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Issue 87 March 2017

Celebrating 20 years Irish Photographic Awards 10 years Intercoiffure Ireland 8 years Alternative Hair VISIONARY Ireland Awards Hair Shows: ‘SPEIR’ by Rossanos ‘PHEONIX’ by Bridget Haren Hair

Sunday 25th June 2017 Mansion House, Dublin

Hair Wayne Lloyd. Overall Winner 2016. Photo Kestutis Anuzis

EDITORIAL It’s time to celebrate the 20th Birthday of Irish Hairdresser (1997-2017) and Irish Hairdresser Photographic Awards (1997-2017). Here’s to the next 20! Hair is one of the few things that you can change in order to dramatically alter the way you look. The look and condition of your hair affects how you feel about yourself, and can influence how other people form an opinion of you. For many people all over the world, hair is also a powerful expression of social status, religious beliefs or cultural traditions. Worldwide, hair salons employ over six million hairdressers who in turn provide multi-visit services to approximately 1.5 billion clients per year! In this issue, we asked several hairdressers in the industry about world legends in hairdressing. Their choices, and the reasons for those choices, should prove interesting, especially to trainees in the industry. My legend, and the reason I chose Hairdressing as a career, was Vidal Sassoon. He changed the face of hairdressing and will always be remembered with love and admiration for a life’s work well done. The BEST of the BEST event will take place again at the prestigious Mansion House, Dublin, on Sunday 25th June. This independent event encapsulates several shows within a Show: The Irish Hair Photographic Awards will be celebrating 20 years of beautiful imagery; Intercoiffure will be celebrating 10 years’ membership in Ireland; the Alternative Hair Visionary Awards (in aid of Leukaemia Research), now in its 8th year in Ireland will feature alternative ladies and mens live competition on the night. There will also be two great hair shows by Rossanos and by Bridget Haren. Its definitely a date to put in your diary. While there will always be winners in competitions such as the Irish Hairdresser Photographic Awards and the Visionary, there are really no ‘losers’, because the entire industry benefits when hairdressers enter competitions to pursue excellence. Let us never begrudge the victors, but let us celebrate those whose efforts bring us all up higher as an industry.











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Cover Photo: Kestutis Anuzis Hair: Sean Taaffe Styling: Roxanne Parker Mua: Sarah Cummins


WORLD LEGENDS Irish Hairdresser asked these Irish stylists who inspires them internationally Heather Lynott-Moore & Angelo Seminara

Angelo Seminara is ‘the man’ at the moment - British Hairdresser of the Year. I was honoured to meet him in London on the occasion of the celebration of Vidal Sassoon’s 80th Birthday Party in London of which I was privileged to be a guest of, invited to by Maeve O’Healy-Harte. Angelo started with career with Trevor Sorbie when he first moved to London. He is very captivating, inspiring and creatively driven. His imagination has no limits and his work is hugely influential throughout the world and he is followed intensely by hair professionals to see what his next inspiration is. I love his graphic shapes and whimsical optical illusions. He is a true legend to me.

Sarah Mason & Dmitry Vinokurov

In London I was star stuck to meet world class Russian artist Dmitry Vinokurov. He is undoubtedly one of the world’s most creative global talents and his work is showcased all over the world. As he has very little English his interpreter kindly translated my admiration for his work and how I enjoyed his shows at the Alternative Hair and International Trend Vision Awards 2012 where he revealed the most stunning pixelated haircuts and stunning long hair rounded shapes with amazing multi toned colours reflecting his passion. It was mindblowing. He asked me about myself and I was proud to be able to say that at that time I was the current Irish Hairdresser of the Year for the 2nd time.

Sean Taaffe & Trevor Sorbie

Trevor Sorbie is a complete genius. When I first started hairdressing I read about him and then saw his iconic wedge that is still amazing to this day, I was in awe. Awarded an MBE for his service to hairdressing the man is an absolute gentleman and I was happy to have the privilege to meet him. He has struggled in his career with shyness and is not a typical extrovert that famous hairdressers tend to be. He is however an amazing ambassador, has five salons and his own hair product line. He is also known for his charity work with My New Hair for people who loose their hair for a variety of reasons. As he says Its physiological medicine for people to be able to have hair again.


World Legends

Tony Rizzo & Rossa Danaher

Inspiring me and so many other Irish hairdresser who love their craft. Helping hairdressers not to be afraid to express there talent and take that chance to stand out for such a good cause . Tony is recognised the world over. He has relentless passion for the industry and the ability to make the world stop for one night and watch amazing artistry and skill that is the alternative hair show. I had the pleasure to meet Tony Rizzo when I first won the international visionary awards in 2014. Tony remains intriguingly modest and has that gift of making you feel very welcome and at home on a world stage. To this day it has been the high light of my career, I was so overwhelmed when I won.

Wayne Lloyd Partridge & Vivienne McKinder

Iconic legend Vivienne Mackinder, was looking for an assistant on facebook from an Intercoiffure salon to help her at her next collection shoot in New York. Coming from a small village in west Cork, I didn’t think I had a chance but nothing ventured nothing gained so I applied and hey presto I was chosen and was about to meet the enigma herself. The shoot was on a huge scale and I learned so much. There were amazing models and famous make up artists with Vivienne larger than life and with a wonderful sense of humour. This lady makes hairdressing look like the simplest of tasks. As she eased her way through the day I became aware of how incredibly down to earth this superstar is. I had the time of my life.

Philip Rochford & the late Joshua Galvin

Joshua Galvin 1938-2011, known as the hairdressers hairdresser, and Vidal Sassoon top creative director with an eye for cutting edge design and an amazing ability for education. He and his brother Daniel had an ‘A’ list clientele in London, He was one never to divulge, for him his privacy was paramount, I once read in Hairdressers Journal that if you applied for a job with his company the minimum requirement was your leaving cert or ‘A’ levels as he felt this showed discipline and an ability never to quit and stay the course. He has raised millions for charity and was one of the founders of the alternative hair show. He received a lifetime achievement award from the Fellowship of British hairdressing , and the first ever gold medal recipient in 2006, and is one of my all time icons.


Bridget Haren & RobertCromeans

The charismatic Scotsman is known for his catchphrase ‘If I can do it, so can you’. Robert Cromeans is Global Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell Systems since 2007. He also owns the USA Salon Chain ‘Robert Cromeans’ in the USA and two John Paul Mitchell schools. An international success, Roberts charismatic and business strategy started his journey to success at the John Paul Mitchell cosmetology school and years later he received the Legend & IconAwards by John Paul De Goria. Robert is one my heroes because of his unique style, ground- breaking and time saving techniques. I love his presence on stage and the way he communicates with the audience which I have seen for myself and I’ve always left feeling inspired. I met him at the Royal Albert Hall, London when I was taking part in the Alternative Hair Show and that was a real honor.

Tim Hartley & Anthony Kilcoyne

Tim Hartley is, without doubt, a truly inspirational hairdresser who I had the absolute pleasure of working with for two days at Salon International, London 2011. Having first seen Tim many years ago when he worked in Vidal Sassoon’s, I found his genuine love of hairdressing to be truly enlightening. He loves to learn, to teach and has such precision hairdressing skills that it is just a joy to watch him cut hair. Tim Hartley’s vision of hair design has greatly influenced the world of hairdressing and for me, I will always remember him as a fun guy who had the greatest respect for everyone who worked with him. His energy, his passion, his life all evolved around his love of hairdressing

Patrick Havelin & Manuel Rodrigeuous

Before meeting Global Educator Manuel Rodriguez I had always admired his work, so getting the chance to watch and learn the tips and tricks of this ‘Architectural Design in Long Hair Guru’ was one I just couldn’t miss. Manual is an OMC Champion and OMC Hairworld Trainer. He is very passionate about training young people and is the trainer for the American junior team for world competitions. This easy going, funny but most importantly extremely talented man, gives 200% to his training workshops which are life skills educational as well. I use a lot of the techniques he taught me now my own training classes and in the salon, from sectioning to colour placement to shape and texture. His was some of the best training I ever had. He is a true gentleman and legend within the world hairdressing. Just one thing he got wrong though .....he called me PATRICO!


World Legends

Anna Furlong & Patrick Cameron

Patrick Cameron is an International Icon and a very inspiring educator. He is so generous with his knowledge and his passion is totally infectious. His beautiful hair work is both commercial and avant garde. His methods are so easy to follow and very visual so he can escape any language barrier wherever he educates. Patrick is simply a delight to spend a day with and he is always encouraging his students.I have long been an admirer of both his work and his method of teaching. Intercoiffure has honoured him as a World Educator. For such a true Iconic hairdresser he can walk with Kings but holds a common touch. Thank you for your contribution to the hairdressing industry worldwide. You are a true Legend.

Karen McArdle & Robert Lobetta

I was lucky enough to spend time with world legend Robert Lobetta on a few occasions. He is extremely warm, friendly, funny, surprisingly gentle, a great sharer of stories of his fascinating life in the industry but he is also a great listener! You can’t help wonder was this man born ahead of his time! I am in awe of his brilliant, beautiful & futuristic images of his early work of 40years ago which would not look out of place in any magazine today! As I sat and watched one of his mind blowing presentations he started with “I capture images. I capture film. I capture poetry. I capture performance. I capture thoughts” he explained that hairdressing is his ‘art project’ and it started over 40 years ago and yet he is proud to say he is still learning! I asked how he kept on going against ‘the norm’? he answered: ‘Never let the noise of other peoples opinions drown out your inner voice!!

Mary Duffy & Daniel Galvin

My choice of legend is Daniel Galvin for playing such a significant role in the hairdressing industry in the world of colour. He was awarded an OBE by her Majesty the Queen for his ground breaking approach and his innovations in colour. Daniel is part of a hairdressing dynasty reaching back to the 1800’s. He began experimenting with hair cuttings, blending dyes and making his own colour charts. He put hair colour on the map with the invention of eye popping candy shades called ‘crazy colours’ discovered through experimenting with silk and nylon dyes. His skills were head hunted by star salon owner of the day Leonard Lewis. Daniel also created model Twiggy’s pale blonde with a natural application technique called ‘brickwork’ which is now used by colourists worldwide. His salon in Kensington London salon is a hub of his premium hairdressing brand that has journeyed with Daniel from the swinging 60’s . He is now joined in the business by daughter Louise and son James.


The nexxt generation in precision cutting education

The STYLE AMBASSADORS The multi-award winning ALFAPARF Milano Nexxt Generation Style Ambassadors bring the world’s first structured, precision cutting education programme to ALFAPARF Milano client salons throughout Ireland. All part of ALFAPARF Milano’s commitment to equip you with the skills and confidence you need to deliver 8world-class cutting, on your salon floor.

giving you the skills to succeed.



Front Row (left to right): Aaron Healy (Wayne Lloyd), Bill Harris (Bill Harris Hairdressing), Kerry Beck (Bill Harris Hairdressing), Jimmy Beech (Stafford Hair) Back Row: Wayne Partridge (Wayne Lloyd), Sean Taaffe (Sean Taaffe Hair & Beauty) Anthony Kilcoyne (Salon 2), Ciaran Dowd (Occasions Hairdressing ), Stephen Flanagan (XPERT Professional), Bridget Haren (Altamoda Hair)

CUSTOM CUTS AT THE SWEENEY Excellence in hair excellence in service ....

Over the past few years, the salon name Custom Cuts keeps popping up on our radar at different events and in conversation. So where is this salon and who is the driving force behind it. What is all the fuss about? In the heart of Ireland, Athlone is home to Custom Cuts at The Sweeney. This salon was established by Padraig Claffey in 1995 and over the yearshas developed a strong reputation for cutting and colouring services. Throughout the years the priority in this salon was to master the techniques of the best in the industry, and to absorb the technical and creative aspects of this fantastic industry. With education as its core value, the team knew they would develop a magnificent following.

Last year Custom Cuts moved premises to a new custom build salon in a key location in Athlone. Padraig and his partner Kevin Robbins, designed and painstakingly drove a redevelopment of a three storey building. There was a shift in the industry to focusing on the client and customer service being a priority for business owners.

Impeccable Style in the heart of Ireland

Padraig Claffey has throughout the years been a formidable character within Irish Hairdressing. He splits his time between the salon and working as a Craft Educator for Matrix Hair. The team in Athlone benefit from having immediate access to new products and techniques and it re-enforces their credibility with new and old clients. Photography: Corin Bishop 10

Salon Focus


One of the triumphs in their new salon is the shampoo ritual room. The development of the salon was focused on the client and their journey through what was already an expert salon in regard to hair services . The team wanted to bring some city pleasures to the Midlands.

team work from. The hype is around the type of model this salon has embraced. This is the Custom Cuts model, unique to Padraig, Kevin and their team. Continually learn, continually look after your client and success will follow and it certainly has here!

People are traveling to experience a special time with the team.



One of the triumphs in their new salon is the shampoo ritual room. This enclosed warm space allows the client to enjoy the best part of their hair service in comfort and relaxation. Other offerings include Group blowdries facility, blowdry classes which are ran bi-monthly and complementary drinks. This salon is hitting all targets in regard to hair services and customer service. People are traveling to experience a special time with the team. Padraig and Kevin believe it is their responsibility to make it something unique, something that sets them apart from other salons and brands. ‘Excellence in hair, excellence in service’ is the mantra the 12

Fantastic Salon Winners Focus


HAIRDRESSING LIVE changing the face of hairdressing education. Hairdressing Live is the brainchild of Paul Davey. His aim is to make quality hairdressing education accessible to everyone at a price they can afford. He ensures this by enlisting uber talented hair stylists to demonstrate step by step their techniques in front of a global audience.

Paul believes that... Hairdressing Live will be very beneficial for the industry. All courses are streamed live on a weekly basis bringing the best hairdressing education to hairdressers around the world and allowing them to watch their purchased live courses from the comfort of their home, workplace or even on the move. All the courses are designed and presented by only the most influential, innovative and talented names in the business. Each course provides the viewers with a one hour step-by-step demonstration to mastering a specific technique. The viewers will also be able to interact with the hairdresser leading the tutorial via a Q&A session at the end, enhancing the learning experience through a “virtual classroom� effect. Paul believes that the chosen award-winning guest artists that are featuring on Hairdressing live will be very beneficial for the industry. So )now its time to spread the word amongst your hairdressing friends and colleagues.



ALFAPARF Milano launches the highly anticipated Evolution of the Colour 3 METALLICS range. Six stunning shades of Metallic SILVER and coppery ROSE, delivering intense colour full of light and metallic tones.

See your ALFAPARF Milano Sales Representative for more details, or call 045 856490


Create the most sought after look of the moment


UNLEASHING STARS GET READY FOR THE 51ST L’ORÉAL COLOUR TROPHY AWARDS. The L’Oreal Colour Trophy is true highlight of the Irish hairdressing calendar, this prestigious annual competition gives salons across the country the chance to unleash the star in them. The Semi Finals will be held on 19th April and the Grand Final on 3rd July at O’Reilly Hall, UCD. Once again, there are three competitive categories including the L’Oréal Men’s Image Award, the STAR Award and the highly coveted L’Oréal Colour Trophy. L’Oréal Colour Trophy provides stylists and their salons with an opportunity to compete with the best talent in the industry and the overall winner will present their model and winning look at the International L’Oréal Professionnel Business Forum later this year. The Dylan Bradshaw Salon won the Irish L’Oréal Colour Trophy Award 2016 last October.

The world’s longest running live hair competition...a true highlight of the Irish hairdressing calendar. 16

Key Diary Dates: 19th April – L’Oréal Colour Trophy Semi-Final at O’Reilly Hall UCD, Dublin 03rd July – L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final at O’Reilly Hall UCD, Dublin

Unleashing Stars



‘Hair Loss Matters The importance of hair for self-image Mary O Flynn provides advice for hairdressers and barbers to help and advise clients who are losing hair in “Hair Loss Matters: A handbook for Hairdressers and Barbers” (published by AuthorHouse UK). Mary, has 40 years of industry and lecturing experience, She is also qualified in wig fitting, non-surgical hair replacement systems, beauty therapy and holistic massage. She was inspired to write this book after a family member was diagnosed with cancer. She felt that there was a lack of knowledge and training in this area. The book contains information about hair structure and growth. It also explains reasons why hair loss may occur, ways to disguise hair loss, techniques for promoting new hair growth and how to care for new growth hair. Hair loss is a growing problem and a very sensitive issue. “Statistics on hair loss show that there are millions of hair loss sufferers, male and female, worldwide seeking professional help.”

Rapunzel Helping those with Alopecia

Please Support Web: Facebook: Rapunzel Ponytails

Irish Barber Expo knowledge, education, network’ The IRISH Barbers Expo will take place on Sunday 30 April at the Mullingar Park Hotel and will boast a strong star studded line-up. Celebrity Barbers from the USA, UK and Ireland will be part of it. The event is produced by Barbers for Barbers. Rob the Original, Josh Lemonica, Louie Merlot, Lou Fontanes and Byrd Mena all will top the headings at it. Education will be delivered by the very best while others compete to win along side their peers and all the time networking and sharing Barbering trade secrets. There are 4 categories to enter: Creative Pompadour, Full Fashion, Afro and Freestyle Patten Design. Barbers have to submit 5 photos for 4 to be chosen to go forward into the categories. The Irish Winner will go forward to the ‘Our Barber UK’ event at British National Championships Join Irish Barber Expo on Facebook.


Would you like to become a teacher in the hair industry and share your knowledge and skills with the next generation of hairdressers? Master the skills of course planning, course delivery, successful learning, motivating adult learners, presentation skills & more Course takes ONLY 7 Days Mondays 9-5 commencing March 27th

For more information

call 0419804799 or email


OMC Instructor Certification Anita J Kirby of Trichology Ireland and Sean Taaffe of Sean Taaffe Hair & Beauty were the latest Hairdressing Trainers to finish their OMC exams and be awarded the ‘OMC Instructor’ Certification. They underwent several demonstrations of their skills in front of different classes and completed projects and assignments as well as taking a Q&A exam. Congratulations.

Angelo Seminara’s Hat Trick The overall winner of the AIPP Grand Trophy of the Professional Press 2017 is Angela Seminara. It is his 3rd time to win the prestigious award.

AIT Trichology Graduation In July 2014 Gerard Allan commenced a Trichology course at the prestigious Institute of Trichologists in London. This Institute is renowned for being one of the most comprehensive courses worldwide for the study of Trichology. After two years of constant studying, completing assignments and traveling to London once a month to attend lectures and get clinical experience. He sat and passed the Institute of Trichologists exam and passed with Credits in 2016 and then was enrolled as an Associated with the Institute of Trichologists London. He can be contacted for advice at his clinic Gerard Allen at Patrick Havelin Hairdressing Mullingar.



NEW BLONDE LIFE Lightening & Brightening System

Joico Laboratories Europe B.V. Grasbeemd 4 5705 DG Helmond the Netherlands Hair & Color: JOICO Artists

Full-service blonding from salon to home – gold or platinum style JOICO Blonde Life products are specifically created to make – and keep! – your clients light & bright; • 9 out of 10 stylists agree that blonde locks are brighter, softer, shinier and more hydrated after one use of Blonde Life haircare products • Proven to keep blondes bright and on-tone for up to 8 weeks (when using Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner/Masque, which preserve over 80% of hair color after 18 washes) • Significantly strengthen hair and reduce breakage by over 54% in just one treatment (against combing breakage on damaged hair; in reference to Blonde Life Lightening Powder when used with Blonde Life Brightening Masque vs. a non-conditioning bleach) • Up to 9+ levels of fast-acting lift (refers to Blonde Life Lightening Powder) #LIVETHEBLONDELIFE

KEST “I’m a hair photographer … that’s who I am. Well, who I feel I am the most. Kestutis Anuzis My unusual and further question-raising introduction of myself requires explanation every time. But that’s who I am. Well, who I feel I am the most. Getting involved within the hairdressing industry had been a life changing step for me, both as a person and as a professional. Every shoot I do, every client I meet, every photo I make, wow …I love it.

hair world. I truly believe you need to understand the hair to be able to photograph it well and I believe I do . There is so much perfection there, so much perfect chaos, unpredictable beauty in every hairstyle. There is so much emotion and soul of the hair stylist to be captured in the shot. No day is the same for me here, no day is easy, but at the same time - every day is pure living. In the coming couple of years I hope to expand to the UK market as well. I love and enjoy what I do, completely, but ultimately, my goal from every shoot is, and always will be for the client to achieve whatever was their goal with our images.

Being a photographer in the hairdressing industry is not a job for me at all. It’s an every day opportunity for me to do what I love, understand and feel and do it in the most creative and open minded community I can imagine. An every day opportunity to make friends and meet interesting, unique people... Is it a job? Yes, ok it does pay for my living. But most importantly it makes me feel alive, every time I arrive to a shoot, meet the team, see the concept. It’s been 5 years now since my first click to capture creative hair. And I’m not planning to stop. I’ve massive plans to push myself as a creative person and also keep bringing innovations into the photographic

When I came to Ireland 13 years ago from Lithuania, my single reason for leaving home was nothing else but inability to find myself. I tried and dropped out of a few universities because it just wasn’t for me so I just kept looking. Now I know who I am, who I want to be and what I want to do. Anytime I’m asked if I wanted to go home given a chance I say ‘’no’’. This is my home now. Ireland made me who I am and gave me the path I felt right in. I’ve built a career here and I’m here to stay. So many Irish people have helped me to start in photography and continue to do so. Some of them have become very close friends. I truly feel that this is my place and I hope that this is my time now too.

An every day opportunity to make friends and meet interesting, unique people... Is it a job? .... most importantly it makes me feel alive... 22

Unleashing Stars

Photo Kestutis Anuzis Hair Sean Taaffe. 23

Photo Kestutis Anuzis Hair Sean Taaffe.


REITREO Collection

Makeup: Sarah Cummins Hair: Sean Taaffe Styling: Roxanne Parker Photographer: Kestutis Anuzis Photo Kestutis Anuzis Hair Sean Taaffe. 25


RUSSIAN TEARS ...the plight of families caught in the 1917 Russian Revolution. The inspiration behind this collection was the plight of families caught in the1917 Russian Revolution. I wanted the images to tell the story. To capture the feelings, sorrow and gentle tear-stained skin in a vision of pure emotions. Amidst the revolution, Russian royalty and aristocratic families where whisked away in the dark of night to safe places -some to France, Austria and other countries to avoid death at the hands of the communists during this brutal regime. With the abdication and death of Tsar Nicholas, wealthy Russian families who feared for their lives fled their estates, leaving behind enormous wealth, antiques, paintings and other luxury possessions, carrying with them only a few special mementos, fine jewels and small trinkets. My collection, ‘Russian Tears’, portrays the rundown dignity of young women left only with their pride, cherished keep sakes, frayed dignity and vulnerability; kept but unkept.

Makeup Artist: Marla Belt Hairdresser: Sharon Blain Colourist: N/A Stylist: Rod Nova Photographer: Anthony Friend


Working with a modernist approach to makeup and hair whilst keeping an ode to the era with styling and props, the hair is a mix of raw, frayed and slightly dishevelled pieces in its form. It’s more about the essence of the overall image, not just a focus on hair. Shapes include broke burnt texture laces, frayed edges and strong silhouettes combined to deliver a truly overall impact of diversity, beauty and grandeur.

...portrays the rundown dignity of young women left only with their pride, cherished keep sakes, frayed dignity and vulnerability; kept but unkept.

Russian Tears Collection



NOUNELLE REAL ‘Inspired by authenticity, strength and modernism = it’s the look of the modern woman, individual and some cases maybe even even brutal but the elements have the conviction of a movement that reacts stereotypical images of femininity. Hair:   Paul Stafford,Aidan Bradley and Amy Cartright  Photography: Lee Mitchell Styling: Sara O’Neill








Others tone

WE HARMONIZE Introducing HARMONIZERS, an exciting new range of 4 revolutionary post-bleach toners that instantly neutralize undesired tones to deliver an even colour, while lifting at the same time.

Discover more on and

All hairdressers have talent, but it is hard to make the best of our potential. How we nurture and guide people can take them in a new direction, out of a comfort zone and in to their full potential. At Mazella&Palm,er we provide over two decades of education and salon experience, teaching a universal concept that makes education assessable and relevant to al;l levels of hairdresser. We have taught and worked alongside the leading hairdressers throughout the world, this has added a technical and creative direction that excites stylist globally. The basic foundation of a Line, Graduation and layers are the building blocks of all cuts and styles in the hairdressing world. Mixing these with the three principle shapes, round, square and triangle, whilst combining disconnection and the placement of a line to the bone structure, Mazella&Palmer can teach you to create an endless degree of looks. This will not only enhance your creative potential but increase your salon revenue, giving you the understanding of “Advantage through Technique� Our Students Know, Practice Makes Perfect

Demeure does not belong to the world of you and me... Demeure a collection inspired by English fashion photographer Tim Walker and his dreamy, nostalgic pictures. Demeure does not belong to the world of you and me a daydream and fantasy telling stories conjured directly from the imagination that most of us left behind in childhood.

Makeup: Nora Belovai Hair: Mazella&Palmer Photographer: Sean Alexander Geraghty 34

Demeure Collection




Dove Palmer





I’M GETTING TRAINED IN PARIS A Training Concept by Intercoiffure at the Intercoiffure House of Nations Since 2016 and until 2018, the 56 member countries of Intercoiffure have been offered a first class monthly training programme in Paris at the prestige Intercoiffure House of Nations. This building was purposely acquired from Intercoiffure own resources and then extended and renovated to comply with their specific requirements. It houses the Intercoiffure reception welcoming area, conference room, training rooms, photo studio, a fully equipped Fondation Guillaume Hair Studio, a catering canteen and all the necessary offices. It is also home to the fabulous Guillaume Hair Art Sculptures and also many beautiful old sketches and paintings of hairstyles. The Intercoiffure specialised training is offered in colour, cutting, long hair techniques and tool styling techniques and includes mannequins and teaching material. The initiative is aimed towards small classes for people sent by their country members with no training fees involved. The courses are identified as ‘basic’ or ‘advanced’ and include theoretical, demonstrative and hands-on. Teaching material including mannequin heads are also included by Intercoiffure as is a tour of a special location in Paris and all food and beverages. Priceless tips and techniques in line with the latest Intercoiffure Mondial Collections and hair trends are taught. Seminars are held in various languages that alternate weekly. So countries have the option of different language days to learn. Intercoiffure Ireland thank world class tutors Joakim Roos and Peter F Pfister

Several salons in Ireland have participated: Aidan Fitzgerald, Bridget Haren Hair, Maeve O’Healy-Harte, Mary Duffy and Sean Taaffe. All were very happy with their training and delighted to be ‘getting trained in Paris’. 38

Trained in Paris


ENTRIES FOR 2017 The ALTERNATIVE HAIR VISIONARY AWARD IRELAND embraces artistic hairdressers and recognises their talent and vision. The winners will join international finalists to appear in the International Visionary Award presentation at the London Alternative Hair Show on 15th October 2017. TO ENTER: • THE SELECTION PROCESS COMMENCES WITH THE CREATION OF 1-4 IMAGES. • TELL US IN NO MORE THAN 50 WORDS WHAT INSPIRED AND MOTIVATED EACH IMAGE. • YOUR ENTRY SHOULD BE SENT AS AN 10” X 8” PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPH OR UPLOAD VIA WWW.WETRANSFER.COM • ON THE REVERSE OF EACH PHOTOGRAPH, ATTACH YOUR NAME, SALON NAME, SALON ADDRESS, DAY TELEPHONE, MOBILE NUMBER AND E-MAIL. • PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU ARE AVAILABLE ON 15TH OCTOBER 2017 SHOULD YOU BE ONE OF THE WINNERS SELECTED, TO APPEAR AT THE ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW LONDON. (Please note the image does not have to be exclusive to the Visionary Award, but must have been created by the entrant during the last 12 months. We are sorry but photographs cannot be returned to entrants). APPEARING AT THE ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW The winners chosen to appear at the Alternative Hair International Visionary Award must each supply one model at their own cost. Clothes and styling will also be your responsibility. Please contact us if you have any enquiries regarding the Alternative Hair International Visionary Award presentation. SEND YOUR ENTRY AND APPLICATION FORM TO: Visionary Award Unit 8 Summit Centre, Summit Road Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 3QW An entry fee of £35 per photograph or £60 for up to 4 images is applicable and it is a direct donation to The Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation (Fighting Leukaemia) registered charity no. 147189. Please make sure credit/debit card details are included in your application form prior to submission. Any applications submitted without payment details will not be processed. Closing date for entry: 5th June 2017 40

For further information please contact the Alternative Hair Offices on: +44 (0) 170 765 4980 or e-mail:


COLOR COLLECTION The new Post Color line uses the regenerative and antioxidant power of GOJI BERRIES to seal color, recreate shine and slow down oxidative stress.


For more info. contact Paul on +353 (0)86 2514012 at Kreative Salon Supplies, Monksland, Athlone or email


BEHIND THE SCENES ‘DANCING WITH THE STARS’ Besides working as a highly skilled Hairdresser and Art Director at the prestigious REDS Salon, CarolAnn McGuirk loves working as a Hair Master backstage on ‘The Voice,’ ‘You’re A Star’, ‘FAME The Musical’ ‘Operation Transformation and most recently ‘Dancing with the Stars’. In preparation for any of the TV shows she starts work as soon as she gets the brief and moodboard. For this show it’s Artistic Director Darren Bennett who makes the decisions and CarolAnn sets about getting all tools and accessories together for the show. Every part of the brief is followed as close as possible and only sometimes it needs a little tweeking. She arrives at the Ardmore Film Factory at 3pm each Saturday and works until late. For Dancing with the Stars she was lucky to get wig master Val Sherlock to guide her through the wig fitting process as they were needed for this particular show. The salon prep room is full of hairpieces and wigs and she likes to have all prepared in advance. All are in at 8.15am on Sunday morning and they have a brief on who is doing which celebrity for that evening. Natasha Kavanagh from Reds and Jen Keogh are the other hairstylists who work with CarolAnn on the show. Time goes so quickly when all the dancers and judges hair are being done and suddenly its ‘Showtime’ and then time for home! Time does fly when you are having fun she says!

“I treat all my regular clients like celebrities so I am very comfortable working with great artists in TV, Film, Theatre, Music or Dance productions. It’s my job and I love it”. 42

With this training you may opt to do only Stage 1 to cater for Brides and Girls Nights Out, progress to stage 2 to develop your skills into High Fashion & Photographic Make Up or do all 4 stages to qualify to the highest level of make up artistry. You have a choice as to whether to complete an in house or an Internationally Accredited ITEC Award depending on which units you take.

Train as a Make Up Artist Course run part time

Stage 1: Day, Night, Bridal, Special Occasion & Mature Make Up Looks Stage 2: Fashion & Photography Make Up – includes Glamour, Catwalk, High Fashion, Black & White Photography, Era Looks, Winged Liner & more Stage 3: Theatrical & Stage Make Up – Drag, Pantomime, Character, Bollywood, Male, Fairytale & more Stage 4: Special Effects (SFX) – bullet wounds, bruises, scars, burns, cuts etc

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Zen Master 3 Scissor Hairdressing Kit 5.5 Inch Cutting Scissor, 6.25 Inch Cutting Scissor, 6 Inch thinning scissor, Texturising Razor, anti-static comb, necklace, cleaning cloth and oil in presentation case. Zen Master Scissors offer a professional range of hairdressing and barbering scissors from apprentice through to master stylists and are used by leading stylists worldwide. Zen Master scissors have 30 years of experience in the hairdressing industry originating from Australia and manufactured in Japan which we are delighted to now offer in Ireland. The Zen Master range uses the highest quality Japanese steel staying sharper longer and are handmade with modern ergonomic designs, the most perfect and sharpest blades and come with a lifetime warranty. They assure superb performance, lifetime quality and the highest standards when it comes to cutting and are used by leading stylists including Snowdon Hill, Errol Douglas, Tracey Devine Smith and Bridgeen King to name but a few. If you want the very best in hairdressing scissors then look no further. We also offer competitively priced scissor kits for students/ apprentices and a scissor sharpening service throughout Ireland. You can view the Zen Master Scissor range on our website or we can call to visit your salon when next in your area.

Michael Quinn Zen Master Scissors Ireland 10 Ballymacdermot Road Newry Co Down BT35 8AZ 44

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only available at professional hair salons.

NATURAL BEAUTY Only milk_shake® combines milk and yogurt proteins with rich vitamins from fruits and nature for beautiful, healthy hair. The patented vitamin complex Integrity 41* protects hair color from fading and special conditioning agents soothe and condition the scalp and hair for a perfect result. Integrity 41* –– Helianthus annuus, sunflower seeds hydro-glycolic extract.

Discover beautiful hair with milk_shake the natural way to treat your hair. ®

Exclusive Stockist for Munster: Salon Shop, Kinsale Road, Cork Phone: 021 242 8033 E-Mail:

Winner: BEST Editorial Image


Darren Lackan @ Crow Street Collective. Photo: Mark Talbot

Concept & new media: Exco & Partners - Photo: Marco Carraro



Discover more on WWW.ECHOSLINE.IT Pettenon Cosmetics SPA - via del Palù 7/d - 35018 San Martino di Lupari (PD) Gifex Italia - San Martino di Lupari (PD)

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ZOOM GOLDWELL Direction volume, soft straight curly twisted, undressed waves runway textures and tosuded texture Global Ambassador for Goldwell, Shane Bennett recently launched Stylesign and Dualsenses in the Los Angeles California. He presented their latest looks and gave a key insight into the range of brands for 60 minutes to the internal USA & Canada Goldwell team. Shane first showcased three looks, which were Direction Volume, Soft Straight, and Curly Twist before changing the looks on stage into Undressed Waves, Runway Texture, and Tousled Texture. The second day saw Shane give a full handson workshop on the new looks at Goldwell’s Santa Monica Academy. Having shot the campaign in Berlin late last year and launched the range in Europe Shane was delighted to showcase it with his Goldwell family on the other side of the world in the USA.


Global Zoom


DN DESIGN DN Design is a Dublin based photographic and high end digital retouching studio run by David and Ronnie Norton. Their passion for creative photography mixed with powerful retouching techniques has led to many award winning images in both the corporate and beauty sectors. They love a visual challenge and would be glad to discuss even the most off beat or improbable image concepts. With social media at it’s height these days, a creative hairdressing image is the best way to bring attention to your business. If you have nurtured an idea for an image to promote your salon business, no matter how impossible or far fetched it seems, go to www. for contact information and to check out some other images in their portfolio.’

Hair by: Joanne O’Neill 50


Social Swirl

Hooker & Young Schwarzkopf Professional showcased BlondeMe with exciting on-stage presentations with International Ambassadors Hooker&Young. The latest and greatest in blonde trends were introduced by the duo and demonstrated the much-loved BlondMe range, which is now better than ever.The colour and retail range has been given a gorgeous rose gold make-over and now has revolutionary bonding technology built in. Bonding technologies are taking the hairdressing world by storm so this, combined with all the hottest blonde looks of the moment, made it an excellent educational evening at the Ballsbridge Hotel.


Social Hooker & Young


Social Swirl The NIHA Hair Ball Glitz, Glam and Glitter The NIHA Northern Ireland Hairdressers Ball was held in the Hilton Hotel Belfast. It was a super evening of glamour, great food, gathering of friends and fun and frolics on the dance floor to the fantastic ABBA Tribute Band - ‘BJORN’. Awards were presented to all the NIHA Team for their participation in the OMC European Hairdressing Championships in Paris. The NIHA President Steven Jones also presented a ‘First Lady of Hairdressing’ Award to Maeve O’Healy-Harte and also an honorary membership to her. Photography: Neil Mellon


NIHA Northern Ireland Hairdressers Ball


Social Swirl Certified Organic Beauty Fitzpatricks Killiney Castle Hotel was the venue for a full intense training day in NATULIQEE Certified Organic range of hair products including retail products for both men and women.


Certified Organic Beauty


BEST of the BEST Winners

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Zen Master Scissors offer a professional range of hairdressing and barbering scissors from apprentice through to master stylists and are used by leading stylists worldwide. Zen Master scissors have 30 years of experience in the hairdressing industry originating from Australia and manufactured in Japan which we are delighted to now offer in Ireland. The Zen Master range uses the highest quality Japanese steel staying sharper longer and are handmade with modern ergonomic designs, the most perfect and sharpest blades and come with a lifetime warranty.

Win a Zen Master Barber Kit 6.25 Inch cutting scissor, cut-throat razor, anti-static comb, cleaning cloth and oil in presentation case They assure superb performance, lifetime quality and the highest standards when it comes to cutting and are used by leading stylists including Snowdon Hill, Errol Douglas, Tracey Devine Smith and Bridgeen King to name but a few. If you want the very best in barbering scissors then look no further. We also offer competitively priced scissor kits for students/ apprentices and a scissor sharpening service throughout Ireland. Michael Quinn Zen Master Scissors Ireland 10 Ballymacdermot Road Newry Co Down BT35 8AZ


Tel: 028 30848986/07989 614382 Email: Web:

You can view the Zen Master Scissor range on our website or we can call to visit your salon when next in your area.

American Crew All Star Challenge Winner 2017, Ireland. Hair: Ciaran O Sullivan @ Wayne Lloyd Photography: Shaun Barry


THE NOTORIOUS MARK GAYE At 23, young entrepreneur Mark Gaye is completely focussed on his future. The Law of Attraction I have started to live my life by implementing the law of attraction daily, my life has changed so much because of the Barbering Industry

Barbering as a Career. I bought a razor at 14 and began cutting hair while still at school as a hobby. I got very busy and loved every minute of it I went on to college to do Business Administration as I knew I wanted to own my own business eventually but felt what I learnt there was not like ‘real life’ business. At 18 I chose to open my first shop in a small quiet rural area. Unfortunately it was short-lived and I felt I had failed but looking back now it did make me more determined to try again, I had a few different jobs and then joined Amnesty International for Human Rights Roaming Team for 7 months. When I returned I worked hard in the Midlands and built up a good service reputation in a Barber shop and a school where I also taught Barbering.

Own Brand I started to plan my own brand launch as I saw a gap in the market for what I wanted to create. Every minute I got I was looking, learning and analyising others in the industry. I spent time ensuring I knew what type of creativity in styles men were looking


for and honing my customer care skills. I had a Romantic Vision of having a shop with barbers employed who were different like me. I found a building site property in Mullingar, sold everything I owned and moved into it. I put in some quirky furniture, Game Machines and pool tables and for 3 months began building my Barbering business and Brand. It was difficult at first to find barbers who suited my brand philosophy. So I started off with a full plan of 3 months continuous learning for those I started to take on and have built on this ever since. I knew then that my Service, Education, Products and Merchandise concept would work and people would travel to me. They say behind every great man is a great woman and mine is my partner Faye who is also my PA. who is a fantastic asset to the company now as we are so busy. Notorious Barber Shops are in Mullingar, Tullamore and Athlone and hopefully soon in Dublin.



Business Partnership

Notorious Barbering Courses

Kieran Egan was a client of mine and he started to give me some great advice and a partnership soon came to fruition. His corporate and accounting background made us the perfect team. We began to expand, and needed more staff. Within 10 months we were voted into Irelands top 6 barbershops by At the Style Awards we won Best in Social Media too. We were also very proud to say that the Midlands Enterprise Board placed us as Runner Up in the ‘Young Entrepreneur’ Awards. At Salon International in London I was delighted to be a finalist in the WAHL Barber of the Year out of thousands of entries. I didn’t win but I have reanalyzed my entry and feel better then ever and look forward to competing in the next one.

I began to run Training part-time courses for beginners, school leavers, schooled learners in our philosophy and methodology in basic and creative cutting style. Soon after, qualified barbers approached us for advanced seminars and workshops which we now offer and these now take place monthly in our shops.

‘Life is too short for a bad hair cut’

Irish Barber Expo Having had a lot of experience going to Barber Shows and Exhibitions all over the world, I felt having to travel so far was a pain as every country had a few annual hair shows and competitions, yet Ireland had not even one even though Irish Barbers were trailblazing abroad. So I began developing the IRISH Barbers Expo which now has snowballed and will boast a strong star studded line-up that Europe has not seen in years. Celebrity Barbers from the USA, UK and Ireland all want to be part of it. My dream of an event produced by Barbers for Barbers was soon realized as Rob the Original, Josh Lemonica, Louie Merlot, Lou Fontanes and Byrd Mena all will top the headings at it.

The event motto of ‘knowledge, education, network’ will bring to you all of the above. Education will be delivered by the very best while others compete to win along side their peers and all the time networking and sharing our beloved Barbering trade secrets. It will take place in the Mullingar Park Hotel on 30th April. There are 4 categories: Creative Pompadour, Full Fashion and Afro and freestyle patten design. Barbers have to submit 5 photos for 4 to be chosen to go forward into the 4 categories. The Irish Winner go forward to the ‘Our Barber UK’ event at British National Championships

And finally My job is not ‘just a job’ it’s a hobby which I just happen to get paid for and I love what I do. It doesn’t get better than that. I can safely say I will be Barbering until I’m old and wrinkly.!






Exclusive Stockist for Munster: Salon Shop, Kinsale Road, Cork Phone: 021 242 8033 E-Mail:


FEAR ...these are moments of

panic when you cannot find inspiration...

Inspiration that flies away when working with creativity; these are moments of panic when you cannot find inspiration and you are afraid to create artworks that only you can imagine. Hair: Carlos Valiente @ Salon Carlos Valiente Photographer: Esteban Roca








ARMY Handsome, androgynous men with personality... The aesthetics of man is constantly in change. We went from muscular and tough men to the metro sexual, the hipster, and endless amount of aesthetics trends that are imposed both on adverts and on the street. The host of new models is characterised by being men of the XX1 century, which follow a variety of trends and styles. Long hair, asymmetrical styles or old school coexist naturally. Handsome, androgynous men with personality‌. and so say all of us.

Stylist: Visori Fashionart Hair: Alex Azurmendi @ Centro Beta Photographer: David Arnal assistant Laura Irvune 68









Hair: Detlef Gehlhaar@Headhunters. Photo: John Rawson Clothes: Tim Hartley 72



Hair: Detlef Gehlhaar@Headhunters. Photo: John Rawson Clothes: Tim Hartley


BEST of the BEST Headhunter Winners


Social Swirl Paul Mac Special Hair Launch Party After a wait of 13 years Paul Mac celebrated the opening of ‘Paul Mac Special Hair’ on Paul Street, Cork City. Wayne Lloyd was honoured to be asked to cut the ribbon for the official opening. Entertainment on the night was by Keith Hanley winner of the Voice of Ireland and RTE’s Floorfillers. With Dave Cronin as DJ. The launch was sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey Food - Roosters Piri Piri Charlys Cheescakes


Glitz, Glam and Glitter

Photography: Erich Stack





Profile for Irish Hairdresser

Irish Hairdresser 87  

It’s time to celebrate the 20th Birthday of Irish Hairdresser (1997-2017) and Irish Hairdresser Photographic Awards (1997-2017). Here’s to...

Irish Hairdresser 87  

It’s time to celebrate the 20th Birthday of Irish Hairdresser (1997-2017) and Irish Hairdresser Photographic Awards (1997-2017). Here’s to...