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Editors’ Note It is hard for us to believe that a couple of months back, our business entered its thirteenth year of trading! And while we remain a ‘small business’* it is gratifying to know that businesses like ours are what form the backbone of the New Zealand economy. A couple of days ago the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment released a rather cool looking factsheet filled with colourful info-graphics, a snapshot view of the positive impact made by small businesses in New Zealand today. Amongs other things, the factsheet illustrates the vital role small enterprises play in generating jobs and innovation. A fairly staggering snippet is that at the end of December 2014, businesses with fewer than 20 employees created almost half of the jobs in our country. It feels good to know that the Verve ladies can be counted in as a part of this important statistic. And while (according to the stats) a percentage of smaller firms will fall over, a great percentage continue on for many years, and interestingly those with more employees survived longer than those with less. So when asked, what makes our magazine strong, we know without a doubt — it’s the people, it’s the people, it’s the people.

Swim in a pool or the ocean? F: Ocean. J: Maybe a pool but that sounds so safe? What would you want if stranded on a desert island? F: Lots of fresh running water. A good book. J: Mosituriser (with sunscreen) and lipstick. If money were no object what would you do all day? F: Study and make art; do something big to help rid our society of appalling family violence. J: Continue doing what I am doing — I would miss the creativity that Verve brings me — if money was no object I would love to give some away to those who need it! Where do you most want to travel, but have never been? F: Scandinavia. J: India. What is your favourite memory? F: Too many favourite memories, but to pick one… summers around the pool with the family. J: My mother teaching me to dance in the kitchen when I was 10.

With this in mind, we thought instead of the usual editors’ notes we would give you, our readers, a lighthearted chance to get to know two of the people behind Verve by answering some fun questions.

University or life experience, which do you feel best prepares you for life? F: Life experience of course. J: Oh, definitely life experience.

Half full or half empty? Fran: Half full. Jude: Half full.

What’s your philosophy in life? F: Breathe deep. Don’t stress. Have faith. Everything will be alright in the end! J: To enjoy, laugh, never take yourself seriously, ask lots of questions and embrace and listen to all the people you meet.

Talk or listen? F: Listen. J: Bit of both. Go to a musical or play? F: Musical. J: Would rather a live concert with Leonard Cohen. Visit Japan or Mexico? F: Mexico. J: Mexico because of the colour and the architecture. A night out or evening in? F: Evening in. J: Summer: night out. Winter: night in. Choose a free trip or money? F: Free trip. J: Free trip.

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? F: A bit of both, probably more extrovert. J: Extrovert We hope you enjoyed this novel editors’ note and that you will love the pages ahead, filled with fabulous fashion, food, and features. See you next month.



*A business with 20 or less employees is considered to be a small business. According to Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment










New Zealand furniture, designed & made exclusively for you

TRENZSEATER TRENZSEATER Christchurch I 121 Blenheim Rd, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041. T. (03) 343 0876 TRENZSEATER Auckland I 80 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland 1052. T. (09) 303 4151 OPEN 7 DAYS




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Photographer: Neil Gussey Make up: Imeleta Kellet Florist: Rosie of Rose Tinted Flowers Model: Mikayla Honey Green silk fabric: Modes

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COUNT ON CARL When it comes to buying and selling apartments, nobody knows the Auckland CBD and fringe market as well as awardwinning salesman and apartment specialist Carl Watkins. He has been involved in the successful sale or purchase of many properties during his time in the industry and has up to one thousand active buyers and sellers on his database at any time. If you’re a first time buyer, perhaps a young professional seeking an exciting city lifestyle amongst cafes, restaurants, shops and clubs, or an empty-nester moving on to the next stage of life and looking for a comfortable lockup-and-leave location, Carl is certain to have the right property for you at the right price. If he doesn’t, he’ll go and find one. WHY CHOOSE CARL? • • • • • •

He’s always available for a chat or to give advice, and takes great pride in being a good communicator, negotiator and networker. He lives locally so knows the advantages of the neighbourhoods that he sells in very well. He’s just as comfortable with buyers and sellers at either end of the market. If you’re selling the family home first, he will work with you in lining up completion times to suit. He has great relationships within his motivated and professional team, and can draw on their skills to help you, when required. Has an extensive contacts list of experts within the industry to assist him, should problems ever arise. Investors can have faith in Carl and know that he has their interests at front of mind.

WHY APARTMENTS? “Auckland is a long narrow city,” Carl says. “If you want modern concrete-panel construction in its central suburbs, with double glazing, warmth and quiet, it’s very unlikely that you’ll find a suitable spot to build a house on, and that’s why apartments have become so popular. In effect, we’re learning to move up — rather than out.” With a huge majority of new arrivals and returning Kiwis hoping to live in Auckland, with its buoyant job market, the demand for apartment living looks set to grow and grow, potentially resulting in significant gains for canny investors who purchase the right place at the right time. “If you’re buying ‘off the plans’, which is one of my specialities, you generally pay a 10% deposit and nothing until completion,” says Carl. “When the building is finished — say in 12 to 18 months’ time, it’s very possible in this market that your investment will have appreciated nicely.” There are a number of reasons behind this perfect storm situation. “They include factors such as high immigration into NZ, recordlow interest rates and a general shortage of housing in the Auckland market.” Act now and phone Carl today on 021 424736 for free friendly property advice or email him:


SOLD before Auction

APT 4 4A/71 Symonds Street, Auckland 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms, $1.275.000.

Eden Green Apartments 10 Normanby Rd, Mount Eden Double Grammer Zone, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom from $538,000.

Soma Apartments McKelvie Street, Grey Lynn, Construction Commencing, 1,2,& 3 bedroom from $695,000.

LET YOUR INSTINCTS DRIVE YOU. The all new MINI Clubman has been intuitively designed down to the last detail. Featuring distinctive split doors at the rear, top shelf finishes in the deceptively spacious interior, the latest communications technologies and a clever array of safety features, it is the perfect combination of urban practicality and sophisticated style. Trust your instincts and book a test-drive at Auckland MINI Garage today.


AUCKLAND MINI GARAGE. 381-383 Broadway, Newmarket. 0800 548 352. MINI.CO.NZ





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COMPETITIONS 120 Win With Verve!

Rose Tinted Flowers create florals for weddings, events, installations and all special occasions, big and small. They also host flower crown and floral arranging workshops at their Newton studio. 021 0628 389 | ROSETINTEDFLOWERS.COM


.... IN CASE YOU MISSED IT .... A selection of green gifts

UP FRONT Jun 2016

Crystal Desert W o r l d Te r r a r i u m The Bioattic Crystal Desert World Terrarium is a miniature landscape of crystals, unique cacti, succulents, stone and rock. Extremely low maintenance and very hardy. A misting of water once every couple of weeks in summer, and almost no watering in winter make these very easy to look after!

Uashmama The humble paper bag is elevated to a showpiece paper bag that looks and feels like leather. Uashmama bags look great anywhere with everything. The perfect organic storage solution.

Rosemary Plant Gift A unique herb gift designed to tantalise the culinary tastebuds for beautiful meals throughout summer and winter. The living gift that keeps on giving! Presented in a beautiful custom-designed all-purpose wooden box that can be re-used as a planter box.

BUILT FOR EVERY DAY. INCLUDING TOMORROW. BMW i is a world of visionary electric vehicles, innovative mobility services, inspiring design and a new understanding of premium that is strongly defined by sustainability. The BMW i3, is a vehicle designed to electrify urban mobility and the BMW i8, is the world’s most forward-looking sports car. The Ultimate Driving Machine has taken a bold step into the future, while making history along the way, with the new BMW i3 being the first-ever electric car to win the prestigious AA New Zealand Motoring Writers Guild Car of the Year title for 2015. Auckland City BMW 7–15 Great South Road, Newmarket, Auckland. 09 524 3300. YEAR 5 YEAR 5 YEAR WARRANTY 3 SERVICE INCLUSIVE ROADSIDE ASSIST

12 GREEN LIVING Jun 2016

Go Electric Automotive sophistication has changed face. Range Rovers, Bentleys, Hummers and Ferraris are no longer cool.

Yes, folks. The penny has dropped. People are beginning to realise that these types of cars are irreversibly destroying our atmosphere, at 10 times the rate of other petrol cars. This is because they burn a ludicrous amount of petrol, and in doing so produce far more than their fair share of CO2. Yes, folks. People are starting to understand, finally, that climate change is like … actually a thing, and that we need to do something about it. Instead, these days, coolness is exemplified by Tesla: an electric car company led by genius entrepreneur Elon Musk. Electric cars demonstrate their owners’ mature, rational, forward thinking nature; while next to them Ferraris seem so stuck in the past, such an environmental nuisance. It has become obvious that, in so many ways, electric cars out-perform their petrol powered cousins becasue:

1. They save the planet, while you drive to work

Because they run off electricity, they don’t require petrol. That prevents them from producing C02, a greenhouse gas that is slowly destroying our planet’s comfortable climate. Furthermore, they don’t produce noxious, asthma-inducing smog and they are incredibly quiet, making them vastly less damaging to humans than petrol cars.

2. They’re fast, and handle well

So it turns out electric motors have lots of torque — the thing which gives cars their acceleration — so they feel fast to drive. Electric cars also have large panels of batteries at their bases — this gives them a low centre of gravity which helps with safety and handling.

3. They’re incredibly safe

Electric motors are smaller than petrol ones. This leaves more space for things like crumple zones and air bags — often giving EVs the highest of safety ratings. Sometimes it also leaves space for a second boot at the front of the car.

4. They have more than enough range

The average New Zealander drives around 28 kilometres per day. The newest Tesla has a range 12 times this, at 340 kilometres. Even the cheapest options have ranges in the order of 100 kilometres, which is ample for a city commute. To avoid running out of charge, or if you want to head to the beach for the weekend, simply stop off at fast charging stations, the equivalent of petrol stations. There, you can recharge most of your battery in just 20 minutes. There are already multiple fast charging stations countrywide and more are being added every week. Honestly, who doesn’t like to stop for a coffee anyway? Lastly, some electric cars, like the BMW i3 for example, have small petrol motors on board, that turn on when you are low on charge to give you an extra 200 kilometres.

5. “I need an SUV for the space, and I tow a boat at the weekends”

There’s a solution for you. The Mitsubishi Outlander Half Electric (PHEV) SUV will cost you $59,000 and can tow 1.5 tonnes. It has 50 kilometres of electric range, before switching to the petrol engine and effectively becoming a normal (while efficient) petrol car.

6. You’ll never have to stop for petrol ever again

When you get home at night, you plug your car in. It charges overnight, while the electricity is cheap. Just like your smartphone, it’s ready to go when you are.

7. They’re affordable and prices are declining rapidly

Prices currently range from $12,000 for a Mitsubishi MiEV (near new 2nd hand) to $80,000 for the 2015 New Zealand Car of the Year, the BMW i3.

8. They have cheaper running costs

You will save about $2000 a year in petrol money, which amounts to $20,000 over the cars lifetime. Electric cars are also built more simply than petrol cars, so you end up spending less money getting them serviced and repaired.

9. They are good for our economy

We import foreign oil: nearly $8 billion worth annually. Electric cars don’t consume any oil, so each and every one benefits the NZ economy.

>> The revolution is here: In April, records were broken when 200,000 people ordered the latest Tesla… in one day. Orders have now reached 400,000. Closer to home, Air New Zealand recently announced that they would be replacing their fleet of company cars with entirely electric ones. Words: Christopher Sadler

13 GREEN LIVING Jun 2016



The YikeBike: One More Reason to Love Where You Live


Designed in New Zealand and manufactured in Christchurch, the YikeBike is a light weight, ultra-compact and folding, eco-friendly electric transporter solution with a unique look. Our cities are already struggling to cope with increased pollution and congestion. As cities continue to grow, they will become so dense that the traditional car as a form of transport will become less feasible. For many living and working in the city, the YikeBike is one of the solutions they have found to help with challenges they face in their day to day life. City commuters love the YikeBike because it provides them with a convenient way to quickly get to work, the local cafe, grocery store and is easy to take on the train or bus. The YikeBike also provides an enjoyable and convenient way to get plenty of time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and sunlight that is so essential for maintaining good physical and mental well-being. Experience the joy of gliding down the street! Riding has never been such fun. YikeBike delivers personal freedom; freedom from congestion, rush hour traffic, parking hassles and fuel bills. After use, riders can simply fold up the YikeBike for easy storage indoors which reduces the risk of theft. The YikeBike Model V has been designed to be far safer than a normal bike, with anti-skid brakes, better acceleration, plus an optional two wheel attachment for even more stability. With an advanced LED light system some of which are permanently on for added safety, backed by indicators and rear, brake and hazard lights.


Are you a landlord? Need help?

0800GOODWIN the helpline for landlords. You deserve a property management company that cares about you and your investment. We will maximise your return, and provide the very best service in Auckland doing so. Call now for a free no obligation introduction to our service.

021 437 710 > Catherine Goodwin 027 436 4709 > denise Boyes 021 278 7761 > Kaman yau 如欲中文服务,请与 Kaman (小游) 联系。 Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

Complimentary professional photography

Our vision for a greater Auckland.

Auckland is growing, and with vibrant new neighbourhoods in development, we need to ensure everyone is better connected and the wheels of business keep turning. So we’re working hard to build new transport infrastructure and to make our trains, buses and ferries easier to use, more frequent and reliable. We have lots of exciting new initiatives in the pipeline, including new cycle paths, the City Rail Link, and we’re investigating the potential of light rail. We’re preparing for Auckland’s growth and making sure this city is one we’re all proud of. Watch our video at


16 GREEN LIVING Jun 2016




06 05

TRADE AID The ethical shopping guide

Ethical consumerism is trending and New Zealand consumers are realising that they hold the power to influence the kind of world in which they want to live, and also the world they want for others. They believe where they put their money matters, that it sends a signal about what they believe. For the first time in modern history, with their loyal purchases educated consumers are literally voting for the behaviour they expect from businesses. Today’s statistics on modern day slavery within supply chains are appalling and sadly at a level unprecedented across history. The International Labour Organisation, an arm of the UN, puts the global total at around 21 million, with five million in the sex trade and nine million having migrated for work, either within their own countries or across borders. Trade Aid is confirmation of recent research which proves companies who display a commitment to understanding their impacts on both people and the environment are thriving as awareness of ethical consumerism grows. Trade Aid, New Zealand’s pioneering fair trade organisation, is all about creating ‘change’ within trade, encouraging consumers to become Agents for Change by participating in creating positive change for the talented people who make the products we use and consume. Trade Aid partners with 60 food and craft partners around the world to bring fair trade, handmade, organic, beautiful craft and delicious food to New Zealanders. Article supplied by Trade Aid, a social enterprise helping talented people around the world improve their lives through trade. Trade Aid was established in 1973, in New Zealand. Nga mihi nui, Michelia Miles 01 | Alpaca hat and gloves from Manos Amigas in Peru. 02 | Large hogla-grass floor cushion from The Jute Works in Bangladesh. 03 | 100% Indian cotton floor rugs. From $49.99 04 | Hemp twine from Bangladesh $3.99 and $4.99. 05 | Fruit basket in water hyacinth from Bangladesh $18.99. 06 | Rattan laundry basket from Indonesia $89.99.

Eco-shopping & dining in the heart of Parnell. There is to be a new shopping and food precinct located within Geyser, New Zealand’s first 6 Green Star Building, as awarded by the New Zealand Green Building Council. The Rise will set a new standard in ethical shopping and dining. In a dramatic departure from the usual “profits first” mentality, this unique structure and all of its occupiers are driven by a sense of social and environmental responsibility. “The Rise will be the first available destination for ethically aware shoppers and diners,” says Leah La Hood, leasing broker for ABC - Affiliated Business Consultants Ltd. “We believe it is the only retail complex in Auckland, indeed in the country, which was conceived and built to meet their expectations.” Ms La Hood oversaw the leasing of Ponsonby Central and K’Rd Food Workshop. “Eateries in each of these premises had their targeted customers, and so too does The Rise,” she says. “We are affiliating with Conscious Consumers, who have created a technology platform that connects consumers with businesses who are committed to positive environmental and social outcomes. The tenants within The Rise will meet Conscious Consumers standards, a guarantee that every vendor shares the demanding ethics of Conscious Consumers members.”

We are inviting the best chefs, hospitality specialists and boutique retailers to come together in a new ethical shopping & dining precinct. It’s called the Rise − not only referencing its physical location at the top of Parnell Rise and a nod to the 6 Green Star Geyser building, but also to the ethos of the vendors − rising up and standing tall as part of a community of conscious businesses which strive for social and environmental responsibility.

Ben Gleisner from Conscious Consumers is delighted to be developing a partnership with The Rise. “Our brand values and future plans fit perfectly within the scope of this retail precinct,” he says. “We are expanding our reach within the dining scene and have plans to further expand into the wider retail sector. Retailers who are part of Conscious Consumers are growing and are making a difference in the way business is conducted.” The general manager of property investors Samson Corporation Ltd, Mr Marco Creemers, agrees that 6 Green Star Buildings are the ethical way of the future. “They are our way of giving back to Auckland and assisting Auckland to make its statement as a leader in ethical buildings. The Geyser building in which The Rise will be located was designed by internationally renowned architect Andrew Patterson as part of his Cloud series of buildings. These are designed to find a sense of belonging, a New Zealand identity. For example the building façade patterning of the Geyser derives its detail from the fronds of a Maori cloak.” In the Geyser building Samson Corporation have made Patterson’s Cloud vision a 6 Green Star reality. Within The Rise, as in the five low-rise buildings in which it is located, every rental space has light and air on three sides. Occupants breathe 100% fresh air and there is natural light throughout. The five buildings are positioned around a central courtyard in which visitors can relax and dine in an open air environment. This courtyard is currently being enhanced by designer Terry Curtis, using native plants, wood and stoneware. His aim, says Terry, is “to add warmth and create an inviting communal space. It is an escape space, if you like, escape not from reality but to reality.” The Geyser complex is intensely environmentally friendly. It requires one-third less energy than a conventional building of similar size, half the amount of water and half the amount of artificial lighting. Seventy percent of the building’s waste is recycled. Ms La Hood says “Residents in Parnell and nearby Newmarket, Remuera and on the waterfront are discerning people. They are aware of their responsibilities as far as ethical products and services are concerned and they are also very quality conscious. Hospitality tenants in The Rise will be chosen with this very much in mind. They will deliver on both counts.” The dining precinct will be walking distance for some Parnell businesses and residences, for others it will be no more than a few minutes drive away. On the other hand, Ms La Hood says, the availability of on-the-spot parking also makes The Rise a perfect choice for CBD companies and city apartment dwellers. “It will be an oasis, if you like, just a short drive from the noise and fumes of downtown Auckland.” Cars arriving at The Rise are not so much parked, as mechanically stacked, so as to minimize space usage. Visitors to The Rise will drop off their car in one of four virtual garages, from where a car-stacking machine transports the vehicle to an available space. When visitors are ready to leave, their stacked car is retrieved automatically. The Rise is reached easily by public transport. Buses are nearby, as will be the new Parnell train station due for opening this year.


Ms La Hood says, “We are inviting chefs, hospitality specialists and boutique retailers to come together in this new ethical shopping and dining precinct. There are up to eight retail tenancies still available in The Rise. We see The Rise developing as a strong destination for tourists and out-of-towners, bringing back to Parnell the strong tourist dollar it enjoyed in the past.” Ms La Hood explained that leasing options are exclusive, not open to all comers. "Tenancies are available, but only to socially responsible food and beverage sellers,” she says. We are talking about dealers in free range products, fair trade products, sustainable food products and organic products. “We are talking about companies that recycle their waste or use recycled materials. We are talking about the use of BYO containers and eco-packaging, composting and eco-cleaning. The Rise and the Geyser are both a statement and a commitment to the well-being of the planet. We welcome vendors who are travelling the same journey.”

18 GREEN LIVING Jun 2016

The Upcyclers

Converting old furniture and industrial trash into beautiful new pieces has created a whole new industry known as upcycling. This ethical, environmentally-friendly endeavour reuses waste which would often end up in landfills, while also reducing our reliance on mass-produced throwaway goods often produced by questionable companies with questionable approaches to the their manufacturing and labour practices. It also affords many the chance to own a handcrafted piece of furniture which may have otherwise been economically out of reach. Verve caught up with a couple of these creative crafters of used wares.

Industrial Design NZ Paul Roest founded Industrial Design NZ in Auckland five years ago. The concept first took shape while studying for his master’s in geography and environmental science and learning about Auckland council’s Zero Waste goal. “I thought that would be a good business,” he says, “stopping waste going to a landfill.” Industrial Design NZ produces eco-freindly furniture and fitouts for residential and commercial buildings, crafted from the likes of pallets and reclaimed wood. “I grew up on a farm, so you have to develop the knack for thinking outside the box,” says Paul. “You have to improvise. So much of farming is actually upcycling — you cant’ just nip out to a shop to buy a part, you have to make it out of something else.” Travelling, too, has helped him hone his craft. “That’s another passion of mine. I have family all over the world — I’m originally from Holland — and, though my wife is Kiwi, she has family in Stockholm and New York. I love checking out bars, cafés and furniture stores when we’re abroad. Instagram, too, is another great source of inspiration, where we can comment on each others’ bits and pieces and swap ideas.”

19 GREEN LIVING Jun 2016

How does New Zealand compare internationally?

Why do you think that is?

“We’re on par, we’re pretty good. Somewhere like the States obviously has much more material available, a lot more old timber and old barns. It’s a little harder to get here. A great chunk of my job nowadays involves sourcing material from around New Zealand, making contacts with demolition companies, as the business grows.”

“It has become very de rigueur to recycle everything now, even clothing. People who a few years ago wouldn’t have been seen dead in op shops now treat visiting them like a pastime. The fact that pieces are one-offs is attractive to people. There is the sentimental aspect such as when someone has inherited granny’s old dresser and they want to have it spruced up. Sometimes couples in a new, modern home will want something that looks a little tattered around the edges, they find it grounding. I hate the word ‘trendy’ but that’s part of it as well. People are, also, obviously more environmentally aware.”

Paul also uses a lot of American reclaimed wood. “So long as there hasn’t been too much damage during the removal process, the old timbers are generally far superior. I use lots of timber from Canada which is often from first-generation trees and the quality is phenomenal. The grain is so tight in those trees, some of which are a couple of hundred years old. The wood is much harder and stays straighter because as the tree ages, the knots disappear — they get pushed out.” It’s a beautiful notion, I suggest, owning a piece of handmade furniture crafted from centuries-old trees. “Absolutely. People love to know that things have a past life, a story, and we enjoy telling our customers about them. We recently had the timber from the Real Groovy demolition and many of our clients — especially the music fans — love the fact that it came from there. So the story sometimes becomes the big selling point. People just love unique and authentic stuff, not just things that are simply made to look old.”

Upcycled and Artful Down in Christchurch, Kiki Mitchell (pictured) has been rejuvenating recycled wares since 1992. “When I first started way back then, nobody was doing it,” she says. “It began as a hobby job, with an eye on retirement. The last few years though, it’s gone mad.”

Kiki specialises in fixing up old furniture. She was asked to save many pieces that were salvaged from the quake. “Generally speaking, I guess my style verges towards a French theme,” she tells me. “I was shown decoupage, which involves glueing paper or fabric onto furniture then varnishing over it. Recently, I recycled an old caravan. It’s beautiful. A real cool little number. We were invited to a wedding a few weeks ago in Arrowtown and we took it down. The bride and groom had their photos taken in and around it. It was done for a family member but I got a bit carried away and ended up spending about four times the original budget! But it was a real labour of love. We took it right back to the frame and rebuilt it.” The idea of creating something out of nothing has always appealed to Kiki. And she has a real knack for it. Now she enjoys passing that knowledge on to others too. “I used to do classes, but now generally people just come round to see me,” she says. “I’ve always been into the home and garden thing. There’s just something so beautiful about taking an old piece of furniture and making it desirable again. It’s been very exciting, an amazing journey, and I’ve met some incredible people who showed me some wonderful things.”

Words by: Jamie Christian Desplaces

20 GREEN LIVING Jun 2016

Kamermans Architects Ltd


This is our Green Feature and you have a reputation for making green architecture. What can you tell us about that? Yes we have been designing “Green Architecture” for more than 30 years, long before it became fashionable. For me as an architect sustainability was never the most important quality in our work. The most important is, and always will be, to make good architecture. The way I see it, somehow architecture should lift the spirit of the users, through spatial qualities, light, colours and so on. Also important here are comfortable climatic conditions both for the internal and outdoor spaces. I believe that this can be better achieved through natural rather than mechanical means. For example, a sunny room is more pleasant than a room that never gets the sun. Our houses are generally cooler in summer and warmer in winter compared to the ambient external temperatures. This is achieved through passive solar heating and cooling, such as through design, rather than by auxiliary mechanical means like airconditioning. Fortunately this results in lower energy use as well, but that was not the prime objective. The extend to which we include these “Green Features” in our designs largely depends on the clients and sites. Passive Solar Design is now part of our DNA as architects so it is always included to a greater or lesser extent in our designs. Examples of such ‘passive solar’ projects are two townhouses in Meadowbank and a large country house in north Waikato. What exiting projects are you currently working on? Fortunately I consider most of our projects exiting, regardless of their size. We are always looking for the best solution to the brief. Apart from several alterations and additions we have two new houses under construction, one in Bell Road, Remuera, and one in Kewai Street, Omaha (our fourth Omaha house). In St Heliers we have a new house in the consent stage. We have designed a visitors centre for the newly proposed Cook Islands National Botanic Gardens in Rarotonga. This is possibly one of our most ‘green’ projects to date, where the large roof collects (solar/electric) energy as well as potable water. It also protects the spaces underneath from the often fierce sun and rain. Waste is largely recycled on site and construction materials will be mostly natural

and locally sourced. The design is simple and can easily be constructed with locally available skills. You are based in Remuera. What can you tell us about your practice? We are a small practice consisting of two architectural staff, one interior/landscape designer (my wife) and myself as the sole principal. I am personally involved in every project. We aim to find the best solution to the conditions shaping each project; brief, site, budget and so on. Every job is different and so is every solution. Although our work is generally contemporary, we do not have a signature architectural style.

LEFT TOP | Port Waikato Bach. LEFT BOTTOM | Passive Solar Townhouse. RIGHT CLOCKWISE | Botanic Garden Visitor’s Centre — Rarotonga. | Kamermans Architects team: Left to right: Marina, Jock, Frans (principal) and Lynne. | Passive Solar Country House.


21 GREEN LIVING Jun 2016

22 GREEN LIVING Jun 2016

GOING FOR GREEN This month sees the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) present the Sustainable Housing Summit — in Auckland and Christchurch — to shine a light on how improving sustainability practices in the residential building sector will yield a wealth of social and economic benefits. “Embracing sustainability in housing is about more than just building more efficient homes,” says Alex Cutler, CEO of NZGBC. “It also involves rethinking how neighbourhoods are designed to make better use of resources and create vibrant communities.” NZGBC is a non-profit industry organisation whose vision is for Kiwis to “live, work and play in healthy, efficient and productive buildings in a sustainable built environment”. Established in 2005, a year later NZGBC became a member of the World Green Building Council, a similar non-profit setup, but on a global scale. “In New Zealand’s commercial sector, green building is increasingly moving towards the mainstream,” says Alex. “Now it’s less likely to be perceived as something achievable only for the prestigious corporate addresses.” There is an ever-growing awareness too, she adds, that green principles are no longer necessarily the most costly ones, so long as they’re “integrated at the project’s outset”. As both an aid and encouragement to greater sustainability, NZGBC runs rating tools that certify building sustainability: Green Star for commercial buildings, which operates on a scale of 4-6; NABERSNZ which rates the energy performance of office buildings on a scale of 1-6; and Homestar for residential, which uses 1-10. “In the residential market, unfortunately, a large proportion of New Zealand’s existing housing stock is substandard and poorly insulated,” says Alex. “Consumer awareness is slowly improving as people begin to understand what makes a warm and sustainable home, but many homes require substantial work.” The year 2015 was a great one for Homestar milestones. In May, a house in Papamoa achieved the first 10 Homestar Design rating thanks to features such as solar heated water, a state-ofthe-art system that controls when appliances switch on, and a smart piping system under the driveway that captures passive heat and returns it inside. In August, the doors opened to the nation’s first home to be awarded a 10 Homestar Built rating, at 11 Church Square, Christchurch. “When you step inside a high-performing home, you can feel the difference,” Alex says. “Good orientation for sun and high levels of insulation mean it’s warmer and drier — and that’s just the beginning. The conversation about healthy, affordable housing needs to focus on the long term operational savings of green building as well as construction costs.” In 2013, Parnell’s Geyser Building became the first Kiwi construction awarded a 6 Green Star rating thanks, in part, to its

revolutionary naturally ventilated double-skin façade. Over in Mt Wellington, in February, the Ceres Organics warehouse became the first food distribution building to gain a Green Star Industrial rating due to some super-smart sustainable practices like a solar hot water system, rainwater collection and a fully automated building management system which monitors lighting, carbon dioxide levels and water and energy use. “They’ve shown real leadership by using Green Star to ensure and endorse the environmental standards of their building,” says Alex. “It’s particularly exciting to see that they’re tracking energy use and carbon, which gives a very clear picture of real-life performance.” New Zealand’s green building is being recognised internationally, too. “In 2014, Te Mirumiru in Kawakawa — our first commercial earth-bank building and first 6 Green Star Education building — won the World GBC’s Asia/Pacific award for sustainable design, among other awards,” says Alex. “This unique childcare centre embodies social and environmental sustainability.” The building was designed to be integrated into the landscape, with respectful nods to Ngati Hine’s customs and history, while also incorporating the likes of innovative insulation and waterproofing which traps heat in winter, yet remains cool come the hotter months. Green Star isn’t the only game in town — the Tuhoe tribe’s Te Uru Taumatua was the country’s first building designed to the Living Building Challenge, and it’s a remarkable example of sustainable construction in Te Urewera National Park. Alex says the Sustainable Housing Summit will be a chance for industry to hear innovative ideas for creating resilient, liveable homes and communities. “We’re just thrilled that there’s a growing appetite for change, and are delighted to give our knowledgeable speakers a platform to inspire others in the residential building communities.”

TO FIND OUT MORE, VISIT NZGBC.ORG.NZ/SHSUMMIT16 Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces Top | Church Square, Christchurch. Bottom | Te Mirumiru, photo by Simon Devitt.

23 GREEN LIVING Jun 2016

24 HOME & DESIGN Jun 2016

Annandale Luxury Villa Collection

Stay where the world can’t find you... This stunning, private collection of remote getaways took Verve’s eye! These beautiful places are nestled between the rolling hills of the Banks Peninsula and sparkling waters of the Pacific. Each private location features award-winning architecture, a taste of which is featured on these pages. Go to to view more on this collection along with contact details.

26 HOME & DESIGN Jun 2016

Seascape Seascape is the sparkling jewel in Annandale’s crown: a picturesque private bay, above which an ultra-modern, award-winning retreat provides a truly romantic experience. As you approach the bay, with its dark pebbles and azure waters, from within, it appears as you are oating on the open sea, in thrall to its ever-changing moods, yet safely embraced by luxury and modern comforts. Outside, dolphins and seals often frolic in the glittering water, with only you and the tussock grass to witness them.

27 HOME & DESIGN Jun 2016

2 Business/ Education & Society Sept 2015

YOUR PERSONAL STYLING SERVICE @ CORSO DE’ FIORI Corso De’ Fiori may well be one of the long-loved prizes of Newmarket, but did you know you can also get home styling help and advice there? What’s more, it’s complimentary — just a fabulous part of the service. If you’re looking to change up a room in your home, give it a new lease of life or add trimmings to your new wall colour, drapes and/or flooring, then Tony or Erin will come to your home and help you out. “You might be looking for a new sofa, dining table or want to create another layout and we’ll help you achieve that. We’ll look at a room’s proportions, colours, and existing pieces, put together some stories and talk you through them,” says stylist Tony Horgan. “You can choose a sofa or other piece of furniture you like the look of, and it will go into production. We can generally customise the size for you as most of our furniture is New Zealand made. Basically, we’re here to hold your hand throughout the process.” Tony and Erin are the stylists, but work individually. “We listen to the brief and interpret it. Say the existing colour scheme is all purple, we might add some mulberry and grey,” he says. “We don’t advise on floorings, walls or window dressings, and the objects d’art are usually all there, and often treasured. It’s the bigger pieces we work with to enhance everything.” Over the years Tony and Erin, who have both been with Corso d’ Fiori for nearly nine years, have built up relationships with their clients. “We get to know each other,” says Tony. “I’ve worked with one lovely client for a while, and now I’m helping her mum.” It’s like a concierge service for your home. “People can waste a lot of time driving around town, our service short circuits the process,” says Tony. “Everyone’s busy and we can take the stress out of it.” Words: Jenna Moore


Acquire natural elegance with Koko...

Delivery throughout NZ and worldwide WWW.KOKOCLASSICS.COM

FLAGSHIP STORE 350 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland PH. 09 523 1059

The new store in town that’s home to exquisite treasures from the Czech Republic and France. 0800 328 428 | 18 Teed Street, Newmarket, Auckland


Great kitchens don’t just happen... They happen by design. Kitchens By Design knows what it takes to make a kitchen the multitasking heart of every home. After all, it has been making it happen since 1987 when it broke the mould of boring standard designs in favour of spaces that incorporated each owner’s personal choices and reflected their lifestyle. Since then its custom-made kitchens have won multiple awards from the industry and accolades from happy clients. Visit the Newmarket showroom to see top-of-the-line products and talk to the experts. Qualified design stars (between them they boast 90 years’ of experience) and their back-up team work with clients throughout the whole project, from concept design to manufacture and installation. They promise to get the job done on time, on budget, with minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment. Thirty years ago that was a pretty daring idea. Today it’s just what you’d expect from Kitchens By Design.


32 HOME & DESIGN Jun 2016

Comfort & Style Made in New Zealand

Auckland 09 368 7694




Quality sleep Quality of life

NEWMARKET Corner Khyber Pass Rd & Crowhurst St Opposite BP Connect P 520 4337


500 Ti Rakau Drive Next to Harvey Norman P 274 3695

Jun 2016

Earlier this year, tens of thousands of New Zealanders were fascinated by the goings-on on The Bachelor. What do you feel you achieved during your involvement? I think the biggest achievement was being able to remain true to myself the whole way through the ‘journey’. It’s very easy to caught-up in the bubble that is The Bachelor. There were a lot of moments where I had to check that I still wanted to be there and just continue rolling with the highs and lows of the show!

There must have been many challenges. Can you describe a few? I think the biggest challenge I had was not being able to communicate freely with my friends and family especially as these are people you would naturally call on for support in times of need. The irony of the situation was that at the end of the day those who really supported you were the other girls in the house. Smaller challenges existed like no phone, no music, no gym, no morning coffee stops at my local café!

Of course there would have been some unforgettable and amazing experiences. Tell us more about the best parts of being one of the ladies on The Bachelor. The whole experience by and large was incredible: the things we did, the places we went to and saw were all truly amazing. Definitely one of the best parts was meeting some of the girls, some will be friends for life. I loved being in Hawaii in the beautiful sunshine and equally had the most amazing date at Spicers Lodge in Queensland — very luxurious!

What advice would you give to future bachelorettes? I think the best advice would be to go in with eyes wide open. It’s very easy to be caught up in the bubble, and I think it’s really important to be completely realistic of the situation. We are thrown into a mansion with 22 other females all biding for one guy, and not everything is as you see on TV! So it’s just about being a realist in a very un-real situation, I guess.

What is the one enduring piece of wisdom you will take with you on life’s journey?

Verve Interviews


Be true to yourself and proud of doing just that. Particularly in times where situations can be portrayed in unsavoury light it’s easy to be swept up in public perception, but you know who you are and those most important in life definitely know the real you and love you for it. I am so grateful for the endless support from family and friends (and now total strangers) throughout the whole journey.

Life after The Bachelor? I’m excited about life, and it’s nice to be able to talk about the experience now the series has wrapped. Who knows what the next chapter will bring? But I’m just happy to throw myself back into work, spending time with friends and family and getting back to my favourite coffee spot... Oh, and I guess meeting a nice guy is on the cards at some stage too!

Shop 7, 21 Nuffield St, Newmarket | 09 524 4452


- LAUNDERED LINEN BY MM LINEN Harrowset Hall is excited to be adding MM Linen to its stable of designer bedding ranges and has just received delivery of this gorgeous Laundered Linen range from MM Linen in four timeless shades of white, duckegg, natural and charcoal. This pure linen range has been pre-washed and has a relaxed and timeless look. Pure Linen is a beautiful lightweight fabric and twice as durable as cotton‌ the more it is washed the softer it becomes. Once you have slept in linen, you’ll never go back! Queen duvet set $299-99, king Duvet set $349-99, Superking duvet set $369-99. Laundered linen Sheetsets also available in white.


36 FASHION Jun 2016


37 FASHION Jun 2016

|| Left: Trelise Cooper Cut The Crepe dress $649. || This Page: Matt wears Crane Brothers Calando Tuxedo $2695, Duchess Silk Self Tie bow tie $89, Rembrandt Black Leather WholeCut shoes $399. Mikayla wears Miss Crabb Bianca Romper Double silk crepe P.O.A, Modes Bronze Art Deco Earrings $198, Stuart Weitzman ‘Song’ sandal exclusive to Scarpa $590. ||

38 FASHION Jun 2016

|| Top: Kookai Karlie Blazer Dress $220, Modes Crystal Clip Earrings $198 || Right: Rembrandt Bryan ‘SV’ Jacket $599, Rembrandt Avalon Shirt $169, Rembrandt Bow Tie. || Opposite Page: Mikayla wears Modes Pronovias dress P.O.A, Modes Crystal Clip Earrings $198, Stuart Weitzman ‘Song’ Sandal exclusive to Scarpa $590. Matt wears MJ Bale Saunders Jacket $769, MJ Bale Saunders Trouser $299, MJ Bale Jamie Blue Hankie $59.95, Rembrandt Black Leather Whole-Cut shoes $399. ||

39 FASHION Jun 2016

40 FASHION Jun 2016

|| Top: Matt wears Working Style Black Grosgrain Dinner Suit $1490, Working Style Marcella Dinner Shirt $249, Working Style Houndstooth Knitted Silk Tie $149, Working Style White Silk Pocket Square $99. Mikayla wears Kookai Florence dress $240. || Opposite Page: Mikayla wears Pearl Culture Angie skirt 100% Silk $550, Pearl Culture Monroe Cashmere silk sweater $380, Stuart Weitzman ‘Song’ Sandal exclusive to Scarpa $590. Matt wears Rembrandt Bryan ‘SV’ Jacket $599, Rembrandt Avalon Shirt $169, Rembrandt Ferry Formal Trousers $279, Rembrandt Black Leather Whole-Cut shoes $399. ||

|| Top: Matt wears MJ Bale Saunders Jacket $769, MJ Bale Saunders Trouser $299, MJ Bale Saunders Waistcoat $219, MJ Bale Owens White Shirt $89.95, Rembrandt Black Leather Whole-Cut Shoe $399. Mikayla wears Contemporary Tailors Three Piece White Suit designed by Serena Kelsey contempoarytailors., Stuart Weitzman ‘Song’ Sandal exclusive to Scarpa $590. || Opposite Page: Matt wears Crane Brothers Calando Tuxedo $2695, Rembrandt Black Leather Whole-Cut Shoe $399. Mikayla wears Modes Zeila Dress $898, Modes Bronze Pearl & Crystal Art Deco Earrings $169. ||

43 FASHION Jun 2016

PHOTOGRAPHER | Neil Gussey MAKE–UP | Imeleta Kelett MODELS | Mikayla Honey & Matt Bodger (Clyne) LOCATION | Bowerbank Ninow, STYLIST | Verve Magazine

A Newmarket landmark for over 30 years, Modes prides itself on fitting women and girls out in some of the most exquisite ball, bridal, and occasion wear avaliable in New Zealand. B rida l boutique in the c ou r t y a rd a t 1 6 0 Broa d w a y, N e w ma r k e t (behind M ov e n p ic k ) | 0 9 5 2 0 6 0 7 0 Event wea r store a t 16 0 Broa d w a y, N e w ma r k e t | 0 9 5 2 0 2 7 3 0 www.mod e s . c o. n z | in fo@mode s . c o. n z

46 FASHION Jun 2016

imeleta kellett m a k e - u p

a r t i s t

by appointment: 09 908 3862 0 21 0 2 3 4 5 4 0 4 jemo_kellett@ w w w. m a ke u p by i m e l e t a . n z



W E D D I N G S • P O RT R A I T S • FA S H I O N B E L L E P H O T O G R A P H Y. C O . N Z GUSSEY@XTRA.CO.NZ | 027 485 1993




FASHION Jun 2016

IN A FEW WORDS // Fine handmade jewellery. Private

appointments available. // CONTACT US: 09 522 8620, // FIND US: Shop 4 | 25 Teed Street | Newmarket, online at


IN A FEW WORDS // Fashion. Verge Winter 2016.

Winter Weekend Escape. Clothing pictured: Eiffel Tee and Liberty Jacket. // CONTACT US: 09 529 2738 or 09 524 5787 // FIND US: 319 Remuera Rd | Newmarket or 1 Balm St | Newmarket, online at

319 R E M U E R A TO A D CNR NORANA & REMUERA RD P H O N E : 0 9 5 29 273

1 BALM STREET NEWMARKET P H O N E : 0 9 5 24 5787

W W W. H A R T L E Y S . C O. N Z

IN A FEW WORDS // Fashion. Exclusive designer garments & accessories. Made to measure. Made in New Zealand. // CONTACT US: 09 378 4770, style@ // FIND US: 14 St Marys Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland, online at


IN A FEW WORDS // A Newmarket landmark for over

30 years, prides itself on fitting women and girls out in some of the most exquisite ball, bridal, and occasion wear in New Zealand. // CONTACT US: 09 520 2730, // FIND US: Shop 2/160 Broadway | New Market, online at


Signature Style


49 FASHION Jun 2016

We’ve all got them — that top you bought at a bazaar in Turkey, those batik MC Hammer pants that were perfect for those balmy Balinese nights, or the scarf that everyone on your travels seemed to be wearing. The items bought on holiday that don’t translate once you’re home. We might, after a time, throw that piece of holiday nostalgia away, but more often it stays, tucked away in a drawer or bereft at the back of the spare room wardrobe.

IN A FEW WORDS // Made to measure l Ready to wear l Suit hire // CONTACT US // FIND US: NEWMARKET: 288 Broadway, 09 524 9209 SHORTLAND STREET: 41 Shortland Street, 09 303 0565 SYLVIA PARK: Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, 09 573 5508 TAKAPUNA: Shore City Mall, 09 489 4820, online at


So how to choose wisely? If your intention is to shop while you’re travelling, the easiest way to ensure you’ll be buying items you’ll actually wear and enjoy at home for years to come is to follow a few simple guidelines and ask yourself some questions: • PRE-TRIP PLANNING. Grab yourself a fashion magazine before boarding — you can do this a couple of weeks out or at the airport bookstore. Heading to the northern summer while it’s freezing at home? Grab a title from your destination to see what’s trending and make sure it’s published in the same season as you’ll be shopping. • GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND. Research where the best shops for you are. Be it outlet stores or high-end boutiques, it’s nice to know where you’ll find what you’re looking for. • WHEN SHOPPING ASK YOURSELF: Is this a trend you’ve seen at home? Maybe it’s the opposite season but if that piece is on trend you will have seen inklings of it online, in magazines or hints of the style during the previous season at home. • CAN YOU IMAGINE WEARING THAT AT HOME? It may work brilliantly on the beach but if you can’t see yourself heading to a cafe with friends in it — it might be best left behind. • DO YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT? Leave anything ho-hum behind, if the romance of a holiday isn’t enough to sell it, you’ll hate it in real life. • GET PROFESSIONAL HELP: Contact a personal stylist at your destination and have them show you the best of what’s on offer.

IN A FEW WORDS // Fashion. Supporting NZ designers. New stock from Paula R yan, David Pond, Toby, Sills, Loobie's Story and many more // CONTACT US: 09 579 3535 // FIND US: 114 Main Highway | Ellerslie, online at

This has been a rather thinly-veiled advertisement for my upcoming shopping trip to Melbourne! If you fancy getting away with a small group and exploring the shops of Australia’s most stylish city under the guidance of a personal stylist, join us on either 5, 9 or 12-16 September. Call us on 09 529 5115, email or check out our website: for details. Be quick — there are limited spaces available!


Assembly New York Fall 2016

French Connection Relaxed Tassel Cardigan $219.90

50 FASHION Jun 2016

Calvin Klein 1994

Witchery Dress $169

LOST IN KNIT Fashion-forward-but-still-cozy knits are the way to go this winter. It’s finally our chance to layer up and experiment with all types of knitwear — from dresses to chunky sweaters or layered turtle necks. After all, the cold temperatures don’t have to mean the end of style. When bad weather strikes, hope’s not lost. ....

TOPSHOP D-ring Wrap Tank $100

Words: Paris Mitchell

Cashmere Cami $89 from

Standard Issue Long Sleeve $169 from

Camilla and Marc, Malaga Jumper $420 Seed Off Shoulder Fringe Knit $179.90


Created by Ms. Arden herself, this legendary, award-winning cream is a go-to for all beauty editors. It works to calm, protect and hydrate for up to eight hours. Made for lips but is perfect for shaping brows, restoring shine, and smoothing cuticles.



Hydrate Inside & Out Central heating, temperature extremes and cold winds can play havoc with your skin, causing it to dry and crack. It is important to use serums and moisturisers with high levels of hydrators such as hyaluronic acid which binds a thousand times its weight in water and high quality non-clogging oils to prevent moisture loss.

Hormone Health is a Harmonized Water that almost everyone should be on. For both men and women, not only does it contain a balanced presentation of your hormones, it contains everything you need to restore healthy thyroid activity, as well as balancing your human growth hormone and serotonin levels. Hormone Health makes your body function and feel like it has the right amount of hormones.


Osmosis Complete Digestive Enzyme is a total and digestive enzyme supplement due to its ‘complete’ formulation. By matching our own pancreatic enzymes, Complete will effectively aid the breakdown of food, easing digestion, improving mood and increasing nutritional absorption for a healthier body.



Synergie Vitamin B serum increases the ceramide level in the skin which makes it better at holding moisture and giving skin a dewy glow during winter. It also strengthens the outer layer of the skin so the barrier is able to cope with the environmental stress of winter.


Everyone needs to stock up on moisturiser in winter and suggested are Synergie’s Dermacalm for sensitive and irritated skin and Hydrolock for very dry skin. Hydrolock is often the night moisturiser of choice for winter as it is the richest and most emollient, and also contains ingredients able to restore and repair skin damage. Vitamin B Serum $149.00 Hydrolock $149.00 | Dermacalm $169.00 Available via 0800 223

Barre has become a phenomenon, hitting gyms and studios across the world. Best described as a workout combining the precison of pilates with the moves, grace and technique of ballet, the alignment of yoga and sports conditioning’s strength. The challenging workout targets all muscle groups and effectively tones, strengthens and lengthens them. Barrefigure improves posture, alignment and flexibility and creates a highly sought after barre body. Try Barrefigure in Ponsonby to experience this low impact, high intenstity workout in an intimate class with knowledgeable trainers. Barrefigure are welcoming and attentive to all Barre beginners. L1, 166 Richmond Rd, Ponsonby Call 09 361 2083 to book a Barre Beginners class

SUPREME BLISS PACKAGE 2 HOURS $188 The ultimate getaway in the heart of the city at the Bliss Reflexology. Attentive, professional staff know exactly how to cure you. The Supreme Bliss package is a must; starting with a 15-minute foot spa, neck, back and arm treatment then a 45-minute foot massage followed by a 60-minute full body massage. This treatment is designed to unwind your body and mind and melt away tension. Its reflexology advantages include blood circulation and can help speed up recovery from illness or fatigue — the perfect cure to any winter knock backs. BLISS ON BROADWAY, Newmarket 09 520 6818 BLISS IN THE CITY, Auckland CBD 09 368 4698 BLISS AT THE BEACH, Takapuna 09 489 4698

51 FASHION Jun 2016

52 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jun 2016

PILATES MEETS PHYSIOTHERAPY FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE For more than 13 years, Peak Pilates and Physiotherapy has been using the famed physical exercise as a means to complement their rehabilitation techniques to enhance and speed up recovery from injury. Peak was one of the first health and fitness firms in New Zealand to embrace this hybrid method and so Verve caught up with star staff member Georgia Farmer to find out more.

>> How would you describe pilates to someone not familiar with it? “It’s essentially a strength-based exercise which uses the correct biomechanical techniques to activate muscles in the correct order at the correct time. Pilates works on some of the smaller — or local — muscle groups which often get missed at the gym in favour of the larger — or global — ones such as the glutes. Pilates works by stretching the muscles, and it is the local muscles that are needed to stretch the global ones. Practising it also improves balance.” The company has studios scattered around Auckland and Georgia arrived at the Newmarket branch, their largest, with some serious sporting credentials. She’s travelled internationally with the New Zealand underwater hockey team and also has vast experience working with a range of rugby players. Plus, Georgia skis, rock climbs and cycles in her spare time. Since being snapped up by Peak, she’s added becoming a fully qualified pilates instructor to her physiotherapy degree, tending to patients from all walks of life, not just professional athletes. “I’ve spent a lot of time with athletes at tournaments around the world,” says Georgia. “I’ve witnessed lots of injuries and you just have to figure out how to fix them. It was this which led to my interest in biomenchanics and anatomy. Pilates combines so well because when someone is going through rehab, they need to build strength and it’s ideal for those weakened muscle groups. Even after the physio’s finished, clients will often

continue with pilates once they’ve realised its many benefits — including helping to prevent further injury.” Endorsements by Olympians and All Blacks have further raised the profile of what many once perceived as a feminine endeavour. “Guys often prefer to go to the gym, but this actually shortens the muscles,” says Georgia. “Pilates will both strengthen and stretch them. The guys are usually surprised to discover it to be much harder than they expected. Then they get hooked!” The centres are available for GP referrals, or customers can simply drop in. “We have longer appointment times, usually up to one hour, and we combine hands-on physio with the pilates,” says Georgia. “Our physios take you through the exercises whereas others may simply give you ones to practise at home.” Pilates is also offered separately to physiotherapy, and a membershiptype scheme offers classes at a discount. “It’s a constantly evolving industry, with so many new things to learn,” Georgia says. “It’s also a very supportive industry. We work together as a team, bouncing ideas off each other. If ever someone is not sure of something, there is always someone else who knows. We regularly attend training courses. You must always keep up-to-date with the latest theories. It’s certainly a challenging job, which is of course what you want. It makes it all the more rewarding.” Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


WIN UP FOR GRABS: Book an introductory pilates session and receive a 50% discount, a saving of $45. (Offer available to first 10 people who book.)

FOR THE LOVE OF COLOUR “That’s where Hue comes in. A group of specialist colour salons specialising in speedy, affordable, professional hair colour.”

Verve visits Hue and discovers they take the stressors out of the tresses when it comes to gorgeous, fabulous hair colour. Around 80% of us colour our hair. We’re fortunate to have access to amazing technology which allows us to do so in a way that looks great and keeps our hair in good condition. Hair colour lets the more… ah… mature of us cover our greys while the younger set can opt for pink, green and lilac if the mood should take them. When it comes to hair colour we have a number of options. There’s the DIY choice, which is a good, cost effective solution but can be messy and deliver less than perfect results in inexperienced hands (think evenness and good root coverage). And then there’s the pro choice, which offers fantastic results and a wonderful pampering experience but can take a lot of time and be a little out of reach of some budgets. That’s where Hue comes in. A group of specialist colour salons specialising in speedy, affordable, professional hair colour: highlights, root touch-ups, balayage, ombre, whatever lights your fire. Hair colour (organic of course) is their raison d’être, their be all and end all, their passion. For the Hue team, giving their guests beautiful colour — in under an hour — lights up their day.

“We found that people didn’t know how much their hair service would cost and they didn’t know how long it would take.”

There’s also the option of having your colourist blow-dry your hair or you can DIY. Hue realise not everyone likes the way stylists blow-wave their hair so they’ve set up a drying bar with dryers and styling tools so you can save time and money by doing it yourself. Clever.

on advanced business courses. All of our managers get to see the profit and loss sheets so they can understand what makes a small business tick and leverage change. It gives increased satisfaction and increases performance,” says Grant. “We also invest in their education from a technical perspective and as for trends — it’s important they’re exposed to them frequently so they can offer guests alternatives they not have considered.

“When we first looked at this idea, we did some market research,” says Grant Stapleton founder of Hue. “Through that we found that people didn’t know how much their hair service would cost and they didn’t know how long it would take. With that in mind, we streamlined the service so guests could get in and out in a predictable amount of time and we’ve always been transparent about our pricing. We make an effort to work on time each and every day so we rarely run late.” (You can see all the prices at All of the Hue staff are fully qualified hairdressers and expert colourists with colour being their love over cutting. Plus, as part of the Hue crew, they get even more extensive training. “We go the extra mile with our people and teach them business skills as well; we train our staff in financial literacy and send them

“Our aim is to deliver excellence. One in 15 women in Auckland visit us.” Hue salons are in Ponsonby, Balmoral, Albany and Mt Eden and another is about to open soon. “We want to give people wonderful hair colour at half the price, in half the time in a relaxed, chilled-out environment with the latest magazines and a coffee or a herbal tea,” says Grant. “At the end of the day we’re here to give women confidence, every person has a right to confidence and hair colour helps give them that.” Words: Jenna Moore


53 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jun 2016

54 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jun 2016

THE IMPORTANCE OF TOUCH “Touch has a memory.” - John Keats -

Though it can of course sometimes depend on who’s doing it and how, being touched sure feels good. It also has myriad health benefits. The act of hugging, for instance, releases the ‘bonding’ hormone, oxytocin, and lowers cortisol levels, the hormone which causes stress. Research by North Carolina University found women with more affectionate partners not only had lower blood pressure, but a reduced risk of heart trouble, while a separate study by Virginia University found the simple act of holding hands can enable us to better handle pain. Sex, according to Wilkes University, even increases infection-fighting immunoglobulin A (IgA) in our saliva. In 1992, the University of Miami established the Touch Research Institute which is dedicated to the importance of human contact and, among its many discoveries is that the more a newborn is touched the more intelligent and physically capable it will more likely be later in life, while also being less prone to aggression. The problem is that many of us don’t touch or get touched enough. Especially us Anglo nations. Considering non-human primates spend up to a fifth of their waking hours grooming each other, in the 1960s renowned psychologist Sidney Jourar set about conducting a global study to see how much the most intelligent primate of all — us — similarly acts. Observing casual hour-long conversations in cafés around the world, he discovered massive discrepancies. In England, there was no contact at all while in the US there were a couple of touches. In France it rose to over 100 but in Puerto Rico people made physical contact nearly 200 times. Likewise, the Touch Research Institute has found French children to receive more physical affection than their North American counterparts. Touch is also important because it leads to feelings of security, and of trust. “Touch provides its own language of compassion,” writes Professor Dacher Keltner for California University’s Greater Good, “a language

that is essential to what it means to be human… The benefits start form the moment we’re born.” In 2010, the astonishing story of Australian mother Kate Ogg made headlines around the globe when she revived her clinically dead newborn son by simply holding him to her skin. Told her 2lb premature baby, Jamie, hadn’t made it, Ogg took the opportunity to cradle him for the first, and what she thought would be the last, time, unwrapping him from his blanket and putting him to her chest. Two hours passed and suddenly Jamie gasped. The doctor dismissed it as a reflex action. Then she she offered him some breast milk and he began to breathe. Ogg later recalled: “A short time later, he opened his eyes. Then he held out his hand and grabbed my finger. The doctor kept shaking his head saying, ‘I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it’.”

55 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jun 2016

The method of holding a — usually premature — infant to the skin is known as ‘kangaroo care’, named after the way marsupials carry their young. Research has found that various forms of touch therapy for premature infants can lead to a 47% greater weight gain than those who need it most. Physical contact is important through alls stages of life. According to the Touch Research Institute, by the time we reach our teens, we receive only half as much touching as we did as babies, and by the time we reach adulthood, it’s even less. Senior citizens are the most deprived of physical contact of any age group, yet, partly through sheer loneliness, may be the ones most in need it most. Perhaps as proof of just how starved many are of human affection, there has been a global rise in

‘cuddling’ and ‘hugging’ services whereby tactile men and women rent out their platonic affections for an hourly rate. “It’s a purely therapeutic service for people who want to be snuggled,” Kitty Mansfield of Be Snuggled tells the Daily Mail. “People can just come and talk, or they can snuggle where they want for as long as they want. People want to feel a connection. It’s something we have lost our on, touching has become a taboo.” So do yourselves — and others — a favour, and get touching.

Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

56 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jun 2016


The Ultimate Remedy for Dull Skin What is activated charcoal, and why is it so effective in skin care?

Because I was a nurse before I made beauty therapy my career, I instantly recognised the skin benefits of activated charcoal when it emerged on the skin care market. It’s often used in emergency trauma centres all over the world as it’s a powerful natural treatment with the ability to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out so the body does not reabsorb them. Charcoal has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian papers trace it all the way back to 1500BC when it was used for the adsorption of odour from rotting wounds. Hindu documents record the use of charcoal and sand filters for the purification of drinking water from 450 BC. Hippocrates and Pliny both describe the use of charcoal to treat epilepsy, cholorosis, and anthrax. This powerful detoxifying ingredient is much more than it seems. Unlike the charcoal typically found in a barbecue, activated charcoal is a carbonised, mineral-rich material that can adsorb more than one thousand times its weight in positively-charged compounds. Yes, you read that right: ADsorb! Unlike absorption, which is the entering of one substance by another, adsorption occurs when one substance adheres to the surface of another (think magnets). Charcoal is negativelycharged, so it attracts positively-charged compounds — such as deepdwelling dirt and oil in the skin — to the surface. Activated charcoal, also called activated carbon, comes in many forms specific to different uses. Dermalogica uses activated binchotan charcoal, a special high-quality charcoal made from Japanese ubame oak wood. This type of charcoal is “activated” by an age-old process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, which yields millions of microscopic pores that are ideal for adsorbing impurities from the skin. In hospital emergency rooms, food-grade activated charcoal is used to adsorb poisons from the body. Activated charcoal is also used in regular household appliances, such as water filters, to remove or reduce chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste and odour from tap water. In Dermalogica’s Charcoal Rescue Masque, activated binchotan charcoal is used to draw out excess oil and impurities from your pores, leaving you with brighter, purer skin. Charcoal Rescue Masque also contains a variety of other ingredients such as volcanic and hot spring ash, sea silt, bamboo stem extract, sulfur and Chilean wild mint to provide additional skin health benefits. We encourage you to experience this wonderful product either within a specialised facial treatment or in a tube to take home and apply yourself. Either way the results are phenomenal and you will not be disappointed.


Wellness - Doctor Ben Johnson -

It is hard for consumers to know where they should spend their money when it comes to supplements that can improve their health. The truth is, we take multivitamins and antioxidants and never feel better or see notable changes in our health. We just hope they are working as promised. There is a lot of hype about multivitamins and antioxidants but you may be interested to find out that they won’t change your health as much as targeted wellness products from Osmosis. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a supplement that so obviously improves your health that you can’t live without it? Osmosis’ patented and exclusive technology in our internal wellness system does just that. We focus on the most challenging conditions people face:

Weight Loss Most weight loss supplements are stimulants that only work temporally because they

harmful prescriptions even though they know they hurt the body. This internal-only holistic formula improved blackheads and whiteheads by 50% in 4 weeks in a double blind, placebo controlled, IRB reviewed study. It is about time adult and youth acne is helped without harming the skin or body!

Weak Immune Health / Toxicity

Did you know that you are exposed to tens Jun of thousands of toxins everyday that mimic 2016 estrogen? They are altering fertility, creating early menopause, affecting moods and causing conditions like endometriosis and PCOS amongst many others. Osmosis’ Hormone Health Harmonized Water and estrogen toxin binder DIM Dietary Supplement have the ability to restore your balance and have huge impacts in your hormonal regularity and well-being. This is the most advanced, holistic approach to hormone regulation for men and women available.

The average person is exposed to a million toxins a day! That creates health problems and makes us much more susceptible to colds and disease. Osmosis’ patented Restore Immune Repair Elixir and Harmonized Water formulas have a remarkable ability to restore your immune system and fight off bugs. The idea is to rebuild your body’s oxygen fighting capacity and use quantum biology technology that dramatically restores harmony to your body while detoxing the many environmental pollutants.

Digestion Most people have some issue with eating. That is sad when we can all agree that eating good food is one of the great joys of life. Osmosis has developed Complete Dietary Supplement, an advanced digestive enzyme technology, and other wellness supplements that significantly improve digestive symptoms and allow you to keep more delicious foods in your diet.


Osmosis’ Skin Perfection Harmonized Water works with quantum biology to address the specific causes of acne. Most people opt for antibiotics and other

“ Wouldn’t it be

nice to take a supplement that so obviously improves your health that you can’t live without it?

Hormone Regulation


Over the last 20 years the connection between the skin and imbalances in the body has become very clear to me. It all starts with the premise that our organs, adept at organizing trillions of activities each day, perform flawlessly unless burdened with toxicity. The skin is no different. I found that the most challenging skin conditions could be explained logically by internal events. In my search for innovations to address these problems I have been fortunate enough to either invent or find remarkable solutions that have proven to be extremely successful. Every organ system is connected to the other which is why most skin conditions are a tell for some deeper concern. Osmosis’ inside and out approach is the future of skincare and can restore balance and health to the entire body. Through our research and testing, we have found the most challenging skin conditions are often linked to internal disruptions. Our patented, revolutionary wellness system addresses these issues with proven results.


hurt the health of the body. Osmosis’ Elevate Dietary Supplement has been clinically proven to burn 0.75kg per month while improving the lipid profile, brain health and adrenal fatigue. There are no stimulants in this formula but it accelerates energy and metabolism by working with your mitochondria.

Osmosis is doctor developed with clinical results, our exclusive internal wellness program assists in repairing the source of skin conditions as well as improving overall well-being. Incorporating our treatment waters, supplements and elixir into your daily regime will dramatically enhance your results.

For more information visit


Class from F45

Jun 2016


Got 45 minutes? F45 is a Functional, FULL BODY, 45 minute workout. Our team-based workouts focus on both cardio and strength training. It’s fast, effective and convenient. Ideal if you are short on time & focused on a goal. With group training and functional workouts available at most fitness facilities these days, what makes F45 different is that we deliver premium team training in a boutique studio environment with one-on-one interaction and support from our experienced personal trainers. The workouts are varied and don’t feature power lifting or technical lifting. F45 workouts change daily with video demonstrations displayed on plasma screens so you have a clear visual of the exercise and how it is to be performed. The added bonus of F45 Training is you can take it at your own pace, designed for all ages & all fitness levels, F45 personalised training is designed to deliver results. Director and head trainer at F45 Newmarket, Amanda Turner, is a passionate personal trainer and competitive body sculptor. Amanda knows what is required to ensure her clients leave having had the best team training experience. “The workouts are fun, varied and always challenging, all you need to do is get yourself to F45 and you can leave the rest to us. Plus we have a live DJ every Saturday to keep you pumping through the workout.” So come train with us at our boutique studio in Newmarket — we have brand new changing room facilities with makeup stations and hair dryers. Onsite parking available. “Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.”

Got 45 minutes? Come train at Newmarket’s newest boutique fitness studio




* Offer stands from

1 June-30th June 2016, Mention Verve Magazine when claiming this offer. st

T: +64 27 405 2856 ď‚‚ E: 11 Morgan Street, Newmarket

Higher Realms 60 HEALTH & BEAUTY


Jun 2016

“I place great importance in the truth and providing a quality service for my clients.” Debs is a popular gifted and multi-faceted psychic and clairvoyant. What sets Debs apart is her innate ability to provide very detailed readings. Her insight and understanding of each individual is truly amazing. Readings include visual descriptions, personal mannerisms, knowing things that she could not possibly know, clarity of why this is happening and what is needed to help the client. “Validation is a key factor, points of evident reference that the client relates to. This connection is made very quickly and once in place, we are also connected in spiritually, then readings flow from there. I have complete confidence in my ability and what spirits shows me. They have tested me many, many times, in order for me to become very fine tuned.”

Everything that happens to us, no matter how good or bad, can be referred back to a spiritual aspect and understanding. Debs stays clear of the latest trends and labels, choosing to sit back and question, drawing her own conclusion with the help of spirit. “This allows me to remain completely neutral, and without judgement. My goal is to play my part in healing someone. I find great satisfaction when a client finishes a reading, clearer, happier. Where possible, I give tools that the client can go away and work with.” Debs is relaxed, friendly, caring and realistic. With many return and regular clientele, she is excited about expanding her repertoire to offer more services. Based in Christchurch for most of her life, Debs is 48, and a mother of two adult daughters. Phone 0900 52515 and 800 525155, calls cost $3.50 per minute + GST. (No children please).



PONSONBY ULTRASOUND CLINIC LONGER OBSTETRIC APPOINTMENT TIMES FOR YOU AND YOUR BABY Have your scan performed under the expert care of highly trained sonographers and radiologists in a relaxing and serene environment with leading edge technology. We specialise in the areas of obsterics and gynaecology scans, general ultrasound,injury scans (ACC) and injections.

WE ARE LOCATED AT: 211 Ponsonby Rd (opposite KFC) FREE CLIENT PARKING AT REAR Phone: 0800 272 346





Subcutaneous tissue (fat)

MELANOMA, SUN AND GENETICS - An overview of skin cancer -

Many of us have read in recent times the link between melanoma and UV exposure melanoma and genetics. It makes me wonder how many actually understand the meaning of it all. I have found that older generations generally understand the importance of paying a visit to a doctor to check their skin, while the younger generations do not. Speaking with teens who have attended my clinic, it’s obvious their awareness stems from the proactive encouragement of their parents, sometimes after loosing a close relative or friend. Awareness of skin cancers seems to follow exposure through experience, or campaigns. I truly believe we are all sometimes afraid to admit when we feel something is not quite right with our health, but proactive involvement and support from friends and family can make a huge, potentially lifesaving, difference. In order to understand the complexity of genetics and melanoma, we first need to understand our skin. What are melanocytes? And what is a melanoma? We will talk about melanoma, the different types, UV light, genetics, and sun protection, in my next column. But for now, lets get our basics right.


The largest organ of our body, it protects us, regulates temperature and touch. The skin has three layers, the layer of interest in this column is the epidermis which provides protection, hydration and skin colour. In this layer are cell types which can become cancerous, such as keratinocytes (95%, barrier associated squamous cell carcinoma) and melanocytes (5-10%, pigment, melanoma).


Melanocytes are found in skin, eyes, inner ear, meninges (covering layer of brain and spine), bones, and heart. The job of melanocytes is primarily to produce melanin, a protein, that gives colour to our skin, eyes and hair. Melanin can be dark (eumelanin) or red (pheomelanin), and pigmentation is one of the risk factors for melanoma. Words: Dr. Maria Reeves


Clive Plucknett


62 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jun 2016

“Master, what is the path to good health?” “Why do you ask Grasshopper?” “Because I see so many unwell people around us.” “Grasshopper, the path is simple.” 1. Sleep well and wake refreshed. When you sleep you repair and balance for each new day. You need a minimum of seven hours each night. 2. Digest and absorb your food. Most people put food and supplements in their mouth, but only part of them gets used because they are unable to digest them properly. Heal and nurture your gut. It is where all the action happens. 3. Put good things in your mouth. Eat real food. Things that your body needs, not just what tastes nice. Life is to be enjoyed, but not at our health’s expense. 4. Find your body’s deficiencies. Find out what it is your body needs. What it is not getting. In this time of depleted soil and toxins, sadly, we all have deficiencies. 5. Find your weakest parts. You are only as strong as your weakest parts. Find them and fix them. A strong heart can be undone by a dysfunctional thyroid. 6. Get rid of parasites, bad bugs and fungi. They will steal your nutrients and put toxins in your body 7. Enjoy your life. This is how it is meant to be. Unhappiness, stress and anger will kill you as surely as an arrow through the heart. 8. Move as you were meant to move. Our bodies were designed to exercise. It does everything from turning on good genes to cleaning cell receptors. “Master what are cell…...” “Shut up Grasshopper, I am on a roll.” 9. Reduce the toxins entering your body: additives, chemicals, pesticides, and more.

Free Dental Exam! For kind, caring dentistry Cameron + Field.

10. Focus on what is truly important in life: loving someone/ something more than yourself; looking forward to things both short and long term; being of service to others and finding and following your great dream. “Master, is this like the ten commandments of health?” “No Grasshopper, shut up your face. I haven’t finished.” 11. Be as great as you were meant to be. Most of us live our lives, busy being busy. We settle for second best. Listen to your little voice. We all have one. Be as great as you were destined to be. If you would like to know more about the rules or health or want help implementing them in your life, visit our website.

Level 8, Landmark House,187 Queen St, Auckland E P 379 0196 | F 379 0193

Words: Clive Plucknett




ABOUT US .. Beauty Salon & Nail Bar. Waxing. Facial. Massage. // CONTACT US .. 09 639 0988 / 630 6242, // FIND US .. 341 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland and online at

ABOUT US .. Come and see us for fantastic gifts for all ages, all your family’s health needs and excellent advice. // SPECIALS .. Stockists of Innoxa Skincare, Styli Style Cosmetics and Stella and Gemma Jewellery. // CONTACT US .. 09 528 3636, elstreepharmacy@ // FIND US .. 145 West Tamaki Road (ample free parking)

Elstree Pharmacy



ABOUT US .. We provide our clients with an up-to-theminute range of skin and beauty therapy treatments like organic facials, waxing, organic spray tans and eyelash and brow grooming. // CONTACT US .. 09 520 5331 | // FIND US .. 591a Remuera Road, Remuera Village, Auckland and online at

ABOUT US .. Xtend Barre fuses elements of dance, ballet and pilates to create an adrenalin-fuelled

workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body. Classes are beginner friendly. // SPECIALS .. Special introductory offer: 14 days of unlimited classes for $49.00 (offer not valid for pilates reformer classes) // FIND AND CONTACT US: NEWMARKET: Level 7, 5-7 Kingdon Street, 09 522 3305, info@studiothree. and online at PONSONBY: L1, 56 Surrey Crescent, 09 376 8091 and online at

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Experience any 2 classes from our timetable for just



Elderly Assist Ltd



Janice Willis is one of those special people you warm to immediately. Settled in the corner of the lounge at Grace Joel Retirement Village in St Heliers, framed by views sweeping from Mt Wellington to Glendowie and chatting with the various people popping by, Janice is obviously in her element.

Jun 2016

I am meeting Janice to talk about her passion — helping elderly people declutter and downsize their homes, often to move into a retirement village setting. “We take the stress out of this very sensitive and often difficult move,” she says. “Having done this for four years, I know that most people move out of their family home after 30 or 40 years living there. Their rooms are full of belongings and interests and memories and when it comes time to move, it is the first time they have had to think about actually rationalising all of their possessions. For some people it is incredibly overwhelming, especially if they are on their own.” This is where Janice and her team step in. Elderly Assist is a hand picked team to help declutter your house, pack you up, move you to your new home and then unpack — but they never take over. “We are the arms and legs,” says Janice. “We do all the hard physical work but our clients have to make the decisions about what to keep and what to take, and that is tiring.” Which is why the team tends to do just four or five hours a day to give everyone a chance to catch their breath. “Sometimes it takes us weeks and weeks,” says Janice.

>> Compassionate Team We all know moving is stressful — up there with divorce, apparently — but factor in being elderly, maybe also grieving or with cognitive impairment, and you’ve got a unique situation requiring much sensitivity and empathy. “I recruit my people based on their temperament and morality,” says Janice. “I can train people to pack, but I cannot teach ethics and empathy and I run an ethical business.” Janice uses Human Resources consultant Sandy Clark from Heartstone who helps with recruitment and profiling by using psychometric testing. “This has been really key to my business,” she stresses. “We are working with a vulnerable group of people and I need to know that my team will act responsibly in every situation. My team members are really compassionate; they never stand and judge.” Janice is very proud of her team, which includes people from all sorts of corporate and manual working backgrounds, all united in their love of working with the elderly. Coming from a corporate background herself, Janice has put in place solid foundations with robust processes, systems, manuals and guidelines for every aspect of the business. “Everything is documented and inventoried,” she says. All staff are trained and they hold regular team meetings to debrief jobs and share ideas.

>> Tailored Packages Over the years Janice has built up many valuable add-on services such as liaising with estate agents, lawyers, retirement villages, dealers, collectors, even builders and other contractors. “We tailor-make a package for everyone,” she says. Most people opt for the complete service but some prefer to cherry pick. The full service takes you from making the decision to move, through to helping to sort what does and doesn’t make the cut, packing up, moving day and then setting up the new home. The team will take photos of everything in the old house (china, photo frames, ornaments) so they can set up the new one with everything in its place. “Because we work so closely with retirement villages and know the layout and storage available in the apartments and rooms, we can help make those decisions about what will fit. We don’t take a commission on anything we sell on behalf, so we don’t have a vested interest in encouraging our clients to make those decisions.” Janice stresses to clients that they are going to make the most out of selling their house rather than the things in it. Anything that can be sold, is, and everything else is recycled, given away or disposed of ethically. “My team researches all this. We give hearing aids and spectacles to church missionaries to take to the islands, sewing machines always find a worthy home and tools might go to a prison or tech workshop.”

>> Glowing Testimonials Janice is also extremely proud of their 99% positive rating on the No Cowboys website as well as the vast number of glowing customer testimonials, written and spoken. “I’ve had people tell me that I’ve changed their lives! The elderly people we work with are so appreciative, even of the small things we do. It is very, very rewarding working with them.” In fact, Janice has proven so popular with the families she has helped out that she has now branched out and set up a new company. Moving Assist is for all the ‘time poor’ people who are not elderly, but just need that someone special to help them sort out their belongings and move. I’ve taken up an hour of Janice’s time and she is raring to get back to work. “I just love my job,” she says. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” Words: Suzy Fraser


Elderly Assist Ltd ™

Our specialities include:

THE LATEST IN CONTEMPORARY RETIREMENT LIVING Stage One Apartments Stage Two Apartments Stage Three Apartments Stage Four Apartments

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takes the stress out of moving by

Preparing your home for sale  Downsizing and Decluttering  Packing and Moving  Unpacking and layout assistance  Assistance with the sale of furniture and belongings  Estate dispersal 


Call us for a free, no obligation initial consultation

Janice Willis


Ranfurly Village offers one of central Auckland’s finest retirement lifestyles. Choose from a selection of beautiful and spacious apartments. “My parents had wonderful retirement years and enjoyed a lifestyle that is very similar to what is now available at Ranfurly Village” Judy Bailey

Phone: 0800 839 874


(09) 625 3420

Sales office located at: Historic Ranfurly House, 539 Mt Albert Road, Auckland A GENERUS LIVING VILLAGE

Improved hearing means listening to the best. Thomas at Acoustix is not your usual audiologist. He is an audiometry specialist from Switzerland with expertise in micro-technology. He invests quality time with you. He takes the time to understand your unique needs so he can customise a personal solution to help improve your hearing. He won’t try to seduce you with free tests or discounted products. He simply does the very best for you and is completely honest about the best solution for your hearing needs. So when you listen to him, you really are listening to the best. Let’s talk today, we are all ears.

09 520 5648 ACOUSTIX.CO.NZ

65 RETIREMENT Jun 2016

66 RETIREMENT Jun 2016

Back To The Mountain At just 16 Richard Warwick was paralysed on one side of his body by a massive brain bleed. Now 52, his left side is still weak, but he’s not letting it hold him back. Instead, he’s become an adventure sportsman. “It rocked me. Sixteen is a tough time when you’re trying to figure out who you are in the world anyway,” remembers Richard. “I didn’t get any free passes, my dad was determined I’d live a normal life and my mates didn’t treat me any differently. I’d like to say I took it all in my stride but the reality is I noticed people didn’t make eye contact with me. I didn’t like being identified as disabled.” However, Richard went on to have a successful career, marrying at 21, he had five children with his wife, Antoinette. With the kids grown, Richard found himself with a lot more time again at 50. So he took up lawn bowling. “I was asked to represent the Wellington Disabled Lawn Bowlers and had a chance to enter the Commonwealth Games,” says Richard. “I didn’t get in — in the future I might — but it released something in me that had been buried for a long time.” A newly discovered love of sport opened up his world. “I have a friend in Nelson, Tim, and I suggested we go and watch the Coast to Coast. It’s an epic event in the South Island; insane people do The Longest Day,” says Richard. “They do a 3km run at 6am followed by a 54km bike ride, a 32km mountain run over the Southern Alps, a 15km bike ride, a 67km kayak, and a 70km bike ride. Some people do it in two days, and some just do the mountain run.”

When a friend suggested Richard tackle the mountain run he scrambled for a reason not to. “I said I’d need someone to do it with me as a guide,” he says. “Tim offered, so that was it, I had no reason not to.”

“The biggest disability is a bad attitude” The pair got in touch with the Kathmandu Coast to Coast director, five times Longest Day winner, Richard Ussher. “He didn’t say, ‘What do you mean you’re disabled?’, he just said, ‘What can we do to help?’” Richard also got in touch with Achilles International, which helps people with disabilities participate alongside able-bodied athletes. “It was started by Dick Traum in New York who, in 1976, was the first amputee to complete the New York Marathon,” says Richard. “I met with the chairman of the New Zealand arm, Peter Loft. I wanted to see if he had any training tips, but before I could sit down he said, ‘We’re starting a chapter in Wellington and want you to be a founding member and join us at the New York Marathon.’ The problem was, I couldn’t run. He said, ‘Can you move? I’ve been taking disabled people to the marathon for 20 years and not one hasn’t finished.’”


So Richard found himself with two athletic challenges ahead of him: the 32km Coast to Coast Mountain Run in February 2015 followed by November’s 42km New York City Marathon.

68 RETIREMENT Jun 2016

Your body can stand almost anything, it’s your mind you have to convince ”

“The Coast to Coast allowed us a couple of hours head start, but there’s a particular point, Goat Pass, that you must get to by a particular time or you’re out of the race. It’s a non-negotiable safety issue,” says Richard. “After eight hours we were not even at Goat Pass. It was over; a helicopter came and lifted us out. It was like my Everest. It was my Longest Day.” Richard went from off road to on road training for the New York Marathon. “Over 50,000 people took part and there were about one million on the sidelines,” says Richard. “Lance Walker, the CEO of Cigna, walked it with me because I couldn’t run. I was literally leaning on him at the end.” A couple of months later Richard received the official magazine. “There, on the last page, 20th from the bottom were the words Richard Warwick 8 hours, 37 minutes and one second,” he says. “Some time later, Lance asked me what was next and I told him I’d like to try the mountain run again. He asked me what it would take. I told him I’d need two guides and a sponsor.” “Tim is going to be my guide again, and I also asked my Coast to Coast hero, Menno van der Laan. He’s had five heart attacks but doesn’t let it stop him. I told him if he’d be my guide I’d do whatever he asked. He’s got me on a six-day training programme. I love it. Sometimes I’m in the bush and I’ll see no one for three hours. It’s just me, the birds and the trees.” Cigna are proudly sponsoring Richard on his journey to Coast to Coast 2017. Lance says: “Being able to support Richard and see him overcome immense challenges has been inspirational. We have full confidence in Richard’s ability to conquer this mountain run, and we’re really happy that Cigna will support him on this journey.” Aspiring Enterprises in Christchurch are also making him a purpose built upper body harness, and Wellington Orthotic Centre are making him a state-ofthe-art fibre ankle support. “It makes it so much easier to have such amazing support,” says Richard. “When I was 16 I remember them saying I’d never run again — you can’t help taking those messages on board. But I’ll be 53 when we attempt the mountain run again and I’ll be fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. And you know what? I know now that I’m enough. I’m OK.” Richard has started a Facebook page to document his journey to Coast-to-Coast 2017. You can join him here on facebook Words: Jenna Moore


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70 RETIREMENT Jun 2016

Retirement Re-imagined: Reliving Youth

A number of retirement homes in recent years have been taking in students, who, in return, spend a number of hours each week volunteering for their elderly hosts. It’s a move that benefits all parties, with students who are struggling with rent fed, sheltered and watered; and retirees benefiting from their company along with gaining tips on navigating such things as the digital age. Of course, the oldies no doubt teach their younger counterparts a trick or two, too. The trend likely started in Spain the late 1990s, but has recently gained popularity throughout the world. Four years ago, the Dutch government ceased funding for over 80s who they deemed not to be in urgent need of it and almost overnight there are appeared a substantial number of pensioners struggling to pay for what, until then, had been free care. A further knock-on effect was that fewer seniors were seeking accommodation in these shared communities, meaning many of them were struggling to stay afloat. At the time, there was a shortfall of nearly 9,000 student rooms in Amsterdam, for example. “The students bring the outside world in,” Gea Sijpkes, CEO of Humanitas retirement home in Holland tells PBS. “There is a lot of warmth within the contact.” Since the Dutch experiment, similar set-ups have sprung up in France and the US, such as at Judson Manor in Cleveland. “Judson feels like an extension of my family,” said 23-year-old Justine Myers in an interview with CBC News late last year. “It’s like I have a lot of extra grandparents.”

She is one of a number of music students who reside in the retirement community and perform for the elderly as part of their keep. Fittingly, many of the residents also have artistic backgrounds. Centenarian Betty Hinchliff describes hearing the performances as like a shot of adrenalin. “The worst thing about being old is your weakness,” she says. “And hearing this wonderful music, well-performed by promising young people, it’s just very exciting.” There’s a wealth of evidence to show intergenerational companionships actually benefit both parties. Researchers from the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), having studied examples in Japan and North America, conclude that such relationships can even save lives among the old and recommend that all local authorities organise ongoing intergenerational schemes. One such example has been in existence for over a decade in London, with teenagers from Haverstock School socialising with local elderly residents – attending tea dances together, films and also producing plays. “Young and old people are great assets to each other and to their wider communities,” Alan HattonYeo, founded of the Centre for Intergenerational Practice, tells the Telegraph. “We need to recognise the amazing potential that they have to contribute to society.”

Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Fleeing the Nest Empty Nest Syndrome refers to the extreme feelings of sadness — even grief — which can engulf parents when their children leave home. Those most at risk include single and/or full-time parents, people who do not cope well with change and those of more advanced age. Sometimes, it can have negative impacts upon the parents’ marriage. But, as adult children up sticks, more and more of their parents are taking the opportunity to also embark upon new adventures of their own. Seniors are one of the fastest growing — and wealthiest — markets in the travel industry, a pattern expected to continue with an ever-ageing population. According to AARP Travel, 99% of baby boomers from the US — those aged 51-70 — plan to travel this year, a third of whom will go abroad. Marina Hanger is the director of Ability Adventures, a travel firm for seniors which is based in Dunedin. She says her clients’ average 7-21 days holidaying, with the bottom of the South Island being the most popular spot as they desire “fantastic scenery, remoteness and isolation from other tourists”. AUT postgraduate student Dominik Huber’s PhD examined the senior travel trend and found that life events such as marital status, health and children greatly affected their choices. Professor Simon Milne, director of the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, has hailed the paper as enabling greater understanding of a very under studied market. Huber had filled several gaps, he told the Herald, as researchers have historically focused on the activities of the young and middle-aged. As New Zealand is so reliant on tourism, understanding seniors’ travel behaviour is key so that “governments tailor infrastructure to allow tourist spots to be more accessible to this growing demographic.”





Strength is the foundation of all physical capability. It comes from wellconditioned muscularity, and is what allows us to defy gravity when losing our balance. It performs the work of turning a tight-lidded jar, lugging a chillybin, bounding upstairs or pulling weeds. In a nutshell, muscle strength constantly defines the quality of our lives and wellbeing.

>> But getting weaker and frailer as we age and slipping into the disability zone is inevitable, right? Wrong. While it’s true aspects of our biological aging are absolute and irreversible — by the time you reach your seventies you’ll have lost an estimated 30% of your muscle cells throughout all muscle groups — physical frailty is not an inevitable fate. In fact, reversing physical frailty and revitalising the muscle cells you do retain is an optional proposition according to research on successful aging. In a landmark study, two scientists at Tufts University found that age-related declines in strength and lean body mass can be reversed with properly performed strength training. The study showed that while aerobic exercise and nutrition are important, strength training is pivotal if you want to stay young for longer. That’s because much of what we call aging, say the scientists, is nothing more than the accumulation of a lifetime of inactivity. This causes muscles to decay and body fat to increase, along with a host of other changes collectively known as sarcopenia: reduced strength, reduced metabolism, increased body fat, declining aerobic fitness, increased insulin resistance and continuous loss of bone density.

>> So what is properly performed strength training? Dozens of studies have demonstrated that a relatively brief programme of strength exercise — 20 to 40 minutes per session, two or three days a week — can rebuild muscle tissue in people aged 50-90.

For optimum results, emphasis is put on the intensity of effort (high) rather than how much resistance is used (weight-load), or the number of repetitions performed. So long as the muscle is taken to the point where the effort to lift the weight is at its greatest (reaching momentary muscular failure), it makes no difference how light or heavy the weight-load is and how many repetitions are performed to reach failure. Each exercise should be performed in a slow and controlled fashion for maximum effect and safety.

>> How does it help? A high ratio of muscle-to-fat on the body makes a significant contribution to your overall wellbeing: • Your metabolism rises — meaning you can more easily burn body fat and alter your body composition even further in favour of beneficial lean body mass (muscle) • Your aerobic capacity increases and the health of your whole cardio system — you have more working muscles (mass) contributing to consuming oxygen • Your muscles use more insulin — greatly reducing the chances you’ll ever develop diabetes • You maintain higher levels of the beneficial HDL cholesterol in your blood • Your skeleton better maintains its bone density. In short, gaining muscle is the holy grail of youthfulness, rejuvenating your entire physiology and overall vitality, and allowing you to live like a 40-year-old until you’re 70 and beyond!

1. Biomarkers by William Evans, PhD, and Irwin H. Rosenberg, MD, Professors of Nutrition and Medicine (Simon & Schuster, 1991).

Choose BoomerHIT.™ High intensity strength training for baby boomers. By age 65 inactive adults have lost half their muscle and doubled their fat. But the good news is that these declines in strength and lean body mass can be reversed through properly performed strength training1. In fact, gaining muscle is the holy grail of youthfulness, rejuvenating your entire physiology and overall vitality, and allowing you to live like a 40 year old until you’re 70 and beyond! BodyTech Gym’s new 8-week BoomerHIT™ high intensity strength training programme for baby boomers combines a mix of supervised and personal training workouts with highly qualified HIT instructors. Their expertise will ensure you quickly and efficiently regain lean muscle and strength.

Sign up today at, visit 8 Nugent St Grafton or call 09 623 3383. 1. Biomarkers by William Evans, PhD, and Irwin H. Rosenberg, MD, Professors of Nutrition and Medicine (Simon & Schuster, 1991).

74 RETIREMENT Jun 2016

THE KATE McLEAN DIFFERENCE If someone in your family is elderly, or needs post-operative or palliative care, Kate McLean Homecare can provide solutions so your loved ones can stay at home.

It’s a well-known fact that for most of us our home is our happy place, our sanctuary, and our haven. So no wonder it can be distressing for people who are growing older and need assistance to look after themselves to have to consider leaving their home of many years. Recognising this, Kate McLean founded Kate McLean Homecare 14 years ago. She saw a necessity for people who required help to have an option to stay in the comfort of their own home among their treasures and, oftentimes, loved ones. “The way it works is that we’ll visit people’s homes to meet families, discuss their needs and advise them on the best way we can assist,” says Kate. “We can help with companionship, meal preparation, tidying dishes, shopping, sleepovers, as well as palliative and personal care.” And it’s not just the elderly the team can help with; they can also come in and provide post-operative and convalescent care too. Kate’s built a team of capable, compassionate, caregivers. “Kindness, commonsense, competence, compassion, tolerance, and a sense of humour, along with clear police and reference checks, are prerequisites with our carers,” says Kate. “We have a great team of kind and caring people who often go above and beyond,” adds Aimee McLean, Kate’s daughter-in-law. “We’re a happy team, with happy carers and happy clients,” smiles Kate. A family affair, Kate’s husband Jock also works in the business, taking care of the finances, while Allison is their much-valued administration pro. And, after 14 years of being on call 24/7, Kate’s stepping back and handing over the reins to her daughter-in-law, Aimee. “We want people to know that there is an alternative to having to sell up and move to a retirement home,” says Aimee. “We can lend a hand for a short time or 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Q&A with Kate McLean >> What is Homecare? Homecare lets those who wish to remain in their own home do so with the assistance of caregivers. It is an alternative to moving into an aged care facility such as a retirement village or rest home. Having Homecare allows our clients to stay in an environment they are comfortable with and enjoy, while providing their families with peace of mind, safe inthe knowledge their loved one is safe and being well looked after. >> When did you start the company? My husband and I started the company in 2002. I had worked in the aged care sector for a number of years previously and saw an opportunity to offer a service that both our clients and their families really valued. Our company is family owned, run by myself and my daughter-in-law, Aimee. >> What services do you offer? Our services range from four to 24-hour care. Our caregivers help with a range of everyday tasks such

as personal home care, non-medical tasks, cooking meals, shopping, doctor and hospital visits, and companionship. We also provide palliative care for those who wish to remain at home. A popular arrangement for many clients and their families is to have a carer from 4pm to 10am the next day. Our caregivers can help with the meal at night, sleep over and also help with breakfast. It is so important for many of our clients to maintain their independence and this arrangement allows their families to feel much more at ease knowing their loved ones have support overnight and are also set up for the day ahead. This, and all our care arrangements, is done with our wonderful team of multiskilled caregivers, a large number of whom have been with us for many years >> What do you look for in a carer? We know that having a new person in the home can be a bit daunting which is why we place such importance on the quality of our caregivers. All our professional caregivers are selected for their kindness, common sense, competence, compassion and tolerance, along with a sense of humour. They are all interviewed and personally assessed by my team and me. We ensure that their references are thoroughly checked and police screen all our caregivers to ensure total peace of mind. We believe strongly in the value of continuity of care. Matching our caregivers to the individual client and ensuring they work regularly with that client naturally builds strong and trusting relationships. We keep in constant contact with our carers, clients and their families to ensure the highest level of care is always provided. >> How do you differ to similar agencies? I can only speak for our team, but we pride ourselves on being a very hands-on company and having long term clients and caregivers. Unlike many agencies, we focus solely on private Homecare clients. This allows us to match the right carer to the right client so that having care in the home is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Our office is contactable 24 hours a day so clients and carers feel safe in the knowledge they will always have me and my team’s support at all hours. >> Compared with living in a retirement complex, what are the benefits? Our clients have often been in their home and community for a long time. They love their familiar surroundings and having care in their home allows them to continue their daily routine. It also gives their families assurance that they are being closely looked after. However, we do have clients who are in their own homes in retirement villages who enjoy our assistance.


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FOOD Jun 2016

A selection of some our favourite tiny cafés



If you love furniture, you will love this place. Stroll though Consignment & Apartmento while you wait for your coffee. 2 Railway Street, Newmarket

THE BEAN A cute fairly new little café up by the roundabout in Newmarket. Try their vege quiche — it’s delish. 44 Broadway, Newmarket

The best sausage rolls in town! But don’t worry if you are a vegetarian — they also have a great range of salads and organic food. 5 Morningside Drive, Morningside

VOLT ESPRESSO A small funky espresso bar serving own freshly roasted, award winning, VOLT coffee beans! 110 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket

If you have a hole in the wall café, we would love to hear from you. Call Verve on 09 520 5939

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Live Longer Gluten-Free

CARROT CAKE // Serves: 12

Ingredients: Method: • 4 small grated carrots • 1 ¹⁄³ cup sultanas • 1 ¹⁄³ cup long thread coconut • ²⁄³ cup raw walnut pieces • ²⁄³ cup melted coconut oil • 4 free-range eggs • ½ cup + ¹⁄³ cup xylitol (can sub castor sugar) • ²⁄³ + ½ cups gluten free baking mix • 3 tablespoons Live Longer Cricket Flour • ¾ teaspoon salt • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon • ½ teaspoon ground ginger • ½ teaspoon mixed spice

1. Preheat the oven to fan bake 130C. Grease and line a large cake tin. 2. Mix carrot, sultanas, coconut and walnuts in a bowl. 3. Beat eggs and xylitol until thick and creamy (about five minutes) and then slowly add coconut oil. 4. Add the wet mixture to the sultana bowl, and sift dry ingredients until everything is combined well. 5. Bake for 2-3 hours (or until a skewer comes out clean). 6. Leave in tin for 30 minutes, and then transfer to a cooling rack. 7. When completely cool, dust with icing sugar.

Live Longer Gluten-Free

ENERGY SLICE // Serves 21

Method: Ingredients: 1. Measure Live Longer Cricket Flour, coconut, rolledoats, quinoa flakes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chopped dried fruit, and chopped nuts into a bowl. Mix with a wooden spoon and slowly pour in melted coconut oil and honey. 2. In a separate bowl, beat eggs and add to the seed mixture. 3. Combine all ingredients, and press into a slice tin. 4. Bake 170°C for 40 minutes until golden. 5. Remove from oven and cool on a rack. When cooled, drizzle with melted chocolate and cut into squares.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

¼ cup Live Longer Organic 100% Cricket Flour ½ cup coconut 1 ½ gluten-free rolled oats ¼ cup quinoa flakes (or psyllium husks) 1 cup sunflower seeds ½ cup pumpkin seeds ½ cup chopped sultanas (or any dried fruit) ¾ cup chopped almonds (or other nuts) ¼ cup liquid honey ½ cup coconut oil 3 beaten eggs Optional: drizzle ½ cup melted vegan dark chocolate

79 FOOD Jun 2016

Live Longer Organic Cricket Flour puts ‘Sustainability’ in front of ‘Protein’

As we all know, we need protein. It fuels us, fixes us and rebuilds our bodies. Quite simply — we can’t survive without it. With the world population estimated to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, it’s clear that we need serious innovation towards protein production. Equipped with this driving force, Live Longer Eat Well, have embarked on a journey of discovery to find protein from ecologically sustainable sources that fits their cradle-to-cradle ethos. Live Longer Organic 100% Cricket Flour is the worlds most sustainably farmed protein. It only takes eight litres of water to produce 1kg of cricket protein compaired to 8,350 litres of water required to make 1kg of beef protein. Gram for gram, Live Longer Organic Cricket Flour contains more protein than beef, up to 68.8%, and is a high source of B12. It also contains iron, calcium, omega 3, fibre, amino acids and chitin — a pre biotic extremely good for digestion, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Not only that, Live Longer Organic Cricket Flour is grain and dairy free. Live Longer sources their cricket protein from Entomo Farms in Canada, a premium organic farm, with highly ethical and humane insect farming practices. As a result Live Longer Organic Cricket Flour is certified organic by BioGro in New Zealand. Live Longer Organic 100% Cricket Flour is available at specialty grocery stores and will also be available in selected supermarkets throughout New Zealand and online from To find out more about cricket flour visit the Live Longer website

Wine Rack 80 FOOD Jun 2016

PINOT GRIS In a world where chardonnay and sauvignon blanc are showered with success there are also great things happening at our wineries. While we do not suffer from a lack of competent winemakers there’s a new generation of young vintners coming through the ranks, scaling new heights by experimenting with new varietals. The compulsion to enjoy full bodied reds over winter is gradually being replaced by the desire for lighter fresher and easier drinking wines. Enter pinot gris, our latest shining star of note. Pinot grigio (Italian) and pinot gris (French) in theory are the same wines. Both are white, made from pinot gris grapes grown in most of our wines regions. The difference is simply style. Noted for its rich and crisp citrus fruit aromas which are intense and elegant on the palate, its depth of flavour that’s either bone dry or lusciously sweet and its balance and low acidity depending on the terroir and its minerality. For the purpose of labelling pinot gris, it is usually richer with spicy overtones, more alcoholic and more complex in aromatics and generally sweeter than pinot grigio. Best served lightly chilled as an aperitif or the perfect match with seafood, chicken, salads and vegetarian dishes.



Thornbury ’15 RRP $16 Aromas lead into a soft textured palate that exudes tropical fruit flavours balanced by a gentle dry citrus finish

LeftField ’15 RRP $18 A full bodied wine that displays delicate characters of fresh citrus that’s crisp and dry on the palate

Villa Maria ’15 Single Vineyard Seddon RRP $30 Intensely fresh on the palate with a delicate acidity intermingled with lots of rich fruity flavours


Mastered by Craft. Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand For over 20 years, Crossroads has brought wine lovers the very best of small parcel winemaking from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Visit Our Cellar Door Open 7 days: 11am - 4.30pm (closed Good Friday & Christmas Day) 1747 Korokipo Road, State Highway 50, Fernhill, Napier Tel: (06) 879 9737




Gift vouchers available

on regular wine prices when you mention this ad at our Cellar Door.

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W I NE TA STI NG AUCK L A N D 0800 555 616 | 027 228 4874 | 09 585 0 298 IN FO@ WIN ETA ST IN GAU C KLA N D. CO.NZ WWW.WIN ETA ST IN GAU C KLA N D. CO.NZ

Let's Eat Out


Gardening Column


Jun 2016

First found on our shores in Northland in 1997, the guava moth has been slowly making its way south, and sadly has recently arrived in Auckland.

Whilst there is plenty of action in and around the Bay of Islands, this envelopepushing establishment continues to play by its own rules setting the bar high for many of its poor performing neighbours. Having reviewed many of the eateries in the far north it came as no surprise why this hidden gem is constantly regarded as one of the region’s best. Set amongst the vines, the synergy between the winery and their bistro-style restaurant is so engaging and adventurous you can feel the energy. Icons take time to evolve but the portents are exceedingly good for this establishment where a well drilled kitchen continues to treat food with the utmost respect. Unashamedly pitched to the discerning foodie, their aim is to provide diners with an experience that lingers long after the credit card statement has faded. The menu is everything you would expect bistro food to be and, while limited, there is sufficient sophistication and influence to please. From the description of the menu we got exactly what we expected. For entrees we chose the perfect winter dish, seafood chowder ($15) oozing with a medley of fresh seafood in a vegetable broth served with ciabatta. And there was generosity in flavours with our mains, eye fillet of angus beef ($36) served with hand cut chips cooked in duck fat, green peppercorn sauce and fresh seasonal vegetables hit the mark as did the much touted slow roasted lamb shank ($33) served with blackberries honey and crushed root vegetables. And if you think you’re done when mains are cleared away its hard not to be swayed by desserts ($12.50) with classic delights of maple pecan tart, panna cotta, amoretti and plum trifle, affogato and a cheeseboard ($18). Being a boutique winery, the wine list is limited to their own vintagesso and we opted for the ‘15 syrah ($25). Although distinctively young, the nose was layered with fruity aromas underpinned with silky tannins. And the verdict? If you’re looking for a blueprint for the perfect neighbourhood restaurant then look no further. This is a place for those who want to engage with their food rather than merely just get fed. MENU 8 CUISINE 8.5



Words: Dennis and Rosamund Knill


Like the codling moth, guava moths lay their eggs onto young fruit. Upon hatching, the larvae burrow into the fruit and spoil it. But unlike the codling moth, guava moths breed all year and can infest a large range of fruit such as: feijoa, guava, citrus, peaches, plums, and even chillies. Thankfully, all is not lost. Though there is still a lot to learn, there are definitely treatment options which will help, but as it’s early days, we’d love to hear feedback on your experiences with them. Email

LIFECYCLE The larva makes a tiny pin prick sized hole as it burrows into the fruit. Once inside, damage is often difficult to spot until the fullygrown larva chews its way out.

HOW TO SPOT IT? >> Check for immature fruit drop • • • •

Fruit often drops early. Check windfall fruit regularly for markings such as exit holes or small discolouration. Fruit often appears bruised. In the later stages, larva excrement may be visible.

CONTROL MEASURES Once discovered, don’t ignore the problem. It will soon get worse. If possible, coordinate with your neighbours for best results.


Covering the fruit with an insect proof mesh. Using pheromone traps to monitor and deal with low-level infestations using Little Bugga moth traps Spraying with Neem Oil. Spray weekly while fruit is starting to develop, or use pheromone traps to time your sprays. Remove infected fruit, then destroy the fruit and kill the larvae, or place into sealed plastic bags and dispose of. Plant borage, alyssum, echinacea and other flowering plants to help attract beneficial insect predators. Get chickens and allow them to roam around your fruit trees.

For best results, use a combination of the various methods above and keep a close eye on your infestation.

Words: William Aiken

84 JOURNEYS Jun 2016

INTO INDIA “India is overwhelming, chaotic, challenging and embracing.”

I took advantage of the school holidays to get my assorted teenagers off their devices and into India (getting them off their devices was perhaps optimistic but with no data out of wi-fi range, it was mission almost possible). In Delhi we joined a cooking class but such was the chef’s enthusiasm, chick pea flour and potato was flying across the kitchen in no time. I retreated a safe distance and left them to it. Soon a dazzling array of dishes appeared and I realised I now had three masala experts on call. We also visited an orphanage where my children sat on the floor surrounded by dozens of delightful smiling faces; singing songs, gifting hair ties, bracelets and pens before sharing a simple lunch. Moving and lifeaffirming for us all. In Jaipur, the Jai Mahal, Amber Fort and City Palace provided history and stories-a-plenty, an afternoon spent washing and feeding elephants had the whole family wide-eyed with wonder, while just crossing the street as we headed into the market was part luck, part prayers to Ganesh. Fun and banter followed as we looked at shoes, Indian pants and scarves and everyone came away with a few treasures. Quite a highlight. One evening, we clambered aboard tuktuks and hit the cinema, joining in the frivolity that is Bollywood. In Agra, even with the inevitable crowd, the Taj was beautifully serene and gleaming. The shady grounds of this mausoleum a welcome respite from the unrelenting heat.

Gorgeous Udaipur. Bougainvillea spills over walls, water everywhere, trees and green space made us feel we had entered a new world — and we liked it. Our guide had teenagers and connected with the kids immediately so I knew it would be a good day. Even the wander back through the narrow market streets was a delight as we were neither hassled nor overwhelmed by stares or hawkers — possibly because it had now reached 45C but it may just be Udaipur. April is wedding season — everywhere we went were gaily decorated vehicles, horses and elephants, vast outdoor arenas with bright flags and banners, hotels overflow with saris every colour of the rainbow, staggering amounts of jewellery adorn all the women and slick gents in black tie sweep past leaving an overpowering trail of cologne. The night sky peppered with fireworks and glossy ‘pre-wedding’ photo shoots took place in nearly every hotel. The guest lists seemed enormous and fairly fluid so if you fancy joining the most riotous party of your life, ask politely and you will be welcomed with open arms. My children made instant friends with people who provided food and drink (an innate skill it seems as it happened everywhere). They even found an Indian Kiwi restauranteur whose grin could have lit up the city as soon as he heard our accents. India is overwhelming, chaotic, challenging and embracing. Grab the kids, grab your passport and grab it with both hands. You’ll love it. Words: Kate Gohar, World Journeys

85 JOURNEYS Jun 2016


Explore Old Delhi and see the Taj Mahal at sunrise, witness the Maharajahs’ Palaces and the desert cities of Rajasthan, and search for tigers in Ranthambore National Park. 16 DAY TOUR from $4,412 per person (twin) Contact your Travel Agent, or World Journeys

09 360 7311 /worldjourneys

86 JOURNEYS Jun 2016

Living The Dream Rumours Luxury Villas and Spa rest upon a resplendent stretch of coastline to the southeast of Rarotonga, lapped by crystal waters and sprinkled with sugar sands, it is the largest of the fifteen coral and volcanic Cook Islands. Lauded internationally as one of the Pacific’s leading luxury retreats, the multi-award-winning destination comprises beachfront villas with private pools, a spa, waterfalls and tropical gardens. Available VIP packages even include a chartered private jet. Melbourne couple Belinda and Andrew Griffin recently celebrated their first year at the helm. Their relationship is dynamic and beautifully balanced, having worked as a team since they first met and fell in love 35 years ago. They’ve always felt drawn to tropical climes having moved to Noosa, Queensland, where they worked in hospitality and raised their two children, Annika and Jack. A spirit of adventure and creativity courses through the couples’ veins with music, travel, food and surfing among their many passions. A selection of awards grace their shelves, won while in charge of eateries, a florist and an international indigenous art company. During their stay on the Sunshine Coast, the community-minded couple founded food, film, theatre, music and poetry festivals, all part of a diverse experience which proved vital in opening up further opportunities that would present themselves around Australia and abroad. The couple realise the importance of time off in order to rejuvenate and form fresh, creative ideas, so after their Sunshine Coast endeavours took a break to relax, take in the ocean, renovate their home and enjoy their family. Now, their journey brings them to Rarotonga, this remote wonderland of the Cook Islands. When the opportunity came to buy the management rights of Rumours Luxury Villas and Spa, according to both Andrew and Belinda, it was too good to even think twice and they bought the business site unseen. That the couple adore life is without question, while their passion for people, travel and adventure has laid the foundation of all their success, past and present. Their numerous industry awards and collection of five-star Trip Advisor reviews bear testament to their dedication to the industry and their love for what they do. They believe to have found heaven on Earth in these iridescent Pacific isles, and are honoured to share it with their guests. As their favourite saying goes, “We travel not to escape life, but for life no to escape us.”

“Rumours truly offers the chance to escape to paradise. Enjoy.” Words By Nina Lafferty

THE Multi Award Winning ★★★★★


M A I N R O A D, M U R I B E A C H , R A R O T O N G A + 6 8 2 2 2 5 51 info@r umour s - r w w w. r u m o u r s - r a r o t o n g a .co m


The ravenous flame red 1974 MG Roadster devours the winding road ahead as the surrounding hills form a verdant blur that contrasts with the brilliant blue sky. The roof is down and the rush of air duels with the engine’s growl in a battle for aural supremacy as by my side sits my wondrous Heather — smiling, beautifully, as always. There may be better paid ways to make a living, I muse, but with perks like this, there are few that are as much fun. An invitation had arrived in my inbox a few weeks earlier to travel to North Island’s east coast to write a feature about Hawke’s Bay and its many charms. And what better way to zip through this vine-stitched land than in a vintage British sports car? The car was loaned from Hooters, a Napier-based classic car firm befitting the Art Deco hub. Napier, of course, is home to the finest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the world, but what makes its story so compelling is that much of this enchanting area’s earth rose from the ashes of New Zealand’s deadliest ever natural disaster. It was the morning of Tuesday 3 February 1931 when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck with a force equivalent to the detonation of one hundred million tonnes of TNT, a blast which lasted a terrifying two-and-a-half minutes and took the lives of 256 souls. Perversely, as buildings fell, a vast swathe of seabed along the fault line rose by up to 2.7m, creating 2,000 hectares of brand new land in the bay. Part in defiance of the economic doom, part practicality — the reinforced concrete constructions fared better than brick against the quake — Napier’s resplendent Art Deco iconography took shape. Nearly a century later it still stuns, so how it must have dazzled in the Depression of the 1930s. How it must have offered such hope.

In keeping with the city’s stylish spirit, Meadowood House, our home for the weekend, is plucked straight from the the pages of The Great Gatsby. No expense has been spared — and no detail missed — by owners Shelly and Mark Witchalls in the tasteful transformation of this countryside retreat set in 11 acres of land. Each luxurious room sports an individual theme, while public areas are watched over by beautifully framed images of 1920s and ‘30s Hollywood stars such as Mae West. Artworks of the day sit next to high-end retro furnishings and even the wallpaper is bespoke, shipped in from the US. Seeing is believing — it’s akin to residing in a film set. Adjacent awaits Crossroads. The beautiful boutique winery is an award-winning setup famed for it’s flagship Talisman label which is born from secret blends passed from winemaker to his or her heir. I ask the current chief, Miles Dinneen, who else knows what goes in. Absolutely no-one, comes the reply. Presumably such secrets are under lock and key, I wonder. Just in here, he tells me, with a wry smile and a tap to the side of his head, Jedi-like. The amiable winemaker shows us the journey of the grape as we wonder through the maze of oak barrels out back, sampling the various stages of the fruits of his craft before retiring to the sundrenched courtyard of the cellar door. We sit sipping the finished product, shooting the breeze under clear skies overlooking finely manicured vine rows just beginning to betray their autumnal hues. Our hosts for the first evening are Peter & Hieke Wijnsma of Restaurant Indonesia, a Southeast Asian culinary delight — with a touch of Dutch – that sits on Napier’s seafront serving food which is more than a match for the welcome. The restaurant is romantic and softly lit, its walls adorned with traditional Indonesian decoration such as Balinese masks. Their signature

dish, Rijsttafel — meaning ‘rice table’ — is lauded as the best in New Zealand. Similar to tapas, a selection of small dishes are kept warm above a candlelit heater and included is lamb stew, various curries and shrimps, chicken, beef and fish drizzled in delectable sauces of varying degrees of sweet, sour and spice. Raw vegetable pickles offer plenty of complementary crunch, while the traditional Spekkoek dessert, infused with aniseed, cloves and cinnamon, closes. With our coffee brewing the following morning, the crunching gravel of the driveway imparts the arrival of our first Hooters car. And what a car it is. From the gleaming maroon 1953 Citroën Big Fifteen, as if from a time machine, steps a dapper David BrockJest dressed from head to toe in Art Deco era attire. Nearly back at the showroom, I take over driving duties, enjoying the chance to work a clutch. After some slobbering over the stunning collection of historical rides (I don’t consider myself a car fanatic, but you can’t help but marvel at such well-preserved works of automotive art), we step aboard the open top 1926 Dodge for a guided city tour — though, at times, feel as though it is us, or rather the car, on show, what with all of the admiring glances. Later, I’m handed the keys to the MG and head for the hills to tear up some country roads and hear that engine roar. Mission Estate Winery boasts a magnificent, imposing building on the raised ground of the Taradale Hills with a unique Hawke’s Bay view, and so, I must admit, it feels rather Bond-esque snaking up the driveway in a classic sports car. The winery, established in 1851 by French missionaries to craft vino for the Catholic Church (who still owns it), is New Zealand’s oldest. The sprawling estate is a spectacular, ‘special occasion’ destination with a fine dining menu from which we are treated to the chicken liver pate and


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PREVIOUS PAGE L-R | Art Deco Weekend Night, Napier. Hawke’s Bay Vines. Cape Kidnappers. All photo are supplied by Hawke’s Bay Tourism. THIS PAGE | Crossroads Winery, Miles Dinneen tends to a Crossroads wine tank.

>> the gnocchi to start, followed by the seared fish and the roast duck. With my driving duties now over, and the sun blazing, a chilled bottle of Mission Reserve sauvignon blanc is gratefully accepted — and probably guzzled a little too fast. And so the good vibes continue with our friendly, infectiously enthusiastic guide for the rest of the day, John Hanlon, who heads Hawke’s Bay Scenic Tours with wife Margaret. The depth of his knowledge is staggering. He shuttles us around the region regaling us well into the evening with insights about the region, it’s history, it’s architecture, it’s businesses and its land. A keen photographer too, booklets adorned with John’s snaps are on hand to accompany his words. Striking is John’s passion. How many hundreds of times, I wonder, must he have told these tales, yet continues to recount them with such wideeyed wonder. We visit Ta Mata Figs, a Havelock North orchard run by Helen Walker and Murray Douglas, two former “desk warriors” in Australia who fell in love with the laid back Hawke’s Bay lifestyle. They take great pride in their low impact, spray- and fertiliserfree system. Figs, it turns out, are pretty easy to grow — the problem comes from storage and transportation as they must be consumed within days if eaten fresh. Helen and Murray have created a boutique range of fig treats such as chutneys, compote and paste. “We try to echo the fruit’s ancient history within our recipes,” says Murray proudly. If bees disappeared from the face of the Earth, so said Einstein, mankind would soon follow, and after a trip to Arataki Honey, you’ll certainly have a new-found respect for the busy little buzzers. There are heaps of honey-themed educational entertainment for all ages — including free tastings — with one particularly superb display which enables visitors a direct view into a giant working hive.

With sunset fast approaching, John ferries us to Ta Mata Peak, a breathtaking — and windy! — 400m-high lookout known as the ‘Sleeping Giant’. The legend goes that a Maori princess set tasks of increasing difficulty for her would-be ‘giant’ suitor, with the final being that he must chew his way through the mountain. In his attempt, he chocked to death on a boulder and fell to the ground, his love unrequited until the end of time and his shape forming the famed peak of Te Mata. An evening at MINT restaurant provides the perfect end to a perfect couple of days. The fine dining eatery is located in a storied Napier settlement, one of a collection of identical buildings known as the ‘Six Sisters’ which a father built for his six daughters in 1897. The comfortable, contemporary interior — spread over two levels — provides an unexpected but pleasant contrast to the Victorian shell. Our hosts, Ruth and Steve Beere, present an exquisite tasting menu which includes a daringly delicious calamari and pulled pork salad and duck breast served with orange, fennel, spinach and feta croquette. Interesting experimentation continues with the dessert of Flourless Chocolate Cake, served with a rich olive oil and and dark chocolate mousse and salted ice cream. A differing glass of wine offered with each dish ensures the short walk to our cab was not the steadiest. (Incidentally, MINT is also the only restaurant in the bay to list Crossroads’ stunning Talisman Syrah, crafted in celebration of the winery’s quarter-century anniversary.) Back at Meadowood, Shelly had kindly waived the checkout time for the following morning, leaving us to enjoy our final couple of hours in what must be Hawke’s Bay’s coolest house. One of the most striking aspects of the trip overall was the utter pride the residents had for the region, many of whom weren’t even born there. It’s easy to see why. We left feeling exactly the same way. Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


Napier, Hawke’s Bay


10 Elizabeth Road, Napier, Hawke’s Bay

Close your eyes and imagine palm trees and a place

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92 JOURNEYS Jun 2016

I WILL SURVIVE! From surviving plane crashes and sinking ships to overcoming the heat of the Saharan sands, Verve brings you some of the most remarkable tales of human courage, spirit and perseverance.

>> Trapped in an Underwater Bubble It was the early hours of 25 May 2013 when tugboat Jacson-4 ran into some heavy swell 20km off Nigeria’s coast. Harrison Okene, the ship’s cook, was in the bathroom when the vessel lurched violently, overturned, then sank. His 11 fellow crew members were locked in their cabins — a safety precaution introduced to guard against pirates that ultimately sealed their deaths. The boat came to rest upside down at a depth of 30m, a level that would likely be fatal to even experienced divers for any more than half-an-hour, but Okene, crouched in an air bubble, survived for 60 hours. Divers sent to recover the sailors’ bodies were flabbergasted to find him alive. His claustrophobic ordeal was not quite over, however, for he had to spend a further two days in a decompression chamber upon his rescue.

>> Miracle on the Mountain Norman Ollestad’s father was an adrenalin-junkie who also pushed his son to his very limits, taking him surfing on his back as a baby and setting him off on skis by the age of three. Eight years later tragedy struck when Ollestad senior chartered a small plane to fly over California’s San Gabriel Mountains so that his son could collect a national ski award. Minutes into the flight, a storm hit, sending the plane hurtling through the treetops before coming to a halt balancing precariously over an ice chute. Ollestad’s dad and the pilot died instantly. Sandra Cressman, Ollestad’s father’s girlfriend, survived, but soon after suffered a fatal fall, leaving the 11-year-old alone on the mountainside. It took the boy nine hours to climb down the treacherous ice fields to safety. His 2009 memoir, Crazy For The Storm, was a bestseller.

>> Sun, Sand and Survival Italian Mauro Prosperi was one of 80 ultra-marathoners who took part in the 1994 Marathon des Sables, a sixday, 250km race which snakes through the Sahara Desert — in itself an incredible feat of endurance. Prosperi’s race, though, was to be even trickier. “My wife, Cinzia, thought I was insane,” Prosperi told the BBC. “the race is so risky that you have to sign a form to say where you want your body to be sent in case you die.” Which he very nearly did — more than once. Four days in, a sandstorm kicked in and the runner became lost. Two days later, unable to attract the attention of passing helicopters and planes, Prosperi stumbled upon a a Muslim shrine housing the body of a holy man. Prosperi survived on urine and bats. Concerned of ceding to a long and drawn out death he sliced his wrists with a pen knife, but was so dehydrated his thickened blood wouldn’t flow out. The next morning, with quite literally a new lease of life, the athlete headed back out onto the sands where he ate reptiles, insects and cacti. Prosperi was finally discovered and taken to a military camp having survived a scorching 10-day ordeal.

>> Maiden of the Ice

>> Shipwrecked by Orcas

Alaskan native Ada Blackjack was a timid 23-yearold who stood at just one-and-a-half metres tall when she was sent with a team of male explorers to claim an Arctic region for the British empire in 1921. She knew nothing of hunting or living off the land, fearing both bears and guns, but she was a desperate mother in need of work following her husband’s death by drowning. Only two of the group had real knowledge of the area, and, as the winter of January 1923 worsened they began to starve. When one of the men fell desperately ill, the three others went in search of help leaving Ada to tend to their friend. But he died in April and Ada survived alone until her rescue on 19 August 1923 when she was hailed as a female Robinson Crusoe. “She had guts like a hero,” recorded one newspaper. “Her physical stomach wasn’t a bit more adapted to seal oil and blubber than theirs. But in Ada’s heart there was a fire that isn’t easily blown out. If Ada ever takes it into her head that she would like to see what the North Pole looks like, she will wade up and look at the place.”

The Robertson family left the UK on 27 January 1971 and had been sailing for 17 months when their schooner was struck by a pod of killer whales near the Galapagos Islands, splintering the vessel which then sank in minutes. The six-strong group — five family members and a hitchhiker — scrambled for the 10-man raft, terrified that they’d be attacked by the orcas. After 16 days the inflatable boat became unusable and they were forced to squeeze into a 3m dinghy. Over the following weeks, each took turns to sit on the boat’s only dry point, such was the overcrowding. Water and food rations had been exhausted leaving the family to survive on fish and turtles. They once even managed to snare a five-foot shark with a paddle-turned-spear. Thirty-eight days after the disaster, the group were spotted and saved by a Japanese vessel, fitting, as 30 years previously patriarch Dougal Robertson, a retired naval merchant officer, had been sunk by a Japanese missile during the Second World War. Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

94 Come visit Vanuatu! NG











Just over three hours away in our corner of heaven, you’ll be welcomed by the bursting colour and warmth of clear blue lagoons, bright sandy beaches and the beaming smiles of our friendly people. Go adventuring on a live volcano, witness land diving, experience incredible fishing and scuba diving. Or just laze on a sun lounger and indulge in a great book.

Don’t wait, book now! There’s so much more to do in Vanuatu!












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There’s more to do in Vanuatu






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be a fully formed gouge of such intensity that it cuts right to the heart of our deepest fears and uncertainties. Abstraction does this. It is silence and shouting. From Jackson Pollock to Agnes Martin, from the noise of the New York bar to the silence of the New Mexico desert. So is the abstract artist really communicating something without using something recognisable? And how so?

96 ART & ABOUT Jun 2016

Kathy Barber is a dedicated abstractionist. From the beginning she wanted to express an inner tension, a thought process rather than an impetuous action. Broad arcs of colour dissected her canvases making us think of hilltops hit by some fantastical but controlled aurora borealis, dark rainbows against an even darker sky, portents of a coming storm. The paintings had a mature elegance while retaining something less learned, something absorbed, elemental.

Kathy Barber

YŪGEN 21 JUNE - 16 JULY 2016

Many believe that abstract art is all about the spontaneous gesture, made with no thought; a blob here, a drip there, dumb, irrelevant, random, found, childish or even banal marks that convey… what? “Oh come on,” we hear. “What is that even supposed to be!” There may well be cause for question, for abstraction has always raised the hackles, but abstraction isn’t something new, it’s been around the block, invented, reinvented, aped, ridiculed, mocked both by others and itself. But time allows us to sit back, sort out the lazy from the luscious, the cerebral from the cloddish. Serious painters working in an abstract, i.e. nonrepresentational way, believe the marks they make are very representative, both of the world they live, and the one we inhabit. The gesture, be it such a slight line it makes us wonder where it came from, where it will go, alights on our subconscious like a whisper, but it may also

When an artist approaches their craft with an inner dialogue driving the image, it can become didactic, preachy, a visual nervousness that is often evident in self-conscious literature. Abstraction can often be speculative, the artist is after all exploring both the gesture and the reason for making it; hand and brain are in constant dialogue, often arguing, sometimes agreeing. Thoughts are often ahead of the hand, trying to guide and control it, at other times the hand creates something that the mind has to catch up with, to try to make sense of. Barber’s studio is full of voices, sometimes they are asked to be quiet, turned to the wall, tried to be made sense of. It looks like Barber has been inspired by other artists: Elsworth Kelly, Cy Twombly, Brice Marden, Japanese calligraphy, and certainly a favourite Yayoi Kusama, not so much by the actual marks or colours, but by the thought processes. Over the years, Barber, 51, has managed to make something entirely her own, a continuous body of work which has claimed a quiet place in collections and competitions within NZ and Australia. The key to her success lies in her control of surface effects, layers that hint at thoughts, conversations barely heard, suggestions to the head and heart. The breakthrough came with her solo show Chinese Whispers, where she successfully managed to convey that sense of intrigue, the paintings circled the gallery with the almost audible sound of their own language. The continuity of colour and marks was visually similar, but by the end you knew every painting was different, every message unique. The colours were joyous, pinks and reds floating beside yellow balloons, but something was happening, there were hints that the conversations were changing, perhaps they were just too bright, too loud, too cheerful to be sustained. Every party needs a few dark moments, every hill a shadow. Brice Marden absorbed a number of influences during his extensive travels: the art and culture of Asia informed the calligraphic gestures that later emerged in his work. Elsworth Kelly cited the streets and shadows of Paris as an inspiration. Agnes Martin’s work is homage to the landscape of New Mexico, its flat plains, horizon lines, bleached colours. Brice Marden wrote: “My work has always been involved with nature, no matter how abstract. Sometimes it’s

more formal and less involved with the real world. But there’s always been some sort of involvement with nature... this particular observation.“ Good painting is as varied and multi-layered as the person who made it, the thoughts and memories, the visual associations and personality of the artist, the sympathies and experiences all feed into a work. To reduce all of it to a single word runs the risk of doing the painter a disservice, even if the painters have chosen the word themselves. Barber has chosen Yūgen, a Japanese word, which is at the core of the appreciation of beauty and art. It values the power to evoke, rather that the ability to state directly. The principle of Yūgen shows that real beauty exists when, through its suggestiveness, only a few words, or few brush strokes, can bring to mind what has not been said or shown and hence awaken many inner thoughts and feelings. “Yūgen is to watch the sun sink behind a hill; to wander on and on in a huge forest without thought of return; to stand upon the shore and gaze after a boat that disappears behind distant islands; to contemplate the flight of wild geese seen and lost among the clouds.”

This power to evoke, rather than state directly, is at the heart of Barber’s sustained painting career. The paintings in Yūgen have their beginnings in Japan, specifically on the small island of Naoshima, that startling art and architecture destination. Naoshima’s transformation into a unique art project began in 1987, when Soichiro Fukutake, the chairman of Fukutake Publishing, now known as the Benesse Holdings, Inc., purchased the south side of the island. Mister Fukutake supervised the development of the spectacular galleries, buildings and museums over the next two decades. Anyone who goes there is changed forever. That’s easy to say, all experiences change us, but great art has innateness, a mystery that invites us to experience change. For an artist, especially one who has sympathy for the transcending experience, that artist leaves with something indelible, but while impossible to remove, it is almost impossible to recover.

Left | Naoshima Pier, 2016

Kathy Barber will talk about her new works at OREXART on Saturday 2 July.

Kathy Barber Yugen 21 June - 16 July 2016 | Opening Tue 21 June 5.30-7.30pm | Talk Sat 2 July 15 putiki street, arch hill, auckland 1021 +64 9 3780588

97 ART & ABOUT Jun 2016


98 ART & ABOUT Jun 2016

Time Out Bookstore, Mt Eden Village

RE-INVENTING NEW ZEALAND Roger Horrocks “A profound contribution to our intellectual life, to the ‘invention of ourselves’.” — Murray Edmond. New Zealand has moved through huge social and cultural changes over the past four decades and Roger Horrocks explores these through his essays about arts and media. Twenty-one essays are written from 1983–2016: Re-Inventing New Zealand, Film and Television and Artists, Writers and Composers are the headings under which each collection of essays sit. From 1960s hippy culture to the digital age, these and have a distinct voice that is insightful and informed.

A BEAUTIFUL HESITATION Fiona Pardington A Beautiful Hesitation is an incredible companion to Fiona Pardington’s retrospective exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery. Pardington is one of New Zealand’s most prolific and celebrated Maori photographers and this book coves thirty years — chronicling the haunting black and white images of her early work from the 80s and 90s through to the deep hues of her recent still lifes. Published by Victoria University Press, this coffee table book would be a wonderful addition to your home library.

THE MANDIBLES Lionel Shriver


It’s the year 2029 and the Mandible family have lived through a digital terrorist attack and are managing water shortages and eating cabbages that cost $20. However, it’s not until America’s financial meltdown hits its crisis point due to its dire national debt that they will learn the challenge of sheer survival. The dollar is worthless and their large expected inheritance has disappeared. Lionel Shriver explores with both humour and concern a chilling imagined future that feels scarily accurate.

David Walliams — one of our top selling Children’s authors — is back with this surprise publication. Grubby Gertrude, Peter Picker and Nigel Nit-Boy are some of the naughty children you will meet. The World’s Worst Children gives us ten short stories. For fans of Roald Dahl, these snack sized stories are perfect for a young reader who needs a stepping stone to chapter books. Each page is in full colour, with hilarious illustrations by Tony Ross.

THE SPORT OF KINGS C. E. Morgan A generational tale set in Kentucky — we meet a young Henry Forge who dreams of breeding and racing horses on his family’s corn farm. We meet his daughter, Henrietta Forge, who, despite her family’s success, feels empty and unfulfilled. We also meet Allmon Shaunessey, a convict who is hired to work as a horse hand on the Forge farm. Morgan’s rich descriptive language weaves a narrative of family legacy, slavery and horse racing. The Sport of Kings is a true southern gothic tale that will leave you breathless.

Architects imagine compelling futures and enjoy a particularly social role. It may even be said that theirs is an intrinsically social art form. Malcolm Smith envisaged a centre for his hometown that would be a beacon for the art and ideas of its day. Named after the late local architect, community stalwart, and founding member of UXBRIDGE Arts and Culture, we are delighted to announce that the Malcolm Smith Gallery will be opening Saturday 11 June this year. With a nod to its namesake, the gallery reopens with Soft Architecture, an exhibition of artworks comprising of architectural references. Soft Architecture focuses not on architects or buildings, but rather concerns art under the curfew of architecture, of this gallery’s architecture in particular. Some artworks are explicitly architectural, while others are speculative and performative; some play with the spatio-temporal qualities of the building, while others explore the building’s social mission. Malcolm Smith Gallery is intended as east Auckland’s foremost public gallery for contemporary art. It will be part of a creative cluster of operations at UXBRIDGE, which also includes a theatre for live performances and cinema, and numerous studios for courses in painting, pottery, jewellery, and more. Harnessing a belief in the transformative power of art, and through a range of contemporary art exhibitions which inspire and challenge its audiences, the gallery will strive to encourage dialogue, foster creativity, and explore meaningful new ideas with insight, imagination, and intelligence.


The UXBRIDGE redevelopment is a major project for Auckland Council’s Howick Local Board and its community. Having commenced 8 June 2015, the gallery will open alongside new studios as part of the first stage in the redevelopment, with the theatre scheduled to re-open in October this year. If you would like to add your name to a long list of remarkable individuals and patrons associated with Malcolm Smith Gallery, contact


an exhibition devised by The Roots Collective

June 24 - October 10 2016 Free admission for Aucklanders Corner Quay and Hobson Streets Viaduct Harbour, Auckland +64 9 373 0800

100 ART & ABOUT Jun 2016



Pure parental instinct persuaded John and Roxanne Baez that there was a problem with their daughter, Macy, but doctors put it down to inexperience and over-protectiveness. “When she was little, there was something different,” says John. “We weren’t extremely young parents, but we were in the eyes of the medical profession and they were saying, ‘No, it’s your first child, you’re just a little bit stressed out. You’re doing great.’ But you just know, because you’re with your child 24/7.” John and Roxanne were right, however, for it later transpired that Macy, who is now 15, had been born profoundly deaf. Early on she taught herself how to sign for things she wanted and also, with the help of her folks, mastered lip reading. In 2003, Macy received her first cochlear implant procedure in her left ear, followed by many hours of speech therapy, then four years ago she had a second implant in her right. “Because I have my bandana, “ says the teenager, “people don’t notice that I’m actually deaf.” She still has to lip read when in loud situations. Macy hails from New South Wales. She fell in love with dancing at a young age and began lessons in 2008. “I feel the vibration under my feet, so that’s how I can hear what’s going,” says the teenager. “It’s weird, but it’s a really good feeling. When I dance, I dance like normal, like everyone.” “We call it being really musical, when a dancer can just interpret music and pick up layers from that heavy bass,” says her dance teacher Brooke Tulloch. “She can read that and predict it in music so well.” “She loves music because she’s not judged on how she speaks or thinks,” adds mum Roxanne. “The music allows her to have a conversation.” Macy competes with her hip hop dance group, Illagoovers, who have qualified for the world championships in Las Vegas later this year. “Sometimes judges don’t know about my ears and give me feedback like ‘you need to listen to the music more’,” says Macy. “But I don’t really want to

show my ears to them, I just want to show my dance. Dance is a language for me. I feel the beat speaks to me and I speak back through dance.” Sony are so impressed with Macy’s moves they’ve made her the face of their latest Extra Bass wireless speaker, enlisting Josh Fountain of Auckland’s Level Two Music to compose a bass-heavy track especially for her. The campaign is named DEFY. “I wanted to make a track that would kick you in the stomach and make you want to move,” says Josh. “I wanted to strip away the layers in order to concentrate on bass frequencies that you can physically feel.”

“I feel the vibration under my feet, so that’s how I can hear what’s going” Roxanne says Macy dreams of attending Parris Goebel’s Palace Studios here in Auckland once she finishes school. “Parris Goebel is a strong, strong woman,” beams Macy. “She’s just amazing, how she dances — it’s fierce and clean. I don’t know how she does it, but she brought all the female dancers up to become better, bigger and stronger.” To Macy’s surprise, Sony arranged a meeting with her idol on her recent Auckland jaunt. “The fact that Macy has embraced music and dance despite the fact she’s born deaf is incredible,” Parris says. “I can’t even imagine what that would be like. I just keep trying to put myself in that position, how much courage it would take to actually be in front of people and dance. So I can see that she not only has a big heart, but she’s very, very fearless.”

Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

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MARGUERITE JUNE 16 It’s 1921. The beginning of the Golden Twenties. Not far from Paris. It is party day at Marguerite Dumont’s castle. Like every year, an array of music lovers gathers around a great cause at the owner’s place. Nobody knows much about this woman except that she is rich and that her whole life is devoted to her passion: music. Marguerite sings. She sings wholeheartedly, but she sings terribly out of tune. In ways quite similar to the Castafiore, Marguerite has been living her passion in her own bubble, and the hypocrite audience, always coming in for a good laugh, acts as if she was the diva she believes she is. When a young, provocative journalist decides to write a rave article on her latest performance, Marguerite starts to believe even further in her talent. This gives her the courage she needs to follow her dream. Despite her husband’s reluctance, and with the help of a has-been divo, both funny and mean, she decides to train for her first recital in front of a crowd of complete strangers. Loosely inspired by the life of Florence Foster Jenkins. Starring: Catherine Frot, André Marcon, Michel Fau Raring: M Sex scenes, offensive language, nudity & drug use. View the trailer here:

LABYRINTH OF LIES JUNE 23 Based on true events of the investigations which led to the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials in the 1960s that eventually tackled the murders and sentenced Nazi criminals to prison. Frankfurt 1958: nobody wants to look back to the time of the Nazi regime. Young prosecuting attorney Johann Radmann comes across some documents that help to initiate the trial against some members of the SS who served in Auschwitz. But both the horrors of the past and the hostility against his work bring Johann to the point of meltdown. It is nearly impossible for him to find his way through this maze; everybody seems to have been involved or guilty. Starring: André Szymanski, Alexander Fehling, Friederike Becht Rating: M Sex scenes & content that may disturb. Watch the trailer here:

LOVE & FRIENDSHIP JULY 7 Love & Friendship, directed by Whit Stillman and based on Jane Austin's comic gem Lady Susan, stars Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Sevigny and Stephen Fry. Set in the opulent drawing rooms of eighteenth-century English society, Love & Friendship focuses on the machinations of a beautiful widow, Lady Susan Vernon, who, while waiting for social chatter about a personal indiscretion to pass, takes up temporary residence at her in-laws' estate. While there, the intelligent, flirtatious, and amusingly egotistical Lady Vernon is determined to be a matchmaker for her daughter Frederica — and herself too, naturally. She enlists the assistance of her old friend Alicia, but two particularly handsome suitors complicate her orchestrations. Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Chloë Sevigny and Xavier Samuel Rating: G Watch the trailer here:



Real estate agent Frank Mollard won’t admit it, but he can’t move on. Divorced but still attached, he can’t sell a house in a property boom — much less connect with his teenage son. One night Frank gets a phone call from his mother. Nothing out of the ordinary. Apart from the fact that she died a year ago. A Month Of Sundays is about parents, children, regrets, mourning, moments of joy, houses, homes, love, work, television, Shakespeare and jazz fusion: about ordinary people and improbable salvation.Because everyone deserves a second chance. Even a real estate agent. Starring: Anthony LaPaglia, Julia Blake, Justine Clarke, Wendy Mollard and John Clarke. View the trailer here:

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Music Review

CHANCE THE RAPPER COLORING BOOK Beginning his 2016 as the underdog fellow-Chicagoan Kanye protege, if you didn’t fall a bit for Chance The Rapper’s wide-eyed sincerity and song stealing bars on ‘Ultralight beam’, Chances (I swear that was unintended) are his newly released third mixtape Coloring Book will leave you feeling nothing less than aurally cleansed. Chance The Rapper’s hip hop is holy on Coloring Book, a sonic illustration recounting his spiritual being, poetically coded brain, and the power of positive hip hop, all wrapped up into a proclamation of black joy; his well-rounded charisma never falling short once in it’s fourteen lucent tracks. The gospel influence from ‘Ultralight Beam’ and jazz guidance of Chance’s The Social Experiment band’s 2015 album Surf, are preserved on Coloring Book in such a way that feels like the final mystery puzzle piece to Chance’s genius — curating a hip hop sound confined only to pure elevation and feelings of uplift. Chance’s keen eye for collaborative talent is a key part of what makes his heavily featured tracklists run so smoothly and it’s no

different on Coloring Book. The collaborations are carefully curated and a balance is found between showcasing new spotlighted rappers among Young Thug and Lil Yachty on ‘Mixtape’, as well as scoring his hometown hero Kanye West on a track of his own this time with ‘All We Got’ along with familiar cemented hip hop voices such as T-Pain and Kirk Franklin on ‘Finish Line’. Despite their number, his collaborations never once steal his own thunder and instead compliment and highlight Chance’s vision whilst always having everyone’s best interests at heart. In one of his most true to soul, free flowing moments, on final track ‘Blessings’, Chance speaks with vulnerability as he reveals to his audience, ‘I speak to god in public’. It’s a rational sentiment which speaks for itself over the entire course of the mixtape, and seems to roughly translate to Chance proclaiming his perspicuous truths to us: the listeners and the learners. Words: Laura McInnes



What would be a dream role for you to play? Macbeth and Lear, of course, but the lead in a TV series about a private detective in modern, or even better, historic Aotearoa would make me ecstatic. What show are you doing next? Roger Hall’s Four Flat Whites and then a plan to revitalise the Mercury Theatre and re-establish mentorship and repertory style theatre.


What is the strangest thing a role required you to do? Full nudity, twice! But also falling down a flight of stairs every night for six weeks. Oh, I played a magic mushroom once!

Jun 2016

Verve talks to Alistair Browning, one of New Zealand’s finest film and theatre actors. His impressive portfolio of previous roles includes Lord of the Rings, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence and an award-winning part in New Zealand film Rain, as well as numerous performances in live theatre productions. Browning’s focus is now on Roger Hall’s Four Flat Whites in Italy, which is playing at the Pumphouse Theatre from 18-25 June. When did you first know you wanted to become an actor? I first knew I enjoyed acting at school when I somehow got to be in some school plays. I knew I wanted to be an actor after I was asked to be in Julius Caesar at the Mercury Theatre in 1977 as an extra and realised that people got paid to do what I loved. I asked to stay on as an apprentice and they said yes! What has been your favourite role so far? I am very proud of playing Ed in Christine Jeffs’ film Rain. My first film, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence with Bowie and Conti was an extraordinary experience. I loved being Hamlet when I was the right age and also being Oberon recently in Michael Hurst’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2015.


What is every actor’s nightmare? Falling down a flight of stairs... I’ve never had those classic nightmares of not knowing what play I’m in or so on. I don’t really fear much. I’ve already done it all. What advice would you give to young aspiring actors? It’s as much chance as talent. All you can ever do is your best, be truthful, be your true self. Think always of the other actor, it’s a team effort. What’s the best part of being an actor? Doing what you love as a job. I’ve done lots of jobs over the years to pay the rent, but nothing beats acting. It is unbelievably creative and rewarding. We’ve lost the value we used to place in story-tellers. Our loss. If you weren’t an actor, which profession would you choose? Singer. I love singing. There are times I wish I’d been a singer in a rock band. How I wish David Bowie had taken me on tour with him. Can you tell us something no one knows about you? I’m a nana. I read a lot. Go to bed early. Love Haydn. Any tricks of the trade such as how you remember your lines, how you deal with stage fright? Someone asked me recently, “How did you prepare for the role?” I answered, “I learnt the lines.” Just learn the script inside out, think of your fellow collaborators and have fun. If you’re not having fun, why are you there?



JUNE 18 - 25



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St Clements is a furniture showroom in Eden Terrace set in an industrial setting with a collection of sofas and beds in soft linens and fresh neutral tones which are ambitiously scaled. Horse prints by Australian photographer Nick Leary and wooded Bead lighting by Coco Reynolds dress the walls.

The Forest Cantina is a Wellington-based food blog where Unna Burch, cookbook author and magazine food columnist, writes of her love for growing organic produce while raising 11 heritage breed chickens, and her husband who keeps 75 bee hives.



A La Robe loves gives them an ongoing connection with their beautiful brides, plus, they can share the special moments. Videos showcase the flow and feel of the ALR bias cut dresses, giving life to the fashion designer’s creativity. Instagram is for A la Robe a way of sharing ideas and inspiration with a community of artisans while communicating with everyone in our world.

Destination NZ features the best photos from local and international, professional and amateur photographers, showcasing the natural beauty for which New Zealand is famed. They include the secret and ‘not so secret’ locations for your to-do list. Check out their account for a daily fix of New Zealand travel inspiration. Image of Matauri Bay kindly supplied by Jeremy Town (@purepixelnz).


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Ray White Orakei At Ray White Orakei our philosophy is simple: local knowledge, unmatched expertise, trusted relationships. We opened our doors in 2011 and are proud to be the only real estate agency servicing the Orakei area. Located at the gateway to the Bays, we are strategically placed to help residents with all their real estate needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering a level of service which you will consistently recommend to your neighbours and friends. At our helm is manager Mike Zelcer, with 17 years’ experience, and he, along with licensee salesperson Prue Clifton and Tim Williams, are enthusiastic supporters of Orakei, with strong ties to many of its residents. Ray White Orakei support St Josephs Primary, Orakei Primary, Orakei Kindergarten and our fellow local businesses. 4/78 Coates Ave, Orakei Mike Zelcer - 021 934 240 - Tim Williams - 021 684 669 - Prue Clifton - 021 137 7391 - /RWOrakei

Sarah Ellis Beauty and Skincare Sarah is renowned for her superb relaxing facials which are guaranteed to take you into another world. Each person will receive a personalised treatment according to their individual needs. Sarah also offers a variety of body grooming services along with world class skin care ranges so you can continue your beauty treatments at home. 2/78 Coates Ave, Orakei 021 803 809

Nails by Marissa Situated in the perfectly peaceful upstairs offices of Vital Chiropractic you’ll find a new little local nail salon. Here you can have your hands and feet prettied while you take in the stunning widespread view over Orakei right out to Rangitoto. With a service list that includes Gel Manicures and Luxury Pedicures, you need to put this place on your must visit list. Upstairs 78 Coates Ave, Orakei 021407900 @Nails by Marissa @marissa_does_nails


... Orakei ’s Coates Ave ...

Sydney Lashes & Brow Bar Pop into our beautiful salon and let us transform you with the latest international beauty treatments. Volume lashes, threading, facial reflexology and sugaring are all on the menu and we’d love to talk you through the options. Why not treat yourself this winter? Lower Ground, 78 Coates Avenue, Orakei 021 079 6023

Bettjemans Salon Vital Chiropractic & Wellness Vital Chiropractic & Wellness is fast becoming a nurturing and solution based wellness hub for all ages in the Orakei and surrounding community. Holistic Chiropractor, Dr Adeela Afiz, has been introducing clients to some of the most successful techniques and products which she utilised while working overseas. From babies and children who are suffering physical or behavioural issues to Auckland’s top CEO’s, people are loving the diverse range of products and services on offer. Vital Chiropractic specialises in Neuro Emotional Technique, kinesiology, cranial therapy and child development. They also stock practitioner grade supplements and wellness products. 1/78 Coates Ave (upstairs) Orakei 09 522 0222

Award-winning salon Bettjemans sits at the pinnacle of the NZ hairdressing industry. As brand partners with Dame Trelise Cooper, Bettjemans’ stunning new looks are seen on the runway and Bettjemans’ top stylists regularly produce new looks for magazine fashion shoots. Bettjemans are a high end salon but provide a price point option — The Cutting Club — where their creative young talent create the latest looks at an affordable price without compromising on Bettjemans’ famous quality. 52 Coates Ave, Orakei 09 522 8030




(20 January – 18 February) 108 Your thirst for recognition will be up BUSINESS/ against a brick wall, with setbacks and EDUCATION resistance, which you will find hard to & SOCIETY identify. Tensions are going to mount in your family and you will no longer be Jun able to bear the things left unspoken. 2016 Your attitude won't go down well with everyone and you will be up against a wall of incomprehension. Don't take offence, but wait for things to pass.


(19 February – 20 March) You will need to accept your responsibilities regarding those close to you, who will be demanding, and settle the conflicts which will be dragging on within the clan. You will have a good try to introduce an element of fantasy into your everyday life and create a profound desire for something new and in a different way effectively inviting you to take a step back regarding your love-life to evaluate its quality and depth.


(21 March – 19 April) You will have amazing charisma and a clear, definite determination to progress and evolve in the right direction. You will probably wish to include those close to you in building a promising future on all fronts. Thanks to your extraordinary intuition, you will manage to calm tensions at home by playing on each person's vulnerabilities. You should try not to mix affairs of the heart with your financial affairs.


(20 April – 20 May) Some exciting prospects, active support and prestigious alliances are within your grasp. Try to moderate your demands, especially on the finance front, where your requests will seem rather unrealistic. This is a month when you will need to find a way between opening up your life and confronting your inner demons. A desire to cross the line where love is concerned, and reconnect with the fantasy would be felt.


(21 May-20 June) You will call on your intuition and inner resources, your determination to take fundamental action to find a better means of managing your everyday life. You will be ready to discuss the form and substance you want to give to your private life, so that it can truly fit in with your expectations and give you the peace of mind you need for starting a new life cycle.


(23 September – 22 October) It will be your turn to shine, win through and grasp the opportunities that come up this month, to stand out from the crowd and impose your presence in the limelight. A need to change your relationship, change the status quo or spice up your relationship and have some new experiences would be strongly felt. You will end this month of transition on a high note by communicating your ideas in a talented way.



(21 June -22 July) Your desires will be clearer and force you out of your entrenched position. You will quietly succeed in scoring points on the finance front and imposing your way of doing things quite naturally. You will be overflowing with original and ingenious ideas in an attempt to widen your horizons and will want to access greater freedom and margin for manoeuvre. Try to keep your nerves under control.


(23 July – 22 August) This month a great sense of strategy, with falling back on support from the wings and hidden resources will enable you to manage a family situation causing problems. You will successfully impose your authority and pull things off. Your sense of proportion will enable you to clear up certain shadowy areas and calm things down in your family, where old quarrels will have a tendency to resurface.

(23 October – 21 November) You will be dogged by the need for freedom, liberation and greater autonomy this month, without finding adequate means of action. It will be a case of taking the time to carry out a full evaluation before you can take precise and effective action. You will need to express your grievances quietly, rather than keeping them to yourself and then imploding, which would be at your own risk and peril.


(22 November – 21 December) You will be on the right track for climbing high. Promising contracts, a stroke of luck and prestigious support are in the offing. You will succeed in negotiating an advantage or a rise or using your potential on a day when you will communicate with talent and defend your interests successfully. This will be the time to manage your incomings carefully over the long term to make sure your projects are long-lasting.


(22 December – 19 January) You should opt for the greatest caution this month where marital choices are concerned as anxieties linked to memories that you will chew over and ill-repressed anger which will resurface, none of which will give you very good advice. It will be essential to put the finishing touches to certain details of your everyday life to get things back on to the right foot, especially in your love-life.


(23 August – 22 September) You will feel jubilant, when everything will encourage you to live life to the full and maybe enlarge your horizons for the long term. You will prefer to focus on the tender presence of Venus to use your seductive powers with those you wish to convince and who will find it hard to resist your incredible charm. You will use your inner strength to give a new impetus to your personal life.


Just Rentals




Crystal Methamphetamine is known on the streets by many names such as 'P' (for 'pure'), 'crystal', 'ice', or 'speed'. Call it whatever you like, but it ruins lives and destroy families. The last 12 months have seen growing public awareness around the risk of buying or renting a 'P House'. Regrettably, it is a problem that will not go away any time soon. In fact, it's getting worse. 'P' contamination is rampart and is growing in New Zealand state homes. Not only is it an HNZ problem, but a societal issue affecting people of all ages, backgrounds and social standing. It can cause breathing problems, respiratory irritation, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. High exposure, even for a short time, can lead to severe lung damage, skin and throat burns, or even death. Contaminations can linger in air filters and drains. No wonder landlords are concerned, for contamination is expensive, with even a small property costing up to $30,000 to decontaminate. Landlords must be vigilant in looking after properties, with inspections conducted regularly. They must familiarise themselves with tell-tale signs such as missing light bulbs or pipes or needles lying around. If you are suspicious that 'P' is being used you can get a test carried out on the premises for about $300. Just Rentals has never experienced any 'P' problems in any of our properties, but we are very aware of the potential severity. We realise we must always be looking for those tell tale signs. So, landlords, be vigilante and knowledgeable. Seek out information to enable you to identify a 'P house'. There are many websites with information. Good Renting. Sylvia Lund, Director

It’s June! Winter is coming so it’s almost time for a mid-year holiday in the snow, or if you’re missing the sun — book that week in the islands! You have to love the colder months, as they make you appreciate summer that much more. If you’ve been in or around Newmarket after 5.30pm, you may have noticed new LED globe lights on one of the trees at the corner of Khyber Pass Road and Broadway. These lights are fully funded by the NBA and we have more in the pipeline to light up the darker evenings. Progress is being made on the proposed Newmarket Laneways Teed Street upgrade — which will see wider footpaths, retention of on-street car parks, new plantings and the chance to let hospitality spill onto the street a little more in this popular destination. Plans are still being worked on, but more information will be made available in the coming weeks and months.

Progress is being made on the proposed Newmarket Laneways Teed Street upgrade.”

A few changes to the Newmarket stable — just in time for the colder winter nights, the warm and cosy Stoke Fireplace Studio have opened in Eden Street and is a one-stop-fireplace-shop. Relocating within Newmarket is Wise Cicada, who have moved and can now be found at 88 Broadway, and Homage have brought their classic and eclectic furniture range to 30 Broadway! See you here soon. Mark

(see their ad on page 118)


JUSTRENTALS.CO.NZ PHONE: 09 528 4817 | 09 528 4818 FAX: 09 528 4816



Welcome to Rudy’s Tips ‘n Tricks

Quinovic Parnell



Jun 2016

We all have to do it sometime. The old PC or laptop is creaking along. First thing in the morning you turn your computer on, have a shower or put the kettle on to make a pot of tea as it groans through its start-up routine. Reluctantly (hopefully before it fails completely), you admit you may need something new. Something a little livelier that turns on in under a minute and allows you to access Facebook before you have to go to work. You finally succumb and purchase a shiny new machine. Then your troubles begin. Office is too old and wont install. You have to buy a new version. Your accounting package is five generations out of date. You buy the latest version but it won’t recognise your old data file as it is too old. All these issues are real. We deal with them all the time. If you want a seamless transition from your old computer to a new one, talk to us. We can help with the best choice for hardware and what versions of software would suit you. We transfer all your documents, data, email and accounts. Family tree software, Skype, all the things you forget about till you need them. Our full setup includes all Windows updates, antivirus updates and free programs like Adobe Reader. Call us now to see how we can help. We also recover data from failed computers. Always remember that your data is lost forever if your hard disk fails, and eventually they all do. We can help you set up a regular backup regime. At Rudy’s PC Services we can help you set up the best solution for your needs. Call us about anything regarding your computer and we will be glad to advise you and fulfil your requirements. We are all about forging long-term relationships with our customers, giving ongoing advice and support — often for free! Like us on Facebook and share with your friends and family. Best wishes, Rudy and Rosemary. Rudy's Verve

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10:13 AM


Landlords are commonly heard to criticise the process at tenancy tribunal as being weighted in favour of tenants. Response from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (who administer the tribunal) brings balance to this view by sharing that they hear the same argument from both sides. Tenants believe that the tribunal favours landlords. In practice however, the tribunal will often come down on the side of tenants when a landlord has not fulfilled their obligations, even when the tenant is also in breach, as the landlord is considered to be running a business. A tenancy dispute is not viewed as a dispute between two individuals; it is a dispute between a business and a member of the public. Problems can often arise when the landlord holds the rental as a hobby or makes the tenant a trusted friend. Sometimes owners of rentals still consider the property their own home particularly if they have lived in it themselves. Some people become landlords by accident. Others think it sounds easy, or have heard of other people doing it. But there is a lot more work in it and knowledge required than they think. Ignoring your tenants won’t make a tenancy run smoothly — we all know this. Just as ignoring a sound in your car engine won’t make it go away. Managing a rental property is seldom, if ever a rent and forget situation. Damage to the property or arrears can quickly escalate from manageable issues into serious liabilities. Inspect your property regularly and check payments to your bank account meticulously, immediately following up on unpaid rent. If you struggle to have direct confrontation with a tenant it is time to consider using the services of a professional manager. Tenancy tribunal — the numbers for the year 2014 • 45,093 complaints received • Over 41,000 of these lodged by landlords • Top complaint by landlords: rent arrears • Top complaint by tenants: bond refunds • Solved by mediation: 50% • Limit for claims through tribunal: $50,000 Complimentary consultation with an awardwinning professional property manager • Rent appraisal and review • Rental property compliance with new building WOF rules • Auckland wide coverage We’re ready for your call!





With the ball season upon us, so comes the expectation of many children that their parents are in a position to pay for all that glitz and glamour. We’re not just talking the ticket and a gown, but hair & makeup, accessories, and, for the gentlemen suit hire and perhaps even a corsage. It can be a time of excitement and pride in seeing our children grown up, but also one of anxiety about the associated costs. Of course, everyone wants their children to be able to participate in as many opportunities as possible — and not just the ball experience. Many of our clients have children with talents in the academic, sporting, and cultural worlds. We have seen big budgets for ballet, rowing, cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, cycling, and, increasingly, overseas school trips.

“There is a ‘sandwich’ generation — not mortgage free, children still at home, and elderly family members to care for.”

At the same time, we are seeing an increased awareness and concern about planning for retirement, which, for some of us, is just around the corner. Young people have a good platform in Kiwisaver on which to prepare early, even if they deplete their funds to purchase their first home to live in. But there is also a “sandwich” generation — not mortgage-free, children still at home, and elderly family members to care for. Getting ahead is not necessarily about how much you earn — it’s about what you don’t spend. We work with our clients to facilitate them maximising a surplus which is then channelled into accelerated debt repayment based on structuring their borrowings optimally. I am not advocating that our sons and daughters should be denied going to the ball, but for you to think about it as part of a wider financial plan in order to achieve your long term goals. Working with a financial personal trainer can assist you to identify your situation, where you would like to be, and, to make a plan of how to get there. Our consultants work with clients from many different backgrounds and circumstances. What they have in common is a desire to get started towards a sustainable plan for the future, including a comfortable retirement. We work in a non-judgemental, collaborative way so that clients can get ahead faster, whilst living the life they, and their ball-going children, love.

Words: Elizabeth Blake, Strategic Coach, enableMe Auckland Central



Green Party

Paul Goldsmith




Bill English has delivered another forward looking Budget for New Zealand. As our economy continues to grow we now have choices we simply did not have eight years ago. This Budget embraces those choices by investing in New Zealand's future. Budget 2016 sees substantial investment in health and education, and more support for businesses to create more jobs.

Last year, I joined other female MPs in walking out of Parliament to express my dismay that John Key was trivialising rape and sexual violence. I did so because I believe that society’s response to these issues must prioritise the survivor/victim and their healing, rather than make light of a potentially traumatic event. Survivor advocates have raised concerns with me about how ACC, who is the main funder of counselling and support for victims, insists on a psychiatric diagnosis before victims can lodge a claim. People who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse and assault react in many different ways. It is highly encouraged to seek help to talk through any aftermath following this trauma. Currently people get 16 sessions without needing to lodge a claim but then in order to access any further help, they need to get a formal diagnosis of having a psychiatric condition such as depression or PTSD. But some people don’t have these conditions, and they shouldn’t have to label themselves as such in order to access further help. They might just need to keep talking to someone about something horrific that has happened to them, they don’t need the stigma of a label. A psychiatric diagnosis can be empowering for some victims, for others it is stigmatising — another thing done to them against their will. A diagnosis can have lifelong impacts on insurance or employment. This week in Auckland I launched a campaign for ACC to change its processes to be better for people. I will be circulating a petition and asking for the Minister of ACC to step in and ensure that people who have experienced sexual violence are able to access the help that they need. Sign the petition to ensure ACC is here to help, not harm, and remove the barriers to healing. Here in Auckland, there is the HELPline available on 09 623 1700 if you have been the victim of sexual violence or abuse, and want to talk with someone about it.

Words: Jan Logie, Green Party MP


National’s eighth Budget forecasts rising surpluses and falling debt, with the economy expected to grow at around 3% over the next four years. This means more jobs and higher incomes, more government support for Kiwis through better public services and a more confident and prosperous country. Budget 2016 supports four significant measures: • $761 million for Innovative New Zealand – a package of science, skills and regional development initiatives to help grow and diversify the economy. • $2.1 billion public infrastructure package focused on transport, schools, and the infrastructure needed to deliver a modern, flexible tax system. • $652 million Social Investment package to help the most atrisk New Zealanders. • An additional $2.2 billion for the health sector over four years to ensure New Zealanders continue to have access to highquality healthcare. Our focus remains on achieving better results for Kiwis and their families from almost $80 billion in existing spending, and ensuring that $1.6 billion of new spending is directed where it will make a real difference. A strong economy allows us to invest more in priority public services such as increased access to next-generation medicines, more elective surgeries and support for at-risk students in schools. Under National’s strong and stable leadership, New Zealand has made significant progress over the past eight years. As a country, we’re more confident and our economy is growing.

Words: Paul Goldsmith



Quinovic Viaduct




There are three very simple things you need to know and ask of your property manager:


1. DISCOVERY — Did they listen to you and ask how they can help?


i. Did they understand your needs and what was important? ii. Do they understand your financial situation and the return needed for your investment property?

Close to Central Auckland

2. VALUE — Did they value your home/investment as if it was their own? i. Have they listened and made an offer which you value & how the service will meets your needs? ii. Was the service offered of value to you? iii. Do they have a story/example of how they have handled a property similar to yours?

ACG is a leader in domestic and international education and we are looking for exceptional host families for our new students arriving soon.

An international

ACG offers you:

needs: // ACG nisA rewarding IN A student FEW WORDS a leader in and domestic cultural financial n Their own comfortable and international education and weexperience are looking for bedroomhost families for our n Weekly of $270arriving exceptional newpayments students or $305 and dinner (Monday soon. n//Breakfast CONTACT US: 0508 22 44 66, accommodation@ to Friday);//breakfast, n Guaranteed fortnightly direct FIND lunch US: 2 Titoki St | Auckland, online and dinner over weekends credit into your bank account at and public school holidays n

iv. Are they qualified for the job and do they specialise in your type of property/investment? v. Do they have the staff dedicated to your needs and do they offer references from other owners? vi. Do they offer reporting 24/7 over the internet?

To be included as part of your family n A host family with excellent English ability. n

Ongoing support from the accommodation team, newsletters, 24-hour emergency telephone number.

NZIFF | 14-31 JULY

For an application pack, please call 0508 22 44 66 or email

vii. Do they have a professional business image and presentation, website and reputation? viii. Do they offer insurance for your property/investment and do they hold professional insurance? ix. Do they hold funds in a trust account? x. How often do they pay your rent? 3. COMPANY PROFILE — Quinovic Viaduct is a franchise business, which has been a successful company in New Zealand for more than 25 years, with more than 28 offices nationwide. As a franchise business you have not only get the systems, security of the franchisor, trust accountability, but most importantly you have a New Zealand company whom has a strong reputation of being the “Experts in property care and return”.


NZIFF (Auckland 14 – 31 July) // The First Monday in May 2016 (Directed by Andrew Rossi) // Behind the scenes at the New York Met’s sumptuous 2015 Costume Institute show ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’ and its Anna Wintour-spearheaded opening ball, the celebrity packed Met Gala. // The full NZIFF programme will be available online from Monday 20 June 7pm, and on the streets of Auckland from Tuesday 21 June. For more details visit

114 PETS Jun 2016

Local Residents Urged to Vaccinate Felines for FIV

Carevets, one of New Zealand’s leading veterinary brands, is urging locals to vaccinate their felines against a prevalent disease in the New Zealand feline population. According to Carevets, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), otherwise known as Feline AIDS, is widespread in New Zealand, yet largely unvaccinated against. “FIV causes a potentially fatal viral disease that over a period of several years progressively destroys a cat’s immune system,” says Dr Mac McKay of Carevets Parnell. “Many FIV-positive cats display disease symptoms including weight loss, diarrhoea, poor coat condition, painful gums and dental disease, neurological disease, and more. “Whilst not all FIV-positive cats develop disease symptoms, all will normally have shortened life spans and poorer quality of life. They are also likely to have increased veterinary visits because of the higher incidence of infections their immune system would normally be able to get rid of.” According to the veterinary brand, New Zealand is a country with high levels of FIV in the cat population ranging from 7% in healthy cats to 27% in sick ones. “All cats are ultimately at risk of contracting FIV through a bite from an infected cat. Cats that fight regularly are at a significantly higher risk,” Dr McKay says. “Vaccination is the only way to help prevent contracting feline AIDS in cats and kittens. There is only one vaccine available in New Zealand currently, which we have available at all Carevets clinics. “Given the increasing prevalence of FIV, Carevets is now recommending FIV vaccination in all cats that go outside. We’re also including FIV in our kitten immunisation program.” Kitten vaccinations are the best opportunity to provide early protection. By elevating the status of this vaccine to “core”, clients will need to opt out of having this vaccination given. Dr McKay adds: “The aim of any vaccination is to protect your pet against disease; by choosing vaccination you are providing them the best protection available.” For more information about FIV, the vaccine and the vaccination process, contact your local Carevets clinic.


Homestays Wanted

Close to Central Auckland ACG is a leader in domestic and international education and we are looking for exceptional host families for our new students arriving soon.

An international student needs: Their own comfortable bedroom n Breakfast and dinner (Monday to Friday); breakfast, lunch and dinner over weekends and public school holidays n To be included as part of your family n A host family with excellent English ability. n

ACG offers you: A rewarding cultural and financial experience n Weekly payments of $270 or $305 n Guaranteed fortnightly direct credit into your bank account n Ongoing support from the accommodation team, newsletters, 24-hour emergency telephone number. n

For an application pack, please call 0508 22 44 66 or email

Want to get Want to get mortgage free mortgage faster? free faster? Come in for a free Come in for a free financial checkup. financial checkup.

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Proactive solutions for all your property needs

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You don’t have to be a Kiwibank customer for one of our Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup and show have you how your mortgage You don’t to betoareduce Kiwibank customer fordebt. one of our Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup We can offer you hot rates, help you choose the right and show you how to reduce your mortgage debt. home loan and repayment plan and, if your home loan is than you $50,000, a refinancing that could Wemore can offer hot rates, help you plan choose the rightsave you uploan to $2,000. home and repayment plan and, if your home loan is more than $50,000, a refinancing plan that could save you up to $2,000.

All it takes is a call to your local Banking Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 AllNewmarket it takes is a Branch. call to your local Banking at Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 at Newmarket Branch.

Sweet Sweet Orange Orange & & Chilli Chilli Pepper Pepper Warm, spicy and comforting Warm, spicy and comforting

handmade in nz | handmade in nz | Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply. June15Verve

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply. June15Verve

Rialto Centre, 163 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 1023 09 524 5890 |

115 MARKET PLACE Jun 2016

116 MARKET PLACE Jun 2016

Elstree Pharmacy Come and see us for fantastic gifts for all ages, all your family’s health needs and excellent advice.


Shop 4 | 25 Teed Street | Newmarket 09 522 8620 | w w w. b e l l o r o . c o . n z

Private appointments available

117 INTRODUCTORY OFFER! MARKET Experience any 2 classes from our PLACE timetable for just




Fusing Pilates & Ballet exercises together along with resistance equipment to give you a chiselled body fa To find out more go online to: Or call Viv on (09) 522 3305 or 021 2455441.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 14 DAYS OF UNLIMITED CLASSES FOR $49.00* *(offer not valid for Pilates reformer classes)

Xtend Barre fuses elements of dance, ballet and Pilates to create an adrenalin-fuelled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body. CLASSES ARE BEGINNER FRIENDLY; NO PREVIOUSE DANCE EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. TO FIND OUT MORE AND BOOK ONLINE, VISIT:

Level 7, 5-7 Kingdon Street, Newmarket 09 522 3305

L1, 56 Surrey Crescent, Ponsonby 09 376 8091 xtend-barre-ponsonby

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L7, 5-7 Kingdon Street, Newmarke 09 522 3305




Transform Yourself

Classic Cow Bags lamps in Instore store and& Online online.

New Zealand’s foremost personal image and styling consultancy, for that little bit of wardrobe magic. Look your best – call us NOW!


Ready to cook

Phone: 09 529 5115 Email: 330 Parnell Road, Parnell

Weighs only 55kg

LOSE WEIGHT, INCREASE STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY, GET FIT! Classes & Individual Sessions. Beginners Welcome. Qualified Instructor Luci Harrison - 021 933 268



The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

Visit our website at

Traditional - from $2495 Portable - from $1495

WAL G ART H U P HOL ST ERY & D ESI G N Walgarth Upholstery & design is a small business committed to producing unique custom crafted soft furnished upholstery products to your specifications. 021 411 774

40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email


*Cushions, squabs, loose covers, chairs and ottoman refurbishment

Open 7 days till 5pm each day —






311 Parnell Rd | (09) 379 2860

A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING Improved hearing means listening to the best.


Thomas is not your usual audiologist.

Jun 2016

He is an audiometry specialist from Switzerland with expertise in micro-technology. He delivers the best possible solution to help improve your hearing. When you listen to him, you’re hearing from the best.

09 520 5648 ACOUSTIX.CO.NZ

DAMBA GREGORY NZ manufacturer of ergonomic task chairs and soft seating. Contact | 092551154 52 Pavilion Drive Airport Oaks Mangere, Auckland |

TENNIS, SQUASH, FITNESS CENTRE & GROUP TRAINING 10 day free trial www. 09 524 8857 | 17 Dilworth Ave | Remuera


pressed metal Decorative pressed tin panels that add a stylish focal point to any heritage, commercial or home renovation projects.

Contact Greg 022 635 9677 or visit Stamp Pressed Metals are proud to be supporting Redesign Group

WIN with Verve 120 WIN WITH VERVE Jun 2016

KO WTO W For a long time, many of our consumer habits have appeared to have no consequence. But it’s become apparent there’s an imbalance in standards of living throughout the world which is fuelled by the West’s continuing short changing and exploitation of labour markets in the developing world. We don’t believe that anyone truly aware of what’s going on in the world would want to turn their heads then support a slave trade economy. Being into clothes, we decided to do something about it. Introducing certified fair trade organic clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. Visit for more details. UP FOR GRABS — A $200.00 voucher to spend at Kowtow. To enter simply follow the instructions below. Conditions apply.

ST UD IO 3 PARROT B E POP 2 Parrot Bebop 2, the all-in-one drone! The first 500g leisure drone with 25 minutes flight time. Easy and intuitive piloting with smartphone or tablet. Flying a drone has never been so intuitive. The Parrot Bebop 2 uses the accelerometer and touch controls on the flying interface to respond to the movements of your smartphone/tablet. Available in New Zealand from Apple, Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, leading consumer electronic stores, hobby stores, photo stores & online:

Auckland’s premiere Xtend Barre, pilates and yoga studio. Studio 3 is to be able to offer high quality training in the three disciplines of pilates, barre & yoga in a boutique style environment that focuses on each client’s individual success. The three principles are complimentary to each other working to complete your fitness and wellbeing. At Studio 3 we are committed to motivate, inspire and coach with the highest level of professionalism, to ensure your fitness goals are achieved. Visit for more details.

UP FOR GRABS — Parrot Bepop 2.

UP FOR GRABS — 10 group classes of your choice Xtend Barre, pilates mat or yoga (excludes Pilates reformer only).

To enter simply follow the instructions below. Conditions apply.

To enter simply follow the instructions below. Conditions apply.

Priced from $949!

*Entering Verve’s competitions is simple. Like our Facebook, then visit and follow the directions. Good Luck!

WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY’S ROLE IN THE LIVES OF OUR YOUNGEST CITIZENS? We believe that digital technologies are simply another tool to encourage a childʼs curiosity. They are an accessory in creative development, an instrument of observation and a way to chronicle learning. At Bear Park technology plays a supporting role, preparing young minds to thrive in a fast-moving world.