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CHOOSING A PROFESSIONAL RENOVATOR It’s the best renovation decision you can make. For over 70 years, members of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association have upheld their commitment to quality, service and professionalism, keeping Manitobans among the best-housed people in the world. For your peace of mind, make the smart move – contact a MHBA RENOVATORS’ COUNCIL member for your next renovation. The MHBA RENOVATORS’ COUNCIL is affiliated with the Canadian Renovators’ Council of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.



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Taiga’s Easystreet vinyl plank floors have never been so easy or affordable. Priced to fit any budget, even the least experienced homeowner can quickly and confidently install Easystreet.

FEATURES • Patented Välinge Glueless Click System • 20-Year Residential Warranty • 3-Year Light Commercial Warranty • Installs Over Cement, Plywood, or Existing Vinyl • Waterproof embossed


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Award Winning Kitchen, Bathroom and Whole Home Renovations from Concept to Completion Manitoba Home Builders Association | Renovation of the Year Gold Award Winner | Kitchens: 3 years in a row

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nvesting in your home’s exterior and landscaping is certainly worth the cost. Why do we say that? A number of worthwhile goals can be realized by putting some time and resources into your home’s facade and green space. This includes pride of ownership, contributing to your neighbourhood’s overall appearance, increasing your home’s value and having a peaceful place to relax, unwind and entertain. First of all, developing nice curb appeal will make you feel so much better about your home. Also, when the street side view of your house looks aesthetically pleasing, the resale value goes up dramatically. Carson Arthur provides a great deal of insight on this topic in his article on page 10. Be sure to carefully review his general rules of landscaping. How early should you start planning and what needs to be in place before your exterior work can commence? Make sure to read the advice from Wayne Sage on page 32. Projects requiring permits should be started as soon as possible if you wish to see them completed before the snow flies. Inside out (on page 38) shows that you can have a functional, stylish and fun outdoor space if you plan right with established design principles in mind. Need assistance in the planning department? We are fortunate in Manitoba to have so many skilled and experienced designers and renovators who can provide the help you need. Some of their work is on display in the renovation awards special feature (pages 19 to 26) which includes the exterior category and the outdoor structure category. Enjoy your summer and happy renovating!


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Maric Homes has earned its reputation as a premium homebuilder through decades of dedication to our craft and our clients. As a truly custom builder, we welcome your ideas and we work with you to see them through. We understand there are no small details when it comes to creating a home built to the most exacting standards. Yours.






The cost of landscaping always seems to shock homeowners. Somehow people relate the cost of landscaping to the cost of gardening and are surprised to find out that decks and wood cost more than plants…not to mention the labour involved to install them. In speaking to several industry professionals, the average backyard renovation starts at around $20,000 with some projects crossing the million-dollar mark. With such a huge range, how do you know how much your outdoor landscaping should cost 10  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

and how much should you really be investing in your home? One of the biggest mistakes that a client makes is to envision what they want in the yard BEFORE they really set the budget. When I meet with a client, I start by asking what the approximate value of the home is. If you set your budgets based on percentages of your total home’s worth, then you know that your plans will stay in-line with property values in your neighbourhood. Front yards have been getting more attention by realtors and housing experts because of first-impression numbers. Several online sources place the value of curb appeal and a home’s first impression between 5-8 per cent of the home’s worth. Items

like shade trees and front walkways contribute to higher returns, as do front porches and sitting areas. While plants and gardens are important to the overall appeal, too many flowers in the front yard intimidate buyers looking for low-maintenance homes. As my general rule, I try to keep the front yard landscaping at 7 per cent of a homeowner’s budget. That number does not include the driveway, even though it may be at the front of your home. Backyards tend to be more about function than a front yard space. Good design can offset the shortfalls from the inside of the home with outdoor elements that meet the same need. For example, if a home has a small

kitchen, adding an outdoor version with a barbecue or a smoker is a smart investment because it partially addresses buyers concern when they see the inside space. Having a good deck or patio in your backyard that provides lots of living space can increase your home’s value by up to 12 per cent, according to Century21, Canada. You also need to consider the return-on-investment for your outdoor space. According to ‘Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Costvs-Value Report’ a simple wood deck has an expected return of 75 per cent for the life of the deck, which averages 8-10 years in Canada. This number climbs when you invest in products like MicroPro Sienna; the brown-treated wood available at a majority of box and lumber stores. This wood uses a new treatment process of micronized preservative, which is able to penetrate the wood providing more protection from the elements. If properly cared for, using sealers and cleaning products, a MicroPro Sienna deck can last significantly longer, allowing the homeowner to see a return of 75 per cent of the initial cost for a much longer period. Unfortunately, the size of the deck matters when calculating the return on your investment. So how big should the deck or patio be? It comes down to what you want to use it for. I always tell homeowners to start with the patio furniture. At the store, large patio furniture is shown as compact as possible so that they can get more sets on the showroom floor. Don’t be deceived by this. Too often homeowners plan their outdoor space and can’t find the furniture to fit it. The easiest way to answer this question is to go to the furniture store and pick out want you really want for your space and then measure it. Bring some friends and make sure to measure your potential set with people sitting in it. Also consider how much room you need to walk around the furniture if it’s being occupied.


• A four-person-square table needs a deck that is 12x12 feet. This might seem large but it is important to allow for flow around the table as well as enough space for guests to sit comfortably. Including the barbecue as you plan your space is also very important. • A barbecue needs to be away from a burnable surface by 36 inches when it is in use, so make sure to plan for an area to roll it out before you turn it on. • Four club chairs around a table or propane fireplace needs at least 15x15 feet because people tend to cross their legs or sit in a reclined position and taking up more room on the deck.

With the size of today’s furniture, aim to install a 750-1000 sq. ft. deck to include a six-person table, a decent sized barbecue, and an area for conversational seating. It might seem like a large investment, but all the experts (including this one) agree that creating usable space in the backyard is the key to seeing the big returns when it is time to sell. As you plan your spring projects this year, budget your dollars accordingly. I always tell homeowners to set aside about 20 per cent of their budget for the outdoors. This may seem like a lot, but with all of the housing market numbers showing solid returns in landscaping, you can take comfort in knowing that your money is being spent wisely.  11

organized living

DESIGN MEETS FUNCTION FOR SPACE SAKE is thrilled to announce that we have relocated our showroom to Unit 9–1109 Wilkes Avenue. We are excited to focus on the closet aspect of our business and look forward to sharing the same expertise and service that you have come to expect from us. We firmly believe that peace, serenity and sense of well-being can be achieved when you are better organized.

12  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019




1. When you own For Space Sake and your favorite color is white.

4. 5.

2. A creative workspace, storage area and Murphy Bed for guests. 3. This ethanol fireplace creates ambiance and adds warmth. 4. The neatness and precision of this linen closet are perfection. 5. This fold out ironing board is one of my favorite things. 6. I smile every time I open these doors!



7. The sliding glass doors hide a closet that was designed just for me.

Book your free in-home estimate online at or call (204) 488-2633 and you are on your way to making your organizational dreams come true!  13

home renovation 4. add a Bar

A stiff drink is enjoyable now and then, and one great way to liven up a basement is to add a bar. A basement is a great place to add a bar, complete with marble bar top and cushy stools. Add your favourite drinks, have beer on tap and a refrigerator to store snacks for a perfect evening in! 5. lighten the Colour

If your basement seems dark and dreary, consider lightening up the space with colour. Choose a bright blue or creamy yellow to give the space a bright and cheerful feel.

9 ways to liven up your basement


basement is a great additional space for any home. When you purchase a house that has a basement, you have extra space that can be used in a variety of ways. If you have a basement that is currently being unused, it is time to figure out what you want to do to liven it up and make it usable space. Whether your basement is unfinished or just lacking a purpose, there are many ideas to choose from below to bring life to this area of your home.

Curtis Breslaw

6. Change up Your FurniShingS

One of the least expensive ways to revamp your basement is to change up your furnishings. Consider removing a loveseat and sofa and changing to an oversized sectional. Add a new television or more luxurious recliners to enjoy the space differently. 7. exerCiSe/SportS SpaCe

If you like to work out or enjoy sports, you can make your basement an exercise or sports space. Add a dart board, pool table, weight bench or cardio machine. Add whatever you like to stay fit or to have fun.

1. Create Several SpaCeS

An excellent option for a basement redesign is to create several spaces out of one big room. If your basement is a big space, you can add walls to create different areas. Think of how your family would benefit from more than one area. If you have children, you could create a family room for adults to watch television with another place for the children to play in. Making several spaces can add value to the home as well as areas to enjoy.

8. Flooring

2. Movie rooM

9. SiMple redeSign

Who doesn’t love a night at the movies? Creating a movie room in your own home will allow you to enjoy a movie every night of the week. Make your basement a dark space with a large movie screen, with cushy seating for family movie night whenever you like!

Sometimes all it takes to liven up a space is to redesign it. You may be tired of looking at the same paint colour, window treatments, furnishings and décor. When you have had enough of your design, perhaps it’s time to rely on someone else. An interior designer can help you to enjoy a new look in the basement of your home.

3. adding BedrooMS

A basement is also a great area to create bedroom space. As your family grows, you can section off your basement to be one, two even three bedrooms depending on the space you have in the home. A basement with ample square footage can easily be converted to bedrooms, providing a private space for every adult and child in the household. 14  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

Many basements are constructed with hard floorings such as vinyl or concrete. Add a new flooring such as hardwood or carpeting for a unique look. New flooring will transform the space and can make it quite comfortable.

Curtis Breslaw is the President of All Canadian Renovations Ltd.

From Concept to Completion From space planning to a fully provisioned interior, our architectural interior designers will make your dream home a reality. 388 Academy Road, Winnipeg Ph: (204) 487-6994

the design experience

living space



in detail


To update this open concept master bedroom & ensuite bathroom




16  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019






1. The corner detailing includes a wall of capiz tiles, pillars with indirect LED lighting and a mirror on adjacent wall to duplicate the window.

3. As this is a large open concept room, a sitting area was added. Armless chairs were selected to keep the open feeling and to not totally block the tub.

5. A large decorative wall light provides all the light needed at the sinks.

2. The corner tub was replaced with a freestanding tub.

4. The cowhide area rug grounds the sitting area and the random shape works in the odd-shaped room.

7. Under mount silver sinks add functional glam.

6. A backlit mirror accents the capiz tile.

Kim Schroeder Charisma, The Design Experience 388 Academy Road, Winnipeg tel 204.487.6994 fax 204.487.0551  17




THE MANITOBA HOME BUILDERS’ ASSOCIATION recognized the best renovation

Lanny McInnes is president of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association

projects undertaken in Manitoba over the past year at the MHBA’s annual RenoMark Renovation of the Year Awards. This year, entries were featured in seven different award categories – Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Exteriors, Whole House, Outdoor Structure, and Basement. Each project nominated for the RenoMark Renovation Awards is a stunning display of what professional renovators can do in terms of updating and upgrading your home. The Awards were handed out during an evening reception held at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg on May 2, 2019. This year, 76 different projects by 18 outstanding MHBA RenoMark renovators were nominated for awards. Each entry consisted of before and after photos, blueprints and drawings, a detailed description of the work done, design details and any additional information that might contribute to this comprehensive package. Judging was done by a panel of judges who reviewed every entry in every category. In past years, some of the award-winning projects done by Manitoba renovators have also been recognized nationally as some of the best done in Canada. This year, Make it Home Ltd. from Winnipeg has been nominated as a finalist for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s Awards for Housing Excellence in the “Whole House - under $150,000” category. Having projects recognized as some of the best renovations done in Canada over the past year is a tremendous accomplishment and showcases the great work done by professional renovators right here at home. Everybody has something that they have been longing to improve in their kitchen. Bathrooms are being updated and modernized for comfort and practicality on a regular basis. Many of us love our neighbourhood and love our house, but we also need change. Maybe the colours and styles from 10 years ago just don‘t cut it today. You may feel that traffic flow and entertaining guests is encumbered by a bevy of walls and rooms and it’s time to open things up. Maybe there’s a reason no one goes down into the basement anymore. Or maybe you need more room for a growing family. An addition is like creating a whole new living space; a whole new lifestyle for your family without the hassles associated with moving. If you’re considering a renovation, look to the standards and practices of a professional RenoMark renovator. MHBA renovators follow the highest professional standards in Canada. The Code of Ethics and tips on what to look for when hiring a renovator can be found at the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association website at The MHBA website has great tips, videos, and a full listing of our renovator members by visiting and clicking the “Renovating your home?” button. On the following pages, you will see some amazing projects completed by MHBA RenoMark Renovation of the Year award winners. Look carefully and then envision your next renovation project for your home. Hire a RenoMark renovator and your renovation might just end up being featured as the Renovation of the Year.  19







The transformation of this 100-year old kitchen is more a miracle than a renovation! From tiny, dark and dated to beautiful, bright and fabulously functional. A completely new work triangle was integrated with a butler style area created from the old kitchen. Natural light floods in, bouncing brilliantly off the French Roast finished wood beam, ceramic tile floors and Blanco Silgranit sink. This kitchen has all the luxury and design you would expect in a fully modern kitchen but look closely and you can’t help but notice the beautiful crown moulding for that traditional vibe.

Creating an open concept space was the client’s wish. We removed a wall between the living room and kitchen creating an open concept dining and kitchen area. After moving the front door, we added a small peninsula for serving/breakfast bar. A coffee and beverage center was incorporated opposite the range. We were able to recess the fridge into the closet behind allowing for a better view from the rear sunroom into the new open dining room. The kitchen features an abundance of cabinetry and hidden storage. Natural lighting flows into the new space making it feel even more spacious.

You know it, or have at least heard of it – school’s out, race home grab a bite, off to soccer or hockey or dance. Sleepovers, birthday parties and all the while, Benji’s racing around your feet. It’s a busy life and one that deserves the best family friendly kitchen. This reno transformed a small dark kitchen into one with tons of storage, clean lines, peninsula seating, great views of their river property, efficient design for fast meal prep and cleanup. Additional features include: extra large refrigerator, soft close hinges on cabinets, luxury vinyl flooring, quartz countertops and ceramic tile backsplash.








This kitchen is truly an island retreat and a welcome change from the cramped dark kitchen of 1911. The new space has a huge island with counter height seating and a larger and far more efficient work triangle. Also featured is a double Wolfe Range, custom cabinets that extend to the ceiling for added storage, a bar with tambler doors, a wine fridge and bar fridge, extra large walk-in pantry and a step-down mudroom with more storage and a large utility sink. This island retreat has all the modern luxuries, but the era style was meticulously maintained with some beautiful crown moulding.

This kitchen project involved removing a load bearing wall, upgrading the electrical, plumbing, and dealing with a very crooked, 110 year old home! We were also able to open up a drop ceiling to expose a gorgeous cathedral ceiling. The ceiling was insulated with spray foam, we installed new LED potlights, re-finished a brick chimney and installed beautiful custom cabinetry. The remainder of the main floor had us custom mill baseboards, casings and trims to match the existing ones from over 100 years ago. We installed vinyl plank flooring and painted the entire area to complete this stunning kitchen.

When you walk into this kitchen the first thing you’ll think is, “I could become a truly great ‘Chef’ in this kitchen!” The second thing you’ll think is, “WOW, and look at the stunning view!” This kitchen truly has it all: dual ovens, gas range, oversized refrigerator, huge double stainless steel sink, an abundance of counter space, cookbook shelf, easy access wine storage and floor to ceiling 5-star views of the park-like river property. Add two-sided island seating, sightlines to the dining and great room and you’ve got a Chef’s Dream Kitchen!

20  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019







Ahh, the 1940’s – think Humphrey Bogart, the transistor radio and thermostat controlled heat! This home, built at that time was a jewel and this stunning kitchen renovation has brought it back to it’s prime. Features include: sleek symmetry and low profile of the overall design, walnut veneer on cabinets, ceramic tile flooring in a herringbone pattern, reeded glass in upper cabinets, vibrant brushed bronze plumbing fixtures, granite sink with two basins and drying station, coffee serving station with TV for daytime viewing and new 8’ sliding patio door off the kitchen for that all important flood of natural light.

The homeowners wanted to create a space purely for entertaining and hosting family gatherings that highlighted the picturesque view of their St. Francis Xavier acreage. Vaulted ceilings, large windows, a composite deck, and custom moulding are only a few details that accentuate this unique addition. The choice of flooring allowed for a seamless transition from the adjacent kitchen. A fireplace was a must have and serves as a focal point that can be viewed from the front entrance. Hand painted tin tiles and custom trims are only a few items that make this space feel decadent and welcoming.

A 2 story River Heights home in a fantastic location had a completely dated interior with multiple structural, heating and cooling issues. The project was designed and built to bring the home back to life and to suit the needs of this family for the next 25 years and beyond. Along with the complete interior renovation, we added some additional space to the second floor to allow for a master ensuite and walk-in closet.







Nestled into a curve of the Red River, Riverview is often described as Winnipeg’s “village” area. This mature, residential community is bordered in the north by the Red River up to approximately Jessie Avenue. Most of the neighbourhood is made up of beautiful character homes. This 1926 modest bungalow was purchased with the intention of rebuilding it. We designed and rebuilt this home to fit the needs of the family as well as blend in with and respect this beautiful community. Now sits an efficient 1750 square foot 1 & 3/4 story ready to live another century.

The objective was to create an entertaining space off of the current living room that felt seamless and fit with the ambiance of the home. The existing fireplace wall was removed and became the new 12 foot wide entrance into the 800 sq foot addition. The 11 foot high ceilings give the space amazing views into the beautiful landscaped yard. A custom bar with a quartz surface, glassed in wine room with custom fabricated backlit wine racking and the impressive fireplace with German Schmear brick detail are only a few elements that make this addition stunning.

These homeowners required additional space for their growing family and relatives whom visit regularly. Being in one of Winnipeg’s most desirable neighbourhoods, moving wasn’t an option. The old unfinished basement left much to be desired. Several issues plagued the space including foundation leaks, electrical issues, plumbing problems, etc. Fixing all the issues before developing the space was key. The end result was a clean, simple, efficient space that is headache free.  21







The homeowners wanted to develop their previously unfinished basement into a modern multipurpose space. Their wish-list included a casual family room for audio and visual functions. Their son plays the drums and practices with friends, so a sound reduced music was next on the list. A walk-up wet bar including sink, fridge and microwave was developed for entertaining. To round out the list, a full bathroom with body sprays and steam shower was included.

This 1950’s bungalow was transformed into a modern show stopper. Traditional red brick frontage & concrete steps leading to front door were replaced with blue/grey CanExcel siding & two toned Trex composite decking. Decorative quartz columns gave the exterior a one of a kind look. Architectural shingles & new aluminum fascia & soffits added the final touch.

One of the many Winnipeg stucco homes that cried out for help! Designer Lisa Manulak came to us with this split-level home that required a major exterior redo. The homeowners wanted to utilize the latest exterior products, but more importantly, wanted to give the home a grander entrance. Lisa started work on all the finishes as our design team went to work on a new front staircase. The finished product is an up to date exterior with a one of a kind concrete staircase that our clients and our team were extremely happy with!






After working with the clients on the interior of their home, it was time to pay some attention to the outside. The customers enjoy entertaining and wanted to replace the grassed area of the yard with a patio. To also remove the old deck and build a more functional space, repurposing a large amount of pavers for the new patio, saving them from the landfill. With a smaller space to work with we were still able to meet all their needs of suppling not only a place to entertain but also a great family space.

A prior reno had left this homeowner with only temporary stairs that gave her access to the back yard. So, plans came forward for this inviting structure to be built. The entire deck/pergola/stairs structure is 245 square feet in total size. All the under framing is green pressure treated and all the above deck wood is brown pressure treated. The decking material is Trexx composite decking with hidden fasteners. Pre-finished black aluminum was used for the railing system. The underside of the deck is closed off with white PVC lattice trimmed with James Hardie fiber cement.

22  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

ALL CANADIAN RENOVATIONS LTD. This customer wanted to update their dated bathroom located in the basement. The original layout was poor and there were numerous plumbing issues. We gutted the entire space, re-designed the layout, relocated and upgraded all the plumbing and electrical (all permits pulled). The insulation in the exterior walls was upgraded and new moisture-resistant drywall was installed throughout the space. A new larger walk-in acrylic shower was installed, along with a new vanity and storage tower. We custom built a new adjustable shelving unit and installed new sheet vinyl flooring. Two new coats of paint finished off this stunning basement bathroom.


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DE VRIES CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION This 1950’s bathroom was well in need of a major update. Our clients wanted to completely transform this disjointed space into a bright, open, usable space with maximum storage capacity. The window was resized to improve natural lighting, radiators deleted and plumbing and electrical were fully updated. The oversized 48” x 84” shower features beautiful large format tile and hex marble floor with a 24” bench. Custom glass doors were installed along with 12” x 24” tile and in-floor heat for year-long comfort. Unique touches include two large pantry cabinets for organization and a grey double vanity and striking wood framed mirror.




This project started with a leaky shower. The bathroom in this house was the original. The customer chose to do a full bathroom remodel instead of just fixing the shower. The old shower was removed and a larger open shower with sliding glass doors installed. The old jacuzzi tub was removed and a standalone tub was put in its place, making the room feel much larger. Porcelain tile that looks like marble but without the maintenance of marble was set throughout. A new vanity and modern fixtures complete this beautiful room.

Having a full 4-piece bathroom on the 2nd floor in River Heights was quite a bonus! But the 70’s design and mechanical/structural issues were too much to overlook, so a full gut and re-do was called for. The ample space allowed for a shower/tub/toilet/sink 4-piece bathroom. Older, historically correct styles and products were chosen. The bathroom had to have its floor rebuilt due to grossly incompetent previous renos and mechanical changes. A heated electric radiant floor was installed. Custom tile and glass were used to create a corner shower c/w corner quartz seat and 2 niches.






DYNASTY BATHROOMS This main bathroom needed a refresh as it was lacking storage and style. Changing and opening up the tub shower was the main focus on the bathroom. An alcove air-tub with tiled skirt and half-wall replaced the old pink bathtub and wall panels. An adjacent bedroom closet was converted to allow for a separate walk-in shower showcasing tiled walls to the ceiling, ceiling-mounted rainhead and custom shower door. Creating an open concept bathroom in a tight space was difficult at the beginning but the results were above and beyond the clients’ expectations.

24  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

This Oakridge bathroom was from the late 90’s with a poorly planned use of space. The custom showpiece bathroom vanity and turquoise accent wall behind became the stunning centerpiece of the room. We took the drab bathroom to a completely different level by installing a free-standing elegant tub. The toilet was relocated to a different spot in the bathroom giving us space to create a larger, glass, low entry custom tiled shower which was a vast improvement from the ‘neo-anglestyle’ corner shower they previously had. The glass mosaic accentuates the wall niche and gives character to the stone bench area.

This enchanting ensuite was designed to allow for the full appreciation of the natural beauty outside while providing all the creature comforts and luxury of a spa retreat inside. The new floor plan and finishes were strategically selected to mirror the beauty and texture of the parklike river property with floor to ceiling windows facilitating a truly seamless environment. Luxury features include rich horizontal grain walnut cabinets, a large free-standing tub, 24” x 24” straight stack marble look tile with in-floor heating, 3-sided gas fireplace, concrete counter tops, floating vanity, doorless walk-in shower with bench seating and vibrant brush bronze plumbing fixtures.


RICHTER CONSTRUCTION LTD. Designer/Customer: A sublime minimalistic Japanese style bath retreat. Can you do this for us? Richter Construction: Of course we can! Not the typical bathroom Reno, Yeah! We were excited to start the process. Designer Lyndsay Stokes approached us with this very unique project. The homeowners wanted a Japanese style bath/shower room that was completely waterproof. The main focus, a Japanese soaking tub custom made by Zen Bathworks in Alaska of all places! After some unique design challenges, extensive waterproofing, and tile work, the bathroom was completed. The excited homeowners couldn’t wait to slide into that amazing tub!






This client wanted to modernize the dated kitchen and adjacent spaces. In addition, they wanted to reconfigure the layout to have enough dining area for their seven adult children and partners, 16 in total! This home is in a condo complex and so finding solutions to address the homeowner’s goals without changing the exterior structure was huge challenge. We reworked the laundry area, removed the fireplace and several walls. We replaced kitchen cabinets and lighting. We added new lighting, two fireplaces and a built-in buffet for serving guest. The result is a modern space and table to seat 16! Mission accomplished!

A condo reno presents some unique challenges but with challenges come the opportunity for unique and brilliant solutions! This 5th floor condo got the royal treatment! Features include: large island with a stunning double waterfall countertop, a dramatic custom built black and brass hoodfan, white herringbone tile backsplash, farmhouse style black kitchen sink plus a unique designed sink in the ensuite. There is also a custom entertainment display wall with a vertical electric fireplace, flanked with stunning copper veneers to create a focal point, toe tester in the master ensuite and a beautiful barnstyle door in the entry.







You know it, or have at least heard of it – school’s out, race home grab a bite, off to soccer or hockey or dance. Sleepovers, birthday parties and all the while, Benji’s racing around your feet. It’s a busy life and one that deserves the best family friendly kitchen. This reno transformed a small dark kitchen into one with tons of storage, clean lines, peninsula seating, great views of their river property, efficient design for fast meal prep and cleanup. Additional features include extra large refrigerator, soft close hinges on cabinets, luxury vinyl flooring, quartz countertops and ceramic tile backsplash.

This 1940’s heritage home has been given new life and new attitude with a modern makeover that’s a feast for the eyes. The layout and style showcase unique features designed to fit with the client’s life requirements and include a symmetry of the overall design, walnut veneer cabinets, reeded glass doors, pennyround tile with black grout, an orange ceiling in the powder room, a Tiffany blue ceiling in the bedroom and a self-serve coffee station. There is perfectly cultured stone on the exterior and a laundry shoot from the top floor to the basement. It’s a one-of-a-kind modern makeover.

The owners of this original 1940’s, one and half story home were in need of an update to match their exceptional, transitional taste. So, to give them the house of their dreams, we updated the kitchen, added a master bedroom and ensuite addition with built in closets, and opened and reconfigured the main floor with a new powder room. To match the new hardwood floors throughout, we installed twotone cabinetry, quartz counter-tops and chef style appliances in the kitchen. The ensuite was refurbished with a custom tiled shower and heated floors, displaying the open modern aesthetics beautifully.  25






Nestled into a curve of the Red River, Riverview is often described as Winnipeg’s “village” area. This mature, residential community is bordered in the north by the Red River up to approximately Jessie Avenue. Most of the neighbourhood is made up of beautiful character homes. This 1926 modest bungalow was purchased with the intention of rebuilding it. We designed and rebuilt this home to fit the needs of the family as well as blend in with and respect this beautiful community. Now sits an efficient 1750 square foot 1 & 3/4 story ready to live another century.

A tired storey and 1/2 in Riverview needed an update and more room. The second floor was removed, and 3 full bedrooms and 2 full baths added. The main floor had the original master bedroom reconfigured to a mudroom entry and the stairs to the basement was flipped to allow for more room in the kitchen. Bumpouts in the kitchen and 2 story for the living and master bedroom added just enough space on the main floor. A covered back entry and front porch completed the project.


DE VRIES CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION This 1950s home was an extensive renovation inside and out. With the goal of turning this typical River heights bungalow into a very unique open concept home, our clients had easy access living in mind. The reconfigured main floor feels much larger than the 1100 square foot footprint. The home includes premium finishes throughout, including tiles, heated floors, 3/4 inch hardwoods, quartz countertops, solid wood cabinets and mill work. The home features a large kitchen with center island, master bedroom with walk-in closet and huge ensuite/attached laundry, 2 other bathrooms, a wide open basement for entertaining and a guest bedroom.





Not one space was overlooked, as we transformed this dated, fire damaged home, into the home of our client’s dreams! From the sweeping solid oak stair case that greets you in the front foyer, and the new chefs kitchen complete with quartz counter tops and stainless appliances, to the engineered hardwood flooring, custom wainscoting, and the endless tile that seemingly goes on forever in the spa like ensuite. Every detail of this home truly leaps out at you as if from the very pages of a magazine!

Walking through the custom front entry, your eye is immediately drawn to the floating stair case that spans all 3 levels of this home. This stunning feature truly needs to be seen to be fully appreciated! The new kitchen boasts custom walnut cabinets, an over sized island, and new stainless appliances, allowing us to create a space that was not only functional, but eye catching as well. The ensuite bathroom incorporates heated tile flooring, custom vanity with quartz top, and a luxurious freestanding tub. Existing flooring and trim was replaced throughout, making this home truly one of a kind!

26  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019



You might see attractive looking spaces in this photo... but what we see, are clients who needed a change, the careful planning to make their spaces more functional, the finish selections that they fell in love with, and the quality construction that made their dreams a reality. When you call us to help, we’re there every step of the way to make your current home work for your life.

An award winning, full service design build renovation company 678 Tache Ave., Winnipeg T: 204.290.8113 •

Buy a house. Live a dream. Make it home.


14 time RenoMark Award Winner


‘Party’ house to

family haven Make it HoMe LtD Lives up to its naMe

by Margaret anne Fehr photography by Duality PhotograPhic

When Jon bought his 1700 square foot bi-level back split home in 2013 in Waverley Heights, he was a bachelor starting his career, renting out rooms to friends from his northern Manitoba hometown since his work required a lot of travel. But fast forward a few years later and Jon had met life partner and wife, Kathleen, and their first child was on the way, and the couple started to consider making some significant changes to the ‘party’ house that was now looking rather inappropriate for family life. Kathleen recalls consulting with at least 13 Winnipeg renovators who for various reasons didn’t get back to her or presented estimates that were way above what they had budgeted. 28  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

Fortunately, Jon and Kathleen hooked up with Doreen Gauthier, President of Make it Home LTD, to assess exactly what it would take, time and budget-wise, to create a familyfriendly, functional space. “We thought maybe we’d just do a kitchen renovation to start with but it became apparent that nothing less than a total gut of the space was going to work,” says Kathleen. But more obstacles had to be addressed before the City permits could be acquired to launch the project. There were issues with the home that were not up to code from a renovation done by a previous owner, so it was necessary make the changes before being able to attain the construction documents.

“We actually had to go back on title insurance to get some major stuff done,” says Jon. “After we found that out, Doreen actually helped us navigate the process and we came out on top. For us, it showed how good a designer she is and her commitment to helping the customer.” The couple’s trust in Doreen’s design and budget direction grew stronger throughout the renovation process. A major change was to move a back stairway from a kitchen corner to the middle of the house to create a logical and functional flow from basement to main and upper levels. Jon and Kathleen also wanted to create an open-concept space by removing the wall between kitchen

The new kitchen has plenty of storage, with pull-outs for pantry, garbage, and corner storage. The durable quartz countertops are matching throughout. 29


Jon and Kathleen also wanted to create an openconcept space by removing the wall between kitchen and living room. “It turned out great!” says Jon. “We can sit down, cook dinner, relax and still watch the kids.”

Before & After Doreen comments on the extent of the renovations. below “By moving the stairs, we were able to give the kitchen much more space. This also connected the lower level to the main living space. We added bulkheads to define spaces between kitchen/dining and living room and added a dramatic wood ceiling treatment.”

above “The existing living room fireplace was refreshed with a new coat of paint. We capped the existing mantle with a rustic wood live edge to add the casual feel the homeowners were looking for.”

30  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

and living room. “It turned out great!” says Jon. “We can sit down, cook dinner, relax and still watch the kids.” Doreen comments on the extent of the renovations. “By moving the stairs, we were able to give the kitchen much more space. This also connected the lower level to the main living space. We added bulkheads to define spaces between kitchen / dining and living room and added a dramatic wood ceiling treatment.” “The new kitchen has plenty of storage, with pull-outs for pantry, garbage, and corner storage. The durable quartz countertops are matching throughout. In the dining area, we added a built-in buffet with mini- fridge for beverages and wine display. The existing living room fireplace was refreshed with a new coat of paint. We capped the existing mantle with a rustic wood live edge to add the casual feel the homeowners were looking for.” “The new stair railings are stylish and add another modern touch. The kids love the new family room with gas fireplace and TV area with trendy barn doors that cover the electrical panel.” Jon and Kathleen feel that they were so fortunate to partner with Doreen in this extensive renovation. “She did a really good job of taking

what we wanted and turning it into reality,” says Kathleen. “We did say right off the bat that she could have full creative rein because we looked at her previous projects and we really enjoyed her style. She never imposed her style on us. She was always aware of what we wanted and she provided tons of options that helped us arrive at our present moment. She helped us so much! Visit Make it Home online at of call us at 204-290-8113.

toP leFt

The new stair railings are stylish and add another modern touch. leFt

The kids love the new family room with gas fireplace and TV area with trendy barn doors that cover the electrical panel.  31

getting started

STEP ONE. Nothing can move forward

without a property survey or building location certificate. It can be 80 years old so long as it still accurately represents your property and the buildings situated on it. However, if anything has changed, or you don’t have one retaining a Manitoba registered land surveyor, then acquiring a valid survey is your first step. STEP TWO. Your design professional

and/or contractor needs to determine exactly what it is you’re looking to do. Is it a garage, addition or deck you wish to build? How many square feet it will require? This is important information as it will be used to calculate the density allowance for your area. What I mean is that in most areas, the average build out of a property is 40 per cent of the square footage of your lot, including all structures, decks, out buildings, sheds and yes, even those canvas carports or hardware store vinyl sheds. As a side note, when you are buying one of these, they likely won’t tell you, but they do require permits from the city. They are the most common illegal structures in the city of Winnipeg. STEP THREE. Once we have

Exterior renovations



ast year, close to this time, I wrote my column on home exterior finishes and that it was time to start looking at really protecting your investment. I also promised that warm weather was just around the corner and while that did come true eventually, I’m not feeling as confident this year, since the cool temperatures seem to be dragging on forever. Nonetheless, with no Jets in the playoffs to focus on and the Bombers still sorting out their preseason, it’s the perfect time to start working with your designer and/or contractor on your new addition, outdoor deck or detached garage. For most homeowners, it starts with the question, “where do we start?”

32  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

determined that all of the above criteria has been met and falls within your limitations, the engineered structural drawings (which will be required for anything like this) can start and usually takes about three to four weeks to complete, making this whole process, from commissioning a survey to acquiring your completed drawings, about eight weeks. With that in mind, I would suggest starting this process as soon as possible so that your projects can be completed this year. Wayne Sage is the owner and President of Harwood Design Builders, a multi National and Provincial award winning Winnipeg Design - Build contracting firm and a certified Master Renovator.

Sleep training 1

style file

Create an ultra-relaxing slumber space that will have you looking forward to bedtime. by SARA DUCK

6 7





1 | Summer sleep set in playa floral by Love and Lore. $49., 2 | Bobila cane bed. From $1,599., 3 | Gravity weighted blanket - 15lb in galaxy blue. $279., 4 | Aromatherapy diffuser with essential oil. $50., 5 | Stjarnflocka duvet cover and pillowcases. From $25., 6 | Sleep Sense: Improve your sleep, improve your health by Katharina Lederle. $20., 7 | The Pillow. $85.,  33

business profile

Revving up the

humble garage garage Masters uncovers garage potential by Margaret anne Fehr Celebrating 25 years of doing business in 2019, Garage Masters has attained the reputation of an expert company specializing in the planning and construction of both detached and attached garages in Winnipeg. The company launched back in 1993 in a converted service station at the intersection of Higgins and 34  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

Main. “It was a humble beginning,” says Kevin Harrald, President and coowner. I joined in 2000 when it was a still a very young company with 3 or 4 people in our office all wearing 10 different hats! Back then we were doing 20 to 30 garages in a year. Now, we build between 150 to 200 garages annually, most of which are detached.”

Kevin and co-owners Ray Bjelland, Sales Manager, and Bert Dupuis, Project Manager have seen it all. Garages that tend to be the underdog of the family home; a space that’s treated with the least respect usually housing a mish mash of equipment storage, odds and ends, and sometimes even crowding out the family car!


Celebrating 25 years of doing business in 2019, Garage Masters has attained the reputation of an expert company specializing in the planning and construction of both detached and attached garages in Winnipeg.

“I often tell people, if you own a 2000 square foot home, most garages are around 500 square feet and it’s the most underutilized space in every home, but it really can be so much more,” says Kevin. In 2017, Garage Masters made a bold move from its downtown location to an 8000 square foot building with a 2000 square foot showroom at 975 Mission Street that demonstrates how a garage can be upgraded to serve many useful purposes geared to the interests and lifestyles of homeowners. “We get a lot of people who walk into our showroom

and see the different offerings we have and see opportunities to clean that space up and really use it.” In fact, some former clients have chosen to build heated insulated double garages that have included customized spaces for the family gym, dance studio, loft garages with stairwells that provide extra play space for children, stained glass workshops, pottery studios, and granny suites — whatever reflects the family’s interests and changing life circumstances. “Over the last 5 years, we’ve expanded from strictly building

detached garages to now offering protective floor coatings as well as an array of storage accessories like shelving and cabinets. That’s a very big part of our business that led to our decision to expand our building.” Kevin credits a research trip to Alberta 5 years ago, when he sourced Calgary businesses that were strictly offering customized garages but were not in the garage building business at all. “The companies just went in and improved garages with protective floor coatings, cabinets, and storage solutions and I thought that was a very  35


Over the last 5 years, we’ve expanded from strictly building detached garages to now offering protective floor coatings as well as an array of storage accessories like shelving and cabinets. obvious thing that Garage Masters could offer considering that we build so many garages in Winnipeg.” “Besides building garages, we can also offer our services to those homeowners that we haven’t built garages for, especially attached garages that need to step into their full potential.” “We like to think that most people know who Garage Masters are, but we can’t assume that is the case,” says Kevin. “People who are looking to build garages know us because we have a very established name in Winnipeg, but it’s reaching out to other potential clients who already have detached or attached garages who want to make them better, that’s the client we’re after with our expanded product lines.” Visit them online at and visit Garage Masters at 975 Mission Street in Winnipeg.

36  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019





Going Above and Beyond STORAGE & ACCESSORIES

Since we started Garage Masters in 1993, we’ve been doing things differently. When you call, we answer. When we book an on-site consultation, we arrive on time. We are more than tradespeople. We’re a passionate team of designers, consul-tants and building experts who will stop at nothing to ensure you get the garage of your dreams. Our professionalism sets us apart and that’s why Winnipeggers continue to recommend Garage Masters to friends and family.


Come visit our Showroom at 975 Mission St. and start planning your dream today! Tel. 204.953.3000 | 975 Mission Street | Winnipeg, MB R2J 0A4 |

Inside out

design file

PRINCIPAL DESIGNER AT KALU INTERIORS, PHYLLIS LUI SHARES HER TOP TIPS FOR CREATING AN ENVIABLE EXTERIOR SPACE When it comes to designing your home’s outdoor living space, all too often it becomes a second thought, if considered at all. Big mistake! By applying the right focus and some tried-and-true design principles, it’s possible to add fabulous and functional living space to your home. As the owner and designer behind this sun-soaked space, I will say that the result didn’t come by chance. I approached the design with my eye on three key points: The view, the style and the function. Here’s how my vision came to life.

the view

My home is fortunate enough to have stunning natural views, so maximizing vistas of the mountains and water was a must. I did this by doubling my outdoor living area with a two-level design. The lower level captures the mountains, while the upper level overlooks the shimmering water. The upper deck features comfortable lounge seating and a fire pit, encircled in a barely there, frameless glass railing that offers unobstructed views and a clean, modern aesthetic.

the style

Continuity is key in achieving a fluid aesthetic. I opted for a fabulous Palm Springs-inspired palette. Characterized by an uninterrupted scheme of cream, coral and royal blue, complemented with soft fabrics and finishes. Through the kitchen and family room, past the stacking glass doors and out onto the mainfloor patio, you get a distinct sense that the spaces were designed in sync. The uninterrupted indooroutdoor experience draws some traditional “interior” elements outside, such as a rug underfoot, beautiful quality furnishings, accessories and art to complete the space. The result is a fun and modern extension of my indoors. 38  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

the function

A well-designed, well-planned alfresco entertaining area shouldn’t be limited to those fleeting summer months. I kept this idea in mind throughout the design process. So, how did I create that elusive eternal summer on my patio? I incorporated wood soffits and pavers layered with rugs to visually heat up this otherwise contemporary exterior. But a warm look can only go so far. To tackle the cool temperatures, integrated heaters mounted overhead allow for year-round use of this covered dining lounging area, complete with an oversized barbecue. To top it off, the hot tub just outside the master bedroom serves its purpose during the coldest months.

favourite find Have you discovered artificial turf? If you haven’t yet, you will soon. This trending evergreen landscaping option was an ideal choice for my rooftop patio, equally awesome for its lush look and minimal required maintenance.

This project scored Finalist status at the Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN) Ovation Awards, in the Best Custom Home $1 Million to Under $2 Million category.

Award winning Interior Designers Phyllis Lui & Aleem Kassam are the principal designer duo for Kalu Interiors. For more than a decade, this Vancouver-based design firm has become known for focusing on creating thoughtfully curated interiors that enhance and inspire how you live. The firm provides bespoke design services for clientele throughout Canada.  39



days ahead!


40  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019


The couple’s sunroom is a spacious 20 feet long by 12 feet wide projection out from the house offering an additional 240 square feet on the north side of the house. WHEN MAUREEN AND RANDY moved from their rural

property in West St. Paul and downsized to their current Charleswood bungalow, there was a single item that topped their To-Do list and that was the addition of a sunroom to the back of their house. “We had a big home on a big yard in West St. Paul and when we downsized to Charleswood, we really missed having a sunroom,” says Maureen. Back in 2006, when the couple was looking to install a sunroom to their rural property, they did their share of research and decided that Glastar Sunrooms by SunShade was the way to go. Randy says, “We were in the last house for 8 or 9 years and during that time we never had to call Glastar to do any kind of adjustments or levelling. All of their sliding windows and doors are floating. There may be some movement on

your deck but it never affects the windows and doors.” So having dealt with Glastar before, the couple decided to call them again to construct a new sunroom. “We got everything organized last October so things would be ready to go for the beginning of May,” says Maureen. Steve Sarens, Glastar Sunroom owner and client consultant, shares that the couple’s sunroom which was completed a mere 3 weeks ago, is a spacious 20 feet long by 12 feet wide projection out from the house offering an additional 240 square feet on the north side of the house. To complement the home and match the house roofline a flat/studio style roof was designed. An older existing deck was removed in preparation for the new sunroom floor that was built to blend in with a lower existing open deck on the east side. On the east and


The sunroom walls were built to exactly fit what was there, so that the floor of the sunroom was virtually the same height as the house floor, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the house.


We have patio doors from the dining room and they’re usually open all the time, so we just walk out from the dining room to the sunroom where we spend 99 per cent of our time. We eat there, we entertain in there, sit and read the paper, and have our coffee there.  41



We call the sunroom an extension of the home.

north walls, the glass went down to the floor in order to get maximum view of the yard. On the west wall, there was a solid aluminum kick panel, about 20” high, at the bottom of the panels that helped block the view of the neighbour’s fence. Steve adds, “The sunroom walls were built to exactly fit what was there, so that the floor of the sunroom was virtually the same height as the house floor, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the house.” Maureen and Randy plan to make good use of their sunroom. “We call the sunroom an extension of the home,” says Maureen. “We have patio doors from the dining room and they’re usually open all the time, so we just walk out from the dining room to the sunroom where we spend 99 per cent of our time. We eat there, we entertain in there, sit and read the paper, and have our coffee there.” “We get the morning sun on one side and the evening sun on the other, but no direct sun on the north side and 42  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

Maureen and Randy decided to go with the flat roof as we were coming off the overhang side of their bungalow.

we like the ability to manage air flow within the space to catch some lovely breezes!” There’s no TV in the space, by choice,” says Maureen. “We don’t want it. We don’t have the wall space to do it, but we have the radio and that’s enough.” Maureen and Randy plan to make good use of their new sunroom based on how they used their previous one. “We’ve normally had Thanksgiving in our previous sunroom. If it was cool, we put a heater on. Here with the doors open, there’s a heat register close by and that’s enough to heat up the space to take the chill off.” Randy adds, “We’d recommend Glastar Sunrooms to anybody. They’re just that good!” Visit them online at and visit the Glastar Sunrooms showroom which is located at 265 Sutherland Avenue in Winnipeg.

Installing Sunrooms In Manitoba For Over 42 Years!

Visit our Showroom & Sunroom Factory 265 Sutherland Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Ph: 204-940-3030



DECK & FENCE CONTEST $7,000 IN PRIZES! SEE WEBSITE FOR CONTEST DETAILS AT STARBUILDING.CA Star Building Materials offers everyone the same expert advice Manitoba home builders and contractors have relied on for decades. We have Manitoba’s largest lumber yard, state of the art truss design and manufacturing equipment, a full service saw shop, and retail store with quality tools and hardware.

1-888-STARWPG (782-7974) OR 204-233-8687 16 SPEERS RD, WINNIPEG MB

bathroom design


IN YOUR SMALL Good things come in small packages – babies, puppies, kittens, stud earrings – and bathrooms. Don’t let the size of a room fool you into thinking there’s no way to make it function any better than it does. Eco-conscious living is becoming more prevalent, which means many homeowners have smaller spaces and homes versus large mansion-style houses, and a functional design doesn’t discriminate by size. A small space doesn’t mean you have to downsize your collection of hair care products, hairdryers, curling irons and other bathroom necessities. Just make sure you incorporate clever storage solutions in your small space. Choosing full cabinetry under the sink (even if it’s narrow) amps up the storage possibilities, instead of a pedestal sink. Open wood or glass shelves above the toilet can stylishly and neatly hold frequently used items and keep them at the ready. I’m a fan of high contrast and a firm believer that all spaces can benefit in some way from the use of colour, texture and pattern. Add interest through patterns on the floor or use polished or semipolished large-scale tiles in varying tones or textures to bring in the glam, add personality and make the space feel larger. Contrast polished elements with wood tones or intensely coloured vanities to express your personality. If you want a more monochromatic aesthetic, consider using various textures to add visual interest. Making it pretty is only half the battle, and you may want to consider hiring a professional to tackle that small space. The smaller the space, the more impact per sq. ft. (or inch) is required to get the biggest bang for your buck. Functional style is the name of the game to pack the biggest design punch and get the most out of your small space. 44  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019


show home



own way of designing and a personal trademark that makes their design more exclusive to them. At Fenwick & Company, our trademark is that we design for you. We invest time to really get to know our clients, their needs, their personal style and their expectations. The aim is to provide a fresh timeless space that resembles what you would design for yourself – if you had an Interior Design degree. With that being said, it isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. There are many principles that we focus on while working to create that fully functional, but personalized lifestyle space. SPATIAL PLANNING

The most important part of a renovation is to start with a solid foundation. In interior design terms this means the floor plan. We spend the time necessary for spatial planning and determining what would work best for you. We question you on how you use your space so we can properly design an area that is tailored to your every-day life. Many clients insist that whatever we come up with will be great and they will figure out how to live in the space afterwards, but we always push for more. We believe that a renovation should feel like it is enhancing your lifestyle rather than altering it. 46  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019  47


No matter what your design style, clean lines are key to timeless design. Many people think that focusing on clean lines only applies to modern and contemporary design, but we believe clean lines always need to be present. Too much detail leads to chaotic discord in the design. Every detail must be intentional. It is there to enhance the design, not distract from it. LESS IS MORE

It’s a cliché for a reason – less IS more! Living in a clean, clutter-free space not only looks better, but is psychologically freeing. We are not necessarily saying that you need to get rid of everything that doesn’t have a prominent use in your life, but it’s nice to have a spot for everything. One of our most frequent wishes from clients is that they want more storage space – don’t we all?! At Fenwick & Company, we love creating storage that also acts as a design feature. Whether this is a unique cabinet unit or storage area that is hidden away, we put a lot of thought into the organizational placement of your belongings. USE OF COLOURS/PATTERNS

Working with strong colours and patterns is always exciting, but with trends shifting so frequently, they are also quite challenging to work with. If you are big on bold, then we are too! It’s really exciting to have a bold colour pattern as the basis of a project, but this also leads to restrictions in the future if you want change. We do believe that colour and pattern are important, but there are many ways we incorporate this into your design without it restricting you in the future. We usually suggest going with neutral colours in the more expensive items like cabinetry, furniture and wallpaper. You can then add colour, pattern and texture with artwork, drapery, cushions/throws, and paint, which can easily and affordably be switched out when you decide you want a change. Lynn Fenwick Fenwick and Company Interior Design, Tel 204.489.5151, Fax 204.487.0719,   E-mail, Web,   Blog:, Facebook: 48  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019


In their book Remodelista: The Organized Home, Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick promote better living through organization. Here are six ways to implement organization into your life.

1 2

Buy fewer (and better) things. Resist impulse and stop-gap purchases. Instead, zero in on quality. Donate the stuff you don’t use. That includes unwanted gifts. Let someone else put your castoffs to good use.

3 4 5 6

Borrow ideas from organizational masters. Experts, such as hoteliers and shopkeepers, know how to come up with novel, affordable approaches to storage. Ditch the plastic. Seek out products made of sustainable natural materials, such as wood, glass and ceramic. Establish habits and routines that simplify your life. Always keep your keys and eyeglasses in designated spots. Relax and make yourself at home. Too much enforced order is uninviting for occupants and guests alike; rooms are for living.

Excerpted from Remodelista: The Organized Home by Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick (Artisan Books). Copyright 2017. Used with permission of the publisher.

We can help you build your business Home Decor & Renovations reaches more qualified readers than any other home improvement publication. Our readers are looking for project ideas and connections to professionals that specialize in home improvement, design and construction. Within our colourful, informative format, we can highlight your business, product or service in the best possible way: with creative advertising and/or informative articles and profiles. It’s the best way to get your business the valuable exposure it needs! Next issue ad deadline JULY 17, 2019

1 2 0 1 - A M a n a h a n A v e . T E L : 2 0 4 - 4 8 9 - 5 1 5 1


Distribution starts AUGUST 2, 2019

Call today to be part of our exciting next issue!  49

style file

Make a good first IMPRESSION by SARA DUCK

Is 2019 your year to get organized at home? Start small by focusing on the front entrance.

Here are five tips that will help keep your space looking tidy and stylish.

50  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

Create an inspiring entry zone. It’s the first place you see when you step into your home, so decorate it like you would the rest of your space. You can do this by adding personality through wall art and defining the area with a rug. Art print by Melo And Co. $20. One-of-a-kind Schroeder hand-knotted rug by World Menagerie. $1,029.


Keep things vertical. Space is usually at a premium in a front entrance, so thinking vertically is key. Hang a coat rack or sturdy hooks on the wall to keep your jackets and purses out of the way. Place a slim cabinet or mount a bookcase to neatly hold items that are not in regular use. Billy bookcase in brown ash veneer. $75. Mid-century multi-hook in acorn. $99-$139.

The iconic Billy Bookcase is celebrating its 40th anniversary with IKEA. It’s estimated that every five seconds, one Billy bookcase is sold somewhere in the world.

2 3

Quit clutter. Use a variety of differentsized baskets to keep items like seasonal accessories in order and accessible. While you’re at it, try the KonMari ( method to make sure you are not overcrowding your entrance way. Seagrass basket in natural and white by Bloomingville. $44.

Add seating. Even if you can only fit a small bench in your space, seating in the entrance not only looks great, it’s very practical as well. Maura tufted bench with storage in blue. $369.



Use paint. Adding a splash of colour to your foyer and front door is a great way to make a bold statement without breaking the bank. Paint in Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore.

Geode wall art. $150. Woven basket. $40. Hand-knotted rug. $130. Woven basket wall hanging. $15. Canvas storage boxes. $17. Wall hooks on patterned board. $25. Velvet ottoman. $130. All available at  51




The trees are budding and the summer grass is starting to grow. We are all planting flowers and setting out the deck furniture and looking forward to the summer months ahead. Whether outdoor landscaping projects are on the agenda, or puttering around the cottage, look to these fabulous hearth products to make all your summer escapes the best they can be for you and your family.

Pacific Energy wood stove Gear up the cottage for those cool summer evenings, or for the crisp autumn days that are sure to follow, with a high efficient heater from Pacific Energy. The Summit and Summit Classic wood stoves have large capacity fire boxes for long overnight burns, enhanced by a multi-port combustion air injection system for easier lighting, an air wash system for a clean viewing glass, and a floating fire box design for extended stove life. Whether you choose the metallic black painted finish, or one of the rich porcelain enamel finishes, you can dress up the stove with gold, nickel or painted black accents. As you sit back and relax, cozy from the warmth of the stove, be secure in the knowledge that these high efficient non-catalytic heaters are a cost effective way to heat your space, using a renewable fuel resource and meeting the new 2020 EPA certification requirements, helping to protect our environment.

Tierra Del Barro chiminea Roast a marshmallow or two with the kids, or sit back and enjoy a cool beverage, gazing at the warm glowing flames winking out from inside a clay chiminea from Tierra Del Barro. Each piece is unique, hand-made and decorated by a local Mexican artisan, using centuries old techniques, giving you a true piece of art in your back yard.

52  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

Dining table and fire pit Experience an outdoor dining experience to its fullest, sitting around dancing gas-fueled flames nestled in the centre of the Kenwood dining table from Outdoor Great rooms, and highlighted by a bed of glass or lava stone burner accessories. The table’s easy-to-care-for brown composite deck top and base, trimmed in a graphite grey powder coated aluminum frame, gives a modern but warm ambiance to your outdoor dining area. A grey glass burner cover is included, giving your dining table added versatility.

Renaissance Le Bol fire pit Plan a unique outdoor grilling experience all year long with the Le Bol wood burning fire pit from Renaissance. The 40-inch diameter, 1/2-inch thick carbon steel cook plate allows you to cook La Plancha style, while the 19-inch diameter central elevated grill gives you additional cooking surface. Choose from various bases for versatility: an 8-inch-high base for a campfire experience, a 24-inch-high base to gather around and chat, and the new black powder coated steel table, the ultimate servicing or cooking station.

Heat-&-Glo Lanai outdoor gas fireplace Enjoy warmth and ambiance in your outdoor living area by incorporating the Lanai fireplace into your landscaping design at home or the cottage. The glow from one of seven LED accent lights accentuates the dancing gas flames, with ambient light bouncing of the rust resistant stainless-steel interior. Features such as the Hearth-&Home Technologies Intellifire™ ignition system, the glass wind guard and the optional 51-inch-wide mesh screen contribute to the loveliest of lounging experiences.

All products are available at Flame & Comfort, 318 Logan Avenue, Winnipeg  53

The C60 Gas Fireplace The largest linear from Enviro, the C60 linear fireplace is the perfect focal point for anyone looking for a clean face fireplace with an amazing flame. It features the Enviro heat distribution kit – making it safe to hang heat sensitive material above your fireplace.

FEATURES: • Linear design for a striking effect • Hidden pilot system doesn't distract from view • Customizable with choice of liner and glass bead kits • Clear View Safety Screen included


Natural Protein


Eggs Diablo INGREDIENTS 12 hard-cooked eggs, peeled 2/3 cup (150 mL) roasted red peppers from a jar 1/4 cup (50 mL) milk ¼ cup (50 mL) sour cream ½ tsp (2 mL) dry mustard ¼ tsp (1 mL) paprika Pinch of cayenne pepper 2 tsp (10 mL) white wine vinegar 6 English muffins, toasted ¼ cup (50 mL) fresh chives, chopped 2 tbsp (30 mL) fresh dill, chopped Extra fresh dill for garnish

MAKES 6 SERVINGS 1. Separate yolks from 6 eggs and set the yolks aside. Grate the 6 egg whites and slice the remaining 6 whole eggs. Set aside. In a mini food processor, combine the 6 egg yolks, roasted red peppers, milk, sour cream, mustard, paprika and cayenne pepper. Process until smooth. Mix in vinegar. Set sauce aside. 2. Toast English muffins. Arrange one sliced egg on both halves of each English muffin. Spoon sauce over each of the 6 servings. Top with grated egg white. Heat under broiler for 1-2 minutes. Sprinkle chopped chives and dill over each serving. 3. Serve immediately.

trient For nu is visit analys eggs.

56  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

Strawberries & Cream Canada Day Pops

INGREDIENTS Strawberry Layer 1 cup (250 mL) hulled and halved strawberries 1/2 cup (125 mL) water 1/4 cup (60 mL) granulated sugar Custard Layer 1/2 cup (125 mL) granulated sugar 1 tbsp (15 mL) cornstarch Pinch salt 1 cup (250 mL) milk 2 egg yolks 1 tsp (5 mL) vanilla extract

MAKES 10 SERVINGS 1. Strawberry Layer: Combine strawberries, water and sugar in blender. PurĂŠe until smooth. Divide half the mixture evenly between 10 (2 oz/60 mL) popsicle molds (only fill 1/3 of the way up each mold). Freeze for 30 minutes or until surface is set. 2. Custard Layer: Stir sugar with cornstarch and salt in medium saucepan; whisk in milk until smooth. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, for 7 to 10 minutes or until thickened. Beat egg yolks in heatproof bowl; whisk in some of the hot milk mixture. Whisk warm egg yolk mixture back into saucepan. Cook, stirring constantly, for 1 minute or until very thick. Remove from heat and strain through fine mesh sieve; stir in vanilla. Set bowl in an ice bath, stirring often, for 20 minutes or until custard is cool. 3. Carefully spoon custard over semifrozen strawberry layer (only fill 2/3 of the way up each mold). Freeze for 1 hour or until surface is set. Spoon remaining strawberry mixture over semi-frozen custard layer. Freeze for 6 hours or until completely set. Popsicles can be held in the freezer for up to 1 month.  57

design file



Interior decorator Carly Heung shares insight on why the hexagon continues to be a hallmark feature in the design world.

From decorating hundreds of small spaces, I’ve learned to incorporate nature’s clever spacesaving designs through the use of hexagons to create beautiful spaces. Its shape adds angular interest, symmetry and contrast and brings modern inspiration and tranquility to any space. These geoshapes have taken on quite a statement in the last few years but they are truly a trend that is here to stay. Not only is the hexagon pattern modern and appealing, but this shape holds a very special meaning in life all around us. In nature, inside the beehive, each honeypacked cell is built by tiny bee engineers to take on the shape of a hexagon. They do this for a very clever reason – because of packing efficiency. The hexagon shape allows bees to optimize the space they have. If a series of circles were used instead, there would be empty spaces between them. Turtles are also another creature that helped inspire the hexagon. Their magnificent shells, made from one of the strongest compounds in nature, protect them from predators. These shells are fully covered by subunits of hexagons. As one of the strongest shapes that exist in the world, hexagonal features and details are bound to communicate strength, beauty and unity to your space. 58  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

In today’s home, there is no shortage of appealing areas to use hexagonal features, from backsplashes in your kitchen, to wall or floor tiles in your bathroom. These hexagon shapes can be incorporated into any design feature big or small in your home to maximize both efficiency and appeal!


HEX Erth Coverings, White Wolf Hex is a beautiful and elegant selection with grey stone and lovely variations in light to dark grey veins throughout on stunning white marble. These pieces are perfect for a polished look on kitchen floors and backsplashes and fireplace surrounds.

ART CIOT offers a new collection called Art, which is an extruded glazed porcelain collection with 3D qualities. Perfect for architectonic spaces and feature walls, these pieces add a sophisticated and textural accent to any space.

SILHOUETTE PENDENT This silhouette pendent light from Troy’s Lighting through Hudson Valley lighting is the perfect fixture to anchor a living room, bedroom or over-the-bathtub space. This fixture offers an intriguing trending hexagon shape to create a wonderful sophisticated yet casual look for a space.

CONVEX Convex is a beautiful modern-classic fabric now offered from Maxwell Fabrics. It is sure to create a striking statement piece for any accent cushions or small upholstered ottoman. A perfect fabric for spring.

Carly Heung, interior decorator and principal for 1smallspace. Known for creating simple, modern, and functional spaces, Carly provides one-on-one consultation services to help busy professionals transform their small spaces into ones that tell the story of who they are and what they love.  59


Backyard living Expo 2019

Inspiring tips to create the best backyard experience Spring is here and summer is right around the corner and people are excited to start planning their time outdoors. Seven celebrity experts have teamed up with the Backyard Living Expo (The International Centre, March 29-31) to help you create your best outdoor experience yet. Come learn from a variety of HGTV celebrities, gardeners, chefs, DIY professionals, and outdoor build and design experts how to make the most of your backyard as they present on the Weber Grill Main Stage and the Pro Series Stage. Visit the show’s website ( for a complete schedule of presentations. Here is a little taste of what you can expect from our celebrity experts. “When it comes to outdoor gear, we love to pick items that are weather resistant and can stay outdoors all year ‘round without damage. You might have to spend a bit more for quality, but it will last you longer and save you on storage space! Also, if you don’t have a fire feature in your outdoor space, what are you waiting for? It will extend your outdoor season into early spring and late fall. So if Mother Nature does rear her ugly head, you can still enjoy the great outdoors. We love this larger outdoor dining set with built-in fire feature from Distinctly Patio (” – HGTV’S BroLaws

Distinctly Patio …continued on page 62 60  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

“The very first thing you want to think about when designing your backyard is how you’ll be using it. From there, try creating different zones. You can help distinguish these areas with different types of lighting and/or outdoor rugs or plants. For example, if you wanted to create an intimate dining space, you could string lights from the fence to the side of your house, add a dining set, an area rug to ground the space and then some greenery to help make the area more inviting. If you have a pool as we do, I don’t ever forget about the touches of soft, luxurious and well-designed towels; I have fallen in love with the ones at House of Jude (” – Designer Jaclyn Harper “Nothing says summer like a backyard barbecue, so make sure you are grill-ready. Before your first big gathering of the year, give your gas and/or charcoal grill a thorough cleaning. Whether you are a novice or advanced griller, I recommend these must-have, essential accessories for the grilling toolbox: A digital or appconnected thermometer, premium grill gloves, long-handled tongs and a durable grill brush. There is also nothing worse than running out of propane mid-gathering – always have an extra full propane tank available. If you’re using a charcoal grill, make sure you have several bags of charcoal on hand. My go-to grill this year is the Weber Genesis II S-335 (” – Chef Michael P. Clive, Weber Grill Master

House of Jude Inferno Grill

Weber Genesis II S-335

Kavi Reserve Coffee Blended Canadian Whisky

MH Fine Foods sauces  61

…continued from page 61

“Psst! We are about to share one of our top-secret entertaining tips with you. The next time you host a backyard barbecue party, try smoking the cocktail glasses before filling them, table-side. It’s so easy but so impressive. Light a thumb-sized piece of fruitwood (apple, cherry, peach), place it on a fire-safe cutting board, and cover it with your glass. As the flame extinguishes, beautiful fragrant white smoke will circle around the glass, flavouring it lightly. Pour in a finger (or two) of Kavi Reserve Coffee Blended Canadian Whisky (, neat. Serve alongside a salted chocolate creme brûlée and get ready for your guests to flood Instagram with pic upon pic of your spectacular creation!” – Maddie and Kiki, BBQ Entertainers “I love to use outdoor space as an extension of the home. My own patio space flows nicely from my living room to outside, so I have included many of the same elements outdoors that you find inside my home. Pillows, rugs, decor and even a styled bar cart are all things I have on my patio. Always remember the importance of outdoor items being washable or made for the season. I have an entire line of outdoor pillows that I created for our Canadian climate. Also remember that accessories are welcome outside and really set the stage for entertaining! I love the adorable Canadian, handmade bird feeders from Moore Design Birdfeeders (mooredesignbirdfeeders. com)They’d make an amazing addition to any outdoor space.” – Jo Alcorn, HGTV Designer “Coming off a long, cold winter, you might be dreaming of eating homegrown foods, prepared and served outdoors. Well, the fresh-food growing 62  Home Decor & Renovations  |  June–July, 2019

The very first thing you want to think about when designing your backyard is how you’ll be using it. From there, try creating different zones. You can help distinguish these areas with different types of lighting and/or outdoor rugs or plants. season will be here before we know it. Fact is, gardening season starts now so it is time to think about how you want your yard to look this summer. Are you a backyard farmer? Plan your harvest for maximum yield regardless of weather conditions. Want to have it made in the shade? Make sure you’re selecting the right tree so that you and your family can come together for backyard mealtime around a happy and healthy living specimen. When it comes to backyard dining, I love MH Fine Foods ( sauces, a perfect addition to Cullen’s navy beans for a BBQ baked bean side dish.” – Ben Cullen, Cullen’s Foods and Mark’s Choice “Summertime is barbecue time! Here are my tips for a successful summer of grilling and smoking foods. To start the season, give your barbecue a good spring cleaning; a clean barbecue is hotter and healthier, and proper maintenance produces more deliciousness. Consider replacing your grill brush; I recommend either wire coil brushes or wooden paddles. Both are a better alternative to the traditional wire bristles that tend to gum up and have the bristles fall out. If you are into live fire grilling and smoking of foods, try out a variety of charcoals from around the globe. Each produces different levels of heat and flavour. If you want to try a new type of grill, I love the Inferno Grill ( Most importantly, this year and every year – have fun! Enjoy time with your family and friends around the grill. Make deliciousness and bring happy smiles and full bellies!” – Chef Ted Reader #itbetasty

4545 Years CustomerService Service&&Superior SuperiorInstallation Installation YearsServicing ServicingManitoba Manitoba • • Award Award Winning Customer • Tile Selection Selection • Unique Unique & & Exclusive Tile 45 Years Servicing Manitoba • Award Winning Customer Service & Superior Installation • Unique & Exclusive Tile Selection

Great design lives here. Choose fiberglass for the ultimate in design flexibility, and the best in performance. 45 Higgins Ave. Winnipeg, MB | 204.339.6456

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