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Furniture AUG./SEPT. 2022 $4.95 PRODUCT SHOWCASE: HOME INSPIRATION Sustainable planet-friendly Silestone surfaces by Cosentino, see page 24 COLOURCONNECTION THE Canada’s HOME IDEA BOOK & TOTRENDSWATCH FOR THIS FALL DESIGN | WINNIPEG EDITION

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Our culture is built around innovation, quality products, proven performance, reliability, and extraordinary service. We focus on the individual needs of our customers, and stand behind every product, every step of the way. Call 1-800-263-6161 or visit to learn more. Marvin Canada takes pride in making a difference in the lives of Canadian home owners. In fact, we've provided over a million windows and doors for homes and businesses in Canada over the last 36 years.


It’s the best renovation decision you can make. For over 80 years, members of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association have upheld their commitment to quality, service and professionalism, keeping Manitobans among the best-housed people in the world. For your peace of mind, make the smart move – contact a MHBA RENOVATOR member for your next renovation! MHBA MEMBERS are affiliated with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.


Ph. (204) THIS ISSUE’S PARTICIPATING MEMBERS: FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF MEMBER CONTRACTORS CALL (204) 925-2560 OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.HOMEBUILDERS.MB.CA AssociationHomeCanadianBuilders’ Ph. (204) 781-9383 Fax. (204) 253-4091 Ph. (204) www.mcmunnandyates.com940-4040 transform your space FLOORING at McMunn & Yates Building Supplies Taiga’s Easystreet vinyl plank floors have never been so easy or affordable. Priced to fit any budget, even the least experienced homeowner can quickly and confidently install Easystreet. FEATURES • Patented Välinge Glueless Click System • 20-Year Residential Warranty • 3-Year Light Commercial Warranty • Installs Over Cement, Plywood, or Existing Vinyl • Waterproof embossed 600 Pembina Hwy. (204) 940-4040 2366 McPhillips St. (204) 940-4043 200 Meadowood Dr. (204) 940-4042 FOUR LOCATIONS IN WINNIPEG Make it BetterTM Ph. (204) www.ican-construction.com799-5029 Inc. Ph. (204) www.floform.com474-2334 Ph. (204) www.harwoodbuilders.com293-3151 CERTIFIED MASTER RENOVATOR Ph. (204) www.starbuildingmaterials.ca233-8687 Ph. (204) info@characterhomesltd.ca237-4294 Ph. (204) www.grindstonerenovations.com894-1446Ph. (204) www.oswaldconstruction.cawww.rempelbuilders.com227-4662Ph.(204)509-7574www.dashbuilders.netPh.(204)895-0265Fax.(204)832-6335 Ph. (204) www.jtlconstruction.cajeff@jtlconstruction.ca292-8782 Ph. (204) Trevor.Kidd@alairhomes.comwww.hammerdown.ca793-0500Ph.(204) (204) www.allcanadianrenovations.ca779-6900


More Sustainable. More Silestone®. Changing the World New Silestone® With HybriQ+ Technology® From the Kitchen®

FEATURES 19 HOME FINDS Design ideas and products to love this season 24 COVER STORY Sustainable Silestone 26 INSPIRING INTERIORS Living in colour 30 INSPIRING INTERIORS A dreamy nursery comes to life 32 STYLE CRUSH Fourteen ways to incorporate the colour green into your home 35 HOME INSPIRATION Eight design experts share their top tips for bringing colour into your home 42 AT HOME The best seat in the house 44 TREND EXPERT Fall furniture and design trends to watch for 52 ST. JAMES RENO Character meets contemporary 58 DESIGN MEETS FUNCTION A quiet colour palette and smart storage 60 GOOD DESIGN Interior design trends 64 MONEY MATTERS Do you stay or do you go? RENOVATION 14 INDUSTRY VOICE Energy advisor training program launched in Manitoba 16 EXPERT ADVICE Advice from renovators 51 GETTING STARTED Beware of the cash deal 56 DESIGN IN DETAIL Bathroom transformation 62 PROJECT PLANNING Product selection and installation for professional results 66 IN THE KNOW Who’s who in renovation DEPARTMENTS 10 FROM THE EDITOR Innovation WHERE TO FIND IT 48 Product Showcase 65 Advertiser Index contents august | september 2022 26 44 52 RENO + DECOR | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 20228


Integrity and quality are built in. A better experience and a better renovation—from end-to-end. Our vision is to create spaces crafted to punctuate who you are and how you want to live today while adapting to where you are going. Make Hammerdown a part of your journey.


nnovation is synonymous with change, transformation and metamorphosis. Nowhere is innovation more apparent than in the home. Walking into a new show home equipped with all the bells and whistles can be quite a shock to the system, if you are currently living in an older home. Years of innovation has provided homes with all sorts of beneficial attributes. Think green for a moment. Numerous changes have been made with heating and cooling systems, insulation, windows, plumbing, and the list goes on. Homes are now much more efficient, which means that homeowners are able to leave a much smaller environmental footprint. Innovations in home entertainment, lighting and security means that you can control almost anything in your home from anywhere in your home, or from the other side of the globe! Another significant innovation has to do with the floor plan. Compartmentalized floor plans from past eras have been replaced with open concept designs, which are both pleasing to the eye and more conducive to socializing with your friends and family.Inthe past, the number of products available for home construction and design was quite limited. Now, the choice is almost limitless! This allows homeowners to build exactly the way they want and to express their personality and creativity in a very precise and unique manner. Does all of this innovation exclude older homes? Far from it! The products and methods that are being used in new construction can also be infused into older homes. Here in Manitoba, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many renovators, designers and suppliers who have the experience and expertise to transform older homes into updated dwellings, with all the bells and whistles.Enjoyyour summer and happy renovating! Merlyn Minty editor, Winnipeg

from the local editor 10 RENO + DECOR | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2022

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Buildings, including our homes, account for 12% of emissions,helpemissions.greenhouseCanada’sgasToreducethesethefederal government has recently launched a green retrofit grant program to assist homeowners to improve the efficiency of their homes. The Canada Greener Homes Grant has been introduced to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient, create new jobs across Canada for Energy Advisors, grow Canada’s domestic green supply chains, and help fight climate change. Last month the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) introduced the Canada Greener Homes Loan program, providing interest free loans to help fund homeowner energy improving retrofits. And Manitoba could soon be adopting newer versions of the building code that may require energy rating audits. These measures will mean that Manitoba will have an increasing demand for Energy Advisors. Energy Advisors (EAs) are specialists in rating home energy efficiency and provide guidance to homeowners who are interested in improving their home’s efficiency. EAs are registered by National Resources Canada (NRCan) to deliver EnerGuide Rating Systems (ERS) for new or existing homes. In short, an Energy Advisor is a third-party consultant who works closely with builders, renovators and homeowners to improve and measure the energy efficiency of a home and help reduce energy consumption through better practices and using energy-efficient technology. It is estimated that Manitoba has a demand for approximately 80 Energy Advisors over the next 2-7 years and beyond. To meet this demand, Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA), in collaboration with Red River College Polytechnic and supporting partners including Efficiency Manitoba, Prairie House Performance Inc., Sustainable Buildings Manitoba, Manitoba Construction Sector Council, and Manitoba Home Builders’ Association, created the Registered Energy Advisor Training program. This part-time micro-credential training program delivered by Red River College Polytech provides a Made-in-Manitoba curriculum that is the first of its kind for post-secondary institutions. The first course for Registered Energy Advisor training was launched in September 2021 with 30 students enrolled. Funding from NRCan and partnerships from aligning organizations will help build capacity for Energy Advisor training in Manitoba over the next 3 years. Additionally, with funding provided to this program, MEIA will support a portion of student registration costs and target recruitment from communities that traditionally have been underrepresented in the profession (i.e., individuals who identify as Indigenous, women, LGBTQ2S+, racialized, and persons withThedisabilities).Registered Energy Advisor program is one step toward the transition to increased energy efficiency in Manitoba. Canada has committed to recruit, train, and mentor new Energy Advisors across the country. This evaluation, performed by a Manitoba Registered Energy Advisor, gives homeowners a better understanding of how their home uses energy – and identifies retrofits to help improve energy efficiency. This program will strengthen and expand a knowledgeable, growing, and diverse workforce while ensuring consistent and professional services to homeowners in Manitoba. If you are interested in more information on career opportunities as a Registered Energy Advisor, please visit MEIA’s website at visitenergyfortraining/ voice Lanny McInnes is president of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association. by LANNY MCINNES

LAUNCHED IN MANITOBA Energy Advisor Training program


With your renovator, list the repairs and replacements likely to be required over the next two, five and 10 years. If necessary, be prepared to make trade-offs between lifestyle improvements and work needed to keep your home in good shape. DON’T JUST FOCUS ON THE UPFRONT COST. Renovation is a further investment in your home. Consider the time, energy and cost required for ongoing maintenance and possible replacement down the road. A well-planned renovation can reduce these future costs.


Before you get too involved in a particular design for adding to or substantially altering your home, you or your renovator need to know the local regulations — for instance, lot-line setbacks or septic tank requirements. EVALUATE YOURCONDITIONGENERALSYSTEMSSTRUCTURE,THEANDOFHOUSE.

expert advice

Exterior changes or additions that blend with the existing streetscape will probably add the most value to your home, and they will usually be appreciated the most by your neighbours. If you do want a design with a difference, think about ways of complementing neighbouring homes.


KNOW WHY YOU WANT TO RENOVATE. What problems are you trying to solve? Most renovations begin with practical issues. For instance, your bathroom may be cramped, you need more storage space in the kitchen, or there is nowhere for the children to play or do homework under your supervision.

ADVICE FROM Courtesy of the Canadian Home builders’ Association When a group of professional renovators were asked what design and planning advice they most often give to their customers, here is what they said.

DON’T WORRY ABOUT TRENDS. Design trends come and go. First and foremost, plan for comfort, ease of living and personal satisfaction. Enjoy exploring options and possibilities — then design the renovation that is uniquely right for you and your family.

DON’T CORNERSCUTTO SAVE A FEW DOLLARS, OR YOU MAY NOT GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT. There may be ways to stretch a limited budget or you may be able to scale down your project or alternatively, do it in phases over time. But don’t compromise on quality — it’s always better to do less and do it well.



KEEP IT SIMPLE. A complex design can result in complicated and expensive construction. Whether you want to build on to your home, change roof lines or reconfigure interior space, consult with a professional renovator on the impact of design on construction and budget. Less complex designs will often let you achieve the same goals.

WORK WITH THE STRENGTHS OF YOUR HOME. And save money at the same time. Check under existing carpeting and sheet flooring for old hardwood flooring. Refinish old trim and moulding rather than replace it. Resurface cabinets rather than install new ones. Turn a large landing into a child’s play area, a quiet reading area or a small home office.

• National award winning design • Transparent budget development • Over 200 years combined experience • Weekly progress reports • Full disclosure invoices and accounting • Schedule adherence • Two year warranty • Charity minded through the Harwood Foundation Manitoba’s most awarded and trusted custom builder. Your Custom Renovator & Dream Builder æ Easy bathroom updates that won’t break the bank æ The latest trends in tile, vanities, mirrors and more æ Expert advice and inspiration from local designers and renovators Furniture AUG./SEPT. 2022 $4.95 PRODUCT SHOWCASE: HOME INSPIRATION Sustainable planet-friendly Silestone surfaces by Cosentino see page 24 COLOURCONNECTION THE Canada’s HOME IDEA BOOK & TOTRENDSWATCH FOR THIS FALL DESIGN | WINNIPEG EDITION For more information or to reserve your ad space call 204.782.8692 or Next issue ad deadline SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 Distribution starts OCTOBER 1, 2022 Here’s what is coming up in our next issue! Distribution will include: • Canada Post targeted home delivery. • Hundreds of street boxes and retail locations. • Design building centres and paint stores. • On sale at major book stores. • The digital edition, web and social will be used to promote the magazine. • Magazine newsletters will be emailed to our large subscriber base. 17

45 Higgins Ave. W innipeg, MB 204.339.6456 Renovations are built around views. One Stop AchieveConstructionyour vision with a beautiful Duxton window to frame your view. highest perfor mance. Proudly made in Manitoba.

HOME etc. home finds Create a cosy outdoor reading nook with simple design elements such as a comfy chair, warm throw, soft rug and side table, which will help you embrace outdoor living even when the summer months end. by SARA DUCK Boho wicker egg patio lounge CHAIR by Hampton Bay. $438. | Side metal STOOL with gold finish by Hampton Bay. $90. 19

home finds CiaoItaly Cool colourful collab 1. APEROL APERITIVO. $28. | 2. Patterned cotton TABLECLOTH $20. | 3. Sicily outdoor melamine DINNERWARE collection. $12-$87. | 4. Printed outdoor PILLOW by Oui. $39. | 5. Printed beach TOWEL by Oui. $24. | 6. HOW TO BE ITALIAN: EAT, DRINK, DRESS, TRAVEL AND LOVE LA DOLCE VITA by Maria Pasquale. $27. Dreaming of a vacanza in bella Italia but can only afford a staycation this year? We hear you! Incorporate some of these Italian-inspired finds to keep you dreaming of la dolce vita all summer Designerlong.Azeeza Khan is known in the fashion world for her innovative silhouettes and vibrant colour palette and here she brings her passion for design to a special outdoor capsule collection for CB2. We love the gem-coloured theme, perfect for injecting a little life into your outdoor space. 1. Three-piece peekaboo colourful NESTING TABLES. $300. 2. Acapulco multi-lounge CHAIR. $349. 3. Linearity outdoor PILLOW. $40. 4. Set of four silk scrunchie NAPKIN RINGS. $20. 1 1 23 4 56 3 4 2 20 RENO + DECOR | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2022





pastels, and

your existing

hues from the collection include spring violet, fernwood green, jet stream and ocean spray. Paint job Boho table LAMP. $50. | Round wicker BASKET with top handles. $30. | Mother-of-pearl SIDE TABLE. $200. | Lemon-yellow THROW $30. | Bergamot, sea mist and woodland sage scented CANDLE. $20. An unexpected way to infuse colour into your bedroom is by choosing a bedframe in a shade you love. These days, upholstered beds come in all sorts of colours, styles and prices – there is something for everyone! Colour confidential Inspiration! TESSU BED in Caspian blue. $1,049. | Pair with this sheet set: PAGODTRAD in white/dark blue. $20. DENICE UPHOLSTERED BED in pink. $500. | Pair with this sheet set: LAPPNYCKLAR duvet cover and pillowcases. $50. CURRIN UPHOLSTERED LOW-PROFILE PLATFORM BED by George Oliver. $1,369. | Pair with this sheet set: LYKTFIBBLA duvet cover. $25. VADHEIM UPHOLSTERED BED FRAME in gunnared light green. $550. | Pair with this sheet set: NATTSLANDA duvet cover and pillowcases in floral pattern. $44. FERNWOOD GREEN JET STREAM SPRING VIOLET OCEAN SPRAY 21

a new lease on life with a fresh

alternatives as



Benjamin Moore has put together an earth-inspired paint palette honouring our beautiful planet. The palette gently calming hues, tranquil muted comforting, versatile neutrals that contribute to an overall Zen-like feeling home. These shades might inspire you to consider some ecofriendly home decor well. “Give indoor outdoor furniture coat paint,” Benjamin Moore colour marketing expert, Sharon Grech. favourite

in your

Kitch, a Canadian company specializing in creating cabinet doors and components to fit IKEA cabinets, has released a limited-edition colour palette curated by the queen of colour – Tiffany Pratt. As a designer and artist, Pratt has her finger on the pulse of design and worked with Kitch to create four dreamy pastel colours to add to the Kitch palette line-up. “I’ve never met a colour I didn’t like,” says Pratt. “But pastels and muted tones — they hold a special place in my little rainbow heart.” For more information visit and CLEAN GREEN! 1. LARGE STONEWARE VASE. $35. 2. PATTERNED GLASS VASE in light beige. $40. 3. STONEWARE VASE. $18. 4. IRREGULAR GLASS VASE. $50-$70. game The vase 213 4 22 RENO + DECOR | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2022

Kitch+Tiffany Pratt

While working from home with two small kids and cleaning constantly, Jackie Prince became hyper-aware of all the trash they were accumulating – especially plastics. After much research and education, she and her partner, Liz Drayton, decided to launch Guests on Earth, sustainable cleaning products that come in refillable aluminum containers. The sleek design makes these products counter-worthy, while the allnatural formulas feel luxurious while you clean.

home finds Have you noticed that vases are making a serious design comeback? From interestingly shaped vessels that look like pieces of art to colourfully patterned glass containers, there is an abundance to choose from, whether you want to fill them with flowers or not.

With Northernthe featuringCollection™Tri-PaneTrueTri-PaneTechnology™ Only JELD-WEN® True Tri-Pane Technology™ can offer: 1 Superior 2 HomeEnhancedComfort 3 Exterior ReductionNoise Every Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ window is made climates. The exterior pane and increased air spaces insulate the interior panes to reduce radiant heat, regulate the temperature inside the home and block unwanted outside noise. These windows also meet the highest ENERGY STAR® reduction of seasonal heating and cooling costs. of colours from our premium paint options or with FiniShield™, our latest colour technology for windows with black exteriors and/or interiors. JELD-WEN windows are available everywhere quality windows and doors are sold. GR A NT G REENER HOME S

cover story Sustainable



Cosentino, pioneers in producing innovative surfaces, has introduced a collection from Silestone that uses the first hybrid mineral surface made with HybriQ® technology, ushering in a new generation of environmentally friendly design surfaces. more information, visit

WHAT IS HYBRIQ®? HybriQ® is a patent-registered technology from Cosentino developed to manufacture the new Silestone. This translates into a unique high-performance blend of premium minerals and recycled materials produced through a sustainable manufacturing process that treasures every drop of water and uses renewable energy sources and recycling.




Cosentino is committed to the planet and its biodiversity. The manufacturing process of HybriQ® produces zero water waste, which means not a single drop of water or chemicals are poured into our rivers or oceans. When it comes to the electric energy used in the manufacturing of Silestone, the process uses energy from natural sources, which minimizes its carbon footprint. In addition, 99 per cent of the water used in the manufacturing of Silestone is recycled, thanks to a circular system of continuous filtration that allows every single drop to be utilized. Finally, at least 20 per cent of the material used in the composition of Silestone’s HybriQ® technology is recycled. The result? A superior product that doesn’t put pressure on the environment. Now that is something you can feel good about! With more than 30 years at the forefront of the market, Silestone offers customers unique technical characteristics, such as high resistance and hardness, easy daily maintenance and a high colour consistency throughout its designs. Available in more than 80 colours with a wide range of textures and formats to choose from, the esthetic and design possibilities of Silestone are limitless.


“When I joined Cosentino Group over 15 years ago, I knew we would be able to make great strides towards a greener future,” says Valentin Tijeras Garcia, head of research and development at Cosentino Group. “We are constantly innovating from the inside out to find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. This year alone, we’ve made incredible progress through the complete evolution of our Silestone manufacturing process and product composition. I’m so honoured to be part of such a significant mission.”

inspiring interiors by SARA DUCK • photos VINH LE Living in colour R+D catches up with designer Luca Campacci of Level Studio Inc., to find out how he used bold hues to bring this whole-home renovation to life 26


Colour was critical because we wanted the home to be as interesting as our client. He had a wonderful collection of rolled prints, trinkets and knick-knacks that he collected over the years. We wanted to create plenty of opportunities to display them – especially in the gallery wall in the dining area. We wanted each space to be enticing and encourage someone to look around for just a second longer. We also felt that being bolder with colour was the best way to emulate our client’s wonderful personality. 27

During our first meeting, our client said how he always wanted the colourful Eames Hang it all Rack, so we put it up in the foyer. And it’s funny because all the colours on that piece ended up somewhere in his home. It was a great jumping-off point for the entire project.



HOW WERE YOU ABLE TO CREATE YOUR VISION AND MEET THE NEEDS OF YOUR CLIENT? We started from the living room and worked our way out. On our first design meeting, we pitched a rounded sofa, as it would work with the existing layout of the room better and from there, we carefully selected pieces that were functional, flexible and allowed our client to entertain large groups of people with ease. The fireplace was a challenge, as we replaced an electric one with gas, and the client wanted to keep elements of the existing concrete wall. So, we came up with a linear design to salvage as much of the concrete as possible.

Contrast is key and don’t be afraid to go darker on the walls. If the room has windows and is orientated with the sun, the room won’t feel dark.



Designing with colour is very personal and is not a onesize-fits-all approach. Pieces should be considered if they bring you joy and tell a story as well as have a function. If you have an out-of-the-box idea, go for it! Life is too short for everything to be grey walls and natural tones.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a magazine editor, writer and content creator, Sara brings her passion for design and decor to our pages each issue. @bysaraduck ENTRANCE: Eames Hang It All COAT RACK by Herman Miller. | BENCH by West Elm | ENTRY RUG by Riggable | KITCHEN: PENDANT LIGHT by DVI Lighting | APPLIANCES by Jennair | COUNTERTOP by Caesarstone | DINING ROOM: DINING CHAIR and TABLE by Soho Concept | PENDANT LIGHT by DVI Lighting | LIVING ROOM: Round SOFA custom made by ALO Upholstery | AREA RUG, DRINK TABLE, BOOKSHELVES by Crate & Barrel | Accent CHAIR by Soho Concept | Coffee TABLE by West Elm | LIBRARY: BOOKSHELVES by Gautier | Drink TABLE by Crate & Barrel | CHAIR and OTTOMAN by Eternity Modern | OFFICE: DESK and CHAIR by Herman Miller | Floor LAMP by Y Lighting | WALL COLOUR in 2062-10 polo blue by Benjamin Moore DO YOU HAVE A FAVE DESIGN ELEMENT FROM THIS PROJECT? The fireplace and rounded sofa for sure. It’s so welcoming and just invites you into the living room. 29

With modern elements, organic touches and sentimental pieces, this dreamy nursery comes to life

To achieve the look, Genovese chose a neutral palette and combined various textures and natural touches. “I mixed woods, leather, faux shearling, wools, linen, paper and more to create interest and bring warmth and character to the space,” she explains.

inspiring interiors




W hen JaclyndesignerGenovese of Spaces by Jacflash set out to design a nursery for her own baby, she had a clear vision in mind; it had to be tranquil, organic and feel like a haven. “I knew I wanted to design a space for my son that marries both contemporary and traditional pieces to coincide with the rest of my home,” says Genovese, “but it also needed to be a calm place that felt special to me and my baby.”

In addition to the organic elements that are draped around the room, Genovese incorporated beautiful antique zoo paintings from the 1800s that hang above the crib, a nod to her mother who purchased them at an auction when she worked as a zookeeper for the Toronto Zoo. “The images are very sentimental to me,” says Genovese. “They were in the house that I grew up in, in gold frames, so I refurbished them with wood frames to match the neutral and organic vibe of the nursery.” Of course, when designing a nursery, function must be equal to beauty.

Genovese also suggests making sure there is a place for everything and to combine old with new for a unique look. “For my son’s nursery, I combined an antique dresser that I found on Facebook marketplace, a vintage IKEA pendant lamp that I bought on eBay, a wooden side table from my family’s cottage, the vintage zoo photos, along with modern elements such as the crib and modern rocker from West Coast Kids,” says Genovese. With her savvy shopping skill and keen design eye, all of the elements in the space combine to create a dreamy nursery overflowing with special touches, a perfect place to spend time with her baby. For more design inspiration, visit With over 15 years’ experience as a magazine editor, writer and content creator, Sara brings her passion for design and decor to our pages each issue. @bysaraduck

So, how did Genovese tackle the challenge? “Functional pieces like a change table/dresser can be boring, but if you customize it by swapping out the hardware, it’s an easy way to elevate the design,” she says. 31

style crush by SARA DUCK From sage to olive and everything in between, here are 14 ways to incorporate the colour green into your greenhome Going Waffled bath TOWEL in light green. $20. Fiddle leaf artificial PLANT. $999. Warren green CHAIR $579. Vonsbak RUG in green. $179. Enamelled cast-iron signature FRENCH OVEN in olive. $360. Hendry side TABLE in willow green. $329. Onyx marble COASTERS in chartreuse. $75 (set of four). 32 RENO + DECOR | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2022

With over 15 years’ experience as a magazine editor, writer and content creator, Sara brings her passion for design and decor to our pages each issue. @bysaraduck Sven grass-green velvet SOFA. $2,099. Emerald PRINT.$1,800. Green textured THROW $40. Haden Cotswold KETTLE in sage. $85. Cascade angled kilim throw PILLOW.$60-$83. Leda green VASE $ drift reactive PLACE SETTING WITH PASTA BOWL in green. $15. 33

home inspiration Photo Marshall+Winners:s Our design experts share their top tips for incorporating colour into the main rooms of your home Colour your world by SARA DUCK “This season, we’re loving the ‘new neutrals,’ everything from mood-boosting mint and sage green, to terracotta, ochre, blush pink and bright blue. These colours are an easy way to add a seasonal hit of colour to your existing outdoor decor. – Sheila Magro, design expert, Winners, HomeSense + Marshalls Outdoor 35

Photo GollJa:neekule

continued on page 38 36 RENO + DECOR | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2022

“Bedding and colourful throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to reintroduce a colour into a bedroom. If you aren’t sure which pillow colours best fit your space, look around your room and see what is already there. Think about if you’re drawn more to earth tones or vibrant hues. Keeping your main pieces in neutral shades helps with longevity, while creating impact in the smaller details.”

Photo: Blynda DaCosta “When you think of adding colour to your bathroom, wallpaper may be the last item on your list. However, adding wallpaper is a great way to brighten up a small powder room. The powder room is self-contained, so you can go bold with colour and pattern. If the idea of covering the entire room is a bit too much for your taste, you can accent one wall. Your powder room will not only feel stylish, but also cozy and inviting.”

– Designer Lisa Kooistra, Lisa Kooistra Designs


– Designer Brenda Danso, Brenda Danso Interior Design



“When it comes to smaller spaces like this dining room, I think a common choice is a light colour to make things feel brighter and airier. However, I am all about going bold on a small space, with a dark or saturated hue or even a bold (or super-textural) wallcovering. Despite the popular opinion that a dark hue can make a space appear smaller, I think it adds beautiful dimension and intimacy.”

– Designer Gillian Segal, Gillian Segal Design

Diningroom 38 RENO + DECOR | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2022

“Through pops of colour on key accent pieces such as pillows, ottomans and an armchair, a living room can be brought to life.”


– Hilary Matt, Hilary Matt Interiors


“I personally love an office that has a moody element to it. These dark walls with the dark wood almost remind me of working in a library or study. The streamlined chair and desk lamp, along with minimal objects, keep the decor from being distracting and allow for an optimal thinking space.” – Designer Sarah Stacey, Sarah Stacey Interior Design


“A simple and stylish way to incorporate colour in your kitchen is through painted cabinetry. I like to use a dominant colour on the island and or range hood for the biggest impact, paired with a toneddown contrasting colour on the kitchen cabinets.”

– Designer Patti Wilson, Patti Wilson Design

FIND FLAMENEWA Kindle your passion for colour with our single greatest work, Emerald ® paint by Sherwin-Williams. CompanySherwin-WilliamsThe©2017 AFFILIATE MEMBER SPOTLIGHT

Before you can consider a chair’s esthetic attributes, think about its function. Will you be sitting on it for short or extended periods of time? Will you be engaged in any activities while seated? In terms of the space itself, is it casual or formal in nature? How many people do you need to seat? Is it a high-traffic area exposed to dirt, wear and tear? by JENNIFER BACKSTEIN

A chair has become an expression of art and personal style, a decorating tool to define areas throughout the home

good chair is like a good friend – it’s there to support and embrace you and bring comfort and colour to your life. Dating back some 5,000 years, this essential piece of furniture has evolved from its predominantly utilitarian origins. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely still serves the very specific purpose of getting us off our feet, whether to rest or to help us focus on tasks. However, the chair has also become an expression of art and personal style, a decorating tool to define areas throughout a house, and reflect how we live in our homes. With all the different styles and options on the market, the features of a good chair are ones that balance esthetics, comfort and quality. Here are some things to pay attention to. Function (and style)

at homeA

When planning your space, keep in mind the area around your furnishings. In the living room, I like to leave 18 inches between the sofa and coffee table, or about 36 inches between armchairs, sofa and loveseat, to encourage conversation. If your seating is for watching television, I recommend a gap of approximately seven feet. tip:


The best seat in the house

Jennifer Backstein is creative director and principal designer for Jennifer Backstein Interiors. The firm offers a diverse range of full scale design services in the GTA and across Canada.

tip: 43

Now, consider the style of seating that will best meet those needs. Your seating options run the gamut from chairs, loveseats, sofas and sectionals, to less conventional pieces such as stools, benches and ottomans. What about upholstery? Should it have a back or armrests? What about the depth and angle of the seat? When evaluating for comfort, online shopping simply can’t give you the insight you’d get from seeing it (and sitting in it) in person. Construction (and price) When shopping for seating, you’ll undoubtedly come across a wide range of products and price points. Generally, you get what you pay for and quality (think comfort and durability) is often reflected in a higher price. What’s behind that price difference? The joinery, the construction of the seat and whether it’s coil, web, down or foam, the quality of the materials and upholstery – these all factor into the final price. Measure (and measure again) You know what they say – measure twice, buy once. When buying any big-ticket items for your home, don’t rely on the “eyeball” method for measurements. This is especially important now, given the reality of supply chain issues and the resulting delays on delivery. Ensure the pieces you’re buying will fit your space –and through the doorways, hallways, stairwells and if you live in a condo, theHavingelevator!afloorplan in hand can also be extremely helpful when shopping for large-scale seating, such as a sofa or sectional. This will give you a view of how the piece, and its scale in relation to the rest of the space and everything else in it, may impact the natural flow of traffic and sight lines to windows and other focal points, like the fireplace. Research is key As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into choosing just the right seating for your application, your space and your… rear end. Do your research, make a list and discuss your options with a designer or furniture salesperson. We have lots of experience, we know what works, and can we bring some new ideas to the table – or in this case, the chair!

Ottomans and cubes are very versatile and are a great option for extra seating or surfaces in a pinch. Pushed up to a coffee table or beside the fireplace, an ottoman makes a great seat. We use them often in our projects and like to top them with a tray to double as a side table. And if you think ahead and choose something with integrated storage, you’ve also got a place to put extra pillows or blankets.

Most importantly, as we move into the subsequent seasons and infuse our homes with personality, there will be a return to lasting style. Consumers are ready to purchase one-of-akind, beautifully well-made items for timeless design that will look great no matter what the decade.


and design trends to watch for Cosy palettes, inspiration from past decades, and a bold expression in design that highlights an awakening we have all experienced as we slowly slip out of the pandemic — these are the drivers behind the trends to expect this fall. While we move toward embracing comfort, sustainability continues to be a focus in the supply chain. We will need to be intentional about spaces that will impact how we live while emphasizing our well-being and productivity. As we say goodbye to all-white kitchens, fast furniture, minimalism, and open floorplans, we are excited about the optimism and revival these trends are offering in everything from colours and material to furniture and design.

Focus on fall

trend expert by BILHA KANGETHE

An ode to nature, a return to decadence and an embrace of what is being termed as “newstalgia” — this is what is coming for fall



While we loved the minimalist japandi style with the peaceful calm vibes of the Scandinavian influence, maximalism is ushering its way into our design schemes and we are loving it all. It gives us a chance to indulge in personality, glamour and create breathtaking moments with one-of-a-kind pieces in the home. Luxe wallpapers, detailed tile installations, sculptural detail and an array of playful shapes and architectural touches means this trend is about going big and bold.




Cristo white and black striped VASE. Permiter SOFA. accentRomolaCHAIR drink TABLE PILLOW

This season’s furniture, decor, and design trends are all about embracing luxe. Think ultravelvets, coloured marble, honed-in sculptural pieces and the everevolving rattan and statementmaking light fixtures. We anticipate designers curating bespoke pieces and consumers paying tribute to their one-of-a-kind taste to honour the maximalist design style. Expect to see a refreshing spotlight on warm earthy neutrals in stone and clay materials, and minimally textured plasters that will reflect the craftsmanship and artistry we love.

Inspiration taken from the decadent art deco movement, a refined 1960 to 1980’s retro vibe and a modern play on the grand millennial chic of the 1990s has resulted in layering these decades and artfully recreating and honing these eras to usher them into 2022. With the return of the roll arm sofa, skirted furniture and plush channel tufting, the textures feel calm, mindful and warm. The prints evoke a feeling of nostalgia while celebrating the now, all the while honouring and satisfying our craving for serenity and wellbeing, elevating our need for newness and excitement. From warm ochres, muted terracotta and sage to earthy browns and fanciful caramel, these tones will live in harmony and add warmth and richness, bringing the fall indoors to provide a reinvigorating, comfortable and exciting vibe for when we settle into the winter season.


Bilha Kangethe is the founder and creative director of The Lifestyle Loft. As a certified designer and interior decorator, she has created a company that focses on the needs of each client and customer and helps them curate a lifestyle that is comfortable and economical.



Online:Enter ENTER TO WIN AN AMERICAN STANDARD SPECTRA+ DUO SHOWERamericanstandard.caHEAD MSRP $178 • Go to • Select this contest within the listing and click Enter to Win. For full contest details & rules visit the link above. Online:Enter | FB: @HisenseCA | TW: @HisenseCA | IG: @hisenseca | YT: @HisenseCA atTheatreHomeContest Enter for chance to win a 100” Hisense L9G Series 4K Smart TriChroma Laser TV! Retail Value: $5,000! This may be as close as you can get to a true theatre experience without leaving the comfort of your home. You couldWin!our 46 RENO + DECOR | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2022

ToandincludingwhyAtResponsive.Committed.Reliable.RenoMark,wewanttochangeyouroutlookonrenovationcontractors.That’swedevelopedacodeofconductthatallourprofessionalcontractorsfollow,adetailedwrittencontractforeveryjob,backedbyaone-yearwarranty,aguaranteethatyou’llhearbackwithintwobusinessdays.findareliable,committed,responsivecontractor,visit Words you wouldn’t typically use to describe a contractor. Until now. Renovate Your Expectations


SWITCH TO SMART, SWITCH TO EASY, SWITCH TO BEAUTIFUL Schneider Electric has introduced a line of switches and receptacles that raise the bar in esthetics, ease of installation and connectivity. Interchangeable cover plates, screwless wall plates and a variety of colours provide flexibility to adapt to any interior decor, while the connectivity features give personalization and help save energy.SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC | home/offers/connected-home/

Keep organized and maximize storage with BLANCO’s BOTTON II, an under-sink organizer perfect for storing cleaning supplies and recycling material near your sink and faucet workstation. The BOTTON II is designed to easily fit in the sink base cabinet. Enhance your BLANCO UNIT workflow while you prep and clean with the versatile BOTTON II. BLANCO |

Sustainable innovations Silestone by Cosentino, first introduced in 1990, focuses on maximizing nature’s resources from its origins. A consistent in the industry, Silestone brings colour into kitchens across the globe, introducing a hygienic countertop, and having a continued focus on environmental initiatives. Using a high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials, the innovative new HybriQ technology marks an entirely new product composition and manufacturing method, a highly efficient sustainable manufacturing process. COSENTINO |


Shades of grey

Introducing Bahia. Inspired by the contrasting light and dark grey elements forged deep under the millennium-forming geological layers, Vicostone’s Quartz version is a popular choice for kitchen countertops and islands, benchtops, backsplashes, bathroom vanities and more. Its desirable marble look makes it a unique design that will be the focal point of any project.

product showcase Homeinspiration


UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY Annie Sloan is a British artist, colour expert and designer. She is the iconic, no-nonsense interiors legend you need to help you unlock your creativity and guide you in your DIY endeavours. She provides all the tools you need to make your home your own. To witness her range, and her video tutorials, visit ANNIE SLOAN & COMPANY | A bench with many options The Scandinavian design style combined with a blend of natural tones and clean lines makes this bench a welcome addition to any space. Add this bench to the foot of a bed or in an entryway as a convenient place to sit and put on shoes, or use as a flexible seating solution in a family room or den. D.O.T. FURNITURE | Enter our Reno Like a Pro Contest! | @craftsmantoolsca Enter Online: YOU COULD WIN A TOOL20VCRAFTSMAN®MAXCORDLESSCOMBOKIT! $449.99 CRAFTSMAN® 6-PIECE TOOL COMBO KIT WITH 2 BATTERIES 49

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Beware of the cash deal

Ihave written about this previously, but was recently reminded of how prevalent the desire for cash work is by both homeowners and contractors. And to be honest, I just don’t get it. As a member of my neighbourhood Facebook group, I commonly see people asking for contractors to do this and that for cash. First of all, not a great move since the CRA is on Facebook as well. So here is what I don’t get. Cash contractors are for the most part the bottom of the barrel when it comes to dependability and quality. There is a reason they work under the table. Hiring a cash contractor means you’re willing to give up any kind of warranty on the work, or any assurance it will be done Additionally,well. their work is in all likelihood not going to include the required permits. Will you as a homeowner know when permits are required, or if your cash contractor actually took out the necessary permits? This can cause issues with your home if there is a fire, flood, etc. as your insurance will be null and void. Also, should any of the workers on your project get hurt in any way, and let’s face it, construction is a high-risk activity, you could be liable for all the expenses of that individual’s recovery and even long term care. Is this really worth the 5 per cent G.S.T. you’re going to save? Cash contractors (and you know who you are) can’t pay their payroll with cash. If they do pay with cash and don’t pay their proper source deductions, getting caught will make their life a nightmare. They can’t pay any suppliers or sub trades with cash and like I say, if they ever get audited, the CRA will find out by tracing addresses, etc. Is that really worth letting a customer save 5 per cent? The other one that always gets me, and I want to advise you to stay away from this, is the ads and responses to Facebook posts that claim to be licensed and bonded, implying some sort of credibility to their operation. There is no license in Manitoba for renovation contractors (although I’m working on it), nor is there any requirement to be bonded. Anyone claiming this is trying to mislead you. So, with these cautions in place, I ask you to think twice, on both sides of this issue, and save yourself so many potential problems that could literally ruin your life. And with all that said, have a great summer with friends and family. We all sure deserve a great one.

Wayne Sage is the owner and President of Harwood Design Builders, a multi-National and Provincial award-winning Winnipeg Design - Build contracting firm, winning 18 top five placements for best renovations in Canada, including a Best in Canada win. by WAYNE SAGE

getting started 51

The previously segmented kitchen/ dining area is now transformed into a spacious open concept including a feature by Margaret anne Fehr • photos Duality PhotograPhic Character meets a renovation for the next 100 years

It’s a given that treating our elders with respect is both an imperative and a virtue. When Lisa decided to renovate the main floor of her storey and three quarter, 1480 square foot St. James character home, dating back to 1918, she wanted it to be done with an eye to the future as well as to pay respect to its timeless features.

Lisa called on Doreen Gauthier, President of Make it Home LTD, to head up the main floor reconfiguration of the kitchen as well as a newly installed powder room from an existing pass-through closet and bringing them all up to modern day standards.



“The objective was to create a very modern vibe in this old house without ripping out its character,” says Doreen. Doreen shares that removing the walls meant shoring up the basement foundation and installing a new structural beam on the main floor to create the open concept that Lisa wanted. Removing the walls meant re-routing the heating ducts and fresh air returns and electrical servicing the upper floor. “Of course we needed to remove all knob and tube wiring that was still serving the second floor,” says Doreen.Asacentury old structure, the house had seen its share of shifting over the years so levelling the floors called for new hardwood throughout.

multi-functional island with seating for three. The island is finished in Limousine Leather with a durable quartz countertop.

“I’m always fighting against the pack rat gene,” says Lisa, “so I wanted to make sure there is a lot of storage. The high-functioning island consists of three storage cabinets, one on the seating side, a second bank of drawers on the working side with a wellsituated mini- fridge. Another glassfronted cabinet services the dining area. “We even installed the client’s cherished bottle opener on the false panel, which looks so perfect in the space!” says Doreen. 53

The adjacent dining room is graphically defined with a bold swath of charcoal grey on the walls and a pair of matching glass fronted cupboards with undermount lighting. An edgy Sputnik light fixture levitates over the mid-century style teak dining table while a banquette is tucked against the wall for extra seating.

As a freelance writer for over 20 years, Margaret Anne Fehr enjoys covering home and design, arts and culture as well as educational issues in her writing practice, Effective Eloquence.

A tall storage cabinet off the back entry for pantry items and a coat hook area for outerwear and boots means that every square inch of space is put to good use. The powder room features a vanity cabinet painted in Dark Secret, complemented with a sophisticated wallpaper treatment. The room exudes a contemporary flair with an interesting mirror and pendant combination. “The house had just one full bath upstairs, so it’s a welcome addition to the main floor,” says Lisa.

Three large pull-out drawers on touch-latch create even more storage underneath.Thekitchen uppers and lowers painted in Chantilly Lace provide a seamless clutter-free profile incorporating such features as an appliance garage, a perfect hideaway to maintain a clutter-free counter, and a Lemans corner accessory with trays that open independently and is fitted with dedicated plug-in outlets. Two narrow pull-outs for spices and oils flank each side of the stove for easy access while cooking, a paneled dishwasher preserves the fluid lines of the cabinetry and a floor-to-ceiling wine cupboard fashioned of neutral ash stands beside the fridge, ready for foodLisapairings.decided on gold-toned aluminum cabinetry hardware to add a warm touch to the kitchen palette.


Doreen was just as thrilled as Lisa with the result. “We were able to keep the character of the house and modernize finishes to bring into today’s styling. Love how this project turned out! I really love working on old houses!”

Lisa praises Doreen’s expertise in pulling off her renovation. “She brought in the engineer because we had to add a beam, since walls were removed. She developed the plan and brought in all the trades and shepherded them along and steered me to places where I could make my selections.”

678 Tache Ave., Winnipeg 18 time RenoMark Award Winner Buy a house. Live a dream. Make it home. FOLLOW US 4 TIME FINALIST IN THE CHBA NATIONAL AWARDS FOR HOUSING EXCELLENCE Make It Home does: • kitchens • bathrooms • whole renovationshome • basement renovations and developments We provide concept design, Pleaseproject.servicescompletepreparation,drawings,workingbudgetandinstallationoftheentirecontact DOREEN 204.290.8113GAUTHIER dgauthier@makeithome.caDidyouknowwecantakecareofyouroutdoorspacesthesamewaywedoindoorspaces?MakeItHomealsodoes: • additions, • secondary suites, • outdoor structures, • pergolas, • decks including soft & hardscapes & lighting An award winning, full service design build renovation company Please contact JOE 431.998.9644URMOS

livingdesispaceg n in detail by KIM SCHROEDER, B.I.D • photos BILYK PHOTOGRAPHY Before 3 1 2 56 RENO + DECOR | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2022

The extra wide double sink allows for 2 people to easily use the vanity area at the same time. The faux limestone tile anchors the space and provides a clean backdrop.

The deck tub was replaced with an oval free-standing tub to give a more open, spacious feeling.

One large LED mirror was chosen to enlarge the space.

Kim Schroeder is the principle designer and owner of Charisma, the design experience. Conveniently located at 388 Academy Road in Winnipeg. Telephone 204-487-6994.

The large walk in shower with barrier-free threshold is finished in the same floor tile. Tall storage cabinet flanked with a tile detail build-out, adds functional storage and interest to this wall.

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The tub area features an Alex Turco custom sized art panel.

Large bronze penny round tiles add a secondary pop of colour and repeats the bronze metal tones in the hardware, light fixture and faucets.

Design function meets What do these projects have in common? Good design and smart storage. Also, these projects have a quiet colour palette, which is certainly on trend. smARt stORAGe

This awkward space was transformed, and the results are amazing! There are lots of drawers for the office, a large work surface and hidden storage above.


This is the perfect guest room accommodation. Everything is hidden behind doors, except for the glass display shelves.

organized living Book your free inhome estimate online at orforspacesake.comcall204-488-2633 and you are on your way to making your organizational dreams come true! design • photos FOR SPACE SAKE

mAXImIZe stORAGe Clothing is hidden behind the closed doors on the left hand side. The middle section is reserved for mops, brooms and the vacuum, which needs to be charged. tHe ULtImAte mUDROOm Maximizing your space with storage that goes up to the ceiling. Note the horizontal grain on the back paneling – stunning! Designer hooks add to the drama of this space.


This is another beautiful example of how to use a soft muted tone in the cabinetry. GUest ROOm

FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION 388 ACADEMY ROAD REALITY.YOURDESIGNERSINTERIOR,TOFROMWWW.CHARISMADESIGN.CA204-487-6994WINNIPEGSPACEPLANNINGAFULLYPROVISIONEDOURINTERIORWILLMAKEDREAMHOMEAthe design experience FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE Call 204-488-2633 or visit us online at @forspacesake Begin and End your Day Beautifully Organized The ultimate closet experience CustomClosetsby The Beauty is in Detailsthe 59

What rooms can you do more in?

Where are your focal points?


It is always a good idea to prioritize your space to help decide what your plans are and to keep within your budget. A good place to start is by determining where you spend the most time socializing – whether with family or friends. If you’re receiving guests, where do you automatically guide them to be seated? If you’re less likely to receive guests, which space do you find yourself settling in out of all the rooms in your home?


To put it simply, when guests come to visit, what space are they automatically in awe of? Is it the fireplace in your living room, statement furniture, artwork or the backsplash in your kitchen? You decide! Just make sure you highlight and place emphasis on that focal point and ensure that it complements the rest of your space. It is also a good idea to use that focal point to direct the design for the rest of your space.

Where do you spend the most time?

A s we increasingly spend more times indoors, many of us are becoming very familiar with our homes and are noticing just how cool and grey they have become these past years. The trend of a home purely dedicated to looking clean and minimalistic with neutral colours, are giving way to spaces that incites joy and exhibits liveliness and warmth. Homeowners are beginning to explore by taking chances with patterns and experimenting with colours to create visual interest in the spaces they are spending more time in. You might already have a finished image in mind – that’s great! Step one, check. Now, if you’re wondering how to put all the pieces in your head together so as to not overwhelm your space, here are a few things to consider.

good design

designInterior trends

While it’s a good idea to prioritize your spaces, there may be spaces in your home that you feel is lacking more than others. Priority is great but balance is equally important.

Where are the forgotten or less socialized spaces in your home? What rooms have you turned to storage space because no one uses it, or you simply don’t know what else you can do? Doing more does not have to be anything drastic. Sometimes a simple paint job is all that’s needed!

If you find that adding paint did not do your home justice, another way to liven up your home is through your kitchen. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the house. So, how are you treating it? A good way to add visual interest in your kitchen is through two-toned cabinetry. With two toned kitchens, you have a good set of options and different directions to go in depending on what you want in your space. You can go for a contrasting look with a mix of darker and lighter colours, or go for a more subdued but colourful look by just using the same colour, but in different tones. Two toned kitchens can be adapted into any home and work with any style. If you are looking for a safer approach, muted tones are a good choice. This subtle approach still works just as well and will complement the bold colours in the rest of your home. A muted sage green, or tan mixed with a soft warm wood is a good option you can try!


Clarice is the principal designer of Fenwick & Company Interior Design. We transform your home or commercial space to express your character!, Telephone 204-487-5151.

A good way to start introducing liveliness into your space is through colour, specifically accent colours. Vibrant colours and bold patterns are replacing dull muted colours. Colours that bring joy to you and your space are a great choice for accent colour. Whichever colour you decide, keep in mind that it should add to and not take away from your space. The accent colour you pick should help highlight a focal point. If you have a fireplace that you feel needs a bit of revamping (before replacing the tiles or making major changes) consider making the fireplace an accent wall to draw attention to that space. You might find that this can really help to ground the space. If you don’t have a fireplace, you have the option of painting your stairwell a bold colour. It not only adds colour to your space in a subtle way but also adds interest to your ascending floor. Accent colours are a good way to bring some drama, contrast or compliment to a more neutral space. Before making any major changes or going ahead on a big renovation project, you might find that all that was missing was truly a bit of colour in yourWallpaperspace. is another dominant option if you want to explore bold patterns. With so many choices with varying patterns and textures, wallpaper is a great option to create spaces that add warmth to your space.



ın?What’s 61


Mixing wood tones is a great way to transform your space. It gets a little tricky but there are three important steps you will need to follow, and it gets easier from there! The first step is to identify your dominant tone or tones. This is usually found in large areas like in your flooring, cabinetry or windows. With this done, the next step is to look for undertones. Warm undertones are usually found in woods that have a yellow or red tone like cherry, oak and maple while cool undertones are found in stained woods that have more grey, black or blue in them. The general rule is that warm undertones blend easily with each other, just like cool undertones would with each other too. You should remember to stick to 2 – 3 tones in your home’s palette to keep a balanced look or else your home could look uncoordinated. If you’re thinking of using more than two different tones of wood, make sure to have light, medium and darker wood tones. From here you can begin to complement or contrast within your home!

ThereOFSHADESNATUREhavebeenlotsof bright and pastel colours in the past few years, and many are looking for a palette cleanser. While neutral colours are starting to take a back seat and homeowners are experimenting with colour again, the colour palette will stay largely within tones you find in nature, like terracotta, caramel, camel, chocolate brown and sage green.

Private spaces like the bathroom and laundry room can easily feel detached from the rest of the home with an understated effort. Think of the bathroom as a box on its own which you can do what you’re scared to do with the rest of your home. These spaces are not as open to your guests as the living room so this is an opportunity to be bold and take some risks you might not otherwise dare to! Mixing white and creams with dark natural woods and linen textures is an emerging trend. Adding warmth and a sense of invitation is important in these spaces. Materials like tile are a very popular option for flooring due to the numerous varieties of size, colour and patterns available. Pairing these materials with warm colours, bohemian textures, or even colour blocking brings uniqueness to a space that makes it feel special.

professional results

Selection The structural components of your renovation (lumber, subflooring, insulation, foundation, plumbing, and so on) are most often suggested by your renovator, who will discuss with you why particular choices are the most suitable for your job. However, it is up to you, the homeowner, to choose the siding, flooring, fixtures and a myriad of other finishing products that go into a home. This only makes sense — after all, you know what you like and how much you are willing to spend. Proper product selection is vital, and professional renovators will help you make the right choices for your project and budget. They know what’s available, and which materials and products offer the best quality and value. They will make recommendations and introduce you to their suppliers. It is important to make sure that products and materials meet Canadian standards by such agencies as Canadian Standards Association and Underwriters Laboratories. These standards set criteria for safety, health and performance and are an important indication of quality. Many renovators are using and promoting products made by wellknown manufacturers, from building materials to windows and faucets. Using brand-name products means that you can be confident that you know what you are getting, including the manufacturer’s warranty. Installation However, even the best product cannot perform well, or may fail, if it is not installed properly. An air barrier installed on the wrong side of the wall assembly can lead to moisture problems. Poorly done sub-flooring may “telegraph” through vinyl or linoleum floor covering. And so on… Invariably, the result of improper installation is disappointment. The renovation doesn’t look as good as it should, or things don’t work right and the work may have to be redone, which is both inconvenient and costly. Just as importantly, incorrect installation might invalidate a manufacturer’s warranty.

The products used in your home renovation can have a big impact on the overall quality of the job and on how satisfied you will be with the end result. There are two key considerations — the quality of the products, and how they are installed.

Courtesy of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association

When you hire a renovator, make sure you choose a professional. Then you can have confidence in the work and in the products that go into your renovation, and you will be protected by the manufacturers’ warranty. With a professional renovator, you can look forward to the final result, knowing that everything will work smoothly for years to come.


1201–A Manahan Ave. • 204.489.5151 • 204.782.8692Call today to be part of our exciting next issue! Let’s build your business RENO+DECOR reaches more qualified readers than any other home improvement publication. Our readers are looking for project ideas and connections to professionals that specialize in home improvement, design and construction. Within our colourful, informative format, we can highlight your business, product or service in the best possible way: with creative advertising and/or informative articles and profiles. It’s the best way to get your business the valuable exposure it needs! Next issue ad deadline SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 Distribution starts OCTOBER 1, 2022 63

IIf your family has grown out of your current home or your house could use a makeover to bring it into the 21st century, stop and think about renovating it instead of shopping for something new. It may be worthwhile to consider using some of your home equity to finance those renovations so you can remain at your current address.

money matters

First things first Ask yourself if your home can be adjusted to meet your needs. Is your lot big enough for an addition? Can your foundation handle the weight of an extra floor? Does the tired look of your home require a major overhaul? Will the renovation add value to the home?Plan out the changes you would like to make and speak to professional renovators to seek several quotes before making your decision. Next, depending on the complexity of the project, decide if you and your family will live in a construction zone for several weeks or months while the improvements are being made. Finally, unless you have a lot of money saved up, decide what makes the most financial sense for you and your family in the long run. Evaluate your finances If you have owned your home for a while, now is a good time to think about making renovations. According to a 2021 Canadian Bankers Association statement: “Canadian homeowners have an average home equity of 73 percent of their home’s value.”Use some of your home equity to put towards renovations. A home equity line of credit, (HELOC), allows you to access money as required for each stage of your renovation, or a construction mortgage may be your best bet. The key is to talk to a mortgage expert who has access to multiple financial institutions and products to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Alisa Aragon-Lloyd obtained her mortgage license from the University of British Columbia and has been helping her clients since 2011. She has her own company, Bridgestone Financing Pros powered by DLC Homeline Mortgages and is on the board of directors for the Homebuilder Association of Vancouver (HAVAN).

It’s also important to evaluate the renovation costs with the potential for your home to increase in value. Buying a new home means incurring moving costs such as real estate fees (upon selling your existing home), legal fees, property transfer taxes, hiring movers, decorating the new home and a possible mortgage penalty. Identify the pros and cons



The decision between renovating or upgrading to a new house is also about your time, energy and peace of mind. Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Take the time to discuss what you want to do, why you want to do it, what the costs of a renovation would be, and the value of your renovated home in relation to other homes in your neighbourhood and compare it with the costs of buying a new home. This way, you can determine the option that is best for you.

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Due to the tremendous popularity of kitchen and bathroom renovations, many manufacturers have set up storefront outlets or showrooms where homeowners can enjoy a first-hand look at product offerings such as cabinets, counters and fixtures. Renovation contractors often work closely with these retailers to provide integrated customer service.


A CONTRACTORTRADE Trade contractors, such as plumbers, electricians, roofers or HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installers offer highly specialized services. Trade contractors work closely with professional renovators, who include them as part of their team as required for each project. Homeowners can also hire them directly when, for instance, you only want to replace your roofing or install a new furnace.


A home energy assessment by a licensed independent home energy advisor can help you save money and improve your home’s comfort by including energy upgrades in your renovation project. Energy advisors, licensed by the government of Canada, carry out a thorough inspection of all energy-related aspects of your home, and use computer modeling to identify the most cost-effective improvements. You get a written report listing possible improvements and potential energy savings. You and your renovator can use this report when developing your home renovation plans.

W hatever the nature and scope of your project, there are many experienced people who can help turn your renovation ideas into a successful reality. A renovation contractor or professional renovator, usually gets involved in a wide range of projects — large and small, interior and exterior. Renovation contractors work with you to turn your ideas into reality, and they coordinate all aspects of your project — permits, materials, workers, subtrades, supervision and inspections. In other words, a professional renovator puts it all together for you.


If your renovator does not provide design services, you can hire a designer or architect to assist you with plans and to prepare working drawings and specifications. Choose someone who is familiar with the special demands of renovations. Ideally, plans should be developed with input from the renovator who will be doing the work.


A professional renovator who specializes in a particular aspect of home renovation, such as kitchens and bathrooms, sunrooms or window replacement. Some contractors focus on renovations for special audiences, such as homeowners with environmental sensitivities.



A third-party inspection of your home before you begin planning your renovation may provide you with important information about its condition and possible needs for repairs and replacement. Before you hire an inspector, be sure to ask about qualifications, references and insurance.


Large renovation projects often require design work and drawings upfront before costs can be worked out and construction can begin. The design/build renovator provides both professional design and construction services and so is able to see your job through from start to finish.


WHO’S WHO IN Courtesy of the Canadian Home builders’ Association in the know Once you have decided to have renovation work done on your home, you want to find the right people to help you plan and carry out the work

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