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Installations Engineering Associated to Transport

Headquarters C/ Doctor Esquerdo, 97 28007 Madrid – Spain Tel. +34 91 409 60 75 Fax. +34 91 557 04 11 Skype: trningenieria @: Web:

A Company specialised in Transport Engineering TRN Ingenierí Ingeniería y Planificació Planificación de Infraestructuras S.A. S.A is a Spanish company founded in 1996 by professionals of the transport and the architecture fields. Its main Objective is the client satisfaction, detecting his needs to offer the more innovative and favorable solutions within the accorded delays, trying to develop adapted methodologies for the treatment of each project. The activities performed by TRN Ingeniería are mainly developed in the Transport field, field such in the railway field as in the urban transport. The multidisciplinary team of TRN Ingeniería comprises the knowledge related to transport from the planning to the commissioning and consulting in the operation of different transport systems, including the project development and the construction supervision.  Consulting and Planning  Feasibility Studies  Preliminary studies  Detailed designs  Construction Supervision  Operation Consulting TRN Ingeniería has participated actively in international projects related to financed projects by multilateral entities, having references within the fourth continents : Europe (Spain, France and Romania), Latin America (Colombia, Mexico and Peru), Africa (Algeria and Cameroon) and Asia (China and India).

The company has offices in: - Madrid (Headquarters) - Barcelona (Transfer Enginyeria) - Colombia (TRN branch) - Peru (TRN branch)

- Romania (TRN Proiectare) - Mexico (commercial representation) - Cameroon (commercial representation) - Brazil (commercial representation)

Installation Engineering Associated to Transport TRN Engineering and Infrastructure Planning SA, specialised in the field of transport, has a wide experience in planning, design and construction supervision of Installations associated to transport, transport related to railway (high speed, passengers and freight conventional railway , metros and tramways) as well as smart systems of transport, installations in tunnels, centralisation and remote controls, equipments of technical treatment centres or workshops and carriages. The works have been developed in different fields and have been marked by the high technology and the know how developed by the personnel of TRN Ingeniería in civil engineering, road infrastructures, security installations, signalling and communications, operation and maintenance.

TRN Ingeniería offers technologic know how in the field of roads, from the planning to the operation, acquired during more than 15 years of trajectory.

The integral conception of the project allows us to anticipate and incorporate future problems from the preliminary study, defining viable technical and functional solutions . Among its main clients we can highlight: ADIF, Ministry of Public Works, Andalousian Railways (Andalousia), GTP (Valencia), ETS (Basque country), GISA (Catalonia), Renfe, Madrid Calle 30, Entitat Metropolitana del Transport, Protransporte (Perú) as well as a wide number of private clients and construction and Concessionaire companies. In this sense, we can highlight the participation of TRN Ingeniería with the private company in tendering processes or public – Private participation in projects related to this field. As part of the activities of R&D&i of TRN Ingeniería, we have to point out the development of the railway simulation tool TRAINTRAIN-ST, ST with simulation modules of gears, blocking and interlocking. This program allows to modelling the operative of operation of a railway line and its respective installations, has been tested and contrasted successfully in many consulting and engineering works.

MAIN WORKS RELATED TO TRANSPORT INSTA High Speed of Levante. Levante. Accesses to Albacete Client: ADIF

Date: October 2005 and August 2007

Main missions: Detailed design and technical Assistance, which, among others, includes the electrification, the railway installations and the new interlocking for conventional gauge of: - Travellers station - Railway Variant (5,0 km) - Freight Terminal - Maintenance Base

New Railway Complex of Valladolid Client: ADIF

Date: April 2005 and March 2009

Main missions: Detailed design and Technical Assistance witch, among others, includes the railway safety installations, with a new interlocking, the electrification, the installations associated to the new facilities of the complex and its urbanisation and the equipment of the machinery of the different centres: - Infrastructure maintenance base - Freight Terminal - Integral railway maintenance base - Centre of railway welding - Centre of rail technology

Installations of the Tunnels of the Calle 30 (Madrid) Client: Madrid Calle 30, S.A. Main missions:

Date: April 2006

Inspection, supervision and quality guarantee, of the command centre of the tunnels of the M-30 and definition of the installation specifications and integration works.

- 45km of urban tunnels - 30 installation subsystems: energy, ventilation, detection and fire extinction, lighting, evacuation CCTV, acoustics, etc. - New Command Centre that having 900 cameras, 3.500 speakers, 287 variable signalisation panels, 711 SOS pickets , mobile phone coverage and radio communications

ALLATIONS PERFORMED BY TRN INGENIERĂ?A Branch Castellbisbal / PapiolPapiol-Mollet (by(by-pass north Barcelona) Client: Ministry of Public Works

Date: June 2005

Main works: Study of alternatives and detailed project including: - Railway adaptation to mixed gauge (26,5km) - New connection branches (12 km) - Access to the freight terminal

This acting includes, from the point of view of the installations, the electrification and signalling, safety and communications of the line for mixed gauge (1.668 y 1.435 mm)

Metro of Madrid. Installations of low voltage in stations Client: Metro of Madrid, S.A.

Date: July 2007 and July 2008

Main missions: Engineering Services for the legalisation installation of low voltage in 58 stations of the Madrid Metro network in two contracts, including:

- Inventory of electricity receptors and low voltage - Installations project of low voltage with adaptation to the current normative - Facultative Supervision of the Works - Processing of the visa - Processing of the supervision of works certificate

Tender tramway projects in Algeria Client: Constructors and instalators companies Main missions:

Date: 2012 - 2013

Tender Projects of different tramways in Algeria: Ouargla, Mostaganem, SidiBel-Abbes, including from the point of view of the installations: - Traffic Safety Installations. - Centres of High Voltage. - Centres of Transformation. - Contact Air Line. - Installation SAE. - Traffic Lights. - Installations of workshops and carriages. - Workshops Equipment

The 40 main TRN references related to Installations associated to Transport ELECTRIFICATION  High performances Line to Galicia. Section: Ourense-Vigo. Subtramo: O Carballiño - O Irixo.  Freight Terminals : Terminals of Jundiz, Muriedas and Torrelavega. Electrification Project.  Catenary and electrical traction substations of conventional lines. Phase III. Sections TorrelavegaSantander, Figueres-Celrá y Figueres-Portbou and SSEE of Estepar, Escorial, Ollargan and Torquemada. Detailed design and Technical Assistance.  High Speed Line Madrid-Galicia. Section: Olmedo-Zamora. Electrification Project.  Works for the electrification installation in the stations of Velayos, Sanchidrián and Adanero – Muñoz. Section: Ávila – Medina del Campo, of the L/Madrid – Hendaya. Technical Assistance..  Renovation of the electrification installations of Arévalo and Gomeznarro. L/ Madrid-Hendaya. Technical Assistance.

ELECTRIFICATION AND SAFETY RAILWAY INSTALLATIONS  New conventional Renfe's workshop in Sant Andreu Comtal. Detailed Design.  Variant of the high speed line Madrid – Seville between Getafe and Pinto. Detailed Design.  Reposition of conventional line and the station of Albacete due to the platform works of the new high speed access. Detailed design and Technical Assistance.  Line Málaga-Fuengirola. Section: Campamento Benítez-Fuengirola. Detailed Design.  Branch Castellbisbal / Papiol-Mollet Sant Fost. Adaptation to mixed gauge (UIC-IB).  Light rail train ring of Seville and new railway access to the Port. Detailed design .  New railway complex of the new arterial network of Valladolid. Detailed design .  Remodelling of the safety installations in the station of Pola de Lena (due to the platform works of the new high speed access). Detailed design .  Integration of the railway in León and San Andrés de Rabanedo. Detailed design .  Project of thee Atlantic high speed axes. Section Vilaboa-Pontevedra. Detailed design.  Crossing in Karakate of the railway line Bilbao-Donostia. Detailed design.  Remodelling of the station of Derio. Detailed design.  Acting of the new alignment of the nudo de la Encina. Detailed design.  Ardantza station, of the Variant of Orio and the section Fanderiá – Oiartzun. Detailed design.

TRAMWAY LINES (Electrification and Safety Installations)  Vélez Málaga – Rincón de la Victoria. Detailed design.  Workshops and Carriages and section 1 of the metro of Granada. Technical assistance and supervision  Tramway Vélez Málaga. Quality control and commissioning.  Tramways in Algeria (Ouargla, Sidi-Bel-Abbes, Mostaganem). Tender projects.

EQUIPMENT OF WORKSHOPS AND CARRIAGES  New central workshop of manufacturing and reparation in Valladolid. Conventional and high speed line. Detailed design and technical assistance.  New conventional workshop of Renfe in Sant Andreu Comtal. Detailed design.  New carriages in Loranca for Metro of Madrid. Detailed design.  New workshops and carriages for Metro of Granada. Technical Assistance and supervision of works..  Widening of the workshops and carriages of the tramway Vélez- Málaga. Detailed design.  Manufacturing Plant of Train units in Cuatro Vientos for Metro of Madrid. Detailed design.  BRT Workshops and carriages of Lima. Project Vitrina. Detailed design.  BRT Workshops and carriages of México. Corridor strategic Insurgentes. Detailed design.  Workshops and carriages of the tramway in Ouargla, Sidi-Bel-Abbes y Mostaganem. Tender project.  Burying the carriages of the EMT in the c Arroyo de la Media Legua. Feasibility study.

TUNNELS INSTALLATIONS  Installations of the Tunnels of the Calle 30. Technical Assistance and Projects  Non railway installations of the tunnels in Vilaboa - Pontevedra. Detailed design.  Installations of the tunnel of the line 3 of F.G.V. direction to Tavernes. Detailed design.  Installations of the tunnel of Serantes from the railway access to the Port of Bilbao. Detailed design.  Installations in tunnels to access to Madrid interchanges .Detailed and Preliminary designs



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