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Dawn Rising






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What's Inside 30 l THE RAISING OF DAWN

Exclusive interview with celebrity fashion designer of Dawnamatrix, Dawn Mostow


Seattle's cannabis retail stores in their own fashionable way


The hottest fashion trend on four legs

12 l CITY SCENE Game Days: Seattle is ready to play


#instafood: Dishes that taste as good as they look


Champagne Style: Fashion icons of the past and today that love the bubbly

18 l BE ENTERTAINED Art a la Mode: One on one with fashion artist, Whitney Anderson

20 l TECH SPECS Beauty Brain: Looking your best through tech


28 l GET FIT Fiscally Fit: Looking good working out whether you're rolling on a budget or spending like a baller


Flying in Fashion: The influence of fashion in the air and hotspot shopping stops

40 l STAYING HOME Fab Decor: Fashion trends From the runway to inside of your home


Fashion Flashback: Fashion trends and milestones through the decades

9 l From the Publisher

Planet Fashion: Fabrics that could be harming you and how the industry is fighting back





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Dr. Scott Mindel, Tannya Bernadette, Abby Luschei, Ivy Dames, Kaleigh Jurgensmeyer





Dawn Rising








www.dawnamatrix.com FB: DawnamatrixDesigns IG: dawnamatrix outfit l Dawnamatrix Designs l Spiked Bodysuit ($600)

COVER CREDITS photographer l Jessica Drake

www.jldimagery.com FB: JLDImagery IG: jldimagery

hair and makeup l Randi Canoy l Vann.Edge Salon vannedge.com

stylist l Charity Mainville

LOCATION Dunn Gardens l 13533 Northshire Road NW, Seattle, WA 98177 www.dunngardens.org FB: TheDunnGardens IG: dunn.gardens

BIRDS OF PREY The Falconer on cover l Alfred the Augur Buzzard (Buteo augur) The Falconer is Seattle's premier birds of prey experience providing a personal, enriching and unforgettable experience with beautiful exotic birds of prey at private, corporate, and holiday parties and public events. The mission of The Falconer is to engage and inspire people about birds of prey conservation of and their ecosystems through education and entertainment. Owner and operator John Prucich, is a licensed practicing Falconer in Washington State and has a degree in Biology with a focus in captive raptor management. www.the-falconer.com FB: TheFalconer IG: thefalc0ner

From the Publisher If you’d met me in my early high school years, you would’ve thought I was from Seattle. I was a pot smoking, alternative rock fan (bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Cake) that jumped into mosh pits at local band shows. I sported grunge and punk styles with oversized sweaters, jeans and pants purchased at the local thrift store for no more than $1.00, and topped it all off with the crimped, bleach-blonde, highlighted hair that was eventually chopped into a pixie cut inspired by Winona Ryder. I guess you could say I kept up with the fashion trend of the time without any intention of doing so. I eventually grew out of it, along with growing out my hair, but looking back I should have kept some of my clothes, because today’s fashion is a rerun of the 90’s. Through the last two centuries, trends drastically changed from decade to decade. But today, fashion looks are on repeat with a slight modern variation so it can be “different” from the past. This year’s fall fashion trends are reminiscent of the 90’s with the revival of flannels, chokers, plaid, non-skinny jeans, and brands like Z Cavaricci. Find out more in the special Fashion Flashback feature that includes trends and influences from as early as the 19th century. However, to say nothing is new in the fashion world would be false. Last year, New York Fashion Week added an additional showcase that went to the dogs. Pet fashion is booming and pet clothing companies are sprouting up all over the world. So it made sense to showcase this trend with a canine fashion photoshoot that consisted of 28 local “dog models” sporting some haute dog looks. It wasn’t the first dog photoshoot I’ve organized, but this one was a lot fun because we celebrated of one of the pup’s birthday and organized a very special wedding. Speaking of organizing, one thing I didn’t grow out of from high school was producing and hosting events. Every weekend, when the parents were out of town, friends and friends of friends showed up at my house to party, sometimes all night long. I was busted a couple of times, but no matter what, I always made sure the house was spotless before anyone returned home. I guess all that experience stuck with me as I near the production of my 50th [give or take] event here in Seattle. Coming into the 4th year of the annual Seattle Style Night, it’s evident to see how much the fashion and hair industry has grown. Adding a couple of new categories this year, bridal and lifestyle apparel, it wasn’t hard to find talented designers to nominate. In addition, the new hairstylists and makeup artists have showcased some amazing styles that are spread out across ten pages in our special dedicated Seattle Style Night section. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Monday, October 16th so make sure to get your tickets at www.seattlestylenight.com.

One of last year’s Red Carpet Designer finalists, Dawn Mostow, the designer behind Dawnamatrix, has also continued to grow to international height— being featured at this year’s World of WearableArt (WOW) conference in New Zealand. Her high-fashion, couture, latex designs have been worn and exclusively designed for music artists such as Katy Perry, celebrities like Kendall Jenner, and have been featured in countless publications and ad campaigns, including Cover Girl cosmetics. Her looks are unique, beautiful, and their own pieces of art, which is why we chose her to be our cover story for this issue, shooting her designs alongside beautiful birds of prey that were truly magical. This issue also features multiple other facets of fashion, style, and beauty. In addition to clothes and beauty products, fashion also defines the marketing styles of goods and the manner in which they are delivered—much like Seattle’s recreational cannabis store designs, offered products, and unique services. You can also appreciate fashion in beautiful displays of creative cuisines or the bubbles in champagne, or current trends in home designs. Hopefully, this issue will remind you that fashion plays a role in life in numerous different ways. Make sure you take at least a minute to put down your cell phone and soak in the beauty that the world offers through your own eyes… only then I grant you permission take a selfie with it.

Charity Mainville l Publisher





㄀  椀渀  㠀    眀漀洀攀渀  眀椀氀氀  戀攀  搀椀愀最渀漀猀攀搀  眀椀琀栀 戀爀攀愀猀琀 挀愀渀挀攀爀 椀渀 琀栀攀椀爀 氀椀昀攀琀椀洀攀⸀

倀椀渀欀  䜀攀渀攀  䘀漀甀渀搀愀琀椀漀渀  猀琀爀椀瘀攀猀  琀漀  倀椀渀欀 栀攀氀瀀  礀漀甀渀最  眀漀洀攀渀  戀攀挀漀洀攀  瀀爀漀愀挀琀椀瘀攀  椀渀  琀栀攀  昀椀最栀琀  愀最愀椀渀猀琀  戀爀攀愀猀琀  挀愀渀挀攀爀  戀礀  攀搀甀挀愀琀椀渀最Ⰰ  瀀爀漀瘀椀搀椀渀最 爀攀猀漀甀爀挀攀猀 愀渀搀 漀昀昀攀爀椀渀最  愀猀猀椀猀琀愀渀挀攀⸀  圀攀  愀爀攀  搀攀搀椀挀愀琀攀搀  琀漀  栀攀氀瀀椀渀最  眀漀洀攀渀  椀搀攀渀琀椀昀礀  眀栀攀琀栀攀爀  琀栀攀礀 愀琀 栀椀最栀 爀椀猀欀 漀昀 戀爀攀愀猀琀 挀愀渀挀攀爀⸀  琀栀攀礀 愀琀 栀椀最栀 爀椀猀欀 漀昀 戀 倀椀渀欀  䜀攀渀攀  䘀漀甀渀搀愀琀椀漀渀  瀀爀漀甀搀氀礀  昀甀渀搀猀  琀栀攀  䜀栀愀樀愀爀  䰀愀戀漀爀愀琀漀爀礀  愀琀  䘀爀攀搀  䠀甀琀挀栀椀渀猀漀渀  䌀愀渀挀攀爀 刀攀猀攀愀爀挀栀 䤀渀猀琀椀琀甀琀攀⸀

吀伀䜀䔀吀䠀䔀刀 圀䔀 圀䤀䰀䰀

䌀漀渀渀攀挀琀⸀ 䌀漀洀洀甀渀椀挀愀琀攀⸀ 䌀漀渀焀甀攀爀⸀ 眀眀眀⸀瀀椀渀欀最攀渀攀昀漀甀渀搀愀琀椀漀渀⸀漀爀最 2017 FASHION & BEAUTY ISSUE



Game Days writer l Charity Mainville

Seattle may be known for its innovative, techy, hard workers, but with working hard comes playing hard, and this city has a lot to offer. Participate in something out-of-this world; consider a new sport; or share a very special event with 60,000 people.


sneak peek of a Time Escape new room

What if you and a group of peers had the opportunity to be part of test trials for the world’s first time machine, but during that time the company is attacked? To prevent the machine from being stolen, you must travel back in time to thwart the attack by solving puzzles, riddles and clues, or you could be end up being trapped in a time warp for all of eternity. This isn’t just a game, but an in-person experience that many Seattleites are engaging in. The Canadian-based company, Time Escape, is behind the new stimulated, real-life escape room game that is gaining a lot of attention, since recently arriving in Seattle. For $35 per person, in groups of 2 to 8, you can experience the 50-minute challenge of escaping from a catastrophic event, a presidential assassination, haunted cabin, rescuing a kidnapped friend or the spread of a lethal virus, and new themes that will be coming soon. timeescape.com

PUCKIN' BALLS There has been a long-time discussion about a new stadium being built in Seattle, with the dream to bring back the Sonics. In reality though, that has seemed out of reach. That could all change on December 4th if the city council approves private developer Oak View Group’s $660 million proposal to not build a new stadium, but renovate the Key Arena, turning it into a NBA and NHL arena. The renovation would double the size of the current arena, but preserve its historic roof. Even though Seattleites may prefer to see men’s basketball back in town, OVG’s first priority is a Seattle hockey team. If all goes as planned, the new stadium would open in October 2020. www.oakviewgroup.com Rendering of the new stadium by OVG

SPECIAL SEATTLE This past May, Seattle received a very special announcement. The city has been selected to host the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games on July 1-6, 2018. In additional to the games, the five days will include multiple events across the city in celebration of the Special Olympics USA’s 50th anniversary. The games, held once every four years, will be the biggest sporting event Seattle has seen since 1990, bringing in over 60,000 spectators, athletes, coaches and volunteers and an estimated $50 million dollar economic paycheck. specialolympics.org 12











#instafood writer l Lauren Adam

If food is art, then Instagram is a gallery featuring some of the finest creations our city has to offer. Whether you’re just browsing or planning your next meal out, feast your eyes on this Instagram food porn.



I Heart Sushi

550 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112

111 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104

@tallulahseattle From the lush patio to the giant white cat painting, art deco light fixtures and bright foods, Tallulah’s provides some underrated Instagram opportunities. This eye-catching Spring Vegetable Bowl puts the spotlight on veggies to make foodies go for the green.

@iheartsushiseattle There isn't a wrong way to eat poke, but there’s a right way to take a picture of it. I Heart Sushi in Pioneer Square has all your poke needs covered—starting with their I Heart Bowl and wrapping up with their #feastagram worthy signature sushi burrito.

HB Beverage Co

Blank Space Café

12409 NE 124th St, Kirkland, WA 98034

2126 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

@hbbevco Acai bowls are the “too beautiful to eat” Instagram craze featuring everyone’s favorite magenta superfood. The Dragon Bowl has pitaya, coconut, blueberry, blackberry, and kiwi, making the Eastside extra exotic.

@blankspacecafe From the streets of Hong Kong, the Chinese Egg Waffle Ice Cream Cone is one of Seattle’s favorite #instasensations. The fresh waffle gets topped with ice cream and decorated with Pocky, mochi, or macrons.




Central District Ice Cream

@salareseattle James Beard nominated Chef, Eduardo Jordon, is the artist behind the detailed masterpieces at Salare. Earlier this summer, they posted this showstopper: Lamb Tartare with garlic aioli, pickled shishito peppers, mitmita, and gorgeous charred tropea onions.

@cdicecream This is a must go-to spot for #instafoodies. The Unicorn Macron Ice Cream sandwich is an irresistible snap. Flavors like Philz Mint Mojito, Ube Cheesecake, and Fruity Pebbles make the perfect filling for these adorable treats.

2404 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115

2016 E Union St, Seattle, WA 98122




Champagne Style writer l Lauren Adam

Champagne is the drink of the rich, famous, and inevitably well-dressed. Some suggest it was invented by the French monk Dom Pérignon in 1697, but others claim it had already been at royal coronations for centuries. It was popularized by the elite because it was expensive—a symbol of status. Hundreds of years later, some of the most iconic style icons prove champagne will always be fashionable.


1883 – 1971 Coco Chanel shaped the beauty industry with the release of her debut fragrance, Chanel N°5, in 1921 and in 1925 she introduced the now iconic Chanel suit. The beloved fashionista loved bubbles for every occasion, claiming “I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.”


1926 – 1962 Besides lighting up the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe was famous for being one of the first women to publicly embrace her sexuality. The charming bombshell was known for sipping champagne with a splash of apple brandy, Grenadine, and two Maraschino cherries.


1929 – 1994 This classy, former first lady’s love for French couture inspired stores to create the “Jackie” look. Legend has it that her lipstick stained glass lead the historic Raffels Hotel in Singapore to mix the Femme Fatal cocktail with her favorite: champagne, Crème de Fraise, and a splash of cognac.


1974 – Present The controversial supermodel rose to fame as part of the heroin chic era of the 90’s. She was quoted in Playboy praising champagne and vodka: "So my drink is the French 76, which is vodka, lemon juice, and sugar topped with champagne. Love! Two of those and you're like, 'Oh, life is amazing.'" In 2014, London restaurant, 34 Mayfair and British artist Jane McAdam Freud, took Kate's love for champagne and moulded it from her left breast creating the 34 Kate Moss Coupe in celebration of Kate's 40th birthday and 25 years in the fashion business. The coupe was inspiried by the Marie Antoinette ‘Bol Sein’ that was shaped around Marie Antoinette’s left breast. The coupe etched with Moss's signature, can still be purchased in a set of 2 for £340 or $460 by emailing reception@34-restaurant.co.uk.


1984 - Present From the red carpet to the face of campaigns for Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana, Scarlett Johansson is known for her glam look. She loves champagne so much that she became the ambassador of Moet & Chandon, too.



1928 – 1987 Before he painted soup cans, Andy Warhol illustrated fashion magazines. The "Factory Girl" look— black-and-white with short hemlines and oversized accessories—was inspired by his muse Edie Sedgwick. When he wasn’t creating he was drinking Dom Pérignon with his friends at Studio 54, prompting the brand to create tribute bottles.

Sip on some bubbly like the rich and famous right at home with this champagne cocktail receipe

2 oz. Lillet Blanc 3/4 oz. lemon juice 1/2 oz. Organic Blue Agave 1 lemon peel 2 dashes rosewater Veuve Clicquot Champagne Shake Lillet Blanc with lemon, agave, and rose water, pour over ice into a chilled rocks glass, fill with Veuve Clicquot, and garnish with a mint and lemon peel.

photo l 34 Mayfair Kate Moss and the 34 Kate Moss Coupe



206 340 8880

83 Spring Street Seattle, WA 98104


s join u

or aily f


r u o H y


P 7 4

pen t o w no sa n & e i h r itc nf K o + t r h Ba nig d i m l unti

206 441 4348

2904 1st AVE Seattle, WA 98121

www.thaion1.com 2017 FASHION & BEAUTY ISSUE



Art a la Mode interview l Abby Luschei

photo l Daniel Hager

Growing up, it wasn’t art lessons that cultivated Whitney Anderson's imagination. Instead, it was traveling the world, long family fishing trips in Alaska, and enduring boring days at school that ignited her creativity. In 2011, while living in New York, she decided to combine her art with her love of fashion by creating a graphic tee line, Big. Bold. Fierce., which is the exact three words she uses to describe her art. She likes to paint big, she’s bold in the colors she uses and is fierce in concept. For Anderson, art is everything. You can see her passion in every curated piece, and while chatting with her, I could hear it in her voice.




You stated, “Something hit my heart big time in the summer of 2011 when I was walking the streets of New York,” when "Big. Bold. Fierce." came to you. Was there something specific that inspired you that day in NYC? When I was walking in New York, I saw these graphic tees, and I thought it would be really fun to get my art out there and channel it in a different way. I have always loved fashion. I grew up reading fashion magazines and have always been fascinated with pop culture. Fashion has always been something I try to incorporate into my art, so I decided to make a graphic tee line called Big. Bold. Fierce. When I created my fashion line, I wanted to write off that notion that it was coming from my fine art background. Every fashion line has a tag line, so I came up with, "If you want to make it big in life, it’s good to be bold, but you’ve got to be fierce." What is something that you would change about the art and fashion industry today? I think it’s very commercial. There needs to be a limit on the types of people that can produce clothing. When you’re an entrepreneur [just] starting out you’re a little bit naïve. In 2010, my graphic tee line wasn’t totally big yet, but when I got into my third year I found out just how crazy it had become. Every other person and their brother had a graphic tee line. It became an oversaturated part of the industry. I knew that if I focused on my fine art that had a lot more to offer. You use a variety of mediums in your artwork, what is your favorite and why? I have been an acrylic painter since I was 15, and I just recently discovered collage about a year and a half ago. I thought I should get some recycled magazines and create something,

and with that I have created over 40 pieces of huge collages ranging from Michael Jordan to Cyndi Crawford. I think that is my favorite medium right now; it’s the one that has gained the most traction on my social media because not a lot of people are doing it. You have travled to 55 countries. How has experiencing different cultures influenced you in regards to your art and fashion? My mind is more inspired indirectly through my experiences. It’s very imaginative because of the different things I’ve seen and the people I have met. It makes me want to have a diverse collection of artwork. What’s interesting is that I have gotten messages on Instagram from other artists that say, "I like your gallery, can I submit s≠≠ome of my art to be featured?" I’m like, "this isn’t a gallery, this is all my artwork." Since I paint, draw, and do collage, and do so many different types of subject matter, it looks so diverse that it looks like it is from more than one artist. I like to mix it up, and I think people should do that with their life—make it dynamic and travel different places to gain a different perspective. In addition to your vast world traveling, you have also lived in multiple states, what do you think makes Seattle unique? Well, I grew up about 45 minutes from the city in Mukilteo. What I love about Seattle is what most people hate about it - the gray weather. It’s just a nostalgic, comforting thing. If you grew up here, it is something that reminds you of home. It’s probably the most beautiful city in the world on a blue sky day; that is what I’ve always thought. The mountains, the tech, and the pop culture rising. I think it is a very pivotal time for me to be here with the growth that is going on right now. I want to grow with it and see where it takes me.

website whitneylanderson.com l facebook whitneylandersonart l instagram whitneylanderson_art




Beauty Brain writer l Tannya Bernadette

Technology has trickled into all parts of our lives bringing us new experiences that are available around the clock. It has even crept into the beauty and cosmetic industry. Beauty companies are creating innovative products that will soon become household items used on a daily basis. Move over photo filters, with the help of these “beauty tech” products we will be able to achieve that perfect glow without artificial camera enhancements.


www.himirror.com l $149

HiMirror is a mirror that scientifically analyzes your skin to help you find solutions and products for your problem areas, including wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles, and more. It keeps track of your progress through a series of photos that detect results and help find the right, problem-solving fix. It’s a 17”x 14” mirror with an attached camera that is mounted in a stable position to give the most accurate results. You can see all your data on-the-go with an app that carries the information you need. How It Works Imagine your very own beauty consultant 24/7. HiMirror is your virtual skincare advisor. It uses your selfies to help you identify whether the products you’re using are actually working. It manages your inventory of creams, cleansers, and other skincare products with data you can track on your phone or directly from the mirror itself. Beauty Benefits Can you imagine how much time and money you’ll save? If you find certain products aren’t diminishing those dark circles, you can return it, toss it, or stop using it and move on. You might even find that some less expensive skincare products work better than your pricier buys.


www.perfectcorp.com l free

YouCam Makeup is the world’s #1 instant makeover app that you can download on your phone free of charge. With a snap of a selfie, its cutting edge face mapping technology will add the make-up colors by customizing the right look to the contours of your face. It’s as close to trying on make-up without actually having to. How It Works After taking a selfie on your phone you’ll get lost in a world of beauty you didn’t know existed. Swipe through digital palettes of colors for your lips, foundation, eyebrow, eyeliner, and all make-up related content to put together just the right look you’re going for. In an instant you’ll find what you like and don’t like and can see before and after photos to compare colors. Beauty Benefits Play with new make-up trends without having to buy all the products beforehand. You can save your favorite looks and recreate them on yourself on your own time and purchase products directly from the app. Try on as many different looks as you want without feeling pressure to buy something from the sales consultant at the beauty counter. 20




www.sephora.com/color-iq l Color IQ: free l foundation: price varies

An in-store, customized tool that reads your true foundation, lip, and concealer colors making cosmetic shopping a breeze. The scanner provides you with your own Color IQ to help with all your beauty purchases. How It Works Sephora stores have a handheld device that takes three pictures of your face with a scanner to identify your Color IQ. The scanner is held right up to your face to capture the images. Photos are taken in complete darkness to avoid any flawed brightness or other disturbances. This method deciphers the true number coded matches for your foundation, lip, and concealer color needs. No appointment is necessary to get started. Beauty Benefits You’ll never have to worry about going counter to counter trying to find the right foundation color again. It can be frustrating settling for one or trying to create your own shade by mixing colors. After you get your Color IQ, a generated list of foundations from different brands will pop up and you have the chance to try them on to pick the one that is best for your skin type. Get refills online of your favorite foundation or enter your Color IQ number and view all the foundation options that are your perfect match.

DYSON SUPER SONIC HAIRDRYER www.dyson.com/haircare l $399

A silent hairdryer, need I say more? Dyson, the company known for making superior vacuums, has used their product power to add their first beauty tool to the market. Dyson has created a hairdryer that makes no noise. It’s the only hairdryer that has the motor in the handle and is compact and lightweight. How It Works Choose from one of three magnetic attachments to start drying your hair: the diffuser, the smoothing nozzle, or the style concentrator nozzle. The diffuser is for curlier hair; the smoothing nozzle for rough drying hair, and the style concentrator is for use with the round brush. You can also customize your control settings for both airflow and temperature—low, medium, or high—whichever you prefer. Beauty Benefits It significantly decreases blow dry time, which will get you out the door quicker. When you consider how long it takes to style your hair in the morning, especially for those with long or full heads of hair, the $399 price tag may be totally worth it. If you need additional convincing, consider the advantages of a silent hairdryer. No more worries about waking up your husband or baby and you can actually continue listening to your morning podcast or playlist as you dry your hair.






Fashion isn’t only defined by clothes or models walking down a runway. Fashion is style. Style that is associated with people and places, the manner in which something is presented—especially in current trends. When you think of cannabis, fashion and style may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, when it comes to the recreational store you are loyal to, or the one you happen to walk into, the look, feel, vibe, staff, and products all play an important role. With there being close to 100 recreational cannabis stores in the greater Seattle area, each store must do something to stand out. Stores must exude their individual vibe and practice their style of business in their own fashionable way, which these top three Seattle stores do just that. 2017 FASHION & BEAUTY ISSUE


Hashtag Cannabis

Nestled on the corner of Stone Way N and N 36th St, it's hard to miss Hashtag's huge sea life mural splashed along the side of the building that swims around to the front, resting above its four large floor-to-ceiling windows. The artistic design and eclectic vibe fits perfectly into its Fremont neighborhood. Stepping inside, Hashtag’s signature purple and aqua colors are complemented by white walls and illuminating lights that will awaken and brighten your mood. While perusing the glass cases, guests will be immersed with a true Seattle feel, surrounded by displays of local artists’ works and posters of Seattle musicians. Hashtag’s team endeavors to educate every newcomer and seasoned stoner alike on the latest and greatest products and research. This includes, most importantly, sharing how cannabis can improve quality of life beyond elevating relaxation time, including improving sleep, pain tolerance, and help with social anxiety. Hashtag accomplishes this while offering a selective and varied wellness product cultivation to provide those benefits. The knowledgeable, experienced, and opinionated team of cannabis connoisseurs also expands beyond the store counter by sponsoring unique cannabis educational themed activities such as High Vibrations Yoga at Bala Yoga. The wide selection of products is directly curated by the team that fit every budget and need. Some of the unique products offered include Seattle Green Bud Blunts & Flower, Pearl's 100% additive free CO2 oil and cartridges, locally grown Vashon Velvet Heritage Flower, Fairwinds Feminine Relief Suppository and CBD Companion Tincture for pets, Raven Grass C02 Concentrate Blends, American Baked Edibles, Doctor & Crook Patron Distillate Dablicator, Ethos specialized Sprays, and CPC pills and lotions. For those who are on the go, Hashtag offers online ordering. Hop onto their website and select your favorite products. Pick them up at either the Seattle location or Hashtag's second location in Redmond that has the same quality of service and unique offerings as Fremont.

seattlehashtag.com Fremont: 3540 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103 l 206.946.8157 l sun-wed: 10 am - 10 pm; thurs-sat: 10 am - 11 pm 24 VILLEMAGAZINE.COM Eastside: 8296 Avondale Way NE, STE B, Redmond, WA 98052 l 425.256.3148 l sun: 10 am - 6 pm; mon-sat: 10 am - 9:30 pm


Located a few doors down from the drive-thru Starbucks in SODO, Vela has been dubbed the “Apple store” of cannabis, due to its crisp white interior, helpful associates, and hip, cool vibe. The Vela Spectrum, a color coded visual display guide, provides a clearer understanding of the full range of experiences that cannabis offers—from Hush, to Unwind, to Flourish, to Ignite—and adds a simple futuristic look. The interactive pads complete the techy feel. Vela was designed to be a space loved by all, whether you’re a first-time explorer or a regular purveyor. The clean simple store is chock full of resources to help each person feel comfortable while making a safe, educated, individualized choice in a non-intimidating space. Vela's knowledgeable team is committed to taking the time to educate all guests, including recreational shoppers as well as those who have medical authorization. Another feature that sets Vela apart is that it is the only retailer in Washington where you can view a beautiful indoor cannabis garden (Field Day Gardens), and a cannabis processing facility (Suncliff). From there, it expands to Vela’s expert cannabis guides that can explain the diverse array of cannabis flower and vaporizing options, CBD products, and the robust selection of edibles, beverages, baking ingredients, capsules, tinctures, lotions, bath products, intimacy enhancers, and more. The store is dedicated to deepening a collective understanding of cannabis and engaging in its culture and the social conversation around its positive effects. For the past year (celebrating one year this September) Vela has invited guests in to help elevate their day. From the moment you walk through the doors, they will do just that.

www.velacannabis.com 1944 1st Ave S #100, Seattle, WA 98134 l 206.457.4359 l sun: 10 am - 7 pm; mon-thurs: 10 am - 9 pm; fri-sat: 102017 am FASHION - 10 pm & BEAUTY ISSUE 25

Ruckus Recreational Cannabis

Ruckus was founded with an eccentric spirit and an ambitious goal; to deliver a retail experience unlike any other. That spirit can be felt in the 235 square-foot shop sprinkled with vintage trinkets and random works of art. Its intimate space provides the city of Seattle and its surrounding neighborhoods a warm and welcoming experience. Ruckus takes immense pride in providing individualized service to all its customers. Whether you’re a novice or expert, Ruckus’s highly educated staff will guide you through all the processors, growers and strains that Ruckus carries and help you choose the best product for you. Ruckus’s approach to provide its guests an intimate experience extends from the background and knowledge of its owner and purchasing director. Ruckus’s purchaser director is also the Clean Green Inspector for Washington State. Every product showcases Ruckus’s strong belief of responsible and sustainable cannabis cultivation. Clean Green Certified is the number one certifier nationwide for cannabis cultivated using international, sustainable and organic practices. Even though legally marijuana cannot be called the federally regulated term “organic,” the Clean Green program is modeled on national and international sustainability, organic and biodynamic program standards requiring onsite inspections and third-party lab testing. So, for those who desire natural and premium cannabis head to Capitol Hill and walk into Ruckus where you can get just that.

www.ruckusrec.com 1465 E Republican St, Seattle, WA 98112 l 206.257.3429 l open daily: 8 am - 11:45 pm 26 VILLEMAGAZINE.COM


Planet Fashion writer l Dr. Scott Mindel

photo l George Mayer/Adobe

At one time, clothes were manufactured with more natural fibers, but due to the Great Depression and the limited supply of cloth, more affordable synthetic fabrics were created. Since then, the demand for synthetic fabrics grew, especially polyester, and advanced along with the current fast-paced lifestyle we all live. Wrinkle-free items and stain resistant fabric saves times on ironing and helps us avoid cleaning up those accidental spills. However, what most may not know is those convenient outfits may be getting you sick, are increasing the toxic load on the planet, and poisoning our waters, which moves right up the food chain from the harsh chemicals to create and treat them. As the world becomes more health and environmental conscious, the fashion industry is fighting back with a new creation of clothing in collaboration with mother nature.



POLYESTER Polyester is the most common fabric used in the manufacture of clothing (also used in everything from diapers to carpeting), but also the most dangerous. Even though this fabric is known for its smooth, stretchy, and soft feel, it is created from plastics that are known to cause dermatitis, fungal infections, lower male sperm count and behavioral changes. Polyester requires large amounts of crude oil for production, which releases acid gases that can cause or aggravate respiratory diseases. Polyester is also flammable and usually treated with a flame retardant increasing the toxic effects.

The awareness of harmful health and environmental effects by fashion manufacturing has birthed a new movement called eco-fashion. This growing classification focuses on using only raw materials, grown without the use of pesticides that are bad for the environment, and using recycled textiles or fabrics not harmful to our health. Clothes are designed to be sustainable or durable enough to last longer and to keep up with the desired demand from synthetics. Eco-fashion also incorporates human rights elements; specifically how workers are treated while making the clothes we wear.

RAYON Rayon, often used as a fake silk, is made from recycled wood pulp that is treated with chemicals like ammonia, acetone (chemical used in nail polish remover), and sulfuric acid. These chemicals are used to help the garment survive regular washing and wearing, but they also emit toxins that are dangerous to your health and the environment. For those who regularly wear rayon, it can cause nausea, headache, vomiting, chest and muscle pain, and insomnia, and can eventually lead to Parkinson’s disease and mental insanity. When rayon is produced, chemicals emitted can also lead to water pollution, a decrease in plant growth, and shortening in animal life. NYLON Nylon is another popular textile, mostly used in making socks, but is also one of the worst to the environment. It is manufactured from petroleum (crude oil fossil fuel) mixed in with multiple chemicals, including chloroform, caustic soda (lye), and formaldehyde. Besides releasing harmful toxins into our air during production, nylon has residue toxins that are associated with skin allergies, headaches, dizziness and even spinal pain.

The Pacific Northwest is known as one of the most environmental and health conscious regions, so it makes sense that local eco-fashion companies have begun popping up. Outerknown uses recyclable materials found in the ocean for their boarding shorts, and Nau is a brand that makes a range of environmentally-friendly, casual and outdoor clothing using organic cottons, recycled polyesters, and PFC-free waterproof treatments. They also donate 2% of every sale to their non-profit “Partners for Change” that is “creating a lasting positive change for the environment, the global economy, and people in need.” Last year, Seattle launched its first year of Eco Fashion Week (EFW). EFW expanded from Vancouver, BC where it has been running since 2010. EFW features over 150 designers and stylists from around the globe. Not only does the not-for-profit organization showcase looks on the runway, it also shares and informs others regarding innovative developments in fashion sustiainability. EFW addresses the challenges and opportunities facing the future of this environmental conscious industry. Visit Eco Fashion Week at ecofashion-week.com to keep upto-date on upcoming events and the latest industry trends and news.




Fiscally Fit writer l Ivy Dames

If staying active, fit, and stylish is on your to-do list we've got you covered. If your shopping on a budget then grab these bargain premium discounted picks at Seattle Premium Outlets. If sky's the limit in your bank account then our baller picks will have you rocking your workout.

n i a rg


SPORTS BAR BARGAIN: NIKE CLASSIC SWOOSH FUTURE ($30) NIKE Factory Store l www.premiumoutlets.com/outlet/seattle

This medium support bra is perfect for just about anyone. Nike’s Dri-FIT technology keeps you dry, and the elastic band provides comfort while maintaining complete range of motion. Better yet you can get it even cheaper at SPO's Nike Factory Store. BALLER: OISELLE BRILLIANCE BRA ($60) oiselle l www.oiselle.com

This bra supports from all angles, offers padded shoulder straps, removable cups, plenty of coverage, and an adjustable chest band made to fit you perfectly through any workout.

LEGGINGS BARGAIN: LULULEMON SPEED UP CROP ($88) lululemon athletica l www.premiumoutlets.com/outlet/seattle

These high rise lightweight leggings keep you secure and even have a secret pocket to stash your locker key or energy gels during a long run. Regularly priced at $88, you can get an additional 10-20% off at the recently open SPO location. BALLER: LUCY PERFECT CORE MOTO CAPRI LEGGING ($108) lucy l www.lucy.com

These high rise leggings offer extra compression and shaping to help you feel stylish and tucked in whether you’re sweating at the gym or heading to brunch after.

TANK TOP BARGAIN: UNDER ARMOUR FLY-BY RACERBACK ($35) Under Armour; www.premiumoutlets.com/outlet/seattle

This fitted tank is super lightweight and offers breathability while wicking away sweat as you breeze through a tough workout or hot yoga. Look for up to 40% off at its SPO store. BALLER: ATHLETA T BACK LATTICE TANK ($69) Athleta; athleta.gap.com

This tank offers the support of a sports bra with a high neck and long hem for ultimate coverage while the mesh detailing on the sides allows for maximum ventilation.

SHOES BARGAIN: ADIDAS EDGE LUX SHOES $80 adidas; www.premiumoutlets.com/outlet/seattle

These shoes are surprisingly affordable and run around $60 at SPO. These shoes provide support for all sports, including running. With upper mesh for ventilation and a sock like construction these adidas shoes fit snugly and comfortably. BALLER: BROOKS GLYCERIN 15 ROAD RUNNING $150 Brooks; www.brooksrunning.com

This Seattle based company offers this great running shoe with excellent cushioning to provide a smooth and soft ride while stretching with your feet to help you go that extra mile. 28




Fall in love with your body Lose 3-5 pounds of fat per week, maintain muscle mass and target cellulite for a healthier you.



2615 5th Ave, Seattle WA, 98121 belltownweightloss.com

(206) 922-7995



Lesser Yellow Headed Vulture l Cathartes burrovianus Mr. Peabody dress l Dawnamatrix Designs Classic Dress $275 coat Designs 30 l Dawnamatrix VILLEMAGAZINE.COM Hooded Opera Coat l $850

Rising Dawn




Jessica Drake l www.jldimagery.com Randi Canoy l vannedge.com Charity Mainville Dunn Gardens l www.dunngardens.org The Falconer l www.the-falconer.com




interviewed by l Abby Luschei

In the world of fashion, the brand Dawnamatrix is a headline name. It can be described as a revolution, where fine art and fashion merge to create unique, luxury latex designs. Dawn Mostow, the genius behind the brand, is one of the world’s leading latex designers. Her designs have graced the runways of some of the biggest cities, as well as the covers of magazines such as Vogue, WWD, and Interview. Mostow’s passion is evident in her designs and the way she speaks with such devotion about her vision.

How did your relationship with fashion begin and how has it grown over time? The original “Dawnamatrix” concept started in the late 90’s, when I attended Alter Ego parties in South Florida and developed a sort of superhero persona. I was majoring in computer animation at the time and wanted to merge the whimsical animation aesthetic with fashion design. This led to designing anime cosplay and costumes for trade shows, such as San Diego Comic Con and Anime Expo around 2002-3. After living in Japan for three years, I felt my vision for original clothing design had reached maturity. I wanted to establish a latex clothing company based on the principles of high art. I moved to NYC after Japan, attained a Master’s of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, and refined my clothing design skills working on theatrical costume design for opera. I take pride in Dawnamatrix garments being displayed on the runway as well as in museums and galleries. Traveling around the country and the world influences my collections as a reflection of my experience in each place. Out of everything, what made you choose to pursue latex fashion? It is futuristic, evocative, playful, with visual qualities similar to animation and graphic design. It demands attention and invites questions, while transforming the wearer. I fell in love. It’s sensual, bold, mysterious, strong, and everything these celebrities represent wrapped up in a garment. It turns heads and makes headlines. Latex’s look is futuristic and freeing. There’s no lying or hiding in latex. A visage in latex alludes to an



empowering future that is within our grasp. What is some advice you can give to people who want to spice up their wardrobe, but are unfamiliar with latex fashion? You may wish to start with a fabulous statement piece, or a simple, classic garment. With so many colors, textures, and patterns available, pick your favorite. Getting dressed in latex can be a challenge for a first-time wearer, so take your time and use the recommended dressing aids (such as silicone or talcum powder.) Wearing latex feels empowering, like dressing up in a second skin, so embrace it. All Dawnamatrix garments are available in a range of sizes as well as made-to-measure custom sizing. As I specialize in custom designs, it’s enjoyable to speak with customers directly regarding their garment ideas and concepts. There’s really no limit to the styles that can be created for them, and it’s a pleasure and honor to bring these designs to life. Latex separates are a great way to incorporate some eye-catching interest into your look. Leggings, skirts, or even a latex bowtie or collar are a fun way to mix-and-match into your wardrobe. I recommend wearing as little as you are comfortable with under your latex, as fabrics can become uncomfortable underneath. Our top 3 most popular garments are: gloves to accessorize any look and add a pop of shine and color; bodysuits/catsuits are the classic and quintessential latex garments that can transform a human into a super-human; and dresses that can be wild or elegant to suit any personality or occasion.

Barbary Falcon l Falco pelegrinoides Tina (on glove) Saker Falcon l Falco cherrug Benedict (on perch) top l Dawnamatrix Designs Butterfly Corset l $500 skirt l Dawnamatrix 2017 FASHION & BEAUTY ISSUEDesigns 33 Butterfly Skirt l $525

Saker Falcon l Falco cherrug Benedict dress Dawnamatrix Designs 34 l VILLEMAGAZINE.COM Laser cut Rose Gown l $900


You state on your website that your line is a revolution, merging fine art with high fashion. How do you think art and fashion influence each other? Just like the brushstrokes of a great painting, the hand of the artist is evident in the craftsmanship of the garment. In both art and fashion design, the visual impact of the piece must first be imagined before it can be translated into material. Meaning is imbued in a garment through the concept or inspiration behind its creation.

Latex and fetish fashion can be misunderstood. What would you like to tell people who may not truly understand it? Regardless of fashion trends and the status of latex within those trends, latex will always be a part of fetish fashion. However, one does not need to be into fetish or kink to want to wear latex. Along those lines, it will always be a part of the couture fashion scene, Hollywood cinema, SCUBA diving world, and avant garde costuming.

How does the balance with fetish play in? Fetish fashion is placed in a cultural as well as an art historical context. Previously, fetish was solely the domain of psychology and psychiatry in academia, and something practiced behind closed doors. We have been seeing the rise of fetish fashion in mainstream culture for decades now. The collections of Vivienne Westwood in the 70’s, Batman Returns (1992) Michelle Pfieffer wearing the “Catwoman” catsuit comes to mind, or maybe Madonna’s “Human Nature” music video (1995) and more recently, the emergence of Lady Gaga on the music scene. There have been dozens of superhero movies, music videos, and fashion collections featuring latex in the 2010’s decade alone. Latex has been mainstream for a while now, and we’ve reached a level of comfortability with the material that sees it incorporated into daily fashion. When Lady Gaga dressed in a red latex gown to meet Queen Elizabeth II, it was evident a cultural shift had occurred.

You lived in Japan and taught there for many years, how did that experience influence your fashion and yourself in general? Studying traditional kimono wearing and construction in rural Takayama City in the central Japanese Alps, and then heading to Harajuku, Tokyo for fashion and cosplay events, allowed me to translate my experience into a unique aesthetic by combining the classical with the modern. I use principles of Japanese design, such as color layout and balance, along with meticulous construction standards, to inform my process. Even with garment designs not specifically themed in the Japanese tradition, the design principles and attention to detail are applicable. Especially inspiring is how Harajuku fashion represents all of style history existing simultaneously, and the wearers going about daily activities like dining, shopping, and strolling in a park rather than reserving fabulous attire for dark nightclubs. We are extremely well-received in Japan. Our




interpretation of kimono continues to be popular, as well as our Western styles featured on celebrities and in magazines. Your designs have taken over runways of some of the biggest cities such as Paris, NYC, Seattle, and more. Which one has been your favorite and why? Collaborating with French designer Olympia Le-Tan to create latex looks for Paris Fashion Week SS14 is probably my favorite. The sweet, flirty, and sexy sailor-inspired designs in her “Girl in Every Port” show were fantastic strutting down the runway set in the Paris Aquarium, with hammerhead sharks swimming by. What prompted you to bring your brand to Seattle? Seattle has always been fertile ground for developing subcultures. The Seattle public has an unusual hunger for new forms of expression, and they support bold new ideas. Our recent collection for men and women, Waterproof, utilizes latex for raincoats and outerwear—a particularly practical category of garments for this region. Our recent launch was a great success, and has encouraged me to continue to explore new ideas for this market.

horizon, and have an adventure. The natural environment is green and growing all year. The influence from Native American and Asian cultures, along with the free-spirited attitude of the West. Your pieces have been worn by multiple celebrities in magazines, shows, and music videos. Who was the first celebrity you dressed and how did it come about? For the first experience dressing a celebrity, it’s my honor to have dressed Sharon Stone for L’Officiel Australia during her comeback debut. I was contacted by LA stylist Amy Mach for this project, photographed by Jack Waterlot. Ms. Stone is an icon of strength and sensuality and it was amazing to work with her.

What has been your proudest accomplishment thus far? The latex wedding dress that I wore at my own wedding is semi-transparent metallic white, with an 8-foot train that can be bustled into a ball gown, all-over plum blossom applique, and studded with Swarovski Crystals. My husband was resplendent You have traveled all over the world and experienced in his formal latex tuxedo as well. many cultures, what do you think makes Seattle Where do you see your fashion going in the future? unique? We’ve been merging art and technology by incorporating laserThe proximity of the city to the mountains and the sea, and the cut panels on garments. I’d like to continue to explore fashion accessibility of both. The adventurous spirit of its residents who technology further, with materials such as fiber optic fabric and are so ready to leave the urban landscape, pick a point on the 3D printed elements.

website dawnamatrix.com l facebook DawnamatrixDesigns l instagram dawnamatrix



Eurasian Eagle Owls l Bubo bubo Lady Bird (left) and Wednesday (right) jacket l Dawnamatrix 2017 FASHION & BEAUTY ISSUEDesigns 37 Drape Trench l $650


Flying in Fashion writer l Kaleigh Jurgensmeyer

The airline industry has a long, but not widely known, history of fashion in flight. Designers like Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Ralph Lauren and even Kate Spade have all had a hand in helping new airline uniforms take off, combining a bit of couture with comfort and style with sensibleness.

Influenced by World War II, the Space Race, sexual revolution, and even the rise of the power suit, flight attendants’ wardrobes have shifted over the years in direct response to the events of the time. Flight attendants represented the cosmopolitan woman, and airlines were eager to have high fashion designers represent them. Some of the most memorable outfits, albeit impractical, included space helmets, bright colors, and bold patterns fit for pop-art magazines. Once made for single, childless women between the ages of 20 to 24, weighing between 110 and 118 pounds, and standing between 5’ and 5’ 4" in height (yes, they were that specific and sexist), uniforms were truly uniform—tightly fitted garments created more for the male passenger’s enjoyment than the actual professional efforts of the stewardess. Fast-forward to today and you’ll see both men and women flying the skies. Their attire, although not quite as ‘couture’, is rightfully designed with real thought for the people working in them. Seattle’s very own Luly Yang is designing Alaska Airline’s uniforms, planned to be released in 2019. According to Alaska Airlines, Yang spent six months undercover interviewing flight attendants and pilots about their current wardrobe, and she’s focusing on fabric, breathability, movement, and, of course, style in her upcoming designs.

photo l Southwest Airlines l Southwest stewardesses in 1971 photo l Alaska Airlines l preview of Alaska Airlines new uniform's by Luly Yang

Other airlines are also on board for an updated look – Delta, Southwest, and American are all releasing and testing new attires. Multifunctionality is a must. The shirt length, number of pockets, buttons, and color must all be accounted for as designers craft something that workers can bend, stretch and move in. It also needs to be stain and wrinkle resistant and flatter multiple body types. But it’s not just US based airlines that take sky-high fashion seriously. Airlines around the world use flight attendants’ uniforms as an extension of their brand and as a representation of the culture they fly from. Thai Airways, for example, dons purple traditional silk dresses while Emirates is noted for their elegant red hats with draping scarves. 38



A Starbuck’s sits at one of the corners, and if you can find a spot, watching the crowds dodge and dart in every direction as the traffic light changes is a must-see. Colorful billboards and K-pop posters surround the streets, and you are guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind people watching experience. There are plenty of department stores and side streets too—notably Koen Dori, Spain Zaka and Center Gai— that are filled with Japanese fashion of every kind. GINZA

For a more upscale shopping experience, Ginza is the place to go. It’s Tokyo’s center for luxury and entertainment and features department stores, jewelry, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and nightclubs to keep you busy from morning until night. Ginza Mitsukoshi, the oldest department store chain in Japan, was founded 1673 and definitely worth a visit. You can find the most well-known brand names in the fashion industry, as well as clothing companies really “made in Japan.” KYOTO

If you want to experience fashion from another culture, Tokoyo, Japan is the perfect destination. You’ll likely fly on All Nippon Airways, the country’s largest airline, which revealed its latest uniforms in 2014. A chic grey blazer with a blue striped accent, charcoal skirts and pants, plus floral scarves and aprons that feature Japanese flowers are some of their sleek style points. The uniforms were designed by New York fashion designer Prabal Gurung, whose designs have been worn by Michelle Obama, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Lady Gaga. You can appreciate more than just the flight attendants’ fashion— All Nippon Airways is consistently ranked one of the best airlines in the world. Japan is also known for its hospitality, so top rated service is a guarantee. Once you have landed in the city, a vibrant fashion culture awaits you. The street style is what sets it apart from Paris and Milan. You’ll see people dressed in edgy, heavy, goth-style clothing with knee high socks and Victorian ruffles, or even doll-like, whimsical attire complete with platform shoes and large head bows. It’s a diverse style scene, so make sure to check out the following areas for the full range.

Hop on a 3-hour train ride if you want to see traditional Japanese dress and history. Full of gardens, Buddhist temples, and shrines, this city holds onto ancient culture that seems worlds away from the modern, bustling Tokyo city. Geishas may be walking on their way to work where they perform at tea ceremonies, play musical instruments, or dance. There’s a price to pay to watch them, but the unique experience is worth every penny.

photo l juripozzi/adobe l Maiko geisha in Gion Kyoto

photo l Tea/Dreamstime l SINGAPORE - CIRCA SEPTEMBER, 2016: ANA cabin crew


This neighborhood is a go-to fashion center for the city’s trendiest teens and is also home one of the busiest intersections in the world, with 2,500 people crossing at peak points in the day.




Fab Decor writer l Kaleigh Jurgensmeyer

Bringing runway fashion into the home might seem like a daunting task, but this season’s fabric trends lend well to some cozy interior design options to modernize any living space. Check out some of the fall’s latest styles and how you can integrate them into your home for an updated look.


We’re seeing it everywhere on handbags and shoes, and shimmying on cocktail dresses. Flirty and fun, fringe is a perfect fabric to liven up your home in a sophisticated way and add great depth and texture to a space. A fringe lamp lightens up a space physically and aesthetically. Or you can hang a fringed macramé tapestry to create an earthy yet dramatic vibe. Frye l Ray Fringe Crossbody l $358

Michael Kors Fall 2017 TheWovenDreamFactory l Etsy l Black Macrame Wall hanging l $169


World Market l Taupe Jaelyn Tufted Queen Headboard l $149



Anthropologie l Fringed Nurata Lamp Shade l $68 - $98.00

There’s something extra regal and elegant about velvet, but it’s not just for a night out. Make your bedroom fit for a queen with a beautiful tufted headboard to add extra glam. Velvet is also making a return as a fabric of choice for couches and definitely gives living rooms a touch of retro flair.

West Elm l Roar + Rabbit™ l Glamour Velvet Sofa l $1,099 Monse Fall 2017 Collection



Fendi Fall 2017

You don’t need a fur vest or coat to keep up with this trend. Try adding a luxurious faux fur throw to your bed or couch to build an inviting space for you and your guests. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, a fur chair or ottoman creates visual interest in a more traditional room. A furry piece of furniture makes an extra comfy spot for you—add a blanket, cup of tea, and your favorite book on a crisp fall day for fur-lined perfection. Zimmermann Fall 2017

World Market l Ivory Faux Flokati Gunnar Chair l $279.99

Pottery Barn l Faux Fur Throw l $129 – $349

metallic sequins

This glittery fabric is making its way onto boots and clutches, giving outfits a futuristic, space worthy look. You can also incorporate it in the home to create a space that’s out of this world. Sequin embellished pillows are perfect additions to your couch or bed, or to jazz up a kitchen table with a sparkly table runner.

Macy’s l Calvin Klein Sequin Ombré 12" x 16" Decorative Pillow l $100




As a nonprofit, the primary goal of Ladybug House is to build and operate the first freestanding palliative care home and hospice for children with life-limiting illnesses in Seattle. We will offer a place for respite and renewal to families during the unimaginable outside the hospital setting. We will celebrate every day, every moment and every life.




If we cannot add days to the life of a child, we will add life to their days.

Haute Dogs

Last year, New York Fashion Week added a new runway series - pet fashion. As dogs become more and more recognized as family rather than just pets, dog fashion is becoming a worldwide trend. Whether your furbaby is celebrating a special occasion, getting hitched, or wanting to look fashionable in the Seattle rain, these dog fashions and accessories are the perfect treat.


ERIKA SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY l www.erikasmithphotography.com l IG: adventures_with_riley sponsorsed by

CLEVERPUP cleverhood.com l IG: cleverpups Using military-spec webbing from Pawtucket and aircraft-grade aluminum clasps, its rain capes are made to be waterproof, breathable, and keep your dog safe and highly visual with 3M reflective threading. DOG ON FLEEK dogonfleek.com l IG: dogonfleek Believing that dogs are the greatest companion to humans, they encompass and embrace stylish trends for dogs, owners and their home while giving back to multiple dog rescues across the country. MISTER MIGS mistermigs.com l IG: mister_migs Fashionable, fun and functional dog gear with recycled denim to provide mentoring and employment for young adults with autism, developmental disabilities and others who face barriers towards employment. ZOZO'S PAW zozospaw.com l IG: zozospaw Creates new and innovative dog accessories with its signature snap attachment design while providing a helping "paw" in raising awareness and support for rescue dogs everywhere and K9s for Warriors. stylist

ATLAS MINDEL-MAINVILLE l IG: atlastheairdale

cakes THE SEATTLE BARKERY l IG: theseattlebarkery



DOG ON FLEEK Standard Poodle l LACEY l @laceyandhopper l Hippy Dog Bandana l $8.99 and up Boxer/Lab Mix l JUNE l @olivia_07 l Blushing Blues Collar l $29.99 Pit Bull l KNUCKLES l @knuckles_momma l Hippy Dog Bandana l $8.99 and up Border Collie Mix l BOO RADLEY l @miss_booradley l Paws of Joy Bandana l $8.99 and up

DOG ON FLEEK Mini Australian Shepherd l SCOUT l @scout_in_seattle l Paws of Joy Bandana l $8.99 and up Chocolate Labrador l GINGER l @life.of.ginger.the.dog l Magical Unicorn Fantasy Bandana l $8.99 and up Golden Retriever l RILEY l @adventures_with_riley l Super Dog Bandana l $8.99 and up 44 Shepard/Border VILLEMAGAZINE.COM Aussie Collie l COOPER l @thecooperofseattle l Yappy Hour Bandana l $8.99 and up

ZOZO'S PAW Chocolate Labrador Retriever l WALTER l @itsmrwaltz l THE ARIA Tie-On Bandana l $18 and up l CANDY CONFETTI Party Hat l $14.50 and up Bernese Mountain Dog/ Collie Mix l PENELOPE l @whoanelliepup l LAVENDER GINGHAM Woven Fray Bandana l $18 and up Berger Blanc Suisse l FENRIR l @troubleon4paws l THE ARIA Tie-On Bandana l $18 and up Airedale Terrier l ATLAS l @atlastheairdale l LAVENDER GINGHAM Woven Fray Bandana l $18 and up Golden Retriever/Border Collie l AURI l @auri_means_sunny l THE TIMMY Flannel Fray Bandana l $18 and up 2017 Tie-On FASHIONBandana & BEAUTYlISSUE Golden Retriver Mix l VANCE l @hotbreathvance l THE JACOB $18 and45up



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They don’t have a voice to tell you their story. Just unconditional love to start a new one.

GingerĘźs Pet Rescue has saved over 10,000 dogs from being killed from all over the world. You can help us save 10,000 more.

adopt. foster. volunteer. donate. www.gingerspetrescue.org 2017 FASHION & BEAUTY ISSUE


2017 Northwest Hairstyling Awards Winner Avante Garde - Jeremy Abraham

Here at AFH Salon, we believe hair is the one accessory you never take off. It should look good with every outfit in any season. That's why it's important for us to understand your lifestyle so we can help you define your style.

DE INE YOUR STYLE Come in as you are and allow our expert stylists to fashion your hair with our exclusive line of Framsei products offering the richest colors and high quality results. For four years we've been giving confidence and beautiful hair to every client because at AFH Salon, everyone is welcomed.


2719 E Madison St. #E, Seattle, WA 98112 l 206-329-2719 anniefisherhair.com l FB: @AnnieFisherHair l IG: @AFHSalon VILLEMAGAZINE.COM








left page

Annie Fisher l AFH Salon

makeup Cass Bledsoe l model Hayley Oberbilling l photographer James Cheng l wardrobe Kim Brooks top left

Cindy Fernandez l Habitude Salon makeup Heather S. l model Amanda bottom left

Emmett Henley l Vasuda Salon

makeup Emmett Henley l model Michael Beaux / Sierra LaBlanc l photographer Amy Metry bottom right

Kim Botner l Dosha Salon

makeup Beatrice Van l model Aunah Jean l photographer Kendra Barber




N E W C O M E R 56



left page top

Kate Eylar l House of Pop

makeup Jillian Nickerson l model Mikayla McCoy l photographer Conner Allen left page bottom

Amber Alfau l Caruh

makeup Amber Alfau l model Karl Lerum l photographer David Louis Quinn l clothing Filsonâ„¢ top left

Ali Schneider l Vasuda Salon model Jessica Monk bottom left

Rose Prado l Vann.Edge Salon

makeup Rose Prado l model Thalia Carchedi bottom right

Alisha Nakamura l Robert Leonard Salon

makeup Alisha Nakamura l model Jiyeon Baek l photographer Alisha Nakamura l clothing Forever 21








left page top

Darryl Soulis l Lunatic Fringe

makeup Lindey Chin l model Lindey Chin l photographer Darryl Soulis left page bottom

Melissa Woolley l Pure Salon

makeup Elissa Eng l model Karlee Coble l photographer Nicole M Ryan l art direction on set Lindsay Fournier left

Marcia Galรกn l Aria Salon

makeup Bek Harvey l model Marinda Reed l photographer Olivia Lazer right

Theresa Leon l AFH Salon

makeup Kennedy Trisler l model Kayleigh Harper l wardrobe Theresa Leon




H A I R S T Y L I S T 60


top left

Dan Suh l Gary Manuel

makeup Krystal Kreitzmann l model Jade O'Herin l photographer Tsofia Richter bottom left

Lauren Little l Lisa Power Salon

wigs All headpieces were handmade from scratch - sewn, cut, colored, and styled by Lauren. makeup Franky Bonifacio l model Franky Bonifacio l photographer Kingmon Creative (Amanda Black & Megan King) bottom right

Jessica Engel l Lunatic Fringe Salon

makeup Jessica Engel l model Kinsey Walt l photographer Jessica Engel


top left

Mellisa Johnson l House of Pop

makeup Rosalie Bushy l model Olivia Ranes l photographer Douglas McCoy bottom left

Kristina Paris l Dosha Salon

makeup Beatrice Van l model Taylor D l photographer Kendra Barber bottom right

Alisé Buckner l Vain Salon

makeup Jordan Ross l model Jordan Sellers l photographer April Staso







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Rick Toth l Seattle

hair Kristy Jessica l model Kristy Jessica l photographer McCade Dolan top left

Jordan Ross l J Ross Experience

hair Jordan Ross l model Yasmeen Nayfeh l photographer Daniella Renee bottom left

Nancy Wennekers l Seattle

hair Nancy Wennekers l model Molly Delay @ SMG Models l photographer Alice Kalis bottom right

Kendall Faith l Beauty by Kendall Faith hair Kendall Faith l model Paige Bonvallet l photographer Roger Lurie




Fashion Flashback writer l Charity Mainville

Fashion has become a worldwide passion, from New York Fashion Week to cheap clothing from China. Trends are constantly changing, fashion bloggers are everywhere, and social media is a new home base for designers. Throughout the centuries, clothing has had an impact on defining culture, status, and even nationality. But when did “fashion” become a thing?

18 19 19 th

Even though Rose Bertin isn’t credited as the first fashion designer, defined by a label, she has been deemed the introducer of haute couture. In 1770, while holding the title of "Minister of Fashion," she was the exclusive dressmaker to Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. The unique and boisterous looks of Marie’s dresses gained massive attention. Multiple high-profile and wealthy clients, from all over Europe, rushed to have Bertin design something similar for them. Bertin made Paris the center of the fashion industry and the start of French couture.

The first issue of Vogue Magazine that sold for ten cents.

Replica of one of Rose Bertin's dresses worn by Marie Antoinette


English fashion designer, Charles Worth, founded House of Worth in 1858. It was considered one of the foremost fashion houses of the 19th and early 20th centuries, employing 50 seamstresses and tailors. He is also known for revolutionizing the business of fashion with his innovative marketing skills. He was the first to feature live models showcasing his dresses in the windows of his salon and the first to sew his label into his clothing. By the 1870s, he was internationally known for his royalty and high society dress designs, and he appeared in multiple fashion magazines.

Charles Frederick Worth Dress l Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, 2009; Gift of Edith Gardiner, 1926




As America grew, so did fashion and society and the public needed to be kept informed on the “who, what, and where” in the industry. Launched in 1892, Vogue Magazine took on that task by reserving a small section of the magazine for this purpose. As haute couture was rising in Paris, its influence spread into the Western fashion world. Americans debuted this fashion trend at horse races and Vogue was there to cover it, showcasing what was worn and who was wearing what.




The 20s are most commonly known for the flapper look, although it eventually faded. However, there is one timeless look from this era that has never gone out of style and is still a staple in every woman’s closet—the little black dress, created by the notorious Coco Chanel. In 1921, after launching her highly successful and now iconic perfume—Chanel No. 5, she took the one color that, at the time, was only associated with mourning and death and turned it into a chic and sophisticated, must-have color for any glamourous to casual affair.


'30 s 4 ' 0 After the Wall Street Crash in 1929, fashion also crashed due to the Great Depression. With WWII on the horizon, mass production of uniforms began, which led to the creation of ready-to-wear fashion and clothing became more functional. Tweed was the fabric of choice with suits for the men and suit style dresses for women.


' s 50

1935 tweed suit dress


Drawing of "Ford" dress by Chanel (1926) © Vogue Paris Imaginary Portrait of Coco Chanel by Karl Lagerfield © Chanel

Music continued to drive fashion trends throughout the sixties, especially those worn by young adults. Clothes worn by The Beatles inspired the mod look. Elvis Presley and the Grateful Dead donned the rocker look, and artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and Janis Joplin were part of the hippie movement. The 60s also introduced the “supermodel,” with Twiggy taking center stage.

The first supermodel, Twiggy l ODHAMS Press-Globe Photos


With a new decade came an audaciously named (by Harper’s Bazaar) “New Look” by the new fashion designer, Christian Dior. The postwar design of the cinch-waist, fitted jacket and calf-length skirt gave women a curvier, more “girly” look. Opposite of couture fashion, budget conscious, affordable new styles appeared. These designs were made with synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, and acrylic), were easy to maintain, and appealed to the masses. Trends were no longer set by just adults, but also by teenagers who were inspired by musicians’ clothing.

Bar Suit & Hat by Christian Dior, Spring/Summer 1947. Housed at the V&A Museum 2017 FASHION & BEAUTY ISSUE





Polyester became the fabric of the 70s for the tight, stretchy, and flashy designs. These designs were the foundation of the disco era, filling nightclubs across the US, including Studio 54. “Fashion trends” were all over the place, but one fashion designer of the decade became an icon and built a fashion empire off one design. In 1974, Diane Von Furstenberg released the silky wrap dress with vibrant 70’s patterns and colors that any woman, of any size, could wear. Five million dress were sold worldwide by 1976. But DVF wasn’t the only designer to make a statement. Vivienne Westwood made her own when she opened her first store in 1971—an antifashion statement revolutionizing punk and fetish inspired fashion.

'80 s '90 Diane von Fürstenberg's knitted jersey wrap dress. Newsweek magazine, March 22, 1976


Women in the workplace were becoming more than just secretaries with dreams and aspirations. They were being recognized as respected and capable employees. Women put on their “power suits” and headed to the office to work like a boss, right next to the men. On the flip side, musicians still influenced popular fashion trends (they always do). In 1981, MTV took it to a whole new level by showcasing the artists/TV stars and their styles. Madonna was at the forefront, glamorously defining a huge segment of the fashion world, The material world became a full fashion force with white bridal-inspired lace designs, jeans and red leather jackets, fingerless gloves, and neon colors flooding the streets.

The fashion icon of the 80s, Madonna

In the 90s, fashion got casual, so much so that “Casual Fridays” became a thing. Jeans, jeans and more jeans took over with brands like l.e.i., Guess? and who can forget the ever so popular, Z. Cavaricci? Everybody who was anybody owned a pair of Z. Cavaricci jeans. If you didn’t, don’t worry because just this month the brand is releasing jeans, in a limited quantity, for purchase in honor of its 30th Year Anniversary. You can’t mention the 90s without throwing in what Seattle is highly known for—the grunge movement. If you haven’t heard of it or don’t know what I’m talking about, you may have been living under a rock.

Claire Danes and Jared Leto showcasing '90s style in '90s show My So-Called Life.

The 20th century was 100 years packed full of fashion trends that are hard to forget. The new millennium has been living in fashion nostalgia taking some of the biggest historic fashion trends and bringing them back with a “modern” twist. You may have some real fashion finds in the back of your closet. 66


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