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JUNE 2014


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Editors’ Note Welcome to this month’s big beauty and health edition of Verve Magazine. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” — Plato So true. Some of us want smooth, line free faces, while others respect and love the look of wisdom that gives many an older person their unique character. Some of us really go for that clean shaven look in a man, while as fashion now tries to dictate, beards are the thing. But whatever your feelings about beauty, and the way we look, there are some pieces of advice that crop up again and again: apply a good sun block daily, drink plenty of water, eat sensibly (including at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day), exercise moderately, and get enough sleep. We not only take an in-depth look at these beauty basics this month, but also bring you loads of interesting and wonderful editorial on those involved in the business, new products, amazing technologies, good habits, and much much more.

By the time you read this, the situation could well have changed, but as Verve June goes to print, those young Nigerian girls remain captive somewhere in the Chad/Cameroon border area. Photos released over the past few weeks show them covered head to toe with black burqa-like garments, their youthful beauty hidden from camera, futures in the balance. We have also seen the young women reciting verses from the Quran, and heard the reports that some have been forced to marry their abductors, while others have died of snakebites. All because they dared to go to school!

Verve says “bring back our girls,” now. In closing, we would like to say what a privilege it is to compile this note every month, but that in doing so, we must stand on the shoulders of giants. The total of each issue of Verve by far exceeds the sum of its parts, and we thank our brilliant team, designer, intern, writers, photographer, stylist, advertisers, distributor, printer and many others, who have worked hard to bring Verve to you. They are all stars. Happy reading.

And the extra sad part about this whole affair, is that these gorgeous girls are but a drop in the ocean of the nearly 30 million people worldwide, who right now, are being exploited and treated as property, forced to work, marry, serve in wars or provide sex.

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Next issue, Verve July — The French Issue and Design in Parnell

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COVER: Dr Ellen Selkon of Clinic 42 Photographer: Neil Gussey Makeup: Imeleta Kellet Ellen wears Natalia Cardigan by Amy Miller Greta and Garbo skirt by Greta Bannister both available from Pearl: 189 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

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Introducing Su Misura


Josh Emett Verve Catches Up With The Roaming Dive



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HENRI MATISSE: THE CUTOUTS AT TATE MODERN UNTIL 7 SEPTEMBER 2014 Tate Modern’s major exhibition, Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs, is the most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to the artist’s fascinating paper cutouts made between 1937 and 1954. It brings together around 130 works, many seen together for the first time, in a groundbreaking reassessment of Matisse’s colourful and innovative final works. Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse (1869 – 1954) is one of the leading figures of modern art and one of the most significant colourists of all time. A draughtsman, printmaker, sculptor and painter, his unparalleled cutouts are among the most significant of any artist’s late works. In a career spanning over half a century, Matisse made a large body of work of which the cut-outs are a brilliant final chapter in his long career. Some of Matisse’s first cut-outs were made between 1943 and 1947 and were collected together in Jazz 1947 (Pompidou, Paris), a book of 20 plates. Other major cut-outs in the exhibition include Tate’s The Snail 1953, its sister work Memory of Oceania 1953 (MoMA, New York) and Large Composition with Masks 1953 (National Gallery of Art, Washington). A photograph of Matisse’s studio reveals that these works were initially conceived as a unified whole. This is the first time these

three large-scale works have been exhibited together for over fifty years. The show includes the largest number of Matisse’s Blue Nudes ever exhibited together. When ill health prevented Matisse from painting, he began to cut into painted paper with scissors to make maquettes for commissions, from books and stained glass window designs to tapestries and ceramics. In the cut-outs, outlines take on sculptural form and painted sheets of paper are infused with the luminosity of stained glass. Using colour, Matisse evokes the convulsive surface of water and the lushness of vegetation. The result reflected both a renewed commitment to form, colour and inventiveness freshly directed to the status of the work of art. For more info visit

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THE A,B,C’s OF SKINCARE Ask Clinic 42’s skin therapists — Pia Wilkinson and Jess Parker — the keys to beautiful, healthy skin and they’re adamant: vitamins, A, B and C. Words: Jenna Moore

The pair says there’s no contest. For best results feed your skin its vitamins. But there’s a caveat: you must use good percentages for efficacy. “It’s about quality as well as dosage,” says Pia. “At the right levels you will definitely get skin rejuvenation.”

WHAT IS A DERMA PEN? We’re fortunate to live in an era where we can get even more from our skincare by boosting results with clinical treatments. One of the current standouts under this banner is the Derma Pen. Both Pia and Jess swear by it.

INGREDIENT POWER Rejuvenation equates to renewal — the holy grail of any serious skincare regime. “We use medical grade lines such as Osmosis, Aspect Dr, and Skin Medica,” says Jess. “The active ingredient levels are usually higher in medical grade brands and we know these have good levels of vitamins A, B and C along with growth factors.” Growth factors are another recommended essential. “They’re natural proteins that come from stem cells and are behind the body’s natural ability to heal, repair, regenerate and form collagen,” says Pia. “They’re the messengers in the skin that stimulate the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin - the proteins that provide the skin with plumpness and elasticity.”

A Derma Pen is a skin needling technique that uses a ‘pen’ with a circle of several fine needles on the end. These push in and out as they go over the skin creating small micro tears in the skin. This slight injury prompts the skin to go into healing mode and produce more collagen, elastin and skin cells thereby improving skin tone, sagging, and wrinkles. It’s also effective on acne scarring which can be difficult to treat. TREATMENT: EMLA, an anaesthetic cream, is applied 30 minutes prior to treatment. When the face is numb, this is wiped off and hyaluronic acid or PRP growth factor serums are applied. These travel down the

micro tears so absorption is optimal. “It’s a relatively quick and painless treatment,” says Pia. “There may be a bit of erythema (redness) and it could feel a little prickly, but you can put your makeup on and go back to work.” “We recommend a package of three, but it depends on your skin. It might be six,” says Jess. “There’s generally a six-week interval in between treatments. Best results are seen after three months to a year once collagen synthesis has kicked in.”

CLINIC 42 321 Manukau Rd, Epsom 09 638 4242

JUNE 2014



Above — Dr Ellen Selkon. Photo by Neil Gussey Below — (L-R) Dr Lynn Theron, Dr Ellen Selkon, Dr Joanna Romanowska

Five Minutes with Dr Ellen Selkon of Clinic 42 Words: Jenna Moore

Mention cosmetic medicine — the umbrella term for injectible cosmetic procedures — and numerous people squirm. Many blame Botox for overly full lips and frozen-looking faces. It’s an undeserved reputation. Botox is a muscle relaxant, not a ‘filler’ as is used to create volume. And while it’s true these looks do sometimes occur, they’re the result of overuse. In reality these treatments have the ability to subtly enhance your natural looks and soften the signs of aging. “It’s about improving features rather than changing them,” says Dr Ellen Selkon who co-owns Clinic 42 with Dr Joanna Romanowska and Dr Lynne Theron. Dr Michele McVie rounds out the medical team. “Most people don’t want anything dramatic, they just want to age gracefully with a little help,” she adds. One growing trend Dr Ellen has noticed is within the Asian community. “Treating an Asian face is quite different,” says Dr Ellen. “Asians are usually smaller and if we used the same amount of product we’d use to treat an area on a Caucasian

face it would be too much.” The aging process is also slower in people of Asian descent. “We’re seeing amazing results,” says Ellen. “For example an Asian nose tends to start lower down on the face, so if we use some filler high up on the nose between the eyes and at the base, the nose will look longer and thinner to the eye.” In addition, Asian faces are often broad at the jawline and a muscle relaxant used along the masseter muscle (at the jawline) can create a narrower V-shape. “It takes time,” says Dr Ellen. “The full result can take up to two years, although changes are visible within weeks, but once it is achieved it only requires a top up every six months.” Muscle relaxants include Botox and its European equivalent Dysport. “The latest Dysport formulation is excellent,” says Dr Ellen. “It starts to work within 48 hours whereas Botox can take up to a week. And studies show it lasts 14 days longer than Botox. I still like to use Botox for certain areas such as the bunny scrunchies which can occur at the top of nose.”

Cosmetic medicine is a constantly changing field. Moreover it’s become very much a part of modern life, albeit in New Zealand, and it has to be said Hollywood, it’s still something that tends to be kept discreet. “I think that’s one area we’re behind on in New Zealand,” says Dr Selkon. “Acceptability. In places like Europe there’s no whispering like there is here. Cosmetic medicine is not seen as natural, when in actual fact much of what we use is.”

CLINIC 42 321 Manukau Rd, Epsom 09 638 4242


Skincare Through The Ages Words: Jenna Moore

The history of skincare dates back thousands of years. Jenna Moore wanders through time. Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette are two famous skincare aficionados of yesteryear. Indeed, history tells us Cleopatra bathed in asses’ milk and Marie Antoinette went to bed each night wearing gloves lined with wax, rose water and almond oil. Smart ladies. The milk’s lactic acid gave Cleo an all-over exfoliation and Marie-A’s ritual would have given her soft, hydrated hands. Our obsession with skincare is as old as time it seems. The difference these days is, we’re spoiled for choice — beauty shelves are packed with skin-cherishers we simply swap for cash. Ancient Times Delve into the archives and you’ll find the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all adored bathing and used scented oils and salves to cleanse and soften their skin. Europeans weren’t quite so particular; they bypassed the bath and quite literally stunk. In fact, W T Sedgwick noted in a public health book that ‘cleanliness was an acquired taste’. Fortunately this attitude shifted and bathing became favourable. Public bathhouses became ubiquitous, and the rich enjoyed the luxury of pampering their skin at home. Pale Faces = Class and Beauty In Elizabethan times and Ancient Rome white skin became synonymous with beauty. After their baths the people of the times applied chalk, egg whites, or white lead paint to their faces. Queen Elizabeth 1 was a well-known user of white lead to create what she called ‘The Mask of Youth’. Unfortunately, the lead was toxic and often led to muscle paralysis or death. For her it led to facial disfigurement and it’s said she banned all mirrors from the castle. Once lead’s toxicity became well known, zinc oxide began to replace it as a facial powder.

SKINCARE TIMELINE ANCIENT EGYPT/GREECE/ROME: Creams and oils such as almond, sesame and olive were used as skin moisturisers. 2ND CENTURY: The Greek physician, Galen, developed the first cold cream by mixing beeswax, rose oil and water. 1846: Pharmacist Theron T Pond extracts a healing tea from witchhazel, which he discovered could heal small cuts. It formed the basis of Pond’s Cold Cream. 1900: Eucerit, which later becomes Nivea Crème, the first oil-in-water emulsion, is created by pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf.

1910: Elizabeth Arden opens the doors of her first spa on Fifth Avenue, New York City. 1936: French chemist and L’Oreal’s founder, Eugene Schueller, invents sunscreen. 1946: Joseph Lauder and his wife Estée begin producing Super-Rich All Purpose Cream, Crème Pack, Cleansing Oil and Skin Lotion. 1950s: Chemist Graham Wulff creates Oil of Olay for his wife Dinah.

JUNE 2014

J: On a personal note, what are you most proud of? A: Having the courage to do something I was passionate about even when I was told it wouldn’t work and was an unknown, and making a success of it!

de Spa Cosmetics:

J: New Zealand is famed for its clean/ green credentials, is this something that’s reflected in your industry? A: That’s crucial for some, whilst others are purely concerned about product effectiveness. The Holy Grail is a product formulated from botanical and sustainable ingredients, scientifically proven to be effective. Sothys has this in spades; I genuinely wouldn’t trust anything else.

Anne-Marie de Spa Reflects on 50 Years in the Beauty Therapy Industry Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Anne-Marie de Spa is one of the pioneers of beauty therapy in New Zealand. Since opening the Jouvence Beauty Institute in 1964 she has been one of the leaders in her field. She represents Sothys Paris here because of its superb products and its commitment to innovation. Jamie: Congratulations, 50 years, that’s some feat! What have been the most significant changes in the industry during that time? Anne-Marie: Thank you, I’m privileged to be still doing what I started out so long ago. A big change was when import restrictions were relaxed in the late 80s, allowing myriad products and procedures to be introduced to the market. J: And how has the clientele changed over time? A: People embracing products and treatments as a lifestyle routine rather than a sporadic luxury and benefitting from the results a quality skincare routine will give.


J: Where do you see the industry in another 50 years? A:That is the $64k question! It’s hard to predict but there’s real value being placed on the holistic, clinical and emotional well being that only professional treatments from a therapist can deliver. J: Was there a defining moment when you realised the perseverance had paid off and you could make a career out of beauty? A: When I had enough demand to move out of my parents home to a commercial premises, where my Jouvence Spa still operates today. That was a key moment. J: Presumably Kiwi men are more open to treatments that they were in the past. Is that a steadily increasing pattern and how does it compare with the rest of the world? A: Absolutely. It’s far more acceptable today than it was even ten years ago. If it’s ok for the AB’s, it’s ok for anyone else!

J: What are your top beauty tips to combat ageing? A: Limit your time in the sun, drink plenty of water, get enough quality sleep, don’t smoke, limit the booze and have a regular skincare routine from a professional therapist. The products and treatments we offer are more than vanity, they’re about skin health and function. J: A good diet is obviously essential, which foods would you most recommend? A: All fresh produce is obviously good, but foods rich in water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C are especially good. J: How would you define beauty, and what do you find most beautiful in others? A: Self-confidence; Coco Chanel was someone I’ve always admired. J: You’ve created an incredible legacy in New Zealand, how would you most like to be remembered? A: It’s been rewarding to help and train many young women in the industry. I hope those women have seen value in that and feel inspired to do the same for the next generation. Check out page 34 for a Sothy’s giveaway!


EXHIBIT BEAUTY North Island Supreme Salon 2012-2013 Sothys Top Therapist Vanessa Findlay 2012-2013

1/2 CLAUDE ROAD, EPSOM 09 630 2412 Stockists of Sothys since 1998


The Next Big Thing in Beauty Words: Jenna Moore

The globalisation movement has seen the beauty habits of different cultures become far more accessible. We popped our (mineral powdered) noses into Asia to discover the secrets to an Asian woman’s healthy-looking, porcelain skin. Recently the eyes of the beauty world have been turning to Asia. The international phenomenon of the BB creams* that came out of Korea put them firmly in the spotlight. The West sat up and took the Asian community’s obsession with beauty seriously with many now looking to them for the Next Big Thing. Korea has been called ‘home to women with the most extensive skincare regime on the planet’, it’s also touted as the cosmetic surgery capital of the world, is hugely celebrity and trend focused and television programmes dedicated to reviewing beauty products are commonplace. It’s not quite so overt in other Asian countries but rest assured

complexion perfection is big business, making the atypical smooth, glowing skin of Asian women no accident. Their skincare regimes are multi-stepped — a thorough beauty routine is part of the culture and often instilled in childhood.

7. Facial Sheet Mask. Sheets impregnated with lots of skin cherishers with holes for eyes and mouth cut out. Shiseido Benefiance have a Firming Massage Mask.


9. Moisturise. Like eye cream, you’re used to this step right?

1. Cleanse. Use an oil cleanser and gentle, circular movements with your fingers to massage and brighten the skin. 2. Cleanse again. 3. Exfoliate. Twice a month. 4. Refresh. This soothes the skin. Soak some unpolished rice in water until it turns milky white and dab it over the face with cotton pads. 5. The Essence. Strengthens, intensifies moisture and lights from within. Estee Lauder recently launched Micro Essence after testing it in Asia. 6. The Ampoule – we call this a serum or booster. It delivers intense ingredients.

8. Eye Cream. Dabbed on with the ring finger, no pulling or tugging allowed.

10. Protect. Have you ever noticed Asian women walking in the sunshine with an umbrella? Sunscreen and sunshade. It’s not that different is it? The main difference is the Essence, which could be The Next Big Thing for us. Another NBT Likelihood: Cushion Compacts. These look like a typical compact but have a sponge soaked with a BB or CC cream in the base. They give great coverage but the 30% mineral water in the formula leaves the complexion dewy. We hear one is being sold every 30 seconds in Asia. *(BB cream actually originated in Germany and was taken up by Korean celebrities in the 1980s.)


The Synergy of Synergie Words: Jenna Moore

We meet Terri Vinson, the woman behind Synergie skincare. The one thing you can’t help noticing on meeting Terri Vinson is her wonderful skin. At 51 she’s a poster girl for her bio-active cosmeceutical skincare brand Synergie. But she’s not just a pretty face, she’s also a biological scientist and cosmetic chemist. “I’ve always had a passion for the science behind beauty,” says Terri. “I became a clinical educator in my 30s, and it was then that I found I could harness my knowledge of ingredients to fill a gap in the market.” So she opened her own skin therapy clinic. “I didn’t have a beauty therapy background but I developed five or six key products and they gathered a bit of a cult following,” she says. “I loved the clinic. A lot of people say this is a shallow industry, but it’s not if it makes people feel good about themselves.” She then found herself at a crossroads. The clinic was one thing, but her background was more attuned to the science of formulating coupled with a strong creative side. The call of formulating won out and she set about developing Synergie Skin, which now boasts its own research and development laboratory, production factory and training centre in Melbourne’s Burwood.

S: Stability — ingredients must not be unstable. E: Efficacy — must exhibit benefits to improve the skin. E: Elegant — must be a pleasure to use on the skin. D: Delivery — the active ingredients must reach their target skin cells. Synergie is based on the benefits of essential skin vitamins A, B, and C. Ultimate A serum: we use a deeply penetrating, non-irritating, retinol (vitamin A). In the early days people used A’s that were extremely irritating.

01 — Terri Vinson of Synergie Skincare 02 — Synergie Skincare A-Zinc essentials kit


Vitamin B serum: My favourite ingredient is Niacinamide or vitamin B. It’s a multi-tasker. We use 15% whereas most active brands use lower levels. It increases ceramide levels quickly and delivers luminosity. You’ll see a difference in 14 days.

Synergie uses the best of science and nature. “Both can be dangerous if they’re used the wrong way,” says Terri. “I make sure we use nothing questionable. It’s what I call ‘clean science’.”

Suprema-C moisturising serum: uses very small micronised crystals of L Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) in hydrating emollient oil. Vitamin C is notoriously difficult to stabilise but this will stay stable for two years. It’s skin lightening, collagen stimulating, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.

Eight years on she’s built an impressive task force to address acne, rosacea, and aging. “Nothing we use is aggressive, we don’t want to damage or irritate our skins anymore,” she says.

Use Ultimate A and Vitamin B at night and Suprema-C in the morning with your sun protection. “Acid will reverse the efficacy of retinol that’s why I advocate using it at a different time of the day.”

Terri works on her own ‘Seed Principle’ an acronym she coined two years ago:


THE SYNERGIE PHILOSOPHY IS: • Protect — sun protection is the most important anti-ageing product you can use • Change — active ingredients to improve skin • Nurture — use no ingredients that are potentially harmful.

revolutionise your life and appearance without cosmetic surgery

we offer

Permanent Cosmetics Scar repigmentation and breast work Skin Needling (for fresher, firmer skin) Epi-Last (enzymatic permanent hair reduction for unwanted facial hair) Advanced Skincare Michelle O’Byrne of Wake Up With Make Up, Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (USA) Technician and Trainer


Level 1, Victoria Park, Auckland 0800 737 668

Save your skin & 15% Synergie cosmeceutical grade skincare is designed to protect and nurture skin subjected to harsh environmental and UV conditions. Purchase a Synergie A-Zinc Essential Kit for $149 and receive LIMITED TIME OFFER 15% off another Synergie product purchased on the same day. Synergie A-Zinc Essential Kit is $149 (or Skin Basics Trial Kit is $150) and must be purchased in-clinic before 30 June 2014. Not available at all clinics. Not available for website purchases. Conditions may apply.

Skin cancer | Veins | Appearance


“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” When I read this sentence by James Thurber, the profound truth of it struck me immediately. Of course Thurber was right. An ancient Kauri, august and alone, is perfectly in harmony with nature and life itself. It doesn’t ask for our attention. Yet, if we are quiet enough, we will give our full attention to it unbidden, its regal simplicity moves us too. Every day we are assailed with images of so-called ‘beautiful people’ and objects, demanding, pleading for our attention. We all think we know what beauty is. But when asked to define it, the subject becomes decidedly unclear — the nature of beauty itself and how we know it when we experience it, are suddenly abstruse and hard to grasp. This month, as Verve celebrates ‘beauty’, I decided to inquire into something most of us take for granted. ‘Beauty’ is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous words in the English language and the sheer variety of phenomena we apply it to is staggering — from babies to buildings to Bach. The poetry of Keats

and Wordsworth, a captivating French perfume, the Himalaya’s, those exquisite apples and pears by Cézanne, virtuoso displays by Marlon Brando or Michael Jordan, all can and have been described as beautiful.

the most adaptive decisions for survival and reproduction.” He explains the nearuniversal allure of certain landscapes as being wired into our DNA as a kind of ‘remembrance’ of the Pleistocene Savannah’s on which we evolved.

It seems an aesthetic sensibility has been with us, to varying degrees, since the beginning. For the ancient Greeks, beauty was comprised of three elements: symmetry, proportion and harmony – sometimes referred to as ‘The Golden Mean’. Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio and a later admirer of his work, Leonardo Da Vinci both expanded upon this notion in their own times. Plato, for his part, referred to ‘The Good, the True and The Beautiful’ as a kind of Holy Trinity. For the late philosopher of art, Professor Denis Dutton, our appreciation of beauty actually goes back much further and is best explained as a Darwinian adaptation. Citing the peacock’s magnificent tail as an example, he suggests that “beauty is one of the ways evolution has of arousing and sustaining interest, even obsession in order to encourage us towards making

Turning to the psycho-spiritual realm, J. Krishnamurti shared some penetrating insights into beauty in dialogue with Professor Allan W. Anderson when he pointed to the link between sorrow, passion and the consequent ability to perceive beauty. The great sage suggested that it is because we have lost touch with nature and are unable or unwilling to face our sorrow that we cannot truly perceive beauty — though we may remark upon the splendor of The Grand Canyon. Related to this idea, is the commonly held conception that the capacity to move us emotionally, and therefore touch our heart, is the true test of beauty, whatever form it takes. In the end, perhaps Keats said it best: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” — that is all 
ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.


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01 — Alan Bougen 02 — Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen 03 — Comvita Medohoney® range


Alan Bougen of Comvita Tall, silver-haired and distinguished looking, Alan Bougen is quietly spoken, with that distinct air of humility and courteousness that often clings to those who in all honesty, have something to brag about. And in Alan’s case it would be no small brag, for together with Claude Stratford, way back when, he founded a company called Comvita, which was involved in the production and marketing of bee products. Comvita was, as they say, ahead of its time, and it was not surprising that at first sales grew slowly. What is surprising though, is that by 1988 Comvita was exporting its products all over the world, and nowadays boasts sales of well over 100 million each year. Now that is no mean feat! A few weeks ago, Verve caught up with Alan Bougen, for a truly insightful conversation, shared below. Verve: The ‘alternative’ health/ medicine industry has changed a lot in the time since you started out in this area. For you, which are the most stand-out changes? Alan: There has been a massive swing to natural health care and wellness both in Western and Asian societies. People want to maximise and be in control of their own physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as opposed to having someone else dictate to them as to what they should be doing. The shift towards anti-aging products and practices is also huge. The fact that our daily intake of food is our main medicine is really starting to take hold, and the belief that prevention is better than a cure, is almost mandatory. V. Comvita markets and produces some magical products. Do you think that some of them could be classified as medicines? A. If a medicine is classified as a substance that treats illness, then

absolutely, my answer is yes. For instance, Comvita was the first entity to get a completely natural product approved by the FDA, in the form of manuka honey dressings, which are extremely effective at treating infected wounds. V. Tell us about Comvita co-founder and your business partner, Claude Stratford. A. Claude was a man who was 40 years ahead of his time. He was your classic rebel, and took nothing for granted. At first I found it hard to believe that I related so well to someone who was older than my father, a man who’s mainstream business at that time, had almost totally discounted. We became soul mates, both in philosophical outlook and in business. Claude took a dessert spoon of bee pollen everyday and lived till he was 103! V. What was your vision for your company in those early days? A. It was all about helping people to maintain health by providing them with a range of quality natural products. V. And now? A. Comvita’s stated vision and shared purpose is to inspire and enable people to live happy and healthy lives, helping them to source the very best natural intelligence. V. Comvita exports the bulk of its product. Briefly, how did this come about? A. We started exporting bee pollen to Japan in the early 80s, where the market for this product was huge. Claude had created a clever device to maximise the collection of bee pollen. Round about the same time a therapeutic company in England contracted us to supply them with a small range of skin care products that used dried comfrey leaf (the knit-bone herb) as its principal


ingredient. (The same products had been used to treat Hiroshima victims). Then in 1986 the Chernobyl disaster opened the way for products from nuclearfree New Zealand into Europe, honey products being particularly popular. We took our products to England and Germany. That was just the beginning. We now have offices in eight countries throughout the world. V. Has the internet changed your business? A. Absolutely. People all over the world, with a click of a mouse or a swipe of their screens, can engage with our brand story. I still find the ability to disseminate information into a global community, about the opportunities and benefits that Comvita offers, a wonderfully mindblowing concept. V. How do you view the future of retail? A. Retail will continue to come under pressure. It is a worrying trend, especially as entities like Amazon pick up on nearly every product that moves. The concept store will, I believe, become increasingly relevant to both consumers and brands. A place with actual and tactile product, where shoppers can touch, feel and smell as well as see what they are wishing to purchase. A good example is the Comvita concept store, opened last year in the Viaduct, ideally placed to showcase our range to both tourists and locals.

JUNE 2014




V. Which ingredients, other than honey, used in Comvita products have exceptional qualities? • Bee pollen • Propolis • Olive leaf extract • Phospholipid marine oils V. What is your favourite Comvita product? A. I share Claude’s fascination for bee pollen. It comes directly from flowers and is high in protein and a whole suite of vitamins and minerals. I believe that this product has a big future. V. Wherein lies the strength of the Comvita business? Can you name a few of the most important factors contributing to your success? • Ownership of the majority of the supply chain means that we know what’s happening from the flower to the final honey in the jar so to speak.

• Direct channels to market, i.e. internet shopping and concept stores allow Comvita to transact directly with its consumers. • Rigorous scientific research and development. • Forty years of history. • A like-minded international community (that just get what we are about). V. Any advice for budding entrepreneurs? • Clearly understand your purpose and drive it forward with passion, diligence and perseverance. • Do it right, consistently • Real entrepreneurs rarely give up. They are persistent people who drive others mad with their passion! • See to it that you have like-minded people in your group • Have fun along the way

V. Can you tell Verve readers about some of the things that are on your bucket list? • Spend more time with my first granddaughter, and future grand children. • Engage more deeply in the debate around climate change and what our response should be. • Involve myself more in the move to sustainable housing. • Visit an ex-employee who runs orphanages in India, treating extreme wounds and medical conditions with Comvita products. • I love surfing and travelling, and would like to do more of both. Communing with nature brings me great contentment. • My personal goals and goals for Comvita are heavily intertwined. We are working on creating an environmentally sound campus in the Bay of Plenty. I am engaged in this development both mentally and emotionally, and see it as a light shining on future potential and stories of success.


Dr Anton Wiles and Dr Candida Hatherley

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I’ll tell you. Lotto winner’s go broke 90% of the time. Phenomenal isn’t it? But it’s true. What does that have to do with weight loss? As it turns out – the failure for a weight loss effort to sustain is also about 90%. Remarkable. Unfortunately, it’s also true. The mechanics of weight loss (what you should DO), aren’t that difficult. It’s 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. Everyone either knows or should know that. But just because you know it, doesn’t mean you’ll DO it. In fact, in most cases you either won’t, or you’ll temporarily do it, only to soon stop. The reason is that 80% of your results are in the psychology and only 20% are in the mechanics, or ‘what to do’. So even if you ‘know’ all of the mechanics, that in no way means you will succeed. The problem though, is that psychology is really easy to ignore, because it’s completely invisible. But if you ignore it, you are doomed. It doesn’t mean sitting on a couch for 10 years, in fact, I wouldn’t recommend that at all. It means using proven tools and taking practical and pragmatic steps, which yield fast changes. If you want to forever transform your weight and this area of your life once and for all – then you want to come and speak to me and see if you are eligible for the second round intake of our Weight Loss Psychology Programme. Cameron Gallagher, Mental Performance expert and founder, The Fitness Department

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01 — The AB’s in a huddle 02 — George watches closely form the sidelines 03 — George and All Black physiotherapist Peter Gallagher enjoy the spoils of victory


George Duncan The Hands that Heal the All Blacks Words: Angus St Clair Brown

George Duncan has been the All Black’s Muscle Therapist since 2004. I found my way to his Orakei clinic after a year of physiotherapy and countless calfraises, which had made absolutely no difference to a sprained Achilles. After four sessions with George I was again running laps around the Orakei Basin, virtually pain-free. I decided it was worth finding out a bit more about this fella and what makes him tick. Jumping back in time, as George nonchalantly walked out of Sacred Heart College, the Headmaster told him he was making the biggest mistake of his life. George replied: “Yeah probably. See you later.” The headmaster’s comments were about as prescient as Mimi Smith’s advice to her nephew John Lennon: “The guitar’s alright John, but you’ll never make a living out of it.” Turns out that the best education George could get would be the hands on variety.

George had managed to mangle his knee quite successfully playing rugby for Otahuhu and following surgery, his leg muscles had shortened up leaving him with a permanent bend in his knee. Up in Doubtless Bay, muscle therapist John Guttenbeil told him he’d get him straightened out. Within three weeks he was running again. “I was like wow! This is what I want to do!” exclaims George. Guttenbeil, a once formidable bar-room brawler, was then in his late 60s and living in Sydney. Nevertheless, George bought a one-way ticket and convinced the old pugilist to take him on. After two years, Guttenbeil set him free, saying: “I can’t teach you any more. A lot of what you’re going to learn now is in your hands.” Back in Auckland George ran into Eric Rush who had an ongoing hamstring injury. Fixing that problem attracted the attention of the Auckland B coach who invited him to Wellington with the team.


Thus began his long association with the New Zealand Rugby Union. Years later, the rugby connection eventually steered him towards UniSports in Merton Rd and a long collaboration with sports physicians Dr’s Tony Edwards, Graham Paterson and Chris Hanna in particular. “I actually helped an Achilles problem he [Dr Paterson] had and then he started referring people to me.” Dr Paterson says that when it comes to dealing with soft tissue injuries “George is without equal” and “he often gets results when multiple other treatment modalities are proving ineffective.”

JUNE 2014



He loves working with the AB’s and revels in the camaraderie, banter and the feeling of being part of a large ‘rugby family’.

George’s technique of working with the body reflects his innate practical wisdom. “The key is actually knowing when not to get into something. I find the scar tissue and try and reduce that to allow good blood in. The good blood is the healer, not me.” His skills were honed on the prodigious muscles of legends like Sean Fitzpatrick and Zinzan Brooke and one might well describe him as one of the unsung heroes of New Zealand rugby. He loves working with the AB’s and revels in the camaraderie, banter and the feeling of being part of a large ‘rugby family’. Touring is still great fun, though it’s very different from the amateur days, “in Zinny and Fitzy’s era, I think they pretty much went out every night. Not in the sense of going out drinking, but they’d go out for dinner a lot.” Now, each player spends time

analyzing their games and most meals are taken in the hotel. “The player coming into camp now is so much more professional than what he was in 1996.” Though he tries to remain impartial, George clearly has a few favorites amongst the players. Ali Williams, is one of these and is the only player to ever give George his jersey, a true sign of the big man’s gratitude. I had hoped to get a few ‘All Black anecdotes’ but he’s reticent on this subject. He does, however, divulge one story involving a trip to Buckingham Palace. George laughs as he recalls sidling up to Sitiveni Sivivatu, Carl Hayman, Tony Woodcock and Andrew Hore — being confident those guys were guaranteed to screw up their greetings, royally! Upon Her Majesty’s arrival, an enormous Fijian hand was thrusted at her and Sivivatu, blurted

out: “Bula vinaka mam!” The remainder of the group took their cue from Siti, with the man-mountain Hayman growling: “Gidday, how’re you goin?” and Hoare and Woodcock simply offering “gidday” and “hi” respectively. Rather less formal than Her Majesty was accustomed to. It’s tremendously rewarding for George to see people bounce back from longterm injuries. “When you’ve got these players that get injured, and you get them right and they’re on the field again, that side of it gives you a lot of pleasure.” Keep it up George — we need those lads in good form as winter rolls in!


The Importance Of Having A Funeral Words: Martha-Louise Asmus of Manning Funeral Cottage

Is it so small a thing to have enjoyed the sun to have lived life in the spring to have loved, to have thought, to have done. (Matthew Arnold 17th century) Let me start by saying, I am not writing this article in order to ‘feather my own nest’, but rather, I am concerned at the alarming trend of families who are deciding not to hold a funeral service. One very important fact that is so often overlooked is that funerals are for the living! Any life, and that is from the moment of conception, has a right to be honoured and indeed should be honoured. The person who has died has moved on, but those left behind, need the opportunity, to share stories, to grieve and to find comfort and consolation from those close to us. This is a psychological necessity. Whilst many families talk of having a ‘celebration’ at some later stage, this rarely happens as it becomes ‘too hard’.

Children often struggle with their elderly parents’ instructions that no funeral be held. Frequently these instructions come through a perceived idea to make it simple, but in actual fact, they can cause much pain. Every child needs to have the opportunity to bring closure to their parents’ death. A funeral service is the way this is most usefully done. Costs often are a factor in determining not to hold a funeral service, however, expenses can be kept down. We at Manning Funerals offer our intimate cottage at no charge and you are free to say your goodbyes in any way you chose.

In my 16 years as a funeral director, I have lost track of the number of times I have heard the words “just put me in a paper bag and place me out on the roadside,” or “I don’t want a funeral — just take me straight to the crematorium.”

One of the most poignant memories in my time as a funeral director was some years ago when I cared for an elderly man, who I shall call ‘Jimmy’. He had no family. A newspaper notice was placed advising a time and a date for the service. The celebrant and I tentatively waited, thinking we may be the only attendees. Then came two nursing home staff with photos from above Jimmy’s bed, followed by the local butcher and greengrocer. Four other people arrived separately and our diverse, and somewhat eclectic group, was ready to farewell Jimmy. We brought our chairs in close, surrounding him as he lay in his simple casket, covered in a myriad of flowers I picked from my garden that morning.

I am certainly not advocating a ‘cast of thousands’ or some grandiose production, but rather a chance to simply say goodbye. For some it is their last opportunity to lay any demons to rest, perhaps to forgive or be forgiven, or simply to put the past behind them so that they may move on.

What evolved over the next hour was a truly remarkable and privileged moment for me, as these people came to honour a man who had become an entity in their village; one who rode his bike everywhere and frequented the local businesses, but who kept to himself. The tales poured forth, we listened to Glenn Miller (we

thought reminiscent of his era) and brought the service to a close with the Last Post and Reveille as due to his age, he would probably have served his country. Rosemary (the herb of remembrance) was placed on his casket and everyone returned to their busy lives. Imagine had a notice not been placed to allow Jimmy’s ‘friends’ to come and say goodbye. What a travesty that would have been. After all, Jimmy had touched their lives and they had come to honour him. So often when meeting with a family, descendants are amazed at what stories and history come forth. As is so often the case, people do not share their lives, deeming them to be of no interest, and valuable life stories are lost if there is no honouring of a person’s life. A few years back, I came upon the following adage: “When an old person dies, they take with them, the past. When a young person dies, they take with them, the future. Unlike a wedding, there is no rehearsal for this final curtain. Regrets remain forever. Take the time to honour a person — after all, they have lived.

For more info contact MarthaLouise Asmus, Managing Director of Manning Funeral Cottage 31 George Street, Newmarket 09 377 9790

JUNE 2014


VALUES (KNOW WHAT MATTERS) Knowing what matters is essential as this determines our ongoing action. In other words our Values are statements about what we want to be doing with our life: about how we want to behave on an ongoing basis. Clients often come to therapy describing their problems: the painful feelings they struggle with, the painful thoughts they get entangled in, and the difficulties they face in different parts of their life. So I get a very good picture of what they don’t want, but often I know very little about what they do want: what sort of person they want to be, what sort of relationship they want to build, and what they want to do with their life to make it richer, fuller, and more meaningful. To help answer these questions I describe what Values are (e.g., how we want to behave, what sort of person we want to be, what sort of strengths and qualities we want to develop). Examples of Values may include being loving and caring, giving, and contributing; being a good friend, maintaining health and fitness; being open and honest. Some people provide goals rather than Values. Goals are about what you want to get or have or complete. So if it is not something you can do on an ongoing basis, then it is not a Value. Happiness for example is not a Value – you can’t do it. To have a big car, a house, a great job, or a thin body: these are not things you can do — they are goals, not Values.

Some clients struggle to identify their core Values and there are a number of techniques to help clients find their own sense of meaning and purpose in life, or clarify their Values. For example, asking clients to imagine their own funeral; imagine what you would like to hear other people saying about you. Another technique is to ask; Who do you look up to? Who inspires you? What personal strengths or qualities do they have that you admire? Values give our life a sense of meaning or purpose. Connecting with our Values enables us to use them to inspire, motivate and guide ongoing action. Metaphorically they are like a compass: they give us direction and keep us on track. Needless to say, identifying our Values and reflecting on these at times of stress, or when we need to make certain decisions, or purely to ensure we are living a Values-congruent life adds richness, fulfilment, and meaning to our life. If you are ready to identify/clarify your Values to help you lead a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life feel free to email (drsal@xtra. or phone me (021 662284) for an appointment. I look forward to sharing further columns with you over the following few months. Dr Sally Davis Registered Clinical Psychologist 92 Owens Road, Mt Eden | 021 662 284 See Dr Sally Davis’ ad in Verve’s Market Place on page 100

The Manning Funeral Cottage, Newmarket After a decade working in corporate funeral homes, and facing her own struggle with breast cancer, Martha-Louise Asmus, Managing Director decided there was a real need for a different type of funeral service; a boutique one; where it was not about numbers, but rather about celebrating the uniqueness of each individual, and so Manning Funerals was born. A delightful villa situated opposite the Domain at 31 George Street, Newmarket presents a welcoming and relaxed environment, immediately putting visitors at ease. Whether it’s an intimate gathering in our chapel, or a service at another venue, Manning Funerals can assist you with all aspects of funeral planning. Manning Funerals believes strongly in returning something to the community, and so donates $50.00 from each funeral conducted to either the SPCA or cancer related charities.

A Boutique Funeral Service (09) 377 9790 31 George Street, Newmarket


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss funeral arrangements, please call Martha-Louise on 377 9790, or visit our website


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Meadowbank Dental: Smile You Are On Social Media! Words: Angus St Clair Brown

At Meadowbank Dental Centre, you’ll get the expert dental care you need from highly experienced practitioners in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, general and family care, orthodontics and dental hygiene.

Dr Karen Harris It’s astonishing how far a smile can take you in this life. It’s effortless to give one yet it can change our day and indeed, sometimes our life, profoundly. As Zen master Thích Nhát Hanh once said: “sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” At Meadowbank Dental, creating beautiful smiles and joy in people’s lives is what Dr’s Karen Harris and Stephen Cho are all about. Dr Harris, who has been practicing for over twenty years now, joined Dr Cho in his charming Meadowbank clinic at 93 St John’s Rd. She has a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry, or ‘smile makeovers’ as some people refer to it. “Teeth are interesting” Karen says, “because you really notice when they’re not right, but you don’t necessarily notice when they’re fine.” Karen tells me some commentators are suggesting that dentistry is now becoming a sort of “‘status marker’ dividing rich and poor because of the fact that many wealthy people spend a lot of money on getting their teeth white and straight.” At the risk of sounding elitist, if that’s true, it is perhaps worth being mindful of your teeth in relation to one’s

career and life in general so that you can present yourself in the best possible way. A ‘nice smile’ is comprised of three things: arrangement, shape and colour. All of these have to be right to achieve the desired effect. Karen has been perfecting 
this ‘holy trinity’ of dentistry for decades and has continued to stay abreast of technological developments in the industry. She can quickly assess what will and won’t work for individual patients: “sometimes it’s relatively minor, sometimes it’s a bit more comprehensive. Just altering the shape of teeth very slightly or replacing some little discoloured area can really improve the overall appearance.” “We are general dentists” Karen continues, “and the thing about that is, we are a one-stopshop because we can actually do all of the basic groundwork that’s needed and get people [orally] healthy as well.” Karen prides herself on being flexible in her approach and thinking outside the square, skills that have been derived from great experience. “It comes down to the knowledge and expertise of the operator,” she says. “I had a patient who came in last week who was going overseas. They’d been elsewhere and quoted quite a lot of money for veneers and they weren’t able to afford it and they didn’t have the


Meadowbank Dental is equipped with some of the latest technology, including a Cerec machine which scans the teeth and carves exact replica’s out of porcelain in fifteen minutes. time to do it. So we worked out another approach which has been very successful.” Meadowbank Dental is equipped with some of the latest technology, including a Cerec machine which scans the teeth and carves exact replica’s out of porcelain in 15 minutes. They offer advanced whitening treatments both ‘chair-side’ (i.e. in the clinic) as well as options for people to do it at home using customised mouth guards. The whitening service is more expensive than at a ‘whitening clinic’ but “you’re paying for peace of mind that you’re getting a trained dentist doing the treatment plus the best quality of product for your teeth.”

JUNE 2014




Dr Stephen Cho Dr Cho started the practice at Meadowbank Dental over 20 years ago and is very experienced in the fields of cosmetic, orthodontic and general dentistry. Today though, he’s terribly excited as he tells me all about a wonderful new system called ‘Fast Braces®’ which is, he says, all the rage. “I’ve been doing orthodontics for over 15 years now and this is the first system that makes things really simple, with regards to the speed of treatment and the results as well. It’s had over 20 years university research in the U.S., is substantially more affordable than traditional braces and the treatment time is generally between three and 12 months. Even though the technology itself is more expensive, we can offer it to patients at a lower cost because we’re not spending years and years treating them.” Fast Braces® was limited to the U.S market but it has recently been released world wide. I am so confident with this system that I have started my own two children on it. My kids are really pleased

that their braces will be finished within 6-9 months instead of a couple of years like most traditional braces. Another great thing about Fast Braces® (aside from the fact that they’reconsiderably cheaper) is that they can be used on both adults and kids. The design of the bracket is what makes them different from traditional braces. Fast Braces® have a triangular bracket which “allows us to place a stronger more flexible wire and it’s the wire which actually straightens the teeth.” Hannah Bellew is our Fast Braces® Consultant and has had orthodontics done by Dr Cho recently. We are able to offer a free Fast Braces® consultation with Hannah for a limited time. I wish Fast Braces® had been around when I was a teenager! (sigh).

I am so confident with this system that I have started my own two children on it. My kids are really pleased that their braces will be finished within 6-9 months instead of a couple of years like most traditional braces. 01 — Dr Karen Harris with a client 02 — Dr Stephen Cho and Hannah Bellew

MEADOWBANK DENTAL 93 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Ph 09 528 3146 (Dr Stephen Cho) (Dr Karen Harris)



Right — Dr Heidi Sauer and Dr Mark Worthington

Dental Artistry Words: Angus St Clair Brown

Quality, customer service and comprehensive patient management are what define the Newmarket-based practice of Dental Artistry. “Cosmetic dentistry is an art as well as a science” says Dr Heidi Sauer. Looking at some of the ‘before and after’ photos on their books, I’m inclined to believe her. As a case in point, she shows me a gentleman whose teeth were badly worn down upon arrival. Applying their combined expertise, Dr Sauer worked on his jaw to open up his bite; her off-sider, Dr Mark Worthington put in a number of implants; A number of crowns and veneers later, and voila! – the customer’s smile was absolutely transformed. I have to admit, the difference is quite remarkable. That’s the thing about Dental Artistry - they seem to relish the big, multidisciplinary jobs. They provide a tremendous variety and breadth of care. “So, if you’ve got a patient who needs orthodontics and then they need crowns and they’re missing a tooth and they need an implant, they’ll often have to go to three different places. We can provide treatment across all these categories, and to an excellent standard” says Dr Sauer. In fact, basically, the only times they send a patient to a specialist is for a molar root canal or a tooth extraction requiring a general anesthetic. Dr Sauer describes Dr Worthington as “the builder” and herself as “the interior designer”. What this means is that Dr Worthington is an expert in dental implants (with over 6,000 procedures under his belt, he’s done more of these than anyone else in the country), whilst Dr Sauer is an expert with 20 years of experience in complex reconstructions incorporating crowns, bridges, veneers and orthodontic treatment. She is a perfectionist who insists on using the best crown technicians in

Dr Sauer describes Dr Worthington as ‘the builder’ and herself as ‘the interior designer.’ What this means is that Dr Worthington is an expert in dental implants, whilst Dr Sauer is an expert with 20 years of experience in complex reconstructions, incorporating crowns, bridges, veneers and orthodontic treatment. Australia, thereby reducing her profits, rather than getting inferior materials made elsewhere. A touch of perfectionism must be an advantage in cosmetic dentistry where attention to detail is absolutely imperative. Dr Sauer completed her initial dentistry training in Queensland in 1996 and then started a clinic in Canberra. She then went on to do advanced courses at various institutions worldwide in the fields of crown and bridgework, orthodontics, and facial pain. During her studies she was accredited as a distinguished Fellow in the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. Romance took her across the Tasman eight years ago and she soon after established Dental Artistry with Dr Worthington. I detect a need for lateral thinking in this business, as Dr Sauer describes a case where teeth were shifted around the patient’s mouth like a kind of enamel tile puzzle. She certainly seems to have a great eye for detail and when asked, is able to pick out several flaws in my smile that my dentist had never mentioned. She attributes that to an innate ability and to being a perfectionist.

She obviously relishes the flexibility that her current practice brings her: “The ability to just walk next door and treatment plan an entire multidisciplinary case and to be able to consult altogether [with Dr Worthington and the patient] is just such a gift. So, it ends up with much better results for our patients, and without them having to visit various different dentists”. Age is no barrier to treatment here. As I’m chatting to Dr Sauer, Dr Worthington declares he has a patient who’s 95 and coming in for an implant right now. Conversely, one might think that Dental Artistry is just for adults, but Dr Sauer says that they treat an awful lot of children with orthodontics and it’s a great time to intervene as it’s easier, cheaper and often more effective. “So we’re very into early intervention here”. It’s good to know the Dental Artistry team are around to handle the tough jobs!

DENTAL ARTISTRY 38 Broadway, Newmarket 09 524 4541

JUNE 2014



Above — Dr Craig Sharp

Craig Sharp Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

A cool head, steady hands and a calming manner are among the most important traits of any medical professional, and Dr Craig Sharp has them in spades. Not only one of New Zealand’s most eminent orthodontists, he’s also flown his light aircraft across the Tasman from Auckland to Brisbane, and back. Living in Queensland in the early 1980s, Craig was able to merge his career with his love of aviation. “Back then it was 200km to the next dentist or 600km to any kind of specialist help,” says Sharp. “I had to do all I could. There was some pretty hairy flights getting in and out of short strips or flying over to the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. It was certainly a wide-ranging experience.” That fearlessness has seen the dentist break new ground in Kiwi dentistry too. In 2006 Craig Sharp Orthodontics became the first specialist orthodontic practice in New Zealand to go fully digital, modelling patients’ upper and lower teeth. “I’ve been very proactive technologically,” says Sharp, “but what makes us further stand out is our attention to detail, that little bit extra. Our working hours are different. It’s a shift system that accommodates the working lives of our clients. We also place a large emphasis on patient followups post-braces to ensure all is on track.” Leading another industry revolution, Sharp has introduced 3D printing technology to produce LookSharp Aligners. “A variety of braces have been around for a long time now, but in recent years there has been a move towards the clear, mouthguard-type aligners,” says the

That fearlessness has seen the dentist break new ground in Kiwi dentistry too. In 2006 Craig Sharp Orthodontics became the first specialist orthodontic practice in New Zealand to go fully digital, modelling patients’ upper and lower teeth. “I’ve been very proactive technologically,” says Sharp, “but what makes us further stand out is our attention to detail, that little bit extra.”

orthodontist. “They are being marketed by some as a fix-all ­— particularly by general dentists who provide orthodontic treatment without the training or skills to provide consistent quality outcomes — but, they are far from it. They are limited in what they can effectively do. We stayed away from most brands of aligners for quite a while for those reasons, but being in control of our own — and patients’ — destiny has allowed us to introduce our own version.” Following an initial consultation, teeth moulds are digitally scanned, specialised software straightens them as the data is sent to the printer where the aligners are fabricated. Three to four weeks after wearing the final set of LookSharp aligners, that transformation to a Hollywood smile should be well and truly complete. But, Sharp stresses, it’s imperative patients shoulder some responsibility to

ensure those perfect new gnashers remain so. “One of the bigger misconceptions about orthodontics is that once you move a tooth, it will stay put,” he says. “That’s not the case with everybody. You have to ensure you maintain and retain those teeth. Success is partly based on cooperation from the patient. If we don’t get that, it won’t work as well. But when it does, there’s nothing more thrilling than seeing them ten years down the line and their teeth are still looking great.”

CRAIG SHARP Unit 5, 81A Remuera Road Newmarket 0800 BRACES



Have No Fear, The Tooth Company’s Here Words: Brittany Jordt

It’s common to feel a little anxious at the thought of a trip to the dentist. Adults and children alike often view a visit to the tooth experts with some suspicion. Dr Andrew Campbell, founder and principle dentist at The Tooth Company, says when he started his business he immediately set out to address and allay people’s fears and concerns. “We looked at all the barriers that people had with going to the dentist. Then we tried to address them individually,” Campbell said. “First the convenience factor: our Smales Farm, Takapuna practice is open seven days a week, and from 8am until 9pm, on Monday through Thursday. That gives people enough time to go to the dentist.” Next up was the fear factor. Campbell and his partners sought to create a cosier atmosphere inside the clinic by bringing in architects that had done award-winning work on baches and homes. Instead of the usual sterile office environment, The Tooth Company’s interior utilizes aspects of colour and comfort. Campbell said, “we tried to create a space that people could instantly feel relaxed inside. Of course it’s also important to have top-of-the-line technology and equipment.”

Next up was the fear factor. Campbell and his partners sought to create a cosier atmosphere inside the clinic by bringing in architects that had done award-winning work on baches and homes. Inside the profession, cosmetic dentistry is often considered more of an art form, and oral surgery more of a medicine. At The Tooth Company, one of the important and innovative aspects of their business is the blending of these two concepts — art and medicine — in practice and design. What makes The Tooth Company unique is the fact that exceptional doctors are on hand to help clients with anything from a root canal to improving the aesthetics of their smile.

By providing first-rate care by professionals who are highly skilled, well respected and very compassionate about people’s dental apprehensions, experts like Dr Campbell at The Tooth Company strive to break down patient’s barriers and pre-conceived notions.

It’s impossible to overstate the beauty of sharing smiles and laughter with confidence. Treatment can range from veneers, bridges or tooth whitening techniques, but a simple consultation or full mouth examination will have you well on your way to happier teeth. With another location in Britomart and a specialty children’s facility opening soon on the North Shore, there’s never been a better time to stop procrastinating and give The Tooth Company a ring.

“We try to source the best people to work in our practices. We’re also trying to be a kind of one-stop-shop with what we do,” Campbell said. “Every dentist has a very different skill-set, from cosmetic makeover — to oral surgery.”

“Two year olds have teeth and (some) 90 year olds have teeth — we cater for everyone,” Campbell said. “There’s no one special treatment that makes us different, it’s the overall experience and the people.”

Above — Dr Andrew Campbell and The Tooth Company Britomart clinic

THE TOOTH COMPANY 54 Customs Street East, Britomart 09 379 0099




JUNE 2014

INTO THE BLUE Photographer — Neil Gussey Hair and makeup — Imeleta Kellett Styling — Verve Magazine Models — Cameo and Conor @ 62 Models

Navy Structured Knit, Grey Cuff Wide Leg Pant Witchery, Gemma Slip Ons by Mai Mai Runway, Ladder Trees Furniture

Navy Spiderweb Sweat, Petrol Bleu Pawson Suit Pant Witchery, Alpine Shell 2.0 in Washed Navy Huffer

Mens Sweatshirt in Navy Blue/Narcissus by Lacoste Live, Stripe Tee in Navy by Critter, Tape Ted Organic 16 Drips Dry by Nudie Jeans Co Superette.

Navy Spot Knit Witchery, Technical Parka in Navy Huffer

Below — Lucky Be A Lady Dress in Blue Alannah Hill, Como Throw in Royal by Ottoloom Superette, Reindeer Pelt Trees Furniture

Right — Half Cardigan Stitch Jumper, Herringbone Tweed Jersey Dress Karen Millen

Right — Knit with Shoulder Mesh in Bleu Karen Millen Marshmallow Winter Trumpet Skirt Witchery, Gemma Slip Ons by Mai Mai Runway, Ladder Trees Furniture

Above — Quilted Coat, Boyfriend Cords in Navy Gorman, Armour Bralet in Phantom Lace by Maurie & Eve, Como Throw in Royal by Ottoloom Superette, Exterior Wave Chair Trees Furniture

Right — Eyes To The Sun Tee Gorman, Blue Genuine Leather Handbag Su Misura

Twill Motorcycle Jacket in Black by The People Vs Superette, Sip Tee/Own It in White Huffer, Petrol Bleu Pawson Suit Pant Witchery, Ladder Trees Furniture

French Kissing Sweater by Zoe Karssen Superette, Leather Mini in Navy Gorman, Reindeer Pelt, Exterior Wave Chair Trees Furniture

Mist Bleu ¾ Sleeve Bib Front Shirt Witchery, Fuzz Jumper in Blue Gorman, Black Slim Fit Pant (custom made) Su Misura, Pretty Ballerina Bree Loafer Runway, Elm Peasant Stool Trees Furniture

Croc Burnout Top Gorman, The Existence Jean by Sass & Bide Superette

All stockists located on Nuffield Street, Newmarket Alannah Hill 09 52 2 1171 Gorman 09 529 2279 Huffer 09 529 5500 Karen Millen 09 529 5963 Runway Shoes 09 522 0808 Su Misura 09 522 8555 Superette 09 966 0440 Witchery 09 523 1335




BLUE DENIM Fashion by: Paris Mitchell

Both work and play attire from way back, designer denim has made its comeback in all sorts of washes and textures.

01 — Levi’s Denim Jacket. $129.90. Available from 02 — Georgia Alice Jeans. $339. Available from




03 — Moochi High-Top Skinny Jean. $259. Available from 04 — Kmart Chambray Shirt. $19. Available from 05 — Stella McCartney Denim Dungarees. $834. Available from


FABRIC: 6B Teed St, Newmarket — Home to R13, Citizens of Humanity + more ROUTE 66: 180 Broadway, Newmarket — Home to Levi’s and Lee ADORNO: 282/3 Ponsonby Rd — Home to J Brand


Prices start at $199.95. Available from


JUNE 2014





MAKEUP Beauty by: Paris Mitchell

03 Get Lupita Nyong’o’s look from the Met Gala 2014 with M.A.C and NARS! 01 — M.A.C Pearlglide Intense Liner in Designer Purple. $36.00 02 — M.A.C Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen RRP $48.00 03 — NARS Lip Gloss in Orgasm. $51. Available from

FRESH FACED Osmosis Skincare has announced the first ever DNA repair serums on the market. Catalyst Plus and Catalyst AC-11 are now patented for “systems and methods for preventing cancer and treating skin lesions.” Catalyst Key Benefits & Features: Rebuilds Collagen – C, sun protection, pigment control, heals capillaries, prevents scarring and heals the skin. $198. Available from

NEW AUTUMN/WINTER COLLECTION FROM LEIGHTON DENNY Embrace the new season with The Temptation Collection — a covetable range of nail colours by Leighton Denny Expert Nails. Give in to the rich, shimmering and dynamic metallics. $30. WIN WITH VERVE! Verve and Leighton Denny are giving away six colours valued at $180! Simply go to www.vervemagazine. and click on the competitions tab!

BETWEEN YOU AND THE MOON: HOLISTIC SKINCARE MADE IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Between You and The Moon products obtain a holistic philosophy, made with high quality botanically based, organic ingredients. Their traditional herbal goods are made by hand and bottled in small batches with a focus on intention and the flow of energy. To view the men’s, woman’s and baby ranges go to Nourish & Replenish Oil from $33 and ‘Edith Rose Cream’ $42



OSTEOPOROSIS CAN OCCUR AT ANY AGE The perception that osteoporosis only affects some postmenopausal women is far from the truth. Studies have shown it can start occurring as early as age 25 in both men and women. Osteoporosis means “porous bones” and is characterised by loss of bone density. What happens? The interior of our bones have a honey comb structure with tiny open spaces. Osteoporosis occurs when the bone loses minerals, particularly calcium, faster than the body replaces them. This leads to larger spaces and results in lower bone density which increases the risk of fractures and breaks. What can be done? • Calcium (and vitamin D to help absorption) is the cornerstone of recommended treatments and include medication that slows further bone loss or attempts to increase bone formation. • Osteoporosis is difficult to reverse and therefore Osteoporosis New Zealand, and medical boards and practitioners around the world advocate prevention. If prevention was a triangle, the three corners would be a good diet (plenty of calcium and protein), certain lifestyle choices (no smoking and moderate alcohol consumption) and regular high intensity exercise.

If prevention was a triangle, the three corners would be a good diet (plenty of calcium and protein), certain lifestyle choices (no smoking and moderate alcohol consumption) and regular high intensity exercise.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS Each year, Dress for Success Auckland helps change the lives of over 1000 women, enabling them to hold their heads high and contribute positively to their families, and to our communities. Clients facing tough times, who are determined to get ahead, are helped to look and feel fantastic at their job interviews. Dress for Success gives them heart to believe in themselves so that they can get a job and keep it. A recent client shares her story: “Prior to coming to Dress For Success I had not worked for eight years, I had been in trouble with the law and had just been released from serving a two year lag in jail. I had nothing! My confidence was gone and I lacked any self esteem. My experience at Dress for Success was like a reminder of the person I once was and showed me a glimpse of the person I wanted to become. Immediately following my visit to Dress for Success I managed to get a job interview and it was wonderful. I had the appropriate clothing and makeup to wear — but it was more than that... I felt somewhat supported throughout the whole interview process and knew I was part of a larger group of women who all need help from time to time. Because of my offending I have not been able to secure any more job interviews, however I am going to keep trying. I do not want to give up on me. I am very grateful for the help I received and will never forget the kindness, discretion and awesome support I received from the staff at Dress for Success — I received way more than just clothes.” Dress for Success are not government funded so are always looking for the three C’s – Clothing, Cash and Contributors! It is an exciting, dynamic organisation to be a part of and if you’d like to help in any way, they’d love to hear from you!

Clinical studies have shown that high intensity training can help increase density in bone mass as well as increase muscle mass, strength and balance. With correct and repeated high intensity training, your body reacts to the stimulus by actively reinforcing the bones and muscle — i.e. recovering and maintenance of bone density. You are effectively stimulating your body to build stronger bones — like in your youth. 101 Fitness in Newmarket specialises in high intensity training (HIT) and we’d love to help you or a loved one.

Melissa-Anne Smit Director 101 Fitness

4 Boston Road, Mt Eden 09 377 2762

JUNE 2014

53 NufďŹ eld St, Newmarket

Gift Voucher

Phone 09 520 7869

One voucher per customer. Cannot be used on items that are reduced or discounted. Cannot be exchanged for cash. Can only be redeemed in store. Valid until 31st August 2014.


Robert Key Robert lives and works in Auckland as a freelancer in the television industry designing sets and props. RK&Co began two years ago as a conversation with friends about finding the ideal bag. After looking at the plethora of stylish bags out there, Robert thought there was room for a few more bespoke ones, and so began designing bags himself. Before bag designs where finalised, Robert created a range of wrist cuffs and belts with his own brand of spin-cast buckles. A range of canvas and leather totes have also just been released. Leather is a material that has many design elements already in place. The type of leather used is a large part of the design’s direction. Like raw denim — leather is a work in progress, it pays to utilise its natural tendencies beyond design/ manufacture and into the wear they will get once being used.


01 — Black NZ leather tote 02 — Black leather 1.5 inch belt

Robert’s partner Nikki Walker has supported this journey into the uncharted territory of manufacturing and supply. Nikki being a very large part of the ‘Co’ in the brand name. There is quite a steep learning curve in starting a business from scratch. As Robert’s daughter-in-law Emily (who started Silkbody) once said to him, “lots of people have ideas, but not many follow them through.”


03 — Olive Canvas tote with leather handles 04 — ‘Lola’ single strap brown leather cuff

From concept to customer, Nikki and Robert’s idea with RK&Co is to supply everyday objects that have design and build integrity, and to make products with bespoke and timeless elements here in New Zealand. Leather is an inspiring product to design with, its one of those rare materials that — with a little love and wear — improves with age. 03


Su Misura: Made to Measure in Nuffield St Su Misura, it’s Italian for ‘made to measure’. With the launch of their new Nuffield Street fashion store, owners Vyomesh and Rinku Trivedi aim to introduce a new standard of service to New Zealand customers. The concept is a ‘one-stop-shop’, wherein you can obtain every item of clothing you require. Su Misura will produce a made to measure suit, starting at $749, in as little as four days and will even fly to London to revamp a customer’s wardrobe. Their made to measure services also include formal women’s wear, which Vyomesh tells me is rather hard to come by in New Zealand. Moving to Auckland from India, the Trivedi’s sought a better quality of life for their family. Rinku, has worked (in India) for one of the world’s leading fashion houses and saw an opportunity to open her own store and share her passion with Aucklanders. Her years as the ‘made to measure’ head for India helped form relationships with three vastly experienced tailors who work exclusively for Su Misura out of Hong Kong.

They will customise the tiniest details of an outfit (including accessories) to please the most fastidious of shoppers. They’ll go to great lengths to help their customers’ look and feel phenomenal.

392 Broadway, Newmarket 09 522 8555 HOURS Monday to Sunday 10am-7pm

Su Misura is defined by its ability to highly customise clothing as well as offering a level of service unseen here. “One of our customers said: ‘thank God you guys have come!’” Vyomesh declares. ‘I was never able to get mother of pearl buttons for my shirt, customised pocket squares and a tie all matching each other so beautifully’ continued this elated shopper. Su Misura will source almost any fabric including the finest silk, wool, cashmere, linen and even bamboo as well as the most exotic African leather’s. They will customise the tiniest details of an outfit (including accessories) to please the most fastidious of shoppers. They’ll go to great lengths to help their customers’ look and feel phenomenal. It’s a fine looking store with four dedicated carparks, open from 10am to 7pm, every day of the week. Elegantly appointed, deceptively large and carefully laid-out, the shop has been divided into three areas: the main entrance where customers can choose from a wide selection of suits, business and casual shirts, ties and accessories; the made to measure section which can be closed off to the rest of the store; and the pièce de résistance — the ‘virtual dressing room’. Here, the customer uses swipe technology to ‘virtually dress themselves’, choosing from a staggering selection of fabrics, styles and customised accessories while enjoying coffee or champagne from the in-store bar. The owners intend to launch a Su Misura smart-phone app with close to 100,000 products for customers to choose from, as well as having a physical presence in all of New Zealand’s major cities. With winter looming, head down to Nuffield St for a glass of Champagne and a sensational Su Misura suit.

Only one pair in New Zealand

18kt white gold, diamond and faceted amethyst drop earrings. $8,650.00

shop 4, 25 teed street, newmarket, auckland phone: (09) 522 8620 email: opening hours monday – saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm sunday – closed

114 Main Highway Ellerslie 09 579 3535 Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm Sat 10am-4pm



JUNE 2014

Your questions answered by




Meghan Maher Repertoire’s Style Director Winter dressing is always very dark, but I am wanting to wear more colour. What colours do you suggest? Colour, is still a huge international trend and has only gained in momentum. What is fantastic is that no colour is out of trend this winter, whether its fiery reds, vibrant oranges or deep ocean blues the choices are endless. Trust your gut, If you love a colour try it on and give it a go. If you find the colour hard to wear but still like it, try buying it in a print that has stronger colours in it. Softer colours are popular this winter particularly in the pastel family. This trend is very refreshing but can be hard to wear close to the face. In our own collection we have picked up these softer colours in strong prints that can be easily styled back with black or white which makes them very wearable. Navy is probably the colour that is trending the strongest this winter. I believe this is because it is still a darker hue which is perfect for the winter season but is softer than black. Grey is the new neutral that I am personally loving especially when shades of grey are styled together from head to toe. If you want to try something new, a colour that is selling well in our stores this season is fuschia pink. Be daring and give it a go - I think you will be surprised as it suits most skin tones.

Wrap yourself in NZ merino & wool Winter 14

The phrase “there’s nothing new under the sun” is never truer than when you are talking about fashion. This winter, we’re all playing in fashions’ time machine with the revival of 90s Grunge, 60s pop-art and 70s dresses. There are whispers of the return of flared pants, culottes are surely making a comeback and sweatshirts as fashion are big news. Many women are struggling with the back to the futureness of this season, having been told that if you can remember wearing it the first time around, you shouldn’t wear it again. That rule, I can assure you, is a complete load of rubbish. It belongs in the same vault of other stupid fashion rules like ‘blue and green should never be seen’, ‘you can’t wear white shoes in winter’ and ‘horizontal stripes make you look fatter’. A complete nonsense made up by the fun police. The reality is that yes, you absolutely can wear a trend again, so long as you tailor it to your current body shape and age. How do you take the past and keep it fresh? Like any fashion trend, you need to pick the pieces that work for you – yes, acid washed and oversized denim jackets have made a return, but a woman of a certain age still looks best if hers is slightly more fitted. Leather pants are very on trend, but some of us will welcome the ponti/ leather combos as being more flattering (not to mention

more comfortable). Flannel checked shirts won’t work for everyone but a more classic shirt looks great with your jeans. Square cut 80s midriff baring crop tops are not friendly to a thickening middle, but look great layered over a longer shirt. Make the look yours by accessorising it in a modern way; just because you still own a pair of Caterpillar work boots doesn’t mean that your checked pants or boyfriend jeans wouldn’t look better with a heeled bootie. By the way, a leather biker jacket has no age limit and looks great layered over dresses, as well as worn with your jeans. The real trick to taking a trend from your past and wearing it well is to make it look more expensive. You see, all the cheapie chain stores will be churning out trend pieces thick and fast meaning that yes, you will look like you are ‘trying too hard’ if you leap into the same garments as every teen in town. Instead, find the key pieces to create the look from a higherend store (or your current wardrobe). Take the trend and own it – your way. Remember, if you need a hand to find the perfect winter pieces we’re here to help. Pop in to our studio at 35 Broadway for a free 15 minute style consultation with one of the team or call us on 529 5115 to talk about having your most stylish winter ever.

Signature Style 35 Broadway, Newmarket 09 529 5115 See Signature Style’s ad on page 101



The Duette’s Honeycomb structure provides exceptional insulation, so...

Warm up this Winter with Luxaflex

Make an appointment today with one of our Interior Design experts for a FREE In-Home Consultation. We can guide you through the process of choosing the perfect window solutions to keep you warm this winter. Window Design Interiors manufacture and supply all window treatments. We custom make our soft furnishings on site... Drapery, Headboards, Cushions and everything in between.

CALL US TODAY AND SAVE! *Offer excludes cost of Automation

Offers ends June 30th 2014

Our Showroom is open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm 130 Marua Road, Ellerslie, Auckland 09 525 1675

We love Le Monde Home Inspiring|stylish|elegant|unique|innovative

69D St Georges Bay Rd Parnell T: 093779518

104 Mt. Eden Road, Mt. Eden | P: 09 638 8463 |

phone 638 8463 now for a free in home design consultation



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Curtains • Blinds • sunsCreens • roller shades • Venetians • shutters • roman Blinds • interior design *Special conditions apply. Offer finishes 30/06/2014


Dorrington Architects and Associates In recognition of the appointment of Sam Atcheson as a co-director of the company, Dorrington Architects and Associates has rebranded. The new name of the business is DAA. The architectural studio based in Newton, Auckland employs a team of six and together, the directors have 30 years’ experience in the industry. The pair met at the University of Auckland in the late 90s and originally worked together at Fearon Hay Architects. In 2007, Atcheson joined Dorrington Architects and the first project they teamed forces on – a house in the central North Island – was recognised in the residential category of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) Awards. While Dorrington will take the lead in the design direction of DAA, Atcheson will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the practice. The DAA vision is of architecture with a ‘reduced aesthetic’. As Dorrington explains, “details are pared back to a minimum so reading the componentry of the building is as clear as possible.” Atcheson: “each element is distinctive: we’re striving for an honesty of structure and material, and buildings that are carefully composed.” The duo has already scooped awards for houses in Auckland, and holiday homes in Taupo and Raglan. In the retail sector, the team worked with design studio Veneer on ‘Shoebox’, a store for shoe designer Kathryn Wilson which was a Best Design Awards finalist. Similarly, their collaboration on Britomart’s Tyler Street Garage was recognised both by the NZIA and the Best Design Awards. DAA recently turned their ‘reduced aesthetic’ philosophy to the renovation of a 70s house in Herne Bay. The layout


of this multi-gabled home was proving impractical for a family with three children. They retained the roof and many existing materials, but simplified the internal planning to create spaces that were openplan, light and a lot more workable.


The practice has a focus on new dwellings. A recent award-winning house in Mission Bay, Auckland wraps around an internal courtyard in its parklike setting. Its striking material palette teams the solidity of stone-cladding over concrete block with dark-stained vertical cedar shiplap. A sunken lounge adds a retro aspect to this thoroughly contemporary design. One of DAA’s latest projects, a new-build in Titirangi, is a glass-and-plywood box where the bush-setting is celebrated and playfulness is explored with colour-block inserts on the kitchen cabinetry and an over-sized window seat. At only four metres wide, the footprint is a compact 120 square metres. Auckland’s Unitary Plan will result in a shift towards higher-density living, and homeowners are turning to architects to deliver a quality result on tighter sites. “When building on a smaller section, more people are starting to recognise the value of engaging an architect who can ensure there’s no wasted space in the planning,” says Atcheson. For more information, visit:



01 — Tyler Street Garage, Britomart: DAA shaped this industrial-style bar and eatery within the existing structure of brick walls and concrete floors. 02 — Herne Bay Renovation: DAA sensitively renovated this multi-gabled house in Herne Bay 03 — Titirangi: This compact house, designed by DAA for a young family, is only four metres wide 04 — Kathryn Wilson: Shoebox for Kathryn Wilson was a Best Design Awards finalist

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INTERIOR DESIGN REVIEW FINALISTS 2014 w w w. t r e n z s e at e r. c om TRENZSEATER is proud to announce that their Interior Design work, directed by Ben Lewis, has been recognized by an international acclaimed judging panel for this year’s Andrew Martin Interior Design Review book. This accolade is considered throughout the world as “the Oscars of Interior Design industry” by the London Times. We are privileged, and honoured, to be recognized as one of the 50 top interior designers in the world that are to be featured in Andrew Martin’s book this year.



To be acclaimed alongside the ilk of previous winners that include Kelly Hoppen, Tomas Pheasant, Michael Reeves and Axel Vervoordt to name just a few is an honour of the highest regard. TRENZSEATER looks forward to offering you now internationally acclaimed Interior Design for all your projects!




TRENZSEATER Auckland I 80 PARNELL RD, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND. T. (09) 303 4151 TRENZSEATER Christchurch I 121 BLENHEIM RD, CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND. T. (03) 343 0876 Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm

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Make A Bold Move Dan Heyworth, CEO of Box™ advocates incorporating a splash of rainbow attitude into your new build or renovation. Any colour as long as it’s black. While that is a broad-brush statement, this does seem to be the motto of architects everywhere — you see it in their clothes and in their cars, so little wonder it’s difficult to get them to incorporate much colour in a design. It wasn’t always this way. Celebrated Swiss architect Le Corbusier is known for his passionate lauding of white in vernacular architecture. One of his seminal buildings, the clean-lined La Villa Savoye on the outskirts of Paris, is a concrete holiday retreat completed in 1931. It was this architectural classic that marked a turning point in Le Corbusier’s thinking. It was also his last commission where he indulged his passion for all-white architecture. Later in life, he embraced colour as only an artist can; he even developed two paint colour collections. “Man needs colour to live,” he said then, quoting fellow painter Fernand Leger. “It’s just as necessary an element as fire and water.” Le Corbusier went on to offset all that concrete severity by using bold colour statements on buildings such as Berlin’s Unite d’habitation and the pair of Jaoul houses in the upmarket Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine. While the red-brick, concrete and timber exteriors may look neutral, inside Le Corbusier employed primary shades of red and green to coat items of built-in furniture, in tiling and on walls – a technique which he believed emphasised the geometry of the architecture. So if Le Corbusier and the mid-century modernists were doing it, when exactly did colour leave our lives and nondescript neutrals gain so much ground? Perhaps it was during the 80s and 90s when we became focussed on home as

investment, rather than somewhere to live in for life. We became frightened to express an opinion, reluctant to make our own mark. Homeowners started using colour only in painted surfaces and not in the intrinsic make-up of dwellings. Happily, the wheel has turned from such pared-back austerity. Scratch the surface and you’ll find that there are those in the architecture profession who are prepared to give colour its due and add a little more pep to the material palette. Because our homes are usually our biggest investment, there’s something to be said for keeping the bulk neutral, yet the key is to have a bit of fun. Here are some ideas: • Colour blocking is a modernist tradition that has since been revived in fashion and painting techniques. This model of colour use can readily be explored in the materiality of buildings. One recent Box™ house on Waiheke Island, for instance, features louvred windows where panes of glass are tinted in punchy shades such as citrus lemon, apple green, sky blue and lilac. Louvres alongside the front door instantly lend personality to the approach to the house. Internally, these banks of coloured louvres become the art and act like a stained-glass window to throw light in pretty colours into the rooms. • Colour can be used in big-picture context when it suits the occupant and the function of the building. Dour has no power in an artist’s studio, for instance. In one Box™ project in Clevedon, the plywood cladding in orange brown looks striking on the container-like building. The owner, a hobby artist, bucked the trend

and requested a vibrant shade – and the joinery to match. • An exuberant welcome is a good way to pursue hues. Put a brave face on your building with a front door that adds a pop of Mondrian-like colour. Don’t make it a wishy washy greeting, either. Choose something strong and vivid from a vintage palette, such as a seafoam green from the 50s, burnt orange from the 60s, or even a cheerful pillar-box red. • Repetition is the name of the game. Choose one colour as an accent and stick to it. This can be used on the front

COLOUR TIPS: Seek inspiration from magazines, friends and websites. Gather together a scrapbook of projects you do and don’t like. This will help you to get a sense of what will suit your tastes and what won’t. Take the scrapbook with you when you are visiting stores and making choices — it will help the shop staff make recommendations that will suit. Always choose the surfaces that have the least choice first — such as your carpet, flooring, benchtop, joinery and roof colour — then choose your paint colour.

Colour can have a huge impact on how a room feels. Warm up a cool room by painting it in warm colours such as creams and reds. Or cool down a hot room by painting it soothing blues and greens. Dark colours will tend to make the walls advance so are a great option to create cosier spaces. Lighter colours tend to recede so can make smaller spaces feel larger.

door, in tiling, expressed as a section of panelling to, say, brighten up a stairwell, or on a kitchen splash-back where cabinetry tends to be in black, white or another take-no-chances shade. • Consider bringing colour to your alfresco areas too. While we wouldn’t suggest it as cladding (unless you’re an artist, see point above), use Perspex panelling on all or several panes of a covered pergola. It brings an unexpected artfulness to the space and filters the light beautifully.

Make sure your colour scheme for your whole home works together. Choose one neutral that you can use thoughout each room to connect the rooms — this could be a ceiling colour or a trim colour. When you choose your feature colours, place them together and see if they work well as a family. Even if they won’t be seen alongside each other, they still need to be part of the same theme. This will give you the confidence that when you get them home they’ll work together once they are on your walls. When selecting colours, remember to factor in the gloss level. Most colour charts are produced using low sheen chips. If you use a gloss finish it will look brighter and cleaner; if you use a flat finish it will look darker and more intense. If you have a less than perfect surface, use a lower sheen paint. The lower the sheen the more imperfections the finish will hide.

Resene has all the wallpaper you need to dress up your walls and the Resene paint colours to complement them. Check out our extensive range and get the right advice from your local Resene ColorShop. Wallpapers from Resene: No 25676 Floral with grey background; No 25677, Floral with black background; No 25674, Tree Branches with grey background; No 25675 Tree Branches with black background; No 798975 Birds with white background; No 798968 Birds with black background; No BN48299 textural paper; and No 25678 black and white stripe. Chair is Resene Tweet.

FREE! To help you

get started... Simply bring this voucher into your local Resene ColorShop by 15 July and we’ll give you a Resene Testpot FREE! Limit one free testpot 55ml/80ml per ad/household at Resene owned ColorShops only until 15 July 2014 or while stocks last.

0800 RESENE (737 363)


AT HOME WITH KARAKTER Latest arrivals include industrial wall, desk and hanging lights form Germany, France and the U.K. respectively. Naturally we also have on offer our usual collection of Mid Century classic pieces by Pieff, Arne Norell and Sigurd Ressell to name but a few. For the first time, we also have on offer a sofa suite by Cassina together with a classic Le Corbusier coffee table. Images and details are being added to our webite and most pieces are ready to view in our Parnell showroom where we hope to see you soon.

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Florence Broadhurst Range In store now SHOP 7, NUFFIELD ST PRECINCT, NEWMARKET. PH 09 524 4452

edwards valuations Registered Property Valuers Residential Specialists Rely on us for accuracy

Jonathan Edwards Karakter sources the finest examples of mid twentieth century furniture and accessories from Europe.

Karakter 100 Parnell Road, Parnell 09 550 8749 | See Karakter’s ad in Verve’s Market Place on page 101.

021 965 903

My knowledge is your property

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430 / Broadway / Newmarket

0 9 5 2 9 9 9 3 3 TREESFURNITURE.CO.NZ

Good design doesn't date est.1978



Tasteful Or Tacky? Words: Julien Erwin

Does your derrière enjoy the delicate touch? Would something soft and fuzzy do the trick? Reindeer fur possibly, buffalo hide or would you prefer Icelandic sheepskin? Well then sit yourself down on one of the Haas Brothers’ furry chairs or beaches and feel the warmth. If you can get past the tail, the horns and the clawed feet that is. This bizarre range of furniture created by the Haas Brothers had its debut at the international Design Fair held annually in Basel in June last year. Their world has been described as “whacky” and “bizarre” by many design aficionados and whether their creations appeal to you or not, one has to admire the brevity and wit that permeates their craft. The twins Simon and Nikolai were born in Austin, Texas in 1984 and raised in an environment that can only be described crazy. Their mother constantly repainted their house, plastered the walls with butterfly wings and glued sea shells onto everything so, in the words of Simon, “when you went into the living room its like you’re in the sea.” Their father had a passion for ‘karst’ rock of the type that is found in caves. Full of holes and characterised by fantastic shapes, he used karst rock to build huge grottoes at the Haas’s family home. Before going to college, Nikolai was the chief carver for his father’s business. After graduating he hit the road, as a touring musician and that was to be his career path. Simon on the other hand, dabbled in architecture for a while before taking up painting. He then moved to Los Angeles where he became a chef. Then came a strange turn of events that turned out to be the catalyst for

their now burgeoning design business. Being adept builders, the twins were approached by friends to help them with a building project that ultimately led to an association with the prestigious architectural firm Johnston Marklee. This small design and construction commission at Sony Studios in Los Angeles was the accelerant and the result was the birth of ‘The Haas Brothers’. In the years since, they have experimented with a plethora of materials and designs. Nikolai is the ‘sculptor’ while brother Simon plays with surface textures and processes. This formidable team has produced everything from props for videos and print, set designs, vases, fashion, to masks for Lady Gaga and goldleafed furniture for Louis Vuitton. Many of their pieces of furniture are anthropomorphic, meaning that they exhibit human characteristics. In the words of Nikolai, “furniture design can lack humour, it can lack sexiness, and I mean explicit sex. So we have plans for lines that are going to be coming up soon that look like sex. And we love humour.” The themes for The Haas Brothers’ collections explore the formal and the aesthetic as they relate to science fiction, nature, colour and psychedelia. Their use of materials is masterful and unique. It seems as though nothing escapes their wild imaginations and brave experimentation. Bronze, brass, porcelain, clay, fur, technical resins, polyurethane, acids — all have been utilised to the max. Propelled by their insatiable curiosity, love of wit and remarkable visual intelligence, this young partnership is on a meteoric rise and sets them apart as designers and producers of one off iconic collectibles. Dare to own one?

The themes for The Haas Brothers’ collections explore the formal and the aesthetic relate to science fiction, nature, colour and psychedelia.


Ironbar Cafe: Bringing the Taste of Europe to K’ Road Set in the heart of K’ road, Ironbar Cafe opened its doors in February 2014, with owners Sara Maire and Michael King wanting to offer a fresh contemporary dining experience, where food has wow factor without an expensive price tag. “We travelled extensively through Europe last year and simple quality ingredients tasted so divine in flavour,” says Michael King. “We wanted to source these heavenly tasting ingredients locally and present them in an inspiring way.“ They appointed Executive Chef Clemence Favard who had worked in Michelin star restaurants, to deliver a delicious menu blending traditional Kiwi classics with a French twist. So passionate about her food, she is often found telling guests stories of her favourite recipes from different regions of France. She makes everything in-house, from the lemon cream filling of her macaroons to the pork terrine on the mediterranean platters, to the slow cooked lamb special dish on today’s menu. The cauliflower velvet with roasted almonds and croutons is delicious. There’s such a variety of food and it’s all so affordable, it isn’t surprising customers are often in for two or three meals a day! “K’ road is so central to everything,” says Sara Maire. “We love the diversity of the people and the sense of community.” The Ironbank building they are in is unique in architecture. The garden themed restaurant reflects the lovely indoor outdoor flow to the hidden courtyard oasis with water feature. There’s always something going on at the Ironbar cafe, creating vibrant ambience. From the open kitchen where the chefs are hard at work to the live music and cocktails at weekends or brunch with

Fair Trade Kokako espressos being made at the bar, Ironbar cafe is the perfect place for breakfast, a working lunch, or dinner with friends. For special occasions, there are five course and seven course degustation menus with wine pairing or for functions they cater for up to 200 people. It seems like every day is a good reason to savour the taste of Europe at the Ironbar Cafe.

IronBank Building 150 Karangahape Rd For more info visit or email

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Josh Emett Recipes, wine matching and kitchen tips in the palm of your hand. The age old tradition of pairing food and wine just took a leap into the 21st Century with the launch of local resident Josh Emett’s Master Match, an interactive wine and food pairing website matching some of New Zealand’s best wines, with recipes created by the Michelin Star chef, as well as allowing virtual contact with the chef himself., an online recipe book for easy but delicious meals, can be accessed from your computer or via your phone in the supermarket, by scanning gold Josh Emett Master Match stickers with QR codes, on carefully selected wines. “Each Master Match wine has been tasted and tested by myself,” says Josh. Verve caught up with Josh late last month to chat about his newest venture. Verve: Josh, can you tell Verve readers a little more about the inspiration behind Master Match? Josh: We created Master Match to help and enhance people’s wine experience. When shopping for wine there is nothing in the supermarket that lets one know which are good wines and how it should be enjoyed with food. Master Match bridges that gap. I have tasted and tested each wine and by placing the Master Match sticker on a wine you know you are buying a high quality, great wine. Through the QR code on the bottle, Master Match allows anyone to access the recipes I have created which specifically match the chosen wines. The result? The ultimate paired meal whether it be wine with sliders or duck. V. There are many food/recipe sites/ apps available already. How is Master Match different from the others?

J. We believe Master Match is a world first. We have taken the age old tradition of pairing food and wine, and taken it a step further, giving cooks everywhere, recipes which have been created specifically to match a particular wine and also allowing these to be accessed in-store via scanning a QR code, thereby holding more information about the wine and how it pairs well with a recipe, in the palm of your hand. I am also encouraging people to tweet me if they are having any queries about a dish as they are cooking it, we want Master Match to be an interactive new way of cooking. V. Master Match is a great marketing tool for several brands. What is your vision for the Master Match of the future? J. We are continuing to grow Master Match and we’re excited about the new opportunities we see in the future. Firstly we want to keep creating delicious seasonal recipes to add to the website, of which we have many more coming up. We want to work with brands to grow their export capabilities and take Master Match to other countries. Some wine is already going to Australia and the US with Master Match labels. We have also added beer into the mix, matching recipes to Hallertau Beer as well as using beer in the recipes. There are many new things we are constantly thinking about for Master Match so watch this space! V. When will the Master Match app for tablets be ready? J. Master Match can already be accessed via tablet by scanning the QR code on bottles just as you do with your phone. The QR code takes you to MasterMatch. a mobile optimised website so it can be viewed easily from any device or home computer. V. Which is your favourite Master Match recipe? J. My favourite Master Match recipe is the Duck with morello cherries. A lot of people love duck and always eat it when dining at restaurants but have never made it at home. The Master Match duck matched with the Villa Maria Pinot Noir is such an easy dish to make but incredibly delicious and perfect for winter. I hope people will be encouraged to give it a try and realise that cooking duck is just like cooking chicken. The beautiful richness of the Pinot Noir matches the duck perfectly and is a great dinner party dish to impress your friends. V. Will you be doing desserts and other sweet treats? J. This is another Master Match area we would love to grow – enabling customers to make a full 3-course wine paired meal! V. Josh, we see you at openings, in your restaurants, on television, and now Master Match! What do you do to relax? J. To relax I spend time with my wife Helen and my two boys. I don’t get to see them enough and do my best to book in family days when I can. I also like to keep fit as this helps me in all aspects of my life. So next time you find yourself stuck for ideas in the supermarket, visit the wine section and look for the gold Josh Emett Master Match sticker, on selected wines to take you straight to the matching recipe. A mouth-watering experience is guaranteed!

JUNE 2014

Recipe: Slow Braised Spiced Lamb Shanks INGREDIENTS


2 lamb shanks

Trim the lamb, marinade overnight with the rosemary, thyme, garlic and red wine.

1 onion diced 2 carrots, 2cm dice

Toast the spices and place into a muslin cloth or tea bag. Add in the rosemary and thyme.

500ml red wine

Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees.

2 sprigs thyme

Strain the shanks out of the red wine, seal the shanks in an oven proof pan and then add the vegetables and colour well. Add in red wine, reduce by half then add the stock, place bag of spices into the liquid, bring to a simmer and cover with a lid or tinfoil. Braise for 2 ½ hours until the shanks are tender. Remove the shanks and vegetables gently from the sauce. Reduce the sauce by half or until nice consistency then add the shanks and the vegetables back in, get rid of the spice bag.

1 head of garlic, cut in half

1 sprig rosemary 1 cinnamon quill ½ tablespoon coriander seeds ½ tablespoon star anise ½ tablespoon fennel seeds ½ tablespoon white peppercorns 750 ml beef stock Snow pea tendrils, for garnish

Plate and garnish with snow pea tendrils.


Crossroads milestone series, merlot 2012, blend #2 ‘cigar, classic merlot, dark berries fruits, smooth’

Tip: serve with mash or even polenta, the shanks do need to marinade overnight in the wine so plan ahead on this one, great for a simple dinner party where you want the job done before your guests arrive.



The Roaming Dive Words: Pete Stewart Photos: James Tolich, styling by Georgie Lineham from Elmsett Service.

At the end of last year The Roaming Dive food truck first started trading. I wanted the truck to resemble the typical US food truck. Cooking has always been a passion but had never been a career of mine. Early last year I finished my studies at AUT majoring in International Business. With countless job interviews all within fields which didn’t quite relate to the degree, frustration lead to desperation. Scouring Trademe for nothing in particular I came across an old Ford Trader which had been retrofitted for New Zealand Towel Services. It was perfect — an exact replica of a food truck that you would expect to find in Los Angeles. The following week I bought the truck. This all lead to anxiety and panic as I was creating a business back to front. I sat down with some family, then some close mates and discussed ‘the truck’. After many menu trials we had sussed it. The menu was always going to have an American style, we just tweaked it. Today we serve slow roasted crunchy free-range pork belly with maple aioli, eight hour braised beef where the slider is dunked in the cooking jus with potato sticks, prawn po’boys and sides, like hand cut fries tossed in parmesan and Italian parsley and chicken wings drenched in a spicy buffalo hot sauce all home made. I may have rushed into this but I am loving it. Having repeat customers who you never met before constantly coming back and becoming good pals is very cool and quite rewarding. We have been roaming around blindly this winter but have found the perfect spot right at the bottom of the city at Number 1 Queen Street cafe and bar. We park up most Thursdays and Fridays. People are able to come down for a feed and stick around for a beer and a spot of people watching. We are also attending private bookings for weddings, promotions, corporate gigs and other private events. To keep updated follow us on Facebook ( or Instagram ( theroamingdive)

JUNE 2014




Pomegranate dates back 5000 years to an empire once known as Persia. I want to focus specifically on the health benefits derived from the pomegranate in the form of antioxidants and flavonoid phytonutrients. Firstly, what are antioxidants and flavonoid phytonutrients? An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation in short causes a chain reaction that leads to damage or death in a cell. As the name suggests, antioxidants stop this. Flavonoid phytonutrients are derived mostly from plant-based foods and play a variety of roles in our lives that we don’t even notice Ever wanted to eat something and know it was actually helping you loose weight? Listed in the top 10-antioxidant rich foods per serving, the pomegranate supplies us with a healthy diet option that aids in slowing the signs of ageing, reduces inflammation and helps with healing and regeneration, especially in scar tissue. There is no limit found to the amount of antioxidants our bodies can take in, meaning that we can maintain our health and wellbeing with out any risk of overdoing it when it comes to eating antioxidant rich foods. (This isn’t the same when dealing with supplements containing antioxidants as well as other mineral compounds, which do have limits!) Ever wanted to eat something and know it was actually helping you lose weight? Any foods containing flavonoid phytonutrients

POMEGRANATE FACEMASK RECIPE Try this recipe for a facemask and see the benefits pomegranate can have on your skin as well: Mix 1 teaspoon each of powdered green papaya, grape seed oil, and grape seed extract with 2 teaspoons of pomegranate juice and apply it on the face. Leave it on for about an hour and wash it off with lukewarm water.

will help with this. What are they? They are a biochemical compound found mainly in citrus fruits and nuts which boost metabolism and raise one’s resting energy expenditure. Basically this means that even when you’re sitting at your desk you body is burning away the calories faster than it normally would. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean you get to sit back and eat away: some exercise is still required however with a boosted metabolism you’ll have more energy. Ryan is a chef in a nutritionally founded restaurant situated on Australia’s Gold Coast, focusing on the well-being of their clients. He is also involved in his own catering company and a nutritional consulting company start-up. Ryan is currently in training for the Australian Ironman 70.3 series and the Queensland Triathlon Series.




09 915 7287


Book Reviews 1. DELICIOUS


Ruth Reichl

Barry Miles

Billie Breslin is a young girl with a very educated palate due to the wonderful food her late mother used to make for the family. Her aunt relies on Billie’s taste buds as she tries to recreate family favourite dishes, but it is Billie’s extraordinary skill that leads to a coveted job at the famous Delicious magazine. A job she is so looking forward to, but when events overtake her, she discovers a far more interesting story in the neglected archives of the magazine. A book to wallow in and enjoy: food, love and kindness, perfect ingredients for a good story.

A huge read and one that adds a different dimension or perspective into the complicated life of the very famous American writer. At the very centre of all the creative activities of the beat generation, Burroughs was an artist, poet, journalist and writer.

2. FALLOUT Sadie Jones Her first novel The Outcasts was met with much critical acclaim and she became the darling of the bookclubs for her very perceptive and touching writing. It’s always difficult to match such a huge debut while an author experiments with different stories and characters and even settings, but now with her fourth novel, Sadie Jones has done it again. Four young people in London in the 60s in the theatrical world spin a clever and tautly emotional story of loyalty, desire, and experience. Another definite for the bookclub reading lists.

Words: Doris Mousdale


He was a drug addict with a compulsive streak. Knowing Burroughs for thirtyfive years Barry Miles gives the reader a real sense of not only his work but his personal life and the strong friendships he formed that lasted throughout his life. Filling in the gaps of his younger years and family life allows you to reform your ideas about what made him the great American writer of our times.



3. MY MUMMY LOVES SHOES Clare Grove A delightful picture book for little and not so little girls. Beautifully illustrated watercolours of all sorts of shoes for all sorts of occasions wrapped up in a little story about a mummy who really does love shoes. Clare’s whimsical paintings are appealing to all and there are a pair of tiny red shoes hidden on each page. A lovely gift for a mummy or young daughter who though small, appreciates the art of fashion. A very pretty thing to have in your collection.

Arcadia Bookshop 26 Osborne Street, Newmarket 09 522 5211


JUNE 2014


THE OVERLOOKED Two local photographers Sonja Gardien and Stacey Simpkin are jointly exhibiting The Overlooked at the Hum Salon, Grafton as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography. Their exhibition depicts some of the every day things in life that are often unnoticed or overlooked. Sonja Gardien explores nature’s symbolism as shown through the unobserved lifecycle of plants. Her botanical images embody the ephemeral progression of life. The plants in these images were gathered from New Zealand bush, English farmlands, the roadsides of France and the sunflower fields of Germany. Sonja sets out to impose an emotional experience on her viewers. Are they seeing life or death?

She wanted to see how this world compared within different cultures and countries, so this series was shot in Jordan, the West Bank, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. Going from garage to garage she began to see the inside of these spaces as art, the walls acted as canvases and the shapes, colours and textures of the objects added to the unique feeling she found inside each one. The workers were the artists and the final images are a combination of their interaction and life that had gone on inside each garage.


The series won the Image Nation Photography Award last year. The exhibition runs from June 4 – 20 at the Hum Salon, 123 Grafton Rd, Grafton. Auckland’s free festival of photography is on 29 May – 20 June.


01 — Sunflower from Germany by Sonja Gardien 02 — Climbing rose seed pods by Sonja Gardien 03 — Mechanic - Jordan by Stacey Simpkin

Stacey Simpkin has entered a male bastion — the mechanics garage.

For more info visit:


Chamber Music New Zealand Presents

The Winner’s Tour

NIKKI CHOOI Virtuoso violin fireworks from the winner of the 2013 Michael Hill International Violin Competition Monday 16 June, 8pm | Auckland Town Hall Free pre-concert talk, 7pm

DORIC STRING QUARTET The quartet with the golden touch brings you music fit for a king

Sunday 20 July 5pm | Auckland Town Hall Free pre-concert talk, 4pm

Buy tickets: | 0800 111 999 |

/ChamberMusicNZ | 0800 266 2378



Coming up at the Movies WORDS & PICTURES IN CINEMAS JUNE 19 A new film by internationally acclaimed Australian filmmaker Fred Schepisi starring Clive Owen (Closer, Gosford Park, The Bourne Identity) as an eccentric English teacher who challenges the charismatic new art teacher, played by Juliette Binoche (The English Patient, Chocolate, Three Colours trilogy), in a school-wide debate over which is more powerful — the word or the picture. A witty and intelligent screenplay explores the value of good education set against a flamboyant courtship that develops between the two teachers. Smart, inspirational and entertaining, Words & Pictures is an uplifting and crowdpleasing romantic comedy drama that will spark much audience debate about the question it poses.

RISING FROM ASHES IN CINEMAS JUNE 26 Rising from Ashes is a feature length documentary about two worlds colliding when cycling legend Jock Boyer moves to Rwanda, Africa to help a group of struggling genocide survivors pursue their dream of a national team. As they set out against impossible odds both Jock and the team find new purpose as they rise from the ashes of their past. “Uplifting… moving. Narrated in unobtrusive fashion by Forest Whitaker and featuring a jaunty afro-pop soundtrack, the film is crisp and economical. A tale that contains inherently powerful drama.” – The Hollywood Reporter

THE VOLCANO IN CINEMAS JUNE 26 The Volcano sees divorced couple Alain and Valerie, whose mutual hatred knows no bounds, travelling on the same flight to their grown-up daughter’s wedding on an idyllic island in Greece. The trouble is, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland has just erupted, grounding all flights. Alain and Valerie must make it to their daughter’s wedding, so they team up — or try their best to — and hit the road together for an epic journey from Paris to Greece by car, truck, boat, police car, light plane and foot. Written and produced by the team behind Heartbreaker and The Intouchables, comes the number 1 French box office hit The Volcano.

CALVARY IN CINEMAS JULY 3 Calvary’s Priest is a good man. He is continually shocked and saddened by the spiteful and confrontational inhabitants of his small country town. One day, his life is threatened during confession. He shrugs off the altercation, and continues to perform his pastoral duties, trying as best he can to help his parishioners, despite having a fragile daughter to contend with, and a fellow priest who may as well be an atheist for all the dedication he has to his calling. Soon, however, the sinister and troubling undercurrents he has tried to ignore start to make their presence felt more keenly, and as the forces of darkness close in around him.

Sunday Roast SILO THEATRE’S latest production Sunday Roast by award winning New Zealand playwright THOMAS SAINSBURY is a black comedy which is said to bring “physical mayhem and gastronomic whiplash” to Q Theatre this month. Verve sat down with the shows two actors, ADAM GARDINER and TONI POTTER for a quick-roast Q&A. To get the gravy train rolling…in a sentence, what is this show all about? Culinary comedy or hot-pot horror? Toni Potter: I would say thriller/dramedy about a typical New Zealand family facing the decision of who will inherit the farm — with a twist. Adam Gardiner: A spicy flash fry comedy in a black jus with a side of slow cooked mouth-watering horror. Before Sunday Roast… where would we have seen your face last? TP: Girl in Tan Boots at The Basement. AG: Alongside Robyn Malcolm in Agent Anna on TV1 or on the stage as the ADD riddled, junk food addicted, porn surfing Trip Wyeth in Auckland Theatre Company’s Other Desert Cities. We’ve been told we can expect physical mayhem — what is the most physically outrageous thing that you do in the play? TP: I’m working on my Britney Spears choreography. AG: Playing five characters in a chase involving a quad bike, a ute, and an escaped beast. That and Toni making me submit to her characters’ sexual whims. Although he has a huge catalogue of work (over 20 plays), Sunday Roast is Thomas Sainsbury first main stage production – what do you think people

will most love about his work? TP: How much fun it is. Silly, clever, filthy. All of the characters are an extension of people from real life. AG: If you haven’t had the pleasure of catching one of his plays already, well then you are in for a real Sunday feast. Thomas writes outrageous characters and dialogue that are great fun to play and jaw dropping to watch. We see in the cast list there are only two of you on stage – how many characters are you both having to play? And which role do you enjoy playing the most and why? TP: I play three. I love all my children equally. AG: I play Phillip the obese head of the family, Diane the forgotten middle child, Anthony the 32 year old chronic masturbator, Francois the plastic surgery addicted gigolo, and 14 year old Rupert the guest of honour at Sunday roast. I love all of them dearly but I am currently very much enjoying being French, Maori, and a woman. It’s Sunday, and it falls on you to cook a roast — beef/chicken/pork/tofu?

TP: Pork belly. AG: Tofu. Stuffed with chicken and a topping of pork crackling. And lastly, the age old question: if you could have anyone at your dinner table alive/dead who would be on your guest list? TP: Caitlin Moran, Christopher Hitchens, my grandma Wyn, Stephen Fry, Katherine Hepburn, Tennessee Williams, George Henare, Elizabeth Taylor, Jodie Molloy, Shane Bosher, Ben Crowder and me. 12 is perfect. AG: My grandparents and my family. Not only a great catch up but also excellent research for the play. Because everyone’s family is a little bit mental. Or a lot.

Silo present Sunday Roast by Thomas Sainsbury 6–28 June at Q Theatre. To book visit or call 09 309 9771


Left — Sophie Henderson

play a variety of eccentric characters. I am about to start rehearsals with the company for a play called Belleville, which is a psychological thriller directed by Oliver Driver and which also stars Matt Whelan. I love being on stage, that’s my favourite thing in the world. Watching my film with its first audience at the New Zealand International Film Festival was a professional highlight as a writer. We had no idea how it would be received and you could feel people in the cinema connect to the story and the characters. They laughed in all the right places — way more than I thought they would. And there was absolute silence and a bit of sniffing in the sad bits. They got it. Having strangers tell you that they loved your film is pretty overwhelming and humbling. V: Tell us a little about your Fantail experience. S: Fantail is about a girl, Tania, who has grown up thinking she’s Maori. She works the graveyard shift in a petrol station, saving money so that her and her brother can go to Surfers Paradise and find their dad. She is tough and bossy and vulnerable all at once and is in denial about who she is. Tania is trying to work out where she belongs.


Sophie Henderson The movie, Fantail is the passion project of director Curtis Vowell, producer Sarah Cook and writer/actress Sophie Henderson. Set almost entirely in a petrol station, Fantail, shot on location in South Auckland, premiered at last year’s International Film Festival and is showing in cinemas this June. The New Zealand Herald said that Fantail is “one of the freshest New Zealand films to come along in years,” and the Dominion Post reporter reckoned that “Fantail stole my heart.” Sounds like a movie not to be missed. Verve interviews the star of the show, Sophie Henderson. Verve: Did you always want to write and star in a film? Sophie: I always wanted to be an actor, but I accidentally became a writer. It was a happy accident. I got into writing through devising theatre — coming up with a play from scratch with a group of actors and a director. Acting lead me to figuring out I could write. And yes, starring in a film is

always the dream. It’s every actors dream (as long as the film is good). V: What inspires you most — writing or acting? S: Acting will always be my first love, but there is no clear career pathway for actors. You can put yourself in the right place — you can go to Hollywood but there are no guarantees, you can’t just work really hard at it and be successful, there is some luck involved. You are waiting for the right part to come along for you and so it’s quite a passive existence. Where as no one is stopping you from writing, there are hundreds of opportunities for screenwriters and you can write from anywhere in the world. V: Tell us about the highlights of both your writing and acting career? S: I am most proud of the work I have done with Silo Theatre. I have been lucky enough to work with directors at the top of their game on both classic and contemporary, internationally acclaimed works and have had the opportunity to

Making Fantail was the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to make a film and to make this film. I have never written for screen before so learning how to do this was a huge challenge. I read a bunch of screenwriting books and screenplays and asked everyone I knew in the film world to read my script. As an actor, shooting a film in 20 days was very very difficult. It was fast and furious filmmaking. There was no time to think too much about your performance, it had to be instinctual. I think the film asks questions rather than gives a message. I’m really interested in whether maori culture belongs to all New Zealanders and how Maori you have to be to claim that culture. There are a lot of white Maori and brown Pakeha in New Zealand and I think the film explores the idea of this. The title of the film is inspired by a fantail being bad luck in Maori culture, some people believe that if a fantail flies into your house it means a son or a neighbour dies. In the Maori legend about Maui and the goddess of death, Hine-nui-te-põ, a cheeky little fantail ruins everything. Tania’s brother is called Pi, or Piwakawaka which means fantail in Te Reo.

Open every day, Brick Bay is a sanctuary this Winter. Explore the Sculpture Trail, relax in the Glass House with a platter, taste the MATAKANA

wine, or just pop in for great coffee and delicious cakes.

Open every day 10am- 5pm | Brick Bay Wines & Sculpture Trail Arabella Lane, Snells Beach | Phone 09 425 4690 |


VIVID SYDNEY’S KIWI CONNECTION Three New Zealand artists are featured in this year’s Vivid Sydney, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest festival of light, music and ideas which welcomed over 800,000 visitors in 2013. Now in its sixth year, Vivid Sydney features large-scale light installations and projections (Vivid Light); music performances and collaborations (Vivid Music including Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House); and creative ideas, discussion and debate (Vivid Ideas), all celebrating Sydney as the creative hub of the Asia-Pacific. “Throughout the 18 days of Vivid Sydney the harbour foreshore and surrounds are transformed into a gallery like no other, so it is not surprising that international artists and other creative industry practitioners are looking to Vivid as an exciting vehicle through which to present their work,” said Ms Chipchas (Destination NSW Chief Executive).

Artists from around the world have been selected to contribute to this fantastic spectacle and this year includes three New Zealand artists, Courtney Norman (Darklit Design) from the Wairarapa; Angus Muir and Alexandra Heaney (Out of the Dark) based in Auckland and expat Kiwi Jess Johnson who is now based in Australia. Courtney Norman’s installation called COLOUR Fall is located in The Rocks – Sydney’s ‘old town’ . Courtney is very excited to be involved in Vivid Sydney this year. “It is almost surreal to be participating, Vivid Sydney was a milestone I hoped to achieve at some point in the future so to be doing it so early is exciting, a bit daunting and a real honour,” she said. Angus Muir and Alexandra Heaney’s installation, which is at Campbells Cove,

is titled ARRAY and is an interactive sculpture that explores the relationship between the mass and the void, and the public interplay within this. Jess Johnson’s art projection onto the Museum of Contemporary Art, GAMMA WORLD, takes the audience on an integrated journey, moving from one space to another in a constant flux of movement. Vivid Sydney was named Australian Event of the Year in 2013.

For more information visit


JANE SIMCOCK’S COMING OF AGE Jane Simcock’s Coming of Age new show is going up on the Black Asterisk walls in the first week of June. Simcock’s previous show — Notes from a New York Travel Diary — was a sellout exhibition that looked at a flamboyant, eccentric, and peculiar cast of characters. Coming of Age like her previous show approaches a host of subjects with a sort of realism. This time, however, Simcock addresses the inevitability of aging — as she phrases it, “they are an examination of what it is to be a survivor of the cult of youth and beauty.”

Above — Eighty Minutes (detail), 2014, oil on linen, 700mm x 900mm

“Thanks to our modern age of digital air-brush and Photoshop, we are constantly bombarded by images of impossibly thin and gym-toned young bodies, representing an ideal we can never hope to achieve, let alone maintain. Scantily-clad and smiling vacuously, they cavort

about our billboards and leap from video clips, demanding our attention and adulation. So we, too, are urged to chase the dream, no longer permitted to acknowledge the changes that come with time.” The painting Interior Monologue, for example. The characters’s head has a halo of greying hair, his nose is crooked, and his face marred, carrying the lines of a lifetime. He appears quiet, dignified, if a little unsure, and the viewer is left pondering (as the title suggests) what are the thoughts running behind his eyes? The whole host of Simcock’s musings will be previewed at Black Asterisk on June 5 from 6.30pm, with the exhibition running until June 25.

JUNE 2014



SPROUT “The seeds had sprouted, the tender insignificant sprouts had hardened, they grew larger and larger and by and by a steady but imperceptible pressure forced the great stones apart...” — Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad The Remuera Gallery is proud to present SPROUT — an exhibition of contemporary paintings, sculptures and drawings by the Medal Artists NZ (MANZ) group.

sculptures of Fiona Garlick, Marte Szirmay and Jim Wheeler; yet artists such as Bill Hayes take a more conceptual approach.

The exhibition will feature small sculptures and paintings referring to the medallic tradition in various ways – consideration of the circle, obverse/ reverse, the hand-held, and works that are particularly perceptible to the sense of touch.

Investigating complexities of scale, time and potential through the mediums of bronze, stone, plastic and paint, SPROUT artworks draw analogies between the sprouts of a plant and human capacity for development. Terry Stringer’s ATE TEA EAT depicts the artist as a young boy transforming into the shape of a hand – implying the possibility of a budding future.

SPROUT is rendered quite literally in Marian Fountain’s Potent Patent, or in the

Garry Nash’s handblown glass vases and Mary McIntyre’s intimate circular paintings

Ponsonby News quarter 17/04/14 2:55 PM Page 1

Jane Simcock

Interior Monologue (detail), 2014. Oil on canvas.

Coming Of Age

Preview: Thurs 5 June 6.30pm Exhibition: Fri 6 June – Wed 25 June 11am–5pm Tues–Sat 10 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland

express the way we are flourishing; while Frances Battersby’s Blastano explores the way we are being systematically reduced. SPROUT also expresses concerns about current environmental issues, seed copyright and habitat decline. An exhibition not to be missed!

Remuera Gallery 360 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 09 524 7403






Located in the upper Auckland central area, Uptown can easily be described as Auckland’s answer to SoHo — an undiscovered treasure trove of cafes, restaurants and businesses found in the streets and alleyways of Eden Terrace, Grafton and Newton.

3A Print and Signage are pleased to announce the opening of its seventh Auckland based branch located at 485 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket. 3A Print and Signage have focussed on key areas for growth over the last few years, namely website solutions, signage (including vehicle graphics and our new *two way window vision vinyl product) and in-house cost effective creative solutions. 3A Print and signage have identified Newmarket and Parnell as areas which can benefit from the various print related solutions that we can supply to both retail and the general public. 3A’s main focus is on supplying a high end finished solution from printing small volumes to larger complex jobs or creating a client website hosting solution — our attention to detail is second to none.

At the Uptown Business Association, it is part of our job to promote our area, to help expose our unique niche businesses. Therefore, to stay true to our area and to keep up with today’s thinking, we have turned our business directory into a handy little mobile app. The decision to develop an app came easily to us. The Uptown area, while eclectic, is at the forefront of modern fashion, technology and creativity, so we knew we had to keep up, and keep our customers updated and informed. The app is built on a great platform designed by North Shore company App La Carte, and features everything an interactive directory needs. Each listing has a description, photo and contact details, one-touchto-call function, integration with Google Maps and directions, a forum for users to communicate with others, and local event and gig guide for the Powerstation and the King’s Arms. Simply search for Uptown Auckland in the Google Play or Apple store, to get your digital hands on a free copy of our app. It is constantly being updated, with new businesses and events — and while you’re there, follow the link to our brand new look website, Freshly re-designed, our website provides a convenient hub for further information and resources. Uptown A4 Mag Ad April Print.pdf



Feel free to call in and see us at our new Newmarket location or visit us on our website (see below) in order to see the very comprehensive print related solutions we can produce for you. We look forward to seeing you in the future. 3A Print and Signage — your new printing and signage provider in Newmarket. 3A NEWMARKET 485 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket 09 975 1811

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ISSUE 02 / 2014


nA Uptd’oapw w e p n e an h nload t ‘Uptown Auckl

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Apple St

lay Google P

JUNE 2014



Although chandelier gymnastics, international domination, and really, really good looking features may have been part of the reason Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hooked up, only Pitt and Jolie know all the spicy intricacies of how they got started. For sure, something was magnetic enough to bring the two together in the middle of Brad being with another hot women and Angelina being, well, Angelina. Many speculate, but I know what caused that magnetism. I’m certain about one reason the famous power couple came to be. Buckle up, because it’s a doozy. As an expert at the science of relationships, I can tell you the two Hollywood hotties became attracted to each other, because they signed a movie deal to work together, and that meant they’d spend a lot of time together,

and that’s how it happened. Shocking eh. Shared time. Hope you’re not too disappointed, but that’s truly how the ball started rolling. Time is the key to initiating and keeping any relationship. To mix my metaphors, it’s not rocket surgery. Film sets are actually an almost sickeningly perfect place to thoroughly test relationship waters before diving in. Actors spend an enormous amount of time with each other. They discuss intricacies of personality in order to bring depth to their characters, and that could lead to discussions/comparisons to their own personalities. They’re sharing and caring at a rate that’s on steroids compared to your average meet-and-greet. On top of that, they get naked together in the name of art. They practice fighting. They play house. They do breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and ice cream at 2 a.m. This is the type of space invasion usually reserved for dating couples, hence the blurred lines in Hollywood. How easy would it be to confuse your screen family with your real family when they switch places in such an exotic-exciting-exhilarating way? In the end, it’s a fine example of how time is of utmost importance when it comes to love, because sharing moments with someone molds your opinion of them. It can make the plain become gorgeous, the beautiful hideous, and the boring charming. That’s why work is a hotbed for affairs. Brad and Angie weren’t the first stars to date while, and after, working together. It happens all the time — JayZ and Beyonce, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling and Rachel Adams. Granted, the latter couple only made

it two years, but their total time paired up is beside the point. The moral of this love tale is that the more time you spend with someone, the more you get to know them, and if you like what you’ve gotten to know, then the craving to get closer to them is right around the corner. When getting feedback from my clients after first dates, some decline second dates based on random things like shoe colour, food selection or cosmic intuition. The funny thing is, I wonder how many of those same people would have grown to really like that “burrito ordering” person if they’d spent more time with him/her. I struggle when they say, “I know myself, and I’m not into him/her.” That’s fine. You know yourself, but do you know the person you went on a date with? No. You know about one-hour of them. You got a snapshot of a soul and called it a gallery. Realistically, you owe your dating life the one very, important gift of time. Without it, you may miss out. I wonder if Beyonce was annoyed with JayZ’s shirt the first day she met him — maybe. I wonder if Ben thought Jennifer was nothing more than nice and cute the first few hours they hung on set — possibly. I wonder if their children are glad mum and dad spent some time getting go know each other — definitely. My name is Sasha Madarasz and I run Two’s Company — an introduction agency for busy singles. If you would like the opportunity to meet good single people — check out our website or give me a call.

Sasha Madarasz 0800 021 522

Featuring over 90 New Zealand Artists and sculptors Exhibition open: Saturday 10 - 4pm Sunday 10 - 3pm Free Admission

Friday 6 June - 7pm

visit for information and bookings


Children's Art Workshops and activities all weekend


Moroccan Holiday Words and Images: Liam Fennell

Morocco might seem an odd choice for Christmas. But that’s exactly where myself and four other ex-pats from New Zealand, Australia and California living in Spain ended up spending our Yuletide last December. There is a certain indescribable feeling when you set foot in a new country, let alone a new continent. Up to this point ‘African virgins,’ my friends and I felt exactly that when we touched down in Rabat, the Moroccan capital, located on the country’s northwestern border facing the Atlantic Ocean. Aside from being the current capital, Rabat is also one of Morocco’s four imperial cities (historical capitals) along with Fes, Meknes and Marrakesh. With a modern airport and infrastructure, Rabat has several historical sites of note, such as the Roman ruins at Chellah, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, and its medina.

01 01 — Dromedary riding in the Merzouga desert 02 — Camel meat stall in Fes 03 — Marrakesh Souk 04 — Tannery in Fes 05 — Roman Ruins in Chellah



After Rabat, our group split, with two heading to Casablanca to visit a Moroccan friend, and the rest of us boarding a train for Fes. A pleasant two and a half hours later (aside from a pushy ‘guide’ trying to sell us a desert safari), we arrived in Morocco’s third largest city. Catherine’s rusty university French proved very useful on arrival for haggling down the taxi fare to our riad (traditional style accommodation). But our getting-a-good-deal feeling of euphoria quickly turned to panic when we stopped at the dimly lit ancient medina wall in an area resembling a postapocalyptic scene from Mad Max. Luckily once ushered in it proved to be a different place, thanks largely to our very friendly host Ben who not only knew everything we needed to know about Fes, but also a good deal about Kiwi music to boot. Founded in 789, the Medina in Fez is the best-preserved example of traditional Arabic living areas in the world. You encounter virtually everything imaginable in its narrow winding alleys — from gold and shoes to donkeys, camel burgers and sheeps’ heads. It’s also home to AlQarawiyyin, a madrasa founded in 859 AD and recognised by many scholars as the oldest degree-granting university in the



desert by dromedary for a magical night under the Arabian stars and a traditional dinner of tagines. The night ended with ‘Berber Whiskey’ (very sweet mint tea) by the campfire accompanied by the beating of African drums.

world. Must-sees also include the tannery with its array of leathers being softened in pigeon poo, and the Jewish Cemetery and Habarim Synagogue located in the southwest corner of the mellah. It was here, while exploring row-upon-row of white tombstones that we realised it was Christmas Day, prompting us to reflect on the oddity of being in a Jewish cemetery in a Muslim country on the most holy of Christian holidays.

Our final stop was Marrakesh, famous for its blend of Western and Moroccan culture. Divided into the historical Medina and the new European modern district called Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle, you can find everything from snake charmers in the Souk, eerie calls to prayer, chic dance clubs and streets laden with designer stores. Here we also experienced a hamam, or traditional Moroccan steam bath, involving a rub down by a masseur or masseuse and a very strong exfoliation of your skin.

No Moroccan adventure is complete without a desert experience, so our next stop was Merzouga, a small desert town near the Algerian border. From here we trekked with our Berber guides into the

Next time you are contemplating something totally different for Christmas, consider Morocco. Like us, you might find it to be one of the best travel experiences of your life.



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Vespa Primivera Vespa is one of Italy’s best known brands. A symbol of Italian style, technology, creativity and elegance worldwide, Vespa is not just a scooter, it’s an icon. Having sold over 18 million scooters since its creation in 1946, Vespa’s success is a truly unprecedented phenomenon. Combining the class and style of Audrey Hepburn with the voluptuous looks of Gina Lollobrigida in a simple two-wheel vehicle is one of the keys to Vespa’s decades of success. Vespa is the expression of a unique and distinctive lifestyle. Its timeless success is tied to its extraordinary history and iconic status. Vespa is the icon for mobility on two wheels in the world. The brand comes with a huge equity and a set of deeply-felt values linked to the Italian spirit, ‘joie de vivre’ and an appreciation of beauty. The first Vespas provided a cheap and reliable means of transport for a war ravaged Italy when they rolled out of the Pontedera factory in 1946. An instant success in Italy, Vespa became just as popular in markets around the

world, to the point where the name became synonomous with ‘scooter’. In a survey conducted by American television network CNN for the 2013 World Industrial Design Day, Vespa was included among the 12 best designs worldwide in the last 100 years. Latest endorsement of the brand comes from leading global beauty company Coty Inc. releasing a duo of fragrances for men and women under the Vespa name. In tough global economic times Vespa is flourishing – the core values of ease of operation, frugal fuel use and simple yet classic style just as important now as when the first models rolled off the Pontedera assembly lines 67 years ago. Last year Vespa brand posted a very healthy 14% sales increase in 2013, achieving an all-time record. With the release of the new 946 and Primivera models, Vespa is on track to post further gains in 2014 and beyond. The use of exclusive materials and on-board technology has taken Vespa into a dimension far beyond that of any other scooter brand and Chief Designer Marco Lambri and Chief Project Engineer Alessandro Bagnoli agree these are fundamental parameters of the Vespa tradition. The Vespa Primavera is a cutting-edge vehicle honed from the latest construction technology. The restyled model has a totally new steel body and LEDs for

some parts of the lights, giving it a technological edge, plus an instrument panel with LCD screen. The 11-inch wheels and front disc brakes make the vehicle even safer without compromising handling, and with its compact weight the Primavera is perfect for easily getting about big cities in style, from Rome to Melbourne, New York to Auckland. Styling of the Primavera is inspired by the classic design that Lambri resurrected for his iconic 946, particularly in the profile of the rear centre section. Primavera has superior ergonomics, a more comfortable riding position and, above all, far superior stability and safer riding dynamics thanks to a longer wheelbase than the LX. And it shows: the Primavera is an adult-size machine that might give even the GTS a run for its money as the perfect urban commuter.

In a survey conducted by American television network CNN for the 2013 World Industrial Design Day, Vespa was included among the 12 best designs worldwide in the last 100 years.


JUNE 2014



V E S P A 9 4 6 C O L L E C T I O N : R I C O R D O I TA L I A N O . A M U S T - H AV E L U X U R Y I C O N

w w w. e u r o s co o te .nz


01 — Unveiling of the Les Harvey statue by Minhal Al Halabi 02 — Les Harvey

Parnell Village: The Vision and Dream of One Man 01 There has been a sense of excitement recently as the late Les Harvey, fondly known as the patriarch of Auckland’s upmarket Parnell Village, has ‘come home’. Three years ago, Kevin Harvey and his siblings Tom Harvey and Nancy King came up with the idea of commissioning a statue in memory of their father, who they honoured with a celebratory unveiling on 16 May 2014, Les’ birthday. Parnell Village was the brainchild of one man, Thomas Leslie Harvey or Les Harvey as he was known to all. Parnell Village reflects the magical world Les built with so much love and passion over 40 years ago. Parnell was the first suburb in New Zealand, established in September 1841. Early settlers were mechanics and tradesmen who congregated in Mechanics Bay, where the first European suburban and industrial development took place. For a time, Parnell languished. Industry, office, transient accommodation encroached. However in the early 1970s Parnell was unloved and consequently had become run down and dilapidated. Les Harvey could see something in Parnell that no one else could. A self-confessed custodian and clown, Harvey had vision with foresight well beyond his years. His dream involved Parnell re-inventing itself

as ‘Parnell Village’, a community of old world shops, sunny courtyards and most importantly, a heart. Following the war, bulldozers began ripping the heart out of old Auckland, smashing down the brick and timber buildings of the 19th century to make way for towers of glass, concrete and steel. Les, a man who was passionately in love with the way the city used to be, made it his mission to use the ruins of buildings being torn down to create something unique and magical. Les created the Village by using bits and pieces salvaged from these demolished buildings and much of the work he did himself. Les planted many of the trees up and down Parnell Road, laid bricks, helped convert old houses and back yards to develop Parnell Road into one of Auckland’s iconic streets. Every fragment has been restored and recreated into what Les thought a suburb should be like. Les passed away in 1994 aged 78. If he was alive today, you would see him walking the cobbled pavements of his beloved village with a fresh flower poking out of a battered 40-year-old panama, wearing a grey suit with pants and jacket that don’t quite match. His striped shirt open at the neck and bulging at the waist.

02 We thank you Les for your love of the past and for seeing something ‘magical’ in Parnell. Whereas most people only saw grimy, peeling paintwork and crumbling bricks you chose to make the magic apparent for us all to enjoy. The bronze statue, by Otago sculptor Minhal Al Halabi, will sit on a brick path beside Antoine’s Restaurant as a nod to longtime tenant Tony Astle. We can now celebrate with you — welcome home.

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EVERYBODY NEEDS GOOD NEIGHBOURS Connecting with our neighbours just isn’t as easy as it used to be. These days we’re much more comfortable jumping online and catching up with friends around the world than talking with the good folk over the fence, which means for most of us, the communities within which we live remain a mystery. A new website aims to change that by providing a free and private platform for neighbours to connect with one another. fosters interaction and conversation between neighbours and community organisations, creating an easy way for New Zealanders to talk and share online. Neighbours use the site to organise community events, share crime and

safety matters, recommend local services, plan street parties, discuss council matters, sell, giveaway, borrow or loan items, find lost pets and to connect with their local organisations. Neighbourly also provides a channel for community groups and leaders such as police, residents associations, Rotary and Lions Clubs, local boards, churches, schools and sports clubs to take an even more active role in their local area. Neighbourly also offers crime prevention and emergency planning tools — including a free urgent crime and safety feature for members who have signed up for text alerts to be sent to their mobile phone. In February, Neighbourly launched in five Auckland suburbs (St Heliers, Mission Bay, Orakei, Kohimarama, Glendowie) and after a successful two month pilot has expanded across New Zealand. The Neighbourly team believes reconnecting neighbours online will encourage connections in the ‘real world’.

“Gone are the days of popping over to the neighbours to borrow a cup of sugar or whiling away the hours chatting over the fence about the weather,” says Neighbourly co-founder Casey Eden. “We all lament the ‘good old days’ and hope Neighbourly will go a long way in helping build those strong, safe and friendly New Zealand communities so many of us grew up in. “And let’s face it — we could all benefit from knowing a few more of the people living around us.”

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Auckland travellers’ continued interest in more ambitious and unexplored destinations and adventure travel has seen an Auckland travel agency make a clean sweep of four key awards at a national ceremony.

Carbon Garage is the retail store front of Carbon Group, located in Eden Street not far from busy downtown Newmarket. Operating from a refurbished character warehouse, are a modern well equipped motorcycle workshop, a charismatic cafe and showroom with motorcycling accessories and apparel hand-picked overseas.

House of Travel Newmarket picked up the prize of Top Performing Large-Sized Outlet of the year, along with Tony Jackson winning Top Retail Consultant, who has won this title three out of the past four years. Outlet owner Clare Jackson says she is thrilled with the 15 awards; made up of nine consultant awards and six outlet awards, and says they are in recognition of her team’s massive effort this year. “While excited by this success, we need to also thank our customers, because it is their repeat business and loyalty to us that has seen us succeed at this national level. “My staff and I share a true passion for travel and it is lovely to receive some recognition for the hard work our team does to make every customers holiday their best ever,” Jackson says. The CEO for House of Travel, Mark O’Donnell, says he is proud of the Newmarket store’s success. “It’s fantastic that this store was able to scoop so many awards and shows that in the age of internet how relevant and appreciated experienced advice from well-travelled staff is.

Carbon Group sources the very best superbikes from around the globe. These precious jewels are carefully inspected before purchase, then pass through our modern workshop, where they are inspected and prepared for our private collection or their new owner. The owners of Carbon Group have a special affection for Honda motorcycles from the 80s and 90s including the CB1100R, RC30, RC45 and RC51 and always have a selection of these rarities on display in our showroom. At Carbon Garage, you can just pop in or make an appointment Monday through Friday to drop off your motorcycle for servicing by our specialist technicians, who will pay attention to every detail and recommend the very best care for your motorcycle. Come in and enjoy a great coffee and delicious food in the cafe, which has fresh pastries, sandwiches, soup and of course sweet treats. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available for our customers to use so you can extend your stay and enjoy the atmosphere. Follow us on Facebook: CarbonGarageNewMarket

While the way Kiwis see the world might be changing, what hasn’t changed is their continued demand for excellent travel service, which is clearly reflected in the outstanding success of our Newmarket outlet,” he says.

House of Travel 368 Broadway, Newmarket 09 522 3666

For more info on Carbon Garage email or call 09 522 0289

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A Quote For Every Job Six years ago Tonya Callebaut found herself with a barking dog and screaming toddler in a house with half its roof off in rainy Taranaki in July, waiting for tradespeople she’d called from the Yellow Pages to show up, when she got the idea of a lifetime. Fed up with waiting on tradespeople she’d never met, in a country she had recently arrived in, Tonya realised she wasn’t alone in her frustration and spotted a market for an online community, which brought consumers and professionals together in a simple, reliable way. And so, was born. Logajob has since flourished in Taranaki – connecting hundreds of businesses with thousands of jobs and in 2013, Tonya decided it was time to go big. Since then, Logajob has launched in Sydney with an explosion rather than a bang, and is now entering the Auckland market before it goes nationwide. With the expansion comes a new direction for Logajob, which sets it apart from other trade quoting websites — it is open to any service profession — photographers, beauticians, caterers, website developers, you name it. “The culture in New Zealand is geared toward those who embrace DIY – but we

aren’t all masters of all trades,” said Ms Callebaut. “It became clear to me early on that there was a need in New Zealand for a database of trusted service providers for all industries, not just the traditional trades, especially in the big cities where people from out of town often settle with few contacts.” “For us, expanding is about the absolute belief that this will simplify people’s processes, whether you’re planning a wedding, renovating or looking for business suppliers,” Ms Callebaut said. To celebrate the arrival of Logajob in Auckland the company ran a vote for one of three local charities to receive one Big Job to the tune of $4,000.

The Big Jobs included granting a wish for an unwell child through Make A Wish, renovating SPCA Auckland and completing a special project with Conservation Volunteers. SPCA Auckland narrowly won the vote, which was run on Facebook and at the North Shore Home & Garden Show. The newly renovated premises will be opened at a ceremony later this month. “We are excited to be able to give back to local businesses and charities as we get to work in Auckland,” said Ms Callebaut. Logajob membership is currently free to Auckland businesses.

To register a business or log a job visit Getting your jobs done is now made easy by our simple 4-steps process:





Simply login or register to log an upcoming job

Interested service providers will log their quotes on your job.

Hire a service provider from the quotes supplied.

Leave feedback for the next potential client.



SELLING YOUR HOME? FIVE MISTAKES HOME SELLERS MAKE It might be a seller’s market at the moment, but there is still every reason to make an effort when listing your home. Avoid these traps and get your property sold for the price you want.


1. Stinting on necessary improvements. The little flaws you no longer notice, such as leaking taps, peeling window sills or a stained carpet will be seen as defects by potential buyers and get them thinking about what else might be wrong with your home. Get them fixed! 2. Listing before your property is ready. You may be eager to sell ­— perhaps because you’ve found another property to buy. It is fatal to present your home to buyers before it has been cleaned, de-cluttered and spruced up. Consider using a home stager. 3. Not pricing your home properly. If your home is underpriced, obviously you will lose income unnecessarily. Overpricing can also be damaging — buyers and agents may get turned off and interest in the property may fizzle out quickly. It makes comparable homes on the market look like a bargain, giving them an advantage. Enlist the help of an experienced agent and seek their advice — marketing with no price (auction process) may be the best option. 4. Not letting buyers in to look. If agents and buyers have to call you multiple times and find it difficult to get in to see your home, they will lose interest and go elsewhere. Inventory is low and buyers are desperate — make your home accessible to them. 5. Attending your open homes. If you insist on being present during an open home and/or any viewings, you could damage your chances of getting an offer. Your presence can make buyers uncomfortable and the agent’s job more difficult. CREATE A WELCOMING ATMOSPHERE When it comes to selling your house, remember that buyers buy on emotion first, and then on price; so first impressions count. Buyers respond to homes with clean, bright rooms that appear airy and fresh. Kitchen counters and bathroom surfaces should all be clear of clutter and sparkling clean. Your pet may be part of your family but during open homes, have someone look after your dog elsewhere and remove pet bowls and litter trays.

I look out of my office window and see the leaves on the large tree turning yellow then brown. The sun glistens on them and they look so pretty. But these same leaves can cause havoc in gutters and drains. Landlords, winter is coming: clean those gutters, clear leaves out of the drains. Water blast mould areas and mouldy exterior paintwork, clean gutters and rake the leaves. Have you got insulation? Many tenants are asking this before viewing a property. Heat pumps and DVS systems are also desirable chattels for attracting new tenants. Trim trees and shrubs, and those overhanging branches that lean over the roof and any shrubs that are blocking sunlight from windows. A warm, dry house makes for a happy tenant. This also stops the dreaded ‘mould’ appearing on ceilings, walls and curtains. Mould would be one of the biggest problems I have with tenants’ care of properties. Landlords, if you do those necessary maintenance jobs now your property should be mould free for the winter. With the W.O.F for rental property looming — this would be a wise decision to make. The rental market is slow… enquiries are down… and our rental list is now down to only five properties to rent… so make sure your rental property is up to standard so it will be attractive to prospective tenants to rent. Also, ensure that the rent you are asking is comparable with other properties. (To do this, take a look at Trade Me).

Sylvia Lund AREINZ Property Manager/Director

Avoid gimmicks such as baking a cake, but do open curtains and windows to let in fresh air. Make sure the house is cool in summer and warm in winter. The house should be uncluttered, but still look and feel like a home, with natural touches such as potted plants and couch throws to make it seem welcoming.

LJ Hooker Auckland Central Remuera Office located in Upland Road Village 565 Remuera Road 09 520 8685 For more information, see LJ Hooker, Remuera on page 106

The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

Visit our website at 40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email

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INSTITUTE OF GOLF: NOW IN ELLERSLIE Great news for golfers, potential golfers, and those just wanting to have a bit of relaxation and fun in the great outdoors, while trying their hand at something different this winter. The Institute of Golf, run by the passionate and driven Craig Dixon, also regarded as one of New Zealand’s best golf instructors, has opened up this side, and what this man doesn’t know about golf just does not bear thinking about.


Even though Lydia Ko is the star of her show, she did not get there without the help and involvement from many devoted to her golfing prowess. Craig Dixon is one of those. His role was to help advice Guy Wilson on technical improvements that could be made to her game. Craig is also coach to Mike Hendry (New Zealand #1 touring professional), Peter Fowler (senior tour professional), Nick Gillespie (tour professional), and many other up and coming players, along with your everyday player, simply wanting to improve their game. “I always knew I wanted to coach the game of golf. I strive to be the best coach I can be and the players I work with motivate me every day. Seeing players improve is the highest form of motivation,” says Craig. Up until recently The Institute of Golf was based solely in Albany, but a recent tie up with the Golf Warehouse, has seen them also set up shop at New Zealand’s No 1 golf retailer’s Ellerslie premises, centre stage at the Ellerslie race course. Says Craig of their move: “This state of the art facility, is in my opinion the best in the country, with automated tee system, bay dividers that provide distance reading, a short game area and a nine holes course that is just minutes from the city centre.” From this site, The Institute of Golf offers their many class options, as well as individual improvement programmes (similar to those done by Mike and Lydia). Examples of the classes available are: girls’ night golf on Wednesday evenings, mums’ morning golf (drop the kids at school and mosey on over), junior golf beginner classes, and many others.


WIN WITH VERVE & INSTITUTE OF GOLF Fabulous prize suitable for any age! 02

01 — Lydia Ko who worked with Guy Wilson and the team from the Institute of Golf from the age of 6 to 16. 02 — Craig Dixon with a young up and coming player Ryan Hunter

The move has also been a big plus for the Golf Warehouse, says general manager Rhys Bishop. The tie-in with IOG means for every hour their Ellerslie business is open, coaching is now available. School holidays, Christmas, whatever; when the shop is open, IOG have committed to have coaching staff available. “We approached them to help because we were impressed with them, with what they’d done, their attitude to coaching and their systemsbased, professional philosophy,” Rhys said. “They offer the full package.” Bishop is the first to admit his business is about profit and dollars, but: “it has to be based on results and doing what’s best for the customer and that’s what these guys are about,” he said.

UP FOR GRABS: Institute of Golf package worth $520!* Includes IOG screening 1 x 60 minute lesson 1 x on course session *Conditions apply. To enter go to and click on the competitions tab!

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Or why the internet is anything but a substitute.

Is your PC healthy?

The internet’s rise to prominence in our lives has come hand-inhand with a lot of rather embarrassing cultural terminology. One particularly fine term that comes to mind is ‘web surfing’, which was a stupid phrase when it was coined and just plain cringeinducing now. Another is the over-use, at dead-horse-flogging levels, of the term ‘virtual’. The concept of having a virtual shop, or a virtual experience or, virtually, anything is inherently flawed. An online shop is a real shop. It sells real things to real people. Real money is exchanged. Real value is received.

You have your car serviced, get regular dental check-ups and visit the doctor. But do you ever consider the state of your PC or laptop? They are constantly moving air through the cooling system and accumulate dust. This results in an overheating computer that could harm the electronics. It can even shut down the computer in the middle of that long (unsaved) document.

Despite the fact that this is obvious to me, and probably obvious to you too, it’s not obvious to everyone. I meet many small business owners — smart people with a good grasp on reality — who insist on advertising their goods on television, radio and in print even when the end goal is to create more online traffic. There’s a sense that television is real. That a newspaper is real and that, by comparison, online advertising is somehow only virtual. People still spend money on it, but only as a supplementary tactic to their overwhelmingly off-line activities. Of course, online marketing firms must carry some of the blame for this: they’ve got a track record for selling services that don’t really exist. But let’s assume you’re not dealing with a cowboy: how much is a television ad worth? First of all you need to make the ad, then buy timeslots to show it. Then somehow you have to track it’s effectiveness. Considering that people are leaving broadcast television in favour of online entertainment, this is a sketchy proposition. If you were to invest the same level of money and effort online – particularly where your goal is to promote an online service or product – you could be running effective advertising an hour after coming up with the idea. If for some completely absurd reason you were to change your mind, you could shut it down an hour later. Furthermore, you’ll have accurate records of exactly the effect this hour of advertising had on your website. And that is real value, nothing virtual about it.

I meet many small business owners — smart people with a good grasp on reality — who insist on advertising their goods on television, radio and in print even when the end goal is to create more online traffic. James McGoram is an author, designer and the director of Messiah Studio, a web design company based in Parnell, Auckland. Visit for your free online business guide.

The other health check your computer needs is updated software and keeping the files tidy and uncluttered. Antivirus and Windows software needs to be kept current to the latest versions. Does yours need attention? We can do all this for you with a health check. You will find a cooler, quicker computer is the result for just a little TLC. Is your PC beautiful? If not then consider upgrading to a stylish new case. I can provide a wide range of styles and colours to match your environment. Arctic white modernistic cases for the modern home or mini-sized machines that tuck away out of site. Even some that fit on the back of your screen. There are a multitude of colours to choose from too. Gamers may prefer something exotic but portable or futuristic and large for all those mods. I still build PC’s to order. This is quite a popular service and I can build a computer specifically to your needs and budget. Simple PC’s just for light work or more powerful gaming computers. I have built some high end PC’s for media work and graphic design clients. Call me to discuss your needs and we can tailor a system to suit your requirements. At Rudy’s PC Services we can help you set up the best solution for your needs. Call us about anything regarding your computer and we will be glad to advise you and fulfil your requirements. We are all about making long term relationships with our customers. We give ongoing advice and support. Often for free! Like us on Facebook and share with your friends and family.

Rudy’s PC Services 09 579 78 09 See Rudy’s PC Service’s ad on page 95 Rudy's Verve Mag advert.pdf



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Come visit or give us a call to discuss your next project. We have all the services under one company, so we save you the time and hassle. Contact: Jonathan m. 021 518 851 e.

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FOR ALL YOUR VEHICLE PANEL & PAINT REQUIREMENTS …PLUS MORE. From vehicle & scooter crash repairs to furniture, art sculptures, household doors, coffee pots & machines — we repair and paint them all. WOF & rust repairs too. We use the Glasurit waterborne paint system, which is better for the environment and ultimately better for you.

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Voyce is a smart collar and app that helps owners track their dogs’ fitness and understand their health. Being able to better communicate with animals has been a human fantasy even before Dr Doolittle became a pop culture character. In the past we’ve seen projects such as No More Woof use EEG to read dog’s thoughts, but now Voyce is using a smart collar and app to track their fitness and understand their health. This is Jack, a beautiful Doberman pinscher, who is normally not one to eat something he shouldn’t… however, he does have a soft spot for chocolate. Unbeknownst to the owners, he sneakily ate a Kinder Surprise, thoroughly enjoyed and probably felt quite proud of himself for getting away with this! No such luck — Jack became quite unwell and he needed stomach surgery to find the mystery item that was showing on radiographs. Much to the amusement of staff and owners, the item was removed and Yoda was rescued! Jack’s owners are very grateful that he’s made a full recovery and now he has to live with the shame that he got found out and his chocolate addiction will be addressed. Dr Marieke Wijnen BVSc Animal Emergency Centre 97 Carrington Rd, Mt Albert 09 849 2121 NIGHTS • WEEKENDS • PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

See Aminal Emergency Centre’s ad on page 100

Open when your regular vet is not 97 CARRINGTON ROAD, MT ALBERT

TELEPHONE 849 2121

Voyce is designed to replace your dog’s usual collar with its sensor-embedded device, which monitors vital signs such as heart rate and respiratory rate, plus tracks how active the animal is over time. Using the companion app, owners can see if their pet is getting enough exercise or sleep, how many calories they’re burning, and if they begin to show abnormal heart and breathing rates that could be early indicators of health problems. The app also uses algorithms to analyse the data and offer personalised tips and articles that might help improve the dog’s wellbeing and their relationship with their owner. Users can also share photos, stats and achievements on social networks, or with their vet, straight from the app. If you are fascinated by this piece and want to see more – go to You Tube and enter Voyce and see what it brings up. You will see that Voyce has proven that it’s not just humans that can get in on the trend for fitness tracking, enabling owners to know their pet better. Website:

JUNE 2014


I will always remember Diego, a sweet little puppy who was hit by a car.

A World Apart

A Vet’s Life Changing Trip to Tonga Words: Erin Dowler, The Strand Veterinarian

The Strand Veterinarian recently sponsored Erin Dowler to work for the volunteer organisation SPAW as a vet in Tonga. In just one week the team affected the lives of over 150 animals, but felt there was so much more to be done. “Tonga is only a short flight away, but it felt a world apart from New Zealand. Our team of six arrived in a hot country where dogs roam between cars, cats crawl along tables, pigs go fishing and cows graze tethered to coconut trees. We drove in hazardous cars to a bare building with three tables and somehow created a functional vet clinic. We hit the

ground running and were thrilled to see the community embrace veterinary care, with animals lined up at the door. Over 50 were desexed, but we also treated sick, injured and abused animals. ‘You cannot change the world by saving one animal, but you can change the world for that one animal’ resonated true. Treating just one would have made the trip worthwhile. I will always remember Diego, a sweet little puppy who was hit by a car, suffering damage to his lungs and a broken leg. A limb amputation prevented him from joining the numerous limping dogs that live with pain every day. We asked the young boy who owns Diego to proudly tell others his story to educate about amputation.

It was touching to see increased compassion compared to just a few years earlier, but there is still a great need for education. The locals often bathe ill or wounded dogs in the ocean, hoping for a cure as, without permanent veterinary care available, there is no alternative. The last team was a full eight months before our group and I hate to think what would have happened to some of our patients had we not have been there.” For more information about this valuable organisation, please visit:



AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY PROGRAMME This year Diocesan’s Junior School introduced an exciting new initiative — an after school activity programme catering for sports, curriculum extension and activities encouraging creativity. Every afternoon from 3:15 to 4:30 the Junior School is buzzing with exciting things happening, from a cook school where the girls are involved in a range of activities like cooking and decorating delicious biscuits, to science experiments and inventions, art classes, dance classes with Candy Lane, ‘xtreme rhythmics’, yoga, Spanish, performing arts and

drama, architecture and design — with a range of sports available including ball skills, tennis, fitness and conditioning, football academy, hockey skills development, and flippa ball. The wide range of activities on offer, provide the girls with the opportunity to experience sports and activities they may not otherwise have access to. The activities cover all year levels in the Junior School and a holiday programme is offered during the school holidays as well.

DIOCESAN SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Clyde Street, Epsom 09 520 0221

CREATIVE ZONE ARTS EXHIBITION Locally owned Creative Zone opens on Broadway, Newmarket. Creative Zone has been established by Keren Cook, (MFA.DipTchg) previous owner of Parnell Studio, Arthouse and Little Chefs Cook School. Creative Zone is an extracurricular art facility that provides out of school help within the arts, as well as hosting birthday parties and school holiday programmes. Creative Zone offers help in a supportive environment for children and teenagers who have artistic talents or want to broaden their skills within the arts. On June 6 Creative Zone will be holding an Arts Exhibition themed Discover Auckland where students from local schools around Auckland will be part taking in. School students from Victoria Avenue Primary, Baradene College, ACG Parnell School, Stonefields Primary, Mt Hobson Middle School and Remuera Intermediate will be coming together with their work which will then be sold on the night. The exhibition will be a curated and catered event and will run from 6.30pm till 8pm, which will include guest speakers. The event is free and is open to the public to bid on the students art work.

CREATIVE ZONE 88 Broadway, Newmarket 09 5246816

JUNE 2014




Keen to feel more positive about life? Come and gain the skills to better manage life’s challenges: Anxiety Depression/low mood Stress/burnout Relationship issues Grief/loss NIGHTS • WEEKENDS • PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

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Dr Sally Davis Clinical Psychologist

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Dreaming of a Holiday?

Leave your travel plans up to the expert! ANY AIRLINE, ANY CRUISE, ANY TOUR, ANYWHERE!

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Nikki Lovrich, one of the most well known makeup artists in New Zealand with over 25 years experience in the fashion, beauty and film industry has this to say about Osmosis Mineral Makeup, “The colour range is fantastic, with a selection of shades that blend perfectly to your skin tone without looking too pale or powdery. As a makeup artist I highly recommend Osmosis Mineral Makeup.” Visit or call 0800 OSMOSIS for more info and stockists information.

SIMPLY PARNELL’S BEST Lose 5kg or 50kg Personal Training from $50p/w


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AN EASY LISTENING SINGER FOR YOUR DINNER PARTY, FUNCTION OR SPECIAL EVENT? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, INTRODUCING JIMMY BONAR, JR Singing the greatest ‘Cocktails and Soul’ hits of all time, Jimmy’s professionalism and personal touch will ensure that you and your guests will not be disappointed! FOR FURTHER DETAILS, PLEASE CALL 021 075 0704 128, Parnell Road, Parnell ∙ 09 379 7737





Inspired by the desire to reclaim one of life’s most important rites of passage, State of Grace offers a caring, compassionate and highly personalised approach to death care and funeral arrangements.

Transforelmf Yours COWHIDE CUSHIONS Instore & Online

New Zealand’s foremost personal image and styling consultancy, for that little bit of wardrobe magic. Look your best – call us NOW!

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It has been a long time coming, but this year marks a major milestone for reducing alcohol-related harm in our communities.

National’s sixth Budget shows New Zealand, and Auckland, is heading in the right direction.

For the first time communities will get a say on the sale and supply of alcohol in their local areas. Following the changes to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, councils now have the ability to develop a single policy for their districts. The policy includes regulations relating to licensing decisions of on-licences, off-licences, club and special licences. Auckland Council has been developing its draft policy for 18 months. It has worked with the hospitality and retail industries, police, the Medical Officer of Health, licensing inspectors, health agencies and community stakeholders to develop it to this stage — and now I encourage you to share your thoughts about the policy. We want to find a balance between minimising alcohol-related harm with the desire to have a vibrant and exciting Auckland. This consultation is a really important part of the process. In Wellington, for example, substantial changes were made between the proposed policy and the final policy after significant public input. Some of our communities are hurting, with liquor stores proliferating in their local areas, selling cheap alcohol and often single serves. It is important they have the mechanisms to protect their families from harm. And for some communities, responsible hospitality venues are the heart and soul of the area, and we don’t want to stifle that. Our policy allows for different approaches in different kinds of areas. In certain areas, under certain conditions, operators with a proven track record of being responsible hosts would be able to apply for extended hours. We think we’ve made a good start on a balanced policy – now we want to hear what you think. Please have a look at the policy, have a think about it and let us know your thoughts. A full copy of the draft policy presented to committee, and detail about the development of the policy is available on the council’s website, Submissions on the council’s draft Local Alcohol Policy will open on June 16 and run for a month.

Len Brown Mayor of Auckland

Families and children are at the heart of our new spending with a comprehensive $500 million package to help families. This includes free GP visits free for under-13-year olds, extending paid parental leave and the parental tax credit, and investing more in vulnerable children and early childhood education. We are helping New Zealanders in practical ways at times of need, and supporting a growing economy. The Budget forecasts economic growth of 4% next year, around 170,000 new jobs and a $7600 increase in the average wage over the next four years. We’re in an enviable position compared with many other countries – this is despite dealing with the domestic recession that Labour left us with, which was followed by the global financial crisis, and the Canterbury earthquakes. The Government’s books show we’re doing better, and confidence surveys show we’re feeling better, too. We’ll record a small surplus next year and larger surpluses in the coming years, which will allow us extra spending, but not so much that it pushes interest rates higher than they otherwise would be. We’re also working on making houses more affordable. An additional 33,500 homes for Auckland have already been announced. There are also other measures being put in place to reduce the cost of building a home, including temporarily removing duties and tariffs on plasterboard, reinforcing steel bar, wire nails, roofing, cladding, insulation, paints, electrical and plumbing fittings. It’s estimated this will reduce construction of a standard New Zealand home by $3,500. We’re also investing $858 million into education, to help raise student achievement – which in the long-term helps New Zealand lift its performance in the world. As well as supporting quality teaching, we are also putting substantial extra funding into day-to-day operations and modern infrastructure for schools and early childhood education centres. I’m really proud to be part of a National Government that has navigated extremely difficult financial times, but has got the books back in black, while focusing on what really matters to Aucklanders and their families.

Hon Nikki Kaye MP for Auckland Central

JUNE 2014


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Bill English’s sixth Budget showed our country is heading in the right direction. Growth prospects are good, incomes are rising faster than the cost of living, unemployment is falling, and Government spending is under control which is, in turn, helping the Reserve Bank keep interest rates lower for longer. Now we are able to invest more to help families, most notably with the free under-13s doctor’s visits.

Len Brown is back! In fact more councillors are behind him than ever before. Many people say to me, how can that be? At the same time most councillors are publicly pretending they’re not, claiming they’re only voting with him in the interests of Auckland’s future.

The proposition put forward by the opposition parties is that it is time for a radical change, overhauling our monetary policy with an experiment using Reserve Bank control over Kiwisaver contributions; introducing a capital gains tax; effectively nationalising the electricity sector. This all seems a bit odd, and probably explains why Labour and the Greens have turned to anti-immigration rhetoric. I became involved in politics because I wanted, and wanted my children, to live in a dynamic, prosperous, outwardlooking and confident New Zealand where people could see a bright future for themselves and their families. The constant drain of Kiwis leaving for Australia undermined that vision. For many years we faced a net loss of 30-40,000 people a year. And many of us have been determined to turn that around. So it’s great news the seasonally adjusted net loss of just 200 migrants to Australia in April 2014 was the lowest ever for the Statistics New Zealand series, which began in 1996. Many people think the flow will actually reverse later this year. Because so few Kiwis are leaving for Australia our net migration figures are up. This creates a short term challenge, although it’s a stretch to blame this for pressure on Auckland house prices, because most of the people who have not moved to Australia have not left the provinces. They’ve stayed in Dunedin, Napier, New Plymouth and the rest. Let’s celebrate our country’s Trans-Tasman success. And in the meantime, on housing, the biggest impact will come from Nick Smith’s efforts with Auckland Council to free up the supply of new land and new houses. I’d be interested to hear your views. Please see my contact details below.

Paul Goldsmith MP National List MP based in Epsom 09 524 4930

I too want a positive future for Auckland and as the council’s youngest Governing Body member I arguably have more skin in the game than others around the table. However I do not believe the Mayor’s latest ‘over rate, over borrow, and over spend’ budget for 2014/15 is in our interests. However the sad fact is only three councillors voted against it. The 17 others lined up behind His Worship in a show of solidarity I have not seen in my last three and a half years on council. Only independent councillors from Howick Dick Quax and Sharon Stewart alongside myself voted against the current economic direction. It was double thumbs up from the Labour Mayor who couldn’t believe his luck with celebratory ratepayerfunded drinks in the Mayor’s office afterwards. I despair. Adding to the frustration was my attempt to have a vote on the Uniform Annual General Charge ruled “out of order” by the Mayor. I put up a proposed amendment, supported by Dick Quax, that we lift the fixed component of household rates from $373 to just $450 to help out the likes of those on fixed incomes who may be asset rich but cash poor, but the Mayor surprisingly ruled it was an issue only for next year’s Long Term Plan. We’ve had annual debates and votes on the UAGC every year. I know many ratepayers, particularly in the eastern suburbs (where we get treated as cash cows), will be disappointed that the debate over this important lever for fairer rating was disallowed this year. This year’s draft Annual Plan consulted on the UAGC and people, organisations and local boards commented but sadly their submissions counted for nothing. It’s very disappointing. The Employers and Manufacturers Association wanted it increased, so too did my friends on the Orakei Local Board, as did Remuera resident and former Deputy Mayor John Strevens not to mention many others but no chance this year sorry! The Mayor promises a full and frank UAGC debate leading into the revised 10-year Long Term Plan next year which rest assured some of us will take up with great vigour. It’s well overdue that household rates bills better reflect the equal access all Aucklanders have to council services, amenities, and infrastructure.

Cameron Brewer Councillor for Orakei



BEAUTY OF OUR WATERFRONT, HEALTH OF OUR DOWNTOWN CBD – UNDER THREAT! Auckland’s prime waterfront open space is under threat of privatisation, judging by the revelations that Council bureaucrats have been secretly discussing the sell-off of Queens Wharf to a mysterious Cayman Islands-based corporation.

Paul Goldsmith Paul Goldsmith

Persistent rumours say that behind this is Australian mining billionaire, Gina Rinehart, but this has been adamantly denied by the project frontman, businessman and Mayor Len Brown backer, Sir Noel Robinson.

NatioNal list MP based iN ePsoM NatioNal list MP based iN ePsoM 107 Great south Road, Greenlane Po box 26 153 epsom, 107 Great south Road, auckland Greenlane 1344 Po box 26 153 epsom, auckland 1344 P: 09 524 4930 09 524 4930 E:

Following closely on the heels of this unhappy news came the Auckland Council’s decision to agree ‘in principle’ to the sale of Queen Elizabeth ll Square to Abu Dhabi controlled Precinct Properties, as part of an expanded shopping mall/office tower development. Like Queens Wharf, Queen Elizabeth ll Square is high value, strategically located public open space. It is also prime blue-chip real estate, potentially the most valuable in New Zealand, though judging from the Council officers’ report it is considered neither.

Authorised by Paul Goldsmith, 107 Great South Road, Auckland.

Queens Wharf was purchased by the former Auckland Regional Council and the Government in 2009 and was opened to the public for the first time in nearly 100 years on Anzac Day 2010. It has proven to be enormously popular with Aucklanders.

Uptown A4 Mag Ad April Print.pdf



10:47 am

With its purpose-built, temporary ‘Cloud’, Queens Wharf did sterling service during the Rugby World Cup as ‘Party Central’. Its companion, historic Shed 10 has been handsomely renovated by Waterfront Auckland to become Auckland’s premier cruise ship terminal — just as the ARC recommended in mid 2010. Apart from hosting tens of thousands of cruise ship visitors, Shed 10, as the last America’s Cup showed, has become a sentimental favourite of Aucklanders (they do after all own it). But I always believed one of the greatest advantages of opening Queens Wharf is the view out over the harbour which link the city to the sea. Hopefully the Cloud will soon be removed to enhance these views. The secret plans to privatise the Quay Street end of the Wharf and block those views with crass office and car-park buildings are unacceptable.





Across Quay Street, the forfeiture of Queen Elizabeth ll Square will mean a major loss of amenity for Downtown Auckland. Precinct Properties’ new development could have been an opportunity to correct the planning mistakes of the 1970s and 80s. But from what I have seen so far, and given the toadying attitude of Council officers towards big-business and their unwillingness to stand up for the public interest, I am not holding my breath. Neither should you. Our beautiful waterfront is under threat.

Mike Lee Councillor for Waitemata and Gulf





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JUNE 2014

Words: Dr Alexander Kouzminov

New Zealand has been recognised for the healing properties of its natural mineral springs for more than 150 years. The history of Aotearoa’s geothermal springs lives on in Maori legends. Maori were the first to discover therapeutic effects of hot mineral waters. The first European settlers in New Zealand were surprised at the longevity of those Maori, who regularly used these natural waters and lived well beyond the age of 100 years. The first pakeha to appreciate and assess the beauty of geothermal springs was a Scottish immigrant named Robert Graham, who was a pioneer of medical tourism in New Zealand. He developed the primary infrastructure for hot bath houses — a series of tourist health resorts in Taupo and Rotorua in the 1870s. The healing properties of these miracle geothermal sources started spreading internationally. People flocked to New Zealand in pursuit of wellbeing and health. The government soon realised that this business could bring significant economic revenue for the country. Hot-bath spa culture and health tourism were serious businesses in New Zealand at the turn of the 20th century. Some older New Zealanders may remember the time when injured American and New Zealand soldiers were rehabilitated and treated at the geothermal centre or ‘sanatorium’ in Rotorua after World War II. During those years, the Ministry of Tourism was called the Department of Tourist and Health Resorts. This was the time when ‘taking the waters’ was for medical purposes, ‘health resorts’ were serious practices, and visiting spas often required a medical certificate. In New Zealand at the time, a branch of medical science called balneology, which is concerned with the therapeutic value of

The origin of most of mineral waters in New Zealand goes back to the preIce-Age era. Some of them are 15,000 to 50,000 years old. They are naturally pure products, and contain varied and unique concentrations of minerals and trace elements of therapeutic value, which cannot be artificially replicated by conventional methods. However, the movement soon lost impetus. From the mid 1950s, the interest in balneology became weak, perhaps because government health authorities became sceptical about some of the claims of medicinal value of natural mineral waters. Balneology has lost value in the eyes of the country’s national tourism and health programmes. New Zealand doesn’t have a bath culture like Japan or Europe, where hot spring therapy is a part of routine medical care. Today however, more and more people are beginning to value natural products and services, and are ready to pay for them. Wouldn’t it be great if we could restore the tradition of spa treatment in New Zealand and remember the effective therapeutic substance which is mineral water? This could be for those who don’t want to just have fun on their holiday, but want to improve their health at the same time. The Robert Graham Institute for Natural Waters of New Zealand has initiated a programme entitled ‘Unlocking geothermal water potential for further development of hot-bath health tourism in New Zealand’. The programme’s key objective is to enhance a long-term shift in further developing New Zealand as a destination for top-quality geothermal health spas. There are about 180 hot-bath spas and houses, which have been built around

Health resorts or rehabilitation clinics could be developed around some of our major mineral springs. It would be desirable to have a location around one hour’s drive from an international airport, say, Auckland or Christchurch. This creation of a boutique thermal health facility where visitors would drink and bathe in the mineral water, hopefully will generate strong support from a variety of major industry partners. For example: airlines and major hotel groups who may want to develop additional infrastructure close by, and who will see value in the quality of the natural mineral waters and the high quality build environment which supports it. Attracting and meeting the needs of high value tourists requires top-end products and experiences. It is not enough to just have hotels, casinos, restaurants and recreational centres close to hot-bath spa facilities — it would need a wellcoordinated national network of top class resorts, scientifically-based hot-bath culture and treatments for the needs of each client. Increasing demand for authentic health and lifestyle experiences would provide economic opportunities for New Zealand. If geothermal resources are used effectively it could potentially improve longevity and enrichment, from an economic and health perspective.

Dr. Alexander Kouzminov, Chief Executive, the Robert Graham Institute for Natural Waters of New Zealand. Contact email address:

Source: New Zealand as a Tourist and Health Resort, 5th ed., published by ‘Thomas Cook & Son’, 1905.


naturally occurring mineral springs in New Zealand.

The first map, advertising and showing geothermal spa health resorts in New Zealand.

mineral baths was being actively developed.


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