, marketing, IT, training their team, plus a whole range of other skills, but none that gave them an overall certified recognition on the QQI National Educational Framework like other industries.

These eight graduates are now akin to ambassadors for our industry, showing what can be achieved, and a great encouragement to others to follow in their footsteps. Let’s also acknowledge with gratitude the people behind the scenes who devised the training, writing programmes, mentoring, examining etc. The awards ceremony last November was a proud day for Hairdressing and Irish Hairdresser Magazine was very happy to be there for the occasion. Following the outstanding success of this pilot programme, we are certain that there are lots of other very talented hairdressers across Ireland who would like to pursue this RPL route to advanced certification and get on the QQI National Educational Framework.

If interested, contact the Hairdressing Council of Ireland by email to and you will be given a direct email contact for the RPL process to start the ball rolling. (Those interested should begin to collect every piece of evidence about your career to date, no matter how small, to put towards the recognition of prior learning process). Go for it!



Salon, Spa & Barbershop Owners and Managers… THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

Nergish Wadia-Austin is a respected & results driven, international business management trainer in the personal care industry who is due to be in Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland on Monday the 27th of March 2023. She is running a course for Salon, Spa & Barbershop owners & managers and we recommend you attend.

Course Description: In this fast paced, one day course Nergish talks about all the possible ways (old and new) to generate revenue in your business. She teaches in a very direct, easy to understand, simple to implement way - so when you leave the course, you have been shown ALL the pathways to revenue generation. The beauty about this session is that if it’s something you want to implement, you can & if it’s something you don’t want to, you can ignore it.

But you will have the knowledge of ALL the ways to generate income in today’s

Who is this course suitable for?

Hair, Beauty, Nail Salon & Barbershop owners & managers. Spa owners who wish to attract local trade, could attend too.

tough trading climate!

With this session Nergish hopes to inspire, open eyes, change opinions & approach, recharge batteries and enthuse leaders to see their business‘ full MONEY MAKING POTENTIAL for 2023.

Fee: GBP£250 per person for the day.

Seats are limited so they must be pre-purchased from

Tickets are non-refundable, unless the course is cancelled.

Fee Includes: The session, the manual, refreshments & lunch.

Location: The course will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Athlone, Gleeson Street, County Westmeath.

Time: It starts at 10:00am promptly. We suggest you arrive from 09:30 am. It finishes at 5pm.

Note: Athlone is accessible from all counties by car, bus and train. The Sheraton Hotel is based in the Town Centre with ample parking.




Next Color GenHAIRation


Colourist, Amanda Hogan from Ross Adams Hair & Beauty, Tallaght, Dublin won the Ireland final of the ALFAPARF Milano Professional Next Color GenHAIRation Contest held at Accademia, Dublin.

Entrants had to conceive, combine and create a brand-new hair colour with six candidates selected to compete at the Ireland final in Dublin These six finalists, with their models, had to showcase their artistic talent with a wearable and contemporary technical-stylist creation that brought out the best of their specially created colour mix.

The judging panel comprised Vivica Davies, International Technical Educator, ALFAPARF Milano Professional; Beatrice Moate, ALFAPARF Milano Professional Educator Manager, Michelle Regazzoli Stone,

Makeup Artist/Influencer and Eileen Ryan, Consumer PR Consultant.

Having won the Irish final, Amanda will compete in the Global Final in October next year where each country’s winner will go head-to-head (using the same model from their local heat), in the battle to be crowned overall winner of the Next Color GenHAIRation contest.

The winning creation will become an official colour of ALFAPARF Milano

Professional and receive a whole series of prizes and concessions celebrating the eternal bond between beauty and colour

Official production of the winning nuance: becoming part of ALFAPARF Milano Professional’s history and bring their colour to salons across the world.

Participation in the 2023 Collection: learning the best tricks in the book, finding out how a collection is made, and being the first to enjoy the newest style and colour creations.

Visibility on the brand’s socials: bring their talent under the spotlight…

ALFAPARF Milano Professional identifies the level of creativity that we see in our best salons as ‘Art’ - no less technical, no less scientific, and no less worthy of recognition than the creations of classic movements, with our greatest contemporary stylists as artists of our age.

ALFAPARF Milano Professional
Join #alfaparfpeople around the world C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 14
053 912 3681 087 254 7112 WWW.GAINFORTSALONDESIGN.COM

R+Co is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Beaver as Celebrity Brand Ambassador, complementing his existing role as a consultant for the company.  R+Co is a collective of the most forward-thinking, progressive hairstylists united by a commitment to innovate and artistic exploration. The company’s award-winning eco and vegan haircare and styling products feature unique ingredients and benefits designed to deliver immediate, high-performing results.



Stephen is a well-known celebrity hairstylist, educator and brand consultant with an international reputation. British-born and formerly based in Los Angeles, he now resides in London where his styling career began at the flagship Vidal Sassoon salon where he was quickly singled out for his mastery of both classic and precision cutting. From the beginning, he worked closely with the artistic team and his ability to impart the most intricate and complex technique was identified early. That led to increasingly educational roles where he travelled the world showcasing his work. His talent and commitment had him appointed to the prestigious position of Art Director after just seven years and in that role, he began to develop and refine his signature style.

That signature style stresses visual effect - first and foremost. The style must be visually beautiful, stunning and singular. Technique, detail and craft are employed to achieve the beauty, they are not – in his approach –the central component; the ‘look’ itself is the focus with the craft and technical command employed to achieve that. He holds that ‘technique for technique’s sake’ is deceptive; technique must serve vision and vision must be directed towards beauty. That is his style sequence and that – and an innate sense of style and the technical command to achieve his vision - has made him one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the industry.

That sense of vision, that understanding of how we perceive, how we look – how to achieve the look that makes onlookers catch their breath - has made him a ‘go-to’ stylist for an impressive rollcall of editorial, advertising and ‘Red Carpet’ commissions.

He is the preeminent hair stylist collaborator for a dizzying list of fashion and fine art photographers:  Luigi & Iango, Alexei Hay, Alina Estilismo, Alice Neale, Arcin Sagdic, Ben Toms, Christian Oita, Daniel Thomas Smith, Emma Hardy, Emma Summerton, Emma Tempest, Hans Neumann, Iakovos Kalaitzakis, James Meakin, Jens Langkjaer, Koto Bolofo, Lado Alexi, Laura Coulson, Marc Hibbert, Peter Ash Lee, Philippe Kliot, Billie Scheepers, Tom Craig, Tung Walsh and Yvan Fabing.

These are the best at what they do and they will only work with the best. The fact that they keep coming back to Stephen Beaver tells you everything.

His work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Vogue USA, Vogue UK, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE UK and ELLE Mexico, Rolling Stone, Essential Homme, Glamour, HEROINE, i-D, Interview, InStyle USA, L’Officiel, Número Homme, Self Service, Chaos, Paper, Porter (Net-A-Porter) and W Magazine.

His professional services have been sought by global brands such as Givenchy, Tom Ford, Sisley, Zadig & Voltaire, Ralph & Russo, Citizen, Kenzo, Liberty and Mary Katrantzou.

There’s a long queue for the services of Stephen Beaver: he has just styled Cate Blanchette for the September issue of Vanity Fair, and he is currently at the Toronto Film Festival working with Academy Award-winning British actress, Olivia Colman.

But R+Co has secured him. And through his role as R+Co Celebrity Brand Ambassador, you now have access to this unique talent.

R+Co formulas are 100% vegan, gluten + cruelty-free; made without sulphates, parabens, petrolatum, or mineral oil; and are Leaping Bunny certified with PCR packaging.

He is the creative force behind some of the most memorable moments in celebrity hairstyling and has been instrumental in constructing the distinctive styles of such influential talent as Cate Blanchette, Olivia Colman, Penélope Cruz, Maisie Williams, Camila Morrone, Sophie Turner, Hunter Schafer and Kate Moss.  @RANDCO

RandCo_UKI  #randco






THE COIFFURED is an exhibition and programme of events which are a result of a two year collaboration between artist Amanda Jane Graham and the Hair and Beauty Confederation (HABIC). It represents one of its most successful collaborations to date partly because HABIC’s CEO, Margaret O’Rourke Doherty, and Amanda – who was a hairdresser for many years before becoming a professional artist – share the same convictions and determination to shift our understanding and appreciation of the hairdressing profession. Just as Amanda recognises the value and importance of the support HABIC provides to the industry, Margaret equally recognises the work that Amanda has developed can communicate and further HABIC’s agenda to different people in ways that other activities, projects and reports cannot.

This project was developed as part of SPARK, an artist in residence programme developed by Leitrim County Council’s Art Office and Local Enterprise to encourage collaboration between artists and conventional businesses.

The Coiffured is open at the Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin until the 24th February.

Photos Conor McCabe



Aaron started hairdressing 16 years ago in St. Johns Central College, Cork and joined the team at Wayne Lloyd Hair soon after where he then qualified. He delved into the world of competitive hairdressing and luckily achieved many accolades including Trainee Irish Hairdresser of the Year and twice Irish Hairdresser of the Year. He has since worked on the salon floor full time in Wayne Lloyd Hair and Edit Hair Club, and also taught as an educator for many brands.

Last year he took his career to new heights within the education realm, when in August 2022 he joined the team at National Beauty Distribution as Head of Education for KEVIN.MURPHY Ireland. Working with KEVIN.MURPHY for him has been amazing. As a brand, KEVIN.MURPHY speaks to him on so many levels. KEVIN.MURPHY’S ethos of three core principles, FASHION, PERFORMANCE & ENVIRONMENT means the brand has everything that Aaron and any other stylist would need on the salon floor. With their fresh and exciting take on education it is a dream to teach for KEVIN.MURPHY. One such education offering, SESSION. SALON takes its participants on an in depth journey of what backstage at fashion week is really all about. This is something so special and unique within our industry and one of the many reasons Aaron cannot wait to see where his journey with KEVIN.MURPHY goes.


From Westport County Mayo Laura Gibbons started her career training in Galway at The Irish College of Hairdressing over 15 years ago and then returned to Westport, where her entrepreneurship started when, in 2012 opened her own salon: Laura’s Hair.

In 2022 she moved to a bigger premises in Westport and has an amazing team onboard there. She works full-time in the salon but also teaches part-time with KEVIN.MURPHY. In 2015 she became an educator for KEVIN.MURPHY Ireland and National Beauty and has grown with the brand. She has gained a Gold and Platinum Key in Colour and Styling with KEVIN MURPHY Education and with that teaches the SESSION.SALON and COLOR.ME.HIGHER programs in Ireland.

Through working with the KEVIN MURPHY Team she’s had amazing opportunities to travel to many different countries and meet some amazing people. The KEVIN MURPHY network has allowed her to grow as a business, and also personally.

elevenaustraliacolour_ireland 21


The Beauty & Hair Business Event by Image Skillnet

Salon Sessions brought a collection of phenomenal business minds together from within the sector and the wider business community. The host Melanie Morris introduced the motivational, business and Inspiring guests who shared insights, personal experience, how to up-skill your team and relevant advice and guidance. Over the course of the day, hair and beauty professional were enlightened to what was new, how to stay ahead of the competition, how to increase revenue and build a diverse, stronger and more resilient business for a successful 2023. There were also Hair & Beauty trade stands for all the newest products and tools. That evening there was dinner and entertainment and next morning was all about well-being and creating calm in the workplace with Sonia Magnier. It was a hard job to decide what inspired me most but I have to say it was Gerry Hussey, a leading health and professional coach.


As close to Mother Nature as you can bee.

Hypoallergenic, Clinically
Formulated Without Sulphates,
Gluten Safe for Daily Use BPA &
Free Packaging


Salon International welcomed visitors from across the globe to ExCEL in London for the three day event.

There was something for everyone from business workshops and networking to a wide array of retail therapy with a host of equipment and brands, special offers and hands-on demonstrations. The Salon Live shows provided the opportunity to be inspired by icons within the industry such as the suave Patrick Cameron sporting a new hair ‘do’, the Sassoon Academy, Mahogany and Toni&Guy. New techniques in cutting, colouring and styling were very well received by the guest audiences and they left feeling empowered and creative. The Business Live workshop was full of tips and ideas and problem solving ideas which were very relevant with the economic climate and what salons are challenged with now.

The British Hairdressing Awards presented the finalists in a fabulous gallery of their work which was aweinspiring.

See you next year HJ. at Salon International on the 14th – 16th October 2023.

For further details visit



Jean-Baptiste (JB) started his hairdressing career in the late 1990’s at his mother’s salon, located in his home town in the south east of France. After 2 years of training and with a diploma in his pocket, he moved to Switzerland (Lausanne) where he started his international career.

Success is Practice

In 2001, he moved to London to join Vidal Sassoon and was quickly appointed creative Director - his job role took him to teach in salons and academies as well as take part in shows everywhere around the world.

In 2011 he co-founded Mazella&Partners, a hair education company based on a revolutionary concept of

‘universal understanding of precision cutting & colouring’. With almost 10 years of activity, M&P recently opened their first Salon & Academy in central London and teach some of the very best hairdressers in over 60 countries around the globe. In 2019 JB and his team developed « LIVE WITH », a global social media phenomenon that dazzles hairdressers around the world by gathering top hairdressers and barbers who share their knowledge and skills with all the viewers.

In 2020 JB became a globalPAM for the prestigious Mizutani Scissors brand.

After 25 years in the industry, JB’s proudest achievement remains his wonderful team!


An Executive Committee member since 2017 Mary Duffy is the new President of the Hairdressing Council of Ireland. Mary will concentrate on Governmental issues and supports for salon owners and all involved in the hairdressing sector , work on environmental issues that the hairdressing industry can help with, encouragement of people to enter into Hairdressing, support a charity of the year and look into licensing of hairdressing premises along with other ongoing issues.

Mary is passionate about training and also keeping the competitive spirit alive in the industry particularly with those in their first few years of training. She has a great interest in Team Ireland members, encouraging and co-ordinating them. Mary is from Athlone but based in Thurles, Co Tipperary and has had many competition wins at National, International and World Championships. She has competed all over the world and treasures the most, her 15 OMC Medal wins  - the most OMC Championship medals won for Ireland.  In 2022 she was awarded the OMC Outstanding World Achievement Medal in Paris.

Mary will be supported by the Executive Committee.

Irish HAIRDRESSER Magazine wishes her every success..


Congratulations to Mary Duffy who was awarded an the OMC Achievement Medal for her work within the industry. She was an OMC Competitor and award winner for many years and then a Team Ireland coordinator. Seen here with Salvatore Fodera CEO OMC Hairworld and Gianni Fodera OMC

S E A N T A A F F E E D U C A T I O N € T O B E C O M E A S E A N T A A F F E S T O C K I S T C O N T A C T U S A T H A I R @ S E A N T A A F F E . C O M S E A N T A A F F E P R O F E S S I O N A L R A N G E


With decades of experience...

After working together for the past 8 years, Marian Gleeson and Josephine Cuddy decided to join forces and create PIXIE hair studio on Merchants Road, Galway City. Their aim is to provide a salon experience that is not only reliable for its ability to provide high service standards, knowledge, skills and innovative techniques but to do so in a relaxed, comfortable space. These ladies love what they do, and with their experience and knowledge comes an exceptional standard of hairdressing. Marian is famous for her precision haircuts, her creativity coming from a strong knowledge in the foundations of cutting and her eye for detail. Jo is known for being an expert in colour, creating bespoke colours that are tailor made for the client. This makes the successful duo the Dream Team. The Pixie Hair Team are passionate about what they do. Mairead Joyce who is a senior stylist at pixie, has a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of hairdressing and her calm and professional manner puts all clients at ease. Shannan Haverty is the new kid on the block, this up and coming stylist is highly motivated, super talented with a very bright future ahead. Amber Flannagan is just starting her career, she is bubbly and enthusiastic and is a great addition to the team.

Teaming up with Xpert professional, the salon has something for everyone. Offering Joico, Kemon and Alfaparf colour ranges, Pixie are able to create bespoke services to cater for all colour needs. Subtle slight enhancements are treated with as much enthusiasm as dramatic total transformations. Product knowledge is key, it is important that every client who visits the salon is able to manage their hair at home. The team are passionate about education focusing on sharing their knowledge with their clients to help maintain their individual style, thus ensuring everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

The salon has a calm yet fun atmosphere. The aim is to make everyone feel at home and comfortable. The team have a strong bond, being friends as well as colleagues and everyone that visits can feel this. It creates a warm mood and environment that clients love.

This collaboration has a very exciting future within the hairdressing industry!


Global salon software business Phorest present a new way to communicate and present a whole host of product features together, as requested by salon customers in response to immediate business needs.

This Collection is a mix of existing product updates and brand new product features. Phorest have spent months listening and collaborating with their customers and have responded with some exciting new innovations and a new way of launching them. Renowned for putting the customer at the heart of its software, this new and enhanced way of delivering new product features is testament to the #TogetherWeGrow ethos of Phorest, keeping their finger on the pulse of challenges facing industry and constantly striving to drive business growth for salon owners.

From late 2022 onwards, twice a year, Phorest will launch a product collection designed to help salon owners navigate the ever changing and challenging landscape of business, helping them sell more retail products, making their day-to-day operations smoother and giving them a new level of insight into business performance metrics. An insight from recent consumer research by Phorest confirmed that 54% of consumers who do not purchase retail from their salon, want to. Salons can expect major feature updates to the Phorest online store, helping them step up their game in ECommerce, stock tracking, boosting retail sales, providing click & collect along with better delivery options for customers and offering new discount codes for seasons and special promotions, ultimately driving more retail sales even when customers are not in the salon.

With powerful real-time data through the launch of customised Phorest Reports, salons will be empowered to stay on top of their key metrics, staff performance and financial health-checks, enabling them to quickly prevent issues before they arise, reducing risk, enhancing accuracy and making better business decisions fast. The Introduction of PhorestPay Card Terminals is another significant step in product innovation providing seamless customer experience in the salon, along with financial efficiency and accurate end of day payment

reconciliation for the salon manager. With Cardless Checkout the time spent at reception by clients is reduced, saving staff valuable time and saves staff valuable time. No more end of day drama for salon owners, just easy, accurate, brilliant new PhorestPay Card Terminals.

Chief Product Officer of Phorest Paddy Monaghan “We are excited to launch new product features in this way, to make it as impactful and immediate as possible for our salon customers. We're constantly getting feedback and listening to our customers around the world to understand what they really need from us. You have asked and we have listened. I am particularly excited about the brand new PhorestPay Card Terminal launch and the improvements to our online store, accounting integrations and Phorest Reports. All with the aim of helping you to save time, understand the insights into what is driving your performance and to grow your business. We will continue to speak with our salon community for the next set of product innovations to support and grow your businesses” .

with the aim of helping you to save time, understand the insights into what is driving your performance and to grow your business.


with extensive suite of BENEFITS

12 months for €99


The Hair and Beauty Industry

Confederation of Ireland is a non-profit, membership based national organisation committed to representing, supporting, developing and uniting all areas of the Hair and Beauty industry in Ireland, and all those who work within it.

Throughout 2023 we will continue to be your voice, and to support you & your business

ex VAT
Image: Hair Stylist Bridget Haren, Photographer: KEST


Ultra-Gentle Bubble Bath

Little Green is a safe, gentle and pure Baby and Kids Hair and Body Collection. The range uses delicate formulas that are gentle for babies and children and kind to the environment they will grow up in. All of the Little Green products are highly effective and treatment-oriented and products parents can trust. The range is developed for sensitive skin and is vegan, hypoallergenic, clinically and dermatologically tested. It’s proudly allergen, paraben, sulphate and gluten-free. @littlegreencares_uki

The Actyva Coloro revolution applies to grey/white coverage results too. In fact, this is the only demi-permanent hair colour based on a new pH modulation technology that also allows services dedicated to grey/white-haired clients, providing soft and natural-looking effects which minimise hair colour regrowth and commitment. It contains coconut oil and Velian Complex and is also created in accordance with Kemon’s Green & Clean Cosmetics guideline, so the formulation has a very high percentage of natural origin ingredients. It is vegan certified and dermatologically tested.


Actyva Coloro Demi-Permanent Color is an illiminating colour treatment that, when mixed with Actyva Coloro Cream Activator, produces a gel-textured blend that is easily and quickly applied roots to ends. It does not drip or stain. Its special formulation and MpH technology allows it to deliver extreme shine and longer-lasting colour results while fully respecting the hair fibre. The colour range consists of 39 shades divided into 10 colour series and 3 correctors/ intensifiers that come in 60 ml rPET* bottles.

@kemon.ireland @kemonireland


Actyva Coloro has been developed precisely to redefine the traditional concept of hair colour and deliver extraordinary results, lighting up tones to illuminate any hair colour.


A vegan lightweight serum containing flaxseed oil, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants.


Professional’s classic, bestselling product has just got better. For over 30 years

Cristalli Liquidi, an instant illuminating serum for all hair types, has been much loved by hairdressers and their clients for its incredible shine, gloss and fragrance, and now has added thermal protection from heat tools up to 230°C. It will smooth and fight against frizz all while leaving the hair soft, shiny, and tangle free.



ALFAPARF Milano Professional, which has always given a voice to the trends of the moment and is a pioneer in the development of innovative technologies, introduces the new BB Bleach, the line of bleaching powders able to satisfy the whole blonde and brunette world.

The line has the following new features: A new formula, new packaging and a new range.

It features innovative Bond System protection technology, which delivers safe results and guaranteed performance. Working both inside and outside the hair fibre, it is able to: repair chemically treated hair, protect hair from external agents (such as heat, urban pollution and UV stress) and restore hair resilience, all in a vegan formula that is free from ingredients of animal origin or derivation.

Another important new feature is the change in packaging. The new sachet, instead of the jar, is extremely practical and convenient to use, and ensures a high-performance barrier, protecting the formula from light and humidity. It also offers important environmental benefits:

• Fewer number of components

• 50% fewer CO2eq emissions linked to the new packaging production

• Instruction leaflet substituted with a QR code, to reduce paper consumption.


COLOR WOW launches CURL WOW With New Naked Technology

Color Wow has created Curl Wow, a totally new approach to curl care that delivers perfectly bundled, bouncy, glossy naked curls. Curl Wow is a complete departure from traditional curl products that leave heavy, oily coatings on the hair or lock curls into rigid, crispy formation. Curl Wow features breakthrough ‘Naked Technology’ so there’s no weight, no greasy feel, no crunch. Just beautifully natural, frizz-free, naked curls. The range comprises five products. Innovative technology in every Curl Wow formula for healthier natural curl care, every step of the way…

Dehydrated, curly texture tends to be motionless because the hair’s internal protein chains are dry, stiff and in need of lubrication. Curl Wow’s Coco-Motion is created with rich Marula Oil, Coconut Oil and the proprietary Profaxil-18 Complex to lubricate the inner protein chains, which lack moisture. Instantly, curls have bounce, elasticity, silky-soft texture and fluid motion. (No drying alcohol, silicones, gluten-free and vegan.)

SHOOK Mix + Fix Bundling Spray RRP €38

The secret to this bi-phase technology is a layer of weightless polymers and a layer of rich moisturising oils (Jojoba, Rice Bran, Passion Flower, Grape Seed Oils, plus our proprietary Proxfaxil-18 Complex). Mixed together, they deliver perfectly bundled, soft, silky, de-frizzed and defined curls that will leave you shook! Clinically proven to reduce frizz by 78% in high humidity. (No alcohol, no drying silicones, gluten-free and vegan.)


Schwarzkopf Professional launches NEW IGORA COOLS–Permanent & Demi-Permanent Colour

Crafted for Optimal Neutralisation on all Bases....Schwarzkopf Professional's flagship colourbrand, IGORA, continuously pushes colouration limits with high-performance products that empower hairdressers to become the colourist they want to be. Supporting the need for cooler, natural-looking haircolour with strong neutralisation especially on darker bases.

Schwarzkopf Professional have extended both their permanent IGORA ROYAL portfolio and the demipermanent IGORA VIBRANCE assortment with a range of true cool shades, perfect for cendré, ash, and matte tonal directions. IGORA COOLS Shades and Application: The new Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA COOLS shades are a dedicated range of new beautiful cool tones; ranging from enticing cendré to beautiful ash and jade, allowing hairdressers to create the most beautiful cool colour results–no matter what the client's hair base is.



R+Co is hosting a series of R+Co and R+Co BLEU 90-minute virtual product knowledge classes.   The classes will be divided into two parts focussing on how-to-use and tips on ‘cocktailing’ to help navigate these comprehensive lines. These classes are designed to enhance stylists’ skills and provide their clients with excellent hair regimen recommendations while also increasing salon retail sales.

R+Co is a collective of some of the most forward-thinking, rule-bending hairstylists and educators in the business. Its award-winning line of haircare products feature unique ingredients and benefits designed to deliver immediate, high-performing results while keeping hair and scalp healthy. All the formulas are colour-safe, heat and UV protective, vegan, cruelty and gluten-free, and without harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulphates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petrolatum. R+Co is focused not only on good hair, but also what is good for the planet and is Leaping Bunny certified.

Simply click the links below to register for these engaging and interactive virtual R+Co educational sessions over the coming months.

R+Co Product Knowledge

March 20             Focus: Cleanse, Conditioning and Specialty

March 27             Focus: Styling and Finishing

R+Co BLEU Product Knowledge

February 13        In-depth Product Knowledge

May 15                In-depth Product Knowledge


Actyva Coloro has been developed precisely to redefine the traditional concept of hair colour and deliver extraordinary results, lighting up tones to illuminate any hair colour.

The Actyva Coloro revolution applies to grey/white coverage results too. In fact, this is the only demi-permanent hair colour based on a new pH modulation technology that also allows services dedicated to grey/whitehaired clients, providing soft and natural-looking effects which minimise hair colour regrowth and commitment.

Actyva Coloro Demi-Permanent Color is an illiminating colour treatment that, when mixed with Actyva Coloro Cream Activator, produces a gel-textured blend that is easily and quickly applied roots to ends. It does not drip or stain. Its special formulation and MpH technology allows it to deliver extreme shine and longer-lasting colour results while fully respecting the hair fibre. The colour range consists of 39 shades divided into 10 colour series and 3 correctors/intensifiers that come in 60 ml bottles

@kemon.ireland @kemonireland

OMC Celebrates 75 years of World Hair Championships

e 2022 OMC HAIRWORLD was special in many ways. e OMC were back ‘’Live’ in Paris after 2 years of a global pandemic.

Congratulations to all OMC member and affiliated member countries presidents, delegates, competitors, trainers, jurors who attended OMC Hairworld. It was truly a spectacular event. Competitors from five continents came together on one world stage to challenge themselves and share their ideas with others. Every competitor on that OMC world stage was already a winner to have got to world level competiting.


OMC celebrated its 75th anniversary during the OMC Global Awards night and honored winning competitors for their amazing talent and creativity. They also honored Presidents from each country organisations. From Ireland Wayne Lloyd from the Hairdressing Council of Ireland and Danielle Kennedy from IHF were honored for their work in their country organisations..

Congratulations to Irelands Wayne Lloyd who received a OMC Life Achievement Award as the Hairdressing Council of Ireland President for his work here and promoting OMC and to Mary Duffy who was awarded an OMC Achievement Medal during the OMC Congress and Juror Briefing. Hairdressing Council acknowledge her work as co-coordinator of Team Ireland, executive member of the Hairdressing Council of Ireland since 2017 and incoming President for 2023.

OMC then went to Yokohama, Japan to present the OMC Educational Global Symposium with teams from France, Italy and Switzerland. Some current World Champions will battle it out on the main stage in ’The Battle of OMC Champions’ on the 100th anniversary of Takara Belmont with the winners being awarded the Takara Belmont Legacy Trophy. What an experience.


Next up is the OMC ‘Individual Gold Cup’ Virtual Championships in Hair, Aesthetics and Nail. Registration will begin on February 15th 2023

That will be followed by the OMC Global Certification of ‘Train the Trainer’ and OMC ‘Juror Seminar’ on April 30 May 2023 in Milan, Italy.

And then the World Championships in Hair & Aesthetics in Paris OMC HAIRWORLD September 9-11 2023


NU WAVE Collection

This collection is inspired by hairstyles from the 1970s-1990s. The merging of these nostalgic looks with current trending styles recreates an overall "Modernretro" look. Focusing on identity and distinguishment.

Introducing: The Punk, The Swift, The Ted, The Rizzo, The Coco and the Danni.

Hair: Leonardo Rizzo, Sharon Cox, Rudi Rizzo (Sanrizz

Artistic Team)

Makeup: John Chrisptopher

Styling: Rubina Marchiori

Photography: Ram Shergill

Nu Wave collection focuses on Individual identity and expression within British youth subculture - looking at eclectic styles and experimental trends. This modernRetro collection includes inspiration from the 20’s, 50’s, 70’s and 80’s with teddy boy meets Bowie quaffed haircuts, elements of the long-layered hippie chicks, Punk with Elfin DIY Punk crops and gelled mullets.



Irish Hairdresser of the Year

Martha Galvin took home the Cup and title of Irish Hairdresser of the Year to Mayo after competiting at the Irish Hairdressing Championships. She was also placed second in two other categories. The awards are judged by an expert panel of international and Irish judges.

Martha and her husband James Baird are the proud owners of ALLURE Hair & Beauty Salons in Ballina and Castlebar. Martha is a long time competitor and has won many awards previously both National and International. The event, held for the first time since 2019, featured great work from talented hair stylists and trainees.

Tiegan Neary, also of Allure Hair & Beauty, was chosen as the Irish Trainee Hairdresser of the Year along with wins in the Fantasy-Junior and Extensions categories. Tiegan Neary, certainly has a very bright future ahead of her, as do all of the trainees who competed for awards

World Skills Ireland 2022

WorldSkills Ireland is a partnership between enterprise, industry, education, training and government that raises the profile and recognition of skills and apprenticeships and prepares the talent of today for the careers of the future.

Believing that ‘skills drive the future’, World Skills know that choosing careers is one of the most important decisions a young person will make.

Over three action-packed days, Worldskills Ireland facilitated an atmosphere of experimentation and discovery through competitions, interactive events and demonstrations. It was an event that inspired the next generation of skilled young people to follow their passions, interests and talents for the securement of their own future, and of Ireland’s.

Minister for Further & Higher Education said “I was blown away here at World Skills Ireland by the presentations of the many skills people can get involved in. Our country and our young people really need this showcase. We have a huge skills shortage and we are not unique in this. Our young people need to come forward in the skill areas. The energy and vitality here at the show is amazing. There are almost 17,000 people here. We have get really serious about changing the culture here to help our young people more. There are many different routes for them to explore, University, Apprenticeships & Traineeships or Further Education Colleges and ETBs”.

Congratulations to all apprentices who contributed on the day.

44 44






Imagine a world where people can’t afford to keep clean?

Imagine there are people who can’t afford to wash their face, to brush their teeth, to use hygiene products and have to use newspaper as their baby’s nappy. Image the humiliation those people might face let alone the disease and infection that may

cause. Well, we live in this world! This country!

Everyday, we are blissfully unaware that these people suffer while we go around with our pumpkin spiced latte, get our nails done and go to work

The Hygiene Bank Ireland have volunteers all over the country collecting unused, unopened hygiene products such as toilet roll, nappies, shaving equipment, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, tissues, sanitiser, the list is endless.

How can YOUR Hair Salon help?

…. Become involved!

For example at Wayne Lloyd Salon we have a ‘Hygiene Bank drop box’ and we speak to our clients about what it is there for and what it does. If clients what they could do the answer is they can either buy a product at a reduced price from the salon and donate it into the box or send in product

donations such as unwanted hygiene gifts etc. to the salon for the Hygiene Bank. One kind lady, Janet makes a large order online and sends it into my salon. Now she’s an incredible example of human kindness. Does it have to a particular product or a large amount of items? No every single donation is welcome. When the salon have collected an amount of items, we just call our Hygiene Bank friends in Munster and they come and collect and distribute it to rough sleepers, hostels and many more. The Hygiene Bank is in every county. One of the things I like about this charity is that there is no CEO taking their cut of what comes in. Everyone is a volunteer so I know my donations will get to where they are needed most! Winter is a difficult time for many and with rising costs it will become even harder. So, PLEASE consider what YOU are going to do to help this great cause. Thank you in advance.

Wayne 45
Wayne Lloyd who was awarded the OMC Life Achievement Award for his work within the industry. For many years he was a competitor and bronze world award winner in Frankfurt at OMC Hairworld in Cut & Colour. He was also a winner of the Gold Lady Trophy in Paris. He has many other International and National awards and has just finished a two year term as President of the Hairdressing Council of Ireland.


The Global Hair Event of the Year, The Alternative Hair Show at the TROXY London, was held once again in aid of fighting Leukaemia and blood cancers.

The International VISIONARY Award finalists opened the show and presented in three categories: Cut&Colour, Mens & Avant Garde. Congratulations to Ciaran Cannon Ireland for winning runner up position in the International Cut&Colour Category

Hair by: Christian Ríos Hair Couture Photography by Esteban Roca


Anita Kirby L.L.T.S. Managing Director of Trichology Ireland

Anita Kirby is a qualified Trichologist, Hair & Scalp Consultant & Laser Specialist and prides herself in her professional and personal service to her clientele.

Treatments available at the Trichology Ireland clinic are for clients suffering with:

Post Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Hair Loss, Telogen or Anagen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania, Folliculitis decalvans, Psoriasis, Itchy Scalp, Postpartum Hair Loss, Alopecia Barbae, Androgenic Alopecia, Hair Thinning, Excessive Oily Scalp, Dry Hair and Scalp. Hair Casts, Post Covid Scalp Sensitivity and Post Covid Hair Loss.

At her Clinic Anita carries out a full professional diagnostic microscopic consultation to assess the treatment most suitable for her male and female clients. This is an essential first step to insuring that the correct treatment plan is chosen and factual personalised advice given to start her client’s journey.

Anita is happy to have added the new Actyva Oxygen Concentrator to her services. This is a state of the art exclusive treatment for patients that need transdermal oxygen therapy to stimulate the hair follicle and inhibit hair loss.

Anita can be contacted for appointments and referrals on:

Anita Kirby L.T.T.S. is a fully registered Trichologist with the Trichological Society of London

The Trichological Society is an independent, autonomous, professional body with an international reputation.

TTS is dedicated to orthodox hair sciences and hair specialism’s. It has been providing academic standard distance learning Trichology courses to dedicated and tenacious students from medical and non-medical backgrounds – worldwide for 20 years in its resolve to promote and uphold high standards of practice within the discipline of Trichology based on sound science. It aims to unite the various professions involved with human hair in health, diseased or distressed circumstances.




On our new on-line training platform you can purchase pre recorded classes covering Sean’s signature courses from his ‘classics mastered’ course.




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