Annual Report 2018-19

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2018 - 19

Vidya & Child Jayaprakash Narayan Memorial Trust

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MESSAGE FROM TEAM V&C Greetings from Team Vidya & Child! With heartfelt thankfulness and a deep sense of gratitude towards all who made this voyage possible, we would like to present the annual report for 2018-19. The year 2018-19 was special for all of us at Vidya & Child. Along with moving towards our 21st year of being ‘Vidya & Child’; we also as a team got together to reminisce the years gone by; as for each one of us, there are so many memories to cherish, so many experiences to remember and so many people to thank for making us what we are today. We would not be wrong in sharing the feeling on behalf of each one of us in Vidya & Child when we quote Robert Frost’s famous lines here… “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” The road ahead for us as an organisation is one of discovering strengths within ourselves, learning and building on those strengths and sharing our strengths externally to reach out to those in need with the objective of increasing scope as well as depth in what we choose to pursue. It is truly humbling to acknowledge that our children, our parent community and our staff are a source of strength that make the wheel go round for us at Vidya & Child. Our children, the little wonders that they are, continue to amaze us with their resilience, their cheerfulness, their never-say-quit attitude and above all their lovely smiles in any situation. (with such qualities they can be our life coaches if we allow them to be :-) ). We as a team aspire to be able to work towards enabling EACH ONE OF US ie EACH CHILD, EACH PARENT, EACH STAFF MEMBER to be aware of our own strengths, be willing to continuously learn to grow and reach our potential to the maximum, live thoughtfully and be the ‘BEST’ that we can be. To be able to do the above, as an organisation, it is of paramount importance that Vidya & Child invests its time and energy into its people and also to establish processes that are flexible enough to remain concurrent and ensure internal and external compliance along with continuous learning and upgradation so that the processes established now run the test of time in years to come. The responsibility that we have is immense, the belief that we have in ourselves and each other is huge and the need within us to learn and grow and be able to deliver is enormous. We, at Vidya & Child, seek your blessings for the road ahead and also thank each one of our children, parents, staff, vendors, volunteers, partners, donors and all well-wishers for your love and support and for showing us the light in the journey so far. Warm regards, Team Vidya & Child Page 2


To be a movement which acts as a catalyst in enabling sensitivity and community consciousness in children of marginalized communities through value integrated and holistic education in India

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Vidya & Child works with the mission to help bridge the gap for those children who have no access to the learning facilities existing in our society. It works towards providing A value integrated learning environment leading to a strong educational foundation and enabling a child to identify the uniqueness within. Long term engagement with each parent to develop a shared vision for each child.

This helps the child to close socio-economic gaps and access mainstream opportunities

We Believe

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Vidya & Child ... where EACH CHILD MATTERS

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WHATÂ WE DO Vidya & Child works in marginalised communities, exploring the unique potential in each child by providing opportunities for value integrated learning and development.

Focus & Approach Value Integrated and Holistic Learning To enable children to introspect, question and progress collectively with sensitivity Focus on Each Child The "Child" is the centre of all program planning & activities Learning and Enablement To work through the complete education life cycle of a child, so that each child completes school education and is skill enabled to access mainstream opportunities Shared Vision with each Parent Long term engagement so that each parent remains an active stakeholder towards the full education cycle

Holistic development of each child through Academic Programme Children & Parent Programme Arts & Performing Arts Programme Life Skills Programme Sports Programme

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IMPACTING LIVES Perspective towards education : When Vidya & Child was set up, not many parents were keen to enroll their children as they did not fully understand the importance of education Over the years, the awareness campaigns and counseling done by Vidya & Child has helped to change the perception of the community. Today we have an equal number of boys and girls in our schools Numerous success stories of Vidya & Child alumni students also serve as an inspiration for the other children & parents in the community

Nature of Employment : Over the years, there has been a shift in the nature of employment. Earlier, the community members were working as plumbers, shopkeepers, vendors, rickshaw pullers, domestic help, labourers etc. Today, their next generation is breaking barriers and working across 20 diverse careers ranging from Engineering to Architecture.

Broader Outlook : Change in the saving pattern of the community as the realization of planning for the future has gained importance. Through regular exposure visits and participation in external events, the beneficiaries have gained more knowledge, awareness and a broader outlook.

Gender Equality : Parents are no longer reluctant to send their daughters to school. They are now even willing to support higher education for them. Today, some girls are also studying in hostels out of town. Through PTMs and home visits, parents are counseled to treat their sons & daughters at par with respect to delegating work, giving time to study etc.

Language & Communication : Majority of the inhabitants being migratory population, there was an increased dependence on the use of regional languages in the past years. Today, their language skills have broadened to include English & Hindi due to English medium teaching & reinforcement through Spoken English classes and Hindi Language Development activities. Boost in personality of students due to knowledge & better expression in English, thus making them more confident at their workplace also.

Health & Hygiene : Increased awareness in the community about the importance of health and hygiene due to the awareness campaigns and regular health camps organised by Vidya & Child to cover the immunisation requirements and basic health check-ups of its students.

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OVER THE YEARS Established in the year 1998, Vidya & Child started with 2 children. The objective was to make a difference in the lives of children belonging to socio-economically marginalized sections of the society. Today Vidya & Child provides education to over 1700 First Generation learners whose parents are illiterate/semi-literate and work as domestic help, industrial workers, vendor, plumbers etc. "Exploring the uniqueness in every child" forms the foundation of every thought and action at Vidya & Child where EACH CHILD matters. We strongly believe that the purpose of education is to build a platform for a child to learn, grow and explore in a holistic manner. Vidya & Child works towards holistic development of each child by providing a creative learning environment encompassing academics, arts, sports along with opportunities for self - exploration through value based life skills curriculum. Vidya & Child currently operates 5 schools in Noida (Delhi-NCR) & Bihar and is registered with the U.P State Board and also accredited by NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling). Every member of Vidya & Child is moving forward with a goal to reach out to more children without compromising on the quality of intervention required.

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OUTREACH : Over 1700

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OUR COLLABORATIONS Computer Training to become a Trainer 2 children from Vidya & Child joined Computer Shiksha programme after completing their class 10th from NIOS. Children have learnt programs like MS Office, MS Paint and aspects related to hardware and maintenance of a computer. Both the children have started taking computer classes at Vidya & Child school under the guidance of Computer Shiksha team. Computer Shiksha helps impart computer education to those who might not have access to the same.

Finding Wings with NavGurukul 2 children of Vidya & Child, got selected for a 1 year residential programme post a written test & interview after completing Class 12 from NIOS. The 1 year course uses online content and augments the same to train children on modern day technologies, problem solving along with soft skills and prepares them for job-readiness for the industry. The curriculum focuses on effectively delivering strong fundamentals through the use of pen-and-paper as well as online activities, using examples and supporting tools like BlockPy to enhance the visualization capabilities. NavGurukul is a non-profit organisation which aims to provide meaningful alternative to college education. They provide computer related learning to children from humble backgrounds.

Learning with Animation

80 children were trained in animation where they worked through the entire process of storytelling, drawing visuals, taking pictures and videos and editing the same along with background sound & music. They made 8 films - 'Talking with Moon', 'Naughty Chick', 'Save the Environment' to name a few. These films can be viewed at Vidya & Child's YouTube Channel They were trained by internationally acclaimed artist Mr. Nitin Donde.

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OUR COLLABORATIONS Gender Lab Workshop 73 children in the age group of 10 to 14 years participated in Gender Lab workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to build leadership skills and work towards creating a gender neutral world by engaging children in community service. As part of the project children interacted with people from the community like Doctors, Police Personnel and also affected parties like the child labourer, girl child, poor families etc. Children came up with various ideas to create awareness and to bring change in the community. The workshop was conducted by Avanti Group.

Sessions on Cyber Safety Children of classes 7th to 10th and members of programme team and teachers were apprised of dangers of social media and the different ways of staying safe when using the internet. The need for a secure password, being careful about the information shared on social media, cyber stalking, privacy issues, pornography on the internet are some of the topics covered during the session. The session was conducted by members from ‘Jaago Teens’, an organisation committed to promoting a responsible and safer internet ecosystem.

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HIGHLIGHTS Self Defence Training Children from Vidya & Child were invited to conduct Self Defence Training for 5000 girl children at Mahamaya Inter College, Noida. Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and Karate Association of India organized the event.

Sports Day Sports Day is an annual event at Vidya & Child where children from all the four schools in Noida gather at our Vatika school and participate in different races. 80m sprints, relays, obstacle race, lemon & spoon race, 3-legged race are some of the races held.

Prayaag Sangeet Samiti 11 children appeared for their annual classical art form exam from Prayaag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad in Tabla, Kathak, Kuchipudi and Hindustani Vocals. Children who are keen to pursue learning in their chosen field appear for these exams.

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HIGHLIGHTS Arts & Performing Arts Showcase Arts & Performing Arts is an integral part of Vidya & Child's curriculum. 3 showcases were held through the year in which children displayed their work of Art. Parents, Donors & our Volunteers were part of the event . They visited different stalls to encourage children and also participated in pottery and folk art. The APA showcase is also used as an opportunity to engage with parents and show them the creative side of their children.


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SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS Sports forms an important part of Vidya & Child's curriculum. In the year 2018-19, our children won 80 medals and 4 trophies in various sports events.


6 medals won at the State Karate Championship 2 Gold : 1 Silver : 3 Bronze 18 medals won at the District Karate Championship 10 Gold : 4 Silver : 4 Bronze 1st position in Kabaddi at HCL - Sports For Change 2nd position in Football organised by Kick It Foundation Won 2 trophies and 12 Medals in Kho-Kho at District Tournament held at IIMT University, Meerut

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Independence Cup Karate Championship 7 medals won by children of Vidya & Child in Independence Cup Karate Championship held at New Delhi. Medals won 1 Gold 3 Silver 3 Bronze

Kho-Kho Tournament 12 children from Vidya & Child won the 2nd position in Kho-Kho touranamnet organised by Youth Kho-Kho Club, Ghaziabad.

Sports For Change Children won the Trophy for 1st position at HCL Sports For Change where children from all states of India participated in various events.

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VISITS & PARTICIPATION Lessons on Conservation of National Heritage A 3-day workshop at IGNCA (Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts) was organised to learn about the preservation of national heritage. The Conservation Division of IGNCA specializes in the areas of preventive conservation, conservation training, conservation of books, manuscripts, paintings, metals, wood and ethnographic objects etc.

The Green Ride Children participated in Green Ride (5KM) at Saksham Pedal Delhi. The iconic Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium hosted the event in association with the Cycling Federation of India, Do IT Sports Management and Saksham Pedal Delhi. This event was conducted to create mass awareness about reducing use of petroleum products and choosing greener alternatives.

Trip to National Museum Children visited the National Museum as part of an educational tour where they saw paintings of different periods in History. This was a field excursion organised to connect children with their topics in the textbook.

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SCHOOL PROGRAMME Class Nursery to 8

Over 1350 children are part of the School Programme

Objective : To provide value based integrated education to first generation learners from lower income families for holistic development.

Value integrated curriculum ensures that a child-wise focus is maintained on holistic development through activity based learning. Active engagement with parents ensures a sense of shared responsibility, motivates parents and helps internalise the support needed for the education process of a child through school and beyond. Home Visits and Parent Teacher Meetings ensure engagement with the parent for establishing a strong relationship. An intensive Life Skills curriculum engages with the child to make responsible choices and a creative exploration opportunity is provided through the Arts Programme. A strong focus on teacher enablement to improve teaching learning processes. Key Features Initiation of first generation learners into the education process Holistic development through value integrated education Activity Based Learning Child Centred Approach for intensive engagement with each child Value Based Life Skills curriculum from class Nursery to 8 Arts & Performing Arts Programme to choose from a basket of Art, Music, Pottery, Puppetry, Theatre, Folk Art, Dance and more Child-wise Review Process to extend support as required and ensure that no child is left behind Capacity building of the teachers to enhance delivery of lesson plans and ensure understanding of the world of a child and connecting to his/her environment

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Over 195 children are part of ASSP Objective : To provide academic, financial & mentoring support to children who have been enrolled into mainstream schools

Vidya & Child facilitates admission of children into mainstream schools after completion of class 8. Schools are selected after considering quality of education and social commitment towards the cause of the less privileged. All mainstreamed children become part of After School Support Programme and attend 4 hours at Vidya & Child after school hours. Children receive academic support and also pursue their interest in the creative field through the Arts & Performing Arts classes along with attending Life Skills classes and workshops. Career Exposure and Guidance is also an important aspect of this programme. Key Features After school hours, every child spends 4 hours at Vidya & Child centre for reinforcement of academic concepts along with participation in different activities through Intensive Life Skills and Arts & Performing Arts Programmes Children are exposed to various careers through career sessions by professionals and career visits to different industries. This helps them decide on their streams in Class 11 Career Mapping & Counselling is provided to explore different possibilities and mapped basis their aptitude, interest and family situation Regular child-wise meetings are held to discuss and review the support required by each child with respect to academic, financial, counselling or individual mentoring Syllabus Tracking & School Interactions by Vidya & Child teachers to take a detailed feedback on each child A strong Parent Programme helps to ensure that parents are involved and share a common vision for the child

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Over 70 children are part of the NIOS Programme Objective : To ensure that children complete their education through NIOS and do not drop out of the education process. To help children understand their inner potential and identify a vocation or skill for development, keeping a long term view of their career. Key Features Support provided for registration with NIOS for the selected subjects. Classes held on a daily basis through a structured timetable including Computer classes Academic support along with Intensive Life Skills and Arts & Performing Arts Programmes is provided Children are exposed to various careers through career sessions by professionals and career visits to different industries Career Mapping & Counselling is provided to explore different possibilities and mapped basis their aptitude, interest and family situation Regular child-wise meetings are held to discuss and review the support required by each child with respect to academic, financial, counselling or individual mentoring A strong Parent Programme helps to ensure that parents are involved and we share a common vision for the child Partnerships and Tie-ups organised for Vocational Courses in the field of IT, Cosmetology, Hotel Management, Medical Profession and Banking sector etc.

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Over 110 children are part of Foundation Programme

Objective : To provide financial, tutoring, and mentoring support to children after class 12 Provide career counselling, and help them identify college and institutes To motivate parents and gain support for the child to complete higher education To support those who would like to further their skills and pursue Post graduate studies To provide opportunities and support for job readiness The Foundation Programme supports children who have finished Class 12 and are ready to take decisions related to their careers. Our focus at Vidya & Child is to ensure that each child gets into the career of his/her choice with proper support & guidance. Vidya & Child supports each child till the time they are ready to take up a meaningful career of his / her own choice. This support includes guidance, career counselling, mentoring and financial support . Key Features Identification of Colleges / Institutions across India for different courses based on fields chosen for each child Guide and prepare children for entrance examinations and help them with the admission process post selection for applying to different colleges and institutes Regular child-wise meetings to discuss appropriate and timely intervention Child-wise Mentoring to help them settle with college life and provide support as required Provide guidance to those who are keen to pursue higher studies and prepare for job interviews Continuous engagement with parents to ensure the much needed support by the child at this juncture.

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Objective : To provide an opportunity for creative exploration in different art forms that can help the child identify the creative potential within Every child is exposed to different creative activities from amongst a basket of Fine Arts, Tabla, Music, Art & Craft, Pottery, Puppetry, Theatre, Folk Art, Dance. Based on their interest they are divided into groups. All children from Class Nursery to 8 get exposure in 3 fields on rotation basis through the year. Along with this, children from Class 3 to 8 also have a permanent subject that continues for the full session. Children who have a keen interest in art forms like Kathak, Vocal Music or Tabla appear for examination conducted by the Prayaag Sangeet Samiti. The Arts & Performing Arts faculty comprises of experienced professionals from respective fields who work with our children very passionately and ensure that they enjoy the art form and help channelize their energies and explore their hidden potential.

Key Features Every child from Class Nursery to 8 is exposed to a minimum of 3 creative activities in the full academic year Children from class 3 to 8 learn one permanent subject through the year Children are trained by professionals in the respective fields Opportunity to showcase talent at internal as well as external events Creative Showcase held at every School thrice a year Apprenticeship Programme for children from NIOS programme who would like to pursue Art as a career

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Objective : To provide opportunities through which a child can engage through the life skills curriculum to make responsible choices for himself.

Value Based Life Skills is an important element at Vidya & Child to engage with the child and equip the child to know the self in a deeper way so that he is enabled to make responsible choices. Every child goes through a 40-minute Like Skills class every day. Apart from the regular life skills classes, children also go through a mini-workshop every month through class activity periods which help to build class ownership and further connect with the children. Key Features Age appropriate internally developed topic manuals and workshop manuals Different activities to ensure exposure to real life case studies through stories, movie based workshops, guest lectures and through partner organisations Life Skills topics include – Body Image, Valuing Everything Around Us, Time management. Anger Management, Child Safety, Cyber Security & Safety, Self Esteem, Goal Setting & Planning Extensive Teacher Training, hand-holding and reviews through the year Page 24


Objective : To build a long term relationship with children & their parents to ensure continuous motivation towards pursuing a more meaningful life. Key Features Connect with children Daily Life Skills classes and regular workshops on variety of topics like Self Esteem, Identity and more Class activity and individual mentoring sessions to build further connect with children Counseling sessions for children facing critical situations in their life / family Exposure through project based activities like community projects, self-reflection projects and more. Connect with parents Regular home-visits to build a friendly relationship with every single parent Regular Parent teacher meetings to share and connect Involvement of parents through activity based sessions, fun events and more Child-wise review system Each child is unique in terms of strengths as well as challenges that he / she may be facing hence, apart from common actions taken for groups of children, individual actions for every single child is discussed and followed up every month

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SPORTS PROGRAMME Class Nursery to 12

Objective : To provide a stress-free sporting environment for self-discovery and exploring the uniqueness within Various sports like Kho-Kho Karate, Skating, Chess, Football help in channelizing energies of growing children in a positive manner. The focus is on self-belief and competing with oneself by pushing the boundaries for oneself. Children receive weekly training from experienced coaches who have several achievements to their credit and above all a passion towards the sport and towards teaching our children to believe in themselves and exceed their own expectations. Opportunities for competitive events is provided where children participate at various inter-school, district-level, state-level and national-level tournaments across all games under different age categories. Key Features Sports also helps children be able to develop skills that go much beyond the field and helps them build tenacity to face life situations. Some of these skills are Self Discipline Handling conflict Gender equality People Interactions Problem Solving Taking initiative Our children won 80 medals and 4 trophies in various sports

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TRAININGS & WORKSHOPS Teachers and Programme Teams participate in different trainings and workshops through the year Academic Training for all teachers basis what subjects they are handling along with sessions on class management and building connect with children. Programmatic Training and Workshops include several hands on training on planning one’s work, prioritising, time management, self-review of ones work and more Organisational Workshops and Sessions on discussing Vision & thought process for building perspective around different processes and day to day tasks for better clarity and understanding depth of work involved.

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THE CHANGEMAKERS The biggest strength of Vidya & Child is its people and their determination to bring change in the lives of the children we work with. We are a mix of people from diverse backgrounds and with our passion, persistence and above all our belief in EVERY CHILD we aspire to create many stories of change.

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OUR PARTNERS Over the years we have received tremendous support from our Corporate Partners, Institutional Partners, Grant Supporters, Individual Donors & Volunteers. Their belief in Vidya & Child has helped us continue our journey with more zeal and determination. In addition to financial support, Active Volunteering & Employee Engagement has immensely helped our children by giving them a broader outlook, increased exposure and opened up a world of opportunities for them.

Our partners through the years

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EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Active Volunteering & Employee Engagement activities were conducted on a regular basis with various Corporate Partners. In addition to corporate teams, several individual volunteers from diverse fields also pitched in with their efforts to further increase the knowledge and awareness of children of Vidya & Child.

Thank you for being part of our journey...

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Project Vidya & Child is managed by Jayaprakash Narayan Memorial Trust, which is registered as a Public Charitable Trust in New Delhi, India. Members of the trust come from diverse backgrounds and bring valuable experience and insight to the different dimensions of the organization's working.

NGO Name : Jayaprakash Narayan Memorial Trust Project Name : Vidya & Child Registered as : Trust u/s 12A and 80G of the IT Act Trust Registration No : 8537/4 dated 09/12/1997at Delhi Trust Deed Registered under Registration Act,1908 FCRA Registration No : 137400017 valid until Oct 2021 Registration under DARPAN - UP/2018/0186546 PAN No : AAATJ3059L TAN No : MRTJ01167F

Bank Details Name of Bank - Axis Bank Ltd Account Number - 911010036103016

Bank Details Name of Bank : Axis Bank Ltd. Account Number - 911010035816461

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