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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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Volume 82 • Issue 47

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pinewood teacher named Gaston Outstanding Educator of the Year By Alan Hodge alan.bannernews@gmail.comg

When Mt. Holly's Pinewood Elementary School computer lab teacher Kim Costner heard her name called as the winner of a new KIA Soul car at last week's 4th annual Gaston County Schools Outstanding Educator of the Year event, she burst into tears of disbelief and joy combined. “This is such a blessing,” she said. “It means a lot to me.” The new car, provided by KIA of Gastonia, will come in mighty handy for Kim- she's recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the only vehicle she and her husband Dewey have had to get around in is a tired 1988 Chevy pickup. “We need this new car,” Kim said. Costner was one of 55 Gaston County Schools employees that were nominated by their individual schools for the Outstanding Educator of the Year. The event took place at Stuart Cramer High. Teachers weren't the only nominees. Others included bus drivers, custodians, office workers, media specialists, nurses, and more. Costner's nomination read- “Ms. Costner is always ready and available to help with any task regardless of how monumental it may be. She makes the everyday routine more enjoyable with a contagious smile and is constantly brightening our hallways and lounge with whimsical decorations. She helps to run our very successful Sunshine Committee. Ms. Costner is a first responder and when you are in need, everyone knows that she is ready and willing to step in and help. She's a joy!” Costner's name was drawn out a hopper by KIA of Gastonia president Chris Hafer who spoke to the auditorium crowd. “It's not just about teachers,” Hafer said. “Any school employee Gaston County Schools 2016 Outstanding Educator of the Year and Pinewood Elementary teacher Kim Coster is seen can make a difference in a kids life.” being congratulated by communications chief Todd Hagans as she sits behind the wheel of the new KIA Soul she won. See EDUCATOR page 9 Photo By Alan Hodge

Seniors recall old time Thanksgiving By Alan Hodge

The East Gaston Adult Day Care Center in Catawba Heights is a lively spot where senior citizens gather every day for conversation and other congeniality. Holidays are always a special time for the folks who go there and Thanksgiving is one of the favorites. Here are some recollections of old time Thanksgiving that several of the day care center participants shared. Minnie Pinkney is 83-yearsold, one of 11 children, and grew up on a farm near Hamlet, NC. “Wow! You got me going way back!” Pinkney said. “We had a farm in the country and raised all kinds of things like corn and cabbage. My grandfather raised turkeys and chickens. We would can food too. When Thanksgiving came there would be a big crowd of family and we would have turkey, ham, yams, dressing, collards, and all kinds

of pie. I love sweet potato pie. Most people don't cook like that any more. It was a nice and wonderful time to be together.” What is Pinkney thankful for these days? “I'm just happy to have my health- and 20 grandchildren!” she said. Edna Lockard is 87-years-old and grew up on a farm in Clover, SC. “We worked a big farm,” she said. “It had a big garden and we grew lots of cotton. There were 11 of us kids and my mother and father. We raised three big hogs every year and near Thanksgiving when the weather got cold my daddy would hit one in the head with an ax and butcher it for ham and sausage. Sometimes he would kill a rooster. On Thanksgiving day family would come from all over- about 20 or more of us. Boy! You talk about cooking! We had a big dinner

Hoyle Davis

See THANKSGIVING page 2 Minnie Pinkney

Edna Lockard

Raymon Auten

Belmont's Beth Hollars awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine Beth Hollars, of Belmont, was recently awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine. Beth is a fourth generation native of Belmont and has lived there most of her life. The award was presented by her husband, David, who is the Executive Director of the Centralina Workforce Development Board, at a gathering of friends and relatives celebrating her recent retirement and her birthday. “I am totally shocked,” Hollars said. “I am deeply humbled and grateful and honored as well. I don't intend to stop contributing to the community.” The Order of the Long Leaf Pine is among the most prestigious awards presented by the Governor of North Carolina. The award is presented to individuals who have a proven record of extraordinary service to the State of North Carolina. There is not just one single path to the Order of the Long Leaf Pine. Those who earn the honor have blazed their own special trails. Beth has certainly done that. Beth started as a teacher in the public schools of Gaston County, where she was also educated. She taught at Belmont Junior High School, touching the lives of hundreds of seventh, eighth and ninth graders. While teaching, she was selected to co-author and implement the new North Carolina history curriculum. In 1985, Beth was selected to be one the of the See BETH HOLLARS page 2


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Aunt Mutt’s Basement

BETH HOLLARS From page 1 State’s first trainers for a brand new, ambitious project: NC Effective Teaching Training Program. She and two other colleagues trained all Gaston County principals, mentor teachers and new teachers the next 18 months. This work grabbed the attention of the NC Department of Public Instruction staff and State leaders. Beth was hired by DPI in 1987 and was promoted while there. In 1996, the NC General Assembly made massive changes to DPI and downsized over 800 in DPI, so Beth sought a new career by opening her own training firm. She provided training for educational and corporate partners in personality styles, leadership, learning styles, conflict management and lots more. In 1997, Beth was hired by MB Kahn Construction Company, a 100 year old construction management firm out of Columbia SC. But even in this role, Beth continued to serve over 10 counties in NC ( and counties in other states) by overseeing a revolutionary new apprenticeship program, sanctioned by the US Department of Labor. This one-of-a kind, ground breaking program touched the lives of many NC students looking to a career in the construction and construction management area. She provided training, guidance and counseling for students, parents, teachers, principals and school board members in many NC counties. Once again in 1999, Beth was caught in an economic downsizing and left MB Kahn. Beth was hired at Gaston College in 2000 and remained there as the Director of Continuing Education until her retirement on October 1, 2016. While at Gaston College, Beth implemented, directed, developed and managed existing programs, new initiatives and responses to state and federal mandates to provide the citizens of Gaston and Lincoln Counties with quality continuing education

Beth Hollars courses. At Gaston, Beth was a member of the Leadership Gaston Class of 2001, Gaston United Way Loaned Executive and Trainer for Fund Allocation, Staff Senate and nominee for Gaston County Woman of the Year. This final career marks 35 years of service in many different capacities to the citizens of North Carolina. In each and every role, Beth Hollars has demonstrated exemplary leadership, future-thinking ideas, and lots of hard work. In Belmont, Beth is an active member of her community. She has been a board member of the Belmont Historical Society, and Keep Belmont Beautiful. She is an active Rotarian and past president, like her great grandfather, grandfather and father before her. She serves on the Board of Page Primary PTO, the Gaston County Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Committee and the Fellowship Committee at her church, First Presbyterian. Beth, her husband and her granddaughter, Jilliana, call Belmont home.

From page 1 and when you set at mama's table you knew she had cooked a lot of food. My job was to churn the butter from the milk we got from our cow. After we ate sometimes we had to go back in the field and pick cotton.” Like Pinkney, Lockard says she is thankful these days. “I'm thankful to live!” she said. “I'm glad I can still think back on those days living on the farm.” Raymond Auten is 85-years-old and grew up in the Oakdale community. He had two brothers. “For Thanksgiving we always had a big turkey with all the trimmings,” he said. “Momma did all the cooking. She would make string beans and sweet potatoes and biscuits and cornbread. Momma always made a big cake. She would make banana pudding. Boy, I liked that banana pudding and could eat it any time! Sometimes we would go to see my grandparents in Rock Hill. Grandma would make a coconut cake.” Raymond, who in his younger days traveled quite a bit and married a girl from Newfoundland, said he was thankful for having seen a lot of things. “I'm glad the Lord has let me live this long to have gone places,” he said. The most senior citizen at the adult day care is 98-year-old Hoyle Davis who grew up in Chesnee, SC. He was one of ten kids and his father operated the town telephone switchboard that was located in a house. “I remember once on Thanksgiving when we started cutting the turkey everyone started to sing 'gobble, gobble, gobble,'” Davis said. “Eating the turkey was my favorite part of the day. Now I live with my son and his wife and this Thanksgiving I am going to eat a lot!” At nearly 100 years of age, Davis gave this thought on thankfulness. “I am thankful I don't have to stay in a bed and can get around with my walking stick,” he said. Happy Thanksgiving!

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By Judith Rozzell There is a forgotten time capsule in our area. It will be discovered one day when the commercial building that stands atop the time capsule is bulldozed. It will be discovered by the driver of a bulldozer when his rig tips into Aunt Mutt’s cavernous basement. When this happens, many of us will be only memories that live in the hearts of our loved ones. But it will happen. One day Aunt Mutt’s basement will be discovered. Like my parents, Aunt Mutt and Uncle Johnny had survived the Great Depression. Survivors of the Great Depression never adjusted to our disposable world. Instead, depression era children saved everything that was reusable. My Aunt Nancy saved clean paper towels. If she had only used paper towels to dry her hands, she would spread them out to dry to be reused when she had to wipe up a spill. The children of the depression saved all that they could. Just in case, just in case, another depression swept across the land. And Aunt Mutt was prepared. She filled her base-

ment with extra cloth for hand-made dresses, plus Melmac plastic plates and stainless steel eating utensils, just in case. Phonograph players for vinyl and 45 records were kept safe in her basement. If it was reusable or could be needed, again, it was placed in Aunt Mutt’s basement. Each August, Aunt Mutt canned the summer crops and placed them in the basement for winter meals. A few jars of snap peas, green beans, corn, lima beans and stews could still be waiting to be opened in her forgotten basement. Surely, large lamps from the 1950s are stored there. These lamps were big, bright and often, painted in pastel colors. I remember a few of these lamps, the ones for her daughter’s bedroom were decorated with ceramic poodles. I had the same lamps in my bedroom. Our parents were the greatest of generations and have been honored in speeches and history for their courage in war and their ability to rebuild. Now, it is our turn to gather and save all that we have to give to future generations. What will be our

choices? What will we pass on to future generations? Fall is fleeting and winter is nipping at our heels. The dark months arrive with the holidays and we string bright lights to light the way. In these months when we gather to give thanks and exchange gifts, we need to remember our ancestors. It is in their lives and memories that we learn how to forge the future. In this disposable world, let us not forget those who went before us. Our parents lived lives of courage and a handshake was their bond. The dark months of winter are the time to gather and cherish the stories of our ancestors. Each family holds a treasure trove of courage in the lives of their ancestors. Lessons can be learned, hardships can be overcome, and shared laughter knits families together. Our ancestors are to be honored and remembered. The unfortunate and the gossips, odd and regular folks, saints and bigots abided in the years of yesterday and taught us to shoulder today. Let us not forget.

Golden Christmas at Reed Gold Mine



Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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Take a candlelight tour during daylight hours at the Reed Gold Mine at “A Golden Christmas” celebration Saturday Dec. 3, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. See how miners in the early 1800s celebrated the holidays and the Germanic origins of some holiday traditions that remain today. The free program will include locally produced crafts, refreshments from the Cabarrus County Extension and Community Association, and a chance to make donations to help those in need in the community. John Reed arrived in the area in 1782 as a Hessian deserter, and found a familiar language and culture since many German families settled in Cabarrus County. Many of the miners shared this ancestry and the program will explore some of the social aspects of their lives. Cornish and Scotch Irish traditions also were prevalent

and will be part of the program. In addition to celebrating local history, local artisans will be featured. Visitors can support local craftsmen and shop for items including quilts, lace, toys, and other products. Reed will receive a special visit from Saint Nicholas this year, and children can also make a craft to take home. The hayride from the visitor center to Mansion Hill, where John Reed’s home and family cemetery were located, will be offered again this year. Riders will have a chance to unload at Mansion Hill to see the graveyard and learn more about John Reed’s family. Combination tickets for the guided underground tour and hayrides are $4 for adults, and $2 for children 3-12. Children under age 3 are free. “A Golden Christmas” will celebrate old and new traditions, local crafts, and a community that helps its neighbors.

Reed Gold Mine will be closed Nov. 26 and 27, and Dec. 23 – 25 for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Reed will also be closed on Jan. 1 for New Year’s Day. Reed Gold Mine preserves the site of the first documented discovery of gold in the United States. Restored mine tunnels are shown to visitors by interpreters who share the story of that first discovery and the work of the miners to retrieve gold. Reed Gold mine further interprets the history of

North Carolina’s mining heritage through exhibits, special events and off-site presentations. For additional information, please call (704) 721-4653 or email Reed Gold Mine is located at 9621 Reed Mine Rd., Midland, N.C. It is 12 miles southeast of Concord, 25 miles east of Charlotte and 18 miles west of Albemarle. Reed is part of the Division of State Historic Sites within the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources. Phone 704-825-0580 Fax 704-825-0894 Office: 128-C N Main St. Belmont • NC

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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NC’s oldest rum distillery celebrating 5 years in business with a new still Muddy River Distillery celebrates 5 years as North Carolina’s oldest LEGAL rum distillery while in the process of installing their newest production still, named Independence. “I can’t stop staring at it. Independence is so shiny, and it will more than double our production capacity,” said Robbie Delaney, Founder and Head Distiller. On November 17th 2011, on the banks of the Catawba River in Belmont, NC, Muddy River Distillery became NC’s oldest legal rum distillery. The company started with Freedom, a 35 gallon still designed and built by Robbie Delaney. To keep up with growth, they added Democracy (150 gallons) and Liberty (200 gallons) to their fleet over the past few years. Today they are installing Independence (450 gallons). Independence is an 8 plate reflux column still built of copper and stainless steel. This new still will raise Muddy River’s capacity to over 1,000 bottles a day, and also allow them to be more versatile in order to offer contract distilling to other companies. Muddy River currently contract distills Paw Paw Murphy’s Mule Kickin’ Midnight Shine and Paw Paw Murphy’s Amaretto Moonshine. http://pawpaw- Purchase Muddy River Distillery’s products in ABC liquor stores throughout North and South Carolina and in many of your local bars and restaurants. Distillery tours and tastings are offered, and guests may buy 1 bottle per person per year at the distillery after taking a tour. Visit for the tour schedule. Buy bottles online at brand/muddy-river-distillery Follow on Facebook: Muddy River Distillery, Twitter: @1stCarolinaRum, Instagram @muddyriverdistillery Products: Queen Charlotte’s Reserve barrel aged Carolina Rum, Spiced Carolina Rum, Silver Carolina Rum, Coconut Carolina Rum honored Queen Charlotte’s Reserve as the only American rum making the list of the “9 Best Rums Under $30”. aPe8J4g “Who knew that you could get amazing rum out of North Carolina! Aged for one year in virgin American oak barrels, this is a pleasure to sip straight or to mix. Delicious.”-Bob Peters, head mixologist at The Punch Room, The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte.

Robbie Delaney, Founder and Head Distiller and wife, Caroline pose with the shiny new still. Photo provided

Belmont resident to visit Pearl Harbor By Stan Cromlish On Sunday, December 7, 1941, the Japanese Imperial Navy and Air Forces attacked the US Naval facilities at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Seventy-five years later, the United States and the world will come together at Pearl Harbor to remember the “date which will live in infamy.” The

theme for this year's commemoration events is, “Remember the Past and Inspire the Future”. I will be attending many of the Pearl Harbor Commemorative events as not only a historian wanting to learn more about the events that shaped the start of World War II for the United States, but also as a United States citizen wanting to honor the sacrifice of those men and women of “Greatest Generation” who freed the world from tyranny. There will be somber events recognizing the many tragedies of that day, and there will be events of reconciliation between former enemies. I will be attending as many of these events as possible during the week. On Tuesday, December 6, I will attend a “Blackened Canteen Ceremony” at the Arizona

Memorial. Dr. Hiroya Sugano will conduct this ceremony of reconciliation between former antagonists, the United States and Japan. The canteen was salvaged from the crash site of two B-29 bombers that collided over Shizuoka, Japan in 1945. The Americans killed in the crash were buried with the Japanese victims of the bombing. This ceremony of pouring whiskey along with prayers for the war dead of both countries has been taking place for the past twenty years. This is one of the events that I look most forward to for not only its historical significance but the reconciliation that has occurred during the past seventy-five years. Not many World War II veterans still walk among us and each year that number shrinks, Gene Reinhardt of Belmont saw

(704) 750-3304




Stan Cromlish the first bombs drop during the attack from his vantage point at the Schofield Barracks. On Wednesday, December 7, I will attend a commemoration by the 25th Infantry Commander for all those men who were serving at Schofield Barracks on that fateful Sunday. A full report of the trip remembering December 7th will appear in this paper in the coming weeks with plenty of pictures. For more in fortmation visit pearl-harbor-seventy-fifth-commemoration-trip/

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High 58 High 60 High 62 High 59 Low 39 Low 35 Low 39 Low 30 Happy Thanksgiving! The weather will bring a brief, small chance of showers early on the holiday morning but should clear out quickly. The better chance of rain in a long time arrives next week. The last day of Meteorological Fall ends Wednesday, November 30 and will go down as almost our warmest and driest Fall ever recorded. Next up--Winter. Will our warm dry pattern flip? High 66 Low 42

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Meteorologist Robert Gamble Email: carolinaweather

Belmont Gadabouts host city leaders luncheon The Belmont Parks and Recreation Dept. Gadabouts senior citizens group held its annual Harvest Lunch lon Nov. 9 to thank city officials for their hard work throughout the year.

City council member Ron Foulk (front right) also partook of the Harvest Lunch. Photos by Alan Hodge Belmont city manager Adrian Miller took time out from his busy day to attend the Harvest Lunch.

Belmont city council member Richard Turner (back right) attended the Harvest Lunch and kept this table of ladies enter-

Gadabouts members Neil Winslow and Betty Payne help load the Harvest Lunch table with lots of good homemade food.

318 South Washington St. • Shelby, NC

704-487-8114 •

EDWIN McCAIN Friday, Nov., 25th 8:00 pm Tickets Available

Gadabout member Bonnie Baucom led the Harvest Lunch crowd in a lively tune. Belmont mayor Charlie Martin and his wife Dot chowed down at the Harvest Lunch.


Saturday, Dec. 3rd 8:00 pm

Tickets Available

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff of Belmont Banner & Community First Media

TRAVIS TRITT Friday, Feb., 3rd 8:00 pm Tickets Available



Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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CaroMont Health Announces 2016 Great 100 North Carolina Nurses

Lisa Marisiddaiah

Allison Hayes

Kimberly Jackson

Ann Stuck

Each year, the Great 100 Selections Committee receives hundreds of nominations and carefully reviews each application to determine the list of Great 100 North Carolina Nurses. This prestigious list recognizes nurses who exemplify the true qualities of a nurse, as well as their contributions in the workplace and community. Out of 600 nominations received this year from hospitals and healthcare systems across the state, CaroMont Health is proud to announce that eight of its own nurses have been selected among the 2016 Great 100 Nurses in North Carolina. “We have all met nurses whose compassion and right words spoken at just the right time stand out from the rest,” said Scott Wells, Chief Nursing Officer at CaroMont Health. “As leaders in their field, these eight nurses are a reflection of our nationally recognized program for nursing excellence and how we genuinely care for our patients and this community.” Kathleen W. (Katie) Champion, BSN, RN, CHFN is a respected role model and leader, and just as her name implies, she is a true champion for nursing excellence at CaroMont Regional Medical Center. Champion has earned a number of prestigious awards during her nursing career spanning more than 44 years. Champion was one of the first certified heart failure nurses in the nation and has been selected by her peers as a Nursing Excellence award recipient three times. Additionally, Champion’s exceptional dedication to the nursing profession earned her the Nightingale award, CaroMont’s highest nursing award, which recognizes quality service, commitment and excellence to the nursing profession. Champion serves a critical role in providing heart failure educa-

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tion on the inpatient side, as well as in the community. Her tenacity resulted in CaroMont being the first in the nation to receive the Advanced Certification for Heart Failure, which recognizes hospitals that meet standards to support better outcomes for patients with heart failure during hospital stays, in transition from the hospital to home and during outpatient care. From one of her peers, “If Katie is working with you as a patient, you will get the things you need because of her care and commitment.” Alison Hayes BSN, RN, CPN has carried out her passion for helping others through nursing for more than 23 years. Specializing in pediatrics, she continues to inspire and provide patients and their families with excellent nursing care at CaroMont Regional. Humble and a positive role model, Hayes has a way of making patients and their families feel at ease. As such, they trust her to keep them informed about their healthcare situation. Hayes serves on the Pediatric Care Center Committee and was integral in the design of CaroMont’s Emergency Pediatric Care Center, which focuses on transforming the way pediatric patients and their loved ones receive care and treatment for emergency situations. Hayes’ personal success inspires her to give others a leg up so they too can be successful in life. Hayes works with disabled and underprivileged children and supports various fundraisers in the community. Jennie G. Hogan, RN has earned a reputation among her peers as one who leads by example, emulates the values of nursing and is a friend to all she encounters. Hogan’s 23 years in nursing have offered her direct experience in a number of capacities such as charge nurse, staff educator and now, caring for critical care patients at CaroMont Regional, a position that requires a broad-based background in dealing with extreme illness and various modes of treatment. Regardless of her role, Hogan always puts patients and families first and makes safety a top priority. Hogan was instrumental in leading the Critical Care division through a performance improvement project that resulted in improved national patient safety goals. Beyond work, Hogan is actively involved in her community through volun-

teering and supporting benevolent causes. Kimberly Jackson, RN, CCRN is a valued member of the Cardiovascular Short Stay Unit at CaroMont Regional and has more than 31 years of nursing experience. Her dedication to the profession is evident not only through her tenure as a nurse, but also in her certification as a Critical Care Certified Nurse by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Jackson serves on the Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Council and is actively involved on the Council for Nursing Practice with a special focus on shared governance. Jackson’s commitment to excellence and professionalism was recognized by her peers on two separate occasions with the coveted Award for Nursing Excellence, a peerreviewed and evidence-based recognition. A servant at heart, Jackson volunteers as a First Aid Nurse at World Changer, an organization that provides meaningful mission experiences for serving others. April Hullender BSN, RNC-NIC sets an inspirational tone through compassion, competence and integrity in her role on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) within CaroMont’s Birthplace. Caring for sick or premature newborns is a difficult process technically, mentally and emotionally, but Hullender is dedicated to taking on the important responsibility. She works patiently with each infant and family to ensure excellent care, and she helps to make this transition time for families as positive as possible. Hullender is passionate about team development and her natural leadership ability has offered her many opportunities to share her knowledge and expertise through lectures and as a Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) instructor. Hullender also is a Neonatal Intensive Care Certified Nurse, the second nurse to achieve this title at CaroMont’s NICU, and since this time, 25 percent of the NICU team have become certified Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses. Lisa Marisiddaiah, BSN, RN, FCN has been able to combine her nursing background and certification as a Faith Community Nurse to provide healing, education and spiritual care to individuals in her role as the FaithHealth Ministry Manager at CaroMont. Lever-

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Allen Drug

Jenny Hogan

Carole Anne Robinson

Kathleen Champion

April Hullender citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition. The list of nurse honorees is compiled by The Great 100 Inc., a grassroots, peer recognition organization that honors the nursing profession in North Carolina. The group recognizes nursing excellence and provides scholarships to nursing students across the state. This year’s winners were recognized during a gala on October 15 in Greensboro. Read more at https://www.

220 S. Main St., Stanley • 704-263-4876 Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm • Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm

MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY 607 E. Academy St. • Cherryville


“A Family Favorite” Call 704-718-6953 or email:

aging her unique experience, Marisiddaiah has been able to forge relationships with faith communities, healthcare providers and community organizations to create a movement of compassionate care and health improvement in the Gaston County community. A life-time learner and achiever, Marisiddaiah continues to find ways to support her position. In 2015, she was distinguished as a Fellow in FaithHealth NC, which recognizes an individual who has positively impacted the health of their community by identifying and addressing social determinants and helping make healthcare more accessible. Carole Anne Robinson, BSN, RNC is described as joyful, patient and compassionate by her peers, patients and families, and she has invested 30 years of caring for others and bringing excellence to the nursing profession. She maintains two nursing certifications, Inpatient Obstetrical Nurse and Fetal Monitoring, both of which allow her to promote patient safety and achieve optimal outcomes. Robinson also was integral in implementing “Quiet Time” in the Birthplace because she wanted to provide families a designated time to rest during their hospital stay. Robinson is a recipient of the Award for Nursing Excellence and has invested several years as a member of CaroMont’s Council for Nursing Excellence, where she volunteers her time to recognize nurses and their contributions to the profession. Ann Marie Stuck BSN, RN, BC continues to reinvent and grow professionally even after 31 years working in the field. Among her daily goals, Stuck places great emphasis on patient advocacy and works diligently to keep patients and their families involved in their care so they are able to make more informed decisions about their health. Stuck values excellence and for the past 13 years, she has maintained her Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Moreover, she has completed numerous performance improvement projects that align with her professional ideals. Stuck also volunteers at the Kings Mountain National Military Park as a living history demonstrator. Her time and talent was recognized with the President’s Volunteer Service Award, the highest honor bestowed upon volunteers that encourages

FALLSTON PHARMACY 5011 Fallston Rd. • Fallston


AMITY FINANCE, INC. PERSONAL LOANS 2477 E. Ozark Ave. • Gastonia, NC

Phone: 704-867-3643 Fax: 704-854-8333

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Banner News Fellowship & Faith

Church Directory Berea B Baptist Church Hickory Grove Rd. • Gastonia • NC

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd 110 S. Main St. 704-827-4751

Macedonia Baptist Church 1951 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-9224

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

For information on getting your business listed here call 704-825-0580

Restoration Church 1800 Spencer Mountain Rd. 704-824-5250

Woodlawn Baptist Church 1101 N. Main St. 704-824-4261

Morningside Missionary Church 711 Morningside Dr. 704-822-9142


Mt. Holly Church of God

143 Church St. 704-824-5380

208 Rankin Ave. 704-827-8596

Mt. Holly Noles Baptist Church Hickory Grove Rd. 704-827-2013

Mt. Holly Pentecostal Holiness 406 Scott St. 704-827-8201

Lakeview Baptist Church McAdenville Baptist Church 192 Main St. 704-824-2740

McAdenville Wesleyan Church 300 E. Wesleyan Dr. 704-824-1073

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church 339 S. Hawthorne St. 704-827-4320

New Covenant United Methodist 14514 Lucian Riverbend Hwy. 704-827-4468

New Providence Baptist Church


Grace Wesleyan Church

Will of God Church

Alexander Memorial Baptist Church

6014 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-7959

513 Woodlawn Ave. 704-827-5185

208 South Main Street 704-825-3216

Brotherhood/Sisterhood WNCC UMC 120 Park Street 704-825-1333

Catawba Heights Baptist Church 311 Belmont Road 704-827-8474

Crossroads Wesleyan Church 101 Beaty Rd. 704-827-8381

Centerview Baptist Church 2300 Acme Road 704-827-2061

East Belmont Baptist Church 501 Catawba Street 704-825-5780

East Belmont Church Of God 320 E. Catawba Street 704- 825-8845

East Belmont Free Will Baptist

Henry’s Chapel Ame Zion Church 151 Henry Chapel Rd 704-825-0711

Holy Comforter Lutheran Church 216 N. Main St. 704-825-2483

Hood Memorial Ame Zion Church 455 Sacco St. 704-825-6007

Loves Chapel Presbyterian Church 204 Lincoln St. 704-825-8342

Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter 216 N. Main St. 704-825-2483

Message of Love Church 306 Pearl Beaty Dr. 704-827-6500

Mount Moriah Baptist Church

909 Edgemont Ave 704-825-5346

110 Lincoln St. 704-825-2046

East Belmont Presbyterian Church

MT. HOLLY Bethel Baptist Church NC Highway 273 704-827-9846

Burge Memorial Methodist Church 312 W. Glendale Ave. 704-827-2726

Catawba Heights Church of God 122 Tomberlin Rd. 704-827-4225

CBC-Memorial Apostolic 230 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-0968

Chapel Baptist Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-5526

Community Christian Fellowship 2560 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-5881

Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist

Core Church

212 South Street 704-825-7269

707 Westland Farm Rd. 704-822-8033

Ebenezer United Methodist Church

New Hope Presbyterian Church

Covenant United Methodist

120 Belmont-Mt. Holly Road 704-827-3366

4357 S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-1697

First Baptist Church

New Life Baptist Church

110 Underwood Dr. 704-820-0603

23 N. Central Avenue 704-825-3758

First Foursquare Gospel Church

New Mills Chapel Fire Baptized

8 Elizabeth Street 704-825-5811

First Presbyterian Church 102 S. Central Ave 704-825-3357

First Presbyterian-Belmont 112 S. Central Ave 704-829-0668

First United Methodist Church of Belmont 807 South Point Road 704-825-2106

Fresh Anointing Church of God 71 McAdenville Road 704-825-7283

Friendship Baptist Church 5008 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-3276

Full Gospel Church 106 School St 704-827-9621

Gaston Christian Church 5339 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-8252

Goshen Presbyterian Church Roper Street 704-827-6280

Grace Korean Ch Assembly-God 124 Georgia Belle Ave 704-829-1091

Employees of

Containers/Trailers Sales & Storage Rental


104 Morning Glory Ave. 704-825-5457

North Belmont Church of God 2316 Acme Rd. 704-827-4092

O’Conner Grove Church Ame Zion 613 N. Main Street 704-825-5576

Park Street United Methodist 120 Park Street 704-825-8480

Power of the Spirit Church 118 School Street 704-827-7071

Queen Of The Apostles Catholic Church 503 N. Main Street 704-825-9600

Sanctuary of Praise Ministries 124 Georgia Belle Ave. 704-579-7823

South Point Baptist Church 124 Horsley Ave. 704-825-9516

South Point Freewill Baptist 297 Gaither Rd. 704-825-8045

South Point United Methodist 510 South Point Church Rd. 704-825-4019

New Saint Paul Holiness Church 1529 Old Hwy. 27 Rd. 704-827-5851

North Main Baptist Church

901 Catawba Street 704-825-8822

201 Oak Trail 704-822-6195

1104 Old NC 27 Hwy. 704-827-0822

Family Worship Center 1013 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-7656

First Baptist Church-Mt. Holly 300 S. Main St. 704-827-2481

First Free Will Baptist Church 841 Noles Dr. 704-827-7461

First Presbyterian Church 133 S. Main St. 704-827-0521

First United Methodist Church 140 N. Main St. 704-827-4855

Goshen Free Will Baptist Church 1300 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-3076

Grace Baptist Church 300 Westland Farm Rd. 704-827-8600

Hickory Grove Baptist Church 3717 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-827-3939

Jehovah’s Witnesses 1736 Kelly Rd. 704-263-0199

Lighthouse Full Gospel Church 530 N. Hawthorne St. 704-827-1442

Living Witness Ministries 541 Costner St. 704-827-0004

1304 N. Main St. 704-827-6141

Restoration & Deliverance 804 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-820-0954 Revival Tabernacle of Mt. Holly 826 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-2999

Ridgeview Baptist Church 105 Pine Rd. 704-827-3856

Second Baptist Church 740 Rankin Ave. 704-827-5181

Shiloh AME Zion Methodist 1117 Old NC Hwy 27 704-827-8826

CRAMERTON Cramerton Independent Presbyterian Church 151 8th Ave. 704-824-3889

Cramerton Free Will Baptist 416 Woodlawn Ave. 704-824-1745

Cramer Memorial United Methodist Church 154 N. Main St. 704-824-3831

Cramerton Temple of God Church East Wilkinson Blvd. 704-824-5319

First Baptist Church 235 8th Ave. 704-824-1991

Life Church 501 Cramer Mountain Rd. 704-824-4286

Riverside Baptist Church 171 S. Main St. 704-824-7785

West Cramerton United Methodist Church 207 Lowell Ave. 704-824-4213

Springfield Freewill Baptist 220 Park Terrace Dr. 704-820-0193

St. Anthony of Padua Traditional Catholic Church 108 Horseshoe Bend Beach Rd. 704-827-8676

St. Paul FHB Church 1529 Old Hwy 27 Rd. 704-827-5851

Tuckaseegee Baptist Church 511 Tuckaseegee Rd. 704-827-4301

Way of the Cross Baptist Church 238 Lanier Ave. 704-827-8111

Wesley Chapel Holiness Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-1993

Westview Presbyterian Church 1020 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-2026

STANLEY Amazing Grace Baptist Church 7280 Sifford Rd. 704-827-6277

Christ’s Evangelical Lutheran 203 S. Main St. 704-263-2621

First United Methodist Church 217 N. Main St. 704-263-2691

First Presbyterian Church 512 Old Mount Holly Rd. 704-263-4275

Gold Hill Missionary Baptist Church 7447 Old Plank Rd. 704-827-7966

New Faith Baptist Church 1224 Mayberry Rd. 704-263-0249

New Life Baptist Church


527 N. Buckoak St. 704-263-4647

Bethlehem Church

Stanley Church of God

3100 Bethlehem Church St. 704-823-5050

324 N. Main St. 704-263-4041

Carolina Community Baptist

Stanley Pentecostal Holiness Church

604 Martha Ave 704-824-2872

113 E. Parkwood St. 704-263-2131

Center Baptist Church

Trinity Full Gospel Church

S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-4121

303 Sunset Dr. 704-263-9765

Epic Church

United In Action of Stanley

100 Indian Walk 704-671-4652

5481 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-524-0555

Lowell Church of God 804 W. First Street 704-824-3383

Lowell Free Will Baptist Church 3010 Lowell Rd. 704-824-9389

Springwood Freewill Baptist

Lowell Smyre United Methodist Church

220 Park Terrace Dr. 704-827-7801

201 N. Main St. 704-824-8814

St. Marks United Methodist Church

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church

701 Secrest Ave. 704-825-8175

120 Branch St. 704-824-4535

Stowe Memorial Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of Lowell

26 Kee Rd. 704-825-5987

400 W. 1st St. 704-824-1215

The Pointe

First Baptist Church

6700 Wilkinson Blvd 704-825-1709

317 W. 1st St. 704-824-1213

Unity Baptist Church

New Life Church

1005 Catawba St. 704-825-8730

128 Robbins St. 704-824-1356

Upper Room United Pentecostal

Presbyterian Church of Lowell

1405 Armstrong Ford Rd. 704-825-0604

207 E. 1st St. 704-824-3807

Don’t see your church listed? Email us today at

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Banner News /

Banner-News Obituaries

Luther Charles Mashburn Mount Holly - Luther Charles Mashburn, 85, of Mount Holly went home to be with his Lord on Monday, November 14, 2016 after several years of declining health. As he entered into the presence of the Lord, he heard Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Luther was born on February 1, 1931 in Bryson City, North Carolina to Zeb and Grace Mashburn. He served his country in the United States Army, stationed in Germany. He was married to his loving wife of 57 years, Juanita S. Mashburn and was owner of Wester Tire Co. in Mount Holly for 27 years. Luther served the Lord and was a faithful member of Beth Haven Baptist Church in

Denver, N.C. where he and his wife worked in the bus ministry. They had a heart for others and often opened their home and hearts to others with helping hands. He was an usher, and worked in the Junior Church with boys and girls. He also worked in the Pathfinders Sunday School class for many years. He was preceded in death by his loving wife, Juanita S. Mashburn in 2011. He was also preceded in death by three sisters: Clairene Hoyle, Willie Belle Page, and Mary Ellen Mashburn. He is survived by a special nephew, Jack Setzer, of Mount Holly, who was more like his own son and numerous other nieces and nephews. Also surviving are his brothers: Ernest Mashburn and Gilbert Mashburn of Stanley; Clifford Mashburn and Bobby Mashburn of Iron Station. His surviving sisters are Betty Goodson of Lincolnton, Melony Bishop of Lucia, Jeannie Jenkins of Iron Station and Gail Jones of Lowesville. The family wishes to thank his caregiver, Brenda Ceballos, for her loving care and dedication to the care of Luther. The family received friends Thursday, November 17th from 6:00-8:00 PM at Woodlawn Funeral Home in Mount Holly. A service to celebrate the life of Mr. Mashburn was held Friday, No-

vember 18th, at 11:00 AM at Beth Haven Baptist Church in Denver, N.C. with Reverend David Mims, Reverend Scott Whitman and Reverend Jerry Taylor officiating. Burial followed at Hillcrest Gardens Cemetery in Mount Holly. Memorials may be made to C.A.R.T. fund (for Alzheimer’s research) % Mount Holly Rotary Club P.O. Box 326 Mount Holly, N.C. 28120 Condolence messages may be sent to the family by visiting Woodlawn Funeral Home, Mount Holly is serving the family.

Ronald Wayne Smith Mount Holly - Ronald Wayne Smith, 63, died Nov. 13, 2016 at Caromont Hospital in Gastonia. Born April 10, 1953 in Stanly County, he was employed as a welder by Boilermaker for seven years. He loved to weld and was a true Tar Heel fan. He is survived by his cherished wife of six years, Margaret Smith, of the home; two daughters, Suzanne McCarver and Brooke Eury, both of Albemarle; five grandsons and one granddaughter. Tribute Crematorium Charlotte was in charge of arrangements.

Page 7

Meditations Love each other I was watching the fictional movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The scene is set in San Francisco, depicting a small group of humans struggling to stay alive after a virus wiped out a majority of the human race. They encounter a band of apes led by Caesar. There was a moment in the movie when Caesar was having a conversation with Orangutan, Maurice, who was Caesar’s closest ally. It has been ten years since the apes have seen any humans. Maurice asks Caesar if he thinks of them. Maurice says he only saw their bad side. What Caesar says next hit the core of my heart. Caesar signs, “Good, bad…doesn’t matter. Humans destroyed each other.” As I look at our world and in particular our country, my heart is heavy. We have come so far in technology, but we seem to be going backward in our behavior and relationships with one another. We cry aloud we live in a free country. Therefore, I can speak my mind in this freedom. Yes, we have the privilege of living in the land of the free, but this does not mean we use our freedom as an excuse to devour one another. We do not use this as an excuse to abuse others who are different from us. We do not use this as an excuse to stoop to the lowest level of hate, discrimination, and indifference. Instead of focusing on WHO is right, let’s focus on WHAT is right. “For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love. For the whole law can be summed up in this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ But if you are always biting and devouring one another watch out! Beware of destroying one

another.” Galatians 5:13-15 NLT. God calls us in our freedom to love. We may live in the land of the free, but no one is truly free until we have submitted to Jesus Rev. Angela Pleasants Christ. It is in Jesus Superintendent of we are freed from Catawba Valley FUMC the power and guilt of sin. This freedom is a privilege, not of only a select few, but all Christians without distinction. In the community of faith, God makes no distinction. In our freedom, we have renounced our sinful nature of gratifying the flesh that reduces us to our lowest nature of living. In Christ, we seek to walk in the Spirit filling our hearts with the love of God. When we love one another, we strive to serve one another. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was fiction. However, when I look across our country, I see life imitating art. As Christians, let us enter into this world that is biting and devouring one another and show a great demonstration of God’s love. God loves us, not because we have good behavior. God loves us because he is love. We too can be the example of Christ-like love. Not because the world is perfect, but because while we were sinners Christ loved and died for us. “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:34-35 NLT.

Spiritual Gardening “Soaking Prayer” by Dennis Siracusa

Alice Rushing recently retired from Belmont Parks and Rec Dept. "A blessing to be part of the Belmont Parks and Recreation Department, these 14 wonderful years (2002-2016)where I've had the pleasure of meeting so many families, I just loved it!" Rushing said. Parks and Rec interim director Brian McGonagle (seen with Rushing) said - “Thank you Alice for your years of service, friendship, love and wise counsel over the years! We will surely miss you! Blessings to you in your retirement.” Belmont Creating Memories With Dignity & Respect Parks and Rec photo


Funeral & Cremation SERVICE

Get Results for your business...

101 Oak Grove St. • Mt. Holly, NC 28120



Have you ever thought about prayers? How do you envision they get to God? Do your prayers seem to bounce off a barrier? Are your prayers rushed as if, as Francis Frangipane has noted, you were quickly shooting an arrow in the air? Or can prayers be something else? Scripture teaches that God is omnipresent. (Jeremiah 23:23-24) He surrounds us; all of us. So really, when we pray isn’t it like we are leaning over and whispering in His ear; that we each have His undivided attention? This must be accurate because scripture also teaches that God is all powerful; capable of anything. But might prayer take on another structure? As autumn is upon us and we rest from many of our gardening labors let’s watch the millions of colorful leaves being shaken from the trees, by the wind, twisting-sailing, and floating gently to the ground. Doesn’t Dennis Siracusa it seem that maybe prayers could be like fall leaves in reverse; colorful yet unique petitions/ thanks/groans that gently float UP to the heavens where God somewhere resides? Where each turn and twist of our prayer takes on another dimension of our gratefulness or concern? If this can be a view of prayer, then that prayer journey will take time won’t it? It won’t be rushed but rather a gentle peaceful soaring. Francis Frangipane has coined this too by calling these prayers “soaking prayers.” In the recent movie, “War Room,” Miss Clara has a prayer closet. A quiet place where she turns her attention away from the noise of the world; TV and life, and reaches out to God with whatever is on her mind; to especially express her gratefulness to God and to pray for those in great need; to ask for a spirit of contentment as a very commercial world clamors for everyone to spend more money than we make, to work excessive hours, or over-indulge in unimportant activities. Shouldn’t we do the same as Miss Clara? And what about God speaking to us; how does He do that; and how do we know it’s Him? The answer may be as varied as our individual uniqueness. He may reply with single words, pictures, or simple or complex thoughts. In either case, His responses to us will suit who He made us to be and His answers will always square with His whole revelation in the bible, which we should be reading daily. We also know His answers are from Him when we see them unfold before our eyes. Our world is currently caught in an increasingly dynamic process. Regardless of how smart we believe we are, how secure our lives seem, or how well we multi-task, we all need God; so whatever form my prayers or yours take, let’s pray.

The Banner News /

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tri-County Animal Rescue Where to find pet of the week Tri-County Animal Rescue Pet of the Week is a small Dachshund mix named Liam. Liam is 8 months old and weighs 12 pounds. He is a very sweet little boy that plays well with other dogs, likes to snuggle under the blankets, and loves everyone. Liam has a birth defect‌one of his front legs is deformed. He does not let that bother him and gets along like all other puppies. He can run with the fastest of the other dogs. Dachshunds are wonderful dogs and make terrific companions, but they are not for everyone. As with all dog breeds, individual dogs have their own personalities, but there some traits that are very common throughout the breed. Many have a stubborn, independent nature. Effective training is a must for all dogs, including dachshunds. Dachshunds love to burrow - they like to tunnel under bed covers and pillows. They love the company of other dachshunds, which is why you see so many dachshund pairs. They like to curl up and sleep together, with their heads on each other’s backs. They are usually very physically affectionate dogs - they like to snuggle and kiss and be scratched and have their bellies rubbed. Liam has been neutered, current on vaccines and micro-chipped. Come see them! Please come out to our adoption event this weekend. If you are looking for an addition to your family, please come out and meet our pets this weekend. We have many available pets, including puppies and kittens, at the Gastonia PetSmart located at 3698 East Franklin Boulevard this Friday from 6-9 pm, Saturday noon to 6 pm and Sunday 2-5 pm. Tri-County Animal Rescue is a non-profit

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The Banne r News / banner-ne


$ V ume 82 Vol • Issue


Thursday, & Save October 6, 2016 up to 30 %

Ryan Cla

Life's never


Exclusive rke CLU, ChFC, CPCU Agent 305 Belmo nt Mt Hol ly Belmont, NC 28012 Road 704-827-8 433

News Fr om a Nei ghbo • Belmo


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for Cramert


on's Arlecy

By Alan Hod





Arlecy Moo re birthday par blows out the candles ty last Sun on the cak day. e at her 100 tth Photo by Em ily Rednou r


Thursday, Oc

tober 6, 201



“It's been a That's wha long time but I still day last Sun t Arlecy Giles Mo feel like I'm 50.� ore had to day. say about Born on her 100th birthCramerton- Oct. 2, 1916, Moore lived the vas a place she reca t majority “I love Cra of her life merton,� she lls with fondness. in Moore say s hard wor said. “It's a great many Gas tow k has n.� kep ton reer in text County folks in the t her mind and bod iles. y active. Lik 1930s she began her e “I started working ca14-years-o working in the Ark ld,� she reca ray Mill in lled Moore also Gastonia when I was worked in . merton- the the Fireston firs Mays Mil t air conditioned cott e Mill and Mays who was in ls was where Arlecy on mill in Americ Mills in Crawas 15-yea charge of keeping the met her husband, a. We rs-old at the air lch con Moore, ditioning were married time and ope in rated a spin system going. She “He let me 1936. ning machine go inside the . They she said. building whe “It was a re big thing down.� and the wat the air conditioner was,� er looked Moore's text pre tty falling ile career and her futu re husband hit a bump in the road the sam met. “When Roo e year she sevelt 16 could work in the was elected they said Arlecy Moo teenth birt mil no one l,� re at age 18. she und hda and as soo y the mill said I hadsaid. “Two weeks er the age of before my n as to Photo Cou sixWhen Wo I had my birthday I go home, but they rtesy of Cor held my job rld War II went right delia Stowe came, Mo ore and her back to work.� colleagues in the Cra By Alan Hod See ARLECY MOORE pag alan.bannern ge e3 ews@gma

Life Ch in comes Auth to our aare or wants m a u

seum for M

Last Sun take part in day, October 2, saw event was the 2016 Life Chain a large number of held area folks of Gaston County. The fo St. Michae in conjunction with Bel pro-l Nationa -life has mont has one. Mt. Baptist Chu l’s Catholic Chu rch, Gaston l Life Chain Sunda day. som one, Cramerton is wor Holly has one, Sta Gaston Cou rch, Belmont, and ia, Catawb nley e folks wan king on the Crisis a ghts t one silent, pray nty sponsored the Pregnancy Heigh for McAde getting one, and The obje local chapter erfu Cen According l event. of the nati ter of archival matct of desire? A plac nville. onwid e whe eria ide nen chael’s and to Life Chain coo t, public displs and objects can be re the town's rdin put on perm area churcheSue Pruitt, Catawba ators, Linda Moone In other wor lay. aHei y, s wer St. ghts MiMi e contacted Baptist, mor participated McAdenvi ds, a history museum and e lle native . an end to in this annual pro-life up to 1000 pro-life than 100 the cha Sandra abortion. rge sup , silent witn ess, and to porters interest in to get a museum for Brittain is leading In Belmo nt, the Life pray for her Mc and Main a committee Adenville's past led hometown. Her St. along Wo Chain took plac and wri her to e Abbey Col lege studentsodlawn Ave. to Cen from Mt. Holly Rd ville Memories, a te the 936 page boo work with Rd. near the tral Avenue k tome that that's also particip took three McAdenyea pray silently college campus. In ated along Belmon . Belmont ning the chock full of hun t-Mt. Mt. Hol dreds of pho rs to pen town's at Main St. tos spanLife Cha and Catawb ly witnesses gath Holly “We need storied past. ered to a Ave. a place to ted individuin began in 1987 thro said see . “McAdenv ugh the effo ille has so our history,� Brittai The plan wasals dedicated to mak rts of a few pro ud to n man ing say I grew commitfor these cha y firsts and people awa another. up here.� ins to stre re of abo Brittain giv I am tch rtio es from one By the earl community n. family for mak a lot of fond cred it ing McAde to and as “Life Cha y ‘90s the first Sun laying the nville such to the Pharr fou a the country in Sunday� and Lifeday in October bec nda grea tion t town “Mr. Pha of its rich ame known heritage. participate . In the late ‘90s app Chains were reac b family, rr made everyone hing across big d. feel � through the Since that time the roximately 2000 ffor everyo she said. “He did so like we were a Sandra Brit Gas tain ne. It wou many nice Pregnancy joint efforts of the numbers have dwi tonians w ld be nice things thinks the form has a dream of a hist ndled, but where people cou Center, the loca to hav er town libr ory witnesses ld see vide 2016 event l churches and th how the tow h ary building museum in McA to lif the C os and pict e a place life�. drew clos d Cri n denville. She use sis would be a d ures about to be back e to 1000 McAdenvi good spot. 1907 two-sto then “silent gone a refu lle's downtown area .� ry Classic was once Photos by the library. al Revival frame Alan Hodge hanced. Britrbishment and its cha has just understructure at Off tain has her rm 141 Main eye on a buil has been en- ture icially known as the St. that is currentl ding therey empty exc the R.Y. McAden Me the ept for a scat mor tering of Chrial Hall, the strucNC Brew istmastown USA Festival & Sponsor See ed By: MUSEUM Chili Cook Little Mis page 3 s Liver Mus -Off

Banner News!

October 6:00-9:3


BELMONT Banner Office -128 Main St.

organization serving Lincoln, Gaston and other surrounding counties. We are committed to ending pet homelessness in this area and we need your continued support. If you cannot adopt a pet, then support Tri-County in other ways. We need volunteers and donations to continue our mission of finding homes for these unwanted animals. Please help TriCounty Animal Rescue continue to save pets by adopting your next pet this weekend? Our “needs� list includes: towels, Clorox, laundry detergent, paper towels, dry dog food and dry cat food. For more information, call 704.263.2444, send an email to TriCountyAnimalRescue@, visit us on the web at or on FaceBook at Tri-County Animal Rescue. Donations can be sent to Tri-County Animal Rescue, PO Box 483, Alexis, NC 28006.

Belmont Drug




0 pm




in Uptow n Shelb y,

h Pagean

Ma ck ’s


The Offic ial NC Liv er 8am - 4pMush Festival



v i S i t TOURCL A Divisi on



of the C levela

nd Coun ty




NC See Details Insid Pages 10 &11 e



- 403 Catawba St.

- 202 Market St.

Big Lots

Gates Food Mart

- 601 Park St.

- 1901 Lowell-Bethesda Rd.

- 303 N. Main St.


Kingsway Shell

Mt. Holly Library

- 6507 Wilkinson Blvd.

- 245 Market St.

- 245 W. Catawba Ave.

Byrum’s Grill

Town Hall

New City Hall

- 4606 S. New Hope Rd.

- 155 N. Main St.

Caravan Coffee

- 400 E. Central Ave.

Wills Food Mart

- 7 N. Main St.

- 3703 S. New Hope Rd.

Nichols Food Store

College Park Pharmacy

Wills Food Mart #2

- 682 Park St.

- 3732 S. New Hope Rd.

Dale’s Superette Citgo - 7304 Wilkinson Blvd.

Dollar Tree


- 6404 Wilkinson Blvd.

- 3836 S. New Hope Rd.

Belmont General Store

Ingco Express

- 6 Main St.

- 2741 Lowell-Bethesda Rd.

Hampton Inn

Wills Food Store

- 830 Cecila Alexander Dr.

- 612 Hickory Grove Rd.

Handy Pantry The Brevard Station Museum in Stanley is having a book-signing event on Saturday, December 3rd from 2 pm. to 4 pm. The three authors of the new “Images of America - Stanley� book will there to autograph copies. The authors are Joyce Handsel Pat Smith and Ruth Wood. They have been associated with the Brevard Station Museum for many years and can answer questions about the history of the Town of Stanley. The Brevard Station Museum is in the center of downtown Stanley next to Stanley Town Hall. People who have previously purchased a copy of this new book can bring their copy to this event to be signed by the authors. All proceeds of the book sales are donated to support the Brevard Station Museum. Photo provided



- 505 S. Central Ave.

Kangaroo - 6441 Wilkinson Blvd.

Nichols BP - 318 S. Main St.

Nichols BP - 85 Belmont/McAdenville Rd.

Peace & Hominy - 403 Catawba St.

Post Office - 208 Glenway St.

The String Bean - 106 N. Main St.

LOWELL Exxon Station - 719 McAdenville Rd.

QSC Food Mart - 720 McAdenville Rd.

McADENVILLE Post Office - 111 Main St.

Lee’s Quick Stop

- 1813 Hickory Grove Rd.

Old City Hall - 131 S. Main St.

Post Office - 800 W. Central Ave.

Quick Stop/Wimco - 1204 S. Main St.

Sunbelt Grill - 1301 N. Main St.

The Pantry - 100 Rankin Ave.

Uptown Salon - 106 S. Main St.

West View Grocery - 1021 W. Catawba Ave.

Wills Convenience - 1002 W. Charlotte Ave.

Wills Food Store - 4010 Hickory Grove Rd.

YMCA - 196 YMCA Dr.


Simonetti’s Pizza

- 1127 W. Charlotte Ave.

- 6432 Wilkinson Blvd.

Brightstar Grill

Suntrust Bank

- 205 Madora St.

- 118 N. Main St.

Catawba Coffee

Times BP

- 117 N. Main St.

- 6571 Wilkinson Blvd.

Charlie’s Drug & Sundries

Visitors Center

- 125 W. Central Ave.

- 620 N. Main St.

Dollar General

White’s Restaurant

- 709 W. Charlotte Ave.

- 417 Catawba St.

Dollar General


- 1801 Hickory Grove Rd.

- 119 N. Main St.

Food Lion

Morgan’s Dairy Bar

- 617 Highland St.

- 194 E. Dallas Rd.

Food Lion


- 1438 Perfection Ave.

- 207 N. Main St.

Food Lion

- 237 Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd.


Holiday Inn

- 220 S. Main St.

Bi-Lo - 441 Hwy 275

Citgo Food Mart - 801 S. Main St.

Dollar General - 170 E. Dallas Rd.

FamilyMed Pharmacy - 110 E. Dallas Rd.

Friendly’s Restaurant

Post Office

- 109 Center St.

- 250 Beatty Rd.

Cramerton Drug

Kings Mart

- 149 Eighth Ave.

- 1202 Hickory Grove Rd.

- 216 S. Main St.

Floyd & Blackie’s Coffee

Kings Mart #2

Stanley Barber Shop

- 137 Eighth Ave.

- 3007 Hickory Grove Rd.

- 110 S. Main St.

- 301 Old Mount Holly Rd.

Rhonda’s Hair Styling


The Banner News /

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


dressed the throng concerning the nominees and their peers. From page 1 “These are the unsung heGaston Schools superinten- roes who inspire a lifetime of dent Jeff Booker also ad- learning,” Booker said. “Only

one can get the car, but all are winners and the best of the best in education.” Gaston Schools chief of communications Todd

Bev Cook

Robin Bowen

Page Primary

Lowell Elementary

Jennifer Cory

Jeff Bowers

North Belmont

Lingerfeldt Elementary

James Mack Rankin Elementary

Charles Bush

Cindy Smith

Devares Friday

Mount Holly Middle

McAdenville Elementary

South Point High

Georgia Kirkland

Jenna Brown

Lori Parker

Stuart Cramer

Kiser Elementary

Stanley Middle

Hagans, who was emcee, called the awards event “the fourth most exciting day in the school year behind the first day of school the last

Page 9

day of school and graduation day.” Last year, the Outstanding Educator of the Year award program was honored

by being given the National School Public Relations Association Gold Achievement Award.

Billy Morrow East Gaston

All 55 Gaston Schools Outstanding Educator of the Year nominees seen on the Stuart Cramer High auditorium stage just before the winner was announced. Photos by Alan Hodge

Gaston County Schools superintendent Jeff Booker is seen presenting KIA of Gastonia president Chris Hafer a picture showing previous Outstanding Educator of the Year winners.Julie Shatterly, Steve Anderson, Omar Salazar.

Ronnie Summey

Brianna Beaver

Lisa Austin

Catawba Heights

Belmont Middle

Belmont Central

Jimmy Mason Cramerton Middle

Photos provided by Gaston School board vice chairman Jeff Ramsey was also County Schools one of the speakers at the Educator of the Year award event. He was joined by other board members Dot Cherry, Lee Dedmon, Dot Guthrie, Kevin Collier, KIA of Gastonia president Chris Hafer and sales manager Reuben Jones getting ready to draw the winning card. Catherine Roberts.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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GiŌ Guide

Upcoming Holiday Happenings

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Belmont 67th Belmont Christmas Parade Event Description: Well over 100 units, including marching bands, professional floats, decorated vehicles of all descriptions and a wide assortment of other entries will parade through downtown Belmont and along Catawba Street through the Chronicle District and River District to kick off the Christmas season. Route and lineup changes for Belmont Christmas parade Safety and traffic concerns have prompted changes recommended by the Belmont Police Department for the 67th Belmont Christmas parade, which takes place on Tuesday, December 6, at 4 p.m., and is one of Gaston County’s biggest parades. The Montcross Area Chamber coordinates the parade for the City of Belmont. The parade will begin this year at Stowe Park at the intersection of South Main Street with McLeod Street and Myrtle Street. Parades in the recent past have started at South Main and Central Avenue. The change will keep Central Avenue open to traffic, reducing congestion at that busy intersection. Professional floats and most other parade units will lineup before the parade on McLeod Street, with units entering the lineup from Keener Boulevard. Portions of South Main Street and Myrtle Street also will be used for the parade lineup. Units assigned to those areas will receive special instructions. Except for the starting point, the parade route will be the same as in the past, proceeding north on Main Street, turning right on Catawba Street, crossing Park Street and disbanding at the intersection of Church and Tucker streets near Dwight Frady Field. To ease congestion at the end of the parade, participants will not be allowed to stop on Catawba Street. Those not having passengers to unload will continue straight on Catawba toward Wilkinson Boulevard and leave the area as soon as possible. Those needing to unload passengers will turn left on Church Street, unload as fast as possible and leave the area on Park Street or 6th street to Wilkinson Boulevard. Professional floats only will turn right on Tucker Street and unload passengers on Brook Street. No other traffic will be allowed on Brook Street. Street closures in downtown Belmont will begin at 1:30 p.m. on McLeod Street and at 2:30 on Main Street and Myrtle Street. Parade units will begin lining up at 3 p.m. following directions provided. Traffic congestion should be anticipated throughout the

downtown area between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. on parade day. “With traffic in Belmont increasing and the Christmas parade attracting more units every year, these changes are important to keeping parade participants and spectators safe and minimizing delays for motorists,” said Montcross Area Chamber President Ted Hall. “As coordinators of the parade, the Chamber is grateful to the Belmont Police Department and Public Works Department for the effort that has gone into creating these new procedures and for the work required to make the parade a spectacular annual event.” Downtown Belmont Christmas Village The annual Christmas Village is a festive holiday celebration in historic downtown Belmont held on the second Friday of December. This family friendly event features- Hot chocolate & s’mores; Horse drawn carriage rides; Christmas Trolley Rides; Christmas Carolers; Santa and more! The 2016 Downtown Belmont Christmas Village is scheduled for Friday, December 9th from 6 to 9 pm. Mt. Holly Mt Holly Christmas Parade- Event Starts: Wed, Nov 30th, 2016 4:00 pm. Santa at the Mount Holly Municipal Complex Grand Hall- Event Starts: Thu, Dec 8th, 2016 2:00 pm. Stanley The Town of Stanley annual Christmas Parade is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14th at 3:00 p.m. Cramerton Christmas Parade Thursday Dec. 1, 4pm. Tree lighting after parade. Breakfast with Santa. Call Parks and Rec at 704824-4231 for information and/or register. Santa Ride- Dec. 10 at 8:30am. McAdenville 61st Annual McAdenville Christmas Town lights December 1 - 26 2016. Light times Monday - Friday 5:30 – 9:30pm; Saturday & Sunday 5:30 – 11:00pm. 17th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony Thursday, December 1 – 5:30pm, William J. Pharr Family YMCA Plaza. 68th Annual Yule Log Parade Friday, December 16 – 5:30pm.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

South Point receiver Nathan Silver, #5 looks back for the pass from quarterback Scottie Lee, #12.

Nick Muse makes a spectacular one hand grab. Photos by Tommy Bain

South Point’s defense contains the Falcon’s run game.

South Point rumbles over West Henderson 59-0 By John Wilson

It looks like South Point’s Big Red football machine is on the march. The Red Raiders opened the 2016 playoffs in style. Smashing through the West Henderson Falcons 59-0. Despite the score, things got off slow for South Point. The extra week off due to the schedule delay associated with Hurricane Matthew caused the Red Raiders to sputter a little. But not much. “We were off to a little rough start before we started to score,” head coach Mickey Lineberger said. “The week off hurt our timing. It took awhile to get in the groove.” In all actuality it took the Red Raiders about a quarter to get things moving. Both teams were held scoreless in the 1st quarter. But when the 2nd quarter rolled around the Red Raider unleashed a fury of offensive and defensive production. South Point scored 31 unanswered points in the 2nd quarter. After that the Falcons never had a shot. The entire game was all South Point from there. The South Point scoring started when Thomas Lempereur booted a 22 yard field goal. After Lempereur’s kick it was on like wildfire. Marion Brandon, Jake Alexander and Phillip Davis all scored in the 2nd quarter. In fact, Alexander scored twice. The flood gate had been released and there was no stopping the Red Raider offense, defense or for that matter the special teams. There were big plays for South Point in all aspects of the game. “Phillip Davis picked up a fumble,” Lineberger said. “ An 11 yard scoop and score.” There were other big plays as well. “Ray Grier had a pick 6,” Lineberger added. “Nathan Silver had a kickoff return for a TD, Jake Alexander had a 70 yard TD run. Mario Bran-

don had a 60 yard touchdown run.” The ability of the Red Raiders to score football home runs is something the team had not been doing. “We hadn’t been scoring long distances,” Lineberger noted. “We were going four or five yards in 11 play drives. We dialed in some home runs.” The Red Raider offense put up solid numbers against the Falcons. South Point finished the game with 297 total yards of offense. The South Point defense did its job as well. The Red Raider defense smothered the Falcons limiting them to only 82 yards of total offense. The Red Raiders also recovered two fumbles and picked off a West Henderson pass. Up next for the Red Raiders is a visit from the Tuscola Mountaineers. The Mountaineers are the defending Western North Carolina 2A/3A Conference champs.

They come into Lineberger Stadium with a 11-1 record. The last time the Mountaineers lost was on October 15th when Tuscola fell to Pisgah 23-20 in overtime. The Tuscola offense and defensive lines are big. Very big. South Point will have its work cut out for them. Across the roster the average weight of the Mountaineer’s offensive and defensive lineman is 230 pounds. Tuscola will try to run the ball right down your throat. Coach Linberger knows what he is up against. “They are suppose to be loaded.” Lineberger said of Tuscola. “They are the pride of the mountains.” Playoff Prediction This is a tough game. But right now South Point is on fire. The offense is clicking and the defense is stopping opponents cold. But this one should be close South Point 27 Tuscola 23

Matthew Robinson, #19, recovers a fumble as a result of a hit of hit by #14 Max Meade.

Jake Alexander, #24 finds the end zone for a touchdown.

See more action photos page 14

South Point Red Raiders Player of the Week

NATHAN SILVER #5 Senior Special TeamsPunt Returner


403 East Catawba St. • Belmont, NC A common scene from the Raider defense. Nathan Hamilton #40, Nick Gange #22, and Lawrence Haley #41 capture another Falcon.

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Medicare Consults

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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Last week's lottery numbers were drawn by Chasity Singleton at Just Cuts located at 6513 Wilkinson Blvd., Belmont, NC. The winning numbers were 47, 35 & 25. No ballot with the correct three numbers was received. The Jackpot will increase to $4,350. Make sure you have your entry in by deadline at 9am on Monday for your chance to win!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

South Point rumbles... From page 12

Red Raiders swarm a West Henderson runner.

Naseem Jones gets a handoff in the West Henderson game.

South Point’s Jake Alexander rushes in the 59-0 blowout of West Henderson.

Nick Muse goes airborne.

Red Raider Nick Muse bulls his way past West Henderson defenders. Photos by Calvin Craig/

Red Raider Mario Brandon outruns two West Henderson players. Another pass from Scottie Lee.

South Point senior, Jaelin Griffin, front row center, has signed a national letter of intent to play softball at North Greenville University. Front row from left are her mother, Jennifer McHenry; Jaelin; and her father, Damien Griffin. Back row from left are South Point principal, Gary Ford; South Point athletic director, Kent Hyde; assistant softball coach, Mike Mahaffey; head softball coach, Leah Brooks; assistant softball coach, George Kitchen, and Tracy Holmes. Photo courtesy Charlotte Sautner

South Point senior Abby Henry, front row center, has signed a national letter of intent to play softball at Belmont Abbey College. Front row from left are her mother, Melissa Henry; Abby; and her father, Todd Henry. Back row from left are South Point principal, Gary Ford; South Point athletic director, Kent Hyde; assistant softball coach, Mike Mahaffey; head softball coach, Leah Brooks; assistant softball coach, George Kitchen; and Rusty Bumgardner. Photo courtesy Charlotte Sautner

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Page 15

Mountain Island tames Andrews Wildcats 64-8 By John Wilson

In the closing weeks of the 2016 Mountain Island Charter football season head coach Robert Washington developed a plan. Washington wanted to prep his team for the upcoming playoffs. The Raptors offense was already one of the most prolific in the county. But Washington wanted more. Washington knew that to make a deep run they needed to be able to run the ball. So in the last few games of the season MI started to heavily feature the run. That preparation paid off. Because, when the Raptors hosted the Andrews Wildcats they were ready to run. Mountain Island ran all over the Wildcats in a 64-8 blowout in the first round of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association 1A playoffs Andrews went into the game hoping to stop the Raptors aerial attack. When the Wildcat’s defense got on the field they shifted to a pass defense. “Some teams play our pass,” Washington said. “Some try to play the run. They tried to play the pass. They put five in the box. You give me that and I’m going to run.” And run the Raptors did. The MI offense had 493 yards of total offense and 292 of it came off of the ground game. Raptor running backs made short work of the Wildcat’s pass first defense. Two backs, Terrell Hager and Elijah Burris, had big days carrying the ball for Mountain Island. Burris turned 11 carries into 151 yards and a TD. Hager on the other hand did just as well. He had 10 carries for 141

yards and two trips to the end zone. Just because the Raptors were running didn’t mean that Mountain Island QB Kyle Holcomb was quiet. Holcomb was 12 for 19 for 202 yards and four touchdowns. Holcomb threw a pair of TD passes to Tikwan Johnson. He also threw scoring tosses to Aapri Washington, Tikwan Johnson and Carson Pledger. When Andrews had the ball they tried to run on the Raptors. This was logical considering that the Wildcats were pound for pound bigger than Mountain Island. “This team was big,” Washington said. “They played in a physical conference.” The Wildcats came to Mount Holly from the Smoky Mountain Conference. They were used to playing teams like Murphy, Cherokee and Swain County. The Raptor defense was prepared to make a statement. They were going to send the Wildcats packing back to the mountains. Last year in the Raptors first playoff game WinstonSalem Preparatory Academy ran on them. The inability to stop the run in that game dashed the Raptors playoff hopes. The crowd at MI was not about to let it happen again. “The boys made a statement,” Washington added. “Last year in the playoffs they ran down our throats. The guys that were there remembered that.” The Raptors defense held the Wildcats to 185 yards in total offense. The Wildcats had no passing attack, so they ran and ran. The Raptor defenders punished any Wildcat player that had the ball. Mountain Island

Mountain Island Charter School Player of the Week

Mt. Island Charter School and Andrews line up. The MICS Raptors won 64-8. forced six turnovers- five fumbles and an interception. The Mountain Island defensive effort was highlighted with a Hunter Nichols’s fumble recovery in the endzone for an MI score. Next up for the Raptors is a rematch game. MI will face off against Thomas Jefferson Academy. These teams are very familiar with each other. In their last meeting the Raptors beat the Gryphons 31-13. But Mountain Island was forced to forfeit that game. The forfeiture came about due to a paperwork mistake. An MI player was on the roster that had an expired physical. Coach Washington has a lot of respect for the Thomas Jefferson crowd. “They are well coached,” Washington said. “A disciplined team. We will have to play lights out to win.” Playoff Prediction The Raptors are flying high. Someone will have to show that they can be stopped. I’m not sure Thomas Jefferson can do that. It will be a good game, but MI should prevail. Mountain Island 35 Thomas Jefferson 17

Mt. Island Charter’s Elija Burris barrels through Andrews defenders.

Elijan Burris makes another gain against Andrews.

TAZZON MOORE #33 Senior Corner Back



A loose ball gets everyone’s attention in the MICS vs Andrews contest. Photos by Roger Phipps

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Cramer loses tough game to Franklin By John Wilson

For Stuart Cramer High the 2016 football season is over. In their first ever playoff appearance the Storm battled against the Franklin Panthers. In a game that went down to the wire the Storm was bested by the visiting Panthers 30-21. Even with the football season over, the players, staff and fans of Cramer have a lot to be proud of. Stuart Cramer football is now on the map and 2016 was a heck of a year for a team that has been together for only a few years. For Cramer head coach Ben McMillan the season didn’t end the way he wanted it to. But McMillan is proud of the way his team played. “It was a very tough way to lose,” McMillan said. “Very close.” For most of the game the Panthers and Storm matched up play for play. After a scoreless first quarter both teams started to get going in the 2nd. Franklin answered first with a TD run with 11:54 on the clock. Cramer answered with two TD’s and a safety. Denorrian Lindsay had a 25 run and Cramer quarterback Jaylen Rocquemore scored from 15 yards out. A botched Franklin punt netted the Storm a safety and a 14-7 halftime lead. In the second half the Storm went to work trying to capitalize on their earlier success. “When we opened the 3rd quarter we stopped them,” McMillan said. After that the Storm drove down to the Panther 3 yard line when a game changing play occurred. “We got down to the 3 when we fumbled in the endzone.” Cramer players believed that their back had broken the plane of the end zone and scored before the ball came out. The refs saw it differently and the Storm were denied what would have been a critical score. Franklin would later score and the game was tied up 14-14 going into the 4th quarter. As the 4th quarter got underway Franklin scored first. Cramer quickly answered when Kendall Karr snared a 6 yard TD pass from Rocquemore. Throughout the game the Storm and Panthers proved to be evenly matched. The stats showed that as well. The Storm had 321 yards of total offense. The Panthers were not far behind with 308 yards of their own. But as it turned out things just started to go Franklin’s way in the closing minutes. With the score 17-17 and time running out the Panthers nailed a 37 yard field goal and went up 24-21. That field goal was devastating but the Storm still had a chance to get back in it. But those hopes were soon dashed when Franklin intercepted a Cramer pitch out and took it into the end zone. The loss was tough but coach McMillan is proud of his team. “I’m proud of the way our guys played,” McMillan said. “Especially the seniors. They have come a long way.” Now the Storm will need to focus on next year. And for Cramer the future will be filled with hope and a little bit of uncertainty. Hope comes from the fact that Cramer has started to set a

new standard in football. Something to strive for. “The seniors laid a good foundation,” McMillan said. The uncertainty will come with next years conference realignment. The new Big South Conference will not include South Point, East Gaston and Lake Norman Charter. But instead the conference will welcome Burns, Kings Mountain and Crest. The Storm will still battle East Gaston and South Point in non-conference match ups. So Cramer will have to fight against familiar foes and some new ones as well. Next year’s schedule will be tough. But if this year is any indication of what the future holds Cramer football will be making some noise in 2017.

Kerri Lowe is Teacher of Year Kerri Lowe has been named Cramerton Middle Teacher of Year. Lowe is a graduate of North Gaston High School and Western Carolina University with a BS in Health Education. She has been teaching for 22 years, all in Gaston County. During her teaching career, she has taught science, social studies, health and earned her National Board Certification in 2014. Before coming to Cramerton Middle in 2007, she taught at W.C Friday Middle. She is married to Rodney and they have a 15 year-old son, Garrett. She enjoys spending time traveling with her family, watching her son race Bandolero cars, shopping, scrapbooking, making jewelry and crafts. Gaston Schools photo

The Student Council at Cramerton Middle School recently collected over 3,800 personal care items and toiletries for victims of the flooding in eastern North Carolina that resulted from Hurricane Matthew. The Vertical Life Mission Team delivered the supplies from town to town in eastern North Carolina. The homerooms collecting the most items were those of Mrs. Joy Smith in the 8th grade, Mrs. Lisa Dent in the 7th grade, and Mrs. Brooke Richardson in the 6th grade. Picture shows Student Council members Mary Charles Burke, Jessie Curtis, and Kamryn Shipman (L to R) counting the items. Gaston Schools photo

DARNELL JOHNSON #14 Senior Safety/Wide Receiver & Team Captain


Carothers Funeral Home at Gaston Memorial Park Gastonia NC • 704.867.6337 Stanley NC • 704.263.2631 Dallas NC • 704.922.3191

Students at Mt. Holly Middle School recently took part in “Project Hawk” and spent their morning on a campus beautification project with the MHMS PTO. Projects the kids tackled icluded raking leaves and freshening up campus landscaping. Gaston Schools photo

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sout Point band boosters The Dewey’s holiday store in Belmont is now open, and sales benefit the South Point High School Band Boosters. Visit for Moravian Cookies, Sugar Cake, gift tins and other scrumptious treats. Open 11am-6pm daily 7005 Wilkinson Blvd. Ste. H next to Dairy Queen see full location information at www.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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Banner-News Funny Paper DOGS OF C-KENNEL




Taylor Hinson officially signs her letter of intent to play golf for University of North Carolina at Asheville. Rebecca Hinson (Taylor’s mom), Nancy McDaniel (Gaston Christian High School Principal), Dr. Marc Stout (Head of School), Taylor Hinson (Senior), Tom Hawxwell (GCS Athletic Director) and Bart Hinson (Taylor’s dad and GCS Golf Coach). Randy Erwin photo

Gaston Christian School sports briefs







Gaston Christian varsity girls basketball hosted Lake Norman Chrsitian last week. Gaston Christian won 59-5 the score at the half was 43-2. Top players: Hannah Bonisa had 25 points; Kaitlyn McCown had 16 points and 8 rebounds; Mikayla Gordon had 8 points and 8 rebounds; Kylie Hill had 4 points and 9 rebounds. Gaston Christian also hosted Lake Norman Christian JV boys basketball. Gaston Christian won 42-37. Half time score was 21-24 GCS. Top players: Hank Long 22 points; Ethan Puno 7 points; Chase Chriscoe 4 points; Noah Froneberger 5 points.

Following students were chosen as Students of the Month for October- character trait was Responsibility. Bottom row left to right: T. Barfield, K. Mullis, C. Hauck; Middle row left to right: E. Swaringer, H. Todd, A. Fox, E. Martinez, K. Hux, G. Summerville; Top row left to right: I. Wilcox, E. Boyd, A. Roberts, A. Dover, C. Williams, J. Andrea. Ashley Warren photo

East Gaston Warriors Player of the Week

RYAN GRICE #33 Junior Guard




Ryan scored 19 points in the opening game win against Crest High School

Allen Drug

Proud Supporter of East Gaston Athletics

220 S. Main St., Stanley Beside the Woodshed

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm • Sat 9am-1pm

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Abbey women’s basketball wraps up season Senior Aimee Cloninger led three players with doublefigure kills with 14 and added 10 digs for her seventh doubledouble, but the No. 2 North-seed Belmont Abbey was unable to pull the upset over No. 1 South Erskine Saturday in the semifinals of the Conference Carolinas Volleyball Championship. The final score was 3-1 with set scores of 23-25, 25-18, 2514, 26-24. Hannah Dubas and Mackenzie Chrapliwy had 10 kills each, while senior Gabby Martinez (22) and Cassidy Bonito (21) combined for 43 assists. Sarah Kenney led the defensive effort with 20 digs. Belmont Abbey used a late rally to take the opening set 25-23, scoring the final four points after trailing 23-21. Earlier, the Crusaders broke a 9-9 tie with three straight points, but the Flying Fleet answered with the same to even the game at 12. After each team added a point, BAC rattled off four in a row for a 17-13 advantage, but Erskine repeated the feat for a 17-17 tie. The Crusaders broke the deadlock, but three straight for EC set up the Abbey’s late heroics. The Crusaders led 14-13 in the second set, but surrendered four straight points that started a 6-1 run. Belmont Abbey closed to wthin 20-17, but another 4-0 run led to a 25-18 Erskine win. The momentum stayed with the Flying Fleet as it opened the third with leads of 3-0 and 7-2. After a kill by Henriott, Erskine rattled off six straight to open a double-digit margin, 13-3. Belmont Abbey led 9-7 in the fourth, but another run lifted the Flying Fleet. Erskine scored five straight points to open a 12-9 lead. The Crusaders would not give up, tallying four of the next five scores for a 13-13 tie and would later take leads of 15-14, 16-15 and 17-16. Trailing 19-18, Belmont Abbey

Each year the annual professional development conference of the North Carolina Music Educators Association (NCMEA) presents honors concerts for elementary, middle school and high school chorus and high school orchestra. Their vision is Leading North Carolina in music education, empowering generations to create, perform and respond to music. Of the 890 students that auditioned in North Carolina, 152 were selected to be a part of the Middle School Honors Chorus. This year the two chorus students selected from Gaston County were from Cramerton Middle School - Reading Blount (right) and Edwin Gore seen with Mrs. Patty Fayssoux who is the chorus director at Cramerton Middle School. The Concert was held at the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem on Sunday November 6, 2016 and led by nationally renowned clinician and composer Dr. Rollo Dilworth of Temple University. Cramerton Middle School photo

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tallied three in a row and then led 23-21, but Erskine gained three straight points for its first match point. The Crusaders saved one, but the Flying Fleet got a block and a kill to advance, 26-24. Belmont Abbey finishes its season at 19-13, finishing second in the North Division after being picked seventh overall in the preseason poll.

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Reader Advisory: the National Trade Associations we belong to has purchased the following classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it s illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. 800 numbers may or may not reach Canada.

Travel CRUISE VACATIONS – 3, 4, 5 or 7+ day cruises to the Caribbean. Start planning now to save $$ on your fall or winter getaway vacation. Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, Princess and many more. Great deals for all budgets and departure ports. To search for your next cruise vacation visit www. Auto Donations Donate Your Car to Veterans Today! Help and Support our Veterans. Fast - FREE pick up. 100% tax deductible. Call 1-800-245-0398 Auto’s Wanted CARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!! All Make/Models 2000-2015! Any Condition. Running or Not. Competitive Offer! Free Towing! We’re Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888-416-2330. Education ACCOUNTING & QUICKBOOKS TRAINING! Online training gets you job ready! Train at home! Job placement when completed! 1-888-407-7162 GED/HS Diploma needed. Education/Career Training 25 DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED! Become a driver for Stevens Transport! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! New drivers earn $800+ per week! PAID CDL TRAINING! Stevens covers all costs! 1-888-734-6714 Education/Career Training AIRLINE MECHANIC TRAINING - Get FAA certification. Approved for military benefits. Financial Aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888686-1704 Employment PAID IN ADVANCE! Make $1000 A Week Mailing Brochures From Home! NO Experience Required. Helping home workers since 2001! www.WorkingCentral. NET Health/Medical FREE VIAGRA PILLS 48 PILLS + 4 FREE! VIAGRA 100MG/ CIALIS 20mg Free Pills! No hassle, Discreet Shipping. Save Now. Call Today 1-888-410-0514 Health & Fitness VIAGRA 100MG and CIALIS 20mg! 40 Pills + 10 FREE. SPECIAL $99.00 100% guaranteed. FREE Shipping! 24/7 CALL: 1-888-223-8818 Hablamos Espanol. Medical VIAGRA & CIALIS! 50 pills for $95. 100 pills for $150 FREE shipping. NO prescriptions needed. Money back guaranteed! 1-877-743-5419 Medical/Miscellaneous OXYGEN Anytime. Anywhere. No tanks to refill. No deliveries. Only 4.8 pounds and FAA approved for air travel! May be covered by medicare. Call for FREE info kit: 844-558-7482 Medical/Miscellaneous Lung Cancer? And 60+ Years Old? If So, You And Your Family May Be Entitled To A Significant Cash Award. Call 877-648-6308 To Learn More. No Risk. No Money Out Of Pocket. Miscellaneous CASH FOR CARS: We Buy Any Condition Vehicle, 2000 and Newer. Nation’s Top Car

Buyer! Free Towing From Anywhere! Call Now: 1-800864-5960. Miscellaneous CASH PAID for unexpired, sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! 1 DAY PAYMENT & PREPAID shipping. HIGHEST PRICES! Call 1-888-776-7771. www. Miscellaneous Drive with Uber. No experience is required, but you’ll need a Smartphone. It’s fun and easy. For more information, call: 1-800-849-0782 Miscellaneous Make a Connection. Real People, Flirty Chat. Meet singles right now! Call LiveLinks. Try it FREE. Call NOW: Call 1-877-737-9447 18+ Miscellaneous SWITCH TO DIRECTV. From $50/Month, includes FREE Genie HD/DVR & 3 months HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ. Get a $50 Gift Card. Call 888-6721159 Motorcycles WANTED OLD JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI Z1-900 (1972-75), KZ900, KZ1000 (1976-1982), Z1R, KZ 1000MK2 (1979,80), W1-650, H1-500 (1969-72), H2-750 (1972-1975), S1-250, S2-350, S3-400, KH250, KH400, SUZUKI-GS400, GT380, HONDA- CB750K (1969-1976), CBX1000 (1979,80) CASH!! 1-800-7721142 1-310-721-0726 usa@ Wanted To Buy Cash for unexpired DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! Free Shipping, Best Prices & 24 hr payment! Call 1-855-4404001 www.TestStripSearch. com. Habla Espanol. Wanted To Buy TOP CASH PAID FOR OLD GUITARS! 1920 - 1980 Gibson, Martin, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone, Guild, Mosrite, Rickenbacker, Prairie State, D’Angelico, Stromberg. And Gibson Mandolins/Banjos. 1-800401-0440 Miscellaneous SUPPORT our service members, veterans and their families in their time of need. For more information visit the Fisher House website at Autos Wanted CARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!! All Makes/Models 2000-2016! Any Condition. Running or Not. Top $$$ Paid! Free Towing! We’re Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888-985-1806 Education BECOME A REGISTERED NURSE No Waiting List! ATTEND ACCREDITED NURSING SCHOOL CLASSES ONLINE WEEKEND CLINICAL/ SCHEDULES FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE CALL:(813)932-1710 Education AIRLINE MECHANIC TRAINING - Get FAA Technician certification. Approved for military benefits. Financial Aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-453-6204 Health & Fitness VIAGRA 100MG and CIALIS 20mg! 50 Pills $99.00 FREE Shipping! 100% guaranteed.

CALL NOW! 1 -866-3126061 Hablamos Espanol Miscellaneous Make a Connection. Real People, Flirty Chat. Meet singles right now! Call LiveLinks. Try it FREE. Call NOW: 1-888-909-9905 18+. Miscellaneous Lung Cancer? And Age 60+? You And Your Family May Be Entitled To Significant Cash Award. Call 866-428-1639 for Information. No Risk. No Money Out Of Pocket. Wanted to Buy CASH PAID- up to $25/ Box for unexpired, sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. 1-DAYPAYMENT. 1-800371-1136 Wanted to Buy Wants to purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, Co. 80201 Adoption BIRTHMOTHERS, PLANNING AN ADOPTION? Unique Adoptions can help. We have an excellent adoption program. You choose from open or closed, select adoptive family. Financial Assistance. Ask about our 4-day recovery packages. Call toll free 24/7 to speak to an adoption specialist. 1-888-637-8200 SAPA Announcements Beware of loan fraud. Please check with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Agency before sending any money to any loan company. SAPA Automotive CARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!! Top Dollar Offer! Free Towing From Home, Office or Body Shop. All Makes/Models 2000-2016. Same Day PickUp Available! Call Now: 1-800-761-9396 Education/Instruction AIRLINE MECHANIC TRAINING – Get FAA Technician certification. Approved for military benefits. Financial Aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance (866)724-5403. Education/Instruction BECOME A REGISTERED NURSE (RN)! No Waiting List! ATTEND accredited Nursing School, Classes online in our blended program. Weekend clinical schedules. Financial Aid Available for those who qualify. Call Admissions 813932-1710. Education/Instruction EARN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA AT Home!!! FREE CLASS RING upon graduation with enrollment before December 31st, 2016. Nationally accredited. Call for FREE BROCHURE, 1-904381-1935. Financial Beware of loan fraud. Please check with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Agency before sending any money to any loan company. SAPA Health & Medical Stop OVERPAYING for your prescriptions! SAVE! Call our licensed Canadian and International pharmacy,compare prices and get $25.00 OFF your first prescription! CALL 1-800-265-0768 Promo Code CDC2016251 Health & Medical

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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To Place Your Ad Call Kathy Today @ 704-739-7496 ANNOUNCEMENTS SPECIAL Black SATURDAY SALE: HUGE CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE. Toys, Decor, Gifts, Winter clothing & much more! Everything 70% to 90% off original retail. SIDE DOOR SALE (next to MIGHTY DOLLAR, Forest City), Sat. Nov. 26, 9am-5pm. CASH ONLY!

AUTOS & TRUCKS 1997 FORD EXPLORER, 197K miles, 5.0 V8, runs good, has 6 deck dvd player, $650 or best offer. 704-739-4635. 1999 NISSAN MAXIMA, FULLY LOADED, excellent condition, less than 80k miles, $4000. 2003 Kia Sedona Van, great condition, $6000. 704-6006229. 1999 DODGE DAKOTA Extended Cab V-8 with bedcover, $2200. 2003 Honda Odyssey Van, new motor & rebuilt transmission, $2500. 704-498-5078.

BOATS 16’ CENTER CONSOLE BASS BOAT, well equipped. Call 828442-0101.

EMPLOYMENT IMMEDIATE NEED for a Residential Electrician. Must have 5 years Experience in Residential Wiring. Must be able to work independently, make good decisions and have a current knowledge of NEC. Must have Active Drivers License and clean driving record. Also, must have Tools and be able to pass a drug screen. Call 704-750-3150 and leave message or Email Resume to (10/06,13, 20, 27, 11/03,10, 17, 24 ) IMMEDIATE NEED for a Commercial Electrician. Must have 5 years Experience in Commercial Wiring. Must be able to work independently, make good decisions and have a current knowledge of NEC. Must have Active Drivers License and clean driving record. Also, must have Tools and be able to pass a drug screen. Call 704-7503150, leave message or Email Resume to (10/06,13, 20, 27, 11/03,10, 17, 24) CURRENT POSITION OPEN for a Residential Technician. Must have a valid NC Drivers License and knowledge of N.E.C. Must be able to work independent of others, deal with and schedule jobs with customers. Also, will be on call 24-7. Please email resumes to tina@ or call 704-750-3150. (10/06,13, 20, 27, 11/03,10, 17, 24) COMPLETE CARE INC., IS SEEKING CNAs for Cleveland & Gaston Counties. Apply M-F, 8am-4pm at 404 W Warren St., Shelby, NC 28150 or call 704480-9340. NOW HIRING EXPERIENCED COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL ROOFERS, and experienced laborers. Must have valid drivers license. Cline Co. Inc. 704-477-0516. SHELBYROBOT.COM now has hundreds of local job openings with Shelby NC Jobs and Career Training options with Carolinas Training. Includes warehouse, computer, babysitter, healthcare, retail, sales, restaurant, manufacturing, automotive, cashier and more.





PART TIME MAINTENANCE PERSON Needed for Apartment Complex in Boiling Springs NC. Must have some general household repair knowledge. Great opportunity for a retired individual. Please call 704-4340005 to make a appointment to fill out an application. Or email your resume to We are an equal opportunity employer.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE. Pick up truck load, $70. Dump truck $200. 704-418-3083.

TWO BURIAL SPACE, W/ VAULTS, and Marker. Cleveland Memorial Park, $6900, over 20% below value. 828-2890209.

LIVESTOCK FOR SALE Pure Breed, Angus Bulls and Heifers. Jacob Fork Ranch. Call 704538-1199 or 704-600-7847.

MAINTENANCE MAN wanted to maintain Rental Properties. Must have valid Drivers License & clean criminal background. 704-473-4299. WE ARE LOOKING FOR experienced Maintenance Men. Must have experience in AC and plumbing. Must be able to work at fast pace. Pay depends on experience. If interested, please contact Dennis Seeman at 561541-1081. BRADLEY SCREEN PRINTING, 2522 W. Dixon Blvd., Shelby, NC. Now hiring, CSR’s & experienced ONLY, manual/automatic t-shirt screen printers, 1st shift, with benefits. 704-4842077. ELECTRICIANS HELPER WANTED. Willing to train. 704913-4398.

FARM & GARDEN FOR SALE, WHOLE GRAIN CORN, 50 lbs. bags. Deer or Livestock feed, $7.00 per bag. Call anytime, 704-482-6010. SNAPPER 28” HI-VAC Riding Mower with bagger & extra blades. 10HP with electric & manual start. Good condition, $600. 704-482-9408.

CENTRAL BOILER certified E-Classic OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE. More heat. Less wood and time required. Call today! Mill Spring Outdoor Furnaces 828-245-0174. NEED BUSINESS CARDS TO PROMOTE YOURSELF & YOUR BUSINESS? 1000 raised print business cards starting at $35 + tax. Shelby Shopper & Info, 503 N. Lafayette St, Shelby, NC 704-4841047 or Rutherford Weekly, 369 Butler Rd, Forest City, NC 828-248-1408. REFRIGERATORS, STOVES, washers, dryers & odd furniture. Call 704-481-0954. After 5pm, call 704-482-0540. TRAILERS, LAWNMOWER TRAILERS, Flat Bed Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Horse & Cattle Trailers, Saddlery. Check our prices and quality before you buy. Bridges Riding Equipment, Boiling Springs, NC. 704-434-6389. PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS WITH SCRATCH PADS! Press Room Printing. 704-538-5788, 704-482-2243. HORSE QUALITY HAY. Round & square bales. 704-487-6855. PIANO FOR SALE: MANUFACTURED BY Conover-Cable Piano Co. Looks and plays good. Includes matching bench, instructional books, sheet music, etc. Price negotiable. Call 864-936-9292.

LP GAS LOGS INSERT, Excellent condition, $150. 704472-6814. MAYTAG DOUBLE DOORS REFRIGERATOR w/ice maker & GE Electric Stove w/automatic oven clean. Black in color, great condition, $600 for both, obo. 704-692-4944. 1 MEDIUM INDIGO DOG HOUSE, $60. 1 large Dogloo dog house, $80. Both great condition. 704-739-9482. TRAILERS, NEW 5x8, $525. J. Johnson Sales, Inc. Forest City. 828-245-5895.


1,2 & 3 BR HOMES for rent. $225 to $400 mo + deposit. 704-477-6418. ADORABLE 1 & 2BR APARTMENTS For families, seniors & disabled. KINGSWOOD APARTMENTS, 200 Spruce St, Kings Mountain, NC. TuesThurs 9am-4pm. $25 Application fee. Non Smoking Properties. Equal Housing Opportunity. 704-739-4467. HOUSE FOR RENT. 3BR, 1.5 BA. Brick ranch style house in nice neighborhood. Many new updates. Central heat & ac. Good yard size with some shade. Within Shelby city limits. $900 deposit, $900 monthly. Move in ready end of November or first of December. Taking applications. Call 704-482-4112. 2 & 3 BR. MOBILE HOMES. Nice & clean. Water furnished. Oak Grove Comm. Call or text, 704-692-6527. HICKORY CREEK APTS. for seniors (62 & older) & disabled, (50 & older). 418 E. Warren St. Shelby. Now taking applications for waiting list. 704-487-6354. EHO. LIONS SENIOR VILLAGE has 1BR HUD subsidized apts for low income seniors. Taking applications. Age 62 or older. 211 N. Morgan St., Shelby. 704-4827723, Equal Housing Opportunity. 2BR, 1BA, MOORESBORO AREA, (Crest School district), $600 month, $600 deposit. 704434-7139.

LOOKING TO STUD AKC Registered Yorkie. If interested, call or text. 704-297-5877. AKC SIBERIAN HUSKIES PUPPIES, solid white, blue eyes, parents on site, shots up to date, $400 each. Male & females. Ready for Christmas, 704-480-6178, 704-418-1360. CKC REG. MALE BOSTON TERRIER, 1st shot, wormed, black & white, $350. Taking deposits on Maltese puppies, 2 males, 1 female. Will be ready by Christmas, $350. 704-4820178.

STILL MISSING - 2 DOGS, Daisy: mix-hound, brown/black and Zoe, blonde. Both, midsize. From Farmville - Chatfield & Mt. Zion Rd. area. Please call 704-419-9213, cell 704-4769888, home. Zoe needs heart worm meds. Daughter very upset. REWARD!!.

7 WK OLD TOY COCK-A-POO PUPS. Tails docked, dew claws removed, short & worming UTD. Black & white. Some smooth coats some Poodle coats. Parents on site. $550 males, $575 females. No calls after 9pm. No texts. 828-391-0919.



HONDA VTX 1300 MOTORCYCLE, 2005. Good condition, low mileage, asking $4500. 704692-3635.

8 ACRES OF LAND between Grover and Patterson Springs, $40,000. $10,000 down, owner finance balance. 704-472-3240.

2007 YAMAHA TTR 125, 4 stroke, very good condition, new front & rear tire. Make great Christmas gift! $1350. 828-4295202.

2BR, 2BA BRICK on 1/2 acre, approx 1,260 sqft., carport, built-in range, oven & dishwasher, nice neighborhood, $98,000. 828-245-9749.

COTTAGE N34, Ocean Lakes, Myrtle Beach, 2BR, 2BA, den, kitchen/dining, covered deck, near country store. Call Dorcas 803-635-9831, 803-718-2659.

WANT TO BUY $$CASH$$ PAID FOR OLD FISHING LURES. Cell, 704-6954917. Rick Hutton, Collector. WANTED TO BUY, GOOD USED FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES, and antiques or estates. 704-481-0954, after 5 p.m. 704-482-0540. RED ROAD TOWING PAYING CASH FOR YOUR CAR Running or not, title, no title. Charles Dellinger. 704-6926767, 704-487-0228. BUYING JUNK CARS, title or no title. Running or not. Fast on time service. BUYING BUSES, BIG TRUCKS, & MOST ANY METAL. 704-692-6752. WANTED: AMMO, Old & new, reloading supplies. Call 828245-6756.

WANT TO RENT LOOKING FOR PLACE TO RENT IN Shelby or Kings Mountain, in a safe location. Need a small space, price range approx. $400-$500 per month. Very good tenant, NON SMOKER. 704-473-6430.

Personal Classified Ads

FOR RENT 2 BR HOUSE FOR RENT. $500 deposit, $500/mth. Belmont Area. Call 704-867-1362 during 9am – 9 pm. (11/17 & 24)

FREE KITTENS TO GOOD HOME. & free rescued dogs, fully vetted, must be to good home. 704-472-7116 or 704482-3392.

VACATIONS OCEAN LAKES, 1678 STARFISH, 3BR, washer & dryer, large covered front porch. Reduced rates for spring & fall. Summer dates avail. 704-4736109.




$ 50 y




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Amount Enclosed $_____________ Mail this form to: PO Box 769 • Kings Mountain • NC 28086 OR Call Kathy at 704-739-7496

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Located across the front lawn from the Neal Senior Center. Turn off of Hwy 18 North at the Crystal Springs sign onto T.R. Harris Drive.

Office address is 100 T.R. Harris Dr., Shelby, NC 28150 (Inside The Neal Sr. Center)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


New Single Level Patio Home with Over Garage Bonus Room for Climate Controlled Storage or Finish it for That Special Room You Have Always Wanted. Ground Floor has 2 Spacious Bedrooms with Walk-in Closets, 2 Full Baths and Custom Kitchen with Open Great Room. Stay Nice and Warm this Winter with the Easy Lite Gas Fireplace. Ground Floor has No Steps and is Designed with 3 Ft. Wide Doorways. And Best of All... There’s No Mowing in Crystal Springs. The Homeowners Association takes care of all landscaping for you. Call for details!

Brand New Under Construction

Also Available! New Craftsman Design Townhomes! Prices Starting at $


New Craftsman Design Townhomes at TR Harris Dr. in

Crystal Springs Estates These New Craftsman Designed Townhomes are Fresh off the Drawing Board. This new design has two bedrooms and two full baths. Master bath has a relaxing shower with seat and custom glass door for easy access. A open custom designed kitchen with island and bar makes cooking very enjoyable. Stop by and take a personal tour of Crystal Springs today.

Gregdon Investments, LLC Developer Don L. Peeler, Managing Partner/Broker Smart Construction, Inc., Builder

100 T.R. Harris Dr., Shelby, NC 28150 Cell Voice/Text 704-349-0761 • Office 704-481-7396


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