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TREN Z S E AT E R AUCKLAND I 80 Parnell Road, Parnell | (09) 303 4151 CHRISTCHURCH I 121 Blenheim Road, Riccarton | (03) 343 0876 www.trenzseater.com




The notion of ‘competition’ conjours up many emotions and thoughts. Some thrive off it, others struggle to make it work. Competition is, however, a fact of life. It helps us discover what works, and what doesn’t. It is the gauge we use to move forward.

the feeling of victory. Danny recently won New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year at the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards Gala, for the second consecutive year, for not only is he creative, but he is a collaborator too.

Another of life’s truths is that success comes mainly to those who find their passion, then devote themselves to it. The flip side of competition is probably collaboration, and, ironically, for things to work smoothly, the two must often be balanced — as Harry Truman once said, “There’s no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets credit.”

Verve July is packed with inspiring stories of people outstanding in their fields, including: Mary Urlich, business woman and creator/owner of Femme de la Mer swimwear; Emily Cormack, Melbourne-based artist and curator; Julian Fennessy, co-founder and co-director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation; Ngaire Ashmore, principal of Auckland Girls' Grammar; and Stephanie Ogden, MD of Belkin Australia and New Zealand.

As we are putting the finishing touches to this issue of Verve, New Zealand is basking in the glory of America’s Cup success. We are a joyful nation, buoyed by pride and bound by a sense of togetherness. And as Danny Pato (pictured on the cover) of D&M Hair Design will tell you, there is nothing quite like

We are proud to bring you another winning issue, beautifully designed, and a delight to behold. In closing, we would like to thank all of those who continue bring their best selves to the table, who assist us in the common goal of keeping Verve great. You know who you are, and we love working with you.


Styling for results since 1997. Book with dmi Homestagers and receive $500* off your next installation. * Offer available until the 1st of October 2017

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RECIPE — Miso & Rosmary Crackers


Decades Of Denim



Blue Is The Warmest Colour — Denim Photoshoot



Wondering Along Memory Lane



Ngarie Ashmore

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At At Plume Plume we we believe believe a a great meal is great meal is not not just just about about the the food food and and wine, wine, we we believe believe it it is is a a complete complete sensory sensory experience. experience.

Plume, proudly the house Plume, proudly house of Runner Duck the Wines. of Runner Duck Wines.

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COVER IMAGE: Danny Pato — Photography: Mara Sommer

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Luxury retirement living in the heart of Newmarket. Life at Remuera Rise can be as private or as social as you desire, with staff and facilities all designed to support how you want to spend your day. Remuera Rise offers secure apartment living and a boutique 12-bed hospital level care home available to both apartment and non-apartment owners. Apartments are one- and two-bedroom with quality fittings and appliances. Call 0800 00 15 85 or visit RemueraRise.co.nz and join our mailing list to be the first to know when apartments become available. Remuera Rise Retirement Village registered under the Retirement Villages Act 2003. Registration Number 2557887

Jul 2017

Designers: Zanalee Makavani and Juliane Kuhnt


Writer: Jamie Christian Desplaces

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Editors-in-Chief: Fran Ninow and Jude Mitchell









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“You can expect an exhibition that will remind us that we are feeling, sensing humans with beautiful transgressive bodies that defy the strict moral codes and civic structures of contemporary society." - Emily Cormack -


Her method of curating is collaborative and exploratory, and involves coming up with the concept before researching and meeting the artists in order to select those who “feel a synergy with the idea”. Then they must establish the most appropriate work to show and devise the exhibition’s architecture and layout in a manner that “best facilitates the transmission of meaning”. “It must be a collaborative, holistic process,” insists Emily. “I feel the viewers’ passage through space influences their reading of an artwork almost as much as the work itself. Human perception builds cumulatively, and so as a curator I must work with this structure, unravelling a story proprioceptively, working with space, depth and movement to encourage a visitor’s engagement with the work.” The biggest challenge, she adds, would be to work with an institution that “didn’t understand the crucial role that context plays on the reading of an artwork”. I ask Emily about her dream artists or galleries to work with. “I tend not to dream, but prefer instead to make plans,” she says. “First on my New Zealand to-do list is New Zealand at Venice, which I have several ideas for. The work selected would draw the buried energies of this magical, ancient city up through the mud and silt,

“Whilst there are certainly differences between art made in Asia, the Pacific and Europe, to try to describe these differences in such a short space would be reductive and therefore inaccurate,” she says. “Suffice to say, that different art making serves different purposes in different socio-geographic contexts, and that many of these differences have come from the varying degrees of institutional or societal support over hundreds of years. For example, art and philosophy are discussed over the family breakfast table in many French households, whereas in New Zealand, contemporary art has to continuously defend its very existence, which can seriously stunt its development, inspiring New Zealand’s many brilliant artists and curators to seek other more supportive cultural contexts to grow their work.” Emily believes art in general is certainly being embraced by a wider cross-section of society, in part due to the pressure on museums and galleries to consistently increase attendances by way of education and public programs. “I also feel that the increasing visibility of art through commissions in public spaces physically draws the general public into an experience with art,” she says. “Essentially, I feel this has a positive effect on us because art can reveal things about humanity that can’t be relayed through other more anchored means, like language. It offers openings to new ways of thinking, deflates old empty ideas, and can free us from our many constraints. It both humbles and exalts us, like the perfect partner.”

_ Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces Artwork: Biljana Jancic, A Beach (Beneath) 2016, silver tape, projections, Installation view, Primavera 2016: Young Australian Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2016, Image courtesy and © the artist, Photograph: Jacqui Manning

Jul 2017

Emily says that she is drawn to the “transmissions that occurs between the artwork and the viewer”: “This magical exchange, which is a rebound between will, intention, context, energy and honesty, is persistently interesting to me, with many of my exhibitions attempting to unravel and understand this process in one way or another.” Though her ideas may shift, Emily is consistently inspired by artists who manage to “distill key processes or essences within the human condition into a single object or material”. She compares some materials to magic words, their apparent simplicity belying “a complex network of ideas and essences that transmit straight to the gut”.

The freelance writer and curator has worked in Europe as well as throughout the Asia-Pacific region. I ask about differences between the cultures.


“You can expect an exhibition that will remind us that we are feeling, sensing humans with beautiful transgressive bodies that defy the strict moral codes and civic structures of contemporary society,” she says. “Our bodies are the ultimate anarchists operating according to their own processes, in defiance of our attempts to control and legislate them. The sculpture and film works in this exhibition will affect the viewer, and will interact with each other as if in a dance or a public gathering variously clustering, withdrawing or reaching out. They will embody the errant will of the artist.”

accumulating metaphors and revealing connections along the way.” Another exhibition on the wish list would be The Auckland Triennial (“if it still existed”), as the city will always be her home town and is the source of many of her ideas: “If I had the opportunity, I would curate an exhibition that drew out metaphors to do with thresholds; Auckland's 72 volcanoes, the porous crust of the earth, the threshold of biculturalism, the threshold of visibility and so many other thresholds that define New Zealand identity.”


Melbourne-based Aucklander Emily Cormack has been appointed to curate the prestigious TarraWarra Biennial next year, having been invited by director Victoria Lynn after she saw her last exhibition, Primavera 2016, at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art. I ask Emily what we can expect from her upcoming show.




Aeromancy will be displayed at Hopkinson Mossman (19 Putiki St, Grey Lynn) until 29 July.

Jul 2017

Aeromancy is the latest exhibition from Dane Mitchell, a reimagination of two of his older works: Dust Archive and Sketches of Meteorological Phenomena. I caught up with the affable artist a couple of days before opening, and began by asking if he still gets pre-show nerves. “I do get the jitters,” he says. “It’s a natural response to producing something that no-one has seen. The entire production can take months, and I very much enjoy the intensity around the installation process. You’re still creating in a way, because you’re still making decisions about how the work will fit the space, so there is a sense of uncertainty and trepidation.” With each new gallery space, Dane must tweak his exhibits accordingly. “For the work to be fully operational, I must respond to the site,” he says. “I’m conscious of the space — whether it be such things as the history or the architecture — and respond as necessary. Materials in various forms are all in the service of an idea.” It is the first time that Dane has combined two separate works. Dust Archive, started in 2003, comprises a collection of sizeable high-resolution images of petri dishes containing the cultured growth of dust samples collected from more than 60 galleries and museums around the world. The hypnotic shots themselves represent the “hidden worlds” that we don’t usually notice, “yet are completely surrounded by at all times”. What’s further fascinating to consider, Dane points out, is that the samples could contain the likes of Saharan sands, fungi from ancient animal bones, poisonous lead, and long-banned pesticides. “Dust is the result of things breaking down and decaying, which everything does eventually,” he adds. “It is also a material that speeds up the process — what exacerbates decay is also the result of it.” The artist asks us to think about that in relation to the museum, “a cultural institution that is responsible for somehow containing and protecting shared cultural memories”: “The very thing that they’re supposed to do is an impossibility, because decay — and dust — is inevitable.”

Is that why Dust Archive is an ongoing project? “Yes. It soon became very clear that the ongoingness was necessary for that reason. I wanted to continue to add to it as I travelled more, to build up an active archive. There are also some nice word games to be had in there — we talk about ‘culturing’ bacteria and the dust comes from cultural institutions, which I thought was interesting.” The second work, Sketches of Meteorological Phenomena, concerns the intriguing occurrence of fulgurites, tentacle-like glass objects created in a splitsecond when lightning strikes sand or certain soils. With the help of glass-blowers Keith Grinter and Nigel Jones, within the gallery, Dane has recreated a field of thunderbolts frozen into delicate, glass forms. “They are created by pouring molten glass onto and into undulating sands, much like drawings,” says Dane. “The sand sticks to the glass forms, which records the process of their creation. I’ve painted the whole floor of the gallery a gravel colour that is incredibly matte and doesn’t reflect any light, so the glass really sits up off it. The prints are inkjet and not framed for the exhibition so they soak up all the light and there is no reflection. Together, there is this lovely saturation and unrefined quality of the work.” Why did you decide to combine the two works? “There is a correlation to be made which is why the title of the show is Aeromancy, which is the ability to divine the future through the quality of the air. It seemed like a nice way to connect the work — dust is this near-invisible airborne material that infects every corner of every room, and then you have the meteorological event of a lightning striking in a particular way to create an object. Dust is emblematic of time, a microscopic, physical manifestation of it, and the fulgurites are frozen in time, formed in an infinitesimal moment. Both relate to an unseen aspect of our environment, and both define their origin. It’s nice to see them together.” _ Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


AUCKLAND ZINEFEST Auckland Zinefest is a non-profit grass roots community festival that celebrates and promotes DIY and self-publishing in Auckland. The festival is open to all. Zinefest is run by volunteers who have a passion for community arts projects and zines. We believe that zines are a great way for creative expression and sharing your own stories and experiences. We like to be kept in-the-know about anything relating to zines, comics, self-publishing and creative processes, in and around Auckland and New Zealand.




TIMOTHY JONES NEW WORKS Timothy Jones is an abstract painter of contemporary works. While many of the pieces focus on a subject, he maintains himself as more of an abstract artist. His style is one of discovery, avoiding the confines often attached to the figurative painter.




11-12 AUGUST



Semi-Permanent brings international artists and creative icons to NZ for live presentations, workshops and installations. Don't miss out on two days with leading creatives and infinite ideas to guide the future of our community. Image: Bompas & Parr Installation





WORLD PRESS PHOTO EXHIBITION 2017 The World Press Photo Exhibition 2017 is a global exhibition presenting the best visual journalism of the past year. Come and see the most compelling photos in stunning high-quality Canon prints.


20-15 May



TONY LANE - INFINITIES Tony Lane’s palette has lightened in his latest suite of works, Infinities. The deep blacks, dark as endless nights, that have been such a presence in his paintings over the last decade have been replaced with rich purples, soft yellows, verdant greens, turquoise blues and crimsons the colour of old blood. This sees the new paintings mapping a definite transition from night to day both within Infinities and across Lane’s practice as a whole and is the culmination of two years of intensive work in the studio. There are other subtle changes too. These paintings allude more to the natural world and landscape in terms of the signs and forms that are being referenced, than Lane’s past paintings which are more akin to still life.


SHOUT WHISPER WAIL! THE 2017 CHARTWELL SHOW Explore how 11 contemporary New Zealand and Australian artists use ‘voice’ — and indeed who they speak to — in this triennial exhibition dedicated to the Chartwell Trust, whose important collection of contemporary art has been under the guardianship of Auckland Art Gallery for 20 years. Shout Whisper Wail! The 2017 Chartwell Show looks at how an artist might use forms of performance, sound, music or the tools of rhetoric to activate the idea of an audience within their work.





16 YEARS LATER: AN EXHIBITION BY SAKINA EWAZI In 2001 Norwegian cargo ship, The Tampa, rescued 433 refugees from a distressed fishing vessel. Refugee artist Sakina Ewazi shares her memories and reflects back on her time living at sea on The Tampa. Public Programme: Roundtable discussion with the artist and curator. Saturday 19 August, 11am-12pm.

20 - 3 JULY




Sait and Judith Akkirman are visibly passionate about what they do. The husband and wife duo have been working together on commercial photography and individual projects for more than 30 years. Sait’s interest in photography stems from childhood. “I suppose I was first interested in photography when I was four or five and my dad used to take photographs, in black and white of course, with his father’s 1930s camera. He used to develop them in the bathroom. Then he’d print it with the red light and everything and hang it in my bedroom.” Despite being surrounded by photography — quite literally — Sait describes himself as an amateur photographer until he left Turkey for New Zealand. Through a series of jobs and connections with certain people, he soon channeled his energy into the photography industry. The secret to good photography requires a combination of effort and inspiration. When looking at what a photograph needs, Sait says, “Compositionally it has to make sense. People are interesting, so I try to capture some of that.” Working as a food stylist, Judith also pays attention to visuals. “I think about

it visually. I would go through and choose, according to colors that would go together, and I try to put in something red and green for freshness and colour.” While sometimes a photograph doesn’t need much editing, other times it is necessary to crop or marry images together. Ultimately, as Sait and Judith reveal, it’s important for an artist to be observant and thoughtful. Sait and Judith work as a team, weaving their strengths together to produce the best work. When asked to describe their teamwork dynamic, Judith says, “We have separate areas of expertise. We don’t always agree on how it should be, but we always have an end result in mind. It’s a business and we always strive to do the best we can.” Sait praises Judith, acknowledging how essential she is to everything he does. “I catch certain things and Judith looks at other things. And when I think that it’s perfect and final, I’ll show it to Judith and she’ll say, ‘No there’s those two lines that are too parallel’ or something like that, which I don’t always see, so it’s very good.” After years of working together, the pair has developed a rhythm that has brought them many successes. In addition to

working on commercial photography projects, they have been running Artsdiary for seven years, a website with information and images (taken by Sait) of art exhibitions around Auckland. As technology continues to advance, one can’t help but wonder what is at stake for the future of photography and art. Sait reminisces on how equipment has become cheaper and smaller, how photography work itself has changed, and how the internet has played a large role in easier access to images. He says, “We still see lots of fantastic images in the media, especially on the internet. It all goes back to people who look around and see what’s happening and capture it.” Judith adds, “I can’t honestly see things changing that much. A client can’t always find exactly what they want online so there will always be a place, however small, for what Sait and I do.” When talking about advice for young photographers or artists, the pair believes in the importance of being true to yourself. Sait adds, “I think if you really want to be successful in photography, like anything, you have to really have the drive.”

— Words: Kelsey Parrotte



Paris Can Wait


The Journey is the gripping account of how two men from opposite sides of the political spectrum came together to change the course of history. Starring Timothy Spall and Colm Meaney. In 2006, amidst the ongoing, decades-long conflict in Northern Ireland, representatives from the two warring factions meet for negotiations. In one corner is Ian Paisley (Timothy Spall), the deeply conservative British loyalist; in the other is Martin McGuinness (Colm Meaney), a former Irish Republican Army leader who has devoted his life to the cause of Irish reunification. Opposites in every way, the two men at first seem to have little chance of ever finding common ground. But over the course of an impromptu, detour-filled car ride through the Scottish countryside, each begins to see the other less as an enemy, and more as an individual — a breakthrough that promises to at last bring peace to the troubled region. Driven by two virtuoso central performances, The Journey is a more-relevant-thanever reminder of how simple humanity can overcome political division. John Hurt co-stars.


Starring Oscar-nominated actress Diane Lane Golden Globe-winning actor Alec Baldwin. Anne (Diane Lane) is at a crossroads in her life. Long married to a successfully driven but inattentive movie producer (Alec Baldwin), she finds herself taking a car trip from Cannes to Paris with a business associate of her husband (Arnaud Viard). What should be a seven-hour drive turns into a journey of discovery involving mouthwatering meals, spectacular wines, and picturesque sights.


NZIFF 2017 FASHION/ARCHITECTURE TITLES 14 July - 6 August at Academy Cinemas

DRIES, Germany/Belgium 2017 Director/Producer/Screenplay: Reiner Holzemer BIG TIME, Denmark 2017 Director/Photography: Kaspar Astrup Schröder COLUMBUS, USA 2017 Director/Screenplay/Editor: Kogonada THAT’S NOT ME, Australia 2017 Director: Gregory Erdstein KIKI, Love to Love, Kiki, el amor se hace, Spain 2016 Director: Paco Léon KOBI, New Zealand 2017 Directors/Producers/Photography: Andrea Bosshard, Shane Loader THE PARIS OPERA, L’Opéra, France/Switzerland 2017 Director: Jean-Stéphane Bron


Inspired by a true story, Hampstead is a charming and funny life-affirming tale about how love can be found in the most unexpected places, and proves once and for all that age is no barrier to second chances. A romantic comedy starring Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson, Hampstead is set in Hampstead Village, London, home to the beautiful Heath, a quiet piece of countryside in the middle of the metropolis. Living on the edge of the Heath is American widow Emily Walters (Keaton), who can’t quite focus on the things that need attention in her life, like her lovely old apartment, her finances or even her son. Everything changes when she meets the eccentric, unkempt Donald (Gleeson), who has lived harmoniously on the Heath for 17 years in a ramshackle hut. Now his lifestyle is under threat as property developers use heavy-handed tactics in an attempt to evict him. As Emily steps up to defend Donald in the escalating battle, she soon finds that, despite his gruff exterior, there is something gentle and alluring about him.

p +64 9 307 8870 e info@bowerbankninow.com


bowerbankninow.com Visit our website to sign up for catalogues and updates


Auction N°6 9th Aug 2017


312 Karangahape Rd Newton Auckland 1010 New Zealand

// Jul 2017

Drawings by Leo Bensemann, Edward Bullmore, Philip Clairmont, Russel Clark, Tony de Lautour, Robert Ellis, Bill Hammond, Pat Hanly, Jeffrey Harris, Michael Harrison, Paul Hartigan, Ralph Hotere, Richard Killeen, Allen Maddox, Colin McCahon, Andrew McLeod, Milan Mrkusich, Stanley Palmer, Ian Scott, Charles Tole, et al.



Lyttelton-based artist Bill Hammond needs very little introduction, given his unassailable position among New Zealand’s blueribbon investment artists. While he is popularly known for his lush, atmospheric canvases populated by melancholic humanbird hybrids, awaiting taxidermic colonisation in their Edenic landscape, this has only been the dominant theme in his work since the 1990s, inspired by a 1989 visit to the to the birdencrusted Auckland Islands as part of the Art in the Sub-Antarctic project. Hammond’s '80s works drink up the caffeinated energy of punk, rock ‘n’ roll, surrealism, graffiti, cartoons and other unexpected sources, all gleefully short-circuiting each other, rife with conspiratorial, antic paranoia and rebellion against suburban conservatism — reflecting the two sides of Christchurch’s coin in the 1970s and ‘80s. For all the talk of the Garden City’s much-touted 'Englishness', this label also contains within it gothic, punk and grunge sensibilities (music plays an important role in Hammond’s life and work), as well as a tolerance for eccentricity. Where the bird-men are contemplative and solemn, pre-1990 Hammond Land seethed and fizzed with anarchy, paradox and mutability, striking sparks of startling originality off the alluvial gravel of Canterbury’s braided riverbeds. He presents us with an entire iconography, the syntax of which seems just out of reach. Perhaps Hammond forces us to wrestle with these problems as a reflection of the struggle with identity taking place during the ‘80s, as identity politics and economic uncertainty flourished in New Zealand, later than elsewhere. Hammond’s drawings are fascinating for what they reveal about his painting. In their flatness and their concentration on outline rather than modelling, even the large and highly finished paintings are perhaps more accurately described as drawings with paint. The drawings are not subordinate to the paintings, it is merely that the medium has changed and the vivid colours been subtracted, though there is an immediacy and spontaneity to the graphite or pencil mark that gives them their own validity, authenticity and appeal. Hammond’s drawing has been compared to doodling. There are certainly elements of automatic drawing to it, a core principle of surrealist art (and a few spiritualist

mediums) in which the hand is permitted to move randomly across the paper as a way of tapping into the subconscious. These automatic impulses provide a flexible and plastic framework on which Hammond hangs his familiar motifs: the coiled fronds, the grimaces, the sinister biomechanical forms, the bones, the oddly angled limbs almost parodying ancient Egyptian wall paintings, the mountains, fists, Hokusai waves, hot rod tailpipes, and ropes. Hammond moves effortlessly from one sign to the next without being in any sense awkward or disjointed; the drawing is less a mediation between hand and eye, than between hand and fecund imagination. The physicality of the drawn mark and the materiality of its substance, combined with drawing’s gradual assimilation into digital technologies, gives these works further levels of poignancy. When we also consider that Hammond is frequently touted as 'New Zealand’s most important living artist'— a mantle pushed on to Ralph Hotere, Gordon Walters and Colin McCahon at various points, too heavy and ornate to be born comfortably — the drawings take on a 'future old-master' quality. As objects, the drawings run the risk of becoming picayune relics of celebrity and a name rather than the frisky pieces of casual genius they really are. As the ability to draw is becoming less and less an important part of contemporary art practice, these fascinating works remind us of drawing’s immediacy, power, fluency, versatility and command. — Words: Andrew Paul Wood

The Bill Hammond drawings illustrated in this article will be included in Bowerbank Ninow’s upcoming Auction No.6, which will be accompanied by an auction catalogue containing essays by a range of leading New Zealand art writers, including Andrew Paul Wood. For more information, visit the website at bowerbankninow.com, or follow us on social media.


ART & ABOUT // Jul 2017

TOP | Bill Hammond, Waiting for the Pain to Piss Off/Toothache, 1982, ink on paper, 435mm x 235mm. BOTTOM | Bill Hammond, untitled, c.1980s, graphite on watercolour paper, 420mm x 297mm.

Sincerity is SZA’s strongest suit on CTRL, the debut album from Top Dawg Entertainment’s one and only R&B anomaly with her heart on her sleeve. On CTRL, SZA is an open book basking her vulnerability in all of its glory, in such a tone that is unabashedly blunt but with an underlying presence of timid anxiety. Instead of letting her experiences harden her, SZA chooses to find strength in showcasing her own vulnerability and all that she can’t control; read like a diary on an album so long awaited it has to be the Frank Ocean – Blonde of 2017 for your girl — and my favourite record of the year for good measure. SZA’s evolution as a musician began from her roots as a young, impressionable teenage writer, where she would pen poems that would eventually gain melody and adopt the format of song by accident. Her songwriting technique still resembles that of a heart spilling, erratically revealing writer though, where she speaks always candidly and confides with full clarity to her listener. Despite it’s male-oriented TDE features, CTRL is most certainly for the girls, an auditory diary brimming with delicate secrets and revelations. On ‘Doves in the Wind’, SZA and Kendrick discuss the worth of a woman over floaty, celestial instrumentals, and standout lead single ‘Drew Barrymore’ gets personal




about insecurities harboured as a woman and all that she feels she can’t live up to (“I’m sorry I just need to see you, I’m sorry I’m so clingy / I don’t mean to be a lot”). On final track, the acoustic, salving ’20 Something’, SZA's innermost pleas are divulged, "Praying my 20-something's don't end / Praying to keep the rest of my friends". The 26-year-old prompts a tender takeaway that it’s okay to not have your life put together when you feel like you should, we’re all just figuring it out on our own clocks. While so many place high significance on teens coming of age, SZA recognises the complexity of young adulthood here, that is often ignored during the competition, that is growing up and finding yourself. But over the course of her tumultuous navigation, she proves that despite encountering hardships only you can harness the power to be in control of yourself. There’s a shining, therapeutic quality about CTRL that hits home for me and renders deeply personal as a fellow introvert female. SZA’s unfaltering falsetto vocals and intimate poetic touch is a spot she and only she is upholding in contemporary R&B; and her empowering, raw dialect embodies all the makings of a typical introvert told through an extroverted lens. CTRL is sensitive, shy and insecure, but above all else, free of all inhibition.

@ G A B R I E LLA _ B O W D E N


Gabriella Bowden, 20, is a full-time painter who creates large-scale portraits of friends and strangers, the latter usually becoming the former. While portraiture initially began as a means to attain catharsis, it became an occupation very quickly. She enjoys the technical challenges that painting people presents but hopes to branch out into more conceptual work, and primarily views Instagram as less of a selling platform and more of a large practical joke.

Molawin Evangelista is a photographer and creative freelancer based in Auckland. His work usually consists of commercial fashion photography and editorial design and has done work for a variety of local and international labels such as New Balance, Trelise Cooper, Commoners, Nike and H&M. When he is not being a photographer, Molawin also works full-time as a registered mental health nurse. molawinevangelista.com


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Pati Tyrell. Aiga, Artist, Photographer, FAFSWAG, Aitu, ActiVAtor, Pacific Navigator, Queer, Spirit & Sex enthusiast, Decolonizer. Interdisciplinary artist working in lensbased mediums and performance to explore his identity as a young gay Samoan man living in TÄ maki Makaurau, Aotearoa. fafswag.com

Toni Gill is an Auckland-based artist and graphic designer pegged for artistic feminism. She almost exclusively paints powerful women with flora, fauna, wild animals, and stitches them together. Spurred to create a style somewhere between bootleg film posters and contemporary Japanese art, her multidisciplinary work takes cues from classic motifs through the perspective of outsider art. tonigill.com



Back Front Brain, 2016, oil, gesso and pastel on canvas, 1000 x 800mm Images courtesy: Hamish McKay Gallery


- Anoushka Akel


»Boredom, freedom and some chaos shaped my mind.«


Inspired by “Spike Milligan and his protégées”, as a child, Anoushka loved to tell stories: “So much so, that fantasy was often blurred with reality and I’d spend weeks making elaborate plans for impossible events”. Picasso famously said that we are all artists as children, the difficulty is remaining one as we grow up. I ask Anoushka if she believes we lose our creative urges, or simply lock them away in our subconscious. “The reading I’ve been doing around alternative education models suggests that contemporary western society is set-up to shut down creativity,” she says. “One reason being that we give more space to fear than we do to curiosity. The former inhibits the latter and unfortunately we have the balance wrong. I’d like to think that imagination is not lost. That it’s dormant and waiting for the right conditions. But, studies suggest otherwise.” I inquire as to how time affects a working artist — does age generally come with greater skill and understanding of their craft. “Yes, generally the more an artist practises, the more they understand their craft,” says Anoushka. “But it’s not a given that the work will be more interesting. Early work can often have more risk and misunderstanding, which makes it more exciting.” Recent motherhood has altered Anoushka’s outlook on both her life and painting. “It has changed the way I think about making art,” she tells me. “In fact, it has changed my relationship to most things. I’m much more interested in taking care of myself and my audience than I was before. By that, I mean that I’m more conscious of the ideas that I choose to spend time with and the stories that I am contributing to the cultural world.”

Anoushka also contributes through teaching. “There are large sacrifices made — it’s not easy to get used to the condition of uncertainty that being an artist brings,” she says. “Most artists I know do teaching, shop, or bar work to support their practice.” Since 2009, Anoushka has been a professional teaching fellow at Elam School of Fine Arts, where she also studied. “I believe that if there is one thing that all teachers need to be, it is encouraging,” she says. “You don’t need to be a master but you do need to be excited about the process of learning together.” I ask if anyone can be taught art. “From my perspective, what you can nurture in anyone is enthusiasm for art making by providing the right conditions for play and practice,” she says. “If our early experiences of materials — whether it be words, clay, paint, or pencils — are met with positivity from our teachers, we are much more likely to want to relive that experience. Each time you return, you develop knowledge about that material and it fuels further investigation and learning.” Anoushka’s work has been exhibited throughout New Zealand, as well as galleries in Australia, and Europe (where she also served an internship at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy). “I’m always note-taking,” she says, “working out what’s possible.” Sometimes ideas carry over from previous shows, meaning there’s rarely “a clean starting and ending point”. She’s currently influenced “by a group of intelligent, empathetic women”, who are also mothers, working as artists, teachers, musicians, medical practitioners and environmental scientists. I finish by asking Anoushka if she believes art should have a message, and she says that owing to the current climate of global instability, there is much pressure for artwork to be didactic. “But,” she adds, “I am optimistic that there is also a place for poetry.” _ Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Jul 2017

“Boredom, freedom and some chaos shaped my mind,” muses Auckland-based artist Anoushka Akel. “My father has a sizeable imagination and he encouraged magical thinking. My mother was a natural draughtswoman whose facility I admired. She was often working so my brothers and I were left to our devices, exploring the garden and bush, making towers around our sleeping animals, and creating sound studios to record 80s albums.”


Conveniently nestled between Dilworth Senior Campus and Newmarket, Lewis Eady is a welcoming hub for piano enthusiasts, music teachers, avid students, and now coffee connoisseurs thanks to their newest venture, café Note. When I arrive at Lewis Eady, John is finishing up a meeting with a client in a corner of the showroom. I order a flat white and for 10 minutes tune into the sounds that make up this friendly atmosphere — the bustling traffic, familiar clattering of the coffee machine, and a cheeky ukulele strum or two. As soon as the meeting ends, John rushes over to Note and orders a long black. No surprise, his day always begins with exercise and coffee. Or was it coffee, then exercise? As the managing director of Lewis Eady and the Charitable Trust, a large portion of John’s day is spent working on the trust’s events and activities with administrator Sharon Seeto, who came on board in 2009. As a firm believer in not wasting time, does John ever have time to relax? “In the evenings, I’ve taught myself to switch off, even if it’s just sitting down and watching a bad movie," he says. "You do burn out if your mind is constantly going. You’ll notice this as you get older!” We have been warned. John completed his undergraduate studies at the Royal College of Music in London and subsequently went on to enjoy a

L-R: John Eady, Note Cafe, Note Coffee

and all the trust’s events. There’s no way I could have done it myself. She’s just fantastic.” Kelley’s artwork graces the café walls, overlooking John’s skilfully made tables and cabinets fit for a lifestyle magazine. Her passion for detail and innate creativity, coupled with his tireless pragmatism, is what dynamic duos are made of.

professional performance career. He proudly mentions the time he performed for the Queen – an audience on every musician’s bucket list. John is no stranger to the challenges faced by young performers, having been there and done that. “Musicians have to do a lot of soul-searching to decide whether or not they’re prepared to branch out and broaden their horizons. How are they going to make a living when they graduate?” he asks. “My advice is to keep an open mind and think laterally, because throughout your tertiary studies, doors will open... and shut!” These experiences, together with the unwavering commitment to supporting developing musicians inspired John to establish the Lewis Eady Charitable Trust in 2008. The trust’s simple yet powerful aim to ‘better serve and support emerging talent and music education within New Zealand’ has produced many pivotal opportunities especially for pianists, most notably the Wallace National Piano Competition (13-16 July).

— Words: Gemma Lee

So how does John do it? Behind every great man, there is a great woman. Since marrying in 2004, Kelley Eady Loveridge has been doing design work for Lewis Eady. “I couldn’t do any of this without Kelley,” notes John. “She has been involved with Lewis Eady from day one. The photography, graphic design, websites, social media. Not only that, she’s always there supporting me,

The Wallace National Piano Competition is the premier platform for New Zealand’s best young pianists. This year, we proudly welcome Australian pianist Piers Lane AO as opening ceremony recitalist and competition adjudicator. Join us 13-16 July to be part of the journey. Tickets are selling fast: lect.co.nz/wnpcbook-tickets

As I take my final sip of coffee, it dawns on me that I’ll probably get stuck in after-school traffic. It is 3.30pm after all. John’s agenda for the rest of the day is a little less daunting: “Today, I’ll go home at 5.30pm and help my son with his clarinet practice!” he laughs. No worries. Because behind every great performer, there is a great arts manager.

Sheila and I arrange to meet at Dinky’s on Princeton campus.


Sheila’s memoir Once we were Sisters has been described by Joyce Carol Oates as “a beautiful and tragic tale with echoes of cultural sexism and misogyny”. I sit outside the railway station waiting room that has incarnated as a coffee shop. Sheila arrives as if she had floated down on one of the Chagall cotton ball clouds. She flashes a smile. It is a dazzling book jacket smile. Her wide-set eyes read me like an autocue. Let’s go inside, we agree. The traffic and the wind will make it difficult to talk outside. Sheila and I have an instant rapport. We talk like old friends in mourning, as Nadine Gordimer once described it. Isak Dinesen wrote Out of Africa when, in ill-health and having lost everything, she had to return to Denmark. She chose her pen name the Isak from the biblical story of Isaac. From her pain and devastation she birthed a writer. In many ways Sheila’s story re-echoes this theme of transmogrifying tragedy into a gift. Before Once we were Sisters was to be the first of more than a dozen novels. She lectures at Princeton ("I adore the students. They are like so many sponges soaking up information") and writes a psychology blog. Someone referred to her memoir as ‘revenge porn’. She is bemused by the description, as am I. She throws back her head and laughs. It is a macho smile, backlit with an innuendo of private tragedy. What does one do when one’s sister is murdered by her husband? What does one do when one’s husband takes a lover and expects one to comfort him? “The only weapon left to me is to write about what has happened in fictional form... I am determined to keep her alive on the page. “My mind turns back obsessively, as it does so often with trauma, returning to this theme in various permutations in an attempt to find meaning in the absurdity of our lives."


Memoir is like anything else, when it’s done very well and if it enables you to both leave yourself, leave your own life, go to somebody else’s life and at the same time maybe find yourself in someone else’s life. At 75 Sheila is jaw-droppingly attractive. With her shoulderlength platinum blonde and her slender, girlish figure she draws comparison to Carmen dell Orificio, the 86-year-old model who likes to tell people she goes straight from hip-replacement to the modeling ramp. Despite living in a dream zipcode - Upper West Manhattan opposite the Lincoln Centre, Sheila feels, “I don’t belong anywhere." New York’s not a bad place, because no one really belongs in New York. Sheila is rather like a glass of fine champagne: Its arrival brings pleasure and its departure a yearning for more. — Words: Jani Allan

01 - STANDARD DEVIATION, Katherine Heiny, $30 Katherine Heiny's novel is one of those tales that catch you a little by surprise and when you have finished the book you wish you had met the characters in real life. Audra is Graham's second wife, totally opposite to his first wife Elspeth, and although life is full on with Audra and their young son's activities, Graham has that momentarily thought that is his second wife the right woman for him and how do we make such choices and how often do we get them right... and wrong?



03 - THE HUSBAND HUNTERS: SOCIAL CLIMBING IN LONDON AND NEW YORK, Anne De Courcy, $38 Anne De Courcy has a string of well-researched, best-selling books to her name including The Fishing Fleet, The Viceroy's Daughters, and Debs at War. Now we are invited into the world of very rich Americans who invaded the world of high society in Britain in the 1890s to the 1920s looking for suitable husbands for their monied but titleless daughters. In most cases it wasn't purely in the daughters' interest alone that such 'hunting' visits were made. Using diaries, memoirs and letters, Anne De Courcy shows us how power, aristocracy and money made such a heady mix and the effect it had on all aspects of transatlantic life for generations.

F R I D AY 1 1 T H A U G U S T S AT U R D AY 1 2 T H A U G U S T F R I D AY 1 1 T H A U G U S T

DESIGNED FOR THE ARTIST IN YOU Painting Mixed Media Illustration Digital Design Fashion Design Photography and more Evenings, Weekends, School holiday programmes. whitecliffe.ac.nz/short-courses/

S E M I P E R M A N E N T. C O M S E M I P E R M A N E N T. C O M

Jul 2017




02 - SAINTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS, Courtney Sullivan, $35T Saints for all Seasons is Courtney Sullivan's fourth novel. It is a story that has its beginnings in Ireland in the late '50s. It tells of two sisters who move to Boston after the death of their mother, leaving behind their father and brothers in the small village. Nora, practical and down to earth, is the eldest, while Theresa is the younger, prettier and more lively of the duo. It is left to Nora to help Theresa when she gets into trouble in America and the secret they keep has huge repercussions more than 50 years later when Nora's beloved son dies. This book is Colm Toibin and Maeve Binchy rolled into one. Sad Irish storytelling of the best sort.







Let’s admit it: denim is a staple in most of our wardrobes. You may think that this makes you an expert on denim, but there’s still a lot to learn about this versatile fabric. The origin of denim can be traced back to the 1700s to two locations: Genoa, Italy, and Nimes, France. In Genoa, Italian sailors wore durable cotton trousers that were called gênes (translated as jeans) by the French. In trying to replicate the fabric, French weavers produced a twill-woven cotton that was heavier and absorbed moisture quickly. The fabric became known as serge de nîmes, meaning 'from Nimes'. For many years, the fabric would be associated with workers. In the 1850s, German-born Levi Strauss immigrated to the United States to join his brother in selling dry goods. After hearing about the Californian gold rush, he set up a sector of the business in California and met a tailor named Jacob Davis. In the 1860s, Strauss and Davis developed sturdy pants for miners using denim fabric that was dyed with indigo because it was cheap and long lasting. Inspired by the gênes, the original design, Design 501, had flared bottoms. Strauss’ blue jeans were an instant success and it was not long before many companies wanted to enter into this market, hence the development of multiple jean brands.

Between 1890-1930, jeans remained most popular among male workers. However, in 1930, Vogue magazine created an advertisement of two women in tight jeans, resulting in department stores supplying Levi jeans in the women’s section. In the late 1940s, jeans became the clothing choice for America’s working women. In addition, during and after World War II, blue jeans gained a global audience, as American soldiers would wear them off-duty in Japan and Europe. By the 1950s, denim was considered highly fashionable. It gained rebellious associations among youth because of iconic figures like James Dean and Marlon Brando who wore blue jeans in movies. Jeans were also connected with 'bad boys' like Danny Zuko and the Thunderbirds of Grease, who sported jeans with leather jackets, Converse shoes, and aviator sunglasses. Double denim, or wearing blue jeans with a denim jacket, became especially popular because of Elvis Presley. In the 1960s, wearing jeans at American public demonstrations and protests symbolised identification and connection. Oftentimes, jeans were decorated with patches, paint, or group symbols. Although jeans were still reminiscent of the '50s rock ‘n' roll style and rebellious spirit, the '60s saw hippies adopting flared

jeans, adding colorful embroidery to create a chilledout, non-conforming attitude. In England, double denim also became more popular; the most iconic example of double denim featured Ringo Starr of The Beatles on the cover of the Abbey Road album. The style of the 1960s bled into the '70s, with bell bottomed and high-waisted jeans still the most popular fad. The jeans were often paired with platform shoes, a look often associated with disco singers. Designer jeans, like Calvin Klein, also became popular, appearing in high-end shops. In the 1980s, designer jeans continued to be marketed, with the entrance of jeans by designers like Gloria Vanderbilt, Ralph Lauren, and Jean-Paul Gaultier. When jean manufacturers observed that young people were putting holes in their jeans, they created distressed and torn jeans only to find that people preferred to make their own rather than buy them. George Michael and Guns N’ Roses were some of the iconic figures that favored the distressed jeans style. In the 1990s, denim was at its least popular, but new denim trends still managed to enter the fashion realm. Low-rise jeans were among the new fads; these jeans still

had a tight fit but weren’t as high-waisted as the pants of the '60s and '70s. Toward the end of the 1990s, baggy jeans, denim jackets, and overalls were still trendy looks. The 2000s was the time of blue jean short shorts, mini skirts, and denim tops. Stars like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake made the double denim trend widely popular for younger generations. Denim hats and matching denim blazers were also the new craze. From 2010 to today, almost all fits and styles of denim are present and available. Fitted denim shirts and boyfriend jeans, which are loose fitting but still considered chic, are most popular. In the last few years, there has also been the resurgence of denim skirts and denim paired with dark pants or leather jackets. Today, jeans can also be dressed up or dressed down with a number of accessories. After acknowledging the history and evolution of denim, it’s easy to see it as the timeless artifact of the fashion world. Denim is never out of style, and trends from the past are constantly being recycled and refreshed for modern day. It may come in faded forms, but denim is forever enduring.




TOP: Kieran wears Carhartt shirt PARLOUR, Sailor Jumpsuit SERVICE DENIM STORE, Vans THREADS. BOTTOM: Ellie wears Dress PENNY SAGE, Vans THREADS.

Jul 2017

OPPOSITE PAGE: Kieran wears Carhartt shirt PARLOUR, Bag DEADLY PONIES, Sailor Jumpsuit SERVICE DENIM STORE, Vans THREADS. Ellie wears Beanie THREADS, Shirt SHOWROOM 22, MM6 High Top Canvas Sneaker-White from THE SHELTER. Ercol Originals' 392 Stacking Chair - Colour: Russo from GOOD FORM.


ABOVE: Kieran wears (Brixton Limited Edition) Lubbock hat HATTITUDE, Coat TOPMAN, Jumper SERVICE DENIM STORE, Jeans ROUTE 66.

TOP & BOTTOM: Kieran wears (Goorin Brothers) Brady MacDormott Hat HATTITUDE, Jacket & Jeans ROUTE 66, T-shirt SERVICE DENIM STORE, Bag DEADLY PONIES, Sneakers-stylist own.

Kieran wears Shirt I LOVE UGLY, T-shirt ROUTE 66, Overalls PARLOUR. Ellie wears Beanie SUPPERTTE, T-shirt SERVICE DENIM STORE, Shirt I LOVE UGLY, Dress LEVI'S. Ercol 'Originals' 3355 All-Purpose Chair-Colour: White from GOOD FORM.

Kieran wears Beanie SUPPERETTE, T-shirt LEVI'S, Overalls PARLOUR. Ellie wears (Avenel) Greek Fisherman hat HATTITUDE, T-shirt ROUTE 66, Sailor Jumpsuit SERVICE DENIM STORE.

TOP: Ellie wears (Avenel) Greek Fisherman HATTITUDE, T-shirt ROUTE 66, Sailor Jumpsuit SERVICE DENIM STORE. BOTTOM: Kieran wears Beanie SUPPERETTE, T-shirt LEVI'S, Overalls PARLOUR, Vans THREADS, Ercol Originals '1665' Bar Stool-Colour: Oceanic from GOOD FORM.

ABOVE: Kieran wears Carhartt shirt PARLOUR, Sailor Jumpsuit SERVICE DENIM STORE, Vans THREADS, City Med Overnight Bag-Cognac from R.M. WILLIAMS. Ellie wears Jeans ROUTE 66, Bangle KAREN WALKER, MM6 shirt & M6 High Top Canvas Sneaker-White from THE SHELTER.


Kieran wears Shirt I LOVE UGLY, T-shirt ROUTE 66, Overalls PARLOUR . Chair-Colour: White from GOOD FORM


A BUBBLY BEVY OF BEAUTIES WANDERS DOWN MEMORY LANE Seven New Zealand women who modeled in the 1980s come together for a fun reunion fashion shoot and chat with Verve. _ Makeup: Angela Taylor / Hair: Annette Oliver Photography: Neil Gussey

What is the best advice you have been given? Just take a chill. What is on your to-do list for next year? Go back to Buenos Aires and dance more tango. If I could invite three to ďŹ ve people to dinner who would it be? My beautiful children and future grandkids. Describe yourself in three words. Complicated, warm, sincere.


Name and Occupation: Diana Bain, freelancer. What do people think of you? Adorable. What do you actually do? Lie on the couch and eat a lot of marshmallows. What lessons have you learnt the hard way? Cut an avocado on a bench... not on your hand. What is your favourite place? Castle Point lighthouse on a windy evening. What makes you laugh? The Catherine Tate show. What is your philosophy for life? Mindfulness. What is your favourite word? Sunshine.




Jul 2017

TRINA HODGSON Name and occupation: Petrina Steer, myotherapist. What do people think you do? I'm known by my clients for treating muscular pain. What do you actually do? I treat people who suffer muscular pain through body work in the form of treatment massage therapy. My main field of interest is in the mind-body connection in regards to how the mind interprets muscle pain in the body. In 1976 I trained as a counsellor. I find the training combined with body work skills are complimentary in helping to treat my clients. What is a lesson you have learnt the hard way? Never trust your judgment when you are going through a major crisis. Always sleep on it, allow your emotions to settle. What is your favourite place? I have two favourite places: my home and my clinic. What makes you laugh? When people share themselves with me they're often endearingly funny. Your philosophy in life? Magic happens! What is your favourite word? Awareness. What is the best advice you have been given? Adversity breeds tenacity. What is on your to-do list for next year? Keep on writing. If you could invite three to five people for dinner who would they be? Oliver Sacks, Leonard Cohen, Stephen King, Joseph Campbell and Maria Popova. Describe yourself in three words. Gregarious, tenacious, spontaneously funny. Where do you get your morning coffee? My kitchen. What would you tell your 20-year-old self? The best advice would be explain how important is to know yourself. It's a lifetime achievement, but if you keep asking yourself, 'Who am I?' you will understand everything that ever happens to you is a result of the choices you make, you will learn you can't blame others and you will learn forgiveness.

Name and occupation: Angela Williams (Taylor), makeup artist How did you decide to become a makeup artist? I love all forms of art as there were very few male-up artists in the '70s. Photographers started asking me if I would do makeup for other models. Never looked back. What is a lesson you have learnt the hard way? Not to take on too much, and to relax. What makes you laugh? My husband, friends and family. What is your philosophy for life? Treat others like I would like to be treated. What is your favourite word? Harmony. What is on your to-do list for the next year? Overseas yachting holiday, or canal boat trip. If you could invite three to five people to a dinner party (dead or alive), who would you invite? Winston Churchill, Freddie Mercury, Anne Frank and Yul Brynner. Describe yourself in three words? Empathetic, humorous and vocal.




Name and occupation: Wendy-Louise Oxberry, cabin crew for a major worldwide airline and fundraiser for International Animal Rescue. Where do you live? Brighton, England. Why did you decide to become cabin crew? To travel the world. What do people think you do? Serve tea and coffee. Oh, and gin and tonics. What do you actually do? Provide safety and emergency procedures and lifesaving onboard medical care. What is a lesson you have learnt the hard way? Loved ones are not with us forever. What is your favourite place? Home. What makes you laugh? I laugh at silly things and find humour in most situations. What is your philosophy for life? To be kind — always. What is your favourite word? Love. What is the best advice you have been given? To try and be ones own best friend. What is on your to-do list for next year? To have another reunion and to visit the orangutan sanctuary in Borneo. If you could invite three to five people for dinner who would they be? Robert Redford! Morgan Freeman and Bette Midler. Describe yourself in three words. Kind, funny and empathetic. Where do you get your morning coffee? Wherever I am in the world.

Name and occupation: Tracey Allen, Make-up artist and all year round mother of two beautiful sons. Why did you become a make-up artist? I always have enjoyed dressing up as a young girl — transforming ordinary into extraordinary. What is a lesson you have learnt the hard way? Sometimes your kindess can get mistreated and taken advantage of. (But still continue with love.) What is your favourite place? Hawaii, or any local beach. What is your favourite word? Laughter. What is the best advice you have been given? Be kind when you’re young as you never know who you will meet again in the future. If you could invite three to five people to a dinner party (dead or alive) who would you invite? James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Henry, Simon Cowell and Jim Carrey. Describe yourself in three words? Vivacious, mad (in a good way), and funny.



Name and occupation: Delyse Borley (Delyse Nottle), businesswoman. What do people think you do? They probably have no idea! What do you actually do? I modelled for about 15 years. My husband and I own and run Tanby Pools, a very successful, award-winning, swimming pool design, construction and maintenance company. What is a lesson you have learnt the hard way? Don’t trust everyone — not all people are what they seem. What is your favourite place? Maldives. What makes you laugh? Most things — I even laugh in my sleep. Happiness is contagious. What is you philosophy for life? Challenge yourself both in business and personally. What is your favourite word? Yes! What is the best advice you have been given? Shut-up! Seriously though, it is best to know when to speak and when to listen. What is on your to-do list for the next year? A diving holiday and a special belated 30th



Jul 2017

Name and occupation: Trudy Van Zyl, makeup artist, stylist, and model. What do people think you do? People think I have a really glamorous work life flitting from photo shoot to photo shoot and personal shopping in all the most exciting shops. What do I actually do? What I actually do can be quite hard work and intense, long hours, difficult briefs, and takes alot of energy and skill. What is a lesson you have learnt the hard way? For others to see you as a worthy and deserving person and believe in you, you must first see yourself as one. What is your favourite place? By the ocean. Waiheke Island is pretty hard to beat. What makes you laugh? A lot of things! People, mainly. Animal antics crack me up. I love to laugh — life's supposed to to be fun! What is you philosophy for life? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you-in a nutshell, don't dish out anything you wouldn't want to receive. What is your favourite word? LOVE. What is the best advice you have been given? My dear aunt wrote me when I was just 19-years-old and thinking of heading to the big smoke, Auckland, from Otago to try out modelling. She said, "Trudy the world is your oyster, believe in yourself, go forward with conviction as life is what you make it." And she was right. What is on your to-do list for the next year? My to do list for the next 12 months, to be truthful, is quite full: a trip down south to see family and friends, a wonmens retreat in Bali, do more yoga, and drink less wine! Upskill and develop my services. I'm always wanting to learn.

wedding anniversary trip with Martin. If you could invite three to five people to a dinner party who would you invite? Freddie Mercury, Viggo Mortensen (he would have to come in his Lord of the Rings, Aragorn costume), Joanna Lumley. Describe yourself in three words? Vivacious, perfectionist, unpretentious. What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self? Enjoy everything. Regret nothing. Life is short so make every moment count. You don’t have to be liked by everyone but be humble, be kind, treat people fairly, respectfully and do the very best you can.

Photography: Neil Gussey






Jul 2017


Mary Urlich sits at the helm of New Zealand swimwear brand Femme de la Mer. It was her desire for on-trend, fashion forward and flattering swimwear that saw her take the reins of the iconic Kiwi company. Femme de la Mer is making waves with ‘women of the sea’ due to its wide choice of beautiful designs, fantastic fabrics and shapes that sizzle. When did Femme de la Mer first launch Mary? Our business started in the 1920s and was in the same family ownership for three generations up until we bought the company in 2015. Its previous labels were Jantzen NZ and Beachfront. What motivated you to get involved with swimwear? I have been in design all my life. This opportunity arose and I wanted to make a difference in the industry. Previously I would try on swimsuits every season and feel exasperated that nothing looked good on my shape. I found what was available unflattering and not something I would want to strut my stuff in on the beach! I wanted to look and feel confident and stylish in swimwear and decided I had better design it myself. I knew there were many people just like me. What inspired the name of the company, Femme de la Mer? Translated, “Woman of the sea” is our market: anyone who wants to swim. Do you do the design work yourself? We design all of our styles and prints. We have a very experienced team who have been swimwear design specialists for many years. Our print designers are world leaders; we have sourced the very best. To create figure-flattering pieces what do you focus on? Quality, quality, quality! The best designs, the best fabrics and the best linings. There is nothing worse than buying a swimsuit that stretches and bags after a few wears. This simply does not happen when you have a quality swimsuit. We always have the female form in all of its shapes and sizes at the forefront of our minds and we’re competent and knowledgeable in patternmaking. It’s a winning combination.

What sets Femme de la Mer apart from the rest? We cater for all ages, shapes, a size range of 6-24, and we have about 90 styles in our full range every year. We are also specialists in fashion swimwear with chlorineresistant fabric. For years, ladies requiring swimwear to swim in pools for recreational use, such as their own swimming pools or on cruise ships, have had dull, old fashioned, 'mature' suits to choose from — now they can choose something that delivers both good looks and durability. What fabrics do you use? We have two fabrics. One is an Italian blend with Xtra Life Lycra. Lycra is a stretchy fabric, which gives a comfortable fit that conforms to your body for a second skin feeling. The Xtra life component helps it keep its shape, colour and extended life. Then we have the chlorine-resistant fabric, which is the perfect choice if you swim in a pool on a regular basis. This fabric, also Italian, is the very latest technology and is durable when exposed to pool chemicals. It has a consistent fit; it stretches but then comes back to the original shape. Plus, it is quick drying. What’s the best thing about designing swimwear? Seeing a swimsuit on a female body after months of designing, print making and sampling. It’s a feeling I can’t describe but it feels very good! And seeing ladies on the beach in our swimwear. I was recently at a small beach where I saw three women wearing Femme de la Mer — that was incredibly gratifying. What do you pack in your beach bag? I work too hard to find time to go to the beach! Though, I now have the luxury of having many swimsuits that I can look and feel great in — buying a business was an expensive way to get what I wanted. If you had to give one word of advice to young swimwear designers looking to break into the industry what would it be? If you are talented come and work for us! _ STOCKISTS: FDLMSWIM.COM






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319 R E M U E R A R O A D CNR NORANA & REMUERA RD P H O N E : 0 9 5 29 273 8

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Jul 2017

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Beach house, beach, cruise or poolside, we have it all effortlessly covered. At aktivWorx, you're sure to find your place in the sun.



Name and occupation? Danny Pato, creative director of D&M Hair Design, editorial session stylist, and dad to one dog, Bruiser. Where do you live? Ponsonby. Why did you decide to become a hairdresser? I grew up with a mother, two nanas, five sisters, five female cousins and six aunties, so I decided to pick up the scissors at a young age. What do people think you do? Their hair. What do you actually do? Work on the floor full-time as a hair stylist, run a business managing team of 12 people, training the team, and on Sunday and Monday I am a session stylist. I also organise charity projects, hold industry seminars, write hair commentary for media, create campaigns, as well as renovate houses and pay the bills. From where do you draw your inspiration? Fashion designers, artists, music, pop culture, movies and a lot of arts and architecture. What lesson have you learnt the hard way? Don’t judge people before you know them. What is your favourite place? Bali.

What is the best advice you have been given? Be yourself. What is on your to-do list for the next year? Shoot two salon campaigns. Organise the D&M charity exhibition. Host two look and learn seminars. Create hair looks for 40 models at AUT Rookie show. Develop a secret creative project. Move house and renovate. Develop a hair show for Hair Expo 2018. If you could invite five people to a dinner party (dead or alive), who would you invite? Nelson Mandela, Madonna, Zaha Hadid, Michelle Obama and Steve Jobs. Describe yourself in three words? Driven, forward-thinking, passionate. Where do you get your morning coffee? From my husband. Is there anything else you would like Verve readers to know about you? I’m a clothes hoarder! Pick A Side: Swimming or jogging? Swimming. Tea or coffee? Coffee. Books or podcasts? Books. Movies or theatre? Movies.

What makes you laugh? People impersonating other people.

Pizza delivery or fine dining? Pizza.

What is you philosophy on life? Nothing’s impossible; keep challenging yourself. What is your favourite word? Why? It made my mum pull her hair out when I was younger!

Massage or stroll in the park? Massage. Flamingos or leopards? Leopards. Gucci or vintage store? Gucci.

D&M HAIR DESIGN REDMOND ST, PONSONBY | 09 376 3666 | INFO@DANDM.CO.NZ | DANDM.CO.NZ Photographer: Mara Sommer

Jul 2017

Danny Pato, co-owner of D&M Hair Design in Ponsonby, is two-times winner of New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year, being awarded the title in 2016 and 2017. Verve caught up with Danny a couple of weeks ago for a fun interview while he was having a well-deserved vacation in Bali.







There’s nothing more timeless than a pair of jeans. They suit all ages, come in styles to work for all shapes, and truly are one of the absolute staples in most of our wardrobes. The right pair of denims will take you effortlessly from daytime to evening and in some cases, from weekends to work. There are so many variables with jeans — it’s not just the cut or style, but also the placement of the pocket, the softness and wash of the denim, or even the actual colour and size of stitching. These factors all play a role as to whether you’ll step out looking fab or fail. So, how do you know which pair works best for you? Read on for a few tips to help find your perfect pair. For both men and women, dark denim is the most flattering and versatile as it can be dressed up or down. Raw (less worked) denim looks sharpest for longest, but you do sacrifice slightly in the comfort stakes. The fit is also key, I see far too many middleaged and older men in jeans that are quite honestly too big.

imeleta kel l e t t makeupbyimeleta.nz by appointment: jemo_kellett@yahoo.co.nz 021 02345 404

Jeans are an investment — cheap denim is never as flattering as more expensive versions. Boyfriend jeans work best in the daytime, although the addition of a pair of heels and pretty top will take them out for a casual dinner. White jeans work in both winter and summer, and look as great paired with a cosy knit as a summer shirt. If you have a BIG BUM, look for a dipped yoke at the back and shaped (soft ‘V’ at the bottom) rear pockets. Look for pockets that are slightly larger, which keeps them in proportion to your butt. Avoid heavily embellished pockets as these draw attention to your rear. If you have NO BUM, you need pockets that are placed higher on the rear as this creates a visual “lift”. Add drama by going for stitching detail and if there’s an option, choose a flap pocket. If you have a TUMMY, look for a shallow front pocket, and avoid button flies or any extra gather at the front. If you are CURVY, consider a slim-straight leg, or bootcut, over a skinny jean. These will elongate and flatter your leg. If you are SKINNY and want to look slightly curvier, consider a lighter, washed pair. Jackie O’Fee is owner of leading personal styling consultancy Signature Style. She also loves to help men and women find their perfect pair of jeans. Give her a call on 09 529 5115, email her at jackie@signaturestyle.co.nz or take a look at her website signaturestyle.co.nz


styling solutions for all oc c asions sizes 10—26 takapuna mt eden pukekohe hamilton mt maunganui palmerston north new plymouth christchurch white label noba nz exclusive to magazine clothing

m ag azi n e c l o t h i n g. co. n z

KICKSTART your summer body with Yellow Diamonds. Your powerful energy boost without caffeine or stimulants. Increase DNA repair in the body and skin whilst assisting healthy weight management and encouraging the body to detox. Dramatically help muscle endurance and recovery. Your perfect pre-workout partner and your new 3pm pick me up! Shine bright.

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BUY 2, GET YOUR THIRD FREE* * Use coupon code ‘verve’ at checkout. Put 2 YD in your cart with your coupon code and leave the rest to us. www.yellowdiamonds.co.nz @yellowdiamondsnz @yellowdiamondsNZ

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Do you need a dental check up? Take advantage of our $89 new patient special offer for a FULL EXAM, 2 X-RAYS and a CLEAN! Limited spots available, so book online today at graftondental.co.nz

8 Nugent St, Grafton 09 320 4161 info@graftondental.co.nz graftondental.co.nz

Your Gift Purchase two or more products from the MOR range with a combined value over $50 and receive a FREE Marshmallow Duet valued at $62*

morboutique.com *Valued by MOR. Only while stock last. One per customer.

R i a l t o C e n t r e , 1 6 3 B r o a d w a y, N e w m a r k e t 09 524 5890 | retreatnz.co.nz

Hearing a lot of buzz about barre and wondering what it's all about, where to go for this butt blasting, body sculpting workout and nervously considering if it's something you can do? We have all your questions answered by Viv Gallagher, owner of Xtend Barre Ponsonby, who first introduced the internationally acclaimed Xtend Barre workouts in Auckland almost four years ago. What Is Xtend Barre? Xtend Barre incorporates elements of dance, ballet and pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body. Each class features an elegant yet energetic combination of movements that enhance flexibility, improve balance, and challenge the core. Where to go? Xtend Barre Ponsonby is currently the only studio in Auckland that you can experience the trademarked Xtend Barre classes. We are open seven days with 42 classes a week offering a range of classes under our Xtend Barre brand. Xtend Barre is our signature class, we also offer Xtend Stick (using the Pilates Stick attached to the barre) fitball, pilates (both mat and reformer) TRX and Circuit 7 (H.I.T.T).


I'm not a dancer, can I do it? All bodies are made to move and Xtend Barre is for everybody! No prior pilates experience or dance training required. Just be ready to sweat! For those wanting a slower start we offer beginners classes. Keen to try? Come and try your first class for free! Book online and use the promo code firstfree or sign up for our one-month unlimited class trial for $99.




This month the girls and I are celebrating as we’ve been awarded the top honour of Skin Centre of Distinction from Dermalogica for the fourth year running. To achieve the award a skin centre needs to have demonstrated excellence in the areas of education, innovation, product, service, marketing and commitment, so I’m thrilled. I believe we are more than a skin care centre as we often help change people's emotional outlook as well. Beverley, Hannah and Nicola are all extremely good at what they do and they’re lovely people to boot. I really feel their personalities and education is the main driving factor in our success. We all follow a training program that ensures we’re educated to the highest industry standard with skills that go way beyond product knowledge and techniques. We include in-depth skin histology, client care and business skills in our repertoire. Of course, it has to be said, that none of this would be possible without our loyal and incredible clients, many of whom I now call friends after operating this business for nearly 17 years. It’s such a bonus when you have that sort of rapport with your customers. I’m also a big believer in giving back to the local community that we’ve been part of for so long, so we support local businesses, schools and community-based projects with vouchers and product. I also speak at local schools on skin health because

in my opinion it’s vital for young people to understand how their skin works. My nursing background has given me a great foundation for providing this and the girls and I also like to encourage our clients who undertake personal life-changing journeys and physical feats. We’re continually revising and increasing our knowledge, and we love sharing new research and information with our customers. It helps keep everyone well-informed and up to date with new products and treatments, which is obviously a benefit for all. We’re passionate about skin care and our main motivation is to see 100% improvement in the condition of our clients’ skin. That’s how we measure our success. Yes, I’m amazingly biased, but I also know it’s true that if you want the best skin ever it would be a good idea to call us and book in for a one-on-one consultation. We’re standing by with your individual skin care prescription, specialised Dermalogica skin treatments, IPL hair removal, skin rejuvenation, microcurrent, LED light therapy and hydrodermabrasion along with skin- and mind-loving massage, and a fragrant cuppa. I was chuffed when Dermalogica’s managing director, Natasha Bourke, said: “Louise and her team truly embody the Dermalogica ethos and are incredibly deserving of this prestigious award once again.” We’ve worked with Dermalogica for 21 years and are always impressed with their skin care and philosophies.


ASC Salon 209 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland

+64 9 336 1239 asc@ascsalon.com ascsalon.com


Safer for the environment. Safer for our clients. Safer for our team.

The Tooth Company® has made it our mission to put a positive spin on children’s dentistry. We’ve designed a dental experience that your kids will love. We handpicked a team of top New Zealand dentists that shared our vision of delivering the absolute best quality children’s dental care using state-of-the-art equipment.

facebook.com/ascsalon / instagram.com/ascsalon

Then we enlisted award-winning Cheshire Architects to create an environment with a stylish, yet relaxing ambiance that will help keep kids cool, calm and collected. And we threw in some fun and games to keep them entertained. All so you can give your kids the start to dentistry they deserve. The Tooth Company® Kids is a dental programme created specifically for kids aged 12 years and younger. Upon enrolment, choose from two payment options: casual (pay as you go), and membership. Our membership plan is designed to make your life easier by removing the stress of large unexpected dental bills. On The Tooth Company® Kids membership plan, for a monthly fee, all of your child’s general dental treatment is included plus discounts on specialised treatments such as orthodontics (braces). This 12-month membership plan has a monthly fee of $39.50 inc. GST (plus $40 joining fee). The Tooth Company® Kids is conveniently located on the ground floor of Sovereign House at Smales Farm in Takapuna. A healthcare hub located opposite North Shore Hospital, Smales Farm also houses a 24-hour accident and medical centre, a sevenday pharmacy and The Tooth Company® general emergency and cosmetic dentistry practice.



Jul 2017

Remember the old days of ‘the murder house’? Many of us can recall the gruesome memories of painful treatments, overfilled teeth and the archaic equipment. None of us want our kids to endure those experiences, and thankfully, they don’t have to.


What is The Tooth Company® Kids? In a nutshell, we’re the North Shore’s first private paediatric dental practice.

August will see our alignment with O&M pioneers of the revolutionary CCT - Clean Colour Technology system. O&M believe that no client should be exposed to unnecessary chemicals and no hairdresser should have to constantly work with them - and so do we. O&M colour is ammonia, resorcinol and PPD free.



Set in the idyllic & iconic high street of Parnell, the team at ASC salon are industry experts and passionately committed to providing technical excellence.

Grafton Road

Khyber Pass Road Nugent Street

Symonds Street


Auckland’s first medically-focused exercise rehabilitation clinic now open in your neighbourhood.



8 Nugent St Grafton

The new ExerScience Clinic delivers evidence-based exercise for recovery and rehabilitation of a wide range of health conditions. • Cardiac Rehab • Cancer Recovery • Lower Back Pain • Pre/Post Surgery • Obesity • Diabetes • Stroke • COPD • Depression and many more. Creating individually prescribed exercise programmes, monitored by trained Clinical Exercise Physiologists using gold-standard measurements of progress and fitness.

Call or visit today to see how we can help you. Ph 393 8500


Book into a small group strength c lass: first c lass c omplimentar y

5 3 2 P ar n e l l R d , Pa r n e l l 0 9 37 9 2 7 0 6 we n dy @e as t s i d e s t u d i o . c o . n z e ast side s t u d i o. c o. n z

So many women lose confidence as they grow older. With our busy lives, fitness often falls by the wayside, and we end up fustrated and unhappy with our bodies. Here at East Side Studio, we help bring you back into movement in a fun, safe haven of effective training. Bring personal back into personal training and book now!



HOME & DESIGN // Jul 2017

Newmarket: 17 Osborne Street Ponsonby: Shop 10, Lot 3, 130 Ponsonby Road thepoiroom.co.nz






Consignment presents opportunities for you to upscale, on-sell, purchase and share quality furnishings. Our focus is on creating an exciting, original space to showcase designer interiors and iconic European brands at moderate prices : B&B Italia, Maxalto, Driade, Liaigre, Minotti and more! We are currently sourcing key pieces: both new and pre-owned furnishings and accessories to sell on your behalf, with an emphasis on contemporary European designs. Visit our website for details on currently sought-after stock. Grab a coffee instore and experience the Consignment vibe.

CONSIGNMENT furnishing. décor. lifestyle.

www.consignmentfurniture.co.nz • 09 524 0084 • 2a Railway St, Newmarket, Auckland


Text Robyn Alexander | Photographs Greg Cox

Jul 2017

In a spacious Palma de Mallorca apartment, two self-described ‘art nerds’ have created a charmingly casual home that is also filled with spectacular contemporary art.




ABOVE | Parnilla and Stefan Lundgren. Behind the couple is a painting by Gerald Davis (in the next room), a work by Luis Gispert (above the doorway) and a floorstanding sculpture by Philipp Timischl. LEFT: A rather carnivorous still life set up in the kitchen.

01 — A view from the entrance hall through the interleading rooms of the rest of the apartment. The artworks here are by Ry Rocklen, David Noonan, Georg Herold, James Welling, Jonas Wood (above the doorway) and Adam Henry. 02 — Stefan Lundgren (with Nilla at his feet) working at a small table that is situated adjacent to the kitchen area. This space also leads out onto the terrace that runs the length of the apartment; artworks here include pieces by Georg Herold and Walead Beshty. 03 — A small informal work area — also furnished with vintage items — is situated adjacent to the kitchen. It is also filled with artworks including a Kirsten Stoltmann photograph entitled ‘Spray Bush’, a Walead Beshty ‘curls’ work, an Alice Channer drawing and pieces by Sara VanDerBeek, Carter Mull and Georg Herold.




Jul 2017

A view of the dining room – which features a vintage table and chairs, and an antique crystal chandelier that was cleaned and restored after the Lundgrens purchased the apartment – from the long terrace that runs along the length of the apartment. Inside, a Jacolby Satterwhite wallpaper takes up an entire wall. On it are hung two C-prints and a monitor showing a video work, ‘Reifying Desire 6’, all of which are also by Satterwhite; the sculptures on the round wooden dining table are by Stefan Lundgren and Peter Sutherland.




Jul 2017

The kitchen is simple and functional – and, of course, used to display art. To the left of the doorway is a Carter Mull work, while on the right a piece by Raffi Kalenderian can be seen beneath a framed drawing by Thomas Scheibitz and Lars Karlmark. The area through the doorway is the study and library: the works over the bookshelf here are by Italian artist Mimmo Paladino.



HARD FLOORING FLOORING • WALLPAPER • CURTAINS • BLINDS • PAINT 4 7 T h e S t r a n d , Pa r n e l l | 0 9 3 7 7 6 0 0 8 g u t h r i e b o w r o n . c o. n z

Kouzina Verve HH 06_17 V4ƒ.indd 1

31a No rmanby R o ad, Mt Ede n 05 08 AR TISAN | AR TISANCOLLECTIVE. CO. NZ

22/06/2017 3:47 PM

MARTHA’S Does your furniture need a makeover? Tired of that same old fabric that’s gone through years of kids, pets and general wear and tear? If so, it’s time to pay a visit to Martha’s Furnishing Fabrics in Newmarket, and pick out new fabrics for your furniture, cushions or curtains. Walking into Martha’s is an interactive, visual feast. Unlike other fabric stores, that only provide samples, Martha’s buys fabric in bulk and has all fabric readily available. You get lost in the aisles, touching the fabrics, and seeing the designs and textures up close. Unguided by trends, they create collections based on an aesthetic that leans towards the unusual and unique. Because they keep more than just on trend fabrics, there’s a wide variety of styles to choose from — 1223 in fact. Some of the fabrics include Belgian linens; American velvets; American and British prints; New Zealand wools and Indian cottons. Martha’s endeavours to educate customers on the benefits of natural fibres, such as linen and wool, which are both kinder to the environment and your family, compared to synthetic fibres, of course synthetic fibres do have their benefits. Martha’s offers a wide selection of polyester/ cotton blend long-lasting, unique upholstery fabrics as well. Inside is a café, Sip Kitchen, which specialises in food and drinks with no refined sugars, as well as gluten free and vegan options. Customers can nourish their eyes with fabric and nourish their bellies with guilt-free treats and organic coffee. Martha’s is committed to helping customers achieve their home design dreams. For customers outside of Auckland, Martha’s website allows them to request, via mail, up to twelve free samples to feel the fabrics in person. Although Martha’s only sells fabric, they offer custom made cushions and headboards with your choice of fabrics. They are also happy to recommend tried and tested curtain makers and upholsterers. Martha’s strives to provide quality products with an amazing customer experience. The staff come from strong textile backgrounds, which allow them to assist with all aspects of your interiors, whether it be picking colours, styles, which fabric is the most appropriate or helping with measurements and quantities. Ultimately the staff are passionate about bringing high-quality, designer fabrics to you, at truly affordable prices. 12 MELROSE ST, NEWMARKET, AUCKLAND 09 523 3655 | INFO@MARTHAS.CO.NZ MARTHAS.CO.NZ

M O DERN | TRADITIONAL | S H A G G Y | S IS A L | R UNNE R S | JUT E | KIL IM | CUSH IO NS | S A DDLE B A G S | K IDS M AT S Open 7 days a week | 0800 557373 rugsdirect.co.nz N o r t h S h o re - 6 D L i n k D r i v e , Wa i r a u P a r k ( n e x t t o A N Z B a n k ) Newmarket - 108 Carlton Gore Road




0800 717 717






// Jul 2017








Atelier (ât'l-ya') (ât'l-ya') n. 1840 from Atelier French atelier 'workshop', n. from French word Atelier meaning especially for an artist or designer workshop especially for an artist or designer

Met quiatur, venim et labor apici consequi berum dem As our name suggests, Atelieradisser is the ultimate for fugitio nsequis tistiae iuntem feratursetting sit adissitadesign. A workshop withquatem thousands fabrics, tus rernam expelecspace epudita et, of odibeautiful andesed que wallcoverings, trims, towels, bedlinen, rugs and furniture nesequas sita quiae renitio officiendam se nihici vollene that will inspire you to create bespoke interiors for both the lacepe cus et fugitem adis aciam nulparciet volendit residential and contract markets. The very best of design posanihit quiatius Milan, et volor aut etNew vendis importedfacipsamet from Paris, London, Venice, Yorkdeliciis and consecae expelec prae voluptium Bangkok. Come anduptatestia explore our ‘treasure trove’ut – volorum Let our fuga. Rebe vendis imus as. Atelier your studio.





Introducing Box and Blooms, designed so you can arrange your flowers just the way you want them. Comprising four boxed options, each package is filled with loosely placed flowers, allowing you to unleash your inner creative when pulling together your arrangement. The variety of flowers in each box changes out weekly, providing a seasonal selection that ensures something different with each delivery. Straight blooms, mixed blooms, premium seasonal blooms, and roses — there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets. All boxes can be purchased as a one-off purchase, or as a part of a regular subscription. Subscription boxes receive a 10% discount off the standard price. All boxes come with free Auckland delivery. Fresh flowers, arranged by you! _ BOXANDBLOOMS.CO.NZ

Subscription flowers from






Kathryn Robertson has lived on the North Shore for over 35 years. Hailing from Dunedin originally, she grew up living from Long Bay to Takapuna, and most bays in-between. She has been selling property for Premium Real Estate on the Devonport peninsula and beyond, since 2011.

What’s the current market like? We are seeing a huge increase in apartment developments across Auckland, and demand remains high for a good product in a sound location, particularly for fringe CBD and the suburbs. The last two years has seen strong interest levels in suburban apartments for owner-occupiers but also to meet demand for rental stock. There are now a number of apartments at varying stages of development, and many are seen as an option for first-home buyers.


What sort of homework should investors be doing before parting with their money? As well as researching rental history and market trends, look at the actual floor size of the property and its layout, the number of bedrooms and availability of car parking. Consideration needs to be given to appliances and additional amenities. It also pays to look outside of the complex too, and consider everything from schools, universities, public transport to parks and shops. What kind of challenges might a rookie investor face? Firstly, you need to decide on your investment objective. Is it capital gain or cashflow that you want to focus on? It’s really important to understand the cashflow requirements, have a good handle on costs and potential for those costs to increase, seek legal advice from a lawyer, and understand the time and energy required to manage, tenant, maintain, and finance it. You will find Kathryn at the Devonport Premium office, next door to the Devonport PostShop at 4/18 Clarence St. She lives in Hauraki, Takapuna, with her husband and two kids, is a proud supporter of a number of local community and sporting groups, and she loves what she does. Kathryn is always happy to give her time to advise on any property related matters.

Jul 2017

What have you learnt working as an agent? I’ve learnt that selling residential property isn’t so much about houses, but more about people and psychology. It’s important to treat people with respect, be factual, knowledgeable and truthful, and help clients and customers as much as possible through what can be a very stressful and personal journey. Clear, open communication is paramount, I never play games with vendors or purchasers, and I always give my honest opinion when asked – which can sometimes be not to sell or buy in some situations!


What is it like being a real estate agent? Much harder than people think! It’s quite literally a 24 hours a day, seven days a week job. I have to switch my mobile off when I go to bed so that I miss the calls and text messages that people send during the night (and they seriously do!). There’s a fair amount of stress involved that we take on from vendors and purchasers, and we are held highly accountable for our actions, as we should be.


Verve chats to Kathryn Robertson about life and apartment investments

”The Box”, Ralph Erskine's first house in Sweden. Photography: Holger Ellgaard.



Tiny living is now a big thing, capturing the public’s imagination on a global scale. In the US, DIY and gardening channel HGTV showcases several shows dedicated to the concept that, combined, attract 5 million viewers each week, while Kiwi actor Bryce Langston’s YouTube Channel, Living Big In A Tiny House, has more than 425,000 subscribers and 52 million views. Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, Grant Emans, director of Designer Eco Tiny Homes, says that it’s not just the cute factor that’s attracting interest, it's the lifestyle choice and the fact that, “the cost of a tiny home is half the cost of the deposit of a regular house in Sydney”. A sentiment echoed here. “Minimal living is definitely a thing of the future,” says Johannes Hogervorst, who heads Christchurchbased Portable Tiny House NZ Ltd. “People want to jump on board this movement that utilises space so effectively, while being environmentally and economically friendly — they can see a way to owning their own living space. They can be mortgage-free.” The homes are constructed on a trailer base and go for as little as $10,000. They can be purchased outright or on a rent-to-buy basis. Sometimes they’re bought as a granny flat, others buy them as a unit to let out in the backyard, while many just simply wish to simplify their lives. Johannes says that there has been a definite shift in attitude to how much space we actually need, and it’s not just the younger generation that are embracing a philosophy that’s “a plus for everyone — except the banks and mortgage lenders!” Clever designing — incorporating the likes of mezzanine floors and foldaway features — means the micro-mansions can fit such things as full shower rooms, washing machines, and a pair of queen beds.

That’s not to say the lifestyle choice is without its drawbacks. Writing for The New York Times, tiny home owner Gene Tempest describes it as “a state of mind, if not a religion”, where the term ‘cosy’, has become a “coveted catchphrase” rather than an “unconvincing euphemism”. “No one warns you that everything is more concentrated,” she adds, “things are ageing faster... Our rug is balding along our daily paths, starkly revealing repetitive routines.” Everything in her home is “worked over more” and “used harder”. Another issue can be finding somewhere to park the trailer. But Langston tells the Herald he’s been amazed at the numbers who have offered their land, either for free, or “to get a little bit of extra income”: “I have also been contacted by elderly people who just want to have someone close by or for extra security." Johannes tells me part of the attraction is the sense of belonging that the concept seems to arouse. “We want to use the movement to push for tiny house communities,” he says. “People can still enjoy their privacy, but also experience that togetherness, that community spirit, with other like-minded souls who wish to do their part — whether it be recycling or sharing a vegetable garden. There are so many positives, from so many angles, and it is such a fine use of our land.” _ Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Jul 2017

- Johannes Hogervorst -


“Minimal living is definitely a thing of the future”
















The Lion Residences all about “sophisticated living without the expense” SOPHISTICATED LIVING WITHOUT THEis through EXPENSE Prices start at $645,000 to $1,995,000.

says the duo behind the proposed mixed tiered development in coveted Double Grammar Zone that is due for completion in 2019. “This is a new possibility for many wanting to simplify their life” The Lion Residences is all about “sophisticated living without the expense” SOPHISTICATED LIVING WITHOUT THE EXPENSE SOPHISTICATED LIVINGsays WITHOUT THE Greg Liggins, director ofEXPENSE Home DevelopmentsNewmarket, Limited. Straddling leafy Epsom and cosmopolitan Lion says the duo behind the proposed mixed tiered development in coveted Residences designed winning firm, Leuschke Double Grammar Zone by that multi-award is due for completion in 2019.


Whether you’rewill contemplating a ‘lock Architects stand on thedownsizing, site of the looking former for head office for up and leave’ or perhaps looking at cosmopolitan buying post-separation, LionStraddling Breweries. leafy Epsom and Newmarket, Lion Lion Residences is adesigned cleverly crafted mix of elegant living a Residences by multi-award winning firm,in Leuschke produce the best product possible — a home that people will The Lion Residences is all about “sophisticated living without the expense” highly sought after location. Architects will stand on the site of the former head office for It offers contemporary designs aligned to matching lifestyles produce the best product possible — a home that people enjoy will esidences is all about living without expense” mixed actually living in.” says“sophisticated the duo behind the the proposed tiered development in coveted actually enjoy living in.” Lion the Breweries. uo behind the proposed mixed tiered development in coveted running gambit from chic New York-style lofts to one-, two-, The brand new state-of-the art Les Mills gym is next door, Grafton ammar Zone thatDouble is due for Grammar completion inZone 2019. that is due for completion in 2019. threeor four-bedroom apartments, spacious penthouses produce best possible — a home that people will and collaborate living with buyers working out whatBoth they want to the collaborate withproduct buyers working out whatthe they want The Lion Residences is all about Both “sophisticated without the expense” train station opposite, the Domain just across and to the It enjoy offers contemporary designs aligned toroad matching lifestyles terrace houses complete with a sun-soaked deck. produce the amount best product possible — awithin homethe that people will allow for a certain of customisation defined Lion Residences all about “sophisticated living without the expense” ghe leafy Epsom is and cosmopolitan Newmarket, Lion actually living in.” says the duo behind the proposed mixed tiered development in coveted allow for a certain amount of customisation within the defined Straddling leafy Epsom and cosmopolitan Newmarket, Lion bustling running precinctthe of Newmarket boutique shopping actually footprint of theenjoy floor living area. in.” ays designed the duo behind proposed mixed tieredfirm, development in coveted es by the multi-award winning Leuschke gambit fromwith chicits New York-style lofts to and one-, two-, Double 2019. Leuschke footprint the floor area. Double Grammar Zone is due for Grammar completion inZone 2019. Residences designed bythat multi-award winninginfirm, s will stand on thethat site of the former head office foris due for completion eateriesofthreenearby. apartments, Prices startor at four-bedroom $645,000 through to $1,995,000. Both collaborate workingThe outterrace whatBoth they want to Some apartments have with two buyers living rooms. houses collaborate with buyers working out spacious what theypenthouses want to and weries. Architects will stand on the site of the former head office for terrace houses complete with a sun-soaked deck. allow for a certain amount of customisation within the defined Straddling leafy Epsom and cosmopolitan Newmarket, Lion perfect for families boast large decks. Even singletons enjoy allow for a certain amount of customisation within the defined Straddling leafy Epsom and cosmopolitan Newmarket, Lion inGreg apartments have two living rooms. terrace houses Lion Residences is all about “sophisticated living without the expense” Lion Breweries. footprint of the floor area. and co-director, Jonathan Ferrier The spend an inordinate Residences designed byaligned multi-award winning firm, Leuschke fantastic views from the one-bedroom apartmentsSome the secure, contemporary designs to matching lifestyles “This isofathe newfloor possibility fordecks. many Even wanting to simplify their life” footprint area. Residences designed by multi-award winning firm, Leuschke Architects will stand on the site of the former head office for gated community. perfect for families boast large singletons enjoy he gambit from chic New York-style lofts to the one-,proposed two-, says the duo behind mixed tiered development in coveted amounthouses of time figuring out the best to layouts and fearlessly Prices start at $645,000 through $1,995,000. Some apartments have two living rooms. The terrace says Greg Liggins, director of Home Developments Limited. Lion Breweries. apartments, four-bedroom spacious penthouses and Architects will stand on thefor site of the former head office for fantastic views from the one-bedroom apartments in the secure, Double Grammar Zone that is due completion in 2019. It offers contemporary designs aligned toformatching lifestyles championing perfect families largebydecks. Even singletons Interior designer Ray Lindboast inspired his world travels hasenjoy the council to maintain the north facing aspects in ouses complete with a sun-soaked deck. Some apartments have two living rooms. The terrace houses Lion fantastic views from one-bedroom apartments in the secure, gated community. t offers contemporary designs aligned tofrom matching their pursuit ofismaking “the best living spaces possible”. running theBreweries. gambit chiclifestyles New York-style lofts tothe one-, two-, sourced boutique surface finishes from standout oak flooring “This a newcontemplating possibility many wanting to simplify their life” Whether you’re downsizing, looking for a ‘lock gated community. perfect for families boast largefordecks. Even singletons enjoy unning the gambit from to chic New York-style lofts to one-, two-, tocosmopolitan immaculate marble bench tops and beautiful customised rt at $645,000 through $1,995,000. Straddling leafy Epsom and Newmarket, Lion threeor four-bedroom apartments, spacious penthouses and says Greg Liggins, director of Home Developments Limited. hree- or four-bedroom apartments, spacious penthouses and ceramics. updesigner and leave’ perhaps looking at world buying inpost-separation, fantastic views fromorLind the one-bedroom the secure, It houses offers contemporary designs aligned to matching lifestyles Interior Ray by apartments his has Residences designed by multi-award winning firm, Interior designer Ray Lind Leuschke inspired by his world travels has were “Professionals lookinginspired at us thinking why aren’ttravels you towing complete errace housesterrace complete a sun-soaked deck. new possibility for manywith wanting to simplify theirwith life” a sun-soaked deck. Lion Residences is afinishes cleverlyfrom crafted mix of oak elegant living in a gated community. running the gambit from chic New York-style lofts to one-, two-, sourced boutique surface finishes from standout oak flooring sourced boutique surface standout flooring Half of the project has been snapped up already as owner Architects will stand on the site of the former head offi ce for the party line?” Jonathan laughs. “Well, we bucked all of thatfor to a ‘lock g Liggins, director of Home Developments Limited. Whether you’re contemplating downsizing, looking to immaculate marble bench tops and beautiful customised Prices start at $645,000threethrough or to $1,995,000. sought afterbench location. four-bedroom apartments, penthouses occupiers arespacious buying off-the-plans after and zeroing in onhighly the toproduce immaculate marble tops and beautiful customised Lionstart Breweries. the best product possible — a home that people will Prices at $645,000 through to $1,995,000. ceramics. up and leave’ or perhaps looking at buying post-separation, combination of panoramic offering designer Ray Lind inspired by his world travels has you’re contemplatingterrace downsizing, lookingcomplete for a ‘lock with Interior a sun-soaked deck.views, north-facing aspect “This is a new possibility for manyhouses wanting to simplify their life” actually enjoy living in.” is a cleverly crafted mix of elegant living in a Lion Residences lots of afternoon sunshine and excellent privacy. ceramics. eave’ or perhaps looking at buying post-separation, sourced boutique finishesartfrom oakis flooring Half of the project has been snapped up already as owner The brand newsurface state-of-the Les standout Mills gym next door, says Greg Liggins, director of Home Developments Limited. dences is a cleverly mix of elegant living in a It crafted offers contemporary designs aligned toare matching lifestyles “This is a new possibility for many wanting to simplify their life” after zeroing in onhighly sought afterbench location. occupiers buying off-the-plans the to immaculate marble tops andalong beautiful customised Grafton train station across the road, with the Domain A sweeping 180-degree photograph of the actual view in the Pricesthe start at $645,000 through to $1,995,000. ught after location.running combination oflofts panoramic views,two-, north-facing aspect offering gambit fromfor chic Newsuite York-style to one-, Half of collaborate the project with has buyers been snapped up already as want ownerto and Both working out what they Whether you’re contemplating downsizing, looking aHome ‘lock says Greg Liggins, director of Limited. sales Developments is a show stopper. It spans Rangitoto Channel thetobustling precinct of Newmarket with its boutique shopping lots of afternoon sunshine and excellent privacy. ceramics. up and leave’ or perhaps looking at buying post-separation, threeor four-bedroom apartments, spacious penthouses and occupiers are buying off-the-plans after zeroing in on allow for a certain amount of customisation within the defi ned Browns Island looking across the green belt past the museum The brand new state-of-the art Les Mills gym isthe next door, nd new state-of-the art Les Mills gym is next door, Lion Residences is a cleverly crafted mix of elegant living in many a “This is a new possibility for wanting to simplify their life” and eateries nearby. to the ocean. It’s a snippet shot not from the top but a vantage rain station across the road, along with the Domain and terrace housescontemplating complete withdownsizing, a sun-soaked deck. forphotograph combination views, north-facing aspect offering footprint oftheof thepanoramic fltrain oor area. Grafton station across the road, along with the Domain A sweeping 180-degree of the actual view in Whether looking a ‘lock highly sought after location. you’re Half of the project has been snapped up already as owner and point half way up. is a show stopper. says with Greg Liggins,shopping director of Home Developments Limited. ng precinct of Newmarket its boutique suite It spans Rangitoto lots of Channel afternoon sunshine and excellent privacy. thetobustling precinct of Newmarket its boutique the shopping up and leave’ or perhaps looking atsales buying post-separation, ries nearby. occupiers are buying off-the-plans after with zeroing Browns Island looking across the green belt past the museum The brand new state-of-the art Les Mills gym is next door, Greg and co-director, Jonathan Ferrier spend inan on inordinate “So if you’re downsizing from St Heliers or Remuera you’ll stillafeel and eateries nearby. Lion Residences is a cleverly crafted mix of elegant living in a to the ocean. It’s a snippet shot not from the top but vantage Grafton train station across the road,you’re along with the Domain and combination panoramic views, north-facing aspect offering Whether contemplating downsizing, looking for a ‘lock amount ofoftime figuring out the best layouts fearlessly at home — all these so you dheco-director, Jonathan Ferrier spend anboutique inordinate point half way living up. spaces have unique attributes bustling precinct of sought Newmarket with its shopping A sweeping 180-degree photograph of the actual viewand in the highly after location. of afternoon sunshine and excellent privacy. be disappointed by visiting the showroom to takelots a look.” of time figuring out up the best and and layouts leave’ orfearlessly perhaps won’t looking at buying post-separation, championing the council to maintain the north facing aspects in and eateries nearby. Greg and co-director, Ferrier spend an toinordinate sales you’ll suite is a show stopper. It Jonathan spans Rangitoto Channel ning the council to maintain north facing aspects in “So if you’re downsizing from St Heliersin or Remuera still pursuit feel Lion the Residences is a cleverly crafted mixLion ofResidences elegant living a — exclusive their of making “the best living spaces possible”. With that in mind, ticks all the boxes suit of making “the best living spaces possible”. amount of time figuring out the best layouts and fearlessly Browns Island home —gym all these have unique attributes so you looking across the green belt past the museum Greg and co-director, Jonathan Ferrier spend an inordinate The brand new state-of-the art Lesat Mills is living nextspaces door, A sweeping 180-degree photograph of the actual view in the highly sought after location. urban living most alluring. won’t at beits disappointed by visiting the showroom to take a look.” amount of time figuring out the best layouts and fearlessly championing thestopper. council maintain thebut north facing aspects in to the ocean. It’s shot notto theRangitoto top aChannel vantage Grafton train station across the road, along with the Domain and _ sales suite is aa snippet show Itfrom spans to


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duce the possible — “sophisticated a home thatliving people will the expense” produce the best product possible — a home that people will Thebest Lionproduct Residences is all about without apartments have mixed two living The terrace VISITin.” THE SHOWROOM AT ally enjoy in.”behind actually enjoy living saysliving theSome duo the proposed tiered rooms. development in covetedhouses families boast large decks. Even singletons enjoy Doubleperfect Grammarfor Zone that is due for completion in 2019. 2 MOUNTAIN ROAD, EPSOM fantastic views from — theout apartments in the secure, hoduce collaborate with buyers whatthat they want to the expense” Both collaborate with buyers working what want the product possible aone-bedroom home people will produce the best product possible — a out home thatthey people willto Thebest Lion Residences isworking all about “sophisticated living without gated community. w for aenjoy certain amount ofEpsom customisation within thedevelopment defined allow forenjoy a certain amount customisation within VISIT THE of SHOWROOM AT the defined ctually in.” actually living in.” Straddling leafy and cosmopolitan Newmarket, Lion saysliving the duo behind the proposed mixed tiered in coveted print ofResidences the floorGrammar area. footprint of the floor area. designed byis multi-award winning firm, Leuschke Double Zone that due for completion in 2019. 2 MOUNTAIN ROAD, EPSOM Interior designer Raythe Lind inspired his want world travels hasfor sourced oth collaborate with out what they to Both collaborate with buyers working out what they want to Architects willbuyers stand working on site of theby former head office boutique surface fi nishes from standout oak fl ooring to immaculate me have two of living rooms. The terrace houses Some apartments have two rooms. The terrace houses lowapartments for Lion a Straddling certain amount customisation within the defined allow for a certain amount of living customisation within the defined Breweries. leafy Epsom and cosmopolitan Newmarket, Lion marble bench andmulti-award beautiful customised ceramics. otprint the floor area. footprintfor of the floor area. ect for of families boast largetops decks. Even singletons enjoy perfect families boast large decks. Even singletons Residences designed by winning firm, Leuschke Viewing Mon - Fri 12pmenjoy - 3pm astic views from the one-bedroom apartments in the secure, fantastic views from the one-bedroom apartments in the secure, will stand ondesigns the sitealigned of the former head office for It Architects offers contemporary to matching lifestyles Sat - Sun 11am - 3pm of the hasNew been snapped uptoalready as owner ome apartments have two project living rooms. The terrace lofts houses Some community. apartments have two living rooms. The terrace Road, houses ed community. gated Lion Half Breweries. running the gambit from chic York-style one-, two-, Showroom 2 Mountain Epsom occupiers are buying off-the-plans after zeroing in on the erfect for families boast large decks. Even singletons enjoy perfect for families boast large decks. Even singletons enjoy Viewing Mon Fri 12pm - 3pm three- or four-bedroom apartments, spacious penthouses and Online lionresidences.co.nz combination of panoramic views, offering ntastic views from the one-bedroom the secure, fantastic designer views fromRay the Lind one-bedroom in the secure, It offers contemporary designs aligned todeck. matching lifestyles rior designer Ray Lind inspired byapartments worldinnorth-facing travels has aspect Interior inspired apartments by hisSatworld travels has - Sun 11am - 3pm terrace houses complete with ahis sun-soaked lots of afternoon sunshine andYork-style excellent privacy. ated gated community. running the gambit from chicstandout New lofts to one-, two-, rced community. boutique surface finishes from oak flooring sourced boutique surface finishes from standout oakRoad, flooring Showroom 2 Mountain Epsom threeor at four-bedroom apartments, spacious penthouses and lionresidences.co.nz mmaculate marble bench topsthrough and beautiful customised to immaculateOnline marble bench tops and beautiful customised Prices start $645,000 to $1,995,000. A sweeping 180-degree photograph of thehas actual view in the Alastair Hayley Soktravels has terior Ray Lindcomplete inspired by ahis world travels Interior designer Ray Brown Lind inspired by his world terrace houses with sun-soaked deck. mics. designer ceramics. sales suite finishes is a show stopper. It spans Rangitoto Channel to ourced boutique from standout oaktoflooring sourced boutique surface oak flooring 021 333 290 finishes from standout 021 132 8985 “This is a surface new possibility for many wanting simplify their life” Browns Island looking across the green belt the museum immaculate marble bench tops and beautiful customised to immaculate marble and beautiful customised a.brown@barfoot.co.nz h.sok@barfoot.co.nz Prices start at $645,000 through to $1,995,000. of thesays project beendirector snapped up already as ownerpast Half of the project hasbench been tops snapped up already as owner Greghas Liggins, of Home Developments Limited. Brown Hayley Sok to the off-the-plans ocean. It’s a snippet shot not in from eramics. ceramics. areAlastair upiers are buying after zeroing onthe thetop but a vantage occupiers buying off-the-plans after zeroing in on the 021 333 290 021 132 8985 barfoot.co.nz point half possibility way up.north-facing “This is you’re a new for many wanting simplifyfor their life” mbination of panoramic views, aspect to offering combination of panoramic views, north-facing aspect offering Whether contemplating downsizing, looking a ‘lock a.brown@barfoot.co.nz h.sok@barfoot.co.nz alf of thesays project has been snapped up already as ownerLimited. Half ofofafternoon the project has been snapped privacy. up already as owner Greg Liggins, director of Home Developments of afternoon sunshine and excellent privacy. lots sunshine and excellent up and leave’ or perhaps looking at buying post-separation, “So if you’re downsizing fromzeroing St Heliers you’ll still feel ccupiers are buying off-the-plans after in oronRemuera the occupiers are buying off-the-plans after zeroing in on the Lion Residences is a cleverly crafted mix of elegant living in a barfoot.co.nz ombination of panoramic views, north-facing aspect offering combination of panoramicphotograph views, north-facing aspect offering at home — all these living spaces have unique attributes so you Whether you’re contemplating downsizing, looking for a ‘lock weepinghighly 180-degree photograph A sweeping 180-degree of the actual view in the sought after location.of the actual view in the ts of afternoon sunshine and excellent privacy. lots of afternoon sunshine and excellent won’t be disappointed by visiting the showroom to take a look.” up and leave’ or perhaps looking at buying post-separation, s suite is a show stopper. It spans Rangitoto Channel to sales suite is a show stopper. It spansprivacy. Rangitoto Channel to Lion Residences isthe a cleverly crafted mix elegant living in a wns Island green belt pastMills the of museum Browns Island looking across the green belt past the museum Thelooking brand across new state-of-the art Les gym is next door, sweepinghighly 180-degree photograph of the actualticks view the A sweeping 180-degree photograph of the actual view in the With that after in mind, Lion Residences allinthe boxes — exclusive sought location. he ocean. It’s a snippet shot not from the top but a vantage to the ocean. It’s a snippet shot not from the top but a vantage Grafton train station across the road, along with the Domain and les suite is a urban show living stopper. It most spansalluring. Rangitoto Channel to sales suite is a show stopper. It spans Rangitoto Channel to at its nt half way point half way up. theup. bustling precinct of Newmarket withthe its boutique shopping owns Island the green belt past Browns Island looking across the green belt past the museum _brand across Thelooking new state-of-the art Les Mills museum gym is next door, and eateries nearby. the ocean. It’sWords: a snippet shotSparks not from topalong but awith vantage to the ocean. It’s a snippet shot not from the top but a vantage Grafton trainSarah station across thethe road, the Domain and if you’re downsizing from St Heliers or Remuera you’ll still feel “So if you’re downsizing from St Heliers or Remuera you’ll still feel oint half way point half way up. theup. bustling precinct of Newmarket with its boutique shopping ome — Greg all these spaces have uniqueFerrier attributes so you at home — all these living spaces have unique attributes so you andliving co-director, Jonathan spend an inordinate and eateries nearby. ’t be disappointed visiting the showroom to take a look.” won’t be disappointed visiting the showroom take still a look.” amount of by time figuring out the best layouts and fearlessly So if you’re downsizing from St Heliers or Remuera you’ll still feel “So if you’re downsizingby from St Heliers or Remueratoyou’ll feel championing the council to maintain the north facing aspects in home — Greg all these spaces have uniqueFerrier attributes so you at home — all these living spaces have unique attributes so you andliving co-director, Jonathan spend an inordinate hon’t thatbeindisappointed mind,pursuit Lion Residences ticks all theliving boxes — exclusive With in mind, Lion by Residences ticks all the boxes —aexclusive their making “the best possible”. by visiting the showroom tospaces take a look.” won’tthat be disappointed visiting the showroom to take look.” amount of of time figuring out the best layouts and fearlessly an living at its most alluring. urban living at its most alluring. championing the council to maintain the north facing aspects in

HOMEMAKERS Rise is a memoir by Arkansas mother Cara Brookins that recounts her astonishing story of escaping a life of domestic violence to, with the help of her four children, Roman, Jada, Hope, and Drew, then aged two-17-years, build their own house from scratch with just US$130,000 and the guidance of online videos. What’s more, they did it all in only nine months.

“I had a great job as a senior computer programmer analyst, and good credit, so I could have borrowed enough money to buy a small house, or a bigger one that needed fixing up,” says Cara. “But my kids and I and been stalked by a man with schizophrenia for more than ten years, and I had been married to a man who had been physically abusive. We were not a close family. We had been in survival mode and I was worried that when the older ones left home I would lose them, that we’d never develop positive relationships. It was a very intentional decision to do some sort of project, and of course, we needed somewhere to live.” So, after watching hours of YouTube videos, the family began laying the foundations of their five-bedroom pad that was to be christened ‘Inkwell Manor’ — certainly far from the humble house I was expecting to see when I first heard about their endeavour. “That’s what happens when you let kids make the plans!” laughs Cara over Skype from her happy place that is her impressive personal library. “This is my favourite spot in the whole world, I didn’t care about anything else, so long as I had my library!” When they started out, Cara and her kids were so mortified about their predicament that they told few people of their project. “My colleagues knew I was building a house, but they didn’t know I was actually physically building a house,” she says. “When you’ve been in an abusive situation, you don’t develop close bonds. We didn’t think it was the sanest idea, and we were ashamed. It wasn’t until we moved in and people came over and were like, ‘You actually built this house?’ that we started to think it was something we should be proud of.” With office and school time, the family often worked 20-hour days, making use of the car headlights, before the power lines were fitted, once the sun went down. “I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into, and if I did, I probably never would have started,” admits Cara. “But, once we had begun, we were committed.” The conditions of Cara’s construction loan, coupled with regular building inspections — all of which they passed — meant the schedule could be no longer than a full-term pregnancy.

“I lived in fear that the teenagers would just wake up one day and refuse to do it,” says Cara. “When your self-esteem has been crushed for so long, you get very defensive so once we could start telling jokes and laughing at ourselves when we made mistakes, I knew that was the first step to healing. That happened while working on the foundations.”



The children had witnessed so much domestic darkness, and this was the first time they could take some sort of control of their lives. “I soon realised there was no way they were going to walk away from that,” says Cara. “They needed it is as badly as I did. They saw themselves as capable, they saw their potential, that they could build something bigger than them. There’s also a lot to be said for the therapeutic processes of chopping wood and hitting things with a hammer.” They officially moved in 2008.

// Jul 2017

Her kids, now aged 11-26-years, are “fearless”, between them building businesses and sustainable straw cabins in the bush. “My 11-year-old has his own YouTube channel, and 50,000 followers on Twitter!” beams Cara. “He recently told me he wants to smelt metal in our backyard so that he can make swords. “I think that the most important thing we can teach kids is curiosity. If you have curiosity and determination, with the internet, you can now literally do anything you want to do.” Cara agonised over the memoir for six years, and wrote a handful of fiction books during the process (she had previously published seven novels). “I had never planned to write about it, but I thought I should get something down for the kids,” she says. “Writing about building the house was easy, but writing about why was tough. I had to go into the dark side of our lives, tell everyone about those most difficult times and my biggest mistakes. I quit many times.” Once the manuscript was finally signed off, then began the even more painful process of narrating it for an audiobook. “That was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life,” Cara says. “You write in the privacy of your own head, and imagine others reading it alone — there is a level of intimacy. But saying things out loud I’ve never said out loud, being my own voice, and being the voice of my abuser... I’ve never managed to listen to it back all the through.” Cara refused to publish the book without the approval of her children. “There are parts in there that are not complimentary about my youngest son’s dad, and I knew that I would forever be changing his life,” she says. “But the alternative was silence, and too many domestic violence victims stay silent. It means that we will have to have an extreme level of honesty, and to always keep that communication open.” Her ex has stopped drinking and has since “pulled himself together”: “I’m not afraid for my son to be with him. He picks Roman up every other weekend, but he’s not allowed to come into our house. He hasn’t read the book — he doesn’t want to. But I told him I was writing it, and that I would be honest with media about his recovery.” But Cara doesn’t want to dwell on her former domestic issue too much, there is far more to the memoir than that. “We’ve all been through things,” says the writer. “The message is that the best way to get through them is to challenge yourself, to change the way you see yourself, whether it be climbing a mountain or running a marathon. You have to start with baby steps. Not long after we’d moved into the house, my youngest daughter, Jada, was having trouble at school with some kids and she was going to quit the basketball team. My oldest son, Drew, told her not to worry, not to listen to them and to keep it up. They were in another room, and didn’t know I could hear them. She kept saying over and over that she can’t do it, and Drew said, ‘Jada, you built your own damn house!’ That was the moment when I realised, ‘Yeah, they got what they needed from this.’” _ Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

» I think that the most important thing we can teach kids is curiosity. If you have curiosity and determination... you can now literally do anything you want to do.«







“When we met during our last review, they had become so motivated by their success that it looks like they’ll now settle the repayments in just seven-and-half years,” beams Mike. “It has freed them up to pursue dreams of travelling or make investments in other properties.” Mike says that society has been conditioned to head straight to their bank for a home loan. “Most people will automatically head to the bank they have been with their whole lives when it's time to get a new home loan or to refinance their existing loan,” he says. “They leave with a 30-year ‘cookie cutter’ mortgage and simply accept that this is the way it is done. But the way a mortgage is structured is more important than the interest rate. We do things differently by incorporating a range of banking products structured together in one package that allows for the same monthly payments to faster settle the mortgage. It really can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Rates between lenders fluctuate daily and Mike “keeps abreast of those changes” to ensure he can tailor the best individual package for his customers. “With most mortgage advisors, there is quite a transactional element,” he says. “They want to get on to the next deal. But I like to take my time to ensure I’m getting the right deal, to build long-term relationships. I enjoy helping people — it’s a very fulfilling role.” Riverstone is a family-run firm (Mike’s father, Ernie, founded Sovereign Assurance and Club Life — now OnePath — two of the country’s largest insurance companies), and there’s certainly a laid-back familiarity to the office adorned with books and treasures like conches from the Philippines and a corkscrew crafted from a Californian vine that the welltravelled clan has collected over the years. “We are really easy-going people,” says Mike. “We like to keep things casual, light and informal.”

» 99% of the time my services are free.« - Mike Uganecz -

Mike stresses that “99% of the time my services are free” (he’s paid a commission by the lender), and on the rare occasions he does have to charge, he will be clear about cost from the offset. “People have a misconception that it will be this high-pressure sales situation,” he says. “But I’m not trying to sell a product, I’m just trying to find the best solution that will most benefit the client. I’m not a salesperson.” Riverstone also instructs on how to best raise a deposit, make use of your Kiwisaver and incorporate any necessary insurance plans: “This is advice that you probably won’t get from traditional banks, and again, we don’t charge for any of it.” Mike adds that the best time to start a converstation about mortgages is as soon as you start thinking about a new home loan or refinancing your existing loan, with clients often admitting that they wish they’d gone to see him earlier. “If you’re not spending more than you are earning, I can shorten the length of your mortgage,” Mike says. “It just depends how much money you have left over at the end of the month. It’s not about making more or higher mortgage payments. It is structured in a way that will still give you access to that money, but instead of heading to a savings account, it goes towards reducing the interest. It is client-driven, and when people see how quickly their mortgage is coming down, it motivates them to spend less, to become mortgage-free faster.”


Jul 2017

Mortgage adviser and general manager of Riverstone Financial Services, Mike Uganecz, is so concerned that his service could be considered too good to be true that he sometimes downplays past achievements to better manage expectations. But the bottom line is that “if you’re spending less than you earn” he can “reduce your home loan repayment terms with no consequence to your lifestyle”. One couple recently left his airy Newmarket office with their 30-year repayment plan slashed by more than two-thirds to just nine years, saving an astonishing $300,000 in interest on their $500,000 mortgage.




They believe the now active Unitary Plan unlocks equity for many locals with property in Epsom, Parnell, Mt Eden, Greenlane and Remuera.

“First of all come to us for advice about what the zoning is, what it means and what it looks like,” Lance says. “We also connect our clients with professionals like planners to see where the actual value sits.”

“You’ve got to be excited about it because intensification brings more vibrancy to the area,” David says. Their Epsom office is on a mission to unpack the plan’s benefits for homeowners who may be unaware that they’re sitting on a jewel, or have no clue about how to develop the land into multiunits or apartments. “In the old days you may have had a cut off cross lease, now you may be able to get three units or maybe more on the land and subdivide depending on the size and zone,” says David. Talking to the neighbours and connecting parties is how this real estate office adds particular value – in multiples in some cases. “You may have a scenario where there is a block of three ripe for development. You don’t know the owners or have a way to find that information out – we do our homework by putting everyone together to form a more valuable parcel of land.” Local developers already know how successful the Epsom office is with selling projects, helping buyers understand the process ensuring an efficient sell down. Significant development projects the office has been involved with include Nugent Rise in Khyber Pass and The Edgerley currently under construction next-door to Farmers in Newmarket. Edgerley developer managing director, Alan Leng, supports this experience, particularly the results achieved by sales agent, May Zhang. “May was fantastic to deal with. Very knowledgeable about project marketing and selling and came with a large pool of buyers and investors ensuring a fast, smooth sell-down of our project. We intend working with Barfoot & Thompson again soon.”


Homeowners teetering on the brink of developing, yet feeling nervous as a first timer can be reassured that this team are experts in identifying amalgamation opportunity and will offer a comparative market analysis. With a strong network through a team of highly successful sales people in the one office, the pricing information is current and tracked for the area. “We can accurately look at a potential piece of property from a design point of view, a zoning point of view, and a pricing point of view for what we think it would sell for,” says David. “We can put an owner in touch with a developer who can buy the land or perhaps give them one unit back as a part payment.” Lance emphasises the office’s invaluable local knowledge and expertise is the prime reason for their marketing and sales success. “Our working knowledge comes from actively participating in our community day in and day out – we know that the guy next door has been in touch with us and can go to them and say look here’s the bigger picture.” Planning changes have also opened up possibilities beyond the former District Plan 'pre-1944' rules. Before owners couldn’t demolish without first seeking planning permission which was very hard to get. “Now the blanket protection is gone there are a lot of people who just do not know what the value is of their property — it could be significant. Call us for a free planning map,” says David. “You’ll see at a glance how it affects you.” — Words: Sarah Sparks | Map: Courtesy of Mt Hobson Group



BRANCH MANAGER 021 654 100 09 215 2847 DKELLY @BARFOOT.CO.NZ


Jul 2017

They also have a pool of investors that understand development to assist owners with a quick or planned sell-down.


“We‘re the ‘go to’ place if your property has development potential,” says Lance Pemberton and David Kelly, from Barfoot & Thompson in Epsom.





LIFE'S A BEACH Living the dream at Orewa's Kensington Park


“I do love the place. It is a 500-metre walk to get to the beach and estuary, great places to walk with Fin, and there are always people to chat with."

Once the children left school, she made the big move to Orewa’s Kensington Park four-and-a-half years ago, and now it’s all about the easy beach lifestyle and ease of getting around to do the things she is passionate about like hockey umpire coaching, and time with friends and family.

Depending on the weather, Marion enjoys connecting with friends and playing petanque, before taking an amble along Orewa Beach.

In 2016, Marion was awarded Hockey NZ Umpire of the Year, an acknowledgement of her 40-year contribution to NZ hockey. “That was wonderful to receive — hockey is my passion," she says. "I still work with umpires and junior umpires. Living in Orewa means I can support young umpires a short drive from here in Warkworth.” The Hibiscus Coast’s Orewa Beach is a friendly resort town 30 minutes north of Auckland and Marion’s neighbourhood, Kensington Park, is near to Orewa’s beautiful sands, shopping village and the collection of local bush walks. Kensington Park’s location close to Orewa village means Marion enjoys the local shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. The small village life really appeals to her after the hustle and bustle of Takapuna life: “There is not much rush, it has a library, restaurants and all the medical help — as you get older it’s good to have the medical services close by." Marion and her dog, Fin, enjoy their terraced double-level, modern, warm sun-soaked home, in a neighbourhood that she says meets all her lifestyle needs and wants. “I feel right at home here because of the fellowship and connection in this neighbourhood. We like to meet up for meals in Orewa. Sometimes, instead of heading to the village, a number of us enjoy semi-regular gatherings here at the park with wine and snacks. It is very social and friendly." The Kensington Park development has blossomed to more than 350 homes, attracing a population of more than 500 people.

Marion is very quick to add that the park is “definitely not a retirement village”. All of the homes are freehold titles with no obligation back to the development when selling: “I can sell my place if I want to as my needs change." Walking around the neighbourhood, it is easy to see that there is a mix of older and younger people living there. According to Marion, empty nesters love the neighbourhood for the slower pace, resort feel, and security. “Everything here, like the gardens, is taken care of. There’s nothing to worry about if you head away on holiday, and when you do get home the gardens are in good order. Also, there is only one entrance into the neighbourhood so the security is great.” She says there’s always something to get in behind if you feel like it, like time in the swimming pool and gym, or supporting children at the local school with a reading programme, or taking part in book clubs and garden groups. But for her and Fin, the big attraction is the beach access. “The beach is wild and you can go down there on some days and not see anyone. Other days, there a lots of people. I walk every day — I am down there every morning and it is like a dream.” More homes are under construction on the park’s boundary with the large Alice Eaves bush reserve, boasting views out across and into the dense, bush-clad reserve. KENSINGTON PARK 1 PARKSIDE DR, OREWA 0800 576 7392 KENSINGTONPARK.CO.NZ

Jul 2017

Life is a walk on the beach and jolly hockey sticks for Orewa empty nester Marion Ellis. Settling in Orewa is something Marion had in the back of her mind for many years, while bringing up her children in Takapuna.

Is Green

the new Gold? The Kiwi fascination with property means that many of us have considered an investment property at some time or another. If you’re looking to start or grow your property portfolio, then why not consider making the most out of your existing section. Building new can help you avoid the heat and uncertainty

mass also makes this attractive to the development

of auctions, LVR restrictions and expensive renovations

of amenity, including better public transport and shops.

for minimum rental dwelling standards. With potential capital gain at handover, and a comprehensive 10 year building guarantee, investing in property doesn’t come much smarter.

There are also significant benefits to this form of building for both a consumer and an owner-developer, with the reduction in land area helping affordability, variation of housing types, established desirable locations and

In a New Zealand context, infill housing is defined as

reduced maintenance through modern construction

the construction of an additional dwelling on an existing


residential site, through a process known as subdivision. Think putting a new house in your back garden. Because of this good use of space in an existing suburb, infill housing forms an integral part of high urban planning objectives. Put simply, it is desirable for councils through the reduction of urban sprawl and the creation of a compact city. Infill housing is one of many land optimisation opportunities, and like medium density it allows for intensification without the negative perception of higher density apartment living. The increased population

Subdividing By subdividing your existing section a new house can be built. If your section meets criteria, you could choose to live in one and sell the other, or live in one and rent the other. Or perhaps you could choose to sell them both. Either way, a brand new house in your existing area is a desirable prospect for many consumers.

At G.J. Gardner Homes we have many options for you if you’re considering making the most out of your current section, and believe we can help you as our team are ready and primed, offering to evaluate your existing home as to its suitability for subdivision, with a no obligation Preliminary Development Appraisal of site potential. So what are your options? With land prices through the roof it’s reassuring knowing that your current property could potentially be a goldmine.

Medium Density Medium density developments allow multiple dwellings to be constructed on a single section, usually through the provision of a shared intertenancy wall, for example terraced houses. Modern design, with better noise control and streetscape appearance often mean such developments can be extremely attractive to many Kiwis as it can easily cater for singles, couples and families. We can see popular and successful medium density examples in many New Zealand suburbs including Hobsonville Point in Auckland.

Knock Down and Remove If you love where you live but don’t love the house you

will maximise the value of your location. Modern building

live in, renovating may not be the most cost-effective way

standards, lower maintenance and getting the home

to improve your home. Replacing your old place with a

you’ve always wanted are all major benefits to building

brand new home could easily be a smarter investment and

new while still retaining your post code.

So as many New Zealand cities prepare for long term population growth, why not consider your options whether it’s a new house in the backyard, a replacement of your current home or something bigger. Contact G.J. Gardner Homes today on 0800 42 45 46 or visit www.gjgardner.co.nz to find your local franchise to discuss your indicative, no obligation Preliminary Development Appraisal and find out what options are available to you.




FABRIC of ONEHUNGA has now released the third and final building in stage one and it contains some exciting new layouts for two bedroom-one bathroom and two bedroom-two bathroom apartments. Visit our display suite to view the plans on offer and take a tour of our full two bedroom display apartment styled by Homestyle Magazine. 1 BEDROOM, 1 BATHROOM FROM $520,000* 2 BEDROOMS, 1 BATHROOM FROM $615,000* 2 BEDROOMS, 2 BATHROOMS FROM $770,000 *S.H.A. apartment, special conditions apply.

VISIT THE DISPLAY SUITE Open 7 Days 11AM—3PM 11 Spring Street, Onehunga 0800 258 358 fabricofonehunga.co.nz

design thinking for your home


165 The Strand, Parnell www.homeideas.co.nz

ROLLING WITH THE STONES What a fantastic city we live in! And now that we have won the America's Cup it can only get better! The eastern suburbs have always been popular real estate areas, with great schooling and easy access to our beautiful beaches. We love living here! Being in real estate has given us a wonderful opportunity to not only help people in one of the most important areas of their lives, but to also spend time in the suburbs we love so much. Part of what we do is help people to understand what is involved when they buy or sell property: We regularly publish information to ensure you are informed and don’t make mistakes when you decide to buy or sell property. All of our resources, both printed and on video, are available on our website at thestones.co.nz where you can order a complimentary copy of our book, Sold. Here is an example of what you will find on our website: Why isn’t my Home Selling? We put our home on the market 3 months ago (auction) and had no bids. Since then we have put a price on it but we haven’t received one written offer. Our agent is a lovely lady but we just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Any suggestions? Diana C. There is nothing as frustrating for a home-seller as their home not selling, and I’m sure your agent feels the same way too!

There are a number of possible reasons, but the most obvious is price. If you have been through an auction campaign and had feedback at say $1m and you are holding out for $1.2m then maybe that’s your problem, especially if the market is not on the rise. We are often confronted with a potential seller who has based their price on what the house owes them, or what a neighbour’s property sold for. The sale price is determined by the buyer, not the seller I’m afraid. Another reason can be your choice of agent. There is no doubt that a good agent will get you a better price than an average agent, and in a tough market such as we have now, this is even truer. We have written before about choosing the right agent for you, and as we say, it’s even more important in the current market. Make sure you have good rapport certainly, but also check their listings to sales ratio: How many properties have you taken to market this year, and what percentage of them have sold? Over 80% or 90% is good. There may be a whole raft of other reasons you are still on the market. People will tell you that presentation makes a big difference, and it does. But price will always trump any other reason: If your home needs a $100,000 makeover then it will be reflected in the price. Drop the price by $100k and you will very likely sell. If you want to spend the $100k doing the makeover you may find it easier to sell, but not necessarily for an extra $100k! We’re sorry you haven’t managed to find your buyer, but keep an open mind and think hard about what you are willing to accept in order to move on.




WESTERNPARK WesternPark is is a recently completed project in Hopetoun Street, Ponsonby. The building enjoys amazing harbour, city and bridge views. These views are protected by heritage listed dwellings Western Park and Auckland Girls' Grammar. Darryl Maclean from WesternPark Ltd advises that sales to date have been driven by owner occupiers and is delighted with culture that exists within in the complex as a result. This is a boutique complex with abundant ammenities. This is evident from the stately, superbly furnished entry foyer, not only is it large but provides a luxurious front entry for all apartment owners. Bespoke timber panelling including brass inlay, gorgeous solid marble flooring, and brass lift doors ensures an elegance to the complex. Accessed from the foyer is a library area for all owners to utilise. This may be a business meeting, social gathering or just a catch-up with friends. A genuine amenity this includes a small kitchen with dishwasher and fridge and represents a real alternative to entertain and enjoy the complex without the need to host in an owners apartment. This superior specification extends through to all floors with wide common areas and motion sensored lighting. Darryl advises that 22 of the 27 apartments in the complex have been sold.

The continuation of quality evident in the entry foyer continues through to all remaining apartments. Kitchens are Germanmade Poggenpol, with French oak timber flooring, solid marble to bathroom areas, European vanities and gorgeous fully tiled bathrooms, sheltered decks from living areas. Over-height ceilings including coffer areas enhance the expansive layouts. All remaining apartments are two-bedroom, two-bathroom and two-secure carparks. Further, Darryl advises that it was recognised by the development team at concept stage that a need beyond two bedrooms may well be required by residents as family and friends visit. To accomodate this need, two guest suites owned by all 27 apartment owners are available for use. All owners are guaranteed 27 days use a year and of course more if not in use. These are five-star quality, fully serviced with their own laundries, kitchens, and furnished to exacting standards. Each guest suite has the ability to sleep four persons and are also allocated with one carpark per guest suite. To complement all the above the complex has a swimming pool and tennis court.

The remaining include two large Garden Apartments with extensive decking (in excess of 80m2) enhancing your living environment. Bi-fold doors to deck areas extend living areas seldom available in apartments. In addition they enjoy their own securitised access from Hopetoun Street, and a north and northwest orientation enjoying all day sun. They are secure, private and enjoy city, water and Harbour Bridge views.

The re-emergence of Ponsonby through the new supermarket complex (Vinger Lane), Ponsonby Central and its abundant restaurants reaffirms the complex's location and liveability.

A further three apartments exisiting within the tower, all north and nortwest orientation once again with extensive mesmerising views.

A special location, a special complex, and available now. Darryl welcomes your enquiry. Call him on 021 675 356 or email him at darryl@shill.co.nz

Western Park offers a genuine apartment-living environment but does not ask owners to forgo size, quality, location or living environment.

COMPLETED GARDEN APARTMENTS 2 only now available • 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms • 2 Carparks • Exacting Specification • Extensive Views • 81m2 terrace

COMPLETED TOWER APARTMENTS 3 only now available • 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms • 2 Carparks • Exacting Specification • Extensive sustainable city / water view

SHOW SUITE 9 Hopetown St Ponsonby Open daily 11:00am — 2:00pm DARRYL MACLEAN: M: 021 675 356 E: darryl@shll.co.nz WWW.WESTERNPARK.NZ

WesternPark is a boutique apartment complex with majority ownership by owner occupiers that establishes an amazing culture within the building. The superior specification, sustainable views, great location and amenities (Guest suites, Library, Pool, Tennis court) will satisfy the most discerning of purchasers.


Artist Impression

Lismore Street, Wanaka Marina Residences A talented team of professional designers have combined Architecture, Interiors and Landscape to create luxurious residences that are integral with the pristine landscape which will assume an elegant presence. Resource consent is granted for the project to proceed into construction with experienced contractors and consultants engaged to follow the process through to completion. These residences are styled to provide a modern timeless design, furnished with top quality materials and finishing which will be luxuriously appointed with spacious interiors, private courtyards and terraces, providing a unique high quality property of international standards. Each residence has independent street entry and garaging with lift and stair access to each level with flexibility of residential use for extended family, guests, or rental return.

Artist Impression

Artist Impression

Invest in your future now by securing an option to buy one of these magnificent residences. Please phone for further information.

Phil Gilchrist

03 443 1121 0274 351 399 phil@primewanaka.com primewanaka.com Licenced Agent REAA 2008


Almost everyone thinks planning for this time revolves around having enough money and ensuring it will last. This article is the first in a series that digs deeper. Indeed, having sufficient financial resources is important but it is not nearly enough if you want your retirement to provide you with broad happiness and security. First, consider what work provides. Sure it provides income, but it provides many other things. It provides a reason to get up in the morning, a structure for the day, stimulation for the brain, satisfaction and fulfilment, social interaction, identity, status and a sense that you are contributing to something bigger than you.

It seems these factors are more difficult for men to leave behind when they leave work than it is for women. It has been said that men tend to do two things. They work and they play. And when they stop work, play for seven days a week stops being play. Women on the other hand seem to have a broader range of activities. They fit work around those activities and when they retire simply do more of those activities now that work takes less time. To ignore the things that work provides is potentially a gap in the retirement planning process. These should be the happiest times of your life, but for many they are just the opposite. Strangely, often the degree of happiness has nothing to do with money.

KiwiSaver I nfo Sessio n | 8 J uly, 1 0 - 1 1 . 3 0 a m A t t h e R oy al N Z Yacht Squadron, Wes t hav en RSVP to Amy McDonald amdonald@rutherfordrede.co.nz

RUTHERFORD REDE | rutherfordrede.co.nz | T: 09 361 3670 Jocelyn: jweatherall@rutherfordrede.co.nz | Phil: pashton@rutherfordrede.co.nz Richard: rknight@rutherfordrede.co.nz | Henry: hford@rutherfordrede.co.nz Opinions are of a general nature and are not to be considered financial advice, specific advice is recommended to be sought before action is taken. Disclosure Statement(s) relating to our advisers are available on request and are free of charge.


We all love our pets and they can be a great opportunity for the astute landlord when it comes to rental accommodation as long as there are clear rules and boundaries up front. Quinovic Parnell and the Viaduct office can help you to make the right decisions for tenant and pet selection. Some important considerations: 1. Review your rental property and make sure what you are offering will be suitable for pets and what type. 2. Do you have a fully fenced property? Do you have pet doors? Will the home suit inside pets only or can you cater for both inside/outside dog/cats? 3. What are the regulations for your apartment, townhouse or investment home? Make sure you meet the requirements and know them before you enter into a tenancy agreement. 4. Tenants and pets both need to be reviewed. Yes, make sure you check the references of the tenant but also meet the pet (especially dogs) to make sure you are comfortable with how it interacts with the owner. If you don’t know the breed of the animal, do your homework to make sure they will be suitable for your home. 5. Most tenants with pets tend to be very grateful that you are considering them. But they still need to be checked and you need to have clear rules around what you will and will not agree to recorded clearly in the tenancy agreement and signed by both parties at the start of the tenancy.


6. Ask for a photo of the pet for your records and a reference from someone who knows the pet. 7. It is also very important you have good property condition photos at the beginning of the tenancy and do regular inspections and reports to ensure you have robust records of any damage to the property, gardens, furniture etc. Don’t wait to address an issue when the tenant leaves as the bond may not be sufficient to cover some damage such as to carpets or walls from an inside pet. 8. Marketing of the property should include what you see are the selling points such as secure, fully fenced backyard. Highlight what would attract a tenant/pet owner, making sure you target what they could be looking for in the rental home. 9. Once again, make sure you are clear about what you are offering and agreeing to before the tenant moves in and record everything in the tenancy agreement including number of animals, type, name and whether they are to be inside or outside. Do your homework! 10. Get a bond for the property (four weeks minimum). At Quinovic we also ask for an additional pet surcharge payable at the beginning of the tenancy and recorded in the tenancy agreement to cover deodorizing the carpets and soft furnishings and a commercial clean of the property at the end of the tenancy. Further damage the pet may cause would need to come from the bond if necessary. Feel free to call us, we are happy to help. David Graham — Principal




What with the near fires disaster last month and the insurance claim procedures, which are very complicated, and the other 101 things to do, I was ready to settle into a quieter month. No such luck! A call at 7am from a distressed tenant who had just come downstairs to the living area only to find ankle deep water on the carpet and kitchen tiles and half the kitchen ceiling hanging over the bench. Water was pouring from the opening in the ceiling. Wow! We turned off the water and called a plumber. It was a pipe going into the hot water cylinder which had come apart and the steamy water was pouring out. Again, insurance, builder, painter, plasterer and organising the carpet to be uplifted, ready for a new one to be laid down. Then we had to consider the tenants as they obviously could not live there while all this was going on, so accommodation was found for them. Finally, after two weeks, all was sorted and the family back in the house. But within a few days, another call from a tenant. Another water cylinder leaking — rotting floor, again! Plumber, builder and another insurance claim. This is now being sorted out.

Downsizing? Decluttering? Reorganising? Home sale prep? Moving house? WE CAN HELP


But worse was to come! Eighteen years in the business and I have never had an issue like this. Maggots coming from the fittings of recessed lights, and falling onto the carpet! Sounds gross, doesn’t it? So I called in the pest control who investigated and their anylsais was that a rodent was somewhere dead in the ceiling. We had previously set traps for them around the perimeter of the house as the tenants had complained of rustling and banging in the ceiling. As there is no manhole in the property, we have to work out how to get into the ceiling. As I write this, we are still investigating. All these dramatic events and the month is not even over. But these are the situations property managers must sort out. We are very skilled people, and have to handle any situation that comes our way, professionally and efficiently. Many of our landlords are overseas so we must represent them in any crisis that arises with their properties and tenants. To assure them that their valuable property is in safe and secure hands. Another week has begun. Hopefully an uneventful one, and a quieter month ahead. Good Renting, Sylvia Lund, AREINZ

“I was over the moon when I saw the magnificent job Moving Made Easy had done - beyond my expectations!” - Liz -

A North Shore family business. Call Mrs. Owen for your free consultation 021 0854 5339 | 09 489 5024


i n f o @ m o v i n g m a d e e a s y. c o . n z M O V I N G M A D E E A S Y. C O . N Z

Terms and conditions may apply.



Property Management

When you sign up or switch to our premium property management service


Guaranteed Rent

Jul 2017

If your tenants won’t pay the rent, we will. Competitive Management Fees We can match your current management fees. Quarterly Inspections You can be sure your property is in good hands.

Contact Janine McCormick

027 558 3221

Half-yearly Rent Reviews We make sure you always get the best investment return.


EVEN THE DOG NEEDS A REST. Matrix Security is protection you can count on with our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring available nationwide.

Join today and reference ‘Verve’ to get

• FREE Home Security Assessment and Service Plan

• 24/7 Assistance and Response – via our

To take your home security to the next level visit matrixsecurity.co.nz/green and find out about our dedicated patrols and unlimited fixed call-out rate with the Green Reflector Service (only available in selected suburbs).

NZSA accredited call-centre

• Alarm Monitoring – via IP, mobile data networks or copper phone lines.




Farro Fresh voucher offer is valid until 31st May 2017. Please visit matrixsecurity.co.nz to view all Terms & Conditions.

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A land of contrasts and contradictions, layers and nuances, a land steeped in cultural and political history. It is impossible to visit Cuba and not be swept away by the sheer romance of it all. From the timeless beauty of the crumbling facades and peeling paintwork, to the fume belching antique cars, the infectious salsa music gently winding its way through dilapidated alleyways, and the warmth and passion of the people, Cuba is the real deal. Be sure to come with an open heart and open mind, and at every turn you will be charmed and delighted. Whilst Havana is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown, the rest of Cuba is just as vibrant, and pulsing with life. Make sure you escape the city to visit the lush green countryside, white sand beaches, national parks, and UNESCO World Heritage towns. For a genuine travel experience, the time to visit is now! After 50 years of virtual isolation, having survived revolution, austerity and hardship, Cuba is on the cusp of great change. It has been trapped in a time warp, but is now emerging from the grip of Fidel Castro’s regime, and the harsh economic sanctions imposed upon it. Until now there has been no McDonalds, no Starbucks, and a complete lack of advertising, but the inevitability of westernisation, mass tourism, international development, and the introduction of the internet, means things are changing rapidly. H AVA N A Havana appears as a film set, a hand tinted black and white movie, the shabby pastel facades of the buildings half-ruined, and half-restored. The best area for wandering is Habana Vieja (old town) the atmospheric, historic heart of the city, with its mix of colonial, baroque, and Neo-Classical architecture. For an eye opening look at ‘real life’ head to Centro. Be sure to take a spin along the Malecon (seafront promenade) at dusk in one of the cities many ancient cars, and watch every aspect of Cuban life unfold as the sun sets. The colourful array of Oldsmobiles, Chevrolet Bel Airs and Cadillacs is mind-boggling. As is the fact that they are still running after 70-odd years!

For a free-flowing and cheap daiquiri or mojito, you can't go past El Floridita, the old drinking hole of Ernest Hemingway. Or try any of the bars along bustling Obispo or O’Reilly streets. Another lovely spot for a drink is the balcony of El Patio in the early evening, which overlooks the facade of the 1787 Cuban baroque cathedral, fashioned from black fossilised coral. Havana has a surprisingly vibrant art scene and the Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes is an exceptionally good contemporary art gallery. There are also many excellent smaller galleries where you can purchase an original piece to take home. Alternately, if street art is more your thing, head along to Callejon de Hamel. Sunday afternoon is the best time to visit, as the Afro-Cuban community kick off with their frenetic rumba music, and the place becomes a writhing mass of dancing bodies. The street food is also excellent. If you are looking for genuine salsa music head along to the Casa de La Musica in Miramar, which has world-class salsa acts every night. Dining in Cuba is not a fancy affair, the food being largely bland and unadventurous. Fine, if you are a fan of rice and beans. Havana definitely has the better food on offer, and your best bet for interesting cuisine is to dine at one of the Paladars (private restaurants). The Paladar La Guarida with its curving marble staircase, Fidel speech and Cuban flag painted on the peeling walls, is one of the finest. It is a space full of antiques, and photographs of famous past diners. Try the suckling pig drizzled with zesty orange and lemon reduction. The Museo de la Revolucion gives a fascinating insight into the Cuban perspective on the politics and history of the country, which, not surprisingly, differs fairly substantially from the American perspective. VINALES The Valle de Vinales is a stunning national park, graced with precipitous limestone rock faces, impossibly green tobacco fields, and oxen-ploughed, rich red soil. It is an area excellent for hiking, climbing, horse riding, caving and views, and feels like a world apart from bustling Havana.


Jul 2017

Cuba is a country of extraordinary magic, authenticity, and beauty.

« It is known for growing some of Cuba’s finest tobacco, so try to visit a working tobacco farm, take a look inside one of the drying houses, watch the cigar rolling process, and purchase made-onthe-premises organic cigars. There are over 300 Casa Particulares in Vinales so competition keeps standards high. The best way to experience the local cuisine is to allow your Casa owner to cook for you. Then take to a rooftop terrace to watch the sunset, before heading into town for some late-night dancing with the locals. Be sure to pop in for a drink and a swim at the lolly-pink Hotel Los Jazmines (think Grand Budapest hotel), which has one of the finest views of the valley.

A FEW TIPS: • Avoid the sterile government hotels and stay in Casa Particulares (private home stays). This allows you a true glimpse into the heart and soul of the Cuban people, and their way of life. • You will find your hosts to be universally generous, warm and welcoming. Their local knowledge can be indispensable, and they often offer extra services such as transport, cooking or dance lessons. • Allow yourself to be swept along by the spontaneity, and joie de vivre, of the people. Simply wander the dusty streets and alleyways, where all the drama of life unfolds around you. Women hanging colourful rows of washing off balconies, men gathered around a game of dominoes, young couples cavorting in the dark — it’s all here. And don't be surprised if you are gathered up for a quick rumba as you pass by.

TRINIDAD Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage site founded in 1514, was built on the riches of the sugar and slavery trades. It is an absolute gem, with its grandiose Spanish mansions, plazas, and red-tiled roofs, overseen by the bell tower of the San Francisco de Asis convent. With very little traffic on its narrow cobblestone streets it is a town for wandering. It also has a pumping nightlife, with a wide variety of music styles including Afro-Cuban, salsa, and disco. For a touch of romance, practice your salsa on the church steps at night. In the nearby Agamba Valley (Valley of the Sugar Mills), visit the grand Iznaga Estate. Indulge in a refreshing guarapo, sugar cane juice (rum optional), with a squirt of lemon to neutralise the sweetness. CIENFUEGOS Cienfuegos is an elegant leafy city with a strong French influence, reflected in the neo-classical architecture and wide boulevards. The Palacio De Valle is a standout piece of architecture built by a sugar baron who imported craftsmen from Morocco. B A H I A D E C O C H I N A S ( B AY O F P I G S ) The Bay of Pigs was the epicenter of some of the most infamous episodes of the Cold War, but also happens to be a legendary dive spot, with a stunning coral reef and bountiful tropical fish. If you happen to be there in springtime, be warned there will be millions of land crabs making their way from the forest to the sea to lay their eggs. They inundate the coastal road, the smell of crushed crab fills the air, and their sharp shells puncture the tyres of unsuspecting cars. — Words and photography: Anna Clark


For business or leisure, for family or guests, you can be confident with Quest whether for one night, one week, or longer.

Spacious, modern apartments ideal for the business and leisure traveller to Auckland. Offering: • The choice of studios, one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartments, all tastefully furnished with wellequipped kitchens and laundries. • We also offer our guests free Wi-Fi, 29 TV channels & 40 movies. • Secure undercover parking. Newmarket is a very popular location with cafés, shopping, cinemas and the Newmarket business area all on its doorstep. Please check out our website: questnewmarket.co.nz


QUEST PARNELL 8 Heather St, Parnell Ph 337 0804 reservations@questparnell.co.nz questparnell.co.nz


QUEST NEWMARKET 31-39 Davis Cr, Newmarket Ph 520 3000 host@questnewmarket.co.nz questnewmarket.co.nz

Quest Parnell located in the historical suburb of Parnell, offers studios, one- and two-bedroom (two-bathroom) self-contained apartments. • Perfect location just off Parnell Road. • Over 50 restaurants and cafés within walking distance. • On-site gym and heated lap pool • Kitchen and laundry facilities in all apartments. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Secure undercover parking. • Group accommodation for friends and families of wedding parties.

Quest Carlaw Park: Spacious modern apartments for business or leisure. Studio, one-bedroom and luxury two-bedroom (two-bathroom) penthouse apartments available. All with well-equipped kitchens and laundries. Easy 10-minute walk to the city, and on Parnell’s doorstep. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Secure undercover parking. • Complimentary access to Next Generation Gym (100m). • Café, Italian, and Japanese restaurants next door. Please check out our website: questcarlawpark.co.nz


QUEST CARLAW PARK 15 Nicholls Lane, Carlaw Park, Parnell Ph 304 0521 host@questcarlawpark.co.nz questcarlawpark.co.nz



THE JOURNEY If group travel conjures up image of hordes of tourists following a guide with a megaphone, think again! Small group travel today can be the ultimate way to travel to some of the world’s most exciting, challenging and exotic countries. I am in the enviable position of hosting small groups of Kiwi travellers each year to the likes of South America and Africa, and can honestly say it’s the way to go!

You may not have friends who share your particular bucket list of travel desires, but don’t like travelling alone. Perhaps tackling a foreign language is too daunting, or you simply don’t have the energy to do it all yourself. Booking a small group tour takes care of all of that. There is company to share the experiences with, all the nitty gritty details are taken care of by someone else, and your host is there to smooth the way should anything unexpected happen. World Journeys creates and operates a range of small group tours each year, selecting our most-loved destinations such as the game parks of Southern Africa, the beauty and traditions of Japan, and the epic ports of the Mediterranean. Some of these journeys include a cruise — whether that be Holland America Line in the Med, or a small ship in the Galapagos Islands. Other journeys take roads less travelled, such as our itinerary in stilldeveloping Madagascar (perfect for avid travellers!). New for 2018 is a Croatia & Slovenia journey, which has a little taste of Venice and Mostar thrown in. There is so much to savour — the karst caves of Postojna, the castles of Predjama and Bled, picturesque open-air markets, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historic churches, palaces and bridges as well as the spectacular Plitvice Lakes National Park. A highlight for many will be the small ship cruise along the Adriatic Coast, visiting some of the most beautiful Croatian Islands. Wine and food tasting along the way gives you a true glimpse of local life. In fact, food and wine is always a highlight of our travel, and we often include a farewell dinner at a hidden gem favourite restaurant enjoyed only by those in the know. Most of all, I love the conviviality of travelling in, and hosting, a small group. There’s always company if you want it, or time to do your own thing every now and then. And every person brings something to the mix. There may be a keen photographer in the group who you can follow to get the best shots, or a fashionista who will call upon my haggling skills to buy jewellery or textiles in the markets. Many life-long friendships have been forged on tour, and many return again to travel with us in subsequent years. Travel is all about the journey, but it’s also about sharing the experience, and that’s the beauty of travelling with a group. _ Words: Chris Lyons, Director and Tour Host, World Journeys


SMALL GROUP HOSTED JOURNEYS Unique and inspiring travel to some of the most fascinating places on earth including Cuba, South America, Southern Africa, Madagascar, Japan, the Mediterranean, Croatia and Slovenia. Contact your Travel Agent or World Journeys to order your free Journeys 2018 brochure. Book early to save!

T 09 360 7311 www.worldjourneys.co.nz /worldjourneys




Jul 2017


Masai giraffe, Photo: Billy Dodson / Planet Earth Portraits.



“We work with many zoos around the world,” Stephanie tells me. “It’s a great source of funding as well as an opportunity to get the giraffe conservation message out there. We are a really small organisation, with limited marketing and communications expertise, but zoos have instant access to a captive audience of millions. Their giraffes are great ambassadors for their wild cousins.” One such zoo is Auckland Zoo, which has been financially supporting the GCF for more than five years and had staff assist in the field. Last year, its Pridelands team leader Nat Sullivan traveled to Namibia to help the GCF team with surveying and capturing giraffes to fit them with GPS collars to better understand their threats and movements. “Without doubt, it was the best experience of my life,” Nat says. “These were a specific population of desert-dwelling giraffe, and it was incredible to see how

As the situation garners more publicity, then more governments and NGOs are getting on board. “There has never been anyone fighting for giraffes before,” says Stephanie. “They’ve had no champion, no-one in their corner.” While every animal plays a role in the ecosystem, the giraffe, she adds, is an African icon: “When people come over on safari, they normally have a list that includes lions, leopards, cheetah and elephants. They don’t often mention giraffes because they just presume they’ll see them as they are so quintessentially African. So, we say to them, ‘Just imagine what it would be like if they were gone.’ It would be a tragedy.” _ Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

GIRAFFES BY NUMBERS • A giraffe’s neck can grow to nearly 2m — around the same length as its legs. • But just like ours, the neck contains just seven vertebrae. • Giraffe numbers have declined by almost 40% in the past 30 years, to less than 100,000. • An adult male can grow to nearly 6m, taller than three average men. • A giraffe’s tongue is around 50 cm long. • The giraffe has the largest heart of any land animal (it can weigh over 11kg!). • The Herculean herbivores can munch 45kg of vegetation per day. • A new born giraffe is introduced to the world via a near-2m drop to the ground from its mother. • The baby giraffe is around the same height as an adult male human. • Scientists now believe that there are 4 different species of giraffe. • Their lifespan is believed to be at least 25 years. To donate or to find out more, visit: giraffeconservation.org

Jul 2017

Giraffes are meticulously recorded by way of their spots — each animal’s patterns are individual, like a fingerprint. As if visualising images from clouds in the sky, the pair see shapes in their charges’ markings — while Stephanie may see a butterfly, Julian jokes that like a good Aussie male he’ll more likely see “a beer!” Their enthusiasm and dedication to preventing a “silent extinction” is an inspiration. What began as a hobby nearly two decades ago has morphed into a full-time endeavour.

Relocating animals that can weigh 1,200kg is time consuming, costly, and dangerous both for the giraffes and those involved — their kicks are powerful enough to make male lions think twice about approaching them. When the charity worked with the Uganda Wildlife Authority on translocating an 18-strong herd in Uganda last year — a trip that invovled crossing the Nile — it took the team two weeks.


“Luckily, the tide is turning,” says Stephanie Fennessy, who set up the Namibia-based foundation, the first giraffe charity in the world, with her husband Julian. “When we first started our work 20 years ago, no one was aware of the situation, and it did feel like we were shouting up the hill for quite a while. We recently released a scientific paper proposing that there are four species of giraffe, which found a lot of international attention. As did the listing of the animals as vulnerable by the IUCN [International Union for Conservation of Nature].” What has helped grabbed the public’s attention was recent BBC/PBS documentary Giraffe: Africa’s Gentle Giants, narrated by David Attenborough, that recounted the gangly animals’ predicament — and the GCF play a starring role. (Stephanie laments they didn’t get to meet the legendary British naturalist, though he did send them a handwritten letter. I presume it must have been immediately framed? “It was,” Stephanie chuckles, “but he wrote on both sides of the same page, so he didn’t make it easy for us!”)

they adapted to be in this environment. It highlighted to me just how important the work is that Julian, Steph and their team are doing. I love being able to talk to zoo visitors and share my passion and involvement in helping giraffes on the ground. Many people don’t realise giraffe are in trouble. Without the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and their partners, these majestic animals would still be the forgotten mega fauna."


Last month was World Giraffe Day. It was the fourth annual celebration of its kind, with the date of 21 June picked by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation owing to it being the longest day (or night, for us down under) as tribute to the giraffe’s famed neck. Events around the globe are needed to raise awareness of the plight of this splendid, spotted beast for while most will picture the likes of whales, tigers, or pandas when thinking vulnerable creatures, you may be surprised to hear that there has been giraffe extinction across seven African countries and that on the continent, elephants outnumber them five to one. The decline is due to habitat loss and fragmentation, disease, and, in some parts of Africa, poaching. Giraffe numbers have dropped by almost 40% over the past 30 years.

PUREPODS: A UNFORGETTABLE AND UNIQUE EXPERIENCE Looking for something completely out of the ordinary for your next getaway? Something that is unique and fun but still has all the luxury comforts of an everyday hotel? Look no further than PurePods, a truly unforgettable New Zealand experience. The first of its kind in the world and environmentally friendly, the pods are made up of entirely glass (floors, walls and roof!) it's a rare and amazing place to stay. There are four PurePod locations. The locations were decided with complete privacy in mind. It’s a place to get away from it all. Unplug and unwind as you soak up the incredible scenery on offer. It’s off-the-grid with no internet or cellphone reception you are left to just switch off and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. We were fortunate enough to stay in the Kahutara pod in June, located 20 minutes inland from Kaikoura. This was a refreshing trip for us. With no distractions we were able to just stop, listen to nature, and relax. Upon arriving at Kahutara pod we immediately felt a sense of peace and serenity. An easy 15-minute walk is required to reach the pod. The walk takes you through gorgeous farmland, over walk way bridges and the stunning Kaikoura mountains ranges in the background. We knew we were in for an exciting experience. At our first glance of the pod, the design is clearly sleek and luxurious. It appears to almost float above the ground.

Our evening was wet but the pod felt incredibly cosy with sufficient heating. Hearing the wind and rain gave us the impression we were right in among the elements, but safe and snug at the same time. Cloud cover initially only allowed us to see just a few stars, however we found this restful and relaxing. We had pre-ordered the catered dinner option which came with a delicious cheese platter, it was an amazing experience in itself. We happened to awaken during the night to breathtaking views. The cloud cover had magically started to clear and the stars were dazzling from the roof above us. Looking directly out in front of us, we could see the bold and beautiful dark outline of the giant Kaikoura Ranges. It was a surreal moment to experience. As the sun beamed through the glass the next morning we were greeted with an amazing sunrise. The combination of the beautiful orange sunrise peeping over the tips of the snowcapped covered mountains was a delight to watch. A cup of tea in hand and a tasty breakfast, this was a superb way to start the day and explore Kaikoura. Book anytime during the year, rain or sunshine and you are guaranteed to have the most outstanding experience. We simply cannot recommend PurePods enough. — Words: Hannah and Jo Walton | Photographer: Stephen Duffin ESKROW: TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE | ESKROW.CO.NZ



Book any cruise, no single surcharge plus your free cabin upgrade. Terms and Conditions: Please ensure promo code BLCSGLBJUL17 is quoted at the time of booking otherwise normal fares apply. Discount applies to 2017/18 rates. Discount applies across the Hibiscus Deck and Orchid Deck. Discount applies across Double/Twin and Single Cabin rates only. Bookings and Cabin Upgrade are subject to availability. Applicable to new bookings only. Offer is not combinable with any other offer in market (e.g not valid with the contracted Early Bird special). Valid For Departures between 01 November 2017 – 31 March 2018 (Subject to availability). Valid for Sales 01 – 31 July 2017 (unless sold out prior).

To book your next cruise visit bluelagooncruises.com Call 0800 293 766 or contact your local travel agent



AWANUI — Propagated from a gorgeous tree that was found in Taranaki, this delightful variety grows as a light and airy tree, forming draped branches that in spring become covered in soft pink flowers. Grows 5 x 8m.

>> PLANTING TIPS POSITION — Full sun. Prefers free-draining soil rich in organic matter.

Why jet off to exotic locations when you can experience the elegant beauty of flowering cherries from your back garden? In spring, these gorgeous, easy-to-grow relatives of plums and peaches erupt into a stunning burst of delicate, yet oddly robust blossoms. For best results, plant now to give your trees time to put down roots before they erupt into action. >> TOP VARIETIES PENDULA ROSEA — This small weeping mushroom-shaped tree provides a profusion of rich pink buds that open to form a mass of delicate pink blossoms. Flowers in mid-spring. Grows 2.5 x 2m. PRUNUS KIKU-SHIDARE SAKURA — An upright tree with arched, drooping branches that produce a mass of rich, double frilly flowers in mid-spring. Grows 2.5 x 2m.

PLANTING — Dig a hole at least 50-60cm deep and wide. Backfill the hole mixing in compost and sheep pellets with your soil. When planting in heavier soils, break up the edge of the hole as you backfill and use your topsoil to fill the top of the hole. Gently plant into the loosened soil and firm up the soil. Stake if necessary to keep the tree upright. CARE — Water deeply every few weeks during the drier months. Less watering will be needed once the tree is properly established. Prune out dead, damaged and diseased branches in winter. You can also prune in winter for shape and to help open the tree up. — Words: Billy Aiken, Kings Plant Barn

Jul 2017



MATAKANA VILLAGE An Extraordinary Experience In The Heart Of Matakana

So close to the city and yet a world away, lies Matakana Village. What started as a weekly local market selling fresh produce on an old sawmill site more than 12 years ago has evolved into a destination that shouldn’t be missed. The markets have grown to become a fantastic example of garden-to-table, bringing back the connection between consumer and producer with the added bonus of becoming zero waste earlier this year. With more than 40 diverse market stalls on offer every Saturday, you’ll be hard pushed to find another market like it. A few favourites to mention: sustainable Manaki Whitebait Fritters, Matakana Nut Butters, Whangateau Roses, Matakana Bacon, Orata Oysters, and Viet Q. The list goes on and on...

If you’re looking for that special gift, the Matakana Village botanical specialist Twig & Bloom can always create beautiful modern floral arrangements — you might not want to gift them away though! Don’t forget to pop next door to Tea & Tonic, the lovechild of local girls Monique and Aysha, who both have a love of nature and its lifeenhancing qualities, while a collection of rose-themed products and great jewellery await you at Damask.

Once you’ve enjoyed some coffee from Love Shack (note the beans are roasted on site), and had your fill of fresh pastries, crepes, and artisan sausages, you’ll need to walk it off by taking a leisurely stroll around the village.

It’s also quite possible to forget e-books ever existed while browsing the extensive range of books at the Village’s independent book store, a favourite with adults and children alike. Children naturally love the little playground by the river and Little Collective, our very own children’s boutique, will enchant you with its unique offering.

There are plenty of boutique stores to lose yourself in — if you’re an art buff then don’t miss talking to Angus in Piece Gallery about his stunning offering of handmade New Zealand works. Then there’s also Small Works Gallery which features high quality original art, print works, photography, sculpture and design work from many of New Zealand’s most recognised artists. For the fashionistas, there’s Two Boutique with a gorgeous collection of women's and men's clothing, Delovely, catering to all age groups from casual wear to weddings and special occasions, and for that shoe obsession, Heavenly Soles provides a carefully curated collection of NZ and international footwear brands.

If interior design and furniture with a Hampton's beach house twist are your thing, you’ll love chatting to Sally at Matakana Home, a recent addition to the Village.

By the time you’ve checked out the diverse range of stores you will have worked up an appetite again. Consider burgers or a healthy salad from the Tuck Shop, relaxed dining from Matakana Market Kitchen, or maybe a wine and some tapas from The Vintry, before being captivated by an enthralling movie in the supreme comfort of Matakana boutique cinemas — the perfect end to a relaxing day in the heart of Matakana. MATAKANA VILLAGE OPEN 7 DAYS 2 MATAKANA VALLEY ROAD, MATAKANA


Just 40 minutes north of Auckland lies the picturesque Matakana Village. Home to boutique shopping, galleries, cafes, restaurants, wine bars and boutique cinemas. The Village is the vibrant heart of the picturesque Matakana Wine Region. Open 7 days. A special place that everyone loves.




• • • • • • • •

500ml of vegetable stock 1/2 pumpkin, medium 4 beetroots, medium 1 cinnamon stick 1 tbsp of coconut oil 1 onion 1 tsp nutmeg 1 tsp sea salt, preferably Celtic

METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 180 °C. 2. Peel and cut up the beetroot and pumpkin into bite size pieces. Place them on an oven tray. Sprinkle them with coconut oil, salt and pepper and roast them for about 20 minutes until veggies are soft. 3. Sauté the onions in the coconut oil on a medium heat until they become translucent. Add nutmeg, salt and cinnamon to the pan. Leave for a minute and add the veggies. 4. Add the stock and bring it to a boil, then remove the pan from the heat and blend the mixture with a hand blender or food processor until the soup is smooth. 5. Return the mixture to a medium heat and cook for another 10 minutes, then serve hot. 6. Garnish with coconut cream, mint leaves and seeds (flax seed, chia seeds, pumpkin seed — whatever you have at hand).


Jul 2017








INGEDIENTS • 2 cups (300g/10.6oz) buckwheat, soaked for 4 hours, rinsed and drained • ½ cup (75g/2.6oz) sesame seeds • ½ cup (75g/2.6oz) linseeds • ½ cup (65g/2.3oz) ground almonds • 1 tsp sea salt • 2 Tbsp tamari • 3 Tbsp olive oil • 3 Tbsp miso paste • 1 Tbsp fresh rosemary leaves • Sunflower seeds or seeds of choice, for sprinkling METHOD 1. Blend all the ingredients, apart from the rosemary leaves and the seeds for sprinkling, in a food processor until sticky. 2. Press the mixture onto a lined dehydrator or baking tray. Use a spatula or your fingers to work the spread into a height of 0.5mm. 3. Score the top of the spread horizontally and vertically into squares with a knife so that the crackers break cleanly and easily once dry. 4. Sprinkle over the fresh rosemary leaves and seeds of your choice. 5. Leave in a dehydrator for eight hours at 46°C or in an oven for 30 minutes at 180°C. _ Recipe from WHOLE by Bronwyn Kan, Beatnik Publishing, RRP $44.99, beatnikshop.com

Jul 2017

"I find miso a perfect addition to add depth and saltiness to a dish. These crackers have a lovely savoury flavour and I love pairing them with some avocado and sauerkraut. The addition of rosemary fills the house with an amazing scent!"






Dreamt up in a café in Paris and formulated on a bar stool in the heart of Auckland City, Annabel’s is the life-long dream of childhood friends Henry and Oliver. It is the modern day rendezvous, welcoming all walks of life — those who appreciate the art of conversations at the bottles. The philosophy at Annabel’s is to create a neighbourhood atmosphere that is centred on experimenting with and enjoying great value for money wines from around the world. As there are only two types of wine drinkers, the insecure and the very insecure, the Annabel’s team will strive to make the experience relaxed and uncomplicated. The program will change from season to season. A small selection of the wines will be familiar to most people with the remainder being wines that showcase different styles, grape varieties and flavours from around the world. Annabel’s menu offers simple and classic favourites that have been tried and tested for generations. The menu created by chef Maia Atvars, sous chef of Depot Eatery, includes Spanish-cured meats sliced to order, cheese by the gram, and other delicatessen goods, all served in a casual setting. Each dish is complemented by Annabel’s first pressing olive oil, available by the bottle for $20. Annabel’s is a neighbourhood wine bar, where the owners Oliver and Henry have created a modern take on an age-old concept, celebrating their two favourite things; a drink and a snack.



Providing a space for dinnertime get-togethers, the café now offers dinner specials. The café’s philosophy is that a café should be a friendly place for both customers and staff, with fantastic food and ambiance. Lenders says he hopes that customers will return again and again, each time feeling more at home at Teed St. Larder. The café focuses on the style of cooking and strives to stand out from other café menus by including unique and flavorful dishes. They see value in being a point of difference from the average and usual café, and endeavor to create an environment that customers enjoy. Lenders and Jin will be opening another café, the Lorne St. Larder, in July.


LIKE Teed St Larder on Facebook: facebook.com/ teedstreetlarder to be in to win one of four $50 vouchers drawn every Friday in the month of July. Winners will be notified via Facebook. — 7 TEED ST, NEWMARKET TEEDSTLARDER@GMAIL.COM FACEBOOK.COM/TEEDSTREETLARDER INSTAGRAM.COM/TEEDSTREETLARDER

7 Te e d S t , N e wma r ke t t e e d s t l a rd e r @g ma i l . com F a ce b ook. com/ t e e d s t re e t l a rd er I n s t a g r a m. com/ t e e d s t re e t l a rd er

Jul 2017

Although already a popular spot for breakfast and lunch, business partners Brian Lenders and Owen Jin have opened up their café, Teed St. Larder, for evening meals.



Fully licensed A warm inviting space If you wish to book a table please call 09 524 8406








We’ve all heard that old wives tale about the first meal of the day being the most important. Fact or fiction, we venture out most Sunday mornings constantly on the lookout for something unique and affordable. Tapestry has built up a mighty reputation over the last few years for its fine cuisine made with regional produce. Apart from being one of the city's most established and prestige restaurants in a world where the term icon is too readily applied, this is a lot more than a simple breakfast experience.

experience bistro dining b y c h e f ya n n i c k o p e n f o r b r e a k f a s t, l u n c h & d i n n e r

pullman auckl and c n r . p r i n c e s s t & wa t e r l o o q u a d r a n t b o o k t o d ay : ta p e s t r y d i n i n g . c o . n z

It's open from 6am daily, with buffet dishes of organic bacon, grilled vine tomatoes, scrambled eggs, whitebait fritters, roast potatoes, baked beans and a wide selection of cold meats and exceptional cheeses. The compact buffet includes freshly-squeezed orange, tomato or kiwi fruit juices, yoghurt, smoothies, cereals, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and seeds along with manuka comb honey. The pastry-makers' skills are evident with baskets of freshly baked croissants, pastries, muffins and assorted specialty breads and the finest preserves. Other delicacies include pancakes and maple syrup, a congee station and to savour all this you can choose a really good coffee or other hot beverages. For fitness and health fanatics, an ingenious addition is the Pullman Fit buffet which brings balance, detox, and energy to the table. Think shots of kale and beetroot, coconut and carrot, bircher muesli, fresh fruits, quinoa and puffed amaranth, coconut and soya yoghurts, smoked salmon, cottage cheese, egg white and spinach scrambled eggs. And the verdict? Tapestry leads the way with a new breakfast dining experience that leaves diners smiling. Care, freshness and quality ingredients are much in evidence making this one of Auckland’s best early morning meals. Restaurateurs trying to divine the secret of their breakfast success might want to start with a visit. — Words: Dennis and Rosamund Knill

Menu: 9.5 Cuisine: 9.5 Service: 8.5

Décor: 8.5 Value for Money: 9.5


CelebrateAutumn05verve.indd 1

27/06/17 1:50 pm


Born May 2013 at The Blue Breeze Inn – shamelessly copied ever since. Metro Restaurant Awards – People’s Choice Winner 2015

64-9-360 0303 | hello@thebluebreezeinn.co.nz | 146 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland | www.thebluebreezeinn.co.nz


When Ngaire Ashmore used to drive past Auckland Girls’ Grammar School as a rookie teacher 20 years ago, she felt intrigued by its “air of mystery”, comparing it to “something out of Harry Potter”. Ngaire says she dreamt of one day working at such an institution. Now, she’s heading it. “I’m only a term-and-a-half in, and it’s been a fantastic experience,” beams the new principal. “It’s such a historic establishment—we will be celebrating the 130th year next year — one of the oldest in Auckland. Last Sunday, I had afternoon tea with 80 of the Old Girls, some of them are more than 90. It was amazing to hear their stories, witness their pride at being part of such as tradition. The schools where I’ve previously worked haven’t had that tradition of Old Boys or Old Girls networks, and I’m thrilled to be a part of such heritage. The women that have come through the school are exceptional.” Does such a history add pressure? “I feel more privileged than pressured. There is a sense of maintaining that tradition, while developing it further, preparing the girls for the 21st century and the society that waits for them today.” Ngaire says it’s vital that pupils leave with traditional skills alongside knowledge in such things as automation. “We provide the girls with the opportunity to develop their creative sides, and to work in collaboration with each other,” adds the principal. “To understand the issues facing the world and how they can be part of the solutions to them in terms of what they can contribute to their local communities and society as a whole. The world is rapidly changing, as is the position of women in it, and we must build their confidence and encourage them to play a leading role in it. It’s about forward thinking.”

NGAIRE ASHMORE: WOMAN OF PRINCIPLE » I was a student who liked to push the boundaries. Who was very inquisitive and didn’t just accept this is how things should be. «

Ngaire sees several similarities between the Old Girls and the current crop — notably a sense of sisterhood and staunchness. “The girls here are calm and purposeful,” says the headmistress. “I’ve come from being a principal at a co-ed school [Ngaire led Tangaroa College for 10 years] so am used to dedicating time to problemsolving how to engage boys in their learning. In that sense, it does make it easier to be able to focus on only girls — having said that, a group of 1,200 girls comes with other kinds of challenges!” The principal has put her PhD on hold while she settles into the role and “gets her feet under the table”. “There’s something very different about being at a school that’s been around for 130 years as opposed to one that’s been around for 50,” she says. “I’m still learning about the history of the place, and what it’s all about.” So, what was Ngaire like as pupil? “I was a student who liked to push the boundaries. Who was very inquisitive and didn’t just accept this is how things should be. I think I could have been one of those challenging students for some teachers; for others, a student that reminded them why they wanted to teach. Education is such an amazing vehicle for people to grow and develop and be all they can possibly be.” Advice she would give to her younger self is to keep pushing the envelope, and “never accept mediocrity or the status quo”. They are philosophies that she now instils through her position as principal. “We must always consider the world and our contribution to it,” Ngaire continues. “I was very much interested in how I could serve, how I could give back. I think that is a very important quality for young people to have — to think about the community and how they can contribute to it.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


CREATING FINANCiALLY INDEPENDENT KIDS STOPS AND STARTS WITH PARENTS One month ago, I was asked by the media if I thought that kids should follow their dreams. I answered, “No, they should chase them.” The person interviewing me wrote up the story 'Hannah Doesn’t Believe Our Kids Should Follow Their Dreams'. From that headline, a whole lot of comments ensued. Some positive. A lot negative. It’s funny how when only half the story is presented the wrong conclusions are often drawn. As a parent, I want my kids to reach for the stars. But telling them they can reach, and showing them how to reach are two very different things. Telling my kids that they can be anything they want, without acknowledging their strengths for them to lean into, and identifying their constraints so they can learn to combat them, is like giving half the message. In my day job, my team and I work with adult clients to help them achieve their financial capability. We call ourselves financial personal trainers and our number one role is to help our clients be financially better off over a 12-month period, than what they were on track to achieve themselves. The means and life stages of our clients are varied. Some are earning $50,000, others more than $1,000,000. Some are sinking, others are flying, most floating. Some clients are worth negative $100,000, others are worth tens of millions. But the one consistent theme is that each client knows that their relationship with money could improve,

and that they are capable of getting better results than their bank balance might initially suggest. That is when enableMe comes in. When we work with our clients we encourage them to bring their kids to meetings so their kids can 'catch' the point that money is to be mastered and that it is the sum of small but purposeful actions that create financial success. Money mastery comes more naturally to some than others. It certainly helps if you are a programmed saver with a clear strategic emphasis. But for many of us, this is not the default. Too many of us are shoppers, without a financial goal or plan, which in turn means we remain financially aimless. In researching how to create financially capable kids, it became clear that parents are not mastering money themselves, making it pretty hard to then teach their kids. Any teenager, when they get a whiff of hypocrisy, is going to throw the lesson back in your face. As parents, we need to be better with our money so that our kids are better. Money is not to be revered or feared. Financial stress is not supposed to create anxiety, reduce productivity or cause relationship breakdown; but unless you take control of your financial situation, it will do just that. After two years of research and the release of my new book Pocket Money to Property — How To Create Financially Independent


» If the parent has an unhealthy are likely to have one as well. The difference for our kids is that the financial tides have turned during our generation. «

What kids need to master before leaving home: • Understand and master cashflow management • Know their money personality • Understand how business and leverage works • Understand how to develop adaptability, agility and grit • Know their financial and emotional weaknesses • Understand what life costs • Know how to set and challenge goals • Have a financial strategy to execute If the parent has an unhealthy relationship with money, their kids are likely to have one as well. The difference for our kids is that the financial tides have turned during our generation. For the next generation, it is no longer sufficient that you spend less than you earn and work hard. That will not ensure property ownership, whether you like avocado on toast or not. Our job is to equip them for the reality of their future. Let’s not tell them only half the story, but instead show them how to be better because we are better ourselves. — Words: Hannah McQueen


Jul 2017

What we learn is that financial success is the result of numerous little steps paired with a purpose or strategy on becoming the best you can be with money. By the time our kids leave home they need to have understood the concepts below. If you are not positioned well to explain it to them, then have someone else do it, but make sure your kids are learning what they need to, so deciding whether they incur a $50,000 student loan becomes an informed decision as opposed to ‘well that is just what everyone else is doing’.


Kids, it has become clear that our kids are not learning what they need to about ‘adulting’ (in the financial sense) before they leave home and this is disadvantaging them. We encourage our kids to incur student loans without them stress testing their career path or the return on investment for the funds advanced. Too few kids are not working before or during university. As parents, we know that money underpins our self-worth, our self-esteem, our general wellbeing — yet we don’t discuss it honestly. Our kids pick up on this, and the scary thing here is that they seek answers from Google, or their peers, who are also frighteningly under-informed.


relationship with money, their kids




With the introduction of achievement standards, continuous assessment and higher entry requirements for tertiary courses, parents are focusing more and more on their child’s academic performance at school. A generation ago, most parents just let the school get on with it, but today they’re a lot more involved and naturally concerned about how to bring out the best in their child, whatever that may be. Tutoring was once the ambulance at the bottom of the education cliff. Today, it’s part of a wider strategy to help children develop effective learning skills, while also identifying and fixing specific problems as they occur. More and more parents are realising the benefits of maintaining learner confidence and the positive influence it has on participation, motivation and selfmanaged learning. Children attending regular professional tutoring are no longer just those who are struggling at school. They’re increasingly mid-to-high-performing students making sure they can achieve their very best. If you’re wondering whether tutoring would help your child to be their best, ask yourself if you’d accept this offer. A learning specialist,

who is passionate about education, meets with you and your child to identify areas to develop and/or extend; tailors a learning programme to suit your child; then meets with them every week to help them become a more confident learner and reach their potential. If you answered yes, you already know tutoring is the right thing for your child. NumberWorks’nWords has been helping Kiwi kids for more than 30 years. Our tutoring is linked to the current New Zealand school curriculum and we use learning methods that are compatible with the way your child is taught at school. You can book our no-obligation free assessment for your child. It will tell you how they’re doing compared to children of the same age. You’ll get specific information about their weaknesses and strengths, as well as an indication of what we would do to make a difference. If you decide to continue we’ll set goals with you and your child, develop an individualised programme and provide regular progress reports. With NumberWorks’nWords you can feel confident you’re doing the best for your child.


Small class sizes l

Specialist teachers l

Modern facilities l

Sports academies l

Dual academic pathway NCEA and International Baccalaureate


ST PETER'S, CAMBRIDGE WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? New Zealand’s biggest boarding school, St Peter’s, Cambridge started 2017 on a high with enrolments well ahead of previous years and more to come.

Roskill Grammar and new deputy principal Greg Haines comes from St Kentigern College. They join 20 new teachers at the school, many in new positions to meet the growth in enrolment.

Principal Dale Burden cites the enormous opportunities for students at St Peter’s – access to highly qualified staff, world-class facilities, a choice of curriculum, more than 30 sporting options and one of the best performing arts faculties in the country – as the primary reasons a place at the school is so sought after.

“The quality of our academic staff for 2017 is outstanding. We attracted excellent candidates for every vacancy. The drawcard of St Peter’s was one factor, but so was the attraction of living in Cambridge or Waikato. While a number of new staff are from Auckland, there are also some New Zealanders returning home from overseas and they see Cambridge as a great place to raise their children.”

Four-hundred-and-fifty out of 1,100 students at St Peter’s are boarders. To meet the demand for local and boarding students, St Peter’s has two new extensions to boarding underway, with plans to expand the day house facilities. An additional day house and another new boarding house are possibilities. “St Peter’s offers a genuine holistic education and numerous opportunities for students,” says Dale. “And it’s world-class opportunities that parents are increasingly wanting for their children – opportunities that the state simply cannot provide.” Dale moved to St Peter’s last year, after 10 years as headmaster at Mount Albert Grammar School. The opportunities he refers to are smaller class sizes, outstanding teachers, individual care and attention, extensive outdoor education opportunities and worldclass facilities. The school also offers a choice of qualifications – the national NCEA and the International Baccalaureate (IB). “St Peter’s offers a genuine dual pathway. We treat each qualification the same. While IB has some clear differences, essentially the philosophy that underpins both NCEA and IB is very similar,” explains Dale.

Innovation continues at St Peter’s with the introduction of four new sports academies in football, netball, cricket and rugby. High-profile coaches are leading these new academies, including former All White and All Whites coach Ricki Herbert, Olympian cyclists Tim and Fiona Carswell, Northern Districts cricket coach Owen Steverson, former Waikato/BOP Magic netballer Amigene Metcalfe and former Chiefs rugby player Sean Hohneck. Arts at St Peter’s continues to provide amazing opportunities in music, drama and dance. “When you put all three together, our annual production is world-class. This year’s Starlight Express was quite simply the best school production I have ever been to,” says Dale. “Our ability to empower every student, be they academic, sporting or creative, is what makes St Peter’s unique.” EXPERIENCE OUR SCHOOL’S UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT AND WORLD-CLASS FACILITIES. OPEN DAYS: FRI 18 AUGUST 2017 9.45AM SUN 12 NOVEMBER 2017 1PM REGISTER AT: OPENDAY@STPETERS.SCHOOL.NZ STPETERS.SCHOOL.NZ

St Peter’s started 2017 with more change at the top, following the retirement of some senior staff at the end of last year. The new associate principal, Julie Small comes from a similar position at Mount

YEARS 7–13





H O RO S CO P E S 118



23 August – 22 September

21 March – 19 April

You know exactly what you’re capable of, and you see situations realistically. You work hard and have great discipline, and the more you have success, the better you feel about yourself. Your confidence grows as your achievements stack up. You can have much more communication and conversations with others, gather information and facts, and want to engage with others for the mental stimulation.

You have an easier time committing yourself to projects, people, and plans. You can strike just the right balance in your life. It’s a great time to pick up information from your environment. You like being in the spotlight, and you want people to see what you’re doing. You can feel out the emotions in any situation, and you recall the way you felt in various situations vividly.



23 September – 22 October

20 April - 20 May

You’re willing to try new things, and opportunities can come to you more easily. Or you make them for yourself. You could have a finger in many pies, so to speak, as your curiosity is piqued by a larger variety of things than usual. You are exploring and searching now, making connections, and paying attention to your immediate environment. Great energy for attraction, entertainment, and romance is with you.

SCORPIO 23 October – 21 November

You have a light-hearted, optimistic approach to everything, and you’re more friendly and gregarious with people. You think up big ideas and talk a big game, but probably won’t follow through on any of it. An inner sense of peace and security prevails. Your affections are strong but you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve just now, preferring quiet moments with loved ones.

LEO 23 July – 22 August The ideas you come up with are more radical than usual, and you’re open to ideas that are unusual, innovative, and unconventional. You’re attracted to people who are original thinkers. A close relationship could have a transformative effect on you. Getting engaged or married is a distinct possibility. If you’re already in a committed partnership, take your beloved’s advice and pursue a cherished dream.

You are more inclined to take pride in your intellectual accomplishments and your ability to make connections. You are likely quite preoccupied with feelings of security and your inner experiences. This is a time when you send down roots and seek a feeling of belonging. If single, you can begin seeing someone in secret, or begin an affair. If attached, you can be more romantic and whimsical with your partner.

GEMINI 21 May – 20 June

You can set a new goal for yourself and achieve it. You’re more optimistic about the direction your life is taking. You might have a more materialistic view of life for the time being, or you have an increased interest in your own possessions, during this cycle. You are more attracted to objects and possessions that give you a sense of comfort, status, or luxury now.




22 November - 21 December

20 January – 18 February

21 June - 22 July

You'll be pushing determinedly to find a better direction for yourself in your career and life in general. You are feeling inspired creatively and romantically and you express your loving feelings quite openly now. Creative self-expression of any kind is favored at this time. Any love affair begun now will be characterised by good cheer, having fun, and a fair share of emotional drama.

You can begin a new project that’ll help your career, get a promotion, or be recognised and praised for your accomplishments. You can commit fully to the people that are good for you, the ideas that are smartest, and the beliefs that make the most sense, and eliminate the rest. Loyalty and sensitivity in your relationships are more important to you than typically.



22 December – 19 January

19 February – 20 March

This month the focus can be on cultivating and nourishing your inner foundations that support you and your growth. This would be a good time to negotiate a contract, ask for a date or make a public presentation. Meeting someone special or enjoying a rendezvous with your partner could make you feel like you’re walking on air. Domestic relationships and the home environment tend to be harmonious and peaceful during this cycle.

You feel good when you focus on the future and on your dreams, and you can get closer to achieving your dreams if you put a little bit of effort in. You also like things that seem unconventional and different from anything else, and appreciate this in ideas, projects, and people. It’s a great time to push your agenda, whether it’s finding a job, getting a date or embarking on an adventure.

You feel most like yourself when you’re focusing on the serious aspects of your life. There are important matters that need to be dealt with, and you’re willing to face whatever you have to. You may come across as more seductive, mysterious, and moody. You want to have someone with you all of the time, and prefer doing things with another person instead of alone or with a group.


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your life!

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// Jul 2017

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Similarly, in Australia, Stephanie has just led the group through a three-year evolution that involved “significant structural changes”: “The end result is a group of intelligent, energised souls who love working here. I get quite emotional when I talk about them because they are so smart and passionate and I’m so proud of their dedication and hard work. It’s an honour to have been on the journey with them.” You’ve clearly inspired others, but who has inspired you? “I’ve always been fortunate enough to have been surrounded— and taught—by people that have found success due to their honesty and authenticity. My time with Belkin has led to me having a direct line to founder and CEO Chet Pipkin, and it has been a privilege to observe the care he shows for people, and his unwavering passion and energy for business. That has certainly been one of the biggest gifts in terms of mentoring. On a personal level, my mum was a single, working mother who was super independent. All of these things shape who we are.” How has the art of leadership evolved over your career? “I think it’s linked to a general societal change. The world has become less rigid, there are more grey areas, more room for opinion. It’s healthy to hear different perspectives. I’m interested in building a safe space where people aren’t afraid to step up and share ideas.”

Since childhood, Stephanie admits she’s always liked order. “My mum, being polite, would probably call me strong-willed,” she chuckles. “But I was always a very independent child, a typically stubborn Taurus. I was in Rotorua recently and drove past my primary school with my mum. She said on my first day she walked me across the street and I let go of her hand and said, ‘I don’t think I need you anymore mum!’ We moved around a lot as a family [Stephanie has a brother 18 months her senior] so had to learn to adapt quickly. I believe it was character building. I was never conditioned or stereotyped by a particular place and I still carry that open perspective about others, why they are who they are, and how they got there.” As for having kids herself, Stephanie says that “it’s not a route she’s been able to go down”, but it has enabled her to “make certain decisions” about her career that have “supported my professional growth”. I ask about equality in the industry, and she’s keen to stress that sexism is something she has never felt she has encountered — but that’s not to say changes can’t be made for the better. “I’ve always sought roles that I believed aligned to my strength,” says Stephanie. “I do see a shift in women in management coming through, and I still think there’s room for more women to recognise their own ability. I realise that is a very broad statement, but it is of course important for women to feel empowered and comfortable with putting up their hand and showing self-belief.” As for the immediate future, Stephanie says she’s excited about Belkin’s recent boom, and proud of the leading role she played: “There is a new level of stability and growth and I want to both support and celebrate the team’s achievements.” Eventually, at some point, Stephanie would “like to end up back in New Zealand”, but she adds, she’s most certainly far from done with Belkin yet.

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Jul 2017

Belkin was founded in California in 1983 by Chet Pipkin in his parents’ garage, and is now one of the world’s foremost designers and manufacturers of digital accessories (most notably for, though not limited to, Apple products) such as phone cases, charging docks, keyboards and smart cables. Beginning 2001, Stephanie set up the New Zealand operation pretty much from scratch, over a period of eight years increasing annual revenue from $150,000 to more than $11 million. “Because I started that business, I feel extreme personal investment,” she says. “It remains among my proudest achievements, an endeavour that began with me sitting on the floor building my own catalogues, to training and building a team that is still thriving today.”

Like most successful directors, Stephanie adheres to a rigid routine — up at 5.45am on office days for a brisk walk to clear her head, while weekends are reserved for her personal training sessions: “I also travel a lot for work, so always make sure I have some running shoes with me to hit the treadmill or explore a new city.”


In 2014, Kiwi Stephanie Ogden was appointed managing director of Belkin having served as NZ country manager, then, based in Australia, director of sales, for a total of 12 years. “Even after 15 years at the company, I’m still just as driven,” says Stephanie over the phone from Sydney. “The people drive me on. I’m not a hierarchical manager, I believe in surrounding myself with people that make me look great! It’s all about empowering a wonderful team.”







The Scott family first settled in Palmerston North, Scott Senior was an aircraft engineer. “In London, during the The DJ has won a heap of awards, recognised in New 60s and 70s, my father worked on the Zealand and internationally, bagging jets that were used by the likes of Rod a pair of New York Radio Awards (“a Stewart, the Stones and the Beatles,” very surreal experience”). In 2015, says Robert. “He thought them very I still get the having spent a total of 17 years hosting messy and uncouth! He has some great breakfast shows, including the wildly adrenalin rush popular Two Robbies show on The stories, but he’s in his 80s now and you really have to prise them out of him.” Breeze, Robert took over the station’s when I turn afternoon drive-time show — a far more on the mic British radio stations at the time were relaxing affair. He still finds time to wield national, based out of the capital, so a guitar and sing backing vocals for the local setup down under was a real Shane Cortese and the 8-Track Band novelty for 10-year-old Robert. “I used who play to sizable crowds all over the to be able to bike to the station and watch the person country, covering classic Aussie and Kiwi rock. Robert behind the glass who I listened to at home,” he says. admits to being a frustrated rock star: “In fact, every DJ “That’s when the connection happened. I realised I seems to be able to pick up a guitar!” wanted to work in radio, and I was very lucky to find out so young what I wanted to do.” I ask him what makes a good DJ.

Now into his fourth decade of broadcasting, Robert says his longevity is among his proudest achievements. “I love the changes in technology,” says the DJ. “I love the adrenalin, interviewing people. I’m a huge Kiss fan, and I got to chat with Paul Stanley a couple of years ago and it was everything I hoped it would be. He was eloquent and elegant, and had this incredible, rock star presence. I’ve interviewed about five prime ministers. John Key was always the most open and fun. I interviewed David Lange when I was 22, which was quite overwhelming. He had a great sense of humour and was very quick.” Robert is thrilled to have bagged Bill Nighy’s autograph that morning, for his son. He has two kids, 20-year-old Sam, and Molly, 16. I presume they must consider it pretty cool having a dad on national radio. But “they’re well over it”. “They used to think it was cool when they

“The ability to connect with listeners. My best friend is Dominic Harvey who does the breakfast show at The Edge. We were best men at each other’s weddings and we started off at the same station in Palmerston North. I really admire him. He always has these great ideas, and the ability to make me both laugh and cry. I think he’s one of the best.” I wonder how difficult it is to be radio-ready with positive vibes every day — especially during some of life’s crueller moments. “It comes naturally,” says the host. “I still get the adrenalin rush when I turn on the mic, which helps. Even during the tough times, you have to see it as a chance to go on air and have some fun. It’s an escape. You say, ‘Right, let’s do this’, then you put on the very best show you can.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Jul 2017

Robert and his wife, Carmel, first crossed paths in Palmerston North while she was a nursing student, but, he jokes, she doesn’t remember the encounter. A while later, he hosted the Miss Vanuatu contest in which she was runner-up (she remembers him then), and four years later, “mutual friends hooked us up”. They soon married. By then Robert, now based in Auckland, had established one of the nation’s most listened-to morning shows, on 91FM, having “cut his teeth” doing the graveyard shifts in Palmerston North getting paid “nine-and-a-half grand and free records". (He tells me he misses the free records.) In 1999, Robert was offered a gig in the UK, and the couple moved over for three years. “I sat outside the house where I was born and listened to the radio show I used to work on,” he says. “It was touching how it had come full circle.”


“We moved over here when I was eight,” says the broadcaster. “When you emigrate when you’re young, it’s quite unsettling. Things were very different in the 70s, it was tough and I got bullied about my accent, so, by choice, I lost it very quickly.” Robert tells me he also developed a skill for making kids laugh. “It’s a very common theme when you speak with others that were bullied at school, as soon as you can find a way to entertain, then the bullying stops. I also began getting into theatre and school productions, that’s when it all came together.”

were younger,” chuckles Robert. “The poor kids have had microphone thrust into their faces their whole lives. I played Molly’s heartbeat on the radio before she was even born.”


Radio host Robert Scott is on a high when we meet for coffee at a Ponsonby café having just interviewed British screen idol Billy Nighy whom he describes as a “gentleman” with “a beautiful voice”. Robert soon picks up on my British tones (alas, they’re not quite in the same league as Nighy’s), and admits that he too was born in Blighty. Robert’s accent is most certainly not British, however. He made a conscious effort to shed his very early on— funnily, around the time he discovered his talent for talking.





When the Waterview Tunnel opens to traffic early next month it will transform the way people and freight move around Auckland. It will herald the biggest change in the city’s transport system since the opening of the Auckland Harbour Bridge in 1959. It’s part of a huge and ongoing infrastructure investment from this government that is only possible because we’ve managed the books well and have choices about where to invest. The twin 2.4km-long, three-lane tunnels and a giant motorway interchange at Great North Road are the final piece in the 48km Western Ring Route – a second route through Auckland, bypassing the city centre, creating greater reliability and resilience. When National came into government in 2008 we decided we needed a way to fast-track important transport infrastructure projects. We could see that some projects needed to be constructed and built as quickly as possible, so we developed the Roads of National Significance programme. The $2.4 billion Western Ring Route, which includes Waterview, was chosen because of the contribution it would make to our fastest growing city. It has been hugely successful and is expected to produce economic benefits worth $430 million, through improved productivity and reduced travel time, and create more than 18,000 jobs. The $1.4 billion tunnel, which runs between Pt Chevalier and Mt Roskill, will greatly also benefit the surrounding suburbs by freeing up local roads by transferring traffic onto the state highway network.

The dashboard needle hovers at 80 and the grey urban complexes melt into a verdant blur. Auckland’s traffic, trim flat whites and bustle fades as the smooth tarmac gives ways to gravel’s gritty crackle. As the west coast's earthy musk fills the van, its occupants become visibly animated. Before the wheels even crunch to a stop they know they’ve arrived. Dog handler, Alex, smoothly detangles Millie and Chip, calms Alfie and clips the GPS tracker onto Ollie, a Dalmatian who loves to run. Once they are settled and listening she lets them out. Noses to the ground, the pack knows what to do. Soon the inky black sand, glistening with water, is scattered by nine dogs racing down to the shore. They have embarked on their Wilderness Adventure with CityPets Canine Adventures.

It will also provide more transport options. New bus shoulder lanes will mean more efficient journeys for people using buses to travel to and from the central business district and demonstrate National’s commitment to public transport. Significant upgrades and an extension to the Northwestern Cycleway will provide a safe, separated and enjoyable route for pedestrians and cyclists, between the city and western suburbs.

Today there are as many services for pets as for their owners. Everyone wants their dog to be happy. “Dogs play an important role in modern family life,” says CityPets owner Flash Hayter, “but the kindest opportunities we can provide them with, is to be true to their canine selves. The owners who come to City Pets realise their canine family members need to roll around, socialise, get muddy and go on long distance walks and runs." They are certainly happier for it.

The completed Western Ring Route will provide a better balance of traffic flows across the entire road network, it is not designed to remove congestion altogether. Depending on the time of day, people will be able to see what best route will work for them, providing for a more balanced network.

On the coast, Alfie is covered in seaweed, while Mabel splashes in a pool of seawater and Millie trots along; a bouncing fluff-ball. As they swim, run and play without interruption, Alex offers clear direction and guidance, allowing healthy social bonds to form.

This long awaited and eagerly anticipated piece of transport infrastructure envisioned decades ago is a major change so it will take time for people to get used to the new roads – from those who will just want to drive on them for the first time, to commuters and other road users determining their new travel patterns. Like you, I’m looking forward to checking it out.


The walk back to the van is punctuated by heaving panting. Covered in salt, sand and silt, their heads droop one by one. As the forestry morphs into urban complexes, “almost home” falls on deaf ears. They’re already asleep. — Words: Elisabeth Giles






We are fortunate to have one of the most unique environments in the world, with beautiful beaches, rivers, forests and landscapes. It is our heritage that we should treasure for generations to come. Kiwis are passionate about our environment, and in today’s world, it is one of our defining characteristics as people. But we are squandering our inheritance. Our rivers are polluted. Monitoring shows we can only swim safely in 40% of the rivers – otherwise we risk getting sick. Old growth native forest, even in protected areas, is still being destroyed for short-term profits from mining. Our unique native birds evolved without mammals, but now 80% face extinction.

As I write this there is news of yet another ransomware cyber attack. Mainly in Europe, but this time targeting banks, businesses and airports. If you ever get infected by this type of attack, please don’t respond to their demands. Get us or your preferred IT professional involved. If you call the number or email the attackers you will probably lose money. Never let people convince you that they are from Spark or Microsoft and that they must get you to do something on your computer. If in any doubt, call us. We have had a lot of enquiries about small group tuition. Rosemary can run tuition sessions for up to four people for 1-2 hours where she can answer all your questions and help you with your specific problems. She can give you lots of helpful tips that may make your life easier. This would be cheaper than her normal tuition rate. It could be one off or a more regular event. Whether you need help managing your email or want to learn how to use Pinterest. Rosemary can help you with most day to day computer questions. Please give us some feedback if you are interested. We can group you together if we have individuals or you could form your own group of friends. We can run the tuition at our office or at your own place. At Rudy’s PC Services we can help you set up the best solution for your needs. Call us about anything regarding your computer and we will be glad to advise you and fulfil your requirements. We are all about making long-term relationships with our customers, giving ongoing advice and support. Often for free! Like us on Facebook and share with your friends and family. Rudy's Verve Mag advert.pdf




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In Auckland, we are still allowing raw sewage to flow into Judges Bay and our magnificent harbour when it rains heavily, and commercial fishing practices are damaging our marine life. And we are failing on climate change — instead of reducing our emissions as we promised in international treaties, New Zealand’s emissions have actually risen by 20% since this government came into office in 2008.

“We won’t have an economy if we destroy the environment.” We can do so much better. Protecting our natural heritage is not only good for our enjoyment of our environment, it is also good for our economy. Tourism is founded on our environment, investors come because this is where talented people want to live, and consumers across the world want natural, safe and healthy products. Most of our exports are derived from our natural resources and they benefit from our clean green brand. We should protect and invest in our reputation, instead of undermining it, especially since other countries are lining up to position themselves as champions of sustainability. We should be leading the world in sustainable business, low emissions farming and high value natural products. This year we face a decisive election. The Green Party have shown that we are the only political party that consistently champions the environment. Our political pressure has pushed all governments to do more. Now we need your support to get more Green MPs into Parliament. This is important for us, but also for our children and grandchildren. Vote Green Party at the election on Saturday, 23 September. Barry Coates is a Green Party Member of Parliament and candidate in the Epsom electorate.




107 Great South Road, Greenlane PO Box 26 153 Epsom, Auckland 1344


09 524 4930




www.paulgoldsmith.co.nz facebook.com/PaulGoldsmithNZ

BALM ST NE WMARKET 0 9 5 24 5787

Model is wearing: Marrakesh Top 4339JX Maddox Jean 4196GXBT

Funded by Parliamentary Service and authorised by Paul Goldsmith 107 Great South Rd Auckland

W W W. H A R T L E Y S . C O. N Z

Want Want to to get get mortgage free mortgage free Want to get faster? faster? free mortgage Come faster? Come in in for for a a free free financial checkup. financial checkup. Come in for a free financial checkup. You don’t have to be a Kiwibank customer for one of our You don’t have to be a Kiwibank customer for one of our Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup and show you how to reduce your mortgage debt. and show you how to reduce your mortgage debt. You don’t have tohot be arates, Kiwibank customer one of our We can can offer you hot rates, help you you choosefor the right We offer you help choose the right Banking Consultants to giveplan youand, a financial home loan and repayment if your checkup home loan home loan and repayment plan and, if your home loan and show you$50,000, how to reduce your mortgage is than a plan could is more more than $50,000, a refinancing refinancing plan that thatdebt. could save save you up to $2,000. you up to $2,000. We can offer you hot rates, help you choose the right home loan and repayment plan and, if your home loan All itit isis is more than $50,000, a to refinancing planBanking that could save All takes call to your local Banking All ittakes takes isaa acall call toyour yourlocal local Banking you up to $2,000. Consultant, John Chang on 09on 520 at Consultant Sarena Buchan 093896 520 6259

Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 at the Newmarket Branch. Branch. at Newmarket Newmarket Branch.

All it takes is a call to your local Banking Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 at Newmarket Branch.

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at kiwibank.co.nz. Kiwibank’s Get a a copy copy of Kiwibank’s Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act apply. Disclosure Statement Statement at at kiwibank.co.nz. kiwibank.co.nz. Kiwibank’s Kiwibank’s Get of Financial Advisers Act Disclosure lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees lending criteria, criteria, terms terms and and conditions conditions and and fees fees apply. apply. lending

June15Verve June15Verve June15Verve

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at kiwibank.co.nz. Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply. June15Verve

The latest in


FINAL APARTMENT STAGES SELLING NOW Ranfurly Village offers one of central Auckland’s finest retirement lifestyles. Choose from a selection of beautiful and spacious apartments. “My parents had wonderful retirement years and enjoyed a lifestyle that is very similar to what is now available at Ranfurly Village” Judy Bailey


(09) 625 3420

Sales office located at: Historic Ranfurly House, 539 Mt Albert Road, Auckland

ranfurlyvillage.co.nz A GENERUS LIVING VILLAGE




Enjoy authentic French pastries and bistro meals at La Fourchette. We are close to the beach and family-friendly.


Mon: 8am-4pm · Tue-Sun: 8am-late | 8C Turua St · St Heliers · Auckland

Jul 2017

Creating good, honest food crafted with pride.

Need a cab?

D evo n p o r t W ha r f , Q u e e n s Pa r a d e, Au c kl a n d 09 445 7012 M o n - F r i : 6 a m - L at e S at & S u n : 8 a m - L at e

Call Corporate Cabs

09 377 0773

country corner by interiors Tr a d it io n a l Fre nc h h a n d c r a f t e d f u r n i t u re a n d h o me wa re at a ff o rda b le pr ic es . Kohimarama Salon 33 Melanesia Rd, Kohimarama 09 521 8088

ch cl ub ca fe & b ea b ea ch d, ta k a pu n a 4 th e st ra n z | zo m er .c o. n 09 4 88 75 94

5 0 7 L a k e Rd, Ta k ap u n a 09 486 0057


128 Info Session and Morning Tea, with Guest Speaker David Boyle from the Commission for Financial Capability.

Find out more, or RSVP to Amy McDonald: amcdonald@rutherfordrede.co.nz

Hattitude, New Zealand’s only traditional men’s hat shop. For the man who appreciates quality and classic style. A treasure trove of flat caps, fashion hats and so much more. Among our many worldwide suppliers are such iconic brands as Akubra, Borsalino and Goorin Brothers, alongside Hills Hats of New Zealand, of course.

Boutique Bed & Breakfast

Shop 2 /235 Parnell Rd Auckland 09 215 8955 | info@hattitude.co.nz


The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.


Visit our website at www.justrentals.co.nz 40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email justrentals@xtra.co.nz


B a y s ide Re n t al s L td Shape your mind, body and style

Property management in the Bays. Sue has been assisting landlords with their rental properties for many years. Do contact Sue for any advice about your property or tenants.

09 575 9887 | 0274 908264

Summer bodies are made in winter! You don’t need to suffer another long hot summer draped from head to toe! Get in touch for your complimentary consultation.

Iona Eadie-Askew | 0225 730 468 | iona@evolvelifecoaching.co.nz evolvelifecoaching.co.nz

m or f s n a Tr rself You 0800 131 101

Book direct at

Jul 2017

VELVETClassic CUSHIONS in INlamps STORE store and ANDonline. ONLINE

Look your best – call us NOW! 09 529 5115 info@signaturestyle.co.nz 330 Parnell Rd, Parnell



547 Te Atatu Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula

ewest licensed cafes to the Te Atatu Peninsula, proud to serve the e a great space with a large outdoors area perfect for adults and re is fantastic for functions, has a great menu and our freshly roasted


Signature Style Services make GREAT Christmas gifts!

New Zealand’s foremost personal image and styling consultancy, for that little bit of wardrobe magic.



ne: 834 6635

Central Otago Vineyard Cottages Winery, Cellar Door & Bistro Only 10 mins to Arrowtown

09 488 7244 6 1 H U R S T ME R E R D, TA KA PU N A

Open 7 days till 5pm each day

OP E N DA ILY 7A M –4P M — REMARKABLE BREAKFASTS 09 8 3 4 6 6 3 5 AND BRUNCHES 547 Te Atat u Rd , Te At at u Pe n i n sula — OPEN 7AM – 4PM DAILY Phone: 834 6635 547 Te Atatu Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula SUNNY DECK OR INDOOR DINING The Delicious Food Store is one of the newest The Delicious Food store is one of the newest licensed cafes to the Te Atatu Peninsula, proud to serve the — licensed cafes tospecial the Telocation. Atatu We Peninsula, proud residents of this have a great space with a large outdoors area perfect for adults and ALL FOOD MADE ON THE PREMISES to serve the residents of this special location. children to enjoy. The Delicious Food Store is fantastic for functions, has a great menu and our freshly roasted — We have a great space with a large outdoors AMAZING COFFEE area perfect for adults and children to enjoy. The — Delicious Food Store is fantastic for functions, has CHILDREN’S MENU a great menu and our freshly roasted coffee is amazing and sustainably sourced!

311 Parnell Rd | (09) 379 2860





SPF 50+ Very high protection Broad spectrum - UVA and UVB protection* Ultra-light luxury formulation protects and illuminates. 2 products in 1 - Pure Shade – Moisturising Brightening Sunscreen is both a brightening moisturiser and a sunscreen and should be used as part of your daily routine. • Made in NZ with NZ ingredients manuka, pohutukawa, vitis vinifera (grape seed), and kiwifruit.











As luck would have it, these July holidays, we have a holiday programme called ‘Become an animal champion’ — to champion one of five incredible species, one of which is the giraffe!

// Jul 2017



HAMPSTEAD About the film: A romantic comedy starring Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson, Hampstead is set in Hampstead Village, London, home to the beautiful Heath, a quiet piece of countryside in the middle of the metropolis. Living on the edge of the Heath is American widow Emily Walters (Keaton), who can’t quite focus on the things that need attention in her life, like her lovely old apartment, her finances or even her son. Everything changes when she meets the eccentric, unkempt Donald (Gleeson), who has lived harmoniously on the Heath for 17 years in a ramshackle hut. Now his lifestyle is under threat as property developers use heavy-handed tactics in an attempt to evict him. As Emily steps up to defend Donald in the escalating battle, she soon finds that, despite his gruff exterior, there is something gentle and alluring about him.


ESPRO, the new coffee name in town, is being celebrated for its coffee presses which feature a double micro-filter to deliver a full-flavoured, GRIT-FREE cup of coffee. Along with three different styles of coffee presses, the ESPRO range also includes a convenient Travel Press (complete with a double micro-filter of course!). Whether you’re crossing the Amazon or just trying to commute the urban jungle, you can drink from your ESPRO Travel Press after you have brewed your coffee right inside! The leakproof lid prevents any spills and the vacuum-insulated stainless steel keeps beverages warm for up to four hours. (*Coffee filters are interchangeable with ESPRO tea filters, which can be purchased separately.)



Your invitation to a life-changing experience

performing on the ‘big stage’ Join us for the Pform.nz Production Semester

Young performers enjoy their journey of preparation towards a SHOWCASE in November. Classes are fun, fabulous, student focused, positive and education-based — they rock! Weekly classes: Remuera, Parnell, Kohia Tce, Mt Eden Village, Maungawhau, Kohimarama, St Heliers, Ellerslie, Newmarket, Royal Oak, Ponsonby, Glendowie. PERFORM UNDER LIGHTS TO A PACKED AUDIENCE. LOVE TO HAVE YOU IN THE CAST.

What you need to know: • • • • • •

ONE rehearsal outside usual class sessions. No help required backstage. One-off production fee of $62 covers all aspects of the show. No sewing. No buying. No constructing of costumes. Show running-time 70 minutes. Memories and images for a lifetime created.

• A major highlight for your kids will be knowing you’re in the audience. • The Dorothy Winstone Theatre provides a professional atmosphere — seats 700. • Expect their confidence to soar. • Sit back, your child is about to shine.

Lock it in. enrol online www.pform.nz

FREEPHONE our friendly office team on 0800 736 766 Enrolments close 31 July.

A truly memorable family experience.

09 623 1717 203 Manukau Rd, Epsom epsom@peacockschildcare.co. nz

Peacocks Early Learning Centre Epsom • Healthy meals from fresh organic produce • Inquiry learning inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy • A place for Discovery, Investigation and Exploration • An innovative teaching team • Beautiful natural environment

peacockschildcare.co.nz Peacocks Childcare St Lukes 09 849 4800 70 Malvern Rd, St. Lukes admin@peacocks.org.nz

Peacocks Childcare Ellerslie 09 580 0999 41 Rockfield Rd, Ellerslie admin@peacockschildcare.co.nz

WIN 5 NIGHTS AT PACIFIC RESORT AITUTAKI VALUED AT $8950 • Pacific Resort Aitutaki Accommodation Prize Package • 5 Nights for two people in a Premium Beachfront Bungalow at Pacific Resort Aitutaki • Complimentary airport transfers on Aitutaki • Daily a’ la carte breakfasts at Rapae Bay Restaurant • Complimentary use of snorkelling equipment, kayaks, sun loungers & beach towels

Prize Terms and Conditions. Accommodation is subject to availability at time of prize redemption — Travel is valid 1 November 2017 to 31 May 2018 (with blackout dates from 24 Dec '17 to 9 Jan '18) — This prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash — International and domestic flights are not included in this prize and are the responsibility of the prize winner — This prize cannot be combined with any live specials and tactical campaigns in the market place and cannot be booked via any travel professional or travel wholesaler — All other expenses are the responsibility of the prize winner — Pacific Resort Hotel Group strongly recommends the prize winner purchases travel insurance at the time of redeeming the prize.

Profile for Verve Magazine

Verve. July 2017. Issue 135.  

Auckland's Best Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...

Verve. July 2017. Issue 135.  

Auckland's Best Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...