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EDITORIAL The new National Hairdressing Apprenticeship is now up and running with 14 new people who joined our industry. They were registered by their employer with Solas and are now making history as they work towards their end goal - the new ‘National Hairdressing Apprenticeship Qualification’. WOW. I was involved with the Hairdressing Council in this Apprenticeship application to Government from day one. I believe that this QQI level 6 Qualification is a vital career opportunity and is a great boost to our industry. Having had QQI Ireland validate the Apprenticeship means that it is now formally included in the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland at level 6, the equivalent of a certificate level awarded in third level institutions. The importance of this Certification cannot be overstated as it makes Hairdressing immediately more attractive to those looking to join our fantastic industry. It was time for change. Check out www.hairdressingapprenticeship.ie to have all your questions answered. Have you joined the Hairdressing Council.ie? Have you joined Habic.ie? In this issue we look back at the BEST of the BEST and thank Xpert, Joico, Sensus, ImageSkillnet and the Hairdressing Council for their part in making last years event great. We welcome support for all companies for the 2020 BEST of the BEST. We feature all last years winners. For those contemplating entering this year - Go for it! If you’re not in you can’t win…











Maeve O’Healy-Harte









History in the Making HABIC Launch ISME Annual Conference Difficult Clients by Peter Munton Salon Owners Summit, Dublin Visionary Ireland Awards International Visionary Awards Salon International AIPP Awards New Beginnings by Wayne Lloyd Best of the Best Winners Nature X Technology Show 3RD EYE Paul Mac Special Skillnet Ireland National Summit Hairdressing Council on Virgin Media 3 Alfaparf Milano Hairdressing Awards Sean Taaffe Hair OMC Hairworld Raising the Bar with Veronika Byrne Mirror Mirror Mannequin Hair Awards

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Cover Hair: Shaun Moriarty The Green Room Photo: Lee Mitchell

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HAIRDRESSING CAREER AND TRAINING BOOK The 7th edition of the Hairdressing Career and Training Book will be an indispensable tool for any information required.


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Keep your cool

Henkel Nederland B.V. Grasbeemd 4 5705 DG Helmond the Netherlands Hair & Color: Larisa Love Photo: Hama Sanders

NEW brass-neutralizing Blonde Life Violet Shampoo and Conditioner instantly freeze out unwanted yellow tones, helping restore icy beauty and brilliance to cool blonde hair.

www.joico.eu #keepyourcool #livetheblondelife


HISTORY IN THE MAKING The first ever nationally recognised qualification for Hairdressing in Ireland.


airdressing, up until now, never had a recognised qualification despite the thousands who join the industry annually. There are lots of different courses with certifications here but none that is nationally recognised. That has now changed thanks to the collaborative work of a group of dedicated hairdressing leaders, have been working tirelessly on a voluntary basis on this for the past three years to have something concrete for the industry’s future. Together with educational experts from LCETB launched the first ever National Hairdressing Apprenticeship, validated by Quality Qualifications Ireland (QQI), the national body which oversees the validation of all apprenticeships. The first Apprentices were registered and inducted in 2019 and are making history in Limerick & Clare ETB. The first Salon Mentors have completed their training and are very excited about the future for the industry. This Apprenticeship will be rolled out all around the country as all ETB’s will be involved. RPL (recognised prior learning) opportunities for those who are already in the industry and wish to gain the qualification will also be available. 6



National Hairdressing Apprenticeship Objectives: To equip apprentices with the knowledge, skill and competency required to perform effectively as professional hairdressers. •To foster and facilitate a level of ability over the underpinning knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the industry. Skills are demonstrated by the ability of the hairdresser to apply their skills and knowledge in different contexts, and to exercise initiative and solve problems by determining possible solutions and judging the appropriateness of different approaches to challenges as they arise in the workplace. •To develop highly skilled employees who can work autonomously, contribute to the salon team and take personal responsibility for completing projects to relevant quality standards in a timely manner. •To acquire a foundation of skills and knowledge that ensures that the apprentice can interact effectively with colleagues and customers in a salon environment which is experiencing constant and progressive change. •To develop levels of self-awareness in their problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills; linking their classroom learning with the challenges they face in the hairdressing industry. •To equip apprentices with the knowledge and skills required for progression in further education and/or specialist areas in the hairdressing industry. •To increase the apprentice’s personal and academic confidence through regular feedback and continued improvement in a varied learning environment, thus paving the way for lifelong learning.



5 Key Points: •The National Hairdressing Apprenticeship is the ONLY recognised national standard for hairdressing in Ireland •Apprentices work four days a week with their employer and one day a week in a provider Further Educational and Training Centre or College. •Apprentices are supported in a workplace by an approved mentor and in the classroom by their teacher/tutor. •Earn as you Learn model. Apprentices are paid a weekly apprentice rate by their employer throughout their apprenticeship. •Apprentices can graduate after three years as a fully qualified hairdresser with a QQI Level 6 award on the National Framework.


What the New

Hairdressing Apprenticeship programme entails: Stage 1 / Year 1

Stage 2 / Year 2

Stage 3 / Year 3




This stage has seven assessed modules, plus an induction module

1. Induction 2. Health & Safety 3. Client Consultation 4. Shampooing, Conditioning & Treatment 5. Styling & Finishing 1 6. Salon Reception & ITC Skills 7. Colour 1 8. Cutting 1

This stage has six assessed modules,

1. Customer service & Retail 2. Styling & Finishing 2 3. Colour 2 4. Cutting 2 5. Team Leadership 6. Career in Action

This stage has five modules,

1. Perming & Neutralising Hair 2. Cutting 3 3. Colour 3 4. Styling & Finishing 3 5. Capstone Model

“The 3-year programme equips apprentices with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform effectively as professional hairdressers” “The QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Hairdressing is not only recognised nationally but also has international currency”


‘Making History: The first Apprentices on the QQI Level 6 National Hairdressing Apprenticeship’.


Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation HABIC, the Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation Ireland, is a not-for-profit organisation committed to representing, supporting, promoting and uniting Ireland’s hair and beauty sectors to work together for a common goal. Margaret O’Rourke Doherty heads up the Confederation as CEO. The launch of HABIC took place in the Crypt at Christ Church Cathedral in late 2019. The Hair and Beauty industry in Ireland is estimated to be worth €2 billion to the economy, employs over 30,000 and is one of the country’s fastest growing sectors. However, it is completely unregulated and unsupported, has a skills shortage and a large, cash-based black market that undermines established businesses and poses a serious threat to even the most high-profile hair and beauty businesses.

HABIC is driven by industry experts and skilled practitioners, determined to highlight the contribution the sector is making to the economy, while striving to address the problems posed by lack of recognition and support at official level. The Irish Hairdressing Council has fully supported this organisation since its inception and encourages those in the industry to sign up now.

HABIC has established a national register of practitioners who conform to professional standards. Those seeking to register will need to have a qualification of at least one year from a listed recognised certification body, with the register to be publicly available. The body will also encourage salons to adhere to EU standards for beauty services, which set out how salons should manage risk, hygiene and client consultation.

Photos: Brian Farrell




RÓS MODEL MANAGEMENT Irish model agency specialising in hair shows & photo shoots. T: 089 499 3334 www.rosmodelmanagement.com  Mother agency for the all winners of the most prestige hair competitions 2019





“A hairdressers aim is to make their clients hair look and feel fantastic!”


ith this in mind, I have covered, in this series of articles, home care products, in my “Hairdressers shouldn’t retail” Article. Of course, what I was saying is that we should not Sell Sell Sell. We should take in all the information and recommend home care products and equipment that will answer our clients’ needs. This is just as important as consultation for a cut, look or colour. Part of our service ensuring that the clients will not only look good when he/she leaves the salon but will 18

look good until the next salon visit. This service should be offered to every client on every visit. I then continued with “Customer Service” a detailed step by step through a client’s service, covering, Preparation, first contact, making an appointment, Consultation, Waiting time, At the backwash, During the service, Final consultation, At the reception Desk. This combination of homecare, customer in-salon service is a free upgrade to any salon, from one-person salon to salon groups. This will result in happy returning clients, happy hairdressers and a great salon atmosphere, a winwin situation. Of course, this is ideal and will be the norm with this great service, but there will, on occasions, be difficult clients and Client complaints. If handled in the right way these clients can become your most loyal clients.

Difficult Clients

The first thing to remember is, difficult clients are not born difficult, they have become difficult due to a circumstance in the past. With careful handling, these clients will be loyal, happy clients. When dealing with these situations it’s important to remember an old saying, God gave us two ears and one mouth, we should listen twice as much as we speak. Listen to the clients’ needs, ask questions that will discover their fears and come up with an answer between you that allay their fears and give them the result they want. Give yourself plenty of time, difficult clients do not like being rushed. The important factors here are, the client feels due consideration has been taken to their needs, and that they have ownership in the course to be taken. This does not mean you cannot recommend something different to the clients’ original request. If you listen to and take into account the client’s feelings and needs alternatives solutions can be recommended. The client will be assured that the alternative course of action will satisfy their needs. This course of action applies to home care as well as in-salon treatments and services.

Customer Complaints

Whilst customer complaints are rare and if handled badly the resulting upheaval will affect the salon staff and atmosphere. To handle complaints thoroughly we first need to approach the problem with the correct mental attitude, and “I am right” is not the right attitude, even if you are not in error. The right attitude is to understand that the client has a problem that needs solving, so be caring and reassuring.

response, making solving the problem more difficult. The client would have planned what he/she is going to say. They will arrive at the salon more prepared than you are. You will need time to understand the situation. The first response should be to show understanding, be sympathetic and show a willingness to help. This does not mean you should admit you have erred. First bring the client to a quiet area, somewhere you can talk face to face with the client, without interruption. This assures the client that you are taking her complaint seriously. Listen to what the client is complaining about, ask relevant questions, show you are listening to and taking into account their answers this shows you understand and are willing to help. When you have all relevant information about the salon visit to which the complaint relates, discuss all the options to correct the problem. Do not offer solutions unless you know they are achievable. Agree on a course of action. Only when an agreement has been reached should responsibility be discussed. Of course, if the salon is in the wrong, the correction service will be at the salons’ expense. If the salon is not at fault, the cost of correction is at the salon’s discretion. There will be occasions when blame cannot be agreed, the cost is then, again, at the salons’ discretion. Finally, and most importantly, document all the details of the event. Record the original process, the clients’ complaint, the discussion, the agreed solution, the correction process used. Remember throughout the customer care process a friendly smile and approach will enhance, and take the service to another level. Just be careful with the smile when handling customer complaints.

Client complaints usually come out of the blue and can catch you unawares, possibly resulting in an inappropriate 19

A 2020 VISION FOR YOUR SALON Salon Owners Summit Phorest Salon Software recently hosted its 6th annual Summit in Dublin and attracted over 500 hair and beauty salon owners. The summit is designed as an educational platform, aiming to offer salon owners the latest insights and tools to help salons reach their maximum potential.

Jamie Dana, hairdresser and educator, shared her insights into how salon owners can really leverage Instagram to grow their business as well as sharing tips for helping staff contribute to the creation of a strong, cohesive online brand.

The two day programme kicked off with Inside Phorest, at The Morrison Hotel. The Future of Technology for the Salon Industry, looked at all things tech and gave attendees the opportunity to get the latest insights. The day also included a special guest speaker from Instagram’s European Headquarters & a live podcast recording of Phorest FM. The day concluded with the official Salon Owners Summit pre-party, giving guests the chance to network ahead of the Summit itself.

Other speakers included: Ken Picton - President of the ‘Fellowship of British Hairdressing’ Stefanie Jackson - Salon Owner & Generational Leadership Expert Millie Kendall - CEO of British Beauty Council & Retail Maven Christophe Robin - Celebrity Colorist & Product Innovator Kristian Tognini - Director of liloffthetop education & Product Innovator Phil Jackson - Salon Owner & Consultant Ryan Power - Beauty Business Coach & Numbers Driven Marketing Geek

The Salon Owners Summit kicked off next day at the Convention Centre Dublin. This day saw an incredible lineup of guest speakers who shared a wealth of knowledge and experience from both the hair and beauty industry. In his opening words, CEO of Phorest Ronan Perceval drew on a few examples of how technology has transformed the way we work in the Hair and Beauty industry in the past decade - things like online bookings, apps and social media. Marcus Allen started off day 2 and captivated the audience immediately. Marcus was the man behind the incredible growth of Urban Retreat in London’s Harrods, possibly the largest single-unit salon business in the world and his message was that of the importance of self awareness in business, thinking like a start up and constantly reinventing for ultimate business success! Pamela Laird, owner of Moxi Loves, shared her journey in starting and owning a successful and sustainable business in the ever growing beauty industry.


After a day packed with education, attendees were transported to the afterparty for an exclusive night of networking & dancing!

some things have not changed. Salons and spas are one of the very few spaces that still provide that personal connection. Your profession is unique in that people will let you, a stranger, into their personal space, in some cases you are considered a close friend as opposed to somebody who provides a service. With technology seeping ever more into our lives - this rare personal connection becomes even more important and we as an industry need to understand how to leverage this when looking forward to the next decade. This personal touch for example should be used to create highly successful and effective marketing campaigns which will in turn help you guys get more clients into the salon more often. So although technology is undoubtedly important, you, the marketeers, relationship builders, style icons, are what will drive the success of the business, the technology we provide is merely a tool to help you succeed. Ronan Perceval

WANTED! Hairdressers, MakeUp Artists from anywhere in the world

The PINK Project Needs YOU Help us create awareness for Sarcoma Cancer by producing a beautiful image of your work. Theme may be commercial, editorial, wedding, avant-garde or fantasy

Hair models: Male or female Hair Colour: blonde/pink or white/pink Head & Shoulders or full length, You choose the theme Makeup Models: Pink Makeup must be the focus Gold and silver shimmer can also be used Head & Shoulders, You choose the theme Image must be supplied in TIFF format. If you don’t wish to produce an image but still want to be part of the project, you can makea donation if you wish Phone: 086 355 55 96

Photo: Absolute Studios



he Alternative Hair VISIONARY Awards were held in Dublin at the 22nd year of BEST of the BEST Hair & MakeUp Awards. These annual awards encompass all that is the very BEST in Irelands Hair and Beauty Industry. Presenting the Best of the Best event was the fabulous Killian O’Sullivan withInternational Icon Tony Rizzo presenting the Visionary Ireland Awards for the thirteenth year. The Alternative Hair Visionary Awards Ireland final catwalk showcased many visionary creations in avant-garde and cut & colour. Sean Moriarty of the Greene Room was the winner with Mary Duffy of Mary D for Hair, Thurles as runner up. Both made it into the finals of the International Visionary Awards, London representing Ireland. Photos: Absolute Studios








The INTERNATIONAL VISIONARY AWARD is an international competition developed from the original concept of Alternative Hair President Anthony Mascolo. It celebrates the new generation of talent in hairdressing, while serving as a platform for showcasing the stars of tomorrow during the annual Alternative Hair Show in London. The winners were: Taiwan (Mens), Malaysia (Avant Garde) and Sweden (Cut&Colour) This year we had two Ireland finalists that were chosen by Tony Rizzo and his team of judges at the Ireland final of the Visionary Awards held during the BEST of the BEST event in Dublin. They were: Sean Moriarty (The Greene Room) and Mary Duffy (Mary Duffy for Hair)







alon International is the not-to-be-missed event for hairdressing professionals. It is where you can see your hairdressing heroes, the latest product launches, inspirational trend presentations and learn from the best educators. Salon International is one of Europe’s most prestigious events. It is the perfect place to meet distributors and salon groups as well as launch new products and raise brand awareness. Here is a taste of what we saw at the last one‌ Put the date 10th-12th October 2020 in your diary now!




THE 2019 2020 AIPP AWARDS WINNERS! The 2019-2020 AIPP Awards Presentation was held at ExCeL, London, during one of the most internationally renowned hairdressing events in the world, Salon International. A global audience enthusiastically honoured the artistic achievements of internationally acclaimed hairstylists: Mark Leeson (UK), Angelo Seminara (UK), X-Presion (Spain), Jose Boix @ Toni&Guy (Spain) and Danny Pato (New Zealand). The five winners received their trophies during a crowded presentation at HJ Stage hosted by Roberto Pissimiglia, AIPP President and Estetica Network Publisher; Jayne Lewis-Orr, Executive Director at Hairdressers Journal International / Salon International; and Maeve O’Healy Harte, AIPP Vice-President and Irish Hairdresser Magazine Publisher. This year, Salon International also hosted the AIPP Awards Gallery and the AIPP Meet&Greet, where winners and finalists had the opportunity to mingle with the international hairdressing community. The 23rd annual AIPP Awards Ceremony event included


categories which celebrated the work of both hairdressers and teams. Mark Leeson (UK) won the Best Commercial Award for his beautiful collection ‘Clash Collection’. Angelo Seminara (UK) grabbed the Best Avant-Garde Award for his stunning collection ‘Imatat-o’. X-Presion (Spain) was the winner for the Best Color Award for their ‘Bauhaus’ collection featuring a fascinating hair colouring technique. ‘Rapsodia’ a collection by Jose Boix from Toni&Guy (Spain) consisted of stylish, fashionable men’s styles that ultimately won the Best Men Award; and Danny Pato (New Zealand) conquered the Best Video Award for his aweinspiring video showing his latest collection, ‘Tori’. Award recipients were selected by the AIPP Magazine Members worldwide in recent weeks. This year participation was impressive, having received 584 entries from 34 countries. What follows now is the AIPP Grand Trophy 2019-2020, where the 5 winners of the AIPP Awards compete against each other to become the overall winner by sending in their latest collections. The AIPP Grand Trophy 2019-2020 will be awarded next

Spring 2020 in a prestigious venue yet to be confirmed. The AIPP also had the grand pleasure of presenting the coveted Hair Legend Award to Raffel Pages during the Alternative Hair Show. Pages was presented the award by Roberto Pissimiglia, President of the AIPP; Tony Rizzo, Alternative Hair Founder; Anthony Mascolo, Alternative Hair President; and Sergi Bancells, AIPP General Secretary. Raffel Pages is one of the most relevant names in modern hairdressing. Born in Barcelona, he has built an empire of more than 100 salons under his name and has created the biggest and most important Museum of Hairdressing in the world: from a lock of Napoleon’s hair to medieval hair combs, Raffel Pages’ collection contains over 14,000 hair-related objects.

Photo: Alex Barron-Hough 35


“Your Health Is Your Wealth”


he holiday period was fantastic but, for me it’s great to be back in a routine. “Your Health Is Your Wealth”, I’ve heard this comment from so many people over the years as I continued to run my business at 200 times the speed of light and took no notice. I was working 24/7 focussing on making enough money to pay the wages and bills! I was fine, nothing would happen to me. But it did and everything went pear shaped. I ended up in hospital completely burnt out. We, as salon owners focus on breaking even, the worst thing you can do. A business coach reminded me ‘Profit is Sanity, Turnover is Vanity’. When you focus on breaking even, that’s exactly what you get, break even. We, as an industry need to know exactly how to make profit in our own business, does the price we charge cover the costs we endure? Should we increase our prices? If we do will we lose all our clients? Getting a work life balance is really hard for hairdressers and salon owners alike. How many days do you work? How do you relax in your spare time? How do you exercise or stay healthy? For me it was very difficult. Even though I knew I needed to slow down I couldn’t or wouldn’t find a balance that worked for me. But then I ended up in intensive care with Pneumonia so, I guess I didn’t have a choice! To re-balance I ended up closing one of my salons so I could focus better on the other two. I started taking a morning off each week to work on the running of the salons in work time and not as ‘more work’ when I got home!


The year 2019 gave us a vat increase, two wage increases and the abolishment of the training pay scale. This year we are already set for another increase in the minimum wage. Ask yourself, what could be your breaking point? What can you do to avoid your “Burn out”? This year I predict more salons closing as we find it impossible to turn a profit and equally as hard to break even. Make sure your numbers add up and don’t be afraid to ask for help! It’s been a privilege to get the opportunity to work on Irish Hairdresser magazine. Since I first arrived in Ireland in 2007 it has been a super resource of what was going on in the fantastic world we live in, Hairdressing! I honed my skills on the competition floor and I know hours of practice are good for any hairdresser. This year my team and I will be going to: BEST of the BEST Irelands Best Hair & Beauty Awards, The Visionary Ireland Awards, The Fantastic Hairdressing Awards, L’Oreal Colour Trophy and Wella Trend Vision. I hope to even find time for checking out new education, tools and equipment by taking time to pop to London to Salon International and the Alternative Hair Show. I just love checking out new stuff! These events are educational and fun and of course time out from the salon environment. At the moment, I’m blonde again so I can’t live without Alfaparfs, “Thats It, Never Brass Shampoo”, I’m loving it. Here’s hoping that ‘blondes really do have more fun’!

Wayne x

Photo: Kest 37




DEFINE YOUR MOOD • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Low cost but high quality product 100 ml tube Vibrant fashion shades Natural base colours Ultra high lift blondes Low ammonia content Base is infused with botanical elements for protection Quick and easy to mix Lanolin base gives a creamy consistency Dermatologically tested Contains Salicylic Acid to make hair brighter Lactic acid softens the hair and adds shine Colours are true to shade chart Pleasant perfume 30/45 minute’s development time Uses I.C.C. coding for clear identification of depths and tones Mood tint mixes 1 to 1 / High lift is 1 to 2 Vegan Friendly

Introducing one of the fastest growing salon brands to enter the professional market! MOOD hair color has been specially formulated in Italy, using 100% of the finest Italian Pigment! 100ml tubes are only €4.50 including VAT. Over 100 shades available in the range to choose from including luxury base shades, vibrant reds & coppers as well as the ever popular ash & beige range.

Newly released for 2020 is the new Moody Toners; 6 Shades and 1 new White for diluting.

If you would like to become a stockist of the MOOD hair colour in your salon, please contact us on 0433349591 or check out the range at




WINNER Shaun Moriarty The Green Room

Photo: Lee Mitchell





Paul Mac Special Hair

Photo: Kest




WINNER Caroline McNeill Aspects Hair

Photo: Lee Mitchell




WINNER Colette Manning Lacey Lash and Brow Studio

Photo: Yam Photography




WINNER Andrew Dunne Hair By Mane


WINNER Atelier M


BEST ECO SALON 2019/2020



WINNER Jolene McCarthy The Hair Room

Photo: Lee Mitchell




WINNER Samantha Byrne

Vanilla Hair Design

Photo: Lee Mitchell




WINNER Ann Duggan The Green Room

Photo: Lee Mitchell




WINNER Sean Taaffe

Sean Taaffe Hair Group

Photo: Kest


BEST BRIDAL 2019/2020


WINNER Nicole Mitchell

Bridget Haren Hair & Beauty

Photo: Kest



NEWCOMER 2019/2020

WINNER Olivia O’Kieffe Pelo Hairdressing

Photo: Libby O’Kieffe



Take a HAIR-WASH holiday! This time-saving Dry Shampoo delivers just-washed fullness as well as fresh, clean, velvety-soft hair ANY day of the week.


Henkel Nederland B.V. – JOICO | Grasbeemd 4 | 5705 DG | Helmond | The Netherlands – 2551899

#WEEKENDHAIR www.joico.eu




WINNER Shogo Ideguchi Japan

Photo: John Rawson




WINNER Shogo Ideguchi Japan

Photo: John Rawson




WINNER Chrystofer Benson USA

Photo: Joseph Cartright





Photo: John Rawson



Jenni Crawford Kazumi

Photo: Peter Evers Photography


I have completed hair shoot spreads for our Irish magazines: Image, Tatler, Life and also Gloss Style magazine in the Sunday Times. And proudly, I have also worked with International magazine giants such as Vogue Italia and Vogue French. What an honour.

Jenni Crawford Lifetime Achievement Award “What can be said about spending 44 years in the hairdressing industry? Passion! Yes Passion! I am the Creative Director at Kazumi, Dublin. My humble journey with my career started in Peter Mark, where I was trained and worked within five of their salons for several years until I opened my own salon ‘Ebony & Ivory. After a couple of years, I packed up shop and went back to work for Peter Mark at Hair & Beauty on Grafton Street. It was in Peter Mark that I met my life-long friends Gary Kavanagh and Michael Leong. Gary was our mentor there and Michael and I were his assistants. I learnt all about the Fashion world as I assisted him on many fashion and hair shoots and shows. After three years I left to hone my haircutting skills at Pzazz under the guidance of Bryan Murphy. Seven years later I moved to join Mark McCawley at Kazumi, and that was twenty five years ago. Time flies when you love what you do. I entered many competitions over the years and won the L’Oreal Colour Trophy twice and also the L’Oreal Image Award. I also won the Irish Championships Hairdresser (Cut & Colour) of the Year and also some of the Peter Mark in-house competitions.

I have worked with Irish Designer Deborah Veale and other designers within the Design Centre as chief hairdresser. Internationally I have worked for Pam Hogg and the fabulous design gurus Vivienne Westwood and Katherine Hammond as their chief hairdresser on shoots and shows. I was very fortunate to work on top shoots in London, Paris, New York and Portugal. I was also fortunate over the years to have worked with great Irelands TV productions such as The Late, Late Show, Off the Rails and Xpose dealing with hair & fashion. I love working with artists in the music Industry, like AeroSmith the American rock band, Def Leppard the British rock band, Spande Ballet the British new-wave band, Blue Nile the British synth/sophisti pop band and Hazel O Connor singer/songwriter and actress. How cool that was! While having enjoyed all these great and exciting adventures, I have managed a busy clientele for whom I am very grateful for. They have stayed and supported me and helped me have a home, holidays and a brilliant social life. Being presented with the BEST of the BEST Irelands Hairdressing Lifetime Achievement Award’ was the icing on the cake. I was so overwhelmed. Thank you Irish Hairdresser Magazine. I am forever grateful to Maeve O’Healy-Harte who has helped me and so many hairdressers achieve their hair goals and also gave me many a platform to express myself and showcase my work. I am currently working on a PINK inspired presentation for the ‘PINK Project’ and I encourage you all to get involved in this good cause.” Jenni



With a dedication to social responsibility and a desire to work with the best technological products, Florin Ghile and Jude Rizzo of Atelier M expressed their commitment in the collaboration Nature X Technology. Sunsus at the BEST of the BEST event was a great opportunity to demonstrate in art form the ethics held dear and the advanced product offering inspiring stylists to push the boundaries in colouring and styling. SENSUS believe products should reflect ethics; Transparency with ingredients and how to use them. Efficacy of product formula. Use of raw materials proved safe for stylists, clients and the environment. Production practices that support the environment. For example – using solar energy and innovative demineralisation process to return water back safely to nature after production. Florin and Jude communicated all this and more with their expression.



3RD EYE Paul Mac Special

I had the honour of presenting my own Mainstage Show at ‘BEST of the BEST’ in Dublins JAM PARK. It was the first time in the shows history that there was a ‘male’ presentation show and first time for a Cork presenter. It was a massive opportunity for me. I was plotting the shows’ theme, audio and visuals with David Newman,then planning the choreography etc. It was a huge team effort but I’ve the Best Team in Charlotte, Nicole Viki, Lewis, Robert, KesT, Ryan, Emma, Jack, Adam and five amazing models. I promised a show like no other on the best night of the hairdressing year and I was told afterwards that I delivered and brought real magic to the BOB stage. That night I also took home Ireland’s BEST Barber of the Year award & ‘Charles Hussey’ Cup for the third time securing entry to Ireland’s Hairdressing Hall of Fame. I’ve had a rollercoaster of a year, both highs & lows running a business etc, but the night of BEST of the BEST eclipsed all and was the pinnacle of my career.


Photo: Absolute Studios






2020 WINNER? About: The BEST of the BEST Photographic Awards has been running for some 22 years now. BEST of the BEST showcases the true talent that Ireland’s Hair & Beauty industry has to offer. It does so by acknowledging outstanding performers within the sector. Growing steadily from its humble beginnings back in 1998, the awards are a four-month long process involving a prestigious panel of International judges and culminating in the hair & beauty photographic awards night. Ever evolving, this year’s BEST of the BEST will also include a number of Business Awards. This process will see a panel adjudication combined with an on-line public vote to reveal the ultimate winners. This year also sees BEST of the BEST join forces with HABIC - the Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation of Ireland for the first time. With the backing and support of HABIC, this year’s Awards is expected to attract substantially higher entry levels and has opened a number of new Award Categories. HABIC embodies all that BEST of the BEST sets out to do - to support, represent, promote and bring together Ireland’s Hair and Beauty sectors. To find out more, we invite you to visit HABIC.ie and we urge you to become a member. We are excited about the journey as we embark in the search of the BEST of the BEST in our industry. We look forward to sharing it with you and to the big reveal on award night! Hair: The Green Room Photo: Lee Mitchell


We wish you all the very best.

2020 Categories Photographic: Collection (3 Images)

BEST of the BEST Make-up Artist of the Year BEST of the BEST Hair Colourist of the Year BEST of the BEST Hair Cutter of the Year BEST of the BEST Barber of the Year BEST of the BEST Bridal Hairstylist of the Year BEST of the BEST Editorial Hairstylist of the Year BEST of the BEST Frank Hession Long Hair ‘STYLE’ Award

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BEST of the BEST Fantasy or Vintage Hair Image BEST of the BEST Avant Garde or Vintage MakeUp Image BEST of the BEST Hairdressing Newcomer BEST of the BEST MakeUp Newcomer BEST of the BEST Barber Newcomer

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For further details contact: www.habic.ie Hair: Paul Mac Photo: KEST


INNOCENCE By: Aimee Owens ( Hi Tec )


Photos: Lee Mitchell


The Future Works

Skillnet Ireland National Summit

The workplace and workforce of tomorrow are changing. Are you ready? The Future Works, Skillnet Ireland’s inaugural National Summit in Dublin, brought renowned international keynote speakers and industry panel discussions, focusing on the key factors shaping Ireland’s workforce and the future world of work. The panel included Aiden O’Dwyer (Director Cork Operations DPS Engineering), Aine Rigney (Head of Behaviour Change & Retail Development, Musgrave), Carmel Somers (Talent Manager & Organisational Psychologist, IBM), Christof Paulischta (Senior Manager Human Capital Consulting, Deloitte), Mark Jordan (Chief Technologist, Skillnet Ireland) and Ronan Emmett (Learning Talent Acquisition Manager, Boston Scientific) Innovator thought leader, Charles Leadbeater’s work focuses on future strategies for more networked and personalised approaches to learning in today’s technological world. To him, the term ‘21st Century Skills’ is most important to equip people with the hard and soft skills so that they can act with a purpose and make a difference to their world. Too often education equips us to be not very good robots doing repetitive tasks diligently. Instead education needs to equip people to be collaborative problem solvers, to find, frame and solve complex challenges together.

“Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world”. Lauren Bacall 68

Technology Evangelist Clare Dillon has over 20 years experience of leadership development, business strategy and technology evangelism. Claire helps businesses maximise the opportunities presented by the latest trends in all types of technology from artificial intelligence to virtual reality. The risks of ignoring technology and digital advancements are great. There are huge competitive forces currently impacting traditional businesses, it’s almost impossible to predict where new competitive threats will come from.

“Skillnet Ireland places itself at the forefront of workforce development, innovation and planning. The Future Works Summit furthers this mission and will help to ensure that Irish businesses are ready and able to equip themselves with the necessary tools and insights to manage disruptive workforce trends”. Paul Healy CEO Skillnet Ireland Advances in technology, changing demographics, and a multitude of competitive and geopolitical forces are constantly changing the landscape of work on a national level. The focus of the summit was on the rapidlyadvancing challenges ahead for Irish Businesses and the exploring of how we can best prepare our workforce for the future world of work.

IRELAND AM Hairdressing Council on Virgin Media 3


he Hairdressing Council was invited on Virgin Media 3 to recreate of the looks of some of Team Ireland competitors who competed in Paris at the OMC World Hairdressing Championships. They were Veronique KUHN-McConnell, Patrick Havelin, Thanks to Ros Model Management, Colette Manning Mua and Maeve O’Healy-Harte manager. There was a full discussion on the looks presented which went down well with the crew and the new Hairdressing Apprenticeship was also discussed. It was a very motivational day.





hese awards give stylists an opportunity to showcase both their creative strengths and commercial acumen, through six creative, three business and one artistic – the ALFAPARF MILANO Inixia photographic award. The Awards’ prestige guarantees a large volume of contestants with over 300 hairdressers from all over Ireland dedicating months of hard work preparing their entries for the 10 categories. Last year a Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced and awarded to Valarie Cahill of IKON Salon Cork. Acclaimed stylist, designer and TV presenter, Brendan Courtney, hosted the event in the rds, Dublin to which some 1,200 stylists and industry insiders attended. The Paul Stafford Show was created to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, a construction that was designed as an obstacle to freedom of thought and freedom to create in exactly the same way as it was designed to serve as an obstacle to free movement. “As the Berlin wall was knocked down brick-by-brick 30 years ago, a truth was being reconstructed and made concrete: people will always want to be free to create and design and live and love in the way they want. That’s a human truth and it’s more invincible and more formidable than the Berlin Wall – or any wall that tries to prevent it – can ever be”, said Paul Stafford, the ALFAPARF MILANO Global Ambassador, Artistic Director of the evening show and of 72

ALFAPARF MILANO’s Nexxt Generation Style Ambassador Creative team. To mark the anniversary of the fall, and to remember why it had to fall, STAFFORD Hair and the ALFAPARF MILANO Nexxt Generation Team presented the story of NICO: A BERLIN ODYSSEY showing the parallel lives of the city’s youth either side of a wall that divides their lives but can’t divide their spirits. Using music and style and creative courage, the story showed how a generation learned to live their lives to the fullest possible despite the shadow of a physical and psychological wall. The story showed that we can be heroes….just for one day. It was a spectacular segment of creativity and excellence, which enlightened, inspired and delighted the audience. Later that evening the graduates from the Beauty in All its Forms hairdressing assistant training programme were invited to the stage and were presented with their course certificates and congratulated for their achievements. Beauty in All its Forms is an innovative national employment programme for adults with Down syndrome to train as hairdressing assistants in selected ALFAPARF MILANO salons nationally with a view to securing longterm employment. It is a joint initiative of Down Syndrome Ireland and ALFAPARF MILANO. The programme which was launched three years ago, has proven to be incredibly successful with over 60% of students working part-time in salons throughout Ireland.

The evening show was produced by Ger Hand, Technical Manager, ALFAPARF MILANO Ireland and the Production Manager was Neil Canavan, Monkey In A Dress Productions. The Awards were judged by a panel comprising five internationally renowned industry experts: Alessandro Fratini, International Guest Artist for ALFAPARF MILANO; Fiona O’Brien, Director of Education; Vivica Davies, Senior International Education Manager, ALFAPARF MILANO; Jack Bayne, Founder and Creative Director of Japonica; Alan Edwards, a founding member of the Alan Edwards Artistic Team.

ALFAPARF MILANO is Ireland’s number one “professional hair care brand. Our ethos as a brand is to foster and support creative excellence in the Irish Hairdressing industry. ACCADEMIA, our 16,000 square foot education facility is Ireland’s largest professional state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence for hair and beauty education, management and communications and testament to our commitment to excellence in the industry through ongoing education. It sets the standard in hosting an unrivalled selection of education and training specifically tailored to the needs of professional stylists and beauty therapists. The Awards extend a platform to participant salons to show their creative excellence and recognises the skills and talent required to create styles of real beauty.

David Donnellan, Managing Director of ALFAPARF MILANO Ireland 73






WINNERS Fantastic Stylist Award Denise Phillips, Pelo Hair Studios, Newbridge Fantastic Long Hair Stylist Award Sinead Fox, Bridget Haren Hair & Beauty, Ennis Fantastic Fantasy Hair Stylist Award Kerrie-Ann Ayres, Blake’s Salon, Carlow Fantastic Junior Award Shannon Robinson, Occasions Hairdressing, Naas Fantastic Gents Hair Stylist Award Mark Heatley, Mark’s Barbers, Artane, Dublin Fantastic Hair Colourist Award Denise Phillips, Pelo Hair Studio, Newbridge Fantastic Salon Award Berlin Hair Lounge, Carlow Fantastic Hairdresser Award Shaun Moriarty, The Greene Room, Killaloe, Co. Clare Fantastic Marketing Award Pelo Hair Studio, Newbridge, Co. Kildare ALFAPARF MILANO INIXIA Photographic Award Occasions Hairdressing, Maynooth Lifetime Achievement Award Valerie Finnegan-Cahill, IKON Hair Design, Cork





INSPIRATION By: Shelley Lane


Photos: Dan Thomas Photography Photos: Tracey Lea Photography


ALTERNA HAIRCARE Pure. Proven. Professional. Alterna Haircare was launched at the Marker Hotel, Dublin which included the introduction of the range and the innovative creative styling by HOB London using this luxury Alterna range.

Since 1997, Alterna has ‘alternative’ luxury haircare. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose believe clinically proven, salon-tested results and natural good for you ingredients. A trailblazer in the world of luxury haircare and styling, we have always been about putiry and innovation, inspired by skincare science.



Gainfort Salon Design partner with the world’s leading salon suppliers and designers. They are the official Irish OLYMP distributor – a premium German Salon range of furniture and in 2017 were appointed the official UK distributor for OLYMP. Following their massive success in the Irish market, Gainfort Salon Design is continuing to work with the leading and most stylish hairdressers in the country. Salons who select OLYMP Salon Furniture rarely ever buy another brand again. The performance, durability and craftsmanship of OLYMP products supersedes any other brand on the market. When you choose OLYMP you are assured of quality, hassle-free equipment. Gainfort Salon Design is also in partnership with Maletti Group Furniture, a major leader in hairdressing and beauty furniture and equipment. Maletti are renowned for their innovative and superior quality furniture, with collections designed by leading fashion experts and interior designers. Gainfort Salon Design has also been appointed agents for NILO Spa Furniture: a division of Maletti Group. NILO specialises in the production of furnishings and equipment for spas, wellness centres, beauty salons, hotels, gyms and beauty institutes. Recent projects include: Ceira Lambert Hair Consultancy Cats Hair Salon in the Westbury Hotel, Dublin Di Milo Hair Design LS Hair Westport Check out the finished results on their social media pages. Gainfort customers are assured of personal attention and expertise in and out of working hours. No project is too small and no design is impossible. “The only limit is your imagination – we can turn your dreams into reality” whilst ensuring your salon is functional and fit for purpose.


SEAN TAAFFE HAIR Sean Taaffe opened his first salon in Kerry in 1989. Since then the company has expanded six times, with salon and training academy locations in Killarney, Tralee, Killorglin and a team of 60 talented professionals. Sean has just celebrated 30 years in business with a full expansion and refit of the salon in Killarney. The Killarney Salon: The Sean Taaffe Salon in Killarney opened originally in 2006 but lack of space was the deciding point for taking on the shop unit next door and breaking through into it to expand the original salon. It now incorporates the Hair Salon, Nail Bar, Beauty Salon, Makeup Room and Bridal Suite. The multi-product & tool Retail Shop and The Mens Zone, ST4Men Barber Shop bringing mens hairdressing to another level. Nespresso Coffee Dock is also a feature and is a busy spot with clients and where the public are also welcome. Salon Size: This state-of-the-art salon consists of 3800 square feet and now rivals salons anywhere in the world. Furniture: Chairs: Welonda Large Units: Verossi Italy Work Space: 37 Hair Work Stations. Product Lines: Alfa Parf, Joico, Alterna , Colour Wow, Morrocan Oil, Nioxin. Tools: A range of Sean Taaffe own brand Hairdressing Tools. Renovation Timing: 6 Months. Budget: â‚Ź100,000 to complete



OMC HAIRWORLD OMC Hairworld brought together hair & beauty professionals from all over the world to Paris to compete, spectate, learn and experience great new things.

OMC Hairword features the highest level of creativity, skill, talent and competitive spirit in the annual Championships. The appreciation of the high levels of technique execution, of the varied hair styles, the body painting artistry, the avant-garde and fantasy authenticity and the mesmerizing beauty of the makeup was evident from spectators who were blown away. Competitors were there to impress world jurors and gain valuable points. Ireland’s Hairdressing Council competitors were Veronique KUHN-McConnell, Patrick Havelin and Ieva Gedmintaite, their Coordinator was Mary Duffy and manager Maeve O’Healy-Harte. The team thank Alfaparf, L’Oreal, Gainforts, Image Skillnet and Hair Tools. 2020 Hairworld will take place in Paris from September 12th to 14th.





hroughout my thirty-year career in hairdressing, I’ve gained a lot of practical and intellectual experience. I’ve had my highs and lows. I’ve gained some great friends and some not so great friends. I hold advanced hairdressing, teaching and assessing diplomas, and now a professional journalism diploma has joined the collection. My decision to become a journalist was due to the road accident that I was involved in recently where I almost lost my life. It was, indeed, a life-changing experience. Due to the injuries, I thought I would never return to the world of hair ever again. However, as I am recovering, I hope to return to it very soon, because it is my true passion. It would be hard to choose between hairdressing and journalism as I now find that the two qualities do complement one another, as they are both of creative nature. Journalism is not only about writing. It is also very much about listening, observing and reporting. Since I have been listening and soaking it all in for so many years, I now feel it’s about time to start sharing some of my observations. I see the hairdressing profession as a beautiful profession for one to have with enormous possibilities to grow. However, there’s been a lot of doom and gloom around the hairdressing industry lately. There’s been a lot of talks about the black economy threatening to destroy the legitimate hair and beauty industry. Indeed, it seems to be a real problem. Although certain people and groups are working hard to improve the industry already, we still can help to make it happen faster and easier by working together. Everyone can contribute in their own way and so help to raise overall standards of the industry. Working in salons, I often encountered difficulties over the 86

years because of my outspokenness or seeking fairness for my colleagues, my clients, myself; or on some occasions, even standing up for my boss. Finally, as a professional journalist, I can speak up for my hard-working colleagues without being punished! One of the most common phrases I used to hear from my colleagues during my hairdressing career was: “I better keep my mouth shut to keep my job”. A situation like that is unhealthy and entirely unsatisfactory. An environment that breeds discontent and fear is neither conducive to a healthy work environment nor a happy workforce. I started my career as a trainee in a salon while studying hairdressing in college. It was more like I had a private tutor, let’s call her Mary, after college hours as I was paying her to take me on. We didn’t have any ties. We agreed on a fee, and Mary said she’d teach me everything that she knew. I was free to leave as soon as I qualified and felt comfortable working without supervision. I opened a small salon in the village where I lived, without employing anyone. It was handy being my own boss as I had three young children at the time. Starting out in selfemployment, I had a lot to learn and explore. Maintaining a high standard of hygiene at work has always been my golden rule, as I’d try to think from the clients’ perspective. I have worked in many salons, both big and small, and I have seen all kinds of everything. One of the most bizarre experiences for me was when I started work in a new salon and was looking for the ‘blue boxes’ (tool sterilizers for stylingbrushes). They told me they didn’t have them as they are old fashioned. I was dumbfounded! Since when has hygiene become old fashioned?

I have seen even better in other places. We had the ‘blue boxes’, but they were never plugged in! (as there were no electric sockets nearby!). It just cannot get any better, can it?! In my experience, I have seen many great salon owners who are amazing team-leaders and who set an excellent example for their staff. Unfortunately, I have also seen employers who are quite the opposite. Of course, salons are under so much commercial pressure these days, and many struggle to survive. But I feel some employers are going the wrong way about doing the right thing, and besides, it seems to me that they themselves often contribute to the very problems they are experiencing. For example, while some salon owners employ one or two part-time stylists with the good intention of supporting overstretched employees, others exploit the system to the benefit of their business hiring mostly on a part-time basis. Following current business trends, they would rather keep more part-timers than full-timers, to keep the costs down. When it suits the salon owner, he/she turns a blind eye to what business their stylists engage in after work. Many employers hire on part-time terms, but at peak times offer more hours, which the employee often needs. In many cases the part-time stylist must be flexible to work any days or hours, as the roster could change every week, depending on service demand. This scenario prevents a hairdresser from looking for another part-time job to survive. Often, in situations like these, a stylist has no other option, but to operate outside the work schedule. Whether they put it through Revenue or not, while the black-market issue is not resolved, it’s on their conscience. Another contributor to the current black market economy is the ability of the public to purchase professional hair and beauty products in wholesalers. That only encourages the black market to flourish. It is a negative self-fulfilling circle. There are loopholes in the system, and many salon owners and hairdressers are taking advantage of them. Being a hairdresser is a tough job, both physically and mentally. It seems like in many situations, the needs of a stylist are neglected just for the sake of client satisfaction and employer prosperity. Often hairdressers are forced to take

on the duties of several roles, for example, a receptionist, bookkeeper, housekeeper; you name it. Considering the pressure stylists are under, very often get very little assistance or no assistance at all. Thus, employees often feel undervalued and unappreciated. Is it any wonder stylists leave to find greener pastures, or work on the black market to try to make ends meet? It is not only businesses that are struggling to make ends meet. Their employees are struggling too. And since it will be another while before hairdressers are replaced by soulless and heartless Artificial Intelligence (AI), it would be better for all if employees’ needs were taken into consideration to a higher degree. So, in the meantime, I would offer the following suggestions to salon owners. First and foremost, be a leader, not just a boss. Listen, have empathy and compassion. Show that you care. Give your stylist a full-time job with all the benefits that she/he deserves. Make them feel safe and secure. Appreciate your staff.

Improve communication in your salon, which might include holding regular meetings, creating a suggestion box for staff, and clientele. Perhaps suggestions should be anonymous to avoid any conflict. So, ideally, place the ‘suggestion box’ where there are no cameras and where the suggestions can be entered without notice.



If possible, take the badge of ‘cleaner’ off your hairdresser, receptionist or trainee, and instead, employ a full-time housekeeper and a receptionist (note that they are two separate roles). That on its own will instantly improve the quality of the salon work environment. The way your hairdresser feels most likely reflects on the client, and so on your business as well. Happy staff are productive staff. When the team is happy, client satisfaction should not be a concern anymore, because it should follow naturally.

Look after your team, and watch your salon blossom! 87

LAILA VALENTINO Healthy Scalp: Healthy Hair Laila Sergejeva-Kornaszewska opened her salon’ Laila Valentino’ in Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim in 2012. Her philosophy has always been ‘Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair. She works with ammonia free products and has a healthy hair positive approach to all services. In December 2019 she moved her new purpose built unit in Bridge Street, Carrick and celebrated her success with a huge party which included the fabulous Hector O’Heochagain in attendance.



MIRROR MIRROR Annual Mannequin Hair Awards


Entry Details: Calling all Hairdressing Apprentices/Trainees We are looking for the BEST images of Mannequin hair work from all over the Island of Ireland. We encourage you to enter, whether you are a 1st, year, 2nd year or 3rd year in a salon, an ETB training Centre, School or Technical College or Private School. The work must be all your own creation. Categories: Long Hair: Commercial, Casual, funky, Classic Hair should be dressed up (10% may be down) Short Hair: Colour and Blowdry Style. Use of any brand of colour and use of any technique. Curly Hair: Curly Worly, Sprials, Soft Wave, or Finger-wave. But the finish is the most important. Fantasy Hair: Let your imagination run wild. General Rules: All work completed must be on Mannequin Training Heads. All mannequins looks show head and shoulders with shoulder dressed/accessorised to complete the look. The photo should be taken against a bright background preferably. Each trainee can enter one or all the categories. But only one per category.

Closing date March 31st March.2020 â‚Ź20 per person for one category or â‚Ź40 payment for all four categories For further information call:

086 355 5596

The Maura Clarke Training Award:

The BEST entries from a College/ETB that is a member of the Fellowship of Hairdressing Educators and Teachers. This trophy is presented annually at the Symposium in September. 2019 Winner: Waterford College Further Education 2018 Winner: Waterford College Further Education 2017 Winner: Wesport College Further Education

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3RD EYE BEST of the BEST Ireland’s Barber of the Year Hair: Paul Mac Special Photo: Absolute Studios



G ro o m in g for the moder n man


Profile for Irish Hairdresser

Irish Hairdresser  

In this issue we look back at the BEST of the BEST and thank Xpert, Joico, Sensus, ImageSkillnet and the Hairdressing Council for their part...

Irish Hairdresser  

In this issue we look back at the BEST of the BEST and thank Xpert, Joico, Sensus, ImageSkillnet and the Hairdressing Council for their part...