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Do it right…

hire a professional renovator. Choosing a professional renovator It’s the best renovation decision you can make. For over 70 years, members of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association have upheld their commitment to quality, service and professionalism, keeping Manitobans among the best-housed people in the world. For your peace of mind, make the smart move – contact a MHBA RENOVATORS’ COUNCIL member for your next renovation. The MHBA RENOVATORS’ COUNCIL is affiliated with the Canadian Renovators’ Council of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

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This issue’s participating members: Oswald

Construction LIM ITED

Ph: 779-6900

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For a complete list of Member Contractors call 925-2560 Or visit our website at Canadian Home Builders’ Association

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eveRY geneRAtion hAS itS WinDoW on the WoRlD.

We’Re YouRS. since the beginning of history ,

windows have been designed to let in light. Keeping out the elements came later. the modern word comes from the old norse word, vindauga, meaning “wind eye.” in old english, it was called eagduru, or “eyedoor.” Some of the earliest were paned with flattened pieces of animal horn, and plates of thinly sliced marble. Paper windows were once the norm throughout Asia. the Romans were the first to use glass, known as fenestra in latin. our part in the story began in 1948, when Stan Dudeck opened up a small, family company called Paramount, specializing in custom wooden windows and doors. From day-one, Paramount has always embraced innovation, moving into PVC, metal-clad, and composite windows as technology improved. today, we’re one of the few window makers that offers a variety of materials, colours, styles and types. We offer everything from value-formoney vinyl to custom hand-built wooden windows to suit heritage homes, and state-of-the-art fusion-insulated air-cell core triple-paned windows. thinly sliced marble plates, not so much. Timeless design and peerless quality, for over 60 years.

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S e e i n g Y o u t h R o u g h i t A l l . t h At ’ S PA R A M o u n t.

105 Panet Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2J 0S1 Ph: (204) 233-4966 Email:

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Details. Details. Details. Building or renovating a home is a complex undertaking that demands a hands-on builder who treats every project like it is their own home. Trikor Builders is that kind of builder. All projects we undertake are personally managed by one of our three founding partners: Brian Arnold, Fred Giesbrecht and Victor Giesbrecht.

BuildinG a new home or renovaTinG a room? Please contact Brian or Victor for a consultation. | tel: (204) 663-3818

We believe you are trusting us with one of your most precious possessions, and we owe it to you to treat it like it is one of our own.

“Good enough” isn’t good enough for Trikor Builders. MB Reno 06-2011.indd 5 TrikorBuilders_Renovations_June2011.indd 1

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JUN/JUL 2011






Sara Duck catches up with the very busy and multi-talented Canadian designer Candice Olson




Lights, glamour, sophistication

Belva London Weatherwall Windows and Doors let in the light


Must-have list fulfi lled and exceeded

Nu-Life Kitchens creates the space

Drew and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers help a couple turn an old house into a modern, artistic living space


20 34 50 56








Embrace the hot summer nights and throw a luau in your backyard.


Gear up to enjoy our great Manitoba summer


Your questions answered by the pro! We have been on the look out to see what’s new and exciting for the home


Creating a bathroom that is very functional but loaded with wow factor.

The at home spa experience

SACKS TILE DESIGNS COMING TO THE FLOOR SHOW 36 ANN RENOVATION 38 NATIONAL SCENE BOXING MATCH 40 Sort, store, showcase: fi nd the right box for your needs



Marble and granite countertops crafted with passion

Keeping your pet safe from lawn care products

68 70

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HD&R gets you motivated to give your outdoor living area a fresh new feel


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edit or’s no te

JUN/JUL 2011 Volume 13 Issue 03

vice President, nationaL reaL estate

Jacqueline Hill editor-in-chieF

Susan Legge

editor/accoUnt eXecUtive

Merlyn Minty 949.6416 art director

Sarah Jang

saLes manaGer



ne of the primary reasons why many of us opt for home ownership is so that we can be in possession of our very own green space. After a long day of work there is nothing quite like escaping to your own private oasis to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. If you have kids (or grand kids), having a nice backyard means having a place for them to run and play. When the weekend comes you turn on the barbeque, your friends arrive and out comes the Bocce Ball or Croquet set. Enjoying your meal fresh off the grill while leisurely visiting on your deck or patio is about as good as it gets. Outdoor living helps us make the very most of our summers and improves the quality of our lives. However, if your outdoor space is bleak and unappealing, you likely won’t be outside very much, and, consequently you will be missing out on a lot of fun in the sun. A good place to start is in the front yard, creating some nice curb appeal. This involves having a well groomed lawn and eye-popping flower beds. Flower pots, address signs and other accessories can add a lot to the overall appearance of your home. But remember, too much is too much! Also, make sure to pick a style and stick with it. There is nothing worse than seeing a number of conflicting themes on display in the same space. If your driveway or sidewalk is sinking or crumbling, it is time to pick up the phone and get it repaired. After following these steps you are sure to make a positive impression on your visitors and your home will most certainly become an asset to your neighborhood. Once you have established curb appeal it is time to move into the back yard and consider where outdoor rooms can be established. This may entail a deck, patio, sunroom, screen room, or a combination of spaces. These areas can transform boring areas into relaxing and attractive extensions of your home. Planting well arranged bushes, trees and flowers is a must if you are to achieve a beautiful backyard. Be careful not to over plant and consider leaving an open green space where your children can play. Feeling overwhelmed by the almost infinite number of plant choices? If your head is spinning and you need help, go directly to a professional greenhouse. You can be assured that you will receive the helpful advice you need to make intelligent plant choices. You may pay a little more, but, if you want it done right the first time, it’s definitely worth it. After the work is done and your yard is attractive and functional, you are now ready to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Merlyn Minty

Conni Robinson accoUnt eXecUtive

Kim Smith 949.6801 saLes coordinator

Steve Nelson 949.6408 vP, aUto & home channeLs, mediative

Bill Wolch

nationaL accoUnt manaGer, mediative

Andrea Berry

ProdUction manaGer

Bala Gnanapandithan ProdUction co-ordinator/GraPhic desiGner

Mohammad Haidarpour GraPhic desiGners

Jeff Betts, Angelo Praturlon, Caroline Wassef PhotoGraPhY

Artistic Impressions, Brandon Barré, Duality Photographic, Jason Duck, Paul Paroutis, Stacey Brandford, Ted Yarwood, Tristan Fast contriBUtors

Hellen Buttigieg, Sara Duck, Margaret Anne Fehr, Debbie Golub, Mike Moore, Tim Muys, Kim Schroeder, Drew and Jonathan Scott, Yanic Simard, Laura Wittmann distriBUtion

Via Home Delivery & Free Pick-up Newsstands distriBUtion Locations

Selected Assiniboine, Cambrian, Vantis and Steinbach Credit Unions, Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Royal, TD and Scotia banks, McDaimid Lumber Stores, Safeway, Sobey’s, Dakota Family Foods, Charleswood Do-It Centre, ICI Paint Stores. 65 new yellow street box locations which includes all stand alone Tim Horton’s locations.

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merLYn mintY, EDITOR

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y, n ve.


Brian Contant and Brad Sveinson have been in the industry for decades, both starting from the ground up!

Our ‘one stop shop’ approach allows our customers to deal with one company for their entire project. We look after the design, plans, permits, construction, interior design selections, and anything else that is necessary to get the job done right.

Our commitment to the MHBA and industry as a whole is ongoing.

Our experience allows us to excel in renovations and infill housing.



ht e

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c over s t orY


DESIGNER Sara Duck catches up with the very busy and multi-talented Canadian designer

Candice Olson PHOTOS BY Brandon Barré

10 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

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6/10/11 4:35:50 PM

As one of our country’s own design darlings, Candice Olson has been bringing her charm and talent to the décor world for 25 years.

The charismatic blonde has been reinventing homeowners’ spaces with her laid-back approach and unique style for all to see on her successful TV shows Divine Design and most recently Candice Tells All. With one book already under her belt, this multi-tasking designer and mother also recently released a second book dedicated to the two most important rooms in the home – the kitchen and bathroom. The book is a must-have and is chockablock with insider tips and inspiring photos. We recently got the chance to ask Candice about her latest book and couldn’t resist getting some expert advice.

home décor and renovations Why did you decide to dedicate your second book to kitchens and baths? candice If you ask homeowners which rooms they would like

to renovate, 90 per cent will say a kitchen or bathroom. It’s the number one project I am constantly approached with. And since we live differently now, our needs and functions have changed, and these rooms can present a ton of choices and challenges to those who embark on a renovation or update. When it comes to these two rooms, a good project can have a big impact on how they live their lives. hd&r What

are some elements that every kitchen and bathroom should have? candice People overlook lighting, and it’s so important to a

room. In my book, there are a number of tips and tricks to make

sure you have the right lighting no matter what your lifestyle. Lighting is an amazing tool to bring out the elements of a room, such as the backsplash in a kitchen or a key item in the dining room. hd&r What is your advice to homeowners planning a major kitchen or bathroom renovation?

Patience! And it doesn’t hurt to stock up on red wine! All kidding aside, though, it’s important to budget 20 to 25 per cent for unexpected things that go wrong. A strong plan in advance is also another absolute must. You have to do your homework, really research, because if you don’t it’s a sure recipe for disaster. While every project differs slightly, it’s good to keep in mind that the project will on average take 10 to 12 weeks to complete (that’s why you have the red wine). candice

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6/10/11 4:35:56 PM

Textures like the woven wood blinds, silk draperies, and wood vanity bring warmth and a sense of comfort to the space.

12 | home dĂŠcor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

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6/10/11 4:37:21 PM

hd&r Do you foresee any top trends in kitchen and bath design? candice There is a real movement towards weathered, not

perfect looking fi nishes. Satin, patina, antiqued woods, accented with contemporary sleek design, which softens the modern look. hd&r How would you describe your own kitchen and bathroom at home?

Gutted and flattened! We are in the beginning stages of a renovation. But I would love to see the overall look reflect the character of the home and neighbourhood, which is ’50s and ’60s and I will mix that with rustic and industrial touches. candice


What do you love about your work?

candice I love the idea that I’ve changed the way many of my clients have lived in their house. Good design can change people’s lives. hd&r

Describe your design style in three words?

candice Classic, contemporary and casual


Summer, I’m a total beach gal. traveL

Paris is one of my most favourite spots in the world. I have a lot of very romantic memories there. GUiLtY PLeasUre

Red wine and American Idol. tWitter or FaceBooK

Neither! If I get my email answered, it’s a good day! interior desiGner

Philippe Starck for his very interesting and whimsical designs. GiFt to Give

Time. With such a busy schedule, the best gift I can give is time. Pastime

Skiing. My husband and I were recently in Banff, it was our first time heli-skiing.

CANDICE OLSON KITCHENS & BATHS. $24. visit jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 13

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est. 1980


Winner of 2010 Consumers’Choice Award Face Frame and Frameless Cabinetry Custom Design Personalized Service

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Basement beautiful!

Lights, glamour, sophistication WRITTEn BY marGaret anne Fehr PHOTOGRAPHY BY dUaLitY PhotoGraPhic NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS AND IN THE WAKE OF

their recent national SAM award for best kitchen for 2011, Harwood Design Builders may very well be a contender for next year’s award for best basement renovation after completing an extraordinary job for homeowners Mary and Jay. The 12 year old custom built house needed to expand its livability due to the couple’s blended families and the 1540 square feet of the unfi nished basement was ready for development. But this couple was adamant in wanting a space that was no ordinary basement fi x-up but one that would rival the contemporary features of the custom-built main floor. “My partner Jay and I have been together for 7 ½ years,” says

Mary. “We knew one day, we’d be sharing our future together. The idea of both of us selling our homes and buying a larger house was briefly discussed. However my heart and passion was invested into every detail and aspect of my house. No way did I want to move. The only solution was to fi nish the basement and Jay and I agreed that the basement should match the main floor.” Mary had consulted with interior designer, Lilian Kuzak to draft a blueprint for the basement and then called on Wayne Sage of Harwood Design Builders to bring the plans to life. The plans included a full-scale kitchen, a great room, 2 bedrooms, an office, a small work out area, a bathroom, a hair salon, a walk in pantry for small kitchen appliances as well as storage area. jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 15

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6/10/11 4:39:01 PM

The idea for the curved bulkhead in the great room was designed by Luis Tavares, the lead carpenter for Harwood. “Luis said he loves being able to design as the project goes on. He does this in consultation and as part of the project team. He transforms `eye sores such as the teleposts and heating ducts into eye candy’ as he puts it,” laughs Mary.

The island/counter is topped with Cambria quartz, a cool white with flecks of glass and mirrored fragments while the pendant lights above add to the sophisticated play of light and reflection.

The idea for the curved bulkhead in the great room was designed by Luis Tavares, the lead carpenter for Harwood. “Luis said he loves being able to design as the project goes on. He does this in consultation and as part of the project team. He transforms ‘eye sores such as the teleposts and heating ducts into eye candy’ as he puts it,” laughs Mary. Jay also credits Luis for the recessed wall and cabinetry that houses the TV. All extension cords, cables, and wiring are accessible in the back of the cabinet from one of the bedrooms so that “it’s all completely camouflaged.” Interesting use of materials was a feature of the renovation thanks to Mary’s discriminating design sense and eye for colour. “Colour tones and selections is second nature to me.” says Mary, “because of my hairdressing/colourist background.” To promote the modern theme, Mary chose a floating pantry that acts like an art wall, 16 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 16

6/10/11 4:43:40 PM

MARY AND JAY BOTH AGREED THAT HARWOOD DESIGN BUILDERS WERE AMAZING TO WORK WITH. “WAYNE SAGE AND HIS CREW WERE COMPLETELY PROFESSIONAL, GENUINE, COURTEOUS AND SKILLED. THEY ARE TRULY MASTERS IN THEIR FIELD.” sleek cabinets without pulls, stainless steel countertops and glass panels. The island/counter is topped with Cambria quartz, a cool white with flecks of glass and mirrored fragments while the pendant lights above add to the sophisticated play of light and reflection. The flooring for the bathroom and kitchen is a commercial Centiva 18” x 18” tile. Warm to the touch, the mother of pearl / sea shell texture reflects both the colors of the warm walls in the kitchen along with the coolness of the adjacent furniture and appliances says Mary.

A striking commercial wood product painted to look metallic and seen in restaurants and commercial applications was Mary’s choice for the undulating wall dividers and art niches within the space. Wayne Sage adds, “Th is was a custom design that had to be implemented and then a special anchoring system was used to brace it in place. It was then painted with a special coating to make it resemble metal.” Mary and Jay both agreed that Harwood Design Builders were amazing to work with. “Wayne Sage and his crew were completely professional, genuine,

jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 17

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 17

6/10/11 6:06:47 PM

A striking commercial wood product painted to look metallic and seen in restaurants and commercial applications was Mary’s choice for the undulating wall dividers and art niches within the space.

Jay also credits Luis for the recessed wall and cabinetry that houses the TV. All extension cords, cables, and wiring are accessible in the back of the cabinet from one of the bedrooms so that “it’s all completely camouflaged.”

courteous and skilled. They are truly masters in their field.” “The crew was always punctual, cleaned up after themselves, was very respectful, and sincere. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to have quality renovations done.” Besides a basement that is everything she had envisioned, Mary adds that she discovered a lot about herself during the process. “Submerged in a creative field at work, and always rewarding clients

with beauty makeovers; it’s nice to be able to create for ourselves occasionally.”

Visit Harwood Design Builders online at They can be reached at 291-3151.

18 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

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ENTRY MAX 857 Marion Street, Winnipeg | Phone: 204-237-7011 | Toll Free: 1-877-246-7667 | Website:

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tiPs & tric K s


PORK RIBS chef mark mcewan certainly knows his way around a kitchen. He has cooked for Pope John Paul II, has hosted several Food Network programs, opened four successful restaurants, and has a gourmet food store, aptly named McEwan, at The Shops at Don Mills in 2009. With 35-plus years in the culinary industry, McEwan is currently a judge, Top Chef Canada. Here’s Mark’s very own Hong Kong Style Pork Ribs fromhis book, Great Food at Home. inGredients SERVES 4


› 4 racks of pork side ribs

›› Preheat oven to 375F. Arrange ribs meaty side down in a roasting pan, preferably in a single layer. Combine all the other ingredients in a bowl, stir well and pour over ribs. Cover the pan tightly with foil and transfer into the oven. After 45 minutes, carefully remove the foil, turn the ribs and reseal. After an hour, check on the ribs for doneness: the meat should be just beginning to pull away from the bone.

› 2 cans sapporo › ½ cup light Japanese soya sauce › ½ cup maple syrup › ½ cup rice wine vinegar › ½ cup barbeque sauce (your favourite) › 2 bay leaves › 1tbsp cracked pepper › 1tbsp chopped garlic › 1tbsp sambal oelek › ½ lemon sliced › salt and pepper GARnISH

› 2tbsp minced chives › 1 cup crème fraiche › ¼ cup dijon mustard › Lemon juice to taste

›› Transfer the ribs to a clean roasting pan. Strain the braising liquid into a large measuring cup. Pour enough liquid over the ribs to submerge them completely. Although the ribs can be finished immediately, their flavour will be better if you set them aside, covered in the braising liquid overnight or for several days. Let the remaining braising liquid sit until the fat separates completely, then skim or pour off. Transfer the liquid to a saucepan and reduce by half until the liquid coats the back of a spoon. ›› Preheat grill on its lowest setting, brush rack with oil. Remove the ribs from the braising liquid (discarding the liquid) and transfer them to the grill, meat side down. Brush them with the reduced braising liquid, turn and brush again. Continue turning and glazing, watching that the sugar in the sauce does not burn, until the ribs are heated through and nicely coloured. ›› Cut the ribs and arrange on a platter, drizzle with extra sauce, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle chives and serve with ramekins of crème fraiche combined with mustard and a few drops of lemon juice. ›› This same recipe can be used for pork back ribs, beef ribs, and even beef short ribs. Each will require a longer braising time than the side ribs. Test for doneness the same way. Heat larger ribs gently in their braising liquid before placing them on the grill. Pair with a Zinfandel or Viognier and enjoy!

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RENOVATING? ...but you don’t know where to start or who to call. ...afraid that you will make a mistake. ...need a second opinion.

ASK A PROFESSIONAL Call us for an in-home interior design consultation. For a couple hours, you can pick our brain, bounce ideas off of us and get recommendations for your renovation to avoid costly mistakes. For more details, call


388 Academy Road, Winnipeg

the design experience

Blending design, workmanship and value! • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Rec rooms • Additions

233-RENO (7366)

101-329 Cumberland Ave. Winnipeg, MB

by JMR Design Ltd.

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dePa r t m e n t s 1











22 | home dĂŠcor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

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6/10/11 4:50:24 PM

DESIGN IN DETAIL PROBlEM To update a worn out and tired bathroom. SOluTIOn Creating a bathroom that is very functional but loaded with wow factor.

01 The bold paint colour on all the walls and ceiling provides strong contrast and drama, which isn’t over powering because it is balanced by the light wall panels and the med. coloured wall tile in tub area (not shown). 02 The decorative ceiling hung pendents provide suitable light levels and a little sparkle. 03 Custom shutter provide privacy and light control. 04 With the prefabricated wall panels and vanity, these flat wall panels were cut to fill the left over space.

05 Electrical outet was placed on side wall, so not to penetrate the decorative wall behind. 06 For an installtion when mirror is behind a sink, be sure to use a sink that is finished on on all sides. 07 The prefabricated wall hung vanity with marble top was chosen for it’s clean lines and quick delivery time! 08 These tactile prefabricated convex and concave wall panels were the inspiration pieces for this renovation. The client didn’t need a 9’ long vanity, so these panels were installed to add major visual interest, next to the vanity.

09 Organic wood bench is decorative and yet functional, providing a place to sit and dry off. 10 Decorative Twig Coat Tree was chosen for its sculptural lines as well as a functional place to hang a towel.

Kim schroeder B.I.D Charisma, The Design Experience 388 Academy Road, Winnipeg. Tel 204.487.6994 fax 204.487.0551 jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 23

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 23

6/10/11 4:50:52 PM


Both sunroom and showroom!

Belva London Weatherwall Windows and Doors let in the light WRITTEN BY MARGARET ANNE FEHR PHOTOGRAPHY BY DUALITY PHOTOGRAPHIC

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 24

6/10/11 4:53:32 PM


Inside details within the sunroom contribute to a woodsy cottage feel created by a cedar-finished interior, heated floors and insulated ceiling to ensure this room is functional for a full three seasons of enjoyment. PICTURED TOP RIGHT

In order to accommodate an adjacent rain-proof BBQ area, Lara extended the roof. PICTURED BOTTOM RIGHT

The new sunroom is generously proportioned measuring 25’ by 15.5’.


to upgrading the old porch att ached to her house for a number of years and as a joint venture in Belva London Weatherwall Windows and Doors, she’s made sure to make the best use of the window and door products that she so believes in what will now become a wonderful new showroom for potential clients who are considering going the Weatherwall route says Lara. Her previous porch was constructed of metal and glass that by its nature, is very inflexible. Glass windows can only be opened up to 50%, unlike Belva London Weatherwall which open up to 75%. Lara adds that a glass system can create an extremely hot room due to a tremendous number of dead air sections. “Our new Belva London Weatherwall porch can be enjoyed regardless of the weather. It lets in a tremendous amount of light and air. Moreover, the windows can open either to the bottom or to the top or both, which allows you to ensure that the breeze is where you are,” adds Lara. The new sunroom is generously proportioned measuring 25’ by 15.5’. In order to accommodate an adjacent rainproof BBQ area, Lara extended the roof. Using the Weatherwall windows easily provides proper, healthy ventilation. The new sunroom roof was extended another 6 feet and twin decks flank both sides of the structure. The porch shares one common wall with the house, other than that all the walls are equipped with Belva London Weatherwall Windows and Doors. “Since the windows

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 25

6/10/11 4:53:48 PM


To increase the livability of the space, Lara says, “We’ve installed a 42” TV with surround sound. We have comfortable furniture, not patio furniture. Our couch is made from micro fiber and the dining table is wood with wood and leather chairs. We can do this because when the weather is bad, we simply close the windows.”

26 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 26

6/10/11 4:57:25 PM

THE WINDOWS ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ACCOMMODATE THE CLIENTS’ ROUGH OPENINGS AND THE FRAMES ARE AVAILABLE IN DARK BROWN, WHICH WE’VE USED FOR OUR SUNROOM, AS WELL AS WHITE AND SANDSTONE. are floor to ceiling this allows us to open any or all of the windows to 75% capacity, and to have them completely closed so that they are air tight and waterproof, or have them open any amount in between. We wanted to have as litt le wall as possible. As a result, we have 4”x 4” posts in between each pair of windows.” Belva London Weatherwall Windows and Doors frames are made of extruded aluminum. Lara informs that the glazing is a 12 mil. elasto-vinyl that is an extremely flexible material that remains flexible even at 50 degrees below 0 Celsius, and never gets ice build up on it. “It is also incredibly strong material that can withstand 350 lbs. of pressure. In fact the windows having been originally designed to withstand hurricane winds in Florida.” “We get our windows from the factory which is located in Ontario and our products are backed by a 10 year limited

warranty. The windows are custom made to accommodate the clients’ rough openings and the frames are available in Dark Brown, which we’ve used for our sunroom, as well as White and Sandstone.” “Belva London Weatherwall Doors have been installed in the sunroom and are certainly as sturdy as any other screen door out there, if not much more so, given the construction,” says Lara. “Alternatively, clients often just insert a Belva London Weatherwall window into the rough opening of their own door.” Inside details within the sunroom contribute to a woodsy cott age feel created by a cedar-fi nished interior, heated floors and insulated ceiling to ensure this room is functional for a full three seasons of enjoyment. When the sun goes down, illumination from 8 dimmer-equipped pot lights kicks in as do two ceiling fans with lights on separate control switches. “And there’s always the funky-coloured light from the hot tub,” says Lara, “to create some instant atmosphere.” To increase the livability of the space, Lara says, “We’ve installed a 42” TV with surround sound. We have comfortable furniture, not patio furniture. Our couch is made from micro fiber and the dining table is wood with wood and leather chairs. We can do this because when the weather is bad, we simply close the windows.”

To see how effective the Belva London Weatherwall system can be, Lara invites Manitoba Renovation and Design readers to set up an appointment at her Winnipeg showroom by calling 771.5533 or by sending an email to .

jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 27

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Our HAP is half way to Happy! You’ve built the equity in your home... now you can build your dream You’ve worked hard to pay down your mortgage, and you should get the credit you deserve! Assiniboine Credit Union’s Home Advantage Plan allows you to use the equity in your home to fulfill a variety of goals: renovations, credit card consolidation, education, vacation – whatever your dreams, you will find that Home Advantage Plan is not only easy, but it will save you money too. If you’re renovating, regardless of how large or small the project, good financial planning is as valuable as the renovation itself. “Our Home Advantage Plan allows homeowners to apply for one loan that can cover their mortgage today and their home renovations tomorrow,” explains Gerry Campbell, ACU’s Executive Vice-President of Sales and Service. “It’s like an umbrella that covers your mortgage, line of credit and loans all in one.” Simply put, with this plan, as the value of your home goes up you have access to funds for needs other than your mortgage without having to go through another loan application process or pay associated fees. “In today’s economy, a lot of people are choosing to renovate rather than buy new. That’s sensible planning, and the Home Advantage Plan is a great tool to add to the plan,” says Campbell. “At Assiniboine, everyone qualifies for the best rate, not just those with more valuable homes. It’s just one more example of what makes ACU different from other financial institutions,” he adds. About Assiniboine Credit Union There’s another important reason to consider the Assiniboine Credit Union Home Advantage Plan. You’ll be supporting a well respected, local financial co-operative. Assiniboine Credit Union is a successful company committed to financial, social, environmental and ethical responsibility. The credit union manages assets exceeding $3 billion generated by more than 108,000 members in Winnipeg and northern Manitoba. Assiniboine offers competitive services and products and

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works with community leaders to foster self-reliance and strong, sustainable communities. They are committed to doing business in a way that contributes to the well-being of their employees, members, the communities they serve, as well as the environment. Assiniboine has a strong reputation as a successful, caring company. Their unique approach to employees, members and the community has led to the credit union being repeatedly recognized, both nationally and locally. So far in 2011, Assiniboine Credit Union has received awards for excellence in governance, human resource practices and marketing. If you’d like to learn more about Assiniboine Credit Union and the Home Advantage Plan, visit or call (1.877) 958.8588.


6/10/11 4:58:10 PM

Mortgages that do more for

local foods.

Your Assiniboine Credit Union mortgage is part of something pretty special. Not only does it give you great rates, flexible terms and a new home, it also helps build strong, sustainable communities. We provide financial support to local and organic community gardens and farmers’ markets like St. Norbert Farmers’ Market and the Immigrant Integration and Farming Worker Co-op, and responsible retailers like Organic Planet. These are just two of the ways we’re encouraging local growers, one mortgage at a time.

For mortgages that do more, go to

Photography by Artistic Impressions



TEL: 204-489-5151 FAX: 204-487-0719

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8690 ACU - Mortgage Campaign Renovations Magazine: 3.7 in x 10 in: 4/c: 12/05/2011

6/10/11 5:00:50 PM

dePa r t m e n t s

Soaker tubs, spa showers and the perfect pedicure… The at home spa experience


Fenwick & Company have been busy dipping their fi ngers into the world of spa design. Yes, admitt ingly, some of our time spent “with” the spa has not been all work related (gett ing mani’s, pedi’s, facials, etc…) but, I like to consider (justify) the above mentioned primping services as critical, yet free, research time we donated to our clients! In all seriousness, we have been very lucky, and have recently been asked to participate in two exciting new commercial spa design ventures. A publication, complete with glamour shots, will be showcased in an upcoming Home Décor & Renovation’s Magazine. So do be on the look out! Although, the majority of the design work we do at Fenwick & Company is more residential in nature, we have been fi nding our commercial portfolio to be growing at an expedient rate. And, contrary to what one might think - we have proven that the creativity, design process and problem solving behind a successfully designed residential interior can be seamlessly translated into the design of a commercial space - with a few minor tweaks of course! For eXamPLe… THE “AT HOME SPA”

As readers may already be aware Fenwick & Company were the designers behind the vision of this year’s A & S Homes, HSC Lottery House. In it we gave special attention to the design, layout and

detailing of its three washroom areas. All, differed in size, function and overall image, but each had an end result that evoked the feeling of a relaxing and sophisticated personal spa retreat. siZe does mat ter… THE POWDER ROOM (THE SMALL ONE)

Litt le space - large impact. Th is small foot-printed area was no design feat for us! By contrast, it inspired us to design and organise the heck out of it. Situated on the main level, this washroom was most often used when entertaining – so, giving it an elegant and boutique-like feel was a design must. We created a dramatic focal point by unifying the vanity and toilet areas together with a custom designed wall feature. Clean and simple, this mid toned, wooden wall detail functioned as a bulkhead, lighting feature, art / accessory alcove and an intimate space to do your thing all in one. To insert the glam factor, the counter top was fi nished in a solid surface material called Vetrazzo that had tiny specs of glass infused in it. And, to give it that extra layer of wow factor, we detailed it with a chunky waterfall edge profi le, extending the counter surface so it stretched to the floor. Polished chrome hardware and plumbing fi xtures were chosen for additional shine, and a graphic strip of glass tile reinforced the narrow proportions of the throne that sat ahead.

30 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 30

6/10/11 5:01:19 PM


Th is Master Suite is all about luxury and escapism. Situated in between the enlarged walk in closet and master bedroom, this washroom gives its home owners a lifetime of decadent bathing experiences. Spacious, while intimate in feel, the floor plan was developed so each function of the washroom had its own place and presence. We planned a separated toilet room, a true his and hers vanity each with ample counter “work” and storage space. Centrally located is the stand alone soaker tub - backed by a large window we covered in a milky white fi lm to allow sunlight in, while maintaining the all necessary privacy factor. The walls adjacent to the tub were built out to stand proud of the window wall. Th is created an alcoved area where the tub was gently set back into, creating a feeling of intimacy and enclosure. Across from the bath, we designed a custom tiled spa shower scaled for two. Complete with a rain shower head, a hand held nozzle and a widespread tiled bench, our home owners have the perfect platform to relax and take it all in. Finally, we fi nished this ensuite to the nines. Consistent with the rest of the home, we continued with warm, mid tone wood fi nishes, introduced a visually textured flooring and wall tile which was mixed with varied shades of blues, teals, golden hues and slivers of shine. The walls were painted in a warm and golden colour and were perfectly juxtaposed by moments of shimmer. Modernized, chandelier, tear drop pendants, oversized satin nickel door cabinet hardware, and clean lined plumbing fi xtures were the perfect fi nal touches for this upscale spa retreat.

Basements need to FeeL sPeciaL too… (MODERATELY SIZED)

Th is not so typical “play” area commanded a complimentary restroom space to suit. With overnight guests and possible children that live below to consider, a 3 piece bathroom was a must. Again, we used wall tile to make a graphic statement and connect all the zones together giving this space a unified, soothing and clean, spa-like feel. Our material palette was consistently warm with moments of shine to challenge that “cold feel” reputation of basements. We love sparkle - and had to introduce it again! Th is time, we used Cambria, Minera and specified a tiny, perfectly round under mount sink to punctuate this gorgeous broad counter surface. Litt le sink, big space to groom. Above vanity storage was cleverly designed to read simply as a dramatic mirror feature, but convenient for tucked away hair sprays, tooth brushes and perfumes. the daiLY escaPe…

It’s always nice to treat ourselves (or be treated… hint, hint) to a day at the spa, but can’t always afford the time. With a spa inspired bathroom, of any size, you can have the spa experience daily, nightly and always.

LYnn FenWicK B.I.D. Fenwick and Company Interior Design TEL (204) 489-5151 FAX (204) 487-0719 E-MAIL WEB BLOG

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tiPs & tric K s

Selecting a lawn maintenance company BY TIM MUYS, GREEN BLADE LAWN CARE


industry I can honestly say that I can’t distinctly recall anyone who was really, really excited about the prospect of searching for a new lawn maintenance company. It’s just not something anyone looks forward to. At fi rst you feel great about the idea of not having to mow the lawn every week but that soon turns into the anxiety that goes with trying to fi nd someone you can trust to do it. There are ways to minimize the risk and improve your odds of gett ing a reputable company that you can depend on. Your worst fear is fi nding yourself stuck with a contract you can’t get out of in the middle of the summer, wasting your money on a company that you thought would do a good job. To get started, call as many companies as you can. There is no such thing as having too many estimates and most companies can provide an estimate for you even though you may not be home. Make sure you are clear about what you want from all companies. If some companies offer additional services than others, ask that these services be listed with a separate price. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Next, a litt le due diligence will go a long way toward narrowing the field.

» Does the company have a detailed,

comprehensive plan for how they are going to service your lawn for the entire season? » Ask what kind of equipment they plan to use. Don’t be afraid to ask what


» »




some of the equipment does or how it accomplishes the task they are using it for. The company should be more than willing to help you understand not only how, but why their methods are better. Is the company a member of any local, community, or industry related organizations? Organizations provide ongoing training opportunities, updates on new products, equipment, safety issues, and new regulations. Ask for at least three referrals. If it’s early in the spring, ask if they have photos. A picture is worth a thousand words. Most notably, it will tell you right off which companies take pride in their work to the extent they document it. Ask if you can cancel the service at any time. No company should want to service an angry customer. If they show notable resistance to this question, odds are, customers trying to leave mid season has been an issue for them. Respectable companies will have a waiting list of customers waiting to get on board. Ask if the company is insured. As a homeowner, you are liable for accidents on your property but the company you hire should be protecting its staff as well. Ask if they are paying Workers Compensation. Lawn maintenance companies are now required to pay Workers Compensation though many are still unaware of this recent regulation. You can also place a call to the Workers Compensation Board to fi nd out if the company is in good standing.

» Do they offer anything over and above

the others that sets them apart, not only in their services, but in who they are, what they stand for, in the community they work in? Companies focused on making a quick buck by offering lowball prices won’t typically offer extras or extend themselves. » Ask how a problem would be dealt with. Is there someone you can reach directly and in a reasonable time frame? How quickly will they address the problem? If you’re looking toward next year, go for a walk, bike ride, or drive through some of Winnipeg’s more affluent neighbourhoods on a Thursday or Friday and see which companies are maintaining the nicer properties. Don’t be shy about knocking on a few doors. People love to hear that you think their property looks great and they’d be all too happy to let you know what they think of their lawn maintenance company. Never let price be the determining factor. High quality service is going to cost more but in the long run, will save you grief and aggravation and will ultimately be worth the long term investment. Are you willing to risk constant nuisance just to save a couple of dollars a month? What you get depends mainly upon what you look for. It is behaviour that builds trust, not intentions. Look for the company that can best prove, not just in their words, but in their actions and behaviour, that they are the kind of service you’re looking for.

Tim Muys of Green Blade Lawn Care has over 20 years experience in the lawn care industry. 34 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

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• St

• Sa cu

• De cu





• Staircase Railing Glass

• Glass Dividing walls

• Sandblasted Etched Glass -with the option of custom patterns

• Sealed Units -with the option of custom patterns

• Decorative Glass Films - with the option of custom patterns

• Glass Backsplashes

• Custom Tabletops • Shower & Steam Room Glass & Hardware

• A Large selection of Textured & Cast Glass for Cabinets & Pantries • Mirrors of all shapes & sizes - We can assist in designing a specific mirror for you • Commercial & Residential Window Tinting

MPD GLASS & VINYL GRAPHICS 857 Marion Street, Winnipeg | Phone: 204-237-7011 | Website: | email us:

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d e Pa r t m e n t s




hat the Karl Lagerfeld name is to the Paris fashion runways, the Ann Sacks name is to the world of tiles. And now, the Ann Sacks tile collection will be available at the Floor Show located at 1042 Waverley Street at Seel Avenue starting in September. Paul Rivington, Retail Sales Manager for The Floor Show, informs that the Ann Sacks line of tiles is unique in its design and occupies a class of its own in the global market with a very extensive offering of ceramic, porcelain, stone and clay that is sure to provide creative options for both homeowners and designers. “Many of the Anne Sacks tiles are handmade and all have stories attached to them on their points of origin, how they are made and the inspirations that have resulted in the colors and designs.” The Floor Show will also be carrying the co-ordinating Ann Sacks kitchen and bathroom accessory lines. “These accessories offer beautiful finishes to any tile project and the designs are directly related to the tile lines,” says Mr. Rivington. Ann Sacks, a division of Kohler industries, is based in Portland, Oregon and has sold its tiles and accessories in its own exclusive retail stores in 20 major metropolitan centers in the United States as well as London, England and Hong Kong. “Currently many designers from Winnipeg and other Canadian cities have been flying to Chicago and New York City to visit Ann Sacks showrooms on behalf of their clients. But here at the Floor Show, we thought, ‘why not bring Ann Sacks to our design community?’ So last fall, we approached Ann Sacks with the idea of bringing the tile line to Canada by creating a “boutique” within our showroom. We’re proud to say that after months of negotiating, budgeting and designing, we have been successful in bringing our idea to life, and the Ann Sacks boutique is in the works with completion slated for September 2011. An official launch will showcase the finished boutique at that time.”

“To prepare for our September launch, in addition to our in-house training, we will be sending our entire retail and residential contract sales team to train in different Ann Sacks showrooms in the United States. This will give our sales staff the opportunity to experience why we are so excited about bringing the Ann Sacks brand to Canada, and to truly become Ann Sacks tile experts.” In addition to the increased business that the Ann Sacks line is expected to generate in Winnipeg, The Floor Show has been granted distribution rights for all Ann Sacks sales across Canada. “We are hoping this will entice designers from other centers to fly to Winnipeg to visit our showroom as opposed to having to visit the US showrooms,” says Mr. Rivington. We are located at 1042 Waverley, call us at 956.9720 our showroom hours are Monday to Wednesday: 8:30 am – 5 pm; Thursday: 8:30 am – 8 pm; Friday: 8:30 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

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above floor installation

The original plumbing solution since 1958

1-800-363-5874 |

Install a bathroom anywhere you need!

Self-contained toilet with macerating pump


Pumps up to 9’ vertically and 100’ horizontally Allows the connection of a sink Uses approximately 38% less water than a standard 1.6 gpf toilet



Under the stairs


We are located at 1042 Waverley, call us at 956.9720 our showroom hours are Monday to Wednesday: 8:30 am – 5 pm; Thursday: 8:30 am – 8 pm; Friday: 8:30 am to 5 pm and SaturdayDecorating? from 10 am to 4Remodeling? pm. Building? Remember to look for The Floor Don’t buy another thing until you’ve attended a free DirectBuy Open House. There, you’ll learn just how much the things you want Show booth at the upcoming

Your unique style. Our unique savings.

and need for your home really cost. Incredible savings, unmatched selection, exceptional service - you’ll find it all at DirectBuy. One call could save you thousands or more!


For a FREE information package and Visitor’s Pass to a club near you, call 204.788.0442 or visit Home Improvement

Home Furnishings

Entertainment & Outdoor




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dePar t m en t s

Renovation national scene BY miKe moore, President, MAnITOBA HOME BuIlDERS’ ASSOCIATIOn


and had the good fortune to attend the Renovators’ Council meetings. Th is standing committee has representation from renovators from across Canada (Grant Sakiyama represents Manitoba) and listens to presentations from individuals and organizations committed to keeping the renovation profession on the cutt ing edge of technology, legislation and trends. At their previous meeting, they discussed the unfair application of the GST on renovations (more on this later), the Certified Aging in Place Program which helps those doing renovations for our aging population and the campaign against the underground economy in Atlantic Canada. At this latest meeting, representatives from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation shared numerous research projects with the Council. They included a Green Renovation Guide, basement wall insulation studies, energy efficient renovations in colder climates and improving the performance of building envelopes in existing houses. The amount of research that is presented at these meetings and then brought back and shared with MHBA RenoMark renovators is staggering. Th is is yet another reason why consumers should look for the MHBA and RenoMark logos when searching for a renovator. There was an extremely interesting panel on GST rebates for renovations. Prior to the implementation of the GST, the Federal Sales Tax applied only to the materials portion of a renovation contract. Th is was approximately 2.5%. The GST removed that delineation and applied the now full 5% to the entire contract, thereby doubling the tax on the consumer. Next, consider provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia who have introduced a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), and now the tax on renovations is more than doubled again. Th is was never the intent of the GST or HST, but it is very hard to turn back the clock on a faulty piece of legislation. What is the result of these increased taxes? A very healthy underground economy. Atlantic Canada has had a Harmonized tax system since the GST was introduced. Atlantic Canada has also been identified as Canada’s largest underground economy and the target of the Canadian Revenue Agency’s recent ad campaign. Prior to the HST, it was estimated that slightly less than half of the renovations in Ontario were done through tax avoiding schemes. In the less-than-one year since then, it is now estimated that over 75% of all renovations have gone underground. These people aren’t just cheating the government; they are cheating everyone who pays taxes in that the money has to come from somewhere else. Therefore, the panel recommended the introduction of a permanent Home Renovation Tax Rebate that would restore a more equitable cost of renovations to the consumer as originally intended and promote the fi ling of rebate claims,

thereby forcing all renovators and contractors to declare their earnings and pay their fair share of taxes. I want to close on a wonderful example presented by Peter Briand from Nova Scotia. He said that when we go into a grocery store and are presented with a bill of $250, we don’t ask if we can pay $200 in cash and forget about the other $50. So, why on earth would we expect to have a proper renovation job done and try to reduce the bill and taxes by offering cash? Th is is simply not a practice to be condoned by an honest or legitimate business.

To review a list of MHBA recommended renovators and to review the Homeowners Guide to Green Renovation, please visit the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association website ( and the RenoMark site ( Mike Moore is president of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association

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• Metal Clad Wood Windows • Wood Entryways • Fiberglass Entryways • Fiberglass Windows • Architectural Hardware • Professional Installation Showroom • 969 Fife Street • Winnipeg 586 2794 •

Authorized Dealer of

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©2009 Marvin Windows and Doors. All rights reserved. ®Registered trademark of Marvin Windows and Doors.

1030 St. James Street 774-2626

de Par t men t s

Boxing match

Sort, store, showcase: find the right box for your needs BY heLLen BUttiGieG


cleaner look? Utilize boxes. But beware – all boxes are not created equal. Some are for storing, some for sorting, and some for showcasing. Find boxes that will help you do whichever task needs to be accomplished. For storage, make sure they’re strong and sturdy, and don’t forget to label them effectively. For sorting, make sure they’re big enough, but not too cumbersome to carry from room to room. For showcasing, make sure they’re stylish. Lately, a trend has developed to put great-looking storage containers on display, creating an interesting accessory while keeping necessities close at hand. n A M E T H AT RO O M Rooms that don’t have a specific purpose

often become dumping grounds for clutter. Before you begin decluttering, go through your home room by room and determine how you want to use each space. Identify which items support the purpose of the room and which ones should be moved elsewhere. Keep a few boxes handy so you can easily transport smaller items to their appropriate rooms.

F R E E Z E E A S Y Clear containers, like plastic shoeboxes, work

great at keeping small items organized in the freezer. They’ll stay put rather than slip all over each other. Many freezers come with dividers. Have a look at your manual to see if you have the option of ordering these from the manufacturer.

CO H E S I V E = C A l M Create both impact and a sense of calm

by choosing baskets or boxes in a similar style to use throughout your condo. Whether you like wicker or leather, brightly coloured or neutral, consider buying extras as you may not be able to fi nd the same ones again later. P H OTO S TA K I n G OV E R YO u R S PAC E ? Don’t let your

photos become damaged and forgotten by leaving them piled in grocery bags or scattered in various places. Gather them up and use acid-free photo boxes to organize and enjoy them for years to come. Just one of these boxes often holds about 1,000 photos,

so it’s a real space saver as well. Create broad categories for each box and label the outside. Next, use the divider cards that come with these boxes to create subcategories. For example, a broad category could be “Vacations” and subcategories within that could be “Disney World 1999,” “Eastern Caribbean Cruise 2001” and “Summer Resort 2002.” Alternatively, you could fi le photos chronologically with each box representing a specific year. D I V I D E A n D CO n Q u E R Anytime you have a vast open

storage area (like a chest), think of creative ways to subdivide it to keep it organized. Break big areas into smaller ones by using containers of various sizes. You can reuse the packages that regular household items come in: tissue boxes, cheque boxes and baby-wipe containers. In addition, you can subdivide using drawer dividers, shelves and stacking trays.

CO l l E C T I O n S O R C lu T T E R ? If your collections are hidden

away and forgotten in the corner of your closet, they’re clutter. Collections have their place but they need to be displayed in a way that reflects their meaning to you. If they bring you pleasure, bring them out of hiding and give them a place of honour. Whether you collect coins, cards or cameras, you’ll get more enjoyment from your collection if you display the items as a group. Small items can be mounted and framed in shadow boxes, which can hang on the wall or sit on a table. Larger items stay dust-free when they’re displayed in a shelving unit with glass doors. Avoid crowding them – items are more esthetically pleasing when they have some breathing space around them.

heLLen BUttiGieG Hellen Buttigieg is a certified professional organizer, life coach, TV host, owner of We Organize U and author of the best-seller, Organizing Outside The Box. For tips on organizing your home, your office and your life, visit and sign up for Hellen’s free newsletter

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Our OurShowroom Showroom is your Showroom C








You will be taken care of from the moment you walk into one of our showrooms. Our knowledgeable consultants will give you personalized service and advice while choosing from a vast selection of Kitchen & Bath fixtures. From enduring traditional classics to sleek modern contemporary styles and eco friendly - We Have Something for Everyone. Prepare to be inspired by stepping into one of our showrooms and see the endless possibilities that await you.

16 Showrooms to Serve you WINNIPEG 1300 St. Matthews Ave 204.788.0550

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Fiberglass Windows and Doors Customize your replacement windows to meet your performance and aesthetic goals with DUXTON fiberglass.

By Margaret Anne Fehr Photography by tristan Fast

Enriching the Human Environment 45 Higgins Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba | PH: 204.339.6456

style. elegance. barkman.

One of the strongest elements of the layout is the l-shaped counter fashioned from two pieces of Caesar stone in nougat. Set in the middle of the room, the spacious island is a multi-tasker’s dream.

42 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

barkman ad - Manitoba Renovations 1/2 page ad 7.5” x 4.9”

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 42

6/10/11 5:05:18 PM

A reno


with the works!

Must-have list fulfilled and exceeded WRITTEn BY marGaret anne Fehr PHOTOGRAPHY BY tristan Fast


the ‘move to new’ or ‘stay and renovate’ dilemma that lots of homeowners encounter at some point. Their Island Lakes two-storey home was built in 1992 and spacious enough at 1700 square feet, but showing the effects of stylistic stagnation. “We really love the area we live in and didn’t want to move to a house where the taxes could be higher. Also, we knew that even in a new house there could be things that we might want to change, so it simply made more sense for us to stay and renovate to exactly what we wanted.” Decision made, the couple engaged Everitt Design to inject the design savvy for a complete reconfiguration of the main floor.

The couple’s must-have list was long. “First, we wanted an openconcept design with a large kitchen that included an island and plenty of storage and counter space. We also wanted hardwood floors, new appliances, lots of recessed pot lights and new windows for more natural light. Basically, everything from the original space had to go!” Cliff Dyck, owner of Angstrom Builders and his team were chosen to articulate the design. Structural glitches presented themselves even in a home of relatively youthful vintage. “The most time-consuming part was leveling all the floor joists. Angstrom had to knock down the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room and installed support beams to accommodate our new kitchen. jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 43

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 43

6/10/11 5:05:20 PM

All of the ductwork and plumbing stacks had to be re-routed to a different part of the house as well,” says Jen. The entire renovation has not only fulfi lled all the must-have list requirements but has exceeded them in many cases. “Our favorite part of the renovation is defi nitely the kitchen. Jon and I love to cook so we needed lots of room to prep. The island is approximately 10 feet long with eight deep drawers to store our pots and pans, cooking utensils and mixing bowls. It’s fantastic!” The kitchen cabinets are maple stained charcoal and the quartz counters are Caesar Stone in a grey and white mosaic-type pattern “that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before” Jen enthuses. “The floors are engineered hardwood in maple with a chocolate stain. The backsplash tiles are called Fiddlesticks in a textured white fi nish. And we love the paint colors! The walls are pale green with a grey undertone; the island and art niche are painted an alligator green.” A unique solution conceived by Jean-Marc Blanc of Everitt Design was the incorporation of built-in furniture by way of a



MB Reno 06-2011.indd 44

6/10/11 5:07:05 PM

12 foot long banquette in the dining room. “There is a step going down to the living room from the kitchen, and furniture was always placed in front of it, making the living room feel a lot smaller. Everitt Design came up with the genius built-in sofa that partially sits in the kitchen and extends over the step to increase the amount of floor space.” “Another feature we love is the heated tile in the entryway extending to the bathroom. That was something that was never part of the original plans but Angstrom convinced us that it would be a nice luxury without a huge extra cost.” The main floor bathroom has achieved double duty as a laundry room. “I love the material that was used for the bathroom vanity, counters and laundry cabinets. It’s a laminate that looks like soft blades of grass. The floating vanity makes the bathroom feel larger and the mirror is stunning! The light fi xture is recessed into the mirror, giving it the modern edge we were looking for.” Jen and Jon give full props to Cliff and the Angstrom crew for


“Our favorite part of the renovation is definitely the kitchen. Jon and I love to cook so we needed lots of room to prep. The island is approximately 10 feet long with eight deep drawers to store our pots and pans, cooking utensils and mixing bowls. It’s fantastic!” ON THIS PAGE PICTURED BOT TOM RIGHT

The kitchen cabinets are maple stained charcoal and the quartz counters are Caesar Stone in a grey and white mosaic-type pattern “that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before” Jen enthuses.


MB Reno 06-2011.indd 45

6/10/11 5:07:17 PM

their amazing job. “They were always very kind and courteous, readily answered our questions and always cleaned up the work site each day. Laura, the project manager was phenomenal as well. We couldn’t have asked for a better contractor and are 100% satisfied with our reno.” Cliff adds, “Overall, this job went very well – both in terms of quality of workmanship from all of our trades and also from a fi nancial and time-management perspective. The challenge with renovations in general is trying to account for aspects of the project that are unanticipated; we have learned to deal with these issues in an efficient manner that mitigates against time-delays and price increase surprises.”


A unique solution conceived by Jean-Marc Blanc of Everitt Design was the incorporation of built-in furniture by way of a 12 foot long banquette in the dining room. “There is a step going down to the living room from the kitchen, and furniture was always placed in front of it, making the living room feel a lot smaller. Everitt Design came up with the genius built-in sofa that partially sits in the kitchen and extends over the step to increase the amount of floor space.”

Angstrom Builders is located at Unit #4 – 585 Jarvis Avenue and can be contacted at 474.2860. 46 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

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7 MB Reno 06-2011.indd 47

6/10/11 5:07:34 PM






ositive Style, Design and Stone Manufacturing Inc. is a newcomer to the Winnipeg home and renovation scene fi rst opening its doors on March, 2010. The company is the vision of the husband and wife team, Barbara Horowicz and Mariano Rodriguez. The couple, originally from Argentina and then Florida, has combined their professional passions and skills to create a venture that showcases the beauty of granite, marble and quartz countertops for prospective clients who are looking for excellence in product and strong service expertise. Barbara graduated from a technical high school as a building constructor and afterwards went on to further studies as an interior decorator “My favorite part was always the kitchen and the bathrooms. When I met my husband, Mariano, he was already in the granite business so we combined my studies and my expertise with his experience, his workmanship, pride and talent, and everything started to work out perfectly!” “We try to provide our customers with a very positive experience when it comes to

shopping for countertops. We stand behind our products and are always there for our customers,” says Barbara. The Positive Style showroom is located at 1647 St. James St in Dublin Square and offers 2000 square feet of display space that features a recently renovated showroom of countertop materials for kitchens and bathrooms in a rich array of colours and materials. Barbara notes that the showroom displays 60 different stone varieties on a feature wall and another display shows over 30 colours. “We also have a 42” plasma TV showing over 1000 pictures of stones that we have access to as well as images of projects that we have completed in Miami, Florida and more recent jobs that we have handled for clients in Winnipeg, Headingley, Brandon, Dauphin and as far away as Regina. Winnipeg has given us the opportunity to grow professionally in many different ways.” “We offer granite countertops done to perfection. Our seams are done with two-part epoxy and we colour match it to the stone. We fi nish them off with a special machine that we brought from the U.S. that effortlessly creates the most beautiful seams. There is no extra charge for this technique; it is simply part of our quality and design philosophy.” “Interior design consultation is also part of our service so that our customers can arrive at their own design solutions with full confidence in their choices.” Currently, Positive Style is offering a value-added promotion that offers customers a one hour free colour consultation with the purchase of a stone countertop. A recent Open House at the Dublin Square location on June 9th was a chance to display over 10 different colours that we currently have in-stock for people to view and make their selection. Our showroom is set up for everybody to be able to walk through and look at our display units as well as samples. Our goal is to be able to transmit our love for stone and nature, and to help people fall in love with it as well.”

Positive Style Marble and Granite countertops regular showroom hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. For further details, visit their website at


MB Reno 06-2011.indd 48

6/10/11 5:08:19 PM




Positive Style Inc. Marble and Granite offers Granite Kitchen countertops at a competitive price. With innovative ideas and techniques brought from the highest standards throughout the rest of the world. We create the most beautiful seams effortlessly to bring elegancy and perfection to our customers’ kitchen. With a team of young and energetic stone specialist owners full of new ideas to share with their clients, we guarantee a great countertop shopping experience.


• Marble • Granite • Glass 2 • Engineered Stone & Quartz • Custom Stone Work • Floor Tile & Wall Tile • Professional Interior Decorator on staff • Color / Design consultations available

1647 St. James St. Winnipeg MB. R3H 0X1 | 204.783.7827

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 49

6/10/11 5:08:24 PM

tiPs & tric K s


Embrace the hot summer nights and throw a luau in your backyard. BY sara dUcK PHOTOS BY Jason dUcK AnD PaUL ParoUtis


FOOD Nothing says luau like a pig roasting on a open fire pit (it also makes a great

beautifully detailed Hawaiian-themed party and it was the hit of the summer! Get inspired to throw your own bash with these helpful tips.

centrepiece as well). Be warned, there is quite a technique to cooking a pig, so research is a must! You will want to serve food that will take your guests on a trip to the Hawaiian islands. Present food on skewers, serve a tropical fruit salad and coconut-themed desserts.

DÉCOR It’s time to get creative! Take some

DRINKS Create a tiki-bar and offer Hawaiian-inspired tropical mixed drinks like Mai-Tai’s.

of Hawaii’s most synonymous symbols and transform them into party décor. Think rattan, lush foliage, hula girls, surf boards, shells, hibiscus flowers and tiki-torches, just to name a few, and dot your backyard with fun items. It’s important to have a couple of well-decorated tables – which will anchor the look of the party and can be used to display food and drinks.

Use brightly coloured plastic or paper cups, and add little umbrellas and fruit skewers in each drink to add to the vibe. ATTIRE Ask guests to play the part by coming dressed in Hawaiian attire. Aloha shirts for the men and grass skirts, sarongs and flowy dresses for the women. If you don’t have any island style dress, visit your local charity shop for some cheap finds. Don’t forget to greet each guest with their own lei – a fun and inexpensive way to bring a Hawaiian spirit to your party.

50 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 50

6/10/11 5:10:48 PM

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 51

6/10/11 5:11:03 PM


New party life for this kitchen

Nu-Life Kitchens

creates the space


always choose a kitchen party! “We have a big family and we do a lot of entertaining,” says Elizabeth, “and it seems that’s where everyone seems to congregate.” But the couple had found since they moved into their 1986-built River Grove home in 2005, that their 80’s style kitchen wasn’t providing the space for such gatherings, nor the storage requirements they needed for everyday use.

“We have been in the house long enough to know that the kitchen and att ached sunken family room simply weren’t accommodating our lifestyle. We wanted something more modern, up to date and where everything would ‘have a home’ instead of cluttered counters and such,” says Elizabeth. So when the couple went shopping for a kitchen renovator, they considered a few issues. “We knew that the actual cabinet units were in prett y good shape. We didn’t think a complete gut of the kitchen

52 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 52

6/10/11 5:15:29 PM




The centre island was one of the largest new additions within the space. “We removed a wooden banister between the kitchen and family room and Mark was able to custom build the cabinetry underneath. Now we can easily seat 6 people at the granite countertop.” PICTURED BOT TOM RIGHT

A dramatic addition to the kitchen was the building-from-scratch bar and decorative cabinet that was fashioned from two side-by-side utility closets in the kitchen. ON PAGE 54 PICTURED TOP

Modifications to existing upper cabinets were done to allow for a larger style 2-door stainless steel fridge; an upper range alteration to allow room for a microwave oven; and the conversion of an existing cabinet to two pots and pans drawers for increased accessibility.


MB Reno 06-2011.indd 53

6/10/11 5:15:55 PM

was necessary so we started to consider replacing the cabinet doors. Another reason, was it’s a bit more environmentally friendly. You’re not gett ing rid of all of that wood. And reduced cost was also something we had in mind.” After doing a bit of research, the couple met with Mark and Sheri from Nu-Life Kitchens and “it was prett y much a done deal,” says Elizabeth. When Mark came to us to do the estimate, we were prett y much sold right then and there. We had done some research with other companies, but he really stood out. We could tell he had a lot of passion for his work.” The work began in swift order with Elizabeth and Dan choosing a sumptuous Chocolate Pear thermofoil with a subtle wood grain that adds a lot of warmth along with an easy to maintain surface. Stainless steel pulls add glints of sparkle to the wood panels and are in complete sync with the new stainless steel appliances. But there was more to this renovation than just replacing doors. Crown moulding was added to the tops of the cabinets for a slightly taller effect. Modifications to existing upper cabinets were done to allow for a larger style 2-door stainless steel fridge; an upper range alteration to allow room for a microwave oven; and the conversion of an existing cabinet to two pots and pans drawers for increased accessibility. Elizabeth appreciates that all the doors and drawers are soft-closing so there’s no noise when you’re trying to fi nd something late at night!” A dramatic addition to the kitchen was the building-fromscratch bar and decorative cabinet that was fashioned from two

side-by-side utility closets in the kitchen. “It was a huge transformation,” says Elizabeth. “People actually tell us that it looks like it should have been there all along. That’s a huge compliment!” The centre island was one of the largest new additions within the space. “We removed a wooden banister between the kitchen and family room and Mark was able to custom build the cabinetry underneath. Now we can easily seat 6 people at the granite countertop.” “The other room is sunken, so the overhang goes into the other room. The cabinets underneath in the island are just great for extra storage and it’s where we keep some of our larger appliances and utensils. It’s the extra space we were looking for!” A porcelain tile backsplash in a neutral Almond hue and cork flooring adds the fi nishing touches to this rejuvenated space. As promised, the kitchen renovation took all of 3 days with a minimum of upheaval to this well-frequented room, and the price was about half of what it would have cost for a total renovation says Elizabeth. “We are so glad we chose Nu-Life Kitchens. Mark says that they approach every kitchen as if it were their own and that is absolutely true! It’s the attention to detail that’s so incredible. The entire experience was effortless. We just love our kitchen. It makes a huge difference for our quality of life.”

The Nu-Life Kitchens showroom is located at #7-851 Lagimodiere Blvd.and can be reached at 918-5120.

54 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 54

6/10/11 5:16:33 PM

One of our customer will

WIN UP TO $10,000 towards their purchase! Ask for rules & details from your sales person.




jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 55

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6/10/11 5:16:56 PM


tiP s & t ric K s 2




1 & 3 DAKOTA AND PATIO CAMPFYRE Entertain or relax on a whim any day this summer right in your own backyard, in front of the Heat-&-Glo Dakota outdoor gas fireplace and the Patio Campfire gas fire pit. Who needs to go camping! 4 & 5 BELLINI IMPORTS TIZIO ENT. UNIT AND COLLECTION A 2000 YUKON CHAIR Incorporate this Bellini Imports Tizio entertainment center or this Collection A 2000 Yukon reclining chair into your home or cottage and perfect a great place to enjoy all your digital memories from your great summer adventures!

2 TOWN AND COUNTRY WS38 FIREPLACE On cooler or rainy days, cozy up in front of this stunning decorative direct vent WS38 gas fireplace from Town and Country. Its sleek, linear design style, along with its modular option selections, allow it to fit into many homes styles. The beautiful 3-dimensional flame pattern differs from most linear fireplaces.




Gear up to enjoy our great Manitoba summers this year with these great hearth and furniture accents for your home. ALL PRODUCTS AVAILABLE AT FLAME AND COMFORT. 56 | home dĂŠcor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 56

6/10/11 5:17:42 PM




3:32 PM

Page 1

Cosmo > Downtown, uptown and everywhere in-between. Our Cosmo SLR is a modern marvel to suit your modern décor.



Style 01

Warmth 01 SOHO24 xxxxxxxxxx





Lux 60 > Revolutionary in its innovation. The LUX 60 combines modern style with a spectacular flame.


Everything in between


Everest Tall, bold and handsome, our Everest has a European -inspired look, offering a “taller than wide” opening.

Multi-Side > Put a dark, dull corner to better use. this multisided model adds light and warmth to any corner, left or right.



943-5263 Furniture


31 8 L O G A N A V E.





w w w . f l a m e . m b . c a

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 57


6/10/11 5:17:47 PM

tiP s & t ric K s



What should I do with the old weed and feed product I have in my garage? Use it for what it was intended for. Much of the active ingredient(s) will have dissipated within the container, but your lawn will still likely benefit from what remains of nutrients that are still lingering in the product. Th is is certainly the best alternative. Whatever you do, do not throw unused fertilizer or weed control products into the garbage since it will inevitably end up in the landfi ll, which is not where these products belong. If you have some other type of fertilizer or pesticide you need to dispose of, give it away to someone who might use it or you can call an environmental agency that properly disposes of petroleum products and other chemicals that pose a potential danger to the environment.


My property backs on to a ditch and some railroad tracks. I’ve tried everything to stop the thistles from coming into my back lawn. Is there anything you can suggest to stop them? Th istles are probably the most difficult weeds to control in Manitoba. The Canada thistle can grow to over 6 feet tall! Just imagine the root structure that supports something like that. That’s where your problem lies. Th istles reproduce in two ways; through seeds, and through rhizomes. Rhizomes are shallow roots that run close to the surface and eventually sprout new plants. Thus, where you fi nd one thistle, you will likely fi nd a whole family of them. They will spread into your lawn from a neighbour’s unkept flowerbeds as well. Unless the entire family of weeds is wiped out, they will continue to be a constant problem. Treating the few small thistles on your side of the fence will not solve your problem since you will only be poisoning a small segment of the cluster. You may weaken the root mass, but not enough to kill it. It will continue to thrive and eventually new weeds will spread back into your lawn.


How long should a lawn last? I always like to think of the lawn like a human body. Eat your veggies, get lots of exercise, take your vitamins, take medicines when you get sick and so on and you will likely lead a long healthy life. Spend your life drinking, smoking, and doing drugs and your body will probably pay for it. A well cared for lawn should be expected to last anywhere from 30 to 40 years. Most lawns will likely start to show their age at about 25 years and will likely need to be “renovated” at least once or twice by adding a few layers of soil, seed, and by aerating annually in order to extend its life.



How can I tell if my lawn needs to be aerated? Aerating is a process that involves pulling small fi nger-like cores out of the lawn. The cores should ideally be 2.5-3 inches long. The length of the cores is dependent on how hard or compact the lawn is. Aerating is performed to correct compacted soil, improve drainage, improve water and fertilizer penetration and absorption, improve heat and drought tolerance, and improve the effectiveness of weed control. If you have heavily compacted soil, aerating every year, or even twice a year for a couple of years will dramatically improve your situation. If you want to realize the full value of watering or want to maximize the effectiveness of your fertilizer and weed control applications, aeration will certainly improve the response that your lawn will have. Ultimately, aeration is a good idea if you have a lawn that isn’t in the best shape. Alternatively, if you have a great looking lawn and want to keep it that way,make an annual aeration part of your regimen. Golf courses aerate their lawns several times each year.


How can I get rid of quackgrass? There are no known effective means of gett ing rid of quackgrass in a lawn. The problem lies in the fact that quackgrass is a grass plant species just like the Kentucky bluegrass that makes up most of your lawn. All species of grasses have common hormones and process their food almost identically. Therefore any type of herbicide or other chemical control will also kill the Kentucky bluegrass that you’re trying to keep. Digging up quackgrass might sound like an easy enough solution, but it’s actually the worst thing you can do. Quackgrass has incredibly extensive roots. Digging it up, you will never be able to get all of the roots out. In fact, the roots that are left in the soil will sprout new quackgrass plants in greater numbers than you had before. Unfortunately, all you can do to keep quackgrass in check is to keep your lawn mowed often. Quackgrass is a voracious grass. It grows very rapidly. It has a very large blade, which it needs to photosynthesize enough food to support that large root system. Keeping your lawn cut often will limit the length and size of the quackgrass blade, stunting the extent to which the plant can develop and spread.

tim muys of Green Blade lawn Care has over 20 years experience in the lawn care industry. 58 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 58

6/10/11 5:18:55 PM

WHETHER YOUR TASTES ARE SIMPLE OR LAVISH, WE BUILD Th is pictured was requested for this article. Can fit ifTHE copy is HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT, shortened. Thanks. TO FIT YOUR BUDGET.



New wood finished fiberflass doors in a matching Ektacron® maintenance free frame

Are the secure and energy efficent alternative to sliding patio doors







into the


for all your lighting needs

M MA AN N II TT O O BB A A ’’ SS LL A A RR G G EE SS TT LL II G GH H TT II N NG G SS TT O O RR EE Visit our state of the art show room in our new address 1040 Waverley Street at Seel Avenue. jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 59

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 59

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tiPs & tric K s

what’s new


WE HAVE BEEN ON THE LOOK OUT TO SEE WHAT’S NEW AND EXCITING FOR THE HOME. HERE ARE SOME OF THE LATEST PRODUCTS THAT HAVE ENTERED THE MARKET AND WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM. 1 new at Changes by Design, Dinec’s Everest collection, the beautiful 3” edge gives the table a stunning presence in any room. Pick your size, stain colour and leg or pedestal. A true custom piece for your home or cottage. chanGes BY desiGn 620 King Edward Street, Winnipeg, MB 204-885-0155


2 Teak’s ability to withstand the rigors of adverse climate, yet weather attractively, make it the ideal choice for outdoor furniture. Kingsley Bate premium teak sets the standard for quality, value and elegant design. See in-store or online for a wide selection of dining and deep seating options. the Garden room 444 Academy Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba 204-487-1151 3 For Space Sake is excited to introduce a fabulous line of space saving furniture from Clei in Italy. Designed by a team of architects and engineers, this furniture combines desks, beds, wall units and sofas, all cleverly hidden within each other. This European design firm has a keen sense of how to maximize space in today’s smaller condos. “You have to see it to believe it!’ says owner Pauline Boisselle. For sPace saKe 1824 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, MB 204-488-2633 Website 3 60 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 60

6/10/11 5:47:38 PM


Art house Drew and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers help a couple turn an old house into a modern, artistic living space.

a F ter

THE ClIEnTS Be Fo re

For buyers Emma and Keiron, the most important thing was location. They owned a clothing store in the heart of the city and wanted to ensure their new house was walking distance to work. The only problem is, when you move into the heart of a city, prices are generally higher. Keiron was one of the most particular buyers we’ve ever worked with – which we don’t mind, as this is their home and they are the ones who need to enjoy living in it for years to come. However, when budgets are tight, being overly scrupulous narrows the property search dramatically. At fi rst, Emma and Keiron were adamant that their new place had to be “move-in” ready. They soon realized a house that was fully renovated and ready to go was not in their budget. We needed to fi nd an extreme fi xer-upper. jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 61

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 61

6/10/11 5:20:42 PM



Emma and Keiron were anomalies, in a sense, because they didn’t want an open floor plan. They love separation and intended to keep the property’s original floor plan. Their style is ‘Modern Art house,’ in that you literally would feel as though you’re touring an Art Gallery. They both love art and intended to use a minimalist feel in each room so the artwork would pop. With the structure and layout staying the same, it was a matter of bringing the house up to date and code. It was actually kind of cool, because there were four generations of utilities running through the walls. Th is house was more than 100 years old and had some of the original oil lines from back when the light fi xtures ran off of oil. Then there was knob and tube wiring, which had been disconnected and rerun with aluminium wiring – which was also disconnected and replaced with the copper wire we use today. It all gave a real sense of history and character to the home. Aside from the safety aspects with electrical and plumbing, our main focus was going to be kitchen, bath and flooring. Keiron loves a rich hardwood, which would look great with the white ‘gallery’ walls. Pre-reno the main bathroom was cramped and dingy. As Justin Timberlake would say, I wanted to ‘bring sexy back’ with a modern flare while still being functional. I actually loved the kitchen; it was huge, so I had lots of room to work with. Keiron and Emma wanted a simple, modern design for the cabinets: Flat front, white to contrast the stainless steel. I wanted a commercial grade sink that would give them the perfect tone. One thing they were fond of, however – and defi nitely one of my interests – was using some reclaimed or traditional pieces


MB Reno 06-2011.indd 62

6/10/11 5:20:57 PM



to feature in the kitchen. Since they don’t have as much for artwork in the kitchen, I wanted to make the table a focal point. We ended up utilizing an old school science table and chairs to give the right effect. CHALLENGES

The main challenge was a tight budget. Completely gutt ing the kitchen and bath; redoing all the floors and staging the house appropriately was bad enough, but when we also had to update all the wiring and some plumbing, that was leaving us short. When it couldn’t get any worse, we discovered a major structural issue above the kitchen and below the second storey bath. Th is, again, took a bit more time and money to repair properly. While negotiating the purchase, Emma and Keiron decided to wave the home inspection; even though Drew was strongly opposed to removing that condition. You never know what surprises are in the walls or will be uncovered in a home inspection; especially with an older home. Even though I always build a contingency into my renovation budget, we were running short on money with all the extra costs. F I N A L O U TCO M E

In the end, Emma and Keiron got their ‘Modern Art House.’ It was warm and inviting, had top of the line fi nishes and it all came in on their budget. Th is goes to show that just because there may be a few electrical or plumbing issues, it doesn’t mean you should run away screaming. Have an inspector assess the issues and then bring in a contractor to quote the repairs and upgrades. It doesn’t

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 63

cost a thing to get a quote! And having a professional in to assess the cost of repairs and upgrades is a simple way to ensure the home will be safe, affordable and a dream to live in. Catch up with the Property Brothers Tuesdays at 10pm on W network.

DREW AND JONATHAN SCOTT Real estate agent Drew Scott and his twin brother, contractor Jonathan Scott, are experts who help couples find, buy and transform extreme fi xer-uppers into the ultimate dream home. @ Drew and Jonathan give tips and tricks online at

6/10/11 5:20:59 PM


We only use #1 Quality Materials & Our Workmanship is Guaranteed

we can solve your ICE DAMMING & CONDENSATION problems

COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICE Residential • Commercial • Siding • Soffit Fascia • Eavestroughing • Licenced & Insured Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation





64 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 64

6/10/11 5:22:02 PM

tiPs & tric K s

5 tips for

small space survival

BY Yanic simard PHOTOS BY Brandon Barré, staceY BrandFord & ted YarWood

Whether you’re styling your pint-sized apartment or just your petite powder room, decorating any small space can be made easy if you go about it in the right way. no matter what the scale of the project, some planning is always required. An undersized area needs an immense amount of thought, resulting in a fully functional and practical, warm and liveable space. Consider my five tips when designing your tiny quarters. jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 65

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 65

6/10/11 5:22:07 PM

4 . O P E n F u R n I T u R E Furniture that has legs tends to create a feeling of more openness in a space. Having a few pieces with closed bottoms such as an ottoman or a few stools is okay, but the majority should be open at the base. Transparent furniture is also a personal favourite of mine to use in small spaces – for example the ghost chair. 5. VISuAl FlOW Visual flow is the path your eyes take when looking at something as a whole. Your eyes should not focus on one particular area of the home. Your space should balance, creating harmony. I create harmony by using a combination of elements, such as using a variety of textures. Mix different fabrics together – silk, chenille, linen, suede velvet and sheers all together in monochromatic tones. I’m also known for painting the walls and trim work the same colour, the walls in matte but the trim in semi-gloss. Maintenance plays a big role in creating harmony. Visual flow will be obstructed if you’ve got a clutter – you need keep everything simple, clean and organized.

If you have a very small space, you may not have separate living and dining areas. Combine the two by purchasing a high streamline sofa or sofa bed and a few side chairs that can be tucked away when not in use. When dining, bring the chairs in towards the sofa and place a round dining table in the middle. If you decide to go with the option of the sofa bed, this room is now not only a living and dining room, but also a guest bedroom. Also consider multi-purpose furniture; a large ottoman with a top that opens can serve as a coffee table, extra seating and even storage for blankets and pillows.

1. M u lT I - P u R P O S I n G

If your furniture is oversized in comparison to the area it’s in, you will not get maximum use out of every inch of your home. Choosing furniture that is proportionate to the space is key when designing your place. Don’t fall in love at fi rst sight. Bring a measuring tape (which should be or will become your best friend when furnishing a small space) with you when you go shopping, and if the piece is too big just walk away! You’ll fi nd something better!

Designing your small space may feel like a challenge at fi rst, but if you tackle it in the right way you’ll be amazed with the results, and how it ends up not feeling like a small space after all. An undersized area needs an immense amount of thought, resulting in a fully-functional and practical, yet warm and livable space.

2 . P RO P O R T I O n S

Practical storage solutions are a must when space is limited, so make use of your vertical space. Consider hiring a company that specializes in custom-built closets. Closet organizers will save your life! Floor-to- ceiling wall units and book shelves are also a great way to make use of the vertical space in your home, and can be a great place to store items and show off some of your prized possessions.

3 . CO n TA I n T H E C lu T T E R

Yanic simard Yanic Simard is the principal designer of the Toronto Interior Design Group. Specializing in residential and commercial projects, Simard often applies his signature high/low and old/new combination design techniques in developing unique designs. Simard has created designs for clients in Toronto, Montreal and Miami, and has appeared as a regular guest expert on Citytv’s CityLine. For more information visit

66 | home décor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 66

6/10/11 5:22:47 PM

tiPs & tric K s

Pets & your lawn Keeping your pet safe from lawn care products

We’re out there! Look for your next issue of Renovations magazine in one of our bright yellow streetboxes beginning August 19th.



safety are considered along with that of our own children. Here’s some common sense advice and safety measures to follow when using lawn care products and services. Caring for your lawn and following proper turf management practices are essential to a healthy lawn. You and your family can enjoy leisure activities on the thick, cushioned play surface, realize increased property values and, more importantly, create a better environment for your efforts. Because pets enjoy rolling in the grass and are indiscriminate tasters of everything, including grass, you must think safety fi rst. Lawn care professionals take proper precautions as part of their job and when you make lawn care product applications, you should too. Lawn care products are designed and tested for use in a residential environment. Nevertheless, they must be applied according to their directions and certain precautions should be considered by pet owners to minimize exposure to their animals. For starters, determine what kind of insect or weed you are trying to control.

quality. durability. barkman.

Using common sense is the key to any safety routine. Here are a few basic tips: » Do not apply pest control products when pets are in the yard and could be exposed during application, before dust has sett led or sprays dried. » Remove or turn over and empty feeding bowls, water dishes and bird baths before pesticide applications. » Don’t empty feeding bowls in an area where the food could become contaminated and eaten by the animal. The greatest risk of adverse effects to a pet from lawn care products comes from pets lapping from a puddle of an improperly diluted or concentrated product, or from consuming a large amount of granules. If the material is applied as a liquid spray, wait until it is dry before allowing your pet or family back onto the lawn. If the applied product is a granular material, watering it down is recommended but not necessary. Follow all label directions and always store pesticide products out of reach of children and pets.

Tim Muys of Green Blade Lawn Care has over 20 years experience in the lawn care industry. jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 67

MB Reno 06-2011.indd 67

6/10/11 5:23:08 PM

tiP s & t ric K s

Martes Outdoor Wall Lantern. $25. visit

Postino Mailbox. $100. visit


UP! curbside:

Create a warm welcome without breaking the bank, with these these easy updates.

Venetian Bronze Ashfield Handleset. $189. visit

LLC Solid Cast Brass 4-in. Floating House Number in Satin Nickel.

Paint in Barn from the Sarah Richardson Designer Palette by Para.

$8. visit

$50 For GaLLon. visit

68 | home dĂŠcor and renovations | jun - jul 2011

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6/10/11 5:25:30 PM

Call Renovations today to be part of

next issue ad deadline AuGuST 2, 2011

Manitoba Renovations Home Improvement & Design reaches more qualified readers than any other home improvement publication. Our readers are looking for project ideas and connections to professionals that specialize in home improvement, design and construction. Within our colourful, informative format, we can highlight your business, product or service in the best possible way: with creative advertising and/ or informative articles and profiles. It’s the best way to get your business the valuable exposure it needs!

Distribution starts AuGuST 19, 2011

Distribution in the next issue will include Winnipeg home delivery, over 300 magazine stands across Winnipeg, and 84 distribution locations across Manitoba and northwestern Ontario cottage country.

jun - jul 2011 | home décor and renovations | 69

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6/10/11 5:26:02 PM

tiP s & t ric K s

We l l B ui l t M e a l s

eGG WONTON LasaGna inGredients

6 eggs 1 small onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 pkg (5 oz/142 g) baby spinach 1 jar (700 mL) reduced sodium or low sodium pasta sauce 1 pkg (250 g) wonton wrappers* 1 jar (300 mL) sliced roasted red peppers, drained 1 cup (250 mL) shredded part skim mozzarella cooking spray directions

›› Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). Cover eggs with water in saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and cover. Let stand for 20 minutes. Drain and place in icy cold water to cool. Remove shells and slice eggs; set aside. Meanwhile, spray another saucepan with cooking spray and heat over medium heat. Add onion and garlic and cook until softened, about 3 minutes. Add spinach and cook, stirring, until wilted, about 2 minutes. Add pasta sauce and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. ›› Ladle about 1/2 cup (125 mL) of sauce into 8-inch (2 L) baking dish. Cover with one-quarter of the wonton wrappers, overlapping slightly. Spread with one-quarter of the sauce then one-third of the eggs and roasted red peppers, and one-quarter of the cheese. Starting with wonton wrappers, repeat layers twice. ›› Arrange remaining wrappers over top and spread with remaining sauce and cheese. Bake in preheated 350°F (180°C) oven until bubbly, about 30 minutes. Let stand for a few minutes before cutting. * Look for wonton wrappers in the produce aisle of your grocery store. ›› Tip: Use your favourite pasta sauce with vegetables (e.g. peppers, onions or mushrooms) for added texture and variety.


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9-inch baked pie shell 1 ½ cups (375 mL) sugar cup (75 mL) plus 1 tbsp (15 mL) cornstarch 1 ½ cups (375 mL) water 3 egg yolks 3 tbsp (45 mL) butter 2 tsp (10 mL) grated lemon peel ½ cup (125 mL) lemon juice 2 drops yellow food colour (optional) DIRECTIONS

›› Preheat oven to 400°F (200°C). Combine sugar and cornstarch in a medium saucepan. Gradually stir in water. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture thickens and boils. Boil and stir 1 minute. ›› In a medium sized bowl, slightly beat three egg yolks. Very gradually blend a small amount of hot mixture into egg yolks to warm them. Add egg mixture to remaining cooked mixture in saucepan. Boil and stir for 1 minute. Remove from heat and stir in butter, lemon peel, lemon juice and food colour (if using). Immediately pour into the pie shell. MERINGUE

3 egg whites ¼ tsp (1 mL) cream of tartar 6 tbsp (90 mL) sugar ½ tsp (2 mL) vanilla DIRECTIONS

›› Beat egg whites and cream of tartar until frothy. Beat in sugar gradually until mixture forms soft peaks. Continue beating to obtain stiff and glossy peaks. Beat in vanilla. Do not under-beat. ›› Heap the meringue onto the hot pie filling and spread over the filling, carefully sealing the meringue to the edge of the crust to prevent shrinking or weeping. Bake about 10 minutes or until a delicate brown. Cool gradually to prevent shrinking. Makes 8 servings. PICTURED

Lemon Meringue Pie

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Energy that lasts.

Before heading out for some quality family time, consider fueling up with the nutritious Grade ‘A’ goodness of Manitoba eggs. Loaded with 14 vitamins and minerals and all nine essential amino acids, eggs are a rich source of high quality protein that provide your family with the lasting energy they need to keep active.

Canada’s Food Guide recognizes two eggs as a serving from the Meat & Alternatives Group.

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