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TRENZSEATER has exclusive New Zealand made furniture which can be customised to your bespoke requirements. Our large collection of furniture includes sofas, armchairs, occasional tables, bedheads, cabinetry, dining chairs and tables.

TRENZSEATER has an internationally recognised interior design service, which is tailored to give clients the expertise of professional, sound advice on the interior of their homes and the selection of furniture, lighting and window furnishings.



TRENZSEATER has a large portfolio of exquisite lighting, including large scale pendants, table and floor lamps. These are imported from the finest European suppliers, which includes both exterior and interior lighting. All brands are on display in store.

TRENZSEATER has an extensive collection of sampling from some of the most distinguished international and New Zealand brands to ensure you have the very best for your home. Window furnishings are essential in creating a luxurious, sumptuous ambiance.


TRE N Z S E AT E R AUCKLAND I 80 Parnell Road, Parnell | (09) 303 4151 CHRISTCHURCH I 121 Blenheim Road, Riccarton | (03) 343 0876 www.trenzseater.com

Don Packwood Exhibition Don Packwood - ‘Annecy Alfa’ 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider - Oil on canvas - 76 x 61 cm - $3,250


21 September - 5 October

Gallery Open 7 Days 20 Outstanding Paintings Available

202 Parnell Raod Parnell Auckland www.internationalartcentre.co.nz 09 3666 045 fran@artcntr.co.nz

Don Packwood - ‘The Mount’ 1958 Corvette Convertible - Oil on canvas - 57 x 122 cm - $4,500

Don Packwood - Where The Wild Things Are - Oil on canvas - 120 x 170 cm - $10,800

202 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland www.internationalartcentre.co.nz 09 3666 045 fran@artcntr.co.nz


We hope you love this issue as much as we do, where we look at the age-old and thought-provoking topic of beauty while shining a light on some of the interesting people involved in the industry, along with the products, treatments and services they offer. One of the pieces in this section investigates how sometimes many of us unwittingly make biased judgments based on something as subtle as the vestigial signals in a person’s face. And do you know what blepharoplasty is? No? Well turn to page 55 where Minnie Jung writes about her thoughts and feelings, the aesthetic and medical benefits of double eyelid surgery, in a poignant and personal article. Then there is an interview with the inspiring Stephanie Evans, whose company Oasis Beauty, sells many thousands of products online each month. Beauty of course is not just ‘skin deep’, and we hasten to acknowledge that it is as much about passion and attitude, and becoming better at who

we are, as it is about applying products, and doing maintenance. The highlights in this issue are many, including a feature on kitchens — that space in our homes in which we all like to congregate — so if you feel your kitchen is looking a tad drab and in need of a face-lift head on over to pages 9-20 for some neat ideas. Other unmissables are a piece on Jo Eddington and Lindi Kingi, who together have set up an exciting new mentoring company called JLK Lifestyle; an interview with Nadia Lim on her latest cook book adventure (including a sampling of some of the delicious but easy recipes from Let’s Eat!); and the story of a breathtaking, exhilarating journey from Muriwai to the mountains with BMW. But now it's over to you. Enjoy browsing the pages of the September issue, and if you have a moment, do let us know what you think, what you like, and what is missing. You can leave us a message at vervemagazine.co.nz/contact or send an email. We are keen to hear about what you would like to see in forthcoming issues.



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SEP 2017

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Pink door - Palm Springs, California By Courtney Taylor @courts_tyler Read the cover story on page 80

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At At Plume Plume we we believe believe aa great great meal meal is is not not just just about the food about the food and and wine, wine, we we believe believe itit is is aa complete complete sensory sensory experience. experience.

Plume, Plume,proudly proudlythe thehouse house ofofRunner RunnerDuck DuckWines. Wines.

49a 49a Sharp Sharp Road, Road, Matakana Matakana Verve Verve Magazine Magazine 175 175 xx 85 85 Landscape.indd Landscape.indd 11

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w. w. plumerestaurant.co.nz plumerestaurant.co.nz p. p. 09 09 422 422 7915 7915 e. e. reservations@plumerestaurant.co.nz reservations@plumerestaurant.co.nz 26/04/17 26/04/17 10:21 10:21 am am




Kitchen By Design 12 Silver+Mint Products __


Beautiful Home 30

Inseal Coatings 36

Shane Cortese 44

Homeware Ideas __



For Richer, For Poorer, Our Faces Betray Us 50 Top 5 Things To Avoid In Your Skincare Routine 55 Double Eyelid Surgery __


COVER STORY Courtney Tyler __


Nadia Lim 92

RECIPE —Seriously Good Shanks with Herb, Lemon and Walnut Topping 94

RECIPE — Tumeric & Ginger Chicken Soup —


Painting The Town Red 106

Land Of The Rising Drums —


Muriwai To The Moutains With BMW


Sneaking Around 68


Saben 74 Pastel Picks __

ON SALE: Cubox, ecobox, adjustable shelving and the A4+ range.


JKL Lifestyle __

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Win with Verve __

Use your FREE discount code (SPRING20) when you buy online or from our Auckland showroom. (See website for terms & conditions).

SHOWROOM: 71 Felton Mathew Ave, Glen Innes, Auckland.

Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm Saturday 9am-1pm

Design a lifestyle, not just a kitchen.

We design from the heart. Using our diverse team experience



solutions, we design and build your bespoke space, exactly




dreamed of. I N N OVAT I V E K I TC H E N S . N E T

C O N TA C T U S 09 625 3503 SHOWROOM 8C Carr Road, Three Kings, Auckland

U P C O M I N G F R E E S E M I N A R - H O W TO B U Y A K I TC H E N Presented by John van Doormaal | Owner & Designer - Innovative Kitchens 20 September 2017 | 6:00 - 8:00pm Home Ideas Center, 165 The Strand, Parnell Book your seats on www.homeideas.co.nz


FRESH THINKING Sean Monk is a young talent to watch. After only a few years in the design industry, he is already turning out kitchens that are the envy of designers many years his senior. Newmarket-based Kitchens By Design has long had a reputation for discovering and nurturing young designers, and its latest prodigy, Sean Monk, has already proven himself to have a flare and passion for design. He says that growing up in Europe certainly contributed to his design aesthetic and has helped give his kitchens a point of difference. In what way is European design different to ours? Primarily, they have a lot less space available for their kitchens in comparison to us. Therefore they have to be a lot smarter with their space planning, and that’s really evident when you look at some of their design concepts. I find there’s lots of great ideas over there that can be scaled to work in our kitchens. When did you know you wanted to be a designer? I drew a lot as a kid and I vaguely remember shifting furniture around the house with my mother and sketching the rooms. My grandmother has excellent taste in furniture and clothes, so some of that must have rubbed off. Why kitchens? I gravitated towards kitchens whilst I was studying interior design. Every time I was asked to draw up a full interior, I found myself spending all my time on the kitchen – I was just drawn to them. I can’t tell you

exactly why, but I guess it goes back to having been brought up in Europe, where kitchens are usually small spaces and therefore need interesting and unique designs to make them work. What do you enjoy most being a kitchen designer? In part, it’s about getting to know people and seeing a snapshot of who they are and how they live their lives — and kitchens are a huge part of that, because these days we spend so much of our time there. The spatial planning part of designing kitchens is probably the most interesting for me, but, as a client, it’s only when you begin to look at colours and materials that you really start getting excited about it. I love the feeling you get from introducing something new to a client and watching their faces change with delight. Also, because the kitchen is such a big part of the home these days, it’s great to get to influence some of the colours and materials used in the rest of the house. Could you take us through the kitchen shown on these pages? Sure. When my clients Peter and Jodie came to me, they talked about having an all-white kitchen that had a modern Scandinavian look, with stainless steel tops and dark slate on the island. I think the finished kitchen you see here has moved past that look in terms materials and colours, and that’s very typical of any project — it’s an evolution of ideas.



KBD0035 Verve Magazine A


The plywood look was something they were both keen on right from the beginning. I ended up paring it back a lot more than they originally wanted, and I think that’s worked for the better — by applying the ‘less is more’ principle and using it selectively to highlight some of the design features, like the low table slicing into the slate island, the open shelving along the back wall, and the wine rack and storage around the fridge. What about the colour palette? The deep turquoise colour on the walls took its cue from the slate-clad island, which has mitred edges to make it appear as a solid block. The drawers on the back of the island have been painted in a matching colour, and the tiled splashback that uses dark uneven finished tiles gives a worn and brokenin feel – something a bit different to the normal flat glossy butchers’ tiles.

Have you got any advice for young, would-be kitchen designers? It’s hard work, really hard work, but if you love what you do, stick with it. Definitely go to college. Kitchens are a delicate balance between the practical and the aesthetic, and you need to ensure you get the basics right before you even start to look at the materials and finishes. The National Kitchen & Bathroom Association is an invaluable place to start. I didn’t know about the NKBA when I started, but I wish I had because it would’ve made life a lot easier. They are extremely helpful and full of advice – they also know what’s going on in the industry and if there are any jobs going for trainee designers.

I love exploring different uses of materials and colours

in my designs. are the days the 3084 one material, KET SHOWROOM: 7 Melrose Street,Gone Newmarket | 09of379 single colourTakapuna kitchen —|it’s much more about A SHOWROOM: 3 Byron Avenue, 09 now 488 7201


Ad Takapuna Ad_v1.indd 1

creating visually and texturally interesting spaces.

And the unusual positioning of the ovens – what’s the thought behind that? Lifting the ovens off the bench, as I have, allows you to offset them from the cooking area at a more usable height – and by doing so, create a usable surface above that acts as a landing space for whatever’s coming out of the ovens.















Displayed in bespoke kitchen cabinetry featuring stunning marble benchtops, gleaming tapware and stylish staging are several working kitchens with appliances from premium European and American brands such as Miele, Sub-Zero, Liebherr, Bora, Qasair and Wolf. New to the appliance market and designed in three distinct styles are the Wolf M Series ovens. These offer extra-large capacity, the ‘dual verti’ heating system and a wide selection of cooking options. You can dehydrate your autumn fruit, proof your home-made bread and make the perfect pizza on top of all the usual functions at absolute optimum levels. Kouzina’s Parnell showroom has a newly installed appliance display to view including an impressive threemetre custom rangehood by Qasair. Qasair specialises in manufacturing custom designed residential rangehoods specific to your style, cooking requirements and cabinetry. These sleek custom rangehoods are available in a variety of chic finishes, including aged brass, aged and brushed copper, along with an extensive range of powdercoat colours. The team at Kouzina Appliances are knowledgeable and passionate about their products, they are available to help create the perfect appliance solution.


SEP 2017

Kouzina Appliances are suppliers of top quality European and American appliances with all the latest international brands creatively showcased in the comprehensive retail showroom available to designers, architects and the general public.


When venturing into the design of a new kitchen it is important for people to know what really works for them, and how and what they enjoy cooking. They need to consider the benefits of certain appliances for their different food and cooking styles, choosing steam cooking instead of microwave cooking and induction versus gas. Product functionality and quality should be considered to match both the budget and overall design expectations of the project.






Mal Corboy may be an internationally acclaimed award winning kitchen designer, yet he is firmly anchored in the realities of what people want, when they need it and why the kitchen is now the “soul” of a home.

Talking with Mal now and you quickly appreciate his thirty plus years of design knowledge and ‘eye’ that is highly attuned to colour, texture, forms and function — wrapped up by his devilish sense of humour. Seeds of inspiration he says are “drawn from every aspect of life around him” while frequently travelling the world seeking out the latest in commercial design from interiors to watches. “You look at the colours of nature too, like how the sunrise colours work across the water.” Bold splashes of colour and bolts of light are hallmarks of his creative signature. “I’m not afraid of colour and been known to convince clients “hey we’re going to do a pink kitchen”. Ten years down the track that pink kitchen is on trend - we still get asked for images of it for magazines.” The secret to standing the test of time is simple even when using a bright, punchy pink, “good design is timeless so it’s designed right, it’s always going to look good”. When asked how he brings the magic out in a kitchen design, Mal laughs before introspectively touching on the Fibonacci principles of design (the Golden Ratio) and the power of intuition. “To be quite honest, I can’t answer that… to be a designer is not a 9 to 5 job. Some of my best work has been created on a Sunday morning because you just get into the zone and it flows into place.” A stalwart supporter of New Zealand manufacturers, Mal’s view on the merits of custom design versus choosing from a

SEP 2017

While his work is global with completed projects in Hollywood and even Trinidad, Mal is a local based in Kohimarama. Not bad for a school leaver at 15 who followed a path in the 80’s into cabinet making when he recalls “kitchens were very rudimentary with zero aesthetic most often situated in the back of the house”.


Pragmatic to the core, the bespectacled, self-taught designer knows the science of balancing both the spatial and the economic parametres of a brief while freely dreaming up custom designs with the deft touch of an artist.

catalogue is compelling. “There’s really nothing that you cannot get locally that imported kitchens offer — and most of the time you get more value for money,” he says.

"You look at the colours of nature too, like how the sunrise colours work across the water" It’s about the personal touch working alongside a designer in person, the speed of production compared to the frequent lag of European imports, the scope to make changes right up to the last minute and the cost differential due to dealing straight with the manufacturer. “New Zealand has some of the best manufacturing processes in the world if they have a designer that’s giving them the right specifications and they know what to do – it has to be a combination of both” says Mal. “It’s about picking up a paint fan-deck and saying “right what colour, materials and products do you want?” You’ve got an odd shape on the plan so we’re going to have to do a drawer unit that’s 792mm long to make it fit. We will not fill in a 100mm packer down the end because our modules only come in 600mm module size.” So forget about the cookie cutter catalogue, a ‘Mal Corboy’ makes total sense.






CAST IRON TEA POT BLUE The Homestore $64.90




MORGAN MAKES KITCHENS PERFECT Morgan Cronin has been in the kitchen industry for 33 years. His first kitchen design job was for his mum when he was 19. He went on to establish Cronin Kitchens some 28 years ago and has been designing kitchens ever since. Verve chatted with Morgan a few weeks ago about just about all sorts of things, including the kitchen sink! Please tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be involved in kitchen design? I am fortunate to have a supportive wife and three awesome kids. I love surfing and complete regularly which motivates me constantly to keep fit. I travel a lot for work but also to surf. Unfortunately, the only way I maintain any work life balance is by working extremely hard and very long hours. What do you prefer to create – modern or more traditional kitchens? I prefer modern because the style and aesthetic is constantly evolving which keeps things interesting.

What inspires your designs? Firstly, I constantly see details both here and overseas that inspire me — architecture, cafés, restaurants, hotels and shop fit-outs. The highlight though is every second year when I travel to Milan to visit the furniture fair and the incredible showrooms and exhibits around the city. My clients, too, always inspire me; I personalise every kitchen that I design to suit their homes and personal style. We have seen a trend towards smaller living — do you also design tiny kitchens? Yes I do. The occasional small apartment or beach house, but most of my kitchens are going into family homes. Over the past half-century kitchens have changed a lot and continue to change, can you comment? Kitchens are now the most integral space in the home. Everyday living, dining and entertaining revolve around the kitchen, this is why good kitchen design has become so important.

What do you believe the kitchen should be to a home? The heart!

Favourite social media and website for kitchen design. Instagram and croninkitchens.co.nz

Favourite work-tops, surfaces and finishes? Corian for its simplicity, marble for its beauty and natural quartzite with a leathered finish for a combination of both.

Best ever kitchen design book? Detail In Contemporary Kitchen Design by Virginia McLeod

Favourite style of cabinetry? At the moment I like to use planked oak that has been wire brushed to bring out the grain’s natural beauty, finished either as light and naturally as possible or as black as possible. Your most memorable kitchen job ever? I would have to say the one that won me the World’s Best Kitchen Design award back in 2006; or the first kitchen I designed for my mum when I was 19; or the one I flew to by helicopter; or the one that was on its own island. So many memories!

Kitchens are now the most integral space in the home.



Phone 0508 A rt isan 31a Normanby Rd, M t Eden art isancollect ive. co. nz/t imbe r

Kouzina Verve HH 09_17Ć’.indd 1

25/08/2017 2:45 PM



Rialto Centre, 163 Broadway, Newmarket 09 524 5890 | retreatnz.co.nz

SEP 2017

Go wild with heavily scented candles in designer glass inspired by Africa.

Emmanuel de Bayser’s Berlin apartment is situated in an early 20th-century building in the historical Mitte district and has all its period features – including the elegant staircase with its intricate balustrades – intact.




// SEP 2017

Emmanuel de Bayser, like many dedicated shopkeepers, lives above his store. But The Corner Berlin is not exactly your average shop – and its owner is a connoisseur-collector of mid-century modern design. Words: Noreen Johnson — Photographs: Greg Cox

In the living room, two stone and bronze Francois-Xavier Lalanne sheep ‘wander’ towards a curvaceous pair of cream Ours Polaire easy chairs and matching Ours Polaire sofa by French designer Jean Royère, which are set around a coffee table by Austrian-born designer Paul Frankl. The wall-mounted light (at left) and Antony wood and steel occasional chair are by French designer Jean Prouvé (find re-editions of Prouvé’s work at Vitra vitra.com) and the wooden stools are all by Charlotte Perriand. The petite grey Oeuf (Egg) chair is also by Royère. The black metal standing lamps are by French lighting designer Serge Mouille and the dark-glazed ceramics are by French ceramicists Pol Chambost and Georges Jouve. The white ceramic piece on the marble mantelpiece is by André Borderie; above the fireplace hangs a contemporary abstract artwork by young Berlin-based artist XOOOOX.

In a corner of the bedroom, a coral Senate Committee chair by Pierre Jeanneret is placed close to an artwork by Jean Arp and a wooden table by Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret. On the table is a white ceramic piece by AndrĂŠ Borderie.

The en-suite bathroom leads off the other side of the bedroom. The Mies van de Rohe day bed is upholstered in navy velvet, the white Clam chair by Danish designer Philip Arctander adds an extra textural element to the space, and the bright artwork is by mid-century US artist, Roman Catholic nun and educator Corita Kent.

In the bedroom, bright colours reign supreme. "Primary colours are timeless, I find," says homeowner Emmanuel de Bayser – and as this space shows, he’s right. The bench at the base of the bed and bold green Senate Committee chair are both by Pierre Jeanneret, and the wooden stool is by Charlotte Perriand. The round wooden Guéridon Bas table by Jean Prouvé (find reeditions of his work at Vitra: vitra.com) is home to a selection of Georges Jouve ceramics in primary colours. The vintage 1950s Gino Sarfatti lamp in primary blue, yellow and red adds to the sense of fun in this space, as does the bold artwork by mid-century US artist, Roman Catholic nun and educator Corita Kent.








1. Gava ringed stool / side table in antique brass $640 Also available in antique silver and antique black 2. Apartment Sofa* (floorstock) $7,257 3. Artcopi Artisane tall cabinet $6,290 4. Hemingway chair* $2,246 * Bespoke options also available – come in and talk with our in store stylists


Styling for results since 1997. Book with dmi Homestagers and receive $500* off your next installation. * Offer available until the 1st of October 2017

0800 DMI HOME or (09) 579 1930 dmihomestagers www.homestagers.co.nz

Introducing our new National Auctioneer, Shane Cortese

We are proud to introduce Shane Cortese as our National Auctioneer for New Zealand.

Thinking about the best method to sell your home? Contact Shane for a complimentary appraisal of your property in the current market.

Shane Cortese Sales Associate +64 21 555 991 shane.cortese@sothebysrealty.com nzsothebysrealty.com

Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.


SEALING HIS OWN DESTINY British-born civil engineer Anton Loraine arrived in New Zealand with his Australian partner Annie in 2013 “with a couple of suitcases and a blow-up bed” and soon founded Inseal Coatings having secured the exclusive rights to a state-of-the-art, revolutionary waterproof membrane used to line food factory floors, roofs, pools, decks, water tanks, and even reservoirs. “The product is pure polyurea,” says Anton. “It has the highest level of certification and is drinking water safe. It has zero VOCs [volatile organic compounds] which means it’s not harmful to the atmosphere, and won’t ‘leach out’ harmful chemicals, so it’s great for pools.” Most pools are lined with traditional epoxy resins that have only around 2% elongation and are therefore brittle and prone to cracking, peeling and blistering. “This membrane has 440% elongation which means it can be stretched to four-and-a-half times before it will split,” says Anton, “so it can easily accommodate movement in the pool or decking, and no matter what, it remains permanently elastic.” The membrane is a pure polyurea which is specially formulated for waterproofing. Though it is relatively new to New Zealand, the technology was derived the late ‘80s, and it’s not just the physical properties of the material that are revolutionary, but the application process is like no other. Processed through specialist plural component equipment and applied via a spray gun, it sets — or ‘goes off' — in seconds. “I’ve always had a fascination with polyurea,” says the engineer. “It’s a seamless application. There are no weak joints, you simply make multiple passes with the gun to build up the desired thickness and continue throughout the application area. It starts to gel within eight seconds and you can walk on it within a minute. Once a pool is done, it can be filled within a couple of hours, whereas with other products you must wait up to seven days. Plus, polyurea will easily last 15 years — epoxies show signs of breakdown in 18 months, two years max.”

Waiwera Hot Pools have already inquired about lining their entire complex with the membrane and last year Inseal Coatings completed a two-million-litre reservoir for Fletcher Construction in Fiji that supplies the new Marriot five-star resort. “It’s such a versatile product, for example, being food-grade standard, it can be used for commercial flooring applications,” adds Anton. “We recently completed a job for Fonterra where we lined a dairy shed floor that was in terrible condition and non-compliant. Because it goes off so quickly, we managed to do the entire floor between milking sessions, in less than 24 hours.” As the membrane is so resistant to moisture and humidity, even if it starts raining during application it won’t be affected, whereas with an epoxy, the entire surface would have to be re-grinded back. “We don’t have to worry about the elements once we’ve primed a surface and begun spraying,” says Anton. “This membrane will cure at minus-40 to plus180 degrees. It’s a fascinating product. I love it when people see the job and they’re hesitant to walk on it because it still looks so wet, but you tell them that it’s fine. They just can’t believe that it can go off so quickly, and I get a real kick from how the technology blows the customers away.” Anton gets a real kick from the actual work too. “I love travelling all over the country, getting to meet different people, and Kiwis are just great,” says the Brit, who hails from the Wirral on the outskirts of Liverpool. “I’ve never been an office person, I love field-based work and there’s nowhere better to do it than here. I remember not long after we arrived, driving over the crest of the hill down towards Orewa and just being floored by the view across the Hauraki Gulf. It’s paradise here, and I feel blessed every day. It’s home.”




• The polyurea membrane has three times more abrasion resistance than steel, and it is permanently elastic.

• Exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion, puncture and tear.

• It boasts 440% elongation, meaning it will accommodate cracks and movement.

• It sets within seconds, is chemical resistant — so good with chlorine — and safe with potable water.

• It is specially formulated for waterproofing and permanent immersion.

• It is manufactured in Australia under the ISO 9001, an internationally recognised quality management system, and has AS/NZS 4858 building code certification.

• Zero solvents and free of other nasty volatile organic compounds. • Smooth, glossy finish — effortless to maintain.

• It’s available in a range of finishes — green, blue, black, dark red — depending on your preference for your pool or deck.



One of the collection points listed for Verve is Just Rentals in Meadowbank, opposite Meadowbank Mall. Just Rentals offers anyone in the area wishing to rent a property, or landlords looking for a tenant, a service that is slightly different from the rest—it is one that is highly personalised, more like comfort food as opposed to paleo! The business is family run and owned, with the unforgettable Sylvia Lund at the helm. Verve caught up with Sylvia a few weeks ago, and enjoyed an interesting insight into running a property rental business. What are your key responsibilities as a property manager? To find good tenants and maintain the property to a good standard. To keep the owner up to date with the new regulations under the Residential Tenancies Act, and to conduct regular inspections, check rent arrears, and act promptly on overdues. What originally attracted you to working in the property market? I was in real estate in sales. Although I had always wanted to become a salesperson, after two years in the sales office I was a little disillusioned with the industry. We have always had rental properties ourselves and am very much a people person so this aspect of the industry appealed to me. I needed three years’ real estate experience and after that I took a year off to obtain my licence to enable me to open my own rental office. In those days, it was regulated under the RTA, and I had to do this to enable me to operate. The rest is history. What are the biggest changes you have witnessed to the industry? In my 18 years in rentals there have been lots of changes especially the deregulation of property managers under the RTA. Anybody can start up a business – no qualifications required, no trust account needed. Property managers are not under the Real Estate Institute, consequently, the small offices popped up and new company names appeared on rental signs and unfortunately some very incompetent offices. What is it that sets you apart? We are the best. We are a mature family company giving old fashion service with a smile. The same staff have been here most of the 18 years and we are all passionate about rentals. What sort of criteria do you have when choosing tenants for properties? What sort of information are they expected to supply? Tenants fill in an application form. The information we require is: full name, birth dates (so we can carry out a credit

check), car registration, last property rented, landlords’ phones numbers, place of work — address and numbers. Do they have pets? The number of people who will be living in the property. The credit checks we do also check the tenancy tribunal data base which is very important. How often do you do inspect properties? Inspections are threemonthly. Some landlords ask for six-monthly. We do what they want, however many landlords’ rental insurance requires regular three-monthly inspections. What rates or commission do you charge for your services? Our rate of commission is 7.9% plus GST, and that is only on rents received. What would be your biggest piece of advice for first-time rental owners? Maintain your property to a high standard. Keep gardens and lawns tidy, present it well. First impressions are so important. If you want to attract great tenants who will look after your property you need to offer a tidy, clean and wellmaintained property. Very important to tenants is insulated, heat pumps or HRV. Is there anything else you would like to add? Just Rentals is my baby, born 18 years ago, on the 1 April — April Fools’ Day! We opened our doors with one rental property on our books, no managements. My husband (who is an accountant) was also the handyman and painter. We now have a few hundred properties to manage and how rewarding it is to have old tenants coming back to us as landlords and asking us to manage their properties. We are quickly approaching our 19th year, and we are still enjoying Just Rentals just as much. Our 20th year will be a big celebration! The years have just flown by — it does when you are enjoying what you are doing. Sylvia Lund AREINZ


165 The Strand, Parnell www.homeideas.co.nz



Grand Opening! 12 SEPTEMBER 2017

Please mark 12th Sept. for visiting the NEWLY OPENED POP UP SHOP! — Mon.-Fri. 10am - 5.30pm Sat. 10am - 4pm Sun. Closed 09 521 0811 — 022 070 1060 3 / 2 2 4 K e pa Rd, Missio n Ba y

OPENING SPECIAL OFFERS A very exclusive store for handpicked gifts at very reasonable prices —

We have a range of candles, diffusers, artificial flowers, lanterns, plant holder baskets, cotton rugs, coir mats, wreaths, a very wide range of Christmas decorations, chocolates and many more goods in store


But never fear. We still plan to keep our commitment to modernist-style form and function that has won us a number of architectural design awards over almost a decade in the

It’s an exciting transition to off-site construction and we intend to build 50% of our houses under cover by the end of the year. So whether you need a design-and-build team for your first home, an extra sleepout or studio space in the backyard, or a holiday retreat that has all hallmarks of the great Kiwi summer escape, think about Box™. We craft houses with care and we’re reshaping the way architecture is done — for the better. BOX — 0800 717 717 — BOX.CO.NZ


0800 717 717 BOX.CO.NZ


SEP 2017

At Box™, we believe those savvy Swedes have cracked the code of creating high-quality, high-speed buildings. After embarking on a fact-finding mission to Scandinavia, we’ve set up our own factory in Henderson with the aim of constructing homes smarter and faster.

business. Our clients can still personalise their plans to live their spatial and stylistic dreams. And, when the situation calls for it, for example on a steep or inaccessible section, we’ll naturally build on site.


The Swedish are known for the unforgettable ABBA, meatballs (in a cream, not tomato sauce) and also for their interior styling — that effortless simplicity that has been slavishly stolen and copied as ‘Scandi style’. But did you know they are world leaders in offsite home construction? Prefabrication may not have caught on (yet) in New Zealand, but in Sweden it accounts for 84% of homes built.





NEW ZEALAND SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY & THE NEXT SEASON “To thine own self be true,” says Polonius in Hamlet, and it aligns with the new path Shane Cortese has consciously chosen to walk. The clarity to take the leap, to make a career switch, was triggered last year. Missing his two sons terribly on a Skype call when working overseas led to a new door opening and cracking open the books prior to passing real estate licensing exams this year. “It was great going back to that learning methodology as it’s very focussed on the law now as it should be," says Shane. "It’s an industry where you are dealing in millions of dollars so it should be very transparent.” Now in the dual role of national auctioneer and sales associate at luxury real estate brokerage, New Zealand Sotheby's International Realty, Shane is treading the boards in a fresh context, yet drawing on all the skills gained from his previous life. While his public face may be familiar to many Kiwis, Shane’s depth of professional expertise in the area of salesmanship and negotiation may not be as quite well known. Yet there is a pattern to Cortese’s career choices from regional travel agent in the '80s to global thespian for the last two decades. It’s all been an understudy period before stepping out into his most fulfilling and rewarding role to date. Well before the net, Shane made house calls straight out of school armed with an Official Airline Guide

sitting down for hours with clients. It’s no different to what he does today, whether it’s with vendors at a coastal property in Raglan or Herne Bay, or in the auction rooms of Auckland, Napier, Wellington or Queenstown. It’s evident that the 'people side' of negotiating is very much his personal strength. So is listening — intensely. “To be fair, my last career prepared me so well especially the negotiating side," he says. "The biggest thing you need to do is listen to people to make sure they’re comfortable to get things across the line. “Put a piece of paper in front of someone and let them take it in. Then hear what they have to say to work the solution around what they want and what the other person wants. Get them to shake hands and meet in the middle — it’s just a simple listening game, it really is.” As a mentor, Shane has shared the same tip with young talent coming in to acting. “Listen, listen, and listen. Do your off-lines with the same intention and power as your on-lines because the more you listen to someone else, the more you make them look good and the better it is for you. Real estate is exactly the same — just listening and finding out what people want and dealing with it.” They say we are all born into this life with several potential paths to personal and career fulfilment. It seems that Shane Cortese has wisely cast himself in his next season — a time of personal truth by being himself and doing the very best by both his New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty clients and young family. — Words: Sarah Sparks

Introducing our new National Auctioneer, S H O P 7 , 2 1 N U F F I E L D S T, N E W M A R K E T

H A R R OW S E T H A L L . C O. N Z — 0 9 5 2 4 4 4 5 2

Shane Cortese

We are proud to introduce Shane Cortese as our National Auctioneer for New Zealand.

Thinking about the best method to sell your home? Contact Shane for a complimentary appraisal of your property in the current market.


Shane Cortese Sales Associate +64 21 555 991 AIR shane.cortese@sothebysrealty.com



Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.

WOF FOR YOUR INVESTMENT PROPERTY IS COMING Yes, we are all familiar with a WOF for the car – but your rental investment? The signs are clearly there that some sort of WOF for landlords is coming, and it’s never too soon to look at what this will mean for you. Changes in tenancy laws on 1 July, 2016 meant the following: 1. All rental properties are required to have smoke alarms 2. All new tenancy agreements need to include a statement of the extent and safety of insulation in the property, and any replacement or installation of insulation in a rental property must meet the required standards. August 2017 — the Wellington City Council announces it will pursue a voluntary rental WOF. It intends to make it compulsory in three years. So, what would a WOF cover? Well, the best we have is what the Wellington City Council has introduced, and if you are a landlord it would be good to familiarise yourself with the 29 items on the criteria. This includes insulation, heating, ventilation and structural stability. The inspector will be checking your investment/rental in the following areas: • All walls, ceiling, linings and floors are intact • Are all surfaces clear of mould? • In a kitchen, adequate food preparation and storage


• In a laundry, secure storage with a child safe lock • The lounge will require fixed heating, in the future, it is more than likely that a heat pump will the minimum standard • Portable heating will not be acceptable, unless it’s a unit/ apartment less than 50sqm • All windows will require secure latches • The front entrance needs to be clearly labelled, identifiable with good lighting on the front and rear • Smoke alarms/insulation stardards are already a requirement Overall, your investment must be in reasonable condition, with good spouting/storm water which does not leak, and no cracks or holes. Paths, decks and surfaces are to be free from moss and non-slip . This is just a quick overview of the changes coming, and it’s never too late to start ensuring your rental property/investment will meet the standards when they are enforced. Remember, it's also protecting your investment as much as it is maintaining its quality and this attracts quality tenants. Quinovic Viaduct and Quinovic Parnell are more than willing to work with owners to put into place plans to ensure your investment is looked after and by doing so, retaining its value for both owners and tenants.


Our curated collection of furniture and homewares is sourced from all over the world. Pop into the store or shop online to see the range and find out about our home staging services.

Bob and Friends

231 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland (09) 3787350 www.bobandfriends.co.nz



Consignment presents opportunities for you to upscale, on-sell, purchase and share quality furnishings. Our focus is on creating an exciting, original space to showcase contemporary designer pieces and iconic European brands at moderate prices: Philippe Starck, Poltrona Frau, Ligne Roset and more! Winter is upon us and many of you are completing renovations and getting the home or beach house ready for summer. This is the time for movement, so come and see us in the showroom or visit our website for details on

CONSIGNMENT furnishing. dĂŠcor. lifestyle.

currently sought after stock.

consignmentfurniture.co.nz 09 524 0084 2a Railway St, Newmarket, Auckland Terms and conditions may apply.


Property Management

GUARANTEED RENT 2-MONTH FREE MANAGEMENT COMMISSIONS FROM 5% Contact Janine McCormick 027 558 3221 jmccormick.ponsonby@ljh.co.nz We cover all areas in Auckland!






Shut the Front Door started out as a passion project for Sarah Parker in gathering all of the styles she liked into one place to share them with others. It has since evolved into a quirky and ever-changing collection of gift and homeware goods chosen by Sarah from brands across New Zealand and Australia, as well as direct importing from farflung places such as India and beyond. With extensive ranges in home décor, stationery, kidswear and party goods, everyone is sure to find something suitable for their loved ones, their home and for themselves. Shut the Front Door is now open in three locations across Auckland: in Newmarket, Ponsonby Road and Takapuna with additional branches in Christchurch and Wellington.
















Richards Partners senior team, L-R: Clem Divine, Brian Richards, Keith Pinney and Tuomas Pekkala

Local design and strategy leaders Richards Partners, who have been a long-time member of the Newmarket business community, have had 12 nominations for the prestigious Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Awards. The annual Best Awards showcase excellence in graphic, spatial, product, interactive and motion design, and wins are held in high regard both nationally and overseas. Best known for developing ideas that deliver incredible change, for three decades, Richards Partners have been working with major global brands, helping tell their stories to the world. Specialising in the fusion of strategy and design, Richards Partners have been nominated for awards in multiple categories for their work with Fabric of Onehunga, Love Kiwi’s, Abodo Timber and The New Zealand Dairy Company. Richards Partners have been celebrated for their work with new pocket neighbourhood development, Fabric of Onehunga. Looking at the residential project marketing landscape, they moved away from the expected marketing approach to actually create a place brand which resonated with buyers who would then become residents. Fabric is a fantastic example of substance over style in creating a brand that is really gaining traction in a difficult market. Their work with Love Kiwis, an ongoing partnership with The New Zealand Kiwifruit Product Group helped established New Zealand Kiwifruit as the premium fruit choice for Australians.


4 7 T h e S t r a n d , Pa r n e l l | 0 9 3 7 7 6 0 0 8 guthriebowron.co.nz

Richards Partners also worked with Abodo to reposition the timber brand, bringing it to a level where it could compete on a world stage and clearly communicate it’s ambition to architects and designers around the world. They are also nominated for their strategy and positioning of The New Zealand Dairy Company as advanced nutrition collaborators from New Zealand. The brand now tells a story about a dynamic company focused on accelerating the fusion between the best of nature and science, while positioning the company's own milk powder brand – Kihi – into new global markets. The Best Awards are held on 6 October at the Viaduct Events Centre. We wish Richards Partners the best for their nominations.


E NJ O Y 25- 55 % OFF *

ALL FLOOR STOCK 2 -2 3 S E P T E M B E R 2 017

Cavit&Co. 547a Parnell Rd, Auckland. 148 Victoria Street, Christchurch. www.cavitco.com *Some exclusions apply.


OSCURO Studio by appointment 021 0249 7428 oscurolampshades@gmail.com oscuro.co.nz

'QUIRKY' Designer bird leg lampbases with custom made shades. Hand sculptured by award winning sculptor, cast from bronze, resin and carbon fibre. Different quality finishes available. A talking piece of fine art to be passed down the generations. Exclusive to Oscuro NZ

TRENZSEATER 80 Parnell Rd, Parnell 09 303 4151 trenzseater.com Range of barstools, dining chairs and accessories add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen.

BACKHOUSE 19 Earle Street, Parnell Auckland 09 309 0500 12 Kaiwharawhara Road, Wellington 04 499 8847 backhouse.co.nz 'ARITA VESSELS' by Neri&Hu for Stellar Works. Available at Backhouse. Referencing traditional designs and glazing techniques from 15th-century Japanese ceramics, each vessel is a different size with varying heights and volumes, responding to contemporary lifestyles and personalised table styling.

THE PORCELAIN LOUNGE 2/319 Remuera Rd, Auckland 021 111 3848 09 524 4973 tia@theporcelainlounge.com theporcelainlounge.com The cheerfully bright Fiora centrepiece, with its exciting design in vibrant yellow and subdued pink, is a standout work of art for your interior. With an abundance of options for use, it is the sculptural centrepiece for your home, an artwork of great Scandinavian design.

FOR RICHER, FOR POORER, OUR FACES BETRAY US We’ve all heard the saying ‘he’s got a good face for radio’, but it would appear some may have a good face for success, too. A study by the University of Toronto published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology concludes that our manner betrays the bulge—or not— of our bank balance, and the significance—or not—of our social status. Rightly or wrongly, knowingly or subconsciously, we use facial information to make instant assumptions about people’s sex, race, age and religion, maybe even their politics or sexuality. So, says co-lead study author, Nicholas O. Rule, a psychology professor at Toronto University, it’s logical that “people could get social class information” from others’ faces. “There are neurons in the brain that specialise in facial recognition,” adds Rule. “The face is the

first thing you notice when you look at somebody. We see faces in clouds, we see faces in toast. We are sort of hardwired to look for face-like stimuli and this is something people pick up very quickly. And they are consistent, which is what makes it statistically significant.” Rule, with co-author and psychology doctoral student R. Thora Bjornsdottir, asked students to study 160 black-and-white, emotionless headshots, half of which were Caucasian men, the rest Caucasian women, all aged 18-35-years-old. The faces were equally split between high and low wage brackets — and thus upper and lower classes — and the students were asked to sort which faces belonged to which group. Their success rate was 53%, way out of the realms of chance, shocking the authors of the study. Rule says that he didn’t expect the effects to be quite

"The face is the first thing you notice when you look at somebody." so strong, “especially given how subtle the differences are”. According to Bjornsdottir, we are not aware of the cues we use when making such judgements. There are 43 muscles in our faces. Depending on whether we spend most of our time smiling or scowling (the presumption being those from richer backgrounds are likely to have more comfortable, smiling lives) their contractions, over time, leave subtle but permanent imprints that act as markers as to our wealth and class that others can pick up on (interestingly, the students were less successful in their judgements when the subjects were expressing emotion). Those who smile or laugh more develop a more positive ‘neutral’ expression. “Over time, your face comes to permanently reflect and reveal your experiences,” Rule says. “Even when we think

we’re not expressing something, those emotions are still there.”



What’s more our faces’ social ‘signs’ can develop as early as our teens. This, the study concludes, is of concern as it may contribute toward “the cycle of poverty”, with wealthier folk more likely to be successful in job interviews as they have a sunnier, if only subtly, demeanour. “It indicates that something as subtle as the signalsin your face about your social class can actually perpetuate it,” says Bjornsdottir. “Those first impressions can become a sort of selffulfilling prophesy. It’s going to influence your interactions, and the opportunities you have.” So get smiling. — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


IT'S A SKIN THING Our skin, the largest organ of our body, and one of the most precious too, for many reasons, but mostly to prevent the invasion of bacteria into us. It may not be perfect, it may be flawed, hold unwanted characteristics or simply start to age through the years or from the elements, but it is important that in order to conduct any regime for your skin type, that you first of all understand how your skin works. Our bodies are made up of millions of cells which all have a function and vary in size and shape. With every cell in our body, there are organelles (known as, small organs) and each of these cells have a very important job to do. The cells which have the same shape, size, structure and function are known as ‘tissues’. These may group together to make larger units that are structural and functional, known as organs. Although all cells may be different, they all have the ability to do the same thing, and within the nucleus is where most of the genetic information of a cell is contained. THE THREE MAIN LAYERS OF THE SKIN ARE:

• Epidermis • Dermis • Hypodermis


• Sensory organ • Heat regulation • Absorption • Protection • Excretions • Secretion of sebum • Formation of vitamin D

Acne is a concerning and sometimes embarrassing and annoying disorder for many, but comes in different forms and for different reasons. • Acne Vulgaris Often quite severe; enlarged pores, papules, pustules and normally very oily and shiny skin. • Acne Rosacea Affects the cheeks and nose normally, and can take on a butterfly shape. Lumpy in appearance with redness. Oily skin has a thicker epidermis, shiny appearance due to overactive sebaceous glands and larger pores are found in the centre panel of the face. Often there are papules or pustules present and comedones (blackheads) are normally present in the oily areas. Comedones are caused by the hair follicle being blocked by excess sebum and dead skin cells which turn black on exposure to the air. As our hormones change, so does our skin. Sometimes this is a natural process to the elements, puberty, stress, what we eat. Take regular precautions to help protect your skin by cleaning thoroughly and effectively. NATURAL FACIAL REMEDIES YOU MIGHT LIKE TO TRY, ARE:

• Green Tea Face Wash Green tea has great anti-oxidant compounds. Use cold green tea as a face wash as a part of your normal daily routine. • Honey & Oatmeal Mask Half a cut of honey and a cup of oatmeal. Simple as that! Gently pat on to skin and leave for 30 minutes. Wash off with tepid water. — Words: Donna Malneek

Introducing the Cosmelan Treatment Are you tired of hiding behind makeup?


Do you want a clear complexion?

Until now Hyper-Pigmentation seemed impossible to clear. NZ now has Cosmelan and the results are staggering.

Do you have a pigmentation problem?

At Illuminate Me, with Mesoestetic Cosmelan Treatment, Hyper-pigmentation now is a thing of the past. At Illuminate Me, we’re about results. We have the World's Gold Standard Treatment for Hyper-Pigmentation, a brightening treatment that targets brown patches and discolouration. So, free yourself from time consuming makeup application. Enjoy a Clear Complexion and the added benefit of rejuvenated Skin.

Our Client's Before and after Post Treatment — 21 days "Leanne understands how debilitating living with Melasma is. For years I’ve lived with feeling the only way I would be accepted was to cover my face with what I named ‘fake up’. I would avoid anything where I couldn't remain hidden beneath make up. Things like swimming, staying over at friends, exercising, dating became things that I could no longer enjoy.



Leanne went to every length to work out the best method available to remove the pigmentation and to make sure this was a treatment that latest long term - unlike laser. Her empathy and 30 years experience made me comfortable and I trusted her. My life’s now changed thanks to Leanne. For the first time in years, I feel I can get up and look someone in the eye without rushing off to the bathroom to cover up. Thanks Leanne for your dedication and understanding for my situation, you have seriously changed my life.” — Kate M.

Book now

for your free consultation to see if you are eligible for this dynamic new treatment

illuminateme.co.nz ~ info@illuminateme.co.nz 021 620 555 ~ 102 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead Point



Navigating the skincare market can be tricky, even for beauty therapists. As an advanced skin therapist, one of the most common issues I see in my clients' skin is sensitivity. Sensitivity comes in many shapes and forms, and of course is also triggered by internal factors, but what you put onto your skin is as important as what you put in, especially when trying to reduce sensitivity, which has a knock-on effect of reducing breakouts, acne, dehydration, dry patches, uneven skin tone and even premature ageing. By avoiding these five common ingredients found in skincare ranges, from the cheap and cheerful to high-end products, you will notice reduced redness and inflammation and your skin will thank you for it. If you have your skincare prescribed by a professional, make sure they know their stuff and can confidently assure you the products you’re looking at purchasing don’t contain any of the following: 1.Fragrance or Perfumes (even natural ones!) Fragrance and perfumes are the number one ingredient added to skincare products that increase sensitivity and irritate the skin. And what is usually the first thing someone says when they pick up a product? “Oh, that smells gorgeous!” Ditch the pretty smells, they aint doing your skin any favours. 2. Emulsifiers These are found in most cream products, because a cream is an emulsion of water and oil. Emulsifiers

bind oil and water, thereby reducing and removing your skin’s own oils when you wash your face. Hello dry, flaky skin. Ditch the emulsifiers ASAP, girl! 3. Mineral Oils Mineral oils are often found in your moisturiser, as they are a relatively cheap filler oil. But mineral oil has an occlusive effect, meaning it traps everything under a film. Sounds like potentially a good thing, yeah? Not if you’re already suffering from redness and excess heat. There is a fire raging under your skin and it is being kept burning eternally by occlusive substances. 4 & 5. Preservatives and Amines Both of these guys are stressors to the skin which cause irritation. They are also both classed as carcinogens and have a long list of toxic health effects. Romy works with clients every day in her Herne Bay Skin Studio, where she helps them reach their goals of healthy, balanced skin through topical corneotherapeutic skincare combined with nutrition and wellness plans. Romy is passionate about creating healthy skin from the inside out and the outside in, using natural skincare and plant-based dietary changes. __ Words: Romy Burgess







With the cooler weather, still upon us give your skin the extra attention it needs to avoid dry skin. When the air outside becomes cool and dry over winter, skin cells are unable to maintain their optimal water content. This causes them to shrivel and become tight leading to dry patches which can be rough to the touch, and flaky or red in appearance.

1. DITCH THE WIPES As we try to keep up with the idea that we must live a ‘fast-paced’ lifestyle, the wipe (makeup, baby, feminine hygiene) has become another 21st-century staple that is having a big impact on our environment.

Avoid dry skin by following these skin care tips this winter.


• Shower using warm as opposed to hot water and try to limit your showers to 5-10 minutes • Pat yourself dry with a towel as opposed to rubbing • Reduce water loss through the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) by applying moisturiser immediately after drying your skin to lock in your skin’s natural moisture


• Use a gentle cleanser when washing your face to allow your skin to retain its natural acid mantle (the thin oil layer your skin naturally produces). This usually means opting for a cream or oil cleanser instead of a gel or foaming cleanser • Use a cream to moisturise your skin that contains natural oils which allow the moisturiser to be absorbed into the skin and past the epidermis which is mostly made up of dead skin cells. • Keep your moisturiser with you in your handbag so you can reapply during the day if needed To help prevent dry skin this winter check out the Beautico Rosehip & Chia Moisturiser it’s packed with certified organic plant oils and natural botanic extracts so that you can enjoy beautiful skin. Rosehip and camellia oils help to prevent dry skin and deeply moisturise, while the omega 3 and 6 in chia seed support the skin’s natural protective barrier. Shop online today at www.beauticoskincare.com — Words: Stephanie Farquhar


Wipes can take up to 100 years to break down in a landfill. Some wipes are ‘biodegradable’ but that term can be used without any time parameters, so while they will break down ‘at some stage’, it could still take decades. Wipes come in plastic packages that usually end up in landfill. They are made with plastic components that don’t break down when flushed — instead they end up blocking pipes and sewage systems and sometimes float all the way through to our oceans. The most impactful thing you can do is to literally ask yourself, "Why do I use wipes?" Connecting with ‘why’ you make the decisions you do will motivate you to take more conscious action. Now that you know some of the basic environmental impacts of makeup wipes, can you justify your ‘why’ in the same way? Some alternative options are also to purchase reusable wipes, some come with makeup remover already on them (just add water) or you can get into DIY mode and make your own wipes (and use an oil, such as coconut oil, to remove the makeup).

2. LOOK OUT FOR MICROBEADS IN YOUR COSMETICS Did you know that microbeads, which are used as an abrasive in our face/body scrubs, soaps and toothpastes, are actually tiny plastic particles? Microbeads are therefore rinsed off our faces and bodies, down our sinks and essentially into our oceans where they are eaten by small fish which are eaten by bigger fish, which are, of course, then eaten by us – yes, that means we are eating plastic! Try to purchase products with natural exfoliants, not microbeads. How do you know if the product has microbeads in it? The word you’re looking for ispolyethylene (PE), which is the most common plastic and frequently used to make microbeads. Alternatively you can use facial sponges that will give you the same clean, smooth skin, without the microbeads. We suggest checking out an activated charcoal sponge. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT CONSCIOUSACTION.CO.NZ


ZENZ With increasing consciousness worldwide about the human impact on the environment, beauty companies across the world are being lauded for their efforts to create natural, environmentally friendly products without compromising on quality. Zenz Organic Products was set up in 2010 by an eco-conscious hairdressing chain concerned by the prevalence of harsh chemicals within hairdressing salons and the wider beauty industry. Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, they have received numerous awards for their high quality eco-friendly products as well as the impressive title of the world's first certified green hairdresser. After spending many years working for the New Zealand distributor of a high-end German skincare brand, Vicki Lamb decided to set up her own business, Simply Natural, in order to import and distribute Zenz products and give New Zealanders access to its 100% natural and organic hair care range.

Do you feel that there is a growing awareness in New Zealand about the harsh chemicals used in most conventional haircare products? Yes, I think that people are becoming more aware, especially with increasing allergic reactions to some conventional hair products. One of Zenz's key philosophies is providing a healthier working environment for hairdressers, do you believe that we are starting to see a much stronger 'green movement' within the beauty industry as a whole? Yes, there is differently a move to eco-responsibility, but it can be difficult for salon operators to determine what true 'green and organic' products are as there is quite a bit of marketing misinformation out there. Do you have a personal favourite Zenz product? Mine is the Pure range and the mousse, just love them, they make life so easy when comes to doing my hair. I don't do bad hair days.

What is it about Zenz that made you decide to set up a business in order to import and distribute its products in New Zealand? A good friend of mine was seriously ill with a body-wide infection, so I did some research and found that showering and washing hair is the most susceptible time for chemical exposure. I had heard about Zenz from a colleague who is a corneotherapist, and realised there was an opportunity to provide true chemicalfree, organic, eco- and allergy-certified haircare products to the NZ market. Tell us a bit about the products themselves: what sorts of ingredients do they use and what are the benefits? To name a few, purified organic aloe vera, organic cold-press avocado, chamomile, lavender, orange, and more. The pure range can be used for sensitive skin and scalps as well as for babies. Deep wood can be used for hair loss, Sweet sense for volume and eucalyptus for oily, but all have amazing qualities. There are also an oil range that have healing qualities.




HOW TO GET THE PERFECT SMOKEY EYE I got to sit down with the amazing Eleanor Dorn of Eleanor Dorn Makeup, and not only get my makeup done (gosh, my job is hard) but get the low down from her as to how to wear the perfect smokey eye. I have naturally big, round deer-caught-in-headlights eyes. Some might think having big eyes is great, and makes eye make up easy, but it’s quite the opposite. Any sort of heavy eye shadow and I start to look like one of those creepy Victorian china dolls. Anything too dark and I go zero to raccoon real quick. Luckily I had my very own makeup artist to guide me through the complicated world of eye shadow. Eleanor knows so much about make up artistry she even started her own brand of makeup, because there was nothing on the market she was truly happy with. Safe to say, I was in good hands. I got advice on everything from what’s best for my own eyes to different ages and shapes. So Eleanor, being that I have big, round eyes, how did you make a smokey eye work for me? Smokey eyes don't necessarily need a super dark shadow. When I think of a smokey eye I think of a soft smouldering eye which you can build up the colour to create a more intense look, or keep it light for something classic. As you have big eyes, and a lot of eyelid, I was able to start light with your colour and darken up the outer corners of your eye to give you a soft, smokey look. What product did you use on me? The key products we used on you were the Eleanor Dorn Makeup Eye shadow primer to ensure the shadow lasts on your lids and doesn't crease. Then Silver Smoke Eleanor Dorn Makeup eye shadow quad, which can take you from light to dark. Finally, Eleanor Dorn Makeup Gel Pencil Eyeliner in noir. This is a nice, creamy black eyeliner, great for defining and smudging the eye line. What style looks best on close set and wide set? Close set eyes, will really benefit from having an extra touch of light shimmer right in the inner corner of the eyes which will help open them up more. Wide set eyes can get away with slightly darker shading on the outer edges. …And how about hooded? With hooded eyes, as with any other eye makeup look on any eye, don't forget to blend up slightly past the crease of the eyelid otherwise your eyeshade will disappear when you open you eyes! How about older eyes as compared to younger? I don't like to create limits on age and makeup — whatever makes you feel like yourself and the best 'you' works! However, my rule for anyone doing a smokey eye is start light and build up, you can always add more colour, it’s much harder to take off shadow that’s too dark. It also pays to have two brushes: one for the light eye shadow and one for dark, so you don't end up with a smokey mess! What trends are you feeling and what can we expect to see coming into spring? Soft, dewy, glowing skin with a touch of blusher is defiantly my go-to this spring, along with coloured lips. You can find out more tips and tricks for makeup, as well as shop the products Eleanor used in this article, on her website: eleanordornmakeup.com — Words and images: Robecca Leyden, @sans_pareil_blog


When you’re truly not happy with your nose, your ears, your breasts, and so on, some people turn to cosmetic surgery. As a Korean, I know full well that the people of East Asia certainly aren’t exempt from going under the knife – it’s an endless pursuit for beauty. However, the most commonly sought-after procedure isn’t the tummy tuck or breast enlargement. It’s not rhinoplasty, either.

So — the day of reckoning. My surgery was performed by a fantastic ophthalmologist at the hospital. Sedated, I lay on the bed. A few times I was asked to open my eyes so they could check the incisions, the bright yellow light burning, feeling the heaviness of my arms at my sides and the crowd of medical professionals surrounding me.

It’s eyelids.

After, I was wheeled back to my ward. I saw my reflection. Blood trickled from fresh black sutures, my eyes heavy from the swelling coming from my new eyelids. I blinked, and a bead of blood rubbed off an eyelash, like a teardrop.

In Korea, blepharoplasty (more commonly known as ‘double eyelid surgery’) is no more major than going to the dentist. Often, it’s a high school graduation gift. You see, many East Asians have a ‘monolid’. This is where there is no visible eyelid crease. With double eyelid surgery, you undergo a short, relatively minor procedure where incisions are made to create a new fold, and stitched up to be removed within a week. You’ll be left with a new crease on your eyes. Double eyelids are considered beautiful in Korea. However, there are many other reasons people may get this surgery. I got it done because my monolids were causing medical problems: because there was no fold, my eyelids forced my eyelashes downwards and into my cornea, rubbing against them constantly. I underwent double eyelid surgery to point the eyelashes outwards and out of my eyes. I would also be undergoing epicanthoplasty (something that usually went hand-inhand with double eyelid surgery), where the inner corners are cut closer together. I’d be lying, of course, if I said the aesthetic side effect wasn’t a benefit. Long would be the days where I drew centimetre thick eyeliner in the hopes even a sliver would be visible. Long would be the days it looked like I was squinting in every photograph. Long would be the days I looked like I had just woken up, tired and grumpy.

Over the next few days, I lay in bed and iced my eyes. I had a lot of time to think. I had changed my eyes, the eyes I had been born with, manipulated them as if they were nothing more than a fresh new outfit. In 60 minutes. I went from living 20 years through windows that had seen the world for me since birth, the feature given by my mother and father, to staring at someone completely unrecognisable, in the mirror we had since I was four. In 60 minutes. Of course, ‘completely unrecognisable’ is a complete over-exaggeration. But I’m a sentimental person by nature, and I couldn’t help seeing that in 60 minutes my eyes became a pair of strangers in the mirror. Something as constant as my own reflection lied to me. But I’m happy. Going under the knife made me truly realise that the saying ‘beauty is only skin deep’ is cliché for a reason. It’s because it’s true. I feel no different inside – I’m still me. All they’ve done is change the shape of something that was a different sort of beautiful, and cut out a rose from a star. — Words: Minnie Jung

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TURNING TO TURMERIC Natural Remedy I discovered turmeric last year, when someone recommended it to me for my dogs, as a help with mobility and general wellbeing. I must say I was slightly sceptical. But I am always optimistically open to natural health benefits. After a rather messy exercise in the kitchen, and staining most of everything we owned in the vicinity a nice mustard yellow colour, I had made the concoction and gave to each of our beloved four dogs, half expecting them to stare with vulgar hatred at me for spoiling their favourite dinner. But no. I was pleasantly surprised how they each instantly devoured it all! Four yellow stained bearded dogs later, they were perfectly content. Upon feeding them three times a week with this, I noticed a huge improvement within two weeks. A limp had gone, a brighter and happier look on the face, and extra spring in their step and the ridiculous excited dance when they smelled the mixture going on to their dinner. I thought to myself there and then, “I want what they’re having.” And so, I did. I mixed a teaspoon of turmeric with a pinch of pepper and some hot water to a glass; it tasted like wood, but not unpleasant.

asthma and so many other issues. Of course, it may not cure or help with everything, but there are significant scientific tests and trials out there, which have been expertly conducted, to show that this spice has massive and endless possibilities, and fantastic results, helping with many disorders and diseases. Although, like everything, it is not for everyone! There are some side effects if you are on other medication, and you should always consult with your doctor before taking anything if you are unsure, or on prescriptive medication. But I do believe this is a wonderful natural remedy, so why not try it! You can add turmeric to anything, but do remember to use with black ground pepper, as this helps to move it through the bloodstream.

AND HERE IS MY K9 RECIPE FOR THOSE WISHING TO TRY! Generally, it only takes a couple of minutes to make, but going on my first experience with an explosive packet of turmeric, if this happens, it may take you longer!

The benefits of turmeric are huge. As I read more about it, it soon became apparent that this little spice most commonly used in Indian dishes, was quite astounding.

• 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder • 1 dash of cracked pepper • 1 tablespoon of olive or coconut oil • 1/2 cup boiled hot water and stir thoroughly

Research has shown that turmeric can be beneficial for those suffering from depression, skin conditions (including acne and psoriasis), curcumin does have anti-cancer effects, helps with inflammation and diabetes, arthritis, cholesterol, gastrointestinal problems, helps promote weight loss, insomnia,

Let the mixture sit for a minute or two, just to cool a little, and then add to your dog’s food.

— Words: Donna Malneek



Is your skin thin and dry? Immediately hydrate and plump your skin with the Hyaluron SkinCoach Facial!


Results vary according to skin.

09 520 5331 591A Remuera Rd, Remuera finessefaceandbody.co.nz

Made of  100%  Medical  Grade  Silicone,     soft  and  comfortable.  

6 Pads  per  box.   TO  BUY  NOW   VISIT  WWW.DMINISH.CO.NZ  

Each pad  last  approx.  15  days  with  proper  care  and  skin   FOLLOW  US  ON:   conditions    

Forever Shine Beauty Therapy




Organic Beauty Clinic for Men & Women 29c Mt Eden Road, Eden Terrace | 09 358 0830 | 0275 740 562 forevershine_beauty@yahoo.co.nz | www.forevershinebeauty.com

For the month of September, book in for our Advanced Skin Analysis absolutely free! THEBEA U TYELIX IR .C O.NZ

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Before and after one Hyaluron SkinCoach facial.


The SilcSkin  Eye  Pads  are  specifically  designed  to  prevent   wrinkles,  bags  and  creepiness  under  the  eyes  and  crow's   feet  area  caused  by  fatigue,  aging  and  sun  damage.   Much  thinner  with  a  less  adhesive  quality  for  the   sensitive  under  eye  area.  


Inspired at 30 to make skin care products for her own sensitive skin, Steph started off with a love for gardening and rescuing animals, with Oasis Beauty blossoming in the back of her mind. Eventually she started up what is now a fantastic skincare line. We chat about her journey here. Was there a particular moment when you realised you could make a business out of selling your products? No, not really. It was a gradual realisation. The difference between Oasis and other brands is that Oasis wasn’t started as a business. It was my hobby which turned into a bit of an obsession which naturally transformed into a business. Do you think there is an increasing shift towards products that have all natural ingredients? I know there is an increasing shift. Global research shows us that consumers are moving towards natural products, transparency in information, sustainable packaging, ethical business practices and accountability. I think it’s about time. When I started making natural products almost 20 years ago, it was still considered a bit ‘hippy’. Times have changed for the better. Is it important to you to sell products which are much more affordable than high-end designer brands? When I lived in London, I had the money to splurge on premium brands. However, when I returned to NZ and got my first mortgage, I couldn’t afford luxuries. To be honest, it was a real struggle. So, I started making my own products because the cheaper products were awful and my skin was just terrible. It turned out that I was very good at it and my skin was the best it had ever been. I want other people to experience Oasis and come to the same realisation that spending lots of money doesn’t equate to results. What is the philosophy that drives your business and your product? We have four words at Oasis that drives all our decisions – integrit, innovation, honesty, and kindness. That’s us.

They are the values that I’ve always upheld from being a one-woman band making lotions and potions in my kitchen to the successful multi-million company we are now. What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in starting your own business? Having never run a business or having any formal qualifications, the whole experience has been one lesson after another. One of the biggest has been how to fund a business when you don’t have any investors or money yourself. I’ve proved you can do it without getting into debt. The other has been the art of how to get up after being knocked down. Which of your products would you say is the real must-have for anyone who wants to take good care of their skin? If I had to pick one, it would be sunscreen. If you don’t wear sunscreen every day, expect your skin to age quicker than it should. Sun exposure is beauty suicide. What are your biggest skincare tips? Use sunscreen every day, even in winter. Once you’ve got that down, my next tip would be to moisturise. Moisturise your hands multiple times a day as they really do need it. Slather a generous amount of moisturiser on your feet daily and pop some socks on. Moisturise your body after getting out of the shower. Where can you see Oasis Beauty being in 10 years' time? Oasis is a labour of love. I started it at 30-years-old and I’m turning 50 next year. Another 10 years? Well, I’m not exactly sure but it would be nice to have somebody else running the show while I floated around doing all the fun jobs and getting in everybody’s way!

OASISBEAUTY.COM | 0800 OASIS (0800 627476)




If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m a former registered nurse and my focus is on the health of your skin as well as what’s happening on the inside of your body to impact your visible skin layers. The therapists who work with me, Beverley Danyali and Hannah Brockbank, also look beyond the surface of your skin to what may be going on within the body. You see, your skin’s health, how it looks, and how it ages is very much tied up with the general health of your body. This is one reason I am such a fan of One Truth 818 Serum.


I’m going to get a bit science-y here for a moment, but please bear with me. Chromosomes, cells which determine our gender, colouring and how we age, make up a large part of our biology. They are threadlike structures made up of protein and DNA and look a bit like an elongated horizontal 'X' with tips like shoelace caps on the end. These tips are called telomeres. Most of us have 46 chromosomes, and right from the point of conception the telomeres begin to shorten each time they replicate in the normal process of cell division. This shortening, which eventually leads to an inability to replicate, is one of the causes of ageing. DR BILL ANDREWS Enter world renowned telomere biologist Dr Bill Andrews. He’s devoted to turning – what he terms the disease of ageing on its head. That said, he’s not really interested in skin, his passion is more about

health. He’s the founder of Sierra Sciences in Nevada (sierrasci.com) and his tagline is ‘cure ageing, or die trying’. Most recently, Dr Andrews identified a telomerase that has the ability to re-lengthen telomeres.


It was when my colleague, Auckland-based Rachel D’Aguiar and her husband Chris of the Chase Life Extension Foundation, who are just as passionate about healthy skin as I am, came together with Dr Andrews that 818 One Truth Serum was born. TAM-818 is the telomerase that Dr Andrews discovered has the ability to re-lengthen telomeres. Taking that monumental discovery Rachel and Chris developed 818 One Truth Serum. It has a light, velvety texture and releases the TAM-818 substance deep below the skin’s surface. It also hydrates and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and reduces sensitivity. I have been absolutely blown away by the results I’ve seen.


With 30 days of daily use, 818 One Truth is clinically proven to decrease wrinkles by 14%, improve skin firmness by 20%, reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles by 11% and 15% respectively, and boost elasticity by 8%. Plus, it goes without saying for me to stock it, 818 One Truth Serum is not tested on animals and contains no parabens, preservatives or artificial fragrances. It is non-sensitising, non-toxic and dermatologically tested. It’s got our unconditional seal of approval!


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TRANSFORMATION VACATION Every New Year seems to be a biological indicator for most people to stop and pause and take stock of their lives' objectives — be it financial, family or personal attainment — and see how they want to improve their current situation for the better. With January 2018 just around the corner, for many, it heralds the season of analysing yourself and acting on your desires to get 'revamped' in time for the summer. It is well known that some people just age faster than others and no matter if you blame it on heredity, stress, environment or poor diet, You. Will. Age. Growing old gracefully does not mean you need to show all the signs of ageing. Now, thanks to Beauty Getaways NZ, you can manage your ageing process with safe affordable solutions. A facelift with eyelids and neck lift with Beauty Getaways starts from $8,000. Tired of not being able to fit into summer clothes, or timid about being seen at the beach? Beauty Getaways have more than 10 years of assisting their clients to realise their dreams of larger breasts, smaller more uplifting breasts, weight loss and more though affordable cosmetic procedures and nutritional diet. Breast augmentation from $4,400 per breast, reduction and lift from $5,800, enjoy a flat stomach and restore your waistline with a tummy tuck from $5,700.

Bring back your smile in 2018. Lost the confidence to smile because of gaps or mis-shaped, discoloured teeth? Get confidence and a beach holiday all in one, at costs up to 60% less than the treatment alone in New Zealand. Save on your beautiful new smile with veneers from $400 each. Beauty Getaways, the first medical tourism company to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated, understand the uniqueness of Kiwis and strive to deliver personal solutions to make wishes a reality. Beauty Getaways' 10 years' experience is second to none when it comes to connecting the most advanced, accredited and reputable hospitals and surgeons in Asia. Plus, as fully accredited travel agents, Beauty Getaways can offer full all-in-one surgery holiday packages: surgery, dental, flights and accommodation. Beauty Getaways can tailor your life changing holiday to suit your own dates or you can choose to travel on one of their escorted groups where you have the added support of a Kiwi travelling with you to assist, plus the company of other like-minded people making it an experience of a lifetime with new life-long friends. Jo Hueston, director of Beauty Getaways (Beautiful Escapes) delights in assisting her many clients with their life-changing procedures, "It's a privilege being involved in such an eventful time of their lives," she says. "I love seeing the fantastic results and the huge boost of confidence that my clients return home with!"

For a private and confidential chat about the possibilities: jo@beautygetaways.co.nz — 0800 472 469 Facebook: Beautiful Escapes, facebook.com/beautifulescapesnz

Work out because you love your body, not beacuse you hate it! First consultation free So many women lose confidence as they grow older. With our busy lives, fitness often falls by the wayside, and we end up fustrated and unhappy with our bodies. Here at East Side Studio, we help bring you back into movement in a fun, safe haven of effective training. Bring personal back into personal training and book now!

— Book into a small group strength class, first class complimentary 532 Par nell Rd, Par nell – 09 379 2706 wendy@eastsidestudio.co.nz eastsidestudio.co.nz



BRINGING SCIENCE & BEAUTY TOGETHER Exciting developments in science have brought medicine and beauty together through PRP to help us fight the effects of ageing, and the recipe can be found right here in Auckland with the incredible team at Clinic 42. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and is derived from your own blood, containing more than 300 active growth factors. Studies have shown that the body's natural healing process is activated when PRP is added to a treatment area, releasing specific proteins that lead to regeneration and rejuvenation of our damaged or ageing skin via collagen synthesis. In layman's terms this means we can use proteins from our own blood to help reverse the age of our skin. Located in Epsom, Clinic 42 have several options for nonsurgical PRP treatments. Two are injectable treatments, performed by experienced registered medical professionals. The third treatment option is a slightly less invasive treatment, infusing PRP topically into the skin via a micro-needling device. This is performed by either a nurse or skin therapist.

consider these treatments a long-term investment in your skin. Areas commonly treated are around the eyes and mouth, as these areas are typically hard to treat effectively with other types of cosmetic injectables such as dermal filler. Due to PRP’s healing properties it will also work to improve more mature skins and other, hard to treat, concerns such as acne scarring. You can feel safe with this treatment as PRP is autologous (coming from your own body), therefore, removing the risk of allergic reaction or rejection. There are no artificial ingredients, as it is injected immediately after being separated, with nothing added during the process. Initial swelling is expected, so downtime of 1-2 days is usual and, as with any injectable procedure, bruising may occur. It is never too early to start investing in your skin. As with most health issues, prevention is the way to go, and this is no different for your skin health. See the team at Clinic 42 to use your own body to achieve a natural, fresh and revitalised you.

In a PRP treatment the blood is taken from you in a similar way to a standard blood test. It is then placed in a centrifuge and spun to separate the PRP. The PRP derived from the blood is then placed into the superficial layers under the skin, using a cannula, via 2-6 injection sites or via their micro-needling device.

Complimentary consultations are available with their experienced nurses Louise Greer and Natalie Meehan to assess which treatment suits you best. See their website for more information or call them on (09) 638 4242

PRP treatments are going to improve your skin quality, texture and soften fine lines over the ensuing months;






Stroke is a leading cause of death and major disability worldwide. There are many risk factors including high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, irregular heart beat (in medical terms called atrial fibrillation). In the majority of patients who become victims of this disease, the cause is blockage of one the arteries of the brain by a clot. It results in damage to the part of the brain which does not get enough blood flowing (because of the blockage of artery) and this part of brain becoming dead. Until recently there was not a good treatment available. In the last decade the 'clot-busting' medication became available which is given by an injection. The patient needs to be treated within 4.5 hours of onset of symptoms. It only gives benefit to 30% of patients after treatment who get better. It has no improvement in 70% patients treated with it. The recent advance is a revolutionary treatment which is 'mechanical clot removal'. In medical terms ,it is called 'thrombectomy'. The neuro-radiologist (the x-ray specialist doctor of the brain) removes this blood clot from the brain artery mechanically. They use the clot removal equipment while simultaneously seeing the brain arteries and clot on the CT scan. Sometimes they use a device to suck the clot (like a Hoover). The results are amazing. Up to 80% patients treated with this technique make full recovery with no residual weakness or disability. On arrival to hospitals patients will be assessed by doctors, and immediately get brain scans. If it shows signs of a stroke they will get the treatment to save their lives and disability. For this to happen, patients need to be rushed to hospital straight away. The assessments and brain scans take some time. To be eligible for these treatments patients need to be in time window of treatment. It is 4.5 hours from start of symptoms to start of treatment. This why it is called 'Time is Brain'. It is an old saying, “prevention is better than cure”. It is still true and valid. Please make sure you get regularly checked by your own doctor for risk factors of stroke, namely high blood pressure, diabetes and irregular heart beat. Please quit smoking if you are a smoker. There is lot of help available with your doctor to help you in quitting. If you are overweight and have a sedentary life style then consider regular exercise and weight loss. Eat healthy food with lots of vegetables and fresh fruit. If your doctors find that you have either high blood pressure, diabetes or irregular heart beat then he/she will discuss with you the treatment options. It will be mostly in the form of different tablets. It is very important for you to stick to the medical advice given and get the treatment for these risk factors. It is an investment in the future of your own heath so that you don’t get stroke and become disabled. Please remember FAST (campaign running in media) in recognising symptoms of stroke in your loved ones. This new treatment of clot removal is available in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The specialists in other areas are working hard for these treatments to be available to all the citizens of NZ. Remember “Time is Brain”. DR INTESAR H MALIK, CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN, GISBORNE HOSPITAL. PRIVATE PRACTICE:SKIN DEEP CLINIC, GISBORNE 06 863 2688 | SKINDEEPCLINIC.CO.NZ | 188 COBDEN ST, GISBORNE

Introducing All-Natural Menopause Support with EstroG-100™ THE CHANGE OF LIFE CAN BE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE™ onths Win a 3 m f supply o 00™. s E troG-1 ow to h t Find ou e 126. g a p n win o

• Ground breaking natural herbal formulation • Clinically proven to help women with menopause • Safe to use, no side effects • Presented in VEGE capsules – suitable for vegetarians and vegans EstroG-100™ doesn’t contain estrogen, but rather mimics it assisting in balancing the body’s natural response to hormonal changes and supporting normal body temperature, mood, healthy joints and restful sleep with herbs from Mother Nature.

For more information visit:


Time for spring cleaning? Don’t forget to visit your dental hygienist. Kiwis are a little slack when it comes to getting along to the dentist. Figures show that as few as one in two adults visit the dentist on a regular basis.

Bleeding Gums – Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation. This can lead to the break down of the supporting tissues around your teeth. Over a period of time this break down can lead to periodontitis (gum disease). If caught at a late stage, the result can be tooth loss.


Stained/Discoloured Teeth – If you enjoy any of the following: smoking, red wine, coffee, tea or curries, then you are staining your teeth. Stains can sit either on the tooth surface (extrinsic) or inside the tooth (intrinsic). Extrinsic stains can easily be lifted by prophylaxis, a mild form of abrasion. Intrinsic stains need to be broken down by tooth whitening solutions. We offer both in-chair and takehome tooth whitening. Both of these solutions are safe, easy ways to remove stains from your teeth.

Grafton Road

Khyber Pass Road Nugent Street

Symonds Street

Auckland’s first medically-focused exercise rehabilitation clinic now open in your neighbourhood.



8 Nugent St Grafton

The new ExerScience Clinic delivers evidence-based exercise for recovery and rehabilitation of a wide range of health conditions. • Cardiac Rehab • Cancer Recovery • Lower Back Pain • Pre/Post Surgery • Obesity • Diabetes • Stroke • COPD • Depression and many more. Creating individually prescribed exercise programmes, monitored by trained Clinical Exercise Physiologists using gold-standard measurements of progress and fitness.

Call or visit today to see how we can help you. Ph 393 8500


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Bad Breath – Bad breath, or halitosis, commonly occurs from poor oral hygiene but can also be a sign of other conditions, such as diabetes, dehydration, and chronic respiratory conditions. Often halitosis is very easy to treat; with a combination of cleaning and oral hygiene coaching we can easily manage this embarrassing condition.


The main cause of bleeding gums is plaque and tarter build-up. Removal of this build up by scaling and prophylaxis combined with oral hygiene coaching, and your gums will be restored to a healthy state. With recent research proving a link between gum disease and heart disease, it’s vital to keep your gums healthy.


Well, here’s a little bit of Tooth Co advice — the best money spent at the dentist is a simple visit to a dental hygienist. On a regular basis, seeing a hygienist can prevent many debilitating dental conditions and it wont break the bank. A trip to the dental hygienist can help:





Fashion and lifestyle blogger. The diminutive Kiwiborn Italian fashionista recently made the jump over the ditch to Melbourne to expand on her already budding career. Ariana's sense of style has gained her a fervently loyal following on social platforms like Tumblr and Instagram (15k followers and counting), adorning them with new and on-trend content daily. What we love is her ability to capture the essence of the environment she is in, whether its the perfect outfit, or sunset, she's no one trick pony when it comes to the click. A seasoned content creator through and through, she is a must follow in our books.

Fashion and lifestyle influencer/editor @ The Tailored Man. Social media is a powerful tool, and if utilised correctly, can be a great influence to a targeted audience. As the editor for lifestyle blog, The Tailored Man, it has been extraordinary to see the impact our content has had on guys in creating ways in which they use our content for inspiration on a range of topics applicable to their lives. It's also extremely rewarding when you are in conversation and people know of your brand and compliment the work you are doing. We have been successful by sticking to our guns, being genuine and creating content that people resonate with, and will use in their day-to-day.




Number 5 beauty influencer in the world as named by Forbes. Shannon Harris has gained a huge following of more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Instagram thanks to her relatable and on-trend content. She’s the top beauty influencer in New Zealand and has worked with the likes of MAC, Benefit Cosmetics and Sephora. She also has her own beauty line, XOBeauty, that sells makeup brushes, lashes, makeup and accessories. Represented by Johnson & Laird Management.

Travel, beauty, lifestyle influencer. The Aucklandbased travel, lifestyle and beauty enthusiast has raked up an impressive following of 10,000 followers during her Instagram journey. A recent two-month excursion to Europe sponsored by STA Travel saw the young upstart take some breathtaking footage in some of Europe's most iconic locations. A must follow for her sometimes self-depreciating but always entertaining approach to everyday life. Annie looks to empower young women through her feed to travel the world and chase their dreams, one snap at a time!

The latest collection from Shereena Noelle showcases fitness wear that is colourful, playful & flirty



The fabric is fully breathable, soft and keeps its shape. All garments are designed and made right here in Auckland


// SEP 2017

You're not generic, so why should your physio treatment ? At be we provide tailored treatment plans that take into account your unique health goals, respecting you as the expert of your own needs. Our extended consultation times and modern on-site gym ensures that you'll receive both comprehensive hand-on therapy, and be guided throught an exercise based rehab programme to

Book Now bephysio.co.nz

help you reach your goals more quickly and effectively. Alongside our physiotherapy solutions we offer acupuncture, sports massage and running coaching. be takes a contemporary, holistic approach to inspire and nurture you in becoming your strongest, healthiest and best self at all stages of life.


favourite by Kevin Murphy. Formulated to reconstruct, restore and strengthen hair and contain enzymes derived from pineapple and papaya and superfood proteins from green peas, working to rebuild hair from the inside out.

The Dapper Dad Treatment at East Day Spa The complete performance duo for the modern man on the go. Radiance-revving CODAGE skincare promises to moisturise and repair whilst fighting the effects of jet-lag, pollution and air conditioning. This 30-minute ‘On the Road Again’ facial transforms dull, tired skin and comes complete with relaxing 45-minute Chill Lounge Reflexology, rejuvenating and resetting energy levels. $138 / $160

— $49.00 each KevinMurphy.com


— eastdayspa.com 09 363 7050 123 Albert St, Auckland


Father's Day Pampering Bliss Reflexology


Treat Dad to the Deluxe Body Massage at Bliss reflexology, Bliss combines traditional Chinese massage with the latest in wellness philosophy. Reflexology is the science of stimulating reflexes of the foot, hand or ears. The trained therapist uses the thumb and fingers to release stress held within the body. The treatment includes a five-minute foot spa and 80-minute deep-tissue or relaxation massage.

— blissreflexology.com 09 520 6818 1F/255 Broadway, Newmarket

Manuka Doctor ApiBronze AntiCellulite Bronzing Gel $34.95

Manuka Doctor ApiBronze AgeDefying Facial Bronzing Gel $24.95

Missing your summer glow? Manuka Doctor

has formulated hydrating, age-defying bronzing gels that deliver a golden glow in just one hour. Created using Purified Bee Venom (PBV™) and manuka honey, the Manuka Doctor ApiBronze collection not only visibly revitalises and hydrates the skin, it promotes skin elasticity as it develops, creating radiant youthful looking, healthy skin.

— manukadoctor.co.nz

ASHLEY & CO have released their brand new Lip Punch which protects and nourishes dry and chapped lips. The new balm has a rich buttery formulation made from natural beeswax, arnica and essential oils. — Lip Punch $14.95 ashleyandco.co.nz

SNEAKING AROUND While we're still all about a pair of classic crisp white kicks, things have gotten a lot more interesting in the sneaker department since the craze came to be. From pastel chic block colours to eye-catching platforms, it’s the little details that make these shoes instant must haves.

Adidas Skate $

Origin 298 fr als x AW om Wor kshop

Celine Spring 17

Woman b $649 f y Common P ro rom Wo rkshop jects

Topshop Sneaker $55

From Marni.com Calvin Klein Spring 2016



Your brand has been producing luxurious leather goods and accessories since 1998. What was it that led you into designing handbags? Purely desire! I was living in New York and to get to work I walked through a luxury shopping district. Unable to afford one of the beautiful bags, and being a fine arts graduate I decided it wouldn’t be too hard to make one. So I then spent most of my free time in the garment district picking materials and finishings to stitch up my designs at home. It was a bit of a flop, but I was not deterred, so I decided to come home and find a manufacturer. You named the brand after your late grandmother, Sarah Saben. Is she a big inspiration for your design philosophy? I come from a long line of stylish and fiercely independent women who relish in the art of dressing. I have memories watching my grandmother artfully edit her ensemble to reflect the demands of the day. When designing I often think of my her; the bags need to work for their wearer, but also be exceptionally beautiful and importantly, also be a joy to wear. And now I am inspired by all the women who wear them.

A triumph of elegant design and seamless practicality, Saben has been creating quality handbags and accessories for almost 20 years, attracting a loyal following of women who love its focus on functionality and timeless design. Owner and designer Roanne Jacobson’s philosophy of helping women to keep their busy lives both organised and stylish has ensured Saben’s ongoing success worldwide, with the opening of the first flagship store on Ponsonby Road in 2016 to showcase her highquality, versatile products in their own space. Verve reporter Beth Owen chats to Roanne.

What is your usual starting point when designing a new collection? When it comes to design, I am obsessive, so I usually zone in on an idea or a story, a trend, macro or micro – and I will fixate on that until I feel it is resolved or answered. Sometimes it is an ongoing journey throughout a few collections, other times it is loud and bold within a capsule in one collection. Of course, taking into account what styles and colours our customers are most responsive too, but also pushing boundaries to inspire them to be playful with their accessories. Usually the latter is when the real magic happens. Where do you source the materials from for Saben products? I spend a lot of time sourcing raw materials, finishings and hardware. I attend leather fairs and leather

markets, although now that the brand has enough of a presence, leather suppliers send me samples to look at so I get to see new innovations straight from the tannery floor. Every season requires something new, so I always have my eyes open when travelling. Do you think that the handbag has an important psychological significance for women, especially working women? The juggle is so real for many women out there. Three businesses, three kids or somewhere in between, being ‘armed’ with a great bag can make a huge difference. Often our wallet and handbags become the linchpin to keeping our lives in order. With Saben, your haul can be stylish and for the most part, well organised — even if your day is not. What do you think is the perfect staple handbag for women to invest in? Frankie handbags and Tilly wallets are the perfect place to start. A multifunctional work-toweekend handbag with two compartments to arrange your life: me/him work/personal mine/kids. Frankie is all efficiency on the inside, yet beautifully modern and minimal on the outside. Tilly is an overachieving wallet wonder, more than a money mule, she has room to hold keys, sunnies, and all the extras, with a little wristlet she makes a stunning clutch. This really is a piece you don’t know how you could ever live without. Do you have a personal favourite in the collection? Perks of the job – I don’t usually have to pick one. But, Gita has stayed on my shoulder since her very first sample, safe to say it’s love. And the new Kara backpack has caught my attention for my weekends watching my kids on the basketball court and the rugby field. How would you describe Saben in three words? Playful, thoughtful, craftsmanship... or four words? You Lucky Lucky Thing! Browse more Saben products at: saben.co.nz

Contemporary menswear specialists Crane Brothers have been crafting beautiful suits, shirts and accessories for 20 years. They have recently introduced a Made in Italy program, luring industry veteran John Mangham of Ermenegildo Zegna in the process. The senior consultant and fitting specialist, who spent more than two decades with the Italian menswear giant, knows more than most when it comes to crafting timeless garments. “Murray Crane [founder], has built such a strong business through a desire and passion for craftsmanship, tailoring and correct fit,” says John, “and he has done it largely with his own local tailors. But more recently we’ve partnered with artisan tailors based just outside of Rome for our Made in Italy program, which is my speciality, having started out with Italian luxury brand Zegna in the early ‘90s.” Crane Brothers also source their fabrics from some of Italy’s most iconic mills whose histories span more than a century. “When Murray was aligning himself with these great Italian suppliers, he wanted someone with genuine experience and I was tempted away,” says John. “His plans were bold and exciting, and perhaps a little more realistic for our market.” The program sits alongside the company’s New Zealand made collections, handmade using fabrics from “all of the finest mills in Italy”. The suits utilise traditional techniques, including a fully floating hand-sewn canvas for a fit that is more “personal and alive”. “One of the benefits is that we have a selection of exclusive fabrics we work with from a variety of mills,” says John. “The result is a suit with more character, that will make the wearer feel more special, not just in terms of the material. This makes the garments unique for the individual."



John, a made-to-measure specialist, has “conversations with his clients” addressing their needs, for example, do they feel the cold, how often will they be wearing the suit, will it be used for travel, as well as looking at their skin tone, hair colour, and body shape to select the most flattering cloth. The finer aspects of personalisation such as buttons — two, three, double-breasted — and the style of pockets and trousers must also be decided. Clients can even choose to have their initials embroidered into the lining. “Our suits start at $2,495 and move up in price from there depending on the cloth,” says John. “So you have to ensure you’re advising them correctly.” The details are sent through to Italy and then shipped, normally within 4–5 weeks. Though it’s still on the conservative side, John is encouraged to see New Zealand tailoring “growing up”, with more younger men taking an interest in not just how the suits look, but also the fabric. “We always advocate authenticity,” he adds. “People understand that they are making an investment.” Another service Crane Brothers promote is their wardrobe consultations, “to alleviate ‘errors’ and to put together a plan that works”. “One of the biggest challenges faced is that men tend to spend disposable income on cars or watches. Clothes often drop down the list,” John says. “I subscribe to the philosophy that you’re in your car for a couple of hours a day, with few people seeing you, but you’re in your clothes for eight-to-10 hours, so you should spend accordingly. You should invest in yourself.”

FINE JEWELS & WATCHES Entries now invited for an auction of Christmas Jewels 3 December, 2017



Mossgreen-Webb’s offers vintage and contemporary jewellery, diamonds and gemstones, fine watches and other luxury goods. Please contact us to book an appointment for a confidential appraisal and to discuss consignment into this auction. Contact: Lauren Boustridge Jewellery Specialist +64 9 524 6804 mail@mossgreen-webbs.co.nz

New S e as o n Inst o r e L ay by N ow

Staple+Cloth • Random • Sills • David Pond Obi • Paula Ryan • Loobie's Story • Deeane Hobbs • New London Jeans • Lemon Tree • Fray The Label • Madly Sweetly Accessories, Jewellery, Bags and Scarves Collect loyalty points while su ppor ti n g N Z d esi gn ers

114 Main Highway Ellerslie Open Mon – Fri 9.30am-5.30pm Sat 10am-4pm sashaboutique.co.nz Ph 09 579 3535

THE FRENZY OF FASHION WEEK As I write this month’s column, NZ Fashion Week is about to kick off. I’m being bombarded with the excitement from all angles; the Herald, online sites and social media – it seems that the usual frenzy is as strong as ever this year.

I can remember when I would eagerly register as an attendee months prior to the event, head down to the events centre Monday to grab my registration pack and pore over all the tickets to the shows excitedly. I used to cover the shows for an online fashion site, and I have to say there’s nothing quite like wearing that 'Media' lanyard around your neck as you saunter past the crowds to your seat. While I’m looking forward to attending the shows I’ve been invited to this year, I guess I’ve become slightly disenchanted by the whole experience. I often describe it as taking you right back to high school, when you weren’t one of the cool kids and simply felt out of place. Yes, there’s the usual high-profile front row fillers, the international guests and the real influencers: the magazine and editorial stylists, the buyers, and the international press. Increasingly though,

there’s a sense that what you are seeing is not translatable to your day to day. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a cleverly styled fashion show but there comes a point where as a stylist who dresses typical Kiwi women, seeing endless garments on tall, young, willowy frames somehow loses its relevance. Another bug-bear? Too many of our fashion designers don’t dress women beyond size 14, which makes my job that much harder. Those that do are truly focussed on what really matters – the people who want to wear their clothes (hat-tip to World, Zambesi, Andrea Moore, Trelise Cooper and Taylor). Let’s be truly honest here, Fashion Week is very cool and truly a fab opportunity for NZ designers to showcase their aesthetic to a much broader audience, but if

no-one buys your garments, then you would have to ask what’s the point of it all? The key then must be to dress your customer, not just a 5’10” 16-year-old. While over the years our fashion week has been criticised for being too commercial, I think the best shows balance the theatrics with garments you can see yourself or your clients wearing. Want a hand to create a look that works for YOU, not someone else? I'd absolutely love to help! Just pick up the phone or drop me an email – lets’ do a coffee! Jackie O’Fee is owner of Signature Style.











319 R E M U E R A R O A D CNR NORANA & REMUERA RD P H O N E : 0 9 5 29 273 8


1 BALM STREET NEWMARKET P H O N E : 0 9 5 24 5787




R, RO SE $2 49
















SEP 2017

















Spring ‘17 Collection “Dotty” Print 399 Remuera Road 09 520 5440 SHOP IN STORE OR ONLINE




The world’s first island beach club is now open to welcome guests TRAVEL

With exceptional snorkelling in the surrounding reef off Malamala, plus complimentary non-motorised water sports there is plenty to do. Guests can relax in one of the beachside cabanas dotted around the island, and soak up the sunshine with amazing South Pacific


SEP 2017

Malamala Beach Club offers a delicious a-la-carte menu with light bites to tame your craving or Pacificinspired meals and shared platters. Sample the special selection of curated cocktails and relax in the club-like atmosphere with laid back tunes mixed all day long. For menu starters try blackened fish taco or coconut sliders, followed by a seared fish Kokoda koko bowl and don’t forget to try our hand crafted golden orb for dessert. The curated cocktail collection specially mixed for Malamala Beach Club by a San Francisco based mixologist allows you to indulge with the Momi Cannon, Beach Club Tea, and Smoking Barrel.

views. Malamala Beach Club is also the perfect venue for an incentive group or special event, with a variety of spaces available for private function hire.


Surrounded by Fiji’s famous crystal clear waters, Malamala Beach Club is just 25 minutes from Port Denarau. Grab a day pass and enjoy white sand beaches, beachside cabanas with butler service, a resort style infinity edge pool, and views across the stunning Mamanucas from Fiji’s best located island.

The multi-award-winning South Sea Cruises is Fiji's leading maritime operator, providing a range of day cruises to explore Fiji’s iconic islands and an inter-island resort connection (ferry) service for the Mamanuca and Yasawa group of islands. Also part of the South Sea Cruises portfolio is Fiji’s premier small ship cruising experience, Blue Lagoon Cruises, offering three-, fourand seven-night cruises; Awesome Adventures Fiji, catering to backpackers and independent travellers; Yasawa Islands Holidays, specialising in couples and family holiday experiences in the Yasawa Islands; and Vinaka Fiji, a voluntourism experience focused on building sustainable communities, education and marine conservation.


THE WORLD’S FIRST ISLAND BEACH CLUB IS NOW OPEN IN FIJI. SUN. SAND. TUNES. COCKTAILS & FOOD. ONLY 3 HOURS AWAY. To celebrate the opening of Malamala Beach Club, We’re offering FJ$50* off all beach club day passes. *

Use promo code ‘SAVE50’ online to redeem the opening special.

Sale ends 30 September 2017 for travel before 22 December 2017.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY A chat with Kiwi travel blogger Courtney Tyler, who tells us that if she wasn’t travelling would live in a cute sustainable tiny house by the sea, grow organic veggies, look after abandoned animals and listen to Fleetwood Mac every day. Where do you call home? Home is little ol’ New Zealand. What sort of traveller are you? I wouldn’t call myself any type of traveller, it’s just me immersing myself in anything and everything I love. It will also depend on where I’m going, who I’m with and what type of experience I’m after in that particular country. I’m most at home with my friends, backpacking, sleeping on beaches, having no plans or accommodation booked and being spontaneous. But on the other end of the spectrum, I also love to lap it up in luxurious resorts from time to time. What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you? My mum flew with Air New Zealand for 15 years and worked throughout her pregnancy so I was jet-setting in mum’s tum before I was even born. After that, my dad joined Air New Zealand, where he has now been for coming up 30 years. He started taking me on work trips when I was old enough to remember them. One of the first trips I can remember was AKLTAHITI-LAX-TAHITI-AKL; I would have been around eight. It was a 10-day trip and I can remember thinking at that point, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Have you been anywhere that turned out to be totally different to how you imagined? If so, how? Barcelona for sure! I’m not a huge city girl and touching down here was a pleasant surprise for me. My best friend and I had some time up our sleeves in between destinations and this was a last-minute decision. I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason and

the universe is always there guiding us, this was one of those 'thank you universe' moments. Has there been a place that you did not enjoy? I have a love-hate relationship with Turkey! Don’t get me wrong it is the most beautiful country and Cappadocia is one of my favourite destinations. However, I found myself in some compromising situations that I didn’t feel comfortable with, being a girl in a dominating male culture that didn’t speak much English was challenging. Also, top tip — when your local backpacker host tells you he has never driven a car in his own country because he is terrified of the roads and you should not, I repeat NOT hire a car. You take his advice. I don’t think the Turks have road rules at all! Where is your favourite place in the world? Everyone hears me harp on about this all the time but I honestly can’t put into words how amazing Tulum is... but I’ll try! It has the most magical, spiritual energy I’ve ever felt, and my heart was filled with so much love, gratitude and joy just being there. The white sandy beaches are home to seaside bohemian thatched huts, yoga and meditation, healthy whole foods, raw and vegan cuisine and Mayan ruins. On the jungle side, you can cruise down the coastline on your hired vintage bike, stepping into gypsy-inspired boutiques filled with dream catchers, brightly coloured smoothie joints that scream tropical vibes, and recharge in the various teepee retreats that provide energy healing and so much more. Do you have a bucket list? For me, it’s not just about the destinations or ticking off all the places I’ve wanted to go. It’s cheesy as hell, but I’m all about the journey not only travelling but when you're back home having down time. How does it all mold you into the person you are? So, I guess you could say I’m

interested in the whole world and excited to see where it takes me next. Can you imagine life without travel? There’s no going back once you’ve had a taste of it. Travel for me is not about the places your legs take you but the journey it takes your soul on. Being so vulnerable forces you out of your comfort zone in all the right places. We discover who we are when no one is looking. We learn about love and compassion from all ends of the Earth. It’s as much about exploring your inner world as the outer world. When did you begin placing your adventures online? About two years ago during my trip to Europe, the whole place is so picturesque I had to share it with my close friends through Instagram, and now, two years later, I have a little Instagram family following my adventures. Why do enjoy most about blogging? Connecting with amazing, genuine people. I have met so many out there already that are on their own life journeys and just doing their thing spreading the love, and it’s bloody beautiful! There is no room for power trips or ego in my world. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people you can only grow, build each other up and inspire every day. How long have you been doing social media and what makes what you do special? I’m a graphic designer from 9-5 so I have been in the social media game for quite a while, maybe only two years for myself though. I like to combine my love for travel and creativity. I don’t think I’m special to any other individual working hard to make their dreams a reality. Everyone puts in just as much love, dedication, and hard work to what they do and that’s what makes it all so special.

Do you have any products or services to offer? Not a product as such, but I hope to inspire people to seek the wanderlust in themselves. What has been your most successful post to date? That would have to be a picture of me on a beach swing at Coco Tulum. I think it resonates with people because of the caption. It’s a cute tale of why Tulum is so special to so many people. What is your favourite mode of transport? That would have to be car or boat. I try to hire a car when I’m travelling, it’s the best way to have the holiday your way, and at your pace. It also opens you up to getting lost in all the right directions and finding hidden gems! And boat, because who doesn’t love a good sea adventure?! Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travellers? Don’t plan too much — maybe a couple of days ahead at a time, those spontaneous moments always lead to the best adventures. I can’t stress enough how important meeting new people is. Immerse yourself in the local culture. Have an open heart and always be compassionate. The universe will always have your back, trust this and don’t fear the journey. If your heart is pulling you towards something always listen to it and say 'yes' to new opportunities. What has travel taught you? All of the things above and so much more.


WIN 5 NIGHTS AT PACIFIC RESORT AITUTAKI VALUED AT $8,950 • Pacific Resort Aitutaki Accomodation Prize Package • Five nights for two people in a Premium Beachfront Bungalow at Pacific Resort Aitutaki • Complimentary airport transfers on Aitutaki • Daily a la carte breakfasts at Rapae Bay Restaurant • Complimentary use of snorkelling equipment, kayaks, sun loungers and beach towels

Prize Terms and Conditions. Accommodation is subject to availability at time of prize redemption — Travel is valid 1 November 2017 to 31 May 2018 (with blackout dates from 24 Dec '17 to 9 Jan '18) — This prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash — International and domestic flights are not included in this prize and are the responsibility of the prize winner — This prize cannot be combined with any live specials and tactical campaigns in the marketplace and cannot be booked via any travel professional or travel wholesaler — All other expenses are the responsibility of the prizewinner — Pacific Resort Hotel Group strongly recommends the prizewinner purchases travel insurance at the time of redeeming the prize.


For business or leisure, for family or guests, you can be confident with Quest whether for one night, one week, or longer.

Spacious, modern apartments ideal for the business and leisure traveller to Auckland. Offering: • The choice of studios, one, two, or three-bedroom apartments, all tastefully furnished with wellequipped kitchens and laundries. • We also offer our guests free Wi-Fi, 29 TV channels & 40 movies. • Secure undercover parking. Newmarket is a very popular location with cafés, shopping, cinemas and the Newmarket business area all on its doorstep. Please check out our website: questnewmarket.co.nz


QUEST PARNELL 8 Heather St, Parnell Ph 337 0804 reservations@questparnell.co.nz questparnell.co.nz


QUEST NEWMARKET 31-39 Davis Cr, Newmarket Ph 520 3000 host@questnewmarket.co.nz questnewmarket.co.nz

Quest Parnell located in the historical suburb of Parnell, offers studios, one- and two-bedroom (two-bathroom) self-contained apartments. • Perfect location just off Parnell Road. • Over 50 restaurants and cafés within walking distance. • On-site gym and heated lap pool • Kitchen and laundry facilities in all apartments. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Secure undercover parking. • Group accommodation for friends and families of wedding parties.

Quest Carlaw Park: Spacious modern apartments for business or leisure. Studio, one-bedroom and luxury two-bedroom (two-bathroom) penthouse apartments available. All with well-equipped kitchens and laundries. Easy 10-minute walk to the city, and on Parnell’s doorstep. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Secure undercover parking. • Complimentary access to Next Generation Gym (100m). • Café, Italian, and Japanese restaurants next door. Please check out our website: questcarlawpark.co.nz


QUEST CARLAW PARK 15 Nicholls Lane, Carlaw Park, Parnell Ph 304 0521 host@questcarlawpark.co.nz questcarlawpark.co.nz





It all starts on the Pacific coast, cut by hundreds of impossibly steep, blue fjords and scattered with thousands of forested islands. The coastal villages here are home to locals whose lives revolve around the ocean. Needless to say, the fresh seafood on the coast is second-to-none! Also along the coast is BC’s legendary Great Bear Rainforest, where a wealth of wildlife, including the rare white Kermode (or spirit) bear, wanders free. This forest of towering cedars and spruce is also home to grizzlies, wolves and cougars. I highly recommend you experience the true nature of BC at one of the region’s luxurious wilderness resorts. Go whale or bear watching by day, retreating by night to beautiful accommodation and world-class local cuisine. One of my favourites is the thoroughly indulgent Sonora Resort, set amidst the wild beauty and pristine waters of BC’s West Coast. Here you can get out amongst it to view grizzly bears, go kayaking, salmon fishing, or even heli-hiking. When it all gets too much there is absolutely no shame in retreating to the outdoor heated pool or hot tub, or refuelling with some gourmet cuisine. And the best part? Getting to Sonora involves a helicopter flight followed by a floatplane transfer where else but in BC!

Beyond the rainforest, you can also visit the Gulf Islands to explore artists’ communities, organic farms, and white shell beaches, or drive high into the Coast Mountains on the dramatic Sea-to-Sky Highway to experience Whistler Blackcomb, a four season resort with excellent skiing, dog-sledding, snowshoeing, and one of the most exciting gondola rides in the world. When all that nature builds up an appetite, head for the sun-drenched Okanagan Valley in BC’s heartland Here you’ll find hundreds of wineries, fruit stands, and farm-to-fork eateries inviting you to sample their wares. It would be rude not to! Your entry-point to BC, and your base from which to explore, will usually be Vancouver. Fine dining, shopping, nightlife and enough arts to satiate even the most ardent culture vulture are all on offer. A side trip out to Victoria on the southern tip of Vancouver Island is a must, as is journey aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train to Whistler, Jasper or even Lake Louise and Banff. In Vancouver, and throughout BC, there are opportunities to experience the ancient cultures of its First Nations peoples. Guided explorations of traditional lands can reveal art galleries and craft studios, live performances and traditional feasts. Wherever you go in British Columbia, allow enough time to do it all, and nature will prevail. — Words: Sue Barnaby, World Journeys Travel Designer

13 DAY SELF-DRIVE TOUR Take the scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway from Vancouver to the alpine resort of Whistler, and through Gold Rush country to the stunning Sparkling Hill Resort. Stop at Wineries en route to Yoho National Park, and stay at beautiful Emerald Lake Lodge. AVAILABLE May through September 2018, enquire now!



Contact World Journeys, or your Travel Agent T 09 360 7311 www.worldjourneys.co.nz /worldjourneys

SEP 2017

British Columbia does nature in spades — a wild place where nature, not man, creates the boundaries, and its people, history, and culture are all shaped by the environment.



WHERE EAST MEETS WEST Though James Buchanan Duke was a philanthropist and electric power baron of great note, his most (in)famous legacy was the creation and marketing of the pre-rolled, modern-day cigarette, founding the American Tobacco Company—original makers of, among others, Lucky Strike. When Duke died in 1925, aged 68, he had amassed such wealth that even once a vast chunk of his fortune was bequeathed to charitable causes, his daughter and sole child, Doris Duke, 12, was labelled ‘the richest little girl in the world’ inheriting a cool US$50 million. When Ms Duke, also a noted philanthropist, passed away in 1993, aged 80, she left an entirely different kind of legacy. Duke, according to the Los Angeles Times, took great pride in “overseeing where every dollar of those riches was invested and donated”. “She had a very soft voice,” Duke’s longtime friend, Emma Veary, tells Smithsonian. “In her quiet way, Doris was very strong. She knew what she wanted, and she had the where withal to get it.” What she wanted most was art and artefacts — and the Islamic kind, to be precise. Upon marrying American diplomat James Henry Roberts Cromwell in 1935 (they divorced in 1943, four years later she married Porfiro Rubirosa, a jetsetting Dominican diplomat—and four years later divorced him too. Her only child died soon after birth), the pair took a round-the-

world sailing honeymoon that lasted around a year, during which time they were introduced to both Gandhi, and Stalin. But, most significant was to be Duke’s discovery of — and infatuation with — Islamic culture, as well as her home-to-be in Hawaii. The heiress was soon fixated upon merging the two, writing in Town & Country: “The idea of building a Near Eastern house in Honolulu must seem fantastic to many. But precisely at the time I fell in love with Hawaii and decided I could never live anywhere else, a Mogul-inspired bedroom and bathroom, planned for another house, was being completed for me in India, so there was nothing to do but have it shipped to Hawaii and build a house around it.” Duke’s Hawaiian home, named Shangri La, was completed in 1938 — the islands’ first to cost more than a million dollars. She continued collecting pieces up until the year before her death, amassing a staggering 2,500 objects mainly from Spain, North Africa, the Middle East and Central and Southeast Asia. Since Duke’s death, the residence has served as a centre for Islamic arts and cultures. The museum, managed by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, operates guided tours and offers residences to scholars and artists, and, according to Marianna Shreve Simpson, a former curator at the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler

Once labelled 'the richest little girl in the world', Doris Duke left behind a unique legacy.

Gallery, represents the “most important works of Iranian art and possibly Islamic art in North America”, adding that “few such virtually interior features survive today — certainly nothing of this grandeur”. Notable pieces in the house include painted interiors from 18th- and 19th-century Damascus, a pair of shaped Mughal carpets, a Qajar ceiling painting, a water pipe, a Seljuk lamp stand and a Bedouin-style tent. Numerous pieces have been incorporated into the various structures, such as ceilings, doors, ceramic tile ensembles, and marble columns. In the main living room is a medieval stone fireplace from Islamic Spain that once belonged to publishing tycoon William Randolph Hurst who was forced to sell many of his antiques upon bankruptcy (Duke relieved him of other pieces also). Johnny Gomez, a friend of Duke, said that for her “there was no such word as ‘finished’”, while, during the 1980s, a lauded art scholar visited the oceanfront home and upon examining the collection told her that the contents alone may be worth close to US$1 billion. She simply instructed him to cease counting. — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces




Why jet off to exotic locations when you can experience the elegant beauty of flowering cherries from your back garden? In spring, these gorgeous, easy-to-grow relatives of plums and peaches erupt into a stunning burst of delicate, yet oddly robust blossoms. For best results, plant now to give your trees time to put down roots before they erupt into action. TOP VARIETIES

Pendula rosea – This small weeping mushroom shaped tree provides a profusion of rich pink buds that open to form a mass of delicate pink blossoms. Flowers in mid-spring. Grows 2.5 x 2m. Prunus kiku-shidare sakura – An upright tree with arched, drooping branches that produce a mass of rich, double frilly flowers in mid-spring. Grows 2.5 x 2m. Awanui – Propagated from a gorgeous tree that was found in Taranaki, this delightful variety grows as a light and airy tree, forming draped branches that in spring become covered in a massive amount of very soft pink flowers. Grows 5 x 8m.


Position Full Sun. Prefers free-draining soil rich in organic matter. Planting Dig a hole around 50-60cm deep and wide. Backfill the hole mixing in compost and sheep pellets with your soil. When planting in heavier soils, break up the edge of the hole as you backfill and use your topsoil to fill the top of the hole. Gently plant into the loosened soil and firm up the soil. Stake if necessary to keep the tree upright. Care Water deeply every few weeks during the drier months. Less watering will be needed once the tree is properly established. Prune out dead, damaged and diseased branches in winter. You can also prune in winter for shape and to help open the tree up.

— Words: Billy Aiken KINGS PLANT BARN — 0800 PLANTS — KINGS.CO.NZ




Orakei OrakeiBay BayVillage Villageisishome hometo toKings KingsPlant PlantBarn’s Barn’s exciting excitingnew newstore storeand andGarden GardenCafé. Café. The Thestylish stylishnew newenvironment environmentand andspacious spaciousmodern modern fifit-out t-outwill willmake makeyour yourshopping shoppingexperience experience better betterthan thanever. ever.

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Open Open8.30am 8.30am- -5pm 5pmat at228 228Orakei OrakeiRoad Road 0800PLANTS 0800PLANTS(752687) (752687)

AUCKLAND GARDEN DESIGNFEST The 2017 Auckland Garden DesignFest on 25 and 26 November, is an opportunity to not only explore 20 of Auckland’s best professionally designed residential gardens, but also to meet and gain inspiration from the people who created them. Each of the designers will be on-site at the gardens, allowing visitors the unique experience of rubbing creative shoulders with some friendly experts. It’s also the first time the gardens, selected by the Garden Design Society of New Zealand, have been opened to the public - with the exception of just one, a special extra offering, back after six years by popular demand. And you’ll be supporting some great charities. The two -day event, which is jointly organised by the Garden Design Society of New Zealand and Rotary Newmarket will once again benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities New Zealand, Garden to Table and other children’s charities supported by the Rotary Club of Newmarket Charitable Trust. Held every two years, this will be the fourth festival. The talented designer line-up for this year’s DesignFest includes previous participants; Trudy Crerar, Damian

Wendelborn, Mark Read, Sue and Colin McLean, Trish Bartleet, Joanna Hamilton, Bryan McDonald, Barbara Garrett, Sally McLeay and Matt McIsaac. Newcomers to the event include Paul Gallagher, Jason O’Toole, Keren McDonnell, Kerry Spiers, Zoë Carafice, Nick Robinson, Chris Ballantyne, and Glenys Yeoman. Auckland Garden DesignFest Joint Chairperson, Rose Thodey, is impressed with this year’s designer line-up: “We always look to have a diverse range of gardens that highlight the benefit of good design talent and showcase different styles and sizes of gardens, and we have truly delivered on that this year.” Tickets for the Auckland Garden DesignFest are available from iTICKET, Kings Plant Barn stores and onsite at the garden gate. Visitors can choose from $65 all garden tickets, $10 single garden access or three gardens for $20. Earlybird ticket offers are available until the end of September. Optional, expert guided bus tours will once again be available.




All Gardens Entry Ticket

(Early bird price until Sep 30th) Tickets from iTICKET* and Kings Plant Barn stores. *Booking fee applies

Explore 20 inspirational gardens and meet the designers who created them. www.gardendesignfest.co.nz



Garden designed by Damian Wendelborn, created by Second Nature


Nadia’s new cookbook - Let’s eat! will be in store from 7 September. For details of her nationwide book tour go to nadialim.com/ events We’ve managed to get a sneak peak with two mouthwatering recipes exclusive to Verve readers on page 92 - you will definitely want to try these! We also have two copies of Let’s eat! to give away - go to page 126 for details.


This month sees the release of Nadia’s latest cookery tome, Let’s Eat!, a collection of healthy dishes (with the occasional “special occasion” indulgence chucked in) that she beams is her best yet. “I think generally every book gets better and better as I’ve learnt more with each one,” she says. “This is my seventh and the recipes reflect where I am in my life now. As a mum, I have less time on my hands and the dishes mirror that — they are simple and family-orientated.” The book is dedicated to Nadia’s father, Ken, who died three years ago. Several of the recipes, such as the chicken rendang, were passed down from his side of the family (Nadia’s father’s family is Malaysian, her mother’s Kiwi). Her dad grew up in a “very poor family of nine” with some of his siblings unable to finish school in order to help out with the family business, “literally cooking and selling tofu from the back of a motorbike”. Ken, however, achieved good enough grades to study in New Zealand. He later visited Cambodia and, affected by how much the country had suffered, vowed to help in some way. “He always said that when he retired at 60 he was going to go over there to donate and help out with the education system,” recalls Nadia. “But when he was 59, he passed away suddenly from cancer.” In order that his wishes were carried out, Nadia, with her mother, headed over to Cambodia, and she now serves as an ambassador for the Cambodia Charitable Trust. “My mother is a patron and goes over there a couple of time a year,” says Nadia. “We didn’t expect any kind of recognition for the donation, but they insist on placing plaques with people’s names on, and now my dad’s name is on a school toilet block, which is kind of funny.” For the first-time, MasterChef 2011 winner Nadia has self-published, under the name Nude Food, a nod to her healthy, back-to-basics food philosophy (“eat more real food from the ground, the sea, and the sky, and less from the factories”), and to her professional idol, the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver. “When I was 12, my plan was to marry him and have a spin-off

cooking show called Food in the Nude,” she chuckles. “Obviously, that didn’t work out.” Nadia did, however, marry her Otago University sweetheart, Carlos. One of the dishes that “sealed the deal” with her husband-tobe, she jokes, was her chocolate crème brûlée — and the recipe’s in the book. Carlos’s cooking skills left much to be desired way back then, but Nadia reckons he could now easily hold his own on My Kitchen Rules: “If he hadn’t absorbed at least some of my skills over the past 13 years, I’d feel like I wasn’t a very good cook myself!” (She makes a point of insisting that she’s a cook, not a chef, as she’s not formally trained.) I ask Nadia (who is also a fully-qualified clinical dietician) if it’s the duty of chefs — and cooks — to educate and promote healthy eating. “Absolutely,” she replies. “Anyone who cares about food should also care about everything that goes with it, including its farming, production and sustainability.” She says society needs to stop its reductionist attitude towards food, and rather than seeing it for its individual nutrients, look at it as a whole: “There are three key principles behind Nude Food: firstly, ignore all fad diets, hype and (food) marketing; the second key principle is to simply eat real food most of the time, i.e. food that’s as close to its natural state as possible, and less highly processed food products; and the third, trust your instincts and listen to your body – we’re all so genetically varied, that there’s no one diet that fits all.” Last year, My Food Bag (which Nadia co-founded along with Cecilia and James Robinson) also launched Bargain Box, an essentially more affordable, family-friendly version. She believes that it’s important that kids learn to cook to develop a repertoire that will later alleviate their reliance on processed food and takeaways, making society healthier and economically better off. Both projects have also encouraged more couples to cook more with some even going as far as to tell Nadia that she saved their marriage: “You have no idea how many people have come up to me on the street and said that. I thought it was a joke at first, but, for many couples, it’s become a new hobby.”

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

SEP 2017

The front door creeps open before I’ve had chance to knock and a smiling Nadia Lim appears, making a shushing motion and whispering that her one-year-old son, Bodhi, and his young playmate, have just been put down. I’m ushered through to the kitchen where a steaming plate of cookies await—an experimental spiced batch for a potential Christmas recipe. I’m a willing taste tester. They’re delicious.







— Serves 4–6 Prep time 20 minutes Cook time 10 minutes + 3 hours to slow cook DF | GF (use GF flour)


hindquarter lamb shanks 4–6 plain flour 2 tablespoons salt 1 teaspoon olive oil for cooking onion 1 large, diced carrots 2, diced garlic 4 cloves, chopped smoked paprika 2 teaspoons ground cumin 2 teaspoons ground coriander 2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper cinnamon stick 1 whole tomato paste 2 tablespoons crushed tomatoes 400g can red wine ½ cup chicken stock 1½–2 cups dried apricots, roughly chopped, ½ cup

LEMON AND WALNUT TOPPING walnuts, chopped, ¼ cup coriander, chopped, ¼ cup flat-leaf parsley, chopped, ¼ cup lemon zest of 1 salt and pepper

— Energy 2013kj / 482kcal Carbs 20g Protein 31.8g Fat 26.5g Sat fat 11.2g Sugars 15.4g — Recipe: Nadia Lim from the book, Let's eat! Available at nadialim.com

These are seriously good shanks. I’m willing to bet you that these could be the best lamb shanks you’ve ever had. Everyone who has ever eaten them has said exactly that! With melt-inyour-mouth tender meat falling off the bone, a rich sauce with hints of warming spice and sweetness that you’ll want to lick off the plate, and a vibrant touch of lemon and herbs at the end, this recipe will become your go-to over winter.


1. Preheat oven to 160°C. Pat shanks dry with paper towels. Place in a plastic bag, add flour and salt, and shake to coat well. 2. Heat a good drizzle of oil in a large, heavy-based fry pan. Cook shanks for a few minutes, turning to brown on all sides. Transfer to a casserole dish that the shanks can fit in snugly. 3. Wipe out fry pan with paper towels. Add a drizzle more oil and cook onion, carrot and garlic for 3–4 minutes or until soft. Add spices and pepper, and continue cooking for a further minute. Stir in cinnamon stick, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, wine, stock and apricots. 4. Pour into casserole dish to just cover the shanks (if needed, add a little more stock to cover). Cover with a tight-fitting lid and cook in oven for about three hours, or until meat is tender and falling off the bone. 5. Mix all lemon and walnut topping ingredients together in a small bowl and season with a little salt and pepper. 6. Sprinkle lemon and walnut topping over lamb shanks just before serving. Serve with lemon and spinach couscous or mashed potato and steamed greens (e.g. beans, spinach, broccoli, etc.).


Bring 1½ cups chicken stock to a boil in a small- to mediumsized pot. Take off the heat and stir in 1½ cups couscous, a generous knob (about 20g) of butter and zest of one lemon. Place a lid on top or cover with a plate, and leave to steam for 10 minutes. Uncover, fluff up with a fork and toss through three handfuls of chopped spinach until lightly wilted. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

SEP 2017





Serves 4–6 Prep time 20 minutes Cook time 1 hour 20 minutes DF | GF • 1 whole (size 14 or 16) chicken • 1.75L water • 1tsp salt • 2 tbsp olive oil • 1 white part of leek, diced (or 1 onion, diced) • 2 carrots peeled & diced • 2 cups butternut (or pumpkin), peeled & diced, • 2 cloves chopped garlic • 1 tsp ground turmeric • 2.5cm fresh ginger peeled & grated • 120-150g roughly chopped greens (e.g. baby spinach, spinach or silverbeet leaves) • ½ lemon, juiced • ¼ cup parsley, finely chopped • salt and pepper — Recipe: Nadia Lim from the book, Let's eat! Available at nadialim.com

METHOD 1. Place whole chicken in a large pot, cover with water and add salt. Cover and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer, partially covered, for about one hour or until chicken is just cooked. Remove chicken and set aside to cool. Strain the stock into another large pot or bowl and set aside. 2. Heat olive oil in a large pot (you could use the one the chicken was cooked in) and cook leek, carrot and butternut until soft. Add garlic, turmeric and ginger and continue cooking for 2–3 minutes. 3. Add 1.5 litres of the strained chicken stock and simmer for 8–10 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Meanwhile, shred chicken meat off the carcass. 4. Stir greens and shredded chicken into the soup with lemon juice and parsley. Season to taste with salt and pepper.


SEP 2017



This simple, nourishing chicken soup is total soul food — it's perfect to make and eat when you are in need of a little TLC. I simmer a whole chicken to make stock (SO much more flavoursome than any bought stock or concentrate), then add the chicken meat and the rest of the ingredients to create the most simple but delicious bowl of goodness.





Some wine lovers prefer to drink only the tried and true aromatics with sauvignon blanc and chardonnay weighing in as the most popular choices. Thanks largely to a new generation of winemakers, we are becoming a lot more adventurous, consuming a wider range of white varietals produced by some of our enterprising wineries. If it's adventure that you’re after, you can take your pick from riesling, pinot gris, viognier, arneis, verdelho, chenin blanc, albarino, semillon, gruner veltliner and gewürztraminer. Whilst pinot gris is strongly represented in this group, gewürztraminer is arguably the most aromatic and exotic of all. It’s a relatively uncomplicated dry crisp wine that’s clean and fresh on the palate. Packed with ripe, fruity flavours, it's easy drinking and the perfect food match especially with Asian or spicy cuisine. Sadly for wine enthusiasts, gewürztraminer is passed up by many of our wineries and finding one, let alone finding the right, one may not be in everyone’s grasp. Even pronouncing the name can be difficult. — Words: Dennis Knill

Here is a selection across a price point that you might like to try:

Villa Maria ’13 Single Vineyard Ihumatoa Gewürztraminer RRP $30

Another award-winning wine from Villa Maria. Rich and concentrated with an array of aromatics embraced with a delicate acidity and a spiciness that will please.

Matawhero ’16 Gewürztraminer RRP $23

MARKETS | CINEMAS | GALLERIES | SHOPPING BARS | CAFES | RESTAURANTS Just 40 minutes north of Auckland lies the picturesque Matakana Village. Everything you love in the heart of Matakana.


Clean and rich on the palate with intense flavours combined with a soft, spicy sweetness and a lingering finish that will not disappoint.

Linden Estate ’15 Gewürztraminer RRP $25

This rich and spicy wine is soft on the palate displaying style and balance characterised with lots of up-front fruit and a freshness that leaps out of the glass.

FIT, FUN, FOOD & FASHION If you haven’t ventured shoreside for a while, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. Renowned for its relaxed beach vibe, Takapuna has long been a favourite for beach goers, walkers and families, but is now gaining a reputation as a go-to destination for foodies and fashionistas citywide. With a raft of hot new names in town, Takapuna is drawing a following for its unique and original establishments such as Street Organics, Gourmet Heaven and Madam Woo along with sought after labels such as Decjuba, Federation, and Grey + Wild. Discover leading brands housed within the uber-stylish Department Store building on Northcroft Street. Vintage and bargain hunters will not be left wanting with excellent hospice and second hand designer shops taking pride of place in Takapuna’s laneways and arcades. Be lured by the active seaside lifestyle — maybe walk the famous lava trail that links Takapuna with neighbouring beaches. Even if you’ve forgotten

your gear, myriad stores cater for the adventurous, especially Lululemon where you may also catch a demonstration class. Yoga lovers should make for the free community sessions down the strip at Golden Yogi. Looking good and feeling good is easy when immersed in such a retailing haven. And once you’ve had your fill of retail, take your pick of eateries and entertainment. For beachside dining look no further than Mainbeach with its wide ranging options that include the super popular Regatta Bar and Eatery with a focus on contemporary New Zealand cuisine and seafood. In the heart of Takapuna is celebrity chef Josh Emett’s Madam Woo, a fabulous Malaysian hawker styled restaurant. Healthy, light bites can be found at Fortieth and Hurstmere, or venture just a little deeper down the laneway for decadent sweet treats and great coffee. Tasting Takapuna can easily be a day trip in itself, with something for every palette. It’s a suburb that has well and truly come of age. Takapuna’s a destination with a difference.







6 DAYS tells the incredible true story of six days after six heavilyarmed gunmen invaded the Iranian Embassy in London's Princes Gate on 30 April, 1980, taking 26 people hostage. Negotiators, police, politicians and the military wrestle over the correct response, all observed by some the world’s first live TV news coverage. Directed by Toa Fraser (The Dead Lands), and starring Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish and Mark Strong alongside a local cast.

Only three centuries ago, setting out to climb a mountain would have been considered close to lunacy. Mountains were places of peril, not beauty, an upper world to be shunned, not sought out. Why do mountains now hold us spellbound, drawing us into their dominion, often at the cost of our lives? Mountain is a cinematic and musical collaboration between acclaimed director Jennifer Peedom (Sherpa) and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, one of the greatest chamber orchestras in the world. Shot by the world’s best adventure cinematographers and written by best-selling author Robert Macfarlane, this feature documentary will explore the troubled and triumphant history of our timeless fascination with mountains.

TOMMY'S HONOUR 28 SEPTEMBER TOMMY’S HONOUR is based on the powerfully moving true story of the challenging relationship between 'Old' Tom and 'Young' Tommy Morris, the dynamic father-son team who ushered in the modern game of golf. As their fame grew, Tom and Tommy, Scotland’s golf royalty, were touched by drama and personal tragedy. At first matching his father’s success, Tommy’s talent and fame grew to outshine his father’s accomplishments and respect as founder of the Open Championship in 1860 with a series of his own triumphs. But in contrast to Tommy’s public persona, his personal turmoil ultimately led him to rebel against both the aristocracy who gave him opportunity and the parents who shunned his passionate relationship with his wife. Directed by Jason Connery, the film stars Peter Mullan (War Horse), Jack Lowden (’71), Ophelia Lovibond (Guardians of the Galaxy) and New Zealander Sam Neill (Jurassic Park).

FINAL PORTRAIT 5 OCTOBER In 1964, while on a short trip to Paris, the American writer and artlover James Lord is asked by his friend, the world-renowned artist Alberto Giacometti, to sit for a portrait. The process, Giacometti assures Lord, will take only a few days. Flattered and intrigued, Lord agrees. So begins not only the story of a touching and offbeat friendship, but, seen through the eyes of Lord, a uniquely revealing insight into the beauty, frustration, profundity and, at times, downright chaos of the artistic process. Final Portrait is a bewitching portrait of a genius, and of a friendship between two men who are utterly different, yet increasingly bonded through a single, ever-evolving act of creativity. It is a film which shines a light on the artistic process itself, by turns exhilarating, exasperating and bewildering, questioning whether the gift of a great artist is a blessing or a curse. Directed by Stanley Tucci and starring Geoffrey Rush.







SEP 2017

Sunday 8th October 2017, Woolshed, Matakana Country Park Local Oyster Farmers. Local Wines & Beers. Other Seafood & Cuisine. Shucking Competition. Cuisine & Wine Demonstrations. Face Painting & Craft Table. Live Music from The Rubics & More. Adult tickets - $35. Book now at matakanaoysterfest.co.nz Presented by:




working art studio

Art Exhibition New works by Sean Beldon






Gabriel Allon has been promoted but his old boss still has an office just across the corridor from Gabriel. Gabriel has his own way of solving problems so when a terrorist attack in America is closely followed by a dastardly attack on a theatre in the West End of London he has to quickly get like minded people in his team to follow not only the terrorists and the one small clue Gabriel has discovered, but where the money that funds such dreadful deeds comes from. As always in Daniel Silva's books he takes the reader to countries around the world makes current affairs pop off the page and takes you to the heart of a secret organisation and how it works. House of Spies is so topical you could read about such events in tomorrow's newspapers.


This is not so much a love story as a story about love. Emily and Robbie have been together for more than 54 years and like any couple have a routine that each is very familiar with until the day when Emily finds a note at the side of her bed, and her beloved Robbie is missing. Their story then unfolds gradually, finishing with the time they met back in the sixties. Julie Cohen has captured a life together with its ups and downs and long kept secrets that only the two know of. Together is a book with a sad beginning but it is a story full of warmth and love and life. Don't miss out, Together is going to build a following very quickly indeed.


The thing that makes The Decorated Home sing is that it is packed with colour, pattern and beautiful design. This is a book for those who want their home to ooze grace and charm and that lived in quality that sometimes eludes the overthought, overworked minimalist modern interior. Meg Braff is well known in the world of interiors and in this new book she guides you room by room showing how pleasant it is to live with style and joy and a well-plumped cushion. Words: Doris Mousdale

Luxury retirement living in the heart of Newmarket. Life at Remuera Rise can be as private or as social as you desire, with staff and facilities all designed to support how you want to spend your day. Remuera Rise offers secure apartment living and a boutique 12-bed hospital level care home available to both apartment and non-apartment owners. Apartments are one- and two-bedroom with quality fittings and appliances.

Open Days Tuesday and Thursday : 11am – 1pm

One bedroom apartments available now.

Call 0800 00 15 85 or visit RemueraRise.co.nz and join our mailing list to be the first to know when apartments become available. Remuera Rise Retirement Village registered under the Retirement Villages Act 2003. Registration Number 2557887

29 April 2018

29 September 2017



ART Official Opening ROOM Working art studio: Dalene Meiring COLLECTIVE + Sean Beldon

Open studio 9/ 16/ 23/ 30 Sep 9 to 2pm




SEP 2017

Check our website for more details - www.maritimemuseum.co.nz


Installation by Jae Kang



The tactile exhibition Knot Touch celebrates the versatility and traditions of knots. Workshops, activities and demonstrations suitable for all ages and abilities throughout the exhibition.


Christchurch-based Jacob Ryan, or ‘Yikes’ as he is known in his creative circles, is one of New Zealand’s most eminent street artists with a formidable talent for applying his magic to the canvas as well as brick or concrete walls. “Both practices feed off each other, but the processes are quite different,” he says. “Plus, I work with completely different materials. On large paper, I use only spray paint to mix into other wet mediums, washes and metallics; with my outside work, I use a lot of roller and spray paint to cover large areas, then add details with spray paint and a little bit of brush — generally working on similar subjects, just executed differently.” Jacob, who has a diploma in fine arts from the Design and Arts College of New Zealand, describes his work as a combination of “freestyle line work and block colour, combined with surrealistic scenery”. Whenever possible, he will marry up the art to the surroundings in some way “for a more dynamic work”. “To create a powerful and well-executed work outdoors I feel it's important to work with the environment that you’re in,” he says. “I see painting these walls as a really good way to get my name out there as a multi-disciplinary artist, because my studio works and outdoor works feed off each other. It keeps what I'm doing interesting to me, and the end result is a mass of my art around the city.” Christchurch’s abundance of street artwork has even been praised for assisting the city with a psychological boost following the 2011 quakes. Reuben Woods, who has a PhD from Canterbury University, last year completed the grandest ever study of Christchurch’s public art for a doctorate titled, Painting Ruins: Graffiti and Street Art in the Post-Earthquake Christchurch. He had studied graffiti as an art student—also travelling to Europe and North America to investigate their scenes. Woods concludes

that the earthquakes provided a context for graffiti within the city, and discusses how the artists responded out of necessity and instinct to their shifting environments. The “emotional impact of the quakes” coupled with the “highly visible damage” and constant change “rendered this complicated urban space an attractive one for intrepid artists” who “filled and marked these spaces with a multitude of issues” as residents sought to make sense of their loss. Humans have, of course, been expressing themselves on walls for millennia — the first cave paintings are thought to be up 40,000 years old — but graffiti is a far more modern phenomenon, beginning with ‘tagging’ (vibrant, stylised signatures) in New York in the 1960s, hurtling through to the ‘train era’ of the 1980s when subway cars were swamped with confronting, colourful creations that engraved the movement in the wider public’s consciousness. In his book, Graffiti Lives, Beyond the Tag in New York’s Urban Underground, Gregory J Snyder writes “graffiti is the public application of an alias for the purpose of fame”, and that “much of the allure of graffiti writing is getting away with something that is illegal”. Jacob admits to being caught once as teenager, while painting a large piece on a railway, but no longer conducts his art at night: “Besides, my larger works require more than 100 cans, so I’m not planning on attempting to run from anyone!” Snyder puts forward the belief in the ‘broken window theory’ that petty crime such as smashing a window — or spray painting a wall — increases the chances of more serious offences to follow; while other’s see graffiti as “the most important art movement of the second half of the 20th century”.

Jacob says the public opinion here in New Zealand is generally mixed, but puts it down to “tunnel vision and ignorance”. He accepts that not everyone will embrace such work, but says the “fear of a spray can curves people’s thoughts”. “Everyone has different tastes, and that’s sweet,” says the artist, “but just because I create using a spray can doesn’t mean I’m vandalising. It’s a tool.” While New Zealand is still behind places such as Germany and the US, he says his craft is generally accepted by the art community: “There has definitely been a shift in attitude in Christchurch where I have been able to produce a large number of my works—I have had nothing but positive comments while painting. We really do have some of the best graffiti and street artists.” I ask the difference between street art and graffiti. “Street art practically comes from graffiti,” Jacob says. “In the same way bombing and piecing come from tagging, I see street art — or muralism — as a progression from all of those. I started in this very way, from writing my name on things to what I’m doing now. It takes a lot of skill and patience to be good at it. A lot of people don't understand how tricky it is to master spray paint. Doing graffiti and working with letters first taught me so much of what I use in my process today so that, as I mentioned before, one feeds into the other. For a huge work, it really comes down to the size of the wall, but I've managed to complete a 27-meterhigh wall in five days — but they were very long days, however.” And as for the dream space to express himself? That would be the moon: “Richard Branson, I'm looking your way!”

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces



THE BLACK SEEDS' BARNABY WEIR Barnaby Weir is one of Wellingtons quietest yet busiest characters, shapeshifting between being a frontman for The Black Seeds and Fly My Pretties, producing electronic music under the moniker Flash Harry, as well as expanding into solo territory for his own debut album Tarot Card Rock in 2011. Every disparate project Barnaby brings to life seems to leave you with a similar starry-eyed, optimistic takeaway though; healing by the soft caress of his enlivening authentic reggae/dub funk. Now The Seeds are back in full force with their long awaited sixth album Fabric, out this week, and a nationwide tour to follow suit. Hi Barnaby! You and the boys are gearing up to embark on a long anticipated nation wide tour this month in support of your latest record Fabric, and you've just returned from a leg of shows in the US and Canada. How do those crowds vary to a hometown show? Essentially the crowds are the same in terms of what they want and how we wanna make them feel. In the way that they react, Wellington audiences aren't very vocal, whereas French audiences are very vocal. I think that Wellingtonians are quite apathetic, if they saw The Black Seeds ten years ago they probably won't bother again, even though we're evolving and we've got heaps of new stuff. Our people are quite snobby, like they are with their coffee [laughs]. They think they know everything, they've seen everything! Fabric is your sixth studio album with The Seeds, and first release in five years. What goings on of the last half-decade can be heard on the record? Personal experience, relationships - good or bad, feelings of self doubt. All the human feelings. For The Seeds it usually just writes itself, telling a story of your emotional experiences through music. All our music that I think is meaningful is exploring those times that aren't so easy and using music as a tool to get through that. Reggae is an extremely universal sound. For you, what makes the Kiwi reggae community special and set apart from the rest of the world? I don't think we fit into what is considered the typical Pacific reggae band, but we're so happy to be multi-genre and thought of as like a progressive reggae/dub act. I think there's a certain amount of soul in the roots/reggae down these ways, and kind of an old-school, vintage feel as opposed to a lot of modern stuff. There are bands like

Fat Freddys that have a core in roots and dub but it's not obviously reggae. There's definitely some progressive sounds happening down here, but you also have more traditional sounds like Katchafire. As a whole, Fabric has such a magnetic, timeless quality because it audibly rubs off a sense of peace and perspective. What little things in life evoke the optimism that radiates off your music, and how do you manage to always keep the peace? On a good day, you know, when you're really happy with your partner, the flowers are blossoming, the coffee smells great and everything's looking up. Some of our songs are darker, but not darker in terms of being more aggressive. It's more trying to be inspirational, or trying to be a bit political and conscious and poetic. I think if you're making art that's from the soul it's always gonna keep the peace, in terms of being true to yourself. Reggae has become an eminent part of NZ music since the '90s. In 2017 how do you see the future of the genre evolving? It's taken a long time for it to go fully global, but now you can have a Baltic sounding blues band from Wellington or you could have a reggae hip hop band from Australia. It's really a time of mixing up genres and blending different takes on sound. You know, The Seeds are never gonna do a drum and bass album - we're just not gonna do it - but you know, there's always room for cool new sounds, anywhere is possible. Thank you so much for your time Barnaby, finally I have to ask what's your current favourite musical release to come out of 2017? Oh shit... [laughs] I don't really listen to brand new music most of the time. That Leon Bridges album sounds so vintage, I was stoked on that and how it sounds very authentically '60s but it's modern.



SYMPHONY MEETS CIRCUS A dazzling display of circus artistry and skill set to an evocative orchestral soundtrack.

A unique event that’s not to be missed!


MIDNIGHT Presented in association with Auckland Live


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LANDS OF THE RISING DRUMS Drumming is a primitive urge almost written in our DNA— one of the first sounds we hear while still in the womb is the beat of our mother’s heart; our own veins throb; and our breath follows a certain pattern. Numerous studies have shown a wealth of mental health benefits from such rhythmical therapy, the implication being that repetitive beating somehow synchronises with the pulsation of our brain waves. Other research has shown that it may even be beneficial in boosting immunity and accelerating physical healing, while also helping the focus of sufferers of Alzheimer’s and autism. Such primal pounding has been practised across cultures across the world across the far reaches of time. “There is something about that noise, about that bass that resonates with people,” says Heathcliff Rongo, a teacher at Tamashii Taiko Drummers in Panmure. “It’s a great stress reliever also, that deep sound is almost like a punch bag.” Taiko drumming is a Japanese tradition thousands of years in the making (taiko means ‘big drum’), once used to send messages between villages, for military marches and to communicate with the gods. Now, it is a performance, a musical art form that still speaks to our inner beast, and its popularity in western countries is booming. Banging on a single drumskin with a pair of sizeable sticks may seem like simple task, but this writer can attest there’s more than a knack to it. Heath compares it to training in martial arts. “To start with, most people tend to smash into the

drums,” says Heath who fell for the practice on a trip to Japan five years ago. “Firstly, that’s not good for the drums! But it’s impossible to maintain that energy long-term. The idea is to have your feet rooted to the ground, like tree trunks, there for support and to generate power. You must have a strong base, and the power must come from the big muscles — your legs, your butt, your core — the arms should be relaxed. You need to pay attention to such little details.” The drums, which come in various sizes, can be positioned up high, slung over the shoulder, or angled on the floor to be played in a crunch-like pose. Heath says masters dedicate their entire lives to perfecting just one drum. Indeed, watching the synchronised swinging limbs in full flow is just as hypnotic as the throbbing beat. “Anyone can pick it up, but of course if does help if you have some natural sense of rhythm,” Heath adds. “It just depends on what level you want to get to. Some people are attracted to the social aspects of the classes, some are here for the exercise — it is a full body workout — while others want to progress to take part in performances. Some people see it as a meditative experience, but personally I’m not a spiritual person, I just enjoy the music.” And he’s darn good at it too. — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


ART & ABOUT // SEP 2017

Photos: North Leeds & Hrexachh

TAIKO TRUTHS • Drums range in size — the smallest around the size of a dinner plate, the largest the size of a car. The most common is comparable to a wine barrel. • There are more than 8,000 taiko groups in Japan, and each region has its own philosophies — some incorporate other instruments like flutes, others can be more concerned with the visual performance. • Traditional drums were made from dried trunks of the zelkova tree, and it took several years for them to dry enough to not split. Depending on the style, the sticks are crafted from different woods such as oak or cypress, and all produce different sounds.

• The drum skins are made from cow hide. • Grunts or the chanting of Japanese syllables are often included to embolden the sound, or just help keep the rhythm. The word kata denotes the movement and posture of the playing, and is among the most important aspects. • The four key principles for the purest expression of taiko are: attitude, form, technique, and energy. • You’ll find classes in all New Zealand’s main centres — the first group was founded in Palmerston North by Japanese university students more than a decade ago.

MURIWAI TO THE MOUNTAINS WITH BMW As the luxury Inflite Charters helicopter begins its steady climb from Mechanics Bay, the pilot’s voice crackles through the headphones. We rise over Ports of Auckland, glide through the crisp blue sky past Sky Tower, and I think to myself, if only all Monday mornings could begin like this. It seems like no time before we’ve reached the Waitakeres. We turn north and skim the windswept black-sanded coastline, ocean-side of Lion Rock, then head slightly inland, dropping above the Jurassic Park-esque green canopy close to a sheer rock face. The cool cliff-top Parihoa Farmhouse, edges into view, and outside a fleet of sport and luxury European automobiles, whose combined worth is comparable with an Auckland home, forms a threatening line. Verve (along with other media and potential buyers) has been invited by BMW to test drive some German gems, an event to be followed by a degustation menu curated by Michelin-starred chef and BMW ambassador Josh Emmet. The main attraction is set to be the BMW M760Li xDrive, the most powerful Bimmer ever made. After a brief introduction and beguiling promo video we are led out to the line of cars. Amiable instructor Lance will take the lead vehicle directing the rest of us through a walkie-talkie as we follow on, stopping at various checkpoints to stretch our legs and swap vehicles along the way. The green and graceful 740e is a staggeringly silent hybrid sedan with a 2-litre turbocharged engine and electric motor good for 322hp (the engine alone produces 258hp) with a range of more than 20km running off the battery only. The M6 Gran Coupe, my favourite drive of the day, is its near antithesis, swapping out a little of the suave for a lot more snarl, its menacing stance tailormade for the race circuit. Alas we, we’re on public roads so are unable to experience the full thrust of its TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder engine, but the winding west coast roads are ideal to get a sense of its electrifying handling capabilities. This one feels like a proper, old-school sports car with a growl.

The i8 is a rare road beast indeed in the sense that it still resembles a concept car. The sporty, space-age ride is certainly the biggest head-turner in the group—and that’s before the butterfly doors have popped open and we’re given instructions on how to get in and out (mini-skirts would not be recommended). Inside feels like the cockpit of a fighter jet, or perhaps, more fittingly, an X-wing Starfighter. It may look the most futuristic, but this plug-in hybrid is not the fastest in the herd, either off the blocks or in terms of top speed (though not far off), though it sure feels fun and furious owing to its athletic, lightweight carbon design with a wide, lowslung stance that holds the road as if magnetic. Its interior is crafted from recyclable materials, its electric-only range is 37km — an exciting glimpse of tomorrow’s sports supercar. You’ll need to set aside a stupendous $347,000 to snag the most ambitious BMW ever built, the M760Li xDrive. It weighs an astonishing 2.4 tonnes yet manages to get from stop to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds (the i8 does it in 4.4), and your stomach catches up around half-a-second later. Under the hood sits a fuel efficient 12-cylinder 6.5-litre engine, in the cabin a heap of fascinating features including Minority Report-like gesture control that allows you to take charge of the infotainment system, multi-view camera (that enables you to see all around the car), and hands-free calling, with a simple swipe or flick. Knobs and dials are crafted from ceramic as opposed to the usual plastic, the trim is wood and the seats cloaked in leather—the front ones even boast massage settings. A panoramic glass roof adds to the spacious environment, and come nightfall, it can be illuminated with mood lighting. Rather than calling shotgun for the front, passengers will be fighting for the armchair back seats in this, owing to their ability to tilt back, along with fold-down foot rests in the back of the front seats, a Champagne fridge, and tablets. At the touch of a button, the front seat folds almost completely away, creating an aeroplane business class equivalent space in the back for a power nap on a long drive — or just to spoil the person you’re chauffeuring. Don’t worry about tight parking spots either — you

can even step out from the car and edge it and out of a space via remote control. How James Bond is that? Back at base, with the driving all done, we’re welcomed with a glass of bubbly and ushered through to a dining table that stretches out in front of floor-to-ceiling windows that look straight on to the Tasman Sea. I’m thrilled to discover I’ve been seated next to Josh Emmet, and he seems relatively pleased to be plonked next to a Pom with whom he can discus football (he’s a massive Tottenham Hotspur fan). The exquisite degustation menu consists of delights like seared tuna, and pan roasted hapuka — the accompanied by wines and brandies. Before we leave, a last temptation is dangled before our eyes, a thrilling video presentation of the BMW Alpine xDrive whereby drivers get to throw BMWs around icy tracks high in the Southern Alps. A week later, I’m on another helicopter (helicopters are like buses, you wait a lifetime for one, then end up in two in a week) looking out over the snowy peaks of Mount Aspiring National Park, with a whole new appreciation of a region on whom I already had a serious crush. Now into its eight year, the week-long BMW Alpine xDrive event takes place at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground, winter testing facilities that attract the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers to put their as yet unreleased models through their paces. We are welcome to gawp, but are warned that photography of such vehicles is strictly forbidden. Sixteen snowy tracks are spread over 490 hectares of land at an altitude of around 1,400m, surrounded by mountain scenery. Expert BMW instructors are on hand to tutor drivers as to how to drift a range of their vehicles around the ice. The package also includes twonights’ accommodation at Arrowtown’s Millbrook Resort, with a much welcome cocktail function upon arrival, slap-up buffet breakfasts and a wonderful, fine-dining celebration dinner after the event, booze included. You’re also transported to the tracks via a scenic helicopter flight.

Minutes before we’re due to depart for the event, we’re summoned for a meeting and glumly informed that the previous night the temperature didn’t drop enough so there’s not enough ice on the tracks making them impossible to drive. The mountain facility has been closed. The drive is off, the disappointment tangible. We’re told it’s only the sixth time it’s ever happened, and the BMW team jump into action. They instruct us to reconvene at reception in two hours. The irony of a motoring event being cancelled due to the weather being too unseasonably warm is not lost. What should be a 15-minute helicopter flight is extended to well over an hour, passing glaciers and landing next to an otherwise inaccessible lake in a snow-dusted, craggy amphitheatre where we indulge in a glass of chilled bubbly before being flown to Kinloch, near Glenorchy, for lunch and some light river fording in some SUVs. One more surprise awaits on the drive back — via the Glenorchy to Queenstown Road, one of the most beautiful stretches of tarmac in the world — as the snowy tracks are swapped for watery ones and we’re treated to a thrilling ride on the legendary Shotover Jetboat. Everyone leaves wet and smiling — a stellar save by the BMW team. As for Milbrook Resort, it certainly deserves its reputation as one of the nation’s leading lodgings, the 200 hectares of manicured grounds — including a sprawling golf course—are peppered with waterways and woodland that both mornings still draped in mist. At $2,395, with all except aeroplane flights included, I reckon it’s pretty good value for what is a once-in-a-lifetime experience on a world-leading facility while staying at a world-leading resort—and I’m far from a petrol head. But for now, I’ll just have to imagine the thrill of those icy high-altitude lanes.

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces





Coaching high achievers to professional distinction and professional fulfillment since 2002. Who should take on a coach? Everyone and anyone. It is a popular myth that a coach is only for those who are stressed or struggling. Taking on a coach is about keeping polished and shined, ready for anything and everything! Being in your best shape and at the top of your game, professionally and personally. Who do you coach? Mostly driven, ambitious achievers. Senior execs, entrepreneurs, business founders and creatives. Reasons they come to you? Most are seeking some kind of change and need a hand identifying that and how best to head there. Some of the challenges your clients face? Stress, long work hours, feeling unfulfilled/unsatisfied, difficult relationships personally and professionally, lack of confidence, perfectionism (control), lack of personal time, career change, decision making, work-life integration. Tell us a bit about the Gallup Strengthsfinder. This is an excellent 'positive psychology' tool that identifies your top five strengths out of 34. I have worked with this for years. My clients enjoy the profound and positive personal insights. Apparently, the odds of someone having the same five themes in the same order are one in 33 million. Boom – how’s that for creating a better understanding of your uniqueness?! A powerful tool that creates great positive discussion and action. Where do you coach from? I am city-based, however I mostly phone coach. My clients and I achieve great results via this medium. I used to do mostly faceto-face, but with increasing travel times and traffic, coupled with the busy lives my clients lead, phone coaching is a winner. It also enables me to coach anyone in any location. I have a number of overseas and out of Auckland-based clients. I love being globally connected! LESLEY COLCORD — COACH — EXECUTIVE, BUSINESS & LIFESTYLE 021 850 523 — LESLEY@LESLEYCOLCORD.CO.NZ LESLEYCOLCORD.CO.NZ

"Procrastination is the thief of time," says Oliver Newland, an experienced entrepreneur, company director and dounder of Newland Burling Ltd. Olly has five decades' business experience, and is a well-known financial advisor, financier, property investor, author and benefactor. And he’s no stranger to suffering. In 2007-09, when the global financial crisis (GFC) struck, many New Zealanders lost their homes, their investments and their retirement portfolios from company collapses and fraudulent ponzi schemes. They did not know who to turn to for help, they lost heart and became withdrawn, not wishing to share their plight with their family and/or friends. They blamed themselves. But little did they know there was help at hand. Having experienced the effect of the previous GFC crashes, Olly knew the doom and gloom would not last so he set about helping people to recover. In previous decades, Olly had housed people at nominal cost until they could get their lives up and running again by privately funding homeless people into their own homes until they were able to get bank loans for themselves. Olly also came to the fore by helping many baby boomers restructure their investment portfolios so they could retire in comfort and leave a legacy for their families. In another philanthropic gesture, Olly continues to act as longtime chairman of a trust board by assisting and managing its funds for the building of a new boutique retirement home and hospital in east Auckland to house people making life transitions and wanting to maintain a standard of living they have become accustomed to. He retired as a justice of the peace after 34 years but still remains as chairman of the board of his investment company, responsible for leading and guiding the success of his team while offering mentoring and advice to young people needing to get started and plan for their future. "There’s no betterway to retire early," says Olly, "than acquiring passive income through prudent long-term investment, including commercial property."



The Ultimate Driving Machine

THE BMW 1 SERIES OPPORTUNITY. The BMW 1 Series makes an unforgettable first impression. This sleek, sculpted and practical 5-door hatch offers seamless connectivity, park distance control and exhilarating handling. With a limited number of selected 2017 registered BMW 118i models available with delivery kilometres at $39,900 plus on-road costs, or an estimated weekly payment of $99**, this could be the one you’ve been waiting for. Go one up. Book your test drive today at Auckland City BMW.

FEATURES: • Sports leather steering wheel • Rear view camera • Park Distance Control • Business Navigation system • Concierge Service • Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

Selected BMW 118i


Auckland City BMW 7-15 Great South Road, Newmarket. (09) 524 3300. www.aucklandcitybmw.com


*Excludes on-road costs of $1,300. Offer applies to selected 2017 registered stock. **Estimated Weekly Payment (EWP) means the estimate of the weekly cost to you for budgeting purposes of the monthly payments required for this monthly finance product. Offer based on a BMW 118i with an RRP of $39,900 on a loan agreement, with an initial Deposit $14,350, 47 monthly payments of $427.83 and a final payment (month 48) of $13,688. Total Amount Payable is $48,146.01 including an establishment fee of $125, a Dealer Origination Fee of $125 and recommended on-road cost. BMW Financial Services terms, conditions, and standard lending criteria apply.



Buying a new laptop can be quite daunting if you are inexperienced and have little idea of what the specifications of components in the laptop mean. As software becomes more complex it requires more power and memory to run efficiently. There are some extremely cheap deals on offer and who doesn’t like a bargain right? The combination of these three things can result in a situation where your new computer may well be slower than your old one and not be upgradeable at all. As a case in point I have a new laptop in my workshop which is a month old. It is dreadfully slow. I have tried software tools and deleting unnecessary software but with only 4GB of RAM it really needed more RAM to run well. As with many budget laptops now that’s impossible. The RAM memory is soldered into the circuit board and there is no expansion slot. So a Pentium level CPU with 4GB of RAM and an old style mechanical hard disk drive is sold to a business person who really only needs email and internet. It can’t even do that. This utter bargain basement level hardware is worse than useless. It’s a waste of your money and the world’s resources. If you want a reasonable laptop that is an improvement on your older device, come and talk to me. I can source any brand and model you may be interested in or I can just give you advice. But please don’t buy purely because it’s a bargain. Cheap is generally too good to be true in any field. Retail sales people earn their money through sales. They don’t actually care if what they sell you is what you want or need. Talk to a professional! At Rudy’s PC Services we can help you set up the best solution for your needs. Call us about anything regarding your computer and we will be glad to advise you and fulfil your requirements. We are all about making long term relationships with our customers. We give ongoing advice and support. Often for free! Like us on Facebook and share with your friends and family.

The all-new 2018 CR-V, Honda’s best-selling SUV, has been completely redesigned and re-engineered offering more power, space, luxury and tech than ever before and represents great value starting from just $37,900+ORC. The 2018 CR-V boasts bold and sophisticated new styling, a more spacious and versatile premium quality interior with upgraded materials throughout, including a new soft touch instrument panel and an intricately stitched new seat design. Available in a seven-seater for the first time, every model offers the all-new turbocharged engine, 18” alloys, navigation, electric tailgate, and improved fuel economy. The turbo engine is more powerful and fuel-efficient, delivering a responsive drive across the full driving range. Mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with Honda G-Shift control logic, the new engine, transmission and aerodynamic body combine to improve fuel economy figure to 7.3L/100kms. The new CR-V offers the latest in vehicle connectivity with a high resolution seven-inch touchscreen featuring Honda Advanced Display Audio interface, compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Andriod Auto™, as well as built-in navigation. All models are equipped with Honda’s LaneWatch Camera System, Straight Drive Assist, Agile Handling Assist, and Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control and Emergency Brake Assist, Emergency Stop Signal and the new Driver Attention Monitor System. The 2018 CR-V AWD Sport Sensing includes the Honda Sensing™ suite of advanced active safety and driver assistive technologies which include Road Departure Mitigation and Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow, Auto HighBeam Support added to Honda’s Collision Mitigation Braking with Forward Collision Warning and pedestrian sensing capability, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist. The new top spec 2018 CR-V AWD Sport Sensing is very competitively positioned in the market at $47,900 +ORC. This is a new CR-V you’ll want to see more of.



the Civic The Civic built Honda’s global reputation and re-defined the standard when first launched in 1972. Totally re-engineered and re-designed, the new 10th generation Civic Range is set once more to challenge convention. The Civic Range starts from $29,900+ORC








North Shore - 09 890 9020, 148 Wairau Rd, Glenfield.

Newmarket - 09 890 9030, 455 Broadway, Newmarket.

East Auckland - 09 890 9040, 32 Torrens Rd, Burswood.

Pukekohe - 09 238 8139, Cnr Manukau Rd & Massey Ave.


COMBINE YOUR DREAM LIFE WITH A JOB YOU LOVE JLK Lifestyle is the brainchild of Jo Eddington and Lindi Kingi, two highly successful designers and retail owners who wish to help other entrepreneurially-minded Australasian women fulfil their ambitions of establishing a business.

JLK Lifestyle offers personalised mentoring programs to guide women through various business methods while, most importantly, empowering them with the belief that they can be their own boss. Verve chatted with Jo and Lindi about their exciting new venture. What sets JLK Lifestyle business mentoring program apart? Our combined experience — Lindi has been running her jewellery businesses (Queen of the Foxes, Lindi Kingi Design and Lotus Lifestyle) for 10 years, and I've been an entreprenuer running luxury outdoor furniture business and a fashion label for 10 years. It gives us a unique angle. Our aim is to give women the tools, confidence and belief to make a change, and realise their potential. Upon reflection, we both thought, “Wouldn’t it have been amazing if someone could advise you from the start about potential obstacles?” It's so hard starting and running a business, so to be in a nurturing environment, brainstorming with likeminded women is invaluable. That’s what we wanted to offer. Ultimately, we want to inspire other women to do amazing things. Is JLK Lifestyle just for start-ups? No, we are working with existing businesses also. We have much intellectual property we really want to share with other women. It’s the opportunity to take time out and have experts help flesh out your ideas and vision. What is the most exciting part of the program? Bringing together like-minded women in a supportive, nurturing environment generates so much dynamic energy. And it’s not just about us mentoring, it's about the shared learning experience, combined with a travel element for exciting adventures. The program includes the Shanghai tour coming up in November, which will be a highly personalised tour to the world’s biggest supplier market. For those who’ve never been to mainland China, it’s really hard work with the heat and the language barrier, negotiations and currencies and so on. We include pre-arranged supplier meetings with our handpicked team of local JLK agents with translators on hand. You will leave the program with a good understanding of your business and how to go to market, and source products — everything

from homewares to fashion to giftware and more, as well as understanding importing and being ready to begin immediately. Our new Bali Business Planning Retreat commences in March 2018 [applications now open] and is a week-long business immersion program held in a gorgeous luxury retreat. You’ll receive coaching and business lessons from experienced and accomplished entrepreneurs who will share industry insights, best practices and entrepreneurship tips. Plus, you’ll have the chance to spend some quality me-time while connecting with a network of likeminded women from across Australia and New Zealand How will new business owners benefit from your mentoring program and who is your ideal mentee? There are a magnitude of benefits. There’s no one ideal mentee, everyone brings something different. Of the women attending our Shanghai trip, one is an architect, another a designer and mother of two, and another a successful business owner looking for a new direction. It’s for any woman looking for a change. But, like making any big change, starting a business can be overwhelming. Our programs are designed to inspire, to encourage thinking big, thinking differently, to give women confidence and of course to have fun. Can you give a brief outline of what people will learn from the program? It's really the A-Z of how to begin then grow a business, and how run it successfully in the long term; think strategy, goal setting, advertising, accounting and PR operations, importing and logistics. We’ve made nearly all the most common mistakes, so others don’t have to! Is the program for women only? Our first programs we deliberately catered for likeminded women, but we have planned programs in 2018 to cater to women-only and also to mixed groups. We’ve actually been overwhelmed at how much interest we have received already. Our first Shanghai program and tour is sold out for Nov 2017. Are there any special requirements to come on the program? Our retreats are aimed at people who want change, and to unlock their potential. It's about people working



together and sharing knowledge. There is no requirement in terms of age or business experience. What makes you the ideal mentoring team? L: Our life experience and the fact we have known each other for years. Jo is so much fun, and I am a bit more reserved! J: We have very complementary personalities. Lindi is very much about the detail and the planning whereas I'm more the big picture and the abstract. Splitting the tasks and responsibilities has been very natural and easy. If you come on our course, you will get the best of both of us. Between us we have done over 40 individual trips to China and Bali, and we can come at this sort of thing from different angles. In business and life in general, what are your guiding principles? L: Freedom and balance – I don’t always manage it, but those are the two things I always try to have. J: It’s all about keeping true to your original principles and integrity, dealing with people on a personal level in business and keeping it true to family values.

What is one of the most valuable lessons you learnt from having a business of your own? L: Don’t take yourself too seriously, keep it real and don’t lose that sense of self. If you start believing in your own hype, then things can lose shape fast. Never forget where you came from because locality is everything, especially overseas. J: Being superwoman is completely overrated. I was very successful in running my company Coastal Design & Co with showrooms across both Australia and New Zealand, but it was overwhelming – women can have everything, but there’s no need to have everything at once.

JLK Lifestyle: The first women's business program of its kind in Australia and New Zealand. Women's Mentoring Program, Shanghai Sourcing Tour and Bali Business Retreat. See website for program dates - jlklifestyle.com


SCOUTING FOR PEARLS Location scout Clayton Tikao is sipping takeout coffee sitting in an SUV overlooking a palm-fringed Fijian beach as we chat via Skype, there for the filming of movie Adrift, a US drama slated for release in 2018. Twelve years ago, Clayton, with business partner Phil Aitken, founded Film Scouts New Zealand, and the pair have since worked on blockbuster movies such as The Hobbit, and The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe; TV series such as the Power Rangers; and TV commercials for clients like Nikon, Citizen Watches, and Stella Artois, as well as commercial still shoots. I begin by asking how he came to be involved in the industry. “Well, I was pretty crap at being a yuppie, so I thought I would try something different!” he chuckles. “Many in the film industry just kind fall into it from a lot of different angles. I was working as an account at the BBC in the UK in a budgetary advisory role and soon came to the conclusion that making movies and TV was far more interesting. So, I returned to New Zealand 20 years ago, and dived right into it, starting from the bottom and working my way up.” The timing couldn’t have been better. Filming of Lord of the Rings would soon begin and the wider world would soon become wise to the beauty that graces our gaggle of islands perched at the bottom of the globe.

“Those movies were essentially a postcard to the film industry,” Clayton says. “They were massive then, and they remain massive. Even now, the briefs that we are sent will often ask for Lord of the Rings-type locations that weren’t actually in Lord of the Rings.” It’s not just the lusciousness of our lands that are so attractive to filmmakers, but the diversity, and all in such a relatively compact space. Mount Taranaki doubled as Mount Fuji for Tom Cruise flick The Last Samurai, Milford Sound was recently used as backdrop for a distant planet in Alien: Covenant, and, earlier this year, Disney shot their landscape scenes here for upcoming movie A Wrinkle in Time, starring Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Zach Galifianakis — a project that Clayton was involved in. All that New Zealand really lacks is a tropical landscape, but that suits Clayton — it means he gets to jet around the Pacific Islands as well. But typically, Aotearoa is Clayton’s area of expertise (“I’m a Ngai Tahu boy from Banks Peninsula”), and being a local is generally beneficial in this part of the world when dealing with local tribes, communities or scared Maori sites. “Every day is different. I get exposure to a lot of communities across the board, get up close and personal with them, and that teaches me a lot about life,” he says. “I’m the first one there so it’s important that



“Every day is to a lot board, with

we establish good relationships within those communities so that when the rest of the film crew arrive we don’t have to navigate our way around to find out who are the right people to talk to. We often arrive months in advance of rest of the crew."

Are communities generally happy to have film crews in town? “Yes, but we do also get knock-backs. I’m very careful to manage expectations within the communities because some people can get stars in their eyes with regards to films. You will have a massive economic boost while the film is being shot but then afterwards, when we are gone, the hoopla all dies down and the stories in the media dry up. So, I’m very honest from the beginning. But even if 99 of the homes are positive about it, there’s always one in every street that will create more hassle than the other 99 combined. It’s also true that some film crews can be very arrogant, so I have to deal with that, to make sure everyone is treated with respect.” As for the practicalities of finding locations, while briefs for TV ads or photo shoots are generally very specific, knowing him to be so experienced, filmmakers often allow for Clayton to get a little creative. “I’ll often explore outside of the parameters of the brief I’ve been given and throw stuff in there that I think would be good for the story and it often ends up in the film,” he says. “When you’ve been

different. I get exposure of communities across the get up close and personal them, and that teaches me a lot about life,”

doing it for 20 years like I have, then you tend to become a lot more involved with the creative side of things, purely because I have a good knowledge of what’s available within the budget constraints of the film.” While money is no object for the bigger productions, Clayton needs to be cleverer with the smaller budgets, “cheating” by making the same city appear as multiple locations, something that can often bring the most professional satisfaction. But that’s only half the battle, once filming is ready to begin, Clayton’s role morphs into one of “project management on steroids”, dealing with all kinds of logistics such as organising trucks, permit consents, and even the building of roads. “The hours are long and you’re in hotels a lot and it’s hard to maintain any form of routine,” says Clayton. “I also have a wife and two kids so being away for extended periods can be tough — they say ‘daddy’s away with the circus!’ That’s the hardest part of the job.” It’s “adventure time” when he does return though, ever curious he’s always looking for new places to explore with the kids. “But I can’t deny I get to see things and meet people that not many others get the chance to do, and there are still locations I see in New Zealand every few weeks that absolutely blow my mind.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces




Hannah is presenting this must see 45-minute seminar for anyone wanting to take control of their money, kill their mortgage and sort their retirement. This is the last chance to see her present in 2017. Secure your seat now! In this seminar, you will learn: • The truth about money Why New Zealanders spend all they earn irrespective of their income • The ‘fritter’ factor How to manage your finances and do things smarter to save money • Your relationship with your bank Some ‘home truths’ about banks and how you can stop paying them so much • How to Kill your Mortgage Why you are paying thousands of dollars too much in interest costs and how you could potentially halve your own mortgage term!

• What are the Financial ‘Life Stages’ Whether you are ‘Starting Out’, ‘Building Up’ or ‘Sitting Back’ taking control, goal setting and working to a plan is equally important • How to sort your retirement What your options are and what action needs to be taken • Case Studies Bringing it all together and showing how enableMe has changed people lives! SEMINAR - 6pm, 20 September, Quality Hotel, 10-20 Gladstone rd, Parnell, Auckland.

Book today at enableme.co.nz

REAL FOOD FOR CATS & DOGS Feeding a natural, species-appropriate, ‘raw meaty bone’ diet to cats & dogs is the best fit for their biology. It works wonders for their health! Our team of experienced raw-feeding vets, nurses and advisers have helped hundreds of dogs & cats enjoy a better level of health. NZ grown, a mix of wild prey, free range, organic and human grade raw meaty bones. ELLERSLIE • GLENFIELD • GREY LYNN • HAMILTON HOBSONVILLE • HOWICK • KUMEU NEW LYNN • SILVERDALE





Mixit DuraTek™ Lightning/USB cable. Built with DuPont™ Kevlar.® *based on internal bend cycle test when compared to standard cables.



It’s imperative that your children know how to act appropriately in and around bodies of water. This includes walking — not running — around pools. In addition, make sure to talk to your children about how lifeguards help and to always swim with adult supervision. Hilton Brown Swimming focuses on water safety during every lesson, with even more intensity during Water Safety Awareness Week — some truly awesome customer service!

playing in the water, it’s helpful to have some knowledge of basic swimming strokes. This allows your little fish to practise how to swim and be able to safely move around in the water. Plus, knowing how to swim offers children great benefits that will stick with them for years to come. Get ready for the summer swim season by signing your children up for swimming lessons at Hilton Brown Swimming! Our highly trained teaching staff cater for all ages of swimmers, from babies through to mini squad training, and adults too!



Not panicking when inadvertently going underwater is paramount, but when your children know how to hold their breath and go underwater it heightens their confidence in and around the pool, lake or ocean. Knowing how to go underwater is one of the things all children should know how to do in the water, and an important part of being safe in the water. Hilton Brown Swimming instructors utilise empathy and trust to help your children improve their swim skills and get those extraordinary results!

SEP 2017


Obviously, your infant who just started swim lessons probably won’t be doing the backstroke across the pool this summer (but you never know!). But for older children who will be

Just add water! Lessons for life

Come along to a Free triaL swimming Lesson* at Hilton Brown swimming.

Soon you’ll be swimming like a fish HBS_122g_Auck_Verve_175x130_08_2017.indd 1


Longer days filled with sunshine and warm temperatures mean one thing: swim season is near! Celebrate and make the most of this spring by preparing for summer swim safety with these three tips:


• Our monthly booking system means children are constantly assessed and progressed. • Our qualified instructors offer quality lessons from infants through to adults. • Over 45 years experience successfully teaching swimming.

Call us now to book: Newmarket – Ph: (09) 529 0177 One Tree Hill – Ph: (09) 582 1111 Albany – Ph: (09) 414 5484 *One free trial lesson for new customers


8/12/17 4:20 PM



Parliament has now risen and we’re well into the election campaign, after a busy and successful three years under a National-led government. We took a number of important steps during the term to help New Zealanders get ahead and realise their dreams and ambitions. All of them were possible only because of the strong, growing economy, supported by National’s clear and successful plan for New Zealand’s future. We were one of the first developed countries to return to surplus and are looking at consistent strong economic growth. My favourite new measures included the introduction of free doctor’s visits and prescriptions for under-13s, and helping more young Kiwis into their first home through HomeStart. We’ve announced strong policies to increase police staff and make our communities safer, a bold international trade agenda, and we’re extending the ultra-fast broadband programme to a further 151 towns and 43 fringe areas. If we’re re-elected, National will boost the incomes of 1.3 million households by an average $26 a week through our Family Incomes Package, which takes effect next April. These are just a few of our achievements this term. The good thing is that if we stay on course, with a strong economy and a sensible policy programme, so much more is possible. That’s why I’m looking forward to the election campaign when I’ll be out door-knocking, dodging dogs, and talking to New Zealanders about what concerns and motivates them. Most importantly, I’ll be talking about National’s policies, our record of strong and stable leadership, and my view that returning a National government on 23 September is the best way to ensure New Zealand seizes the opportunities we have. While our opponents squabble among themselves and focus on their own internal leadership turmoil, National is focused on the issues that matter to New Zealanders. We’ll keep implementing our strong economic plan to deliver more new jobs, keep wages rising faster than inflation, and lower cost of living increases for New Zealanders. We’ll kept improving public services and we’ll invest $32 billion in new infrastructure for a growing country. And we’ll let taxpayers keep more of their own money. New Zealand is now a confident country — and if we stay on track, the outlook is positive.




The election is approaching rapidly. The Green Party is standing for sustainability — a heathy environment, a fair society and a sound economy. We are proposing innovative and viable solutions — our policies are independently costed and they are affordable. Our unique natural environment is our heritage and our legacy for future generations. But it is being destroyed. Currently 60% of our rivers aren’t swimmable, native forests are being damaged by mining, our marine environment is being degraded by commercial fishing, and greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 19% under this government. The Greens will increase resources for the Department of Conservation, protect our native species, clean up our rivers, and initiate a Royal Commission of Inquiry to strengthen and streamline the Resource Management Act. We will protect our unique natural heritage. New Zealand has a proud tradition of fairness. But now we have the highest level of homelessness in the OECD, the highest rate of teen suicide, the second highest rate of imprisonment and one of the highest rates of child poverty. Auckland is the least affordable city in the world. The Greens will give priority to the health and wellbeing of children, including warm, dry and affordable homes, reform of our welfare system and support for special needs in our education system. We will build a safer, fairer and more equitable society that leaves no child behind. Despite the government’s spin, evidence shows the economy is unsustainable, and relies on housing speculation, inflows of dirty money and unprocessed commodities. When immigration is included, GDP per capita is below the OECD average and actually fell in the last two quarters. Productivity is below the OECD average and prices are higher. The Greens will transition to a sustainable economy. We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 and support business opportunities in high growth sustainability markets. We will switch spending from roads to public transport, reducing traffic congestion and making our cities more liveable. We will invest in R&D, innovation and skills training. We will reorient agriculture from unprocessed commodities towards natural foods, organics and added value exports, and strengthen our clean green image. We will support small business and our thriving creative economy. New Zealand needs the Greens in Parliament, putting sustainability at the heart of government. We will protect the environment, support the vulnerable and create a sustainable economy. Vote for a sustainable future. Party vote Green.



The Point Chev Beach Café was launched on Jan 2017 and has rapidly gained a reputation in excellent cuisine, coffee and a welcoming service. Being situated beside the beach it’s the perfect location for a family outing, a romantic date or just an ice cream!

Exterior Car

Interior/Exterior Car

G roomi ng Packag es

G roomi ng Packages

Now Ope n at 4 G reat LOCATION Au cklan d Locations



$29 Botany Town Ce ntre Behind New World 09 271 3410 Open 7 Days

Sylvia Park Carpark 5 09 525 7678 Open 7 Days


N ewmarket 2 York St 09 529 9999 Open 7 Days

Orake i Bay Vi llag e 228 Orakei Rd 09 600 1140 Open 7 Days

Additonal Services Interior Shampoo | Cut & Polish | Leather Treatment | Vehicle De-stickering | Dog Hair Removal | Spot Clean | Tar Removal Wax & Polish | Air Con Treatmeant | Odour Eliminato | Engine Steam Clean | Acid Rain

“Discover NZ’s Largest 100% Handwash Carwash” 0800 927 433 espressocarwash .co.nz

Proud To Be:

SEP 2017

506 Pt Chevalier Road, Auckland 09 815 6636


With the Summer season looming and bringing in the longer days, they are launching an evening dinner service that will enable locals to fully enjoy the benefits of this location, the fabulous food, and the selection of local wines & craft beer.





107 Great South Road, Greenlane PO Box 26 153 Epsom, Auckland 1344


09 524 4930




www.paulgoldsmith.co.nz facebook.com/PaulGoldsmithNZ

Want Want to to get get mortgage free mortgage free Want to get faster? faster? free mortgage Come faster? Come in in for for a a free free financial checkup. financial checkup. Come in for a free financial checkup. You don’t have to be a Kiwibank customer for one of our You don’t have to be a Kiwibank customer for one of our Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup and and show show you you how how to to reduce reduce your your mortgage mortgage debt. debt. You don’t have to be a Kiwibank customer for one of our We can can offer offer you you hot hot rates, rates, help help you you choose choose the the right We right Banking Consultants to giveplan youand, a financial home loan and repayment if your checkup home loan home loan and repayment plan and, if your home loan and show you$50,000, how to reduce your mortgage is more than a refinancing plan thatdebt. could save is more than $50,000, a refinancing plan that could save you up to $2,000. you up to $2,000. We can offer you hot rates, help you choose the right home loan and repayment plan and, if your home loan All itittakes isisaacall your local is more than $50,000, a to refinancing planBanking that could save All to Banking All it takes takes is a call call to your your local local Banking you up to $2,000. Consultant, John Chang on 09on 520 at Consultant Sarena Buchan 093896 520 6259

Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 at the Newmarket Branch. Branch. at Newmarket Newmarket Branch.

All it takes is a call to your local Banking Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 at Newmarket Branch.

Funded by Parliamentary Service and authorised by Paul Goldsmith 107 Great South Rd Auckland

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at kiwibank.co.nz. Kiwibank’s Get a a copy copy of Kiwibank’s Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act apply. Disclosure Statement Statement at at kiwibank.co.nz. kiwibank.co.nz. Kiwibank’s Kiwibank’s Get of Financial Advisers Act Disclosure lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees lending criteria, criteria, terms terms and and conditions conditions and and fees fees apply. apply. lending

June15Verve June15Verve June15Verve

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at kiwibank.co.nz. Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply.

The latest in



FINAL APARTMENT STAGES SELLING NOW Ranfurly Village offers one of central Auckland’s finest retirement lifestyles. Choose from a selection of beautiful and spacious apartments. “My parents had wonderful retirement years and enjoyed a lifestyle that is very similar to what is now available at Ranfurly Village” Judy Bailey


(09) 625 3420

Sales office located at: Historic Ranfurly House, 539 Mt Albert Road, Auckland

ranfurlyvillage.co.nz A GENERUS LIVING VILLAGE

2 3 5 Pa r n e l l R o a d w w w. h a t t i t u d e . co . n z

Can’t find the right lampshade?

62A Benson Road


SEP 2017

NEW Classic CUSHIONS lamps in store and INSTORE! online.


Signature Style Services make GREAT Christmas gifts!

New Zealand’s foremost personal image and styling consultancy, for that little bit of wardrobe magic. Look your best – call us NOW! 09 529 5115 info@signaturestyle.co.nz 330 Parnell Rd, Parnell

OSCURO oscuro.co.nz

Belmont Studio by appointment Claire 021 0249 7428 oscurolampshades@gmail.com Residential & trade enquiries welcomed Gift Vouchers available

A carefully curated collection of bespoke handpicked European Vintage Clothing

164 Kitchener Rd, Milford paintedbird.nz


m or f s n a Tr rself You

We custom make new shades & recover old favourites


BALM ST NE WMARKET 0 9 5 24 5787

Model is wearing: Tilly Top 4349MU Charese Jacket 4 468FN

W W W. H A R T L E Y S . C O. N Z


Need a cab? Call Corporate Cabs

09 377 0773


Enjoy authentic French pastries and bistro meals at La Fourchette. We are close to the beach and family-friendly. Mon: 8am-4pm · Tue-Sun: 8am-late | 8C Turua St · St Heliers · Auckland


ch cl ub ca fe & b ea b ea ch d, ta k a pu n a 4 th e st ra n z | zo m er .c o. n 09 4 88 75 94

09 488 7244 61 HURS TME RE R D, TA KA P UNA

country corner by interiors Tra ditiona l F rench ha ndcra fted furnitu re a nd hom ewa re at a fforda ble prices . 507 L a k e Rd, Ta k a p u n a 09 486 0057



Shape your mind, body and style

Summer bodies are made in winter! You don’t need to suffer another long hot summer draped from head to toe! Get in touch for your complimentary consultation.

Iona Eadie-Askew | 0225 730 468 | iona@evolvelifecoaching.co.nz




executive, business and lifest yle

Phone: +64 21 850 523 Email: lesley@lesleycolcord.co.nz Web: www.lesleycolcord.co.nz



Open 7 days till 5pm each day

The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

Visit our website at www.justrentals.co.nz





40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email justrentals@xtra.co.nz



311 Parnell Rd | (09) 379 2860

Bayside Rentals Ltd

Charlie & George is a contemporary café serving wholesome food and delicious Kokako coffee.

38-60 Stonefields Avenue, Mt Wellington Ph: (09) 950 4497 7am-3pm Mon-Fri, 8am-3.30pm Sat/Sun

Property management in the Bays. Sue has been assisting landlords with their rental properties for many years. Do contact Sue for any advice about your property or tenants.

09 575 9887 | 0274 908264





SCARLETT & GREENE Scarlett & Greene have unveiled the Zit Zapper: an all-natural, fast-acting drying solution that effectively eliminates pimples, naturally! The Zit Zapper is the fourth product to be developed and released by Scarlett & Greene, a New Zealandbased skincare company specialising in natural products for young skin. Scarlett & Greene's new Zit Zapper is free from nasty chemicals and has been formulated with a mix of natural goodies like sulphur (absorbs oil), zinc oxide (reduces inflammation) and tea tree (antibacterial), together with salicylic acid (unclogs pores) to effectively heal those blemishes. The natural, New Zealand made formula is scientifically designed to penetrate deep into your skin, blasting your zits, not your face! Although Scarlett & Greene is formulated for young skin (13-25), the great thing about the Zit ZAPPER is that it can be used on all skin types and people of all ages. The Zit Zapper has the added drawcard of being as effective on boys as it is on girls!


LET'S EAT! NADIA LIM Nadia Lim's new book Let's eat! contains over 100 of her favourite recipes that she cook over and over again for friends and family.


LOUISE DOUGLAS In honour of Bee Aware Month, Louise Douglas Jewellery is giving away her beautiful handmade 22k Gold plated Honey Bee Necklace valued at $210. The New Zealand buzzy bee has been an iconic symbol of our culture for as long as anyone can remember. But what if it no longer existed? Paying homage to the endangered and humble honey bee, Louise has created a keepsake necklace that comes with a unique blend of wildflower seeds for supporting their survival. All proceeds from the seeds go to the National Bee Keepers Association of NZ.



RED SPEEDO Written by: Lucas Hnath — Directed by: Benjamin Henson — Season dates: 31 October – 15 November — Cast: Chelsie Preston-Crayford, Ryan Carter, Wesley Dowdell, Scott Wills — Set and Costume design: John Parker — Music design: Eden Mulholland The second piece within the 25th anniversary season is Red Speedo - a new, cutting edge play from American writer Lucas Hnath, which is being directed by Benjamin Henson (The Effect, The Importance of Being Earnest, Titus) and starring Chelsie Preston-Crayford (Angels In America, Underbelly, The Inland Road). It’s playing from the 31 October - 15 November.


ALL-NATURAL MENOPAUSE SUPPORT WITH ESTROG-100™ THE CHANGE OF LIFE CAN BE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE™ Ground breaking natural herbal formulation Clinically proven to help women with menopause. Safe to use, no side effects. Presented in VEGE capsules – suitable for vegetarians and vegans EstroG-100™ doesn’t contain estrogen, but rather mimics it assisting in balancing the body’s natural response to hormonal changes and supporting normal body temperature, mood, healthy joints and restful sleep with herbs from Mother Nature. For more information visit meno-me.co.nz

AUCKLAND GARDEN DESIGNFEST The Auckland Garden DesignFest on 25 and 26 November allows visitors to view up to 20 private gardens designed by New Zealand's top designers. Organised by the Garden Design Society of New Zealand and Rotary Newmarket, each of the designers will be on-site, allowing visitors to talk with, and gain inspiration from the designers themselves.


For more information visit gardendesignfest.co.nz

MOKA COFFEE POT A stunning, highly-polished, mirror effect finish adorns the mere 1,955 Bialetti Limited Edition Moka coffee pot.



H O RO S CO P E S 128



23 October – 21 November

21 May – 20 June

You are thinking both resourcefully and intuitively now. It’s also a good time for dealing with problems in close relationships with the goal to heal and move past things. You can be feeling pleasantly attached to, or supported by, your loved ones or family. You are seeking out security, nurturing, and warmth, and are more likely to express these things towards others.

This is a time of increased learning and communicating on professional levels, and also of stronger impact, particularly in terms of what and how you communicate. You seem to be more accountable for what you say and what you know. There can be more movement, a hectic pace, or increased communications in the work you do at this time. You feel nurtured when you achieve your ambitions.



22 November - 21 December

21 June - 22 July

There can be a new sense of optimism about the future and a greater love for making plans, as a feeling of direction and purpose is very welcome in your life right now. Conversations can be lively and helpful. It’s a fine time for doing something creative, and perhaps venturing away from the usual routine, although sticking around home and doing something different can work well now.

CAPRICORN 22 December – 19 January

You should have an easier time dealing with your career. Decisions that must be made come easier to you, and advancements you’re trying to make come with less effort. This period can be excellent for romance and having fun with love. If single, you can use the energy to put yourself out there and meet new people, but you may feel like playing the field and not taking anything too seriously right now.

LIBRA 23 September - 22 October You will have a chance to express your needs, passions, and desires now in effective ways. Important contacts can be made with people who share your intellectual interests or who introduce you to new ideas that help you to grow, improve, and expand. Projects prove successful right now, particularly those involving teamwork. Your romantic interactions can take on an intensity you normally wouldn’t expect from casual encounters.

This is a time for clarifying and editing projects and goals. You are faced with the need to temper your enthusiasm or to slow down to avoid overextending yourselves. You may be re-evaluating relationships in terms of whether or not they are contributing to your personal growth. There could be some disagreeableness or uncertainty. You may be aloof from emotions, or distrust emotions as irrational and unpredictable.

LEO 23 July – 22 August

You might be especially interested in long-range visions, ideals, and goals. Communications and learning are favored in a general way, and ideas are mostly well-received during this cycle. You may be meeting people, and possibly romantic interests, through the internet, schooling, or travel. You have a strong need to express your personal creativity. You may display dramatic behaviour, and like to make an impact on your surroundings.




20 January – 18 February

21 March – 19 April

23 August – 22 September

You’re far more focused on your career and the direction your life is taking. You want to make sure that you’re planning ahead and have all of your ducks in a row. You may seem more hard-working, focused, detached, and ambitious. If in a relationship, you can use the energy to make your relationship more exciting and you can be more affectionate.

This is a strong time for making financial plans and strategies. This can be a cycle in which you learn significant things about a partner, finances, shared finances, taxes, and debts. Professionally, you may be tougher than usual now, and more inclined to follow mental or practical considerations. You may also be especially interested in motives and hidden elements of life at this time.



19 February – 20 March

20 April - 20 May

You could have a stronger desire for intimacy, needing to feel close to people, and may try to strengthen the bonds you have with people. You come across more intense, brooding, and magnetic. Your friends may seem more emotional to you than usual, and you have an easier time expressing yourself emotionally with your friends or in a group. You could realise a dream that you’ve been working towards.

This is a time when you have more mental initiative than usual, wanting to put your ideas into action. You tend to make crucial decisions and rely more on yourself and your observations when making decisions, depending less on what others think you should do. If committed, there may be some resistance to merging fully with a partner, as there is a need to remain independent, separate, and distinct even in a partnership.

This is generally a good time for social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, joining a group, and networking. A change of pace refreshes. It is time to build networks and cooperate. There is a good ability to successfully combine logic and intuition, and to understand problems taking into account the human element. There is sensitivity to people’s issues now.


09 623 1717 203 Manukau Rd, Epsom epsom@peacockschildcare. co. nz

Peacocks Early Learning Centre Epsom • Healthy meals from fresh organic produce • Inquiry learning inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy • A place for Discovery, Investigation and Exploration • An innovative teaching team • Beautiful natural environment

peacockschildcare.co.nz Peacocks Childcare St Lukes 09 849 4800 70 Malvern Rd, St. Lukes admin@peacocks.org.nz

Peacocks Childcare Ellerslie 09 580 0999 41 Rockfield Rd, Ellerslie admin@peacockschildcare.co.nz

Auckland Live International Cabaret Season

VELVET A divine discotheque circus.

‘This trip to Boogie Wonderland is a gold-plated hit.

– The Times, UK

21 SEPT – 1 OCT Q Theatre aucklandlive.co.nz or 0800 111 999

Profile for Verve Magazine

Verve. September 2017. Issue 137.  

Auckland's Best Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...

Verve. September 2017. Issue 137.  

Auckland's Best Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...