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New Look, New Year!


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Renew the functionality of your home.

Refresh your surroundings with new design.

Rejuvenate your lifestyle.

The Lifestyle You Desire... A Partner You Can Trust. SAM Award Winner Best Basement Development 5 Years running |

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New year, new shows for

Bryan Baeumler

10 The ‘dos and don’ts’ of

06 Kurmak Builders

home renovation

12 How to choose the most effective insulation

16 Kingdom of Heaven Children’s Foundation

20 Spring fling by adene lucas

24 A sustainable roofing option by heather ryan

56 Ready, set photo! by laura le

by mickey foulds

64 Country living by sara duck

tips & tricks 48 Do I need a permit? by vanessa gash

50 Planning is the secret to a successful renovation by Joe vaccaro

52 Decoding the code by michael nyikes

66 Shell Busey: Ask a pro

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business profiles

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08 Editor’s notebook

february - march 2012


60 Furnishing your executive

in every issue

volume 10 issue 1

by heather ryan

09 Albi Renova by sirkka vandergraaf

18 Supply Install Services by heather ryan

46 The Overhead Door Company by sirkka vandergraaf

69 Spindle, Stairs & Railings by sirkka vandergraaf

new look new year 32 New look, new year! by sirkka vandergraaf

38 Homes & gardens by bonny dann

40 Proper pillow selection for a good night’s sleep

41 Shop consignment by sirkka vandergraaf

42 Spray foam insulation combats mould

43 New beginnings in the garden by Jackie swartz

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Free in home consultation

Receive $400 off when you purchase a complete installation package for 50 SQ. FT or more, when you come in with this ad

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Tel: (403) 243-1003 • Fax (403) 243-1004 T 827 - 46th Ave. S.E. Calgary, AB T2G 2A5 email:

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KurmaK builders

KurmaK Builders

mAkes renovAtion dreAms come true by HeatHer ryan


s an award-winning renovator as well as a custom home builder since 2001, Kurmak Builders knows what it takes to make homeowners’ dreams come to life. Whether it’s transforming a basement into useable space or completely gutting an older home to create a fabulous modern design, Kurmak has become known for crafting quality projects that meet or exceed their clients’ expectations. “We treat everyone’s home as if it were our own so we want to make sure our customers are happy with the end result,” says company president Frank Gordon-Cooper, who notes that within the past two years more people are opting to renovate their home rather than move. “It’s really become about the location, lifestyle and the price,” he says. “Clients tell us they love the area they live in, and rather than buying another house they see value in renovating.” “They look at the cost of knocking the home down or gutting the interior, and getting exactly what they want to suit their lifestyle, versus the cost of buying a new home and moving,” Gordon-Cooper says. “Many people are choosing to stay because they can change the home but they can’t change the area.” In fact, Kurmak won the Best Home Renovation (with addition) Award at the 2010 SAM Awards for a renovation project in Britannia where the homeowner chose to renovate about 50 per cent of the main floor and add on a new master bedroom with ensuite, rather than move from the community. “We hear from customers that they are very happy to find a company that can look after the entire process, from design to development permit and throughout the whole construction process,” says Gordon-Cooper, noting their scope of work includes custom kitchens, basement renovations and large scale projects, including additions, total renovations and custom homes. “We often hear from clients that we have made their wishes and dreams come true, and we have exceeded their expectations, which is great because our goal is to listen to our clients and provide them with suggestions so they can make informed decisions about their renovation.” “Our product really is our service, and communication with our customers is essential to providing outstanding service,” Gordon-Cooper says, adding they keep clients informed throughout the project, “and if they have any questions, they can reach us right away.” As well, clients can go online and access information about their renovation, including a schedule of the trades, photos and change orders. Its on site supervisors are also more hands-on than other renovators, doing the work and scheduling trades, which allows for more custom work and quick response to customer requests. Kurmak also makes a point to reduce the inconvenience of the renovation. “We do everything we can to keep the project moving and to reduce the amount of dust. We’re in your home, invading your privacy, so we go to extraordinary lengths to protect the existing home.”

Kurmak is deeply committed to their memberships with BBB, Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary Region and RenoMark, which is dedicated to providing consumers with access to high quality, ethical renovation companies, and Gordon-Cooper serves on the Calgary Renovation Council. As a member of RenoMark, Kurmak has WCB coverage, is bonded and insured, and one of its renovations projects was on a recent RenoMark Tour. “It was really exciting for us because this project was very challenging and it turned out great, so we were thrilled the homeowners were so happy with the renovation that they agreed to show it off,” Gordon-Cooper says. “The quality of our work speaks for itself,” he says. “We hear from our clients that they appreciate the attention to details and that we listened carefully to their wishes and needs, and that’s why we continually receive referrals from satisfied clients and trades people.” To learn more about Kurmak Builders, visit their website,

6 home décor and renovations feb - MAR 2012

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Our expectations will exceed yours...



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Anita van Breevoort, 403.461.5518 SALES COORDINATOR



A new year for trends, traditions and free expert advice

Mohammad Haidarpour GRAPHIC DESIGNERS

Jeff Betts, Angelo Praturlon, Caroline Wassef CONTRIBUTORS

Top interior designers and industry manufacturers are split when it comes to forecasting what will be “hot” in home décor and renovations in 2012. Whatever new trends come about, we look forward to bringing you the latest ideas and concepts for you to try at home.

Shell Busey, Bonny Dann, Sara Duck, Adene Lucas, Vanessa Gash, Mickey Foulds, Laura Le, Michael Nyikes, Heather Ryan, Jackie Swartz, Joe Vaccaro, Sirkka Vandergraaf, DISTRIBUTION

Here are three trends we love: 1 Unusual Wall Treatments and Wall Decals. Easy to use, and to remove! Watch for tonnes of new ways to decorate your walls this year. The possibilities are truly endless. Modern and classic designs will inspire the rest of your room décor and give you a stylish edge. 2 Cozy Comfort. Does this ever really go out of style? Today’s cozy rooms are colourful and feature an array of well-chosen antiques and cool classics that mix well with today’s modern patterns and textures. 3 The Three Rs: Recycling, reusing and refurbishing – a trend we never want to go away! Look for more and more manufacturers to find ways to achieve full circle usage of their products. Recycled carpeting, grass cloth wall covering, bamboo flooring and many other Earth-friendly products will offer consumers smart choices that are less stressful to our environment. We hope you enjoy our first issue of 2012 – always free, always full of great ideas! Watch for more expert advice this year, more than ever.


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8 home décor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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albi renova


albi renoVa

reliable partNers iN reNovatioN by Sirkka Vandergraaf


s is often heard and said, taking on a renovation of your home can be daunting! There is so much to know and learn about the building world and most of us Calgarians feel inadequate to say the least. That’s why many Calgarians feel secure and confident with Albi Renova partnering in their renovation. Their solid professional track record, and over 25 years experience in renovating homes, qualifies them as experts, transforming your fear into excitement and anticipation. A proper renovation is laden with details such as accurate estimates and designs, proper money management, adequate insurance, building code compliance, permits, and much more. Ensuring you have a trustworthy company such as Albi Renova is crucial to the successful outcome of your project. Albi Renova’s commitment to total customer satisfaction is proven with the high rate of word-of-mouth referrals for new business, and their multiple awards won for innovative design and quality work. Clients at Albi Renova feel well taken care of and rest assured every detail is covered. As a design driven company Albi Renova’s design and project management teams focus on solid preplans to maximize time efficiency once the renovating has begun and to minimize misunderstandings. To ensure each renovation is personalized, Albi Renova offers custom state-of-the-art 3D design technology, award winning design construction, and family oriented personal project management. Being able to see the end product before construction even begins is a significant advantage for clients. Changes can be made on screen, rather than mid-construction. At Albi Renova every renovation is a uniquely designed renovation. In addition to Albi Renova’s excellent design is quality work. Their professional approach and two-year labour warranty, compared to the industry standard one-year warranty, puts many customers at ease. Maintaining skilled tradesman for over 20 years also brings credibility and reliability to the value of Albi Renova’s workmanship. Maurer’s commitment to ‘Customers for life through quality work’ has earned Albi Renova significant respect in the industry. “We care about our clients and we want to provide the best quality possible,” says Maurer. “Home renovation doesn’t have to be hassle; all you need is a little help from a reputable company that has you at the centre of their concerns,” says Brian Maurer, president and managing partner, Albi Renova. With the skilled workers from Albi Renova at the helm, your home will become a true reflection of yourself showcased for all to see. “We know the business of renovations inside out, and our goal here at Albi Renova is to reduce our client’s stress as much as possible by providing all required services under one roof. Every person on our team has excellence as their priority,” says Maurer. Whether it’s a kitchen, addition, or complete make-over, Albi Renova will bring their excellence in craftsmanship. For more information, see their website at FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 9

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Manor Renovations would like to thank our proud business partners 4527 6A Street NE 403-770-7489

The ‘dos and don’ts’ of home renovation When you’re eager to get caught up on home

repairs, it’s easy to overlook the basics that contribute to a successful renovation. To prevent mistakes, wasting money or causing harm to yourself or others, it’s important to recognize what tools and knowledge you can bring to home projects before you begin. Don’t Start a project without a plan in place. It’s important to have a vision of the finished result in mind and a map of how to achieve your end goal. Skipping over the planning stage can have disastrous results. Do Recognize your own capabilities and weaknesses. Consult a professional before beginning serious home repairs, such as electrical work and roofing. It’s worth getting a second opinion, or if you’re not comfortable, hiring someone.

N N Love Where You Live


nesta Tile Supply was created to off er high quality natural stone and expand the usage of these materials in residential use. Our staff has a true passion for this beautiful material. You will receive personalized care to help with your selections and leave your visit with a better understanding and appreciation for this durable and classic product.

Don’t Use cheap materials. Ask questions about the products you buy to ensure they are right for the project at hand and will last. Do When taking on a large home improvement, such as installing insulation, it’s important to use a quality product like Icynene to add to the value of your home and prevent future issues. Don’t Throw away money on unnecessary materials and fixtures. With a bit of research beforehand, you can save money by purchasing the exact amount of materials you need to complete your project. Do Take advantage of government grants. The Government of Canada has renewed the ecoENERGY Retrofit Homes program. From June 6, 2011, to March 31, 2012, homeowners investing in energy-efficient upgrades are eligible to receive grants of up to $5,000. Don’t Get in over your head. Small projects can quickly become big projects when you take the wrong approach. Do Keep on track by sticking to a planned budget, hiring a contractor when needed and never leaving a repair job unfinished. To do right by your home, you can visit www.icynene. com for more information on home insulation. NC

10 home décor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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MAJOR RENOVATION DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Bringing Your Grand Plans To Life Since 1991



403.243.8507 C U S TO M


FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 11

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How to choose the most effective insulation If you can’t decIde between spray foam and tradItIonal InsulatIon,

such as fibreglass or cellulose, a brief overview can reveal the cost-effectiveness and reliability of each. Experts tell us that fibreglass and cellulose are dated insulation methods that have certain limitations. For instance, the large gaps and permeability of traditional insulation allows for significant heat loss in the winter and air conditioning loss during the summer. These products may have a cheaper up-front cost than spray foam, but in the long run, money is lost due to increasing energy bills as a result of air leakage. Additionally, traditional insulators have poorer sound barriers and are less effective against controlling airborne moisture. Spray foam, either open or closed-cell, is now the leading insulation method. This innovation gives homes and buildings effective protection against air penetration, moisture build-up and sound penetration. The long-term benefits of spray foam trump fibreglass and cellulose. You can be assured that your energy bill will be reduced by as much as half when you replace a traditional insulation with spray foam. To find out if your project is ready for spray foam insulation, take a look online at and contact a licensed dealer who will provide a free estimate. NC

Renovations That Inspire

3702 Edmonton Trail NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 3P4 Phone: 403-282-9176

Register online to receive $100.00 off products / services CHBA

Member 12 home dĂŠcor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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FEB - MAR 2012 home dĂŠcor and renovations 13

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Smart.Smart. And beautiful. And beautiful.

Up to 50% of a home's heating and cooli

Up to 50% energy of a home's heating and cooling is lost through its windows. energy is lost through its windows.

Hunter DouglasWith the ‘honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb’ With the ‘honeycomb-within-a-honeycom Hunter Douglas constructionconstruction and three insulating pockets, andairthree insulating air pock EnergySmart EnergySmart Duette Architella honeycomb shades ® ® ®


Duette Architella honeycomb shades Manufacturer’s increase energy efficiency. Manufacturer’s increase energy efficiency. Rebate Visit a participating dealer from


th 2012 for more January 1st Visit to Aprila 30 participating dealer from information about the Hunter January 1st to Douglas April 30th 2012 for EnergySmart Manufacturer’s Rebate.

Scan with a smartphone to view video.

more information about the Hunter Douglas EnergySmart Manufacturer’s Rebate.


Scan with a smartphone to view video. Our Crowfoot

E X T R A O R D I N A RY W I N D O W FA S H I O N S Visit Showroom to receive details on pricing and rebate offers

Inside. And out. 10-250 CROWFOOT CRES NW 403.547.4013

Inside. And out.

The Hardwood Floor That Toys With Time Back and forth… It doesn’t matter when time holds no sway. Dannburg Floor Coverings offers MERCIER GENERATIONS, a timeless finish made from an innovative urethane formula for unbeatable wear resistance. And in addition to being the most durable finish on the market, MERCIER GENERATIONS features an antimicrobial additive and a non-yellowing formula.

Toy with time and get the best. 1050 2600 Portland St SE Calgary, AB

9184 Macloed Trail South Calgary, AB

Phone: 403-228-5450 14 home décor and renovations feb - MAR 2012

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Kingdom of Heaven Children’s Foundation

“Kingdom of Heaven CHildren’s foundation”, is a

Non-Profit Organization that has been helping the poor and needy in Calgary, India and Indonesia for quite a few years. They provide food and shelter to the homeless and aid for the sick and elderly, “Floors R Us” and “Amazing Things”, of Calgary Alberta, have been funding the Program of Hope and the Organization before it was conceived as a Foundation. Together, the alliance of these Organizations is to continue to expand the Orphanage in Bali Indonesia, where they will continue to provide shelter for the many children there, living on the street and who survive by leading a life of begging and pilfering. “Kingdom of Heaven Children’s Foundation”, provides them a place to call home, a supported education and direction and loving care from caregivers and mentors, so they can find work and an enriched Life, Dreams and Hope. “Kingdom of Heaven Children’s Foundation”, a charitable non-profit organization, is located on 42nd Ave. and Macleod Trail SW Calgary. Their organization has been helping the poor

and widowed for three decades. Their purpose is for the relief of poverty, care and support for the orphans, widowed and less fortunate elderly, however not to them exclusively. Although their operations had originated in Calcutta India, they also provide assistance to those who seek help in Calgary as well. One of their Honourable mentions, but not limited to, are helping people in support of recovery from addictions. The Organization supports and at times provides them with employment, shelter, food allowances and a spiritual path and a hand-up, in their hopes and dreams, so this will steer them in a corrected path. The wish is to continue improving the lives of those in need, but also those needing help to fulfill their missions. The practice of Charity is a “Hand Up”, and meaning, the voluntary help of giving to those in need and less fortunate, who are not related to the giver. Support a Business that supports a good cause. Come visit them on 4310 Macleod Trail SW and see what they are all about.

16 home décor and renovations feb - mar 2012

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 16

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FEB - MAR 2012 home dĂŠcor and renovations 17

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 17

1/18/12 5:09:26 PM


s.i.s. supply install services

S.I.S. Supply InStall ServIceS your exterior renovation specialists by heather ryan


á BeFOre

â aFter

ith more people choosing to renovate their home to make it not only more comfortable and esthetically pleasing, but to increase its energyefficiency and value, it’s not surprising that homeowners are turning to S.I.S. Supply Install Services Ltd. In business since 1991, the locally owned company specializes in exterior renovations and takes pride in being able to complete those projects to the absolute satisfaction of its customers thereby turning your renovation ideas into a reality. Since the company deals only with exterior renovations it’s able to offer clients years of experience and expertise in the industry and can tackle any type of project. Along with being able to supply and install new windows, doors, fascia, soffit, siding and insulation, S.I.S. is undertaking custom wood work and stone detailing projects, crafting fabulous decks and creating eye-catching front entries. “We install stone, stucco, cement board, wood composite and vinyl siding, slate entries, custom doors and more,” says general manager Jody Roberts. “We carry CSA certified windows and doors and Energy Star rated products, so customers know they’re getting quality products.” “We use best practices in tying together air barrier, membrane and flashings and going above the building code standards to ensure the integrity of the building envelope. We have also incorporated rain screen applications into our exterior finishing, which allows an even higher degree of breathability,” he says. “We have tackled numerous jobs where the building envelope has been compromised,” says Karen Steinmann, marketing co-ordinator, “and we’ve gone in and replaced the damaged structure and then completed the exterior renovation making sure that we have corrected all water infiltration issues.” “With a lot of projects we’re doing, we’re adding a layer of insulation,” says Roberts. While in some cases the insulation costs as much or more than the new siding, Roberts notes that S.I.S. staff work closely with their customers to provide information on energy-efficient government grants available to offset costs and make it more attractive to homeowners. “We have a lot of people asking us to do renovation projects to increase their home’s energy efficiency,” Roberts says. “They want to save money on their energy bills and be comfortable, so changing out doors and windows and adding insulation under the siding helps, and in the end they also get a home that looks great, too.” He notes that S.I.S. has a framing crew with many years of experience and inhouse experts who can craft specialized exterior projects, such as the elaborate deck and patio it built for one customer that included a slate surface and stone pillars, and on a more recent project, built out a gorgeous front entrance, changed several tiny windows for bigger ones and gave the entire house a much needed facelift. S.I.S. works with customers to keep them informed during the renovation process, and its exceptional service, including a five-year warranty on workmanship, which ensures happy and repeat clientele. The company utilizes its team of professionally trained installers, trades people and quality suppliers to ensure the highest standards are met for your renovation project. S.I.S.’s knowledgeable and experienced renovation consultants will meet clients at their home and provide various design options and ideas and free costs estimates. Homeowners can learn more by visiting S.I.S.’s showroom, located at 3517 64 Ave. S.E., open Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (after hours by appointment), call 403.640.1334, or visit S.I.S. is licensed, bonded, insured; all crews are covered by WCB, and S.I.S. is a member of the BBB, Calgary Construction Association, Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary Region, and is a RenoMark renovator.

18 home décor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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Exterior Renovations Specialists

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Windows & Doors Siding/Soffit Wood Framing Stone/Stucco Decks

S.I.S. offers Portatec Custom Doors with an exclusive decorative glass line unavailable anywhere else!

Taking care of all your exterior renovation needs! 403.640.1334 Show room address: 3517 64th Ave. S.E., Calgary


FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 19

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 19

1/18/12 5:10:30 PM


Spring fling by adene lucas


opportunity to lighten up the dÊcor in your home. It is time to shed some of the excess that kept you insulated and cozy over the winter and to lighten up and freshen up your home. A bathroom is a great place to start as typically it is an undersized room and small changes can make a big difference. Change out the towels to brighter spring colours or change the scheme to all white. If you have a shower curtain, update it with bright colours that tie in with the towels or simply replace the hooks with a funky colour. Replace dated artwork or add a new piece that is oversized and bright. Select a new soap pump and coordinating accessories and don’t forget a

new bath mat. If you want to make more of an impact, change the mirror. Over the years I have seen countless homes and the one thing they all have in common is a builder grade mirror. Not framed, not even bevelled, just a basic, lifeless mirror. Typically, you can find a nicely framed mirror for less then $100. This one change alone can update the look of any powder room and provide personality to a drab space. The master bedroom is another overlooked area that can be simply updated for spring. Begin by purging things stockpiled on dressers and night tables. All the books you planned on reading over the winter, the knitting that lays in a basket, the lotions and potions that you needed over the dry winter months can all find


Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 20

1/18/12 5:10:33 PM

If all the furnIture Is upholstered In heavy fabrIcs such corduroy or velvet, try addIng one InexpensIve occasIonal chaIr In a brIghter colour or a lIvely prInt to freshen thIngs up a new home. Now is also the time to reorganize the closets and dressers, be ruthless. Donate or pack up unused items to clear some space. If the task seems too much, hire a professional organizer or better yet go to a storage store where products to contain clutter are available. Drawer organizers, jewellery storage and even under bed drawers for seasonal items can help eliminate crowded closets. As the temperatures warm up there is no need for a heavy down filled duvet. Change the bedding to a coverlet or lighten up on the colour and material. Choose cotton and read the labels to make sure the bedding is machine washable. All white bedding is a fresh look but may not be practical so look for bed linen that has some white and use white accessories as an accent. If you have heavy drapery, replace it inexpensively by adding two to three lighter weight panels on either side for a full look. Big box stores sell panels in a variety of colours and textures. If updating the bed linens is not in the budget, add toss cushions and a light throw in a brighter colour or a vibrant

print. Add fresh inexpensive, seasonal flowers to a night stand and cross this room off the list as complete. The living area is the most fun to do because the transformation can be dramatic. Look at how the furniture is grouped, is it centered on the fireplace, can it be changed to face a window instead? Think of furniture groupings in terms of how you use the room - entertaining, reading or watching TV. Once the layout out of furniture has been set, it’s time to roll up the heavy pile shag rug and replace it with a natural fibre sisal or jute style rug that is light and perfect for the warmer months. You could also try a cotton rug in a whimsical pattern to add life to a neutral room. If all the furniture is upholstered in heavy fabrics such corduroy or velvet, try adding one inexpensive occasional chair in a brighter colour or a lively print to freshen things up. If you have a wood burning fireplace, clear it out and add candles to the box or cover it with a decorative screen. Change up the bookcases and replace heavy dark items with lighter pieces you may already own, rotating collections FEB - MAR 2012 home dÊcor and renovations 21

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 21

1/18/12 5:10:34 PM


can create a new look. While you are reworking shelves, now is the time to toss all dusty artificial plants that collect dust and are supposed to look real. Silk plants take away from the look of a home and they lack personality and creativity. We all know the plant is a fake when it is above cabinetry! Try using a couple of collared vases, an urn, family china or even a water pitcher instead of the tried and true bogus plant. Bring in fresh plants or flowers in bright containers. If you are not good with plants ask your local greenhouse what they suggest that is low maintenance and kill proof. Failing that, display a bowl of fresh fruit or simply a bowl full of lemons in the kitchen to create a fresh feel. Fabric and linens also impact a room and should be changed seasonally. Think of tea towels, table runners, table cloths, and placemats. Rotate seasonally so you have a winter collection and a summer collection. Start purchasing them as the season winds down so that you catch the sales! Another affordable and immediate change is reupholstering. I know it sounds involved but if you are just changing the seat of dinning room chairs it is quite simple and yet has a high impact. I like to buy drapery panels or fabric from a Sari shop to create a custom appearance by changing just the two end chairs to an appealing new fabric that gives the dinning room an original look for the cost of one drapery panel and your time. Lastly and most commonly, the biggest way to change the look of any room is

paint. Paint one wall a bright colour or an accent colour to instantly add flair. A trendy idea in painting is called colour blocking. Try painting a few blocks of similar colours in the shape of large rectangles on one wall. They can be horizontal or vertical and it adds visual interest to a room. This idea works best in a child’s room or a more contemporary home. Choose complimentary colours to create an artwork effect. If trends are not appealing, then stick to just painting a wall or two. When picking a colour there are a few factors to consider. Colour is a powerful tool in terms of communication and the mood of a space. The basic distinction in the colour world is warm colours or cool colours. Warm colours such as red and orange create a feeling of comfort, intimacy and creativeness. Conversely, cool colours create feelings of calmness, security and comfort. People tend to gravitate towards one end of the spectrum or the other but it is also important to think of how you want the room to feel as well as how the colours you choose make you feel. Some colours have a more masculine feel while others such as pink are traditionally a feminine colour. Paint selection is so much more then a few paint chips. Give it a lot of thought; look at your wardrobe as we tend to wear the colours we like. Also, consider getting professional advice for your colour selection. Hopefully, this summer we will all be outside more than inside, but it is always nice to come indoors at the end of the day and feel relaxed and refreshed in our homes. By following a few of these ideas you can create a new look in your old home.

adene lucas | 403.651.7491

22 home dĂŠcor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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1/18/12 5:10:35 PM

Inspired worldly furnishings and home accessories

• Worldly Furnishings, Inspired Home Décor, Jewelery & Accessories • Antiques, Art, & One-of-a-Kind Pieces • Eco-Friendly, HandCrafted, Fair Trade, Sustainable Products made from reclaimed & recycled materials.

COME VISIT OUR BRAND NEW SHOWROOM Main Floor: The CORE TD Square Suite 120, 324 – 8 Ave. S.W. 403.264.7190 (beside TD Bank)




The draw will be held at the Calgary Home + Garden Show

Join us for shopping in BALI March 2012

2nd Location: 1220 11 Ave. SW 403.244.7171

Renovations Interior Design Landscape Design Hunter Douglas Kitchen Design Re-Upholsery Colour Consultation

60 High Street SE Calgary AB

403.453.2083 FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 23

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 23

1/18/12 5:11:00 PM


A sustainable roofing option by heather ryan

Since 1978 Unicrete ProdUctS Ltd, winner of the Ebony Stone Lightweight Estate Tile. Photo supplied by Unicrete Products Ltd.

American Concrete Institute’s “Award of Excellence” has offered Calgarians durable and visually appealing concrete roof tiles for their homes. Manufactured right here in Calgary, Unicrete roof tiles are a sustainable roof consideration for any home. Drawn by the appeal of the European look and excellent strength, Calgarians are increasingly considering replacing their old roof with a Unicrete concrete roof. “I highly recommend a concrete roof tile simply for its superb durability,” says Chad Coljee, president, Signature Roof Tile Ltd. “Due to the unique components that are involved in the process of creating a concrete roof tile, a concrete roof will get stronger over the years as it continues to cure,” says Coljee, who has been installing concrete roof tiles for over 20 years. “For those looking to re-roof, Unicrete provides a unique light-weight tile that can go on almost any existing roof structure without any weight-bearing issues,” says Coljee. From smaller inner-city structures to estate homes in the country, homes with concrete roof tiles stand out. Unicrete concrete roof tiles are also non-combustible, hail resistant, wind resistant, and have a 50 year product warranty which is non-prorated and transferable to future owners. The curb appeal of any home is substantially increased with concrete roof

Financing available

Phone: 403.203.2998 Unicrete Lightweight Concrete Cell: 403.519.2306 Roof Tile Fax: 403.203.2941

Never Re-Roof Again! 24 home décor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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tiles, and is especially attractive to condominium developments because of the long life span and thus reducing the savings necessary in the reserve fund for roof replacement. For those concerned for our environment, rest assured. The tile composition, energy efficient Ener-Vent system, and long lifespan of the roof (reducing unnecessary waste to the landfill), all result in a high green-rated product and contributes to Unicrete’s membership with Built Green and Green Alberta (contributing to possible LEED points). This environmentally friendly product comes in multiple standard colours and four different profiles. PictUred above Western Sand Lightweight Estate Tile. Photo supplied by Unicrete Products Ltd.

PictUred above Lava Black Lightweight Estate Tile Photo provided by Signature Roof Tile Ltd.

» Estate tile, which provides a classic terra cotta look (available in light-weight) » Slate tile, a smooth clean look with contemporary lines » Split shake, this resembles cedar shakes with a wood-like texture » Light weight, a version of Estate tile ideal for re-roofing and designed to meet the weight requirements of a standard truss system When you consider the life-cycle cost of a roof, Unicrete concrete roof tiles are the most economical option that can increase your home value. A concrete roof can also save you money in reduced energy costs as well as offer peace of mind during the next hail or wind storm.


“Never worry about your roof again!”


R O O F T I L E For For Value, Value, For For Looks, Looks, FOREVER! FOREVER!


9440 - 48 Street SE, Calgary 403- 279 - 8321 Toll Free: 1- 800 - 570 - 4733


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New year, new shows for

Bryan Baeumler by Sirkka Vandergraaf

alwayS ready to take on an adVenture,

Bryan Baeumler kicks off the New Year with three new HGTV shows in 2012 - Leave it to Bryan, House of Bryan on the Rocks, and new episodes of Canada’s Handyman Challenge. Hard-working and always ready to pass on his knowledge for the betterment of the homeowner, Baeumler’s focus this year is to help Canadians understand what the true value of their home is. “I want to help homeowners understand where their renovation dollars can be best spent, and what the priorities should be,” says Baeumler. “In Leave it to Bryan, homeowners take a huge step in trusting me to decide which renovation would be best for their home,” says Baeumler. But homeowners and Baeumler may have differing ideas about what to renovate, and homeowners won’t know which renovation was chosen until they return home part-way through demolition. The push and pull of wills creates intrigue,

drama, emotional intensity, and an important platform for understanding renovation issues. “The show provides an opportunity to explain why we chose what we did, and at the same time, educate the broader audience about priorities that should be considered when choosing what to renovate,” says Baeumler. After watching a few episodes, viewers may change their mind on what they thought was a “necessary” renovation! Leaving others’ homes for a while, Baeumler decided to focus on building a summer home for his family. “Filming and building House of Bryan on the Rocks was one of the most difficult undertakings I’ve done,” says Baeumler. The entire Baeumler family packed up and headed north for the summer to Georgian Bay, Northern Ontario to embark on the project. Not an easy undertaking, considering the location is only accessible by water! As the children spent their summer catching frogs and doing what kids do best,

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The show provides an opportunity to explain why we chose what we did, and at the same time, educate the broader audience about priorities that should be considered when choosing what to renovate having fun, dad was sweating and configuring on how to build the waterfront home, transport all supplies and labour, deal with wildlife and injuries, and complete it before the cold weather set in. To find out how he and his wife, Sarah, managed it all, tune in to House of Bryan on the Rocks, airing in April. When not renovating someone else’s house, or building his own, Baeumler is joining Mike Holmes, host of Holmes on Homes, and Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property, and Jillian Harris (The Bachelor, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) in finding the next construction guru on HGTV’s Canada’s Handyman Challenge. “We have so much fun on this show, and I am impressed with the level of seriousness the contestants show,” says Baeumler. The top 12 competitors from Vancouver, Hamilton, and Toronto, compete in multiple challenges to secure the honoured title of Canada’s Best Handyman. To fully appreciate what the pressure can be like for contestants, Baeumler, Holmes, and McGillivery, each partake in a challenge, and discover how tough and intimidating it can be to be judged by peers. After much blood, sweat, and tears, the final chosen individual receives the much deserved title. It seems 2012 will be as busy, if not busier for Baeumler, as he continues forward from 2011. To see him in person, attend Calgary’s Home and Garden Show on February 26: he’ll be on stage at 11am and 2pm. 28 home décor and renovations feb - MAR 2012

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When Only The Best Choice In Exotic Hardwood Products Will Do....

Riverwalk Project, East Village Calgary

Georgie Award-winning exterior Summerland, BC Homescape Building & Designs

Ultimate Renovations showhome Calgary, Alberta Extensive use of Kayu Batu inside and out

Spectacular Soffits

30 home dĂŠcor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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Get Real !!... Choose Kayu Batu Exotic Hardwood Decking Products. Kayu Batu is a carefully selected, Balau hardwood species that have been used for cruise ship decking and boat building for over 50 years. Low Maintenance or no maintenance and competitively priced with plastic composites. Available across Canada for decking, fencing, soffits, siding and interior hardwood flooring. Kayu Batu has been specified in the following high profile commercial and residential projects across Canada:

• Devonian Gardens Downtown in Calgary • Memorial Poppy plaza in Kensington, Calgary • Riverwalk Project, East Village Calgary • Statesman Homes “Riverside Quays” in Calgary • The Penthouses at “La Caille on the Bow” in Calgary You can also see our product at the following restaurants & pubs:

Outdoor living at its finest

• Teatro • Jaroblue • Hudson Tap Houses • The Mercury

To view or download a complete product catalogue please visit

Come visit us at our showroom now open. Bay #8 6304 Burbank Road SE. Calgary, Phone: 403.541.9009 Toll-free: 1.877.666.KAYU (5298) Canadian Distributor

Contractors & Installer Referrals Upon Request. FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 31

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new year new look

32 home dĂŠcor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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new year new look

New Look New Year! by Sirkka Vandergraaf


t’s all about a “new-old with a twist” for 2012. Most Calgarians are continuing to find ways to refurbish and refresh their home in economical and environmental ways. Thoughts about home décor and furnishing focus on long-term and multi-purpose usefulness; and more and more Calgarians enjoy discovering new ways to further sustainable living and environmental protectiveness, while not sacrificing the look of gorgeous design. Two years ago John McCruden, owner of Frame Your Mirror, realized there was a market in Calgary for those who wanted to keep their existing wall mirrors, but somehow update them with a unique style. McCruden responded to this need by creating a do-it-yourself custom frame kit for any mirror, and Calgarians love it. These

wood-based, laminate covered frames, available in 15 different styles, can “refresh a tired bathroom, simply and inexpensively,” says McCruden. Should your renovation plans require a smaller mirror, no problem, cut the mirror down to desired measurement, and frame around it. Re-framing your existing mirror is a great eco-friendly consideration. Furniture manufacturers are also shortening the stride of their ecological footprint. By acquiring and caring for their own forests, manufacturers produce high quality furniture with local woods, thereby decreasing material transportation cost, waste, and production costs. “These savings are then passed on to the consumer, who are happy to receive an exceptional quality product for a great price,” says Robert Pound, General Manager, McArthur’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design. Calgarians are also freshening up their furniture by reupholstering with new fabrics and re-staining older wood pieces. This new-old classic look has been the focus of the Keno Brothers who have partnered with Theodore Alexander in designing a new line of furniture that is retrosleek. The lines are smooth, elegant, purposeful and strong, and you can definitely see the furniture’s original history. “The younger generation enjoys refining the previous generation’s creativity and ingenuity,” says Pound. “The standard for style, quality, and environmental sustainability has never been stronger.” Not only are Calgarians looking to go green within, going green in the yard is also all the rage. Pesticides are increasingly being replaced with organic products

ëbefore | afTerì PiCTUred aboVe and aT righT

Simple transformation before and after, photos supplied by Frame Your Mirror. PiCTUred oPPoSiTe rich fabrics, like the New London Collection from Schnadig, give a regal and comforting charm to a room. Photo supplied by Mcarthur Fine Furniture & Interior Design.

FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 33

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new year new look

for yard maintenance, and less exotic vacations requiring flight travel are downsized to more time at home, resulting in Calgarians creating a relaxing and renewing space around their home. Low maintenance, usefulness, and eco-friendly ideology, again rule the blue-prints of new design for the yard. “We are finding Calgarians are passionate about their outdoor space and really want to customize their area for their children and/or entertaining needs,� says Stan Rector, owner, Infinity Gardens. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces continue in popularity, as well as inventive play areas for children. Perennials are bedded with hardy shrubs for colour through-out the year, and black or charcoal landscaping rock is frequently requested. Mounded and shaped flower beds grace the front of many a home, which accentuates curb appeal. Larger transplanted trees are increasingly brought in for privacy in the back yard, and homeowners look 34

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 34

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new year new look

PiCTUred ToP lefT walk out deck with exotic Kayu Batu Mahogany wood. Photos supplied by Kayu Canada Inc.

Get the most out of your outdoor living with Kayu Canada’s exotic hardwood’s. Photos supplied by Kayu Canada Inc.

PiCTUred boTTom lefT

elegance and grace enhanced tradition, Photo supplied by Four Season Sunrooms

PiCTUred aboVe

PiCTUred righT Yard built by Infinity Gardens, photographed by GT Photography.

forward to watching the trees continue to grow over the years. “Personalizing the outdoor space has become a priority for most Calgarians, and our designer is always happy to show the potential of every yard,” says Stan Rector. A significant aspect of personalizing the backyard is the emphasis on longlasting beautifully designed decks, pergolas and arbors; and Calgarians are looking for either no maintenance or low maintenance materials to adorn their home, and see them through multiple graduation, birthday, and anniversary

celebrations. Kayu Canada Inc, Canada’s supplier of exotic hardwoods for exterior use, provides Calgarians with quality woods such as red balau and dark-red-meranti, which will remain strong and endure Calgary’s severe climate for up to 40 years. “These woods are sourced from countries that are leaders in ecological, sustained forestry practices; and as a testimonial to the durability of these woods, the City of Calgary is currently using Kayu’s hardwoods for the Devonian Gardens decking renovation, the Riverwalk East Village project, and for the Memorial Drive Poppy Plaza in Kensington,” says Jim Labelle, owner, Kayu Canada Inc. As well, obscuring the lines between indoor and outdoor for Calgary homeowners is maintaining momentum in 2012, and adding an ENERGY STAR rated efficient sunroom to your home provides full enjoyment of all the seasons year round. “Sunrooms allow the homeowner to simultaneously enjoy the view of the outdoor landscape while relaxing comfortably in a beautiful room surrounded by natural light,” says Jeff Paquet, partner, Four Seasons Sunrooms. While remaining cool in the summer and warm in the winter, architecturally appealing sunrooms are

a SIGNIFICaNT aSPeCT oF PerSoNaLIzING The BaCKYarD IS The eMPhaSIS oN LoNGLaSTING BeauTIFuLLY DeSIGNeD DeCKS, PerGoLaS aND arBorS FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 35

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 35

1/18/12 5:40:34 PM

new year new look

Drawing inspiration from classic furniture lines the new pieces from the Keno Brothers are accessible to the consumer while still having a modern flair. Photo supplied by Mcarthur Fine Furniture & Interior Design.


the ideal solution to fully enjoy nature’s beauty. The pleasure continues into the night as the family can gather together to look for the Little Dipper, or Halley’s comet, through the glass ceiling. A Four Seasons Sunroom also increases the equity of your home, as it is considered livable space, an extension from your kitchen or family room. It’s good to know that we Calgarians are so concerned about our planet, and it’s also good to know there is a powerful movement in business and design to cater to those concerns. Here’s to looking towards a healthier and wonderfully designed future in our homes and yards!

Introducing The Comfort Recliner

141 Gateway Dr. NE. Airdrie Dr. NE 403.960.1030 67 Glenbrook Place. SW 403.246.6266

36 home décor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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new year new look

Wicker Land Patio


All Weather Resin Wicker Cast Aluminum & Wrought Iron



Timeless Design & Exceptional Quality


Wicker Land Calgary South 403-258-2506 - 6125 Centre St. South, Calgary AB, T2H 0C5 Wicker Land Calgary North 403-258-2809 - 4625 Varsity Dr. NW, Calgary AB, T3A 0Z9 Wicker Land Kelowna 250-862-2011 - 2573 Hwy 97 North, Kelowna BC V1X 4J5

Refresh A Tired Bathroom Simply And Inexpensively call toll free: 1.888.983.7263

FOUR SEASONS FACTORY SALE! Savings on Select Models Enjoy special winter savings on our beautiful and energy-efficient yearround sunrooms and conservatories.


(403) 287-0008

Four Seasons Sunrooms 103 5065 13Th Street SE Calgary AB T2G 5M8

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nEw yEaR nEw look

Homes & gardens and how to crEatE flow bEtwEEn thEm by Bonny Dann

EscapEs Inc.


ow often have you found yourself admiring a beautiful home with great architectural detail, when you noticed it is surrounded by only lawn? Did you also notice that without outdoor rooms, without the landscape being finished, there was no connection between the indoors and the outdoors? None of us would think about moving into our beautiful new home without the drywall painted or the flooring laid over the sub-floor, would we? Only laying sod on the land your home sits on leaves it unfinished in the same way not painting or laying flooring leaves the interior not finished. By creating gardens, patios, pathways and planting trees, shrubs and perennials, we create indoor/ outdoor flow, as well as curb appeal and enhance the value of our homes. The secret is to blend architecture, hardscape and plant material into a pleasing whole.

One of the first things I recommend is to think about how you want to use your outdoor spaces. Once you have determined whether you want outdoor entertaining areas for lounging or dining, a spa area, a kitchen or a play area for your children, then head indoors. Now check the views looking outdoors so you can determine which outdoor living area you wish to view from each window. Which outdoor living area do you wish to view while working in your home office? Where is the best place to put the play area so you can keep an eye on the children? Once you have determined where all the outdoor rooms should be situated, focus on traffic flow for pathways and for flow between indoors and outdoors. I like to situate outdoor kitchens directly off the kitchen in the home as our Canadian outdoor kitchens are

not usually fully equipped like those in warmer climates and this creates flow for the cook as well as indoor/ outdoor flow. Likewise, I like to locate outdoor living rooms directly off indoor entertaining areas for good traffic flow and mingling at larger gatherings. A cozy, intimate outdoor sitting room off a master bedroom, accessed through French or garden doors, is perfect.

this sitting area is accessed from the master bedroom by french doors on either side of the fireplace. the fireplace with a mantle similar to the interior ones as well as the wall and tile colour all contribute to the indoor/outdoor flow


this magnificent home and its outdoor living spaces are a perfect example of how by creating gardens, patios, pathways we create indoor/outdoor flow. the secret is to blend architecture, hardscape and plant material into a pleasing whole


38 home dĂŠcor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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nEw yEaR nEw look

Next, look at privacy issues. Do you need hedges, walls or garden structures to create privacy and tie the outdoors to the home? Plan where you need those items and then move on to style. To keep the transition smooth between indoor and outdoor rooms, it is best to continue with the same style and materials or colours. If you have a traditional style home, either a formal or informal English-style garden and outdoor rooms will best suit it, using hedges for privacy. If you have a stucco and tile South West style home or a contemporary home, courtyards and small walls are fitting, as well as xeriscape gardens or contemporary plantings with lots of peastone. To continue the flow between your indoor rooms and outdoor rooms, use the colour of the interior walls on the exterior walls. If possible, use the same tile or stone for floors indoors and outdoors. Our Canadian winters restrict the materials we can use outdoors, so if you have to change to a different product outdoors, match the colour as closely a possible. As long as it is from the same palette, the shade can be slightly darker or lighter than indoors. Remember to take into consideration lighting and try your outdoor samples at various times of the day, as well as at night, with the artificial light. As we have already determined the architectural style of your home and gardens, remember when having garden structures, pergolas, arbours, even garden sheds or playhouses built, make sure they compliment your home in style and colour. The colours used in the gardens can also contribute to the indoor/outdoor flow. You have probably already chosen interior accent colours you like to create the feel or mood you wish to have in your home, so continuing those colours in your plant material selections, as well as outdoor furniture, rugs and accents will continue to tie your home and gardens together and therefore, continue the indoor/outdoor flow.

Don’t forget to add features such as a two way fireplace between indoors and outdoors, lighting for you outdoor living areas and pathways, as well as water features. Water features are an important part of gardens and outdoor rooms. Both the sight and sound of water is naturally soothing. The sound of moving water also helps minimize traffic and other noises. So add a waterfall and pond or pool, or, if space is limited, a fountain, remembering to choose something that suits the style and the size of your home and gardens. Once you have your ideas, dreams and desires in place to create a home and gardens with good indoor/outdoor flow, you are ready to get started. Whether you hire a landscape company or do it yourself, whether you do it all this year or complete it over the next few years, with the right planning and guidance, it will be a success!

Designing & Creating Outdoor Living Spaces, just for you

One of Calgary’s leading providers of landscaping and yard maintenance NEED A BACKYARD MAKEOVER? We do complete or partial garden make-overs, from one bed to a complete acreage. NEW SITE DEVELOPMENT We can complete your entire project from grading to trees, shrubs & perennial beds, decks, stonework etc. Urban or acreages.

OTHER SERVICES WE OFFER • Sod, supplied and installed • Stonework, Patios, Walls & Walkways • Organic lawn fertilizer • Deep root fertilizing of trees and shrubs • Maintenance Residential & Commercial CREATING CURB APPEAL

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new year new look

ProPer Pillow selection for a good night’s sleep


good night’s sleep can be one of the most important elements for maintaining good health and optimal functioning. There is no one best pillow for everyone. Alberta’s chiropractors offer these tips for selecting the pillow that’s right for you: » Choose a size of pillow suitable for your body size or frame. The pillow should cover the entire back of your neck to avoid putting pressure on your spine. » Try out the pillow. Most pillows are packaged in a plastic wrapper so you can lay it on a display bed in the store and put your head on it. This is the best way to find out if you are on the right track.

» A hypoallergenic pillow is a must if you suffer from allergies, but it is also a good choice for anyone. » Buckwheat filled pillows have become increasingly popular. Buckwheat is hypoallergenic, it will mold to the contours of your head and neck providing good support, but it will also change shape when you move. If you or your family experience pain and discomfort at night or have difficulty falling asleep, visit your chiropractor. Chiropractors are trained to treat spinal problems that can interfere with a restful night’s sleep. They can also offer nutritional and lifestyle advice that can help improve sleep quality. More information, including where to find a chiropractor near you, can be found at NC

Don’t Waste Your Space!

Get a custom designed wall bed or sofa wall bed for your home today!

Ph: 403.946.0002

Innovative Bed Systems 403-945-1882 3 99 East Lake Cres. Airdrie

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new Look new year


ConSignment by Sirkka Vandergraaf


ith a continued focus on spending wisely, the idea of consignment has increased in popularity. Whether looking to buy a couch, or update an entire living room suite, many Calgarians are looking to consignment stores for fresh, trendy, and durable furniture. Stocked with a variety of amazing options, a furniture consignment store may provide all you are looking for, from kitchen to bath. One such option is The Consignment Gallery, Calgary’s largest consignment home furnishing store. “You will be amazed when you walk into The Consignment Gallery. There’s a wonderful mix of contemporary pieces, traditional furniture, and accessories that provide something for everyone.” says owner Marvie Giordano. Beyond furniture, a consignment store also frequently carries an eclectic array of various goods, such as mirrors, tapestries and paintings, as well as a selection of funky accessories. Whether you are the consignor, purchaser, or both, with friendly staff to assist you in the process, you are sure to leave The Consignment Gallery feeling confident in your choice. So if you are looking for a new look for your home, make the consignment store first on your list. You won’t be disappointed. FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 41

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 41

1/18/12 5:14:03 PM

new year new look

Spray foam inSulation combats mould


f you worry about mould in your home and are trying to find solutions, you can take one simple step to help prevent it from happening. Mould is commonly found in houses that have poor wall insulation. As moisture builds up, the interior of the walls can slowly rot. This gives off a foul smell and reduces the overall stability and quality of a property. You may need to completely strip your walls to effectively repair them. Such a repair can be expensive, but in order to prevent this situation from occurring, you can choose an alternate kind of insulation for your home. Spray foam insulation, (like Icynene) is a good choice, especially for preventing mould. Unlike other insulation, spray foam protects your walls against moisture by forming an air barrier. Prevention of mould, dust, dust mites and other common airborne irritants will improve the quality of the air in your home and ultimately the investment value of your house. More information on this topic is available online at NC

42 home dĂŠcor and renovations feb - MAR 2012

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 42

1/18/12 5:14:13 PM

new Look new year

new beginnings in the

garden by jackie swartz


t is exciting to know that there will be new beginnings in the garden this spring and we welcome the returning sun and longer days. These new beginnings should be carefully planned whether you are dealing with a blank slate or an existing yard. We still have a few months ahead of us before the frost is out of the ground. Take advantage of these next few months to plan and design your landscaping. Landscaping a home is like putting icing on a cake. Dressing up your front and back yard will make your home look and feel complete while providing beautiful aesthetics. With so many interesting choices to choose from, starting a landscaping project may seem like an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be. Your landscaping venture can be as grand or simple as you want it to be; however, whatever the size and extent of your project, here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your ideal garden. Walk around your yard before you start and take some notes. Usually, our first impulse would be to jump right into a project, but start with a plan first. Starting with a plan will help you decide where things should go. Use the same analogy as measure twice and cut once. When you rush into an idea you may have regrets later or you may have forgotten about something important. I have seen yards where patios were installed in the wrong place not leaving adequate room for a children’s play area. And I have seen patios built too small so they do not have enough space to entertain. I have also seen patios installed in an area where it’s too hot from the sun. Consider the entire yard as part of your design and try and plan for an overall look and feel. This will make your landscaping flow together better. If you choose to tackle one area of your landscaping at a time without a good design plan in place, it may take you several years for you to actually complete the project. Before you begin, decide where all of the hardscaping will go. Once this is determined, the planting areas will be easier to decide where they should go. The hardscaping includes driveways, walkways, gazebos, decks, patios, children’s play areas, water features, sheds, hot tubs, cooking and entertaining areas. Once these areas are decided then they can be softened by using lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers. It’s not ideal to create one-dimensional planting against a house or a building because if your plants do not grow well one year then it will be obvious that they are in distress. You will be able to see right through the dead foliage. A better technique is to plant in layers creating a stepping-down method. This will produce a three-dimensional look. If one row of plants are not performing well one year then it’s not so noticeable. So often I see trees planted too close to the house. Large trees will outgrow their space eventually and may cause harm to your foundation, roof or nearby side walk and driveway. I like to take the square footage of the front or back yard and then compare it to the diameter of a mature tree. If the tree is going to encroach on your neighbour’s property or block your view or hide your house completely when it’s mature, then it is probably too big for that area. Check with your local nursery or garden center for the height and width of maturity of the tree that you would like to plant. Always remember that the roots of the trees are as wide as the height of the tree. 43

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 43

1/18/12 5:40:42 PM

new Look new year

New homes generally are not landscaped so it’s nice to be able to work with a clean slate, however; you may have an advantage if you are redoing an existing landscaped yard. Some existing yards will already have mature trees and shrubs. You can incorporate these into the new design. When you develop your design, you will want to have a focal point. For best results, you want the eye to travel to a specific point or destination. This can be accomplished with one or two visual elements that will capture the attention and make you pause for a second. A focal point can be achieved using an obelisk in the center of a rose garden or using a piece of garden art. A wall fountain could be a focal point in the center of a garden bed. You can mix and match things in your landscaping so things are not so boring. Don’t be scared to experiment and try avoiding using all the same colour. You landscaping should feel relaxing and inviting. You want to create

an atmosphere that is natural yet appealing. It’s okay to mix a few creative ideas together; however, you may want to be careful that you do not have too many design styles happening together. For example; you may not want to mix Japanese garden style with English country garden style together, but you could certainly mix Japanese garden style with contemporary garden style. When you are designing you want to make sure that you do not completely eliminate the yard. Some people want to concrete or brick the whole back yard so it becomes low maintenance. Adding greenery will bring life into the yard, and as long as you are choosing hardy plants and making sure that your plants have the proper soil, water and sunlight, they can be as low maintenance as a back yard covered completely in concrete. Keeping small amounts of lawn is okay. Lawn helps to cool the gardens on a hot day and provides a soothing feeling. Just remember how important it is to have a good-quality landscape design plan in place to begin with. You will save so much money and you can implement your landscaping in stages so it’s not so overwhelming and expensive. If you are not sure how to successfully create a landscape design plan, hire a professional designer. A professional designer will know how to put your dream project together for you. They will also know what plants to use for your conditions in your yard. They can also recommend materials to use that are suitable for your budget. If you have a great landscape design plan before you start you will reap the benefits of a beautifully landscaped yard without having to worry about future problems. jackie swartz Jackie swartz has a bachelor of Applied horticulture technology Degree from Olds College, and owns and operates Woodpecker Landscape Design Co. in Calgary, Ab. she specializes in the horticulture planning, design, and ongoing life of urban and residential environments. You can contact Jackie at or 403.249.4634

In business in Calgary since 1992

Oasis Pools & Spas Ltd. Oasis Pools & Spas Ltd.

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Oasis Pools & Spas Ltd.

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The Valor H4 Radiant Gas Fireplace

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he reputable Overhead Door Company, inventor of the original overhead garage door in 1921, understands Albertans’ desire for a garage door with architectural character, superb quality and durability, at the best cost available. With a full product range for residential, commercial, and industrial needs, and over 35 years of serving Southern Albertans, Overhead Door boasts of numerous solutions and options for every overhead door need. “We are a fully equipped company for anyone looking for overhead door needs,” says Angela Cornforth, sales and marketing representative, Overhead Door Company. The knowledgeable sales staff; skilled installers with years of experience, and

quality brand name product line, all combine to provide Albertan’s with a company that is proud to stand behind their name. “Customer satisfaction is what drives us to deliver a product we know has been rigorously tested for the highest standards in safety, security, and long-term, flawless performance for your home or business,” says Cornforth. For those searching for residential garage doors, Overhead Door offers specific customization for that unique stylish look, or a choice from nine residential garage door models and a variety of materials to choose from. Options include traditional steel, vinyl, aluminum and glass, carriage house wood doors, and EcoBuilt garage doors which use 100% recycled wood fiber, just to name a few. Currently popular is the wood-appearance fiberglass garage door, allowing you the beauty and character of the wood door without the maintenance. If you’re thinking to replace an older garage door, it’s important to know your dollar will be well spent, as upgrading your garage door will give you a 71.1% return on your investment, as the increased curb appeal enhances your home. Looking for a commercial or industrial door? No problem. The Overhead Door Company has a complete selection of performance and safety-tested commercial and industrial overhead doors, including sectional steel or aluminum doors, security grills, and fire-rated doors. Whatever the requirement for your project, we have an overhead door to suit the needs of your business. We sell solution-based products that balance aesthetics, performance, and budget. The Overhead Door Company also focuses on supplying automatic garage door openers that are powerful, quiet, durable, and designed for performance. Their full line of automatic openers features a variety of power levels and specifications to handle different garage door weights and sizes. Each opener also comes with built-in standard functions for the ultimate in safety, convenience, and power. Also available is a wide variety of additional garage door opener accessories. So go ahead. Indulge your sense of design with a garage door that sets your home apart with style, appearance, safety and comfort. For more information, go to The Overhead Garage Door website,


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Overhead Door Company of Calgary 403-262-7777

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do I need a permit? by vanessa gash One Of the mOst cOmmOn phOne inquiries we

receive here in residential plans examination is “Do I need a permit?” Generally speaking, if you are building something new or renovating something existing, the answer is yes. There are a few exceptions including household maintenance. » Building Permit not required – exterior landscaping, fences, replacing existing siding/cladding, shingles, kitchen cabinets, upgrading windows. » Building Permit required – new interior or exterior walls, new floors, new roof framing, moving or removing walls, structural changes, increasing/changing the size of existing window openings, decks over 0.6m above grade, 1.2m high retaining walls and detached garages. In some cases a development permit may also be required. Apply for all the appropriate permits BEFORE proceeding with any work. Often we start household projects with the intent to do one thing but end up doing something else. You might plan to replace your siding and upgrade your windows. During the process however, you might start thinking how much nicer your dining room would look with a bigger window. Maybe your contractor has suggested it could be done easily for a reasonable cost. Before you commit, stop and investigate what is required. For example, did you know that the Alberta Building Code restricts the amount of windows you can have on the side of your home as a measure to protect against the spread of residential fires? A window installed in one area might be an acceptable addition but in another area an expensive mistake. You could end up paying to install the window and remove it later if it isn’t allowed as per Building Code or City By-law requirements. Getting a permit is the best way to protect against this type of costly mistake. Sometimes the question that follows “Do I need a permit?” is “Why do I need one?” There are several good reasons that you may want to consider. » Safety – The Alberta Building Code (ABC) promotes public safety. Administered under the Safety Codes Act, Safety Code Officers are able to enforce the ABC as adopted regulation and in conjunction with municipal By-laws. » Codes change – The ABC is an evolving document that incorporates changes based upon ongoing building and construction research. Something acceptable 20 years ago may not be ok today. » Plans examination – To obtain your permit you must provide drawings of what you propose to do. You will be made aware of items you may have overlooked or not known. For example, structural changes usually require professional

involvement from a structural engineer. » Permit conditions – Every permit includes conditions to which you must adhere. It is important to read through all the conditions listed and understand what they mean. They can stipulate things you must do or that you are not allowed to do. If you have questions, call your plans examiner. Their name and phone number are listed on your permit. » Inspections – Provided you call inspections at the required intervals, inspections are included in your permit fees. Work must be inspected before it is covered or your inspector will be unable to determine if it has been completed correctly. If inspections are not called your permit will expire. If you are unsure about when to schedule them, call 311 and ask for inspections. » Liability – As a home owner you are legally responsible for your property and any permits to do work. Consider this scenario. You decide to develop your basement without any permits. Perhaps you aren’t aware that the room you are using as a bedroom does not have a window sufficient for egress. If a faulty electrical wire were to cause a fire, it is possible that your insurance company could refuse to honour your policy. Worse still, what if someone was unable to get to safety because of the undersized bedroom window? Everybody thinks this can’t happen to them but sadly it can and has. » Due diligence – Obtaining the appropriate permits ensures that to the best of your ability you have done your due diligence. The cost associated with obtaining a permit is very minimal when compared to the cost of construction. More importantly, can you put a price on the peace of mind, protection of you and your family that you receive? A residential plans examiner is always available to discuss any questions by calling 311. Additionally, brochures and requirement checklists are available for all types of development by visiting the City of Calgary website at Following the proper channels in order to build will protect your biggest investment and those most important to you.

vanessa gash, LEEd aP safety cOdes Officer - residential Building regulatiOns divisiOn develOpment and Building apprOvals

Vanessa Gash is a Residential Plans Examiner with the Building Regulations division at the City of Calgary. She is a graduate in architectural Engineering Technology from College of the north atlantic and spent a number of years with various architectural firms and homebuilders in Calgary.

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when our team becomes


With 24 years of excellence in home renovation, a proud Renomark Member, 4 Consumer Choice Awards, 2011 Sam Awards finalist and NOW a BBB Ethics Award. You can be sure we will service your renovation from concept to completion.




German made Kitchens


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Kitchens.indd 1

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5/18/11 9:17:39 AM

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planning is the secret to a successful renovation by JOE VACCARO Acting President, BILD IN THIS COLUMN, I’M GOING TO LET YOU IN ON AN INDUSTRY SECRET. EVEN

though we’re a long way from Fall – the renovation industry’s busiest season – there’s never been a better time to start looking for a contractor to finally tackle that renovation you’ve been putting off for a couple of years now. We’ve all been guilty of this – putting off the very important task of seeking out a reputable renovator until a mere few weeks prior to renovation season, only to find out that your city’s most sought-after contractor’s calendar is booked for the rest of the year. So why not make 2012 different? Much like a home purchase, major renovations require considerable prep work which involves some time-consuming elements such as obtaining permits or calculating budgets. In some instances, you may require the help of an architect to redesign your basement. In others – a building permit to add another floor to your detached home. These are all matters that need to be addressed in advance, and a professional contractor can be of tremendous help when it comes to planning your renovation in a timely fashion. A professional renovator can help you identify any legal actions required by your renovation, or recommend specialists such as architects or designers that will take care of the prep work in the early stages of your renovation, avoiding any delays. For this, of course, you will need to do your research and seek out a professional contractor, and February is a good time to start. Much like a trendy restaurant or a popular nightclub, a good renovator must be booked way in advance. Renovating your home is a big financial investment, so putting all that money into the hands of someone you called up the first week of September is a risky move. A good place to start your search is – home to the national RenoMark™ program and a database of professional renovators in 32 markets

across seven provinces. Now in its 11th year, RenoMark™ has rapidly grown to be a highly respected brand of professional renovators who abide by a national Code of Ethics, as well as a renovation-specific Code of Conduct. The latter specifies that the contractor will provide the homeowner with a detailed, written contract, offer a minimum two-year warranty, carry a minimum $2 million in liability insurance and hold all applicable licences and certificates. Simply visit to see if a Renomark™ program is administered in your geographical area, then use the “Find a Renovator” tool. Do your research by calling these renovators and requesting examples of past work, referrals or other ways they can demonstrate their professionalism and earn your business, such as recent awards or other recognitions. You can also take advantage of the program’s social media presence by seeking out the official Facebook page at facebook. com/renomark or twitter handle at When it comes to a renovation, planning ahead can mean the difference between a solid investment and an expensive mistake, but it all starts with planning ahead.

JOE VACCARO Joe Vaccaro is Acting President of the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). You can read more from Joe and BILD by visiting the Association’s official blog at 50

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Hand-crafted excellence. Experience the hand-crafted excellence of Prestige Railings & Stairs - an ISO certified, 23 time Consumers’ Choice Award winner, and a favourite of refined Calgary builders and homeowners for over 20 years!

Design your own custom railings at


Twenty Three - Time Consumer’s Choice Award winner.

2777 Hopewell Place N.E. Calgary Phone (403) 250-1020 Toll Free 1-800-382-8502




Renew Your




Kitchen Cabinets 1/3 the Cost of Refacing! 1/5 the Cost of Replacing!

403.457.6180 403.457.6180

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decoding the code by MichAel Nyikes


I received an email recently from a reader who was having a new concrete floor poured in his basement and was concerned about radon gas leaking in from the soil underneath.


I happen to know a lot about this particular subject as I have worked with the federal government on this very topic over the past number of years. Radon is a colourless, odourless and tasteless radioactive gas that is formed by the breakdown of uranium, a natural radioactive material found in soil, rock and groundwater. Radon escapes from the ground into the air and if entering an enclosed space such as a home can sometimes accumulate to high levels. With long-term exposure, it has the potential to cause serious illness and even lung cancer amongst those people exposed to it. According to an analysis of 9,000 Canadian homes in 2009, Health Canada noted that 93.1% of Alberta homes are below the nationally recognized limit of 200 Bq/m3. Homes that are above this level are typically located closer to the Rocky Mountains near uranium-rich substrates. This information is viewable at Due to these results, the 2010 National Building Code incorporated minimum radon gas mitigation requirements for all homes, which require a sealed air barrier (poly) below the concrete slab with a capped T pipe through the slab for future remediation efforts by homeowners if radon happens to be detected. As Alberta has not yet adopted the 2010 National Building Code via the release of the new Alberta Building Code (due out sometime in 2012), these requirements are not currently in effect in Alberta. Homeowners who want to be proactive can purchase an inexpensive radon detector through RONA or Home Depot and test for radon gas levels in their

home to determine if they want to take any further preventative measures such as the proposed 2010 National Building Code requirements. Health Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and other agencies are starting to provide more information on how to test for radon, how to remediate houses that have high radon levels and what areas of the country are most at risk. For more information, see the publication Radon: A Guide for Canadian Homeowners at http://www.cmhc-schl. Recently, a small research project funded by Health Canada and managed by CMHC, demonstrates remediation techniques using sub-slab depressurization that can effectively lower radon to concentrations below the guideline. For more information, see the publication Fixing Houses with High Radon at pdf/66063.pdf. Future Decoding the Code columns will continue to answer readers’ questions about how the provincial building code affects their upcoming projects. Email your questions to me at Be sure to include which city you live in, as well as your phone number in case I need to follow up with you.

MichAel Nyikes B.coM., M.Arch., A.T., M.B.A., PhD.

Michael is a nationally recognized speaker, columnist, and leading industry expert on building codes, residential construction, building envelope science, and environmental design. He can be reached at

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  Chris Grima Senior Design Consultant Superior Cabinets I would like to improve the configuration of my kitchen, how would you recommend accomplishing this? The best way to design your space to make it more functional is to create 5 key zones within your kitchen. These zones would consist of Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparation and Cooking. The "Consumable" zone would be around your fridge and pantry, where food items would be stored. The "Non-consumables" zone would be where you would store your dishes and cutlery, ideally near your dining area. The “Cleaning” zone would house your sink, dishwasher and cleaning products. This zone should be near your preparation zone. As for the "Preparation" zone this would be where your knives, cutting boards, bowls, spices and any other items you would require for food preparation are stored. Lastly the area around your stove would be the "cooking" zone. This zone should be in close proximity to the “Preparation” zone and will include storage for cookware, oils and utensils. Dividing your kitchen in this manner will allow for better organization, easier flow and improved functionality while you are working in your kitchen. How do I best utilize the space in my kitchen? This could be accomplished by installing taller upper cabinets that extend to the ceiling which would give you increased interior storage space. Replacing your bottom cabinets with drawers will help you keep the space organized and allow you easier access to your kitchenware. Corners have always been a difficult area to access in the past, however we now have several different options like corner drawers and magic corner units to better Corner Drawers utilize this space. What other areas of my home are you able to provide cabinetry for? Apart from Kitchens, we can also assist you with the design and installation of your Vanities, Office Cabinetry, Entertainment Units, Laundry Rooms, Closets and Mudroom Lockers. We have many aesthetic and organizational solutions available and combined with expertise in design and custom capabilities, we are able to create fully functional and visually pleasing spaces throughout your home.

Jasmine Larre, DID Senior Design Consultant Superior Cabinets We are Renovating our kitchen and want to gain the best flow but cannot change the footprint of our existing kitchen. What do you recommend? Sometimes only minor changes are needed to achieve a dramatic result. The trend in renovations is "expanded functionality" to transform the character of the kitchen. Many times we are not able to remove walls, move appliances or sinks, and we have to work around the existing layout, but improve the function to reflect the current owners needs. You can achieve a fully functional space by utilizing unused space to its fullest potential. If you don’t have room for an island, an angled peninsula can achieve the additional counter space you require. Use as much wall space as possible for cabinetry by extending your upper cabinets to the ceiling. Drawers and roll out shelves give you the greatest amount of storage as well as easy access to stored items. What are the most important things to consider to achieve a beautiful, fully functional kitchen to suite our day to day needs? The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, but now more so than ever before. You want your kitchen to flow visually with the rest of your home, but make sure you consider your lifestyle. Do you need a space specific to Entertaining, or are you a young family on the go and quality time is spent in the kitchen together? Are you Empty nesters with more space than you need. There so many different activities that people use their kitchen space for and we must cater our design to best suit the needs of the end user. If you entertain a lot, we will try to work in additional fridge storage - outside the working area so guests may help themselves. If you are a young family with school aged kids, we want to allow your kids to be apart of the working kitchen, by placing dishes in drawers. It allows them to help unload the dishwasher and set the table. Most families have limited amount of time together and properly planning the functionality of your kitchen to accommodate your lifestyle is a great way to work together and spend time together.

 

               


Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 53

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* We offer: • Free estimates and consultations • Innovative design solutions • Supreme craftsmanship and enduring quality • Satisfaction guaranteed Extensive warranties: • 2 year workmanship and materials, mechanical • 5 year against structural defects • $25,000 deposit security • Up to $200,000 total warranty Call for references

*Part of the Assured Group of Companies, building quality homes in Alberta for over 20 years.

403.282.7120 ext. 210 W I N D OW S • D O O R S • S I D I N G • S U N R O O M S • PA T I O C OV E R S • P R O F I L E C L A D D I N G

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Visit our showroom #3, 1430 40th Ave. NE CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Saturdays by appointment



1953 2012


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Ready, set

PHOTO! by Laura Le


real estate market is pretty good right now for both sellers and buyers. Perhaps you have hired a professional stager to come in and give you suggestions about what you need to do to prepare for the sale of the largest investment most of us ever make. They have assisted you in editing some of your possessions, placed the furniture and artwork in the appropriate places and told you to clean, clean, clean. Each room must be clearly defined. I have seen properties where the dining room was set up as a home gym and many houses that the living room is completely empty because they

never got around to buying furniture. Every room needs to be what it is designed to be! It is also very important to put furniture in a vacant property as it gives perspective to the space and makes it more welcoming. A vacant property can feel cold and unfriendly. It is also very difficult to photograph an empty space and not have it come across distorted. Everything is beautiful and now it is time to put the photographs of the property on a website that will bring perspective buyers rushing to see your house. The photos you post online are more important now than they have ever been. I recommend standing in each corner of the room and

56 home dĂŠcor and renovations feb - mar 2012

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 56

1/18/12 5:16:00 PM

eaCh rOOm mUSt Be CLearLY DeFineD. i have Seen PrOPertieS Where the DininG rOOm WaS Set UP aS a hOme GYm... everY rOOm neeDS tO Be What it iS DeSiGneD tO Be! looking with a very critical eye. Shoes, handbags and backpacks need to be stored so there is no question of having enough storage. Same goes in the kitchen; dishes, the knife block set, the container filled with spatulas and wooden spoons and small appliances not used daily stored in the pantry or cupboards. Are you ready for the camera? Make sure all the lights and lamps are turned on and the closet and pantry doors are closed and the front door too. When you hold up the camera make sure you are looking at the foreground. Is the back of the sofa what you are looking at on the bottom of the picture? You know the black box there is the sofa but are the buyers going

FEB - MAR 2012 home dĂŠcor and renovations 57

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 57

1/18/12 5:16:01 PM


to get that? A great rule of thumb is to stand in the every corner of the room and take the photo. Remember to focus on the architectural features of the space. Get a picture of the entire fireplace or built in bookcase not just the bottom. Also try to take photos of the transition between the rooms. This allows potential buyers to see the “flow” of one room to the next. Personally, I do not like photographs taken with the wideangle lens as they always distort the space and make it look much larger. It also distorts the furniture in the room so from one angle it looks like a sofa is in front of the fireplace but it is actually a chair. Two photos taken of the same room but from different angles can be completely different and the furniture almost unrecognizable and very confusing. Take lots and lots of photographs at different times of the day to see which ones have the best light. If taking photos is completely outside of your comfort zone and you don’t have a friend that has a “good eye” please consider hiring

a professional photographer because the photos of your property online are extremely important. They must convince the buyer to visit your property instead of the comparable property in your neighbourhood.

Laura Le Creative enhanCement inC. Laura Le has owned Creative enhancement for about 7 years. Laura completed courses with accredited Staging Professionals(aSP), Canadian Staging. Professionals(CSP) and Canadian reDesign association (CrDa). Creative enhancement has been a member of the BBB since 2005. phone 403 807 8591 email

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1/18/12 5:16:03 PM


Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 59

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Investor alert!

Furnishing your executive rental property by mickey foulds

There are many properTy invesTors who have

discovered the lucrative advantages of owning a furnished rental property, as there are many executives in this dynamic city who do not live here, but rather fly in and out as needed and keep a furnished rental apartment as “home away from home”, or others who are in transition and need a temporary home while they purchase a new one. To create one of these you first need the right type of property – close to business or industrial centres, secure if they are to be used intermittently, relatively low maintenance

and having easy access to local shopping and restaurants as well as green space and recreational facilities. Available parking, preferably undercover, is also extremely important. At Metamorphosis Design we give careful thought to the needs of these unique clients, and when commissioned to furnish one of these properties we make it a priority to strike a fine balance between providing the best quality furnishings and accessories possible as well as creating a sense of home, while also being astute with available budgets and making pragmatic choices. After all, the intention is to make money, not spend it!

60 home décor and renovations feb - mar 2012

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 60

1/18/12 5:16:07 PM

At MetAMorphosis Design, when coMMissioneD to furnish one of these properties we MAke it A priority to strike A fine bAlAnce between proviDing the best quAlity furnishings AnD Accessories possible while Also being Astute with AvAilAble buDgets AnD MAking prAgMAtic choices. After All, the intention is to MAke Money, not spenD it!

First and foremost, a great mattress with quality bedding is the single most important purchase. We all know how wonderful it is when travelling to stay at hotels with crisp cotton sheets, ample fluffy pillows and a supportive mattress. For hygienic purposes these should come with mattress and pillow protectors, as well as a spare set of sheets. Two pillows should be provided per person in differing firmness, and there should be a spare blanket in the closet. Duvets are preferable to comforters as they are easier to launder. Pure cotton percale sheets and pillowcases with a thread count of about 400 are

perfect. Resist the temptation to add throw pillows on the bed – they are not necessary and can be expensive to dry-clean between tenants. Headboards should be easy to sanitise – leather, microfiber or wood are preferable. The bed itself should be at least a queen size for comfort. Place nightstands with lamps on either side of the bed – lamps should be sized so that when sitting on the bed the base of the shade is at shoulder height. Add a clock radio to the nightstand. The living room should have at least a comfortable sofa FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 61

Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 61

1/18/12 5:16:08 PM

and chair, with a coffee table and side table. A table lamp and standing lamp provide pleasant lighting, and a throw and a few pillows (with removable & washable covers) add style. If you decide upon fabric sofas and chairs (cosier than leather which is easier to clean however), remember to Scotchguard them. A flat screen TV is essential, and a DVD player a nice touch. If there is space for a dining table, add at least four chairs. Alternatively there should be stools at the kitchen countertop. Also try to provide a small desk or table with a chair that can accommodate a laptop. Supply quality towels to each bathroom, as well as the basics such as a soap dispenser, tumbler, wastebin and toilet brush. The kitchen should be well equipped with dishes and glassware for at least four people. Ensure that the cutlery is of good quality (cheap forks and spoons tend to have sharp edges). Cookware, baking ware and oven ware can often be purchased in sets which are more economical. A coffeemaker, kettle, toaster, blender and hand mixer are sufficient when considering small appliances. Don’t forget the corkscrew and wine glasses! When it comes to the laundry supply a stable ironing board and iron, plenty of hangers and a laundry basket. Cleaning items should include a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop and bucket as well as a dustpan and brush, and a supply of cleaning cloths and some starter products (detergent for the washing machine and dishes, scouring pads, general spray cleaner, garbage bags). To create a sense of home add some accessories and art – not too flowery as many tenants are single men. Abstract art is ideal as you can relate it to your colour scheme and it is not too specific. Keep the décor as gender neutral as possible. Add a pot with sticks to an empty corner and a rug if the floor is bare. Keep accessories such as sculptural pieces large and easy to clean – avoid using a proliferation of little

fussy pieces…….and go easy on the silk flowers and foliage! For inspiration look at Urban Barn – their inventory strikes the perfect balance between home comfort and urban chic, with acceptable quality at a reasonable price. Finally, add a few staples such as tea and coffee, salt and pepper and sugar for convenience…..and a bottle of wine to welcome your tenants to their new temporary home!

mickey foulds Msc ciD crss Metamorphosis Design ltd. phone 403.651.3462 email

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The quality you expect

from a builder you already trust. We’re ready for our debut...

Urban Renovations 403-692-1223 Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 63


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country LIVING


my n inspiratio


b y S A R A DU C K

Our managing editor dishes what’s on her wish list this month 3














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North Showroom 2790 32 AVE NE, Calgary South Showroom 4812 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary


Easily applies over stucco, parging, wood or brick.

Renovate the exterior or interior of your home for less....

Stone veneer panels

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Shell BuSey: aSk a pro

How to choose the

proper furnace by Shell BuSey

almoSt 2 yearS ago a new

national minimum energy performance standard for residential gas furnaces was introduced. This standard applies to virtually all gas furnaces sold in Canada and requires a minimum fuel efficiency level of 90%. This level of efficiency is achieved by using well-established “condensing technology”, where the products of combustion are vented through a plastic pipe, most commonly routed through a sidewall. The implementation of this standard is part of Canada’s ongoing efforts to address climate change and improve the environment. Energy efficient furnaces are also cost-effective for consumers. The installation of a condensing gas furnace (minimum 90% efficiency) will result in a fuel consumption and cost reduction of about 12% when compared to furnaces at the current standard. The dollar amount will depend on the house size and heat loss. The first-time installation of a high efficiency gas furnace typically requires changes to the venting system. In some cases, hot water heater venting alterations may be necessary as well. There may be some situations, however, where through-wall venting can be more complex. Examples include narrow, attached houses with front and rear obstructions, closely spaced doorways and large windows or fullwidth porches and/or decks. If your house is narrow and attached to neighbouring dwellings (on both sides), and your current gas furnace is more than 15 years old, you should consider consulting with a licensed heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) professional who will assess your specific situation and recommend solutions for your home. 66 home décor and renovations feb - mar 2012

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Choose the Right size In addition to the savings on your gas bill, you may be eligible for Provincial (Climate Change Central) or Federal (ecoENERGY Retrofit Program) grants when upgrading your furnace. When considering adding or replacing air conditioning or heating to your home, insist that the installing contractor “sizes” the system properly. A qualified contractor will not recommend equipment size based solely on the size of your home or assume that your existing equipment was sized properly in the first place. Be sure to also tell your contractor if you plan to renovate in the near future. Changing windows, upgrading insulation levels, finishing the basement, airsealing or a new addition will impact the sizing calculation for any new system. To complete the design load calculation, the contractor will need to take measurements during the initial visit to your home and ask some questions. They also take into account: » Local climate conditions » size and number of windows that let in heat from the sun » existing insulation levels of the home » Number and lifestyle of your home’s occupants » Predicted or known air exchange rate of home There is only one correct size of equipment for your home. Not only will a unit that is too big turn on and off more often, which is annoying but over-sizing equipment can result in increased fuel consumption and higher operating costs which is inefficient and can contribute to premature part failure, higher noise levels and reduced comfort (hot or cold spots within the home). You need just the right size! Undersizing of equipment will also cause severe comfort problems. Ideally, the equipment should be designed within plus or minus 10% of the required size. So hire a contractor that has the appropriate skills to perform a “heat loss and heat gain calculation” based on professional guidelines, to calculate

the proper size of heating and cooling equipment that your home requires. A good estimate will take several hours. Do not agree to a simple “rule of thumb” calculation (e.g., an amount of BTUs based simply on the square foot size of the home). Be sure to request a ‘heat loss and heat gain calculation’ as part of your purchase process. When a contractor completes the heat loss and heat-gain calculation and determines your needs, be sure to purchase the right equipment, and not stock that the contractor happens to have sitting on the truck or back at the shop. High efficient furnaces, with an efficiency rating of 90% and above, are my preferred option. For more home improvement information contact Shell Busey’s houseSmart home Services. go to

Shell BuSey For more home improvement information, or to sign-up for Shell’s FREE online HouseSmart E-newsletter visit FEB - MAR 2012 home décor and renovations 67

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LYNN DONALDSON & ASSOCIATES ___________________ 49

ALBI RENOVA _________________________________________ 3


ASSURED DEVELOPMENTS LTD. ______________________ 49


BALI & BEYOND ______________________________________ 23

OASIS POOLS & SPAS ________________________________ 43

BATE DEVELOPMENT ________________________________ 70

OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY _________________________ 47

CABINET SOLUTIONS_________________________________ 13

PINNACLE GROUP ___________________________________ 15

CARDEL RENOS ______________________________________ 55

POLAR STORM & SCREEN DOORS _____________________ 70

CARSHACKS GARAGE BUILDERS ______________________ 40

PRESTIGE GRANITE & STONE __________________________ 5

CEDARGLEN URBAN RENOVATIONS ___________________ 63

PRESTIGE RAILINGS & STAIRS LTD ___________________ 51


RUSCO INDUSTRIES _________________________________ 49

CONSIGNMENT GALLERY _____________________________ 41


DANNBURG FLOOR COVERINGS ______________________ 14

SIGNATURE ROOF TILE LTD. ___________________________ 24

DYNAMO DÉCOR _____________________________________ 70

SIGNATURE STAIRS __________________________________ 40

FOUR SEASONS SUNROOMS _________________________ 37

SOHO DEVELOPMENTS _______________________________ 70

FRAME YOUR MIRROR ________________________________ 37

SPINDLE, STAIRS & RAILING LTD ___________________ OBC

ESCAPE INC. _________________________________________ 39

SUPERIOR CABINETS LTD. ____________________________ 53

EURO KITCHENS _____________________________________ 49

SUPPLY INSTALL SERVICES ___________________________ 19

EVERYTHING EXTERIOR ______________________________ 65

THE DESIGN STUDIO INC. _____________________________ 23


TRADEMARK RENOVATIONS _________________________ IBC

FLOORS “R” US ______________________________________ 17

ULTIMATE RENOVATIONS ___________________________ IFC

INFINITY GARDENS ___________________________________ 43

UNICRETE PRODUCTS ________________________________ 25

INNOVATIVE BED SYSTEMS ___________________________ 40

VALOR GAS FIREPLACES ______________________________ 45

INTERIORS WITH ELEGANCE __________________________ 12

WICKER LAND PATIO _________________________________ 37

KAYU CANADA INC ___________________________________ 30

CALGARY HOME & GARDEN SHOW ___________________ 59

KURMAK BUILDERS ___________________________________ 7

ZEN LIVING __________________________________________ 65


Visit for helpful tips to improve your home including: renovation trends, new products, maintenance and repairs, do-it-yourself tips and grants and rebates for energy upgrades.

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Spindle, StairS and railingS


Spindle, StairS & railingS Step into Beautiful


algarians looking to beautify the appearance of their home will find innovation and expertise at aesthetic specialist, Spindles, Stairs, and Railings. SSR started with one contract in the parking lot of a Home Depot eleven years ago, and is now an industry leader with over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and 130 employees in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon; they also supply many major stores and builders. Quality workmanship, creativity, and revolutionizing the building industry are all part of SSR’s success. Visionary Kevin Halliday, owner, Spindles, Stairs, and Railings, continues to be energized and inspired by presenting clients with stunning originality and craftsmanship. “I enjoy providing clients with the ‘wow factor’ in a completed quality project, pushing the boundaries of creativity to benefit the customer,” says Halliday, who has created a unique onestop-shop for Calgarian consumers. SSR maintains all their own in-house trades and controls all aspects of the process; manufacturing, supply, install, and

finishing. “We are the only company in North America to be fully integrated, so we can pass the savings of up to 50% to our customers, that’s our SSR advantage,” says Halliday. Another aspect of the SSR advantage is standardized customization of multiple products such as built-ins, lockers, fire-place mantels, and deacon’s benches – all made with fine hard woods chosen by the consumer. Clients can order pre-assembled kits to install themselves, or hire SSR to do the installing. As well, Calgarians desiring unique products made from iron or wood can go to SSR for supply and manufacturing, saving considerable costs in doing so. For example, fine solid woods such as eightquarter walnut costs $2.65 per board foot at SSR, “a savings of over 65% from other suppliers,” says Halliday. SSR’s lean and efficient manufacturing engine continues the attraction of increased savings for builders and stores. Many major Calgarian builders trust SSR because of their excellent skilled tradesmen and quick build time, typically two days less than industry standard, again providing savings for the builders. SSR’s excellence in industry has also been recognized with numerous awards such as, Alberta Chamber of Commerce’s Marketing Award of Distinction for 2009, SAM Award for Supplier of Choice in 2008, Alberta Venture’s Fastest Growing Company Top Ten in 2008, and Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2008. Confident SSR also backs all their products with a life-time warranty. Some of the skilled tradesmen at SSR have even been trained on-site at SSR’s apprenticeship school, where students get paid to learn the trade. Halliday’s purpose in originating the school, “to get more people into the industry,” has met its goal. “We love to see people be successful at what they do, and then continue making a living doing what they enjoy,” says Halliday. At present, training typically takes six months to a year. As SSR continues to renovate the building industry, Calgarians can expect more excellence, inventiveness, and cost savings.

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COLD AS THE ARCTIC IN THE WINTER? Discover In'Flector® Today!

The See Through Radiant Barrier Window Insulator

Your complete home renovation and improvement professionals

From conception to cleanup! Doing it right the first time!


in the room and absorb sunlight, providing extra heat in the winter.

Save up to 40% on heating costs!

Licenced  Bonded  Insured (403) 829-9730 Calgary & Area

Polarized Inflector Window Insulators 615 Manitou Road SE, Calgary AB 403 243 4646 A BOLD INITIATIVE IN REDUCING GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS

For more information

New customabout cabinetthe & millwork now open! Huntershop Douglas

EnergySmart Manufacturer’s Rebate please contact Judy

• Master Renovators • Complete Renovations from Foundation to Roof • New Home Servicing 30 YEARS IN SOUTHERN ALBERTA • Condominium Maintenance • Custom Millwork & Finishing • Licensed, Insured, Bonded, W.C.B.



Hunter Douglas EnergySmart



• Water Ingression

652-3249 680-9358

• Faulty Building Envelopes • Moisture Control

Manufacturer’s Rebate

Consulting Customizing

• Master Renovators

- Complete Renovations from Foundation to Roof

• Custom Cabinets & Finishing • Licensed & Insured


Visit us at: w w w.b at ed evelo pm e nt s . c om PH/FAX: (403)


MOBILE: (403)



! ! !

• Custom homes • Renovations • Custom cabinets • Custom millwork SoHo Developments is a licensed general contractor specializing in custom home building, full service renovations and custom millwork. We manufacture custom kitchen cabinets, vanities and other project related millwork in our own millwork shop.

a a


to reserve space please call 403.250.9110

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Make no compromises‌

Quality, Transparency, Value

Winners Again!

Thank you Calgary for selecting Trademark Renovations once again as the recipient of the coveted to reserve space please call Consumer Choice Award for 2012. 403.250.9110 Of all awards that we have won, the Consumer Choice is extra special to us because it is you the consumer who made it happen. We are very honored and continue to strive to exceed your expectations. Thank you once again! Bonded


*On renovation projects $100,000 and up, we will match and better a recognized competitor’s quote by 10%. At Trademark Renovations, we are constantly reviewing and negotiating preferred pricing arrangements with our supplier & trade partners to get you the best value for your money. We are so confident about our pricing that we guarantee you the lowest price for your overall renovation project while delivering our unsurpassed level of quality, service and transparency.

(403) 277-5600 TERMS & CONDITIONS: This Best Price Guarantee applies to projects based on identical scopes of work, specifications, products, levels of finish, service, and quality. Best Price Guarantee applies to overall total project price and not the individual components contained therein. All recognized competitor quotes are subject to verification by Trademark before honoring this offer. Trademark will not accept screenshots or other purported evidence of a lower price that cannot be independently confirmed by Trademark personnel. Nor will Trademark verify any request that it believes, in its sole discretion, is the result of a printing or other error or is made fraudulently or in bad faith. All original documents from recognized competitor quotes must be presented to Trademark prior to verification, execution of any contract or commencement of work. This Price Guarantee excludes insurance claims, free offers, gifts with purchase, gift cards, gift certificates, rebates, clearance or close-out prices, credit or financing programs, used, damaged, or display merchandise or products. Discount applied before taxes and environmental stewardship fees or other levies, if applicable. This price guarantee cannot be combined with any other offer. Trademark reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify or discontinue the Best Price Guarantee or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you. The failure by Trademark to enforce any provision of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.

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Before SSR

After SSR

Have Calgary’s #1 Stair & Railing company renovate your stairs today! Cal Reno 01-2012.indd 72

Calgary showroom 6423 - 30th Street SE (403) 294-0555 1-866-936-0555

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