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Exclusive announcements, press releases and thought leadership articles focused on manufacturing

LET’S GET digital Manufacturing is—including workers TeamViewer



Front-line and centre

An industrial VRevolution

Cutting-edge creativity







Issue 7 focuses on headsets and smart glasses FEATURING HTC Vive, XRSPACE, ThirdEye, XRA and more


VRWorldTech Magazine

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Exclusive announcements, press releases and thought leadership articles focused on manufacturing

Editor Mark Dugdale editor@vrworldtech.com


LET’S GET digital

Jonathan Savage jonsavage@vrworldtech.com

Manufacturing is—including workers

Editorial board




Front-line and centre

An industrial VRevolution

Cutting-edge creativity


Jan Pflueger, advisXR





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December 2021


Editor’s Note

LET’S GET digital

Manufacturing is—including workers


nother year, another publishing schedule at VRWorldTech Magazine completed.

It has been a wonderful, gruelling, insightful experience over the past three years (two since the inception of this magazine). The first because of all of the great people we have had the chance to meet, the second is obviously due to the pandemic, and the third because, again, the people, but also because never have we had the pleasure of learning from a more innovative, creative group of professionals. And we are only just getting started. Effective immediately, the digital edition of this magazine is available for under £10, a decision we took to make this resource as accessible to


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Editor’s Note as many businesses, professional

views and reaction. First up will be

need of cutting-edge immersive

users and developers as possible.

predictions for 2022 and beyond.

technologies and copious amounts

We want to spread the word about

Guess which word will appear most

of creativity.

advances made in immersive tech,

frequently there.

the metaverses that already exist,

And that is a wrap for 2021. Look

and what it can do for enterprise

On to this edition, our last of

out for the full publishing schedule

over the course of this decade.

2021. We consider the digital

for 2022 some time next week and,

transformation currently underway

while I have you, please spread the

For 2022, I can also reveal that this

within manufacturing and what role

word about VRWorldTech Magazine

magazine will stick to focusing on

augmented reality (AR) technology

and the new low prices for the

industries—specifically, healthcare,

is currently playing, after a

digital editions (one: £9.90 / six:

entertainment/arts, retail, military/

pandemic-hit 24 months.

£49.99 / 12: £79.99).

and AEC/manufacturing—with a

There is an interview with Hendrik

Thank you once again for your

developer profile and an interview

Witt, chief product officer at

support. Without it, a resource

with an enterprise user (we also

TeamViewer, on this subject, as

such as this magazine would not

have news about a special focus

the sector embraces AR for remote

be possible.

on education that we will share

support and work instruction so

next year).

that workers can keep pace with

From everyone at VRWorldTech

technological advancements

Magazine, we hope you have an

elsewhere in manufacturing.

enjoyable festive break and a happy

defence, professional services,

The Reality Wire will remain our space for contributed thought

new year.

leadership and profiles, as will the

We also hear from Marcel Georgii,

Meet feature for introducing new

digital products team leader at

developers to the enterprise market.

Stadler, on the train builder’s expanding use of virtual reality (VR)

New for 2022 will be Live from the

technology to not only design and

Metaverse, a round-up of immersive

prototype, but better involve clients

technology ‘business’ news that

in the process.

recaps the latest acquisitions, funding rounds, legal news and,

In this edition’s The Reality Wire,

possibly, people moves.

Theorem-XR outlines how it is delivering software and solutions at

Mark has been a business-to-business

This will be a mixture of already

every step of the engineering journey,

journalist for a decade. He has edited and

published news and exclusives, all

while VRMT sheds light on how it

written for websites within financial services

with the usual VRWorldTech twist.

is pushing the boundaries for glass

and law. He graduated from the University of

container manufacturing using VR.

Leeds with a BA in creative writing.

Metaverse with a feature on a

Finally, this edition’s Meet feature

current topic, where I will reach out

focuses on DedaloStudio, a potential

to respected experts to get their

partner to enterprise clients in

Mark Dugdale Editor VRWorldTech

We will accompany Live from the

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021



In this issue 10

Exclusive announcements, press releases and thought leadership articles focused on manufacturing. Featuring Theorem-XR and VRMT

Theorem-XR: Delivering software and solutions at every step of the engineering XR journey Katharine Edmonds, Theorem-XR

18 VRMT pushes the boundaries for glass container manufacturing using VR Tony Pawinski, VRMT

TeamViewer As manufacturing undergoes a digital transformation, its workers need tools and technology to keep pace


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m



Marcel Georgii Digital products team leader at Stadler

Stadler VR makes it easier than ever to design, review, educate and train—also, build a new £362 million fleet of rolling stock

DedaloStudio 30 Meet DedaloStudio, based in Barcelona, Spain, a potential partner to enterprise clients in need of cutting-edge immersive technologies and copious amounts of creativity

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


VRWorldTech is a must-read resource if you want to stay up-to-date on progress within immersive technology for enterprise. Our content sits between the technology’s creators and developers and the business leaders who can benefit from its use and application. We cover the stories that make immersive technology a reality.

TRW Theorem-XR: Delivering software and solutions at every step of the engineering XR journey


doption of extended reality (XR) technology in manufacturing is accelerating at a rapid pace. Using augmented, mixed or virtual reality (AR,

MR and VR) to carry out everyday tasks has, for some, gone from a ‘nice to have’ to full deployment, complementing, and in some cases even replacing, traditional methods and processes. There are organisations at both ends of the spectrum. Some are developing their own apps to meet the needs of their use cases. Some have bought devices, but aren’t sure where they fit or how they could use them. Others are still at the start of their ‘XR journey’, trying to understand the benefits that these new technologies can bring to their organisation. With a growing number of solution providers that are offering out-of-the box apps that allow users to jump straight into using their manufacturing and engineering data in XR devices, Theorem-XR is changing the landscape by offering solutions to meet the XR spectrum head on. Theorem Solutions enabling complementar y XR At its core, Theorem-XR enables engineering and manufacturing companies to optimise, visualise,


At its core, Theorem-XR enables engineering and manufacturing companies to optimise, visualise, and collaborate around their 3D CAD design data at full scale and in context Katharine Edmonds Senior marketing communications executive at Theorem-XR

and collaborate around their 3D CAD design data at full scale and in context, supporting engineering focused XR use cases for visualisation, design review, factory layout, training and visual digital twin. Theorem-XR is technology-neutral and supports a wide range of XR devices, from tablets and smartphones, to VR headsets such as HTC VIVE’s VIVE Focus 3 and Oculus Rift S and Quest, and MR devices such as Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap 1 (various devices pictured, right and on p12).

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


Getting the data in—easy! For many, getting 3D data into XR is the biggest stumbling block on the road to adoption. Theorem-XR experiences are underpinned by the Visualization Pipeline (pictured on p13, top), which provides a fully automated process, taking 3D data assets directly into Theorem-XR, or for the creation of Unity or Unreal

are removed. The process is as

assets for use in internal XR solutions.

simple as dragging and dropping

Big data? No problem!

design data on to the server,

When working with large datasets,

By using the Visualization Pipeline

‘save as’ from within native CAD

such as full factory layouts, even

to prepare and optimise CAD data,

applications, or export directly from

high performance PCs can struggle

difficulties that can be encountered

PLM systems. And the data only

with optimising data without losing

when trying to get 3D data into XR

needs to be prepared for use once.

some of its integrity.


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m


For Microsoft HoloLens 2 users,

remotely with colleagues is

Theorem’s ARR solution delivers

becoming increasingly more

remotely rendered data from


Summar y There are many benefits to bringing

Microsoft Azure Remote Rendering

the latest XR technologies into

servers, enabling users to add

What is great about Theorem-

existing workflows: reduce costs,

locally rendered content, by

XR’s experiences is that they work

improve product quality and

combining streamed data and

collaboratively, enabling remote

support the faster development

existing managed assets. This

teams and home-based staff to

of products and manufacturing

removes the barrier to working and

join and work in an immersive

processes. By using Theorem-XR

interacting with huge quantities of

multi-user environment, from

to undertake everyday engineering

design data.

anywhere where there is an

tasks, it allows you to visualise your

internet connection.

3D CAD data at full scale and in


context—the way it should be! And you do not necessarily

As traditional office-based working

need access to an XR device—

For more information on Theorem-

has recently been turned on its

even desktop users can join a

XR, visit www.theorem.com/

head, being able to collaborate

collaborative session.


w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


VRMT pushes the boundaries for glass container manufacturing using VR Tony Pawinski Director at Virtual Reality Machine Training (VRMT)


irtual Reality Machine

machine from a typical height of

IS machine). In this image, it shows

Training (VRMT) is a virtual

3.5m. Machine operators also interact

molten glass (called a GOB) freefalling

reality (VR) company

with the machine during the mould

into the molds.

dedicated to servicing glass

lubrication operation.

container manufacturing, which is

The glass manufacturing industry

a multi-billion worldwide industry

It is a process with many variables

faces tremendous pressure from not

and can be highly challenging to

and although there is a scientific

only legislation but other forms of

work in. It involves a 24-hour, heat-

element, it can be very difficult to

alternative packaging such as tin cans

related process, where a 10-minute

consistently achieve efficient and

and even the recent potential of paper

machine stoppage can result in

quality manufacturing.

bottles. As these industries develop,

hours of inefficient production. It

it is essential that glass container

also has significant health and safety

Image 1 (pictured on p15, top) is the

manufacturing keeps pace with the

challenges because molten glass

VR version of a typical glass bottle

modern world. In the EU alone, more

(circa 1,100°C) is dropped into the

manufacturing machine (called an

than 180,000 people are employed in


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

TRW the glass manufacturing industry. The need for ensuring that these people are ready for that challenge has never been greater. The challenge for VRMT was to produce a VR environment that meets these future demands. The obstacles were numerous. For a start, there are many different machine suppliers across the globe. Each glass plant has a different method of working/ documenting and for training resources. Overcoming language barriers was another major consideration. Since the glass industry is always evolving, so must VRMT, and to keep each company up to date with the latest software and developments was very important. Lastly, the size and ethos of VRMT was at the forefront of our thoughts. We always envisaged VRMT to be environmentally friendly, which meant the reduction of travel for us and our customers. Image 2 (pictured on p14, top) depicts that we sell, train, update and maintain all our systems remotely, regardless of their geographical worldwide locations. In the glass manufacturing industry, we are relatively lucky in that each IS machine works in a very similar manner, ie, they are all timed in the same way. Traditionally, a 360° drum with adjustable degree settings

drum timing to set event timings, meaning it

was used to provide timing for each

is still in degrees (and now also minutes). This

element, allowing a full machine timing

has allowed us to concentrate on a generic

chronology to be set by adjusting each of

machine and simply change the differing

these drum buttons in degree steps.

interfaces of each machine supplier.

Today, all machines are now electronic, but

We worked very hard to make sure that

they have all kept the same philosophy of

we gave each factory the ability to use

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


TRW their current and future PDFs and video documentation within the app, but in a manner which they feel confident that they control the security of. We have created a video and PDF player within the app but it can only use documents that reside on the individual’s PC, so it cannot accidently be shared by VRMT or any one else by mistake. Image 3 (pictured on p15, bottom) shows a PDF created by VRMT as a demonstration of the functionality. Although IS machine operation doesn’t present a language problem, we have made much of the interface functions icon- and number-based. The rest is on databases, so they can easily be translated, usually by the

We all believe that VR and its spin-

little written evidence to pass on to

customer. Training is usually delivered

offs are the future of training, which

the future workforce.

by the customer to their own staff

is backed up by many studies carried

and in their native language. Image

out over the years that have all

Today’s world is increasingly aware of

4 (pictured above) shows a typical

concluded that the most effective

the need to become environmentally

icon-based interface.

way to remember something is to do

friendly. Most companies now see the

the actual task, ie, you retain more

need to reduce their carbon footprint,

knowledge if you can see and do it.

not just for the environment but for the

We originally downloaded our software by cloud-based vehicles

sustainability of their own place in the

but due to technical issues, we

VR is a fantastic tool to help people

market. Travel and expenses for training

purchased our own robust download

work on equipment as if they were

courses tend to be finite resources and

software, which works very well. We

working in the factory, but without

are often the first budget to be reduced

no longer supply the hardware, such

the workplace dangers or loss of

in times of financial pressure.

as the PCs or headsets.

factory efficiencies. In the real world, a mistake can be catastrophic on so

Our aim at VRMT is to demystify the

This is partly because of issues

many levels, but in the virtual world,

world of glass bottle manufacturing

sending them abroad, but also

it becomes a recordable learning

in a safe and interactive environment.

because every company wants to

opportunity to reflect on and share

VR enables all of this and much more.

control their own security, which is

with others. Knowledge of how a

much easier to do if they supply the

glass bottle is manufactured and

For more information, please visit

PC themselves. It also fits with the

all the inherent synergies within the

www.vrmt.co.uk or watch this video:

VRMT environmentally friendly ethos.

machine takes decades to build with



December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Issue 8 Miss the latest issue of VRWorldTech Magazine? We've got you covered Issue 8 focuses on architecture, engineering and construction Featuring Numena, Holo-Light, Make Real, VRdirect, Arkio, From The Future and more

Mark Dugdale, Editor editor@vrworldtech.com

Jonathan Savage, Publisher jonsavage@vrworldtech.com

Manufacturing / TeamViewer


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Manufacturing / TeamViewer TeamViewer Frontline / xMake, and Vuzix M400

Front-line and centre As manufacturing undergoes a digital transformation, its workers need tools and technology to keep pace There is a sense across great

and chief executive officer of

swathes of industry that the

digital manufacturing ecosystem

coronavirus pandemic brought

company Fictiv, summarised the

significant and—quite possibly—

findings of its survey of more

everlasting change. From

than 200 senior leaders in supply

remote working to the ‘Great

chain, engineering, research

Resignation’, this is recognisable

and development, or business

in the short and medium term.

leadership roles.

What this change will look like in the long term remains to be seen.

According to Evans, the lasting impact of the pandemic on

With at least one exception:

manufacturing is still being felt

manufacturing. A sector that is

and, as the Fictiv survey found,

fundamental to modern economies

will change the way things are

suffered terrible disruptions at the

done. He explained: “In a world

height of the pandemic and supply

that is divided in so many ways,

chains continue to struggle.

there’s one thing pretty much everyone can agree on: the way

Writing for Forbes in May of this

we manage supply chains and

year, Dave Evans, co-founder

manufacture goods has been

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


Manufacturing / TeamViewer forever altered. The convergence

increasingly important in

at the same time, they are still

of megatrends like the need

manufacturing over the past few

confronted with fairly outdated

for greater agility to overcome

years, but primarily in areas such as

resources, some of which are still

disruption, a move toward

sensors, the internet of things and


reshoring, and the shift to remote

robotics. Little attention has been

work has given leaders room to

paid to the human aspect, however.”

reimagine what’s possible.”

Here, augmented reality (AR) technology is coming to the

The digitisation of frontline

sector’s aid, in several different

The “room to reimagine what’s

workers, on factory floors where

ways. Remote support, where

possible” is a crucial takeaway

the manufacturing actually takes

TeamViewer is a global leader, is

in the context of the pandemic.

place, to the sales personnel

an obvious one that manufacturing

Hendrik Witt, chief product officer

demonstrating the capabilities of a

businesses are embracing. Witt

at TeamViewer, the provider

particular product, has so far not

gives the example of machines in

of remote access and control

kept pace.

the assembly line from a variety

computer software, recognises this change and how it was prompted.

of different vendors. When one Witt says: “Workers need to stay

breaks down, they have to arrange

on top of the increasing complexity

for a particular expert to come in,

He says: “We have seen digital

inherent in the various different

identify the issue and provide a fix.

transformation becoming

manufacturing processes. But

Meanwhile, assembly downtime TeamViewer Frontline / xAssist, and Epson


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Manufacturing / TeamViewer

The manufacturing sector is aware of the need for this fast, innovative mindset and is responding Marcel Georgii Hendrik Witt Chief product officer at TeamViewer

hits the bottom line and workers

So in Witt’s opinion, the pandemic

for. In the US, manufacturing tends

are at a loose end.

was by no means the instigator for

to be less risk averse, so they

the manufacturing sector to begin

figure it out as they go but are more

Another is virtual design and

its digital transformation. This was

innovative as a result.”

product development, where

very much underway already. It

collaboration between designers,

was, however, the accelerator for

“The pandemic has taken that

like workers and experts with

the human piece of the puzzle: “I

away to a large extent and

remote support, is enabled by

would argue that this is the case in

so is accelerating the digital

digital technologies and enhanced

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

transformation process."

by AR and MR. There is also a

(EMEA) in particular.”

desire within manufacturing to

"The manufacturing sector

better enable hybrid working,

“This is because the pandemic has

is aware of the need for this

where the geographic location of

forced manufacturing businesses

fast, innovative mindset and is

one person is no barrier to them

in the EMEA to take on more risk,

responding in the ways I outlined.

working effectively with someone

which, before the last two years,

It no longer needs to be perfect

else in another.

they would have had less appetite

before even starting.”

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


Manufacturing / TeamViewer TeamViewer Frontline / xInspect, and Google Glass

‘Microsoft Office for the frontline worker’ Where manufacturing businesses are moving fast is guided workflows, to give workers as much critical information as possible, but more importantly, at the right times. “One focus right now is on stepby-step instructions,” Witt explains, “and keeping information simple TeamViewer Frontline / xAssist, and RealWear

for the worker to apply in any given situation. The issue then becomes one of accessibility. Automotive manufacturers, for example, tend to use screens in fixed positions to deliver this information. With AR, those workers can take the information with them and have it


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Manufacturing / TeamViewer

TeamViewer Assist AR

upskilling, training and execution support up and down the supply chain, from manufacturing proper, to logistics and sales. The next step for TeamViewer is where and when they need it. That

previously un-digitised workers

leveraging the technology to not

is a key focus for manufacturing at

with colleagues and remote

only help the workforces of these

the moment.”

experts and boasts a range of

businesses catch up with the digital

features, from AR-powered 3D

transformation, but surpass it.

With this in mind, TeamViewer’s

annotations, advanced object

industry-focused solution Frontline

tracking and optical character

A key part of that will be making

has become an end-to-end solution

recognition, to enterprise-friendly

it easier to get started with AR,

for manufacturing and other

session recording, file sharing and

which is why TeamViewer is

sectors to digitise frontline workers

high-end security.

investing in making the technology

by making digital information easily

low- or no-code.

displayable in their field of view

The aim for TeamViewer is to

to enable hands-free working and

become the “Microsoft Office for

Witt explains: “We want to

better ergonomics for the workers

the frontline worker”, Witt says,

bring this technology to people

while reducing errors.

not just within manufacturing, but

within manufacturing who have

across the supply chain where AR

business knowledge, rather than

offers real advantages.

programmers. Those who lead

TeamViewer Assist AR, on the other hand, is the AR-powered

teams, know their space. They

remote support solution in light

This “horizontal platform play”,

need to be able to design the

and enterprise editions to serve

as Witt describes it, involves

processes and readjust them in

businesses of all sizes. It connects

becoming the go-to AR partner for

order to do better.”

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


Manufacturing / TeamViewer

TeamViewer Frontline / xPick, and Google Glass

TeamViewer’s manufacturing

to be the combination of AR and

to keep pace with the wider digital

customers are also asking

AI, because, when you think about

transformation underway. Its use

intelligent questions about what

it, AR is actually AI in real time.

will depend on the manufacturing

AR technology can do for them

It is the visualisation of complex

processes as they progress and,

going forward.

data for the user, after processing,

as ever, the demands of individual

recognition and understanding.”


reliant on the ever-impressive

AR technology very much feels

But the steps TeamViewer

cameras of a range of increasingly

like it is closer to the beginning of

is taking to enhance what is

sophisticated devices. When

its journey in manufacturing than

already available, whether to

combined with other technologies

its end—one that was accelerated

make it easier to use or better

such as artificial intelligence and

rather than started by the pandemic

at carrying out already complex

image recognition, collected data

and all of the disruption that

tasks, will help to propel it toward

could be capable of assisting

continues to be felt.

becoming a standard technology

As a visual medium, it is heavily

quality assurance or even task completion verification.

for manufacturing in general, Witt believes AR has the potential

particularly in the production

to become a standard technology

process where there is little room

Witt concludes: “I think the

within the manufacturing sector,

for error and failures of supporting

standard going forward is going

given the recognition of the need



December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

T h i s

i s

a n

i m m e r s i v e

w o r l d

The Reality Wire tracks the latest press releases from across immersive technology. If you have a new product, an important update, vital funding or plans to partner, we want to hear from you.

H a v e


s t o r y

t o

t e l l ?

S u b m i t

i t

n o w :

e d i t o r @ v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Manufacturing / Stadler

An industrial VRevolution

VR makes it easier than ever to design, review, educate and train—also, build a new £362 million fleet of rolling stock


rain builder Stadler is

tour the fleet in a virtual recreation

products team leader at Stadler,

building a new £362 million

of the new driver’s cab during a

about the rise of VR in the rail

fleet for the Tyne and Wear

nine-week consultation carried out

industry, the opportunities

Metro light rail rapid transit

earlier this year.

presented by the ability to carry

system in the UK. With a date of

out remote design reviews such

2023 set for an initial delivery of

The aim was for Metro drivers to

as this, and what more the train

rolling stock, the company is using

both familiarise themselves with

builder would like to see from VR

virtual reality (VR) to carry out its

the driver’s cab, giving them a

technology as a keen user. This


head start in their training on the

interview was conducted via email

new trains, and provide design

and edited for style.

This is not unusual in itself, but

feedback on the controls, layout

thanks to progress made with the

and instrument displays, which

VRWTM: Can you give our readers

underlying technology, Nexus, the

could be passed on to Stadler’s

some insight into the scale of the

public body that owns and manages

designers and engineers before

task involved in designing and

Metro, is becoming more involved.

production began and Nexus takes

manufacturing a fleet of trains?

delivery of 46 new trains between

And how have digital technologies

2023 and 2024.

helped to simplify the task?

the immersive technology enabled

Here, VRWorldTech Magazine

Marcel Georgii: Stadler produces

approximately 155 Metro drivers to

speaks to Marcel Georgii, digital

a wide range of rolling stock for

With a VR app (pictured on p28) and headsets provided by Stadler,


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Manufacturing / Stadler

Marcel Georgii Digital products team leader at Stadler

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


Manufacturing / Stadler

different customers all over the

use of existing data for various

supporting our on-site teams to

world. As such, digital technology


educate our customers.

The use of computer-aided

Thanks to VR, we are now in

VRWTM: When did Stadler begin

design is common practice in the

position to remotely perform

using VR technology and why?

rail industry. The systems have

design reviews with our customers.

been redefined and tailored over

Furthermore, VR technology is

Marcel Georgii: Since 2017,

the years to better support the

moving into the area of training

Stadler has adopted virtual

engineering process and make

and documentation, and so is

reality as a technology with a

is vital for our engineering process.


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Manufacturing / Stadler dedicated centre of competence in

Marcel Georgii: It was very

Switzerland. Digital representation

important that the drivers who

of a future product that can be

will ultimately spend a significant

experienced in true 1:1 scale

amount of their time in the cab had

and real 3D has had a significant

the opportunity to give feedback on

impact on many of our customers’

many different aspects of it. This

projects and products. The benefits

helped work out larger and minor

of a digital mock-up to enhance

details. For example, the placement

or partially or completely replace

of buttons, switches and other

a physical mock-up has provided

interfaces between the driver and

opportunities for faster iterations,

the train have all been improved

better communication between

significantly. There are usually

the parties involved, and reduces

ways to achieve something similar,

overall costs.

but with a much higher cost, a much longer timeline and with all

VRWTM: Was using VR to bring

the global shipping, shortage and

clients/users into the design

pandemic restrictions that don’t

process a natural progression for

apply to software-based solutions.

Stadler? VRWTM: Given the current limits Marcel Georgii: Stadler has

of VR technology, are there any

always specialised in providing

advances that you’d like to see

our customers with a design that’s

made that would improve its

aligned to their needs in a timely way.

usefulness to Stadler in this and other areas?

The past few months and years have accelerated the adoption of new technologies at a much higher rate than predicted. It is important that we retain this momentum manufacturers come in their digital

This can be challenging, but VR

transformation journeys? What

supports the process with more

Marcel Georgii: The advances

more does the manufacturing

accurate digital representations

to be able to stay longer in virtual

sector need to do here to better

compared to drawings, images or

worlds, such as lighter HMDs or

serve clients?

videos. Physical mock-ups were a

more natural interfaces such as

common part of the design process

hand tracking, would undoubtedly

Marcel Georgii: There are

and switching to a digital solution

be well-received within our own

still many challenges ahead and

was a natural progression.

business and by our customers,

sometimes it does not move as

as well. The technology that we as

fast as expected in traditional

VRWTM: What was some of the

VR specialists love so much should

industries. But the past few months

feedback gained from the nine-

disappear in the background for the

and years have accelerated the

week consultation with Tyne and

users and the solutions should be

adoption of new technologies

Wear Metro drivers? And what did

as easy to use as possible.

at a much higher rate than most

VR reveal that perhaps would not

of us would have predicted. It is

have been possible without the

VRWTM: Finally, as a sector,

important that we now retain this

immersive technology?

in your view how far have


w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


Developer Spotlight / DedaloStudio

DedaloStudio DedaloStudio, based in Barcelona, Spain, is a potential partner to enterprise clients in need of cuttingedge immersive technologies and copious amounts of creativity


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Developer Spotlight / DedaloStudio

Set up in the middle of the global

a need in the VFX industry here in

of modelling, texturing, shading

financial crisis in Barcelona,

Spain, although the company was

and CGI animation. We also have

DedaloStudio was quick to embrace

created to help a director from

a high level of expertise in post-

immersive technologies while

Brisbane, Australia, with the VFX of

production processes both for film

developing high levels of expertise

his debut feature film.

and advertising. We have developed

and skills in VFX.

visual applications for Oculus, HTC We are based in Barcelona and we

Vive and more, using Unreal Engine

Co-founder Milo Farto talks to

are three founders. At the time,

and Unity.

VRWorldTech Magazine about the

due to the fact that we are shifting

origins of the studio, its impressive

our business towards the world

VRWTM: How did you come to

range for a variety of clients, and

of experiences, we have no extra

work with virtual and augmented

the insatiable desire the founders

employees, although we have a huge

reality (VR and AR)? And which

have to be at the forefront of

list of loyal freelancers we’ve been

of your projects using these

technology and creativity.

working with for the last decade.

technologies stand out for you?

VRWTM: Tell us about

In terms of capabilities, we are a

Milo Farto: Before we decided to

DedaloStudio—how did the studio

very transversal team with both

create DedaloStudio, we had been

come into being?

hard and soft skills, including

working in different companies here

everything from coding in Unreal

in Barcelona where we had some

Milo Farto: DedaloStudio was

Engine, Unity, scripting, HTML,

of the first contact with VR and AR.

born in 2009 because we detected

CSS and JavaScript, to a high level

(we used Quest3D at the time). So

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


Developer Spotlight / DedaloStudio to take that step forward and embrace the change was

not very challenging for us. What was really a challenge was creating DedaloStudio in the middle of the global financial crisis.

We are exploring how to transfer our knowledge to the metaverse and from there continue experimenting and creating new experiences for users

We have developed many projects related to VR and AR. Many of them are under non-disclosure agreements, but we can talk about Dr Archibald (pictured on p30, 31 and p33). This was the first haunted house developed and fully themed in VR. It involved a user going into the ride wearing an Oculus Rift headset, with each wagon holding two PCs equipped with a 1080 graphic card in order to ensure a high frame rate during the experience. It was a huge success in Germany where the client was based. Another project we are very proud of is one we developed for Plesk (pictured below and on p34). The company wanted to share with its audience all of the solutions it has. We helped the company by applying gamification techniques inside a virtual world experience to communicate those concepts. In this case, we used Unreal Engine and HTC Vive to create an ‘Experiential Corner’ that Plesk took to several events around the world.


December 2021

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

Developer Spotlight / DedaloStudio

w w w. v r w o r l d t e c h . c o m

December 2021


Developer Spotlight / DedaloStudio

VRWTM: What can you bring

Regarding the future, it is difficult

Milo Farto: We can be contacted

to potential future VR and AR

to say, but we are exploring how

directly through our website.


to transfer our knowledge to the

There, they can fill out and

metaverse and from there continue

submit the web form, or get in

Milo Farto: I think one of the

experimenting and creating new

direct contact with any of the

characteristics that most defines

experiences for users.

three partners: https://www.

DedaloStudio as a company is that we are insatiable.

dedalostudio.com/contact.html. Given our multidisciplinary profiles, we believe that we can still

We are also on social media. We

We live in continuous training and

contribute a lot and that is our goal

especially like Linkedin because

learning and that places us, on

for the future.

it is a huge source of passionate

many occasions, at the forefront of

professionals like us: https://

technology, with all of the risks that

Who knows? Maybe the next


this entails.

interview we do will be in real time


within the metaverse. But we feel comfortable in these

They can also see our work on

situations and we would like to

VRWTM: Finally, what’s the best

Vimeo and YouTube: https://vimeo.

continue to bring our expertise to

way for potential clients to get in

com/dedalostudio and https://www.

the world of visual experiences.

touch with you?



December 2021

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