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Parnell 09 366 0015


Infinito Exhibition 23 November - 14 Decemeber


has the ability to build bridges and transcend barriers. A work of art whispers to the viewer in a language of its own, a language comprised of accents attune to form, colour and emotion. An articulate work of art draws upon a vocabulary of talent, discipline and passion. Italia Infinito is an exhibition celebrating the long established artistic bonds between Australasia and Italy. One of the earliest such bonds dates back to the late 19th century when Sienna born painter Girolamo Nerli (1861-1926) travelled to Australia and New Zealand. Nerli had studied in Florence and was a member of the Italian Macchiaioli School, an Italian movement anticipating French Impressionism. In Australia he worked with Heidelberg School artists Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and Charles Conder and his influence on these Australian Impressionists is undeniable. Crossing the Tasman to Dunedin Nerli was the teacher of Frances Hodgkins and in 1884 established the Otago Art Academy.

Simon Williams - Ponte dell’Accademia - Oil on canvas - 111 x 199cm - $10,800 www.internationalartcentre.co.nz

Australian Impression Kasey Sealy continues this tradition. Paintings created in Venice and the medieval Tuscan hilltop town of Lucignano feature in Italia Infinito. The contemporary frescoes of Veneto based Franco Anselmi, who has enjoyed New Zealand representation for over 20 years, bring with them the vibrancy of Venetian painting. New works by Milan based Paolo Canetti and the finely painted panels and ceramics of Umbrian artist Carlo Mirabasso lift the spirits. Leading New Zealand landscapist Simon Williams travelled to Italy earlier this year and Italia Infinito proudly showcases his first works in an exciting new series of paintings. In a fitting tribute to Pietro Annigoni, Palmerston North based Philip Holmes creates a Madonna in the medium of oil and contĂŠ. On behalf of International Art Centre I would like to thank the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the contributing artists. It is their commitment and talent which fosters the bridge of simpatico.

Frances Davies - Director

202 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland New Zealand 09 3666 045 www.internationalartcentre.co.nz fran@artcntr.co.nz



TRENZSEATER has exclusive New Zealand made furniture which can be customised to your bespoke requirements. Our large collection of furniture includes sofas, armchairs, occasional tables, bedheads, cabinetry, dining chairs and tables.

TRENZSEATER has an internationally recognised interior design service, which is tailored to give clients the expertise of professional, sound advice on the interior of their homes and the selection of furniture, lighting and window furnishings.



TRENZSEATER has a large portfolio of exquisite lighting, including large scale pendants, table and floor lamps. These are imported from the finest European suppliers, which includes both exterior and interior lighting. All brands are on display in store.

TRENZSEATER has an extensive collection of sampling from some of the most distinguished international and New Zealand brands to ensure you have the very best for your home. Window furnishings are essential in creating a luxurious, sumptuous ambiance.


TREN ZS E AT E R AUCKLAND I 80 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052 | (09) 303 4151 CHRISTCHURCH I 121 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041 | (03) 343 0876 QUEENSTOWN I 313 Hawthorne Drive, Frankton, Queenstown 9300 | Opening 2018 www.trenzseater.com


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ME, TOO A few weeks ago, a man whom I shall call ‘Sam’, began following me on Instagram. It seemed we had little in common except for some mutual connections so, to be courteous, I followed Sam back. The day after it was announced that Jacinda Ardern would be our next PM, Sam posted an offensive picture relating to the Labour leader's appearance. There was no satirical element to the image. There was no political point to be made. Just a crude, casual insult.

male prime minister saw fit to embark upon a ponytailpulling spree which may not amount to sexual assault, but it sure as hell amounts to a powerful man believing he can treat a woman as his plaything (he wouldn’t have done it to a bloke with a manbun). So, it is the belittlement and casual disrespect of women that is the common thread here. And that is what Sam did.

I later relayed the post to my partner who asked if I wrote anything in response and as I looked to her I felt my cheeks redden with shame. The best I could muster was that I blocked him. I had genuinely considered commenting beneath Sam’s post. I had considered calling him out, but decided against confrontation and simply unfollowed him instead. I don’t even know Sam. Perhaps I misunderstood. Perhaps it was some private joke that I didn’t get. Perhaps… perhaps… perhaps… That’s how I squared it with myself. That was my rationale. And that is my bad.

Judging by Sam’s previous posts, it’s highly likely that he is a proud, gay man. Therefore, unfortunately, it is highly likely that Sam knows what it is to be bullied. So that also makes Sam a hypocrite. Him and me both. For now, more than ever, it’s necessary for men to make a stand for the sisterhood. More than ever, it’s necessary to call out the misogyny, no matter how slight.

We live in a world where the most powerful political office is inhabited by a self-confessed sexual predator. A world where young, vulnerable women are preyed upon with promises of film or television parts or a feature in a fashion magazine spread. A world where, closer to home, a former

While some of the world’s most powerful nations are still struggling to smash that glass ceiling, our nation has just quietly named its third female leader, and no matter what our political leaning, that is something of which we should feel proud. Enjoy the issue. Jamie Desplaces



NEWMARKET SHOWROOM: 7 Melrose Street, Newmarket | 09 379 3084 TAKAPUNA SHOWROOM: 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna | 09 488 7201 kitchensbydesign.co.nz





Esther Mahlangu __

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COVER STORY: The Language of Flowers 34 Bringing True Concierge Service To Real Estate __


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Christiania’s Second Coming 65 Nakasendo Way: The Kiso Road Walk Japan __

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At Plume we believe a great meal is not just about the food and wine, we believe it is a complete sensory experience.

R160 Contour Chair + Ottoman, $899 was $1,699

Plume, proudly the house of Runner Duck Wines.

We believe in selling quality replica furniture in order to make innovative, groundbreaking designs affordable for everyone. 49a Sharp Road, Matakana

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Book Now Plant Stand, $39 was $59

09 443 2979 — derlook.co.nz

Win with Verve __

w. plumerestaurant.co.nz Juhl Fj Sideboard, p. 09 422Finn 7915 $1,380 was $1,999 e. reservations@plumerestaurant.co.nz 3/05/17 5:55 PM


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COVER IMAGE: The Language of Flowers Photography: Warren Heath

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At Plume we believe a great meal is not just about the food and wine, we believe it is a complete sensory experience.

Plume, proudly the house of Runner Duck Wines.

Book Now 49a Sharp Road, Matakana Verve Magazine 175 x 85 Landscape.indd 1

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Mon - Fri 9-5pm, Sat 10-4pm Open Sun 12th Nov 10-4pm

25 Nugent St, Grafton, Akl l phone +64 9 523 2105 info@studioitalia.co.nz I www.studioitalia.co.nz




// NOV 2017

South African Esther Mahlangu is one of art’s unlikeliest superstars. The 81-year-old hails from the South African province of Mpumalanga, part of the Ndebele tribe whose homes are famously adorned with colourful, geometric patterns, similarly complemented by the peoples’ dress. Mahlangu’s art is an extension of her ancient culture, and, for decades, has captured the attention and imagination of many in the art world. In 2104, aged 78, she took part in a month-long residency at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where she painted a couple of sizeable murals without the aid of sketches or rulers, or even a preplanned idea of what the work would be. “My plan is here” she told the Washington Post through an interpreter as she tapped her temple with a ‘paint-splotched index finger’. Among her most intriguing commissions came in 1991 when Mahlangu was invited by BMW to create artwork on a BMW 525i — the first woman and non-Western artist asked to do so. She joined a long, legendary list that includes luminaries such as David Hockney and Andy Warhol who have been tasked with decorating the BMW Art Car, a project established in 1975 when French racing driver Hervé Poulain hired Alexander Calder to paint his BMW for the Le Mans 24-Hour Race. Last year, the German firm asked Mahlangu back. Just a couple of months ago a stretch of New York street was dedicated to her by way of a colourful mural, painted by locally-based artist Imani Shanklin Roberts, and featuring vibrant tribal Southern African symbols the artist says celebrate feminine energy. “Creating a mural in honour of an artist I’ve known all my life, in a city that isn’t welcoming, feels unreal,” said Roberts of the work. “It feels like an aligning moment many of us have when the universe co-creates with us and is in agreement with our path.” The star of the show described it as a “special” moment in her storied career. Bangu Masisi, president of South Africa’s Tourism’s American Hub, was at the opening of the mural and praised Mahlangu “for her unique, colourful” paintings which have inspired many across the globe, adding that she “has also done an amazing job showcasing our cultures and will provide New Yorkers this summer with a sight of South Africa’s Ndebele culture”.

Ndebele are a group of indigenous people spread throughout South Africa mainly, and also Zimbabwe. Traditionally, the women adorn the outside of their homes with bold graphics that symbolise life celebrations such as births or weddings, as well as recording their ancestry. Mahlangu, who began painting aged 10 using a chicken feather as brush — and still does — has showcased these ancient techniques to the wider world. “We teach the young girls to paint for when they get married,” the artist told the Post. “If a girl goes to her in-laws and can’t paint properly, they will say she wasn’t taught well.” Keen to keep her customs alive, even on her international travels she continues to wear the colourful dress of her people that includes metal rings around her neck and limbs, and beaded headband and apron– though she does sometimes don comfortable trainers — that all almost mirror her paintings. As a child, the artist has said that she came to the realisation that few outside the region would get the chance to see the wonderful creations of Ndebele and was overcome with the need to showcase the style to the world. “There has always been a fascination, demand, and admiration for art from Africa,” she told Artsy last year, “and the Ndebele style is one of the most significant styles of paintings that still resembles original shapes and forms. It is colourful and abstract and lends itself to incorporation into modern design.” Mahlangu was first noticed by the international art scene in 1989 when her work was included as part of a group exhibition in Paris and her need to create has waned little since, neither has her grounded sensibility. “I wake up every morning, sweep the yard, feed the chickens, and then I start painting,” she told Sotheby’s earlier this year. “Every day.” And as for future ambitions? She is “waiting for that surprise”: “When someone shows up with whatever I haven’t done, that will be the moment I know.”

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces



THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS Think big this Summer and introduce dramatic oral elements that will elevate festive gatherings around the table to an extraordinary feast for the eyes and senses. NATURE STUDY Never mind floral prints on linen. Here the flowers have become the tablecloth, displayed en masse under a raised glass top. — Photographs: Warren Heath




THE DARK ARTS What better reason than a special dinner gathering to release your inner production designer and set an evocative, cinematic scene for your guests?


SUSPENDED ANIMATION Evoke happy childhood memories with a whimsical jelly dessert – this time with grown-up flavours and filled with flowers.

ICE AGE See the beauty of flowers from a different perspective by freezing edible petals in ice cubes. What better way to perk up festive cocktails than with the vibrant colours of rose petals, nasturtium, borage, marigold and pansies?


20 YEA RS O F P ROF ES S ION A L HOM E S TAG IN G A ND INT ERIOR D ES IG N FREEPHONE: 0800 364 4663 T: 09 579 1930 P h o n e 0 9 3 0 2 2 49 9 3 1a N o rman by R d, M t E d en art i s an c o lle c t i v e .c o .n z




THATCH | FENCING | WATER GARDENS | PIZZA OVENS 0800 278 784 www.brustics.co.nz


Mal Corboy will help you solve your problems with design and project management. They can assist not only with kitchens, but bathrooms and full interior design services. Call today and make an appointment to book your free one-hour consultation and receive a free Mal Corboy design book!

Mal Corboy www.malcorboy.com info@malcorboy.com | M: 021 322 599

Purchase Enquiries & Show Suite Viewings Ross Hawkins ross.hawkins@sothebysrealty.com +64 (0)27 472 0577 Jason Gaddes jason.gaddes@sothebysrealty.com +64 (0)21 994 921

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.

Selected Packages

2 Churton Street, Parnell

Garden Apartments from $2,245,000

Auckland living is reinvented with Edition, a contemporary building in the heart of Parnell. Each of the residences is unique, but all deliver the sense of generosity of much larger homes, along with luxurious materials, beautifully considered spaces, some with stunning views of the water and over the city.

2 Bedroom Apartments from $1,895,000 2 Bedroom Apartments + media from $2,245,000 3 Bedroom Apartments + media from $4,495,000

Edition is a response to the influx of large, high-density apartments developers around Auckland are opting to build. Edition offers small, boutique apartment living that is distinctly lacking in Auckland. A limited number of just 19 homes makes this a rare and exclusive opportunity. Exquisitely designed by architects Monk Mackenzie with interior design by Bureaux. Register your interest at editionparnell.co.nz








“I was over the moon when I saw the magnificent job Moving Made Easy had done - beyond my expectations!” - Liz

The Ivy House first opened its doors in Herne Bay 4 years ago and has now opened their second, larger Auckland space in Parnell - near the top of Parnell Road, with good parking outside. The Ivy House is the home of Armadillo & Co rugs and owner, Annie Loveridge, had been looking for the perfect space for some time. Our Armadillo & Co rugs are 100% handmade, using natural, sustainable or recycled materials. It's really important that we can present these beautiful rugs in an environment to showcase how perfectly they fit into NZ homes. Every purchase of an Armadillo rug provides support to the traditional rug weaving communities who make our beautiful products.

A North Shore family business Call Mrs. Owen for your free consultation

021 0854 5339 ― 09 489 5024 i n f o @ m o v i n g m a d e e a s y. c o . n z M O V I N G M A D E E A S Y. C O . N Z

We take great pride in providing individual high quality products that are ethically sound. Annie and her team love working with people to ensure the right rug is chosen for the space. The Ivy House offers many of their rugs in standard sizes, readily available from their Auckland warehouse, with custom options across all rugs, particularly for awkward spaces, oversize rugs, hall runners and recently introduced outdoor rugs which are great for the upcoming summer. "We take care of the design, ensuring the rug or hall runner is perfect for the space and use; we're friendly, approachable and make the whole process of selecting a new rug for your home fun and rewarding for you. We really believe in the quality of service and product that we deliver to our clients; our goal is to make people happy."


Armadillo & Co rugs are 100% handmade, using Fair Trade practices with natural and sustainable fibres

Available in store and online www.theivyhouse.co.nz 238 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland • 347 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland Free delivery anywhere in New Zealand

POOL SEASON IS ON ITS WAY Summer’s just around the corner and this is a great time to be preparing the pool for the new season.


Business/ Education & Society

INSEAL POLYUREA’S PROPERTIES AT A GLANCE. • The polyurea membrane has three times more abrasion resistance than steel, and is permanently elastic. • It boasts 440% elongation, so it will accommodate cracks and movement. • It is specially formulated for waterproofing and permanent immersion. • Zero solvents and free of other nasty volatile organic compounds. • Smooth, glossy finish — effortless to maintain.


• Excellent resistance to abrasion, puncture and tear. • Sets within seconds, is chemical resistant — so good with chlorine — and safe with potable water.

Mar 2017

Manufactured in Australia to ISO 9001 standards, and has AS/NZS 4858 building code certification. It’s available in a range of pigments, depending on your preference for your pool or deck.

Contact Anton Loraine on

021 236 5175 — insealcoatings.co.nz

insealcoatings.co.nz | 021 236 5175

Get 5% off when you mention Verve!


Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

Marine Bean® XL & Ottoman

Isla™ Chair

Marine Bean® Chair

COAST began as a specialist supplier to the exclusive superyacht market and continues to employ many of the materials and methods previously the reserve of luxury yacht-building. Our design process has concentrated as much on materials and construction as on aesthetics and style, to ensure that everything we make is not only enduring, but timeless. The award-winning Marine Bean® is the original outdoor beanbag and still the best, handmade in New Zealand from Sunbrella® brand fabric. It has found a home ashore in 5-star hotels and resorts from Queenstown to the Maldives, as well as private homes, villas and beach houses worldwide. Please contact us for bespoke options.



77 Ponsonby Road


Kouzina Verve HH 11_17Ć’.indd 1

20/10/17 1:25 PM

Terms and conditions may apply.


Property Management

Free Property Management Until 2018 027 558 3221 Contact Janine McCormick Today!

Guaranteed Rent If your tenants won’t pay the rent, we will. Quarterly Inspections You can be sure your property is in good hands.

Competitive Management Fees We can match your current management fees. Half-yearly Rent Reviews We make sure you always get the best investment return.

We cover all areas in Auckland!

QDF specialise in the design and manufacture of custommade designer lounge furniture. The customer can choose from QDF’s broad collection of furniture designs in standard dimensions or QDF will create one-off or new designs to suit individual specifications. Milo Chairs

QDF offers a personal, in-house service to provide you with professional advice. Designer/ owner Nicholas can visit clients at home to provide an onsite measure and quote (this service is available to the Auckland area only — or by arrangement out of Auckland).

Milo Sofa

Custom options include changes to dimensions (depth, length, height, arm height), arm and leg style, cushion density and cushion fill. Cushioning options include feather back or standard back cushions, or for a more casual look, the use of scatter cushions. Barclay Sofa upholstered in Tobacco Aniline Leather

Barclay Sofas upholstered in Aniline Leather from Grain Fine Leather Company

Barclay Sofa upholstered in Espresso Aniline Leather



L-R: Lisa MacQueen, Verena Ryan.




NOV 2017

Encountering a concierge service is not a new concept, yet experiencing this in the real estate sector might be music to the ears of many busy vendors. Lisa MacQueen and Verena Ryan, known as ‘The Property Girls’ at Barfoot & Thompson have built a top performing business on this ‘realtor concierge’ approach that’s reaping rewards and most importantly, long-lasting happy clients in Remuera and Parnell. Verena discovered the art of true concierge service from her time working in Notting Hill, Kensington and Chelsea as a senior negotiator with a prestigious UK estate agency dealing with a lot of internationals. “What I learnt in London was that people work very, very long hours — particularly bankers who often work through the night and choose to pay other people to do whatever service it is. It’s on a whole different level — it’s totally a five-star level of service which is the standard we bring in what we do,” she says. Lisa who’s been in property sales for a decade, and is a former professional indemnity lawyer, nods in agreement: “We take all the stress away through essentially project managing for our clients.”

“We might be engaged a month before to do those last minute touches like home staging, installing beautiful mobile gardens through to giving advice on bathrooms and the kitchen,” says Lisa. The duo really show their versatility and value with handpicked expert mobile gardeners, kitchen designers and experienced painters available on speed dial to get a house ready for sale. “We organise all of that and with Lisa’s legal background it’s all quite seamless,” says Verena. They know intuitively the level where a property needs to be project managed and pitched to the market through offering an end-to-end service using trusted professionals to create the right result. Sometimes with a property they also recommend to the vendor not to do anything because the value is in the ‘doup’ factor of the property wanted by buyers as opposed to working to a formulaic approach. Both live locally and understand what engages buyers, what their expectations are, and how to make a client’s house 'pop' through spending where it is needed.

The agents may be working with them for two years before the property comes to the market.

“We’re really into the senses — the smells, the candles, and the flowers — all that layering as well,” says Verena.

“It might be that we meet at a time when they are renovating their house and I’ll suggest what could be done to help with the sale. Quite often when someone is doing up a home for themselves it is quite different from what they would do to add value to the property if they were going to sell it,” says Verena.

Lisa believes the best moment is when they achieve a great result — and it can be life changing: “The ability to change people’s lives, to help them move up the property ladder and on their journey is such a privilege.”

At the other end of the spectrum, considerably shorter lead times are managed by the dynamic team to the highest level as well.



— Words: Sarah Sparks

09 524 0149 417 REMUERA RD, REMUERA



MANAGING RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY The clouds are forming and anyone involved with managing residential property needs to understand this. Housing was a key issue in the recent election, and we now have a new coalition government whose member parties have all clearly signalled that they are committed to making the renting experience a more stable and healthy experience for families. So changes are most definitely coming! Are you aware of recent past changes to your responsibilities as a landlord? The big issue last year was smoke alarms and all homes/apartments should be meeting the standards. Make sure you know how this applies to your property. Changes to the rules about insulation are compulsory from 1 July 2019, but savvy landlords are looking to meet these standards sooner rather than later. They know that there are only a limited number of quality insulation installers available, and they know too, that it is likely costs will increase as installers struggle to finish all the work that needs to be completed on behalf of landlords who have left things to the last moment. What should you be doing right now? If you are first-time landlord make sure you get a Landlord Pack from Tenancy Services. It will explain what protections and responsibilities you currently have under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, tell you how to lodge a bond, how to keep track of rental payments, how to go about selecting good tenants and what you can do if your tenant breaches tenancy law.

And then there’s the rental property insurance minefield. Are you fully aware of how your insurance policies work and what they cover (and don’t cover), including the requirement for regular inspections, detailed property reports and relevant photos? Moving forward, what can you expect? Healthy homes are warm and dry and you are currently required to make sure your rental property is well-ventilated and has some form of heating, however we believe a heat pump will become the minimum standard over time. Taking compliance a step further, a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) for rental properties covering ventilation, insulation and heating requirements will likely become mandatory very soon. Your future options. Being a landlord is no longer a hobby or a part time job — the reality is you are running a business, and this involves risks as well as rewards. At Quinovic Viaduct and Parnell, it is our job to keep up with what’s happening in all aspects of property management. This level of professional knowledge and understanding allows us to help our rental property owners to plan for the future and to maximise the return on their investment. But our knowledge and experience also allows us to help our rental property owners to mitigate risk, and we have proven systems in place that check, monitor and report on all compliance areas affecting your property and your tenants.

For example, landlords and tenants must both respect what is called ‘quiet enjoyment’. Are you aware of the responsibilities you have towards your property’s neighbours? Do you advise your tenants about their responsibilities?

Talk to Quinovic Viaduct or Parnell today about partnering with us. We are specialists in residential property management and we are committed to looking after you, and your property, with both 'Care and Return'.

What about your responsibilities for locks, security, repairs and damage? Even if you are an experienced landlord, you would still be wise to take a look to make sure that your current practices are up-to-date and robust.

— David Graham Principal/s Quinovic Property Management




Verve Gift Guide

Beautiful furniture, lighting, accessories and memorable gifts for Christmas. Cavit&Co provide the finest furniture, lighting and accessories from around the world. We look forward to assisting you in creating a world class interior from our collection of premium international brands.

Available exclusively from Cavit&Co.

Auckland 547a Parnell Road, Parnell 1052 | Tel +64 9 358 3771 | Email info@cavitco.com Christchurch 148 Victoria Street, Christchurch 8013 | Tel +64 3 929 0013



TIMOTHY OULTON Pacific Coffee Table by Timothy Oulton. Taking its cue from both the scale and serenity of the world’s largest ocean, the Pacific coffee table plays with simplicity in truly epic proportions. An expanse of cool, sleek marble is grounded by two solid pure oak sides. These two heroic materials collide at a distinctive jigsaw joint, contrasting the crisp white marble with the rustic, warm timber. The pure oak has a smooth finish, lightly coated with a clear lacquer for optimum durability. A strong, enduring piece that will anchor your space with a feeling of solidity.

Pacific coffee table by Timothy Oulton RRP $10,139

timothyoulton.com Avaliable at Dawson & Co.

DRINK IN TUBE Luxury wines and spirits by the glass. Finest French estates, New Zealand wines, spirits and gift boxes. drinkintube.co.nz

LEOPOLD HALL 6 Morrow St, Newmarket 09 524 7503 leopoldhall.com

French Leather Overnight Bag $428

English Eventer Picnic Rug $135

New Zealand Made French Cutting Block $345

NODI Nodi began with a simple knot. It was formed by hand with a natural ďŹ bre by the talented Olivia Smith, a creative mind with an eye for imperfect beauty. Shop 3, 1 Faraday St, Parnell nodirugs.com hello@nodirugs.com General enquiries Alex: 021 668 934 Trade & Media: Olivia 027 911 0700

TRENZSEATER 09 303 4151 trenzseater.com 80 parnell rd, parnell

POLO COFFEE TABLE, made to order by TRENZSEATER, as pictured $3879

MANHATTEN COFFEE TABLE, made to order by TRENZSEATER, as pictured $4898

CARRERA CARVER CHAIR, made to order by TRENZSEATER, as pictured $1960ea

ARCHIE 3.5 SEATER SOFA, made to order by TRENZSEATER, as pictured $7331

LAP OF LUXURY Lujo, born based on the ethos of kicking back in style, have created a range of relaxation-inspired outdoor furniture including sun loungers, hammocks, bean bags and giant cushions. With a strong focus on quality, each piece is made right here in New Zealand using Sunbrella® marine-grade fabrics which are colorfast, Scotch-garded® and pre-treated for mildew — ensuring they can proudly sit outside 365 days a year.

Taj Free-standing Hammock $3290

With curves in all the right places, the Ko Lanta Sun Loungers are shaped to maximise relaxation and offer multiple lounging positions to customise your comfort. Featuring kwila hardwood, quick-dry foam and marine-grade stainless components, they are perfection from top to toe. Created with design perfectionists in mind, the Taj Free-standing Hammock will become the centerpiece of any outdoor space. The stand is made with kwila hardwood and powder-coated aluminum whilst the padded hammock is made from Sunbrella® fabric and Dacron® fibre. Swing to your heart’s content.

Ko Lanta Sun Loungers $2495

When it comes to versatile outdoor lounging, Lujo presents their Tulum and Kyoto Outdoor Bean Bag collections of bean bags, loungers, ottomans, poufs and footstools. With seven designs to choose from, these versatile pieces can endure heat, cold, sun, rain, mildew and corrosive salt air. Simply sink in and zone out. Lastly, the Komodo Floor Cushions are the perfect poolside accessory. Filled with compression-resilient balls of fibre protected with a waterproof inner liner, these giant cushions make you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud. Cloud 9. With Lujo’s commitment to impeccable quality standards, they’re proud to offer a five-year warranty and complimentary shipping on each and every product. Order yours today to ensure you get the downtime you deserve this summer.

X-large Komodo Floor Cushion $945


Lujo.co.nz | info@lujo.co.nz | 0800 426 6625

CURATE YOUR WORLD Pols Potten Tokyo Chair $690

Henry Dean Peach Ball vase $44

Compagnie de Provence Extra Pur Wild Rose hand cream $31.90

Pols Potten Gold Dip parrot $145

Pols Potten pineapple $119

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NOV 2017

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CHRISTIANIA’S SECOND COMING “You are now leaving the European Union,” reads a sign that marks the entrance to Christiania, an antonymous ‘free town’ inside Copenhagen within a former military barracks, symbolically protected by historic defensive city walls strewn with colourful graffiti.

could own their space as a collective in keeping with their shared socialist philosophies. It is by no means a directionless den. Now a major tourist attraction, the commune, home to around 900, attracts a million visitors per year.

The 84-acre urban utopia within the Danish capital — a city often hailed as one of the world’s most liveable — came to be in 1971 when a gaggle of rebels and outsiders called sqautters’ rights in the disused army base during a period of poor living conditions in the Scandinavian nation. “There was a bit of East Village to it all, but the attitude was more determined,” writes Tom Freston for Vanity Fair of his first visit in 1972. “Thousands of young Danes — artists, feminists, hippies, anarchists — were turning their back on straight society and had actually conquered town, were holding it, and were living there for free beyond the law.”

There are no cars in Christiania. The former barracks, along with a smattering of new structures, have been converted into bars, vegan cafes, stores, a museum, cinema, concert hall, and skateboard park. There’s even a recording studio in a converted shipping container. Some homes have satellite dishes. There are community social services, health centres, waste collection, recycling and kindergartens. Among its most popular sights — going by Instagram images, at least — is the art gallery adorned with rainbows. Citizens often experiment with sustainable building methods, water-treatment systems and solar energy to keep their carbon footprints to a minimum. The free town flies its own flag and trades with its own currency. The enclave is practically self-governing, its common mantras being no fighting, no weapons, no theft, and no hard drugs (we’ll come to cannabis later).

In 1973, the commune was bestowed a temporary official status of ‘social experiment’ by the social democratic government of the time, and the following decade parliament passed the Christiania Law that recognised the community as a legal enclave. July 2012 saw the establishment of the Foundation Freetown Christiania after the government offered to sell the land to the residents at well below market price, along with promises of guaranteed loans, so that the residents

Writing in Vogue of her trip there earlier this year, Brooke Bobb comments upon a “raggedy shack filled with piles of clothes... There were ripped jeans, seemingly new crop tops and skirts, a few sneakers and lots of tees”.

A resident informed the writer that it’s a place for folks to collect free items left by visitors. “It occurred to me that the sartorial sharing company is a way for outsider to better understand the way Christiania operates,” notes Bobb, “even if the residents aren’t totally aware of the role their clothing plays in showcasing the ideal of their unique community.” Forty years after his first sojourn, Freston headed back to see what had become of Christiania to discover that it “had grown up to be a cool, verdant little village in a corner of Copenhagen”. Freston had, he added, underestimated the “work ethic” and the “diligence of the Danes”. While pot is illegal in Denmark, it has been traded relatively freely on the streets of the free town — the ‘green light district’ of Pusher Street, to be precise — practically since its inception, sold from rudimentary hash stalls. With authorities turning a blind-eye, the business burgeoned to the tune of an estimated $200 million per year and, inevitably, the peaceful hippy traders were soon pushed out by — or coerced to work for — Hells Angels-types and ‘skinheads with pit bulls’. A criminal element, lured by the promise of easy ‘green’ dollars, infiltrated Christiania like a cancer, culminating in a shoot-out on 31 August 2016. A cop and two others were hit. The gunman, a 25-year-old dealer, was later killed by the police.

“This was something most of us knew could happen,” community spokesperson Risenga Manghezi told the Guardian at the time. “It’s not the first time somebody’s been shot in Christiania. But I’ve always thought the day a police officer gets shot, that’s the day things will get really bad.” Pusher Street was shut down. A meeting was called and more than half the adult population effectively declared war on their drug-dealing overlords, taking axes and crowbars and sledgehammers and bulldozers to their stalls. Hashish was still offered in hushed, whispered tones, but was discouraged by residents who went as far as to proclaim by way of flyers and posters urging visitors to help their commune by scoring their draw elsewhere. They were to take back control of their free town. With some of the residents of Christiania thirdgeneration, it is thought to be the longest-running and most successful commune the modern world has known. “Even as they repair from what happened last year,” notes Bobb, “the citizens of Christiania, both young and old, are dedicated to promoting the spirit of togetherness. They do it through an alternative lifestyle, their creativity, and their self-expressive way of dressing.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces





Everyone is different and your travel should be too. Auckland-based boutique travel company World Journeys specialise in tailor-making travel arrangements to suit the client. Prefer to stay in family-owned hotels? Get right off the beaten track? Or perhaps take cooking classes along the way? World Journeys will design around your style of travel, your budget, and your special interests. The World Journeys team are prolific travellers themselves, who use their own personal experience and expertise to craft itineraries to suit you. Looking ahead to 2018, there are some exciting new destinations on the horizon for even the most welltravelled to get excited about. Having just launched a new tailor-made travel brochure for 2018, here is a small selection of what you can look forward to. SRI LANKA From rolling tea plantations to luxurious boutique hotels and stunning southern beaches, Sri Lanka is the slightly less hectic version of India. Spot wildlife in Yala National Park, explore spice gardens and local villages, and visit a fig tree, sacred to Buddhists, which was planted in 288 BC. THE MALDIVES Finish your trip to Sri Lanka or India with an indulgent

stay in the Maldives. The new Soneva Jani resort has to be seen to be believed. Total luxury, the over-water villas pack some major wow factor — if budget allows, book one of the villas that has a slide into the turquoise waters! THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS There’s a new state-of-the-art expedition vessel cruising Ecuador’s ecologically rich Galapagos Islands. The MV Santa Cruz II accommodates just 90 guests in style and comfort. Head out on island excursions with passionate naturalist guides keen to share their knowledge of the unique flora and fauna. RWANDA Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is home to the endangered mountain gorillas. A brand new ecolodge has been created as the ideal base from which to trek through the forest to catch a glimpse of these magnificent primates. Bisate Lodge not only offers daily gorilla treks, you can actually take part in their conservation efforts and engage with the local community. A very special place. THE ARCTIC Yes, you can see ice-bergs, penguins and spectacular landscapes in Antarctica, but the Arctic ups the ante with polar bears, the Aurora Borealis, and the fascinating Inuit people. We love the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge in the Canadian Arctic, but expedition-style cruising is also a great option. If you’re ready to be inspired, you can get hold of a copy of the World 2018 brochure from most travel agents, or simply give World Journeys a call on 0800 117311.

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NOV 2017

There’s nothing like looking forward to a holiday. The thought of arriving at a new country you’ve never been to before, with that heady mix of excitement and nerves. In fact, the enjoyment of a holiday can begin even before that, as you deliberate over where to go. Will you witness the great migration of wildebeest across the plains of the Serengeti? Go island-hopping in Greece? Or even head for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro?

RIKERS ISLAND The borough of Queens is home to New York's La Guardia airport, which is for tourists and locals alike a key entryway into the City That Never Sleeps; a place famous for its skyscrapers, performing arts, diversity and big business. It is also home to Rikers Island; its inmates tell stories of watching the Empire State Building change colour whilst in solitary confinement and the constant drone of planes flying overhead, its occupants blissfully unware that they are just a stone throw away from one of the world's largest and most notorious prison complexes. Rikers Island spans 400 acres on the East River, made up of ten jails which hold an average daily population of over 10,000 people, and almost 100,000 in a given year. But over 80% of its inmates have not actually yet been convicted of a crime - it's a place of limbo, a penal colony for those who can't afford to post bail or are remanded to custody. Since the 1990s during New York City's biggest drug epidemic, it has become a place

synonymous with extreme violence; of gangs controlling blocks, of 'fight clubs' where corrections officers bet on inmates, and where in 2015 a young man named Kalief Browder committed suicide after being held in Rikers Island for over three years without being charged for allegedly stealing a backpack. But what many don't know is that Rikers Island has a rich heritage of Hip Hop stars who have done time within its walls; Notorious B.I.G, Slick Rick, Tupac and Little Wayne have all cited their experience in Rikers as having a great influence in their music. The recent BBC podcast "Beats, Rhymes and Justice" sheds light on efforts to capitalize on this association and change the perception of Rikers through a unique programme of the same name cultivated by the combined efforts of music production company Audio Pictures and Colombia University. The programme is designed to educate inmates on all levels of



"It's not about helping people 'make it' in the music industry, but building confidence and exposing inmates to a healthier way of expressing themselves."

music production by bringing in all of the gear you would find in a regular recording studio right into the prison itself, teaching the process from beginning to end and helping the directionless find their voice. Audio Pictures co-owner Ryan Burvick believes that Hip Hop music and its culture can be channelled as a cathartic process to help those incarcerated heal from past traumas and confront how they will face the future on the 'outside '. It's not so much about helping people 'make it' in the music industry, but to reduce the repeat offending by building confidence and exposing inmates to a healthier way of expressing themselves. Moreover, it gives them concrete skills with software, writing skills and critical thinking which could make all the difference when they search for jobs on the other side.

What the podcast most importantly draws attention to are the underlying structural inequalities which make the programme so significant; The US is one of the most incarcerated countries in the world and this disproportionately affects people of colour, especially young African American or Latino men. Those who are from low-income neighbourhoods are much less likely to have access to after-school programs where they might find some direction, and are therefore much more likely to fall into crime. As Burvick explains throughout, hip hop has long held a strong place within urban culture because it is a product of its environment, meaning that its rehabilitative potential is massive. This begs the question: if such programs could be accessed earlier, could this prevent crimes from being committed at all? If the funding was available, the podcast and the voices of inmates on the program certainly suggests that it could, providing a refreshing new take on the age-old problem of criminal reform.



Some might say that accruing 35,000 Instagram followers is impossible when you aren’t a celebrity, but Hayley Elder of Travel in your Twenties has managed to do just that. By sharing her adventures across the world, Hayley generated a captive audience who nominated her to Miss FQ’s 2017 Influencer Awards in the Travel Category. In her hotel room in SkyCity where she was staying for the award ceremony, she chatted to Verve intern Beth Owens about how to build an online following and what inspires her to keep travelling. What was it that inspired you to start 'Travel in your Twenties?' Turning 20 was a massive deal for me; I’d had my childhood and teenage years, so I started thinking about what would make me happy and fulfilled in this decade of my life. At 19 I went on my first European trip, and it opened up a whole new world for me of different cultures and ways of living. I decided that I wanted to dedicate my entire twenties to travel to make the most of being young and not having serious responsibilities. How did you accrue such a massive Instagram following? It’s very strategic process; I read literally every book and article about Instagram and how to use it to market yourself, and one of the key points is really getting yourself into a community. I spent at least half-an-hour a day looking for other travel Instagrammers to follow and leaving comments to form relationships. However, because I focused so much on building connections with content creators I did neglect the community I was creating; when Instagram changed its algorithm from displaying the most recent content to the content you most engage with I got a little caught out. I’ve learned

from that mistake though and I’m really focusing now on that community aspect and interacting with my followers more, such as re-posting other people’s ‘travel in their twenties’ rather than just my own adventures. Any upcoming travel plans? I did a three-month trip in Europe recently, so I plan staying put for the next little bit. My brother is moving to Japan next year so I definitely want to visit him there, plus I am also potentially moving to London! So no fixed plans yet, but definitely a lot in the works. Secret to taking a good Instagram photo? If you really scroll back on my feed you will find some terrible ones from early on! They were really over saturated, but I’ve improved through practise. It’s super important to properly set up the shot and figure out where is the best place for you to stand first rather than trying to fix it through editing. Also: lighting! You can have the best composition, but if the lighting is off it just won’t work. Life philosophy? Forge your own path, and try not to be influenced by what other people think. Travel will help you figure out what you really want from life because it’s such a process of self-discovery when you are put outside your comfort zone and normal routine — you learn things about yourself that you would never have guessed. — Words: Beth Owens INSTAGRAM: @TRAVELINYOURTWENTIES




TOO CLOSE TO THE WIND On 30 August 2017, Hurricane Irma developed near the Cape Verde Islands off the west coast of Africa, and over the following week barrelled towards North America with wind speeds of 300km/h. By the time it reached the continent’s eastern coast, it had swelled into the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in history, rolling on to cause $140 billion worth of damage, leave millions without power and 132 dead. South African Raymond Ninow, 25, and his German fiancée Steffi Remm, 31, were on Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, when the category five hurricane hit. Raymond and a couple of mates had begun sailing over from Cape Town via Brazil and the Grenadines a few months prior, while Steffi—“who has the brains and was smart enough not to do the crossing!”—flew over to join him in Grenada. They spent some time cruising the Caribbean where they got engaged and made plans to wed next February. “We were in the French island of Martinique around the end of August when we were offered a housesit, a three-bedroom mansion on Tortola,” says Raymond. “Growing tired of bucket showers and minimal headroom, we readily accepted and set off on a two-day sail.” Raymond “grew up around sailing”, and since the age of 15 has taken part in numerous coastal races around the southern African coast. The “gruelling” Atlantic traverse was his first ocean crossing, done in his beloved Schatzi, a nine-metre Royal Cape One Design that was South Africa’s leading One Design racer during the 1980s and ‘90s. “I raced on her with my dad until the age of 14,” says the skipper. “Then the boat fell into disrepair until I acquired and totally rebuilt her in 2014. Schatzi is a German word for ‘my love’ or ‘my darling’. The story goes that you can have many women in your life, but only one Schatzi!” Now, she lies in tatters. Raymond tells me that Hurricane Irma was a “well-tracked storm”, they knew it was coming a week in advance and, besides, it was the season for it. “We were not fearful,” says

Raymond. “I had already been through a couple of tropical storms, and narrowly avoided a category one hurricane.” The standard procedure is to find a ‘hurricane hole’, normally a wellprotected, deep mangrove swamp, and securely tie the boat to the trees, before stripping the vessel of anything that may fly off. In this instance, they were directed to a 30-ton mooring in Trellis Bay, a site approved by the government. “Both times I had done this before were actually pleasant experiences,” recounts Raymond, “with everyone tied up next to one another and drinking ridiculous amounts of cheap, Caribbean rum.” But as the days progressed it became clear that Irma brought a fury rarely, if ever, before seen. “The day before Irma struck, it was upgraded to a category five super-hurricane that was going to hit us directly,” recalls the sailor. “The island had never faced anything like it and I accepted that I was going to lose my yacht. Everyone on the island knew we were facing catastrophe.” Raymond and Steffi stripped the boat of everything valuable, including passports and travel documents, and stocked up on survival equipment and supplies. The house they had been tasked with taking care of came with a couple of dogs. They had already boarded up the windows and doors with thick plywood sheets bolted with stainless steel into custom-made fittings affixed to concrete. “We figured we’d stay in the lounge and if it got too bad, move to the bathroom, which we did about four hours before the eye of Irma reached us,” says Raymond. “But about one-and-a-half hours before it did, all hell broke loose. The windows of the house began to blow out and the pressure in the bathroom was changing wildly, causing our ears to constantly pop. The black, twisted roar of the wind was something else, and it turned from



"There was a general sense of shock combined with a genuine euphoria as people could not believe they had survived.”

‘f**k, this is getting heavy’ to ‘f**k, we are actually going to die’. Our feet were against the door trying to keep it closed but it was being bent right over and glass was flying over the top, along with the spray of the water. We thought if the house didn’t collapse, we’d instead be killed by something big being blown onto us.” The couple sat in silence, their fingers interlocked and their knuckles white, sweating beneath a mountain of blankets. “I have never been so certain of death as I was in that hour before the eye,” says Raymond. “And I have never felt love like that for a person as I did for Steffi. She was so calm, so strong. She was amazing.” As the eye arrived, the wind stopped and the sun came out. Raymond poked his head out of the door to see a landscape that looked as though it had been bombed. “The air smelt of earth and the sky was thick and heavy, orange with mud and debris,” he says. “Not one of the plywood shutters had held, not one.” Heavy oak furniture and the double fridge had been sucked out of what was left of the house. Raymond goes on: “As fast as I could, I tried to clear any heavy items that could be blown back at us. As I reversed the truck from the garage, I saw that all the cars from the houses at the bottom of the valley had been rolled up the hill.” Forty minutes later, he decided to head back to safety, but noticed two shocked men on a scooter trying to navigate the road now littered with fallen trees and power lines: “I screamed at them that this was just the eye of the hurricane, and that they needed to take cover, before heading back to the bathroom where Steffi was keeping the dogs calm. I noticed for the first time that the roof of the house was gone. Not two minutes later, the wind returned. It was less brutal, but God knows what happened to the men on the scooter.”

Once the hurricane had passed the couple emerged to a scene of total devastation. “There were cars on house, houses on roads, boats on houses,” says Raymond. “Not a single electrical pole was standing, not one leaf left on a previously densely vegetated island. There was a general sense of shock combined with a genuine euphoria as people could not believe they had survived.” The mood soured after a few days as food and water supplied dwindled. A sense of lawlessness descended, and the British military arrived to take control: “The vast majority of people were helping each other, but a minority looted and fought.” Seven days after Irma hit, the couple were evacuated to Antigua. “This is just our little experience, out of thousands on the island, most of whom are local and lost their homes and businesses,” says Raymond. “Some lost their loved ones and have no other country to evacuate to. My heart goes out to them.” Since the sailor left high school, he has been travelling and working different jobs around the world. Steffi too, has travelled extensively and the pair look forward to “finally planting some roots and gaining financial security”. Though there are no plans to set sail any time soon, the experience has not soured the couple’s appetite for adventure. “It is still my dream to cross the Pacific Ocean and surf the untouched islands it has to offer, but that is something for the future,” says Raymond. “I also know exactly how I would do it now, and it definitely involves a bigger boat.”


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Walking is a powerful way to mainline nature.


Feeling the earth under your feet.


The best places for ryokan, onsen, and hearty farmhouse cuisine.


Walking yields the right rhythm for thinking.


No need to think of what to wear to dinner: Yukuta provided.


The people, the history and traditions, the charm of it all.

WALK JAPAN WALKJAPAN.COM Guided (and self-guided) walking holidays are an amazing way to discover an authentic Japan. Walk Nakasendo Way, The Kiso Road, through rural areas and central mountains of Japan. A hiking route used since feudal times the Kiso Road (a portion of the Nakasendo Way), is part of a network of ancient highways, which linked Kyoto and Tokyo through Japan’s central mountains.


INTRODUCTION Feeling the earth under your feet.

There’s no better way of getting into the fabric of a wonderful part of the world than by feeling its earth under your feet, its slopes in your legs, its sun on your skin and the prospect of its gastronomy at the end of your day. Even better if ahead of you on the path is an expert guide who knows about the flora, fauna and history of the area, and has preselected the best places to eat, stop and shop, and beside you are like-minded companions, all with their own stories to tell. And you all end up looking a picture of health. Guided group walking holidays come in many manifestations, but the essence of them all is an experience shared. On the trail, conversation is unpressured. Knowledge, and fitness, is gained. There’s a sense of achievement and of

daily adventure, even if it is merely an encounter with a comb craftsman, or feeling that one has mastered a traditional bathing ritual. I have always been enthralled by Japan, and have long wished to visit this fascinating and historic country. Around two years ago, whilst browsing the web, I happened upon the Walk Japan website, and was enchanted by the visuals presented of ancient Japanese villages, cherry blossoms in spring, soaking in natural hot springs, pagoda-style castles, and paved ancient trails. This was an experience I desperately wished to try, and almost two years to the day later, my husband and I boarded the Shinkansen in Tokoyo bound for Nagoya.


TOWN GUIDE The best places for ryokan, onsen, and hearty farmhouse cuisine. From Nagoya station we were taken to Ena, a small historic town and the starting point for our walk. Here we had our first taste of staying in a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn for travellers. Built almost four centuries ago, the inn was hosted by three generations of women - all who belonged to the founding family. The next day we started our walk along the Nakesendo, stopping at Magome post town. This beautifully restored mountain village with its broad stone walkways, lined with carefully tended homes, shops and restaurants, was a pleasure to behold. Stunning views across the valley, had everyone diving for their cameras. That night we stopped in O-tsumago, another tiny ancient hamlet with a charm words simply cannot describe. The ryokan in which we stayed was again, many centuries old, with a delightful innkeeper who spoke perfect English having studied in Canada. On the third day we set off for Tsumago, the best-preserved and probably the most attractive post towns in Japan. Great lengths have been taken to recreate the ambience of the Edo period. No cars are allowed on the main street, while phone lines and power cables are kept well hidden, allowing visitors to feel as if they have slipped back to an earlier time. We slept in Kiso-Fukushima, a pleasant Onsen (thermal hot springs) town. Old waterwheels, canals and postboxes dot the streets, while the surrounding mountains provide yet another visual delight. Much time was spent out in natture on day four, with an exhilarating mountain walk ending up in Narai, the town known for its lacquer ware, and most wealthy of the post towns. Matsumoto, the town in which we spent our final night, offers an atmosphere that is a lot more metropolitan. Nestled between the Japanese Alps and Utsukushigahara Heights, Matsumoto has the distinct feel of a ski town. Memorable for many things (shopping and restaurants) but especially the Matsumoto Castle, which looks like something out of a storybook.


DAILY RHYTHM Walking yields the right rhythm for thinking.

Our Walk-Japan experience lasted five days, and four nights. The Nakesendo Way: Kiso Road is one of the shorter walks with the longest being around 10 days and nine nights. While the first and last days followed a slightly different rhythm — the middle three days followed more or less the same pattern. Most of us awoke around 6.30am, and thoroughly enjoyed a traditional Japanese breakfast served between 7.30am-8am. Luggage, packed and ready to be transported to the next overnight stop was lined up and in the foyer by around 8am, and we usually left the inn by around 8.30am, daypacks on our backs. Average walking distance was around 12 kilometres a day. Walking was punctuated with ample refreshment and restaurant stops, museum and craft experiences, train and bus rides, and free time for shopping. Routes traversed went up and down mountains, through forests, next to waterfalls, past shrines, through villages and along rivers. We checked into the night’s accommodation around 5pm, and then it was time to get ourselves ready for the evening meal. Walkers are encouraged to bathe the traditional Japanese way and to attend the evening meal dressed in a Yukata evening gown. After a fabulous evening meal accompanied by Sake (or wine), we were all in bed by around 10pm.


One thing that made Japan extra special for me was that locals were so courteous. There is a definite code of etiquette in Japan that governs this considerate behaviour, and although the Japanese are very forgiving towards their foreign guests, knowing a few etiquette essentials definitely helps when travelling in this remarkable country. • Never enter a house or ryokan (Japanese inn) with your shoes on. Within the entrance there is usually a step up into the building proper. Slippers for you to wear inside, are usually lined up here for your use. Inside slippers should not touch the entrance way, neither should your stockinged feet. • Do not wear your slippers into tatami (straw mat) rooms. Always walk on tatami in your stockinged or bare feet. • When entering the toilet, swop your indoor slippers for a pair of toilet slippers, and don’t forget to change back into your indoor slippers when leaving the toilet area. (This is a tricky one. I am not sure how many times I was found walking around the ryokan in the toilet slippers!) Of course this rule does not apply to public toilets! • Washing and showering. By the side of each bathtub is a shower unit and tiny stool, often with toiletries, a tiny bucket, and a little towel as well. You are expected to soap and shampoo yourself while sitting on the tiny stool, then to shower off completely, prior to getting into the bath for a soak. • Most New Zealanders are familiar with chopsticks and handle themselves well at the table. It is considered impolite to leave food, especially rice. (A huge amount of land and care is required to grow enough rice just for one person per year!) And do not pour soy sauce on your rice either. Soy sauce must be poured into a separate little dipping bowl. • When using public transport turn your mobile to silent, and do not use for conversation. However texting is acceptable. • Do not point with your fingers, feet or chopsticks!


ESSENTIALS No need to think of what to wear to dinner: Yukuta provided.

Walk Japan sends a comprehensive list of packing requirements: Listed below are a few things that I felt I could have planned better. Cash: In many of the smaller towns credit and debit cards are not accepted. Passport: In Japan passports must be carried on your person at all times. Ziplock plastic bags: There is always the chance that drenching rain could bucket down, so save yourself from a day-pack filled with soaking bits and pieces by packing everything into a plastic bag and then into your pack.

Light and easy-to-transport luggage. If you are planning to use the excellent public transport system, resist the temptation to pack more than you absolutely need, otherwise you might find yourself having to lift heavy suitcases up and down umpteen flights of stairs, which is exhausting. Worn-in walking shoes: It is wise to wearin new shoes for at least a week prior to using on your Walk Japan experience. Dual voltage hairdryer and tongs: If you like to blow dry your hair after washing be sure to take a dual voltage travel hairdryer, and of course a travel adaptor plug.




The people, the history and traditions, the charm of it all.

Running water: In every little town we walked through we were aware of the gentle sounds of running water. Fountains were plentiful and so pretty to look at. Stone troughs surrounded by shrubs and filled with crystal clear mountain water which trickled from bamboo pipes or similar. Cuisine: If you enjoy Japanese food, you will love a Walk Japan experience. The food was to die for. A dish I won't forget is the steaming fragrant hot pot soup of vegetables, pork and soba noodle, accompanied by Japanese beer, enjoyed at a tiny restuarant called Soba Yamanaka in Narai. So comforting and delicious, after a lengthy mountain walk in the pouring rain!

NOV 2017

Mountain coffee: By around day five of our Japanese experience, suffering from definite caffeine withdrawal, we chanced upon Hillbilly Café in the pristine mountain village of Magome, and enjoyed the most stunning flat white ever!


The people: The Japanese people whom we met were delightful. Hospitable in the extreme — nothing is too much trouble. We never encountered not even the tiniest bit of aggression or pushiness. This gentleness was so refreshing. Our Walk Japan guide deserves special mention. Emiko’s passion for Japanese history and culture shone through all that she shared with us.


I absolutely loved our Walk Japan experience, and would do another in a heartbeat. Whilst the entire experience was one big bright highlight, I know that the following memories will endure forever.

JAPAN'S DINING FINELY AS EAST MEETS WEST Late last year it was announced that Tokyo was the city with the most Michelin stars in the world for the tenth year running with a staggering 227 awarded eateries against second-placed Paris’ 94, with twelve Tokyo establishments gaining the prestigious three-star rating. “You have so many restaurants here — many of them tiny, with just eight or 10 seats — specialising in everything from sushi to teppan, tempura or kaiseki,” Thierry Marais, executive chef at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo, tells CNN. “There’s an advantage over restaurants in Europe where there are 50 or more diners in one service, where consistency becomes more challenging. A lifetime isn’t long enough to begin to understand the restaurant scene in Tokyo.” It’s no coincidence that the capital cities of Japan and France top the world’s greatest dining city lists, the love-in between Japanese and Gallic gastronomical philosophies goes back a long way — and many of the Michelin-starred eateries in Tokyo actually serve French food. “While no cuisine actually emerges from a point of cultural purity,” offers Meghan McCarron in Eater, “the predominant narrative for the genealogy of contemporary international fine dining is

that its paternity is exclusively French.” Modern French cuisine evolved in Vienne, a small town 30km south of Lyon, when, in 1923, chef Fernand Point opened restaurant La Pyramide with a progressive menu constructed around seasonal produce. Point’s approach influenced a new generation of French chefs such as Paul Bocuse who a developed a nouvelle cuisine noted for its minimal method using delicate sauces and incorporating artistic presentation — philosophies that sat beautifully with the Japanese way. Just as European haute cuisine was born of the aristocracy, so kaiseki — a form of small-plated, seasonal finedining in the East — was influenced by Japanese nobility and tea ceremonies of Zen Buddhists. Beginning the 1960s, a slew of Japanese chefs chose to train France, and vice-versa. “Even though they may not admit it, those arbiters of haute cuisine, the great French chefs, have come to Japan and see with their own eyes what we do here,” notes Shizuo Tsuji in his seminal 1980 cooking tome, Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art, “and I think I can detect something of what they have seen emerging in their nouvelle cuisine.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Historic Gastronomic Jewels & Drinks in the Land of the Rising Sun FOOD:

Astonishingly, a number eateries in Japan have been in existence for centuries. Nagasaki’s oldest restaurant, Kagetsu, opened as a geisha house in 1642, and now offers a beguiling menu of traditional Japanese fare with a Chinese and Portuguese slant — a fusion resulting from the 16th century when European sailors first arrived in Japan. In Kyoto, Okutan Higashiyama has been concocting tofu treats since 1635. Their vegetarian dishes are all prepared from scratch in-house, served overlooking restful Eastern gardens — tofumaking classes are also offered. Don’t leave without sampling the boiled tofu bud soup with wild yam, sesame tempura and crunchy pickled vegetables. Thought to be Japan’s oldest known eatery, Honke Owariya first opened its doors in 1465 selling sweets in the shadows of historic temples and palaces. It’s still famed for its confectionary and desserts, but now lauded for crafting soba — or buckwheat noodle — dishes that customers enjoy on traditional floor seating surrounded by aged, creaking wood and gardens. The world’s oldest chain restaurant can also be found in Japan. Yoshinoya was founded in Tokyo in 1899 and now has more than 1,400 outlets in nine countries.

SAKE: Sudo Honke is not just Japan’s oldest brewery, but one of the oldest business on Earth. Since at least 1141

the family firm has been passing its sake crafting secrets from one generation to the next (they’re now into their 55th generation) in the town of Obara. west of Osaka, in the Hyogo prefecture, Kenbishi have been crafting their iconic rice wine for more than 500 years. Back in the day, it was the sake of choice for many a samurai warrior, and on the eve of major battles, soldiers would open a ceremonial barrel.

BEER: Japan’s oldest beer brewery, Sapporo, was founded in

Tokyo in 1876 by Seibei Nakagawa who learnt the craft in Germany having left Japan aged 17. It’s now the best-selling Asian beer in the US. Round these parts, Asahi is arguably Japan’s most famous beer — and the company was also founded by a German-trained Japanese brewer, this time in Osaka (under the name Osaka Beer Brewing Company), by Komakichi Torii.

WHISKY: While most might readily more associate Japan with

Asahi, sushi, fine dining, and sake, you may be surprised to hear that the nation has also established itself as one of the world’s leading whisky makers. Since the turn of the 21st century it has scooped a heap of coveted prizes, often at the expense of wellestablished scotches — fittingly, the man who was to become known as the father of Japanese whisky, Masataka Taketsuru, learnt his craft in Scotland.



With 80% of all wine sales channelled through supermarkets it's little wonder the shelves are crammed with every varietal imaginable. But for wine lovers looking for something special, as there is only a limited selection of premium vintages available at supermarkets, it’s left to the wine shops, cellar doors and the internet to meet demand.

The first NZ estore that brings fine wines by the glass from the best estates and wine regions in France.




While there are more than 550 wineries in New Zealand, only a handful produce a range of seriously good cellar selection wines. One of these wineries is Villa Maria, who are masterly at producing award-winning wines. Here are three of the best from their cellar door:


Villa Maria ’13 Ngakirikiri cabernet sauvignon RRP $150. This is no ordinary cabernet sauvignon. A full-bodied classic red wine with intense fruit flavours on the palate that is well-balanced and structured giving a long, round finish. Will cellar long and well.


Anthony Joseph Vidal 1888 ’14 chardonnay RRP $120. Big and bold in style, this beautifully composed example with all its vibrancy and flavour sings all the right tunes. Packed with complexity and freshness making this one of the most acclaimed and must-have chardonnay wines.


Launched in 2009, the concept behind Drink in Tube has since taken the wine world by storm. The world of fine wines is within everyone’s reach now. Experts acknowledge that eight out of 10 consumers are demanding more interesting wines and are willing to spend more on a great glass of wine rather than having a bottle of lesser quality. Under the Drink in Tube process, the wines are transferred into a patented 100ml glass tube under inert gas and protected by an aluminium cap, allowing them to be stored for several years . Drink in Tube is aimed not only at individuals but also to caterers, bars, delicatessens, selective wine shops, upscale event management specialists, and personalised gifts for corporate, weddings and birthdays. Everybody can now enjoy great wines without opening a bottle, giving them opportunity to learn and understand different wines, give food another dimension, enhancing its taste by matching it with the right wine, or just to have fun thanks to tasting sets. Our online shop drinktintube.co.nz offers a range of 15 wines and wine gift boxes from different wine regions of France, together with NZ wines from Marlborough. Great whiskeys, cognac, and cocktails gift boxes are also available.

Villa Maria ’14 Anniversary Release syrah RRP $115. Produced from low-yielding, vines this clear-headed and most satisfying wine captures all the richness, depth and intensity expected of a syrah. This is Gimblett Gravels at its very best. Will cellar for 1015 years.

— Words: Dennis Knill


1. Villa Maria ’13 Ngakirikiri cabernet sauvignon

2. Anthony Joseph Vidal 1888 ’14 chardonnay

3. Villa Maria ’14 Anniversary Release syrah


TOO MANY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN? After starting out as a food stylist and photographer at the age of 19, it was a natural transition for Donna Hay to enter the world of food publications in her own right; food editor for Marie Claire by the age of 25, she rapidly established a reputation for as one of Australia’s biggest authorities on a healthy approach to cooking which focused on the wholesome and fresh. As the ‘clean eating’ trend began to spread into more mainstream popularity in the 2010s, Hay found herself perfectly placed to share her expertise to a wider audience; her first TV series Fast, Fresh, Simple in 2011 was screened in over 17 countries and built upon her no-frills approach that prides simplicity above millions of ingredients. In the past few years she has had a successful eight-part TV series Basics to Brilliance, her own weekly food column and a baking mix range, as well as being conducted into the Australian Magazine Awards Hall of Fame to cement her status as one of Australia’s most loved chefs.

Hay’s inspiration for her latest venture came from the two key questions which parents tend to ask themselves concerning food; how do I cook nutritious and varied meals for the family, and how do I get my kids interested in cooking? She aims to address these common conundrums in her new TV show and its companion cookbook Basics to Brilliance Kids, which has begun airing this month and will be her 27th cookbook to date. Although family cooking can often feel like a minefield, she shows that you don’t have to spend hours prepping in the kitchen to create a family favourite, and that cooking can be made into a great family bonding activity to be enjoyed by all.

— Words: Beth Owens Learn how to make a 'Mean Green Pesto' and 'Ricotta and Zucchini Cannelloni' on the next page.

To make more delicious recipes with your children, read Donna Hay's new book, Basics To Brilliance Kids. Buy your copy from donnahay.com.au



RICOTTA AND ZUCCHINI CANNELLONI INGREDIENTS • 1½ cups (180g) frozen peas (easy peasy!) • 2 eggs • 1½ cups (360g) fresh firm ricotta • 2 cups (50g) baby spinach leaves, roughly chopped • ¼ cup finely chopped mint • 2 teaspoons finely grated lemon rind (a tasty trick) • sea salt and cracked black pepper, to taste • 3–4 zucchinis (courgettes), thinly sliced lengthways using a mandolin (you’ll need about 24 long slices) • 2 cups (500ml) tomato puree (passata) • ½ cup (50g) grated mozzarella

— Recipe: Donna Hay donnahay.com.au

METHOD STEP 1 Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F). STEP 2 Place the peas in a colander and rinse them under hot running water to thaw. Drain well and place in a big bowl. Using a fork or potato masher, roughly mash the peas. Crack the eggs on top and add the ricotta, spinach, mint, lemon rind, and salt and pepper. Mix well with a spatula. STEP 3 Place one heaped tablespoon of the pea mixture at one end of each slice of zucchini. Roll up the slices to enclose the filling. STEP 4 Pour the puree into a 22cm x 30cm (two-litrecapacity) baking dish. Nestle the zucchini rolls into the dish so they fit snugly. Sprinkle with the mozzarella and bake for 30 minutes or until golden and cooked through. Wear your oven gloves to take the dish from the oven and allow to cool a little, before spooning onto serving plates. SERVES 4–6

NOV 2017




MEAN GREEN PESTO INGREDIENTS • 2 small heads broccoli (500g), roughly chopped • 1/3 cup (80ml) extra virgin olive oil • 375g orecchiette (or try your favourite wholemeal pasta) • 1/3 cup (45g) slivered almonds or pine nuts • 1½ cups basil leaves (the star of pesto) • 1 cup mint leaves (a fresh twist) • 1 cup flat-leaf parsley leaves • 2 teaspoons finely grated lemon rind • ¼ cup (60ml) lemon juice • 1 cup (80g) finely grated parmesan • sea salt and cracked black pepper, to taste

— Recipe: Donna Hay donnahay.com.au

METHOD STEP 1 Place the broccoli in a food processor and pulse until it resembles grains of rice (try five bursts of three seconds each). STEP 2 Place half the oil in a large deep-sided non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add the broccoli and cook, stirring with a spatula, for 3–4 minutes or until it’s almost soft but still bright green. Remove from the heat. STEP 3 Cook the pasta in a large saucepan of salted boiling water, stirring once with a spatula, for 8–10 minutes or until just soft. STEP 4 Place the almonds, basil, mint, parsley, lemon rind and juice, the parmesan and the remaining oil in the food processor and process into a rough paste. Pour it into the pan with the broccoli, scraping the sides with a spatula. STEP 5 Carefully reserve ½ cup (125ml) of the pasta’s cooking liquid. Place a colander in the sink and, wearing oven gloves, pour in the pasta to drain. Place the hot pasta and the reserved liquid into the pan with the pesto. Place over low heat, add some salt and pepper and stir until heated through and combined. STEP 6 Divide the pasta between serving bowls and top with some extra parmesan to serve, if you like. SERVES 4–6

NOV 2017




The origins of the ultimate sharing dish are the cause of some contention. Way back in the eighth century BC, Homer’s Iliad refers to a mixture of goat’s cheese, wine and flour. Fast forward a few centuries to the 1600s and a similar concoction appears in a Swiss cookbook by Anna Margaretha Gessner. Many believe fondue to have been developed by peasants in the mountains of Switzerland in order to use up surplus bread and cheese during winter when fresh produce is dwindling—a far cry from the apres ski indulgence enjoyed in mountain resorts around the world today—while others claim it originated in France (the name ‘fondue’ comes from the French word fondre which means ‘to melt). However, the recipe was officially bestowed Swiss citizenship in 1930 when it was named as the country’s national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union—a cartel of cheesemakers who basically wanted to shift more, you guessed it, cheese. The union

disbanded by the end of the century, and fondue had become one of Switzerland’s most famous exports. The fabled dish made its way across the Atlantic in the 1964, showcased at the World Food Fair in New York—the city that then spawned chocolate fondue (though it could also be argued that the Mayans, who also enjoyed their thick chocolate drinks in pots, invented the craze more than two thousand years prior). The traditional Swiss dish comes in a variety of guises. The most common concoction arrives moitié-moitié —or ‘half-andhalf’—with the pot’s steaming, aromatic content comprising grated Gruyère—a pungent, hard cheese with a hint of nut—and Emmental—the traditional Swiss cheese with holes—melted and mixed with garlic, white wine and a dash of cherry brandy. As for dipping, most opt for a crusty loaf, though other popular options include potatoes, cornichon, sliced capsicum, carrot batons, or pearl onions. As for drinks, stick with the same wine, or tea.

“Since fondue is a group activity, the Swiss have developed a few hijinks over the years,” writes Kayla Lewkowicz in Paste magazine. “If you lose your bread in the fondue, it’s considered bad form, and depending on the mischievous nature of the group, you’ll be assigned a bet…” Fondue experiences—and recipes—vary between region too. “A rich, buttery fondue at night in a mountaintop village blanketed by snow is magical,” notes Caitlin Zaino for the BBC. “So too is a silky fondue served on a Zurich terraces, where guests wrapped in woolly blankets plunge potatoes into steaming pots.” While in the Italian region of Ticino, one should “forgo the pizza and sample a fondue with fontina cheese or truffles”. But as for the where to find the best fondue, the Swiss, she reveals, will often give the same answer: “At home.” — Words Jamie Christian Desplaces


CHOCOLATE FONDUE INGREDIENTS: 250g block of chocolate 80ml cream 2 tsp liquer or brandy (optional) Sliced fruit or marshmallows

DIRECTIONS: 1. Break up a 250g slab of good quality chocolate (Whittaker’s works well). 2. Add to a pan with 80ml of heavy cream, and an optional two tablespoons of liqueur or brandy. 3. Heat on low, stirring until the mixture has been velvety for 2-3 minutes. 4. Add to a fondue pot and serve with sliced fruit or marshmallows—and don’t forget the long toothpicks to dip them with.

CRAFT BEER FONDUE INGREDIENTS: 1 ½ Tbsp corn starch 1 ½ Tbsp water 1 small bottle of craft beer – a pilsner or pale ale 2 garlic cloves, minced Pinch of grated nutmeg 340g cheddar cheese, grated Dash of hot pepper sauce such as Tabasco (optional)

DIRECTIONS: 1. Mix the corn starch and water then add to a pan with the beer and whisk until smooth. 2. Place on heat, add the garlic and simmer, whisking until thick. 3. On low heat, gradually add the cheese and continue whisking until it the cheese has melted and the fondue is smooth. 4. Transfer into a fondue a pot (a slow cooker is a good substitute) 5. Sprinkle with the nutmeg (add Tabasco if required) and serve with French or crusty bread, and cooked potatoes.



Make this Christmas the best yet! This year, we’re your little helper. Working with the best, locally sourced and seasonal produce, we’ve created festive menus to delight the whole family. Inspired recipes, fresh ingredients and an easy, step-by-step preparation plan all delivered with a smile on the 21st, 22nd or 23rd of December. Limited bags available. Be in quick!


S tandouts

Exclusive From My Kitchen By Nadia Self-Saucing Christmas Pudding Free Range Turkey & Ham Pavlova Wreath with Lime & Lemongrass Curd, Caramelised Pineapple Salsa and Lychees NEW MY KIWI CHRISTMAS including Beetroot Marinated Side of Salmon with Seeded Citrus Crust Restaurant Quality Te Mana Lamb

+ ple nty more!





NEXT DOOR BISTRO The NEXT DOOR BISTRO is situated in the heart of the Auckland’s cultural district. We are only a few minutes walk from numerous art galleries in Parnell, and on the doorstep of the Auckland Museum and Domain. Tell us about yourself —how did you get into hospitality? I started my hospitality life on the opening team at the Wellington Park Royal back in the early 1990s, trained by the best in the industry, then developed my passion for people and quality service. After three years, I left to go overseas, and have continued to work in the industry ever since. I’ve been back in New Zealand since 2010, and had been working for the Hipgroup for the last six years, managing the St Heliers Bay Café & Bistro. I needed a change so I took a sixmonth breather. Three months ago when Olivia and Stanley from Foundation on George asked me to help start up and manage their new acquisition I couldn’t say no. Hospitality is exciting, rewarding, gratifying and embedded in me somehow.

Menu: 9 Cuisine: 9 Wine List: 8

Service: 9 Décor: 8.5 Value for Money: 8.5

Renowned for their gastronomy, acclaimed wines and home of some of the best hotel dining in town, The Langham is up for a bit of fun as it kicks up its heels for the inaugural Taste of Bavaria. Not an inch of bench space is vacant, no burner is left unlit and no gas knob is unturned in this classy but casual culinary event. There are cooks in every kitchen each staking out their own territory and guarding their work stations as if their life depended on it. Revolving around Eight Restaurant the Bavarian Food and Beer Festival is the brainchild of long-time celebrity chef Volker Marecek. Incorporated as an annual event each September the festival gives diners a chance to sample some interesting and imaginative Bavarian cuisine. Not even the most profound critic could detail the balance and ingredients that makes for such an impressive choice of dishes. Starters hard to resist include sausage salad with emmentaler cheese, German potato salad, raw and cooked ham, and pickles. Mains take in Bavarian-style roast chicken, pork goulash and cabbage, spaetzli egg noodles with cheese and onion, Bavarian sauerbraten, pork knuckles, escalore Vienna-style, Bavarian veal sausages and mustard all washed down with a handle of Erdinger beer. And there’s the same brilliant play of flavours and stunning presentation in the desserts. These comprise of Bavarian cream with strawberries, black forest gateau, kaiseromarrn with apple sauce, apple strudel with vanilla sauce and linzer tart. And the verdict? The setting, the creation of mood and the adventurous food is a real highlight. As you would expect service is pleasant and efficient. The food has wide appeal so would be participants are advised to book early for next year. — Words: Dennis & Rosamund Knill THE LANGHAM (LICENSED) 83 SYMONDS ST, AUCKLAND 09 379 5132 | LANGHAMHOTELS.COM

Give us an overview of your menu. What do you consider when putting a menu together? The menu has combinations of old and new, and takes you on a wee trip around the world by taking a dish and rearranging it with a flavour twist, like the Ceviche with Nam Jim, or deconstructing it such as with the Flavours of Banh Mi, to make the flavours more interesting. Then we have the good old individual Beef Wellington just to keep everything grounded, and not to mention the New Age Tiramisu. A menu should have something for everyone, for all dietary requirements, the diner should struggling to decide what to have because they want to try everything! Do you have a favourite dish on the menu? The Crispy Miso Duck is my favourite, the duck is coated with miso and served with a delicious Jerusalem artichoke puree, the flavours marry so well. The Soft Heart Chocolate Pudding and it's gluten free too. What is the key to running a successful restaurant? There are so many factors to get it right. The menu is right up there, but I think the most important is putting the guests first. After all, without them we wouldn’t be here. You must put yourself in the diners' shoes, listen to them and exceed their expectations. Another huge factor are the staff, from the guy washing the dishes to the waiter dealing with the guests, if they aren’t happy, they don’t perform well and consequently no one will be happy. What philosophy drives your approach to Next Door Bistro? As above, and I really want to stipulate that Auckland at the moment is full of new openings where the prices are over the top, just because the market will support it, and this is not our philosophy at all. Somehow it seems that restaurants are charging the earth for wine and food, and it’s just not necessary! I would rather charge a few dollars less and in doing so, encourage people to enjoy a complete dining experience. What are your specialties? I’ve spoken about the food, but what about drinks? Special non-alcoholic soda options and very cool cocktails with appropriate names such as the Knock knock and the Neighbourhood Watch, or Shut the Door. Having lived in Italy, I have brought some of those local traditions to Next Door for example the Next Door Coffee and I’ve put together a fabulous wine list which highlights local wines and winemakers, as well as some French wines. Ice cold Peroni anyone? NEXT DOOR BISTRO 8 GEORGES ST, PARNELL | 09 600 1333

C Call a ll 09 600 1 3 3 3 t o b ook a t ab l e 8 Ge o rg e s S t, P a r n e l l O pen 11 .3 0a m-9. 30p m, Tue s -Sa t






Orakei Bay Village is home to Kings Plant Barn’s exciting new store and Garden Café. The stylish new environment and spacious modern fit-out will make your shopping experience better than ever.

KINGS GARDEN CAFÉ Enjoy a delicious meal or a fine barista made coffee at the Kings Café’s beautiful new setting.

Add a touch of elegance by brightening up your salads or garnishing your meals with some edible flowers. And it’s not all about their appearance, some of them also taste blooming delicious. But before you get stuck in, it’s worth noting that not all flowers are edible. Care should be taken. Just because you’ve seen glorious, glossy pictures of delightful looking meals on Instagram, bestrewn with arrays of blossoms, doesn’t mean that the flowers shown should be eaten.

Open 8.30am - 5pm at 228 Orakei Road 0800PLANTS (752687)


Most flowering plants have been grown to look nice, not for human consumption. By choosing plants grown for their edible flowers, or by growing suitable plants from seed, you can be sure that they are fine to eat.

aiheke erbs


Borage: Delicate small, star-shaped blue flowers that melt in your mouth. Can be candied and used as decoration on cakes, or used as a garnish. The leaves are great when crushed and used in a gin and tonic. Calendula: Despite being known as poor man's saffron, they are well worth a try. They're easy to grow and use. Only use the petals, which have a tangy, mildly bitter taste. Great addition to salads and as a garnish. Nasturtium: Easy to grow and comes in an array of gorgeous colours. Both the leaves and the flowers have a slightly hot, peppery taste, great for adding a slight kick to your salads. Pansy, viola and heartsease: Available in heaps of colours, and while the taste is subtle, they provide a slightly aromatic and attractive addition to any salad. Pineapple sage: The leaves smell like pineapple lumps and the flowers are sweet and great in fruit salads. Other edible flowers worth trying include: chives, dianthus, anise hyssop, lavender, roses, sage and zucchini flowers. — Words: Billy Aiken KINGS PLANT BARN — 0800 PLANTS — KINGS.CO.NZ

Waiheke Island’s Herb Spread: a unique blend of 12 traditional and wild fresh herbs in olive oil. Similar to a pesto but without dairy or nuts, it makes a delicious addition to a wide variety of meals and is 100% natural, packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and flavour!



Georgian Period (1714-1830) Georgian jewellery is handmade, and most of it has 18k gold and silver. The stones, interestingly enough, have different sizes even within the same piece, as in this period jewellery was made for the stones, and not the other way around. The most common diamonds were rose and table cut, which would also be set in silver and only backed with gold (due to its high price). This prevented tarnishing. Floral and scrolling themes were common for rings.

Egypt (3000 BC) Because it resisted tarnishing and was pliable, gold was the first choice for wealthy Egyptians in this time period. Basically, everything was made with gold: pendants, head ornaments, collars, King Tutankhamun’s funeral mask, you name it. However, these were mainly reserved for the higher class, and most others wore simple beads.

Victorian Period (1837-1901) The time of the much-loved Queen Victoria, her taste in jewellery greatly reflected what was trendy during this time. When it came to engagement rings, birthstones commonly replaced diamonds--for example, Albert gave Victoria an engagement ring set with her emerald birthstone.

Medieval Period (1200-1500) This era was all about showing off your status. While those lower on the social ladder typically sported base metals, those higher up, like nobility, favoured gold and silver. Coronets and brooches were popular and they also loved gems, which were more often polished than cut. During this time, jewellery supposedly endowed with protection for the wearer was sought after.

Gold lockets and black jewellery became a trend when Queen Victoria mourned the loss of Albert (‘mourning jewellery’). This was also around the time diamond solitaire engagement rings were birthed. Art Nouveau Period (1890-1910) This brief moment of jewellery history produced an explosion of coveted jewellery. It focused on the often nude female

form, and on creativity and hand-crafting. Enamelling was a very popular technique during this era to accentuate the nature feel of the art nouveau period. Diamonds were rarely used — they were mainly incorporated to heighten the piece’s artistic look. Common gemstones for jewellery at this time included garnet and opal.

Stone-wise, people reached for pearls and amethyst, focusing on the colour more than the value; design-wise, people began leaning towards the abstract, and gold textured with a braided design, reeding and piercing. Animals were also a popular motif, with emphasis placed on the incredibly intricate details, such as the scales of a fish.

Edwardian Period (1901-1910) People of this period favoured delicate pieces of jewellery, made possible by the advancement in work with platinum. This newfound strength of jewellery meant a whole new world was opened: delicate and intricately detailed jewellery was now possible, with the technique of ‘millegraining’ — a border of tiny beads — birthing from this era. Various diamondcutting techniques such as the emerald and baguette cuts were also birthed from this time due to the widespread use of diamond. Brooches also held great popularity in the Edwardian period, beautifully complementing this new style of feminine, lacey jewellery. This all went perfectly with the white silk worn by wealthy women.

Present Nowadays, there doesn’t seem to be such a solid jewellery trend, or if there is, it changes far too quickly. What with how closely connected everyone is across the globe with the help of the internet, it’s safe to say that it’s far too difficult to pinpoint one specific trend in one specific area.

Post WWII Era (1950s) Met with an era of rising upper middle-class, bold designs were in as were a plentiful supply of diamonds. Jewellery also began leaning more towards the feminine.

There were statement necklaces, then there were giant hoop earrings, and for a very long time now ther's been a great emphasis on the biggest diamond engagement ring — but at the end of the day, the trends of jewellery should have no bearing on what you choose to put on tomorrow morning. You’ll look great no matter what.

— Words: Minnie Jung


Business/ Education & Society // Mar 2017


EAST DAY SPA GUAM ANTI-CELLULITE TREATMENTS Clear up cellulite before hitting the beach this summer. Guam skincare is an effective remedy against cellulite. This top-selling cellulite product in Italy and Russia stimulates a physiological change in the fat cells causing visible improvement in the appearance of cellulite on the thighs, tummy and waist. Once target areas are treated, an immediate change can occur as Guam drains away excess fluid and toxins. Treatments are available at East Day Spa and include a 40-minute massage during the treatment. East Day Spas serine environment and beautiful Guam range makes getting rid of cellulite too good to be true.



The hero treatment of the Guam range. Cellulite is smoothed, dimples diminished. Targets thighs, legs and bottom. 75min, $150


This treatment re-mineralises and improves microcirculation, draining away excess fluid and toxins. Result is loss of circumference in the tummy area. 60min, $130



With 20 years of experience in the tattoo industry, Sacred Laser are excited to bring the best possible laser removal and lightening technology to New Zealand. The qualified technicians at Sacred Laser have experienced both sides of being tattooed and having laser tattoo removal or lightening, they consider each project with the understanding and expertise. The state-of-the-art laser is designed to produce one or more specific wavelengths of light in short bursts. Tattoo ink is removed by using this specific wavelength of light that passes into the skin, but is absorbed by the ink. The rapid absorption of light energy causes the tattoo ink to break into tiny particles that can then be removed by the body’s natural filtering and immune systems. The tattoo fades gradually over a series of treatments. Call or email for a free consultation info@sacredlaser.co.nz | 521 New North Rd, Kingsland | 022 309 0262

Nestled on the shores of Lake Rotorua lies Polynesian Spa – a geothermal bathing and soul-soothing retreat, where you can experience wellness sourced from Rotorua’s very own backyard. Renowned for its healing waters and decadent therapies, channelling the geothermal marvels in its backyard, waters from two natural springs are fed into the 28 hot mineral pools at Polynesian Spa. We recommend treating yourself to the relaxing full body aromatherapy, helping to slow a busy mind. The Polynesian spa experience is designed to unwind your body, mind and melt away tension. 60min, $179.00 1000 Hinemoa St, Rotorua | polynesianspa.co.nz

PARTY SKIN PREP WITH LASER SKIN TECHNOLOGIES Christmas holidays and the inevitable party season are fast approaching. With so much to attend, gifts to purchase and a busy work schedule, focusing on one’s appearance takes a bit of a backseat. That’s where non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments come into play. Microdermabrasion, injectables and dermaplaning offer a wonderful flawless skin result for those with so little time. Call or email to book an appointment 09 972 9671 | info@skintechnologies.co.nz

FLOWER POWER Spring is in the air and it’s time to embrace your inner lady with the springtime go-to print that is florals — the signifier that the season has finally changed.

SS18 Simone Rocha

Lucy C oat $299 Erdem x H&M

— Words: Paris Mitchell

Gestuz Phoe be Blazer, $439.00 Gestuz Cally Pants, $349.00

RUBY Belladonna Scarf $45

Boot - $249 Jenny Biker M Erdem x H&

Marni S S18

H&M’s latest collaboration with luxury fashion designer Erdem, in-store now.

Liam Audrey Dress $349

Brana dress $599 by Kate Sylvester

louise douglas J EW ELLERY

www.louisedouglas.com Love & Peace







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319 R E M U E R A R O A D CNR NORANA & REMUERA RD P H O N E : 0 9 5 29 273 8

1 BALM STREET NEWMARKET P H O N E : 0 9 5 24 5787



SHOULDER SEASON New Ins t o r e L ay by N ow

David Pond • Sills • Obi • Loobie’s Story Staple+Cloth • Paula Ryan • Random Deeanne Hobbs • New London Jeans Madly Sweetly • Lemon Tree Fray The Label

This has to be the ‘prettiest’ time of year, doesn’t it? Not just with the plethora of print, colour and floral accents in clothing, shoes, bags and even belts this season, but also in nature. The grass at its greenest, the blossom trees in bloom, gardens enjoying the warmth of the sun after dismal, dreary winter months. It can also be the hardest season to dress for. It’s not yet warm enough for summer clothes, not quite cold enough for winter layers. Plus, there’s all those old-fashioned rules such as 'no opaque tights after Labour day' to contend with. Let’s start with the ‘rules’ shall we? For one, I personally think they’re a load of old tosh. I still have women coming to see me trotting out old gems like 'blue and green should never be seen' and 'you can’t wear navy with black'. It’s all very trite, and certainly takes no account of anything that’s related to fashion or style. We often have some bitterly cold days after Labour Day and just because the date is on our calendar it means nothing, Mother Nature works to her own timetable! Being stylish doesn’t mean conforming to a set of silly rules, being stylish is about knowing what works for you and making it your own. I’ve written columns for Verve before about what will see you through the 'shoulder seasons' and the list includes the usual life-savers (like sheer tan tights, light coloured boots, denim or leather jackets) but this time I wanted to give you something new to think about: this year my spring life-saver has been the SHIRT! I can recall a few years ago that you couldn’t buy a stylish, smart-casual shirt for love nor money, but in the past two or three years they have absolutely exploded onto the fashion scene. And you know what? The fact that your arms are covered but they are lightweight makes them the perfect garment for this time of year. Whether you choose a relaxed, casual silk version, a wrap version, an oversized sleeve one, or a classic white linen piece, there is a shirt for every one of us this season. They work brilliantly with jeans, relaxed chinos, your drop-crotch pants or even atop a skirt – find yourself a shirt and do spring effortlessly! Jackie O’Fee is the owner of leading personal styling consultancy, Signature Style. She’d love to help you have your most stylish spring/summer ever! She’ll even help you find YOUR perfect shirt.


Accessories, Jewellery, Bags & Scarves Collect loyalty points while su ppor ti n g N Z d esi gn ers sashaboutique.co.nz 114 Main Highway Ellerslie | Ph 09 579 3535 Open Mon–Fri: 9.30am-5.30pm | Sat: 10am-4pm

A carefully curated collection of bespoke handpicked European Vintage Clothing



164 Kitchener Rd, Milford paintedbird.nz



a k t ivw o rx .c o. n z | 0 9 4 8 9 7 3 3 5 S h o p 10 1- 7 T h e S t r a n d , Ta k a p u n a

You're not generic, so why should your physio treatment ? At be we provide tailored treatment plans that take into account your unique health goals, respecting you as the expert of your own needs. Our extended consultation times and modern on-site gym ensures that you'll receive both comprehensive hand-on therapy, and be guided throught an exercise based rehab programme to

Book Now bephysio.co.nz 79a St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell

help you reach your goals more quickly and effectively. Alongside our physiotherapy solutions we offer acupuncture, sports massage and running coaching. be takes a contemporary, holistic approach to inspire and nurture you in becoming your strongest, healthiest and best self at all stages of life.



The Oxford Dictionary defines personality as “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character”. Psychologists generally agree that personality traits can be split into the ‘Big Five’ of: conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and extraversion (easy to remember—their first letters spell out ‘canoe’ or ‘ocean’). We all have varying degrees of each one, which, when combined, concoct the unique cocktail of our character. The Big Five theory was developed in the 1970s by research teams from the USA’s National Institute of Health, and Oregon and of Michigan universities. Conscientiousness concerns those who generally have their lives — and the things in it — in order. Disciplined and dependable, a conscientious personality lives by a code of duty. Purposeful and excellent planners, they set goals and stick with them. Agreeable souls are generous in spirit, warm-hearted, trusting and quick with a compliment. They are likely to be happier. Perversely, studies have shown disagreeable men to earn more than their friendlier peers (contrary to their female counterparts), though, according to a 2011 study by the University of Gottingen, Germany, both agreeable and conscientious men make better dancers! Know someone who dwells? Who worries and obsesses over the smallest and seemingly most insignificant of details? They’d likely score high in neuroticism. Neurotics are easily overwhelmed to the point of emotional instability and may even die younger owing to a tendency to alleviate their anxieties

through alcohol and/or tobacco dependency. Openness is not to be confused with a propensity to be forthcoming with one’s feelings, but rather relates to someone’s willingness to try new things — anything from new genres of books, films, or music, to leaping from tall bridges attached to a bungy cord. Openness is a reliable predictor of leaders — and one of the most likely aspects of personality to most change with age. The final trait, extraversion, is likely the easiest to spot. Extraverts love to chat and mingle and feed off the energies of others. Introverts — not to be confused with shy souls — tend to favour small group interactions, they can be just as confident as extroverts, but more comfortable in their own company. Classifying personality by type, rather than trait, has been the cause of far more confusion, and something psychologists tend to agree on less. Last year, a study by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, published by the journal, Science Advances, concluded that 90% of people fall into four basic personality types: optimistic, pessimistic, trusting, and envious. Envious is the biggest group, accounting for around a third of people, with the other three hovering around the 20% mark. One of the most common methods of assessing someone’s professional mental attributes has long been the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. The self-report survey is based on the work by revered psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, and splits personality types into four pairs: extraversion (E) or



“Understanding your specific perceptions and judgments can provide you a tremendous amount of insight"

introversion (I); sensing (S) or intuitive (N); feeling (F) or thinking (T); and judging (J) or perceiving (P), with participants getting a four-letter combination that supposedly defines their personality at the test’s end. An ISFP personality type, for example, is adaptable, sympathetic, loyal and enjoys helping others—think nurses or teachers; while an ENTJ individual is critical, logical and well-organised and likely to flourish in law, engineering or science (head to 16personalities.com if you’re interested in completing a similar survey). “Understanding your specific perceptions and judgments can provide you a tremendous amount of insight, especially if you’re in the job market,” writes Ashely Stahl for Forbes. “... The [MBTI] test is designed to give you a deeper understanding of how people differ and to help you better understand your own perceptions and reactions to the world around you.” According to Business Insider, 80% of Fortune 500, and 89 of Fortune 100 firms use MBTI with their staff, but others question its validity, saying results depend on the subject’s mood on any given day, or even hour, and that it is incapable of categorising the nuances of our nature in such simple terms. In his book, Personality and the Fate of Organizations, Robert Hogan, a personality-testing specialist, labels the self-regulating method “little more than a Chinese fortune cookie”, while Ronald Riggio, a teacher at Claremont McKenna College who earned a psychology PhD from California University tells Vice that the

MBTI doesn’t predict behaviour in a consistent way: “My first encounter with the scale was when a student presented it to me, and since it was so poorly constructed, I thought it was the student’s work.” Either way, whether it be on a personal or professional level, you may be pleased to know that, contrary to popular belief, leopards may well be capable of changing their spots. A study published earlier this year in the journal Psychological Bulletin revealed that our personalities may be more pliable that we imagine. “For the people who want to change their spouse tomorrow, which a lot of people want to do, I don't hold out much hope for them," states study researcher, and social and personality psychologist, Brent Roberts, of Illinois University, "... [but] if you're willing to focus on one aspect of yourself, and you're willing to go at it systematically, there's now increased optimism that you can affect change in that domain." — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces CURIOUS TO KNOW WHERE YOU MIGHT FIT ON THE PERSONALITY SPECTRUM? THERE ARE HEAPS OF FUN PERSONALITY TESTS ONLINE, EG: 16PERSONALITIES.COM/FREE-PERSONALITY-TEST

IT'S IN OUR BLOOD “Whatever is most meaningful to you; whatever it is that you have always known; whatever is truest to you. ‘It’s in my blood,’ you’ll say… cultures across the world, from time immemorial, understood blood as both an actual and symbolic element, the very essence of life.” – Erica Wagner, New Statesman.

Blood. It’s complex on numerous levels, supplying nutrients, vitamins, hormones, and oxygen to vital parts of our bodies, while helping to transport certain waste products out. Blood plays an important role in immunity. It clots at the site of wounds to protect us. Sometimes it can’t, which can kill us. Blood is even considered a connective tissue, and, at an emotional level, it connects us further still. We refer to family members as our blood. For some it connects them to their country, too — how often have you heard a proud patriot declare the blood of their nation to be “coursing through my veins”. But their blood, ironically, may betray also them. A few weeks ago, UK TV presenter, editor and columnist Piers Morgan, who, he admits, people presume must be as English as they come, took part in a DNA test for his breakfast show, Good Morning. The results proved him to be 91% Celtic, 6.5% Eastern European, 1.6% west Asian, and 0.8% Middle Eastern. As stunned as everyone, Morgan commented: “I don’t seem to have any English blood at all. Not a drop… I’m more Arabic that I am English. Fascinating.” The test results of his co-host, Susanna Reid, showed nearly half her heritage to be a combination of Scandinavian, Eastern European and Iberian DNA. In 2013, US white supremacist Craig Cobb, who was seeking to create a ‘whites-only’ community in North Dakota, hilariously had his DNA test results revealed on live television to be told that 14% of his genes were Sub-Saharan African (just imagine how compulsory DNA testing could be used to castrate racism). Studies have shown up to 70% of Americans don’t know their blood type, and around half of all Brits and Kiwis don’t either (I don’t know mine), whereas in Japan, it’s estimated that 99% of citizens do. A leading reason is that some Japanese (around a third of men, and nearly half of women) believe blood types to bestow certain personality traits, a theory known as ketsueki-gata. On a visit to Japan, it’s not uncommon — and certainly not rude — to be asked your blood type as a means of getting to know you better. It’s also used to assess romantic and sexual compatibility. There are of course four blood types — A, O, B, and AB — with As, the most common in Japan, said to be earnest and neat, but stubborn; Os to be laid back but unpunctual; Bs, passionate and creative, if selfish and uncooperative; and ABs, the rarest

group, to be talented and temperate but prone to duplicity. There are plenty of cultural nods to ketsueki-gata within anime, comics, film and TV series, along with blood type-themed dating agencies, children’s toys, chocolates, and condoms all dedicated to the philosophy. But, the blood type theory isn’t all ‘romance and fun times’. “It also caused a huge social problem known as burahara, short for ‘blood harassment’,” notes Kanae Nakamine on Japanese cultural and language blog, Tofugu. “… Each type has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. But in the real world some features get a lot of attention while others are totally ignored.” Some compare the theory to Western horoscopes — and it was in the West that the idea originated. Morally questionable research in Europe in the early 20th century into how blood type might point towards superiority of some races was picked up by Japanese academic Takeji Furukawa who went on to publish a widely dismissed paper about how it manipulates character. The theory was widely forgotten until the 1970s when a series of books on the topic became best-sellers, and ketsueki-gata was in vogue once more. Numerous researchers have proved there to be no basis in the link between blood and personality, with a recent study of 10,000 Japanese and Americans even published in the Japanese Journal of Psychology also combating the claims. “As long as people aren’t taking it seriously and using it as the basis for hiring or life decisions such as choosing a marriage partner, I don’t see it as a problem,” Yoshiyuki Watanabe, professor of human psychology at Obihiro University tells the Japan Times. His compatriots, he says, tend to feel nervous about meeting new people and lack confidence in their social skills, so believe this theory will “provide insight to help them get the relationship off to a good start”. He compares it to talking about the weather, a way to make a conversation, he adds, “and hopefully a connection”. — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Women’s Wellness at Eastside Wendy, body transformation coach at Eastside Studio, Parnell, has a focus on wellbeing, and a passion for helping women develop effective plans of action when it comes to exercise, nutrition and creating a positive mindset. Essential to any health regime is frequency and consistency — yet women are all so time poor, what with families and careers to juggle, that they seldom have the time to put back into themselves. A key tool in Wendy's toolbox to helping her clients stay on track is Power Plate®. From postnatal recovery to dealing with the consequences of changing hormone balance later in life, Power Plate is a safe and effective way to work towards your goals. It only takes 20-30 minutes to get a boost in metabolic rate, strengthening, and core and pelvic floor restore, as well as have a positive impact on fat loss, heart health, bone health and cardio fitness. Eastside Studio has a brand new Power Plate my7™, loaded with personal training videos, which is available for clients to use on their own “I wanted to make Power Plate training more accessible to more people”, says Wendy. “This self-service model will mean women can enjoy short, sweet sessions enough times a week to make a profound change to their wellbeing.”

What the PowerPlate can do for you! · Build muscle, explosive power and endurance · Speed up the metabolism to reduce body fat · Increase your range of motion, core stability and flexibility · Diminish the appearance of cellulite

PowerPlate activates muscle contractions up to 40 times per second, enhancing your overall fitness.

Call WENDY on 09 379 2706 to book a FREE introduction session before 30 November.

Power Plate machines are also available for purchase through Eastside Studio.

eastsidestudio.co.nz | 09 379 2706 532 Parnell Rd Suite 3, Parnell wendy@eastsidestudio.co.nz




With eight locations across Auckland and 13 years under their belt, Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy combines both disciplines in a perfect symbiosis to deliver a service like no other clinic. By being fully ACC credited and employing qualified physios that have completed more than 300 hours of training in their in-house pilates programme, Peak ensures that it offers a passionate and knowledgeable team who are well-versed in a wide range of physical therapies. Arielle Griffin and Hannah Sutherland are based at the Newmarket branch and both work as physios and pilates instructors in equal measure, their specially tailored programmes utilising pilates equipment for a unique and effective method of exercise rehab. Hannah and Arielle want to let everyone know that Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy can benefit everyone, and they would love to see people from all walks of life joining their classes. What was your biggest motivation for joining Peak Pilates? Hannah: I really like their take on exercise rehab for physiotherapy because it’s a fun and effective double therapy; targeting a desired muscle group and also being guided by a physio. It’s great to see clients doing something new and really benefitting from the challenge. Arielle: Not only the state-of-the-art equipment and the resources, but also the space and the environment to train in. Working with pilates equipment is a fun and motivational way to set clients reachable goals in their fitness. What sets peak pilates apart from other pilates studios? Hannah: It’s that extra bit of instructor knowledge which comes from a background in physiotherapy; we offer personally tailored exercises specifically for the strength and correction of the individual client. Arielle: Having a maximum of eight people to a class — this ensures personal supervised attention and progress. It’s about exercise, flexibility and stretching, as well as building core strength and stability. What are Peak Pilates’ goals? Hannah: To help people realise how important it is to be flexible and strong, at Peak we work on strengthening while you stretch. Because you’re doing recovery as you are working out you’re able to do it daily. And we do get people doing it day after day! Arielle: The aim is to integrate it into everyone’s life; to get rid of the stigma that it’s only for middle-aged women. By incorporating pilates in our physiotherapy, it’s a great rehab exercise for people of all genders, ages and abilities. What benefit has Peak Pilates had on your life? Hannah: Massive! Nine months ago I could barely, embarrassingly, touch my toes! After doing pilates I understand my own body and I want to share that feeling of happiness and satisfaction with everyone. Arielle: Increased body awareness and flexibility. As a runner, Peak has helped me develop increased muscle tone and also prevent over-use and injury. It’s great in conjunction with any sport: running, swimming, cycling, and even rugby players can benefit. Anything to add? Hannah: We want to help you to get awareness of your body again. It’s perfect timing with summer around the corner to get that long, lean muscle. It’s all about muscle endurance instead of muscle mass. Arielle: Feeling any lower back pain from sitting in an office for hours? We can fix that! For more information check out Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy’s website at peakpilatesgroup.co.nz L-R: Arielle Griffin and Hannah Sutherland 1ST FLOOR, 38 BROADWAY, NEWMARKET PEAKPILATESGROUP.CO.NZ | 09 522 8221 NEWMARKET@PEAKPILATES.CO.NZ

GAIN YOUTHFUL LOOKING SKIN & BANISH ACNE WITH LIGHT THERAPY LED light therapy is one of the lesser-known stars of the skin therapy business, but make no mistake it is a superpower and shouldn’t be taken lightly, says Louise Gray. WHAT IS LED LIGHT? LED stands for high intensity 'light emitting diodes'. NASA scientists discovered the skin cherishing aspect of them about 40 years ago during plant growth experiments. Unlike other light treatments (such as laser) LED doesn’t use heat so there is no risk of burning or injury to the skin. LED has proven to be extremely effective in repairing damaged skin cells and speeding up the healing process, making it not just effective for complexion maintenance but also post procedures like injectables and surgery. HOW DOES LED LIGHT THERAPY WORK? As we age our metabolism slows down, resulting in a loss of cellular energy. LED light works in a similar way to photosynthesis in plants. The visible spectrum of light triggers the body to take the light’s energy and convert it to energy for the cells of the body, re-energising them. When we expose the skin to the light the cells get an instant boost. As a result, it will look more youthful and be more hydrated, plus skin care will penetrate more effectively. HOW MANY TREATMENTS DO I NEED? We recommend a series of nine 20-minute treatments 48 hours apart followed by a monthly maintenance boost. You’ll see immediate results, which will get even better over the following two months. Studies have shown exceptionally positive results for the perioral areas including marionette lines, fine lines around the lips, and nasolabial folds.

Red for Wrinkles Red light therapy uses visible wavelengths from 630-660 nanometres and infrared light wavelengths at around 880nm. The layers of the skin have a high content of blood and water, so the light is easily absorbed. Red light therapy increases the battery life of skin cells, revs up blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and gradually restores the elastic function of elastin. Its cell repairing capabilities make it an excellent treatment for rosacea and eczema too. Blue for Blemishes Blue light has a wavelength of 400–490nm. When it reaches the sebaceous glands in the skin, it activates porphyrins, which are compounds inside acne bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes). The light releases reactive oxygen molecules which effectively kills the bacteria. Light therapy has systemic effects so if you have chronic pain or body inflammation LED treatment can also be beneficial diminishing discomfort and improving mobility.

Benefits of LED Therapy • Anti-ageing • Skin rejuvenation • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Encourages cell rejuvenation • Improves skin texture and colour • Improves sun damaged skin and reduces pore size • Promotes circulation to the skin • Helps to reduce redness (rosacea) and irritation • Helps to reduce inflammation by blemishes • Helps to reduce pigmentation, scarring • Kills the acne causing bacteria associated with congested and problematic skin • Accelerates tissue healing




THE SILENT KILLER Why do people seek medical advice? The reason is that they suffer from the symptoms of underlying diseases. These symptoms cause them concern, feelings of uneasiness and of not being well. They want to get rid of these symptoms and want to feel better again. Heart disease can cause breathlessness or chest pain, lung diseases can cause coughing, breathlessness and so forth. All diseases have symptoms associated with them If there is a disease which does not have symptoms, then do people want to get treatment for this? The answer to this is how to convince people to take medications for a disease which does not have symptoms. The treatment might cause side effects which exhibit in the form of symptoms. The disease I am talking about is high blood pressure (the medical term is hypertension). This in the majority of people does not cause any symptoms. Therefore, it is called 'silent killer'. If untreated it has devastating effects on different organs in the body. It effects the brain, heart, kidneys and to lesser extent the eyes. The effects on these organs are very dangerous and concerning. It can cause strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure. Once these organs are affected then the damage is permanent. The best approach is to avoid having these harmful effects and to prevent them. The question arises about how to make the diagnosis in first place. It seems quite simple that you go to doctor or a nurse and they measure your blood pressure and if it is high then you have high blood pressure. No, it’s not true. One cannot make a diagnosis of high blood pressure by one blood pressure recording. It needs to be done on few a occasions, at different times and in different circumstances. The best test is to record 24 hour’ blood pressure. This machine once applied to your arm records your BP every 15 minutes during awake hours and every 30 minutes during sleep. You carry on your day-to-day activities while the machine is doing its job. The results give average readings of blood pressure and then the diagnosis is correctly made. If somebody is found to have high blood pressure, then they need treatment in the form of tablets. This is usually a lifelong treatment. The doctors keep changing the tablets or their dosage as per the blood pressure response. Good blood pressure control keeps away the harmful affects and the risk of a stroke or heart attack at bay. The treatment serves as a barrier to the floods. You also need to lose weight, do regular exercise, cut down on salt intake, refrain from smoking and drink alcohol in moderation. My advice to you is to make sure you get proper medical checkups. If your doctor diagnoses you with high blood pressure, please take their advice very seriously. Your doctor will also arrange some tests as well including blood tests, urine tests, x-rays, ultrasound scans and so on. It is to make sure that your high blood pressure is not due to any other disease. In the majority of the people (more than 95%) no underlying cause is found. This is called 'essential hypertension'. Please take care of your health. It is your wealth.



Q&A ON WEIGHT-CONTROL WITH DR HABIT Premium health psychology coaching: for the successful woman who can control everything — except her weight. In last month's Verve, you explained how stress can cause unwanted weight gain. That's right. Chronic stress can slow the metabolism — causing calorie conservation and fat retention. And, insult to injury, also trigger emotional eating. Is all unwanted weight caused by stress? Not at all. Some people, especially as they get older, simply need to eat a tiny bit less, in conjunction with a little more exercise. But it's more complex when chronic stress is involved in unwanted weight. You say it's "more complex" — is it harder to lose 'stressweight'? Not really. It's just different. As there are more psychology issues involved — you need more psychology tools. For example, Marcia's testimonial shows the power of working with the psychology issues: “I’ve lost 20kg by exercising more and eating better. It really helps remembering what Rebecca says about weight-loss: that it’s not the most important thing in life... Yes I will get skinnier but does that mean that it would make me happier? No, it will make me healthier and fitter, which will make things easier physically, but weight-loss is not the main thing that would make me happier – if that makes sense. It also helps remembering that weight-loss is more bearable if you are happier, love yourself and remember your self worth” — Marcia Kapuvai, Hanmer Springs, NZ. Disclosure, Marcia is my niece. She did all the work, I simply gave her some psychology tools to make it easier. How can you tell if your unwanted weight is stress-related? One sign is your weight is around your middle – apple-shaped rather than pear. Another is you fear your partner may leave you because of your weight or you fear your weight is a barrier to attracting your life partner. Another sign is that you have lost weight only to regain it. You can see another 12 signs your weight-control struggles are stress-related by visiting, www.DrHabit.org/weight-controlhealth-psych-coaching Any tips for helping with emotional eating? Funny you should ask that! You can read my article 'The top psychology strategy for beating emotional eating habits' at www.DrHabit.org/how-to-stop-emotional-eating-habits www.Drhabit.org

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A complete anti-aging & fat reduction solution with remarkable results

Cosmetic procedures designed to melt fat and re-tone problem areas are often unaffordable or else extremely invasive processes, which puts them out of the reach of many women. But there is now another option out there for those struggling with body fat that fails to respond to treatment; the TriLipo method originating from Los Angeles which has taken the world by storm is now available at Finesse Face and Body Clinic in Remuera, offering a totally non-invasive ‘walk in, walk out’ treatment which is clinically proven to have visible results after only one session.

What is TriLipo?

A revolutionary skin and body-tightening treatment which features absolutely no recovery period. It's cutting-edge technology uses heat and muscle contractions to liquidise fat cells and tighten the skin by simultaneously activating collagen production, making for a highly efficient body sculpting, scar improvement, anti-aging treatment which can be easily customized to suit every individual. The multiple benefits make it a great value option and a longterm solution with no negative side-effects due to the lack of invasive techniques.

BENEFITS • Immediate visible results • Wrinkle reduction & skin tightening • Lifting, toning & firming • Minimisation of acne scars • Overall skin complexion improvement

TRILIPO MED 您感受脂肪燃烧的

What can it treat?

On the face, the Maximus can treat sagging skin, loose jowls, jaw line contouring, sagging neck skin (“turkey neck”), wrinkles and fine lines, and a general toning and lifting of the facial SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System). On the body, Maximus can treat loose abdomen following pregnancy or weight loss, improve stretch marks, improve the appearance of cellulite, reduce abdomen and thigh circumference, improve arm texture and tighten sagging skin under the arms, improve the appearance of the calves and help with swollen ankles through lymphatic drainage. In sum, it can be utilized to treat a wide variety of problem areas or areas of concern without needing downtime for recovery.

TRILIPO MED 让 您感受脂肪燃烧的威力

What parts of the body can be treated:

The TriLipo applicators on the Maximus system can be used to treat most body areas except for breasts, genitals, underarms, directly over the eyes (off the bone) and the thyroid area. The Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) should not be performed on the temples, the neck, thorax area, around the mouth (perioral) and around the eyes (periorbital). You can also treat over tattoos because RF and DMA are ‘colour blind’ energies.

591A Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 09 520 5331 finessefaceandbody.co.nz


Finesse Face and Body诊所的拥有者 Sue Crake在此很高兴的宣布针对排 脂取得最新突破进展。

Finesse Face and Body诊所的拥有者 Sue Crake在此很高兴的宣布针对排 脂取得最新突破进展。

这种疗法消除了体内 果如同进行了一次体

由Pollogen生产的TriLipo Med仪器可帮助您实现 更平滑的肌肤和重塑体型,成本极小,无侵入性手术 的风险或并发症。 Finesse Face and Body 是新 西兰第一家获得突破性技术的诊所。

这种疗法也会激活纤 从而使皮肤变得更加 轻。即使在治疗结束 肤。皮肤再生应用也 色素沉着,从而让肤

通过FDA的批准,这种治疗方法可以消除身体大部分 部位的脂肪细胞,无论是手臂、背部、臀部、臀部、 大腿,还是颈部和面部。该系统有两个平台;一个是减 脂技术,另一个是肌肤重生。

不像其他的塑形仪器 立即进行运动,但是 于保持治疗效果。

那TriLipo Med的工作原理是什么呢? TriLipo Med以脂肪细胞为目标,穿透表皮和真皮, 用射频能量方式将其加热到40 - 42摄氏度。


态肌肉激活的设备。 摩释放脂肪进入淋巴

产生的热量足以引起周围脂肪组织和结缔组织的热损 伤,从而“破坏”脂肪细胞并将液体脂肪释放到血液 After 5 treatments 循环中。它还通过分解结缔组织内更深的皮下脂肪来 治疗赘肉问题。 riLipo Med非常令人兴奋,因为它是唯一具有动 态 肌 肉 激 活 的 设 备 。 ” 促 进 肌 肉 收 缩 , 从 而 推 动“和T按 摩释放脂肪进入淋巴系统,”Sue解释说。 这种疗法消除了体内的脂肪,对治疗区域有显著的效 果如同进行了一次体格锻炼。”

预期效果 •

治疗速度快 - 每

您会感到一些发热 不会感到疼痛。











In the 21st century we’re seeing an emergence of a wellness revolution and the rise of a new career — the holistic health coach. When one of our contributors, Jenna Moore, a health and beauty editor, became ill, she shifted gears and trained in the field. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT “I had pulmonary emboli (multiple clots on the lungs), which I discovered is a common cause of sudden death,” says Jenna. “It was a tipping point for me and I enrolled with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York. During my studies I learned you can reverse many conditions by changing your diet. Traditional medicine is turning more to this way of thinking also. My GP is looking to work with health coaches to help bridge the gap between medicine and lifestyle. Incidence of allergies and asthma are rampant and we have pandemics of obesity and diabetes.” WHAT DOES A HEALTH COACH DO? “We’re not dieticians, we’re more like mentors,” says Jenna. “We look at the entire picture: relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality along with food because they’re all intertwined. It’s an approach that delivers phenomenal transformations.” WOMEN’S HEALTH “I’ve always been a champion of women’s health, and I focus on women aged 40-plus, hormone balance, weight management and clear skin,” says Jenna. “I have knowledge of skin physiology, skincare and ingredients, but I can now advise on nutrients for great skin also.

Plus I’ve been on a personal rollercoaster with hormone balance and weight management and have turned it around so I’m able to use the voice of experience.” THE LINK BETWEEN MIND & BODY What you eat is the cornerstone of your life. For example, you may be experiencing relationship friction; the trouble may not be the relationship per se but point to sugar, which is related to mood swings. Or your liver might be overloaded triggering anger. “It sounds simplistic, but change your food and you become ‘nicer’,” says Jenna. “A lot of people don’t know this, and really it’s not rocket science. However, for everyone who doesn’t know the mental-nutrition connection there’s another one who does, they’re just not doing it. “This is the best thing I’ve ever done, I can guide people down the path to vitality. It’s not about food restriction, diets are way too rigid and punishing, it’s about nutrition and savouring food — weight reduction is a byproduct. I was in awe of my lecturers — people like Dr Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and Arianna Huffington. Their knowledge blew me away and I soaked it up like a sponge!” Get in touch for a complimentary consultation one-onone, or via Skype or phone (valued at $95) and/or a free 4-Day Jumpstart ebook. YOUOLOGY.CO.NZ HELLO@YOUOLOGY.CO.NZ



Introducing the Cosmelan Treatment Are you tired of hiding behind makeup?


Do you want a clear complexion?

Until now Hyper-Pigmentation seemed impossible to clear. NZ now has Cosmelan and the results are staggering.

Do you have a pigmentation problem?

At Illuminate Me, with Mesoestetic Cosmelan Treatment, Hyper-pigmentation now is a thing of the past. At Illuminate Me, we’re about results. We have the World's Gold Standard Treatment for Hyper-Pigmentation, a brightening treatment that targets brown patches and discolouration. So, free yourself from time consuming makeup application. Enjoy a Clear Complexion and the added benefit of rejuvenated Skin.

Our Client's Before and after Post Treatment — 21 days “Every morning I’d wake up, look in the mirror and hate my face. With the Cosmelan treatment, I have completely changed the way I look at, and feel about myself. Not only has the pigmentation faded considerably, but the texture of my skin has improved beyond belief. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone feeling the same. It has given me a whole new freedom. My family and friends have been amazed by the progress in my complexion.” Before

— Shima Asali.


“In my long career, I have never been able to treat Melasma with such efficacy. I am truly excited with seeing my clients’ satisfaction and joy at their renewed confidence in themselves.” — Leanne Doré. Facialist at Illuminate Me

Book now

for your free consultation to see if you are eligible for this dynamic new treatment

illuminateme.co.nz ~ info@illuminateme.co.nz 021 620 555 ~ 102 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead Point


The pathos of Dagny Carlsson’s eyes drips from the screen when she discusses her early life and her late second husband, Harry; but when she laughs the room erupts with light.


Dagny was born the year the Titanic sank, in the city of Kristianstad in Sweden. The third of four children, a fifth sibling, a brother, died of diphtheria as a baby and Dagny blamed herself for “not being nice enough” to him, yet she was barely older than a baby herself at the time. Dagny’s mother was cold and often uncaring, and her dad, she says, like most men of that era, had little time for their kids. When he died suddenly, Dagny’s dreams of teaching were dashed as she was sent to work in a sewing factory. Her first husband was a drunk and jealous type and it took Dagny until the age of 37 to leave him—essentially when her life began, even though, she laments, by then she felt it too late to have kids. She met her soulmate, Harry, when he asked her dance in a dancehall, and they spent the following six decades together, Dagny tells us in the wonderful, awardwinning documentary, Life Begins at 100.


ART & ABOUT // NOV 2017

“Don’t tell me things were better in the old days, because they weren’t.”

Aged 103 at the time of filming (she’s now 105), Dagny reveals that when Harry died, “everything felt hopeless” and “I didn’t think I’d be far behind”. But we soon learn that there’s plenty of life left in dynamic Dagny who yearns “to dance once more”. She bought her first computer when in her nineties, which she describes as a “stepping stone” to the outside world. Now, many would describe it as a stepping stone to her, for at the age of 99, she became the oldest blogger in the world. What started out as a bit of fun, attracting a couple of hundred visitors to her site, has exploded, with more than 2,300,000 people now having checked out her work. “Dagny started to blog every night when she was 99-years-old,” the filmmaker’s Asa Blanck tells Al Jazeera, where you can watch the documentary. “She posted racy, funny, thought-provoking stories as her readership grew day by day... She writes about buying her first pair of jeans at the age of 101... She also writes about her idol and role model, her grandmother, living in the 1800s. She was a woman who gave Dagny a lot of love and courage that has stayed with her throughout her life.”

We witness her invited on TV and radio shows, often bemused by all the fuss but nonetheless certainly thrilled about the ride. She browses online dating agencies and even teaches classes so that “younger old-timers know how to be friends with their computers” and to “give them courage to try new things”. She’s warm, she’s inspirational, she’s wise. “Don’t tell me things were better in the old days,” she insists at one point, “because they weren’t.” Dagny reveals how she’s always been plagued by shyness and there’s a bittersweet feeling that it took her until old age until she finally found out who she was, and what she could really achieve. The film is peppered with both humour and poignancy, “I have a few years left,” she says at one point, “it’s time to live it up,” and in another scene, we see her browse through old photographs, and take a glance at her reflection in a mirror. “I was never a beauty,” she muses, but you’ll come away feeling she’s one of the most beautiful souls you’ve ever got to know. — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces





DETROIT reunites director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal, the Oscar-winning team behind The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. Set against the backdrop of the devastating Detroit riots that took place over five days in the summer of 1967, after police raided an unlicensed bar in the city’s Near West Side. The confrontation between the police and citizens quickly turned violent, to the point where the governor was forced to call in the national guard. When the riots were over, 43 people were dead, hundreds were injured, thousands were arrested, and many of the city’s buildings had been destroyed. As a result, the riots are widely known as one of the largest citizen uprisings in the United States’ history. Starring; John Boyega, John Krasinski, Will Poulter and Anthony Mackie. Please note: R16 rating



Filmed in The Catlins at the bottom of South Island, HUMAN TRACES stars Sophie Henderson, Mark Mitchinson and Vinnie Bennett. Husband-and-wife scientist team Glenn and Sarah study the effects of removing the pests from Perseverance, a rocky island deep in the Southern Ocean. But the arrival of Pete, the mysterious new caretaker for the island, causes upheaval in their marriage. When they become trapped on the island with no contact to the outside world, desperation kicks in with the pitiless winter coming ever closer. Rating: M Violence, offensive language & drug use.



MY LITTLE PONY THE MOVIE brings the Mane Six to the big screen for their most exciting and spectacular adventure yet! When the menacing Storm King invades Canterlot with plans to steal the magic from the ponies, the very future of Equestria is at stake. In never before seen adventures, the ponies will embark on an action packed heroic journey that takes them beyond the borders of their homes for the first time ever in search for help across magical mountains, undersea worlds, and even a swashbuckling flying pirate ship. Rated: G



Filmed in Canterbury New Zealand, The Stolen is a feature film set at the time of the gold rush in 1860s New Zealand. Starring Alice Eve, Jack Davenport and Stan Walker (pictured). In 1860, Charlotte Lockton has settled in the South Island of New Zealand with her wealthy Husband, David. But her life’s dreams are shattered when he’s murdered on their farm and her baby son is kidnapped. A month after paying a ransom, frustrated with the apathy of the authorities and distrusting of her staff, she decides to track him down on her own. And so begins her journey through the winds of an untamed New Zealand, at the beginning of the Gold Rush. She joins a convoy of Women, ex-cons and a Maori warrior heading for the rough mining community of Gold Town. There she meets Joshua McCullen, the owner of the town, a man who is key to uncovering the truth behind the disappearance of her son, forcing her to fight to the death for what she holds most dear. Rated: M Violence, sexual references & offensive language.

Visit the verve website, vervemagazine.co.nz, to view these movie trailers.

Auction N°7 30th Nov 2017

Carl Sydow, Around, 1971, Perspex, plastic hose, 203mm × 365mm × 308mm

312 Karangahape Rd Newton Auckland 1010 New Zealand p +64 9 307 8870 e info@bowerbankninow.com bowerbankninow.com Visit our website to sign up for catalogues and updates

NEKO BOX Japanese Homeware & Gifts

Japan is a fascinating country filled with contradictions: historic and modern architecture and practices coexist seamlessly, all wrapped up in a beautiful package. The best way to discover Japanese culture is of course by exploring the streets, and there are no streets more fascinating than the ones you'll find in Tokyo. From the sights and sounds of tiny ramen shops and bars, to mini boutiques selling handmade crafts, and cafes serving anything from crepes to Taiwanese dumplings, Tokyo streets stimulate all your senses. Neko Box is a subscription box service and online store selling traditionally-inspired Japanese homeware and stationery. Each month a new theme is explored through the subscription service, and these themes are often inspired by the Neko Box designers' walks around the varied neighbourhoods of Tokyo and beyond. From Summer Nights in Koenji to Vintage Style in Nishi-Ogikubo and Tokyo Street Cats in Yanaka, you'll really experience Japanese culture like a local when you subscribe to Neko Box. Neko Box features ceramics, woodenware and textiles made by generations of artisans located all over Japan, from Tohoku to Kanazawa, Nagasaki and more. Subscribe to the newly launched Zakka Kit to receive monthly curated packages of unique Japanese stationery brands, such as Classiky, Mindwave and Traveler's Company. Subscribers also receive original Neko Box art prints, designed in Japan. Zakka Kit is perfect for stationery lovers, crafters and journalers who love to travel and explore. This month Neko Box will also launch their brand new vintage

collection, ‘The Vintage Market’ where they’ll sell one-off vintage Japanese crafts (like Kokeshi dolls) discovered on the streets of Tokyo. Want to experience the Neko Box designers' favourite Tokyo's treats yourself? Here are some of their best recommendations... Are you fascinated by museums and colonial architecture? Head along to Ueno in east Tokyo. Do you love vintage shopping and quirky cafes? Then the streets of Koenji and Nishi-Ogikubo will be right up your alley. Intrigued by traditional Japanese crafts and Edo-era wooden architecture? Don’t miss Yanesen and Ryogoku. Looking for a mix of traditional crafts and modern designer boutiques? Nakamichi street in Kichijoji has you covered. Every one of the hundreds of neighbourhoods in Tokyo has something unique and magical to discover, so pack your walking shoes and get exploring!






Mossgreen-Webb’s has established a dedicated 'single-owner department' for just this purpose. At its head is James Hogan, a decorative arts specialist, with more than 30 years’ experience in the auction market. Working alongside him is Caolan McAleer, who brings his work experience from auction houses and galleries in the UK. “Part of our role is ‘excavation’," says James. “Helping clients to uncover items of value and reveal the stories that surround them. People can amass huge collections over the years, stored in garages, basements and attics, and sometimes they have no real idea what they have – or how strong the interest in it may be.”

The Warwick Brown Collection was an excellent example of the power of a single-owner collection. Auctioned earlier this year, the collection achieved $3 million in sales and captivated art lovers nationwide. Over the past 12 months, Mossgreen-Webb’s has sold several niche collections including the Michael Woolf collection of Magician’s apparatus, and the ‘Popular Culture’ collection of artist, Judy Darragh. Mossgreen-Webb’s employs specialists across the spectrum of collecting genres including fine art and decorative arts, jewellery and watches, automobiles, Oceanic and Asian arts, sporting memorabilia and stamps. If you are downsizing to a smaller home, or simply reconciling the collected treasures of a life time, get in touch with James and Caolan who will be able to advise you on next steps.


James Hogan 09 524 6804 james.hogan@mossgreen-webbs.co.nz www.mossgreen-webbs.co.nz

NOV 2017

Every collection has a unique story to tell and Mossgreen-Webb’s aim is to bring that story to life, revealing the inspiration behind the collection and its creators.

WHAT’S ON For more events visit vervemagazine.co.nz to keep updated or to list your event, contact: sales@vervemagazine.co.nz AUCKLAND ART GALLERY AND VICE


7 NOV & 5 DEC | AUCKLAND ART GALLERY After turning the Auckland Art Gallery upside down and inside out with SWIDT earlier this month, you don’t want to miss the next Open Late in the Hip Hop Renaissance series. On Tuesday, 7 November with the MELODOWNZ (left)). For the last Open Late in the Corsini Family Collection series with Auckland Art Gallery they have the extraordinary talent of JessB closing things out on 5 December. This is something not to be missed.



8 NOV | WESTERN PARK Adopt your very own tree. Free activities and giveaways. Yoga, learn the Japanese art of forest bathing. Music, face-painting and more. BYO picnic basket.



Artwork by Toby Morris.

Neon Bootleg is a ceremonial water-cleansing that revisits a period of 90s nostalgia usually off limits to Mistress's untrustworthy memories and wild imagination. Or so she thought… The truth lives somewhere between the jagged edges and neon lights, the bedsheets and the holy water. This is the unauthorised autobiography of Mistress Moe Laga, Taleni Mapu, Mother COVEN.


DO YOUR THING 7 NOV | CONCORD DAWN Ever wanted to be a DJ and bless people with your amazing music taste? Well now is your chance as Flying Out are back for a fifth time with, 'Do Your Thing' Record Club at the Golden Dawn. Bring along 15 minutes worth of your favourite LPs, 7", lathe cut or flexi discs, throw the needle on and enjoy the tunes while the crowd grooves away.





// NOV 2017

Wiki is no stranger to his city. The New Yorker’s yappy, lisp-ridden flow rose to prominence in 2012, taking over underground NYC with trio Ratking when he was just a kid out of high school. His first solo endeavour, free 2015 mixtape Lil Me, marked Wiki’s territory as one of New York’s stealthiest city slickers loud and clear. But his plotting was far from finished, and his infinite tales only surface scratched. If Lil Me was an introduction to a solo, intimate version of now 23-year-old Wiki, then his debut album No Mountains in Manhattan is a warm but wary introduction to Wiki’s beloved city. Contrary to the album's title, Wiki uses mountains throughout the record to illustrate the obstacles he conquered to find his place and depict his own version of NYC. A storyteller at the root of his soul, Wiki’s raw, observant imagery breathes life into each unique character he pulls out of the shadows of a bustling metropolis. Whether he’s voguing on countertops in the bodega on triumphant lead single ‘Pretty Bull’ or mingling with the vast culture of his city on bass heavy ‘Chinatown Swing’, Wiki’s New York is a place of inclusiveness and pride. And so it comes with the territory that Wiki sounds most at home over jazzy, nostalgic 90s hip hop production carried through the album's core. Album opener ‘Islander’ lyric “he said rap about you, so I spit ’bout the train” is a sentiment to Wiki’s ability to turn

even the most seemingly every day of activities into a blockbuster soundscape of adventure and unknown. On political, horn-heavy ‘Mayor’, Wik plays humble NY peacekeeper in the form of that mutual, familiarfaced friend who seems to know just about everybody; uniting locals and fusing strangers into community. He’s assertive and assured of his purpose, spitting “I was that little rapper at the party no one ever after/But I was a natural, that’s my first chapter”, as if he himself is the only real competition he’s concerned about in hip hop's heart of origin. Longtime collaborator/narrator A-Ron closes the album's title track ‘NMIM’, elaborating further on Wiki’s mountain analogy. Another loyal New York native, he speaks on the skylines he grew up around that replace nature in the Big Apple’s concrete jungle; interpreting his own view of an urban utopia. “I remember growing up seeing the skylines and thinking, ‘man, this is my nature. That’s my mountain range.'” No matter the artificial high-rise kind or the mental roadblock kind, even somewhere as coveted as Manhattan there will always be mountains to move. Just like the city will never run out of tales for Wiki to tell. — Words: Laura McInnes PRINCESSLOZ.WORDPRESS.COM

BOOK SHELF BEAUTIFUL AUSTRALIAN HOMES VOLUME 2 BELLE MAGAZINE $70 Just unpacked from the publisher and it's irresistable. Packed with beautiful photos of differently styled homes from the classic to the beach house with some decadence thrown in for good measure. The houses are from all over Australia and include town and country grandeur to innercity terrace slick. It's a good resource if you are restyling or a splendid coffee table book to browse through over and over. You will take lots of ideas that you can incorporate into your living style from between the pages of Beautiful Australian Homes and make them your own.


Sarah Tuck is well-known around Auckland as a multi-talented food writer/ personal trainer/stylist/photographer. Going through a personal crisis she realised that life had a lot ot offer and rather than throw a prolonged tantrum (which was quite tempting), she chose a new career, did a lot of yoga and got herself back on track by cooking for herself. This book tells how she cooked her way to a new and different way of life. Keeping friends close and treating them to some special 'thank-you meals' showed Sarah that food and eating well are integral to living an all-round better, balanced life.


We all know what we shouldn't eat and what we should eat to keep our bodies fit and our naughty eating patterns are often the product of a certain laziness of our own making. Delia McCabe gets you thinking about what you need to be eating to keep your brain fit and well aswell as the rest of your body. She explains the nutritional benefits that certain foods have and why we should include them in our daily diet. The 100plus recipes are good for the whole family, including children, and include vegan- and gluten-free options. — Words: Doris Mousdale ARCADIA BOOKSHOP | 26 OSBORNE ST, NEWMARKET P 09 522 5211 | F 09 522 5213 | ARCADIABOOKSHOP.CO.NZ




James Cameron’s multi Oscar-winning film Titanic will come to life at Auckland’s Civic Thea-tre this January when the record-breaking motion picture is screened with its original musi-cal score performed live by an orchestra, choir, vocal and Celtic soloists.


Titanic Live invites fans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film by reliving their favour-ite moments of the film while experiencing it in a way they’ve never seen before.

NOV 2017

This impressive international production features British conductor Neil Thomson, London-based vocal soloist Clara Sanabras, and American pipes and whistles soloist Eric Rigler who was the original piper in the film, and is accompanied by the Auckland Philharmonia Orches-tra and the North Shore Children’s Choir. Titanic director James Cameron had this to say about Titanic Live when he attended the premiere in London. “This experience is beyond anything I’ve seen in the theatre. When hearing the music out front and dominating, you really realise how the music drives the emotion of the movie. I felt these big surges of powerful emotion whether it was the elation of the love story or the dread, the fear. A beautiful experience.” Titanic Live is an unique experience like no other and perfect to share with someone you love! Titanic Live will play at The Civic Theatre in Auckland on January 24th and 25th 2018 with tickets on sale now from ticketmaster.co.nz. Titanic Live is a production of Avex Classics International.

Acrounity presents

24-25 January 2018 the civic FILM WITH LIVE ORCHESTRA - conductor - neil thomson

only 2 shows, buy today


Buy tickets at ticketmaster.co.nz

artroomcollective.co.nz Titanic live is a production of avex classics international

H O RO S CO P E S 118



22 Dec — 19 Jan

23 Jul — 22 Aug

You are setting your sights on the future instead of worrying about the past, and setting your sights high! There may be unexpected events that free you from confining situations. Financial concerns and mix-ups lift by mid-month, when a new budget will be helpful. Relationships will experience ebb and flow and romantic notions and ideas will be replaced by cool logic and pragmatism.

It’s a great time for making new resolutions. Your desire to learn, share ideas, and improve your skills is powerful. Moneywise, more expenditure than income is indicated this month. Conversations with friends and acquaintances can be eyeopening, propelling you along a new path of discovery. This month would be beneficial in helping transform fledgling romances into potential commitments and contractual relationships.



20 Jan — 18 Feb

23 Aug — 22 Sep

Motivation to make money is strong this month. The work you do could find financial support or your work may be related to supporting others’ talents and resources. The latter part of the month will find the moody Aquarians shying from friendly interactions and staying away from social engagements. Peace will reign supreme and you will enjoy the company of your family and friends over food, fun and frolic.

PISCES 19 Feb — 20 Mar

New ideas are abundant, and your energy levels run high. Some form of tug of war when it comes to finances could be irksome but clearing up financial matters will do wonders for your outlook. Academically inclined Pisceans, pursuing courses on public relations, communications, and media management will perform well and come out with flying colours. Home life will remain animated, busy, and involving.

SAGITTARIUS 22 Nov — 21 Dec

This is a feel-good time for you, when you feel the need to make a fresh start. You will also introspect and reflect on minor irritants faced at home and try sorting out personal issues. A surprising new friendship could develop this month. Slowing down, going down-memory-lane, being retrospective, introspective and reflective -- these can sum up your internal journey for this month.

You are making exciting new contacts and reconnecting with old friends. You are keen on sharing your personal philosophies with others and are especially intrigued with other points of view. Restlessness with routine is sure to get you out and about. Healthwise, you will be in top form, brimming with vitality. Singles may be meeting new romantic interests or experiencing a rejuvenation of romance in existing relationships.

LIBRA 22 Sep — 23 Oct

Energy for improving your skills and getting projects going runs extremely high this month, and taking some extra time to tend to projects that have been on hold will be fulfilling. You may do tight-rope walking, balancing a busy work front and demanding home life. You will also be involved with hectic behind the scene activities and sorting out irritants and frictions that unexpectedly crop up in the relationships.




21 Mar — 19 Apr

21 May — 20 Jun

23 Oct — 21 Nov

Aggressive communication is the keyword for this month, as you go all out to promote your business ventures or professional skills. This vigorous and energetic campaign will prove to be a boon for career-minded aries. Strong energy for new beginnings in close relationships is with you. Stimulating changes in the realms of friendships, group connections and business plans are on the horizon.

Your inspiration for new knowledge that you might want to obtain in the course of your experiments and researches will increase. For those in business, this is a financially rewarding period. Some business contacts will mature into close personal associations with friendship and open style of communication fastforwarding this arrangement. You will end the month on a high with rainbow-hued hopes of a great financial future.



20 Apr — 20 May

21 Jun — 22 Jul

It is a good month concerning professional life. You would be enjoying yourselves. Taking life at its own pace, you will also not insist on your own agenda at home too. Love ties are coming up for review, and the need to put the past behind you becomes insistent. Some of you will be determining whether a romantic relationship is strong enough to be brought forward.

Public engagements, new business associations, and renewed professional contracts top this month. A few agreements or documents connected to your profession will also be revisited or redrawn, with a fresh set of opportunities and possibilities. It is a month of intense emotional churning leading to sea-change in the way you have been viewing and approaching your intimate personal life. Adventure, travel, and higher learning call to you.

You open this month’s balance sheet with carry forwards from last month. This will exclusively apply to finance and family relationships. Some aspects of financial dealings may have to be re-worked with partners and collaborators. Straightening out domestic problems will also be necessary, and this sets the stage for pleasant relations with family and a more organised home life in the second half of the month.


Open 7 days 10am – 5pm from October 21st


ART & ABOUT // NOV 2017

Brimming with decorations, vintage inspired toys and exquisite Victorian paper crafts. Free parking on site. Mortimer Pass (off Gillies Ave) Newmarket, Auckland (09) 524 5729 n highwic@heritage.org.nz n www.highwic.co.nz

18 – 19 November 2017 Discover the timeless charm of Highwic’s Christmas Garden Festival.

Free entry in partnership with

Dr Keith Hammett, world renowned plant breeder

Mortimer Pass (off Gillies Ave) Newmarket, Auckland

09 524 5729 n highwic@heritage.org.nz n www.highwic.co.nz



“She blamed Hitler for her having to cancel a trip to Paris in 1939 as if that was his worst crime,” says Jacqui. “My daughters tell me that they always thought I was slightly mad but were not too surprised, and my late father had always encouraged me to, ‘Travel, my dear’.” A trained nurse, Jacqui was a mother and wife from the age of 24. “We had family holidays, and we always thought that when we retired and our daughters had left home, my husband and I would travel more extensively together,” she says. “However, our marriage came to an end and I found myself travelling alone.” In 1998, after “48 years of fitting round everyone else's requirements” Jacqui was “free to do as I pleased”, but admits it was tough going at first: “I also think my experiences as a community nurse helped me have the right attitude for travelling.” After nine months backpacking around Asia, Jacqui met a Dutchman in India riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle. “I already had my motorcycle licence and was quite taken with this way of getting around,” she says. “We spent some time together but then went our different ways as is the way of travellers.” After a year backpacking she returned to the UK to live with her mother and figure out what to do next. The Dutchman “turned up on the doorstep one day” and asked Jacqui if she’d consider returning to India to buy her own Royal Enfield and travel with him: “He was much younger than I was, very handsome and lots of fun. I thought about it for a few minutes and said, ‘Yes!’” The purchase coincided with Jacqui’s 50th birthday. “For the first year or so, I was happy to go where my Dutch boyfriend wanted to go,” she says. “When we parted in Malaysia, I saw on my mini atlas that Australia, which I had always wanted to see, was close. If I travelled through Indonesia and East Timor, I'd be there. By that time, I seemed to be going eastwards so I just kept going.” Jacqui met a skipper of catamaran who was heading for Australia and needed crew. “The voyage was beset with disaster from picking up castaways floating in the Strait of Malacca, to pirates

But the motorcyclist stresses that the joyful experiences far outweighed the terrifying ones. “I learned to trust my instincts and I learned to trust others,” she says. “Most people are kind, generous and keen to be helpful. I learned not to be afraid of this wonderful world. We are often told only the bad things which is why I have written my book, to show people that things work out pretty well if you make yourself vulnerable sometimes and approach things without fear.” Cambodia had one of the most significant impacts on the intrepid biker. Due its violent history, Jacqui expected the citizens to be “weary and downtrodden”, but she “found them openly cheerful and ready to start again — it is a Buddhist country and I learned from them to not dwell on the past”. Jacqui also fell in love with New Zealand where she fell in love with a dairy farmer and worked for a while as a community hospice nurse in Rotorua: “But it was a different end of the life-span to what I was used to as a health visitor looking after young families and wasn't for me. Also, the relationship wasn't working so I packed up and went to South America.” I suggest that she must now view her trusty bike almost as a friend or guardian. “Oh yes! It is my only means of transport and I love it now more than ever. I ride it all over the UK and look at it fondly and incredulously. Is this the same bike I rode between volcanoes in Guatemala? I couldn't part with it now.” Her bike aside, Jacqui tells me her most vital possessions were a toolkit, duct tape, and a sarong (“that has multiple uses — a curtain, a pillowcase, a towel, clothing!”), and that the thing she most missed were her daughters. She recently rode to the south of France and will likely explore Ireland next. The joy she discovered through travelling she still harbours, along with her minimalist life philosophy — she even lived on a boat for three years upon her return to the UK. “Riding my motorbike always made me smile and still does,” Jacqui says. “Seven years on the road taught me to be grateful for everything I have.”

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


NOV 2017

Jacqui certainly knows a thing or two about pushing boundaries having spent seven years circumnavigating the globe by motorcycle, something, she adds, that was partly inspired by her elderly mother who told her, “Do my travelling for me.”

stealing our food and fuel to storms and disagreements,” she reveals. “I was so frightened I slept with a knife under my pillow and never had my back to him as he threatened to cut me up into little pieces and throw me overboard. Then I did a similar thing with another sailor going from Colombia to Panama!”


“I was always wandering off as a child and had to be put in reins,” says British biker, writer and adventurer Jacqui Furneaux. “My brother and I were allowed to wander freely in the woodland and beaches in our home-town in Somerset. I was lucky to have parents who never said things like, ‘Be careful, you'll hurt yourself if you fall’. I hear that all the time now and it makes me sad for the children whose freedom is being curtailed by well-meaning parents who are making them afraid to push boundaries.”




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you’vegot gotgreat greatcredit, credit,you’ll you’llbe behard hardpushed pushedtotofind findbetter better IfIfyou’ve rateselsewhere. elsewhere. rates Ourmembers membersare arepaying payingless lessinterest interestthan thanthey theywould wouldhave have Our beenpaying payingwith withthe thebank, bank,and andyou youcan cantoo.* too.* been

Goto tosquirrelmoney.co.nz squirrelmoney.co.nzto toapply applyonline onlinetoday. today. Go *Squirrel Money rates compared with advertised unsecured personal loan rates from the main banks. *Squirrel Money rates compared with advertised unsecured personal loan rates from the main banks.



FIVE HR MISTAKES YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MAKE We sat down with HR guru Thai-Anh Cooper, owner of in2HR, to discuss the top five HR/compliance-related mistakes small and medium enterprises should avoid. 1. Don’t leave it too late, Labour inspectors can turn up at anytime, fining you thousands of dollars when your business fails to be legally compliant. There is also a public list of businesses that have breached these standards, which compromise a businesses image. One business owner snuck off to the bathroom to make a phone call to me, asking advice whilst the labour inspector was outside the door, a little too late unfortunately! 2. Not following a fair disciplinary process and procedure. There was a case where an employee turned up to work intoxicated resulting in his employer firing him on the spot. The ex-employee raised a personal grievance, and the employer subsequently paid them compensation to the tune of $9,000. A pricey repercussion for not following a structured and fair disciplinary procedure. 3. Undertaking a fair interview process that doesn’t breach the human rights act. Jacinda Arden’s recent interview question on whether she was planning to have a child was an example of this. A lot of employers ‘wing it’ when it comes to interviews, potentially asking something that would be deemed inappropriate or even discriminatory. Age, race, gender, religion and sexual orientation are all topics you should steer clear of. 4. The misconception about salaried workers. It's important that salaried employees still meet the national minimum wage requirements. If you are contracted on salary for 40 hours per week, but actually work 60, you may fall under the minimum wage threshold based on these hours. We have seen quite a few recent cases that have been heavily publicised in the news. It’s imperative as an employer for you to ensure that your employees are not falling below this threshold. 5. Compliance with the latest legislation change as of 1 April 2016. We have received a number of calls from employers who are not up to speed with the employment legislation changes that came into effect 1 of April 2016/2017. There were a number of changes made that employers should be aware of, such as the guarantee of hours and providing reasonable compensation to employees for their availability. Its important to know these changes, and implement them into your business. With an extensive background working in the world of corporate HR, and owning small businesses herself, Thai-Anh Cooper has a true passion for creating a seamless HR framework for clients she works with. “I got into this role because of the people," she says. "I love to see that ‘click’ with my clients, that understanding on how to get the most out of their staff, maximising their profits and business potential in the process”. IN2HR.CO.NZ | 020 447 4357 MENTION YOU SAW THAI-ANH IN VERVE MAGAZINE FOR A FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL CONSULT ABOUT YOUR HR NEEDS.



Science shows us that passion is contagious. Researchers have proven entrepreneurial passion, or EP, plays a critical role in an entrepreneur’s success. As a business mentor and entrepreneur, I am absolutely convinced that it is true. Passion is core to a person’s self-identity. It defines you, therefore it also defines your business. In my 30-year career, working with big multinationals in London and globally, and also as a business owner, I’ve witnessed this first-hand. Passion mobilises your energy, and enhances your commitment to your goals. (It’s what makes you drag yourself out of bed at 5am to work on a new pitch, or work until midnight to finish your website or land your first customer.) At the weekend, watching TV with my daughter, it was clear as judges chose the finalists on X-Factor, it was not about just being the ‘best singer’— it’s about passion — what excites you; what defines you; what you’d do for free! The best TED speakers have the ability to powerfully connect with their audiences. The reason is because they are hugely passionate about their topic. The topic is salient to their selfidentity. Something else all successful people have in common is that they are 100% clear about what they want, and how they plan to get it. Of course, sometimes the roadmap to success and happiness is more complicated than a set of Ikea instructions(!) but identifying and harnessing your true passions will bring clarity to both your business and life. As any business owner knows, being successful is not just selling the fastest or coolest product. People don’t buy products or buy ‘what’ you do, they buy why you do it. Make what you do your passion. Love what you do and make sure your customers know it too. What are you passionate about? Identify what it is you are truly passionate about. Then DO something with it. Find and use your passion... and you’ll have a great business and life. If you don’t, you won't! As the late Steve Jobs once said, “You know your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. I’m lucky I get to work every day with clients helping them identify their passion, unearth their ‘why’, and get very clear about what they want to help them build satisfying businesses, doing work they love, with people they like.



Consistent cash flow is the life blood of any business. You’ve got to keep it coming in because a lack of cash is terminal. “Quite often you hear that buzz word “cash is King”. The two main killers of any business are if you can’t pay your staff or tax — that’s going to get you into trouble very, very quickly” says Greg Wertheim, General Manager Scottish Pacific. His company specialises in a fast growing space of lending — otherwise known as invoice finance, or otherwise known as factoring to help businesses grow. Business banking that’s been around hundreds of years may not be able to help a company if it’s outgrown its current facilities by tapping the approved overdraft facility to the max. Greg says that invoice finance is a comparatively “new sector” growing in popularity with different security requirements. “One of the beauties about invoice finance is that we don’t need real estate security, bricks and mortar — we simply take the security against the actual invoices” he says. Businesses that have a turnover of half a million dollars or more and selling to other businesses are the ideal candidates however funding can be extended for smaller growth-oriented businesses and startups who have commenced trading. Being unsecured against property, this can allow the owner to minimise their personal risk in uncertain environments, or use it to secure funding for other purposes. Scottish Pacific establishes a line of credit “freeing up 80% of the invoice straight away” that provides cash flow secured to a business to business transaction such as procured services or goods that have been delivered.

to achieve otherwise. Additionally, it can provide the owner with certainty around cash flow to give them confidence in their decision making. As a former Business Development Manager, Operations Manager and now General Manager, Greg is all too familiar with poor commercial habits by SME owners when it comes to cash flow management. Quite often a business becomes unstuck due to critical tasks, like accounts receivable, invoicing, cash flow forecasting and cash allocations being neglected Greg advises. “When it comes to debtor management, keep it up to date.” A common pitfall for SME owners is putting effort into building a brand and generating invoices, yet not getting them paid. “Do what you love but don’t neglect the housekeeping” he says. Keeping on top of debtors using invoice finance has other positive impacts, particularly for importers who are in a stronger negotiating position for bigger volume and/or early settlement discounts due to the advantage of having freed up cash. “It can provide users of invoice finance with a commercial advantage in negotiations too, as cash is ready and available quickly to jump on opportunities”. You may have a home that’s all tied up owing 90% to the bank with no other security, Greg points out that there may be a nice debtors ledger sitting there unused with potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions that Scottish Pacific can free up to take them to the next level.

“It’s a flexible, scalable facility giving total peace of mind.”

“The amount of times I’ve had an owner say to me “if only I knew about this sooner one or two years ago” after obviously doing the hard yards and struggling.”

This approach can be a game changer by setting a business on a growth trajectory up to the next level that they were struggling

— Words: Sarah Sparks





* per person + GST

CHOOSE THE AUCKLAND BOWLING CLUB FOR YOUR next CELEBRATION *Includes a welcome drink, fun on the green, delicious buffet dinner + entertainment from Auckland’s top DJs. Minimum 10 people.


Hello from China! Actually, I will be back in New Zealand by the time you read this but I am in China for a short time and making the most of technology. I am connected through a virtual private network (VPN) so I can get G-mail, on a wireless connection in Starbucks near the Confusian Temple in Nanjing. I know 3 Chinese words. Technology through my phone is allowing me to communicate (barter) with shop keepers and give directions to taxi drivers. Google maps keeps me informed of the right location so I know the taxi is going to the right area directly and not via some other city.


The Youdao translate App allows me to speak to my phone in English and have direct translations spoken or text to people who don’t speak English.






d Par k 10am , Parnell -1pm

Spoil your pooch. First Sunday of every month. parnell.net.nz




BER M E OV rnell

k, Pa d Par Hear 0-5.30pm 1.3

Baked goods and beautiful blooms. Third Friday of every month. parnell.net.nz

We-chat is a fantastic App that most Chinese people use. They use it for chatting like messenger or whatsap. They can order food, taxis, train tickets and pizza with it, and pay through Alipay directly. Shop keepers wave q-code cards at me in shops so I can pay for things with Alipay on my phone. Technology has become so entrenched in our everyday lives that it is probably impossible to go back. And let’s face it, why would we go back? This does bring up some issues though. Some of us, and I include myself can have difficulty learning to use the new concepts and technology. I have a credit card, why should I need to use Alipay or some other version of software that turns my phone into an eftpos card? The answer is really that technology will just keep rolling on. It makes things easier. When someone sees an opportunity or market, they will build a technology to fill it. If it proves popular, it will catch on. If not, it will quietly disappear. My point with this column today is that we have to learn to embrace technology in all its forms. Not be scared of it. I understand the angst. Truly I do. So, if you need help with your technology, even just reassurance that your tech is set up correctly, just call me. I’m here to make your digital world better. Rudy's Verve Mag advert.pdf



10:13 AM







This is not the post-election article I had hoped to write. I had hoped to be writing about the opportunity to work with our fine leader Bill English to build on the success this country has enjoyed these past few years, continuing to grow the economy and address long-standing social issues. Instead we have to watch the new government installed, a strange combination of Donald Trump – hostile to free trade and immigrants – and Jeremy Corbyn – apparently convinced that capitalism has failed. For the good of the country, I hope their rhetoric is just that, and the government proves sensible. Time will tell and we will work hard to hold them to account. Opposition is also a time to think and to listen. I’ll be using these years in the wilderness to prepare for our return to government.

I am fed-up with looking at mouldy walls and ceilings and muddy lawns, plants bedraggled and waterlogged gardens. At large puddles in driveways, dodging the rain drops and cleaning muddy boots! Spring is apparent in the beautiful blossoms that are still on some of the trees and summer is just around the corner. Labour weekend was the official start of it. Everything looks better and brighter in summer. Renting is slow with prospective tenants taking their time to make a decision. Why? Who knows, maybe it is the uncertainly of the government or the miserable weather.


Be aware of prospective tenants including references from previous landlords that are not signed by them. This week a tenant applied for a property and included in their application a reference from one of their landlords stating how great they were. They actually put the landlords phone number on it and of course we phoned her. To our amazement she told us that it was not written by her, and she said she wouldn’t have given them a good reference and certainly would not of put it in writing! Do not take anything at face value, always do your checks. It will save you lots of problems in the future. It is easier to place tenants into a property than to get tenants out.

The core challenge is timeless, but needs to be re-thought regularly – how to maintain and improve on our international competitiveness. Some members of the new government appear to take our relative prosperity for granted. Everyone, it is asserted, deserves higher incomes. Those higher incomes, of course, first have to be generated in a competitive world. Second, the long-term challenge of helping people off welfare and into work has to remain a focus. In government we made real progress, such as the huge drop in the numbers of children being raised in benefit-dependent households. I fear many of these gains will be lost if the Greens’ belief in ‘no-questionsasked, long-as-you-like’ welfare predominates. Finally, in opposition we should think creatively about how we can do more to help those outside the property markets to feel they can gain a stake in society, particularly the younger generation. Historically low interest rates have led to assetprice inflation all over the world – increasing wealth inequality (as opposed to income inequality). We’re dealing with massive international forces, exacerbated by self-defeating local factors which artificially raise the cost of new housing. We’ll support proposals from the new government that will help, oppose those that won’t, and take the time to develop fresh thinking. In Epsom, I want to thank the nearly 60% of Epsom voters who again put their trust in National. I do have to acknowledge, however, our party vote retreated a little in the seat, as it did in inner-urban seats around the country. It shall be my mission to reclaim that support over the next three years. I remain absolutely committed to the communities of our electorate and will continue to ensure that the concerns of this part of Auckland are heard in the National caucus and in the parliament. There are many conversations to be had over the coming months and years. I do look forward to hearing your views.

Do those checks. Happy Renting



Nikki Kaye

MP for Auckland Central I regularly work on local issues and meet with constituents. Please contact my office if you would like to meet with me.

AUCKLAND CENTRAL 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay P (09) 378 2088 E mp.aucklandcentral@parliament.govt.nz @NikkiKaye facebook.com/NikkiKayeMP nikkikaye.co.nz

Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Nikki Kaye MP, 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland.

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FINAL APARTMENT STAGES SELLING NOW Ranfurly Village offers one of central Auckland’s finest retirement lifestyles. Choose from a selection of beautiful and spacious apartments. “My parents had wonderful retirement years and enjoyed a lifestyle that is very similar to what is now available at Ranfurly Village” Judy Bailey


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June15Verve June15Verve June15Verve

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at kiwibank.co.nz. Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply. June15Verve





19 9 M A I N H I G H WAY, E L L E R S L I E | 0 9 281 34 81 E L L E R S L I E V E T E R I N A R YC L I N I C . N Z

THE PT CHEV BEACH CAFE The Point Chev Beach CafÊ was launched on Jan 2017 and has rapidly gained a reputation in excellent cuisine, coffee and a welcoming service. Being situated beside the beach it’s the perfect location for a family outing, a romantic date or just an ice cream! With the Summer season looming and bringing in the longer days, they are launching an evening dinner service that will enable locals to fully enjoy the benefits of this location, the fabulous food, and the selection of local wines & craft beer. 506 Pt Chevalier Road, Auckland 09 815 6636



Enjoy authentic French pastries and bistro meals at La Fourchette. We are close to the beach and family-friendly. INSTANT PRIVACY NATURALLY

Mon: 8am-4pm · Tue-Sun: 8am-late | 8C Turua St · St Heliers · Auckland

executive, business and lifest yle



Phone: +64 21 850 523 Email: lesley@lesleycolcord.co.nz Web: www.lesleycolcord.co.nz

Open 7 days till 5pm each day —







311 Parnell Rd | (09) 379 2860

B a y s ide Re n t al s L td Property management in the Bays. Sue has been assisting landlords with their rental properties for many years. Do contact Sue for any advice about your property or tenants.

09 575 9887 | 0274 908264

3/10 Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland I Carol Stirling — 021 042 6337 I s-pacific.co.nz

The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

Visit our website at www.justrentals.co.nz 40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email justrentals@xtra.co.nz

Can’t find the right lampshade?


m or f s n a Tr rself You


Belmont Studio by appointment Claire 021 0249 7428 oscurolampshades@gmail.com Residential & trade enquiries welcomed Gift Vouchers available

country corner by interiors Tra ditiona l F renc h ha ndcra fted furnit u re a nd homewa re a t a fforda ble price s . 507 L a k e Rd, Ta k a pu n a 09 486 0057


62A Benson Road, Remuera Open 7 Days

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Classic lamps in store and online. 62A BENSON ROAD REMUERA OPEN 7 DAYS WWW.THEBAYTREE.CO.NZ


Signature Style Services make GREAT Christmas gifts!


We custom make new shades & recover old favourites

Need a cab? Call Corporate Cabs

09 377 0773

T HE BOOK STO R E 09 488 7244 6 1 H U R S T ME R E R D, TA KA PU N A


FOUNDATION ON GEORGE CAFÉ Congratulations to the lucky winner of Verve magazine! We would like to treat you for brunch at Foundation On George Café worth $50. We offer great brunch selections, indoor and courtyard seating. Bring your friends or family for a nice treat before Christmas.


ROSIE A casual neighbourhood eatery with sophisticated service and a menu to match. Set opposite the rose gardens at Parnell, we offer an elegant yet relaxed space to catch up with friends and family. We’re abuzz with locals from breakfast through to dinner seven days a week. Rosie, 82 Gladstone Road, Parnell



When you’re straightening your hair religiously, day after day, it starts to become quite a task, so why not make it a little bit easier with the Radiance Ionic Straightener Pack? The release of millions of negative ions allows you to create sleek frizz-free styles while the dual ion release channel optimises ion contact with hair strands. With an auto-safety shut-off function for your peace of mind and safety you can now leave the house without worry. With a memory function that remembers the last set temperature and 15-second heat up time you will be well on your way to silky straight hair in less time than ever before.


DOMAIN AND AYR STREET Cozy little cafe nestled next to the Auckland Domain.




Win a $50 voucher to a beautiful breakfast at Palazzo Italia. We are a stunning Italian restaurant in the heart of Newmarket. You can eat, dine or buy Italian products in our shop.

Our cupcakes are baked fresh daily by our passionate bakers, and the result is a soft cake, topped with a buttery smooth icing. You can pick up from Newmarket or Takapuna, or even better, have them delivered! Gluten-free options are available!



REMINGTON SUMMER HAIR REMOVAL GUIDE The season of less fabric and more flesh is fast approaching and so is the daunting idea of hairless skin. Thankfully, Remington have the products for all your hair removal needs. Whether you’re looking for a long-term solution or a quick touch up, Remington has got you covered while you’re getting uncovered this summer.

WINE CAFE Offering an alternative to the often impersonal wine shopping experience, The Wine Cave showcases wines from celebrated producers and lesser-known boutique vineyards. With a wine vault, private butler service if required, and over 1000 bottles to choose from, The Wine Cave offers something special indeed. Now open at 104 Carlton Gore Rd, Newmarket. winecave.nz








www.honda.co.nz North Shore - 09 890 9020, 148 Wairau Road, Glenfield.

Newmarket - 09 890 9030, 455 Broadway, Newmarket.

East Auckland - 09 890 9040, 32 Torrens Road, Burswood.

Pukekohe - 09 238 8139, Cnr Manukau Road & Massey Ave.

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Your child will thrive in the care of our qualified teachers and our creative learning environment. We are a purpose built and family owned centre. Our foundations are strong with our core values of Play, Partnership, Inclusiveness, Respect and Professionalism. Come and visit us today - (09) 527 2222

Tiny Tuis Early Learning Centre

Open 7.30am – 6pm

27 Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington


3 months to 5 years

Auckland Live presents

Directed by Dave St-Pierre and Jeannot Painchaud

Cirque du Soleil’s hipper, sexier cousin The Stage, London

5 - 10 DEC The Civic aucklandlive.co.nz

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Verve. November 2017. Issue 139.  

Auckland's Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel, pas...

Verve. November 2017. Issue 139.  

Auckland's Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel, pas...

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