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June 8–22, 2024 INSIDE : AMENITIES FOR LIFE: HOW WE LIVE, WORK AND PLAY IS NOW A GOOD TIME TO BUY? The first and only complete guide to pre-construction homes and condos NOW SELLING 3 & 4 BEDROOM TOWNHOMES Metro Vancouver

A Vivid Portrait of Livability Expressed Seamlessly Indoors and Out.

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On the cusp of Brentwood, an intimate urban village tethers itself to family traditions, togetherness, and discovery. Abundant amenities nurture wellbeing and belonging - with lush pathways, shared park spaces and gathering places offering moments of connection. Elegant, spacious homes radiate Italian finishings and sophistication.

The developer reserves the right to modify the building design, floorplans, prices, features and specifications without notice. This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made by way of disclosure statement. E. & O.E. Sales powered by MLA Canada Realty. REGISTER NOW
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24 PROPERTY PROFILES 12 Vivere Authentic living in North Guildford 21 Precidia Move in this summer ADVICE 14 Mortgage Minute Is now the time to buy a house? BY ALISA ARAGON-LLOYD 18 10 Minutes with Amenities for life: How we work, live and play BY SUSAN M BOYCE 28 Real Estate Pro Generational gap in Canadian housing market BY BARBARA LAWLOR NEIGHBOURHOOD PROFILE 10 The Township of Langley/The City of Langley BY MICHELLE HOPKINS INSPIRATION 24 Garden Life Budding ambition BY SARA DUCK IN EVERY ISSUE 6 Editor’s Note 22 Hot Properties 26 What’s Online 32 Listings Directory DISTRICT MAPS 7 Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford & Mission 16 North Shore & Squamish 20 Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge & Port Moody 23 Burnaby & New Westminster 27 South Surrey & White Rock 29 Vancouver & Downtown Vancouver 31 Richmond, North Delta & Tsawwassen 5




New Home + Condo Guide


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Timing is everything, right? But what does that mean? Ideally, it means that all the elements crucial to an event having a successful outcome need to be ready and in play. This adage applies to many of the things we do in life, including buying a home. Except, in today’s challenging housing market, you may have concerns surrounding the timing of your mortgage renewal, or even getting a mortgage for a new home.

You may not be able to determine if all the factors in your life are correctly aligned for buying a home, and perhaps you have many questions. This is where we can help. On page 14, mortgage specialist, Alisa Aragon-Lloyd, may have the answers to at least some of your questions. And so, you may discover that yes, now IS a good time for you to buy a home.

With things still to be done on your homebuying journey, such as deciding what kind of home you’d like to buy, we suggest you check out the story on page 18. If you’re leaning toward purchasing a condominium, you’ll be surprised at the variety of amenities now being offered at some multi-family developments. It makes sense to shop around and choose the amenities that reflect how you like to work, play and live.

We have lots of other interesting and informative articles in this issue, including new releases, advice for budding gardeners, and the results of a national survey that reveals a generational gap in the Canadian housing market. Thank you for picking up this copy of New Home + Condo Guide. Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

+ Real Estate Pro Generation gap in Canadian housing market Page
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6 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024



1. PIANO 105A & City Parkway

2. PARK GEORGE 9908 King George Blvd 604-583-9866

3. DISTRICT NW University Drive & 105 Avenue


5. PURA 105 Ave & 132 St

6. AMAYA LIVING 106 Ave & 140 St

7. SEQUOIA 133 Street & 104 Avenue

8. THE BEVERLY 17538 100 Avenue 778-400-4773

9. GUILDEN GUILDFORD 14683 104 Avenue 778-561-0023

10. VIVERE 15202 Guildford Drive


11. HAYER TOWN CENTRE 76 Avenue & 200 Street 604-800-9662

12. THE HIVE AT WILLOUGHBY 206222 80 Avenue 778-686-8572


14. SOUTH VILLAGE AT LATIMER VILLAGE 20018 83A Ave 604-371-0698

15. SCALE 20220 54A Avenue

16. AZURE GROVE 20117 84 Avenue 604-363-5654

17. AVIVA WILLOUGHBY 20164 - 81A Avenue


18. LEAH 9122 King Street 604-293-3477


19. THE RAIL DISTRICT 2774 Montrose Avenue 604-850-0040

HAYWARD LAKE STAVE RIVER MUD BAY HATZIC LAKE FraserRiver F aser R ve G ge F guson Way P donv le Rd ColumbiaSt O dYa e Rd H u d LyonRd 4 2 S M c M a n R d 92 A 1 3 4 t GrosvenorRd 2 0 4 2 0 S 2 0 1 t J o h n o d R n W e n G r n d S R v e S e d B o n o n R d 112 Ave 102 Ave 100 Ave 2 0 7 S Hi crest Ave Che y A 114 S 34 Ave 58 Ave 112 A 68 Ave L o werSumasMountainRd W e tview D 32 A e 108 Ave Kanaka Way 32 Ave aburnum Ave Delair Rd 75 Ave 1 4 S 76 Ave 98 A 1 5 4 St 2 7 S 14 h Ave 1 6 St W ah e B 1 8 9 S 93 Ave TelegraphTrl 0 29 Ave 6stSt 104Ave BeecherSt 18 Ave 1 4 2 28 Av 58 A e 44 Ave MapleCres 52 A 122 Ave W h a o m R d 112 Ave 36 Ave S 6 5 1 10 Ave 1 7 6 a 1 7 7 b S 2 1 2 S 104 Ave 105Ave S u m a s MountainRd F d Rd 54 Ave 62 Ave 52 Ave S a o nRd TransCanadaHwy TransCanadaHwy TransCanadaHwy Trans Canada Hwy TransCanadaHwy serHwy FraserHwy FraserHwy Fraser Hwy Fraser Hwy Lougheed Hwy LougheedHwy 16 Ave 16 Ave 16 A e 16 Ave 16 Ave LougheedHwy 1 3 2 S 1 3 2 1 3 2 64 Ave 64 Ave 64 Ave 64 A e 96 Ave 96 Ave 1 2 S 1 2 0 1 2 5 a 1 2 8 S t 104 Ave 2 0 S K i n g G K n G g o g r B vd 1 5 S 1 5 2 S 1 4 8 1 5 2 S 0 2 2 0 0 S 2 0 0 S 0 2 1 t 1 6 8 1 6 8 S 1 6 8 1 6 8 S S Frase Way 4 2 1 S 8 2 24 A e 24 Ave 28 Ave 96Av 96 Ave o o r b r e C k d R 1 4 0 t 1 3 8 4 1 0 1 4 4 4 1 4 S 1 6 0 1 6 0 1 6 0 1 8 4 1 S 4 1 8 4 S 1 4 S 1 8 4 60 Ave 60 Ave 108 A 1 4 S P c a H w 1 4 8 S erRd 3 2 2 2 2 S 3 2 S 2 t 2 3 2 MtLeh man d R 2 6 4 S 2 6 4 S 2 6 4 S S 4 6 2 88 Ave 1 5 6 S 1 6 S 0 0 S S u m a s W a y 2 8 0 S 8 0 S 2 0 8 St 2 1 S 6 216 2 1 6 S 2 6 S S 8 4 2 2 4 8 t 2 4 8 t 8 4 2 56 A 5 56 Ave G a d w n d R 1 4 8 S 0 Ave 0 A 0 Ave 0 Ave 0 Ave 2 7 2 S 2 7 2 a C M u m R d 9 1 2 1 9 2 7th Ave 72 Ave 72 Ave 1 7 S 6 40 Ave 68 Ave 68 Ave 1 8 S 48 Ave R 1 2 4 S 84 Ave 84 Ave 1 7 6 S 1 7 6 36 Ave 32 Ave 32 Ave 1 1 2 N o h R d 240 St S 0 4 2 2 4 0 S 56 Ave Best A e 82 Ave 1 8 8 St Vye Rd Vy Rd 1 1 5 2 S 80 Ave 80 Av 8 Ave 8 Ave 4 Ave 80 Ave 9 1 2 1 9 S 1 9 2 1 9 8 S B a d n e R d d e C r S 1 8 0 68 Ave 60 A 1 3 4 3 2 S 1 4 0 S H t gd Rd 1 4 4 t 1 6 4 42 Ave e L v u e e R d L e e v u e d R 1 6 S Harr s Rd Ha r s Rd 92 A e S 4 2 2 t 4 2 2 2 4 S 2 5 6 S t 6 5 2 6 5 2 56 Ave D Rd 2 0 8 S 88 Ave 2 7 2 S 40 Ave 40 Ave 92 A 2 7 2 S t 27 2 S S v e a k S e Rivers d e R d 6 1 2 OldYaleRd S 4 2 2 1 6 8 64 Ave 64 Ave 24 Ave 24 A 20 A 20 Ave 20 A 2 4 4 S 1 6 4 S 1 6 0 S HarvieRd 1 9 6 28 A Keys oneAve SFPR o s R d CumberlandSt F ase River Fraser River Fraser R ver 110 Ave 110 Ave 99 Ave 96 Ave GraceRd 92 Ave 72 Ave 72 Ave 84 Ave 82 Ave 80 Ave 76 Ave 88 Ave 88 Ave 88 Ave S 6 1 1 OldYale Rd Kittson Pkwy British Columbia Hwy New McLe Rd Hyland Rd Fraser River F ase R ver Harris Rd Baynes Rd R verRd Dewdney Trunk Rd Dewdney Trunk Rd Dewdney Trunk Rd ugheedHwy 240 St Laity St AllardCrescent 208 St GloverRd Colebrook Grade Cres ent VancouverBlaineHwy Buena V s a Ave Pacific Ave No h B uff Rd Glenmore Rd Mt Lehman Rd Townline Rd O und Rd Townsh pline Rd B ue a S Abb o s ordM s o n wH y Mar hall Rd B A King Rd ldC ayburnRd Mac ure Rd B e R d Ba eman Rd Marsh Rd S mpson Rd C earbroo R d BritishColumbiaHwy Home S Dr a p e r S FraserRiver FraserRiver Fernda e Ave FraserRiver Keysto eAve SFPR SFPR 10 15 15 99 99 17 17 91 15 13 11 11 10 10 10 10 1A 1A 1A 7 7 7 7 1A 1 1 1 1 1 Colebrook Rd d R e n d a r B
NEW HOMES NEW CONDOS 2 Av 12 13 14 17 11 18 19 v 10 15 3 Av 15 ve 6 s 2 3 00 9 4 5 1
7 8 Start your search Your trusted authority for the latest new home and condo developments. Visit to get started. 7



It’s a community like no other, the birthplace of British Columbia and a beloved riverside village. People who live in Fort Langley seldom want to leave. It’s just that kind of ambience.

Now, there’s a new way to experience this one-of-a-kind neighbourhood. Introducing Lēah Fort Langley Village Homes, 41 modern townhomes with all the charm of yesteryear.

“This is the first townhome development in Fort Langley for seven years,” says Ben Taddei, chief operating officer of Conwest Developments. “We really wanted this project to pay homage to the site’s

rich history and the people who have family roots here—sometimes going back generations.”


From the moment you arrive, it’s clear Lēah has achieved exactly that. “Response from the community has been overwhelmingly supportive,” says Danielle Reed, president of Breakside Real Estate Group, adding that the first buyers will be moving in this summer as two of the nine buildings are now nearing completion.

Designed by Site lines Architecture, a Fort Langley-based firm with a deep

understanding of the town’s unique character and culture, exteriors feature natural-tone shingles, colourful doorways, natural stone chimneys, and mullioned windows. Cosy covered porches overlook whimsical picket fences and send an open invitation to passersby to pause for a few moments of conversation.


Inside, Lēah is sheer 21st century. Open-concept floorplans are wide and spacious, so they recreate the feel of a single-family home filled with plenty of natural light. There’s an effortless flow between

8 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024

spaces that’s ideal for entertaining with family and friends, yet creates an intimate setting when it just you and your sweetheart for a candlelight dinner.

“Lēah is about lifestyle,” Danielle says. “Buyers appreciate the quality they see here, details like engineered hardwood flooring, integrated appliances, vaulted ceilings in the primary bedroom, and air conditioning. These are homes you grow into, not out of. For people downsizing from the family home, it becomes an effortless transition.”


Located on the banks of the Fraser River, Fort Langley remains a closeknit community where people know their neighbours and the many local boutique owners frequently greet customers by name.

Long a magnet for book lovers and java fans, Wendel’s Bookshop & Café is an icon that’s as much a social hub as a retail shop. Around the corner, the massive Village Antique Mall is a not-to-be-missed meander down memory lane, where you simply never know what special treasure

awaits discovery. Eateries range from retro to global cuisine and comfort pub fare. There’s art galleries, the Floralista Flower Studio, even Watermelon Tree Baby & Kids for the younger set.

And, of course, the Langley Fort itself, where you’ll find historical displays, open public markets, and live entertainment showcasing the community.

Lēah’s presentation centre and display home are now open Saturday through Wednesday (closed Thursday/Friday) at 37 –9122 King Street in Fort Langley. Better hurry though, because more than half these three- and four-bedroom homes are already sold. Prices start at $1,249,900. Visit lē or call 236.451.0041 for more information.

+ LOCATION Fort Langley BUILDER Conwest Developments HOME TYPE Townhomes SALES CENTRE 37
in Fort
– 9122 King Street
or 236.451.0041 9


Langley is divided into two districts – Langley City and the Township of Langley, which features the idyllic village of Fort Langley. The Township is encircled on the north by the Fraser River and to its south, the United States border. Meanwhile, Langley City is directly east of Surrey and surrounded by the Township.


Nestled amid lush parks, coffee shops, boutiques and tree-lined streets, Fort Langley just about oozes with quaintness overload – we say this in a very positive way.


Both districts seem to enjoy a slower pace of life. It’s no wonder the vibe here is chilled, yet active, with many residents enjoying a cycle, walk or hike.


Many young families are drawn to the township because of its affordability. In fact, of the township’s 121,000 residents, 62 per cent are aged 55 or younger, and of those, 51 per cent have some form of higher education. With a growth rate of 12.6 per cent over the last census period (2011-2016), the

population is expected to double by 2040 – making it the sixth largest municipality in Metro Vancouver. The city is predominantly a familyoriented community, with 81 per cent comprised of young families. Also, more affordable than other Greater Vancouver neighbourhoods, Langley City has one of the highest proportions of young urban singles.


If you like to play the slots, tables, poker or bingo, you’ll be happy to know Langley City is home to the Cascades Casino Resort. It also features a hotel, spa, a few

10 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024
Fort Langley National Historic Site

restaurants, and a convention centre.

For those with a penchant for studies, Kwantlen Polytechnic University has a campus here.

Built in 1827, Fort Langley developed around the site of a Hudson’s Bay Company fur-trading post. The post purchased or traded furs from the local Aboriginal population (including the Kwantlen people) and serviced the British Empire via the Fraser.

Today, people can discover its rich past at the Fort Langley National Historic Site, which boasts a CN train station and a former Fort trading post.


Langley is car-dependent. It is easy to get in and out of both the city and township via Highway 1 or for a more scenic route, take 0 Avenue. Commuting to Vancouver by transit

will take you an hour on most days. However, the township is only 20 minutes to the Abbotsford Airport.


Both the city and township are booming.

In 2018, Langley City more than doubled its average annual construction value, up to $113 million from a 10-year average annual construction value of $48.6 million.

The Township’s largest project in its history is the master-planned, European-inspired 74-acre community of Latimer Heights, which will include a mix of 2,100 homes, 17 acres of greenspace and a new elementary school. Vesta Properties is a major player here with Latimer Village. The amenity-rich neighbourhood has everything you need within walking distance.



This casual chic eatery is arguably one of Fort Langley’s best hangouts. For good reason. It began its life as a bakery and morphed into where locals head to break bread together –whether brunch, lunch or dinner.


The largest and oldest winery in the Fraser Valley, Chaberton is nestled amongst 40+ acres of planted vines. It is also home to Bacchus Bistro, a romantic classic French restaurant serving fabulous farm-to-table cuisine. Or bring your own fare, grab a picnic table and raise a glass from any of its 25 awardwinning wines.


Built in 1930, the Little White House is truly a triple threat – it offers a great curated selection of antiques, stunning women’s fashions, and a Parisian-inspired café, a popular spot for bridal shower lunches and tea parties, all combined in a quaint, charming historic house.

South Village in Latimer Heights Fort Langley Street 11



North Guildford, Surrey



Now previewing CONTACT


A new concrete highrise is coming to North Guildford. Its name is Vivere by Solterra Development, and if you love the vibe and serenity of an Italian way of life, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Unique in the area, the 20-storey Vivere is a 100 per cent residential tower. Contemporary yet timeless, these 175 homes, designed by Rafii Architects Inc., are already turning heads and capturing hearts.


Interiors are tranquil and have an inviting fluidity that transforms every corner into a serene oasis amid the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

Always the heart of a home, Vivere kitchens are designed to inspired culinary adventures. Custom-crafted, duo-tone cabinetry imported from Italy has a sleek, contemporary look, with vertical wood grain laminate

and a matte acrylic finish accented by a dramatic full-height slab quartz backsplash and matching countertop. The Bertazzoni Professional appliance package—including a 30-inch fiveburner gas cooktop with concealed hood fan, convenient convection wall oven, and an integrated microwave drawer—is sure to satisfy the demands of the most ardent foodie.

And for those on the quest for a truly elevated living experience, Solterra’s signature Private Collection provides exquisite opulence and some of the finest views in Metro Vancouver. Penthouse homes include a private, rooftop terrace, the perfect place to take in the sunshine at any time of day.

Ideally located on the corner of Guildford Road and 152 Street in North Surrey, Vivere offers homes ranging from one- to three-bedroom condominiums, including Solterra’s signature Private Collection of

sub-penthouses and penthouses, plus select townhomes with private, 1,000-sq.-ft. rooftop decks. Previews now underway.

Register at to book your private appointment.

HOME TYPE Highrise
12 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024

The first concrete residential high-rise in North Guildford that will enhance the skyline and offer prime access to Highway 1.

1, 2, and 3 Bed Residences Nestled in the heart of North Guildford, this lively community is set to transform the way you think about home. REGISTER TODAY Rendering is artist concept only. This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering may only be made with a disclosure statement. E&O.E. Sales by Solterra (Guildford 2) Ltd. and Oakwyn Realty Ltd.



If you are like most people who either have a mortgage or want to buy a home, you’ve got concerns—rightfully so, but there are answers. No one is stuck. There are good moves to be made. Here are answers to the top three mortgage and financial questions people ask about buying a home.


Let’s be clear; anyone who purchased a home around 2009 was signing a mortgage for around the same interest rate that we are experiencing today. These rates are not new,

and buying a home at these rates is totally doable.

The down payment can come from your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), First Time Homebuyer Savings Account (FHSA), gift from family, or other investments.

The reality is that with a shortage of housing and demand on housing needs, housing prices are going to continue to increase, and it is best that you get in on the housing market and start building your own equity now, instead of paying someone else’s mortgage.


The decisions you make today may not be the same as when you got your mortgage five years ago. Do you plan on staying in your home?

Will you move in a few years? These questions will affect your decisions. Did you know that you can extend your amortization period to reduce the amount of your monthly payments? You might have signed a fixed mortgage rate last time, and this time, a variable/adjustable mortgage might make more sense, or vice versa. These are all things that can change the amount of your monthly payments. There are options, choices and questions to be asked before automatically signing your renewal letter.


With all the recent financial ups and downs, getting access to money can be very expensive. The average credit card interest rate is between 19.99 per

ADVICE | MORTGAGE MINUTE 14 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024

cent and 25.99 per cent, which is not sustainable. If you own your home, there are more affordable options, such as increasing your mortgage amount or getting a home equity line of credit (HELOC), where your interest rate is between 7.50 per cent and 7.70 per cent.

Home equity loans allow you to take advantage of the value, or equity, you have built up in your home. It allows you to borrow money you need by using that value as collateral. The money can be used for a myriad of things, including:

• Vacations

• Home renovations and upgrades

• Investments

• Starting or growing a business

• Debt consolidation Home equity is the difference between the valuation of your home and the outstanding amount owed on your mortgage.

For example, if your home is valued at $500,000 and you currently owe $200,000 on your mortgage, your home equity would be $300,000; the

appraised value of $500,000 minus the mortgage owing of $200,000 equals your equity of $300,000. The lender will let you access up to 80 per cent of that equity in your home as a mortgage. Therefore, you can get up to $400,000 as a new mortgage, which means you will have access to an additional $200,000. If you were to get a home equity line of credit, you would be able to access up to 65 per cent loan-to-value. Therefore, based on the same property value of $500,000, you would be able to access up to $125,000.


Your original mortgage was a 25-year amortization with a five-year term. Now that your mortgage is up for renewal, your current amortization is 20 years. You can either renew with your current lender or transfer your existing mortgage to a new lender, as long as the mortgage amount and amortization period remain the same. By switching to a new lender, you will be saving $95.11 per month,

which adds up to a savings of $5,706.60 over the five-year term.


With rising costs, it really comes down to your monthly cashflow. While you might not want to increase your amortization period, you may need to do it to access more funds to cover your overall monthly expenses. You can increase your amortization period and change the frequency of your mortgage payments to reduce your amortization period faster.

You don’t have to sell your home to get access to that money. Explore the best financing options based on your unique needs and situation. Don’t be afraid to ask, and don’t be afraid to shop around. Being able to access the best mortgage with the best rate and terms will pay off big in the end, and that is your right.

The bottom line is that in today’s market, anything is possible, and you deserve the best deal. You won’t know what that is if you don’t ask. Speak to a mortgage expert to help answer all your questions.

Alisa Aragon-Lloyd has been a mortgage expert for more than 13 years. She prides herself in helping her clients build wealth using many different strategies in real estate. She is licensed with Bridgestone Financing Pros and is on the board of directors for the Homebuilder Association of Vancouver (HAVAN) and is a multiple award-winning member.


Current rate Renewal rate with current lender Renewal rate with new lender Interest rate 2.99% 5.34% 4.99% Amortization period 25 20 20 Monthly payments $2,363.66 $3,378.04 $3,282.93 Difference per month $1,014.38 $919.27 Difference over five-year term $60,862.80 $55,156.20 *THE INTEREST RATE USED FOR THE CALCULATIONS IS BASED ON A FIVE-YEAR TERM. Current rate Renewal rate with current lender Renewal rate with new lender Extend amortization period Interest rate 2.99% 5.34% 4.99% 5.49% Amortization period 25 25 25 30 Monthly payments $2,363.66 $3,005.55 $2,905.18 $2,816.47 Difference per month $641.89 $541.52 $452.81 Difference over five-year term $38,513.40 $32,491.20 $ 27,168.60 *DEPENDING ON HOW YOUR MORTGAGE IS REGISTERED, YOUR AMORTIZATION PERIOD CAN BE EXTENDED TO THE ORIGINAL AMORTIZATION PERIOD. YOU CAN ALWAYS INCREASE YOUR AMORTIZATION PERIOD BY REFINANCING. 15


1. PARK WEST 1633 Capilano Road

2. EXECUTIVE ON THE PARK 660 Clyde Avenue 604-926-2398

3. HAWKSLEY 3963 Uplands Way

4. BADEN PARK 904 Lytton Street

5. 1331 AMBLESIDE RESIDENCE 1331 Marine Drive

6. WESTON PLACE 2195 Gordon Avenue


135 East 13th Street 604-929-3211

8. PIERWELL 2452 Marine Drive

9. ONE20 120 East 14 Street 236-551-1311


10. BRITANNIA BEACH BC 99 & Copper Dr 604-980-0016

11. SEA AND SKY 604-559-7918

12. REDBRIDGE 1606 Scott Crescent

13. FINCH DRIVE 1050 Finch Drive 778-990-1129

CAPILANO LAKE ENGLISH BAY BURRARD INLET L o n s d a l e A v e E Hastings St C o m m e r c i a l D r StAndre w s A v e N a n a i m o S t Highlan d B l v d NelsonSt Venables St F i r S t Q u e b e c S t 29th St E BeachAve 2 1 s t S t 1 5 S t DavieSt R u p e r t S t EdgemontBlvd Grandview Hwy W 16th Ave Dundas St W 1st St J o n e s A v e a r G n d B l v d E Keith Rd E y r a d n u o B R d McGill St Main St athers Ave Larson Rd Dundas St StevensDr TransCanadaHwy e W 12th Ave E 12th Ave Capilano Rd MtSeymour Pky C l a r k D r E 1st Ave W 4th Ave Dr Marine Dr W Queens Rd 3rdStW Low Level Rd Marine Dr Powell St Trinity St Springer Ave Delta Ave Gilmore Ave Willingdon Ave Parker St Terminal Ave Victoria Dr E Broadway Burrard St W 6th Ave W Broadway W 10th ave W 4th Ave Alma St Dollarton Hwy 99 99 7 7 7A 1 1 1 Mountain Hwy NEW HOMES NEW CONDOS
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16 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024



Times are changing, and there’s no question the pandemic has brought a new focus on how we live, work and play. Home offices, even if they’re just a desk tucked into a corner, are still an option for many people. “Zooming” is firmly entrenched in the global vernacular, and condo amenities are commanding even more attention in the competitive multi-family marketplace.

In this issue, we chat with Grant Murray, senior vice-president, sales, with Concord Pacific, about trends and innovations in the masterplanned condos and townhouse developments we call home.

New Home + Condo Guide: Concord Pacific has always been a leader in creating innovative, people-centric amenities. What’s your philosophy about amenities?

Grant Murray: We design our amenities to help create microcommunities for people with like minds. It’s about wellness — social as well as physical. We’re fortunate to be

developing on a large scale at Concord Metrotown and Oasis at Concord Brentwood, so we have room for 70,000 and 135,000 sq. ft, respectively, that we can dedicate to a diverse range of amenities, something not many companies have the opportunity to do.

NH+CG: Entertainment lounges, usually with a kitchen attached, have been a de facto standard for years, especially for downsizers who still want to have the kids and grandkids over for family celebrations. But what are

some of the new standards people are looking for in an amenities package?

GM: Two extremely popular amenities are secure bike storage rooms and pet spas.

During the pandemic, many people got a pet. Having a place where you can walk your dog and a washing/grooming area is a huge convenience.

Likewise, with more people riding bikes, you need somewhere secure to store them. Now take it up a notch with a dedicated gear room equipped

Gear Room at Concord Metrotown.
18 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024
Outdoor work pods at Concord Metrotown.

with all the tools you need to maintain and repair your bike — even the tools you may only use once — as well as private bicycle storage rooms and EV plugs. Plus, there’s the social aspect of meeting your neighbours and perhaps ending up going for a ride together. And even if you don’t know how to fix a flat, frequently another cyclist is happy to help you out. Who knows, a couple of single people could meet and end up getting married.

Neither of these features take much space, so they’re feasible even in a smaller development.

NH+CG: What about fitness facilities? How have they changed?

GM: It’s no longer just about cardio and weights. For example, most fitness centres now have spin bikes and dedicated yoga/stretching rooms. A larger project, like the ones we usually build, will often incorporate half-courts for things like volleyball or pickleball.

We’ve also built a number of communities with private bowling alleys. Even 10 years later, the one we put in at Coopers Point in Yaletown is still booked almost every night. Again, there’s a social component because people often have gatherings and parties there.

Golf simulators and private putting greens are two innovations residents tell us they love.

At Concord Metrotown and Oasis, two of our newest communities, the 400-metre, outdoor running tracks have been a huge hit. Interestingly, one of the things people say they appreciate most is the security.

Because the tracks are located on the podium level and are private, people feel safe at any time of day even if they’re jogging alone.

NH+CG: Are there some amenities that are falling out of favour?

GM: In the new employment landscape, having one person working on a laptop in the middle of a large meeting room isn’t optimal use of space. A more efficient solution is to create four or five smaller rooms, or pods, that people can use for Zoom calls and when they just want to have some privacy.

We’re also now putting Wi-Fi in the elevators to give seamless connectivity right from your suite. It’s a subtle amenity but it means you don’t have to tell a client you’ll call back in five minutes while you go downstairs.

NH+CG: What other outsidethe-box amenities are there that enhance lifestyle?

GM: Soundproofed karaoke lounges and music rooms can be a lot of fun. We even put in a set of drums in one of our music rooms. At Oasis, we’re adding a suntanning “beach” adjacent to the indoor swimming pool area — no need to travel to get the resort experience. And at Metrotown, we’ve built outdoor sauna barrels and work pods so you feel like you’re outside in the garden, surrounded by fresh air.

NH+CG: Any final thoughts?

GM: Having so many amenities just an elevator ride away gives you a luxury many people don’t think about — the

luxury of time. You don’t have to travel to a coffee shop or the gym or rent a music studio. It’s all right there, and it’s all state-of-the-art too, which is another bonus.

Grant Murray Sauna barrels at Concord Metrotown. Kids’ birthday party in the bowling alley at Oasis. 19
Podium-level outdoor running track at Oasis.

1. WEST 505 Nelson Street


545 Sydney Ave. 778-948-0333

3. VUE Foster Ave & Whiting Way

4. SOPHORA AT THE PARK #101 - 1135 Pipeline Road 604-942-8416

5. PRECIDIA 520 Cottonwood Ave 604-422-0080

6. ALINA 604-259-8626

7. SOL Como Lake Ave & Robinson 604-937-9688

8. DWELL Smith Ave & Clark Rd

9. QUEENSTON 3431 Queenston Avenue 604-259-7178

10. GARDENA 635 Gardena Drive

11. FRASER MILLS 2 King Edward Street

12. DEBUT | FRASER MILLS 2 King Edward Street

13. LODANA 601 Rochester Avenue

14. LEVEL 600 Shaw Avenue 604-492-2100


15. HAWTHORNE 2275 Hawthorne Ave 604-461-1088


16. PROVENANCE 11295 Pazarena Place 604-467-2285

17. CREST KANAKA SPRINGS 25024 112 Ave 604-405-1903

HOT PROPERTIES FraserRiver D ew dney TrunkRd 1 2 4 A ve 1 3 2 A ve 1 3 2 A ve 1 2 8 A ve Westw o o d S t P o i r i e r S t 2 2 7 S t 2 2 8 S t Run n e l R d CitadelDr B o n s o n R d 1 2 3 A ve 2 0 7 S t 1 2 8 A ve Mary H i l l R d 1 1 2 A ve 1 0 8 A ve Riv e r s i de D r Lincoln Ave H a mm o n d R d 2 3 0 S t H c k ey Dr G le n D r MapleCres 1 2 2 A ve F o rd R d 2 2 2 S t LougheedHwy S haug hnessy St 1 6 0 S t 1 0 8 A ve M a r i n a W r e y PittRiver Rd Pra ir ie A ve 2 3 2 S t 2 3 2 S t 2 0 3 S t a H r r i s R d 2 1 6 S t 2 1 0 S t MaryHill Bypass United Blvd Linton St Coast Meridian Rd F r a ser River PittRiver Ea s tern D r KingswayAve Broadway St Kennedy Rd Wooldridge Rd Oxford St Pitt River PittRiver S h a ug hnes s y St C e d a r Dr Wilson Ave KingswayAve Mar i n e r Way 110 Ave 110 Ave Fraser River Harris Rd Baynes Rd River Rd Dewdney Trunk Rd LougheedHwy 224 St Laity St British C o lu mbia H w y Neaves Rd AllardCrescent SFPR 1 17 7 7 7 7B Foster Ave COQUITLAM
C o a M t s e r d i a n d R N e l s o A n v e C o m m e r c i a l D r StAndre w s A v e Dewdney TrunkRd d R y r a d n u o B d R y r a d n u o B 6thAve P i n e tre e Way enables St E 54th Ave ColumbiaSt EwenAve S c h o o l h o u s e S t Canada Way CanadaWay P o i r e r S t V i c t o r i a D r R u p e r t S t M a r m o n t S t 92 Ave Pa ERd e v A t s 1 Princeton Ave norama Dr yT n e S t EarlesSt Dundas St EdmondsSt MarineDr BraidSt d n u M y S t Runnel Rd Park way Blvd CitadelDr R u p e rt S t Mary H i l l R d a r G n d B l v d E Keith Rd E y r a d n u o B R d Grange St t t a P e r s o n A v e Westminster Hwy N FraserWay 14thA Griffiths10thAve Dr ve 16thAve 112 Ave l a G e y A v e E8thAve 108 Ave 8thAve 98 Ave W ahell y Blvd Lincoln Ave g d i r b n i a B e A v e 6stSt 12thSt 6stSt 104Ave H i c k ey Dr Glen Dr t S r e t r o P g i n K t h t S Dundas St Oakland St a M c P h e e v A n o s r 112 Ave FraserHwy 1 3 2 S t K n ig h t S t 96 Ave 1 2 8 S t 104 Ave 105 Ave 1 2 0 t S Shaug hnessy St SE Marine Dr Marine Way 4 1 0 S t 10thAve 1 6 0 S t 1 6 0 S t 108 Ave 1 4 4 S t e R n f r e w S t R u p e r t S t 1 5 6 S t MtSeymour Pky PittRiver Rd Austin Ave C l a r k D r Pip e l ine Rd 100 Ave S t BritishColumbia Hwy 3 2 S t 92 Ave N o d R 6 Winston St 1 6 8 RiverRd SFPR Trinity St Duthie Ave Broadway Halifax St Sperling Ave Kensington Ave Springer Ave Delta Ave Gilmore Ave Wil i n g d o n A v e Wil l i n g d o n A v e Curtis St Parker St Victoria Dr E Broadway Jacombs Rd Knight St aser River N u m b e r 7 R d Elliott S t K e r r S t Moscrop St Bond St BurrisSt Burke St Smith Ave Sussex Ave Rumble St ByrneRd Marine Way Marine Dr Imperial St ImperialSt R o y a l O a k A v e R o y a l O a k A v e Deer Lake Pkwy CumberlandSt Car i b ooRd E C o u m b i a S t N o r t h R d 1 3 4 S t Fraser River 1 1 4 S t GrosvenorRd d v l B e g r o e G g n i K United Blvd Alderson Ave Rochester Ave BrunetteAve DawesHillRd Smith Ave Linton St Fraser River PittRiv Ea s tern D r Broadway St Oxford St S h aug hnes s y St Wilson Ave KingswayAve M o r a y St Mar i en r Way hoJ nso n S t FraserRiver Fraser River BoydSt 110 Ave 110 Ave 99 Ave 96 Ave GraceRd 92 Ave 88 Ave 88 Ave 88 Ave t S OldYale Rd SFPR SFPR 1 1 17 91 91 91A 7 7 7 7 7 1A 1A A 7B 7A 7A 1 1 Como Lake Ave ClarkeRd Clarke St Murray St r D e r y a n e l G r D e l i c e C IocoRd G a t e n s b u r y S t BurnabyMountain Pkwy David Ave HeritageMount ainBlvd Guildford Way PORT MOODY 2 13 11 12 3 10 5 14 6 8 1 18. THE NORTH AT PORT HANEY 604-477-1500 19. EVERWOOD 23697 Fern Crescent 20. PORTHAVEN 17 19 20 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024



Rising 29 storeys, Precidia is Ledingham McAllister’s newest boutique collection of residences in the West Coquitlam neighbourhood. And if you’re looking for a brandnew home in this up-and-coming neighbourhood, this is one you won’t want to miss.

Best of all, these one-, two- and three-bedroom homes are move-in ready. So, you could be celebrating summer and the dazzling views of Burnaby Mountain, the Gulf Islands, Mount Baker and the surrounding cityscape from the comfort of your brand-new space.


Arriving at Precidia is always an event, thanks to a hotel-inspired auto court, magnificent water features, and impeccably manicured gardens. Then step into the over-height lobby with dramatic chandelier and cosy fireside lounge and feel yourself unwind.

Homes feature spacious, openconcept floorplans with over-height ceilings and expansive windows that

flood each room with natural light, while covered balconies seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor living.

Kitchens, always the heart of a home, are ready to sizzle with full-size stainless-steel appliances, including a five-burner gas range by KitchenAid, quartz composite countertops, a Carrara-inspired porcelain tile backsplash, and plenty of storage.

Spa-inspired bathrooms feature stunning vanities with soft underlighting and frameless glass showers in main ensuites. Plus, each home includes a full-sized, frontloading Whirlpool washer and dryer.


With more than 10,000 sq. ft. of hotel-inspired amenities, living is easy at Precidia. Ready for a few hints? How about an inviting social club with fireside lounge, billiards table, fully equipped chef’s kitchen and private dining area. Or check out the landscaped terrace with fireside lounge seating, harvest dining table,



Ledingham McAllister

HOME TYPE Highrise


150 – 3355 North Road, Burnaby

CONTACT or 604.422.0080

and children’s play area. There’s also a fully-equipped fitness centre, guest suite, a secure parcel delivery room, bike repair area, and dog wash station.

All this, and you’re only a sixminute walk to Burquitlam SkyTrain Station for easy access to all of Metro Vancouver, an eight-minute walk to shops and services at Burquitlam Plaza, or a fifteen-minute walk to the City of Lougheed Shopping Centre. Convenience redefined. Precidia is located at the intersection of Cottonwood Avenue and Whiting Way and offers a wide selection of home types, meaning there truly is something for everyone.

The presentation centre is open noon to 5 p.m. daily except Fridays at 150 – 3355 North Road in Burnaby. For a limited time you can own with just five per cent down and enjoy up to three per cent savings. Visit or call the sales team at 604.422.0080 for more information.






Home type: Mixed-use condos and rentals

Builder: Grosvenor

On the map: Burnaby Web:

Info: Brentwood Block aims to be a thriving, inclusive mixed-use community with approximately 3,500 new homes, including 2,450 rental homes, a new urban, multistorey community centre and approximately 200,000 sq. ft. of commercial space on transit. The master-planned community will also incorporate an abundance of green and public space, with more than half the site designated as courtyards and plazas for residents and the general public. Register today.


Home type: Condominiums

Developer: Peterson

On the map: Vancouver


Info: The one,- two- and three-bedroom concrete homes at Frame are shaped by light and eyeline. Available in two coordinated colour palettes, warm, contemporary interiors instill a sense of calm through the use of wood, stone and crisp black detailing, with functional and efficient floorplans. As it wraps around the corner and alternate levels, Frame opens up a wealth of views — from the glittering glass towers of downtown Vancouver, across the North Shore mountains and up to Metrotown rising from the east. Register today.


Home type: Townhomes

Developer: Conwest Developments

On the map: Fort Langley Web:

Info: The three- and four-bedroom townhomes at Lēah offer open-concept,

wide and spacious floorplans, air conditioning, and two colour palettes — oak or heather. Exteriors feature natural-tone shingles, colourful doorways, natural stone chimneys, mullioned windows, an outdoor deck and patio and a cosy covered porch. Register today.


Home type: Condominiums

Developer: Wanson Group

On the map: Burnaby


Info: Beautifully finished Jr. to two-bedroom homes, steps from Metrotown, with more than 1,000 retailers, parks, recreation facilities and more. Interiors at Nido are calming spaces designed to optimize functionality with dedicated workstations in select homes, hidden utility closets, kitchens with added storage, dine-in islands and clever built-in entry millwork for keys and daily essentials. Register today.


Home type: Condominiums

Developer: Darwin, Citimark

On the map: Vancouver Web:

Info: An intimate collection of 57 finely crafted one- two- and three-bedroom homes located in a walkable community. Interiors are enhanced with elegant herringbone-patterned flooring, purposeful layouts to maximize space, and expansive windows that let in lots of natural light. Kitchens include a Sub-Zero fridge and freezer, creative open and hidden storage solutions and a Wolf built-in and transitional-speed oven and gas cooktop. Register today.

22 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024




2. JUNEAU 604-299-9191

3. CEDAR CREEK 7166 14th Street 604-529-8868

4. ALASKA 4455 Alaska St 604-299-9191

5. BORDEAUX 4488 Juneau Street

6. ECLIPSE BRENTWOOD 2463 Beta Avenue

7. MOONLIGHT SONATA 3588 Wayburne Drive 778-788-1480

8. O2 METROTOWN 5137 Kingsway 778-886-8280

9. AZURE AT SOUTHGATE CITY 7662 18th Street 604-544-8800

10. THE STANDARD Metrotown

11. SLATE 5180 Lougheed Hwy

12. CONCORD SKY-HOUSE 4750 Kingsway

13. POLARIS METROTOWN 6699 Dunblane Ave 604-565-7733

14. NUVO 6075 Wilson Avenue

15. THE AMAZING BRENTWOOD 4567 Lougheed Hwy 604-298-7314

16. SOLO 4 2131 Willingdon Avenue 604-298-8800

17. CONCORD METROTOWN Nelson Ave & Kingsway

18. HIGHLINE METROTOWN 6511 Sussex Avenue

19. METRO 21 6540 Marlborough Avenue

20. ETOILE GOLD Unit B 2427 Lougheed Hwy 604-336-9600

21. REIGN AT METROTOWN 604-227-5097

22. BASSANO BY BOFFO 2100 Springer Avenue

23. RIVIERA 4960 Bennett Street

24. ICON 7201 11th Avenue

25. BRENTWOOD BLOCK 2150 Alpha Ave

26. CONCORD GREENHOUSE 5895 Barker Ave 604-435-1383

27. REIGN 6280 Willingdon Avenue


28. MOODY ON THE HILL 228 6th Street 778-895-5533

29. THE KEARY 230 Keary Street

30. TIMBER HOUSE 310 Salter Street

HOT PROPERTIES B u e M o u n t a n S t C o a M t s e r d a n d R N e l s o A n v e C o m m e r c i a l D r StAndre w s A v e Dewdney TrunkRd d R y r a d n u o B d R y r a d n u o B 6thAve P i n e tre e Way Venables St ColumbiaSt EwenAve S c h o o l h o u s e S t Westw o o d S t Canada Way CanadaWay P o r i e r S t V c t o r i a D r R u p e r t S t M a r m o n t S t 92 Ave Panorama Dr yT n e S t EarlesSt Dundas St EdmondsSt MarineDr BraidSt d n u M y S t Runnel Rd Park way Blvd CitadelDr R u p e rt S t Mary H i l R d a r G n d B v d E Keith Rd E y r a d n u o B R d Grange St t t a P e r s o n A v e Westminster Hwy N FraserWay 14thA Griffiths10thAve Dr ve 16thAve 112 Ave l a G e y A v e E8thAve P o r t e t S r 108 Ave 8thAve o r P duct ion Way 75 Ave 84 Ave 76 Ave 98 Ave W ahell y Blvd Lincoln Ave g d r b n i a B e A v e 6stSt 12thSt 6stSt 104Ave H i c k ey Dr Glen Dr g n K t h t S Oakland St a M c P h e e v A n o s r 112 Ave FraserHwy 1 3 2 S t 1 3 2 S t K n g h t S t 96 Ave 1 2 8 S t 1 2 8 S t 104 Ave 105 Ave 1 2 0 t S Shaug hnessy St 0 2 1 S t 1 6 8 S t SE Marine Dr Marine Way 1 4 0 S t 1 3 8 S t 4 1 0 S t 4 1 4 S t 10thAve 1 6 0 S t 1 6 0 S t 1 6 0 S t 108 Ave 1 4 4 S t e R n f r e w S t R u p e r t S t RiverRd 1 4 8 S t 1 5 6 S t 1 5 6 S t MtSeymour Pky M a r n a W r e y PittRiver Rd Austin Ave C l a r k D r Ga lg a r di Way 1 4 8 S t 1 2 4 S t 84 Ave 84 Ave 1 1 2 S t 82 Ave Pip e l ine Rd 100 Ave 1 5 2 S t 80 Ave David Ave BritishColumbia Hwy 1 3 2 S t 1 6 4 S t 92 Ave N o 6 Rd N o d R 6 Winston St 1 6 8 S t RiverRd SFPR Trinity St Duthie Ave Broadway Halifax St Sperling Ave Kensington Ave Springer Ave Delta Ave Gilmore Ave Willi n g d o n A v e Willi n g d o n A v e Curtis St Parker St Victoria Dr E Broadway E 1st Ave Dundas St Renfrew St McGill St Jacombs Rd Sidaway Rd FraserRiver Knight St Fraser River Nu m b e r 7 R d Elliott S t K e r r S t Moscrop St Bond St BurrisSt Burke St Smith Ave Sussex Ave Rumble St ByrneRd Marine Way Marine Dr Imperial St ImperialSt R o yal O a k A v e R o y a l O a k A v e Deer Lake Pkwy CumberlandSt Car i b ooRd E C o u m b a S t N o r t h R d 1 3 4 S t Fraser River GrosvenorRd d v l B e g r o e G g n i K Robinson St United Blvd Alderson Ave Rochester Ave BrunetteAve DawesHillRd Smith Ave Linton St Fraser River PittRiver Ea s tern D r Broadway St Oxford St S h aug hnes s y St Wilson Ave KingswayAve M o r aySt Mar i en r Way Guildford Way hoJ nso n S t FraserRiver Fraser River BoydSt 110 Ave 110 Ave 99 Ave 96 Ave GraceRd 92 Ave 72 Ave 72 Ave 84 Ave 82 Ave 80 Ave 76 Ave 88 Ave 88 Ave 88 Ave t S 6 1 1 OldYale Rd NordelWay SFPR River Rd 1 1 17 17 91 91 99 1A 91A 7 7 7 7 7 1A 1A 1A 7B 7A 7A 1 1 Como Lake Ave Clarke Rd ClarkeRd Murray St r D e r y a n e G r D e l c e C GaglardiWay University Dr W College Park Way G a t e n s b u r y S t BurnabyMountain Pkwy SFPR E 54th Ave
NEW HOMES NEW CONDOS 5 4 1 15 16 20 2 6 25 3 9 24 30 14 10 26 18 11 7 27 17 12 26 13 19 23 21 8 29
28 22 23


When I was growing up, my Sicilian grandparents had the most amazing garden and chicken coop in the backyard of their Toronto home. It was the kind of garden that made neighbours blush with envy and local newspapers clammer for a photograph of my Nonno’s six-ft. zucchini.

I spent most of my life eating fresh, organic produce from a garden cultivated by hand with love. It was my grandparents’ happy place after

they left their farm in Sicily and immigrated to a big city with just pennies in their pockets. They worked incredibly hard their entire lives, giving so much to each of us, and they spoiled us with the literal fruits of their labour, treating us to a taste of Sicily right in Canada.

I’d love to say that the horticulture gene was passed down to me, but I’d be fibbing. While my mother’s gardening skills are exceptional, I struggle to keep succulents alive. Can you relate? With the cost of fruits and vegetables skyrocketing this year,

INSPIRATION | garden life 24 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or encounter setbacks along the way.

my goal is to create a piccolo giardino (small garden) with herbs, simple vegetables, and berries – a small gesture to my beloved grandparents. I can picture it now, me garnishing my Caprese salad with the perfect sprig of homegrown basil (hey, a girl can dream!). Are you looking to embrace your inner gardener? Here are five tips to help you and me confidently navigate the wonderful world of gardening.

Start small, dream big

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither does a thriving garden. Begin with a manageable plot or a few pots of your favourite plants. Choose easy-to-grow varieties such as herbs, tomatoes, or salad greens to build your gardening skills and confidence. As you gain experience and success, you can gradually expand your garden oasis to encompass your wildest botanical dreams!

Know your space

Before you start digging, take some time to assess your gardening space. Consider factors such as sunlight exposure, soil quality, and drainage. Is your garden bathed in sunlight all day, or does it receive only a few hours of dappled shade? Does your soil resemble clay, sand, or loam? Understanding these nuances will

help you select the right plants and design a garden that thrives in its environment.

Feed the soil, feed the plants

Healthy soil is the lifeblood of a successful garden. Invest in quality soil enhancers such as compost, aged manure, or organic fertilizers to nourish your plants from the ground up. Incorporate these amendments into your soil to improve its structure, fertility and water retention capabilities. Remember, wellfed soil translates to happy, thriving plants.

Water wisely

Like all living things, plants need water to grow and thrive. However, too much or too little water can spell trouble for your garden. Learn to water your plants judiciously, aiming for deep, infrequent waterings rather than shallow, frequent ones. Consider factors such as plant type, weather conditions, and soil moisture levels when determining your watering schedule.

Embrace the learning curve

Looking for further gardening inspo?

The Side Gardener chronicles Rosie Daykin’s journey from bestselling cookbook author to avid gardener, and how she transformed a neglected plot beside her home into a flourishing oasis. Through love and dedication, she cultivated a diverse array of fresh produce, vibrant flowers, and even added chickens laying organic eggs! Daykin generously shares her gardening tips and mouth-watering recipes, showcasing the beauty of homegrown ingredients. With stunning photography by Andrew Montgomery, the book offers a delightful blend of culinary inspiration and gardening wisdom, encouraging readers to savour the pure flavours of fruits and vegetables, whether sourced from their own backyard or the local market. $45.

Gardening is a journey of discovery, experimentation, and lifelong learning (as I am discovering). Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or encounter setbacks along the way; they’re all part of the gardening experience.

Take note of what works well in your garden and what doesn’t and use each season as an opportunity to refine your skills and knowledge. Join gardening communities, attend workshops, and seek advice from seasoned gardeners to accelerate your learning curve and unlock the full potential of your green thumb. Happy gardening!

With more than 15 years’ experience as a magazine editor, writer and content creator, Sara brings her passion for design and decor to our magazine.. Instagram: @bysaraduck 25

Visit our website: X @nexthome_ca Facebook nexthomeca Instagram nexthome_ca 26 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024


1. ALTUS WHITE ROCK 1526 Finlay Street 778-294-7794

2. THE BOROUGHS 2070 Oak Meadows Drive 604-531-6767

3. DOUGLAS GREEN 358 - 175A Street 778-862-8002

4. SOUTHAVEN 3300 King George Blvd. 778-551-1856

5. THE LANDMARK AT FOSTER MARTIN 1475 Foster St 604-531-7111

6. MONACO 1545 Johnston Road 604-531-8238

HOT PROPERTIES MUD BAY Thrift Ave 4 0 2 S t 1 3 4 S t J o h n s t o d R n 53 Ave 34 Ave 58 Ave 68 Ave 32 Ave O x f o r d S t 1 1 4 S t 1 5 4 St 2 7 1 S t 1 3 6 St 1 BeecherSt 18 Ave 1 4 2 S t 28 Ave 58 Ave 44 Ave 36 Ave t S 6 5 1 10 Ave 1 7 6 a S t 1 7 7 b S t 54 Ave 62 Ave Fraser H 16 Ave 16 Ave 16 Ave 64 Ave 64 Ave 64 Ave 64 Ave 1 2 8 t S 1 2 0 t S 1 2 5 a S t 1 5 2 S t 1 5 2 S t 1 4 8 S t 1 5 S 2 t t S 0 0 2 2 0 0 t S 2 0 0 S t 1 6 8 S t 1 6 8 S t 1 6 8 S t t S 4 2 1 t S 8 2 1 24 Ave 24 Ave 24 Ave 28 Ave 1 4 4 t S 1 8 S 4 t 1 8 S 4 t 1 8 4 S t 1 8 4 S t 60 Ave 60 Ave GloverRd 2 8 0 S t 2 8 0 S t 2 0 8 St Marine Dr 56 Ave 56 Ave 0 Ave 0 Ave 9 1 2 S t 1 9 t S 2 1 7 t S 6 40 68 Ave 68 Ave 56 Ave 48 1 7 6 S t 1 7 6 S t 36 Ave 32 Ave 32 Ave N i c o h l R d 8 Ave 8 Ave 4 1 8 0 S t 68 Ave 60 Ave 60 Ave 1 3 0 S t 1 4 0 S t 1 4 4 S t 42 Ave 1 6 0 S t 40 Ave 40 Ave 24 Ave 24 Ave 20 Ave 20 Ave 20 Ave 20 Ave 1 6 4 S t 1 6 0 S t 28 Ave Colebrook Rd Kittson Pkwy British Columbia Hwy British Columbia Hwy Trunk Rd New McLellan Rd Hyland Rd Grade Crescent VancouverBlaineHwy CrescentRd Buena Vista Ave Pacific Ave North Bluff Rd 15 99 99 91 15 10 10 10 1A
2 6 1 5 4 3 27


Let’s face it – people shop differently depending on their ages. This goes for new home and resale real estate as well. Last year, The Mustel Group marketing firm and Sotheby’s International Realty Canada conducted a study called 2023 Canadian Real Estate Market Sentiment: Generational Trends Report. This report measured the confidence levels of 2,000 Canadians between the ages of 18 and 77. Realize, this covers Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z in the Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal Census Metropolitan Areas. As different as their home purchasing attitudes may be, they showed confidence in the real estate market overall.


This term is used to represent people between the ages of 59 and 77 years of age (59 to 68 are young Boomers; 69 to 77 older Boomers). Their major goals in purchasing homes and condos were to right-size from larger dwellings to something more compact, and to be closer to family and friends after retirement. All Boomers were more likely to purchase in small towns, while younger Boomers often preferred rural locations. Younger Boomers planned to own their homes for about 20 years, and older Boomers bought the newest homes on average. All Boomers planned to move a median of about 50 miles.


This category includes those between 44 and 58. The highest-earning purchasers, they bought the secondlargest homes on average. Over half of Generation X members are married, so have two incomes. Many purchased because of a job relocation. Gen X is the most racially and ethnically diverse of home buyers.


Aged 25 to 33 (younger) and 34 to 43 (older), Millennials represent the largest share of homebuyers. Seventy-five per cent of younger Millennials were first-time purchasers. Older Millennials had the highest share of married couples at 66 per cent. Young Millennials are the most educated, with 80 per cent holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. The average age of a firsttime homebuyer in Canada is 36 years – understandable, as saving for today’s down payments can take years. Millennials of all ages placed convenience to their jobs and commuting costs the most important considerations in a new home or condo.


In 2023, Generation Z (ages 18 to 24) made up only three per cent of buyers and two per cent of sellers. These people have the lowest household incomes, so entering the market is challenging. These buyers tend to purchase older homes for attainable price points. A more recent study published in May of this year by credit reporting agency TransUnion shows that young members of Generation Z are struggling more nowadays than Millennials did at their age 10 years ago. Financial pressures

brought on by inflation has caused their credit usage to be higher, especially with credit cards. They may also be the group most likely to turn to the “bank of mom and pop” for financial help.

Regardless of ages, trends and economic cycles, one thing remains consistent among generations: Homeownership is a dream worth pursuing in Canada.

Barbara Lawlor is CEO of Baker Real Estate Inc. A member of the Baker team since 1993, she oversees the marketing and sales of new home and condominium developments in the GTA, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, and internationally in Shanghai.

28 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024


1. CLARIDGE HOUSE 498 West 41st Avenue


2. GRYPHON HOUSE 6191 West Boulevard 604.620.8295

3. WEST WIND 2620 Acadia Road 604-260-8446


7. SHIFT 35th Ave & Quebec St.

8. THE CONSERVATORY 6080 Gray Avenue 604-821-8291

9. CURV 1059 – 1075 Nelson Street

13. GRYPHON NOVA Oak & 67th 604-620-8295

14. ITALIA 2323 Fir Street

15. MARCO POLO 6409 Cambie Street 604-620-8295

HOT PROPERTIES ENGLISH BAY Fraser River W King Edward Ave SwMarine Dr E Hastings St N e l s o A n v e m b i e S t O a k S t C o m m e r c i a l D r versity Blvd N a n a i m o S W a l a c e S t E 29th Ave E 22nd Ave ChancellorBlvd elsonSt Venables St E 54th Ave F i Q u e b e c S t BeachAve Canada Way Sw Marine Dr DavieSt V i c t o r i a D r R u p e r t S t M n z e S t E 57th Ave Grandview Hwy VannessAve yT n e S t W 16th EarlesSt R u p e rt S t y r a d n u o B R d Grange St t t a P e r s o n A v e E Kent Ave N McGill St St B o u n d a r y R d L a h c r S t Dundas St a M c P h e e v A n o s r M a i n S t M a i n S t G r a n v i l l e S t W 16th Ave K n ig h t S t O a k S t B l e n h i S t W 12th A e E 12th Ave E 49th Ave SE Marine Dr C a m b i e S t W 33rd Ave W 49th Ave e R n f r e w S t R u p e r t S t D u n b a r S t C l a r k D r E 1st Ave W 4th Ave Nw Marine Dr Low Level Rd Powell St Trinity St Springer Ave Delta Ave Gilmore Ave Willingdon Ave Parker St Terminal Ave Victoria Dr E Broadway Burrard St W 6th Ave W Broadway Westbrook Mall W 10th ave W 4th Ave Alma St W 41st Ave Arbutus St West Blvd Fraser River River Rd SEMarine Dr 49th Ave Elliott S t W 4 Ave E 41st Ave K er r S t F r a se r S t E 33rd Ave W 33rd e E King Edward Ave Moscrop St Bond St Burke St Smith Ave Sussex Ave Imperial St R o yal Oak A v e 99 99 99 7 7 1A 1A 7A 1
NEW HOMES NEW CONDOS 5 Ave 10 7 2 4 n 2
11 14 12 16 17 9 13 8 st A 1 49 6 15 29



30 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024




1. MINORU SQUARE 5740 Minoru Blvd

2. LUXE LANSDOWNE Lansdowne Road & Number 3 Road

3. PARK RESIDENCES II AT MINORU PARK 6333 Mah Bing Street 604-563-8899

4. RC RICHMOND 6331 No. 3 Road 604-788-6608

5. GALLERIA 8555 Capstan Way 604-233-7748


6. BRIDGE & ELLIOTT Ladner Village

7. SOUTHLANDS 6388 Market Ave 604-636-2220 1 6


HOT PROPERTIES Grant McConachie Way G a r d e n C t y R d M i n o r u v d Cap Way G a r d e n C i t y R d Sea Island Way RussBaker Way Bra nard D r a b l A t S n s R d g n K t h t S Granville Ave Westminster Hwy Steveston Hwy Williams Rd Bridgeport Rd N o 5 R d Francis Rd N o 3 R d N o 4 R d N o 4 R d S h e l l R d N o 2 R d N o 1 R d Cambie Rd River Rd S h e l l R d No 5 Rd Jacombs Rd Gilbert Rd Fraser River Blundell Rd Sidaway Rd Blundell Rd Railway Ave River Rd 99
100 Ave 6thAve ColumbiaSt EwenAve LyonRd 92 Ave Derwent Way ClivedenAve OldYale Rd 114 S t 8thAve 75 Ave 84 Ave W ahell y Blvd 12thSt 104Ave 112 Ave FraserHwy 1 3 2 S t 1 3 2 S t 1 2 8 S t 1 2 8 S t 1 2 0 t S K i n g G e o r g e B l v d 0 2 1 S t 1 4 0 S t 1 3 8 S t 4 1 0 S t 4 1 4 S t 1 4 4 S t 68 Ave 1 2 4 S t 1 1 2 S t 100 Ave S 1 3 4 S t 1 3 2 S t SFPR Fraser River BoydSt 111 Ave 110 Ave 99 Ave 96 Ave GraceRd 92 Ave 72 Ave 72 Ave 84 Ave 82 Ave 80 Ave 76 Ave 88 Ave 88 Ave t S 6 1 1 115 Ave OldYale Rd NordelWay SFPR 7 17 91 91A
NEW HOMES NEW CONDOS 2 4 ambi 5 3 Deltaport Way Engl B h s i fful Rd 12 Ave 16 Ave 6 Ave t S 6 5 1 Ave 3 Ave S 4 6 t 5 2 S t 5 6 S t 36 Ave 28 Ave Tsawwassen D r N 17 10 17 17A SFPR TSAWWASSEN 7 31


These listings are meant to offer a comprehensive overview of new home and condo developments currently being marketed throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.


Court MR

604-621-5888 Now Selling

Downtown Gate TH 604-357-1943 Coming Soon

Falcon Ridge SF 604-309-0540 From $789,000

High Street Village LR/TH Now Selling

JEM LR Coming Soon

Laurel on Mill Lake LR Coming Soon

McKenzie Mews TH Coming Soon

Montvue LR Coming Soon

Onyx at Mahogany LR 778-255-7099 Now Selling

The Peak at Mountainview TH Call

The Rail District TH Register Now


O2 Metrotown HR Now Selling

Arbour MR/TH 604-559-5795 Now Selling

Azure at Southgate HR Now Selling

Bassano HR Register Now

Bordeaux HR Call

Brentwood Block HR Coming Soon

Byrnepark LR/TH 604-228-8530 Now Selling

Cedar Creek MR 604-529-8868 Call

Concord Brentwood HR 604-435-1383 Call

Concord Greenhouse HR 604-435-1383 Coming Soon

Concord Metrotown HR Coming Soon

The City of Lougheed 2 HR 604-328-7128 Call

Contour Metrotwon HR Coming Soon

Eclipse Brentwood HR Coming Soon

Etoile Gold HR Now Selling

Lumina HR/TH Coming Soon

Highline Metrotown HR Call

Icon at Southgate City HR Now Selling

Kings Crossing by Cressey PH 604-720-5357 Now Selling

Maywood on Park HR 604-435-8866 Now Selling

Metro 21 HR Coming Soon

Moonlight Sonata TH Register Now

Nido LR Register Now

Nuvo HR nuvobyanthem Coming Soon

Oasis at Concord Brentwood HR 604-435-1383 Call

Oslo HR Call

Perla HR 604-434-2205 Now Selling

Polaris at Metrotown HR Now Selling

Tailor HR 604-299-1001 Call

The Amazing Brentwood HR 604-298-7314 Call

The Standard HR Coming Soon

Reign at Metrotown HR reginbywesgroup Coming Soon

Riviera HR Now Selling

Slate HR/TH Now Selling

SOLO 4 HR 604-298-8800 Coming Soon

Sun Towers 2 HR Call


Acadia at Garrison TH 604-991-5151 Call

Base 10 TH 604-991-9951 Call

Cedarbrook TH/SF 604-490-3451 Coming Soon

Elk Creek Estates SF 604-316-4140 Now Selling

Iron Horse SF/RH Call

Lakeside at Cultus Lake LR 604-250-3662 Now Selling

Malloway Village SF 604-961-5160 Now Selling

Skynest LR 604-362-1505 Call


Alina HR Now Selling

Allison LR Coming Soon

Amber Gate TH 778-871-9532 Coming Soon

Band HR Coming Soon

Bastille LR Coming Soon

Baycrest West TH 604-474-2106 Call

Burke Village SF/TH/LR Coming Soon

Debut | Fraser Mills HR Register Now

Dwell TH Register Now

Elmwood HR Now Selling

Florin LR Coming Soon

Forester Two TH Coming Soon

Fraser Mills HR/TH Coming Soon

Gardena HR 604-636-8668 Now Selling

The Heights on Austin HR Call

The Robinsons Parkside CollectionTH 604-683-5441 Call

Komo HR Now Selling

Laval LR Coming Soon

Level LR Coming Soon

Linc MR Coming Soon

Lodana MR/TH Coming Soon

The Oaks LR Call

Portico LR Register Now

Precidia HR Now Selling

Queenston TH Coming Soon

Riley Park TH Coming Soon

Sheffield SF Coming Soon

Skagen TH 604-931-2283 Now Selling

Skylark LR 604-451-8518 Coming Soon

SOL HR 604-937-9688 Register Now

Sophora at the Park HR 604-942-8416 Register Now

Sydney HR 778-948-0333 Now Selling

Sydney Townhomes TH 604-961-3559 Now Selling

Terrayne at Burke Mountain TH Coming Soon

Vue HR Coming Soon

West HR Call


Boardwalk TH/DU/SF 604-306-2226 Call

Bridge + Elliott LR Coming Soon

The Madison LR Coming Soon

Peregrine LR 604-943-6677 Call

Southlands SF/TH/LR Now Selling

South Grove TH Call

The 85 LR Call

Tsawwassen Heights SF 604-271-7288 Call

Tsawwassen Landing SF/LR 604-638-3500 Now Selling

Walker House HR Coming Soon

West Coast Estates SF 604-800-9099 Call

Westhampton TH 604-946-0477 Now Selling


Ashton TH Coming Soon

Azure Grove HR Coming Soon

Aviva TH Coming Soon

Canvas LR Call

Centennial Court HR 250-590-1885 Coming Soon

Crofton TH 604-710-9060 Call

Gordon Square TH Register Now

PROJECT TYPE CONTACT PRICE PROJECT TYPE CONTACT PRICE Legend: CH = City Home DP = Duplex HR = High Rise LO = Loft LR = Low Rise LW= Live Work MR = Mid Rise PH = Penthouse RH = Row Home TH = Townhouse 32 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024

Hayer Town Centre LR 604-800-9662 Call For Preview

Headwater TH 604-240-9148 Coming Soon

The Hive LR Now Selling

Latimer Heights SF/DU/RH/TH 604-371-0698 Call

Madewell TH Call

Mayfair TH 604-560-0272 Now Selling

Scale LR Coming Soon

The Towers at Latimer Heights TH 604-371-1669 Call

Union TH Now Selling

Unison LR Coming Soon

Westbrooke RH 604-385-3540 Call


LEAH TH Coming Soon


Bridle Ridge SF Call

Crest Kanaka Springs SF Call ERA LR 604-239-1898 Call

Everwood TH Register Now

Inspire LR 604-576-7722 Call

The Falls Kanaka Springs TH Register Now Kennedy TH Now Selling

La Riviere LR 604-359-0135 Coming Soon

The North at Port Haney LR Coming Soon

Podium LR 604-657-7653 Coming Soon

Provenance TH 604-467-2285 Register Now

Rydge TH Now Selling

Sequoia Living TH 604-723-5386 Call

Sierra Ridge LR Call Windfall TH Coming Soon


Cedar Valley Rowhomes RH Coming Soon

Harrison Highlands SF 1-888-758-0850 Call

Harrison Ridge TH 1-844-432-7444 From $690K Horizons TH 1-888-826-1177 From $319,800

Nelson & Grove SF Coming Soon

Westminster Plateau LR/TH Now Selling


Lighthouse LR 604-364-7424 Call

Moody on the Hill LR Selling Now

Pier West HR 604-553-4211 Call

River Queensborough TH 604-438-5050 Call

Timber House LR Register Now


1313 Ambleside Residence TH Now Selling

1515 Rupert LR 236-869-2515 Call

Aire at North Harbour MR Now Selling

Apex at Seylynn Village HR/TH/PH Now Selling

AVA LR 604-736-0050 Call

Baden Park LR/TH Register Now

Emerald TH Coming Soon

Evolv35 TH 604.785.7653 Call

Executive on the Park LR/TH Coming Soon Forest Ridge LR 778-298-2280 Coming Soon

Founder’s Block South TH 604-689-3040 Coming Soon Green on Queensbury LR/TH Register Now Innova LR Now Selling Lennox LR 604-988-3617 Now Selling

Lupine Walk Seymour Village LR Call

Millennium Central Lonsdale LR Coming Soon

Neu on 3rd TH Coming Soon

One20 HR 236-551-1311 Register Now

Park West HR 604-770-1336 Now Selling

The Trails TH Coming Soon

The Windsor HR 604-256-9178 Call

West Oak TH Now Selling


Nature’s Walk TH 604-262-1850 Now Selling


Hawthorne LR Coming Soon

Porthaven LR porthavenpoco Register Now


Anchor LR 604-343-7719 Call

Bayrock Terrace HR Now Selling

The Grande HR 604-552-0552 Now Selling

Hue HR 604-461-3445 Now Selling


Atmosphere HR Call

Aviary TH Now Selling

Burgundy TH 604-242-1193 Coming Soon

Cascade City HR 604-285-7285 Now Selling

CF Richmond HR 604-788-6608 Now Selling

Concord Galleria HR 604-233-7748 Call

Diamond Steveston TH 604-242-1193 Coming Soon

Grand, The HR 604-278-3880 Call

Hollybridge At River Green HR Call

Luxe Lansdowne HR Call

Luxio On the Park LR 604-780-6433 Now Selling

Minoru Square HR Coming Soon

One Park HR Call

Paramount HR Call

Park Residences II at Minoru Park HR Now Selling

Prima HR Coming Soon

River Green MR 604-233-2633 Call

Spires Road Townhomes TH Coming Soon

Times Square Richmond HR Now Selling

Torino HR 604-303-0148 Call

Trillion DP 604-242-1193 Call

Viewstar HR 604-630-6668 Call

Williams Living TH 604-831-9966 Coming Soon


Aegean Homes LR 778-558-5113 Call

Britannia Beach… ...TH…… Coming Soon

Finch Drive TH 778-990-1129 Register Now

Highline TH/DP 604-757-5550 Now Selling

Redbridge MR/TH Coming Soon

Sea and Sky TH 604-559-7918 Call

The Lofts LR 604-815-1737 Call


Amaya LR/TH Call

Central HR 604-498-3887 Call

Century City Holland Park HR Call

Central Living LR 778-883-7366 Call

District NW HR Coming Soon

Elwynn Green TH 778-889-7496 Coming Soon

Guilden Guildford LR Register Now

The Park Landmark TH 604-786-0006 Coming Soon

Insignia LR Coming Soon

Jasper TH Register Now

Nova TH Call

Nora TH 604-603-6313 Call

One Central HR Call

Onyx & Ivory TH Coming Soon

Park George HR 604-583-9866 Call

Piano HR Coming Soon

PURA LR 604-681-4800 Now Selling

Sequoia HR Now Selling

Silva HR Coming Soon

The Beverly TH 778-400-4773 Call

Vivere HR Coming soon

PROJECT TYPE CONTACT PRICE PROJECT TYPE CONTACT PRICE Legend: CH = City Home DP = Duplex HR = High Rise LO = Loft LR = Low Rise LW= Live Work MR = Mid Rise PH = Penthouse RH = Row Home TH = Townhouse 33

Woodward TH 604-831-0307 Call Westwood TH Now Selling



1335 Howe HR 604-689-8535 Call

Bailey LR Register Now

Block HR 236-471-4834 Call

Burrard Place two HR Call

Curv HR Coming Soon

Eventide LR Coming Soon

Landmark on Robson HR 604-566-2288 Call

Marco Polo HR Register Now

Mirabel HR 604-681-8110 Call

The Pacific HR Call

The Thurlow HR Coming Soon

Thesis LR Register Now

Vancouver House HR 604-893-8958 Call


2550 Garden Drive LR Now Selling

Ace one the Drive LR Coming Soon

Assembly LR Coming Soon

Brock House TH/SF 778-388-8682 Call

Clive at Collingwood LR Coming Soon

Focal LR 604-563-6777 Coming Soon

Frame HR Coming Soon

Francis TH 604-330-8848 Call

Format by Cressey TH Now Selling Graphia LR Coming Soon

Lakewood TH Now Selling

Linx LR 604-394-2602 Coming Soon

Paragon LR 604-688-5566 Coming Soon

River District Ardea HR Coming Soon

The Saint George TH the Now Selling Shift LR By Appointment

Templeton TH Now Selling Triumph TH 604-563-6200 Call

The Windsor HR Now Selling V on E49 LR 778-751-8930. Coming Soon


2030 Barclay

HR 604-534-2020 Coming Soon

5656 Balaclava LR Now Selling

99 West MR 604-620-8600 From $528,800

Amber LR/TH 604-871-8600 By Appointment

Arbutus LR 604-307-0607 Call

Autograph LR Coming Soon

Ava LR 604-736-0050 Coming Soon

Boden TH 604-369-4265 Move-In Ready

Carven LR Coming Soon

Chelsea by Cressey MR 604-805-1804 Now Selling

Claridge House HR 604-941-8305 Register Now

CURV HR Register Now

Dunbar at 39th LR Call

Eila on W49 TH 604-558-5848 Call

Form HR Coming Soon

Grace TH Register Now

Gryphon House MR 604-620-8295 Call

Gryphon Nova MR 604-620-8295 Call

Heather and Seventeenth LR Call

Heritage on Cypress & Second SF 778-729-0898 Call

Italia HR Coming Soon

Ivy on the Park HR 604-225-0117 Call

Just West TH 604-734-8883 Call

Kitsilano Block LR Coming Soon

Legacy on Dunbar LR 604-990-8800 Call

Lilibet LR 604-879-0030 Now Selling

Oak +52 TH 604-828-7352 Coming Soon

NOTE: Pricing is subject to change; please contact the specific development for more up to date

Oku 64 Oak

LR Coming Soon

Ortus LR Coming Soon

Park HR Coming Soon

Park Grand TH 778-999-2552 Coming Soon

Perron GH/TH 604-603-8889 From low $800’s

Pinnacle On the Park at False Creek HR 604-874-8368 Call

Primrose TH Coming Soon

Pure LR Call

Rowe TH 604-299-1363 Comimg Soon

Rowen W47 TH Call

Savannah HT Coming Soon

Savoy LR Coming Soon

Sixteen & Burrard TH/DU 778-729-0898 Call

TESORO HR Now Selling

The Conservatory CH/HR 604-821-8291 Now Selling

The Kirkland LR 604-415-2908 Call

The Regent TH 604-273-1313 Call

Voyce LR Call

West 4th & Trimble SF 778-729-0898 Now Selling

W16 by Olson Kunding LR Register Now

W63 Mansion LR Coming Soon

W68 HR Coming Soon

West Boulevard DU 778-729-0898 Call

Westbury in Arbutus Ridge TH 604-620-8295 Call

West Oak LR/TH 778-716-6888 Now Selling

West Wind at Lelem HR 604-260-8446 Register Now

Winston South Oak LR 604-809-6233 Call

Wordsworth HR 604-882-0098 Now Selling

York TH Register Now

Yukon Residences TH 604-558-5850 Call


Bellevue by Cressey HR/TH 604-290-2626 From $4.4M

Evelyn TH 604-922-0330 Call

Executive on the Park LR 604-926-2398 Call

Galleries on the Bay LR 604-836-7355 From $490,000

Hawksley LR Now Selling

Latitude on Cambie MR Coming Soon

Pierwll HR Coming Soon

The Sentinel HR 604-926-9260 Call

Weston Place LR Register Now

Wildwood TH Now Selling


Altus LR 778-294-7794 Call

The Boroughs TH Now Selling

Douglas Green TH Coming Soon

Elisa TH Coming Soon

Horizon TH 604-441-8789 Coming Soon

Kendrick SF Now Selling

King & Crescent LR 604-779-2456 Call

Landmark at Foster Martin HR Coming Soon

Miramar Village HR 604-542-8882 Call

Monaco HR Call

The Loop TH Coming Soon

The Oak TH 604-360-0789 Call

Soleil HR Call

Southaven TH 604-377-1078 Call

South Village TH 604-910-9919




Caban .LR/TH Now Selling

ELLA HR 778-215-6788 From $679,900

Waterscapes HR 250-763-8313 Call


Eliza at Royal Bay TH Coming Soon

The Scene HR Register Now

Legend: CH = City Home DP = Duplex HR = High Rise LO = Loft LR = Low Rise LW= Live Work MR = Mid Rise PH = Penthouse RH = Row Home TH = Townhouse Get the inside scoop Subscribe to our newsletter Visit 34 New Home + Condo Guide | June 8–22, 2024
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