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H PE Hope Solo shares about overcoming pain, standing up for what is right, and starting new beginnings. HEALTH & FITNESS ISSUE



Fall in love with your body Lose 3-5 pounds of fat per week, maintain muscle mass and target cellulite for a healthier you.



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The Power of Hope 24

Exclusive interview with legendary goalkeeper, Hope Solo

12 l City Scene I Saw the Sign: King County's new food safety ratings

14 l Savory Sips High Tea: Learn about the trending Kava bar

16 l The Dish Greek Life: Going Greek for a longer life

20 l Animal Instinct



Pawsitive Health: Tips on keeping your dog healthy

22 l Tech Specs Sweat Smart: The latest in high tech fitness equipment

35 l Get Fit False Moves: Fitness you could be making Couple Calisthenics: Workout moves for you and a plus one

38 l Health Check Sexy Time: How kissing and having sex does the body good Simply Essential: Do essential oils really affect your mood? Talking Body: Functional Medicine for a dysfunctional body

44 l Be Entertained Face the Music: A good tune can make you smarter Gorgeous Concerts: Top concerts at this year's Gorge

48 l Staying Home True Colors: Could your interior colors be hurting you?

50 l The Getaway

FINALLY. A ďŹ tness formula to help you get in shape for summer without boring cardio, starvation, diets and breaking the bank.

A Midsummer's Dream: Sweden's summer celebration

55 l Fashion Forward Sporting Luxury: Buki leading in everyday sportswear Fashion Fit: How to make your workout clothes fashionable


58 l One Last Thing

Nervous Breakdown: Not feeling well? Maybe your back doesn't have your back.

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Lauren Adam entertainment editor

Casey Martin copy editor

Jen Middleton contributors

Dr. Scott Mindel, Tannya Bernadette, Yasmin Tavakoli, Dr. Larry Silber Anna DiBlosi, Daniel Hager











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Hope Solo shares about overcoming pain, standing up for what is right, and starting new beginnings. HEALTH & FITNESS ISSUE

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It’s no secret that the US healthcare industry has experienced major advances in medicine, science and technology. Yet as much as we have advanced, we have also failed. As of 2014, US healthcare ranks last out of the world’s eleven wealthiest nations. With all our advancements, how is this happening? Simply put, the US healthcare system is broken; even our government can’t figure it out. Insurance plans won’t cover necessary tests or surgeries without high out-of-pocket expenses. Big pharma has a pill for pretty much everything and provide incentives for doctors to prescribe them. Doctors lack knowledge or are unqualified to diagnose or provide proper treatment. A 2016 study by doctors at Johns Hopkins found that misdiagnoses may be the third, if not higher, leading cause of death in the US. Unfortunately, I have personally experienced the American healthcare shortcomings. When I was 14 years old, I started to have, what felt like, stomach pains on my lower right side. I knew there was something wrong. Over time, I went to three doctors. They would take my blood, but nothing showed up, and I was told it was midterm cramps. Each time, I was prescribed 800 mg of ibuprofen for the pain, which continued to get worse. Two years later, I awoke in excruciating pain. It felt like someone had stabbed me. I was taken to the ER, and it was determined my right kidney was severely infected and needed to be removed. After multiple appointments with a specialist, I underwent surgery my junior year of high school. It was during that time, I lost faith in our healthcare system. I know my body. I know when something is wrong. Recently, when I went to the doctor, my repeated diagnosis was “stress or anxiety.” Tired of hearing the same superficial answer, I researched alternative ways to evaluate my health and found it was more than just “stress”. For these reasons, I decided to take this year’s Health & Fitness Issue and focus more on overall health rather than just a “fit bod.” Granted, having your body in great shape is essential, but your mind and soul need to be fit as well. Hope Solo is someone that lives by this ideal. Her passion for overall health and fitness has allowed her to accomplish her biggest goals in life. She has set US soccer records that not even the men are close to touching. She did it while suffering years of shoulder pain that eventually led her to undergo a complete shoulder replacement this past September, and now she’s on the path to full recovery. Hope’s passion is what pushes her to fight for healthier conditions for US soccer and to endure the risks involved with demanding better pay. There’s no doubt going up against a national team has brought challenges and

controversy. The media has painted their own version of Hope, but I urge you not to believe everything you read. It’s easy to have preconceived notions or pass judgment on someone in the spotlight. But one should remember there are always two sides to every story. I understand that all too well. My experience with Hope was nothing but amazing. I am honored to have her apart of such an important issue. I respect what she’s doing and commend her for having the courage to make major life changes to better her lifestyle. Often times difficult life changes are needed to better your health. You may need to change your job, the people you surround yourself with and even your mindset. You may not even realize things that have a substantial effect on your health and well being—like your own home. The place where you most likely spend most time could be affecting your mood, sleep, and communication, simply based off the color of your walls or the aroma in the air. Color psychology has shown how one color can make us feel energized while another can make us irritable or depressed. Studies have shown that the aroma from essential oils can boost your mood and productivity. In this issue we break down the colors of the rainbow and make sense of scents to make sure your home is helping instead of hindering your well-being. Hopefully every feature in this issue will help you in some way towards a healthier lifestyle. What you put in your body, on your body, and what you can do with your body to make you feel fabulous—mind, body and soul. Take all these tips and information and begin your new path to a longer and happier life, right in time for summer.

A special thank you to Hope Solo Travis for taking the time to be and her publicist, Melinda part of Ville Magazine. Charity Mainville l Publisher photo l Ernie Sapiro Photography



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I Saw the Sign writer l Charity Mainville

photo l King County

Many states have been using restaurant-rating systems for years, and Seattle and King County have finally jumped on the food safety bandwagon. In the past couple of months, you may have seen large, bright green emojis with the words “excellent, good, okay or needs to improve” in the windows of Seattle restaurants, delis and gas stations. If you haven’t, look for it next time you decide to dine out before you take a seat to eat.


The meaning behind the ratings and faces.

CODE RED Red critical violations include, but are not limited to: • Cooking meats to the right temperature and keeping food cold enough. • Employees are in good health, washing their hands, using utensils, and possess a food worker card. • Storing food properly to avoid cross contamination. There are also blue violations that include maintenance and sanitation concerns considered “low risk,” because they aren’t likely to cause a food-borne illness. Facilities, equipment being properly used, the absence of rodents, bugs, and animals, and clean cloths being utilized, to name a few. In my opinion these “low-risk” factors are still just as important to keeping dining consumers safe. The idea of sharing a meal with bugs isn't very appetizing.

SCORE! Remember when you were in school and your test scores were graded on a curve based on how everyone else did in the class? Well, these restaurant inspections are the same. The rationale behind the “curved grade” stems from the idea that patrons tend to eat regularly at their local neighborhood spots—specifically within the same zip code. A restaurant’s food safety score is compared only to restaurants nearby to determine the final rating. Another argument for the curve is that neighboring restaurants usually have the same food inspector so the scoring style is more consistent. The ratings from the curve breaks down to 50% Excellent, 40% Good and 10% Okay. The ‘Needs to improve’ category isn't included in curve scoring.

LOOKING FOR THE SIGN Each food serving facility is required to post their rating sign in a window within five feet of the main public entrance, so diners can see it when entering or walking by. If for some reason there isn’t a window close enough, the food inspector will choose a location that meets the criteria. All dining establishments in the King County area will be fully inspected by October 2017 and a list of all ratings can be found on the King County Public Health website at




As a nonprofit, the primary goal of Ladybug House is to build and operate the first freestanding palliative care home and hospice for children with life-limiting illnesses in Seattle. We will offer a place for respite and renewal to families during the unimaginable outside the hospital setting. We will celebrate every day, every moment and every life.

If we cannot add days to the life of a child, we will add life to their days.




High Tea

writer l Lauren Adam

photo l Bula Kava House

“It wasn’t long before I felt suffused with pleasant calmness, a contentment with my world. I wasn’t certain whether this was attributable to the kava, or to the inarguable fact that I was in a pleasant place, with pleasant people, and that I was on the whole rather pleased with my world, sober or stoned.” – J. Maarten Troost, Getting Stoned with Savages

Travel to one of the island nations in the South Pacific—like Vanuatu—and as the sun sets on the sea, communities will gather for a spiritual experience in one of the island’s sacrosanct nakamals; also known as kava bars.

Kava is a pepper plant, Piper methysticum, that grows in the South Pacific. The roots are used to make a tea-like concoction known for its relaxing and euphoric effects. The use of kava in the South Pacific is deeply embedded in culture and is served on celebratory social occasions and at religious ceremonies. Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia have been drinking kava for over 2,000 years. In Vanuatu, traditional kava is prepared by young boys who chew the root until it becomes a mash of pulp and saliva, then it gets squeezed through coconut fiber and mixed with water. The murky liquid is served in a coconut shell and has a bitter, earthy taste. The mixture should be consumed all at once, if possible, for the drinker to feel the most optimal calming sensations and organic high. The alluring feel of kava is caused by the active component of the plant called kavalactones. Kavalactones are thought to target the central nervous system and have various effects including muscle relaxation, anesthetic properties, anti-anxiety and stress. Different strains of kava will often cause varying effects. The mysticism and lure of kava has spread through the Pacific to Hawaii (more recently, the mainland), but not without controversy. Drawn to the wellness benefits, consumers have taken kava extract and dietary supplements as an anxiety treatment. However, there were several reported instances where people regularly using kava developed fatal liver problems. Proponents of kava



insist that when prepared correctly—extracting the kavalactones with water, using only the Noble variety, and using only the plant’s roots—it’s safe. The research on the topic isn’t conclusive and currently the FDA has not found any relation between kava and liver dysfunction. Kava bars like Bula Kava in SE Portland, are committed to testing kava to ensure it’s noble and contaminant free. Bula is one of the many kava sanctuaries popping up around the country. Their menu boasts eight different kinds of kava from the calming Melo Melo to the muscle relaxing Koniak. They also serve fresh smoothie and fruit bowls available with a Green Kava Boost. In the Bay Area, MeloMelo serves handcrafted kava-style cocktails like the Kava Chai with Donna Chai spices, organic almond milk, kava, and agave. Kavasutra serves up mixed kava drinks, and the “top shelf” Archie Kava from the Solomon Islands, in locations from Colorado, to Florida, and New York. Seattle doesn’t have a designated kava consumption spot (yet), but you can order kava off the menu at places like Modern Steep, which sells tea blends featuring kava. The Deep Sleep blend helps get you to dreamland with chamomile, rosehips, lavender, pink peppercorn, valerian root, honeybush and kava kava. You can also boost your libido with Aphroditea, which contains damiana, kava kava, cinnamon, ginger, clove, licorice, cardamom and rose petals.

206 340 8880

83 Spring Street Seattle, WA 98104

or f y l i a

sd u ur n i o jo H y app


206 441 4348

2904 1st AVE Seattle, WA 98121

P 7 4

en p o t ow a n s n & e fri tch i n K o + t igh Bar n d i m until


Greek Life writer l Lauren Adam

photo l Omega Ouzeri

When a National Geographic writer named Dan Buettner set out to explain why some parts of the world live so much longer than others, he uncovered the “Blue Zone”—parts of the world with heightened longevity. The Mediterranean Diet highlights the Blue Zone cultures of Sardinia, Italy and Ikaria, Greece claiming their eating habits hold the secret to a long, healthy life. The diet is said to lower the rate of cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. In Ikaria specifically, lifespan is eight years longer than average. Best of all, you don’t need a plane ticket to eat like a Greek every day.




This Greek staple is a good source of monounsaturated fats, polyphenols, and antioxidants, which support heart health and lower high blood pressure. Replace saturated fats like butter, which can build up in the arteries, for olive oil. Choose the less processed, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oils for dipping, drizzling, and dressing veggie or whole grains. Try: Cold-pressed Iliada Kalamata Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from olives grown on the slopes of Mount Taygetus.

Legumes or beans are also highly correlated with the long-life in Ikaria. From fava beans, kidney beans, and garbanzo beans, legumes in the Mediterranean are used in everything from spreads (like hummus) to salads. Beans are high in protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium. Try: Wood-Fired Gigantes Beans cooked to perfection in tomato seasoned with marjoram and topped with feta and breadcrumbs from Westward.





The cultures in the Blue Zone thrive on five to ten servings of whole fruits and veggies a day. To avoid processed grains, you can make substitutions like crumbled cauliflower instead of white rice, veggie noodles instead of spaghetti, and lettuce instead of a tortilla or bun to increase veggie servings. Look for recipes with lots of leafy greens that are high in dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. Try: Horta — braised seasonal greens with lemon from Plaka Estiatorio. These greens are highly associated with the longer lifespan in Ikaria.

While the Greeks do indulge in red meats, the key is eating less. Red meat should be enjoyed in the same capacity as sweets—about one to two times per month. Replace red meat with a four ounce serving of seafood two to three times per week. Seafood is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce the risk of heart disease, including high cholesterol. Try: Branzino — whole oregano-grilled Mediterranean sea bass drizzled in fresh lemon dressing from Omega Ouzeri (shown left).



When yogurt gets strained to remove the whey, we get Greek Yogurt. Without the whey, the yogurt is thicker, creamier, and has less sugar. This powerful probiotic is good for the gut and can be a satisfying, health conscious replacement for sour cream, or as a base for dressings and dips. Try: the extra-strained, extra-thick version of Greek Yogurt or “Yogurt Cheese” called Labneh at Mashawi Mediterranean. It comes with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and olives for dipping.

Wine is a staple of the Mediterranean and people in the Blue Zone typically drink one to two glasses of wine a day. With high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants, wine helps lower cortisol levels, a hormone associated with stress. Advocates of the Mediterranean Diet believe it’s actually better to have a glass of wine with your meal than a glass of water. Try: Domaine Mercouri, a dry red from Mercouri Estate in the Western Peloponnese.








Pawsitive Health writer l Charity Mainville

photo l mdorottya

We love our four-legged fur babies just as much as a family member (maybe more). If it was up to us, our pets would live our entire lifetime. Sadly, that’s not possible. However, keeping your dog healthy through proper diet, regular exercise, mental stimulation and (of course) unconditional love, will provide a longer and happier life.

BONE APPETIT Just like us, a dog’s diet is essential and the biggest factor to its health. Not all dogs require the same kind of food; it depends on size, breed, digestive tracts, activity level and nutritional needs. There are multiple types of food and hundreds of brands to choose from. So, which one do you give to your furbaby? It’s always best to ask your vet first, or do some research on your own. Pay attention to reviews and forums and consider the following tips to help you decide. (This goes for treats as well.) CHECK THE LIST If you can’t understand anything on the ingredient list, don’t buy it. Proteins should be listed by name such as chicken or beef, include some vegatables, and possibly fruit. Avoid any food with ingredients labeled as a “by-product.” Grain-free is best Organic or all natural doesn't matter - No legal standards are set for them.

WHAT'S YOUR TYPE? Dry food is referred to as kibble and the most economical Raw food can come in either freeze dried, dehydrated, or fresh variations. Raw and/or dry food is the best choice - which one is still up for debate. Canned and semi-moist food usually isn’t recommended because it is the least nutritional option as it contains mostly water. Semi-moist also usually contains artificial ingredients.

TOP DOG CHEF If you have aspirations of becoming a homemade pet chef make sure you get schooled first, because a steak and potatoes isn’t considered a balanced meal for a pet. There are several dog food cookbooks available, or you can check out It’s like the dinner meal delivery version of dog food. It includes homemade prepackaged and portion size meals and has a great adoption reward program that supports local animal shelters.

TOP DOG PICKS DRY FOOD [KIBBLE] ORIJEN; $75 - $99 for a 25 lb bag; ORIJEN is one of the best, if not the best, dry dog food you can buy. Don't believe me? Ask anyone in the pet industry - even ORIJEN's competitors. Runner Ups: Fromm / Taste of the Wild / Costco Kirkland Signature FREEZE-DRIED OR FROZEN RAW Stella & Chewy’s; $38 for a 6 lb bag / Primal; $20-$25 for a 3 lb bag / These brands are both considered top of the line, and they offer the same options in the form of raw food, either frozen or freeze-dried. Stella & Chewy’s is more mixed meal based while Primal is a little more protein based. Runner Up: Northwest Naturals



COMPLETELY RAW Darwin's ; $14.95 for a 10 lb trial; Darwin’s raw dog food is 100% meat and vegetables and is made locally in Tukwila, WA. It is home delivered once a week with the portions your dog requires. The 10 lb trial is grea to make sure your dog likes it. Not all dogs adapt to raw food. RAW AND DRY A lot of dog parents mix kibble with raw food. It helps save on costs and the freeze-dried food is like sprinkles on an ice cream cone to your pup. However, it was announced at the beginning of May 2017 that Stella and Chewy's will be releasing a baked kibble and a raw food blend or baked kibble coated in its raw food so no mixing required. As of writing this, it still isn’t in stores, but it is one we are going to watch. (I’ll keep you posted.)


UNDER PRESSURE Again, just like humans, one of the hardest things for a dog’s overall health is stress. It can speed up the aging process, weaken the immune system, contribute to depression or anxiety, digestive issues, allergies and more. The biggest stress factors can be caused by separation anxiety, changes in diet or environment, a fearful event, lack of mental stimulation or exercise, and experiencing pain. If stressed, your dog will exhibit warning signs. Top indicators are heavy panting (unless they are hot), excessive licking or yawning, destructive behavior (like chewing through dry wall – true story), avoiding eye contact, unusually quiet and may hide, ears pinned back, diarrhea, lack of appetite and shaking.


Take your dog on a walk. Simple enough. Make sure your dog is trained and has a clear understanding what it should and shouldn’t do. Simulate their minds with puzzles like a Kong, Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispenser, or Seek-A-Treat Puzzle Board. You can also put the Kong in the freezer so it will take longer for them to finish. Give them a bully stick or bone to chew on. Pet, cuddle, or massage them. Distract them. Get up and play with them. Play music. Just like people, a calming tune can calm them. There are plenty of dog music options out there. Let them watch their favorite TV show. Seriously. DOGTV is a 24/7 digital TV program scientifically proven to keep your pup entertained—especially when left alone. It's available on Xfinity and DirectTV for $4.99 per month. Avoid prescribed medicines unless absolutely needed. Herbs are a great alternative such as Valerian and chamomile to reduce anxiety and induce sleep. You can give them chamomile tea directly or soak a treat in it. There are also natural supplements that contains stress relievers like NatureVet Calming Aid. Pain relievers may not be needed if your dog is suffering from an injury or strained muscles. Turmeric is a great spice that reduces inflammation. Mix in their food or it is available in pill form. There are multiple hemp and cannabis products that will help, just make sure to check the dosage and avoid those that contain THC. Acupuncture is great for dogs experiencing pain, health issues, and stress. Even just one session can make a world of difference - just make sure the acupuncturist has a veterinarian license as well. Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Services and Seattle Natural Veterinary Center are both great places in Seattle. Each sessions can run around $80 - $125, but discount packages are available.




Sweat Smart writer l Daniel Hager

Missing your workout mojo? Allow these high-tech fitness gadgets to hype you up for your next sweat session. Today’s in-home exercise gear gives you access to a calorie burn any time, day or night. Whether you want to track calories, ride across the globe (without leaving your home) or find your center, we've got just the tool for you.

INDOOR STATION The Peleton bike is not only a gorgeous piece of equipment that visually adds to the room like a quality vase, but its functionality is beyond compare. The Peleton bike features a 22"—yes 22"—tablet that allows you to go beyond your basic stats. You can join a live class or take one of hundreds they have “on demand.” All the heart-pumping indoor cycling classes are filmed within their NYC fitness studio. Your up-to-the-minute stats are compared to others within the Peleton activity feed, so you're never riding alone. Need a boost to keep going? No problem, you can even choose to video chat with other riders in the live classes. Encourage other riders and let them encourage you. An at-home stationary bike has never been so interactive.

JUMP, JUMP! LINE UP With the new SmartMat you can have a personal yoga session in the privacy of your own home. This is no infomercial, throwback, workout video. The SmartMat is an intelligent yoga mat brought back from the future. SmartMat’s built-in sensors register not only your given yoga pose but help correct your alignment by sensing your position and reading your weight distribution. The SmartMat is unique to each user and evolves as your practice improves. Receive personal feedback in real time. With numerous one-on-one yoga sessions available through the free app, you can customize your workout and keep yourself motivated.

MAGICAL RIDE Do you consider yourself a hardcore bike rider? Does the idea of merely walking sicken you when you know you could be powering your two-wheeled love? If you have a true passion for cycling then Unicorn by Speedx will be your mistress. After more than fifty frame iterations the final version is a lightweight frame made of four types of carbon fiber weighing only 870 grams. The Unicorn is built for the road and is the first bike to have an integrated power meter. The state of the art power meter reads the amount of force you're exerting to make sure you're getting the most out of every pass of the peddle. It registers your power output into watts making the purchase a separate cycling computer completely unnecessary. This bike is the first of its kind in multiple aspects so no matter your riding expertise you're sure to be the most envied rider on the road, so long as you don't add any streamers.



Jumping rope is a traditional exercise that continually gets touted as a highly effective fitness tool capable of boosting cardiovascular health and shedding pounds. If you didn't have years of double-dutch training on the playground to fuel your jump rope habit maybe some tech will help. The Smart Rope is an LED embedded jump rope that displays your jump count and various other fitness stats in mid air as it passes by. This not only means an elementary school inspired counting rhyme is no longer needed but you get more info than just your total jumps. Calories burned and workout times are also logged and viewable on the accompanying app.



GANNI biker leather jacket l $436 PIPE AND ROW l ALICE + OLIVA leather Leggings l $798 Nordstrom l



BP Black Lace Racerback Bralette l $25 Nordstrom l


HOPE photographer l Ernie Sapiro l interview by l Charity Mainville hair l Christopher Archiopoli l Vann.Edge Salon l makeup l Dan Homer l Vann.Edge Salon l stylists l Tannya Bernadette, Wendy Wei, and Charity Mainville

The name Hope Solo will forever be associated with US women’s soccer. Her historic records for the most appearances (202), wins (153), and shutouts (102) surpass even her male counterparts. Hope has played hard and fought hard, earning her title of one the world’s top female goalkeepers. This type of tenacity doesn’t come without a price; over the years Hope has endured painful shoulder injuries. In 2010, Hope went through her first shoulder surgery that was deemed a temporary fix, until her second in September 2016. The second time around was an advanced complete shoulder replacement, known as "ream and run." The procedure was pioneered and performed by renowned orthopedic surgeon and UW Professor, Dr. Frederick Matsen. The surgery involved the shoulder’s ball and socket joint replaced by a smooth chrome cobalt prosthesis fixed to the arm bone by a titanium stem instead a plastic socked used in traditional total shoulder replacement. However, physical injuries aren’t the only challenge she’s had to withstand. Being a subject of controversy in her personal and professional life has taken its own toll. The media has painted a negative picture of this Washington native, but that is far from what defines her and who she really is. She is tenacious, loyal, kind and bold. She is strong and determined to get her physical body back in top form and to enjoy a full healthy lifestyle. Hope may have left Seattle on her quest to get back some peace, but she doesn’t plan on staying quiet. Her soccer days aren’t over yet, and her voice will continue to be heard as she fights for what she believes in – equal pay, women’s rights and making the world a better place. After all, as is often said,

“Never give up hope.” HEALTH & FITNESS ISSUE



You’ve mentioned that goalkeepers are often the least fit of all players and goalkeeper is usually a position for the “overweight kid.” How does being fit affect how the position is played? I feel very strongly about this. I have a problem that it’s kind of the culture of soccer in America. From a young age, keeper is where they put the kid who isn’t very athletic or very good with the ball. I’ve heard other parents take offense to my comments, but I don't think anyone should. I take so much pride in the position that I worked so hard to be the best at—the person that was put in front of most of my teams. I was quick, I was fast, I had lateral speed. I worked hard on the field, off the field, and changed how goalkeeping was played in the women's game. The fact is, that if you want to make it far as a goalkeeper you need to put in the work. It's like any other position on the field. You need to be fit, quick, fast, athletic, mentally tough, focused, able to overcome challenges, and other things. But I think it's slowing changing, and I'm very proud to have helped create that change in the women's game.

So, you obviously play better when you're fit. You play better, train better, gain more confidence, and can cover more of the goal without having to dive. A lot of goalkeepers need to dive because they aren’t quick enough. The best goalkeepers are the ones who make things look easy not difficult. You don’t want to see a goalkeeper diving around the entire game. They are doing something wrong if they need to do that, whether it’s positioning or the level of fitness or organizing their defense—something isn’t going the way it should be going. They need to rely on their quickness to keep things simple. What was your standard fitness plan to stay in shape? Goalkeeping training is very anaerobic. You get a very high heart rate; it’s a lot of up and down. You're getting a full body workout, working your legs and your upper body. When I look at my heart monitor at the end of a 2 ½ hour session, I’ve burned just about as many calories, and my heart rate is just as high as any field player. It's just a different type of training. I don't sustain my heart rate that long, but I'm getting really fit. If you took me and a field player and we did a certain type of fitness test, more cutting and turning, then you know it would be a great race. If you take field player and have them run five miles against me, they are most likely going to beat me. It’s a different type of fitness, but some of the hardest training you will ever endure. How did your diet play into that? Well I burned so many calories and trained by butt off every single day so it was kind of nice to be able to kind of eat what I wanted to eat. But at the same time, when you're working out as hard as most professional athletes I've been around, most of my teammates, nobody is really eating fast food. People have a desire to recover with protein. You eat salmon, salads, nuts, fruits and vegetables. So as much as I had no problem getting a vanilla latte, or some type of dessert, I never felt guilty because I burned so many calories. But I am more attracted to healthier foods in general.

Hope playing for the University of Washington Huskies during her college years.



During college and your early years, you and team members would often go out partying and be back on the field the next day practicing—some nights you didn’t even sleep. How did you manage it and still be in top-notch form keeping your energy up? Looking back at being 18 years old and in college, I'm not sure how we did the things we did and still came out alive! We would go out, stay out late, and then have 6 am training in the morning. We’d have


every single day, but I’ve always been mentally stronger than the pain that I bared. Do you feel that the pain hindered your athletic abilities or goalkeeping skills at all? No. There are so many athletes who shoot to play at a high level or get a college scholarship and injuries often hold them back. Everybody is going to have a challenge to overcome, whether it’s off the field or on the field. I don't think I'm any different. I found a way to overcome my challenges and injuries. It didn’t stop me from playing several Olympics and World Cups. I hear a lot of people say, “Oh I played terrible because I tore my ACL or blew out my knee.” Well the best of the best, the most elite athletes find a way through all of that.

Hope back starting with the US WNT vs Japan on May 14, 2011 after her 2010 shoulder surgery. (photo: Rick Osentoski/

fitness tests, which usually in college are 120’s, we all dreaded those. We had to sprint 120 yards in a certain amount of time, do 10 to 12 of those and make every single one in a certain time or we had to redo them. We got on the line and cheered each other on and found a way to pass that test. I think we just came together as a team. It didn't matter if we didn't get any sleep, had a final that day, or were hungover. We had so much camaraderie, especially with my college team; we weren’t going to let each other down. Between your shoulder surgery in September 2010, which was considered a temporary fix, and your shoulder replacement in September 2016, how did you manage the pain and stay fit at the same time? I was in agonizing pain for the last ten years of my career with my shoulder. It was something that you just accept. It's just part of the game. Being a professional athlete, you're going to have to either be strong enough to get through the pain or hang it up. I'm proud to know that I was mentally tough enough to physically work hard, and strong enough to maintain my shoulder even though it was very injured. I should have had surgery a long time ago. Probably shouldn’t have been playing, especially diving on it day in and day out. But I never used any excuses. I never took a day off the training. I did every single drill and fitness test; everything that every other goalkeeper did and I made sure that I was the best at it. It was painful

Has the rehabilitation process on your shoulder replacement been as painful as your previous shoulder surgery regimen? No, it's been pretty incredible. When I got my surgery in September 2010, I didn't have much time to make it back for the 2011 World Cup that summer. I think I was back on the field within six months which is kind of unheard of. I put myself through so much rehab and so much pain. Now there's a lot of new science that’s come out about pain, how to manage it, and ingraining your neural pathways to stop feeling the pain. It becomes neurological, especially with long-term pain—in my case it was ten years. I had to change everything I was doing for that first surgery. I put myself through pain just to get back on the field. This time, with new research and science available, and a brilliant surgeon in Dr. Matsen, we decided to do things differently. This is a slower recovery, eighteen months, and I’m only six months out. We want my body to heal and my mind to change on how its dealing with pain. I feel good. My range of motion and strength isn’t quite there, but I am not in pain daily like before. For me that's life changing, so already it's a successful surgery. In an interview with 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime, you stated that the recovery time is around a year and half, but you are working to be back to full strength in one year. Are you worried that speeding up the process could hurt you in the long run? I’m not trying to be in any hurry right now. I'm just going to follow what Dr. Matsen had to say and listen to my body. I’m not going to be pressured by anyone—I'm going to do what’s best for me. You can only really do that if you’re proud of your career and conquering



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your fears. You are old enough to know what your body needs. I feel bad for young players these days who would do anything to be back on the US team and rush back after four months from an ACL injury. You see that quite a lot. We are doing this in kind of a more mature way of doing things. I’m trusting the people that are more familiar with this type of surgery, which is not your everyday trainer or doctor. What is the process of rehabilitation; what exercises are you doing to get back in shape? Right now, I just started swimming. In the beginning, for the most part it was all stretching. We wanted to get some range of motion. It was really hard to put my arm over my head. It wasn’t easy, but I had to do that four to six times a day for a long time. Then we added a little bit of strengthening, but everything I was doing was to elongate my arm while holding weights. We're still working on the range of motion. Now I’m able to so some boxing stuff; I can hit a bag and it doesn’t hurt. Then I progressed into swimming. It’s funny. I feel like I'm doing well swimming, but Jerramy [my husband] will come with me and laugh. I ask, “Did I do it? Did I look okay swimming?” But I guess I’m horrible at swimming right now, but it feels good under water. Now my goal is to become a great swimmer. Freestyle is the hardest one for me right now. You recently signed a deal with INvelop Entertainment to be an Executive Producer to create the next season of the sports medical series, The Cutting Edge. How did that come about? They did an episode on my shoulder several years ago. I met the doctor and producer and fell in love with the show. It’s about the anatomy of the body. I find it very intriguing, especially as an athlete, all the incredible things in medical care and what doctors are capable of. I'm very excited to host the show and kind of be in the operating room to learn about what these elite athletes go through with rehab and all the different metals that may be in their bodies. I have a cobalt ball and a titanium rod all the way to my elbow going up. He [Dr. Matsen] literally sawed off my ball and reamed out the bone marrow to put the titanium rod into my arm. You would think that no one could ever recover from the pain this might cause. But here

I am today, six months out, with no pain or painkillers—even Aleve or Advil. I am living every day like a brand-new woman, and it feels incredible. I can't imagine what I'll be capable of, but I’ll get to learn by doing the show. You have also become the spokeswoman for a new performance bar, Shanti Bar. What makes these bars a better choice verses other performance bars? I had a very long career and partnered with many different companies and made appearances for many different brands. You get thrown into things when you're younger and just listen to your agent. You just play a part whether you’ve ever eaten that energy bar or drank that power drink. I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older. How can I ever be myself and be genuine if I didn’t believe in the brand? It’s been incredible to work with Shanti founders Lauren Feingold and Ashanty Williams. These two young women have done everything themselves. They created the bar—everything inside it, they did all the marketing and sold to huge chains like Whole Foods all by themselves. They are two smart, powerful business women that want to live a healthy lifestyle. For me it was easy. Finally, I could support these women in what is still very much a man’s world when it comes to business and selling. I felt their struggle and pain, but I also felt encouraged and inspired by them; not to mention their product is really great. The bars are 100% organic. I come from a family that is celiac so my family is gluten-free. The bars are compatible with nearly every type of diet. At the end of March, it was announced that the U.S. women's national soccer team fell out of first place in the FIFA world rankings for the first time in years. Do you feel that’s due, in part, to you no longer being part of the team? No, not at all. You know any given year we might flip from first to second; there are some great teams out there. Soccer is growing with as many people as we have in America, and many women that play soccer. But we should be growing at a faster rate. We should be doing better staying on top. I’m not saying it’s easy by any means, but we have the players and skill level. It's disappointing any time and in my career when we weren’t always ranked number one. But at the end of the day, it’s just a ranking on paper. What really




Hope saving a shot from Yuki Ogimi during the London 2012 Summer Olympics games. (photo: Christopher Johnson l flickr)

matters is when you go into a World Cup and an Olympic game who is on top at the end of the tournament. You started as a forward in soccer and originally it was the position you wanted to excel in. Do you think that you would have been as successful as a forward as you are as a goalkeeper? I really do. I laugh when I say it because I feel so arrogant. I was a great field player. I was powerful, strong and I played the game well. So yeah, I believe that. I imagine many goalkeepers feel they would have made great field players. What does it feel like knowing that you do hold the best stats in the world as a goalkeeper? I'm proud of everything I’ve accomplished. I’ve never been one to love stats because I don't think it tells the story of the entire game. I’m proud of the number, how well I read the game, and directed my defense and organized. I am proud of my shutouts and that I’ve played over 200 games for our country. I put my heart and soul into playing and did everything I could to be the best goalkeeper for our country. I could walk away knowing I had the most international games as a US goalkeeper. Mostly, I’m proud of the World Cup and participating and having gold medals at the Olympics. Do you see any potential in up and coming players to beat out those stats? I do believe that with each new generation the athletes and the game should get better. I have no doubt that my records will be broken,



and that’s what I believe should happen because records are meant to be broken. I don't want to be like sixty years old and no one has broken my records. My belief is to cheer the next generation on. Do I see the best opponent right now? I don't know. I think we've got the best goalkeepers in the world. I’m very proud to have started being one of the best to play with their feet, to start the attack, as opposed to being a line, and hopefully we can keep building that position. It’s being said it’s the start of a new era with Haley Kopmeyer, your replacement for Seattle Reign. Do you agree with that statement? How do you view her as a player? Well she’s the current era right? Obviously, I’m out. [laughs] Haley is one of the most fun players I have ever trained with. We had such a great camaraderie and I miss her every single day that I'm not there training with her. I'm proud to have trained with her and proud knowing that she learned a lot from me. She helped make my career very enjoyable. I look back with very fond memories on every moment of my Seattle team, and every moment I think of Haley. Haley is a very powerful and strong goalkeeper. She’s great in the air, has a great kicking game, and it’s going to continue to get better. She’s continually getting more mentally tough, and working through the growing pains, and that’s expected in being a goalkeeper. Do you have hopes in returning to Seattle and rejoining the Seattle Reign team? My wonderful coach and owners at the Seattle Reign are welcoming


me back at any time, but right now it’s time for me to look at all my options whether that’s playing overseas next season or returning to my Seattle team. I’m not sure. You know my husband and I grew up in Washington, then we went to the University of Washington. Then he was first round draft pick for Seahawks and I ended up playing for the Reign. So, our young, youth, college and pro career has all been in Seattle. When you’re an athlete in the state for that long people like to think that they know you, whether it’s what they read in the newspaper or see on the news. For us, it was very disappointing, because we gave so much to our state, to our city that we just wanted people to get to know us for us, not who they read or saw on the news. It was time for us to leave Washington for a while and get to know people here in North Carolina and they get to know us for us. That was very important to us. We are building a home here in North Carolina, but we will always have ties to Seattle. It was just time for us to build some other roots. Is it your goal to play in the 2019 World Cup? I always wanted to play in the best tournament in the world and that’s the World Cup. France will host an incredible tournament. I would love to play in the 2019 World Cup, but I would never play for any employer that didn’t pay their employees equal wages. At this point in my career, I have accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish from getting the Golden glove, winning Olympic gold medals and winning the World Cup. So for me, it is more important to make sure that women are treated fairly, that there is no more inequity. The US women’s soccer team finished their new contracts, but US Soccer has been using the word “equitable” to describe the deal. Equitable and equal are not the same thing. So, do I want to play in the 2019 World Cup? Yes, but I also need to stand for something that is bigger than the fame of soccer and for me I’m going to stand for women. I‘m going to stand for equality. U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati stated “the comments by Hope Solo after the match against Sweden during the 2016 Olympics were unacceptable and do not meet the standard of conduct we require from our National Team players. Taking into consideration the past incidents involving Hope, as well as the private conversations we’ve had requiring her to conduct herself in a manner befitting a U.S. national team member, U.S. Soccer determined this is the appropriate disciplinary action.” Yet back in 2007, Gulati supported you and fired Greg Ryan based off how the team handled that situation. Do you feel his statements

Hope at the US Women's National Team Parade in NYC celebrating their world championship and gold medal. (photo: Matt Marquez l flickr)

are unfair and proves the suspicion of terminating your contract due to the complaint filed with the EEOC? Sunil is a very complicated man. He’s very good at getting people on his side and then trying to get them to turn against others. He knows what he’s doing. All I can say is that he has supported me basically throughout my entire career especially in 2007. If you look at the history of my time on the team they promoted me to the fullest, and I was one of the major faces of the team. For him to say at the end of my career or after the Olympics that there are a lot of things that have gone on in Hope’s career, not just one thing. Well, I'm waiting for him to tell me what these things are because in 2007 he supported me. When things happened with my family he supported me, and believed in the legal system and that everybody deserves their due process. Now suddenly I say the word coward and it's something that has gone on my entire career? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. What I can tell you, and what people don't know, is that my entire twenty years on the national team, I fought nonstop for everything I saw that wasn’t right—field conditions, playing conditions, health insurance, travel, health reimbursements. Things that people have no idea about. Those are the issues I clashed with US Soccer on constantly, I never settled. I think I just became an absolute thorn in their side and at a time when we’re years out from another World



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Cup or Olympic games, I think they wanted to cut their losses and used what happened in Rio as an excuse. But you should understand, it’s not just this last contract and filing the federal wage discrimination claim. It’s been twenty years since I’ve been on the team and fought for better pay and conditions. Why did you chose North Carolina? Because we didn’t know a soul. [laughs] This is truly one of the bravest things that I've ever done; to pick up everything we know and love, sell our beautiful home in Kirkland overlooking the lake, all our comfort, move, and start from scratch. I’m kind of joking that we don’t know anyone in North Carolina, but it is nice now that everyone we meet gets to know us for who we are—no judgment or preconceived notions. That’s how living life should be. This has been a very healthy lifestyle change. We also chose North Carolina because we wanted to be on the coast, there’s good fishing close by, and we live in the mountains. It’s very green, beautiful, and it’s raining as we speak. You have been an advocate for women’s rights and recently helped raise money to help educate refugees in need. What other projects do you feel passionate about and what things you have done to support them? The One Young World Summit is a global conference that brings together the brightest young leaders from around the world and empowers them to make changes and tackle the most pressing issues of our time—climate change, poverty, the refuge crisis and

more. Everybody listens to these engaging speakers, conducts interviews, and brainstorms on how to make the world a better place. I have met some of the most incredible people there including Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Father Mussie Zerai, a man credited for saving the lives of thousands of refugees who has become a great friend to Jerramy and me. There are so many foundations you can help and so many things you can get involved in today. So many athletes create their own foundations, but one of the biggest things that I’ve learned is that there are already so many different causes and foundations doing phenomenal work, you can have more impact supporting them instead of doing your own. My husband and I are hoping to attend the conference every single year. This October it will be in Bogota, Colombia. We’ll be there to inspire and be inspired by these kids who want to make the world better and create a better future for our kids. It is well known the media will report what drives ratings and readership giving the public an incorrect perception of who a person really is. Tell me who Hope Solo really is. I like to enjoy life. I think I’m very different than what the media has portrayed. I’m actually very introverted and very shy. I like the simple things in life. I don't need the big city life. I like our boat and catching fish. I Like the mountains and being outdoorsy. But for the most part, I fight for what I believe in, almost at all costs. I’m also very loyal friend, you know you don’t really want to mess with me because I can easily write people off. [laughs]

AN EXTRA BIT OF HOPE One exercise you love, yet hate to do:

Favorite pastime when not training:

Hills. It's exhausting yet so rewarding at the same time!

One of my favorite things to do was after Jerramy and I got married. I grew up fishing, but I didn’t know what fishing was until I met Jerramy. Open water in Tampa on a sunny day, on a beautiful boat with a drink in hand, and catching the most exotic and beautiful fish.

Guilty eating pleasure: Popcorn – love the movie popcorn.

Best moment in your professional career: Winning the World Cup.

Best moment in your personal life: Getting married to my husband.

Favorite thing about Seattle:

If you never became a soccer player – what do you think you would be doing now: If I hadnt become a goalkeeper, I would be a field player. If not soccer, I would be a beach volleyball player.

Mt. Rainier






False Moves

writer l Yasmin Tavakoli

photo l Daxiao Productions l Adobe

Just breaking a sweat while working out doesn’t always mean you are getting gains. You might be making some common mistakes that are hindering your efforts and wasting your time. When feeling the burn, make sure you are avoiding these often repeated workout felonies.

THE CARDIO MYTH There’s a long-standing misconception that doing cardio will make you slim and lifting weights will make you bulky. Most people don’t know that you need both for the ideal workout. Weight training builds muscle and muscle burns fat. But, weight training isn’t the only exercise you need. For a healthy workout regimen, it is also beneficial to raise your heart rate, with at least 25 - 45 minutes of cardio for each session. Try doing your cardio training after weight training since cardio tends to be more tiring. You don’t want to sacrifice your form due to fatigue.

GIVE ME A BREAK When working out, we all need to take a break here or there. But how long of a break is too long? Try limiting breaks to 30 seconds or less. Resting too little can burn you out, and inhibit the full potential of your workout, but resting for too long can decrease the intensity of your workout. If your heart rate lowers during an intense workout it can stop the body from rebuilding your muscles. Monitoring your breaks will help guarantee that you are burning the most calories and maximizing the amount of muscle you are building.

WORK, WORK, WORK If working out feels like a chore; it will be a chore. Everyone has workout routines that they like and dislike. If you make your workout something you physically enjoy it will be easier to incorporate it into your everyday life, instead of making it a continuous bore. It’s all about finding your niche while still challenging yourself along the way. If doing free weights or cardio is not up your alley, then try rotating gym classes until you find one that clicks for you, and that you thoroughly enjoy.

GOING WITH THE FLOW A well-known mistake amongst new gym goers is getting too comfortable with something and sticking with it. As important as it is to enjoy your workouts, it’s also just as important—or even more vital—to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Getting your heart rate up and switching up workouts is the fastest way to see improvement in your fitness level.

QUALITY VS. QUANTITY If you are completing the exercises, but the quality of the movement is poor, you are not getting the full benefit of that exercise. When performing a specific routine, try making sure you get at least three to four solid sets in. It takes more than one set to work the muscles properly. Jumping from one routine to the next will hardly profit you in the long run. Make sure you are working out slowly and properly and not rushing them to finish quicker.




Couple Calisthenics writer l Yasmin Tavakoli

photo l Daniel Hager

So you’ve found that special someone and you’ve officially chosen them to be yours. You’re enjoying long cuddle sessions, movie nights (with popcorn and candy), and romantic dinners (don’t forget the dessert) as part of the relationship package. We understand a fitness plan may not be at the top of the to-do list, but maybe it should be. With the much-anticipated Washington summer on the horizon, it’s time to shed the relationship weight. Try these moves with your significant other for a new way to spend time together while getting your bodies trim, toned, and summer-ready.


Start with one person getting into a squatting position next to other person's feet. Other person gets into plank position with his or her feet close to the squatting partner.

Squatting partner grabs the legs of the other partner while remaining still in the squat position. As the squat slowly comes up for the rep, the other partner completes a full pushup.

Complete 3 sets of 15, then switch positions.


Each partner gets into plank position facing each other about 2 feet away.



Reach over at your partner and give them a high five lifting opposite leg of your "high-five" hand.

Repeat for 2 - 3 minutes.



Both get into a sit-up position across from your each other. Interlock your legs so you are fully secure and stable with both feet pressed to the ground.

First person lays flat on the ground with medicine ball in hand. Lift torso half way up and touch medicine ball to both sides of the ground next to you. One tap on your right side and one your left. Come up to a full sit-up and throw the ball to your partner.

Partner catches the medicine ball and repeat above steps. Each person hould start out with 25 crunches each and work your way up.


Start with one partner laying down on the ground with their back completely pressed to the floor. Other partner stands directly above with their ankles in front of you. Partner laying down grasps the other's ankles firmly. Ensure you are locked in your position.

Raise both legs towards your partner, keep them completely straight and in control. Partner standing up as your partner’s legs are about to reach you push their legs away and do one squat before their legs reach you again.

Do 25 leg raises each then switch positions.




Sexy Time writer l Charity Mainville

A kiss can be magical—sparks can fly. Overwhelming feelings of love simply take over. Kissing is a way we can test compatibility; it’s the gatekeeper to passion. It can make or break the attraction towards another. Kissing jumpstarts your libido and moves you closer to the bedroom—closer to sex. Sex increases that emotional and physical connection between partners and stimulates lust into love. Sex and orgasms release a known “love hormone” that builds feelings of love and trust. Kissing and sex are not just recreational; they can boost your mental and physical state as well. There are multiple health benefits to both “love actions.” As if you needed another reason to make love.

A KISS ON THE LIPS HEART ATTACK Kissing could eventually break your emotional heart if things don’t work out, but on the bright side it makes your physical heart healthier. When a kiss gets more passionate your heartbeat speeds up making your blood vessels open wider and blood flow strong and solid. This lowers your blood pressure, stabilizes your cardiovascular system, and can decrease cholesterol. SKIP THE DENTIST Ok, not really. The dentist is important to keeping your mouth clean so you can don’t suffer from bad-breath kissing. However, kissing creates more saliva in your mouth and helps to wash away the plaque that can lead to cavities. Makes sloppy kisses not seem so bad doesn’t it? COME ON AND GET HAPPY A good make out session makes you happy. It releases the same chemical effect that you experience from exercising—making you feel more relaxed and revitalized. It also lifts your self-esteem and confidence. A German study found that men who received a kiss from their wives before leaving for work made more money. Moral of the story, consistent kissing can lead you down the road to success. ALLERGIC REACTION In 2006, allergist Hajime Kimata studied twenty-four patients suffering from skin and nasal allergies and the reaction of the allergies before and after kissing. He found that after thirty minutes of kissing the antibodies, in relation to the allergies, were reduced and the allergic reaction and symptoms decreased. LOCK LIPS, LOOK YOUNG We know that a good blood flow helps the heart, but it also helps your skin. It stimulates collagen production, elastin and contributes to anti-aging. Just in case you’re unaware, collagen is what holds our body together—like glue. Muscles do the same and, like muscles, you must workout your skin. To move your lips, you need to engage your face muscles. Stronger muscles keep the face firm and you looking young as a spring chicken.




TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL GET IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT Cameron Diaz once said in an interview that the way she keeps her great physique is by having a lot of sex. She wasn’t kidding; sex counts as cardio comparable to a moderate pace on a treadmill. You also engage multiple muscles with each thrusting motion. On average, women burn 3.1 calories per minute while men burn 4.2. So, don’t feel bad if you skipped your workout day, just have a good old romp in the sack to make up for it. It will probably feel a lot better too. PAIN KILLER When your head is throbbing or you’re suffering from monthly cramps, having sex is probably the last thing on your mind—think again. Sex has been shown to reduce or eliminate painful headaches and curb cramps. If you don’t have it in you to go all the way, kissing has proven to do the same. “I have a headache,” is not an excuse anymore! BEDTIME As explained, sex is a great workout, but it can also wear you out. After an orgasm, prolactin and serotonin hormones are released inducing relaxation and sleepiness. You may feel more revitalized when you wake up too. MOOD BOOSTER If kissing makes you happy, then sex can make you ecstatic! Sex can result in a more positive outlook on life. Not only due to happyreleased neurotransmitters, but semen itself contains mood-enhancing supplements. What you decide to do with that is up to you. Recommended sex dosage is at least once a week. INCREASED IMMUNITY Research shows sex is great for the immune system. Like kissing, sex lowers blood pressure; stress levels, and increases blood circulation. Sexually active people are less likely to suffer from colds because of antibodies that help fight diseases and keep the body safe from cold and flu viruses. Orgasms take it up a notch by reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men, and improving a woman’s bladder function. Stronger pelvic muscles prevent urinary incontinence that affects about 30% of women. Enjoying an orgasm at least two times a week could ultimately help you live longer. DO YOU REMEMBER? Besides the heart, sex can benefit your brain power. Sex makes your brain transition into a more analytical, deeper thinking mode. Best of all, it can enhance your memory—especially the older you get. One study found men and women over fifty who engaged in regular sex were better at remembering things than those who had less sex.

Let’s not forget, safe sex is always best. Sex can be great for your health, but it can also cause serious damage without protection. Be smart and stay healthy.




Simply Essential writer l Lauren Adam

photo l kerdkanno

Humans have been using fragrant oils for thousands of years—the Egyptians used them for mummification, and medieval healers treated ailments with plant and botanical extracts. Today, essential oils are highly concentrated extracts removed from plants by steam distillation. But are there truly modern day health benefits to the ancient tradition of essential oils?

From an aromatherapy perspective, studies show that people exposed to pleasant odors report improved mood and increased productivity compared to people exposed to unpleasant odors or odor-free environments. When your nose is exposed to scents like lavender or chamomile, smell receptors in the nose send messages through the nervous system to the limbic system—the part of the brain that controls emotions. The result may have a calming effect on the mind and body. The most common way to use essential oils aromatically is by using an ultrasonic diffuser. Using a diffuser allows the healing properties of essential oils to pass through your entire system. Diffusers are most commonly used in the home, but are more recently being utilized in the office, and even cars, to improve mood during long hours at a desk or in traffic.



But oils can be used topically, too. For example, tea tree oil kills strains of fungi and bacteria so it can be used topically on acne or athletes foot. The menthol in peppermint oil stimulates nerve receptors which cause a cooling sensation that can relieve minor joint and muscle pains. Clove oil has been used to treat toothaches because it contains a numbing agent that acts similarly to local anesthetics. Still unsure? Pure & Lovely helps educate and inspire those interested in therapeutic-grade essential oils that can replace household toxins, support emotional health by enhancing mental focus, and improving mood, hormones, and restfulness. Many cleaning and personal care products contain harmful toxins linked to asthma, autoimmune diseases, illnesses, and cancer. Essential oils contain key antioxidant properties that boost the body’s natural immune system and remove these toxins.


BEST IN SHOW Every essential oil can offer a unique healing property. If you’re pondering essential oils, do your research to see which ones will benefit your lifestyle. Check out some of these favorites.

LAVENDER Known to help calm the mind and provide stress relief. It’s often used as a sleep aid.

YLANG YLANG Rich exotic scent used to promote sensuality and romance. Other scents like rose, patchouli, and neroli can also help encourage an amorous environment.

CEDARWOOD Cedarwood oil can be comforting and grounding. Use it to root down and focus. Other woodsy scents like sandalwood and frankincense are ideal for meditation.

ROSEMARY Much like peppermint and eucalyptus, rosemary is invigorating. It’s often used as an energy boost or stimulator.

LEMON Known to brighten, detoxify, and clean, it’s often used with warm water as a natural disinfectant and to refresh kitchen surfaces or eliminate smells from the sink or garbage.

DO IT YOURSELF For more tips check out Pure & Lovely @pureandlovelyliving ANTHROPOLOGY DIFFUSER BLEND Obsessed with the smell of Anthropology? Try this diffuser blend: 5 drops grapefruit 3 drops lime 5 drops orange 2 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce

GO TO BED ROLLER BALL Create a roller ball that helps promote relaxation and sleep with this blend: 15 drops lavender 20 drops cedarwood

DRINK MORE WATER Add two drops of therapeutic grade grapefruit essential oil to a glass of water to help you drink more water throughout the day. Always use a glass or stainless steel container when adding essential oil to drinks.

BE ORGANIC SKINCARE Add a drop of floral honey essential oil, Manuka, to coconut oil or Jojoba oil as an organic replacement for store bought moisturizer.




Talking Body writer l Dr. Larry Silber

Functional Medicine is a type of health care that’s been around for years. The main principle of it is looking for the underlying, root cause of your health problems. As a Functional Medicine practitioner, I see many women seeking help for chronic health problems, such as fatigue, mood swings, digestive disturbances and hormonal challenges. However, no matter how serious the conditions that bring them into the office, most will tell me their first priority is to lose some weight. For many, eating right and exercising doesn’t get them to their goals. There is something else going on undermining their efforts to lose weight. These people are experiencing what is referred to as weight loss resistance or a “broken metabolism” due to one or more of your body systems are imbalanced. The Functional Medicine Tree




HORMONES There are many things that can cause a hormonal breakdown. For instance, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and lack of exercise can all impact your hormones. Whenever you experience stress, your cortisol levels go up. If you stay in a state of high cortisol for a long period of time, you will add fat around your belly, no matter what else you are doing to lose weight. If your blood sugar is either too high, or high sometimes and low others, that can put stress on your body. It can cause increased production of cortisol and insulin, both of which are fat-storing as opposed to fat-burning hormones. Lack of quality sleep has been shown in research studies to throw off the hormones that tell your body to burn fat and also the hormones that tell you when to stop eating. After a poor night’s sleep you’re more likely to eat more and your body will hold onto its fat stores. Once your stress hormones and blood sugar are out of balance it will throw off your reproductive hormones. Estrogen is another fatstoring/growth hormone and an excess amount of estrogen in the body (from birth control or toxic chemicals or poor detoxification) will make it very difficult to lose weight. Bottom line, even if you eat well and exercise (not too much, not too little), if you are stressed, not sleeping well, or on the pill, it could be a broken metabolism or body system imbalance that is keeping you form losing weight.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM For many in Functional Medicine the gut is where problems begin. There is so much that goes on inside there to keep us healthy. Digestion, assimilation of nutrients, production of hormones and neurotransmitters, and protection against bugs, are just a few of these functions. No surprise that the gut is referred to as our second brain. We also have to consider the bacteria in our gut. We now know that a healthy microflora balance is critical to health, including weight loss. Research finds that lean people have a more varied microbiome of healthy bacteria than overweight people. Your gut can be invaded by any number of bacteria, parasites, worms, and yeast. Your immune system can also be weakened due to stress, lack of sleep, inactivity and food sensitivities. An infection can then subsequently cause an ongoing stress response in the body that will increase cortisol and make it hard to lose weight. In addition, your friendly bacterial microbiome becomes weakened and you can have some not-so-friendly bacteria or yeast take over. This condition called dysbiosis, messes with your best-laid plans of losing weight.

DETOXIFICATION This one is a biggie. We live in an age where we are being overridden by toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Everyone one of us carries a toxic burden that is growing daily through breathing the air, drinking the water, and consuming chemicals in food and personal care products. Our livers and cells were designed to detoxify anything that is harmful, but the load is growing beyond our capacity. Toxins get stored in fat and the body will not release those into the blood unless your body is able to detoxify it. Some people can’t lose weight because they’re toxic and their body is protecting them. By reducing your toxic burden and supporting your liver with good food, moderate alcohol, staying hydrated, and sweating, you can handle the toxins better, and as you get healthier you will lose weight. To see how your three body systems are doing consult with a Functional Medicine practitioner or naturopath for some testing. Once you know what is going on, you can build a plan to restore normal function to make sure you achieve all your health goals. Dr. Silber is a Functional Medicine practitioner in Issaquah, WA at Functional Health Solutions Center. He can be reached for questions at




Face the Music writer l Casey Martin

photo l Mike Orlov l Adobe

For as long as I can remember music has dominated my life. Through music, I’ve experienced some of my highest highs, cultivated my strongest friendships, and created memories I will remember until the day I die. From the day we are born, we are instinctively drawn to music. In a study by Zentner and Eerola (2010), babies as young as five months old spontaneously danced to all different types of music and responded more to that sound than to the sound of people speaking to them. So, if you are looking to learn how to dance, remember…baby steps. Music is so much more than a series of notes strung together with overlapping melodies. Music is medicine, a true pain reliever. Scientists have been able to study the effects of music and results have shown that music is good for the mind, body and soul.



Music is an incredible stimulus for the brain, influencing the process of how we hear, think, feel and speak. It simultaneously activates both the left and right brain, thus increasing your learning, memorizing and creative abilities. For example, put on some music at a low volume. When music is at a lower level you have to strain a little more to hear the noise, which forces us to find more creative approaches to do so. In turn, you’ve accessed the creative side of your brain and can now inject that creativity into your project. Children suffering from ADHD have shown improvement in mathematics when listening to music before tests, and Alzheimer’s patients can even recall lost memories and become reanimated when listening to familiar music.

Music can heal more than just your brain. Because it elevates your mood, patients suffering from conditions like arthritis and depression reported a significant drop in pain when listening to music. Music reduces our stress level. It can be used during childbirth to reduce overall pain and anxiety and during postpartum recovery. Music can help patients deal with the stress and anxiety associated with treatment for coronary heart disease.

MOZ-EYING AROUND Classical music has been shown to have the greatest effect on our brain, sometimes called the “Mozart Effect.” Its tempo affects the genes responsible for feeling pleasure. Following his long-time research, Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis found that after participants listened to Mozart they had a greater improvement in brain function that helped with memory and learning. So when you need to study for your next exam, or learn new information, turn on some Mozart and start absorbing. 44


MOOD TUNES But what about the type of music we listen to? Does that make a difference? While studies indicate classical music has the greatest impact, really all types of music help. It’s about what makes you feel the best, what motivates or relaxes you, or makes you feel happy? Your music preference can also reflect your personality. One study found that couples who spent time getting to know each other could predict, with a fair amount of accuracy, The other’s personality traits by looking at their top ten favorite songs. Well, now you know what question to ask on first date. From studying, to health to overall happiness, music can have an overwhelmingly positive influence in your life. So, put in your earbuds, load your playlist, hit play and let music change your life.




Gorgeous Concerts writer l Casey Martin

A weekend spent at the gorge is an experience that cannot be summed up in any amount of words. You have not lived until you have seen the sunset over the Columbia River with amplifed soundtrack while gazing at the view. The Gorge Amphitheathre is the set for muliptle summer and early fall concerts featuring legendary artist to a one-hundred DJ festival. So, make sure you purchase will remember for the rest of your life.



Friday, July 21, 2017, 7 PM; Tickets: $28 - $400+

Saturday, July 22, 2017, 6 PM; Tickets $41 - $67

If you ever have seen John Mayer perform live, you will know that he is a master vocalist as well as an absolute shredder on his Fender Stratocaster and Martin acoustic. His beautiful melodies may get you teary eyed and his hot guitar licks could damn near melt your face clean off. This show is part of John’s The Search for Everything world tour and will include three separate acts each night: a full band, solo acoustic and John Mayer trio.

Jack Johnson’s smooth baritone voice singing his storytelling lyrics always reminds me of sitting on a beach without a care in the world. His sound invites you to slow down, kick your feet up and relax. This is the first time in three years that Jack will be going on a full US tour and of course, he couldn’t resist the power of the Gorge. He will be performing some new and old songs and bringing along special guests, The Avett Brothers and John Craigie for a wonderful night of peace, love and harmonies.

TOTAL FASCINATION Friday - Saturday, August 4 - 5, 2017; Tickets: $94 - $134


David Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, loves dipping his brush in different facets of the music, blending different colors together to create something truly unique. His live shows are full of mind bending visuals, teeth grinding beats, soulful lyrical and unique flips of his classic tracks. In continuation of the 2016 Episodic tour, Derek presents the Season Two Premiere, Episode Six at the Gorge. The two-day mini festival will feature Pretty Lights with a live band and supporting acts like Atmosphere, STS9 and many more.

Saturday, September 16, 2017, 5 PM:; Tickets: $121

Experience true, unconditional love as you watch Above & Beyond live. Their music will grab a hold of your heart and spirit and never let go. This is the third time Above & Beyond will perform at the Gorge. But this year will be special. Jono, Paavo and Tony have chosen the Gorge for the 250th episode of their ABGT radio show. People from every corner of the world will flock to be a part of this once in a life time event.

Tickets for these and other 2017 shows and camping passes can be purchased at






True Colors writer l Charity Mainville

The study of color psychology has shown how colors subconsciously affect our world and influence every part of our lives. It satisfies one of our basic neurological needs for stimulation. In terms of fashion, colors can reflect a person’s personality and affect how others respond to you. In our homes, colors can completely change the vibe of a room, but also your mood and how you feel, think, and communicate. Choosing a wrong color can affect every moment you spend in your home. From the paint on your walls, to the pillows that lay on your couch.

TASTE THE RAINBOW Now comes the breakdown. Unless you live alone, keep in mind that colors can be perceived differently by individuals, due to the association of specific memories or thoughts. However, generally people respond the same way. Different shades of the same color can make a difference as well. For example, dark blue can cause sadness, bright blues can enhance creativity, and light blues can help you relax.

MINDING THE PALETTE When deciding what colors to pick, there are some factors you should consider before you finalize your choice. • What will be the primary function of each room; i.e. bedroom to sleep and make magic, living room for relaxing and entertaining, dining room for eating and socializing, etc. • How big is the room? Smaller rooms should avoid bright and dark colors as lighter colors will make a small room appear larger. • How long will you spend in the room and what is the mood you want to create? • How much natural light does the room get? Is it all day long or just in the morning or afternoon? Warm colors will make a room feel “warmer” while cool colors, like white, blue and green, will “cool” it down.

REACTIVE RED accent color / kitchen / dining room / living room You may have noticed that a lot of restaurants are decorated with red. That’s because red tends to make a person hungry or increase their appetite. It also creates excitement, especially at night, so it’s great for a room that will be used for conversation (such as the dining room). Be careful in using red as a primary color because it can cause irritation and be distracting. It can raise blood pressure and your heart rate, so unless you are hoping to recreate the scene out of 50 Shades of Grey, it’s not bedroom friendly. 48


photo l Decor North


photo l West Elm

ENERGETIC ORANGE accent or main color / living room / home office / home gym Orange is used in construction and warning signs because it’s brightness is hard to miss. In your home, orange will awaken your room and yourself. It arouses excitement, enthusiasm, and high levels of energy. It is perfect for a home gym as a main color and great as an accent color in living rooms and home offices so you aren’t snoozing off during working hours.


GO GREEN main or accent color / bedroom / living room / bathroom / home office A green room is a good, relaxing, and peaceful room. Green can be used in any type of room and will create different, positive effects in each room. In fact, green hasn’t been shown to harness any negative feelings or mood. If used as the main color, it will create a calming effect, reducing stress and increasing relaxation. It enhances concentration, inspiration and productivity so it’s great to use in your office. Green is a top bedroom pick, not only does it relax you, but it is believed to help with fertility if you’re trying to make a baby.

accent color / dining room / kitchen / bathroom It’s the color of a smiling face and that’s exactly what your face should be doing in a room with yellow. The joyful, exciting, welcoming and uplifting color is best in kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and hallways. Keep it as an accent color because large amounts can overstimulate the nerves causing frustration and anger. Some research indicated yellow rooms caused people to lose their temper, and though it is often used in gender-neutral nurseries, it was also found that babies seemed to cry more in yellow rooms. photo l Hotel Collection

COOL BLUE main or accent color / bedroom / bathroom Blue is the opposite of red so it results in the opposite effects. It lowers blood pressure and heart rate. It is calming, relaxing, and peaceful. However, as stated above, different shades of blue can affect a person quite differently. So, feel free to use it in the bathroom and bedroom, but if you’re going dark keep it minimal or you may find yourself crying yourself to sleep.

PURPLE LUXE accent color / bedroom / living room / dining room Purple is most associated with royalty and power, which makes a vibe of luxury and an expensive environment make sense. Darker shades can come off as dramatic, bright shades can create creativity, and lighter shades can be calming. photo l Studio Revolution

BLACK NOT ON BLACK Black can create boldness in a room of richness and elegance, but should only be used in small doses. Black is also associated with death, evil, and mourning. I’ll assume that is not the vibe you’re going for. So, instead, use it as a “highlighter” through furniture, electronics, and small pieces of décor.

PURE WHITE main or accent / everywhere White is technically isn't a color by definition, but still has a great effect and impact in interior design. White is utilized to give a clean, modern and fresh look. White will enlarge a small space and brighten up large ones. However, rooms that are all colorless white can become sterile or boring. This is most likely the case if you live in an apartment. But it’s amazing what a pop of bright colors can do. Decide on a color or colors and pull it in through large art pieces, furniture, accessories or even a bouquet of flowers. HEALTH & FITNESS ISSUE




A Midsummer's Dream writer Anna Diblosi

photo hans_chr|Dreamstime

Pickled herring, a maypole and plenty of schnapps: Midsummer in Sweden is not just the epitome of Swedish heritage but also one of the biggest countrywide celebrations in the world. “Midsummer,” known to most as the summer solstice, is a time to celebrate the end of the harsh winter and rejoice in the forthcoming of summer. Some parts of Sweden endure twenty-four hours of darkness in the wintertime, so it’s no surprise that the arrival of around the clock daylight in the north and only a few hours of sunset in the south is an affair worth gathering for. But Midsummer brings more than just daylight. Since the country’s origin, the summer season has been known to bring an abundance of magic to one of the happiest and healthiest countries in the world. Sweden is known for their wholesome Nordic diet, steadfast community values, and high regard for the natural landscape—all of which play a central role in the traditional celebration. In observance, Swedes commonly head to the countryside, but the biggest, most organized party takes place at the Skansen, open-air museum in Stockholm. Regardless of location, on June 23, 2017 the residents and visitors will bask in jubilant traditions, seize the opportunity to party, and welcome the magical season of life, romance and fertility.

HEALTH & FITNESS ISSUE 51 photo: Maypole and the Stockholm archipelago in the background


top left raising the maypole, Skansen (photo Chris Battaglia/flickr) l top right Midsummer dance, Rättvik, Dalarna, Sweden, 1931 (photo credit Vintage Sweden) l bottom left folklore of seven flowers to be placed under pillow (photo Barbro Wickström l colourbox) l bottom right dancing around the maypole at Nääs Slott (photo Bianca Resner)

Tidiga Början Storytelling Ancient folklore states that if girls pick seven flowers and place them under their pillow then on the night of Midsummer, while they are asleep, their husband will come to them in a dream. Similarly, legend tells that young women should drink salted porridge before bed, so that their future husbands reveal themselves in a dream bearing water to quench their thirst. Aside from romance and fertility, Midsummer is also known for life and health. Legend also states that, on this one night a year, ferns turn in to flowers, and many plants adopt healing powers.



Influencers Midsummer pre-dates Christianity and relies on the essence of paganism to fuel the holiday magic. The Catholic Church has long attempted to stamp out any connection of Sweden to pagan religion or culture. Originally, Midsummer was celebrated consistently on June 24, but once the Catholic Church established that day to be the feast day of St. John the Baptist. However, it didn’t stop Swedes from giving St. John a seat at the Midsummer table. Now, Midsummer is celebrated on the Friday between June 21 and June 22 in order to ensure a weekend-long holiday.


Bo På Hotell

Midsommar Traditioner Pole Position

The Pop House Hotel

The Pop House Hotel is located inside the same building as the Abba: The Museum and a short walk from the Skansen Midsummer celebration. lt is a perfect destination for those looking to experience both the Midsummer festivities and rich Swedish culture during their stay in Stockholm. The hotel is minimalist and boasts a soothing grey and black color scheme. Reserve one of the top-level suites for an amazing panoramic view of the city.

Brought to Sweden by Germany in the Middle Ages, the maypole is believed to be a symbol of fertility. It’s customary for the maypole to first be decorated in local flora and fauna before it’s risen up for people to join hands and dance around. While visiting for Midsummer, is the “Sma Grodorna, ” or the “frog dance,” in which people hop around the pole singing time-honored lyrics about little frogs.

Festival goers dance the Sma Grodorna around the maypole. (photo Steve's Travel)

Smörgåsbord Feasting isessential to the Midsummer experience. For a traditional meal, begin with an array of pickled herring and boiled potatoes topped with sour cream, dill and chives—followed by spare rib, chicken, lamb or salmon. Dessert is always fresh seasonal strawberries topped with cream. This set menu known as traditional Swedish cuisine is indicative of the north clime where food is scarce during the harsh winter season.

Jorgubbstårta - a traditional Midsummer cake. (photo Alien Chrisl)

Cool Cocktails Scandic Hasselbacken

Perfect for families, the Scandic Hasselbacken is located not too far from the city center amusement park and hosts many summertime activities for kids. Hang out in the garden or visit the hotel’s Restaurant Hasselbacken for al fresco dining on the terrace. The restaurant has the atmosphere of a Parisian café and serves up classic plates with a modern twist.

Swedish cuisine is only an appetizer to the true heart of the festival: rounds of beer, schnapps and Swedish camaraderie. Different from what we typically use in the U.S., the schnapps served at Midsummer are flavored with Scandinavian spices such as anise or caraway. The beer, however, is brought in from all over the world. If traditional schnapps or cold beer isn’t for you, shots of “brannvin,” or Swedish vodka, are not difficult to find. As cups fill up, the scene becomes rowdy and racy drinking songs echo throughout the festival.

Aquavit with a Midsummer meal believed to aid digestion. (photo semiswede)

Floral Arrangements

Hotel Skeppsholmen

This eco-friendly, urban space is a modern sanctuary with a timeless feel. Rooms are light and airy with hardwood floors, dark wood furniture, white bedding and bright accent colors. During your stay, don’t miss out on a match at the waterfront tennis court. In fact, the tennis court is the first-ever outdoor tennis court in Sweden, built in 1882 by King Oscar II. Garden yoga is also available to guests free of charge every Saturday morning.

At Midsummer, the women who wear traditional krans atop their heads are the main people-watching spectacle. Krans, a symbol as synonymous with the holiday as the maypole, is a head wreath made up of fresh picked flowers entwined with birch tree braches. Visitors in full traditional folk attire are also visible, but at Midsummer today, truly any apparel is welcome.

Midsummer kran (photo Lisa Edoff) HEALTH & FITNESS ISSUE


Shopping Made Easy WWW.TANNYAB.COM 54



Sporting Luxury writer l Charity Mainville

photo l Buki

Sportswear is no longer just for athletes. The industry has evolved to include clothing that is more breathable, flexible, and fashionable. The undeniable comfort of sportswear makes it difficult to take off. Thankfully, current fashion trends have aligned with consumers’ desire for everyday sportswear that doesn’t scream “gym rat.” Seattle’s own Buki has quickly become a fashion-forward leader in this new sportswear concept. Seattle-based fashion designer, Joey Rodolfo has been a well-known figure in the fashion world for over thirty years. Ten of those years he served as the Senior Vice President of Men's Design for Tommy Bahama. He transformed the line from its signature Hawaiian island look into a modern lifestyle brand. For the last 15 years Rodolfo has been passionately pursuing fiber technology and partnered with a Japanese technology company, where he created Buki’s primary technical fiber, Kinoki-3.0™. Buki, pronounced (boo-kee), is Japanese for defend and protect. This definition is exactly what Joey had in mind when he began research for his new technical sportswear line. Joey wanted to create a luxurious technical sportswear collection that could easily be worn everyday and that he did. Buki mixes state-of-the-art, smart fabric technology, a minimalistic clean look, and a luxe feel for both men’s and women’s daily lifestyle. It only takes a simple touch of the fabric to feel the difference. Slip on one of Buki’s fashionable pieces and you may never want to take it off. But it's not only about the feel, it's also Buki's multitude of benefits that make it easy to love (i.e. moisture-management, dynamic stretch, thermoregulation, breathability, and machine washable). Below are just some of Buki’s latest designs for spring and summer and the special benefits that Kinoki-3.0™ brings to your wardrobe and your life. All of the technical benefits listed are in every piece of Buki apparel. You can learn and see more online at www.bukibrand. com, but if you truly want to understand how amazing it is, head to Buki’s Pop-Up Shop at 1826 6th Ave. in downtown Seattle.


ALKI SHORT $118 COLD SHOULDER TOP $148 Don’t be fooled, the fabric may feel like dry clean only, but it’s so smart that it tackles the washing machine like a champ.

Whether you’re running to a meeting, a workout, or a serious power shopping session, NEOTECH DRESS $228 don’t sweat about sweating. Kinoki-3.0™ fabrics draw Kinoki-3.0™ includes a dynamic moisture from the body and stretch and recovery keeps its shape helps with evaporation. like the first day you put it on.

Kinoki-3.0™ is perfect for Seattle weather. It helps maintain your ideal body temperature keeping you warm on those unexpected winter days and cool when Mother Nature decides to throw a hot day into the mix.

GINZA DRESS $228 Wear it as many times as you want, and keep it looking new with its Anti-Pill technology.




Fashion Fit writer l Tannya Bernadette

Athleisure wear is the perfect kind of comfortable and stylish clothing you can wear to the gym or on the go. When you come across a favorite, it is a must have because you’ll wear it repeatedly with no regrets. Current trends are sexy, sleek, feminine styles that make you feel hot, even if you don’t have time to hit the gym. Gym clothes are a thing of the past. Today’s activewear is comfortable and fashionable.

VIMMIA ZEPHYR LEGGING l $101 Vimmia’s Zephyr legging features a brushstroke print in a variety of colors that gives you endless outfit possibilities, from your favorite tee to a button up blouse . Its fiber technology keeps the shape just right and avoids color fade-out. VIMMIA is a trusted brand that creates clothing in high performance style and made is made in the USA. Everything is locally designed, overseen, and constructed in Los Angeles, California.


Bomber jackets are a must and this one has a luxurious yet playful design. The authentic detailing sets this jacket apart and it’s sheer design shows off what’s underneath. Layer over a long sleeve shirt if the weather will be chilly or you prefer more coverage. It’s structured in a semi-slim cut to outline your body perfectly. Transform it by styling it with black sheen leggings or dress down with a crisscross front sports bra. Tory Burch is a well-known brand with a sport line that shows the grace and elegance of athletes.

SWEATY BETTY HOMESTRAIGHT RUN l €60 Summer is the perfect time to wear a crop top and show off that body you’ve been working on. This crop top looks great with shorts and a flowy vest. Choose from multiple prints for just the right look. It’s wicking properties and breathable mesh panels make it ideal for high intense workouts. Owner, Tamara Hill-Norton, runs an all-women design team that creates styles based on what she loves best: fitness, travel and fun. 56


BE AWESOME TO SOMEBODY l $29 If you don’t instantly fall in love with their tees when scrolling online, you will when you feel how soft the fabric is against your skin. Happy, upbeat messages, words of gratitude and positive notes will bring a smile to all who walk by you. Vaiana Attinger, the owner, wanted to send good vibes through words. She learned as a child that words have power. She chooses to channel that power for the greater good.

ALO YOGA VITALITY LEGGING l $110 Sheer panel leggings are the latest active wear trend taking workout wear to a whole new level. The beauty of the Alo Yoga brand is it’s versatile design. Their activewear is made to go from the gym to the street effortlessly. Its technical innovation is perfected to make the garments accentuate, pull in, and lift in all the right places. Alo Yoga has found the formula to make women look and feel amazing in their yoga wear.




Nervous Breakdown writer l Dr. Scott Mindel

At the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Henry Winsor conducted an experiment based on the idea that by adjusting the spine where nerve interference is found they can relieve stomach troubles, ulcers, menstrual cramps, thyroid conditions, kidney disease, constipation, heart disease, lung and other diseases. In this experiment, he dissected both human and animal cadavers to see if there was any relationship between the vertebrae and nerves that went to the organs. He found nearly 100% correlation. The nerves connecting your internal organs to your spine must remain free of interference. When tension builds up in a region of the spine due to physical, chemical, or emotional stress, it can cause the spine to shift out of alignment. The puts undue stress and tension on the nervous system, which can interfere with the communication between the brain and the body — called a subluxation. Subluxation can act like a blown fuse in your house. When a fuse blows, certain areas will not function properly until the power and communication is restored. By finding the breakdown of communication in the body, and restoring it with a spinal adjustment, these areas that are shut off are now able to reconnect—the body can recover and heal. Below are the points in your spine that affect your nerves. If you are experiencing issues related to what’s shown, make sure to head to a chiropractor and begin your path to recovery. If you are currently not under spinal care for your overall health, give Belltown Spine & Wellness a call at 206-441-7984 and schedule a free consultation..




scalp, face, brain, ear, sympathetic nervous system

Headaches, nervousness, insomnia, head colds, high blood pressure, migraine, amnesia, chronic tiredness, dizziness


Eyes, ears, sinuses

Sinuses, allergies, pain around the eyes, earache, fainting spells


Cheeks, ears, face, teeth

acne or pimples, eczema


Nose, lips, mouth,

Hay fever, runny nose, hearing loss


Vocal cords, neck glands, pharnyx

Laryngitis, hoarseness, throat conditions such as sore throat


Neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils.

Stiff neck, upper arm pain, tonsillitis, chronic cough


Thyroid gland, shoulders, elbows

colds, thyroid conditions


lower arms, hands, esophagus and trachea

Asthma, cough, difficult breathing, shortness of breath, pain in lower arms and hands



Functional heart conditions and certain chest conditions


Lungs, chest, breast

Bronchitis, pneumonia, congestion, influenza


Liver, solar plexus, circulation

Liver conditions, fevers, blood pressure problems, poor circulation



Stomach troubles: nervous stomach, indigestion, heartburn



Ulcers, gas



Lowered resistance


Adrenal and suprarenal glands

Allergies, hives



Kidney troubles, hardening of the arteries, chronic tiredness


Kidneys, ureters

Skin conditions such as acne, pimples, eczema


Small intestines, lymph circulation

Rheumatism, gas pains, certain types of sterility


Large intestines

Constipation, colitis, dysentery, diarrhea, some ruptures or hernias


Appendix, abdomen, upper leg

Cramps, difficult breathing, minor varicose veins


Sex organs, uterus, bladder, knees

Bladder issues, cramps and irregular periods, miscarriages, knee pain


Lower legs, ankles, feet

Poor circulation in the legs, swollen ankles, weak ankles and arches, cold feet, weakness in the legs, leg cramps


Hip bones, buttocks

Sacroiliac conditions, spinal curvatures

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