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CHOOSING A PROFESSIONAL RENOVATOR It’s the best renovation decision you can make. For over 70 years, members of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association have upheld their commitment to quality, service and professionalism, keeping Manitobans among the best-housed people in the world. For your peace of mind, make the smart move – contact a MHBA RENOVATORS’ COUNCIL member for your next renovation. The MHBA RENOVATORS’ COUNCIL is affiliated with the Canadian Renovators’ Council of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.



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June / July 2016

cover story

Living the life fantastic!

Oswald Renovation promises care-free retirement

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38 Southern comfort Glastar sunroom tamps down summer’s heat 48 Famous names on home furnishings How design collaborations work 52

Lumon Canada Patio roofs & sunrooms have you covered

60 A new and improved location MPD Glass & Voyageur Door & Window 68 Coming to your walls A taste of the Heartland 72

Yanic Simard on creating custom


Queen of Green Breaking the mould

Design Innovation

by Lindsay Coulter

It’s good to be green

features 30 Dynasty Homes Custom-built by Legare


by Jamie Banfield

tips & tricks

Industry Voice


Design meets function


Outdoor living


Setting your goals


Urban trends


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Deck and patio

Renovation spending continues torrid pace by Mike Moore

22 Living Space Design in detail by Kim Schroeder

24 Designer Advice The magic carpet guide by Yanic Simard

28 Quick Tips Four organizing myths that keep your life in disarray by Hellen Buttigieg

44 Show Home Beating the basement blues by Lynn Fenwick


Queen of Green Testing for radon by Lindsay Coulter




Craftsmanship & Integrity


Kitchens • Bathrooms • Rec Rooms • Additions

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Hire a pro THIS IS AN EXCITING and busy time of the year for homeowners. The new season brings with it a long list of interior and exterior projects to tackle. These projects may include a new deck, sunroom, rec room, kitchen, bathroom or addition. Regardless of the renovation, the end result will be highly desirable if professional renovators are employed. Professionals offer expert advice, accurate pricing and superior service. Professional renovators possess a proven track record, so make sure to ask for referrals. Legitimate renovators will have no problem providing you with a list of satisfied customers. They will also provide you with a written contract. Remember that trust is not enough. A written contract protects both the renovator and you, the homeowner. Everything is spelled out so that all parties involved know the details of the project, dollar amounts and timelines. A professional renovator will have liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. Although it is unlikely that any property damage will occur during the renovation process, isn’t it nice to know that your professional renovator’s coverage protects you from liability and cost? We consider it important to receive a warranty for all sorts of purchases. Why shouldn’t your renovation be any different? A professional renovation comes with a warranty on labour. Also, professional installation prevents voiding the manufacturer’s warranties on materials and products. Homeowners are encouraged to research their projects well, hire professionals, and get everything down in writing. Much can be learned by visiting the MHBA’s website at as well as the RenoMark website at Be informed and don’t try to take shortcuts that could end up costing you more in the end. If the job requires a professional, hire a professional and get it done right the first time!





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Design Innovation


TO BE GREEN See the difference nature can make By Jamie Banfield

IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO freshen up your kitchen and can’t decide what accent colours to use, why not add some live greenery to your space. One of the most popular “green” trends at the moment is Living Walls or Live Plant Art. You may have seen these popping up everywhere - from local cafes and restaurants to libraries and community spaces. They add a natural look to any room, and help bring the outdoors in. If you’re looking for additional ways to add colour and life to your kitchen, here are some other suggestions.

Meyer lemon tree (or any small citrus tree for that matter!) A fresh new addition to any interior space, lemon trees will not only brighten up your room but make it smell nice too! As an added bonus, these beautiful trees are self-pollinating, and can produce fruit year-round. You just need to make sure you water them regularly and place them in an area with lots of sun exposure.

“…it’s never been easier to breathe new life and colour into your home.”


Air plants Easy to maintain and perfect for those not in possession of a green thumb, air plants are just as their names suggests - they literally live in the air with no dirt required! There are many ways to display these plants. A favourite option is to put Air Plants in a combination of hanging glass capsules (of different shapes and sizes), creating a stunning chandelier effect, and an impressive work of art.

Windowsill herb garden Easy, practical, aromatic, and multipurpose, herb gardens are one of the simplest ways to add a splash of green to your kitchen. As an attractive window display, these plants are not only beautiful but easy to grow! Plus, you’ll always have fresh herbs on hand to add to your favourite recipe.

Urban cultivator For those of you who are serious culinary connoisseurs, you can take the windowsill herb garden to a whole new level with the Urban Cultivator. This all-in-one indoor gardening unit can easily be integrated into your kitchen. Giving you access to fresh herbs 24/7, these units can be set up with custom watering/light schedules, and basically take care of themselves. A favourite among celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver, the Urban Cultivator is the perfect addition to any gourmet kitchen. With all of these great options available, it’s never been easier to breathe new life and colour into your home.

Jamie Banfield Principal Designer, Jamie Banfield Design and currently serves as an officer, as well is an allied member of the National Kitchen + Bath Association. First earning his recognition as a creative force in design in the kitchen and bath industry, Jamie has since taken his eye for colour and space into the rest of the home. JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  11

Industry Voice

Renovation spending continues torrid pace By Mike Moore

WE ALL KNOW that Winnipeg and Manitoba are the Renovation Capitals of Canada. I have reminded readers of this publication numerous times that more people in Winnipeg have indicated that they have a renovation project planned for the coming year than any other city in Canada. We were tied with St. John’s Newfoundland at 58% of the population stating their intention to renovate. After the shock of their last provincial budget has been felt, I anticipate St. John’s to fall well behind us. We all know that Manitoba is the only province where every year for the past 12 years, more money has been spent on renovations than new home construction. We all know that Winnipeg has the 3rd oldest housing stock in Canada, behind only Montreal and Halifax, two cities that were founded hundreds of years before us. Older housing stock necessitates renovations whether it be one room or addition at a time or the whole house variety. Interestingly enough, at the recent national meetings of the Canadian Home Builders Association, statistical information was provided by noted economist Peter Norman that backs my sentiments about the renovation industry, not just for Manitoba but across Canada. Mr. Norman started his presentation by dispelling some myths about Canadian saving habits and personal debt. He stated that our debt service ratio has been dropping every year since 2009. Furthermore, our rate of savings has continued to grow over the past 10 years. In addition, our household asset to debt ratio is at an all-time high. So, how big is the renovation industry in Canada right now? Over $70 billion annually! That’s more than new home construction, more than commercial construction and more than industrial construction. 12 YPNEXTHOME.CA

Mr. Norman estimated that every home sale generates an average of $10,000 worth of immediate renovation activity. Before people even move into their resale home, they have ripped out the carpets, changed the bathrooms, redone the kitchen or made some other changes that they envisioned the day they first set eyes on that home. Sometimes, all of the above and more. What does that mean in terms of renovation activity? Resale home activity in the City of Winnipeg has been averaging about 12,250 transactions over the past few years. If the $10,000 per home sale average rings true, that’s $122,500,000 worth of renovations every year in the City of Winnipeg. And that’s just for the homes that are being sold each year. It doesn’t even include those of us who have been living in our homes for 30 years and want to upgrade appearances

on a regular basis. Who benefits? We all do. Retailers are selling materials and goods. Skilled professional renovators are hiring staff to work on these homes. Governments are collecting GST, PST and permit revenues. Home owners are increasing the values of their homes for potential resale at some date or just the intrinsic value of improving the looks and comfort of your most valuable asset. The renovation industry is an important and vibrant industry. Its positive impact is felt by many, directly or indirectly. Keeping it healthy is going to be an important mandate for all. Mike Moore is president of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association

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*Manitoba Hydro is a licensee of the Trademark and Official Mark.

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2016-05-27 5:19 PM13 JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS 

Cover Story


LIVING THE LIFE FANTASTIC! Oswald Renovation promises care-free retirement By Margaret Anne Fehr | Photos by Duality Photographic

The backsplash features elongated tiles with horizontal strokes that contribute to the overall calm of the kitchen. A newly installed window over the sink offers another view of the yard as well as an abundance of sunlight.

ROLLIE AND NANCY are both retired and ready to enjoy the many pursuits that this stage of life affords. In keeping with their plans, the couple wanted to trade their century old, two-story River Heights home, so convenient to downtown while they were both in the workforce, for a more pastoral setting on a large lot they had found in Charleswood. The war-time home situated on the lot was standard fare for the time, a 1000 square foot bungalow set on a property that is 255 feet deep. The couple consulted with Ralph Oswald of Oswald Construction to make sure the house was worthy of renovation and with his expert thumbs up, the renovation was on. The interior priority for Nancy and Rollie was to create an open concept space and to incorporate elements that will sustain them into their advanced years. “Should either of us have health issues that would require a walker or a wheel chair, the open concept will facilitate that,” says Nancy.

Increasing the main floor to 1500 square feet was achieved with the construction of two separate additions. “The entrance door was moved from the front of the house to the side along with a newly created foyer,” says Nancy. On the opposite side of the home, another addition was constructed for the master bedroom, ensuite and main bathroom “By building these two additions, it actually created a small outdoor alcove area. This space is sheltered from the wind and provides us with privacy, as well as an area for small intimate gatherings.” Ralph adds, “The floor plan on the inside is very open. We took out a lot of centre walls and installed a 20 foot long LVL beam through the middle that allowed us to do that. The previous kitchen that was in the back is now at the front. The main floor bathroom that was located towards the middle of the house disappeared and is now in the bedroom wing so that opened JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  15

“Increasing the main floor to 1500 square feet was achieved with the construction of two separate additions.” up more public space within the main floor. It was quite the jigsaw puzzle to complete.” Nancy worked with designer Ellie MacKay to co-ordinate the home interior taking a cue from the outside trees and foliage to create a soft and soothing colour palette. Nancy is especially enamored with the kitchen. “I love to cook and this is a real cook’s kitchen! It’s really fantastic and coming from River Heights where the kitchens are very small, it’s a real treat to have so much space.” The lower cabinets are thermofoil in a pearl-white finish and the upper cabinets are painted in a highgloss Natural Grey and double-tiered for maximum storage potential. Doors open vertically, stay put for easy access and then with slight pressure, go back to the closed position. 16 YPNEXTHOME.CA


The adjacent dining room is liberally appointed with built-ins. The upper display cabinet provides barware storage while the lower cabinet houses an over-size bar fridge. OPPOSITE TOP LEFT

The floor plan on the inside is very open. We took out a lot of centre walls and installed a 20 foot long LVL beam through the middle that allowed us to do that. OPPOSITE BOTTOM LEFT

Quartz tops the counters and the two-person island features a quartz waterfall effect on the side. Multiple drawers round out the remainder of the island with ample space for dinnerware and utensils.

Quartz tops the counters and the two-person island features a quartz waterfall effect on the side. Multiple drawers round out the remainder of the island with ample space for dinnerware and utensils. The backsplash features elongated tiles with horizontal strokes that contribute to the overall calm of the kitchen. A newly installed window over the sink offers another view of the yard as well as an abundance of sunlight. The adjacent dining room is liberally appointed with built-ins. The upper display cabinet provides

barware storage while the lower cabinet houses an over-size bar fridge. Lighting fixtures over the island and dining room table are minimal and playful. “We wanted to pick something that was art-like to add just enough whimsy,” says Nancy. The main bathroom and the ensuite both have floating vanities and showers. “We are really shower people,” says Nancy, “so no need for a bathtub. Both showers have built-in seats.” The master bedroom features a built-in headboard JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  17


Lighting fixtures over the island and dining room table are minimal and playful. “We wanted to pick something that was art-like to add just enough whimsy,” says Nancy. TOP RIGHT

The main bathroom and the ensuite both have floating vanities and showers. BOTTOM

The home’s exterior saw a dramatic transformation from plain and ordinary to modern and attractive.

with display shelves that also defines the space between the bedroom and closet. “We didn’t want a walk-in closet but a walk-around closet that’s accessible from both sides.” The ensuite features an L-shaped vanity and separate sink and mirror for the couple. In their new house for over a year, Nancy and Rollie know this is their forever home and they are so appreciative of the skills, experience and reassurance that Ralph and his team provided during the five month construction phase. “When working with Ralph and our designer, we were able to incorporate elements that we believe would sustain us right through to our elderly years,” says Nancy. “We actually called them the ‘Dream Team’ because they allowed us to take this traditional bungalow and to turn it into a very unique, efficient and aesthetically pleasing home that we’ve been dreaming of having for our retirement.” Oswald Construction Ltd. can be contacted at 204-895-0265. 18 YPNEXTHOME.CA



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Living Space



DETAIL By Kim Schroeder B.I.D.

| Photos by Bilyk Photography



11 12




1. Carefully selected and planned tile details make this shower. The feature wall incorporates 4 rows of full size textured glass tiles with balance filled in with the small iridescent mosaic tiles which also finished the shower floor. 2. The end walls and ceiling are finished in dark taupe 12x24 glass tiles with a recessed bottle niche lining up with the tiles. 3. Frameless glass barn door type shower doors add to the clean modern look. 4. Striped wallpaper hung horizontally ties all the colours together.





7 8


5. A horizontal light bar was selected as wiring was installed before the final design was complete and wasn’t lined up with the sink. 6. The accent tile frames the mirror and continues as a backsplash. 7. A Mother of Pearl vessel sink inspired the room decor. 8. 3/4" thick quartz counter tops with a 3/4" reveal below adds a clean detail to the vanity. 9. Rather than standard towel bars, a coat tree is used for wet towels and adds a sculptural element to the space.

10. A ribbed textured wood material was used for the body of the vanity and stained to match the chunky oak leg and apron. Sleek top mount pulls keep the look simple and clean 11. Luxury vinyl tile in a large format — 12x36" installed on the diagonal finishes the space. 12. With a clerestory window, privacy isn’t a concern, so a decorative glass piece was installed. 13. Makeup area finishes the right end of the vanity with a metallic bronze ceramic stool for sculptural interest.

Kim Schroeder Charisma, The Design Experience 388 Academy Road, Winnipeg tel 204.487.6994 fax 204.487.0551


Designer Advice



By Yanic Simard Photography by Brandon Barré

AREA RUGS have been adding bold colour

and exotic pattern to floors of all forms since at least the 5th century BC, and the high-tech carpet industry has been booming for centuries (since 1791, to be precise, when the first woven carpet mill opened in Philadelphia). Lately, hardwood floors (and their lookalikes) have been the staple in condo design, but now I see rugs in all forms coming back in style to bring the warmth, coziness and colour that only they can provide. They’re a perfect complement to wood, so you don’t even have to choose between the two! To achieve a timeless look in your highrise home, here’s my “magic carpet” guide. Man versus machine » Hand-knotting is the traditional method of creating Persian or Oriental rugs. These rugs are hand crafted with complex knotting techniques to leave a dense, soft surface of exposed fibres. The higher the knot count, the denser the weave, and the finer the rug. » Machine-made rugs can be created in a number of ways. Tufted rugs usually glue synthetic fibres to a backing, a bond which can degrade over time. Machine-knotted rugs better simulate handmade versions and tend to last longer than tufted rugs. » Lastly, woven rugs use looms to 24 YPNEXTHOME.CA

interlock the yarns to the backing. The quality will depend completely on the type of materials used. Material matters Wool typically gives the richest look, but also comes with the highest price tag. The dense, natural fibres resist soil and dirt, but often absorb stains. Silk is often blended with wool in fine rugs (especially true antiques) to give a luxurious feel and look, but must be treated delicately. Sisal gives an inviting natural look like wool, but is rougher to the touch. It’s often used for stairs, welcome mats and

other high traffic areas. I’m particularly a fan of it for a dining room. Nylon is a very practical and costeffective option. The synthetic fibre is resilient, and easy to clean and maintain (making it ideal for high traffic areas). Polyester is a synthetic similar to nylon, but less crush resistant, and harder to dye (which limits options). It resists water-based stains but is prone to oil-based stains. Olefin is another synthetic option which is highly resistant to chemical stains (although not to oil). It is often used

» As a general rule, budget the same for your rug and your sofa. Both will take a lot of wear and be a feature you enjoy every day, so the investment should be about the same. » Area rugs are a great way to bring a splash of colour, pattern and texture, which can be moved or replaced seasonally as a way to keep your decor fresh. Don’t be scared to go bold, as you can always move or temporarily store it later for a change. » If a room has one major seating group, a rug can anchor the seating area, or fill almost the whole room. » Your area rug should reach the furniture it’s grouping together, rather than float in the middle. Get a size big enough to at least tuck under the front legs of sofas and chairs. » A dining room rug should anchor the dining chairs even when they have people sitting in them (usually about two ft. from the edge of the table). » Rugs tend to come in standard sizes, so you can measure your space in advance and have a pretty good idea of what to look for. Very common: four by six ft., five by seven ft., six by nine ft., eight by 10 ft., nine by 12 ft., 12 by 14 ft.

outdoors (especially around pools) as it resists sun and moisture. Leather and hide rugs can come as single sheets or woven (typically in a basketweave form). An organically shaped hide (real or faux) works well for awkwardly shaped rooms, or even as an accent layered over a larger rug. TIP: Ask your rug supplier about treatment options for your favourite rug type. Scotch guarding and similar treatments can increase the durability of your rug, but may also reduce the quality of the texture. Your brand new pad » Carpet pads are key to extending the life of your rug or carpet, so don’t skip this step. For larger areas, padding should be laid so the seams do not

run parallel to any seams in the carpeting. This will prevent buckling and undue wear and tear. » A pad also helps a carpet to lie flatter (especially for larger rugs), and stay in place, so if your rug has a mind of its own, it’s probably only because it doesn’t have the proper support!

Carpet tiles » If you want to avoid investing in some temporary accommodations, or you’re simply worried about a sudden spill or animal attack taking the value out of a good investment, carpet tiles from companies like FLOR will create either a wall-to-wall or area solution of virtually any shape and size, which you can then replace any time you like. » I recommend buying a few extra carpet tiles beyond what you need. You’ll have spares for replacements, and if you want to move the rug to a new room (or a new home) you can size it up easily.

Selecting your area rug The look of an area rug is both classic and contemporary, mixing the crisp sleekness of a wood or stone floor below, with a warm and inviting stretch of carpet on top. Of course, this can often require a double investment. I believe getting the best of both worlds is worth it, so here are a few tips for choosing your area rug the right way:

Yanic Simard is New Condo Guide’s design editor, principal designer of award-winning Toronto Interior Design Group (, and regular guest expert on City’s Cityline. JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  25

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Quick Tips

Four organizing myths that keep your life in disarray IT’S TIME TO DISPEL some organizing myths that may be keeping you stuck in your mess: 1 | Multi-tasking is always productive. False. Although useful in some situations, multi-tasking can cause you to lose your focus and make costly and timeconsuming mistakes. When working on important tasks, multi-tasking is probably not a good idea. Some things require your undivided attention. Multi-tasking distracts us from being in the present moment, which can drain our energy and leave us feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. Next time you are participating in an activity, be with that activity rather than thinking about all the things you should be doing instead, or have to do later. Resist the habit of trying to do two things at once. 2 | Being messy automatically means you are disorganized. False. Organizing is not about how it looks, it’s about how it works. Visual, creative types need to have things out where they can see them because out-of-sight is out-of-mind for them. This may cause their spaces to appear disorganized to others, but they probably know exactly where everything is. On the flip side, visual types lose focus when there is too much to look at, so they need products that allow them to contain their belongings to minimize the visual clutter. For example, a literature sorter allows them to contain their papers while still keeping them within view. 3 | You have to toss everything to get organized. False. I often hear people say to me, “There’s no way I could get organized because I am too sentimental. I don’t want to get rid of everything.” Although you shouldn’t keep things you don’t like or will never use, there’s always a way to either display or store the things that 28 YPNEXTHOME.CA

matter. For example, shadow boxes or display cases allow you to protect as well as showcase the possessions that truly mean something to you. 4 | If you write it on a to-do list, it will get done. False. I had a client who was so proud of her to-do list. It was prioritized, colour coded and categorized, yet she was frustrated and overwhelmed at how many things on the list were not getting done. To get anything done, you have to actually schedule time to do the things on your list. Simply putting a task on a list is

not a commitment. Blocking time on your calendar to do it is.

Hellen Buttigieg is a certified professional organizer, life coach, TV host, owner of We Organize U and author of the best-seller, Organizing Outside The Box. For tips on getting organized, visit and sign up for the free newsletter.

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DYNASTY HOMES Custom-built by Legare By Margaret Anne Fehr | Photography by Heather Woods Photography


BEFORE TAKING OVER DYNASTY HOMES in 2012, Rick Legare had the inside track on how the company has stood out as a multiple award-winning custom home construction company in Winnipeg. “I’ve been involved with Dynasty since the early nineties as a framing contractor, so when the opportunity arose to assume the role of owner, I had no hesitation,” explains Rick. Rick decided to introduce the tagline ‘custom-built by Legare Construction,’ a nod to his years of association with the company, and with that tweak, DynastyHomes has begun a new chapter in its long-standing business history. Part of the

Winnipeg construction scene for nearly 40 years, the company has built a reputation on quality workmanship, industry recognition and customer service par excellence. While Dynasty Homes stood out as a custom builder of new homes, it has also made its mark as a renovator and builder of home additions. Rick participated in this wing of the company as a contractor doing additions and large renovations as well as commercial jobs. The company’s renovation credentials are evidenced by its industry designations including its long-time membership with


the Manitoba Home Builders Association (MHBA), Certified Master Builder, MHBA Master Renovator and the Renovators Mark of Excellence (Renomark). As both a builder of new custom homes and an experienced renovator, Rick brings a strong skill-set to the projects he undertakes. “I have a full-range of qualified trades to offer who have a depth of professional experience, as well as employees who handle the framing and carpentry aspects.” Dynasty Homes’ relationship with design associates and drafting companies goes back decades. “I can bring all that to the table. I am still very much on the tools, and I’m on-site a lot for each and every job.” What can customers expect from their first meeting with Dynasty Homes to the final completion of their project? Continuity for one. Rick is the point person throughout the process making it easy for customers to deal with just one contact. “It’s very personal. They’re dealing with me from the initial review of the job and the pricing. I’m on-site and coordinating everything, so customers are not dealing with different channels; it all comes down to me.” Customers benefit from being aware of budgeting as the project unfolds. “I treat the budget in the same way as I do for new housing,” says Rick. “It’s very customized and is geared to the individual client. I basically give them an allowance to use for lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, in the case of a kitchen for example. I send them over to my preferred suppliers to choose their products. If they go over their budgets that would be reflected in the final cost so they know what to expect and there are no surprises.”


Rick derives a lot of professional gratification from taking on renovations and large-scale home additions. “There’s a lot of satisfaction in taking an older home, opening it up and essentially re-creating it. Generally for the customer, it’s a WOW experience! The results are often spectacular!” Running a profitable business is one thing but for Rick it comes down to accomplishing what his clients want. “That’s huge for me. Making them happy is more important to me in the end.” For further information, contact Dynasty Homes at 204-489-3456 or by email at


204-781-8449 I I MBReno_JuneJuly_Issue_Layout 1 5/24/16 3:17 PM Page 1

Ask a Coach how composite deck products can buy back your weekends.

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MORE THAN JUST DECKING A deck is an extension of your living and entertainment space and adds value to your life and home. Create a comfortable space this summer with Barefoot Outdoor Decking, the most affordable decking option on the market, offering high quality treated wood designed to match all of your decking and fencing needs.



Are you ready for delicious smoked foods? Taste simply mouth-watering perfection with Bradley Smokers. Bradley Smoker makes it simple for the expert or novice chef to create gourmet quality smoked food. Get perfect results every time you smoke. Choose from Bradley Original or Digital Smoker available at your local McMunn & Yates Building Supplies.

ALL THE BEAUTY OF WOOD AND THE DURABILITY OF CONCRETE Tired of staining your deck but love the lock of wood? Unlike traditional wood surfaces, Bridgewood slabs will never rot, warp, splinter or fade. It’ll never need to be stained or sealed like wood, or crack like stamped concrete. Feel the warm and inviting nature of wood in your landscape projects with Bridgewood. Visit us today and see our barkman displays in store!


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THE FINE ART OF HOME RENOVATION Over the years Parkhill Renovations have lent their expertise to every kind of project imaginable. From kitchen & bathroom renovations to home additions, interior remodels and custom homes.

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Installing Sunrooms In Manitoba For Over 39 Years!

Visit our Showroom & Sunroom Factory @ 265 Sutherland Avenue, Winnipeg, MB Ph: 204-940-3030 JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  37


COMFORT Glastar sunroom tamps down summer’s heat By Margaret Anne Fehr Photos by Duality Photographic

IN THE MIDDLE of a Manitoba winter, southern exposure is a highly coveted commodity but during an intense summer scorcher, not so much. Laura and Doug are owners of a 1200 square foot bungalow in Transcona with a backyard that faces due south, so they can attest to the frustration of achieving comfort when the sun is unrelenting. The couple had thought a long time about a full-fledged sunroom but got by with a couple of ad hoc sun shelters over the years. “Those come with their own issues,” says Laura. “One had a canvas top and the other had a screen top, so they ripped and broke down.” Installing a sunroom was the subject of discussion for the couple for about five years. “We thought it was something we’d do a little bit later in life,” says Laura. “My aunt and uncle had actually had a Glastar sunroom built about seven years ago and we had heard very good things about the company.” So finally “thinking-about it” gave way to action and the couple paid a visit to the Glastar showroom.


Laura and Doug were suitably impressed with the showroom displays and the sales people who spelled out the many benefits of installing a sunroom. “We liked what we saw and the fact that they’ve been here in Winnipeg about 38 years,” says Laura. “It’s a family-run business and all the parts are manufactured here. So if anything ever went wrong, we wouldn’t have to call someone in another province to order parts.” The couple decided on a 12’ by 16’ structure with cathedral style 11’ gabled roof “that makes it feel a bit bigger than the flat style roof,” says Laura. Floorto-ceiling 4’ by 8’ glass walls provide an optimum panoramic view. “One side has a slider and a door that opens up to the hot tub so we can literally step right into it from the sunroom. We wanted that from the get-go,” says Doug. Now into a full year of enjoying their refuge from the sun’s baking rays, Laura and Doug rate the sunroom as the best family decision they’ve ever made. “The salesman told us we were probably going





“One side has a slider and a door that opens up to the hot tub so we can literally step right into it from the sunroom. We wanted that from the get-go,” says Doug.


“We’ll see people who are more excited after four or five years, than the first year, because every season is a little bit different and the novelty factor never fades.” to be using this 10 months of the year,” adds Laura. “I’m not going to lie; I kind of thought to myself, ‘we’ll see’. I don’t know if I totally believed it at the time.” “But we built the sunroom last year in the spring and we used it right it up until Christmas. We even spent Christmas Day there in the afternoon. January and February were predictably cooler but come March on a nice sunny day, we were back in there, so 10 months of the year is 100 percent right!” Doug took extra measures to create custom touches including a stone-clad feature wall that covers the former stucco exterior wall to add a feeling of warmth as well as a full-paned glass door leading into the kitchen to maximize the flow of light. Doug adds, “It’s not just a sunroom but a true extension of our home by about 200 square feet. We have the TV in there and a big sectional, not patio furniture, and we’re in there every evening watching a hockey game or movie and in the morning, we’re in there having coffee. It gets a lot of use.” Laura concurs, “Until you actually have it installed, you don’t realize how much time you can actually spend in there. There are some things in life where the novelty kind of wears off, but I don’t see that happening with the sunroom.” Steve Sarens, Glastar owner, isn’t too surprised to hear about the Transcona couple’s usage of the space. “It’s something we hear a lot from our customers who often stop by to see us at home shows. We’ll see people who are more excited after four or five years, than the first year, because every season is a little bit different and the novelty factor never fades. It’s really nice to purchase something and have that kind of satisfaction down the road.” 40 YPNEXTHOME.CA


Doug adds, “It’s not just a sunroom but a true extension of our home by about 200 square feet. We have the TV in there and a big sectional, not patio furniture, and we’re in there every evening watching a hockey game or movie and in the morning, we’re in there having coffee. It gets a lot of use.”


Floor-to-ceiling 4’ by 8’ glass walls provide an optimum panoramic view. RIGHT

The couple decided on a 12’ by 16’ structure with cathedral style 11’ gabled roof “that makes it feel a bit bigger than the flat style roof,” says Laura. BELOW

Doug took extra measures to create custom touches including a stoneclad feature wall that covers the former stucco exterior wall to add a feeling of warmth as well as a fullpaned glass door leading into the kitchen to maximize the flow of light.


Tips & Tricks

Setting your goals Your home renovation should provide you with improved function, comfort and convenience. The next step in the process is to set some general goals for your project — goals that address both the things you want to change in your home and the new features you want to add. CONSIDER THE DAY-TO-DAY experience of living in your home. Then try to describe the vision you have for your renovation. Don’t worry about the nuts and bolts involved in doing the actual work, concentrate on defining the end result. For instance, if your existing kitchen is a problem, describe how your dream kitchen would work. Perhaps it would read something like this: “I’ll be able to cook a complete dinner without having to stop and clean up all the time. There’s plenty of working space right near the stove and there’s also a big area for setting out dishes and serving plates. Everything I need is close at hand, but not on the counter top-there are lots of drawers and cupboards for everything. And there is enough space so that someone else can sit at the kitchen table, and we can carry on a conversation without bumping into each other.” By describing your personal renovation goals this way, you focus on the real point of your renovation-how it will impact your lifestyle, not how the actual work will be done. That comes later. In setting down your renovation goals, there are three important aspects you should pay particular attention to:

» Use of Space. How you use a room determines the amount of space required and the extent to which the space needs to be open or closed to surrounding areas of your home. What activities will take place in the room? What existing or future furnishings must fit into it? Will noise from this room be disruptive to others? » Light and Brightness. What are the lighting requirements of the activities planned for each room? Do existing windows provide adequate sunlight 42 YPNEXTHOME.CA

and a feeling of spaciousness? Will you use this room more during the day or in the evening? If artificial light is needed, would general lighting or task lighting be more suitable? » Movement of People. What are the traffic patterns through each area of your home? Does a room provide access to other frequently used parts of your home like the kitchen or

bathroom and does this conflict with the activities you plan for this room? With clear goals, you avoid becoming overwhelmed by choices, not an uncommon problem when planning a renovation. Courtesy of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association


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Basement Blues By Lynn Fenwick B.I.D. Photography by Duality Photography Photos courtesy of A&S homes

After much deliberating, you have finally decided to renovate that unfinished basement. It is at this point where you hit a wall. You ask yourself, ‘Where do I even start?!’ It can be very overwhelming to think about creating a space for yourself that is functional yet still beautiful. However, this is where we as interior designers can step in! We have the knowledge and experience that is needed to design around the existing structural and mechanical conditions while ensuring that we use the space in the best way possible for your lifestyle.

What’s the motive? The main reason people renovate their basement is because they have outgrown their current living space on the upper level(s) of their home. Unfortunately, basements have a bad rap for being dark and dingy and don’t always get the design attention that they deserve. At Fenwick & Company, we think that every space should be equally beautiful, and we love to take on the challenge of designing a basement that is inviting and interesting.


“Due to the typically lower ceilings and lack of natural light in the space, having an open concept can brighten the space and make it look larger and more welcoming than divided spaces.”

Get into the zoning! At the start of the design process we discuss your needs for the space. Functionally, what do you want from the space? For most clients, they want an extra recreational space, a home theater environment, a separate laundry area, and more functional storage. It is also a good idea to think about adding an extra bedroom and full bathroom in the basement. This will be convenient when hosting a guest – or it could be used for

children to move into when they are older, or back into when they’re even older and realize they cannot afford to live on their own! Additionally (pun intended), a bedroom also adds value to your house if you ever decide to sell. This initial stage is very crucial to the design process. We take your wish list and put everything together to make a floor plan that meets those wishes and works best for your space.


I’m open. Are you open? At present, open concept floor plans are the preferred design for the main areas of the house. However, it is even more important to keep an open concept in the basement. Due to the typically lower ceilings and lack of natural light in the space, having an open concept can brighten the space and make it look larger and more welcoming than divided spaces. Also, using neutral, light tones throughout the space will make it more inviting and open. As with every space, the less clutter the better! But that is another topic for discussion.

Storage, storage, storage… Storage is one of the most important components of a basement design. Almost everyone uses the basement for storage, and yet people often underestimate their storage needs. Make a list to determine how much storage space you are going to need to house seasonal items and Aunt Margaret’s heirlooms. Storage doesn’t need to be a room; it can be hidden behind a false wall or cabinets, or displayed in many unique ways.

Could you guess there is storage behind the wood detail wall?

Load up on the fun! As mentioned before, basements are often treated as an afterthought. My recommendation is, if you are going to spend money making your lower level livable, really analyze what you want, then have fun with it! For most clients, the living room areas on the main floor are used for the majority of entertaining, and our clients usually prefer to keep them elegant. The basement provides a great opportunity to incorporate your own interesting touches in the house. No matter what the budget, create the space based on your family’s wish list and add your personal touches to the space (okay — maybe veto the “Tiki Bar”). 46 YPNEXTHOME.CA

Where’s the light? Basements tend to have undersized windows. Designing a beautiful basement means designing with light. To prevent that dingy basement look, make sure you take note of how much light you need and where you need light. Fenwick and Company’s design motto is: Make it functional, make it personal, and make it fun. If you follow our motto, you will surely have a basement that is anything but blue!

Lynn Fenwick Fenwick and Company Interior Design Tel 204.489.5151, Fax 204.487.0719 E-mail Web Blog Like us on facebook:









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HOME FURNISHINGS [ How design collaborations work ]

OVER THE YEARS, we’ve seen tables by Lenny Kravitz for CB2, Priscilla Presley bedding, a King Coil mattress collection by Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith. Ellen DeGeneres has a clothing and homewares collection, ED by Ellen. Ken Fulk recently did a collection for Pottery Barn. Luxury Interior Designer Brian Gluckstein has GlucksteinHome, a full housewares brand. Colin & Justin have their own line of products – and Designer Samantha Pynn is launching her first collection for Simons. So what does being famous and having a collection or product line mean? There’s a huge difference between collaborations and endorsements. Many companies have tried the celebrity endorsement. Did Britney Spears have anything to do with Pepsi? No, but she sure could sell it. Michael Jordan, however, did know a thing or two about what he wanted in a basketball shoe. It’s about selling lifestyle – the connections are aspirational.

BRIAN GLUCKSTEIN photo: Naomi Finlay


GlucksteinHome by BRIAN GLUCKSTEIN

With Kravitz Design – his own design company – Lenny Kravitz paired up with CB2 to create a collaborative collection. Launched in the fall of 2015, Ryan Turf, managing director of CB2, describes Kravitz as being very passionate about design. More than just an aspirational style, he was involved as both a designer and a collaborator. For CB2, says Turf, it was a way to incorporate the music into their furnishings, since music is an important part of the demographic – and in reverse, Kravitz is a fan of CB2 so he appreciated being part of a brand he enjoys. The collection is earthy. It’s rock and roll. It’s geometric and reminiscent of great 1970s design. It definitely exudes that part of Kravitz that his music fans know, relate to and love. While this was a one-off collaboration, when pairing iconic names in the design world with furnishing and home decor lines, you find a more organic development. Interior decor and design is all about creating beautiful spaces, some designers have that desire to create furnishings they envision for these spaces. While designers can do this on a client-by-client basis – creating custom textiles, customizing the shape, size or finish of a sofa or table – creating a whole cohesive line for mass consumption is much more of an undertaking. Decorator, stylist, columnist and CityLine expert, Samantha Pynn is also the host of Open House Overhaul on HGTV Canada. She’s just completed a new decor line – The Samantha Pynn for Simons collection, which launched in February. This is especially


By Elisa Krovblit

Kravitz Design by LENNY KRAVITZ X CB2

Kravitz Design by LENNY KRAVITZ X CB2


LENNY KRAVITZ photo: Susan Legge

GlucksteinHome by BRIAN GLUCKSTEIN

exciting as Simons, the much-adored trends and fashion retailer from Quebec, arrived in the GTA in March at Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, Ont. Pynn’s collaboration is the authentic design experience – creating the prints, selecting the colours, textiles, materials and developing the pieces to the perfect specifications. “A lot of times they want to put your name on a collection. I wanted to be designing this from scratch,” says Pynn. “I wanted to have a say – a huge say. “Simons understood my editorial and design background, and let me take the lead.” The collection combines classic pieces with contemporary style. There are great patterns, textures and textiles. “The patterns, most are really rooted in the classics – lattice, floral.” There are florals, but not traditional little flowers, they’re big and stylized. There are animal prints. There are geometrics, neutrals and punches of colour. “People are really looking for something that will feel fresh for a long time, but still want something to be classic, have longevity, have legs,” Pynn says. “I don’t like disposable design. I didn’t want to go uber feminine.” It’s a ‘something for everyone’ collection, and you can see the strength of pieces as they work alone or with others. Consumers can take pieces into different directions depending on the way they introduce them into their own decor. “A collection,” she explains, “that makes pulling a room together easy.” JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  49



Stores pull collections together all the time, buyers do their jobs and curate, but when connecting a well known designer’s name with a collection, consumers have an expectation – a reference to that name. It’s a challenge to design a large collection. The client is broader than a unique design done for an individual client. Price point needs to be a part of the equation, but quality has to be key. Quite attuned to the quality, from the selection of fabrics to the feel of the texture, Pynn’s quality control was to test drive products. She’d take home the throws and try them out, sleep on them, see how they’d feel to her. She’d try out the mats to see how they’d perform. “A well-decorated home makes people’s lives better,” she says, but ultimately, as a professional, to put your name on a collection as a designer is to share your design concepts and vision with everyone – and it needs to measure up. Completely different from endorsement, it’s a statement about your talent, about your vision and your design sensibilities. The collaboration process was a consolidated effort. “We pushed each other in a positive ‘Okay, I’ll try that’ kind of way,” says Pynn. “Price was an issue but not a limitation.” Internationally known, and highly acclaimed for his clean, stunning, luxurious design, Brian Gluckstein has done numerous collections – and has gone beyond to create his own brand. GlucksteinHome was launched in 1999 and has grown and endured. 50 YPNEXTHOME.CA


While the price point makes his products more accessible than his interior design fees, the intended consumer is broader. He describes the brand as being for “someone who loves design and wants to elevate the aesthetics of their home.” As the brand, Gluckstein designs all of the products. “I love all home product and I’m inspired so much every day to design more. It’s important that I keep pushing the quality of product, through elevated design elements and beautiful materials, while keeping the price points sensible.” Aligning with Hudson’s Bay has made GlucksteinHome very accessible to consumers. “With Hudson’s Bay, we’re able to work with factories all over the world and develop products in a scale that allows for that.” The next time you shop, take a closer look at that famous name and you’ll be able to get a better feel for who you’re bringing into your home.


Porcelain | Ceramic | Glass | Stone | Metal | Granite | Quartz Showroom is located at Unit 5 3 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg

When Quality is the Only Option 204.233.4148


Lumon offers quality design and customization to ensure each outdoor living space suits every customer’s unique requirements.



LUMON CANADA celebrates three years in Manitoba this year providing patio covers, sunrooms and condo balcony enclosures designed to enhance the comfort levels for their clients when the sun is at its highest and brightest. Patio covers, Lumon’s best-sellers, are affordable options that are both elegant in design and highly functional. The company’s German-engineered acrylic patio covers block up to 75% of the sun’s heat while flooding the space with an abundance of natural light. Constructed of the most weather-resistant polymer on the market, patio covers are guaranteed not to yellow or become brittle, a

claim that Lumon backs with a 30-year warranty along with painted materials covered for 10 years and installation for 2 years. Another plus for homeowners is that construction of a patio cover can be phased in over time. Erect the sunroof first and as time, budget and circumstances dictate, screen and/ or glass walls can be added for a full enclosure that spans three seasons with ease. Also popular, Lumon sunrooms feature fully retractable glass walls and present the ultimate solution in creating a climate-controlled environment for JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  53

their clients. Unobstructed views, bright natural light and protection from dust, snow, wind and rain are some of the benefits that a full sunroom offers. “Not to mention,” adds Kazwel Levandoski, Lumon sales consultant, “the amount of quality time that customers tell us they spend in their outdoor spaces after installation. It’s truly remarkable!” Installation of a patio cover or sunroom is quick and efficient. Typically, “our expertly trained crews can install a patio cover in just one day while a sunroom can be erected in 2 to 3 days,” says Kazwel. Condo balconies also benefit from a Lumon frameless retractable glass system that allows for a seamless panoramic view

as well as increased usability throughout the changing seasons. Lumon offers quality design and customization to ensure each outdoor living space suits every customer’s unique requirements. No-obligation design consultations as well as 3D design plans help people envision the many different options they have in planning their outdoor living space. A special promotion from Lumon includes 0% financing and a $1000 deposit to get a project up and running. All consultations are arranged by appointment by calling Kazwel Levandoski at 1-844-655-8666 or emailing

Installation of a patio cover or sunroom is quick and efficient.




You should control your patio. Not the weather.

Find out more about our sunrooms, patio covers, and sliding glass wall systems at



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Renaissance Linear Wood Burning Fireplace

This colossal linear fireplace has a unique built in guillotine door and firescreen combination, as well as one of the largest views of any linear wood burning fireplace. These features make it the ultimate choice in luxury and design.


Tips & Tricks


TRENDS If you haven’t already started, outdoor landscaping projects are most likely on your horizon. May long weekend, traditionally for planting gardens and opening up the cottage, has come and gone and you now have the whole season to design and execute your vision for a perfect outdoor living space. Just visualize yourself sitting outside on a breezy summer evening, feet propped up, sipping a cold drink and chatting with family and friends in front of a dancing fire... All products are available at FLAME & COMFORT, 318 Logan Avenue, Winnipeg

LEDGESTONE AND APOLLO TABLE TOP FIRE PITS Add a warm accent to any area of your home or outdoor space with the flicker of real fire. The Apollo and Ledgestone table top fire pits from Outdoor Great Rooms operate with clean burning Venturi gel fuel. These accessories are not only a stylish addition to your setting, but can be used indoors or out and are portable and easy to light.

VINTAGE FIRE PIT TABLE Gather around and chat, have a sip of your drink and grab a few munchies off the table... bathed in the warm glow from this beautiful outdoor gas fire pit. The Vintage table from Outdoor Great Rooms showcases a sophisticated faux rustic tile finish, which is complimented by a distressed slatted wood base, unique to each table. The warm Honey Glow Brown colour coated stainless steel burner houses large, luxurious flames, set in a bed of various coloured fire gems. 58 YPNEXTHOME.CA

TC36 OUTDOOR GAS FIREPLACE Whether your home and landscaping style is sleek and modern, a casual rustic or a sophisticated traditional design, the Town and Country TC36OD outdoor gas fireplace will compliment any decor and create a stunning focal point for any outdoor space. The clean face styling, interchangeable firebox panels and burner options provide endless design possibilities you can choose from to create the outdoor living room of your dreams.

HEAT-&-GLO VILLA GAS OUTDOOR FIREPLACE Blend a 36” or 42” Villa Gas fireplace into your outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen or patio or deck design. This extremely versatile and compact fireplace from Heat-&-Glo requires no exhaust venting, and can be easily be installed in many outdoor locations, and its durable stainless steel surround thrives in the elements.

HEAT-&-GLO LANAI OUTDOOR LINEAR FIREPLACE On a cool summer evening, gather around the colourful glow of the Lanai outdoor gas fireplace from Heat-&-Glo. The long linear gas flames will dance behind a glass wind guard and over one of the multiple LED light colours that shine up through the glass burner ember bed. On a hot summer evening, add exciting ambiance without extra heat to your lounging area with the LED accent light alone, without the flames. Highlight your landscaping decor with White, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow or Green accent lights, which will shine off the fireplace’s rust resistant stainless steel construction.




MPD GLASS & VOYAGEUR DOOR & WINDOW By Margaret Anne Fehr | Photography by Duality Photographic

IT’S A LANDMARK MOVE FOR MPD GLASS and sister company Voyageur Door and Window as they relocate to their new and improved building at 450 Deschambault. The new location offers a freshly designed customer showroom and state-of-the-art factory in an expansive 54,000 square feet of space along with abundant parking. Just off DesMeurons, the building is a mere five minutes from the companies’ former location in St. Boniface. 60 YPNEXTHOME.CA

Chris Kaleta, co-owner and decorative glass, etching and film artist, explains that with “the continual growth of MPD Glass and Voyageur Door and Window, we were finding continual challenges within a limited space causing some efficiency issues around stock storage especially in the winter in accessing product. Other challenges like an absence of a loading dock, uneven shop floors and small overhead doors affected the smooth functioning of the plant but with the new


Customers, both regular and new, will discover 2000 square feet of showroom space that’s informative and well-designed to guide them in finding a stellar selection of glass products to meet their home décor aspirations. TOP RIGHT

Customer service continues to be top-notch says Chris. “All of our showroom staff are passionate and knowledgeable about the products we offer.”

location, these issues and others have been addressed and bode well for an optimumrunning facility.” Customers, both regular and new, will discover 2000 square feet of showroom space that’s informative and well-designed to guide them in finding a stellar selection of glass products to meet their home décor aspirations. “We have put a lot of effort into the layout of our new showroom space and it will be always evolving to keep up with the latest glass trends,” says Chris. “It is a constant work in progress and we have made efforts

to maximize space by creating displays such as scaled versions of doors that show actual inserts scaled for accuracy.” Massive portfolios of photographs are plentiful and large TV screen monitors illustrate the many creative ways that glass can enhance customers’ homes and quality of life. Voyageur Door and Window also shares the showroom space showcasing its extensive inventory of products. Customer service continues to be topnotch says Chris. “All of our showroom staff are passionate and knowledgeable about the products we offer. We often say, if we can get JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  61

“We have put a lot of effort into the layout of our new showroom space and it will be always evolving to keep up with the latest glass trends.”

people into the showroom, our products sell themselves! We also find most people leave with great confidence in our abilities after seeing our work.” Chris explains that customers are inspired by the products and photos they see and become educated on the many possibilities that glass offers. One such product is thermoformed glass produced by Think Glass out of Montreal. “These are custom-cast glass products that come in a variety of textures and colours. Jaw-droppingly beautiful, these glass products are perfect for higher-end countertops, backsplashes and bar tops, even doors. We have some product on display in our showroom. It really needs to be seen to be believed! “The factory floor was completely reconfigured thanks to a great team of space planning professionals that specialize in production flow and 6 sigma principles,” says Chris. 62 YPNEXTHOME.CA

Expanding from their previous facility of 28,000 square feet to the new location of 54,000 square feet, the companies are committed to developing new strategies to utilize space better and to improve production practices. “We have a great team of people here who are great at what they do from sales, glass cutting, manufacturing, production and installation. They are central to our company’s longevity and success.” Chris extends an open invitation for customers and browsers to visit the new location and be ‘wow-ed’ by this new chapter in the company’s history. “We appreciate and express our thanks to everyone who has supported us as a company over the years. We wouldn’t have grown without you.” The MPD Glass and Vinyl Graphics showroom is open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Visit


“The factory floor was completely re-configured thanks to a great team of space planning professionals that specialize in production flow and 6 sigma principles,” says Chris. BOTTOM

MPD Glass and sister company Voyageur Door and Window have relocated to their new and improved building at 450 Deschambault.

The Scoop Byholma/Marieberg Armchair, Grey, Laila Natural $119,

Debbie Travis Chelsea fourpiece Conversation Set $720,

Woven &


Uberhaus Soho Bistro Set – Black – Three Pieces $599,

Summer sunshine means moving it out-of-doors. This year’s hottest look is wicker. Whether it’s rattan or the modern resin version, this wonderful woven look is as hot as mid-day in July. Don’t be fooled by faded memories of a Miami lanai, today’s wicker is stylish and versatile, and spans from the traditional to the very contemporary! by Elisa Krovblit

Vertical Rattan Deck Box with Shelf $300,

Resin Wicker Houndstooth Three-Piece Chat Set $600,


Alseda Poof/Ottoman $40,

Natural Protein Eggs are one of nature’s most nutritious foods. They are an excellent source of protein and contain 14 vitamins and minerals.


YOU NEED 1 tbsp (15 mL) canola oil 1 - 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 small onion, chopped 4 cups (1 L) spinach, chopped

Quinoa veggie burgers

2 ½ cups (625 mL) cooked quinoa ¼ cup (50 mL) fresh parsley, chopped

Makes 8 burgers

½ cup (125 mL) Parmesan cheese, grated ½ tsp (2 mL) salt 4 eggs, beaten ½ cup (125 mL) Panko crumbs 3 tbsp (45 mL) canola oil 8 hamburger buns Lettuce Tomato slices


1. In a large non-stick fry pan, heat canola oil over moderate heat. 2. Add garlic and onions and sauté 3-4 minutes. 3. Add spinach and cook mixture for a few more minutes, until spinach is wilted. Set aside. 4. In a medium bowl, combine quinoa, parsley, Parmesan, salt and eggs and mix until combined.

5. Add spinach mixture and Panko crumbs. Mix to combine. 6. Using a half cup measure, mold mixture into 8 patties. Using the same fry-pan, heat 3 tbsp (45 mL) oil over moderate heat. 7. Fry patties until golden on both sides (about 2-3 minutes per side). Serve on buns with lettuce and tomatoes.

Strawberry lemonade bars


¼ cup (50 mL) sugar ½ cup (125 mL) butter, room temperature 1 ½ cups (375 mL) all-purpose flour ¼ tsp (1 mL) salt FILLING

1 cup (250 mL) fresh lemon juice 2 - 3 tsp (10 - 15 mL) lemon zest 6 - 8 large strawberries 1 ¼ cups (300 mL) sugar 4 large eggs ¼ cup (50mL) all-purpose flour ½ tsp (2 mL) baking powder ¼ tsp (1 mL) salt Icing sugar (optional)

Makes 24 bars CRUST 1. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). 2. Lightly grease a 9 x 9 inch (22 x 22 cm) baking pan. 3. In a large bowl, cream together sugar and butter until smooth and fluffy. Working at a low speed, gradually beat in flour and salt until mixture is crumbly. 4. Transfer into prepared pan and press into an even layer. 5. Bake for about 15 minutes until crust is set at the edges. FILLING 6. Meanwhile, in the bowl of a food processor combine lemon juice, lemon zest, strawberries, sugar and eggs and process until smooth. 7. Add in flour, baking powder and salt, and then pulse until smooth. Gently pour the filling over the hot crust when it has finished baking. 8. Return pan to oven and bake for 23-26 minutes until filling is set. 9. Cool completely before slicing and use a damp knife to ensure clean slices. If desired, dust bars with icing sugar once cooled. Store bars in refrigerator.

For nutrient analysis visit JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  67



A taste of the…

Heartland New PPG Paints collection enables Manitobans to bring beauty of province indoors FOR THOSE WHO can’t get enough of Manitoba’s breathtaking landscape, a leading paint brand has introduced a way to recreate the feeling of the province’s spectacular scenery indoors. The PPG Paints brand recently launched the Heartland Colour Collection, a palette of 40 colours that represent six themes: Summer in the Prairies, Harvest in the Sunset Country, Classic Colours of the Lake Country, Urban Vibes in the Canadian Shield, Coming Home to Northern Neutrals, and People and Tradition. Available exclusively at McMunn & Yates Building Supplies stores, the collection brings the look and feel of the region’s outdoors into home decor. Think warm combinations of golden wheat, moss green and misty gray; crisp coral, punch red and rich brown; sky blue, dusty pink, wood brown and taupe; and muted gold, green and silver. “The Heartland Colour Collection is inspired by the outdoor lifestyle, stunning geography and vivid colours of Central Canada’s diverse landscape,” said Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager, PPG The Voice Of Color platform of the PPG Paints brand. “With a spectrum of vibrant and neutral colour combinations, it captures the varied backdrops of the Manitoba region, from the soft neutrals of the prairies, to the bold hues of traditional and urban cultures, to the tranquil, 68 YPNEXTHOME.CA

saturated tones of cottage life, and the spectacular shades of the changing skyscape.” PPG’s colour experts selected colours for the collection in conjunction with McMunn & Yates Building Supplies. McMunn & Yates Building Supplies then reached out to customers and asked them to suggest names for each shade through an in-store contest. Many suggested names are incorporated into the collection, including Snowy Owl, Moss Trail, Golden Oat Field, Canadian Forest, Wonderous Wheat, Hippie Blue and Rich Earth. Calling the collection a true local collaboration, Suzett Medeiros, marketing manager of McMunn & Yates Building Supplies, explained that people are increasingly looking to nature for inspiration in choosing colours for their walls, furniture and overall home decor. “Manitoba’s colourscapes of golds, blues, greens, grays and reds, coupled with its sprawling grassland, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests and majestic sweeping views, create a landscape like no other and serve as the basis for the new Heartland Colour Collection,” she said. “Our region has a rich history that is very much tied to the land, from our early trading days and farming,” Medeiros continued. “The goal is to bring the history, beauty, lifestyle and multi-cultural heritage of this magnificent part of Canada to life through colour with a new, exciting and exclusive palette.”

Snow Dawn

Flipper Discover Autumn Ridge Crystal Lake


PPG employs more than 20 colour stylists around the world, each specializing in different markets, who collaborate to determine styles and colour trends for the home, electronics and automobiles. PPG’s unique position as a colour leader in multiple markets allows it to observe and translate emerging global colour trends for its customers’ applications — from consumer goods to automotive colour, from residential to commercial to industrial design. Visit to see how colour impacts PPG’s businesses and customers. PPG’s architectural coatings business in the U.S. and Canada is an industry leader in residential and commercial coatings, delivering the latest technologies and operational advancements through its strong portfolio of brands. It manufactures and sells interior and exterior paints, stains, caulks, repair products, adhesives and sealants for homeowners and professionals. Its distribution network includes more than 15,000 touchpoints through companyowned stores, independent dealer locations and all major home improvement centers across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit


Wonderous Wheat

Snowy Owl

Visit your local McMunn & Yates Building Supplies for your very own colour card and experience the colours with your furnishings, decor and lighting to help with the selection process! JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  69

Tips & Tricks

Deck and patio Extend your living space OUTDOOR LIVING is part of today’s lifestyle, and many homeowners are turning their outdoor areas into attractive and relaxing extensions of their homes during the warmer months of the year. This can be as simple as a sitting area for the family, or include a combination of decks, patios, walkways, gazebos, gardens, pools, ponds and fountains. When planning a deck or a patio, professional renovators can offer valuable advice to help you get the most out of your property and your budget.

Be creative. The sky’s the limit when it comes to design. Explore ideas, browse through magazines and look at what other homeowners have done. Discuss your plans with a professional renovator, and ask for suggestions on design, materials and details.

Be realistic about size. How do you see yourself living on your deck or patio? Do you need a cooking and eating area? Will you be entertaining? How much furniture do you plan to put there? Stake out the space you think you need. Will everything fit in comfortably? Don’t scrimp on sizeadding a few extra feet is less expensive at the planning stage than later.

Plan for storage. Will you be able to put things away easily and conveniently? If not, consider built-in benches with storage room, or an adjacent shed.

Look for easy maintenance and longevity. You want to spend your time enjoying your outdoor living space, not maintaining it. A professional renovator can advise you on the best construction methods, materials and finishes to protect your investment and your leisure time.

Be aware of sun, shade and wind. If the deck or patio will be bathed in sun the entire day, you may want to create a shaded area. Consider awnings, lattice walls, roof structures covered with plants or fabric… there are many options to suit any style and budget. Or think about planting a tree for shade. Don’t forget to check the prevailing wind - you may also wish to build a windscreen.

Eliminate potential problems. Experienced renovators can explain how to avoid any structural problems that could arise from attaching a deck to your house. For instance, it is important to prevent water penetration where the two are joined, or you could face moisture problems and rot later on.

Know the regulations. You, or your Add in light and water. If you plan to spend evenings outside or are concerned about security, make sure your plans include outdoor lighting fixtures as well as electrical outlets. Install an outdoor faucet for easy watering of flowers and shrubs. 70 YPNEXTHOME.CA

renovator, need to check with your municipality on regulations that could affect how you design and use your outdoor living space. For instance, how close can you build to property lines? Will you need a railing for your deck? If you

need a building permit, make sure to get it before any work begins.

Integrate your outside spaces into an overall design. You may want to develop a number of different “areas” on your property - flower beds and a vegetable garden, a gazebo or private sitting areas, a fountain, a pond or a pool. You may also want play areas, a clothesline and storage areas for tools, toys and bicycles. Even if you don’t do all the work at one time, develop an overall plan. Map out traffic flow and walkways from one area to another. Consider fencing for privacy, safety and looks. Think about plants, shrubs and trees for the long term - how large will everything grow in 10 years, and how will that affect space and sun patterns? On a small lot, you can blend many different areas together with the right choice of materials and colours. There is a wide range of new materials on the market for walkways, patios, decks, fencing and more. Ask your renovator for information. Courtesy of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Queen of Green

Testing for radon Make sure this carcinogenic gas isn’t building up in your home IF YOU’RE LIKE ME, you probably try to minimize your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals by using paraben-free shampoo, living in a scent-free home, cleaning your tub with baking soda and gardening pesticide-free. Here’s another way to keep a healthy home: Test it for radon. Radon is a radioactive gas formed by the natural decay of uranium in soil and rock — which all our homes are built on. Radon can seep into buildings through foundation cracks, become trapped and accumulate. Without proper ventilation, concentrations in indoor air can reach dangerous levels. Radon is a known carcinogen — responsible for 16 per cent of all lung cancer deaths in Canada and the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers. You can’t smell it, see it or taste it. Radon concentrations are known to be high in some parts of Canada (CAREX Canada’s online map illustrates Health Canada’s survey of radon levels in 14,000 Canadian homes. Click on your province and city.) But no areas of our country are “radon-free”. So, how can you measure radon in your home? Step one: Purchase a testing device. They can cost as little as thirty dollars. » Check your local hardware store » Purchase online from many Lung Associations across Canada or the Radiation Safety Institute » Contact a business specializing in radon testing Some stores sell only short-term radon detectors. Be sure to select a test device that measures concentrations over a period of at least 90 days. Step two: Set up your testing device. Indoor radon levels can vary hour to hour and day to day, so test for at least three

Corentium Digital Radon Monitor

months to calculate long-term average concentrations. The best time is during cooler seasons when your heater is on and windows are closed.

» » The David Suzuki Foundation’s 2015 report, “Revisiting Canada’s Radon Guideline”

Step three: If concentrations are high, a certified mitigation professional can help, likely for less than the price of a new furnace. Health Canada’s indoor radon guideline is 200 becquerels per cubic meter (Bq/ m3, a measure of radioactivity) — double the World Health Organization’s advice. The David Suzuki Foundation wants Health Canada to revise the national radon guideline to 100 Bq/m3 and ensure prevention, testing and, where necessary, mitigation in public-access buildings, including daycares, schools and hospitals.

I’m testing my home for radon this spring and I hope you will, too!

Step four: Stay informed: »

As David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, Lindsay Coulter courageously leads and inspires others to live more gently on the Earth. She answers fan and follower questions, offers DIY recipes and tips without judgment and guilt, and regularly appears as a “green” expert in the media — she’s even been on Dr. Oz. See more Queen of Green at queen-of-green. JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  71


Yanic Simard on…

By Elisa Krovblit Photos by Brandon Barré


When you hire a designer the space they create for you is, of course, custom. But the elements in that room – are they a carefully curated collection that will work in your space or are they custom made, just for you? Home Decor & Renovations caught up with celebrity designer Yanic Simard, principal of the award-winning boutique firm TIDG (, to discuss custom pieces, and he’s given us some amazing insight into creating the best custom essentials for your home. Home Decor & Reno: Why custom? Yanic Simard: My idea of comfort is living in a space that feels right — a personal retreat where you end up at the end of the day, and it just feels good. Going custom is the best way to achieve that. HD&R: Custom can be costly. Are there costeffective ways to get custom looks? YS: Upholstery. Custom upholstering an entire piece of furniture, such as an armchair or a sofa, can quickly add up. But focusing on something simple, like the seats of dining chairs, can be a small investment with a big payoff. This approach also gives you the opportunity to create a lot of looks that you are unlikely to find in a store, such as matching your drapery to a chair back for a statement that says “custom,” loud and clear. This also provides an opportunity to use a small amount of high-end fabric for accents and apply a plainer and more durable material to high-impact areas, such as the seat, for the best of both worlds (and a balanced budget). HD&R: Are there areas where you more strongly recommend going the custom route? YS: Drapery. As with upholstery, custom draperies can require investing in materials and labour. However, a custom drapery treatment is by far JUNE - JULY 2016  |  HOME DECOR AND RENOVATIONS  73

the best way to achieve an elegant look, especially for windows of an unusual size or walls that do not perfectly suit a pre-made panel. This is why custom drapery is generally considered worth the investment. In many cases it is possible to extend a ready-made panel instead of starting from scratch. In much less time than it takes to make a panel from scratch, a seamstress (or skilled DIYer) can cut the bottom of a packaged curtain and attach a panel of a second fabric, creating a perfect-length, colour-block statement without the full price tag. 74 YPNEXTHOME.CA

HD&R: Do you recommend customizing pieces of furniture? YS: Creating a custom piece of furniture for a client is many designers’ dream, but it can sound more like a nightmare for homeowners. The cost, time, imagination and decisions required can make choosing a custom piece seem overwhelming compared to simply dropping by a store and walking away with a new find. HD&R: Are there any design issues that are more easily overcome with custom options, where you tend to prefer custom?

YS: Mirrors for the bathroom. Custom inset mirrors solve a lot of issues in bathroom design. They expand a space visually, and they also replace a large area of tile, allowing a seamless, fully tiled look without requiring as much material to be purchased. When you use a mirror wall to wall or floor to ceiling — and skip the frame cost — you’ll save even more while getting a perfectly polished look. It’s a good idea especially in a compact bathroom, letting you splurge on a smaller amount of must-have stone and doubling the look of it.

“When you use a mirror wall to wall or floor to ceiling — and skip the frame cost — you’ll save even more while getting a perfectly polished look.” HD&R: What are some of the current trends in customization? YS: There’s a big trend to upcycle, so if what you have is in good condition, customizing the finish is becoming a popular option. Beautiful, colourful cabinetry can be rare, especially in the exact hue of your choice. In fact, you’re more likely to find a dated or drab shade if you’re living in an older home. If the existing units are in good condition, having the fronts sprayed with a new finish can be very reasonable in price compared to a full replacement. The same can be said for salvaged vanities. Whether your look is eclectic, traditional, modern or rustic, a salvaged

furniture piece used as a vanity can make for an excellent twist in any bathroom. A simple coat of paint (or just a sealant to keep worn-in character as is), a few cuts and a basic block vessel sink can transform nearly any furniture piece into a bathroom vanity. You can also try adding a solid slab to create a more traditional countertop, or take an inexpensive cabinet frame and replace just the doors to achieve a unique look while still providing plenty of closed storage. HD&R: Are there any customizations that are particularly influenced by the client? YS: Art — this is definitely one element that needs to speak to the client on another level. In a Miami condo space

I recently designed, I wanted to bring a sense of South Beach artistic flair without letting it swallow the budget. I found high-resolution images created by a local artist online and had them printed directly onto acrylic. If you want to customize art for yourself, ask a local printer what materials they can print on, and try something fun, like canvas, cloth, parchment, plastic or even wood. The result will be unique art pieces with a true artistic story, but without the artauction price. And of course, there are also many good reasons to buy a one-of-a-kind original piece of art from your local gallery. Sometimes just a little change goes a beautifully long way.

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Breaking the mould Moulds can wreak havoc on indoor air quality I WAS BEGINNING to worry about mould in my home — airborne spores can be inhaled and become a health concern. I wasn’t feeling sick, but we discovered mould during a recent bathroom renovation, my husband had been rather sneezy and we have a child (children and the elderly can be more vulnerable). I called two companies to ask what was involved in a home indoor air quality test AND the cost. Within a day, a professional showed up to walk through my house with hand-held meters to test for levels of carbon monoxide (CO), total volatile organic compounds (tVOCs), and formaldehyde (HCHO). He also took an air sample and sent it for laboratory analysis to compare mould spore concentrations inside my home to concentrations outdoors.

“The $500 I spent gave me peace of mind.” The $500 I spent gave me peace of mind. My home does not have dangerous levels of mould that are allergenic, pathogenic or more serious toxigenic species. Everything else checked out safe, too! I also asked about mould prevention. Guess what’s likeliest culprit in my home (and probably yours)? Drying clothing indoors during winter (you know I like to save energy)! Tip: If you dry clothing inside, run a fan. Luckily my bathroom fan is the next room over and it’s Energy Star rated. Ventilation is key! Mould prevention tips: » Run a fan (that’s vented to the outside) when cooking or showering » Keep furniture away from exterior walls to allow air to circulate » Don’t store goods in cardboard 78 YPNEXTHOME.CA

boxes (use mould-resistant options like plastic bins) » Don’t store firewood inside the home » Own less stuff See a full list from Health Canada. If you’re concerned about indoor air quality, contact a professional. You’ll receive an air quality assessment report and prevention or mitigation suggestions. How have you solved or prevented indoor air quality problems where you live? Let the Queen of Green know about your experience and what you learned.

As David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, Lindsay Coulter courageously leads and inspires others to live more gently on the Earth. She answers fan and follower questions, offers DIY recipes and tips without judgment and guilt, and regularly appears as a “green” expert in the media — she’s even been on Dr. Oz. See more Queen of Green at queen-of-green.

Call the comfort pros at Reliable to learn about the world’s best warranty & largest manufacturer of furnaces & air conditioners.

World’s Best Warranty. World’s Largest Manufacturer. Win this Daikin home comfort package which includes a modulating 98% Hi Efficient Daikin Furnace with 12 yr parts and labor warranty and lifetime on Stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers


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