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Hello Sunshine! what you need to know before soaking up the sun




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2106 Seattle Nightlife Awards


Quintessential Q

Winners of 35 different categories

Exclusive interview with legendary Quincy Jones




46 49

The Big Boom Where Seattle stands and what is coming



Sound Design Top of the line bluetooth audio devices



Party Animal Where to celebrate your pup’s birthday





Good Catch The best seafood spots in Seattle, where to buy and how to make your own special dish

Festive Fare The top restaurants to celebrate at based on your social style



Morning Mixers


Shake It Off

Cockails to wake up to at brunch

Summer boozy shakes to keep you cool




Outdoor Scenes


Tuning In


Pieces of History

Catch a flick outdoors at these 5 spots

How radio is still alive in Seattle

History of SAM’s art collections



Home Entertainment

Get your entertainment room ready to entertain yourself and guests



Sweatin’ Summer


Insta Fitness

Summer water sports you need to try

Fitness gurus trending on Instagram



Soak Up the Sun Is your sunscreen putting you at risk for cancer?



Beautiful Budapest

Why you need to visit one of the world’s most beautiful cities



Summer Soiree Retro beachwear and fashion



Festival Fashion What’s trending in summer festival fashion



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Hello Sunshine! what you need to know before soaking up the sun




photo credit Greg Gorman Photography l www.gormanphotography.com website www.quincyjones.com facebook facebook.com/QuincyJones twitter @QuincyDJones instagram @quincydjones youtube youtube.com/user/QuincyJonesProds myspace myspace.com/quincyjones

FROM THE PUBLISHER old to as old as 60 who have been seen out and about socializing. These people are those who buy drinks, spend money, care about fashion, follow trends in technology, enjoy activities, live in the city, and stay fit and healthy. I produce the Seattle Nightlife Awards along with everything else I do because it’s important for me to say, “thank you… Thank you for keeping us entertained.” Seattle offers all sorts of entertainment genres. Perhaps that’s why the city has a history for legendary entertainers who were either born there or moved here to be in the industry. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix, Judy Collins, Bing Crosby, Brandon and Bruce Lee are only a few of the names we know, but out of them, the biggest entertainment legend is the man gracing our cover, Quincy Jones. “Q” has been part of every aspect of the entertainment industry for over sixty years. He discovered music at the age of 12 and developed his skills as a trumpeter while attending Seattle’s Garfield High School. Eventually he broke records on Grammy nominations, produced the biggest tracks and albums including Michael Jackson’s Thriller, discovered major stars such as Oprah and Will Smith, and launched his own publication, Vibe. I could go on and on, but luckily for us, we got an interview with the legend so his fellow Seattleites and can learn more from the man himself.

Summer is the best time for entertainment. We venture out more as the warm weather entices us to enjoy the outdoors. We untie our boats and hit the water. We enjoy water activities such as paddle boarding, wakeboarding and taking a swim in Lake Washington. We sit on the multiple Seattle restaurant patios enjoying a nice cold brew or summer cocktail. We seek out rooftop bars that feature live music or the fire pits where we gather around on a cool summer night with a group of friends to catch up with between our hectic lives. We attend the festivals that are stretched out throughout the season at Seattle Center or The Gorge Amphitheatre. We sit amongst strangers in parks to watch old school movies we have probably already seen multiple times. During the summer, the possibilities to be entertained are endless. But how do you define entertainment? Is it a movie? An artist singing a song? Seeing a DJ play his beats? Entertainment is all aspects of what we enjoy and what makes us happy. It includes going out with a group of friends for dinner, a glass a wine, watching a Seattle sports game, or booking a table at one of Seattle’s nightclub. Nightlife is entertainment. Nightlife is all that encompasses entertainment. They go hand in hand. In my experience, a lot of people have misconceptions of the nightlife industry – “it’s just a bunch of kids that go party.” Well, sorry to inform you, but you’re wrong. The “kids” are those from 21 years

Entertainment isn’t just about going out however. People entertain other people. It’s when your friends or family make you laugh or throw a celebration. Your pets entertain you by doing silly things or playing a game. My puppy, Atlas, keeps me entertained with her amusing expressions and personality. I swear she is human sometimes. It’s necessary for me to keep her entertained as well and celebrate her being a part of my life. I can’t wait until she turns 1 year and I get to throw her a big birthday party. Come on… it’s not uncommon. I can’t tell you how many pet birthdays I’ve been invited to. Seat¬tle understands it, too, having places you can rent out and pet treats; and I’ve shared them with you so you can make his or her day extra special. July and August are the months for the socializing Leo lions so find out where to go and sip on summer cocktails. As for myself… I will be creating some of my own entertainment when I celebrate my birthday at the end of July. My gift to you is this issue, and I hope it entertains you. “No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.” ~ Mary Wortley Montagu

Charity Mainville Photo by: Jessica Drake - JLD Photography



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The Big Boom Written by: Charity Mainville

Whether some want to accept it or not, Seattle is changing. The hipster, grunge and dive reputation is long gone and a trendy, upscale and modern city is emerging. Why? It’s not a secret that Seattle is one of America’s fast growing cities caused by the major tech boom of multiple corporations settling in the city. Technology jobs bring in younger residents that are more social, single and city dwellers. The stereotype that they aren’t money spenders or makers is a misconception. It’s these new Seattleitles that are working and spending as they explore their new city. Businesses that are aware and paying attention are getting ahead of the game by jumping on the young bandwagon, adjusting their business to appeal to the new consumer. Read how Seattle is standing against the rest of the country, what the effect is bringing in, and what businesses are doing to adapt to it.



City of Seattle current population

682,991 median age 35.85 (zoom prospector)


most-populous city in the U.S.

Seattle’s population increased by 2.3% between July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015 (U.S. Census report)



Seattle residents between ages 25 – 49

(zoom prospector)

50.05 % 49.95 % MALE



Seattle workers between ages 25 – 44 (2014 Employment Security Department)

(Zoom Prospector)



Best Large Cities to Live In

Best cities for younger, or millennial, job seekers (NerdWallet 2015)


major metro areas greatest number of 25 to 34 years old

(Canada’s University of Waterloo 2014)

(Wallethub 2015)


more rent their homes verses own (Zoom Prospector)



In the top

cities with the highest share of rich millennial households (Zillow.com March 2016)



In 1998, a true story of seven people premiered in Seattle. MTV’s The Real World was a cultural obsession as the nation watched seven strangers live in some ridiculously awesome home to see what would happen between them. In its seventh season, it was filmed in Seattle where the household members lived on the waterfront at Pier 70. Reality shows were a rarity back then, which is what grew the show’s popularity. Today, living variously through other people’s life is a dime a dozen. Who knew that The Real World is even a real thing anymore? I guess it is. The show is returning to Seattle for its thirty-second season in trendy Capitol Hill. Oh let the drama begin... www.mtv.com / photo credit: MTV


New apartment buildings and condominiums are continuing to grow throughout the city, but so are hotels. In the last 5 years, there was less than 700 new hotel rooms in Seattle. Now through the end 2018, there will be over 3,000 hotel rooms added with a new type of flair and luxury. The past June, the Thompson Seattle opened its doors delivering a posh and hip experience for Seattleites. As one guest stated, “this is what Seattle needs and has been waiting for.” Many will fall in line with the Thompson’s design including Northwest-based Provenance Hotels’ 151-room Hotel Theodore opening this fall Downtown where the former Roosevelt Hotel once resided. “Seattle is booming; we believe in the city and are excited to reimagine this landmark building as a new hotel that is smart, refined and upscale, but also unpretentious and practical,” Provenance CEO Gordon Sondland said in a statement. In addition, Hotel 1000 will soon be a renovated Loews Hotel, SLS Hotel (whenever they get to building it) and CitizenM in South Lake Union with its reputable stylish and modern designs appealing to tech-savvy millennials. As if that weren’t enough already, construction has started for 8th & Howell, which will be Seattle’s largest hotel with 1,200+ rooms in a 45-story building. thompsonseattle.com / www.hoteltheodore.com / www.citizenm.com photo credit: LMN Architects - 8th & Howell


Seattleites love to travel. Needing a break from the dreary days, we crave some sunshine. People work in traveling demanding jobs, and with the influx of transplants in the city, people leave to go visit friends and family. With the Alaska Airlines hub being in the city, it is the top airline for flyers offering multiple nonstop destinations, making them more desirable to book as well. However, Alaska Airlines didn’t feel this was enough. This past April, Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America for $4 billion. Why? Because the two brands are far from similar. Virgin’s loyal flyers are trendy, savvy, and fashion and tech-forward with its luxury and cool vibe planes. Hip isn’t the first word that come to mind with Alaska as they focus on efficiency and availability. With the brands merging, Virgin will be able to offer more nonstop flights and Alaska will take control of a larger market share. That’s not the only thing Alaska has acquired this year. They also just got approved as a tentative airline for flight between Los Angeles and Havana, the capital of Cuba. In the beginning of 2016, U.S. and Cuba signed an agreement to restore air travel after over 50 years. Alaska received one of 20 slots available, and the final decision of an affirmative yes will be at the end of July. But don’t start planning your vacation just yet. Americans are only allowed to visit Cuba if they fall under an approved category such family visits, education, or work. Tourism is not one of them… bummer. www.alaskaair.com / www.virginamerica.com



Sound Design Written by: J Simpson

Sound is important to make a space what it truly can be. The trend towards high quality audio can be seen in every corner of the entertainment world from the resurgence of vinyl sales and lossless streaming services like Tidal or Neil Young’s PonoMusic to the prevalence of HD lossless computer files glistening in 24/96 fidelity. The only tripping point - quite literally – are the wires. Speaker cables are the bane of every minimalist homemaker, counteracting whatever enjoyment we might take from our stack speakers and high-fidelity sounds. This is part of why Bluetooth Audio has been such a godsend in recent years for those who want things to sound good in rooms that are pleasant to be in, wirelessly.




For those looking for outstanding sound quality, sans wires, while still hearkening back to the hi-fi of yore, the B2 Bluetooth Speakers from Audioengine will surprise and delight. The B2 speakers are a compact set of bookshelf speakers, primed for Bluetooth, while still featuring many traditional hallmarks of outstanding audio quality. The B2’s are constructed with real wood looking as great as they sound. Sound quality is further enhanced with a number of modern updates, including a shielded chassis to block out line noise, Kevlar woofers, silk tweeters, and upgraded audio connectors.

There’s no need for additional amplification with these beauties. For musicians, producers, DJs, highend audiophiles, or anyone who listens to music, the HD6 Powered Bluetooth Speakers is a dream come true with 75 W of pure power from each channel. The HD6 remove the need for a power amp with smoothly-functioning Bluetooth 2.0, along with every other style of connector you could ever need. The HD6 can even be chained to other speakers via variable impedance line outs.





How does 110 W of pure, clear wireless audio sound? What if it also kept your drinks cold? The Kube is a portable Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a cooler, among its many features, making it perfect for pool parties and beach outings. You’ll be the slickest audiophile by the water with the Kube’s stunning, sleek minimalist design - all rounded corners and hidden outlets. The Kube features 20-hours of continual music playback, with a Bluetooth radius of 50 feet, so you can stay in the sun for as long as possible. 14 l VILLE l ENTERTAINMENT ISSUE



Vinyl is making a comeback, and with good reason. No matter how great the analog to digital conversion is, current digital recording technology simply isn’t capable of reproducing vinyl’s legitimate analog grooves. Audio Technica AT-LP60 has everything you need to start wirelessly listening to vinyl, straight out of the box up to 30 feet. The system sounds great, with an Onkyo Colibrino Hi-Fi Mini System and with up to 20W per channel and separate woofers and tweeters for maximum fidelity. The AT-LP60 bundle also looks incredible, with a stunning, crisp all-white design.


SONY WALKMAN NWZ-ZX2 www.sony.com

The original iPod, the Sony Walkman was de rigeur in the late ‘70s and throughout the ‘80s, going beyond a piece of tech to define an era. The walkman made it possible to carry all of your favorite sounds with you wherever you went and whenever you wanted, which had quite profound implications on the way we listened to - and live with - music. Today, there’s a new wireless Walkman in town. The Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2 offers a clear glimpse of what we value in 2016 - clean design, stunning style and crystal clear audio. The new Walkman supports every lossless file format from .flac to .alac, and it’s big enough to store them all with a mesmerizing 128 gigs of internal storage.


Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon DC Turntable and Peacetree DeepBlue2 speaker bundle is an even more lavish, luxe wireless streaming vinyl experience, but that’s just a start. This Bluetooth bundle is, in fact, an all-in-one Bluetooth setup with the Deepblue2 speaker being specifically optimized for complete wireless support. The DeepBlue2 speaker effortlessly connects up to five Bluetooth devices at the same time, broadcasting them in crisp, clean, clear fidelity. It is five times as powerful as any Bluetooth device on the market with a staggering 440 Watts of pure power. The DeepBlue2 also features five speakers in an innovative array to create a detailed aural picture where every individual element can be heard and appreciated.

STREAMZ SMART HEADPHONES www.streamzmedia.com

Bluetooth headphones are a universe unto themselves. The Streamz smart headphones stand out from the hordes with the simple fact that no external player is required. The Streamz headphones feature 36 gigs of internal storage, streaming in high quality with 96kHz/24 bit or 48 kHz/16-bit digital-analog conversion. Streamz features also allow you to take Bluetooth phone calls with a built-in microphone, which allows you to select your music with simple voice commands.



Party Animal Written by: Charity Mainville / Photo: Tobkatrina

Who doesn’t love a good party? If we have an excuse to celebrate and gather with our loved ones to mark a special occasion, we do it… including for our pets. I can’t tell you how many pet birthday parties I have been invited to and didn’t really understand how important it was until I became a pet owner myself. Seattle understands as well and offers multiple places to throw parties for your best friend along with healthy homemade birthday treats for its special day.


In the summer of 2011, K9 Fun Zone opened its door to provide an exercise and mentally challenging indoor space for dogs and their owners. Offering group and private training, play days, and events, your furry friend (and owners) can make friends with dogs across the city. Then on the special day, everyone can gather to celebrate as K9 Fun Zone host dogs’ birthday parties or any other dog event. 25 Nickerson St., Seattle, WA 98109; www.k9funzoneseattle.com




If you’re looking for a party your dog won’t forget, Zoom Room can deliver. The indoor play park is a dedicated canine event center. They offer toys, treats, party favors and specialty snacks along with personalizing the space based off your theme choice. Rental of the space includes two hours for both the gym and lounge, set-up and clean-up, a staff member for supervision, party supplies and additional options such as invitations and gift bags. If your dog really likes to party, then he will love the included Doggy Disco – a pulsating light show and your choice of music. 10004 Aurora Ave N Ste #12, Seattle, WA 98133; www.zoomroomonline.com

DOGWOOD PLAY PARK The top breed of birthday party spots is Dogwood Play Park. Choose between a 1,500+ sq. ft. private room, 2000+ sq. ft. main room or rent the whole venue of 8,000+ sq. ft. for the whole pack to party in. The rental fee includes guests (human or canine), allows you to bring in outside food, bar and drink services (for humans), sound system, 65” TV for slideshows or game playing, burlap beds for dogs and a leather couch, and bar stools and benches for humans. 12568 33rd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125; www.dogwoodseattle.com


A birthday party wouldn’t be the same without treats. If you have been taking your pooch to the city’s dog parks, you may have seen The Seattle Barkery’s food truck sitting nearby. However, they aren’t selling food for the owners; they are selling food for your four-legged friend. It’s Seattle’s first mobile dog food truck and how no one thought of it before seems unreal. The owners of The Seattle Barkey make all their homemade treats daily including doggie birthday cakes. They are so good that even humans cut themselves a slice to eat. You can even book them to come to your house to cater your dog’s party and they will throw in a birthday dog hat for the celebration. When buying from The Seattle Barkery, you are not only buying a gift for your loved one, but also Old Dog Haven. The owners donate all their tips received to the nonprofit pooch organization. Check out their website to see where they are daily. Various locations; www.theseattlebarkery.com

WAG BOOTH Pretty much every event in Seattle features a photo booth for attendees to take their pictures to bring home a little souvenir and tag online. So why not have one for your pet extravaganza as well? Just call up Wag Booth and book it for any celebration. They bring props for whatever theme you choose be it a luau, outer space, wild west, under the sea, gay pride or summer fun. You can rent the booth from 1 to 3 hours from $300 - $700. You can also book a private professional portrait session to hang a picture and show off how much of a proud parent you are. www.wagbooth.com


As a nonprofit, the primary goal of Ladybug House is to build and operate the first freestanding palliative care home and hospice for children with life-limiting illnesses in Seattle. We will offer a place for respite and renewal to families during the unimaginable outside the hospital setting. We will celebrate every day, every moment and every life.


If we cannot add days to the life of a child, ENTERTAINMENT ISSUE l VILLE l 17 we will add life to their days.


Good Catch Written by: Lauren Adam / Photo by: Mahathir Mohd Yasin

The coolest place to be when the summer heat wave hits is out on the water. But as the saying goes, if you can’t join ‘em, stay on shore and eat ceviche instead. Whether you are on land or sea, the time is right to eat some of the freshest, finest quality seafood in the country.

BABY, I LIKE IT RAW: SUSHI/CEVICHE These Seattle artisans will make your picnic spread shine like the reflection of the sun off the Sound.


This newly opened seafood haven comes to us straight from Poseidon’s kingdom. Get the Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche with crunchy green pepper, Roma tomatoes, spicy red onion, cilantro and parsley or get a dozen oysters for $20 during happy hour. 1556 NW 56th St, Seattle, WA 98107, www.chaseloungeballard.com


One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Mix and match everything at this Wallingford hot spot located in an unassuming convenience store. Stop ‘n Shop lets poke lovers choose the type of fish for a bowl or burrito. Pick up poke by the pound and enjoy a fresh feast. 2323 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103


With a focus on nigari, Wataru rivals Shiro’s and Kashiba for unsurpassed Seattle sushi. There’s perfection in the minimalistic approach and the flavors shine through. Try everything from fatty sockeye salmon, Spanish mackeral, scallops, and fresh water eel. 2400 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115, www.wataruseattle.com

DYI FRESH OFF THE BOAT There is a wealth of renowned seafood markets for sustainably caught fish and shellfish. Stop by the one nearest you, pick up your favorite, and get cookin’.

PURE FOOD FISH MARKET 1511 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101, www.freshseafood.com

MUTUAL FISH CO. 2335 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, www.mutualfish.com

SEATTLE FISH COMPANY 4435 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116, www.seattlefishcompany.com


Pure Food Copper River King Salmon 1 fennel bulb 1 blood orange 1 grapefruit 1 lemon Extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper Preheat the oven to 275. Place sliced the fennel and citrus in a baking dish, then toss with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh pepper. Put the salmon over the fennel and citrus and drizzle with olive oil. Bake for 35 minutes.


ON DECK: CRAB Crabbing season is upon us. If you won’t be setting pots for Dungeness out in the San Juan’s this year, you can still enjoy the buttery taste of the sea at these premium picks.


The raw bar at Lark is prime for summer delicacies and you can rest assured knowing everything is top quality. Live it up on the hill and get the freshest crab in the city. Cracked Bairdi snow crab with sweet and sour nuoc cham will be your new pairing of choice. The Snow Crab Roll with green curry aioli, Thai basil, and green papaya is equally as mouth-watering. 952 E Seneca St, Seattle, WA 98122; larkseattle.com/bitter-raw


Some Random Bar has become a Belltown staple. It’s the kind of place that attracts guests that want to enjoy themselves. The menu is seasonal but there are no plans to boot the longstanding crowd pleaser: Crab Nachos. The crispy tortilla chips are loaded with white cheddar cheese and piled high with fresh crab, grilled onion, avocado, lime crema, cilantro pesto and aleppo pepper. 2604 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, www.somerandombar.com


Come to Fremont for a menu inspired by clean eating. The menu is chock-full of enticing options, but don’t miss the Spicy Crab Noodles – a generous helping of Dungeness crab on al dente noodles with chili jam, lime, cilantro, long beans, rice flakes, and pickled veggies. 704 N 34th St, Seattle, WA 98103, www.evefremont.com

Take me with you.


Flower | Concentrates | Glass | Edibles

3540 Stone Way N. Seaale | (206) 946-8157 | seaalehashtag.com



Festive Fare Written by: Lauren Adam / Photo by: Rawpixel.com

There’s an event for everyone come summertime. Are you a late night summer bar hopper? Festival going music aficionado? There’s the ever popular boat partier, dancing-machine night club devotee, gala goer, hip summer house party host, and intimate gathering enthusiast. Whatever your social style is, Seattle has the best food guaranteed to keep the merry-making full of life until quitting time.





A fusion between Filipino and island flavors gives Lumpia World a heavenly array of flavors dished up by your new second family. Delight your large event with an order of Chicken Pancit noodles sautéed in garlic, tender juicy Braised Pork Shoulder Adobo and, of course, Lumpia – the Ground Steak Lumpia is seasoned then sautéed in garlic, onions, and season vegetables before getting fried in vegetable oil for a crunchy treat. Lunch box specials are also available. 1610 South 341st Place Federal Way, WA 98003, www.lumpiaworld.com


Chef Sam Choy is bringing poke to the masses in Hillman City and at a food truck near you. Perfect for a family reunion, beach spectacular, or pool side rager, the ono is dripping from these Hawaiian foodie grindz. Rent the food truck, schedule a pick up, or let the professionals set up a buffet line. Treat your invitees to a trendy poke bowl , slow-cooked kalua pulled pork, house slaw, namasu (pickled veggies), green onions, cilantro, and wasabi aioli on a fresh bun or as a bowl with rice and mac salad. 5300 Rainier Ave, Seattle, WA 98118, www.samchoyspoke.com

With a revamped menu and plenty of tasty sharables, Pintxo is a top pick for chef crafted tapas-style appetizers and strong drinks. From Tortilla Española, Bacalao Fritters, Montaditos de Serrano and Patatas Bravas, this charming Spanish influenced sliver of the Mediterranean is perfect for a warm night out with a few good friends. 2207 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, www.pintxoseattle.com


“The List” at this Belltown favorite for happy hour consists of can’t miss small plates like the decadent Handmade Gnocchi with black truffle cream and local fresh clams in chardonnay broth served with a crostini. The List is half price at happy hour and a bottle of wine will run just $15. Since it goes until 6:30, your crew will have a little extra time to toil between the bacon-wrapped prawns or spicy meatballs. 2226 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, www.listbelltown.com


The long awaited arrival of Sizzle Pie ended in April when the favorite Portland chain finally opened on The Hill offering slices or regular, vegan, vegetarian and breakfast pies. Don’t be surprised if there’s a line of late night diners waiting for a fat slice with a bizarre combination of toppings. Do you really have anywhere else to go? Sizzle Pie is open until 3 am on weekdays and 4 am on weekends. And when you’re done with the scene, you can get it for late night delivery, too. Pairs with Rainier, obviously. 1009 E Union St, Seattle, WA 98122, www. sizzlepie.com


Open until 3 am on Friday and Saturdays, Tortas Condesa offers greasy Mexican comfort food that is undoubtedly the perfect way to wrap up a wild night on the town. Please drink all the Rachel’s Ginger Beer mules you can handle at the Montana and then get the house-made pork chorizo torta. The serving of chorizo is generous plus it comes with two runny fried eggs, avocado, cilantro, pickled jalapeños, fresh cotija, smoked chili mayo. Viva Seattle! 1510 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122, www. tortascondesa.com




Morning Mixers Written by: Lauren Adam

Between the unfussy negotiation of the French fry and the hash brown, the unlimited availability of hollandaise, and the socially acceptable promotion of day drinking, brunch is the most important meal you will eat all week long. Join us in honoring these esteemed Seattle brunches in a valiant quest for the perfect daytime cocktail.



In the pursuit of brunch, the Ballard Bloom is an herbal infusion that screams “Rise and Shine!” The patio is a perfect place to enjoy Old Ballard Liquor Co Vodka, Bravo Geranium Liquor, grapefruit, lemon and just enough sugar. Or, take a chance and bet on your bartender for a custom creation that will suit your personal brunch preference.

Nothing will resurrect your soul after a night of sinning like a Sunday School from Erika Burke’s courtyard-styled Chop Shop on Cap Hill: Smooth Overholt rye, local Scrappy’s aromatic bitters, direct-trade Stumptown brew, and subtly-spiced ramazzotti. A-men.

5327 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107, www.sextonballard.com


NUE: MICHELAODA At the end of our search for the best breakfast cocktails, we’re ready to cheer for beer in this pacific island twist on the traditional Michelada. Nue’s internationally inspired brunch menu includes BeerLao with fresh squeezed lime juice, tomato juice, Sriracha, and added spices. 1519 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, www.nueseattle.com

1424 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, www.chopshopseattle.com

When life gives you brunch, add tequila and call it a fiesta. Get yours started with a Breakfast Margarita at this 21+ diner. Silver tequila, triple sec plus fresh squeezed OJ and grapefruit will transport you from brunch to Baja before noon. Hasta la vista. 5000 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA 98134, www.hudsonseattle.com

WAKEFIELD: GREEN TEA FIZZ For those who like their eggs shaken and served neat, try waking up with this spin on a New Orleans classic: Green Tea Fizz. Gin infused with green tea gets mixed vigorously with honey, lemon, and egg white for a cocktail worthy of its own parade through Belltown. 2318 2nd Avenue, Seattle, www.wakefieldbar.com

WITNESS: SON OF A PREACHER The only one that could ever reach me… was bourbon. Feel salvation take the reigns with the Son of a Preacher. Bourbon gets shaken with black pekoe tea, a squeeze of fresh lemon, and a drizzle of honey liqueur. As Southern Comfort washes over your soul, you may have to fight the urge to scream “Hallelujah!” 410 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102, www.witnessbar.com

PINE BOX: BLOODY MARY WITH THE WORKS This mortuary turned craft beer heaven has a hauntingly good Mary – and you don’t even have to lock yourself in a dark bathroom and say Bloody Mary 3 times to get one. Choose the Classic Cavy with vodka or the Mezcal Maria with tequila, then make sure to order The Works for a garnish of crispy bacon plank, plump prawn, and cheese curds. 1600 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, www.pineboxbar.com



Shake It Off Written by: Lauren Adam

A rich, cold and creamy shake is an inevitable summer indulgence… but add a splash of booze and you’ll be singin’ a whole new borderline hedonistic tune. Let your sweet tooth take the reins and plunge into a summer of frosty, sugar-coated sin with these magically booze infused milkshakes.

TIPSY COW: NORTHWEST BERRY “Berry” your worries at this Eastside burger haven. The Tipsy Cow is a gourmet burger bar where the gluttonous truffle fries cause hungry guests to fight for a table and all of the shakes get “tipped” with booze. Get the Northwest Berry with fresh marionberries, strawberries, blueberries, 44 North Huckleberry Vodka, and a fluffy whipped cream topping, then let a pleasant laissez-faire soothe your shake and fry craving soul. 16345 Cleveland St. Redmond, WA 98052, www.tipsycowburgerbar.com

RACHEL’S GINGER BEER: DARK AND STORMY FLOAT WITH CARAMELIZED PINEAPPLE GINGER BEER Get swept away from it all by this tropical storm inspired float courtesy of Seattle’s pride and joy: Rachel’s Ginger Beer. Floats come with your choice of ginger beer plus dark rum or whiskey, but you can’t go wrong with this twist on the Dark and Stormy. Fresh and fizzy Caramelized Pineapple Ginger Beer gets spiked with dark rum and is then finished with sweet vanilla soft serve resulting in frothy genius. Bottoms up, dude. Various, www.rachelsgingerbeer.com

THE HOLLYWOOD TAVERN: NUTTY COW NO BONES BEACH CLUB: BIG DADDY MILKSHAKE Put some pep in your step with this frothy kahuna a la No Bones Beach Club brunch. Vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, coconut milk and cola make the Big Daddy a tantalizing way to start the day. The coconut milk is a luxurious dairy free delight plus the cola gives it fizzy caffeinated float feel. 5410 17th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107, www.nobonesbeachclub.com

HOT CAKES MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKERY: LAPHROAIG WHISKY AND SMOKED CHOCOLATE The Seattle epicenter of unparalleled decadence will always be Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery. The spirited shakes range from Extra Dark Caramel, Whiskey, and Chocolate to our favorite Laphroaig Whisky and Smoked Chocolate. The chocolate is cold smoked over alder wood and pairs perfectly with the slightly salty single Malt scotch. 5427 Ballard Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107, www.getyourhotcakes.com

In the heart of winery land, The Hollywood Tavern slings exceptionally boozy palate cleansers otherwise known as whiskey milkshakes. The small-batch Woodinville Whiskey Bourbon is oak barrel aged in Central Washington where the weather promotes flavor extraction from the oak. Drink in the flavors of rich caramel and dark chocolate that get blended with vanilla and Nutella in one of the patio’s Adirondack chairs for a treat that exudes true summer chill. 14508 Woodinville-Redmond Rd. NE Woodinville, WA 98072, www.thehollywoodtavern.com

LUNCHBOX LABORATORY: THE DRUNKEN ELVIS It’s hard to pick just one hand-crafted shake to love at Lunchbox Lab. It’s tempting to try Sydney’s Sweet Raspberry Jam Summer Scone Shake with a beaker of vodka, but in the end… it’s much more difficult to resist the famed Drunken Elvis. Vanilla ice cream gets blended with thick peanut butter, chunky banana, and graham crackers. The scrumptious combo gets mixed with a test tube of summer-laden Malibu Banana, Absolut Vanilla, and Bailey’s, then is smothered in a tower of whip for a masterpiece almost as handsome as The King himself. 1253 Thomas St. Seattle, WA, www.lunchboxlaboratory.com


㄀  椀渀  㠀    眀漀洀攀渀  眀椀氀氀  戀攀  搀椀愀最渀漀猀攀搀  眀椀琀栀 戀爀攀愀猀琀 挀愀渀挀攀爀 椀渀 琀栀攀椀爀 氀椀昀攀琀椀洀攀⸀

倀椀渀欀  䜀攀渀攀  䘀漀甀渀搀愀琀椀漀渀  猀琀爀椀瘀攀猀  琀漀  倀椀渀欀 栀攀氀瀀  礀漀甀渀最  眀漀洀攀渀  戀攀挀漀洀攀  瀀爀漀愀挀琀椀瘀攀  椀渀  琀栀攀  昀椀最栀琀  愀最愀椀渀猀琀  戀爀攀愀猀琀  挀愀渀挀攀爀  戀礀  攀搀甀挀愀琀椀渀最Ⰰ  瀀爀漀瘀椀搀椀渀最 爀攀猀漀甀爀挀攀猀 愀渀搀 漀昀昀攀爀椀渀最  愀猀猀椀猀琀愀渀挀攀⸀  圀攀  愀爀攀  搀攀搀椀挀愀琀攀搀  琀漀  栀攀氀瀀椀渀最  眀漀洀攀渀  椀搀攀渀琀椀昀礀  眀栀攀琀栀攀爀  琀栀攀礀 愀琀 栀椀最栀 爀椀猀欀 漀昀 戀爀攀愀猀琀 挀愀渀挀攀爀⸀  琀栀攀礀 愀琀 栀椀最栀 爀椀猀欀 漀昀 戀 倀椀渀欀  䜀攀渀攀  䘀漀甀渀搀愀琀椀漀渀  瀀爀漀甀搀氀礀  昀甀渀搀猀  琀栀攀  䜀栀愀樀愀爀  䰀愀戀漀爀愀琀漀爀礀  愀琀  䘀爀攀搀  䠀甀琀挀栀椀渀猀漀渀  䌀愀渀挀攀爀 刀攀猀攀愀爀挀栀 䤀渀猀琀椀琀甀琀攀⸀

吀伀䜀䔀吀䠀䔀刀 圀䔀 圀䤀䰀䰀

䌀漀渀渀攀挀琀⸀ 䌀漀洀洀甀渀椀挀愀琀攀⸀ 䌀漀渀焀甀攀爀⸀ 眀眀眀⸀瀀椀渀欀最攀渀攀昀漀甀渀搀愀琀椀漀渀⸀漀爀最


The winners of the 4th Annual Seattle Nightlife Awards were honored at Motif Seattle on June 6th, 2016. Each were chosen after six weeks of voting and over 10,000 votes. Here are 35 of the best places, people and ideas that run the night in the greater Seattle area.


SEATTLE NIGHTLIFE AWARDS 2016 BEST BATHROOMS Q NIGHTCLUB This isn’t the first time Q Nightclub has taken this award and this year they reclaimed it. It’s no surprise with multiple individual bathrooms located downstairs and upstairs along with the main unisex bathroom allowing guests to get business done privately and quickly. 1426 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 / www.qnightclub.com

BEST COCKTAIL BAR BATHTUB GIN Nestled and hidden in an alleyway off Blanchard in between 1st and 2nd Ave, many may not know Bathtub Gin exists. But plenty do and visit to enjoy the crafted cocktails from its professional mixologists in the small boutique space, which got them this award for the second time. 2205 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 / bathtubginseattle.com

BEST IRISH BAR OWL ‘N THISTLE Located off the beaten path in Pioneer Square, Owl ‘N Thistle is blessed with the luck of the Irish being the best for two years in a row. Perhaps it’s the Irish cuisine, Irish brews or just the friendly staff - either way they are doing it right. 808 Post Ave, Seattle, WA 98104 / www.owlnthistle.com

BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BAR THE OCTOPUS BAR Nominated for the first year, The Octopus Bar came through like a tidal wave. Being within walking and a short driving distance from Fremont, University District, Ballard, Green Lake, and Phinney Ridge, all the friendly residing neighbors sail in to experience its unique design, small bites, creative cocktails and chill atmosphere. 2109 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103 / www.theoctopusbar.com / photo: The Octopus Bar

BEST KARAOKE BAR THE CRESCENT LOUNGE Whether you are a karaoke connoisseur or looking to make your debut, The Crescent Lounge will make you feel like the singing star you are. Open seven days a week, offering open karaoke from opening to close, you will be welcomed with open arms to take on your favorite tune with a crowd there to support you as your backup singers. 1413 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122

BEST PLACE FOR A BREW BEST WINE BAR PURPLE CAFE AND WINE BAR When you walk into Purple Café and Wine Bar, you are greeted with a tower of wine bottles from only a few feet from the ceiling down to the hands of the bartender. With its swanky atmosphere, delicious shared plates and a book full of wine selections, this place is always busy with wine-o’s with their glasses full.

ELYSIAN BREWING Seattle has plenty of places to drink any type of brew that tickles your fancy, but Seattleites chose Elysian Brewing as the best. Whether you prefer to drink at the Capitol Hill, Tangletown, Pioneer Square, or Downtown location, you will be guaranteed a great thirst-quenching crafted brew to cool you down on a hot summer day. various locations / /www.elysianbrewing.com

1225 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 / www.thepurplecafe.com / photo: Pink House

BEST COMEDY COMEDY UNDERGROUND It’s no joke that The Comedy Underground is the original Seattle comedy club. In fact, even Jerry Seinfeld credits it for being the spot where his career took off. With shows featured seven days a week, they keep you laughing all week long. 109 S Washington St, Seattle, WA 98104 / comedyunderground.com

BEST BAR/LOUNGE FOOD TOULOUSE PETIT If you’re going to grab a bite to eat at a bar, then go for some fresh seafood, spicy Cajun and unique apps at Toulouse Petit. Not only do they feature an amazing afternoon and late night happy hour, but they have delicious crafted cocktails to wash down that rich and original cuisine. 601 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 / toulousepetit.com


BEST ENTERTAINMENT FOUNDATION NIGHTCLUB If you are looking to find where the biggest names in EDM play, Foundation Nightclub is it. Hosting some of the biggest players including Kaskade, The Chainsmokers, Above & Beyond, Cazette, and so many more, this place has such a draw for entertainment that even Tiesto stopped by one night to check out the show. 2218 Western Ave, Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98121 / www.foundation-nightclub.com / photo: Turk Photos

SEATTLE NIGHTLIFE AWARDS 2016 BEST LIVE MUSIC VENUE NEUMOS Neumos has been a staple in Capitol Hill for hosting awesome music acts in its intimate size. Whoever is playing, they book acts that fans love because shows sell out before the night premieres. When you pack that many people into a room, not only does the music radiate, but so does the crowd. 925 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122 / neumos.com

BEST SPORTS BAR 95 SLIDE In Seattle, locals are fans of every sports team the city offers. No matter if you are cheering on the Seahawks, Sounders FC or Mariners, 95 Slide is the best home base to watch all the games and sit next to the biggest fans in the city. 722 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122 / 95slide.com

BEST LOOKING STAFF COWGIRLS INC The all-female bartending, cocktailing and dancing staff is one big draw for patrons of Cowgirls Inc. The fact that they are all good looking and know how to shake it on top of the bar in sync is a huge bonus. This staff is there to serve you during sports games, while celebrating a birthday or spending your last single night out on the town. 421 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 / www.cowgirlsinc.com

BEST HOTEL BAR FROLIK KITCHEN + COCKTAILS @ MOTIF SEATTLE Maybe it’s the large rooftop patio that looks over Downtown Seattle. Maybe it’s the shuffleboard or ping pong tables. Or maybe it’s the crafted cocktails and small bites that makes Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails the Best Hotel Bar for the second year in a row. 1415 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 / frolik.motifseattle.com / photo: Motif Seattle

BEST EVENT COMPANY USC EVENTS Paradiso, Freaknight, Resolution and Lucky are some of the biggest and best EDM festival in the Northwest. It’s no secret that USC Events bring in the biggest names and give partygoers the most unforgettable time. As if they didn’t have enough awesomeness on their roster, they added a new event called Magnifique with legendary Kaskade headlining at The Gorge Amphitheatre in September. www.uscevents.com

BEST VIP SECTION BEST DESIGN ASTON MANOR Aston Manor’s 1920s’ inspired design with plush dark couches, oversized leather chairs, damask wallpaper and gold keys along the dividing wall gives the nightclub and lounge a classy and luxury feel. Step in and you feel like you are part of the Roaring 20s drinking in style.

FOUNDATION NIGHTCLUB Foundation Nightclub is a top spot for the elite with its large VIP section with great views of the center stage. Last year they expanded the tableside service with two more booths for groups of 8 to 12 to party together while dancing away from the crow to the beats by some of the hottest DJs in EDM. 2218 Western Ave, Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98121 / www.foundation-nightclub.com

2946 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134 / www.astonmanorsea.com / photo: Aston Manor

BEST EVENT SERIES RESURRECTION SUNDAYS Sundays resurrected from the dead again this year as Resurrection Sundays took Best Event Series for the second year in a row. The weekly gothic series gives guests a freaky good time with horror inspired acts. You will feel like death… in a good way. 1207 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101 / www.thebalticroom.net

EVENT OF THE YEAR SANTACON Who doesn’t love thousands of drunk Santa Clauses walking down the streets of Seattle? SantaCon is the free gift that keeps on giving not only during the holidays, but it now delivers Christmas in July as well. We knew Santa loved mischief during his days off. www.facebook.com/seattle.santacon

BEST PLACE TO CELEBRATE LUCKY STRIKE It doesn’t matter what you are celebrating at Lucky Strike to make your night feel as special as you are. With offerings of arcade games and bowling lanes to challenge your friends and VIP tableside service in two separate lounges, your celebration will be unforgettable – well… the parts that you remember, that is. ENTERTAINMENT ISSUE l VILLE l 29 700 Bellevue Way NE Suite 250, Lincoln Square, Bellevue, WA 98004 / www.bowlluckystrike.com



SAMUEL GRAHN When Samuel isn’t taking shots of nature or portraits of people, he is snapping the scene at Resurrection Sundays, manning his photo booth and capturing the fight at 321 Battle. His photos stop time so your memories can last a lifetime.

ELIO MAURICIO Elio spends his VIP hosting time at Q Nightclub making sure his clients and guests have a great time without hassle. Whether he is booking them a table or putting on the list, he makes sure they are happy and inviting them to come back another night.

FEMALE DJ OF THE YEAR ALTESSE You can dance to Altesse’s mulit-genre beats from house to hip-hop at pretty much every nightclub in Seattle. Get you weekly dose of this resident DJ Queen at Q Nightclub for FWD Wednesdays and Madness Saturdays.

COCKTAIL SERVER OF THE YEAR NICOLE ROGERS Nicole Rogers has been serving at Lucky Strike Bellevue for years and has won the hearts of guests and her fellow staff members. Whether she is serving drinks or providing tableside bottle, she always delivers service beyond expectations.

GO GO DANCER OF THE YEAR NICOLE ABDON For the second year in a row, Nicole’s dance moves at Resurrection Sundays have left an impression. She can easily enchant you with her moves, but her fun and kind personality is what really makes her the best.

MALE DJ OF THE YEAR WESLEY HOLMES If you have been out in Seattle, you’ve danced to the beats of Wesley Holmes maybe once or twenty times. A “veteran” in the DJ Seattle scene, he has spun at every hot spot and is highly respected by his fellow spinners.

PERFORMER OF THE YEAR TRYSTAN CLARK Trystan is a jack of all trades. Whatever personality he is showcasing; he creates them all on his own and is always leaving an impression with guests at Q Nightclub’s Madness and Resurrection Sundays at the Baltic Room.

BAR BACK OF THE YEAR RENE MORALES Third time is the charm for Rene for this award. He has the bartenders and servers back so they can serve you better. Without a good support, there isn’t a good team and luckily they have someone to lean on.

BARTENDER OF THE YEAR KAREN NICOLE MORTON Karen has been slinging drinks for the Seattle area for many years. Whipping them up on the weekends at Foundation Nightclub, guests love her and her drinks are pretty damn good as well. She is the only bartender to take this award twice.

DRAG QUEEN OF THE YEAR MAMA TITS There is no doubt this Drag Queen of the Year is the tits. Mama Tits has made her mark on the LGBT community with her longest running weekly Drag Brunch show in Seattle. She will make understand the word diva when she is on center stage with her entertaining and comedic performances.

BEST SECURITY STAFF FOUNDATION NIGHTCLUB Keeping patrons safe and getting them in timely and efficiently is no easy task – especially in Belltown. But partygoers can be assured they are in good hands with Foundation’s security staff holding down the fort. 2218 Western Ave, Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98121 / www.foundation-nightclub.com

BEST LOUNGE SUITE RESTAURANT/LOUNGE If you’re looking for a place to socialize with your friends chilling in a booth or hitting a dance floor, then head to the Eastside and get ready for one “Suite” night. From the glamour décor, friendly staff and boutique feel, this is the place to be. Bellevue Square, 10500 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98004 / www.suitebellevue.com


NIGHTCLUB OF THE YEAR Q NIGHTCLUB Between the premium sound system, laser light shows, open space, VIP service, and the bartenders mixing it up behind the bar, it’s no surprise that Seattleites chose Q Nightclub as the best the second year in a row. Located in Capitol Hill, this number one spot delivers a party four nights a week that partygoers go back to over and over again. 142630 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122; www.qnightclub.com / ISSUE photo: Tyler Hill Photo l VILLE l ENTERTAINMENT

DREAMGIRLS SEATTLE Located next to CenturyLink and Safeco Field, the gents get a double whammy from a great sports game to some sexy entertainers all within a few blocks. Known to have some of the best dancers in the city, make sure you bring your stack of bills to tip the ladies or throw in some extra for a one on one. 1530 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134 / dreamgirls-seattle.com

GAY NIGHTCLUB/BAR OF THE YEAR RE-BAR SEATTLE The once claimed underground nightclub has made its way to the top again this past year. With booking some of Seattle’s biggest DJs, throwing weekly parties, showcasing some sexy dancers, and outrageous characters, Re-Bar Seattle has become the best in LGBT and also the straight scene. 1114 Howell St, Seattle, WA 98101 / www.rebarseattle.com


32 l VILLE lQuincy ENTERTAINMENT ISSUE Award-winning Jones at the 1990 Grammy Awards.



Quincy Jones is the definition of a legend. His career began right here in Seattle and hasn’t stopped yet. From being a music artist, producing record-breaking albums with Michael Jackson, composing movie scores for Steven Spielberg, conducting for Frank Sinatra, discovering today’s biggest celebrities, publishing his own magazine - the list goes on and on. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also an award-winning humanitarian leading his own foundation and giving back what he can. For all of us here at Ville Magazine, it is truly an honor to be given the opportunity to interview the great Quincy Jones.



Quincy Jones (center) playing trumpet with The Bumps Blackwell Junior Band

How did the city of Seattle influenced you to become a musician and grow your career? QJ: I am so blessed and thankful for the wonderful and fruitful journey that my life has been, a journey that began in Seattle 73 years ago. Mine could have been a very different story, but through the grace of God I found my calling in music and Seattle couldn’t have been a better place to hone my craft. From nights spent performing with visiting Jazz legends and fellow Seattle residents such as Clark Terry, Ernestine Anderson, Bumps Blackwell, and my best friend Ray Charles, among others, at clubs like the Rocking Chair, the Black & Tan and the Washington Educational and Social Club, to days spent in the classrooms of Garfield High – the best high school in the country to this day, Seattle has been a cornerstone of who I am as a musician and as a human being, Do you still visit Seattle and if so, how do you spend your time and where do you like to go? QJ: My schedule is constantly full, so I don’t get to Seattle as often as I’d like to. But I still have family there; my brother Richard is a U.S. District Court Judge, so when I do get to the city it’s really about spending time with family and of course seeing old friends. What was the inspiration behind “We Are the World” and how did you convince some of the biggest artists in music to get on board? QJ: Not one person in the studio had to be sold on what we were trying to do. We artists all came together to help people who needed our help. Those 46 singers came into the studio with one thing on their minds: to try and make a difference and they did. Everyone in the studio that night was at the peak of his or her career, but it was their collective star power that made “We Are The World” a global event. If you’re not using your celebrity as a currency to bring attention to things that matter, what good is it really.


1983 Grammys with Michael Jackson

“We Are The World” still stands as the most successful and unified outreaches ever in the music world. When you were producing Michael Jackson’s Thriller, did you think that it would be the best-selling album of all time and how was the experience working with the King of Pop? QJ: Like everyone else, I always go into the studio to make a number one record, but anyone who tells you that they knew a record was going to be a big hit is a flat-out liar. We knew that we had something special with Off The Wall, but we had no idea that it was going to be as successful as it was. Off the Wall set the bar pretty high, but what came next with Thriller, I don’t think any of us were ready for. I always say you have to leave space for God to walk into the room, and man did he/she ever. Michael, the music and MTV all took it to the stratosphere. It was the perfect convergence of forces. When Thriller came out, it chewed up everything in its way. When Michael and I first worked together on “The Wiz,” I saw his work ethic. He knew everybody’s songs and lines from the movie. Plus he was getting up very early in the morning to do five hours of make-up every day. This was a young man that had already found success, but he was that dedicated to what he was doing. Michael was an extremely hard worker, that was the common denominator that he had with great artists I had worked with in the past. So when he asked me to help him find a producer for his first solo record, which would become Off The Wall, I said I’d like to take a try at it. I knew he had more inside of him artistically than he’d given us with The Jackson Five. How does it feel to know that you jump started careers for Oprah, Will Smith and many more? QJ: It feels wonderful to be there at the beginning of someone’s journey, but it is only

natural for me because that is what people did for me when I was starting out. Dudes like Lionel Hampton, Clark Terry, Benny Carter, Ellington and Basie, and many others, put me on their shoulders so I could achieve my dreams. They all taught me lessons that I carry to this day and their knowledge and faith in my abilities is what helped me to get where I am. For me, it is just a natural inclination to do that when I see talented young people. A brain aneurysm discontinued your ability to play trumpet. After this did you start playing any other instruments? QJ: I still play the piano.

Willie Nelson, Quincy Jones and Bruce Springsteen at “We are the World” recording.

What exactly was your vision of VIBE Magazine when you founded it in 1993? QJ: After I did “Back on the Block” I got the idea to do a magazine about hiphop in all its forms…music, fashion, style. I could feel the cultural shift that was coming with hip-hop, it was the same feeling as with be-bop in the 50’s, Rock in the 60’s, R&B in the 70’s, and disco in the 80’s, and I knew a magazine celebrating that culture would resonate with the public. VIBE became the “urban Rolling Stone”, and I think it really helped cement hip-hop’s place in American culture. If you had to choose between only playing music, producing music or scoring films/TV, which would you pick? QJ: I don’t make a distinction between the different mediums. I love whatever I’m doing at the time. To me, whether you’re in the recording studio, on a film or television set, or in the boardroom, it is all the same. You may be using different skills sets, but it is about coming up with a vision, a goal, and putting the right elements together to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. At my core I’m an arranger, composer and orchestrator. That skill set is at the foundation of everything that I do. Every artist/entrepreneur, no matter what the medium or business, starts the creative process with a blank canvass and you have to have a knowledge and command of the elements that you are working with in order for that vision to take shape. Knowing every aspect of your craft gives you a solid foundation from which you can build and expand into new arenas. You been in the music industry for well over 60 years, how do you feel in the industry has changed from artists to genres and where do you think it is heading? Are there a few artists who were exceptionally great or your favorites to work with? QJ: The list is too long. I’ve been blessed to work with everyone from Ray Charles, Count Basie, Clark Terry, Benny Carter, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Dinah Washington, Ella, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis when I was a young gun coming up, to Nadia Boulanger who I studied orchestration with in France, to Frank Sinatra, Aretha, Michael, Oprah and Whoopi, Will Smith, just everyone. Music brought us all together the way only music can. Music is always going to evolve. There are only twelve notes, but it’s what you do with those twelve notes that make the difference. Hip-hop music is a direct descendant from jazz. It’s the same body language and use of colloquialisms; we’ve been calling each other “homeboy” since the ‘40s. Unfortunately though, a lot of people don’t see the connection because they don’t know the history of Jazz. I’ve always said that if you know where you came from, it’s easy to know where you’re going. In the future, Dizzy, Ellington, Basie, Miles, all of the great jazz artists will be seen as our Beethoven’s, Bach’s and Mozart’s.

Quincy Jones, Stedman Graham, Oprah Winfrey and Jack Nicholson at Bill Clinton’s first inaugural celebration.


Receiving the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 1996 Academy Awards.


Outdoor Scenes Written by: Casey Martin / Photo: Seattle Eater

I wonder who the first person was to say, “You know, this indoor movie theater ain’t for me. Why don’t we just watch a movie outside?” I’d like to shake that person’s hand and thank them for their addition to a long list of summer activities. Sure, escaping the heat in a dark movie theatre is great, but feeling a natural cool breeze at night is even better. Seating is first-come, first-serve, so make sure to lock down a solid spot. If you are looking for something both entertaining and relaxing, grab your friends and check out these five locations this summer.


The Fremont Outdoor Cinema, now in its 24th year, provides a true sense of community along with some great films. The audience is often the best part of show, participating in events like cowboy strip poker for Unforgiven and a night of a thousand dudes for The Big Lebowski. This cinema also caters to those 21 & up, hosting movie parties that include live music, a full bar, food trucks and, of course, a great film. The Fremont Outdoor cinema will make you feel right at home. www.fremontoutdoormovies.com


Although it’s a bit of a drive to Woodinville, you can’t beat a movie party inside the Red Hook brewery. The gates and taps open at 6pm and movies start at dusk. Delicious frosty beverages and food are available in the beer garden until the movies begin. Some of this year’s features include Zombieland with a zombie burlesque show and Deadpool with a superhero costume contest. Whatever sort of films you are into, you’ll be sure to have a good time here. www.redhook.com


Movies at Magnuson, sisters with Movies at Marymoor, is blooming into its 6th season. It offers the same amenities as its sister, bringing a wide variety of food trucks, live entertainment and movie trivia. A snippet of movies offered this year are Guardians of the Galaxy, The Sandlot and The Goonies. www.epiceap.com


Come enjoy some classic and contemporary films at the Mural Amphitheatre this summer. The Mural, in the heart of the Seattle Center, is backdropped by the iconic Space Needle and is a stone’s throw from all sorts of food trucks and vendors. A few showings include The Princess Bride, Mad Max: Fury Road and West Side Story. Movies at the Mural are perfect for a casual date or to kick back this summer. www.seattlecenter.com


Located in the beautiful Marymoor Park in Redmond, this summer series is fully flared going into their 12th season. Movies at Marymoor offers live entertainment and movie trivia on top of great movies like Back to the Future, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Aladdin and more. Dogs as well are welcome to join in the fun as long as they can behave themselves and don’t blurt out movie spoilers. Plenty of food trucks will be serving up hot food, treats and frozen yogurt, but feel free to bring your own snacks as well. www.epiceap.com


Tuning In

Written by: Casey Martin / Photo: BrAt82 / shutterstock.com

In Seattle, radio is alive and well. With so many channels available, you will find something that suits your personality, mood or ideals. Two stations in particular that stand out are KEXP 90.3 FM and MOVin 92.5 FM. These two stations are like oil and water; and chances are, if you like one of them, you may not like the other. Although both do a lot more than just play music, one is an independent station that is heavily supportive of the local Seattle scene while the other is a more “top 40” station. Regardless, these two polar opposite stations are doing great things in their own respective worlds. KEXP 90.3 FM KEXP is a public owned non-profit organization that promotes the music and art of this beautiful city. Fueled mostly by generous donations, KEXP runs on the people of Seattle. One of the many great things about KEXP is that the music is always changing. This is not a radio station that has set playlists of top-chart hits but rather a collective of over 50 extremely talented DJs who play every kind of music under the sun. KEXP also regularly hosts musicians for in-house live recordings that are free to the public. If there is an event in Seattle where unique and exquisite music can be heard, chances are KEXP will have a part in it. You must check out KEXP’s new spacious and beautiful home in the Seattle Center. It even has a coffee shop. You can stop by anytime during business hours, grab a cup of coffee from La Marzocco, and listen to what KEXP is cooking up. KEXP couldn’t be more Seattle and it is truly where the music matters.

MOViN 92.5 FM On the other side of the spectrum is Seattle’s #1 hit music station, MOViN 92.5. On this station, you will always hear the hottest songs from popular artists. Its radio show, Brooke and Jubal in the Morning, is a great way to start your day with their Second Date Updates, Phone Taps, Loser Line and more. Their crazy antics and jokes will make your morning a more enjoyable experience. Brooke and Jubal in the Morning has recently began broadcasting on a national level, expanding their reach across the country. This move will no doubt generate a massive boost in listeners and promote the hard work behind the station. So the next time you find yourself driving in the morning, find 92.5 on your dial and join in the fun. Radio may seem like a thing of the past, but its presence is still strong, especially in Seattle. KEXP represents the underground and independent scene. Its promotion of local and world famous artists and a vast music selection continues to be a monumental part of what Seattle is. MOViN pushes the popular mainstream music. Its show, Brooke and Jubal in the Morning, provides Seattleites, and now the entire country, with some quality jokes and laughs in the morning. These two radio stations couldn’t be more different; but they are both important to the world of music, arts and entertainment. But don’t take it from me, give them a listen and hear for yourself. www.kexp.org / www.MOViN925.com



Pieces of History

Written by: Casey Martin / Photo: Wikapedia

To truly know the Seattle Art Museum, we must start in the year 1933. Dr. Richard E. Fuller and his mother, Margaret MacTavish Fuller, donated $250,000 to the City of Seattle for an art museum. It was to be built in Volunteer Park. Many pieces of the museum’s early collection were from Dr. Fuller’s private collection. He served as the director of the museum until 1970 and never took a salary. This man not only had a true desire and vision for an art assemblage in Seattle, but he also a passion to share that art with the people of the city. Volunteer Park served as the museum’s home until 1991 when it relocated its current location on 1st Avenue where the famous Hammering Man resides. In 1994, the original Volunteer Park site was turned into the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and in 2007 the Olympic Sculpture Park was opened up to the public. During SAM’s 75 year anniversary in 2008, donations of over 1,000 works were received, bringing the museum’s collection to a tremendous 25,000. Since its humble beginning, the Seattle Art Museum has blossomed into a key monument of what makes Seattle, well, Seattle. Over the years, The Seattle Art Museum has featured exhibitions from legendary artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci to more modern masters like Andy Warhol and Jacob Lawrence. Historic shows like India: Its Achievements of the Past and of the Present and Treasures of Tutankhamun have been presented as well. One of the most recent ones was Kehinde Wiley’s A New Republic. Wiley is a modern artist known for his distinct spin on classical European portraits. Hi started this project while working in Harlem, drawing and then painting men and women he saw on the streets. His subjects would pose in ways that express power, reminiscent of European portraits, but he captures their raw essence by depicting them in everyday clothing. The paintings are decorated with bright and vibrant patterns that overlap with the subject. The clash of eloquent European style staged portraits and Wiley’s casually dressed subjects brings something majestic to the ordinary. In house now is the Graphic Masters: Dürer, Rembrandt, Hogarth, Goya, Picasso, R. Crumb. This includes 400 collective works from these six artists, all focused on two-dimensional graphic arts. The artists’ mediums include woodblocks, engravings, etchings, and aquatints, as well as pen and ink drawings. What’s so great about this exhibition is how vast the time frame is. The earliest artist, Albrecht Dürer, is from the German Renascence (15th and 16th century) while the latest is the alive and kickin’ Robert Crumb, a modern comic book legend. 38 l VILLE l ENTERTAINMENT ISSUE

It’s just fascinating that both these strikingly different artists, along with Rembrandt, Hogarth, Goya and Picasso have the ability to be featured together. Do you think when Robert Crumb began drawing comics, he would have one day been considered a graphic master but also featured with some of the world’s most talented artists ever? I don’t think so. Graphic Masters will run until August 28th, 2016. Don’t miss your chance to see this one-of-a-kind exhibit. The Seattle Art Museum’s ability to host such phenomenal collections of art and artifacts must be rewarding for its board of trustees, leadership and benefactors. But, I believe what’s most significant is how many people have felt a connection or stepped into another time because of the Seattle Art Museum. This institution has offered the people of this fine city the opportunity to immerse themselves into this fascinating world of art and culture. Sure, Google searching an image or scrolling on Instagram is one thing, but to get up close and personal to see the amazing detail, color and shading, that is what art is all about.

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Home Entertainment Written by: Amy Gruntner

The key to throwing any memorable gathering is great company and a functional space to do it in. Sure, a simple living room or backyard may do the trick, but having an entire space dedicated to the needs and desires of your guests is ideal. Designing an entertainment space can be fairly simple because in terms of style, it can be a seamless extension of your home. You could also go completely against the grain and create a space that pushes you out of your comfort zone with new colors, funky artwork, and patterned textiles. The first step in creating an entertainment space is to define its use. Is it a place to relax while playing shuffleboard or poker with the boys? Or Is it an escape where the cocktails never stop flowing and a deep bass pounds out the latest beats?

MOVIE BUFF For any movie buff, the ultimate viewing space includes couches to sink into, screens as big as possible and a sound system to rattle your insides. Research the accurate distance your furniture should be placed away from your television, based on its size, for the ultimate viewing experience. Remember to take into account the size of your space so oversized furniture doesn’t dwarf your room--this can also be said for the size of your television as well. As a focal point, create a wallto-wall storage unit to showcase DVDs, CDs, and records. Thick knit throws, a dimmer switch and a snack bar filled with popcorn and all the fixings will help create a movie lover’s paradise. photo: www.outnow.ch

photo: www.hgtv.com


SKILLED SPORTSMAN Then there are those who like to be entertained by some friendly competition. Entertainment rooms well-equipped with games to showcase speed, coordination, and agility make for a fun and lively experience. From shuffleboard and ping-pong to pool and black jack, any gamer’s paradise is complete with bright lighting and vivid pops of color in an ample sized open space. Remember to keep in mind the dimensions of your space and the size of your game table when placing it. For example, the amount of extra space needed around a ping pong table is three feet from each long side, and five to six feet from each end line. Cozy seating areas or high chairs placed throughout the room give those less competitive a spot to find solace amid the cut-throat competition.


photo: hgtv.com

NIGHT MOVES If you’re all about the experience and music of nightlife, why not create a space to reflect that. Stand-up tables, a fully stocked bar, and a high-tech sound system in a dimly-lit space will segregate your space against the normalities of the rest of your home. Ideally, this type of entertainment area would take up your entire basement, or open to the rest of your home with French doors so that sound will easily flow throughout. Large windows with heavy drapes will allow for sound masking or cool air to flow into a packed setting. Use textiles that are cool and durable such as leather, marble, metals, and concrete; accent with deep reds and rich browns to create a sultry and intimate setting.

photo: www.hgtv.com


The cherry on top of any entertaining space is a functional and fully stocked bar. When adding a bar to your entertainment area, evaluate the following question: do you have enough space for a wet bar, or would a simple bar cart be more practical? If the space you are designing has an open floor plan with plenty of room for activities such as darts or shuffleboard, a wet bar would be perfect. This type of bar is perfect for any large or intimate gathering with the ability to host copious amounts of liquors and sodas. Make your bar a statement piece by using brightly-colored bar stools and concrete or marble countertops. If your entertainment space is small or filled with many activity tables, or you simply don’t want to distract from your overall decor, a simple bar cart will do the trick. Find a vintage tea trolley, metal serving cart or mid-century modern buffet chest to serve as a mobile and multifunctional bar cart. Stock your bar cart with liquor flavors your guests crave, a signature drink to represent your special evening, or a lemonade bar for a 10-yearold’s sleepover.





Sweatin’ Summer Written by: Yasmin Tavakoli / Photo: EpicStockMedia / shutterstock.com

Summer has hit and our long awaited and extremely gorgeous Seattle summers have finally arrived. There’s no denying that Seattle is one of the best places to be this year. So why not take advantage of what the great outdoors have to offer and skip the indoor workouts and gyms and get that vitamin D you’ve been lacking all year long.


If you’re someone who wants to do it all, then paddle boarding might be the water sport for you. With options that are endless, you’ll never get tired of the extensive variations paddle boarding has to offer. Whether you decide to become a yogi on your board, surf the traitorous waves or just want to tour the aquatic life, it comes equipped and ready for all. These activities can burn calories ranging from 500 – 1,200 in just an hour’s time, depending on what you decide to embark on your board. The combination of strength, balance, and endurance makes this one of the best activities for a complete full body workout. 6300 Seaview Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107; surfballard.com





Diving is increasingly growing in popularity and is becoming a trendier way to be active and stay fit, especially among the vacationing population. So ditch your sneakers and slip on some flippers and jump into the deep seas of Washington aquatic life. Just gearing up with a 40 pound tank of air, suiting up and getting in and out of the boat can feel like a full workout on its own. The real workout, though, begins when your body compels you to pivot through the continuous resistance under water. Doing this can burn up to 400 calories in as little as a 30 minute session. To add to the benefits of this exploration, scuba diving also strengthens the respiratory system, which increases lung capacity and can reduce your risk of developing lung diseases. seattledivetours.com


This exhilarating water sport will give you an amazing cardiovascular workout you cannot accomplish in the gym. You might even get so wrapped up in the rejuvenating winds soaring you through the waters up to 20 miles an hour that you might forget that you can be burning up to a 1,000 calories. Learning to balance on a windsurf can engage all your core muscles and even some muscles you didn’t even know you had. Besides being an unforgettable soaring experience, windsurfing has been known to drastically improve overall mental and physical health. nwwindsurfing.org


Fly boarding is the newest extreme sport to hit the water world. Adrenaline junkies listen up, because we have discovered your next adventure. Attached to a long hose that can go up to 15 meters in the air, this action-pack workout is not only fantastic for developing great coordination skills, but it also promotes strong legs and activates core muscles. Improve your balance on top of getting an action-packed, kick-ass work out with this adventurous water activity. The best part? As difficult as fly boarding looks, it does not take too long to master. So get out there and soar into the sky for an unforgettable workout. flyboardwa.com


Insta Fitness Written by: Yasmin Tavakoli / Photo: fizkes / shutterstock.com

Instagram has become a vast resource for the health and fitness realm. Whether you are looking for motivation, inspiration, or entertainment, there is someone to follow who personally sparks your inner fitness alter ego. These are the Instagram fitness gurus who are taking over social media with their own twist on health and fitness. Each deliver something unique and different, but what they all have in common is a hell of a lot of fitness followers.


@KAYLA_ITSINES Coming in at one of the most followed people on Instagram today, Kayla Itsines is famously known for her widely popular and drastic before and after photos on Instagram. Starting as a mobile trainer, Kayla grew her following very organically by training clients with a program she designed herself. The radical weight loss pictures were more than enough to build her clientele up to 220 clients and continuing. Leaving Kayla no choice but to expand her 12-week program to the cyber world, where she is now at a whopping 5.2 million followers. Her 12-week program consists of 3 twenty-eight minute workouts per week which promises amazing results.


@FOLLOWTHELITA Renowned as #thickfit, Lita Lewis has changed the commonly popular fitness guru body type mold. Advertising and promoting strong over skinny, Lita embodies the change she wanted to see. Stating that when she first started, she felt there was not a vast variety of body types, Lita’s Insta page proves that you can be fit and healthy at any body type. Lita’s workouts consist of strength training and body building. If getting stronger and getting inspired by motivational messages on a daily basis is something you’ve been seeking, maybe it’s time you hop on the #thickfit bandwagon.


@DOMZTHOMPSON Whether you idolize him, dream about him, or fawn over his adorable heartfelt posts, it’s clear that Dominick Thompson has won over everyone’s heart. Showing that no matter what lifestyle you choose to live, it is possible to achieve the body you want and desire. Maintaining a body comparable to that of a Greek God, Dominick lives a fully vegan lifestyle. Breaking barriers in the vegan world, proving that you can have an extreme built on solely a plant-based diet. His philanthropic ways and incredibly good looks have gotten him to over 130k followers.

@BIKINIBODYMOMMY This mom of four is nothing short of inspiring to all the mommies out there struggling with their post baby bodies. Losing a tremendous 100 lbs. in almost a year, she is one of the most famous post baby body gurus on Instagram and YouTube. Her incredible weight loss story grew her to maternal fame and now runs an entire fitness empire dedicated to helping other moms get their pre-baby bodies back. With a fool proof workout plan, endless recipe ideas and a relatable at home lifestyle, she is a dominating fitness mother.


@EMILYSKYEFIT Being one of the biggest promoters of mental and physical health, Emily Skye has been known to share her personal inner and outer struggles of her health journey. Her mantra to finding inner happiness versus physical appeal with an uplifting and positive attitude has skyrocketed her to an international sensation. Skye has been open about how she went from being a shy, insecure, depressed girl to the fit, happy and confident woman she is today. With 1.6 million followers to date, it’s clear the girl is succeeding in her journey to inspire and uplift the Insta stratosphere. ENTERTAINMENT ISSUE l VILLE l 45


Soak Up the Sun Written by: Dr. Scott Mindel / KonstantinChristian / shutterstock.com

The relationship between sun exposure and our health may not be as straightforward as we have been made to believe. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States with the most lethal form of skin cancer being melanoma. The sun has always been linked to be the cause of this condition. It is claimed that too much ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can damage the DNA in skin cells. If enough DNA damage occurs over time, this can build up and cause your cells to start growing erratically, which can lead to skin cancer.

Sunscreen was created to prevent skin cancer and has been thought to protect us - until recently. Think about it. If the sun was the only factor causing skin cancer and sunscreen prevented it, we’d be cancer-free by now based on statistics. Not to mention we are spending less time outside than ever before with the increased work week and more technology jobs that keeps workers inside. The use of sunscreen has increased dramatically over the past 30 years. Reports show over 60% of adults apply sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun. This rate is increasing yearly along with sales that show more than a 20-fold growth to fuel a $400 million business. Yet the occurrence of melanoma has also been on the rise while sales have been exploding over the same time period. Sunscreen companies claim over 90 percent of melanomas are attributed to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Regular daily use of an SPF 15 or higher can reduce the risk of developing melanoma by 50 percent. When people wear sunscreen, particularly highprotection sun block, we tend to believe we can stay in the sun as long as we like. However, this behavior is reinforced by the belief that we are safe, which leads people to being dangerously exposed to excessive radiation and possibly sun poisoning. The American Cancer Society recommends sunscreen should be used as a filter, not a reason to stay longer in the sun. They recommend other methods of sun protection, even when properly using sunscreen, such as hats, sunglasses, clothing and shade. According to the National Cancer Institute, there will be 68,720 new cases of melanoma, and 8,650 people will die from it this year. The risk of melanoma is more than 10 times higher for whites than for African-Americans, particularly for fair-skinned Caucasians with red or blond hair who burn easily. Dr. Sam Shuster, a dermatologist and honorary consultant at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in the UK, states, “Melanoma cases occur on relatively unexposed sites of the body... There is no evidence that melanomas occur at sunburn sites on the body.” Dr. Shuster acknowledges that the sun is responsible for some skin cancers, like basal and squamous cell, but says they are virtually benign. He adds, “If sunscreen was important, we’d expect it to decrease the incidence of melanoma over the years as more and more people become accustomed to using it. But that hasn’t happened; it has actually increased.” Medical experts agree that sun can cause wrinkling and the generally aging of the skin, but now some researchers wonder if UV rays have anything to do with melanoma.


HEALTH CHECK So what is causing it? It comes down to what type of sunscreen you are using and the health of your body. Sunscreen can be effective and is important, but it’s also important to have at least sun exposure 20 minutes a day for your daily dose of Vitamin D. More time in the sun after that requires protection. There are two types of sunscreen, chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreens need to be applied 20 minutes before exposure. They are effective but need to be reapplied every hour. However, once applied, chemical sunscreens soak into your body and bloodstream. They do not pass through your liver so substances scatters toxically and can be detected in the blood, urine, and breast milk for up to two days after just one application. Some generate DNA-damaging chemicals called “free radicals,” which may lead to cancers. Sunscreen that contains chemicals includes oxybenzone that may interfere with the thyroid and other hormone processes in the body. This chemical has been found in 96% of the population according to the C.D.C. What’s also alarming is that it is considered an endocrine disruptor which affects reproduction in men and women. Also avoid using spray sunscreen or be careful not to inhale it because many sunscreens also contain a chemical called methylisothiazolinone which the Dermatitis Society named “Allergen of the Year.” Another type of sunscreen is mineral, also known as physical, such as lotion with Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that sit on top of the skin, forming a barrier against the sun’s rays. These types are usually rated safer. However, Consumer Reports tested major brands of both types of sunscreen and found more than 40% of do not live up to their SPF claims. In fact, whereas two products claimed to have an SPF of 50, test results came back with an actual SPF of 8. Their defense was that they met the FDA’s requirements and that is what mattered. Is it when it’s not protecting us and, in addition, hurting us? If you feel you must use sunscreen, make sure you are using it right. Check the labels, do your research, and don’t forget to reapply. If you are against sunscreen, there are ways to protect yourself naturally. Sunburn is actually caused by nutritional deficiencies that leave the skin vulnerable to DNA mutations from radiation; but if you boost your nutrition and protect your nervous system with plant-based nutrients, you will naturally be resistant to a sunburn. Start eating lots of berries and microalgae (spirulina and blue-green algae). You’ll build up an internal sunscreen that will protect your skin from sunburn from the inside out. Cover up your body with UV-protected clothing as not all protects you from the rays. Or better yet, make your own sunscreen. There are multiple recipes online that can last up to six months – a perfect amount time to get you through the summer. Bottom line, enjoy the summer and don’t fears the rays. Simply get your dose of Vitamin D, cover up, sit back and relax… that’s what these warm days are for.



Beautiful Budapest Written by: Anna DiBlosi

Photo: little_larc / shutterstock.com

A city split in two by the flowing Danube River, the capital of Hungary combines rich historical charm and a modern artistic feel to create a pulsing pocket of culture like none other in Central Europe. The inexpensive nature of this sophisticated yet independent city makes it a goto destination for young people in search of a place to celebrate, have fun, and experience something new. Budapest offers stunning architecture, breathtaking views, a quaint café culture, and many odes to Hungary’s wealth of history. People watch from a nearby café to admire the popular artsy and alternative style of locals before hitting the thriving nightlife scene to dance the night away like a true Hungarian. For an “off the beaten path” European experience, stay the weekend in Budapest to immerse yourself in goulash, thermal baths, and art and music while exploring this under-traveled city.



Photo: Frog Dares / Shutterstock.com: Matthias Church

Visit fairytale Buda Castle & Fisherman’s Bastion for a picture-perfect hilltop viewpoint of the Danube River, the iconic Hungarian Parliament Building, and the surrounding city. The Castle District is a hotspot for festivals, especially in August. Considered Hungary’s biggest holiday, St. Stephen’s Day is on August 20th (comparable to America’s 4th of July). It is a full day of celebration honoring Hungary’s foundation with firework shows off both embankments of the Danube River. On this day the Festival of Folk Arts is held at Buda Castle, which includes the work of Hungarian’s best craftsmen, folk music and dance performances. hungarianfolk.com/hungarian-folk-festival


By day, dive into one of Budapest’s famous thermal bathhouses for a full menu of relaxing and affordable spa treatments along with mineral pools, saunas, and steam rooms perfect for a rejuvenating experience in the presence of locals.


The Budapest Ruin Pubs are the epitome of cool as these once abandoned buildings have been transformed into massive spaces for art, music, dancing and drinking. The graffiti and artsy fleamarket inspired décor give off a cool bohemian vibe that’s not to miss. Ruin Pubs litter the city, so spend your evening pub-hopping to sample all the curiosities, music styles, and bizarre themes these pubs have to offer.


Photo credit: Gellert Spa

If you are looking for some nighttime excitement, visit a Saturday night bathhouse “SPArty” to experience a Hungarian twist on traditional nightclubbing. Party all night long with a laser light show, a DJ, full-bar, and many other fun-seekers in one of the bathhouse’s massive mineral pools. One of the biggest SPArtys, CINETRIP MEGA PARTY, is held on August 6th. The annual event revives the atmosphere of the heroic days of cinema through the aid of modern technology. szechenyispabaths.com/budapest-bath-party-dates



WHERE TO STAY CORINTHIA HOTEL BUDAPEST photo credit: gotohungary.com

Said to be the inspiration for Wes Anderson’s 2014 film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, the Corinthia Hotel is just as luxurious as it is truly grand. The hotel features glass atriums, spa, juice bar, and a stunning indoor pool along with contemporary guestrooms and lavish Royal Residence Apartments that have recently been restored. www.corinthia.com/hotels/budapest


Budapest locals favor the funky and unique, which explains the large presence of ever-popular boutique hotels and B&Bs. Each room in the Brody House is named after a local artist and is individually decorated so no two rooms at this eclectic hotel are the same. Book your stay with the Brody House Hotel for a sampling of Budapest’s thriving art scene. www.brodyhouse.com

WHERE TO EAT ALEXANDRA BOOKCAFÉ photo credit: www.budapesttimes.hu

Enjoy a light lunch or simply sip on one of the cafés delicious specialty coffees in an ornately decorated space with floor-to-ceiling bright gold accents and painted frescoes. This glamorous café was previously a Hungarian casino that has since turned into a hip restaurant and coffee house connected to a massive bookstore. www.lotzterem.hu


A sprawling indoor shopping destination with kiosks piled high with handmade crafts, locally grown paprika, Hungarian meat selections, treats, souvenirs and everything in-between, the Central Market Hall is a must see sight for travelers. However, the true gem is the third floor food court that boasts authentic Hungarian cuisine such as goulash, fisherman’s soup, stuffed peppers, and sausages in a casual atmosphere and communitytype space. Bring a group of friends to share one of the large tables and sample all of the traditional delicacies. budapestmarkethall.com


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Festive Fashion Written by: Tannya Bernadette

This summer, find yourself at festivals, outdoor summer concerts, fan-filled beer gardens, and dancing under the hot sun. While doing so ditch the typical denim cut offs, crop tops, and flower crowns for something more fashion forward and relaxed. Try these light and airy clothes mixed with flirty accessories and shoes that provide comfort and style.


The allure of this look is both sweet and sexy with its blush tones. It’s also not body constricting so you’ll have all the freedom you need to dance without being uncomfortable. top O’Neill Trina open back Cotton Crop Top $59 skirt Free People Feel the Beat $108 shoes Free People Lina Lace Up Gladiator Sandal $200 hat Trina Turk Alpino Woven Paper Hat $38 bracelets Lizzy James Ella With Charm Trio $110.95 bag Urban Outfitters Neutral Lita Mini Drawstring Crossbody $44


This look is seemingly conservative, yet both cute and sexy. The printed maxi wrap dress is a sure fire way to stand out with its side slit so you can show off the knee high gladiator sandals. Go bold with the colorful hat, matching sunglasses, and the long layered necklace to really tie your look together. dress Vero Moda Printed Wrap Maxi Dress $64.70 sunglasses Givenchy Orange Acetate $265 necklace Aqua Dallas Feather Choker $24 shoes Free People Urge Black Beach Bound Tall Gladiator Sandal $130 hat BCBGMAXAZRIA Orange Ribbon Floppy Hat $39


One style trend that has made its mark is the matching top and bottom set. The flowing long sleeved top and loose fitted shorts are perfect when attending an outdoor function. Slip on the worn-looking turquoise snakeskin booties with a turquoise vegan leather choker, straw fedora, and the pink sunglasses to offset all the blue. top & bottom Style Addict The Pandora Set $65 necklace Lulus Turquoise Boho Choker Necklace $16 shoes Free People Cobalt Far Hills Ankle Boots $198 hat Ale by Alessandr Trancoso Fedora $98 sunglasses Wildfox Pink Mirrored Wayfarer Sunglasses $179



Showcase your inner hippie soul with this burnt red wrap skirt and white sheer embroidered tassel top. Finish it off with the short cowboy boots and colorful Aztec embellished bag to get grooving to the tunes. top Lulus Back to Back Cream Embroidered Crop Top $32 bottom Free People Tuscan Red Sydnie Wrap Skirt $68 shoes Dolce Vita Skye Pointed Toe Booties $160 bag Boohoo Eva Aztec Embellished Tassel Crossbody Bag $30 sunglasses Shwood Madison 54mm Round Wood Sunglasses $149

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