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San Joaquin Valley Partnership Program April 2010 Focus: San Joaquin Valley kWh and peak kW reductions This Month’s Major Accomplishments: Pete Zanzot, of the SCE Cool Center program presented in person to the Partners at the April meeting. The cities of Lindsay and Tulare are applying to have SCE Cool Centers in 2010; the City of Porterville intends to apply for 2010 as well; the County of Tulare will apply for 2010 if they can find a suitable location, otherwise they will wait until 2011. Tara Becnel, of SCE, presented in person to the Partners at the April meeting on Demand Response in the Energy Leader Model. Partners were asked to create demand response awareness based on their current tier level. In order to maintain their tier levels, jurisdictions were required to take action; at the very least, this would be signing up for Flex Alerts. At the request if the utilities, the implementing partner researched and brought to the partners information on the CEC Clean Energy Business Financing Project. Applications became available early April and the implementing partner provided email alerts to the jurisdictions and they in turn forwarded the information out through their local EDCs and Chambers of Commerce. The Jurisdiction Needs Assessment that was developed in March was provided to all Partners. Face to face meetings with the City of Hanford, the County of Tulare, and the City of Porterville have been scheduled for early May. The Partnership, through the implementing partner, continued to edit the marketing plan based on feedback from the ME&O Task Force meetings. This will be treated as a living document and further developed with jurisdiction input at the each month. The City of Lindsay held the first self-staffed partnership event at the City of Lindsay Earth Day event on Saturday, April 3. There was a VIEW booth with volunteers from the City (both English and Spanish speaking). The partnership loaned the banner, and provided promotional materials to the City for the booth. The City of Lindsay and AgTAC held an AgTAC in the Community event at the McDermott Field House on April 14, 2010 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. The MEU 2nd unit and Jurisdiction volunteers had a booth at the Visalia Earth Day Celebration on April 17, 2010. Three of the eight Partner jurisdictions participated and exhibited fleet vehicles at the SCE AgTAC Earth Day event on April 30, 2010 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. On the same day the implementing partner was awarded a 2010 Environmental Hero of the Year award at SCE GO headquarters, in Rosemead. Key Issues or Emerging Concerns: An issue arose with the City of Visalia and not having satisfactory information for approval of the city’s Airport LED Runway Light project. Due to what appears to be a lack of communication, though still unclear whether it was the city, utility, or third party contractor--the project was not accepted and is in the process of resubmission. Much time in April was spent in conversation with the Gas Company on acceptance of reimbursement requests. Through many calls and emails between all parties an amicable resolution was reached, and the implementer is in the process of revising all 2010 invoices for resubmission.

During the reimbursement conversations, it was noted by the Gas Company that Strategic Plan Menu Selection 4.1.3 was not included in the advice letter to the CPUC. This question is currently being looked into by both utility program managers before further time is incurred on this particular menu item. All partners are concerned that their OBF projects make the list and want to make sure that they are considered when the program roles out. All partner jurisdictions continue to be concerned about losing marketing and outreach dollars. The group consensus remains that locally based outreach efforts are more effective because of regional diversity, and local understanding of the market.

Upcoming Milestones The City of Woodlake will hold the Lions Rodeo on May 8th and 9th. The MEU 2nd unit will be present, possibly with bilingual staff to assist with any Spanish speaking attendees. The implementing partner will staff a VIEW booth at the May 14th Porterville Prospect Education Center Earth Day Celebration for K-6th graders and their parents. Looking beyond May, several jurisdictions are scheduled to have the MEU 2 nd unit at their summer Farmers Markets, also with bilingual staff. More Jurisdiction Needs Assessment face to face meetings will be scheduled with the remaining Partners.

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