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Poetry of the Cubby House - Oil on canvas - 22 x 26 cm - $3,750

Poetry of the Blue Night - Oil on canvas - 65 x 85 cm - $14,000

International Art Centre

202 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland New Zealand +64 9 3666 045 www.internationalartcentre.co.nz - fran@artcntr.co.nz

Blue Night Lunatics - Oil on canvas - 85 x 65 cm - $14,000

HENRYK SZYDLOWSKI New Collection Now On View Les persimmones - Oil & canvas board - 40 x 50 cm - $3,500

Latest Paintings By Henryk Szydlowski International Art Centre 202 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland New Zealand +64 9 3666 045 www.internationalartcentre.co.nz - fran@artcntr.co.nz



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2016 WINNER: Residential Rework Exterior Character

2018 HIGHLY COMMENDED: Residential Rework Exterior Contemporary

Photos: Debbie Cutfield, Photospace.

Precise. Professional. Preferred. Interior and exterior house painters since 2003 Consistent results. Master Painter NZ award finalists and winners every year since 2009. Efficient service. Our in-house project manager works with you to achieve the ultimate outcome. Focused work ethics. Our team conducts themselves to a high standard. 0800 008 168 — WALLTREATS.CO.NZ

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Experience the magic of Matakana, stay at one of our luxurious new Plume Villas and enjoy the superb food and fine wine at Plume Restaurant. Country life starts here. A one-hour scenic drive north of Auckland and 5 minutes from Matakana township you will find Plume Restaurant, an oasis for gourmet travellers in a coastal country setting. Recognised for its superb cuisine, and as the cellar door for Runner Duck Estate Vineyard’s fine wines, Plume Restaurant has gained quite a reputation. Now, 12 new luxury Plume Villas, ranging from 1-3 bedrooms, have been added within the grounds. These all share a swimming pool and are within a relaxed stroll of the restaurant. No matter the season or the length of your stay, you will find Plume Villas a comfortable place to base yourself while enjoying the many delights nearby, including the fabulous food and wine at Plume Restaurant. Already boasting a private light-filled function room, Plume Restaurant has just become the perfect venue for weddings, conferences, meetings and private events set within a peaceful country location. www.theplumecollection.co.nz

37 Sharp Road, Matakana 09 422 7915 / 09 283 3630 SCL/PLU2018/12

49A Sharp Road, Matakana 09 422 7915

1335 Leigh Road, Matakana 09 423 0390

Cellar door, Plume Restaurant 09 422 7915

Photography: Lex Porter



HOPE & MATARIKI It’d take a cynical heart to fail to appreciate the poetic symbolism of our prime minister giving birth to her first child, Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford, on the winter solstice as the nation welcomed Matariki. (Pertinently, the tot also shares her birthday with former Pakistan prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, the only other world leader to have given birth while in office.) I celebrated Matariki at the Winter Festival in Queenstown. The magical experience began with a flaming torchlight procession to the waterfront where waka were welcomed with a powhiri and a haka before Tike Taane sprang from the shadows to warm the frigid Wakatipu shoreline. My fiancée’s family were visiting from Scotland, and, though not one particularly prone to patriotism, I felt a real surge of pride at the spectacle and that my in-laws-to-be were able to witness it. Stranger still, I’m not even a Kiwi, rather an immigrant (or, as my fellow European-born citizens and residents prefer, an expat) to this mystical land, though it very much feels my spiritual home. Around the turn of the 20th century, with the nation determined to create an egalitarian paradise, New Zealand was nicknamed the ‘social laboratory of the

world’. Arguably, we’re currently living the sequel. New Zealand is not without its problems, most notably some glaring inequality and a creeping element of xenophobia, but overall, it remains a beacon for progressiveness and one that many other nations glance at with envy. For this issue, I had the pleasure of interviewing prominent Pacific chef Monqie Fiso who is using her exquisite fine dining skills to promote Maori cuisine both in New Zealand and around the world. She pointed out the similarities between our indigenous culinary techniques and ones from regions such as South and Central America, and commented how it made her realise just how small our planet is, and how connected we all really are. Monique also admitted her delight at the substantial Pakeha interest in her endeavours. In this seemingly ever-divisive world, such sentiments take on a whole new level of hope and profundity. Happy Matariki dear Verve readers. Keep warm, and stay welcoming, Jamie Desplaces

New Collection Clima Bottles Like no other! Available Now dayandage.co.nz Free Shipping



Believe it or not – it’s not freezing everywhere! Imagine escaping to The Anam, a lush 12-hectare resort overlooking 300 metres of beachfront on Vietnam’s scenic Cam Ranh peninsula, which averages more than 300 sunny days per year. One of Vietnam’s top coastal resorts, the five-star Anam celebrated its grand opening last year and boasts three restaurants and two bars, a 10 treatment-room spa, three capacious swimming pools, recreation and fitness centre, yoga room and deck, water sport centre, tennis court, and so much more. The Anam’s design pays homage to colonialera and age-old Vietnamese aesthetics, evoking a nostalgic tone with its imperial Hue-style roofs, glowing lanterns, big-bellied water vases, decorative pools, customised mosaic floor tiles and stone pathways. The Anam’s villas are recognised by Worldhotels as ‘World Luxury’ – one of only six resorts worldwide to achieve this status. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT: VERVEMAGAZINE.CO.NZ AND THEANAM.COM




If you're involved in thinking about the future of your organisation, you've no doubt seen the tsunami of advice about innovation. Incubators, labs, the list goes on. You've been told that what you have done for the last 20 years (you know, the stuff that made you successful in the first place) won't work any more. But you have been successful, and you still are. So, why should you care? Of course you have challenges, but they're not lack of innovation. Your challenges are selling more. So why should you care about innovation? The challenge is that competition is getting fiercer; it's harder and harder to maintain prices, and it's harder to attract and retain good staff. So why should you care about innovation?

COMPETITION IS GETTING HARDER The answer is simple, yet profound. Think of the smartphone in your pocket. Think how you interact with it, the services such as Uber, Spotify and Facebook that it provides at the tap of a thumb. Your smartphone is one example of how customer expectations are changing at a rate that is more and more rapid. Millennials know no other way. And they are your future customer base. So, you need an app, right? Think about this: how many apps have you used once, and then forgotten what they did? So no, just building an app isn't the solution. Which brings us back to why you should innovate. Think back to your challenges: competition is getting fiercer and it's harder to make sales. These challenges are getting stronger because of increasing customer expectations. Your customers expect your business to be as seamless as an iPhone. If it's not, you can bet that someone else is trying to solve your customers' problems. So, you must innovate to solve your customers' problems. This is where ThinkLazy comes in. Led by Hamish Nuttall who founded Naked Bus (sold to Souter Holdings in 2015), they are a team of successful entrepreneurs who are now helping other businesses, from corporates to startups, innovate.





They start by asking clients to put themselves in their customers' shoes. Then they surface the problems their customers have. The ThinkLazy team constantly challenges, and by getting right into the business, can come up with breakthrough solutions that change the game. And they don't just talk innovation. While they are business- rather than technology-led, they acknowledge tech is part of any solution so they build innovative software solutions for clients as well, solving the most important customer painpoints first. Because innovation is only valuable if it makes customers' lives easier. Challenge is key to how the ThinkLazy team work—challenging clients' thinking, and being challenged by their clients' customers. So they test and measure everything they do. After all, the only person who can determine the success of a new product or business is the customer. To paraphrase Alistair Croll: “Innovation isn't just a stab in the dark. It's a stab in the dark and listen for screaming.” Recently, ThinkLazy started working with Verve magazine. Verve is a successful business, but it's not immune from the challenges facing print in an online world. "When running your own business—far too often there is an excuse for not ‘working on your business’—probably because one is totally ‘working in the business.’ For us though, since participating in a ThinkLazy workshop, things are changing. Truly it was a day well spent. We brainstormed, we were challenged and had a lot of fun, but more importantly a wonderful idea emerged from the day’s workshop, one which we plan to implement. We are looking forward to growing Verve to another level. Thanks so much ThinkLazy!” - Verve Team

INNOVATION ISN'T JUST A STAB IN THE DARK. IT'S A STAB IN THE DARK AND LISTEN FOR SCREAMING ThinkLazy collaborates with corporates and startups to provide innovative solutions solving customer problems. Providing strategic thinking, execution, and software development, it focuses on the end-to-end solution. To find out more, email hello@thinklazy.io

THINKLAZY TEAM: HAMISH NUTTALL - Founder of ThinkLazy, ADRIANA CHRISTIE - CoFounder of The Pallet Kindgom and, MARIA SELVA - Co-Founder of Girls Weekenz

Here at ThinkLazy, we're all about the challenge: challenging our clients' thinking and taking on the challenge of meeting our clients' needs. That way, everyone grows.


LUXE PHOTOGRAPHIC ART COMES OF AGE The popularity of luxury photography recognised these days as another art form is skyrocketing. Twenty years ago a record price for one work was just under $850,000—today auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christies don’t blink an eye when the hammer goes down fetching prices over one million per lot. In this part of the world, the passion is alive and well, too.

Forget about pretty postcard pictures, this artist says his intention is to “show the drama that happens out there every day”. When Stephan is not shooting in a far flung location for the world’s most iconic luxury car brands such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, he’s pushing the limits of his own art to the absolute extreme. “I really want to challenge myself. Get even closer to the mountain peaks in the most unusual perspective like people haven’t seen before,” he says.

Collectors’ fuelled by a love for the natural beauty of this country and beyond have meant Stephan Romer is in the right place at the right time.

His massive visual installations unleash a powerful visual energy—it is palpable.

One of the world’s top commercial photographers— Romer, the German-born, now New Zealand native has opened the Romer Gallery in the heart of the CBD art precinct in Auckland on Kitchener Street.

Each piece, shrouded in precision German perspex, frames Mother Nature unfolding before your eyes. Water rages over rocks. A heavenly hue illuminates Mount Aspiring. Pockmarking craters dot a valley vista. >>

“Clients that walk in are moved—you see it—almost everyone says the same word—they’re blown away by it—it’s alive,” says his wife, Nadine Romer.

When reflecting on why his art connects with so many, Romer believes it might be how he shows his love of nature that he credits to his parents combined with huge luck when out in the elements trying to capture the perfect shot. “When you get a little gap in the weather and the sun pops out—you get this amazing contrast.”

Lindis Pass

Valle Del La Luna, Chile

They say a photograph is a document of truth. Due to the nature of his camera equipment which is absent of a traditional view finder, this compelling art by Romer is his intuitive truth. Finally, after more than two decades, his dream to create incredible luxe photographic art comes of age. — Words: Sarah Sparks CNR KITCHENER ST & KHARTOUM PLACE, AUCKLAND ROMER-GALLERY.COM

JUL 2018

Private commissions for high net worth individuals can be arranged on request. His work is also proving to be a hit with holidaymakers visiting his second gallery on Earl Street in Queenstown.


His work, ‘Twenty Five Mile Range’ now hangs locally in the main reception of Giltrap Group and internationally pieces can be found in the collections of several billionaires, plus an Arab Sheik.


“It might even give you a little bit of vertigo if you’re really into it,” adds Stephan.





“We prep everything off-site in our commercial kitchen and then just work with what we’ve got at the other end.”

Owner of The Kitchen Collective with husband Andrew, they’re “dream makers”—handling all sorts of event requests from the intimate to the extravagant and everything else in between.

That could be operating behind-the-scenes off a trestle table in an industrial garage with the deep fryer plugged into an extension cord that runs for miles, or a beautiful marble kitchen in one of Auckland’s wealthiest suburbs.

It could be a call from a PA wanting a sunrise spread for the boss at breakfast, or a glam celebration at home, the luxe hen party on Waiheke through to a full-blown launch on location for up to 300. Every day is different yet the consistent factor—the secret to their success—is having an on-call talented collective of professional chefs and polished wait staff that can immediately roll into action. As a result, the caterers have an enviable black book of clients like IBM, Chivas Regal, and Porsche through to Trelise Cooper along with “privates”— high net-worth individuals with 'TKC' on speed dial who shall remain nameless. While The Kitchen Collective operates in Auckland and Waiheke Island, it also handles assignments as far away as Taupo. They’re taking bookings for Christmas and the summer season already which are a big slice of the business. Kirsty gives a snapshot into ‘the day in the life’ of a top-tier caterer: “When a client says, 'The food was divine' and 'You’ve made our night'— the hours of fastidious prep you put in makes it all worthwhile.” Typically she says 10 hours of preparation equals four hours of food service on site. So a 6am corporate breakfast service is actually a 2am start to ensure the buttery croissants and plump muffins are melt-in-your mouth fresh upon delivery.

The Kitchen Collective’s specialities include canapes, the 'walk and fork' (a slightly bigger canape of three mouthfuls), the grazing table right up to the substantial spread. The menus are modern, seasonal and totally scrumptious. “All the recipes are ours,” says Kirsty who trains all her team so they know her expectations and how each morsel is to be perfectly presented. It’s quite common for her to also carefully guide clients when they’re unsure what to serve. “Some have an idea, while others are vague. I ask lots of questions to get into their heads, then sit back and ask, 'If it was me, what would I want?'” Cocktails and canapes are the bread-and-butter of the business. While her bar staff whip up good ol’ classics like the Brandy Alexander, Kirsty has fun experimenting with new flavours. “The other day I poured elderflower liqueur into a flute dressed with candy floss at the top then filled it with champagne—I called it Cotton Candy. It’s fun, I love it!” Which is the perfect metaphor describing The Kitchen Collective’s mission turning client dreams into reality. — Words: Sarah Sparks THEKC.CO.NZ / 021 118 0997 / HELLO@THEKC.CO.NZ

JUL 2018

“I’m in this to make memories—create something magical that’ll be remembered,” says Kirsty Handrick one of Auckland’s top private caterers and 24-year hospitality veteran.








“My family has been involved with ecostore since 2003 when my father first invested,” reveals Pablo over a strong long black at the company’s HQ on The Strand. “My father always had an interest in green living and ecostore was one of his first investments. He remembers back to when he was a child, his mother was a school cleaner and she would come home reeking of chemicals. He thinks maybe subconsciously that that was what aroused his interest around health and the environment.” Now a father to two young children, Pablo is keen to set a good environmental example for them, starting with either cycling or walking them to school and kindergarten each day. “When we had our first, I suddenly became very aware of what products we were using at home,” says the boss. “It was easy for me to become very passionate about it very quickly. Ecostore is all about helping people make better choices for their families and for the world. Hopefully something rubs off on my children from me.” Ecostore was founded by pioneering environmentalists Malcolm and Melanie Rands at their Northland ecovillage in 1993, with their flagship store opening four years later in Freemans Bay, along with its non-profit arm, Fairground Foundation. Malcolm has twice won the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment’s Green Ribbon Award, while ecostore has twice been named New Zealand Sustainable Business of the Year. “Malcolm was very much involved in the transition and is still only ever a phone call away,” says Pablo. “I feel very lucky to still be able to pick up the phone and run an idea past him.” As Malcolm has always been so “vocal within the leadership space”, Pablo strongly believes that he must continue the founder’s “trailblazing” work. “The green space now occupies the main space,” he says. “The conversation has come to the forefront and much of it is about plastic bags and packaging. Four years ago, we made the change from

using petrochemical to plant-based plastics—a process that actually captures carbon as opposed to producing it.” It was never supposed to be this way for Pablo who graduated from Vancouver Film School to work as an interactive developer for five years: “Dad invited me to join the family business and I was thrown in at the deep end!” Pablo mentions a couple of other significant mentors on his journey: a former leader who worked across the family businesses, “helped me grow in terms of understanding how to do business”; and a former CEO of a major Australian pharmaceutical company who “helped me become a leader”. Advice that particularly sticks in the mind is to ‘follow your intuition’ (“I have been told I have good intuition”), and as for dishing out guidance, then that would be: “when exporting, go to the markets and actually meet people”. “It’s important to build rapport and relationships,” Pablo says. “You can’t be running a business by sending emails. Malcolm talks about the importance of a ‘bump space’ where you bump into others and share ideas—it could be while getting coffee or relaxing in the garden area of his ecovillage. This is so important in business as well as life, there’s no substitute for face-to-face contact.” Inheriting a brand with such heritage, Pablo admits that he didn’t want to change things too much, though he is making a concerted effort to push further into the Asian and Australian markets. “We are becoming more export focussed,” Pablo says. “China alone represents 12% of our business. There was an interesting study by Alibaba last year that showed there are 400 million conscious consumers coming out of China, which means anything from someone purchasing an LED light to someone being concerned about chemicals in their products. There is just such opportunity there.” The ecostore brand will be further bolstered with the release of an oral care range including toothpastes, toothbrushes (crafted from that plant-based plastic) and a mouthwash. “It’s something we’ve been working on since I first became involved as a director, so it’s very exciting to finally see it come to fruition,” says Pablo. “We’re really happy with our oral care products that are safer for our customers as well as the world, by using ingredients such as a magnolia bark extract and kanuka oil, as well plastic grown from plants.” >>

JUL 2018

Pablo Kraus is one of the nation’s most prominent—and youngest— managing directors having taken charge of the ecostore in 2017, where he had already been a director for five years. An under-40s member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors, he is also a director of all companies controlled by his family business, such as Huckleberry, New Zealand’s largest organic retailer, and organic farming and food manufacturer, Chantal Organics. Verve sat down with Pablo to speak about what it takes to stay green and top of the eco-tree.

Ecostore is all about helping people make better choices for their families and for the world. Hopefully something rubs off from me.

The company also opted to omit the much-maligned fluoride from their three toothpastes. “Another great thing about our toothpastes is that there is no sodium lauryl sulphate which, although is plant-based and can be advertised as natural, is actually a skin irritant. It’s even used to degrease machinery.” Such instances of greenwashing aside, a major challenge for ecostore is to “change the misconception that green or natural products don’t work”: “Every time someone uses our product, they realise just how well they do work and that’s why we develop such loyalty,” Pablo says. “We were recently voted number two as the most authentic brand in New Zealand (Tesla won, but they’re actually an American company!) and we were also voted the most sustainable brand for the fourth year straight.” In September, the company will release an expanded ultrasensitive range with all fragrances removed aimed at those with allergies. The issue of health, adds Pablo, is just as important as environmental concern. “When Malcolm and Melanie first stated out they would receive letters saying that people’s eczema had disappeared since they started

using ecostore products,” he says. “We are a health and wellbeing brand.” Pablo observes that though we have traditionally generally continued to use our family’s favoured laundry powders and shower gels, kids are now becoming more clued up and even educating their parents on green issues and buying habits. “There’s so much information at out fingertips, so having brand authenticity and honesty is crucial,” Pablo adds. “It’s easy to be found out. The eco-trend is going mainstream now, you can see it with the big companies, who are trying to replicate what we do. Ecostore was founded over 25 years ago around honesty and transparency - to do good. We operate under ‘the precautionary principle’ which means we don’t use an ingredient if there is any doubt about its safety. It’s near impossible for companies to replicate our authenticity because it is in our DNA.” ECOSTORE.CO.NZ / 0800 33 55 33 INFO@ECOSTORE.CO.NZ

+ safer for you and our world


AN ORGANIC LIFE Huckleberry stores are fast becoming the go-to destination for the health conscious in New Zealand. A pioneer of ethical consumerism, Huckleberry is dedicated to making organic food, natural living and wellness education accessible to all. Information is key to the Huckleberry experience. Larger format stores offer certified naturopaths, and it’s knowledgeable staff who assist consumers in feeling well informed when it comes to making healthier choices. Huckleberry is committed to supporting products that are genuinely organic and naturally produced. Chief executive Richard Lees explains, “We’re constantly reviewing our own standards and practices, in some cases actively taking product off the shelves if it doesn’t measure up. Some suppliers are saying, ‘Okay, what can we do to get back on board?’ And they’ll work to raise their standards too. It becomes a collaborative effort.” We’re in the midst of a global wellness revolution and Huckleberry is helping the country join the fray. “New Zealand is still on the upward climb, but in the United States and Europe they’re mostly over the growth hump and holistic living and wellness are more mainstream,” says Richard. Richard, who is also on the board of Organics Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ), says, “People are looking for organic and natural alternatives to processed and chemically produced food. There’s a growing demand, but there’s also a lack of education in the public arena.” With no regulations in New Zealand at present, manufacturers are free to label a product ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ even if it only contains very minimal organic

ingredients. “OANZ, representing a wide cross section of the organics sector in New Zealand is working with the government to develop a set of national standards for organics—currently it’s mostly unregulated—people need to be able to trust what they’re buying,” says Richard. Huckleberry is in growth mode, and it all started with the iconic Harvest store in Grey Lynn 36 years ago. As well as Harvest, Huckleberry now has stores in Parnell, Herne Bay, Milford, New Lynn, Royal Oak, Glen Innes, Napier, Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and most recently, Browns Bay. With a quirky, playful aesthetic, community focus, and a down-to-earth approach, Brown’s Bay is set to be Huckleberry’s most comprehensive lifestyle offering yet. Alongside their extensive product range, the Clyde Road store will feature a large yoga studio (The Nest), an organic café, naturopathy services, and The Refillery— encouraging customers to bring their own containers when shopping for organic bulk items, including ecostore cleaning products. Having a commitment to sustainability, nourishing organic foods and an intimate shopping experience complete with sustainable packaging and helpful tips at every turn, Huckleberry’s health hubs are most certainly on the up. Find out more about Huckleberry and The Nest here: huckleberry.co.nz / the-nest.co.nz — Words: Jenna Moore HUCKLEBERRY.CO.NZ / THE-NEST.CO.NZ



5 ORGANIC DETOXES DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR Following the tricky guidelines of health experts can be such a hassle! Cut out the difficult part of choosing the recipes, sourcing organic ingredients and counting the calories by ordering one of these detoxes, created by qualified nutritionists and delivered right to your door without any of the fuss.



PRICE: from $79 per day DELIVERY: at least two days after ordering greenleaforganics.co.nz

PRICE: $99 per day DELIVERY: Monday to Friday before 8:30am littlebirdorganics.co.nz



This cleanse is hands down the coolest experience to undertake. Since 2012the PHD gurus have taken Kiwis on a journey of delicious food, online yoga and workout classes, and daily motivational audio clips. They believe that detoxes are not only about flushing the toxins out of your body, but aim to set better lifestyle habits in general. Being guided by a nutritionist, positivity specialist and fitness and wellbeing instructor, while fuelling yourself up with organic and spray-free juices, produced daily in a hydraulic press, sounds like a dream. Get ready to stay focused for three days in a row, as there are no 1-2 days ‘entry levels’.

Wellness revolution, spreading nationwide from Christchurch. "Why go to all the effort of creating a healthy juice cleanse if you’re going to include toxinladen produce?" decided Greenroots Juicery founders, who exclusively use certified organic growers and ancient techniques of creating cold-pressed revitalising drinks. Despite having stockists and market stalls all over the country, your cleanse will still be homemade to order. A touching personal approach! The new Winter Warmer Cleanse with spices and broth that stimulate digestion and promote blood circulation, will help you get through the cold days gracefully.

PRICE: from $150 for three days DELIVERY: within two days of ordering, excluding rural addresses phd.co.nz

PRICE: $89.99 per day DELIVERY: within two days of ordering, excluding rural addresses greenrootsjuicery.co.nz

Reading the names of the drinks already makes you feel cleaner and leaner: Sunrise, Ocean, Fern, Lotus... But the main healing power is hiding inside – these organic beverages are not juiced, but blended, which helps to keep all the nutritional goodness in the bottle. With this approach and style, it comes as no surprise the list of brand ambassadors and fans on company’s website is almost endless from artists and bloggers to business owners. Who wouldn’t love a detox promising "a radiance that glows from within"?

Tiny, but jam-packed with raw organic treats, these Auckland cafes need no extra introduction. Who doesn’t rely on their pre-packed fluffy moist macarons on a busy day every now and then! But did you know they also have lots of cleansing options? Our fave is the ultimate ‘Total Wellness Cleanse’. Unlike juice cleanses, this one also includes delicious raw organic salad to wrap up the day. One day pack is a perfect choice to boost up energy levels and to get back on track of clean eating, while the five-day program might also help you to drop some weight.


The Nomad Nutrition daily menu consists of six raw beverages, carefully blended from local seasonal fruits and vegetables. Detox newbies would love the winter range, with two juices being replaced by hearty, fulfilling vegan soups. Sian du Plessis, the nutritionist behind the brand, prefers to describe her programme as a ‘cleanse’ rather than ‘detox’: "The ingredients have a detoxifying effect, but go far beyond and promote overall nourishment." Supporting the idea, there is a Holistic Cleanse Guide, explaining how to sleep, stretch and meditate for a better purification experience, sent to your email prior to delivery. We certainly don’t mind this two-for-one!

Words: Kseniia Spodyneiko Photography: Alex Spodyneiko

PRICE: $80 per day DELIVERY: every Wednesday to commercial addresses like your work place nomadnutrition.co.nz



Whether you find yourself in Matakana strolling through the Saturday morning markets, on your way to a surf at the beach, or taking a lazy Sunday afternoon drive, you’re probably going to need to take a pit stop for some classic Kiwi road trip fuel. Plume Café, a refurbished character villa in the centre of Matakana village, is the perfect way to relax and grab a bite to eat in a beautiful garden setting. From big breakfasts, eggs benedict, and sweetcorn fritters, to a vegetarian winter stew and soup of the day, every dish is packed with flavour. Plus, there’s a cabinet full of baked goods, fresh sandwiches, and veggie-filled salads for those needing a quick meal for the road. Being the sister café of Plume Restaurant, the café features the same great selection of local wine from the nearby vineyard, Runner Duck Estate. Along with barista made coffee, fresh juice, Matakana’s own kombucha, and deliciously creamy turmeric lattes with hints of vanilla and honey, there really is a drink for everyone. Staying true to their small town vibes, the staff are genuinely attentive and welcoming, always smiling, and ready to accommodate any needs. Even despite being in the middle of the tourist hustle and bustle of town—right across from the shops, movie theatre, and eateries—the café sits above the river so is tranquil and peaceful, making it the perfect spot for families, a catch up with friends, or a quiet lunch date. If the weather’s good, be sure to take advantage of the outdoor seating, under the shade of the pergolas. With a new high tea menu about to be launched, it’s the ideal time to take a drive to the village. Don’t forget to grab a loaf of freshly baked bread or a delicious pastry from their onsite bakery and patisserie to take a piece of Matakana home with you! — Words: Georgina Shearsby-Roberts PLUMERESTAURANT.CO.NZ/PLUME-CAFE 1335 LEIGH RD, MATAKANA


OUT ON A LIMB During a TED Talk, Dr Munjed Al Muderis recounts the time he questioned his father about the story of God commanding Abraham to sacrifice his son to test his faith. What kind of God makes such a request, Al Muderis senior, a former Iraqi supreme judge, told his son. “Remember Munjed,” he added, “to always question everything.” It was advice that proved prescient.

medical minds, pioneering a revolutionary technology inspired by the Terminator movies that sees robotic limbs attached to the bones of amputees, controlled via their muscles and nerves. Reading up on the surgeon, the word 'maverick' gets used a lot. I ask him if he’s always looked to do things differently.

By 1999 Munjed Al Muderis was a young surgeon at a Baghdad hospital when a gang of Saddam Hussein’s henchmen arrived with a group of deserters and ordered the medical team to cut off their ears. The head of the department refused and was taken outside and shot. Dr Al Muderis managed to slip into the women’s toilets where he hid for hours before making his escape. Eventually the young doctor arrived in Australia where he spent 10 months in a detention centre he describes as “hell on Earth” where he was “stripped of my human identity”.

“As a kid I was always interested in innovation,” says Al Muderis over the phone from Sydney. “I was always making and building things which would sometimes get me in to trouble. Once my cousin and I created our own radio station—we managed to broadcast for a few minutes before the police came looking for us!”

“It’s sad, but we can talk about the Australian immigration until the cows come home,” says Dr Al Muderis. “The current solution is ineffective, inhumane and costly.” Though the surgeon understands the government wants to protect its citizens, he adds that the current offshore program is “the worst kind of solution implemented by ill-educated and ill-advised politicians trying to prove a point”. Because the medic was fluent in English, he took on a leadership role within the centre, standing up for its more vulnerable residents. It made Al Muderis a marked man with the authorities, quite literally, for they wrote a number on his shoulder and eventually locked him in solitary confinement. “The current system is just not sustainable,” continues Al Muderis. “We have people such as Trump leading the world with his nonsensical ideas and people easily forget what happened in the past. Ideologies, nationalism and xenophobia lead to destruction and genocide. I just hope the days of the 1930s will never be repeated.” Upon his release from the centre, the orthopaedic surgeon sent out scores of resumes without success. Now, he’s revered as one of the world’s most eminent

Your prosthetics are so complex, did you study engineering? “It’s all self-taught. I wanted to do mechanical engineering but my marks were much higher so I went for medicine. I’ve always had a passion for engineering and am generally pretty nerdy about it. I read up a lot and mostly watch documentaries rather than movies. Because I have an engineering mind I can speak the language which helps a lot with the design process.” There was resistance by some health professionals who questioned the ethics of affixing robotic parts to human beings, but the doctor says that the practice is now widely accepted in the medical community and even some governments are sending their clinicians to study his technology. Prince Harry invited Al Muderis to the UK and he has now performed more than 50 surgeries there, mainly on soldiers. “I have been back to Iraq four times to conduct tens of operations,” reveals Al Muderis. “The number of casualties and the severity of the injuries there are on a different scale. It’s beyond comprehension. It has been a very rewarding experience being able to give people their ability back, but at the same time it is far from safe. Iraq is a very challenging environment, and added to that are the challenges with the government and politics surrounding it. The country is run by different factions all with their own interests.”


Are you hopeful for the future of Iraq? “Iraq is a mess. People who have lived under autocratic rule for decades don’t understand the principles of democracy. Now the moderate, sensible section of society has largely disappeared and the country is being run by lunatics. However, there is a lot of goodness among the people and they are trying to rebuild. That’s why I keep going back. I cannot give up on it.” In 2014, Dr Al Muderis published his memoir, Walking Free. I ask if recounting his story was a painful process, but he says that he doesn’t do anything that is painful, and, whether it be cleaning toilets of performing cutting edge orthopaedic surgery, he enjoys everything that he does. He is currently polishing off a second tome. “We all have a duty to society,” he tells me, “and it is my duty to document the things that I have experienced. I believe that they are worth noting and if the public discovers anything of benefit then I have achieved something.” Do you believe you would still have reached such professional heights had you remained in Iraq? “If I’d remained in Iraq I would be dead. That’s the very honest answer. I wouldn’t have been able to keep my mouth shut. Since I’ve been back I’ve already ruffled a lot of feathers because I have to speak my mind which doesn’t go down well with dictators.” Is Iraq still home in your heart or do you consider yourself an Aussie now? “What makes a home ‘home’ is the people. The people that I knew in Iraq are no longer there. I lived in a secular Iraq that was populated by educated people, logical people who accepted others. Now, it is run and populated by radicals and religious fanatics who I can’t tolerate. It is against my principles. What I passionately believe is that we are all equal should accept each other.”

As a kid I was always interested in innovation, I was always making and building things which would sometimes get me in to trouble.

Though raised Muslim, the surgeon now describes himself as agnostic. I wonder if there was a specific moment that altered his beliefs or if he gradually drifted from faith. He says that he also attended a Jesuit school and studied Christianity. He has read the Torah and is interested in the philosophies of Buddhism and Hinduism. “What I really despise is when certain faiths claim theirs to be the chosen one,” Dr Munjed Al Muderis continues. “We should live in harmony. If I have a place in heaven then so be it, and if I have a place in hell then so be it also. Whatever comes after can be dealt with then. What is important is that we spend our time doing good, not justifying harming others in the name of God.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


Over 25 years ago, Eye Institute became the first clinic to offer laser surgery in New Zealand and since then has been at the forefront of ever-evolving techniques. Verve sat down with surgeons Dr Adam Watson and Dr Nick Mantell, to discuss their work. WHAT DOES ‘HAVING THE MOST ADVANCED EYE SURGERY EXPERIENCE IN NEW ZEALAND’ MEAN?

ADAM: We want patients to have a great experience. Eye Institute's facilities are new, welcoming and relaxing— designed to provide a comfortable, contemporary hotel feel, with easy access and ample parking. Our surgeons have exceptional training and use the latest laser and lens technology. Plus, we're attentive to patients’ needs following the procedure to ensure an excellent vision outcome.


ADAM: Laser vision correction involves gently reshaping the surface of the eye—the cornea—to help it focus accurately. Eye Institute has the latest LASIK, SMILE and surface laser procedures (PRK) available so we can choose the best procedure for each individual.

Refractive lens exchange involves removing the poorlyperforming lens from the eye and replacing it with a special, permanent lens implant. The type of lens we choose determines vision—special lens implants can give great distance and near vision. Refractive lens exchange also eliminates the need to have later cataract surgery.

WHAT IS THE MOST COMMON REASON THAT PEOPLE OVER 50 COME TO YOU FOR VISION CORRECTION? ADAM: Usually frustration with needing reading glasses. It’s especially bad if distance vision starts failing too—too many pairs of glasses!

very thin corneas, but these patients are often suitable for other vision correction procedures. Refractive lens exchange is a great option for those aged late-40s and over, with age-related loss of refocusing, who can’t read with single focus glasses or contact lenses, need progressive glasses, or need glasses for reading. This option restores distance, intermediate, and near vision. It’s a permanent solution.


NICK: No two eyes are the same. The best vision correction option varies depending on refractive error, age, associated eye conditions, and visual needs. We offer the full range of vision correction procedures: PRK, LASIK, SMILE, ICL, and refractive lens exchange. We work with patients to help determine the best vision correction procedure for them.


NICK: Eye Institute was the first to introduce laser surgery in New Zealand making us pioneers. Our commitment to being at the forefront of evolving techniques has been paramount in our surgeons upskilling and investing in only the best technology. The reason we should be the first choice goes beyond the technology and surgeons as both are a given. The fact that every single staff member loves what they do, and is committed to providing outstanding service to each patient and their family sets us apart. From our friendly concierge team offering refreshments, to the secretaries taking time to answer all questions and help with our finance plans, to the nurses sitting beside patients before and after the procedure. Our patients are at the centre of everything we do. Our commitment to providing the best, and being the best, is why our clinic remains number one.


NICK: For laser surgery, most people under 50 who wear glasses or contact lenses to correct short- and long sightedness, and/or astigmatism. A few people are not suitable because of a high degree of refractive error and




Is your prescription increasing every year? Are you tired of wearing glasses? Do you want to be glasses and contact lens free during the day? Specialised methods are available at Mortimer Hirst for correcting and slowing the progression of myopia (short-sightedness). WHAT IS MYOPIA? Myopia, or ‘short-sightedness’, is a condition that most people consider inconvenient rather than sight-threatening. Often arising in adolescent years, myopia is noticed as the blurring of far away objects such as the whiteboard or street signs. The eyeball is too long in myopia, and your optometrist may prescribe glasses or contact lenses to achieve clear vision. WHY DO INDIVIDUALS GET MYOPIA? Anyone can become short-sighted. There are of course some main risk factors including genetics; those with two short-sighted parents are several times more likely to develop myopia than those with none. Possibly the most worrying risk factor is near work and lack of time spent outdoors in natural light, a common occurrence among children in today’s digital age. WHY WORRY ABOUT MYOPIA? Myopia is reaching a global epidemic. As the eyeball grows, the risk of associated sightthreatening conditions increases. Conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and retinal detachments are more common in those with any level of myopia, and significantly more so in those with uncontrolled higher levels. WHAT CAN BE DONE TO REDUCE THIS POTENTIALLY SIGHT-THREATENING CONDITION? Traditional glasses and contact lenses create clear vision, however they do not slow the progression of myopia on their own. Fortunately, over more recent years, a number of methods to slow the progression have been developed, including glasses, contact lenses and eye drops, or in some instances, combinations of these. The optometrists at Mortimer Hirst have vast experience in each of these areas of myopia management at both an evidence based clinical and research level. They utilise the most up to date, innovative methods for myopia control, and are constantly expanding and adapting their knowledge base in this area. All myopia control patients are monitored very closely, and treatments are designed specifically for each patient.

OVERNIGHT ORTHOKERATOLOGY: OrthoK provides clear vision without the use of glasses or contact lenses during waking hours. It also helps to slow the progression of myopia, so is often a safe and convenient method for children and teenagers. Adults can wear OrthoK lenses too, for a variety of prescriptions. Specially designed contact lenses are worn only during sleeping hours where they temporarily reshape the cornea (the clear window at the front of the eye). Precise measurements using the latest instruments and software can be performed by your Mortimer Hirst optometrist, which are used to calculate the exact lens suitable for the shape and prescription of your unique eye. The specific design of these lenses allows a ‘myopia control’ ring to be shaped into the cornea. Contact Mortimer Hirst if you are interested in seeing if you may be a suitable OrthoK candidate, or visit orthok.co.nz for further information. DUAL FOCUS SOFT CONTACT LENSES: Some patients may not qualify for Ortho-K, however still wish to wear contact lenses. Myopia control ‘dual focus’ soft daily wear contact lenses are available at Mortimer Hirst. Like traditional soft contact lenses, these provide clear vision, however they are modified to create a ‘myopia control’ effect. Research has suggested that these are as effective in controlling myopia as Ortho-K. LOW DOSE ATROPINE EYE DROPS: Some patients may not be suitable or ready for contact lens wear, or may prefer to wear glasses. Low dose atropine eye drops in combination with glasses may help to slow the progression of myopia, used once a day usually near bedtime. These can be prescribed by your therapeutically qualified optometrist at Mortimer Hirst. Atropine eye drops may also be used as an additional level of control to the other therapies. They are very effective in slowing the progression of myopia, and as they are only used at very low doses, they are safe. Mortimer Hirst is dedicated to providing tailored myopia control options and reducing the prevalence of this condition one patient at a time. — Words: Oliver Munro Optometrist & Contact Lens Specialist MORTIMERHIRST.CO.NZ




The idea behind the award is to celebrate makeup artistry in New Zealand for the unique art that it is.

New Zealand Make-up Artist of the Year #NZMUA2018 @LAURENANDLOUISECOSMETICA · Overall Prize Package of the year 2018 - $5000 · Bridal Make-up Prize Package - $1000 · Alternative Category Out of this World Prize Package - $1000 · Glamour Category $1000 Prize Package · People’s Choice Award




As a beauty industry pro and micropigmentation specialist, Pip Mcgregor grew increasingly frustrated when she struggled to find a professional-only makeup brand for her Christchurch clinic Making Faces. “I’ve started two salons now but each time I’ve set up I’ve had a difficult time finding cruelty-free, on-trend, pigment dense, skin nourishing make up,” she says. “There’s no better place to buy makeup than from a salon you trust—they know your skin type and can get your colours exactly right.”


Not one to rest on her laurels Pip took a leap and created her own collection. Her aim was to create a high-performance brand that makeup artists would love to use; source world-class products that were good for everyday wear in our climate, and support salons and makeup artists in every way to help them achieve success. Additionally, Lauren & Louise needed to be 100% cruelty-free. The company is strongly against animal testing, which stands out in an industry dominated by large organisations who still test on animals.


Two years on, Lauren & Louise, sourced mainly from New York City and Australia, has come to fruition. “We tried hundreds of formulations from multiple high-end cosmetics manufacturers around the world,” says Pip. “So many photographic makeup’s aren’t good for the skin so I wanted to source a treatment foundation that was nourishing and gave enough coverage for a wedding. Lauren & Louise includes vitamins and minerals, silk peptides, and it’s hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and cruelty-free.”


All of the stands, packaging, branding and website is New Zealand made or sourced. “Supporting local in every way we can is very important to the company,” says Pip. “We’re keen to support the little guy who is performing in their industry—exactly what we’re doing within the New Zealand cosmetics sector.

JUL 2018

There’s a new salon-only makeup brand in town founded by women for women and it’s called Lauren & Louise.



This year Lauren & Louise is hosting their inaugural ‘New Zealand Makeup Artist Of The Year competition’. It will be judged later in the year and is open to all makeup artists—amateur or professional. “The idea behind the award is to celebrate makeup artistry in New Zealand for the unique art that it is,” says Pip. “We’ll have different categories with the overall winner claiming a huge $5,000 worth of prizes, a figure that keeps rising as more sponsors come on board. They’ll also win a professional portfolio of their work and well-deserved recognition in a competitive industry.” For entry details and more information go to laurenlouise.co.nz.


Lauren & Louise is receiving an enthusiastic response wherever it goes. “I think the product speaks for itself,” says Pip. “We’re thrilled at the reviews we’ve had. The market changes so quickly now with influencers and social media and by being at ground level we can adapt our collection quickly which keeps our salons and makeup artists up to date with exactly what their clients are wanting. Lauren & Louise is a local company that 'gets it'. "We know the challenges our customers are facing and the opportunities they many not have seen yet. We're keen to collaborate with makeup artists, salons and stylists small and large. Lauren & Louise is a brand small enough to react and adapt with trends but large enough to provide clients with all the perks rarely seen anymore even with the ‘big suppliers.”


Lauren & Louise has been welcomed to the New Zealand professional beauty fold. “It’s been better than I could ever have imagined,” says Pip. “It’s humbling the amount of support we’ve had and watching it gain momentum in such a competitive sector is reassuring that we are getting something right.” LAURENLOUISE.CO.NZ FACEBOOK.COM/LAURENANDLOUISECOSMETICA INSTAGRAM.COM/LAURENANDLOUISECOSMETICA



The science and efficacy of Atopis skincare is set to take the world by storm. Take one entrepreneurial scientist with a PhD in Cell Biology, a Masters in Microbiology and a slew of awards, and put her in a lab to create skincare for eczema and she’ll come up with an extraordinary product. Add a family history of severe acne and rosacea and two young daughters to the mix, then hit said scientist with surgically-induced early menopause and she’ll use her expertise and knowledge of plant intelligence to create an entire range of exceptional skincare. The skincare is Atopis. The scientist is Dr Iona Weir.


Iona has long been fascinated by ‘apoptosis’ - the process of programmed cell death. In 1996 she won the global award for best PhD in Cell Biology for her thesis on apoptosis—where she proved apoptosis occurs in plants as well as humans and it’s reversible in the plant world. In yeast and bacteria this process is known as autophagy.


Going on to win a Young Scientist Award, and speak at international conferences, Iona became a respected voice in the cell biology and biochemistry fields. She spent time working at the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research and was the chief scientific officer for the development of the number one gastrointestinal product Phloe while simultaneously developing a pharmaceutical oral eczema medicine for serious eczema.


After working in government departments for many years she joined a group of like-minded New Zealand scientists to develop BioDiscovery NZ and screened millions of extracts and microbes from indigenous plants. “From that, I gained a knowledge of every plant in New Zealand for human health,” she says.


“Plants can’t walk away from stressors like UV light and droughts so they turn on defence mechanisms,” says Iona. “In one experiment, I layered plant cells underneath a permeable membrane with human cells layered on top. By manipulating the plant cells I could induce them into producing bioactive compounds that could signal to the human cells and change their response to stress.”


After leaving BioDiscovery the time seemed ripe to create her own solutions for eczema and acne. “I met John Kitto, who has a marketing and natural skincare background and we founded Decima Health Ltd—the intellectual property owner of Atopis,” says Iona


Before Atopis was released the company made the decision to undergo two independent human eczema clinical trials to prove the extract in Atopis creams actually worked, is safe, and though 100% natural, has the power of a pharmaceutical drug. Clinical trials were successfully completed in the USA and New Zealand. Iona’s groundbreaking research and knowledge of plants, microbes, and the immune system underpin Atopis along with a world patented extract called myriphytase, which is clinically proven to help with eczema, psoriasis and acne.






Lots more is on the formulating table including help for rosacea, keratosis polaris, psoriasis and a men’s range.

“Once apoptosis is triggered in human cells, the cell is committed to death whereas a plant cells defense mechanisms protect against and then reverse the early stages of the apoptosis pathway,” says Iona. “We used these mechanisms in plants to develop myriphytase and applied it to controlling the cell death rate and immune responses in human skin.”

Going through early menopause in her 40s Iona’s skin became badly affected. “I couldn’t find anything specifically formulated for menopausal skin,” she says. “Then I used the eczema cream one night and it was amazing. For the first time, my skin didn’t feel dehydrated. That’s why I developed the anti-ageing cream.”

The eczema cream – Dry Itchy Skin –gained OTC (over the counter) status as an eczema therapy cream. “We’re the first New Zealand company and the first 100% natural cream to get OTC status,” says Iona. “There’s a highly regulated section of OTC registered products on Amazon, which we will sell through later this year.”

Watch this space.


Atopis also offers Acne prone skin cream— developed on her family—to clear skin and reduce inflammation and radiant balance, which helps with hormonal skin flares, redness and softens scars. “Depending on the preparation I use myriphytase and change the reaction of the plants I use,” says Iona. Atopis cleanser and toner have just landed. “The revitalising toner contains native plant extracts and protects and heals the skin,” says Iona. “The cleanser is called Thoroughly Gentle—I kept formulating until I would be comfortable putting it on a baby's skin.


Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts – Jim Morrison


Our hair grows up 1.25cm per month (around 15cm per year) and up to 90% of it is growing at any time. The rest is dormant, and sheds every few months to be (hopefully) replaced by new strands. When it doesn’t grow back, that’s the beginning of baldness. We shed 40-150 strands of hair per day, but don’t worry, the human body has up to five million hair follicles (men have a few hundred thousand more than women), and around 100,000 of those are on our heads. Following the Battle of France in 1940, French woman who were discovered to have slept with German soldiers had their heads shaved as punishment. The 1950s saw Chinese communist female soldiers adopt a simple bob that symbolised them mastering their own lives. The cut became known as the ‘liberation hairdo’. Black is the most common hair colour, while redheads account for just 1% of the global population. Blondes may have more fun, but there aren’t many of those either—they account for just 2% of the world’s heads.


But why do we even have so much of it, or not, depending on your perspective? As always, Verve has the answers. Read on to find out, along with some more, er, hair raising facts….


Humans are the only primate that lacks any real bodily hair of note. In fact, you need to go a long way (like the ocean) to find other large mammals with such a dearth of fur. According to Charles Darwin in The Descent of Man: “No one supposes that the nakedness of the body skin is any direct advantage to man; his body, therefore, cannot have been divested of hair through natural selection.” The scientist proposed shedding our fluff was down to sexual selection, but that’s unlikely the end of it. Our hominin ancestors were most certainly covered in hair, but as they moved from the shade of the forest to the searing savannahs it became burdensome. Not only would the excess hair-trapped heat have impaired physical hunting abilities, but mental agility too—an overheated brain doesn’t think so well. Now, humans aren’t just the most hairless of all apes, but the sweatiest too, producing up to 12 litres a day, thanks to some finely tuned sweat glands.


While some may blame (or thank) everything from products to their predecessors to humidity to their hairdresser for their kinks and curls, those waves are actually down to cellular makeup. As recently as this year, scientists were still unable to come to any concrete conclusion as to the causation of curls—and it was New Zealand merino sheep that helped solve the mystery. Hair is mainly made of the protective protein keratin (also found in our skin and nails) that comprises two cell types: paracortical cells of parallel keratin fibres; and the


Hair can be used to demonstrate everything from religion— think some Orthodox Jewish men and their peyot (those lustrous, spiralling sideburns)—to gang affiliation—think Teddy boys and their monstrous quiffs—but at its most rudimentary can serve as an indication of sex, and has done since at least the time of Ancient Greece. According to Kurt Stenn, author of Hair: A Human History, our hair is “highly communicative” and, at a glance, can impart “messages of health, sexuality, religiosity, power”. Lori Tharps, co-author of Hair Story about the history of black hair, tells the BBC that in early African cultures hairstyles were used to indicate “everything about a person’s identity”. Later, the afro hair style represented rebellion during the civil rights movements of the 1960s, and though dreadlocks are closely associated with black culture there are references to them in the Old Testament and Hindu imagery, while anthropologists have also found evidence of the style in cultures as varied as the Vikings, Pacific Islanders and Australian Aborigines.


Hair author Kurt Stenn, also a former professor of pathology and dermatology at Yale University, tells Time that long hair is historically an indicator of healthiness, with its owner having had to “eat well, have no diseases, no infectious organisms” and benefited from “good rest and exercise”. Trichologist Jane Davies tells the Daily Mail how hair can serve as a marker for our health, with thinning or brittleness a sign of stress or poor diet, while excess shedding may indicate iron deficiency. Hair can also serve as a marker for the ingestion of illegal substances, with drugs making their way, then binding to, follicles via the bloodstream. It takes around week for most drugs to reach the surface of the scalp with strands of hair then able to be analysed by technicians. Hair microscopy concerns the forensic examination of hair samples using a microscope to place someone at a crime scene—an older, cheaper and less reliable technique than DNA testing. __ Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

JUL 2018

Humans have been obsessed with all things hirsute for millennia. For men it characterizes masculinity, while for women luxurious locks represent the peak of femininity. Some aspects of religions such as Islam, Sikhism and Judaism encourage men to don facial hair, and one of the bible’s most famous fables concerns Samson, a legendary Israelite warrior whose strength was obliterated when his lover, Delilah, had his locks chopped off while he slept. According to the book of Corinthians, a woman’s abundant hair “is a glory to her”.

longer orthocortical cells of twisted keratin fibres. With human hair too course to analyse its cell structure, researchers for cosmetics company Kao Corporation and AgResearch studied the structurally-similar but finer merino wool and discovered that the curls were caused by the alignment of the cells, with the longer orthocortical cells forming the outside of the strand, and the shorter paracortical ones squeezed inside. The findings could help with the development of hair products to tame, or encourage, those curls.


New Zealand’s hair and beauty industry is worth a cool $1 billion, while in the US, the male hair industry alone raises $1.45 billion. But all that pales into insignificance when compared with the staggering $80,000 women will hand over for haircare in their lifetime.





THERMAGE HAIR REMOVAL & SKINCARE SYSTEM T H IN GS JU ST GOT B E T T E R , FAST E R AN D SA FE A ND PA I N FR E E The UniLux Thermage premier multi-treatment system for permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, reduction of pigmented lesions, freckle and vascular lesion reduction is faster and more effective than anything in its class. U N ILU X SH R H A I R R E M OVA L SHR is faster than traditional IPL and laser, it’s safer and it’s painfree in comparison. Super Hair Removal (SHR) is used for general hair removal purposes. It can be used safely on all skin types and is a painless treatment. It gently heats the hair follicle to the required temperature, which results in a warm, tingling sensation. Some clients compare it to a warm massage. T H E R M O L IF T ING ( T H E R M O LU X H A ND P I ECE ) Thermo RF (radio frequency) is a safe, non-invasive procedure that’s clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance, by stimulating natural renewal of collagen the treatment delivers natural looking results with little to no downtime—on all skin colours, face and body, forehead, eyes, jaw line and jowls, all in a single procedure. Since there is no surgery involved you can generally return to normal activities immediately following the procedure. WH AT C AN F R ACT I O NA L R F T R E AT ? Reduction in pores, overall skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, improves scars especially acne scars treatment and the overall skin elasticity. A wonderful anti-ageing treatment for all ages. * APPL IC AT ION S Hair Removal | Skin Rejuvenation | Pigmentation | Vascular Therapy | Acne Therapy | Wrinkle Removal | Face Lifting

*Pre and Post Treatment Results

Times are changing: up to a few years ago most people were petrified of having dermal fillers injected for fear that their lips would walk into the room before them. However, dermal fillers are now becoming mainstream. Millions of treatments have been performed worldwide with good safety records established, though that is not to say there are no dangers. Certain areas are more dangerous than others and one needs to be aware of this. Dermal filler procedures of the nose and the frown area have a higher risk of complications and should only be performed by a specialist who is highly trained in anatomy and able to deal with any complications that may occur. New Zealand is one of the few countries with a recognised training programme for doctors, and the interest in this programme is increasing exponentially. Botulinum treatments used to be 80% of our work, though is now leaning towards half as dermal fillers are on the rise due to new and improved techniques. For example, I was recently at a world conference in Sweden where I learned new techniques for treating the hollows below the eyes- always a tricky area. This new technique minimises the product used as well as swelling that can occur in the region. Dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of our skin. Benefits of having dermal filler treatments include stimulation of yourown collagen production, decrease in water loss from the superficial skin layers resulting in improved skin hydration. Younger people want enhancing procedures with dermal fillers. Some want bigger lips, where others want to correct a congenital deficit such as a small chin, hollow grooves under the eyes, or flat cheek bones. The 40-plus-year-old is looking for rejuvenation. As we age, our faces deflate, and fillers can be used to help lift the fat pads on the face, minimise lines and re-volumise where volume has been lost. The best way to have filler treatment performed is to find a qualified treatment provider—don’t be afraid to ask what experience and qualifications they have. If they are a doctor they should be a member of the NZ Society of Cosmetic Medicine(NZSCM), that way you know they have been vetted and practice to a high standard. The doctor should perform a full facial assessment on you and together you should decide on a treatment regime. So if you’re contemplating having a dermal filler treatment, don’t be afraid! In good hands you can be rejuvenated and… nobody even needs to know! — Words: Dr. Ellen Selkon

09 638 4242 | CLINIC42.CO.NZ | 321 MANUKAU RD, EPSOM

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Until now Hyper-Pigmentation seemed impossible to clear. NZ now has Cosmelan and the results are staggering. At Illuminate Me, with Mesoestetic Cosmelan Treatment, Hyper-pigmentation now is a thing of the past.

after At Illuminate Me, we’re all about results. We have the World's Gold Standard Treatment for Hyper-Pigmentation, a brightening treatment that targets brown patches and discolouration. So, free yourself from time consuming makeup application. Enjoy a clear complexion and the added benefit of rejuvenated skin.

We are really excited to have Stacey Power back in clinic with us again. Stacey the highly advanced Registered Cosmetic Nurse.   An expert in Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and Botulinum Toxin Type A techniques, she is the national trainer in the revolutionary, highly-specialised treatment protocol using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Stacey is achieving phenomenal results in the rejuvenation of faces, necks, and the treatment of hair loss.   Bookings with Stacey are limited so get in quick to refresh your look.

Stacey will be available for treatments at Illuminate Me on the 16th and on the 30th of July from 5pm onwards

illuminateme.co.nz ~ info@illuminateme.co.nz 021 620 555 ~ 102 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead Point



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Power Combo combines three skin treatment modalities to increase the response rate for cellular regeneration and slow down the ageing process. For a cell to be coaxed into the action of regeneration we need to focus on various elements. We need to stimulate a signalling action to communicate with the cell, we then need to add the required nutrients at a cellular level and finish it off with a blast of energy to create the action we desire. The Power Combo treatment offers all we need to combat cellular degeneration or skin ageing. Firstly, we start with an exfoliation treatment; either a crystal micro dermabrasion or a 30% Organic Lactic Acid peel, to gently remove surface layers of skin to stimulate the cell signalling action and clear the way for deeper penetration for active ingredients, the skin is left feeling soft and supple and ready for action.

LOTUS FLOWER Symbolises clarity of heart and mind

Available at Rialto Centre, 163 Broadway, Newmarket 09 524 5890 – retreatnz.co.nz

The second step is using either galvanic or ultra-sonic currents to make a pathway for the concentrated skin serums to work their magic deep into the skin at a cellular level which will supply all the nutrients the cells require for healthy and effective regeneration. Being able to reach deep into the skin enables the active ingredients to work better for longer rather than just be applied topically to the skin surface. Finally, the pièce de résistance—light emitting diode (LED). This remarkable technology which has been used by astronauts to regenerate muscle tissue after being in space, can be used on the skin to create amazing results. Your skin has been primed and readied for action all it needs now is the power to do it. LED creates the energy called ATP which is essential for cell regeneration. It works through photo modulation which emulates photosynthesis in human skin cells, using the cell’s own cytochromes to build new cells, such as skin cells, collagen and elastin. Very much the same way as plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into structural building blocks. This is beautifully powerful, non-invasive treatment will 'seal the deal' of the Power Combo treatment and leave you wondering why you left it so long between treatments. All treatments can be performed as standalone for great results but combine the three and you will feel and see the difference. We recommend and course of four treatments; one per week followed by monthly maintenance treatments depending on the desired results. However, for the best results it is always best to have one of our skin care professionals advise on the best treatment for you, with an in-depth skin consultation. FORMESPA.CO.NZ / 09 377 9274 4 ST STEPHENS AVE, PARNELL PARNELL@FORMESPA.CO.NZ

AVAILABLE NOW AT FINESSE A COMPLETE ANTI-AGEING & FAT REDUCTION SOLUTION WITH REMARKABLE RESULTS Cosmetic procedures that melt fat and tone the body are often unaffordable and/or extremely invasive, putting them out of reach for many. Happily, there is another option for those struggling with body fat and it’s taken the world by storm. It’s called the TRI LIPO method. Originating in Israel, TRI LIPO is available at Finesse Face and Body Clinic in Remuera and is a stressfree walk-in walk-out treatment clinically proven to have visible results after only one session WHAT IS TRI LIPO? TRI LIPO Maximus is a revolutionary, non-invasive body-sculpting treatment with no recovery period. Its cutting-edge technology uses heat and muscle contractions to liquidise fat cells and tighten the skin by activating collagen production for an easily customisable, highly efficient sculpting, scar and anti-ageing treatment. Multiple benefits mean great value, with a longterm solution without negative side-effects. WHAT CAN IT TREAT? TRI LIPO can tone and firm up sagging skin around the neck and jowls, improving the contour of the jaw, while treating wrinkles and generally toning and lifting the face.



BENEFITS • Immediate visible results • Wrinkle reduction and skin tightening • Lifting, toning and firming • Minimisation of acne scars • Overall skin/complexion improvement COSTS • Face and neck treatment (combined) $320 • Face or neck $225 • Body treatments $250 per body area (Quote on consultation)

South, TRI LIPO can take care of a loose abdomen following pregnancy or weight loss, while reducing stretch marks and improving the general appearance of cellulite. Other benefits include slimmer thighs, tightening of the skin under the arms and around the calves and relief from swollen ankles through lymphatic drainage. WHAT PARTS OF THE BODY CAN BE TREATED? The TRI LIPO can treat most body areas except for breasts, genitals, underarms, or the areas directly over the eyes (off the bone) and around the thyroids. Tattooed areas can also be easily treated as radio frequency (RF) and dynamic muscle activation (DMA), provided by the TRI LIPO system, are ‘colour blind’ energies.



David Pond Sills: Obi Random Loobie’s Stor y Deeanne Hobbs Madly Sweetly Lemon Tree Curate by Trelise Cooper Staple+Cloth Fray the Label New Lond on Jeans


Accessories Jeweller y Bags Scar ves Layby Available Suppor ting NZ Designers


WHAT THE POWERPLATE CAN DO FOR YOU! · Build muscle, explosive power and endurance · Speed up the metabolism to reduce body fat · Increase your range of motion, core stability and flexibility · Diminish the appearance of cellulite PowerPlate activates muscle contractions up to 40 times per second, enhancing your overall fitness.

F R E E P OW E R N PLATE SESSIO WITH WENDY : Call Wendy on 027 649 9451 ssion and BOOK a se e feel the differenc

Call WENDY on 09 379 2706 to book a FREE introduction session. Power Plate machines are also available for purchase through Eastside Studio.

EastsideStudio.co.nz / 532 Parnell Rd Suite 3, Parnell















JUL 2018




JUL 2018

THE HATS WE WEAR We all wear so many hats in life: from being Mum or Dad on the sideline on Saturday morning, to our working life, being ‘on’ at special events, to visiting our parents or relaxing at home. All of these roles bring their own requirements for our wardrobes, and a great wardrobe covers all of these facets of our lives effortlessly. That said, there are several of us who have one area of life nailed with our sartorial choices, but we really struggle with other areas. I remember several years ago working with a senior-level executive who knew how to do corporate, but totally struggled when it came to casual. In fact, she’d even stopped accepting invitations to barbecues and the like as she didn’t know what to wear if she couldn’t wear a jacket. In her words, “I’m either super-corporate or a complete slob – I don’t know how to do the in-between stuff."


A truly balanced wardrobe is one that has key pieces you can dress either up or down, depending on what your day looks like. That said, some of us are (understandably) reluctant to wear our work clothes anywhere other than work, so a working wardrobe may well be just that – your working wardrobe. It’s the stuff you wear outside of work that needs to work hardest for you. Be it a pair of great pants that work well with a pair of trainers and tee shirt under a leather jacket, equally as well as a pair of heels and silky top or perhaps a dress that you can add a heel and wear out to dinner or pop under a casual biker jacket and wear with boots during the day. We should expect a lot from our clothing. One of the traps we often fall into is buying an outfit specifically for only one aspect of our lives, and we never think about how we may get more wear out of it. A great remedy to this is to stop and ask yourself when you are buying a new item, “What else will this go with?” and “Can I wear this with other items I currently own?” If you can’t – you might like to rethink the purchase of it. When you get a new item home, do a bit of a “walk-along” in your wardrobe and see what else it works with – get some longevity out of everything you buy. Need a hand to create a wardrobe that works for all areas of your life? Get in touch! I’d love to help. Jackie O’Fee is the owner of Signature Style, Auckland’s leading personal styling consultancy. Give her a bell on 09 529 5115 or check signaturestyle.co.nz for more detail.




P O N S O N BY C E N T R AL, 13 6 - 14 6 P O N S O N BY R OAD 16 T H- 23 R D J U LY



One of the best-kept local fashion secrets is hiding out on Auckland’s iconic Queen Street. Ever heard of Johnstons of Elgin? Google to find fashion edits galore from Vogue to Harper's Bazaar on the centuries-old producer of the highest quality cashmere in the world. Every season Hermès, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Chanel line up to place orders at the Scottish mill after HRH Queen Elizabeth and more recently Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, who’s been known to swaddle her children in Johnstons for paparazzi photo calls. Did you know that you can buy the brand in central Auckland only a few doors down from the luxe line-up of Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton? Look out for The Cashmere Company, a duck egg blue-and-gold gateway to Johnstons' goodies. The store stocks a mecca of cashmere, premium wool blend garments and luxury textiles in the finest linen, silk and tweeds for the interior. How it came into being is quite the story. Owner, Esme Pfaff immigrated to New Zealand 11 years ago from the United Kingdom with her husband. Previously they’d owned 14 jeans stores on the M4 corridor. Then on a visit to New Zealand, a former business colleague, the sales director of Johnstons proposed a collaboration that was too good to turn down. At the time Esme was living on a Coromandel lifestyle block raising her six children. It was a pivotal moment going from one duality to another. Bye-bye sheep and gumboots, hello sumptuous stoles, soft-spun cashmere and sensuous woven tartans. In the beginning, Esme’s sales missions were by campervan around New Zealand and Australia. It was a life of real contrast swinging from rural informality to fashionista formality. “I used to literally change out of my farming overalls to don my suit and high heels then totter into all these glamorous boutiques,” says Esme. After doing “massive business” in Sydney and Melbourne, her home territory in New Zealand proved to be a much harder nut to crack. Esme’s two oldest children finally convinced their mum to take the plunge: “They said you know enough about retail—if you think there’s a market, do it yourself!” So she did.

When sales started in 2011, revenue was £25,000. Sales are now over £1.5 million in Johnstons products alone. This is no ‘Nana twin set and pearls operation’ either. Nowadays The Cashmere Company deals with international brands like Oroton and domestic clients and collaborators from Snowy Peak to even the Textile and Design Laboratory at the Auckland University of Technology. There’s a co-share label with Mcdonalds Textiles, Untouched World and Merino Mink recently worn by Barack Obama. Plus funky chunky limited edition pieces by Instagram stars like Plumb & Co and The Knitter aka Nicole Leybourne. When the store first opened, Esme expected to sell longlasting good quality basics to Kiwis only. Her first customer from Japan provided a very sharp learning curve. “He checked the labels, the bag, the box, then finally made his decision—his interpreter said, 'Yes he’ll take 24 of those please.'” Esme remembers phoning Johnstons immediately “to send more wow pieces to be boxed and bagged beautifully”. Famous French designer, Givenchy once said: “All a woman needs to be chic is a raincoat, two suits, a pair of trousers and cashmere.” Esme agrees “I have always said to my girls you can wear a cashmere jumper, the tattiest pair of jeans, filthy boots and still feel amazing. Don’t forget, cashmere lasts for years—it’s like a fine bottle of wine, with age it does get better.” She recalls a sales meeting in Clevedon, her first visit to a polo field where the owner came in from mucking out the horses looking fabulous wearing a Johnstons' jumper she’d bought in Scotland 20 years before. “I couldn’t believe the coincidence and the fact that it still looked great,” she says. Then again Esme does admit to having 10- and 20-year-old jumpers that her kids fight over. Her clients typically snap up cashmere sweaters starting from $399 to show stopping pieces for over $1,000. You could shop elsewhere and buy an acrylic version for $250 “but that won’t last, wear, or feel the same, plus it’s made out of unsustainable petroleum based fibres”. Even with the price point, forget about a hands-off approach to trying on in store. “Actually it’s a very robust fibre so

the more you handle it, the better it feels and the softer it gets,” Esme says. Her daughter, Alannah who handles the marketing and day-to-day running of the business leaving her mum to design, agrees. “Our cashmere is combed off the goat to get a tapered edge on both sides so it feels smooth when spun. The other way is to shear it off as a shorter fibre that leaves a blunt side that will never spin properly,” she says. A tell-tale sign of low quality cashmere is fabric “with fuzz on the top, which will always pill” she warns. By comparison, lower priced cashmere can be of dubious quality with shorter fibres. It seems that there is a distinct pecking order in the textile industry—it’s mirrored in The Cashmere Company’s merchandising too. Lambswool and merino blend is on a bottom shelf, 100% cashmere positioned at the top. In a display case opposite is the ultimate in ultra-luxe -- a vicuña stole made from the hair of a miniature cinnamon-hued, doe-eyed cousin of the llama. “It’s the rarest fibre in the world - worth ten times more than cashmere. That piece sells for $6,650,” says Alannah.

The provenance of vicuña from Johnstons goes right back to the Great Exhibition of 1851 when the company received a medal for its shawls at Queen Victoria’s Crystal Palace in Hyde Park. “Pure vicuña doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything at all,” says Esme. Her preference is a vicuña cashmere combination: “It is possibly the most beautiful piece of textile art that Johnstons has ever created.” One loyal client has been ritualistically buying pieces for various relatives. “We have a tradition in our family when our children get to seven they get their first pen knife and at 13 their ears pierced. At no point do you get a vicuña scarf,” she laughs. Humour aside, one serious fact Esme appreciates after working a decade with Johnstons of Elgin is that her clients want the best, appreciate the best and receive the best at The Cashmere Company. — Words Sarah Sparks CASHMERECOMPANY.CO.NZ / 90 QUEEN ST, AUCKLAND 09 377 1466 / HELLO@CASHMERECOMPANY.CO.NZ



Omnilux is a non-invasive treatment using light of different wavelengths. This treatment stimulates natural processes to rejuvenate the skin and is used to treat acne, ageing, skin healing and psoriasis. The treatment will differ depending on each individual’s skin concern and the more times you visit About Face the better the results will be. I walked away after just two treatments with hydrated, plump, glowing skin and found the sessions themselves are relaxing and delicious. Omnilux Light Therapy $125 / Glow Package includes seven Omnilux Light Therapies, a Microdermabrasion or Skin Peel and a Power of Three Facial for $1,050 ABOUTFACE.CO.NZ 18 Jervois Road, Ponsonby


SRS, is a soothing, relaxing treatment that targets the underlying problems associated with ageing skin and scarring. The soothing HVPC Technology, works to stimulate cell renewal, activating neo-collagen production, toning sagging muscles and adding elasticity to the skin. I experienced this treatment twice before my wedding day and found my skin feeling firmer and fuller, no doubt a game changer! $150 ILLUMINATEME.CO.NZ 102 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead Point


Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) of the face. Dermaplaning refines pores, resurfaces skin and improves the appearance of acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, the effects of the procedure are instant in leaving your skin with a smooth appearance and a radiant glow. $125 | WITH LED LIGHT THERAPY $165 MYHAVEN.NZ 373 Dominion Road Mt Eden, Auckland 09 630 7133



If you are opting for the organic option The Facialist is no doubt the place for you. Their signature Bespoke facial is incredibly decadent yet highly transformative and relaxing. The facial is specially customised for your skin to suit your personal needs and concerns. Using a carefully curated mix of products specially selected for your skin. 60 minutes $170 | 90 minutes $220 THEFACIALIST.CO.NZ Shed 16 – City Works Depot 09 337 0023

– Words: Paris Mitchell Temple


Every skin type, even oily skin, can experience temporary dehydration due to several factors (change in temperature, sun, wind, etc.). SOS Hydra mask by Clarins helps instantly moisturise the skin and restore radiance thanks to hyaluronic acid which helps retain moisture at the skin surface. $52 from clarins.com.au

A transparent mask for efficient, yet innocuous, cleaning and visible refinement of pores and impurities, resulting in immediate and maintainable visible reduction in both the number and the size of pores. Mastic Must uses a highly-densified sap from Greek mastic trees, that binds to congestion, purifying and shrinking the look of pores without drying. The sap is a powerful anti-bacterial and antifungal. The sap in MM is sustainably sourced and is purified in a very precise bio-technology lab with extremely high purity $80 from inesstore.com

Calvin Klein Faux fur coat $2,295 from netaporter.com

Stella McCartney

Brushed-leather shoulder bag by Stella McCartney $1,025 from netaporter.com



Calvin Klein

Paris Georgia vegan leather trench $990 available in September from parisgeorgiastore.com

Etro Faux shearling-trimmed cotton-corduroy coat $2,400 from netaporter.com


The growing fashion trend for winter travelers—cruelty-free, vegan leather and faux fur. The new trend has stirred the creativity of designers and of fur coat wearers, who can now express their style in full respect of animals. Fur and leather has never been so glamorous and playful. Words: Paris Mitchell Temple









THIRTY YEARS OF DESIGN EXCELLENCE Award-winning design studio Kitchens By Design celebrates a significant milestone along with a proud and illustrious heritage. Thirty years is a long time to be in any business, but to remain at the top of your game in the ultra-competitive world of design takes a special kind of company—and local kitchen design company Kitchens By Design can confidently lay claim to this distinction. More than that, it can say with some pride that it is one of the pioneering kitchen design companies in New Zealand, having nurtured and trained many of the country’s top designers since its inception back in 1989. “Kitchens By Design holds a very special place in the history of New Zealand design,” says owner Richard Cripps. “Over the past 30 years, it has won close to 70 national and internationally recognised design awards, including NKBA Kitchen of the Year and Kitchen Designer of the Year on several occasions. It’s a legacy we are all really proud of.” Richard goes on to say that prior to the establishment of Kitchens By Design, kitchens weren’t given too much thought design-wise. “Mainly, they were installed by builders, literally screwing cabinets together and putting up what they’d done in their last job,” he explains. “There was no real design planning or principles, or even consideration given to the individual spaces the kitchens were going into. “Kitchens By Design changed that. It brought design to the forefront, where ergonomics, functionality and spacial design were all carefully considered. And that’s something we continue to do 30 years on.” The company was founded by pioneering kitchen designers Linda Christensen and Lesley Waite, and was originally based in Barry’s Point Road over on the North Shore, before moving across to the city where it now has a showroom at 7 Melrose Street in Newmarket. Just last year, however, Richard decided to expand his company’s reach by opening the first premium kitchen design showroom on Auckland’s North Shore, at 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna, joining its sister showroom in Newmarket. “Kitchens By Design’s point of difference is our pair of stunning showrooms, and I encourage anyone who is looking to put in a new kitchen to come and see us. Our showrooms are all about delivering a premium experience

to the discerning client,” says Richard. “At any one time, at least one of Kitchens By Design’s six designers will be at each showroom, so visitors are be able to receive some first-hand, expert advice on their new project, should they need it.” The design team at Kitchens By Design—Sue Gillbanks, Shane George, Michelle Gillbanks, Sean Monk, Marianne Gailer, and Jane Fergusson—have more than 70 years of experience between them. Each designer has their own style and flair, and they all have a unique set of skills they bring to the table. There is also a dedicated support and admin team that ensures every aspect of the design and build process runs like clockwork. This produces a best-of-both-worlds scenario whereby Kitchens By Design clients get a truly individual, bespoke design, yet the whole team is there to assist in the seamless delivery of every kitchen and bathroom project that is produced. As well as the designers and his support team, Richard is also keen to point out that Kitchens By Design has a loyal and trusted group of craftsmen and women, suppliers and manufacturers—all of whom are important contributors to the finished project. “We have spent decades fostering these relationships, so that our clients can reap the benefits of our experience and knowledge,” he says. “The result is that we offer the widest possible choice of premium products and maintain great relationships with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the country—some of which span over 25 years—which means our clients can be assured they are in expert hands at every stage of their design project.” Kitchen By Design’s comprehensive, concept-to-completion process ensures every client is involved and informed at every stage of their journey to their new kitchen or bathroom. “We value each and every one of the hundreds of the satisfied clients that have come through our doors over the past 30 years,” says Richard. “And the fact that many of those clients are now coming back into our showrooms and asking us to help design their next kitchens is testament to the quality of our designers and services we offer at Kitchens By Design.”

SHOWROOMS 7 Melrose St, Newmarket / 09 379 3084 — 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna / 09 488 7201 OPEN HOURS Mon-Fri: 10am-4.30pm — Sat: 10am-2.30pm — By appointment WEBSITE KITCHENBYDESIGN.CO.NZ

If you are thinking about a new kitchen, you will not want to miss out on this event. Join the talented team of designers at New Zealand’s most awarded kitchen design studio for a day filled with ideas and innovation.

This event will be held concurrently at Kitchens By Design’s two stunning Auckland showrooms – in Newmarket and Takapuna.

As well as a number of informative talks from the design team at Kitchens By Design will be a series of presentations by leading industry experts, including colour choices (Resene), the latest in appliances (Kitchen Things), smart drawer and cupboard technologies (Häfele), and your best options for benchtop materials (Cosentino).

This promises to be a truly unique event that will give invaluable insights into the latest trends in kitchen design, as well as practical advice to anyone installing a new kitchen.

NEWMARKET: 7 Melrose Street, Newmarket TAKAPUNA: 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna kitchensbydesign.co.nz

Free entry, but numbers will be limited, so register early to secure your place.


Home Comforts



Bomma Soap Pendant

Allium Robert Gordon Opal Mug $52.90

Tosca Dish Rack $59.00

Robert Gordon Opal Dinner Plate $64.90



Cocotte French lamp,$350 Vante Mobler Falcon Chair, $1,650


“Théodore” sofa chair by Humbert & Poyet. Walnut and fabric. Price starting from €5,500.


Muuto At Nomad, Jonas Jacob Svensson



ROGUISH CHARM From roguish dandies to romantic heroes, these large anthropomorphic portraits from French design house Ibride create a striking interior statement. Exclusive in New Zealand to Corso, each portrait from the limited edition Collector series (inspired by 19th Century literary characters) is signed by the artist. Strictly limited numbers available. 74cm(h) x56cm(w) Clockwise from bottom left – Bel-Ami, Rodolphe, Chatterton. More designs available in store. $590 each




Don’t believe everything you read about the Auckland property residential rental market—it might be correct; but it could also be outdated, or incorrect; or even worse, it could be fake news! We have all seen the attention-grabbing headlines, here’s a recent sample: “Landlords worried as Government moves on compulsory heating in rental properties” “It was like being in a coffin': Aucklander shares experience renting in NZ's most expensive city” “Landlords welcome new meth report: Money on problem that doesn't exist” “Property predictions for 2018” “Meth-testing in homes—don't bother” “Rental home heating regulations should be in force” “$1.3 million spent on meth clean up in state houses just $3000 on mould” “What's squeezing the life out of New Zealand's rental market?” “Landlords reveal why your rent is rising” “Buying property for the short-term rental market” So how do you sort out what might be accurate or truthful, and what might apply to your own situation? For example: • Did you know that the rental market slows down at certain times of the year, negatively affecting the time to rent and rental returns; and that this can vary from city to city? • Do you know what the rental market is doing right now, suburb by suburb, or city by city? • Are queues of prospective tenants a myth or reality for Auckland? Or does tenant interest vary according to location and the type of property you are trying to rent? • What about the legislative changes affecting rental properties that came into law on 4 April 2018 – do you know about this?

• Or the additional changes to the law governing rental properties that will be compulsory from 1 July next year? • Do you know what these new laws are and how they apply? Or are you relying on what’s been speculated in, or even relatively ignored by the media? Do you understand how these changes will affect you and your property? • Are you aware of what a PCBU is, and how this affects you and your rental property? Do you know that landlords, property managers and tenants all have obligations to discharge as PCBU’s (a person conducting a business or undertaking)? By not knowing you risk significant fines for noncompliance, and with the correct information you can significantly enhance your rental returns or reduce the time needed to find great tenants. So why not ask the experts! Quinovic Property Management specialises in managing residential rental properties and we have been doing this for over 30 years. With a nationwide network of 34 offices, 180+ staff including an in-house property lawyer, and thousands of properties under management, we know the rental property market inside out. It’s all we do.


Our Parnell and Viaduct branches are offering to give you free, up to date, accurate, informed and customised information that is relevant to your unique circumstances. And if there’s enough people wanting the same information, we will also publish the questions and answers in our next column. So, email your questions to enquiries@quinovic-parnell.co.nz But if you are the sort of person who likes to talk things through, then give Kerry or Robbie a call and have a chat.




SUSTAINING BEAUTY While ethical clothing has been an issue at the forefront of the fashion industry for some time now, the beauty industry is also catching up—not just in terms of abandoning animal products and testing techniques, but in embracing sustainable practices. The Body Shop is one of the first brands that springs to mind when many consider ethical beauty practices. Director of corporate responsibility, Christopher Davis, tells Elle that while many firms source their ingredients from international traders, The Body Shop gets several of their natural ingredients through their Community Trade programme, a fair trade project that supports 25,000 people via suppliers in 21 countries around the world. Many brands are also moving to ensure that their containers and stores that sell them are kinder to the Earth, too. Neal’s Yard, for instance, are not only using 100% recycled plastic bottles and recyclable glass, but have partnered with City to Sea charity in selected UK stores to provide free water refill stations to discourage reliance on single-use plastic bottles. L’occitane concoct their products with ethically-sourced ingredients, use environmentally friendly packaging and, some of their range such as the Almond Shower Oil comes in a refillable bottle. Return six empty Mac products to one of their stores and you’ll be rewarded with a free lipstick, and, similarly, in the US, Kiehl’s offer a coffee-shop loyalty card-like stamp system whereby you get stamped for every empty returned—10 stamps equal free travelsized products. You’ll also get a free Fresh Face Mask at Lush when you take back five of their (cleaned) black pots. Davis says that by understanding what goes into a product, consumers can make sure they have a positive impact on the environment to ensure the planet can “flourish” for years to come: “We can call make positive choices, starting with how we behave, what we choose to buy and use.” One company has really taken things to the next level by establishing its very own sustainable beauty production village. The Davines Group was founded in Parma, Italy, in 1983 by the Bollati family as a research facility serving some of the world’s largest haircare and cosmetics companies. The following decade Davines began producing its own hair-

and skincare items and developed sustainable philosophies to “encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, of the things they love”. In 2008, the firm was voted one of the country’s top 100 places to work by Institute Italia. Earlier this year came the announcement of the opening of their jaw-dropping village complex. Designed by Matteo Thun’s and Luca Colombo’s Studio MTLC, around a fifth of the 77,000-squaremetre eco-site in Parma is occupied by a gaggle of the greenest buildings including offices, a research and development laboratory, production plant, warehouse and a central greenhouse—the focal point of the complex designated for brainstorming and dining. All power comes courtesy of renewable sources like photovoltaic panels and a solar thermal system. There’s even a clever geothermal system that harnesses an underground aquifer. A nearpharmaceutical-grade filtration system ensures the air remains sterile in the production plant, while organic waste heads to the gardens, plastic drinks bottles are banned as are those awful coffee pods. The ecovillage grounds are separated into various grounds and designated research areas such as the intriguing Scientific Vegetable Garden, an ‘open-air laboratory’ that grows medicinal plants and produce. All edibles head for the on-site eatery, and the space also doubles as an education destination for visitors. Other courtyard areas contain features like pools with aquatic plants, greenhouses, water features and small woodlands to further enhance the general air of wellbeing and reduce carbon footprints. Ten charging stations are available for those with electric vehicles. Looking to improve the immediate area, and inspire others to follow suit, Davines are installing the first experimental 300 metres of the Green Kilometre, an environmental project conceived by company owner Davide Bollati to cancel emissions from the local motorway. The idea is to encourage business overlooking the 11km stretch of road across this part of Parma to plant trees to create a functioning, literal green belt. __ Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces




Some top Verve tips for keeping your beauty and styling regime eco-friendly. Drinking through a straw means less need for lipstick touch-ups which means less need to buy more tubes. Just make sure the straws are biodegradable or reusable ones—plastic kind of misses the point! While you’re shopping for your ‘green’ straws, invest in some makeup brushes crafted from sustainable materials such as bamboo. The average Westerner uses 200 litres of water every day, yet 50 litres is plenty to meet our basic needs. Be mindful of your water use; turn off the tap between teeth brushing and face washing (more than seven litres are lost for every minute the tap runs), and do you really need to spend so long in the shower? Make sure to squeeze every last drop from your products, and run dried mascara under a hot tap to make it liquified. You’ll save money as well as the Earth. Plastic cotton buds are top of many an eco-evil list, and it’s little surprise. Many of these unbiodegradable items wind up in the stomachs of fish and sea birds, plus they’re also likely doing more damage than good to your ear anyway. Even the shape of your product’s bottle can make a big difference to the environment. Rounded shampoo bottles, for instance, don’t stack as neatly as rectangular ones, so require more packaging and space for storage and transportation, reducing efficiency all round.

“The next time you go shopping, demand more change” –Anita Roddick

We all have wardrobes bulging with rarely—or even never—worn clothes, so why not hold a monthly get together with your friends where you can share wine and nibbles and swap those outfits and accessories?




Yes, new photos and new technology but still the same old-fashioned service with a smile! It’s been almost 20 years in the property management and rental business, but it seems like only yesterday that we put up the first sign with one property to rent. There have been many changes during those years and now this year there are even more. But we are ready to move on. Courtenay has a Bachelor of Business in Accounting, Graham has special skills in his field of accounting and management and Sylvia is a member of the Real Estate Institute—she knows how to look after properties and deal with any problems that arise. We have all the skills necessary for a successful rental office and time has proven that. So call in to our office if you require your property rented, managed or if you just want some advice. We would be delighted to meet you. JUST RENTALS LTD MREINZ 40 ST JOHNS RD, MEADOWBANK / JUSTRENTALS.CO.NZ / 09 528 4817 OR 09 528 4818 / FAX: 09 528 4816

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ALl-NEW VANTAGE UNVEILED The Aston Martin Vantage has always been synonymous with performance. It’s a staunch British sports car that has the style and ‘voice’ to both drop jaws and turn heads—so the fervent attention from press and public at the NZ unveiling of the all-new Vantage was inevitable. The withdrawn silk revealed a vehicle of intense beauty with an underline predatory instinct. Its crafted styling and attention to detail (inside and out) is instantly apparent, yet look closer and you’ll begin to see the performance car aerodynamics that underpins the vehicle’s racing DNA. Under its low-pitched clamshell bonnet lies a 4L, V8 twin-turbo heart, that produces 310kW and 685Nm, which when paired with the Vantage’s eight-speed ZF gearbox, will propel you from 0-100km/h in around 3.6 seconds, all with that distinctive, visceral Aston Martin exhaust soundtrack. — Words: Dave McLeod


LUXURIOUS AFFINITY Vehicle showrooms should be stunning. They should be destination places where vehicle owners and potential owners alike gather to be immersed in the brand’s vision and culture. Yes ultimately they are a place to experience/ purchase what’s new, but I believe they should be more about setting the right ambience and the projecting brand flavour—and it seems that Infiniti Motor Vehicles would agree. We recently attended the opening of their world class Auckland showroom and came away with a true sense of what Infiniti was all about. Of course, in essence, they are a luxury car manufacturer but it’s their target audience that impressed us more—they attract "forward-looking, progressive challengers, people not influenced by peers decisions or what their business partners are driving". Essentially, people that move to the beat of their own drum, and that’s exactly the sound that greeted us upon arrival, the enthusiastic beats of the Tamashii Taiko Drummers, an aural feast that was ably complemented the tasty treats served up by chef and Infiniti ambassador Nic Watt. Brand culture and luxury motor vehicles make the new Infiniti showroom well worth the visit. — Words: Dave McLeod


SWERVE // JUL 2017


There are quite literally countless inspirational surfing metaphors that can be attributed to life, wellbeing and business and as I’ll point out soon, SUVs. Everything from refocusing the mind and soul, determination and perseverance, through to spotting opportunities when they arise or simply put, catching the wave— something it would appear, that Mazda know a thing or two about. The rise of SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) has been nothing short of phenomenal. It would seem that the road-going public prefer these higher-riding vehicles over ‘cars’ at nigh-on a 2:1 ratio and it shows very little sign of slowing down. Several years ago, Mazda donned their wetsuits and raced headlong into the surf, recognising the sea of change that was about to happen, it is now NZ’s #1 SUV brand (ex Rental), with their CX range offering style, comfort, technology and efficiency, all the traits required to tackle NZ tarmac. However, as the SUV popularity has increased, so has the demand for more specific solutions to individual driver needs. The category is being sliced and diced every which way, and although Mazda have a classleading CX-5, a smaller CX-3 and a large, all-purpose CX-9, the time has come to offer an ‘all-rounder’, introducing the all-new CX-8. Built to slot neatly between the '5' and the '9', the CX-8 is a spacious five-seater SUV for the week that converts into a seven-seat people-mover at the weekend. It’s a vehicle that adapts to your lifestyle and your ever-growing needs. With Kodo design (car as Art) and Jinba Ittai (Horse and rider symbiotic relationship) continuing to be the brand’s driving force, the all-new CX-8 presents a bold yet elegant exterior, with creative use of light play and shadowing, a lower stance and flared shoulders, while ensuring the interior is upmarket and sophisticated in its appearance, has third-row

seating that is child's play to access and is overall, very driver-centric. We took to the rural Waikato roads that surround Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and let the 2.2l diesel engine release all of its 140kW and 450 Newtons, not that we heard it complain. In fact, we barely heard the engine at all—the soundproofing inside the cabin is most excellent. First impressions are that the CX-8 feels light on its feet and very responsive on the road. The GVC (G-Vectoring Control) keeps the bends in check (and the motion sickness at bay) and the nappa leather and satin chrome accents make you feel rather special. With its CX-3, 5, 9, and now the ‘people moving’ CX-8, it’s fair to say that Mazda is riding the crest of the SUV wave, and as far as we are concerned, that’s just swell! _ Words : Dave McLeod


DETROIT EVOLUTION I’ve never actually been to Detroit (one day maybe), but up until recently, all the images I’ve seen of the place have portrayed the Motor City to be just that, an industrial, concrete jungle whose sole purpose was to provide cars to the rest of the nation—maybe I should stop watching black-and-white documentaries. Anyway, further to relentless and very in-depth research, I have discovered that Detroit is anything but the dour-faced metropolis I’ve always thought it to be. Detroit has had its fair share of ups and downs, (actually almost too many to count) but once again it appears to be a city on the rise. It’s got a new attitude, it’s fresh thinking, it’s cleaned up its act and with the assistance of both government and big business, it’s reinventing this iconic city. Detroit is evolving and fittingly, so is what it’s producing—time to talk about the new Ford Mustang. In my opinion, there are very few vehicle nameplates that inspire such raw and gritty emotion as the Ford Mustang and just like Motor City itself, the new release is an exciting tale of evolution.

The year was 1964-and-a-half when the first Mustang hit the Ford production line. Aside from its radical and extremely desirable sporty design, the Mustang won hearts due to its affordability (US$2,368), a figure achieved by stealing parts from the Falcon and Fairlane cupboard. Under the bonnet of the Generation 1 Mustang, was a throaty 289 cu in (near 5L) V8 engine that produced 157kW and offered a thrilling, albeit unrefined, driving experience. A shade over 50 years later and I’m handed the key fob for the updated, Sixth Generation Mustang, something I was reluctant to return. As I stated earlier, the Mustang has ‘evolved’ and this latest rendition has had minor tweaks throughout. Firstly the bodywork. The long nose has been sculpted further to meet with the sleeker headlights, and bonnet vents have been added to effect. Lower air vents have a more visual join to the sportscar's shoulderline and the front spoiler now has fangs. Aerodynamics have been improved but not at the expense of masculinity—this is still a muscle car.



Photography: TEZMPHOTO.COM

The 5.0 V8 heart has been upgraded and now produces 306kW (nearly double the original) and an earth-moving 530Nm of torque, these figures are one thing, but it’s when you stand on the throttle that it all becomes very real—the exhaust note in ‘Track’ is thunderous. As a footnote, there is a quiet mode and also an Ecoboost motor option for those that want it. The cabin has been spruced up, with better quality feel to the dials and buttons. The review car I had also came with Recaro seats, very supportive but with no heat button—but the trade-off is worth it. Then there’s the electronic instrument cluster that comes straight out of the GT—from colours to dials, views and presentation, it’s so personalisable yet easy to navigate around. Two last components have evolved in 50-plus years of the ‘stang. Firstly, the ride. My new Mustang came with MagneRide suspension, basically, incredibly adaptive

magnetic suspension, and lastly the automatic gearbox has seven, yes, seven extra gears—a tenspeed gearbox that, just like the Mustang’s evolution itself, is constantly changing. To coin a well-known phrase, ‘the more that something changes, the more it stays the same’. With the latest upgrades to the Mustang, it really has made a difference to the way the sportscar drives, and I emphatically say for the better—yet when you stare down the length of the seemingly endless bonnet and let that V8 roar its lungs out, you realise that somehow nothing has changed at all, this is still very much a Mustang. — Words: Dave McLoud




ARE WE THERE YET? It’s been a while since I’ve driven the BMW i3, so when BMW NZ said there was a new Sport version to try out, I jumped at the chance. The (originalish) i3 that I had been behind the wheel of did a lot to change my preconceived ideas surrounding electric vehicles. It was funky looking, full of natural materials and oh those suicide, I mean carriage, doors. My (and probably most people’s) biggest issue, is vehicle range and the anxiety that comes with the fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere hunting for a power point. It’s a rookie mistake to run out of fuel and have to hike to a petrol station (probably in the rain), or worse, call a friend/family member or AA to come bail you out. So, to me, the same thing applies when running out of charge, but with obvious extra limitations for topping up! The previous i3 I drove had a range extender that eliminated these cares, a small tank of fossil fuel that would cut in when (clean) battery power fell below ‘get home’ range. However, although the new i3s boasts a range of around 200km, BMW had removed the range extender life raft, I would be going solo, therefore all the anxiety came flooding back. I’ll explain this further in a moment. First, let me tell you about the i3s itself. As previously highlighted, the i3 is a very funky looking vehicle and (like its sportscar sibling the i8) it is very much an attention grabber on the road. The i3s has taken its otherworldly charm and muscled it up. By widening and lowering its stance, (broader front bumper, bigger 20” feet, flared arches, creative use of black on the body panels and taking the rear badges to the edge of the tailgate), it gives the BMW a sportier kerb appeal. The cabin is racier too, uncluttered, with aqua blue seatbelts and i3s badging. It comes with both driving and sportscar-like aids, cruise and parking assists, automatic stability control, dynamic traction control and a Sport mode that has the i3s reacting quicker to driving inputs such as acceleration and steering. Then there’s that EV motor. Producing 270Nm and 135kW, it will take you from 0-100km/h in a sports-hatch embarrassing 6.9 seconds, all while offering zero emissions—overall performance stats that have to make you feel good. Well, most of the time.

You see, I had a few things going on during my time with the i3s. There was the most amazing Auckland weather system that decided to hose down rain on me whenever I chose to leave the vehicle—this is normally not that much of an issue, except I was running a live cable from under my garage door to charge the i3s. I also had an event to attend at Hampton Downs (the launch of the new BMW M5) which meant (according to Google), a one-hour seven-minute (96.4km) trek in a vehicle that when charged forecasted 196km—yes it would apparently do it, but would you risk it? No, me neither. Especially since I had to stop by the city office on my return too. The ride to the motorsport park was great. The i3s handles as advertised, it’s quick, silent, comfortable, easy to use and very informative, especially the range forecast that you become fixated on as you go. I arrived at the track with around 100km used so immediately set about looking for a power socket to trickle charge up. Following a morning of fun and frivolity, plus more than four hours of charge, I headed back off to the office (and then home) with enough juice to be carefree, all thanks to Hampton’s outside plug. Checking the ‘fast charge’ map, there is a Chargenet option in Pukekohe, so I could have detoured there, grabbed a coffee or two and been sorted (however, explaining that to my boss would have been as uncomfortable as the wait). Back home, the rain began as I plugged the car in again, I kid you not. Rather bizarrely, my commute experience the next day was a polar opposite. In the heavy traffic, the i3s barely touched the range monitor, and I arrived back home without the need to plug in, something I repeated several more times—all the commutes being a joyful experience (aside from the work bit in between), tunes on loud, heated seats, AC, I used it all. This was one of those times where I managed to get a wide range of real-world use out of the vehicle I got to review and it really gave me a better understanding of where we’re at. Summing it all up: around town and its surrounding areas, the i3s is most excellent. Plenty of power underfoot, stylish, easy to manoeuvre and offers fun on the twisties. Longer runs require forethought and planning, a range extender or certainly ample time. So as my son often asks when on a road trip, ‘Are we there yet?’ I’d say not at the moment, maybe around the next corner. — Dave McLeod



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SAINT PETERSBURG World Cup 2018 has certainly put a spotlight on Russia as a tourist destination. But it is far more than just a land of an exceptional caviar and an average football team. Get a sense of country’s unique imperial heritage in the enchanting northern gem that is St Petersburg. With endless baroque and rococo palaces in turquoise, yellow and pink colours, iconic golden domes of the cathedrals, hundreds of bridges guarded by bronze statues, Russia’s ‘cultural capital’ is the most precious stone in the crown of the world’s largest country. That is the place where all the tsars and aristocrats wanted to live in the past and the place not to be missed today. We start our tour from the Colonnade atop Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest Orthodox church in the city. The 360 degrees view over the city centre is the best reward after a light panic attack of climbing the windswept stairs, by someone’s cruel joke placed outside the 102-metre-high building! Inside the cathedral is a dazzling interior of 400kg of gold, 500kg of lapis lazuli and 16 tons of malachite. Impressed? Trust me, it is only the warm-up! It is very easy to navigate St Petersburg—most of the must-sees are spread along the main street, wide and buzzing Nevsky Avenue. So, from St Isaac’s we walk directly to the Uprising (Vosstaniya) Square and its highlight, Winter Palace, the former official residence of Russian monarchs, or 60,000 square meters of opulence. It’s impossible to explore all three floors of the gargantuan museum in one day and we decide to focus on the ‘Palace Interiors’ route, conveniently highlighted with a different colour on a map. We walk through the throne room and ball rooms with gilded ceilings, chandeliers and marble

floors, able to fit in over 10,000 guests at a time. We explore splendid bedrooms and boudoirs, endless galleries lavishly decorated with statues and murals, and just when we foolishly decide nothing in this world will ever impress us again, we reach the jaw-dropping Grand Church of the Winter Palace, from floor to ceiling covered in pure gold. Someone has called this church ‘the throne of God’, and we couldn’t agree more. The next day starts at Sirnik restaurant. Sirnik is a traditional Russian breakfast dish, sort of a cottage cheese pancake. When it comes to dairy products, Russians can be incredibly creative. At Sirnik you can also indulge in kefir, ryazhenka (buttermilk thick beverage), yogurts and cheeses from their own small cheese factory. After the meal we set off to explore St Petersburg’s neighbourhoods. Peterhof, the ‘Russian Versailles’ and summer house of tsar Peter the Great, is the biggest and definitely the most crowded palace complex. Thousands of tourists come here to see the legendary technological achievement—150 fountains operating without a single pump. We make sure to arrive before 11am, when the fountains are being ceremonially switched on. It is a beautiful show with classical music, best seen from one of the bridges in front of the palace.

Our next destination is Tsarskoe Selo, an epic palace immersed in lush greens. While Peter’s Peterhof reflects his strong personality as the brave commander, Tsarskoe Selo preserves the gentle feminine touch of his wife, Catherine I. The quirky labyrinth of narrow paths and tiny bridges leads us to The Hermitage. Smart mechanics of the XVIII century invented a system of unusual dining tables for this pavilion. To order a dish, guests had to write it down on a plate which then slid deep under the table to appear again filled with the ordered dish. Three centuries later, and the technological miracle still never fails to impress! We wrap up the trip to St Petersburg with a boat tour. Bisected by the mighty Neva River, it is called the ‘Russian Venice’ for good reason. Cruising along the busy streets, we get to see not only the glamorous side, but also the quiet outskirts of the city. It feels surprisingly nice to have a glimpse of real life after the weekend of tsars and palaces.

_ Words: Kseniia Spodyneiko Photography: Alex Spodyneiko


UNFORGETTABLE ETHIOPIA Ethiopia is where it all began. Literally. It was in these lands that the very first humans roamed—evident in the 3.5-million-yearold remains of Lucy, now resting in the National Museum of Addis Ababa. Adding to the wonder, Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that has never been colonised, allowing a view of an original Africa like nowhere else.

resulting in the birth of Menelik. When Menelik returned to Israel he was given the Ark of the Covenant which is said to reside in a church in Axum. We visited the church and its fascinating museum, Queen Sheba's Palace and the huge Stelaes, built over burial tombs from a single piece of granite.

Travelling around Ethiopia by road is an experience in itself, through farms and villages, witnessing daily life and sharing the roads with cows and goats! One of the most memorable meals was at a roadside restaurant run by four sisters who fed us local delicacies and of course the world's best coffee, roasted right in front of us.

Lalibela was an absolute highlight. Capital of Ethiopia in the 12th century, King Lalibela built a series of 11 churches here, each carved out of a single solid rock. Starting with what would eventually be the roof, they carved down and then inside. Incredibly, these churches are still in daily use, and life continues fairly much as it did 900 years ago.

What are the best things to do in Ethiopia? Start with the Simien Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, reminiscent of the Grand Canyon but to my mind far more dramatic. A highlight was spending time with the endemic Gelada monkeys, but the park is also home to the Ibex and Ethiopian wolf. Our lodge was perched on the edge of an escarpment with breathtaking views and truly wonderful Ethiopian hospitality! The castles of Gondar were a revelation, dating back to 1630. The Royal Enclosure features a steam room, a concert hall and a weekend house complete with a swimming pool! Who would have thought—castles in Africa?! Axum is one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in the world, the hometown of the Queen of Sheba, who travelled to Israel to meet King Solomon,

As always, it was the people who greatly enriched the experience. Our guide, Kibrom, was a gem, as was our driver who claimed to not understand English but giggled during our many debates on world politics. Kibrom was a graduate of the country's first university degree course in tourism and was deeply knowledgeable and passionate about his country. Happy to discuss any aspect of Ethiopia, we learned about their unique languages, an alphabet of 231 characters, their 13-month calendar, and their daily clock which starts at sunrise! Hand on heart, exploring Ethiopia was one of the best experiences of my travelling life, and, not to boast, but that’s saying a lot! — Words: Brett Barclay Director, World Journeys

A SMALL GROUP HOSTED JOURNEY Stopover in Zanzibar and safari in Kenya before arriving in the breathtaking landscapes of Ethiopia. From the rugged Simien Mountains, to the colourful festival of Meskel, ancient history lives on in the castles of Gondar, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and biblical Axum. 24 DAY TOUR departing 10 SEP 2019


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From island hopping in Indonesia to catching cabs in New York City, female travellers across the world are making a career out of adding another stamp to their passport. If you’re in need of a little bit of inspiration to fuel your wanderlust, then here’s our top four to follow:

Hailing from little old New Zealand, scrolling through Courtney’s feed is like stepping straight into summer. With soft pastel hues, golden lighting, and endless images of the sea, this is one Instagram to follow if you’re into tropical vibes and beautiful scenic imagery.

Amassing an impressive one million followers, Tara’s Instagram feed has become a source of inspiration for women all over the world. Her photos are filled with luxury, glamour, and bold colours, so it’s easy to see how she has turned travel into a full-time career.




Travelling the world with her boyfriend, Lauren has created a cult following, and it’s easy to see why. The epitome of a world wanderer, she travels to some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world. With a slightly bohemian vibe and natural landscapes.


With a massive, 1.1 million followers, there’s a reason why Emilie’s Instagram has taken off. Her photos are simply beautiful, capturing the essence of every place she visits. From Tasmania to Dubai, Kenya to Italy, Emilie’s feed is the best place for some wanderlust inspiration.



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Every morning around 8.30am I get woken up by two grey paws leaning on my chest. Miko, my six-month-old English bulldog, is ready for his morning trip to the toilet. It’s summer in Santorini now so every morning I open the door to a heavy breeze and at lest 25 degrees, then Miko and I eat breakfasts together while my partner sleeps in.

11AM After some morning play with my dog, I sit down for work; checking all my emails, and social accounts, prepping for any projects I am currently working on. Every day is different. Morning is my preptime and chance to connect with New Zealand contacts due to the time difference.

I prepare breakfast for my partner, Kosta, before he heads of for a 12-hour day in the kitchen. And I head off to grab my morning coffee and to hit the gym. Physical activity helps me so much with my mental emotional wellbeing and is an essential part of my day.


The hottest part of the day is spent inside. I work for myself so I’m either at home, or at an internet cafe, researching, brainstorming, and content creating for my blog. At the weekend I take my laptop and treat myself to work and eat lunch at my partner's work.


When the sun gets low in the sky and it’s a more manageable heat, I take Miko out to the beach. We cruise the beach parade in Perissa where we live, in my little black Golf while he hangs out the window until we find a nice secluded spot to play and swim.



Millie moved to Santorini in April due to a job opportunity arising for her partner, Kosta, working as a chef at well-known restaurant Fistikes: "Our home is in Perissa and it’s now coming up to three years that we have been living in Greece, we moved in August 2015. We live in Thessaloniki in the winter and usually on the islands in the summer. Last year we were in Molyvos but due to the refugee situation there tourism is down so we chose Santorini this year. I recently bought my first home in Thessaloniki and Greece has been a huge savior for me not only in finding myself but reconnecting with my birth father and sister, "making an amazing new life."


Eating late in Greece is something I’ve become accustomed to, and living in Perissa beach I have the most amazing selection of fresh seafood tavernas to pick from. My favourite dinner dish is grilled fresh mackerel with a lemon sauce and a santorini salad all for €15.

During the evening in Greece I work a lot, the time difference means it’s the early morning in New Zealand so I conduct a lot of my Skype and business emails then. After my work I try to relax either using my Shakti mat or meditating to wind down.


I’m usually waiting for my partner to get home from work before I sleep, otherwise I just wake up when he gets home. He works long hours in the summer season, and doesn’t have any days off, so we don’t see each other a lot. I like to wait up for him so we can spend some time together even if it is the middle of the night.

Taste the magic of Matakana at Plume Restaurant, superb cuisine and fine wine in a coastal country setting. Food lovers welcome here. Plume Restaurant, Matakana, is an oasis for gourmet travellers in a coastal country setting. Recognised for its superb cuisine, and as the cellar door for Runner Duck Estate Vineyard’s fine wines, Plume Restaurant has gained quite a reputation. Dine either indoors or al fresco style while enjoying panoramic views of the lush countryside. We offer menus featuring local, seasonal produce, for both lunch and dinner, complemented by our fine Runner Duck Wines. Now, 12 new luxury Plume Villas, ranging from 1-3 bedrooms, have been added within the grounds. These all share a swimming pool and are within a relaxed stroll of the restaurant. No matter the season or length of your stay, you will find Plume Villas a comfortable place to base yourself while enjoying the many delights nearby, including the fabulous food and wine at Plume Restaurant. www.theplumecollection.co.nz

37 Sharp Road, Matakana 09 422 7915 / 09 283 3630 SCL/PLU2018/14

49A Sharp Road, Matakana 09 422 7915

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Cellar door, Plume Restaurant 09 422 7915



“I was always fascinated by cooking,” says Monique Fiso. “I used to help my grandmother cook on Sundays and I loved seeing what she would concoct from her ingredients. Later, I would try to imitate her, then, at school, cooking was the first time that I came top of the class in anything and it felt really good.” Monique excelled to such an extent that while the other students were forced to swap between sewing and woodwork each term, she was permitted to continue developing her culinary skills. “The teachers were like, ‘That kids crushing it, she’s making steamed pork buns while the other children are making sandwiches from pita pockets, just leave her be!’” The teachers must be pretty proud of you now? “I actually just bumped into one of my old tutors from Weltec [Wellington Institute of Technology] and he joked about getting my autograph!” The 30-year-old Maori-Samoan chef has in recent years established herself as one of the leading authorities on Pacific cuisine. In 2016, Monique established Hiakai (that translates as ‘having a desire, need, or craving for food’), a pop-up culinary concept “devoted to the exploration of Maori cooking techniques and ingredients”. Monique’s magnificent menus are crafted using indigenous plants and spices often discovered through foraging the forests of New Zealand, implemented using techniques learnt through nearly a decade in fine dining kitchens, including seven years in New York. Such has been the success of Hiakai— both in New Zealand and overseas—that Monique will be opening a permanent restaurant in Wellington later this year. Needless to say, the chef has been thrilled at the response to her Maori offerings. “I always thought that only the foodies would be interested,” says Monique. “Some people are trying to reconnect with culture, others are trying to connect for the first time. I didn’t expect to find that this was wanted—and needed—so badly. And it’s not just Maori, Pakeha too have shown a real interest and that’s been a really cool aspect. In fact, it has been predominantly Pakeha.”

People are trying to reconnect with culture, others are trying to connect for the first time.

Has the general lack of knowledge about Maori cooking surprised you? “No, not at all because there are just so few resources out there. Because most of our culture has been oral there are few written books. I’m currently compiling my own book and the research has been really difficult. Many of the books are out of print, and with others, there are only a few copies left—and in some cases on the other side of the world! If you’re going to write about Italian cuisine for example, you can go the library and take out however many books you need. Maori cuisine is simply not like that.” Monique says she enjoys working with the “blank canvas” of international guests who have no preconceptions about Maori cooking or culture: “It also starts a lot of great conversations. There are so many similarities between Native American, South American and Maori cuisines for example, and it makes you realise that we’re are all linked in some way or form. The world is just so small and we should all just appreciate each other instead of all this stupid fighting. But anyway, that’s a different story.”

For the past few months, Monique has also been involved with a programme at Rimutaka Prison. “It’s with Martin Bosley, the first fine dining chef I worked with in my late teens and early twenties,” Monique says. “He’s been doing it for six years.” The programme involves training a selection of inmates to prepare a “difficult, three-course fine dining menu with snacks” over several months, culminating in them serving their menu to paying guests at the prison in August as part of Wellington On a Plate. “It’s been a real eye-opener,” admits Monique. “It really gets under your skin. So many of the inmates are good people who made bad decisions and it has made me look at prisons in a different way. You realise that there are so many things in society that need to be fixed before it gets to that point. When you spend time with them, and get to know them, you soon realise that some never really stood a chance in life. They are decent people who could become positive, contributing members of society.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces







3 1 1 2 1 1 1 2

1. In water poach the chicken with the onion, peppercorns, bay leaves and ginger (about 12 mins).



2. Remove breasts from water, let cool slightly. 3. Pull the chicken with forks and mix with chilli, garlic and hoisin sauce, set aside.

ASIAN SLAW 1. Mix all of the dressing ingredients together, place in the fridge until the slaw is prepared. 2. Mix the sliced cabbage, shredded carrots and sliced spring onion and chopped corriander, mix well. 3. Drizzle the dressing over and mix well, serve immediately.

TO ASSEMBLE 1. Toast ciabatta buns.

– Recipe: The Kitchen Collective

2. Place shredded chicken on the bun and top with the Asian slaw.



Tuscany is one of the few places in the world that can give New Zealand a run for its money in terms of stunning scenery and great wines. Indeed, Tuscany is a veritable microcosm of all that is splendid in the world. From sparkling coasts to the mountains, it is brimming with some of the most spectacular landscapes, iconic buildings, delicious foods and best wines in the world. Tuscany’s extensive past is also peppered with some of the greatest names in history, resulting in an artistic and architectural patrimony like no other. To experience this hub of wonders, The Villa Pandolfini estate has all the 'Good Tastes of Tuscany' in one location, Massimo Brogi, the estate’s owners' son, has been sharing for years his love of the region, aiming to expose the traveller to the authentic face of the land, firstly through the estate’s homes that can be rented from a farmstay experience to the elegant historic renaissance villa accommodation. The villa is replete with a frescoed ballroom and loggia, historic cellar, a private chapel and swimming pools, all surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, Italian gardens and even a private forest.

Massimo and his wife 17 years ago set out to create the perfect Tuscan experience and formed the Goodtastesoftuscany.com website offering awarded and certified hands-on cooking classes taught by professional chefs and enogastronomic vacations. The choices range from a one-day to a week to the master chef monthly programme. The medieval tower sets the stage for this unforgettable experience with ancient stone floors and vaulted ceilings paired with modern cooking equipment. People from all over the world gather to enhance their skills. The extra-virgin olive oil and wine produced on-site follows a 400-year-old recipe. Recently, the estate has also adopted a new vinification method under Massimo’s guidance resulting in a modern blend with elevated polyphenols extracted from the skins for a robust wine. Massimo is also working on a patent for a new process for ageing the wine. The old meets the new! Not into cooking? Not to worry. Come, relax and stay with friends or family. Tuscany isn't a place to rush, it's somewhere to unwind. The Pandolfini Estate is still a family affair with three generations of the Brogi family involved and eager to assist.

There are also private villas with private pools scattered through the hills of the estate.




In 1847 Johann Gramp planted the first commercial vineyards along the banks of Jacobs Creek in Barossa Valley. Today, 170 years on, Jacobs Creek has become famous around the world for its bold reds as well as owning one of the most identifiable wine labels in Australia. For wine lovers who have not visited the winelands of South Australia, the Barossa is the most fascinating vineyard in the entire state. A one-hour leisurely drive from Adelaide on exiting the Northern Expressway, spires of fairytale churches that stretch heavenward compete with grand gum trees and ancient bluestone cottages that stand guard over rows of primordial vines. Whether autumn or spring, the diversity of colour is breathtaking. From reds, browns and ochres in autumn to the golden hills and green vines in spring all make for an unforgettable experience. And around every corner the Barossa lives up to its reputation as one the most inspiring wineland destinations in the country. On the right are two exceptionally priced reds from the Barossa that will not disappoint. − Words: Dennis Knill


Displays great structure and texture with an abundance of concentrated fruit that delivers great balance. Its firm backbone of ripe dry tannins will be a crowd pleaser.



Rich and satisfying in flavour this affordable and full bodied wine is long and structured with a smooth soft tannin finish. Will cellar well.

WINE & FOOD CELEBRATION 18 - 20 August 2018

#Foodography Dinner Saturday 18 August: 4pm - 10pm $160 for two people

Bring a friend and learn how to unlock the secrets behind taking and sharing mouth-watering photos while styling your own five course dinner. The W&F Celebration brings together cookery classes, wine tasting, masterclasses & celebration dinners. Visit our website. For tickets and event information

event.foodandwine.co.nz admin@foodandwine.co.nz | 09 377 7961

HUGO'S BISTRO & ODETTES Clare & Joost van den Berg have opened a series of dining rooms for the city. They started with the celebrated and loved local Zus & Zo in Herne Bay and then Zomer in Takapuna, before opening the now somewhat institutional ODETTES EATERY over three years ago in City Works Depot. Their latest venture, which opened middle of 2017, with partner Ray Barker, is HUGO’s BISTRO, situated in the heart of Auckland’s bustling cityscape. Positioned at the top of well-known Shortland Street, the all day neighbourhood bistro is proud to be part of the growing city. Hugo’s head chef, Emile Bennington, who has vast experience overseas, offers a menu of modern interpretations of bistro classics with a focus on seasonal ingredients and ethically-sourced proteins, simply prepared and barbecued over our charcoal fire. The mornings draw in crowds for early morning coffees and breakfasts, lunch in our favourite cosy banquettes dotted along the narrow room. Afternoons between 4-7pm Tuesday-Friday join us for a good glass of wine and a platter followed by dinner. Takeaways for both breakfast and lunch are also becoming quite the talk of Shortland Street thanks in part to our delicious sandwiches. The refined interior was designed by Clare with softly rounded blond wooden furniture and green corduroy upholstery, alongside a collaboration for banquette upholstery with her close friend and well-known fashion designer Emilia Wickstead. The space is elegant but warm with a long green marble bar, offset by a wall of cedar and plastered soft pink marmorino. Clare’s design has refined over the last four projects, working alongside Nat Cheshire and Dajiang Tai and Cheshire Architects, who helped with elevations and construction drawings allowing the space to come to life. Hugo’s won gold at the BEST Interior Design Awards.

The open-plan kitchen means that the marble bar top provides the perfect perching spot to watch the chefs at work and feel the bustle of the city that this place captures so well. Hugo’s sister restaurant is nestled in the heart of Auckland, at City Works Depot. ODETTES EATERY is a charming eatery, open morning, noon and night, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The eatery has a relaxed ambience, built around a kitchen drawing on flavours from the Mediterranean with a blend of African spice as well as drawing on inspiration from the people around us. You will find hints of Asian influence from head chef Jonah Huang who is produce and local supplier-driven. Jonah’s year in Japan adds to his varied experience, applying modern techniques to classic dishes. Odettes, also designed by Clare van den Berg, combines warm textures, timelessness and luxury to the space. Even though larger than Hugo's, the venue feels warm with velvets, green tiling and textured navy and white cushions with accents of beautiful furnishings from Simon James Design. Poi Eruera is at the helm of both, running a tight ship and a very happy team. She is passionate about people and nothing for her is more exciting than hearing the buzz and hum of busy restaurants whilst serving beautiful food and wine at both venues for the local residents. Odettes won overall Supreme Winner for Best Cafe, Metro 2017 This year both restaurants were voted in the Metro Top 50 Awards, an achievement they should be very proud of. Hugos’s took away Best Inner City Bistro and Best New Fit Out. Both venues take bookings and welcome you to experience their dining rooms if you haven’t already... HUGOSBISTRO.CO.NZ / ODETTES.CO.NZ


Verve's Wine List 2015 CHARDFARM RIVER RUN $34 Pinot Noir (Central Otago)

Under Forty

Bursting with cherry and wild berry fruit, the bouquet also gives up elements of spice and dried herbs. On the palate the wine is a seamless package of elegant cherry fruit and beautifully presented tannins and acid on the long and detailed finish - thoroughly smashable.

2017 PASSAGE ROCK $33 Pinot Gris (Waiheke Island)


Aromas of Nashi pear, dried fig and spiced anise. A palate of fresh pear and crisp apple in this dry refreshing Pinot Gris. Delicate aromatic florals waft on the nose.


2015 PASSAGE ROCK SISTERS $33 Red Blend (Waiheke Island)

An island icon this fine blend of hand-harvested red varietals has slight punchy pepper from the Syrah well rounded by rich red berry and plum components. Soft tannins and fine length give this wine its loyal following.

2016 AKARUA $37 Pinot Noir (Central Otago) Deep red in colour with hints of ruby, aromatics of bramble fruits and spice. Intense black fruit flavours and complexity. The palate is balanced with red fruits and finely texture tannins. An award winning wine perfect with lamb!

2014 LIBERO $29 Toscana IGT (Italy) Intense ruby red colour. Full bodied with aromas of ripe red berry fruit, black cherry, hints of cacao, and sweet spices. Vigorous on the palate, a rich fruit and spice flavour and a classic refreshing acidity. AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WUTHRICHWINES.CO.NZ AND SELECTED STOCKISTS.

2011 LIBERO $26 Chianti DOCG (Italy) Medium bodied and has flavours of dark cherries infused with dried herbs over earth and spicy cedar. Fine grained tannins. Savoury finish with an aftertaste of dark cherries, dried herbs, earthy cedar and spice. World Decanter Award Winner and Asia World Decanter Award Winner.

Over Forty

2013 WOOING TREE $48 Pinot Noir (Central Otago)

2015 AMISFIELD $52 Pinot Noir (Central Otago)


Dense ripe weighty Syrah from a stellar vintage. Dark berry, chocolate and cracked pepper. Cedar and vanilla undertones seamlessly fold into this wine. It builds on the palate providing great length. Top 10 in Decanter magazine. 95 points Bob Campbell and Super Classic status with Michael Cooper. AVAILABLE ONLINE AT PASSAGEROCK.CO.NZ, IN GLENGARRY AND SELECTED SPECIALTY WINE STORES.

2016 F-SERIES TROCKENBEERENAUSLESE $77 Riesling (Marlborough)

2017 PASSAGE ROCK RESERVE $50 Chardonnay (Waiheke Island)

An exclusive 712 bottles hand-harvested from some of the oldest Riesling vines in New Zealand. The Trockenbeernauslese is a blend from 3 Auslese picks in 2016. Fermented in 65% stainless kegs & 35% old wood. Hedonistic, fully botrytis affected style.

Wild yeast and malo-lactic ferment adds complexity and depth. White florals, green citrus, and crème brulee. Poached nectarine and creamy white peach abound in this toasty elegant wine. AVAILABLE ONLINE AT PASSAGEROCK.CO.NZ


2016 F-SERIES AUSLESE $46 Riesling (Marlborough)

2014 CLOUDY BAY TE KOKO $55 Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough) Flavours of grapefruit and white nectarine display a fresh counterpoint to the richer notes of lemon curd and beeswax. Tightly focussed with a taut entry. The finish is an amalgamation of nectarine, glacé fruit and a subtle smoky oak complexity. AVAILABLE AT NEW WORLD REMUERA

Selective hand harvested from our organic Framingham Estate vineyard, in the Wairau Valley. Bunches selected where early botrytis was just visible. We spontaneous ferment in 60% wood barrels & 40% stainless. A fruit pure style with only moderate botrytis influence. AVAILABLE ONLINE AT FRAMINGHAM.CO.NZ, GLENGARRY AND SELECTED STORES.

JUL 2018

2013 PASSAGE ROCK RESERVE $65 Syrah (Waiheke Island)


Deep ruby in colour with a vibrant purple hue, aromas conducive to dark red fruits. Flavours of autumn berry fruits with dark chocolate and earthy undertones. Exceptional to drink now or in four to five years.


Ripe hand-picked fruit, gentle winemaking, and maturation in French oak have resulted in a complex and powerful wine, with aromas of ripe cherries, plums and a hint of spicy complexity.


Under Forty 2015 FRAMINGHAM NOBODY’S HERO $20 Pinot Noir (Marlborough)

Nobody’s Hero is our salute to the rebels, the radicals, the offbeat and the underground. Matured in French oak barriques, our Pinot Noir delivers a lush, rounded palate with vibrant red fruit vibes, and a lick of gentle oak and dark chocolate.


Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is famous for packing a bit of a punch. But our take on this all-time classic has hidden depths. There’s a complex soul beneath that savage bravado. This is one wine that won’t give it all away on the first sip.

2013 YALUMBA THE MENZIES $55 Cabernet Sauvignon (Coonawarra) Full depth in colour with a plum red hue. The bouquet leads with violet and lilac floral notes to the tangy counterpoint of seaspray and pepper. The palate is rich and powerful; red fruits and dark chocolate on a robust tannin framework.

Vinomofo is the world’s most epic online wine retailer. A tribe of vino-loving mofos—the drinkers and the makers—united by wine. Check out NZ’s best wine deals:


Over Forty


2015 FRAMINGHAM NOBODY’S HERO $20 Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough)

Auction N°10 25th July 2018


312 Karangahape Rd Newton Auckland 1010 New Zealand p +64 9 307 8870 e info@bowerbankninow.com bowerbankninow.com Visit our website to sign up for catalogues and updates



The answer to Auckland’s vintage prayers, Waves is a perfectly curated vintage store recently opened. Hiding out the back of St Kevin's Arcade off Karangahape Road it is not the easiest to find but once you are in the know, you won’t be able to keep away. The store hosts a selection of vintage and from what I gathered has an uncompromisingly 70s vibe. Cashmere sweaters, denim flares and everything else in between, Waves Vintage is the embodiment of your fashion dreams.





03 07


"An activated receipt. An extended subtweet of colonisation". Maumahara Girlie is going to be one of the most exciting shows of this year, a contemporary and experimental theatre show exploring what it is to be Māori, grappling with internalised whakama and colonisation. This is a project created by Mya Morrison-Middleton in collaboration with Whetu Silver, Freddy Carr, Amanda Tito and Onehou Strickland. Produced by Vanessa Crofskey. It is based off the interactive script which can be found at Windows Gallery. 6:30PM BASEMENT THEATRE LOWER GREYS AVE, AUCKLAND


07 22


Celebrating 30 years of science on the roads of New Zealand, the Science Roadshow is making a stop at MOTAT this July. These school holidays will be full of hands-on science experiments, activities and live demonstrations, fun for the whole family. DAILY 10AM–5PM MOTAT 805 GREAT NORTH RD, WESTERN SPRINGS

— Words: Mya Cole


Travel down Devonport's dining corridor and experience four beautifully curated Matariki dishes using traditional Māori flavours and ingredients. Starting at Hemingways, guests travel down to Vondel, on to Vic Road Kitchen and finish at Dixie Browns. Every dish will be matched with an NZ wine or cider, and the evening will finish with a horopito and caramel chocolate star from Devonport Chocolates. An opportunity to celebrate Matariki with delicious kai shared with family and friends in the beautiful Devonport. 7PM THE EVENING BEGINS AT HEMINGWAYS 2A RATTRAY STREET, DEVONPORT




Auckland’s finest food trucks will gather at the Parnell French Markets with an evening filled with the most sumptuous fried chicken this city has ever seen. Some vendors include Nashville-style chicken truck Peach's Hot Chicken, hand-rolled sushi stall Temaki Truck, European chippery Double Dutch Fries, contemporary Chinese eatery Judge Bao, Bacon Bros and plantbased burger joint Wise Boys Burgers. Whilst some stores will specialise in fried chicken others will incorporate the theme into their dishes so you are bound to try something you have never had before. This will all include a licensed bar, indoor seating, heaters and live music. What else could you want on a winter evening? 5PM LA CIGALE FRENCH MARKETS 69 ST GEORGES BAY RD, PARNELL


14 18 JUL


Holly Zandbergen is an artist from Aotearoa who is based in New Brighton, Christchurch. Zandbergen has an identifiable impasto impressionistic style. Painting scenes from nature inspiration is not an issue for Zandbergen. Her work has been shown across Europe, from London to Italy, and we are now lucky enough to have a show of hers at the Black Asterisk, an elegant space in the middle of Ponsonby. The show is called Compositions Of Nature and explores the evolution of nature. Going from night to day and using visceral textures to invoke strong feelings in the viewer. TUESDAY - SATURDAY 11AM-4PM 10 PONSONBY RD, AUCKLAND




One of the most critically acclaimed and successful hip hop artists of our time KENDRICK LAMAR has today announced his New Zealand tour in support of fourth album DAMN. The 2018 Pulitzer Prize and 12-time Grammy Award-winning artist will make his highly anticipated return to our shores for two shows in July performing at Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium and Auckland’s Spark Arena, as well as headlining the sold-out Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay.


24 28



19 12 AUG


A new year calls for a new round of The New Zealand International Film Festival, the home of fine cinema from throughout the world. As always the lineup is eclectic, exciting and full of the film world’s best work, past and present. One not to miss in my opinion is the curation of Māori and Pasifika shorts, it is a diverse collection which will take you from Hawaii to South Auckland, an expression of the connectedness of Pacific people, “connections of bloodlines, spirit paths, passion and determination on screen" according to Leo Koziol and Craig Fasi. The festival also heads back in time, bringing fabulous classics such as La Piscine (The Swimming Pool), directed by Jacques Deray. Here you can moon over some of France’s hottest young stars of the 1960s in this sexy psychological thriller. SELECTED AUCKLAND CINEMAS


One of Auckland’s most beloved bookstores, Hard To Find, has found a home in a brand new location, a Catholic convent in Newton. Facing closure this institution was not going down without a fight, and after 35 years in Onehunga with spikes in rent they had to close or relocate. So relocate they did. Hard To Find has had to begin again. However, I am sure they will be welcomed with open arms and hungry minds by their new community as Hard To Find, as the name suggests, has a stock of thousands of secondhand books where you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for and more. OPEN EVERYDAY 9:30AM - 5:30PM 2 ST BENEDICTS ST, EDEN TERRACE, AUCKLAND


28 01 SEP


Have you ever wanted explore your inner mystic? Here is your chance with a class with an experienced tarot card reader in a relaxed and friendly environment. This is an opportunity to learn how to exert control over your life using the power of the cards. A six-week course running every Saturday in Birkenhead from 2-4pm, 28 July-1 September. Why not treat yourself to something a bit different and learn a new skill at the same time? HIGHBURY COMMUNITY HOUSE 110 HINEMOA ST, BIRKENHEAD, AUCKLAND




Whitney Houston broke more music industry records than any other female singer in history. With over 200 million album sales worldwide, she was the only artist to chart seven consecutive US No. 1 singles. She also starred in several blockbuster movies before her brilliant career gave way to erratic behaviour, scandals and death at age 48. Whitney is an intimate, unflinching portrait of Houston and her family that probes beyond familiar tabloid headlines and sheds new light on the spellbinding trajectory of Houston’s life. Using never-before-seen archival footage, exclusive demo recordings, rare performances, audio archives and original interviews with the people who knew her best, Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald unravels the mystery behind 'The Voice', who thrilled millions even as she struggled to make peace with her own troubled past. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. BOOK NOW AT FLICKS.CO.NZ


She will forever be remembered as the writer who gave the world Frankenstein. But the real life story of Mary Shelley—and the creation of her immortal monster—is nearly as fantastical as her fiction. Raised by a renowned philosopher father (Stephen Dillane) in 18th-century London, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (Elle Fanning) is a teenage dreamer determined to make her mark on the world when she meets the dashing and brilliant poet Percy Shelley (Douglas Booth). So begins a torrid, bohemian love affair marked by both passion and personal tragedy that will transform Mary and fuel the writing of her Gothic masterwork. Imbued with the imaginative spirit of its heroine, Mary Shelley brings to life the world of a trailblazing woman who defied convention and channelled her innermost demons into a legend for the ages. Directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour (Wadjda).





Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Philip Roth novel, American Pastoral follows an allAmerican family across several decades, as their idyllic existence is shattered by social and political turmoil that will change the fabric of American culture forever. Ewan McGregor (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Beginners) makes his directorial debut and stars as Seymour “Swede” Levov, a once legendary high school athlete who is now a successful businessman married to Dawn, a former beauty queen. But turmoil brews beneath the polished veneer of Swede’s life. When his beloved daughter, Merry, disappears after being accused of committing a violent act, Swede dedicates himself to finding her and reuniting his family. What he discovers shakes him to the core, forcing him to look beneath the surface and confront the chaos that is shaping the modern world around him: no American family will ever be the same. HOME ENTERTAINMENT RELEASE




Featuring amongst the creative thinkers and doers scheduled to speak and inspire at Semi Permanent are creative minds coming from various backgrounds such as: • Katsumi Asaba—Japanese Art Director • Penny Martin—Editor-in-chief of The Gentlewomen • Javier Jaen—Graphic Designer • Carole Baijings—Designer & CO-Founder Scholten & Baijings IMAGE: KATSUMI ASABA'S WORK

Peter James Smith Fallen Cross

The big names featuring on Future of the Future’s line-up are Ethan Eismann, director of Design - Homes at Airbnb, Sara Ortloff Khoury, Director at Google Cloud, Andrew Law, Director of Product Design at Netflix, Michael Gough, Global VP of Design at Uber, Chris Wiggins, Vice President Product Design at Spotify and Julia Peter, Artificial Intelligence Design at Facebook.

"We are proud to celebrate our fifteenth edition with a quality line-up like the one of 2018, showcasing speakers and practitioners from all sectors, from furniture and product design, architecture, branding, graphics and illustration, to type and photography. This will be a very dense and interesting edition,” says Simon Velvin, Director of Semi Permanent.

Opening 3 July 5.30-7.30pm

level 1, 15 putiki street, arch hill, auckland 1021 +64 9 3780588 rex@orexart.co.nz orexart.co.nz

JUL 2018

For the first time the event will last three days, kicking off with Future of the Future on Thursday, 9 August, showcasing a stellar line up of speakers from the world’s most disruptive brands. The best creative minds from six of the top global innovative companies, Google, Uber, Facebook, Netflix, AirBnB and Spotify will share their highly regarded insights on what the world could look like in several decades and what the future could be with artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

From 10-11 August, over 30 designers, creatives and artists will take to the stage to share stories, ideas and insights about the nature of creativity.


Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in 2018, Semi Permanent, the Coachella for creatives, entrepreneurs and future thinkers, takes festival form this year with an expanded 3-day programme that builds on the successes of last year’s sell-out event.


CANCER 21 JUNE – 22 JULY This is certainly a time for reinventing yourself. You will need to resist the urge to control the events of your life, how you come across to others, and your manner during this important cycle. You would go in for socialisation and this might help you as far as the long term prospects in life are concerned. You would be getting chances to reaffirm your values and ideals in life.







There would be much growth and development in your personal and professional life. You are tapping into your inner power, and how you handle it will make all the difference in the quality of your experiences now. Your love life would be pretty satisfying and thrilling as much romance and passion would be involved. You would be able to express your feelings and inner desires more easily and comfortably.

This month is strong for making important changes through your communications with others, broadening of your experiences and knowledge, and larger goals. You will work diligently on reworking your individuality and personal identity. You are somewhat introspective at this time and you might isolate yourself from others in some manner—a process that tends to come naturally.

There would be ample scope to take risks in the financial and career field. You need to put in all your energy and act speculatively. Your diplomatic nature would work wonders in the areas which call for co-operation. You are learning about your inner motivations, and sometimes this can be an uncomfortable process because you are getting in touch with the darker elements of your psyche.







Much luck and fortune are on the cards for you for this time period. Everything would be moving in a positive direction. However love and family issues might take the back seat for quite some time. Your professional life would be growing spontaneously without much effort or toil. Teamwork shall do well and your skill-set would be improved. Those in services shall see that their patience pays good rewards.

This is a good time to get a feel for new areas of finance and come up with a new plan for money. It can also be a good time to consider finding a stable position within a job. This can be a good month regarding stability in a relationship showing that where you are now is where you need to be. The foundation of the relationship is formulated as it should be and you are ready to continue building on the foundation in which is already created.

You are taking important steps towards carving out an identity that better suits the 'true you’. You are assured goodness and growth in your professional field. However it calls for much effort and commitment on your side. There would be many opportunities to strengthen your bond of love in this period. Let your desires and wishes reach the other end as well. Be optimistic and let warmth engulf your relationship.






21 MAY–20 JUNE

You’ll be learning important things, picking up new interests and possibly ending some, and making important discoveries. This is a good time to wean out unwanted relationships in life and stick to the loyal ones. You can express your thoughts and love to your partner in a very transparent atmosphere for now. Get into the company of those who enjoy the good things in life.

This can be especially strong period for practical matters, business, and financial improvement. You may be joining with people who further your career or personal interests, and through their support, faith in you, or wisdom, you are encouraged to reach your highest potential. This can bring an improved sense of wellbeing as opportunities open up to you for unusual but successful living arrangements and family set-ups, and for some, support for a home project.





It’s a great period for expansion and recognition on a professional level, and you should take advantage of it, choose your projects carefully. Don’t take on more than you can handle. This can also be a time when you give of yourself to others, as you are valuing charity more than usual. This is a fine time to really explore what it is that holds you back from going after what you want and deserve in life.

Now is an excellent time to save up any extra money that you are making because you will be able to afford a little nest egg for yourself. You could find yourself in a position that truly suits you. You can take great pride in the work you do. For some of you, more prestige or a higher social standing may be part of the picture now. You can be quite charismatic in a position of authority or responsibility. Advancement in achieving an important goal can occur now.

This is time for you to slough off the old parts of you that do not serve so that you can attract someone brand new by being sparkly, fresh and exciting. This period prompts you that the pursuit of love now through transformation of self is a productive step forward. You can experience a stronger desire to broaden your horizons, and this can conflict with dealings on the home front. Restlessness is likely.







You are involved with several community initiatives, what drives you to get involved? When you talk to the people in your community who are giving their time and effort so selflessly, its impossible not to be inspired. We have the Saving Hope foundation that has helped rescue over 150 stray animals, the local RSA who provide a voice for our veterans and also the community patrol who have effectively been able to cut crime rates at a local level. What defines success for you? Honestly, it’s being able to see people who work with you succeed. I refer to our team as my extended family now. I always say, my business isn't just about my family, it’s about the families of the people who work within it. Success for me is being content and fulfilled with your day to day experience whatever you do in life. Lastly, any words for anyone wanting to get involved with their community more? Where do you suggest they start? I would say to anyone wanting to get involved with their community, especially businesses, it will be one of the best and most fulfilling experiences you will have. Reach out to the local RSA, schools and even the local media for more information on what it is you’re able to do. We support the local community patrol and the RSA who were both loyal customers at our branch (our $3 coffee's lead to some inspiring conversations and initiatives). Start with where you feel you can make the most or most meaningful difference, sometimes a conversation with someone or taking the time out to listen will make the world of difference to someone, it all helps.


Under the Healthy Homes Bill, insulation and some form of heating must be installed by 1 July 2019. If not, landlords will be fined. Landlords must have insulation credentials for the property written into the agreement—also for the likes of smoke alarms and heat pumps. The say mould is more harmful than methamphetamine that has been smoked in a property. That is rather nasty because mould is very much obvious on sills, backs of curtains and walls especially at this time of year because of the condensation running down windows. Tenants are reluctant to leave windows open in winter, or any time of the year, even with security stays on them. This is a problem and consequently the mould appears. But I have found the DVS or HRV systems work very well keeping a property dry. So many changes coming up in the residential rental business, and tenants are now asking us what insulation is in the property. They are very much aware of the changes and will make that their top priority when looking for a property to rent. If insulation is not able to be placed in the floor or ceiling because they are concrete, then suitable heating must be installed such as a heat pump, wall heater or wood burner. Heat pumps are expensive and cost on average $2,000, plus $1,000 to install. They are okay for larger homes and cost far less to run than normal heaters for the same level of warmth. But apartment body corporates will not allow them to be put in, so how they will get around this I don’t know. But I do know that there will be a lot more rental homes which will be warmer this winter and the coming winters, which is a good thing. I have my lovely open fireplace in the lounge which keeps us and my precious cat warm and cosy. We also have insulation and an HRV system. Sadly, there’s only one pussy cat by the fire now as my beloved Oscar was euthanised last week. He was 16 years old, and I do miss him. Phone an insulation company now to get a quote. They are going to get very busy as we get closer to the date. Warm renting. 40 ST JOHNS RD, MEADOWBANK JUSTRENTALS.CO.NZ 09 528 4817 / 09 528 4818

JUL 2018

PJ, tell us a bit about your business and some of the special things happening within it? I've had the privilege of being the franchisee for McDonald's Whangaparaoa for the last two years, what makes it special by far is the people. I have never come across a community like the 'coastie community'. It’s one of the most beautiful, well kept secrets in Auckland I think!

These changes will be mandatory and there will be checks on properties to ensure that they have been done.


McDonald's Whangaparaoa Franchisee's PJ and Pooja Goel made the decision to shift their entire livelihood across Auckland to pursue a dream business opportunity with one of the greatest businesses in the world. What they found further was a tight knit 'coastie community' that welcomed them with open arms and a team that they now call their extended family. We caught up with PJ Goel to talk about the impact of creating lasting relationships amongst business and community.






The first priority of any government should be keeping New Zealanders safe. That, unfortunately means, that some people need to be kept in prison. And as the population grows and as more people are successfully held to account for serious crimes, we need to build more prison space to accommodate them. No one wants to build more prisons. However, with rising serious crime it’s important we fulfil our fundamental obligation to keep New Zealanders safe. If prisons are well run, with modern facilities they can offer better rehabilitation and reintegration. During the debate we’ve had about prison numbers and our laws, there has been a worrying amount of misinformation on the issue. The Prime Minister has been the worst. She has wilfully misled New Zealanders by falsely claiming prisons are full of low level offenders. This is what she has repeatedly said: “The American style approach of building mega-style prisons and filling them with low-level criminals is not working.” Sorry, New Zealand’s prisons are not filled with ‘low-level criminals’. Here are the stats. The prison population comprises the following by offence category: 1. Category 1 (infringements and fines) zero prisoners. 2. Category 2 (term of imprisonment of less than two years) 224 prisoners (2.1%). 3. Category 3 (term of imprisonment of more than two years) 9,698 prisoners (91.0%). 4. Category 4 (murder, manslaughter, treason, piracy, slavery, public corruption) 738 prisoners (6.9%). So, nearly all prisoners, 98%, are locked up for Category 3 and Category 4 crimes. These are offences punishable by two years in prison or more. These include murder, manslaughter, rape, aggravated assault and sexual violence. It is also worth noting that people on remand or serving sentences in New Zealand prisons have an average of 46 convictions on their criminal record. It is actually very hard to be sent to prison in this country. The Sentencing Act actually requires judges to only send someone to prison as a last resort. It says you must do a non-custodial sentence if possible. The only way to safely reduce the prison population is to reduce crime. Loosening up our bail, sentencing and parole laws—which is the Labour/NZ First/Greens' approach to reducing prison numbers—will simply create more victims of crime.

I am often asked for my opinion about various types of hardware and what make or models I would choose for myself. While I may definitely prefer some brands over others, the actual specification of a computer for me may be quite different to what you may require yourself. So it is best to have a discussion about your needs and what you want to do with the computer to get you the best value for money. Recently I have had quite a few enquiries about tablets. The questions are generally what sort of tablet do I recommend. From my own personal experience and also many of my customers, if you are going to get a tablet I think I would probably get an iPad and recommend that to most people now. While I loved the concept of an Android-based tablet that corresponded to my cell phone I just couldn’t find one that worked fast enough. As many of you know I am not an Apple fan but to be honest, no tablet I have tried to date is as easy or practical as the iPad. (There, I have said it. I’ve finally given in to the dark side!) If you are new to Apple products we can help you source the right iPad (there are different versions with corresponding price tags) and also help you with the setup and basic tuition. At Rudy’s PC Services we can help you set up the best solution for your needs. Call us about anything regarding your computer and we will be glad to advise you and fulfil your requirements. We are all about making long-term relationships with our customers. We give ongoing advice and support. Often for free! Like us on Facebook and share with your friends and family. Phone 09 579 7809, 027 263 4778 or email rudy@rudys.co.nz Rudy's Verve Mag advert.pdf



10:13 AM

Authorised by Hon. Paul Goldsmith, 107 Great South Rd, Greenlane


09 579 7809 / 027 263 4778 / RUDY@RUDYS.CO.NZ


10,000 DREAMS

The name’s Fraser Grut and I’m a 23-year-old filmmaker and have been since the age of seven. I have a dream. (Don’t sue me, Dr. King!) A BIG dream. I want to change the world through film. How? By helping the world to dream again.


“My personal dream is to live a life full of laughter and adventure. My bigger dream is to live in a society where everybody has the courage to be themselves and where everybody has the resources and tools they need to reach their full potential in every aspect of life."

I run a little project called ‘10,000 Dreams’ where every single day for 10,000 days (27.37907 years) I’m filming a different person answering the question: "What’s your dream?"


Currently, as I write this column, I’m on day 558. Nearly there...

On this day, I filmed a society of people who may be disabled for life, but I also met a society people who are able for life.

I recently partnered with Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand to capture the dreams of those who aren’t in a position to take their health for granted. I have my health and I am truly thankful for this, but others face daily battles. I met some truly inspirationally people who were contagiously full of life and hope. I may have caught the bug. I certainly hope so!

“My dream is a bit of a wet dream, it’s to be the first Samoan sailor to sail in the Paralympics in Paris 2024.”

So dream.


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The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

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Enjoy authentic French pastries and bistro meals at La Fourchette. We are close to the beach and family-friendly. Mon: 8am-4pm · Tue-Sun: 8am-late | 8C Turua St · St Heliers · Auckland


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Luke has more than 25 years’ experience in New Zealand midtier Chartered Accounting firms and has a strong focus on taxation advisory services to the private business sector. Luke van den Hurk CA, CPP, Director luke.vandenhurk@gvwaccountancy.nz 09 523 0770 www.gvwaccountancy.nz


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JUL 2018



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All it takes is a call to your local Banking Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 at Newmarket Branch.

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The Point Chev Beach Café was launched on January 2017 and has rapidly gained a reputation in excellent cuisine, coffee and a welcoming service. We are privileged to be included in the Metro’s Top 50 cafes in Auckland 2017 and again we’ve been selected for 2018. Being situated beside the beach it’s the perfect location for a family outing, a romantic date or just an ice cream!

// JUL 2018

For bookings or to discuss private functions please contact us on: 09 815 6636 506 Pt Chevalier Rd, Auckland



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ranfurlyvillage.co.nz A GENERUS LIVING VILLAGE




A once-in-a-lifetime audience with one of the most recognisable women of our generation. This August, Auckland audiences will get to hear about the incredible life of one of the most legendary actresses and activists of our time—Jane Fonda.


Win some whaley ethical bedding that you just want to dive into! Earlier this year Thunderpants released their Whale print in underwear and clothing, now you can don your duvets and pillows with this fabulous design too. Covered in whales, certified fairtrade and 100% organic cotton, we have one single duvet set to give away. thunderpants.co.nz

Jane will share stories about her life growing up in Hollywood royalty, her acting career, her activism, the causes that are important to her and her current projects, both on and off screen. aucklandlive.co.nz/show/jane-fonda

UP FOR GRABS: A double pass to 'An Evening with Jane Fonda.'

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Nestled in Auckland's slightly 'grungy cool' suburb that is Kingsland, Atomic Coffee Roasters has long been supplying locals with their daily coffee fix. Established in Ponsonby in 1992, Atomic is one of Auckland's espresso pioneers.


Keep things simple and classic with this 18/19 A5 Bonded Leather Diary in stylish charcoal. Featuring rose gold foiling on the spine, this sleek design is perfect for adding your initials to with kikki.K monogramming. Use the additional pages to make notes, store inspirations, keep track of your budget and more. kikki-k.com

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Where lifestyle meets living

• 1, 2 & 3-bedroom freehold residences • Established secure community • Sea & bush views • Pool, gym & sauna • 13 acres of manicured gardens • Ready & available now.

Show Home: 1 Parkside Drive, Orewa. Visit 10am-4pm, daily.

Call Jaimee 027 389 2989 or Paul 021 951 538 WWW.KENSINGTONPARK.CO.NZ I 0800 725 775

Profile for Verve Magazine

Verve. July 2018. Issue 146.  

Auckland's Favourite Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...

Verve. July 2018. Issue 146.  

Auckland's Favourite Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...