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4 Cover Story Feb 2016


“Treats”, “happy” and “frivolous” aren’t words you’d usually expect to hear from a financial adviser. But Hannah McQueen, founder of enableMe, and financial personal trainer, says spending money on the things you enjoy can help pave the way to financial freedom. “If any financial plan is going to work, you need to understand what makes you happy, even if it’s frivolous,” she says. “Put what’s non-negotiable at the centre of your plan, because if you don’t live your life, you won’t stick to the plan.

“From the beginning, our goal has been to open franchises throughout the country,” says Hannah. “As client demand grows, the need to have a presence in the main cities has become more important so we can better serve our clients.” Hannah knows that money is often a highly emotive issue: “Your environment and your upbringing in particular, can have a big impact on how you handle money. Luckily, there is no right or wrong money personality, and it is not too late to learn how to make yours work. ”

“You don’t have to stop enjoying your life to get ahead. You simply need to find the balance — something I know a thing or two about.”

Hannah is adamant that financial planning doesn’t always need to be about going without. Unless you include the odd treats into the plan, she says that your are far less likely to stick to it.

Ten years ago Hannah and her husband were faced with the prospect of paying a huge amount of interest on their own mortgage. Hannah wanted to understand how they could reduce this cost.

So how what is the best way of taking charge of our finances?

After working with Dr Jamie Sneddon from the maths department at the University of Auckland she developed a formula that allowed her to save the size of her mortgage in interest costs. She patented the formula but soon realised that this was only one half of the equation. Like many of us, Hannah found it difficult to stick to a budget, despite being a chartered accountant. The part missing from the equation was her “psychology of spending”. “I was earning good money, but the more money I earned the more I believed it meant I didn’t have to worry about my money,” says Hannah. “I wasn’t doing the smartest thing with it. I spoke to friends, and they were just the same.” And so enableMe was born. With a client list over 4,000 strong, enableMe has established itself as one of the nation’s fastest growing financial advisory firms. Their Auckland branch has recently relocated to offices on Parnell Road, while further hubs can be found at the Wellington and the Bay of Plenty. Hannah and her team are excited to announce the imminent opening of their seventh office — and their first in the South Island — in Christchurch.

“First, take a breath. Jump on the financial scales and get a second opinion on where you are at. This can help you sort out your priorities. Most of our clients are doing fine but are capable of doing better and achieving more.” Hannah says that by evaluating your financial status, along with developing and aiding in the implementation of specific targets, her financial personal trainers will help you get your financial life back on track.

Put what’s non-negotiable at the centre of your plan, because if you don’t live your life, you won’t stick to the plan.”




5 Cover Story Feb 2016

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CASE STUDY Good income, big mortgage, no progress Jody and Peter were both aged 39 and married with one seven-year-old child when they first came to me. Jody is employed as a solicitor and Peter is a communications consultant. Their combined before-tax income was $250,000per annum.

They owned a house valued at $850,000 and had a mortgage of $650,000 that they were on track to pay off over 30 years. The mortgage payments left them feeling like they didn’t have any spare money – when there was an emergency, or they wanted a holiday, they’d always have to use credit to pay for it. Money was constant source of stress. Although they could pay their bills and get by, they weren’t getting ahead in paying off their mortgage — I think they’d become a bit defeatist about it. They both wanted more balance in their lives and, if possible, to be able to work less. That simply wasn’t a possibility with the size of their debt. They realised that if they didn’t sort out their financial situation and reduce the debt they wouldn’t have any options and may not be able to take up interesting opportunities that came their way. Instead of spending because they could, we worked on a budget that allowed them to do the important things they wanted to spend money on. All remaining funds were captured and applied to the mortgage with the result being paying the mortgage off in 14 years, after allowing for an annual family holiday, and car replacements.

Jody and Peter took to their budget like ducks to water. After two years, they had reduced their mortgage by over 30 per cent. They have stuck to their spending plan since and earned significantly more than forecasted. Before they had a plan, additional earnings would just be spent; now that money is captured and consciously allocated to reducing debt or buying things they want. Because their spending plan recognises everything they want to spend money on, when their income increases they don’t need to spend more — they already have what they want. Having the plan has meant that they haven’t frittered away the extra income. Because they’ve also prioritised what’s important to them, including a family holiday at least once a year, they’ve managed to have money for the things they want and been able to pay their bills without giving them a second thought. Best of all, they’ve got ahead in their goal to be mortgage-free. Having an earnings target has been very motivating for Peter. Jody and Peter have learned that you can waste an awful amount of money on stuff that just doesn’t really matter. It’s the small things that can add up and after the first 12 weeks they looked back and said, “Did we really spend $4000 last year on coffee? That could be an extra holiday for the family or a new racing bike!” The compounding results of the last six years mean that Jody and Peter are now mortgage-free, and have purchased their first investment property. They have killed their mortgage in almost an eighth of the time originally set up with the bank. This has positioned them to complete a huge renovation on their property without compromising their lifestyle and retirement goals. They feel in control of their finances, less stressed and they no longer argue about money. Although that have achieved a lot already, it can be hard to stay motivated simply to eliminate a mortgages — it is important to have some rewards along the way. We reset the goals each year, and still they remain $5,000 ahead of schedule. If this momentum continues they will be able to live in their dream home and retire before 65. Like most things in life, you have to be ready to change to be successful — just like giving up smoking, gambling or any other vice. It won’t work if you’re not ready to commit to change. For Jody and Peter, turning 40 was a milestone. They realised they’d been working for nearly 20 years and it looked as if they were going to have to keep going for the next 20-30 years just to pay off their mortgage. They wanted to get some control over their situation and get in position where they had options. The keys to progress are having a clear idea of your priorities, making sure you budget for them, and tightening up on the miscellaneous spending. The regular meetings we continue to have make them accountable, keep them enthused and on track to continue meeting their financial goals.


Auckland City BMW



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Cover Story — The Road To Financial Freedom Is Paved With Treats


The Lawn Bowls Revolution


It’s A New Year Ahead


Holistic Facial Recipes


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New Year New Beauty Regime


Naturally Beautiful


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The Philosophy Of Decluttering

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The Magic Of Mid-Life



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Feta And Pea Falafels

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Rejuvenate For The New Year!

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Light refreshments will be provided.

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Ease And Comfort


What Makes A Hero?






I went from running on the back field to racing in Budapest. At King’s, we can help you realise your full potential. By providing a diverse range of unique opportunities, we can discover and develop each student’s strength, no matter where it may lie. We strive to support and challenge our students to help bring out the best of their abilities, and to place them on a path to becoming well-rounded individuals.


Just like Emerson, you too can become the best you can be at King’s.

Find yourself at King’s.

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Editors’ Note Editors’ Note NO MAN IS AN ISLAND We all know this icon. It is the little sign that encourages us to share whilst online. Who for Mitchell instance, Fran Ninow and Jude can resist sharing those best buds, Budweiser puppy commercials, and what about the little lad who stole the show when Pope Francis came to deliver his speech in St Peter’s Square last October? How many times were these clips shared? Billions probably.

Our February issue, the first of the year, comes with Hannah McQueen gracing the cover. Hannah is Auckland’s personal financial trainer queen — definitely the person to if becoming fiscally confident Forcontact many of us, while online-sharing is (and mortgage-free) sounds appealing. a relatively new experience, sharing is

something we have been doing since other articles not to be missed as Among babies, we could first share a kiss are two withaasmile, distinctly Valentine’s and a cuddle, a laugh, and a flavour. Firstly, we chat writer Hilary conversation. Oncewith basicerotic physiological Murray, while ‘Heaven Scents’ delves and security need of life were met, we into the fascinating world of fragrances, past needed that rush that came from a sense and present. of belonging.

acclaimed wellness retreat where ‘digital dallying’ is discouraged and mindfulness motivated. Many more wonderful reads await inside. woven into each page of this issue of If youthat haveyou an idea forbefore something Verve have’d We like are to see ontothe pages of beautiful Verve, please let us know. proud share this October Either with email Jude (jude@vervemagazine. edition you. or Fran ( ) or give us a call on 09 520 5939. We would love to hear from you. The beauty of language is so often so undervalued, but it is, of course, the oxygen of the publishing industry, and here at Verve we especially adore words which engender good feelings. And so, being a LEAP year we wish to leave you with a few special ones: Laughter, Enthusiasm, Fran and Jude and Passion. May your year be Adventure full of them.

health is We a large, booming industry LifeNatural is for sharing. at Verve Magazine new aproducts reaching market getwith to share whole heap of newthe stuff daily and, with with that mind, Verve is proud each month you,inthe Verve reader. to bringpeople, you the story of BeeBio. Read Products, businesses, innovations, it and learn more about the incredible emotional encounters, and fabulous worldlike ofholidays manuka abroad. honey and its magical toon allhere? our readers! We feel But Happy what is New really Year going Why is We prizes, powers. In keeping with thetonatural you a wonderful you as deeply this wish simple interaction with2016. otherThank humans privileged to be able share health theme, there’s Jamie Desplaces’ always for Possibly taking the time tobehind read Verve, these good-news stories with you,beautifully each so addictive? because crafted onso Aro-ha, an internationallyHappy reading. we appreciate it immensely. and everyarticle month, our lives could not the scenes, endorphins and dopamine are be better. released into your bloodstream, making you feel that sense of well-being and Collaboration, participation, and relaxation, if only for a millisecond. & THE ARTSAnd + YOUNG HEART togetherness: Just some DESIGN of the qualities the Verve@team


Editors’ Pick

Editors’ Pick


OSMO Seeing that October issue has a focus on the young at heart, we chose Osmo. It is an add-on to the iPad that enables kids aged 6 —12 to play with real toys in front of the device and then have the iPad incorporate world objects into the digital Marcothese Polo real Chandelier from Eichholtz is play. It is an awesome game for children that even tech-wary parents willcurved love, and available in three sizes. It features gets the Verve tick. Pre-order for Christmas online.which loop around each other. acrylic pieces Available today from Trenzseater.

Next issue, Verve November — Luxury living; Young at heart; Focus on health

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September Month 2014



Hannah McQueen of Enable Me


Photographer: Neil Gussey Hair and make-up: Imeleta Kellett Dress and coat: Annah Stretton Location: Parnell and courtyard outside.


HANNAH MCQUEEN enableMe Personal Financial Trainers






TRENZSEATER TRENZSEATER Auckland I 80 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland 1052. T. (09) 303 4151 TRENZSEATER Christchurch I 121 Blenheim Rd, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041. T. (03) 343 0876 OPEN 7 DAYS


12 Up Front Feb 2016

THE LAWN BOWLS REVOLUTION Last year, various British news outlets reported of a new sporting phenomena sweeping across the nation’s hallowed lawns. Fastidiously manicured grass plains, one graced only by pensioners in peaked caps, were now attracting a new, young and hip breed of bowler. In May more than 150 students took part in a casual London tournament organised by Barefoot Bowls, a group “devoted to bringing this quintessentially British game dancing into the 21st century with colour, fun and style”. With over half of the UK’s 5,000 bowling greens either threatened by potential property developers’ plans or at the mercy of councils on tight budgets, it is hoped that a boom in younger player numbers will help save the sport. There has been a similar renaissance in Australia. “At one stage it was going pretty bad,” competitive bowler Bruce Hockey of Clovelly Bowling Club tells the BBC, “but the new bare footers, that’s why the club is doing well. We get 200 bare footers every weekend and it’s really big money.” One such bare footer is 31-year-old Justine Anderson. “It’s more about socialising with

your mates,” she adds. “It’s like a daytime alternative to going out and drinking at a bar. I know I don’t take it seriously. I play it like I am playing 10-pin bowling.” John Ivory has been president of Ponsonby Bowling Club since 1999 and has seen a shift on these shores too. “Attitudes are most certainly changing,” he tells me. “When young people play it, they love it. They discover how much fun it is. It’s that simple.” His club is an Auckland institution. Founded as far back as 1893 on Jervois Road, it now even hosts hen and stag dos. It’s widely accepted that the sport originated in 13th century England, though rounded bowl-like stones have been found in Egyptian tombs dated 5,000 BC — around the same time as the invention of the wheel. It also shares similarities with bocce, a game played on sand, soil or asphalt, which traces its roots to ancient Rome but unlike bowls’, bocce balls have no in-built bias (a weight on one side). Legend has it that in 1588, Sir Francis Drake demanded he finished off a bowling game before taking on the Spanish Armada, while the world’s oldest bowling lawn can be found at the UK’s Southampton Old Bowling Green, established in 1299. Today, there are around half-a-milliion British bowlers. New Zealand is home to more than 700 clubs, frequented by around 50,000 players. John fell in love with sport through watching his father play. “There was a different culture when I first arrived here,” he says. “It was a drinking club whose members occasionally played bowls! I wanted to change that and to encourage a casual playing culture. People can still have a drink of course.” It is, he says, a method unique in New Zealand: “We try to be a community club where everyone knows each other. I’d like to see more clubs encourage casual bowling, but too many still want their members to be competitive and I don’t believe that’s that what the young people of today want.” Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

LET YOUR INSTINCTS DRIVE YOU. The all new MINI Clubman has been intuitively designed down to the last detail. Featuring distinctive split doors at the rear, top shelf finishes in the deceptively spacious interior, the latest communications technologies and a clever array of safety features, it is the perfect combination of urban practicality and sophisticated style. Trust your instincts and book a test-drive at Auckland MINI Garage today.


AUCKLAND MINI GARAGE. 381-383 Broadway, Newmarket. 0800 548 352. MINI.CO.NZ




Wardrobes With Intention 16 Fashion

Words: Jackie O’Fee

Feb 2016

It’s the beginning of a New Year. The time when you are supposed to sit down to make goals and plans, to eliminate bad habits in order to start new, healthier ones. There’s something about the dawn of a New Year that somehow wipes the slate clean. The possibilities seem endless and you’ve got a WHOLE YEAR to embed that new habit.

The outcome I expect is not only more money in my bank account at the end of the year, but less ‘stuff’ in my wardrobe; admittedly, beautiful stuff but stuff nonetheless. I also expect to wear the beautiful pieces I already own more often, getting greater value from them. I know this might seem strange coming from someone whose very job is to take people shopping, but it’s really not. When we work with a client, we are creating a total look that starts with our colour and style choices, and a wardrobe that suits who you are. When we shop with a client we create a list of necessary pieces, we are very INTENTIONAL in our approach. It’s got to work. We’re not buying ‘stuff’ for the sake of it.

This year I have made a decision that will impact on my wardrobe. This will be based on one of my favourite quotes from Vivienne Westwood, who said “Buy your clothing intentionally”. This year, I am going to be more intentional in my clothing purchases. With fashion being such a strong love of mine, every magazine I pick up, every blog I read, Instagram post I see, my Facebook feed, the shops I walk past and go into, all implore me to buy this “latest, must have” thing. Be it a bag, shoes, sunglasses or a dress - the implication is if I don’t have THIS particular item, I am missing out. Well, this year I’m calling BS on that. This year I am going to ‘pause before I purchase’ and buy only when I need something (I know, need is VERY subjective). If I need it, then I will choose it because I adore it, because it works for me and with my existing pieces, not because I’m told I must have it.

If you like the idea of having a more intentional wardrobe this year, why not get in touch? We’d love to help. Give us a call on 09 529 5115 or take a look at – let’s have a coffee and make a plan!


Ladies’ Intrinsic II 860523-59793

Ladies’ Intrinsic II 860533-59795

Ladies’ Intrinsic II 860523-59789

Men’s Intrinsic II 860514-59792

Ladies’ Intrinsic II 860543-59788

Men’s Intrinsic II 860504-51707

E f f o r tle s s s ty le by S candin av ia Auckland - Wellington - Christchurch

Now accepting



designer recycled clothing.

Feb 2016

Shop 4 | 25 Teed Street | Newmarket w w w. b e l l o r o . c o . n z Private appointments available: 09 522 8620 jeweller

Summer Sale SUPPORTING NZ DESIGNERS New London Jeans• Bazaar • Paula Ryan • Sills • Loobie’s Story • Toby • Pond • Obi •Deanna Hobbs • Random • Silver Lining • Chalet

09 579 3535

114 Main Highway Ellerslie Open Mon–Fri 9:30-5:30 | Sat 10-4

“EMPTY YOUR WARDROBES” 385 Parnell Rd, Parnell | Ph 09 377 9235


Striding the Streets Images: Felik Wong

20 Fashion Feb 2016

22 Fashion Feb 2016




BY APPOINTMENT: 021 02345 404 09 908 3862

W E D D I N G S • P O RT R A I T S • FA S H I O N W W W. B E L L E P H O T O G R A P H Y. C O . N Z GUSSEY@XTRA.CO.NZ 0 2 7 4 8 5 19 9 3

Fashion Feb 2016

Opening Ceremony pre-fall 2016



24 Fashion


Feb 2016


NEW BALANCE SNEAKERS $200 from Fabric 5 High St, Downtown, Auckland

Some call it Chic Schlubbing, others call it easy dressing. We have scammed pre-fall collections across the world and here is what we have learned: relax. Enjoy soft silks, embrace loose tailoring and indulge in lavish beach wear.

Calvin Klein Pre-Fall 2016

SLIP $169 from The Mercantile Sea Pre-Fall 2016

Elizabeth and James Pre-Fall 2016

NEW YEAR NEW BEAUTY REGIME A new year brings a new set of resolutions. But whether or not you stick to them is up to you! Fortunately, a new wave of beauty products is making it that much easier to keep our New Year’s resolutions for better skin. Words: Paris Mitchell



OSMOSIS REPLENISH SERUM $141.50 A gentle active repair serum for all skin types. Replenish uses liposomal delivery to deliver a wealth of the most proven and potent antioxidants available that prevent and fight free radical damage to the skin.

OSMOSIS REPAIR HEALING MASK $122.90 Dramatically enhance healing and calm inflamed and irritated skin with Repair by Osmosis. A potent healing mask with a unique combination of repair promoting ingredients, Repair not only soothes wounded and inflamed skin but also encourages epidermal barrier repair and boosts the skins immune function


BLINC MASCARA AMPLIFIED $44.95 Blinc isn’t a simple mascara or eye pencil. It’s a revolution. Blinc forms water resistant micro “tubes” around your lashes to define and extend. Gone are the days of rubbing and smearing, Blinc is only removed with a combination of warm water and pressure from your fingertips or a cloth - the only mascara that is as much fun to take off as it is to put on! THE OIL by Lalicious $69 Lalicious is excited to announce their latest launch, The Oil. Inspired by the original and beloved fan favourite Body Oil, The Oil is an exquisite re-formulation designed to provide powerful anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits in one magnificent multi-use, product. This lavish oil is a high potency antioxidant and provides lasting nourishment while healing and protecting your skin.



Introducing the first 70%+ CERTIFIED ORGANIC SPF 30 MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY from COOLA $69 A weightless, matte finish mist protects the sensitive skin of your face while keeping your makeup looking fresh all day. This highly advanced formula includes both cucumber and Aloe vera extracts to help soothe and refresh skin; and Hyaluronic Acid, known to bind moisture and help soften, tone and rehydrate skin.

26 Health & Beauty Feb 2016


Naturally formulated skincare was once perceived as the domain of so-called ‘hippies’ or those standing on a soapbox, but these days it’s a definitive choice for conscious consumers. Natural-based beauty brands are one of the fastest growing categories in the skincare market for good reason. Today’s world is awash with great information and rather than slather ourselves in chemicals we know nothing about, and using ingredients tested on animals who don’t have a say, we’re all about using the bounty of Mother Nature’s garden and making informed choices for beautiful skin. However, when choosing natural skincare there’s a few things you should know:


It’s not as simple as reading the marketing speak. There are many ethical companies out there, but a handful aren’t being entirely honest. For example, say a label proclaims it contains organic olive oil, while that may be technically true, it might only be a miniscule one per cent of the formulation and come way down the bottom of the ingredient list. The company isn’t breaking any laws (yet) by doing this, but it’s a frowned upon practise known as greenwashing.


One way is to look at a company’s philosophy; it’s a good indicator of how they operate. If you don’t feel clearly informed Trilogy have always recommended calling and asking for the lowdown. A couple of years ago Comvita hosted a global expert in the science of naturals, Judi Berrling of Organic Monitor. She feels the only way to be sure you are getting an authentic product is to look for certification. “It gives you some degree of certainty,” she says.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NATURAL, ORGANIC AND CERTIFIED ORGANIC? Natural • Made from plant extracts and natural ingredients • Contains low/minimal amounts of synthetic chemicals

Look for: • •

• •

Ecocert: the largest organic certifier. It has, arguably, the strictest criteria. NPA: US-based Natural Products Association assesses ingredients are natural, safe to use and environmentally responsible and sustainable. Assure Quality: owned by the New Zealand government this body provides safety and biosecurity services to the food and primary production sectors. Biogro: developed for the New Zealand market, Biogro is accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). The Soil Association: certifies around 1,500 products, which must contain 70 to 100 percent organic ingredients. Cosmos: an umbrella body for Bioforum, Ecocert, Cosmebio, BDIH, ICEA and Soil Association. They’re attempting to harmonise global standards. NaTrue: True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics. It’s aim? To set high standards of quality, integrity and transparency worldwide.

Organic • Must contain significant level of certified ingredients • And/or meet private standards

Certified Organic Stringent assessments and audits ensure products contain natural ingredients, 75 to 95 per cent of which must be certified organic.

Words: Jenna Moore

Are you carrying around the silent killer of teeth around in your mouth? Periodontal disease (Periodontitis) is a destructive gum disease and one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults today. It effects around 35% of the population, which equates to roughly 1.5 million susceptible New Zealanders . Most will be completely unaware of the problem as the warning signs are subtle and are often ignored. If you have bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, moving teeth, red or tender gums you should have a gum health check immediately . Book into our Oral hygiene Spa today.

Fresh Breath Clinic

Diagnosis, treatment & prevention of bad breath

Gum Health Check

Bleeding gums don’t put up with it any longer!

Preventative Therapy

Personalised oral hygiene instruction and professional plaque and calculus removal

Dental Risk Assessment

Are you susceptible to gum disease or tooth decay? Know your status and how to prevent problems

See what Dental Implants can do for you‌ Dental Implants can give you a whole new lease on life and the confidence you have been missing since you lost your teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, help stabilize a loose lower denture or replace all of your missing teeth with a fixed implant-supported bridge. The possibilities are numerous, to learn more visit

Book online today! Level 4, 142 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

Greenlane Podiatry

Ph. 524 9002

Start the year with beautiful feet.

BeautyWithout Compromise

Summer is a great time to get your feet sorted. Including fungal nails conditions using laser. We have gift vouchers available for our full range of services, including fungal nails consultations and treatments. 09 524 2599 626 Great South Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland.

The first nail salon using Medical Grade Sterilisation Technique, so that all you have to worry about is how good your nails look. Beautiful nails are the perfect gift. We have gift vouchers for all of our services as well as a range of beautiful products. 09 524 7222 585 REMUERA RD, AUC KL AND INFO@HMNAILS.CO.NZ

27 Health & Beauty Feb 2016

BeeBio New Ad Campaign, PRESERVATION

Comments from others and the artist:

We hope it makes you stop and think, judge, celebrate, damn, ponder, wonder, hate, debate or just appreciate the art. Is it stunning, is it shocking or is it beautiful?

“[Honey] can distort and amplify forms, highlight physical perfection, engender repulsion, and suggest both immortality and death,” wrote Kenneth Lapatin of the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, in the foreword to the book, Preservation.

Life is a myriad of choices and the world of cosmetics is no different. You have to differentiate and separate the wood from the trees. What is genuine, what is not and what is just a case of the ‘emperor’s new clothes’? Just because a crème contains manuka or bee venom does not mean it contains enough of it or at the right percentages in the correct formulation to be topically effective.

While the photos capture a beautiful golden warmth, the human form coated in honey is decidedly unsettling, suggesting some sort of strange, science fiction–esque rebirth. Little has other, equally creepy ideas. “When you cover someone in the honey, it has the effect of making them look like they’re in amber — that they’re preserved,” said the photographer in a video about the work. The series began when Little shot a portrait of a rather bearlike man, and embracing an old cliche, incorporated honey into the session. The images were successful, and led the photographer to further explore the concept with Craigslistsourced models who ranged from a one-and-a-half-year-old to an 85-year-old woman. “The honey has a way of democratising people — to transform them in kind of a universal way,” Little added.

We have a point of difference and we should celebrate it and shout about it!

We could have played safe with a new ad campaign. The easiest thing in the world would be to produce an ad like 90% of all beauty products. The generic beautiful face, with generic beautiful photoshopped skin, with a string on unverifiable claims. For BeeBio we felt that was pointless. That is not what we stand for. We have a point of difference. Everything we do and every product we create is about being genuinely the best. We use the best ingredients, the highest quality ingredients and manufacture to the highest standards. We genuinely believe it is ‘the best beauty product to ever touch your skin’. BeeBio is spectacularly different when we get down to the real nuts and bolts of the product. We only use minimum of 16+ medical grade manuka honey. We only use pure bee venom and pure royal jelly. We use powerful active botanicals and all our active ingredients come from New Zealand. Our formulas are proprietary, require higher volumes of manuka and bee venom and the other key actives and have proven independent scientific support. Put simply, BeeBio anti ageing skin care is the real deal. A no compromise genuine luxury. Best in class! We chose to work with renowned artist Blake Little having seen his spectacular series ‘PRESERVATION’ where he utilised honey to coat the models. The series is stunningly original and breathtaking and the theme is a perfect fit for BeeBio. BeeBio is about preservation of skin health, youth and enhancing your own personal beauty. Look the best you can at whatever your age. Medical grade manuka honey is a natural preservative, natural antibiotic, antioxidant and natural humectant. We use the best.


‘Preservation’ series by renowned photographer Blake Little includes Sarah, Front. ‘Preservation’ by BeeBio is a natural multi-functional anti-aging skincare range. Created and produced in New Zealand using only the finest medical grade Manuka Honey, pure Bee Venom and native New Zealand botanicals. BeeBio proprietary formulations have highly effective anti-aging and youth enhancing benefits. BeeBio is the highest quality Manuka Honey and Bee Venom skincare product, using higher volumes of effective active ingredients. Available from T Galleria, East Side Studio 09 379 2706 and leading retailers.

BeeBio 30


Health & Beauty Feb 2016

BeeBio. Remember the name. And the slogan: age with elegance. Why? Because there’s a lot of buzzing going around about this luxury skincare brand based on highly active New Zealand manuka honey. In fact, it’s just won a highly commended award from Duty Free News International (DFNI) for best new skincare launch 2015. Indeed, out of all the skincare launched into duty free in 2015 around the world, BeeBio came in second only to well known French skincare brand Sisley. They were also the top manuka/bee venom brand and the top New Zealand skincare brand. BeeBio — meaning ‘bee life’ in Latin — is based on active manuka honey, royal jelly, bee venom and natural botanicals. The bees feed on the flowers of our native manuka bush and the honey that’s produced has gained worldwide acclaim for its high levels of scientifically proven bioactivity (effect on living tissue). Medical grade manuka honey is a natural

preservative, antibiotic, antioxidant and humectant and is in demand for its efficacy in treating many skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and acne. Medically it is used in hospitals globally for advanced wound care, burns, amputations and ulcers. Just because a cream contains active ingredients like manuka honey or bee venom doesn’t mean it contains enough of it in the correct formulation. For manuka honey to be effective on the bioactivity scale it needs to be a level upwards of 10. BeeBio uses a minimum of 16+. Look out for the Bio-Active Seal. It represents the independently certified, biological activity that is only found in True Active manuka honey and measures the Non Peroxide Activity (NPA) which is only found in True Active manuka honey with a Bio-Active factor of 10+ or more and is proven to contain very special healing properties. Words: Jenna Moore


/// PRESERVATION “Our amazing new advertising campaign comes from the Preservation series of LA-based artist Blake Little who has photographed the likes of Julianne Moore and Jane Fonda,” says Liz Kolovos, CEO of Natural Health Products, the company behind BeeBio. “As we’ve said in our advertisement we hope it makes you stop and think, judge, celebrate, damn, ponder, wonder, hate, debate or just appreciate the art. Is it stunning, is it shocking or is it beautiful? “When we saw Blake Little’s spectacular series ‘PRESERVATION’ where he’d used honey to coat the human form it ‘spoke’ to us. It’s original, breathtaking and, we think, a perfect fit for us.”

Blake’s photographs coat the human form in honey creating beautiful art. From our glorious Sarah to a couple, to a ballerina, to a bearded man, the series is sensational. “When you cover someone in the honey, it has the effect of making them look like they’re in amber—that they’re preserved,” says Blake.


One of two exclusive copies of Blake Little’s Photographic book Preservation. Go to page 104 to find out more.

Skin Institute Remuera


Restoring confidence, improving chances, creating smiles, building trust, healing scars, uncovering possibilities.

Health & Beauty Feb 2016

Level 2, 123 Remuera Road Phone: 974 1731

Skin cancer | Veins | Appearance

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What Exactly Is ENERGY MEDICINE and What Can It Do For You?

Feb 2016

If you had mentioned energy medicine to me ten years ago, I would have smiled politely on the outside and fixed my ‘ag ha’ look. On the inside, I would have been planning my PhD and making a mental note to take you off my Facebook and Christmas lists. I used to be totally grounded in science. Double bind, placebo, control studies and I were best buddies. I could mix it with the best, quoting studies and counter studies. Every now and then I would listen to someone talk about energy medicine, just for a chuckle. Over time, I stopped chuckling. I am impressed by results and energy medicine was delivering them. The evidence is compelling. Energy medicine has featured since the beginning of man. We just managed to find reasons to ignore the evidence of some of the greatest cultures that worked with it. When it comes down to it, how could it be possible for a half-clothed Indian gentleman or a bald-headed Chinese man to know more than one of our illustrious specialists? So what is energy medicine? It is based on the premise that energy is the foundation of life and health. This energy can be measured. Sophisticated equipment is now available to measure the energy in different parts of the body and compare it to the energy of healthy tissue. Sounds whacky? Well it gets even wackier. If energy is low in some part of the body, then this is the foundation of disease. These energy deficits and the reasons for them can be identified. Everything has an energy reading: parasites, bacteria, toxins, disease, everything. They can be identified via their energy reading. You can identify toxins, microorganisms and disease by its energy reading. Modern energy scanning equipment had its birth in the space program, where it was used to monitor the health of astronauts. Unfortunately not all energy medicine scanning equipment is created equal. Some are better than others. At bewell, we use the ETA scan. This is the same scan used by over 5000 doctors in Europe and in over 100 Chinese hospitals.

realhealth body mind spirit

pantone 1375

pantone 368

pantone 2602

What You’ll Find at Real Health Total Body Modification Chiropractic Kinesiology Integrative Natural Medecine Meditation Progressive Counseling Breathing and Relaxation techniques Natural Spiritual Healing

The field of energy medicine is too big to do it justice in one article. It may however be the answer you didn’t know you were looking for. If you have tried everything conventional medicine has to offer and not achieved wellness, this could be the answer for you. Words: Clive Plucknett



Real Health TOTAL WELLNESS Real health is about the entire you: body, mind, and spirit.

immediate changes to function; healing and repairing can then take place.” Dysfunction may be caused by injury, food sensitivities, infection, emotional trauma and stress. Well… actually… always stress. “Most people who have a health concern have a stress issue,” says Dr Bill. “It’s part of life. We can’t be born and not have stress.” WHAT DOES A VISIT TO REAL HEALTH ENTAIL? Your first appointment is with Dr Bill who tests the body using kinesiology to establish exactly where to start resetting the body’s complex protection mechanisms. Then specific TBM protocols are used to start your healing and recovery journey.

Dr Bill is a name that buzzes around wellness circles and with those-inthe-know along with superlatives such as “he’s amazing”. This shortened moniker refers to Dr William Donaldson and encompasses the entire team at Real Health because - as we all know - it takes a village. At the forefront of the holistic practice is Total Body Modification (TBM), a healing system that was developed by Dr Victor Frank, an esteemed chiropractor, osteopath, naturopath and kinesiologist. It uses muscle testing as an interface between known physiology and neurology and the energetic aspects of acupuncture and other natural healing techniques. Dr Bill is a chiropractor with over 35 years experience and trained in the art of TBM under Dr Frank himself in France and the USA. He now teaches other practitioners this complete Natural Healing System and is the only certified TBM instructor in the southern hemisphere. TBM uses a touch point system that can open the body’s biocomputer where the internal circuit board can be accessed to identify and correct weaknesses and dysfunctions in the body. This is gentle, non-invasive but very powerful therapy. “Think of a computer with a touch screen, a keyboard and an operating system,” says Dr Bill. “The operating system is the brain, the touch points are the screen, and using the spine as a keyboard we can open a programme and reset it, creating

Dr Bill has trained three highly skilled associate doctors who will facilitate this process alongside him. In addition, and if required, our coaches and counsellors offer in-depth consultations with you to look at your lifestyle, stress factors, your supplements or medications, your relationships, your work situations and provide strategies tools and techniques to help you get back in balance. “We understand real health is about the whole you: your emotional, physical and spiritual state. We’re here to empower people and to support, educate and help you take charge of your own health. We are not just a body, and health issues are never black and white.” Words: Jenna Moore

If you’re curious about improving your health and wellbeing contact us and take the first steps in achieving this goal and having a better life. We’d love to help you. 09 489 3380

34 Health & Beauty Feb 2016

IT’S A NEW YEAR AHEAD As we settle into 2016, it’s a great time to reflect on what we’d like to achieve in the coming year.

Now that the New Year celebrations are over, routine has returned for many of us. Sigh. And while New Year’s resolutions may seem a bit ho-hum there’s a great argument for setting some goals for the year. You can focus on a broad spectrum of things such as finances, relationships, business, fitness, weight loss and make them work for you. The secret is in writing down what you’d like to change/achieve/create with them.


Go public. One study showed that you are more likely to achieve success if you share your goals with friends or family. It makes you accountable.


Create goals that are realistic. For example if you have a goal of earning $200,000 per year, but currently only earn $20,000 and have no plans to leave, start a business or study to upskill the chances of achieving that goal are pretty slim (that being said you could come into an inheritance or big win but that’s not earning).


Set the date you’d like to achieve your goals by. A timeframe or deadline is important because it creates urgency and inspires action.


Break your goals down into sub-goals or action steps. It can make them seem less overwhelming and more achievable.


Review your goals weekly. This continually refreshes your mind and allows you to measure your progress. All it takes is stick-with-it-ness!

Goal-setting really does work. It’s been proven over and over again by the some of the greatest minds on the planet. ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ really is a truism! Common practise is to follow the SMART formula: • • • • •

Specific Measurable Accountable Realistic Timeframe

So take a pen and notebook or set up a file on the computer and follow these seven simple guidelines. Write down six to 10 goals you’d like to achieve in the next twelve months. TOP TIP: Life coach Louise Thompson ( suggests writing down THREE personal and THREE professional goals.


Be specific. Write the goals very clearly. Become rich or lose weight is too vague.


Something like lose 25 kilograms is very clear and allows you to measure how you’re going regularly.

Now, go forth and conquer. Words: Jenna Moore

SUGGESTION: A really nice trick is to take a lovely jar, tie a ribbon around it if it suits, add a label (something like goals 2016) and cut your goals into separate pieces of paper. Pop them inside the jar, screw on the lid and on your ‘goal anniversary’ next year take them out and see how you’ve done. You should be pleasantly surprised.

35 Health & Beauty

Hanan Rad BHSc (Pod.) NZ Registered Podiatrist Member of Podiatry NZ

Luxurious, hydrating facial $99 (value $145) 60 minutes of heaven

▶ Sports/ musculoskeletal injuries ▶ Foot, ankle, shin or knee pain ▶ Diabetes and arthritis

▶ Orthotics

▶ Skin and nail problems:-

- Ingrown toenails - Fungal and bacterial infections - Warts and verrucae-Corns and callus - Cracked heels-Problematic toenails

One Health Building | 122 Remuera Road

This cocooning treatment utilises the healing properties and re-balancing vitamins found in UMF Manuka Honey. • Luxurious honey-infused facial • Revives, heals and re-balances your skin • Suitable for all skin types • Superb gift for someone special • Gift vouchers available

09 523 2333 FREE PARKING

Elstree Pharmacy Come and see us for fantastic gifts for all ages, all your family’s health needs and excellent advice.


Feb 2016

36 Health & Beauty Feb 2016

HOLISTIC FACIAL RECIPES “My skin was pretty angry when I first met Romy. I was frustrated and felt like there was little hope. With regular facials (relaxing and look forward it), a great home care range and a wellness plan through correct nutrition and lifestyle changes I feel transformed. I’m on the road to a better me and I thank Romy for her guidance and patience.” - Katie, Auckland -




Health & Beauty Feb 2016

• • • • •

1 teaspoon bentonite clay 1 teaspoon spirulina powder 1-2 teaspoons whole oats, crumbled into a fine powder in your fingers ½ teaspoon olive oil Enough purified water to make a paste

The ingredients in this mask will leave your skin super plump and hydrated, while detoxing it of any impurities due to the bentonite clay. Spirulina is a superfood for your body and your skin alike – you will be absolutely glowing! Relax with your eyes closed and your feet up for 15 minutes to allow the mask to work. Follow up with a spritz of rosewater and a nourishing facial oil, I recommend The Beauty Elixir for their small range of highly concentrated and potent skin foods.

• • • •

1-2 teaspoons raw honey 1 teaspoon bentonite clay ½ teaspoon olive oil Enough purified water to make a paste.

The honey in this mask soothes redness associated with acne as well as offering anti-bacterial properties to the skin. Bentonite clay detoxes and removes excess oils and the olive oil soothes and balances the skin. Relax with your eyes closed and feet up for 15 minutes for the mask to do its work. Follow up with a spritz of rosewater and a balancing skin oil to nourish your skin.


1 teaspoon bentonite clay 1 teaspoon turmeric powder ½ teaspoon olive oil Enough organic milk to make a paste (if you’re lactose intolerant use purified water)

This mask will stimulate your skin, gently exfoliating it via the lactic acid found in the milk. Turmeric is the queen of brighteners and will leave you looking absolutely radiant. Relax with your eyes closed and your feet up for 15 minutes to allow the mask to work. Follow up with a spritz of rosewater and a nourishing facial oil for super hydration.

• • •

1-2 teaspoons whole oats, crumbled into a fine powder in your fingers ¼ cup organic plain yoghurt 1 teaspoon raw honey

Mix together an apply gently to your face. Relax with your eyes closed for 15 minutes to let this mask do it’s magic! Rinse off and follow with a spritz of rosewater and a nourishing skin oil to rebalance your skin.

Romy Burgess Romy Burgess (nee Grbic) is a holistic facialist and nutritionist. She successfully ran her holistic beauty clinic, Redox, in Ponsonby up until the end of 2015. Romy has now decided to ditch the confining walls of Redox in order to travel the world and increase her skills and knowledge. Romy shares her lifestyle, beauty, health and wellness tips on social media, where you can follow her adventure and get daily tips and inspiration (Instagram @thegypsyfacialist, Facebook Redox Facials + Beauty). To book a facial (when she is in the country!) you can visit her website



14 DAYS OF UNLIMITED CLASSES FOR $49.00* *(offer not valid for Pilates reformer classes)

Experience any 2 classes from our

Xtend Barre fuses elements of dance, ballet and timetable forthat just pilates to create an adrenalin-fuelled workout strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body.





Studio 3 Level 7, 5-7 Kingdon Street, Newmarket 09 522 3305

Xtend Barre Ponsonby

56 Surrey Crescent, Ponsonby together along with Fusing PilatesL1,& Ballet exercises 09 376 8091 resistance equipment to give you a chiselled body fast! xtend-barre-ponsonby

To find out more go online to: Or call Viv on (09) 522 3305 or 021 2455441.

L7, 5-7 Kingdon Street, Newmarket 09 522 3305

39 Health & Beauty Feb 2016

SHINING THE LIGHT ON LED Red and blue LED light can make a significant impact on your quest for complexion perfection.

For some people, using light emitting diodes (LEDs) to treat things like acne and aging may sound too good to be true. How can it be that shining coloured lights on your face will clear up zits and make your skin look plump and youthful? Well, the science is in the stars. About 40 years ago, scientists at NASA discovered that light therapy could repair damaged skin cells and speed up healing. Over recent years we’ve seen great results when using light to treat a variety of common skin conditions. The technical term is LED photomodulation, and it works in a similar way to photosynthesis by triggering the body to convert light energy into cell energy, encouraging natural cellular activity and ‘reenergising’ skin cells. We focus on the most researched and effective light waves: red and blue. RED FOR WRINKLES Red infrared light therapy uses visible red light wavelengths from 630-660 nanometres (nm) and infrared light wavelengths at around 880nm to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, increasing cellular energy and jump-starting the production of collagen and elastin to help make skin firm and supple. The layers of the skin have a high content of blood and water, which makes it easy for the skin to absorb the light, these substances literally drink it up. Most researchers agree that light therapy increases production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the battery life of cells. It also targets the water layers in elastin — the protein responsible for skin elasticity - gradually restoring its elastic function and reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Red light also boosts blood circulation, which effectively transports oxygen and nutrients to the skin (hello glow!), and it’s a great healing treatment for rosacea and eczema too. BLUE FOR BLEMISHES Blue Infrared light has a wavelength of 400–490 nm and is especially good for treating acne. When blue light reaches the sebaceous glands in the skin, it can help activate porphyrins, which are compounds inside acne bacteria (technically called propionibacterium acnes). When porphyrins are activated, they release reactive oxygen molecules that damage the bacteria internally, killing it from the inside out. And because red light helps accelerate wound repair, it’s often used in combination with blue light to treat acne, encourage healing, and lessen acne scarring and under the skin lesions. Who’d have thought it? Red and blue light can effectively and gently create significant changes in the skin at a deep level encouraging the complexion perfection you long for. Words: Jenna Moore



40 Health & Beauty Feb 2016

Scents are as ancient as civilisation. The world’s very first chemist, a lady named Tapputi, was a perfume-maker mentioned in a Mesopotamian tablet while five thousand-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphics bear printed testament to our innate fascination with fragrance. Such was the north African’s skill in creating it that when tombs were opened by 19th century archaeologists, the perfumes had retained much of their fragrant notes. Sweet scents were originally burned as offerings in an attempt to please the gods – the word ‘perfume’ comes from the Latin per fumus meaning ‘through smoke’ – while the oldest known perfumery was discovered on the island of Cyprus, built 4,000 years ago, during the Bronze Age. According to the Perfume Society, ancient Egyptians were also among the first to develop the art of aromatherapy having “already understood that perfumes could help maintain a harmonious balance between body and soul”, the first to realise that the relationship between sentience and sense of smell runs deep. “There’s a direct psychological link between your reaction to fragrance and your personality,” perfumer and author Roja Dove tells The Scotsman, “but today we’re so convinced by all the marketing spin. People buy scent by brand image and not smell.” Dove says that we are born with no preconception of what smells good or bad, rather we learn it: “The point of my work comes from the idea

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” - Christian Dior -

of truly discovering your olfactory palate. The language we use about perfume is emotional. The proof of that is when people come in and say, ‘Don’t give me anything strong.’ What is that? A strong smell is something that you don’t like on your skin, so it’s omnipotent. But if you love it, it isn’t strong at all.” The same scents can also react very differently on different wearers. “Everyone’s body chemistry is different,” Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay of the Perfume Society tell the Daily Mail, “influenced by hormones, skin type, what you eat, medications you may take and more. Simply adding a new vitamin or supplement to your well being regime can change how a fragrance smells on your skin. Even experts can’t pinpoint which factors change perfumes the most, or predict how a scent will be altered… never buy a fragrance without trying it on your own skin...” “Scent is powerful, it has the ability to make you feel a multitude of ways, depending on how you personally perceive it,” Krista Miller, assistant manager of Twisted Lily tells me from New York. Based out of Brooklyn, the specialist fragrance boutique and apothecary features hard-to-find niche, indie and natural fragrances from across the world. Krista says that natural scents’ popularity have increased as the United States’ green movement has progressed and that there has also been a “de-genderising of fragrance” as cultures creep toward breaking gender rules: “Men aren’t afraid of florals anymore, and women are often grabbing for what would typically be classified as a men’s fragrance.” Many of the first ingredients such as jasmine and frankincense are still used by today’s brands, who now also experiment with more unusual techniques. “Although they were originally frowned upon as being inferior to their all-natural counterparts, synthetics have really broadened the spectrum, of possibilities when it comes to fragrance ingredients,” says Krista. “After all, how else could the blood, sweat, sperm and saliva accords have been created for infamous Etat Libre d’Orange scent, Secretions Magnifiques? There are certain ingredients which become more popular, for example the increased visibility of Ouds in the Western world of perfumery, but these are simply added into the infinite possibilities of fragrance creation, as opposed to replacing another.” Ouds are derived from the tropical agar tree which originates in India. Now a threatened species, it is one of the costliest of natural raw ingredients and held in very high regard throughout the Middle East. Islamic cultures, in fact, have made a massive contribution to both the technology and popularity of perfumery, thanks in part to the words of the Prophet Muhammed who advised: “The taking of a bath on Friday is compulsory for every male Muslim who has attained the age of puberty and (also) the cleaning of his teeth with Miswaak [a type of twig used as a toothbrush], and the using of perfume if it is available.” Among the spoils stolen from those lands by European forces during the Crusades and later invasions were a raft of exotic ingredients and perfume-creating technologies, then passed on through the generations and perfected firstly by the Hungarians, before the likes of Italy and France became the powerhouse producers of modern-day perfume. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, as trade with the Far East developed – along

with a slew of discoveries of new nations by the likes of Christopher Columbus and Vasco de Gama – the potential perfume ingredient list expanded further still. Grasse, in France, became the perfume capital of the world and as Europe became ever-more ‘civilised’ the desire and social pressure to be perfectly presented and scented was further entrenched. Perfumes became one of the must-have accessories of high society. Napoleon ritually soaked himself in Eau de Cologne and would often send his wife, Josephine, fragrances from far-off lands. As the Industrial Revolution gathered steam, the Victorians perfected their own perfume manufacturing processes but come the 20th century the French cemented their scent superiority. The iconic fashionista Paul Poiret was the first to create a designer perfume brand then in 1921 a lady called Coco launched the allconquering Chanel No. 5. So is fashionable France still the most dominant force in fragrance? “It would be extremely limiting to only confine fragrance to one geographical region,” says Krista. “Yes, France has a longstanding perfumery history because of Grasse being a popular training ground for perfumers, but nowadays the fragrance market has become so international thanks in large part to online retailing that it would be impossible to pick just one. Furthermore, great perfume is ultimately dependent on the talent of the individual perfumer, not its country of origin. Although, there are some pretty outstanding perfume houses emerging from the US both on the West Coast and right here in Brooklyn. There are some houses here that don’t come from the traditional Grasse backgrounds, which often take very different paths than your traditionally trained perfumers.” The 1960s counterculture brought about a reaction to all things corporate, including fragrances. That brave new world looked east for inspiration, a new generation discovering a raft of mythical ingredients such as patchouli and sandalwood to dab upon their skins. That thirst for the unusual is cool again today, sated by boutique brands. “The exponential growth of the niche fragrance industry reflects society’s need for individuality,” Krista says, “and the ever increasing access to boutique and indie products with the explosion of online shopping and social media.” She makes the point that if fragrance is supposed to be an expression of one’s personality, then how unique can that message really be if it is bottled by the millions? But, I ask, how do boutique brands maintain their anti-maintstream philosophies as their success and popularity soars? “It’s the age old adage of being underground but not profitable enough or selling out to become mainstream. Any brand obviously wants to reach as many people as possible, but through overexposure, a niche brand loses its exclusivity. Therefore the selection of retailers is crucial.” I wonder if the day will come where the mainstream will have to make way for the boutique brands, whether mainstream could, perversely, be in the minority. “There will always be room for mainstream perfumery to coexist alongside smaller, independent labels,” says Krista. “The former is more easily accessible and often at a lower price point than niche fragrances which is appealing to a certain demographic, however in the end it’s all really a matter of personal preference.”

Words by Jamie Christian Desplaces

41 Health & Beauty Feb 2016

Set a realistic target and ensure any lifestyle changes you make will be sustainable and enjoyable.”

WHY WEIGHT? Let your body and mind transformation begin!

Now that 2016 has begun and we are well on our way to creating a legendary year, listed below are 10 tips to help you change your shape for ever. 1. BE SPECIFIC about your weight-loss goal and know where you want to be in a reasonable period of time. Set a realistic target and ensure any lifestyle changes you make will be sustainable and enjoyable. 2. KNOW WHY YOU WANT THIS. Once set, write your goal down and ‘why’ it is important for you to reach it. Read it every day to keep you motivated.

6. DRINK at least two litres of water per day and learn to love your green vegetables. Have plenty of chopped up vegetables in your fridge as a quick snack. 7. CARRY A SNACK around to avoid getting to a point where you are over-hungry and cannot go another minute without food. Almonds are a great option, and just quietly, so is dark chocolate! 8. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and you will realise it was not that comfortable after all. Expect some discomfort. You’re leaving your comfort zone of old eating habits and beliefs so just take one day at a time as you move through it.

3. PREPARE AND PLAN. Prepare meals in advance and schedule your exercise for the week. If you don’t plan your day, someone else will!

9. KEEP A JOURNAL OF YOUR FOOD intake. Use it as a means of educating yourself as to what works and what does not.

4. RESISTANCE TRAINING. Do not be afraid to increase the strength component of your workout. Adding lean muscle to your body not only tones, it also increases your metabolism.

10. BE ACCOUNTABLE to a coach or buddy who has similar goals to you. Schedule regular check-in times to monitor your progress.

5. ASK YOURSELF, 'AM I HUNGRY?' Unless a craving comes from hunger, eating won't satisfy it. Using the acronym HALT is a great technique. Am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired? Check out the answer before you eat.

Words: Tanya Unkovich

Bubbly Water: Good Or Bad? We’re always told to drink plenty of water to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day. But believe it or not sparkling water is almost as damaging to your teeth as flavoured fizzy drinks. This is because your teeth are constantly being bathed in a weak acid solution containing carbon dioxide - thought to wear away our teeth. After repeated attacks over several years, this acid can erode the enamel - the hard part of our teeth made from calcium salts. But you don’t have to give up drinking water yet! Dentists recommend drinking still water as a healthier option for your teeth. And if you can’t resist fizzy water, dentists recommend drinking a glass of water in several gulps, rather than sipping it throughout the day. This is because ‘sipping’ over a long period of time exposes your enamel to a constant bombardment of acid attack. Drinking water in one go means that your teeth are exposed to acid for several seconds rather than several hours throughout the day.


Drinking from a straw also helps minimize acid attacks because fluid is being drawn to the back of your throat, rather than hitting the front of your teeth directly. ‘It only takes a week for an extracted tooth in a glass of Coke to become a jelly-like mass,’ points out Dr Carpenter of the British Dental Health Foundation. ‘It wouldn’t take much longer for the same result to happen to a tooth bathed in fizzy water.’

You will have every reason to smile after a visit to Meadowbank Dental. Our orthodontic system, Cosmetic 6, focuses on straightening the 6 front teeth; perfect for those who need only minor adjustments to their front teeth.

Wait 30 minutes after a glass of wine before brushing If you enjoy a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris in the evening, don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking. Drinking white wine frequently can damage your teeth with an acidic punch that erodes tooth enamel far more than red wine, according to some studies. And brushing your teeth soon after drinking wine will cause even greater damage. The BBC News reports that the culprit is the wine’s pH and the duration of contact with the teeth that causes erosion. A team from Germany’s Johannes Gutenberg University conducted a laboratory study in which adult teeth were soaked in wine for a day. The results? The teeth soaked in white wine had a loss of both calcium and phosphorus to depths of up to 60 micrometers in the enamel surface, which the researchers say is significant. Brushing your teeth too soon after the glass of wine could make matters worse. Instead of removing the wine, it can remove more tooth enamel. Best to wait 30 minutes after drinking wine before you brush your teeth. *The above articles were both sourced from the internet and based on discussions with a dental practitioner.

Call 09 528 3146 to book a FREE CONSULTATION with Hannah, our orthodontic coordinator. Cosmetic 6 is available from $2900. Interest free finance options available with Gemvisa.

MEADOWBANK DENTAL 93 St Johns Road Meadowbank Auckland 09 528 3146

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LAVA DINING 44 Food Feb 2016

Things are changing fast down at the Viaduct, mainly for the better, but it can still be a little hit-and-miss when it comes to the dining front on our water front. It’s all hit at Lava, however, thanks to a slew of imaginative dishes created by Sebastian Hindrichs, former head chef of French Café fame. Located among some of Auckland’s most luxurious harbourside real estate, Lava Dining is bold and bustling but retains the intimate air of a far smaller setting.

It’s vibrant décor, featuring floor-to-ceiling illuminated lightbox murals, wooden floors and refined table settings, blends effortlessly with the airy surroundings, made even more spacious courtesy of the fine view into the open-plan kitchen which affords diners the chance to witness their fine-dining meals evolve. Option one comes courtesy of a three-course-set priced at $80. Entrées include Clevedon oysters served natural or tempura, king salmon with pickled watermelon, cucumber, verjuice, crème fraîche and roe or seared scallops with serrano ham, green tomato, cauliflower and basil. For those who like their meat from dry land, choose from shaved venison with asparagus, blackcurrant, yoghurt and crispy potato while butternut, miso, shitake, turnip, sesame and nori accompany the harmony pork belly. For non-meat-eaters, there are summer vegetables. Prices hover around the mid-$20 mark.

Timeless international fares meet Kiwi classics for the mains, such as Fish of the Day, seared duck breast and grass-fed eye fillet served with sorrel butter and vegetables. Hawkes Bay lamb comes with green asparagus, broad beans, black trumpet and pine nuts, while there’s a smoked potato gnocchi for the vegetarians (all $39-$45). Desserts such as cherry sponge with chocolate sorbet, crème caramel and poached apricots are offered alongside cheese with olive and rosemary crackers and quince. A fascinating wine list includes award-winning French and New Zealand tipples, with by-the-glass offerings also. The verdict? Not much you won’t have seen before, but the cooking is fresh and confident, while the service, sharp, friendly and unpretentious, was a real stand-out. Keep an eye out for Lava’s value-for-money $30 three-course set-menu as the eatery looks to stake a claim on the city’s business lunch territory too.

Licensed, Lunch & Dinner 7 days, All credit cards (2% surcharge).

- REVIEW Menu 8 Wine List 8.5 Décor 8

Cuisine 8 Service 9 Value for Money 8

Words: Dennis and Rosamund Knill



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CONTINENTAL GOODIES • 501 Karangahape Rd, Auckland Central (09) 379 8030

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Help Your Garden Take The Heat

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It’s touted as New Zealand’s greatest discovery since sauvignon blanc, yet for many of our winemakers, producing quality pinot noir can be more than a challenge. With soil climate and weather conditions all playing a major role this in itself is why many of our wineries have difficulties producing this sought after wine. Depending on the region, pinot noir varies in taste, style and complexity. This is both good and bad -- good because wineries located in the most suitable growing regions are destined to deliver quality and consistency, bad because wineries located outside these regions will inevitably produce wines short of the mark. Pinot noir has become so popular that it has surpassed conventional reds as our most planted red varietal. It is also one of our best drinking reds, giving sauvignon blanc (whose sales continue to grow significantly) a run for its money. Up until the 1980s, red wine production was limited to cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syrah. Fast forward three decades and pinot noir is now in high demand both internally and on the world stage. Although grapes have been planted over both islands, our best pinot noirs are grown in the cooler climate of the South Island, with Central Otago and Marlborough taking the prize for our finest and most elegant wines. Here are two vintages at a price point that will not disappoint.



Yealands Central Otago ’14 Winemakers Reserve $39.95 Produced from grapes from Gibbston, this wine holds its own with some of the more expensive examples from the same region. Its complexity, vibrant finish, depth of colour and light tannins will please.

Villa Maria Marlborough ’13 Reserve RRP$49.99 Blended from single vineyard sites this, well-balanced wine comes to life with its red fruit flavours that works well with the fine soft tannins that carry all the way across the palate

Verve’s Wine Rack column is contributed by Dennis Knill, winelover and writer extraordinare!

To ensure that your garden stays effortlessly delightful and productive as the gorgeous summer weather settles in, I thought I’d share a few tips to help your garden to beat the heat this summer.

WATERING Technique matters. Light, regular watering is less effective than really soaking the garden less often. Established large trees, shrubs and fruit trees that need help will benefit more from a 5 minute soak every couple of weeks than a light dose. Water veggies and annual flowers deeply every 2-3 mornings to ensure they stay healthy. Irrigation systems can also help; run on a timer, and save a lot of time.


Mulching helps conserve water, suppress weeds, and looks great. Weed and water deeply before applying mulch.


A quick easy way to increase the ability of your soil to hold moisture is to use wetting agents such as Saturaid or watter storage crystals. Saturaid helps ensure that less water is lost when you water, and helps to evenly disperse it through the soil, while water storage crystals absorb around 400 times their own weight in water and then slowly release it as needed. Saturaid can be added after planting, sprinkled over lawns, hanging baskets, pots, trees, shrubs or garden beds. Water storage crystals must be added when planting and mixed through the soil, though the best long-term solution for improving water retention is to improve your soil.


Healthy soils, with good structure, rich in organic matter and teaming with beneficial microbes, will hold moisture for longer and grow healthier plants which will be able to deal better with the heat. When planting, mix in compost and sheep pellets with existing soil. Top dress established plants with a handful of sheep pellets. Increase microbial activity and create soils more suitable for worms by liquid feeding with vermicast liquid (worm tea) or using organic fertilisers like Aquaticus Garden Booster, which, among other things, contains trichoderma (a beneficial fungi that helps stimulate root growth and protects against root rots and other problems).

Words: Billy Aiken Kings Plant Barn

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3x cups of raw baby spinach leaves 1/4 purple cabbage, shredded 1/2 pomegranate, seeded 1x tomato, sliced 1/4 cucumber, sliced 1/2 orange, sliced 1/2 yellow capsicum, sliced 10 strawberries, cut in half Handful of nuts and seeds (we used brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and walnuts)


1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 3 Tbsp flaxseed oil Juice of one lemon 2 Tbsp balsalmic vinegar Himalayan salt and pepper to season


. Prepare all of the fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

2. Lay all of the ingredients out on a chopping board or platter.


Make the dressing and drizzle over salad.

Julia and Libby Matthews are sisters who love everything that nourishes the body, mind and soul. Five years ago they decided to make a change. Feeling tired and rundown, they ditched highly-processed, sugar-laden products and turned to wholefoods – foods that are closest to their natural state. Now in their first cookbook they share their favourite recipes and tips for how to keep healthy and feel great. Verve feels privileged to be able to share a few of their energizing and delicious recipes with all you foodies out there.


Mastered by Craft. Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand For over 20 years, Crossroads has brought wine lovers the very best of small parcel winemaking from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Visit Our Cellar Door Open 7 days: 11am - 4.30pm (closed Good Friday & Christmas Day) 1747 Korokipo Road, State Highway 50, Fernhill, Napier Tel: (06) 879 9737




Gift vouchers available

on regular wine prices when you mention this ad at our Cellar Door.

MINT CHOCOLATE SLICE Made with real mint to colour and flavour the filling, this slice is vegan and free of gluten and dairy. The chewy base is made of buttery pecans and Medjool dates, while the filling contains avocado to make it creamy, and shredded coconut adds texture. It is a treat you can store in your freezer and nibble on whenever you feel like something sweet. Soak the cashews a few hours before you start.


1 cup (130g) pecans 2 tbsp cacao powder 4 Medjool dates, pitted 1 tsp vanilla bean paste 2 tbsp coconut nectar


2 cups shredded coconut ½ large ripe avocado 1/3 cup coconut nectar 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted ¼ cup fresh mint, roughly chopped 1½ tsp peppermint extract pinch of salt


½ cup raw cashews ½ cup coconut oil, melted 2 tbsp coconut nectar ¼ cup cacao powder 1 tsp vanilla bean paste


Line a 21cm x 21cm slice tin with baking paper. Place cashews for topping in a bowl, cover with water and leave to soak for a few hours.


To make the base, pulse pecans in a food processor until they are in small pieces. Add cacao powder, dates, vanilla and coconut nectar. Process until mixture is well combined. Press into the base of the tin, cover and place in the freezer.


To make the mint layer, place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and combine until smooth. You may need to scrape down the sides of the bowl and blend a second time.


Take the tin out of the freezer and spread the mint layer over the base. Cover with cling wrap and place back in the freezer.

5. To make the chocolate

topping, drain and rinse cashews, then blend with coconut oil and coconut nectar in a food processor until smooth and creamy. Add cacao powder and vanilla, and blend again until smooth. Pour topping over mint layer, cover and place back in the freezer for 1–2 hours or until set.


Once set, cut into pieces. Best stored in the freezer for up to a month. Allow to rest at room temperature for 20–30 minutes to soften a little before serving.

FETA AND PEA FALAFELS This is a recipe our mother introduced us to when she stopped eating meat, and it has become a family favourite. These falafels are moist and bursting with beautiful flavour. Chickpeas are rich in soluble and insoluble fibre that will keep you feeling full and less likely to snack between meals. They are also a fantastic source of vegetarian protein that is low in calories. Delicious served with thinly sliced cucumber.


1 cup frozen green peas, thawed 400g can chickpeas, rinsed and drained 1 organic egg 1 tbsp ground cumin ½ cup fresh coriander ¼ cup parsley 1 cup gluten-free breadcrumbs 2 spring onions, finely chopped 100g feta, crumbled 1 tbsp sesame seeds 1 tbsp coconut oil


¼ cup tamari 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp lemon juice 3 tbsp water 1 clove garlic, minced ¼ cup finely chopped fresh coriander

1. In a food processor combine peas,

chickpeas, egg, cumin, coriander, parsley and breadcrumbs. Pulse until it forms a coarse paste. Transfer mixture to a bowl and stir in spring onion and feta.


To make the dressing, whisk all ingredients together in a bowl and set aside.


Place tablespoons of falafel mixture onto a tray, flatten and sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Heat coconut oil in a frying pan and cook falafels for 1–2 minutes each side, turning carefully as the mixture is quite soft.

5. Serve with dressing on the side. Extracted from Julia & Libby’s Wholefood Kitchen by Julia and Libby Matthews, published by Penguin NZ, RRP: $50.00. Photography: Lottie Hedley

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There’s more to do in Vanuatu


Come visit Vanuatu!

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Just over three hours away in our corner of heaven, you’ll be welcomed by the bursting colour and warmth of clear blue lagoons, bright sandy beaches and the beaming smiles of our friendly people. Go adventuring on a live volcano, witness land diving, experience incredible fishing and scuba diving. Or just laze on a sun lounger and indulge in a great book.

Don’t wait, book now! There’s so much more to do in Vanuatu!


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Aro Ha: It's All in the Mind, Body & Soul It was a casual conversation over lunch between cool and collected Californian yogi Damian Chaparro and investor Chris Madison which led to the creation of Aro Ha – since lauded as one of the world’s finest yoga and wellness retreats – in Glenorchy in 2014. The 8.4-hectare site, less than an hour’s drive from Queenstown, is spectacular, yet tastefully understated. A Zen-like vision, it is nestled upon the slopes of the snow-kissed Southern Alps on the northern banks of Lake Wakatipu in a position of such isolation that it feels as though this entire resplendent South Island stretch has been reserved entirely just for you. A collection of sustainable buildings scattered throughout the complex, constructed from larch woods and local stone, beautifully compliment the land, energised entirely by solar and hydro power with such efficiency that there is often even a surplus. There are no demands made at Aro Ha, only suggestions and the odd request. Digital dallying is discouraged, but not forbidden (there is WiFi in the rooms, but not in the public areas) and it is recommended that you not check the time. Switch off, surrender, and trust in the process. Leave all cynicism at the gate. You will be guided, expertly. Thinking is practically done for you, leaving your mind to explore its long locked doors. Those expecting a week of pampering and facials, as some rather amusingly were, are in for a helluva surprise. There are physical and emotional challenges ahead, but they will be among the most rewarding journeys you will take. Much of the surrounding land such as the glorious Routeburn track will be explored, but it is certainly no walk in the park. Be mindful at all times. The days are long and beautiful. Morning calls are early (I checked. That rule had to be broken for journalistic purposes), but you awake feeling refuelled and refreshed. Such is the attention to detail, with rooms of recycled timber adorned with organic cotton linen, Kiwi wool floor rugs and natural latex mattresses, that you will slumber as you have not slumbered since childhood. A glass of warm lemon water (a habit I have continued) precedes the first of two daily yoga sessions which take place in a studio with a cinema-screen-sized window offering a cinematic South Island view.


Feb 2016

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Breakfast, as with all meals, is paleo vegan and calorie-counted to perfection. It’s so gorgeously presented you don’t know whether to eat or frame it, packed with so much nutrition you never go hungry and so delicious that it had this rare-steakloving writer not give meat a second thought for the entire week (though, I must admit, I did miss my daily eggs). The garden boasts over a hundred species of plants, and, during our retreat, a third of the food we consumed had been grown on-site. And so on to the hike. Recommendations that you arrive with a reasonable level of fitness are not lip service. The daily treks are 10km minimum, often more, and over some relatively challenging terrain. The South Island climate – and geography – means the weather can change at the drop of hat, so hats, waterproofs and extra layers, along with a snack and water, will need to be stowed in your day pack. Expect spectacular scenery and life-affirming conversations with your companions.

“There are no demands made at Aro Ha, only suggestions and the odd request.”

There’s nothing like a good hike to fire up a fine appetite, so lunch is waiting upon your return. Next comes downtime and a chance to take advantage of the superb facilities including a sauna and outdoor spa pool, again, offering what surely is one of the World’s Best Views. The remainder of the afternoon comprises further classes such as pilates and dynamic playground, along with your much-needed and well-earned daily massage. Nutrition demos and cooking classes are also offered. Yoga and dinner wrap up the day. The limited guest list, along with the spacing and open-plan design of Aro Ha, combined with the sometime physical exertions means that a keen sense of community spirit and camaraderie soon develops. In a week or less you learn a wealth of life lessons and stories. So prepare yourself for a tremendously emotionally uplifting experience, but be just as prepared for a rather emotional farewell.

LEARN MORE AT WWW.ARO-HA.COM Words by Jamie Christian Desplaces

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Rejuvenate for the New Year!

Feeling refreshed from your summer holidays and eager to take on the New Year? Or anything but? It’s around this time that a lot of people get in touch with World Journeys, wanting the truly relaxing getaway that a frantic Christmas followed by a rainy week at the bach just didn’t provide. Travel can rejuvenate the soul by providing new sights, new experiences and the opportunity to take stock of what’s really important. If you’re already feeling run down and need to focus on rejuvenation, head for India where wellness retreats and a good dose of pampering can truly revive the mind, body and spirit. Located amongst virgin forest in the tranquil Himalayan foothills of northern India is Ananda Spa, surrounded by graceful sal forests and overlooking the peaceful Ganga River in the Rishikesh Valley. Here you’ll find a focus on holistic wellness, combining the finest ancient Indian traditions of Ayurveda, yoga and Vedanta, with western and oriental philosophies. Choose from an extensive range of over 80 treatments, or get a programme tailor-made to your needs, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. In the south of India near the beaches of Goa you’ll find SwaSwara, another holistic wellness retreat focusing on yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, but also with the opportunity to connect with nature and your local surroundings with nature walks, butterfly and bird watching, cooking sessions and visits to local temples or the farmers market. If your idea of rejuvenation is more of the indulgent, pampering variety, look no further than the luxury palaces of India. Centuries ago the Maharajahs lived the high-life in their beautiful palaces, until modern times brought the withdrawal of royal privileges. The cost of maintaining the ‘family home’ proved too much for many; the more entrepreneurial of whom reinvented their palaces into luxurious boutique hotels. Ornately decorated, often with pictures of days of old still on the walls, a palace stay allows a rare glimpse of a time gone by. With atmosphere galore, luxurious rooms, a beautiful setting and delicious cuisine, one of our favourites is Samode Palace just outside Jaipur.

55 Journeys Feb 2016

Another way to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in India is to cruise through the tranquil backwaters of Kerala on-board a traditional kettuvallam houseboat. Your crew will plot your course through the narrow canals and cook delicious meals as you float past verdant rice paddies, rural villages and temples. India is a country with so much to offer – the colours, sights and sounds can overwhelm the senses at times, but it needn’t be a hectic experience. Whether you choose to relax in a wellness retreat, cruise tranquil backwaters, or live like a royal in a Maharajah’s palace, there is every opportunity to rejuvenate and keep life as interesting as it should be. Make 2016 your year to take charge and make it happen! Words: Caroline Clegg, World Journeys

Revive the mind, body and spirit at wellness retreats in the north or south of India.

ANANDA, Rishikesh Valley | 3 Nights

from $3,410 pp (twin)


SWASWARA, Goa | 7 Nights

from $2,270 pp (twin) Contact your Travel Agent, or World Journeys 09 360 7311 /worldjourneys

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THE PHILOSOPHY OF DECLUTTERING Probably the best present I have ever been given was to return from my book tour in South Africa to find that my best friend Tim had re-organised, tidied and cleaned my entire apartment.

Pictures had been framed. Ziggurats of papers — the first draft of the book — had been bound. My books were neatly shelved according to topic. In the bathroom was a hanging shelf for shampoos, cleansers and loofahs. The fridge had been scoured and purged of furry yoghurt and defeated lemons. My sweaters, socks, t-shirts, boots and shoes — all were displayed in as if in a Benetton store. The linen cupboard was indexed, dossiered and filed. The steam-mop wasn’t lolling crazily against the washer-dryer. It had its own place. In fact, there was a place for everything and everything had its place. On the throat-lozenge-sized patio, he had hung baskets of flowers and there were candles glowing on my shabby chic coffee table. Bob Dylan’s “Spirit on the Water’’ was playing. I burst into tears of sheer gratitude. ** Some months have passed since I returned. From time to time Tim comes and does a spot-check on the State of the Flat. Alas, the last time he rated it D-plus on the Cluttometer. **

Who knew that every mother’s exhortation to “Tidy up your room” would one day grow into a billion dollar industry? Evidently Marie Kondo did. Kondo is a celebrity in Japan. Her last name has become a verb: “I just kondoed my closet”. Time magazine named Kondo one of the 100 most influential people of 2015. Marie Kondo’s international bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has a sequel: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up. There is also a jouranl, Spark Joy Every Day, liberally sprinkled with quotes: “Pursue ultimate simplicity”, “Things that are cherished shine” — so devotees can be inspired as they chronicle their tidying and organising. There’s an online KonMari Club where members can read essays about decluttering and look at photos of Kondo’s life, as well as apply for visits from Kondo. This month, Kondo will launch a smartphone app for KonMari devotees, a place where they can post before-and-after photos and share experiences of their decluttering. Marie Kondo’s core philosophy — if there can be a philosophy about decluttering — is that one must get rid of things that don’t “spark joy”. “When something sparks joy, you should feel a little thrill, as if the cells in your body are slowly rising.

57 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

“When hold something that doesn’t bring you joy, however, you will notice that your body feels heavier. “When deciding, it’s important to touch it, and by that, I mean holding it firmly in both hands as if communing with it. “Pay close attention to how your body responds when you do this,” she writes. It is said that after assessing what sparks joy in their lives, two of her clients have decluttered themselves of their husbands. **

We’re no longer in the realm of handy household hints or top tips here. Decluttering, we are asked to believe, can be a salve to the human spirit. Is the Decluttering Industry not a dark joke on the part of consumer capitalism? The answer to the problem of owning too much stuff is to get us to spend more money to help us jettison, organise or conceal it using the services of professional organisers to do so. I bought Marie Kondo’s book and I will get around to reading it.

I can’t help worrying that being a compulsive declutterer or expunger like Marie and her ilk, is merely an inversion of that other personality disorder beloved of television documentarians — compulsive hoarding.

I know I have it here. Somewhere.

The 100-Thing Challenge, by Dave Bruno is a book about owning no more than 100 physical items. Fine. Good.

Sorry, Marie, I just can’t throw away because, you see, it evokes such strong memories of living on Clifton Beach in Cape Town.

It’s the book’s subtitle that is somewhat hyperbolic: ‘How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and And Regained My Soul.’

Words: Jani Allan

Evidently declutterers see their calling as one that has deep, deep gravitas.

It’s probably under the pile of books on my bedside table. Next to the almost empty bottle of Yves St Laurent ‘In Love Again’ perfume.

58 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

WHAT MAKES A HERO? We’re often regaled with uplifting tales of have-a-go heroes or inspiring souls who have risked their own lives to save those of others they have never even met. While we can’t possibly predict how we’d react in an emergency, hopefully we’d instinctively put ourselves in harm’s way in order to help or save a loved one but thankfully, few of us will ever be tested in such circumstances. Some, of course, such as the military and emergency services, do so on a regular basis. Three days before Christmas, a group of Somali Islamist militants opened fire on a bus in Kenya, killing a couple of passengers. Upon boarding, the gunmen ordered the Muslim occupants to move from the Christian ones, but they refused. “We even gave some non-Muslims our religious attire to wear so that they would not be easily identified,” Abdi Mohamud Abdi told Reuters. “We stuck together tightly. The militant threatened to shoot us but we still refused and protected our brothers and sisters. Finally they gave up and left but warned that they would be back.” In 2014 Time magazine named the world’s Ebola medics as their prestigious ‘Person of the Year’, stating “the rest of the world can sleep at night because a group of men and women are willing to stand up and fight.”

“We have biological potentials for caring about others’ welfare, as well as turning against others,” writes Professor of Psychology Emeritus Ervin Staub for the Huffington Post. “Already a day or two after birth infants show a primitive form of empathy; when they hear crying by another infant they begin to cry, but not when they hear a noise of the same intensity.” The following years, he continues are crucial in our development of empathy, with parents constantly pointing out the consequences of their children’s behaviour being more likely to raise kinder kids. Staub to goes on: “Children raised with love and affection, and guided by positive values that stress caring for other people, are likely to develop positive feelings for and inclinations toward human beings.” The theory is backed by a study by the Carnegie Hero Foundation – which celebrates those who have risked their lives to save others – which found that those who carried out death-defying heroic acts are more likely to report that they were raised by parents who expected them to help their fellow man. Studies by David Rand of Yale University found that the less time we have to think about our reactions to dire situations, the more likely we are to act altruistically.

the rest of the world can sleep at night because a group of men and women are willing to stand up and fight.” Image: Hero by Nani Puspasari

Rand says that our brains have two modes: fastand slow-thinking. The latter is concerned with analysing situations and making logical decisions while the former is formed through habit, an autopilot producing split-second reactions. He argues that though heroism may often appear instinctual, it’s likely the result of years of considered selfless acts that have become so habitual they have evolved from slow, thought-out reactions to automatic ones. “If you get into the habit of being co-operative, that becomes the default,” he tells the BBC, “and it will mean that you are more likely to act that way in other contexts. You cultivate the habits of virtue.” Humans don’t have the monopoly on heroic deeds however, history is awash with tales of brave beasts too. Here in New Zealand, over a decade ago, a group of dolphins formed a protective circle around a group of lifeguards off Ocean Beach near Whangarei to fend off a lurking a great white shark and in her book Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist, Maddalena Bearzi tells of how a group of the mammals broke away from a feeding session to save a suicidal girl in the waters of California. Gorillas have been known to guard children who have fallen into their zoo enclosures and a simple Google search

of ‘dogs saving humans’ yields a stupendous number of results. “We may be underestimating the extent of rescue behaviour in the wild,” writes Dr Elise Nowbahari of the University of Paris in a study of such events. Examples cited include altruistic monkeys facing off assailants to protect the vulnerable, fruit bats aiding each other in labour and ants freeing their friends from traps.

Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

HOROSCOPES 60 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016



(19 February – 20 March) This is going to be a time of great growth for you, in virtually every aspect of your life. Your erudition comes to the forefront during the latter half of the month. Those around you can’t help but notice your brilliance and ability to see through the fog of complicated issues. Hang on for the ride of your life. This also is a good time for coming in contact with new, potentially romantic partners. Get out there and mingle.

(23 September – 22 October) This is the month for healing. Be honest with the people around you and gain closure in a situation. Take this month to relax, be introverted and to take a couple of mending days. Now is the time to get committed and allow yourself to love something around you more than you do yourself. Time to open your eyes beautiful and see the situation or your life for what it truly is.


(21 March – 19 April) This is a time of things being up in the air and a quick change in direction. This period is all about manifesting your desires and really going after what you want even if you must force your needs into manifestation. A new project will bring about a strong motivation for success. Push forward it’s coming your way, don’t worry about money or time as you may end up putting more in than you expected in the beginning, but it is well worth it.


(20 April – 20 May) Universe is on your side this month so hone your magic arrows and shoot towards your target, the Divine will make sure it hits. A positive business agreement or partnership is on the horizon. It’s also a time to really market yourself as people will be more receptive to hearing what you have to say. Love is in the air. You will begin to attain an emotional balance allowing you to move forward and establish new relationships.


(21 May – 20 June) This month will give you a sense of balance & an eye towards charity or generosity towards others. Mid-month you may take a chance or a risk on a new project or person. Take the time you need to figure out the pros and cons, get all of your ducks in a row then move forward. Taking the initiative is something you are good at, so don’t be afraid to exert your influence where required. You end the month giving you the energy to receive what you deserve.


(21 June – 22 July) Now is the time for you to be a little more introverted and focused on your own needs. There are new ideas coming your way. Universe is conspiring to bring you to most creative mindset. Whether it be new ways to handle a job task, make your money work for you or a new invention – all show positivity.. You will begin to attain an emotional balance allowing you to move forward and establish new relationships. Committed relations will blossom.



(20 January – 18 February) Pay particular attention to time management as that will be your biggest challenge throughout the month. Typically indicative of a new idea or new passion that you will be discovering- be sure to remember to keep time management in there so you don’t get so embroiled in it that you burn out. You’ll find that those closest to you could well be instrumental in the eventual success of your great ideas.


(23 July – 22 Aug) The month will witness situations that will push you to act spontaneously and contrary to your previously scheduled plans. If you are able to resist general panic, the business or profession will evolve in an upward direction.. Otherwise, there is the likelihood of a loss. You will have to face a sudden burst of romantic emotions and will greatly regret that you are no more free. However, some of you will forget about reflection and plunge into the waves of forbidden love.

(23 October – 21 November) Now is the time to work on your most important projects as your ability to concentrate will be at its best this month. Be sure that all of your decisions are really well thought out both in the details and the big picture. You will get the opportunity to flourish in a team environment where you will learn a ton from the people around you. Using your creativity is key to coming up with new ideas and breaking out of the box.


(22 November – 21 December)

This will be a perfect period for newcomers who would make the first steps in professional activities. Business interests will go on well. bringing both revenue and moral satisfaction. You will actively be engaged in social communication in a professional environment. You will learn to respect the chain of command and understand what to do to be praised. This period will bring a sense of harmony, and can indicate a marriage or rekindling between you and your spouse!


(22 December – 19 January) This is the month to let go of fears and insecurities that may be holding you back from hitting your goals. Abundance surrounds you, just reach out and grab it. Time to recognize that you are deserving. Expect to be looked to for information and positive reinforcement from the people around you as they may regard you as a parental figure. It’s also time to bring strict structure into your life.


(23 Aug – 22 September) This period will witness events with amazing unexpectedness. That which will happen will be a solid foundation for future achievements. You will experience an extraordinary clarity of thought for promotion of your projects. This month is one for big emotional moments. Whether they be really high or really low everything is going to be felt in extremes. You will also have to make some difficult choices especially on giving up something.


WE CARE ABOUT THIS AS MUCH AS YOU DO. That’s why we decided to change for good. As a part of this effort we are planting a native tree for every family we look after.





Ranfurly Village offers one of central Auckland’s finest retirement lifestyles. Choose from a selection of beautiful and spacious apartments. “My parents had wonderful retirement years and enjoyed a lifestyle that is very similar to what is now available at Ranfurly Village” Judy Bailey

20 Melrose st newmarket (just down from ‘little and friday’) tel: 09 520 3366


(09) 625 3420

Sales office located at: Historic Ranfurly House, 539 Mt Albert Road, Auckland

61 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016



I’ve never labeled myself a quitter. It doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve always been of the mind that if you start something, you finish it. You work hard to make it work. You do your best. Then later do better than your best. You keep going, even when it gets tough, ‘cause that’s what life’s about.

Ahh, February, the second month of the year. When typically our resolutions fall by the wayside as the weather cools, the days shorten and Valentines Day looms ever closer (a prime time for chocolate consumption, whatever your Facebook relationship status).

Perhaps with that said, I surprised even myself when I decided to quit my job in June of last year. I received an opportunity to progress in my sales position, and when I went away to think about it, I had a realisation that would change the course of my life as I knew it. I realised that not only did I not want the opportunity — I didn’t want to be in that position at all. Words by Lucy O’Connor

It dawned on me that if I ever wanted my dreams to flourish, then they needed room to breathe. They required focus. They deserved energy. I realised it was time to take matters into my own hands. I now understand that quitting isn’t a bad thing when it makes room for what you do want. Quitting isn’t a bad thing when you are committed to finding your true purpose. Quitting isn’t a bad thing when it creates the space to start over, when it gives you the chance to discover just how much you are capable of while navigating the world on your own terms. I’ve been out of my sales job for six months. In that time, I have received a few exciting contracts and made a few exciting connections. I’ve also watched my savings dwindle and have suffered more than a few disappointments. But would I go back to my comfortable old job? Never. After all — I quit for a reason.

The good news? Resolutions are fluid! They can evolve and adapt as our priorities change. I thought to keep things positive this month, I’d write a list of three extremely achievable tasks for any Hustler feeling a little stuck for inspiration.


Reach out to someone new

Finding fresh motivation can take just a conversation. With LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Instagram, it has never been easier to find people who inspire you. All it takes is a simple message to gain some fresh perspective, a new direction, and possibly a whole new network. Remember, you’re not being a pain normally people are so flattered you’ve reached out for advice, that they’ll make replying a priority.

2. Take time to be in the ‘now’ I am the worst relaxer in the history of relaxers. My brain is in constant overdrive. And even if all this thinking seems positive, I’ve learnt that to make sense of it all, I have to prioritise time in order to zone out and clear my mind. If you don’t already, I dare you to try meditatation — even if it’s just for 20 minutes a week — and see if it doesn’t make a world of difference to your productivity.

3. Compliment a stranger I love this one. It’s so easy! Genuinely making someone’s day can put you both on a feel-good buzz for the remainder. So there you have it - three easy challenges to tick off in February! Sometimes, the smallest positive action can snowball into something you never even dreamed of. Happy hustling!

63 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

Amanda Brett won the $2000 first prize in the 2015 TSB Art in a Day for her watercolour of Parnell Village.

Saturday 20 February 2016

ATTENTION ARTISTS: $4,000 UP FOR GRABS IN TSB BANK ART IN A DAY! Artists have a chance to win big prizes by capturing a scene of Parnell, Newmarket or Grafton in TSB Bank Art in a Day on Saturday 20th February. The exciting competition returns for its second year offering over $4,000 in cash and prizes for artists to create a painting or drawing in just one day. The event starts at 8am on the 20th at Parnell Community Centre, where artists must first register and have their chosen medium authenticated by 9am. Entrants then race to one of 10 set locations to create their masterpiece “en plein air”, before returning to the same venue by 5pm with their completed work.

Painting and drawing En Plein Air, in just one day

Enter to win over $4,000

worth of prizes!

2nd Prize:

Paint or draw from locations in Parnell, Newmarket and Grafton.

3rd Prize:

Exhibition & Prizegiving

1st Prize:

$2,000 $1,000

$500 Feb 27-28 Register your interest and find out more at PROGRAMMES FOR CHILDREN

The 10 locations, chosen to highlight the vibrancy and heritage of the area, are: PARNELL: Judges Bay, including St Stephens Chapel; Parnell Village; Heard Park and the Jubilee Building /Auckland Domain area. GRAFTON: Roman Temple (private residence in Carlton Gore Road), Outhwaite Park and Symonds Street Cemetery/Grafton Bridge. NEWMARKET: Osborne Street, St Mark’s Church and Lumsden Green. Artists can choose to work in any type of drawing or painting media to create a work on canvas, watercolour paper or similar flat medium between A4 and A1 paper size. Artists will have assistance to meet framing criteria from Frame by Frame in Newmarket.

If your big bank isn’t putting you first, we will.

As part of the event, art lovers are invited to view the artists in action as they work on their creations. A location guide will be available from On the following weekend, the exhibition of artists’ works will be held at Parnell Community Centre, with all works available for purchase. Prizes will be awarded by the judging panel at a ceremony at 6.30pm on Saturday, 27th February. Members of the public are warmly invited to view the exhibition and attend the award ceremony. A cache of valuable prizes is again up for grabs in TSB Bank Art in a Day, thanks to the generosity of sponsors. TSB Bank is proud to be the event’s Gold Sponsor, donating cash prizes of $3,500. Additional prizes include a set of art documentaries from Madman. For more information on the event including artist registration, rules and location guides see:

0800 872 226 A Disclosure Statement is available from TSB Bank Ltd.

64 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

Gut Instinct It is said there are two types of decision-makers: those who go with what their head says is right, and those who go with their gut. The brain-obeyers, so it goes, are reliable, cool-headed logical types, the sort of souls who’d take charge in critical situations, the total antithesis of their melodramatic, over-romantic counterparts who are at the mercy of their own hearts. Sometimes, the two camps converge. We’ve all heard, for example, tales of maverick bankers who traded by instinct in what should be the level-headed world of finance, their recklessness leading to the loss of millions and a lifetime to think about it from behind the bars of their jail cell. No, important moves should always be made after some major mulling. Studies have shown that though ‘heart’ people tend to be more sociable, emotional and likely to place greater value on a sense of community, ‘brain’ folks will more likely greatly value individual autonomy, possess wider general knowledge and apply more rational logic to moral decision-making. Interestingly, a study published last year revealed that heart people are even more likely to define death as when the heart stops beating and the head folk to more likely consider it to happen once the grey matter stops, well, mattering. So when all is said and done, going with the grey matter is the surest route to success, right? Some rather fascinating other evidence says not always. For our heart may possess an intelligence all of its own. A paper published in the journal Frontiers of Perception Science discussed a selection of experiments whereby participants were shown various photographic images – some happy, some neutral, some terrifying – at random. Amazingly, when it came to the frightening pictures, their bodies would often physically respond with an increased

65 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

“Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.” - Confucius heart rate up to ten seconds before the volunteers had actually seen the image, implying they could feel the future before it formed into the present and revealed itself unto their eyes. “The claim is that events can be predicted without any clues,” neuroscientist Julia Mossbridge of Northwestern University, who co-authored the study, tells LiveScience. “This evidence suggests the effect is real but small. So the question is: How does it work?” No-one seems to know. Some in the scientific community dispute the value of the findings, for others, it’s a glimpse into a whole new world. “Until the 1990s, scientists assumed and most of us were taught that it was only the brain that sent information and issued commands to the heart, but now we know that it works both ways,” writes Dr Deborah Rozman, for the Huffington Post. Rozman, CEO of HeartMath LLC, an organisation dedicated to the study of heart intelligence, says that our hearts possess what are effectively mini-brains, composed of 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn and even remember. She continues: “Research has shown that the heart communicates to the brain in several major ways and acts independently of the cranial brain… When the heart rhythm is coherent, the body, including the brain, begins to experience all sorts of benefits, among them greater mental clarity and intuitive ability, including better decision-making.” So going with your gut may be the logical choice after all, like H. Jackson Brown Jr. said, “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” Words by Jamie Christian Desplaces

66 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

The Magic of

MID-LIFE California-based Kiwi Craig Cooper was once struck by lightening on a New South Wales golf course. It was, by the accounts of the witnesses present at the club house, a spectacular strike and one which left Craig, at the time a lawyer, and his golfing pal, knocked out stone cold on the grass. In his latest capacity as a writer and wellness guru, it would be easy for Craig to embellish this fine anecdote as a life-defining moment and the point at which he decided to do things differently. But he nobly shrugs it off. The reason he’s begun a campaign to promote men’s health is, he says, partly a selfish one having battled various sicknesses as a child and later learning that he has a genetic predisposition to developing prostate cancer and type II diabetes. “I wanted to find out the best tools for me to thrive forward in everything mentally, physically, sexually and emotionally,” says the 52-year-old. “All the things that drive masculinity as well as peak performance as we age.” Auckland-born Craig moved to Australia in the late 70s aged just 15. An avid surfer, he immersed himself in the culture of the Gold Coast. “It was great fun, but there was also a lot of aggro with the surf violence – especially against Kiwis,” he says. “It was pretty full-on. Everyone thinks that all surfers are cool with this aloha vibe, but it just doesn’t exist. It’s so territorial, so competitive.” At 21, he secured his high school certificates before graduating from Sydney University with degrees in law and economics. Moving to California, Craig then co-founded a mobile phone company and honed his wealth of entrepreneurial skills, investing in a raft of digital giants such the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. “When I first arrived from Australia, I thought it would just be for a couple of years,” he says. “But I fell in love with it. It’s such a rich lifestyle and the market is huge.

If you have a successful business model, then you can succeed on a massive scale.” Craig’s lengthy bio reveals a list of wide and ranging career paths such as working with Tony Robbins, founding one of China’s largest mobile phone retailers and co-founding Boost Mobile, venture capitalist, directorship at various web firms and serving as a Movember international ambassador. He’s a busy guy. “Making other men healthy is making me sick,” he laughs. “I need to start taking more of my own advice!” That advice can be found in Craig’s new book, Your New Prime: 30 Days to Better Sex, External Strength and a Kick-Ass Life After 40. His mission is to make mid-life something to be embraced and excited about. A time of opportunity. “There is just so much misinformation out there,” says Craig. “I wanted to clear up the facts for guys of my age who, in general don’t research or discuss health as thoroughly as women. And we’re not 20 any more – the things that matter to us as 40-somethings are much different than when we were younger.” Communication is key to men’s mental well being too. Craig talks of the alarming suicide and depression rates of men over the age of 50 in the US, Australia and New Zealand: “We lack the true social network that we once had. We’re living in the most connected time in history, yet this generation of males is the most disconnected.” Craig is also concerned that, for many of those who are ‘connected’, the digital domain is having a detrimental effect. “Social media is very significant,” he says. “Everyone just sees the highlight reels

and thinks that others are leading perfect lives and then thinks that their own life isn’t working - which just adds to the anxiety. Financial pressures further compound this.”


Are older guys also struggling to keep up with today’s pace?


“They feel as though they are being left out of the conversation. There is so much focus on youth nowadays. All of the entrepreneurs and all of the tech stars such as Mark Zuckerburg are very young and that’s a big problem. What many don’t realise is that here in the US for instance, most businesses are being started by men of my age – 50 plus. I think we’re certainly made to feel as though we’re not as relevant as we were in previous decades. It is harder to be a man now because of all the pressures. Not that I’m saying it’s easy to be a woman.” Finally, it’s vital people remember that just because someone appears healthy on the outside, it doesn’t mean that they are within, and health and fitness should not be confused: “I want to re-frame the clichéd notion of mid-life. Everyone over 40 has the opportunity to do, and be, better. It’s not just about achieving a certain physical look and weight. We need to focus on what counts and find the tools and techniques to develop the skills to do the things that you always wanted to do. There’s no need to expect to become an expert at everything. But we must take those steps to become passionate about what truly matters.” Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


WELCOME TO RUDY’S TIPS ‘N TRICKS COLUMN. 68 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

We’re charging into month number two of 2016 already. Things are pretty much “back to normal”, i.e. traffic is busy, buses and trains are full - but hopefully you’re still committed to any New Year’s resolutions you made for yourself! I’m clinging on to mine, just…

My first column for this year is about a housekeeping issue that most people wouldn’t really think of. If you own a business with a website or maintain a website for a club or some other organisation, then pay attention. Your computers, laptops and tablets may be running well. All things seem to be operating smoothly but you want to change your internet website hosting.

Last year was very successful for Newmarket as a whole and we’re looking forward to another great year ahead. We have had quite a high profile start to 2016 with international mega-stars visiting Newmarket including: Ana Ivanovic, Caroline Wozniacki, Quentin Tarantino and Nigella Lawson — and it’s only February! Watch this space.

Give us a call and we can clean up your noisy laptop or PC so it won’t die of heat stroke.”

Once again this year, along with Grafton and Parnell, Newmarket is hosting Art in a Day. Based on an Italian concept, artists are tasked with choosing one of three sites in Newmarket and have to paint a picture of the what they see “in a day”— this is happening on Saturday 20 February, see for more details.

You have assumed that the company or person who built your website and organised your domain name put it all in your name. This may not necessarily be correct. If you don’t part with your web provider on amicable terms and they had put the domains in their own accounts, then you could be in trouble. They may have control of your email and any content on the web for your site.

You can regain control of your domain but it is not an easy simple or quick process.

Last year was very successful for Newmarket as a whole and we’re looking forward to another great year ahead.”

A quick update on what’s happening on the retail scene — SNKR opened in Westfield Newmarket late in 2015, Little and Friday have relocated and can now be found at 11 McColl Street, off Khyber Pass Road — just around the corner from where they used to be, and Kid Republic has relocated to new premises in Nuffield Street opposite City Fitness Gym. Finally, in the interests of keeping you safe and sound whilst in Newmarket our new security network is fully operational with upgraded, high-tech CCTV cameras dotted all over the precinct. The cameras are designed to minimise crime, to keep you safe and have proven to be an invaluable tool for the police.

So take a minute to do a health check with your web host or site designer. Check with them who the domain is registered to or alternatively go to: Type in your domain name (website) and the site will display all relevant information. This hot weather is causing havoc with computers that haven’t been dusted out for a while. Give us a call and we can clean up your noisy laptop or PC so it won’t die of heat stroke. If you are considering buying new hardware this year please call and discuss your needs with us. We are happy to advise you on the type of product that would suit you. Tablets, while popular, are great for ‘viewing’ but less useful for ‘doing’. A cheap laptop will struggle to run high-end design programs that students may need in engineering or architecture. Desktop type all-in-one PC’s are great space savers but low end models may not last well or give good value over time. Please call with any questions. Our advice is free. Rudy's Verve Mag advert.pdf

See you here soon. Mark.



10:13 AM

Best wishes, Rudy and Rosemary.




Valentine ’s Concert

MusiCa NZ Music that touches the soul

69 Business/ Education & Society

Love music by Bizet, Puccini, Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Faure, Lehar, Mozart & Lloyd Webber

Sunday, 14 February, 5pm, Town Hall

Feb 2016

Tickets $10 to $65  0800 111 999

Kayla Collingwood (mezzo), Derek Hill (tenor), Rita Paczian (conductor)

Do you have an investment property sitting empty? We would love to manage it for you.

you deserve a Property management Company that guarantees you peace-of-mind. not only are we proven to protect your investment, we will also maximise your return. our team is focused on providing you the very best service in Auckland. Find out what makes us different. Catherine Goodwin: 021 437 710 i denise Boyes: 027 436 4709 Kaman yau: 021 278 7761 i 0800 Goodwin i


ooks best service satisfaction and peace of mind ndlords and tenants together

otography nly


Property management

Property management Delivering Excellence

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Delivering Excellence

Delivering Excellence



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RENTING OUT YOUR PROPERTY? Should you allow pets?


If you are a landlord who allows pets in your rental property, then you are an absolute requirement to tenants with a beloved family pet. If the property lends itself to pets, it is well worth considering. A few simple policies will help to contain the risks associated with allowing pets.

Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016




I quite like my home city over the Christmas and New Year period. Lots of people head away and leave Auckland feeling far more relaxed. This year, the busy roads and packed beaches and shops all died down just in time for me to return to my home in Manurewa. A home that is a far cry from my life in Wellington. At the start of November I became the country’s newest MP for the Green Party. By Christmas Eve, I was very ready to take a break. I do not think I have ever appreciated down-time so much before in my whole life. My husband and I have six children — three are grown and three of them are primary school age. Being away from them every week for my job has been a huge adjustment for all of us. I arrived home with not much of a plan for how I would spend my summer, I just knew it was to be “with the kids”. Like many other families, we spent our time reconnecting with each other and our community, and utilising the wider Auckland playground. We took to beaches, campgrounds, bushwalks, rivers and even islands. With much gratitude I found myself reflecting on three main things: the importance of caring for our natural world, the privilege of being able to appreciate it and the value of strong communities and families. It is that simple really. Our planet needs our care and to be able to give her that care we need our communities to be strong. I am really heartened by the good work that I see around me by so many people who understand this; businesses, neighbourhoods and all manner of social and cultural community groups. My thanks to you all, keep it up and kia kaha!




Decide in advance which pets you will and will not allow, that way you can be specific in your marketing and not leave yourself open for unpleasant disputes should a tenant wish to move in with undesirable pets. Market the property directly to pet owners. As you’re asking a premium rent to allow pets, don’t be shy to market directly to pet owners. Lead your ad with the fact that you are a pet-friendly property and list features such as a cat door or fully-fenced section to attract attention. Treat each application on a case by case basis. All pets are not the same, so when you are reviewing each application, request references from previous landlords, or, if the applicants have not rented, then a letter from a vet can be a good indication. Negotiate the contract. In a case where a landlord was unsure of whether to accept a pet with desirable longterm tenants, the tenants agreed to pay for landlord pet insurance as an additional provision. A tenant will also usually agree to carpet clean and flea bomb at the end of a tenancy for your peace of mind. Name the pet on the agreement. If the small, friendly dog were to die, you don’t want it replaced with a dog you don’t know. By naming the pet on the agreement, and specifying that the dog is not to be replaced without written consent, you can avoid this problem.

The tenancy agreement is a key document that sets the tone for how pets are handled in your rental property. If you have concerns about your ability to manage the risk, then it is well worth using a professional letting agent. For a small one-off cost you can have complete confidence that your tenancy is correctly set up with suitable protections. Do you need quality tenants or a property manager you can have total confidence in? Quinovic Property Management of Parnell offers a professional letting service. This includes full chattel photosets and condition reports, which the Tenancy Tribunal accepts as an accurate record of the property’s condition before occupancy. Our tenancy agreement is clear and tailored to each property – and the result of 27 years of development. You can relax knowing the property professionals at Quinovic are working on your behalf. Responsive • Effective • Affordable • Recommended


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Join us for

Open Day

Thursday Feb 25





we’ll give them the tools to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Time to be who you Really Are? When Billie was younger she used to rush home from school and turn on her favourite cartoons. She would get out her pad and pencil and draw her favourite characters. Billie enrolled in the Certificate of Art and Creativity Programme at The Learning Connexion in 2013. Two years on, she is now at the end of the Diploma of Art and Creativity (Honours) Programme. “It was exactly what I needed, where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing with my life.” Billie’s latest mural project is funded by Creative Communities and is inspired by her love of cartoons and character design. It can be seen gracing the Melling Skate Park in Lower Hutt.

“I had an urge to change my life and I followed that urge. I am embracing who I am and what I have always wanted to be.”

If you would like to find out more about studying at The Learning Connexion you can request a prospectus on our website: or call us on 0800 ART POWER

71 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

SWASHBUCKLERS Soars Still A raft of recent rave reviews has further cemented sailing-inspired Swashbucklers’ iconic Auckland status, with popular DJ Jay Reeve even proclaiming it to be the nation’s best bar “by far”. Co-owner Paul Smit talks of one of his favourite comments being that it is the unpretentious vibe and total lack of attempt to be cool which makes his joint so, well, cool. Paul doesn’t like the limelight though, so he hands the reins over to business partner and manager Shaun Margan, then makes for a swift exit. “We were very aware of the responsibility of taking over somewhere so wellknown and much-loved,” Shaun tells me over a beer in that legendary bar overlooking Westhaven Marina. “We had no desire to rearrange a winning formula, we just wanted to put our own little stamp on it, and, if possible, do things even better than they were done before.” They are now into their third year of ownership having bought the establishment from the Gibbs family who had taken over following the death of Ginger Gibbs, ‘New Zealand’s last pirate’, nine years ago. It has been nearly two decades since the bar and restaurant, famed for its steak and seafood, first opened it’s swashbuckling doors. “Things can change so fast in this industry, one minute you’re hot, the next you’re not,” says Shaun, “but because we’re such an institution, with such a proven track record, and because of our further dedication and hard work, we’re continuing that success.” Shaun fell in love with all things sailing at an early age, and is now a keen surfer too. A trained chef, he brings with him nearly 20 years of hospitality experience. “The staff here are fantastic,” he says. “We’re very lucky. It can be very full-on here, especially in the summertime and we always have such a great team. We believe it’s important to create an environment whereby your staff are proud to work for you.” The new owners have also created an environment which has attracted not only a younger crowd, but a more women-friendly one too, something that Shaun feels was missing in the old days. “Being so close to the boats we certainly get our fair share of characters, which we love,” he says. “It’s what this place is all about. Everyone knows what they’ll get when they walk through the door, they know what to expect. They come in wearing jandals or Gucci loafers and mix and mingle. It’s a proven consistency that’s been perfected over the best part of twenty years. It’s important to never be complacent. We have to do the name proud as it so loved.” And long may that continue. It’s what’s known round these parts as, “the Swashies’ way”. Words and photos Jamie Christian Desplaces

Want to know a secret? John & I would like to share it? 73 Just returned from your holidays and decided what your New Year resolutions are? What you will achieve this year? A new kitchen, new bathroom, new roof or maybe the big one: it’s time to re-clad the home? Can’t find a tradesperson? I know it’s almost impossible. But don’t despair they are there. You just need to make sure you get referrals from friends, check their references and be willing to pay a fair price. The next problem is that you don’t want to live without the kitchen, bathroom, or live in a plastic bubble. Do you need accommodation for a few weeks for your family? Where can you go and what will it cost?

Yes, Auckland is abuzz with tourists at the moment and February will be busy, but we can help you find an apartment or townhouse from March right through to the end of the year. Check out for your shortterm accommodation needs. We have apartments and townhouses for a week or longer. We offer long-term rates for long-term accommodation. Your short stay home will come with power, internet, TV, (most with Sky or Netflix) and, best of all, weekly cleaning that includes fresh new linen/towels every week. So check out our website for your next short stay. We welcome business travellers, tourists and Kiwis just looking for a place to call home for a short time.


Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

74 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

Looking forward to a great 2016

2016 Chinese Year Of The Monkey Happy New Year all Monkeys! This is my year and it is going to be a good one for me.

Heading into 2016 the National government is strong, refreshed and motivated to continue working hard for Kiwis. I’m as confident as ever that we have the right team in place to manage our economy carefully and deliver smart, focused policy where it is needed most. We’ve had a very strong start to this term of government. Thanks to a steady, predictable approach, our economy has grown by 2.3 per cent in the year to September 2015, putting us in the top half of all OECD countries. We are expecting solid economic growth in the medium term, with a projected average 2.7 per cent growth each of the next five years. The trade deals we have signed will give New Zealand businesses huge opportunities in the years to come. A stronger economy leads to more jobs. Over the past five years more than 180,000 jobs have been created, and we expect a further 195,000 people will be in work by 2020. In my own portfolio of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, I have a full programme of work. In 2016 I will be progressing a number of important pieces of legislation, and my officials will continue to work to ensure our competition and regulatory settings are fit for purpose and working as effectively as possible. The start of the year, with its many costs, is a good time to be thinking about your financial situation. Financial capability is a major focus for this government. We want people to have the financial knowledge and confidence to manage their money and achieve the long term goals important to them — be it saving for that first home, or saving for retirement. In July 2015 I released a Government Statement on Financial Capability. The statement sets out the great deal of working going into raising financial capability across a wide range of agencies. We want these agencies to work closely with each other to ensure that every effort is being made to raise capability levels throughout New Zealand. You can find out more about the work we are doing, and how you can be involved, at Finally, I’d like to wish everyone all the best for 2016. As always, it’s a privilege to work for this country in the John Key led government, and I’m looking forward to another positive year for New Zealand.


Nothing, of course, is guaranteed, and certainly not RENTS. Yes, RENTS will rise as New Year renters seek properties for a host of different reasons. Many for school zones, or students returning to the city, or families arriving back in New Zealand — starting a new job and ready to settle back here. Of course, with such a demand for accommodation and a shortage of properties, rents will be increased, and properties will rent quickly. Our stock is low at the moment but there are always properties coming onto the market. It is a good time for landlords looking to rent out their properties. Every year newspapers feature stories of hundreds turning up at properties. These properties are obviously under rented. We don’t have problems like this as we rent at market rent because we know the market — as opposed to many private landlords who do not. As a consequence they under rent their properties! In circumstances like this, the property manager is invaluable. Yes, rents will go up, but not as much as that group of flatmates who the other day were told by their private landlord that their rent was to be increased by $200 per week! They had been there six months so yes, the landlord was able to increase the rent, but not by $200 dollars! Landlords should increase by small amounts, not huge rises. This will not happen. It will be taken to the tribunal and the judicator will not allow this to occur. The time ahead of us will be a busy one at Just Rentals. Phones will start ringing with prospective tenants and we shall do our utmost to find a suitable home for them and their pets. Happy New Year To You All. Sylvia Lund Director

The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

Visit our website at 40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email

75 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

TURNING TUG BOATS INTO RACING YACHTS While watching a school swimming competition, I couldn’t help but be horrified by the yawning gap between the kids with good swimming technique and those without. It’s like comparing a tug boat with an America’s Cup racer – one pushes its way through the water with sheer force, while the other glides through it with minimal effort. Good swimming technique is about streamlining and efficiency. It is a platform for a lifetime of water enjoyment. Triathlons, harbour swims, swimming for fitness, surfing and water polo all require a solid foundation of properly-taught swimming skills. Some parents challenge me on this. They say, “My child can already swim 200 metres, so he/she doesn’t need lessons.” But when I watch that child, the 200 metres is achieved with a lot of uncomfortable hard work. Not only is it difficult to watch, there the safety issue of the child who is clearly not at home in the water.

My advice to any parent is “start young”. Under five is the best time to start learning so that by age eight all components are in place – streamlining, breathing technique, head position and body position. I also advise year-round lessons. If you want your child to be a great pianist, you wouldn’t stop lessons for half the year. The same applies to swimming – at least until all the basics have been well and truly mastered. If you’re worried about your child’s swimming technique, book in for a free assessment at your nearest Hilton Brown Swimming centre. Happy swimming, Hilton

love the water? swim with confidence

Come along to a Free trial swimming lesson* at Hilton Brown swimming. Call us now to book: newmarket – Ph: (09) 529 0177 one tree Hill – Ph: (09) 582 1111 albany – Ph: (09) 414 5484 *one free trial lesson for new customers HBS_075i_Auck_Verve_Hi5_01_2015.indd 1

1/12/16 6:29 PM

76 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

Rewi Spraggon:

CURATING KIWI CULTURE Rewi Spraggon’s many talents include carving, storytelling, cooking, painting and performing music. His family were the first boat builders in Auckland, he designed the logo for Maori TV and has even won a Silver Scroll. So a good place to start, I figure, is to ask just what first and foremost Rewi Spraggon considers himself to be. The answer is a sweet and simple one. “A Maori-preneur,” he grins infectiously. It his mission to facilitate the maintenance of many of the nation’s ever-disappearing ancient ways. I ask him why he feels such a responsibility to do this. “Since I was young, this traditional leadership role was placed upon me,” he says. “I had elders pushing me to take on this responsibility. A traditional leadership role is very different to someone that just wants to become a leader. You have no choice and great expectations are placed upon you, and for good reason. From a young age I was coached. You become very skilled. The language was dying, the older generation could see this, and they had to ensure that someone like me would uphold the integrity of our culture.” It sounds like a rather romantic upbringing, I suggest. “I got a lot of stick from my cousins teasing me for being an old man at a young age. There are a lot of restrictions which come with it such as being taken

around funerals all over the place. You miss out on a lot of kid stuff. But it has been my grounding, my foundation for what I do now. I advise many companies and organisations culturally.” Further roles include a couple of stints on Maori Television shows such as the much-loved Kai Time on the Road of which Rewi is extremely proud. “I’ve travelled the world as a chef. I’ve always been interested in indigenous foods and medicine and have infused them with my cooking,” he tells me. “I picked up a lot from my mother, who was the best cook in the world. The main thing I like to showcase is the hangi, which I’ve done as far a field as Russia and the States. Here, my hangi workshops have been very successful too.” Carving is another tradition that Rewi is keen to showcase. He points out that the practitioners of each trade often possess similar temperaments (“strong personalities and big egos!”). It’s a skill he has developed over 20 years, but a chance encounter with a master carver at an Avondale flea market inspired him to take a more proactive approach. “He was selling his tools, I asked him why and he said because what used to be an honour is

77 Business/ Education & Society Feb 2016

now a burden,” says Rewi. “So much of the respect for carvers has been lost, they’re undervalued and always the last to be paid, that’s if they get paid at all. This old fella was in his 80s, he’d been taught by someone who’d fought at Gallipoli who had been taught by someone who’d fought in the Maori Wars. He had all this knowledge, but didn’t want to pass on what he now considered a curse.” Rewi was commissioned to complete a carving for Auckland Council and brought together carvers from tribes of the five districts to assist. “They all had the same story,” says Rewi. “All undervalued, all frustrated. These are the storytellers of Auckland, but there is no succession plan for the young guys coming through.” With that in mind, Rewi has founded Whaotapu o Tamaki Makarau (The Sacred Chisels of Tamaki Makaurau), a place where carvers can share ideas and hone their craft. Just last month, the group moved to a beautiful workshop, formerly a boat-building yard, on the waterfront. Rewi has long been campaigning to make Matariki a public holiday. “There’s no day that specifically celebrate our indigenous culture before the arrival of the Europeans,” he says. “Matariki is ideal. It’s

I got a lot of stick from my cousins teasing me for being an old man at a young age.”

fantastic that new cultures are arriving here, but it should never be at the expense of our ancient one.” I ask about his thoughts on the final five flag designs. “The whole thing was handled very badly,” he says. “It’s come to the last five, it seems rushed. There has to be a Maori symbol in there, because that’s our point of difference. It should be simple and recognisable. Now they have everyone’s attention, I think that they should go back and do it properly.” Would have made more sense to hold the referendum if and when New Zealand were to become a republic? “I don’t think so, no,” he smiles. “It’s like any break-up. There’s never a good time.” Words and Photo: Jamie Christian Desplaces

HEROIC GARDEN FESTIVAL A must-see event for all garden lovers! 13-14 February 2016

The Heroic Garden Festival is back for 2016 and promises to be inspirational and interesting. Celebrating its 20th year, the festival was originally created as a charity fundraiser for Auckland City Mission’s Herne Bay House, a facility that provided respite care for people with HIV/AIDS. However in recent years, the focus has widened to the support of all people who are coming to the end of their life. Since the closure of Herne Bay House, proceeds are now dedicated to Mercy Hospice Auckland. This year, garderners Roger & Lyndsey Partridge and David Matulovich are opening their spectacular gardens to the public for the ďŹ rst time.

Kaye Glamuzina

Roger and Lyndsey Partridge

ROGER AND LYNDSEY PARTRIDGE Tell me a little bit about yourself – where did your love of gardening come from? We are both lawyers and work in the city. Gardening is a great tonic after a hard week’s work. It’s hard not to become a keen gardener living in an historic home on the side of Mt Eden, with views over half of Auckland. Briefly describe your garden and what it means to you? Our garden is a series of terraces covering nearly half-an-acre on the northwestern side of Mt Eden. It is a great way to escape after a hard week’s work and you can literally feel the city fall away as you walk up our front path. It’s like having a half-acre of garden at the top of a 20 story office tower, providing a perfect retreat — physical and mental. What’s the inspiration behind your garden? Our 1870s villa and iconic Mt Eden are the main inspirations. It is a modern take on a formal garden, with formal paths, steps and paving, married with elements of whimsy, especially the hedging, the traditional cottage garden, and native flora and fauna. The slope creates a number of natural outdoor rooms and each provides an opportunity for different uses and different elements of design. We wanted to create the perfect family home, but at the same time give a nod to our surroundings including Eden Park, which we look down on from what must be the highest cricket nets in Auckland.

David Matulovich

What’s the favourite feature of your garden and why? The front entrance. Our brilliant landscape designer, Trish Bartleet, helped us create this modern take on black and white Victorian tiling, with two landings on the way up to the front door.



Tell me a little bit about yourself – where did your love of gardening come from? I work as a designer and my garden is another space to express myself. Growing up we had large vege and flower gardens on a quarter-acre section, I would help my father and had my own patch to work.

Briefly describe your garden and what it means to you? My garden is Mediterranean inspired and somewhat formal with borders and privacy hedging. This creates a lot more planning and upkeep but the results are more rewarding. It is a slice of my Croatian heritage in Herne Bay. What’s the inspiration behind your garden? The Croatian coast is known for its limestone and I have incorporated a container of stonework around my garden to evoke that feeling. What’s the favourite feature of your garden and why? The stone is the best feature offering an established look and a contrast to the greenery.

• •

The festival gives attendees exclusive access to some of Auckland’s most striking private gardens, each one with a point of difference. Celebrating 20 years, the event features 24 diverse gardens across Auckland, including food producing and designer gardens. In the line-up are new gardens open to the public for the first time and 14 gardens open to children. Unique to this festival is the opportunity to talk with the garden owners themselves. All funds raised go directly to Mercy Hospice Auckland. For the first time this year, NZ Gardener magazine will be hosting the Heroic Garden Fete at Ayrlies Garden a pre-launch event on 12 February. Also, celebrate with your ‘someone special’ and enjoy a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day on 14 February at Landsendt - an exclusive troprical paradise.

WHEN: 13-14 February 2016 WHERE: Gardens across Auckland city COST: Tickets are $50 for both days. For tickets and more information visit

80 Art & About Feb 2016


It was through writing romance that Hilary Murray discovered she had a knack for the naughtier stuff and now the Auckland-based scribe pens both. “Part of the attraction of eroticism is that it’s adventurous and out of the ordinary,” she tells me over a pot of green tea. “I do need to be in a different frame of mind to write eroticism but it’s no more difficult than writing romance. I’m not just concentrating on the sexual content, I’m concentrating on people. I love strong women.” One such woman is the heroine of Choices, a tale of a banker who begins moonlighting as an escort because of financial troubles and the various moral and social dilemmas which follow. “I like to write about conflict,” says Hilary. “That’s essentially what writing is all about. I like the idea of my readers thinking, ‘that could have been me’. The reviews for Choices were great and I had one interesting message from a guy in London, who worked in finance, telling me a lot of women actually took that route once the global financial crisis hit.”

81 Art & About Feb 2016

The female psyche, too, fascinates Hilary. “Men are just so much easier,” she chuckles. “If they don’t like someone, then they’ll avoid them like the plague. Women don’t do that. We can dislike somebody yet go out of our way to see them just so we can wind ourselves up as much as anything else! That wonderful interplay of women who may be suspicious of each other from the start, that’s what I like to explore.” British-born Hilary has resided in New Zealand for twenty years, having arrived with her “soul mate”, Jason (“He’s always been an old soul, sometimes he surprises you and it keeps me on my toes”). Though her marriage appears to be a happily-everafter one, she abhors such climaxes in literature. Hilary likes rebellion. And realism. “E. L. James brought erotic writing out of the closet,” she says. “The downside is it got so huge and spawned a lot of copycats. Just type ‘billionaire’ into Amazon and you’ll drown in the results – there’s ‘billionaire’s wife’, ‘billionaire’s girlfriend’. I don’t think there’s that many billionaires to go around, and personally, I’d rather not have one anyway.” Hilary’s history, as all writers’ should be, is an eclectic one, with careers in the Royal Navy, construction, real estate and even a stint at banking. She was educated at convents from the age of four until 16. I ask if she’s still religious, and, after the briefest of pauses, she says she is. “Though I’m open-minded about all religions, in general I agree with Karl Marx’s sentiment that religion is the opium of the masses,” she says. “The first convent school I attended was run by missionary nuns who used to travel the world and tell us about the countries they had been to. That gave me a great thirst to travel, so the first thing I wanted to do was become a nun. I soon discovered that you don’t have to be a nun to see the world.” The raunchier tomes are written under her pen name, Galia Ryan. Hilary is more comfortable with both writing and communicating with her erotica audience in character, as it were and she’s heavily involved with social media. “I guess you could also say it was a case of hedging my bets,” adds the author. “I may even write children’s books and have a third name.” Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


Discover more about Hilary and her work at

The first convent school I attended was run by missionary nuns who used to travel the world and tell us about the countries they had been to. That gave me a great thirst to travel, so the first thing I wanted to do was become a nun” - Hilary Murray -


82 Art & About Feb 2016




If you want some inspiration to give your home a fresh stylish look without breaking the bank then Easy Luxury will tick the box. Ideas include furniture grouping, textures, colour palettes for relaxed living and those clever interior design tricks that raise the standard of your average redecorating project to a higher level, are all part of the book. Darren Palmer is well known in interior design circles and investing in Easy Luxury will show you how to rework your living spaces into something rather smart.

So many readers are craving their next good read that I am delighted to announce I have found the book to fill the gap left by Gone Girl, Girl on the Train and I Am Pilgrim. The Widow by Fiona Barton is a debut novel written by a journalist, whose role is to teach other journalists and there is a strong journalistic thread running through the twisted and dark storyline. Jean Taylor is a widow whose husband has allegedly done something awful and it is the press who are doing the hounding. Jean, however, has a chance to tell her side of the story for the first time... So take the phone off the hook, pour yourself a long cool drink and get right into the best thriller of the new year.

There have been many books written about the Seige of Leningrad, fiction as well as fact. The new book Symphony For The City of The Dead by M T Anderson stands out as one of the best for a number of reasons not least of which is the production values of the book itself. Hardback and a text illustrated with black and white images, it just oozes a stylised Russian feel. Simple things like a fine red line around the pictures and a cover evoking a political Russian poster all add to the sum of the whole. The well-written book is about Dmitri Shostakovich, his music and the orchestra that played music to keep people alive and to honour those who died and the sheer fight for survival during the worst siege in modern history. Absolutely not to be missed.


____ $50


____ $37


____ $30 Words: Doris Mousdale




83 Art & About Feb 2016

>> NADIA REID – LISTEN TO FORMATION, LOOK FOR THE SIGNS << Rising New Zealand country folk musician Nadia Reid has produced a notable collection of songs on her debut album Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs. Captured at the Sitting Room studio in Lyttelton, the relaxed, spacious feel of much of the album provides an ideal setting for Reid’s languid, often melancholic vocal delivery. But it’s the assured delivery of her well-crafted lyrics that gives this album the key ingredient that has listeners around the world pricking up their ears. Now represented in the US and Europe, the album is distributed worldwide with attention following. See Nadia Reid locally at the Laneway festival before the she heads overseas to seek her fortune Words: Dan Howard

>> BRUNO MERZ- HIGHWAYS << Not to be confused with R&B ‘Uptown Funk’ phenomenon Bruno Mars, New Zealand’s own Bruno Merz is in a category entirely of his own (besides, Merz’ nine year age advantage plus birth and stage name clearly crowns him the OG here). Merz’ latest release, 13-track LP Highways recorded in Hamilton’s Downbeat Studio, is a nostalgic collection of warm, mellowing lullabies strung together with dainty piano twinkles and wispy acoustics; Bruno’s execution is thoughtful, compassionate and realistic in all the right domains. Title track ‘Highways’ exudes a sweet, almost childlike innocence while remaining sure and knowing over raw acoustics, while his idyllic echoed command: “you rest, you rest” on ‘Emmeline’ feels almost tranceinducing, before a country influence becomes apparent during tracks ‘Southern Rain’ and ‘Into the Air’. Bruno Merz sculpts a pristine, romantic acoustic-folk utopia with Highways, and despite pondering “if only I could write a song that held you in the notes” on ‘Set of Wings’, the man should be pretty content basking in the fact that he can undoubtedly write a damn good one. Words: Laura McInnes


W W W. T H E A U D I O C O N S U LTA N T. C O . N Z

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Set in 1950s New York, two women from very different backgrounds find themselves in the throes of love in Carol. As conventional norms of the time challenge their undeniable attraction, an honest story emerges to reveal the resilience of the heart in the face of change. Starring: Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson, Kyle Chandler, Jake Lacy and Cory Michael Smith.

It’s the 1960s, East coast of New Zealand. Two Māori sheep-shearing families, the Mahanas and the Poatas, are longstanding enemies and commercial rivals. 14-yearold Simeon Mahana, the youngest son of the youngest son, is in conflict with his traditionalist grandfather, Tamihana. As Simeon unravels the truth behind the longstanding family vendetta he risks not just his own future prospects but the cohesion of the entire tight-knit society. Starring: Temuera Morrison, Akuhata Keefe, Nancy Brunning, Jim Moriarty, Regan Taylor, Maria Walker.



Trailer: Rating: M contains sex scenes, offensive language and nudity.

Trailer: Rating: M Sexual references & content that may disturb.



Sentaro runs a small bakery that serves dorayakis — pastries filled with sweet red bean paste, ‘an’. When an old lady, Tokue, offers to help in the kitchen he reluctantly accepts. But Tokue proves to have magic in her hands when it comes to making ‘an’. Thanks to her secret recipe, the little business soon flourishes... And with time, Sentaro and Tokue will open their hearts to reveal old wounds. Un Certain Regard, 2015 Festival de Cannes (Opening film).

There is just one week until Kate Mercer’s 45th wedding anniversary and the planning for the party is going well. But then a letter arrives for her husband. The body of his first love has been discovered, frozen and preserved in the icy glaciers of the Swiss Alps. By the time the party is upon them, five days later, there may not be a marriage left to celebrate. Starring: Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay.



Trailer: Rating: M Adult themes.

Trailer: Rating: M Sex scenes and offensive language.

UP FOR GRABS: 5 double passes to AN. Register your interest at Select the tab ‘Win with Verve this month.’

THE CREATIVE EASTERN COROMANDEL BECKONS…. OPEN ART STUDIOS. FIRST 2 WEEKENDS IN MARCH. Plan a weekend away on the beautiful eastern Coromandel Peninsula and explore 36 artists’ studios around the stunning Mercury Bay including Tairua, Whenuakite, Hahei, Hot Water Beach, Cooks Beach, Whitianga and Kuaotunu. Enjoy the Mercury Bay Art Escape’s Open Studio Tour, an iconic event in the first two weekends in March, 5 & 6 and 12 & 13. Visit studios and workshops at your own pace, meet the local artists and learn about their creative process. The artistic talent on show is diverse and colourful and includes hand-forged knives, jewellery, mosaics, painting, prints, photography, glass jewellery, woodcarving and sculpture. Entry is free but it is recommended you purchase the updated 2016 guide that includes artist’s profiles, easy to read maps, accommodation and hospitality options. It can be purchased online at The tour opens with a gala launch on Friday 4 March at 5.30pm at Hot Waves Café, Hot Water Beach where the guest speaker is a well-known artist and sculptor and official NZ Defence Forces artist Matt Gauldie of Otaki. This is an opportunity to mix and mingle with the artists and arts community and view the Taste of the Tour showcase exhibition of all 47 members work. On until 3 April, the exhibition is a great starting point to get a feel for each artist’s style and vote for your favourite artwork for the People’s Choice Award. Tickets are available on the website. Experience the very best Mercury Bay has to offer in the way of arts and culture, vineyards, breweries, cafes and world-class scenery.


85 Art & About Feb 2016

86 Art & About Feb 2016

ARTISTS AND CELEBRITIES CREATE MONKEY BUSINESS IN PARNELL Various artists and celebrities have joined in the fun to create a range of soulful and mischievous monkeys which will soon be on the loose in Parnell to celebrate the forthcoming Chinese Year of the Monkey. Over 30 life-sized monkey art pieces will be on display in galleries and select retailers in Parnell. An early preview of some of the artistic flair is evident in the playful and exhubrant Ying & Yang interpretation consistent with the joie de vivre and optimistic energy associated with one of New Zealand’s foremost contemporary artists Piera McArthur. Also, Katherine Carter has created Maki Moana, a ‘sea monkey’ of saturated blues and greens, which references the protection of the sea and its significance to New Zealand. Erin Simpson’s Koro is a masterful creation with traditional handdrawn Maori tattoos. The greenstone around his neck is the Manaia (guardian), it was blessed and gifted to Koro by Erin after her father had gifted it to her many years ago. Koro’s cloak was gifted to him by none other than NZ fashion designer Kiri Nathan and his spear is hand-crafted by Erin from wood collected in Te Kauwhata (Erin’s home village) sporting greenstone carried with Erin from Christchurch and feathers gifted from a family member. Koro was blessed on completion in the Waikato river using the same water that feeds Erin’s family farm and was asked in return for all his good fortunes ahead that he continue to look over those in his past and present. Parnell Inc’s inaugural Chinese New Year event will be held 6 - 21 February. The exhibition of life-sized monkey art pieces will showcase over the two weeks in various locations in Parnell before being

auctioned for charity. During the exhibition period, patrons will be able to make silent auction bids. Using the intelligence and clever wit of the monkey, Parnell Road will put on a colourful display of as many monkeys and monkey-themed ideas as it can possibly find space for. Other Parnell shops, cafés and restaurants will showcase monkeys in a variety of ways, from merchandise to menu options, window displays and other creative surprises. Children and families can join in the fun by finding the Mighty Ape monkeys and entering a competition to win a $1,000 voucher to spend at Mighty Ape. Saturday 13 February, excitement will build with two performances by a Lion Dance Troupe in Heard Park. The Year of the Monkey celebration will conclude with the auction for the Starship Foundation — National Air Ambulance Service at Webb’s auction house on the 12th March. This is an event not to be missed! Local and international visitors alike will be enthralled with the artists’ creations, the colours and visual feast during Chinese Year of the Monkey celebrations in Parnell. For more info please go to Working in cooperation with ATEED, who will be staging the annual Lantern Festival at the Domain this year, this is set to be an annual signature event for Parnell, for two weeks each February.

2–6 March SKYCITY Theatre

2–20 March

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A unique exhibition of painted monkeys in Parnell galleries and retailers.

13 FEB

Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe, Heard Park, 12.30 and 2.30pm

ARWEN FLOWERS Lady of Landscape “Painting for me,” says Arwen Flowers, “is about capturing the transient moment between states, the border between one moment and the next, one place and another.” Flowers has accepted an Individual Creative Residency in March 2016 granted by Muriwai Earthskin, a charitable trust whose mission is environmental stewardship to foster and inspire the creative arts. The intense examination of life and the environment draws Flowers to respond to edges, in-between places, and to changes in state, both evanescent and physical. Until recently she explored these concepts using colour, and texture represented by layers of torn canvas, each individually painted and then reassembled so the flat, pristine original was reconstituted in a new form. She says, “Layering torn canvas evoked a sense of weathering, of degradation, but also a falling away, and thereby, eventual transformation. It’s a difficult thing to capture - the transition through that magical point of change.” More recent landscapes are painted onto the canvas rather than made from it, so the juxtaposition of a small sky reflected large in water, the margins between tide and sand, rock and running river, provide the mystical line between one thing and another. Inspired by realism and the details therein, Flowers’ stylistic approach is both flexible and ‘painterly’.

Auckland’s magnificent west coast beaches and the Waitakere Ranges where she grew up mark her work with strong visual influences. Artistically, she thrilled to Tony Fomison’s use of light and dark, to McCahon’s abstraction, Robert Ellis’ complex aerial urbanscapes, and Don Peebles canvas constructions. Graduating in 1995 from Elam School of Fine Arts with a B.FA, her studies included an initial two years of photography under John Turner and Megan Jenkinson, followed by arts tutoring under Don Binney, Robert Ellis, Dick Frizzell and Philippa Blair. Photography provides the time to work with an image before committing to paint. “I use the camera to capture the way I see light and motion, but I enjoy handling physical materials. The final image is personal, something imbued with who I am, so I rarely stick with the images I capture. I want to rework them in some way.” Up until 2014 Flowers worked exclusively with acrylics but now includes oils. That led to a progression in her work. Initially used to combat the flatness and quick-drying problems of acrylics, they also provided a solution to issues of torn canvas textures becoming dominant, and allowed more time to move paint around. Artistic challenge is connected with the notion of success and she admits she’s still trying to work out what that means to her. She paints for herself as a palpable need. “If I’m not able to

89 Art & About Feb 2016

“Painting for me is about capturing the transient moment between states, the border between one moment and the next, one place and another.”

paint for a while, I can get pretty crabby. From the perspective of the work, the challenge is always in conveying that thing, the eye-gripping wow-factor.” The Muriwai Earthskin month-long residency will provide the dedicated space to utilise her graphic design and artistic skills to create artwork, and also posters for print and social media using photography, collected images, mobile apps, graphics, and art mediums. In exploring ideas around collecting and cataloguing as a way of promoting species preservation, she intends to highlight the value of those practices in supporting a biodiverse, sustainable future. “While keeping New Zealand native life in the foreground, I’m really taking on the role of an explorer,” she says. “I’m excited to see how the final pieces come together because they will be a result of multiple processes and combining media I’ve not used before. I will have the luxury of being able to draw from all creative parts of myself for a focused period of time.”

Words by Theresa Sjoquist

90 Art & About Feb 2016

Rupert Herring

TURNING THE INSIDE OUT Our impact on the world is vast, and worryingly — far from the limits of its extent. Some of us question our personal contribution to this on a daily basis, whilst the majority of us carry on without out a second thought, pausing every other week to take out the recycling. Then there is Rupert Herring, for whom recycling isn’t something to do because it’s what we “should” be doing. With a desire to create beautiful objects, a moral obligation to our planet and an aversion to consumerism and our throwaway society he has turned it into his livelihood. Rupert’s work flirts along a delicate line between sculpture and furniture. Working almost entirely with found material, specifically timber, he sees wonder and potential far deeper than surface appearance and often completely detached from the material’s original use. He aims to answer his own question, “why are we not using up what we already have?” The environment has already paid the price for so much, why take more? Rupert breaks the mould of the in-vogue concept of up-cycling, and far from simply using timber from pallets and whisky barrels, he searches for the beauty hidden in an object’s original form. Through slicing, arranging, rearranging and even turning inside out he finds such beauty. His work takes time, huge quantities of it, but he finds joy in the monotony of preparation and in the knowledge that the process has begun. The process which creates refined objects of a quality not often realised in found materials. Perhaps its his homage to the time it’s taken for the material to reach him or maybe to the new lease of life that he gives it and the will to make things to last far longer than a human life span. Probably all of the above, but in amongst all that it’s because he is the sort of person who won’t let anything leave his workshop until it’s… ’nice’.”


Eking It Out (coffee table) This piece is made from a large variety of timbers. In a sense it is recycled twice; all of the pieces are off cuts from other projects, which were also created from recycled material. As with my other work in the series, this has been an investigation of material and what lies beneath it’s surface; finding a beauty within. It’s about minimising waste, making do with what you have and to a certain extent allowing the material to govern the form. Tall tables (Leggy blondes and hall table slice) The tall, thin tables are made from newel posts and balustrades, all reclaimed of course. I've turned the legs inside out to give a modern, square, angular look on the outside, and something of an ‘old colonial’ aesthetic on the interior. I like the way they embody the concept of ‘negative space,’ almost as though they have been magically transfigured.

Words: Rupert Herring






AsAsa young a youngman, man,René RenéJules JulesLalique Laliquerevolutionised revolutionisedjewellery jewellerywith withhishis opulent opulent ArtArt Nouveau Nouveau designs. designs. Then Then at at middle middle age, age, hehe shifted shifted hishis focus focus to to glass glass and and became became thethe most most celebrated celebrated glass glass maker maker of of thethe ArtArt Deco Deco period. period.

This summer, artist Max Gimblett celebrates his 80th birthday. In marking this milestone, Gow Langsford Gallery has published From Grafton to the Guggenheim, a 175-page hard cover book that focusses on the gallery’s long relationship one of the country’s most noted artists. Happy 80th Birthday Max!

Elegant Elegantforms, forms,lavish lavishornamentation, ornamentation,and andananenduring enduringlove loveofof nature nature are are common common threads threads which which run run though though Lalique’s Lalique’s extensive extensive output output spanning spanning more more than than sixsix decades. decades. While Whilehishishandcrafted handcraftedjewellery jewellerywas wascharacterised characterisedbybysinuous sinuous line line and and a high a high level level ofof detail, detail, Lalique’s Lalique’s glass glass vases vases embody embody the the simplifi simplifi ededforms formsofofthe themodern modernage agein inwhich whichthe themachine machinewas was embraced embraced and and methods methods ofof mass mass production production refi refi ned. ned. This This month month MTG, MTG, Hawke’s Hawke’s Bay’s Bay’s award-winning award-winning museum, museum, opens opens anan exhibition exhibition ofof vases vases byby René René Lalique Lalique from from the the Jack Jack CC Richards Richards Collection. Collection.This Thiscelebration celebrationofofthe theenchanting enchantingArtArtDeco Decovases vases ofof the the master master glass glass maker maker is is timed timed toto coincide coincide with with the the region’s region’s annual annual ArtArt Deco Deco festival. festival.

Image: Image: Ronces Ronces (Thorns), (Thorns), René René Lalique, Lalique, model model created created 1921 1921 Image Image courtesy courtesy of of Tairawhiti Tairawhiti Museum, Museum, Gisborne Gisborne

The book will be released at the exhibition opening, Tuesday 23rd February. The exhibition runs across both gallery spaces.

- EXCERPT FROM GRAFTON TO THE GUGGENHEIM If there is one thing you can be certain of when meeting Max Gimblett, it’s that you are unlikely to forget it. Everyone has a “Max” story. Max is an unusual blend of contradictions: he tears up sentimentally as frequently as he raises his voice, he is both reticent and animated, and has that increasingly inappropriate old-boy humour that you can’t help but find amusing. He is both impulsive and measured and, at his age, you respect his energy although it clearly surges. For more information visit

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92 Home & Design Feb 2016

Libby Griffen is someone no one forgets. Warm and approachable with a fabulous sense of humour and uber-creative to boot, she has long been known in Auckland as the owner/operator of Trees Company. Now around 35 years in business, it is famed for its manufacturing of furniture, repurposing tables, chairs and other pieces which are all made, in-part, from recycled timber. If ever there was a furniture and interiors expert cum artistextraordinaire, Libby is it. With well over ten thousand hours of practice under her carpenter’s belt, Libby has most definitely achieved mastery in her field. Recently, Libby has been seduced by that January feeling of fresh starts and clean slates, vowing to reinvent her business as a consultancy service in order to provide fresh visions for new or established homes. Verve recently caught up with Libby for an informal tête-à-tête about her ideas for 2016.

YOUR PAST? I led a charmed childhood, growing up on a farm in the New Zealand countryside. There were horses and calves and foals. I sewed and did gardening, played badminton on the lawn at night under lights. Dad was a vet from Scotland, mum was from Yorkshire, and I was the last born of six kids, the only one of my siblings born in New Zealand. After studying pattern-making I completed a double degree in art history and archeology at uni and did my big OE. Thereafter followed a stint making stunt gear for the film industry, a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one which led to a leather belt making business and a shop called The Art of Ruin. After I met my husband Mark, I started creating furniture and had four fabulous kids.

PLANS FOR 2016? I really enjoy improving interior spaces by getting to know a client’s needs, personality and taste, then working to integrate value, comfort and ease into their space. So this year I will specialise in providing custom furniture consultations and spatial planning.

My services will incorporate conceptualisation of interiors, offering options, and drawing up plans. Also, reupholstery, art creation, curation and hanging, fabric selection and advice, sourcing treasured items and accessorising homewares. No job is too big or too small and I am happy to collaborate with private owners, architects, developers and hospitality owners, to realise, replan, upcycle or design hard or soft furnishings to suit their brief, finding creative and unique solutions to my clients’ requirements.

BEST WAY TO GET HOLD OF YOU? Email or contact me on 021 800 314.

YOUR FAVOURITE WORD? The f word! Furnish — with feeling this life on earth. Family — love the memories made around the table with family and friends and fine wine. Food — eating food round an awesome table. Fun — enjoy the moment. Furniture — with a future.

YOUR MOTTO? Always have a sharp pencil.


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t r e e s f u r n i t u r e . c o . n z

FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF FEBRUARY Republic Home Showroom 56 Parnell Road Parnell











MODERNISE WITH LED DOWNLIGHTS Teclite install a range of quality LED downlights. Teclite inserts resize any downlight hole. No need to pull ceiling apart. Complete service, plastering, electrical & painting.

















































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Bo St

Call now for a quote: P 09 571 2318 M 021 2455 997 | 027 4723 694


STAMP PRESSED METAL 94 Home & Design Feb 2016

Stamp Pressed Metal is a company that specialises in pressed metal decorative ďŹ nishes. We can custom ďŹ nish panels to suit the look our clients wish to achieve. Panels can be kept in their raw state if desired and are available in copper, aluminium or perforated mild steel. Our panels can be used indoors or outdoors in any number of scenarios including splashbacks, feature walls, ceilings, gates, awnings, bedheads etc. We can supply panels raw, pre etch primed, powdercoated or customised.

pressed metal

See their ad on page103.


Pure linen waffle throw ideal for summer living. Were $115. Now $79.95.

Shop 7, 21 Nuffield St, Newmarket 09 524 4452


Great kitchens don’t just happen... They happen by design. Kitchens By Design knows what it takes to make a kitchen the multitasking heart of every home. After all, it has been making it happen since 1987 when it broke the mould of boring standard designs in favour of spaces that incorporated each owner’s personal choices and reflected their lifestyle. Since then its custom-made kitchens have won multiple awards from the industry and accolades from happy clients. Visit the Newmarket showroom to see top-of-the-line products and talk to the experts. Qualified design stars (between them they boast 90 years of experience) and their back-up team work with clients throughout the whole project, from concept design to manufacture and installation. They promise to get the job done on time, on budget, with minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment. Thirty years ago that was a pretty daring idea. Today it’s just what you’d expect from Kitchens By Design. 7 MELROSE STREET, NEWMARKET KITCHENSBYDESIGN.CO.NZ MONDAY - FRIDAY, 9AM - 5PM SATURDAY 10-2.30PM 09 379 3084


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97 Home & Design Feb 2016









L-R: DESIGN WAREHOUSE, ELLE RELAXING CHAIR: Stunning from every angle and a dream to sit in, the Elle relaxing chair is an excellent choice for your outdoor garden or balcony. DESIGN WAREHOUSE, WILLOW CLUB CHAIR: A stunning work of art made with innovative materials and a unique design that will look beautiful in your outdoor space. REPUBLIC HOME, KITO CHAIR: “Looking hot in high fashion colours, the Kito chair will give life to any outdoor space, made from high tenacity yarn for long lasting wear outdoors”, $850.00. REPUBLIC HOME, KAORI HIGH BACK CHAIR: “Standing at 1.5 metres high, the Kaori 1 seater will make a grand statement in any outdoor area. Made in brown rope covering an aluminium frame. Seat cushion also available”, $1,995. DESIGN WAREHOUSE, CABANA SUN LOUNGER: Create a spa-like oasis in your own backyard with the Cabana sun lounger. It’s low profile, thick a-grade teak and grand size make it a very luxurious piece. DESIGN WAREHOUSE, ABBEY RELAXING CHAIR: The Abbey relaxing chair is delightfully modern with a cool retro vibe and will instantly add style and comfort to your outdoor space. UN DEUX TROIS BY FRENCH COUNTRY COLLECTIONS, COSTA LOUNGE CHAIR: Relax and unwind in the Costa lounge chair, made from rattan in a vintage grey finish, $595. REPUBLIC HOME, HAGOS: “Multicoloured Rope chair with matching pouf (sold separately). Suitable indoors and out”, $1,436. MADDER & ROUGE, TOM MULTI DECK-CHAIR: The sling is a French Stripe Sunbrella acrylic and the frame is Kwila made in NZ, $215.

Retreat Rialto Rialto Centre | 163 Broadway Newmarket | Auckland 09 524 5890 |

Car fragrance diffuser Several pretty designs and fragrances to choose from. Fabulous little gift.

ReďŹ ll you candle container. Choose from over 25 fragrances. Hand poured using ďŹ nest quality soy wax. Priced from $10.00

From the With Love Collection by Ecoya Beautiful sandalwood and vanilla fragrance presented in an elegant ribbed glass container. This gift is a wonderfully extravagant gesture for the person you love.

From the Decadence Collection by Ecoya the Elizabeth Ponsonby (London) fragrance blends English Rose with a burst of fresh red berries and jasmine.

Ecoya Gift Pack Contains 3 mini candles each with a different signature scent, packaged in a beautiful presentation box.


99 Home & Design Feb 2016

Outdoors at its best View more online and instore

auckland 09 368 7694 | hamilton 07 854 9495 |

100 Home & Design Feb 2016

Quality sleep Quality of life

NEWMARKET Corner Khyber Pass Rd & Crowhurst St Opposite BP Connect P 520 4337


500 Ti Rakau Drive Next to Harvey Norman P 274 3695



For business or leisure, for family or guests, you can be confident with Quest whether for one night, one week or longer.

Spacious, modern apartments ideal for the business and leisure traveller to Auckland. Offering… • The choice of studios, one, two or 3 bedroom apartments, all tastefully furnished with well-equipped kitchens and laundries. • We also offer our guests Free Wi-Fi, 29 TV channels & 40 movies • Secure undercover parking. Newmarket is a very popular location with cafés, shopping, cinemas and the Newmarket business area all on its doorstep. Please check out our website


QUEST PARNELL 8 Heather St, Parnell Ph 337 0804


QUEST NEWMARKET 31-39 Davis Cr, Newmarket Ph 520 3000

Quest Parnell located in the historical suburb of Parnell, offers studios, one and two bedroom (two bathroom) self contained apartments along with an on-site gym and heated lap pool. • Perfect location just off Parnell Road • Over 50 restaurants and cafés within walking distance • Kitchen and Laundry facilities in all apartments • DVD and Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels in all apartments. • Secure undercover parking • Group accommodation for friends and families of wedding parties

Quest Carlaw Park: Studio, 1 bedroom and luxury 2 bedroom penthouse apartments for 1 night, 2 weeks, 3 months or longer! • Onsite Café, Italian & Japanese Restaurants • Secure undercover parking • Full kitchen and laundry facilities in allapartments • Complimentary WIFI • Room service dinner (delivery) Visit our website for more information.


QUEST CARLAW PARK 15 Nicholls Lane, Carlaw Park, Parnell Ph 304 0521

101 Home & Design Feb 2016

MARKET PLACE 102 Market Place Oct 2015

Transforelmf Yours Easter Classic lamps in storeinand store and online online.

New Zealand’s foremost personal image and styling consultancy, for that little bit of wardrobe magic. Look your best – call us NOW!


Phone: 09 529 5115 Email: 35 Broadway, Newmarket




Want Want to to get get mortgage free mortgage free Want to get faster? faster? free mortgage Come faster? Come in in for for a a free free financial checkup. financial checkup. Come in for a free financial checkup. You don’t have to be a Kiwibank customer for one of our You don’t have to be a Kiwibank customer for one of our Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup Banking Consultants to give you a financial checkup and show you how to reduce your mortgage debt. and show you how to reduce your mortgage debt. You don’t have tohot be arates, Kiwibank customer one of our We can offer you help you choosefor the right We can offer you hot rates, help you choose the right Banking Consultants to giveplan youand, a financial home loan and repayment if your checkup home loan home loan and repayment plan and, if your home loan and show you$50,000, how to reduce your mortgage is more than a refinancing plan thatdebt. could save is more than $50,000, a refinancing plan that could save you up to $2,000. you up to $2,000. We can offer you hot rates, help you choose the right home loan and repayment plan and, if your home loan is more than $50,000, a refinancing plan that could save All it is to Banking All it takes takes is a a call call to your your local local Banking you up to $2,000. Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259

Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 at at Newmarket Newmarket Branch. Branch. All it takes is a call to your local Banking Consultant Sarena Buchan on 09 520 6259 at Newmarket Branch.

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at Kiwibank’s Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act apply. Disclosure Statement at Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply. June15Verve June15Verve

Get a copy of Kiwibank’s Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement at Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply. June15Verve

ONE STOP SHOP Positive Property Service Property maintenance Painting Interior / exterior Plastering Interior / exterior Building (licenced) Villa restoration Handyman service Bathrooms & Kitchens

Proactive solutions for all your property needs

Top Gun

Aqua wash


Decks, retainer walls Fences, rubbish removal Garden makersovers

Electrical Plumbing

House washing Residential

Soft Washes Water Basting Pre-wash for Repaints Roof & Gutters Decks & Fences Driveways, Pathways



Buildings, Offices Car parks & Entrances Apartments, Rest homes

0508 767 484

Visa. MasterCard.

Open 7 days till 5pm each day

WALG ARTH D ESIGN dm d k n e i l @ g m a i l . com | 0 2 1 4 1 1 7 7 4

Market Place

Oct 2015





Cushions, squabs, loose covers, chairs and ottoman refurbishment.


Call now for a free quote.

311 Parnell Rd | (09) 379 2860

Specialising in

AFTER Walgarth Design is a small business committed to producing unique custom crafted soft furnished products to your specifications for indoor or outdoor furniture.



House of Travel Remuera 351 Remuera Road Christine Wynne-Jones 522 3415 | Rudy's Verve Mag advert.pdf

TENNIS, SQUASH, FITNESS CENTRE & GROUP TRAINING 10 day free trial www. 09 524 8857 | 17 Dilworth Ave | Remuera


pressed metal Decorative pressed tin panels that add a stylish focal point to any heritage, commercial or home renovation projects.

Contact Greg 022 635 9677 or visit Stamp Pressed Metals are proud to be supporting Redesign Group




10:13 AM

WIN with Verve CRAIG COOPER Q THEATRE Looking for the perfect Valentines date night? Verve has a double pass to giveaway to the opening night of Daffodils at Q Theatre. This much loved kiwi musical is coming back to Auckland 14-20 February before it’s international debut. Lauded as “a work of genius” (Metro NZ), Daffodils is a classic love story featuring NZ’s greatest hits by Dave Dobbyn, Crowded House, Bic Runga and more — all remixed and played live by Silverscroll winner LIPS. Daffodils (inspired by true events) 14-20 February, Q Theatre Bookings: Phone: 09 309 9771

In his savvy and down-to-earth manual, Craig Cooper teaches men 40 and up — how to unleash their potential for better health and happiness, increased strength and super charged sexual satisfaction. Based on latest scientific research and Craig’s personal experience warding off diabetes, preventing cancer, and naturally increasing his own testosterone by 36%, this handbook covers a wide range of essential topics like preserving mental health, maximizing nutrition, and achieving peak physical fitness. Practical, honest, and vitally informative, Your New Prime details a lifelong strategy for maximum health — and will help any man perform at his best.

UP FOR GRABS — Tickets to a kiwi musical romance, “Daffodils”, this valentines!

UP FOR GRABS — two copies of Craig’s new book, Your New Prime: 30 Days to Better Sex, External Strength, and a Kick-Ass Life After 40

To enter simply follow the instructions below. Conditions apply.

To enter simply follow the instructions below. Conditions apply.

BEEBIO This is a stunning collection of photographic art from a celebrated photographer. ‘Preservation’ The book offers a compelling collection of stunning photos using honey to coat the subjects. Over 90 models in stunningly exquisite poses were brought together to create the series. Honey is the collective medium, coating and preserving the subject as though encased molten amber. Blake is a photographic genius and his work preservation was a perfect yet unusual fit for BeeBio anti ageing skin care. Blake has worked with and photographed many Hollywood greats and his work has graced the covers of myriad international publications. This prize is a genuine rare gem!

FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL The Alliance Française French Film Festival will once again bring the best of French cinema to New Zealand. Now in its 10th year, the 2016 edition will celebrate French culture in all its diversity. Screening in Auckland from 25 February - 13 March at Rialto Cinemas Newmarket and Berkeley Cinemas Takapuna, the 2016 Festival will feature the largest and most dynamic line-up to date with 37 titles on offer, including a strong selection of award-winning titles from Cannes, TIFF and the Venice International Film Festival. The full programme is now available online, and tickets are available from Festival screening venues. One language, a world of emotions

UP FOR GRABS — two exclusive copies of Blake Little’s Photographic book Preservation.

UP FOR GRABS — a ticket giveaway for 2 double passes to the Auckland leg of the Festival

To enter simply follow the instructions below. Conditions apply.

To enter simply follow the instructions below. Conditions apply.

alliance française

One language, a world of emotions

french film Wellington

17 Feb - 6 March


25 Feb - 13 March


festival celebrating 10 years

3 - 20 March


3 - 20 March


9 - 20 March

New Plymouth 10 - 20 March


10 - 20 March


17 - 27 March

Palmerston North 23 March - 3 April


24 March - 13 April

Havelock North 30 March - 10 April


31 March - 10 April


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Verve February 2016. Issue 119  

Auckland's favourite free magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel, pass...

Verve February 2016. Issue 119  

Auckland's favourite free magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel, pass...