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_ _ _ _ _ _ 1977

Dear We as roperty omers in Cape Orlando Estat'es, previously kno 'n as Rocket C' y, would like to extend to you an i vitation to jo n our dues free property and homeowners association. The purpose of this association as stated in our By Laws under Art~cle II reads as follo~s: ...."

The purpose of this association shall bel


To handle our mu 1 problems, such as zoning, d'rainage. sewage, water, I" ghting, maintenance of roads and other mat ers of mutual interest, as they arise.


To provide the means of communication and discussion of our mutual problems with all concerned, including County, State and Federal Government officials, in order to find solutions to such problems.


To promote social and educational opportunities for our members.

If you are interested, please fill out the. attached form and return by mail. If there are any questions you wish to have answe !d please do not he91t~te to co~tact us. ~ feell~n order to do th above we must unify our efforts to protect all of our inves m nt_. SincerelYI Helen M. Barger Chairmen Membership Comm.

Tom O'Neill Association President Return tOI

Helen M. Barger Rt. 4 Box 259 Orlando, Flotida 32807


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