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Who Inspire Sublime Sofas

92 x 142 cm

Oil on canvas

50 x 40 cm

Oil on canvas

Jeune Ballerines

Waiting in the Wings

Oil on canvas

50 x 40 cm

Golden Tea Ceremony

International Art Centre

202 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland | +64 9 3666 045 | fran@artcntr.co.nz | www.internationalartcentre.co.nz

202 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland | +64 9 3666 045 | www.internationalartcentre.co.nz | fran@artcntr.co.nz

Eugenea 9 - 22 May

Les Femmes

For over 15 years the paintings of Eugenea have

This small collection of paintings entitled Les Femmes

been sold by International Art Centre to a world-

is an artistic celebration of feminine beauty. Wheth-

wide clientele. A graduate of Moscow’s lead-

er waiting in the wings of the Bolshoi Ballet or par-

ing Surikov Art Academy and the daughter of re-

taking in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony,

nowned artist, Boris Belmasov, Eugenea is an artist

Eugenea’s subjects are exquisitely and uniquely por-

of rare and extraordinary talent. Living in New Zea-

trayed. A combination of fine painting, contrasting

land since 1994 she has exhibited with distinction

with impasto impressionism, creates unforgettable

in Germany, Switzerland and the United States.




Oil on canvas

102 x 76 cm

Frances Davies - Director



Tiebacks are an essential detail to finishing your

Duette速 Shades are a premium blind with a

drapery, they offer sophistication and elegance

pleated, honeycomb structure, with two or more

as well as another layer of interest. We have an

layers of pleated fabric bonded together to form

extensive collection of European tiebacks which are

compartments (cells) that have superior

available in a number of styles, finishes, colours

insulation properties.

and complimentary accessories.



Luxaflex速 Roller Blinds and Sunscreens are simple,

Country速 Woods Shutters provide a timeless beauty

decorative and functional. A choice of a single or twin

with the enduring craftsmanship of real timber.

bracket system, which allows you to combine two

Custom-made to your requirements in a range of

shades in one for a day and night solution. Styling can

exclusive lacquer painted finishes and slats, varying

be consistent throughout your home, even though

blade sizes and are available as sliding,

each window has a personalised prescription.

bi-folding or hinged.

T R E N Z S E AT E R AUCKLAND | 80 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland | (09) 303 4151 CHRISTCHURCH | 121 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, Christchurch | (03) 343 0876 QUEENSTOWN | 313 Hawthorne Drive, Frankton, Queenstown | (03) 441 2363 www.trenzseater.com




THE ALL-NEW BMW 3 SERIES. More intuitive, more intelligent and more exhilarating – the seventh generation BMW 3 Series is here. Simply say, ‘Hey BMW’ and the Intelligent Personal Assistant follows your every command, while enhanced driver assistance systems offer automated driving at some of the highest levels possible today. There’s only one way to truly appreciate the all-new BMW 3 Series’ intelligent technology. Drive it. Continental Cars BMW 445 Lake Road, Takapuna. (09) 488 2000. www.continentalcarsbmw.com

“HEY BMW, FIND ME A GOOD CAFÉ IN TAKAPUNA.” Consider it done. Your voice-activated Intelligent Personal Assistant has activated local search.

With the all-new BMW 3 Series’ Intelligent Personal Assistant, consider it done. Contact the Continental Cars BMW sales team for more information.

Continental Cars BMW 445 Lake Rd, Takapuna | (09) 488 2000 | www.continentalcarsbmw.co.nz


WHAT'S Inside? 54

Women In Business


Robyn & Francesca Jones

Jessica Bridal

Cherie Metcalfe

Fragrances To Fall In Love With

Á La Mode

Statement Coats

Real Estate Feature

Art & About

Robyn Ellson

The Art of May


Hotel Tour: Palazzo Daniele







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What’s On

Designer Lodgings


Palaces of The Raj

Peanut Butter Frappé

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Feels Like Home 6

Home & Design


Sublime Sofas


Sleek Furnishings




Lean & Mean

Win With Verve


Win with Verve

Taste the magic of Matakana at Plume Restaurant, superb cuisine and fine wine in a coastal country setting. Food lovers welcome here. A one-hour scenic drive north of Auckland, and 5 minutes from Matakana township, lies Plume Restaurant – an oasis for gourmet travellers, recognised for superb cuisine and is also the cellar door for Runner Duck Estate Vineyard’s fine wines. Now complemented by Plume Villas, an enclave of 12 new luxury villas set within landscaped grounds. These villas share a swimming pool and are a relaxed stroll from the restaurant. Perfect for a weekend getaway for two, as well as a wonderful venue for weddings, conferences, meetings and private events. SCL/PLU2018/13

www.theplumecollection.co.nz For all enquiries telephone 09 422 7915


547a Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052. Phone +64 9 358 3771 | info@cavitco.com | www.cavitco.com


2018 HIGHLY COMMENDED Residential Rework Exterior Contemporary 2016 WINNER Residential Rework Exterior Character Precise. Professional. Preferred. Interior and exterior house painters since 2003.



Fran Ninow and Jude Mitchell SENIOR WRITER

Jamie Christian Desplaces Zanalee Makavani

90 378 074 ISSN 2253-1300 (print) ISSN 2253-1319 (online)




AJ Major

Paris Mitchell Temple, Dave McLeod, Manish Kumar Arora, Jenna Moore, Jackie O’Fee, Natalie Allen, Mya Cole, Kelly Jin, Aimée Ralfini SUBSCRIPTIONS


Consistent results. Master Painter NZ award finalists and winners every year since 2009. Efficient service. Our in-house project manager works with you to achieve the ultimate outcome. Focused work ethics. Our team conducts themselves to a high standard.

Planning an interior or exterior painting project? Avoid the common mistakes that homeowners make. Get our special report at walltreats.co.nz 0800 008 168 WALLTREATS.CO.NZ

(+64) 9 520 5939 jude@vervemagazine.co.nz fran@vervemagazine.co.nz EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES


Photos: Debbie Cutfield, Photospace.



Ken Khun


160 Broadway, Studio 10, Newmarket, Auckland 1023

(+64) 9 520 5939 fran@vervemagazine.co.nz jude@vervemagazine.co.nz COVER PHOTO

Jill Kennington wearing white PVC rain tunic and hat. Photograph by John Cowan, 1963 Courtesy of Fashion Museum Bath/Image © John Cowan Archive. You can visit the Mary Quant V&A’s exhibition from 6 April 2019 -16 February 2020 in London, visit the website for more information: vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/mary-quant

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VERVE MAGAZINE is published monthly (except in January) and has an estimated readership of 60,000. It is a free lifestyle magazine delivered to selected homes, cafés and businesses in Parnell, Newmarket, Remuera, Meadowbank, Epsom, Mission Bay, Kohimarama, Herne Bay, Takapuna and Devonport. Verve Magazine is placed in magazine stands for free collection from locations in Parnell, Newmarket, Remuera, Epsom, Mission Bay, St. Heliers, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Auckland City, Takapuna, Devonport, Stonefields, Milford and Mairangi Bay. Visit ververmagazine. co.nz for exact locations these magazine stands. Verve is also available from all popular cafés in its main distribution areas as well as in ebook format. Visit vervemagazine.co.nz to sign up for your free monthly ebook. Verve is printed by Ovato. It is distributed by PMP Distribution, Admail and Mailchimp. vervemagazine.co.nz The entire content of this publication is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior permission in writing of the copyright owner. Any material submitted for publication is at the owner’s risk. Neither Verve Magazine Ltd nor its agents accept any responsibility for loss or damage. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information contained in this publication, the publisher cannot accept any liability for inaccuracies that may occur. The views and suggestions expressed in this magazine are those of individual contributors and are not necessarily supported by Verve Magazine Ltd.


Editors' Note

In celebration of all women out there blessed with entrepreneurial spirit, creative genius and good old-fashioned chutzpah, it’s a pleasure to publish our Women in Business issue. In Verve’s inimitable style, we honour the sensational women who show leadership and get-up-and-go, daily. To all of you, to those in this issue and to those leading the way in setting examples for our younger generations, we salute you! Verve May kicks off with a cover inspired by arch entrepreneur, creative, and fashion designer, Mary Quant. In the sixties, when a generation of teens and twenty-somethings were changing the Western world and wreaking havoc with conventional thought patterns, she became an instrumental figure in the Londonbased mod and youth fashion movements—Mary can be even credited with the enduring miniskirt and hot-pants! London’s V&A Museum is presently honouring the designer with more than 200 of her garments and accessories, along with unseen pictures from her personal archive, exhibited until February 2020. Next up comes an eclectic selection of articles on Verve Women in Business, with a wide variety of industries represented, including fashion, bridal, design, the arts, beauty, health, travel, food, commerce, the service industry, real estate and the trades. We especially loved putting this issue together as it led to so much interesting discourse. We questioned what drives these women to be successful and quickly realised that money had very little influence, rather a passion for their endeavours along with masses of integrity, stickability, and a desire to listen and solve problems. Hard work and a whole lot of creativity sure came in handy, too! It’s clear that you must follow your heart in order to find both yourself, and success. As usual, we celebrate design with a stunning photo edit showcasing the best and most sublime of couches currently available at our top stores; a designer’s tour through the Palazzo Daniele—a grand hotel that deftly combines minimalism and modern energy, with a long and elegant past; and a look at India’s most luxurious palaces. This month, we also have a surprise mini-wedding feature that celebrates all things love and marriage, and is not to be missed! Enjoy all the above, and more, and don’t forget to sign up to Verve Weekly. Follow us on social media, also (@vervemagazine). Until next time, F and J

Top to bottom: Jude and Fran. Jude in the Verve boardroom. Fran hard at work, getting those sales in.

Coming up in June: The Body Issue + Men@Work

⟶ Robyn & Francesca Jones of Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant and Augustus Bistro Pg. 22



Over the following pages, Verve celebrates some of our nation's most inspirational businesswomen who are making waves while inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs both home, and abroad. “When you have a business you have to live and breathe it. I can text Francie anytime night and day and say, ‘What do you think of this?' It’s like having a buddy, I haven’t had that before, I’ve always been the boss. We support each other emotionally” Robyn Jones “Live fully, love madly, breathe deeply” Denise Fergusson “We are solution-focused it’s our job to get things done” Jenny / The Personal Concierge


ELLE + RILEY For The Love Of Cashmere WO R D S — J E N N A M O O R E

Mother and daughter duo Yo Ellis and Elle Pugh teamed up to create Elle + Riley, purveyors of exquisite cashmere. It was 2016 and Elle was on the cusp of moving home from London, and her mother, Yo, had recently sold her business. Both were considering what theirnext professional move would be. After a lot of discussion they made the decision to combine their skills and create a high quality and luxurious product. “Mum visited Nepal and got the idea for cashmere,” says Elle. “It’s beautiful and it’s lighter, warmer and softer than other wool.” 12

The pair began researching and sourced cashmere suppliers in Mongolia, who they’ve been working with ever since. Their pieces are manufactured in Nepal, Beijing, and Shanghai. WHAT IS CASHMERE? Cashmere is known as the ‘jewel of fibres’ and has long been revered for its luxe factor. It’s three times warmer than other wool and because it doesn’t hold lanolin it’s hypoallergenic. “Cashmere comes from the combed underbelly of the cashmere goat,” says Elle. “Creating the wool is a very slow, sustainable process to which there are around 22 steps. One sweater takes a long time to make and can use the undercoats of two to three goats. Once the yarn has been spun, it gets dyed then sent to knitters. It’s not a fast fashion item.” ELLE + RILEY DESIGNS Elle and Yo design ranges for women, men, babies, and dogs, including everything from sweaters, pants, hats, and scarves to dreamy blankets and throws. “We try to offer something for everyone,” says Elle. “It’s great because we represent two demographics, so even if we’re wearing the same cashmere, we wear it differently.” Like a good wine, quality cashmere improves with age and gets softer. We want our sweaters to be passed onto the next generation and for this reason, we have created our own care products. There’s an all-natural wash, cedar blocks to help ward away moths, and cotton storage bags to keep out moths, dust and lint. If you care for and love your cashmere, it will love you back.”

A TACTILE EXPERIENCE The original intention was for Elle + Riley to be an online retail store. “But we soon realised people wanted to come and try it on, cashmere is tactile, it’s an experience,” says Elle. Starting out with events in people’s homes, Elle and Yo trialled a pop-up store in Ponsonby. “Then, eighteen months ago we set up our flagship store on Ponsonby Road, and six months ago we opened in Christchurch. We will be opening our third store in Queenstown this winter,” says Elle. The partnership is working well. “We share a lot of the load,” says Elle. “We do the design process together, which is classic rather than fashion forward. I look after the digital side of things and we both like to work in the store as much as possible so we can meet our customers.” Elle's and Yo’s backgrounds have come together seamlessly. “I have a retail background as has Mum, plus she is experienced in business—together we’re learning about the bits we don’t know,” says Elle. “We’ve always been close, but naturally we spend a lot more time together now we’re business partners.” HOW TO CARE FOR CASHMERE • Don’t wash it too often—once every five or six wears if necessary. • Hand wash in cold water. • Lay flat to dry out of the sun. • Use a de-pilling comb to remove any small pills from your knitwear. • Store in protective cotton bags with cedar blocks to help repel moths. STYLE TIPS • Cashmere adds class and luxury to the traditional jeans and sneakers look. • It’s the perfect choice for dinner dates on inbetween warm and cold evenings. • A cashmere hoodie worn on the way to pilates or yoga is a chic look. • Cashmere pants, ponchos, and travel wraps are the perfect travelling companion.

183 P O N S O N BY R D, P O N S O N BY / 09 3 7 8 9 459 / E L L E AN D R I L E Y. C O M


“If you care for and love your cashmere, it will love you back.”

Yo Ellis and Elle Pugh

Something Special Consignment Furniture Wendy Francis-Ching’s inherent love of beautiful craftsmanship and masterful design led to the creation of one of the most affordable high-end furniture destinations in the city. WO R D S — J E N N A M O O R E

When she opened the doors to Consignment three years ago, Wendy created a port of call for people just like her— those who appreciate the extraordinary artisanship of contemporary European brands by well-known designers. Tell us about the concept of Consignment? It's designed for people who wish to buy quality furniture but don’t want to pay brand new prices, or are looking for investment pieces that are not available anywhere else here at the moment. How did you come up with the idea? Consignment is modelled on consignment stores I’ve seen overseas. It came about when I noticed the number of people with amazing furniture who were moving or changing their interiors, and I wondered what they did with the furnishings that no longer fit the new look or space. Where do you source your stock? We work with several interior designers who let people know about us. Word of mouth is powerful too. We had a client who approached us with a container full of beautiful furniture she’d been saving for her children who were overseas. When they came back they brought their own with them; she didn’t know what to do with it but luckily a friend pointed her in our direction. A lot of our stock comes from people in similar positions.

What’s your key point of difference? We sell investment pieces that last a lifetime and we sell them for approximately half the new price. So, instead of buying something mass produced from a chain store, you can spend a little more and get something that not only serves a purpose but is designed and manufactured with integrity and has longevity. There’s a component of recycling and sustainability here too, isn’t there? Definitely. Consignment offers a means of moving furniture from one home to another; reducing waste on one hand, and providing a way of acquiring these much loved designs on the other. This in turn can have a positive impact on the future of our environment. It is also a way of keeping authentic design in circulation—so it’s the best kind of recycling! Can you tell us about the artworks on the walls? I’m a big art lover and it’s a passion for everybody involved in Consignment. So, as well as the art that gets consigned with us, we support local artists including Peter Atkinson, Matt Griffin, Meg Tyre, and Rick Everard. What are some of the brands you have on the floor? We currently have items from designers and brands such as Arte Veneziana, B&B Italia, Cassina, Driade, Minotti, Norman Foster, Philippe Starck, Vitra, Le Corbusier, and

2 A R AI LWAY S T, N E W M AR K E T / C O N S I G N M E N T F U R N I T U R E. C O. N Z

MAY 2019

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” - William Morris, 1834-1896

Zanotta, among others. We don’t carry much in the way of accessories but we do have a few items from Versace, Blenko, and Fortuny. We also have an exclusive limited collection of candles from Hotel Costes of Paris. Your current picks? There are so many. I particularly love the work of Patricia Urquiola, Antonio Citterio and Philippe Starck and am very happy to have a few of his pieces in the showroom at the moment. It’s no wonder his works are featured at MOMA New York, and the Musee des Art Decoratif, Paris, among others. We have just received some special Starck pieces that are out of production. The Royalton Hotel in New York City commissioned him to design the interiors and these pieces came from that original concept which was later released by Driade. One of the design companies here imported it for a few select clients. We even have a dining table he designed for the French President Mitterand. Its examples like these that make Consignment a truly unique buying experience, we receive some remarkable pieces by a myriad of world class design companies and get to offer these to new clients and new homes at very reasonable prices. That’s the best part of the job…it benefits both the consignor and the buyer!

2 A R AI LWAY S T, N E W M AR K E T / C O N S I G N M E N T F U R N I T U R E. C O. N Z




Denise Ferguson has been running her studio, Yoga Sanctuary, for well over a decade. She shares her journey to becoming a wellness icon in the seaside village of Mairangi Bay.


Long before yoga was the word on everyone’s lips, Yoga Sanctuary was establishing its foundations. It started out as a vinyasa studio—the yoga practice often described as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga—and has evolved into a hub of diverse offerings.

experience and share all I know,” she says. “They’re holistic wellness retreats because your brain chemistry creates new pathways during the time, so we eat well and don’t indulge in alcohol. I prefer to knock you out of the norm so that you can develop better habits.”

IT STARTED WITH VINYASA “Yoga Sanctuary was one of the first vinyasa studios in Auckland,” says Denise. “I purchased the business 13 years ago when it was three years old. I was 29 so I’ve virtually grown up with the business.”

HEALING Denise says yoga practice is one of the places where she can feel euphoric and credits it with helping her to deal with some strong emotions. “I used to have anxiety and panic attacks but breathing, meditation and yoga have cured me,” she says.

Denise had been living in Aspen for four years prior, which was where she ‘fell' into her profession. “I was a bit of a party girl and waitressing to pay for my travels when I got shin splints from snowboarding and running, so a friend suggested I try yoga. I was sold from that first class.”

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE TEACHER She emphasises that a good teacher is crucial if you’re after that same yoga high and healing. “Having a good teacher is the difference between night and day,” she says. “That’s why I search for the best; there are thousands of yoga teachers around, but only a few good ones.”

A FAKE & A FRAUD Having found her destiny, Denise trained as a teacher and on her return to Auckland bought the Yoga Sanctuary. “I was a bit of a wild card and people called me a fake and a fraud for being emotional and not hiding my true nature, but the one thing I’ve always been proud of is that I’ve always expressed myself with exuberance and I’ve always been committed to my practice and my business. Yoga grounds me, it’s my anchor.” THE STUDIO The studio now offers vinyasa, restorative, yin, kundalini, and kids and teens yoga, along with teacher training and retreats. “I don’t diversify until I feel we’ve reached perfection,” says Denise. “Our ethos is hands-on. I only hire people who love what they do, and who are genuine. If you’re not genuine you’re not going to join us.” RETREATS Denise also runs annual retreats in the Coromandel, and is hosting her inaugural Bali retreat this August. “I bring my

THE ‘LOOK’ She acknowledges some people can feel pressure to be a ‘perfect yogi’ by wearing the yoga gear and being flexible as all heck. “Trends aren’t always as they seem,” says Denise. “Yoga doesn’t always look a certain way - whether you have stuffed knees, are overweight, suffer anxiety, or are a beerswilling sailor if you’re committed to your practice you’re a perfect yogi. Don’t judge and don’t ever let anyone judge you.” YOGINI TIPS • Find the teacher and studio who makes you feel good, comfortable and like they’re there for you. • You don’t have to go to yoga every day but you do have to go regularly. • Find what works for you, slow and steady really does win the race in this case. • If you’re showing up, you’re doing it right.

YO G A S AN C T UARY 1 S T F L O O R, 1 M O N T R O S E T E R R AC E, M AI R AN G I B AY 021 488 613 / YO G A S AN C T UARY. C O. N Z

Live fully, Love madly, Breathe deeply

Denise Ferguson


Three’s Company 18

The doctors at Clinic 42 are like a jazz trio playing to their individual strengths to create a united practice that always puts their patients front and centre

Clinic 42 looks for all the world like the sort of house in fairytales—all charming lead-light windows and pretty roses out front; not a place of business. Yet, that’s precisely what it is: a slick, highly functioning Epsom cosmetic medicine clinic, run by three supremely talented doctors. Doctors Joanna Romanowska, Lynn Theron and Ellen Selkon are most excited, not by their spreadsheets, but the business they’ve created over the course of 20 years. It is a place their patients feel safe and choose to keep coming back to while referring friends and family. “It was always about the patient, not about the transaction. I don’t know how many times I’ve sent a patient home saying, 'No, you don’t need such-and-such a treatment’. It’s always been about making the patient look good, not our bottom line,” says Joanna. It was Joanna’s idea to start a clinic before the term cosmetic medicine was even coined because she couldn’t find anyone doing it to the technical and ethical standard she felt was required.

The former GP, who practised in Mangere, knew Lynn from their native South Africa. As young women they even flatted together in Auckland when they first moved here which "boded well for having a business together”. When Joanna trained as a doctor, her expectation was that she’d be working with her hands, but that wasn’t the case with her GP work. She found cosmetic medicine a wonderful outlet for her creativity. For Lynn, the artistry of cosmetic medicine also appealed. “The last thing I think about before I go to sleep at night is somebody’s face and what I can do.” It balances her work two days in the emergency department of Auckland Hospital. “ED keeps me real. It reminds me of the vulnerability of self,” she explains. Eight years ago, fellow ex-pat South African doctor, Ellen Selkon, became interested in cosmetic medicine and joined as an equal partner. From the beginning, rather than operating as individual practitioners under one roof, they paid themselves a salary so there was no competition for patients.


Left-right: Dr Eloise Dickie, Dr Lynn Theron (director), Dr Joanna Romanowska (director), Dr Ellen Selkon (director)

All bring different skills. Ellen is acknowledged as the financial and business whizz. She built a large GP practice in west Auckland with her husband and, although they sold it last year, still works there two days a week, with two days devoted to Clinic 42. “I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but my second choice would be an accountant. I look at figures and they tell me a story.” Joanna is recognised as the pioneer, the doctor who, once she’s confident about the safety of a procedure, is the early adopter. The one who enthusiastically embraced PRP treatments, thread lifts and the more effective use of cannulas to inject filler, rather than needles.

many other clinics, so patients never feel rushed, or that they’re being upsold. Success to them is a clinic in which the practitioners are all highly skilled medically trained professionals, that was founded on ethics, and cost-effective cosmetic medicine that delivers natural-looking results. In other words, “You won’t leave looking weird”, says Joanna.

Lynn is the gregarious creative one whose influence can be seen everywhere from the images on the website, to the logo, to the art on the walls and the marketing collateral. Together, says Joanna, they are more than the sum of their individual parts: "We are the power of three.” They’ve built a clinic that is successful, yes, but they’re most excited by the commitment to having longer appointment times than

C L IN IC 4 2.CO.N Z


Your Wish Is Their Command The two Jennys of Personal Concierge NZ Limited WO R D S — J E N N A M O O R E

Modern life can be busy, full and overwhelming, which is why the two Jennys at Personal Concierge are standing by to offer order, balance, and freedom.

NOT A FAIRYTALE While that may sound too good to be true, the team at Personal Concierge’s raison d'être is to simplify your life and take care of the things you don’t want to do or can’t get round to so you can spend your time on what’s meaningful to you. SERVICING A NEED Jenny Peploe founded Personal Concierge in 2009, to provide a service to personal contacts needing help which, for many clients, she says, “is helping to keep households running smoothly”. Since then the business has grown both in terms of the team and the broad range of requests from the likes of corporate companies, women juggling careers and homes, and people living offshore. A WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE Outsourcing is an exploding global trend that’s helping everyone from CEO’s to single parents. Last year, Jenny Fisher came on board as Jenny Peploe’s business partner to assist with the burgeoning business. Combined, the pair have vast corporate experience in marketing, general management, science and personal care, and their backgrounds underpin the efficiency, professionalism and smooth running of Personal Concierge. SETTING THE STANDARD “In the corporate world you learn to think strategically and critically about what you’re doing and there are firm processes in place across all areas including HR and finance. These ensure your business practices are tight and hold you to account,” says Jenny F. “We’ve transferred that understanding to Personal Concierge – for example, we work hard to ensure all of our suppliers meet our audit process so we can provide an extra layer of security and integrity to our clients.” “We have 11 people on our team so people management, security, and professionalism are critical factors for us as well,” says Jenny P.

“People put us in a position of trust, often we’re in their homes so we need to ensure we deliver on these critical factors,” adds Jenny F. “We understand our clients and know all too well the ‘mental load’ they carry when having to balance work life and home life because we’ve lived it ourselves. We know first-hand the juggle of getting things done to a timeline and/or running a household." YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SUPERWOMAN/SUPERMAN “We want to deliver order, balance, and freedom, that’s our mantra,” says Jenny P. “We focus on freeing people up so they can focus on their career, family or me-time – whatever it might be—to help keep them from getting too overwhelmed, and to realise it’s okay to have a support network.” “In the business world we outsource many tasks and functions, so there’s no reason why we can’t in our personal lives too. It’s that simple, and it’s accessible to everyone who sees value in outsourcing the tasks and jobs that eat into valuable downtime,” says Jenny F. “We feel very protective of our clients because we know what their lives are like so we work hard at making sure all of our processes make dealing with us simple and easy. We try to keep our communication with our clients to the essentials, we know how busy their inbox is!”

What Personal Concierge Can Do For You ERRAND SERVICES Purchasing items (flowers, prescriptions, gifts), other services (tailoring and alterations, repairs and valet services). PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Meeting tradespeople, maintenance, service, decluttering and downsizing. ESTATE MANAGEMENT We dovetail in quietly behind and get things done, whether it’s returning hire equipment or sorting household and personal belongings.

#giveusabell WHAT DOES PERSONAL CONCIERGE DO? “What we offer is a broad range of services, we get different requests every day from clients here and overseas,” says Jenny P.

BESPOKE SERVICES • Legacy videos. • Back to School and Hall of Residence purchases. • Care packs. DIARY MANAGEMENT FOR ABSENT CLIENTS • Management of property/business interests if offshore. • Mail collection. • Restocking of household items for owners/guests. • Admin duties.

“It might be decluttering to downsizing – we like to call that ‘rightsizing’,” adds Jenny F. “Or taking people who have relocated on an orientation tour of the city.”

BUSINESS ADMIN SUPPORT • HR • Finance support • Event management • Project management

“We oversee renovations, meet with tradespeople or manage the entire project,” says Jenny P. “The list of what we can do is diverse, we even have an HR/recruitment specialist and an event manager on our team, so we have specialists in certain areas. A growing area is providing support to families who might be overseas and need assistance with their business, property or family here.

DEDICATED APARTMENT CONCIERGE SERVICES • Exclusive services to apartment owners. • Admin / EA duties

"We tell people if it’s not on the list ask us. As long as it’s morally, ethically and legally OK we’ll find a way. We’re solution focused, it’s our job to get things done for our client as efficiently as possible without any fuss.”

We are solution focused, it's our job to get things done

RELOCATION AND MOVING SERVICES • Including orientation to the community EVENT MANAGEMENT • Management of events. • Organisation of staff/facilitation of services and venues. TRAVEL SERVICES • Itinerary development, special need facilitation, and travel documentation support. FACILITATING PERSONAL CARE SERVICES • Post surgery care, new parent support, etc.


GIFT CARDS • Giving the gift of time to acknowledge an occasion, celebration or corporate recognition.


Robyn & Francesca Jones

Of Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant and Augustus Bistro WO R D S — J E N N A M O O R E

Twenty-five years ago, when Robyn Jones and her then-husband, now business partner, Nick started Mudbrick on Waiheke Island, they were exploring new territory and neither had a vision for what it would grow into. Nor did they dream that their (not even yet thought-of) daughter would join them in the business.

Mudbrick emerged from humble beginnings as a bare lifestyle block with incredible views that Robyn and Nick – both reluctant accountants with no knowledge of horticulture - spent every weekend planting with shelterbelts, trees, and vines, most of which died. THE VINEYARD DREAM “The idea was for it to be a vineyard but it morphed into so much more,” says Robyn. “We built what was to be a barn/ house/winery out of mudbricks because I loved the look of them. Nick wasn’t sure but acquiesced when he discovered mudbrick buildings provide perfect conditions for ageing and storing wine.”


A HIDDEN GEM “We wanted to create a local friendly format and kept it pretty much the same though we added more plants - we love plants,” says Robyn. “This building is romantic and beautiful. In cities like New York people seek out the hidden gems, we want this to be Auckland’s hidden gem.” “People can come for a meal or just to have a glass of wine,” says Francesca. “We’ve drawn from different parts of Europe with the menu, using what’s in season and the ‘best of’.”

While they were waiting for their first vintage to mature, Francesca was born, followed by Oscar. “We didn’t even have a room for Francie then so she lived in the closet,” smiles Robyn.

THE MENU Mouth-watering temptations are already earning them accolades and include goats cheese croquettes with honey and almonds, freshly shucked Kaipara oysters with chardonnay vinaigrette, and a house-smoked beetroot medley with pickled red onions, medjool dates, walnuts and vine-ashed goat’s cheese.

MUDBRICK CAFÉ One night while sipping wine and taking in their view the couple decided to start a café. “We didn’t have any experience in hospitality and we quickly learned I was the worst waitress and that you need experienced staff,” says Robyn.

WORKING TOGETHER Francesca works between Augustus and Mudbrick about 50/50 and Robyn commutes regularly. The pair have a close relationship and enjoy working together. “We’re pretty similar so it’s amazing,” says Francesca.

MUDBRICK RESTAURANT & VINEYARD Fast forward to 2019 and Mudbrick is renowned for spectacular views, a notable vineyard, outstanding gardens offering both aesthetic beauty and produce, and an award-winning restaurant and wedding venue with a variety of stunning accommodation options. “Mudbrick is a place to come to and enjoy - I call it pure relaxation,” says Robyn.

“It’s fantastic working with Francie - we hired her for her marketing skills but her role is more of a junior operations manager now,” adds Robyn. “She’s involved in the big picture. It can be tough because some of our team have known her since she was a baby - I’m about to go to Italy for six weeks, which will overlap with Nick’s holiday so Francesca will be holding the fort.

“It’s romantic,” adds Francesca. “People get engaged there, they go on first dates there, and they get married there. It's about love, Mudbrick was built on love and we adore how romantic it is. We enjoy creating that ambience.”

“When you have a business you have to live and breathe it. I can text Francie anytime night and day and say, ‘What do you think of this?' It’s like having a buddy, I haven’t had that before, I’ve always been the boss. We support each other emotionally.”

AUGUSTUS BY MUDBRICK Last year, they added Augustus in Ponsonby to the fold to bring a touch of Mudbrick magic to Auckland. Housed in the historic Post Office building on the corner of St Marys Road, Augustus has a casual European feel with a monochrome interior and ubiquitous potted plants.

WOMEN IN HOSPITALITY Robyn says you need that support in hospitality. “The kitchen’s still quite male-dominated - there’s a smattering of women but not many, and out front is the last bastion of sexism. A drunk customer being disrespectful to a waitress is not uncommon. He’s not going to act like that with his PA, offices have evolved since Mad Men times and there are rules, but not in our case.

Formerly a fine dining French restaurant, they kept the name and décor while creating a more relaxed vibe underpinned with the Mudbrick stamp of inimitable food and a stellar wine list. And true to its pedigree, Augustus also presents the perfect inner-city wedding venue.

When you’re dealing with people who are drinking they change. It requires an amazing skillset. I think wait people are very underrated—the good ones are very clever. It’s a funny industry because no one talks about these things but I think it’s important to as a way to move society forward.”

A U G U S T U S B I S T R O. C O. N Z • M U D B R I C K. C O. N Z


Introducing 100% Plant-Based Fast Food


Ethical plant-based fast food? Yes, indeedy. Lord Of The Fries is here to serve you, to serve the planet and to serve your taste buds. In 2016, Baksho and Bruce Craig were on route to Bali when volcanic activity grounded them in Melbourne. While there, Bruce, a long-time vegan, and vegetarian Baksho, discovered Lord Of The Fries (LOTF), an Australian based plant-based fast food offering with a cult following. “We thought ‘wow, we’ve got to bring this to New Zealand’,” says Baksho.

MAY 2019

“We care a lot” Landing In New Zealand Bruce and Baksho delivered LOTF to Kiwis over two years ago, first opening in downtown Auckland, and the quickly adding stores on K’Road, Wellington's Cuba Street and Brecon Street in Queenstown. A Family Affair The couple’s three children all pitched in. “They’ve all made burgers and painted walls at LOTF,” says Baksho. Pippa, 26, and Bella, 24, now live in London, but 15-yearold Lauchie is a LOTF regular. The ‘Famous’ Menu LOTF fries are — appropriately - famous and their awardwinning burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, and onion rings also rank highly. They’re made in 100 percent meatfree kitchens using mock beef patties, fakin’ bacon, and chick’n, or phish topped with fresh trimmings such as cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion, along with tangy pickles, mustard, ketchup and their 12 dipping sauces including the LOTF ‘favourite’ Parisian garlic aioli mayo. The Ingredients “We use ingredients made from pea protein, beetroot extract, mushroom and beetroot fibre, textured vegetable protein, and Angel Food supply our cheese. Recently we also added vegan corn dogs from the South Island,” says Baksho. “We cook in vegetable oil and our wedges are made the old fashioned way with the skins on. Our ‘chicken’ was featured in Metro magazine as one of the top 12 fried chicken choices in Auckland last year.” Beyond Meat The conventional-looking premium meat patties are made with Beyond Meat, whose investors include environmentalist heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Gates. Made from pea proteins and beetroot extract, they taste and look just like meat patties, but come without the high water and land use, effluent run off or the greenhouse emission created in the production of animal meat. Naughty But Nice “LOTF is based on the concept of food made with love, not animals,” says Baksho. “We also cater for low gluten, kosher and halal needs and we’ve just added a kids' menu. I’m very proud of it because I don’t think there are any other ethical fast food menus for children.”


Baksho says LOTF is still naughty comfort food. “Our mission is not to change people’s eating habits, but to offer the same delicious foods with the added benefit of being plant-based.” And it’s proving popular with vegetarians, vegans, omnivores and flexitarians alike for its positive impact on the planet as much as its plantbased philosophy and great taste. Climate Change The Guardian in the UK recently reported: “avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet”. Tim Lang, a professor of food policy says, “the world cannot go on producing meat at the rate it’s doing without destroying ecosystems. Something has to break – at the moment, it’s the planet.” Community Minded Baksho, who’s originally from the UK, has previously founded a number of successful ventures all with a community spirit. One was the annual fairy festival in Ellerslie. The Herald lauded her as an unsung hero and she also won a community service award from Rotary. Eighteen years on it’s still going strong. “It was my way of teaching my children how to give,” says Baksho. Then came Born, an organic mother and baby store in Remuera, which was awarded for its excellence in retail by Top Shop. “We had a lounge in the middle of the shop where people could sit and we held things like breastfeeding classes,” she says. Making A Difference Baksho also is a co-founder of Wisdom Windfall I, a project helping people live a life of purpose. “I’ve always been curious about what it is to be human,” says Baksho who’s a trained hypnotherapist, reiki master, and life coach. I believe we get stuck in limiting beliefs and I’ve developed a process to help us break through that. "This is who I am, but it’s not just about me; it’s always about teams of beautiful people. We like to work with likeminded people who have the same vision. My dream is for LOTF to be involved in as many community projects as possible. My dream is for Lord of the Fries to become a household name around the world. We need to support the planet.”





Verve meets...

Cherie Metcalfe of Pepper & Me

Cherie Metcalfe (30) lives in the Bay of Plenty with husband Shannon kids Pepper (3) and Kit (8 months). Cherie is a chef by trade, and launched her business Pepper & Me almost three years ago. They now have seven staff in two units, making, packaging and shipping the most delightful spice rubs, salt blends, sauces, crumbs and cooking pastes - which have proved to be a huge hit all over the country. This is the story of Cherie's journey with Pepper & Me.


My food journey prior to Pepper & Me began when I was 15, waitressing in a local restaurant - I was always drawn to the food and eventually convinced the owners to let me have a crack in the kitchen, helping out with the desserts and salads. I eventually moved up the ranks and then made the move across the ditch to cook on Hamilton Island for a few years. I went on to work on a super yacht for a couple of years, travelling the world and cooking, learning about the local produce and cuisine at every port. The markets, fresh food and culture just spark absolute passion - I guess Pepper & Me is my way of bringing this passion into the homes of busy families, bored of cooking the same old same old weeknight meals. The idea has always been that by throwing some Pepper & Me at any meat or Veg, you'll make an amazing meal full of vibrant flavour, quickly and easily at home - without the fuss of needing twenty ingredients. My daughter was the first to be christened Pepper (a name I had read in a book a long time ago and always loved) so when it came to deciding on a name for my potential business venture (at this stage the idea was a market stall selling two or three products) Pepper was three months old, and the market squad was just her and I. Pepper and Me. We actually decided on the name before we knew what the products were going to be! It just fits perfectly. The first inspiration I had for products actually came from my own breastfeeding journey with Pepper. The ‘Whatevz mum salt’ is a powerful blend of lactation boosting whole spices and himalayan pink salt sprinkled with citrus and dill,

which is a pretty magic milk maker. This product inspired the original spice pastes, and then as my journey with feeding ended, my focus gradually changed to fit a different target market. We have the Man Grind (lemon, herb and garlic spiked salt) and the Man rub (Smokey BBQ rub) that were originally fathers day special products - and now probably the most popular. It’s just the perfect gift for blokes who are hard to buy for, as well as being family friendly Staple ingredients in so many households now. My current favorite products are the Wing A Ling A Ding Dong sauce (a beautifully balanced Hot sauce - mild enough for most people to enjoy) because i am an avid hot sauce lover and our ‘Get Lit’ Chipotle BBQ sauce. I love having a savoury sugar free BBQ sauce that’s absolutely packed with flavor in every drop, yet has none of the syrupy sweetness usually found in a BBQ sauce. The hint of smokey spice rounds it off perfectly, always a winner around the dining table. I honestly can't pick a best seller, but during the colder months the Mexican, tandoori and moroccan cooking pastes are used in most curries, slow cooker dishes or hot pots, whereas during summer, The Mother Dukkah is great sprinkled on salad, and the wok sauce perfect with fresh crispy vegetables. You can purchase directly from Pepperandme.co.nz - orders usually ship the same day and are delivered overnight. It’s a pretty quick turnaround, the girls in the warehouse do an amazing job. However if you wanted to have a look at the physical products, we now have around 25 stores stocking

P E P P E R AN D M E. C O. N Z — 16 / 16 PAE R AN G I P L AC E, TA U R I KO C H E R I E@ P E P P E R AN D M E. C O. N Z — 02 7 919 4267 — 07 7 7 7 0239


our Pepper and Me products now, and will be working on growing that further this year. Check our online stockist map for your nearest store. In December, we launched the Pepper and Me club, which is a subscription based ($5 monthly) recipe website. We pop all our recipes straight up there, along with all the old classic fav's.. Butter chicken anyone?! There’s over three hundred recipes on the club page now, and every week we post a new Meal plan with seven fresh recipes. We do the shopping list, and keep the weekly meal plan as simple, homely food for under $120 per week. It’s been so popular, and I love to bring new recipe contributors on every month. My own personal foodie inspiration hasn’t really come via celeb chefs, more the places ive visited and people I have come across. Whilst in Russia, we met a Babushka who made borscht and stroganoff, and shared her recipes with me. The way that each culture has these amazing dishes featuring whatever is easily grown or caught in that particular region is just so inpiring to me - im always digging through my old recipe books and finding ways to simplify these recipes by just adding P & M instead of all these different spices. I get creative when there is fresh new season produce in veggie stores, or my dad gets a fancy new BBQ. It doesn’t take much to spark my interest when it comes to food, I just adore it in every state. Being a young woman finding her way in business has taught me so much over the past few years. Every day I learn

something - usually from my mistakes! Every day I grow and become a better boss, a better mum and have more confidence in my ability to run a successful business. My top tips for anyone who’s just starting out? There are no secrets to success. It’s about perseverance, hard work, dedication and learning from your mistakes. It’s so important to love and have a passion for what you are doing! Worry about getting that right first, and the money will come later. Find a good support network, who believe in your business purpose. A sounding board that you trust. Sometimes my best ideas or decisions have come after a coffee with trusted friends. My favourite part about running Pepper & Me is that my hard work has paid off in terms of being able to manage my own time. That was always the priority, to have a great family/ work balance - and we have finally achieved that goal. I trust my staff 100% to get the job done on a day to day basis that leaves me free to grow the business, work on new ideas, projects and creative development, in a schedule that fits in with naps and coffee dates. I feel so lucky!

P E P P E R AN D M E. C O. N Z — 16 / 16 PAE R AN G I P L AC E, TA U R I KO C H E R I E@ P E P P E R AN D M E. C O. N Z — 02 7 919 4267 — 07 7 7 7 02 39


Scottish Pacific


Each Scottish Pacific client is supported by super-efficient, diverse and friendly sales and operations team members. They are without a doubt an invaluable extension for any small to medium size business. Pictured here are team members (left to right), Baldish, Linda, Shirley and Maria.

Few in the financial industry are as trusted as Scottish Pacific Business Finance, Australasia’s “largest specialist provider of working capital solutions” for small and medium sized businesses, with fully operational offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. Each hub is helmed by its own general manager, while the cumulative finance experience of the executive management team stretches for more than a century. The multi-award-winning institution, now into its fourth decade, has been voted the best cashflow lender at The Adviser magazine’s Non-Bank Lender Awards three years on the bounce. Further cementing the respect that Scottish Pacific commands among its peers, more than 80 percent of new clients are referred through accountants, banks, commercial finance brokers and similar such business advisers. “It was actually my accountant who recommended Scottish Pacific to me when my business was about to have huge growth,” says Debbie, who heads an Auckland-based recruitment and contractors agency. “I can say that, without fail, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful without them.” Debbie continues that whenever she has a problem, or is seeking to expand or “do new things”, she simply picks up the phone. “They’ve always said that not to worry if there’s something I’m struggling with, to just go talk to them and they’ll try to make it happen, whether it be financial or general business advice. The support is amazing.”

Such sentiments are echoed by Jennifer, who runs a boutique media and advertising company, also in Auckland, with business-partner Danni. “We are a small business so choosing Scottish Pacific was a no-brainer,” she says. “We have an assigned account manager who we liaise with on a daily basis. If we have clients that are slow payers or don’t pay at all, then Scottish Pacific follow it up—I must email them six times some days! And they’re always available for phone calls.” This is especially pertinent in the advertising industry where regular clients often become friends. “It removes the stress of us having to call up about unpaid invoices,” Jennifer continues. “You are one removed, so that you don’t feel like the bad guy chasing the money! It’s better for our business relationships all round.” “You can’t run a business without good cash flow,” adds Danni. “Being a small business, it takes time and resources to send out statements and collect bills yourselves. Scottish Pacific removes that hassle. I don’t think that we could operate without them.” Aside from the hands-on, personal—and personable— approach, Scottish Pacific also operates an online tool called the Client Internet Portal that allows its clients to keep track of their accounts.

0 8 0 0 72 6 8 7 2 — S C O T T I S H PA C I F I C . C O M/ N Z — LV L 4, 32 - 34 M AH U H U C R E S, A U C K L AN D

SOME MORE ON SCOTTISH PACIFIC SERVICES Signing up with Scottish Pacific does not entail taking on more debt, rather clients receive advances against money that is already owed. This enables an increase in spending power and improvement in cash flow while freeing up funds tied up in unpaid invoices. Real estate security is never required.

SOLUTIONS INCLUDE INVOICE FINANCE Secured against outstanding money owed to clients, this is aimed at small to medium sized businesses, including start-ups, limited companies and sole traders.Simply invoice a customer, and within 24 hours Scottish Pacific will pay up to 80% of the value of that invoice with the remaining 20% paid (minus fees) once the invoice is settled SELECTIVE INVOICE FINANCING

“The online system allows you to log in and check up on what’s been done on your behalf,” says Jennifer. “Whether it be the clients who have and haven’t paid, and the phone calls that have been made.” “It’s also extremely useful for our accountants come the end of the tax year,” says Danni. “They can access those online reports without the need for us to sift though all our paperwork and present it to them. It’s a very efficient system.” “Once you get a handle on using the that portal, it’s smooth sailing from there,” Debbie says. “And if my main guy isn’t available, then he’ll always call back within the hour. Obviously there is a cost to such a service, but it meant that I was able to grow from a staff of 20 to 200. That’s difficult to do if you’re always waiting for clients to pay.” Debbie believes that business owners need to get out of the mindset of thinking banks are the only route to business capital. “I’m a woman in a very male-dominated industry, so to start out on my own was a very big deal,” she says. “Scottish Pacific supported me the whole way and I wouldn’t be sitting where I am now without them.” Names in this article have been changed to protect clients’ privacy. Contact Scottish Pacific directly for specific references.

This on-demand line of credit allows clients to choose specific invoices they would like funding against, while the flexible fee structure allows the choice of funding periods. The shorter the period, the cheaper the finance. TRADE FINANCE This form of working capital is aimed at importers and exporters, allowing the former to access funding to pay suppliers before goods have been received and sold for profit; and the latter to funding until an overseas customer has settled their bill.


0 8 0 0 72 6 8 7 2 — S C O T T I S H PA C I F I C . C O M/ N Z — LV L 4, 32- 34 M AH U H U C R E S, A U C K L AN D




“We do need more women in business,” says Diane Stephenson, founder of legendary bridal and event wear store, Modes. “We need more women on boards, and more women to chair boards too. Women bring a different vision, they bring empathy and a holistic approach. You need that balance. You can’t fill a rock pool with just crustaceans! You need diversity for survival.”


The rock pool analogy is a nod to Diane’s former training as marine biologist. One of her earliest dreams was to establish a mussel farm, and under Professor John Morton, was part of the team that helped establish New Zealand’s first marine park at Goat Island, as well as planting some of the native canopy trees you see on Tiritiri Matangi today. She still takes a keen interest in the environment, and has visited Antarctica on a Russian science icebreaker, as well as the Galapagos Islands. Immediately before moving into fashion and retail, Diane worked as a maths, science and biology teacher. Though Diane rues the dearth of dames across so many of Aotearoa’s upper echelons, she admits that it’s not an issue she has ever faced in her final chosen profession. “In my industry, there is no problem, many of my closest friends and supporters are male,” she says. “It’s a tough industry to be in, but everyone helps each other. There is total equality, without issue. However, after my father passed away, I had to spend some time with accountants and lawyers and was quite shocked by the chauvinism, arrogance, lack of lateral vision, and lack of homework!” The no-nonsense Newmarket icon sure shoots from the hip, also directing her ire at the upcoming Westfield mall (“they removed 3,000 carparks while building”), Sunday trading (“I’m not religious, I just believe in being a balanced human”), and brides that “hunt in packs” (“it’s better when they just come with Mum”). However, Diane’s passion is palpable, and she can be charmingly self-deprecating, too. She also takes pride in her integrity, calling out—but not naming—a competitor that

recently sold the same dress to five different young ladies all attending the same ball. Modes, she says, has lost sales over the years for refusing to employ such tactics that guarantee to ruin that special night for so many girls. On making alterations to clothing for her older clientele, Diane refers to herself as “the master of the gusset!”: “I’ve put on weight over the years too, so I understand what they need!” On choosing a wedding dress, she regales me with all the things that must be taken into consideration—aside from the fact it can take up to half-a-year to order and a couple of fittings to alter such a “complex product”, sourced from Europe—like the appropriateness of the gown for the venue, the figure, the skin tone, the light, the temperature, the final dance, and of course any cultural or religious influences. Even the width of the gown can be a factor ensuring dad and daughter fit down the aisle together. I wonder if she has to deal with an abundance of bridezillas. “No, the bridesmaids are usually a little more difficult! They are not the brides. They have to wear a colour that perhaps doesn’t suit them, and having to get three, four, or five differently shaped women to agree is not easy. I’ve had maybe two bridezillas over my time here, but 99 percent of our brides are an absolute pleasures to deal with.” That time spans an incredible 35 years. When Diane established Modes she was one of four fashion outlets, with Smith and Caughey’s, Saks, and 3 Bears; now “there are over 400!”. “One of the reasons I’m still in the industry is that there’s never any time to get bored,” she says. “You’re always looking

One of the reasons I’m still in the industry is that there’s never any time to get bored.”

forward, there’s always so much going on that you just can’t stop to think about anything else.” She is fiercely proud to live and work in Newmarket, and shops there “religiously”. “I frequent the cafés, my doctor’s here, and the Rialto’s great for the staff film night” says Diane. “My daughters went to school here [she has two daughters, and her partner has another four], it’s an amazing little hub, and I enjoyed the ten years protecting Nuffield Street and Newmarket Park on community projects such as as ten years chairing the business association.” But, with one eye on retirement, Diane and her partner have recently bought a bolthole in Matakana near Goat Island where she can share her passion for the environment with her family. “I’ve taken them around the marine reserve and seen some snapper that possibly I first met 40 years ago! They will continue to entertain thousands of snorkellers for many years to come,while contributing to the snapper stock in the area.” Diane describes the property as typically Kiwi, a “minimalist barnhouse” with covenanted native bushland and marine access through mangroves to the beach: “There are even glowworms under the ferns on the driveway.” She’s already experimenting with possible tourist opportunities (“A fivestar host!”), such as Maori medicine and cooking classes, or chutney and relish weekends. When Diane does finally shut up shop for good, she plans to take up painting with watercolours. But, she’s not there just yet. There’s also an on-site mobile home on her Matakana property that Diane lends to her "loyal staff" for weekend breaks. “It provides work-life balance and makes their job

more enjoyable,” she says. “It’s hard work dealing with the public, and dealing with up to 300 people on a Saturday for example can be physically quite taxing.” I ask about advice for those considering coming into the industry and Diane says that it’s most certainly not for the work-shy or the faint-hearted. “You need to have good people skills, not only with the customers, but for the diverse collection of staff and suppliers, and be mindful of cultural differences. It’s not just about being creative and managing money, but managing people, too.” Such bonds are what brings the most rewards. “I enjoy people, and I enjoy travelling,” says Diane. “As part of my job I have visited ancient artisan mills in Italy and met very talented people with impressive skills. One fine friend whom I haven’t seen for about five years as he lives abroad is about to celebrate his sixtieth so we’re all going to Marrakesh. It’s these such things that I would most miss—certainly not having a lease and constantly negotiating rent hikes, so more control over my destination would be a bonus!”

M O D E S. C O. N Z M O D E S • S h op 2/ 1 6 0 Broa d way, Newm a rket ( ne x t t o f l igh t ce nt re ) • 0 9 5 2 0 2 73 0 M O D E S B R I DAL • S u i te 9, 1 6 0 Broa d way, Newm a rke t • 0 9 5 2 0 60 7 0


MAKING FACES Well-known for making faces beautiful for television and magazines, makeup artist Nikki Lovrich is turning her hand to creating faces with paint and canvas.


WO R D S — J E N N A M O O R E

“I dreamt of becoming an artist, but I failed school certificate art,” muses Nikki Lovrich as we gaze at a series of brightly hued painted faces Nikki calls The Flower Girls. 32

BRUISED CONFIDENCE Growing up in a close family with her younger sister, Victoria, Nikki’s drawn faces since she was a child. The sisters attended Baradene College, which was where Nikki’s artistic confidence was so bruised: “I was always a good artist, so when I got 48.5 percent in School C I was devastated. I didn’t conform, I wasn’t a realist.” MAKEUP ARTISTRY Working part-time in a model agency as a model and booker while studying fashion design it was, ironically, Nikki’s skill with a makeup brush that soon saw her heading up the makeup school. “It’s quite strange, it was almost instinctive and I fell into it really. My first shoot was a magazine cover so I think it was in my DNA,” says Nikki. TRAVELLING THE WORLD When a photographer mentioned he could give her a lot of work direct, Nikki made the leap to self-employment. “I was earning $195 weekly at the agency and freelance work paid $180 a day,” she says. “I worked with the main magazine editors and my first big shoot was on Dunk Island followed by a week at Huka Lodge working with a young Rachel Hunter. We travelled a lot—to the Maldives, Bali, Thailand, Vanuatu, and Surfers Paradise.” TOP MODEL Meanwhile, Victoria had begun modelling. “She was a skinny teen, but at 20/21 she filled out and became one of our top models,” says Nikki. “There was a clique of models at the time and we were all good friends.”

FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS On the side, the girls and their mother Anna founded Love Industries. “We sold Tin Tees - t-shirts packaged in tins and greeting cards printed with images from my father’s selection of 1940s encyclopedias,” says Nikki. “They were amazing. Copyright runs out after 50 years so we were able to use them.” A couple of years later, the t-shirt designs moved to black and white graphics of Nikki’s faces. “That’s when I started drawing again,” she says. “I hadn’t drawn anything serious since I’d failed School C.” FLYING HIGH Inspired when Victoria’s son Tanner was born Nikki began painting for children, although she was so busy there wasn’t much time to dabble. “I was training staff for Air New Zealand in Los Angeles and London, appearing onscreen as a makeup artist for the television show 10 Years Younger, I was very involved in New Zealand Fashion Week and I’d begun beauty writing,” says Nikki. “My career was the best and busiest it had ever been.” A BROKEN HEART But then it all came crashing down. Victoria was diagnosed with cancer. “That was the day my world changed forever— my own life immediately took a back seat,” she says. Two and a half years later the family lost their beloved ‘Tor. PICKING UP THE PIECES Putting her career on the back burner Nikki helped bring Tanner up. “It was important to us to keep our family together,” she says. “We’ve always been ridiculously close—including with our extended family. We have dinner together, we go on holidays together; I felt I had to give Tanner what ‘Tor would have given him—the music, the love, the family.”


10 YEARS This year marked Victoria’s 10-year anniversary. “Over the years I’ve continued working as a makeup artist and wardrobe stylist and I do beauty writing on my website, but many times I’ve felt like I was going through the motions. Grief tends to dilute creative passion, I think you do what you have to do to survive,” says Nikki.

Nikki Lovrich in her studio with her painting, Veronica

FINDING ART SPACE “Then one day a friend—whose mother is an amazing artist—suggested we have an art day. So I drew one of my characteristic faces, and out of nowhere, I painted her face blue and suddenly saw great possibility. "I purchased canvases and paints and painted my first flower girl, I couldn’t stop once I started. I called her Rosalie after my friends mother. Work was quiet pre-election, so I painted the entire time. I did 10 paintings.” THE FLOWER GIRLS Nikki calls her paintings The Flower Girls as a collective and each one is named. After Rosalie came Sophie, Chloe, Veronica, Alexis, Georgette, Carmen, and Whitney. They’re vivid, vibrant, bright and colourful and inspired by Nikki’s love of the islands, vintage Hawaiian style, '70s fashion, and '80s pop art. Nikki Lovrich and her sister Veronica

“They’re the girls’ faces I’d drawn as a child but they’ve matured. My art has finally grown up." MARY LIZZIE My most popular painting (so far) is Mary-Lizzie who is named after my grandmother. She took us to Hawaii in 1975 which was the beginning of a regular pilgrimage and became our special family place—it’s the place that inspires much of my art and where I feel especially close to ‘Tor.”







In 2018, Wellington-based plumbing company Hutt Gas and Plumbing took home the Master Plumber of the Year award, making headlines as it was not only run by a woman, Colleen Upton, but employed three of the 22 women plumbing apprentices in New Zealand. Later in the year, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) held its annual Excellence Awards, with company president Jenny Parker commenting on “the growing impact women are having on New Zealand’s construction industry”. This year’s awards will take place in Auckland in September, in partnership with the Building and Construction Industry Trading Organisation (BCITO). Increasingly, women tradies are seen as an integral part of the future of Kiwi construction, with bodies such as BCITO looking to lure more ladies in.

CKG Electrical boss, Craig Kilby, says that he’s lucky to have her on his team: “There won’t be a shortage of work as the industry grows, and having keen young workers is a benefit to not only the industry, but NZ Inc. as a whole.”

More than 65,000 construction workers are needed over the next few years, half of which need to be tradequalified. Chief executive of BCITO, Warren Quinn, says that the sector is desperate for workers and the traditional workforce pool is not meeting demand, meaning increasing “gender diversity is vital”.

A sentiment echoed by Christina Rogstad, CEO of Destination Trades. “The whole thing about the industry these days is that it’s not all about brute strength,” she says. “Quite the opposite. It’s about being smart and in that regard, women and men are equally capable. Jobs that have become feminised typically have lower wages. Women who move into the construction trades make more money.”

“BCITO is working hard to figure out how it can boost female participation in the industry,” he says, “including leading a group of organisations involved in a three-year research project by the Ministry for Women and National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence.” A survey of female apprentices by BCITO found that 96 percent had strong job satisfaction, yet nearly threequarters of them had never taken part in any kind of construction-related courses at school. In fact, it’s so far off most women’s radar that more than two-thirds of all female apprentices had other jobs before they began. Case in point, Nerida Laws who worked in retail for seven years before hooking up with BCITO before securing a position with JFS Interiors in Queenstown. “Working in trades gives you a fantastic work-life balance and a steady income,” she says. “I love the team environment of working on-site and the sense of accomplishment you get when you complete a job.” Courtney Brown was in the final year of her business degree when she felt a calling for what turned out to be a role in construction, securing a role with CKG Electrical in Auckland. “I feel blessed actually,” she tells Women in Trades. “I can use my business degree to help with the admin side of the business, while at the same time I’m getting to spend every day taking on new and exciting challenges.”

With the introduction of fee free schemes that cover students’ costs for up to two years of industry-based training, Warren Quinn says that “there has never been a better time to consider a career in the trades”. “We are seeing more and more females on site,” says Paul Fallon of JFS Interiors “It might have been unusual 10 or 20 years ago, but it’s almost commonplace now. While the work can be physical, there’s minimal heavy lifting. There are no ways in which women are any better or worse than the guys.”


Career prospects for some of the most popular trades with the ladies CRANE OPERATOR $18-35 per hour; less than two years training; average demand. ELECTRICIAN $42,000-70,000 per year; 3-4 years training; demand is high. TELECOMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN $39,000-70,000 per year; four years training; in high demand. ROOFER $14-40 per hour; training varies; demand is high. PLUMBER, GASFITTER, DRAINLAYER $52,000-79,000; training lasts 2-4 years; these trades are in high demand.



Chelsea Nikkel

Tanya Barlow

Chelsea Nikkel, known as Princess Chelsea, is an internet pop sensation previously in the band The Brunettes. She had a rare New Zealand tour in October and November 2018, to celebrate the release of her upcoming third studio album The Loneliest Girl. The album was recorded between 2016 and 2017 in her home studio in West Auckland. Some of her inspirations are Nancy and Lee, Guns N Roses, Morrissey, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Eminem, and Enya to name a few. The New Zealand Herald described her having "angelic vocals and acerbic wit".

Tanya Barlow is a hair, makeup and nail artist based in Auckland. She has worked as a makeup artist for almost 10 years, and trained in London based makeup school, Greasepaint and Monaco Nail Academy. Tanya has worked for the likes of feature films, countless music videos, short films, TV shows and several editorials for both print and online. She has done nails for celebrities including Rosie Hungtington-Whitely and Ruby Rose. Tanya’s business, Hello Tanya Nails, specialises in one of a kind gel-polish nail art, natural nail health, repair and growth.

Gosia Piatek

Kendall Flutey

Gosia Piatek is the founder and creative director of Kowtow, a sustainable womenswear label based in Wellington. With a passion for doing something meaningful, ethical and sustainable, Kowtow was established in 2007. Kowtow has recently launched a swimwear collection, using recycled fishing nets. The conscious decision to use only renewable and sustainable fibres and ethical manufacturing makes Kowtow one of the top ethical fashion brands. The sustainable fibres are renewable, biodegradable and regenerated.

Kendall Flutey is the founder and CEO of Banqer, a tech entrepreneur, and is being heralded as a young Maori business leader. Launched in January 2015, Banqer was developed at a startup weekend. Banqer is an online platform for students aged 8-12 that allows students to learn about financial literacy and responsibility in an engaging and immersive way. Flutey also won the title of Young Maori Business Leader of the Year 2018. Her startup encourages students to better prepare for the financial world ahead.

Lucy Houghton

Wendy Vermeulen

Lu Diamond Flowers was established in 2013 by Lucy Houghton in her hometown of Auckland. Lucy has previously worked in the fashion industry, and she combines her creativity with unique modern style. She has created a loyal following New Zealand-wide. Lu is inspired by seasonal floral, and has custom arrangements to suit each client’s needs. Lu creates custom made floral service specialising in events, weddings and luxe gift bouquets.

Wendy Vermeulen is an internationally qualified yoga and pilates instructor, personal trainer and life coach with 30 years’ experiences in wellness. Wendy's Evolve Holistic Fitness runs retreats and workshops throughout the year. The main approach is yoga, with skills provided in fitness, breath awareness, mindfulness and more. She is also the founder of Pranabar, a modern meditation and yoga studio space located in Parnell.








Women In Business

Manage Your Travels with


Kristin Edgeworth always knew that she wanted to help other people have unbelievable travel adventures. Nowadays, she and her team of five offer a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to booking travel. Verve chats to Kristin about exciting new developments in her travel agency business. Photo left-right: Lee Smyth, Sally Brasell, Kirsty Wairepo, Jemma Vinsen, Kristin Edgeworth

What is the story behind your new 360°edge branding (formally Kristin Edgeworth Travel)? Now that there are five of us working together, I wanted to move the focus away from me, to a brand that encompasses us all. We cover 360 degrees of the world, we’re on the cutting edge of travel and are cruise experts. We know the globe, so we wanted branding that captured that. We’re incredibly proud of our new look, which we feel marries the essence of what we have always been, with a fresh new brand and feel that is a better representation of the business’s growth, and where we see our future direction. Any specialities? Cruising is such a great way to travel—you only unpack once, yet see a variety of destinations along the way. Different ships offer different styles of cruising, and with so much happening on board you can do as much or as little as you like. Finding the right ship and the right itinerary is most important, and with our vast understanding of the cruise market, this is where we can assist our clients to ensure their travel investment is right for them. And your point of difference… We offer a level of service and independent advice that other agents simply can’t offer. With in-depth product knowledge and our top-quality service, it’s in our interest to ensure clients get what is right for them, and not just pigeonhole them into a standard package. We look for unique and/or authentic experiences to ensure their holiday is the best it can be! How best to get hold of you or your team? Phone us! Travel is a huge investment and by discussing your travel requirements, we can learn more about you, to ensure that your holiday is tailor made to suit you. Top tips for when looking for a new travel agent? When choosing an agent you want someone who isn’t restrained by preferred agreements or selling products their head office or

chain dictate. You want someone who is truly interested in your travel dreams and turning them into reality. We try to find unique experiences for our clients that work with their budget, and with our expert service and attention to detail, we ensure your travel experience is the best it can be! Why is it better to work with a travel agent like yourselves, as opposed to searching out options online? We know the best way to put your travel arrangements together. Connection times at major airports are a trap for the unwary. When booking online, you might think that 90 minutes is plenty of time to connect in Los Angeles, however we know it’s not enough. Hotels are another pitfall. The website may make the hotel look lovely, but how could you know that there’s a major pub downstairs that blasts music until three in the morning, or it’s on a major intersection? QUICK FIRE QUESTIONS Favourite city destination? Vancouver for the Granville markets, Stanley Park, shopping and scenery. Barcelona for the amazing atmosphere, shopping, art and history. Hoi An for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tailors and delicious gastronomy. Favourite island destinations? Hawaii as it is a world class shopping destination, has fabulous restaurants and activities galore! The Antarctic is so vast, the wildlife incredible! Maldives is great for snorkelling and to get away from it all! Best accommodation experiences ever? Hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville: a former palace of King Alfonso XIII. Cruising the historic Rhine and Moselle rivers with Tauck onboard the MS Grace. Cruising with the likes of Silversea, seeing a variety of destinations on a small ship and then retreating to your gorgeous room for the night while you float to the next location – ideal!

09 575 4141 — 0274 333 704 — 360edge.co.nz — travel@360edge.co.nz



Signature Style's Jackie O'Fee Tell us about yourself and your career so far, how did you become a fashion stylist? I started Signature Style almost 19 years ago! Prior to that I worked in sales but it’s fair to say I spent most of my wages on fashion magazines and clothes. I have always loved fashion and so I trained in colour analysis, body shape analysis, learned how wardrobe building-blocks work and qualified as a makeup artist. So I not only understand the science behind dressing someone, I can also teach them how to look great every day.


What advice would you give an up and coming fashion stylist? Learn! This market is crowded with gals who are simply doing wardrobes and shopping with no real understanding of what works for their client. Then, dress lots and lots of people to take that knowledge to a deeper degree. How would you describe your personal style? Eclectic! I love to dress up and can wear something pretty, floaty and feminine one day and then something with a bit of a ‘rock and roll’ edge the next. I’m a big believer in playing when you get dressed – we wear so many hats in this life, why not have some fun with it? What is the biggest misconception people not working in your field have about your job? That it’s “easy” or “just so much fun” or “a dream job”. Yes, I absolutely love what I do, and it is fun but there are days where it’s hard, too. There is pressure to find the perfect pieces as I want to have a fantastic outcome for each of my clients and sometimes that’s tricky. I am keenly aware of my responsibility with my clients’ budget and finding pieces they not only love but will wear often. You also work hard – it’s physical work. I outshop most of my clients and often have to repeat that experience two or three times in a day. What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far? Wow. Tough question. There are so many! Some would be: working both behind the scenes and on-stage with Gok Wan; recruiting and training 14 stylists in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to dress each of the 5,200 Air New Zealand uniformed staff in their Trelise Cooper uniform; building Signature Style as not only a business but a respected brand; being asked to speak at countless conferences and workplaces around business dress; being nominated as columnist of the year for my management magazine columns, being a ‘prize’ for brands such as Mission Estate, Health 2000 and Roadshow entertainment; I could absolutely go on. One thing I will say is I am so grateful for the many, many cool things I’ve been able to do.

What challenges do you face as a stylist? The biggest is that Personal Styling is seasonal work and there are times during the year where it is very quiet clientwise which corresponds to what you’re earning income-wise, Sadly, as a business the bills don’t have quiet patches! How do you choose what looks work for each individual client? It all begins with them: their colouring, their body-shape and their lifestyle. Once you’ve got that, you know what to choose that is going to really look fabulous and work for them. It’s magic, but there is a science behind it. What is your favourite item in your closet? This changes constantly but today it’s my gorgeous new Adrian Hailwood dress – I can’t wait to wear it! Everyone loves a good deal, what are some of your favourite places to find budget buys? Sale racks – clothes are made for bodies, not hangers and sometimes you can find an item that has no ‘hanger appeal’ so it’s left on the sale rack. You really do need to try garments on. I also personally love to look in second hand stores (especially when travelling) and even though it can be a bit hit and miss, I’ve bought some of my all-time favourite items this way. What items do you feel are worth splurging on? The things you wear often. This is the reverse of what most of us do – how often have you spent a fortune on an outfit for an occasion and worn it once or twice? Think about what you will wear often and spend more on those items as you’ll get far better value from them. You’ll also feel great when you wear them, which is frequently, so it’s a total win. What trends are you loving right now? Floaty, floral midi-length dresses with low/mid calf boots, also the return of longer boots. I’m so loving the amount of colour on the racks this winter: cerise, red, bright yellow – it’s gorgeous! If you could choose anyone to give a makeover, who would it be and why? Anyone who is reading this thinking fashion isn’t for them and that they don’t know how to look good - I’d absolutely love to de-mystify it all and show them how they can. What's the best style advice you've ever received? Perhaps not so much style advice as life advice: when I was about 12 years old my mum told me to make sure that when I was an old lady, I had happy wrinkles. I love that. S I G N AT U R E S T Y L E . C O. N Z � 0 9 5 2 9 5 1 1 5

MAY 2019

Ingrid Memelink Linen Lover WO R D S — J E N N A M O O R E

Meet Ingrid Memelink, the woman behind the iconic Harrowset Hall and her more recent venture, The Linen Store. Photo Credit: Deborah Mcleod

Step into Harrowset Hall and The Linen Store and you’re welcomed by an abundance of exquisite bed linen, soft furnishings, and home accessories in beautiful natural fibres like cotton, silk, wool, linen and down. A European Influence “My parents, who immigrated from Holland, loved textiles and handcrafts so I learnt early how to discern the quality of fabric, and it became my passion too,” says Ingrid. “My father made violins in his spare time and my mother spent a lot of time sewing, painting and doing embroidery. European tourists love the stores and recognise many of their elements.” Supporting Local While Ingrid sources her wares globally, she spotlights local. “It’s important for me to champion the vision and courage of our small businesses and designers,” she says. “There’s so much overseas competition which makes it difficult for independent business where the focus of large format stores is on price and discounting.” Ingrid understands malls are good at what they do but acknowledges high rents and incentives for international mega-chains make it tough for smaller retailers. She stocks brands like Stansborough who produce wool on their Wairarapa farm to manufacture throws and blankets. “It’s about small volume, fair wages, sustainable business, and sharing the responsibility of all parties being profitable,” she says. “We love supporting the wholesaler community. I’m proud of that. It’s not about me getting rich and buying a helicopter, I enjoy what I do and the connection I have with suppliers and customers.” Where It All Began The story began 25 years ago when Ingrid and her partner opened Victoria’s Closet in Victoria Park Market selling lingerie and designing and making cotton and silk nightwear and pyjamas. “There was a gap in the market for natural cotton linen so we offered floral printed and striped cotton nightwear which proved hugely popular,” says Ingrid. “We called them Pauanui PJs because so many people in Pauanui wore them.” Juggling Business & Motherhood A few years in, Ingrid had her first daughter Bella and became a stayat-home mother. “I thought that was what you did, but I realised pretty quickly that the idea of women gravitating naturally to being a mum at home is a myth. It was for me anyway,” she says. “I didn’t want

to lose my identity and not utilise the skills, community, and business I’d created.” So she went back to work, taking a short break when her second daughter, Olivia, arrived. Incorporating Bed Linen Meanwhile, in the business, the success of the nightwear made adding bed linen a natural progression. “Very few people were offering cotton sheets at the time and they took off,” says Ingrid. “The bedroom was very much a hidden room then. People would spend a lot of money on their kitchen but the door to the bedroom was always closed.” Single Motherhood When she became a single working mother in early 2000, work and parenting became more of a juggle. “I understand the challenges single mothers face,” she says. “I felt like a mouse stuck on a wheel that didn’t stop. I needed a full-time nanny and found it difficult raising a mortgage as a self-employed single woman. Then just before the GFC I had a gut feeling and made the decision to move to Dunedin where I found time to breathe and find some balance.” The Auckland – Dunedin Commute Twelve years on Ingrid commutes to Auckland monthly and says the move made life more relaxed and parenting easier. “The girls are grown now; Annabella, a successful international model, is 28; and Olivia’s 19 and at Otago University,” she says. “I recently pondered what I’ve achieved and without hesitation, I can say that raising two lovely young women is my greatest achievement. Being a mother, especially a single one, hasn’t been easy, but I’ve loved that part of my life, and it comes back to you in spades as they get older. There have been extremely difficult times but I think when you survive them you learn resilience.” Harrowset Hall & The Linen Store As the girls matured, so did the business. What began as Victoria’s Closet became Harrowset Hall, picking up loyal fans along the way, including The New York Times who describe it as an Auckland mustdo. Three-and-a-half years ago, when Ingrid’s discerning eye noticed the bedroom coming out of the closet (so to speak), she founded The Linen Store aimed at townhouses, apartments, and holiday homes; they’ve also completed some custom work for yachts. “We have an exceptional range of sheeting; our staff are very competent and can give great advice on styling and quality sheeting,” says Ingrid. “People are confused about what a good sheet is as there are so many options these days so I wanted to simplify that a little bit.”



How to Start a Business WO R D S: S AR AH B O U G H T WO O D

While starting up your own business can seem daunting, there are many benefits to doing so. I started up my osteopathic clinic four-and-a-half years ago and have never looked back. With a five-month-old in tow, a change in life circumstances meant I took the plunge into the unknown and just went for it. HERE ARE SOME TIPS ON HOW TO START A BUSINESS: HAVE A DECENT WEBSITE Personally I use Wix (wix.com). There are a million different website templates for you to choose from, where you can upload your own images, logo, content and so forth. It is very simple to use, by simply dragging your item and dropping it into place. Wix is also mobile friendly, which is key in this day and age. Most of us use our phones for browsing the internet. Wix has a computer then mobile icon where you can see both formats and alter accordingly. BLOG Whether you sell items, run a clinic, or offer a service; write a blog. Google likes new content; a blog does this, and is simple to do. This could be on your latest item for sale and its benefits, a health blog, or the latest tips and tricks. Make it relevant to your business. Also, make sure you write it in a style your reader can understand, without too many technical terms. For my blog I pick a health topic or condition and then write about it, its causes, ways to self-manage, and how osteopathy can help. It does not have to be long, just wellwritten and easy to understand. My website always has the most number of new hits around when I post blogs. I try writing a blog every 1-2 weeks. SERVICE ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO words) For this I recently employed Matt from Mars Digital to help me, as I felt it really needed to be done right, especially as most patients find me through a Google search or word of mouth. SEO words refer to the terms people put into Google to find your business. This is also called an ‘organic search’,

compared to Google ad words, which I will come to soon. For me, my main targets are 'North Shore osteopath', 'pregnancy osteopath', 'Milford osteopath' and 'Takapuna osteopath'. REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS ON GOOGLE MY BUSINESS By adding your business to Google, you can track your website use and add your business to Google Maps which will also appear in ‘organic’ Google searches. When you add your business to Google Maps you will be sent a verification code to be put into Google My Business. You edit the business to include your opening hours, contact details, physical location and can upload photos of your physical premises and so on. SOCIAL MEDIA We all have a love-hate relationship with social media. There are many benefits to social media and business. I suggest setting up a Facebook and Instagram account. These can be linked, so when you upload a photo or video to Instagram it uploads it to Facebook for you. Canva.com is a great website to make social media content on. You can use one of their templates, change the colours, fonts, and upload your own images. You can make Facebook posts or Instagram posts, which means they are the correct dimensions. VLOG (Video log) Google also loves videos. At first I found this rather confronting, as I was a bit camera shy. But videos posted to both my social media and website have the greatest hits. I use my Macbook and the video function on Photobooth, so not technical at all. Once I have made the video I use the iMovie programme on my laptop. I keep the videos brief, with me demonstrating a stretch or exercise. Again, this keeps it relevant to my business. HAVE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS TAKEN Rather than stealing photos off Google, which is illegal, take the time to have professional photos taken. This can be used for your website, flyers, or social media and so forth. Nothing looks better than a professional image. I use mine for my website, blog, social media, flyers and so on.



O a r h d

The mastermind behind KiwiCo

n Li

e t e Sa M

MAY 2019

With a degree in chemical engineering and a Harvard MBA, Sandra Oh Lin could have taken her career in many directions, and in fact, she did. She began working at Procter & Gamble, and eventually landed in Silicon Valley, working at startups like PayPal and then at eBay where she led the rollout of their fashion marketplace. Under her leadership, eBay Fashion rose to a $2 billion business. 41

When she wasn’t in the office, Sandra was spending time with her two young kids and found that keeping them engaged was a second full-time job. Using her engineering mind and inherent creativity, she often set up play dates with her children's friends and their parents where they would create elaborate crafts and science experiments, and other creative hands-on projects. Intrigued by the intricate crafts as well as the educational themes, the parents encouraged her to make a business out of this concept. The idea for KiwiCo was sparked and Sandra launched the company in 2011 after market research showed that exposing children to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) concepts was important to parents, but many didn’t have the time, energy, or resources to research and execute homemade projects. Now, KiwiCo is the leading subscription box service for kids, developing award-winning, hands-on projects and activities designed to spark children’s curiosity and creativity. In today’s screen-obsessed society, KiwiCo’s mission is to encourage the next generation of tinkerers, creators, and innovators to build the creative problemsolving skills needed to succeed in life, through hands-on projects. As the original product designer, Sandra has built the company to roughly 100 employees—the largest team being the product design engineers, whose job is to ensure that each KiwiCo project delivers against that mission. The KiwiCo team spends over 1,000 hours designing and

testing each crate—and before the projects are sent into the world, they have to pass through the toughest critics: kids. Every project goes through multiple rounds of testing with kids—and no crate gets a green light without a wideeyed, “Whoa, awesome!” KiwiCo currently has seven product lines designed for toddlers all the way to young adults. From the Tadpole crate for babies up to age two, to the Eureka Crate, where kids aged 14-plus can build an actual functioning product—like a mechanical pencil sharpener or working desk lamp—there’s a line to spark the interest of every kid (and kids at heart!) KiwiCo is headquartered in Mountain View, California, where Sandra resides with her family. So why the name 'KiwiCo'? As a favourite travel destination, Sandra has a great deal of respect for the country of New Zealand—as well as its iconic bird. “I loved the natural beauty of the country, and so admire the friendly, adventurous spirit of its people,” she said. “That spirit of adventure, innovation and creativity are all qualities that KiwiCo hopes to instil in children across the world.” KiwiCo now has over $100 million in sales and ships crates all over the world. Now a mum to three, Sandra’s deep desire to encourage them to love learning and become creative individuals keeps her inspired to grow the company—which offers parents a seamless way to present fun, enriching and engaging projects to their kids, right to their doorstep each month. T O L E AR N M O R E, V I S I T K I W I C O. C O M


Top 10 tips on how to get into and stay in a business that you love WORDS — DEBRA CHANTRY


Running a successful business can be hugely rewarding and when you get it right, fulfill all your professional and personal dreams. That said, going into business and maintaining a sustainable and profitable business can sometimes be tough. In NZ, up to half of small businesses fail within the first two years. There’s a good reason why some businesses fail, in fact I would argue that some should never have even started. However there are also some great business opportunities out there that can truly feed your passion and your brilliance, and allow you to create a business and a life that you love, on an ongoing basis.

6. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT COMMERCIAL MODEL One of the biggest mistakes that I see time and time again is business owners in NZ not charging a fair price for a fair value. People often undervalue themselves and their product or service.

Every business coach will tell you that you need a plan and I wholeheartedly agree with that. However, without the following, a plan is next to useless:

8. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF This is your journey and your journey alone. Don’t try to build your business based on what others think. Every one of us has great intuition. We know what is right and what is right for us.

1. KNOW YOUR WHY & FOLLOW YOUR PASSION Businesses that are started because people have ‘making money’ as their prime objective, often fail. This is because when times get tough, there is little that will keep you in the business. 2. DON’T LISTEN TO FRIENDS & FAMILY Friends and family are too close to be taking advice from. They want to be supportive or they want to see you succeed, so will be encouraging regardless of whether it’s a good idea or a good business model. 3. KNOW YOUR MARKET & KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Define who your ideal customer is, put yourself in their shoes, and think about what ‘pain’ you are relieving or what ‘solution’ you are providing. Test your assumptions with these people before launching a product or service. 4. BE PREPARED TO PIVOT OR FAIL FAST Sometimes your idea might not be a great idea. There may not be a genuine need for it or people might not be prepared to pay what you need to charge to make it a profitable and sustainable business. 5. ASK FOR HELP This may seem contrary to my previous idea of not asking friends and family, so I want to be clear that I think that asking for help is essential. It’s just about asking the right people for the right sort of help.

7. CHOOSE YOUR BUSINESS PARTNERS CAREFULLY Going into business with someone is like getting married or choosing a life partner. You will be together for a long time. Choose a business partner like you would a life partner—no one likes a messy divorce!

9. LET GO OF SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS We all have them. That voice in our head that tells us we can’t do it or just generally stops us from having big dreams. Find out what these selflimiting beliefs are and work to just let them go. 10. HAVE FUN! Life is too short! Make sure you take time to have some fun along the way. This can lead to more creative and focused thinking. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy being a big kid every once in a while? In the online version of this article, I go into greater depth about each of these 10 points, with ideas and concepts that apply to both start-up and established businesses. Please visit vervemagazine. co.nz for the full article. Debra Chantry is an entrepreneurial business and leadership coach, and also the founder of The Common, which is a business club, community and playground that enables business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their professional and personal goals. Ventell, her business coaching practice, has been running successfully for eight years and has helped over 500 business owners. The Common turns two on 6 May 2019.


10 Questions with

Sylvia Lund of Just Rentals How long have you been in the property business? We are in our twentieth year. How did you get into the rental market? I was selling real estate 20 years ago, but got disillusioned very quickly, as I realized I did not have the thick skin required, and commission selling brings the worse out in everybody. Such a competitive business to be in. My sister was into Property Management and I realized that this was the business I would prefer to work in. 3 years in Real Estate, a year off to obtain my licence (this was required back then) and Just Rentals was born! I have loved this 20 year journey, and look forward to many more years in the industry. What is the current sentiment re owning a rental property? Landlords are not happy with the Tax Regulations that have been suggested. There is an air of uncertainty around this. Now the Capital Gains Tax has been put to bed that has been well received, but there is the Ring Tax and the Health and Safety Bill which is still being discussed. How is Just Rentals different to other rental agents in Auckland? We are a unique Rental Office as staff and owners are all Family members. That is our Property Manager, Office Manager, Accounts and Maintenance Manager. A small team but very experienced and professional. Tenants and Landlords have the continuing experience of dealing with one property Manager and company.

those decks, pathways and exterior of the property, windows sparkling. Presentation is so important, and if looking good will attract a good tenant. What do you look out for when selecting tenants? We require a tenant to be working and need to know how long they have been working with their current employer. The way the present themselves . A good credit report, which includes any Tenancy Tribunals, and a glowing reference from their previous landlord. What you love best about working for yourself? My Star sign is LEO so I need to be the Boss! I have worked in my own business for many years: I like to be in control. Just Rentals fulfils all these requirements! Benefits of working from home? No more commuting (been there and done that): I just turn the lights out close the office door and I am at home … Wonderful!

What sorts of commissions do you charge? We charge 7.9% only on rents received …it covers organising tradespeople, arranging Insurance for floods etc. paying invoices signs and advertising etc.

Is there anyone in particular that inspires you in your everyday work? Yes my Twin sister Gloria. She has always been such a great entrepreneur, setting up different businesses herself and encouraging me all the way. She was the first in the family to be involved in Property Management.

What do you recommend that property owners should do to their properties prior to putting them up for rent? Make sure the property is CLEAN, including the carpet. Tidy gardens and Lawns. Check the nets and curtains for mould or dirt and get them cleaned or replaced. A good time for a little painting where necessary and a chemical wash of

Your best business tip. Keep your rental property looking good, keep up the maintenance inside and out. I always state that you must have a clean tidy letterbox—it is the first object that tenants see and it is an indication of how well the property is looked after.

J U S T R E N TAL S LT D M R E I N Z 4 0 S T J O H N S R D, M E AD OW B AN K • J U S T R E N TAL S . C O. N Z P H . 09 5 28 48 17 O R 09 5 28 48 18 • FA X. 09 5 28 481 6


⟶ At The Top Of Her Game Liz Derbyshire Pg. 52



It takes an almost serendipitous set of circumstances to buy and set up a home. Not only must you find one that you love, but you must have a not-so- insignificant lump of saved-up cash, along with a decent salary and good credit. Problems become compounded for those in certain areas of the country where house prices outpace the cost of living. But if you have your sights set on home ownership—no matter how distant a goal that might seem right now—don’t lose heart. Buying a home could just be the best thing that you ever do, and we hope to help make it a little less stressful. Over the following pages, Verve takes a look at current real estate opportunities in Auckland and shares in-depth interviews with some women who know the local real estate market, inside and out.


Bordering Sir Woolf Fisher Park in the heart of Mt Wellington, Parkside Residences is an attractive city fringe development offering 138 apartments spanning six levels with one plus flexi, two and three-bedroom configuration available.

26D BARRACK ROAD MOUNT WELLINGTON AUCKLAND To book a viewing Call 0800 PARK 01 Register your interest at www.parksideresidences.co.nz Onsite Display Open Daily 11am - 6pm marketing@austino.co.nz

@ParksideResidencesNZ Parkside_Residences

The layouts are well-planned to give bedrooms and living areas immediate access to the generous covered balconies. The interior palette is simple and refined with crisp white walls, timber floors and dark window joinery. The development’s six storey design offer the upper apartments with unbroken views and natural light. Designed by award-winning Paul Brown Architects, this innovative new complex is constructed from durable concrete and cladding and boasts high-quality features throughout with every detail carefully considered for functionality and the enjoyment of future residents. Ideally located, Parkside Residences is within close proximity to local amenities at Lunn Ave, Panmure, Stonefields and Sylvia Park, and is within walking distance of the Panmure Transport Hub. Find out more at www.parksideresidences.co.nz

A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY TO OWN A RARE & PRECIOUS GEM IN WANAKA Imagine this. Building a magnificent architecturally designed home on one of the most spectacular sites on the ridge above Wanaka township looking out to unrivalled views over the lake and mountain ranges that fall off the edge to infinity. If you’ve been looking for unquestionably the best section in Wanaka without success we have a unique opportunity for you to purchase this exceptional site. As you know, this rarely, if ever, happens as this type of land is tightly held in families through generations. At half an acre, this exclusive section affords you the space to build your dream home. More importantly, the expansive North facing boundary means that you will be able to enjoy all day sun and spectacular panoramic views from every room in your new home. Located just 1km from the lake front and less than 2km from the centre of Wanaka, this dress circle location is one you must see. Secure this outstanding section now. Deadline point of sale ends 27th June 2019 at 12 noon.



Passionate About Property A life-long infatuation for homes and houses led Robyn Ellson to a career she is just as devoted to—real estate. WO R D S — J E N N A M O O R E

LANDING IN AUCKLAND When Australian-born Robyn Ellson moved to Auckland from London with her Kiwi husbandto-be in 2009 she was 29 and pondering her future. “I’d completed a creative writing and communications degree at Melbourne’s Deakin University and I’d been working in marketing, but I couldn’t find a role that got me excited,” she says. A LOVE OF HOUSES Robyn had always had a thing for houses, visiting open homes at weekends, while growing up in Tasmania. “I’d been a fan of TV shows like Location, Location, Location and Property Ladder in London, and real estate had always been in the back of my mind,” she says. “I was ready to be the master of my own destiny. I loved the autonomy real estate offered and it presented a wonderful opportunity to help people.” FINDING HER CALLING The seed sprouted and Robyn entered the profession in 2011. “I love that it’s about connecting with people and providing value. I really needed to be absorbed by something and while I was never sure of my other roles, there’s never been any question with real estate; it feeds my soul,” she says. “Being part of people’s property journey gives my life focus and purpose. I never forget the 29-year-old who wondered what she was going to do, I’m lucky to have found something I really, really love.”

MAY 2019

AWARD-WINNING Real estate has embraced Robyn right back, presenting her with many accolades. “When I started I won 'rookie of the year' and that’s very special to me, property has changed my life,” she says. “My husband and I have made good decisions around stepping up the property ladder. Our first buy was an apartment in Arch Hill. We did it up over the course of 18 months and then decided to sell. We had to really as a black Labrador named Archie had joined our family! We chose at that time to buy an investment property with the sale proceeds rather than a family home, and we then went back to renting as a way to move forward. I think it’s important to realise we can’t all have what we want straight away. We now have a wonderful family home that we own, but it took a few careful steps and decisions to get here.”

be hard to find. “It is a real juggle some days, but I focus on trying to get that quality time, I want to read him the bed time story every night, but sometimes that’s not possible.” It helps that Robyn’s husband now works with her behind the scenes. “I’ve gained so much time in my day-today and it means we can balance running a business and bringing up a cool human being.” She also now has Josh Powell working alongside her to meet the needs of her growing number of fans. “I have had to build capacity in the team in order to deliver the seven-day-a-week, all hours, energetic and fully engaged service I pride myself on. I have a giggle when I hear people suggesting that all there is to real estate is putting a sign up and taking photographs. There’s so much more to it!”

HARD WORK As with anything worthwhile the rewards don’t come cheap. “I work seven days a week pretty consistently—my weekends aren’t spent with friends and family, they’re spent working open homes,” says Robyn. “I love what I do but there’s a sacrifice you make."

ROBYN’S SPECIALTY “I love character homes, but I like modern architecture as well—something that’s beautifully made and designed,” she says. “For me, it’s about whether a home feels homely and loved. I’m lucky to work with a variety of properties predominantly in the city fringe suburbs: Kingsland, Grey Lynn, Westmere, Mt Eden, Sandringham."

ON BEING A MODERN-DAY MUM In 2013 Robyn gave birth to her beautiful boy Eamon. “He is a real gem, such a character and he has brought so much to our lives. I cherish my time with him, but of course it can be a juggle.” Like any mum who has an intense job the balance between work and family can

As for the market in general, Robyn says in her experience things are going well. “I think there’s a little negativity about the market at the moment but it’s in a good place. After the heat of 2015-16, it’s moving more like a fast jog than a sprint and that’s a nice place to be. We can’t sprint forever. I’m enjoying the steady pace.”

021 800 891 / ROBYNELLSON.CO.NZ


Parnell 09 366 0015






Calling all Builders, Home renovators and Developers. This extremely rare, north facing almost flat 1302m2 site with elevated views towards the valley and beyond is offering you multiple options. You can build your dream home or renovate the glamorous mid-century architecture original home, have a tennis court and a pool, knowing that you are investing in one of the most sought after areas in the City. Or you can take advantage of the Resource consent that has already been granted for a two unit subdivision. Double GZ.









Closes on 22 May 2019 at 4:00pm (unless sold prior)

Phone For Viewing Times www.barfoot.co.nz/774414

Silvia Poletti

Cindy Yu

021 311 311 s.poletti@barfoot.co.nz Parnell 09 366 0015

021 829 188 / 09 215 8325 c.yu@barfoot.co.nz Parnell 09 366 0015


1 P A RN E L L












10:00am 15 May 2019 at 34 Shortland Street, City (unless sold prior)

Saturday and Sunday 10.15 - 11am www.barfoot.co.nz/773940

This quiet sunny two bedroom apartment so close to Parnell village is a special find. More than just a patio garden, here is a garden to really enjoy - it has mature trees, native birds, a lawn and large garden shed. Concrete block construction here with double glazing throughout, you'll love the elegant interiors and upgraded bathroom and kitchen. Two bedrooms and a study with a difference. To be sold with a single, secure garage. So close to transport links - bus, train or car. Zoned for Epsom Girls Grammar and Auckland Grammar. The city, Auckland City Hospital and University of Auckland are nearby. Live the dream - apartment living at its best with a big garden to enjoy. Waste no time to visit. Jill Jackson

Emma John

021 745 424 j.jackson@barfoot.co.nz Parnell 09 366 0015

021 862 242 e.john@barfoot.co.nz Parnell 09 366 0015

Parnell 09 366 0015














Phone For Viewing Times www.barfoot.co.nz/771068


This spacious standalone townhouse is set away from traffic noise in a quiet, sunny enclave. There is plenty of space for all the family with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and double garaging with internal entry. Bathrooms and kitchens may be due for an upgrade, however the whole place is freshly painted and looking bright and airy. You'll love the extra high ceilings , the double height entrance and the secluded patio garden which opens directly from the living and dining rooms. Enjoy this superb location, so close to Parnell Village, the University, Auckland City Hospital and the City. Live the dream - say goodbye to long commutes and enjoy your weekends, free from mowing lawns. Call us today. Jill Jackson

Emma John

021 745 424 j.jackson@barfoot.co.nz Parnell 09 366 0015

021 862 242 e.john@barfoot.co.nz Parnell 09 366 0015







Disregard previous price, urgent sale! Looking like a pretty house sitting at the front of this well-built brick 1970s complex has recently been totally transformed into a luxurious gem by its architect owner. Welcoming from the road with a wide patio entrance surrounded by a manicured garden, it has been renovated top to toe. The kitchen and two new bathrooms with Italian tiles are just amazing! There is a spacious separate lounge and dining, two double bedrooms, study and plenty of storage. An unbeatable offering in the unit market today!







V I EW I N G F O R SALE By Negotiation

Phone For Viewing Times www.barfoot.co.nz/772461

Silvia Poletti

Cindy Yu

021 311 311 s.poletti@barfoot.co.nz Parnell 09 366 0015

021 829 188 / 09 215 8325 c.yu@barfoot.co.nz Parnell 09 366 0015


AT THE TOP OF HER GAME Liz Derbyshire WO R D S — J E N N A M O O R E


She holds degrees in Spanish, history, and law but it’s the business of real estate that fires Liz Derbyshire’s enthusiasm each day. They say if you find work you love you'll never work a day in your life and that rings true for Liz Derbyshire. She’s worked at Barfoot & Thompson for 26 years—with the odd break away—but it’s a profession she just keeps coming back to. Jenna Moore discovers why. HAVE YOU ALWAYS WORKED IN REAL ESTATE, LIZ? "No. I left school early and trained as a registered nurse. A girlfriend and I wrote a letter to Gisborne Hospital saying that’s what we’d like to do. They accepted us and we simply turned up and started our training. We were very lucky really and we loved our time there. "After qualifying, I worked in a high-security psychiatric ward at the Royal Brisbane hospital before heading to London where for the next four years, I lived between London and a small fishing village in the Canary Islands." WHEN DID YOU COME BACK TO NEW ZEALAND? "In the mid-'80s as I was accepted at Auckland University to complete a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Spanish and modern history. Upon completion, I decided I'd like to try real estate and joined Barfoot & Thompson in 1987." HAS REAL ESTATE CHANGED SINCE THEN? "A lot! We used to drive people around a lot more. I drove an Alfa Romeo Alfetta and my manager at the time would often watch from the office door as I drove off at a certain velocity He was positive they'd sign up just to be let out of the car! These days, people are more likely to go to the internet for their first viewings. More efficient and possibly safer for the buying public."

YOU'VE GOT A LAW DEGREE TOO, HAVEN’T YOU? "Yes. After a couple of years at Barfoot & Thompson I left to go to law school. It was the result of a few wines over summer at Mt Maunganui with friends who thought it would be a good idea. Two of us applied and were accepted. Why law? I think it was a desire to continue learning and learn how to take a more rational and considered approach to life. The year I finished I was fortunate enough to be offered a position working as a VIP host for New Zealand at the World Expo in Serville for 10 months before returning to NZ afterwards as my working visa was up. On my return I worked at Fortune Manning Law as a solicitor but I think I’d become too accustomed to not having a strict 9-5 routine with three-week holidays so, after seven years away, I went back to real estate. The manager where I applied at that time was initially reluctant to take me on—something to do with me being a lawyer, I think. We got on famously once he got past that and there are now many agents with varied professional backgrounds selling real estate." WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT REAL ESTATE? "I have a lot of very loyal clients, and I always appreciate hearing from them and being recommended to their friends. I really like the people I get to meet and enabling a great result for both the seller and the buyer. Job satisfaction plays a large role in our lives and is essential to me." WHERE ARE YOU BASED? "I’m based in the city branch close to the premium central city suburbs I work in and where I’ve also developed a niche market working with our beautiful heritage buildings over many years. In the current ‘slower’ market, experience comes to the fore and gives owners confidence they will get the best result." Indeed, Liz's varied background blends together to offer valuable real estate expertise, well-honed negotiation skills and a warm and vivacious charm.


Hotel Tour:

Palazzo Daniele

Corso Umberto I, 60 73034 Gagliano del Capo info@palazzodaniele.com palazzodaniele.com

At the very tip of Italy’s heel, located in Salento, is the small town of Gagliano del Capo, where you’ll find Palazzo Daniele – a nine-suite artist guest house, and aristocratic palazzo, built in 1861. It’s the newest addition to the GS Collection, created by entrepreneur Gabriele Salini, owner of G-rough in Rome.

MAY 2019 Built in 1861, the year of Italy’s reunification, by local famous architect Domenico Malinconico, and remodeled by the owner’s family in the early 20th century, Palazzo Daniele was home to four generations of Daniele’s family. The last member of the family was Francesco Petrucci, who lived abroad for some years while collecting contemporary art before returning to his roots, moving to Gagliano del Capo, and bringing some of his world and passion into the palazzo.




The ancient building was heavy and full of old furniture, so he decided to restore and renovate it with Ludovica + Roberto Palomba from Milan. He entrusted them with the architectural restoration and the space redistribution of Palazzo Daniele.

Founder of Capo D’arte, he transformed Palazzo Daniele into an art house hosting artists from all over the world. He wanted to strip the rooms, highlighting only the history, details and absence, in order to create a ow of energy for the needs of the artists that Francesco hosted, allowing them to imagine and create new works. In September 2018 after speaking with his close friend and art collector Gabriele Salini, he decided to hand over the keys of the Palazzo, allowing him to open the doors to new travellers and art lovers.


MAY 2019 In April 2019 Palazzo Daniele opened its doors to the world with a different hospitality concept, where historical spaces are still preserved, maintaining its majesty while combining it with contemporary art and local culture.



“Architecture and art are fused to serve the needs of the latter in order to stimulate the creation of art and installations that have become intrinsic parts of the house.”


Reshaped by the Milanese duo Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, and inspired by the idea of absence, there has been a stripping back of as much as possible whilst restoring historical features such as ornate frescoe and mosaic flooring to create the space for a contemporary art collection all around the property. Monastic décor and bare walls boost the 19th-century frescoes ceilings with cracks. Each room has a different artwork. Ancient family portraits alternate with works of contemporary art. The 19th-century history, architecture and art are fused to serve the needs of the latter in order to stimulate the creation of art and installations that have become intrinsic parts of the house.


MAY 2019

“Artworks and minimalist designed furniture are combined in all rooms. ”


Art pieces become functional, such as the light box of Simon D’Exea, illuminating most of the rooms, or the rain shower installation in a bathroom where the shower is replaced by an archaic source of water falling from a six-metre-high ceiling in a large basin designed by Andrea Sala. So if you are an art lover, passionate about design or simply travelling through Italy’s most southern tip, be sure to add this most uncommon of places to your accommodation mix. You won't regret it.






For business or leisure, for family or guests, you can be confident with Quest whether for one night, one week, or longer.

Spacious, modern apartments ideal for the business and leisure traveller to Auckland. Offering: • The choice of studios, one, two, or three-bedroom apartments, all tastefully furnished with wellequipped kitchens and laundries. • We also offer our guests free Wi-Fi, 29 TV channels & 40 movies. • Secure undercover parking. Newmarket is a very popular location with cafés, shopping, cinemas and the Newmarket business area all on its doorstep. Please check out our website: questnewmarket.co.nz



Quest Parnell located in the historical suburb of Parnell, offers studios, oneand two-bedroom (two-bathroom) self-contained apartments. • Perfect location just off Parnell Road. • Over 50 restaurants and cafés within walking distance. • On-site gym and heated lap pool • Kitchen and laundry facilities in all apartments. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Secure undercover parking. • Group accommodation for friends and families of wedding parties.

Quest Carlaw Park Spacious modern apartments for business or leisure. Studio, one-bedroom and luxury two-bedroom (two-bathroom) penthouse apartments available. All with well-equipped kitchens and laundries. Easy 10-minute walk to the city, and on Parnell’s doorstep. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Secure undercover parking. • Complimentary access to Next Generation Gym (100m). • Café, Italian, and Japanese restaurants next door. Please check out our website: questcarlawpark.co.nz


Designer Lodgings WO R D S — J AM I E C H R I S T I AN D E S P L AC E S

Opened in 1978, London’s Blakes Hotel could justifiably claim to be the world’s first boutique hotel. Springing from a set of converted South Kensington Victorian townhouses, the luxurious lodgings brim with curiosities from the corners of the ancient world, collected by hotel founder and designer Anouska Hempel. However, it was the chic, minimalist approach of the Morgans Hotel, opened in New York six years later by developer Ian Schrager and designer Andree Putman, that truly captured the imagination—and the zeitgeist—and is generally credited with giving birth to the boutique hotel phenomenon that continues to this day. Morgans closed in 2017 (to be turned into premium micro-apartments) but not before Schrager, this time with new designer Philippe Starck, established the Morgans Hotel Group, setting up further iconic boutique lodgings around the world. Now, design hotels take the boutique concept in another direction, with brand new (or, sometimes renovated) buildings boasting innovative, eye-catching exteriors, often with an environmentallyfriendly slant, and always one-of-a-kind. Verve has whittled down a selection of some of the very best...

The Woodhouse

THE WOODHOUSE, CHINA This incredible environmental-cum-art-like project comes courtesy of Shanghai-based architects ZJJZ and comprises a 10-strong collection of mountainside cabins surrounded by forest. The government-backed agricultural tourism endeavour seeks to “harmonise with the landscape and the rustic atmosphere”, state the arhitects, while “forming a contrast to the existing village buildings”. That remote village, Tuanjie, in Guizhou province, lacks traditional architecture so the designers used the rustic surroundings for inspiration. The Woodhouse cabins harmonise wonderfully with the woodland, their carbonised timber facades positioned to maximise views while minimising disturbance to rock formations, and charred on-site to reduce costs. Construction materials were also transported manually up the mountainside. THE LINDIS, NEW ZEALAND The low-slung, undulating timber roof is just one of an array of arresting design features of New Zealand’s latest uber-luxury lodging, The Lindis, positioned in north Otago’s Ahuriri Valley and seeming to almost bubble from beneath the earth. Set on a sprawling 6,000-acre site surrounded by three conservation parks, masses of glass allow guests uninterrupted views of some of Aotearoa’s most dramatic mountain landscapes while cattle and merino sheep roam in the immediate grounds. The isolated structure incorporates rock and timber, and there are plans to introduce glass-topped pods for stargazing later this year.

The Lindis


MAY 2019

GUNTU HOTEL, JAPAN The delightful Guntu Hotel, named in honour of a species of local crab, merges a marine experience with Japan’s iconic minimalist aesthetics. Each surface is adorned with inviting pale timbers, with decks that beg to be walked barefoot and a silver hull that changes with the atmospheric tones of the ocean. Nineteen cabins, all with private terraces, offer spectacular views of the tranquil Seto Island Sea and its mountainous coastline, with amenities that include a treatment room, communal bath, and a sauna; while guests are also able to dine on sushi caught straight from the sea. PUMPHOUSE POINT, AUSTRALIA Hotels don’t come much more isolated than Tasmania’s Pumphouse Point, positioned in the world heritage-listed Cradle Mountain, Lake St Clair National Park. Originally built during the 1930s and ‘40s—but never used—to pump water from Lake St Clair, the erstwhile hydroelectricity station to be offers floor to ceiling wraparound windows, some of which are right above the water to give guests the impression that they’re floating on it. Other cool design cues of this lichen covered concrete construction include exposed piping, oak cladding and industrial hanging lights. Ample luxury is proffered by way of a wood fire and mohair throws, while guests can borrow rowing boats or fishing rods—and the on-site chef can prepare any catch. You’ll be dying to Instagram this bucket list boutique, but you’ll have to wait as there’s strictly—and proudly—no Wi-Fi. KATAMAMA, INDONESIA Based in the beach resort of Seminyak on Bali’s southern coast, Katamata is a 57-suite lodging with sea views, surrounded by asam trees, coconut palms and frangipani bushes. The striking sun-kissed exterior comprises bricks that were hand-pressed by craftsmen in a local village while the interior sports custom-made teak furniture, hand-woven furnishings and original artworks. A celebration of all things Indonesian, the kitchen and bar sources fresh produce from next door for cocktails and fine dinging culinary creations.


Guntu Hotel

CASA BONAY, SPAIN Channelling the creative, and occasionally quirky spirit of Barcelona, Casa Bonay is set in a 19th-century neoclassical residential building and boasts the likes of glassed-in balconies and terraces with hammocks and outdoor showers. Cobbled floors outside give way to mosaic ones inside and there’s a wonderful sun trap rooftop that doubles as a bar during summer. Original masonry also still graces this now soundproofed city structure, further enhancing its character. A popular hangout for visitors and the super stylish Spanish locals alike. WUYUAN SKYWELLS, CHINA Springing from a 300-year-old mansion in the shadow of mountain ranges and rice paddies in the rural province of Jiangxi, Wuyuan Skywells is an astonishing feat of engineering and imagination. Having previously served as a merchants’ inn and military barracks, the mansion was left to crumble for decades until Anyscale Architecture Design restored the likes of its traditional latticework and timber frame—with the aid of local artisans—while introducing contemporary design elements like an all-glass eatery to complement its brick and clay walls. A time capsule to another era—with the comforts of the 21st century. TREEHOTEL, SWEDEN No design feature would be complete without some Scandinavian input of course, and Treehotel offers seven of the very best. Inspired by The Tree Lover, a movie about three city slickers who built a treehouse to reconnect with nature, each unique structure is suspended 4-6 metres above ground in an Arctic Circle forest of lofty pines with views of the Lule River and, often the northern lights. Different architects designed the suites which include a birds nest, a UFO and a mirrored cube. The site, constructed using eco-friendly practices, uses hydroelectric power, electric toilets, has its own water system, and later this year will see the addition of a ‘floating’ open air bath.




India’s vast empires and royal history have left a legacy of incredible palaces and mansions. While many structures have been ruined, some still stand to tell the tale of India’s rich history. Best of all, some have been converted into luxurious palace hotels, each with their own unique charm and character. Every visit to India should include at least one indulgence; here are a few of our favourites. WO R D S — C AR O L I N E C L E G G , WO R L D J O U R N E Y S

Palace Room 64

Grand Royal Suite, Sajjan Niwas

THE TAJ LAKE PALACE, UDAIPUR Set in the middle of Lake Pichola with the Aravalli Mountains as a backdrop, the Taj Lake Palace presents a picture-perfect scene. Built between 1743 and 1746 as a royal summer palace, the Taj Lake Palace serves as the perfect conclusion to a journey around Rajasthan. The rooms are just as stunning as the exterior. The Chandra Prakash Suite boasts decorative gilt mouldings, sculpted marble columns, and fine fretwork screens which impressed even the Maharaja who held court in this very room in the 1930s.

THE RAMBAGH PALACE, JAIPUR The grand architectural masterpiece that is the Rambagh Palace was once a residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. Set in the heart of the Pink City, the palace is an oasis from the hustle and bustle, with 47 acres of perfectly manicured gardens. Wind up the day’s activities in the sophisticated charm of the legendary Polo Bar!

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

UMAID BHAWAN PALACE, JODHPUR Perched high above the desert capital of Jodhpur stands the golden sandstone Umaid Bhawan Palace. Still a residence of the royal family of Jodhpur, its 347 rooms mean there is plenty of space to also house an opulent hotel! Relax in your sumptuous suite, or enjoy a spot of tennis, a swim in the indoor pool or enjoy the impressive spa. Vintage car enthusiasts can visit the gallery showcasing the royal family’s prized collection. V ERV E M AGA ZIN E .CO.N Z

NADESAR PALACE, VARANASI Located in one of the oldest inhabited cities on the planet, Nadesar Palace has hosted royalty and statesmen since 1845. With just 10 rooms it has an air of exclusivity, and if you’re feeling regal you may wish to arrive at the entrance in the hotel’s traditional horse and cart. Given its size, the service is very personal, and a haven to retreat to after viewing the chaotic nightly Ganga Aarti down by the sacred River Ganges.

Exterior Palace

THE TAJ MAHAL PALACE HOTEL, MUMBAI Opened in 1909, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is not strictly a historical palace but it is still a grand hotel with a rich history and an interesting architectural design. Walking through the hallways of the hotel you can check out the many famous faces who have stayed here before, from prime ministers and presidents to rock stars and Bollywood actors.


Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

There are many other less grand but equally delightful converted palace hotels in India, which offer a unique level of character second to none. We highly recommend you stay in at least one. Soak up the atmosphere and you’ll be transported to the days of the Raj. Gin and tonic anyone?


Live like a Maharaja, staying in some of India’s most beautiful and opulent palaces. Tour Delhi, the Taj Mahal and colourful Rajasthan, checking in to the 475 year old Samode Palace, the Maharaja of Jaipur’s Rambagh Palace, and Udaipur’s stunning Lake Palace. 11 DAYS from $7,910pp (share twin)

T 09 360 7311 www.worldjourneys.co.nz /worldjourneys



little POLYNESIAN A celebration of Cook Islands heritage

Originally named the Little Polynesian Motel, the humble beachfront property was acquired in 1985 by Cook Islands sisters; the late Te Tika Mataiapo—Dorice Reid and late Jeannine Peyroux. Recognising the trend in Cook Islands tourism for upscale accommodation, the pair was determined to evolve with the dynamic industry and the property went through a complete redevelopment in 2006; establishing the now 4.5-star boutique adults-only Little Polynesian Resort.

Passionate about their homeland, Te Tika (a traditional chief) and Jeannine envisioned the Little Polynesian with a Cook Islands signature of its own, where nature meets the design that was fashioned in respect to and as a reflection of Cook Islands culture. The resort’s Cook Islands traditional architecture and grounds were designed with one purpose: to integrate harmoniously with nature's beauty and charm. Simple and unpretentious, the resort welcomes you to a world of elegance, a timeless universe of sophistication and authenticity inspired by Cook Islands values. Celebrating Cook Islands culture and designed for the future, you are treated to stylish rooms that are a seamless blend of Polynesian and contemporary luxury designs. Dwellings combine a time-honoured construction; unusually high roofing, a long but almost forgotten trademark of traditional Cook Islands architecture, top modern furnishing from Europe and traditional craftwork. Appreciation will certainly develop for the fine wood mahogany floors in the Beachfront Bungalows and the closets with hand carved artistry. The frieze (elegant wood trim) are lime washed mahogany and hand carved with the Cook Islands traditional symbol tikitiki tangata meaning 'man holding hands in peace and unity'.

For further information visit PACIFICRESORT.COM or call 0800 774 469 or email to book at RESERVATIONS@PACIFICRESORT.COM

MAY 2019


Where nature meets the design... The vaulted ceilings feature sinuous woven beams and have a story behind them that was often shared by Te Tika Mataiapo. During the development stages of the resort a tau’nga (an expert, a knowledgeable/ skilled person in a specific area) from the island of Mangaia was specially consulted with. The expert craftsman had been requested to weave an intricate and delicate design ina ere, meaning to 'catch a star'. Surprised, when tears filled the eyes of the tau’nga (as it was uncustomary for old-men to cry), Te Tika questioned his sadness and his tender response was, “The art of sennit weaving hadn’t been practised for 100 years.” Last exercised in 1891, the craftsman was honoured by the opportunity to revive the art of sennit weaving. Encompassing the essence of the islands through subtle touches of colour and humble works of traditional artistry from locally-sourced materials, the resort accentuates the feel of true Polynesia. You will undoubtedly be captivated by the elegance and authentic charm that is Little Polynesian Resort.

For further information visit PACIFICRESORT.COM or call 0800 774 469 or email to book at RESERVATIONS@PACIFICRESORT.COM

‘We travel not to escape life,


but for life not to escape us’. I read this quote the other day and it struck a chord with me. We can get so absorbed in our daily routine and busy lives that we can forget there is a world out there full of diversity and ready for us to explore. One of the most amazing things that comes home to me when I visit other countries, is the ingenuity of the human spirit. Whether it be in the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam; Soweto, South Africa; or Vancouver, Canada, us humans get on with life in many different ways. We adapt to our particular circumstances, whether rich or poor, employed or unemployed, child or adult. We can learn so much from experiences gained travelling and visiting the wider world. Our minds are broadened, our perspectives are lengthened, and we return to our communities richer from the experiences and able to adapt better to the changing circumstances of our own lives. Over the past five years since we took over running Travel Encounters and Charlies Golf Tours, my wife and I have been privileged to travel around the world, hosting tours for Kiwis wanting to expand their horizons by seeing the world, one country at a time. The combination of being a tourist experiencing the diversity of culture, food, language and life of some amazing countries has proved to be an irresistible mix. We must have something right, as 80 percent of our clients come back time and time again.

The majority of people travelling with us are over 50— children have grown up and left the nest, and life feels more manageable and under control. This means that the opportunities for ‘life not to escape us’ becomes more realistic. We have found our fellow Kiwi travellers to be inquisitive, interested, engaging and friendly to all they meet; really wanting to experience a country and spend time with the peoples they are visiting. Whether it is learning to barter at a local market, riding with the Gauchos in Argentina, fishing in the Zambesi with local fishermen, visiting historical sites that previously had just been a name in a book, dancing a tango in Buenos Aires, supporting the All Blacks on tour, or visiting the home of golf, there really is something for everyone. One trip that particularly impressed us last year was our Dunes, Delta and Falls tour in Southern Africa. The big five on safari, four countries, three Cessna flights over deserts and deltas—this was a special tour with plenty to 'wow' about! We gathered in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, a desert country, famous for its diamonds, before setting out for Etosha National Park. An early start the next morning was rewarded by sightings of three lions sitting in the savannah. The rest of the day was filled with great sightings of elephant, giraffe, springbok and a myriad of wild- and birdlife. Back at the lodge we compared and shared photos and created some everlasting memories.


MAY 2019

Onward to the coast and to Swakopmund, where we jumped into Cessnas and flew over the Skeleton Coast, infamous for the diamond mining, and into the sand dunes to Sossusvlei, just outside the Dunes National Park. Another early start next morning saw us witnessing the sunrise over spectacular sand dunes, with the shadows accentuating their perfect forms that are being constantly reshaped by the winds. Back to Windhoek again for our flight to Maun in Botswana, one of the main access points to the Okavango Delta. Here we picked up another Cessna that flew us to an airstrip in the middle of the Delta. The owner of the tented lodge that awaited us here, met us with her old Botswana army truck that transported us to our accommodation. A sunset cruise on the adjacent lake, and a Mokoro trip, (a dug out canoe punted by locals skilled at Punting), along with resting in the tranquil peace of the Delta, filled our time here.

One trip that particularly impressed us last year was our Dunes, Delta and Falls tour in Southern Africa. The big five on safari, four countries, three Cessna flights over deserts and deltas—this was a special tour with plenty to wow about!

Onward, and another Cessna flight took us to Chobe, where a sunset cruise gave us the opportunity to see much wildlife, including swimming elephants, crocodiles and hippos. The next morning's early game drive presented us with a leopard sighting and a pride of lions, with four cubs in tow, complete with the proud alpha male. We couldn't have wished for more. The finale to the tour awaited us across the border in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls, just an hour or so from Chobe. The falls were raging, with huge volumes of water pouring down into the abyss. Time and time again we have found that travelling together in a group is a great friendship-maker. One of our bylines is ‘Travel with friends you haven’t met yet’, and we know of folk still having annual reunions a number of years after travelling together. Lasting friendships can be made when journeying with others and the culture of inclusiveness encouraged on our tours allows for everyone, including solo travellers, to fit in and feel part of the group. Of course, if you have a group of friends looking to travel together we can curate a custom holiday experience just for you too! I come back to where I started, and that is to encourage us all not to let life escape us, but to seize hold of opportunities to travel. Why not join us on a tour to somewhere in the world and experience life from another perspective—you will be the richer for it and you will have some great stories to share. Peter & Marian Cox run Travel Encounters and Charlies Golf Tours, providing specialist tours for the discerning traveller. The featured tour mentioned is the Travel Encounters’ Dunes, Delta & Falls tour, which will run again in June/July 2020. Other tours currently available are Encounter Israel in September 2019 and Encounter Patagonia & Argentina in November 2019. For more details go to travelencounters.co.nz/hosted-encounters







No matter how many times you’ve been up north already, New Zealand’s warmest region always has something new and exciting to offer. To make the most out of your next trip, start with booking the right accommodation – you’ll be thankful for a heated pool and fluffy pillows after a long day of hiking, swimming and posing for photos (don’t tell us it’s not exhausting!).


Driftwood Seaside Escapes Location Matakana Distance From Auckland 80 KM Price From $295 per night

Driftwood Seaside Escapes is a set of several houses, located on a private vineyard. From a spacious family villa, The Homestead, to glamping cabins at the beach to the romantic and secluded 'The Hammock’ – this accommodation has something unique for everyone willing to experience 'slow living’ at its finest. The time at Driftwood truly slows down, allowing you to exhale and enjoy those simple pleasures of life we often don’t have time for during the week, like reading or chatting to your other half while soaking in the views and indulging in a hot cup of coffee from a giant mug. You’ll find everything you need inside: books, DVDs, coffee machine, barbecue, picnic blankets, even a jar of marshmallows. The weekend is sorted! We can’t recommend The Bach cottage enough. It’s decorated in a very cosy and relaxing rustic manner that makes you want to ditch any plans and stay inside all day long. Mornings at The Batch are the best – it’s the most elevated cottage of Driftwood and boasts outstanding sunrise views.

Words Kseniia Spodyneiko Photos Alex Spodyneiko

Things to do: shop at The Merchants of Kerikeri, try

artisan chocolates at Makana Confections, explore Stone Store - the oldest stone building in New Zealand.

MAY 2019


Koru Hideaway Location Matakana Distance From Auckland 80 KM Price From $295 per night

No signs along the road, no booking.com account - Koru Hideaway is carefully tucked away from prying eyes. Its founders, Lindsay Scott and Brian McPhun, value the privacy and tranquillity above anything. Two self-contained spacious and airy units can fit families of up to six people but luxurious vibes and eco-focus of this place attract mostly young couples. Because where else do millennials unwind these days, if not by a pictureperfect infinity pool with breathtaking views over the rolling green hills? Well, unless you prefer your very own outdoor spa-bath, both rooms are equipped with that Instagram-worthy pastime as well. Lindsay Scott is an artist, hugely inspired by African culture and nature. Her artworks, picturing wild animals, decorate the walls of Koru Hideaway. You can also spot furniture, handcrafted by Brian. When they bought this piece of land, accommodating tourists wasn’t yet in mind. They were building Koru Hideaway for themselves, so love and personal touch is seen everywhere. "We just thought, the sunsets here are just too gorgeous not to share them with anyone," smiles Lindsay. Things to do: go hiking at Tawharanui Regional Park, walk the Sculpture Trail at the Brick Bay winery, stop for lunch at The Farmer’s Daughter.

Distinction Whangarei Location Whangarei

Located right next to Town Basin, this hotel is the best starting point to explore Whangarei area. And should we even mention those epic views over the yachts resting at the marina? This hotel offers everything you expect from a four-star: friendly reception, good restaurant and convenient parking. But the highlight of staying here is definitely the time spent by the pool. Both the refreshing main pool and enormous heated spa are located under the roof, so are great to enjoy in any weather. A casual but lovely outdoor barbecue area is right next to it. Dinner by the pool? Yes, please! Weirdly enough, you’re most likely to have this space all to yourself!

Distance From Auckland 160 KM Price From $119 per night

Things to do: hike up Mount Manaia at Whangarei Heads, watch kiwi birds feeding at Kiwi North, dive at Poor Knights Islands.


ENCOUNTER THE WORLD WITH US Our comprehensive, fully hosted tours ensures safe, relaxed travel with everything taken care of.


15 NOV–6 DEC 2019

In Israel, stand on the Mount of Olives & in the Garden of Gethsemane, float in the Dead Sea, visit Cana, Nazareth & Caesarea; Spend time in Jerusalem and many of the renowned places you have read & heard about. In Argentina, feel the power of Iguazu Falls, witness the landscapes of Salta, visit Bariloche, Argentina’s Lake District; Be in awe at El Calafate’s glaciers and revel in Buenos Aires.

GET IN TOUCH: 0800 377 479 OR VISIT


Experience the magic of Matakana, base yourself at one of our luxurious new Plume Villas and enjoy the superb food and wine at Plume Restaurant. Country life starts here. Plume Restaurant is an oasis for gourmet travellers, recognised for superb cuisine and as the cellar door for Runner Duck Estate Vineyard’s ďŹ ne wines. Plume Restaurant is now complemented by Plume Villas, an enclave of 12 new luxury 1-3 bedroom villas, set within landscaped grounds. These villas share a swimming pool and are a relaxed stroll from the restaurant. Perfect for a weekend getaway for two, as well as a wonderful venue for weddings, conferences, meetings and private events. For all enquiries telephone 09 422 7915 SCL/PLU2018/30



01 / Good Form Ercol Nest Large Sofa

01 /

Bob And Friends 231 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby 09 378 7350 – bobandfriends.co.nz

Bob and Friends offer a curated collection of furniture and homewares sourced from all over the world. Bringing Amura's high-quality range of Italian crafted sofas to New Zealand as well as stocking designers such as SCP, Mathew Hilton, Donna Wilson, Treku, Terrence Woodgate, Tala Lighting and String Shelving. Our showroom in Ponsonby is a home-style space in a refurbished villa where we invite you to lounge around and get a feel for our range in a home-style setup.

01 /

02 /

03/ 01 / Bob And Friends Elsa Sofa 02 / Bob And Friends Leonard Sofa 03 / Bob And Friends Davis Sofa

Bauhaus 19 Shipwright Lane, Parnell 09 302 2651 – bauhaus.co.nz

If your heart is set on something we don’t have, we will find it for you. This is a young business. Bauhaus will give you unprecedented service. Bauhaus offers minimalist, contemporary furniture for New Zealand homes. Their collections are sourced from award-winning designers and craftsmen, both locally and abroad, to meet the tastes of interior designers and homemakers alike.

01 /

02 /

03 / 01 / Wendelbo Blade 3-Seat Sofa 02 / Muuto Outline 3-Seat Sofa 03 / Muuto Rest 3-Seat Sofa

Good Form 15 Williamson Avenue, Ponsonby 021 862 269 – goodform.co.nz

Good Form is founded on a commitment to beautiful, functional design and enduring craftsmanship. The curated Ponsonby gallery space offers a selection of authentic modern furniture, designer lighting and contemporary accessories for thoughtful, inspiring living spaces. They honour the visionary designers of the 20th century, celebrating today’s contemporary and emerging talent.

01 / Warm Nordic Galore 3-Seater Sofa

01 /

Mid Century Swag 564 Great North Road, Grey Lynn 021 620 899 midcenturyswag.co.nz

Mid Century Swag based in Auckland New Zealand, showcases furniture, lighting and sculptures by designers predominately from the 1960s through to the '80s. Some are well known American designers such as Milo Baughman, Plycraft and Curtis Jere, but also on offer is a selection of pieces by designers many of whom are unknown but eyecatching.

01 /

02 /

03/ 01 / Mid Century Swag Bergmann Corner Sofa 02 / Mid Century Swag Vladimir Kagan Curved Sofa 03 / Mid Century Swag Cassina, Soriana sofa

Danske Møbler 983 Mt Eden Road, Three Kings 09 625 3900 danskemobler.co.nz

Danske Møbler is a family owned and operated New Zealand company. With over fifty years experience in the New Zealand furniture industry you can be assured of excellence in craftsmanship. In every piece of Danske Møbler furniture you will still find the same pride in design innovation, flawless construction and superb customer service that has characterised the company over the decades.

01 / Danske Møbler Donna Lounge Suite

01 /

Urbano Interiors 21 Davis Cresant, Newmarket 09 524 7959 urbanointeriors.co.nz

Urbano Interiors is well known for its high quality furniture, it houses a unique collection of designs that help transform the home into a warm and welcoming space. The lovely boutique store is where you can come and relax whilst looking for furniture which is a one-off conversation piece, artistic and has excellent craftsmanship. The kind you won’t see anywhere else in the city.

01 /

02 /

03 /

04 /

01 / Alexander & James Eden Sofa Venetian Ochre 02 / Alexander & James Abraham Junior Sofa Cal Tan 03 / Alexander & James Goldsmith Sofa Aurora Lagoon 04 / Alexander & James Botanist Sofa Slumber Maya 05/ Alexander & James Jean Sofa Plush Rose

05 /

01 / Allium Kovacs Lincoln Sofa

01 /

Cavit+Co 547 Parnell Road, Parnell, 09 358 3771 – cavitco.com

Cavit+Co specialises in bringing luxury into the everyday. Debbie Cavit’s has gathered a balanced offering of the world’s premium brands and products that can be layered to create a home with a sense of global elegance. Matchless quality is at the core of the furniture selected for her Auckland showroom. Cavit+Co aesthetic straddles the boundary between classical and contemporary.

01 /

02 /

01 / Baker Laguna Sofa 02 / Baker Framework Sofa 03 / Baxter Budapest Sofa

03 /

Consignment 2A Railway Street, Newmarket 09 524 0084 consignmentfurniture.co.nz

Consignment is a space that allows people to buy and sell very expensive and beautifully made established contemporary European designs for often less than half the original price. There is nowhere else that allows people to move their investment furnishings as effectively, and as these pieces were loved, they have been beautifully looked after, so it really is buying ‘as new’.

01 /

02 /

03 / 01 / Giuseppe Viganò Longhi 'Must’ Sofa 02 / Le Corbusier ‘LC3' Cassina 03 / Mahogany Daybed Sofa

Allium Interiors 11C Teed Street, Newmarket 09 524 4242 alliuminteriors.co.nz

Allium is a Designers Guild concept store offering home and lifestyle solutions and luxury home interior design. They stock the latest European, American, Australian and NZ furnishing, wallpapers, furniture and home decor accessories. They continue to produce contemporary furniture; bespoke, unique pieces all manufactured to high standards and made and designed in NZ. 01 / Kovac Henley Green Velvet Sofa 02 / Kovac Jed Sofa

01 /

02 /

Republic Home 3 Pompallier Terrace, Ponsonby 09 361 1137 – republichome.com

We’re shouting out to all whom who dare to be different. Republic Home is not for the ‘conventional’ or the 'traditionalists'. Our unique collection of furniture are sourced worldwide bring a global style and sophistication to any home. Think east meets west, old world combined with the new, and the art of combining designs, textures and colours to create 'soul' in your space.

01 /

02 /

03 / 01 / Republic Home Montauk Slipcover Sofa with Chaise 02 / Republic Home Chester Sofa XL 03 / Republic Home Newport Sofa

Frobisher 7-9 Earle Street, Parnell 09 281 3191 – frobisher.co.nz

Founded over 20 years ago with a commitment to delivering exceptional design to clients, a goal that remains at the heart of the business today. The best results come from working collaboratively with clients to deliver an end result that will inspire and delight. Whether you’re looking for a classic or a contemporary style, Frobisher will work with you to create an ultimate design.

01 /

02 /

01 / Frobisher Ronda Sofa 02 / Frobisher Alma Sofa

Trenzseater 80 Parnell Road, Parnell 09 303 4151 – trenzseater.com

Synonymous with tailor made quality furniture, designed and made exclusively in New Zealand. It is also distinguished by an international style which is modern, sophisticated and elegant. Trenzseater imports and distributes an impressive portfolio of international brands throughout New Zealand and offer you the very finest and exclusive furnishings and interior design service.

01 /

02 /

03 / 01 / Trenzseater Dino Sofa 02 / Trenzseater Riva Sofa 03 / Trenzseater Dillon Sofa

Corso de' Fiori 8 George Street, Newmarket 09 307 9166 – corso.co.nz

With a love for beautiful interior spaces, Corso de’ Fiori source distinctive interior decor and furniture from around the world, from coveted brands to undiscovered artisans. Our furniture selection features exclusive, internationally curated designs, alongside our bespoke New Zealand furniture collection which Corso’s interior stylists can tailor to suit your aesthetic.

01 / Corso de' Fiori Dalton Sofa 02 / Corso de' Fiori Apartment Sofa

01 /

02 /


4201 and 4200 Secto The Secto 4200 pendant is handmade out of laminated birch slats and connected by rings of aircraft plywood. They are available with either a white, black or natural finish on the outside, all feature a natural interior.

Kashmir Chair Resident The Kashmir collection is an exercise in the essential and speaks in low volume, it’s steel frame references a simplicity from the past which is offset by a tailored back-rest. These refined details envelops the sitter and provides generous comfort and support in all positions. Circular stitching details incorporated into the backrest give these pieces a strong sense of modern craftsmanship. This collection will perform equally as well in an office cafe or home.


Lucent Table Case The right-angles of the Lucent tables create divisions inside which can be used to display objects or store books and magazines. Using a classic material such as tempered glass makes these handsome, yet delicate tables ideal for the home, or within hotels and bars.

Halford Bed Simon James

Brass Coffee Mill Mr. Kitly

The Halford bed embraces its honest material in a paired back minimalism which makes it ideal for the home environment. Available in queen, king or super king sizes. The Halford Bed is constructed from solid oak, oak veneer and euro beech slats. Mattress not included. Assembly is required for all online orders.

A manual cast brass coffee mill, with container to catch coffee in base. Hand made. The grinding mechanism is designed to actually grind the coffee, maximising the flavour and aroma. Metal grinding mechanism adjusts from fine to coarse. Durable all metal body, will develop a beautiful patina over time with use.


MAY 2019

SLEEK Furnishings

Hex 500 Resident Designed by Resident Studio, Hex 500 is an innovative hexagonal shaped pendant light constructed from aluminium. A modern alternative for home, office or retail spaces, Hex 500 contains a high quality warm LED light source, which is projected through a recessed poly prismatic diffuser.

Words – Mya Cole

Uncino Stool Simon James The Uncino stool by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec is made with the idea of sculpting wood both handcrafted and with numerically controlled milling machines. The metal structure joins the pieces of wood in an almost organic overlap. The wood embraces the metal rods whose form subtlety appears on the wooden surface prominently. Base available in fixed or freestanding

Multitude Bench Evison Studio

Arcade Sofa Simon James

An often absent addition, a bench is a highly functional object in a range of both residential and commercial spaces. Used together with a dining table, in a thoroughfare or in intimate spaces; its success lies in this dynamic and adaptable nature, able to be used as a seat, table or storage surface. A flat top surface contrasted by rounded corners.

The Arcade Sofa is a modular system that allows you to build and create the ideal configuration for your home, each piece is sold individually and joined together by our custom locking system. It’s multi-density foam and feather seat and back are designed to give a very relaxed look and feel which is juxtaposed against a very clean refined arm.


Japanese Drawer Box Classiky A beautiful box of drawers constructed from Japanese varnished hardwood. Perfect for storing small objects or jewellery.


Interior designer,

Katie Lockhart

Photography: Mary Gaudin

ay In D A


i L f e e O h T

6am Up with my children, breakfast, school lunches, shower and then school runs. If its fine I walk Grey to school, it's nice to have that space on the walk back to the studio to think about things.



At my desk catching up on emails, making plans with my assistant, Stephanie, for the day. We work on multiple projects at the same time, sometimes together, sometimes separately. The beauty of having a small team is that I am fully involved in each of our projects, which is what I love.

10am At Jack McKinney’s offices for a meeting on a project we are currently working on together.

Back in the studio, we always make our lunch. Today's was a salad from the garden, Mexican beans and tostadas.

1.30pm Plotted electrical and lighting plans for this afternoons client meeting and organised material samples for this meeting too.

3.30pm Leave the studio for client meeting in Grey Lynn.

11.30am Pop by Artisan, Artedomus and Ivan Anthony to collect various samples and material for our afternoon meeting with client. Sourcing is a large component of our job. We love to work with New Zealand suppliers and last year we were in Japan for a project and found some great suppliers there too whilst researching. It is important to have a library of different options on hand for the right client. We often work with Heath Ceramics in the US for our tiles. Recently we have created a custom-glaze for a residential project that we are working with Stevens Lawson on. This level of detail brings me a lot of satisfaction that hopefully translates into a satisfying result for our clients.

6pm Home and back into being a mum: bath time, homework and bed. I love bedtime with my daughter, Grey, she is five and likes for me to tell her stories of when I was young as she falls asleep.

8pm Dinner with my husband, Darryl, hopefully a record playing and some good conversation. We might watch something on Netflix, I might go back to work.

10pm Quick shower and bed. K AT I E L O C K H AR T. C O M

Mix natural wood and marble with iron and aged metallic detail to create an understated luxe interior – new arrivals in store.


53 Wood Street Freemans Bay Auckland, 1011 021 211 8904 / mkelly@xtra.co.nz marykellykilims.co.nz

Meet Potter, Tony Sly When Tony Sly came out of the movies at Rialto one winter evening in 2017, opening a store in Newmarket was the last thing on his mind. But walking back to his car he saw a 'for lease' sign in Teed Street and he realised he’d just found his second New Zealand pottery store.

I love cooking - that's how I decide whether or not to introduce a new colour or shape.” Tony has been a potter for more than 30 years. “I did a night-class in Hamilton; it was love at first sight. I was mad keen and I never stopped.” He moved to Raglan in 2002 and his famous studio and shop on Raglan Wharf has been drawing visitors to the picturesque Waikato surfing town ever since. Tony Sly Raglan Wharf is now also on Teed Street oposite Bambina. The new store offers not just Tony’s signature range of ceramics and dinnerware inspired by the blues, greens and chalky whites of Raglan harbour, but also a beautifully curated range of kitchen accessories and homewares. His Raglan studio consists of a team of four, operating like the kitchen squad of a high-end restaurant. "We make about 100 pieces a day and I do all the handthrowing on the wheel. So, I'm like the head chef really - passing it on to the next person. The throwing takes just a minute or two but each piece takes about four weeks and 23 steps to be finished. It's hard, physical labour but we want to make an honest product, not something that's faux.” Tony's bowls and plates are robust and utilitarian, and the kitchen is his testing ground. “Things last and I keep using them, or they get pushed to the back of the cupboard," Tony laughs. “I love cooking that's how I decide whether or not to introduce a new colour or shape." It’s a testament to his instincts that Tony’s newest glaze, a glistening inky grey, has been a runaway success. “Making pottery still feels no different to that first night-class”, Tony says. “I’m lucky to be able to do this every day of my life.”


Harrowset Hall EMPORIUM



S H O P 7 , 2 1 N U F F I E L D S T, N E W M A R K E T 09 5 24 445 2 — H A R R O W S E T H A L L .C O.N Z

Gorgeous collection of Gifts for Mother's Day

Visit our newly opened store to see our collection of silk & pashmina scarves, jewellery, leather hand bags, hides, candles, homewares and many more.

Visit Roskilde (opposite Domino's) at 616 Remuera Rd, Auckland or call 022 070 1060


Readers might be surprised to discover that the traditional white wedding dress is a relatively new phenomenon, made fashionable by Queen Victoria for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840 (though Mary Queen of Scots also a wore a white gown to her wedding in 1558). While the colour is now generally seen as a symbol of innocence and purity, 20-year-old Victoria wore white as a show of prudence, to impress upon her country that she would lead in a humble way. The young queen’s silk gown was also adorned with lace from the small village of Beer, and she felt that white was the best way to highlight the handmade pieces in order to promote the declining industry.

Before then, European royal weddings—and their bridal dresses especially—had been notorious for their colourful extravagance. In 1468, Margaret of York’s bridal gown was so laden with heirloom gems that she had to be carried into the church, while in 1816, Princess Charlotte’s silver lamé dress, embroidered with flowers and shells, is thought to have cost the modern-day equivalent of $2 million. Even outside of aristocratic circles, Western brides have historically opted for dresses of more striking hues, with red generally being the most popular option. It’s a tradition that spans cultures and centuries. Below, Verve brings you a selection of the most memorable. Muslim Brides Muslim brides don long gowns and usually some form of hijab, other than that, details can vary greatly depending on their country of birth or residence. White dresses are probably most popular in most Muslim countries, however brides in India and its neighbouring Muslim nations are likely to don more colourful dresses—or shalwar kameez—adorned with gilded thread, while their hands and feet are decorated with henna. In the Middle East, rather than meet at the altar, the groom will usually collect the bride in advance to the beat of traditional Arabic drumming. Chinese Brides Superstition is rife in China and no colour brings more luck, prosperity or happiness than red. The red frock—or qipao or cheongsam—is slim-fitting and woven with colourful embroidery that’s predominantly silver or gold. Often the bride’s family will hire a lady who serves as a lucky charm to escort the bride as she makes her way to meet her groom carried in an ornate sedan chair. After the ceremony the bride may change dresses more than once for the banquet and further celebrations.




Sri Lankan Brides Sri Lanka is predominantly Buddhist, with sizeable Hindu, Muslim and Christian populations. However, no matter the religion, traditional Sri Lankan bridal dresses are known for their glamour and vibrant colours, often complemented by a delicate veil. The bride’s silk sari is usually gold, cream or red, heavily embroidered and featuring a longer blouse and tuniclike ruffle around the waist. Their regal look is enhanced by jewellery such as gold chains, headpieces and bangles. Fresh flowers in the hair represent innocence, youth and beauty. Jewish Brides White is generally the preferred dress colour for all three of the main Jewish denominations—Reform, Conservative and Orthodox—owing to its representation of spiritual purity, and, like many Christian weddings, often paired with a veil. Orthodox brides are expected to have hemlines to the ankles, a covered back and high neckline while Conservative synagogues ask for covered shoulders. Reform Judaism is generally the most liberal—though plunging necklines should mostly be avoided if marrying in a synagogue.

Hindu Brides According to one tragic legend associated with India’s caste system, Hindu women born during a certain astrological period are destined for early widowhood, with the curse able to be broken by first marrying a tree then felling it. Any Hindu bride marrying a human, however, is likely to be draped in a sari that radiates with vibrant hues. The silk dress is accompanied by a jewelled headpiece, bangles and necklaces, with the bride also likely to be wearing fresh flowers and adorned with henna, too. Nigerian Brides Nigerians see marriage not just as the union of two lovers, but the merging of two families, an attitude epitomised by their big, celebratory weddings that pulsate with colour and live music. Traditions vary throughout the nation, but it is common for brides to wear the fabric of her family’s tribe (similar to the way many Scottish families have their own tartan), completed with a head wrap known as a gele. Many Nigerians also opt for a Western style white dress—but if they do so will likely change into a more traditional number following the service. During the first dance, it is traditional for older guests to throw money at the couple to help them set up life together. Japanese Brides Traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies take place at Shinto shrines where both bride and groom sport customary kimonos. The bride will be top to toe in white—even her makeup—which represents her maiden status and purity. She must also wear a white headdress known as a tsunokakushi, said to hide her inherent ego, selfishness and the “horns of jealousy” that she harbours towards her mother-in-law!

MAY 2019

WALKER & HALL To celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children, iconic New Zealand jewellery house, Walker & Hall, invited team members to bring their children or their mum to a beautiful Mother’s Day photoshoot. Each mum was asked to select a piece of jewellery they’d be proud to hand down for generations to come. Verve caught up with marketing manager, Liz Yarrall, to find out more.

You are a working mum, with two gorgeous wee daughters. Can you expand on your role at Walker & Hall, and any tips and tricks about making life as a working mother easier? My role at Walker & Hall is working across marketing and operations, supporting our team members to create memorable and seamless experiences for our customers. I love my job, and the Walker & Hall family, so the main challenge of being a working mum for me is feeling like I am missing out on time with my girls. Loving what I do means it can be hard to switch off, so I try to leave my phone on silent in my bag from when I get home until they are in bed, so I can be fully present and focussed on the girls for the short time we do have together. The Walker & Hall Mother’s Day promotion is a special one. Can you tell us more? Yes! We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to invite some of our very own Walker & Hall family mums together for a wonderful day with a bit of pampering and then having these gorgeous family photos taken by the amazing Adam Bryce. Each mum got to choose a favourite piece of jewellery to wear and then we complemented that with even more amazing jewels! Tell us about the piece of jewellery you chose—and why you were drawn to it? I chose the Tanzanite and Diamond Snowflake Ring. Being a snowflake means this ring is unique in its composition and another one will never be made – I love that it is one of a kind and feel that makes it truly special. This ring is also from our Artemis collection which means the stones were hand-selected by our managing director and gemmologist, Joe Tattersfield, for whom I have so much respect. He has always been a huge inspiration for me. I know firsthand how many gems he looks at before he makes a selection, so there is no doubt they are exceptional.

Which pieces did your colleagues choose and what made those pieces special for them? Amazing Ali works with me in the marketing team and she chose the stunning diamond Jubilee bracelet. Inspired by her grandmother who gave Ali her first silver bangle, she could always be heard by the jingling of her own bracelets. She says the Jubilee is elegant and exquisite just like her nan, bless! Joyce and I have been working together for nearly a decade now and she chose the Guiding Light locket because she loves that you can keep a special memory inside and always close to her heart. She is a working mum too, so I bet she would add a photo of her gorgeous son. Please share some tips and tricks such as about what to consider when purchasing a stunning piece of jewellery from Walker & Hall for a loved one. When you are buying jewellery for someone special, you should consider what they already wear and love and try to complement that. Knowing what colour metal they prefer is a great place to start. Finding a piece that has a meaning which represents how you feel, like our Entwined collection which symbolises an unbreakable bond can make it extra special for the recipient. Also, personalising a piece with an inscription can really elevate the connection. What do you believe makes the Walker & Hall experience unique? I think we are so lucky to still be a family owned business, and our culture throughout the stores really reflects this. We all treat each other like one big family, including our customers! Integrity is the cornerstone for everything we do and we truly believe that every piece is like a gift from our family, quality pieces and honest advice is what we are all about.

Photo caption: Liz, who has been with W&H for 14 years, with her daughters Jemma and Maddi.

0 80 0 674 255 • 0 9 3 69 1624 • WAL K E R AN D H AL L. C O. N Z


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Jessica Bridal

Step into Jessica Bridal and be greeted immediately by a feeling of calm, elegance and spaciousness. This beautiful bridal boutique headed by founder Jessica Yu and located at the top of a narrow escalator at 255 Broadway, is so much more than your average wedding shop; it is a place where any bride could find the dress of her dreams.


Verve chatted to Jessica about running a business, and some of the things that make Jessica Bridal outstanding in its field. What sparked your interest in wedding dresses, and when did you realise you wanted to pursue a career in this area? I started out my career working in information systems, but after my own wedding realised that I loved wedding dresses, and so changed industries and started working in the bridal business. After about five years of learning the industry, I decided to go it alone, and opened Jessica Bridal. We are now agents for five different global ranges, plus manufacture our own line, under three different labels. What influences the way in which you operate? My first store was located in Kinglsand, where I was for six years. The business had its ups and downs and I found that I learnt a lot especially from the down times. I constantly needed to think of ways that would make the business work better, and how to adapt to fit in with a younger generation’s way of thinking and doing things. I try always to listen to my inner voice and do what I believe to be the right thing. I just love travel, seeing new trends, and exploring the wedding industry outside of New Zealand. It is such a pleasure for me to be able to use what I have learnt from my travels to improve my own business. I also find that believing in myself is a daily motivator too. What fascinates you at the moment? I am besotted with lace, lots of different laces. When my suppliers show me new designs—I can’t help myself and just have to purchase them for my own ranges. I am crazy about hand beading as well.

What do you feel is unique about the service you offer? When clients come to Jessica Bridal we want them to feel really special—so we serve from our hearts. We believe we carry the widest range of dresses in New Zealand, over 300 ready-to-wear dresses, plus we design and make dresses inhouse. We enjoy developing close relationships with both the bride and her family. One of my families has seven daughters and I have dressed six out of the seven on their wedding days. (The seventh daughter is not married yet.) How do you want a bride to feel when wearing one of your dresses? We want a bride to feel as if they are wearing a million-dollar dress, the prettiest they have ever felt. We want them to feel unrestrained happiness—and for them to enjoy just being in the moment with their new husband. What is the biggest lesson that you have learnt since you started your bridal business? When you run your own business, you are the leader of your team. The way you behave and the way you think influences your staff and other people with whom they come in contact. So, if you have a bad day your team might very well also have a bad day directly because of you, which in turn is not good for business. I try therefore to always behave in a positive, courteous and considerate manner! This is something that is very close to my heart.

2 55 B R OADWAY, N E W M AR K E T � 0800 53 7 74 2 � J E S S I C AB R I DAL. C O. N Z

MAY 2019

What advice would you give to novice entrepreneurs starting a new business? • Keep learning new things. Never give up, push on. It takes three years to become an expert. • Your brain needs a break so take care to sleep well. • Have a hobby outside of the business. I play the guzheng and love to ski. • When you arrive home in the evening—relax. I love to have a glass of wine and listen to music. What role do you think social media plays in the bridal business today? Social media has greatly reduced the distance between clients and the business, and while it does not fully replace other platforms like magazines and websites, it is really important in the bridal business, and offers a quick way to react to brides, their questions and opinions. We use Instagram for our daily stories and Facebook for events. Jessica – three tips for brides-to-be? 1. Never over-shop: Do your research then narrow this down to a few favourite shops. 2. Enjoy the moment: On our wedding day, we try so hard to achieve perfection in a world that is never perfect; so, let go of the worries, and enjoy the moment, as the day will fast be over—and then it is gone! 3. Make your own decision: Before finding the right dress, you will probably have many opinions offered by family members and friends. But always remember it’s your day, so while respecting their opinion, don’t be afraid of making your own decision even if it is not the most popular, and once you have made that decision let that be it and move forward.

2 55 B R OADWAY, N E W M AR K E T � 0800 53 7 74 2 � J E S S I C AB R I DAL. C O. N Z



“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it” — John Steinbeck —


Tucked just inside the southernmost reaches of Scotland, the tiny, picturesque village of Gretna Green rests a little over three kilometres out of reach of an 18th-century English law that restricted the right of young couples wanting to wed. Introduced in England in 1754, the Lord Hardwicke’s Marriage Act forbade any couple under the age of 21 from marrying without their parents’—or guardians’—consent. North of the border, however, the Scots refused to alter their traditions of allowing girls aged at least 12 to marry boys aged 14 or older, with anyone permitted to marry a couple simply ‘by declaration’, and so Gretna Green became the UK’s eloping capital for loved-up English teens. (English law has long since been amended to allow couples aged 18 and over to wed without parent’s consent, but the Scottish minimum age remains lower at 16.) It even spawned a whole new (unofficial) profession known as the ‘blacksmith anvil priest’. Way back when, blacksmiths were among the most respected figures in any given community, mending everything from carts to carriages to farm equipment, as well as the more traditional tasks like making horseshoes. The Blacksmith Shop was positioned in the heart of Gretna Green and soon these upstanding village patriarchs were sought after to oversee the marriage ceremonies by way of ‘declaration’ before announcing the marriage by way of a celebratory strike of their anvil with a hammer. It also served as a highly profitable venture for the tradesmen, with one blacksmith telling the Times in 1843 that he had performed in the region of 3,500 marriages over his 25-year career.

Joseph Paisley was one of the first blacksmiths to turn celebrant, in 1753, the beginning of a family tradition that lasted generations. Arriving in 1926, Richard Rennison was one of Gretna Green’s last blacksmith anvil priests and went on to oversee more than 5,000 vows. The practice caused issues south of the border, with a Newcastle MP in 1855 declaring that it was “lowering the habits, injuring the character, and destroying the morality of the people of the northern counties of England”; but it wasn’t until 1940 that ‘marriage by declaration’ was outlawed in Scotland. Gretna Green remains a marriage mecca, mainly for English couples (the Mill Forge Hotel, for instance, hosts around 600 weddings annually, 80 percent of them for their southern neighbours). Its visitors are no longer predominantly young runaway teens drunk on forbidden love, rather everyday couples seduced by the romantic history of it all, the creaking white cottages and manicured country gardens. And so this humble hamlet that houses less than 3,000 souls hosts an astonishing 5,000 marriages each year (to give that some perspective, the neighbouring county of Cumbria has around 3,000 weddings a year—and a population of half-a-million). The original Blacksmiths Shop, the Old Smithy, still serves as a wedding venue, joined by numerous inns, old churches and purpose-built chapels where couples get hitched while stood behind an iconic blacksmith’s anvil, their union celebrated not with the peal of church bells, but still with the striking of that sturdy metal block before being sealed with a kiss.


Romancing the Stars A run down of some celebrity couples who hightailed it to get hitched in secret.

Global Elopements A spate of high-profile elopements caused such moral panic in late 19th-century America that the Philadelphia Times declared the phenomenon was “wrecking society”, while Life magazine, in 1884 said the “elopement epidemic... has played havoc with so many hearts and homes”. Notable examples included an older man who escaped with “a handsome brunette, 18 years of age”, and Pastor Jacobs who eloped with Mrs Carroll, the wife of a church deacon.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher on the set ot That 70s Show

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck The pair first met on the set of Pearl Harbor and starred together again two years later in Daredevil. Both Garner and Affleck were, however, in relationships at the time and didn’t officially become an item until 2004. They wed the following year at a private ceremony at Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos, inviting only two guests. But the couple split a decade later. Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig The notoriously private British couple had been dating just six months when they tied the knot in 2011, a decision that appeared to even take Weisz by surprise—she’d been anti-marriage until she met ‘James Bond’. “It was not an ambition of mine,” she told the Evening Standard. “I couldn’t relate to romantic comedies—marriage seems to be the whole point of them. Then it just happened, happily, at a more mature moment.” Jodie Foster & Alexandra Hedison The relationship hadn’t quite yet hit the year-mark when Jodie Foster married her photographer girlfriend, Alexandra Hedison, in secret, in April of 2014. Foster, famously private,

famously came out publicly at the Golden Globes in 2013, having been in a 20-year relationship with producer Cydney Bernard, with whom she has two kids. Hedison is a former actress also, and a former flame of Ellen DeGeneres. Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen Just six close relatives and two-yearold daughter, Olive, witnessed the marriage of the Aussie actress to her comedic husband at a traditional Jewish ceremony in Paris in 2010. Fisher revealed the importance of having a private celebration owing to their lives in the public eye, and told friends that they wanted “no fuss”. Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Keeping their service secret wasn’t enough for this Hollywood duo who even went so far as to send the press on a wild goose chase ahead of their vows. Kunis and Kutcher wed in California in 2015 before heading to Yosemite Park on honeymoon with their young daughter, but not before uploading a series of misleading social media posts at different locations to throw those pesky paps off the scent, which Kutcher later described as a “ninja effort”.

Tanan is the name given to the ancient practice of elopement in the Philippines, usually taking the form of a woman making a break for it under the cover of night, often to escape an arranged marriage. It occurs under similar circumstances in Indonesia, where it is known as kawin lari, though such marriages are rarely legally recognised. Nowadays, western elopements are often done for financial reasons rather than to escape the wrath of disapproving parents or due to a shotgun wedding. Couples are able to drastically reduce—or even eliminate—their guest lists while rolling their wedding and honeymoon into one trip. According to the Office of National Statistics’ International Passenger Survey, the number of Brits getting hitched in the US trebled between 2006 and 2016; quadrupled for South Africa; and increased eight-fold for Italy. There are even specialist ‘eloping’ travel agencies that deal with such trips. In October 2018, married couple Randy and Melvin Berlin each aged 89, made a pilgrimage to Crown Point, Indiana, the place to where they eloped from their parents’ Chicago homes some 70 years earlier. “We thought that Crown Point, Indiana, might like to know what happened to us,” Randy told the Chicago Tribune, before her husband added of their precious day that the judge had joked that they forgot their baby! Randy hadn’t, however, been pregnant, rather too excited to wait any longer to marry her beau.

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VERGE 1. Domain Cape Cherry / 2. Unite Jean Graphite / 3. Maddox Jean and Mulberry Top / 4. Cleo Top Creamy / 5. Lustre Top / 6. Academy Jacket Black / 7. Jake Jean and Embrace Top


Fragrances to fall in love with WO R D S — PAR I S M I T C H E L L T E M P L E

Choosing your signature scent is a feat that shouldn't be taken lightly. After all, your fragrance is your signature and will evoke memories of your presence for friends and loved ones alike for years to come. From the classics, to the blockbusters, to the niche and artisan, think of this as your definitive guide to the world’s most sophisticated and sensational smells. 1. EARTH MEETS GRASS Composed of the finest natural ingredients from Grasse, this luxury fragrance envelops skin in a sensual, woody floral scent that lingers on the skin long after it's been sprayed. A heart of Indian sandalwood meets a silken floral bouquet of Turkish rose and Egyptian jasmine absolute, before drying down to a blend of myrrh resin and opoponax resin with hints of creamy vanilla. Housed in an elegant mandarin garnet bottle with a vibrant fuchsia tasse. DIANA VREELAND PARFUMS Absolutely Vital EDP $318

2. FLORAL Jo Malone’s most recent Blossoms range. Falling into the heart of a frangipani flower. Entranced by its solar warmth and sweet, airy lightness. Accented by luminous jasmine petals and exotic ylang ylang. Underpinned by creamy sandalwood and topped with a fresh twist of lemon. JO MALONE Frangipani Flower $118 - 30ml or $236 - 100ml 3. FEMININE Think a warm, intoxicating blend of ambrette, cacao absolute, coconut water and patchouli leaves steeped in wild musk with an almost lolly-like profile for a fresh edge. BYREDO Velvet Haze EDP $330

4. ZESTY A signature fragrance from Jo Malone. Peppery basil and aromatic white thyme bring an unexpected twist to the scent of limes on a Caribbean breeze. A modern classic with a fresh summery feel. JO MALONE Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne $136 - 100ml or $68 - 30ml 5. WOODY AND EARTHY A timeless French fragrance and a supercool design with New York's underground edge. This luxurious perfume oil is designed to be carried anywhere. It infuses deep into the skin to impart the woody, floral and musky scent of rose. LE LABO Rose 31 Perfume Oil $253

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm The number one bestselling deep cleansing balm from ELEMIS is now formulated with delicate English rose. This powerful cleanser easily dissolves makeup, daily grime and pollutants for a soft and glowing complexion. Fans of the iconic original will be recognise the indulgent balm texture, the way it melts away all traces of the day, and the unrivalled skin-softening results. Extracts of rose—that’s the oil, wax and petals – bring an intensely soothing twist, not to mention the beautiful nostalgic aroma. Up to 17 varieties of English roses are selected for their complexity of fragrance. Rosehip seed oil brings intense skin-renewing properties, while rose flower wax increases the balm’s emollient powers and English rose oleo extract provides nourishing properties.

To enjoy the benefits of this special blend, warm a small amount between your palms before massaging over the face, neck and décolleté with light circular massage movements. Moisten fingertips and continue to massage, before removing with the accompanying cleansing cloth. Remember to breathe deeply and slowly, allowing the aroma to quieten your mind. If the aroma is too soothing to wash away (we admit, this is likely) simply leave the balm to linger as a deeply nourishing mask! Purchase from Lotusspa.co.nz

Lemaire, Fall 2019

The More Layers, the Merrier As sad as it is to see summer go, it’s hard not be excited for winter fashion—breaking out the tights, sweaters, jackets and scarves, layering is the key. If you’re looking for winter dressing inspiration the fall 2018 collections gave a wide range of new looks and layering tricks to inspire you all season long.

BASSIKE.COM Sweater $650

SEED Two Tone Coat $379.90

CHRISTOPHER ESBER Deconstructed knit dress $935

ll 2019 Versace Fa

Stella McCartn ey Fall 2019

BASSIKE.COM Utility pant $38 0

lyn wynn Ham 5, trouser $420 2 5 $ r te swea

Paris Georgia ers Blazer $780 and trous ndard sta er ov d $569, layere e $358 issue x Paris Georgia Te

19 Paco Rabanne Fall 20

Paris Georgia Duster Coat $849



The perfect coats for the winter weather. Keep warm in style!

Statement Coats

10 2

1 2

3 1. Kowtow Wool Bomber 2. Paris Georgia Duster Coat 3. Ingrid Starnes Claudio Jacket 4. Kowtow Wool Overcoat




C t oat n e



MAY 2019





1. Maison Margiela Black Bonded Jersy Coat from ssense.com • 2. Story by Repertoire Michelle Trench available in black, stone and blush. • 3. Burberry Beige Vintage Check Belted Car Coat from ssense. com • 4. Jacquemus Navy 'Le Manteau Claudia' Coat from ssense.com 103



Beauty Products for the Working Woman ‹ Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Liquid Foundation, RRP$96 Instant full coverage in less than a full pump, super quick to apply and lasts all day without need for primer. Exclusively available at MECCA and meccabeauty.co.nz

10 4

^ ELEMIS Fabulous Frangipani Treat her to this exotic collection of bath and body treasures that feature the iconic Monoi fragrance. Collection includes: • Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream 200ml • Frangipani Monoi Body Oil 100ml • Frangipani Monoi Body Polish 200ml • Frangipani Monoi Hand & Nail Cream 100ml • EXCLUSIVE Frangipani Glow Candle 210g Mother’s Day Special during May only $245. Purchase at Lotusspa.co.nz

‹ Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick in Minette, RRP$86 Cream formula that delivers essential moisture to the skin as it wears. Exclusively available at MECCA and meccabeauty.co.nz

› By Terry Lip Expert Matte Liquid Lipstick in Rosy Kiss, RRP$58 Dry down formula that has serious staying power. In a natural shade that wears evenly toward the end of a work day. Exclusively available at MECCA and meccabeauty.co.nz

ˇ Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black, RRP$38 Delivers on its promises, intensely pigmented and lasts. Exclusively available at MECCA and meccabeauty.co.nz

‹ lilah b. Glisten + Glow Skin Illuminator, RRP$103 Innovative whipped formula that melts into the skin to give a natural office appropriate glow. Exclusively available at MECCA and meccabeauty.co.nz

^ Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, RRP$37 Waterproof formula that stays in place for a natural yet defined finished brow look. Exclusively available at MECCA and meccabeauty.co.nz

^ Stila In The Buff Powder Spray, RRP$52 Spray application for ease of use, quickly setting cream products to ensure they go the distance. Exclusively available at MECCA and meccabeauty.co.nz

› Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, RRP$54 The most popular setting spray of choice, will lock down any look for a flawless complexion all day (and night) long. Exclusively available at MECCA and meccabeauty.co.nz


Meet Our

ENGLISH ROSE The ELEMIS No.1 BESTSELLING CLEANSER, now with a delicate and soothing English Rose Oleo Extract, perfect for sensitive skin.

Call us for a phone skincare consultation, or view the website to find out more about how ELEMIS can help you. Order online. Free NZ Delivery.

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It's a good time to turn your feelings into actions and physically express your emotions. Creative or artistic activities now ultimately lead to successful exhibitions of your work, greater emotional satisfaction from physically expressing your talent, or a success in representing the talents of others. Focusing on home and family this month is especially rewarding. You are also enjoying the renewal of interest from a special someone in your life.

This period expands your confidence and urges you to take greater risks than the facts might support. Networking, enjoying friends, and taking part in group activities are in focus this month. Love is connected with friends, online activities, or group associations. Relationships are mostly easygoing and singles should keep an eye out for love opportunities. It’s time to balance your life with some down time– otherwise, you simply don’t feel whole.

Your instincts and intuition are working overtime now. This will greatly increase your energy and dynamism, making you more attractive to the opposite sex and this can also be a time for an edge in your romantic or personal life. Professionally, transacting business, increasing income, conserving monetary assets, monitoring expenditures, and comparison shopping are on your agenda. This is also a time for recognising your need to pay attention to mental and physical health.



You’re bound to experience more satisfaction from your job, improved working conditions, and better health. Although work can be hectic at times, you enjoy taking care of all the details. You had better prepare for a big transformation in your financial life over the month ahead. You will certainly reassess your role in the lives of others, and there may be an inclination to marry, or shack up with an older person.

It’s a great month for initiating, building, developing, and learning. Gathering information can be a big focus. There is a robust and active focus on personality development, finances, work, health, and talents. On many levels, you can feel revitalised. People notice you for who you are not only what you do. A greater interest in and knowledge of your family history will expand your activities and contacts with family members.


You’re being pulled out of your routine, nudging you towards a better balance. This can be a time for discovering your feelings about a friendship or project. You have more faith that your efforts are counting for something and responsibilities can be more satisfying and enjoyable as a result. You’re able to work hard and play hard now, or simply enjoy a healthier balance between work and play.



Your creativity and social life are stimulated this month, and plenty of opportunities to express yourself uniquely and creatively are likely to present themselves. You may find great joy and reward in your creative projects and hobbies. Ideally you will have a stronger sense of purpose, and a re-worked ego. Surprises usually occur in your life on a regular basis with regard to work and play.

This is a time for slowing down if you’ve been pushing too hard, or for navigating speed bumps, likely related to family matters and partnerships. This can be an improved time for children or creative projects as well. A relationship that is both stable and exciting may figure strongly for some of you. Your inherent tendency toward expansive gestures will be enhanced.


This is a month for doing some soulsearching, digging, and investigating. You may be doing a lot of observing and planning, and you’re inclined to pour quite a bit of energy into engrossing projects and interests. In terms of career, outward signs of progress may not be as forthcoming, yet the work that you do during this transit will lay a foundation for future success and progress!




This can be a time when shared beliefs, interests, and ideologies are a focal point in a close relationship. Many of you are attracting people who want to help, who are on your side, and who take a keen interest in you. You can seek the wisdom and guidance of others. If you have not established long-range goals or developed a perception of what your ultimate destiny should be, do it during this period.

All month, you’re looking to break out of the mould or routine in various ways through what you learn and where you go. You’re more courageous and motivated to try new things. You may unexpectedly begin a new romance, or just as suddenly break off with a romantic partner. Unusual or non-traditional romantic situations or partners take your fancy. Superficial areas of your life no longer satisfy you.


You are certainly more serious these days, and you might find that you benefit from more attention to practical matters as well as re-organisation of important structures in your life. A partner might begin to rethink matters or could be emotionally distant from the nineteenth; but singles, on the other hand, might enjoy a renewed and refreshed romance. The last week of the month demands some slowing down, and this is good timing for many who are enjoying holiday vacations.


MAY 2019

Relax with Bliss Reflexology

A perfect Mot her’s Day gift idea. Gift vouchers available onlin e and in-store

Foot Reflexology Bliss $109

One-hour treatment: 15-min welcome foot spa, neck, back, and arm treatment, then 45-min Chinese reflexology and foot massage. This one-hour treatment is pure Bliss. Reflexology encourages full-body wellness, releasing the body's natural energy flow to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Body Massage Entire $119

A perfect escape from the chaos of modern world, enter into the world of Bliss. Here at Bliss Reflexology, we combine aspects of one of the world's oldest cultures with the latest in wellness philosophy. We use techniques from the ancient art of Chinese medicine and the practice of reflexology to encourage full-body wellness and to help release the body's natural energy flow. We also offer a choice of deep tissue, relaxation or hot stone massage treatments to suit your needs. Our clients describe Bliss as one of the best foot spas in New Zealand.

One-hour treatment: five-min welcome foot spa and 55-min deep tissue or relaxation massage. Our luxurious one-hour body massage lets you choose between a deep tissue or relaxation massage treatment. The deep tissue massage helps to unwind and restore your body with a stress-reducing massage. If you’re looking to experience a blissful massage while you’re in Auckland we recommend this treatment. The masseuse applies stronger pressure to rejuvenate the deepest layers of muscle tissue. The relaxation full body massage works towards total body relaxation, a calming massage with sweeping strokes to increase circulation and metabolism, while releasing muscle tension.

Our team of highly qualified therapists are professional and accommodating to your needs to ensure your treatment is as relaxing as possible. Please note we also offer treatments for mums-to-be. Our two blissful branches are located in central Auckland; it has never been easier to get a massage in a place near you.


1F/255 BROADWAY, NEWMARKET • 09 520 6818 LVL 4, ATRIUM ON ELLIOT ST, AUCKLAND • 09 368 4698



匀琀攀氀氀愀 刀漀礀愀氀

䰀攀洀漀渀 吀爀攀攀

䐀攀攀愀渀渀攀 䠀漀戀戀猀


䴀攀最愀渀 匀愀氀洀漀渀

䔀甀瀀栀漀爀椀愀 䌀栀漀挀漀氀愀琀




Old friend, new neighbourhood. NOW OPEN 2a GILLIES AVE, NEWMARKET.

HIGH STREET +64 9 3798950

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TA K A P U N A +64 9 4861952

W W W. M O R T I M E R H I R S T. C O . N Z

NEWMARKET +64 9 5201000


Our world class clinical team specialise in: Comprehensive Eye Examinations and Ocular Health Checks, CAA & Police Testing, OrthoK, Keratoconus, Complex Contact Lens Fitting, OCT, Glaucoma Co-Management, Dry Eye Treatment, Myopia Control, Macular Degeneration, Paediatric Care.


Stockists of the world’s finest eyewear brands: Alain Mikli, Anne et Valentin, Barton Perreira, Booth & Bruce, Chopard, Dita, Face a Face, ic! Berlin, Lindberg, Maui Jim, Mykita, Oliver Peoples, Oliver Goldsmith, Persol, Theo, Robert La Roche, Thom Browne, Starck.





HIGH STREET +64 9 3798950

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W W W. M O R T I M E R H I R S T. C O . N Z

NEWMARKET +64 9 5201000

VIV GALLAGHER The Founder of Studio Three Established 2012 – Auckland’s first boutique fitness studio specialising in pilates, barre and yoga. At 49 years old, having undergone a divorce, a first business attempt that was far from lucrative, and feeling uninspired to return to corporate travel, starting up my own boutique fitness studio seemed rather over-ambitious.

needs of women at varying stages of life, this was my vision in establishing Auckland’s first boutique pilates, barre and yoga studio. Now, seven years along, I am immensely proud of the community that we have.

Fitness and dance had always been my passion and a sideline interest for many years, but making it a full-time career was quite a big leap of faith fuelled by my desire to create more balance in my life.

Like many small businesses with limited budgets, the main challenges are having to wear too many hats as you take on all aspects of your business from marketing, finances, social media (don’t start me on this!) staffing, IT and the list goes on. I am not tech or social media savvy but being hands on in all aspects of my business has taught me so much and no day is ever the same!

I recognised that there was a gap in the market for more intimate styled fitness classes, especially for women around my age who felt intimated by the big gym scene and craved a feminine environment welcoming of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Somewhere that offered hands-on assistance to ensure individual success and understood the specific

It’s not all been an easy ride and it’s required plenty of tenacity to stick things out in quieter times. Boutique fitness studios don’t often return high monetary rewards, but the true rewards are in being able to do what I love most. Everyday I am grateful to be able to move my body and share my skills and encouragement with others to move theirs too!

L E V E L 1, 56 S U R R E Y C R E S , G R E Y LY N N • S T U D I O T H R E E. C O. N Z







MAY 2019



K-Beauty for the Working Woman



If there’s one thing K-beauty isn’t known for, it’s brevity. You’ve probably heard of the infamous Korean skincare routine and thought you could earn an online degree from Harvard by the time you were finished taking off your makeup. I’m not going to sugar coat it—Korean women do invest a lot of time preening their skin, but I also have some good news. There’s a short cut. 111

For the working woman who’d appreciate an extra bit of sleep, we present you the abridged, five-step K-beauty routine aka Korean lazy girl skincare. STEP ONE Double cleanse In the world of K-beauty, cleanliness is next to godliness. Double cleansing was popularised by the ladies of Korea and Japan and involves the first step of removing makeup using an oil-based cleanser. During this step, Koreans like to do a lymphatic draining massage to remove toxins from their face. Following the oil cleanser, a water-based foaming cleanser cleans deeper into your pores without the obstruction of makeup. Bonus points if you find one that is low pH meaning less drying. STEP TWO Toner Harsh, drying toners of yesteryear are out—Korean toners are all about restoring balance and hydration to your skin after cleansing. Whether you use a cotton pad or tap it directly into your skin is up to you. My personal preference is to first use a pad and wipe across my face to see if there’s any residual makeup left, because even with a thorough cleanse you can often miss the edges of your face like your hairline. Then, I pat a similar amount straight into my face. STEP THREE Essence The Koreans and Japanese swear by essence. While I adore my sheet masks, the true game-changer in Korean skincare is essence. It’s been around longer and it’s used nightly by the whole nation. Essence is a hydration powerhouse for your skin and usually contains other active ingredients that may be

anti-ageing, anti-hyperpigmentation and so on. On those nights you decide to up the ante and use a sheet mask, you can skip the essence, but it should be a default step in your skincare routine. STEP FOUR Moisturiser Whether you opt for a facial oil, gel or cream, a moisturiser that plumps rather than clogs your skin is essential. When moisturising, remember to tap rather than pull at your skin. Rubbing your skin may feel satisfying but like anyone who’s sensitized their gums from ‘over-brushing’, exerting too much pressure on your face can do more harm than good. The skin on your neck is even more delicate so make sure you press the moisturiser into your skin rather than sweeping it down as this will contribute to sagginess. STEP FIVE Sunscreen or eye cream As much as we love the sun, we must acknowledge it’s not so kind to our skin, especially in New Zealand where the rays are a little harsher. That’s why daily sun protection is paramount even in the depths of winter when you feel like the sun’s gone for a vacation. In fact, unless you’re going to be in the office from sunrise to sunset, you need to top up once during the day and that’s why sunsticks are all the rage in Korea due to portability. Of course, at night you don’t need sunscreen and your final step should be a pea-sized dollop of eye cream gently patted into your eye area using your ring finger. And there you have it. The five-step skincare routine beloved by busy women across Korea—now enjoy that extra bit of sleep and the K-pop-worthy skin.



The Art of May There is no denying it, winter is here. Jandals are out and slippers are in. Images of European springtime have begun to appear on Instagram feeds like the darling buds of May, serving to illustrate the vastness between the platform and our actual reality – that we are miles away, looking down the barrel of winter. With mobile screens providing little warmth, here is a selection of vibrant art exhibitions to warm your cockles this month of May.

On Paper Artis Gallery

Originals, screen-prints, woodcuts and photography, Artis Gallery presents a diverse selection of works on paper in this group show. From Emma Bass to Liam Barr, this is an exhibition guaranteed to have something for everyone. Running from 21 May–9 June, the lineup also includes artists Aroha Gossage, Nigel Brown, Bridget Bidwill, Fatu Feu’u, Weston Frizzell and Michael Smither.

Double The Pleasure Anna Miles Gallery

May Trubuhovich Masterworks Gallery

Nola Campbell Tim Melville Gallery

Garden of Memories Malcolm Smith Gallery

Peter Hawkesby continues to provide pleasure for the arts district of Karangahape Road by way of his ceramic works. These combine loosely referential objects finished in earthen glasses with brightly spray-painted ceramic halos – as if paying homage to the materials found in this notoriously gritty and flamboyant urban locality. The group show also features artists Adrienne Vaughan and Richard Stratton and is on until 25 May.

Nola Campbell is part of Colour Field, an Aboriginal Group show on at Tim Melville Gallery. Campbell’s work documents the country in which she lives via a visually arresting style of painting which talks to the intimate relationship she has with her land. Raised in a traditional nomadic context, Campbell (originally Yurnangurnu) keeps the stories past and present of her land alive through her bold expressive brush strokes and vibrant colours. Fascinating, colourful and inspiring, Colour Field is on throughout May, until 8 June.

Nothing will warm your heart and those around you, more than a tiny button badge of a chirping bird, against a warm yellow backdrop. Masterworks gallery is exhibiting the coveted stitch-work of May Trubuhovich until 11 May. Her first exhibition of fine art outside of a career in award-winning film and animation, Trubuhovich’s work is full of drama and narrative. With tiny wearable artworks starting at $95, it’s well worth making the effort.

A group show curated by Giles Peterson, brings together heirloom and contemporary Pacific quilts by artists from across Asia and the South Pacific. The exhibition stokes its audience both educationally and emotionally. Featuring quilt works by Shona Pitt, Sheena Taivairanga, Lisa Reihana, Vea Mafile’o, Reina Sutton, Lina Pavaha Marsh, and Ken Khun. The Garden of Memories is on until 12 May.


Words — AimÊe Ralfini

Left to right: May Trubuhovich courtesy of Masterworks, Peter Hawksbey courtesy of Anna Miles Gallery, Lisa Reihana courtesy of Malcolm Smith Gallery






s On I ' t a

ay? M n

Wh 7-11 May 7:15pm Q Theatre 305 Queen St, Auckland

Chris Parker : Iconique Chris Parker, 2018’s Fred Winner for his smash hit show, Camp Binch, is hoping to fool himself that all those wasted hours on the internet watching videos on his phone of the greats (Garland, Streisand, Parton, Lupone...) was all actually in aid of his next thesis, ICONIQUE - the making of an icon. Join Chris for an hour of stories, jokes, songs, dances and wigs inspired by his influences. Who knows, maybe Chris will even make an icon of himself in the process? Presented at Q Theatre as apart of The Comedy Festival you can purchase tickets from The comedy Festival website.

9 May-9 June Auckland Town Hall 301-317 Queen St, Auckland

The Ei Project Don’t miss the opportunity to come and admire a large-scale, handmade ei in Tāmaki Makarau this May. Sitting in pride of place on the iconic Auckland Town Hall the ei (necklace or garland) has been designed and created by the Pacifica Mamas. LAUNCH EVENT - 9 May at 10:30am for a special ceremony to launch the ei. Bring your friends and family to hear guest speakers and enjoy performances by some of the children who helped to create the ei. The ei will be on display from 9 May until 9 June, so make sure to stop by and visit. You can also head over to Aotea Square and check out Auckland Live’s digital screen, which will feature some ei footage.


12 May 10:30am-12:30am Pigeon Park Corner of Symonds St and Karangahape Rd

12 May 12pm & 6pm Academy Cinema 44 Lorne St, Auckland

Merata: How Mum Decolonised The Screen Mother’s Day Screenings (pictured above) To celebrate Mother's Day this year Academy Cinemas will be playing Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen, to showcase the strength and talent of woman filmmakers and their presence and contributions in the industry. "Merata Mita, pioneering Māori filmmaker and international champion of women in indigenous film, is celebrated by her youngest son, archivist Heperi Mita, collaborating with his siblings to deliver a richly personal portrait. By the time the pioneering indigenous filmmaker and activist Merata Mita died suddenly in 2010, she had packed an extraordinary amount of action into her 68 years. If her youngest son Heperi Mita became a film archivist and a filmmaker in order to discover the stories she did not live to tell him, then we in Aotearoa have something new to thank her for. His first film is a remarkable accomplishment, a compelling Great Woman portrait that speaks intimately from personal experience.” Tickets available from the Academy Cinemas website.

13 May 6pm Good George Craft House 71 Tamaki Dr, Mission Bay

Women of K' Road Walking Tour Celebrate women of K' Road this Mother's Day and learn while you walk. Karangahape Road is defined by the stories of its women - elites and outcasts - working and playing, loving and fighting, on and around the street. Some of these women are well known, others have barely been spoken of. Until now. Join well known, heritage tour guide Julie Gunn, on a unique walking tour this Mother's Day! This tour looks at the unmistakable influence of women in shaping K' Road's culture and identity. V ERV E M AGA ZIN E .CO.N Z

The Trans Tasman Jazz Band take over On 13 May the Craft House is pleased to present The Trans Tasman Jazz Band in house and taking over our Beer Hall for one night only. With hot, swinging New Orleans and Dixieland Jazz featuring some of the finest traditional musicians from Australia and NZ it's going to be an amazing night. Doors open at 6pm with food and drinks available until late.

John Wessels, Agence France-Presse

MAY 2019

17 May 9pm Raynham Park 145 Karangahape Rd, Auckland

21 May 1:30pm-5:30pm Auckland Museum Auckland Domain, Parnell

No Standing Only Dancing No Standing Only Dancing is returning for another round and bringing the Studio 54 scene to Auckland. So tag your girls, tag your man, because it’s Friday night, and we're all going dancing. No Standing Only Dancing, is a culture movement of people who love to dance to only the best disco/funk tracks created in the Studio 54 era. There's no rules here, so dance how you want to dance, dress how you want to dress, do what you want to do, and be prepared to let go. As our VIP guests, you'll be treated to a night in a Manhattan dance studio, immersed into a immersive wonderland created through only the finest DJs, visual and performance artists, and, like Studio 54, our aim is to have a contemporary and stylish production value that is second to none. Tickets can be purchased from the eventbrite website. FutureSlam: Harnessing technology to amplify arts and culture Arts and cultural institutions are connected to our communities and reflect our identities. A changing digital landscape means our institutions have to quickly adapt and use technology in unique ways to remain relevant and engage audiences. Join some of Auckland’s arts and cultural leaders alongside international guest speakers for lightning talks and a keynote address from Seb Chan, followed by a panel discussion. Explore how technology is being amplified in more meaningful and personal ways, ways that not only inspire but create a forum for further discussion, partnerships and debate. This event aims to showcase the ways in which public institutions use new technologies to engage audiences and foster research and collaboration. Through sharing inspiring innovation, stories and exploring opportunities, see how technology can be meaningful and personal in ways that amplify the impact of arts, culture and technology. This event was created in partnership with Auckland Live, Auckland Art Gallery, AUT, Auckland Libraries and MOTAT as part of Techweek.


22 May 6:30pm Q Theatre 305 Queen St, Auckland

Dialogue Matters New Zealand Comedy Trust Presents, Dialogue Matters. Like your comedy with a side of something more serious? Dialogue is the festival's storytelling show, where comedians explore some of today's most topical issues, hosted by Pax Assadi (Fricken Dangerous Bro). Thought-provoking, intimate and hilarious, you'll definitely laugh, there might be tears, but you'll absolutely have a great night out! Dialogue puts a bunch of top comedians in a room and challenges them to talk about what's most important. Expect to hear about anything from gender politics to cultural identity to inequality to the environment and more. Tickets available on the comedy festival website.

29 June–28 July Smith and Caughey Level 6 Gallery Space

World Press Photo Exhibition The prestigious exhibition of award-winning photos that capture the very best in global photo journalism has confirmed its return to Auckland’s Smith and Caughey’s Level 6 Gallery Space, Queen Street, thanks to the Rotary Club of Auckland. The World Press Photo Contest honours the incredible talents of press photographers who show great skill and creativity in capturing an event or issue of great journalistic importance from the past year. The 2019 contest drew entries from around the world: 4,738 photographers from 129 countries submitted 78,801 images. The World Press Photo Contest nominees are 43 photographers from 25 countries.



Bibi Andersson and Liv Ullmann in Persona

3 MAY — 7 JULY


The Academy Cinemas is proud to present Persona Non Grata - a new retrospective film series looking at the best of classic thriller, horror and art cinema that defines, distorts and disrupts identity in fascinating ways. They have selected ten features that, despite their Hollywood leanings or genre trappings, have a distinctive uncanny feeling, whether through narrative eccentricities or novel filmic techniques.

Dead Ringer

5 MAY Elliot and Beverly are world-renowned gynaecologists and identical twins. Both are troubled by the seemingly unbreakable bond between them as they share everything from their clinic to their women - until they meet Claire. Whilst Elliot enjoys seducing her, Beverly falls in love and wishes to break away from his brother in order to become closer to her. However, as his attempt to love unravels, so does his sanity and it becomes apparent that the twins are bonded by madness as well as blood. A Film Talk hosted by Dr Misha Kavka will follow the screening. Dead Ringer is directed by David Cronenberg based on the book Twins; by Bari Wood; Jack Geasland. Starting Jeremy Irons and Heidi von Palleske.


19 MAY A young nurse and her patient, an actress who has mysteriously gone mute, retreat to a seaside cottage to aid the actress's rehabilitation, but the intimacy embroils them in a stranger, stronger bond. A Film Talk hosted by director Jake Mahaffy will follow the screening. Persona is directed by Ingmar Bergman. Cinematography by Sven Nykvist. The film stars Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Margaretha Krook and Gunnar Björnstrand.

The Hummingbird Project 23 MAY

In this modern epic, Kim Nguyen exposes the ruthless edge of our increasingly digital world. Cousins from New York, Vincent (Jesse Eisenberg) and Anton (Alexander Skarsgård) are players in the high-stakes game of high-frequency trading, where winning is measured in milliseconds. Their dream? To build a straight fibre-optic cable line between Kansas and New Jersey, making them millions. Their old boss Eva Torres (Salma Hayek), a powerful and manipulative trader who will stop at nothing to come between them. The Hummingbird Project is an upcoming thriller film, written and directed by Kim Nguyen. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård and Salma Hayek.

Godzilla II: King of The Monsters 30 MAY

The new story follows the heroic efforts of the cryptozoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species—thought to be mere myths—rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance. Godzilla Ii: King of The Monsters is directed by Michael Dougherty and stars Vera Farmiga, Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins, Kyle Chandler, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Thomas Middleditch, Charles Dance, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Aisha Hinds and Zhang Ziyi.

Visit vervemagazine.co.nz to view the trailers

Sara Langdon

Standing Ground Preview: Tuesday 14 May 5.30pm Exhibition: 14—28 May 2019 Auckland-based contemporary landscape artist, Sara Langdon, draws inspiration from the volcanic forms around her. With an understated and fresh approach to landscape realism, she invites the viewer to contemplate the mountains themselves, rather than the expected views from the summit. A graceful dance of shadow and light is built out of Sara’s extreme attention to detail. Working with fine acrylic on board, her compositions frame each mountain, each subject almost as if it were a portrait, or the protagonist in a novel. In her first solo exhibition with Parnell Gallery, Sara’s latest body of work has evolved to further include evidence of inhabitancy in the landscape. Meticulously rendered historic villas on a mountainside or an iconic breakwater place us in the here and now against our ancient volcanic giants. Sara comments, “My work is not just a replication of the landscape, but a response to the beauty I see there.” Standing Ground will be on display at Parnell Gallery from 14-28 May. Bottom: ‘Light Breaks Through’ (North Head), acrylic on board, 800 x 800mm. Right, top-bottom: Detail of ‘City on a Hill' (Mt Hobson), ‘City on a Hill’ (Mt Hobson), acrylic on board, 800 x 600mm, ‘The Ground We’re Standing On’ (One Tree Hill), acrylic on board, 700 x 500mm. ‘Rest in the Shadow’ (Browns Island), acrylic on board, 1000 x 700mm.

09 3 7 7 3 13 3 / PAR N E L L G AL L E RY. C O. N Z 2 6 3 PAR N E L L R D, A U C K L AN D / AR T@ PAR N E L L G AL L E RY. C O. N Z

MAY 2019

Ginger Coconut and Nut Muesli I love muesli for breakfast. I even reach for it sometimes as a snack if I’m ravenous around mid-afternoon. It can save me from hitting those sugary snacks. I usually pair this muesli with yoghurt and either blueberries or raspberries. Or here I have it with cashew milk and fresh strawberries. The nuts I’ve used here can be changed up; for example, if you love cashew nuts then use more of those and less walnuts. I love the strong coconut taste in this recipe and there’s enough ginger to give it just a subtle flavour.

INGREDIENTS 1 cup pumpkin seeds 250g coconut chips 1 cup sliced almonds ½ cup raw walnuts ½ cup raw cashews ½ cup black chia seeds 2 tsp cinnamon 3 tbsp coconut oil 2 tbsp rice malt syrup 3 tbsp freshly grated ginger

METHOD Put all the ingredients on a lined oven tray and mix together using your hands. Bake at 130°C for 20 minutes (until the coconut goes crunchy). Remove from the oven and leave to cool. Then store the muesli in glass jars, place a ribbon on the top and gift it to someone you love (with a smile). Or keep it and scoff it yourself.

BALANCE: Food, Health + Happiness The new book by Rachel Grunwell. Respected journalist and wellness expert, Rachel Grunwell, interviews 30 global experts on how to uplift your mind, body and soul in order to live your best life. Along the way, she also shares her story on how she went from being an unfit, stressed- out investigative journalist and mother, to someone who is now a multi-marathoner and wellness expert who coaches others with fitness and lifestyle plans. Recipe from Balance: Food, Health and Happiness by Rachel Grunwell, Beatnik Publishing, RRP $40.00, beatnikshop.com

As well as interviews with experts, Balance has recipes for nutrient-dense, delicious snacks and smoothies, and as the book is all about balance, there are some sweet treats too. A sample of Rachel’s recipes have been included these pages. So what are you waiting for? Give these healthy yummy recipes a whirl and enjoy.




Peanut Butter Frappẽ Peanut butter is so popular in kitchen cupboards. Who else remembers racing home from school to raid the pantry and make peanut butter and honey sandwiches? It’s a great energy food, full of good fats, to fill our tummies and fuel our bodies when we are active. I think I love peanut butter even more as an adult. I sometimes put it in celery and eat it as a snack. For a sweet pick-me-up, I spoon peanut butter into plump Medjool dates. If you want to take this to the next level, dip these in melted dark chocolate. They’re heavenly. I never want to share these with anyone if I make them! The key ingredient in this frappé is the humble peanut butter. This recipe is a definite favourite with my kids. It’s delicious, thick and creamy and has the consistency of ice cream. It’s also dairy-free and gluten-free. Serves 2.


INGREDIENTS 1 frozen banana, peeled 4 Medjool dates 4 tbsp peanut butter 1 tsp almond oil pinch of vanilla bean powder 2½ cups ice ¼ cup filtered water

Recipe from Balance: Food, Health and Happiness by Rachel Grunwell, Beatnik Publishing, RRP $40.00, beatnikshop.com


METHOD Put all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. If it’s too thick, add a bit more water so it can blend more easily. Be careful not to over-blend, though, as you don’t want it reduced to a liquid. Pour into two cups or jars, and sprinkle peanuts on top if you feel like being a bit flashy. Share this frappé with a friend or your kids, and drink it slowly and mindfully so that you can savour the delicious, creamy flavour. I dig mine out with a spoon. Smile, too, as you eat—because we could all do with some more positivity, as well as good, nourishing food.




Fantastic Feijoas High-yielding, evergreen fruit trees that produce a variety of fruit sizes, the feijoa is an all-time Kiwi favourite. Perfect for subtropical planting, anyone north of Nelson can enjoy growing a feijoa tree no matter the size of your garden. Read through our tips and points before choosing the perfect tree.

Final Stages SELLING NOW Apartments available to view - by appointment only CONTACT BEV DYSON FOR AN APPOINTMENT TODAY: (09) 625 3420 Sales office located at: 539 Mt Albert Road, Auckland

ranfurlyvillage.co.nz A GENERUS LIVING VILLAGE


AT ORAKEI BAY Get in the garden with Kings, and grow with confidence! Shop a huge range of top quality plants and all the gardening essentials, all with expert advice from our team of garden specialists and instore Plant Doctor.



POLLINATION Most feijoas need to be pollinated by a neighbouring tree to bear fruit. Choose different varieties for successful cross-pollination. Short on room? Feijoa unique is a fantastic self-fertile variety or, if you neighbour has a tree, you can successfully cross pollinate with their plant, as birds don’t respect property boundaries. SIZE Feijoas can be multipurpose and be used as screening or hedging plants. The feijoa wiki tu variety are compact-growing trees of three metres in height, that are fantastic for hedging and produce huge fruit with a strong flavour. Want something smaller? The feijoa bambino variety is a small shrub growing to the height of 1.5 metres, that produces an abundance of adorable small fruit with soft edible skin. Harvest times vary between March and June depending on variety.

GROWING TIPS POSITION • Full sun. Prefer free-draining soils, though they will tolerate most types. PLANTING • Dig a hole twice as large and as wide as the pot they came in. • Backfill the hole, mixing in compost and 3-4 handfuls of sheep pellets in with your topsoil. • Gently plant your tree into the loosened soil. • In heavier (clay) soils, a little extra work may be necessary to ensure your trees don’t sit in water. Break up the edge of your hole as you plant and, if necessary, add extra soil and plant into a slight mound. CARE • Water regularly in the drier months until plants are well established. Feed in spring and summer with sheep pellets.

0800 P L AN T S — K I N G S . C O. N Z

ENJOY FREE PARKING Open 8.30am – 5pm at 228 Orakei Road 0800PLANTS (752687)

Rediscover Your Inner Wellbeing R E S E T Y O U R B O D Y A N D M I N D AT P O LY N E S I A N S P A ’ S M I N D F U L M O M E N T S R E T R E AT

Experience 2 days of guided yoga, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition workshops and Polynesian Spa’s world-renowned therapy treatments. Personally hosted by our Spa and Retreat Manager Helena Keenan and inspirational Polynesian Spa Health and Wellness ambassador Rachel Grunwell @rachelgrunwell

B O O K N O W AT P O LY N E S I A N S P A . C O . N Z

Contact our hosts for more information retreat@polynesianspa.co.nz O P E N D A I LY 8 A M - 1 1 P M | + 6 4 7 3 4 8 1 3 2 8 | P O LY N E S I A N S P A . C O . N Z



A leisurely 40-minute ferry ride from Auckland’s CBD, Waiheke Island provides city dwellers with the perfect escape from the pressures of everyday life. Renowned for its pristine coastline, stunning beaches, seaside villages, olive groves and vineyards, the island is often referred to as the island of wine. While most of the wineries are small, the wines produced here have come a long way since the first grapes were planted in the early 1970s. Today there are thirty-plus wineries with the island emerging as one of the most fully integrated red wine regions in the country. With their worthiness proven over many vintages, the winemakers have grown beyond adolescence to maturity. As principally a red wine region, Waiheke’s wealth of viticulture riches and its specialisation is evident from the grape varieties grown here. From bold reds as cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, syrah and merlot, to the lighter montepulciano, to the brash and juicy petit verdot, Waiheke has it all. And while the wineries are low-volume producers, such is their popularity that many wines are sold out before the next vintage. For wine lovers it’s the taste that generally wins the day, but a major part of these locally-produced wines' extraordinary appeal is their rarity.

Here are two from Mudbrick Vineyards reflecting true individuality:

< Mudbrick reserve ’18 merlot, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot, malbec RRP $75 An affordable example of what to expect from the island. This handcrafted blend, with its supple and ripe fruit, is packed with flavour with the potential to improve over time.

> Mudbrick ’17 Francesca chardonnay RRP $120 The winery's premium grape. This is the real deal and a must-have for chardonnay lovers. Combining tradition with adventure, this superbly crafted crisp and lively wine comes with plenty of excitement. Will cellar well.



THE R O C K E T S TO R E 2 0 8 P O N S O N BY R D

‘FATTO A MANO’ Fatto a mano is Italian for ‘handmade’ or ‘crafted by hand’, and the catch cry for Italian craftsmanship, whether it be sports cars or hand stitched leather. The same is true of the Rocket Espresso machine range, handbuilt by dedicated engineers on the Milan factory floor. The brainchild of New Zealander Andrew Meo and Italian Daniele Berenbruch, Rocket Espresso Milano was borne of a desire to create beautiful, timeless pieces capable of delivering cafe quality espresso at home. The result is a beautiful union between Italian engineering heritage and New Zealanders’ obsession with coffee and cafe culture. Staying true to classic Italian styling, the Giotto and Mozzafiato complete any designer kitchen, but also have the goods under the hood. Espresso is all about consistent temperature and pressure – extracting maximum flavour out of the coffee. Unlike lesser machines, all Rocket components are commercialgrade, guaranteeing stable temperature and pressure throughout. The design team at Rocket have continued to evolve, and with their latest release, the R Nine One, are clearly looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible in home espresso. This machine has the ability to set your own extraction profile to meet your tastes, one for true home-barista pros. A touchscreen, a saturated group head and sleek modern aesthetics set it apart from other machines on the market. A key part of the Rocket ethos is to ensure top quality after-sales servicing and support. To deliver a top quality service, the first bricks and mortar store devoted entirely to Rocket machinery has opened here in Auckland at 208 Ponsonby Road. With both a showroom and dedicated workshop, there’s all the parts, accessories and expertise needed to keep your machine humming. With the full range on display, you can take the opportunity to practise your latte art, test drive a machine and talk to the team about the best Rocket for your home and lifestyle.





n i g n n r u SKODA Kodiaq RS


ds int


o 126

I’ve had this conversation many times over the years: “Nobody needs a car that goes that fast, costs that much, and is that low to the ground, and so on.” And fundamentally, ‘they’ are correct. From a ‘needs’ or 'requirement' angle, cars are essentially just another form of transport, vehicles that simply get us from A to B. Thankfully, I don’t believe that for one moment. For although there is a certain element of truth in the ‘what we all need from a car’ argument, in my not so humble opinion, it’s what we want that makes all the difference. A case in point is the new SKODA Kodiaq RS that has just been launched in NZ. Of late, the SKODA car company has launched some really outstanding vehicles. Their current lineup caters to a large chunk of what the automotive world needs in vehicles in terms of seating and size, plus they all come with ‘Simply Clever’ features to make your life just that little bit easier. It’s a formula that’s evidently been working, as the Kodiaq has won a cabinet- (or trunk-) full of awards and even took out our very own NZMWG Car of the Year in 2017 - the first SUV to do so. Creating well designed, more emotive vehicles is becoming a welcomed trait with SKODA, but with the Kodiaq RS, a big shot of their Motorsport heritage has been introduced too. And, having just driven it, I can tell you, it’s just what you want. For NZ, the RS badge made the WRC headlines in the 2000s, the Octavia turning heads as it blistered around the rally stages. This success was rapidly followed by the Fabia and the subsequent R5 and the RS performance ethos introduced to their production vehicles from the turn of this century.

black highlights that include the roof rails, window trim and mirrors. Dramatic 20-inch alloys, red brake callipers that grab your attention along its profile, while two tailpipes and a unique reflector strip garnish the rear. For me, the hero colour is the Race Blue, but there are velvet red and a variety of other shades for you to opt for. The Motorsport theme continues inside, with carbon fibre effect trim, sports seats and a large use of alcantara that even includes the door cards. The RS comes with an abundance of technology and driver’s comfort. The Canton sound system (and the rest of the infotainment) is controlled via a 9.2-inch screen, the instrument cluster is virtual (digital) and very personalisable, including a sports look with a rev dial in the centre. Heated seats (front and rear), heated wheel, triple-zone AC and an exhaust sound booster when in sport mode. Less cosmetic is the two-litre bi-turbo diesel engine that delivers 176kW of power and 500Nm of torque. It’s a powerful family SUV, make no mistake, that has you going everywhere fast (0-100km/h in seven seconds to be more precise). A seven-speed DSG gearbox, full-time 4x4, dynamic chassis control, progressive steering and six different driving mode settings are just a few of the great things about the RS, but my favourite is the way it drives.

We met the new performance SUV out at Boomrock, near Clevedon. An intimate gathering that included a brief presentation before letting us loose on the area’s great driving roads. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

Like I said, we got to explore the very involving roads that have you heading out towards Miranda, unescorted too. We got to experience both sides to this performance SUV. Its mild manneredness around the town and its highly impressive speed and handling around the tight NZ countryside. The combination of a strong chassis, great suspension, wide and grippy rubber and a very responsive and giving engine brought out the evil Edward Hyde (of Jekyll and Hyde infamy) in me. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

As you are probably already aware, the Kodiaq is a modern, well-appointed seven-seat SUV that’s crammed full of ‘Simply Cleverness’ that I won’t go into here, as this is more about the RS. The RS badge (with a 'V' in front for Victory) has received a facelift and is now racing red. It’s easy to spot but not overused on the Kodiaq. However, the SUV’s sportiness is very obvious. New bumper design with gloss

Despite being given plenty of time to explore the new Kodiaq RS, it was still just a taste and it left me wanting more. NZ is the first (and currently only) country outside of Europe to get the RS (that’s how much we love sportscars), and I can see people lining up to get one. In short, the SKODA Kodiaq already ticks all the ‘needs’ boxes but now it’s gone RS, it’s something you’ll most definitely want.


THE ŠKODA KODIAQ RS. THE SPORTS CAR THAT’S A FAMILY CAR. ŠKODA’S BI-TURBO SEVEN-SEAT SUV, FROM $71,990*. Dreaming of a sports car but need a family car? The Kodiaq RS is the fastest seven-seater around the Nürburgring, it’s got a bi-turbo engine with 500Nm of torque (that’s sporty) and 20” Extreme Alloy Wheels with red caliper brakes. But it also comes with seven leather seats (for the family) and a range of simply clever features, including door edge protectors and umbrella holders (genius). So head to your ŠKODA dealerships in Giltrap Skoda in Newmarket and Tristram Skoda in Takapuna to take a test drive. • Seven seats as standard

• 20” Lightweight Extreme Alloy Wheels

• Unique RS Bi-turbo engine with 500Nm torque

• Class-leading boot capacity

• Blind Spot Detect, Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise

• Virtual Cockpit instrument display

• RS Mode with Launch Control

• Highly efficient 7.7 litres/100km fuel economy

• 4x4 with 7 Speed DSG automatic

• Infotainment system with 9.2” inch capacitive touchscreen

• Intuitive smartphone connectivity with SmartLink+

• Three-zone climate control with rear seat controls

GILTRAP SKODA 58 GREAT SOUTH RD, NEWMARKET, AUCKLAND 1023 TRISTRAM SKODA 1-5 HILLSIDE RD, WAIRAU VALLEY, AUCKLAND 0627 *The Kodiaq RS is now available from $71,990 MRP (maximum retail price)


RANGE Extension PHEV Range Rover Review

When I think of the Range Rover, I envisage a backdrop of either rolling country hills, tweed and shotguns, or East End gangster bosses with, well, shotguns. What I don’t see is low emissions or tree-hugging, but having just driven the new Range Rover PHEV, maybe I should. Launched in 1970 as a larger Land Rover, the Range Rover design was so good that it was displayed at the Louvre in Paris as an “exemplary work of industrial design”. It rapidly became a favourite for town and country folk alike due to it being big and bold and oh-so-capable. Now in its fourth generation, it offers prestige, luxury and an unapologetic overall display of success.


With Range Rover Sport, Velar and Evoque variants already to choose from, now, Jaguar Land Rover, in their infinite wisdom, has extended the powertrain range to include a PHEV (Plugin Hybrid) option. And quite frankly, it’s awesome. At first, the thought of a Hybrid (and a PHEV one at that) goliath such as a Range Rover seemed counter-intuitive to me. Like I mentioned before, the image of gangsters or toffs being interested in battery power seems like an oxymoron, however, the automotive landscape has definitely changed and so it would appear have consumer demands. I picked up my Range Rover PHEV from Mt Wellington with a full charge and only a half a tank of fuel. Normally I would consider this to be an oversight, but as it turned out, the lack of fossil fuel just reinforced the PHEV argument. Initial impressions were of both awe and confusion. Awe due to the Range Rover’s dominant size (at 5m long x 2.22m wide and 1.87m tall, it's a kerbside statement) and yet confusion due to its lack of EV boasting. In fact, unless you are aware of how to plug this majestic animal in, you could spend weeks walking around in search of the flap (artistic licence speaking of course). For those that are unaware, it’s integrated into the front grille.

I’ll get to the powertrain in a moment. If I’m honest, I’d forgotten how much of a looker the Range Rover actually is. It’s not full of acute angles or shoutiness, it’s just a handsome SUV that comes across as timeless. It's not featureless by any means. In fact far from it: Range Rover face, signature LED DRLs, a stoic profile and characteristic tail with a clamshell tailgate. It’s just like I said before, the Range Rover is majestic. This refined brilliance is there on the inside too. Leather furniture that would look out of place in my home (too good) with fixtures and fittings to match. It comes with oodles of technology and yet it’s delivered in an easy to use, uncomplicated way. Overall, the cabin is expansive and unflustered, but you may very well know all of this. The PHEV Powertrain is a combination of an advanced Ingenium petrol engine and an electric motor. Together, they produce 297kW (221kW petrol/85kW Electric) and 640Nm of torque. 0-100km/h arrives at just 6.8 seconds while it sips fuel (pinky out, of course) at 2.8L/100km and keeps CO2 emissions down to 64g/km. Ignition startup is EV-silent (eerily so), and even though it’s big, the Range Rover is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre and I’m on my way pretty quickly. With the JLR head office behind me, I head north on the motorway in virtual silence. It’s not just the fact that I’m in EV mode (although that helps), it’s that the cabin is so insulated from the outside world. The motorway traffic is irrelevant. I have my seat arm down, barely feathering the throttle, while the suspension has the Range Rover just floating along the carriageway. Soon I’m head over the harbour bridge, so I open the panoramic roof and let the sunlight flood in. Bliss. The SUV’s EV range boasts 51km and at the rate I’m cruising I can well imagine it hitting that mark, plenty enough for an average commute, and since the 13kWh battery takes about 7.5 hours to charge domestically (or as little a 2.75 with a dedicated wall box), I would hardly ever need to visit the petrol station (see JLR were smart by only giving me half a tank). However, for those of us that worry about our range, the petrol motor elevates any anxiety. On the subject of the Ingenium motor, don’t think that your PHEV lacks any power. Stamping down on the accelerator had the needle in the instrument cluster spring into boost and the force is enough to push you back into your seat, at least momentarily enough to please the gangster fraternity that’s for sure. By my calculation, Range Rover currently has three fossil fuel powertrains to play with, from a V6 diesel to a supercharged V8 petrol, the addition of a PHEV offers greater powertrain range, greater kilometre range and by embracing (arguably) the EV future, it’s sure to extend the Range Rover’s range too.



At first take, turning one of the most iconic all-purpose, country gentlemen of SUVs into a hybrid (and a plug-in one at that) seems counter-intuitive, but therein lies its genius.

MAY 2019




Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio


I have to admit that when it comes to languages, my Italian leaves a lot to be desired. I can order a beer, and food staples are doable, but after that, I’m left with just the names of car brands. It seems even then, my Italian lets me down. Which brings me on to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio SUV. The Alfa and Stelvio are all pretty self-explanatory, however, the Quadrifoglio (four leaf clover) is not. My natural inclination is to highlight the 'fog' and include the 'G' but according to my Italian friends, just like in 'sign', 'champagne' and 'gnaw', the 'G' remains silent. Well, my non-Italian-speaking, car-loving pals, I’m here to tell you they are wrong. There is a 'G' in the Stelvio quadrifoglio, and it’s an 'OM - G'! First of all, there’s the way this Italian sports car looks. My Quadrifoglio came in Competizione Red and there’s nothing silent in that either. A tri-coat paintwork that makes the Stelvio shine from afar - I recommend it. Over and above the Stelvio’s artistic design, Alfa has added a raft of subtle (and not so) elements to set the Quadrifoglio apart from its siblings. Carbon fibre accents are to be found all over its well-formed body. The bonnet has designer air vents that let the flavours of its powerful V6 pour out. There's a rear-end splitter, quad tail-pipes, a panoramic sunroof, do I need to say more? Oh, and all topped off by 20-inch forged alloy wheels with red brake calipers and the cherished four-leafed clover badge. The interior is just as impressive. Again, there’s a large use of carbon fibre that merges in well with Alcantara, leather, gloss blacks and chrome. The sports seats have huge side bolsters to keep you fixed in place regardless of how fast you take the corners. The steering wheel is a melody of leather, Alcantara and carbon and comes with a bright red button that directly connects you to what’s under the bonnet.

There are 2.9 litres of B-Turbo’d V6 married to an eight-speed auto gearbox and an advanced all-wheel-drive system. Push down hard on the accelerator and you have 375kW of power and 600Nm of torque at your disposal. Nought to 100km/h arrives in a blistering (and thanks to the sports exhaust) loud 3.8 seconds and should you be anywhere near the Autobahn, has a top speed of 283km/h. I picked up the Stelvio Quadrifoglio from Alfa Romeo Auckland and headed straight to my test road. Full of anticipation that I subdued with '80s tunes (courtesy of Coast) delivered via the Harman Kardon sound system. The Stelvio comes with its fair share of driver’s aids and safety (including active cruise control and lane departure warning), the rear view camera could be a little clearer but who wants to go backwards in this? Time to unleash the hounds. The Quadrifoglio comes with Alfa’s DNA drive modes but also has a Race option. I’m not saying that I used Race but I understand that it raises the SUV’s fun level to ‘off the scale’. Exhaust now screams (but melodically), the rev dial is a blur, and so is the world around you. The Stelvio Quadrifoglio drives like a racecar, it’s wellbalanced with a great sense of purpose. It comes with active suspension and an awesome torque vectoring system that just keeps giving - it’s O for awesome. Having driven (and been impressed) with the Stelvio, I can say that you’d be more than satisfied with the way it’s presented and its overall performance. However, should you desire the true Alfa Romeo motorsport experience that the brand is renowned for, yet require a bit of SUV practicality, then ‘G’, the Quadrifoglio is magnifico!




Lean & MEAN BMW X4 M40i review



When it comes to writing, there are numerous ways to grab a reader's attention. Bold, of course, or shouty CAPITALS. “Speech” or ‘quote’ marks. (Brackets), underscore, exclamation marks! I could go on. But one of the lesser used, or possibly more subtle techniques is italics. With their progressive slant and ‘out of the ordinary’ appeal, italics offer a sense of difference without the need to boast - rather like the new BMW X4. My original thoughts of the X4 was that it’s an X3 with a softer tail, but I’m here to say that it’s way more than that. Parked side by side with its sibling and (aside from them sharing the same family genes in terms of nose) it’s plain to see that the X4 is, very, very different. The ‘A’ pillars are at a more acute angle and just like italics offers up an immediate sense of motion which flows on through the rest of the X4’s silhouette. Overall, the X4 is 36mm longer and 21mm wider than the X3, but it’s also 55mm lower which makes for a much sportier road stance. Now we have that elephant out of the room, let me tell you more about the X4 M40i that I got to play with. Sorry, I mean review. The BMW SUV family is ever expanding and the X4 slots in nicely with those of us that require the room or space of the X3 (more or less) but have a yearning for the racetrack. Sure, it’s not an out and out sportscar, but it cuts a sportier shape than your regular SUV and in this particular case, my X4 40i also came with the coveted M-badge. Let’s jump straight under the bonnet, shall we? The X4 M40i boasts a rather tasty six-cylinder brute of an engine that delivers 265kW and no less than 500Nm, something that it gladly SHOUTS ABOUT through its sports exhaust. It’ll haul its coupe styled lightweight frame from 0-100km/h in under five seconds (4.8s according to BMW), yet if nurtured, will offer a fuel efficiency of 9.2L/100km. The latter figure

is something that I doubt you ever try to get near, as, to be perfectly frank, this X4 M40i (x-Drive) wears its M-badge with pride. With a low centre of gravity and M-tuned adaptive suspension, 21-inch alloys and an eight-speed sports transmission, this SUV should have the 'S' underscored. Loud and obnoxious when the exhaust baffles are open (so read ‘all the time’ there), the X4 M40i feels dynamic and more than a little bit frisky when pushed, even just a little. The cockpit enhances the sporty appeal, with a grippy leather M steering wheel and even grippier leather bucket seats. Lashings of red contrast stitching (to match the exterior shade) that makes its way to the SensaTec instrument panel. But don’t think that it’s all racy and no prestige, there’s still ample amounts of piano gloss blacks and chromes, Harman Kardon sounds plus more tech than you can shake your finger at (as it comes with gesture control, too). The sloping roofline does give tall passengers a little less headroom to play with (serves them right for eating all of their veggies), but there’s still plenty of room in the rear to not feel cramped. Plus, thanks to the coupe styling, rear view window visibility is arguably, marginally compromised - nothing to see back there anyway (you’ve undoubtedly already gone past it). I spent nigh-on a week behind the wheel of this beauty and was actually quite reluctant to give it back (thankfully BMW had an X2 M35i waiting for me to ease the pain). If you’re heavy footed, it’s a blissfully angry SUV whose SHOUTY exhaust notes and dynamic handling easily turns heads, but funnily enough I believe that even when it’s at rest, the X4 M40i garners more than its fair share of admiration. It’s that sloping sense of motion, that demands a second look, something italics know all too well.


MAY 2019

The cost of uncertainty Long periods of uncertainty around major economic policies have had a real cost. Most jobs and opportunities come from someone somewhere making an investment. When investors weren’t sure if they would be paying a 33 percent capital gains tax on any investment, many of them kept their hands in their pockets. That has been the cost of uncertainty. After 18 months of waiting and a $2 million tax working group, National’s strong opposition to a capital gains tax forced the government to back down. This was good news. The last thing the country needed was a big new tax on savings, on investment and on entrepreneurship. But the government now has to answer for the damage they have done to the economy, which has been weighed down by uncertainty over these proposals. Who was going to invest – to create jobs and opportunities for Kiwis – when they didn’t know if they’d face a 33 percent CGT on that investment? The prime minister should have had a proper conversation with Winston Peters and spared us all the trouble. The government ground down the New Zealand economy while their coalition had a public discussion about a policy they couldn’t agree on. This is political and economic mismanagement on a mindboggling scale. And we’re all paying the price.

Our economy was growing at four percent two years ago – it’s rapidly heading down to two percent. The government has no economic plan to speak of at all. It sapped the confidence out of small business owners and mum and dad investors, and stopped investment in start-ups and in research and development. And while the government backed down on a capital gains tax, there are still a range of taxes on the table. They include a vacant land tax, an agricultural tax and a waste tax. The prime minister says she personally still wants a capital gains tax and that our tax system is unfair. But fairness isn’t raiding someone’s retirement fund that they’ve worked hard their whole life for. New Zealanders simply can’t trust Labour when it comes to tax. The big question left, is what is this government’s economic plan now? They had gone on about amending the tax system. Now they’re only left with lots of spending, spearheaded by Shane Jones’s discredited slush fund, a problematic R&D tax incentive, stopping new oil and gas exploration, and a host of additional new costs to business. In the government’s so called year of delivery, they’ve dropped their flagship tax policy, a policy that the prime minister made as the hallmark of her leadership. She finally had to concede what we knew all along – a capital gains tax isn’t needed, isn’t wanted, and would hurt New Zealanders. I hope the transformation that we’ve all been promised is not simply going from being a dynamic economy to one that is drifting.

Authorised by Paul Goldsmith, 107 Great South Road, Epsom


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CONQUER THE URBAN JUNGLE IN STYLE The new Range Rover Evoque wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t designed to be just another car amongst traffic. It was designed to turn heads with its unique flowing lines and unmistakeable shape. The elegance extends to the inside with refined, luxurious design and sophisticated intuitive technology. A touch of style just entered the city, all for $92,900. landrover.co.nz

Terms and conditions apply. Price shown relates to the Evoque R-Dynamic S P200 and is the Maximum Retail Price (MRP). Warranty covers for 5 years or 150,00kms, whichever comes first. 5 Year warranty includes the 3 Year manufacturer warranty and an additional 2 year extended warranty (both transferable) underwritten by Provident Insurance Corporation Limited. Both warranties are subject to the policy Terms and Conditions which can be viewed at www.landrover.co.nz/ownership-warranty. The standard Scheduled 5 Year Servicing is included (different terms and conditions applied for different models) with 5 Year roadside assist (3 Years standard plus 2 Years Additional). This is available on new vehicles only, registered and delivered between 1 April and 30 June 2019. Offer not available in conjunction with another offer. Speak to your retailer for more details or visit www.landrover.co.nz. Images are not representative of offer. JLR_218400.

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Verve. May 2019. Issue 155.