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San Joaquin Valley Partnership Program September 2011 Focus: San Joaquin Valley kWh and peak kW reductions This Month’s Major Accomplishments: The monthly Partnership meeting was held on September 1st. Mark Easland and Roger Snow from Watermark Energy Solutions presented on variable frequency drives for commercial pool equipment. Jennifer Kaminski of The Climate Registry presented on the Cool Planet Project, a coadministered program with the investor owned utilities. The program encourages customers to install energy efficiency projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and provides assistance in completing a GHG inventory, among other benefits.

Small Business Direct Install results were presented and it was reported that small businesses within Partnership territory saved over 6 million kWh, which equals about $900k in savings per year. The cities of Hanford and Woodlake initiated their Energy Action Plans at the end of September. Implementing Partner met with local governments around the State at the Rural Energy and Climate Planning conference on September 28th. The implementer brought back valuable information as it relates to Strategic Plan Support efforts, specially related to the partner’s efforts in adopting Energy Action Plans, and drafting energy efficiency language for General Plan updates. The City of Lindsay and the County of Kings accepted their memorandum of understanding authorization the start of work on efficiency projects funded through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program, saving the County more than 200,000 kWh. Key Issues or Emerging Concerns: The implementing Partner has been working with all eight jurisdictions to gather details relating to energy accounts in order to provide a comprehensive portfolio review, and prepare the facilities for upload into the EPA Portfolio Manager system. The project was originally scheduled to be completed in June 2011. Due to staff cutbacks and lack of time jurisdiction partners have not been able to provide necessary information in a timely manner. The implementer has revised internal projections and confirmed with the jurisdictions that the project will now not be complete until the first quarter of 2012. The City of Visalia is on the fence about participating in the Partnership efforts, or to go it alone using funds from Flight 15.6. Implementer remains in regular contact with the City to encourage them to participate so that all jurisdictions complete the work.

The cities of Woodlake, Lindsay, Visalia, and Hanford are quite close to reaching their Silver Tier level and completion of ARRA funded projects should help them all to reach the next level through kWh savings. Based on success with Tulare county and Porterville, the same partnership approach should be initiated to see these four to success. Efforts to move Woodlake and Hanford began at the end of August. The Program Manager and Implementer will meet to strategize next steps in assisting the City of Tulare to pursue Gold Tier status. Implementer and Utility managers are working to ensure submission of application for incentive on ARRA funded projects with all eight jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions are now working with Utility Account Manager to identify savings opportunities to replace less efficient projects. Upcoming Milestones The Partnership will host a luncheon in the fall to recognize the achievements of the participating jurisdictions, as well as receive feedback from the group. Implementer will continue drafting language to address Partnership strategic plan menu selection 4.1.3: general plan update efficiency language template for presentation to the Partners in December 2011. Implementer will be working with the Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator in September and October to produce a Best Practice Fact Sheet on the partnership benchmarking efforts.


Key Issues or Emerging Concerns: The implementing Partner has been working with all eight jurisdictions to gather details relating to energy...

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