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Editors-in-Chief Fran Ninow and Jude Mitchell Senior Writer Jamie Christian Desplaces

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*Either by paying $1,000 initial deposit by Deposit Guarantee, using existing equity in your own house (conditions apply) Excludes Settlement fees and other ancillary costs or a 10% a Cash Deposit if you are a New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident. Every Precaution has been taken to establish the accuracy of the material herein at the time of printing, however, no responsibility will be taken for any errors/omissions. Prospective purchasers should not confine themselves solely to the content of this material and acknowledge that they have received recommendation and had reasonable opportunity to seek independent legal, financial, accounting, immigration, technical and other advice. The material herein was prepared solely for marketing purposes prior to the commencement of construction and the approval of necessary Territorial Authority consents. The final building design and materials are subject to Auckland Council approval. The Developer reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of residences and levels in each residence or building according to market demand and therefore sizes and layouts of residences may vary throughout the development. Changes may be made during development and all dimensions, finishes, fittings and specifications are subject to change without notice. All residences sale areas include ducts, gardens, patios, balconies, decks or fences as applicable and where shown. Sizes stated are measured in accordance with the clauses contained within the Sale and Purchase Agreement. All illustrations are artist’s impressions only. Loose furniture, feature and pendant lighting, window dressings and wall coverings are shown for illustration purposes only and are excluded from the Purchase Price. All illustrations and artist’s impressions of the landscaping to private courtyards, gardens and patios are indicative only and excluded Purchase Price.

Editors' Notes

In this issue we take a look at dinner parties, see Jamie’s story on page 18. Instead of the usual editors’ notes, the Verve team decided to share their dinner party dream guest lists. Fran – Editor

If I could have anyone I liked at my next dinner party – I would choose from the pool of those I miss most – family members and good friends either departed – or living far away, and to add that special pizzazz - into the mix I would add a few special guests. Larry Davis: No awkward silences if Larry was around, he would keep us entertained with a slew of irony and nuances. He is so LA, too! Billy Connolly: The warmth and genuineness of this man always shine through. No topic is taboo, and his chatter is hilarious. I mean, he can even makes ‘bandages’ seem funny. Greta Thunberg: To add a bit of gravitas and youth – Greta would challenge the conversation and keep our sights looking to the future. It would make me happy to see her have a bit of a laugh, too.

Rima – Sales

JK Rowling: Have been a fan of her for almost as long as memory serves. Dalai Lama: For his humour and wisdom (and maybe some blessings?). Jennifer Aniston: For some girlie chat (and hoping her plus-one is Brad Pitt).

Zanalee – Graphic Designer

I would like to have dinner with Yung Lean, Frank Ocean and my dads, Death Grips.

Jude – Editor

Nick Cave: Because I totally love his voice and he always asks his audience to be bold, challenging, confrontational and unafraid when he is performing. So I guess he would also be like this at a dinner party – I hope so! Mick Jagger: Because he would be incredibly entertaining and also unafraid! My Mum and Dad: I would love them to be at my dinner party – to tell them what I've done in my life, about their grandchildren (my children), what they are all doing and that they have great grand children! They would find Nick Cave and Mick Jagger highly entertaining! It would be a wonderful dinner party, one to remember!

Christine – Admin

Peta Mathias: Stories of living abroad and of course her food, Rachel Hunter: Life as a model and one time wife of Rod Stewart. Interesting tips on holistic natural beauty and Tiki Taane: His music and life in the world of NZ music.

Jeff – Photographer

I would like to get entertained at a party at my house by Elon Musk, Margot Robbie and The Rock.

Jamie – Senior Writer

Christopher Hitchens: ‘The Hitch’ was wonderful writer, contrarian, and the wittiest of raconteurs. Would love to have heard his take on the current socio-political climate. The Buddha: The wisest, most calming figure in history? Would love to have heard his take on the current socio-political climate, also— and see him duke it out with the notoriously anti-religion, atheist Christopher Hitchens! My nan, Alice Jones: Pretty much raised me until I was about six. Died when I was 15. Still miss her. Not sure I ever thanked her— certainly never cooked her a meal

Dave – Sales

I am a strong believer that humour and food make perfect partners, to that effect my ideal three dinner guests would be pioneers in their field of making me smile. Richard Prior changed the American style of ‘bland’ comedy forever; Sam Kinison, one of the most controversial comedians ever; and last, but not least, Robin Williams whose wit needs no explanation. Bon appetite.

Ken – Graphic Designer

That's a hard one. I think my top three choices would have to be Raf Simons, Solange and Lana del Rey.

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Inspired by living, driven by technology.




In 2015, Aucklander Jessica Mentis took part in a project that challenged participants to practise an activity for 100 days while uploading their progress on Instagram. Jessica’s concept could barely have been more original: to create architectural, artisan jelly, shaped using 3D-printed moulds to add a fine-dining spin on that perennial childhood favourite pudding. And her brand name was no less innovative either, for now Jessica’s known as ‘The Jellyologist’.




“You know, the intention was never to start a full-time business,” she admits, “the intention was simply to create. I saw it as a creative experiment, and I was completely taken by surprise when it turned out that there was a market for it.” Jessica says that it was a combination of a couple of popular Instagram posts and promotion from some superstar followers in the form of Trelise Cooper, and poet and mother of Lorde, Sonja Yelich, that “helped to get the ball rolling”. So, is Lorde a fan of The Jellyologist creations too? “Yes, she and her mum are big supporters. We did a Mother’s Day event a while back and Lorde bought some jelly for her mum.” Why do you think your jelly has been so embraced? “Well, I think that everybody has a nostalgic connection to jelly. We remember it from our childhoods. Now, I guess, we’ve reinvented it and brought it into the 21st century, with a contemporary twist.” Were you a big jelly fan as a child? “Everyone always asks me that, but no! Because of my background in architecture and design, I was always more interested in the idea of jelly as a medium. It’s so interesting in the sense that you can see through it and it holds its own structure. There is so much potential.” As well as her exquisitely crafted gourmet jellies that take the form of miniature cones and cubes and pyramids, Jessica has

been commissioned to build iconic structures such as the Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower, for a TV campaign. Jellyologist offerings, originally only tailored for events and celebratory occasions, can be found on Countdown shelves in the form of DIY mixes and kits replete with their own garnishes and cone-shaped moulds. Flavours include vanilla chai, feijoa and apple, Nan’s pavlova and chocolate lamington, all crafted using the finest ingredients and locally grown fruit, free of artificial colours and preservatives. “It’s hugely exciting being able to offer the experience to people at home,” Jessica says. “The moulds and mixes are really easy to use, and the results are spectacular, so that’s a big part of the appeal. It’s blown us away how people have responded to them. It has just been awesome.” Jessica and her team are also in the process of developing some vegan offerings, though that is proving trickier to, well, mould. “Obviously meat-free is a hot topic so it will be so nice to be able to cater to a plant-based audience,” she says. “But it’s quite difficult as plant-based alternatives are structurally different to gelatine—but we are getting pretty close, so watch this space!” Other upcoming flavours include a sure-fire hit in the form of espresso martini. “Generally speaking, there hasn’t been much innovation in jelly for 60-odd years, it’s one of those products that has just kind of stayed static,” says Jessica. “So, it’s quite nice to come in and shake it up.”




Rather confusingly, what Kiwis (and Brits and Aussies) call ‘jelly’ is usually referred to as ‘Jell-O’ in the US, where ‘jelly’ is more likely to be used when referencing what we call ‘jam’. New York cough syrup manufacturer Pearle B Wait bought the patent for Jell-O in 1897, and created its four original flavours of orange, strawberry, lemon and raspberry. Part of Jello-O’s clever marketing campaign saw them hand out free samples and moulds to immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in the early 20th century, later employing artistic greats like Norman Rockwell to create their ads. The earliest known jelly reference comes courtesy of Roman scholar, Pliny, who describes the creation of a glue using fishderived gelatine. Gelatine alone is nigh-on tasteless. Edible jelly dates from the turn of the 15th century when it was used as a means of helping to preserve meats and vegetables. The Victorian era in Europe saw the rise of jelly as a popular desert and potential artform, cut into geometric shapes and suspended within clear jelly blocks. A type of Spanish folk art popular in Mexico and some southern US states sees coloured gelatine solutions injected into jellies to create encased objects like flowers. Salt Lake City is said to have the highest percapita jelly consumption in the world. In 1923 movie, The Ten Commandments, the parted Red Sea was made of jelly. The consistency of the human brain closely resembles that of jelly.




Spanner crab & prawn tagliolini with crispy capers, cherry tomatoes & chilli REC I P E — DAN I EL MO R I N I OWNE R /O PE R ATO R HE AD C HE F O F MO R E L L

I love tagliolini because it is so light, almost like angel hair pasta. Fresh pasta made daily is ideal for this dish, but if you are going to prepare this recipe at home you can use an Italian brand of dried tagliolini pasta. Be sure to follow the cooking instructions carefully. Serves 4

MORELL.CO.NZ 91 - 95 UPLAND RD, REMUERA 09 600 3259

200ml extra virgin olive oil 200g spanner crabmeat (fresh or thawed) 200g prawns 50g capers 3 sliced large chillies 6 sliced garlic cloves

12 cherry tomatoes 250ml vegetable stock 100ml white wine 200g tagliolini 1 lemon bunch Italian parsley


Heat oil in pan, when hot, add capers and shallow fry until crispy. Put them into a paper towel and set aside. Put pasta in pot of boiling water. In a fresh pan heat oil and when hot, pan fry the prawns, crab, chilli, and garlic. Toss well together until slightly caramelised. Add white wine and vegetable stock. Add the pasta to the crab & prawn mixture and drizzle with olive oil to emulsify the ingredients. Add cherry tomatoes and Italian parsley. Toss gently, adding the crispy capers. Season with flaky Maldon salt. Divide between four plates and serve immediately with a wedge of lemon. Bon Appetito!

Lazy to make it at home? Come try it exclusively at Morell this summer.


A COOKTOP & RANGEHOOD IN ONE APPLIANCE. NEFF Vented cooktops integrate style, functionality and simplicity. Combining the function of a cooktop and rangehood in one appliance, vented cooktops remove steam and smells before they can spread around the kitchen.

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Available from


Genevieve’s Little Gem Salad “When Genevieve was pregnant with our daughter, Saffron, I was obsessed with her. When she would walk into the restaurant, waddling with her belly, it was like a ray of sunshine was beaming directly down on her. I couldn’t believe how cute she was. So I felt compelled to name a dish after her, and this is the kind of salad she loves—very simple, with a lot of greens. On the whole, the salad is nicely acidic, which makes it good to serve alongside anything on the richer side. Or you can eat it like Genevieve does—on its own, with her fingers.” Serves 4.



2 large or 4 small heads Little Gem lettuce, cored, leaves left whole 1/2 cup loosely packed fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves 1/4 cup roughly chopped fresh dill 3 large radishes, very thinly sliced 2 tablespoons minced shallot 8 fresh chives, cut into 1-inch pieces 1/2 cup walnuts, toasted and chopped 3 to 4 tablespoons Walnut Vinaigrette (recipe follows) Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 ounce ricotta salata cheese 1/2 teaspoon walnut oil


In a large bowl, combine the lettuce, parsley, dill, radishes, shallot, chives, and walnuts and toss gently to mix. Dress the greens with 3 tablespoons of the vinaigrette and toss quickly, then season with salt and pepper and toss again, making sure each leaf is evenly coated with the dressing. Transfer the salad to a large serving platter. Using a vegetable peeler, shave strips of ricotta salata over the top. Finish with the small drizzle of walnut oil. Taste and adjust the vinaigrette and salt if needed and serve.

Walnut Vinaigrette Ingredients

2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 tablespoons champagne vinegar 1 teaspoon whole-grain mustard 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 5 grinds of black pepper 1/4 cup grapeseed oil 1/4 cup walnut oil


In a bowl, combine the lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, salt, and pepper. Slowly drizzle in both oils while whisking until the dressing is combined and emulsified. Reprinted with permission from Bestia: Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A. by Ori Menashe, Genevieve Gergis and Lesley Suter, copyright © 2018. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Photography credit: Nicole Franzen © 2018


Summer = Salads

Spruce up your summer dinner party offering with these simple yet delicious salads.

Taken from Bestia: Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A., the debut recipe book created by husband-andwife chef/owners of Los Angeles restaurant, Bestia, in which they share their charming personal story as well as many of their recipes, all presented in a stunning visual manner. Available for purchase from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Powells.com, IndieBound.org or any online bookseller of your choice.


Cucumber, Plum, and Gorgonzola Salad “This salad came about because I love dill pickles. The celery, dill, and turmeric are a play on classic pickling spices, and the Gorgonzola has the same effect as the blue cheese dip that sometimes accompanies Southern-fried pickles. In summertime, the markets here have a huge variety of cucumbers, and we use a mix of different kinds to add complexity to the salad—each has its own characteristics. Whatever kind you choose, just make sure your cucumbers were grown in the dirt, not a hothouse, and choose plums with a nice amount of acidity; if they’re too sweet they’ll overwhelm the cucumbers.” Serves 4.



1 ear sweet corn, husk and silk removed 2 Persian or other thin-skinned cucumbers, halved lengthwise and sliced into halfmoons about 1/4 inch thick 2 ounces fresh watercress leaves 3 tablespoons Turmeric Vinaigrette (recipe below) Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 cup watercress 1 ripe plum, halved, pitted, and cut into 16 thin wedges Maldon or other flaky sea salt 2 tablespoons crème fraîche, at room temperature 1 ounce Gorgonzola cheese, preferably Gorgonzola Dolce, frozen for at least 3 hours Celery leaves and small dill sprigs for garnish Pinch of dill or fennel pollen (optional)


Preheat a cast-iron frying pan over high heat. Place the corn directly on the pan and let sear, turning as needed, until evenly charred on all sides. Transfer to a cutting board and let sit until cool enough to handle, then cut off the kernels with a knife. In a large bowl, combine the cucumbers, corn, and purslane and toss by hand to combine. Add 2 tablespoons of the vinaigrette, season with kosher salt and pepper, and toss. Taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary. In a separate large bowl, lightly dress the watercress with the remaining 1 tablespoon vinaigrette. Season with kosher salt and pepper and toss well. Pile the cucumber salad in a large shallow serving bowl or on a platter and top it with the dressed watercress. Season the plum slices with Maldon salt and arrange on top of the salad. Whisk the crème fraîche with a fork a little to loosen the consistency and drizzle on top. Grate the frozen Gorgonzola over everything until the entire salad is fully coated. Garnish with the celery leaves, dill, and a pinch of dill pollen, if desired, and serve.

Turmeric Vinaigrette Ingredients

2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 tablespoons champagne vinegar 1 tablespoon calamansi vinegar 1 teaspoon minced shallot 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric 1/2 teaspoon grated fresh turmeric, or 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil


In a bowl, combine the lemon juice, both vinegars, and the shallot and set aside for 10 minutes. Add the salt and ground and fresh turmeric, then slowly drizzle in the olive oil while whisking until the dressing is combined and emulsified. Reprinted with permission from Bestia: Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A. by Ori Menashe, Genevieve Gergis and Lesley Suter, copyright © 2018. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Photography credit: Nicole Franzen © 2018



Refined Dining, Redefined WO RD S―JAMI E C H RI STIAN D ES P L AC ES


“… a dinner party is about what is said, not what is eaten. There would always be wine and salad and bread and stew... But those were just the props… the set pieces of a lively, engaged, lingering old-school dinner party. The one that I have been chasing ever since” – Gabrielle Hamilton Dinner parties for many likely conjure up images of exquisitely decorated tables adorned with sterling silver cutlery and fine wines and surrounded by ladies in cocktail dresses and tuxedo-clad men. However, guests at the earliest of such social gatherings likely wore animal skins and ate with their hands, for the seeds of the ‘dinner party’ were essentially sown during the Stone Age when communal feasting was born from the necessity of not wasting surplus food. “Humans were trending toward domestication and with this development came momentous technological innovations,” writes anthropologist, Krystal D’Costa, for Scientific American. “For example, nets, fishhooks, and weirs allowed for mass fishing techniques.” Such advancements, coupled with the development of seed processing allowed humans “who lived in favourable conditions” to “stockpile resources”, but they had to be consumed before they spoilt: “This extra was deployed toward social means by individuals looking to establish reciprocal relationships… Group meals were a social contract.” Later, the Greeks and Romans engaged in famously fabulous feasting, traditions continued by European royal dynasties

before being refined by the Victorian upper-class. “The Victorians added a lot of speciality tableware to their dinner parties,” culinary historian Julia Skinner tells Vox. “… Things like special lettuce and pickle forks, for example, as well as separate plates for every single possible food, speciality glassware, different spoons for every course.” So, how amusing that millennials, already blamed for killing off everything from golf to conversation, are now also saddled with the death of the millennia-old dinner party. With rents and house prices at record highs (for those ‘lucky’ enough to have flown the family nest), and actual living space at record lows, younger adults lack the time, the room, and probably the inclination, to splash out on such extravagant banquets. But that doesn’t mean they’re shunning social occasions. Far from it. Studies have shown that generation to value only health above friendship as the most accurate indicator of success, and it’s said that with marriage coming later and later in life, friendships and socialising are more vital than ever. The seated dinner, with all its etiquette, protocols and tradition, is, mulls New York Times writer Guy Trebay, “under threat”. But the dinner party’s not really dying, it’s just that, well, the times, they are a changin’…



Themes Adhering to the old school philosophy, Martha Stewart once mused that etiquette dictates that cooking and preparation should begin as much as a week in advance and that the party should be themed—with the menu and decorations all tied in with said theme. Even if you’re planning a smaller and less formal gathering you can still have some fun with the décor, the dress and what goes down…

Rules Even well-to-do culinary goddess Nigella Lawson admits to not being “a formal dinner party sort of person”. Life in general has become a lot more laid back, and that means the rules are more relaxed— though plenty of basic old school manners still apply.


Red Carpet: Everyone loves dressing up, so why not go way over the top by making everyone dress for the Oscars? A good one for actual Oscar night. Come Dine With Me: You host, but everyone brings a dish, the best to be voted on at the end of the night. Great Gatsby: The classic jazz-era dress-up is a great time to get experimenting with some speakeasy-inspired cocktails. Ethnic Eating: Pick a country and everyone dresses like a local to sample its fare. Make sure to check on everyone’s spice tolerances beforehand. Game Night: Get competitive over charades or board games, and maybe incorporate some shots. Murder mystery: Take game night up a notch with a murder mystery night, there are plenty of online sources offering downloadable scripts, such as Night of Mystery (nightofmystery.com). Friendsgiving: This has taken off big time in recent years, a millennial take on the US Thanksgiving tradition, that sees friends gather together to celebrate their bonds sans annoying family members. It’s usually done just before Thanksgiving, though can be done any time of the year—and why not incorporate one of the above themes?

Don’t arrive to a dinner party on time. The host won’t be ready. But don’t arrive too late, as the food might already be. Aim for 15 minutes but be no later than 30. Flowers are always welcome, but don’t just plonk them down on a busy worktop, your host has enough to do. Find a vase and put them in water. Depending on the size of the party, consider the host’s fridge may be full. Ask ahead if they need you to bring a spare ice box for the wine and/or beer you will bring. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t congregate in the kitchen if the host is busy preparing food. Unless you’re there to help. It’s ever more common for guests to chip in by bringing starters and desserts. You’re not expected to cook them from scratch but put a little thought in—don’t turn up with dips without some nice bread, or a cake without the cream. My better half has a thing for obscure foreign language folk music, and she thinks that our friends appreciate the aural education. They do not. Classic soul (think Otis or Nina) is a safe crowd pleaser. As are The Beatles or The Black Keys. Put away the phone. But don’t forget to at least text or email a thank-you.



History’s Most Memorable Feasts Emperor Nero, Naked Chef: This first-century feast is described by Tacitus in Book V of The Annals, with guests treated to Roman delicacies such as a whole boiled calf, sow’s udders and dormice sprinkled with poppyseed. For afters? A mass orgy! A Most Royal Feast: Robert Dudley, the Early of Leicester, was thought to be the lover of Elizabeth I. In 1560, he threw a banquet in her honour that included what was then exotic treats like pineapple and turkey, along with 48 ducks and 10 sheep. Fifteen years later, he threw another gluttonous party for his queen that lasted 17 days. First (US) Thanksgiving: In 1621, the newly arrived English pilgrims shared a three-day celebration with the local Wampanoag people who had helped them farm and learn to fish. Fifty-four years later the peaceful coexistence ended when war broke out resulting in the loss of thousands of indigenous lives.


Last Supper: Probably the most famous feast of all time saw Jesus (supposedly) break bread (“this is my body”) and share wine (“this is my blood”) with his disciples while predicting his betrayal and death.

Diners Most Wanted Readers of the UK’s Daily Express named actors Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith, along with David Attenborough, astronaut Tim Peak, and comedian Peter Kay among their most desired dinner guests. Richard Branson, a regular contender on many a ‘dream dinner guest’ list, says he’d most like to feast with, among others, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Melinda Gates and Muhammad Ali. Last year, Vogue editors singled out Emma Thompson, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama and Helen Mirren as among the ladies they’d most like to share a bottle of wine or two with around the dinner table.

Anise For a fantastic Private Dining Experience in your own home contact us today. “I pride myself in showcasing the best of New Zealand produce to create an exceptional & unique fine dining experience.” Paul Duncan, Private Chef

022 191 831 6 ANISECATER ING .CO.NZ





Jersey Girl Organics


“There is no one thing I love most about my work,” says John Vosper, director of multi-award-winning organic dairy farm, Jersey Girl Organics, “but things that spring to mind include that sense of accomplishment at the end of every day; the joy of a sunrise or shower of rain; witnessing children’s reactions when we give them milk to drink at farmers’ markets; and the pride in producing New Zealand’s best milk!”

Another, perhaps more unexpected perk of the work, says the dairy boss is “being nuzzled by the cows” while strolling through their paddock. The cows (Jersey ones, obviously) are all named, and each one has their own quirks and personality. Take Ella, for instance, who refuses to advance to the rotary to be milked without first getting a scratch (“I have tried to reward her for months with a scratch once she’s already in place instead—we’re slowly getting there”), or Whir, who is “nearly always first in the shed and ducks under the bale gates to secure her number one spot”. “Then there is Gill,” John adds, “who waits until she is on the other side of the rotary before she kicks the cups off. She in not on the favourites list.” Jersey cows not only produce milk with up to 18 percent more protein and 20 percent more calcium than other breeds, but, John says, are better looking, gentler, friendlier, and even have a reputation for sulking. Their milk is also high in omega 3s and A2 protein. The Vospers have been working their Matamata land for more than a century, and Jersey Girl Organics marks their fifth generation in the industry. “The most rewarding thing, definitely, is working with family,” says John, “and the most challenging thing, is also working with family! It can be difficult to separate business from family life.” The family must, I suspect, feel a great connection—and responsibility—to the land.



Being organic brings obvious satisfaction, but what are the biggest hurdles? “Hours spent mulching blackberry knowing that there is a spray that would kill it once and for all can make you wonder about the decision to farm organically, but just a glance at the pasture is enough to reaffirm that we are on the right track. Because we rely on natural processes, we need to be proactive. For example, weed control starts with grazing management months before the weeds would appear and animal health starts before the animal is born.” On average, each Kiwi gets through around two litres of milk per week, which amounts to more that 23,000 tonnes of plastic bottles each year. Jersey Girl Organics’ eco-credentials are shored up even further thanks to their facilities that allow for folk to top up their milk supply in reusable glass bottles. Cattle and dairy farming have come under intense scrutiny in recent years owing to the likes of their contribution to climate change and water degradation, and I ask John if he feels enough is being done to tackle such pollution issues within the industry. He believes significant improvements have been made. “Firstly, the focus was on managing dairy effluent, and in recent years it has been on nutrient management to improve water quality. Now farmers are having to adapt to climate change to not only reduce emissions but also build resilience in their farm system so they can withstand droughts, storms, pestilence and so on. There are those visionary farmers who have led the way but there are those few who wait until they are forced to change.” John says that reluctance to change is often the result of economics rather than disdain for the environment, though does acknowledge that “there are farmers who deliberately abuse and neglect their responsibility as guardians of the land and only see it as a commodity to be used”. However, he does also lament prevailing attitudes to his profession, comments such as “he’s just a farmer” cut deep. “Yes, it is home,” John says. “There is family history that gives you a real sense of belonging. Some people see it as sentimentality that gets in the way of sound business judgement. Given the small size of our farm, the sensible business decision would have been to sell up and move to a bigger operation, but there is that sense of responsibility to be able to give the next generation the opportunity to live and work here.”

“Farming today requires that a diverse range of skills is used to manage a business,” he continues. “It is dependent on weather, exchange rates, and market prices, while navigating increased compliance requirements around employment, animal welfare, health and safety, and the environment. Farmers take pride in their livestock and the land that they farm.”







Jen Parr of Valli Wines


A Day in the Life of a Dairy Farmer – John says that a typical weekday begins with “5:30am espressos!” – Cows taken to be milked between 6am-8am – From 6am, the pasteurising plants must be warmed–up and prepped – Cows are shut away and fences put up for the next day – Calves are moved – Milk must be bottled and packaged and loaded into refrigerated trucks for distribution – Clean up and prepare for the next day – Cows are milked again between 3:30pm5:30pm – Put the cows away, feed the dogs – And as for the weekends? “We juggle milking the cows and attending five farmers’ markets!”

As a student of literature, I often wondered about my purpose. I wondered about my own purpose for a long time. I knew it was out there and I knew it had so be something important but I didn’t know how to find it. Eventually I started on this wine journey and found my purpose. People often ask me about our purpose as an industry. What good do we do in the world as wine growers? It is really difficult to answer. About a year ago, I figured it out for me and maybe it will mean something to you. As individuals (wine writers, wine masters, purveyors, growers), we are like bright colours on an artist’s palette. But our beauty is unleashed when all these colours are put together on a canvas and we become one. And in that beauty, we can capture a moment in time and help people appreciate a moment in time. And we can bring happiness to a world that is sometimes challenging. And I think that is important, that capturing a moment in time and enjoying memories and that wine in that glass, it comes from the heart. It comes from our toils and our choices. That memory and that canvas that we create together last much longer than wine in the glass (particularly our wines!). So, if we continue to look after each other, take care of each other, our planet and our land, and continue to collectively put colour on the canvas, then I do think we make the world a better place. W W W.VAL L IWINE.C O M


From breakfast smoothie bowls, to afterwork drinks, fine dining to decadent cookies, traditional Japanese and shared tapas - we’ve got it all. Plus we’re only one stop from Britomart station.



Table Wines

Harbour Society

First impressions count. The building that once housed the Reserve Bank is now a multi-level slice of luxury with a firstrate restaurant that draws in the crowds. Hotel gastronomy, like the tide, comes and goes, yet there is still a small band of technically gifted chefs that has avoided becoming an endangered species. Marc de Passorio, a twostar Michelin chef, is one of them. Although there are no surprises, his luncheon menu is a document of his passions and travels, captured in highly worked small plates that unite flavours with finesse. In the rarefied air in the upper-end of Auckland’s competitive luncheon dining scene, Harbour Society has quickly gained a reputation for plating intricate and carefully crafted fare.

New Zealand is blessed with a long heritage of producing premium table wines. Driving through the various wine regions you can observe plantings of a wide variety of grapes, many of which are winning accolades all around the world. Although we are a young wine producer, there is still a lot happening and much to talk about especially when it involves food. Putting food and wine together can be an aesthetic and practical challenge. Each must be appropriate to the circumstances and complement each other, as well as contribute a certain gaiety to the occasion, otherwise, what’s the point? With such a wealth of wine riches to choose from, it can challenging when buying wine as price points are not always a true reflection of what’s inside the bottle. It would be wrong to think that all wines offer unbeatable value for money, and with numerous labels on to choose from it can be a difficult decision, especially for the novice. The winemaking landscape of New Zealand is rich with iconic names who have carved out the directions of our most influential companies with the big wineries taking the lead in the value for money stakes.

The a la carte menu remains one of the best in the city, with a selection of dishes that are exceptional without ravaging the budget. Select from two courses starting from $32, or three courses from $43. To get things going, entrees include carrot and ginger soup, summer salad, beef tataki, oysters in the shell, Alaskan king crab, and a charcuterie platter. Mains that justify their place on the menu include pan fried market fish, Ora king salmon, duck breast, chicken breast, beef tenderloin and baked tomatoes stuffed with ratatouille. And if you think you’re done when mains are cleared there are no excuses to pass up on desert. It’s hard not to be swayed by strawberry éclairs, lemon meringue crumble, cheese platter and petit fours.

Whether the preference is white or red, you might want to give these wines a crack to soak up all the vinous excitement of what is inside the bottle.

The globetrotting wine list, with plenty available by the glass, is bold, serious and comprehensive. And the verdict? The artful presentation and generous portions endowed with panache that are brought to the table all add to an immensely satisfying lunchtime meal, underscored with swift, smart and amiable service.

Menu: 8 | Cuisine: 9.5 | Wine list 8.5 Service: 8.5 | Décor: 8 | Value for Money: 9



« Yealands Estate Winemakers Reserve Sauvignon Blanc ’18 No other wine region produces vibrant flavours like Marlborough. Intensively fresh and alive with rich fruity flavours. $30

» Anthony Joseph Vidal Legacy Chardonnay ’18 Easy to drink, soft and full on the nose with a medley of concentrated aromas of fresh tropical fruit that will awaken the senses. $60

« Esk Valley Gimblett Gravels merlot, malbec, cabernet franc ’14 An even tempered easy drinking trifecta with ripe fruity concentrated flavours supported by soft tannins. $61




Verve Visits:

Leafe Café

Overlooking the hustle and bustle of busy Broadway, Leafe Café is just what the highly anticipated Westfield Newmarket is in need of. With its bright, invigorating and fresh interiors, and a darn good menu to match, you will leave Leafe Café feeling energised, satisfied and planning your next visit.


Whether you feel you are in need of a healthy superfood smoothie and a raw vegan slice, or a deliciously crispy, mouthwatering fried chicken burger washed down with a Hallertau beer, Leafe Café has it covered.

could we forget, Leafe Café’s bakery offers raw vegan caramel slices, housemade cheesecakes, tarts and pastries, and the most crumbling cake-y goodness to satisfy any sweet tooth.

You can expect much loved staple dishes like eggs, bagels and smashed avo, alongside deliciously curated dishes like their insane breakfast pizza, brunch bowls and Spanish eggs.

For those who enjoy a glass of vino or two with their lunch, Leafe Café’s wine list has beautifully selected New Zealand and Australian wines and the famously thirst quenching Hallertau range. Don’t fancy a tipple? Then how about you go for a freshly pressed juice, an Aeropress coffee, or the gloriously full-bodied Atomic coffee?

And don’t worry, you can still get your fix of Leafe Café’s oh-so delicious food to go. Their carefully curated and seasonal takeaway offerings include artisan sandwiches, energising salads and scones that give off the most tempting waft as you stroll by. But what about a sweet treat, we hear you cry? How

So, if you are heading to Newmarket and crave some delicious food in a beautiful location, then be sure to stop by Leafe Café on level 2, by the escalators on the corner of Morrow Street and Broadway.


The Verve Guide to Manukau Road Manukau Road is one of Auckland's most diverse destinations. We take a look at some of the eclectic boutique businesses that make this space so special.


Darnell Adams of Ray White Epsom Darnell is the archetype of breaking the proverbial real estate mould! Her professional stylings are avant-garde. Innovative and evidently dynamic, she is the iconic epitome of the new school of real estate: a pop-culture sales guru.


· 20th growth for NZ 2019 · Executive member 2018/2019 · Ray White Black Group Digital Media Marketing Award 2018/2019 · Ray White Black Group Rising Star Award

Her forte is social marketing, campaigns and transitions, premium extraction and, coupled with service excellence, she is the essence of client-oriented services provisioning. She is a born online marketing strategist, having launched myriad businesses as a business advisory consultant. From career inception, Darnell won various awards and company accolades, achieving many more in the decade following. Now with 14 years of residential sales experience behind her, Darnell has accumulated sales wisdom beyond her years. Additional to her love for real estate, with savvy, Darnell embraces technology and utilises all the e-tools possible and necessary to truly receive outstanding client-orientated results. When working with Darnell it’s notably fresh, fun and dynamic. Darnell takes all the stress and worry away from you while you shop around for your new home and move on with the next stage of your life with your loved ones.

022 124 8352




Diversity Wins at The Alex Sports Bar & Eatery WO RD S―DANIEL L E RAMAE KE RS PHOTO GRAPHY—JE F FALO O


New Zealand born Brian Park started his career as a 16-year-old kitchenhand in his father's restaurant. Based in Botany Downs, the traditional Korean restaurant exposed Brian to the finer arts of the cuisine he's known since childhood – as well as a "typical chef's" heated nature. Brian prefers a more relaxed approach. By not holding on too tightly to any one method of cooking, he aims to bring diversity to the table. "I studied traditional French cooking at AUT," he says, "but I grew up with Korean cooking." Brian draws much inspiration from Korean-American chef David Chang. He seeks to strike an approachable balance between Asian and French cooking techniques to expose customers to "elements of Korean cooking in an accessible way". His work in various contemporary cafes and bistros throughout Cambridge and Auckland provided him with further inspiration to spice up The Alex's menu. But he's still satisfying punters with their favourite pub grub, too. "I haven't touched the toasties," he says with a laugh. The traditional ham and cheese is always a safe bet. Yet, Brian hopes that newcomer Korean fried chicken, served with hints of strawberry jam, will become a top pick. Catering to all tastes is a challenge he's relishing. An upcoming menu will boast classic Kiwi fish 'n' chips as well as pork belly with nuoc cham, a Vietnamese dressing made from fish sauce, lemon juice and sugar.

Brian wants everyone to feel catered for, so there's no restriction. He plans to expand the organic soba noodle bowl into a selection of buddha bowls with home-cured salmon or tofu alongside beef burgers and pepperoni pizza. It's no mean feat catering to such a wide variety of taste buds. Still, Brian is managing to merge the many aspects of his cooking career to do just that. He sees a diverse range of customers at The Alex "especially on Friday nights, [when] it's exciting to work". His philosophy of infusing simple, easy-to-approach food with Asian features shows in The Alex's sharing plates and platters. There's a little something for everyone. Even the calamari's getting zhooshed-up with a chilli and coriander Vietnamese dressing. Brian enjoys getting creative in the kitchen. The breakfast menu's as inclusive as lunch and dinner, with almond milk porridge and Belgian waffles starting out next to big brekkie and eggs bene. Not to mention the parmesan and mascarpone truffle because truffle "makes everything taste better". The freedom to experiment, explore and create is one of Brian's top priorities. It's also what makes any pick on The Alex's menu a good bet.

Opening Hours: 7am - till late, 7 days Cnr Green Lane West & Manukau Rd, Greenlane 09 887 8414 ∙ the.alex@alexandrapark.co.nz


Forest Eatery CafĂŠ Nestled in a quiet corner on Manukau Road, the coffee served at Forest Eatery is your ultimate wake-me-up. Accompany that with the smashed avo on toast and/or the poached egg and you have a winner for weekday and weekend brunches alike. The Forest pancakes particularly satisfied our inner sweet-cravings. 3 PAH R D, EP S O M 09 625 2971


Coffee and Tea Lovers Ltd Coffee and Tea Lovers has been providing premium quality loose leaf teas and fantastic service to the hospitality trade in NZ since 2000. They not only provide your total tea requirements, but brewing accessories and equipment to ensure a successful customer experience for your clients. The addition of coffee roasting services in the last few years has made it NZ’s leading all-round coffee and tea specialists. Their Opium Blend won a silver placing at the NZ Coffee Awards 2011-12 in the Best Flat White category. 5 6 7 MANUKAU RD, E P S O M 09 630 1995 C O FFEEANDTE ALOVE RS .C O. N Z



Clothing Girl, Designer Recycle Clothing Girl Designer Recycle has quickly become one of Auckland's top shopping destinations. Based in Epsom and open seven days with plenty of free parking you will love the boutique style designer recycle. All items are carefully selected and are in clean (as new) condition. Janine has always had a passion for quality secondhand clothing and is proud of the store she has created. Clothing Girl stocks mainly NZ designers but also stocks samples and ends of lines. 5 5 3 MANU K AU RD, E P S O M O PEN M O N DAY-F RI DAY: 1 0 AM- 4 P M SATURDAY 1 0 : 3 0 AM TO 4 P M SUNDAY 1 1 AM TO 3 P M 09 623 0 9 9 3 / 0 2 1 5 2 9 4 0 8


Eves Pantry The staff at Eves Pantry are passionate bakers – it’s what they love to do. They put everything they have into creating your favourite bakery products, and pulling out all the stops for those special occasion cakes and desserts. And they've enjoyed doing it for more than 60 years. Their biggest secret? Finding a balance between the old and the new. Choose between today’s most innovative new products and traditional Kiwi favourites, all prepared with the special European flair that sets them apart from the crowd. Visit Eves stores today. 3 9 9 - 4 0 3 MANU K AU R D, E P S O M 09 630 0379 EVES PANTRY.C O. NZ




Simply Wonderful For 28 years Simply Wonderful Clothes has enjoyed helping dress women and make shopping a fun experience. Their one store at Greenwoods Corner, Epsom, is large and spacious and has been open for approximately 22 years. Simply Wonderful Clothes specialises in dressing the 40-plus age group with the very latest in fashion and strongly believe that as we get older there’s no need to dress 'old'. They offer women’s clothing for all occasions, whether you’re shopping for work attire, leisure wear, or a formal event the team will help you find the styles that suit your lifestyle, personality and budget, and will take great pleasure in taking you out of your comfort zone and showing you how well you can look in the slightly zanier styles and colours. By adding just a couple of distinctive pieces, you can update your existing wardrobe. They also specialise in as many natural fabrics as possible and although some customers don’t like linen, are seeing more and more linen blends, especially with viscose which makes the fabric much softer and less creasy.


Simply Wonderful Clothes stocks dozens of New Zealand and international labels with sizes ranging from 8–20, so they can personally select pieces that will complement your current style and existing wardrobe from labels such as; Joseph Ribkoff, F.D. Jeans, Macjays, Bittermoon, Lemontree, Chalet, Madly Sweetly, Marco Polo, Zacket & Plover, Weekend, Berlin, Obi, Chocolate and Vassalli and many more. Check out their website at: simplywonderfulclothes.co.nz The SWC team of Angie, Danielle, and Kathy have been together for many years and really love what they do and enjoy the relationships with their customers. During the month of February there will be a sale, so a great time to grab a bargain. They also have a 'specials' room that carries bargains all year. Also during February, new season fashions will arrive in store. Be quick to get that extra special piece. Layby’s welcome. See you in store, Kathy, Angie and Danielle. 09 630 0084 SIM PLYWO ND E RF U LC LOTH ES .C O. N Z

Lido Cinema After all the shopping and tasty meals enjoyed on Manukau Road, treat yourself to a movie at the twin-screen luxury Lido cinema, complete with licensed bar. When the sun gets too hot, there's nothing like watching a movie and relaxing with that pint of beer and your favourite person. 4 2 7 MANU K AU ROAD, E P S O M 09 630 1500 L ID O.C O. NZ



Epsom Doll & Teddy Hospital 5 9 2 MANU K AU RD, E P S O M 0 9 6 2 5 2030

Epsom Dolls' house is the Home of Auckland Doll's Hospital for restoration of dolls, soft toys and suppliers of bespoke dolls' clothing and shoes. This place is a dream come true for anyone who loves dolls and teddy bears, especially those in need of some tender loving care. Walking into the store will instantly reawaken those childhood memories and it'll be hard not to walk out without a new buddy for your children (or yourself). Say hello to Prince Harry while you are there.

The Alex Sports Bar & Eatery Walk in to The Alex Sports Bar and Eatery and you’ll be spoilt for choice with delicious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner at our café and restaurant featuring plenty of seating in a comfortable atmosphere with garden views and outdoor access. Consider yourself a sports fan? We double as a sports bar with a big screen playing events as they happen. Find us at Alexandra Park in Epsom with plenty of free parking onsite. It’s the perfect place for a casual hangout, special occasion or dinner with friends and family. Drop in to see us today! CNR GREEN LANE WEST & MANUKAU RD, GREENLANE ∙ 09 887 8414 ∙ THE.ALEX@ALEXANDRAPARK.CO.NZ



A Little Zodiac. A mini-series of new work by Emma Bass WO RD S―AIM ÉE RAL FI N I

Balthasar van der Ast with monkey

A Little Garden – new work by Emma Bass, runs from 25 February until 15 March at ARTIS Gallery, 280 Parnell Road. More information: emmabass.co.nz or artisgallery.co.nz Joris Hoefnagel with pig, Roelandt Savery with dragon.


Top-bottom: Johannes Goedhaert with ox, Balthasar van der Ast with rabbit, Hendrick de Fromantiou with goat.

Ambrosius Bosschaert the elder with horse Just in time for the Chinese New Year, Emma Bass has created a small series of works to delight anyone interested in the Chinese zodiac. However, these are not the sort of works you’d expect from an artist well-known for her bright and eccentric floral portraits. These works have been created in conjunction with A Little Garden, a new series by Bass which sees the artist layering creatures, objects of intrigue and gilded gold leaf Matisse shapes, over vintage reproductions of 17th-century Dutch flower paintings, which have been the main inspiration behind her body of work up until now.

“I’m entering the second phase of motherhood and life, this is a moment of change for me. I want to honour my inspiration and make a connection with the passing of time.” – Emma Bass To sit alongside A Little Garden, which opens later this month at ARTIS Gallery in Parnell, Bass has created an intriguing series of miniatures inspired by the Chinese zodiac. Printed on board in acknowledgment to the original material most of these artworks would have been painted on, these works stand roughly at A4 in stature, with thick black borders laden in gloss. Each artwork contains a plastic animal, 12 in all, hidden amidst her recontextualised floral compositions. The Chinese zodiac, or shengxiao or shnng-sshyao (‘born resembling'), is a repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year being represented by an animal and its reputed attributes. In order, the 12 Chinese horoscope animals are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. 2020 is the year of the rat. In the flesh this magical series has celestial presence, each one a little treasure, a perfect morsel to take home for any first time art lovers.

emmabass.co.nz — artisgallery.co.nz


Grace Bader – Courtesy of Melanie Roger Gallery


The Art of February WORD S — BY AIM EE RAL FI N I

Relish the deliciousness of summer. Grab the ice in your spritz with your teeth and revel in the sensation of it trickling down your throat. For these are the days, the slow, hazy, half-speed days of our beautiful summer. Indulge in them, absorb them, make them last.


As always, Aotearoa’s creative industry is in-tune with this season and offers visual morsels which your soul can carry throughout the year.

Simone Rosenbauer – Like Ice in The Sunshine II At Sanderson Contemporary, Newmarket 29 Jan–22 Feb

Originally from Germany, internationally acclaimed artist Simone is currently based in Sydney. The winner of numerous national and international awards, her work in this exhibition captures the essence of summer via brightly coloured images of partly melted ice-blocks. A perfect memory that we can all relate to. More info: sanderson.co.nz

Simone Rosenbauer – Courtesy of Sanderson Contemporary


Grace Baider – Recent Painting At Melanie Roger Gallery, Karangahape Road 29 Jan–22 Feb

Group show – Queer Algorithms At Gus Fisher Gallery, Shortland Street CBD 14 Feb–2 May

Emerging painter Grace Bader lives and works in Auckland. Her colour palette in recent paintings is savoury in nature, with a paint application evocative of smoothing cream cheese onto toasted sourdough. If summer alfresco dining is your thing, with its dips and hummus, served in earthenware, wiped clean by hungry fingers, then Baider’s work is likely to appeal.

The first half of February is all about Auckland Pride when the region will be sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow. Auckland’s Pride festival is jam-packed with community activities, events and exhibitions. Queer Algorithms features artworks by groundbreaking artists never seen before in Aotearoa, working in the mediums of video, installation and internet art.

More info: melanierogergallery.com More info: gusfishergallery.auckland.ac.nz

Grace Bader – Courtesy of Melanie Roger Gallery

Podcast Interview by Art Ache

A podcast interview with artist Shannon Novak who is part of the group show Queer Algorithms can be listened to on the Art Ache channel on Spotify and iTunes. More info: artache.com Martine Gutierrez, Indigenous Woman, 2018. (c) Martine Gutierrez; Courtesy of the artist and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York

Japan Day 217 Green Lane, Epsom 9 February, 10am-6pm

Japan Day is New Zealand’s biggest annual Japanese festival and aims to further mutual understanding between Japan and New Zealand by sharing traditional and contemporary Japanese cultures. Now running for 19 years, there are many Japanese food stalls!

Uenuku The Auckland Museum, Auckland Domain 10 February, 6pm-8:30pm

What's On

David Farrier will moderate a panel discussion at Auckland Museum this year during Pride Festival. The panel includes Louisa Wall, Welby Ings, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku and will look at laws passed in our country’s history and acknowledge the firsts that have shaped our inclusive LGBTQI society. Following the panel discussion will be a screening of Welby Ings’ award winning short film Sparrow. Part of Auckland Pride Festival. Tickets $25-$35, booking required.

Fat Feb: Writing the Fat Experience Vunilagi Vou, 4/256 Great South Road 8 February, 6pm-8pm

Scarface Hollywood Avondale, 20 St. Georges Road 13 February, 7:30pm

Vunilagi Vou's #FATFEB kicks off with Writing the Fat Experience, a workshop facilitated by Elyssia Wilson-Heti. "In 2020, we are actively reclaiming language and writing ourselves into existence. This is an unconventional writing workshop where we will be using movement, props and talanoa to celebrate and empower each other. Please bring an open mind, an open heart and comfy clothes, ready to share space discussing and writing the fat experience." Participants are asked to bring along an item that holds significance.

De Palma’s ultra-violent, ultra-quotable, ultracolourful, ultra-everything remake of Howard Hawks’s gangster classic is the crass flipside to The Godfather. Scarface is a massively deranged and gleefully disreputable tale of the rise and plunging downfall of a Cuban immigrant turned Miami drug kingpin. Al Pacino throws himself into the title role with the fury of an angry rottweiler, while Michelle Pfeiffer glows gorgeously in her breakthrough role as his trophy wife. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch this classic on the big screen.

Artist Talk & Workshop With Megan Archer Corban Estate Arts Centre, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane 22 February, 11am-12pm

Come and hear Megan Archer talk about her art process. The audience will have the opportunity to create a collage under the artist's guidance. The adult workshop contains images of nudity. Free event. Game Face Q Theatre, The Vault, 305 Queen Street 25-29 February

MEG AN ARCH E R . M O LTE N CAR ES S , 2 0 1 9 . O I L O N CANVAS , 7 5 0 X 7 5 0 M M .

Told through a series of games, songs, dance and spoken word, Game Face is a joyfully anarchic critique of oppressive beauty ideals and the effort it takes to keep resisting them. After soldout London previews, Game Face premieres at Q Theatre as part of their Summer At Q season. Drawing on personal experiences of eating disorders, depression and feeling estranged from your body, it mocks the absurdities of our beauty myths with wit, warmth, dancing and doughnuts.

Deep Q Theatre, The Vault, 305 Queen Street 25-29 February

Auckland Fringe is the perfect environment for Deep to bring a fantastical, dark and transportational puppetry performance back to Auckland’s theatre scene. Its boundary-pushing elements convey a timely and urgent conversation for people coping with ever-changing social revolutions. “Live puppetry is a rarity across the cultural landscape of this city, and combined with cinematic soundscapes and a moving performance deep in the Pacific Ocean... It is something you simply cannot get elsewhere.” – Chye-Ling Huang.

Exhibition Opening: Corban Estate Arts Centre Corban Estate Arts Centre, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane 13 February 6pm-8pm, 14 February-5 April

Sunsetter: Food, Wine & Music Festival 72 Taharoto Road, Takapuna 15 February, 12-9pm


The Takapuna Food, Wine & Music Festival returns to Smales Farm as the new Sunsetter Food, Wine & Music Festival! This quality event is set to provide an amazing occasion with collaborations of some of the best acts, New Zealand wineries and craft breweries, popular eateries and food vendors, spectacular performers and more in a unique urban environment. Expect an event that differs slightly from traditional food and wine festivals and get ready for an occasion that delivers an atmosphere like no other!


The Box Office February Picks



Two best friends in a small Scottish town in the summer of '94 head out for one last night together before life takes them in different directions. Going to an illegal rave, the boys journey into an underworld of anarchy, freedom and collision with the law as they share a night that they will never forget.


Richard Jewell

“There is a bomb in Centennial Park. You have 30 minutes.” The world is first introduced to Richard Jewell as the security guard who reports finding the device at the 1996 Atlanta Games bombing—his quick thinking making him a hero whose swift actions save countless lives.  But within days, the law enforcement wannabe will become the FBI’s number one suspect, vilified in the court of public opinion, his life ripped apart. Directed by Clint Eastwood, the suspense drama Richard Jewell stars Oscar winners Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde and Paul Walter Hauser.


Come To Daddy


The Lighthouse

Norval Greenwood, a privileged man-child arrives at the beautiful and remote coastal cabin of his estranged father. He quickly discovers that not only is dad a jerk, but he also has a shady past that is rushing to catch up with both of them. Now, hundreds of miles from his cushy comfort zone, Norval must battle with demons, both real and perceived, in order to reconnect with a father he barely knows. Staring Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie, Garfield Wilson and Madeleine Sami.

From Robert Eggers, the visionary filmmaker behind modern horror masterpiece The Witch, comes this hypnotic and hallucinatory tale of two lighthouse keepers (pictured) on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s. Staring Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe and Valeriia Karaman.


Showing at Rialto and Academy cinemas.


EMMA BASS 25 February – 15 March 2020

BRENDAN BURNS Artist in Residence from Wales 7 – 24 April 2020

GEORGE BALOGHY Opening: Tuesday 3 September 7.30pm 17 March – 5 April 2020 ARTIS5.30 @ –AUCKLAND ART FAIR – mm3 May 2020 Detail: Savouring the Day, oil on 29 canvas,April 600 x 1000

CONTEMPORARY NEW ZEALAND ART 280 Parnell Road Auckland New Zealand


Ph: +64 9 303 1090










20 January – 18 February This will be a lucky time where opportunity is concerned. There could be surprises or unexpected elevations in work that may change your financial situation with some speed. You will simply have the fruit of your efforts in the long term if you persist until all is done. Creative projects may receive a boost with a renewal of energy. Leisure pastimes may flourish and leave you feeling renewed.

19 February – 20 March This month will be filled with action and new beginnings. Be dynamic! Take new directions with vigour. You may take a new path or hit a new level of operation. New vistas could open before you or new horizons may beckon. This is a better time for romantic adventures to prosper. Make sure you know and understand what you're getting into, for not everything that beguiles you will turn out to be what it seems.


21 March – 19 April This is a time to open to wider horizons and to study or learn whatever it is you need to set you on the upward road. This period will bring growth, expansion and opportunity for those prepared to take the adventurous course. This is a time in which love must take up the mantle of responsibility and you will have the benefit of a friend and true romance of your mate.


23 July – 22 August If you take things carefully and get the details right, you'll progress by degrees toward your goals. You may have to watch fatigue or tiredness this month. Your powers of endurance are good, but you may find that too much outward activity or involvement without a break to refresh and recuperate will take you to the limit. You would be ill-advised to rush into things or push ahead.

23 August – 22 September It's a time of new ideas, new ways of doing and seeing things and a revised perspective on your relationship with the wider community. There can be new creative or spiritual influences that play a part in this, but there can also be losses, sorrows and change on a scale that you simply must learn to accept. The trick will be to seize the opportunity and the money will come further down the track.

23 September – 22 October If you're in for the long haul and set something important and meaningful in motion, you'll be richly rewarded in time. Romance, creativity, leisure activity and children will be preferred options or points of impact. If you're in a relationship, do something that adds texture or interest to your lives. Recreational activities, creative endeavours or gatherings with friends can enhance your quality of life. Intuitive responses will be rewarding

20 April – 20 May There are opportunities aplenty as long as your conduct is impeccable. New friends and connections will bring new ideas. New ideas or aspirations will illuminate and uplift you. Success among your peers or in the wider cosmos will come for some. Be guided by the highest ideals. You will flourish in friendship and personal success if you do. Women may feature strongly in the home or your emotional life.




21 May – 20 June You may find that people from past contacts come back into your life unexpectedly. In some instances, they will bring outstanding baggage. There may be unexpected travel while for others travel arrangements could be subject to delay or change. The radical change will take you in mid-stride while others will consciously decide upon change in accordance with urges from within. Relationships may be influenced by money matters.


21 June – 22 July This could be an unsettled time, with a lot of restlessness in the air. You can forge ahead from here if you're prepared to set out on a new or different course. Some may take up the cudgel and get involved in the wider community, striking blows for new practices and ideas. Others may conceive a new and fascinating purpose that marks a turning point.

23 October – 21 November This period can be a journey where you have to face fears or break past patterns. Use your dreams to seek guidance or advice about the best course of action or the right decision. You may need to take a new level of authority in what you do. Set a new pattern that marks a clear break from the problems or troubles of the past.

22 November -21 December You may need to look at shared goals or interests with your nearest and dearest. There could be a feeling of wellbeing as you work towards a common purpose. There will be intensity and stress, but many of you will find that extraordinary new possibilities or dimensions will emerge as a consequence of a new sense of destiny. This is not a time for rash decisions, especially where money is concerned.


22 December – 19 January This month will activate your house of creativity, urging a cycle of change in the way you live your life. New and interesting projects or social activities will be on the cards for some. Investment or speculative endeavours may be the call for others. Someone new or different may be woven into the pattern of your life so fast that you won't have time to catch your breath.


Y A D N SU RY 23



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Free Admission BRING THE


The Oly mpic 77 Bro Pools ad Newma way, rket

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Sunday February 23

All Welcome From 10 am To 3 pm



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Phone 522 4414






There was some seemingly good snooze news last year when it was announced that Kiwis are the world’s best sleepers, notching up an impressive 7.5 hours, on average, per night, slightly more than Australia, Finland, the Netherlands and the UK. However, the study was conducted by sleep app, Sleep Cycle, meaning participants may already lean toward leading health- and wellness-conscious lifestyles for other studies have shown Kiwis—and much of the world—to be sleep deprived, and an overreliance on online platforms is partly to blame. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) reports that 88 percent of adults admit to sacrificing sleep in order to binge on TV shows, with the figure skyrocketing to 95 percent for 18-44-year-olds. A quarter of the respondents expressed frustration at their inability to stick to bedtime routines. “Choosing to binge on entertainment at night instead of sleeping has serious ramifications,” says Dr Kelly Carden, AASM president. “Sleep is essential to health, wellbeing and safety, and chronic insufficient sleep can lead to an increased risk of health problems, mood disorders and motor vehicle accidents.” The Journal of Clinical Sleep concludes binge-watching to result in greater fatigue, greater insomnia, and even poorer sleep quality once folk have finally drifted off. The use of electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops in bed affects our circadian rhythm (the body’s internal clock), their short-wave, artificial blue light inhibiting the release of sleep hormone melatonin, making it harder to fall asleep. The Sleep Foundation recommends that we should be ideally digitally disconnecting two hours before bed, but certainly no less than 30 minutes. And don’t think you can simply

‘catch up’ on that lost shut-eye at the weekend. Research has shown that you need as much as four good nights’ rest for every hour of sleep lost, so a substantial ‘sleep debt’ soon accumulates over an inconsequential period of time. A 2016 study revealed a third of Kiwis to be sleep deprived (figures in keeping with similar research in other countries like the US, the UK, and Australia), with women and those aged 35-49 years likely to suffer most, while stress and electronics-use are cited as the most common causes of sleep disruption. “The reality is poor sleep patterns can have a negative flow on effect, if you’re tired, you’re less likely to prioritise exercise and healthy eating,” says Dr John Mayhew, chief medical officer of life insurer Sovereign, author of the study. “If you sleep well, you’ll feel both mentally and physically energised and alert and more likely to make better decisions about your health, including fitness and diet.” A study published last December by Science Direct looked at the links between sleep depravation and mental health, with nearly 40 percent of Kiwi participants reporting that they get below the recommend minimum of seven hours kip per night. Study leader Carol Lee of Auckland University says that it’s of particular importance to develop target interventions for Māori and Pacific peoples as they often sleep less while “persistently found to exhibit poorer mental health outcomes and lower health care access". Other known consequences of continued sleep deprivation include heightened risk of developing diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. According to Professor Matthew Walker, director of California University’s Centre for Human Sleep Science and author of Why We Sleep, ongoing sleep deprivation—


“Sleep is God. Go worship!”

– Jim Butcher, Death Masks

which he considers anything below seven hours per night— is at “epidemic” proportions. Walker says that just one night of 4-5 hours sleep sees our cancer-fighting defence cells drop by as much as 70 percent. Sleep physician Dr Neil Kline of the American Sleep Association calls sleep “a restorative process and a basic biologic need” and tells CNN: "When animals, including humans, are deprived of sleep, there are many body systems that fail.” So, what can be done to combat it? Aside from ditching the digital devices in the bedroom, those struggling to slumber should consider some of these snooze rules: ROUTINE Tempting as those weekend sleep-ins are, it’s far healthier to adopt a regular sleep pattern seven days a week—just make sure it’s within that 7-9-hour sweet spot. RELAX This may sound obvious, but far too many of us retire to the sack stressed out. Take at least half-an-hour to read, practise some yoga, or meditate to quieten the mind. LISTEN Look online or get a CD of the sounds of nature like a rustling forest, running stream, birdsong or whale calls.

KEEP FIT Those who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer insomnia. A no-brainer all round. BAN THE BUTTON We’re all guilty of hitting snooze for a few more minutes’ extra rest, but better planning means a later alarm and an uninterrupted sleep. EMBRACE THE DARKNESS A sleeping mask, heavier curtains or blackout blinds can work wonders for light sleepers. HOT BATHS Few of life’s simple pleasures are as rewarding—or relaxing— than sliding into a steaming tub. Not only does it feel—and smell—great but alters your body’s core temperature to induce a more restful state. HOT DRINKS Warm milk, cocoa or chamomile tea have all been proven to help some folk fall into a deeper slumber. Steer well clear of coffee, obviously. CUT BACK ON THE BOOZE Sure, it might send us to sleep faster, but alcohol is more likely to cause a restless night’s sleep, and that’s before the hangover…



Sleep Stats

Though no-one has ever died directly from not sleeping, the human body can function for longer without food—and possibly even water—than it can without the need to nap. Regularly sleeping too much—termed ‘oversleeping'—can be just as bad as sleeping too little, with many of the same health implications. The human mind and body are most likely to feel most tired twice a day: at 2am and 2pm. Shift work is bad for your health, not only does the body never adjust to the change in sleeping pattern, but workers are more likely to suffer chronic illnesses as a result. On average, we will sleep for a total of 26 years during our lifetime. Around 50 percent of all people will suffer from (or their partners will) snoring at some point in their lives. It’s often hereditary, and more common in men than women (40 percent versus 24 percent). A Southern Cross survey found that 80 percent of Kiwis would rather get a good night’s sleep than have a good night out, though it doesn’t always work in practice—a worrying 11 percent have fallen asleep at the wheel.


Best Colours for Sleep After a night spent tossing and turning, there’s nothing worse than waking up feeling like two of the Seven Dwarves: Sleepy… and Grumpy. Research suggests certain colours are more conducive to sleep, and there’s one colour that stands out above the rest. Key findings from a British survey reveal people with blue-painted bedrooms have the best sleep. In 2013, Travelodge conducted a survey of 2,000 Britons and discovered, on average, people with blue bedrooms get seven hours and 52 minutes per night. Fifty-eight percent of people with a blue wall colour reported waking up feeling happy and refreshed.

Resene colour consultant, Alex Pederson, recommends using soft greys, greens, blues and nude tones in the bedroom, as all have a soothing and restful feel. Resene Duck Egg Blue or Resene Dusted Blue are both soothing blues ideal for creating a relaxing space in your bedroom. “Blues are generally receding colours and make the space feel open light and airy," he says. "Green tones, such as Resene Secrets or Resene Inside Back, are also great for bedrooms. If you are looking for something slightly more neutral, soft greys such as Resene Quarter Atmosphere, Resene Quarter Truffle or Resene White Pointer are fantastic and versatile colours. To give your bedroom a more cocooning feel, continue your wall colour onto the ceiling.“


Auckland Obstetric Centre is a unique practice in Parnell made up of six leading specialist obstetricians and support staff. Together we have many years of experience and feel privileged to be able to share in the care of women during their pregnancy. To find out more about how we can care for you and your baby call our team or visit our website.

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We Dance, Therefore We Are WO RD S — JAM I E C H RI STIAN D ESP L AC ES

And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon.” Edward Lear, The Owl and the Pussycat

Not everyone can do it (well), but everyone probably does it at some point; for there may not be a more joyous activity than moving to the beat of meaningful music—even if it’s in the privacy of your own home, alone. But why, exactly, do we dance? Science Of Salsa By primate standards, humans are born very early, at around nine months, and for us to arrive at the same developmental stage as say, our chimpanzee cousins, gestation would need to continue for well over double that time. Acclaimed anthropologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, author of Mothers and Others, believes the helpless state in which babies enter the world, evolutionarily, meant the need to attract the attention of a caregiver in order to secure protection. They primarily did this through ‘mirroring’ movement. “More abundant in the human brain than any other mammalian brain, mirror neurons fire when a person notices movement,” writes philosopher and dancer Kimerer LaMothe, author of Why We Dance: A Philosophy of Bodily Becoming, for Aeon. “… In this way, humans can learn to recreate the movements of

others—not only humans, but also trees and giraffes, predators and prey, fire, rivers, and the sun.” These mirror neurons, argues neuroscientist VS Ramachandran in his tome The Tell-Tale Brain, represent “the evolutionary key to our attainment of full-fledged culture” meaning humans may “adopt each other’s point of view and empathize with one another”. In his book, I of the Vortex, neuroscientist Rodolfo Llinás notes that physical movement is essential for brain-building. Movements engraved within our grey matter force it to engage with both the physicality and the inspired emotional response which combine to create cranial ‘avenues’ through which future such energies may navigate. “The neural processes underlying that which we call creativity have nothing to do with rationality,” writes Llinás. “That is to say, if we look at how the brain generates creativity, we will see that it is not a rational process at all; creativity is not born out of reasoning.” However, the reason for our intrinsic urge to jive (admittedly, with massively varying levels of flair) to a rhythmic beat is trickier to rationalise. Humans are far from the only species who feel the need to groove—birds-of-paradise, cockatoos, monkeys and sea lions, for instance, are all known to perform ritualised movements that are very difficult to differentiate from what we

would term ‘dancing’. And it’s not always as straightforward as straight-up imitation. In the Descent of Man, Charles Darwin theorised that “the perception, if not enjoyment, of musical cadences and of rhythm is probably common to all animals and no doubt depends on the common physiological nature of their nervous systems.” One hundred and fifty years later, his argument still holds water. It may well be that certain creature’s connection to rhythm is as reflexive as taking breath. Some primates have even been seen drumming on logs, and other studies have found chimpanzees to be able to follow the rhythm of a human’s tapping finger. But no other creature can devise as complex—or comical— dancing routines as us, as noted by BBC Earth writer Melissa Hogenboom: “There may not be a single catch-all explanation for animals dancing. Instead, the reasons why animals dance may be as diverse as the dances we humans have devised.” There is some science behind dancing that could not be clearer, however: few other forms of exercise reap such double barrel health benefits for both the body, and the brain. Music For Medicine, High Five! Dancing is an obvious cardiovascular workout that exercises the heart and the lungs while strengthening muscles and bones as well as bettering coordination and increasing flexibility.

“People think, ‘I’m not exercising, I’m dancing,’” exercise physiologist Fabio Comana of the National Academy of Sports Medicine tells HuffPost. “It’s just as good as a cardio class.” It also offers a mental health boost and fends off cognitive decline associated with ageing. The New England Journal of Medicine reports regular dancing to be associated with as much as a 76 percent reduction in dementia risk—findings backed up by numerous similar studies around the world. Among the most promising—and fascinating—of practices is 5Rhythms, an almost spiritual take on the age-old artform of dance. Created by the late US dancer, director, yogi and author, Gabrielle Roth, 5Rhythms is billed as a ‘dance and movement meditation practice’. The ‘five rhythms’ are considered five ‘states of being’, comprising: - Flowing: being fluid in our body to create a ‘pipeline to our inner truth’ - Staccato: concerns the power of masculine energy, the ‘warrior rhythm’, that promotes connection with the world and the ‘gateway to the heart' - Chaos: the rhythm of letting go, of freeing our bodies to the mercy of the beat. Chaos is ‘the gateway to the big mind’ - Lyrical: serves to ease us out of Chaos, an ‘emotional and spiritual dancing rebirth’ that teaches us to break from selfdestructive behaviours

G abr ie lle Rot h

- Stillness: moving in slow-motion, this is the vehicle to the final destination of the dance, inspired by Tai Chi, and culminating in a sitting meditation Participants may interpret each ‘rhythm’ as they please, in order to experience healing through “a new sense of freedom and possibility”, creatively expressing everything from aggressiveness to vulnerability. “I’ve seen dancers take off their shirts and dance hungrily at their images in the studios’ mirrors,” notes Henry Alford in his book, And Then We Danced: A Voyage into the Groove. “… I tend to bust out a vaulting or helix-style move… Or I go all slomo…” The author reveals a conversation with a fellow 5Rhythms participant, a university academic, who brings a new problem “to dance” to class each week, while another is prone to lying on the floor, sobbing, while “trying to dance through something”. The entire 5Rhythms routine, known as a ‘wave’, typically takes around an hour to dance, and has become an international phenomenon, with classes here in Auckland, Wellington and Palmerston North (5rhythms.co.nz). Any music may be used, and, says Wellington-based teacher Alex Rodriguez, it is this “that provides the journey people respond to” in order to “follow their own dance through the wave”. Fellow teacher Sacha Paddy says that she “fell in love with the freedom” 5Rhthms dancing, and its potential “to guide me through my life”. As noted by Kimerer LaMothe, “to dance is human”, and, from the perspective of bodily becoming, “humans can’t not dance”.

Groovin’ Around the Globe - Dancing precedes written language, forming part of ancient oral story telling - The oldest known proof of dance comes courtesy of 9,000-year-old cave paintings in India - The earliest choreographed dance was likely created by the Ancient Egyptians for both entertainment and religious rituals - Dancing was an important part of Ancient Greek and Roman celebrations - Some classical and early Christian civilisations considered dancing a sin - Much modern dance can trace its roots to the Renaissance - La Volta—Italian for ‘the turn’—was established in the late 16th century and seen as scandalous as it involved close bodily contact between participants, rather than the traditional ‘arm’s length’ gap - In the early 1800s the Waltz arrived in high-society Britain (from Austria), the intimate, almost cheek-to-cheek public embrace outraging many - A group of working-class women dancing a quadrille kicked their legs in the air in an 1820s Parisian club and the cancan was born - Fusing New World, African and classical European dancing first to the rhythms of harps and violins, and later to the accordion, the tango arose from the slums of Argentina towards the end of the 19th century - Inspired by the rise of jazz in the Roaring Twenties, women found a way to dance without a partner—it was called the Charleston - Based on African-American dance, the jitterbug made its way to Europe thanks to USA soldiers during the second world war - Thanks to a TV performance by Chubby Checker, the twist became a worldwide sensation and the signature move the of the Swinging Sixties

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Before and 8 months after 400 FUE Hair Transplantation with hair maintenance treatment

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ALL you need to know about LIPOSUCTION Liposuction is a very popular procedure with men and women keen to improve the shape and contours of the body by removing excess fat deposits that cannot be addressed through diet or exercise alone. WO RD S — D R K ATARZYNA MAC KE N Z I E, P L ASTIC S U RG EO N

It removes fat from selected areas in a controlled fashion, by passing a suction cannula underneath the skin and into the fatty layers beneath.


It is possible to perform liposuction on most areas of the body and even the face, but some areas respond better, particularly the tummy, thighs, flanks and hips. Liposuction can be done as a separate operation or combined with cosmetic breast and body procedures. Liposuction is not a weight loss strategy; it is designed to help smooth and tone areas of the body where stubborn fat is visible and unable to be targeted via other means. It is also important to understand that, while liposuction can enhance the appearance and self-confidence, it won't necessarily change the looks to match the ideal one. Liposuction won’t get rid of cellulite and is not intended as a treatment of obesity. Patients who have excessive weight are advised to avoid surgery. Good results also depend on elastic skin that will adapt to a new contour when the underlying fat is removed. Liposuction is most likely to be successful with people who are a healthy weight, with firm, elastic skin and who have pockets of excess fat in certain areas. Although age is not a significant concern, older people may have less skin elasticity and may not achieve the same results as a younger person with tighter skin. There is no strict limit to the amount of fat which may be removed, but the greater the volume the higher the complication rate and it is necessary to replace fluids in proportion to the amount of fat and fluid removed. High volume removal (more than 2.5-3 litres) may necessitate blood transfusion and therefore the amount removed in any one session is usually kept below this level.

Who is a good candidate for liposuction? Liposuction is a highly individualised procedure. The common reasons for considering liposuction are: • Localised deposits of fat in the abdomen, arms, thighs and/or neck, which may be the result of heredity and do not disappear with exercise and diet • Minimal amount of excess skin and good skin elasticity • Physically fit, close to the ideal body weight and with stable weight. If somebody is planning to lose a significant amount of weight or even gain weight (for example, due to pregnancy), this is not the time to undergo liposuction • Liposuction does not remove cellulite and cannot tighten loose skin. Other procedures may be recommended to improve those conditions



The results of liposuction surgery are technically permanent because fat cells have been removed. However, the body shape and contours might be affected by weight gain, ageing, pregnancy, family genes and lifestyle factors.

What are the different types of liposuction? There are several liposuction techniques that can be used to improve the ease of the procedure and to enhance outcome. Tumescent liposuction A technique in which a medicated solution is injected into fatty areas at the time of surgery. The name of this technique refers to the swollen and firm or 'tumescent' state of the fatty tissues when they are filled with solution. The fluid is a mixture of intravenous salt solution, local anaesthetic and adrenaline (a drug that constricts blood vessels). This allows the fat to be removed more easily and reduces pain following the operation. Tumescent fluid injection during surgery also helps to reduce the amount of bruising and minimises blood loss after liposuction. This is routinely used to enhance outcome and reduce pain and bruising. Super-wet technique This technique is similar to the tumescent technique, except that lesser amount of fluid is used. Usually the amount of fluid injected is equal to the amount of fat to be removed. Suction-assisted liposuction (SAL) The most traditional form of liposuction, draws fat out with a vacuum. Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) Traditional SAL with the addition of a tool to increase the motion of the cannula, which speeds up fat removal. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) Transmits energy through a special hand piece that helps to loosen and melt fat, enabling a greater volume of fat to be removed. This is best for larger areas, dense fat and male patients. In general, UAL takes longer to perform than traditional liposuction and carries a higher risk of complications.

Where will the incisions be? Generally, the incisions are very small and placed in hidden areas. Sometimes, depending on the area, the incisions cannot be hidden. However, because liposuction incisions are small, the scars are also small. Most liposuction scars fade and are barely perceptible over time. Visible scars are more likely when large liposuction cannulas are used and in patients who have darkly pigmented skin. There are two types of marks that can remain on the skin after liposuction. One is a true scar and the other is known as dyschromia, which is a dark (hyperpigmented) or light (hypopigmented) spot on the skin.Â

Will the fat come back? The results of liposuction surgery are technically permanent because fat cells have been removed. However, the body shape and contours might be affected by weight gain, ageing, pregnancy, family genes and lifestyle factors. Fat cells achieve their set number in any given part of the body by puberty, and thereafter only increase in their volume rather than their number. If the fat cells are removed from an area by liposuction, an increased calorie intake should not lead to significantly different volume gains in the treated site compared to non-treated areas. It must be understood that if one takes in excess calories after surgery, then all areas of the body will increase in size, including the treated areas. However, if one is careful with their weight and diet, the change in contour will be permanent.

What are the complications of liposuction? In general, liposuction is safe and the results are entirely predictable, with an associated high degree of patient satisfaction. Nevertheless, no surgery is without risk.



A Day in the Life of Josef Rakich

With a combined social media following of over four million, fitness influencer Josef Rakich has carved a name for himself as one of the top online personal trainers in the world. Selling personalised meal plans and workout programs, a range of supplements, and merchandise, Josef shares what the day-to-day running of his global fitness empire looks like.



I start my day early to prepare for a 6 am breakfast. I currently follow a 4,000 calorie per day meal plan, and while I change it up often, my breakfast is usually Pro-Oats. A combination of protein powder, dry oats, a little bit of water, and frozen berries.

After the gym, I work either from my fiancée, Maryam’s house, my own home, or the office. I check into the office once or twice a week for meetings and to catch up with everyone. I work on putting together the content we just filmed for Instagram. I take my time making sure it’s content my followers will enjoy and benefit from. It’s also time to eat again! It’s usually protein and a carbohydrate source like chicken and rice.

6:00am I get to work as I eat breakfast. I answer emails and post content on Snapchat, Instagram, and Youtube. I like to get all my social media content out of the way before I hit the gym because I know many of my followers will be checking out my social media channels in the morning.

4:00pm I eat my fourth meal of the day and spend some quality, phone-free time with Maryam.



I have my second meal of the day as I finish off some work. It’s usually steak and sweet potato, which I buy preprepared from MuscleChow, so I pop it in the microwave, and I’m good to go!

Usually, Maryam and I will enjoy quality time and make dinner together, but the evenings have been hectic lately, and there’s always something on. When I go out for dinner, I get lean meat and veggies. I never get carbohydrates because they vary so much, and they’re impossible to track.

10:00am By 10am, I’m at the gym. My routine always changes, but it’s always three muscle groups per workout, for example: chest, triceps, and abs. During training, I’m either filming for YouTube, or my Snapchat and Instagram story.

9:00pm After dinner, I plan for the next day. I’ll plan which videos I’m filming in the gym and how I need to prepare.


Botulinum Toxin While mums tend to ask to have some expression left, so that their children know when they’re cross, dads often complain they’re constantly being asked why they look so grumpy. Botulinum toxin injections are an excellent option for men. They’re minimally invasive and can make you look younger and more vital. It does this by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, making things like crow’s feet and frown lines less obvious. Men require substantially larger doses than women due to the strength of the muscles that cause the 'grumpy' or furrowed brow. Botox can also help curb hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), migraine and teeth grinding. Belkyra If you’re looking for a better fit for your jacket and tie then Belkyra, otherwise known as the double chin destroyer, is an effective injectable treatment.

Why Do Superheroes All Have Such Impeccable Jawlines? Modern pressure on men to stay fit and healthy, while also looking good, is nothing new. By the time most of us had picked up a Batman comic Bruce Wayne would already have been well into his 30s, yet he was still sporting a six-pack and showing absolutely no signs of a double chin. Superman set the bar even higher with his steely good looks and a face that appeared to have been carved from marble. And while beards can hide a multitude of sins, they’re not for everyone. Today, more men are starting to take their appearance into their own. Many have learnt just how easy it can be to look more vital, masculine, and all-around handsome. Word is spreading, but if you haven’t been lucky enough to pick up any tips walk this way gentlemen as we step you through some of the basics.

Some people just have a larger submental fat pad (the fat pocket under the chin) which takes away the definition of the chin and jawline. Made from deoxycholic acid, an agent the human body produces naturally to help metabolise fat, it restores definition to the upper neck and is responsible for a sea of masculine confidence boosts. Dermal Fillers So, why do superheroes all have such impeccable jawlines? A chiselled jaw, prominent cheekbones and heavy brow ridges, are all built by testosterone and have been part of the male ideal since Greek and Roman times. While dermal fillers are most commonly used on women to restore volume loss they can be used on men to enhance and sculpt a more angular jaw and chin. In turn creating a more slimming effect on the neck. Blepharoplasty Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can give a more rested, alert and youthful look. Surgery can be performed on the top eyelids to treat drooping, on the bottom eyelids to address under-eye bags, or on both. Don’t worry, cosmetic treatments won’t turn you into the Boy Wonder, but they can help manage the ageing process and counteract existing lines and wrinkles. If you are interested in any of the treatments above, or would like to find out more about the wide range of cosmetic treatments available for men, please call us to arrange a 30-minute complimentary nurse consultation. Alternatively, call and book with one of our cosmetic physicians, who will be happy to discuss your concerns, and the best treatment approach for you.

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y wa

B e B l

nA w o



The beginning of the year is the time when I reflect and reevaluate my choices. It’s an ideal time to refocus, and make plans and adjustments for both personal and professional improvement. It always feels like a fresh start, with the excitement and anticipation of what the year ahead might bring.

Top: Ilcsi aha fruit pulp treatment Right: Ilcsi pro-ageing elixir

Interestingly, my Facebook feed suddenly became plantbased, from the benefits of longevity, to tissue regeneration to clearer thinking. So naturally, it got me thinking. If it can do this on an internal level, what can be done externally, topically, to the skin? I had been playing with products at the end of last year, being very sceptical at first, but then blown away with the results when I used them on some very difficult skin conditions. Enter Ilcsi natural skincare range. Ilcsi is a brand with 60 years’ worth of knowledge and experience behind it. Its philosophy has always been simple and natural. There is a solution for every skin concern in nature. I kept asking myself though, “How could a natural brand deliver me the results professionally that I require?” I am extremely proud to say that I have been proven wrong this time, very wrong! Ilcsi is only made from certified Hungarian organic plants, fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and medicinal water, so they are using the power of living active ingredients rather than extracts. These ingredients have always been hand-picked and processed, grown on their own organic plantations or other organic plantations in Hungary, or wild harvested. Now with state-of-art computer-controlled blenders taking over the final phase of manufacturing, it allows Ilcsi to have a


product range that has a shelf life of 15 months. This is very rare compared to some ‘natural’ brands that have a 6-9-month shelf life — another thing that I was concerned about. The brand itself has deep-seated roots. Ilona Molnar (‘Aunt Ilcsi’), the founder of Ilcsi, was a true beauty trailblazer. Her grandmother was a herbalist, and Ilona grew up with the education and faith in the powerful benefits of natural ingredients. She had the answer to a multiple of skin conditions, and this was decades before the mainstream beauty community recognised the power of natural and organic ingredients, me included. Ilcsi believes that true beauty begins with nature their certified natural skincare gives outstanding results, without harming people, animals or nature. Environmentally conscious in every aspect of their business, with a true respect for nature and their surroundings.

We are excited to announce that we will be officially launching this product at Vida Flores, Newmarket, on Thursday 27 February. Call now for more information or to secure your place.


Adidas Runtastic: This app lets you track and measure your runs and other exercises. Unlike other tracking apps, this one also acts as a coach, motivating you to work towards the goals that you set. There is only a one-time fee to upgrade to the Pro version, which includes coaching features, music player integration and more.


Fitness At Your Fingertips WO RD S — C L AI RE S C OT T

We are easily trapped into endlessly scrolling through social media or watching videos on our phones, distracting us and leaving us stuck in lazy patterns. But there is also a whole crop of wonderful apps that can help you become and stay healthy by providing workouts and tracking exercises and meals.

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout: This free app offers a variety of workouts that, at only seven minutes long, are easy to fit into your busy day. There are a variety of intensity levels to choose from, and the only gear you need is a chair. Most of the moves are simple (think jumping jacks, planks and tricep dips) but the app also coaches you through how to do them. Aaptiv: For a monthly fee that is substantially lower than gym memberships, you will have access to hundreds of fitness classes of different levels and styles. These include yoga, cycling, treadmill running and more. Aaptiv provides many of the benefits of boutique fitness like encouraging instructors, challenging workouts and great soundtracks, for a lower price, and without an obligation to leave the house. Strava: Strava is another tracking app, one of the most sophisticated on the market for both running and cycling. It tracks distance, elevation, speed, heart rate, cadence and power, then synthesises the data into graphics. The app is more competitive than others as it tracks times on certain routes and compares them to those of all other users who run or cycle on the same paths.

Elstree Pharmacy Come and see us for fantastic gifts for all ages, all of your family’s health needs and excellent advice.

1 4 5 W E ST TAM AK I R D, G L EN IN N ES • 0 9 52 8 3 6 3 6 • E LST R E E PH AR MACY @XT R A .CO. N Z



Get your body in shape the right way this new year With the new year already underway, this is the perfect time to set yourself new fitness goals. We’ve compiled our top five tips to help you get your body in shape the right way.


ELEVATE YOUR HEART RATE WITH HIIT High intensity interval training (HIIT) is becoming a growing trend amongst the fitness community, and for good reason. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. This gets your heart rate pumping and burns more calories than if you were on a treadmill for the same amount of time!

GET YOUR BODY MOVING EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO THE GYM Your body responds better to a variety of new challenges and dynamic movements. Why not get your body moving outside of the gym to switch things up and make it more fun? This will take the 'work' out of working out. We love to go on a hike, jog, or play tennis to work out a range of muscles.

INVEST IN PROPER SHOES Injuries caused by inappropriate shoes can needlessly derail your fitness goals so make sure you invest in shoes designed for your favourite workout. Reebok tapped into insights from the HIIT community to build a shoe that provides the grip, stability and durability that HIIT demands. Reebok HIIT TR was designed for uninhibited movement in multiple planes, whether pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging or swinging, the HIIT TR’s enhanced midfoot support cage provides stability to support your performance.

DON’T NEGLECT YOUR WATER BOTTLE Drinking water during and after your workout is not hard to remember, but it is critical to hydrate yourself beforehand. If you wait till you are sweating to drink water, then you are likely already dehydrated. The best time to start drinking is 30 minutes before you head out the door.

ENSURE YOU NEVER SKIP A POST-WORKOUT SNACK Having a protein-rich snack after your workout is crucial in giving your muscles the nutrients they need to repair themselves. This will help you recover faster and become even stronger than if you skipped a snack. Some of our top pick snacks are almonds, edamame beans and chia pudding.

REEBOK HIIT TR FEATURES • Leveraged insights from the HIIT community to create a shoe designed to handle the diverse and dynamic movements of HIIT workouts • Outsole designed with two high-performance rubbers and a pivot pro to increase control of lateral movement • Enhanced midfoot support cage added for greater stability during plyometric movements • Cushioning and lightweight foam deliver superior comfort through rigorous workouts • Mixed grip pattern provides traction in every direction





A recent search of the internet suggested that the average dieter would try somewhere between 55 and 130 diets in their lifetime.


Whilst it has been hard to verify that figure, it doesn’t seem so far fetched that a significant number of people are looking for the golden chalice diet. The one that is so effective that weight just falls off, and you are, within six weeks, the spitting image of a magazine cover model. You may not have tried 130 diets yet, but if you have followed a diet at some point, it's highly likely you have lost some weight, only to put it back on as at a later date. Whilst you are struggling to get your weight under control, there’s another group of people out there who never seem to diet, have boundless energy and, if they do put weight on, they lose it really quickly. What are they doing, and why won’t they tell you their diet secret? The good news is that there is no secret. It's what they are doing that helps them keep their weight in check, rather than them following a specific diet plan. At the same time, when you go on a diet, whether it’s one you have used before or the latest in vogue offering, you are doing exactly what those nondieters do, you just haven’t realised it. Most effective diets have the same things in common, whether it’s low fat, high fat, paleo, plant-based, or the latest diet on the internet. How to transition from the diet to non-diet approach to eating food? 1. Be aware of the food that you eat. If you consistently eat food without thinking about how it will impact on your goal, you may find you never reach your goal, or it will take a long time.

2. Most diets focus on the quality of the food you eat, that doesn’t mean the most expensive, organic, grown-with-lovingcare food. It means eating whole, minimally processed food that is nutrient dense. 3. Reducing or eliminating processed foods and eating a diet high in unprocessed foods has the benefit of addressing the most common nutritional deficiencies. Say goodbye to the supplements that only benefit the supplement companies. Unless you have a specific reason, a well-balanced varied diet should be your first approach. 4. Are you really hungry? Or are you eating just because food is there? Eat slowly and learn to say 'no'. It’s better to focus on the food you are eating and to enjoy the taste and texture of your food rather than trying to see how much you can eat. Your brain, whilst quick at most things, can take about 15 minutes to register that you've eaten enough. By slowing down your eating you will give your brain time to catch up with the signals coming from your stomach. 5. Exercise on a regular basis, just don’t increase your food intake to compensate for this extra activity. Weight loss comes about through a calorie deficit. As a starting point for weight loss, I recommend my clients use their hands to gauge portion sizes. • • • •

Protein – for men, two palm-sized portions per meal; for women one-palm sized portion Vegetables – for men, two fist-sized portions per meal; for women, one palm-sized portion Carbohydrates – for men, two cupped hand-sized portions per meal; for women one palm-sized portion. Fat dense foods – for men, two thumb sized portions per meal; for women, one thumb-sized portion

Making small changes that become good habits will ultimately lead to you ditching the diet and leading a healthier life.

Smoother, more Confident you! Finesse Face and Body Clinic is proud to be the first truSculpt iD provider in New Zealand, as part of an exclusive partnership with Cutera. truSculpt iD is the latest technology available to permanently and noninvasively remove body fat. “We have been leaders in non-invasive cellulite and body contouring treatments in Auckland for 18 years,” says Sue Crake, owner of the Remuera salon. How does truSculpt iD work? truSculpt iD uses a unique form of monopolar radio frequency energy that penetrates evenly and deeply and is able to treat the entire fat pad - from skin to muscle. Given each patient’s unique biological complex, the truSculpt iD is able to adjust the energy output to ensure the most effective treatment for each person. Real-time temperature control and monitoring sensors ensure the therapeutic temperature level is reached in the fat, while maintaining a skin temperature of 3-4°C cooler. How is treatment performed? An initial evaluation is performed to frame the desired treatment areas. A total of six hand pieces may be used to target an area that is larger than three CoolSculpt cool max applicators (approximately 12 SculpSure applicators). Each hand piece is gently applied using a piece of double-sided tape. A cummerbund is then wrapped

around the body, ensuring full contact. Patients have reported experiencing mild heat with an overall high level of comfort during the 15-minute session. How do I know if I am a candidate? Unlike other non-invasive fat removal procedures such as CoolSculpt and SculpSure, truSculpt iD does not have any BMI (body mass index) or weight restrictions. Almost anyone can be treated with the truSculpt iD. How many treatments will I need? Ninety-five percent of patients will only require one treatment per area! We can treat multiple (as many as three) areas in a single 15-minute session! Is the treatment painful? No! Patients report the treatment feels like a warm stone massage. Some feel the heat in the first minute to be a bit intense but then adjust to the treatment. How long before I see my results? Results will be noticeable immediately (firming, improved skin tone and texture, some reduction), however, fat cells are removed over a period of time and maximum results will be achieved at 12 weeks. Average of 24% fat reduction on treated area, in one treatment.





TruSculpt ID Benefits • Treats an area 3x larger than CoolSculpting’s coolmax (largest applicator)

• From just 15 minutes! • Painless • Safe for use in obese and morbidly obese patients • Suitable for male and female • Tightens the skin by remodelling collagen • Amazing results-some patients have reported over 35% reduction in fact (***measured by ultrasound in clinical trials)

• Treat ALL areas including the abdomen, love handles, bra rolls, chin, thighs, arms and calves


Body Fat?

We can help you! › If you can grab IT and it’s fat – we can freeze it! › We have 2 machines so can treat 4 areas at the same time. › It only takes 70 minutes. › A Cooltech treatment begins the process of fat cell elimination which takes place over the following weeks.

To Book Call 09 360 0055 Or Call Yvonne On 021 923 430 For A Free Consultation Full body contouring, we guarantee, using COOL BODY FAT FREEZING TECHNOLOGY




319 REMUERA ROAD, CNR NORANA & REMUERA RD S H O P 6 , V I N C E N T 2 3 N U F F I E L D S T, N E W M A R K E T W W W. H A R T L E Y S . C O . N Z T E S S A TOP, 6 45 7F N & M A STER J E A N I N DA R K I N D IG O 645 6X BT



Curated Beauty Kits There’s nothing quite like your favourite skin care brands hand-picking their best products and creating the perfect gift set. Enjoy Verve’s curated list of beauty kits, whether it be a gift to yourself or another.



The ultimate 3-step set for glowing skin. Perfect for anyone wanting to trial the Aqua range. Includes a oil to foam cleanser that removes makeup and clears clogged pores, leaving skin refreshed, hydrated and glowing, an aquagel refreshing toner removing excess residue and an aqualight moisture gel lotion, that glides over your skin and absorbs instantly, supporting hydration and balance. $89 from syreneskincare.co.nz

A true gift to the skin and senses, this lavish set collects four different sizes of the iconic Cleanser in 20ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml and teams them with three Muslin Cloths to ensure your complexion is cleansed, comfortable and beautifully radiant — wherever you're headed. Beautifully paired with Eve Lom Multi Mask Ornament, Moisture Cream or TLC cream. $336 from Mecca


4. T H E R E V E L L ER BY A E S O P Inspired by the Muse of dance, Terpsichore, and her gifts of grace, delight, and rhythm. The kit’s quartet of hand and body care comprises Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and Balm, much-loved for their skin-softening properties and fresh, citrus and woody aroma, alongside Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Rind Concentrate Body Balm to leave skin thoroughly refreshed, superbly hydrated, and beautifully scented. $150 from aesop.com

Words: Paris Mitchell-Temple

3.GOLD LUST COLLE CTION BY ORIBE Reawaken hair to its glossiest, healthiest prime with the Gold Lust Collection. Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo & Conditioner balance the scalp and soften and revitalize the inner strength of each strand. Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil absorbs instantly and is infused with a rich blend extracts, each protective drop penetrates the hair to deeply condition, strengthen and smooth. $115 from oribe.com

5.HYDRATE & GLOW SKINCARE ESSENTIALS BY BOBBI BROWN Go for the gold with this illuminating skincare trio. The star is our cult-fave Extra Lip Tint done in a gilded nude shade that give lips a sparkling plumped up look. Adding to the golden moment, Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm in Golden Glow gives skin a warm allover radiance. Plus, a pocket sized Hydrating Eye Cream keeps up fresh-faced appearances. $150






020 ALL 2




Mastering Effortless Style


CA S H M E R E C A R D I G A N , EL L E + R I L E Y $ 4 9 8 EL L E Y A N D R I L E Y . C O M

$530, PARI SG




We really are living in a golden age of comfy dressing — from shearling slides to luscious knits and drawstring trousers designed purely for lounging, here are our approved looks that will keep you comfortable yet effortlessly chic.


Sound Advice I just had a conversation with a friend about aging parents. We decided that as we ourselves never felt like we were getting older it seemed such a shock when our ‘always been there’ parents suddenly started becoming old and experiencing the health issues associated with ‘old people’. She then segued into “I’m a bit like that with clothes, too. Occasionally I wonder if I’m dressing too young. I mean, I forget that I’m older – I feel like I’m still in my 20’s but can I still dress like I am?” Hmmm. Now that’s a whole other conversation! Can you still dress like your younger self? My answer is actually a resounding yes, but with a few caveats. You see, there’s no reason to stop wearing denim cut-offs, mid-riff baring tops or skinny jeans due to reaching a certain number, but there is reason to stop if those items are no longer flattering. Shorter skirts aren’t always kind to legs that are now a little saggy, shoestring straps can be hard to pull off if you have additional flesh above and below your bra-strap and the crop-top might look great when you are standing tall in front of the mirror but could become decidedly unflattering when seated.

So, yes wear what you want but be aware of how you look in what you are wearing. I think one of the key changes in our generation of women is that we are the first that have really exercised: from aerobics to weight training, HIIT and cross-training, running or cycling, we now have better bodies in mid-life than our mothers did. With that comes a greater degree of fashion freedom and although our mothers seemed to dress old, now no-one does. That said, we still want to dress well. So best advice on the “mutton dressed as lamb” dilemma is to take a proper look in your full-length mirror. And don’t just stand in front of it, either. Sit down and bend over in front of it too. In short, know what you really look like. Be kind to yourself but don’t be blind to the changes that age brings. The last thing I think any of us would want to be is a source of amusement (or bemusement) among our peers. (By the way, being a source of amusement among adolescents goes with the territory, so you can discount their derision). Jackie O’Fee is owner of Auckland’s leading Personal Style consultancy, Signature Style. She offers a range of styling sessions and she’ll also give you real, unbiased advice. Further information can be found on her website: signaturestyle.co.nz or give her a call on 09 529 5115


Get your special one the perfect gift


BALL MAKEUP/ HAIRUP, FACIAL S, THREADING/ WAXING, TINTING, LASH EXTENSIONS & MORE Fuschia Boutique is a growing family business, established in Newmarket in 1998. The store relocated across the road to Rialto Centre (upsairs next to the food court and cinema) in 2017, offering eventwear, and beauty and body piercing all in one fabulous location. At Fuschia Boutique, we don't believe in the concept of spending thousands of dollars to wear a dress only once. Our prices are affordable, and we endeavour to price our styles accordingly. If you see a style advertised elsewhere at a lower price, please discuss this with us prior to your purchase. We source our eventwear from reputable designers, locally and internationally, including, but not limited to, Australia, the USA, and the UK, as well as NZ.

We offer expert fitting room assistance and style advice should you require, to help piece together your perfect event outfit. BODY PIERCING | FUSCHIA BOUTIQUE Our store has been offering a reputable ear and body piercing service in Auckland since 1998. We have a hospital grade studio, equiped with state of the art sterilising units. All services are offered in accordance with strict Auckland Council regulation guidelines and bylaws. We use single-use needles and single-use disposable cartridges, preventing cross-contamination. We stock quality hospital grade surgical steel jewellery as standard for all piercings. Upgrades to other metals or add-on jewels are available.


In the lounge area, the modular sofa (covered in natural washed linen), the hanging woven lampshades and the wood and rattan occasional chairs are all from the More Decor (moredesign.es/moredecor) collection. The coffee table is a repurposed antique African bed, and the painting is by Spanish contemporary artist Guillem Nadal, acquired from Pelaires Gallery (pelaires.com) in Palma de Mallorca. The scatter cushions, also by More Decor, are made from collected vintage fabrics, mainly in linen and raw silk. The antique Dutch hemp rug was sourced by More Decor and the cashmere throw is by Frette (frette.com).

Heart of Stone A boldly conceived holiday home situated on the mountainside close to the historic town of Valldemossa, Mallorca, blends an urbanely contemporary sensibility with elemental ease.





The curvaceous, almost sculptural spiral staircase connects all the levels of the house through the common areas, making it "not only a staircase but a path within the house", says Manuel Villanueva of More Design (moredesign.es). In the indoor dining area, the table and benches are a bespoke design for this space by More Decor (moredesign.es/moredecor), and are made from suar wood. Likewise, the hanging woven lampshades are from the More Decor collection.

The curvaceous, almost sculptural spiral staircase connects all the levels of the house through the common areas, making it "not only a staircase but a path within the house", says Manuel Villanueva of More Design (moredesign.es).



In the master suite bathroom, More Design’s (moredesign.es) artisans made the stone basin, the vanity and the wooden shelf. The brass taps and spouts are by Vola (vola.com), and the More Decor (moredesign.es/moredecor) team created the simple hanging light. The waffle linen towels are from the More Decor collection.

In the common areas, all the floors are made from Santanyi stone, while the upper-level bedrooms have wooden floors and the lower ones have floors finished in microcement. In the vanity-cumstudy area leading into the master bedroom and bathroom suite on the highest level of the house, the wooden floor is complemented by a locally made circular jute rug. The metal four-poster bed, hand-carved wooden bench and natural hemp bed linen are all by More Decor (moredesign.es/ moredecor), while the brass bedside tables are from 101 Copenhagen (101cph.com).

This staircase leads up to the topmost floor of the house, which is entirely occupied by a master bedroom suite. On the left is a scale model of steps carved into a ‘mountain’, modelling future plans of access to the sea from the nearby cliffs.



This Moon ceramic vessel is by Mallorca-based ceramicist Dora Good (doraceramics.com). The raw brass circular mirror with smoky glass is also a More Decor design, as is the chair, which is made from a single piece of vegetable-tanned leather (with oak legs and brass details) and the aged brass and iron desk. On the iron console shelf – also a More Decor piece – under the mirror is a circular ceramic vase that is also from 101 Copenhagen.

The double-volume living, dining and kitchen areas are all connected to one another, and the doorway on the left leads out to the main patio area, which is in turn also connected to the garden. Natural Santanyi stone, from southeastern Mallorca, has been used throughout the common areas of the home, in a 60x60cm format. The table and benches are a bespoke design for this space by More Decor (moredesign.es/moredecor), and are made from suar wood. Likewise, the hanging woven lampshades are from the More Decor collection, and are available in various sizes.


In the lounge area, reclaimed wooden Mallorquin ceiling beams in the traditional style set off a discreet, contemporary wall sconces by More Design (moredesign. es), while the modular sofa (covered in natural washed linen) and hanging woven lampshades are all from the More Decor (moredesign.es/moredecor) collection. The large decorative pot is an antique, hand-worked Spanish storage jar, dating to around 1850 and sourced at a local antiques market.



The local stone used to clad the facade comes from nearby Esporles, and the shutters are made from natural iroko wood, which will turn silver over time. The Jansen Janisol metal windows are by Schüco (schueco.com). The spectacular infinity pool has an interior finished in large-format, stone-finish ceramic tiles, while natural Santanyi stone from southeastern Mallorca has been used around its edges. More Decor (moredesign.es/moredecor) created the pool loungers using reclaimed oak beams.

Recreate these looks with Resene


Location, Location, Location! 163–167 Ro d n ey S t , We l l sfo rd $ 1,2 9 5,000

When looking for commercial investment, location is definitely super-important. This property also ticks other boxes too: √ Central location √ Fully tenanted √ Good returns √ First time ever on the market in 84 years These kind of properties do not come to the market often, and this one has been with the same family for three generations, since its inception. Built by Harry Culpan in 1936, he was amongst the first to realise this location's valuable trading position. A centre to all the surrounding farming and coastal areas as well as on the main route north, it's exactly halfway between Whangarei and Auckland. Wellsford is more than just holding its own, it has incorporated into the increasingly fast pace of growth of Rodney District as a whole.

The family outside Culpan’s Building, 1953 Queen's visit.

The History of 163 – 167 Rodney St, Wellsford. In the 1930s Wellsford was not the gateway to the north that it is today. But Harry Culpan could see the potential. In 1930, just one year after the Great Depression, Harry moved his wife and daughters from Auckland to Wellsford and the first Culpan's Drapery store opened.

The land is in two titles, totalling 933m2, with 1,264m2 of buildings across both. Seven tenants in all comprise of two street level retail, three first floor health businesses, storage and studio, with residential to the rear of the property. There is much potential for further development. Regional growth is the big talk these days, and for good reason. It's vital if we are to build a better future, a better quality of life. Will you be as forward thinking as our grandparents? If you are an astute investor looking to expand your investment portfolio into our region, call us. This is a rare opportunity!

Contact Jennifer Starr on 021 023 78871 jennifer@goodground.com

By 1936, the current Culpan’s Building was constructed in the epi-centre of what was to become Wellsford township – a very forward thinking move at the time. Covering a double shop frontage over three levels, this has remained a meticulously maintained and very major retail building for Wellsford. Culpan’s Building is still owned by the same family and this is the first time in 84 years that it has ever been listed for sale. Family properties in provincial New Zealand do not come up often and so it is well worth a look. Wellsford is now considered to be the northern border of the Auckland region and due to continued expansion and improved roading is a sought after location. Still the central service town to all the surrounding areas, the location of this investment could not be better. Fully tenanted with great returns, this may be your opportunity to benefit from strong regional growth.

IN LOVE WITH Comfort Jardin

3 Vega Place, Rosedale – 09 889 1200


7-9 Earle Street, Parnell | 09 281 3191 | frobisherauckland.co.nz



Durini Sofa, Piola Capitonne Bergere Armchair, Contarini Coffee Table – Vittoria Frigerio

80 Parnell Road, Parnell – 09 303 4151

Poggi Capitonne Bergere Sofa – Vittoria Frigerio

Design Warehouse

137-147 The Strand, Parnell – 09 377 7710

Amalfi Teak Outdoor Sofa

Amalfi Aluminium Outdoor Sofa

Riva – Trenzseater Design


Atmosfär atmosfar.co.nz

Estúdio Mula Preta


Dora Sofa - Jader Almeida

Blocos Sofa - Mula Preta Design

Nan Sofa – Breton

Corso de' Fiori

8 George Street, Newmarket – 09 307 9166


Apratment Sofa – Corso de’ Fiori

Hardford Sofa – Corso de’ Fiori

Gin & Tonic Rattan Sofa – Corso de’ Fiori

Profile Furniture


Cia, Urban and Port – Profile Furniture

69C St Georges Bay Road, Parnell – 021 365 397

Miro Chaise – Profile Furniture

Belgian – Profile Furniture

New Hampton – Profile Furniture

Fulham – Profile Furniture

Urban – Profile Furniture

JI Home, Ponsonby 36 Pollen Street, Grey Lynn – 09 930 6268


Malaga 3 Seater Sofa

Orlando Lounger


2A Railway Street, Newmarket – 09 524 0084


Cornelio Cappellini Fur and Suede Chaise

Minotti 'Alison Iroko' Daybed – Rodolfo Dordoni

Apartmento 'Gilbert' Sectional Sofa


Modern Aesthetics


Chloë Sevigny Little Flower Régime Des Fleurs

KAWS Mónica Ramírez-Montagut

Aer Vase Gabriel Tan Black Spice Curionoir

Bowl Hasami Porcelain

Decca Sofa Dmitriy + Co



Disc Tray Arno Declercq

Acne Studios Rug Max Lamb For Kasthall

Shadows Solo Ø250 & XL Brokis

Cyborg Lord Armchair Magis

Bailey Pendant Rakumba


Arnold Circus Stool Martino Gamper

Burlesque Pillow Fornasetti

Four Legs Stool Arno Declercq Container Table 7143 Moooi


Togo Fireside Chair Michel Ducaroy


It’s Not You... It’s Us


When Chris Upton and Amanda Mason came to Box™ with the idea to build a home away from home on a neglected hillside section in Waiheke, they didn’t bargain on a tropical cyclone to hit in the middle the earthworks; nor a fire in their restaurant which put them at a financial crossroads. Neither did Box™. But we reacted the only way we knew how: with consideration and flexibility. Having been honest with the couple from the outset (we said that this was no easy build), the project was put on hold for eight months while the owners regrouped. It may have stretched the process from concept to key-inthe-door to over three years, but the end goal — a split-level home with decking that looked out over the treetops — was always the golden chalice. It’s the same for every client. With teamwork, we manage the curveballs that will inevitably be thrown at us, so that together we reach the plate safely. Here’s how: PEOPLE NOT PRODUCT Box™ has designed and built some of the best moderniststyle houses in New Zealand for over a decade, but a core part of our success involves neither sticks nor bricks. It is anchored in building relationships. We’re not going to lie, it can get pretty intense. That’s because we have to develop a trusting, close rapport rather quickly. When you’re handing over your dreams and, let’s face it, a substantial amount of money, it’s important to establish a solid foundation of trust. That’s why we take the time upfront to get to know you, and let you meet and get to know our team. MAKING IT PERSONAL Yes, our designs are great which is why you probably came to us in the first place, but in every meeting we know the rules:

the client is the most important person in the room. If an idea we are suggesting is not good for YOU, it’s not good for the project and it’ll end up on the draughting-room floor. Even though we have a kitset of parts and a wealth of experience to draw on, we don’t do cookie-cutter design. We like to make it personal. THE FLEX FACTOR… Some of our clients like to gallop towards the starting gate and across the finish line. Others prefer to take things at a leisurely pace while they get their thoughts (and sometimes their finances) in a row. After 10 years crafting unique homes for unique clients, we know the deal and can flex to your factors. AND SOMETIMES NOT Believe it or not, there are times when we might dig our heels in. While moulding our designs to your requirements is at the top of the priority list, if we think you are making a mistake, perhaps spending on floor space that is unnecessary or trying to economise on a feature that, in the long run, will make your home less expensive to run, we’ll say so. In the nicest possible way, of course. THE END IS IN SIGHT When things go wrong, we are accountable and will do what it takes to achieve our final goal – a home that you love. Along the way, we hope you enjoy the process and that the team you work with at Box™ becomes not only people you rely on and respect, but also really rather like!

Designed with you | Built for you

Box™ - Multi Award Winning

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Introducing Jo Eddington Residential Specialist Parnell

Jo Eddington and Heather Walton-Bycroft Welcoming Jo Eddington, joining Heather Walton-Bycroft and her award-winning residential sales team in 2020: “We are delighted to have Jo on our team. Jo brings a unique and highly personal approach to real estate, her local knowledge will be a great asset when working with buyers and sellers alike.” Black Group Realty is a premium Ray White Auckland based franchise. Elite customer service is our specialty, coupled with expert market knowledge and skills. With a 95% auction success rate, and with almost 200 homes sold in 2019, Black Group’s outstanding results speak for themselves. Real Estate has always been a passion throughout Jo’s career, she genuinely loves property and connecting with people. A long-time Parnell resident and active member of the community, Jo’s a natural born people-person. Highly skilled in all aspects of sales and negotiation and with an eye for design, Jo’s passionate about providing exceptional customer service, with integrity and transparency, key elements in the success of her business, Coastal Design. Jo’s ethos is ‘the client always comes first’, and she promises the community an unrivalled level of customer service. Jo Eddington 021 999 776 • Jo.eddington@Raywhite.com


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*Data based on sold properties by Ray White Epsom 2019


94.8% AUCTION SUCCESS RATE Median number of days on market

Sold By Auction 36 Days

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Sold By Negotiation 70 days


Feng Shui & Space Clearing Creating vitality, harmony, and balance in living and working environments with the ancient knowledge and techniques of feng shui and space clearing.

Feng shui, which means 'wind and water', bridges the unseen world of chi (energy) with the visible world of form by harnessing auspicious energy in buildings and the environment.


As knowledge of feng shui emerged from Asia, a quickening developed, and thus it became a valued way to balance and enhance home and business interiors as well as structural design across the world. And as awareness of how energy can inhibit or enhance our environment grew, other ancient practices surged in popularity such as the ceremonial art of space clearing. Being very complementary to feng shui, it deals directly with clearing, revitalising, and refreshing stagnant, drained and stale energy within buildings.

The all familiar saying 'you can cut the atmosphere with a knife' is the response to feeling or sensing a room filled with tension, and most people are sensitive to the energy around them whether consciously or otherwise. As the lawyer says in the charming Australian movie, The Castle, “It’s all about the vibe.” (And indeed, feng shui can minimise the sha, or negative energy, coming toward a home built near an airport.) As both feng shui and space clearing deal directly with the quality of energy through their safe and simple techniques, they can balance, harmonise and rejuvenate the atmosphere, thus encouraging a sense of wellbeing, increased inspiration, motivation, and creative success.

Leah trained as a feng shui consultant and space clearing practitioner in 2001. She has undertaken consultations for all kinds of properties, including restaurants, retail premises, apartments, prospective house purchases, and new housing plans. Leah offers online and in-person consultations. To discuss your requirements for home or business, or for a consultation, you can contact Leah on 027 312 1014, email: info@lovebloom.co.nz or visit: lovebloom.co.nz

027 312 1014 • I NF O @ LOVEBLO OM .C O. N Z • LOVEBLO OM .C O. N Z


The Grand Reveal... We have moved a few doors down to 16 Railway Street, on the ground floor at Ambiance… We wanted a new, improved space for you to on-sell or purchase quality furnishings at reasonable prices and we’ve created an updated, eclectic space to better showcase and sell contemporary designer pieces and iconic European brands on your behalf. Our focus is on moving beautiful designs from

one home to another. We offer a great return for vendors and affordable designer furniture for those wishing to buy. Summer has arrived and now is the perfect time to get those long-awaited changes underway. Consignment is here to help you move those once-loved items, whether you are selling or wanting to buy that special piece. Visit our website or come and see us in our Newmarket showroom.

CONSIGNMENT furnishing. decor. lifestyle.

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L U X U RY F U R N I T U R E C O L L E C T I O N S 1 5 - 3 1 W E L L E S L E Y ST, AU C K L A N D ∙ 0 8 0 0 9 9 4 9 3 0 ∙ D E LUX I N T E R I O RS . CO . N Z





Manufactured in Italy, France, Belgium, Northern Europe, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Everything is in stock, fully assembled and ready for nationwide delivery. Before you purchase elsewhere, you owe it to yourself to compare. Prices. Design. Quality. Manufacturing and our Instant Availability. Full Assembly. Like everybody else, you will be so pleased you did.


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James Dining Chair


Amazing Kitchen Facelifts Dream Doors helps you create a beautiful new kitchen, replacing cabinets, benchtops, doors and drawers as you require. Our Amazing Kitchen Facelifts process will ensure value, high quality and minimal disruption. Give us a call or enquire via email to arrange a Free in-home consultation.

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A contemporary kitchen within a coastal home.


OUR TIP: Book your trekking permit well in advance – only a set number are available each day! Prices increase to US$700 per person from 1 July 2020. You must be over 15 years of age to obtain a gorilla viewing permit.


Gorillas in the Mist WO RD S ― OL IVIA GRAVES

Gorillas in the Mist, anyone? Heading out on safari in Uganda will treat you to your own unforgettable primate adventure! As you hike through wild jungles, you’ll gaze in wonder at chimpanzees, various subspecies of monkey, and the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas. Bonus? Uganda also offers great wildlife viewing including elephant, buffalo, hippo, leopard, and tree-climbing lions! So, what do you need to know about a Ugandan safari for your own special visit? Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to half the world’s population of endangered mountain gorillas, making it one of the best places to spot these gentle giants up close. The other half live throughout the remainder of the Virunga mountain ranges in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda. On a visit to Uganda, you can track gorillas in both Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Operators know where the families are at any given time and therefore spotting them and spending time watching them is almost guaranteed. The trek itself could last anywhere from a few hours to eight hours, traversing dense foliage and steep inclines, so a good level of fitness is essential! Once you reach the habituated gorilla family, you’ll have one magical hour to spend in their company. This is of


course at the discretion of your guide, who may opt to leave early if the family become agitated. Although gorillas can be tracked at any time of the year, the most comfortable months are during the drier seasons from December to February and June to September. World Journeys prides itself on only dealing with lodge owners and safari companies who have a core ethos of giving back to the land, the people and the wildlife. Some of our favourite places to stay in Uganda include Buhoma Lodge, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp and Clouds Mountain Lodge. These safari operators work with the locals for the good of the community and conserve wildlife in these special areas. Though physically challenging at times, gorilla trekking is a once in a lifetime experience that surely ranks on anyone’s African safari wish list. The adventure is well worth the effort, and your visit doesn’t just begin and end with gorillas! For the complete safari experience, head to Queen Elizabeth National Park to spot Uganda’s famous tree-climbing lions, along with leopard, jackal, hyena, hippo and over 600 varieties of birdlife. In Kibale National Park, you can also enjoy encounters with chimpanzee and 12 other species of primates including the red colobus monkey, grey-cheeked mangabey, and olive baboon.

TAILOR-MADE JOURNEY On safari in Uganda, experience the awe of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas, spot tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and track chimpanzees throughout tropical forests. www.worldjourneys.co.nz/destinations/ africa/uganda

T 09 360 7311 www.worldjourneys.co.nz /worldjourneys




White Christmas with the Penguins WORD S ― ALIS ON C HARMLEY

With high expectations I set sail for the two-week trip ‘White Christmas with the Penguins” in Antarctica – and I was not disappointed! Twenty-four hours later, after crossing the notoriously rough Drake Passage, it was with great excitement that we got our first sighting of South Shetland Islands, while two large icebergs drifted by. Many more of these amazingly beautiful formations were in store for us, some icy white, others a beautiful bright baby blue, all shapes and sizes. R E M U E R A HO U S E O F TR AVEL CH R ISTIN EWJ @ H OT.C O. NZ

09522 3415

The first landing, kitted out in expedition gear, was at a Polish research station Arctowski, on King George Islands, where were invited inside. On this snowy day, southern elephant seals were lazing on the beach along with many cute Adélie and gentoo penguins. Wandering freely amongst these beautiful birds and seeing the penguin colony was so exciting. We landed by an old lighthouse and there was evidence of bygone whaling with bones scattered around. By this time we had seen petrels, albatross, fulmars and some skuas hoping to find penguin eggs, or better still, a chick. Next stop was the small, very beautiful glacialrimmed Yankee Harbour. Having learned the art of getting on and off the rubber boats we were met by gentoo penguins at the beach. Later, the ship slowed down so that we could watch humpback whales up close, and they put on a great show: 'click click' – great shots! Another highlight was a visit to Esperanza Base, an Argentine year-round research hub with about 55 people living there. The buildings include a church, museum, school and radio station which we went into where an informative talk was given by the school teacher. There is also a small stone hut which a shipwrecked Swedish



Antarctic expedition built 1902 to survive the brutal conditions. There were many fascinating Adélie penguins here also. Mostly the temperature hovered around minus 2-3°C, but with adequate clothing it didn’t feel too cold. Maybe the constant excitement was sufficient warmth! Floating amongst ice floes and bergs is really thrilling and in silence you can hear ‘popping’ and ‘clinking’ sounds from the moving ice. We continued south with seven more landings including Neko Bay, Danco Island, Damoy Point, and Cuverville, plus we did zodiac cruising daily near the rugged shorelines. One afternoon the ship sailed alongside the world’s largest iceberg (5,000sq-km), A68a, which broke off in 2017. It was incredible. On Deception Island, my group went ashore in the early morning and it felt so pristine. Chinstrap and gentoo penguins were lining the shore as if ready for the selfies. Here, some hardy souls took a polar dip in Pendulum Cove where the water was 2°C. Their expressions spoke volumes! Each morning it was exciting to see the beauty of our surroundings – birds, glaciers, icebergs, ice floes and so on. The nights were very short, barely getting dark. We saw five species of albatross and five of petrels.

Ship anchors weren’t used which added to the tranquil feeling of being in Antarctica. Some adventurers spent a night camped in the snow, others went kayaking or snowshoeing. Most days we trudged through slippery snow to see penguin colonies, always allowing them the right of way as they made their way to and from the sea. Also seen were Weddell and crabeater seals. There were daily presentations by historians, geologists and other speakers. Christmas carol singing, decorating, and of course sumptuous food were enjoyed. What a unique Christmas! This trip was the pinnacle of my many years of travel. An excellent itinerary put together by Christine WynneJones, House of Travel Remuera.

yo u ’ R e i n v i t e d : I N F O R M AT I O N E V E N I N G Join our special guest speaker Aaron Russ for an evening about small ship cruising! Aaron has led expeditions on over 100 small ship cruises to the world’s most interesting regions. Be inspired as he shares stories on Antarctica, the Subantarctic Islands and the Galapagos.

WHERE: House of Travel Remeura, 351 Remeura Rd WHEN: 6.30pm, Wednesday 26 February RSVP: By 24th February EMAIL: christinewj@hot.co.nz PHONE: 522 3415

The Galapagos, antarctica & the NZ subantarctic islands





For business or leisure, for family or guests, you can be confident with Quest whether for one night, one week, or longer.

Spacious, modern apartments ideal for the business and leisure traveller to Auckland. Offering: • The choice of studios, one, two, or three-bedroom apartments, all tastefully furnished with wellequipped kitchens and laundries. • We also offer our guests free Wi-Fi, 29 TV channels & 40 movies. • Secure undercover parking. Newmarket is a very popular location with cafés, shopping, cinemas and the Newmarket business area all on its doorstep. Please check out our website: questnewmarket.co.nz



Quest Parnell located in the historical suburb of Parnell, offers studios, oneand two-bedroom (two-bathroom) self-contained apartments. • Perfect location just off Parnell Road. • Over 50 restaurants and cafés within walking distance. • On-site gym and heated lap pool • Kitchen and laundry facilities in all apartments. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Secure undercover parking. • Group accommodation for friends and families of wedding parties.

Quest Carlaw Park Spacious modern apartments for business or leisure. Studio, one-bedroom and luxury two-bedroom (two-bathroom) penthouse apartments available. All with well-equipped kitchens and laundries. Easy 10-minute walk to the city, and on Parnell’s doorstep. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Secure undercover parking. • Complimentary access to Next Generation Gym (100m). • Café, Italian, and Japanese restaurants next door. Please check out our website: questcarlawpark.co.nz

Africa Calls Again Visiting Africa is an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your Life. But for some, one trip is not enough. WORD S ― C HRISTINE W YNNE -JONES

Christine Wynne-Jones, from House of Travel Remuera, was fortunate enough to return to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar in November. Here she shares some highlights. It doesn’t matter how many times you travel to Africa, each occasion has something different and special to come explore. In the Masai Mara, it was incredible seeing herds of snorting wildebeest and their accompanying buddies, the zebras. We also came across a special moment to remember while watching  a group of  giraffes  crossing  the Mara River. They came down to the river  and tested the ground underneath, as well as the raging waters, for a safe place to cross. With their lanky legs, we thought they would be swept away by the rapids or fall on slippery rocks, so there was a great a sigh of relieve once they made it to the other side.

It was precious to come across a pride of 14 lions, and being so close in our protected  vehicle we could watch  every move. Mums and Dad napped (they do for up to 20 hours a day to conserve energy for the night when they are active), ignoring the antics of their young. The cubs played and teased one another,  just like human kids. It was such fun to watch this playfulness. Just as we are about to head back to camp, thinking that the day could not have been better, a large herd of elephants crossed in front of the vehicle. It was surprising how quiet they were considering the size of each animal, weighing anything from 3–7 tons.

Squeezing into our small Cessna aircraft and flying just above the vast  Serengeti  is in itself quite an experience and always takes my breath away. We landed in the middle of nowhere. The safari started and we immediately see zebra and wildebeest . We were also in for a special treat when coming across a BBC filming crew. Not something you see every day!   It was great to stop and chat and hear a few things for the Kiwi photographer! Our expert guide somehow spotted a female leopard scamper up a tree to her well-protected  carcass, hidden high up and away from the hyenas and vultures. Her cubs were hiding in a bush, we knew she would come back down the tree to them, and stealthily she did.  To be able to see capture this on film was fantastic. Not long after  we managed to get stuck in  a rather large pothole, but luckily, after careful manoeuvring, we were free  without having to get out of the Land Cruiser. Just as well!

It is a tearful time, leaving Africa. It is a special place and there is nowhere else like it in the world. Contact Christine at Remuera House of Travel to help plan your African Adventure: christinewj@hot.co.nz or 522 3415




Honda Jazz RS Review

And. All. That... Jazz

Anyway, we’re here to talk about the car, not the song, so this is what I thought (cue the muted jazz trumpet solo, five, six, seven, eight...). Known overseas as the Fit, the Jazz is now in its third generation since its initial 2001 launch, plus it’s had a facelift and now, for the 2020 model, Honda has upped the popular five-door hatchback’s tech and infotainment too. With its sub four-metre length and 1.7-metre width, the Honda Jazz RS is a compact vehicle that’s quite simply ideal for innercity living. But, and I can’t stress this enough, with its 1.5-litre EarthDreams i-VTEC engine (97kW/155Nm), RS Sports Quick Ratio Steering and ‘magic’ seats (offering luggage space from 354 litres up to a whopping 1,324 litres), the Jazz is as versatile as an SUV and easier to park. It’s efficient too, running on 91 octane, the Jazz RS gives you 5.6L/100km and emits just 130g/ km of CO2. My model came in Milano red, it’s a striking colour, especially in the Kiwi sunlight, and contrasts well with the black RS exterior accents and bodykit. There are seven other colour options also available, some less sporty than others. The RS’s sporty theme continues inside with contrast stitched trim, leather-appointed wheel and gear shifter, plus wellbolstered sports fabric seats that come complete with gofaster styling.

Overall, the interior trim is well-presented and rather modern. A mixture of rugged, hard wearing and practical materials where necessary and softer, more tactile-friendly finishes where you’d like them. The compact hatch comes loaded with driver and safety aids, most of which are standard (a great reason to buy a Jazz over an imported Fit) and the 2020 Jazz now has a brand new touch screen display system with a customisable interface and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and Spotify too. Living in the ‘burbs of Auckland’s North Shore meant that much of my review of the Jazz RS was undertaken on far from the confines of the inner-city, think more country than city slicker. This gave me ample opportunity to get to grips with the nippy hatchback’s strong chassis and have its 16-inch alloys turning at 100km/h. In truth, it handles the open road with confidence and although a little road-noisy, it’s more than happy to go on extended runs. The Jazz RS employs Honda’s latest evolution of the CVT transmission which, according to them, provides a sportier drive with a more natural feel. I’m still not a huge fan of the way CVTs sound, but that’s a personal choice — apparently, there’s a six-speed manual option available, although I doubt it will be very popular as gear-changing is a dying art. On the flip-side, the Jazz does come with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. It provides the option to convert to sevenspeed mode (seven-speed shift-able, seven-speed tiptronic, and so on), allowing longer gear hold. The shift logic in manual mode delivers quicker, firmer shifts than in fully automatic mode — it’s fun for a while, but I ended up just letting the CVT do its thing. I used the Jazz RS excessively for just under a week and still returned it with a half tank of fuel. Shopping trips were a simple affair with bucket loads of cargo space that’s easy to load thanks to the hatchbacks low loading lip, plus the vehicle's compact size meant parking within the usually snug spaces was a doddle.


10 4

It’s probably very clichéd, however, from the moment Honda New Zealand called to see if I would be interested in taking the new Jazz RS for a spin, all I could think about was the song from the 1975 musical, Chicago. Now, I’m not exactly what you’d call ‘a musical type of guy’ but I did see the movie and the tune obviously stuck so the name association obviously brought it all flooding back. So much so, in fact, that I think I was even humming it when they passed me the keys: "Start the car, I know a whoopee spot where the gin is cold but the piano's hot."

ZERO DEPOSIT 1.9% FINANCE *1.9% interest promotion is limited to new Honda cars registered by 31/03/2020. A maximum term of 36 months, fixed interest rate of 3.9% Per Annum, establishment fee of $376, PPSR fee of $10.34 & monthly account fee of $8.50 apply. Finance offer is subject to lending criteria.

Plus 5 Year Unlimited km Warranty & 5 Year Roadside Assistance on every new model. Search Honda Zero for more details. www.honda.co.nz

Honda Cars Newmarket A 455 Broadway Newmarket P 09 890 9030

Jazz from



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One-upmanship 2020 BMW 1 SERIES REVIEW

10 6

Originally launched in 2004 as the first step in the BMW range ladder, the 1 Series gave us lesser mortals (financially at least) the ability to proudly display a brand new luxury European vehicle on our driveway and in turn, stay ahead of the Joneses next door. Available in hatch, sedan or even convertible, the 1 Series showcased the German carmaker's automotive prowess and that legendary kidney grille.

from that grille, the 118i’s nose features sloping LED headlights (in my model’s case, adaptive too), a large lower apron and even larger lower air scoops. Eighteen-inch twinspoke alloys keep the hatch firmly planted on the road, while the rest of the car’s profile includes extended sills, less cluttered but clearly defined lines, and the latest iteration of the ‘Hofmeister kink’.

Well, around 15 years and two generations later, BMW is at it again, only this time they’ve gone even bigger. To test out the 2020 model’s credentials, BMW NZ gave me the 118i version in Stormy Bay paintwork, it’s a lighter grey than its Mineral coloured sibling and rather easy on the eye.

The 118i’s rear is the best it's ever looked in my opinion. It’s well-sculpted, has a roofline spoiler, two-piece L-shaped LED lights and a blackened-out air diffuser setup. The tailgate is manual (there is an electric option though), it has an extra 67mm wider mouth and gives you access to 380 litres of luggage space, which is plenty.

First of all, that grille. As part of the brand’s new design language, the new 1 Series sports a one-piece kidney grille that may well be very visible from space. For me, at first glance, it’s rather overpowering but funnily enough, I got used to it very quickly and by the end of the near week-long test, I grew to really like it. The 2020 model itself is wider and taller than before but actually marginally shorter. It’s classed as a compact hatch but it’s impressively expansive on the inside, I’ll tell you more about that soon.

The next BIG change is what lies under the bonnet. The 118i comes with a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged engine. It boasts 103kW/220Nm and, wait for it, it’s now transverse, so front-wheel drive. Now I know, BMW rear-wheel-drive purists will be up in arms about this, but the pros far outweigh the cons. 0-100km/h is achieved in 8.5ish seconds but as this is an urbanchic, young and vibrant city dweller, it’s more about its 5.9L/100km efficiency, its CO2 emissions of 135g/km and its interior.

In NZ, the 118i comes with an M-Sport body kit as standard and along with it more aggressive boldness from every angle. Aside

The interior has been upgraded in every aspect. Upmarket, premium materials, a digital dash and an infotainment screen


that’s touch-controlled, too. ‘Hey BMW’ connect drive has you in tune with your car and real time traffic. It has oodles of driver and safety aids, plus reverse assist to get you out of the tight driveway you’ve just found yourself in, an M-Sport chunky steering wheel and supportive seats that have a very funky design to them. The front-wheel-drive setup means that there’s more room in the rear for passengers, they now have an extra 3.3cm to play with, which, believe me, makes a big difference. Plus, there’s more shoulder room too. On the road, the 118i feels quite stoic, with much more poise than its compact size would suggest. The three-cylinder delivers power quickly, especially in Sport and the steering is certainly responsive, although the turning circle is a bit laboured. Being powered and weighted to the front, cornering can be managed at speed and with little to no understeer. In fact, it kept tidily within the lines throughout — I wonder if the M135 model will be able to say the same? The 2020 1 Series may have a redesigned look and powertrain, that to some, has been put in the direction, but overall it’s roomy, nimble, nippy, modern and well-connected, and, to me, that’s one-upmanship in anyone’s book. WO R D S — DAVE MC LEOD

Join us to see how Age Schoo l is reimagining education for an age of innovatio n

Age is a school that values and grows every child’s gifts, turning difficulties into strengths, celebrating those that think outside the box and empowering those that dare to dream, and care enough to act. Are your children filled with purpose, and equipped with the skills they need to realise their passions and create a better future? Doing things the same way that schools have always done is no longer viable, sustainable or even relevant for our future. Age School Open Day, 27 February, 9:30am-10:30am. Contact info@age.school.nz to register your attendance.



Beneath the Surface, Between the Lines 10 8


The word ‘dyslexia’ comes from the Greek words dys, meaning ‘poor’ or ‘inadequate’, and lexis, which translates as ‘words’ or ‘language’. Though dyslexia is a learning disability, it is by no means a reflection of intellectual potential or ability. “While reading and writing can be challenging for dyslexia individuals,” explains the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand, “big picture skills like problem solving, creativity, high level conceptualism and original insights are often real strengths.” It’s estimated that up to 10 percent of the population is dyslexic—including around 70,000 Kiwi school kids—yet, staggeringly, it was not accepted as an official condition by the Ministry of Education until 2007. However, recognition of some folks’ innate struggles with reading or writing has been around since the late Victorian era, when it was known as ‘word blindness’, with German ophthalmologist, Rudolf Berlin, being the first to coin the term ‘dyslexia’, in 1887. The following decades saw significant advances in understanding the condition, with papers published in medical journals in Europe and the US. In 1949, the Orton Society—later the International Dyslexia Foundation—was established, and 13 years later the Word Blindness Centre opened in London. Even though the British government officially accepted the existence of dyslexia in 1987, by which time there were also numerous support organisations, the idea of the ‘middle-class myth’ prevailed.

“Through this, dyslexia was construed as a pseudo-medical diagnosis used by middle-class parents to explain their children’s poor performance in reading,” notes Dr Philip Kirby for The Psychologist, “an argument that has dogged campaigners ever since.” It’s a tragedy to consider how many capable souls missed out on opportunities to fulfil their potential over the years, as perfectly summed up by Susan Hampshire in her tome, Susan’s Story: My Struggle With Dyslexia: “When society allows a dyslexic to sink, through ignorance or prejudice, it is not only the dyslexic who loses.” Earlier this year, renowned Kiwi chef Adam Dickson spoke of his four-decade struggle with dyslexia, and how, even though he had been tested for the condition as a child, his teachers lacked the skills and resources to be of any help. He describes himself as “the dumb kid, hanging out with all the other ‘dumb’ kids” who “put in all the lowest possible classes”, leading him to develop his culinary skills “out of necessity”. Dickson has since worked as head chef at events for the Sydney Olympics and America’s Cup, cooked for Hollywood stars, and penned recipes in books alongside the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver—who is also dyslexic. Verve takes a look at further inspirational figures who have overcome—or perhaps, rather, channelled—their dyslexia to excel in their chosen fields.


Tom Cruise

He may be one of the world’s most recognisable actors now, but Tom Cruise has admitted to having to “learn to quietly accept ridicule” as a “lonely” child owing to his dyslexia. Cruise was diagnosed with the learning condition aged seven years and says that even beyond his school days and into his acting career, “I felt like I had a secret”. It was, he says, a tougheningup experience that taught him how to focus his attention: “I became very visual and learnt how to create mental images in order to comprehend what I read.”

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie created iconic cultural characters such as Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple during an extraordinary writing career that comprised dozens of detective novels and 14 collections of short stories. In 1971, the British scribe— who also penned the world’s longest running play, The Mousetrap—was made a Dame. Not bad for someone who admitted to being the “slow one in the family”, struggling with writing and being “an extraordinarily bad speller”.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson says that it wasn’t until later in life that he discovered his dyslexia to be the cause of his short attention span that led to many of his teachers to brand him thick and lazy. By the time the billionaire entrepreneur came to pen his autobiography, Like a Virgin, he realised dyslexia had come to be his “greatest strength”. “If you have a learning disability, you become a very good delegator,” he tells Bloomberg. “Because you know what your weaknesses are, and you know what your strengths are.” Too many bosses are too controlling, he adds, they’re unable to let go, meaning “they never grow a group of companies like Virgin”. Branson is believed to be the only person to have built eight billion-dollar companies, from scratch, in eight different countries. Now he has his sights set on space.


Jamie Oliver

Speaking with the Radio Times in 2017, Jamie Oliver said that upon discovering a kid has dyslexia “you should get down on your knees, shake the child’s hand and say: ‘Well done, you lucky, lucky boy.’” The learning condition certainly hasn’t held this superstar chef back, now worth hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to his TV shows, cooking tomes and eateries.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Probably the most surprising appearance on this list, as he probably possessed the greatest mind in the history of mankind, but many scholars believe Leonardo da Vinci to have been dyslexic. His notes—often written backwards— were strewn with major spelling errors and he was famously disinterested in school. Even some of his revered portraits possibly betray his dyslexia due to their misaligned eyes likely caused by 2D (rather than 3D) vision—a common result of the condition. According to Salvatore Mangione, MD, associate professor at Thomas Jefferson University, dyslexia is likely “one of the things that made da Vinci so creative, made him Leonardo”.

Albert Einstein

The man responsible for the general theory of relativity (one of two pillars of modern physics), the world’s most famous equation (e = mc2), and Nobel Prize winner, Albert Einstein, is thought to have likely been dyslexic. As a child, he was a late talker, a late reader, and later failed his college entrance exams. Even at his intellectual peak, the physicist was famous for his bad memory and wrote letters to various contemporaries that told of his ongoing struggles with language. In correspondence with psychologist Max Wertheimer, Einstein revealed, “I very rarely think in words at all. A thought comes, and I may try to express it in words afterwards.” And he told physicist Robert S Shankland: “Writing is difficult, and I communicate this way very badly.”

CELLFIELD REMUERA For an information pack about Cellfield please email cellfield@zesteducation.co.nz 09 529 2686


Cellfield is a 10 day dyslexia treatment intervention programme available in New Zealand, which works to improve reading skills in children over the age of seven and adults. It targets visual, auditory and motor functions all at the same time. To find out more please visit our website cellfield.nz



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Dyslexia is part of a collection of conditions called specific learning difficulties, or SLD It is not uncommon for dyslexics to also have attention deficit disorder (ADHD) Dyslexia is up to three times more likely to affect boys than girls Symptoms include problems with rhymes, numerical sequences and mixing up letters in speech and/or writing Dyslexics may also take longer to process and remember information There may be a clear gap between a person’s oral and writing skills

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Directional abilities may be affected, including struggling to differentiate between ‘left’ and ‘right’ Motor coordination might be also be stunted How does one test for dyslexia? Generally an educational psychologist is consulted and the child will take a series of tests to determine his/her abilities. In New Zealand, Dyslexia Awareness Week occurs in October, with the attention of not only raising awareness, but understanding what can be done to support those with the condition For more information, visit the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand at dyslexiafoundation.org.nz

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• Are you lacking self confidence ? • Smart but can’t remember or understand what you read ? • Find written communication stressful ? • Feel overwhelmed by your emotions ? • Often get instructions, dates or times wrong?

Did you know, these can all be symptoms of dyslexia. You are not alone and there is a reason behind your struggles. Dyslexia is much more than reversing letters, or not being able to read. Download the common symptoms for adults and children at

www.remarkableminds.co.nz/symptoms VERVEMAGAZINE.CO.NZ

Lakeside Living in Auckland from just $680,000!*

Retire in style: Lakeview Apartments in central Auckland! Offering the exclusive experience of lakeside living in the heart of Auckland, each apartment is warm, modern, finished to the highest standard and now completed for you to make your own. Located just 10 minutes from the city centre, and close to the bays and main arterial routes, this really is the ideal retirement destination in Auckland. From our rooftop gardens, you can also soak up the stunning views looking out across the village and across One Tree Hill. These apartments are proving to be a big hit amongst the retirement community, and if you are thinking of making the move then now may be the perfect time to do so. Starting from just $680,000* you can retire in style at this hidden oasis. Plus, for a limited time only, if you secure a Lakeview Apartment we will offer you an incredible $20,000 cash back† to spend how you wish!

Summerset at Heritage Park 8 Harrison Road, Ellerslie To find out more, call 0800 SUMMER or email ellerslie.sales@summerset.co.nz

*Licence to occupy. †Terms and conditions apply.

For your free information pack, call 0800 SUMMER. Or visit summerset.co.nz/lakeview


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Getting Lost


New Year, New Regulations

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Christmas is all packed away and summer has finally arrived along with the new year. The new year will start with more regulations under the Residential Tenancies act 1986, and the Healthy Homes Act will be enforced in 2021. I do hope all landlords have their properties compliant under the Insulation Regulation Tenancies Act, because they could receive a letter from the Tenancy Services Compliance and Investigation team. We did! They were investigating one of our management properties in Point England, an area where data has shown high hospitalisation rates due to the conditions of some homes. We had to produce signed statements for ceiling and underfloor insulation and for working smoke alarms. Landlords that do not comply with their legal responsibilities under the act may face a financial penalty through the Tenancy Tribunal. So landlords need to make properties are compliant, because not only do you have tenancy services checking on you, but your tenants can phone tenancy services to report non-compliance. Yes, our property in Point England was compliant, make sure yours is also. Happy renting, Sylvia Lund AREINZ Director

There was a time when we’d just jump in the car with no plan and see where we ended up. Nowadays, our search engine most likely knows where we are headed before we type it in, while recommendations also come from the likes of online lists and social media feeds.     In short, we’ve outsourced exploration.   Now, don’t get me wrong, as a travel blogger and photographer, I use all online tools.  They’re awesome.  But there are times that I don’t want to go the most popular place, the crowded beaches, or take the same photos as appear in everyone else’s Instagram feed.     I want to find the place that no one else has discovered, that didn’t show up in any search query, or that no one has awarded five stars.  I want to find the place the locals jealously guard.  I want to find that quirky spot in my neighbourhood that I never knew existed.  I want to race down that empty beach and swing out on the rope-swing someone built with no regard to health and safety many summers ago.   I want to get lost.     Turns out, there were many people out there who felt just the same as us, so in 2018 we created a game that does just that: gets you lost.   It’s called the Getting Lost Game and it’s an antidote to the curated digital life we find ourselves living.  It’s purposefully offline and designed to take you on random adventures every time you play. The game has 26 misdirection cards and comes in a custom made suitcase, made in New Zealand from plant-based, biodegradable plastic.     There are two different types of directions in your game. There are the standard directions, things like turn left, or head north; and then there are the completely random game-changers such as 'follow a white car' or 'head in the direction the wind is blowing', so if you don’t shuffle your cards you will always end up in a different place.  Plus, we’ve thrown in a few cards like 'stop for a drink' to give you cues to stop and explore.   An average Getting Lost game takes four hours to play, so perfect for those Sunday afternoons where you want to get out and about and explore and find something new.

4 0 ST JO HNS RD, ME AD OWBAN K JUSTRENTALS.C O. N Z 0 9 5 2 8 4 8 1 9 O R 09 528 4818 JUSTRENTALS@X TRA .C O. N Z




Vetcare’s Top 10 New Year's Resolutions For Your Pets (And You) At the beginning of each year we reflect on what we achieved from the previous year and what to conquer next. Common goals us humans strive for include getting fit, saving more money, travelling more, and so on. But for 2020, why not make it about your pet? TEACH AN OLD DOG (OR CAT) A NEW TRICK Mental stimulation can help reduce cognitive deterioration in ageing animals so for any pet older than eight years, you could make it your goal to teach them a new trick — come in to get a puzzle feeder, or maybe go on a different walking route. MAKE A DATE WITH YOUR VET We believe in preventative healthcare through annual examinations. Medical conditions are much easier to treat if detected early — just like us humans! It also gives you the chance to ask all those wonderful pet-related questions that have been on your mind.

PRACTISE ORAL HYGIENE Brush your pet’s teeth at least three times a week to keep dental disease at bay and your pocket fuller. We have a wide range of dental kits, water additives and tricks if you need help. START REGULAR GROOMING  Your pet and your furniture will thank you for it. Brushing daily will remove excess fur and distribute natural oils from the skin to the fur. FEED THEM A HEALTHIER DIET  Stop the habit of grabbing the convenient supermarket food and check if your pet is getting their optimal nutritional levels from their food to ensure their bodies develop healthily and strong. You are what you eat after all! IS YOUR CAT A SNOB? TRY BONDING OVER PLAYTIME! Toys and games can trigger their inner wild side leaving them happier, healthier and your bond stronger. Experiment with lasers, catnip toys, balls, cat towers, cardboard boxes and more! 

START OFF EASY — UPDATE YOUR PET'S INFORMATION A lot can change over the course of a year; people move, new phone numbers. Update your pet's tag and microchip information by calling the animal registry.

TRY SOMETHING NEW You could come along to VetCare’s Dog & Grog event, loosen up in dog yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, or create a dog club.

NOT A PET OWNER YET? CONSIDER FOSTERING! Shelters and rescues need safe and loving temporary living arrangements for the many pets needing forever homes. Test the waters to see what it’s like to be a pet parent, without the lifelong commitment.

MAKE TREATING TREASURED It is easy to get carried away with giving your pets treats! Try make treating a special exercise by limiting it as a reward for good behaviour. We have loads of healthy options, and some will even clean your pet's teeth!


Going away this summer? Then check out VetCare’s new luxury cat hotel with separate suites for calm or confident cats!






Nine years of progress on welfare being undone After years of improvement under National, benefit numbers are now back to heights last seen during the Global Financial Crisis. This, at a time when our export prices are at record highs and when employers are crying out for workers. The latest welfare statistics, released in January, show the number of Kiwis on the dole has risen by an astonishing 27,000 since the government took office, with almost 150,000 now on Jobseeker benefit. That’s an extra 27,000 men and women, and their families, who have lost the opportunity to provide for themselves, who have lost the stimulation and satisfaction of work and all the benefits that work brings. Under the previous National Government, the country was creating 10,000 jobs a month. Under this government that’s fallen to just 1,000. It’s clear that Kiwis are doing it tough under Labour. National worked hard to rebuild the economy after the Global Financial Crisis and get Kiwis into jobs. By the time we left office the economy was booming and the number of Kiwis on the dole was at some of the lowest levels ever seen.

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This government has undone all that progress in less than a term, with benefit numbers spiralling out of control on Jacinda Ardern’s watch. Thousands of vulnerable Kiwis are now also struggling to find jobs with the economy showing sluggish growth and no plan from the government to deliver the growth New Zealand needs.

This government’s weakening of the rules and sanctions around the welfare system haven’t helped. They have sent the signal that it’s okay to stay on benefits, which is exactly the wrong message to send. Recent figures obtained by National show many jobseekers now go months without talking to a case manager about employment. That’s completely unacceptable. If the prime minister is serious about tackling poverty her government needs to get the economy moving. The welfare statistics also show 7,000 more young people are waiting in dole queues rather than getting a foot on the career ladder compared to when the government took office. It’s important to intervene early and get young people off benefits as quickly as possible to avoid a lifetime of welfare dependence. The government doesn’t seem to have a plan to do this. Last year the government quietly dropped the prime minister’s commitment to 4,000 Mana in Mahi places for young people with no alternative plan for getting young people into work. The fact the government is scaling back its flagship youth employment programme while dole numbers are rising shows it isn’t serious about tackling the root causes of poverty. National is aspirational for New Zealanders and will set targets to reduce the number of people on benefits. We focus on growing the economy to create more new jobs again, and will do everything possible to encourage everyone into some work. Our Social Services Discussion Document, which is available on the National.org.nz website, shows we’re the party with the ideas and ambition to get Kiwis back into work.


PAULGOLDSMITH.CO.NZ • 09 524 4930 • PAUL.GOLDSMITH@PARLIAMENT.GOVT.NZ Authorised by Paul Goldsmith, 107 Great South Rd, Epsom


Over 70% of our pets are now considered a member of the family


100% of our four legged family members need regular preventative care to stay healthy and parasite free


Over 85% of dogs and 50% of cats over the age of four have painful dental disease


One in seven pets under 10 and two in five pets over 10 years of age have subclinical health issues – with one in four pets tested needing further veterinary intervention


100% of pet owners know vet care is expensive… so what can we do to help? Find out in the next issue of Verve magazine!



Swim with confidence

Book your *FREE TRIAL LESSON at Hilton Brown Swimming.

Ensure that you and your family are confident and capable swimmers • We have over 45 years’ experience teaching quality lessons from infants though to adults. • We focus on teaching correct swimming technique, so that children feel confident and can swim at least 400 metres comfortably. This helps to prepare children for any water sport they may choose. • Our swimming instructors provide positive feedback and ensure everyone is comfortable in the water.

Call us now to book: Newmarket – (09) 529-0177 One Tree Hill – (09) 582-1111 Albany – (09) 414-5484 Hobsonville – (09) 666-0240 *One free trial lesson for new customers.


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1 9 9 M A I N H I G H WAY, E L L E R S L I E • 0 9 2 8 1 3 4 8 1 • E L L E R S L I E V E T E R I N A R YC L I N I C . N Z VERVEMAGAZINE.CO.NZ





Property management and rentals in the Bays with over 25 years' experience. Contact Sue for expert advice about your property or tenants.

Corporate Cabs is New Zealand's leading taxi company and has been operating in New Zealand for more than 25 years.

Model is wearing: Maple Top 5417BN

09 37 7 07 73





Whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing home, decorating or just shopping for ideas then Home Ideas is the place to get inspired..

BIO GROW CERTIFIED since 2000. Your wellness store. Passionate about all things organic. Shop online or on site.

At Iko Iko, we sell all sorts of things that we love, and that we hope you will love too. From pretty things for your house to cool books on design, amusing things to make you laugh, crafty things for the crafty minded, and nostalgic bits of kiwiana for those who like to reminisce.


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1 B A R RYS P O I N T R D, TA K A P U N A 09 4 8 8 0211 IE PR O DUC E.CO M

2 6 H I G H ST, AU C K L A N D I KO I KO.CO. N Z






Enjoy authentic French pastries and bistro meals at La Fourchette. We are close to the beach and are family-friendly.

Contemporary New Zealand jewellery and greenstone design.

A carefully curated collection of bespoke handpicked European vintage clothing.

SA M OA H O U S E A R C A D E S H O P 2 , 2 8 3 K A R A N GA H A P E R D, NE W TO N

16 4 K I TC H EN ER R D, M I L FO R D, AU C K L A N D 0 9 4 8 6 2 473 PA I N T ED B I R D. N Z

8 C TU RUA ST, ST HE LIE R S 0 9 215 83 3 2 LA FO U RCHET T E.CO.NZ

0 9 30 9 2202






Stunning ladies fashion in Auckland. Find your new go-to items at Simply Wonderful.

An independent bookstore with an independent spirit, since 1988. Time Out is a community hub and haven for bibliophiles. If we can't find you the perfect book on our shelves, we'll order something in just for you.

Remarkable breakfasts and brunches. Sunny deck or indoor dining. All food made on the premises. Amazing coffee. We also have a children's menu.


4 32 M T ED EN R D, M T ED EN 09 6 30 33 3 1 T IM EO UT.CO. N Z


3 11 PA R N EL L R D, PA R N EL L 0 9 3 79 2 8 6 0 O P EN 7 DAYS T I L L 5 P M


Free shipping over $100 NZ wide

Feng Shui Consultations for Home & Business Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing m: 027 312 1014 e: info@lovebloom.co.nz


F eng S hui C onsultant

Leah Hemming (20 yrs exp)


Say NO to incontinence Sit and experience the breakthrough Emsella treatment for incontinence

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Stay fully clothed 28 minute treatment Non-invasive Walk-in, walk-out

To find out more contact Linda on 021 908 828 or email linda.gormly@gmail.com

5 5 H U R ST M ER E R D, TA K A P U N A | 0 9 4 8 9 2 2 0 9 TA K A P U N A @T R A D EA I D.O R G . N Z

The Point Chev Beach Café was launched on Jan 2017 and has rapidly gained a reputation in excellent cuisine, coffee and a welcoming service. Being situated beside the beach, it’s the perfect location for a family outing, a romantic date or just an ice cream! For bookings or to discuss private functions please contact us on: 09 815 6636 506 Pt Chevalier Rd, Auckland ptchevbeachcafe.co.nz



m or f s n a Tr rself You with


The home of fine film in Newmarket. See session times at rialto.co.nz.


New Zealand’s foremost personal image and styling consultancy, for that little bit of wardrobe magic. Look your best – call us NOW! 09 529 5115 info@signaturestyle.co.nz 330 Parnell Rd, Parnell

easter in store










Auckland’s best and most vibrant arthouse cinemas 1 2 2 Q U E E N S T, N O R T H C O T E P O I N T, A U C K L A N D W W W. B R I D G E WAY.CO. N Z


JUSTRENTALS.CO.NZ The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

40 ST JOHNS RD, MEADOWBANK / 09 528 4818 027 487 0550 / JUSTRENTALS@XTRA.CO.NZ



Win with Verve

Entering is simple. Visit vervemagazine.co.nz and click on 'WIN', then follow the directions, not forgetting to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ vervemagazine. Good luck! *T&Cs apply




1. Viva La Juicy Viva La Juicy is for the glamorous girl who is always the life of the party! Our favourite Viva La Juicy fragrances (Bowdacious, Rosé and Original) are now priced from $85 for a 30ml – and customers can save $50 on the 100ml! To celebrate we are giving away a bottle of Viva La Juicy Bowdacious. For the cheeky, playful and forever fantastic. Viva La Juicy Bowdacious invites you into a world of luxe, pink, over-the-top fantasy wrapped in a big pink bow! Up For Grabs ― A Bottle of Viva La Juicy Bowdacious 30ml valued at $85.

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2. Ardell's Lux Remy Collection Ardell’s luxe Remy Collection features 100% premium quality hair that is keratin infused for silken smoothness with fine, tapered tips. Available in three gold standard styles at Farmers Unichem and Life Pharmacies. Up For Grabs ― Ardell Remy Lash #776, Ardell Remy Lash #778, Ardell Remy Lash #781, plus duo lash glue for perfect application.

3. The Body Shop Pampering Essentials Pack Comfort, soothe and moisturise dry, sensitive skin with the creamy and caring treats inside our Soothing Almond Milk & Honey Pampering Essentials. Lather up with the shower cream or cleansing bar and gentle, body buffing Bath Lily. Moisturise with the fast-absorbing Body Yogurt and hydrating hand cream. This bow-wrapped gift box is perfect for any occasion. Up For Grabs ― The Body Shop, Soothing Almond Milk & Honey Pampering Essentials Pack valued at $69.95. The pack includes: • Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream 250ml • Almond Milk Body Yogurt 200ml • Almond Milk & Honey Cleansing Bar 100g • Almond Milk & Honey Hand Cream 3Oml • Cream Bath Lily made with recycled plastic

Rushing through life and finding yourself with an increasingly small amount of time to make your business stand out? Meet Co-founders and best mates Adit Verghese and Supreet Dharkar - avid lovers of digital media, who started Yellow Monkey to share their wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise to help small businesses get their name into the market. It is a young, dynamic kiwi company which specializes in building custom websites and running customer focused google and social media ad campaigns. Their pricing is competitive and provide topnotch industry services. Trust the outstanding feedback they have from their existing clients. Yellow Monkey excels in website development, social media marketing, google ad campaigns, app development, logo designing, etc.

Requiring further advice? Contact them on 022 342 1640 | 021 523 686

Quote Verve while booking your free consultation and get 10% off on all services.


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When we think about a child, that child is already tightly connected and linked to a certain reality of the world...you always come with pieces of the world attached to you. – LORIS M AL AGUZZI

BUILDING TRUST THROUGH GENTLE TRANSITIONS At Bear Park, we take a slow and gentle approach during the transition period into our centres. Doing so allows us, as teachers, to get to know the child and their family, and build a positive and respectful relationship with them.

0800 232 772 www.BEARPARK.co.nz

We work to a child’s own tempo and our teachers build relationships based on trust through consideration and mindful teaching practices. There is no better place to get the right start than at Bear Park.

Profile for Verve Magazine

Verve. February 2020. Issue 163.  

Auckland's Favourite Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...

Verve. February 2020. Issue 163.  

Auckland's Favourite Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...

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