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HillsNews Autumn Newsletter


December 2018

Wellbeing Days in November Helen Clarke from the Summerhouse Studio held a ‘Painting Escape’ workshop for students. Helen talked to students about the benefits of painting and gave them tips and advice on how to paint a variety of mediums including winter berries and seed heads such as poppies, teazels and hogweed. She showed them a variety of techniques and also encouraged them to simply use their imagination - the session was for students to use as they wished by having fun playing with colour.

Helen Clarke with students at the Painting Escape workshop

Anila and Bernie (with her dog Stan) from Cambridgeshire Child and Adolescent Substance Use Service (CASUS), the drug and alcohol service working with young people in Cambridgeshire, came to talk to students about substances and the effects they have on the body and brain, the conseuqences of taking them, and the laws around drugs. Anila and Bernie were able to offer advice to students on the many ways they can keep themselves safe and make better decisions about drug and alcohol use.

Anila and Bernie from CASUS talking to students

Dave talking to students about Men of Oar

How do you row across an ocean? Why would you do it? What does it have to do with bowel cancer and mental health? Students were able to find out the answers to these questions from the crew of Men of Oar, who, on 11th December 2018, will be starting a 3,000 mile row across the Atlantic. Dave told students about his friend Robin, 31, who was diagnosed with stage 2 bowel cancer in 2016. Fortunately, with surgery and chemotherapy treatment has been prevented from spreading. Following his successful treatment, Army soldier Robin told Dave of his desire to undertake an adventure to celebrate surviving

cancer while also helping people who have the disease in the future. Dave and two other friends, Sam and Will, wanted to help him do something life-changing whilst attempting to raise £250,000 for Bowel Cancer UK and Combat Stress, a charity that supports service people in the Armed Forces who experience posttraumatic stress disorder. The four man crew therefore set about making this happen by raising the £80,000 needed to fund a boat and what they will need to survive in order to take part in an annual race to row non-stop across the Atlantic. We wish them well!

Goalball is a fast paced Paralympic sport played by blind and low vision individuals. Teams consist of three players all wearing a blindfold. In this session students were taught how to pass the ball, defend and finally play a game by Nick Burr and Amber his guide dog from CamSight, a local organisation who support people of all ages living with low vision and blindness to lead the lives they choose. Nick Burr from Camsight instructing students on how to play Goalball

French Exchange

French exchange students at the College

The French flag was flying during mid-November in the College quad; where we welcomed our exchange partners and give them a flavour of our College and British life. Colleagues kindly welcomed them into their lessons, ideally complementing their session on the British education system. French students followed a busy programme of drama, singing and politics with many questions on Brexit. An excursion to Norwich castle offered the unexpected bonus of an exhibition on the First World War. They enjoyed going to London including visits to the National Gallery and the War Cabinet before a brisk walk from Westminster to Covent Garden for a bit of ‘down time’. Sampling the local pleasures was much appreciated - cycling, punting, skating, bowling and visiting college - but when asked about their favourite part of the exchange, the vast majority of our partners mentioned the weekend with their host families – a big than to all! For our students, the best part is still to come: Montpellier in March, just before the Brexit date!

Hills Road Students Win a Trip to the Houses of Parliament Cambridge LaunchPad is a movement led by Cambridge science and technology companies, investing their talent and resources to inspire young people, especially girls and young women, into STEM (Science, Technology and Mathematics) careers. It is managed by local company Form the Future and works with pupils from ages five to eighteen at schools and colleges across the Cambridge area In February, Cambridge LaunchPad provided Hills Road students with the opportunity to visit local technology companies and work on interesting projects with them. Our students worked at Amazon, at The Technology Partnership and at the Sanger Centre. Seven of our students won awards for their enthusiasm and for the quality of their project work! Finn Sutcliffe, Eleanor Jenkinson, Alex Roussopoulos, Niki Wilder, Charlie Curedale-Rayner, Kate Rainsford and Zoe Norgett. Niki, Eleanor, Zoe, Alex and Charlie were the lucky ones who were able to take up their prize, which was a trip to the Houses of Parliament on 10th July. After an interesting tour, the students from Hills Road and other local

sixth forms had the opportunity to meet local MPs Daniel Zeichner and Lucy Frazer, who faced some tough questions from the students on Cambridge transport policy and Brexit. Baroness Uddin and Baroness Garden of Frognal also took time out from their schedules to give the students a flavour of what it is like to sit in the House of Lords. This being the day after the first Brexit resignations, we had hoped to be able to sit in on the Commons Brexit debate, but timings didn’t work out so Baroness Uddin invited us into the House of Lords gallery instead, as her guests. Baroness Uddin also hosted a session with Dr Peter Border of the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology. Dr Border is preparing a report for the government on ways to combat the growth in obesity. He wanted to hear the views of the students on this topic, which he did in lively debate with many interesting points made. This was a fascinating and informative day and a big thank you is due to LaunchPad, Form the Future and our parliamentary hosts for organising it. Stuart Jessop

Hills Road students: 3rd left Zoe Norgett, 6th left Alexander Roussopoulos, 2nd right Charlie Curedale-Rayner, 3rd right: Eleanor Jenkinson, 4th right Niki Wilder

At the ice-skating rink

Punting on the River Cam

Theatre Trip to see l’Etranger On 16th October 30 students travelled to London to see a play adaptation of the novel l’Étranger by Camus, which is one of

The Coronet

the set texts they are studying for their French A level.

Hills Road students at the theatre

Sixth Form College Association’s Raise the Rate Campaign

From left to right: Yolanda Botham, Heidi Allen, Ian Wilson, Jo Trump

The College has been supporting the Sixth Form College Association’s Raise the Rate campaign. Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition; if you haven’t signed it yet you can do so by going to: petitions/230140 Whilst the running costs of schools and colleges has increased significantly in recent years, the national funding rate of £4,000 for 16 and 17 year olds has been frozen since 2013. Both Hills Road and Long Road Sixth Form Colleges have joined the Raise the Rate campaign and they invited Lucy Frazer, MP for South East Cambridgeshire, to visit Long Road Sixth Form College on 2nd November to meet with Long Road’s

Principal, Yolanda Botham, Hills Road Principal, Jo Trump and Long Road’s Chair of Governors, Ian Wilson. Lucy Frazer committed to supporting the campaign principles and understood the need. Heidi Allen MP for South Cambridgeshire was also invited to Hills Road on 7th December to discuss the Raise the Rate campaign. Despite being embroiled in the unfolding Brexit saga, Heidi Allen made time to visit and expressed her strong support for the campaign, promising to do all she could to mobilise fellow MPs to lobby the Chancellor to Raise the Rate. We would be grateful for any suport you can provide, please visit www.

Highly Commended

Hills Road student Keir Bradwell was recently awarded Highly Commended in the RES Economics Essay Competition 2018. The title of Keir’s essay was “Some internet companies have become too big for the good of society and should be broken up”. Do you agree? Keir said “I argued against the statement, instead suggesting that better regulation and more effective taxation would solve the issues some internet companies present, without also nullifying the benefits of letting internet companies grow.” “To do that, I looked at how traditional competition policy was unsuited to thinking about the altogether less wellestablished, and more dynamic, nature of internet businesses. The replacement of once-dominant search engines AltaVista, Yahoo! and Lycos with Google is testament to the continued importance of R&D for big internet businesses. If R&D remains vital in order for larger companies to survive, innovation will continue, and consumers will benefit.” “I also looked at a few other areas in which having large internet companies is beneficial - for example, the potential for small, innovative firms to get purchased by larger ones incentivises investment from venture capitalists in those smaller companies, aiding the development of new technology which would otherwise be unprofitable in the short-run.” “Finally, I looked at the downsides to allowing huge internet companies to remain the size they are (poor working conditions in places like Amazon, for example, alongside difficulties in taxing supranational businesses, and the anticompetitive side-effects of data collection). However, rather than break companies up to solve these issues, I made a case for using employment regulations, carbon and land value taxes, and GDPR-style data regulation instead, which I thought would do less damage to the consumerfriendly fundamentals of large internet companies’ business models.” There were a total of 1300 entrants to the competition - well done to Keir on being awarded Highly Commended.

Keir Bradwell with the Principal, Jo Trump

Keeping Faith

AcSEED Award for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

The College is delighted to announce that we have been presented with the AcSEED Award for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support. We are the first school or college in Cambridgeshire to have gained this prestigious award. “AcSEED promotes the adoption of best practices in supporting the emotional wellbeing and mental health of young people in schools and colleges, and provides recognition for organisations that satisfy the Faith the Harris Hawk with her handler Mark AcSEED criteria for wellbeing support” said Charlotte Gatherer, founder of The AcSEED Over the last few years, an Initiative. increasing population of feral pigeons have “The AcSEED assessment team been nesting on the rooftops and under solar panels at the College. The pigeons have were impressed by the strong wellbeing caused damage to some of the panels, and their droppings have blocked the gutters and soiled the paths. In order to persuade the pigeons to move somewhere else, the College has employed the services of Mark and his Harris Hawk, Faith. Mark has been flying Faith around the College site, persuading the pigeons that it is not a safe and comfortable place for them to be. Dave Merritt, Estates Manager said, “Faith has been a huge hit with staff and students alike, with many people eager to take the opportunity to get up close to such an impressive creature.” “The pigeons are not so keen; just two weeks into a six month programme, the flocks are beginning to disperse, and overall numbers have reduced noticeably. Unlike the students, the pigeons don’t think that Faith is coo-l.”

Shortlisted for the TES Sixth Form College of the Year The College has once again been shortlisted for the Sixth Form College of the Year category in the TES (Times Education Supplement) FE Awards 2019. This award seeks to recognise sixth form colleges which best epitomise the qualities which make the sector so distinctive. The TES are looking for evidence of excellence in 16-18 education across the board in terms of the quality of teaching and learning as well as outcomes. They also want to see evidence of reaching out to other institutions and a commitment to sharing good practice and raising achievement more widely. It is open to all designated sixth form colleges in England.

ethos at Hills Road Sixth Form College, and by the comprehensive range of mental health and wellbeing provision available to staff and students. We are therefore delighted to announce that Hills Road Sixth Form College has been accredited with The AcSEED Award.” Lucy Edevane, Associate Principal at Hills Road said “We are incredibly pleased to have achieved this award which recognises the outstanding wellbeing and mental health support that the College provides.” “For a great number of our students, this support is vital in allowing them to achieve the positive outcomes, both academic and personal, that they strive for.”

From left to right: Ian Perry - Head of Year 13, Jane Elsey - College Counsellor, Nick Gatherer from AcSEED, Lucy Edevane - Associate Principal, Maggie Treherne - Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Eloise Wins £100 of Book Tokens for the College Library

Left to right: Jo Trump (Principal), Eloise George, Kathy Ashby (Library Manager)

Congratulations to Hills Road student Eloise George who won joint second place in Trinity College’s R A Butler Prize for essays in Politics and International Studies. Eloise won £100 for herself and £100 worth of book tokens for the Hills Road library.

Library and Digital Resource Manager, Kathy Ashby said “One of the books we will be buying with the book token is Eugene Rogan’s ‘The Arabs A History’ as Eloise has just applied to read Arabic and Islamic Studies at Oxford University.”

RoboCon 2019

Lizzie’s Poem is Commended

Hills Road students assisting secondary school pupils with their robots at the kick-off launch event

On 17th November, over 50 Year 9-11 pupils from eleven schools across Cambridgeshire came to Hills Road to take part in a kick-off launch event ahead of the Hills Road RoboCon, a robotics competition that will take place next April. The competition is organised by students from the Hills Road Robotics Group. The launch event started off by introducing the competitors to this year’s competition game and rules. Once the competition rules had been explained to the teams, a selection of workshops were on offer, including giving advice on everything from how to get robots to move autonomously to using computer vision to navigate. In order to enable as wide a participation as possible, the Hills Road Robotics group of students have designed a ‘starter-kit’ which they loan to the teams of pupils taking part in the competition, free of charge. This is only possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of local companies; CITRIX and Arm. The kit contains everything the teams need to help get them off the ground. It enables them to use the full extent of their ingenuity and creativity to solve the challenge of the competition. In addition to providing the teams with starter-kits, the teams are encouraged to think of strategies to win the competition.

The Hills Road students were impressed with the wide range of ideas and suggestions that the competitors came up with, many of which they had not thought about! This year’s competition will involve robots identifying, moving to and picking up cardboard cubes, and then returning them to a ‘home zone’. Whilst the objectives of the competition are relatively straightforward, the competitors were able to come up with countless ways to approach the problem and optimize their solutions. The Hills Road Robotics students were kept on their toes throughout the session assisting the teams by answering their questions and lending them a hand. One of the Hills Road organisers Arvan said, “It was great to engage with younger pupils and help them solidify and develop their ideas using the experience we have gained in previous years.” “Although we were super busy, I think everyone really enjoyed the experience and we look forward to seeing the competition develop in the coming months.” “The day was a resounding success with everyone having tons of fun with an extremely productive five hours.” If you are interested in finding out more about the RoboCon competition please visit their website:

Hills Road student Lizzie Freestone has been selected by judges Caroline Bird and Daljit Nagra as one of the 85 commended Foyle Young Poets of the Year 2018. Lizzie was selected from nearly 6,000 entrants and 11,000 poems from across the world: an amazing and impressive achievement! The Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award is for poets aged 11-17. Since it began 20 years ago the Award has kick-started the careers of some of today’s most exciting new voices. It is the largest competition of its kind and is free to enter. Each year 100 winners (85 Commendations and 15 Overall Winners) are selected by a team of high profile judges. Congratulations Lizzie!

Lizzie Freestone

Spanish Exchange

Hills Road students with students from Santander

Kick-off event on 17th November

Spanish students from Santander visited us from 20th-25th November. They had a fantastic time with Hills Road students, enjoying visits to Harry Potter World and London. It was a great experience for all students and the Hills Road Spanish students are looking forward to meeting up again with their counterparts in Santander in March 2019.

Joe Waters Wins Latin Prose Competition


Year 13 student Joe Waters took part in a competition organised by the Classical Association which was held at the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge on 15th November. Joe competed against several other students in the senior section and came first in the Latin Prose and second in the Latin Verse categories of the competition, which was judged by Dr Christopher Whitton, Senior Lecturer in Classics at the University of Cambridge. Joe said “We had to read out an unmarked copy of a designated passage of Latin (verse or prose depending on the category). In each category, the passage was the same for every contestant because the competition was about judging the method of reading Latin and specific things like stresses, pronunciation and (in verse) scansion . However, we were also judged on our ability to dramatise and get across the meaning of the passage.” “The passages we had to read were from Tacitus Annals Book 1 Chapter 6 (about the beginning of the reign of the Emperor Tacitus, helped by his wicked stepmother Livia) and Book 10 of Virgil’s Aeneid (in which Pallas, who has been put in the care of our hero Aeneas, is about to be cruelly slain by the Latin warrior Turnus).” Well done Joe!

50:50 Parliament Conference

Annabel Trevillion is on the far left and Dolly Theis is on the far right

Politics students were encouraged to attend 50:50 Parliament’s #AskHerToStand conference at Newnham College on 17th November. The conference was co-hosted by Professor Dame Carol Black, Principal of Newnham College, Jackie Ashley former President of Lucy Cavendish College and Dolly Theis, Co-Director of 50:50 Parliament’s #AskHerToStand campaign. The Guest of Honour was Victoria Atkins MP, Minister for Women and the speakers included Heidi Allen MP. Hills Road student Annabel Trevillion said “I went to the event as I thought it would be a really good opportunity to hear various political stories and ideas on a very topical subject which is a very important topic for

me and for society today. Although it didn’t directly correlate with the topics we study in politics, it was very interesting to hear about politicians’ views on this and the plan for change.” “There were some very inspirational speakers including Dame Mary Archer, a chemistry professor who spoke on the fight for female representation in parliament and the fight for representation of female scientists in Parliament as experts in their field.” “Her stance and confidence in her knowledge and herself was very evident and she spoke highly of all the women she had worked with, and of the women who organised the event and the group itself.”

Support Staff Receive ILM Award

Left to right: Brendan Synge, Laani Johnson, Claire Anderson, Sue Norman, Sara Halliwell

Joe reciting Latin during the College trip to Rome!

Susan Norman has over fifteen years’ experience designing and delivering learning and development programmes for a range of organisations within Cambridgeshire. Susan was approached to design an accredited management development training course for 7 members of Hills Road’s support staff who had line management responsibility in their roles. Three units from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualifications were identified as being appropriate to build on existing skills and knowledge. These were Problem Solving and Making Decisions; Understanding Leadership; and Managing Conflict in the Workplace. The programme began in the Autumn term 2017 and was delivered over the full academic year in a blended learning style with two on-site workshops per term

supported by a workbook for self-directed learning. Seven members of staff took part and were required to attend all workshops and complete a written assignment for each unit, mapped to assessment criteria set by ILM. As part of the Problem-Solving unit the managers identified a problem from their own workplace, researched the background and identified potential solutions. They then systematically assessed a range of potential solutions before making recommendations for the most effective solution. We are delighted to announce that all the members of staff achieved Passes for their three assignments, gaining the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management and the internal verifier commented on the high standard of work submitted.

Chief Regulator of Ofqual visits Hills Road Grace Saves the X3 The Principal, Jo Trump was delighted to have the opportunity to talk directly to Ofqual Bus Service to welcome visitors from Ofqual on 12th October. colleagues today about the transition to linear A Sally Collier, Chief Regulator at Ofqual and Beth Black who is Director for Research and Analysis, joined her and Curriculum staff in discussing the impacts of the new linear A level specifications on students’ outcomes. During the visit, Ofqual were keen to understand the experience of the new specifications from the perspective of both teaching staff and students and met with some Gap Year Hills Road students who talked about their personal experience of completing A level qualifications in the Summer. Jo Trump said “We were really pleased

levels and to be able to raise some examples of the early issues we have found.” “As a large and experienced A level centre, we are very well placed to be able to provide statistically valid samples of how the new A levels are working on the ground for students.” “We are pleased to be able to contribute to Ofqual’s effort to ensure that students are rewarded accurately and fairly for their achievement in these high stakes examinations which mean so much to students, parents and teachers alike.”

Grace Fisher

From left to right: Sally Collier, Jo Trump, Beth Black

Careers Staff Gain Level 6 Careers Diploma Julie Anderson and Anita Irving have recently completed OCR’s Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance and Development. This qualification is registered with the Careers Development Institute and delivered by Cambridgeshire County Council. The qualification allows Julie and Anita to practise as Careers Guidance Advisors to sixth form students. Anita said “It has been both challenging and rewarding completing the course whilst working in the busy Careers Department at Hills Road. Julie and I are looking forward to putting into practice what we have gained from this qualification by continuing to support Hills Road students’ progression to Higher Education and employment.” Over 90% of Hills Road students enter degree courses, with over 30% taking the

Julie (left) and Anita

opportunity for a gap year between Hills Road and Higher Education to broaden their experience or go straight to employment with training. Career staff and tutors support and guide students to complete university applications via UCAS and to other specialist colleges e.g. art, music and drama as well as foreign universities. Principal, Jo Trump, said “We are hugely proud of Julie and Anita’s commitment to achieving this qualification.” “As valued members of the staff team at the College, it is really fantastic to have these two colleagues modelling the benefits of lifelong learning to our students. Their new qualifications will help us maintain our careers excellence standards by exceeding the government’s new benchmarks in relation to the availability of specialist, level 6 careers advisors, which is great news for students at the College.”

Year 13 student Grace Fisher has successfully campaigned to save the X3 bus service to Papworth Everard, which she relies on to get to Hills Road Sixth Form College each day. When Grace heard that the bus service was going to be cancelled she set up a petition to restore the bus service. To date, the petition has been signed by over 2,200 people: cambridge-county-council-restore-a-busservice-to-papworth-everard?signed=true Grace was invited along to the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire show on Tuesday 16th October to talk about her petition and why she was campaigning to save the X3. Shortly after Grace was interviewed on the breakfast show, Whippet buses announced that South Cambridgeshire District Council and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority have stepped in to subsidise the service with a £10,000 grant.

Grace said “I am thrilled at the recent outcome of the proposed plan to keep the X3 service running until March. Next year will prove to be a crucial year for students in both lower and upper sixth, with pupils taking both mock and final exams; I plan to keep campaigning for a stable service to be implemented in April 2019 for students and those who work in Cambridge alike.” “Without the support of Mark Howell, the fantastic community of Papworth Everard and all those who signed the petition, I certainly would not have been able to make the campaign a success. Thank you to everyone involved both behind the scenes and upfront.”

Alumnus Charles Brown Charles Brown was born on 27 August 1894 in Burwell, Cambridgeshire. He was a pupil at The Cambridge and County School for Boys (now Hills Road Sixth Form College) from 1906 to 1910. The school was founded in 1900 and the headmaster was Reverend C.J.N Child. It was originally described as a ‘Secondary School for Boys preparing for Farming, Market Gardening, Building, Surveying and Business Life generally’. After leaving the school in 1910 Charles worked for 18 months in the office of the Ocean Company in Cambridge as an insurance clerk before joining Barclay’s Bank where his eldest brother Edward worked. Charles’s obituary states that he ‘served with the utmost satisfaction at their Oundle, Leicester and Uppingham branches.’ While at the Uppingham branch, Charles took his Preliminary Institute of Bankers Examination, The Journal of the Institute of Bankers in April 1915.

Students Mark 100 Years since the End of World War 1

Dr Chris Welander with Hills Road students on Armistice Day

The British Legion invited the College to take part in the ceremony in Cambridge to mark the Armistice. Dr Chris Welander and several Hills Road students attended the march on Sunday 11th November along with a number of local schools. The students were Surena Pahleva, Tait Allen, Tom Fox, Roseanna Pope, Rhiannon Warren,

Ellen Olley, Felicity Cooper, Evan Day, Gemma Brown and Lizzy Nightingale. They marched behind the veterans and cadets to the war memorial in Hills Road where a most moving service was held involving the choir from King’s College and a clergyman from Heidelberg, Cambridge’s twin city. It was a very memorable occasion.

Black History Creative Night

On 22nd November a group of fabulous performers from the Afro-Caribbean Charles Brown’s original school record card from Society at College, staged a wonderful the College archives evening of music, dance and spoken word poetry. The brilliantly varied programme included original devised pieces, such as a During this time World War I had dance sequence narrating the story from broken out and many brave men applied to oppression in slavery to freedom and strength become soldiers and fight for their country. in unity and a skilfully scripted duologue Charles was one of those men, although he entitled ‘oppression, deception, progression’ was declined the position because he was under the required standard height of 5’ exploring race discrimination in the past, 3”. However, when he learnt that his friend present and future. A lively Afrobeat dance Tom Blackwell had joined the 12th Bantam piece showcasing the vibrant and unique Battalion of Suffolk, he immediately applied African culture through dance exuded energy, and was accepted. ‘Bantam’ battalions were fun and friendship, nicely counterpointing units formed for shorter men with heights more challenging rap pieces, including Jessica between 4’ 10” and 5’ 3”. Eve’s excellent rendition of Thieves in the Towards the end of March 1918 Night by Black Star. the 12th Battalion was moved 40 miles north Femi Ariyibi and Fridaws Olawole to the Merville area to be put in reserve behind an 8 mile front between Armentières and Fleurbaix. At the beginning of April the battalion went into line in the Bois Grenier sector and a few days later into billets in Fleurbaix. On April 9 at 4.15am, the enemy attacked, a very heavy bombardment being accompanied by gas in exceptional quantities. The battalion held on until half-past four in the afternoon, putting up a magnificent defence which was spoken about by Sir Douglas Haig who said “In this fighting, very gallant service was rendered by 12th Battalion Suffolk Regiment, 40th Division, who held out in Fleurbaix until the evening though heavily attacked on three sides.” Sadly Charles was killed in action near Armentières on 10 April 1918 aged 23 and his body was never identified so there is no known grave.

provided some emotionally charged and lyrical renditions of Beyoncé’s I Was Here and Meghan Trainor and John Legend’s Like I’m Gonna Lose You. Then they perfomed a final duet to finish the evening of Powerful, a song honouring those who have worked to promote racial co-existence while highlighting that there is work still to be done in the matter of racial prejudice and recognising that unity, regardless of skin colour, is the only way that true progress can be achieved. This entirely student-devised and performed evening was a fantastic celebration of what can be achieved with the combined energy, enthusiasm and talents of young people. Congratulations to all of the members of the Afro-Caribbean Society who were contributed to the evening.

Members of the Hills Road Afro-Caribbean Society at the creative night

Author and Alumna Kim Returns to Hills Road to Talk to Parents Hills Road alumna Kim McCabe is the founder and director of Rites for Girls and a home-educating mother of three. She was invited to come along to the College on 6th December to give a talk to parents about ‘Parenting Children Safely Through Their Teens’. As the originator and facilitator of Girls Journeying Together groups, her vision is that every girl grows up expecting guidance as she matures and will be aware of a Girls Journeying Together group near to where she lives. Hills Road student Rosie asked Kim five questions about herself... 1) When were you at Hills Road and what did you study? I was at Hills Road in 1982-4 to study A level Economics, Physics and Double Maths. 2) What are your fondest memories of your time at Hills Road? Mostly it was the new friendships and that feeling of having more freedom.  Hours spent hanging out and heated debates in the smoking hut; I didn’t smoke but at that time all the people who interested me did.

Kim McCabe

Weekly lunchtime Alexei Sayle videowatching-Society which was organised by our Economics teacher. Learning things that weren’t going to be examined like car maintenance and how to make cement and build a wall. 3) How did you get from being a sixth form student at Hills Road to becoming a successful author and company founder/ director? By following my heart.  Really.  I made a lot of decisions that didn’t look like they’d be the best for my career, but they were right for me at the time.  4)  What is it you’re striving to achieve through your book and company, and what is it that inspired you? What inspired me was holding my baby girl in my arms and remembering my own difficulties growing up. Through Rites for Girls I want to make girls’ lives happier, safer and better supported.  We support pre-teen and teen girls in Girls Journeying Together groups,meeting monthly preparing for puberty, guiding through adolescence and creating a group experience where girls don’t need to change anything about themselves in order to fit in; and at the same time supporting their mothers.  We also train women across the world to run these groups. In my book ‘From Daughter to Woman’ I want to give parents more tools to parent their girls safely through their teens.

Kim’s book ‘from daughter to woman’

Kim McCabe talking to parents in December

Iain’s Passion for Oracy

5) If you could give any advice to teenagers today, what would it be? Find mentors. Be a mentor.

Iain Lynn

Year 12 student Iain Lynn is a passionate speaker who is heavily involved with the English Speaking Union (ESU) and debating in general. Iain has competed in various competitions, which have resulted in him becoming a judge for the ESU in their public speaking competition. This summer Iain won the Cambridge Education Awards ‘Pupil of the Year’ for his work with the ESU and his 100 reasons campaign. Iain was inspired to start the 100 reasons campaign following a campaign that the ESU ran last year called ‘ESU Speak Out’, which was in celebration of their centenary. Iain pledged to tweet 100 reasons for oracy’s importance. You can find Iain on Twitter @_iainlynn. He said “The 100 reasons were primarily to celebrate the ESU and increase the awareness of oracy’s importance.” Iain was offered the opportunity to represent the ESU in a parliamentary meeting headed by Emma Hardy, MP and member of the Education Committee. Since then an APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) has been formed with the sole purpose of including oracy in education. At the meeting (in a committee room within Parliament itself) Iain gave a speech focused on his perspective of oracy. “My aims for the future are to work with the ESU in increasing oracy opportunities to those in state schools, as well as working with the APPG in order to put oracy first. In the meantime I have spoken at a few ESU-organised events about Oracy.” Iain has also written a few articles about his experiences for ‘The Noisy Classroom’, a charity that runs oracy workshops and debating competitions. Well done Iain!

Alumni Attend Young Composers’ Festival On 19th November in the fabulous surroundings of Queen’s College Old Hall, an audience gathered for a wonderful evening of new music-making as part of the Cambridge Music Festival 2018. This particular evening was dedicated to the up and coming talents of eight young East Anglian composers aged between 16 and 21. The Young Composers’ Network was founded in 2014 by a group of composers, many studying with Aldeburgh Young Musicians, and supported by Dr Frankie Williams (also a current governor at Hills Road), with initial funding from Cambridgeshire Music. Premiering their music that evening was the professional Brodsky Quartet who had met and rehearsed with the composers earlier in the day in order to be able to perform their works. The evening was curated by ex-Hills Road student, Luke Fitzgerald, who is now in his third year reading music at Gonville and Caius College where he is the senior organ scholar. He will be going on to take up a composing residency at Cambridge Corn Exchange from 2019. Joining him on the programme for the evening were two further Hills Road alumni, Dominic Wills and Alexia Sloane. Both Dominic and Alexia left Hills Road in 2018 and have now taken up places to study composition at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Music Concerts

Students performing at the Chamber Concert at the College in October

On 18th October, the Chamber Concert took place in the College’s Colin Hill Recital Room. The concert included solo and ensemble items from a number of students including Daisy Lihoreau performing the 1st movement of Concerto for Oboe and Strings

by Vaughan Williams accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra. There were also performances from Chamber Choir, Jazz Orchestra and Folk Roots group, as well as a number of studentled instrumental groups.

Students performing at the Cambridge University Concert Hall, West Road in November

On 29th November the Autumn Concert took place in the Cambridge University Concert Hall, West Road, Cambridge. This fabulous concert featured Hills Road student Zak Cebon as soloist in the 1st movement of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2, and the Symphony Orchestra

performed Mussorgsky’s Night On a Bare Mountain. The Wind and Jazz Orchestras performed a varied repertoire, and the combined forces of College Choir and Chamber Orchestra presented Toward the Unknown Region by Vaughan Williams.

Legally Blonde Young composers’ evening of music in Queen’s College Old Hall

With eight original compositions for string quartet, it was a wonderful evening to savour the rich variety of approach and bold experimentation that these emerging talents undertook, each of them in their own way testing and resolving the limits of what is understood by the quartet form and all of them producing music that was as uplifting as it was thought-provoking. It was a real pleasure to see former Hills Road students doing what they love and continuing to achieve the highest standard of music-making.

An amazingly talented young cast bring this year’s College Enrichmment musical, Legally Blonde to life, bursting with energy and enthusiasm. A fabulously fun award-winning musical follows the transformation of Elle Woods, sorority star, as she tackles stereotypes and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. Elle doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, so when her boyfriend dumps her for someone ‘serious’, she puts down the credit card, hits the books, and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law. Elle quickly realises her potential and sets out to prove that being true to yourself never goes out of style. Full of memorable songs, this action-packed musical will bounce you into the festive season with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Performances in the Robinson Theatre at the College on Tues 11th, Wed 12th, Fri 14th and Sat 15th December at 7.30pm. Tickets £12.50/£9.50 from: https://www.

Students from the Women’s Rugby Team PE Trip to Boston Help To Inspire New Players were introduced to training and development in the morning and festival games took place during the afternoon. Adrian Medd said, “One of the principal objectives was to find out what sort of appetite there was among staff and the girls to further develop rugby for girls at their schools.” “In addition, it provided an opportunity to inform the girls about rugby at sixth form colleges in the area and of course at the local clubs such as Shelford, Cambridge and Ely.” Rugby Football Union (RFU) coaches, independent referees, a physio and staff from the schools were also in attendance Staff and students in Boston to support the players. 33 Hills Road Physical Education A level students and three members of staff set off from Gatwick on 12th October for six action packed days of sports and lectures at the top colleges and universities in Boston, USA. The students attended the following sports matches: • American Football at Boston College • Boston Red Socks Baseball match • Boston Celtics Basketball match • Women’s Volleyball at North Eastern College They also went along to the Boston Bruins Ice Hockey training session. The students attended the following lectures and talks: • Harvard University – Structure of American Sport. • Boston University – Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition. Left to right: Adrian Medd, Johann Villanos, Harriet Scott-Murfitt and Grace Clark • New Balance – Merchandise Branding and Marketing. • Bruins Marketing – Sport Marketing Philosophy and Bruins Team Training. • Boston Celtics – History Museum and Evolution of American Sport. • Implementation: American History, Sports and Nutrition. • Freedom Trail and Bunker Hill • American Football (rules & tactics) on Boston Common and Beach. • Team ‘Bake Off’ – 3 teams preparing 11 meals with some very imaginative dishes. • Boston Quiz and Treasure Hunt. • Preparing a six slide powerpoint presentation towards their PE A Level.

Three Hills Road Rugby players attended the inaugural Cambridgeshire District Secondary School Sports Association Festival at Shelford Rugby Club on 14 November. Year 13 students Harriet ScottMurfitt, Grace Clark and Year 12 student Johann Villanos were on hand to give support and advice to players at the festival which was organised by Hills Road rugby coaches Adrian Medd, Gareth Streeter and Carl Humphries, Head of Physical Education at Chesterton Community College. More than 200 under-13s and under-15s attended the event from secondary schools in Cambridgeshire. The festival was designed to provide an introduction to rugby union. The players

Netball Team Trained by Mavericks Coach

Sachel Grant training the netball teams

The Hills Road Netball Squads enjoyed a coaching session with Sachel Grant, U19’s Mavericks Coach. Mavericks are the East Region’s flagship franchise with teams in the Vitality National Netball Super League. They are also responsible for the Performance Player Pathway working

directly with England Netball. Sachel put the girls through their paces for 2 hours and provided some useful tips to help the players prepare for their forthcoming regional and national competitions. Hills Road students at the Boston Red Socks Baseball match

Sporting Successes Hockey

Netball Team Win Two Tournaments! On 17 October the Cambridgeshire County Schools Netball Tournament took place at Impington Village College. Students and pupils from nine colleges and schools took part. The Hills Road team won all of their eight games and were presented with a trophy and medals. The Perse School came second and both teams will now represent Cambridgeshire at the Regional Tournament

in January. On 14 November the Hills Road team played in the AoC Sport regional colleges tournament. They won all of their five matches against CRC (39-2), East Norfolk SFC (29-0), Colvic (23.10), Long Road (20-10) and SEEVIC (23-12)! They will now represent the East at the A0C Sport national finals in April! Congratulations to all the girls who represented Hills Road.

The Hills Road Women’s Hockey Team

Well done to the Hills Road Women’s Hockey team who won their match against Long Road Sixth Form College to seal their place to represent the East region at the AoC Sport national finals in April! The players are back row (left to right): Issy Alvarez-Garmon; Abby Halliday; Olivia Greenaway; Charlotte Biddlecombe; Shona Drummond; Anna Floto; Emily Aldridge; Abby Hammond; Charlotte Buttercase; Front row (left to right): Sophie Burr; Macie Gow; Connie Andrews; Hannah Lemmon; Maddie Withington.

Badminton The following Hills Road students have qualified to represent the East region in Badminton at the AoC Nationals in Nottingham in April: Gold - Joe Rolfe; Silver - Harry Zhou; Bronze - Cameron Foo. Congratulations and well done to all three!

Front Row (left to right): Emmanuella Musa (Capt.); Anelka Tokley; Back Row (left to right): Lisa Fleming; Rebecca Story; Lydia Cornwell; Alice Truszczynska; Lily Fakile; Anya Fleming; Ellie Coleman; Nicole Taylor; Catherine Williams

Men’s Football Team are Regional Champions!

Rugby Congratulations to the following rugby players who, based on their excellent performances in the tri-counties tournament, have been selected to represent the Eastern Counties U17s team. They are Ben Jenkins, George Paul, Ollie Roberts, Dan Smith, Daltry Whyte and Harvey Williams.

Ultimate Frisbee Congratulations to the Hills Road Ultimate Frisbee teams who have won the Cambridge University Winter Cuppers for the second year running. Equally impressive is the 2nd squad finishing runners-up in an all Hills Road final. Team members: Xavier St John, Joe Lacey, David Thomson, Cameron Nixon, Kayin Sowade, Izzy Fowler, Cliona Macintosh, Shaw Lamont, Ollie Facer, Oscar Castaigne, Ailwyn Ellis, Kei Watanabe, Rian Judge, Alana Calne, Holly Limbert, Axel Spouse, Alex Turtil. Production Notes Articles and photographs for this edition of the HillsNews were produced by Paul Barnett, Keir Bradwell, Vivien Brownlee, Ayden Duffy, Lucy Edevane, Jane Elsey, Grace Fisher, Lizzie Freestone, Ann Hemming, Stuart Jessop, Arnav Koshy, Iain Lynn, Adrian Medd, Francine Rigoni, Tracy Roden, Rosie Snooke, Natalia Sukany, Linda Swain, Shelley Tenberg, Dolly Theis, Jo Trump, Joe Waters, Chris Welander, Chris Wells.

Front row (left to right): Fraser Corden, Cory Marshall, Will Jones, Jordan Pulley. Back row (l to r): Ayden Duffy, Dom Brophy, Alexander Kleinman, Duncan Cooper, Stan Kohler, Joe Pettitt, Ben Le Maire Harry Farrow

The Hills Road Men’s football team are regional Champions! In the first game of the tournament they faced Easton & Otley College and after a hard first half Harry and Dom both found the net. Hills won 2-0. They went straight into game two against Luton. After a frustrating second half Luton went in front and held out to win 1-0. In the third game against South Essex College Hills found themselves two goals up in quick succession from Harry Farrow and with a solid defensive performance, Hills closed out the match to finish 2-0. In the fourth game Hills played Suffolk College. A quick goal from Cory followed by three from Dom meant Hills went into the second half 4-0 up. The start of the second half saw Suffolk get a goal back, although Hills quickly came back with goals

from Stan and Cory to take us to 6-1. The final goal came from Joe to end the game 7-1 to Hills. Going into the last game of the group stage Hills faced West Anglia College, after a hard first half, the game was still goalless. Half-way through the second half a run from Dom ended in a calm finish to win the game 1-0. Going into the semi-final Hills played Seevic College quickly falling 1-0 behind. In the last minutes of the game a ball by Stan sent through to Joe sealed the win and the team moved on to the final! The final match was Hills Road vs Luton playing each other for the second time that day. Leading 2-0 throughout the game only to concede a goal in the last minute sealed the win and trophy for Hills Road. Well done!

HillsNews December 2018  

News from Hills Road Sixth Form College from the Autumn term 2018

HillsNews December 2018  

News from Hills Road Sixth Form College from the Autumn term 2018