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One Year Anniversary Issue




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the features The Renaissance Man Paul Allen

26 Photo Beatrice de Gea (Courtesy of Vulcan Inc.)



A Walking Dream Inside Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA

48 photo Matt Beard l costumes Giovanna Buzzi l 2016 Cirque du Soleil

the standards 12

City Scene: Cant Stop, Won't Stop Seattle's ever changing updates


Dog Days: Pick of the Litter What to know before getting a dog The Dish:


High Society Cannabis makes its way into cuisine


Food's Future Upcoming trends in food


Cocktail Culture: Uncorked Millennials are taking over the wine industry


Tech Specs: Stranger Danger Latest products in personal safety


Health Check: Need for Zzz's Are you getting enough sleep?


Get Fit: Fit Finds Workouts you may not know about


At Home: Making That Paper Wallpaper is making a comeback


The Getaway: Carnevale di Venezia Venice's biggest annual festival


Fashion Forward: Party of One Featuring India Gants


One Last Thing: Through the Years Milestone gifts and meanings


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One Year Anniversary Issue



Cirque du Soleil's


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How has one year already gone by? It seems like yesterday when I released the first issue. So much has changed—from the first issue with missed mistakes to being a reader’s choice finalist in the ASME Best Cover Contest alongside Vogue, Harper Bazaar, Time, The New Yorker, and ESPN Magazine. If this was the last issue being released, (don't worry, it's not) I would be happy with how far it’s come in such a short time. The magazine industry is tough. Sixty percent of new magazines fail within its first year, and I am fortunate to not be part of that statistic. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance, especially for me. What a lot of people may not know is that I produce Ville Magazine pretty much on my own. I am responsible for creating ideas for content and executing those ideas. My job titles include Owner, Publisher, Editorin-Chief, Editorial Director, Sales and Marketing Director, Account Manager, Web Designer, Webmaster, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Social Media Manager, Event Producer and Coordinator, and, of course, writer. You may wonder how that’s possible. Simple. Because I want to. I was born with determination and ambition in my veins. I’ve been writing since I could pick up a pen. When I was 10 years old, I wrote my own children’s book and sent it to multiple publishers. It wasn’t accepted, but I did have one publisher kindly write me a declining thank you letter. As I got older, I immersed myself in magazines and found it fascinating how a series of articles and beautiful photography could be pieced together to create an overall story of entertainment. It became my dream to have my own magazine someday. I wanted to share stories of inspiring people and for myself to be an inspiration to others. So, knowing I turned that dream into reality keeps me pushing thorugh. There is no doubt that I probably would have failed by now if I didn’t have the amazing team that I do. My writers, photographers, and intern are lifesavers. They are always willing to help above and beyond

their job requirements. My team, the readers, the businesses that I support and support me, the relationships I have with clients, and the stories I share—they all make my ideas and ambitions alive. Paul Allen, our featured spotlight, had his own passions and dreams that generated into a huge influence on this city and his generosity has helped others through his foundation. After learning about his inner ambitions as a child to pursue his many dreams was truly moving and motivational to myself. Motivation is a key to success so I strive to project that to who I can. This issues marks the launch of the annual Cover Model competition. I’ve ran so many modeling competitions in my life that lack substance. It’s important for this search to give the woman encouragement and confidence; I want to empower them to know that a dream can happen if you have the courage to take that step. I invite you to support them at each of the events starting on Tuesday, February 7th to see whose dream finally came true. If you're one of thos women that want to sign up, please go villecovermodel.com for details. Each event will have a copy of this issue so you can read up on what 2017 trends to put on your to-do list, awaken your imagination with Cirque du Soleil’s feature production coming in March, and to learn more about India Gants, a Seattle contestant on this season America’s Next Top Model who had another beautiful Seattle model, Binta Dibba, along her side during the show. Despite a world of skepticism of lasting print magazines, Ville Magazine will continue to prove them wrong. Paul Allen described it best, “Some people are motivated by money, some by recognition, and some for a social goal. I start from a different place, from the love of ideas and the urge to put them into motion and see where they might lead. The creative path is rocky with the risk of failure ever present and no guarantee. But even with its detours and blind alleys, it’s the only road I find fulfilling.” Even though it’s been a year for Ville Magazine, its path has only just begun.

Charity Mainville anniversary issue




anniversary issue



Can't Stop, Won't Stop written by Charity Mainville

In 2016, Seattle made a “Best City” and “Best Place to Live” list six times ranking from fourth to seventeenth. In total, the city was listed 39 times in various positive rankings, including being no. 1 for “Best NFL Cities for Pregaming,” reaching the most the city ever has. Too bad football is over in Seattle. Seattle also reached the top of another list for the city with the most construction cranes in the country—58 to be exact. I don’t count that in the “positive” category, as the cranes hinder the views of the beautiful Seattle skyline. It’s hard to keep up with all the construction and changes, but here are few items that are going on in this blooming city.

CHIT CHAT It’s well known that Seattle currently holds campuses and hubs for major tech and social companies. Microsoft and Amazon continue to grow their mini cities, and soon “Expedia city” will be added. Facebook, Google, Apple, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Twitter all have divisions established, which will be taking up more space in 2017. Some may not know that one of the biggest trending social media outlets hides amongst the pack. However, it’s rumored to be breaking out of its covert shell. Geekwire has announced Snap Inc. (Snapchat) may be moving into Market Place Tower later this year, increasing their office space from 8,000 to 50,000 square feet. Even though Snap hasn’t confirmed the rumor, Geekwire claims they have heard it from multiple sources.

EXISTING STAGE LEFT It’s hard to miss the colorful and unique Teatro ZinZanni theater that’s been sitting on Mercer Street for the last ten years in lower Queen Anne. But on March 15th the longest-running cabaret/ dinner show is being kicked out by Washington holdings that purchased the location from the Seattle Opera late last year for a new mixed-income residential housing project. The quick notice (even though Washington holdings claim it was plenty of time) is forcing Norm Langill, Teatro’s founder and artistic director, to plead and solicit for a lease extension. A relocation would close the show temporarily, causing a layoff of 100 employees. As of now, Washington holdings isn’t backing down, but miracles happen every day. photo Korum Bischoff




ALL COOPED UP Speaking of Seattle housing, the renters market across the area is booming. The demand is forcing apartment buildings to be built rapidly. With increased competition to get each unit leased, developers are focusing on offering some crazy amenities to justify rent charges. It’s easy to find a place based off what you desire most. In terms of luxury, Harbor Steps in Belltown features a rock climbing wall, saunas, whirlpools, and full-sized lap pool. Carriages at Fairwood Downs in Renton provides a state-of-the-art fitness center that includes tanning and an outdoor pool. Dimensions, also in Belltown, books live music entertainment in their lobby, and their rooftop view may be the best in the city. Walton + Lofts has a grand library and bike workshop. Astro Apartments in lower Queen Anne is geared toward pet lovers by including a rooftop dog park for your pup to do its business in luxury, and Eleanor Apartments in Ravenna features its own dog salon. Premiere on Pine downtown also has a dog lounge but adheres to the business side by offering a business lounge and conference space. Viktoria attracts the socialites with its own wine bar. If you prefer an environmental yet modern home, every apartment in 47 + 7 in U-District is made of recycled materials but also includes heated flooring and modern technology like smartphone-controlled lighting. But out of all them, perhaps the most unique is the soon-to-be-open Bowman Apartments in Fremont where your rent includes free eggs delivered right from the rooftop’s chicken coop. Yes, you read that right. Bowman is offering farm-to-table dwellers freshly dropped eggs from its own live chickens. Eggs only, people; the chickens are not for dinner.

photo Bowman Stoneway

BERTHA'S BACK It’s 2017. By this time, the viaduct should have been finished two years ago and the new Seattle waterfront finishing by this summer. Obviously, the schedule is a little off track because of that big inconstant tunnel-digging machine, Bertha. Her problems have not only cost the city millions of dollars over budget but pushed back the remodel of Seattle’s waterfront by years—four years per the latest projection. It has now been estimated she won’t retire until 2019 and the waterfront until 2023. The bright side is that it will be done in our lifetime... hopefully. After her last 10-day break for maintenance, she’s back drilling under Lenora to Bell Street that’s marked as zone 8; only about 2,400 miles to go or about 4 miles a day. In December, she averaged about 22 miles, and this month so far it’s about 6. Pending no more breakdowns (fingers crossed), it looks like we may be right on schedule. photo Washington State Department of Transportation

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As a nonprofit, the primary goal of Ladybug House is to build and operate the first freestanding palliative care home and hospice for children with life-limiting illnesses in Seattle. We will offer a place for respite and renewal to families during the unimaginable outside the hospital setting. We will celebrate every day, every moment and every life.




If we cannot add days to the life of a child, we will add life to their days.

They don’t have a voice to tell you their story. Just unconditional love to start a new one.

GingerĘźs Pet Rescue has saved over 10,000 dogs from being killed from all over the world. You can help us save 10,000 more.

adopt. foster. volunteer. donate. www.gingerspetrescue.org

anniversary issue



Pick of the Litter written by Charity Mainville

You’ve been thinking about getting a dog. How can you not? Dogs provide unconditional love. They can lift your spirits, calm your stress, and give you a purpose to live. In Seattle, it’s nearly impossible not to run into an adorable dog. Eventually, you come across the perfect one and decide you want one just like it. If you go back and forth on your decision, then wait. You should be 100 percent sure. Before you make a life-changing decision, you need to ask the right questions and choose a breed that is right for you.



Dogs are pack animals. Once you take a dog in, they look to you as part of their pack and are solely dependent on you. They rely on you for love and attention, daily walks, food, grooming, and more. They can’t do it on their own. As a puppy, it will need to be trained and housebroken so expect getting up throughout the night unless you get an older dog already trained. It shouldn’t be left for long hours, especially in the beginning. Dogs can experience separation anxiety if left too long, which can cause uncontrollable barking, crying, and destruction of property. If you have a job that demands long hours, travel on a regular basis, or like to spend your nights out, a dog isn’t for you.

Each year millions of dogs are rescued, and all of them need a loving home. By adopting a dog, you will be giving it a second chance at life. A mutt has the characteristics of each of its breed DNA so inform yourself about its history, health, and behavior. Rescue shelters should tell you if the dog is good around other animals, children, or has any emotional issues.

CASH FLOW Dogs are not cheap. One can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Dogs need food, shelter, routine health checks, grooming, and toys for stimulation. Not including the cost of getting the dog, the average amount spent on a dog in its first year can be from $500 to $1,000 and $300 plus each year after. Costs can rise with emergency vet visits or injuries that can result in surgery. Pet insurance is an option, which can cost $10 up to $80 per month.



Same goes for “designer dogs.” These are purposely two mixed breeds. Technically mutts, these dogs tend to be extremely expensive. Creating miniature breeds are dangerous to a dog’s health, and mixing the breeds my cause temperament issues. If you are looking for a purebred, do your research on breeders. Is the dog AKC certified? Is there history of health problems? Are they breeding dogs within the same family? How often and how many dogs does the breeder have? There are Washington state laws that control dog breeding. If you witness negligence or abuse, make sure you report it. Dogs are not allowed to be purchased or rescued until it is at least 8 weeks old. It should have its first set of shots, dewormed and be on a heartworm prevention. Rescue dogs will come spayed or neutered because most are quieter and less aggressive. You should do the same to yours.

DOG DAYS PUPPY LOVE There are 340 recognized breeds in the world. Each breed has its own characteristic profile and needs so you need to make sure they are a good fit with lifestyle. The most important question when choosing the right breed is where do you live? In a dog-friendly apartment, condo, or a house with an outdoor area for the dog to play in? It’s not about the size of the dog but its activity level and traits. A chill dog is preferable because active dog can become depressed or destructive from boredom. Avoid dogs prone to barking to avoid a dog gone eviction. Also, don't forget to check which breeds your apartment building allows and doesn’t. Every dog is different just like every person. A dog will act differently depending how it’s treated and trained. As puppies, socialization with other dogs and children is important to avoid aggression or fear in the future. Either way, once you find the perfect match, you won’t be able to imagine your life without your furry four-legged best friend.

Great Dane



Labrador Retriever America’s most popular dog for the last 25 years in a row loves to run, swim, and hunt. They are easy to train and possess a loving sweet temperament. Siberian Husky The closest breed to a wolf, the Husky loves the outdoors, can withstand cold weather, has the endurance for long hikes, and the strength to pull a sled or even carry your gear. French and English Bulldog

Great Dane The gentle giants are mellow and content with lounging around. If you have room for a 100 - 200 pound dog, they are a great fit. Bulldog Whether English or French, they are known to be very comfortable in small spaces, love to relax, and are quiet as a mice. Greyhound Despite being one of the fastest breeds, they are actually couch potatoes and rarely bark. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Like the royalty they are, the Kings know how to impress its constituents with its extremely friendly demeanor and adaptability.

Dalmatian If you “spot” a Dalmatian, it is most likely running alongside its owner. This breed can keep pace with a horse. Socialization is must to avoid aggressive with children and other dogs. Jack Russell Jacks may be small, but they have a large amount of energy. Only the most active people should own one who can run for miles because these pups won’t stop. Bernese Mountain This large herding breed is popping up all around Seattle. Possessing a happy high energy personality, they love having a job to do.

Yorkshire Terrier The tiny 7 - 10 pound Yorkie is great for smaller apartments as long as they are trained to keep their piecing yips at bay. Bernese Mountain

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High Society written by Lauren Adam

The cannabis business is estimated to reach $22 billion in sales by 2020. With 8 states legalizing in 2016 (4 recreational, 4 medicinal), and 33 states that have decriminalized the use of marijuana. In Seattle, the cannabis industry has topped daily sales of $1.4 million with over 160 shops open. As the industry soars higher, the result will be a rise of cannabis-infused foods, tourism, and even restaurant concepts that you won’t want to miss.

BREAKING BUD One of the frontline propositions sprouting from the growing cannabis industry is marijuana’s use in restaurants. Denver recently started paving the way by becoming the first state to allow patrons to use marijuana in bars, restaurants, and other public spaces such as art galleries or yoga studios. Progress is still in the early stages. As of now, patrons will need to bring their own pot and it can’t be smoked. The law sets the scene for Amsterdam-style coffee shops down the line.

EDIBLE EATS photo dog dayz photography

CHRONIC FOODIES With cannabis-forward restaurants and cafes still on hold, foodie enthusiasts are getting their fix at secret dinner clubs with chefs specializing in cannabis infusion. In New York, Chef Miguel Trinidad owns 99th Floor, an edibles company that produces cannabis-infused treats and hosts exclusive dinner parties with items like roasted bone marrow with onion jam, caviar canna-butter, and brioche slate. New York is also home to sinsemil.la, a cannabis supper club focused on haute cuisine. Menu items like potato gnocchi with buttered wild mushrooms and fresh Diesel are thoughtfully created to offer an elevated food experience.

Not everyone has the access or the invite to a chef-lead cannabis experience, and luckily, those seeking edibles are no longer limited to the typical pot brownie—edibles are becoming more sophisticated than anyone could have imagined with local companies on the forefront of innovation. American Baked Co. is one of Seattle’s edible-focused companies offering savory options like a tomato basil soup mix and Parmesan crisps with a rich taste that’s only elevated by the cannabis. Other companies like Deep Cell Industries have started to refine infusions to a science. The company patented a process to crystalize cannabis, and their water-soluble Ruby’s Cannabis Sugar is now available to sprinkle in coffee, cocktails, and more. Both American Baked Co. and Ruby’s cannabis sugar are available at stores like Hashtag on Stone Way and Novel Tree in Bellevue. photo Gracias Madre

DANK DRINK Beverages have seen their own surge in greenification from BrewBudz compostable coffee Keurig pods and infused cocktails. Over the summer, two Los Angeles restaurants added CBD oil-infused cocktails like the Stoney Negroni and Rolled Old Fashioned to their menus. The CBD oil doesn’t have psychoactive impact but does have a relaxing antianxiety effect, especially when paired with booze. Home bartenders can mix their own cannabis-infused cocktails with mixers from Northgate’s Seattle Tonics like the 100 mg Mai Tai or Mojito Mixer. Pick up Fairwind’s CBD Citrus Tincture from Vela in SODO then add to a vodka lemonade.

FRENCH 420 1 oz Copperworks Gin .75 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice .5oz simple syrup 2 drops Fairwind’s CBD Citrus Tincture 2 oz dry sparkling wine Shake gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and tincture in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into chilled glass and top with sparkling wine. anniversary issue



Food's Future written by Lauren Adam

New food technologies and consumers demanding convenience, nutrition, and engagement with food are shaping the food trends that we will see in 2017. From innovative apps to repurpose food waste, foodies will pay for a quality, personalized experience that elevates dining on all levels.

photo Amazon

INNOVATIVE GROCERY Forbes reported that the future is in members-only stores, zero-waste markets, and delivery-only restaurants and grocers, making Amazon Fresh the frontrunner in grocery innovation. Their plans include building brick-and-mortar stores across the country with drive-up locations for picking up online orders. The first two locations in Ballard and SoDo are slated to open shortly. Additional innovations from Amazon include the opening of Amazon Go, the customer-centric shopping concept that eliminates the check-out process completely so that patrons can simply grab and go. The store includes items like readyto-eat meal options, meal kits, and groceries.





Virtual restaurants and delivery have taken the food scene by storm and will keep it up in 2017. Delivery hubs like Munchery, Maple, and Ando deliver restaurant quality meals from an exclusive chef while others like Peach, UberEats, Grub Hub, and Amazon Restaurants deliver from restaurants to bring the dining experience to you. The trend has hit home for those looking for a low-key option with minimal social obligations. In-home meal kits like Blue Apron and Plated also offer exact portions at prices that rival the cost of eating out to avoid food waste.

As more people turn to global ancient wellness methods, opting for an Ayurveda lifestyle instead of Western medicine, there will be an increase of healing cocktails and tonics on the market and in restaurants. Whole Foods is vouching for this trend with a prediction that shoppers will gravitate toward concoctions with buzzworthy ingredients like detoxifying charcoal, antiinflammatory turmeric, energizing matcha, and stressreducing ginseng.

THE DISH CONSCIOUS CUISINE According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, roughly 1.3 billion tons of food produced for human consumption ends up in the trash. This staggering statistic has been a global focus, and 2017 will be no exception with Anthony Bourdain’s documentary Wasted! The Story of Food Waste out later this year. As a result, both consumers and companies will repurpose foods traditionally thrown out like beet greens, carrot tops, and cauliflower stems as garnishes and condiments. Restaurants will also partner with artisan butchers to concentrate on a snout-to-tail approach to meat. Lesser known items like fried pig tails, grilled chicken hearts, and lamb loin may be up-and-coming in the no-waste economy.

ENGAGING EATS Foodie apps will combine technology-driven trends and a need for a more connected, community-inspired dining experience. EatWith is a good example of the community feel we can expect to see emerging in 2017. The app allows users to select a location and a chef that’s vetted in advance by EatWith. Once matched up, diners will book a dinner for an in-home meal experience with the chef and others that have booked the same chef. With locations in over 150 cities around the world, EatWith brings chefs and foodies together for one of the most unique dining experiences available.

anniversary issue



Uncorked written by Lauren Adam

Wine sales have increased among the younger generation, and experts are saying these consumers are drinking more wine in one just sitting. Lucky for Seattle , Washington is the second largest wine producer in the country. and the industry is only growing. Whether you want to get swept away with a tasting in Woodinville’s wine country or pack a can of Pinot to sip from a mountain peak, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy Washington wines.


Rosé has had a few big years in the spotlight. This blushing spring starlit is always perfectly positioned in an Instagram photo or nicely paired with goat cheese drizzled with honey. Last year Seattle’s Revolution Wine Bar capitalized on the rosé craze by adding a rosé slushy (commonly known as frosé) to their menu. The high demand even in the chill of Seattle’s winter proves that wine can be as fun as it is complex. But the trend doesn’t end with rosé. Chilled reds like fruit-forward Beaujolais and Grenache are on the rise so expect to see them adding some refreshing color to the tasting room.

photo Nelle Clark (Bottlehouse)

WINE & DINE If swigging wine from a can isn’t your first choice, there are plenty of places around Seattle to sip wine in a more traditional setting. Kirkland’s Bin on the Lake invites the refined palate to taste fine wines lakeside. This Carillon Point gem offers an extensive wine list from World Inspired to Private Reserve. Experience France without leaving the city at the elegant but unpretentious Le Caviste. The ambient dining room is the perfect place to try a new Bordeaux with pâté. Finally, don’t miss the vintage craftsman home turned urban winery, Bottlehouse. The charming garden patio is ideal for a sunny day where guests can order tastes, glasses, and bottles as well as tasty eats like baguette with house ganache, farm fresh goat chèvre, and black lava salt.



photo Andrea Coan (Bottlehouse)


YES, WE CANNED Wine in cans is becoming more than just a novelty. The versatility is a no brainer, and for wine enthusiasts who live an active lifestyle, the utility allows for an easy addition to a cooler or backpack where cans are perfect to enjoy at picnics, the beach, outdoor concerts, and more. For economists, one can of wine can equal as much as three glasses depending on the size of the can. While the can game is relatively new, there are still plenty of brands to try from Portland’s Underwood Pinot Noir to Denver’s The Infinite Monkey Theorem available at Whole Foods.

A GOOD PAIR Tasting wine and trying food pairings doesn’t need to be snobby. The process can be fun and delicious—what matters more than anything is that the food and wine taste good. For a tasting rule of thumb, flavors that share a likeness usually go well together. For example, chicken and seafood work with dry white wines. Here are some of the most classic pairings to try:

WINE: PINOT NOIR Flavor to match: earthy Food pairing: Porcina Ricotta Ravioli with parmesan, mushroom butter sauce and marjoram from MKT

WINE: CHARDONNAY Flavor to match: rich Food pairing: Cedar Plank Salmon with quinoa, lemon beurre blanc, and roasted vegetables from Red Cedar and Sage

WINE: CABERNET SAUVIGNON Flavor to match: juicy Food pairing: Grilled Berkridge Farm Ribeye with preserved cherry BBQ sauce from Vestal

WINE: SYRAH Flavor to match: spicy Food pairing: Smokey Leg of Lamb with harissa from Dahlia Lounge photo misaleva

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- Voted “Seattleʼs Best Bloody Mary” by USA Today anniversary issue 25 SOUTH LAKE UNION l CAPITOL HILL l REDMOND l 21+ l SAMSTAVERNSEATTLE.COM




Renaissance Man written by Casey Martin

He was born into a world of creativity and knowledge. From a young age, his parents’ passion and appreciation for reading, music, sports, and arts blossomed within him. Each one would create his future.

Photo Beatrice de Gea (Courtesy of Vulcan Inc.)

anniversary issue



Photo Brady Harvey/MoPOP

The Man His intelligence and logical side shined through from childhood, understanding things that others couldn’t as adults. He had a love for science fiction and a fascination for the future that grew rapidly after attending the Seattle World’s Fair at age 9. At age 11, he unraveled the mystery behind computers by simply reading a book. In 8th grade, he met a boy named Bill Gates that would end up being a lifelong friend. Learning together, Paul computer programming skills advanced through high school. It was during this time he was exposed to a wider genre of music, including rock. It only took Paul one time to hear the riffs of Jimi Hendrix to create another undeniable passion. Paul dropped out of Washington State University after two years and joined Bill, a Harvard dropout at the time to build one of the most successful companies in the world—a company called Microsoft.



Fifteen years later, he took his success and founded his own foundation that has given generously to a multitude of nonprofits and worthy causes. Ten years after, he gave Seattle a gift of music through the formation of EMP Museum, now called MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture). Today, he is the owner of the Seattle Seahawks and is responsible for the creation of Centurylink Field whose design was inspired by the football games he attended with his father as a child. His love for science fiction drove him to create institutes specializing in brain science, cell science, and AI research. In 2015, his appreciation of the arts originated the Seattle Art Fair and will be flowing upstream throughout 2017. The impact that his works and ideas have made will last lifetimes. The Renaissance man that is respectfully named, Paul Allen.


Photo Seattle Art Fair 2015

The Art One of Paul Allen’s beliefs is the existence of accessible art, which led to the creation of the Seattle Art Fair as well as Pivot Art + Culture. Why is it important to him to promote the arts and make them accessible to everyone? He explains in a YouTube video released by Vulcan, Inc. that he founded these projects from his desires to share art. He wanted to make sure that a wide audience has a chance to see, experience, and be exposed to the art directly—“kind of plunge in with their own vision and see what they can take away.” I attended the fair last year and plunged into thousands of beautiful pieces. I was mesmerized by everything from the contemporary paintings to the bizarre sculptures. I took away an experience that may not have happened without Paul Allen. I hope to have the same, if not better experience this year when the fair returns August 3 – 6. On a smaller scale at Pivot Art + Culture, he is currently giving a closer look at people through the end of February. A Closer Look: Portraits from the Paul G. Allen Family Collection is a collection of paintings

and photographs of the artist’s chosen subjects into a single image. It features anyone from a no-named person engaging in a daily activity to entertainment icons. In a world focused on superficial selfies, the portraits give depth to a person. It allows the viewer to engage with the person in the art and create their own story behind who that person is. Paul’s foundation is providing a different scene at the Seattle Art Museum beginning February 16 – May 23. This art display includes 39 historic European and American landscape paintings from the past four hundred years. Eight paintings of the Seeing Nature: Landscape Masterworks from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation were inspired by the Italian city of Venice, each with a subtle unique difference. The viewer will see the beautiful city through each of the artist’s eyes including famous impressionist Claude Monet. It will make you want to sstep back so you can take it all in.

anniversary issue



Photo Conceptual Rendering of Upstream Music Fest + Summit (Vulcan, Inc)

The Music Between May 11-13, Paul Allen is adding a new music festival to Seattle’s roster in partnership with KEXP and the Alliance for Pioneer Square. Over the course of three days, the inaugural Upstream Music Fest + Summit will include over 200 music performances in 25 different locations around Pioneer Square including CenturyLink Field along with keynote speakers, workshops, industry discussions, and collaborations at WaMu Theatre. The festival itself will focus on emerging music artists from all genres—75% from the Northwest area with a majority from right

here in Seattle. Each artist performing will have a golden opportunity to put on intimate shows and strengthen their connection with new and old fans, some for the very first time. The goal is to give attendees the chance to hear new music and for artists to be discovered. Expect some exciting surprises as well. The summit is for artists, influencers, industry experts, creative collaborators, and audiences to dive deep into the future of the music industry. To come together to create current and future opportunities, innovations, and ideas to flow upward in their careers.

Paul’s never-ending journey to learn has resulted in enough achievements for multiple lifetimes. He could easily rest on his laurels, but that isn’t the path he desires. The road he journeys is one less traveled. It’s not the one for financial gain or recognition; it's the "the love of ideas and the urge to put them into motion and see where they might lead.” We are blessed to have that path run through Seattle.



anniversary issue



Stranger Danger written by Charity Mainville

In 2014, Stop Street Harassment surveyed 2,000 people and found 65 percent of women had experienced street harassment. The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence group found that 22 million women in the United States have been raped in their lifetime, and that’s only accounts those reported. But there are some new heroes in town. These discrete products help prevent attacks and notify the right people to give you a sense of security to go on with everyday life without worry.


$199 l www.sirenring.com

Be fashionable while staying safe. Siren is a beautiful gold or silver gemstone ring that conceals a special patented extremely loud alarm. The ring emits a high pitch of 110 decibels that can be painfully jarring to ears, so you need to make sure to aim at your attacker and not at yourself. The ring is activated by twisting the top counterclockwise until it locks firmly into position and can no longer rotate. There is a delay of 1.5 seconds to cancel the alarm, but once it goes off, the siren will ring until the program turns off or if you manually interrupt it.


$129 l www.safelet.com

Safelet is a gold, black, or silver bracelet connected to a mobile app to alert your “Guardian Network” when in danger. The network is your choice of friends or family that will be sent a SOS with a push of a button over your cell network or Wi-Fi. It will continue to alert everyone in network until someone responds. Safelet also has its own network of heroes that can opt in to be notified when someone is nearby and in trouble. The bracelet cannot place calls, and you must be within 10 feet of your phone. However, if you’re in an area with no cell phone service, the bracelet remains just a fashion accessory.




$99 l www.roarforgood.com

Athena is a similar protection device to Safelet that can be worn as necklace or clipped where you choose, but it has many different features. The device is attached to an app with your network of contacts, activated by touching a button configured to your finger and sent through your cell network or Wi-Fi. The difference is that alert comes in two different modes: alarm mode and “SilentRoar.” Alarm mode is when you need help instantly, and SilentRoar is when you are feeling that you are in an unsafe environment. It works up to 50 feet away, takes 3 seconds to activate, and has a 10-second delay to cancel.



$5 per month l www.wearsafe.com

Wearsafe is a tag that could pass as a car key and can be clipped to pretty much anything you prefer. Again, you download an app and set up your network. Wearsafe uses your phone to send an alert while keeping your phone hidden. It’s like a butt dial but on purpose. It also sets up a chat room for your network so they can either call 911 or come to you. The device works up to 200 feet away, allows you set a different network for different situations, and the tag itself is free.


Free l www.companionapp.io

Companion mobile app is your friend when heading somewhere alone without any device. Instead of sending a message to let someone know you made it home, they can see it for themselves. Open the app, set your destination, transportation mode, and pick your friend of choice. The map is then sent whether the friend has the app or not so they can view your path of safety much like watching the car arrive when you call for an uber or lyft. If there is an emergency, it allows you to call 911.


$199 + $10 - $15 per month l www.occly.com

Occly is a combination of the alert devices and the alarming ring but not as fashion forward. However, fashion isn’t its objective. Its goal is to alert, deter, and record. It has a panic button that emits lights and sound to alert people in your area and automatically starts recording your surrounding and audio. The video is sent in real-time to Occly’s 24-hour emergency response team to review the situation and dispatch police to your location.

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The Need for Zzz's written by Dr. Scott Mindel

With our lives becoming more demanding and the perpetual light from our never-sleeping cities, getting a good night sleep is getting more and more difficult. According to the documentary, Sleepless in America by National Geographic, 40 percent of Americans are sleep deprived and getting less than five hours of sleep per night compared to 8 hours in the 1950s.

Over two thousand years ago, a prominent researcher named Galan had a theory of why we needed sleep. While we were awake, the brain pushed a type of liquid fuel to all the parts of the body to give us life, leaving the brain depleted. Then while we slept, the energizing fuel would return the brain to enliven and refresh the mind. Today that theory has been debunked, but in retrospect, we have all experienced the sense of renewal and refreshment after a deep sleep or the sluggish feeling when we don’t get enough. Many scientists and doctors have questioned why we sleep for the thousands of years, but only recently reasons why have been discovered. We spend one-third of our lives asleep. It’s

36 36


known to every species today, and it serves thousands of vital biological functions. The top explanations for sleeping include restoration, conservation, processing, and consolidation, especially for the brain. The brain accounts for less than 2 percent of body’s weight but uses about 25 percent of the body’s energy supply. Research shows that sleep is what restores the brain with demanded vital nutrients and rids it of toxic chemicals. When the brain is growing or undergoing brain cell reorganization after injury or disease, the amount of sleep is increased. That’s why when you are sick, you can sleep a whole day a way. Or why a baby sleeps so much and cries when it isn’t getting enough.


Despite the idea of our brain shutting down while we sleep, it actually becomes more active in certain areas. During sleep, your brain processes or replays the day’s events. It consolidates those events to make room to form new memories during REM and non-REM sleep. It prepares your mind for upcoming actions, essentially unconsciously giving us insight for the decisions we make the next day. During the REM stage, the brain is even more active resulting in dreaming and feel the need to understand what our subconscious is trying tell us. The brain isn’t the only thing that needs sleep; our body needs it, too. We burn on average 110 calories a night while sleeping verses 63 calories per hour when awake to conserve energy for the next day. Sleeping isn’t a way to weight loss, but not getting enough can be a contributing factor for obesity and weight gain. Sleep-deprived individuals have high-level stress hormones called cortisol, which increases your appetite and encourages overeating. It also weakens our immune systems, which is why we tend to get sick if we don’t enough sleep. Your Clock is Ticking Our bodies possess an internal clock called suprachiasmatic nucleus, or SCN, that consists of a group of 20,000 nerve cells. It keeps tracks of time by what is called circadian rhythms, a series of internal cycles controlled by the brain occurring about every 24 hours. The rhythms control our sleep patterns and production of melatonin (hormone that makes you sleepy) and are very sensitive to light. The SCN is located in between our eyes behind our optic nerve, which takes in the light and tells the rhythms how much melatonin to produce. That’s why changes in the season and even daylight savings messes with how we sleep. No Rest for the Wicked Sleep deprivation can cause long-term health issues, especially to your heart. Poor sleep increases C-reactive proteins that are linked to injury and stress in the body’s blood correlating high blood pressure, clogging or hardening of arteries and heart attacks causing cardiovascular disease. It can also cause depression when deviating from healthy normal rhythms. The brain works to get back on track, which could be a reason why we tend to become lethargic and sleepy. Go To Bed You may think you only need a few hours of sleep or sleeping in on the weekends will help you “catch up” on sleep, but you’re really causing your body harm. It’s time to clean up your sleeping pattern and get at least seven or eight hours a night (or more, if you fancy), free of interruption and distraction on a regular basis. If you need some help make your bedroom darker with blackout curtains, silent your phone, turn off your TV or computer or whatever distracting electronics you have on, avoid caffeine after 4pm, and avoid alcohol before bed. Passing out is not the same as going to sleep. Sleep well, Seattle.

Technically Rested

If getting to sleep easily is not your cup of tea, check out these products instead of counting sheep. Nuyu’s Sleep System $299.99 l www.healthometernuyu.com

The system works like an electric blanket placed under your mattress sheets. The device controls the temperature in your bed, warming up your mattress to help you fall asleep, cooling it down as you sleep, and warming it back up to make it easier to wake. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock free - $29.99 l www.sleepcycle.com

This smart mobile app clock tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep, allowing you to feel naturally rested. Sleep Cycle tracks your movements through sound analysis. From there, it uses a wake-up phase (30 minutes by default) that ends at your desired alarm time by monitoring signals from your body to wake you up softly. Sleep Number 360™ price to be announced l www.sleepnumber.com/360

Revealed at CES 2017, the Sleep Number 360 smart bed senses and automatically adjusts the mattress comfort for a sound and better quality sleep. As you change position throughout the night, the ResponsiveAir™ technology adjusts via its two air chambers to contour to your body. SleepIQ® automatically detects snoring and adjusts the mattress base such as rising for snoring back sleepers. It also includes its own alarm clock, working just like the Sleep Cycle above.

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Fit Finds written by Yasmin Tavakoli

Maybe you’ve done the gym memberships. Maybe you’ve tried the latest workout trends. But there’s still a realm of calorie-blasting workouts you have yet to explore! Release those endorphins, find your niche, and get a little sweaty. Come check out Seattle’s large assortment of unique fitness ventures just waiting to help you expand your horizons.

JEDI FITNESS Seattle Saberfit

With all the hype lately with the new Star Wars movie, there’s finally an outlet for you to release your inner Jedi. Combined with martial arts and fencing, this workout is the newest trend to hit physical fitness. Did we mention it also includes a lightsaber? Come visit a class, and take your love for Star Wars to a whole new level. 15202 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133 l www.shayewhitmer.wixsite.com/seattlesaberfit

Photo Seattle Saberfit



It’s time to dig in your garage and dust off that old hula hoop because you'll need it for the fittingly named workout, hooping. Michelle Obama has already jumped on this bandwagon. Besides being an awesome core workout, hooping can burn up to 250 calories in just 30 minutes alone. 340 15th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112 l studio52seattle.com Photo watchfit.com

DANCE FEVER Fenix Capoeira

Combining the element of music, dance, acrobatics, and Brazilian martial arts, there’s an abundance of culture and community to discover from this unconventional workout. Enjoy live music featuring drums and Portuguese songs, and learn the art of distinguishing fighting into the form of a dance. Dive into this lively world and explore all the fun while throwing an intense workout into this eclectic mix. 340 15th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112 l www.fitnesscapoeira.compoundfit.com




GET POUNDING Elite Performance Center

Have you ever wanted to be a rock star? This is your chance, and it includes a rocking workout. Mixed with drumming and cardio, this class is an effective and upbeat way to get your sweat on. This jam session can burn a whopping 900 calories in just an hour. If finding an exciting workout is what you need to stay motivated, skip the gym and come to a POUND class. 315 1st Ave N #112, Seattle, WA 98109 l www.poundfit.com

Photo POUND Fitness

DEFY GRAVITY Levitas Studio

Can you hang? Aerial yoga, also known as anti-gravity yoga, is another way yogis are getting their Namaste on. Hang from the ceiling in a nylon hammock that can carry up to 2,000 pounds. Unlike regular yoga, aerial yoga introduces the body to unfamiliar stretches that most yogis do not use in their everyday yoga classes. Not only is this a great stress reliever, but it engages a variety of muscle groups and strengthens them more than your typical yoga class. 2217 3rd Ave Seattle, WA 98121 l www.levitasstudio.com

Photo Emilie Sartoretto

AND... ACTION! Dargath

Calling all warriors, we’ve found your latest workout trend. Shut off your video game systems, and come discover the intricate world of LARPING or “live action role playing.” No need to bring your sweats, as fictional character costumes will be your workout attire. Equipped with foam shields and weapons, your workout will consist of you going to battle with your arch nemesis. Locations Vary l www.dargarth.org

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Fall in love with your body Lose 3-5 pounds of fat per week, maintain muscle mass and target cellulite for a healthier you.



2615 5th Ave, Seattle WA, 98121 belltownweightloss.com

(206) 922-7995

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Making That Paper written by Charity Mainville

I grew up in a home where wallpaper was pasted in every room. In my bedroom, ballerina slippers danced along the top and bottom each wall until they were replaced with Tigger from Winnie the Pooh in high school. Don’t judge me. I loved that bouncy happy cat. Wallpaper was a very popular home-decorating trend for decades from bright to pastel colors and florals to geometric patterns. Once the 2000s hit, walls across the country were being saturated with hot water and hours were spent tearing off the past and washing off that horrible paste with whispered wishes of it never returning. Unfortunetly, history loves to repeat itself, but luckily we learned from our grueling mistakes. Many companies are now producting removable wallpaper that peels right off. Home owners and apartment renters can add a splash of color or faux finish without damaging or painting the wall. One rule to remember… wallpaper is meant to be an accent so try to keep it to one wall only or prepare to face home design ridicule. As to what to choose? Here’s what will be sticking in 2017.

RECLAIM YOUR ROOM Going au naturel is a strong trend this year with earthy elements taking over our décor from the windows to the walls. Keeping the main walls white, take one and accent it with faux brick or concrete or reclaimed wood for a natural contemporized look. Wall26® Brown Vintage and Retro Wood Textured Paneling l $99.99 l smile.amazon.com

LET THE SUNSHINE IN Looking to escape the urban feel without leaving the city? Then bring the outdoor scenery to you. Wrap your chosen wall in lush greenery with realistic tropical-looking leaves to a tree filled forest with shining sunshine rays or snowcap mountains for miles to see. WallsNeedLove Sylvan Paradise Wall Mural Decal l $318 l etsy.com




PUT A CORK IN IT Forget the wallpaper because your accent wall just became multi-purposed. Applying a full-corked wall is trending in home décor, especially in home office spaces. Cork can be purchased in rolls or tiles, but make sure it’s thick enough where the tacks won’t leave holes in your wall underneath. Apply it with adhesive putty that is safe for walls and start tacking your papers away. Cork roll l $159 for 90 sq. ft l www.widgetco.com

MAP IT OUT If you dream of seeing the world, you can—every single day. Maps of the cities, states, continents or the whole wide world are growing in popularity on interior walls across the country. Journey back in time by choosing an old-fashioned look for a warmer feel. 1872 Antique Map l $111 CAD ($84 USD) l www.eazywallz.com

FACE IT Toss your picture frames and putty those nail holes because now you can stick your photos right on your wall instead. Customize your own wallpaper with your favorite memories within a classy mosaic layout. Take one unforgettable moment in time, blow it up, and share it for all your houseguests to see. muralsyourway.com l starting at $150 anniversary issue




Carnevale di Venezia written by Anna DiBlosi l photo lapas77

Venice, Italy, a city known for its romantic atmosphere and rich culture, receives an extra aura of mystery and enchantment as the city teems with elegant Venetian masks and opulent renaissance-inspired costumes during the centuries-old celebration of Carnevale from February 11-28, 2017. For two weeks preceding the Christian season of Lent, festival goers from all over the world walk through the tight, turning pathways of Venice amongst cloaked characters experiencing the city as it once was. Partake in the ample street performances and iconic gondola rides, but be sure to pamper yourself in Venetian luxury experiences signature to the Carnevale celebration during your stay. Make time for a theater performance, book a ticket to one of the many masquerade balls, and drink and dine all while preserving complete anonymity under the guise of your mask. www.carnevale.venezia.it

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top left "Beheading of the Bull" l bottom left attendees participating in a costume contest l right Carnival Grand Masquerade Ball

Cosa Fare Attending a masquerade ball is a true necessity in experiencing the essence of Carnevale. Many hotels offer different ones throughout the festival; but, for a culturally rich and remarkably breathtaking night, book a seat at the Carnival Grand Masquerade Ball. During this dinner party, Venetian characters entertain with performances, live music, and dancing. Don’t forget your costume and mask since full festive garb is required for entry into this night of surprise. Dressing up in ornate masks and costumes that are synonymous with this internationally famed extravaganza is huge part of Carnevale. On multiple days throughout the festivities, contestants appear on stage in St. Mark’s Square to show off their decorated masks, wigs, cloaks, and gowns in hopes of making it to the final round on the closing Sunday. Whether you’re getting on stage to participate or stopping by to watch, the costume contest is a must-see on your visit. Carnevale’s roots extend deeper than just the theatrics it’s famous for. Reserve time to witness its traditional events such as “Flight of the Angel,” where a guest will soar from the top of the San Marco bell tower to the center of the square below, or “Beheading of the Bull,” a parade that pays homage to a rebellion that took place in 1162.




Dove Alloggiare photo royalty suite at the Bauer



This tiny restaurant, specializing in Venetian cuisine, is only a quick stroll away the famous Rialto Fish Market. Antiche Carampane prides itself on being tucked away from the path of tourists, meaning you will be dining on seasonal seafood offerings from the Venetian lagoon beside true locals in a cozy atmosphere.



The Bauer is a luxury hotel located near Piazza San Marco and St. Mark’s Square, the central point for Carnevale celebrations. Perched on the Grand Canal, the Bauer boasts a spectacular viewing spot for the gondola closing parade. Afterwards, head up to the hotel’s guest-only rooftop restaurant Settimo Cielo to enjoy a meal with a view from the city’s highest terrace. photo Caffe Forian l magichourtravelescapes



To fully immerse yourself in historical Venetian culture, opt for Hotel Danieli. This palatial space is home to an expansive collection of art and antiques of Venice’s past. Book a single room or choose to stay in one of the extravagant suites complete with views of the Venice Lagoon, stately furniture, and priceless art. From the moment you enter the grandiose red and gold marble lobby and awe at the massive pillars and glass chandeliers, you will feel as if you are a part of Venice’s rich history.



Caffe Florian has been a hub for Carnevale characters since 1720 due to its location in St. Mark’s Square. An excellent choice for breakfast, grab a bite to eat amongst other dressed-up visitors. While you’re there, be sure to order the signature Venetian cocktail, a peach Bellini, to accompany your sweet pastry or savory snack.

photo Hotel Palazzo

photo Pasticceria Dal Nono Colussi





Hotel Palazzo Stern is a great affordable option that offers the same amenities as nearby luxury hotels. With a view of the Grand Canal, rooftop Jacuzzi, and sense of intimacy, this 24-room hotel is an excellent space for escaping the Carnevale festivities. Rooms are decorated Venetian style, complete with Murano glass pieces created by local glassblowers.

This family-owned bakery has been producing Venetian delicacies since its start in 1956. Pasticceria Dal Nono Colussi is the go-to destination for sampling Venetian sweets and is famed for award-winning fungassa, a sweet focaccia bread, krapfen, fried dough filled with cream, and fritelle, a sweet doughnut customary to the celebration of Carnevale. anniversary issue




A Waking Dream photos Matt Beard l costumes Giovanna Buzzi l 2016 Cirque du Soleil

written by Casey Martin

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you questioned its reality? A dream where you felt alive and awakened by the sights, colors, sounds, and possibly the feel of things you touch? Or maybe it wasn’t a dream. Maybe it was a reality—a true escape you once experienced. Or perhaps you haven’t experienced anything like that. Starting March 30th you will be able to revisit, or for the first time, travel to a world of imaginative wonder—the world of Mexico right here in Seattle.

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It’s no secret. Cirque Du Soleil’s performances are mind-blowing with its cast of acrobats, contortionists, and dancers. Between those amazing feats, there is always a story of true inspiration of places, history, traditions, and culture. Each story is unique with dramatic differences in themes. In Las Vegas, Cirque Du Soleil’s KA focuses on the art of war and martial arts. Love centers around dance with the legendary music of the Beatles. Zumanity unfolds the erotic artistic world of sex and love. And O dives into an acrobatic flowing performance of water in 1.5-million-gallon swimming pool. It’s not easy to say which is best, but many will say O is the most impressive with its unique aquatic theme and technological stagecraft of water appearing out of nowhere to a completely dry stage. Unfortunately, Las Vegas is 1,126 miles away—a little too far for some Seattleites to book a seat. But not all is lost because Cirque Du Soleil is bringing something even better to Seattle. A never-before-seen aquatic traveling experience with 1,585 gallons of water under the Big Top in Marymoor Park called LUZIA.

La Inspiración Principal LUZIA cultivates the culture, traditions, legends, and myths of Mexico centered around two opposing elements of nature—light and rain—the meaning behind of its name. Combining the pronunciation of “luz” (“light” in Spanish) and “lluvia” (rain) the show was born. Rain is the stronger element of the two and the reason for the aquatics. Mexico has many types of rain: refreshing, torrential, expecting and seasonal to violent and sudden. It is a true force in Mexico’s nature. The background to the show features a disk as symbolization of Mexican architecture, the sun, moon and the legendary Mayan calendar. One stage setting includes indigenous cacti and quiotes (Agave plants) as the centerpiece amongst the trapeze and dancers. All the costumes were designed for either blatant Mexican characters or with an artistic twist, referencing Mexican heritage and design such as the mirror swimsuits of the lifeguards and traditional Otomi embroidery outfits in the finale.



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Other inspirations are shown through LUZIA’s characters and acts right from the start. The story begins with one man’s journey from Canada (Cirque Du Soleil’s home base) to Mexico in limbo between reality and a dream. The journey is the same path that is taken every year by the Monarch butterfly. The traveler may be a subtle metaphor, but the Running Woman, whom he first meets, intrinsically connects the two countries. Her Monarch wings and barefoot running speed represent the legendary Tarahumara people—indigenous people of Mexico known for their athletic skill and long-distance running. Acrobatic dances and hand-balancing acts are performed joining the forces of Mexican music and 1920’s cinema with a reference to the imaginary dance hall of Salon Mexico. The athletic ritual of football becomes a dance with the ball and professional Mexican wrestling, Lucha Libre, is transformed into a risky swinging performance. But perhaps the most distinctive performance is the demigod of rain that performs aerial acts over cenotes (sinkholes that the Mayans believed were the gateway to the afterlife) while interacting with a lifelike mythological figure of Mexican culture, the jaguar. Impresiones Duraderas Any Cirque Du Soleil show is bound to leave a lasting impression on you, but each one provides something unique that another does not. Besides the amazing first time feat of logging gallons of water, LUZIA added hoop diving to its program. Observe as seven hummingbird acrobats equipped with wings and a full beak jump though 30-inch diameter hoops. The hummingbird is depicted from the Mesoamerican concept of Nagual where humans can transform spiritually or physically into an animal. But as hard as hooping can be, these birdies kick it up a notch as they leap on a running treadmill, causing you to grip your seat in fear of them falling. Lastly, a circus wouldn’t be complete without a few humorous surprises. Be on the lookout for those silly clowns that walk around before and during the show to interact with the audience. If you have a fear of clowns, don’t worry. These characters are nice and intriguing as can be. LUZIA arrives in Seattle two years after Cirque Du Soleil’s last traveling performance, Kurios, in 2015. The show had rave reviews and left the city waiting anxiously for its next arrival. Soon the wait will be over and you will get to book a trip to Mexico through your own imagination.

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㄀  椀渀  㠀    眀漀洀攀渀  眀椀氀氀  戀攀  搀椀愀最渀漀猀攀搀  眀椀琀栀 戀爀攀愀猀琀 挀愀渀挀攀爀 椀渀 琀栀攀椀爀 氀椀昀攀琀椀洀攀⸀

倀椀渀欀  䜀攀渀攀  䘀漀甀渀搀愀琀椀漀渀  猀琀爀椀瘀攀猀  琀漀  倀椀渀欀 栀攀氀瀀  礀漀甀渀最  眀漀洀攀渀  戀攀挀漀洀攀  瀀爀漀愀挀琀椀瘀攀  椀渀  琀栀攀  昀椀最栀琀  愀最愀椀渀猀琀  戀爀攀愀猀琀  挀愀渀挀攀爀  戀礀  攀搀甀挀愀琀椀渀最Ⰰ  瀀爀漀瘀椀搀椀渀最 爀攀猀漀甀爀挀攀猀 愀渀搀 漀昀昀攀爀椀渀最  愀猀猀椀猀琀愀渀挀攀⸀  圀攀  愀爀攀  搀攀搀椀挀愀琀攀搀  琀漀  栀攀氀瀀椀渀最  眀漀洀攀渀  椀搀攀渀琀椀昀礀  眀栀攀琀栀攀爀  琀栀攀礀 愀琀 栀椀最栀 爀椀猀欀 漀昀 戀爀攀愀猀琀 挀愀渀挀攀爀⸀  琀栀攀礀 愀琀 栀椀最栀 爀椀猀欀 漀昀 戀 倀椀渀欀  䜀攀渀攀  䘀漀甀渀搀愀琀椀漀渀  瀀爀漀甀搀氀礀  昀甀渀搀猀  琀栀攀  䜀栀愀樀愀爀  䰀愀戀漀爀愀琀漀爀礀  愀琀  䘀爀攀搀  䠀甀琀挀栀椀渀猀漀渀  䌀愀渀挀攀爀 刀攀猀攀愀爀挀栀 䤀渀猀琀椀琀甀琀攀⸀

吀伀䜀䔀吀䠀䔀刀 圀䔀 圀䤀䰀䰀

䌀漀渀渀攀挀琀⸀ 䌀漀洀洀甀渀椀挀愀琀攀⸀ 䌀漀渀焀甀攀爀⸀ 眀眀眀⸀瀀椀渀欀最攀渀攀昀漀甀渀搀愀琀椀漀渀⸀漀爀最



Located in downtown Magnolia, The briK is a fashion forward boutique catering to men and women. No matter the occasion, our selection of clothes and brands has you covered with new lines constantly coming in. We carry top designer brands from all over the world to right here in Seattle including Russell Wilson’s Good Man Brand. Other brands include: G Jeans, Scotch & Soda Hudson Jeans Heather Joe’s Jeans Masha Osoianu Genetic Denim BCBG Max Azria Tart Collections Embrazio Fifteen Twenty Level 99 Red 23 Single Ash & Ember Mr. Turk Chloe Oliver Bugatchi Hanky Panky Maceoo Michael Stars Benson John Varvatos Original Grain

The briK

3308 W McGraw St, Seattle, WA 98199 l 206.588.2782 l www.fashwire.com

FB: @thebrikboutique l IN: @shopbrik l TW: @shopbrik

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dress l Lucky Vintage 50s Chartreuse Button Dress l $65 apron l stylist's own earrings l Ballard Consignment 56 villemagazine.com Vintage Faux Jewel Clip-ons l $8

Party of One with India Gants photography l Jessica Drake - JLD Imagery l jldimagery.com hair l Kimberly Davis l makeup l Dan Homer l Vann.Edge Salon l vannedge.com clothing l Lucky Vintage l luckyvintageseattle.virb.com cakes l Little Audrey's Cakes l littleaudreyscakes.com style l Charity Mainville and Tannya Bernadette interview l Blake Hamilton

shot on location at Ballard Consignment 5459 Leary Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107 ballardconsignment.com

anniversary issue



Tucked away in one of Ballard’s most eclectic consignment shops stands Seattle native and one of America’s Next Top Model contestants India Gants. She is dressed like a true 90s girl with white washed high-waist jeans, her brother’s old combat boots, and a black leather blazer. As well as a she is being a rising model in the show, she is also involved in charitable endeavors within the community and a huge advocate for healthy body image. Throughout the interview, she talks about self-love and its importance in the fashion and modeling industry.

BH: I get the feeling that you are interested in making an impact on the world. What difference do you want to make? IG: I want to help promote a healthy body image because I've struggled with that in the past. I’m involved with Kiwanis Camp Casey, which is a camp for physically disabled kids. I'm putting on a fashion show at the end of February to raise money for it. It ties together body image and loving yourself whether you are overweight, underweight, have one leg and two heads, whatever. It's about loving yourself. A big thing for me is helping younger high school girls because I hated high school. I just keep telling girls to push through it because there is a world of opportunity out there. Push through; it gets better.



BH: How have you grown since becoming a model on the show? I’ve become much more confident. I used to be awkward and self-conscious because of my body image issues. The girls on the show taught me that every body type is beautiful. Since then, I’ve walked with my head a little higher, and I’ve felt better about myself. I’ve also made lifelong friends; we have each other’s backs. BH: Do you have a meaning behind your name? My mom absolutely loves the movie Gone with the Wind. It’s probably bad that I haven’t even seen it, but I am named after a character in it. She was watching it one day and decided it was the perfect name.

earrings l Turgeon Raine l turgeonraine.com Hand Made 18K Yellow Gold “Fan” Earrings l $3,295 dress l Lucky Vintage 1950s Sheer Black Lace Blue Satin Bow Trim Full Skirt l $165 shoes l Lucky Vintage 50s Nordstrom's Portland - Seattle Black Peep Toe pumps with jewel accent l $50

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"The girls on the show taught me that every body type is beautiful."

slip l Lucky Vintage anniversary issue 61 Light Green 50s Vintage Slip with embroidered flowers accent l $30


BH: What is a favorite quote that brings inspiration to you? IG: My favorite quote would have to be the Dr. Seuss quote, “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Because nobody’s opinion of you matters. If the people you love, love you and you love yourself, you’ll be happier in life. Just focus on all of that. You can’t look at the negative things. Looking at myself, I could focus on what all the [model] agencies have told me, like “your butt is too big, your waist is too wide, or you have to color your hair”… just random things. I try to focus on the things people love about me, and when I do that, I begin to love myself more. BH: How was it growing up in Seattle? !G: I grew up in West Seattle near Alki Beach. I’d say I was a beach baby, which has carried on in my life. When I was living in Los Angeles, I would go to the beach every single day. I moved to Bellevue when I was 13 and where I made most of my friends that I have today. I’ve lived in many different places though. I would have to say that living in Italy was the best. BH: What is the meaning behind the circle tattoo on the back of your neck? IG: It’s called a Japanese Enso, meaning an incomplete circle. To me it means, “live day to day.” I think it’s important to set goals for yourself but try not to have an end. Every day I try to have the best day possible so the next day is good and the day after that. I’m just trying to reach all my mini goals instead of focusing on where I’ll be in the next five years. BH: There seems to be a lot of comradery



amongst you and the other girls on the show. Would you say you cheer on others over competing against them? IG: I’ll say a little bit of both. I grew up being an athlete. I was big into volleyball and softball. I’m a competitive person. On the show, I play games in my head with myself more than with other people. I want to beat myself in a way and do the best I can do. BH: How did you like marketing and doing promotions for Rock 98.9? Would you prefer marketing over modeling? IG: I liked it a lot. I’ve always been interested in marketing. I feel like I have good ideas to appeal to a wide range of audiences. I also love classic rock. I basically got paid to talk to people about my favorite genre of music; it was super fun. I was about to go to school for electronic musical production. I could see myself going down that road one day. Modeling is just a great platform for anything I want to do. BH: If you were to choose a theme song for your life what would it be? IG: I love music so this is a tough question. I have always loved the song “Jump” by Van Halen. My dad used to play that to me before my sports events to get me excited. I have a ton of favorite songs but that one comes to mind first. BH: What type of fashion do you most relate to? IG: Nineties grunge era. I wear a lot of biker boots, and today, I’m wearing mom jeans. My favorite is my big oversized denim jacket that belonged to my dad back in high school.

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"If the people you love, love you and you love yourself, you’ll be happier in life."



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Through the Years written by Tannya Bernadette

Milestones in life including birthdays and anniversaries are the most universal times to present someone with a sentimental item or jewelry. Anytime she looks upon the gift or wears those dazzling accessories, her mind travels back to the story and the person who gave it to her. We’ve decoded some traditional anniversary ideas that you can apply to any gifted celebration with great meaning. 1 Year: Paper

10 Years: Tin/Aluminum

20 Years: Platinum

The first year of marriage is like a clean sheet of paper - create your own story and fill in the blank canvas. Paper allows for a very creative concept like framing your wedding song lyrics with the date you were married. A refresher on the unforgettable moment, that is romantic and stylish enough to hang in your living room.

Tin and aluminum symbolize the flexibility you need to continue a relationship and deal with difficult moments. You’ll bend, but you won’t break, and after 10 years, it’s more probable that you’ll get many more. This aluminum pendant has a small-engraved heart and made to order so you can choose the state where you wed.

Although expensive, platinum is naturally strong and will hold up through endless washes and scratches. This delicate beauty has an organic feel with a floral halo that sits as the focal point of the ring. It is set apart by the combination of elements including 14k rose gold, platinum, and pink diamonds.

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30 Years: Pearl

40 Years: Ruby

50 Years: Gold

At 30 years, what has kept you together is a true beauty that comes from within your souls just like a pearl that has formed inside a clam.The Tahitian black pearls with black diamonds are special and unique that cannot be compared to other designs. Its modern dark hue is edgy yet classic to be a stylish accessory for years.

This fiery gem symbolizes love and passion. Although you’ve remained together all these years, it's still crucial to keep the sizzle alive. This ring is a modern alternative to a classic ruby set. The rutilated quartz center is framed by a yellow 18k gold edge and surrounded by rubies on its outer rim. Every imperfection makes it perfect.

Gold symbolizes the three characteristics that defines the life you've built together - prosperity, strength and wisdom. This special pendant necklace is made up by a large, raw gray cubed diamond with round brilliant cut diamonds sprinkled on its rim. The base is an 18k yellow gold design that holds every gem in place.

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Rings by Turgeon Raine • Bracelet by Michael Bondanza

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Earrings by Anatol • Necklace by Casato Gioelli