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ISSUE #24 SEPT. 2016


14 "An NFL Champion Is Changing Lives"

Hillary Butler is telling his story about cannabis' benefits.

16 "Why Linalool Matters To Your Health"

Monthly terpene education by Deep Roots.

over Pills" 18 "Pot Learn how medical cannabis is reducing use of prescriptions.

Marijuana Crash Course" 20 "Medical How to safely purchase, possess & transport marijuana.

22 "Getting Active Outside the Classroom"

A guide to cannabis student organizations.

the Prisoners of Weed" 24 "Helping Cannabis crimes and how you can help free prisoners. C U LT U R E

34 "Demanding Quality, Honesty & Compassion"

Rob Ruckus talks about his thoughts on local dispenseries.

Product 1969" 36 "DJ Hopper Stone's monthly Tokin' with the Infamous interview. I N D U S T RY

G From Sahara Wellness" 40 "Jonny Our monthly budtender spotlight of Vegas’ best budtenders.

State Trading Interview” 42 “Silver Learn how SST is helping with E.N Young" 46 "Standup E.N Young is someone who speaks up for cannabis.


Photography by JT Grey, NSSP, @nssp


“Enjoying Life with E.N Young” Discover the influence of cannabis in his music.

With Cannabis” 72 “Cooking Chef Fred cooks medicated sea bass with quinoa.

Nevada's patients.


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EDITORS NOTE This month, Vegas Cannabis Magazine turns two! As the first local publication

geared specifically towards medical cannabis, we appreciate all of the support we have received over the last couple years and we look forward to the future of cannabis in Nevada. Last month we re-launched with a new logo, new magazine layout and brand new website. Be sure to visit and subscribe for monthly updates, event listings and dispensary deals. Need assistance with your own website or social media? Give us a call, our digital team can assist you. In this issue, we interview E.N Young of Tribal Seeds who talks to us about the impact that cannabis has on his songwriting and musical endeavors. This month, we also interviewed former Seattle Seahawk Hillary Butler who fills us in on the benefits of cannabis and how his participation in this industry may have had detrimental effects on his coaching position. As always, check out our product intros for guidance on what to purchase when visiting our local dispensaries. And, don’t miss Dr. Kit’s article which talks about the multitude of patients who are now choosing a plant over pills. Lastly, one of the photos in our recap of the Chalice California festival featured a group of girls dressed as Native Americans. This photo prompted an email from a local Native American artist who informed and educated us on the topic of cultural misappropriation. It was not our intention to publish anything offensive and we do apologize for running the photo.

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T H E L AT E S T AN NFL CHAMPION IS CHANGING LIVES THROUGH CANNABIS An ex-NFL champion is standing up for cannabis by telling his story and educating football fans of the medicinal benefits of the plant.

BY BRIAN WROBLEWSKI Hillary “Hill” Butler is

a former NFL lineman who played for the Seattle Seahawks, has a Super Bowl Championship ring and is a cannabist purist who advocates in the Seattle area to Seahawks Fans and players around the NFL. Hill spent an hour with me to talk a little about his history with the NFL, his brush with the authorities and his new brand that may be hitting the Nevada dispensaries later this year. Brian: So the news said you

got caught with a significant amount of cannabis, in a duffel bag, crossing the Canadian Border. What happened and what kind of duffel bag was it?

Hill: It was about 10


years ago and I got caught transporting 140 pounds of cannabis. The duffel bag was a generic, army type canvas bag. It was big. You could fit a lot in that duffel bag. It is just a plant. Brian: If you had to

estimate how many current and former NFL players use cannabis as their medicine,

what would be your best guess? Hill: I would say about

75% of current players use cannabis for pain management, but they are still “in the closet” since the NFL is very strict about their policies. I think that once cannabis is legal everywhere, federally, the NFL will have to reclassify their stance on cannabis, but we are long way away from that. Brian: When did you start

to use cannabis and why?

Hill: My football career was

stricken with injuries. I had surgeries on both shoulders, both knees, and herniations. I have broken ribs and toes, have had almost all of my fingers broken, suffered concussions, and sustained back disc injuries. The doctors always gave me pills. The pills made me nauseous and I didn’t like how they made me feel. In 1995, I had a surgery and tried cannabis for the first time. I had instant pain relief and no nausea. Now I don’t take a single

pill. I only use cannabis as my medicine. For me, it is plants over pills. Brian: What is your

preferred method to take your medicine? Hill: It really depends on

my daily routine and what I have planned for the day, but normally I use a vape pen. Sometimes, I like to take a nice bong hit of one of my own strains. I used to be a big blunt roller and that will always be my second favorite way to consume my medicine, but I haven’t rolled a blunt in over 5 years. When I did, it was always Swisher Sweets and I would roll a nice one 3 times a day. *Laughing* I bet I can still roll with one hand while driving. Brian: Tell me about your

involvement with the 12th MAN.

Hill: The 12th MAN is every

Seattle Seahawks fan. It has become a way of life for people. There are lots of events specifically for the 12th MAN around the city and they always get a good

amount of fans together. Being a former player, I became a natural leader of the 12th MAN. I go around and snap pictures with the fans and I even coined a hashtag “#twelfies” that has made it around social media and even got featured on the local news stations. But I am just one of many fans. Brian: At these events,

do people ask you a lot of questions about cannabis? Hill: I get a lot of people

asking me questions. I don’t go out searching for people to talk to about cannabis, but if someone asks me, I try to ensure that I can give them as much education and the proper resources to help them decide if cannabis is right for them. If they are suffering from anxiety, pain, or stress I try to make sure I can point them in the right direction to get the right medical recommendation. Brian: Since Washington

is a legal state, is there smoking or vaping in the stadium?

Hill: As a former player, I

Brian: What do you think

about Vegas getting an NFL Football franchise and what team do you think should relocate here? Hill: Oh man, it's

mandatory for the NFL. Las Vegas is one of the greatest cities in the United States. No matter what, Vegas would get a good fan base from around the world and it would be great for locals.. It will be crazy. I don’t think that there is a chance that players would even think about throwing a game for a little bit of money. Every player wants to win. They want to play the best for themselves and won’t throw the game. The mentality of the players now is I want to be the best that I can be and I want to show off for the world that I am the best. Oakland would be the best fit for sure. They are way too close to San Francisco. I used to be a 49er fan, because I played there, but when I got traded to Seattle, I became a lifelong fan. Oakland fans are crazy. I remember getting off the bus and some of the fans threw dog bones and dog shit. It was crazy. Brian: Is there anything

else that you want to add?

Hill: Being a former NFL

champion, I wanted to coach at my high school. I wanted to give back to the place that brought me up. For 2 years, I coached at Lake High School in Washington. Year 1, I was the Linebacker Coach as a volunteer, then Year 2, I became the Defensive Coordinator. I helped to change the program around and gave back to the kids. We even marched to the state semifinals. The superintendent of schools fired me because of my involvement in cannabis. He was afraid that the parents would push back. Washington State has generated $250M in tax revenue after legalization and the school system was a direct beneficiary. None of the parents cared, but I was fired anyway. Brian: So tell me about

KODA Products and the message behind the brand? Hill: KODA Products is

a cannabis company and we believe in reshaping and relieving. We want to reshape the idea of cannabis and help patients to better understand the medical benefits of cannabis and change the idea of how cannabis is perceived. KODA Products has three main types of flower, tailored to your mood: REMEDY - Get the relief you need with KODA Remedy RALLY - Let the day begin with KODA Rally RELAX - Take the break you deserve with KODA Unwind KODA Products also has a variety of topicals, concentrates and edibles

“I want people to look back in the cannabis industry and say that Hillary Butler was one of the innovators and helped change the perception of cannabis. I want people to know that I brought change and healing to this country.” coming soon as well. You can see more details on the website: kodaproducts. com or by following their social media accounts @ kodaproducts. Brian: Is there a quote

that you want to leave for our readers about yourself and your relationship with cannabis? Hill: “I want people to

look back in the cannabis industry and say that Hillary Butler was one of the innovators and helped change the perception of cannabis. I want people to know that I brought change and healing to this country.” To get to know Hill a little better, be sure to visit his site: or follow him on Instagram: @hillbeezy

make sure that I am role model for the NFL, so I don’t partake in anything in the stadium, but I imagine that fans are using vape pens or edibles because they don’t smell. I will say that I have had some really good Tailgate Edibles. One 12th MAN tailgater gave me a “Twelfie Brownie” and that made for a really fun game.





Get better sleep with Linalool.


I thought the below was a great explanation of what terpenes, terpenoids and cannabinoids are, and more importantly how they work together to create the personality, expressions and identity of our favorite strains. I thought it best to site the below by Mitchel Colbert from theleafonline. com I found this to be a great summary and very insightful. Cannabinoids are a class of terpenophenolic compounds, part terpenoid and part phenol. While terpenes are hydrocarbon groups created by various combinations of the isoprene units that make them up, and may be aromatic, all phenols are aromatic hydrocarbons, which means they have a very pronounced scent. Terpenoids are compounds related to terpenes but may also include oxygen or have molecules rearranged;

the terms are often used interchangeably. Cannabinoids, being half terpene and half phenol, have very pronounced scents and flavors. The different combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids found in cannabis are what give strains their distinct flavors and scents, as well as their medicinal properties. Mitchel Colbert from It is quite possible that there are over 200 terpenes that exist, with about 10-15 off them being the most common primary terpenes and another 15-20 that are secondary terpenes. One of the most medicinal and therapeutic of all the terpenes is Linalool. Here are a few fundamentals of Linalool which has been inhaled dating back to ancient times for therapeutic reasons, mosty commonly to relieve stress and anxiety. Here are some

fundamentals of Linalool. Linalool is crucial in the production of Vitamin E in the body, which makes it a very important terpene for healthy functioning. In addition to its many medical benefits, Linalool is also used in 60-80% of perfumed hygiene products and cleaning agents, soaps, detergents, shampoos and lotions. Linalool gradually breaks down when it comes in contact with oxygen, forming an oxidized byproduct that may cause allergic reactions such as eczema in susceptible individuals. Just like Limonene, Linalool is not

a skin allergen in its pure form. However, when it's oxidized, it can cause allergic reactions at high concentrations. Linalool is an extremely versatile terpene and can be found all around us in our everyday lives. It is this versatility and collaborative nature that make Linalool a key contributor in working with other cannabinoids and terpenes in entourage for many purposes and uses. Ryan Breeden is the Chief Operating Officer at Deep Roots Harvest in Las Vegas.

TERPENE PROFILE Boiling Point 198 ° Celsius (388.4°Fahrenheit) Aromas Linalool gives off a complex, yet delicate, floral aroma. Also Found In Mint, Laurels, Cinnamon, Rosewood, Citrus Fruits, Orange, Rose, Birch trees, Fungi, Lavender, Coriander, Palmarosa, Sweet Orange Flowers, Bay Laurel, Sweet Basil. Medical Benefits It is in particular one of the substances used most widely to reduce stress. It also relieves pain, relieves symptoms of depression, reduces seizures and convulsions, reduces inflammation, has tranquilizing effects relieve symptoms of psychosis, and promotes sleep. Strains high in Linalool Lavender, 9lb Hammer, Bubble Gum, Tangerine Dream, Sour Diesel, Snoop Master, White Walker OG, WiFi OG.

Each month, Vegas Cannabis Magazine will be partnering with local cultivators. Send us your terpene education requests to our email:


Using medical cannabis to decrease the use of prescription drugs



Cannabis is increasingly being viewed as a treatment option for many diseases, with 24 states and the District of Columbia allowing cannabis use in some form to treat approved conditions. With increasing evidence for its effectiveness, more and more Americans are turning to cannabis to treat diseases such as glaucoma, cancer, anxiety, and chronic pain. But what effect is the addition of medical marijuana laws having on the use of prescription medications? Three recent studies have examined what happens when medical cannabis is added to the mix of treatment options. Prescription opioid use has increased significantly in the United States over the past 15-20 years. Sales of prescription opioids (such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine) in the U.S. nearly quadrupled from 1999 to 2014. In 2014, more than 240 million prescriptions were written for prescription opioids, which is more than enough to give every American adult their own bottle of pills. Opioid overdose accounted for nearly 165,000 deaths from 19992014, including nearly 14,000 in 2014 alone. In states with medical cannabis programs, chronic pain is the leading documented reason for use of medical cannabis. In the largest and longest study of its kind, investigators from the University of Pennsylvania reviewed state-by-state mortality data from the

CDC from 1999-2010. Researchers compared trends in rates of death due to opioid overdose in states that had medical cannabis programs to those that did not. They used a model, based on those data trends, to predict expected rates of opioid-associated overdose deaths in both groups, then compared them to the actual rate. To account for economic factors in rates of death due to opioids, researchers com-

ing up opioid and increased state oversight of pain management clinics. To account for the possibility of decreased deaths due to overall improvements in health, they compared states with and without medical cannabis laws on rates of death due to two non-drug causes: heart disease and sepsis (an overwhelming infection affecting the entire body). Researchers found no significant difference between

pared unemployment rates between states with medical cannabis and those without. They also compared differences in these two groups regarding restrictions on prescription opioid dispensing, such as prescription drug monitoring programs, requirements for presenting identification when pick-

states with or without medical cannabis laws in rates of death due to heart disease or sepsis, in opioid-associated deaths when unemployment rates were factored in, or when factors related to control of opioid prescription dispensing were accounted for. Overall rates of mortality from opioid overdose

increased in states both with and without medical cannabis laws, with actually higher rates of opioid overdoses occurring in states with a medical cannabis program than in those without such programs. However, based on the model predictions, it showed overall a nearly 25% decrease from the expected rates of death due to opioid overdose in states that had enacted medical cannabis programs compared to those that had not. As more patients became enrolled in medical cannabis programs, rates of actual-vs-expected deaths due to opioid overdoses were further decreased. On average, the largest rates of decreases in expected-vs-actual opioid-associated overdose deaths occurred after medical cannabis programs had been in place for at least 5 years. Researchers estimated that states with medical cannabis laws had over 1700 fewer deaths than expected compared with those states without such laws. However, the researchers made certain assumptions within the study, based on the state-by-state data trends, and used those assumptions to make predictions about opioid-associated overdose deaths, rather than just looking at the reported data. While opioid-associated overdose deaths did plateau in 2009 and 2010 in medical cannabis states relative to non-medical cannabis states, rates were still high-

reliance on prescription opioids for pain relief in those with chronic pain. Future studies could build on this data by reviewing patient dispensing histories before and after initiation of cannabis for chronic pain, by enrolling more patients, and by recruiting patients from multiple states. While the previous two studies focused only on cannabis for chronic pain, the most recent article to be published focused on the effect of medical cannabis on prescription drug use across multiple indications. Researchers from the University of Georgia examined the effect on prescription drug dispensing

and medications to treat the flu. Average numbers of prescriptions written for the 9 medical cannabis indications were compared, as well as for the control groups. No difference in prescribing between medical cannabis and non-medical cannabis states was found for antibiotics, blood thinners, or flu treatments. However, in states where medical cannabis was approved before 2013, the number of prescriptions written decreased in medical cannabis states for 8 of the 9 classes of medication listed above, with only glaucoma prescriptions increasing. In glaucoma, patients must redose with cannabis every hour (unless patients

It is estimated that if cannabis was legal in all 50 states and U.S. territories, it would have saved the Medicare program an estimated $465 million in 2013. from 2010-2013 for senior citizens on Medicare Part D (prescription drug plan) in states where medical cannabis is legal. They looked at all prescriptions filled within that time, then focused on prescriptions dispensed for chronic conditions for which medical cannabis could be used. These were anxiety, depression, glaucoma, nausea, pain, psychosis, seizures, sleep disorders and spasticity. To control for the effects of possible overall decreased prescribing, they also looked at the prescribing habits of drug classes in which medical cannabis is not routinely used, such as antibiotics, blood thinners,

have access to a longer-acting cannabis extract product), which is impractical for most patients. And since glaucoma can cause blindness if not effectively treated, most physicians would prefer to write prescriptions for medications that are less difficult for patients to take. The most significant drop was in prescriptions written for spasticity and chronic pain, decreasing by 20% and 11.5%, respectively over non-medical cannabis states. In 2013, medical cannabis use by senior citizens was estimated to save the United States government approximately $165.2 million. It is estimated that if

cannabis was legal in all 50 states and U.S. territories, it would have saved the Medicare program an estimated $465 million in 2013. Unfortunately, this study did not focus on how many Medicare or Medicare-eligible patients were also enrolled in state cannabis programs. Patients may have decreased use of medications in those classes due to changes in state-specific prescribing practices for those classes of medications, state-specific economic conditions (both of decreased senior income or increased shift to state-sponsored medical programs due to increased state revenues). However, the study's large size and widened focus on multiple disease states provide a useful glimpse into yet another benefit of medical cannabis, one that may have a strong influence on lawmakers: increased government revenues paired with decreased government expenditures. Increased expansion of medical cannabis programs has the potential to decrease reliance on prescription medications and provide additional therapeutic options for patients with chronic illnesses. Based on the available studies published thus far, medical cannabis has the potential to decrease expenditures of prescription drugs and decrease the risks and side effects associated with many prescription drugs, especially opiates. With more studies, researchers can pinpoint more accurately which diseases cannabis can treat effectively, reduce side effects, and decrease costs to both government and private insurers alike. Dr. Kit, Pharm. D, RPh is the co-owner of Medigrow, a Nevada grow school.

er in medical cannabis states than non-medical cannabis states. As stated in one of my previous articles, cannabis makes opiates more effective. This could cause medical cannabis patients to initially take more prescription opioids than needed, potentially leading to an overdose death. Researchers also were relying on reported data, rather than data they collected. This data is only as good as the reporting, which is based on codes listed in the death report. If the codes were reported incorrectly, or were missing, that data could not be included in the study. In addition, investigators did not study if rates or patterns of opioid prescribing had changed in either medical cannabis states or non-medical cannabis states over the 11 year period of the study. A new study, published in March 2016, did investigate if the ability to use medical cannabis led to a decrease in the use of prescription opiates. Investigators from the University of Michigan surveyed 244 patients who received cannabis for chronic pain from a cannabis dispensary in Michigan from 2013-2015. They found that among surveyed patients, use of cannabis led to a 64% decrease in the use of prescription opioids. Patients also reported decreased side effects, and 45% of patients reported improved quality of life. The predictiveness of this study is limited by the small sample size both in number and geographic locale, and that it relied on the reporting of patients without actually confirming the data (such as with prescription dispensing history). However, this study does seem to point toward a decreased


A MEDICAL MARIJUANA CRASH COURSE How to safely purchase, possess and transport marijuana. BY RIANA DURRETT, ESQ. Are you new to the world of medical marijuana? While marijuana is not new, the laws that permit medical marijuana to be prescribed as medicine are fairly recent. As a new medical marijuana patient, it’s common to have questions about the law and your rights under it.

Patients Rights to Purchase and Possess


Once a Nevada patient has obtained a registry identification card (also known as a “patient card”), they can legally purchase marijuana from a medical marijuana dispensary. A patient with a valid card is able to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana per two-week period. Luckily, your dispensary will keep track of your purchases and amounts for you. A patient who is interested in purchasing edible marijuana or infused products may purchase up to the equivalent of 2.5 ounces of marijuana, which is also tracked by your dispensary to ensure that you do not purchase over the legal limit. A patient may also possess up to 12 plants, regardless of whether they are mature or immature. As a patient, you may possess, transport, deliver, or assist another patient in any of the above acts. Just remember, patients

may not consume medical marijuana on the premises of a dispensary. It’s also important to note that patients may not grow their own marijuana unless they meet certain exceptions under Nevada law.

parents should purchase devices specifically designed to keep medicine away from children. In any event, parents should ensure that children do not access any amount of medical marijuana in any form.

New Patient Tips: — Do not grow your own marijuana unless you qualify for one of the clearly defined exceptions under Nevada law. —Do not make marijuana products using a method that involves butane or explosives. —Keep your marijuana and marijuana products in discreet packaging and out of the view of the public.

New Patient Tip: —Lock up marijuana and products that contain marijuana so that they cannot be accessed by children.

Storing Marijuana

Under Nevada law, a patient must ensure that usable marijuana and marijuana plants are safeguarded in an enclosed, secure location. There is no specific law in Nevada that requires patients with children to keep medicine locked away, but to be on the safe side,

Driving Under the Influence

DUI laws apply to patients the same way they do to non-patients. Medical marijuana is treated like alcohol in Nevada, as opposed to being treated as a prescription drug, with regards to DUI. For example, if a person is found to have more than a certain amount of marijuana in their system, they can be found guilty of DUI, whether or not the person was actually impaired. Following are the “per se” limits; any amount of marijuana detected in a

driver’s system, within two hours of driving, that is over the limit constitutes DUI: (1) two nanograms per milliliter of blood or more or (2) metabolite concentration of five nanograms per milliliter of blood. Especially important to remember is that while a driver could be under the limits above, if they are considered “impaired,” they will also will be considered guilty of DUI. There are various ways law enforcement officials determine whether or not someone is considered to be “impaired,” some of which may include field sobriety tests. New Patient Tips: —Do not consume marijuana in your car. You will most likely be arrested for DUI as a person “in physical control of a vehicle.” —Do not consent to a search. If a police officer asks to search you or your vehicle, politely state, “I do not consent to a search.”


Now that class is back in sesh, it’s time for extracurricular activities. One way to fully embrace the opportunities that college offers is by being active outside the classroom. Participating

different colleges across the state. At this time the NSCC is primarily a local cannabis information resource for students of Nevada. The coalition endorses three organizations and encourages establishing

While many consider grades to be most important it’s often the activity done on campus outside the classroom that determines the recipients of many scholarships.


in student organizations is an easy way to pick up skills that add value to your resume and work experience, enhancing your appeal to future employers. While many consider grades to be most important it’s often the activity done on campus outside the classroom that determines the recipients of many scholarships. So get involved. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t take a bunch of students and a lot of hard work to start a student organization. A small number of committed individuals willing to invest a little time each month is all it takes. Other members may not be as interested or passionate as the founding members or they may not see the benefits of extracurricular activities so they won’t be willing to commit as much time. Some of the most interested members will literally be too busy with school, work, family, etc. to participate. All these students should be considered valuable members none the less. Nevada Student Cannabis Coalition (NSCC): They’re made up of students from

student chapters of each in an effort to heighten cannabis awareness throughout the Nevada System of Higher Education. National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML): NORML’s mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to serve as an advocate for consumers to assure they have access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable. Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP): SSDP is a grassroots organization, led by a student run board of directors. We create change by bringing young people together and creating safe spaces for students of all political and ideological stripes to have honest conversations about drugs and drug policy. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm

students and youth. We develop leaders who advocate for policy change based on justice, liberty, compassion and reason. Cannabis Awareness Network (CAN): Our mission is to be a reflection of the changing economic landscape in our local community, state and nation. Use our interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in new and innovative ways to engage the emerging cannabis market. Discover creative and effective business methods and seek out unexplored avenues of opportunity in the cannabis industry.

will go toward Nevada’s CCSD k-12 education. The requirements to start a chapter of the mentioned organizations consist of general requirements needed to start any student organization. You need four or five enrolled students to make up the executive board. You need your constitution and by-laws. Lastly you need a faculty advisor who may collaborate as much or as little as they like. Ask a professor that you have a rapport with. These organizations offer additional support and legal resources to help protect your rights as a student. The Foundation

We pledge to educate our campus by sharing literature and becoming an informational cannabis resource for students and faculty. We pledge to collaborate with students at other colleges to strengthen the statewide Nevada Student Cannabis Coalition. We stand for U.S. veteran’s right to use cannabis to treat PTSD and other disabilities. We stand for Nevada nurse’s right to work with medical marijuana patients without the fear of jeopardizing their career. We support marijuana tax dollars that

for Individual Rights in Education ( is another resource that can help protect your organization and members from discrimination. Official recognition from your college isn’t necessarily required to become an official chapter of CAN, SSDP or NORML so don’t let the naysayers discourage you. If you or any student you know are interested in starting a chapter or becoming a member of any of the above mentioned organizations email








School’s back in session and while parents rush to the stores with their kids to meet their school supply and clothing needs, a plant prisoner’s child suffers because their parent is locked away or is financially strapped due to a raid or some other form of government robbery. Luckily there is Parents 4 Pot, a non-profit whose goals include breaking the marijuana stigma and to help the children who are victims of the meaningless drug war by getting them the supplies and support they need. Parents 4 Pot is now going into their 3rd year for the school fund drive and could use your help by visiting their website at and making a donation, all proceeds go to helping a family victimized by the war on pot.

CAN-DO is a 501(c) 3


nonprofit foundation that advocates Clemency for All Non-violent Drug Offenders. These are the faces of the drug war. Behind every face is a human with a story. Overly punitive drug laws create negative consequences that trigger a chain reaction upon innocent family members, friends and our society. Most of these people have been locked

up for decades. Until our drug laws change, the only relief these people have for mercy, is a presidential pardon in the form of executive clemency. Visit their website at Life for Pot is an

organization that spotlights offenders who have received the sentence of life without parole for marijuana offenses. We do not believe that nonviolent marijuana offenders should receive sentences of life for pot. Visit to find out what you can do. Freedom Grow helps

the thousands of people are spending years behind bars. Over 3000 people are facing the grim possibility of spending the rest of their lives in prison for being involved in activities that had no victims. We at Freedom Grow feel that these prisoners are still part of our community and we are committed to making their lives as comfortable as possible. Despite any claims to the contrary, prison life is not a place where anyone is coddled. The basic necessities of life like soap, combs, toothbrushes, clean drinking water, palatable food, phone calls home, postage stamps, and dozens of other items that you

take for granted are denied to them. These items are available to the prisoners through the prison's racketeering commissary system for a steep price but to help comfort them we are willing to pay any price and bear any burden. Your donation will be transferred to one or more of these prisoners. We guarantee that 100% of your donated dollars will go directly to our cannabis POWs. All fees, postage, stationery, and administrative costs to get your dollars to the prisoners are donated by our volunteers. To make a donation towards prisoner commissary visit

The November Coalition

is a non-profit organization of grassroots volunteers educating the public about the destructive increase in prison population in the United States due to our current drug laws. We alert our fellow citizens, particularly those who are complacent or naive, about the present and impending dangers of an overly powerful federal authority acting far beyond its constitutional constraints. The drug war is an assault and steady erosion of our civil rights and freedoms by federal and state governments. To learn more about The November Colation visit


• Large selection at competitive prices • Out of State Patients WELCOME! • Convenient Hours - Open early and late • Central Location - Just minutes from Downtown and the Strip • Plenty of parking available in our private and discreet lot • Senior Citizen and Veteran’s discounts offered

• Free Delivery to Nevada Patients with orders of $50 order or more • Oil, Wax and Rosin Concentrates • Over 30 Strains of Flower • Edibles, Topicals and Accessories • CBD products for you and your dog


MMJ Industry Professionals now get instant enrollment into our “Club Oasis VIP Program”* *Must show State MMJ Staff card to qualify. Call for details.

(702) 420-2405


ENJOYING LIFE WITH E.N YOUNG The Influence of Cannabis in Music BY BILL SHEHAN Photography by Eddie "Echo" Colรณn Bill: Is your music

influenced by cannabis? E.N: Yes, my music is

influenced by cannabis. Cannabis helps me focus on the positive energy in my life. So, when I write or play music, that positive energy shines through. Bill: Do you medicate daily? E.N: Oh ya, I especially

need it at the end of a long day. Cannabis helps me focus on what is important and helps me to not sweat the small things. It also helps me get creative. I love that. I'm very grateful for the herbs. Bill: What is your favorite

among joints, blunts, bong, pipe, dab, or edibles?

E.N: I love a clean snapper


out of a bong. The kind of hit you pull through and it smacks the bottom of the bong. I've been all over the country tons of times and I think clearing a single snapper is a culture here on the west coast. Others like big party bowls. That's nice too. But nothing like a west coast snapper through a nice glass on glass bong! Bill: Do you prefer Indica,

Sativa, or Ruderalis?

E.N: Some heavyweight

herbalists I know like mostly indicas because they need it to be strong to feel it. But I'm more of a varied user. I like sativa for daytime creative active vibes and indica or hybrid for meditation and relaxation at night.

different people coming together. So I really feel that when jammin. People are always killer in vegas! Can't wait till the next show! Bill: We are featuring you

awesome show at Mandalay Bay with Tribal Seeds. How do you like performing in Vegas?

on the cover, and for the first time Vegas Cannabis Magazine is having a "Jam Sesh" with our cover artist. I want to personally thank you for making that happen. Do you have any requests for the party?

E.N: Vegas is dope... always

E.N: Thanks a lot for

Bill: You played an

good vibes!! I sense a big blend of cultures in Las Vegas. All walks of life and

including me in Vegas Cannabis Magazine. And thank you for supporting

cannabis and being an activist. We need you. As far as the party I'm easy. If I could take a night or two in vegas chilling with friends and reasoning over a spliff I'm happy. Bill: Tell us about your

recent solo album, "Call On Me." Do you have a song that means more to you than the others? E.N: This album "Call on

Me" I'm very proud of. I enjoyed the process of writing and recording it. Cannabis was my sidekick during it. A lot of the songs

are positive thoughts about finding a fulfilled life and having faith that our path is created for us. I had fun. Even added a funny skit in the middle that's based on real interviews I do. Haha

Figure, Martin Campbell, Mystic Roots, Stranger, Wakane, Rebecca Arscott, Louie Castle, Tatanka, Thrive, Father Psalms, and many more.

Bill: Tell us about your


E.N: Roots Musician

Records is my label that focuses on spreading positivity and love through music. A lot of the albums released I produced which I really enjoy doing. I've been working in music studios since I was 17 so I have a lot of experience producing, mixing, and mastering. I work out of my space Imperial Sound Recording Studio. Check all the music out at Bill: Tell us about the

artists you are collaborating with. E.N: I have produced for

and collaborated with Rebelution, Tribal Seeds, Jus Goodie, Gonzo, Hirie, Leilani Wolfgramm, Inna Vision, J Boog, Iration, Slightly Stoopid, Stick

E.N: I gain influence

from the universe and the overpowering feeling that everything is meant to be. Bill: You are such a friendly,

personable artist. For your fans, tell us your secret to peace and happiness.

E.N: Happiness is a choice.

Live good. Treat others the way you want to be treated. And love yourself and others. Bill: Thanks E.N. We can't

wait to burn with you in a couple weeks.

I'm really stoked to be involved with the cannabis community in Vegas and around the world. Let cannabis be free!

record label.

Bill: Where do you get your

Stay Irie & Enjoy Life.


E.N: Ahhhh bro can't wait!

MEDICAL MARIJUANA ASSISTANCE PROGRAM If you are a medical patient with a qualifying condition and you cannot afford the physician and state fees associated with obtaining your medical card, please visit and fill out our short form. If your application is chosen, you will be sent to one of our sponsoring physicians at no cost to you. If the physician deems that you are eligible for the medical marijuana program, they will cover the state fees as well. You will only be responsible for the $13.25 DMV fee.

Approved Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Nevada AIDS Cancer Glaucoma PTSD Cachexia

Muscle Spasms Seizures Severe Nausea Severe Pain






Medical cards from all participating states accepted. Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Inc.



Hello and welcome to this month's Ruckus Rant. The biggest reason I got into cannabis activism is because I've personally seen the amazing healing and health benefits it provides. I've seen cancer leave people, I've seen blood sugar levels lowered in diabetics, I've seen burns heal quickly with no scars, I've seen epileptics go from 1000 to 10 seizures a month, I've seen relief from fibromyalgia, lupus, Crohn's disease, back and joint pain, arthritis, opiate addiction... Hell, I was addicted to pills for most of my adult life and haven't touched as much as an aspirin in about 5 years. The reason I bring this


up is this is something I'm VERY passionate about. I truly feel in my soul that this plant can SAVE LIVES! I'm very thankful that we have the Nevada medical marijuana program. I never figured I'd see anything like it in my lifetime. But since it is here and I DO CARE so much when I see the evil slipping in, I have to say something. There are A LOT of people in this for the right reasons but there are also a handful that are here to turn patients into a damn cash machine. That is who we need to keep our eyes on and money AWAY from. I've been to most dispensaries in town. I've

Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio. #theruckusrant

been a patient for quite a few years. I've been a cannabis user most of my life. I KNOW the difference between RIGHT AND WRONG! I know for a fact some dispensaries add hidden costs. There are some growers heating their flowers to get a higher THC count and burning off particles that wouldn't pass testing. There are companies charging people $500 to get a medical card that costs no more than $200. The rot has already come to our program. Let's not let it set in and destroy the whole thing. When you experience a company RIPPING PATIENTS OFF, don't support them and let everyone you know about them too. As a budtender at Inyo, I get patients all the time telling me how a couple other places in town repeatedly added bogus charges to their bill. DON’T GO BACK! A medical marijuana patient card is around $200 including the doctor's visit, if a place is charging DOUBLE or MORE and doesn't even add any kind of educational classes, free weed or a happy ending,

DON'T USE THEM! If you find a grower that has really high THC numbers on their strains but there is no smell or taste, the terpene profiles are all really low, and it looks like someone already vaped it (dry and brown), DONT BUY IT! Eventually these companies will either change their ways, or fade away and try to find another way to profit off others. The cream always rises to the top. We have some amazing dispensaries with knowledgeable budtenders and honorable owners. We have growers that are breaking new ground everyday growing some of the best cannabis anywhere in the world. There are quite a few compassionate companies in Las Vegas that will help you get legal and get educated at the same time and not charge you an arm and a leg. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WE NEED TO SUPPORT! The Medical Marijuana program in Nevada has done amazing things in its first year. I'm proud to be a part of it. But I will also stand vigilant and speak out when I see patients being screwed! And I hope YOU do the same. I'm not calling anyone out by name as Vegas Cannabis is a community magazine and as such I don't want to tarnish our community here. But there are so many doing things RIGHT here that the conversation of who ISN'T needs to start.

Product: There have been

a lot of people I’ve got to DJ for. Most recently, I DJ’d a cut for Bradley Nowell’s son. His band, LAW is my favorite band right now. They just dropped their EP. They also have an EP called Mild Lawtism. He’s freakin’ me out how good he is.



You guys know I love tokin’ with everyone, but when I get to smoke on a dope new strain in my hometown of San Diego, with my homie DJ Product 1969, it is extra kind. Over pints and burgers at the world famous Hodad’s we hashed out the past, caught up on the present, and talked about the future. After that, we cruised over to his house to toke on one of my new favorite strains, Bubba Cookies. Yeah, everyone knows him as the DJ of Hed(pe), but those closest to him know that he is passionate about many things and would rather catch a wave than cash a check.

Hopper: What’s up


brother? It’s good to see you here in San Diego. I got used to only seeing you while we were on tour. It’s so dope to be sitting here in Ocean Beach. How’ve you been? Product: I’ve been great,

man. I’m livin’ the life. I’m very thankful and blessed that I get to have a simple lifestyle now. I get to work a local job where I love the people I work with, and

come home every night and sleep in my own bed, under my own roof. I get to cook my own food, and surf and skate daily; and DJ local clubs, or wherever I want now, I’m still very active in music. Hopper: You have always

been one of the dopest street artists I’ve known. I remember you tagging every green room you were ever in. Product: A New York

graffiti guy got me hooked in 1984 in Long Beach. I was born and raised in Long Beach, by the way, so this New York guy introduced me to the whole subway graffiti art thing, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Hopper: Speaking of art,

didn’t you do some of the original Sublime artwork? Product: Yeah, I did the

original “Jah Won’t Pay The Bills” logo, which was in 1988. That was a huge thing. Hopper: Besides Hed(pe),

I’ve seen you perform with some straight up legends. What are the most memorable performances?

Hopper: Do you want to

talk about Hed(pe), and all of the years you put in? Product: I started in the

fall of ’94, and went until I think July 2013. It was a radical experience. The self-titled record was my favorite. I’m the one guy in the band who is cool with every past and future member. It’s all good. I’m so happy in my life right now, I don’t even know if I could tour at the moment. I really enjoy the restaurant business. People always ask me, “Wouldn’t you rather be touring?”. I’m like, man, if you could understand riding a bike to work, making the dopest thing in the kitchen, and the boss is the raddest. I don’t want to be stuck in the Midwest right now, with tornadoes and rain and shit. Nothing wrong with the people there, but I need to be in California. Hopper: I totally

understand. I’m born and raised San Diego. You have DJ’d for a lot of action sports events. How is that different than performing with a band? Product: I did something

recently with Tony Hawk, I do it a couple of times a year. It’s really rad, all I do is play a solid rock set and you’re watching the childhood skaters that you grew up on. It’s probably

one of the highlights of my life. Hopper: That’s huge,

brother. Do you smoke while you’re creating? Does it help with creativity? Product: When I rock a

set at the skate park, or get down on a gig or whatever, it is mandatory, bro. It’s mandatory. That’s how I do my thing. Hopper: Nice. Do you have

anything you’re working on now, or any projects you have coming up that you’d like to share? Product: I’m releasing

a hand painted hat line for Sublime, for the 20th anniversary. I was a part of the 20th anniversary art show in March. This is the 20th anniversary of the record and Brad’s passing. So, a lot has been going on this year. Some projects with Skunk Records. I’m always playing gigs. Some things I’m not gonna announce yet because they are still in the lab. Hopper: Last thing before

we finish up this joint, are there any shout outs you wanna give? Product: Yeah. Thank

you, Mama Troy, owner of Sublime LBC. Thank you, Miguel from Skunk Records. Thank you Hodad’s. Thank you to my dog, Mr. Chase. Thank you Hopper, my long-time friend. This was not just an interview, I’ve known this guy forever, and we have so many memories together. We saw a lot of stuff happen, and we’re still friends. We never let business or drama affect each other. That’s what’s up, right there.

THE INFLUENCE OF CANNABIS ON THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM BY ASEEM SAPPAL, MD Many of us know that Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulam and his associates identified THC in 1964, but few realize that it took nearly three decades to learn how cannabinoids worked in the human body. In the mid-1980s a U.S. government funded study at the St. Louis University School of Medicine, showed the rat brain to have receptor sites that respond pharmacologically to compounds in cannabis resin and in 1990, Miles Herkenham mapped the locations of a cannabinoid receptor system in other mammalian species including humans. One of the best introductions to the endocannabinoid system I’ve read is from Dr. Dustin Sulak, an integrative medicine physician, who contributed to NORML’s book Emerging Clinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids by NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. Dr. Sulak wrote, “Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.” Cannabinoid receptors are believed to be more

numerous than any other receptor system in the human body. Two researchidentified cannabinoid receptors are CB1 and CB2. CB1 is predominantly present in the nervous system, connective tissues, gonads, glands, and organs. CB2 is found in the immune system. And, researchers suggest that a third cannabinoid receptor could exist, waiting to be found. Our bodies naturally make endocannabinoids to stimulate these receptors. Phytocannabinoids are plant substances that stimulate cannabinoid receptors. THC, or Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the most psychoactive cannabinoid, but CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol) are two cannabinoids that have gained attention for their therapeutic properties. The cannabis plant even uses its cannabinoids to promote its own health and prevent disease. What is astounding is that small doses of cannabinoids from cannabis can signal the body to make more endocannabinoids and build more cannabinoid receptors. Over one hundred cannabinoids are believed to be in the cannabis plant and cannabis has been shown to help a wide range of ailments from chronic pain and cancer treatment nausea to PTSD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and many other diseases.


O A K S T E R D A M 2 0 th A N N I V E R S A R Y

ounded in 2007 in Oakland, California, Oaksterdam University is America’s first and premier cannabis college. Our mission is to provide quality training for the cannabis industry. Our students include doctors, attorneys, government officials, investors, entrepreneurs, policy influencers and change-makers; from high school grads to grandparents. We teach hospitals, universities, and government agencies and patients.

Why Oaksterdam University? Over 150 faculty members Over 25,000 graduates from over 30 countries • Network with professionals & establish roots in the industry • Only $37 per credit hour • Certification improves chances of receiving permits • OU evaluates medical marijuana license applications • OU also trains local, state & international governments • •

Get certified for the cannabis industry!

Indoor Cannabis Horticulture Seminars coming to New York & Las Vegas! NEW YORK




E N RO L L BY 9 / 3 0 / 1 6

E N RO L L BY 9 / 7 / 1 6




Las Vegas, NV Rio All-Suites Hotel November 16-18 Us e t h e d i s co u nt co d e Th a n k sOa k s t e rd a m 5 0 !


JONNY G FROM SAHARA WELLNESS Jonny has been the go to budtender at Sahara Wellness since February of 2016. With his vast knowledge of everything from cultivation to retail to life in general, his patients are comfortable asking Jonny anything, nothing is off limits! Let's learn about Johnny G and his experience being a budtender. Where are you from?

Flathead County, in Northwest Montana.

When did you first get involved with cannabis?

My father was a medical marijuana patient in Montana for multiple back and neck fractures. Medical cannabis was the only medicine that the doctors prescribed that I felt didn’t suck the life from him. I quickly jumped on the knowledge train and read material like Jorge Cervantes’ Indoor Grower's Bible, and asked QUESTIONS ...lots of questions. Photography By The Herbal Connoisseur

Since you are a self proclaimed "Dr. Phil" for your patients, what's the wildest scenario that you had to listen to from a patient?

The crazy scenarios would take far too long to go through but I will say that in this industry and as a budtender to the community I hear and am asked every colorful question you can image. The most common questions I would say come from females on the senior side of life that want to have an enjoyable and fulfilling love life. Now they can certainly make you blush in a room full of people, and I think that is the goal most of the time but I just smile and recommend a great sativa like Strawberry Cough or Flo. If they need a little extra help then we carry a more personal item called “Just Our Secret” from Cannamore.

Dab, Smoke, Vape, Eat, Topical, or Insertable?


I’m a flower lover from the beginning, “Fortune Cookie” from Deep Roots Harvest is my jam right now. However, after spending the last year learning under the award winning head extractor for Red Dragon Brotherz, bring the dabs on. If you got fire, I want to try it!

Where do you spend your days off?

A. If I am not with my newborn then I am learning and growing with the Red Dragon Brotherz team. Do you want marijuana to be recreational?

A. Yes, I believe that it would give everyone the choice and the ability to obtain cannabis affordably and safely. To see how this flower can give a sick, dying patient a better outlook on their day or week is truly inspiring and I want to be able to spread that to as many people as possible. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would love to go to Amsterdam and spend a week just enjoying cafes and original genetics. Taking time to soak in the true essence of this beautiful flower and smoke some amazing hash!! I always hear stories from the crew about Amsterdam and Travis the homie from Pheno Finder Seeds has a café that was gifted to him that he has always offered so maybe one day I’ll be kicking my feet up in a different part of the world. Here’s everyone that helped me get to where I am today. I would like to especially thank my wife Mikayla and the RDB crew for the support, my best friend Aaron Nino for absolutely everything you do, because without you none of this is possible. Visit Jonny G over at Sahara Wellness, located between The Strip and and Downtown Las Vegas, on 420 E Sahara Ave.


given with extensive proof of cannabis cultivation using organic methods, making sure there is a minimal environmental impact, and sustainability maintained. The “organic” designation is difficult to receive due to cannabis being a schedule 1 substance, so that is the reason cannabis companies are getting “Clean Green” certified.

Jason: Tell us about your


Silver State Trading (SST), a cultivation and production facility located in Northern Nevada, has outstanding “Clean Green” certified flower grown from seed in soil using organic methods and has many other products available for medical marijuana patients. They manufacture the “Trokie”, a unique pharmaceutical lozenge, that provides a consistent dose that is sugar and gluten free. SST is also House of Jane’s Nevada partner, producing cannabis infused hot chocolates, teas, K-cups, and even a medicated boost powder that can be added to any hot beverage. Additionally, they hold exclusive rights to the usage of Jimi Hendrix's image and song titles in the U.S. Marijuana Industry; both of which will be used with SST's future cannabis products. John Sutton, CEO of Silver State Trading, is truly selflessly motivated to helping Nevada patients reduce their suffering with SST’s unique products.

John Sutton: My son

Jason Sturtsman: Tell

John: Silver State Trading

me your personal story of how you got involved with medical marijuana.

Trevor, now 19 years old, was one of the first children in the Nevada medical marijuana program. Cannabis is an incredible medicine that has improved my son’s life and the quality of my family's life so that I do not have to worry about my child struggling in pain. Jason: How do Co2 oil

syringes work? Can you orally ingest them?

John: CO2 syringes from

Silver State Trading are extraordinarily versatile because they can be used by patients orally, to refill their vape pens, and can be dabbed at low temperatures. When Co2 Oil syringes are ingested orally, they should be mixed with food or liquid. Co2 syringes are also fully decarboxylated, which means the THCa has been converted into Delta-9 THC. Jason: Tell us about your

cultivation facility and cultivation methods.

recently got “Clean Green” certified, which is a designation that is only

House of Jane products and what products you have planned in the future. John: House of Jane is the

premiere alternative way for patients to medicate; featuring an extensive line of cannabis infused coffee, tea, beverages, and THC infused powder for hot beverages. Jason: There is a

perception that Co2 concentrates do not have the necessary terpenes when dabbed - can you talk to us more about this. Could you talk about your Sour Cherry Diesel dabbing oil? John: People who enjoy

concentrates want diversity. With our Sour Cherry Diesel Co2 Dabbing Oil, you can expect a clean hit and terpenes coming through at lower temperatures. It is a euphoric, pleasant, and uplifting high - tasting like sour cherries. Jason: SST has a large

selection of cannabis products - are there any new products you have coming out soon? John: We plan on coming

out with Moon Rocks,

transdermal patches, new kinds of Trokies, more unique genetics from seed, and new California Finest product releases are always in the works. Jason: Tell me about

California Finest and what you have planned in the future with this brand. John: California Finest

has a strong connection to California cannabis culture and the music industry. Their colorful branding and limited release partnerships keep patients excited about California Finest and coming back to check out the new strains we believe to be worthy of extra patient attention. Jason: I think the Trokie

is a fantastic medicinal product, that provides so many benefits to patients. There are different versions of the Trokie available in California such as an indica version. Do you have a plan to do other versions of the Trokie? John: We have increased

the amount of THC in our Trokies to allow patients higher THC and THC / CBD 1:1 Trokies. One in five patients do not respond to edibles, so we have crafted a product that bypasses the liver and is immediately felt in under 30 minutes by buccal absorption. Buccal absorption means a small part of the product is placed in the mouth and dissolves in one to two minutes going straight into the bloodstream. Jason Sturtsman is an ILAC member, WECAN VP, owner of HOPE and manager at Las Vegas Releaf.













“If I could smoke with anyone, it would be Jorge Cervantes. He wrote the first book I ever read on growing cannabis.”



702-476-0420 TheDispensaryNV




7 DAYS A WEEK // 10AM - 8PM



Nevada Cannabis News Hour: Every Santana: Coldplay:

09/1, T-Mobile Arena,

09/14-09/25,House of Blues at Mandalay Bay,

Tuesday, 3pm-4pm,, call 844-WECANLV for more info. Wellness Wednesdays At Essence: 5765 W.

Tropicana, 7pm, FREE, visit www.essencevegas. com/wellness-wednesdays/ for a calendar and to RSVP. Patient Classes At Oasis: Ongoing FREE

Herbin Campout:

09/03-09/04, Washington, music, food & vendors,

Marijuana Investor Summit:

09/07, Los Angeles, CA, losangeles2016. marijuanainvestorsummit. com

Goo Goo Dolls With Collective Soul & Tribe Society:

09/16, Downtown Las Vegas Events Center,

09/09, Hard Rock Hotel,

Counting Crows & Rob Thomas:

09/17, Downtown Las Vegas Events Center,


09/22, Hard Rock Hotel,

IHeartRadio Music Festival:


Montana State Hemp & Cannabis Festival:

09/09-09/11, Lolo, MT,

“What If Cannabis Cured Cancer�:

Movie screening, 4th Thursday of each month at Herbally Grounded, 4440 W. Charleston Blvd, 7pm,


Megadeth, Amon Amarth & Suicidal Tendencies: Pepper & Katastro:

classes for medical cannabis patients. Visit for a listing of classes.

Life Is Beautiful Festival:

09/23-09/25, Downtown Las Vegas,


LVMMA Senior Seminars

Sun City Summerlin 10360 Sun City Blvd, Las Vegas 89134 9/9 at 10am, 10/14 at 10am, 10/25 at 9am, FREE West Flamingo Senior Center 6255 W. Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas 89103 9/30 at 9am, FREE LVMMA Community Educational Seminars

Veteran's Transition Center 2550 Nature Park Dr, Ste. 200, Las Vegas 89084 9/15 at 2pm, 10/19 at 9am, FREE Sahara Wellness Educational Center 430 E. Sahara, Las Vegas 89104 9/15 at 7pm, 9/25 at 1pm, FREE Community Oasis 1800 Industrial Rd, #102, Las Vegas 89102 9/8 at 6pm, 9/17 at 1pm, FREE

Indica Stature

Short, stocky, bushy plant




Short distance between branches


Thin leaf fingers



Dense, tightly packed

Long, loose flowers



6 - 10 weeks


Tall, leggy Christmas tree like plant


Broad leaf fingers



Large distance between branches



8 - 14 weeks







Smelly Pungent Skunky


Sweet Spicy Tangy


Thick, cough inducing smoke


Heavy stone, can lead to “couch lock�


Smooth smoke


Cerebral, energetic, soaring high


Tropics, close to the Equator


Central Asia, Morocco

Vegas Disc Recor ding



America’s #1 Resource for Musicians

Gold deal $279

100 CDs in jewel boxes with on disc printing and full color booklets and cello wrap. Ready to Sell.

Platinum deal $399

Graphic Design $199

4 hours of professional graphic design that includes CD booklet design, poster and flyer design, typesetting & logo design for a pro looking package. Additional hours $50 per hour.

Mastering $499

250 CDs in jewel boxes with on disc printing and full color booklets with cello wrap. Ready to Sell.

Mastering includes analog equalization, compression, noise removal, track Id’s, level & fade correction, CD text, ISRC codes with digital peak limiting for the hottest playback level. Additional songs over 10 add $50 per song. Up-load your files using our Digi-Delivery system. Includes 2 masters with PQ log.

diamond deal $599

recording deal $599

500 CDs in jewel boxes with on disc printing and full color booklets with cello wrap. Ready to Sell.

The Vegas Disc recording deal includes 10 hours of multi-track recording and mixing time including engineer. Plus

100 CDs in clear sleeves.

DVD 1000 CDs 250 CDs 1000 USB 2000 CDs 1000 DVDs 100 CDs and lude D C c l Al ers in twork in jewel cases in jewel cases in amray boxes in clear sleeves in clear sleeves Bulk CDs Duplication ord olor ar full c


702 - 481 - 1663





$599 $299

www.V Distribution Now Available



CHAMPS TRADE SHOW JULY 20-21 Visit for more photos.

Photography by Agency THC


COMING TO A DISPENSARY NEAR YOU. Flower Roll... A joint consisting of all flower or bud and no trim, shake, or stems. 3lunt 3ox IS A LIFESTYLE and that's why you'll find we will not compromise the taste, flavor or experience in our Flower Rolls. Like creating a fine wine we fixate on the subtleties of the experience enhancing select genetic traits. We focus on 3 primary traits POTENCY / ARMOA / TASTE and live by them. Quality over Quantity, Hit after Hit

Perfectly Balanced

Some marijuana has great mind benefits. Some has great body benefits. At BaM Quality Marijuana, we’ve spent 15 years developing marijuana strains with the perfect combination of body and mind benefits. Hand grown in small batches for quality you can see, BaM Quality

Winner of Seven 2016 Las Vegas Hempfest Grower’s Cup Awards

Marijuana gives you the perfect balance of body and mind.™

©2016 Nevada Medical Group, LLC

Visit us online at

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Guys love boxes. And who wouldn't like to keep their weed fresh and organized? Keep your flower at a perfect humidity with their removable humidity bead system. Each Cannador box is mahogany lined and is also equipped with separate glass jars with ventilated lids. As an added touch they include labels for identification of strains and dates. Oh, one more thing. You can lock it all up and keep kids and unwanted hands out of your stash. And I it comes with two keys. Not kilos, the keys that lock your shit up. Very handy product for the cannabis lover who thinks they already have everything. Cannador products are now available exclusively at Essence Tropicana.




A smaller design than its brother “The Mighty” and the “Volcano” by Storz & Bickel, built to dissipate heat intelligently, fitting comfortably in your hand. It features the ability to connect via bluetooth to your phone to dial in the perfect temperature. Pass through charging with a standard USB charging, when you run out of battery life. My only criticism is the auto shut off feature that occurs once a minute or the Crafty would be perfection. Swing the mouthpiece out for long draws and large, clean tasting clouds. $339

is a dynamic convection vaporizer that was heralded as the “Best Overall Vaporizer of 2016.” - by GIZMO. “It's the iPhone of vaporizers!” - Newsweek. “This thing is fucking sweet. Vaped flowers never tasted so awesome.” - Bill Shehan, Vegas Cannabis Magazine. The Firefly 2 comes very neatly packed in a soft white box, that contains 5 more little white boxes of accessories. Apple, vape your heart out. The mini convection oven vaporizes your flower to a perfect temp. The design is slick, the lid snaps together with magnets to aid in those are dexterity challenged, or just plain clumsy. Dump bowls easy and keep your piece clean. Seriously, we are not yanking your chains. This is a medical grade product, no stretch of the truth. $329.95


Nowadays, it isn’t too hard to find a subscription box to try out cool products. This box however is one-of-a-kind and geared specifically towards women! Each edition of the Attunement Box explores a different aspect of nature. The box we received was the Summer edition and it included a vegan, leather cannabis clutch, Flower Child CBD bath bomb, Prosperity Mojo Bag kit, hemp fabric fortune cookie and a Rose of Jericho resurrection plant. New boxes are shipped every 6 weeks and include an assortment of items handcrafted by conscious women. $39.99 plus shipping

is the smell of fresh laundry packed in a bottle. The owners of 420 ODOR ELIMINATOR boldly claim that this is the “World’s Strongest Odor Eliminator”. We put it to the test and shared it with some of the smelliest, cigarette chainsmokers we knew, and told them to use 420 OE regularly for week, and get back to us. The results were remarkably impressive. Everyone loved it. It even works on clothes. Spray it on your bedding, your car intake vents, even spray it on your kitty cat. It is safe to clean up that smelly puss. Just don't spray it in the cat’s eyes or mouth, and everything will smell fantastic. 420 ODOR ELIMINATOR is not just for pot smokers. Even conservative alcoholics can enjoy the freshness. $14.99 for 3 cans.

COOLEST MERCH All the sweetest products of the month, in one place.



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is a nice, relaxing herb, filled with amber trichomes. We were nodding our heads at the density and maturity of the chunky, berry-like nugs. She broke up nicely, and made some nice sticky joints that puffed tough. The smoke was pure with a smooth exhale, complete with an Earthy, kushy taste. High in pinene (6.3 mg/g), which is known for bronchodilation, reducing mucus in the lungs, opening passages for asthmatics. The Mob Boss lingered in, and stuck around for a minute. What a lady! THC 30.28%, Limonene 2.0mg, Pinene 6.3mg, Caryophyllene 2.3mg

Krumble Blend

hits hard, but doesn’t hit the pocket book too hard. A gram of this cookie-like wax is about $40, and lasts a while. We like the cookie consistency, and how easy it is to drop a little chunk right into the rig. It’s safe to say that you get get at

Fruit Salad Shatter

hits the terp charts with some impressive figures. Wooh Wee 9.3 mg/g of Caryophyllene will decimate anyone’s anxiety, stress, or paranoia. Fruit Salad Shatter has jacked up Pinene numbers, which will do wonders for diuretics. What’s that mean? Hah, diuretic substances like Pinene promote the production of urine. That’s great for the our livers. We can now use cannabis to eliminate toxins like alcohol from our system. This fruit salad hits the temples like PoW! 84 mofuggin percent THC for shatter is ridiculous. Good shit Kabunky. THC 84.19%,Terpinolene 1.6mg, Myrcene 3.1mg, Humulene 2.9mg, Caryophyllene 9.3mg, Pinene 7.9mg

Gourmet White Chocolate Bar

was a tasty treat that was felt from head to feet. Sitting in that shiny wrapper all neat, the white chocolate bar tasted as good as it looked. And it looked beautiful, as it does here in the thumbnail. This candy bar is strong, totaling 312mg of THC, whee doggie! You can taste weed (because it’s loaded with weed). Have fun with this. Break it up and mix it into some ice cream or hot oatmeal. WATCH OUT!!! This candy bar is a gateway candy bar. The gateway to heaven. Share it with a friend, or hog it up. But figure out your tolerance level. This edible is for the advanced, experienced patients. THC 312.05mg/bar, 6 servings per bar

We didn't smell or taste banana, but more of an Earthy, grape reward. Pay close attention to what Medizin is doing. Their top shelf has been offered as low as 50%OFF a whopping 4 times. Spend some time with their house strains. This is loaded with Myrcene, so settle in with a fattie of Banana OG. I have not had a bunk Medizin house flower yet. Welcome to the #30percentclub THC 30.2%, B-Caryophyllene 2.52mg, B-Myrcene 6.82mg, D-Limonene 4.84mg

Lil Sebastien Live Resin Crumble

Banana OG

is the newest Vegas grown strain that hits the top shelves in September. The nugs are well-grown, wellmanicured, and popping with glittery trichomes.

moves like soft sand in its clear container, and tastes phenomenal. Exhale is sweet and pure, and the duration of the head change lasted well over a half-hour. At over 81% THC, Lil Sebastien Live Resin Crumble will please the most tolerant lungs. If you are looking to try LSLRC, check out the Clinic on Decatur and Flamingo, next to Terrible’s Car Wash. Tell them Vegas Cannabis sent you, and give them a wink. THC 81.30%, Caryophyllene: 0.948mg, Linalool: 1.953mg, Limonene: 2.015mg

Mob Boss Flower

least 10 monster rips out of the gram, so it’s not that expensive to stay medicated. This blend is smooth, and has a full flavor. Low in Myrcene and Linalool, it won’t make you that tired. It’s more on the sativa side. It’s safe to smoke the hell out of this wax and still get your shit done. This Krumble is great for pain and pleasure. Dab your stress away with this moderately high Caryophyllene content. THC 71.95%, Terpinolene 3.4mg, Pinene 3.6mg, Caryophyllene 3.43mg


and 100% beneficial for artists and creative-minded individuals. Turn your brain on with CannaVative Sativa Capsules. THC 25mg

Pineapple Stomper Shatter

tastes sweet and sour, and leaves a misty smile on your face. The consistency is brittle and stable, more of a snap than a pull. Pineapple Stomper is blasted from Deep Roots flowers, and melts nicely in any rig or wax pen. This concentrate will make you feel fucking fantastic. The Clinic knows what’s up. Welcome to the #waxgame. THC 82.20%, Caryophyllene: 1.47mg, Myrcene: 2.83mg, Limonene: 1.16mg

Sour OG Nug Run Budder

is a great substance to smash on fat dabs with. We love the consistency of this OG, soft and mushy, but not wet. The packaging of the little LAB plastic containers that “snap” shut and don’t waste your stash are clever and cheeky. This wax is stoney and eye-heavy, and smells and tastes sweet and tart. Way to break on the scene. And they carry Vegas Cannabis Magazine. THC 78.40%, Limonene: 1.611mg, Linalool: 1.591mg, Myrcene: 1.401mg

Acapulco Gold CBD Sap


is amazing! Enjoy the head change of mild THC with full benefits of CBD. The taste of the exhale is superior to most flavors. CBD tastes a bit floral, and once you dab it a few times you will want to mix it into every THC dab. The LAB does the work for you. This inhalable cocktail is up there on the top shelf. This is a MUST-TRY! THC 28.90%, CBD 40.12%, Caryophyllene: 0.637mg, Linalool: 0.639mg, Myrcene: 0.723mg

Tangie Honeycomb

is one of the most photogenic products featured in Nevada dispensaries this month. It’s also one of the best-smelling and mouth-watering waxes you can find. Head patients will enjoy Tangie Honeycomb for its sour, sugary taste, and health patients will benefit medically from its full terpene profile. The crazy thing here is that the CannaVative line is quite affordable for the hash-lovers in Vegas. I found a gram for under $35 at a local dispensary last month. Crazy, right? The owners of CannaVative are down to Earth create products with true medical value. Stay up to date with this innovative brand. They are becoming a quickly recognized name brand in Vegas. THC 74.13%, CBD1.52%, Bisabolol: 3.26mg, B-Pinene 1.30mg, Terpinolene: 1.92mg

Harle Tsu CBD Sap

is a complete medicine with a top shelf lab sheet. Enjoy the healing benefits of CBD, and get the head change you deserve. This golden shatter is beautifully crafted, and shines like metal. It tastes floral and amazing, and really gives you a euphoric lift. If you haven't dabbed CBD, get out there and give this a dunk. I feel 2 inches taller, and ready to take on some fat dabs. THC 19.80%, CBD 53.56%, Bisabolol: 9.79mg, Terpinolene: 2.87mg

Live Clear MTF Vape Cartridge

gives you a fresh hit of 100% pure cannabis oil. The more experienced smoker should get a triple pull from the cartridge. Sit back and chill

Sativa Capsules

can help you get your day going without the crash and burn of energy drinks, and replace that costly drive-thru coffee routine. CannaVative combines oils from their top sativas to produce a capsule that will help you focus with natural energy. As a safety measure, their caps are colored red/white to prevent accidental, nighttime ingestion. These caps are 100% cannabis derived,

WHAT'S NEW Discover the latest in Nevada dispenseries.

at your favorite sportsbook. No one will trip on you because it doesn’t smell like flower. It tastes like flower though. They re-introduce its own terps to make a healthy vape product. Screw it onto any 5/10 threat and hit that shit. Don’t be shy. Another CannaVative innovation. Splendid! THC 64.51%, a-Pinene: 1.07%, Caryophyllene: 1.02%, Humulene: 1.03%

it up with some real shit. The blue raspberry flavor masks up the 33 mg of THC pretty deliciously. With 2 in a pack, and after eating the first one, I can’t wait to crush the second Lollipop. Go visit the friendly staff at The Apothecary Shoppe and be sure to pick up a few of these adult pacifiers. Man, are there any more flavors? THC 33mg/lollipop

a condiment to hike up the THC levels, or dab it easily with any tool. This concentrate is wet like lip gloss, yet stable and shouldn’t sugar up on you. We were stoned, immaculate. Surprisingly, I want to cook with this GG4 sap. I’m taking this home to make some medicated pasta sauce. It would mix up nicely with some sauce or gravy. Be creative and spontaneous. Let the Gorilla out. THC 62.66%, Supercritical CO2 Hash Oil

This shatter is more of the consistency of dried glue. It’s stable and will snap and pull, but when we ripped off dabs it took a minute to figure out the best way to get the product off the paper was to press the tool, and pull quickly to rip off a chunk of wax. The high is instant and twisted. Man, we were faded. Eyes droopy, fuckin hungry, and stuck… translated medically is relaxing, increases appetite, and is a muscle relaxer. WiFi OG is some stoney shit. You got Wifi? THC 75%


smells like a pile of pine trees in a pool of gasoline. And once again, cannabis teaches us to appreciate the taste or smell of something that we would normally cringe at. That Adub is one of the top strains this month. With full flavor and clean, piney exhale, this smoke can sneak up on you. Puff sparingly and know your limits. The Myrcene in this one will sedate the fuck out of you. Love on this one. THC 22.80%, Myrcene: 5.72mg, Limonene: 6.28mg


are cute, little suckers that taste fucking amazing! Yeah, screw it let’s spice

Gorilla Glue #4 Sap

is perfect for a little somethin’ somethin’ on top of your joints. Smear it on like


are perfect for patients that enjoy the benefits of edibles but do not enjoy the extra calories or sugary ingredients. Recommended dosage is one to two capsules with a waiting period of at least 45 minutes before increasing to a higher dosage. Little to no psychoactivity is experienced and just one capsule was enough to decrease pain. THC 0.74%, CBD 1.18%, 5 capsules per pack

WiFi #3 Shatter

is made from WiFi OG, and tastes like spicy trees.

Strawberry Cough Shatter

can make your head spin with its strong sativa properties. It’s quite the huckelberry for someone who needs a little pick-meup. Sink your lungs into this true snappy shatter, and appreciate the psychedelic trippiness of this energy boosting concentrate. It looks like a chunk of golden amber, caramelized by the sun. Strawberry Cough is known for its anti-stress properties, but I don’t know. This sativa has me an extremely pleasant way. Thanks for creating such an herb to promote creativity, and get the day rolling. THC 79.75%


can be added to any unmedicated food or drink, and voila it’s an edible. Each bear-shaped container contains 16 tablespoon-sized servings. Bless up your pancakes, or sugar up your breakfast tea. Even better, drizzle it on some hot cornbread. Relax in style with The Apothecary Shoppe Honey, it’s well-spent money. THC 10.9mg per 1 tbsp, Total THC: 174.4mg/bear, 16 servings


Rick Simpson Oil

is real medicine. Indigo RSO is one of the most medicinal forms of MMJ produced in Nevada to date. The oil can be ingested and spread on skin problems, but DON’T SMOKE IT!!! This is not for “head patients”. I'm going out on a limb, and saying that this product should extend your life if taken regularly. Research Rick Simpson Oil, Phoenix Tears, and full extract cannabis oil (FECO). Go smoke a bowl and do your homework. Let's see more legit health products. This shit made my day! THC 40.90%, CBD 8.12%, CBN: 4.28%, B-Caryophyllene: 4.4mg, a-Humulene: 1.58mg, a-Bisabolol: 1.04mg, 1 gram Harlequin RSO


Syracuse OG Badder

smells like a melted jolly rancher. Pure gold, with

clarity once again (expect that from Moxie,) this professional grade shatter will amaze 3 of your senses. Let’s just say that the flavor is fucking ridiculous! My eyes are swelling with numbness. Blueberry has me by the throat. Its tartness matched with a sweet syrup left in the back of your throat, has you smacking your mouth tasting blueberry muffins again like the flower we introduced in June. Keep that around forever please. Dedicate an entire building to Blueberry, yo. THC 77.5%, Limonene 2.66 mg, Linalool 1.59 mg, B-Myrcene 1.57 mg

Gorilla Glue 4 Cured Resin Shatter

is an indica-dominant hybrid wax that boasts champion genes, clarity and flexibility. This hash is a highly effective sleep aid and stimulates muscle recovery. Let your eyes roll around into the back of your head, and take a load off. Just make sure to park the car first. This shatter is more of a “pull” material, so it’s ideal for spinning it around a joint to add some flare. THC 74.2%, B-Caryophyllene 1.73 mg, Limonene 1.26 mg, A-Humulene 0.70 mg

Mandarin Cookies Live Resin Badder

Super Jack Trim Run Shatter

will impress you at first sight with its spaced out appearance. It dabs very nicely and it’s already divided up naturally. The wax smokes up piney and peppery.As the high settles in, you will enjoy a focused burst of energy. Be careful not to overdo it with sativas. It is possible to have completely opposite reactions to the same strain or wax. This is a bargain priced item offered by Green Therapeutics. Energy drinks can cause kidney stones; grab some Super Jack instead. THC:76.4%, GammaTerpinene 1.77 mg, Limonene 1.59 mg, Terpinolene 1.42 mg

ing with numbness. Blueberry has me by the throat. Its tartness matched with a sweet syrup left in the back of your throat, has you smacking your mouth tasting blueberry muffins again like the flower we introduced in June. Lordy, I’m so infatuated with this strain that I’m speaking in the first person participle. Keep that around forever please. Dedicate an entire building to Blueberry, yo. THC 77.5%, Limonene 2.66 mg, Linalool 1.59 mg, B-Myrcene 1.57 mg

Blueberry Live Resin Shatter

smells like a melted jolly rancher. When we saw the little Cannabiotix logos on the Moxie products, we were crossing our fingers that there would be some blueberry dabs showing up in Nevada dispensaries. Pure gold, with clarity once again (expect that from Moxie,) this professional grade shatter will amaze 3 of your senses. Let’s just say that the flavor is fucking ridiculous! My eyes are swell-

has that soft, cookie consistency that crumble lovers look for. It is perfect texture to drop little balls of it right onto a hot dab nail. Man, Moxie really pulls off some of the best shit in Nevada. Every time I look up there are a few more firey products in their line up. Mandarin retains the naval overtone through the entire exhale. This cake badder is excellent to mix with any CBD product. Try it out, and get back to me. Moxie Nation. You can thank Green Therapeutics for bringing Moxie on to the scene. Hats off! THC 76.9%, B-Myrcene 1.98 mg, Limonene 1.80 mg, Isopulegol 1.41 mg

shades of deep green, with almost rust colored stigmata. So beautiful. Drive home Diablo. THC 25.50%

Orange Cream Distillate Vape Tank

Jack Herer

is a limey mother. As invigorating and eyeopening as the Spring smelling aroma, are the pungent terps that scream “WAKE UP”. The smell from this flower will make any cannabis patient “rise and shine”. Jack Herer by House of Herbs is a strain that can make any man fired up. Be careful with sativas if you have any tendencies to have panic attacks. Take it easy, and slow your roll. THC 24.90%

Maui Wowie

sounds like a Thai stick or something. Let’s be honest, everyone wants to try Maui Wowie just because of the name. This bud smells like Hawaiian Punch, and makes me want to “Kool-Aid Man” through the wall and say, “Oh yeah!” Maui Wowie is light green in appearance, and is abundant in orange-red stigmata (strands). It tastes like sweet This strain is a perfect addition to any vacation time, maybe chill with it at a pool. Make your own vacation, and smoke Maui Wowie. THC 18.00%

Diablo OG

is an incredible example of an OG! This true OG is a flamethrower filled with fuel. Smell that shit right when you pop the HOH freshness seal. Whoof! Cannabis connoisseurs looking for a whiff of something with attitude, here it is. Diablo OG is fire. The way House of Herbs finishes the job makes it clear that they are here to stay. Their nugs are tight and dense. Diablo, in particular, has

Super Jack

has less THC than Jack Herer, but the terps are across the board higher. It tastes like it smells, fantastic, like sweet lemon-lime pie. This is an eye-opening sativa that will increase awareness and brighten anyone’s day. Sativas can replace your morning energy drink routine. Get super jacked. Try vaping this flower in the VapeCup. We enjoyed the effectiveness of this strain. THC 21.00%

Skywalker OG

can suck your face into the jar, and keep it there, for minutes. This flower dry hits nicely, and tastes as strong as it smells. Keep it in the bag; it’s stanky! The caramelized gas aroma filled with pine trees is aromatherapy. We enjoyed a pizza together, after puffing on a joint of Skywalker OG. It had a blanket of cheese that complemented the jedi minds very nicely. THC 23.90%

California Finest Purple Haze

is the perfect choice for medical patients who want an uplifting sativa, and the convenience of individually wrapped prerolls. They are packed in a collectible box featuring Jimi Hendrix. These are great for nostalgia, and the herb inside is very stoney. What a souvenir option… My grandma and grandpa went to Vegas, and all they brought me back was an empty box of California Finest. So much for the souvenir Tshirt. Time to retire Tommy Chong style. THC 16.50%, Myrcene 5.50mg, Limonene 1.20mg, B-Caryophyllene 9.50mg, A-Humulene 2.40mg, Terpinolene 2.00mg

House of Jane Infused Tea

is the perfect end to your

tastes exactly like a 50/50 bar. Remember those? Liquid Moxie is perfect for anywhere in public. Hit it four or five draws if you are a beast. Go ahead, make that battery hot a fuck. Hit that shit. Incredible, how convenient and discreet smoking weed can be. Blow clouds of Orange Cream anywhere. It’s not nearly as offensive as smoked flower. This one gets you a head change too. THC 71.7%, Limonene:1.35 mg, Linalool:0.09 mg, B-Myrcene:0.03 mg


night. Available as Green Tea or Chamomile, each bag contains three tea bags. Need your tea a bit stronger? Open the bag and steep tea bagless for higher potency. A dash of infused honey makes this the perfect hot beverage. THC 7.5mg per bag

inside. The sweet tasting medicine has an alcohol base that makes it hard to swallow if you are a wussy. Just get it down the hatch, and let the benefits kick in. This is a great way to introduce cannabinoids to your deprived system. The effects are sedating, with a slight increase in appetite. This tincture can definitely replace sleeping pills. Try it for a week, and see for yourself. The house favorite is the Mango. THC 74.75mg/bottle, CBD 132.426mg/bottle, Dosage: 1 dropperful, wait 30 minutes to determine tolerance level

Sour Diesel Bubble Hash

is one of the best concentrates on the Nevada market. This one deserves a second look. There are no solvents used, and it's a fell melt water hash. The pile of trichomes looks amazing, and tastes phenomenal. Finger press this between some parchment paper, or sprinkle it into any joint and get into your lungs. Your body deserves this natural medicine. Good fucking job, Nate, Braly and company. Silver Sage is on the map! THC 65.80%, B-Caryophyllene: 0.762mg, B-Pinene 0.078mg


Mango & Apple Cinnamon Tinctures have some potent shit

to the garage. Don’t waste time or weed, smoke Baby J’s for days.

Baby J’s Daytime Relief is the third available GLP collector’s tin. Man, these Altoids parodies are a hot collectible. What’s inside? This one is all sativa baby! Every mini J is strategically filled with Green Life’s top sativa strains. Get your wake and bake started the right way. Smoke on these little mamas while you are sippin that morning jah. Strawberry Cough, Triple Bodhi, and Purple Haze are the energetic strains GLP blesses you with. Grab the Daytime blend, get outside, and do something productive. Enjoy the sun.

Baby J’s Nighttime Relief

are seriously strong, as the parody implies. These collector tins are filled with 6 prerolled mini joints, with a weight totaling 1.8 grams. This dark blue tin is filled with Steve Cantwell’s pure indica protocol for nighttime relief. There are 2 of each inside: Pure Sunshine, Lavender, and 9LB Hammer, and I smoked them in exactly that order. The tin provided a perfect nightcap for me for 2 consecutive days, 3 mini J’s per night. These are perfect for the solo trip

Snoop Master

smells a bit like piney petrol and tastes like hot fabric softener sheets. Kind of makes me want to drive the car to the laundromat. Snoop is so fresh and so

clean smelling, and is pretty damned pleasureable to have in the circle. She’s stonier than Purple Urkel. Light green nugs, with bright orange hair, Snoop is lovely as a female. She’s the Snoop Master, and she likes to chill. She likes to puff with the homies, especially Bill. Ok, I’m no rapper. I won't quit my day job of smoking weed and printing this shit. Snoop Master might turn you into a bullshit rapper. It may also set you back in your seat, beings it’s an indica. THC: 28.3%, Limonene 5.131mg, Linalool 2.652mg


is one of the strongest strains in VCM this month. Everyone wants to know: What’s the strongest strain? What’s the highest THC? What’s the most potent marijuana in Vegas? Are we there yet? Yes, we are here. WiFi OG has arrived, and hits the scene well over 30% THCa. This herb will get you stupid stoned, and help you feel numb if you need the couch lock to slow shit up. Wifi OG has a slight lemon gas stench, like a cleaner. All these OG choices. Which one should you try? Try plenty, but you might as well start here with this one. It’s sure to please the most experienced OG. There is a new OG in town. I want WiFi. THC 29.6%, B-Caryophyllene 2.582mg, B-Myrcene 3.027mg, Limonene 5.975mg, Linalool 2.463mg


Social media, graphic design & more.


$10 OFF a Nevada Medical Card Call 702 738 5653 or visit


CHILEAN SEA BASS Ingredients: 4 T extra virgin olive oil 2 T seasoned rice wine vinegar ¼ cup white wine ½ cup canna-butter ¼ micro arugula Five 4 oz Chilean sea bass steaks Zest one orange Salt and pepper to taste Directions: 1. Mix extra virgin olive oil, rice wine vinegar, orange zest


VEGETABLE QUINOA Ingredients: 3 T tarragon minced 2 C quinoa 4 C veggie stock 1 T ground ginger 1 bunch asparagus ½ each red, orange, yellow bell pepper - brunoise 1 whole carrot – brunoise ¼ red onion - brunoise 2 garlic cloves – minced Directions:

1. In a medium sauce pan, sweat ginger, garlic and canna-


butter on medium heat. Add quinoa and veggie stock to pan and bring to a boil. 2. Turn heat on low and cook for 15 minutes. Afterwards, remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes. 3. Cut off tips of asparagus and place in bowl. Julienne, and brunois remaining stalk of asparagus, bell pepper, carrot and onion. 4. Place all vegetables into a bowl. In a small pot, bring water to a boil. Blanch vegetables for 1 minute. Move vegetables to a bowl of ice water to shock them to retain color and nutrients. 5. On high heat, place 2 T canna-oil in a sauté pan and sauté vegetables and tarragon for 2 minutes. Fold vegetables into quinoa until evenly mixed. Serve immediately.

and salt and pepper in bowl. 2. Lay out sea bass in large bowl. 3. Pour marinade over sea bass. 4. Cover and refrigerate for 45 minutes. 5. In a sauté pan, sear sea bass on high for 3 minutes per side, depending on thickness. 6. Splash fish with white wine. 7. Melt canna-butter. To plate: Stuff quinoa in a ramekin. On center of place, turn ramekin upside down and carefully drop quinoa onto plate. Place Chilean sea bass on top of quinoa. Garnish with micro arugula.

Inside Moondoggie's Bar 11:00 am - 3:00 am 702-243-6277 3240 S Arville ST, Las Vegas, NV 89102

We make the dough, the sauce, the sausage, meatballs and dressings daily from fresh ingredients for you!

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Cannabis testing services in Las Vegas offers medicinal marijuana safety and potency screening. (702) 209-2429,, New Heights Laboratory:

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FELLOWSHIP Cannabis Chapel:

Non-denominational, sharing sessions on various Sundays at 4pm, 827 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Ste. A,



Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada, Free to join and provides a platform for people to post and discuss ideas in a controlled environment,,, Patient To Patient Group:

Dope Foto:

(702) 970-9444,,


Women Grow networking events connect aspiring and current professionals in the cannabis industry. Our members develop authentic relationships via personal contact and networking. Our networking series attracts both men and women to connect. Facebook—Women Grow: Las Vegas. Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association:

A chamber of commerce for medical marijuana, organized to promote the medical marijuana industry in Nevada. We include dispensary owners, production facilities, cultivators, labs and various companies that work with the industry as well as patients, doctors, nurses and researchers.

A safe place to meet fellow patients & build lasting friendships, monthly potluck & other events Las Vegas Cannabis Events Group: Events,

festivals, and get togethers for those passionate about cannabis, LasVegasCannabisEvents Compassion Nevada Consulting: Assistance

with obtaining a Nevada medical marijuana card, 2800 S. Highland Dr (702) 506-6379. Nevada Medical Marijuana Program: For

information about obtaining your Nevada Medical Marijuana card visit medicalmarijuana.htm HIV/AIDS Health Education: Golden

Rainbow offers monthly health education and risk reduction workshops for persons living with HIV/ AIDS. Emergency Housing and Financial Support also available to qualified individuals. Call 702384-2899 or visit www.

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Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

September 2016 Issue #24

Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

September 2016 Issue #24