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MARCH 2020


THE COMING TO AMERICA GALA Photos and info about the non- profit event.

THE MEN OF LOUISVILLE LOVE IS IN THE AIR 18 bios from the “50 Shades of Chocolate” Male Date Auction hosted by One Stop Fitness

Tonya Burbridge, MA, LSCC Owner/CEO of Life Transitions Coaching, LLC a Life Coaching Company located in Louisville, Ky. Life Transitions Coaching is a self-funded for-profit company, which is geared toward helping individuals close the gap on the place where their day-to-day life fails to align with their values and life purpose. Offering both Individual and Group sessions. These sessions are conducted over the phone or face-to-face. INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS WILL TYPICALLY LAST BETWEEN




People are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole We are all capable of solving problems We are all worthy of being championed We are all unique/valuable

People are ready to live at choice. ARE YOU MY NEXT CLIENT? As a Professional Life Coach, I will challenge, encourage, and help you overcome self-defeating habits. Ask yourself, is there a gap between where you are NOW, and where you WANT to be? If so, I hope to hear from you soon…

Table Of Contents Men of Louisville: Love is In The Air 18 bios from the “50 Shades of Chocolate” Male Date Auction... 06 Ron Anthony ................................................. Jason Buckner ................................................. Martrice Conner .......................................... Ken Courington ............................................ Rodney Cox .................................................. Antonio Dilworth ........................................ Nick George .................................................. Cecil Kirby .................................................. Rodney Lawrence ...................................... Micheal Leonidas ..................................... De’Shon McCain ...................................... Chris Rice ................................................. William Rose ............................................. Babacar Sambe ............................................ Darryl Stephens ........................................... Eric Stout........................................................ Rick Strickland ............................................ Joesph Yearby ..............................................

Entreprenuer of The Month: Wonder Woman Lameca Mickens 02 08 The Coming to America 10 Gala: 46 12 14 Photos and info about the non-profit event. 16 18 20 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44

Entrepreneur Of The Month

Wonder Woman: Lameca Mickens Lameca Mickens is an entrepreneur with multiple businesses. CEO/CFO of Mickens Enterprise, Owner/Head Director Of Vivid Imaginations Child Care Center, Owner of L & R Developments, Owner Of Exquisite Beauty Emporium and Exquisite Braiding Salon.

Lameca is very involved with numerous community service projects. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, traveling, cooking, shopping, reading, sleeping and trading foreign currencies.

When you shop at Exquisite Beauty Emporium you are treated with respect and Lameca is a mother of three children. She valued as a customer. Experience being received a Bachelor’s degree in Business around women of color that Identify with Administration (BA), with majors in all your hair and beauty needs. Management And Political Science, from Morehead State University in 1999. She also received a Master’s degree in Finance and Business Management (MBA) from Webster University in 2004; she graduated with honors. Along with over 25 years of management experience.



“Delegate duties to trust worthy staff and write down a to do list daily.”


“Being a African American woman I faced barriers opening accounts to supply my store. Asians have dominated the market for decades due to distributors being solely owned by Asians.”

Q&A VOMÉ: As the Quintessential Boss Wonder Woman, what advice will you offer other ladies who would like to become one or start a business? WONDER WOMAN: Do the research first, set a financial plan, business plan, and keep a job to maintain your personal from business. I have a business consultation firm that is a paid service for starting businesses, maintaining and retirement. Mickens Enterprises. LLC. My company donates time for new business owners who may need professional advice before starting a business and I’ve volunteered at schools to inform the youth about being self employed.

stores are by women of color and it’s a billion dollar industry. An industry Asians have dominated for decades due to the distributors being solely owned by Asians. Being a African American woman I faced barriers opening accounts to supply my store. Top beauty supply distributors like Shake N Go, Bobbi Boss and Harlem 125 would not allow my store to open accounts. I had to travel to other cities, network with other black owned beauty supply stores, and by the grace of God I made a way to fill my store. VOMÉ: Did any person or mentor, guide, influence, or motivate your efforts? WONDER WOMAN: No mentors or guidance. Just education, experience and faith.

VOMÉ: What are your business goals for VOMÉ: What is your definition of a “Boss the new decade? Wonder Woman?” WONDER WOMAN: Pay off my beauty supply WONDER WOMAN: Boss Wonder Woman is my store debts, go to China, and create a direct line to alter ego. She is knowledgeable about the business beauty supply products. world because she came from corporate America. An educated black woman, with tons of experi- VOMÉ: What are some ways you manage ence, passed over time and time again for promo- your time effectively? tions and advancements within companies. When I was passed over and told “No” often, this changed me. I wanted to stop working for big companies that WONDER WOMAN: Delegate duties to trustdidn’t value me. Instead, I wrote out my talents and worthy staff and write down a to do list daily. Baltold myself I will start a business based on tangible ancing business and family is something I need to needs. That’s when I became her. A Boss Woman work on. finds a way out of no way and knows her worth! VOMÉ: What unique challenges have you faced growing your business? WONDER WOMAN: Exquisite Beauty Emporium has been the most challenging business to date. 99% of the revenue that comes into beauty supply


50 Shades of Chocolate

Bidding for a cause

Jessica Foyah and April Jennings, trainers at One Stop Fitness gym; served as the producers of the “50 Shades of Chocolate Male Date Auction” early this February for the purpose of raising money to implement their Youth Fitness Program taking place this coming spring.

It was a night to remember with love in the Air and Bidding for a cause. 25 of Louisville’s most eligible chocolate was auctioned off to the highest bidders for a Sponsored date.

The event was hosted by Robin G and entertainment included special performances by Junior J, Kala Ross, and Deep Sea Rice and a The OSF Youth Fitness program will focus surprise guest. DJ PARTY ALL WEEKEND on educating the youth of the importance was on the 1’s and 2’s, prize giveaways, and of staying active. It is meant to enlighten the all the things to make for a special evening. youth on creative ways to stay active while having fun and feeling empowered.



Ron Anthony This tall, dark and & handsome man stands with confidence as a model, actor and mentor to young males. He is the director of the Louisville Sigma Beta Club Youth Mentor Program. He enjoys watching movies, great food, and even better company. He loves to travel and he is looking for someone who is daring and willing to try new things.



Jason Buckner This next bachelor is none other than a Gemini, carrying himself with a certain confidence & charm. With a background in corporate finance not only does he have sex appeal but the intelligence to match.


He volunteers his time as the founder of the Diversity STEM & Entrepreneurship Summit. He writes poetry in his free time, and when dating he enjoys live music, laughter at a comedy show and most importantly, great conversation with a great woman. He enjoys stimulating his mind and is ready to stimulate yours.


Martice Conner This bachelor takes the lead with his role in management. Outside of work he enjoys working out, traveling, exploring new cuisine & boat rides. He is a great listener, goofy at times but knows when to take things serious. With a cool and laid back demeanor he’s easy and fun to be around but wants to remind you...that he’s a grown man.




Ken Courington You may have seen this bachelor on stage as a model in the city. He enjoys really getting to know someone, laughing and joking. In his free time he is a mentor to young children at Newburg Boys and Girls club. He truly enjoys talking and learning the depths of a woman; he is a generous man, and to know him is to experience him first-hand.


Rodney Cox This next bachelor is his own boss as a filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is a man that takes leaps and reaches goals but also gives back by providing mentorship to at-risk youth. He is ready to make a woman laugh and enjoy getting to know a special lady on a more personal level. In his own words... “In this process of taking over the world I need a strong queen to accompany me.�



Antonio Dilworth It’s hard to ignore this next bachelor when he walks into a room. You’ve seen him on a few stages as a model in the city and he’s also known for his great style. When he’s not on-stage, spending time with his kids is what’s most important. He loves to please a woman in any way possible and is always looking for new and creative ways to make the date exciting so get ready to find out.



Nick George At age 30, he’s not only handsome & smart but artistic. He enjoys painting and creating beautiful art work in his leisure time. When he’s not creating art he’s preparing to save lives as a Residency Doctor, as a graduate from UofL Medical School.


A man of depth, he enjoys deep thought, pushing limits creatively, and trying new & challenging things and will also keep you laughing. Just give him Permission and he’ll take good care of you.




Cecil Kirby aka. Nova This creative spirit will serenade you with his music. He is a well-known music producer in the city having worked with artists such as K-Michelle, Trina, & the City Girls. He had you ladies twerking this summer with his hit record “Twerk� (cue DJ). A gentleman at heart, he enjoys great conversation, great company & a great time; and he will certainly keep a smile on your face.



Rodney Lawrence This bachelor enjoys a good time but his number one priority is his children. As a dedicated father, when he’s not managing his job he’s taking time to spend with his kids. Ladies if you’re wondering what he enjoys doing on a date...well you will just have to find out.



Michael Leonidas This Virgo man is a fitness trainer by day and a poetry writer by night. Fitness is a big part of his life, and outside of fitness he enjoys cooking and great company... and loves to be the cause of a woman’s laughter. On a date he enjoys museums, art galleries, good movies and of course fine dining.



De’Shon McClain At age 31, this bachelor works in construction, and has the body to prove it. He’s also building his own business by creating his own Painting Company. When he’s not hard at work he enjoys music, writing, and anything artistic and adventurous. He is very spiritual and loves to be surrounded by positive energy. He is stimulated by learning the mind of a woman. And in his own words... “you have to know me to see the mind of me”



Chris Rice AKA Deep This talented poet will serenade you with his words. An award nominated poet, he travels from city to city taking our minds on a journey. When he’s not writing poetry, he enjoys keeping things light but yet stimulating the mind. He loves feeding any starving mind and changing boring moments into well spent time. He’s single, funny, optimistic & deeper than the surface. Let’s just say...he’s ready to go deep.



William Rose This tall, dark & handsome bachelor works in property management by day and spends time reading and working out by night. When dating he enjoys great conversation and taking a woman out for a night on the town. He’s generous with giving, donating to multiple charities including Shriners for Children. Now he’s ready to give his time to one lucky woman.



Babacar Sambe He is known for capturing moments, so ladies get ready to capture a moment with him. As an award-winning Louisville photographer, his work speaks for itself. When he’s not behind the lens he enjoys being in front of a confident woman with great conversation. He loves watching movies, fine dining and travelling to new places.



Darryl Stephens A man with a sexy & confident demeanor, this next bachelor is normally behind the scenes but now he’s ready to walk the stage. Ladies if you’ve been out at the club on the dance floor, he’s probably the reason why. As a DJ & filmmaker he is making waves in the city of Louisville and is always on the scene.


In his free time he loves to work out, enjoys comedy shows & good vibes. If you go on a date with him, let’s just say he enjoys doing things that make you sweat (ex. Laser tag or rock climbing). Get ready to get busy, I mean active with our next bachelor.


Eric Stout A natural born leader, who is currently serving his community, Eric will woo you with his strong leadership skills while being a romantic. He is currently the Polemarch of the Louisville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated and served as a scholarship chairperson for the Tennessee State University Alumni association.


As the son of a strong father, he knows how to demonstrate disciplinarian and show unconditional love when needed. He received his education at Tennessee State University with a Bachelor and Master in Agricultural Sciences. He enjoys traveling and loves art, live music and good Bourbon.


Ricky Strickland Young & mature, this bachelor proves that age is nothing but a number. He is a man with a big heart, volunteering his time with special needs kids when he can. He enjoys connecting with a woman on a different level over dinner and drinks and is ready to show the right woman what he has to offer.



Joseph Yearby At age 26, he is a 6’4” boss, as the owner of Fit-Up LLC & his own Supplement company. As a well-known personal trainer in the city, fitness and wellness are a big part of his life; but what’s most important to him is time with his 4 year old son. In his free time he volunteers with the Youth Achievers Program, and speaks


with the youth about health & wellness. He enjoys great conversation with dinner and drinks and connecting with a woman through good music.


THE COMING TO AMERICA GALA Photos and Info about the non-profit event

Aryea Kolubah & Co (BTG ) “Bridging the Gap” prepared for theri first of many events. In doing so they captured several of the most stunning, art-like images you’ll see all year long. A beautiful collaboration of creators. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Tackling the issues that divide us is essential in order as a race to move forward. With the hope of creating a network tackling our issues and differences through cultural-exchange, education, race empowerment, and humanitarian relief.

The mission of the event is to “Bridge the Gap” between African and the western world (primarily focusing on people of African descent) People in Africa, Africans in the diaspora, African American and the Caribbean region (called the West Indians) we all share one common heritage which is Africa.

This year’s event theme was “COMING TO AMERICA ” BTG, Guests enjoyed an evening of two visual historical garment exhibit (timeline of African and American Fashion) speakers, media presentation, refreshment, and performances by local nationally known talents, event swag-bags, audience give-aways, auctions, and an experience like no other.





VomÊ Magazine: Love Issue February 2020 Credits as Followed: Publisher & Editor in Chief - Oremeyi Kareem Layout & Design: Bryan Liggons - Blue Beak Branding Cover: Photographer: Sedrick Sullivan Model: Cecil Kirby Tonya Burbridge Photography: Babacar Sambe Entrepreneur of the Month: Super Woman - Lameca Mickens: Photography: Denisha MCauley-Young Editorial: Oremeyi Kareem Interview: Oremeyi Kareem Cover Story: Men of Louisville: Love is in The Air | 50 Shades of Chocolate: Photography: Sedrick Sullivan De’Shon Mclain (himslef) Editorial: Bryan Liggons The Coming to America Gala: Taylor and India Creative credits as followed: Wardrobe Designer: @aryeakolubah Creative Director/Set Design: @loudbylatora Styling Assistant: @hay.deeda MUA: @izzyfoshizzy Hair: @coco_elaine @primebeautyky


Photographer @ebranchphotography Assistant/ Grip lighting: @jones_2.0

Staechelle & Fatima Creative credits as followed: Wardrobe Designer: @aryeakolubah Creative Director/Set Design: @loudbylatora Styling Assistant: @hay.deeda MUA: @deven.denise Hair: @coco_elaine @primebeautyky Photographer @ebranchphotography Assistant/ Grip lighting: @jones_2.0 Editorial: Bryan Liggons


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Vomé Magazine | March 2020  

MEN OF LOUISVILLE | Love is in The Air!: 18 bios from the “50 Shades of Chocolate” Male Date Auction hosted by One Stop Fitness ENTREPRENEUR...

Vomé Magazine | March 2020  

MEN OF LOUISVILLE | Love is in The Air!: 18 bios from the “50 Shades of Chocolate” Male Date Auction hosted by One Stop Fitness ENTREPRENEUR...

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