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This month, I want to take a minute to address responsibility. The cannabis space in Nevada is currently experiencing an influx of adult-use consumers. Our dispensaries have, up until now, been able to cater to each medical cannabis patient individually. Now, with the additional adult-use consumers in the mix, some facilities are finding it difficult to manage the longer lines and demand for product. Price increases and sold out product is something that should have been expected back when we voted to pass Question 2 which legalized recreational cannabis in Nevada.

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o Year Card

As a consumer, take responsibility for your own health and well-being. Do your research before arriving at the dispensary. Look over the online menu ahead of time. Most dispensaries have delivery available for medical patients and most offer advanced placement of orders for all customers. There are also plenty of resources such as local magazines and online websites that provide educational information relating to cannabinoids, terpenes and dosing. Taking responsibility for your health is just one aspect of adult use. You, and only you are responsible for keeping your cannabis products under lock and key and away from children, for not driving while intoxicated and for utilizing cannabis productively and safely. Those of us within the industry also have a responsibility to provide clear, concise and most importantly, correct information to consumers. It’s great to acknowledge that our Veterans are now able to shop the dispensaries without registering with the DMV however, to not mention that Veterans who test positive for THC with the VA may be ineligible to continue receiving their pain medication or benefits due to federal law is not only misleading but also harmful. Many of us do not think twice about preaching the legality of adult use cannabis in Nevada, but to leave out the fact that drug testing by employers is still in full force just doesn’t make sense. Please be aware of what you are saying and keep in mind that when things are not fully explained and understood, we end up doing more harm than good. “Responsibility educates” -Wendell Phillips

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s many of you may have heard, High Times Magazine which was founded back in 1974 was recently purchased by a group of twenty investors. One of those investors was Bob Marley’s youngest son Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. I recently had the chance to speak to Damian about his involvement with High Times, his various ventures within the cannabis industry and the release of his fourth album entitled Stony Hill. VEGAS CANNABIS MAGAZINE: You are one of the new investors in High Times Magazine. What led you to this investment?

DAMIAN MARLEY: High Times has been around for many years. In fact, I grew up reading High Times as a kid in Jamaica. It was a part of my upbringing and education on the plant, and also a way for my friends and I to see what the buds looked like that we had yet to experience. With my recent ventures within the cannabis space, investing in High Times just made sense. VCM: You, along with your business partner Ocean Grown Extracts recently purchased a 77,000 square foot, former prison in Coalinga, California with the intention of converting it into a cannabis grow facility. Tell me about that project. DAMIAN: When we were looking for real estate to purchase for our grow facility, we had a difficult time finding something big enough to accommodate our project. We were told that the Claremont Custody Center, which was a former prison was available and after looking at it decided that it would be the ideal place for our cultivation center. Although it is ironic that we are now growing cannabis in a

place that formerly housed inmates possibly convicted for marijuana drug charges, we did not initially set out to purchase this property just because it was a former prison. We are growing flower but have not harvested yet. We are currently making concentrates at the facility. VCM: Hats off to you and your crew. The Coalinga, California economy will greatly benefit from the tax revenue and employment offerings that your facility will bring. In what other states do you operate cannabis businesses? DAMIAN: Last year I opened Stony Hill Dispensary in collaboration with TruCannabis in Denver, Colorado. The recreational dispensary is located across from Mile High Stadium.

VCM: What is the meaning behind the dispensary name? DAMIAN: Stony Hill is the neighborhood in Jamaica where I grew up. VCM: Do you have plans to enter the Nevada cannabis market? DAMIAN: Absolutely! We want to have our products in all medical and recreational states. VCM: Your newest album highlights your many ties to the cannabis industry. And, one of the songs entitled “Medication” which features your brother Stephen Marley emphasizes cannabis use as medicine. The video was phenomenally done and intros with actual cannabis patients giving their testimonies to the healing aspects of cannabis. What was your motivation for this song? DAMIAN: Cannabis is medicine. I present my cannabis use to my own son this way. I will always educate him on the healing

aspects of the plant. For this song, to be able to bring in true patient testimonies and also film the video at the former prison and cultivation site gave us the opportunity to bring in some great visual effects and really touch our audience. The recreational side of this plant is no secret to anyone. But, we need to make sure that we continue to educate people about the medicinal side as well.

VCM: What industry changes do you think we need to see in order for this movement to progress? DAMIAN: People have always consumed marijuana recreationally and the recreational market will always bring in money. As an industry, we need to approach things from a medical and cultural standpoint. In places where cannabis is accepted, we are seeing medical research and this is what we need. VCM: What do you think your father, the legendary Bob Marley would think about the cannabis movement today? DAMIAN: I think he would love what is happening. We just have to keep moving forward. VCM: You just released your album Stony Hill. What else do you have coming up in the near future? DAMIAN: Yes, Stony Hill released last month. I am very excited about it because it is my first solo album in about 12 years. I have a tour coming up and will be out in Vegas in October to perform at the House of Blues. In the cannabis space, I am looking at opening additional dispensaries and am looking forward to our first harvest at the grow facility. I am also very interested in helping to progress the marijuana movement in Jamaica.

Catch Damian Marley locally at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay on October 8th.






annabis has emerged from the black market with a lack of horticultural or agronomic standardized naming conventions. Instead, the use of acronyms and nonstandard abbreviations has made it increasingly difficult to have confidence about what is on the market and to make effective comparisons and has created additional uncertainty over the ability to trademark or patent strains. Why does this matter? How can a cannabis strain authentication and classification system be created? The first step toward authenticating cannabis cultivation would be to throw out the tradition of “strain” naming and replace it with the agronomic and horticultural convention of “cultivar” names. While plant varieties often occur in nature and breed true, cultivars are selected and cultivated by humans and usually must be propagated vegetatively for true-to-type clones. For example, the strain Blue Dream would become the cultivar Cannabis sativa cv. Blue Dream. The second step would be to associate a referenced chemotype and genotype with Cannabis sativa cv. Blue Dream. The combination of the Blue Dream cultivar name with its chemotype and referenced genotype would authenticate it. Coming in line with agronomic standards would help promote the legitimacy of the cannabis industry. In addition, consumers are willing to pay a premium for genotyped, authenticated flower. Various efforts have been underway toward classification schemes based on chemotypic data for cannabis that are currently being practiced—for example Leafly’s strain tiles, David Schacter’s Cannabis scope, Ethan Russo and Mark Lewis’ Phyto Facts that lead them to propose and describe three major “chemovar” superclasses based on phyto cannabinoid and terpene content to enable patients to easily visually distinguish particular attributes for optimal therapeutic impact. And genotypic-centric efforts at cannabis phylogeny are also underway by several groups including Phylos Galaxy, Medicinal Genomics’ Kannapaedia, and various academic groups including those of Johnathan Page and Nolan Kane. Both approaches—


chemotypic and genotypic—are aimed to give cannabis consumers more confidence in what they are purchasing. What is now on the horizon is a classification approach using both chemoprofiling and gene profiling tied down to a formal registry of cannabis cultivars. Because of federal restrictions, the cultivar registry would have to be managed on a state-by-state basis. All stakeholders should participate, from growers to state departments of agriculture to scientists actively working in this area. State regulatory agencies will need to be active participants in creating and overseeing a cannabis registration. There are hopeful signs from the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) with their interest in forming a varietal hemp working group. The main barrier will be changing human behavior, given that cannabis variants have been introduced, named, and hybridized at will until now. I think the motivating event for adoption of a new nomenclature will occur in California, where recreational cannabis comes online in 2018. California will be the largest cannabis recreational market in the biggest agricultural economy in the United States. Cannabis cultivation will mature rapidly and a cannabis registry will be one important part of that process as the industry rapidly evolves toward big agriculture versus boutique cannabis growers; in both instances, cannabis cultivar authentication will be the key to success and keeping market share. We do not have a complete assemblage of the genes involved in what we believe are the pertinent pathways that contribute to the pharmacological activities of cannabis, nor do we have a complete picture of the human genetic variants that contribute to a therapeutic outcome. We can look to established agricultural commodity industries as models to see how new research findings, such as elucidating terpene pathways in the case of cannabis, or introduction of pest-resistance in the case of wheat, can easily be incorporated, lead to registration of a new cultivar, and only strengthen the intellectual property position of specific cultivars. Marketing and branding will require a more reliable experience or therapeutic





By Cindy Orser, PHD. Digipath Labs As Chief Scientific Officer at Digipath, Cindy Orser, PhD, is creating a replicable cannabis testing environment with validated protocols to ensure cannabis and cannabis-based products are safe. She is also developing standards and biomarkers to clearly distinguish products derived from specific cannabis strains concomitant with determining the bioavailability of the cannabinoids found in the product.


outcome, and, therefore, tighter controls on authenticating what is actually being grown and processed. Although a lot of information has been gathered by various cannabis labs and groups, because of the lack of standardization in analytical methods used to collect chemo profile data, one can never be fully confident with a cross analyses. Likewise, because of non-standardized sequencing approaches in genotyping, not all genetic sequence data are comparable. The reality is that a cultivar classification system or registry could serve as a framework or point of reference so that Blue Dream grown in Boston could be compared to Blue Dream grown in California. Cannabis cultivar registration would ideally require full sequencing and chemo profile data for the given cultivation technique. The registry would also serve the purpose of preventing the re-use of an already registered cultivar name.

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Advocate for Your



t’s quite apparent that almost everyone that hears about it wants to enter the cannabis industry. More than half the country has passed medical marijuana laws, 29 to be exact and 8 states have legalized for adult use. And notice I use the terminology adult use over recreational. Recreational sounds fun, that’s what recreation is! A 15-year-old can use cannabis recreationally but not if it’s for adult use. Now this may not sound like a big deal until you’re expecting uninformed voters to decide on whether to legalize or not.

Let me take a moment to remind everyone that although cannabis is being legalized on the state level, all things cannabis remain illegal on the federal level. Whether we are talking about one plant, one stem, one seed, or one flower, cannabis is federally illegal. Typically, this isn’t a concern for those following local and state laws that regulate cannabis but doesn’t mean the federal authorities cannot get involved. It can happen anytime they wish, keeping in mind they generally aren’t interested in spending federal resources on small cases. Now that we’ve gotten past that part, please remember that if you want to enter this industry, be prepared to explain yourself to someone. At some point, at some place, you will have to explain why it is you want to move forward in the “weed” industry. I use that word deliberately because that is most likely the thought process of the person you will be speaking to. That person may be you parent, spouse, sibling, child, neighbor, city council member or perhaps someone sitting at a desk that stands in your way of progress. I wouldn’t mention anything to your employer just yet as medical cannabis patients do not have the same rights as traditional patients. You can still be discriminated against as a cannabis patient or adult consumer. Keep in mind that in general people are becoming more open to the idea of cannabis legalization. Also keep in mind that in general people are more opinionated than educated when discussing cannabis. It should not only be your responsibility but it is your opportunity to educate people and perhaps encourage them to open a door that they wouldn’t have otherwise. When tasked with demystifying or educating someone, please refer to the following key points:

U.S. Patent 6630507B1: Cannabis cannot be prescribed. It can only be

recommended by physicians because it remains classified as a schedule one substance. Anything that is schedule one is considered to have NO medical value, ZERO, therefore it cannot be prescribed! However, the same U.S. government owns a patent where they have registered cannabinoids as neuroprotectants and antioxidants. You can see that the contradiction is clear and obvious.


By: Dr. Aseem Sappal Provost & Dean of the Faculty Oaksterdam University

Routes of Administration: When most people think of cannabis, they think of marijuana, which is something that you smoke and they wonder how that can be medicine? I understand that thought process, but process this one: marijuana is something you smoke and cannabis is something you take. No one said you must smoke cannabis. The general public is unaware of the many methods of ingestion. Cannabis can be taken sublingually, topically, as a suppository, in food or in an inhaler just as you take albuterol for asthma. They are both known bronchodilators. Don’t take my word for it do the research and review the clinical tests. Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoids: Most people think that all things

cannabis get you high. THCA and CBD are non-psychoactive, good for children and adults adverse to euphoria. You can produce medicine that is antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, and inhibits cell tumor growth and all the while not get you “high”.

Organizations: You don’t have to do everything yourself. Alumni of Oaksterdam have every resource available to them at their request. There are other organizations such as Law Enforcement Action Partnership, a top-notch group of active and retired law enforcement that believe in this industry and support what it is you are trying to do. https:// Science & Research: By 2008, research of cannabinoids and endocannabinoids had reached approximately 15,000 articles. It’s probably closer to 30,000 by now. We have more studies on cannabis than ibuprofen. I should probably mention that cannabis has no known LD50 rating. Even over the counter medication has a lethal dose rating. Many of today’s dispensaries have a lack of CBD and THCA products or are often out of stock. You may never find inhalers or suppositories, which I understand isn’t a big deal unless you’re dying. Well there are people dying and they are in serious need. Feed two birds with one hand and fill the void and you can do well for yourself at the same time. Although we are moving forward with adult use there is still a need for medicine and safe access to that medicine. Patients shouldn’t have to pay higher taxes if at all, and the limit to possess and cultivate should also remain greater. That also means that many patients do not have the means or physical ability to travel to a dispensary and may require home health care delivery services. These are topics that you will address at city council and chamber meetings. Nonetheless there’s a long way to go and you can help us get there. Be prepared to articulate and defend your choice of medicine and remember if you don’t speak, no one will listen!




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Oaksterdam University has been cultivating leaders since 2007, celebrating 10 years of quality training for the cannabis industry! At OU you’ll learn from the very first dispensary owners in the United States, the first attorneys to ever take cannabis cases to the supreme court & authors of America’s 1st cannabis legislation - Proposition 215 & Senate Bill 420 and more recently California’s MCRSA & AUMA.

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M A T R I X M M J . C O M





THE 2017 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE More laws that pot smokers need to know Adults, over the age of 21, can not only use marijuana legally in Nevada, but now can purchase marijuana legally. Some legal hiccups almost delayed recreational dispensaries from opening on July 1; however, with the help of the Nevada Department of Taxation (the State office charged with overseeing the recreation marijuana program), recreational dispensaries opened as planned on July 1, 2017.

The 2017 Nevada Legislative Session could certainly go down in history as the “Marijuana Session”. For recreational and medical marijuana proponents, this session did a lot of good for the fledgling marijuana program here in Nevada. That said, there were a few marijuana related bills that never made it off the Governor’s desk, despite being passed by both houses of the Legislature.

In response to the legalization/regulation of recreational marijuana, the 2017 Legislature passed, or attempted to pass numerous laws that directly impact all pot smokers. Last month’s column discussed some of the laws that were passed that directly and indirectly affect recreational and medicinal users of marijuana. Here are some more:

SB 374 proposed to add opioid addiction to the list of qualifying conditions in order to be eligible for a medical marijuana card, and the bill further proposed to prohibit a professional licensing board from taking any action against one of their licensees for having a medical marijuana card or from using or possessing marijuana recreationally (outside of the workplace, of course). Both houses of the Legislature passed this bill; however, Governor Sandoval vetoed it.

AB 135 gets rid of urine tests to determine if a person is driving under the influence of marijuana. This new law mandates only blood tests will be used in marijuana DUI cases. The argument against urine tests being used in DUI cases, is that testing urine will only show that a person has consumed marijuana, not the level of THC in their system. This bill doesn’t change the limits of THC or marijuana metabolite in a person’s blood to be considered DUI. If a person has 2 nanograms of THC in their blood, a person is over the legal limit. The new law did change the type of marijuana metabolite that will be tested for in DUI cases. The new marijuana metabolites limit is the same as the previous metabolite, 5 nanograms; however, the argument is that the new metabolite that will be tested for is a better indicator of a person’s possible impairment. According to the testimony provided to the Legislature, this new marijuana metabolite leaves a person’s system a lot faster than the metabolite law enforcement previously tested for. While this is certainly a positive change for marijuana users, it is still very important for all users to understand that this new law does not change the “per se" limits for THC or marijuana metabolite. While adult recreational marijuana and medical marijuana is legal to use in Nevada, Nevada still has some of the toughest DUI laws in the Country. SB 396, which was passed and signed into law, allows for the growth and handling of industrial hemp and for the production of agricultural hemp seed. Individuals wishing to grow industrial hemp or produce agricultural hemp seed must register with the Nevada State Department of Agriculture. For registration requirements, please see SB 396 for all the details.


AB 259 was a bill that would allow people who were previously convicted of possessing less than 1 ounce of marijuana or any other marijuana-related misdemeanor, to petition the Court to vacate their conviction and seal their records. The bill also proposed to give judges the discretion to vary from mandatory minimum sentencing requirements for people who are convicted of possession of controlled substances. Again, despite both houses of the Legislature passing this bill, the Governor vetoed it. As the State implements the new laws and regulations relating to recreational and medical marijuana, it is crucial for all pot smokers to be aware of all the laws, as ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Karena K. Dunn is a Criminal Defense Attorney who works with her Father at Larry K. Dunn & Associates. Karena and Larry defend clients in over 35 Courts across Nevada. Although they handle all criminal cases, the vast majority of their cases are DUIs (both alcohol & drug DUIs) & drug offenses.




When Food Really Is


e all heard him whistling from the bathroom. A mindless melody so pleasant it reminded me of the orchestra of birds that sing and chirp each morning outside my bedroom. But it wasn’t morning, rather it was dusk. Mother had just walked in bearing a bottle of red wine, Aliya was


By: Deborah Costella

sitting on the full sized bed we had moved to the living room weeks prior. It now served as the couch. His new bed was one of those rented hospital versions. It served his needs better now. Aliya sat cross-legged, her head down, knitting yet another hat for him. He was always cold. I stood in the small kitchen waiting for the grapeseed oil I had just poured into the cast iron skillet to shimmer indicating it was hot enough. Cut up chicken had been marinating in a buttermilk bath overnight, a mixture of dried herbs and spices merrily swimming in the tangy milk anticipating their future as supporting cast in this special meal. Steamed Yukon Golds sat at the ready in a large mixing bowl awaiting their mashing with more of the reserved milk. Onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper a good dollop of sour cream would be added to the potatoes making for the richest and creamiest of side dishes. He’s loved mashed potatoes since he was a baby. There was a jar of commercially prepared gravy sitting on the counter. A blatant indication of my inability to make gravy that doesn’t separate. A crisp green salad was chopped, tossed and wrapped, chilling in the fridge. He asked me to prepare this selection of comfort foods the day before. I pointed out digesting such a heavy meal would be nearly impossible considering his current state of health. But his heartfelt plea, accentuated by the look in those big brown eyes, expressed such desire, my logic faded. So I conceded. I wondered, as I moved pieces of chicken from tins of dry, wet, dry to the now hot oil, if my brother held the same fond food memory I did. As children, our father instigated several days dedicated to the picking, slicing, pitting and drying of apricots. At the end of these




long days we were rewarded with a meal of KFC. Our entire family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, reveled in this take-out feast of soggy fried chicken, one dimensional mashed potatoes, fluffy, air-like biscuits and too smooth gravy. But after a day of sweat, hard work and downright fun, this ending was always looked forward to and was always delicious. I never got around to asking Lawrence, but figured the memory must’ve dwelled somewhere inside him, as it did within me. As grown adults he was the healthiest among us. Lawrence held the most sensible approach to eating. He applied little if any dressing to his salads. Ate only steel cut oats with lots of nuts and fresh fruit mixed in for breakfast. Drank no alcohol and nary a piece of candy or dessert touched his lips. He consumed very little fat but rather ate tons of vegetables. So why was he the one struck with cancer? My siblings and I, regularly consumed pounds of sugar, plenty of carbs, an abundance of bad fats and me, the worst, with my go-to dinner of wine and M & M’s. If food really is medicine, why were we spared while my little brother suffered the inconvenience of cancer? How is it, the one who ate all the right foods, in the right quantities in addition to climbing on his bike to cycle miles upon miles along Skyline and beyond, end up sick? What kind of perfect storm raged undetected until we found ourselves standing behind and beside him as he faced-off chemotherapy, surgeries and more chemo? I still don’t have an answer to that question. But on this particular evening, now in his early 50’s, wheelchair bound with tubes and bags attached to his torso like a makeshift hula skirt, Lawrence puttered in his bathroom whistling a happy tune. It was clear to Mother, Aliya and I, he was eager to partake of a meal prepared just for him. The aromatic scent of chicken frying in hot oil, the sound of thick gravy burping and bubbling on the stove and eye-pleasing biscuits browning in the oven offered each of us a kind of emotional reprieve from the current reality. I had occasionally spent time visiting and helping my brother in months prior to this evening. But during the last three months of his life, I became a more prominent fixture in this gladiator’s arena in his fight against cancer. Between changing bags, physical therapy, doctor’s visits, errands and cooking, our days were very, very busy. However, by five o’clock each evening, my brother would wheel himself from his favoured spot, in front of the fireplace (an effort to warm his chilled bones) to a corner window and partake of his preferred medicine, Marijuana. As he gazed out the open window and lit his water pipe, he would call, “It’s time for your wine Webbie.” Webbie, a childhood nickname derived from Debbie when he was a toddler, unable to pronounce Deborah. My parents allowed for Debbie, but evidently, he couldn’t pronounce that either. He would open the window wide, waving his hand encouraging the smoke to wind its way to the street below. He did this to appease the home-visiting doctors, nurses and therapists who made it clear they didn’t condone smoking but understood the medicinal properties marijuana held for Lawrence and others like him. Especially in easing the pain and nausea my brother continuously suffered. That evening as Lawrence made his way to the window, calling out the wine bell for Mother, Aliya and myself, I watched as he inhaled




deeply the herbaceous medicine. By the time Lawrence was finished and secured his pipe back in the cupboard, Mother, Aliya and I had plated up dinner, then gathered together on the bed-couch for a makeshift picnic. Lawrence rolled up alongside us and balancing his plate on his lap, turned on Judge Judy. The four of us commenced eating. Not even the scolding and admonishments from Judge Judy to those poor plaintiffs and defendants could drown out the “mmmm’s and yum’s” emanating from my brother and the others. I smiled from ear to ear, happy I could give my brother something he so wanted. It was a simple and small a gesture on my part but one with grand reward. I think of that night often. Mother can’t talk about it without crying. That night was the last time any of us heard Lawrence whistle. Fast forward almost a year after his passing, it suddenly occurs to me, I could’ve easily done more to ensure my brother’s food really did serve as medicine. I happened to be at a party with some friends. There was a woman I was introduced to whom I discovered went to the same junior college I attended, Foothill Junior College. And, crazy as those meetings can turn out to be, she had heard of me, but not as Deborah Viariseo rather as Cosmic Muffin (another nickname, given to me for obvious reasons, if you at all know me). Someone standing nearby overheard our conversation and laughed then teasingly asked, “So what kind of muffins were you cooking up?” That’s when it happened.

Bells went off in my head, lights, bells, and sirens, all of it. How could I not have thought to do that for Lawrence? Of course, back in those college days, I’d thrown half a “lid” into a package of dry brownie mix, added oil, water and an egg, then baked the mixture up according to package directions. I carefully frosted them with chocolate icing then dotted each brownie with an M & M so people would know they were “laced.” This was my signature contribution to many a college party. Those days were long gone, and it hadn’t occurred to me to cook with cannabis since. But in that moment, with the strobe light of ideas going off in my head, it was as if Lawrence were there asking me from wherever he was; “Yeah, what about those muffins?”

I PREFER TO FOCUS ON INFUSING FOODS THAT DO A BODY GOOD. For over three years now I have been experimenting and honing my skills as a Chef of Healing Foods. Taking cues from my brother, I prefer to focus on infusing foods that do a body good. Not just brownies, Rice Krispie treats, cookies and candies. Instead, I do my best to infuse foods that are healthy, more savory in nature. I prepare gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and of course, fried chicken. Whatever type of food is needed by those who have decided to integrate holistic medicine with traditional treatments. People who, like Lawrence, are suffering debilitating diseases, chronic pain or other maladies inhibiting their ability to fully think and function under conditions they are told is the “new normal.” It has been my experience during recent years, as I prepare a variety of infused foods, how much good ingesting medical Marijuana can do. From providing temporary pain relief in the form of a balm to reducing more severe pain from surgery and illness, bringing it to a level that is at least tolerable. Ingesting medical marijuana means no smoke in their lungs or the environment they spend their time in and seems to do a better job in alleviating nausea while increasing appetites. Many are already familiar with the famous Charlotte’s Web a hybrid strain created to reduce seizures in a young child. It is this same medicine that when ingested in the form of food can help with insomnia, allowing much needed sleep to sweep into their ailing bodies. And let’s not forget the added dose of joy certain strains of medical marijuana can provide, juxtaposing a kind of paradigm shift in the mind and therefore the spirit by inducing a chuckle or two. Laughter, a nearly forgotten response for many and their caregivers. How I wish I’d thought to do this for Lawrence when he was here. Instead I do it for others. Because I know for certain; Food Really Is Medicine. Multi-faceted in her talents and interests, Deborah L Costella has enjoyed expressing her creativity as a dancer, teacher, chef and writer, both in the Northern California Bay Area and Las Vegas Nevada. She has authored two cookbooks and has written numerous articles and newsletters for local publications in the Las Vegas Valley, with a focus on cooking. Deborah currently teaches cooking classes at Sur La Table and Cozymeal, as well as private in-home classes. She also provides personal chef services in both Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. She has yet another book in the works.





* you should yield: 1- 1 ½ cups of this mixture • • • • • • • •

2 Tbsp cayenne pepper 6 Tbsp granulated garlic (not garlic salt) 3 Tbsp paprika 3 Tbsp onion powder 3 Tbsp Keif 2 Tbsp dark brown sugar 2 Tbsp kosher salt 1 Tbsp cracked pepper

INGREDIENTS FOR MARINADE • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1 4 lb. whole chicken, cut into 8-10 pieces 4 cups buttermilk – separated 2 Tbsp Frank’s Hot Sauce 1 cup or bottle of dark beer - divided ¼ cup of the Seasoning recipe (above) Ingredients for Dredging Flour 2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour ¼ cup of the Seasoning recipe (above) Ingredients for Wet Mixture 1 large or jumbo egg 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp baking soda 1 Tbsp mustard

INGREDIENTS FOR SEASONING: • ½ cup of Seasoning Recipe (above) • 1 cup of reserved infused frying oil • Kosher salt to taste

PROCESS: In a medium bowl, whisk together all ingredients for Chicken Seasoning, mixing well. Set aside. In a very large bowl, combine 3 cups of the buttermilk, hot sauce, ½ the beer and seasoning mix. Add chicken, making sure chicken pieces are completely submerged. Cover and place in fridge at least 4 hours or overnight. When chicken has done marinating, begin by placing a wire rack over a sheet pan, then set chicken pieces on rack to drain. Meanwhile, whisk together flour and seasoning mix in a cake or pie pan. In a separate cake or pie pan, whisk together the remaining 1 cup of buttermilk, the other half of the beer, egg, baking powder, baking soda and mustard. In a heavy cast iron skillet or Dutch oven, over medium heat, add about 2 inches of infused oil and heat to about 350 degrees. Begin by dipping the chicken pieces, one at a time, into the flour mixture, coating all sides, then into the egg mixture. Shake off excess then place chicken, skin down first, into hot oil. Do not overcrowd the skillet/pot. Fry chicken until a rich brown crust has developed before turning, about 15-20 minutes per side. If your pot/pan is too small to hold all the chicken, allow the oil to heat back up to 350 degrees before adding next batch. While chicken is cooking, add about 1 cup of the frying oil to what’s left of the seasoning mixture and whisk until smooth (this is your glaze). Transfer fried chicken pieces to a clean cooling rack, set over a sheet pan and brush with prepared glaze. Sprinkle chicken, while still hot, with a sprinkling of salt and serve hot or at room temperature. Makes 8-10 Servings: Approx. 35 mg THC per serving.








With recreational dispensaries now open, many of you are new readers to Vegas Cannabis, and it's great to have you FINALLY with us. Lots and lots of people have worked tirelessly for many years to repeal cannabis prohibition. It's an honor and a privilege to live in a day when we finally get to see the fruit of all this work. Things will never be the way they used to. The days of buying whatever "the dude" has are gone. A quick hand off, not knowing what you're getting doesn't EVER need to happen again. EVERYTHING sold in Nevada dispensaries is 100% lab tested and those test results are how we determine what effects each strain will give you. Everything is pre-weighed and packaged in the state of Nevada. Budtenders make an hourly wage and do not get a percentage or a cut of what they sell. All product is under State surveillance from the minute it's planted to the second you take it out the dispensary door. Dispensary employees are not "pinching" your bag and they are not trying to rip you off! I personally have spent years now studying diseases and the benefits of terpene and cannabinoid profiles. I can't speak for all budtenders, but generally we are in this business because we want to ease people's pain and make them feel good.

Since recreational started, I've noticed a significant amount of people coming in and not utilizing all this education we have been working our asses off to learn. Listen, I understand, "I've been smoking forever", "my friend told me, and he's a big smoker", "I come from northern Cali", "I saw online . ..�, but, times have changed and things are very different now. You have been smoking, but you don't know what. In the past, you would not have know what it was grown with (pesticides, nutrients, or type of water), or typically whether it's a sativa or indica? I can't tell you how many people with anxieties and nervous conditions have swore to me they were told they should have a sativa strain only to come back and thank me for explaining myrcene and cbd and selling them an indica strain. The testing in Nevada in some of the most inclusive in the country. The results they provide allow us to steer you in the right direction to provide you what you really want and need. THC is only one part of cannabis. Yes, it's the part that gets you high, but there is so much more. Coming into a dispensary saying you just want the highest THC tells us you don't really know about terpenes and cannabinoids. Test results tell us exactly how a certain strain will make you feel. Let your budtender know what kind of high you're looking for (more of a head high, more body, more relaxing, more energetic, etc) and more than likely through reading the test results, we can get you exactly what you want and need. Again, times have changed. The person selling you "weed" is not someone sitting at home playing video games and pinching your bag!! We are people doing our best in a new frontier to find you what you need to feel the way you want. TRUST YOUR BUDTENDER! Let all this work we do really mean something.

Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.




TOKIN' WITH THE INFAMOUS: JAMIN OF THICKER THAN THIEVES BY HOPPER THE CHRONISSEUR a Pachamama store here in California but that’s yet to be determined. Hopper: Thicker Than Thieves is sponsored by a dope grow company. Tell our readers about Canna.

This month, I was stoked to chill with the longtime homie Jamin Hazelaar, singer of Thicker Than Thieves, a SoCal based reggae, rock, surf-inspired, and cannabis infused band known for their unforgettable live shows and laid back vibes. With a new album on the way, touring, owning multiple grow stores, branding, and the most important thing, his family, this guy barely has time to blink, so we caught up over a couple of nice big fatties of Gelato as we cruised up to the studio to grab equipment for a show. It was good times as always. Thicker Than Thieves are still rollin’ strong as ever, so be sure to check out the social media info at the end of the interview for details on upcoming shows. Hopper: Let me spark up this joint real quick and we’ll get right to it. Tell us about the Thicker Than Thieves sound. Jamin: It’s all surf inspired, SoCal reggae infused with rock. We definitely like to mix up the genres. We’ve been at it for a long time. What we try to do when we write our songs, is try to reach out to multiple listeners with different types of interests in music. We’re obviously very reggae based, and bring in other types of roots, rock and punk rock.


We’re definitely bringing in some new ideas on the new record. Some electronics, and different things. Hopper: The TTT sound is really the epitome of beach music. Always good times, always good vibes. Tell VCM readers about your upcoming shows. I know you just did a SoCal run, are you gonna be in Vegas soon? Jamin: We just played the Brooklyn Bowl in Vegas with a band called Through The Roots. We just had the Costa Cali Fest down in Costa Rica, that was super fun. We have San Francisco on August 4th, Sacramento on August 5th, and we have a couple of shows coming up with Long Beach Dub Allstars. We always have pop up shows going on. Right now we’re playing one offs until the next tour dates come in. Hopper: You’re all over the place- Here in California, Hawaii, Vegas, and you also own grow shops down in Costa Rica, right? Jamin: Yes, I have four grow stores in Costa Rica called Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture. We also have an e-commerce site for South America, and we’re considering opening

Jamin: Canna is an amazing product. We carry the line in all of our stores. They sponsor the band on a corporate level here in the US. They’re definitely family to us. We do a lot of business with them on multiple levels. We’re very fortunate to have their support. Hopper: You go nonstop, for real. What motivates you to go so hard? Jamin: You know, I put so many years into all of my brands, and I made a lot of sacrifices. My kids sacrifice the most because I’m gone so much. So for me, in order to be successful, I have to work really, really hard. Having multiple brands and different things happening, I don’t have a whole lot of room for failure. I hold myself accountable as far as my own personal expectations of myself. Hopper: That obviously pushes you, and gives you the drive you have. Jamin: It does. Being away from my kids, that drives me. Everything I do is a straight line back to them. Unfortunately, my time is so limited. I just have to do it, get it done. It’s not perfect, but it’s what I do. My motivation is them, just trying to be the best I can, and as successful as I can. Hopper: What role does cannabis play in your life? Jamin: Cannabis is a daily thing for me. It’s what I need to keep my mind elevated to

a level that keeps me moving in a positive direction. Not that I need it to stay positive, but from a medicinal perspective, with everything I have going on and the stresses of life, it’s a nice way to be able to sit back and relax and take a few minutes to reflect. It gives me a fresh perspective, and helps me get through the day. Hopper: We just got done smokin’ on Gelato, one of my current favorites. What are your favorite strains? Jamin: Blue Dream has been my go to strain for many years. I will always love Blue Dream. We have a pen coming out, that we’re doing a co-branding with, a company called True North Vapes, the flavor is Blue Dream. I’m into the kushes, and I do love sativas. Hopper: That brings me right to the next question. How do you prefer to smoke? Jamin: Joints are my favorite. I love to roll joints when I have a lot of weed in front of me and I’m trying to remove my mind from the day, I’ll just sit there and roll joints. Hopper: Any shout outs you want to give before we wrap it up? Jamin: Obviously a big shout out to the Canna family for supporting us. You Hopper, for being a homie. Vegas Cannabis Magazine, and all of our people out in Vegas. We’ve got a great network out there. All of our friends and fans here in California. We’re just spreading our vibe and trying to keep it movin’. Big ups to all the people who keep showing up to the shows. IG: @thickerthanthievesmusic thieves Follow Hopper on IG @hopper448

Ac e A n a l y t i c a l L a b o r a t o r y Ac e A n a l y t i c a l L a b o r a t o r y


• Check in, weighing and photography • Foreign matter inspection • Heavy metal screening • Potency analysis • Microbial screening

• Mycotoxin screening

• Pesticide residue analysis • Residue solvent analysis • Results verified by lab director • Secure online access and reporting

• Moisture residue analysis

7151 Cascade Valley Ct., Ste 210, Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.749.7429 •


[ C U R AT E D BY B I L L S H E H A N ]

Nevada Dispensaries


I just got off the phone with Steve Cantwell, Master Grower at GLP. We bullshitted about the lineup of new Green Life strains, and it just so happens… I get to wrap my lungs around something before the champ. Sweet. Man, this jar smells bomb. I twisted up the first backroll to save for me and Steve to enjoy the next time we chill. This one here is all mine. Straight to the head. This one has very minimal myrcene in it, so it's a day-tripper. Don't smoke it at night unless you're on a night shift. Let the cherry-lime tones uplift you. Then open your eyes and see something beautiful. THC- 20.52% Caryophyllene- 2.634 mg/g Delta 3 Carene- 2.326 mg/g b-Pinene- 2.265 mg/g Ocimene- 1.433 mg/g Humulene- 1.421 mg/g


Yo yo yo!!! Another exciting month of “What’s New” kicks off with a GLP announcement. By popular demand, ALL of their strains will be packaged in GLP collectible tins. Each tin contains 6 tightly-rolled Baby J's. Each baby spliff contains 0.3g of fine cannabis, packed into a mini RAW cone, and neatly packaged for your enjoyment. Baby J's are small, but expect to get a minimum of 10 daddy-sized rips on these little monsters. They are perfect for a quick, solo dolo, so step outside and blow one. And hey, if you are being pursued, and have to flick your Baby J out with the wind, at least it's not half your bag.


This was the most beautiful flower to shoot this month. GLP’s LED-grown ladies loved me. Those little hams posed and flaunted their beautiful, long, orange hair for the lens, smiling ear-to-ear, workin it. Right up until I ripped their little ears and shoved them into the grinder. That's when they figured me out. Then, after I rolled them up tightly in butcher paper… I lit them on fire. I burned their hair, along with the rest of their things until all that was left was a pile of Strawberry Cough ashes and a bleak reminder that I can be dark sometimes, even with top shelf cannabis, organically grown, in the most positive atmosphere. THC-21.388 Myrcene- 4.062 mg/g Ocimene- 2.825 mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.561 mg/g Pinene (a+b)- 1.267 mg/g Limonene- 1.191 mg/g





This would make some splendid oil. This cannabis flower is so sticky that you could press a nug up against a wall, and it very likely will stay stuck up there on account of the sick, stickiness oozing from the plant’s heart. What is up with this strain? It plain takes away your pain, and leaves an insane stain on your brain. I can't complain. Time to splurge. No constraints, no complaints. Ride the snake! THC- 22.9% CBG- 1.1% Limonene- 2.9 mg/g Myrcene- 2.9 mg/g Terpinolene- 2.0 mg/g


DESERT GROWN FARMS Jack By: Billy Jack Hewitt

Find me in the Desert Grown Farms, frolicking freely in the fertile fields of the Black Afghan, where I frequently feast on fluffy flowers for fun. Now, I'm stuck in this F-word puzzle, how bout a muzzle for my brain? I can't contain what my mind finds amusing. I'm just cruising and perusing for what's good. You're losing if you don't follow me closely. I'm choosing to swallow you up. This 22% THC herb is loaded with my favorite terpene, myrcene. Enjoy the heavy blanket. THC- 22.21% Myrcene- 6.49 mg/g a-Pinene- 1.85 mg/g Ocimene- 1.25 mg/g

WOW! C 29.56% TH

Jack be nimble Jack be quick I grabbed a nug and took a phat hit. I love a good sativa to start the day but it's 11pm on a Tuesday night, WTF is wrong with me? Oh well. I feel the creative burst of energy and I'm seriously motivated! Desert Grown Farms has this Jack all jacked-up, doing jumping jacks. The label is so sick and psychedelic, to match the sweet honey sap aroma that lies beneath. I'm loving these fat, dense nugs and snowy crystals. I'm a major fan, real talk. Go get this shit ASAP so you can get shit done! Yo Shehan… What's up next? I'm ready for whatever. THC- 20.9% Terpinolene- 3.5 mg/g Ocimene- 1.5 mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.1 mg/g


Let's move on from this junction, and get to the next cannabis function. Hit the gas, let's get going! Grab your keys. These trees are the bees knees. Smell the LA OG in the breeze? Geez, don't tease, seize the moment. I'm faded. I have an appetite for destruction. Don't expect it to rhyme next time when I drop a dime. Just sayin’ bro. I wrote this with my eyes closed using voice dictation without any frustration. THC- 29.56% Myrcene- 9.9 mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.244 mg/g a-Pinene- 1.323 mg/g



30% is incredible! I developed some self-induced anxiety when I saw this label. I couldn't just rip open the bag and twist one up, but I sure wanted to. The fact that I'd have to wait until I made it to my Smoke Dungeon built up some serious anticipation. Okay, WOW! This is intense! After just a couple rips off of this dooby, I can already say that I'm going back for more. The gasoline flavor revs up my engine, and it appears to be spiked with octane! Do a couple laps around the Shango track. they are on Boulder Highway, listed on our map. Dang, how long am I going to feel this amazing? Get to blazing! A-DUB! THC- 30.7% Myrcene- 2.34 mg/g

Limonene- 8.56 mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.79 mg/g




>>>WHAT'S NEW KABUNKY Strawberry Fields

Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see. Skipping through the Strawberry Fields, gathering what's good while taking life and everything for granted. Maybe you should stop and smell the strawberries. Go ahead, pluck one and enjoy the fruits of life. Twist up this Kabunky flower when you need a little power. The high lasts for at least an hour. “You're good?” What's that mean anyway? Say what you mean. I reward myself and the end of days with weed because I was good. Grab some KABUNKY Strawberry Fields. You deserve it, if you were good. Smoke it up, you should. I know I would.

KABUNKY Grape Stomper


THC- 20.8% Myrcene- 2.74 mg/g Limonene- 0.25 mg/g

THC- 17.083% Terpinolene- 16.1 mg/g Terpinene- 13.12 mg/g Myrcene- 6.271 mg/g Ocimene- 4.596 mg/g

You can tell exactly what this is, without reading the label. If you are a Grape-head like me, then this is one flavor you will never forget. One experience with Grape Stomper, and you'll be looking for it forever. Yielding over 20%THC has been a regular thing with Kabunky. Another daytime strain. Smoke this flower to gain a competitive advantage while playing PlayStation. You won't burn out, or sink into the couch. Unless you are a lightweight, then all bets are off. Stomper would kick your ass. Poor thing, better train your lungs harder.

THC- 22.55% CBD- 0.14% Myrcene- 5.30 mg/g Limonene- 0.33 mg/g

MATRIX Shiskaquine

MATRIX Sugar Tits

These Sugar Tits feel terrific. We had to go plural with it because we smoked a couple of hooters. Y'all knew this one was going to be fun when you read the title. I must say, I was pretty uncomfortable putting my hands all over the Matrix Sugar Tits. I have been married for 21 years, and I don't condone anyone paying for sex, but you should definitely pay for a little squeeze. And don't feel guilty, cuz we are talking about cannabis. I can only imagine that these little flowers are nice and firm, but we didn't actually see these nugs in the raw cuz they were already twisted up into spliffs. You survived that BillShit. Good game. Smack!


THC- 20.772% Caryophyllene- 6.34 mg/g

Sour lime hits you the first time you dig into it. And, it keeps punching you in the face until you can't forget about it. I love this strain. I haven't come across anything that Matrix has produced that isn't bomb, but this one is up there on the top shelf with DosSi-Dos and Mendo Breath. The sativa properties stand up tall and loud, delivering instant energy to get your day started. This is a perfect strain for those who need to become more social. Open up to someone, and see what's good.

Myrcene- 13.05 mg/g Pinene (a+b)- 4.33 mg/g

With barely any THC in it, I was eager to try this strain on an empty head, so I could scrutinize the effects of CBD, myrcene, and caryophyllene together, without the psychedelic properties of THC. Here's what I found… Much to my surprise, I am high. I need to rethink everything I gave THC credit for. There happens to be many terpenes responsible for physical and emotional medical benefits, and I'm convinced that I'm “high” from the entourage compilation of myrcene, caryophyllene, and CBD. My feeling is not very psychoactive, but my head is a little dizzy and floating. I've enjoyed this feeling for at least a half hour now. I wonder if I'd be able to pass a random employment drug test if I all I smoked was Shiskaquine. Send us your feedback: CBDA- 10.92% THC- 0.58% Myrcene- 4.59 mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.734 mg/g Pinene (a+b)- 1.711 mg/g Humulene- 1.089 mg/g


Screw this on for size. Moxie helped load up The Weekend Box with what is arguably the best score within its contents. Maui Wowie is a classic favorite strain. Man, this shit tastes absolutely wonderful, and so much like fruit punch that I wouldn't be surprised if The Kool Aid Man busted down my wall and rattled off his “Oh Yeahhhh!” for me. I'm all about it! THC- 61.20% CBD- 0.13% Limonene- 2.07 mg/g

TERPEX Reserva Privada Live Wax MOXIE Exclusive OG Live Resin Sauce

Ooohwie! Shit, Moxie continues to put out some of Nevada’s best concentrates. Taste the elegant sauce and become a boss. With 87% THC, and over 7mg of myrcene, your head, body and everywhere in between will feel “the lean”. Hit the gas, and get your ass out there to and find some of this Exclusive OG Live Resin Sauce at a Nevada dispensary today! THC- 87.44% CBD- 0.08% Myrcene- 7.19 mg/g Limonene- 2.69 mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.41 mg/g


Outstanding, all-around product here. There's a lot going on within this tiny little box. 88% cannabinoids, showcasing a 3:1 THC/CBD ratio. I love that. The cherry flavor of CBD is definitely there, but it doesn't dominate the palate. Open it up. Go on, get a whiff. Don't be stiff. Loosen up, McFly, I already gave it a try. The caryophyllene is pretty flippin’ high, so you shouldn't stress or cry. Also say buh-bye to pains and sore joints, that myrcene hits all those painful points. THC- 64.67% CBD- 23.57% Myrcene- 14.12 mg/g Limonene- 5.84 mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.43 mg/g

TERPEX Bio-Jesus Live Raw Sugar

This is like a brand name leather purse. It's got originality and a personality like a popular high school athlete. It knows it's a beautiful specimen, and wants to compete with every other tasty treat. The only problem is it began to deplete as soon as I sat down. I better put the pen to paper, or the fingers to the keys, before it blows away in the breeze. I got my head in the trees. This shit is 90 percent, and it's got enough caryophyllene and linalool to offset any depression, stress, or anxiety. That's what's up!!! #nofear THC- 90.3% CBD- 0.52% Limonene- 9.84 mg/g Linalool- 5.474 mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.999 mg/g

Sweet Mary Jane, this sugar is so sweet-smelling. The myrcene packed in this tasty treat is stacked up so high that it's tough to beat. Wanna hear some other shit that's neat? The terps listed on the lab sheet will help you deplete a fleet of stressful situations, making anxiety and depression take a seat. BioJesus sat me down. Use Bio-Jesus to reduce pain (myrcene) and stress/ anxiety/fear (caryophyllene/linalool). The end is near...

TERPEX Fire OG x Gorilla Glue

THC- 87.5 mg/g Myrcene- 35.81 mg/g Caryophyllene- 9.937 mg/g Linalool- 7.186 mg/g

THC- 73.84% Myrcene- 39.92 mg/g Limonene- 38.51 mg/g Caryophyllene- 29.72 mg/g

Holy shit! Look at the numbers on this concentrate. Hold everything. Wait, I can't let terps of this rate marinate on my plate. This Terpex FOGG looks and smells amazing. Let's dab. Step right up and see how nice it feels in here. The Gorilla is on fire. This is your fate. Don't escalate your hate, just try and relate. #jurisdiction #stayinyourlane #pestmanagement

>>>THC • CBD • CBN AMA Queens Gold Budder

Where did this come from? It was love at first scent, and I knew I would dig it by the way I locked the jar onto my nose. I smelled it for 10 minutes before taking a sip from the rig. It was actually a big swig, not a sip, and I'm dizzy. My eyes are involuntarily crossed up and rolling to the back of my head, not from the THC, but from the myrcene instead. Damn, 1%. Beautiful terpene entourage AMA. Queens Gold is up there with the best of em’. Let's compare it to the rest of em’. THC- 70.2% Myrcene- 10.81 mg/g Caryophyllene- 10.12 mg/g Humulene- 4.72 mg/g Limonene- 4.45 mg/g a-Pinene- 2.68 mg/g Linalool- 2.7 mg/g

VADER AK 47 Badder

AK 47 is not for pussies. Quit cryin’ about me dabbing in public. Those of you that complain about that need to stay away from this manly product. People worried about me like I was in some sort of crisis. Get a grip, I've been packin Vader AK47 heat. So don't worry about me, worry about yourself. I'm protected with a loaded gun, AK47 on my hip, and I got spare rounds of Vader in every pocket. Once you get riddled with AK 47, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. Don't crap out. Shoot a 7 or 11. THC- 70.55% CBN- 2.17% Myrcene- 10.47 mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.995 mg/g Pinene (a+b)- 3.978 mg/g Limonene- 3.608 mg/g

VADER Venom OG Live Sugar VADER The Clarity Cherry AK Distillate

Tasty like a Wild Cherry mixed with a little Mary. It might look a little hairy, but trust me it's not that scary. In fact, it's quite the contrary. I prefer to carry truckloads of Vader, but I can't fit all of that in my pockets. Somehow it talks its way out. Chalk another one up for Vader, in the Sin City Top Ten. THC- 73.6% CBG- 1.575% CBN- 1.698

Shit yes! I was snake-bitten and left for dead when I took this shit to the head. Now I'm frozen stuck, and ready for bed. I'll be hitting this at night from now on. Listen to what I just said, or you'll be all red and filled full of lead. This sugar is an excellent choice for a day off. Get some in your lungs, and sink into the couch. THC- 80.66% CBD-0.258% Limonene- 10.21 mg/g Caryophyllene- 9.93 Humulene- 3.14 mg/g Linalool- 3.9 mg/g

VADER The Clarity Super Tangie Distillate

I got my phalanges on some Vader Super Tangie Distillate. You can pistol it right from the glass container. Squirt it right into a perfect temp banger. It's juicy, and makes excellent work of my brain. I don't feel that every-day pain, nagging and dragging me down. Not this medicine. I have The Clarity. Go to the dispensaries, and stop asking if I can spare any. Save them pennies and eat at Denny’s. Ask for George. THC- 75.9% Limonene- 23.88 mg/g a-Pinene- 3.03 mg/g Terpinene- 1.76 mg/g Myrcene- 1.24 mg/g b-Pinene- 0.78 mg/g

GIDDY UP Sour Cherry Live Resin Terp Sauce

This flavor has grabbed ahold of me tightly, daily and nightly. Will my desire ever stop? Yo, I don't know. To the extreme, I rock a rig like a vandal. Light up a torch, and heat up a banger. Dab! This is my personal, absolute favorite Nevadaproduced concentrate. It has the most attractive smell, one that really grips the memory. Sour Cherry Live Resin Terp Sauce also has a hypnotizing taste that matches the look and scent. Drive your ass on over to Nevada Medical Marijuana, and snag this invigorating 80% THC, dabbable product. You'll flip your lid. THC- 80% Caryophyllene- 3.7 mg/g Humulene- 1.2 mg/g Myrcene- 1.2 mg/g Linalool - 1.1 mg/g/g




MATRIX Girl Scout Cookies Trim Run Shatter

I could eat a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies. And, after dabbing this shatter as my dessert following breakfast for dinner, I could polish off two boxes. Throw in a half gallon of milk, and consider it in muh belly. Get in my belly! Matrix put out a nice variety of new products this month. You can't go wrong with any of it, trust me. The taste of this shatter is spectacular. It's the full-flavor hybrid that you expect from the name, with a little extra sugar on top. THC- 71.27% CBD- 0.195% Myrcene- 3.58 mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.20 mg/g Humulene- 1.19 mg/g

MATRIX Sour Starfighter OG Trim Run Shatter

What a photogenic shatter. Words don't really matter when it looks this presentable. When it's all dabbed up, we can still visit that shot in the mag, Sour Starfighter has that Vegas swag that you look for in a bag. Hustle down, don't lag. Pay the price printed on the tag. Go home and take a drag. Give your tail a reason to wag. THC- 72.95% CBD- 0.221% Caryophyllene- 5.19 mg/g Myrcene- 4.42 mg/g Limonene- 2.31 mg/g

THC- 64.29% Myrcene- 3.57 mg/g Limonene- 9.03 mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.52 mg/g

I just left the Matrix Science Lab, and it's time to report my findings. White smoke and mirrors filled the room with mystery and I knew I was watching them create history. I saw quite a few bosses in lab coats, but I'm pretty sure I ran into the “Mad Scientist� himself, Evan Marder. This dude is a self-starter, and he works harder than most growers I know. His work speaks for itself. The entire Matrix team gets kudos for concocting such a delectable tasting shatter that's loaded with CBD & THC. This might slow you down a bit if you're not used to a stacked deck. Will the Matrix Mad Scientist please stand up. I got your dabs ready for you. Let's get one in. CBD- 39.15% THC- 28.94% Myrcene- 5.39 mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.97 mg/g a-Pinene- 2.39 mg/g

MATRIX Sour Diesel x OG CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil

Click that torch, it's time to do this. I've been wanting a banger full of oil all day, and I deserve this. Yeah, dabbing on the spot is easier now, with these glass syringes. The Matrix CO2 distillate does the trick too. This cannabis oil offers an abundance of medicinal terpenes, and it can be ingested or applied to your skin topically. Drop it in a wax pen for a quick on-the-go rip. Nobody should go through life without feeling great. Vaporizing concentrates is healthier than combusting flowers. You need it, and don't know it yet. Don't deny the Matrix!

MATRIX Mad Scientist Trim Run Shatter

KABUNKY Kosher Kush Krumble

Nevada Medical Marijuana has a beautiful thing going. They grow their own cannabis, and extract their own wax. Then they disseminate their products to patients at their dispensaries in Henderson and Laughlin. They are not allowed to be recreational in Henderson, so it's an entirely medical lobby which happens to be perched on the second floor of a medical building filled with all sorts of doctors and patients. They have many deals for medical patients like 4 grams of crumble for $100. Sheee-it. That Kabunky Kosher Kush Krumble was within that special. You say you missed it? Well next time - don't fumble. This head-strong hash is ready to rumble. THC- 80% CBD- 0.23% Linalool- 4.7 mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.7 mg/g Limonene- 1.2 mg/g Pinene- 1.2 mg/g Myrcene- 0.9 mg/g




>>>EDIBLES CANNA HEMP Diamond OG CBD Dabs EVERGREEN Coconut Macaroon

One giant bite. That's what these are. I could seriously eat a plate of these with a pot of coffee, no sweat. The instructions read that there are actually 6 bite size servings, but could you really imagine me rationing a large cookie for nearly a week. Nope, me neither. You can handle ingesting 55mg of THC. Those are just suggested servings. Free country. Eat the whole thing if you want to. So what. No one ever died from eating a cannabis-infused macaroon, even if someone like me overstuffs their face. Don't worry bout me, dear, nobody's choking here. Cuz we’re not joking. Serving Size - 1/6 macaroon Total THC- 54.83 mg 6 Servings Per Pouch THC Per Serving- 9.13 mg

KABUNKY Grape Chew Gummies

EVERGREEN ORGANIX Marshmallow Hard Candies

I sampled these pink dandies without even reading what flavor they were. I didn't have to, because these were screamin’ fresh cotton candy like I was at the carnival. And pretty soon things became surreal… Step right up, get your cotton candy declared a tall man riding a circus bear. Where the hell are we? The Tonopah Fair? Bill, you need to share. Don't despair, I’ll share. I have an Evergreen Hard Candy to spare, fight it if you dare. Don't bite it. #selfcontrol Total THC- 56.40 mg Total CBD- 6.20 mg THC Per Serving- 28.20 mg CBD Per Serving- 3.10 mg 2 Servings Per Pouch Caryophyllene- 0.027 mg/g

Mmmm. Nice texture! About 30 minutes ago, I scarfed up 6 of the 10 gummies in the tin for a quick 50mg of infused THC to the head. Cool, my eyes are droopy, and my shoulders are schloopy. Yup, I'm a Grape Chew Gummies groupie. Wooptie-dooptie, I'm feelin kinda looptie. Goodness gracious guys, great going with the Grape Gummies, I’m a big fan. Patients only at Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensary on St. Rose in Henderson.


Total THC Per Package - 83mg THC Per Serving - 8.3mg

The consensus is in. I love this stuff. It smells amazing, and tastes incredible. Canna Hemp uses crystalline CBD derived from hemp in Sweden, and combines that with authentic cannabis terpenes extracted from a local medical marijuana establishment. These CBD dabs contain 0% THC, so it's perfectly legal for anyone to stock it in their business. Look them up for a free sample if you are interested in distributing, and tell em Large Marge sent you! CBD- 88.089%

CBDV- 3.99%

CANNA HEMP Tangerine Dream CBD Dabs

So you want to dab, but you don't want to fail a drug test if you get popped with a random. I get it. And so does Canna Hemp, a local company that has created a new line of dabbable products without THC. This crystalline is beautiful all the way around. The CBD content activates any THC running through your veins. And, it’s made with authentic cannabis terpenes, which offers a hell of a head change. Medical symptoms can be offset with terpenes. CBD- 84.537% CBV- 2.79%


SHANGO Watermelon Lolly Rox

Pop a Lolly Rox candy in your mouth, and get your rocks off! These used to be Lollipops, until the state stepped in and said, “No more sticks on candies!” What the hell is the difference? If adults don't properly store their medicine, and a child has access to their meds, why does a stick matter? That's a lame rule. SMH Lolly Rox taste great, and help you chill. And a candy without a stick is easier to hide at work. So let's keep shit real. You ain't gotta lie to kick it. People eat edibles anywhere, smoke weed everywhere, and dab wherever they can. Excellent product here, Shango. Love the candy mold. Let's make some “stickless” dice candies next! One Serving: Total THC- 10.06mg Total Limonene- 0.15mg

MANNA MOLECULAR Transdermal Patch

Here you go. No need to smoke or ingest cannabis to experience the miraculous medicinal properties. We introduce the Manna Molecular Transdermal patch. It smells like Ben Gay, and feels terrific on sore muscles. The label says it takes 2 hours to experience full effects, but I felt it loud and clear after just a few minutes. I even moved it around to different places on my body. My knees appreciated the shit out of it. How much are these stick-ums? I could enjoy the benefits of Manna Molecular Transdermal Patches. THC- 11.4 mg CBD- 13.6 mg CBN- 360 mg THCV- 307 mg Ocimene- 0.312 mg Terpinene- 0.299 mg Cymene- 0.182 mg

TROKIE Microdose Capsules

These microdosable, mini-capsules are made by a doctor with a passion for using cannabis as medicine. Using all natural ingredients is second-nature for a brand like Trokie. These capsules are filled with cannabis oil, organic coconut oil, and anhydrous hemp oil. That's it! No need to complicate shit, no funky preservatives or unnecessary additives. This IS medical marijuana. These capsules will help your body on a cellular level. THC- 96.50 mg Caryophyllene- 0.9 mg Limonene- 0.7 mg Myrcene- 0.7 mg


REMEDY CAPSULES Sage Serenity Capsules

This is a product created for women. If the hot pink bottle wasn't a big enough clue, let me spell it out for you… I did not try these pills. Although, these capsules do not contain hormones and are safe for male consumers. Silver Sage thinks about their female patients and made this product to provide pain relief and mood enhancement to women during pre-menstruation, menstruation, and pre-menopause. CBD- 8.9%

THC- 4.04%

Gold Capsules

Standardized for microdosing and offering long term benefits & improvements to your well-being, this is a perfect amount of THC with CBN to send my wife into a blissful hibernation. THC- 5.74% CBN- 0.6mg/g CBD- 0.3mg/g JBO Capsules Cannabis-infused, water-soluble capsules, each containing a 2:1 ratio of CBD/THC. Ingesting cannabis is the best path to helping your body heal and correct medical problems. They work as a long-term method to heal deficiencies and feed your cannabinoid system. Feed your CB receptors the fuel they need. Silver: CBD- 6.45% Regular: CBD- 2.02%

THC-0.63% THC- 1.12%




KD Matheson This month, we spotlight local artist KD Matheson TO find out why he became an artist, WHAT TYPE OF ART HE SPECIALIZES IN and THE REASONS HE SUPPORTS MEDICAL CANNABIS.

KD: I have a working studio located in my home. I show my work locally through various galleries and exhibition venues. Currently, I have an exhibition of my work at the STUDIO GALLERY which is located in the West Sahara Library building, it continues through August 27th. VCM: What do you like to do outside of art? KD: I enjoy hiking in the nearby desert, swimming wherever possible, seeing films, musical presentations, and plays at the CockRoach Theater. VCM: What is your favorite thing about the Vegas art community/scene? KD: There are so many brilliant and talented artists residing within our community, working in a diverse selection of mediums… incredible writers, musicians, actors, sculptors and visual artists…lots of inspiration! VCM: Do you or have you ever consumed cannabis? KD: I started using cannabis along with an assortment of other psychotropics when I was fifteen years old, I continued to do so into my mid-twenties. After that period, I began to taper off quite a bit. It's been a great while since I last partook. VCM: If so, what part does it play in your work as an artist? KD: Personally for me ingesting any of the psychotropics including cannabis generates a dimension of heightened consciousness and sensory awareness, that even with the passage of time imprints a unique and lasting perspective. VCM: How can we find you on social media and/or the internet? KD: FaceBook, Tumblr, Deviant Art.

VEGAS CANNABIS: What led you to become an artist? KD: When I was about six years of age my father was showing me an art book of famous paintings. Turning the pages, I came across Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. I was so mesmerized by this hauntingly beautiful painting, it was at that moment I looked up at my father and exclaimed “I’m going to be an artist!” VCM: Where are you from? KD: I'm a native Las Vegan, living here for nearly sixty years. VCM: How would you describe your art? KD: In general terms I would say I am a surrealist, channeling the realms of the collective unconscious…visions, dreams. VCM: Do you have a studio or gallery here locally?


VCM: Any inspiring words for our readers? Any recommendations for young people wanting to get into art? KD: Follow your OWN dreams, if not there are plenty who will have you follow theirs. Explore all types and fields of creative expression, soak in every experience, adventure and opportunity to learn. Work hard and continuously, pursue from a vantage point of true passion and creative desire. KD: Anything you would like to add? KD: It’s an inspiration to be invited to contribute to this publication, I've always been astonished by the amazing properties of cannabis. Hopefully, with continued awareness, understanding and education we can become even more enlightened by this fascinating plant. >> >>



䐀伀一ᤠ吀 䜀䔀吀

䠀䔀䰀䐀 唀倀 䈀夀 夀伀唀刀 圀䔀䈀匀䤀吀䔀⸀ 伀瘀攀爀 ㄀㔀 夀攀愀爀猀 漀昀 吀攀挀栀渀椀挀愀氀 䔀砀瀀攀爀椀攀渀挀攀⸀ 䰀攀琀 甀猀 最甀椀搀攀 夀漀甀 琀栀爀漀甀最栀 琀栀攀 瀀爀漀挀攀猀猀 漀昀  䌀刀䔀䄀吀䤀一䜀Ⰰ 刀䔀䌀刀䔀䄀吀䤀一䜀Ⰰ 刀䔀䈀刀䄀一䐀䤀一䜀Ⰰ 漀爀  猀椀洀瀀氀礀 䜀刀伀圀䤀一䜀 夀漀甀爀 戀甀猀椀渀攀猀猀⸀

匀匀 吀 쐀 䘀 䔀 䐀䔀匀䤀䜀一 ☀ 䐀䔀嘀䔀䰀伀倀䴀䔀一吀

圀圀圀⸀匀吀䄀䔀䘀䔀⸀䌀伀䴀 ∠ 㜀 ㈀ⴀ㜀 ㄀ⴀ 㘀㘀 圀䔀䈀 䐀䔀匀䤀䜀一 ∠ 圀䔀䈀 䐀䔀嘀䔀䰀伀倀䴀䔀一吀 ∠ 圀䔀䈀 匀䔀䌀唀刀䤀吀夀 䈀䄀一一䔀刀 䄀䐀 䐀䔀嘀䔀䰀伀倀䴀䔀一吀 ∠ 䔀䴀䄀䤀䰀 䌀䄀䴀倀䄀䤀䜀一匀 倀刀伀䐀唀䌀吀 倀䠀伀吀伀䜀刀䄀倀䠀夀 ∠ 倀刀伀䨀䔀䌀吀 䌀伀一匀唀䰀吀䤀一䜀


now available in las vegas dispensaries




5347 S. Decatur Blvd • Las Vegas, NV





happiness FUNKY FRESH


1 Bones, Wings & Shiny Things Cannabis Leaf Hair Clip Looking for the perfect hair accessory for your next cannabis event? This hair pin is perfect. Made from a real cannabis leaf, it's the ideal way for you to show your love of the plant in a cute yet subtle way. Made locally and sold on Bones, Wings & Shiny Things' Etsy site.

“I enjoy smoking cannabis and see no harm in it.” ------ JENNIFER ANISTON ------

Huni Badger A Las Vegas company that absolutely deserves props for a fantastic electronic nectar collector. Featuring one of the highest quality vape cases we’ve seen. The air flow is exceptional, with a fantastic terp tasting adventure soon after. Your weekend could only be 420 times better with the Huni Badger. Price: $189 |


Bones, Wings & Shiny Things Squirrel Penis Dab Tool Well, well, well. Look what we have here. It's a fancy dab tool designed out of bone by a local, Vegas artist who also makes jewelry, pipes, and all sorts of unique collectibles. The squirrel bone is actually called a “baculum” which is present in most placental mammals and all male primates except humans. It's located above the male urethra, and it's purpose is to help penetration and maintain an erection during intercourse. Now the baculum gets inserted into my banger, but just the tip, lol. The Squirrel Penis Dab Tool has instantly become a ceremonial ritual in the Vegas Cannabis Smoke Dungeon. Every squirrel has his day. Who's down for some Squirrel Dick Dabbing? #squirreldickdabs on IG for fun

Vapor Slide


The Vapor Slide V-1 is a high-quality, durable, dual-purpose vaporizer that works either independently or with a water-pipe. It's small and discrete with a robust feel, larger battery, pass through USB charging and higher amperage making Vapor Slide the perfect hybrid between pen vaporizer and dab rig. Price: $99.99

>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>

Sour Glass


Sour Glass makes bitchin-looking, heavy duty glass bongs that fit in your grip like a pistol in its’ whip. All of their bongs and rigs have an incredible draw. That's why I love their shit‌ fat, clean rips. Sour Glass is produced in San Diego, and only sells at wholesale prices to businesses. They are eager to find new smoke shops, dispensaries, or other store that assists with cannabis consumption. For wholesale pricing, call 702/589-1282.


Dazed & Aged T-Shirts Dazed & Aged custom screen prints on shirts and clothing at an exceptional price. They purchase large lots of shirts and clothing to screen print on, so their available stock is everchanging. They can hunt down what you want and accommodate custom requests. Here's a deal for the Vegas Cannabis Industry... Get 100 standard size, one-color shirts made for just $420. Call the bossman, David at (323)534-3036. #hedabs

7 Official Genius King Size Rolling Papers The only intelligent rolling paper on the market just got smarter. Now you can twist up a fatty without putting an inferior substance in your lungs. All Genius Papers are hand-crafted in Spain using a perfect blend of rice and hemp. Twist up your mustache to that, Einstein. Available at local smoke shops and dispensaries

Simple. Discreet. Precise.



The Recreational User's Guide to >>>



or many novice cannabis consumers, the dispensary can be an intimidating place full of unfamiliar products. Concentrates are becoming an increasingly popular consumption method and have created an entire subculture within the cannabis community. Cannabis concentrates or extracts are refined products that contain high amounts of cannabis oil with little to no plant matter. Unfortunately, concentrated cannabis products have received some negative attention from people unfamiliar with how they are used or produced. Furthermore, concentrates made from butane extractions have been vilified in part due to YouTube videos of explosions and house fires caused by amateur extractors who do not have the proper equipment or training to work with hydrocarbon solvents. While concentrates do contain high levels of cannabinoids including THC and terpenes, they are sold and consumed in much smaller quantities than cannabis flowers or edibles. Concentrates come in a variety of consistencies and can serve many purposes. Products such as butters, shatters, rosins, crumbles, saps, and sugars are known for their unique textures and exceptional taste profiles. Disposable vaporizer cartridges and vape oil syringes also contain extracted oils and distillates. They may contain synthetic ‘candy’ flavors, natural or synthetic terpenes, or may not have a flavor at all (raw distillate). Most of these products can be consumed quite discreetly. Concentrates and high potency oils are extracted from cannabis buds, trim, and sugar leaves using physical and/or chemical techniques. These products can range in color from yellow to golden to brown or amber. The highest purity concentrates (full melt) can be vaporized in a pen or dabbed, while less pure forms (half-melt) can be smoked on a screen, added to a bowl of flower, or mixed with tobacco to create a spliff. When consumed, full melts leave behind virtually no residue whereas half-melts leave behind some ash or plant matter residue. The following is a guide to introduce consumers to the various types of products available and how they are made. It is important to note that the terms solvent free, non-solvent, and solventless can carry a wide variety of meanings since there is no industry standard for this terminology. Understanding the products and how they are made can help consumers understand what is available so they can make the appropriate choice.




NATURAL EXTRACTIONS: Natural extracts use tools like sieves, screens, and temperature to isolate the resins within the plant. No solvents are used in the processing of these concentrates. Kief, dry sift, rosin, water/ice hash, and hashish are forms of natural extracts that can be found on the shelves of Nevada dispensaries. Hashish – The oldest form of cannabis extract and is referenced in texts that are over 1,000 years old. This extraction method uses hand agitation to break open trichomes and collect the resin inside. There are multiple techniques to achieve this. One method calls for breaking the buds by hand and rubbing them between the fingers. The resins will accumulate on the hash makers hands. Once enough has accumulated, the hashish is scraped together and pressed into bricks or balls. Hashish is a half melt product with potency ranging from 30-70% THC. Kief – The accumulation of small particles and trichomes that fall off a bud. Kief can be collected using screens like that on the bottom of a multi-chamber grinder. Kief is considered a half-melt and potency typically ranges from 20-60% THC. Dry Sift - An extremely pure form of kief obtained by sieving the plant material through a series of screens until only the trichome heads remain. Dry sift is a full melt product that can produce a potency over 90% THC, if well-made. Rosin – Oils are removed from plant material using only heat and pressure. Rosin has become one of the most popular forms of concentrate as it can be made at home with certain hair straighteners. The major draw towards rosin is that it is made without any solvents, the process is easy to understand, and the flavor profile is preserved quite well. Rosin is a full melt product with potency ranging from 60-90% Water/Bubble Hash – This form of extraction utilizes cold water and agitation to remove the resin glands from plant material. In many cases, whole plants are submerged into an ice bath and stirred. After the trichomes have been removed from the plant, the water and trichomes are poured through a series of screens. The water passes through and the bubble hash is left behind. Bubble hash can come in many varieties and qualities. Bubble hash can be full melt or half melt depending on screen size and technique. THC levels can range from 25-85%. SOLVENT BASED EXTRACTIONS: A solvent is a liquid that has the ability to dissolve another substance. Solvent-based extractions are a highly efficient way to separate cannabinoids and terpenes

from cannabis. Solvent-based extractions dissolve cannabinoids and terpenes, and post-extraction refinement steps such as straining and purging are used to further remove plant material and extraction solvents. Potency and terpene content can widely vary for these products, although they are all full melt concentrates. Potency can range from 40-99% while total terpenes can be concentrated to levels as high as 30%.

Hydrocarbon Solvent Based Extracts - Hydrocarbons are molecules made of hydrogen and carbon. They are the base for most fossil fuels. Butane, propane, and ethanol are the most commonly used hydrocarbon solvents in cannabis extraction. Many people worry about the dangers of ingesting these solvents, but testing regulations in Nevada ensure that no product is released for sale if it does not pass stringent safety testing. A properly purged hydrocarbon extract should not worry consumers as it contains little to no solvent residue. Hydrocarbon extracts are also being used to isolate highly pure THC-a crystals. Non-hydrocarbon Solvent Based Extracts – In this form of

extraction, carbon dioxide is used as the solvent. By using a highly sophisticated instrument, with precise heat and pressure, CO2 can dissolve the oils and remove them from the plant material. Some prefer this method over hydrocarbon based extracts because CO2 will purge itself from the product easily. CO2 oils are often put into vape cartridges or added to edibles. DISTILLATES: Molecular distillation is the process used to produce distillate. Distillation is one of the newer extraction methods on the market and is becoming increasingly popular in vape cartridges and for infusing edibles. This process is a way to refine concentrates such as BHO, CO2 oil, or rosin to isolate a single compound. THC is most often the desired distillate product, but CBD is also isolated from hemp extract using this technique. Heat is applied to the starting material until it is hot enough to vaporize the THC (or CBD). As the THC vaporizes, it rises and is then cooled. The cooled THC can then be caught in a separate flask. This recaptured THC is fully activated and can be exceptionally pure. Raw distillate has almost no detectable flavors or smells since all terpenes are removed during this process. Natural and artificial flavors can be reintroduced to the distillate. Distillates normally look like a thick, yellow honey and are packaged in a vape cartridge, syringe, or into a dish. They can be eaten, vaporized, dabbed, or applied topically. Distillate is a full melt concentrate with potencies ranging from 75% to over 95%. It is clear that the world of concentrates is complicated and full of a wide variety of products. Each form of extraction has its pros and cons so understanding how they are made can make it easier to assess which is best for you. If you are unsure, vape pens are a great starter concentrate because the cartridges regulate the amount inhaled during each pull and they do not require buying any additional paraphernalia. When used properly, extracts can deliver a powerful dose of medicine or bring you into a state of euphoria. These products are very potent and a small amount goes a long way. Extracts can be a fun new product to explore but be sure to enjoy cannabis concentrate products responsibly. For more information about Ace Analytical, visit or call (702) 749-7429.


5347 S. Decatur Blvd • Las Vegas, NV








>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> By Jennifer Shepherd, RN

Now that recreational cannabis is here and the “cannabis drought” is over, let's dive into how to therapeutically dose yourself on all the tasty treats you can find within the dispensaries here in Nevada. Edible dosing can be rather tricky, either because the effects of the cannabis take a while to go into effect due to metabolism rate or because these edibles taste so darn good that you bought the 700 mg bar when you only need 5 mgs. So, let's talk dosages and how to stay awake and functioning while consuming these delectable edibles. If this

is your first rodeo, please do not purchase the 700 mg, shatter infused, chocolate bar and eat half of it. If you are vacationing, your wallet will love you because you will spend the next two and a half days sleeping and ordering room service. Regardless of whether you want to spend your Vegas trip getting high and having a good time or you are a medical patient that just need to relax a little and heal, following is my guidance to these tasty treats:


Do you want an edible made with a sativa strain or indica strain? Sativa strains are generally uppers, more cerebral, with less body effect. Hopefully they keep you on your toes instead of on the couch. Indica strains are more for the body effect and can be cerebral as well, however, most have more of that couch-lock type of feel to them. Hybrid strains are usually in the middle and can be either sativa or indica dominant. If the edible has terpenes listed on the package, then it can be strain dominant. If the edible has zero terpenes, then more than likely the edible will give you more of a body high.

Now there are some people who are in what’s called the flippy flop, so the sativa and indica effect will work in reverse, but remember these plants work differently in every person.


For a new consumer, dosages for edibles should range between 2.5 mg and 10 mg. The way edibles are processed in the body makes them four times stronger than inhalation. Metabolism rate determines how quickly these edibles take effect. Liquid edibles or tinctures have been found to go into effect quicker. Therefore, it is recommended to WAIT 2-3 HOURS before ingesting anymore THC. Increase your dosage gradually by keeping a journal of effects and then adjust accordingly the next day. Also, please know that there are medication interactions with cannabis. If you have questions about the medications you are on and how they interact with cannabis, please schedule a consultation with Nurse Jen.

If you would like more information about how cannabis can improve your lifestyle or need more guidance in the ailments you are trying to treat, please feel free to contact itsnursejenRN@gmail. com. Jenn Shepherd Inc. works in conjunction with Panacea Quality Cannabis Dispensary. Together, they assist Nevada patients by elevating the standard of hope, care, inspiration, education, and quality of life. Their exceptional team of professionals accomplish this by working together to create individualized and well-rounded wellness programs tailored to suit each individual patient, as well as aiding with developing specific and ongoing cannabinoid therapy protocols around the needs, wants, goals, and desired health and medical outcomes of the patient. Please email itsnursejenRN@gmail. com or check out www. for more information. This information is not to be mistaken for medical advice. This is intended for educational purposes only and as a compliment to each individual’s current health and wellness regimen.





THE REEFER REPORT The first annual UNLV Rebel Reefer Report is a briefing of UNLV activities regarding cannabis in higher education and UNLV’s connections to the cannabis industry. October 6, 2016- Your Vote your Voice: This student panel was a discussion regarding the political process, how voting impacts public policy in Nevada and the trending topics of the past election season. UNLV journalism & media studies grad student and Rebels CAN leader Deuvall Dorsey gave a tenminute speech on Question 2, the history of adult use in Nevada, significant changes to be aware of if question 2 does pass and some unintended consequences that may accompany this change in public policy. Full Audio: https://

October 6-8, 2016- UNLV Class Marijuana Policy in 2016 & Beyond was a one credit graduate level public policy course taught by Brookings Institute’s Senior Fellow of Governance Studies Dr. John Hudak. The course reviewed reasons reform has proceeded as it has, the goals the reformers have sought to achieve, how the movement has changed over time, what state-level models look like, how differences in state and federal law have dealt with (or ignored) the challenges federal policy creates for state-level reform, and the risks and concerns opponents have of legalization. The class was open to students and community, members of and khconsultingnv. com were in attendance. The class also visited Silver Sage Wellness cultivation and dispensary. Video & course description:

December 2016- Vegas Cannabis Magazine issue #27 reveals four of the 11 students selected for student of the month in 2016 attend UNLV, followed by Nevada State College with 4 students, UNR with 1 student, CSN with 1 student and New York University with 1 student.

December 2016- Previous research left folks divided on whether recreational cannabis will help or harm Southern Nevada’s residential real estate market but one UNLV study shows that legalization can be tied directly to housing appreciation in Colorado. Herman Li, an assistant professor in UNLV’s Lee Business School, examined Denver-area housing values in neighborhoods located near dispensaries that converted from medical marijuana to retail distribution. Li looked at houses within one-tenth of a mile from 103 of these dispensaries and discovered an increase in mean housing price from $320,000 in 2013 to $382,000 in 2014. Li, whose study is ongoing, said his initial findings surprised him. “We actually thought we would find a negative effect. We thought this would be a disamenity and people would be less inclined to live in this area.”

Emerging Market. In the article on UNLV Alumni at the forefront of Nevada’s ‘Budding’ marijuana industry, local industry leaders who attended UNLV were featured: Julie Monteiro, Riana Durrett, Ben Sillitoe, Seth Floyd, Deuvall Dorsey, Douglas Duncan, Israel Alvarado, John Hudak, and Carlos Blumberg.

March 2017- UNLV Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) Petition the governor to commute marijuana sentences in Nevada and release everyone incarcerated from charges that would no longer be considered illegal following the passing of question 2. The students believe that individuals with prior criminal records who may have been caught with marijuana are likely to be the ones who face jail time for possessing less than an ounce. They also believe that individuals with an otherwise clean record who have been charged with small amounts of marijuana possession 4 or more times may also be currently incarcerated. Sign the petition: https://www.

April 24, 2017- UNLV Radio Station 91.5 KUNV talk radio show features Shanna Perry speaking about social media, word of mouth, Cannabis & Coffee web-series. She also speaks about why businesses may consider using the term marijuana over cannabis.

Article: highs-and-lows-new-market

2016-2017- UNLV Student Newspaper The Scarlet & Grey Free Press formerly known as the Rebel Yell. The student newspaper published articles on cannabis related issues in the Spring and Fall of 2016. In Spring 2017 they published two articles on UNLV SSDP’s efforts in cannabis legalization. Since 2016 they’ve published two issues featuring cannabis art covering the front page. The student paper has also opened its doors to advertising from cannabis businesses. Articles: http://www. July 15, 2017- At the Las Vegas Community Cannabis Panel the public had questions answered by experts who actively shape marijuana policy locally and nationally! Panelists: Tick Segerblom, John Hudak, Jordan Person, Kevin Mahmalji, and Scot Rutledge. Summer 2017- As UNLV SSDP broadens the scope of their efforts to include opiates, psychedelics, other drugs, prison reform and harm reduction, a new student organization emerges focusing entirely on cannabis. The UNLV Rebels Cannabis Awareness Network’s mission is to be a reflection of the changing economic landscape of the local community, state and nation. Use their interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in new and innovative ways to engage the emerging cannabis market. Discover creative and effective business methods and seek out unexplored opportunities in the cannabis industry. Dorsem1@unlv.

Spring 2017- UNLV Magazine A Growth Career: Alumni in Nevada’s Marijuana Industry Tackle the Challenges of the


MEDICAL MARIJUANA ASSISTANCE PROGRAM If you are a medical patient with a qualifying condition and you cannot afford the physician and state fees associated with obtaining your medical card, please visit and fill out our short form. If your application is chosen, you will be sent to one of our sponsoring physicians at no cost to you. If the physician deems that you are eligible for the medical marijuana program, they will cover the state fees as well. You will only be responsible for the $13.25 DMV fee.

Approved Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Nevada AIDS Cancer Glaucoma PTSD Cachexia

Muscle Spasms Seizures Severe Nausea Severe Pain




CLEAN ENOUGH? There are so many products out there that claim to keep bacteria and other harmful substances out of places they are not wanted. You should always be aware of specifics pertaining to the products you purchase. Here are some commonly overlooked product specifications. There is a difference between Industrial gloves and Exam gloves. Exam gloves are medical grade gloves that are tested to insure no harmful particles can escape from your hands to different surfaces. Industrial grade gloves will look the same and may also feel the same as medical grade, but are not tested. Another item that has some variations are face masks. Medical grade face masks protect against particles and are fluid resistant, meaning even the smallest droplets of fluid cannot penetrate. Some even protect you against the most harmful types of bacteria. Non-medical grade face masks will only protect from things such as dirt, woodchips, and other large particles. Something else to consider are your chemicals. Many chemicals come in a variety of percentages and solutions. This is due to the many different environments and their requirements. Some chemicals need to be very strong for certain situations, others need to be diluted and not extremely harsh. There are a wide array of products out there marketed to keep you safe and clean. Just make sure you are aware of the specific qualities you need in your products to ensure that they are the best fit for your intended use. Requesting product info sheets when necessary and always following laws and regulations are great ways to ensure product safety. >>>Alexis Solorzano >>>> Green Medical Supplies, A division of Champion Medical Supplies,





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8 Ways to Be a Responsible Stoner Parent Responsible Stoner? Not an Oxymoron. The passing of Nevada Marijuana Legalization, Question 2 has given you the right to blaze up for recreational purposes, from the comfort of your own home. Nevada parents rejoice, but only in a private non-showy way, because the legality of marijuana does NOT make you immune to reports to CPS. Just like your guns in Walmart, your right to copious amounts of alcohol, your need to put your kids in beauty pageants; these are rights that I will never fight to take away from you. But one may only enjoy said rights within the confines of community safety. That means no matter how vigorously you want to exercise your right to smoke weed, you may not violate your child’s rights to safety and care. If your neighbor hates you and your plastic toys all over the lawn, and then smells you smoking weed on your back porch, well, a visit from child protective services should not shock you. CPS’ job is to treat reports as credible until investigated. They will want to look at your home and see your children. I imagine it would feel just about as shitty as things can feel. So, here are things to consider and carry out right away if not already. Remember: you cannot abuse marijuana and expect the law or society to consider you a responsible parent.


Are they unkept, hungry, noticeably neglected? Are they being left alone often while you get high? These are serious no-no’s, and demonstrate to CPS a lack of ability to care for your children. Parental responsibilities are 24/7. That means if kiddo develops a 104 fever in the night you better be damn sure that you can care for them. Never put getting high in front of any child’s needs.


Getting high specifically to handle your kids? Seek help, asap. Therapy, telling your spouse, leaving the kids with a caretaker so you can sleep, beginning a conversation with your doctor. Being a parent is not an illness that the state accepts for medicinal marijuana use, so don’t treat it as such.Never be afraid to ask for help, often, it’s the most responsible thing a parent can do.


Squalor and weed odor do not make you look like a good parent to CPS and it’s not good for your kids. Be responsible, keep your home at an acceptable level of cleanliness, and make this a standard across the board for all family members. We’re not talking about perfection here. A clean home means maintaining every family member’s personal hygiene, and maintaining the home in a way that is necessary for health and safety. Demonstrate tidiness and responsibility to your children by putting value and care into the state of your home. I don’t know about you, but my home is my favorite place on earth. My sanctuary from everything, with only the people I love most in it. I demonstrate my love for this sanctuary by keeping its maintenance a high priority. Avoid using cannabis in front of kids. This is a somewhat touchy one, specifically among medical marijuana patients such as myself. It’s hard to advocate dishonesty, especially when far worse things are legally being abused in our country. I also strongly believe that it is a very personal choice that is unique to every family's situation. There are families where a caretaker is extremely ill and relies on medical marijuana for life saving relief. Should those people be hiding their cannabis use? It’s simply not my place to say. For my household, I try to think of it as black and white as I can. Kids mimic. Kids become you. You become your parents. Such is life. The end. If you drink in front of your kids they will likely drink. If you smoke in front of your kids they will likely smoke. If you use marijuana around your kids they will likely use marijuana. When they are the amazing, accomplished, wise and joyful adults that we know they will become, they will be free to make their own choices. But as parents we take special care of them ​ now​, when they are young and vulnerable to influence.

As such I advocate limiting marijuana use around young children to pretty much zero. That does not mean that I am hiding anything.I have given them age appropriate, truthful information about marijuana, but as a rule I do not physically smoke weed in front of them.


Children deserve a responsible caretaker at all times, so keep the hotbox sessions with your partner limited to date night. This makes it hotter anyway. CPS frowns on both caretakers of minors being under influence of any intoxicant.


For most parents, including the recreational weed smoker, this makes sense. For a daily medicinal user with tolerance like mine, this may make no sense (if I have a bunch of marijuana in my system, I still am likely not “high”). For someone with a chronic medical condition smoking high CBD strains everyday, it makes even less sense. All of that is for debating in a different article. Because I am writing this piece from a parental advice standpoint, you must understand that there is zero tolerance legally for driving high. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been smoking pot since the 70’s. And driving while stoned with your kids? That will invite an absolute world of misfortune upon you. Never do it.

As a stoner parent you have far more to lose by loosening personal expectations. I have found that limiting accessibility to your supplies and adhering to personal guidelines for when it is and isn’t okay to use, only increases the effectiveness of your weed medicinally and recreationally. Keep your tolerance at a healthy level and nurture respect for your medicine and recreational practices by eschewing stereotypical stoner behavior. States that have legalized cannabis are given a unique freedom, and thus a role on the world’s stage. Keep Nevada a shining example by practicing safe marijuana use. Your kids will thank you for it, and so will your fellow responsible stoner parent. The Stoner Mom is a boo-boo kissing, classroomvolunteering, perma-stoned, supermom standing next to you at school pickup. Read more about her cannabis journey at


Lock it away, put it up high, whatever. This is responsible cannabis use 101. Lot’s of companies are making security a priority when it comes to cannabis storage. Check out all of the available brands that offer easy, lockable cannabis storage.


Show your respect to voters on both sides and keep your marijuana use safe and discreet. Using marijuana in public is illegal, and annoying your neighbors with your smoke on their private property is disrespectful. I’m a big fan of not rocking the boat. No child needs to bear witness to community drama because of your pot use. Really. I absolutely cannot stand obnoxious drunks. Other people feel the same way about stoners. Be respectful.


We all know how easy it is to slip into slovenly behavior, how quickly taking shortcuts can become routine. Being stoned can relax your personal expectations when it comes to rule following. Always revisit your personal standards. Share them with your spouse or co-parent to keep yourself accountable. Remember that the focus for CPS is not to infringe on your rights, but to ensure the environmental health that children live in.

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and scaremongering tactics created by the government.

Last month, the infamous 07.01.17, was Las Vegas’ official launch of legal recreational cannabis sales. Outside it was 110 degrees, and there were fireworks and long lines a plenty as the clock struck midnight in the City of Sin. Keller and I were lucky enough to score some press passes at a couple dispensaries to give you our “Behind the Seeds” perspective which you can check out on our YouTube channel [Keller+Gingy]. Nevada is now the 8th state that has legalized Medical and Recreational Marijuana. California, Massachusetts, and Maine also passed measures in November 2016 legalizing recreational Marijuana that will be in effect by January 2018. Cannabis is now legal, to some extent, in 26 states and the District of Columbia. Three more states will soon join them after recently passing measures permitting the use of medical marijuana. That’s 58% of our nation on board for the benefits of cannabis in 2017, growing over 23% in the last 10 years. That means our nation supports the legal use of marijuana more than they support the current president, Trump, who has a 35% acceptance rating overall. This increases support of legal cannabis is due to continuous research supporting its multiple health benefits, its financial benefits for communities, and those brave enough to stand up and spread the truthful awareness. Together, with our joined efforts, we are slowly, but surely, debunking the myths


Back in 2013, CNN’s very own Dr. Sanjay Gupta, known for his previous “Why I would vote No on Pot” in 2009, came out with a public apology after working on a documentary called, “Weed.” He states within the article, “We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that.” He also goes on to enlighten the readers that in no way should cannabis be classified as schedule one substance when studies show marijuana leads to dependence in around 9-10% of adults, but cocaine (a schedule two substance) hooks 20% of those who use it. Worse yet is tobacco, where 30% of smokers become dependent, many of whom go on to die because of their addiction.


The benefits of legalizing marijuana are far reaching. Studies show that as more states legalize Mary Jane, the number of federal trafficking charges have plummeted 50% from 6,792 in 2012 to 3,384 in 2015. That is less of our tax money being sent to privately owned ‘for profit’ prisons! Studies from the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that because of the legalization of medical marijuana from 1999-2010 there was a 25% decrease of

opioid-related deaths. This was due to the fact that patients with chronic pain, addicted/dependent to opioids for relief, could turn to the natural healing properties of cannabis and were able to ween off of the highly addictive and internally destructive prescription drugs they had been prescribed by their doctors. In 2016, the cannabis industry grossed over $5.8 billion dollars, with most states taxing around 30% to put back into their state to improve systems like education. During the first four days of legalized recreational marijuana sales in Las Vegas, we generated over $3 million in sales revenue and about $500,000 in tax revenue. This put Nevada on track to accumulate an estimated $30 million in sales revenue over the next 6 months of recreational sales, according to the Nevada Dispensary Association. This is much needed money to improve our educational system in Nevada, as we rank dead last in the nation, and, no, this is not an over exaggeration, this is according to the latest study that came out January of 2017!




Helping patients determine what product will be the most effective for them.

So don't be a dud… go smoke some bud! Stay continually informed on all the benefits cannabis has to offer and keep advocating for it in any way you can. As Dr. Sanjay Gupta said, “We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that.” Now, go out there and make a positive difference. Step outside and spread the light and knowledge of Mother Ganja to those who have been blinded by the ongoing fear mongering and deception of our government. Smoke on, our little green butterflies, and get your nugg caps on! Let’s change our nation one puff at a time!

Now available for private consults.

$50 consult gets you a $50 voucher off of $100 purchase at Panacea Quality Cannabis.

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with DJ Chef Fred


July was hot, I melted at Chalice, but had a great time as I served watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, cherries, strawberries, and kiwi. Served as a build your own skewer of ice cold fresh fruit, everyone’s day was just a bit cooler. When I pulled the fruit out of the big iced container and started cutting it up for everyone to eat, the crowd began to gather with happiness knowing the fruit was on its way. The whole, pan seared, Thai Red Snapper, Seared Shane’s Garden Young Summer Vegetables, and Chimichurri Puree were all infused. We ate well back at the Vegas Cannabis Magazine Booth. The smell of fresh fish searing off came and went but everyone stayed full much longer than the smell hanging around. I Had a great time hanging out with the crew and Cypress Hill and Ice Cube Killed it.

Seared Shane’s Garden Young Summer Vegetables INGREDIENTS: - Baby bell pepper - Baby eggplant - Baby zucchini - Baby heirloom tomato - 4 Tbsp distillate infused butter DIRECTIONS: Cut, clean, score, sear, melt butter at end coating vegetables. Super easy.


Photos By: Caitlyn Dour



Whole Pan Seared Thai Red Snapper

Chimichurri Puree

INGREDIENTS: - 1 whole Thai Red Snapper - Lime juice - Salt and pepper - 1 gram of concentrate infused into - 4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

INGREDIENTS: - 1 cup (packed) fresh Italian parsley - 1/2 cup olive oil (1 gram distillate) - 1/3 cup red wine vinegar - 1 cup (packed) fresh cilantro - 2 garlic cloves, peeled - 3/4 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper - 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin - 1/2 teaspoon salt

DIRECTIONS: Rinse the red snapper well and pat dry with paper towels. With a sharp knife, make three shallow slashes on each side of the fish. Place the fish in a shallow bowl and sprinkle both sides with lime juice, salt, and pepper. Allow the seasoning to penetrate the fish slits, 5 to 10 minutes. In a large frying pan or cast-iron skillet, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Lightly dredge the snapper in the flour and carefully place it in the hot oil; it should sizzle. Reduce the heat to medium and fry for 3 to 5 minutes, undisturbed. When the skin is crisp and has a deep golden color, carefully turn the fish onto its other side using a fish spatula. Cook for another 3 to 5 minutes. Briefly drain the fried fish on paper towels before transferring it to a serving dish. Keep warm.

DIRECTIONS: Include all ingredients into a blender and puree until smooth. Refrigerate for 1 hour to set.





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Did You Know? Patent No. 6630507, titled “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants,” held by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, covers the use of cannabinoids for treating a wide range of diseases.


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Golden Rainbow is pleased to have Joyce Bosen from Trauma Recovery Yoga offering her popular Yoga For All Body Types as part of our ongoing ENHANCE Wellness series, focusing on healthy options for managing a chronic disease and alternative solutions to the unique challenges many people living with HIV/AIDS must confront every day. Unlike traditional yoga sessions, each class has been designed for people with unique medical and physical challenges in mind. Our clients are encouraged to participate in this safe, judgement free environment no matter their shape, size or sexuality. The ENHANCE Workshop series is presented in partnership with Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada.

Golden Rainbow is the leader in providing health education and risk reduction programs in Southern Nevada. Our programs are designed to ENHANCE the quality and quantity of life by providing HIV+ individuals with the tools to better balance their complete health: Mind, Body and Spirit.