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Why fit in when you were born to stand out? - Dr Seuss -

With the wintry wet weather onslaught bringing cooler temperatures, cloudy skies, and washed out grey city living, team Verve have been longing for a dose of brilliant colour. Think desert sand, tiffany lights, or a rich landscape painting. They all light such evocative thoughts and make us feel happy. This month the Verve creatives have teamed together to bring you something a little bit special -- a gorgeous, engaging issue to knock your wintry socks off. Colour in your home says so much about you as a person: the modern rural home on page 24 brings together the owners’ love of colour and quirky collectibles, a showcase of their adventurous attitude to home design. The stunning photographs demonstrate that by simply placing a brightly coloured dhurrie on your floor, or by adding four fetching cushions to your couch, your home will immediately look more warmer and more inviting — instantly lifting your mood. Black. The colour of mystery, and mortality. Anna Wintour hates it, while Abercrombie & Fitch banned employees from wearing it in their stores. For us Kiwis though, black continues to be a national fashion anchor: celebrated patriotism and a wardrobe staple. So you can imagine the fun we had with styling this month’s cover, with no black in sight. Verve lead designer, Juliane, set the mood, while the rest of us helped interpret her vision. We are thrilled with the result and we hope you like it, too. On page 12 Jenna Moore takes a look at the energetic tapestry of colour that is the world in which we live, how the science of our choices point to our personality traits; while Jamie Desplaces’ article on page 68 is filled with the fiery hues of red, orange and yellow as he takes an in-depth look at the chilli pepper. INTRODUCING: Nicola Keenan. We are excited to introduce our newest team member, and she’s full of vitality and drive. Nicola brings with her a youthful elegance and sophistication, not to mention an admirable work ethic, and we believe she will be a great asset to Verve. VERVE ONLINE: Check out Verve facebook and instagram posts, and don’t forget to subscribe to our ever-popular fortnightly email. Not only are they a treat to for the eyes, but boast entertaining interviews, fabulous food and inspiring ideas. In closing, we hope you enjoy this mid-winter tonic that is Verve July.



LET YOUR INSTINCTS DRIVE YOU. The all new MINI Clubman has been intuitively designed down to the last detail. Featuring distinctive split doors at the rear, top shelf finishes in the deceptively spacious interior, the latest communications technologies and a clever array of safety features, it is the perfect combination of urban practicality and sophisticated style. Trust your instincts and book a test-drive at Auckland MINI Garage today.


AUCKLAND MINI GARAGE. 381-383 Broadway, Newmarket. 0800 548 352. MINI.CO.NZ




A selection of our favourite interior design gems.

UP FRONT Jul 2016

Allium New and stunning from Christian Lacroix — Bagatelle wallpaper panel is a truly exotic panorama representing the Parc de Bagatelle on the outskirts of Paris that was a gathering place for popular festivities in the Directoire era. At 3m x 3.6m wide, it’s a feature in any room. Come in store to view the collection

C a v it & C o KELLY WEARSTLER COLLECTION Kelly Wearstler’s global luxury lifestyle brand is renowned for its distinctive designs and sophisticated, soulful vibe pioneered by this internationally, celebrated interior designer. Cavit&Co have a superb selection from Kelly’s curated collection including furniture, lighting, rugs , wall coverings, luxe bedding, decorative home accessories and lighting.

L eo p o ld Hall The essence of Leopold Hall is a focus on timeless and beautifully made pieces for the home which can be passed down through generations. Elizabeth and Amanda work together to design a large proportion of what you see at the store, working with natural, eco-friendly materials such as wool, jute, cotton, linen and recycled timbers wherever possible. They also have a huge appreciation for the imperfect perfection of handmade products and stock a wide range of handmade glass and ceramic items along with beautiful brassware and furniture pieces.

BUILT FOR EVERY DAY. INCLUDING TOMORROW. BMW i is a world of visionary electric vehicles, innovative mobility services, inspiring design and a new understanding of premium that is strongly defined by sustainability. The BMW i3, is a vehicle designed to electrify urban mobility and the BMW i8, is the world’s most forward-looking sports car. The Ultimate Driving Machine has taken a bold step into the future, while making history along the way, with the new BMW i3 being the first-ever electric car to win the prestigious AA New Zealand Motoring Writers Guild Car of the Year title for 2015. Auckland City BMW 7–15 Great South Road, Newmarket, Auckland. 09 524 3300. YEAR 5 YEAR 5 YEAR WARRANTY 3 SERVICE INCLUSIVE ROADSIDE ASSIST



Editors-in-chief: Fran Ninow and Jude Mitchell

UP FRONT Jul 2016

Writer: Jamie Christian Desplaces Design: Juliane Kuhnt Contributors: Paris Mitchell, Jackie O’Fee, Billy Aitken, Dennis Knill, Jenna Moore, Doris Mousdale, Manish Kumar Arora, Caroline Clegg, Romy Grbic, Jani Allen, Suzy Fraser, Dr. Maria Reeves, Harriet Keown Intern: Zanalee Makavani Subscriptions: Published by Verve Magazine Ltd 160 Broadway, Office Suite 10, Newmarket, Auckland 1023 PO Box 99-288, Newmarket, Auckland 1149 GST: 90 378 074 ISSN 2253-1300 (print) ISSN 2253-1319 (online) Advertising enquiries: P: +64 9 520 5939 E: and Editorial enquiries: P: +64 9 520 5939 E: or


Photographer: Neil Gussey Make-up: Imeleta Kellet Model: Seen Young Kim Fabric back drop: Martha’s Furnishing Fabrics Skirt: Roop Darshan Blouse: Jetset Bohemian

Don't Spend Another Second Neglecting Your Smile.

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7 UP FRONT Jul 2016



19 July - 13 August 2016 | Opening Tuesday 19 July 5.30 - 7.30pm 15 putiki street, arch hill, auckland 1021 +64 9 3780588


8 UP FRONT Jul 2016



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1 White Swan Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland | 09 626 2922 221 Great South Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland | 09 277 2922


10 UP FRONT Jul 2016











01 — Hair and make-up expert, Imeleta, adds her final touch. 02 — A nip here and a tuck there. 03 — Setting up the back drop. 04 — The make-up artist’s palette. 05 — Flaring the skirt. 06 — Time for a touch-up. 07 — Special effects in motion. 08 — Almost a wrap. 09 — Teamwork. Go to Instgram @VerveMagazine to see the behind the scenes videos.

11 UP FRONT Jul 2016




imeleta kellett m a k e - u p

a r t i s t

by appointment: 09 908 3862 0 21 0 2 3 4 5 4 0 4 jemo_kellett@




We live in a colourful world that — surprisingly — influences everything we feel, everything we do and everything we are.

Many of us meander through life taking for granted the leafy green of the grass, the blue, grey or indigo of the sky, and the fertile brown of the earth. Then there’s the rich brown of chocolate, the vibrant red, green and yellow of capsicums, the luscious purple of eggplant, the vivid fuchsia pink of a gerbera, the stunning red of a rose and the riot of purple that is bougainvillea. The world we live in is an energetic tapestry of colour, but did you know that colour is key to every facet of our lives? It’s more than the drapes we choose or the lipstick we wear. The science of our choices can point to our personality. There’s a reason why you pick the red shoes, a blue car, or decide to paint your front door pink. It’s called colour psychology, or the study of colour as a determinant of human behaviour. The influential Swiss psychologist Carl Jung (18751961) was a prominent researcher in this field and came up with colour definitions for different personality types. While we each contain a mix of his definitions, one tends to be dominant. He used four colours: COOL BLUE: objective, unbiased, detached, analytical. These people are usually introverted and want to know and understand the world around them. EARTH GREEN: tranquil, calming, soothing. These people tend to focus on relationships, wanting others to be able to rely on them. SUNSHINE YELLOW: cheerful, uplifting, enthusiastic. These people are generally extroverted, positive and friendly. FIERY RED: positive, decisive, bold, assertive These people are extroverted, energetic, direct and may have an authoritarian manner. Colour speaks loudly, albeit non verbally. It works by light energy, and scientists have found it has the ability to act on both body and mind stimulating the senses, firing up the appetite, raising blood pressure or creating an ambience of calm. It’s why so much of our world, from advertising and marketing to interior and fashion design, is based on it. In fact, one study showed that it takes an individual 90 seconds to make a judgment on a product or company and 60-90% of that perception is based on colour.

THE COLOUR WHEEL Primary Colours — The primary colours of the wheel are red, yellow, and blue. They can’t be created by mixing with other colours. They do, however, form the basis for all of the other hues on the wheel. Secondary Colours — Mixing two of the primary colours creates the green, orange and purple of secondary colours. Tertiary Colours — Yellow-orange, red-orange, redpurple, blue-purple, blue-green and yellow-green. These are formed by mixing a primary and a secondary colour hence the two-word name.

PANTONE COLOUR OF THE YEAR Every year a team of global colour experts come together to choose a colour for the following year. This colour is said to reflect the zeitgeist of the times and influences all aspects of design from fashion to floristry. For example, this year the soft hues rose quartz and serenity reign as people ‘seek mindfulness and wellbeing as an antidote to modern day stresses’. According to Pantone, they are colours that psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security. It’s also the first time there have been two colours, a blend of warm and cool that Pantone say is indicative of the gender blur that’s occurring in society as we move towards more gender equality and fluidity and a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged.

>> Rose Quartz Pantone 13-1520

Serenity Pantone 15-3919

Jul 2016

We have an emotional response to colour,” says Colour and Design Consultant Peta Tearle (petatearle. com). “Colour is like a language, you just have to translate it.”

>> COLOUR SYMBOLISM “Colour influences mood and feeling,” says Peta Tearle of Peta Tearle Colour & Design Studio. “Generally speaking, colours in the ‘warm’ spectrum (red, orange and yellow) are found to be physically stimulating, and appear to ‘advance’, and those in the ‘cooler’ spectrum (green, blue and purple) have been found to be calming and relaxing and appear to ‘recede’. Although each colour has positive and negative associations and meanings vary between cultures, colours generally exhibit more positive than negative associations.”

BLUE: airy, aristocratic, ascending, authoritative, calm, classic, contemplative, cool, dependable, expansive, melancholic, open, peaceful, receding, relaxing, reliable, restful, secure, serene, soothing, traditional, true, trustworthy.

RED: active, assertive, blazing, bold, courageous, daring, dramatic, dynamic, emotional, exciting, explosive, forceful, hot, intense, intimidating, life-giving, loud, passionate, powerful, racy, sensual, strong, stop, uplifting, warning.

WHITE: brilliance, calm, chaste, clinical, complete, coolness, day, empty, enlarging, innocence, integrity, minimal, new, open, pristine, revealing, simple, stark, sterility, uncluttered, uncompromising, unity, virginal.

ORANGE: activating, adventurous, attention-seeking, bounteous, caution, cheerful, daring, eager, energetic, excitable, fearless, flourishing, fun, genial, happy, optimistic, playful, radiant, ripe, stimulating, safety, warmth, wild. YELLOW: attention-holding, bright, cheerful, dazzling, exhilarating, friendly, glowing, healthy, hopeful, informal, intellectual, inviting, light, light hearted, summery, sunny, vibrant, warm, warning, welcoming, youthful, zestful. GREEN: appetizing, bracing, carefree, clean, cool, easy, envy, equalizing, fresh, go, healthy, hopeful, inexperienced, moderate, natural, nourishing, organic, peaceful, pleasant, renewing, safe, sensible, uncluttered.

PURPLE: academic, celestial, decadent, dignified, dramatic, elaborate, exotic, extravagant, fantasy, imperial, luxurious magical, meditative, mysterious, pomp, precious, rage, royal, sacred, spiritual, visionary, wealth.

BLACK: absorbing, contained, dark, dominance, elegant, forbidden, formal, mourning, mystery, night, power, respect, seductive, sophisticated, withholding. BROWN: capable, down-to-earth, earthy, homely, informal, nostalgic, nourishment, practical, safe, simple, slow, sobering, solid, stable, steady, subdued, unexciting, warm. Words: Jenna Moore




At KokeDamaRama we’ve revived the traditional Japanese art-form with a colourful, modern twist. Our kokedama make gorgeous handcrafted living gifts. An ideal addition to any household, and you don’t need to be green-fingered to keep these plants alive! They create an instant impression and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

Auckland based furniture and homewares retailer, Republic Home, provides daily interior furnishing inspiration that is never boring! All photos are original images from the team at Republic and feature new arrivals in the Parnell or Ponsonby stores, or interior projects that feature Republic style and products in situ.



What started as an online organic smoothie delivery service has blossomed into a beautiful café and event space on Kingsland’s New North Road. Greenleaf Organics’ Instagram is filled with a delicious selection of plant-based smoothies, health tonics and even a range of growing wholesale house brand products. Greenleaf Organics is one to watch!

In 2015, Lucy O’Connor realised her dream of becoming a presenter/MC was never going to just happen so she kissed her reliable nine-tofive goodbye, and, with a commitment to honesty and transparency, has documented her journey on Monday Hustle ever since. It’s an ever-evolving space where victories are celebrated and losses appraised side by side.





It used to be the measure of the messianic qualities of a man, but thanks to the appropriately named Bulgarian artist Christo, recently mere mortals, for a time, could walk on water too. For sixteen days, from 18 June to 3 July, Lake Iseo in Italy was converted into a massive, magnificent art project called The Floating Piers. “Like all our projects, The Floating Piers is absolutely free and accessible 24 hours a day, weather permitting,” said Christo. “There are no tickets, no openings, no reservations and no owners. The Floating Piers are an extension of the street and belong to everyone.” The street extension came in the form of modular floating docks which comprised 220,000 high-density polyethylene cubes affixed across the surface of the water and anchored by divers to concrete slabs on the lake’s bed. The walkways protruded just 35cm above the surface, and stretched for 3km. Draped across the 16m-wide top was 100,000-square-metres of sunkissed fabric, which was then extended

for a further 2.5km along the surrounding pedestrian routes of the villages of Sulzano and Peschiera Maragilo. It took more than half a year to build. “The light and water will transform the bright yellow fabric to shades of red and gold,” said Christo. “Those who experience The Floating Piers will feel like they are walking on water — or perhaps the back of a whale.” Forty thousand people were expected on the opening day, but 55,000 showed, and many had to be turned away (the pier could only hold 11,000 at a time). One hundred and fifty volunteers acted as safety guides and lifeguards, positioned along the piers and in boats. The inspired location was discovered after months of scouring northern Italy’s lake regions, chosen in part due to the surrounding mountains which afforded a stunning view of the exhibition. The concept, however, was an old one. The idea first came to Christo and his late Moroccan wife, Jeanne-Claude, also an artist, back in 1970. The pair, who were born on the same day — 13 June, 1935 — spent decades crafting wonderful and joyful public works of art, often left field and with an environmental slant. Fabric was often involved, too. Among their most memorable creations were the wrapping of Paris’ Pont Neuf in 1985, and a decade later, the wrapping of Reichstag in Berlin. In 2009, Jeanne-Claude died. Christo told the Wall Street Journal that she, “cannot be substituted” or “reinvented” or “revived”. His projects still bear both their names. Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces LEFT | Christo in his studio working on a preparatory drawing for The Floating Piers, New York, November 2015, Photo: Wolfgang Volz. RIGHT | The Floating Piers, Lake Iseo, Italy, 2014-16, Photo: Wolfgang Volz.


Stories at Shanghai Lil’s In the unashamedly louche lounge of legendary Shanghai Lil’s my unashamedly loquacious — and affable — host, Russell Green, unashamedly drops Hollywood names like hot potatoes. “I used to cater for film companies so I did a lot of wrap parties,” he says. “Once I was dancing with this girl in the bar, I didn’t have a clue who she was, but I remember she was very, very thin. I’m very theatrical when I dance — lots of high kicks and bending people back, things like that — and I said to her, ‘Girl, you need to put some weight on, it feels as though I might snap you!’ It was Kate Bosworth. She was wonderful. “I come from Hamilton and met Richard O’Brien who also grew up there. He told me much of the Rocky Horror Show was inspired by watching residents do pantomimes and performances on the streets. Small towns often make you very driven. Geoffrey Rush is from a small town too. We spoke about it. I told him if it wasn’t for those small towns we couldn’t be the people we are today. He said he’d never looked at it like that before.” Scarlett Johansson and Sir Ian McKellen are among the other big hitters to have graced this storied Auckland establishment. “People can say I’m name dropping,” Russell says. “But people ask me, and I tell them. Often, I’m just trying to find a common thread. And anyway, everyone has a name! But you know, everyone pays the same price, everyone gets treated the same way. Most are just down-to-earth people who’ve previously washed dishes or been waitresses on their way to the top.” Shanghai Lil’s now resides on Ponsonby Road, it’s fourth incarnation, having previously been located at the Birdcage, Anzac Avenue and Parnell. It’s certainly lost none of it’s opium-den-like opulence. Russell has been collecting Eastern treasures since the late 1970s, and his partner, renowned jazz musician Billy Farnell, since 1953. “I’ve always had an interest in Eastern antiques and I remember reading an article about Billy in the Woman’s Weekly in about 1973 and thinking, ‘What an interesting person’,” says Russell. “When we first began working together at the restaurant in 1980, he invited me back to his house to look as his collection and I realised it was the same things I’d seen in the magazine. So much of life, I believe, is fate, if you leave yourself open to it.”

The restaurant in question was the high-priced Bonaparte on Victoria St West. Russell joined as a chef while Billy was already the resident pianist. I ask Russell how he fares as a musician. “I had a couple of saxophone lessons and ended up on TV! Grant Chilcott was short of a saxophone player for a show and I was drafted in. Everyone thought it was fantastic and rang Billy to say they’d seen me on television, not realising that I was a miming! Having said that, sometimes it’s harder to pretend than actually do something for real.” Russell’s known for his matchmaking skills, having set up dozens of couples over the years, some of whom have gone on to get wed. He’s hosted many of their receptions, too. “I’m very nosy,” he jokes. “I love to watch and study people. I’m like a sociologist. I’ve gotten to know so many people so well over the years, and it’s been lovely to go on those journeys. I’ve learnt so much.” I ask Russell what he’s learnt about himself. “I once had some pottery lessons with Peter Lange, one of our prime ministers’ brothers,” he says. “And I was trying to force the clay. I’m quite a bossy person, I had my first head chef job at 18, I always wanted to give the orders, never take. Anyway, the clay, if you push it too much, gets too wobbly, goes off balance and collapses. You have to direct it, trust in it to take on its own form. That was a good lesson for me. That if you force things, they can so easily fall apart.”

Words and photo: Jamie Christian Desplaces



BEAUTIFUL RUGS FOR STYLISH INTERIORS 53 Wood Street (Franklin Rd End), Freemans Bay, Auckland 021 211 8904 |


Your Style Discovering what to wear and what not to wear starts with colour, says image coach, Susan Axford. The perfect colour is the no cost part of the wardrobe. It gives an instant boost. Knowing and understanding our colours is liberating. It takes the uncertainty out of what to buy; provides colour confidence, saves time and money. Susan will teach you how to mix your colours unpredictably, to give you the on-trend edge. “Wearing the right colours makes our eyes sparkle and our skin tone more even. Colour is the first thing someone notices about us, so let’s get it right. Even if it’s only a t-shirt, why not choose the colour that gives us a lift? “‘And what about black?’ I hear so many of my clients exclaim. New Zealand women have a love affair with black, but if it is not one of your best colours, we will teach you how you can incorporate your favourite pieces.” Susan has a wealth of knowledge to empower her clients and teach them how to recognise their assets and forget their defects. She was fashion and beauty editor for the New Zealand Herald for 11 years before setting up Your Style 17 years ago. As well as colours, Susan offers the complete range of image and appearance services: style and line analysis, personal shopping, wardrobe audit, colour refreshers. A colours consultation at Your Style’s delightful Parnell studio covers far more than just the right hues for clothing. It covers colours for make up, jewellery, accessories, nail polish, pattern, even the colour of sunglass lenses. For the month of July, Your Style will offer a 10% discount for all Verve readers who book a colours consultation. Email Susan for an appointment:


Cleveland Rd, Parnell - By Appointment




Colour analysis for the individual by Trudy Van Zyl

Colour, without a doubt, affects on us on a profound level. Colour has the ability to lift us, energise or calm us. It can help us to feel in control, to feel authoritative. This feeling is also conveyed to the person viewing us in the colours that we wear as well. Colour psychology is working on us every day in subtle ways. It’s why large corporates and business people have long been using colour to convey their steadfast reliableness and trustworthiness. They adopt navy blue for their corporate uniforms and business suits as navy blue says trustworthy, reliable, dependable, and established. However, in some corporate industries, friendliness and approachability is key to good business so the corporate uniform or suit will be in a brown taupe pewter tone, for brown says responsibility, support and stability . What to wear when you’re going to see the bank manager? Or for going to court? Pink — for the guys and girls — says nurturing. It says, “I need you to help me, to look after me, and to show compassion.” If you’re public speaking, red will mesmerise your audience and hold their attention. Red says passion, energy, vitality, and confidence. Add some navy blue and have establish, trustworthiness plus vitality and confidence. Green is so often adopted by those who respect the environment, or have an environmentally friendly or sustainable product or service that they are promoting. It says, clean, natural, and growth. It’s refreshing. Black, which encompasses all colours, is so often donned by those in the creative and artistic industries. Walk into an alternative, edgy fashion store or advertising agency, and most everyone is in black. Black says mystery, introspection, intuition, magic and power. And so on it goes. Colour, without us even realising, plays such a significant role in our everyday lives. The power of colour for our wardrobes really began to make an impact in the early 1980s when Carol Jackson of Colour Me Beautiful launched her first book of the same name in America. It spoke of the four season system of colour analysis. However, the system of seasonal colour analysis’ first inception can be dated back to the 1950s when Suzzane Caygill, an American colour theorist, fashion designer, milliner and poet, developed her own seasonal colour system, the Caygill Method. Suzanne had a TV show for many years on the presentation and wearing of colour. She wrote books on the subject and trained consultants.

Her seasonal method was in depth and personalised. However, it wasn’t until Colour Me Beautiful in the 80s developed a compact four season system and released their book that colour analysis became a world wide phenomenon. Colour Me Beautiful were able to reach out on a much larger scale, with colour printing becoming far more accurate, high quality and inexpensive. It allowed the company to produce books with accurate colours and skin tones. These days, there exists a range of different approaches to personal colour analysis, with the seasonal approach being the most well known. What every approach has in common is the final outcome, that is for the individual to wear colours that are in harmony with his or hers natural colouring, contrast and intensity. By wearing colours that complement your colouring and are in the right contrast and intensity for you, you will look alive, energetic and more youthful. You will have greater presence and you will feel the difference too. Plus, there’s the money that is saved by wearing a group of colours in harmony. You will need less time to shop as you know your right colours and won’t bother shopping where you don’t see them. You need fewer clothes in your wardrobe as everything mixes and matches in a very exciting and creative way. I have loved colour as long as I can remember. Even as a young girl, painting was my favourite pastime. My love affair with personal colour analysis started in my mid-20s when I trained with Colours in Harmony. I went on to train with Colour Me Beautiful in the 1990s and have, in the past few years, retrained in Colour Me Beautiful’s tonal system and Fashion Feng Shui Dressing With Intention. I still feel as excited and passionate about colour analysis as I did when I first trained in it. It’s such an amazing process, watching a person literally light up when the colours are right for them. What to expect in a colour analysis session? Your consultant will identify your palette of most flattering shades to flatter and enhance your looks. Your colours will be presented to you in a colour wallet that will contain at least 48 colours of neutrals and accent shades. This wallet is to be used for clothing shopping and for women for cosmetic purchases. Photo: Roy Emerson




Exquisite tents, furniture & accesories for hire. | 021 882 814

THIS PAGE| Dane and Chris with Lela and Sebastian. The plates on the wall were Dane’s mother’s. RIGHT| The entrance way houses Dane’s collection of wallmounted ferns.


MID-COUNTRY COLOUR This stunning modern home brings together the owners’ love of colour, quirky collectibles, and passion for the outdoors in a showcase of their creativity. Production: Retha Erichsen | Photos: Greg Cox

LEFT | Considered use of colour makes this bookcase a dramatic feature on the upstairs verandah. RIGHT | The entrance way with its collection of ferns seen from a different view point.


TOP | Against a dark beetroot backdrop, a bright floral Turkish carpet forms part of a narrative tableau incorporating artworks and objects invested with personal meaning and history. BOTTOM | In the living area, a large bright yellow niche housing a curated collection of object is a playful focal point although the raw pine-beamed ceiling is allowed to dominate. RIGHT | The main sitting area was created to feel like an indoor conservatory. In the background is the atrium, with its piano in pride of place.



Verve asks some of their favourite furniture stores a few colourful questions.

Jo from Allium

Amanda & Elizabeth from Leopold Hall

Debbie from Cavit&Co

If you were a colour what would you be? Blue. Royal Persian, sea or duck egg. Any shade of blue. I have other favourites for a while but I always go back to blue.

If you were a colour what would it be? We adore ochre. Not only is it the one of the first colours ever used, it is so versatile. Ochre looks stunning paired with teals, greens , blues and charcoals and works perfectly with brass and bronze metals which are currently so popular.

If you were a colour what would you be? I would like to think I would be a lovely soft aquamarine blue: the colour of the water as you fly over a coral reef in a small plane. Or a vibrant Prussian blue: the colour of the uniforms of the Prussian army, such a stunning colour.

If you had to describe your current colour mood what would it be? Happy yellow. We are upbeat, happy and optimistic, there are so many opportunities for us all living in a country as wonderful as New Zealand. If you work hard you can fly here. We are also so lucky to be working in such a creative environment with so many lovely clients and beautiful products, how could we not be upbeat?

If you had to describe your current mood, what colour would it be? We are working on some fabulous new homes throughout the country and there is a great positive vibe throughout the company so I am currently feeling the colour or burnt amber: positive, uplifted and excited.

If you had to describe your current mood, what colour would it be? Dusky pink and brass. So cosy and warm for a bedroom — right where I’d like to be tucked up! Where do you look for an obscure source of inspiration? It’s not obscure, but I look to nature for inspiration, where you see colours you wouldn’t traditionally put together. The sky, flowers, leaves in the gutter… If you were asked to paint a ‘winter’ dining room what colour would you choose? Emerald green. Exactly the colour velvet we had on a gorgeous sofa at Allium. Everyone loved it. It was coming home with me until someone brought it. This colour is also in the Christian Lacroix collection and his new wallpaper panels which are my new favourites… this week! Likewise a ‘summer’ dining room? The same green as the winter room, but complemented with lots of white, tropical leaves, or new favourite cactus fabric from Pierre Frey. Very fresh and very Miami. Tell our readers your thoughts on feature walls? Are they a thing of the past? Painted feature walls have been replaced by wallpaper, and even more so by wallpaper panels with huge or no repeats. Christian Lacroix panels are stunning, as are the designers Guild and Jessica Zoob. Jessica’s panels are literally her art translated into panels. With advances in digital printing they are definitely part of our future.

If you were asked to paint a winter dining room what colour would it be? Autumnal colours work really well to create a cozy environment for winter. Hues of ochre, burnt orange and olive work beautifully with winter essentials like fur throws and wood stacked by the fire! Incorporating brass and bronze, especially in the form of lighting helps to lift these colours to make them really glow. Likewise a summer dining room? You don’t get much more summery than a crisp white cape cod inspired palette. A summer dining room should light, bright and airy. We love accents of soft greens and duck egg blues in dining rooms too as these create a lovely fresh environment, perfect for summer! What are your thoughts on feature walls, are they a thing of the past? Not necessarily although we certainly are seeing more textures being used as a feature wall such as exposed brick, textured wallpapers, concrete and timber. If using colour, the trick is to use tones that are harmonious rather than bold opposites then make sure to tie in these colours with furnishings and fabrics so the room is cohesive as a whole. Layer, layer, layer!

If you were asked to paint a ‘winter’ dining room, what colour would you choose? The wall colour in the dining room should be seen as a backdrop to the people who will be dining there. Guests can wear a wide selection of different colours and patterns so the walls shouldn’t compete with them. I would use a single colour rather than a bold pattern, and for a formal room, I prefer to use a seagrass or similar to give a tone on tone, hand-touched effect. Depending on the aspect of the room, this can be anything from very light neutral to quite dark. Likewise, a ‘summer’ dining room? That brings to mind a room with a large expanse of windows overlooking a garden, pool or an extended view beyond. I feel it is important to pull the colours in from outside to ground the room and tie the room in with its surroundings. It has the added advantage of making the room feel larger while increasing the visual appeal. What’s your current paint colour obsession? Depending on the location, it is neutrals through to soft clean greys to dark charcoal, and soft mossy greens to ochre. It depends on the location, the suitability of the colour to the surroundings, and the way it works with our clients’ furnishings and artwork. We don’t usually follow colour trends, but instead let the surroundings dictate the colours we should use.


02 03







Al l iu m

C a v i t &Co

01 — C hristian L a c roi x ‘ Ca rre de ros es ’ c u s h i on , Al l iu m . 03 — Large mustard provincial style urn with handles, Leopold Hall. 0 6 — Kate S p ad e Melam i n e pl a t e s , A l l i u m . | 0 7 — prov i n c ial c h e st 0 9 — Ba n do G e t A way

L e o p o ld H a ll

| 0 2 — C h ar t re u se t h re e seat e r v e n e z i a c o u c h , Le o p o l d H al l . | | 04 — Melange Foot Stool, Cavit&Co. | 05 — Alta Coffee Table, Cavit&Co. | o f d rawe r s i n o c h re , Le o p o l d H al l . | 0 8 — B r u t e A r m c h ai r, Cavi t &Co. | D u ff l e M e g a B l o o m , A l l iu m .


Local House Painter Wins New Zealand’s Top Master Painter Award Auckland company Paint & Plasterboard Finishing (PBF) is celebrating success after picking up the top prize at New Zealand’s premier painting awards. Out of 591 master painters in New Zealand, PBF was named as NZ Residential Masterpainter of the Year. It also won the Residential Rework of a Character Home category for its painting of a 1940s home in Arney Rd, Remuera. Company owner Arjen Bloem says winning the two awards is hugely satisfying after claiming second place in the Residential Interior Under-$25,000 category last year. “We got really excited about coming second and vowed to aim for a first place this year. To achieve that goal is a real thrill,” Arjen says. “However, our objective remains the same — to continue improving our product and maintaining a high level of client satisfaction.” Arjen says his team of 18 painters and five gib stoppers strives to produce the highest quality finish by using lots of training and good quality-control systems.

The company takes a long-term approach to its service and strives to deliver a first-rate product. Much of its business is repeat work or comes from the recommendations of happy clients. “From project manager to apprentices, our whole team is committed to looking after our clients,” Arjen explains. Apart from taking a few moments to celebrate their award, the team at PBF are back to business as usual. Words: Ben Chapman Smith

“PBF are a highly professional organisation and deliver a quality product. The best painting experience we have ever encountered.” Bruce Hassall CEO PriceWaterhouse Coopers NZ (residential premises)

Call Lance today to discuss your needs 021 842 102 Winner: Residential Masterpainter of the year New Zealand 2016 Call this month to receive our $2,000 cashback offer

(conditions apply)

see more info at

Shop 7, 21 Nuffield St, Newmarket | 09 524 4452

Harrowset Hall is pleased to announce of the latest arrival of MM Linen collection with this lovely velveteen bedspread in mist or silver. Create an affordable bedroom look to liven up your winter with the use of gorgeous throws, bedcovers, quilts and cushions. Florentina bedspreadsets priced at queen $399.99, king $439-99, superking $469-99. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary with harmonious layers ready to cocoon for the winter season. Bring in this advert to receive 10% off our entire collection _________________

Homestaging. Retail. Restyle. Refurnish. Bespoke New Zealand-made sofas and chairs. 69c St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell, Auckland (by La Cigale French markets) | 09 579 1930 OPEN Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm, Sat-Sun 10am-3pm

Feeling at home? Yes, it’s from Koko...

Delivery throughout NZ and worldwide WWW.KOKOCLASSICS.COM

FLAGSHIP STORE 350 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland PH. 09 523 1059

CREATING BEAUTIFUL KITCHENS FOR 30 YEARS How do I decide what to spend on a new kitchen? Ask yourself if this is your forever/long term home, or if you plan to sell and move in the near future. It’s a tricky balance. You want a kitchen that reflects the value of your home as an asset, but you also don’t want to overcommit if you’re moving on. A good kitchen designer will be able to help you find that balance. Sometimes you can’t quantify the value something has for you, especially if you love spending time in your kitchen!

Benchtops. They’re usually the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen. You interact with them a lot. From the occasional brush of your hands over them to full on use while you’re prepping food. Why should people use you as their designer? Enthusiasm! I absolutely love what I do! I love meeting new people and helping them to create new and beautiful spaces in their homes while getting to know them at the same time. A kitchen is a bit of a personal space and I think a client trusting me enough to allow me the opportunity to do this is an honour.

What can help me pick the right materials for my kitchen?

How do you make sure we are not overwhelmed by all the steps involved in the process of designing a new kitchen?

Think lifestyle and budget. Do you have children? Pets? Do you entertain a lot? What sort of work do you do? Is there a lot of foot traffic through the room? The list goes on. Your kitchen designer will be able to guide you through all the possible options to suit both the practical and aesthetic requirements for your kitchen.

Kitchen design is a step by step process. A good designer should help break this down for their clients so that they’re not overwhelmed by an information overload. We always start with the practical before we get to the pretty. The space needs to function before it can come to life.

When you design your own kitchen what will be an absolute must have? What materials and gadgets speak to you?

What trends are coming through in kitchen design?

Ohhhh where to start? Touch sensitive electronic doors on wall units for easier access? Integrated appliances? Some of the new drawer systems coming out of Europe are just beautiful, very sleek and minimal and in stunning bold colours. They even have cutlery and utensil organisers that are designed to match also. Ceramic and acrylic benchtop surfaces are a bit of a soft spot of mine at the moment too! We all have the ‘B’ word in our lives whether we like it or not: budget. Where should the dollars go?

Our designers recently took a trip to the Eurocucina Kitchen and Furniture Fair in Milan. While there we saw a lot of metallics and back to nature themes. Textured timber finishes, leathered stone surfaces and ceramic products are all poised to be the top trends in the near future.


38 HOME & DESIGN Jul 2016


Quality sleep Quality of life

How you sleep affects the rest of your day: Talk to us about what sort of bed is best for you. We have a fantastic choice of leading brands and models to suit you and to fit your budget. And you have our experience and industry knowledge to call on and help ensure you sleep well and wake refreshed. A great bed really makes your day. Come in and try our beds for yourself - compare the difference!

Newmarket Showroom, Cnr Khyber Pass Road and Crowhurst Street (opposite BP Connect) P. 520 4337 Botany Showroom, 500 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany Downs (next to Harvey Norman) P. 274 3695


PARNELL | 69d St Georges Bay Rd, 09 377 9518 PONSONBY | 36 Pollen St, 09 376 2993 WWW.LE-MONDE.CO.NZ

39 HOME & DESIGN Jul 2016

Jennian Homes CBD & East Auckland 59B Sir William Ave, East Tamaki M 021 0253 1297, 021 424 210 | T 09 918 9078

Jennian Homes North West Suite 1.03, 381 Great South Road, Ellerslie M 021 022 81321, 027 500 5514 | T 09 525 0808

auckland 09 368 7694 | hamilton 07 854 9495 | |

40 FASHION Jul 2016


41 FASHION Jul 2016

SEED Dress $119.90, Poncho $99.90, Bag $99.90. Avaliable online at

KID REPUBLIC Walnut Kik High Top $89.99, Dr Martens Wiggy World Brooklee Boot $149.99, Dr Martens Delany Boot, Wild Yellow $149.99. Kid Republic, Kid’s fashion ages 0-14, 59 Nuffield St Newmarket

WITCHERY Trim Fedora $21.90, Wintour Trench $449.90, Herringbone Pant $109.90, Violet Boot $279.90 Avaliable online at

42 FASHION Jul 2016

FØSS & KRÜGER Dress $745, Knit $520, Boots $380, Scarf $215. Avaliable online at

ZEBRANO Chiffon Layer Dress, Chocolat, $237, Mousseline Soft Cargo Pant, Mela Purdie, $347, Mousseline Studded Soft Pant, Mela Purdie, $379. Avaliable online at

43 FASHION Jul 2016

THE WOOL COMPANY L-R | Merino Striped Trim Cardigan - Chilli $159, Merino Striped Crew Neck - Chilli $99 Made in New Zealand | Merino Possum Vest - Black $179, Merino Two Tone Sloppy Crew - Black/Grey $119 Made in New Zealand. Merino Possum Two Tone Zip Cardi - Navy/ Chocolate $249. Merino Possum Lace Loop Scarf - Coral $79, Merino Possum Wrist Warmers Coral $35, 8476 Baker Boy Tweed Cap – Orange $79 Made in New Zealand. Avaliable online at

44 FASHION Jul 2016

DOVE Faux fur coat $69, Mock Croc Handbag $55, Trenery Print Dress $39, Gucci Peep Toe Leather Shoes $65.

RENEW Chanel - 38 ½ Ballerina Lace Satin & Leather Shoe $395, Trelise Cooper - Sleeping Beauty Pants, Size 10 $269, Standard Issue Merino Cardi, Size M $89, Adrienne Winkelmann - Snake Print Leather Jacket, Size 10 $395, Adrienne Winkelmann - Soft Pink Crepe Coat, Size 10 $350, Oroton - Bone Leather Handbag $149, Bally - Quilted Navy Leather Handbag $ 495, Jimmy Choo Black Leather Ankle Boots size 40 $495, Rebecca & Sanver Pony leopard Ankle Boots $275. Avaliable online at

45 FASHION Jul 2016

SIMPLY WONDERFUL All clothing available from SWC. Glasses $59, Cushions $29 and Copper Candle Holders $69. Simply Wonderful Clothing stores are at: 19 Mokoia Road, Birkenhead | PH 480 1501 | 569 Manukau Road, Epsom | PH 630 0084

ET VOUS Zhrill Mia Dark Blue Skinny Jeans, made in Turkey $315. Shop online at

46 FASHION Jul 2016

THE CUPBOARD Diane Burkhardt Matter Pleat Shirt Quartz - 100% cotton - $350, Diane Burkhardt Black Hole Drape Tunic Onyx - wool & mohair blend - $325. (Shoes from Seed) Avaliable online at

SUPERETTE Life With Bird, Grid Scarf - White/Ink $159 | James Perse Womens Boucle Cardigan - Light Heather Grey $899 | Women's Nike Juvenate - Black/White $150 | Camilla And Marc, Stevie Skinny Jean - Coated Black $339 | Status Anxiety, Until Now - Green $149 | I Love Ugly, Soft 6 Panel Cap - Black Colour: Black $85. Avaliable online at

47 FASHION Jul 2016

DOVE Max Mara Casual Trench Coat $99, Marc Jacobs Leather Wedge Sandals $65, Wool Scarf $21, Basque Chocolate Suede Drawstring Bag $45.

ET VOUS Rundholz Black Label Enzo Tank $435, Rundholz Dip Kai Jacket $705, Claudio Cutuli Italian Black Wrap/Scarf $605, Numero10 Italian Tan Leather Bag $1455, Reinhard Plank Lonely Lapin Hat $495, Inscrire Spanish Calf Hair and Leather Shoes $1100. Shop online at

48 FASHION Jul 2016

KID REPUBLIC Dr Martens Wiggy World Brooklee Boot $149.99, Hide & Seek Stripe Cardigan $54.99, Rock Your Kid Clara Bow Circus Tights $49.95, Carbon Soldier Coalport Faux Fur Coat $199.99. Kid Republic, Kid’s fashion ages 0-14, 59 Nuffield St Newmarket

Signature Style

MAKING AN IMPACT WITH COLOUR In winter it seems that finding anything beyond the Kiwistandard, mid-winter gloom palette of grey, black, navy and beige is really tough. There are a few exceptions, but it seems that the offering is generally a sombre one. It’s a shame in a season where a splash of colour is really needed, rather than in summer when brighter tones abound! I’m often asked if I believe in “that colours stuff from the ‘80s” and my answer is an unequivocal, “Yes!”. The right colour can make you look years younger, can lift and enhance your features, while the wrong one can drain and age you — and I’ve yet to meet anyone who wants to look old and tired. Having a colour analysis remains one of my most sought-after services — and it’s something you can’t guess at as there is real science behind the process. Colour has an impact not only on the wearer, but on those around them too. It’s not simply how you look, but also how you feel. As an example, a woman in a red dress will always stand out, so it takes a degree of confidence to wear one. We often have strong memories associated with colour, whether it be something our mother dressed us in, something people always comment on, or even the colour of our school uniform. These memories can create a strong like or dislike of a certain shade or hue. Here’s my favourite tip for knowing if a colour suits you: when you are wearing a colour, is it the colour or you that gets complimented? I have a gorgeous cobalt blue dress that is slightly too strong for my

colouring (I break the rules and wear it anyway). That dress gets so many compliments: “I love your dress”, “What a gorgeous colour that dress is!”, “Where did you get your dress?” — it’s always about the dress. When I wear a softer shade from my palette I get told, “You look lovely today.” It’s a subtle distinction but one worth noting — the right colour will make you stand out, not the outfit you are wearing. If you’d like to know which colours work best for you why not get in touch? Cheaper than a trip to the hairdresser and it will last you forever. It’s a magical gift, too. Give us a call on 09 529 5115 or take a look at — let’s have a coffee and make a plan!




IN A FEW WORDS // Fashion. NEW ARRIVALS from iconic Australian designer Alistair Trung in store now! Contemporary New Zealand made designer labels | Ready to wear | Made to measure. // CONTACT US: 09 378 4770, // FIND US: 14 St Marys Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland, online at


IN A FEW WORDS // Fashion. Supporting NZ designers. New stock from Chalet, David Pond, Toby, Loobie’s Story, Sills, Bazaar, Obi, Sabatini, Paula R yan, Deeanne Hobbs, Random, Silver Lining, New London Jeans. // CONTACT US: 09 579 3535 // FIND US: 114 Main Highway | Ellerslie, online at



P H O N E : 0 9 5 24 5787 O N E : 0store: 9 5 29 273 Verge IN A FEW WORDS // Fashion. NewP Hin

W W . H A R T Lwearing E YS.CO.NZ Spring 2016, Adventures In The Sun. WModel Ivy Top and Belle Classic Jean. // CONTACT US: 09 529 2738 or 09 524 5787 // FIND US: 319 Remuera Rd | Newmarket or 1 Balm St | Newmarket, online at

BALM ST NE WMARKET 0 9 5 24 5787

Model is wearing: Ivy Top 3770SW Belle Classic Jean 3678XBT

W W W. H A R T L E Y S . C O. N Z


IN A FEW WORDS // Fashion. Designer | Casual |

Essential | Fashion Sizes 14+. Exquisitely designed clothes and a selection to die for. // CONTACT US: 09 523 2500, // FIND US: 10 Kingdon Street | Newmarket, online at

THE SECRETS OF A PRECIOUS GEMSTONE Award-winning jewellery designer reveals the secrets that make a colour gemstone twinkle and glint.

While some gemstones are relatively easy to come by, it’s an accurate enough generalisation to say that all high quality gemstones are extremely uncommon. As a gemologist, trained at the headquarters of the Gemological Institute of America, finding quality gemstones is the hardest and the most rewarding aspect of my work. It’s about being in the right places at the right time, and taking the opportunities when they arise. Thankfully, the gemstone industry has organised several events dotted throughout the yearly calendar to make my job so much easier such as trade fairs where thousands of gem cutters and merchants from all parts of the world meet to trade everything from the small to the large, from the plentiful to those once-in-a-lifetime finds.

stones are mathematically designed in accordance with the angles by which the light reflects within that specific variety of gemstone. As you move the stone, the light should reflect and refract like a perfectly timed visual orchestra, returning the light back to the viewer in a seamless display of scintillation. Colour saturation and hue is another important factor and this is often directly linked to its value, with lighter stones often only commanding one tenth the price of its colourful and vibrant counterpart. There is nothing which shows off colour with more beauty than the medium tones of a fine colour gemstone working in conjunction with the cutter’s perfect proportioning, symmetry and polish.

With a list of stones that clients have asked me to find, and a list that I need for stock, I’ll look through the inventory of several merchants, each of whom might have many hundreds of stones, but often only one meets the standards we’re after. There have been times when I’ll buy a stone, knowing that I may never see anything like it again and the above photo is one example: a 25ct aquamarine from Mozambique, cut in Brazil’s most skilled cutting workshop. It’s a stone which exhibits aquamarine’s delicate ocean blue in the most exceptional light.

At the Hong Kong trade fair this coming September, some of the stones I’ll be looking for are Colombian emeralds, famed for their bright sparkle; aquamarine of the Santa Maria colour that shows this stone in its most vibrant hue; pink tourmaline for its balance of sparkle and warmth; Ceylonese sapphire for that perfect blue hue; chocolate, yellow and pink diamonds for their unrivaled scintillation; and the undiscovered ruby-red and neon pink spinel for everything that you could every want in a gemstone: durability, sparkle, superb colour and from the faraway place of Mozambique.

Anyone can pick a fine quality stone when they see one but it pays to know a bit about what makes one stone nicer than the rest. Flawless to the unaided eye is a must, but craftsmanship of cut would have to be the single most important and underrated factor for all stones. Cut makes it twinkle and glint. Perfectly cut



01 02




319 R E M U E R A R O A D CNR NORANA & REMUERA RD P H O N E : 0 9 5 29 273 8

1 BALM STREET NEWMARKET P H O N E : 0 9 5 24 5787



Resort collections gave way to clever riffs on the classic shirt. Remaining, the versatile wardrobe staple we all know and love, this season, it’s all about subtle updates, like a shirt dress, an asymmetrical hemline or using the basic button down as a layering piece.

Ellery Re

sort 201


Jul 2016

Narrative shirt in copper $179 from Kowtow

Words: Paris Mitchell

Twenty-seven names Rosa Shirt $290


Calvin Klein

er Resort

Jil Sand

Resort 201 7

Topshop shirt $95

Calvin Klein Resort 2017

Manuscript shirt in chambray $169 from Kowtow


Lalicious Hydrating Body Butter $55

Rejuvenates dry skin with this healing body treatment. Shea butter and safflower oil provide intense hydration to seal in moisture while leaving skin silky smooth. Aloe vera and vitamin E nourish and protect to keep skin looking radiant from head to toe.




Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil $29.95

Designed to suit all skin types, so there is no reason not to try this powerful anti-ager for visible skincare results. Just a couple of drops applied daily will visibly hydrate, revitalise and even out skin tone while essential oils restore skin’s suppleness — all without any greasy side effects.

Rebalances the skin, soothes irritation, repairs the skin’s protective film and hydration levels are increased. Combines omega 6, avocado extract and shea butter. A Guinot staple in any beauty editor’s bag of tricks!


Young Again from Kevin Murphy $70

A weightless leave-in treatment oil infused with Immortelle to counteract the oxidisation and ageging process on hair.


Osmosis DIM 60 Veggie Capsules $59

A natural supplement to help protect the body from environmental toxins. DIM is a natural plant ingredient found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage, and bok choy. By taking DIM as a supplement it relieves the need to consume up to three pounds of them each day to get to the required level of DIM for optimal health.


53 FASHION Jul 2016




Hearing technology has developed in astounding leaps and bounds over the past decade, with skilled practitioners able to alleviate the symptoms of hearing loss and improve patients’ overall quality of life. Thomas Müller of Acoustix Hearing Technologies in Remuera is leading the charge by mastering the most up-to-date hearing technologies to transform the hearing of his patients. Offering so much more than just hearing aids, this independent hearing technology clinic promises “your ultimate hearing experience” and Thomas, who is from Switzerland, qualified in audiometry, micro-electronics and as “feinmechaniker” precision engineer, is passionate about finding the perfect solution for every client. “My approach to customer care is always up-front and transparent,” Thomas says. “I won’t be happy with your hearing unless you are.” Acoustix was established in 2004 and offers comprehensive hearing tests in a sound-proof booth, the fitting and service of hearing aids, Ultimate Ears’ custom In-ear monitors, musician and industrial hearing protection, custom sleep and swimming plugs.

Thomas’ hearing assessments include comprehensive audiogram testing and cover a range of factors such as the person’s age, vision, cognitive function, fine motor skills and lifestyle — all vital aspects when assessing hearing loss and how to improve it. Plus Thomas is the only audiometrist in Australasia offering Ultimate Ears’ 3D laser scanning technology — a remarkable system that digitally takes ear impressions and uses them to create custom In-ear monitors and earphones that can block out background noise, used by professional musicians and for serious music lovers. If you already wear hearing aids and are dissatisfied with them, Thomas offers second opinions and expert advice on whether they are the right fit for your hearing requirements. For more information visit or contact Thomas on 09 520 5648 to discuss your hearing needs. Acoustix Hearing Technologies is located at 437 Remuera Road (next to library), Remuera, with off-street customer parking available.

Words: Thomas Müller from Acoustix Hearing


55 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jul 2016

Ultherapy. SEE THE BEAUTY OF SOUND Verve Q & A — 5 minutes with Francesca who chats about her recent Ultherapy experience. What made you decide to undergo an Ultherapy treatment?

A week later, I was ready.

I saw some amazing results on a close friend who looked so much tighter around her jaw line with noticeably less bagginess around her neck and chin area. And it wasn’t just the fact that her skin was definitely smoother, finer and more evenly toned, but her whole persona was more confident, and at ease, happier in fact — especially noticeable in larger gatherings.

So I booked in with Nikki once again, and this time I kept my appointment.

A few clinics in Auckland offer Ultherapy. Why did you choose Medihealth Aesthetics in Remuera? Believe me — I did my research, and Medihealth Aesthetics came up trumps. Being conveniently located just a stone’s throw from my Newmarket office, with plenty of parking onsite was a definite plus. Nikki Blackley, who runs this clinic, is a qualified and experienced medical professional with years of in-depth exposure to cosmetic medical procedures, both invasive and non-invasive. Being a little apprehensive about the treatment I contacted Medihealth Aesthetics ahead of time with a barrage of questions. Nikki was happy to meet with me to discuss the procedure, no strings attached. At all times her approach was understanding and empathetic, calm and focused. Very quickly I felt confident that she was the best person for the job. Were you scared? I was. I had read some things online that were a bit upsetting, and my imagination quickly took over. Thoughts of irritating prickling, hot, burnt smelling skin, bruising and tenderness reigned — so I canceled. Nikki being the cool, collected lady that she is, did not bat an eyelid. Her reply to my cowardly email was sweet and understanding. She said that it was absolutely no problem, and that if and when I was ready to get hold of her again.

How was the treatment? The treatment was over before I knew it, and while there was the slightest discomfort every now and then, it was absolutely nothing to worry about. Nikki explained what she was doing every step of the way, and less than an hour later I could already feel the benefits. The skin on my face felt slightly tighter, and a little more moisturised. Initial effects of Ultherapy have way exceeded my expectations, but as it is a fact that the full effects take 60-90 days to become apparent, I am gleefully looking forward to the future benefits and fabulous results of my Ultherapy treatment.

>> Ultherapy Ultrasound Facelift MediHealth offers the acclaimed non-surgical lifting procedure, Ultherapy, in Auckland, New Zealand. Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared non-invasive treatment for lifting the skin on the neck, chin and brow; and now it’s also the only non-invasive treatment specifically FDA-cleared to improve lines and wrinkles on the décolletage! Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen deep within the skin, with no downtime required. The result? Tighter, better-fitting skin, from the brow to the chest! Natural. Noninvasive. No downtime.


56 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jul 2016

COMPLEXION PERFECTION Hello, and welcome to your best skin ever!

Since the beginning of my beauty therapy career I’ve had a strong desire to treat the largest organ of the body — the skin — with respect and knowledge. To do this, we need to provide corrective skin care without compromising the health of the skin cells. Healthy skin cells equal a healthy, glowing complexion.

That’s why Medik8 has now become one of our core skincare lines. Medik8 gives us the ability to correct and prevent with professional strength, specialised formulations. From fully customised, performance-based home care regimes to in clinic procedures Medik8 has upped the ante in our age management arsenal.

It’s one of the reasons I was excited to introduce C.I.T (Collagen Induction Therapy/Skin Needling). C.I.T gives us the ability to strengthen and repair the skin without altering the protective layer.

Because it’s researched by biochemists, formulated by pharmacologists, and only dispensed by skincare experts, it’s a high achiever in the skincare stakes.

In addition, technologies such as LED, micro-current, and hydrodermabrasion allow us to fully customise and correct within treatment programmes.

Everyone’s skin is unique, so we are now incorporating the Reveal Diagnostic Skin Imager, SkinDNA testing along with the powerful ingredients in our skincare lines to lead the way in achieving ultimate skin health for every individual.

We use Dermalogica, which provides fantastic support to maintain optimal skin health and I’m a long-time fan. However, I’ve always felt I needed something else to add to our arsenal — something to provide a framework, structure and organisation to the skin to allow everything else to work even more effectively. As many of you know, I’m an avid researcher and educationist, so it would come as no surprise to you that its taken me a number of years to find a cosmecuetical (read: a skincare product that has medicinal properties) that supported not only my philosophy but also provided the results that I was looking for.

Our results speak for themselves and we hope to see you in the clinic soon for all your skin needs. Our mantra: simple procedures — real results! Words: Jenna Moore


“ Inspire your unique styles

and awaken your gorgeous self. Osmosis Colour delivers illuminating beauty through remarkable versatility. “

Robin McGee Osmosis President

smosis Colour, a unique and exclusive mineral makeup that offers virtually seamless and natural looking coverage that will not look heavy, oxidize during the day or accentuate pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. Richly formulated with amino acids, proteins, and a complete spectrum of antioxidants to help nourish your skin along with zinc oxide for soothing benefits and UV protection. You will be left with only a subtle radiance that comes from having fresh healthy skin.

Innovative formulas

Using only the latest technology and high quality ingredients to deliver flawless performance.

Long Wearing

Water resistant, smudge proof and high pigments let your colour be as subtle or bold as you are. Perfect versatility to suit any occasion.

Skin Nourishing Vitamins and Antioxidants

Rich in Goji Berries, essential amino acods, vitamins and minerals to sooth and prevent premature aging. Antiinflammatory, anti- fungal and anti- bacterial for healing benefits.

UV Protection

Finely milled minerals, rich in titanium and zinc oxide for complete natural environmental protection.

To find a stockist or for more information vistit our website |

Maria Reeves

Clive Plucknett



58 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jul 2016

We are slowly becoming more aware of melanoma and its deadly effects, but there’s still much to learn. New Zealand has the highest incidence rate of melanoma in the world. Over 4,000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with the skin cancer each year, and around 300 of those people sadly die. We musy educate ourselves to raise awareness of melanoma. Here are some facts: • It’s the third most common registered cancer in NZ men and fourth most common cancer in NZ women. • Half of melanomas are first found by the person themselves. • Most are caused by UV exposure — sun light related or sun bed related. • Usually melanoma appears after the age of 50, however younger people can also be affected. • Melanoma can also be caused by a genetic fault in our melanocytes, causing them to change to malignant cells. These cancers are usually not related to sun exposure. We are all at risk, however, here are some indicators for higher risk: • Light skin colour. • Red or blond hair. • Those who burn easily and never tan. • Those who have evidence of skin damage due to sunburn/ sun exposure. • Those who have previously been diagnosed with melanoma. • Those with close relatives who have previously been diagnosed with melanoma or non-melanoma skin cancer. If you have ever visit my clinic you may have heard my nurse or myself asking the following questions: • Have you ever had melanoma before? • Has any member of your family such as mum, dad brother or sister ever had melanoma before? • Have you or your family ever had non- melanoma skin cancer? The above risk factors will put you at a greater risk of having melanoma, and an annual or biannual skin check could save your life. Melanoma caught early is curable. >> REMEMBER: IF A MOLE BLEEDS, ITCHES OR CHANGES, SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY. • DO seek shade. • DO wear broad brimmed sun hats. • DO wear clothes to cover up in the sun. • DO wear sun glasses — our eyes are also at risk of developing melanoma. • DO wear sun lotion SPF 50. • DO NOT IGNORE THE SIGNS. Words: Dr. Maria Reeves


The story goes that Winston Churchill went back to his old school to give an address. By way of introduction, the headmaster said, “Listen carefully lads, you are about to hear from one of the greatest men of our time.” Churchill approached the podium. There was a hushed silence. Eventually he broke it, “Never… never… never, ever, ever give up”. Then he sat down. This is the secret of outrageous success, happiness, and health. Giving up is easy. You go to the doctor, you do the tests. You take the drug. You go to another doctor, more drugs. Now you also have new drugs for your “depression”. Doctors do a fantastic job, but their toolkit is limited to drugs, and your body is not always suffering from a drug deficiency. You try a variety of practitioners. There is no improvement, so you give up. If you listen carefully, you will hear an almighty moan from your body, because it hasn’t given up. It will fight to the death to serve you. The body is a self-healing mechanism. It is truly amazing. Nothing else can do this. The only thing stopping it doing this is you giving up too soon. Pick any condition. I pick migraines, because it is where two bodies just had victories. There are many causes of migraines. You start with the most obvious causes. The bulk of the cases are resolved here. Some are more difficult and you have to keep working through the tests and possibilities. With three recent cases, it took a lot longer than usual. With one it turned out to be a genetic defect, with an inability to convert a particular vitamin into a useable form, and when we gave the body the activated form… whammo, 18 years of migraines gone. With another, I suspected a lithium deficiency. “Nah Clive, been there already and it did nothing.” “What sort of lithium was used?” “I have no idea.” “Well try this form. You have come this far, what is there to lose?” Whammo, 10 years of migraines gone. The third gave up on me. That is absolutely fine, as long as he did not give up. I pray he kept going and achieved his goal. This is not about migraines. It is about not giving up. It is about realising your destiny, your potential. Your practitioners may give up. You may give up. Your body will never give up. At bewell, we respect what your body is capable of doing and we help it to get there. Words: Clive Plucknett


59 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jul 2016

Facial Rejuvenation, Aesthetics and the Mid-Face Three things happen to the face as we age. Firstly, the tissue descends with gravity; secondly, we lose fat in the deeper planes and elasticity in the skin and supporting structures; and thirdly, we develop wrinkles and creases. The bad news is that these changes, which inevitably mark the passage of time, are almost inevitable. The good news is that something can be done about them. At what stage in your life these changes start to become a problem for you is partly due to your genetics and lifestyle choices (which determine how rapidly you age), and partly due to your attitude. For most faces, both male and female, one of the most prized beauty assets is a well-contoured, full cheek. This sets off the eyes, smooths the lid-cheek junction and helps to suspend the tissues around the mouth. Individuals with a flat mid-cheek region tend to show aging changes earlier and dissatisfaction with this area of the face is a common complaint heard in my office. For the younger patient, or those with very deficient midface bony support, facial implants are an excellent consideration. These are easily placed, may consist of solid silicone or a betterintegrated material such as Porex®, or even the patient’s own, autologous tissue such as fat and dermis. Either will give a convincing fullness and contour to the face and greatly improve the aesthetics of the area. It is a particularly good procedure for those considering having baggy, wrinkled lower eyelids treated; in many such cases there is a deficiency of mid-cheek fullness and a lengthening of the lower eyelid, with an obvious lid/cheek junction zone as well, all of which can be addressed by a simple mid-face lift. For the face which has been injured, leading to loss of symmetry, or the aging face where there has been both wasting of native fat pads, soft tissue such as muscle and even bone, plus tissue slumping (known as “ptosis”) and sagging. All these can be reversed by performing a mid-face lift, or by placement of a cheek implant, and sometimes, by both. A mid-face lift is not a true face-lift, although it does literally lift the face. Where a classic face- and neck-lift requires an incision along the contour of the ear and up into the hairline behind the ear, and addresses mainly the lateral cheek, the neck and the

jawline, the mid-face lift is performed through the lower eyelid and the space behind the top lip and addresses the central face, on either side of the nose, out to the outer corner of the eye and the cheekbones. It is a virtually undetectable procedure that can literally take years off a face, rejuvenate the eyes and lift the corners of the mouth, yet still make the patient look like nothing more than a better, more youthful version of themselves, rather than someone else, or what’s worse, someone who’s had too much surgery. Alternatively, depending on the patient’s wishes, properly planned and executed mid-face lifting with implants can make a bland face appear exotic and exciting. In selected cases, a mid-face lift can easily be combined with a classic face and neck lift. This is one group of procedures you need to find out more about, but as not many surgeons perform the surgery, so do your research before committing.


60 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jul 2016



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Stem Cells

61 HEALTH & BEAUTY Jul 2016

Knee, Hip, Shoulder Or Other Joint Pain? Other Degenerative Conditions? Stem Cell Treatment May Be Your Answer.

We have entered the rapidly evolving stem cell age, now offering adiposederived (harvested from fat, rather than bone marrow) stem cell treatment for a variety of medical conditions.

Can you please tell us about the latest treatment to come out of Clinic 42?

Stem cells are tiny “progenitor” cells. They have the potential to recognise tissue injury and repair injured cells. In the right environment, these stem cells can change (differentiate) into bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, collagen, neural tissue, blood vessels and even some organs. Stem cells may also affect healing by secreting special chemical messengers that repair damaged tissue. Adult stem cells appear to be particularly effective in improving painful joints, repairing cartilage and ligaments and even painful conditions along the spine. There are many clinical trials with stem cells going on right now which suggest a very broad and exciting potential for Stem Cells in Advancing Medicine.

Stem cell transfer is the new frontier in regenerative medicine, enabling doctors to treat a variety of age-related or degenerative conditions using ‘autologous’ or patient’s own cells to stimulate repair and recovery.

At Clinic 42, we assess each case on its merits as to suitability for treatment, please contact us to learn more.

How long does this procedure take and how long can we expect the results to last?

Which areas can be treated with this procedure? Therapeutic indications for treatment include osteo-arthritis in joints, tendon and ligament repair, some heart and lung conditions and of course cosmetic treatments for the face, neck and decolletage

The procedure takes about three hours. It involves a mini liposuction on the hip area (no, it is not enough for contour change!) following which the harvested fat is processed, to extract the stem cells together with some blood cells and peptides. This mixture of cells is then injected back into the same patient’s areas of concern for repair. The treatment takes a few weeks to take effect. The results last for a few years.

What would be the perfect age to have the procedure – or perhaps it’s not about age? It is definitely NOT about age or about gender, rather it is about what one wants to achieve. It may be that an elite athlete in their twenties has a niggling, non-healing injury... these respond extremely well to stem cell transfer. Or perhaps a weekendwarrior in middle age develops aching joints from repetitive injuries, this is also a good candidate for this procedure. Or someone older, who may be hoping to avoid a joint replacement, may benefit from stem cells. For cosmetic indications, it is very useful for sun damaged skin, regardless of age. The process costs $10000, this cutting edge technology is able to treat some conditions which are unresponsive to other medical forms of treatment, and may be an option for avoiding more invasive procedures.


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PONSONBY ULTRASOUND CLINIC LONGER OBSTETRIC APPOINTMENT TIMES FOR YOU AND YOUR BABY Have your scan performed under the expert care of highly trained sonographers and radiologists in a relaxing and serene environment with leading edge technology. We specialise in the areas of obsterics and gynaecology scans, general ultrasound, injury (ACC), MSK scans and injections.

WE ARE LOCATED AT: 211 Ponsonby Rd (opposite KFC) FREE CLIENT PARKING AT REAR Phone: 0800 272 346

natruél is manufactured using a high percentage of UMF®  manuka honey and cold pressed olive oil to provide your  skin with more nourishment. Therapeutic grade essential oil  blends have been carefully selected to complement the  purpose of the age replenishing and repair systems.  no parabens no artificial fragrances no petroleum derived or synthetic ingredients

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64 FOOD Jul 2016

FASTING FORWARD “A little starvation can really do more for the average sick man than can the best medicines and the best doctors.” - Mark Twain -

Last month saw possibly as much as a fifth of the world’s population embark upon a period of fasting during daylight hours in celebration of Ramadan. Islam isn’t the only religion to embrace such abstinence, many Buddhist nuns and monks don’t eat after midday, while Christians, Jews and Hindus also observe regular periods of restraint.

It’s a sentiment echoed by dietitian Sioned Quirke who runs weight management clinics in the UK. Quirke admits to the Guardian that while there aren’t enough “good-quality, highparticipant” studies to encourage her to actively promote the 5:2 diet to her clients, it is the only one that she doesn’t discourage.

Not simply for spiritual purposes, some of history’s greatest minds have long promoted the healing properties of the practice. Both Hippocrates and Pluto fasted, while Mark Twain once noted: “A little starvation can really do more for the average sick man than can the best medicines and the best doctors.” If those three thinkers aren’t convincing enough, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez both swear by it, too.

Major studies so far, are, excuse the pun, relatively thin on the ground. But what is worth bearing in mind is that unlike most studies which are often funded by organisations likely to make financial gains from the results, no one stands to profit from the promotion of fasting. Among the most commonly cited research comes from the lab of Dr Valter Longo of the Longevity Institute of the University of South California which backs up many of the above health claims, while implying fasting may also boost the immune system (though another study, by the University of Bath, concluded fasting may actually help obliterate it).

Last year I spent a month at an ashram in Nepal where the yogini matriarch observed weekly fasts; and a couple of months ago interviewed celebrated explorer Sarah Marquis who also believes in its power. Sarah was nominated as a National Geographic Explorer of the Year in 2014 for her three-year, six country trek. “Before I left for the walk, my doctor checked my blood numbers and when I returned, some of them had gone up, including my iron levels,” she said. “This is incredible, especially as I’m a woman and don’t eat meat. I lost 5kg in the first month, but then my body adapted. Our bodies of course have many requirements, but fasting is also important too.” There’s an ever-growing body of scientific research to suggest fasting does yield health benefits, and it’s being adopted by evermore health conscious populations. One of the most popular recent trends is the 5:2 diet which encourages participants to eat as they please for five consecutive days of the week — but still adhere to recommended daily calorie intakes — while near starving themselves for the other two by consuming around a quarter of those calories. Among its proponents’ claims is that fasting increases life spans, reduces risks of heart disease, stroke and cancer, and improves cholesterol levels and blood sugar control as well. “More evidence is coming to light regarding the benefits of this type of diet,” writes nutritional therapist Kerry Torrens for the BBC, “although there is clearly a need for longer term human-based studies.”

Earlier this year, JAMA Internal Medicine published the results of a two-year long study of 218 healthy people who were advised to either cut their usual calorie intake by a quarter, or continue eating as normal. On average, not only did those who fasted lose a tenth of their body weight, but also reported reduced levels of depression and an increase in sleep quality and sex drive. The lead study author, Cory Martin of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana, told Time that once participants rode the initial hunger pangs and began to lose weight, cravings subsided and they generally just “felt better”. Follow-ups showed that some stuck to the diet following the end of the experiment, while others put the weight back on. Martin points out the difficulty in adhering to “these diets in today’s society” where it is so “easy to overconsume calories”. While the scientific and nutritional communities may not yet all agree on whether fasting really is the way forward, what they do agree on is that anyone considering embarking on such a diet should first seek medical advice — particularly those pregnant or suffering from conditions such as diabetes. Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Tapestry 65 FOOD

In a world blighted by complicated menus, overworked dishes and overreaching chefs, one of our most corporate hotels offers sweet relief that ticks all the boxes. Beyond the mute chatter of the adjacent bar is a cocoon of hospitality and an aura of warmth. The décor is striking with plenty of talent. A wall to wall wine bottle mural blends effortlessly into elegant surroundings with unstinting attention to detail. When it comes to the menu the hardest decision is what not to order. On offer is conceptually appealing classic French cuisine. Call it a meeting of the minds. Between master chefs Arun Pillai and Yannick Cayrol their passion and energy caters for the timid and the adventurous. We started with a six oysters three ways ($15), fish kokoda, coconut, onion chilli, lime, tomato ($16) and yellow fin tuna, smoked eggplant and black garlic with each dish punching well above its weight. The kitchen finds plenty of room to flex its muscles with other culinary triumphs as beef tartare ($19), confit ratatouille ($16), wagyu beef albondigas ($21), sticky pork belly ($19), octopus salteado ($21) and green lipped mussels ($16). Yannick knew when to tweak our mains. The fish of the day bourride style ($34) saffron shellfish mariniere, baby potatoes and angus beef ribs in coconut stew ($34), lime, chilli, rice noodles and caramelised peanuts were competently cooked and attractively plated. Otherwise you might try chicken roulade ($37), black seafood paella ($38), organic freekeh ($32) and quinoa pilaf ($32). And there’s a lesson from the grill on how to be big and bustling without compromising quality and finesse. Wakanui sirloin ($39), beef rib to share ($48), merino lamb loin ($41), free range pork cutlets ($39) and fresh water salmon ($36) all add serious protein to the menu.

Jul 2016

Desserts lend truth to the “save room for” cliché saving the best till last. Sweet pleasures as apple tart ($15), rhubarb and feijoa sabayon gratin ($14), red berries vacherin ($15), roasted pear ($14) and valrhona dulcey chocolate and hazelnut delice ($16). Wines are a hard hitting collection dominated by some of our most acclaimed wineries with many by-the-glass temptations. And the verdict? We could fill a separate entry analysing the quality of the food which has found its true home. In all this was one of those rare occasions where we experienced an immensely satisfying and near perfect meal underscored by smart swift service. Menu 8.5 Cuisine 9.5 Wine list 8

Service 8.5 Décor 8.5 Value for oney 8.5

Tapestry: Licensed, Waterloo Quadrant, City, Ph 09 353 1000, Dinner 7 days, Credit cards 1.5% surcharge, Words: Dennis and Rosamund Knill


Mastered by Craft. Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand For over 20 years, Crossroads has brought wine lovers the very best of small parcel winemaking from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Visit Our Cellar Door Open 7 days: 11am - 4.30pm (closed Good Friday & Christmas Day) 1747 Korokipo Road, State Highway 50, Fernhill, Napier Tel: (06) 879 9737




Gift vouchers available

on regular wine prices when you mention this ad at our Cellar Door.


WINTER WARMER CIOPPINO This is our version of the Italian fisherman’s stew. We’ve added some chorizo and smoked paprika to kick up the flavour for the perfect amount of heat and heartiness. Recipe: Chloe Liggins from Canapés & Co

Ingredients Preparation • 4 large garlic cloves, minced • 1 medium onion, thinly sliced • 1 fennel bulb thinly sliced • 1 good quality chorizo, sliced • 2 tsp of chilli flakes • 1 tsp of smoked paprika • 1 lemon, zested • ¼ cup olive oil • ¼ cup tomato paste • 2 cans whole cherry tomatoes • 2 cups good quality fish stock • 3 snapper fillets with skin on cut in half, pat dry and season with salt • 18 large prawns shelled • 18 scallops • 3 squid tubes, sliced • 1 bag of live clams • 18 mussels, scrubbed • ¼ cup finely chopped coriander • lemon wedges • toasted bread


Cook garlic, onions, fennel, chorizo, smoked paprika and chilli flakes in a pot over moderate heat, stirring until onions are softened, for about five minutes. Stir in tomato paste and cook, stirring, for one minute. Add the canned tomatoes, lemon zest, fish stock and simmer covered for 30 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and a teaspoon of brown sugar.

2. Add clams and mussels, simmer covered,

until just opened. Transfer them to the serving bowl discarding any unopened one. Add prawns, squid and scallops to the stew, simmer covered, until just cooked through, for about five minutes.


Whilst the stew finishes cooking get a pan, cover with oil and heat until very hot. Place the seasoned fish skin side down and cook until almost cooked through, between 5-7 minutes depending on thickness (try not to move the fish around too much). Once its almost done, flip it and finish off cooking.


To serve, place the stew in a soup bowl, top with the crispy skin fish and garnish with a lemon wedge, chopped coriander and freshly toasted bread.

Jul 2016

68 FOOD Jul 2016

Chilli Power: FEELING THE HEAT In January, Amaedonou Kankue from Togo entered the Guinness World Records by eating ten bhut jolokia chillies — also know as ‘ghost chillies’ — in 30.7 seconds. Three years prior, Jason McNabb of the USA also entered the record books by eating 66 grams of the same fiery fruit in two minutes. The chilli is around 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

The chilli, a hybrid of the capsicum chineses and the capsicum frutescens, is typically grown in India. “It’s so hot you can’t even imagine,” Digonta Saikia, a farmer from India’s Assam region tells NBC. “When you eat it, it’s like dying.” For generations, populations in the northeast of India have been using the spice not only in food, but to cure all manner of ills and to even cool off in the summer heat (via sweating). Such is the chilli’s ferocity that in 2010 the Indian government announced plans to weaponise it. “This is definitely going to be an effective non-toxic weapon,” RB Srivastava of the Defence Research and Development Organisation told the Associated Press, “because its pungent smell can choke terrorists and force them out of their hideouts.” But the bhut jolokia isn’t even the world’s spiciest chilli. That title belongs to the brilliantly named Carolina reaper which can be an astonishing hundreds of times hotter than a jalapeño. Somebody call the fire brigade. But how exactly is the heat of a chilli measured? Multi-award-winning American pharmacist Wilbur Lincoln Scoville long held a fascination with all things hot. In 1895 he published The Art of Compounding, which makes one of the earliest references to milk as a powerful nullifier of chilli heat, but it would be Scoville’s 1912 eponymous scale which would secure his place in the history books. Capsaicin, an active chemical component of fruits born from capsicum plants, is an irritant for mammals, causing a burning sensation to any area it touches — notably sensitive spots such as the mouth, nose and eyes. The Scoville Scale measures its intensity using heat units known as SHU.

Originally the scale was not infallible as it still relied on human taste buds. Peppers were used to make alcoholbased extracts which were diluted further and further until the drinkers could no longer taste the ‘heat’. Then the degree of dilution was converted into the SHU. To put that into context, Tabasco typically has in the region of 5,000 SHU which means 5,000 cups of water would be needed to dilute one cup of Tabasco to a neutral taste (though, cup sized measurements were obviously not used in practice). “It’s easy to get what’s called taster’s fatigue,” Dr Paul Bosland, chilli book author and professor of horticulture at New Mexico State University tells Smithsonian. “Pretty soon your receptors are worn out or overused, and you can’t taste any more. So over the years, we’ve devised a system where we used what’s called high performance liquid chromatography.” This means scientists are now able to arrive at an SHU reading in a lab — by measuring how many parts per million of the hot stuff is present in any chilli – with no need to torment any human tongues. Though, it would appear there are many that do enjoy it and it’s popularity is on the rise. Bosland even compares chilli connoisseurs to those of wine. “When you first drink wine, all you notice is the alcohol,” he says. But then people learn to differentiate between grapes and even regions. “That’s how it is with chilli peppers too. At first all you taste is the heat, but soon you’re able to tell which heat sensations you like best.” Words : Jamie Christian Desplaces


70 FOOD Jul 2016

>> FIRE YOUR WAY TO HEALTH • Chillies are high in antioxidants, carotenoids for insulin regulation, and vitamins A and C. • Studies have found chillies may reduce cardiovascular disease, boost metabolism and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. • A massive study by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences — published in the British Medical Journal — found eating spicy food at least twice a week reduces the risk of early death. • Historically, chillies have proved popular in warmer climes as they repel microbes, and were therefore of great aid to health in the days before medicine and refrigeration. • A British laboratory study found that capsaicin killed lung and pancreatic cancer cells without harming the surrounding healthy ones. Some scientists believe chilli consumption may explain lower rates of certain cancers in India and Mexico than in the West. • But don’t go overboard. In Mexico, another study found consumption of jalapeños to be linked with a slight increase in instances of stomach cancer. However, victims had consumed between nine and 25 of those peppers per day.

FIERY FAST FACTS • It’s a myth that chilli peppers can damage the tastebuds, the furnace from even the hottest fruits wears off after a few days. • The plant is highly versatile, capable of mutating quickly. Therefore, farmers can easily develop new strains so the title of the world’s hottest chilli has changed hands a number of times in recent years. • Mexico is home to more than 140 different kinds of chilli. • Ground chillies were once used as form of punishment in Japan, thrown into the faces of criminals. • Ancient American civilisations such as the Incas and Aztecs used chillies as currency. • Elephants are highly sensitive to chillies’ smell, so farmers in Africa tie the fruits to fences around their crops. • Some parts of the chilli are hotter than others, so you’re not imagining it when your taste buds seem to burn more with each bite. The flesh nearest the stem is where most of the magic happens, not, as many believe, in the seeds.


Annabel Langbein’s

DEVILLED SAUSAGES This family favourite is great served with mash and green veges. If you’re cooking for children reduce the amount of cayenne to suit their tastebuds. Prep 10 mins // Cook 40 mins // Serves 4 // DF GF

Ingredients Preperations • 6-8 good-quality pork 1. Prick sausages and cook in a heavy-

sausages or other goodquality sausages • 2 Tbsp neutral oil • 2 large onions, halved and thinly sliced • 2 cups beef stock • 2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce • 2 Tbsp tomato paste • 2 Tbsp fruity chutney or pickle • 2 Tbsp dijon mustard • 2 Tbsp soft brown sugar • ¼ tsp cayenne pepper, or more to taste • 2 tsp thyme leaves • salt and ground black pepper, to taste

based frypan over medium heat or in an oven preheated to 200˚C fanbake until browned all over (20 minutes).

2. While sausages are cooking, heat oil

in a large pot, add onions to the pan and cook over medium-low heat until onions are very soft and starting to brown (12 minutes). Stir in all remaining ingredients except sausages and simmer gently over low heat for 15 minutes. Add browned sausages and simmer another 10 minutes. Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary. Serve hot.

3. This recipe is extracted from Annabel’s

new autumn winter annual Annabel Langbein A Free Range Life: Share the Love (Annabel Langbein Media, $24.95), available from Paper Plus, the Warehouse, and all good supermarkets and bookshops. For more great Annabel Langbein recipes, and to find out about her Share the Love Potluck campaign and your chance to win a trip for two to Wanaka for lunch at her place, visit

Jul 2016



FOOD Jul 2016

A selection of some our favourite tiny cafés

GOODNESS GRACIOUS Always busy. It’s worth it though. Their homemade bagles are amazing! 2A New North Rd, Eden Terrace, Auckland

FORT GREENE Cozy café in Saint Kevin’s Arcade. They serve the famous Wellingtonian Peoples Coffee here. So good! Shop 22, Saint Kevin’s Arcade, K’Rd, Auckland

BLEND Blend is half café and half bike shop. Awesome combination! 9 Mount Eden Rd, Eden Terrace, Auckland

ROOST Roost is a trendy new corner cafe in Ponsonby. The space has been designed so beautifully utilising the small space to its maximum capacity. 1 Vinegar Lane, Ponsonby, Auckland

If you have a hole in the wall café, we would love to hear from you. Call Verve on 09 520 5939

75 FOOD Jul 2016

Gardening Column

THE URBAN ORCHARD Despite living in the city for around a decade, there are two things that I still struggle with. While the delightful aroma of a swimming pool which emerges from my kitchen tap is almost manageable, resigning myself to the tastelss, watery fruit from the supermarket, isn’t.

Apples on MM106 Rootstock — 3+m Peaches, Plums, Nectarines — 3.5+m Dwarf Citrus — 1.5-2m Full-Size Citrus — 3m

But thankfully, growing delicious fresh fruit in the city isn’t difficult. Whether your plot is large or small, as long as you choose the right varieties, and get set up properly, it’s possible to grow delicious fruit in your own backyard, or even in pots.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT VARIETIES — Things to consider include taste, pollination, and disease resistance. Check to see if the varieties you want are self-fertile or if they need a pollinator. Peaches and nectarines, with the exception of some dwarf varieties, are all self-fertilising. Some varieties of apples and plums are self-fertile. For more info visit

SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS — Make sure you give each tree enough space initially and choose suitable varieties. Plant them well, and in the case of deciduous fruit trees, prune to get the shape right now. It will save a lot of time later. SPACING — Planting too closely together increases competition for resources, and trees will get less light and airflow, which can cause them to be more prone to disease. Dwarf Peaches & Nectarines — 1.5m Dwarf Varieties of Apples — 1.5m Apples on Dwarf (M9) Rootstock — 2.5m

For container growing, choose dwarf varieties of peach, nectarines and apples, or citrus trees grafted onto a dwarf rootstock. PRUNING — Prune newly planted trees this winter to get the shape right early makes things much easier. For advice on pruning visit our website. Words: William Aiken

CANAPES AND CO. Bespoke Catering A boutique catering company specialising in creating creative menus for bespoke events. Whether it be a private dinner with friends, a cocktail function for a celebration or corporate lunches and events, we can help create the perfect menu to impress your guests. Using only quality ingredients we pride ourselves in our presentation, flavours and service. To book your next function contact us on or check out our website and Facebook page. · ·


76 WESTHAVEN Jul 2016

Wonderful WESTHAVEN “It was purchased by Auckland Council in 2010 so that the public space could be returned to the people for recreation and enjoyment by the sea.” - Tom Warren, Panuku Development Auckland -

While the majority of the folks at Westhaven marina seem to have grown up around boats, Rob, a former Olympic sailing tactician, developed his love of them from a rather more incongruous source: a fear of water. Such was his fright at the sight of the sea beneath the cracks of the dock that he actually had to be carried across them. “When I was about eight, I saw some kids sailing some P-Class yachts and I told my parents I wanted one,” he continues as we sail out for a Friday afternoon Rum Race aboard the 36-foot Boogie Flash. “My dad thought that was hilarious and told me if I managed to swim two lengths of the school pool I could have one, which I did, and he was true to his word. Though, the first time he took me out, he made sure it was during some very rough weather off Thames!” Luckily for this sailing novice, our Rum Race takes place on calm waters, though the Waitemata Harbour breeze is somewhat chilled. The crew, all members of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, further comprises Andrew, Helen and skipper, Mike Malcolm, and between them, they have well over a century’s worth of sailing experience. The event is approached with an easy-going professionalism, warmly welcoming their newest crew mate for the day — and ensuring that I also earn my keep. (Boats from all clubs are often in need of volunteer Rum Race crew. For any would-be sailors or curious ocean souls out there, I highly recommend it.) Westhaven, the largest marina in the southern hemisphere and one of a select few in the world to be located so close to a CBD, is home to around 2,900 boats and four yacht clubs. “The yacht clubs really are the hub of the marina,” says marina general manager Tom Warren of Panuku Development Auckland. “They organise all the events and everyone heads to them to socialise following the races. Right now, it’s winter so it’s a bit on the quiet side, but there are still at least four days of racing, and in summer, it’s every day.” Though the average boat owner is aged mid-60s, there is an ever-growing trend for groups of younger Aucklanders to buy a yacht between them. “Westhaven encourages entry level boating with facilities and price points for this group,” adds Tom. It also accommodates a range of further water sports and activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, dragon boat racing and radio controlled sailing.

I learn that Auckland’s ever-rising house prices have, perversely, even been beneficial for the boat business. “It’s seen as a bit of a compromise for those who can no longer afford to buy property in the city,” says Tony Smith, a broker at Vining Marine. Tony, I am told, is somewhat of legend around the marina for not only having introduced thousands of newcomers to sailing, but encouraging numerous women to take up the sport: “They tend to make for the most reliable crew!” Since the 19th century, the area — most notably Shelly Beach — has served as a popular meeting place for water-loving Aucklanders and the first breakwater was constructed during the 1940s as a safe place to moor their boats. The latest addition to the site, the boardwalk, will eventually connect to the Harbour Bridge’s Skypath and run all the way to St Heliers. “Westhaven is now very much an inner city marina,” says Tom. “It was purchased by Auckland Council in 2010 so that the public space could be returned to the people for recreation and enjoyment by the sea. So many of our top sailing legends and heroes have a connection to the marina, along with so many regular sailors. We like to call it ‘the heart of boating in Auckland’. It’s a city icon.” The race ends to a brilliant orange sunset behind another icon, the Harbour Bridge, which seems to so beautifully complement the massive marina over which it stands guard. Slowly we float back into Westhaven, and, with our legs dangling over the side, Helen talks of her love for the sport and its many mental and physical challenges. “It’s this huge puzzle,” she says, “with so many things to solve.” “And it’s just a lovely team environment,” adds Mike. I can certainly vouch for the camaraderie, and I sure did enjoy the learning ropes — even though I did manage to tangle myself up in them twice, once very nearly ending up overboard. But I’ll blame that on the rum.

Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

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>> Westhaven at a Glance • Over half of all the nation’s yacht racing originates in Westhaven. • Ponsonby Sailing Club runs a sailing school for pre-teens, while the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron’s school, which takes on slightly older pupils, is considered the best in the world. • It’s home to the largest boat refuelling facility in the southern hemisphere. • The marina provides overnight parking and facilities for campervans. • For ten years in a row, Westhaven has achieved international Blue Flag status in honour of its commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. • Vessels moored at the marina are pretty evenly split between sailing boats and powered yachts.

• There is a kilometre’s worth of fully serviced serviced super yacht berths with plans to extend. • Three hundred pile moorings are available for entry level vessels, backed by 1,868 wet berths and a 45-berth charter base. • Around the complex are 500 dry stack berths, two ship lifts and two large capacity slipways. • There are over 50 charter boats at Pier Z, where sea fishing trips are offered for as little as $60. • This month sees the opening of the Buoy Café which will sit alongside renowned Sails restaurant and the legendary Swashbucklers. • Swashbucklers rests on the site of a former ship graveyard.

79 WESTHAVEN Jul 2016

SWASHBUCKLERS has rooms for private functions. The Gibbs’ Landing function room caters for up to 100. Come on down and have a drink in the most eclectic and vibrant bar in Auckland -- it’s known for beautiful seafood, bar meals and fine dining. EASY PARKING, OUTDOOR SEATING, & CHILD FRIENDLY AREA.

23B Westhaven Dr, Auckland - 09 307 5979 - CHECK US OUT ..WWW.SWASHBUCKLERS.CO.NZ

Mon & Tue: 7.30am - 5pm Wed-Sat: 7.30am - 8.30pm Sun: 7.30am - 4pm Open outside these hours for private functions and large groups

For the month of July, get a free house wine with every main meal purchased (only valid on bookings of two or more)

09 379 9875 | | 3/31 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven, Auckland


Since Westhaven’s Laurie Collins Marine brokerage changed hands in 2009, we’ve had new signage and a new logo to go with the large upgraded office and 12 surrounding sales berths. We’re conveniently situated on one of the largest marinas in the southern hemisphere, and just minutes from the CBD. We have an archive of boats listed and sold over the last 25 years, so there aren’t many boats we don’t know about. We sell yachts, launches and multihulls of all sizes, and prices. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it. Wayne Baston, owner and managing director, wishes to make your purchase experience as smooth as possible. Anyone wanting to sell a vessel, we have so much to offer to get that job done. We’re also on the lookout for an extra boat broker. You can’t miss Laurie Collins, we’re right under Sails restaurant, 103 Westhaven Drive. There’s plenty of parking just outside. We look forward to welcoming you. 09 376 6331 | 0274 502 654 | |


The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron is the largest yacht club in New Zealand, but is so much more than just a yacht club. This iconic club is located in one the most prime locations in the City of Sails, with 360-degree views spanning from the Auckland Harbour Bridge across to the sunny North Shore, with full views of the City and Sky Tower, all the way up the harbour to west Auckland — arguably making it the most scenic club in the city, if not the entire country. They offer a very wide range of services for members, and you do not need to be a sailor to join or to enjoy great benefits from your membership. If you live local or work in the CBD it is a great organisation to be a part of. They have a huge range of off-water activities for members, including guest speaker lunches, themed evenings, rugby and America’s Cup viewings, superb food and beverage picnics and social get togethers — to name a few. The Members Bar is open seven days a week with a wide range of delicious options, kids eat free at the weekends and it would have to be the best priced beer and wine in the city. If you’re looking for something a little more up market, then head to the Quarterdeck Restaurant open for lunch and dinner Wednesday– Friday. Discounts for members apply not only to food and drinks but fuel, clothing and events as well. On the water there’s a huge range of options for members to take advantage of, including various sailing series and cruising series for sail and motor vessels alike, Learn to sail and learn to race courses, as well as a brand new fishing division with competitions held throughout the summer months.


RNZYS is a very popular function facility with a large choice of spaces for up to 400 people. They can host any type of event or function you have in mind, whether it be a wedding, 21st birthday party, corporate AGM meeting, cocktail party or anything you wish. With ample free parking, an amazing view and very good food and facilities, you don’t need to look any further than RNZYS when it comes to organising your special event. The RNZYS are always welcoming new members of all ages, so give them a call and arrange a time to go down and take a look. With memberships starting from about $25 per month, it is a cost effective way to be part of something very special.

Join the Squadron Memberships start around $25 per month

New Zealand’s Premier Yacht Club Joining as a member you’ll receive a wide range of benefits. • Non sailing, social, overseas and new members welcome • Member discounts on Food and Beverage, Race Entry, Clothing and Functions • Reciprocity with 40+ prestigious international yacht clubs • Ample free parking • Over 1000 races per year, including cruising rallies for yachts and launches • Social events throughout the year for all ages • Access to Lidgard House, Kawau Island • Complimentary meeting room space for Full Members • The perfect waterfront location for functions and events at a discount • NEW – Fishing Division – competitions, demonstrations and events • Sailing and training courses available

Come sailing with us...

You don’t need to own a yacht to sail with RNZYS. We are always looking for crews to go racing. It costs nothing so contact us to join a crew.

We’re more than just a yacht club…

We have superb dining, bar and social options as well as a variety of wedding and function venue spaces.

Take advantage of all this... Join the Squadron. For all enquiries or for further information please contact RNZYS reception: Call us today on 360 6800 or email |

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24 Hours in WANAKA As someone who is lucky enough to call Central Otago’s Wanaka my second home, I am also intrinsically a long-time sufferer of people telling me that it’s not as good as Queenstown, its tourist-hub neighbour. The truth is, that’s not true at all. If Queenstown was the popular, adventurous, rowdy older brother, Wanaka would be its low-key and relaxed, but secretly just as cool, younger sister. Although I adore it being like this, there’s nothing I want more than for more people to be enchanted by Wanaka’s peaceful beauty. Here’s a breakdown of what would I do if I had one day to experience Wanaka for the first time all over again. Just don’t tell too many people… it’s best kept a secret. 7:30AM — THAT WANAKA TREE Not many trees are special enough to have their own hashtag, but just search up #thatwanakatree on Instagram and you will find more than 5,000 photos proving why this one is different. Start your day perfectly by watching the sun rise over the mountains, spectacularly hitting the lake and ‘that tree’. If mother nature is on your side, you might even be able to add your own photo to the hashtag. 8:30AM — FEDERAL DINER Hidden down a back alleyway, you could be justifiably skeptical about going to Federal Diner for breakfast. However, the mysterious location in no way compromises the quality; in fact, it actually adds to the charm of this local favourite café. The cheese scones are like a gift from heaven, and they even have a breakfast dish called ‘The Hungry Aucklander’, so you’ll feel right at home. 9:30AM — 47FROCKS Directly through the wall of Federal Diner, you will find one of New Zealand’s top fashion retailers, 47Frocks. Their artistic

blend of New Zealand’s moody and minimalistic fashion with the light and sun of Central Otago creates a simply unique shopping experience. When combined with their brand extension of 47Lounge, which focuses on relaxed but luxury home goods and apparel, 47Frocks is not to be missed if you require a touch of retail therapy while on holiday. 10:00PM — MT IRON Use your newly instilled energy from breakfast to tackle the famous Mt Iron walk. With half of its name consisting of ‘mount’, this venture may seem daunting, but it’s a relatively easy track that’s about an hour-and-a-half return. The effort to reward ratio makes it highly worthwhile, with 360-degree views of Lake Wanaka, the Cardrona Valley, the Upper Clutha Basin, Lake Hawea and the Southern Alps from the top that would leave Mt Eden with an identity crisis. 12:00PM — CARDRONA HOTEL For lunch, journey out along the stunning Crown Range Road (which connects Wanaka with Queenstown) for 20 minutes until you reach the historic Cardrona Hotel. The hotel has maintained the rustic charm which has been present since its establishment in 1863 and combined it with a modern restaurant and a lively atmosphere, all in the dramatic and beautiful setting at the foot of Mount Cardrona. It is very rightfully said to be the most photographed pub in New Zealand. Dine inside amongst the relics of a by-gone era, or outside in the relaxed garden. 2:00PM — WATERFALL CREEK WALK Head back in to Wanaka and go for a stroll around the easygoing Waterfall Creek track, which takes you around the western side of the lake. Wanaka puts on a natural spectacle in any season, each

3 Business/ Education & Society Sept 2015

more breath-taking than the last, and this walk will accentuate this in a way that few others can. 3:00PM — RIPPON VINEYARD It would quite simply be wrong to visit Central Otago and not experience some form of wine tasting, and the pick of the bunch for this in Wanaka is Rippon Vineyard. Accessible from the Waterfall Creek track, Rippon is perched on a hill overlooking Lake Wanaka and its incredible surrounding mountains. This historic vineyard has all the makings to stand as your most beautiful wine tasting experience. 5:00PM — HISTORICAL TILE WALK On your way back into the township from Rippon, wander along the historical tile walkway which runs parallel to the lakefront. It stretches between years 0-2000, with every tile printed with the most memorable event of each year. The walkway is not only composed of globally significant events, but also shares the most significant moments in Wanaka’s history, so it is the perfect way to get to know the town you have been exploring. 5:30PM — DINOSAUR PLAYGROUND At the end, continue strolling towards the ‘dinosaur playground’. Mention this to any child south of Christchurch and the look in their eyes will tell you just how special it is. Treat the kids to endless fun on the many modern playground features, or rediscover the child within you by sliding down the neck of the iconic dinosaur yourself. 6:30PM — BURT.RITOS The laid-back Wanaka vibes call for an equally casual dinner, so head to Burt.Ritos for some delicious and affordable Mexican

goodness. Burt and his wife offer an unrivalled experience of Mexican street food, operating out of an enchanting food caravan in the shadow of the mountains which encircle the town. Take your meal to enjoy at one of the numerous picnic tables down by the lake. Whether you get the tacos, burritos or nachos, you will leave with a meal set to fill your belly and an established place in the Burt.Ritos family. 7:30PM — PARADISO CINEMA In a town surrounded by so many incredible natural wonders, it might seem laughable to have a movie theatre as one of its biggest attractions. However, take one step inside and you will realise that this is a cinema like no other. With second-hand sofas for cinema seats and freshly made cookies at intermission, Paradiso will give you the delightful feeling that you are watching the film from the comfort of your own home. 10:00PM — PATAGONIA Finish off your day the right way with a trip to Patagonia Chocolates, a chocolates and dessert café exclusive to the Southern Lakes of New Zealand. Warm yourself up in the winter with their exceptional churros or top your summer night off by choosing from a spectacular range of homemade ice cream flavours. Just taste their Dulce de Leche and you will understand why it won a Gold Award at the 2015 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards.

Words: Harriet Keown L-R: 47Frocks. That Wanaka Tree. Rippon Vineyard. Burt.Ritos.

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LUXURY IN THE WILD It’s the crack of dawn in the middle of the African wilderness and there’s a tap on my door. Strong coffee and a quick chat with the rangers later, and we’re off into the bush to spot the wildlife at their most active. The expert guides and trackers have a sixth sense of where to find a pride of lions, the newest baby elephant, or the most impressive herd of buffalo to leave us totally awe-struck. And so begins another day on safari in South Africa’s Phinda Private Game Reserve.

The landscapes of Phinda vary from extraordinary forest growing out of the sand, to rocky bush covered hills, all home to not only the Big Five game (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino) but also the many rarer and less easily spotted species, such as the elusive cheetah and the scarce black rhino. Also rare, in the best possible way, are the safari lodges at Phinda! With only a handful of luxury lodges (owned and operated by andBeyond) within the 56,800-acre reserve, you are never bumping into other vehicles on game drives. Each lodge has its own unique personality, and many suites boast their own private decks and plunge pools. All come with the best service on earth! A day in the life of a Phinda safari is designed around thrilling you with wildlife in the early morning and late afternoon when the animals are out and about, but seems equally focussed on indulging you in delicious cuisine at every opportunity! Thrilled by the morning’s game drive, it’s back to the lodge for a sumptuous breakfast, then you might just have time to fit in a short walk accompanied by your ranger before a stunning lunch of Pan-African cuisine. Time then for a refreshing dip in the pool, an afternoon siesta or to simply watching the wildlife from your private veranda before afternoon tea (freshly baked


muffins anyone?). The late afternoon game drive lasts until after dark, when spotlights are used for a glimpse into the nocturnal bush life — listening to lions roar and glimpsing bright eyes shining through the dark is quite an experience. You will stop to enjoy sundowners and snacks in a scenic spot as you witness yet another spectacular African sunset. Back at the lodge, you might find a mouth-watering dinner at the lodge boma (outdoor courtyard dining), or in a surprising bush location, where the guests regale each other around the campfire with their thrilling wildlife encounters. Phinda had been at the top of my wish for so long my expectations were sky high, but I’m happy to report it was all that and more! From thrilling up-close wildlife encounters, to the warm hospitality of the lodge hosts, to the delicious cuisine I became far too accustomed to, it was simply exceptional. I urge you to visit South Africa for its stunning landscapes, its Winelands, Garden Route, Cape Town and more. Whatever your plans, put Phinda on your wish list and prepare to diet on your return home! Words: Ange Pirie, Director, World Journeys

This luxury South African safari stays at the stunning Phinda Mountain Lodge or Phinda Forest Lodge with thrilling game drives and free return flights from Johannesburg*!

4 NIGHT SAFARI from $2,960 pp (twin) *Conditions apply and airline taxes are additional on commercial domestic flights. Contact your Travel Agent, or World Journeys

09 360 7311 /worldjourneys

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OPIUM FOR THE MASSES “Into the bowl in which their wine was mixed, she slipped a drug that had the power of robbing grief and anger of their sting and banishing all painful memories. No one who swallowed this dissolved in their wine could shed a single tear that day, even for the death of his mother or father, or if they put his brother or his own son to the sword and he were there to see it done...� - Homer, The Odyssey -

One hundred and sixty years ago, a group of Chinese soldiers boarded a British imperial ship named The Arrow, arrested the crew and dropped the flag in act that, in an already volatile region, was tantamount to a declaration of war. Within weeks, war most certainly did rage. It was the second of two conflicts which would become known as the Opium Wars. Britain, the aggressor, looked to secure its eastern trading routes as China’s evermore strident regulations threatened the Europeans’ profitable opium trade. It ended in a humiliating defeat for the Far East nation, forced to not only legalise opium, but to cede Hong Kong to the Brits. Arab traders first brought opium to East Asia, during the fifth century, and it proved popular — as it had done throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East for millennia prior. The opium poppy was originally cultivated in Mesopotamia — where it was known as the ‘joy plant’ — around 3,400 BC, later embraced by the Egyptian and Greek civilisations. Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, acknowledged opium’s benefits, though famously dismissed it’s widely lauded “magical” qualities at the time. Galen, renowned Greek physician of the Roman Empire, stated opium could cure chronic headaches, epilepsy and even deafness, also noting its legendary pain relieving properties (for which it is still used legally in the form of drugs such as morphine). Over one thousand years later, Europeans remained in thrall to its charms, with some even believing it to be a divine gift. “Among the remedies which it has pleased God to give to man to relieve his sufferings,” said 17th century physician Sir Thomas Sydenham, the ‘English Hippocrates’, “none is so universal and so efficacious as opium.” Thomas de Quincy’s 1822 tome, Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, was the first time a printed publication addressed its addictive qualities. Charles Dickens was said to have dabbled with the drug, and likely John Keats, too. During Victorian times, opium — as well as cocaine and arsenic — could be purchased by just about anyone, from just about any chemist. “If you had been in a major British post in the 18th or 19th Century, you would have seen opium arriving alongside ordinary cargo,” writes Tom de Castella for the BBC. At the beginning of the 19th century, the public of Norfolk were warned to mind their pints as beer was sometimes laced with opium to combat malaria. Even the aristocracy weren’t immune. “Queen Victoria’s coterie ordered opium form the royal apothecary... Prime Minister William Gladstone is said to have taken opium in tea or coffee before making important speeches.” Opium dens soon sprang up around the British capital and beyond, as reflected by Oscar Wilde in The Picture of Dorian Gray: “There were opium dens where one could buy oblivion, dens of horror where the memory of old sins could be destroyed by the madness of sins that were new.” Abroad, the UK — along with fellow European empires – made the most of profitable opium, ensuring it’s wide-ranging availability to bolster their coffers. In 1840, a year after the outbreak of the first Opium War, 24,000 pounds of it were shipped to the US. Twelve years later, the British arrived in Burma (now Myanmar), bringing with them huge amounts of the Indian-grown narcotic, and production soon spread throughout Southeast Asia to Laos and Thailand, forming what would later become known as the Golden Triangle. Today, Myanmar remains the second largest opium producing nation on Earth, after Afghanistan. Opium use was becoming such a concern that in 1878 Britain passed a law in its eastern empire which limited the sale of opium to only registered Chinese and Indian users, while implementing a total ban of smoking it in Burma. By the early 20th century, across the globe, the use of non-prescription opium — along with derivatives like heroin and morphine — was fast becoming

outlawed. In 1912, the International Opium Convention was signed in the Hague by European leading powers, along with Russia, Thailand and China. As noted by the United Nations: “The 1912 Convention was far from perfect, but it contained elements of a comprehensive drug control treaty... It also inspired national drug control legislation, such as the 1913 Harrison Act in the United States, the foundation of the U.S. drug law in the 20th century.” Much of that control legislation has failed, as reported again by the UN, over a hundred years later: “Opium poppy cultivation has stabilized at high levels in Myanmar and Lao People’s Democratic Republic, but the region’s demand for heroin remains at unacceptably high levels and transnational organized crime groups are making huge profits.” And while organised criminal gangs are reaping the financial rewards, “poppy-growing villages have found that money generated from poppy cultivation is essential for villagers threatened with food insecurity and poverty”. “We do it to survive,” a villager from Mualpi, Myanmar, tells the BBC. “The income you get from growing maize of vegetables is very low, and can’t compare with opium.” The UN’s Human Development Report ranks Myanmar 150 out of 187 countries, making it one of Asia’s poorest nations. Further compounding their problems is that with opium so readily available, addiction rates in these struggling communities are skyrocketing. “The world might say if there was no poppy there would be no war in Afghanistan,” tribal elder Abdul Bari Tokhi recently told AFP, “but for us if there no poppy there would be no work and no food on the table.” The UN reported 2014 to be a record year for Taliban-controlled opium production in Afghanistan, with cultivation up possibly by as much as 17%, despite the efforts of much western military might. Earlier this year, in a piece published by Salon, Alfred W. McCoy asked just how could the world’s only superpower have fought for a decade-and-a-half, deploying 100,000 troops, losing 2,200, while spending more than trillion dollars, still not manage to bring peace to one of the globe’s poorest nations? The American failure, he argues, lies in the “greatest policy paradox of the century”. A paradox that is as poignant as it is poetic. For that massive, American military juggernaut “has been stopped dead in its steel tracks by a pink flower, the opium poppy”.

Highs and Lows • There are dozens of varieties of poppies, but only one can be used for opium production: papaver somniferum, or the ‘opium poppy’. • Afghanistan’s production of opium far outweighs global demand, which has led to a surplus and a drastic drop in prices in recent years. • Babies of heroin-addicted mothers can be born with a physical addiction to the drug. • The edible poppy seeds used for cooking and sprinkled on rolls are from the opium poppy. The seeds are forbidden in Singapore. • The poppy seeds do also contain opium alkaloids meaning even if you’ve ingested them innocently, you could still potentially fail a drugs test.

Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

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88 Come visit Vanuatu! I












Just over three hours away in our corner of heaven, you’ll be welcomed by the bursting colour and warmth of clear blue lagoons, bright sandy beaches and the beaming smiles of our friendly people. Go adventuring on a live volcano, witness land diving, experience incredible fishing and scuba diving. Or just laze on a sun lounger and indulge in a great book.

Don’t wait, book now! There’s so much more to do in Vanuatu!












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There’s more to do in Vanuatu








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REDRET002 P H : 0 9 373 3 4 35 | Like us on Facebook:


Experience Europe in luxury on a cruise Mediterranean Cruise 16 night cruise on Cunard’s Queen Victoria. Departs Southampton, 22 June 2017. Highlights Gibraltar, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Cannes, Pisa, Rome (Civitavecchia), Valletta, Kotor, Zadar & Venice. BONUS US$370* onboard credit per room.


*pp Interior from Gratuities of US$12*pp per day are additional & payable on board. Airfares are additional.

Cruiseabout Parnell Shop 6, 177 Parnell Road 0800 867 276

Cruiseabout Ponsonby 298 Ponsonby Road 0800 867 667

*Travel restrictions & conditions apply. Price is correct as at 22 Jun 2016 & valid for sale until 31 Jul 2016, unless withdrawn or sold out prior. Prices are subject to availability. Selected travel dates apply. Airfares & transfers are additional. Onboard credit is per cabin & is applied to the first 2 passengers only. Credit is non-refundable, non-redeemable for cash & cannot be used in the medical centre or casino. General conditions: Prices are per person twin share, in NZ Dollars. All prices & offers are subject to change & can be withdrawn at any time. Cruises are based on inside twin cabin categories. Gratuities are not included. Package is based on consecutive night stays. Flight Centre (NZ) Limited trading as Cruiseabout. Full terms & conditions are available at CPL1140381


For business or leisure, for family or guests, you can be confident with Quest whether for one night, one week or longer.

Spacious, modern apartments ideal for the business and leisure traveller to Auckland. Offering: • The choice of studios, one, two or three bedroom apartments, all tastefully furnished with wellequipped kitchens and laundries. • We also offer our guests free Wi-Fi, 29 TV channels & 40 movies • Secure undercover parking. Newmarket is a very popular location with cafés, shopping, cinemas and the Newmarket business area all on its doorstep. Please check out our website


QUEST PARNELL 8 Heather St, Parnell Ph 337 0804


QUEST NEWMARKET 31-39 Davis Cr, Newmarket Ph 520 3000

Quest Parnell located in the historical suburb of Parnell, offers studios, one and two bedroom (two bathroom) self-contained apartments along with an on-site gym and heated lap pool. • Perfect location just off Parnell Road • Over 50 restaurants and cafés within walking distance • Kitchen and laundry facilities in all apartments • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels • Complimentary Wi-Fi • Secure undercover parking • Group accommodation for friends and families of wedding parties

Quest Carlaw Park: Spacious modern apartments for business or leisure. Studio, 1-bedroom and luxury 2-bedroom (2 bathroom) penthouse apartments available. All with well-equipped kitchens and laundries. Easy 10-minute walk to the city and on Parnell’s doorstep. • Complimentary Wi-Fi • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channel • Secure undercover parking • Complimentary access to Next Generation Gym (100 m) • Café, Italian & Japanese restaurants next door Please check out our website:

CARLAW PARK QUEST CARLAW PARK 15 Nicholls Lane, Carlaw Park, Parnell Ph 304 0521

90 ST HELIERS Jul 2016

SAINTLY ST HELIERS “It commands a charming and picturesque view of the North Shore, Rangitoto, Motutapu and Brown’s Island. The beach is so attractive that it cannot fail to be resorted to as a fashionable watering-place. The soil is partly volcanic and is a warm rich loam which, for orchards and floriculture, leaves little to be desired.” - from the New Zealand Herald, 25 July 1882 -

“The people of St Heliers are friendly and will really get behind a good cause,” says Rev Pauline Stewart of St Heliers Centre, who’s been a resident of the area for 12 years. “The hospice is a good example. Resident groups are active in the area, more so than other areas of Auckland. All types of people want their village to be successful and anything down at the bay gets the support of all ages. We love being involved.” One such business to benefit from such support is the St Heliers Café and Bistro, which first opened its doors four years ago.“The St Heliers community really embraced us from day one and have turned it into their daily meeting place,” says Dan Wards, Hipgroup operations manager for the area, which incorporates the eaterie. “Customers that in the early days sat alone, now join tables with new friends which they have met through visiting the café. Some of them now even holiday together! Local businesses also use our space for quick meetings, or if they’re lucky, a long lunch on a Friday. Our customers love that we offer all-day dining and use fresh seasonal ingredients — not to mention our housemade gelato!” The “hundreds of friendly faces” Dan encounters daily, he adds, makes St Heliers his second home. “The community here is well-established and many of the people have been here for a long time,” says Pauline. “They know the history and that of their family names. There is a real sense of neighbourliness. People remember you.”

St Heliers is home to around 5,000 people, with its original Maori name, Whanga Nui, meaning ‘large bay’. Europeans who first settled in the mid-19th century referred to it as Goodfellow’s Beach and Glen Orchard, and in 2010 the Glen Orchard homestead was recognised as a significant cultural site by the New Zealand Historic Trust. During the 1880s the region was renamed St Heliers due to its similarity to the beautiful capital of Jersey. Pauline says people are understandably very protective of their heritage. “I’m always thinking of ways we could make it more of a destination, but some want to keep it quiet and beautiful,” she says. With the generosity of spirit can come a reluctance for change, so, she believes greater immigration and the influx of younger residents in recent years has injected some energy and new ideas to contribute to the continuation of the “village character”. “It’s our community,” she continues, “and it’s a very beautiful and privileged part of the world.” “It’s extremely family focussed, one of the best places in Auckland to raise a family,” says Dan. “Many don’t realise just how beautiful the beach is. I can sit there for ten minutes and feel like I’m on holidays anywhere in the world.” Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


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Bayside Property Rentals Specialising in the Eastern Bays for the last 25 years, and with over 30 years in property management, Sue prides herself on being able to offer exceptional service to both homeowners and tenants. Landlords today expect their property manager to select suitable tenants, manage the financial side of the investment and take care of maintenance and renovations to upgrade their properties, whilst maintaining a good relationship with tenants. You will find all this and more when you deal with the team at Bayside Property Rentals. If you have a rental property, then it pays to employ the services of a property manager like Sue, who can take away the hassles and stress of trying to manage it yourself. She is also available to advise on your current rental property, assist with your rental portfolio or provide independent investment advice and obligation-free appraisals. With several new regulations and amendmens to the Residential Teancy Act with regard to smoke alarms, insulation and contractors compliance, it has made managing properies even more challenging. To ensure that your property is complying with the new regulations and obtaining the best possibe quality tenants, call the Sue at Bayside Rentals in the St Heliers Village or pop in and visit. 11 St Heliers Bay Rd, St Heliers 09 575 9887 | 0274 908 264


House of Travel Where to Next? Sometimes this question can almost seem impossible to answer — a short winter’s break to the islands, a cruise along the coast of Croatia or even a trip of a lifetime trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Too many options? Too many decisions to make? Fear not, because at House of Travel St Heliers we provide guidance, inspiration and expertise in all things travel! Between the three of us, Craig, Amanda and Jenna, we’ve been there and done that — from diving with manta rays and sea turtles in the crystal clear waters of Fiji to sipping cocktails at Ernest Hemingway’s favourite watering hole in Old Havana — from standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon to watching the sunset over the waters of the Okavango Delta. Why not come and talk to us, your travel experts in the Eastern Bays, about your ultimate travel escape, today? Just back from the waterfront in Turua Street, St Heliers. Free parking located in the carpark at the rear of the building. House of Travel St Heliers 10B Turua Street | 09 521 7192

93 ST HELIERS Jul 2016



Crisp Home


Crisp Home brings you a carefully curated range of home and giftware. Shop local, come in and see us and treat yourself or someone special to a little luxury to brighten your homes this winter. 3 St Heliers Bay Mall, 33-39 St Heliers Bay Road, St Heliers 09 575 4681

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H a lo NEW to St Heliers, Halo Natural Health is a charming sanctuary providing a natural health clinic, dispensary, and store with natural skin and beauty products, supplements and gifts. It is a friendly, delightful place which caters to everybody who wishes to improve their vitality and wellbeing. Our services include Naturopathy, Massage, Reiki, PYSCH-KÂŽ, Kinesiology, Aquarian Healing, Beauty Therapies and Colour Therapy. 44 Long Drive, St Heliers 09 575 3214


L a F o u rc h e t t e At La Fourchette we offer the full French gastronomic experience throughout the day. From 8am our shop provides freshly baked pastries & breads, patisseries and takeaway coffees. Our café/restaurant offers a full modern a la carte menu inspired by classic French recipes all made with quality produce.


8c Turua St, St Heliers 09 215 8332,


Essence Essence On St Heliers is a bespoke beauty therapy clinic established 15 years ago. With over 19 years experience as a facialist, owner Viv Rogers provides a truly personalised service for her discerning clientele. Stepping into this unique self-contained cottage in residential St Heliers, clients have access to state of the art laser skin therapy as well as exceptional handson facial treatments for those who prefer more traditional approach to their skin care. From waxing to pedicures, all beauty therapy services are available. Stockist of: Thalgo · Ultraceuticals · EcoTan · Pure Fiji 13A Sylvia Road, St Heliers Bay 09 575 8041,


Føss & K r ü ge r We sell some of the most desirable and well-known international labels in the world. From Scandanavian ‘model off duty’ labels, such as Day Birger et Mikkelsen and Rabens Soloner, to effortlessly chic French labels such as Ba&sh and Leon & Harper, we have something to suit women from all walks of life. At Føss & Krüger, we have fun helping craft unique personal style that you feel confident with, or simply adding amazing pieces to key staples in your wardrobe. We look forward to seeing you in-store! 21 St Heliers Bay Road 09 950 5914

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Jul 2016

WHATEVER YOUR PROPERTY NEEDS ARE - WITH BAYLEYS IT’S MADE POSSIBLE. Need a bigger garden? Time to sell the family home? Or perhaps you’re looking for an investment property? It’s a world of possibilities out there, so it’s great to know that Bayleys can provide you with the market knowledge, knowhow and support to get the result you want.



n this o i t n e M eceive r d n a ry ad for eve f f o 0 $1 ent. $50 sp

The Butcher is back in St Heliers. Romford’s Butchery now open in St Heliers Mall with a great range of quality meat as well as family pies and ready to go meals. Come to St Heliers Mall and meet Mick and the team.

ROMFORD’S OF ST HELIERS GOURMET BUTCHERY DELICATESSEN. Shop 11 The Mall, 33-39 St Heliers Bay Rd, St Heliers, Auckland | 09 575 5961


CRUISE AUCKLAND TO TOWER BRIDGE LONDON “Travel the world. Bring your hotel.” That phrase is about to take on a whole new meaning with the introduction of Azamara Club Cruises’ first-ever World Journey. Destination Immersion® will reach new heights on this adventure spanning a total of 115 nights onboard the Azamara Journey®.

Amsterdam Ostend Honfleur Cherbourg Monte-Carlo Florence/Pisa Cannes Rome Barcelona Porto Amalfi Mallorca Corsica Valencia Lisbon Sicily Athens Mykonos Portimao Alicante Santorini Seville Cartagena Gibraltar London


Ephesus Rhodes

Limassol Nazareth Jerusalem Petra


Dubai Muscat


Yangon Bangkok

Salalah Kochi Colombo

Ho Chi Minh City Ko Samui Phuket Penang

Kota Kinabalu Bandar Seri Begawan


Kuala Lumpur Singapore Celukan Bawang Thursday Island

Bali Darwin

Townsville Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef


Brisbane Waitangi Russell

Sydney Auckland Picton Milford Sound

Tauranga Napier

Wellington Akaroa Dunedin

Indonesia, and Singapore, the only repeat port on the itinerary. Continue through Southeast Asia. Visit Borneo’s vast jungles and sprawling mountains, onto Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, via the Saigon River, these are just a few of the many highlights along this stretch. There will be no shortage of Destination Immersion® at any point along your journey, with late stays and overnights aplenty. Overnight stays offer several opportunities to venture out beyond driving distance and take an overland tour to nearby landmarks and locations.

Mark your calendars. February 22, 2018, Azamara’s World Journey begins out of Auckland and your final destination – the heart of London, England, right beneath the legendary Tower Bridge. 115 nights. 68 ports. 30 countries. 20 late nights. 15 overnights. 9 AzAmazing EveningsSM events. One chance of a lifetime voyage filled with limitless authentic cultural opportunities. The Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, transit up the Suez Canal, a stop along the beaches of Normandy, and many more dream destinations are just some of what you can expect. It’s the voyage for those with a thirst for adventure and who feel most at home when out enjoying new experiences, delicious cuisine, and remarkable destinations. And of course, it’s the voyage for those who really love to travel.

Late April and May lead to opulent Westernised cities of the east, including Dubai, UAE, and Muscat, Oman. Safaga, Egypt, follows, where a Land Discovery to the Valley of the Kings along the Nile River is a must. The smaller size of the Azamara Journey® plays to your benefit throughout the course of the World Journey. Not only does the size enable the ship to dock in many ports right in the city centre, but it also allows the ship to navigate famous waterways, like a day in transit through the Suez Canal. Early May features a stop in Haifa, Israel, one

of the most picturesque places in the world, where Mount Carmel looks down upon the distinctly urban landscapes. They say April showers bring May flowers, but May brings a whole lot more as the World Journey heads next to the Mediterranean, right in time for the best weather of the year. Warm breezes and glistening sunlight will be the norm for the next month as you explore the Greek Isles, the ancient ruins of Ephesus in Turkey, the allure of Sicily’s volcanoes, and many more iconic European destinations, with several lesserknown yet equally inspiring ports woven in.

115 nights of eye-opening, life-changing world travel to many of the Earth’s most unique destinations. The Azamara World Journey has arrived.

Destination Immersion® comes with many additional benefits on the World Journey, one of which you can experience in Cannes, France. The ship arrives on Wednesday and Thursday of the world-famous Cannes Film Festival, during the heart of the event and the prime time to spot celebrities in the crowd as you watch the year’s best films. A few days later you’ll be in Monte Carlo, Monaco, for the Monaco Grand Prix. Order your tickets and sit back as Formula One cars zip through the city streets. It’s not every week you get to attend two of the most famous events in the world, but it will be this week in May.

• Concierge services for personal guidance & reservations

The final leg of the World Journey is packed with exclusive experiences and local cultural opportunities. Cherbourg, France, is on the itinerary, where you can walk along the sandy shores of the Normandy beaches. An overnight in Amsterdam ushers in your last weekend onboard, in a city that needs to be seen at night. Sailing up through the Thames River, your World Journey comes to a close under the iconic Tower Bridge in London, England, on June 17, 2018. Despite the childhood nursery rhyme, it’s not falling down, as you’ll see for yourself up close.

From Auckland, cruise North to the Bay of Islands, then South to Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Picton, Akaroa, Dunedin and Milford Sound before heading to Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, the majestic Whitsunday Islands and beyond to the lush tropical setting of


Azamara’s all-inclusive amenities include: • Select standard spirits, international beers & wines • Bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffees & teas • Self-service laundry • Shuttle service to & from port where available

• Gratuities Guests onboard for the 115 nights of the World Journey will receive many extra benefits including:* • $1500 air credit per person • US$1500 per person onboard spending money • One laundry bag per week per person • Free Internet • Specially selected gifts along the way History will be made when the Azamara Journey® sets sail on the first-ever World Journey on February 22, 2018. And that’s just enough time for you to plan to join.Call us today on 575 0810 to join this world cruise, or if time doesn’t permit, sectors from 8 to 18 nights are available







helloworld St Heliers 09 575 0810

41 St Heliers Bay Road

*Valid for sales until sold out. Price is per person, twin share in NZ dollars, based on Interior stateroom Cat 12. Subject to availability & new bookings only. Surcharges apply for other stateroom categories. Prices are subject to change & may be withdrawn at any time without notice. A non-refundable deposit of $5400pp due within 3 days of booking. Full payment due by 28 Aug 2017. Strict cancellation penalties apply. Air credit will be deducted off the cruise fare once full payment is made. Proof of airfare purchase must be shown to receive discount & additional onboard credit. Tickets purchased with frequent flyer points not eligible. If airfare credit is not taken the onboard credit will reduced to US$1000pp~. Onboard credit is non-transferrable, non-refundable & redeemable for cash. Laundry is valid per person once a week (7 days). Other onboard beverages include drinks, specialty coffees & teas. Travel agents fees are not included. Prices are based on payment by cash, cheque or eftpos only. Further conditions apply, please ask us for details. ^Membership Rewards Terms & Conditions apply. HW0390


Dove Hospice Shop 98 ST HELIERS Jul 2016

After a major refurbishment, St Heliers Dove Hospice Shop will be reopening on 13 July. It's all thanks to a significant grant, the clever use of recycled and donated items, and the hard work of staff and volunteers who spent months building, painting and sewing to create the store’s fresh new look. Located at 30 St Heliers Bay Rd, the store originally opened in 2005 and quickly gained a loyal customer base. It was one of the first Dove stores to open seven days a week, and with a turnover of over 5,000 donated items a month, is one of Dove’s most successful retail operations. “We are so grateful to our hardworking volunteers and our generous community for helping us to be such a relevant part of the St Heliers village,” says Julie McCarthy, executive director of Dove Hospice. Dove’s retail support co-ordinator Anne Comito notes that customer and staff feedback following the makeovers of the Epsom, Remuera and Panmure Dove shops has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only is it an enhanced shopping experience for customers but a better working environment for staff and volunteers. Says Anne, “The improvements we’ve made to these shops and to our Apirana Ave store resulted in increased sales, which means more funds for our patient services, which is what we are all ultimately striving for. Dove Hospice receives no direct government funding and 95% of the costs of providing the Dove model of care are generated from the shops.” Says Ms McCarthy, “Dove prides itself on doing it differently. We provide a unique and valuable service to patients and their families at a time of their greatest need. This is not just for people at the end of their life but for patients and families living with a life threatening illness, from diagnosis onwards. Our holistic model is available to people throughout the wider Auckland region, not just the Eastern Bays.” Each year money raised from the Dove Hospice stores helps fund over 6,000 interventions to patients and their families and over 1,000 inpatient care bed days for patients requiring end of life and respite care. 30 St Heliers Bay Rd, St Heliers 09 575 4555 12

WWW.MORTIMERHIRST.CO.NZ WWW.ORTHOK.CO.NZ 9 H IGH STRE ET, A UC K L A N D C B D | TE L. 0 9 3 7 9 8 9 5 0 3 S T H E L I E R S B AY R O A D , S T H E L I E R S , A U C K L A N D | T E L . 0 9 5 7 5 8 6 5 0 E M A I L . IN FO @ MO R TIMER H IR ST. C O . N Z

Ten years from now – where do you see yourself? On a cat-farm-cross-theatre living the dream!

Common myths about actors.

That we are all outgoing confident extroverted people. We can be extremely self conscious, socially awkward individuals... well I am anyway.

Actors who inspire you.

Julie Delpy, Val Kilmer and Bette Davis.

Why is theatre important?

It is a beautiful medium to open discussions and share ideas. It is wonderfully intimate and offers a completely immersive experience.


Upcoming projects?

Currently working on a delightfully fun pantomime called Dexter’s Amazing African Adventure which is starts at Tapac on 8 July. Later on in the year I am stoked to be working with some wonderful women in Sham, a show that just had a stellar season at the basement, written by Jess Sayer, who is also on team Dexter.

Advice for aspiring actors.

Just do it. Find people who inspire you and get involved. Anything can happen.

Since quitting her job on a whim and auditioning for the Unitec Performing and Screen Arts course, Amanda Tito has never looked back. Her latest role as Dexter in the TAPAC show Dexter’s Amazing African Adventure, she says, is a whole lot of fun. The play, she reckons, will be enjoyed by all, tiny or tall, young or old...but especially the tiny and young.

What appeals most about acting?

Dexter’s Amazing African Adventure Starts 8 July at TAPAC.

Exploring and discovering new people and worlds.

Personal and professional goals?

I hope to create work until the end of my life and consistently encourage people from all walks of life to join in the fun.

Favourite acting memories?

I fall in love with all the characters I play. I find out something new about myself with every new person/animal/object I play. One of my first roles out of Performing Arts School was playing a hot air balloon!

Typical workday?

My days vary depending on what I am working on. I am either rehearsing, learning lines, experimenting with film ideas or throwing around ideas over a whisky with like-minded humans.


99 ART & ABOUT Jul 2016

100 ART & ABOUT Jul 2016

The Delightfully Quirky World of


A puffer fish flying through the sky. A huge balloon with a teacup suspended beneath it held by slender pink ribbons, as in the teacup a girl leans over the rim observing the world from far above. Three moles pulling a girl and a white cat in a walnut shell. Dinosaurs making sandcastles on what looks like Mangawhai flats at low tide. This is the surreal world of Korean-born painter Joon Hee Park. If Things Were Perfect is the title of the show the puffer fish featured in, and in a way it summons up Joon Hee Park’s attitude to life. She sits between two worlds: one of wonder, and one of regret. Her imagined world, the one she paints, is filled with fun and harmony. A place where everyone gets along. She is Cinderella in her world of dreams. The ‘If’ in the title represents reality; the world isn’t perfect, it can be full of sadness, regret, and accidents. But Joon Hee is by nature an optimist, a caregiver and a lover of cats. She is a born teacher, a converter of dreams into everyday realities. Joon-Hee Park was born in 1979, emigrating to New Zealand 14 years later, following the death of her renowned surrealist painter father, Hyun-Kyu Park. Her mother, too, is an artist. Joon Hee has art in her DNA. Her teachers encouraged her, seeing a person with a need for self-expression. She attended Elam School of Fine Arts, completed a BFA, then an MFA with honours in painting. From there she taught art at Westlake Boys School, and now she paints full time. Her fifth solo exhibit, Welcome to My World, at OREXART Gallery, showcases her quirky, whimsical animal companions which fill the frames with their surreal, life-size personalities. A flying octopus, galloping moles, and dinosaurs making

sand castles. All command our gaze as they romp through their hectic, dreamlike adventures. As with previous shows, the artist includes herself in every scene: “The act of painting is therapy for me. I paint what I want. What I need. Who I want to be. I can do anything in my painting, be the person l feel I am inside.” Joon Hee’s paintings are based on her dreams. She dreams in colour. In her dreams, everybody gets along and kindness and wonder rule. They are places where a little girl will always be happy. Her work is made all the more poignant by the loss of her much-loved white cat, Peter, who returns time and again in her paintings as a faithful companion, map reader and guide. There is the sense of travelling bravely into a great unknown with Peter as wise counsel and comfort. In Queen of the Night a Lilliputian Joon-Hee is riding in a walnut cart. “I don’t know exactly where I’m going,” she says, “but Peter has the map, so it should be somewhere awesome.” The experience of immigrating to another country heightens her questioning of sense place and identity, not only for the artist, but also for audiences. Joon Hee doesn’t seek to place her art in any specific style or genre. They are adventures, dreams, fun. They invite us in to enjoy the ride. As a child, Joon Hee’s greatest wish was that she would be given a small pet whale, but instead she suffered the loss of her father. We all have wishes when we’re children. We all want comfort, joy and security — not displacement, fear and anxiety, as many children in today’s world have. Joon Hee’s paintings remind us that in spite of everything, childhood wonder and delight should be a part of all our worlds.

101 ART & ABOUT Jul 2016

ABOVE | Spikey Journey, Joon-Hee Park. LEFT | Queen of the Night, Joon-Hee Park.


102 ART & ABOUT Jul 2016


M Y FA I R L A D Y // 2 1 J U LY

My Fair Lady, winner of eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director, is arguably the greatest movie musical of all-time. A jewel of a film and one that certainly ranks high among the greatest motion pictures ever made. It has recently enjoyed a pioneering restoration effort in time for the 50th anniversary of the original Australia/New Zealand theatrical release starting 21 July. Robert A. Harris, a film preservationist whose work to restore films like The Godfather, Lawrence of Arabia, Spartacus, and Vertigo have earned him well-deserved praise within the industry, has completed a brand new milliondollar restoration effort on My Fair Lady. Rating: G. Trailer:

R A M S // 4 A U G U S T

WINNER – 2015 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL — PRIX UN CERTAIN REGARD Majestically shot in a spectacular, weather-swept valley, this wryly observed fable about two brothers who are more obstinate than the sheep they breed begins as a droll comedy about rural life and grows into a graceful and mythic tale about family, community and legacy. Winner of the Prix Un Certain Regard, Cannes International Film Festival 2015. Rating: M Offensive language and nudity. Trailer:

S H E R PA (D V D ) // 2 4 A U G U S T

In 2013, the world’s media reported on a shocking mountain-high brawl as European climbers fled a mob of angry Sherpas. Director Jennifer Peedom and her team set out to uncover the cause of this altercation, intending to film the 2014 climbing season from the Sherpas’ point of view. Instead, they captured what was at the time Everest’s greatest tragedy, when a huge block of ice crashed down onto the climbing route, killing 16 Sherpas. For the Himalayan workers repeatedly traversing the mountain carrying supplies, the risk of this hazardous endeavor is multiplied. This stunning documentary, shot by high-altitude cinematographer Renan Ozturk, explores the unequal relationship between cashed-up foreign expeditions and their guides. It is also a story of family and tradition, as exemplified by Phurba Tashi Sherpa, an experienced climber at the heart of this commanding film. Rating: M Offensive language. Trailer:

103 ART & ABOUT Jul 2016

Music Review

HAUORA — STREET CHANT The long awaited second LP from Auckland’s own Street Chant is a mighty cry of refusal for conformity, and with its Hauora title — named after the Maori philosophy of health unique to New Zealand — it too comes in the guise of a crucial reminder not to neglect Hauora’s four wellbeing categories (physical, mental and emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing). Despite this, it’s ignoring these factors which was an ironic driving force for front woman Emily Edrosa during the albums six-year creation stretch, the toxic period birthing before consuming the majority of the record. I remember learning about Hauora in health class in school, and listening to Hauora reminded me that it’s dimensions are present in everything. With each dimension representing a wall to symbolise the Whare, it’s inevitable that if even one dimension is missing the Whare — or the being represented — will falter. Street Chant felt this notion in more ways than one; their own barely affordable, shabby Grey Lynn flat lacking each of the components needed to thrive and in turn creating a record which showcases ultimate versatility in both dark and light moments collected over the half-dozen cycle.

Hauora retains the signature sneery, snotty nosed approach that propelled first album Means but adopts vulnerability in highlight moments ‘My Country’, ‘One More Year’ and run-downAuckland-flat-life anthem the majority of young adult Kiwis can identify all too well with: lead single ‘Pedestrian Support Lead’. Emily loosely illustrates familiar imagery from my own Kiwi youth without ever being too obvious about our anomalous, isolated culture and objective to the albums listener. She leaves subtle sonic hints in the form of a Suzy Cato of Suzy’s World fame sample on ‘Pedestrian Support League’ and a shoutout to Mount Wellington shopping centre Sylvia Park on a bar rhymed with Sylvia Plath, only adding to the band-next-door charm that oozes through the crevices of each of the 11 tracks leaving you wishing you were their best friend. Words: Laura McInnes


THE DRY Jane Harper


Within just a week or so of it’s release, Jane Harper’s debut novel is being touted as one of the best reads of the year. Set in a small town in Australia about five hours drive north from Melbourne, Kiewarra has been having it tough. Seriously affected by the long drought, farmers are at the end of their tether, literally. Aaron Falk returns home to farewell his friend Luke, but he senses that the murder-suicide label put on a local case has far more to it. Gripping from the very first sentences until the last word, The Dry is breathtaking, and packed with atmosphere. ____

Words: Doris Mousdale





SIROCCO Sabrina Ghayour Nothing beats sitting down with a wonderful new cookbook and falling under the spell of a whole new range of flavours to inspire you to cook something different. Sabrina Ghayour won many accolades for her beautiful book Persiana and she is a regular guest on many of the top food shows as well as contributing to many foodie magazines. Sabrina has collected her favourite Middle Eastern recipes and added her own inimitable twist, presenting them in the mouthwatering collection that is Sirocco. From sticky lamb buns to souk-spiced roots -the foods in your fridge and vegetable drawer will only taste better thanks to Sabrina and her recipes. ____ $50

BARKSKINS Annie Proulx HOW TO DECORATE: FARROW AND BALL Joa Studholme and Charlotte Cosby Whether it’s the thirty shades of white, or the right rich colour to lift the features of your house, the new book How to Decorate, from Farrow and Ball will help you make the right decisions in your decorating dilemmas. Farrow and Ball paint is renowned for it’s quality, pigment, and even the “chalky” feel and of course its well researched range of colours both heritage and contemporary. This new book is a good investment and far more rewarding than half a dozen test pots of paint, How to Decorate will walk you through different rooms, different periods and show you just how much potential there is in a new colour palette for your home. ____

Annie Proulx never disappoints her avid fans and yet every one of her novels are so very different from each other. Her newest, Barkskins, is a huge read not only in size, but in the scope and complexity of the story. Tracing the history and extensive travels of two young woodcutters, Charles Duquet and Rene Sel, and their subsequent descendants over some three hundred years. Yes it is a wide sweeping saga on a huge scale, but Annie Proulx’s genius is that she creates characters which captivate, situations that educate, and has an imagination to entrance the reader completely. We will be talking about this book for years to come. ____




ANNA STICHBURY Parnell Gallery 2-16 August 2016 | Opening Preview 2nd August 5.30pm An exciting new show of works by Anna Stichbury opens at Parnell Gallery in August. This artist has been painting and exhibiting her vibrant work for over two decades. She finds her inspiration in the colours and textures of the world, which she brings back to her studio in “great armfuls”, her practice comprising the “delicious” task of revealing the feeling of a place using these elements. Stichbury’s latest works reveal a departure in terms of palette, which was previously dominated by deep reds and earthy ochres. In Night Swimming, ocean-inspired inky blues take their place in a “collection of memories and places”. A circular format is utilised in many pieces, emphasising the infinite, ever-changing nature of the ocean. The artist speaks of the feeling of gazing out across compelling yet unknown depths: “Like when you are at the water’s edge at night and it’s all dark navy and oily and you want to fall in but it’s too deep, just a little too big, dark and restless.” Stichbury’s bold, gestural brushwork skilfully abstracts vast swathes of sea and sky. Areas of luminosity and dripping paint suggest details of place and time as well as highlighting elemental and emotional textures. Allowing the media its full range of expression returns the viewer to the picture plane through the viscosity of the paint, and to their own experience of the proffered work. Born in 1974 and with a background in textiles and design, Stichbury has been successfully exhibiting with Parnell Gallery for more than 15 years. She has held solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand and Australia and her work is held in collections both here and internationally.


TOP LEFT | Drifting Homeward. TOP RIGHT | Oceans Serenade. ABOVE TOP | Voyage Home. ABOVE BOTTOM | Navigate the Restless Blue.

Auction N°3 3rd Aug 2016

312 Karangahape Rd Newton Auckland 1010 New Zealand p +64 (9) 307 8870 e Visit our website to sign up for catalogues and updates

Old Charm, New Look, Pure Kiwi

107 ART & ABOUT Jul 2016

Photography: Barry Noel

International travellers often make The Elephant House Craft Gallery in Parnell their one and only shopping destination in Auckland, because it’s widely known as the number one destination to buy top quality, creative and unique souvenirs.

crafters a platform for their work. He and his West Otago born wife Marianne have been showcasing the very best of it since returning to New Zealand in 1996 — setting up the innovative CraftWorld artisan “craft malls” in Wellington and Westgate.

But surprisingly, while this cornucopia of homegrown art and crafts is a world-famous tourist venue for those seeking the very best of New Zealand-made products, it is relatively unknown in our own back yard!

When they were asked to take over The Elephant House in 2014 they saw its fabulous potential as a local asset as well as a tourist venue, so they decided to put it firmly on the local map as well as the international one.

The Elephant House has been a well-established but low-key presence in Parnell for 36 years, and while most locals have heard of it, many have never visited and explored. Occupying a quiet laneway off the main Parnell drag, the understated exterior hides a spacious and enthralling interior.

Two years down the track, after the Dysthes had absorbed a strong feel for the shop and the local community, a transformation went into gear with dramatic changes to the physical appearance of the gallery and a broadening of its range of merchandise.

The Elephant House’s name is a puzzle, because there are hardly any elephants in sight! There is an explanation; the name actually has an interesting origin that dates back to the quaint Parnell of the 1970s but ask manager Lisa Caughey and her team about that.

The outcome is a fabulously innovative space with an expanded range of stock for local appeal. The iconic exposed beams and eccentric wooden shelves have been preserved, but are now blended with a clean, modern style.

Being the world’s best-kept secret is history, however, because while retaining its quirky name, the gallery has undergone a rebirth.

The extended product range incorporates home and giftware, toys and books, cosmetics and jewellery. It’s an ever-growing collection too, as Carl sources gifted artisans around the country. The variety may be infinite but the common factor is top-quality Kiwi craftsmanship.

Owner Carl Dysthe is passionate about giving New Zealand artists and

Mention Verve & save 15% until 15 July




(20 January – 18 February) This month brings an influx of money, soaring morale, and reconciliations, which will bring your clan closer together. If you’re in a creative or artistic profession, this can be an excellent period. You may find you care more about your own ego needs than other people’s, and direct your energy towards doing the things that you want to do. You could find yourself more than a little lusty at this time.


(19 February – 20 March) You will be praised for your efficiency and vision which is uncompromising but totally realistic. You could get recognition for work you’ve done, or see a parent, boss, or mentor in the spotlight. You may receive a job offer or promotion around this time. It’s also possible that you end a job or career path and if so, it seems that would be a good thing for you. You may feel an increase in vitality as well.


(21 March – 19 April) If you’re launching a new business or project, use this time for careful thought and planning, which will pay off in spades down the line. You could also feel more confident and secure. You might have the chance to explore your values and what is worth something to you. You could form a new partnership or strengthen an existing partnership/ relationship. You feel more optimistic in general about your close relationships.


(20 April – 20 May) It can be a good period for embarking on new paths, pursuing new opportunities and being daring. Don’t hold yourself back. Going over your values and the things that are worth something to you, could also be something you do a lot of now. You can also blow money faster, so exert some control over yourself if you don’t want to end the period flat broke.


(21 May-20 June) This could be an easier period for dealing with subconscious issues, clearing the clutter in your life. You could finalise research, be more moody than usual, release an old issue, or finish a transformation in your life or of yourself. You’ll feel most like yourself when you’re ensuring that you’re financially sound and you could see a surge in selfesteem, feeling more confident.


(23 September – 22 October) It will be your turn to shine, win through and grasp the opportunities that come up this month, to stand out from the crowd and impose your presence in the limelight. A need to change your relationship, change the status quo or spice up your relationship and have some new experiences would be strongly felt. You will end this month of transition on a high note by communicating your ideas in a talented way.



(23 July – 22 August) You will be forced to confront your financial situation in a big way this month, as you take a good look at money that you earn and money that you spend. You could have a conversation with a partner about who contributes what, or you may find that your income isn’t covering your expenses. You could also see a secret come into light and feel more emotional and intuitive around this time, so listen to your gut.


(21 June -22 July) Your ideas and freedom of expression will be spot on. You will manage to get support from those who are following you from afar and would like nothing better than to be closer to you. You may encounter challenges to your belief system at this time that could rock you. You could receive a lucrative financial offer. You will end the month on a high note and ready to extend the party.

(23 October – 21 November) Forging deeper emotional connections may be more important to you now. You seem to have more depth than usual and you think more about life questions. You want to know more about subjects and people and dig deeper into them. You have less patience for superficiality and want to be more intimate. A long-held dream you share with a partner may come true.


(22 November – 21 December) This can be a good time for writing, learning or verbal expression. You’re more open with your advice and opinions and you hear a lot of news. You could have an important conversation with a sibling, neighbour, or someone younger than yourself. You may receive a nice payout for finishing a project or selling a product, project, or perhaps get a new source of income from a job.


(22 December – 19 January) You may feel more inspired. You could have an opportunity arise for a friend, or for yourself through a friend. A hope or dream for your future could be realised. You’re also more open to new ideas and different ways of doing things, wanting to break free from the norm somehow. It’s possible you are going through some profound personal changes at this point in life. This can be a good time to spruce up your love life.


(23 August – 22 September) You could spend more time on your hobbies, pick up a new one, be more creative, or just want to take time off from work to have fun. If single, this can be a good period to start dating someone new. If attached, you can use the energy to rekindle the flame and bring in some romance. You might just get married or engaged, or perhaps you find out you have a little one on the way


Quinovic Viaduct



New Zealand’s most dangerous drug is often an invisible one to the untrained person. Every home from two bedroom units/ apartments through to multi-million dollar homes have been used as a meth lab, so spotting them is not easy. Some of the tell-tale signs are: 1 Stained walls or door frames. 2 Trash containing pill packets. 3 Blackened windows or CCTV—style

security that indicates there is a possible illegal activity going on. 4 It’s nearly impossible to pick up a tenant who is a smoker or user, but if you are lucky you may smell chemicals or urine.

Under a new health and safety law, landlords and property managers must also protect the health of contractors at a property if there’s a chance methamphetamine has been used or manufactured there. It only takes a few months of someone smoking meth, or ‘P’, for the chemical dust particles to remain in the home, ataching to walls and carpets. Arising health issues include breathing problems, headaches, dizziness and nausea.

This may be a game changer for property management and private landlords. We are recommending that you protect your properties, assign liability to the tenant or tenants that created the contamination, while complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act by undertaking meth testing between tenancies.

So, do you need to meth test between each tenancy?

Even if they smoke outside, the house will become contaminated.

It is now looking like it will be a requirement to conduct a meth test between each tenancy to meet the monitoring and due diligence amendments to the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Recently a Tenancy Tribunal decision ordered a Tuakau landlord to pay more than $7500 to his former tenants for unknowingly renting them a meth-contaminated house.

This means the number of tests by our property managers is going to increase dramatically — as often as properties are let by each firm.


building the future JOIN US FOR OPEN DAY Thurs Aug 4th 9.00am-10.30am

Jul 2016

Marama Davidson


Paul Goldsmith



In the past 10 days I have taken part in two Park Up For Homes events in Auckland. I attended the first Park Up in Mangere and then the Park Up in Otara the following weekend. Housing and homelessness are issues that have long been dear to my heart. The Park Up events are community-driven actions to highlight homelessness in our country. I was heartened to see that people who have a long established work history in practical actions addressing homelessness, or people who have been impacted on directly by homelessness, were strongly represented in both the organisation and the participation in these events. From the get-go, the Park Up events were connected to the issue in a real and meaningful way. At the Otara event, some people currently living in cars actually slept in their car alongside those of us lucky enough to have homes to retreat to from the parking lot the next morning.

“What I am encouraged by is the communites compassionate response to the growing incidence of people living in insecure housing situations.” I slept in my van at the two events and got a small insight into just how terrible it would be to actually have to sleep in a vehicle out of desperation and not as a choice. It was freezing, uncomfortable, noisy, exposed and felt nowhere as safe as when I am asleep in my bed in my house. I basically had no sleep at all. One mum who had taken her two young children to the first Māngere event had vowed to never subject them to it again out of choice — they barely tolerated that long cold uncomfortable night in the car. Our choice is our privilege.

Much of our focus in government is on improving living standards, whether it be creating the environment for higher paying jobs or by providing better health care. But the other essential role of government is to preserve what is special about New Zealand. There is nothing more special about New Zealand than the quality of our natural environment. New Zealand’s lakes and rivers are a source of national pride. They provide New Zealanders with great recreational spaces and are a huge attraction for our booming tourism sector. Our freshwater resources are an integral part of Kiwi culture, which is why the government is more committed than ever to progressively cleaning up New Zealand’s lakes and rivers. National continues to do more than any government in history to improve our freshwater quality. We are implementing sciencebased, practical solutions that don’t have an unnecessary and adverse impact on jobs and the economy. We have spent $115 million on water clean-ups and committed $350 million — a fivefold increase in funding — for lake and river clean-ups. This compares to a mere $29 million spent by the Labour government between 2000 and 2008. Scientific research shows problems with freshwater quality in New Zealand go back many decades and are not just related to increased dairying. There have been numerous attempts to address the issue but it has been difficult to reach consensus on acceptable solutions that address both environmental and economic concerns. That’s why in 2009 we established the Land and Water Forum (LAWF) as a collaborative process to enable all the key groups to sit down and work out practical recommendations and introduced national regulations to ensure the majority of water takes are metered.

What I am encouraged by though, is the communities’ compassionate response to the growing incidence of people living in insecure housing situations. People understand that living in garages, in cars, on streets or being evicted from their homes so landlords can super-increase their rent income — is wrong.

In 2011, following recommendations from LAWF, we announced the first National Policy Statement on Fresh Water and introduced the standards framework in 2014. We’ve also passed the Environment Reporting Act, which requires better reporting on water quality throughout New Zealand.

What our leaders have to do now is uphold the community calls to end homelessness for everyone, which requires a government- coordinated whole-of-system approach.

The government’s newly established nutrients limits mean dairy conversions will be better managed in areas such as Southland and Canterbury and we are developing a long-term, effective strategy to ensure future generations of Kiwis can enjoy New Zealand’s beautiful rivers and lakes. Having good quality, clean freshwater has always been one of the National government’s top priorities and we continue to build on our solid track record.

Words: Marama Davidson, Green Party MP

Words: Paul Goldsmith




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Trusted care in the

comfort of your home We are capable, compassionate carers for • The Elderly • Convalescence ABOUT US // Trusted care in the • comfort of your home. Post-Operative We are capable, compassionate • carers for the eldery. Palliative

Convalescence, post operative, palliative. Call or emailCONTACT us for a free noUS // 09 579 1212 | obligation assessment: FIND US // 591a Remuera Road, Remuera Village, Auckland and T 09 579 1212 E online at

ABOUT US // Ranfurly Village offers one of central Auckland's finest retirement lifestyles. Choose from a selection of beautiful and spacious apartments. CONTACT US // 09 625 3420 FIND US // 539 Mt Albert Rd, Auckland and online at Kate McLean Managing Director

Just Rentals

Quinovic Parnell




Over past months I have been approached by an unusually high number of rental property owners all saying the same thing: “Usually I rent my property easily, but am having trouble and have had a long vacancy.” How do you get your marketing back on track when your property is sitting empty week after week?

Break in marketing:

The optimal time to rent a property is in the first few weeks of advertising. Prospective tenants are looking at new listings and wish to have first option.

We are sad at Just Rentals. Chloe, our much loved office pet, is now in pussy cat heaven. She was 18 and very sick. We’ve buried her in our front garden with our other two office darlings. Oscar and Giorgio, our two gingers, are all purred up ready to take on their new office cat roles. Our shortest day has passed and we shall be experiencing some change in the weather and some changes for landlords. This year, 1 July charges to tenancy laws makes it compulsory for all rental homes to have smoke alarms. There must be a minimum of one smoke alarm within three meters of each bedroom door, and one on each level if a multi-level unit. A minimum of one working smoke alarm is required for a self-contained sleep-out or similar. All new installations are to have specialised long life photoelectric smoke alarms which are easily obtained and last for 10 years. Landlords must check every three months when carrying out inspections. This is so important. If tenants have tampered with them or removed them they are liable to be fined up to $3000 through a tribunal. Really, how stupid would those tenants need to be? But we do see it ourselves, such as when smoke alarms are taken down while waiting for a new battery. Smoke alarms save lives. So landlords, get those smoke alarms checked now and make sure your tenants are safe. The rental market is slow at the moment. Winter is here and there are lots of properties out there for rent, so make sure your advertised property is competitive and looking good. We have had to reduce some of our prices to get them rented — it’s better to have someone in the property than leaving it empty for too long — and rent can be increased six months after the tenancy has started.

If your property has become stale it will no longer appear in the searches of many prospective tenants who screen out older listings as “probably overpriced or not attractive”. Someone would have rented it otherwise — right?! If this has happened a good approach is to appoint a property manager. They will often have industry channels they work with such as relocation agents which private landlords do not have regular access to. The fresh ad and photoset can reinvigorate the marketing process.


Everything will rent at the right price. The letting process should be seen as seeking market level. Many do not realise that the time of year significantly affect rents. It can be a reality call sometimes for landlords to realise that the market is not short of rentals necessarily — it is short of affordable rentals. It is okay to seek a market premium, but you should watch the signs closely to ensure you are not dreaming of a an unachievable result. In the bigger picture there are no larger costs than persistent vacancy. If your property has been vacant for more than three weeks it is: a) Too expensive, or b) Marketed to the wrong target audience

Do you need quality tenants and a property manager you can have total confidence in? Quinovic Property Management of Parnell offers professional letting services.

Off to Brisbane this month. Hopefully it will be busier when we return.

This includes full chattel photosets and condition reports, which the Tenancy Tribunal accepts as an accurate record of the property’s condition before occupancy. Our tenancy agreement is clear and tailored — and the result of 27 years of development. Call Anthony to discuss your situation today and receive free pre-tenancy meth testing when you mention this article.

Good renting and stay warm, Sylvia Lund, Director, Just Rentals

You can relax knowing the property professionals at Quinovic are working on your behalf


JUSTRENTALS.CO.NZ PHONE: 09 528 4817 | 09 528 4818 FAX: 09 528 4816

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Have you seen the Kiwisaver advertisement where a younger man comes across his older self in a supermarket carpark and is shocked at how little his older self can afford for food? It’s the classic battle between your current and future self. We all want to live a happy rich life in the future but the problem is there is so much temptation for us to spend now. I hear a lot of, “What if I get hit by a bus tomorrow? I want to enjoy today.” I get it on one level, but actually on the law of averages that bus isn’t coming for you any time soon! To begin, you absolutely need a strong vision for your future. If money was no object, what would you do? Write it down, put pictures around it. Stick it on the fridge or in your bedside table. I keep thinking about what we would do with all that money if we didn’t have to pay the mortgage every month. It feels so liberating. The choices are endless. When it comes down to it, that’s what we all want, to live on our terms. Looking after your future self is one way to maximise the choices you will have. Here are some tips to help you fight for your future self: 1. Credit cards. Don’t use them. They are a less transparent form of payment which makes it easier to spend and you never quite know where you are at. Banks incentivise us to spend more as well by offering free points or other incentives. Think if I didn’t want to purchase the thing in the first place, I’m no better off if I get free points! 2. Use cash. You know where you are, how much you have left, and it places a natural limit on how much you have to spend. 3. Shop to a list and plan your meals. You’ll spend less and it will save you the mental fatigue of figuring out every day what to cook for dinner. 4. How are your bank accounts structured? Do you have eftpos access to all your accounts, all the time? If you do, you’re in the majority. If you have access to all of your money you’re more likely to spend it all! Limit the everyday access you have to your money. 5. Set a budget and stick to it. How much do you want to spend on groceries, work lunches and coffees etc? Plan it out. Being in control feels good. 6. Track your spending against your plan. How do you know how close your goals are if you don’t measure your progress? 7. Start talking about money. Talk to your partner, children, family, friends about your financial goals. You’re more likely to stick to a goal if you verbalise it. It’s a form of accountability. We can all do better than what we are doing at the moment. We know that your previous behaviour around money is no indication of what you can achieve in the future. Our clients verbalise their goals and put a concrete plan in place to achieve them and they have us as personal financial trainers to be accountable to! It’s a great feeling knowing you are achieving and securing your future. A year from now you will wish you started today! Words: Kate Wesney, enableMe Takapuna



Welcome to Rudy’s Tips ‘n Tricks


Is it worthwhile repairing older laptops and PC’s?

We treat your pet like a member of

our family Visit CareVets Parnell for the very best care, advice and products for your pet Address: 534 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland Phone: (09) 303 1510


I’m often asked if a laptop or PC is worth repairing. The answer to that is never easy as it depends on the age of the computer and your budget. Also the part that has failed has a large bearing on cost. If a keyboard has failed on a two year old laptop then yes, for approximately a $100 part it is worth repairing. For a five or six year old laptop then maybe not. First the keyboard may no longer be available, but also it will still be an old slow laptop. That’s where your budget comes in. The old saying “throwing good money after bad” applies. If you don’t have the means to get something new or good second hand then, yes, repairing is an option. However, if a major component like a motherboard has failed then you would have to really think carefully. A repair like that could easily cost $500 or more. Even for a two year old laptop, that’s a significant figure towards a new device and if the laptop was a budget model to begin with, I would council that it may not be money well spent. If you have something that needs repair, I can give you a five minute cursory inspection and give you advice for free. Always remember that your data is lost forever if your hard disk fails, and eventually they all do. We can help you set up a regular backup regime. At Rudy’s PC Services we can help you set up the best solution for your needs. Call us about anything regarding your computer and we will be glad to advise you and fulfil your requirements. We are all about making long term relationships with our customers, giving ongoing advice and support. Often for free! Like us on Facebook and share with your friends and family. Best wishes, Rudy and Rosemary.


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115 MARKET PLACE Jul 2016


116 MARKET PLACE Jul 2016

BALM ST NE WMARKET 0 9 5 24 5787

Model is wearing: Ivy Top 3770SW Belle Classic Jean 3678XBT

W W W. H A R T L E Y S . C O. N Z

winter sale 30-50 % Off

Supporting NZ Designers chalet * david Pond toby * loobie's Story sills * bazaar * obi sabatini * paula ryan deeannehobbs random * silver lining new london jeans 1 1 4 m ai n H i g h w a y e l l e r s l i e op en m o n - F r i 9 . 3 0 - 5. 3 0 s a t 1 0 - 4 09 5 7 9 3 53 5 | s as h a b o ut i que . c o . n z



THE LATEST IN CONTEMPORARY RETIREMENT LIVING Stage One Apartments Stage Two Apartments Stage Three Apartments Stage Four Apartments

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Trusted care in the

comfort of your home


Ranfurly Village offers one of central Auckland’s finest retirement lifestyles. Choose from a selection of beautiful and spacious apartments. “My parents had wonderful retirement years and enjoyed a lifestyle that is very similar to what is now available at Ranfurly Village” Judy Bailey


(09) 625 3420

Sales office located at: Historic Ranfurly House, 539 Mt Albert Road, Auckland

We are capable, compassionate carers for • The Elderly • Convalescence • Post-Operative • Palliative Call or email us for a free no obligation assessment: T 09 579 1212 E

Aimee McLean General Manager A GENERUS LIVING VILLAGE

Kate McLean Managing Director

Want to get Want to get mortgage free mortgage faster? free faster? Come in for a free Come in for a free financial checkup. financial checkup. You don’t have to be a Kiwibank customer for one of our Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup and show have you how your mortgage You don’t to betoareduce Kiwibank customer fordebt. one of our Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup We can offer you hottorates, help you choose the right and show you how reduce your mortgage debt. home loan and repayment plan and, if your home loan is than you $50,000, a refinancing that could Wemore can offer hot rates, help you plan choose the rightsave you uploan to $2,000. home and repayment plan and, if your home loan is more than $50,000, a refinancing plan that could save you up to $2,000.

All it takes is a call to your local Banking Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 AllNewmarket it takes is a Branch. call to your local Banking at Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 at Newmarket Branch.

New lamps are in store Classic and online.

lamps in store and online. 62A Benson Road, Remuera Open 7 Days

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply. June15Verve

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply. June15Verve



Jul 2016


118 MARKET PLACE Jul 2016

Transform Yourself

New Zealand’s foremost personal image and styling consultancy, for that little bit of wardrobe magic. Look your best – call us NOW!


Phone: 09 529 5115 Email: 330 Parnell Road, Parnell


LOSE WEIGHT, INCREASE STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY, GET FIT! NEW Pilates mat class starts 8th August 7.30pm St James Church Hall, Orakei. Qualified Instructor Luci Harrison - 021 933 268

Instant Privacy Naturally

The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

Visit our website at 40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email Fences Thatch Woodfired Pizza Ovens Watergardens

Open 7 days till 5pm each day —






311 Parnell Rd | (09) 379 2860

WAL G ARTH UP HO L S TERY & DESIGN Walgarth Upholstery & design is a small business committed to producing unique custom crafted soft furnished upholstery products to your specifications. 021 411 774

*Cushions, squabs, loose covers, chairs and ottoman refurbishment

For improved hearing, listen to the expert. Not a sales pitch. Thomas is an audiometry expert from Switzerland. He won’t waste your time trying to sell you something that won’t meet your needs. He will deliver the best possible solution to improve your hearing. Visit Acoustix today and hear what the expert has to offer, without the hype. We are all ears.

09 520 5648 ACOUSTIX.CO.NZ

DAMBA GREGORY NZ manufacturer of ergonomic task chairs and soft seating. Contact | 092551154 52 Pavilion Drive Airport Oaks Mangere, Auckland |

TENNIS, SQUASH, FITNESS CENTRE & GROUP TRAINING 10 day free trial www. 09 524 8857 | 17 Dilworth Ave | Remuera


pressed metal Decorative pressed tin panels that add a stylish focal point to any heritage, commercial or home renovation projects.

Contact Greg 022 635 9677 or visit Stamp Pressed Metals are proud to be supporting Redesign Group

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Simple, beautiful and indescribably comfortable, Five Star Slippers are made in New Zealand by the Minnie Cooper team.

Home to exquisite treasures from the Czech Republic and France.

Soft leathers, wool cashmere blends and lined with fleecy wool linings these have a soft rubber sole for indoor, outdoor home wear. From the letterbox to the lemon tree and everywhere in between, when you’re at home you should be wearing Five Star Slippers! Available in store at Minnie Cooper 303C Rosebank Rd Avondale ph 09 8289 663 or online at

Visit Morava at 18 Teed Street, Newmarket, and see their stunning collection of lead-free crystal, extraordinary chandeliers, fine porcelain dinner sets and crystal objets d’art and jewellery. Morava invite you to be in to win this stunning hand cut, engraved underlay vase, made from lead free crystal. Hand blown, hand cut, hand polished, and hand engraved, this enchanting piece of glassware will enhance any room. RRP. $1,450

UP FOR GRABS — One pair of Five Star Slippers.

UP FOR GRABS — This stunning lead free crystal vase (pictured).

To enter simply follow the instructions below. Conditions apply.*

To enter simply follow the instructions below. Conditions apply.*

*Entering Verve’s competitions is simple. Like our Facebook, then visit and follow the directions. Good Luck!

Royal Oak 6 Campbell Rd 09 625 0077

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Harvest Wholefoods 405 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn 09 376 3107

Mt Eden 2E Esplanade Rd 09 623 9220

Albany Unit i / 52 Oteha Valley Rd 09 479 7983

Parnell 125 The Strand 09 309 7755

Online Store: 09 625 0077


Verve. July 2016. Issue 124  

Auckland's Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel, pass...

Verve. July 2016. Issue 124  

Auckland's Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel, pass...