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SANTA’S Grotto

Santa has arrived at Westfield Newmarket and we’re celebrating with a Christmas experience the whole family will love. Bring your little ones down to meet the big man in red and enjoy the magic of our winter wonderland, on level 2. Walk through the frosty forest and see Santa’s helpers hard at work in their workshop. Santa will be in his Grotto every day from 10am to 4pm, to take photos and hear your wish lists. Make the most of our extended opening hours. Check out our website for details.


Merry Christmas from all at Verve Fran Have you ever shopped until the stores closed on Christmas Eve? Spent so much time stuffing the turkey, making mince pies and wrapping presents that you were almost too tired to enjoy Christmas Day? This time of the year can get so hectic, and feel more like running a marathon than spending precious time with family and friends. While I embrace the madness of the season that is Christmas, this year I have decided to try not to do anything just because it is expected. My wish for myself and for you too, is to remember to take a break, and enjoy heaps of fun with our nearest and dearest. Sing, dance and goof around. Breathe deep and feel the joy. I wish us all a December to remember for all the right reasons. x x

Jude Christmas Day this year will be at the beach – I have ordered a Christmas Food Bag – which will be a challenge because all the food will be cooked on an open fire including the pavlova! Two of my adult children and their wives and partners will be there, my other son is in New York with his wife and my beautiful granddaughter Poppy — they will be missed! Wishing all our readers a merry Christmas and our advertisers, writers and all who contribute to Verve a fantastic new year. I hope it is full of love, laughter and sunshine!

Nicola My two children Finn and Poppy are still young, so Christmas for me is very much about them and watching them experience the Christmas magic. I love seeing their excitement and joy on Christmas morning and creating a special and memorable day for them. It is always such a treat being able to spend the day with family, relaxing at the beach with beautiful food. After a very busy and fastpaced year, I am looking forward to a chance to unwind over the holidays.

Theresa I love my job….I get to yak a lot (it’s a girl thing) and it's great fun introducing Verve to people who haven’t yet heard about it. That’s a win for them, a win for Verve, and one for me. Christmas is recharging time, enjoying good food, good friends, catching up in the garden, catching up with my very large family, getting away from the screen, and just generally chilling. Here’s wishing you all a safe, peaceful holiday season.

Jamie In last year’s Christmas note I said something about penning—or at least starting—a novel in 2016. That hasn’t materialised, but I am a good way into polishing off a travel guide instead, so I’ll be spending Christmas in Christchurch with my darling Heather, my dear mum, and hopefully a few good friends. To all our readers, wherever you may be spending the holidays, merry Christmas from the sunny (I hope) South Island.

Zanalee Christmas is the best! My mum would always make my favourite Niuean dish, polo tosisi, before heading off to work. I would then go to my friend’s house and spend the rest of the day with them, celebrating with a good Australian barbecue and swim. Now that I live in New Zealand, my nana makes us takihi (another amazing Niuean dish), while my brother mans the barbecue and my sister and I pump out the Niuean sounds and the one Christmas CD I’ve owned since I was five. Meanwhile, my aunty snores her head off on the couch!

Camille This year, my family will have a very different Christmas to the one we normally have at home or with family in Wellington… we will be on a plane on our way home from Fiji! My dad’s birthday falls a few days before Christmas and this year is his 60th, so we are celebrating by doing something special. We have managed to bring the whole family together (my sister is traveling from London!) and are going to have a very relaxing holiday on the beach. Unfortunately, the resort availability made it so we have to end our trip on Christmas day, but I'm not complaining!

Harriet 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all round the bach Not a possum was stirring; not one could we catch… In the age of sweeping international and social media ascendency, we are inundated with the overarching idea of the magical ‘White Christmas’; a concept which is unfamiliar and baffling to most of us New Zealanders. But the first two lines of this Kiwi-fied classic remind me of all that Christmas means to me: summer, family, relaxation and peacefulness; the feeling that this day is the beginning of a season of warmth and fun. And I think that that is something to be proud of.

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It can be tricky knowing what to give to who at Christmas, so here are a few ideas from Verve, with team members sharing info on some of their favourite things 01\ Teapot. Nothing is better than that first cuppa of the day. Needs to be English Breakfast made with fresh leaves in my little yellow diffuser teapot - Fran 02\ I love my beautiful vintage Beswick ware vase - I will be adorning this vase with Christmas lillies very soon ! - Jude 03\ Photographs of my beautiful babies and I - Finn 11, & Poppy 8. My absolute most favourite “things" in the entire world ! - Nicola 04\ My best friend, Charlie the cockatiel - Theresa 05\ Records. Death Grips No Love Deep Web (Wish I owned Exmilitary) and from my mum's collection, Skyport Skyy - Zanalee 06\ This book Babe is a collection of photography and art by female artists from around the world — curated by one of my favourite artists Petra Collins. - Camille

Love my Fitbit Blaze TM Even for those of us who are not huge fans of technology every minute of the day, the Fitbit Blaze is a fascinating addition to one’s set of digital tools. I tried to isolate the one thing I enjoy the most about my Fitbit Blaze — an impossible task as my list would not stick to just one item and ended up something like this... Making it personal I love the fact that it is has been so easy to get to know more about what I already know about myself. Things like where and how much I fall short on my ideal sleep requirements, and when to stop being a couch or desk potato and get up and move. After all why were we born with arms and legs if not to use them? Another thing that has been brought home to me is how my heart rate reacts to such things as stress. On more stressful days my average heart rate is higher and believe it or not, a daily meditation practice helps to lower that average! A focus on fitness Onscreen work-outs with fitstar are effortless to use — especially if you cannot get to the gym or a class that day. Instructions are easy to follow and can be done at home or anywhere for that fact. Ways to run your day I was amazed when my Fitbit Blaze alerted me to phone calls coming in and it makes it so easy to read texts – they just pop up on the screen on one’s wrist. And instead of a rude awakening each morning with a hateful noisy alarm, a gentle fitbit blaze™ vibration on your wrist is a far friendly way to motivate one to get out of bed. Styley And last but not least – Fitbit Blaze looks pretty cool, with several wristbands to choose from, it is the ultimate wardrobe accessory!

Magazine 8 UP FRONT Dec 2016

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COVER IMAGE Clothing: Tanya Carlson Fiesta Dress | Made To Order | 09 361 2137, earrings from The Mercantile. Photographer: Michael Lewis Make-up: Imeleta Kellett Hair: Tommy Staytom Styling: Verve Magazine VERVE MAGAZINE is published monthly (except in January) and has an estimated readership of 60,000. It is a free community/lifestyle magazine delivered to selected homes, cafés and businesses in the following areas: Parnell, Newmarket, Remuera, Meadowbank, Epsom, Mission Bay, Kohimarama, Herne Bay, Takapuna and Devonport. Verve Magazine is also placed in baskets for free collection from locations in Parnell, Newmarket, Remuera, Epsom, Stonfields, Mission Bay, St. Heliers, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Auckland City, Takapuna, Devonport and Mairangi Bay. Visit www. for exact locations these baskets. Verve is also available from all popular cafés in its main distribution areas as well as in E-book format. Visit to sign up for your free monthly E-book. Verve is printed by PMP Print . It is distributed by PMP Distribution, Admail and Mailchimp. The entire content of this publication is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior permission in writing of the copyright owner. Any material submitted for publication is at the owner’s risk. Neither Verve Magazine Ltd nor its agents accept any responsibility for loss or damage. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information contained in this publication, the publisher cannot accept any liability for inaccuracies that may occur. The views and suggestions expressed in this magazine are those of individual contributors and are not necessarily supported by Verve Magazine Ltd. Verve is printed by PMP Print and distributed by Reach Media, Admail and Mailchimp.

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Nuffield An Icon Is Born Picture this. Luxurious apartment living with inspired design normally seen in penthouse living and east and west views encompassing Mt Eden and Mt Hobson right in the heart of Newmarket. Introducing Nuffield – a 10-level building featuring 16 petfriendly, luxurious and contemporary residences from one to three bedrooms in size. Nuffield was designed by legendary architect Neville Price who is celebrated for his sculptural designs in both New Zealand and the United States. Neville says: “Nuffield residences have been designed to provide facilities not usually included in high rise apartment living - orientation two ways to the east and west, all doors/ windows open to large decks with trees and landscape for outdoor living conducive to the Auckland climate. Through these decks and wing walls a sculptural building form is created, also providing privacy and individuality to each apartment. The structure is insitu concrete, post tensioned ensuring the highest seismic resistance.” Indoors, the work of interior designer - Julie Fielding, works beautifully with Neville’s architectural design. Each residence features large decks, generous indoor/outdoor living maximized by glass doors which disappear completely into recesses, a topof-the-line kitchen where built-in outdoor barbecues extend kitchen islands and fully tiled en-suites with underfloor heating. One of the residences is a New York loft-style spanning two floors with a bridge traversing a double-height living area. “My philosophy with this design was to achieve a timeless, clean and neutral look. To create a home that not only has “wow” factor but also a welcoming feel,” says Julie. “I chose a palate that could be added to with the owners personal touches and that would be easily integrated with the fundamental design. In accordance with Neville Price, the architect, and the developer, there is room for individual specifications such as feature tiles in the bathroom and alternative splash back options. We have future proofed the interiors with specialised water proofing systems in the wet room areas, acoustic underlay under the wooden floors, and under floor heating. These apartments are definitely places you can call home.“ Nuffield also features large native trees suspended in robust, concrete planter boxes attached to the walls on all levels. They’re cared for by an automated irrigation system and add a stunning feature to the building.

The developer is 85 Nuffield Street Limited. The managing director, Mr Brown, says they wanted to create an iconic building. Their vision included a living wall look with large trees, generous balconies with panoramic views and morning and afternoon sun, along with seamless indoor/outdoor living and maximum privacy. “It’s a strong, modern building with the highest seismic and acoustic rating for peace of mind,” says Mr Brown. “Nuffield is built in solid concrete and all the amenities are double glazed and fully air conditioned. It’s in an outstanding inner city location, in a trendy street near the transport links and hubs inside the Double Grammar Zone with secure car parks.” Nuffield is within walking distance of an array of trendy shopping options, excellent cafés and restaurants, seconds from a train station, which will take you to the city in a heartbeat, close to the Auckland Museum and schools like Auckland Grammar and Epsom Girls, and the new University of Auckland’s Newmarket campus. The complex is scheduled to start construction in January next year, with completion in the first quarter of 2018. It is being marketed by Ray White Black Group’s, Heather Walton, and her team at Epsom. “It’s my absolute pleasure to be associated with Nuffield residences,” says Heather. “It’s rare we are given such a wonderful opportunity to sell something that is truly unique in its construction, design and quality. We love its boutique nature, the insitu poured concrete construction (something that hasn’t been seen a lot of in New Zealand and certainly not on this scale) and there are even electric car charging points in the car park area; it’ very forward thinking and supports our green theme building.” My husband Mark Bycroft and myself have even purchased a Nuffield residence ourselves as we see the benefits of this location for our family and, like so many Aucklanders, plan to keep a property in Auckland and head to our beach house as much as possible in the future.” The Nuffield team is made up of Heather Walton, Mark Bycroft, Joe Telford and Brittany Burke. They are available to meet with you for a private appointment so that you can discover Nuffield. You can contact them on the following numbers: Heather Walton - 021 432 167; Joe Telford – 021 191 7769 — Words: Jenna Moore

ENTER A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES At NufďŹ eld everything great is close, which makes life incredibly easy.

NUFFIELD A 10-level building featuring 16 pet-friendly, luxurious and contemporary residences from one to three bedrooms in size.

ABOUT This iconic and very special building with have living mature trees suspended like vertical gardens or living walls from all levels and apartments with great views east and west facing with large balconies for morning and afternoon sun and views. The outdoor/ indoor living being seemless and designed to maximise privacy. A strong modern building with the highest seismic and acoustic rating for peace of mind built in in situ solid concrete and with all the anenities double glazed and fully air conditioned. In a fantastic inner city location in a trendy street near the transport links and hubs inside the Double Grammar Zone and with secure car parks.

DON’T MISS OUT, CONTACT US NOW Phone Heather Walton 021432167 or Joe Telford 0211917769 For an appointment Ray White Epsom:

12 UP FRONT Dec 2016


Cutting Through IT Complexity Mindfull is essentially about making technology simpler in the analytics space” says Belinda Johnson, CEO. Forget about all the jargon that traditionally goes hand-inhand with technology, this predictive analytics business strips it all back and cuts down the complexity so clients can make better decisions. Judging by the funding from government agencies such as NZTE and Callaghan Innovation along with a roster of 100 clients like Genesis Energy, Du Pont and Ports of Auckland; Mindfull knows what it’s talking about. “What’s a little bit unusual is that we have six chartered accountants working in the business, there’s a definite sense of commerciality so we understand business issues very well,” she says. Listening further to Belinda it’s also apparent that Mindfull from its simplicity ethos through to its high representation of women in senior management; is not your typical IT company - nor is its leader. The striking chartered accountant is a busy working mum who stands statuesque in a chic form fitting black lace dress and leopard print killer heels. She’s the platinum blonde equivalent of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. With her husband, Richard, the South African leads the familyrun business that her father started twenty-five years ago. They rebranded the company in 2013. “Designworks pitched the concept of ‘Mindfull’ and we loved it. ‘Mind’ represents brain and intelligence and ‘Full’ an abundant mind-set.” Although based in Parnell, Mindfull’s global network of 25 resellers and partners stretches internationally across to Europe, USA and Australia. Last year it opened in Portland Oregon and has an ‘innovations’ office in Wellington building

customised solutions that are being marketed to the world. Richard describes one example, the company’s financial technology visualisation tool, ‘Qubedocs’ that its Fortune 500 clients use. “Financial forecasting and planning involves multiple data sets with rules, assumptions, calculations and code. You look at it and go 'what is this? It means nothing'. Qubedocs extracts the data so it can be visualised on a browser and seen logically in a report,” explains Richard. Another business intelligence initiative called ‘Out of the Box’ is in incubation. Then there is a predictive customer churn model that pulls out helpful data insights. Clients know if staff are going to leave or when maintenance needs to be scheduled before equipment breaks down. “We’ve basically taken our intellectual property in our consulting business that identifies repeatable problems and matched them with IT solutions hosted in the cloud that clients subscribe too.” Getting clients to think is at the heart of Mindfull’s business. Belinda recounts the story of a one who was considering selling her business. When asked, the client admitted not to have thought about the value of her data. “If you have 25 years of data, you should put a value on it as it’s an untapped opportunity,” says Belinda. “Always give that nugget so your clients receive more than the invoice at the end of the month.” — Words: Sarah Sparks


124% increase on last year’s leasing transactions.

A huge THANK YOU to our friends and clients for making 2016 such a great success. The team at Wilson Hurst would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and are looking forward to working with you again in 2017 and beyond. Safe travels.

Sales, Leasing, Consultancy, Property Management.

14 UP FRONT Dec 2016

The Art of Coffee and Politics Chloe Swarbrick was just 17 when she enrolled in Auckland University to do a Bachelor of Arts, before turning her attention to a degree in law not because she sought a career in that industry, rather to equip herself with the knowledge of how our system runs. “There’s such a dearth of political education in schools I had to go to law school to learn about the Treaty of Waitangi,” says Chloe. “This is incredibly worrying because how then are we supposed raise civically-minded citizens?” Civically-minded Chloe made headlines earlier this year, partly due to her relatively young age (22), with her campaign to become Auckland mayor. It was interviewing “uninspiring” potential candidates for the city’s top job while working as a journalist for bFM that first had her considering the role, if only, initially at least, as a protest. “It used to be a running joke that I’d move into politics one day as I’m incredibly argumentative,” she says. “But discovering that only 34% of the electorate voted at the last election was a real catalyst. I waned to energise people, stir up some controversy and make some changes to the status quo. I wanted to make people realise just how much impact councils have on their individual lives.” Chloe finished third, securing nearly 30,000 votes. Though she admits she was initially disappointed not to win, she now sees it as an “incredible achievement”. Last month she announced she’s running for the Green Party at next year’s general election. I ask Chloe what lessons she took from the mayoral campaign going forward with her new political career. “The way I approached the entire thing was that I wanted people to care. I wanted people to have a meaningful conversation about why they should care and about what we should be doing. I recognise that when there is a multiplicity of different perspectives involved, that’s not easy. One of my fundamental pseudo-philosophies is that there is no such thing as absolute truth. All we have is perspective, and a conglomeration of subjectivity leads to some form of objectivity, I guess.” Whether on social media or in person, Chloe sought to engage especially with those who “vehemently disagreed” with her: “I found that by showing respect to those who disagreed with me, I got respect back. That opened a lot of doors for dialogue. It’s an important lesson that can be imported, especially considering what is happening overseas.”

Chloe believes a significant “anti-PC, anti-liberal movement” contributed to Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, with great swathes of the populations feeling “shut down” by the media. “I can understand that because when you do see racism or misogyny or xenophobia you do want to shut it down, but all that does is reinforce someone’s opinion,” she says. “If we want a progressive society, then we need to listen to dissenting voices.” The Brexit and Trump movements both campaigned on the notion of ‘change’, and Chloe believes that’s what made them so appealing: “Unfortunately it typically manifested in more negative terms such as racism, sexism and xenophobia. I think it’s important we talk about the fact that people were able to compartmentalise that.” I ask her if she sees any signs of a similar right-wing populist movement in New Zealand. “I hope that that’s not the case. Despite the fact one in 100 people here are homeless, or in temporary shelter, or despite the housing crisis, I don’t think we have the same appetite for the same type of change. What we do have right now is an incredibly centrist government who responds to things as they happen, which is a very ambulance at the bottom of the cliff approach. I think we need to develop our ability to communicate a progressive, inclusive, compassionate change.” I ask if change can come from within a system that so many deem so flawed. Chloe doesn’t feel representative democracies are inherently flawed, rather the way they are implemented is — namely that our elected officials, either through arrogance or ignorance or both, are failing to uphold society’s ideals. “When I first announced I was running for mayor, I didn’t really have any policies,” she admits. “So I opened the floodgates and asked ‘what are your hopes and dreams for Tāmaki-makau-rau?’ I received thousands of submissions, many of them were of course totally conflicting, but it was about acknowledging them. I then used that to sit down with academics, researchers and community leaders to inform policy. It allowed me to say ‘this is where I sit, let’s talk about it’, as opposed to preaching and claiming I had all of the answers. I think that’s a major issue, the disconnect between people and the politicians, many of whom come from elitist backgrounds. The reason my campaign appealed to at least a certain number of people is that I was just completely honest.”



If we want a progressive society, then we need to listen to dissenting voices.


What did you enjoy most about campaigning? “The whole thing blew me away to be honest. It was an incredible experience. I had so much response, which I didn’t really anticipate. I thought I would put up his Facebook page and get 100 friends liking it, and I shot a video with my friends Tom and Katie and overnight it had 40,000 views—that was pretty mental! I was honoured that so many people let me into their lives, opened up to talk about the things that really concern them. We so often presume that there is a massive polarisation between the right and the left and forget that people are people and everybody has their own troubles. Most people are good people with different life experiences that means they have ended up on different sides of the spectrum. It’s important we have those dialogues to allow everyone to explain their point of view to come to a mutual and constructive conclusion that works well for everyone.” Just a few days after the interview, Chloe is due to begin a community project of a different kind, opening a cafe called Olly’s in Mount Eden, along with her partner, Alex Bartley Catt, and Bryan Anderson (Chloe and Alex also run a digital marketing firm). “The cafe will also incorporate an art gallery, and it’s in the Crystal Palace so it has been such fun working on such a historical building,” she says. “There has been much renovation to bring it up to scratch, to create this beautiful white space for the display of art.” To the back is a “stunning collaboration mural” by three of Chloe’s favourite artists: Bryson Naik, Jed Richardson and Toni Gill.

I wanted people to have a meaningful conversation about why they should care and about what we should be doing.

“It’s a tiny space, and there will be an exhibition every month which will focus on displaying local artists, to give them a platform,” Chloe says. “It will be awesome.” —

Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

LET YOUR INSTINCTS DRIVE YOU. The all new MINI Clubman has been intuitively designed down to the last detail. Featuring distinctive split doors at the rear, top shelf finishes in the deceptively spacious interior, the latest communications technologies and a clever array of safety features, it is the perfect combination of urban practicality and sophisticated style. Trust your instincts and book a test-drive at Auckland MINI Garage today.


AUCKLAND MINI GARAGE. 381-383 Broadway, Newmarket. 0800 548 352. MINI.CO.NZ


// Christmas At Home

Louise & Stephen Louise Gray and Stephen Robinson will be chilling out with friends and family this Christmas. When VERVE visited them at their funky innercity warehouse apartment the couple were just deciding what was on the Christmas list. The decorations are subtle. There aren’t many, just enough to give a festive flavour, but not take away from the art gracing the walls. “We always give presents, I love presents!” says the effervescent Louise. “We give hints as to what we would like!” Louise is the owner of the multi-award-winning Louise Gray Skin Health in Mission Bay, and a regular on these pages. Her expertise in skin care comes from a career that began in nursing and her medical knowledge of anatomy and physiology complements her beauty therapy career. It gives her a valuable point of difference as she’s seen first-hand how skin responds to trauma, which is often the case (though far minor than in a hospital situation) with some skin conditions. Her partner Stephen is a photographer. His illustrious career began assisting many of Rolling

Stone magazine’s top photographers, and he’s photographed many international and local legends. He also met David Bowie when he was in New Zealand making the movie Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence and later had dinner with him in New York. And not too many people can say they’ve had lunch with Rolling Stones' drummer Charlie Watts and not known who he was, but Stephen can! With more than 18 books to his name (you can read about the latest on page 138) Stephen and Louise met at one of his book launches more than 14 years ago. Christmas Day will see them having family friends over to the apartment for drinks and nibbles after which they’ll head off to a nice hotel for dinner and a night away. Then they’ll be off to their tiny bach on Kawau Island. “It’s such an escape for us," says Louise of the two-bedroom 70s bach in the bush. "We live in the central city so it’s the perfect getaway. We just relax, go for walks, swimming, and drinks with friends. We have friends over there but we also have family and friends come to stay so it’s a lovely balance.”

— Words Jenna Moore — Photos Camille Perrett

Beautiful furniture, lighting, accessories and memorable gifts for Christmas. Cavit&Co provide the finest furniture, lighting and accessories from around the world. We look forward to assisting you in creating a world class interior from our collection of premium international brands.

Available exclusively from Cavit&Co. Auckland 547a Parnell Road, Parnell 1052 | Tel +64 9 358 3771 | Email Arrowtown 18 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown 9302 | Tel +64 3 442 0128 Christchurch 148 Victoria Street, Christchurch 8013 | Tel +64 3 929 0013


Delivery throughout NZ and 350 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland worldwide

P: +64 9 523 1059

NZ & Worldwide Delivery Service


E:350 Broadway, Newmarket, W: Auckland

Castaways Dining Table, 250cm $2700.00. Louvre Bookcase $2250.00. Keplar Glass & Wood Vitrine Cabinet $1950.00. Balustrade WWW.KOKOCLASSICS.COM PH. 09Icelandic 523 1059 Dining Chair $815.00. Mandela Iron & Wood Chair $299.00. Concrete Pipe Stool $150.00. Black Sheepskin $310.00. Round Iron Platter $45.00. Kadai Fire Bowl, 55cm $220.00. Iron Flower Pot $106.00. Assorted Glass Domes from $35.00. Large Cowhide $645.00.

// Christmas At Home

Bryce & Errol The gentlemen behind Cool Cow Rugs — Errol and Bryce — live in a stylish and quirky two-story townhouse in Auckland’s Grey Lynn. Their home features a bright sunshiney yellow front door and is laced with stunning objects d’art and eye-catching pieces. Oh, and rugs. Quite a few rugs. Indeed, the owners of Cool Cow Rugs love their rugs and homewares so much they created a business importing them from Argentina and Brazil. “It all began seven years ago when Errol was looking for a rug for his old home,” says Bryce. But the pair found they were very expensive so they looked further afield. “We ended up sourcing some from Argentina and Brazil and brought in an entire shipment of them with a view to making them accessible and affordable for others.” Errol and Bryce have an online store (, host regular pop-up shops around the country and will come into your own home, bach or office to give you a private viewing so you can see the rugs in situ. “The idea is for people to be able to see, feel and touch them,” says Bryce.

“Each one is different, they’re all individual,” adds Errol. Cool Cow Rugs pop up stores are becoming ‘world famous in New Zealand’ and have been held in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, and Christchurch. This Christmas you’ll find them at Three Lamps, Ponsonby, in an electic mix of covetable items including rugs, homewares and fashion. And what are the boys themselves doing on Christmas Day? “We just give each other a token gift, something to open, but there’ll be no hides or homewares wrapped in Christmas paper!” they say. “Then we’ll be with friends at their penthouse apartment. It’ll be glamourous and gorgeous with a barbecue, salads, cocktails and bubbles, lot of bubbles. Last year we held Christmas Day here – for us and our friends it’s a fun time of open home for strays and we usually spend it with about 10 people.” Christmas Day is followed by a few days holidaying in Taupo before heading to friends at the beach in Mount Maunganui.

— Words Jenna Moore — Photos Camille Perrett





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Consignment presents opportunities for you to upscale, on-sell, purchase and share quality furnishings. Our focus is on creating an exciting, original space to showcase designer interiors and iconic European brands at moderate prices : B&B Italia, Maxalto, Driade, Liaigre, Minotti and more! We are currently sourcing key pieces: both new and pre-owned furnishings and accessories to sell on your behalf, with an emphasis on contemporary European designs. Visit our website for details on currently sought-after stock. Grab a coffee instore and experience the Consignment vibe. • 09 524 0084 • 2a Railway St, Newmarket, Auckland



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End of Lease Sale Upmarket homeware, furniture and gifts for all Great for your Christmas shopping! Merry Christmas


09 520 1215 320 Remuera Rd, Remuera



Pop Up Shop Open Now Until Christmas

Cow Hides $500 - $550 Cow Hide Cushion Covers $95 - 125 Cow Hide Patchwork Rugs $595

336 Ponsonby Road, Three Lamps, Ponsonby Ph 021 0292 0488

Give good gifts Our beautiful handmade gifts are made by skilled artisans. We’re helping talented people around the world improve their lives through fair trade. Newmarket l Chancery Sq. l Sylvia Park l Ponsonby

Dec 2016


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Noelle & Jess

Mother and daughter duo Noelle Davies and Jess Graham, the owners of Le Monde Inspired Homewares in Parnell and Ponsonby, will be sharing Christmas Day with extended family. A love of home and family bond Noelle and Jess, although being in business together was never the plan. “I used to be an operations manager at 2 Degrees, and then in field sales at Skinny Mobile, which was very busy but I adored it,” says Jess. At the time her first daughter, Taylor (now four), was at a daycare she didnt enjoy and going through a biting stage. “I’d go to mum and dad’s on a Friday night, which is our custom, and talk about the challenges and they suggested I look at coming into the business, then put forward the idea of opening another store.” They found an old mechanics' building on Pollen Street in dire need of work and created the beautiful Le Monde Ponsonby. Like its Parnell sister (near La Cigale), it has its own parking and is filled with covetable items. “Our unique thing is our styling,” says Jess. “Each store has the same feel, which is underpinned by Noelle’s passion for the West Indies.” Baby Sienna is three-months-old and comes to work with Jess two days a week. “It’s been about finding the work-life balance,” says Jess. “It’s easy with Sienna because at her age all she does is eat and sleep.” Noelle has always had her own business and endured the guilt many working mothers do. Jess feels it’s inspiring to grow up with a working mother. “I’ve been lucky, my parents had already created the business model,” she says.

babysitters, nowadays it’s so educational I can see the benefits.” Noelle also had a working mother, and her lineage accounts for her style influences. “My mother was an interior designer which was groundbreaking really,” she says. “She went to Australia to train as there weren’t any interior design courses here. I also had an exotic great aunt who grew up in India — her apartment had the tiger skin and crocodile head my gorgeous and gracious great grandmother had shot on hunting trips.” This year Christmas is at a bach at Matapouri with lots of family and laughter. “We used to have a large home with a pool,” says Noelle. “We’re the great traditionalists and we’d invite everyone for Christmas Day including the Christmas orphans. Sometimes it would swell to 50 people. We live in an apartment now and my husband put his foot down. He’s the Christmas grump.” Instead the family will head off to Matapouri where they’ve been renting an old farmhouse for several years. “The charm’s in the old house with French doors opening everywhere and plenty of space for volleyball and darts and kayaks,” says Noelle. “And we’ve always been boat people.” Jess’s younger sister Brooke has just come home from overseas after a few years working on superyachts. “And there’s the next generation coming on,” Noelle says. “Last year we had two babies due in January, then Sienna in July, and this year my niece is due in January.”

“Yes, but I think of it as a rite of passage,” replies Jess. “You have to do the hard yards.”

“We have a huge family, and my husband’s family is really small,” says Jess. “My second cousins I think of as cousins, there’s no delineation. It’s chaotic and crazy. The table’s always decorated, we don’t give gifts, we play the gift grab dice game and its four minutes of absolute madness, then we usually end up on the beach with a glass of wine in hand. It’s such fun.”

Noelle: “I still harbour guilt about working. But back in our day, daycare was like going to a

“And isn’t that what Christmas is meant to be about?” finishes Noelle.

“There’s still a lot of pressure on you,” adds Noelle. “At the end of the day the responsibility falls on your shoulders.”

— Words Jenna Moore — Photos Camille Perrett



With Tivoli Audio’s original Music System, their goal was to design a greatsounding, compact audio system. In the process, they ended up setting the benchmark for allin-one, table top stereo systems. Many have tried to emulate it, but in the end, there is only one Music System... until now.




The Model Three has remained primarily the same since its introduction roughly nine years ago. With its unmatched sound quality, sensitive analog AM/FM tuner, easy-to-use alarm and sleep functions, and beautiful natural wood cabinet, there was no reason to fool with perfection.



• Handmade wooden cabinet • External FM antenna • Available in Walnut/Beige or Cherry Silver

$499 ea



With Tivoli Audio’s Model One BT with Bluetooth® wireless technology, simply switch to the auxiliary position and after initial pairing, start listening to your favorite music wirelessly. It’s that simple.




Colours options include limited edition red, walnut, soft black and white. • DAB, DAB+ & FM Tuner with RDS • High contrast OLED display • Built in A2DP Bluetooth audio receiver • USB charge port

• DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS • Internet Radio function provides access to radio stations worldwide • Spotify Connect ready • Bluetooth with aptX gives CD quality streaming with compatible devices

• Superb 3D enhanced stereo sound • Slot loading CD player plays CD-Audio, MP3, AAC and WMA music disks • DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS • Bluetooth with aptX for CD quality streaming • USB playback and charge port

09 630 1204 237A DOMINION RD, MT EDEN AV W O R L D . C O . N Z

RUARK MR1 BLUETOOTH SPEAKER SYSTEM • Class-leading sound quality • Hand-crafted wood enclosures • Wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth devices • aptX technology for CD-quality wireless audio


CURATE YOUR WORLD Sempre Milva glass on foot $55.90

Altan whitewashed rattan chair $640

Kearose rose gold scented soy candle $79.90

Lothantique Les secrets d’Antoine Liquid Soap $29.90 Fragrance Diffuser $69.90

Kidney bean marble coffee table $739

‘The Gallant Cat’ from Moulin Roty $89.90

Rondo stainless steel party serveware in copper or black Wine Bucket (27.5cmdia) $390 Party Bucket (40cmdia) $599 Astier de Villatte Peacock plate $179.90

Geneva Model M wireless sound system $899

Izola scented candles for him & her $69 each


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22/11/16 2:08 pm

Julian Bartrom A couple of weeks ago, Julian Bartrom, founder of Ellerslie-based business Julian Bartrom Jewellery, took time out of his busy schedule to share in this light hearted question-answer session with Verve’s roving reporter. What is your best childhood memory? It would have to be a road trip that we did one summer holiday in the van when I was 12. I have two older brothers and an older sister, and our cousin from Canada was with us. We all had a neat time. We tootled all over the lower North Island, stopping anywhere, usually just for one night before moving on. Pitched our tent each night.

You have achieved so much in your professional capacity. What do you feel most proud of? I feel proud when I hear that a client receives compliments for wearing a piece of mine.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? I would go to Italy to buy a new pair of shoes.

What was one of your most defining moments in life?

When I was 16 I was given a gold chain in recognition for achievements at school. I still wear it today and it sparked my interest in jewellery. It meant so much to be given something with such value and worth.

How do you spend your free time? That’s a hard question to answer; from the time I started working and then working for myself and following my dreams I’ve felt that all my time is free. But if I’m not doing this I’ll be spending time with the family or doing some work around the property.

What feels like love to you? Seeing to the comfort of another person. Gratitude. Paying back a favour of good-will. Working together with someone and having the same goals in mind. Opening a gem packet that contains a stone cut to mathematically correct angles with balance and proportion that oozes quality craftsmanship. All these things feel like love to me.

Most days are quite perfect, meeting with clients and drawing up plans for a new creation, looking at gemstones and finding that perfect rock. A gemstone can either be the last piece to the puzzle or the first stage of inspiration and finding the right stone often pulls on a global network of trusted contacts that is unlike any other.

What are some of your plans for the future? After seven years of building and refining the business I’m quite happy with how things are going. I would like to keep things as they are for a while, continuing to make small adjustments, enjoying the journey with my clients and pushing into new territory with rare gem materials. I have some plans to further establish trading relationships up the supply chain but I can’t say too much there.

Walk us through the process of purchasing a bespoke piece of Julian Bartrom jewellery. It all starts with an appointment at our Auckland jewellery design studio. We explore ideas, draw designs and look at gems. On site we have one of Auckland’s largest collection of colour gemstones but if I don’t have the stone on site I’ll take it as my responsibility to find the right stone and bring it in for the client to view before making a commitment to buy. Then once we have the design and the stones in hand I usually ask for a deposit before starting the four-week manufacturing process. We like to have their involvement during this process. Measure twice and cut once is our philosophy. They might even try the ring on when it’s part way through being made, before the stones are set in place, just to confirm the fit. It’s the finishing touches that make a fine jewellery creation stand out as exceptional. There are no shortcuts in making a fine quality diamond ring or item of jewellery; in fact it’s usually the good old way that produces the best results. When commissioning a piece of jewellery from us, satisfaction is a promise we make: twinkle and sparkle just the way you wanted it, all wrapped up with an insurance valuation and a lifetime guarantee for workmanship.

What does a perfect day look like to you?



Give that active person in your life a Garmin this Christmas.


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Garmin has a device to suit not only every loved one but also every budget. From the Fenix 3 or Vivomove for the stylish, to a Forerunner 35 or Vivoactive HR for the runner, make this christmas a Garmin Christmas.


Quality New Zealand made gifts for every occasion. All gifts are beautifully gift wrapped free of charge. 384-386 Remuera Road Mon to Fri 9:00am – 5:30pm Saturday 9am – 4.00pm

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Our store is filled with unique products and giftware from around the world, just in time for the festive season. Candle refills and personalisations are available. 524 5890

Erin O’Hara Golden Yogi

Erin O’Hara (former professional triathlete), teaches Kundalini and other forms of yoga and meditation. Verve caught up with her at her beach side studio in Takapuna. Erin, you are well known in the Auckland yoga scene, but for those of us who are new to yoga, please let us know a bit more about yourself, and how you ended up with your studio, Golden Yogi. At 17-years-old I became chronically ill, which inspired me to open a wellness centre. I came across kundalini yoga while travelling and envisioned combining it with my naturopathic studies; I then made it my mission to make it happen by the age of 30, which I did. I created vision boards and business plans for this studio before returning to New Zealand and while some tried putting me off, it just made me more determined. I believe you must keep following what it is you’re meant to be doing and that is one of the foundations that helped my drive to create Golden Yogi. Yoga and meditation seem to be growing in popularity. Why do you think this is? It is mainly due to people having a lot of stress in their lives, while trying to cope with the demands of living in this fast paced world. People’s minds and bodies can’t cope with the pressure they have on and so many are starting to realise the importance of balance in order to prevent burn out. Mental illness has particularly sky rocketed within the last 10 years, so there is a real cry out for yoga and meditation as people’s lives only get busier. Like most of us, I am sure that you are looking forward to a break over the Christmas/New Year period. How does Erin O’Hara like to celebrate this wonderful time of the year? Besides Christmas day we stay open throughout, as not everyone will be going away and it can be quite a stressful time for a lot of people; which

is when people need this space the most. I have already had my holidays, so I’m going to be in the studio teaching which I love to do as I find it really recharges me. We are even running a fun two-hour class on New Year’s day to set good intentions for the year ahead; which I will be looking forward to. One of the things that makes Golden Yogi so different is the wide range of yoga styles you offer. Most our readers will be familiar with names like vinyasa, iyengar, and yin, but can you tell us more about the other styles you offer? While vinyasa and iyengar give you a good workout and yin a good stretch; we then also provide kundalini yoga, a very inward practice where you use breath, movement, chanting, and meditation to rebalance the body and mind. We hold traditional aquarian sadhana; a deep meditative practice, practiced before sunrise. Kirtan which also uses sound to meditate. Yoga nidra, a beautiful meditation, visualisation practice. Kids yoga, a fun interactive class that also equips little ones with meditation skills. Pregnancy yoga which helps to prepare for a conscious childbirth, and a community class once a week for anyone wanting to try out yoga. Favourite book? I’m a massive book lover but any outsider would think that I have a lot of issues, as I own a lot of self-help books. It’s not uncommon for me to have books out about goal setting or better bowel care. One of my favourites would be How to Heal your Life by Louise Hay as she suggests different ways to heal. Another would be the Winners Bible by Kerry Spackman; it’s an amazing goal setting book that not only gives tools but scientific background as to how goal setting actually works. Anything health, well-being, or yoga related is what I tend to gravitate towards.


Verve’s Christmas Gift Guide A little something for everyone

01 02



01 | Bering 13338-262, 38mm Diameter $244.90 02 | Bering 10126-367, 26mm diameter $329.90


51-53 THE STRAND, PARNELL 09 368 7694 | FORMA.CO.NZ


01 | Black Panther $150 02 | Gold Vases from $35 03 | Volcanic Range Vases from $120

ASHLEY & CO ASHLEYANDCO.CO.NZ Wash Locks & Soft Locks are derived from coconut oil and a perfect balance of botanical oils to cleanse and hydrate your locks in a formulation that is highly effective, yet 100% natural. What’s more, Wash Locks & Soft Locks come in a brand new Ashley & Co scent - Peppy & Lucent which is a refreshing and uplifting blend of crushed mint, blackcurrant buds and lemongrass.

GARMIN GARMIN.CO.NZ 01 | Fenix 3 Sapphire in white and rose gold RRP NZD$999 02 | Vivomove in white RRP NZD $299 03 | Forerunner 35 RRP NZD$349



01 | Kartell Cache-Cache home diffuser $159 02 | The Modest Vintage Player heritage rugby ball $99.90 02

PAPER PLANE 99 MAUNGANUI RD , MOUNT MAUNGANUI | 07 575 7505 | PAPERPLANESTORE.COM 01 | Menu Salt & Pepper Bottle Grinders / $139 02 | The Beach People Original Roundie – Wategos / $129 03 | Just South West – Tree Peony Print / from $32




02 01



MOSSOP’S 761 STATE HIGHWAY 29, TAURIKO, TAURANGA | 0800 946 677 INQUIRIES@MOSSOPS.CO.NZ | MOSSOPS.CO.NZ 01 | Mossop’s honey gift packs. Give a taste of New Zealand. Available in four types from $34.90 02 | Mossop’s top quality New Zealand honeys. Available in solid or liquid. From $8.90 03 | Natruél skincare. 100% natural honey based skincare. New Zealand Made. From $11.10 04| Mossop’s 100% New Zealand UMF® manuka honey. Grades available 5+, 10+ and 15+. UMFHA licence No. 1021. From $17.90

WALKER & HALL 228 BROADWAY NEWMARKET, | 09 529 2574 | WALKERANDHALL.CO.NZ 01 | Celestial Star diamond pendant in 18ct white gold – this signature piece features a shimmering delicately interwoven star and is sure to attract compliments. 02 | Morganite and diamond cocktail ring in 18ct white gold – a stunning statement and the perfect piece to celebrate a successful year.



05 03

04 06

FITZGERALD TAYLOR 10 VICTORIA RD, DEVONPORT| 09 446-6101 FITZGERALDTAYLOR.CO.NZ 01 | Rifle Paper weekly list desk pad $27.95, Lamy Lx fountain pen $98.95 02 | Letters To My Future Self $31.95, Cross Click gel rollerball pen $59.95 03 | Refillable zip journal $68.95, Kaweco Sport rollerball $39.95 04 | One Line a Day, 5 year memory journal $36.95, Kaweco Liliput brass wave fountain pen $149.95 05 | 642 Things to Write About journal $36.95, fountain pen $19.95. 06 | Live The Life You Love journal $44.95, Cross Apogee ballpoint pen $225






01 | Jean-Michel Basquiat collaboration Skate Decks 02 | Calliope Tub Chairs by Maxalto for B&B Italia





145 W TAMAKI RD, GLEN INNES | 09 528 3636


01 | Diamonte Wine & Coffee Carriers

01 | Marika Jones: The Marika Jones bird prints: the perfect touch of Kiwiana 02 | Marianna: This and many other Ruben Ireland prints are available in store 03 | Sentinel: The ever popular Bean Rock print by photographer, Sampford Cathie



01 | Ni Hao E Hoa 02 | Ballistic Bird 02


01 | 3D Dinosaur Model $19.99 02 | Volume Exhibition Quote Cushion $89.99 03 | Belle Bird Organic Balms $16.99 04 | Handmade NZ Soaps $14.99




GARDENLEDGE.CO.NZ | 09 442 2154 GARDENLEDGE@GMAIL.COM 01 | Greenbo Standard Planter 02 | Greenbo XL Planter

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01 | Mica - A modern, contemporary chair in durable powdercoated aluminium with classic rattan highlights. Suitable for seaside use. 02 | Vega sunlounger by Maiori. Superior quality powdercoated aluminium frame, and double padded batyline fabric mesh. 03 | Roma outdoor lounge chair. Strong outdoor durable synthetic cord is charmingly wrapped around a powdercoared aluminium frame for lasting quality and superior comfort.

01 | Fenix 3 Sapphire in white and rose gold RRP NZD$999 02 | Vivomove in white RRP NZD $299 03 | Forerunner 35 RRP NZD$349

COAST 77 PONSONBY RD, PONSONBY | COASTNEWZEALAND.COM 01 | COAST Classic Canvas Range – Weekender Cabin Bag, Clipper. (Charcoal Tweed) 02 | COAST Marine Bean Chair and Ottoman 03 | COAST Lux Cotton Beach Towels 04 | COAST Picnic Bag








01 | 9106 – Artisan Recycled Elm Bread Board, 60cm $65.00 02 | 8811 – Round Recycled Iron Platter, 55cm $45.00 03 | 9906 – Large Chopasni High School Shield $88.00 03


Gift Guide


a little something for everyone



IN A FEW WORDS // This exquisite and rare 2.92ct Colombian emerald accentuated by fine white diamonds was meticulously handcrafted by our master goldsmith in platinum and is available to view by appointment only at our Newmarket studio. $NZD27,000.00 Duty Free. // CONTACT US // 09 523 3113, // FIND US // 18 Osborne St, Newmarket // ONLINE //

IN A FEW WORDS // Currently specialising in Lladró and Swarovski, The Gift Room picked up the challenge to house Australasia’s largest Lladró collection all under one roof. // CONTACT US // 09 524 4973, // FIND US // 2/319 Remuera Rd, Remuera // ONLINE //



IN A FEW WORDS // These beautiful tear drop candle holders featured on TV recently in Australia’s Bachelorette programme and sold out very quickly. Large $89-50 Medium $79-50 small $49-50. // CONTACT US // 09 522 6555 // FIND US // 25 Broadway, Newmarket. // ONLINE //

IN A FEW WORDS // $7795 9ct chunky oval link bracelet made by Sanders Jewellers. We have these in different combinations of golds. // CONTACT US // 09 520 3630 | 09 575 2086, // FIND US // 385 Remuera Rd, Remuera | 5 St Heliers Bay Rd, St Heliers // ONLINE //





Gems & Jewels shiny little things 05





TO R Y & KO.

Old Bank Arcade, Wellington 04 472 2052

01 | “Pretty Collection” Blue Topaz Bow Earrings Gold and Silver $850 02 | “Signature Collection” Rose Diamond Ring 18ct Rose & White Gold - POA 03 | “Art Deco” Rose Gold and Amethyst Cocktail Ring $1,600 04 | “Pretty Collection” Rose Gold Hummingbird Necklace with Freshwater Pearl ($1400) & matching earrings ($480)



Shop 4, 25 Teed St, Newmarket 09 522 8620 05 | Amethyst cabochon and 18ct yellow gold earrings $2,350.00 06 | 18ct yellow gold and diamond ring $2,650.00 07 | Serpentine cabochon earrings $2,150.00





JEMS OF REMUERA 346 Remuera Rd, Remuera 09 522 8553

08 | “Art Deco” Orange Sapphire Diamond Ring in White Gold $2,499 09 | Green Amethyst Drop Earrings in Yellow Gold $2,499 10 | “Victorian” Sapphire and Seed Pearl Ring in Yellow Gold $950 11 | “Art Deco” Sapphire Diamond Earrings in White Gold $1,799

Gift Guide

a little something for everyone

GORDON HARRIS Christmas gift buying has never been more colourful or creative. There is so much to choose from including our huge range of Creative Colouring books and canvases with Christmas specials on accompanying pencil and marker sets. Great value painting sets, beautiful Mabef Italian easels, legendary Moleskine journals, stylish Lamy and Staedtler Premium fine pens, quality European drawing sets and much more. Gordon Harris also has everything you need to create original Christmas gifts. Get creating now!



KINGS PLANT BARN KINGS.CO.NZ 01 | Kent and Stowe Traditional Garden Tools. A classic collection of wooden-handled and stainless steel garden tools that are timeless in their design and construction. 02 | Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Range 03 | Poinsettia ranging from $9.99 Their stunning red and green foliage is perfect for Christmas. Great as a gift or a treat to brighten your own home. 02





3 VEGA PL, NORTH SHORE 09 889 1200 | INFO@JARDIN.CO.NZ | JARDIN.CO.NZ 01 | Envie Outdoor Cushions 02 | Balad Lamp - Carrot 03 | Calicot Outdoor Cushion 04 | Bistro Folding Chair - Plum




FINNISH CHRISTMAS White landscapes buried in darkness, only lit by the stars in the sky and ice lanterns on driveways set the mood for a magical Finnish Christmas. Christmas Eve is the main holiday and begins with a special rice pudding breakfast. This is usually followed by children decorating the Christmas tree and the annual Donald Duck Christmas TV Special which is shown every year in all the Scandinavian countries! Food plays a central part in Christmas celebrations in Finland, too. Traditional Christmas dishes are never eaten any other time of the year. The starter table is usually huge and includes a large variety of pickled and smoked fish, meat jelly, reindeer pate, and a selection of cold cuts. For a hot main the baked ham plays a major role and is surrounded with slow baked vegetable casseroles, and beetroot & herring salad. For dessert, sweet pastries, cakes and biscuits are Finnish Christmas treats loved by people of all ages. One of the most cherished tasks of Christmas-time is decorating gingerbread in all shapes and sizes.

Santa Claus officially comes from Finland, and he has time to make a personal visit to most families. He is greeted with a traditional song and usually stays for a quick drink before continuing. Glögi, a type of mulled wine, is a favoured hot drink at Christmas time. It is usually made out of red wine or red juice of some sort, mixed with spices like cardamon and cinnamon, then served with raisins and almonds. After a couple of Christmas ales, carols are sung with gusto. At the end of the night a Christmas sauna relaxes both body and soul. The scents of freshly baked ginger biscuits, spicy mulled wine and wood-fired sauna in the making are perhaps all you need for the best holiday time of your life.

Classic Europeantreats s a m t s i r h C

CONTINENTAL GOODIES 20/501 Karangahape Rd, Auckland (09) 3798030

Ad.indd 1

2/11/16 8:43 PM






Superb Quality at Amazing Prices


3 09 Broadwa y, N ewm ar ke t | 5 2 0 52 24 | Op en 7 D a y s 10 a m - 4 p m | ja va t ea k .

Open 7 days 10am – 5pm from October 15th Brimming with decorations, vintage inspired toys and exquisite Victorian paper crafts. Free parking on site. Mortimer Pass (off Gillies Ave) Newmarket, Auckland (09) 524 5729 n n

rapt|designer home & gift

S TO R E S : N E W M A R K E T: 3 0 2 B R O A D WAY | B OTA N Y: B OTA N Y TO W N C E N T R E

Elstree Pharmacy




Come and see us for fantastic gifts for all ages, all your family’s health needs and excellent advice.

Ample free parking Stockists of Innoxa Skincare, Styli Style Cosmetics and Stella and Gemma Jewellery 145 West Tamaki Rd, Glen Innes 09 528 3636 |

Dec 2016

Our CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE (CPTG) essential oils are revolutionising the way families manage their health. We offer a stunning palette of botanical energies, that can be used individually or blended for personlised essential oil benefits. Av a i l a b l e f r o m o n e l ov e o i l s . c o m jocelyn@ear E a r t h S p a , 161 a M a r u a R d , E l l e r s l i e C o n t a c t J o c e l y n : 0 8 0 0 74 9 876

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Con v e n ie n t fre e par k in g

Teeth Whitening


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Christmas Nostalgia Remember those days when you had no responsibilities? When you could eat anything you wanted without concerns, or when your biggest worry was if you were going to miss your favourite tune on the radio? I want to take you back to that era and show you my favourite holiday in my home country. The Chilean summer starts mid-November and so does the tree hunting season. Christmas is a very cherished time for us and we make the most of it. Unlike New Zealand, we don't get three weeks off work. Christmas Eve, we usually work until 3pm, then rush home to prepare dinner and wrap gifts. We get the next day off, then on the 26th life goes back to normal. Every household has their own festive style and traditions, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate. My favourite memories are from growing up in the 90s, still naive enough to believe in magic. My grandparents' house was the Christmas HQ, with all the relatives descending for dinner, which would be served 9.30pm. The menu was always the same: stuffed turkey (it would take a whole day to prepare and roast), duchess potatoes, salad, and chocolate ice cream for dessert. The adults would also share some Cola de Mono (Monkey’s tale), an alcoholic drink made with milk, coffee, sugar, cinnamon and brandy. Once everyone finished, some families went to church while others stayed at home waiting to exchange presents at midnight. Just before then, we used to walk around the neighbourhood trying to spot Santa flying across the night sky. We would yell, "Where are you? We have milk and cookies for you!" Suddenly, my dad would get a call from Santa confirming that he was home, ready to give us our gifts. Overjoyed, we ran back to the house as fast as we could.

It was so amazing to see this man, coming all the way from the North Pole, just to hang out with us. He was real, I could touch his beard. I could see him standing next to a tree with a sackful of presents. I always wondered how he got my parents' phone number or how he could make time to stay with my cousins and I when there were so many other kids around the world hoping to get a visit from him. Some families hire people to dress up as Santa, but in mine, it was always my grandad’s job. When it was time for Santa to leave, it was time for us to go home. The next day was dedicated to playing with new toys and calling school friends to compare presents and show off a little bit, if you got the latest Barbie doll or the newest VHS movie. In the 90s, it was all about neon, Sailor Moon, Barbies, Disney movies and cassettes. Britney was the supreme idol and you definitely dreamed about dating one of the Backstreet Boys. One Christmas, I received a CD Walkman, something like an iPod these days, and I felt like a queen. Nowadays we are all grown up and there are no more kids in my family. We’ve decided to step away from tradition and avoid any kind of stress and holiday fever. We just eat whatever we feel like that day, unless I plan a menu and cook for my closest family; then exchange meaningful presents on the morning of the 25th, then in the afternoon have lunch with the rest of the family, typically an asado, our way of making barbecue. Contrary to what you see on TV ads, movies and snowy postcards, Christmas in South America is all about the sun, celebrating with lots of food and embracing time with your loved ones. — Words: Coni Fueyo

A Mexican Tale Christmas in Mexico is serious business. In a country where religion is part of daily life, their traditions are often based in Catholic beliefs. Saying this, Mexicans love to party, and they sure know how to. Celebrations start on 12 December — the Virgin Mary´s birthday — and go through the month, finishing on the morning of 6 January with the arrival of the three kings loaded with presents sneaked in the kids' homes just the way Santa does. This period is known as the Guadalupe-Reyes marathon as one needs the stamina of a 50km runner to cope with all the fiestas, delicious food, dancing and, of course, tequila by the gallon. Nine days before Christmas, on the 16th, Posadas start. In these nocturnal celebrations people gather singing songs and reading stories from the bible, remembering the days Joseph and Mary spent looking for shelter before the arrival of baby Jesus. After this, things get less grave; hot tamarind drinks are served to enjoy along tostadas–crunchy tortillas topped with beans, spicy chicken and fresco cheese. Then the most expected event of the night arrives: the piñata. This star-shaped gadget wrapped in bright colours and filled with sweets and fruit hangs from a rope above the partakers, its sides representing the seven sins. Kids and not-so-kids queue to have a go; the goal is to break the piñata with the help of a wooden stick and with the challenge of having the eyes covered, which represents faith in God. Once the temptation is smashed into pieces, the reward falls over you with blessings and happiness in the shape of lollies.

All this followed by the best tequilas, fireworks, music and that intrinsic happiness that Mexicans own. Christmastime in Mexico, as in the rest of the world, is for celebrating with our loved ones no matter what religion or traditions we choose to follow. — Words: Sofía Bejarano-Gallardo

On Christmas Eve, the biggest celebration takes place. You won´t see a whole turkey with all the trimmings on the menu, instead, the tables are filled with exquisite dishes that combine Aztec and Spanish flavours; cultural syncretism that took 500 years to perfect and became what Mexican cuisine is today. Food is prepared carefully through the day to enjoy late that night before the bells sing exactly at midnight when the custom calls for a toast and to hug each other in front of the Christmas tree. Just to mention some of them: Tamales – steamed savory corn cakes wrapped in corn husk and stuffed with pork and various chile sauces. Pozole – spicy chicken, pork and hominy soup. Mole – a dark, almost ebony sauce made of chocolate and dry chile, with spices and nuts. The most representative and glamorous of Mexican dishes, served with poached wild turkey and rice, finishing with Buñuelos – wafer-thin dough fried till crispy drizzled with strong molasses syrup.

“The tables are filled with exquisite dishes that combine Aztec and Spanish flavours.”


Give a Living Gift this Christmas Dwarf Pohutukawa, tastefully presented in a traditional flax kete, this quintessential Kiwi Christmas tree makes this the perfect gift. $19.99 BUY ONLINE OR AT A KINGS PLANT BARN NEAR YOU.

Village Green 415 Remuera Road Phone: 09 524 4001


Award-winning design. Self-mounting — no attachment or screws needed. Built-in drainage solution — two removable and cleanable trays. Made with durable materials to withstand harsh New Zealand weather.


f it zg e ra ld ta y l o r MA K E A N IMP R E S S IO N

boutiqu e s ta ti on er

Fit z g eraldTa y lor Sh o p 5 , T he O ld Pos t O f f ice B uildin g, 10 Vic toria Road, Devon por t , A ucklan d w w w.f it z g eraldta y lor. c o. n z




They’ve been around longer than your nana, but the humble succulent is experiencing a popularity rush as more people realise this unassuming, often overlooked plant is from a tough, colourful, good-looking family and is fast becoming the sweetheart of today’s urban designers and high-rise dwellers. PR consultant Deborah Delaney created her first succulent garden as a birthday gift for a friend. Orders soon poured in from friends and family all wanting similar gardens for their inner-city homes and apartments. Yong Gardens (yong means forever, perpetual, always) was born. “They’re a beautiful gift for busy people, or lazy people, or people with limited garden space,” says Deborah. “They surprise and delight throughout the year and grow more fabulous with age. It’s the classic gift that keeps on giving.” Each Yong Garden is individually created with a selection of succulents, moss and ground cover. The gardens require minimal care, become lovelier as they mature and are easy to relocate. Yong Gardens are available in a variety of styles and sizes depending on individual requirements — starting at $199 plus delivery. To order call 021 480 961 or email





Limited Edited America’s Cup Available now on our Trademe store ‘Dove Hospice’ - get bidding!

Dove Hospice challenges you this Christmas! Have some fun, challenge yourself, your friends and family: do all your Christmas shopping at the Dove Hospice Shops. They have items for all the family at all prices — so challenge yourself and feel great about supporting such a worthy cause! And get involved — find us on Facebook: Like, Share and Tag your merry Christmas heart out!

GET SHOPPING! REMUERA: 393 Remuera Rd EPSOM: Shop 2, 1 Queen Mary Ave ST HELIERS: 30 St.Heliers Bay Rd PANMURE: 141 Queen Rd GLEN INNES: 183 Apirana Ave TRADEME STORE: ‘Dove Hospice’



All products pictured are examples of the fantastic unique one-off items that you’ll find at any Dove Hospice shops . The Omega Watch is an auction item on Trademe, available now.



HI M 1. Electric mirror $22 2. Union Jack Scooter $24 3. Golddacks shaving set $35

A huge thank-you to all who have supported Dove Hospice throughout the year! The 30,000 hours of time gifted by our volunteers and $1.6 million raised from donations, purchases and fundraising has been turned into care for 650 patients and their families living with life threatening illness from across Auckland who have received: • 4,200 holistic therapies • 2,300 counselling/support group sessions • 1,100 nights of inpatient care You are amazing! We couldn’t do it without you!

3. 1.

Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year to you all. From the board of trustees, staff and patients of Dove Hospice




T E E NA G E 1. Adidas Tshirt $8 2. Lululemon Shorts $8 3. Asics Tshirt $8 4. Converse Trainers $16

2. 1.

3. 3.



1. Candle sticks $16 pair 2. Ampersand $8 3. Bookends $18 pair 4. Maria Jones ‘Florence Nightingale’ picture $45




H ER 1. Lace kaftan $25 2. Diane von Furstenberg sandals $65 3. Assorted bangles $5-$10 each 4. Necklace $12





3. 4.

1. Cupcake lip glosses $1 each 2. Police/fire engine stations plus accessories $24 3. Gooie back pack $16 4. Penguin clock $10 5. Rubber duckies $4 each 6. Wallace and Gromit radio $22 7. Assorted novels $2-$3 each

7. 2.

Make your celebration extra special this Xmas at Harrowset Hall. Come and choose something special for those you love; Gorgeous scents and candles from France and NZ, Pure linen table linen, silk pillowcases, luxurious sheetsets priced from $199. Beautiful nightwear, robes and slippers.

S H O P 7 , 2 7 N U F F I E L D S T, N E W M A R K E T | I N F O @ H A R R O W S E T H A L L . C O . N Z 09 524 4452 | 0800 444 522 | HARROWSETHALL.CO.NZ

A safer home gives me the freedom to roam. Live life without fear with our Green Reflector Service. There is no need to worry about the safety of your home and protection of your possessions. With Matrix Security and our Green Reflector Service you get 24/7 alarm monitoring, our daily drive-by-patrols and unlimited patrol call-outs. Simply put you get the reassurance of a personal guardian all day, every day. Phone us or visit us online for further details.

53 HOME & DESIGN Dec 2016

Christmas Special: 15% Off Custom Shutters | Roller Blinds | Venetian Blinds | Cellular Blinds Offer strictly ends 31 Jan 2017


Conditions Apply

HOME & DESIGN Dec 2016

Call the Window Design Interiors Team today! Make an appointment with one of our Interior Design Consultants for a free in-home consultation. We can guide you through the selection process,with ideas that will inspire perfection! The WDI showroom is open Monday to Friday 9.00am-4.30pm Saturday by Appointment 130 Marua Road, Ellerslie Phone 09 525 1675 Email

Outdoors at its best View more online and instore

auckland 09 368 7694 | hamilton 07 854 9495 |


A Present of the Past One Box project in Orakei pays homage to this iconic example. Perched on a concrete plinth, it has a clean, rectangular form with cladding of vertical weatherboards. A length of glazing punctuates the rectilinear outline while a sunny yellow door turns a cheerful welcome to the street. This Orakei home has an L-shaped footprint which wraps around a central courtyard – the Box version of that indoor garden. Tim says, “The classic L-shape suits the suburbs because it provides privacy yet good visual connection between the living zones and the bedrooms.” Bamboo cabinetry and Strandboard floors are durable surfaces that capture a casual mood to reinforce the mid-century theme.

Every artist needs a muse and since Box architect Tim Dorrington is a mid-century fan, he considers a particular house in St Heliers, designed in 1958 by Vlad Cacala, well worth closer inspection. “Cacala houses are pretty special,” says Tim. “As an émigré from Czechoslovakia, he brought some forward-thinking ideas to New Zealand in the 50s.” The Blumenthal house has a living area which cantilevers over the carport and a central indoor garden once planted with tropical banana palms. Its floor-to-ceiling glazing (with no visible lintel) may be commonplace now, but was revolutionary at the time. As was built-in furniture – shelving, room dividers, bench seats and even diners were once decidedly avant-garde.

A painterly element is the stained-glass feature window in the hallway with blocks of primary colour that channel a Mondrian mood. During the day, it throws a rainbow of patterns onto the walls and floor while at night the window becomes a piece of glowing light sculpture. At Blumenthal those colours – blue and red – were painted blocks on the façade that faced the pool. “Cacala took a bold approach to colour,” explains Tim. He also worked with Milan Mrkusich, an architect and abstract artist so he no doubt drew some inspiration from those forms. Next time you’re out and about the neighbourhood, peer over a few fences. You might just discover an architectural classic – or one in the making.

HOME & DESIGN Dec 2016

Johannesburg’s nodes of inner-city regeneration, which have put the city back on the map and drawn global admiration, have also becomes hubs of creativity, design and artisanal goods. No trip to the city is complete without a close look at Joburg’s best…

Johannesburg Design Destination


HOME & DESIGN Dec 2016

Text: Graham Wood | Photographs: Greg Cox

— P re v io u s Pages : 01 | 02. D okter a nd Misses shop fron t a n d in t e r ior, Br a a mfon t e in T h i s Page : 01 | 02 | 03. A da m Levy a t home in h is Br a a mfon t e in a pa r t me n t

61 HOME & DESIGN Dec 2016

— 0 1. A na tomy D esign a t 44 Stan le y 0 2. K im Sa cks Ga llery in P a rkw ood

— 01. C andic e Wy att a t home in her 44 Sta nley, M ilp a r k , a p a r t me n t 0 2 . Anato my De s ign a t 44 Sta nley 0 3 . J o h nath an Liebma nn a t hom e in his Ma bo n e n g loft


auckland scaffolding

Dec 2016 The number one team for scaffolding services in Auckland. At Auckland Scaffolding we share a range of values with people just like you. By sharing your values we are able to provide a superior service that focuses on the things that you care about most.

027 4306 613

Plan your dream home! Whether building a dream home in a new location or rebuilding on an existing site, Landmark Homes is committed to enhancing the way you live. We have fabulous plans, flexible options and creative solutions that will make your next home a true Landmark. We will work closely with you to capture your ideas and bring them to life making sure your home is designed to suit your specific needs. Landmark Homes offers a complete package from start to finish helping and guiding you through the whole process, into your fabulous new dream home on time and on budget. To get an idea of what Landmark Homes can do for you, head along to our showhome in Pukekohe. We are open from Wednesday - Sunday 11am-4pm; or phone us for an appointment outside of these times, or you can visit one of our offices at Pukekohe or Botany.

Visit our website for inspiration today. Contact Us: 0800 828 453 09 237 1124 Visit our Showhome: 12 Twomey Dr, Pukekohe Office Locations: 83 Manukau Rd, Pukekohe 277 Te Irirangi Dr, Botany Junction

Don’t build a house, build a Landmark

Pool Party

Words: Graham Wood | Photographs: Greg Cox Nature and art meet in Johannesburg’s most spectacular garden pavilion.

The pavilion is carefully positioned on the grassy mounds and rockeries excavated and moulded by landscape designer Patrick Watson. Its modernist-inspired exterior, like a flat-roofed barn or shed, is constructed from salvaged ironwood railway sleepers held together with specially engineered steel brackets. The use of recycled materials was very important to Silvio and Lesley. “We made up the structure in the lowveld, disassembled it, brought here and reassembled it,” says Silvio. A giant eucalyptus tree intersects with the pavilion, imparting its sense of presence in the landscape to the pavilion. Silvio and Lesley chose this position for the pavilion not only for the views, but also because the enormous eucalyptus trees growing on the opposite side of the ravine, in dialogue with this one, create an exaggerated sense of scale. The pavilion projects its

inhabitants right into the volume. The west-facing deck with its sandstone and steel fireplace, is the perfect place, as Silvio puts it, to “celebrate the sun setting” in the late afternoon and “do all the sorts of things that we think you should do in Africa”. “It’s a liberating feeling to be able to do that in the middle of the city,” he says. For him, the terracotta ceramic planters by South African ceramicist and sculptor Dina Prinsloo connects the building and indigenous garden beautifully. “They are part of that language of the koppie and the veld,” he points out, planted as they are with aloes, but their geometric, cubist shapes are naturally inspired – some even designed specifically to imitate the crevices in rocks that aloe roots seek out. They add “the cherry on top”, another layer of earth and art combining in the architecture and design.

The lounge has been designed as a dropped seating area around the fireplace. “It was conceived as an East African baraza seat with cushions,” says Silvio. The pale grey and fresh green colours of the cushions mimic the colours of nature outside, especially new foliage in spring. “The coffee table was in fact the root of the

leadwood tree the we used to make the dining room table,” explains Silvio. The mat and blanket are handknitted eco-cotton, commissioned and specially made for Silvio and Lesley by local craftspeople. “The Italian fireplace is like as floating ball of fire,” says Lesley, “or a hand that holds the fire.”

70 HOME & DESIGN Dec 2016

71 HOME & DESIGN Dec 2016

The stripped “latte” ceiling is reminiscent of a bush lodge aesthetic, and the cylindrical beaten copper lights were designed by Silvio and Lesley. The teak detailing around the pool, combined with an overflow, creates a sleek and seamless transition from the floor to the surface of the water, without a discernable change in level. The refined treatment of the “joints” or meeting points in the pavilion, including the seamless butt-jointed glass, are very important to the overall impression of sophistication rather than rusticity. These Danish mid-century teak rockers were designed by Frank Reenskaug for Brahmin. Lesley picked them up in a vintage design store. Along the wall, light,

earth and water co-mingle and create an elemental confluence that animates the whole pavilion. “The strata of earth sit between the skylight above and water below,” observes Silvio. But at certain times of day they mix and mingle, each becoming part of the effect of the others. The cylindrical beaten copper lights were designed by Silvio and Lesley. “They are a take on using another natural material in a minimal way in an African setting,” says Lesley.

72 HOME & DESIGN Dec 2016

Jennian Homes CBD & East Auckland M 021 0253 1297 | T 09 918 9078

Jennian Homes North West M 021 022 81321, 027 500 5514 | T 09 525 0808

Organic Interiors out of the box and outside the square. We design naturally beautiful living space, a retreat for body and soul. Anywhere.

Greenh me


Interior designs, Building Biology 09 422 7372 | 021 909 593 PO Box 299, Warkworth 0985


excited about


The stunning Poynters 2017 outdoor furniture range is in store now

Over 10,000 square feet of the finest laid-back living on display 10 Morningside Drive, Kingsland, Auckland Phone 0800 POYNTERS or 09-815-1580 Email

73 HOME & DESIGN Dec 2016

74 HEALTH & BEAUTY Dec 2016

The Style Inside Her

Style is about whatever makes you happy ” “Style is about whatever makes you happy,” says Leonie Barlow, founder of award-winning website The Style Insider. “It has to be something accessible, something that makes you smile. The underlying philosophy of the blog is that style has nothing to do with money, or with age, but about creating great looks with whatever you have. I try to showcase that through fashion, recipes, lifestyle and beauty. I just did a photo shoot for The Warehouse, which I do every season because I love to surprise and delight without spending a lot of money.”

Leonie lost count of the number of times she had to explain what a blog was during the The Style Insider’s first year: “When the whole Whale Oil debacle happened, it at least put blogging on the map in New Zealand. People began to realise that blogs could make a difference, make a noise that they were in fact worth taking notice of. Now, every media organisation is jumping on the bandwagon, and certainly in New Zealand they’re still clambering to catch up.”

Leonie recently celebrated the blog’s fourth birthday, having spent the previous 20 years in traditional media as editor of publications such as She, The Australian Woman’s Weekly and Fashion Quarterly. Many of her former peers mocked the idea of leaving a successful career in print publishing to start a blog which was, at the time, relatively unknown and unexplored.

Publishers, she adds, are only just realising that their online offerings need to be be treated differently, as opposed to simply rehashing what is in their magazines. “They’ve learned that they need to throw resources, time and money at their online presence, so that it complements their print offerings.” The blogger, who still loves nothing more than leafing through glossy pages, believes there’s still a future for magazines, “they just need to be smarter how they approach print”.

“I remember wanting to put our magazines online, but back then being online didn’t seem like a priority," says Leonie. "It was frustrating for me because I knew this was where the industry was heading and the rest of the world was leaving us behind.”

“One-man band” Leonie describes her digital initiation as a real baptism of fire. “I was an old dog that needed to learn

some new tricks! I wanted to future-proof my career, I needed to upskill, learn the ins and outs of social media, photography, video editing and so on. That was the hardest part, but also the most rewarding.” Most importantly, the career-change afforded her the freedom to spend more time with her family, and “to be more present as a mum”. Her two boys, Guy, 13, and 11-year-old Jed, are both into “parkour, backflips and all sorts of crazy things” and Leonie helps them create content online. She believes it important that parents be digital savvy, and has helped others conquer their digital fears in order to be “one step ahead” of their kids and the problems they may face online. It was, fittingly, print media which led to Leonie meeting her firefighting husband, John, after he mischievously sent her flowers and a letter asking for a date after she mischievously compared herself to Carrie from Sex and the City (“both journalists, both gorgeous, and both single!”) in a Valentine's Day editor’s note for She magazine. “He also sent this photo of

himself from when he did some modelling, and I just thought what a weirdo!” laughs Leonie. She ignored John for a while, before eventually calling to thank him for the flowers, and to say blind dates just weren’t her thing. “By the end of the call, he’d persuaded me to meet him for a drink, and it was love at first sight. Six weeks later, we moved in together and nine months later I proposed. Fourteen years later we’re still together.” As for plans for Christmas she’ll be logging off and taking a well-earned break, save for a few sneaky scrolls of Instagram, of course.

— Jamie Christian Desplaces

75 HEALTH & BEAUTY Dec 2016

76 HEALTH & BEAUTY Dec 2016

“In order to change your body, you must change your action.� So many women lose confidence as they grow older. With our busy lives, fitness often falls by the wayside, and we end up frustrated and unhappy with our bodies.

Here at East Side Studio, we help bring you back into movement in a fun, safe haven of effective training. Bring personal back into personal training and book now!




Bring personal back into training! Book your personal experience now! Eastside Studio, 532 Parnell Road (entrance off Cowie St), Parnell, Auckland 09 379 2706 | |

Improved hearing starts with listening to the expert. Thomas Müller at Acoustix is the expert in personalised hearing solutions. Thomas doesn’t seduce you with free tests and discounted products. He is just completely honest about the best solution for your hearing needs. He listens to you so you’ll get the best solution for you, your hearing and your lifestyle. Call us today. We are all ears.

09 520 5648 ACOUSTIX.CO.NZ

Have you tried the best barre in town?

Introductory offer:

14 Days of unlimited classes for $49

Xtend Barre is the Internationally acclaimed ballet barre workout licensed in 180 locations worldwide exclusively available in Auckland at Xtend Barre Ponsonby. Xtend Barre fuses Pilates and elements of ballet to create a full body workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body fast! CLASSES ARE BEGINNER FRIENDLY, NO PREVIOUS DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Looking forward to meeting you at the barre! FOR MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT: FB Xtendbarreponsonby Ph 09 376 8091

77 HEALTH & BEAUTY Dec 2016


Honouring Heroes Talented 12-year-old Luka Wolfgram has just had his short documentary Our Superheroes awarded a finalist spot in The Outlook for Someday film challenge. Picked from dozens of entries nationwide, the 20 winners will attend a glitzy ceremony at the Aoteoa Centre on 8 December. It’s a bittersweet moment for the young filmmaker as the subject of his project was childhood cancer—earlier this year his little brother Kosta, aged just eight, died from a brain tumour. “My goal was to raise awareness so that people could understand how hard it is for the families as well as the children themselves,” says Luka, who describes the children as ‘superheroes’. “I wanted to do something for them, and when I found out about the competition I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do so.” His family and friends are rightly bursting with pride. His harrowing, heartfelt and inspiring film—which also includes interviews with other cancer sufferers’ families, teachers and Kosta’s favourite doctor—has encouraged others to begin fundraising for child cancer charities. “The whole process took around three months,” says the young filmmaker, who cites Tim Burton as one of his idols. “There were about three hours of footage which I had to condense into five minutes. The editing process was the most difficult, I wanted to have everything from the sounds to the sequences perfect. It was crazy, but it felt so good as it came to life and I saw the finished product.” Luka’s previous movie-making efforts were of a more light-hearted nature (“mocking politicians and celebrities!”), and he would usually get Kosta on board too. “Anything to do with entertainment made him happy,” says Luka. “He loved to dance and rap.” Between 28 November-5 December, the public is able to vote on the 20 final films, but Luka says it’s not the voting that is most important thing to him, rather raising awareness and “sharing my brother with the world”. Luka tells me his good deeds continued on a recent trip to Wellington where he stopped to give every homeless person he saw some change. “I don’t like the idea of anyone sleeping rough,” he says, “they may have had very tough backgrounds to have ended up in that situation.” He’d like to continue promoting charitable causes as he gets older. He’s done Kosta proud. For more information and to watch and vote for Luka’s film, OUR SUPERHEROES, visit Luka would also like to ask you to consider donating to any of the following charities that are close to his heart: St Baldrick’s Foundation (‘Kosta our Superhero’ Givealittle page is fundraising for St Baldrick’s FOundation), Child Cancer Foundation, Make-A-Wish, and Kenzie’s Gift. — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Dec 2016

80 HEALTH & BEAUTY Dec 2016




It’s where fabulous tans happen! Tan In The City is your go to spray tan salon using Black Magic Tan Remuera, Waiuku salons and mobile tans available

Tudor Mall, 333 Remuera Rd, Remuera

salon located inside blackford hairworks

022 I Tan You (022 482 6968)

WELC O M E T O YO U R Y OG A CO RN E R! We are one community, brought together by what we have in common: yoga. Out of the four modalities we offer here, we believe you will find the one to bring the balance back into your busy everyday life. Conveniently situated in the heart of Newmarket, making it easy for those who live or work close by to schedule sessions. The benefits of a yoga practice are immeasurable, with improved physical, emotional and mental health being par for the course. Here, you can come and relax, find your inner peace, get energised, and feel balanced. No matter where you are in your yoga journey, our experienced instructors are here to assist you and happy to answer any questions you might have. But more, we would love to get to know you outside of yoga. Come and be part of us, do yoga, make friends, share you life stories and call this your place! — 489 KHYBER PASS RD, NEWMARKET 09 529 0999 THEYOGACORNER.CO.NZ

Verveʼs Christmas Crossie 82 HEALTH & BEAUTY Dec 2016

ACROSS “In fair weather a trek west, tracing creator (one on two wheels) - no problem!” by Fred Dagg (2,5,5,2,6,3,3,2,1,7,3,2,1,3) 8/16/13/40 Cockney migrant worker bearing instrument (4) 11 Artist periodically fleeing laymen (3,3) 12/45 See 8 13 Mischievous girl not home to the willing (4) 14 States Miss Carter switched polarity (3) 15 See 8 16 Sister of nobody, I hear (3) 19 Plane on which spirits may be available (6) 20 Man, for example, is over the Spanish (4) 23 Worship circular rock (5) 24 Gave consent for avarice in 23 (initially ignoring 12/45) (6,2) 27 Queen apt to bust a 14 (8) 28 Notes uranium infecting sore about face (5) 30 White albatross protects another bird (4) 31 Schedule sex, say, after one (6) 32 Welshman’s detailed platform (3) 36 Science of organising 41s, titles, etc (14) 37 See 8 40 Whale Oil reviewer Cameron’s antagonistic leading articles (4) 41 Formerly Sir William Hardy, champion of the multi-coloured arch (7,7) 42 See 12 45 Animal from a singular town near Palmerston North (4) 46 Donald’s group cruelly burnt Methodist (3,6,5) 47

DOWN 1 Superior gambler (6) 2 Express sci-fi weapon moving right (6) 3 Scientist not on amphibian (4) 4 Gallico’s bird’s awful, so Owen’s go (4,5) 5 Wine in place of a hot drink, say? (4) 6 “Much Ado about Nothing”, the musical (4,3,5) 7 Mutuality on the village green? (6,6) 9 Bird’s knowledge marginal concerning Rugby Union (6) 10 Show off Florida to 44 (6) 16 Birds to be duck via shell (3) 17 Looted ruins of a Spanish city (6) 18 Free divorcee to entice with no introduction (6) 21 Famous smoker discovered unconscious (7,5) 22 Persuasive talk to helper, not expecting a response (12) 25 Chicken out of glass container (6) 26 Narrow type of jacket in Mr Carter’s size (6) 29 Search anxiously for a way to clue “Cats” (4,5) 33 Fool a steamship (3) 34 Animal with two right feet on the outside (6) 35 Bird, maybe Venus Wilde (6) 38 Mate raised offer to describe a 39 liquid (6) 39 Brash in Cyprus? That’s obscure (6) 43 Thing, a specific thing, pushed me back (4) 44 Mock topless relative (4)

Answers on page 137

The smarter way to buy glasses

85 HEALTH & BEAUTY Dec 2016


9 Gift Ideas Need some Christmas gift inspiration? How about these beautiful gift ideas from the team at Louise Gray Skin Care.

1 \\ The Supreme Anti-Age This one’s for the woman who has everything. One Truth 818 serum is the ultimate in telomere support. Without bombarding you with science, this means it’s a formulation designed to halt the skin’s ageing process.

6 \\ Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Are you Skin Rolling yet? If not, why not? Skin Rolling will help your skin care products penetrate better, soften fine lines and plump up your skin giving you that radiance. A great gift for your BFF too.

2 \\ Sunblock Covers Everyone Everybody (and face) needs sunscreen 365 days a year. We have one that will suit even the most opposed users whether it’s a nourishing formulation, spray on aerosol for runaway kids, or something that is tinted so you’re not entirely naked-skinned. Come in and have a play, we will definitely have one you’ll love.

7 \\ For The Teens One of the best gifts you can give teens is wisdom and knowledge whether it be geography, history or skin care. Instituting even a basic skin care routine early on is the key to a lifetime of great skin so Clear Start by Dermalogica is a valuable stocking filler.

3 \\ Travel Kits/Essentials During the holidays we’re always looking for ways to lighten our luggage load, so why not lighten someone’s load with a travel kit? They have everything you need from facial radiance aids to body hydration. You’ll love the grab and go effect these kits have. 4 \\ For The Man In Your Life We have everything he never knew he needed for you to give him with our Shave Essentials. His skin will become smooth, supple and irritation-free. 5 \\ For Your Organics Loving Friend Bestow Beauty is a beautiful range focused on beauty within and beauty without. Bestow serves up nourishing facial oils, edible oils for your salads and whole food recipe books.

8 \\ Luscious Lips and Eyes Every woman loves a good lippy and a touch of makeup to make their eyes pop so your gal pals will love receiving a tube or two of our gorgeous beautifiers. 9 \\ Not Sure? Some people are so tricky aren’t they? So just what do you give the man or woman who seems to want for nothing? How about a beautifully boxed gift voucher? It lets them decide, which is always exciting!


Bow Trim Fedora $64.90 Witchery

Cold Shoulder Lace Top $99.90 Seed Sarong Skirt $285 Staple & Cloth Concept Tank Dress $149 Staple & Cloth

White Wrap Shirt $159.90 Witchery

Embroidered Pattern Scarf $49.95 Seed

Wrap Maxi Dress $149.95 Seed

Samara Slip $189 by Paris Georgia basics |

Braid Halter Dress $259.90 Witchery

Beach Cover-Ups

Moss Skirt $209 Staple & Cloth

Choosing the right swimsuit is an obvious way to feel comfortable when baring all your skin this summer, but you can’t forget about the chic ways to cover up should you desire that extra layer. Whether you are lounging poolside, at the beach or on a porch this summer, here are our top 10 summer cover ups to take you through the season.


VERVE’S SUMMER ESSENTIAL PICK COOLA Classic Sport Travel Set RRP $89.00 Sport Essential COOLA Travel Set includes a quartet of our newest and most popular luxury organic and natural sport suncare must haves, all in carry-on sizes! Perfect for summer travels ahead.

THE PULLMAN The Samadara Ultimate Age Defying Facial is $245 for 105 minutes. Turn back the hands of time with Sodashi’s new enhanced Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Facial. The exquisite treatment uses a sequence of timeless, anti-ageing techniques founded in Ayurvedic healing, delivered by hand and using warm calming Rose Quartz Crystals, to reawaken the skin’s natural healing energies. Restorative and antioxidantrich plant oils deeply nourish and protect the skin whilst the vibrational properties of rose quartz crystals alleviate stressors from the body that cause cellular ageing. We recommend this truly transformational treatment be followed by lunch at The Pullman’s restaurant Tapestry, a perfect way to spend a morning winding down before the Christmas rush.

Smooth the appearance of your thighs, tummy and waist before days at the beach fast approach us. Guam Anti-Cellulite products are a natural and effective solution for cellulite, made from traditionally harvested seaweed and marine concentrates. Guam stimulates a physiological change in the fat cells causing visible improvement in the appearance of cellulite on your choice of thighs or tummy and waist. To think removing cellulite would be a painful procedure is far from wrong, enjoy these beautiful Guam products alongside a scrub and 40-minute massage during the mud wrap. Anti-Cellulite Treatment for Thighs 75min $150 | Anti-Cellulite Treatment for Tummy & Waist 60 minutes $130 123 Albert Street, Skycity Grand Hotel



Immerse yourself in an environment where you feel worlds away with your significant other. The Bliss Entire body package is the perfect escape for a couple before summer shenanigans begin. Designed to restore wellbeing to the body, mind and soul. This massage is tailor-made for each individual’s needs and is an effective treatment for easing tension and sore spots. Beginning with a 5-minute foot spa followed by a 55-minute body massage.

Waxing and shaving becomes cumbersome on a daily basis. Laser Skin Technologies hair removal provides a long term solution to getting rid of unwanted body hair. The way laser hair removal works, is that pulses of highly concentrated light are emitted from the laser into the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and that destroys the hair. Accessible for men and women, laser hair removal is quick, efficient, safe and comfortable. A consultation will help identify your needs and number of sessions you require to get the job done.

1 hour $109 per person Bliss on Broadway 1F/255 Broadway, Newmarket 09 520 6818

51 Mackelvie St, Grey Lynn Call 09 972 9671 for a consultation

2 Morrow St, Newmarket 09 524 8473


SUMMER DAYS OR NIGHTS Shop 4, 25 Teed St, Newmarket 09 522 8620 | b e l l o r o . c o . n z Private appointments available

Identity has Endless Options to suit your needs & the Expertise to help you put it together.

A carefully curated collection of bespoke handpicked European Vintage Clothing

Top: Honey Bee Necklace: Silver $180 Gold $210 Bottom: Small Lace Pod Earrings:Silver $150 Gold: $165

TESSUTI: 224 jervois rd, ponsonby — THE VAULT: 95b ponsonby rd ponsonby — TUBEROSE: 2 walton st, remuera — WALLACE ARTS TRUST: 72 hillsborough rd, hillsborough — AUCKLAND WAR MEMORIAL MUSEUM: the auckland domain, parnell

lo uise do u gla s.c o m

164 Kitchener Rd, Milford

Convenient location easy off motorway and plenty free parking

Embroided Cotton Top $159.90 Shirred Back Linen Dress $189.90

Dec 2016


14 St Marys Rd, Ponsonby 09 378 4770

90 FASHION Dec 2016

New arrivals from Jason Lingard in store and online now. New Zealand designed and made labels. Diane Burkhardt garments ready to wear and made to measure. Unrivalled personal service.



BALM ST NE WMARKET 0 9 5 24 5787

Model is wearing: Moore Top 3872SW Sorrento Shor t 3901JX

W W W. H A R T L E Y S . C O. N Z





*Present this voucher in store or a photo of this voucher to receive your discount.

165 Parnell Rd Open 7 days shop online at

91 FASHION Dec 2016



FASHION Dec 2016

So here we are facing the headlong rush into Christmas and the end of another year. This year, like every year, has whizzed past at lightning speed leaving many of us asking, “Where did it go?” In the midst of all the craziness of gift buying, food planning, holidays and hospitality it’s worthwhile to take some time to reflect on your wardrobe. How did it stack up? Did those pieces you’ve bought in the past 12 months get worn or did we forget them in our day to day busy-ness? I’ve just finished doing another client’s wardrobe: she’s a North Shore gal who I guess typifies many of my clients. She’s busy, working full time (plus some) in her own business while balancing time with her pre-teen children. When we sat together at the beginning of the session of our wardrobe planning I asked her where she spent her time. You see, when it comes to your clothing you should spend your money where you spend your time – if you have a wardrobe full of evening gowns yet you never go to events that require them, that needs to be addressed. Likewise, if you’re a full-time mum with a wardrobe of business suits, there’s an imbalance there. Anyway, back to my busy gal: her time was mostly spent at work and her weekends were busy with child focused activities, so she needed a fairly diverse wardrobe. As we went through her clothes she would repeatedly confess that she hadn’t worn many of the items we looked at “for years”. It’s an interesting question really, why do we never wear things? And then, if we don’t wear them, why do we keep them? Years pass (yes, I knew you were wondering when I’d get back to that) and there they hang, forlorn and unloved in the wardrobe while we bypass them for our 'top 20' pieces. I say top 20 as it’s a known fact that the average woman wears only 20% of her wardrobe. So, in the past year which pieces have you worn? What items are you overlooking each day? Take some time to check in and see if they are worth keeping. If not, get rid of them and don’t let another year pass that you 'never wear' something.

If you’d like a hand clearing the orphans out of your wardrobe, please get in touch. I can help you sort out what’s worth keeping, and what needs to be let go, and I’ll help you find new ways to wear existing pieces. Signature Style services make FABULOUS Christmas gifts, too. Check out what’s on offer at — Words: Jackie O'Fee



94 Loobieʼs Story Sills Obi David Pond Paula Ryan Sabatini Random Bazaar Deeanne Hobbs Staple + Cloth Lemon Tree New London Jeans

FASHION Dec 2016

Supporting NZ Designers

Follow us on Facebook 114 MAIN HIGHWAY ELLERSLIE OPEN MON – FRI 9.30-5.30 SAT 10-4 l PH 09 579 3535 WWW.SASHABOUTIQUE.CO.NZ







one gift per customer, while stocks last









NOLITA Super brands available @ MARILYN SEYB FOR

399 Remuera Road 09 520 5440




e g a t n i V r e m m Su

Top Images: Gold earings - Models Own. Right page: OFF TROPIC Dress by Trelise Cooper - $599. Kira Block Heel from Seed - $219.90.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Micheal and Vanessa Lewis STYLING: Verve Magazine MODEL: Samantha Murray LOCATION: Massimo, Takapuna. HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Imeleta Kellett


Left: G2 Womens Leather shoe from Superette - $269. Kookai Moda Stripe Dress in White - $180. Kookai Francesca Scarf in Orange/ White - $30 Right: Bird & Knoll Resort Tulum Tunic from Bird & Knoll, - $255, Pleat Short from Seed - $139.90. Right Page: Secret Trellis Dress by Ted Baker $469 from Le Jose, Takapuna.

NOTE FROM VERVE: With regards to the photograph above of our gorgeous model Sam, enjoying time in the sun on a cute retro bike in the courtyard next door to Caffe Massimo, Takapuna Beach. Verve wishes to acknowledge that she should have been wearing a bike helmet, and apologise for the omission.


Top: Off shoulder Lace Top from Seed - $159.90. Sunray skirt by Staple + Cloth. Bottom left: Zara shift dress in size XS from Yellow Belle, Hurstmere Road in Takapuna - $39. Bottom Right: Active Worx Bohemian Luxe, Honor Singlet Dress - $269.00. Billy Sun Hat

Don’t Leave Town ‘Til You’ve Been To Takapuna Beach

Most people who know Auckland will know Takapuna Beach, or at least know where it is, but do they know the Takapuna Beach of today? Over the past few years, Takapuna Beach has quietly been going about a renaissance that has transformed it into a vibrant, hip, beachside place to shop, play and stay. Gone are the two dollar shops — well there may be just one really good one left — now visitors to the main retail strip of Hurstmere Road can discover great little laneway settings such as Fortieth and Hurstmere and the Parkway Arcade, bustling with interesting cafes, restaurants, boutique shops and eclectic homeware and thrift items. The Parkway Arcade is home not only to one of Auckland’s top yoga studios, Golden Yogi, but also a couple of the most stylish thrift stores on the Shore. A treasure trove for fossickers and lovers of boutique retail, Takapuna’s re-awakening has not forsaken our love affair with food. Mainbeach offers a dining strip overlooking the stunning Takapuna Beach and caters for a range of tastebuds and occasions. Takapuna was also the place that celebrity chef Josh Emett chose to open his Auckland version of highly acclaimed, Madam Woo restaurant. Sports fans and lovers of the nightlife will not be left wanting with Hurstmere Road still offering an array of craft breweries, bars and restaurants that make a much sought after entertainment strip. The upcoming summer season will also present locals and visitors alike with a series of events and concerts. Takapuna Beach offers a great lineup of entertainment, shows, festivals and sporting events that can be found at And, there’s the beach! A large stretch of white sand with panoramic views out to Rangitoto Island, Takapuna Beach is popular with walkers, joggers and standup paddleboarders. The northern end of the beach next to the popular Takapuna Beach Café is also the start of one of Auckland’s best kept walking secrets, the lava walk which stretches from Takapuna to Milford and takes in secluded coves, rock pools and terrific views. Families can come and play on the sand, in the water, or at Auckland’s newest and most exciting playground, right in front of Mainbeach, then head off for childfriendly dining at local cafes and restaurants – you will be spoilt for choice!

Must Do Takapuna! 1. Walk the beach 2. Take the kids to the playground – they will never want to leave! 3. Check out free community classes on Sundays with goldenyogi. or for the perfect post-market or post-weekend wind down – or back to work wind up! 4. Explore the laneways of Hurstmere Road, find out more at: 5. Dine with a view, beachside at 6. Give life and meaning to that summer exercise regime with some fabulous new active wear from stores/nz/takapuna-beach/takapuna 7. Explore Shore City for more than 70 great shopping experiences under one roof at 8. Go home feeling like you have new feet with a reflexology treatment at 9. Enjoy a French affair of the most delicious kind at 10. Stand up for yourself!

TAKAPUNA Explore your neighbourhood

05 01

07 04 15 02 11 03 12

06 13 08 10 14 09



Honey Cafe


Skin Institute


The Book Store




O.W.L Objects




Yellow Belle


Home Fabrics


Country Corner By Interiors






Jerry Clayton BMW



Petal Cupcakes



Aktiv Worx




Hon e y C a f e Honey café has certainly created a stir within the Takapuna café scene for its great food and coffee, within a great sunny location, in a funky, fresh Huron space. —— Honey Café Mon-Fri (7am-3pm) Sat-Sun (8am-3pm) 12 Huron St, Takapuna, North Shore 09 489 4000


The B ook S t ore We are a book store designed by booklovers, for booklovers. We have an excellent range of books suitable for all ages including the latest fiction, fabulous gift books and gorgeous cards and wrap. —— 09 488 7244 61 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna


O.W.L O bj e ct s O.W.L has tried to create an inviting and welcoming store with objects we love. O.W.L offer both N.Z made and imported furniture including lounge settings and chairs, home décor, wall art and giftware all hand-chosen for their unique appeal. —— 53 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna 09 489 9332 Mon-Fri: 9:30-5ish Sat: 9:30-4ish Sun: 10-3ish



Yel low Bel le Women’s refuge designer clothing boutique shop Yellow Belle for affordable high end clothing and accessories. Because a helping hand never goes out of fashion. We’re giving women and children a second chance at life. —— 112 Hurtsmere Rd, Takapuna 09 488 0716


L e j ose Fa shi on Hou se


Countr y Corner By Interiors Traditional French hand-crafted furniture and homeware at affordable prices. New arrival of outdoor furniture. Up to 50% off on selected items. Brands include: Citta | Ecoya | Elitis | Sohum | Seneca | Bianca Lorenne French Country | Savon De Marseille —— 507 Lake Rd, Takapuna 09 486 0057

Lejose Fashion House. Visit this beautiful store showcasing Marella by MaxMara, Ted Baker, Versace Collections, Patrizia Pepe, Armani AJ, Gran Sasso also Full range of designer sunglasses and Jewellery. —— Shop 2e McKenzies Precinct 19-29 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna Beach 09 486 3112 Please like us on Facebook and Instagram

106 TAKAPUNA FEATURE Dec 2016 07

Pet a l Cup c akes We make cupcakes the way they were intended. That means starting with the purest of locallysourced ingredients and baking them to the highest standard. Made fresh, daily, the result is a soft cake with a tender crumb, topped with the perfect ratio of hand-piped, ganache-like icing that is buttery smooth and full of flavour. Every cupcake is handmade with love by our passionate cupcake chefs. They whip up the most decadent and unique taste combinations to bring you 20 scrumptious flavours to choose from. —— 106 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna 09 486 5051


A k t i v Wor x Aktiv Worx is an established specialist swim- and resortwear boutique situated a short walk up from the Takapuna Beach. —— Shop 10, 1-7 The Strand, Takapuna 09 489 7335


Take the first step to healthy, beautiful skin. Whether you’re wanting to keep your skin looking as good as possible, you’re interested in preventative ageing or looking for a treatment that will freshen up your appearance, look no further. Our Takapuna team of registered and experienced Appearance Medicine Nurses, can help you achieve the skin you want. Take the first step to healthy, beautiful skin by booking a free Appearance Medicine consultation, and get personalised advice, and product and treatments recommendations tailored specifically for you.

To book an appointment with Louise or Shantel, call Skin Institute Takapuna on 09 486 7111 or visit

Skin cancer | Veins | Appearance medicine

Skin Institute Takapuna, 398 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland. Open Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm

M A S S I M O TA K A P U N A : 1 / 3 T H E S T R A N D , TA K A P U N A | 0 9 4 8 6 5 5 5 0 | C A F F E M A S S I M O . C O . N Z 10




Familiar. Comforting. Delicious. All words that would accurately describe Franc’s Bar + Diner. This unassumingly cool and casual venue oversees Takapuna’s vibrant beach from the fun side of The Strand’s Main Beach complex. It is a beach-goer favourite for week day lunches, weekend brunches and late night eats with a full menu available until 11pm, Thursday to Saturday. “I wanted it to feel like you’re going out but coming home at the same time,” says Steve Shute, owner of Franc’s Bar + Diner, “like a suburban Kiwi family bach, somewhere close to the beach you can escape to on your downtime.” The décor has a stripped back charm to it, functional without seeming bare but effortlessly comfortable all the same. The outdoor picnic tables are well loved and reflect the popularity of sitting in the sun with a strawberry + lime frozé after some perfectly poached eggs benedict. Inside leaves you very much in holiday mode in front of the full length glass windows, nestled under the umbrella chandeliers busily discussing nothing much over some cold beers and hot poutine. The food doesn’t stop there though, with the menu covering a diverse range of tastes and flavours to suit each and every beach goer. The brisket burger explodes in your mouth thanks to the Swiss cheese, pickled onion and Kokako BBQ sauce turning up the volume on the 12-hour slow roasted brisket, finishing clean with the cut of fresh gherkin. Or try their specialty quinoa salad, packed full of raw and cooked vege, ricotta cheese, seeds, nuts and miso dressing that’s perfect for a late night bite and punches well above its weight on both energy and nutrition.

But it’s when lazy days transition to moonlit nights that Franc’s really comes in to its own. The change in lighting shrinks the space, still keeping it beautifully lit while making it more intimate and cosy. The 90's hip hop and R'nB drives the evening along, rewinding the clock a couple of decades to when everything just felt easier, accentuated by the very tasty adults-only milkshakes straight from a stainless steel boston shaker that leaves you feeling like a naughty teenager, enjoying a drop right under mum and dad’s nose. And like any good holiday home, there’s always something on at Franc’s that gathers a crowd. Bitchin Bingo, the pub night that’s taken Auckland by storm is finally available to the Takapuna masses each month. Franc’s offer a new take on open mic nights starting one Wednesday a month in the new year, hosted by Opensouls frontman, Bjorn Peterson. But if you want to make it a weekly thing, Hipstermatics and Sorceress' lead, Isaac Aesili, brings together a mashup of funk and soul every Saturday over summer from 3pm. When you can’t get out of Auckland, get down to Franc’s Bar + Diner on Takapuna’s The Strand this summer, because even though you’re going out, it still feels like you’re coming home.




20% off



• 75mm thick feather mattress toppers. • Hotel quality, luxurious finish. • Double layer of downproof casing. • Elastic corner straps. • Three sizes available: Queen, King and Super King.

28 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna Beach Auckland | Phone 09 486-1103

Jerry Clayton BMW


The Ultimate Driving Machine

LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN Every journey starts with the promise of something new, something familiar, or something to treasure forever. Experience it all at Jerry Clayton BMW, with the largest range of New, Demonstrator and Premium Used, or Plugin Hybrid BMWs in New Zealand. Our award winning Sales and Service team will ensure a dedicated BMW experience, just 5 minutes north of the bridge - we make your drive worthwhile. Let the journey begin.

Jerry Clayton BMW

Premium Used and Demonstrator BMWs 2016 118i Hatchback, Mineral White ................................ $44,850 2016 220i Coupe M-Sport, Mineral White ........................ $64,900 2015 330i Sedan M-Sport, Silver/Aluminium .................... $71,900 2015 435i Coupe M-Sport, Black Sapphire ...................... $84,900 2016 X3 35d M-Sport, Black Sapphire ........................... $104,900 2016 X5 M 4.4 V8, Black Sapphire ................................. $169,900 2016 M6 Coupe, Alpine White ........................................ $174,900 2014 i8, Crystal White ..................................................... $184,900 All vehicles come with balance of 5 Year Factory Warranty and balance of 3 Year Service Plan. BMW Finance and Insurance terms and conditions apply. On-road costs included in prices shown above.

BEGINNING A NEW JOURNEY OF OUR OWN IN 2017 AS CONTINENTAL CARS BMW 445 Lake Road, Takapuna. | 09 488 2000 | 14



A mere stones throw away from the beach, Regatta Bar and Eatery is a coveted destination along Takapuna's beachy waterfront. As the restaurant dining space opens over The Strand you ďŹ nd yourself immersed in the seaside culture and sprawling ocean views. A single step inside Regatta immerses you further into the coastal vibe, rousing both aesthetic and culinary cravings. A flawless collaboration between designers Ctrl Space Ltd and Lovelace & Co has seen Regatta catering to all who visit. Choose to lounge booth-style in the outdoor sunshine bar or perch slightly closer to the edge on the beach-side terrace and soak up the captivating beauty of Rangitoto island with your family and friends. The expansive dining area, fitted with cushioned seats, is perfectly suited for a long Sunday lunch or a moonlit dinner. The open kitchen pays homage to the classic Kiwi fish 'n chip shop with hanging wooden planks displaying the fresh seafood options on offer. Nautical inspired chandeliers of crayfish nets and mooring buoys sway in the gentle sea breeze with marine ropes dangling from the ceiling and fish-scale tiles decorating the bar. Regatta's menu is no different, laden with a wide variety of seafood fare from fresh market fish selected daily with the emphasis on sourcing the best, freshest and most sustainable species available from local fisheries. If you're in the mood for a different source of protein Regatta takes the classic Kiwi beachside barbecue to a whole new level with manuka smoked free-range meats on a wood-fired open grill. An extensive beverage list including a range of cocktails, while the mocktails means the entire family can join in the feeling of a resort-like escape. The wine list is hand-selected by owner Andy Ruzich who is passionate about celebrating his love of New Zealand wines while still paying tribute to the French side of his family with a few hidden treasures in the Regatta cellar. This is Auckland's most iconic seaside destination and is quickly being recognised as one of the must-visits in the City of Sails. Regatta will be sure to cure all food, wine and seaside cravings while you lose track of time taking in the majestic views of the Hauraki Gulf.



ELECTRIC BIKES MAKING MOLEHILLS OUT OF MOUNTAINS Electric bikes just make life easier. Pedal assistance means you use less effort, have more fun and more time when you get where you’re going. Electric bikes are low impact and make cycling an enjoyable, leisurely experience.

Commuting to work on an electric bike is easy. There’s no need to get sweaty in lycra on the morning commute if you don’t want to. And why pay for city parking if you don’t have to?

Head in to your local Avanti dealer and ask for a test ride today!

Baking the Night Away

“I’ve always been in to baking,” says Yeshe Dawa, owner of The Midnight Baker café. “I remember making butterfly cupcakes with mum when I was little. There was lots of whipped cream and icing sugar involved!” Yeshe’s grandfather, too, was a baker, and she believes her love of all things culinary has been passed down through the family. Yeshe describes her philosophy as “working to create real, consciously-considered food”, and as working together “to collectively uplift each other and the community”. That location means nearly as much to her as the café itself. “Mount Eden is my hood, so when I saw 218 was available, I jumped at the opportunity,” beams the baker. “Dominion Road has a certain charm to it. It’s run down and full of both character and characters. There’s a diverse community that comes with it too whether it be age or ethnicity. It’s really great getting to engage with people in our area via the café.” Just like the tucker, the café has an earthy, all-natural vibe, adorned with linen and fresh foliage and decked out with tables of recycled wood. Yeshe tells me the idea was born five years ago from the combination of her “personal struggle with eczema” which led to her going gluten- and dairy-free, and the dearth of quality baked GF items available at the time. So, Yeshe started making her own (usually late at night, hence the name ‘The Midnight Baker’), which proved a huge hit with her friends and former colleagues. After much experimenting, the Freedom Loaf was born: “It’s our core product and the star of our toast menu.” The menu is mainly centred around healthy breads beneath an array of sweet or savoury hearty toppings: “I like having the peace of mind from knowing that what was going into my food and body would nourish rather than irritate.” Opening the café, Yeshe adds, was not just her biggest challenge this year but “the hardest struggle” of her life. “Overcoming my pride and accepting help was a huge challenge too,” she adds. “I was incredibly humbled by the people who came forward when I most needed it, who supported me along the way and since we’ve opened.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

113 FOOD Dec 2016

Working to create real, consciously-considered food

YU L ET IDE WITH YESH E What are your earliest Christmas memories? Among my earliest Christmas memories are making a gingerbread house with my nan and devouring fresh Christmas pudding with cream and homemade custard having collected the sixpences inside to trade for real money.

What will you be eating this Christmas?

Baby potatoes with fresh mint. Plenty of fresh summer salads using greens from mum’s garden. And fresh raspberries with coconut ice-cream—amongst all of the chocolate and desserts. If you could have anything for Christmas it would be... Time with my family and loved ones. Sunshine for summer holiday adventures. The mindfulness to enjoy it. And any New Year’s resolutions? Say ‘yes’ when I mean yes and ‘no’ when I mean no!

Trophy for Talisman 114


FOOD Dec 2016

Talisman by Crossroads 2013 has been awarded the Trophy for 'Red Blends Non Bordeaux' at the 2016 Six Nations Wine Challenge held recently in Sydney, along with a Double Gold for Talisman Syrah by Crossroads 2013. Entry into the Six Nations Wine Challenge is by invitation only, with the judge from each country selecting their top 100 wines to be entered. Talisman 2013 and Talisman Syrah 2013 were two of the 100 New Zealand wines selected by Bob Campbell MW (Master of Wine) to enter this year’s competition. Six hundred wines were entered in total from countries Australia, Canada, Chile, South Africa, USA and New Zealand, with a mere 15 wines being awarded a trophy. Crossroads’ signature wine, Talisman, is a secret blend of varieties known only to our winemaker. It is a unique embodiment of the very best wine our Hawke’s Bay vineyards have to offer. Crossroads Winemaker, Miles Dinneen, who accepted the trophy at the Six Nations Trophy presentation dinner held in Sydney last night, was delighted. “To win a trophy for Talisman, in particular, is very special," he says. "It’s Crossroads’ signature wine, a secret blend, crafted using the very best grapes each vintage has to offer. Talisman is one of the original cult wines from Hawke’s Bay, and has been in production since 1994. It is a great personal honour to bring a trophy home for New Zealand when judged against some of the world’s finest wines in the Six Nations Wine Challenge.' This trophy is the second significant accolade for Crossroads in recent months, with Crossroads Winemaker’s Collection Chardonnay 2014 receiving a Platinum Award at this year’s


Decanter World Wine Awards for Best New Zealand Chardonnay over $15, held in June. Talisman by Crossroads 2013 and Talisman Syrah by Crossroads 2013 are both available in very limited quantities from our Cellar Door and select fine wine retail stores nationwide, and have a recommended retail price of $55.95. About Crossroads Wines For more than 25 years, Crossroads Wines has represented the very best of small parcel Hawke’s Bay winemaking. The Crossroads Winery 'home vineyard' is located in Hawke’s Bay where vines thrive in diverse soils, from the renowned Gimblett Gravels to the cool inland slopes of the Ngaruroro River. The deep layer of ancient river silt delivers wonderful aromatic qualities and the Gimblett Gravels terroir provide depth, structure and intensity. Crossroads has three wine tiers: — Milestone Series celebrating Crossroads’ dedication from the vineyard to the winery – creating benchmark wines from the region. — Crossroads Winemakers Collection showcases the very best parcels of fruit, crafted with passion. — Crossroads’ signature wine, Talisman, is a secret blend known only to our winemaker, a unique embodiment of the most exceptional wine each vintage has to offer. Talisman Syrah now completes this tier. — Trophy for Talisman at Six Nations Wine Challenge



A rich complex wine with aromas of cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant, along with smoky and savoury notes from barrel aging. The palate is dense and vibrant

The bouquet is classic Syrah, lifted floral aromatics, ripe black fruit and spice. On the palate the sweet dark

with plummy fruit, rich tannins, toasty

fruits are supported by dense and

oak and a long fine finish.

refined tannins, melding for a long

95/100 Bob Campbell 5 Stars Cameron Douglas

seamless finish. 96/100 Sam Kim

96/100 Sam Kim 5 Stars Raymond Chan

Mastered by Craft. Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

For over 20 years, Crossroads has brought wine lovers the very best of small parcel winemaking from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Visit Our Cellar Door Open 7 days: 11.00am - 4.30pm (closed Good Friday & Christmas Day) 1747 Korokipo Rd, State Highway 50, Fernhill, Napier Tel: (06) 879 9737 Gift vouchers available


20% discount


on regular wine prices when you mention this ad at our Cellar Door

The Art & Soul of a Kitchen “

We wanted chefs who mastered the fundamentals, then broke the rules of tradition and made their own cuisine — David Gleb to LA Times.

"Cooking shows have taught us, changed us and changed with us,” writes Kathleen Collins in Watching What We Eat: The Evolution of Television Cooking Shows. “... they have evolved to satisfy our yearning for quality, affordable, environmentally and health conscious, easy to prepare yet sophisticated food.” While there may not be enough hours in the day or dollars in our wallets to attempt to replicate each tasty treat we see on TV, Collins believes that the shows succeed because “everyone eats, knows something about food, and can relate to the endeavor”. It has been more than half-a-century since the world was first introduced to the formula, first on radio, and then TV, and the public has devoured them ever since. Cooking shows are our comfort food. American channel The Food Network attracts around a million viewers per night, while a couple of years ago the Daily Mail counted 434.5 cookery hours on British television in just one week. But have we now reached peak Ramsay and his ilk? Well, there’s always room for dessert. In 2012, filmmaker David Gelb released Jiro Dreams of Sushi, an inexplicably compelling and universally

Left to Right: Dan Barber and his Chefs at Stone Hill . Massimo Bottur at his Restaurant Osteria Francescana. Season three chef Adeline Grattard.

lauded feature-length documentary that told the story of an 85-year-old Tokyo-based sushi master and his quest for epicurean perfection. Last year Gelb turned his cinematic eye for culinary beauty to another project, Chef’s Table, an equally poetic take on the kitchen which has garnered equal critical acclaim. The documentary series, aired on Netflix, sees crews traverse the globe in search of passionate chefs with engrossing life tales to share. “We wanted the chefs to be pretty much obsessed with what they’re doing,” Gelb tells the Los Angles Times. “We didn’t want chefs who have a ton of restaurants but who are really focused on the restaurants they do have and are trying to make them perfect. We wanted chefs who mastered the fundamentals, then broke the rules of tradition and made their own cuisine.” Subjects include Dan Barber, an “intellectual chef” who pioneered the farm-to-table movement and Massimo Bottura one of the world’s best who “kind of reinvented the traditional cuisine of Modena, Italy”. But all chosen chefs are by no means international superstars. Gelb says that although the show is set in the world of food, his concern is not with how the chefs cook, but rather why.

For its latest outing—season three—Chef’s Table finds itself in France where Alain Passard of Arpège hopes the documentaries might inspire younger generations to take up his art. “It’s a great opportunity given to me by David [Gelb], to get into my professional intimacy,” he tells Conde Nast Traveler. “... Isn’t it great to be able to talk about what you love? Thirty years of happiness—no weariness, only enthusiasm.” In one episode, Gallic chef Adeline Grattard reveals that a cuisine reflects what you have inside of you, that “it’s an expression of your inner life”. Such has been the show’s success that Netflix has signed Gelb for three seasons more. “Perseverance is a common thread between the shows.” he says in an interview with Bon Appetit. That he wants people to watch these films, then examine their own lives and dining habits and see how it changes their perspective. “These chefs' journeys and how they got there will reveal a lot lessons for people who are aspiring to do creative things.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


Text: Tudor Caradoc-Davies | Photographs: Warren Heath

Forget chefs. Barmen are the new rock stars of the taste world. From Cape Town to Singapore and back Down Under, globetrotting Australian Luke Whearty leads the pack.

Milk and Honey 80ml Milk & Honey Mix

Pour chilled milk and honey mix into white ceramic cup. Garnish with milk snow and honey comb.


800ml full cream milk 400ml brandy 200ml honey 15g fig leaves 1x cinnamon quill 1x whole nutmeg (cracked)

Combine all ingredients in saucepan and heat until roughly 60 degrees (too hot for finger at three seconds). Once heated take off heat and leave to cool. Once cooled, strain, bottle and refrigerate for service.


800ml full cream milk 200ml honey 15g fig leaves Combine all ingredients in saucepan and heat until roughly 60 degrees (too hot for finger at three seconds). Once heated take off heat and leave to cool. Once cooled, strain into cream siphon, charge with 2 c NO2 bulbs and refrigerate for service.


75g honey 140g liquid glucose 400g castor sugar 90ml water 25g baking soda

Place the honey, liquid glucose, water and sugar in a large heavy-based saucepan and heat gently, stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves. Increase the heat and cook until the mixture starts to turn to light golden color. Mix in baking soda. The mixture will erupt into a foaming mass. Pour immediately into a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Leave to cool, then place in the fridge to set for approx 7-10 minutes. Store in airtight jar of not using immediately.


Applebos (non-alcoholic)

120ml apple juice Heat red apple juice on stove to 80 degrees Celsius. Pour slowly over apple bush tea and serve to guest.

APPLE BUSH TEA 100g Red bush tea 100g puffed rice 25g star anise 10g dried lemon zest 5g dried strawberries 25g red apples corn flowers to colour

FOOD Dec 2016

Watermenlon & Rosemary (non-alcoholic)

6x pieces fresh watermelon 20ml lime 15ml agave nectar 20ml soda water Muddle watermelon in bottom of shaker before adding all ingredients (except soda) in shaker and shake with blocked ice. Strain neat into stemless Champagne ute, add soda and garnish with fresh sprig of wild rosemary.

Foodnotes: Festive Drinks

121 FOOD Dec 2016


¼ cup fresh herb sprigs (a mix of mint, thyme, or basil), plus extra for garnishing handful of ice 2 cups cold filtered water 2 teaspoons Ceres Organics Matcha Powder 1-2 tablespoons Ceres Organics Coconut Nectar Syrup Place herbs in a large jar and mash with a muddler (or the back of a wooden spoon) to release their oils. Add the remaining ingredients, put the lid on your jar, then shake until matcha powder has dissolved. Pour into ice-filled glasses, garnish with herbs, and serve.


MAKES 1½ cups | READY IN 10 MINUTES 2 cups frozen blackberries, defrosted 4 tablespoons fresh basil, loosely packed ½ cup Ceres Organics Brown Rice Malt Syrup ½ cup Ceres Organics Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tablespoon Ceres Organics Coconut Balsamic Dressing sparkling water Place blackberries, basil, and rice malt syrup in a large jar. Mash to a pulp with a muddler (or the end of a wooden spoon), then stir in the vinegar and balsamic dressing. Cover and put in the fridge for 24-48 hours to allow the flavours to develop. Remove from the fridge and strain using a large tea strainer, pressing on the solids to extract all the flavours. Keep the pulp for using in your smoothies. Pour the shrub into a jar or bottle with a lid, and store in the fridge. It should keep for at least a month. To serve, add about a tablespoon of shrub to your glass and pour over with sparkling water.

122 FOOD Dec 2016

Celebrating Champagne “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” so goes the supposed quote from Dom Pierre Pérignon, the 17th century French monk who supposedly invented Champagne. Neither assertion is correct, though the monk did play an imporatnt role in developing the modern day version of the bubbly tipple, most notably by perfecting a method of extracting a palatable white wine from red wine grapes (but he actually tried to get rid of the fizz, which was seen as an imperfection). As for the quote, that comes from a late 19th century Champagne ad, so expect it to be appear, above a photograph of Pérignon, in your Facebook news feed sometime soon. Ocean waters once covered the soils of the Champagne region in northern France, retreating around 70 million years ago to reveal great swathes of chalk deposits. Ten million years ago, a series of enormous earthquakes spewed into these plains an abundance of nutrient rich marine sediments, quite literally laying the foundations for the legendary tipple. The Romans first fully realised the region’s fertile potential, growing everything from grains to grape, and though it has been a wine-producing area for the best part of 2,000 years, until the exploits of Pérignon, the area was most revered for its high quality wool. For centuries, Champagne was actually considered a substandard vino, as the growers laboured in vain to reproduce the ripeness of grapes which blossomed in the warmer regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy. In the end, makers simply embraced the shortcomings of their climate, and Champagne became a celebration of its lack of ripeness, the acidity and bubbles further adding to

its character. Now it has become the ultimate symbol of celebration. We can thank the Europeans for that. “After the French Revolution, it became a part of the secular rituals that replaced formerly religious rituals,” Kolleen M. Guy, associate professor of history at the University of Texas at San Antonio and author of When Champagne Became French, tells Live Science. “You could christen a ship without a priest, for example, by using the ‘holy water’ of Champagne... In a secular society, we want to mark both the joy and sanctity of the occasion. Champagne does this symbolically, but also visually, since it overflows in abundance and joy.” Royalty, she goes on, also fell for its sparkling allure, which was said to have positive effects on women’s beauty and men’s wit. Today, it’s even used to judge economies, with sales a surprisingly accurate indicator of global consumer confidence. “Champagne very much follows the mood of the economy,” Joël Claustre, head of Champagne at Searcys, London, tells the BBC. Last year, international shipments of the drink reached a record $7.6 billion, before that, the best year was 2007, just before the global financial crisis. “I think the masses are, in a way, now drinking Champagne more than they used to be,” continues Claustre. “This is exactly what we want — I think [it] should be something everybody could drink.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Fizzing with Enlightenment

S OM E C H AMPAG NE FACT S The majority of Champagnes are the result of blending three grape varieties: chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier.

Asian nations are the fastest growing markets, with sales rising 29% in Taiwan in 2015, and 31% in South Korea.

Brut, the most common Champagne, is dry, sec is off-dry, and demi sec is medium sweet.

Cristal Champagne takes its name from the tendency of Russian tsars to be served their fizzy stuff from crystal glass bottles.

There are three tiers of quality, luxe cuvées are the best, followed by vintage and nonvintage. Keep an eye out for Champagnes from 1989-90, ‘95-’96 and ‘98 to stock your cellar like a pro. It’s best kept in the dark, and when you buy a bottle ask if you can have one from the shop’s back room rather than the shelf. Only so much Champagne can be produced per year—the natural limit is in the region of 350 million bottles.

A 100ml glass of Champers will produce around 100 million bubbles and not go flat for four hours. The best way to open a bottle of bubbly, explosion-free, is to twist the bottle not the cork, and certainly don’t force it out with your thumbs. Each year, flying Champagne corks kill more people than sharks do.

Q & A With

Anne Batley Burton The Champagne Lady is not only a star in the reality show Real Housewives of Auckland but has her own successful business “importing the best Champagne”. Verve caught up with Anne to find out more.

What have you liked best about being on the show? Being on RHOAKL has really broadened my horizons and opened up so many opportunities for me. My Champagne Jacquart sales have rocketed! Very importantly the exposure has given me a voice for my charity, The NZ Cat Foundation, providing me an opportunity to educate the community about responsible pet and cat ownership. I’ve also done a few things I wouldn’t normally have done and been pushed out of my comfort zone. What have you least liked? I wasn’t keen on being seen on national TV in the spray-tan cabinet! Tell us about your cats? All of our cats are rescues and I just adore them. We have four in Parnell, and of course at Goose Creek I have set up my sanctuary for cats that are unable to be homed for various reasons such as health or personality issues. I also look after a number of colonies of community cats with a group of volunteers. Under the care of my charity The NZ Cat Foundation we have around 200 cats. What do you like about Champagne? Everything! I love its elegance, its sparkle, its effervesence. I love the way it kicks every party off with a bang. And it's a drink for every occasion. As Napoleon once said, "In victory we deserve it and in defeat we need it!” To what extent is the show scripted? We are put into situations that have been engineered but what we say is not scripted. It is really up to us to behave as we see fit under the circumstances. Is it heavily edited? The show is edited in that there is a huge amount of footage that is not used for various reasons. Obviously there is the opportunity to present situations differently giving certain impressions, but at the end of the day I personally feel each of the housewives have shown their true character throughout the show. Do you choose your own clothing? I wore my own clothing throughout the show. Some of the other women did borrow clothes to fit into a certain theme but it is difficult for me to borrow clothes from a designer since I am much smaller than the standard. Apart from that I was pretty clear I have a certain style and wanted to stick to it. I want to appear as I am.

Describe your working day on the set of Real Housewives of Auckland? It depends on what we were involved in and the timing, but it was often a very early start with hair and makeup arriving at the crack of dawn. If filming was in the house, as for master interviews, the crew would arrive at a similar time to get set up. Master interviews take a long time and can be quite tiring but the crew were all fabulous and did the absolute best they could. If out on location there is often a lot of waiting around and since we filmed during winter it was very cold. There was a lot of camaraderie on set between all the housewives and the crew. A wonderful experience all round. How long have you been importing Champagne and what got you into it? Was it because you love drinking it? I’ve been importing Champagne for around 24 years and originally started importing literally to get it at the right price for my own consumption. Then I started selling it to friends and one thing led to another! I also import good value for money French wines as well as wine barrels and capsules which I sell to the NZ winemakers. Is there a second season? We hope so! I understand there is a lot of pressure to do a second season but it will depend on the budget no doubt! What is the fondest memory that you have from the show? Louise and I unexpectedly had to share a villa together in Port Douglas. Originally I didn’t want to share but it was such fun. I think the producers thought we would clash but as it turned out we got on like a house on fire. We laughed and laughed so much and became firm friends! What are you doing for Christmas? As usual I’ll be doing a perfect Christmas lunch for all the family and for a few close friends who join us every year! I love to do it in style with my very special dad being as always the guest of honour. We will have it at our country property, Goose Creek, and I’ll be on duty feeding all the sanctuary cats as well so I’ll be very busy! We don’t have turkey – we have crayfish, king prawns and salmon. We don’t do much as I like to be around for dad but will go away on a few short jaunts on the boat or to a lodge for a few days just to have a break. Our holiday is usually off to our house in France to escape the winter although I missed out this year because of the show.

Please see Anne's advert in the Verve Marketplace to order your champagne or call Anne on 021 929 999 email l

The Caker

Layered Orange Blossom, Lemon & Lime Cake with Honey Cream Cheese Icing CAKE: 300g/10.6oz butter, softened 300g/10.6oz golden, unrefined caster sugar 6 organic eggs 2 tsp vanilla extract 300g/10.6oz ground almonds 75g/2.6oz spelt flour zest and juice of 1 large, unwaxed lemon zest and juice of 1 large, unwaxed lime 1 Tbsp orange blossom water


SERVES 18 I love the subtle hint of orange blossom in this lovely cake. if you want a double-layer cake instead of a small triple-layer cake, simply use two 22cm tins and bake for 35 minutes instead of 30. You can easily make it gluten-free by replacing the spelt flour with buckwheat flour. Preheat oven to 180°C fan bake. Line three 15cm tins with baking paper. In the bowl of an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar until pale, light and fluffy.

300g/10.6oz cream cheese 4 Tbsp honey zest and juice of ½ lemon ½ tsp vanilla extract

Beat in the eggs, one at a time, along with the vanilla.


Divide the batter evenly between the 3 cake tins.

pistachios, roughly chopped lemon or lime curd freeze-dried lime chips

Bake for approximately 30 minutes. The cakes are ready when golden in colour, springy to the touch, and a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.

Gradually fold in the ground almonds and flour, then the lemon and lime zest and juice and orange blossom water.

Allow the cakes to cool for around 10 minutes before turning out onto a cooling rack. Meanwhile, make the icing. In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat the cream cheese until smooth and continue to add the rest of the ingredients until a smooth, glossy consistency is reached. Once the cakes are completely cool, spread a layer of icing onto one layer and place another layer directly on top. Repeat this process with the final layer. Apply a neat coating of icing to the top of the cake, and top with some chopped pistachios, lemon or lime curd piped with a piping bag, and freeze-dried lime chips. Refrigerate in an airtight container for up to three days.

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The Caker

Mini Triple-Layer Choc Chip Cake with Peppermint Ganache CAKE: 200g/7.1oz butter, softened 200g/7.1oz golden unrefined caster sugar 4 organic eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 100g/3.5oz ground almonds 150g/5.3oz unbleached, stoneground flour 165g/5.8oz dark chocolate chips (70% cocoa solids)

GANACHE: 300ml cream 300g/10.6oz dark chocolate chips (70% cocoa solids) 1 tsp peppermint extract TOP WITH: toasted coconut flakes pistachios, chopped freeze-dried raspberries, crushed

SERVES 12 Preheat oven to 180°C fan bake. Line three 15cm tins with baking paper. In the bowl of an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar until pale, light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, along with the vanilla. Gradually fold in the ground almonds and flour. Fold in the chocolate chips by hand. Evenly divide the batter between the three tins. Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until golden in colour, springy to the touch and a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean. Allow the cakes to cool for 10 minutes before turning out onto a cooling rack. Meanwhile, make the ganache. Heat the cream in a saucepan until small bubbles start to appear on the surface. Take off the heat and drop in the chocolate chips. Stir until they are melted through; the ganache should be thick, smooth and glossy. Finish off with the peppermint extract. Chill the ganache for 25 minutes to allow it to set and thicken. Once the cakes are completely cool, spread a layer of ganache onto one of the layers and place the second layer directly on top. Repeat the process with the final layer, and apply a final coating of ganache onto the top and sides of the cake. Decorate the top with the coconut flakes, pistachios and berries. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to 3 days.

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The Wine Rack

The Wine Rack



FOOD Dec 2016

One of New Zealand’s most successful wineries and home to many of our number one selling red wines, Villa Maria Estate has once again proved its excellence on the world stage with its 2013 cabernet sauvignon featuring Bordeaux varietals that encapsulates Villa Maria’s fifty-five years of winemaking achievements. For all his accomplishments as a winemaker and an ambassador for the New Zealand wine industry, Sir George Fistonich, or George as he is better known, continues to push the boundaries with countless award-winning wines both here and abroad.

While there is plenty of action in Auckland’s busy luncheon scene, hotels are rarely a success. However, Sofitel’s 30-minute express luncheon menu is not only bold and interesting, but also great value for money City-siders may be familiar with Lava Restaurant but we can’t but reiterate how refreshing it is to dine in a cosy and swanky place with some of the best and imaginative crowd-pleasing fare in town. The menu changes daily from what’s on the main bill of fare with offerings of an entrée, main (fish, meat or vegetarian) and dessert from a selection of contemporary dishes created by executive chef Sebastian Hindrichs For those who want a quick lunch within the city, Lava is definitely the place to go. The concept is challenging. The food is plated and on your table within 30 minutes with the aim of getting you out of the restaurant in a timely manner

Over twenty-five years ago a very special ceremony was held at the Ngakirikiri Vineyard located in the Gimblett Gravels where the site was blessed by Maori elders. Following the blessing, Sir George Fistonich planted vines alongside the majestic, centuriesold river bed. Fast forward two decades to what is now recognised as one of the greatest red wine vintages ever to be produced out of Hawkes Bay: enter Ngakirikiri. This icon red wine sets a new benchmark for quality and finesse and will position itself at the pinnacle of Villa Maria’s extensive wine portfolio. “The passionate pursuit of quality, superior vineyard selection has allowed us to create this sophisticated and complex rare wine,” says Sir George Fistonich. Ngakirikiri is Maori for ‘the gravels’, a befitting name for a distinctive wine grown in the stony Hawkes Bay vineyards of Gimblett Gravels renown for producing cabernet sauvignon at its very best.

The décor vibes are good, too. The dining area is made up of four separate dining sections. It's airy and informal, refined by vibrant floor-to-ceiling illuminated lightbox murals, wooden floors and well-spaced table settings which blend effortlessly with the chic surroundings The wine list does not come cheap, but it’s as interesting as the cuisine, studded with local curiosities crafted around the exuberant with an excellent choice of by-the-glass offerings And the verdict? Whilst Lava’s cuisine awakens the senses it also stakes its claim on Auckland’s business lunch territory with their clever $30 set menu. To go with this, the front-line staff are right on their game, educating other restaurateurs who pretend to be in the hospitality business

Menu 8 Cuisine 9.5 Wine List 8

Service 9.5 Décor 8 Value for Money 9

Lava: Licensed, 21 Viaduct Harbour Ave, Phone 354 7478, Business lunch seven days, All credit cards (2% surcharge)

2013 VILLA MARIA NGAKIRIKIRI CABERNET SAUVIGNON RRP $150 This is no ordinary cabernet sauvignon. A full-bodied classic red wine with a lively palate of vibrant fruity flavours characteristic of Nick Picone’s (Villa Maria’s group chief winemaker) skills. It has good balance and structure with fine tannins that gives a long round finish. Will cellar long and well.


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For business or leisure, for family or guests, you can be confident with Quest whether for one night, one week, or longer.

Spacious, modern apartments ideal for the business and leisure traveller to Auckland. Offering: • The choice of studios, one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments, all tastefully furnished with wellequipped kitchens and laundries. • We also offer our guests free Wi-Fi, 29 TV channels & 40 movies. • Secure undercover parking. Newmarket is a very popular location with cafés, shopping, cinemas and the Newmarket business area all on its doorstep. Please check out our website:


QUEST PARNELL 8 Heather St, Parnell Ph 337 0804


QUEST NEWMARKET 31-39 Davis Cr, Newmarket Ph 520 3000

Quest Parnell located in the historical suburb of Parnell, offers studios, one- and two-bedroom (two-bathroom) self-contained apartments along with an on-site gym and heated lap pool. • Perfect location just off Parnell Road. • Over 50 restaurants and cafés within walking distance. • Kitchen and laundry facilities in all apartments. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Secure undercover parking. • Group accommodation for friends and families of wedding parties.

Quest Carlaw Park: Spacious modern apartments for business or leisure. Studio, one-bedroom and luxury two-bedroom (two-bathroom) penthouse apartments available. All with well-equipped kitchens and laundries. Easy 10-minute walk to the city, and on Parnell’s doorstep. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Secure undercover parking. • Complimentary access to Next Generation Gym (100m). • Café, Italian, and Japanese restaurants next door. Please check out our website:


QUEST CARLAW PARK 15 Nicholls Lane, Carlaw Park, Parnell Ph 304 0521

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Your Kind of Christmas?

As we set about celebrating Christmas at the beginning of summer, swapping the roast for the barbecue, and fir trees for pinus radiata, it’s good to know we’re not alone in creating our own unique version of this traditional event.

Day. On St Nicholas's Eve (5 December), children leave their freshly cleaned (we hope) boots in the window, in the hope that St Nicholas will fill them with goodies. If children have been naughty, Krampus (a half-goat half devil monster with horns) leaves them twigs to remind them to behave!

Even in colder climes there are unique aspects that are worth celebrating. Consider Greenland, which claims to be the actual home of Santa Claus, or at least where he spends his summer holidays! Inuit villagers get together to eat and drink, and exchange presents such as sealskin mitts or polished walrus tusks. How does mattak sound – whale skin wrapped around a strip of blubber? Apparently, it tastes like coconut!

Brazilians bring their diverse traditions and cultures to the table! They celebrate with Italian panettone in São Paulo, African style foods in the northeast, and Portuguese salted cod in Rio de Janeiro. Amigo secreto — 'secret friend' — sees the giving of gifts throughout December using a pretend name. On Christmas Day, all is revealed and secret friends are found out!

For a real blend of Pagan and Christian traditions try Latvia. On the evening of 21 December people drag a yule log across the Old Town to gather up the town’s failures. After a ceremonial burning of the log, the town is able to have a fresh start to the year! An interesting tradition coming from the country claiming to have the first recorded evergreen Christmas tree, as early as 1510.

Ethiopia still uses the ancient Julian calendar, so Christmas (called Ganna) is celebrated on 7 January. People fast the day before then attend mass the next morning at 4am! Dressed in a traditional white shamma the day is celebrated with ululation, chiming church bells, dazzling umbrellas and lighted candles. After the Mass service, everybody goes home to break the fast with doro wat, a spicy chicken stew.

Fireworks play a part in the Christmas celebrations in many countries, such as in Bolivia, where they’re set off on Christmas Eve after midnight mass. For many Bolivians, Christmas is bonus time, as by law they must receive two or three times their normal salary in December!

And lastly, spare a thought for the Kazakhs! While Kazakhstan was part of the USSR all religions were banned, so the focus was all on New Year’s Eve. While there weren’t Christmas trees, Santa Claus or presents, they improvised with a New Year tree, a ‘Snow Father’, and New Year presents, and New Year’s is still the biggest celebration, 20 years on!

Candles are a big part of Christmas in Croatia, with their traditional advent wreath made of straw and four candles. A fifth candle is often added in the centre, and lit on Christmas

However you celebrate Christmas, it really is a celebration of life in this wonderfully diverse world.


Brochure out now! Tailor-made travel with personality, to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. Order your free copy now!

09 360 7311  /worldjourneys

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Priests at St Georges Cathedral, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Northern Lights over a traditional sled, Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Main square, Hvar, Croatia

Marfa’s Art “They speak about Marfa with the same kind of reverent tones generally reserved for the pilgrimage of the Virgin of Lourdes” — Carolina Miranda Less than a couple of thousand souls reside in Marfa, an arid town to the far west of Texas in the high plains of the Chihuahuan Desert of Presidio County, protected on three sides by a cluster of mountains. The town’s stubborn inaccessibility — a dusty three-hour drive from the nearest airport, El Paso — further adds to her mystery. Established as a railway water spot in 1883, Marfa, so goes the legend, was named by a freight company executive’s wife after a character created by Dostoyevsky in The Brothers Karamazov. Others claim it to be named after a character in Michael Strogoff, a novel by Jules Verne. Either way, it has been captivating creatives and inspiring adventurous types ever since. During the 1940s, Marfa emerged as a military stronghold, the home of, among other things, an advanced flight-training base and a prisoner of war camp. At the decade’s close, western High Lonesome starring John Drew Barrymore (father of actress Drew) was filmed in the town, followed by James Dean’s last film, Giant, released in 1956. The next year, at the other end of the end of the country in the city of New York, a young artist by the name of Donald Judd held his first exhibition of expressionist paintings. As the years passed, Judd shifted his attention from brushstrokes to buildings and other three-dimensional mediums, gradually cementing his reputation as one of the most revered artistic minds of the 20th century, and in 1968 purchased a multi-storey warehouse in the Big Apple to permanently display his ever-sprawling artworks. Three years later, Judd discovered Marfa, the antithesis of the city that never sleeps of which he had grown so tired, and declared it the ideal site upon which to showcase his expanding minimalist ideals. Judd spent around US$2 million buying dozens of the town’s buildings in order to fill them with personal creations and classical and contemporary pieces by his peers. His vision was to turn the town itself into an art oasis, dedicating the rest of his days constructing his creative paradise. By the time of his passing in 1994, aged 65, Judd’s property portfolio included a couple of aircraft hangers, a bank, a hotel, a hot springs and a 400acre former cavalry base. Today, they’re estimated to be worth more than fifteen times what he invested, and managed by the Judd Foundation, which preserves the artist’s works, and the Chinati Foundation, which runs a museum on that cavalry base. The rest of the buildings still bear testament to Judd’s vision, home to an eclectic array of instillations and exhibits by artists such as Rembrandt and Yayoi Kusama. “Marfa is the kind of place where people actually want to live,” reports Neda Ulbay for NPR. “But the lack of a hospital weeds out retirees. And young families with kids are deterred by corporal punishment in the public school.” So the “artsy population” is limited to the wealthy and the “truly hardcore”. “You just come out here and you feel like, I want to make something,” sculptor Campbell Bosworth tells Ulbay. “I want to do something!” In Judd’s obituary, the New York Times describes his legacy as “permanent installations of contemporary art that are among the largest and most beautiful in the world”. — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

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Sea Flora by Virginia Woods-Jack

ART & ABOUT Dec 2016

Limited Edition Photographic Works E x c l u s i v e l y a t T h e Po i R o o m

09 520 0399

17 Osborne St, Newmarket

1 3 0 Po n s o n b y R d , Po n s o n b y



Furever Photography Studios NZ’s only photography studio dedicated exclusively to photographing pets.


320 Ponsonby Road, Upstairs

Dec 2016

Three Lamps, Ponsonby Auckland 09 360 1669



Central Otago Vineyard Cottages Winery, Cafe & Cellar Door Cycle Hire, Petanque & Hot Tub 10 mins to Arrowtown!

Book now! For an unforgettable holiday book direct at

0800 131 101

Verveʼs Christmas Crossie Answers Across: 8/16/13/40 We three Kings of Orient are one on a tractor two in a car, 11 Oboe, 12/45 Len Lye, 14 Game, 15 USA, 19 Nun, 20 Astral, 23 Isle, 24 Adore, 27 Agreed to, 28 Petanque, 30 Euros, 31 Teal, 32 Agenda, 36 Dai, 37 Electrostatics, 41 Orca, 42 Rainbow Warrior, 46 Bull, 47 The Mutton Birds.


Down: 1 Better, 2 Phrase, 3 Newt, 4 Snow goose, 5 Asti, 6 Song and dance, 7 Common ground, 9 Kereru, 10 Flaunt, 16 Ova, 17 Toledo, 18 Exempt, 21 Sigmund Freud, 22 Rhetorically, 25 Bottle, 26 Strait, 29 Cast about, 33 Ass, 34 Ferret, 35 Godwit, 38 Turbid, 39 Cloudy, 43 Item, 44 Aunt.

Stephen Robinson

Showing off our Heritage

138 ART & ABOUT Dec 2016

Throughout his life, Stephen has had plenty of connection with the countryside. Though he grew up in Wellington, as a youth he “spent plenty of time on farms”, his partner is a “sheep farmer’s daughter from Hawke’s Bay” and brother-in-law a dairy farmer in Taupo. “For my last book, I learnt to ride a horse, which was pretty crazy, but I loved it,” says the Auckland-based photographer.

“I just want people to remember that we come from an agrarian country,” says photographer Stephen Robinson. “We must understand that it makes the grass to feed our animals. In parts, we’ve done a good job, other places we’ve buggered up. Land is like an antique, we’re not going to be making any more of it.” In celebration of our legendary lands, Stephen has published Show Time: The A&P Show For All New Zealanders, a collection of fascinating photographs of fabled farming events from the length and breadth of the country. “I believe the A&P shows are a great link between the city and the country,” says the prolific photographer (this is his eighteenth publication). “It is one of those moments where the two can combine. It is now quite difficult for New Zealanders to get on to farms, to see the animals and the shows are a place where families can do that.” There is also, he adds, a growing curiosity of “where our produce comes from”.

Ambassadors for all things rural, the Topp Twins, have penned a foreword for the book (which also includes one of their DVDs), describing the A&P show as “an integral part of Kiwi culture” and “a celebration of heartland New Zealand” allowing folk “to be recognised for what they’re good at, whether it’s growing vegetables, making pikelets, raising calves, chopping wood or shearing sheep”. Stephen, so say Jools and Lynda, has “captured the heart and soul” of the event. The pictures riff on Stephen’s signature style of finding the fascinating within the familiar. “That is very important,” he says, “because there is now a trend for people to snap random collections of things. I’ve been observing life for a long time. It is the ultimate for me to publish my photos as an entity in a book as opposed to an exhibition because I like the idea of people sitting down and pondering over them.”

The project has been five years in the making, and Stephen soon learnt just how important these shows are to the communities. “People go to these things religiously,” he says. “They take it very seriously indeed.”

And any favourite photos from the collection? “No! It would be like trying to name your favourite kid. If I didn’t have an editor, there would have been about 10,000 shots.” Stephen Robinson is a professional commercial and advertising

photographer. He’s been taking photographs for more than thirty

years, and still loves picking up his camera every day. A keen romantic with a love of New Zealand, he lives in downtown Auckland with his

partner, Louise, and spends a lot of time on the road. His images have been published in numerous books on food, art and travel. Inspired by his strong interest in farming and a passionate belief that people

should know where their food comes from, he decided to photograph A&P shows around the country. On his travels he discovered that

this enduring Kiwi tradition is still very much alive and continues to

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces SHOW TIME THE A&P SHOW FOR ALL NEW ZEALANDERS


Did you have any favourite shows? “I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me that! I have two favourites, one on the North Island, and one on the South. The one at Waimate North is really isolated, with the feeling of a real New Zealand fair, while the one at Wanaka has that incredible backdrop, the whole area comes together at this big market overlooking the lake.”



(A&P) show for more than 150 years. For rural and city folk alike, it

was a family day out where we scoped out the latest farm machinery, showcased our talents for pickling onions, raising calves, shearing

sheep and highland dancing, or just went to ride the ghost train and

stuff ourselves silly with whitebait patties, hot dogs and candy floss.

Kiwis have been rolling up to their local Agricultural & Pastoral (A&P) show for more than 150 years. For rural and city folk alike, it was traditionally a family day out where we scoped out the latest farm machinery, showcased our talents for pickling onions, raising calves, shearing sheep and highland dancing, or just went to ride the ghost train and stuff ourselves silly with whitebait patties, hot dogs and and Lynda Topp and a bonus DVD with their own inimitable and candy floss. From Warkworth to Wanaka, Clevedon to Christchurch, each show has hilarious take on the A&P show, Show Time brings nostalgia into the presentits day and remindsdistinct us of our rural roots and the bonds that own flavour and brings city and country folk together from far and wide. In Show Time, photographer Stephen Robinson celebrates the good ’ol Kiwi A&P show and the unique role that it continues to play

in Kiwi culture today. He captures the events of the show and the

celebrate our connection to the land.

people behind them, from the contestants in the high-stakes

Jools and Lynda Topp, aka the Topp Twins, are New Zealand

sheep-shearing and wood-chopping competitions to the excited city

national treasures who have performed around the world as an

kid petting a lamb for the first time. From Warkworth to Wānaka,

original comedy-music duo for more than twenty-five years. The

Clevedon to Christchurch, each show has its own distinct flavour

twins reinvent themselves on stage, changing character, musical

and brings city and country folk together from far and wide.

style and gender with ease. They have had their own award-winning

been inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, received the New Zealand Order of Merit and honorary doctorates, and

featured in a documentary film about their lives, which became a worldwide hit. They regularly perform at A&P shows, where they are often mobbed by adoring audiences.

‘You can’t beat an A&P show. They’re a New Zealand institution and an integral part of Kiwi culture.’

Were the people always happy to be snapped? “Some are, some not. As always, wherever you go, it’s the whole gamut of life. Even the animals are camera shy sometimes.” — Jools and Lynda Topp

A&P Showtime Jacket 12.indd 1

Featuring an introduction by seasoned A&P show favourites Jools


TV series, released several hit albums and children’s audio books,

In Show Time, photographer Stephen Robinson celebrates the good ol’ Kiwi A&P show and the unique role that it continues to play in Kiwi culture. He captures the events of the show and the people behind them, from the contestants in the highstakes sheep-shearing and wood-chopping competitions to the excited city kid petting a lamb for the first time.

Once regarded as one of the most important calendar events of the

year, Kiwis have been rolling up to their local Agricultural & Pastoral

Show Time: The A&P Show For All New Zealanders is out in all book stores now. tie communities together.



FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT STEPHEN ROBINSON: Mobile: 021 940 473 Landline: 09 307 2772 Email: Website:

Although most of us are now city dwellers, the A&P shows’ importance remains undiminished, and while urban sprawl and subsequent loss of farmland has caused some shows to become smaller versions of their former selves, others continue to thrive, such as the Canterbury A&P show, which receives more than 100,000 visitors annually and hosted Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, at its 150th anniversary in 2012. The book includes a full list of A&P shows and events throughout the country and the months in which they are held. Featuring an introduction by seasoned A&P show favourites Jools and Lynda Topp and a bonus DVD with their own inimitable and hilarious take on the A&P show, Show Time brings nostalgia into the present day and reminds us of our rural roots and the bonds that tie communities together.

BOOK SPECIFICATIONS 240 x 280mm, landscape Hardback with jacket 224 pages, 200 photographs RRP: $59.95 Publication: November 2016 Packed in cartons of 8 copies


Waimate North, Whangārei, Dargaville, Warkworth, Clevedon, Pukekohe, Rotorua, Tokoroa, Hawarden, Christchurch, Wanaka, Tokomairiro/Milton

Copyright © Stephen Robinson

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE A&P SHOW Agricultural and pastoral (A&P) shows were established to promote all things farming.

In 1877, the A&P organisations were granted parliamentary protection as incorporated societies.

The idea was born in the UK. The Highland Society of Edinburgh, founded in 1784, held one of the very first such shows, in 1822. England followed 16 years later.

Initially the shows were all about farmers competing to have the best crops and livestock, later blooming into events to share ideas to improve farming methods and safety.

The Bay of Islands was the setting for the first New Zealand event, in 1842.

Later attractions included wood chopping, equestrian events, and displays of farm machinery.

The Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Auckland sprouted in 1843, holding its first show at the Exchange Hotel.

By the mid-20th century, Kiwi’s were throwing more than 100 of these rural celebrations each year, they continue in similar numbers today, split pretty evenly between our two main islands.

Canterbury’s and Hawke’s Bay’s A&P societies were established 20 years later.


139 ART & ABOUT Dec 2016

Left and above: Children with their pets, WÄ naka. This little boy looks ready and willing for next year’s competition.



Deluptum rempelicat ad eritiam


Deluptum rempelicat ad eritiam


CH R I STM A S T I ME W I T H J 9 What are your favourite Christmas memories? Starting the day opening pressies on our Northland family farm then heading to an uncle’s house on the coast for dinner on the beach. We’d play swingball and go floundering at night, inevitably break a new toy, and eat a hot roast lunch on a scorching hot day. There is nothing like like a rural New Zealand childhood – so special and among my most treasured memories. Favourite Christmas songs? Until a couple of years ago I hated Christmas songs! Then I was asked to do publicity for the Sol3 Mio Christmas In The Vines show at Villa Maria in Auckland and that changed everything. Man, those guys can sing. They helped me get over my disdain for yuletide tunes and now it’s an annual event. I honestly look forward to working on it every December. Bust out the tinsel and just try to stop me singing ‘Oh Holy Night’! What will you be up this Christmas? As little as possible! This time of year is the busiest for

Noise PR so I have to take the down-time when I can. I don’t have a lot of time to cook properly this time of year and I love cooking, so there is hopefully going to be lots of recipe experimenting, along with all the important cheese eating, wine drinking, book reading, and making stuff with clay. A genie grants you three Christmas wishes, what are they? Dear Genie, please reverse global warming; get more New Zealand music on commercial radio; and find me a cheese client, will work for cheese! And New Year’s resolutions? I try not to restrict resolutions to only the New Year. I like to take stock several times a year, make sure my worklife balance is in check, that’s very important for a small business owner. But since you’ve asked: sell some more of the ceramics I’ve been making as I’m running out of shelf space; become more environmentally conscious; and find a cheese client!

141 ART & ABOUT Dec 2016

J9: Noise Maker Janine (J9) Russell knows how to be heard in the music world, a business she’s been a part of for two decades. Having had previous roles with giants such as Sony-, Universal- and Warner Music, not to mention the Big Day Out, at the tail-end of 2012, J9 decided to go it alone with the founding of Noise PR, a boutique consultancy to help local “bands and brands achieve fantastic public relations results in an industry that can often be confusing and misunderstood”. “I was working at the PR Shop and bought some musical clients into the fold when a good friend—and manager of one of those clients—pointed out I could be doing music publicity myself,” says J9. “About two weeks later, I handed in my notice! My employers were, and still are, very supportive. There was a definite gap in the market coinciding with a boom in independent local talent needing a bridge between themselves, the media and their audiences. Now, I have a star employee and a roster full of some of our nation’s best artists.” Among her favourite current crop are Ciaran McMeeken (“an extremely talented singer-songwriter with a new album out in 2017”), Graeme James (“his live performances blow me away, and his songs instantly put me in a good mood”), and country artists Kaylee Bell and Jody Direen (“Australia are trying to claim them as their own, but not on my watch!). I ask J9 if women— both artists and those in the business side—are generally treated equally in the music industry. “Succeeding in music is not easy for anyone, but unfortunately women musicians in 2016 are still often judged in appearance,” she says. “Of course, first and foremost you have to have amazing songs, but women are often judged on more than that. Having said that, we are in a season with a plethora of excellent Kiwi female musicians releasing excellent music: Tami Nelson, Anna Coddington, Hollie Smith, the list goes on. Then there’s the likes of Lorde, Gin Wigmore, Jamie McDell and Dame Mavina Major and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. Can you imagine that lady lineup playing a festival? Who wouldn’t want tickets to that?” However, J9 laments that the business-side of music to be “far worse”. “The majority of positions of power in the industry around the world are held by men,” she says. “Quite often, they have a team of women below them doing incredible work. That doesn’t really matter to me though, I am the boss in my world, and me doing an excellent job has zero to do with my anatomy. That’s not to say I don’t get frustrated by that glass ceiling, however. Tap, tap, tap... hear that? It’s us ladies, we’re knocking.” You Skype your 20-year-old self, what would you tell her? “Hey me. You need to trust yourself more. You know the good from the crap, so don’t doubt yourself. Speak up in meetings

and stand your ground. Continue to be the professional you already are. Don’t eat the cold noodles in Chang Mai because you’re going to get really sick. In 2016, there will be a very real movement against misogyny, so jump on that train now, it’s going to get loud and fast. Oh, and please adopt another cat!” J9 tells me though founding Noise PR is her proudest professional achievement, within that the highlights are numerous, and usually “intrinsically interwoven with my clients’ success”. “I feel pride when they succeed,” J9 says, “as I played a small part in the journey.” She singles out Tama Waipara winning his 2014 Tui award (“a pleasure and an honor to work with a man with such mana”), working with Beastwaters on their album Blood Becomes Fire (“a massive highlight!”), and Diaz Grimm’s debut album, Osiris (“one of my all time favourite albums”). And personal highs? “Passing school C maths! Thank heavens for Excel spreadsheets because I hate maths. Unrelated, but I stopped a dude from pick-pocketing an older women in Prague once. She didn’t speak English and I don’t think she had any idea what happened because she carried on her merry way, oblivious, but the dude didn’t take kindly and screamed and shouted at me! But I stood my ground and was pretty proud.” J9 reveals her guiltiest pleasure to be Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ (“blasted anytime I feel like it. Not sorry”), and that she also has some hidden musical talent. “I played piano, flute, and studied classical music throughout high school, then taught myself the guitar, forgetting all about Beethoven and falling in love with Metallica,” she says. “I don’t play any instruments anymore, but I understand song structures, harmonies and production, so can be a bit judgy of mistakes. It’s a blessing and curse.” Can you sing? “No, but that doesn’t stop me from full-blast crooning in my car!” If she hadn’t wound up in the music industry, 20 years ago J9 says she’d have been dreaming of being a creative in an advertising agency, five years later, an author, now, sitting in a Tutukaka studio inspired by Frida Kahlo’s Blue House making plates, bowls and mugs from clay. “Not being in the music business isn’t that far fetched of an idea for me,” she concludes, “but not being surrounded by, and loving music every day? Impossible. It’s in my blood.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Yes Lawd! Nxworries Everybody’s mother’s favourite rapper/R&B crossover Anderson .Paak is back at it, hot off the heels of his earlier 2016 breakout LP Malibu which cemented him into the celestial realm of breezy, feel good, optimistic hip hop music. This time in tow with steady rising hip hop producer Knxwledge, together the two became a singular wavy force as blissed out, summertime dreamteam Nxworries on Yes Lawd!.

On my break I write a song about the love of my life, this ain’t right.

Bite-size soul stirrers make up the majority of the hearty 19-track platter, but Knxwledge’s beat transitions appear so translucent the entire album feels like one cruisy loop of twinkly melodies and retro chords circling one another. Sonically separated by his vast showcase of tongue-incheek serenades and a light, buttery rap flow, Anderson .Paak always has something refreshing to bring to the hip hop conversation. Juggling his rapping/singing formula means no guest features are necessary on Yes Lawd! —Paak can and will do it all, as he flirts and entices with wordplay before charming and securing with his extensive vocal capacity and raspy chords. Paak turns curse words to cursive, moulding the most audacious of obscenities into poetry script (maybe another reason he’s cool with the mums), his delivery light, buttery and always with praise but never without a smoked out abrasiveness. His narratives paint a rapid cinematic landscape of antics past and present; a scene of unfufilment and longing for something more on ‘Get Bigger’, “On my break I write a song about the love of my life, this ain’t right”. But the spectrum comes full circle on ‘Another Time’, where Paak practises self-importance and a strong sense of determination, declaring: “Now it’s my season to shine, it’s bigger than you, it’s bigger than I”. Nxworries arrive dripped in supreme neo-soul goodness just in time to ease into the coming summer months (and for ya mother’s xmas stocking). Yes Lawd!’s soulful, nostalgia induced storytelling and numbing instrumentals will melt you, and more importantly your ears right into the coming heatwave; sans a singular worry detected. — Words: Laura McInnes


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The Māori Portraits Gottfried Lindauer’s New Zealand Exquisite. Captivating. Moving. Over 120 powerful portraits.

Gottfried Lindauer Pare Watene 1878 Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki gift of Mr H E Partridge, 1915

Until 19 Feb 2017

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Welcome to Rudy’s Tips ‘n Tricks column. 144 ART & ABOUT



Dec 2016

As the weather gets warmer, so will your computer. If it's been a while since your laptop or PC has had a dust out, now is the time. Overheating is a real issue for your system. We can give it a service and clean up, inside and out. All for only $95.00 We have many calls from people who have lost their work when typing a document. A common cause for this is when you go to type a capital A and instead of pressing the Shift key, the key below, Ctrl, is pressed instead. In pressing Ctrl and the letter A, you are sending a command to your computer to select all text (known as a shortcut key). So when you type any letter you are replacing all your text. •The first thing to try is to recover from this is to use the undo option and continue to use this until your original text reappears. An alternative way to do this is by using a shortcut key Ctrl + Z (the undo command). Repeat this command until your text reappears. •The second thing to try if you are consistently saving your document is close your document and don’t save your changes. It will take you back to when you last saved your document. When you reopen your document you will see all your text as at the point of your last save. If neither of these processes work, contact us for other options. Do NOT turn your machine off. I recommend that whenever you are typing a document especially a large document that you save what you have done every 5 to 10 minutes. At Rudy’s PC Services we can help you set up the best solution for your needs. Call us about anything regarding your computer and we will be glad to advise you and fulfil your requirements. We are all about making long term relationships with our customers, giving ongoing advice and support. Often for free!

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10:13 AM


Patricia Wright is one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed sopranos, with an extensive career of recital and concert performances at home and internationally. She joins the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in December for their Christmas concerts at Holy Trinity Cathedral. You’ve forged a very successful career as a soprano. What are the best and most challenging things about your job? There are many wonderful aspects to my job as an opera and concert singer. Firstly, I love classical music and to be able to sing and perform vocal music that I adore is so special. I enjoy ticking off another work that I have sung; it’s always a challenge learning, but especially memorising, new music. What are some of your favourite, and also more demanding roles and works you’ve sung? Some of the opera roles I have found most challenging would be Madame Butterfly and Leonora in Il Trovatore, both are relentless, but ‘Butterfly’ especially is sublime music. If I could leave this world being satisfied I have sung three works, they would be Madame Butterfly, Verdi’s Requiem and Strauss’s four last songs; all of which I have achieved. Tell us a little bit about your teaching work. Another wonderful aspect of being a successful singer is that I have the opportunity to impart my years of experience and training to students. I get so enthusiastic working with them and know that this is something I will always have a passion for. You’ve performed with the APO many times, but tell us about this upcoming concert. I am so thrilled to be singing with the APO for their Celebrate Christmas concert – such a happy time of year and such celebratory music. I have had the luxury of choosing the pieces I would like to sing for the concert, including Mozart’s ‘Laudate Dominum’, Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ and selections from Handel’s Messiah. How do you like to spend Christmas? For me the perfect Christmas day is a long walk on the beach and then in the evening enjoying good bubbly, delicious food and surrounded by my loving family.




Come and view the latest works in the ‘Into the Heartland’ series.

Dec 2016

Featuring landscape paintings and photography of New Zealand’s South Island.

“I recently traveled to the beautiful South Island and found great compositions in Otago and the West Coast. The rich ochres, pale grays and deep colour hues inspired my latest impressionist landscapes. With it’s unique geography and wonderful cloudscapes, the vistas emanate a silent energy. Also on display are paintings and photos of Hawke’s Bay, Central North Island and the Coromandel. Visit my working studio in St Heliers, I would love to say hello”. SEAN BELDON IS OWNER AND ARTIST IN RESIDENCE AT BELDON CREATIVE. THE GALLERY SHOWS LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS, GRAPHIC PRINTS & PHOTOGRAPHY BY THE ARTIST.

Top: Bruce Bay, Westland, New Zealand 2016 Middle: Skippers Saddle, Queenstown 2016 Bottom left: Black Barn, Taranaki 2016 Bottom right: ‘What was I thinking’ 2006 - 2016




He was an Oxford-educated African king, while she was a white Englishwoman working as a clerk at Lloyd’s of London. Now their 1948 marriage, which caused scandal in Apartheid-stricken South Africa and the British protectorate of Bechuanaland (later Botswana), is the subject of a new period drama starring Britain’s David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike.

Written and directed by Academy Award® nominee Damien Chazelle, LA LA LAND tells the story of Mia [Emma Stone], an aspiring actress, and Sebastian [Ryan Gosling], a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. Set in modern day Los Angeles, this original musical about everyday life explores the joy and pain of pursuing your dreams.

Oyelowo plays Seretse Khama, who in 1965 became independent Botswana’s first president. He was also kgosi (king) of the Bamangwato people, having been crowned at the age of four in 1925. Pike stars as Ruth Williams, who would go on to be the first lady of Botswana between 1966 and 1980. Rating: M Violence l Go to Verve's website to view the trailer

Starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend, Rosemarie DeWitt, Finn Wittrock, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno, Jessica Rothe, Tom Everett Scott and Josh Pence. Go to Verve's website to view the trailer



Paterson (Adam Driver - Star Wars: The Force Awakens & Midnight Special) is a bus driver in New Jersey. Every day, he adheres to a simple routine, driving his daily route, observing the city as it drifts across his windshield; he writes poetry into a notebook; he walks his dog; he stops in a bar and drinks exactly one beer; he goes home to his wife, Laura (Golshifteh Farahani - My Sweet Pepperland & About Elly). By contrast, Laura’s world is ever changing. New dreams come to her almost daily, each a different and inspired project. Paterson loves Laura and she loves him. The film quietly observes the triumphs and defeats of daily life, along with the poetry evident in its smallest details.

Set in the early 20th century, Chris Guthrie, a farmer’s daughter in north-eastern Scotland struggles for love amid hardship and family misfortune. After her mother, a poverty-stricken woman broken by repeated childbirths, poisons herself and her baby twins the resilient young Chris must manage the farm in her absence. When her father has a stroke and becomes bedridden, though also eager for an incestuous relationship, she is left on the land by her closest ally and friend, her brother. Finally, she finds love, only to wave her new husband off to the Great War. She remains on the farm, connected to a land about to be changed forever by the onset of technology and war.

Go to Verve's website to view the trailer

Rating: M Sexual violence, sex scenes & nudity. l Go to Verve's website to view the trailer

VERVE have 10 double passes to giveaway to La La Land. Visit our website to enter.

v1. Align left ‘WAIHEKE ISLAND’ so that the Jaguar logo nestles in under the right hand parameters of the logo.

Tania Patterson, Flowers of the Sky, 2015

Presented by

27 January – 19 February 2017 Waiheke Island New Zealand’s premier exhibition of sculpture in the landscape Entry $10, Families $20, Children under 15 free Without your donation this amazing sculpture event would not be possible

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An initiative of the Waiheke Community Art Gallery Inc



ART & ABOUT Dec 2016

Words: Doris Mousdale


The Great War for New Zealand 1800-2000 Vincent O’Malley This is an important book and follows in the tradition of Michael King’s works of reference. Covering nearly two hundred years of tumultuous history from the early newcomers to the settlement of the Waikato-Tainui claim and apology from the New Zealand government. The Great War tells of the landmark battle, its origins and aftermath, and to the centre of the book are the Tainui people and their history. Sometimes we have to look back to see how far we have come, The Great War for New Zealand describes the journey to where we are now.


The Travel Book Lonely Planet This is the ultimate coffee table book. The Travel Book is huge and contains information and photographs of every country. It is perfect for the armchair traveller or those looking back on a life well travelled or indeed for those in the throes of planning the next big adventure. A browse through this book will lift your spirits and spark your interest in what’s out there in the big wide world.


The Usborne Slot Together Theatre This is great fun for all the family. The theatre in a box comes with two playscripts for Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Nut Cracker. The scenery, characters and downloadable music plus a book explaining how to put on your own performace are all part of the package. This is a gift for all ages to take part in and could very easily become part of your family’s Christmas tradition.


Desire 100 of Literature’s Sexiest Stories Mariella Frostrup From Roald Dahl and James Joyce to Anais Nin and Henry Miller and many more, this anthology calls on some of the best names in writing. The subject encompasses, love, lust, seduction and romance and has very cleverly been collected by the good folk who work on the Erotic Review (a literary magazine of good taste). Buy one for the bedroom and one for the holiday house, or give to good friends and keen readers will be more than satisfied.


Luxury retirement living in the heart of Newmarket.

Life at Remuera Rise can be as private or as social as you desire, with staff and facilities all designed to support how you want to spend your day. Remuera Rise offers secure apartment living and a boutique 12-bed hospital level care facility available to both apartment and non-apartment owners. Apartments are one- and two-bedroom with quality fittings and appliances. Call 0800 00 15 85 and join our mailing list to be the first to know when apartments become available.

Remuera Rise Retirement Village registered under the Retirement Villages Act 2003. Registration Number 2557887

We frame original art, photographs, mirrors, diplomas, degrees, certificates, posters, memorabilia, objects, canvas stretching, tapestries and cross stitch. “You name it, we have framed it”. *Mention this ad and receive 20% off your framing




Dec 2016

7.30pm, Friday 9 December 3pm, Saturday 10 December Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell

The APO rings in the festive season. Get the whole family together for this joyous concert of beautiful music, Christmas cheer and carols a-plenty.

Book at or call 09 623 1052

1 Garden Rd, Remuera 09 520 5090 | 021 478 839 Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm | Sat: 10am - 1pm |







Discover Spain’s most celebrated artist based on the National Gallery’s must see exhibition.

Series 1-7 featuring the finest actors ever - Gielgud, Olivier, Price, Blethyn, Horden, Hurt, Rigg, Kendall and many more.

Exhibition on Screen. An insight into 19th century life and the exhibition from the Royal Academy of Arts

38 DVDs $180

DVD $40

DVD $40

Marbecks Records 22 Queens Arcade, 34-40 Queen St, Auckland 09 3790 444 |


150 ART & ABOUT Dec 2016


21 March – 19 April You are undergoing many personal transformations during this month. Home, career, relationships, all seem to be going well and moving along at a fast pace. Your personal skills receive recognition. There can be great benefit in new financial opportunities that come your way. A soul-mate helps you to make a decision that may be life-altering. Month-end travel or expanding your social activities is on the cards.


20 April – 20 May You will find substantial new territories to explore. Your competitors don’t stand much of a chance unless you let yourself get too distracted by the sheer volume of opportunities to pick a few and focus on them. Money should be improving this month. Work carefully to keep your relationship in balance. You should keep an eye on your pocket book though, because expenses at home may be more than you expect.


21 May – 20 June This month is wonderful for your creativity and you find yourself doing a lot of behind the scenes work. Money tends to fluctuate, so follow a budget. Overall though, the financial tendency should be towards increase. You’re getting along well with your partner/mate, and in fact, they are a big help in the moment. Friendships are changing and new friends can bring new opportunities for travel and social experiences.


21 June – 22 July It is a good time to share your dreams and to make plans together with your partner for the future. Your relationship with your partner is likely to be stable, but may be a drag, so plan some upscale entertainment. Your communication abilities are at a peak and will help you to get to the next step at work. Competition is high, but you come out on top if you are patient.


23 July – 22 August There may be new activities or projects that take your interest. You may meet vivid or communicative people. You’ll sense the opportunity to deepen a friendship or reignite a relationship. Pay attention to the clues that indicate your partner is ready to take your connection to a more intense level. You would be involved in family matters, either yours or your mate’s and you will be required to make some decisions.


23 October – 21 November Your earning capability is at a high this month. There may also be a need to barter or work with someone to balance finances. Your intuition, especially relative to career matters, is high. It finds you beginning to focus on a special relationship in earnest; it will either be very romantic or very combative. Either way, keep your feet on the ground, you may be out of your depth here.



22 December – 19 January This is a good time for travel and also for putting time into either working at home or home projects. The month will be a good time for you to fall back on your natural diplomacy to bring about peaceful agreements and come out on top. Your ability to concentrate on the softer side of life will be somewhat diminished. You can keep your sympathies supple through all upheavals by lavishing attention on yourself.


23 August – 22 September The is a great time for education and learning, and for using your communication skills to get ahead. Your finances are looking up, and you are feeling more positive and idealistic. You shall have a very active life with home, family and career all demanding your time and attention. It might also be a good time to move ahead with some of those major home projects you’ve been planning.

22 November -21 December You will need to make some financial decisions, but you have to make them on instinct because you will not have all the pieces. This is an excellent month for social activities with friends or lovers. It may be your time to shine. Friendships and romance will feature. For the singles, there may be a new liaison. For those in a relationship, add a touch of style or diversity to social life.


20 January – 18 February Now is the time to reap the rewards for something accomplished. In the second half you will be dealing with relationships, and the focus is on freedom for you. Make sure your partner knows you need to shine now. You’ll be willing to clean up your act and go out of your way to prove how honourable your intentions are just to ensure that you end up with the pleasure of their long-term company.


19 February – 20 March This is a time of change and growth. It is a time for you to focus your energy on yourself. Your primary focus remains your day- to-day work, and perhaps health or healing issues may be illuminated this month. A clandestine relationship or activity may attract you. You will adjust to changes your partner/spouse is going through. You might achieve especially good results in meditation or charity during this month as well.


23 September – 22 October There would be hard work all around, but it’s your chance to be in the front lines where you can show yourself off. Financial issues can depend upon your creative handling of them. There may be some opportunities coming to you through friends. Take a good vacation as the month comes to a close and don’t take any chances with your finances then because they are subject to radical and sudden changes.



151 ART & ABOUT Dec 2016

“With its expanded role representing all business owners in Parnell, it was time to reposition and rebrand ourselves”, says Paul Spackman, chair of the Parnell Business Association. Following the successful BID Expansion in May 2015, late last year the Parnell Business Association embarked on an extensive engagement programme that involved focus groups and individual consultations with a wide cross section of Parnell stakeholders under the project banner ‘Reinvigorate Parnell’. The outcome was a blueprint for the future direction, with one of the initial imperatives being the repositioning and rebranding of Parnell.


A range of local Parnell creative companies submitted proposals and Parnell-based Ogilvy & Mather were awarded the project of repositioning Parnell and redesigning the brand identity The initial exploration began with an assessment of the competitive environment and what could be a distinctive ‘essence’ that Parnell could own. A number of strong contenders came through this intensive process, but one stood out amongst all the rest. It made the most of Parnell’s mix of history and modern living, as well as its wide open spaces (park and shore) and attractiveness as a business hub within easy reach of the CBD. It appealed to both the commercial and residential population – those who want Parnell to succeed in a business sense — and to those who live and seek a relaxed and ‘unpressured’ experience where “you can be you”. The clincher was that the chosen direction was exciting, not only for the Parnell of today, but for what lies round the corner. The final positioning chosen: ‘Parnell. The Space to Be’ These few short words ‘clicked’ with a host of different stakeholders for a number of different reasons, all of which were positive. Cheryl Adamson, general manager of Parnell Business Association is excited about the new positioning. “The time is right for the repositioning of the Parnell brand demonstrating values associated with a Parnell that is differentiated, diverse and reinvigorated,” she says. “The premise of a range of beautiful ‘spaces’ we are all proud to be associated with, is inclusive for residents and businesses alike.”


Next was the development of a new identity. What has resulted is a confident wordmark, angled for progression. It celebrates being ‘a village on a hill’ and the typeface is modern, bold and spacious with a classic nod to heritage, loosely enclosed in a box frame. “This is an excellent result from a robust process of brand development” says Paul Spackman. “In conjunction with our long term strategy, the new positioning will influence and flavour communication strategies and messaging, and we look forward to the response of the brand roll out.”


Storm Rider “John Lennon sailed to Bermuda a few weeks before his death because his spiritual master told him that the ocean is beneficial for mental health,” says Geoff Hunt. “I’ve had ups and downs like everyone else and now I just want to help. I’ve reached a stage in my life where I want to try and give something back.” And he plans to do that through teaching disadvantaged youths hot to sail. Geoff, a business- and yachtsman, has had some colourful life experiences, including a run-in with the Mongrel Mob which led to him having a gun held to his head. “I’d borrowed some money of this guy in good faith, but his life entered a storm so to speak and he needed the money back early,” Geoff says. “I didn’t have it, and he ended up sending these five gang members round. My wife had just had our baby so I couldn’t let her know what was going on.” Geoff kept a cool head, eventually “wheeling and dealing” his way out of a situation which he describes as being “up to my arse in alligators”. Through a property transaction, he says he even ended up $200,000 better off. But it was seeing his brother break his neck, then later end up in rehab for drink and drug addiction that really made him take stock. “When he broke his neck the doctor said that he would never walk again,” Geoff says. Their “saintly” mother spent weeks praying over her stricken son at the hospital as Geoff, with copper pan and gas cooker, would fry up some bedside fillets. Fifteen months later, Geoff’s brother was sailing, though his life became anything but as he suffered bouts of drug and alcohol addiction. “I actually got him into rehab,” Geoff says, “which was a helluva big job because people like in that situation don’t want to go into rehab, they just want to keep killing themselves. I know what it’s like to be left with nothing but a toothbrush and then having to reinvent yourself. Sailing kept me out of jail, gave me something to focus on. With this knowledge, I want to guide others.” Having a son who suffers from Asperger’s has further emboldened Geoff’s resolve to help those less fortunate. His son’s eccentricities (“he wants his own hobbit and permaculture farm”), Geoff says, have also altered his approach to life, and has taking up yoga and meditation (“it’s good for my mental health and inner peace, I now have a better group of friends and diet!”).

Now Geoff has established a sailing trust to encourage disadvantaged youths to take up the sport. Sailing, believes Geoff, is the best mental medicine: “There are few better ways to enhance your character, to develop leadership skills, than being out on the waves. You can’t argue against the wind, the tide, or a storm. You’re navigating late at night, then you wake up in the morning overlooking paradise. You don’t need a multidollar property on an island. Just row ashore, get a fire going and chuck on the piper.” Adventure is certainly in Geoff’s blood. His Irish great-grandfather escaped the potato famine to work the gold mines, the sole survivor of ten children. Geoff, who has eleven siblings, “hated school”. He learnt to sail on his father’s boat before heading to Europe as a teenager, eventually finding work sailing the sloops of London’s aristocracy. “As a New Zealander, I knew what a jib and a mainsail was,” he says. “I got on the boats to be a service provider. Sailing opened up my world”. Geoff’s trust is in the process of restoring six yachts (one of which , says Geoff, is the sister ship of Prince Philip’s Flying Fifteen), with the help of boat-builders and the disadvantaged boys. “It’s a symbolic process,” he says. “It’s about trying to create a positive step forward, but it takes a lot of time. Plus, I’m still trying to earn a living, to make a buck.” We’re all going to die, he adds, and it’s what legacy we leave that counts. Next, he dreams of building a 70-strong fleet of 19-foot double-enders based on 1870s designs. “I went to a funeral the other day of a friend of mine worth about $150 million. At the service, all’s anyone spoke about was how much money he had, the deals he had made. It wasn’t about him creating some beautiful ship that will keep sailing for another hundred years. That’s what’s important. That’s my philosophy anyway. Maybe it’s the Irish-Catholic madness, who knows.” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces If you would like to learn more, contact Geoff at:



The International


The Increasing Demand for Luxury Apartment Living We’ve asked Nick from the projects team at New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty to give us an insight on the growing Auckland luxury apartment market. Thanks for joining us Nick. Firstly, tell us about how your team operates within the luxury apartment market? Hello and thanks very much for the opportunity! Our team leverages off our premium brand to focus on projects that are unique and special. As an example, many of our recent projects have incorporated heritage building aspects within the development. One of our biggest strengths is that we work with the developer right from the outset. After all, we know exactly what our customers’ needs are when it comes to luxury apartment living. Therefore, it makes sense that we roll up our sleeves and get involved as consultants from the beginning. That way the developer can be confident their finished product will meet the demand and level of quality our customers require, and most importantly, sell! What projects are your team currently involved with? We are currently working on a number of premium projects including The International at 9 Princes St in town, The Ford Residences and Lofts in Parnell and we’re also about to launch The Paragon in Takapuna. We have further boutique developments in Parnell that will be released soon and also incorporate unique heritage aspects. It’s not uncommon for these to be completely sold off the plans before construction even begins. We see other parts of the Auckland apartment market struggling but the luxury market seems to be growing and growing, why is this? Auckland is entering a phase where a large number of our population live in the central suburbs and simply don’t require

the large family home anymore. The kids have long left so therefore having a home with four or five bedrooms and large gardens or lawns is just not practical. Our customers’ focus is now on quality of life but ideally they want to remain living centrally. It’s due to this changing lifestyle as to why the luxury market is growing rapidly and will only increase to do so. In fact, we’re struggling to keep up with the demand. Have there been any recent changes to Auckland city that will either add to the supply or demand of this style of luxury living. Absolutely, the introduction of Auckland’s Unitary Plan now allows for apartments to be built along most major thoroughfare roads into Auckland. This is generally around local shopping villages and hubs. We’ll see and increasing number of luxury and boutique apartments developed in the inner city suburbs. Perfect for those who want to remain local to their neighbourhood but purchase a brand new ‘lock up and leave’ luxury property. How long do these projects normally take to complete? They vary from project to project depending on size and what season construction begins but generally a period of 18 months to two years is common. This is also why these apartments are so popular because it gives the purchasers plenty of time to plan for the selling of their own home and the change in lifestyle. Also, the majority of our customers have significant equity in their own properties so affordability is not an issue. It’s generally only a 10% deposit that is required, the balance is paid on completion of the development. For anyone wanting to find out more, what should they do? Simply give me a call or e-mail, I’d be happy to run through what projects are just around the corner.

Nick Travaglia. Because your home is worth it.

Nick Travaglia +64 21 676 745

Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.

Green Party



As women, we know how hard it is to balance everything. Our careers and our families and our social lives. That struggle is even harder to do when you know you are getting paid less just because you are a woman. Since a couple of weeks ago, New Zealand women have been working basically for free and will keep doing so until the end of the year. On average, across our society men are paid 13% more than women. So with 13% of the year to go, we are now working for free. While I’m lucky now to be working as an MP, I know what it’s like to be working a low wage job, and struggling to make ends meet. I used to work as a cook, a cleaner and worked in women's refuge all on pretty low-pay. Too many women are working in skilled jobs that are underpaid because they've traditionally been 'women's jobs'. When you are going into your job and working hard every day, it’s a complete slap in the face to find out that you’re getting paid less than someone else working just as hard. I believe that pretty much all New Zealanders agree that women and men should be paid the same when they are doing the same amount of work. But the fact is that we aren’t. Despite people pushing on this issue for years and years women still get paid less than men. That’s why I’m extremely excited about the news

that the government is going to finally take some action to fix this problem. The reason they are have finally decided to do something is because of a really brave and inspiring woman, Kristine Bartlett. She, along with her E tū Union, stood up to her employer and went all the way through our difficult court system to try and make a change for all New Zealanders. Because of what she did, women all around the country now have a much easier path to getting paid fairly. It’s going to actually mean one of the biggest wage increases in recent times and will actually put more dollars in more pockets of more women. Definitely something for us all to celebrate — our country becoming more equal.



Cyclespot Italia NTB Racing

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Electric Bikes Sale & Repair

Warning Lights Turning Signal

Exclusive in New Zealand Powered by : 53B David Crescent Newmarket, Auckland Tel : +64 27532 6352

Paul Goldsmith

A STRONG COUNTRY RESILIENT TO SHOCKS While we look forward to another great Auckland summer we are mindful of the fact that many fellow Kiwis in the top half of the South Island and around Wellington have had a tough time.


E!! C N E







In the days since the initial severe earthquake struck, a number of communities have experienced ongoing aftershocks. For those directly affected, this has brought concern for the wellbeing of loved ones, and distress for those experiencing damaged homes or businesses. In situations like these, it is important people really do know the rest of the country is behind them. There have been heart-warming voluntary efforts to help from around the country, while the government is doing everything it takes to help communities to get back on their feet. Affected communities, and indeed all New Zealanders, can be assured New Zealand is well placed to respond to challenges posed by the natural environment. We have a strong, growing economy, and our public finances are very healthy thanks to the choices and decisions made by the National-led government over the years. This was highlighted again this week when the British government announced UK net public debt would stand at 90.2% of UK GDP in 2017/18. That compares with our Treasury’s forecast for NZ net Crown debt to stand at 25% at that time. The UK government has abandoned its hope of returning to budget surplus in 2019/20, whereas our government has been running operating surpluses since 2014/15 and the New Zealand Treasury in May forecast growing surpluses over its official forecast period to June 2020. New Zealanders can have confidence National will support them when they are in need. One of the first things the government announced after the first major quake was a wage subsidy package to help small businesses to sustain themselves and their staff, and this was followed by a primary sector support package. And the Cabinet has approved tax measures to assist. The Inland Revenue Department, for example, will waive use-of-money interest when a person is prevented from paying on time as a result of the recent earthquakes.


Finally, as we look forward to the summer, to time with friends and family, and to the joys of Christmas, I wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! AUTHORISED BY HON. PAUL GOLDSMITH, 107 GREAT SOUTH ROAD, GREENLANE.


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Auto Super Shoppe

AUTO SUPER SHOPPES 82 Workshops Nationwide


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AUTO SUPER SHOPPE BIRKENHEAD 272 Onewa Rd, Birkenhead 09 480 9272

In these days of on board computers, specialised oils, lubricants and engine components, vehicles are far more technical than the old Ford Escort. DIY maintenance is therefore now out of the skill set of most people. So many trades and professions require a specialist ‘ticket’ in order to lawfully carry out work due to the genuine safety concerns – but still anyone can carry out repairs and maintenance around such vital components as steering and brakes.

AUTO SUPER SHOPPE FORREST HILL 260 Forrest Hill Rd, Forrest Hill 09 410 7089

AUTO SUPER SHOPPE MAYNE Cnr Selwyn & Princes St, Onehunga 09 622 2449

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Mistakes can and do prove to be far more costly than leaving the repairs to the professionals. In the Auto Super Shoppe network of premium automotive repairers there are plenty of examples of DIY horror stories that have come through the doors. Usually it just means the owner is now up for far more costly repairs retrospectively than they would have been if they had just taken it to a professional in the first place. The real concern however is when the car gets towed to a panel beaters and the drivers and passengers go to hospital or worse. What might the cost be then? Today’s cars have more computing power than NASA used to send man to the moon, some vehicles today have over 100 computers. Today’s mechanical technicians are trained to work with the on board computers without compromising the technology. Today’s tool kits might still have the spanners and wrenches but they also hold scan tools that can cost from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands that the DIY repairer just doesn’t have access to. Incorrectly diagnosed faults can cost the owners of vehicles thousands of dollars of unnecessary repairs and make the vehicle unsafe for your family to drive. Don’t be tempted into undertaking repairs or maintenance with the help of Google or YouTube. Get the help of a premium automotive repairer, for peace of mind that your vehicle is in the hands of a professional.


Garden Coloumn

Just Rentals




The year has once again flown by at an alarming rate. We’re now just weeks away from old Nicholas breaking into our homes laden with presents, the prospect of celebrating Christmas with our loved ones, gorgeous weather and delicious food. I love the twinkling lights, the food, the fresh, pine smell of the Christmas trees adorned with coloured baubles and tinsel all under the watchful gaze of the fairy up top. It has been an unusual year for us with some weeks very slow and others madly busy. Some weeks just a few properties to rent, and then the next week we can have up to 20 properties on our rental list. No weeks are predictable and when landlords ask how long will it take to rent their property we say that it could be the next day, or next month. Property must be priced correctly as even when the market is strong it will not rent if set too high. As I write this, the rain is pouring down. It’s a very wet and grey day. Hopefully sunny days are ahead. I am an optimist. I have just had a spray tan to prepare for the fine weather ahead that I know it will come soon. Christmas seems to come faster and faster each year, and now we have only four weeks to go! Out come the Christmas decorations, my house and office are like Santa’s grotto — such fun! Landlords be vigilante and check you rents weekly as money is sometimes short this time of the year with extra expenses, and the rent can suddenly not be a priority. Rent arrears appear and add up quickly so keep in contact with both your tenants and your bank statement. Just rentals will be open all over Christmas and New Year. Graham and I will be here to help you rent your property and look after our tenants. Our door is always open. And this time of the year you have a singing Santa and his elves to greet you.

And what better way to help your family and friends grow closer together than with a living gift? Poinsettia Originating from Mexico and named after a US ambassador, these delightful plants, with their bright leaves, practically scream Christmas. Great for adding a dash of festive colour to your home. Dwarf Pohutukawa Perfect for a quintessentially New Zealand Christmas, these gorgeous pohutukawa only grows one metre high. They are easy to grow, both in a pot or in the ground, and produce a stunning abundance of delightful red flowers. Kokedama Created by wrapping soil and moss around the roots of a plant and then tightly binding them to create a ball. Roughly translated from Japanese, kokedama means 'moss balls', though this name really fails to catch their elegance. Lots of different plants can be grown this way, including moth orchids, herbs, and a huge array of houseplants. Get them ready made, or make your own. To learn how to make these stylish balls visit Terrarium An ecosystem that readily fits onto a table or shelf! Terrariums are essentially a miniature ecosystem incased in a bowl, jar, or sealed glass container. Creating them is a lot of fun, and the end results are a stylish expression of creativity, perfect for sharing with loved ones. Learn more about creating and caring for terrariums at

Merry Christmas to you all Sylvia Lund AREINZ, Director


Bonsai Bonsai is the fascinating Japanese art of growing miniaturising trees and manipulating their growth to create a stylish, living work of art. When done well they can last for years, and in Japan there are even bonsais that are over 1,000 years old! — Words: Billy Aiken, Kings Plant Barn




5 Tips To Get Started.


1. Yes you need a plan/strategy before you start your love affair with property. Will you hold or trade the property? What type apartment/townhouse/standalone house? Location? And will you manage the property or not? Seek advice and make a plan to follow – this will help you understand what you are looking for and why. It will also give you confidence when you purchase and help you understand the return you should expect. 2. R.O.I – Return on investment — this is usually the rental income you will get once the property is rented. But there is also another return you will get from your investment (if you buy well), and that is the increasing value or capital gain the property will make. Remember, it’s not easy, but if you have planned well with the idea of holding for two years plus, you should have costed in the following: mortgage repayments, insurance costs, rates and maintenance to name a few. But with the right advice and planning you will start to see a return on the investment. Remember to cost in the fees to sell when the time is right 3. Lending – watch out for the new rules – currently 40% for an investment property but a good loan broker maybe able to help you here, so get some good advice. Remember, if you have your loan for the investment property with the same bank as your home loan you may find if things change for you they may require you to repair one or both loans. Banks on investment property can ask for early repayment. Price in an interest rate change we can’t continue at the current levels – so make sure with a change you can still afford to service the repayments. Remember rental income sometimes can be 48-50 weeks within a year. If you come to sell or need to sell and the market is soft, will you be able to handle this situation financially? 4. Finding the right property – take your time to do your home. Remember location is vital, just as are schools, transport, motorway links, and shopping. Once you have the property, who will be your tenant? Are you going to manage the property yourself, or get it managed? And most importantly, know your rights and those of your tenants. 5. Experts – and advice. You can’t and shouldn’t enter into the property market without understanding clearly your end game. What are you hopping to achieve and how will you get there? Make sure you get a team of experts you trust: accountant, lawyer, valuer, and property manager.

Q: I’m thinking of selling my property and have been told to take it to auction. What worries me is that I’ve been to some auctions where hardly anyone turns up. How do I know I’m going to get a result? Jerry B. A: Property is an incredibly dynamic market. At any point in time there are a finite amount of properties and buyers in a market, but an infinite number of outcomes. Each property and auction campaign is unique, as is each property. So with all these variables anything can happen! Generally speaking, an auction that has a big crowd on the day will also have a good number of bidders. You may think that an auction with 10 bidders would get a higher price than one with just one buyer, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the only bidder in the room is 'the buyer' and with good negotiating skills from the auctioneer we can get a price that our seller is delighted with. One reason an auction might only have one bidder or limited bidding is that the agent has lost their main buyer/s in the lead up to auction day. It could be that the buyers have purchased something else, or they’ve simply had a change of heart. External factors like job losses, family illness and relationship upsets can also affect who turns up to bid. Either way, a campaign can go from having several strong interested parties to nobody at all, regardless of how fantastic the property is. Timing plays a huge part of any auction campaign, and if there are a number of comparable properties on the market at one time there’s a higher chance an agent will lose buyers during the campaign. Something else that can happen is that you turn up to your auction and there are only three people there – your heart (and the agent’s!) will sink, but we’ve had auctions with just 2-3 people where they have all bid and the property has sold well above reserve, so don’t be too put off by numbers. Finally, just remember that in real estate, a lot can happen in one day. We have had several auctions where the successful buyer viewed the property for the first time in the 30 minutes before the auction, and another, believe it or not, where the winning bidder was painting the roof of the neighbouring property and hadn’t seen the inside of the property until after he had won the auction!


Good luck with your sale.


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m or f s n a r T rself You Signature Style Services make GREAT Christmas gifts!


New Zealand’s foremost personal image and styling consultancy, for that little bit of wardrobe magic.

NEW Pilates mat class, 7.30pm St James Church Hall, Orakei.

Look your best – call us NOW! 09 529 5115 330 Parnell Rd, Parnell

Qualified Instructor Luci Harrison - 021 933 268

ClassicSide Fabulous lamps in Tables back, store and Instore online. & Online 62ABENSON Benson Road 62A ROAD Remuera REMUERA Open 7 Days OPEN 7 DAYS WWW.THEBAYTREE.CO.NZ WWW.THEBAYTREE.CO.NZ


THE LATEST IN CONTEMPORARY RETIREMENT LIVING Stage One Apartments Stage Two Apartments Stage Three Apartments Stage Four Apartments

| | | |



Ranfurly Village offers one of central Auckland’s finest retirement lifestyles. Choose from a selection of beautiful and spacious apartments. “My parents had wonderful retirement years and enjoyed a lifestyle that is very similar to what is now available at Ranfurly Village” Judy Bailey


(09) 625 3420

Sales office located at: Historic Ranfurly House, 539 Mt Albert Road, Auckland


PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR Fox Private Investigators Ltd is a highly professional and experienced team of ex-NZ and UK Police, ex-Army and legal personnel with over 20 years’ experience • Surveillance • Infidelity Investigations • Criminal Defence Support • Family Law & Civil Litigation Support • Missing Persons • Computer Forensics & Bug Sweeping • GPS Vehicle Tracking Licence: 13-008198

Individual membership A GENERUS LIVING VILLAGE

021 036 8417 0800 4 FOX PI (0800 4 369 74)

Central Otago Vineyard Cottages, Winery, Cafe & Tasting Room Only 10 mins to Arrowtown

Champagne Lady Anne


reAl Housewives



IT’S PARTY TIME! “If you’re going to have a good party, you’ve got to have Champagne! Jacquart of course!”

0800 131 101

book direct at

For personal service contact me directly +64 21 929 999

Season’s G re e t i n g s F ro m David Seymour

To contact me for an appointment please call: 09 522 7464

An award winning, independent bookstore with an independent spirit since 1988.

Epsom Electorate Office Suite 2.4, Level 2 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket

David Seymour, MP for Epsom Promoted by David Seymour, MP for Epsom

432 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden Village 09 6303331, Untitled-1

163 MARKET PLACE Dec 2016

164 MARKET PLACE Dec 2016


Monday: 8am-4pm Tuesday-Sunday: 8am-late

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Open 7 days till 5pm each day —



Fencing Thatch Water Gardens Pizza Ovens





9 Arrenway Drive, Albany I 0800 278 784 I

Hattitude, New Zealand’s only traditional men’s hat shop. For the man who appreciates quality and classic style. A treasure trove of flat caps, fashion hats and so much more. Among our many worldwide suppliers are such iconic brands as Akubra, Borsalino and Goorin Brothers, alongside Hills Hats of New Zealand, of course.

Shop 2 /235 Parnell Rd Auckland 09 215 8955 |

B a y s ide Re n t al s L td Property management in the Bays. Sue has been assisting landlords with their rental properties for many years. Do contact Sue for any advice about your property or tenants.

09 575 9887 | 0274 908264

311 Parnell Rd | (09) 379 2860

Charlie & George is a contemporary café serving wholesome food and delicious Kokako coffee.

38-60 Stonefields Avenue, Mt Wellington Ph: (09) 950 4497 7am-3pm Mon-Fri, 8am-3.30pm Sat/Sun

The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

Visit our website at 40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email

Improved hearing starts with listening to the expert. Thomas at Acoustix is an expert in personalised hearing solutions. He listens to you so you’ll get the best solution for you, your hearing and your lifestyle. Call us today. We are all ears.

DAMBA GREGORY NZ manufacturer of ergonomic task chairs and soft seating. Contact | 092551154 52 Pavilion Drive Airport Oaks Mangere, Auckland |

09 520 5648 ACOUSTIX.CO.NZ

pressed metal Decorative pressed tin panels that add a stylish focal point to any heritage, commercial or home renovation projects.

Contact Greg 022 635 9677 or visit Stamp Pressed Metals are proud to be supporting Redesign Group



Kohimarama Salon 33 Melanesia Rd, Kohimarama 09 521 8088

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WIN with Verve

P re tt y Ho n e s t A witty, wise and truthful beauty handbook for real women on what works in real life from Sali Hughes, beloved journalist and broadcaster. Covering everything from teenage skin to that milestone 80th birthday, botox to no-botox, celebration to grief, Sali Hughes, leading journalist and broadcaster, shows real women how to make the most of makeup's physically and emotionally transformative powers. Pretty Honest, Sali’s firstbook, was published in 2014

Up For Grabs — Four Copies of Pretty Honest

P i c n i c B ox Win a Picnic Box banquet box - Freedom Farms glazed champagne ham, free range roast chicken, potato salad, mixed leaves with summer salsa, chocolate brownie, French nut meringues, fudge, strawberries, award winning cheese, artisan crackers, baguettes & butter.

F re e d o m Fa r m s

Like and share Picnic Box's facebook page and with the three people you would like to have a picnic with to enter! Valid until 28 February 2017. Delivery Auckland only. One picnic for four people. Minimum 7 days notice. l 0508 picnic ( 0508 742 642 )

Up For Grabs — A Banquet Box for four people

There are only five more Mondays to go before Christmas, so now is a good time to start planning your Christmas menu!

*How to enter

Freedom Farm’s premium Christmas hams are the perfect festive addition and will put a smile on the family’s dial! Not only do they look fantastic and taste incredible, but they have been raised as happy piggies without those sad crates, cages or pens – so rest assured you’re having an ethical Christmas too.

Entering Verve's competition is simple. Like our Facebook, and follow the directions. Good Luck! Conditions apply.

Up For Grabs — One freedom Farms Ham valued at $100

167 Business/ Education & Society Sept 2015

S u p e re tt e x Magnum

Fitbit A slim, sleek fitness wristband that can be personalised to fit your style, while advanced health and fitness features make tracking workouts effortless and deliver positive motivation to keep you moving. Fitbit Alta is designed with a satin finish, stainless steel body and features a line of stylish interchangeable bands in multiple popular colours and premium materials so you can find the right style for every occasion.

Up For Grabs — A Fitbit Alta

In celebration of the launch of ‘Magnum Doubles’ range, curators of definitive style Superette, have designed a decadent capsule of their summer staple ‘Boyfriend Pocket Shirts’ inspired by each of the irresistible icecream flavours. Caramel – Tiger; Chocolate – Leopard and Strawberry – Panther. These limited edition shirts will fly off the shelves so don’t miss your chance to win! We have one of the covetable black panther shirts, in Sml, (size 10-14) to giveaway RRP $199

Up For Grabs — One black panther Shirt in size Sml, valued at $199

Nu a n c e Do more with the latest Dragon voice tool from Nuance Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v15 is a smarter next-generation speech recognition solution for your PC. It provides busy individuals with dictation and transcription capabilities that are faster and more accurate than ever before, to help boost productivity. Leveraging the latest in Deep Learning technology, Dragon constantly learns and adapts to your unique voice and environmental variations to deliver new levels of personalised accuracy and productivity.

Wu n d e rl u s t

Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v15 is available as a digital download or in a box pack from $530 at newzealand.

Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo 2-5th February 2017 will feature an unparalleled lineup of the world’s most sought after yoga teachers, musicians, speakers, and performing artists. Attendees can practice yoga at all levels, explore the great outdoors with activities such as hiking, nature walks, paddle-boarding, bungee jumping, and indulge in wine tastings and organic delicacies. For more information go to

Up For Grabs — Nuance Dragon Professional for PC

Up For Grabs — Tickets for two to attend Wanderlust Taupo!

Quickly dictate and edit documents and reports, send emails and notes, or search the Web – all by voice. Dragon helps you get more out of your day.

HOW DO WE ENCOURAGE A LOVE OF LEARNING? Through the thrill of surprise, children are able to experience feelings of curiosity and wonder. At Bear Park we believe immersive experiences outside the self can ignite

a lifelong interest in the world. Our role? To assist in discovery, open doors and help young minds to enjoy the process just as much as the result.

December 2016. Issue 129.  

Auckland's Best Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...

December 2016. Issue 129.  

Auckland's Best Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel,...