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N o. 06 | 2019 | ENGLISH

Give your packaging the


IAN MCCULLOCH, FOUNDER, SILENT POOL DISTILLERS: The design complements the overall look of the bottle. The clarity of the glass, the colour and the overall production value enhance our super premium packaging. Customers like the tactile nature of the closures, the weight and smoothness make them a very pleasurable item to handle.


When it comes to packaging, there’s no compromise. Each and every brand aims to differentiate its product and stand out from the crowd. Personalized packaging is accessible to most brands, individuality is the key to hit the right target and position. Innovative technologies allow packaging design to be more creative than ever. This led us to create our new collection of glass closures called Edge. With the Vinolok Edge collection we focus on the premium wine & spirits segment of the market. This new collection is widely customisable allowing the brand to give its product an edge. But it is not just about appearance anymore. It’s about the message behind the brand, it´s also about its responsibility towards the environment and society. Sustainable development is the key component to brand identity these days. And not only to its identity; taking action is what matters the most. Responsible approach towards the environment starts with the production of a product and follows it until the end.

Vinolok prides itself on its comprehensive programme of environmentally responsible business practices and manufacturing procedures. Vinolok closures are not only responsibly manufactured, but their full recyclability appeals to end users. It is an undeniable fact that glass packaging demand continues to grow as it reflects an increasing consumer engagement with environmental causes. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are no longer just buzzwords, there is a direct link between the purchasing behaviour and major environmental issues. Consumers want to know more about the products they buy, and the way brands behave. We’re proud that we can offer our partners transparency and ecologically responsible approach they can benefit from. We also take pride in the fact that our view of glass sustainability process is quite complex. As always, I wish you enjoyable reading and I hope you find inspiration on the following pages. Aleš Urbánek, CEO of Vinolok, a.s.

De􀀁r Partners VINOLOK DSN N o. 06


Vinolok Loft has been designed to offer the best possible integration with the Plate FA bottle finish. Its shape complements the shape of the bottle and its proportions are better suited for the shorter plate. One such example is the DA Silo bottle from Estal shown in this picture.

New Product

By associating unique characteristics with their products, brand owners create instant recognition and authority within their niches, leading to higher sales as visibility and credibility rise. The uniqueness of the packaging helps to differentiate the product and attract new customers as it reflects their inner values and individuality as well. Technological progress led to the creation of the Vinolok Edge collection, which is widely customisable and complements the Vinolok Classic and Vinolok Premium collections. New Edge closures are made of a one piece glass and take full advantage of the unique glass design possibilities. Their shape is very specific and allows other possibilities of personalization. We are no longer limited by only being able to decorate the top flat part of the closure. Thanks to its unique shape, with Vinolok Edge collection you can go

wild and decorate the sides of the closure as well, which gives your brand even more visibility. Or you can choose the colour coating of the inner parts of the closure to add another dimension. With these possibilities Vinolok Edge focuses mainly on the spirits market. However, the oenological characteristics of the closure and its ecological aspects remain unchanged. The Vinolok Edge collection was designed by the famous Barcelona-based design studio SeriesNemo, which has won many prestigious international awards and has ample experience with bottle glass designs and premium packaging. Thanks to this cooperation Vinolok aims to strengthen its position as the market leader in creative, elegant and sustainable closures.

Give your packaging the Edge







Vinolok Nest evokes the traditional cork closure but with all the technical benefits of the glass closure. Nest is designed so that its bottom diameter is as small as possible. This way, the bottle mouth protrudes beyond the closure and the feeling is that of a cork going inside the bottle. The Nest closure works great with bottles like the Hot Rod by Estal (pictured), that have a funnel shape body.



Vinolok Deco is the most glamourous closure in the Vinolok Edge collection. While designing the Deco, the challenge was to make it look exclusive, majestic and extravagant, but still standard enough to be a catalog option.


Vinolok Soul is born from the understanding of the bottle design trends happening at the moment. This closure works great with the Plate FA bottle finish but it shines even more with other bottlenecks and finishes, such as the “barrel neck� typically used for dark spirits.


Vinolok Pool is a smaller version of Vinolok Loft. It is also designed for bottles with Plate FA finish, but offers smaller height and lower weight. It is also ideal for side printing. The bottle used in this packaging is Zadig by Saverglass.



Vinolok Terra adds a little twist to minimalist bottles. The terrace cuts inside the closure represent the stairs to heaven. The design possibilities highlight the inner shape even more. The Terra closure works great with minimal art bottles such as the Oslo Aphotek by Saverglass (pictured).




➊ Surrealist, USA A surrealistic wine from the JCB

➌ Exsto Cognac, France An authentic Cognac that

collection; a wine that has never been made before as a blend from the Napa Valley – seductive, lush and opulent, rich yet silky with an eternal finish… As wine is art, so is the bottle. The bottle is meant to be kept forever, to be used again and again as a decanter so that you can remember the taste, the moment and the emotion of the first time you discovered the elixir inside.

would appeal to curious, sophisticated millennials while embodying quality through simplicity. This exceptional spirit is closed by a hand blown glass closure combined with state-of-the-art Vinolok technology. The result? A modern, elegant Cognac with a sensual, lively spirit.

➋ Palatinatus Dry Gin, Germany At the Thomas

Sippel distillery, production of high quality distillates is a vocation and a passion at the same time, processing local fruits, vegetables and materials originating from their winery.

➍ Born Rosé, Spain A special rosé born in a special city

with the aim of being a reflection and an inspiration of a Barcelona lifestyle . Born Rosé Barcelona is fresh, light and easy to drink.

What 10




➎ River Test Distillery, UK True River Spirit – Inspired

➏ Barton & Guestier, France Tourmaline Côtes de

➑ JNSQ Wines, USA In Spring 2019 JNSQ Wines made a splash in the premium wine category with the release of its 2018 Rosé Cru and Sauvignon Blanc. Both wines are made with premium grapes sourced from California’s acclaimed Central Coast region, and crafted in the French-style.

Provence rosé offers a mouthful of red fruit flavors, with a nice refreshing finish.

➒ Zealots Heart Gin, UK by Brewdog Distilling Co.

by Nature. Distilled on the banks of the River Test in Hampshire, UK. Mayfly gin bottle packaging is the perfect and unique company with Vinolok Woody.

➐ Davinum, Italy “Where there is no wine there is no love”

is the motto of Davinum winery, where quality is always first and the production is not about large numbers, but about creating great wines.

is a proprietary gin, made from scratch in a unique triple-bubble still. The extreme copper contact delivers uncompromising character and flavor.

at’s up VINOLOK DSN N o. 06



Featured Customer

We have made it our mission to create a rosé that captures the beauty of life. YAHYA stands for life, lightness and enjoyment of the present moment - here and now. Our inspiration is the awareness of life, a bond with nature and spending time with those who are important to us. We love the environment and aim for harmony with nature, which is why we grow our wine without using pesticides. The YAHYA Rosé comes from certified, organic farming DE - ÖKO - 022. At the same time, our grapes are picked and selected exclusively by hand. And just to clarify, no animal products are used, which makes our wine vegan. The YAHYA Rosé is a

product of cooperation with the G&M Machmer winery. Here, the focus is on personal contact and sustainable cultivation, as well as the interaction of tradition and modern approach. G&M Machmer has been named the best organic producer internationally (AWC Vienna) for the fourth time in a row and has been creating superb wines for years with great dedication and a lot of ecological sensitivity. This is how the inspiring Rosé that impresses with its crisp acidity and harmonious balance emerged from a perfect partnership. It is a rosé that can be appreciated not only for its taste, but for its visual appeal too.


YAHYA: Enjoy the little things in life. Drink good wine and eat good food in good company. Because life, just like wine, is meant to be enjoyed.



MIKKO MYKKÄNEN, MASTER DISTILLER: Achieving essentiality is never easy - when you use less you have to use better. And what you use, you have to use well. Adding only what’s necessary is our shared philosophy with Vinolok and an obvious choice for Helsinki Distilling Co.

Featured Customer

The Helsinki Distilling Company is one of the brightest stars among Finland’s distilleries. Their products are hand-made from local high-quality materials and have received several international awards. The distillery is located in the heart of Helsinki’s gastro-culture, Teurastamo, which means abattoir in Finnish. True to its name, it served as the city’s slaughterhouse from the 1930s to the 1990s. The distillery building has seen use as a power plant for 30 years, and

afterwards, as a soap factory, a meatball factory, a car wash and a wine cellar. Today, it is the home of the first distillery in Helsinki in over 100 years, run by three friends, Séamus Holohan, Kai Kilpinen and Mikko Mykkänen. Since 2014, this little corner in the abattoir district has been producing award winning premium gin, the first local aquavit, applejack from Finnish apples, “lonkero”, and of course most importantly, single malt and rye whiskey.

northern star VINOLOK DSN N o. 06



Featured Customer

The Styria region’s verdant, vine-studded hills are among the loveliest vineyard landscapes in Europe. There can be no better place from which to experience the views than Weingut Tement’s prized single vineyard, Zieregg, which straddles the Austrian-Slovenian border. With breathtaking panoramic views and fine Styrian hospitality, it is no wonder that Weingut Tement occupies 15th position in The World’s Best Vineyards list curated by nearly 500 leading wine aficionados, sommeliers, and luxury travel correspondents from across the globe.

For the Tement family, fossilised limestone soils of Zieregg are the best for Sauvignon Blanc, the signature white variety of the Styria region. This family-owned winery was founded in the early 1950s by Josef Tement. His son, Manfred, enjoyed considerable success with his wine in the 1990s, enabling him to increase the vineyard area from 2 hectares to 85. In 2008, Manfred’s son, Armin, took over in the cellar. In 2011, his other son Stefan began working in the vineyards and adopted biodynamic principles.

Manfred, Stefan and Armin Tement

MANFRED TEMENT, OWNER: We wanted to find a solution that guarantees the quality of our wines and to resolve problems that occur when using natural cork. Vinolok makes sure that the wine is left to its natural process of aging and eliminates any external influences. This is a big advantage of using Vinolok which we have used since 2004.



Across the world, we have never been as aware of the impact of human activities on the environment as we are now. As the consequences of this pressure start to become apparent, businesses without a sustainable vision, which are focused solely on single-use packaging, will face a stark choice: adapt to the new responsible way of conducting business, or slowly disappear. We are proud to say that Vinolok’s commitment to sustainability drives all parts of the glass production and delivery. From the electrical method of glass melting used in the production of the glass closure to the use of responsible packaging, we make sure that we do as much as possible to protect the environment. Vinolok adheres strictly to a comprehensive program of environmentally responsible business practices and

manufacturing procedures that comply with all major EU standards and legislation. The main part of the Vinolok closure is made of glass, which is considered to be the only fully recyclable packaging - this means it can be recycled an infinite number of times without ever jeopardizing the quality, purity and clarity of the glass. Glass is a resource-efficient material which is made of abundant natural raw material such as sand and glass cullet; it is the archetype of sustainable packaging, and as such it is usually the first choice for consumers who are environmentally conscious. Even the sealing ring is recyclable in the same way as low-density polyethylene (used in juice and milk cartons). The result is a 100% recyclable closure.

natur For the love of

ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTION At Vinolok, we use the most efficient electrical glass melting. This method does not burden the immediate surroundings of the production plant with fumes, as there is a very low amount of direct emissions of combustion products and dust.

RESPONSIBLE SOURCING The glass closure is made from the best raw materials from local sources. At the same time, production takes place in northern Bohemia. Extraction of the glass sand, glass melting and pressing happens locally within 40 km distance from the company’s headquarters.



WATER CONSERVATION Vinolok adheres to strict emission limits of pollutants set for water discharged into sewage systems. As an example, we have a closed loop of cooling water which lowers water consumption within our glass melting process to minimum.



ure VINOLOK DSN N o. 06

Chisti Rosi means pure morning dew. It is the first certified organic vodka hand-crafted in Russia. The award-winning taste comes from revived technology of natural malt fermentation. Chisti Rosi is distilled in small batches from selected single vintage organic wheat. The grain is grown in natural conditions without any use of artificial fertilizers. Each bottle of Chisti Rosi is customized with its unique number. Organic vodka Chisti Rosi is a remarkable fusion of nature, technology and craft.



Ask The Experts

➊ ELIMINATING CORK TAINT Enzo Brezza, Azienda Agricola Brezza, Italy Thanks to Vinolok, the disaster of unpleasant problems created by cork has finally been eliminated. This extremely practical glass closure substantially simplifies serving of wine, since the “uncorking” no longer requires a corkscrew but can be done just by hand.

➌ PREMIUM QUALITY Konstantin Gänz, Weingut Dr. Gänz, Guldental, Germany We are convinced of the quality of the Vinolok closures. For over 10 years we have been using Vinolok in our winery and we are always satisfied. We use these closures for our premium segment, thus achieving a clear structure within the quality pyramid.

➋ ECOLOGY Maria Stuart, Co-owner of R. Stuart & Co. Winery, USA The Vinolok glass closure is different, it’s fresh and it’s elegant. The market is very enthusiastic about it. Since the closure is made of glass, it’s recyclable and that’s in keeping with our mission to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

➍ NATURAL AGING Manfred Tement, Weingut Tement, Austria Vinolok makes sure that the wine is left to its natural process of aging and eliminates any external influences. This is a big advantage of Vinolok, which we have been using since 2004.





Ask The Experts

➎ DESIGN Gérard Bertrand, Owner of Gérard Bertrand, France We tested various closure types and only Vinolok enabled us to complete the bottle packaging as we anticipated. The closure’s design should always respect the appearance of our wine bottles. ➏ PRESERVE THE TASTE Franz Josef Loacker, Loacker winery, Moltancino, Italy Sangiovese 2001 closed by Vinolok closure was still unbelievably young and 2004 vintage showed freshness, fruitiness and nice acidity, combined with beautiful matured notes. I strongly believe that Vinolok is the ideal closure for heavy, dense wines.

➑ UNIQUENESS Marcel Tschampel, MATS Spirits, Köln, Germany The high-quality closures from Vinolok complete the overall picture of MATS Premium Dry Gin with their uniqueness. ➐ RELIABILITY Stephen Henschke, Henschke winery, Australia The quality of presentation, reliability and robustness of the glass closure makes it an ideal replacement for cork. Cork has a failure rate of between 10 and 50%. Vinolok has close to zero at the same cost. Red wine in a 750 ml bottle ages under Vinolok as if it were bottled in a large format bottle maintaining its colour, aroma and structure over a longer period of time.

Why Vinolok? DESIGN



Check out why winemakers, spirit makers and other producers from around the world turn to the glass closure.




Now you can find a list of bottles which are compatible with Vinolok closures online! Vinolok works with all major bottle producers to ensure availability of a wide range of bottles that work with the glass closure.

Compatible Bottles







by Estal Capacity: 700 & 750 ml

by Steklarna Hrastnik Capacity: 700 ml

by Saverglass Capacity: 375, 500 & 750 ml

by Saverglass Capacity: 700 ml Compatibility on request


Online list of bottles suitable for Vinolok






by Estal Capacity: 700 & 750 ml

by Saverglass Capacity: 750 ml

by Bruni Glass Capacity: 200, 350, 700 & 750 ml

by Saverglass Capacity: 750 ml



Compatible Bottles






by Estal Capacity: 700 ml

by Saverglass Capacity: 750 ml

by Saverglass Capacity: 750 ml

by Wiegand-Glas Capacity: 750 ml

by Veralia Capacity: 330, 750 ml









by Vetreria Etrusca Capacity: 500 & 750 ml Compatibility on request

by Vetropack Capacity: 750 ml

by Vetro Balsamo Capacity: 750 ml Compatibility on request

by Vetropack Capacity: 750 ml



Product Categories


The basic version of the Vinolok glass closure. Classic is available in clear and black glass and it comes in a low-top and a high-top version.

Classic ROSÉ

Vinolok Rosé is the perfect match for rosé wines as it is made from pink glass. It is available as a low-top only.

The pure shape of this glass closure emphasizes the characteristics of the product.


Vinolok Grande is there when the Classic clear glass version is simply not enough. It fits well with larger bottlenecks for spirits, bottled water and oils.


A symbiosis of wood and glass, the traditional materials used for storing beverages. The wooden top comes in several colours and can be enhanced with embossing or hot foil stamping.




Product Categories



Deco is an eye-catching shape reminiscent of the Art Deco period from which it takes its inspiring luxury, glamour, and exuberance.

Loft is a variable closure which leaves room for further customisation. Its shape allows a great continuity with the bottle.


When you want to give your packaging an edge with a more prestigious shape.

The diameter at its bottom part is as small as possible to give the feeling of a cork going inside the bottle.


Soul is the perfect choice to complete the “barrel bottleneck� which is typically used for dark spirits.

Philos is designed to resemble the pharmaceutical jars while delivering presence, exclusivity and handcrafted quality. Suitable for 18.5 mm bottleneck.


Pool is a smaller version of the Vinolok Loft. It is just as variable but offers smaller height and lower weight.


Terra adds a little twist to minimalist bottles. The terrace cuts inside the closure represent the stairs to heaven.




Product Categories


Aurora features a large glass disc on top of the glass closure reminiscent of the first rays of the morning sun after a long and busy night.

Commandant is designed to accompany premium beverages to celebrate big victories. This heavy glass closure complements the robustness of the bottle packaging.

Premium Vinolok Premium completes the luxurious look of any bottle aiming to achieve a harmonized image.





Conqueror is an uncompromising premium glass closure which perfectly suits classical and luxurious beverages.

Rondon is the perfect match for a modern bottle shape. It is playful, yet it does not lose its spirit of perfection.



Onix brings a fresh and a modern look with the impression of premium and luxury. A smooth metallic top reflects on the purity of the bottle content.

Titus leaves no room for doubt about the premium content of the bottle it seals. A large metallic disc gives the feeling of assuredness.

Customisation makes your brand memorable. Create a closure as unique as your brand with Vinolok Design Options.

Design Options

Inner colour coating

Side printing

Zamac tumbler

Inner metal coating

Rainbow effect

Coloured sealing ring Top printing

Rhinestone cut

Chess cut rhinestone

Side printing 32


Design options Metal coating

Metal Sticker

Colour coating

Frost effect

Frost effect

Zamac tumbler

Jewellery stone

Metal Sticker

Coloured sealing ring


Colour coating


Metal coating



Product Categories

The pursuit of excellence should never be limited by the catalog range. Sometimes the only way forward is individuality and differentiation. Current innovative technologies allow the packaging design to be more creative than ever before. And that’s what we call Vinolok Ego. Vinolok Ego are unique tailor-made glass closures, which can be made according to customer’s expectations, specifications, taste or even an existing product. The key is the individuality and uniqueness that underline the exclusivity of the product.

With our team of professionals, we are ready to help to design the right closure for the final product and make your dreams come true. Vinolok is also ready to produce a glass closure according to the client’s own design. It is also possible to use a combination of materials, with glass being the main part of the closure to keep its technical properties. The only limit is your imagination and the laws of physics.

Ego Vinolok

stage ¹ | Concept sketch


stage ² | 3D model

stage ³ | Prototype




Vinolok Soul is born from the understanding of the bottle design trends happening at the moment. This closure works great with the Plate FA bottle finish but it shines even more with other bottlenecks and finishes, such as the “barrel neck� typically used for dark spirits. In this example, the Soul closure is used with a bottle called Kingstone from the bottle producer Bruni Glass.

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