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Travel this Summer 2. Back Seat Car Organizer – If you are traveling a long distance by car, you’ll

want to make it as easy as possible for your kids to help themselves. Fabulous features include game tabletop with flip up-sides, insulated sides to keep food chilled, it fastens to the seat belt and comes with a strap for portability!

Go to: and search the item name above.

3. Family First Aid Kit – This kit is ideal for family holidays, and is well equipped to treat most common injuries. Or save yourself a few bucks and create a custom safety bag to suit your needs with items from home. Go to: and search under product / safety.

Sylvia Daoust, owner of Niche Designs Inc., specializes in custom storage design for small spaces. She is a member of the POC, sitting on the National Conference Committee. Join her blog, where smart solutions transform challenging spaces every week! Follow Sylvia on and Twitter @SylviaDaoust. Scan to win a “Small Space Makeover” and visit for details on services.


hhh…summer vacation is finally here, and the perfect adventure awaits. A little pre-planning, coupled with creative packing ideas for your car, RV or suitcase can help make this vacation go off without a hitch. Spend this precious time having fun, not searching for essentials!

4. GRID-IT Accessory Organizer – Hold your “little” items in place with this

elastic strap system. Kill the clutter inside your bag and use this organizer with back pocket to store chargers, cords, headphones, make-up or first-aid supplies! Go to: and search GRID-IT.

5. Waterproof Pouch – Keep your camera or iPhone safe from sand and water

while you are at the beach. Submergible and waterproof, this floating pouch is ideal for protecting your expensive gadgets this summer.

Go to: and search the item name above.

6. Lunch Pak Carrier – keep snacks chilled with this multi compartment

container, complete with a non-toxic ice pack that hides in the lid! Go to: and search the item name above.

7. Purse Essentials – Stay organized on the go this summer with this set of four zippered pouches that clip together. This will prevent you from losing your everyday essentials as you switch purses and backpacks. Go to: and search the item name above.

8. Pack-It Tube Cubes – Use these handy little tubes to organize everything

from socks and t-shirts to sunscreen and bug sprays. You’ll love the different colours and sizes, and the fact that they are breathable and fast drying. No more rooting around the backpack or suitcase, just grab and go!

Go to: and search the item name above.

9. 2-sided Cord Pouch – If you’re taking an adventure this summer with your

Solutions for the stuff that can

family, you’ll want to keep all of your camera cords in this “tech tamer” pouch. This fantastic little wonder can store up to 10 cords tangle-free in an easy-viewing labeled pouch!

get out of hand:

Go to: and search the item name above.

1. Travel Cord Organizer & Charging Case – If you have kids,

10. Pack Me Note Pads – If your summer is jam-packed with many “minivacays,” you may want a pack these checklist sheets to get you on your way, on time, and with a little less stress!

Check out these Top 10 Storage

you have electronics and a mess of cords, chargers and adapters! Check out Kangaroom’s sensible and neat, all-in-one travel case to make your expedition easier! Go to: and search the item name above.

Go to: and click on Pack Me.

Don’t forget to make arrangements with a trusted friend to check on your home periodically. Leave your contact information should they need to get in touch with you. Now that you have spent time pre-planning and managed to pack smart, you can sit back and enjoy a well-deserved vacation, without unnecessary stress.

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