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Consulting and Railway Engineering

Headquarters C/ Doctor Esquerdo, 97 28007 Madrid – Spain Tel. +34 91 409 60 75 Fax. +34 91 557 04 11 Skype: trningenieria @: Web:

A Company specialised in Transport Engineering TRN Ingenierí Ingeniería y Planificació Planificación de Infraestructuras S.A. S.A is a Spanish company founded in 1996 by professionals of the transport and the architecture fields. Its main Objective is the client satisfaction, detecting his needs to offer the more innovative and favorable solutions within the accorded delays, trying to develop adapted methodologies for the treatment of each project. The activities performed by TRN Ingeniería are mainly developed in the Transport field, field such in the railway field as in the urban transport. The multidisciplinary team of TRN Ingeniería comprises the knowledge related to transport from the planning to the commissioning and consulting in the operation of different transport systems, including the project development and the construction supervision.  Consulting and Planning  Feasibility Studies  Preliminary studies  Detailed designs  Construction Supervision  Operation Consulting TRN Ingeniería has participated actively in international projects related to financed projects by multilateral entities, having references within the fourth continents : Europe (Spain, France and Romania), Latin America (Colombia, Mexico and Peru), Africa (Algeria and Cameroon) and Asia (China and India).

The company has offices in: - Madrid (Headquarters) - Barcelona (Transfer Enginyeria) - Colombia (TRN branch) - Peru (TRN branch)

- Romania (TRN Proiectare) - Mexico (commercial representation) - Cameroon (commercial representation) - Brazil (commercial representation)

Consultancy and railway engineering TRN Engineering and Infrastructure Planning SA, specialised in the field of transport, has a wide experience in planning, design and construction supervision of High Speed lines, lines as well as many interventions in lines and equipment of conventional railway (rail renovation, alignment improvement , adaptation of the stations, Centre of technical treatment, new maintenance workshops and logistic centres, level crossing removal, etc.) The works have been developed in different fields and have been marked by the high technology and the know how developed by the personnel of TRN Ingeniería in civil engineering, road infrastructures, security installations, signalling and communications, operation and maintenance.

TRN Ingeniería offers technologic know how in the field of roads, from the planning to the operation, acquired during more than 15 years of trajectory.

The integral conception of the project allows us to anticipate and incorporate futur problems from the preliminary study, defining viable technical and fonctional sollutions

Concerning the Spanish High Speed Network, Network TRN Ingeniería positions itself as an engineering benchmark due to its works in more than 700km of the network. Has participated in 8 preliminary studies (370km), 15 detailed designs (175km), 7 Stations or Railway Complexes and 6 Controls and supervision of works (60km). In the field of the conventional railway, railway TRN has participated in more than 70 works, both in the public and private sector. We can highlight among its main clients : ADIF, Ministry of Public Works, Andalusia railways (Andalusia), Generalitat Valenciana, ETS (Vasque country), GISA (Catalonia), Port Authorities, Private Clients . It is remarkable the intervention of TRN Ingeniería in the Planning and Design of numerous railway complexes and other equipments related to the railway freight transport. transport Has developed from regional strategic studies for the implementation of the intermodality railway-road, to execution projects in logistic centres, and planning and functionality studies.

MAIN WORKS RELATED TO RAILWAY Levante High Speed. Accesses to Albacete Client: ADIF

Date: October 2005 and August 2007

Main tasks: Detailed design and Technical Assistance to works: - High Speed Line of 7,3 km - High Speed Station - Freight Terminal - Maintenance Base - Railway Variant (5,0 km) - Highway Variant (2,5 km)

New railway complex of Valladolid Client: ADIF

Date: April 2005 and March 2009

Main tasks: Detailed design and Technical Assistance to works: - Maintenance infrastructure base - Freight Terminal - Railway workshop -Rail welding Centre - Rail Technology Centre

It is an action covering a surface of more than 700.000 m2

Train PonferradaPonferrada-Villablino (Le贸 (Le贸n) for tourist use Client: Junta de Castilla y Le贸n

Date: October 2010

Main tasks: Technical and legal study of the ancient miner railway between PonferradaVillablino to its reconversion for tourist use which includes: -International Benchmarking of tourist trains -Inventory of the existant superstructure and infrastructure - actions definitions - Economic valorisation - Analyse of the tender specifications and concession contract - Definition of the management modalities

Y PERFORMED BY TRN INGENIERĂ?A Branch Castellbisbal / PapiolPapiol-Mollet (by(by-pass north Barcelona) Client: Ministry of Public Works

Date: June 2005

Main tasks: Study of the alternatives and the detailed designs with: - Railway adaptation to mixed gauge (26,5km) - New connexion branches (12 km) - Access to the freight terminal

These actions include platform, superstructure, electrification and signalling installations, safety and communications for the mixed gauge (1.668 y 1.435 mm)

New railway complex of the Atocha station Client: Ministry of Public Works Main tasks:

Date: March 2002

Preliminary study of the station widening (new rails for suburban train and the passing connexion station with the Atocha-ChamartĂ­n tunnel) Detailed design of the access to the corridor of Pasillo Verde Study of the access of the line of Levante to Atocha and analyse of the integration with the rest of access for the lines to the complex (BCN and south)

New railway Access to the Bilbao Port Client: Ministry of Public Works

Date: March 2002

Main tasks: Construction railway alignment project of 4,8 km double rail for the access to the freight terminals integrated in the port of Bilbao with: - Tunnel of Serantes for double rail of 3,65 km - False tunnels in both entrances of 222m - False tunnels between panels - Access structure to the parking - Structure under highway - Driven Caisson under FCC line - Electric substation - Safety installations of the tunnel

The 30 main TRN Railway references CONSTRUCION SUPERVISION  New high speed railway access of Levante.  Section: Torrejoncillo-Abia de la Obispalía. Technical assistance  Section Accesses to Albacete. Detailed design and technical assistance  Section Albacete-Variante de Alpera. Phases I and II. Technical assistance .  Section Caudete-Villena. Detailed design and technical assistance  High speed Line Antequera-Granada.  Section: Quejigares-Variant of Loja. Technical assistance .  Station of Girona. Phase I. Technical assistance . PLANIFICATION AND DESIGN OF THE HIGH SPEED LINES  Atlantic high speed axe. Section O Porriño-Vigo. Preliminary study.  High railway performances Corridor Córdoba-Jaén. Preliminary study.  Adaptation to high speed of the line Sevilla-Huelva. Preliminary study  High Speed Corridor North-North West . Section Villazopeque-Estépar. Detailed design  High speed line Madrid-Vasque country-French border. Section: Burgos-Vitoria. Subsection: Armiñón-La Puebla de Arganzón. Detailed design .  Mediterranean high speed. Section: Cuevas-Vera. Detailed design  Line to high performances to Galicia. Section: Ourense-Vigo. Subsection:  O Carballiño - O Irixo. Preliminary study, impact study and analysis of the electric scheme.  Duplication of the railway transversal axe of Andalusia. Section: PedreraConnexion station Antequera-Santa Ana. Detailed design RAILWAY CONVENTIONAL LINES AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT  Line Huesca-Canfranc. Section Ayerbe-Caldearenas. Detailed design  Augmentation of the capacity of the exterior light rail train ring of Sevilla. Detailed design

 Railway line Bilbao-Donostia. Section Azitain-Mendaro Detailed design  Line Málaga-Fuengirola. Section: Campamento Benítez-Fuengirola. Rail renovation and complementary actions. Detailed design  Conventional Renfe workshop at Sant Andreu Comtal. Detailed design  Line Madrid-Hendaya. Section Tolosa-San Sebastián. Rail renovation Detailed design URBAN RAILWAY INTEGRATION  Integration project of the Almeria railway network. Preliminary study.  Railway high speed line Córdoba-Málaga.  Section Los Prados-Access to Málaga. Detailed design.  Urban Malaga section. Preliminary study.  Railway Infrastructure in the Station of Huelva. Detailed design.  New railway arterial network of Santander. Preliminary study. RAILWAY PLANNING AND FONCTIONALITY  New railway complex of the Atocha station Preliminary and complementary design  Remodeling of the heads North and South of Madrid-Chamartín, due to the future junction to Barajas. Planning and functionality study.  Relocation and Remodeling of the railway installations of Zaragoza. Station of the Almozara, maintenance workshops , rolling stock and installations in the auxiliary area of El Portillo. Planning and functionality study.