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SAFARI SURVIVAL Wildlife Safari’s pursuit to save the world’s most endangered species





Wild West Get to know Washington’s own Amberleigh West


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Wildest Dreams


Northwest Hairstyling Awards

Special fashion photoshoot with Amberleigh West

Featured work of NHA finalists



Scary Scenes Seattle’s most haunted places


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Exquisite Taste The most beautiful dishes prepared in the city

First Down Top 5 spots to pre-game nearby Centurylink Field



Herbal Refreshment


Cocktail Time

Local herbs are freshing up these cocktails

The history of cocktails by the decades



One of Kind How Pat Maher is helping Seattle nightlife




Avant-App The best fashion apps to organize your closet



Fashionable Interiors

Incorporate fashion into your home designs



On the Catwalk Work your body to supermodel status



Prescription for Addiction The drug epidemic affecting the nation is here in Seattle



Sound Style


Musical Fashion

The influence of music on fashion throughout the last century

Meet Maiah Manser, Seattle’s up and coming music fashionista



Safari Survival

Wildlife Safari’s quest to save the world’s most endangered species



Mode Mélange

Vist the leader in the fashion world, Paris



Beauty School Top 5 beauty bloggers to teach you beauty tricks



From the Publisher





Amy Gruntner, Dr. Scott Mindel,Tannya Bernadette, Yasmin Tavakoli, Anna DiBlosi. Lori Bellina




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SAFARI SURVIVAL Wildlife Safari’s pursuit to save the world’s most endangered species




Wild West Get to know Washington’s own Amberleigh West



photo credit Jessica Drake - JLD Imagery l model Amberleigh West l @amberleighwest animal Valarie l African Elephant dress l Third & Loom l designer Olga Szwed romantic silk chiffon gown with beadedwork along the neckline l $2,800 necklace l Turgeon Raine 18K semi double strand baroque south sea and fresh water pearls with diamonds l $24,000 location Shot on site at Wildlife Safari website facebook w twitter @WildlifeSafari instagram @wildlifesafari_oregon Cover photo and inside photo spread at Wildlife Safari was edited by the photographer including cropping out of barriers and placement in scenes for visual effects. Ville Magazine staff, photographer and model were not placed in any position without separation from the animals and proper supervision.

2016 ENTERTAINMENT ISSUE CORRECTION In our 2016 Entertainment Issue, an error was printed in the Seattle Art Museum history feature on page 38. Artist, Kehinde Wiley’s was referred to as a female, but is male. We apologize for the misprint.

FROM THE PUBLISHER Fall is the season for fashion. It’s the time when publications release their fashion issue with fall fashion trends and pages and pages of runway shots. However, this is not what you will see in this issue as we have dared to be different. We decided to focus on the impact fashion makes from presentation, communication, and all else that relates to it. Don’t get me wrong; fashion trends are important, but who’s to say they must be your style for the season? Okay, okay, a lot of people, but trends are constantly changing. A celebrity or public icon wears something, then everyone has to have it and designers create a similar look with their own style. That’s how the first celebrated fashion designer came into history. Marie-Jeanne Rose Bertin was Marie Antoinette’s dressmaker and her looks became a huge trend every time the queen would step out in a new design. She held the torch for the new look until the queen’s dethronement in 1792. The French had a huge impact on fashion and still do so what better travel spot to feature for this issue other than Paris. Music and fashion also go hand and hand. Artists such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Michael Jackson were all recognized for their style and became a part of fashion history. As new artists and music genres come out, so does the new looks. Seattle’s own Maiah Manser understands this as her beautiful voice and fashion sense has not gone unnoticed as seen in our exclusive interview with her. Fashion can also bring awareness. It was once considered a luxury to wear fur coats and jewelry made of ivory. This was until people realized that those items were supporting the extinction of species. It encouraged poaching in Africa and Asia, endangering the existence of cheetahs, tigers, lions, and elephants. This is why I wanted to do a feature on our fashion photoshoot with these majestic creatures. We drove six hours to Winston, Oregon, experienced something unforgettable at Wildlife Safari and drove six hours back in the same day -- and it was worth

it. The cheetahs took my breath away; truly magnificent from the way the look to the way they walk. The elephant’s, Valerie, was magical. Some may not know it, but elephants are extremely intelligent and very emotional. They feel sadness, joy, love, jealousy, fury, grief, compassion and distress. To me, Valerie looked pretty happy and I think she knew what was going on. Notice how her head is tilted towards Amberleigh in the cover? I am pretty sure she was posing as she wrapped her adorable trunk around Amberleigh. The staff was gracious and extremely helpful. It’s easy to see the passion and love they have for all the animals, and it’s comforting to know the animals are in great care. I really want to go back – especially after I heard a rumor that cheetah cubs are coming . Some of the dresses used in the shoot were one-of-a-kind pieces by a couple of our Northwest Fashion Award finalists. All the finalists’ pieces will be showcased at the 3rd Annual Seattle Style Night along with Northwest Hairstyling Awards salon hair shows. Beauty is what seals the overall look. All the NHA finalists’ creations are featured in this issue. Winners will be announced at the visually exciting event on October 4th at Foundation Nightclub. Besides the standard of fashion in relation to clothing, it is also related to how things are presented. Food and cocktails can be presented in a fashionable way – just seeing them makes you want to order them.“ Fashion can also be how we do things uniquely, which is why I included a new section, “Spotlight On,” that features a Seattleite that has that special something that makes them standout whether it be in a career, passion, hobby or one-off idea. This was my goal for this issue – make it stand out and I hope it has achieved just that. This issue is a personal best for me and the photoshoot is the best I’ve ever produced. It’s going to be hard to beat, but then again that’s never stopped me.

Charity Mainville Photos Jessica Drake - JLD Photography

A special thank you to Wildlife Safari to allowing us to shoot at your amazing park! FASHION ISSUE l VILLE l 9


Scary Scene written by Lauren Adam

This time of year can bring out the bizarre inclination to seek out the eerie unknown. How far will you go to catch a glimpse of the elusive undead? Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, these real Seattle ghost stories could give you the spooky feeling that we aren’t alone. From cold-blooded murders, demonic traditions, and forgotten souls, Seattle’s most sinister is never very far. MALTBY CEMETERY


4303 Maltby Rd, Bothell, WA 98012

605 ½ S Main St, Seattle, WA 98104

The living and the dead collide at this eastside haunt that known for the infamous 13 steps to hell. The long time legend is that the cemetery contains a tomb with 13 steps that lead to a makeshift entrance. Once you reach the bottom of the steps, turn around – the cemetery disappears, replaced by a vision of hell. There were so many reports that the story was true that the city bulldozed the steps to prevent trespassers. Even so, people continue to go to Maltby searching for the paranormal and, in some cases, have even disturbed the dead by trying to dig around looking for the 13 steps.

The Panama Hotel was built in 1910. During World War II, many Japanese immigrants were sent to Camp Hope. There was a two bag requirement which forced them to leave almost everything they had behind. The owner of the Panama Hotel agreed to let those bound for Camp Hope store their belongings, trunks and boxes in the basement of the hotel. Many never returned. When the building was sold in the 70’s, the hastily stowed luggage was still there. The ghosts of the immigrants frequent the hotel, hovering above their remembrances of a past life and the chilling events that changed history.

MERCHANT CAFÉ 109 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104

Merchant Café was built in 1890. As one of the oldest establishments in Seattle, it survived the gold rush, prohibition, and The Great Depression. When it first opened, the café sold five cent beers to miners waiting to visit the brothel upstairs. There have been several accounts of ghostly activity at Merchant but the most haunting is the children in the basement. In 1938, a fire trapped the young brother and sister in the space that is now the basement bar at Merchant Café. They were burned alive. Today, the two playful siblings play tricks on the café guests, causing eternal mischief.

TED BUNDY’S APARTMENT 4123 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Before Bundy began his serial killing spree, he was a psychology major at UW working at Seattle’s Suicide Hotline Crisis Center. The nefarious “co-ed killer” began his murderous rampage in 1974 when he lived on the UW campus. Lore surrounding Bundy suggests that after he kidnapped his victims, he brought them to his home on campus. The victims were violently brutalized before getting dumped in several locations throughout Issaquah.

Northern State Mental Hospital in Wooley, WA (Photo: Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation)


This vast, abandoned structure in Sedro Woolley opened in 1912 and housed the largest population of mentally insane in the state. Among the committed were excitable wives, over-active children or kids with learning disabilities. The main treatments included electroshock therapy and trans-orbital lobotomies, which caused a high number of deaths. In the 50’s it became illegal for hospitals to dispose of the dead; but before that, the hospital buried the deceased around the perimeter of the grounds. The grounds now hold the unmarked graves of thousands, leaving the empty building laden with unsettled spirits. 10 l VILLE l FASHION ISSUE





Exquisite Taste written by Lauren Adam

A strong flavor profile will always be the most important part of the dining experience; but in the age of constant sharing, chefs have innovated by creating visually stunning masterpieces. Whether you’re a food photographer or just a purveyor of stunning taste, these plates give a new meaning to what looks good.


Naka’s Chef Shota Nakajima pays homage to the ancient Japanese tradition of Kaiseki with an artful, modern spin that focuses on color, texture, and sustainable ingredients. The Cured Egg Yolk is the perfect example of Nakajima’s art. It’s simple, yet forward thinking which is partially attributed to the appropriately regal presentation. Yolks from Lopez Island are cured for an hour and then cooled in ice water. It then gets cured again with kombu salt to create a texture similar to soft cheese. The yolk gets topped with clean tasting white sturgeon caviar and 24k gold flakes, then sprinkled with lightly thickened Dashi broth. 1449 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122 l l photo Naka Kaiseki


The beauty of Heartwood Provisions is not only in the plating but the harmonious and thoughtful pairings. The food and beverage concepts work together to create an unparalleled dining experience from Chef Varin Keokitvon. Hailing as both aesthetic and one of the best pairings on the menu is the melt-in-your-mouth yellowtail. Thinly sliced fresh and delicate yellowtail gets topped with juicy cuts of acidic, tangy grapefruit, striking avocado puree, spicy horseradish, and lemonpimentón vinaigrette. It’s paired with Old Tom gin, lemon, celery bitters, and sparkling wine. The result is a picturesque scene that leaves an excellent taste. 1103 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 l l photo Heartwood Provisions/Suzi Pratt


Eden Hill is easily the master of exquisite presentation. With avant-garde menu items and well-balanced tastes there’s plenty of allure at Chef Maximillian Petty’s foodie utopia. Bright floral garnishes in vibrant shades of green, red, and violet, plus refined plating make every single menu item an independent work of art, but the ever popular Lick the Bowl is one of the most memorable. Foie gras cake batter is mixed in a stainless steel bakers bowl then served with the spatula for a playful take on nostalgic memories. It’s served with moist seared pound cake, seasonal fruit and a lavish garnish of rainbow sprinkles. 2209 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 l l photo Kevin Fansler



What’s so attractive about half a pig head? The dramatic presentation by chefs Tyler Palagi and Charlie Garrison is awe-inspiring to say the least. Carnivores and whiskey lovers, this is a handsome handcrafted, meat masterpiece for you. Crispy fried ear, braised tongue, and carved roasted loin, served alongside colorful Mama Lil’s Peppers, a smear of aioli, and hefty dollop of zesty stone ground mustard. The whole ordeal gets served on a personal butcher’s board. Create own palate pleasing pairing with the house smoked rye in the Smoked Maple Old Fashioned. 94 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101 l l photo waterfront restaurant


First Down written by Lauren Adam / Photo Sarah Flotard

Make your Seattle Seahawks pre-game plans just as impressive as a hawks’ win by kicking off at these nearby Centurylink Field hot spots.



PRE-GAME SNACK: S & P Chicken Skins. Forget about chips, rinds, and tempura. These fried chicken skins are a hot crunchy power play that guests won’t soon forget. Comes with spicy jalapeños, bright scallions, and peanuts.

PRE-GAME SNACK: The Sticky Icky Fish Sauce Wings for tangy wings elevated beyond the normal wing game. These are doused in tasty sauce then topped with pickled radish and carrot. At happy hour they’re only $5.

116 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 l

88 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104 l



High class Hawks fans unite. Damn the Weather is a sleek gastropub with craft cocktails and oysters on the half shell. Damn the Weather is the best option for foodie football plans. If you are looking for a unique pre-game that includes slightly more daring options, this spot is for you.

The Lodge has become a neighborhood staple across the Seattle area for good eats and an extensive variety of beers on tap. Instead of the typical bar food, The Lodge is known for approachable highend sports-inspired creations.

PRE-GAME SNACK: Try the Parmesan and Herb House Fries and skip the overprice stadium frites. Crunchy on the outside then sprinkled with herbs, Parmesan, bacon bits, and green onions makes for a loaded side that anyone will be a fan of. They are just $3 at happy hour which includes late night from 9 – close, Sunday – Thursday so you can get them before or after the game. 166 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104 l

Kraken Congee is not your average pre-game spot. The Southeast Asian comfort food was popular as a popup but now Seattle can enjoy with dim lighting and exposed brick at Kraken Congee’s Pioneer Square location. It works as a Sunday pre-game brunch spot or for happy hour before a Thursday night game.

From tide to table, Taylor Shellfish has been serving Seattle the freshest oysters available. The long narrow bar has maintained its Pioneer Square charms, becoming a favorite pre-game destination. With classic seafood items and an energetic, friendly vibe, this is the go to pre-game spot for seafood lovers.

PRE-GAME SNACK: Shigoku oysters. The Shigoku’s are a Taylor

Shellfish signature. They’re grown in floating bags and attached to lines that move with the tides causing the oysters to tumble. The tumbling effect creates a small, dense oyster with a clean taste and a hint of salt. Get ready for the big win by ordering a Shigoku shooter with house cocktail sauce and Oola Vodka. 410 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 l


This sports bar does highmend game eats that don’t disappoint in a convenient location circa CenturyLink Field. From the rotating slushies, plethora of flat screens, ambient outdoor fire pits and the Astroturf décor, this is the number one place to pre-game.

PRE-GAME SNACK: The juicy unparalleled Quality Burger. Nothing fancy; just a plentiful patty, sharp cheddar cheese, crunchy pickled onions, and New Hampshire sauce with an option to add house made bacon. Great for soaking up lots of beer.

121 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104 l



Herbal Refreshment written by Lauren Adam l photo Pintxo

Summer might be the high time for harvest, but fall’s green is gold – for gardeners and cocktail drinkers alike. Scope out your local watering hole for savory sips to enjoy while the weather gets colder. Some of the best new cocktails utilize fresh-picked herbs from personal micro-gardens and with any luck, we’ll see more fresh vegetable juices and purées.

TAVERN LAW: PICKLE ME ELMO Don’t fall behind on the Aquavit trend. This Scandinavian liquor is similar to vodka but with an undeniable herbal flavor. Try it the right way and get the Pickle Me Elmo from Tavern Law. Citrus and dill Aquavit make a perfect companion to sweet pear, rosemary and zesty mustard tincture. 1406 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 l

BETTY: BACKYARD RENDEZVOUS Hit the backyard with something herbalicious. Betty is a Queen Anne staple with classic cocktails. Watch the gold of summer fade from the backyard with New Amsterdam gin, earthy, woody, rosemary, Scrappy’s Firewater bitters, thyme simple, and lemon and lime juices. 1507 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 l

TALLULAH’S: NU RUTTES This veggie friendly Cap Hill café offers cocktails for guests with a green thumb and succulents galore. The diner styles spot is alive with a bustling crowd and lush greenery. Get the Nu Ruttes with Rutte Celery gin, a subtly spicy liquor with a hint of coriander. It’s topped with lime, homemade celery cordial, minty thyme, and bubbles for a savory botanical explosion. 550 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112 l


PINTXO: GT TOMATINA This is the seasonal must have in Belltown. Sit at the bar and watch the artisan chefs work their magic while sipping on bourbon barreled Big Gin with subtly sweet but tangy housemade heirloom tomato shrub. The drink gets a splash of just squeezed grapefruit juice, small batch, locally made Bradley’s Kina tonic, and soda water to top it off. 2207 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 l

From the depths of El Lago Verde comes a savory tequila concoction with aromatic yellow chartreuse, grassy dill, agave, cucumber, and Scrappy’s Firewater tincture for some clean heat. Drink it on a fall day as the light comes through the bay windows over Green Lake. 7110 East Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98115 l

SALARE: PIPERITA Forget about shrubs and pickle backs. Adventurous drinkers flock to Seattle’s most acclaimed restaurant where a tangy tequila cocktail is mixed with straight up brine. Combine the salty showstopper with smoky sherry, Ancho Reyes, and acidic lemon for a cocktail unlike anything you’ve ever tried. 2404 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115 l




Cocktail Time written by Lauren Adam l photos

Ever dream of visiting a different decade? The dapper styling of the raging 20’s; the boho fashions of the 60’s and 70’s; and unforgettable boom of Seattle music in the plaid-clad 90’s; all embody exciting sights, sounds, and tastes. If you did have a time machine to take you back, here’s what the fashion forward would be drinking. Enjoy a little history lesson and find out where you can get these historically trendy cocktails. MAI TAI

OLD FASHIONED One of the first recipes was published in 1895.


Barrel Thief: Thief’s Old Fashioned Try it Seattle style with Batch 206 “Old Log Cabin” Bourbon. 3417 Evanston Ave N #102, Seattle, WA 98103 l




According to hearsay, the Singapore Sling was invented at Singapore’s Raffles Hotel – a staple residence for Americans visiting the East.

Bath Tub Gin & Co.: Singapore Sling

Get the classic sling inside this dimly lit speakeasy. 2205 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 l


Sisters and Brothers: Spicy Carnivore Bloody Mary

Comes with an over-sized crispy, juicy chicken wing on top. 1128 S Albro Pl, Seattle, WA 98108 l



Toulouse Petit: Hemingway

Much like Hemingway’s New Orleans days, you can get your rum fix at Toulouse. 601 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 l

Linda’s Tavern: Screwdriver


This frozen concoction gained worldwide fame when Rupert Holmes released his 1979 song, “Escape (The Piña Colada Song).

Rumba: Baller Pina Colada

Do it justice with El Dorado 21, Appleton 21, Neisson Reserve Speciale and the works at Rumba. 1112 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101 l



The movers and shakers of the 90’s had no-frills partying on the brain and as a result, the Long Island found its way into the spotlight.

Foreign National: Long Thailand Ice Tea

Try to look a little classier and get it the Foreign National way. 300 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122 l


After World War II, people took to the suburbs and started drinking.

Henry’s Tavern: Hot & Dirty Martini

No one is sure where the Harvey Wallbanger originated, if it was ever really popular, or whether any menu in the Seattle area still features this orange drink.




Today, you can join the island family in Belltown for a drink that will take the edge off. 2207 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Just get a stiff screwdriver at Linda’s instead. 707 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122 l


Because of the war, most liquor was hard to come by in the 1940’s – but rum was plentiful.

Ohana: Ohana Mai Tai



The Tomato Juice Cocktail came on the scene during prohibition and featured tomato juice with Lea & Perrins.

There’s controversy over who created the Mai Tai but we know it was hot during the days that Jack Lord ruled Hawaii 5-0.

You don’t need to be a Boomer to enjoy one in SODO with spicy pepperoni and jalapeño stuffed olives. 1518 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134 l



Thanks to Sex and the City, the cosmo made a sultry debut in the 2000’s.

Meet the Moon: Cosmopolitan

Keep the suggestive witty banter strong with the cosmo at Meet the Moon. Starvation Alley Farms cranberry juice helps keep things tasteful. 120 Lakeside Ave, Seattle, WA 98122,

It’s back to the future. We have come full circle and the Old Fashioned is one of the most popular drinks on the menu. What’s next? 16 l VILLE l FASHION ISSUE



ONE OF KIND interviewed by Charity Mainvile l photo Turk Photos

Not all careers are created equal. Some people possess advance knowledge and experience to provide a unique service. Pat Maher is one of those people. He offers success to businesses in the entertainment industry from nightclubs to talent. To make that kind of promise, give sound honest advice, and be able to provide the tools to be successful and sustainable is no easy job. There are many facets involved from the business side to consumer demand. Luckily to Pat that comes naturally and has launched multiple venues and DJs beyond expectations. He relocated to Seattle from the Middle East after being sought out. His job? To guide and take Foundation Nightclub to the next level and he’s doing it - unlike any other.



How did you get involved in the nightlife industry? I started at the bottom and worked my way to where I am today. With over 23 years of experience under my belt, I have literally covered every aspect of the scene from promoting, security, DJing, marketing, managing and owning establishments. There have been many ups and downs, but I have used these experiences to better myself and the people around me. Knowing the ins and outs of this industry at the level I do is a valuable commodity. I have parlayed that knowledge into where I am today and am devoted to what I do.

You soon became a consultant for nightclubs across Europe. How did that start and what were some clubs you assisted? While being a general manager, I came across countless so-called “consultants and specialists.” Many didn’t even have venue management experience but felt they were qualified to tell how to successfully run a business. Only a select few actually knew what they were doing. I had gained a lot of respect within the industry and decided that I wanted to help people build or fix their businesses. Honesty and transparency are two words you don’t come across often within this business, but they were the pillars I wanted to base my business upon. I have worked with many of the top entertainment brands including Ministry of sound, Cream, Godskitchen, Pacha, miss moneypennys, and many more. I have spent the last number of years working in Dubai where I specialized in business consultancy and also business creation. The Middle East is a melting pot for glamour and entertainment. I was lucky enough to rub shoulders with Carvalli, VIP Room’s, Pacha Dubai, Eden, Zinc and Blue Marlin.

What strategies have you used to assist these businesses to get back to success? Going back to the basics is where I always start. There are a few fundamental questions that have to be answered in order to develop a custom-made business plan. I’m not going to give all my secrets away, but what I will say is that you have to be brutally honest and prepared to change. Know your team, customers, competition, real strengths and weaknesses, financial limits, and always be the innovator – not the imitator.

Foundation Nightclub is the first nightclub you have come on board with in the US. How did the partnership come about? A mutual friend introduced me to the owners of Foundation. The club was coming up to its 3-year anniversary and was looking at an extensive remodel. I was asked to assist with my consultant capacity. We worked really well together and the success that followed the remodel was unreal. I felt at home in Seattle; we had created something special in the nightlife market.

Why did you decide to take the position and come to the US? I have always wanted the opportunity to work in America. I felt that it was the next natural step in my journey of my personal professionalism. There is something for everyone here. If you are prepared to work hard and be fair, anything could happen. I feel so privileged to be given the opportunity to do what I love in a place that I hold the utmost respect for.

Do you feel that they could have succeeded without you? Foundation has already succeeded without me. Who would of thought Seattle would have a “Global Top 100 Nightclub?” Even though it had the acclaim, it didn’t have the fiscal stability. I was given the job to steer this nightlife beast to the next level and fine tune the staff and policy to achieve fiscal success. I’ve been able to make a serious impact on the bottom line. I plan to take the success here and grow the Foundation brand into other markets. We’re just getting started.

What are the key areas you are working on to improve? All areas within the business constantly needs fine tuning; in order to stay at the top, you have to leave nothing to chance. My job is to maximize profitability and give the customers the experience they crave. Entertainment, marketing and VIP service needs constant focus. Over the next couple of months, we will be rolling out a number of very special changes. Reinvesting in the business on a constant basis keeps you on top.

The concept is looking at expanding. What will be your role in it? The bigger picture has always been to grow the brand and that really is my specialty. Personally I have been involved with turn key business packages for many years; once you have the right team behind you, anything is possible. With the involvement of USC, I feel confident that the future will be bright.

During the time you have spent in Seattle, what has been your take on the nightlife industry? How do you see it growing or changing? I am truly shocked at the caliber of the nightlife Seattle has to offer. The entertainment alone is mind blowing. We are all in competition but still respect and support each other. Seattle is developing more and more and in my opinion is becoming a modern day trendsetter for entertainment, standards and venue quality. The more investment Seattle sees, the more people will expect. This is not going to go away or slow down. As a business, I have to make sure Foundation stays number one. I have to thank Ian and Chad for giving this very special opportunity. In addition, all the staff, customers and residents of Seattle who have been so welcoming to myself and my family.



Avant-App written by Charity Mainville l photo

Shopping in the last few years has become easier and a lot more convenient. You can view all the latest trends from your favorite store on your phone and now, smartwatch. Like what you see? Tap a heart or thumbs up to save your top picks to your “need to buy” list. As time goes on, more apps are released not to just make shopping easier, but your whole fashion world. Organize your closet by taking a pic, put together an outfit for each day of the week on your calendar, and know what looks best on you through own virtual personal stylist.


Cluise is your personal stylist that “gets to know” your style as you upload more and more items. Start by taking photos of your clothes hanging in your closet and Cluise will automatically sort them by clothing type. Your stylist then plans your #OOTD by combining your clothes into stylish outfits, based on weather and your preferences. She learns more about your style with your “likes” or “dislikes” and other actions in the app all done with a fancy algorithm. She will even take you shopping and provide suggestions. Not sure how they will look? Well you can simply “try them on” and combine the items with your favorite pair of jeans. apple and android l


If you are one of those people who can never wear the same outfit twice than this app is for you. Upload your wardrobe and VeeV, Your Style App, will manage it from head to toe. Its visual recognition will remember when you wore it last and who you were with. Simply take a picture of any outfit, search through your wardrobe for matches to avoid repeating the same thing. If you no longer want an outfit you wore prior, than make sure to take advantage of VeeV’s “sell” & “donate” features. apple and android l


Download Stylebook for a glorious treasure of organizing, shopping, travel packing, decision wearing, color coordinating, size checking, and list goes on and on. Seahawks are playing and you want to sport your best blue and green? See an outfit in a magazine or online you love? Can’t decide what to wear? Need to pack for an upcoming trip? Stylebook will help you with it all. It even provides “closet stats” by letting you know how many items you have, how many times you’ve worn them, the value of your wardrobe, and what you never wear so you can either sell or donate it. apple l



As most apps have some kind of way of selling, trading or donating your clothes, an app dedicated to it ensures a larger community to do commerce with. Vinted is an online shopping version of a used clothing or consignment store and does all of the above. Post photos and a description of the item and choose your own price. When the product sells, you receive the cash immediately to transfer to your bank account. You can also buy, of course, and create feeds with filtered criteria such as sizes and brands that will notify you about current deals. apple and android l


As most apps provide a shopping component to add to your wardrobe, most of the options are major labeled brands and stores where a lot of people shop. It can be extremely frustrating to show up at an event with another person wearing the exact same outfit. One way to avoid is to add items straight from emerging or established fashion designers. Fashwire allows these designers to post current and future designs and get real-time feedback from users. The more you interactive with the designers and “check-in” daily, you will receive rewards and the chance to get a sneak peek at the products before others. So not only do you get to shop, but you get to be a fashion critic as well who will be heard and values. apple l


As a nonprofit, the primary goal of Ladybug House is to build and operate the first freestanding palliative care home and hospice for children with life-limiting illnesses in Seattle. We will offer a place for respite and renewal to families during the unimaginable outside the hospital setting. We will celebrate every day, every moment and every life.

If we cannot add days to the life of a child, we will add life to their days.


Fashionable Interiors written by Amy Gruntner

We are influenced by fashion every day. We see it on the street, in the media we consume, and on the people we interact with in our daily lives. It’s our constant interaction we have with fashion that leads us to bring it into our lives’ whether we realize it or not. The most prominent example of this relationship is that of fashion’s influence on interior design. In the past ten years there has been an influx of well-known fashion designers and houses creating interior design collections, partnering with renowned retailers to create limited edition pieces, or partnering with major players in the hotel and restaurant industry to design luxurious spaces.

Kate Spade’s Madison Avenue Collection jodi jacket and carice skirt vs Kate Spade’s home collection l

A major player in the UK fashion scene, Basso & Brooke, launched a limited edition interior line of entertainment furniture commissioned by wine company, Turning Leaf, in 2010. This designing duo talked about their reasoning behind their leap into the world of interior design in an interview siting, stating, “Fashion is what we love. Developing other areas allows the consumer to appreciate our work in more ways then just wearing it.” As Basso & Brooke pointed out, the transition between these two realms has and should become seamless not arbitrary. Similarly, in Spring 2015, Kate Spade released her entire interior design collection emulating her signature feminine, brightly colored, modern design aesthetic. A gold linen armchair designed by the brand perfectly coincides with the luxurious, vintage and ladylike Fall 2016 presentation. The fun city girl presentation of the brand’s Madison Avenue Collection is reflected in a printed flower market decorative pillow.



Like Kate Spade, the trends of each fashion season will reflect what we see in interior design trends. This season, a 70s influence and minimalistic design has been ruling the runways. Thus, these have been translated into interior design trends with mod sparse spaces, neutral colors, fringed and metaled detailing, and eclectic decorative pieces. With this logical stream of development between the realm of fashion and interior design, we can now easily decorate our homes in the style and pieces of the designers and trends we covet.

Fashion Designer Yvan Mispelaeres Little brings takes the 70s fashion trends into the home

Other than calling upon renowned fashion designers limited edition collections to bring fashion into your home, there are other ways as well. In fact, a much simpler approach is taking your own fashion style and emulating those characteristics in your interior spaces. For example, if you gravitate towards wearing mostly black structured pieces with simple jewelry, your fashion taste lines up with characteristics of midcentury modern design or the Bauhaus movement. Monochromatic sparse spaces, furniture with classic clean lines, leather upholstery, and simple art pieces in modern frames will help bring your fashion style to your interior space.

Bring your fashion style and elements into your interior decor l by Blair Eadie

If you gravitate towards colorful unique trendy pieces, look to the urban modern style to influence your interior space. Mix patterns, textures, and colors to create an eclectic, unique space with personality. Picture: pink and white gingham throw pillows on a royal blue tufted faux-velvet couch flanked by aged gold side tables topped with bronze figurines and colorful books, black and white prints decorating the walls with neutral wall paint and area rugs to help ground such a lively space.

Urban modern style wrapped in luxe and soft fabrics l designer Dimore Studio’s Britt Morgan Emiliano Salci l photo Beppe Brancato


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On the Catwalk written by Yasmin Tavakoli l photo l

Gisele, Naomi, Cindy, Elle, Claudia... What do these high profile names have in common? They are all fashion models and all have banging bods. We see them strut their stuff on the runway, graze their svelte figures across magazines and inspire our get fit goals. But whether your momma gave it to you or not, being long and lean takes determination, discipline, and hard work.

Training like a model is a round-the-clock job and learning how to work out smarter versus harder is always key in the busy life of a model. So even though you’re not training to run on the next catwalk or prep for a high fashion photo shoot, we still want to achieve those enviable bods for our next rendezvous. Focusing on activities that tone you and lean you out versus bulking up and gaining is key. Workouts like spin class, barre, and boxing are hugely popular workouts in the fashion world due to their calorie blasting, tightening, and toning powers.

CARDIO TAKE A SPIN A FLYWHEEL SPORTS 224 Westlake Ave N Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98109 l

“It feels so good when you’re done,” ~ Nina Agdal KICK BUTT AT I LOVE KICKBOXING

12815 NE 124th Street, Kirkland, WA 98034 l

“It’s very empowering because you learn how powerful and strong you can be. It’s the best exercise that exists because you can get really ripped, but not too big.” ~ Adriana Lima RAISE THE BARRE AT COMPFIT DANCE & FITNESS STUDIO

4501 Interlake Ave N Unit 6, Seattle, WA 98103 l

“It’s a great, really effective workout, and I love it. It’s about the booty! I do it four times a week for an hour, and it’s just different moves that ballerinas do, targeting muscles. It keeps me toned long and lean.” ~ Lilly Aldridge

WORKOUTS DISCO LUNGES Step into a lunge position Bring arms into a Y shape Push up with your front leg and return to your starting position Repeat 15 times l Switch legs and repeat

BURPEES Step into a squat position, placing both hands on the floor in front of you Kick feet back into a pushup position Return back to position one (squat position) Jump as high as you are able from the squat position Repeat 10 times

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS Begin in a pushup position Bring left knee up right around your hip and repeat with right knee Continue in an alternating fashion vigorously for 1 minute



Prescription For Addiction written by Dr. Scott Mindel l photo David Smart

Heroin was once thought of as an inner city problem, not something you would hear about in small towns throughout America--a drug used by the lower income class. Today the landscape has dramatically changed and it has become a nationwide epidemic hitting rural areas, suburbs, and small cities including Seattle. The rise in heroin addiction has resulted from over prescribed opioid painkillers such as OxyContin. As restrictions have tightened on prescribing these painkillers, addicts have turned to the streets and discovered heroin to be a cheaper and stronger way to get high. An OxyContin pill can cost around $80 on the street, while a hit of heroin is $10-$20. Over half of heroin addicts reportedly started abusing prescription painkillers before they ever used heroin. OxyContin was created by the Sacklers family under their company, Purdue Pharma, which they purchased in 1952. In the 70’s they developed a controlled drug release system called Contin and twelve years later released the patented pill, MS Contin, an extended-release formulation of morphine for cancer patients. In the early 90’s, the patent on MS Contin was expiring and Purdue Pharma was set out to develop a new painkilling moneymaker and did so with oxycodone. Oxycodone was created by German scientists in 1916 after the Bayer corporation’s drug, heroin, was banned in America. It was introduced in America in 1939 and was released for prescription in 1950 as Percodan in combination with aspirin. By 1963, it was the source of one-third of all drug addiction in California, and in 1970 oxycodone was listed by the DEA defined as having a high potential for abuse and considered dangerous. Yet Purdue Pharma took the generic painkiller oxycodone and installed a timed-release mechanism, which allegedly allowed the drug’s effects to spread over 12 hour periods. Not long after OxyContin’s launch in 1995, primary care doctors were prescribing it for a laundry list of painful symptoms. The drug crisis began in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. These rural areas are primarily populated with laborers in industries such as coal mining and timbering that were prone to injuries and pain. The promise of living pain-free with prescription opioids such as OxyContin and Vicodin was marketed very aggressively throughout these states the 1990s and early 2000s. Sales hit $1.5 billion by 2002 and today they have reached over $3 billion. Addiction problems started to arise when pain relief wasn’t lasting as long as promised. Some were experiencing the return of pain in under eight hours that came with withdrawal side effects. Purdue insisted that the formula was correct and encouraged physicians to provide stronger dosages to patients complaining of the pill not lasting instead of prescribing it more frequently. The stronger dose didn’t increase the length of pain relief and instead caused worse withdrawal effects and in turn a demand for more. It was also discovered that not only had more cases come about with OxyContin not lasting, but that it wasn’t abuse-resistant as reported. If the pill was crunch up and snorted, it would break the time-release mechanism for an immediate heroin-like high.


HEALTH CHECK Florida soon became the center of the opioid epidemic with the ability prescribe the pill with ease. The state’s southern corridor was even named “Oxy Express.” This brought in shady business practices and the creation of “pill mills” due to the state’s liberal laws on prescription medication. Eventually Florida had to change its law, but not before it had already facilitated tens of thousands of addicts. When those addicts couldn’t get prescription opioid anymore, they turned to heroin. The strict laws on prescribing opioid has been enforced across the country, which has caused the rise of heroin addiction resulting in the current epidemic, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Even though fatal drug overdoses by prescription opioids are at their lowest point in a decade, heroin fatal overdoses have tripled in King County since 2009 and treatment admissions have double since 2010. On the path to find a resolution, Seattle officials are thinking outside the box. If they can’t force addicts to stop doing it, how about helping them? One way is for Northwest drugstores to sell Naloxone, which is a lifesaving heroine antidote that can reverse the effects of an overdose. It is available without a prescription as an injectable drug or nasal spray. Even Seattle bicycle police have started carrying it in case of overdose emergencies on the street. The other way is to give addicts a place to shoot up. In March of 2016, Mayor Ed Murry created a heroin task force that has endorsed a strategy of establishing facilities where addicts would be allowed to take drugs without fear of being arrested. These “safe consumption facilities” would allow addicts to engage in drug use legally under trained supervision. They would receive clean needles and syringes, but they would not supply the drugs.

This concept isn’t a new one. In 2003, Canada open the first “Insite” supervised injection facility in Vancouver. The facility is connected to a housing program and other services to help people who use drugs in the city’s downtown eastside area. Some Canadian officials believe money should be directed towards providing more treatment to get addicts off the street. With heroin being such an addictive drug, these facilities give addicts a reason to avoid recovery. Insite does not agree. The center has up to 1,000 injections daily, which they claim has led to a reduction in overdose deaths, crime, and the spread of disease in the neighborhood. It has encouraged more addicts into recovery, which is offered upstairs of the facility. They give addicts the independence to make their own choices while instilling the idea of recovery. It’s the mentality that one will not get help unless they are ready to get it for themselves. In addition, no one has ever died from an overdose under their supervision since they opened in 2003. The war on drugs isn’t a new problem. We have been fighting it for over two decades and it’s only gotten worse. It has forced people to hide on the streets to inject and share needles, which has spread disease and death. These safe consumption facilities are a solution. The concept has been proven to work and also it will save taxpayers money. For every clinic built, it is estimated to save $6 to $1 per patient to be spent on stabilization and safety. But the most important point is that it will help reduce addiction and get people off the streets. It’s time to end the battle and help humanity by putting lives and needs above legalities for a safer and healthier Seattle.

Rise of the drug epidemic in theDrugUSoverdose deaths per 100,000 1999 - 2014

Drug overdose deaths per 100,000

In 2014, 47,000 people in the US died from drug overdoses. The majority of those deaths –29,000 – involved an opioid. source: The Guardian (may 2016)

8 Natural Pain Relievers to Try Before Resorting to Prescription Painkillers 1.

Omega-3 fats helps prevent inflammation before it begins.


Optimizing your production of vitamin D with daily sun exposure supports different mechanisms to reduce pain.


Studies have confirmed that chiropractic treatment is safer and less expensive than allopathic medical treatments, especially when used for pain.


Acupuncture is proven to treat many kinds of pain by improving circulation and reducing inflammation.


Massage therapy is shown to be as good as surgery for pain conditions such as torn cartilage and arthritis.


Ginger has potent anti-inflammatory activity and offers pain relief and stomach settling properties.


A past study found that curcumin blocks inflammatory pathways, effectively preventing the overproduction of a protein that triggers swelling and pain.


Boswellia or “Indian frankincense,” contains specific active anti-inflammatory ingredients.




Sound Style written by Casey Martin

Music and fashion have been altered thousands of times. One minute you are listening to Mozart dressed to the nines in your best trousers, waist coat and cravat and the next you are at Electric Daisy Carnival wearing only underwear and body paint. As we take a little walk through last century, one thing should be clear. With every drastic change in music, a drastic change in style did not only followed, but also mirrored the sound.

© John Kobal Foundation

JAZZ 20’S In the classic jazz era, style matched the incredible dance music of artists like Louie Armstrong. The simple yet sexy Flapper dresses allowed women to dance freely. This fashion era took a sprint for the future and never looked back.

ROCK ‘N ROLL 50’S Artists like Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Little Richard gave birth to rock and roll music, but Elvis Presley’s rockabilly style cast a long shadow over 50’s rock fashion. The slicked back hair or “duck butt”, leather jackets and blue jeans became the look for men, while women most commonly sported a mix of poodle skirts and blouses.

© Terence Donovan Portraits

© Michael Ochs

PSYCHEDELIC 60’S This was a fantastic time for music and fashion. Countless groups like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Doors exploded on the scene with mass appeal to shaggy-haired, free-thinking hippies. The vibrant fashion of Jimi Hendrix speaks for itself and perfectly embodies this counter culture era.

PUNK ROCK 70’S Punk Rock spawned from its rock predecessors where bands like The Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash paved the way. The culture and fashion of punk was in all ways a middle finger to the establishment. Offensive shirts, leather jackets adorned with spikes and patches, died hair and body piercings were just some of punk’s anti-fashion trends.

© Frank Micelotta

HIP HOP 80’S Hip hop was born in 1973 in the South Bronx but its golden years were in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The style was Kangol hats, gold chains and sneakers with fat laces. In the early 90’s, groups like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest embraced Afrocentrism in their fashion with African prints and colors.

HAIR METAL 80’S When it came to any metal group in the 80’s, big hair and skin tight clothing comes to mind. Bands like Twisted Sister and Poison also weren’t shy about wearing a little or a lot makeup either. This was easily the best and only time in history to sport a mullet, ever.

ELECTRONIC 90’S Techno and acid house spawned in the mid 80’s and 90’s and the lovable party culture became more mainstream. In these times, a casual sense of style was popular. Kandi bracelets, pacifiers and glow sticks were common accessories to baggy jeans and tank tops instead of the modern thongs and daisy bras. But hey, whatever’s clever.

© Dora Handel/Corbis

GRUNGE 90’S The minimalist fashion of grunge was the style Seattle was known for. It was a bit like punk without any effort. You couldn’t go wrong with a pair of jeans and a flannel. Although he isn’t the creator of grunge music or fashion, Kurt Cobain’s style sums it up perfectly. FASHION ISSUE l VILLE l 29

MUSICAL FASHION interviewed by Casey Martin l photos Daniel Hager

Maiah Manser, a Seattle transplant from Bend, OR, has known since the age of 4 that music was her destiny. She has been featured on RevoltTV’s Sounds by the Sound and Nancy Guppy’s Art Zone, booked at festivals like Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot, and has just finished her debut EP, Second Skin, with producer Buddy Ross (Frank Ocean). She is the true definition of an artist on her way up. But music isn’t the only thing Maiah is passionate about. She is a lover of all types of art, especially fashion, and stresses the importance of unity within the creative world. Maiah is a warmhearted soul, and it was such a pleasure to chat with her.

On your website, it says you knew from a very early age you wanted to sing. When did you decide fashion was a passion as well? I started singing when I was 4 but that’s also when I started drawing and really got into it. It was all from a very early age. I remember that when I was around 8 or 9, I was trying to draw my own fashion line. As a child, did you go outside fashion trends or try and fit in? I was always trying to find something new or go outside of trends because I didn’t come from a well-off family. I tried trends, but I couldn’t afford them. So I made up my own things and sometimes they were really silly, but I was creative in that way. When I was in middle school, I had these white tennis shoes and I felt like everybody was starting to get into saying acronyms. So I colored them in highlighter yellow and wrote like “lol”, “rofl” and “lmao” on them. I wrote stuff all over those shoes, and I thought it was super cool but maybe it wasn’t. I’m not quite sure. But yeah, I couldn’t quite fit into a mold. Why did you initially move to Seattle and what made you stay? I moved to Seattle to attend Cornish College of the Arts. What made me stay was meeting such a massive number of artists of all different kinds in the city. That’s the thing that I think can be overlooked. As a musician, I still need help from visual artists, designers and dancers; we all go together. You grow a community together and it can be a wonderful thing and really help everybody. What do you bring to the Seattle scene and how do you involve



Maiah performs on the main stage at Capitol Hill Block Party 2016

yourself in it? I love working with youth. There is nothing more gratifying than working with them on performing, singing and coaching. Beyond that, I just go out and do. I go to all different kinds of shows like dance shows, art shows, theatre shows, music shows - all of the above. I try to stay involved in all the different aspects. I want to learn more, and I want to see everything I can. Every experience I have in Seattle helps me become a more well-rounded artist. Who are some local designers or artists that you think people should be on the lookout for? Definitely BZR. She is mainly known for doing ombre tights, but she is really breaking out and making these beautiful hand dyed dresses and also fantastic new wave chokers and female bolo ties. My friend Chelsea Rodino is a great visual artist. She usually works with very large scale pieces and her work has a lot to do with the female form. She has just recently started painting on clothing as well. She is a fantastic artist and just one of the sweetest people. Who are a few local artists working in different mediums that you’ve worked with in the past? As for visual artists that I’ve worked with who are just incredible, there is Juan Franco. I just did my album cover photo shoot with him. He usually does a lot of collage work that kind of messes with the eye. Also, Makenzie Stone is a fantastic photographer. Her work is kind of high-contrast and in your face style shooting and it’s very captivating and striking work. As for other artists, there is dancer, Matt Drews. He is

maybe one of the most beautiful dancers you will ever see. It’s a plus he also looks like Adonis. He was just in Industrial Ballet which premiered at The Moore. We’re going to be working on my music video together. What do you think is the future of the Seattle arts and culture scene? I believe as artists that we have to stick together. I encourage anybody who is trying to develop any kind of artistic community to please do it and stay strong. Because of the high expense, it’s going to start to change drastically, especially for minorities and artists. We can’t just give up despite the high cost of living getting more extreme. We need to keep the vibrant art scene of Seattle alive and make it brighter. Would you change anything about the fashion industry now? The unattainable Photoshop editing of the female and male form. It’s so wrong and hurtful to so many people. Maybe it is obtainable, but you’re going to almost kill yourself to make it happen, you know, instead of being comfortable and happy with your own body. I think it deeply effects our culture to extreme levels of self-hatred which ends up turning outward into hatred over other people. That hatred becomes a poison that leaks out onto other people. I’m all about the creative concept of putting art on the body and I would never change that aspect; but yeah, constantly throwing in everyone’s faces “this is how you have to look to wear this or be happy” is very wrong.



Safari Survival written by Charity Mainville l Photos Jessica Drake - JLD Imagery

When you think about a safari, most likely you think of wild animals roaming around African lands. Granted that thought process is correct, but what if, instead, you get a very similar experience by only taking a road trip? About 5 ½ hours south of Seattle lies over 600 animals roaming freely over 400 developed acres of land including elephants, hippos, tigers, lions, zebras, cheetahs, giraffes and more. Located in Winston, Oregon, Wildlife Safari is a nonprofit drive-thru animal park with a purpose - saving some of the world’s most endangered species through conservation, education and research.

In 1963, a man named Frank Hart took some time off from his real estate career and left his family to go on a safari in Africa and it wouldn’t be his last. During this time, he witnessed the selling of zebra, lion, and cheetah skins so Africans could afford to pay for food and shelter. He soon realized that these majestic animals were endangered, on the brink of extinction, and the poaching was getting worse. It was only his third trip when Hart decided he wanted to help by creating a sanctuary in the US where the animals could roam free and people could witness them close up. In 1972, he went forward with his dream. After raising funds and leaving their Beverly Hills life, Hart and his wife, Barbara, drove up and down the west coast in search of the perfect land and found Winston. In an interview with The Seattle Times, Hart stated, “Oregon looks so much like Africa--the mild weather, the snow, the mountains, it’s very similar.” In spring of 1973, the safari park opened its door to the public featuring 30 different species including elephants, hippos and cheetahs. In 1982, Wildlife Safari became a nonprofit organization and in 1986 it received accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Fewer than 10% of the approximately 2,800 animal exhibitors are AZA accredited. This means Wildlife Safari must meet AZA’s standards for animal management and care including its living environments, social groupings, health, and nutrition, provided with enrichment. It also evaluates its veterinary program, involvement in conservation and research, education programs, safety policies and procedures, security, physical facilities, guest services, and the quality of the institution’s staff. In addition, Wildlife Safari is home to a world-renowned cheetah breeding program. It is the second best in the world birthing over 200 cubs so far. Hart was also a recipient of the Significant Achievement Award from the Cheetah Conservation Fund. These Hippos were one of the first species of animals to arrive at Wildlife Safari



Scimitar-horned oryx and sika deer are just one of many species of mammals that roam the park.

majestic creatures were Hart’s biggest goal to save and the first animals to arrive at the park. Cheetahs are considered “Critically Endangered” due to habitat loss, poaching and hunting by farmers worried about their livestock. There are estimated to be fewer than 10,000 cheetahs left in the wild being extinct in 25 countries including Asia, and there is only an isolated population of perhaps 50 in central Iran. With the size of the cheetah population being so low, it has caused inbreeding amongst the wild cheetahs. This causes its genetic line to be altered and eventually disappear. The overall long-term goal of the program is to improve captive cheetahs’ genetic diversity with sperm from wild cats. In return, that sperm will be use to impregnate females in the wild. The last ambassador cheetah cub born to Wildlife Safari that made headlines was Pancake, born in February 2015. On the same day, Dayo, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, was also born and soon arrived at Wildlife Safari. The two became best of friends, which isn’t uncommon to see. Dogs actually help cheetahs in captivity and are seen as “siblings” to the large cats. In Africa, farmers are using livestock guard dogs to keep wild Cheetahs away from local farms, which has helped lower the annual number of cheetahs being shot in those regions. Wildlife Safari has had cub litters since Pancake, but were sent to the Cincinnati Zoo for the breeding program. One of those sent was deemed “the most genetically valuable cheetah” in terms of genetic diversity. With the success of the Wildlife Safari’s cheetah breeding program and its work with its lions, the AZA hopes to start another breeding program there with Rhya and Kehmala, Safari’s two Sumatran Tigers. On September 9th, a fundraiser was held to raise funds to expand the carnivore exhibit so they are able to bring in male tigers. Just like the cheetahs, tigers are extremely endangered animals with only 3,400 wild tigers remaining. Tigers breed easily so given adequate space, prey base and protection, the wild tiger population can increase.

Another very special feature of Wildlife Safari is that it is a AZA accredited facility with hands-on elephant experiences. AZA requires protected contact management of elephants, a safer and more humane approach, which involves positive reinforcement training though a protective barrier. The elephants at Wildlife Safari are treated above standards by providing them with full healthcare. There is a full-time vet on staff at the beck and call of the elephants. If the elephants (or any animal) don’t feel like doing something, whether it be training or interacting with people during personal encounters, then they don’t. The staff does not push them to do anything they don’t want to do. The park is also raising funds to expand their elephant habitat from its current 4 acres by adding another 3 acres of land for them and a “Tembo Darasani” – meaning elephant classroom. Wildlife Safari’s drive-thru experience takes about an hour and half and you can purchase food to feed the sweet sika deer that walk right up to your car. They also offer group and personal animal encounters. Group encounters include taking a ride on their transport vehicle and having the opportunity to feed the giraffes, brown bears and hippos, “meet and greet” the elephants, and get up close to the lions and cheetahs. They also offer exclusive encounters where you can take a cheetah for a stroll with their ambassadors, premier encounters with the elephants, and opportunities to feed the carnivores in their private holdings. Multiple other experiences and education are offered. Visiting the safari helps it to continue its purpose of conservation, education and research of native and exotic wildlife. You can also help by donating online through its website, adopt an animal, and purchase original and exclusive art painted by the animals themselves. Overall, the best thing Wildlife Safari offers is making sure you receive a wild, unique and unforgettable experience. 1790 Safari Road, Winston, OR 97496 l 541-679-6761 l


Fall in love with your body Lose 3-5 pounds of fat per week, maintain muscle mass and target cellulite for a healthier you.



2615 5th Ave, Seattle WA, 98121

(206) 922-7995

Mode Mélange written by Anna DiBlosi l photo Luciano Mortula

From long-established designer labels to up and coming European trends, Paris is the heart of the international fashion industry making it a go-to destination for models, fashion bloggers, and window shoppers alike. Boutiques and department stores are bountiful in every Parisian neighborhood making the city worthy for people on all budgets. Shop for designer duds at French fashion powerhouses such as Louis Vuitton and Dior or explore Paris’s vintage shopping scene and flea markets to stumble upon unexpected treasures to rev up your next season wardrobe. After a day of splurging on must-have items, take a seat at a cafe, have a croissant, and people watch for all kinds of style inspiration from local trendsetters. In the city that gave us Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, spectating resident fashionistas is just as important as stopping to view the Mona Lisa or the Eiffel Tower during your sophisticated hiatus. If people watching doesn’t satisfy your need for a fashion fix, visit the city during Paris Fashion Week held the first week of October for fall or first week of March for spring to see fresh looks from seasonal designer ready-towear and haute couture collections.




The Palais Galliera is Paris’ museum of fashion and fashion history that features tens of thousands of clothing pieces and accessories that range from renaissance times to present-day and from street wear to iconic haute couture. Plan your trip to the Palais Galliera carefully; the museum only displays its collections for temporary periods of time and is closed to the public between exhibitions. Featured collections focus on a variety of French fashion aspects including designers, key influences, trends, and the visionary people who wore the preserved pieces.


The swanky and historical neighborhood of Marais is a choice area for spending the day visiting museums, art galleries and shopping before the sun goes down and the Marais’s bar and nightclub scene comes to life. The Marais is also home to the Jewish Quarter so by day, stop in one of the Jewish bakeries or delis for a quick snack on your stroll through the area before partying with the locals by night. photo Lembi Buchanan |


Paris is home to some of the first-ever department stores. Leisurely spend a day browsing their aisles, fawning over the ornate 20th century architecture and dining in their restaurants in between stops. First, visit the Galeries Lafayette, which is perhaps the grandest boasting five floors and an enormous stained glass ceiling dome. The Galeries Lafayette is a good spot for more than just a new outfit; visit the tearoom, library, and hair salon for a full day of pampering. Second, visit Le Bon Marché, the first left-bank department store designed by the same architect and engineer who created the Eiffel Tower. The clothing inside the walls of Le Bon Marché is just as lavish as the building itself. Other famous destinations for department store finds include Printemps and The Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville (BHV). 36 l VILLE l FASHION ISSUE

photo Galeries Lafayette l Christian Bertrand l

Où Reposer THE RITZ

photo Chopin Suite at The Ritz Paris l

The epitome of luxury and class, The Ritz hotel offers five-star rooms decorated in traditional pastel French room décor along with three high-end restaurants, a chic spa, five boutiques and specialty services including cooking classes. This iconic hotel was briefly home for famous former residents and guests Coco Chanel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Marcel Proust, among others. Visit the first and only Chanel Spa for a relaxing Chanel au Ritz skincare treatment or drop in for a cocktail at the Hemingway Bar, which features framed original letters written by the author on Ritz stationary. This hotel is a must visit even for those not staying as guests.


Hotel Particulier Montmartre is a magical hideaway nestled in the notable artist district of Montmartre. This hotel was the home of the Hermès family in the 19th century, yet another nod to Paris’ pivotal role in the history of fashion. The gems of this boutique hotel are the many artworks that adorn the opulent walls and the picturesque secret garden that’s perfect for sipping champagne or curling up with a good book. Hotel Particulier Montmartre gives guests a truly magical experience in the City of Light.


photo Georges dining area l

Perched on the rooftop of the Pompidou Centre, a museum home to works of renowned artists such as Warhol and Matisse, is the luxurious, minimalist restaurant Georges. The restaurant boasts a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower and surrounding area; sit inside for dinner or simply enjoy a drink on the outdoor terrace. A visit to this restaurant will have you dining beside Paris’ chicest people from the fashion and art worlds. The modern menu features fusion dishes for a trendy Parisian evening. Order the escargot and a bottle of their finest champagne.


Created in 1862 Ladurée is a patisserie that holds a place in history as the creator of the delectable sandwich cookie, the French macaroon. Aside from these famous little cookies, the patisserie is a producer of many other fine bakery items, all of which come in Ladurée’s very glamorous and sophisticated pastel boxes. There are now multiple locations in the city but visit the Ladurée on the noteworthy shopping street ChampsElysées for a Ladurée address that boasts both pastries, a tea room, and a full-menu restaurant.



hop S ‘Til You Drop

Seattle is immersed with high-end luxe boutiques that offer designers from the Pacific Northwest to as far as Europe. The intimate experience at each brings shopping to a whole new level with one on one personal stylists, glasses of champagne and quality clothes and jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else. A new season of fashion is upon us so make sure to update your wardrobe by shopping at these selected boutiques.


l VILLE l 39

Divalani Style Discover your own style identity by incorporating luxurious new pieces from Divalani Style, Bellevue’s newest and trendiest boutique. Anything purchased from this incredibly posh boutique is bound to make any woman feel confident and trendy. Most importantly, Divalani makes a woman feel special and appreciated offering styles so she can feel young and adventurous. The women that shops at Divalani are mature, confident, professional, and fashion forward and knows what she wants. That’s why this diva boutique always has the latest trends and styles to creat your own look. Its selection of soft, luxurious, breathable, and natural fabrics like Supima Cotton, Modal, silk, cashmere, and cashmere blends manufactured with sustainable, earth friendly techniques pair great with any of its leggings or premium denim selection. Besides casual comfort, Divalani has the perfect formal wear for a girls night out or romantic date. Shop from cocktails dresses to classy separates to mix and match with shoes and accessories for a complete overall look. Divalani caters to all of its shoppers with attentive care, listening to what each woman wants and providing a style that matches her identity. Every guest is appreciated and respected and delivered with a whole experience from the time spent inside of the boutique to outside when each woman wears its exclusive and premium style. 11000 NE 10th St, Suite C, Bellevue, WA 98004 l (425) 223-5344 l FB: l IN: @divalani_style

Kahini Fashion Kahini Fashion is a Seattle based boutique for the modern busy woman juggling multiple roles and looking for unique and versatile key pieces in her wardrobe. Located in Bellevue’s Factoria Square Mall (next to Target), this boutique provides a platform for local emerging designers and upcoming European brands. In addition, it has carefully curated its own exclusive label collection of sophisticated clothes, handmade jewelry, trendy handbags and chic accessories for the fashionista. The in-house design label KAHINI, is feminine, luxe, sophisticated and eclectic. Its styles are made from premium fabrics and each hasa limited quantity, making them true designer styles. Their goal is to make every woman look and feel beautiful without spending a fortune. That is why they call it the “guilt free shopping” destination. Kahini Fashion is a 100% women managed organization.“I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” [~Ralph Lauren] That is the motto for Joy Sircar McMillen, Creative Director of Kahini Fashion, who has over 18 years experience in the fashion industry having worked in companies like Nike and Nordstrom. Want to look unique and feel special? Kahini Fashion team can design and custom fit an exclusive outfit for you. Their design team will take your idea or inspiration and make it a gorgeous reality. You can shop their styles and for a good cause online at Ten percent of sales are donated to Seattle’s Homeless Shelter, Mary’s Place. Their website has an extensive assortment and provides free shipping for orders over $100. l FB: @KahiniFashionShopping l TW: @kahinifashion l IN: @kahinifashion



The briK

Located in downtown Magnolia, The briK Boutique is a fashion forward boutique catering to men and women. Work, date, dinner with friends, after-work drinks, no matter the occasion, The briK’s selection of clothes and brands has you covered. The attentive and kind staff are available for one-on-one closet consultations to help you choose what looks best, what complements your existing wardrobe, and how to roll this all over into the next season. The briK Boutique carries top designer brands from all over the world to right here in Seattle including Russell Wilson’s Good Man Brand. Other brands include: G Jeans, Hudson Jeans, Joe’s Jeans, Genetic Denim, Tart Collections, Fifteen Twenty, Red 23, Ash & Ember, Chloe Oliver, Hanky Panky, Michael Stars, John Varvatos, Scotch & Soda, Heather, Masha Osoianu, BCBG Max Azria, Embrazio, Level 99, Single, Mr. Turk, Bugatchi, and more coming this winter such as Theory. New styles are constantly arriving in the latest trends that are not only showcased in the hip boutique, but also down the runway in various Seattle fashion events. 3308 W McGraw St., Seattle, WA 98199 l (206) 588-2782 l l FB: @thebrikboutique l IN: @shopbrik l TW: @shopbrik





of Amberleigh West

location l Wildlife Safari - Winston, OR l photography & editing l Jessica Drake l JLD Imagery l hair l Lisa Vann l Vann.Edge Salon l makeup l Corina Tsuda l styled by l Charity Mainville, Tannya Bernadette and Lori Bellina


animals yak (bos grunniens) dress l Deyonte Weather Collection splatter navy and white crop gown l $500 jewelry l Turgeon Raine necklace 18K yellow gold “slinky� necklace l $17,500 bangles 18K yellow/white gold & 18K yellow gold with diamonds 7-strand flyover l $10,375 ea. 18K yellow/white gold & 18K yellow gold with diamonds trio l $6,375 ea. 18K yellow/white gold & 18K yellow gold with diamonds 4-strand/flyover l $6,125 ea. FASHION ISSUE l VILLE l 45

animal Khayam - Wildlife Safari’s ambassador cheetah (acinonyx jubatus) dress l Luly Yang l Chartreuse Martini chartreuse color silk charmeuse cross over neckline gown with side front slit and black velvet sash l $1,600 jewelry l Turgeon Raine 18K rose gold link necklace l $10, 000 18K rose and white gold bracelet with a pavÊ set diamond section l $15,575


interviewed by Charity Mainville

Behind Amberleigh West’s striking appearance and ability to dominate a camera lies a sweet, shy and innocent demeanor working hard to accomplish her dreams. Growing up in Mount Vernon, she knew she wanted to become an actress, using her mom’s old video camera to record skits and music videos with her best friend in early elementary school. Her interest in modeling came after watching reruns of America’s Next Top Model every day during high school. Eight years later, she was cast for that show in cycle 22. After placing as a finalist in the 2014 Cover Girl Search, Amberleigh’s dreams started coming true. In January 2016, she was chosen as Playboy’s last playmate of month in its final nude issue. She signed with Seattle’s biggest modeling agency, Heffner Management, cast in upcoming films and had a photo shoot with her favorite photographer. But this is only the beginning for this up and coming beauty as 2017 promises to bring even more success.



animal Valerie - African elephant (loxodonta Africana) dress l Deyonte Weather Collection mint green embellished ball gown l $1,500 FASHION ISSUE l VILLE l 49


What was your first modeling or acting role? In high school, I started out modeling for a vintage clothing store/ website in Anacortes [WA]. In 2014, you entered the Cover Girl Search and became a finalist. What made you decide to enter? Who doesn’t want to be on the cover of a magazine? I was really interested in it. My friend had done it prior, and it sounded like a good opportunity to get to know more people in the industry. How did you get involved with Playboy? I was contacted by Josh Ryan, a former Playboy photographer. He asked if I was interested in testing for being a playmate. I said, “Hell yeah!” and was in Los Angeles the next day at the Playboy Mansion. How does it feel being the last nude playmate of the month? I shot my pictorial in March 2014, and at the time I had no idea what month I was going to be or that I was going to be in the last nude issue. I was so excited that they decided to save me for such a special issue. What other opportunities have you had this past year? I recently was contacted by the president of Victoria’s Secret who introduced me to one of their photographers, Russell James. I saw his work while in Berlin a year ago and remember thinking, “that is where I want to be. I want to shoot with this guy.” I’m so grateful I had that opportunity. You were chosen for America’s Next Top Model in cycle 22 [last season with Tyra Banks] but decided to leave after the first episode. Why? I guess I was naive to know what reality TV actually was versus how I perceived it. You watch the show not knowing what goes on behind the scenes. The show was all about creating fake drama and that’s not something I wanted to be a part of.


Besides modeling, you have been cast into a couple of movies. Can you tell us about the roles? My first film was an indie horror film with Director Steve Wolsh for Kill Her Goats. My role was a high school girlfriend that was played along with her boyfriend. The film is currently in editing, but no news on when it will be released. This past June, I worked on the feature film, Dog Years, starring Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter, cast as one the girlfriends from the main character’s past. The release date will soon be announced. How did feel being behind a camera in action versus posing? I’m still new to acting, but both are so similar to me. Whenever I’m in front of the camera, I try my best to be whoever I need to be - not Amberleigh. I am a very shy person, but with modeling and acting, I don’t need to be. I get to be somebody else and I think it is so cool. What has been your favorite experience so far? Everything I’ve done is my favorite, but I think being able to shoot with my favorite photographer, Russell James, is on the top of my list. Are you planning on moving or staying in Washington? I would like to keep doing what I’m doing - live in Washington and be able to travel. Have you worked with any fashion brands? I’ve done a test shoot with Guess. What do you consider your style? My style is very chill: pants, jacket and hair up in a ponytail. What would say to those who want to break into the modeling world? I would say to work hard and be persistent. There are so many opportunities in the industry and it is constantly changing.

animals Chilean flamingo (phoenicopterus chilensis) dress l Luly Yang l Firefly Metallic Organza Jacquard One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress l $9,800 necklace l Turgeon Raine 18K yellow gold with diamonds choker l $10, 125 FASHION ISSUE l VILLE l 51

animals Erin (left) & Mate (right) - giraffe (giraffa camelopardalis)


dress l Luly Yang l Mojito Over Ice Silk stretch crepe sweetheart neckline gown with “mojito” applique l $5,200

animals damara zebra (equus burchellii antiquorums) dress l Luly Yang l Intrepid

black & white silk crepe strapless cocktail with peplum l $2,850

jewelry l Turgeon Raine necklace

strand of Baroque shaped black Tahitian pearls l $20,250


leather cuff with 7 Tahitian CP and 10 Keshi pearls l $2,350


ing, less tann n u s d n ed a nd has to est sunb u b o S e t h t e g s ha r Pu Sun Tan orstep. e greate o le h t t d t t r a a u e h o S t y , ns om rapy inutes fr destinatio light the m n d e lo ly r a n s g o l in i, a Mau ti-ag r 35 loc taste of s, and an p le t a t With ove r li w a y nce ed bod frarISSUE . Experie in r e g ff in o m 54 lsVILLE l FASHION lim




Top left: Artist Sam Mayer / Vain / Model Leah Vigoren / Photo Roxie Jane Hunt of / Makeup Shannon Bisconer Top right: Artist Chelsea Wescott / Dosha Salon / Model Summer Robbins / Photo Mark Daniel Muzzy / Makeup Beatrice Van Bottom left: Artist Sarah Lawrence / Belle Marie Salon / Model Shelbi Ta / Photo Alisha Nakamura / Makeup Sarah Lawrence Bottom right: Artist Jeremy Abraham / AFH Salon / Model Gwendolyn Moruzzi / Photo James Cheng / Makeup My Vu




Top left: Colorist Jennifer Danley / Vasuda Salon / Model Victoria Glasel / Photographer Christina Miller / Makeup Jennifer Danley Top right: Colorist Christopher Archiopoli / Vann.Edge Salon / Model Katarina Swinney / Photo James Cheng / Makeup Daniel Homer Bottom left: Colorist Lauren Little / Lisa Power Salon / Model Laura Good / Photo Kingmon Creative Photography / Makeup Hanna Evant Bottom right: Colorist Lauren Frances Hall / Lauren Frances Hair / Model Jade Snider / Photo Patrick Tak / Makeup Marina Boichuk




Left: Hairstylist Kim Botner / Dosha Salon / Model Brianna Barker / Photo Mark Daniel Muzzy / Makeup Christina Carlsson Right: Hairstylist David Scott / The Natural Beauty / Model Brian James (Option Model and Media) / Photo Justin Taylor / Makeup Jodi Vaughn / Wardrobe Heather Gathuru




Top left: Hairstylist Tod Alan / Azure Hair Studio / Model Ashely Rutherford / Photo Rob Ayres / Makeup Rob Ayres Top right: Hairstylist Nyesha Titus / Gary Manuel Salon / Model Anya Zaytseva / Photo Tsofia Richter / Makeup Krystal Kreitzmann Bottom: Hairstylist Antonio Solimeno / Antonio Salon / Model Jane Gunnar / Photo Christina Hicks / Makeup Rob Ayres




Left: Makeup Artist Cassie Bledsoe / Seattle, WA / Model Amy Gee / Photo James Cheng Right: Makeup Artist Rick Toth / Seattle, WA / Model Sofia Tveter / Photo Sennia Kyle / Hair Sonja Olsen / Jewelry Namiko Nakamur




Left: Makeup Artist Leo Abarca / Seattle, WA / Model Eva Karanja / Photo Mane Photography / Hair Nayibe Top right: Makeup Artist Christina Carlsson / Dosha Salon / Model McKenna Britton-Wood / Photo Mark Muzzy Bottom right: Makeup Artist Bek Harvey / Seattle, WA / Model Max Dernoll / Photo Olivia Lazer / Hair Bek Harvey




Left: Master Hairstylist Emmett Henley / Vasuda Salon / Model Krista Mone / Photo Laura Gehring / Makeup Danielle Martin Right: Master Hairstylist Robert Middleton / Stylus Salon / Model Sierra Hawkins / Photo Scotty Vorenberg / Makeup Amanda Christopherson




Top left: Master Hairstylist Annie Fisher / AFH Salon / Model Mariah Symone / Photo James Cheng / Makeup Rick Toth and Kendall Faith Top right: Master Hairstylist Stacie Bowie / Bowie Salon and Spa / Model Rian Buckley / Photo Stephen Gilbert / Makeup Carla Petrulli Bottom: Master Hairstylist Deannalynn / Teal Salon / Model Julianne B. Skinner / Photo Keith Bryce / Makeup Abigail Steele




Left: Newcomer Kelsey Marie Knutson / AFH Salon / Model Amy Gee / Photo Olivia Lazer / Makeup Aajenee McLeod Top right: Newcomer Kimberly Davis / Vann.Edge Salon / Model Jamie Tungul / Photo James Cheng / Makeup Daniel Homer Bottom right: Newcomer Melonie Quaranta / Lisa Power Salon / Model Vada / Photo Kingmon Creative / Makeup Vada


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Beauty School Written by: Tannya Bernadette

The tricks to getting the perfect cat eye, learning the basics of contouring and finding reviews on the newest cosmetic lines are all available by simply pressing play. Beauty vlogging, otherwise known as video blogging has taken over social media. Top vloggers have a distinct personality and style to fix any beauty craving. These ladies make it look easy. They capture the latest trends in easy-to-follow steps that even a clueless newbie can replicate. So get your brushes ready and become your own beauty expert with the guide of these beauty gurus.


With so many different brands and options when it comes to looking beautiful, it can be hard to decide which are best. That’s where British beauty vlogger, Zoella can help. She has the entertaining personality of a pop star with a cool girl vibe. Watching her videos makes you feel like you’re spending girl time with your best friend. It’s easy to listen to her opinion on the best and latest cosmetics, skincare and body care products, and the best products by the type of store. l l @zoella


Simply Sona is an Armenian diva vlogger with a specialty in beauty, glamour and celebrity-inspired looks. Her celebrity makeup tutorials include looks from Ariana Grande’s and Selena Gomez’s music videos, Kendall Jenner’s and J. Lo’s natural beauty looks, and so many more. Watch her transform women with full beauty makeovers and see how new products work as she tests them just for you. Sona provides an effortless image that her followers admire and adds in giveaways from wellknown brands.


If you’re looking for light makeup ideas, Suzie Bonaldi from Hello October is your girl. She’s as sweet as it gets. Her looks are feminine and simply flawless. Her lessons are perfect for the daily commuter who needs fast makeup ideas for the morning rush and those who want the look of celebrities. There is much less chit chat, which allows you to concentrate more on the visual elements. The filming is polished and provides more of a story style. l l @hellooctoberxo l l @simplysona


Another vlogger that focuses on beauty and lifestyle while adding in some happiness is Latina lady, Dulce Candy. She is vulnerable and completely herself in every video. She mixes the juicy details of her personal life and honest, sometimes emotional, opinions in her videos. The natural flow of her tutorials of face routines, seasonal looks. and tips on how to be stress free make it easy to relate to her inspiring life. With no filter, she invites you into her world to create a conversation with her through comment threads. l l @dulcecandy


Nitraab is the key to beauty and lifestyle. She offers tip in skincare, health, beauty and even home décor. This diva’s energy is engaging and on point. Her makeup tutorials are perfect for the dramatic and sultry looks you desire. She shows you her latest tricks on creating smoky eyes to using colors in a stepby-step sequence that gives you clear instructions to recreate the magic. The videos fly by as you watch her apply layer after layer of shimmer and shine. l @nitaarb


2030 1ST AVE, SEATTLE, WA 98121 l 206.441.5511 l WWW.VANNEDGE.COM Every Guest... Every Time

5th Avenue | Seattle

Platinum ring with 4.42 carat Crisscut diamond • 18kt white gold ring with 3.50 carats of pavé set diamonds

Tu r g e o n R a i n e . c o m

Platinum and 18kt bracelets by Michael Bondanza • Necklaces and earrings in 18kt rose and yellow gold

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