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2006-08 Energy Efficiency Portfolio Quarterly Report Narrative

Program Name: LGEAR: San Joaquin Program Number: SCEXXXX Quarter: Third Quarter 2009 1.

Program Description: LGEAR is a partnership program structure, which involves th e creation of energy partnerships with cities and local governments to set energy efficiency goals and generate measurable, verifiable energy savings through identification of specific energy efficiency projects and community outreach activities. Projects are referred to Southern California Edison’s (SCE) core programs and can be residential or non-residential, including small, commercial and industrial businesses, municipal and other governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. Low income and demand response programs will also be included. 2. Administrative Activities: The following activities took place in San Joaquin: o Ongoing monthly meetings with the partnership implementer, the San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization for program planning and implementation. o Two cities and one county joined the partnership.

3. Marketing Activities: Visalia Home Show with Mobile Energy Unit support

4. Direct Implementation Activities: The San Joaquin Valley: o Planned for upcoming audits to be conducted at municipal facilities o Developed an approach for the application of Federal EE block grant funding supportive of partnership goals. 5.

Program Performance/Program Status:

 Program is on target  Program is exceeding expectations  Program is falling short of expectations Explanation:

Southern California Edison


2nd Quarter 2009

2006-08 Energy Efficiency Portfolio Quarterly Report Narrative

The San Joaquin Valley partnerships have been well received. SCE and the partners are working on additional activities to customize existing energy efficiency programs. 6.

Program Achievements (non-resource programs only): None


Changes in program emphasis, if any, from previous quarter (e.g., new program elements, less or more emphasis on a particular delivery strategy, program elements discontinued, measure discontinued, budget changes, etc.). The partnership is working to adapt its plans and budget for the next program cycle to align with the CPUC final decision rendered in September. The partnership’s emphasis for the third quarter and fourth quarters is being placed in assisting the Cities and County in identifying retrofit opportunities. The partnership is developing materials to assist the partner cities in moving identified retrofit opportunities to completion.


Discussion of near-term plans for program over the coming months (e.g., marketing and outreach efforts that are expected to significantly increase program participation, etc.) San Joaquin Valley Marketing: o Fully developing a Marketing Plan to establish a foundation for efforts from 2010-2012 o Holiday Lighting exchange for various communities in December


Changes to staffing and staff responsibilities, if any: None


Changes to contracts, if any: Contract review and negotiations for the 2010-2012 program cycle were begun during the third quarter between the implementer and SCE. It is anticipated that contracts will be signed during the fourth quarter of 2009.


Changes to contractors and contractor responsibilities, if any: None


Number of customer complaints received: None

Southern California Edison


2nd Quarter 2009

2006-08 Energy Efficiency Portfolio Quarterly Report Narrative


Revisions to program theory and logic model, if any: None

Southern California Edison


2nd Quarter 2009

SCE XXXX - 3rd Quarter 2009 - LGEAR_San Joaquin  

 Program is on target  Program is exceeding expectations  Program is falling short of expectations 2006-08 Energy Efficiency Portfolio Qu...

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