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San Joaquin Valley Partnership Program February 2010 Focus: San Joaquin Valley kWh and peak kW reductions

This Month’s Major Accomplishments: Jurisdictions worked with implementer on potential community events VIEW Partnership could participate in. The list was submitted to the M&O committee to narrow down at the February 4th meeting. The implementer was asked to add in expected attendance numbers and staff costs to better determine those events where the MEU should come in and those that Partnership will self-staff. A minimum determinate of 250 expected participants was the level to bring in MEU’s. The partnership, aided by OSS with the 2nd MEU, and Southern California Gas company volunteers participated in the 17th annual Visalia Spring Fest Home and Patio event February 12-14, 2010. Partner volunteers reported a positive experience, with some of the following comments: o Liked that it was more general, and less focused on one particular program—provided visitors with an all-around idea of what the utilities are doing to help them. o Missed being able to offer the individual energy audit, not able to “sell” the online version as much. o Need more copies of the SCE whole house diagram handout, as they ran out due to popularity. Although, the concept of combining SCE and SCG savings opportunities on one house diagram is still the dream! o OSS reported a good turnout and opportunity. There was a change in implementer staff, and Courtney Kalashian will be the lead staff member from the SJVCEO working on VIEW. Cynthia Downing will be focusing her attention to the SJVCEO fundraising and EECBG efforts. Paul Johnson will continue to advise as the SJVCEO Executive Director, and in March, Maureen Hoff will come on to assist Courtney with clerical duties. Partners received notice of 2010 Tier levels and a copy of the SCE tier level graph. Partners were notified of changes to the On Bill Financing program, and asked to submit their possible projects for a “pre-look”. OBF will be a major focus of the March 4th meeting. The implementer and utility worked to ensure jurisdiction feedback on which strategic plan goals to pursue with the $81,000+ embedded Strategic Plan funds after the original plan to use part of the funds on an AB811 program was dismissed. The jurisdictions, with the implementer, submitted the partnership selection of goals to pursue with the embedded strategic plan dollars. The partnership has decided to pursue goals 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 4.1.1, and 4.1.3. Key Issues or Emerging Concerns: All partners are concerned that their OBF projects make the list and want to make sure that they are considered when the program roles out. The general consensus from the jurisdictions was disappointment when they learned that AB811 program would not be eligible for embedded Strategic Plan funds. In a united voice the jurisdictions appealed with the following statement, “It seems like setting up an AB811 program is a very positive, cost effective way

to set up a program that will result in actual, long term energy conservation. Since the program would seemingly pay for a consultant to develop general plan policies, it seems that it would also pay for the development of an energy conservation program that would then be self-sustaining.� Thanks to strong communication and attention from the utilities and with support from the implementer, the jurisdictions agreed to use the imbedded funds for the following goals: 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 4.1.1, and 4.1.3. All partner jurisdictions continue to be concerned about losing marketing and outreach dollars. The group consensus remains that locally based outreach efforts are more effective because of regional diversity, and local understanding of the market. All Jurisdictions in the Partnerships are pursuing EECBG funds (either from DOE or CEC) and hope to have their pre-inspections of projects complete so that their EECBG funded projects can count toward the Partnership goals. Partners are very appreciative of utility efforts to make this a possible given the tight time frames involved. Upcoming Milestones The SJVCEO will hold a conference call for Jurisdiction on March 2, 2010 to assist jurisdictions plan for the SCE Competitive Strategic Funds application process. The City of Lindsay will hold the first self-staffed partnership event at the City of Lindsay Earth Day event on Saturday, April 3. There will be a VIEW booth with volunteers from the City (both English and Spanish speaking). The partnership will loan the banner, and provided promotional materials to the City for the booth.

VIEW Partnership Monthly Report February 2010  

Key Issues or Emerging Concerns: All partners are concerned that their OBF projects make the list and want to make sure that they are consid...