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Auckland Cup Week 2nd, 6th & 9th march



Editors’Note Welcome to Verve Feb. the first Verve for 2013. This year is a special one for us as we celebrate entering our tenth year in the magazine business. It is said that it takes 10 000 hours to become an expert in a field – and though we feel a long way off being true masters of what we do, we feel that with each passing issue we come a little closer. Over time we have become increasingly aware of just how much our readers love a story. Thankfully they are not hard to find as in the exciting world in which we live, stories are ripe for the picking. Verve Feb. takes a look at many inspiring people, people who are true masters in their field. They are people who, without realising it, have a sixth sense for trends and opportunities, an excess of creative energy, and are hard-wired for achievement and supremacy. It is difficult to put one’s finger on the trait that binds them – but it could be that they are all willful, determined and (when others may be overwhelmed) they simply don’t give up.


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picture FRAMING


Sir George Fistonich and Villa Maria celebrate 50 years of winemaking this year. Read the story of Sir George – a Kiwi champion, on page 50. Not to be missed is the charming piece written by Verve resident writer, Jamie Desplaces: Force of Nature, Ray of Light – takes a look at 2011’s Most Trusted Kiwi, award winning inventor and best selling author, philanthropist, and ethical scientist, Ray Avery, a man who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, and one who knows the secret to never wasting time (page 56).

Happy reading.

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We visited many exciting businesses and enjoyed their tasty wares, and feel truly privileged to be able to share these inspirational stories with you. They are about the sorts of people who push past obstacles to achieve their goals


Karma Cola has a distinct vanilla flavour with a splash of spice, and is the creation of Chris and Matthew Morrison and Simon Coley. It is a story of creativity and ingenuity and a delight to read. See page 52. Verve Feb also chats to George Cameron of Auckland Racing Club, Hamish and Ben Lewis of Trenzseater, and Frances Hooper and Benny Castles of World (The World of Perfume page 20).

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Contents ready for the races




I Transformed My Body in 4 Weeks!

Why I Love the Races Headed for Trouble



The Phoenix Tree: Asian Fusion


Karma Cola

A Winning Post: Cameron George




Modes: For Race Glamour


Fascinating with Gemmells

fashion, Beauty & health 18.

Earn Your Stripes

19. Valentine Beauty


The WORLD of Perfume

Careering Around



Gourmet Pub Grub: San Sebastian Style


Happy Healthy Cats

WIN with verve &...


NZ House & Garden Tours



Pets 66.

Surprises Await in Auckland Backyards


The Artistry Behind one of NZ’s Most Renown Gardens


Villa Maria

58. Sea Link Waiheke



The Waiheke Less Travelled


out&about/Arts local










Little Known Facts About Local Street Names



don’t miss!

Junk & Disorderly NZ House & Garden Tours

Blueberry-peach Cake Recipe Little Bread&Butter

Art Has No Boundries Service With a Smile Pride Parade Field Notes on a Place in Time Madame Butterfly

41. Cover: Auckland Cup Week Verve Apologies: The Swan Song at the Parnell Pools article in our previous issue (December 2012, page.108) is written by Liam Fennell and not Timothy Giles. Sorry Liam!

Valentine Gifted Ideas

I Give It A Year: Double passes Ayrlies Think Water

79. Sold from Lance Pemberton


The Boutique: Acupuncture & Chiropractic Medi Spa, offers first time patients 50% off

Team McMillan BMW




THE VALUE OF PERFECT ENGINEERING. Introducing the BMW Edition 30’s, two very special limited edition vehicles that epitomise the Ultimate Driving Machine and now, unprecedented value for money. To celebrate being New Zealand’s number one premium automotive brand and thirty years of BMW in New Zealand, these already perfectly engineered vehicles have been significantly upgraded with a combination of additional features and unique design elements, representing unrivalled value in their class and resulting in a unique vehicle that is the ultimate in sporty style. These award winning vehicles are available in limited quantities, so don’t miss out - secure your BMW Edition 30 today.






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Team McMillan BMW 7-15 Great South Road, Newmarket. 09 524 3300


Verve Interviews: Trenzseater V: Tell us a bit about your heritage…your background in the furniture industry. T: Our inspiration for creating TRENZSEATER came from our grandfather who’s company D.A. Lewis & Co. manufactured furniture for many large retailers throughout New Zealand. It was the foundation of growing up amongst a business such as his that lead to our enthusiasm for furniture and interior design. TRENZSEATER was developed to fill a niche in the market for tailor made luxury furniture that we made in New Zealand, the business has grown tremendously not only in product range but in the large amount of services we now offer through our Interior Design consultancy which is a full service where we work with clients through each step of their project to choose and select furniture, drapery, wallpapers, blinds, lighting, rugs and accessories. Our new store at 80 Parnell Road was established to service the growing demand we were getting from all avenues in Auckland where clients needed a space to view and discuss their options for their interiors. V: Did a talent for carpentry and woodwork run in your family or was it more of a strong entrepreneurial flair? T: A flair for design and entrepreneurial spirit captivated our passion for TRENZSEATER, it is vital in any endeavor to have a real passion for your work and we take great pride in our furniture and our relationships we have developed with clients. V: Your family must have seen many changes in styles, manufacturing techniques, materials used and methods of trade over the decades. Can you elaborate on those that for you stand out the most? T: We have seen many changes in our industry, especially when importing became so apparent, product was being offered at varying prices, but I think that clients have experienced product from those earlier days and have become more appreciative for product which has the extra attention to detail, the quality and assurance that it is made in New Zealand and that if there was ever an issue we are not far away! We have definitely seen a

dramatic change to clients preferring to purchase New Zealand made product, they like the opportunity to have their own flair on selection of textiles and finishes which makes their space more personalized and unique. The confidence that not “everyone” will have something the same I think is re-assuring. V: Briefly outline the passage of a new piece from idea, design to final product. (The usual lead-time?) Design philosophy. T: A new design is derived from an idea or inspiration we might have, often an adaption of a product we already make, but more importantly from the feedback we receive on our showroom floor from clients who might ask for something we haven’t thought of or have available. The design process sometimes can take a very short period of time, but often it is in a conceptual stage for a long period of time with ideas and various elements being bounced around before we start to make prototypes from which we receive feedback and refine before releasing to the market. V: Do you export to other countries? T: We have and still do, we get a lot of inquiry from private clients in Australia who we send product to, we also export for various projects in the asia-pacific region where our product might suit their requirements. V: Currently which are the most favoured designs? T: An eclectic mix of product, our Bordeaux sideboard which we finish in high gloss black lacquer, the Louis armchairs which the frames are imported from Italy and we finish here in New Zealand, and the Quattro modular sofa which is a true modular meaning you can re-configure it in various ways depending on season, space or just for a change! V: What influenced the move to Auckland and how is it shaping up for you? Do you miss Christchurch? T: Answered above, - We have received a really good response from people visiting our new showroom on Parnell Rd and we see plenty of opportunity for growth here in Auckland going forward. I travel

between Christchurch and Auckland regularly so I still get to see friends and family down there often. It is always exciting going back to Christchurch especially to see how the city is has changed with the re-build as there is always something new popping up. V: Tell readers about the Parnell store. What sets Trenzseater apart from other similar businesses? T: Our TRENZSEATER store in Parnell is edgy and modern, it has a fantastic mix of product which layer against the distinctive finishes and textiles we have applied to each. What sets TRENZSEATER apart from most is the opportunity for each product to be Tailor Made in varying sizes and finishes allowing you to personalize the product to be unique, each product is also manufactured to the highest standard using only the finest of innovative componentry and raw materials. With our Interior Design service being available, our consultants can assist with all elements of the design process to ensure a result which is irresistible! V: When you have spare time – what do you most like to do? T: Having the spare time has been few and far between lately, but to escape from the pace of day to day life I love to head to the beach and enjoy spending time with family and friends over fine wine and great food.

Our Trenzseater store in Parnell is edgy and modern, it has a fantastic mix of product which layer against the distinctive finishes and textiles we have applied to each. What sets Trenzseater apart from most is the opportunity for each product to be Tailor Made in varying sizes and finishes allowing you to personalize the product to be unique, each product is also manufactured to the highest standard using only the finest of innovative componentry and raw materials.











w w e nzs e ate


CAPRI 3.5 seater - $6069 as pictured

LOUIS AC575 armchair - $4215 as pictured

MONACO armchair - $2898 as pictured

BORDEAUX console - $3188 as pictured


CABANA console - $3184 as pictured

TRENZSEATER Auckland I 80 PARNELL RD, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND. T. (09) 303 4151 TRENZSEATER Christchurch I 121 BLENHEIM RD, CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND. T. (03) 343 0876 Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm

Meet us on facebook today at






ready for the races

Why I Love Auckland Cup Week natalie chan


Fashion Designer

Head Fashion Judge at Auckland Cup Week

Auckland Cup Week is one of my favourite events on the social calendar, I love the fashion! Bringing back the heyday of beautiful and feminine dressing where women take the time to plan their outfit starting with their dress, to planning their shoes and accessories, right down to choosing the perfect hat or fascinator! I always look forward to Ellerslie’s high calibre fashion competitions, and in particular Prix de Fashion is a favourite of mine on TV3 Derby Day! Diamond Day, being ladies day, is another high fashion event that allows for dressing to the nines and enjoying time with my friends.

Di Goldsworthy

Auckland Cup Week for me is a celebration of not only the finest racing in the country, but also the entire culture that surrounds it. From picking the first past the post, enjoying top quality hospitality, soaking up the entertainment or watching the fillies in their finest fashions: Auckland Cup Week is the most glamorous and exciting week on the social calendar.


Strategic Relationship Manager, Newmarket Business Association


Auckland Cup Week brings together two of the things I am passionate about, fashion and racing.The opportunity to “dress to the nines” and experience the excitement of the top horses competing, is to me a winning combination. I always try to attend all three days. TV3 Derby Day - decked out in black and white, Auckland Cup Day for elegance, and Diamond Day for colour and fun. A great excuse to buy new outfits, or to accessorise existing ones. Auckland Cup Week attracts many visitors. I am always very proud to show them around Newmarket.

Why pay thousands for a custom made suit? Made to Measure menswear - that doesn’t cost the earth!

Xmas Special (save up to $1000 compared to NZ retail): Tailor-made100% Blended Wool Suits $499 Tailor-made Super Fabrics Suits $699 (Super 150 Wools/Cashmere, Italian Wool) Tailor-made Shirts 100% cotton shirts (from) $139 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Offer for Verve readers! Egyptian Shirts for just $99 each* (our Egyptian shirts retail at $149.00) All you have to do is mention “Verve deal” *Offer only applies to Egyptian shirts. Valid til Jan 31st 2013

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Cameron George CEO of Auckland Racing Club: A Winning Post Words: Lulu Alach

team. At that time I was working on my real estate business, taking a break from racing. The timing was right to move on and after considering the role I thought I could contribute to the racing industry. Personally it was the best decision I’ve made because I enjoy New Zealand and am passionate about racing.

Cameron George has had nearly 20 years’ experience in the racing industry, taking out only a couple of years for a successful stint in real estate – it has been his life. George started as a cadet steward for Queensland Principal Club (now Racing Queensland) before working for racing organisations in New South Wales. In 1999 George was appointed stipendiary steward on the Metropolitan Panel of Racing NSW in Sydney. He was lured to New Zealand to become the youngest ever Chief Stipendiary Steward (head of integrity) for New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (age 30). He returned to his native Australia to work the same position there for Harness Racing Victoria, but has ended up back here and has been back in the thoroughbred racing industry since 2010. George became Chief stipendiary steward for all governing racing bodies in New Zealand, thoroughbred, harness and greyhound, in 2011. A major achievement for George was implementing the independent Integrity Unit on behalf of all New Zealand racing bodies, a huge undertaking that included more than 40,000 participants across the country. Cameron George was appointed CEO of Auckland Racing Club in August 2012. Verve asked him about his experience thus far: V: You have been in the role of Auckland Racing Club CEO for 6 months now. Has it been a crazy ride or have you settled in easily? C: It’s been interesting and challenging but always enjoyable. Nothing in this industry comes easy so, like all my staff I have to work hard to create the best business possible for Aucklanders and the Ellerslie community to enjoy. V: Are you looking forward to your first Auckland Cup Week as CEO? C: Yes absolutely! The team have been working overtime to deliver another great Auckland Cup Week that continues the tradition of the prestigious TV3 New Zealand Derby and the iconic

V: Your background is in real estate, how did you get into the horse racing industry and what do you love most about it? C: I was in racing from the age of 17 as a steward. After 10 years in the role I decided I needed a break. At that time we opened up a real estate agency (Evans Head First National) and shortly after a commercial agency. It’s great to see both agencies are still doing really well.

Auckland Cup. The event is New Zealand’s richest, biggest and most glamorous week of racing and there are so many features to ensure there is something for everyone – whether it be Prix de Fashion, New Zealand’s national fashions in the field final (and one of three fashion competitions across the week), exceptional corporate hosting on Auckland Cup Day, picnics and ponies for families on TV3 Derby Day or Whips n Spurs on Diamond Day we deliver three days of fantastic entertainment and top class racing with over $2 million in prizes starting on Saturday 2nd March! V: Do you find the racing industry in New Zealand very different from Australia? C: You cannot compare the New Zealand industry to Australia, it’s vastly different. On virtually every level Australia differs from New Zealand, although in recent years we have bridged the gap somewhat. Ellerslie will continue to work with other major clubs in Australia to ensure we maintain international standards. V: Why did you move to New Zealand? C: In 2006 I was approached by the then CEO of New Zealand Racing to join his

V: What do you feel most passionate about and how do you bring that to your position as CEO of Auckland Racing Club? C: Sponsors, my team and I’m committed to the long-term future of our business. It’s important every decision we make as a team has a long-term benefit to the Auckland Racing Club. We have a responsibility to provide a healthy platform for the industry as New Zealand’s premier racing club. We are internationally recognised and it’s important we do not lose sight of our position in the industry, both domestically and internationally. I’m looking forward to leading my great team through the process of exhausting all of our business opportunities, such as the Ellerslie Event Centre and the overall Ellerslie property to enrich the Auckland Racing Club’s future. Sponsors are also extremely important to us. We have great support from a wide range of sponsors and event partners and from my perspective it’s important they feel a part of our business and our future. V: What do you like to do to relax? C: I get out on the harbour jet skiing when the weather allows. During winter I like to get to plenty of Warriors games as I enjoy rugby league. Outside of that I enjoy catching up with friends.


Modes: for race glamour 176 Broadway, Newmarket 09 520 2730 |


Hats for Hire

131 Main Highway, Ellerslie Village 09 579 5384

at gemmells of ellerslie Here at Gemmells of Ellerslie we delight in creating a” new you” for the day – whatever the occasion may be. You can have fun trying on our wonderful stable of hats, hatinators or fascinators. All of our headwear is handmade and we will also make and design something just for you for that Special occasion. Our cost for hireage is:Hats $100.00 Hatinators $75.00 Fascinators $55.00 So let your personality shine! If you feel great – you will be great. Please call in to see us at Gemmells of Ellerslie (131 Main Highway, 09 579 5384) or visit

FREE Cosmetic Consultation Always wanted to know about enhancing your skin so you’ll look and feel better? The Skin Institute has an experienced team of medical staff. Talk to us about: • Appearance Medicine • Medical Grade IPL/Laser • Hair Removal • Acne Treatments

• Microhydrabrasion • New Generation Peels • Fillers & Botulinum Toxin • Eyelid Surgery (under local anaesthetic)

Call us today: 309 6060 Parnell: 46B Stanley Street

Free consultation is for 15 minutes with a specialist nurse.


Appearance | Skin cancer | Veins

FINE FRAGRANCES Buy once and get hooked on this new classic store. • • • • • •

Largest variety of branded perfumes in central Auckland Lots of rare perfumes and colognes Cheaper than Duty Free 30 to 60% off of retail prices We take orders for very rare to find perfumes which can be specially ordered for you Very experienced staff to guide and offer recommendations based on your taste

Le Fum



you’ll be smitten! Have you ever spent a day out shopping only to come home with something you later regretted buying? You are not alone! Christine Lemalu from Smitten is a personal image consultant who offers personal shopping as one of her many services. Christine says that most people will spend the whole day looking for “something new” to refresh their wardrobe, only to return home with another black top or their fourth pair of jeans! After taking a client on a recent personal shopping trip to Newmarket, Christine received a note… “Thanks for all your help Christine. I had the time of my life! I will go to bed exhausted tonight but with a smile on my face”. It’s comments like these that Christine says make her job so worthwhile. Each personal shopping trip is completely personalised to suit your individual needs. Your colouring, body shape and budget are all taken into account before Christine puts together an afternoon you won’t forget. After a complimentary coffee you are whisked off to try on over 70 potential new purchases. Expect to see everything from the shopping list as well as a few things that will have you wondering why you never tried those colours or styles before. It’s an uplifting and confidence-boosting experience that will help you reach your true shopping potential. Contact Smitten today to guide your wardrobe in the right direction. See ad on right for contact details.

Are you someone who often wears black, doesn’t know what colours suit best, or is just plain frustrated with clothes that don’t flatter your body shape? Contact


Colour • Style & Line • Wardrobe & Accessories Personal Shopping • Wardrobe Sort • Make-Up Gift Certificates


Words: Lulu Alach

Bottom: Shaun and Angela of Seventysix Design

Verve Interviews: 76 Design Seventysix is an edgy jewellery store focusing on modern contemporary design. If you are looking for personalised (bespoke) pieces or something unique and funky then it’s the place for you! Run by couple Shaun and Angela since 2004 and recently moved to new premises in Jervois Rd, Ponsonby, Seventysix is known for exciting unusual designs and specialises in one-off custom-made wedding and engagement rings, remodelling old jewellery and working with platinum, gold, silver, diamonds and other precious gems. Verve asked Shaun, the one-time wannabe cabinetmakerturned jeweller, about Seventysix design: V: How would you describe your style of jewellery design? S: Bespoke in style. We like to capture our customers’ personalities and portray them in their pieces of jewellery. V: How has it evolved since you started? S: In the beginning whilst being able to make some original pieces we really were still slaves to fashion. As the years have gone by we have encouraged our customers to think outside the square and as a result, have changed how bespoke jewellery is perceived - that there are no boundaries or rules. V: What inspires your creativity? S: We collect our inspiration from a lot of places: from the revolutionary designs of the 50s and 60s, the Art Nouveau of Mackintosh through to a simple image of a New Zealand landscape. V: What do you think sets Seventysix designs apart from other jewellers? S: Definitely the designs we come up with, and the fact that our workshop is on site in store. V: Which metals and gems do you most like working with? S: I don't mind what the metals or stones are... for me, it’s really about what suits the design the best. V: What collection or pieces have you been most proud of to date? S: Angela's engagement ring is still one of my favorite pieces but having said that we are stoked with the enormously positive feedback we have had for our new Pacifica collection. V: What would be your dream piece to create? S: The downside to jewellery is the cost of the raw materials so I guess if money was no object then I could really go to town creating something. I like structure so it wouldn't be about big diamonds, but more about forming the metals into something magnificent V: You and your wife Angela work as a team. How did that come about and what are your respective roles? S: We had always wanted to do something together as we are both creative and felt that our passion for design could be pulled together. I manage the work, design and manufacture side of things, whilst Angela does everything else (I think her role is bigger than mine!) V: The 2013 outlook for Seventysix? S: We are really enjoying our new premises in Ponsonby and know that it’s going to be an exciting year for us making ourselves even more at home in the area.

14 jer vois rd | ponsonby | 376 0676 w w w. s eve n t y s i x d e s i g n . c o. n z


Look & feel a million bucks this Valentine’s Day! Pop in to Lucy and the Powder Room & Stephen Marr for a quick pamper package that will put some sass and sizzle into your Valentine’s Day fun. * Your choice of wax (bikini or brazilian) * An amazing blow wave to get you in the groove * A delicious glass of Te Hana sparkling wine * 15% off all lingerie and intimates at The Dressing Room All for just $100To book call Takapuna 09 488 0585 or Newmarket 09 524 6702 The Dressing Room is located at level 1, The Department Store, Takapuna Bring in proof of purchase to redeem your discount Package and discount valid until 15/2/13

besT time for summer wear! It’s still summer – in fact, as we all know the best weather is between now and the end of March. One of the strangest things in fashionland is the inevitable new seasons collections start to pop up in stores when the last thing on our mind is a wool coat or merino dress. What makes more sense is the plethora of summer sales that abound throughout January and February. With so much summer left over and bargains to be had, here is what I see as the ‘key essentials’ to add (at a discount) to your wardrobe to give you flexibility right though until the temperatures start to cool in April and beyond.

Dresses – The joy of a dress will always be the total ease of them; put a dress on and you’re dressed. No extra tops or matching bottoms required. A greater joy – as the weather cools, add a jacket and boots and that summer weight dress becomes an autumn staple too.

Cardigans – easy layers are always great additions to the wardrobe. Grabbing a variety of colours will add life to your autumn wardrobe, too.

Coloured denim – this has become such a staple the humble blue denim jean is hardly seen on the street anymore. They add life to your summer tops as they appear less ‘heavy’ with them. They also make a fabulous change from the ubiquitous black bottom half through Autumn, too.

Shorts – I mentioned tailored shorts in my last article – these work brilliantly with ankle boots and slightly warmer tops as we move to cooler weather, giving you fabulous longevity from one simple purchase.

Coloured shoes. Always right in summer and a great way to add a pop of colour on a grey day.

So there you have it – the perfect excuse to hit the shops and nab a bargain! Remember the number one rule of sale shopping ‘though: If you don’t LOVE it, don’t buy it – none of us can afford shopping regrets, no matter how cheaply they come. See our ad in Verve’s Market Place on page. 81

Bottom: Crystal-embellished patent-leather pumps by Mui Mui. Available from


fashion, Beauty & health Words: Paris Mitchell

Earn Your Stripes Stella McCartney Pre-fall 2013

Celine Resort 2013

No matter the season, stripes can always be found in one’s drawer, Stella McCartney’s 2013 Pre-fall collection used the quintessential print with pants, shirts and tees that we all love to wear. A simple stripe down the leg of each pant is becoming much more ubiquitous. Previously only seen on athletic pants, this stripe keeps popping up. 1

Celine Pre-fall 2013

For those stripe and print fanatics, Dead Man Vintage (143 Williamson Ave, Grey Lynn) offers the best handselected tees sourced from LA. $49

Mixing your busy stripes with a simple shoe or tee is the way to go. Use hues in your stripes as a guideline. 1. Komrad Invasion Sneakers at Jaimie Boutique (POA), 2. Relapse shirt $229 and Sebastian pant $229 by Blak Basics, 3. Tabula Rosa dress $259 by Blak Basics and 4. April dress in cream by Ingrid Starnes (POA)





International icon Grace Coddington, former model and creative director of American Vogue since 1988 has written her beautiful and charming memoir. Available from:



Verve would like to introduce Paris, our new fashion and beauty writer.

Valentine Beauty

What shade of lipstick you wear may have a significant effect on your mood this Valentines’! Karen Murrell’s new vibrant red is rich in natural pigment, ensuring intense, long-lasting colour, and no more feathering. $29.95 from selected pharmacies

Missoni backstage

Mecca Cosmetica “In A Good Light” SPF 30+ is a luminising, tinted facial sunscreen. This multitasking product is perfect for everyday use over summer, in a universally flattering shade. In a Good Light gives skin a sheer tint in a light, matte-finish cream. The non-oily formula contains hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract and vitamin E, keeping skin hydrated whilst protecting against the sun. $65 Available exclusively at Mecca Cosmetica. Ponsonby, Newmarket, Wellington and Christchurch.

SMUDGE STICK WATERPROOF EYE LINER: This highly pigmented, waterproof eye liner glides on to deliver intense, vibrant colour with staying power. Choose from several shimmering shades that make eyes pop out. The thick propel pencil enables an easier application allowing you to get much more creative with your eye liner – smudge away! $42 Available exclusively at Mecca Cosmetica. Ponsonby, Newmarket, Wellington and Christchurch.

3 1





All natural ingredients are used in this advanced skin care product. Osmosis is all about increasing skin nutrition and healing the skin inside out. Their products are the first to offer DNA repair strategies helping achieve remarkable long-term results. Osmosis products impart a natural radiance and give a glow after every application. Go to for stockists and consultations. 1. Catalyst $198, 2. Quench $68.00, 3. Cleanse 120ml $70, 4. Stem Factor $185, 5. Anti Aging Powder Blend $110, 6. Berry Mask $150


The WORLD of Perfume Words: Jenn Laidlaw


Fragrances have become the modern-day action figure. Where celebs used to have plastic toys moulded into their likeness, they now create scents. As if we need any more Katy purr-fumes and eau-to-be-famous fragrances. In our fast-paced, commoditised world, we have lost sight of the origins, of the history and stories, and the magic behind the artistry of perfumery. Fragrances didn’t begin with CK, nor did they begin with Chanel. In fact, records date the first perfume maker back to ancient Mesopotamian times, way back before Christ. It is with this in mind that Francis Hooper and Benny Castles, principal directors of WORLD go about their business, sourcing rare, luxurious and eclectic fragrances for their WORLD Beauty line. To wind up in their boutiques, a perfume must possess a few key things. “Perfume must have a provenance – a real story and existence – and it must have authenticity,” Francis explains. “It must be unique and special and tell a wonderful story that transports the customer to a fantasy-land that is in fact real.” For example, the Carthusia brand of perfume is steeped in history, dating back to 1380 at the Carthusian Monastery of St. Giacomo in Italy, while French perfumery Lubin’s Black Jade was worn by French queen Marie Antoinette. Both of which are available at WORLD boutiques. Much of the beauty in perfume is the magical quality in which smell can take us back in time and conjure up the unseen. New Zealand artist Dane Mitchell explains, “We can all attest to the incredible force with which a scent can take us (involuntarily) into the past.” Mitchell has explored the role of smell in a series called Radiant Matter, examining perfume’s ability to fuse relationships and act almost as a sixth sense. “Memory and smell have a distinctive bond, olfactory processing and longterm memory both being situated in the limbic system of the brain, which also supports behaviour and emotion.”


“Perfume must have a provenance – a real story and existence - and it must have authenticity,” Francis [Hooper] explains. “It must be unique and special and tell a wonderful story that transports the customer to a fantasy-land that is in fact real.”

Many of the world’s rare, original perfumes are bold scents, but Francis suggests that you should not be afraid of them. “Be brave and take a bit of time finding a perfume. The modern world has beaten passion out of people so that they ignore what they’re attracted to, but listen to your heart. Don’t overthink things.” WORLD Beauty staff work with customers to find a fragrance – helping to determine individual tastes, encouraging customers to try three or four perfumes, and then giving them time to choose the one they fall in love with. As Mitchell reminds us, scent has a history steeped in magic, even considered to be, “the most important factor in the laying of spells on people.” It is no wonder then, that fragrances can stop us in our tracks. Francis and Benny work hard to bring the best of the best to New Zealand, travelling twice a year to Paris where they sell their fashions and then venture off to explore and hunt for new scents, candles and antiques for their stores. But while it may sounds exotic and whimsical, Francis says it usually takes between 18 and 20 months from when they discover a perfume to when they bring it to New Zealand. It’s a long conversation, and that is part of the beauty. For store information and more about the brands available at WORLD, visit

In our fast-paced, commoditised world, we have lost sight of the origins, of the history and stories, and the magic behind the artistry of perfumery. Fragrances didn’t begin with CK, nor did they begin with Chanel. In fact, records date the first perfume maker back to ancient Mesopotamian times, way back before Christ.

Notes: *second paragraph – reference to Mesopotamia from Wikipedia sourced from ^ Strathern, Paul (2000). Mendeleyev's Dream - The Quest For the Elements. New York: Berkley Books. ISBN 0-42518467-6.. Also referenced here: aspx?Id=1712 *Description of origin of Carthusian from interviewee Francis Hooper and checked online:, htm,

*Lubin’s Black Jade worn by Marie Antoinette – fact from interviewee Francis Hooper. Confirmed online: http://www.vanityfair. com/online/beauty/2011/10/black-jade--on-the-trail-of-marieantoinettes-last-scent#slide=1. *Notes from Dane Mitchell expert he sent over to me.


Fitness Boot Camps – Fad or Figure Saver? Fitness boot camps offer an opportunity to build your strength and endurance. But make sure you know what to expect before marching into boot camp. It is funny how the times have changed, Militaries around the world are experimenting with new types of training such as yoga and Pilates, whereas gyms around the world are embracing the old military standard training and are incorporating that into their day to day training in the form of boot camps. You may ask yourself what is a boot camp workout? Well a typical boot camp training session includes a variety of strength and aerobic workouts. Expect exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, lunges and crunches, as well as drills and sprints. They are a great way to kick start your fitness goals for the year, and attract many people because they offer a more challenging and varied workout and allow you to come and train with friends. But in true Parnell style, The Exercise Room in Akaroa Street, has gone one step further! With their vast knowledge of training techniques and expertise into how the body works, they have modified their boot camps to combine anaerobic and aerobic exercises together to achieve maximum results a lot faster. Another difference is the range of fitness equipment they incorporate into their boot camp sessions, this provides a lot more variety, ensuring each session is interesting and fresh.

» » » »

Each boot camp is carried out only by qualified staff trainers all of whom boast at least 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. And this is important because boot camps do come with a one big pit fall……boot camp training can be a risk for injury, especially when people push themselves beyond their limits, and inexperienced trainers fail to asses these limits. Be wary of boot camps that have over 12 participants per trainer. The risk of injury is greater as individual technique gets overlooked, and there is a greater discrepancy in fitness levels among participants. The Exercise Room keeps each of their training groups to a maximum of 10 people. So come on down to The Exercise Room - sign up and get started today.



Take control of acute, chronic or persistent pain with Biopsychosocial Integrative Pain Management Acute or persistent pain can really take its toll. It can keep you from enjoying everyday activities, leave you reliant on drugs and wear you down physically and emotionally. At Integrative Pain Care, we consider your mind and environment as well as your body. Simply put, we ask “what’s going on?”, rather than the more simplistic “what have you done?”. The Biopsychosocial model is a holistic approach recognised as ‘worlds best practice’ for resolving or better managing pain. It’s based on the understanding that causes of pain, and therefore solutions, are often not just physical. Single line therapies are often ineffective in managing complex pain, we work with you to:

• • • •

Reduce pain intensity Increase overall physical function and mobility Address the emotional impact of pain Minimize the amount of treatment required

The approach helps patients understand that ‘hurt doesn’t always mean harm’. By truly understanding the cause of your pain, you’ll be able to deal with it more constructively, overcoming the issue rather than avoiding it. This means we can often help you find immediate relief from your pain, and more effective, long term and less invasive therapies and treatments to get your pain under control and get you moving more freely.

Proven Solutions To Manage Pain Take control of acute, chronic or persistent pain with Biopsychosocial integrative pain management • Reduce pain intensity • Increase physical function/mobility • Address emotional impacts We combine musculoskeletal pain management with the expert Physiotherapists at Remuera Physiotherapy and Specialist Osteopaths to provide a unique blend of evidence-based care unrivalled in New Zealand

Proven solutions for better managing pain At Integrative Pain Care we specialise in:

• • • •

Acute and chronic low back pain

• • • • •

Widespread joint and muscle pain

Acute, chronic or migraine headache Whiplash Pain and stress associated with work including repetitive strain injury

Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia Personal injury and rehabilitation Injury prevention and education Complex problems not responding to single therapies

Many conditions have similar symptoms but are quite different, please ask how we will be able to help. Integrative Pain Care’s Clinical Director is Dr Nick Penney PhD, a specialist in biopsychosocial musculoskeletal pain medicine. The newly formed practice, offers the combined expertise of Remuera’s Premier Physiotherapists, Simon Klippel and Inger Kronquist and associates with Specialist Osteopaths. Also a member of the practice, Dr Shelley Joe is the only Osteopath in New Zealand to hold a Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) from the world renowned pain management program at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. To discuss how we can help you better manage or resolve your pain, call the team at Integrative Pain Care today on 522 9240 (See ad on right)

Clinical Director: Dr Nick Penney BSc(Hons) PhD an internationally recognised expert in Low Back Pain, the Biopsychosocial Model of Pain, and obstacles to recovery

437 Remuera Road

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How I Transformed My Body in 4 Weeks We’ve already told you about the Liz K Body Transformation Studio in Parnell and the great personal training programmes for women that Liz offers. If you were wondering whether they are really this good – absolutely! Here’s the follow-up: The great success story of Louise. At the age of 41, as a mother of two and basically a full-time worker, Louise had already tried a lot to shift the excess weight – running, gyms and Weight Watchers. “I have always exercised, but I never seemed to be able to lose that ‘tyre’ around my waist, although I had 8 years after my last child to get rid of it. I just wanted to try something that actually works and feel good about myself again.” After reading the article in Verve and finding Liz’s training concept really appealing, Louise came to the studio to see her. On the 25th of November, she started her 4-weeks Summer Body Programme. Her goals were to:

• • •

more sensible with my eating instead of overindulging. I had a broad range of options and always something up my sleeve. The combination of Liz and Kate is just great, because they work synergistically together.” After completing the programme, the measurements taken by tape and a special scale show the improvements Louise has experienced in just 4 weeks:

• • • • •

a reduction of 1.5 cm from the hips a reduction of 4 cm from the abdomen a reduction of 3 cm from the waist Her total body fat fell from 29% to 24% Her total muscle mass increased from 42 to 44 kgs

“I guess that’s why it’s called body transformation. Liz’s programme brings a completely new dimension to exercise. I went down a dress size, and now you can actually see the muscle lines around my tummy! I’ve bought a bikini and know there’s no turning back.”

Louise has continued to exercise in Liz’s studio. She will conduct another Summer Body Programme at the beginning of February just to polish her figure. If you would like to know more about Liz’s studio and her personal training programmes, you can find more information on her website:

lose body fat (mainly around the tummy) tone up feel better and increase energy levels

Her bespoke programme included high intensity cardio and resistance training on the Power Plate and Pilates to strengthen her posture. “The programme is really mixed up and so much more customised than a gym. I like the fact that Liz has targeted her business to women. She just ‘gets’ us and our needs. She is someone with worldwide and world-class experience, but easy to relate to. I love working out with her!”

Liz K Body Transformation Studio

Beside the exercise, a nutrition consultation with Kate Walker was also part of the programme. Louise faced a special challenge, as she was conducting the programme over Christmas / New Year – the time of the year filled with all manner of temptations! “Unfortunately, my favourite food is Christmas cake! But actually, I’ve never been hungry. Kate has taught me to be

5 3 2 Pa r n e l l R d, Pa r n e l l , Au c k l a nd 09 379 2706 w w w. l i z k . c o . n z Liz Kovolos of LizK


For a limited time treat 2 areas of unwanted hair for the price of 1



Words: Timothy Giles

Headed For Trouble Every fifteen minutes someone in NZ gets a head injury. A fact that makes head injury, clinically known as traumatic brain injury (TBI), NZ’s leading cause of disability. Each year around 36,000 new traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur in NZ - far surpassing the number of heart attacks and more than five times the number of new strokes. And we have a significantly higher rate than overseas; 790 cases per 100,000 people annually against the highest rate in Europe of 453. Professor Valery Feigin from AUT University's National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neuroscience whose research into NZ’s brain injury rates was published in international medical journal The Lancet says, “TBI rates are at epidemic level in New Zealand and strategies are urgently needed to reverse this silent epidemic.” The leading cause, at 36% of TBI, is falls at home, work or in sport and recreation. Professor Feigin says reducing the damaging effects of TBI starts with awareness “Often, people with head injuries don’t realise they’ve had a brain injury. If you’ve had any head injury that results in losing consciousness, being dazed or confused, seek medical attention immediately.” The number of mild traumatic brain injuries (consciousness during injury is lost

for less than 5 minutes where post-injury loss of amnesia is absent or short-term) is particularly alarming says Prof. Feigin. “95% of all cases are mild TBI - far greater than expected.” But ‘mild’ is a misleading term “The consequences of mild TBI are not mild at all and often result in significant and long-standing deficits ranging from mild memory difficulties to dementia, seizures, depression and social disadaptation. But if people with mild TBI are treated in a timely manner then many of these consequences can be avoided.” Important treatment happens at Headway House, an unassuming villa on Manukau Road, home to Brain Injury Auckland. Here support groups are held for those affected by TBI; people living with TBI, their families, spouses/partners or carers who face the challenges living with someone working to recover and live with head injury.

understand the trials and tribulations of living with the effects of a brain injury. It is at the heart of our work in supporting wellness and recovery.” For more information on Headway Auckland’s work, or their need for support to control this Kiwi epidemic contact: Steve Jenkins 207, Manukau Rd Epsom Auckland 1149 New Zealand 09 520 4807

Common effects of Trauma Brain Injury: Physical limitations. Full or partial paralysis, weakness, or problems with muscle coordination. Fatigue, physical, cognitive, and emotional forms. Cognition, extra time to process conversation, questions, finding the right word, and may speak slowly or be difficult to understand. Memory poor memory and difficulty holding onto information.

There are specific groups for men and women. Headway co-ordinator Steve Jenkins says, “Support groups provide well-informed advice and, as importantly, companionship with people who

Behaviour, disruption of the frontal lobes of the brain can lead to impulsive, aggressive or sexual behaviours, which can be socially unacceptable. Personality change is common.

Brain damage is a disability as biologically real as a broken limb but less visible.



New Year’s Resolutions: Why Don’t We Keep Them? Christmas and New Year are behind us, and for many, so are their new year’s resolutions. We often start the year with great ideas about what we are going to achieve. We make lists for Africa: start a fitness regime, eat well, give up smoking, save more for retirement, spend more time with the family, yadda yadda yadda. But come February they’ve often fizzled out. That’s assuming you even bothered to make any resolutions at all—I know many people who don’t because they decide they won’t keep them before even trying! So why don’t we keep our resolutions? Basically, most people give up too easily. They tell themselves it’s too hard, I don’t have the time and/or money, it was a dumb idea in the first place, and a myriad of other excuses. But if you really want something to happen, at some point you are going to have to commit and take action. It’s as simple as that. Committing is really about taking consistent actions. Over time these actions become a habit and won’t seem as difficult to do as they did in in the beginning. But more than likely it will take longer than 21 days to form: that idea most of us are familiar with is now considered incorrect. The truth is more like 66 days, sometimes less and sometimes more, depending on the individual.

likely to happen anytime soon, if at all. It’s better to take smaller steps that will eventually take you toward your bigger goal. For example, if you haven’t ever done much writing but you want to write a book, make your goal starting a blog that you can share with your friends and begin honing your writing skills. Or if you are considerably overweight, shoot for losing just a kilo or two gradually instead of aiming to drop 10kgs in a week. It’s always a good idea to involve other people with whatever resolutions you set too: that way you can motivate, encourage, and hold each other accountable.

Liam fennell Liam is a writer, actor and creativity coach. He enjoys writing about matters close to his heart and inspiring others to lead fulfilling, creative lives. For any questions, comments or suggested topics email:

Another reason people fail to keep their resolutions is that the goals they set are too unrealistic. This quickly leads to discouragement when they realise the results wanted aren’t

Come and see us for fantastic gifts for all ages, all your family’s health needs and excellent advice.

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handmde candles in nz | 163 Broadway, Rialto Centre (Ground Floor), Newmarket Tel / Fax: (09) 5245890


Words: Lulu Alach

A New Hue These days you almost need to take out a personal loan when you book a hair colour appointment! It can be a very expensive exercise and the practice of charging extra for a blow wave can totally blow out the budget! Luckily there is a great and affordable service available at Hue hair salons. Hue salons only do colour and the customer can blow wave and style their own hair using top-of-therange GHD ionic hairdryers, the famous GHD ceramic straighteners and choose from a selection of styling products… all provided free of charge! Hue uses Schwarzkopf colours at all of their salons and the stylists are very passionate about what they do and are all expert colourists. It is a common practice in top salons around the world to have colour specialists, as it is quite a different skill from cutting. I recently had my hair colour done at Hue and had a great experience. I have had lots of positive comments and everyone says I look younger, which is always a welcome compliment when you’re over 40! I took in a photo of the look and colour I was aiming for and got an exact match. My colourist really knew what she was doing and gave me great advice about my hair’s needs. I thought I needed a conditioning treatment to get some shine back into my hair as I had ‘beach hair’ after being on holiday. She advised a protein treatment – and as you can see from my before and after shots, the Paul Mitchell salon-only Keratriplex treatment she used has given me lovely glossy hair again.

the combination of sitting in a massage chair and simultaneous head massage was a sublime experience! Because every Hue branch stocks the same colours, you can get your colour notes transferred from salon to salon, which is convenient as it affords more flexibility with appointment times and locations to fit in with busy schedules. I was given very good advice on products to use to keep my hair looking salon-fresh, plus any new customer to a Hue salon is given two $20 gift

vouchers – one to use at their next visit and one to gift to a friend: a generous and nice touch. I had a half-head of foils, with a couple placed into the hairline underneath, a salon-only protein treatment and a gloss toner. I would usually have paid about $100 more for what I had done. It’s not all about the money but it’s nice to know that options are available when looking for value for money. I will be booking in at Hue for my future colour appointments.

I was given very good advice on products to use to keep my hair looking salon-fresh, plus any new customer to a Hue salon is given two $20 gift vouchers – one to use at their next visit and one to gift to a friend: a generous and nice touch.”



The customer care and service at Hue was excellent. While I was at the basin

Book online

HUE Balmoral 239 Balmoral Rd, Balmoral. Tel 0508 CALL HUE Email HUE Mt Eden 12 Normanby Rd, Mt Eden. Tel 0508 CALL HUE Email

HUE Ponsonby 100 Franklin Rd, Ponsonby. Tel 0508 CALL HUE Email HUE Takapuna 2 Killarney St, Takapuna. Tel 0508 CALL HUE Email

HUE Albany 100, Don McKinnon Dr, Albany. Tel 0508 CALL HUE Email

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Rubbing You the Right Way Most of us will suffer from lower back pain at some point in our lives. It is typical to think, when you feel lower back pain, that you have pulled or strained a muscle. In fact the majority of lower back pain is caused by a compression or irritation of spinal nerve roots connected to the sciatic nerves. Symptoms include lower back pain/ache, pain across the inner/upper buttock areas – sometimes radiating into the hips. Pain can run down the inside of the leg (usually one side) and sometimes numbness, pins and needles and muscular weakness are also symptoms. Sciatica is the word used to describe the set of symptoms relating to pain and discomfort in these areas rather than a diagnosis. A protruding or herniated (torn) disc in the lower back is the common injury behind this pain. Muscles tend to go into spasm around these injuries causing muscular tightness in most cases. I have been managing a lower back problem for a decade, a herniated disc has given me plenty of pain! Not fun. Once you have a herniated (or bulging disc) there is no going back. The best that you can do is manage it by practising good posture, maintaining a strong core (abdominal muscles) and by keeping supportive buttocks active and ‘switched on’. Regular sciatic massage is a must to keep mobility (release tension in tightened muscles) and pain at bay.

Top: Lulu at The Rub getting a sciatic massage

I had an excellent sciatic massage experience at The Rub on Broadway. My Japanese practitioner was highly skilled and was also trained in Shiatsu massage in Japan. She knew exactly what she was doing and incorporated her nerve pressure point release expertise into my treatment. This is very beneficial to help release nerve and muscle tensions that create pain. Sciatic massage cannot fix your herniated or bulging disc but it can restore balance in the tension of your back and buttock muscles around the injury causing you pain, allowing the whole structure to function in the flexible and supportive manner it is designed for, lessening the recurrence of back pain and relaxing tight spasming muscles. If you hurt your back or suffer from sciatica I recommend regular sciatic massage to recover faster from an injury and/or as a maintenance plan if you have a pre-existing and on-going condition like I have. If I’m experiencing acute pain I like to get a regular weekly treatment – and then once every three weeks as a maintenance plan to prevent further pain and injury.

"I had an excellent sciatic massage experience at The Rub on Broadway. My Japanese practitioner was highly skilled and was also trained in Shiatsu massage in Japan. She knew exactly what she was doing and incorporated her nerve pressure point release expertise into my treatment. This is very beneficial to help release nerve and muscle tensions that create pain."

Email us anytime this month to be in to win a Valentines gift voucher (1 hr massage) and receive other special offers from The Rub*

*Simply email your details to, with ‘Verve Comp’ as the subject. Conditions apply



young @ heart

Verve Interviews: Laura Hollier Laura Hollier couldn’t resist taking a gap year to live and work in Mexico and Argentina. Staying with host families, she did volunteer work including teaching English, working at an animal care centre, helping with childcare at an orphanage and assisting at an equine therapy ranch – all very exciting stuff for the ex-St Cuthbert’s college girl. Wanting to do a Bachelor of Health Sciences in nursing at AUT, taking a gap year after year 12 meant that Laura did not hold university entrance (necessary to train for a nursing career) but she wanted to do a Bachelor of Health Sciences in nursing at AUT. After gaining a certificate in Health Care Support level 4 at New Zealand Career College she was accepted at AUT and is on her way to having her dream career. Verve asked Laura about her journey.

V: Do you regret taking a gap year? L: I wouldn’t change having taken my gap year for anything. It was a great alternative staying with families rather than a student exchange as it offered greater freedom and a broader experience through the various placements I worked in. V: How did you hear about NZCC? L: I was actually directed to NZCC by a contact involved in the AUT Bachelor of Health Science programme after discovering that AUT no longer provided the foundation course themselves. V: Why did you choose to study at the NZCC? L: To pursue a career in nursing, I needed university entrance. Without it I couldn’t study at AUT. When I approached AUT with my situation they directed me to NZCC. I did my own research, applied and never looked back! V: What did you study and why? L: I completed a certificate in Health Care Support level 4. This was my first choice and the best option I could find to further my education and achieve the appropriate entrance qualifications. Further it was a course adapted from that which AUT used to provide as a foundation programme. V: What sort of stepping stone did NZCC provide you with? L: NZCC not only acted as a stepping stone into the Bachelor of Health Sciences in nursing but, looking back now, eight months into the nursing programme at AUT, it also provided a very strong basis in general knowledge, formal writing style and skills for the various examination methods used. Having these skills prior to entry into the degree was invaluable and has certainly

been a contributing factor to achieving some very positive results for my first semester. V: What are you doing now? L: Currently I’m enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Sciences at Auckland University of Technology as well as working part time as a medical receptionist at two separate medical centres. V: Why would you recommend NZCC to other prospective students? L: There are a number of reasons but primarily because of the high quality of the tutors and the large gains possible in improving your qualifications. Also it is a fantastic opportunity to improve or refresh your knowledge and skills before you go on to a workplace or higher education. V: How did you find the environment there? L: I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed my time at NZCC! The students were from every possible background and the diversity meant classes were always fun. The college itself managed to create a balanced environment providing support and encouragement while maintaining independence and respect appropriate to their more mature aged student base. However from a student perspective the most vital part of the NZCC community are the tutors. Fortunately that’s where the college struck gold, my experience would not have been the same without the hugely enthusiastic teaching staff that really do their best to help you succeed. For more information about NZ Career College visit: text ‘info’ to NZCC (6922). Phone 0800 88 NZCC or 0800 88 6922 or email the NZCC team

Dr Bill Daniels, Dr Anton Wiles, Dr Candida Hatherley

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Don’t be left poolside Lessons at Hilton Brown Swimming will give you the skills and confidence to enjoy the water. • Skilled instructors that care about your progress. • A range of levels to suit infants through to adults. • A safe, clean environment. • 35 year’s experience successfully teaching swimming.

Free trial lesson in February For new customers One Tree Hill – Ph: 582 1111

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Skin / Melanoma Checks (incl. MoleMate)

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Uncovering Treasures At

Junk & Disorderly Words and Images: Jenn Laidlaw


home Stepping into Junk & Disorderly is kind of like being a kid in a lolly shop. There’s shock, followed by an urge to touch everything in sight. And then there is the giddy feeling of sensory overload – I call it “drunk on junk”. Located in Northcote, the 140,000-squarefoot warehouse is stockpiled with furniture, collectables, and knick-knacks. As they say, one person’s junk; another person’s treasure. Nicole Stewart has been collecting other people’s items since childhood trips to the rubbish tip with her nana. She opened her first shop when she was just 18-yearsold. Now, along with husband Richard, this team work side-by-side hauling in an average of two truckloads a day, five days a week, of used, retro and vintage goods from estate sales, auctions, and private sales from people moving overseas or redecorating. This leaves the weekends for unpacking and sorting. Their method is a clean sweep. Unlike many traders who take one or two of the best items, they go in and take everything, including garage and shed lots. It is more than just collecting, it is about providing a service. Of course, this also means that the Stewarts don’t necessarily know what they are going to get. “I once pulled a skeleton out of the bottom of a box. It was an old medical education skeleton. We didn’t feel comfortable selling someone’s relation, so we donated it to a museum.” Clientele includes everyone from TV and movie designers, to the newly emigrated English couple looking at a lounge set in the corner of the store, to the pair of giggling girls pawing through baskets of collectable spoons. While their own tastes are constantly changing, Nicole and her husband currently have a self-professed “thing” for taxidermy. They get excited any time a new animal arrives. On this day, a stuffed beaver is perched on a glass display cabinet, hovering over shelves of fine china, while a collection of ducklings has attracted quite the conversation thread on the Junk & Disorderly Facebook page. But you’re not likely to be inundated by a warehouse full of creatures. “When we first began, we would fill our small shop with things we liked, and then wonder why they weren’t selling. We learned very quickly that people have a variety of tastes,” admits Nicole. You can expect to find a wide array of goods that includes kitchen items, artwork, mirrors, old magazines, surfboards, milk bottles, lamps, movie posters, religious figurines, LPs and 45s, retro suitcases and a whole lot more. Their strategy has obviously worked, as Junk & Disorderly is now in its fifth and largest location and it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down for this couple.

Located at 18 Kawana Street in Northcote, Junk & Disorderly is open Monday to Saturday from 9am – 4pm and Sundays 10am – 4pm.




Biggest National Charity House Tour Returns To Auckland A selection of Auckland’s standout homes will open their doors, many for the first time, as the country’s biggest national charity house tour, the NZ House & Garden Tours, returns to the city in March. The national event, now in its fifth year, will visit four cities throughout the country: Auckland (March 8), Wellington city (March 1), Nelson (March 15) and Christchurch city (March 22). The tours make a welcome return to Auckland for the fifth year, giving you the chance to take a peek inside 11 of the city’s loveliest homes and gardens, all in aid of the Cancer Society of New Zealand and Look Good Feel Better. This year’s tour hopes to push the total funds raised for the two charities, since the event’s inception in 2009, close to $1 million. All proceeds go to the six regional divisions of The Cancer Society of New Zealand and the regional branches of Look Good Feel Better, according to where the ticket purchasers live. This allows everyone who supports the event to help people affected by cancer in their own community. NZ House & Garden editor Sally Duggan says the homes in this year’s Auckland tour show the rich diversity of style that

is big-city living. Homes from the eastern and central suburbs will open their doors. “Variety is the spice of city life and this year we have everything from a former church that has been turned into a vibrant family home to a fully certified passive home to a luxurious bells and whistles mansion,” says Sally. “As always we are immensely grateful to the generous homeowners who are opening their homes to support such a wonderful cause.” Those looking for a weekend away in beautiful Nelson, can also check out the first ever Nelson NZ House & Garden Tour (March 15). The Nelson homes all embrace the region’s dramatic landscape and environment in the city and also out of town, stretching all the way to Upper Moutere and Atawhai. After a two-year break, the tours return to Wellington city (March 1), exploring homes in Seatoun, Thorndon, Mt Victoria and Kelburn, demonstrating the clever, quirky, artistic style and use of space that typifies homes in the capital. The tours also return to Christchurch city (March 22) this year and will unveil for the first time some new homes built following the quakes and some spectacular heritage homes that have been brought back to life.

This unique fundraising event raises valuable funds for the Cancer Society of New Zealand and Look Good Feel Better to help reduce the incidence and impact of cancer as well as promote the confidence and well-being of women undergoing treatment. Following sell-out events in 2012, this year’s ticket sales are limited, so get in quick. Tickets are now on sale. Wellington: Friday March 1 Auckland: Friday March 8 Nelson: Friday March 15 Christchurch: Friday March 22 Tickets: $65 from or 0800 111 999 Transport: Self-drive More info at:

WIN WITH VERVE & nz house & garden tours UP 4 GRABS: Tickets For NZ House & Garden Tours 2013 To enter, simply go to and click on the competitions tab.


IF you want the best, there Is only one place to go‌ If you’re interested in the perfect kitchen or bathroom, our team of award winning designers can bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your project and make it fun and exciting. Kitchens by Design will ensure your new space is everything you and your home needs it to be.

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Window shopping for great home and lifestyle ideas while you prepare the dinner Verve caught up with working mother of three Jill Desborough, Marketing Director of the recently launched HomeshowTV service, who claims this video shopping mall is breaking new ground when it comes to searching out home and lifestyle ideas. V: What is HomeshowTV? J: We are a digital shopping mall for home and lifestyle products. Our exhibitors range from businesses that traditionally take a stand at home show exhibitions around the country to boutique specialist retailers selling international brands. V: How do you get to visit this “digital shopping mall”? J: We are an “Internet On Demand TV Channel” that you can watch online, on your iPad, on your iPhone as well as on the Ziln TV platform that specialises in “On Demand” New Zealand channels (currently available on Sony Internet TV and BLURAY devices). So in a world where time is so often in short supply you can select what you want to view, when you want and on the device of your choice. V: OK so let’s go window shopping. How does this work? J: Just like visiting a traditional exhibition or shopping mall we have exhibitors/ shops promoting their goods and services. The key difference of course is that our exhibitors are using promotional videos which vary in length but usually run for two to three minutes. In the physical world you step onto the exhibitors stand or enter the shop. In the digital shopping

mall you search the range of categories and select the video you want to watch. V: Are these videos adverts? J: As an ex TVNZ employee I can tell you definitively that they are not! They are promotional videos that are longer in length than an advert and designed to give you more information about the product, service or company. They are the exhibitor’s shop window. Each video tells a different story. Some explain about the products and services the company can supply. Others are based on the thinking behind the design concept. But all are valid in their own right and interesting to watch. V: Ok so say I like what I see. How do I buy? J: You have to remember we are a digital shopping mall so we don’t sell you anything. At our mall, just like a traditional shopping mall, you are window shopping. If you like what you see then you enter the shop and in the digital shopping mall you simply click on the link for the exhibitor’s web site, Facebook or twitter account. V: So is it only the larger businesses/ brands that have promotional videos? J: Not at all, we are living in a video age and the low cost of high quality video cameras has brought the cost

of production sky rocketing down. A promotional video has become a very inexpensive way for businesses to promote themselves. And whilst some of our exhibitor’s videos have the very highest production values we also have videos from smaller often local businesses that you may also want to hear about. V: So I guess our final question has to be why is this service ground breaking? J: This is the first on demand digital shopping mall in NZ that provides a one stop shop when it comes to searching for home and lifestyle ideas. For our visitors it helps find products or services that they might not otherwise have come across, many of the videos are a great way to compare and contrast design ideas and perhaps most importantly, in a world where time is a precious commodity, it is a very efficient way to research the market. And for our exhibitors it provides a new channel to market for their promotional videos. Displaying a promotional video on a website is all very well but if you want to promote your business and attract visitors to your web site it is best placed on www. where your potential clients are window shopping for home/ lifestyle ideas, products and services. For more information contact Jill Desborough on mobile 027 565 5534

Looking for inspiration? Cutting edge design? Leading international and national brands and services and are worn out by travelling to showrooms or searching out endless websites? You’ll see the best there is to see 24/7 - all at one place on HomeshowTV Over 100 videos from ‘appliances’ to ‘wardrobes’ and everything inbetween.

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Who Was Saint Valentine? There are numerous myths surrounding the identity of St. Valentine and how he became the patron saint of the 14th February. Legend has it that there were actually three men called Valentine or Valentinus who lived during the Roman Empire and that all three were put to death. Emperor Claudius II, one of the rulers during the second century AD, believed that single men made better soldiers and outlawed marriage for his troops. Going against the Emperor’s wishes a Roman priest called Valentine married couples in secret. Valentine’s empathy for the soldiers and belief in the injustices of Claudius’ decree resulted in his execution. Another legend relates that Valentine, a priest or bishop in the city of Rome, aided prisoners to escape and had his noble efforts rewarded with a grim torturing and ultimate decapitation. While imprisoned and awaiting his death, Valentine fell in love with his jailor’s daughter who visited him during his incarceration. Before his death he wrote her a love letter and signed it “From your Valentine.” During the reign of Emperor Aurelian, circa AD197, a pious bishop known as Valentine of Terni was incarcerated, tortured and finally martyred for his Christian faith. Ironically his executer was a Roman prefect named Placid Furius! Wherever the truth lies in the murky and conflicting legends, by the Middle Ages the romanticised martyr Saint

Valentine was inextricably associated with Valentine’s Day. The Vatican Church, overwhelmed with the confusion surrounding the identity of St Valentine, eventually erased St Valentine’s Day from its calendar of saints in 1960.

The heart as a symbol

Much controversy surrounds the origin or origins of the heart as the symbol for love and romance. The ubiquitous heart symbol we see and use daily barely resembles the shape of the human heart. Plausible sources of the heart-shaped symbol include the shape of the seed of the herbal contraceptive derived from the silphium plant and the shape swans make with their necks during their courting ritual. The color red suggests emotion, passion and the color of blood. In the city of Pompeii, buried under tons of volcanic lava, excavators uncovered heart-shaped symbols positioned over brothels. These symbols were abstract representations of various sexually enticing parts of the female human body. The Tantric symbol of “Yoni” is also an abstract representation of parts of the female sexual anatomy. In Italian heraldry the canting arms of the Colleonis feature the heart symbol that represents inverted testicles – or coglioni.

Roman Catholic devotional images include the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the English language we use words such as heart-sore, heart-rending, heartfelt, heart breaker, heart throb, hearty, heartache and many more, all of which suggest that the heart is the seat of human emotions.

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happy valentines

Valentine’s Day

face it – if you’ve been together less than 12 months, what can go wrong? The problem is, when you have been together for a few years you can start to run out of good ideas and you don’t want to fall into the trap of going bigger, better and even more spectacular than last year if that means your budget is going to go through the roof. Statistically men spend roughly double that of their female counterpart on Valentines Day so I asked several friends of both genders what they would consider a romantic gift for this most auspicious day and have thus come to the conclusion that most women want a romantic gesture that will blow their mind and most men want a naughty morning in bed - and if they don’t comply with the former then they are not going to get the latter. The end. And if you don’t have a Valentine this year, that’s where Two’s Company comes in. We have hundreds of successful, ‘normal’ single people on our books who join because they have great lives, but are simply not getting the opportunities to meet other single people. To find out more about how Two’s Company can help you meet the right people, visit or phone Sasha 0800-021-522.

It’s almost that time of year again and like every other year many of us go into a tailspin about what special little something we are going to do or buy for our special someone. Remember Christmas and birthdays are there for the practical gifts. Valentines Day is the one day of the year that is reserved for romance all around the western world and some say V day carries more weight than an anniversary. The temperature of your relationship for the next twelve months rides on this once a year chance of keeping or even raising the relationship stakes. If this is your first Valentines Day together the options are seemingly endless even on a tight budget and the rules are reasonably flexible as long as you focus on romance and let’s

Sasha Madarasz 0800-021-522



Gifted Ideas : Valentine’s Day Linden Leaves

chocolate boutique

Red Rose Romance That Lasts.

317 Parnell Rd, Parnell 09 309 0015

Brigit Blair, founder and still very much hands-on head of Linden Leaves, was born on February 14. So to celebrate her birthday plus the fact that the day offers most of us a glorious excuse to spoil our significant other

323 Parnell Rd, Parnell 09 377 8550 Open 11am to 10pm 7 days

rotten, selected Linden Leaves retailers will be promoting a very special bottle of Memories Body Oil and Regenerating Memories Hand Cream all for LESS than the price of a bunch of roses. RRP$49.99

Great Gift Ideas at Chocolate Boutique. Picture shows 25pc box $37.95, 200gm solid belgian chocolate heart $14.95, assorted sized hearts from 60 cents. Plus many other ideas in store. We also do free gift wrapping.

Iain Stephens Floral Design Our creative and passionate team Here at Iain Stephens Floral Design strive to provide top quality flowers with design that is inspired by our clients. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers and wow the recipient of the wonderful gift. Our Florist has been servicing Auckland now for over 20 years and we are proud to continue to serve our corporate and personal clients. Valentines Day is the perfect time to let your loved one know how much you care. Say “I Love You” this Valentines Day with a romantic gift guaranteed to inspire romance and a whole lot of love.

09 522 2960

We have a large range of products to choose from including flowers, chocolates, and beauty products, your sweetheart will love the grand gesture! Order now so you don’t forget. Get yourself in the good books with stunning flowers that are beautifully presented! Order online at or phone the team on 09 5222960 Use the voucher code ‘VERVE’ when ordering online to receive FREE DELIVERY for Thursday 14th February. Auckland Delivery only.

Book in to the Wilton Decorating Basics Course 1A. Mondays - 11, 18, 25 Feb, 5 March 10.30am-12.30pm and bring a friend for half price ($50 course fee instead of $100) This course is the perfect place to start if you’re new to decorating! To book your place, call or email us at Milly’s 09-309-1697, Visit for more information

Bring your loved one in on valentines day and get a free chocolate heart with all beverages. Our dessert cafe is very popular but good news is we now have much more seating. Views of the city scape from our deck at the rear of the shop.

Baking, preserving, cake decorating, ice cream, bread, pasta, sugar craft - just some of the classes you can take at Milly’s Cook School in Parnell. Some of what’s coming up in Feb/March - Valentine’s Day cupcakes and mini cakes; macaroons; figure modelling; Easter baking and cake decorating; Wilton certificate courses. See our website for all the details.


food 4 thought

Blueberries Could Cut Heart Attack Risk by a Third. A new international study suggests that eating blueberries and strawberries three times a week cuts the risk of heart attacks in women by a third. The findings come from a major US study of 93,600 women aged between 25 and 42, which tracked their health over 18 years. While the study involves only women, it’s thought the results may also apply to men. The researchers found that women who ate blueberries and strawberries at least three times a week had a 32 per cent reduction in their risk of heart attack, compared to those whose intake was limited to once a month or less – regardless of whether they had an otherwise nutritious diet. The findings were independent of risk factors such as age, high blood pressure, family history of heart attack, weight, exercise, smoking, caffeine or alcohol intake. The berries contain relatively high levels of dietary flavonoids, which may prevent heart disease by helping to dilate blood vessels and by countering the build-up of plaque that can cause blockages in the coronary arteries.

Professor Eric Rimm, one of the senior study authors from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, said: “Blueberries and strawberries can easily be incorporated into what women eat every week. This simple dietary change could have a significant impact on prevention efforts.” “We have shown that even at an early age, eating more of these fruits may reduce risk of a heart attack later in life,” added Professor Aedín Cassidy, co-author of the study. Dan Peach, President of the Blueberries NZ Association, says the findings reinforce blueberries’ position as one of the world’s true superfoods. “Scientific research continues to highlight the extraordinary health benefits of blueberries, from lessening the risk of heart attacks to boosting brain power and helping to repair damaged cells. Last year, for example, a Massey University and Plant & Food Research study discovered that New Zealand blueberries can hasten muscle recovery after exercise.” Fresh New Zealand blueberries are in season now. New Zealand Blueberries.



Blueberry-peach Cake Recipe Ingredients

1¾ cups flour (unsifted) ½ cup milk 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup sugar ¼ teaspoon grated nutmeg ¼ teaspoon salt 1 egg, beaten 2 cups fresh/frozen blueberries ½ cup butter, melted 3 medium fresh ripe peaches, peeled and thinly sliced


Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour a 9-inch baking dish. To prepare the crumb mixture, combine ½ cup of the flour, ¼ cup of the sugar, the nutmeg and 2 tablespoons of the butter in a bowl and set aside. To prepare batter, mix the remaining 1¼ cups of flour, ½ cup sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large bowl. Add the remaining melted butter, milk, egg and lemon rind; stir until just blended. Pour the batter into the prepared baking dish. Top with half of the crumb mixture. Gently mix peaches, blueberries and remaining ¼ cup sugar in bowl; spoon evenly over crumb mixture. Sprinkle the remaining crumb mixture over the fruit. Bake in the preheated ove for 45 to 50 minutes. Serve warm or cool.


Words and Image: Jenn Laidlaw

Little Bread & Butter – A Loave Affair Isabel Pasch grew up eating around a big communal table. It was the central place in the kitchen where good conversation was had and delicious food eaten. This communal environment is reflected in new Ponsonby café Little Bread & Butter, a collaboration between Pasch, who also owns Paris-Berlin Bakery in Ellerslie, and Shawn Pope of Café Melba. While there are a few two-person tables, the main focus of the space is around a long rectangular table with two brightly coloured four-slice toasters perched on one end. You can probably fit at least ten people comfortably around the table. The idea behind this, explains Pasch, is to evoke that feeling of sitting at home in the kitchen, enjoying food and encouraging dialogue, “You might wind up having a conversation with someone that starts with ‘hey, can you please pop my toast down again.’” The toasters are great for those bedheaded folks who don’t deal well with mornings. This one-stop-shop allows you to grab your coffee, brewed with Five Elements espresso, select a slice or two of different loaves, pop them in the toaster and spread on some fresh butter made in-house, before running down the street to work. Pasch is passionate about bread. Even before she left Germany for New Zealand years ago with her husband, she knew she was going to miss the variety and full experience found in a European bakery. So, she started her own shops. Her latest offers a variety of organic grainy, crusty and rye loaves – her favourites right now – a white spelt loaf that she’s been eating endlessly for over three years, and a 100 per cent rye that serves great as the basis of an open-face sandwich topped with cream cheese and salmon or horseradish and pastrami. You can also opt to try one of the delicious pastries or a mini BLAT. Asked why people have such a love affair with bread, Pasch responds, “When it comes out of the oven, that smell reaches your core. There are very few foods that can be enjoyed every day, two to three times a day without being boring!"

The toasters are great for those bed-headed folks who don’t deal well with mornings. This one-stop-shop allows you to grab your coffee, brewed with Five Elements espresso, select a slice or two of different loaves, pop them in the toaster and spread on some fresh butter made in-house, before running down the street to work.

Little Bread & Butter is located at 6 Richmond Road, Ponsonby and is open Monday to Friday 7am – 4:30pm and weekends from 8pm – 5pm. A larger version of the café, appropriately called Bread and Butter, will be opening in late February at 34 Westmoreland Street in Grey Lynn, alongside a full-size bakery.


Champagne and Valentine’s. Champagne, of course, is the best option for a Valentine’s Day gift. A card is not enough no matter how beautifully worded. Jewellery is a bit of a cliché and easy to get wrong. Flowers are even more of a cliché unless you include a bottle of Champagne. Dinner in a nice restaurant only works if you start and finish the night with Champagne. Chocolate without Champagne is just a box of chocolates. So Champagne it is. The difficult part is deciding which Champagne. One suggestion is; about a week before Valentine’s Day, drop into your nearest Glengarry and pick up half a dozen or so different Champagnes. Take them home, try them all with your loved one and choose your favourite. Then you’ll know exactly what to buy on the day. If you still can’t decide, then buy vintage Champagne. For reasons unknown we don’t drink much vintage Champagne in New Zealand. This is a shame, for a few extra dollars you can pick up vintage Champagnes with incredible elegance and depth. Let’s leave the non-vintage Champagne for Mother’s Day, Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve. Another option is to buy a magnum of Champagne; nothing says “I love you” like a magnum. Magnums look impressive and there is way more Champagne for you to drink too.

Purchase any of these four bubblies from Glengarry during February and go in the draw to win a Venessa Arizaga necklace – all the rage in New York!

Of course you’ll need to buy some Riedel flutes to go with the Champagne. There will be a couple of Champagnes open on Valentine’s Day at Glengarry Newmarket, so come in and see us. We will sort you out with the perfect gift.

Piper Cuvée Brut NV Pol Roger Brut NV Akarua Brut NV Allan Scott Cecilia NV

$54.99 $69.99 $29.99 $19.99

*Offer is valid until 28 February 2013 or while stocks last



Words: F. Harrison

Hot, Sour, Salty and Sweet Magic Thai Tastes university through to the skyline. Parking is easy and plentiful and the menu offers a multitude of choice at prices ranging between $8 and $36.50. Menu items marked with a V, G or N indicate vegetarian, gluten free and dishes that contain nuts. The restaurant is licensed or BYO. Décor is deeply Thai, boasting carvings of gorgeous gilded elephants twinkling jewels, ornately dressed doeeyed ladies, richly coloured wallpapers and lacey woodwork.

Wake up Verve readers and smell the lemongrass. Don’t you know what’s under your collective noses? Anyone who has lived away from the amazing city we call home, knows that after a time, withdrawal sets in. Withdrawal from the beauty, the harbour, the skyline, the coffee and the food, and for me – that especially means Thai food. When I am away from Auckland I dream of kraree puffs, Thai spring rolls, and those lightly battered mushrooms stuffed with coarsely minced pork and prawns, served with a dash of sweet chilli sauce Truly there is nothing in the world like New Zealand Thai food. Europe doesn’t do it, neither can the States. Even London, with its multitude of choice has little that comes close. It is perhaps the mix of climate, produce, attitude and a unique yet compelling style that is on offer here. For me, Thai food speaks of a mix of subtle aromatics, layers of complexity and masses of piquant herbs. A blend of never-seen-a-fridge freshness, family traditions and a legacy of centuries of food craft passed down through generations. There is nothing better than sitting at a table in a buzzy Thai restaurant with a glass of severely chilled sauvignon blanc, in the convivial company of good friends. That brings me to Thai Chef’s Restaurant in Parnell, which warrants a review, because – a. it has never had one on these pages, and – b. its food is absolutely yummy, and – c. not enough verve readers know how yummy their food is. The Auckland branch of Thai Chef’s is located at 68 Parnell Road, in the honeycoloured colonial-looking building located next door to Trenzeater. Four Thai flags

The food is lives up to true Auckland Thai tradition, with clear clean flavours, hinting of coconut, chilli, lime, ginger, peanuts and burnt caramel – quite spiky and always tangy. Textures are juicy cunningly mixed with crunchy. Special mention should go to signature dishes using fresh New Zealand whole fish or creamy duck fillets and are well worth a try. Top: Panang Curry dish, great for vegetarians! Bottom: Sexy Little Chicken dish

flutter proudly in the wind, pronouncing that good Thai food can be had here. Founded in 1999 by Natttachai Changrattanachaichok, also known affectionately as Chang, his countrywide chain of restaurants began humbly enough in Napier as a weekend food caravan business. Regularly attending the local markets, Chang started garnering a loyal following. Soon, with the help of fellow businessman, Clinton Green, a restaurant was opened in Onekawa. From here to Maungonui, Wellington, New Plymouth and Parnell, all five locations now boast a Thai Chef’s Restaurant. The Parnell restaurant boasts stunning views of Auckland City, across the

Service is professional, fast, friendly and courteous. Waiters and waitresses present neatly in traditional Thai dress. And let me not forget the names given to some of the dishes on offer: Menu items like Duck in Love, Lady Bacardi’s, and Bangkok Showtime, make them hard to forget. And if you have a sweet tooth, or room for dessert, Thai Chef’s has a comprehensive dessert menu to round off the occasion. All in all the Thai Chef’s joint in Parnell is a treat – equally as good for family dining, intimate occasions, or a bigger function. Possibly a little under-rated by a city that takes good Thai food for granted. THAI CHEF'S RESTAURANT 68 Parnell Road 09 354 3489


“Thai Select Premium” Award received from the Royal Thai Government for the highest standard of authentic Thai cuisine

LUNCH $11.50 M - F 12-2.30PM|DINNER 7 NIGHTS FROM 5PM HOME DELIVERY & TAKEAWAYS |FULLY LICENSED & BYO WINE VIEW MENU ONLINE : WWW.THAICHEF.CO.NZ Private function room (up to 50 people) available at no cost | VIP room (up to 18 people) for your special occasion | Ample vegetarian choice



Good luck lou Louise Hohaia or Lou as she is to most, has been in the hospo trade for nine years and it shows: She is a fine example of one who has mastered her trade and as winner of the New Zealand leg of The Coffee Club’s Best Barista Competition, she is an asset of whom The Coffee Club Parnell, is truly proud.*

Words: F. Harrison

As winner, Lou has created her own signature drink, one she has to reproduce during the international leg of the competition: This takes place in Brisbane on 16th February, and Lou can’t wait. Until then her signature drink, an irresistible creation of caramel and chocolate, is available at The Coffee Club in Parnell. Lou will be competing against eight other top baristas – all who work at one of The Coffee Club’s 381 stores throughout Australasia. Each competitor will be given ten minutes in which to make and serve to the four judges - two short blacks, two other coffees, and 4 of their own signature drink.

Short Caramel Choco Latte Only available at The Coffee Club Parnell Road

OPEN DAILY FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER, OR JUST COFFEE & CAKE! Choose between a wide range of delicious meals from our all day menu. So for Good Food, Great Service and Excellent Coffee, make sure you visit The Coffee Club!

Chatting to Lou, I was amazed by how much she knows about producing a good coffee, the timing, quantities, the technique, the effect different air temperatures can have on the grind, and how to feel if the grittiness of the grind is right. And of course everything has to be done in The Coffee Club way, and to their exacting standards – all of which add up to the most superb coffee experience imaginable. The best part of her job, Lou declared, is dealing with all the wonderful people who come to The Coffee Club in Parnell for that unique café experience. She especially enjoys her “regulars,” and takes great pride in being able to anticipate exactly what they need to enhance their day, and serving whatever it is quickly, efficiently and with the brightest smile ever. Lou loves her work and dreams of owning her own café one day. And with her talent for all facets of the hospitality trade, I feel sure her dream will come true. *Baristas from The Coffee Club Parnell also took 3rd and 4th position in the competition.

Top: Louise Hohaia of The Coffee Club Parnell

The Coffee Club Parnell Road 305 Parnell Road, Parnell Phone 365 1350 GOOD FOOD GREAT SERVICE EXCELLENT COFFEE


The Phoenix Tree Discreetly nestled amongst a row of shopfronts on Remuera Road rests Auckland’s newest garden restaurant, the Phoenix Tree, and inconspicuous the façade may be, but what lies behind is Narnia-esque.

Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

PHOENIX TREE FUSIAN ASIAN RESTAURANT 354 Remuera Road, Remuera 09 520 1099 Book your Valentines dinner now and receive 2 FREE GLASSES OF WINE with every 3 course meal.* *Conditions apply



An Asian-fusion eatery, it takes its name from the mythical Phoenix – king of all birds – with the vibrant décor boasting an array of gold and scarlet in honour of its namesake’s majestic plumage. Ancient Chinese furniture has been imported, customised, and seamlessly incorporated into the restaurant’s contemporary vibe with an upstairs that affords the opportunity to kick back on luxurious sofas in an authentic Sino setting. The pièce de résistance, however, is to be found out back in a secret garden of dazzling white set against the backdrop of lush green leaves, pastel flowers and the gentle twinkling of fairy lights. And so on to the food… As colourful and aesthetically pleasing as the surroundings, we started with duck and dragon rolls, shredded beef, prawns and tom yum soup. The dragon rolls – prawns, basil, silk noodles and thin, crunchy carrot slices – were light and moreish, finished with the slightest hint of fresh mint. The tom yum soup, Thai with a twist, was glorious and the succulent prawns and shredded beef arrived with a delectable homemade thousandisland sauce. The roasted duck, in an airy roti bread wrap and gentle drizzle of passionfruit, simply sublime. The mains, served with bowls of fluffy white rice, too, were presented beautifully. The eggplant hotpot was a delight, a fine balance of flavours with a faint spicy edge and the perfect contrast to our seasonal vegetables, including shiitake mushrooms, soaked beneath shimmering coconut cream. The Szechuan-styled chicken and specialty pork belly were faultless, the latter, braised in a subtle soy sauce, melted on our tongues. A classy tiramisu and pot of inhouse-brewed tea of fruit and fragrant petals provided the perfect end to a perfect meal. Chinese-born Wen, the restaurant’s proprietor, first visited this city a few years back and knew it was where her destiny lay. Last year, she realised her dream and with her skilled and attentive team, which includes a head chef from a leading Beijing establishment, has laid the foundations of a classic Auckland eatery. The Phoenix, it is said, is a metaphor for eternal love and a metaphor too, no doubt, for the enduring affection that will surely grace number 354, Remuera Road.


Toasting Success The success of New Zealand’s wine industry is mirrored in the life of one exceptional New Zealander Sir George Fistonich. Words: Timothy Giles

In an era dominated by global giants Villa Maria stands alone. New Zealand’s largest independently-owned kiwi winery Villa Maria a household name and our most awarded winery, awash with medal and competition winning wines. Behind it all is this humble and hard-working kiwi who is every bit as much a champion as his wines. This year Sir George Fistonich and Villa Maria celebrate 50 years of winemaking with their story compellingly told in a book called The Winemaker; George Fistonich and the Villa Maria Story by Kerry Tyack. A tale of endeavour and success it is a celebration too of family, marriage, partnership and culture. An inspiring business book it is enlivened by the very personal story of the George, his wife Gail and the 50 years it took them to fulfill the vision of a man who in 1961 just 21 years old leased and planted vines on an acre of Mangere land, founding what is now a world-renowned winery. The global reputation of Villa Maria is founded on sales and trophies in every wine-drinking nation. While New Zealand’s reputation as a wine producer is centred solely on the success and exuberant flavours of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Sir George has achieved export and critical success with wines of every style, opening minds, palates and export opportunities to New Zealand Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cabernet. Being first, pioneering and innovating is a defining characteristic of both man and business. Screw-caps are a powerful example, now accepted and even preferred as a fault-free closure

for quality wines. Ten years ago they were viewed with suspicion when in 2002, George declared Villa Maria a cork-free zone. Going 100% screw-cap risked consumer rejection particularly in conservative export markets. But extensive research had proven to the Villa team that screw-caps ended problems with wine tainted or ruined by cork. Traveling the world, talking to customers face to face George retained and even grew his export markets. Corked wine became a historical oddity for Villa Maria. Business case proven, peers and competitors followed along. Hopefully for the health and success of our wine industry they will follow Villa’s leadership in other areas too; sustainable viticulture, long-term (10, even 20 year) contracts giving grape-growers security, LEAN or Kaizen management and sustainable practice in all aspects of winemaking and operation. The recipient of too many lifetime achievement awards and business accolades in New Zealand and internationally to list here, Sir George is a Kiwi champion, a humble and always approachable man. Interviewing him as he headed overseas to compete as New Zealand’s Entrepreneur of the Year (in 2005), I asked him for a his advice on achieving success. His reply was not what I expected of a business leader. “Keep working, start meditating and look after your family.” I still haven’t mastered meditation, don’t work nearly hard enough, but with my family, toast Villa Maria’s 50th and wish good health to The Winemaker, Sir George Fistonich.

WIN WITH VERVE & Villa MARIA UP 4 GRABS: Two copies of The Winemaker: George Fistonich and the Villa Maria Story To enter, simply go to www.vervemagazine. and click on the competitions tab. CLICK TO ENTER

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Phone: 524 6666 Email: Visit: 154 Remuera Rd, Remuera

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Top: Karma Cola bottle with design by Bec Wheeler, and Chris Morrison of All Good.

Words: Jenn Laidlaw

Sip it Forward – Creating a Soda Worth Every Bubble There are ideas people, and there are people who like to get their hands dirty. And sometimes you come across a gem that happens to be both. Chris Morrison, co-founder of All Good Organics, a company certified to find and bring organic and ethically grown food products to New Zealand, is the latter. An old hat in the beverage industry, Morrison began brewing homemade ginger beer in his bathtub, filling old Steinlager bottles and selling the ones that didn’t explode. In 1986, he officially launched Phoenix Organics, now a part of the popular Charlie’s juice company, in a merger that created the country’s most widely distributed fresh drinks company. Fast forward a few years, and you’ll find Chris back to deconstructing beverages like Coca-Cola, in order to determine how to make something that is not just better tasting, but better for everyone involved – from the farmer to the person guzzling out of the bottle. The result is Karma Cola. It’s an appropriate name for a beverage that sees two cents from every purchase going

back to the farming community in Sierra Leone where its main ingredient – cola nuts – are produced. Each ingredient is sourced from certified organic, Fairtrade farms – from the Sri Lankan spices to the Italian lemon juice and the vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea. There are no artificial preservatives, colouring or flavours, just natural ingredients and natural taste. Karma Cola has a distinct vanilla flavour with a splash of spice, and carbonation that is evident without burning your throat on the way down, unlike certain large American soda brands. Chris, along with his co-founders – brother Matthew Morrison and former marketer of 42 Below vodka, Simon Coley, are planning a trip to Sierra Leone

later this year, to meet firsthand the farmers behind their delicious drink. The team has already visited growers of All Good’s Fairtrade bananas in Ecuador and they believe in the importance of checking out the ingredients and the communities behind them. “It is one thing to talk about it, but to actually go and meet families and listen to their stories, it keeps us focussed on working as hard as possible to bring other Fairtrade products to New Zealanders,” explains Chris. Next up for Chris and the All Good team, is Gingerilla, a complex, layered ginger beverage that will be available in shops alongside Karma Cola. Look for it in stores later this month. Karma Cola is available in stores throughout Auckland.

... a beverage that sees two cents from every purchase going back to the farming community in Sierra Leone where its main ingredient – cola nuts – are produced. Each ingredient is sourced from certified organic, Fairtrade farms – from the Sri Lankan spices to the Italian lemon juice and the vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea.


Words: Sara Bunny

Edible Delights Colestown Chocolates is a family-owned business with plenty of heart. Whether you like it dark and decadent, sweet and creamy, spotted, striped, smooth or stuffed with caramel, local chocolatier Sally Meikle has recipes to make all chocolate fans go gaga. Alongside her partner Tim, Sally owns boutique chocolate company Colestown Chocolates, and getting creative with flavours is one of her favourite aspects of the job. “People are always willing to try different things,” she says. “We have a chocolate called Mexicana, it’s mango and chilli lime salt and people love it.” Chilli and manuka is another top seller and traditional flavours are also in constant demand. “Caramels are always popular, firm or flowing. And anything with nuts. We’ve noticed that seniors seem to really enjoy chocolate with ginger. When it comes to sweet treats, no two tastes are the same and in Sally’s opinion, that’s all part of the allure. “Chocolate is so personal, nothing’s right or wrong.” A foodie from a young age, it was during a seven-year stint working at catering companies in London that Sally found herself increasingly drawn to desserts. She went on to study at the renowned Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne and once back home was soon approached by Farro Fresh with an offer to supply her wares to their stores. Colestown, named after the street Sally and Tim lived on in London, now supplies to a range of department stores and specialty food shops, including Nosh and Wellington’s iconic Kirkcaldie’s. The family opened a retail store in Newmarket about a year ago and as the business continues to expand, a second store in Queen Street is due to open this month. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, Sally is enjoying putting together a range of gorgeous novelty treats for the big occasion, such as zebrapatterned praline hearts, dark chocolate with pink champagne filling, white peach and coconut hearts and teaflavoured chocolate. At Colestown, each decadent preservative-free morsel is made by hand using chocolate imported from France

and Belgium. “There’s quite a science to it. With chocolate it’s all about time, temperature and movement. Once you have it in your head you can gauge it all, you learn as you go.” But in this business, it’s as much about passion and heart as it is about science and skill. “I love chocolate and I don’t stop thinking about it,” Sally laughs. “I even read books on it when I’m not at work. I’m a bit of a bore actually!”

Top: Assortment of Colestown chocolates



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Gourmet Pub Grub – San Sebastián Style With seven Michelin-star restaurants in the region, San Sebastián attracts foodies from far and wide. But it’s not all about highbrow dining at this seaside haven – some of the best local offerings can be found in the everyday pub gourmet, where finger food reigns supreme. Nestled in a small corner of Northern Spain near the French border, San Sebastián is part of the fiercely proud and independent Basque region. With its own language, traditions and history, the Basque country feels vastly different from the rest of Spain, and that’s exactly how the locals like it. While the rest of the country have tapas, the Basque people have pintxos, (pronounced pin-choss). Far more than a simple bar snack, pintxos are engrained into San Sebastián’s culinary history and are a local way of life. Every day as the lunchtime rush begins, bar-tops across the city are transformed into colourful buffets of sumptuous platters. Traditional pintxos are tasty morsels served on thick piece of bread with a toothpick through the middle to hold it together. The flavour combinations are endless, and include a range of meat, seafood, vegetables and cheeses, topped with a variety of sauces, spices and garnishes.

When it comes to pintxos bar etiquette, it’s best to take your lead from the locals. In some places, you simply point to whatever takes your fancy. In other bars, the custom is to ask the bartender for a plate, and you help yourself before returning to the till where the cost of each item is tallied. Other places will glance at the number of discarded toothpicks left on the plate to work out the bill. Either way, the good-natured bar staff are usually happy to help awkward-looking tourists learn the ropes. In most bars nobody bothers with tongs and the best places are often so busy it’s standing room only. The old part of town, with its cobbled streets and charming traditional buildings, is one of the best places to find lively pintxos bars. Visitors can simply follow their noses on a self-directed pintxos crawl, drifting into wherever looks and smells most delicious. In the evening, the pintxos come out again for round two and the food often keeps coming till midnight. No pintxos tasting is complete without a glass of traditional Txakoli, a sparkling dry white wine that is dangerously easy to drink. Txakoli is traditionally poured holding the bottle above the head to ensure maximum aeration in the glass. This makes for a great show behind the Bar and, miraculously, they never seem to spill a drop.


Top Tips –


Make good use of the city’s excellent visitor centre. Not only are staff available to book you a room and answer any questions, the centre also offers a range of excellent walking tours. The culinary tour features a visit to a several top pintxos bars, the local fish market and a wealth of info on the city’s foodie history.

Cheaper accommodation can often be in the main town area. It is quieter at night, just as close to the beach, and the popular Old Town is only a short walk away.

Be prepared for all weather. The San Sebastián climate can be changeable, even in the middle of summer.

Particularly good pintxos bars include Bar la Viña and Gandarias (for more traditional bites) and A Fuego Negro and Bar Zeruko (for avant-garde pintxos)


Force of Nature, Ray of Light Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Philanthropist, ethical scientist, 2010 New Zealander of the Year, 2011 Most Trusted Kiwi, award-winning inventor and best-selling author. The list goes on. An estimated 16 million African and Asian souls owe him their sight and countless others, their lives. A knight of the realm he may also be, but Sir Ray Avery doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.



The door opens and Avery welcomes me wearing shorts and a T-shirt splattered with what appears to be cement. He’s having renovation work done at his home and earlier that morning the builder cut himself deeply enough to require hospital attention, leaving Avery to take over the construction duties. Shaking hands, he asks if we’ll be needing photos and I reply that we will. “I’ll just nip and freshen up,” he beams, imploring me to help myself to coffee.

He clearly saw something in you?

A philosophy of Sir Ray Avery’s concerning a cost-effective way to live our lives recently went viral. It centres around the theory that, accident or illness aside, each of us is gifted an average of 30,000 days to live and that we shouldn’t waste a beat.

Taking over from Avery will be no easy task, especially given that he feels he “hasn’t changed the world enough yet.” He tells me that in the time that we have spoken, babies have died because they haven’t had access to the likes of his revolutionary low-cost, zero-maintenance incubators, which are currently in the last stages of development through his other organisation, Medicine Mondiale. It is predicted that each one will save 50 children a year in the developing world. Affordable cataract-curing lenses, which he pioneered along with intravenous-drip flow regulators have saved populations the size of small nations. One gets the impression that given a basket of bread and a handful of fish, Avery would manage to feed a hell of a lot more than five thousand.

“Knowledge and observation are the key to innovation,” he says, the workwear now replaced by a crisply pressed shirt and smart black slacks. “We plan our work lives in a way that we don’t our personal ones. If you know you have 30,000 days, you can reverse-engineer your life and pick the points in time by which you wish to achieve certain things.” Though not without a certain element of morbidity, this inspiring concept has spawned a website which allows the user to watch the seconds of those 30,000 days evaporate. The months passed are ticked off in bold red blocks like an automated online advent calendar, only less festive and without the chocolate. Sir Ray asks for my birthday, joyfully keys it in and I reluctantly watch the countdown to my death. It’s a sobering sight. Sir Ray takes it all in his stride, the Grim Reaper clearly doesn’t scare him one bit. Sir Ray loves a challenge: “I have around 5,000 days left, but I reckon that I could turn those into 10,000 if I multi-task. That’s my game plan, don’t waste time, don’t waste a day.” His latest endeavour, the Health Innovation Hub for which he is deputy chairman, aims to ‘change the global healthcare one step at a time’. Avery wants to make New Zealand the world’s foremost health care provider. “We’ve got our foot on the bottom rung of the ladder,” he says. “We already have a world first whereby most of the country’s District Health Boards are signed up to the same organisation – our Hub. They’ve invested time and money to make it work, no other nation has that connectivity. It means that we can look at the whole of New Zealand as one society in terms of its health-care opportunities.” They aim to improve the efficiency of hospitals, which Avery compares to badly run restaurants, by reducing admissions and using technology to provide better

“I managed to get back to see him twenty-odd years ago before he died. He told me that for all of his life, I had been his star pupil. He couldn’t possibly know that, he helped so many. I spend time mentoring young New Zealanders to pay back that cycle. The best way you can become immortal is to live on in somebody else, to inspire them to take over where you left off.”

home care and monitoring. “Hospitals don’t know how many customers they will have on any given day,” he says. “So how can they marry-up their service demand with their service resources?” One solution lies in the simple form of a wristband, which can be used to check patients’ vital signs so that their health can be monitored remotely without the need for them to even set foot into a hospital. Other offerings include a cuttingedge Smartphone-like device that may help lessen the risk of sudden infant death via an app and Cloud technology. What makes Avery’s zest for life all the more inspiring is that his vision of the very of brightest of futures was born of the very darkest of pasts. A child of drunk and violent parents in post-war Britain, he was to spend his formative years in and out of foster care. By his early teens, Avery had made numerous attempts to escape the “abusive system” until he finally came to reside under a railway bridge in London’s Finsbury Park. He taught himself to read in local libraries where he would go to escape the merciless English chills, later to be found by Jack Wise, a teacher and social worker who then enrolled Avery in a local college. “Jack Wise changed my life,” says Sir Ray. “He put me into the education system and found me somewhere to live. He was the real deal. One of his sons had committed suicide and he felt that he had failed in some way and wanted to make amends. His heart was huge and he inspired me for the first time to believe in the goodness of human beings. Up until then I didn’t give a toss, I was just trying to survive.”

He playfully scoffs when I suggest that his horrific past destined him to a life of philanthropy: “Oh no, I certainly tried the devil’s poison! I did the fast cars, women and flash houses but it didn’t work, didn’t make me happy. Helping others did that and made me a better person. It also led to me meeting my wife.” His wife, Anna, who runs her own charity, “saw something good” in Avery while working together in Nepal in the 1990s. They have two young daughters, Amelia and Anastasia, but even though fatherhood came relatively late to Sir Ray, now 65, he has no plans to slow down. If anything, he says that it has made his work even more urgent. As for retirement, that’s out of the question. “I still want to be creating and inventing things up until my last moments,” he reflects. “As they’re nailing the coffin shut, I’d like to crack open the lid, pass out a note and say ‘give that one a go – that’s a good idea!’” You wouldn’t bet against it now, would you? To offer expertise or funding, please visit: or


Words: Timothy Giles

The Waiheke Less Travelled Beautiful beaches, nature walks, worldclass wine and food, just a thirty-minute ferry ride away. Waiheke is the easiest off-shore holiday imaginable. And with a little planning you can savour the island in all it’s quiet beauty, undisturbed by the summer crowds. Arriving at Kennedy Point on the Sealink passenger and car ferry (board at North Wharf in the city or Half-Moon Bay) means you can avoid the madness of Matiatia’s summer crowds and delivers you close to the island’s most beautiful and quietly unspoilt spots. Indulgence beckons almost immediately on arrival. Kennedy Point vineyard, one of the island’s finest wine producers, whose chardonnay, syrah and cabernet blends are consistent successful and served daily with matched platters, cheese boards or, for the truly decadent, a dark chocolate cake. It is a peaceful setting, surrounded by mature bush perfect to plan visits to the less-explored areas of the island. There are attractions old and new on Waiheke. Foremost amongst the new and in its first year of operation is the EcoZip Adventure, just a few minutes’ drive to what is an exhilarating encounter with the NZ bush. Ecozip has three 200m dual-person flying fox ziplines that sweep you smoothly side-by-side with your partner, friend or relative above and through the treetops down into a sizeable tract of original and regenerating native ‘bush’. The return trip is slower and quite meditative, a scenic interpretive bushwalk back to base. On

the walk you are guided through the local flora and fauna with birdsong and the cool of greenery to match your new insights into the revitalisation and conservation of Waiheke’s natural environment. Contemplating your “zip” experience is best done at the neighbouring 100 per cent organic vineyard, Peacock Sky, where food and art enrich their spray-free vineyard setting. From here another of the island’s best walks is handy, a 30-minute easy trek from Trig Hill through the forest and bird regional reserve and down to Onetangi. Here a beautiful golden sand beach waits for a refreshing swim and more supplies available at The Beach Front Cafe. This has only begun to touch the less travelled gems of Waiheke. Passage Rock winery has to make the must-visit list. Truly fine wines (their reds, chardonnay, viognier and rosé particular stand outs) by the glass or bottle and its café is open seven days in summer, serving fresh food and great pizza in child-friendly surrounds of Orapiu. A longer stay, car ferry or perhaps the Waiheke highlights bus tour, that allows on and off stops opens up the far-flung and heavenly Stony Batter, home to Man O’ War vineyards with a tasting room by the beach in a setting that attracted one of NZ’s wealthiest and most reclusive families to call home. All of this and more, golf, sculpture gardens, galleries, breweries, archery and picnic spots all await at the far and lesstravelled end of beautiful Waiheke island.

WIN WITH VERVE & Sealink UP 4 GRABS: CLICK TO Four double passes to Sealink’s ENTER Waiheke Highlights Tour to be won, including return ferry tickets from Sealink’s terminals at North Wharf or Half Moon Bay and one return ferry pass for a car and up to five passengers. To enter, simply go to and click on the competitions tab.


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i give it a year

The team behind Baraka reunites for another journey around the world in Samsara, exploring themes of birth, life, death and rebirth through stunning visuals and music. 'Samsara' is a Tibetan word that means "the ever turning wheel of life," and the film is an unparalleled sensory experience. Shot for over four years and across 26 countries, the film transports us through multiple cultures to sacred grounds, disaster sites, industrialized zones and natural wonders. Through powerful, breathtaking images pristinely photographed in 70mm and a dynamic music score, Samsara shows how our life cycle mirrors the rhythm of the planet.

Georges and Anne are in their eighties. They are cultivated, retired music teachers. Their daughter, who is also a musician, lives abroad with her family. One day, Anne has an attack. The couple's bond of love is severely tested.

Since they met at a party, ambitious high-flyer Nat and struggling novelist Josh have been deliriously happy despite their differences. Josh is a thinker, Nat's a doer..but the spark between them is undeniable. Their wedding is a dream come true, but family, friends and even the minister who marries them aren't convinced that they can last. Josh's exgirlfriend, Chloe, and Nat's handsome American client Guy, could offer attractive alternatives. With their first anniversary approaching, neither wants to be the first to give up, but will they make it?

Directed by Michael Haneke Starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, Isabelle Huppert Rated: TBC Runtime 127 minutes

In cinemas february 28th

Directed by Ron Fricke Rated: TBC Runtime: 102 minutes

Directed by Dan Mazer Starring Simon Baker, Rose Byrne,Rafe Spall, Anna Faris, Minnie Driver, Stephen Merchant Rated: TBC Runtime: TBC

In cinemas february 28th

In cinemas february 28th

Available on DVD THE SAPPHIRES THE SAPPHIRES is an inspirational tale set in the heady days of the late 60’s when four young talented singers from a remote Aboriginal mission are discovered and guided by an unlikely manager. Plucked from obscurity and branded as Australia’s answer to The Supremes, The Sapphires grasp the opportunity of a lifetime when given the chance to entertain American troops in Vietnam. Their journey of discovery offers them not only the chance to show off their musical skills, but find love and togetherness and grow as women.

available on DVD and Blu-ray from February 6th

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“Art doesn’t have boundaries, minds do.” This Valentine’s day, maybe your loved one would enjoy the arousal and boundary stretching, promised in a new show by NZ’s king of cabaret, Mika. Called Salon Mika, the experienced performer describes the show as “Exotic Cabaret, dripping in sultry sexiness, laughter and creative gorgeousness. All delivered by musicians, dancers, exotic performers and even poets. It is a unique show I have put together for adults who like to love, laugh and live.” Once a frequent part of Auckland’s entertainment scene, these days a Mika performance is something of a rarity. “I do still perform a lot, but admittedly most of my performance work is done internationally now.” His passport and CV littered with an exotic list of events, venues and festivals bears this out, having performed everywhere from Asia to Edinburgh, Europe to the Americas and frequently bringing back not just inspiration but collaboration form the cultures he encounters along the way. “Touring, travelling, performing internationally is hard-hard work but it is creatively very inspiring. I have my eyes

and mind opened on every trip and this drives me to keep going, keep creating. Salon Mika is a taste of my upcoming creations, a preview, of the new works that I will be taking offshore for the next 18 months. Think of it as an exotic degustation, a multi-course tasting menu for your eyes, ears and mind. You can expect in fact all your senses to be tickled, I’ve a diverse and delicious line-up.” He says this with that smile familiar to many an Auckland audience, Salon Mika will be delivered with the warm humour and self-irreverence that has opened many doors and minds to this multi-talented, gender-transcending and uniquely Kiwi entertainer. Be warned that Salon Mika has an R18+ rating, appropriate for it’s K Road address at the newly renovated Switch Bar (upstairs, 309 Karangahape Road) and features an array from the artistic and contemporary to erotic and soulful. Mika is joined by burlesque performer Leda Petit, just back from Melbourne.

Leda will reward as much as she enjoys the attention of a sophisticated adult audience, while Club-Kid Mattie brings swag-heavy hip-hop and dance-floor energy. The new generation blend of dance, indigeny and humour that made him a hit on New Zealand’s Got Talent, sees former JGeek, Riki - bring his neo-tribal sensuality (and six-pack) to the Salon, all hosted with a wink and a song by Mika and soulstress Megan Alatini. It could all add a refreshing twist to any romance. Salon MIKA R18 Contains nudity and adult themes 13th – 23rd February, 8pm (Wednesday – Saturday Nights) Venue: Switch Bar, Upstairs, 309 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD Tickets: From $12 Bookings: 1 Night. or (09) 889 2161 Part of Auckland Fringe runs from 15 February to 10 March 2013.


Pride Parade: Bursting at the Seams Auckland Pride Festival Parade entries have closed ahead of schedule, with over 1200 participants and 40 floats confirmed. The Auckland Pride Parade returns, after a ten year hiatus on Saturday 16 February from 4pm to 7pm and travelling along Ponsonby Rd with explosions of colour and flashing sequins. “Auckland, let alone Ponsonby Road, are going to experience and be part of the most amazing Pride Parade,” says Jonathan Smith, Pride Parade Coordinator. “With float entries from our Rainbow Community including as an example: Bear New Zealand, Team Auckland Master Swimmers, Rainbow Youth and NZ Defence Force’s ‘Overwatch’ to the iconic Downundergear Marching Boys, be prepared to witness sequins, music, dancers, drag queens, uniforms, over the top floats, satire and so many more surprises.”

SalonMika_Poster_A3_Landscape.indd 1

The best parade views on the day come by way of the GABA GlamStands; offering complimentary bubbles on arrival, fabulous food and refreshments, enjoy more live entertainment with the parade’s hottest ticket! The 2013 Auckland Pride Festival programme also features signature events Get it On! Big Gay Out in Coyle Park, Bear New Zealand Week, Heroic Gardens Festival and The Auckland Pride Gala at Q Theatre – as well as local and international cabaret, comedy, theatre, visual arts, concerts, record releases, book launches, debates, discussions, historical walks, charity events, sporting events, lifestyle events – and not to mention all the fantastic parties. The majority of Auckland Pride Festival activity centres on Ponsonby and

Karangahape Roads, with festival events reaching out to Henderson in the west, Mt Wellington in the south, and right into the Hauraki Gulf. Auckland Pride Festival 2013 runs from 8-24 February 2013. For more information head to: For your GABA GlamStands ticket head to or 09 361 1000 The 1.5km Auckland Pride Parade route travels in a northerly direction up Ponsonby Road from Western Park to Three Lamps. Ponsonby Road and all adjoining streets will be closed to traffic from midday till 9pm

14/01/13 11:32 AM

getting it on with pride

SATURDAY 16 MARCH 2013 – MARK YOUR DIARY NOW. On this night, Parnell becomes truly magical: a programme of street-based art projects will occupy the footpaths and see the courtyards of the historic village come alive. It’s a thrilling experience for all the family - from 6pm till midnight, performance art, interactive projects and site-specific installations (from emerging and established artists), will inform and astound.

Clockwise from top: Dublin Pride Parade, photo by Cezary Zarebski, Jamie Burgess and Nikki Aitken, stars of touring Australian cabaret show, Gobsmacked, Sydney’s DJ Kitty Glitter, headlining DJ at the PROUD closing party at Victoria Park Market and The Kiss by artist Graeme Hitchcock, from the exhibition also titled The Kiss at Black Asterisk Gallery.

Originally a European happening, (known as Nuit Blanche), White Night is in its second year as part of the Auckland Arts Festival 6-24 March. Saturday 16 March is the night Auckland City and its neighbourhoods spill their artistic and cultural secrets to you. Free buses will follow the curves of Auckland’s streets to take you to its creative haunts. Whether you start or finish in Parnell (or stay all night!), discover for yourself why Parnell is known as Auckland’s Creative Quarter. Full details are available later this this month on and at or


Words: Sara Bunny

Field Notes on a Place in Time Artist Carolyn Williams seeks to “make the invisible visible” through her thought-provoking sculptures The delicate sounds of birdsong, gently rustling leaves and the essence of early morning on Waiheke Island come together in Auckland-based artist Carolyn Williams’ latest work. “It’s really an acoustic record of the land at a moment in time,” says Carolyn. “I went out in the early morning and captured sounds from the site.” The installation, titled Field Notes, is currently on display at Waiheke Island as part of the annual Headland Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition. Featuring small objects suspended along a large Pohutukawa branch, the work was described by Rhana Davenport, director of the Govett-Brewster Gallery, as “delicate and exquisite”. The installation was awarded the gen-i Merit Award at the Gala opening evening. The award-winning work is tucked away in an unobtrusive spot, and that is part of what makes it special, Carolyn says. “It’s not that visible, you just sort of come across it. It’s gorgeous and very different.” Sound, and how it can be represented it in a physical sense is a central idea in many of her artworks, an interest she

thinks may have stemmed from growing up surrounded by different languages. The daughter of an English father and French mother, Carolyn was born in Hong Kong, and English is her third language. “I was always fascinated by the relationship between language, sound and form. And being brought up with three languages, I became interested in things like loss of meaning and misunderstandings.” When it comes to developing work for an exhibition, Carolyn says it’s often about trial and error. “If it’s for inside in a gallery, you use your interests as a starting point. If it’s for an outside show you usually have to do a proposal first and have more of an idea of what you’re going to do. But if it’s being made on site, you can’t know exactly what it will look like until it’s there. I usually have a few ideas on the go at the same time. I like to play around with different materials…I’ve used acrylic, marble, polystyrene, I’m open to using anything.” After studying at Camberwell College of Arts, London, she went on to complete

a Bachelor of Visual Arts, followed by a Master of Arts majoring in sculpture at Auckland University of Technology. After graduating in 2008 she joined the Dust Art Collective, a group of 15 young arts grads that exhibit together, inspire and support each other. Her latest project is an upcoming show with fellow Dust Collective artist Linda Roche, called Code and Reverie. The exhibition is due to open at Ponsonby Road’s Black Asterisk Gallery in early April.

Left: Drawing with Voice - Voice Font. Inaudible Recital, Sound Castle, Props for Conversation

Top right: Maquette for Field Notes - Ply, aluminium, thread

Bottom right: Shapes for Peace 1-3 - (Magenta) Neon lighting on acrylic support 594 x 420mm each

Giacomo Puccini

Love. Honour. Betrayal.

Madame Butterfly


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Happy Healthy Cats

Hospital sniffer dog can detect bacterial infections in patients!

Despite what you may have been told, cats should not throw up on a regular basis. Here are some reasons your cat may be vomiting and the great news is – we can help you to have a happy healthy cat who no longer vomits.

Cliff the dog is detecting cases of a hospital bug at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam.

Eating a poor quality diet can lead to gastrointestinal inflammation and food allergies. The quality of the protein and the protein source of a cat’s diet are very important. Sometimes a cat’s pancreas is not producing enough digestive enzymes, and can be a common cause of vomiting. Diet plays a major role in getting the pancreas working properly. Hairballs - those cylindrical plugs that appear on your floor in a pool of liquid. Cats should be able to groom themselves and have their gastro-intestinal tract deal with the hair ingested. Vomiting hair balls is a sign of over grooming or of a digestive system that needs some help to digest the hair. Gobbling down their food can cause immediate regurgitation. Slowing down their intake can be a simple solution. Eating cat treats full of additives and preservatives can be a cause of gastro-intestinal inflammation. Look out for propylene glycol, ethoxyquin, chemical dyes and emulsifiers (and other things you can’t pronounce). Replacing these with healthy dried meat treats will really help. It is important if your cat regularly vomits to address diet as a likely cause. Don’t put up with the surprise of a watery vomit under your bare feet first thing in the morning. Come on in to see us at Raw Essentials, tell us all about your lovely vomiter, and we’ll pin point the problem for you, tell you how to solve it, and make vomiting a thing of the past.

Dogs have already proved useful as a means of reducing the stress levels of students at Yale Law School, which has recognized the therapeutic qualities of the animals. Helping humans in a different way, a sniffer dog is now detecting cases of a deadly bacterial infection at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. Hospital bugs are easily picked up by patients if they begin to spread, but doctors can be late to diagnose them if visible symptoms aren’t present. In the case of Clostridium difficile – also known as C. diff – infected patients begin to have a distinctive odor in their stools and the center is now using Cliff the beagle to sniff out those affected by the illness. According to reports, the dog has so far correctly identified 97 out of 100 samples from patients, and can also determine presence of the bacterial infection by smelling the air around guests’ beds. Cliff notifies staff by sitting next to those with the infection. It is believed that other canines could be trained to spot signs of the bug in hospitals and help reduce spread by detecting it earlier than humans can. For more information:

Dr Lyn Thomson Holistic Veterinarinan or see ad on right

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For business or leisure, for family or guests, you can be confident with Quest whether it’s for a night, a week or longer.

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Quest Carlaw Park: Studio, 1 bedroom and luxury 2 bedroom penthouse apartments for 1 night, 2 weeks, 3 months or longer! • Onsite Café, Italian & Japanese Restaurants • Secure undercover parking • Full kitchen and laundry facilities in all apartments • Room service dinner (delivery) Visit our website for more information

Quest Carlaw Park (opened January 09) Studio, 1 bedroom & luxury 2 bedroom penthouse apartments for 1 night, 2 weeks, 3 months or even longer! • Onsite Café, Italian & Japanese Restaurants • Secure undercover parking • Full kitchen & laundry facilities in all apartments • Room service dinner (delivery) Visit our website for more information Quest Carlaw Park

Quest Newmarket

QUEST CARLAW PARK 15 Nicholls Lane, Carlaw Park, Parnell Ph 304 0521

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Surprises Await in Auckland Backyards Heroic Gardens Festival. 23rd-24th February 2013. Glendowie’s Chris and Rachel Foley are looking forward to showing gardening enthusiasts their little patch of paradise when the Heroic Gardens Festival returns for its 17th year later this month. They, together with Brooke (18) and Max (14) will be rolling out the welcome mat to potentially 3,000 attendees over the weekend event. Heroic Gardens gives festival-goers exclusive access to some of Auckland’s most stunning private gardens. This year 24 gardens will feature: from Glendowie in the east to Titirangi in the west. Unique to the festival is the opportunity to talk with the garden owners themselves. The family’s contemporary property, with hard area design by Bridget Blake and planting design by Chris Paterson, is one of 10 gardens on show for the first time. “Close friends of ours had their garden feature,” Rachel says, “They loved the experience and recommended we take part.” Originally showcasing gay- and lesbian-owned gardens, the festival has grown to include the gardens of many other supporters of hospice. Proceeds from ticket sales will support Mercy Hospice Auckland’s work providing essential services free-of-charge to patients facing life-limiting illness as well as their loved ones. This year the charity hopes to raise $80,000net from the festival. Rachel’s father David Davies died of bowel and liver cancer some 25 years ago. “We had help from Hospice North Shore,” Rachel says, “They came to our home and cared for dad in his last few weeks. They were an incredible support. It’s great to be able to give something back to hospice.” The Foley’s garden is just 20-minutes drive from the CBD. “I think the best thing about our property is that it backs on to a working farm (Churchill Park),” Rachel says, “It’s a very tranquil setting and you just don’t expect it in the middle of suburbia.” Festival goers will also discover a lava cave, a chapel and a WWII bunker converted to an orchidarium in other Heroic Gardens this year. Heroic Gardens tickets are only $35 each and are valid both days. Visit for more information. Top: The Foley Family’s property backs on to a working farm. From left to right: Chris, Max, Rachel and Brooke.

Bottom: Visual interest is created by combining hard linear landscaping with contrasting soft fauna.

Remuera Rise Opening This Year SHOW APARTMENT NOW ON SITE. Call Michelle on 522 7392 to make an appointment to view.

Independent living with care and support if you need it. Remuera Rise will offer a wonderful retirement lifestyle with a range of top quality facilities within a relaxed community environment. Choose from a range of one and two bedroom apartments. Each apartment is stylishly appointed with quality fixtures and finishes, including a heat pump and a comprehensive Fisher & Paykel appliance package.

Our new on site show apartment provides a wonderful taste of the standard and quality that you can expect at Remuera Rise. Some prime apartments have recently been released.

DINING ROOM A ND CA FÉ • LOUNGE • BA R • LIBR A RY • HOBBIE S ROOM • GY MN A SIUM • SWIMMING POOL AND SPA • HAIR SALON • 24 HOUR EMERGENCY CALL • CARE SUITES Remuera Rise is registered under the Retirement Villages Act 2003. Registration number 2557887.

* Computer Generated Image


Swimming Pool*

Communal lounge*

Apartments range from $460,000 to $1,000,000 30 James Cook Crescent, Remuera Phone: 522 7392

Waiheke Retirement Village

Waiheke Retirement Village is registered under the Retirement Villages Act 2003. Registration number 2043897.

verve _J13801

LifeCare Residences also owns and operates Waiheke Retirement Village, right on the water’s edge at Anzac Bay, Waiheke Island, offering a choice of well-designed, modern one and two bedroom villas. If an island lifestyle appeals visit or phone: 09 372 2820.


Words: Jenn Laidlaw


Top: Entrance to the garden – autumn at the ‘New Pond’ Bottom left: Succulent area around the swimming pool. Bougainvillea ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ making a dash of colour on the house Bottom right: The ‘Welcome Scupltures’ by Don Stoddard overlooking Ollies Pond in winter

The Artistry Behind One of New Zealand’s Most Renowned Gardens Like many great works of art, Beverley McConnell’s initial plans for Ayrlies Garden were met with scepticism. In the year 1964, it was a strong agricultural time in New Zealand and anyone frivolously occupying good farmland wouldn’t have had many fans. “I was cutting off good pasture and growing trees and plants, no one really wanted to know me,” Beverley recalls with a laugh. Thankfully, she not only had the support of late husband Malcolm, who encouraged her to pursue her dream garden, but she soon had a legion of supporters in the farmers’ wives. Since those early days, Ayrlies Garden has grown from bare paddock to an internationally renowned sprawling country garden made up of both native and foreign plants and flowers. Located near Whitford, south-east of Auckland city, the garden covers over 12 acres, complimented by another 35 acres of wetland. Visitors to the garden have come from all corners of the world and include people like the late Christopher Lloyd, British gardener and writer, and Roy Lancaster, international plant hunter and regular guest on BBC programme Gardeners’ World. During the last 45 years, Beverley admits that a common request from visitors has been for her to put it all down in writing, and she has finally done just that. In early 2012, Ayrlies, my story, my garden was released. The 280-page book combines horticultural information with anecdotes,

making it not only a gardener’s treasure, but an archive for Beverley’s family and “the book of her dreams”. Beverley likens gardening to painting and creating pictures - it is not just about colour, but also about shapes and textures, “You have to possess a certain artistry that is innate in you. You can teach garden maintenance, but it is difficult to teach the artistry of gardening.” Artistry aside, she does have some great advice for those new to gardening or who are working within the small confines of urban dwellings. “You have to work with nature, not against it. Native plants are great if you don’t have a lot of time, although they can be a bit boring, so pick different textures, forms and shapes that blend well together and remember that any garden takes time.” Her final piece of advice, given with a generous laugh, “Remember, it’s not a marriage, you don’t have to have a favourite type of plant. I love them all.” Ayrlies is available for purchase through the garden’s website

Notes: Descriptions of Christopher Lloyd and Roy Lancaster from Wikipedia/BBC.


WIN WITH VERVE & AYRLIES UP 4 GRABS: A copy of Ayrlies: My story, my garden by Beverley McConnell To enter, simply go to www.vervemagazine. and click on the competitions tab.


Thinking Lush Summer Gardens, Think Water! It is high summer and outdoor living is at its best. Keep your lawn looking lush and flowers blooming to get the full visual impact of a gorgeous garden. Summer however, can also be the most challenging time in the garden as the lack of rain, a bit of neglect, drying out of soil and the hot sun take their toll. Irrigation Specialist Will Thorne from Think Water Auckland shares his top tips for a lush summer lawn with Verve readers.

• • • •

Lawns require around 25mm of water per week

• • •

Lawn fertilizer will feed your lawn the nutrients it needs

Water alternate days to give time for the water to be absorbed Lawns like to be watered early morning Irrigate with pop up sprinklers in the corners and edges of lawns for head to head (complete) coverage A well irrigated lawn should be mowed once a week Only trim the top 1/3rd of your lawn so it is not too short

Plants also struggle in the summer without proper care and attention. Seeing as they are made up of 90% water its hardly surprising that this is the most vital component to their survival. The Think Water team has five main components that they address in order to keep plants looking lush and blooming throughout high summer. Weather - keep in mind how much it has rained recently and how hot or humid it has been. Type of soil – Check what type of soil you have and how well water penetrates it. Clay soil for instance can become rock hard in summer. Planting distances – a concentrated area of plants will require more water than an area with only a few plants Types of Plants – are your plants thirsty like a citrus tree or hardy like native grasses? Plant maturity – Young plants require light frequent watering and can drown more easily.

Always bear in mind that you need to keep the soil just moist and water in moderation. You can always water more if need be, but it is near impossible to take back water once you have watered too much. For further advice, visit the team at Think Water Green Lane. They are happy to guide you on how best to water your gardens, bearing in mind your requirements and budget. They are also happy to visit your property and provide a free quotation to install an irrigation system. Think Water is located at 217 Great South Road in Greenlane and has a range of quality irrigation equipment as well as a comprehensive range of hoses, fittings and garden equipment.

BE IN TO WIN with think water!

Think Water has a premium quality retractable hose valued at $260 to giveaway. To be with a chance of winning just email auckland@thinkwater. with your details and put Thinking Summer - Thinkwater in the subject heading. Entries to be received by 30th February 2013. CLICK TO ENTER



Summer Garden survival with Daltons There’s no rest for the wicked during summer if you’re a veggie gardener! Luckily though, all your hard work is paid off with a bounty of crops. This time of year tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, capsicum and salad greens. If you are growing zucchini then you’ll be receiving at least one a day per plant at this time of year. It is incredible how quickly zucchinis grow, Mother Nature at its best. To keep your garden at its best this summer, follow the Daltons guide for summer maintenance. Pick your crop. Keep picking your crops to encourage growth, if you have surplus, give them to a neighbour Limit Diseases. Always cut off diseased leaves and fruit and dispose of them but don’t put them in the compost bin to help prevent diseases spreading throughout the garden Mulch. Essential for summer survival, mulch will keep the soil temperature level, prevent the sun from drying up the soil and keep weeds at bay. Use pea straw or coconut fibre




Water-wise. Water the roots of plants rather than the leaves to help prevent powdery mildew and other problems. Early morning watering is best Succession planting. Plant little and often to ensure you always have something new cropping

FREE public workshops with Xanthe White

Self-seeding success. If any little seedlings pop up in your garden let them grow, they will be dropped seeds from last year’s crop. These will have acclimatized to your garden, and will healthy and strong Run to seed. If your herbs try to flower, extend their growing season by pinching out the tips. This will stop them flowering and make them bushier Pest alert. Keep an eye out for pests and deal with the problem before it becomes an invasion Daltons School of Gardening returns on Saturday 23rd February at Bunnings Warehouse in Mount Wellington. Come and join Xanthe White for an afternoon of practical advice, fun and tips from the experts. Bunnings Warehouse is located at 459 Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Mount Wellington. For more info go to:

Learn tips and tricks at this practical hands-on class with award winning designer, Xanthe White. Planning Your Autumn Gardens Saturday 23rd February, 2-4pm

459 Ellerslie-Panmure Hwy, Mt Wellington

Call 0800 808 150 to register your interest Visit for information.



Service with a smile Useful tips for business websites. One of the less-flattering perceptions of web developers is that they're grumpy coders who prefer sending the occasional, unhelpful email over talking on the phone, and who never seem to respond to client requests. I know, because I am one, or at least I used to be. When my business partner and I set out to carve our niche in the web industry more than a decade ago, we felt certain that engineering excellence would be the key to a thriving business. Reality, of course, intervened in the form of tight budgets, tighter deadlines, and clients who had their own ideas about what constituted excellence. Facing the prospect of regular compromise on many fronts, we were often at odds with our clients - leading to surly responses to email and phone calls and a desire to hide among our computers hoping they'd go away – except for the obvious disadvantage, of course, that we then wouldn't have any paying clients. It's been a difficult business lesson for us, as it continues to be for many web developers, that regular communication both in person and over the phone can actually lead to less compromise and more productive collaborations.

Peter Booth

Paul Reynolds Jono Munro

Glen Robson

This leads to the second painful lesson we learned along the way: regardless of what we think we've said, if the client doesn't understand it, then we haven't really communicated at all. As a consequence, we spend a great deal of our time avoiding the jargon, buzzwords and pseudo-technical language that litters our profession (notice that I haven't said 'html5' or 'cloud hosting' once in this column, until now...) Taken together, these two principles – to communicate regularly, and check that both parties comprehend the other - lead to a client/developer relationship that is more collaborative and ultimately more successful. If this isn't happening for you, then it's probably time to review your choice of web designer. James McGoram is an author, designer and the director of Messiah Studio, a web-design company based in Parnell, Auckland. Visit for your free online business guide.

Newmarket 1A/11 George Street

4 A 1 C 4 F 2 I

Yes, you can make your life simple in this spacious 159 sqm 1 level, 4bdrm/4bthrm freehold apartment just across from Auckland’s Domain, with an extra large sunny deck for summer evening parties. This stylish and affordable modern residence overlooks the peaceful green 75 hectare park and offers two secure carparks, gymnasium and sauna together with easy access to the popular Parnell cafÊ life and Newmarket shops. Your perfect family home (zoned for some of the best schools in town - including double Grammar), could be in this sought after boutique building. First time on the market since it was built in 2005. Vacant - move in now!

Set Date of Sale 6:30pm, 20th Febuary 2013 (unless sold prior) View by appointment or as advertised Michael Best 021 682 378 (09) 376 2186 LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Parnell 10/21 Birdwood Cres

4 A 2 C 3 F 2 I

Built in 2009 to the latest building code this superbly located modern home offers flexible and easy lifestyle. Set in the heart of ever-popular Parnell Village and zoned for some of the best schools in Auckland it has 4 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, 2 living areas & plenty of storage to accommodate large family or get you an attractive rentals returns. All of this together with double garage, sleek designer finish and quality fit out makes it a smart investment in this premium location. Vacant - move in NOW! CV $920,000.

Set Date of Sale 6pm, 20th February, 2013 (unless sold prior) View by appointment or as advertised Michael Best 021 682 378 (09) 376 2186 LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Damerell Earwaker Group Ltd



Challenging Summer Reading Over summer, having read Richie McCaw’s biography and looking for some variety I turned to the report of the Children Commissioner’s Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty: Evidence for Action.

OVERPRICED PROPERTIES DO NOT RENT What an eventful year 2012 was. We had sad times and happy times and ended the year on a high with the birth of my first grandchild James, born on 13 December 2012.

I have to admit I approached it with some scepticism, not because the topic isn’t important – there are few that are more important – but because I’ve often found such reports frustrating. Michael Joseph Savage introduced the Welfare State more than 70 years ago with the promise that it would ‘end poverty’, and ever since successive governments have redistributed more and more money to struggling families – not just through welfare benefits, but also through free education (with extra funding skewed to poorer areas through the decile system), health services that are generally cheap or free for children in low income families, housing subsidies, countless special programmes and more recently Working For Families for families with modest incomes. And yet we still have tens of thousands of children being raised in poverty, however defined. So any report that says the solution to this complex problem is simply yet more redistribution is likely to be inadequate. This report can’t be described as simplistic. Its authors have worked very hard to research many aspects of child poverty and have produced 78 recommendations, each of which they argue would go some way to addressing the causes and consequences of child poverty. I recommend taking a look at Many of the recommendations involve greater support for lowincome families with young children, particularly around more investment in housing, including a Warrant of Fitness for all rental housing, extending free visits to doctors for all children to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and increasing benefit rates for children. Not all their ideas involve additional spending but rather fresh thinking about how to keep young parents in education and to improve prospects of work further down the line. I’m sure they will be carefully considered. On the other side I was disappointed that the report didn’t give more attention to more fundamental solutions. The obvious starting point is the best thing we can do to improve the material lot of the least well-off in New Zealand is to grow the economy so that it can generate more and better paying jobs. And yet this report said very little about the sorts of things that drive growth – such as making work pay, keeping tax under control and allowing entrepreneurs to do their thing without excessive restriction. You can rest assured, however, that the government is very focused on those issues, while maintaining support programmes in place for those most in need. The report also makes it clear that group of children suffering the highest rates of poverty are those who live with an unemployed sole parent. But nowhere is the fundamental question asked, is the Welfare State that we have inherited generating more or fewer sole parent households. Is there anything we can do about it? So the report made uncomfortable reading for me, but it’s important that the debate continues. I’d be keen to hear your views on this, or any other topic. Paul Goldsmith National List MP based in Epsom

As usual January arrived with a hiss and a roar: We had lots of property to rent, and many enquiries. It was difficult to keep our flyer and web site current what with properties renting so fast and new ones for rent coming in. Our rental list, website and Trade Me listings change daily. I have been out and about taking photos of new properties to add to Trade Me and our website, and appraising rental properties. Although a busy time for renting - property that is overpriced will not rent. For example, I was instructed by the landlords of a lovely home in Ellerslie (complete with whiteware, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a double garage) to lift the rent to $595 per week (and this was only after I had managed to talk them out of a proposed rent of $650 per week, suggesting that $570 would be more realistic). Their rental has remained empty for 6 weeks and now they have agreed to reduce the rent to $570. I know that it will rent now, and feel it was a pity to have wasted so much time and lost revenue trying to acheive an unrealistic rent for the property. Landlords make sure your rental property is not overpriced as even in a busy market it will not rent. Private landlords need to do some homework and go onto Trade Me to view what other similar properties in the area are renting for. Compare your rental and price accordingly. Good Renting Sylvia Lund AREINZ Director

The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

Visit our website at 40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email

making a difference It is over one year since I was chosen by the people of Epsom to represent them in parliament. It’s been a great privilege, and I work hard every day to represent their aspirations. In Epsom, my Electorate agent and I have assisted many constituents with their requests for help. We encourage everyone in Epsom that needs support to get in touch. As leader of ACT, my focus is on the economy and getting the right policies in place to encourage investment, growth and jobs. Many families today are working incredibly hard but are still struggling to get ahead.

Hon John Banks MP ... working for EPSOM every day To arrange an appointment to see me or one of my Electorate team please phone 09 522 7464, or email or write to PO Box 9209, Newmarket 1149. The Epsom Electorate office is located at: Suite 2.4, Level 2, 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket.

ACT believes those that work hard should be rewarded for their efforts. Big government sucks money away from families, into the hands of politicians. ACT wants to keep government small and taxes low, so that families keep more of what they earn. ACT’s Spending Cap Bill would put politicians on a budget, limiting spending to inflation and population growth. This will keep spending in check, leaving more in the pockets of Kiwi families.

Promoted by Hon John Banks 27 Gillies Avenue Newmarket

For a productive economy, we need all New Zealanders to contribute. A good education and work skills are crucial. Currently, one in five students leave school without any formal qualifications. This has a substantial impact on their career prospects, their self-esteem and their view of society. ACT is committed to raising the achievement of our most disadvantaged students. With the support of our coalition partners, ACT is implementing the Partnership Schools initiative. Partnership Schools offer a flexible and innovative approach to education, tailored to students’ needs. It’s been great to see private organisations that run alternative courses for disadvantaged students, express strong interest in Partnership Schools. They are keen to get to students early, rather than having to wait until they’ve fallen through the cracks. The Partnership Schools legislation is currently making its way through parliament and the first schools are expected to open in 2014. These are just a couple of initiatives ACT is working on to improve the lives of all New Zealanders and to better link effort with reward. For information on other ACT policies, let me encourage you to visit Best wishes, Hon John Banks CNZM, QSO MP for Epsom, Leader – ACT New Zealand

REAL SERVICE FOR REAL PEOPLE We love promoting “the world’s most liveable city” and are passionate about Auckland’s exciting inner city and waterfront developments. If you are either considering selling your property or looking to add to your investment portfolio we would love to talk to you. Judi Yurak 021 689 821 09 308 5583 |

Michelle Yurak 021 412 577 09 308 5580 |

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Collaboration needed for Auckland housing solutions There is no single cause or solution for Auckland’s housing issues and no one agency which can solve them – we need a joint solution to a complex problem. Auckland will gain an additional 1 million residents in the next 30 years. Where and how will we house these people? Releasing more land is not the magic bullet. There is already provision for approximately 15,000 dwellings on already zoned and serviced greenfield land. This land can be built on today, subject to the market, and that means existing land-use regulations are not the cause for unmet demand for housing. The Auckland Council has formed a Housing Strategic Action Plan, to complement the vision of the Auckland Plan and the toolkit of the coming Unitary Plan. Through the Auckland Plan process, Aucklanders strongly supported the concept of a quality compact city, with 60 – 70 per cent of new dwellings built within the existing urban footprint and 30 – 40 per cent on new greenfields development.

Most of the growth will be concentrated in the 10 metropolitan centres, such as Takapuna. These centres and the city centre will be the only places where high-rise apartments will be allowed. The Unitary Plan will replace 12 existing district and regional plans. It is the rulebook that will guide what we build and where, and how we protect our natural and built heritage. It will be online and easier to use, simplifying the planning process, and saving homeowners, landlords and developers time and money. Auckland Council has already done extensive consultation on the draft Unitary Plan via our 21 local boards and key stakeholders. In March, we will begin wider public consultation. Auckland needs a comprehensive suite of solutions from agencies working in collaboration – local and central government, private enterprise and developers, and social development agencies. The council’s Strategic Housing Action Plan focuses on achieving successful, joint solutions. In the first stage of the plan, the council is putting in place new tools that will help the housing sector respond to urgent need. They include postponing development contributions (that help pay for essential infrastructure) for significant developments; identifying new ways of determining development contributions for smaller homes; working with our partners to explore using council land for housing projects; opportunities to make houses warmer and healthier; and further improving the consenting processes. Len Brown Mayor of Auckland



what's in a name? Happy New Year! During my holidays I bought a second-hand book at the Taupo Antique Fair. Titled “Street Names Of Auckland – Their Story” and pwublished by John Davenport in 1990, the book comes with a lovely foreword written by then Mayor Dame Catherine Tizard. In this, my first column of the year, I thought I’d share some of the history and reasons behind our local street names.


Limiting The Stress Of Selling Total trust, confidence and “guanxi” (relationship) is how one client describes Lance Pemberton. With 21 years of real estate experience under his belt, Lance is truly an expert in the field. He is noted for his commitment to clients, advising them on pre-sale preparation, negotiation tactics and settlement. In this second series from Lance Pemberton, he continues to share some helpful tips from his book Sold. This month he focuses on limiting the stresses of selling by tackling potential problems before you put your house on the market. When selling your home, it pays to quantify any potential problems you may have – no matter how big or small. The reason being is that a serious buyer is going to find any faults with your property regardless of how hard you try to hide them. Many buyers vastly over-estimate the cost of repairs, so it pays to rectify them before they start mentally discounting your home based on their own assessments. Here are some top tips to help: 1.

It’s worth engaging an experienced real estate agent early on to advise what needs to be done to get your property up to sale condition.


Now is the best time to tackle any home maintenance you may have been neglecting such as missing external boards or repainting the bathroom ceiling.


If you are short on time organise for a builder, or similar professional, to document any maintenance problems and have them put the cost of their solutions in writing. Some buyers will play heavily on the cost of repairs when negotiating, so having formal proof of the actual costs will work in your favour.

Gillies in Epsom is named after 19th-century Auckland judge Thomas Bannatyne Gillies. He was a lawyer who became superintendent of Auckland Province in 1869, and in 1875 was appointed resident judge for the Auckland region. Gillies Avenue was once called Domain Street.


It’s worth getting an estimate to completely do-up your home. It may be very inexpensive to actually renovate, with costs kept to a minimum by sourcing basic materials. If a buyer has recently been to a home in a worse condition than yours, their perception of costs may be distorted!

Gladstone in Parnell is named after the Rt Hon William Ewart Gladstone who was British prime minister during the reign of Queen Victoria on four separate occasions – more than any other person.


Buyers can access what is known as a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) and if they aren’t satisfied with what they see this can be used as grounds to withdraw their interest. The report highlights any potential problems such as drainage, boundaries, or an outstanding requisition or consent (permit). The reports are available from the local council so get hold of one yourself and fix any maintenance or issues before putting your property on the market.

Abbotts Way in Remuera is named after R H Abbott who owned land in the Meadowbank area. During World War One he gave land to the city that included Lake St John, which was later drained to became Waiatarua Park. Apirana in Glen Innes is named after Sir Apirana Ngata (1874 – 1950), a famous leader, politician, scholar and statesman. He was also the first Maori graduate from a New Zealand university. Felton Matthew in St Johns is named after the colony’s first Surveyor General who was appointed by Governor William Hobson and chose and surveyed the site for the new capital at Auckland.

Khyber Pass in Grafton and Newmarket is named in honour of Lord Auckland who had been governor general of India from 1836 to 1842. He gained fame when the British Army passed through the Khyber Pass – a narrow mountainous passage - and entered Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. When the road down into Newmarket was being constructed, some of it through rock, it was considered to be an apt name especially as military labour was used in the project. Auckland is of course named after Lord Auckland, George Eden, who was first lord of the admiralty during Hobson’s time. Hobson honoured him when he named the new capital. Mt Eden and Newmarket’s Eden Street also honour him. Norman Lesser in Remuera is named after the Anglican Archbishop of New Zealand from 1961 to 1971, the Most Reverend Norman Alfred Lesser. Patteson in Mission Bay was named after Reverend John Coleridge Patteson. He was involved in Bishop Selwyn’s 1859 establishment of St Andrew’s Melanesian College in Mission Bay to train students from the Islands for missionary work. Looking through this book, it’s clear in this the 120th anniversary year of New Zealand women getting the vote, we probably need a few more of our great female New Zealanders signposted around Auckland. Cameron Brewer Councillor for Orakei

All of this information and more is available in Lance’s book Sold. We have five copies to giveaway. To be in with a chance to win, email with SOLD in the subject line before the 28th February 2012.

Lance Pemberton M 021 347 400 A/H 215 2757 E Epsom 520 6221




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778 Manukau Road Royal Oak

565 Remuera Road Remuera 101 Main Highway Ellerslie

131 Arthur Street Onehunga

Showcase Property

17 KIPLING AVENUE - EPSOM Home Stay Hosts/Developers Extended Families 1900's Villa converted into a 15 bedroom rest home in the 70's. Has since been used for a number of accommodation applications. The opportunities are:

 1209 Square meters of North facing level prime residential land, it could well be a Developers Dream (3 unit site).

 Extended families/Investors room here for 3 generations/ families or 3 separate lets (floor plan available).

 The location could not be better a short stroll to Newmarket ALAN ELLIOTT 021 994 881 | 523 7713 WINNIE YI 021 881 133 | 624 2742 GLENN WU 0212 776 558 | 526 2035

Showcase Property

and Epsom’s best schools. Close to public transport & the motorway for a comfortable commute.

Auction Venue

1.30pm Saturday February 23rd 2013 (unless sold prior) On Site

22 LOCHIEL ROAD - REMUERA Fantastic double GZ opportunity! Available for the first time in over 20 years, this classic 2 level, light-filled, family living bungalow on a 673m2 garden section has so much to offer! Three double bedrooms, massive bathroom, large formal lounge, modern kitchen, open plan dining and family with flow onto sunny deck with views, office, internal access garage and enough downstairs laundry/toilet area for potential further development. With plenty of off-street parking for family and friends and just a stroll to Remuera Village shops, this one is a real winner! You won’t want to miss it! Auction Venue

JEFF CLAYTON 027 77 88 333 | 523 7716

6.00pm Wednesday March 6th 2013 (unless sold prior) 778 Manukau Road, Royal Oak

the home of real estate tm

Selling your home for the best price is like making a cake. The result will largely depend on preparation… LJ Hooker Auckland Central, a proud sponsor of the Meadowbank Primary School Fundraising Recipe Book.

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Verve February 2013 Issue  

This month's issue includes the Auckland Cup Week, stories on Waiheke Flipside, Sir George Fistonich and Villa Maria, Junk & Disorderly, Edi...