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Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 7

Editor’s Note Discrimination is defined as “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things.” Last month, we felt the sting of Hempcon as friends, business associates and fellow medical patients were harassed and arrested by local police. While those choosing to disregard the law must assume some responsibility for their actions, our police force should also consider that a variety of cannabis events have taken place and it seems as though each one has different repercussions. There hasn’t been much consistency. We had Hempfest last October that went off without a hitch as patients medicated throughout the event while officers were in full force. Both Champs and AGE also ran without any arrests or police interaction. And most recently, attendees had a blast at the Las Vegas Cannabis Championship which also ran successfully with no sign of law enforcement. Could it be a matter of discrimination? Or, could it be that it is just easier for our law officials to target medical patients instead of seeking out actual criminals? Additionally, last month our intention to combine our Vegas Cannabis Magazine office with a local spot for our readers to network, obtain resources and buy cool merchandise was defeated by an

obviously uneducated and non-business minded individual. Just before the May issue released, we found what we believed to be the perfect spot for us – a small office/retail location inside Reclaimed Art. What we were unaware of was that the owner of the building whom Reclaimed leases from is opposed to cannabis and does not believe that a magazine is art related. After a brief interaction with the owner, and after explaining our position on the magazine, medical marijuana and the community, I was asked why we need to have a location that allows us to interact with medical marijuana patients. My response was that we started as a magazine but have grown to much more and we pride ourselves on providing outreach to local patients who are unsure of the process and available resources. He asked to look over the magazine and after careful review, the owner very specifically addressed the fact that we had a disclaimer informing readers that we assume no responsibility for advertisements. To question a disclaimer that most magazines, cannabis related or not include is absurd. The ladies that run Reclaimed Art had been allowed up until this point to sublease to whoever they deemed art related and had in fact leased to a different magazine the prior year. They agreed as we did that our magazine was definitely art related and

also an awesome addition to the downtown Arts District. But sadly, their defense for Vegas Cannabis Magazine went unheard by the building owner. In an attempt to oblige the owner while also preserving the relationship of the owner and the ladies at Reclaimed Art, we picked up and moved within a week to a new location. As it turns out, our time and effort was unnecessary as we later found out that the building owner informed the ladies of Reclaimed Art that they would be evicted and that he would rather have the building sit empty than lease to them. The year is 2015 and Nevada is a medical marijuana state, yet there are still individuals that remain closed minded and ignorant to what cannabis can offer the sick and suffering. And so the question becomes, once again, whether or not Nevada medical marijuana patients, supporters and business affiliates are being discriminated against. Hopefully, with time, people will open their minds, consider the fact that patients are choosing a natural medicine over dangerous pharmaceuticals and do some research to learn about all of the benefits this plant has to offer.

Stephanie Shehan Editor


WECAN: Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada, WeCan702/ is free to join and provides a platform for people to post and discuss ideas in a controlled environment, www. or https://www.facebook. com/wecan702. LAS VEGAS NORML: The world’s largest organization working to reform marijuana laws. Membership: www.lasvegasnorml. com/membership, Information: www., Contact: staff@ LAS VEGAS CANNABIS INFO CENTER: Provides referrals for all your cannabis needs including doctors, lawyers, legal dispensaries and classes. LVCIC also provides on-site classrooms and studio where the patient’s privacy is their priority, (702) 761-6770,, www. THE HUMAN SOLUTION LAS VEGAS CHAPTER: Grassroots network of people that support each other through the trials faced as cannabis consumers. Working to educate the public and end prohibition, COMPASSION AWARENESS PROJECT: Discounted medical marijuana license program, monthly meetings, workshops

(HIPPA compliance, CPR, cultivation), information on accessing medicine, www., (702) 335-0020.

LAS VEGAS MEDICAL MARIJUANA CONSULTANTS: Visit any Diversity location or call (702) 313-7273 for more information,

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KARMA HOLISTIC HEALTH FOUNDATION: 9111 W. Russell Road, Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89148, (702) 388-1119,

NEVADA MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM: For information about obtaining your Nevada Medical Marijuana card visit medicalmarijuana.htm.

DOCTORS CENTER AT RED ROCK: 8751 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117, (702) 233-1715.

MEDICATED VEGAS: Medical marijuana education, cannabis oil counseling, personalized visits. (586) 295-4365 text or (702) 530-1226 call.


ULTIMATE “U” MEDICAL: Dr. Kathleen Smith, medical recommendations and renewals, office assists with every step of the medical marijuana process, 8660 Spring Mountain Road, Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89117, (702) 353-9777, www. GETTING LEGAL: Dr. Susan Boyd, no medical records required, 99%approval rate. Pay just one low price and they take care of the process for you, 2619 W. Charleston Blvd, #100, Las Vegas, NV 89102, (702) 979-9999, www.GettingLegal. com.

GETCARDEDVEGAS.COM: 732 S. 6th St, Ste. 100, Las Vegas, (702) 904-9564. GOLDSMITH HEALTHCARE LTD: 5375 S. Ft. Apache, Las Vegas, NV 89148, (702) 425-5191. DR. GREEN RELIEF: 8751 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117, (702) 9308048.


AMANDA CONNOR: Connor & Connor PLLC, provides legal services to medical marijuana patients and medical marijuana businesses, 2450 St. Rose Parkway Suite 120 A, Henderson, NV, www.connorpllc. com, (702) 750-9139. MARTINA JACCARINO: Black & LoBello, 10777 W Twain Ave #3, Las Vegas, NV 89135, (702) 869-8801, www. CHRISTOPHER TILMAN: Tilman Law Office, 1211 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 10

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CANNABIS TRAINING INSTITUTE: The leading provider of online education & certification for the cannabis industry. All courses are available online. In-person training and group discounts are also available, www.cannabistraininginstitute, (206) 293-8112.


GREENSPOT HYDROPONICS: 3355 W. Lake Mead Blvd, North Las Vegas, (702) 463-6000, Open Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm and Sat 10am-6pm. MEDIGROW NV: Professional cultivation education, (702) 606-9059, www. Also provides in home



OAKSTERDAM UNIVERSITY: Coming soon to Las Vegas, www., (510) 2511544.

Have a company, organization or website that could benefit medical marijuana patients? Email your info to editor@

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 11

Events W.E.C.A.N. 702 RADIO HOUR: Tuesdays, 4pm-5pm, KLAV AM 1230, listen live at, www. for more info. LAS VEGAS CANNABIS INFO CENTER - A Weekend of Cannabis Knowledge: LVCIC & CCI Seminars & Mixer 8/15-8/16 (see ad on page 9), Seminar will include Law, Cooking, Delivery, Dispensary Management, Marketing, Advertising & Marijuana Cultivation, 702-761-6770, W.E.C.A.N. 702 PATIENT SUPPORT GROUP: 2nd Saturday of the month, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, 4550 S Maryland Pkwy Ste A, Las Vegas, NV 89119, this group focuses on the patient

questions and needs and announces any new projects in the community. W.E.C.A.N. PAHRUMP PATIENT MEETING: 3rd Saturday of the month, 1440 E Highway 372, Pahrump, NV, for patients, caregivers and those that are curious about becoming a patient. “WHAT IF CANNABIS CURED CANCER”: Movie screening, 4th Thursday of each month at Herbally Grounded, 4440 W. Charleston Blvd, 7pm, www. WOMEN GROW: LAS VEGAS: 6/4, 6-8pm, The Lady Sylvia at SoHo Lofts, 900 S Las Vegas Blvd #140, www. Grow: Las Vegas

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REGGAE IN THE DESERT: Saturday, June 13, Clark County Ampitheater, www. LAS VEGAS HEMP FESTIVAL & MEDICAL CUP: 10/3, Las Vegas Convention Center, All ages, Tickets $45, www. OAKSTERDAM UNIVERSITY BASIC AND ADVANCED SEMINARS: 6/12-6/15, Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, (510) 251-1544, www. CHALICE CALIFORNIA: July 11-12, NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA, www. for more info.

THE 710 EXPERIENCE: June 6-7, NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA, Music, cannabis, concentrates & culture, for more info. SEATTLE HEMPFEST: August 14-16, for more info. CANNABIS NETWORK VEGAS: Monthly networking group for professionals in the cannabis industry, 6/17, 6pm-9pm, Born & Raised, 7260 S Cimarron Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89113 (location subject to change), Visit and search “Cannabis Network Vegas” for details and registration, Event requires registration & payment online or at the

door, contact CeCe Stanton at (775) 241-8588 or cstanton@ premierdispensaryinsurance. com for more info. AAA INDOOR GARDEN BBQ: 6/5, 7pm-11pm, FREE compost tea to first 40 growers, FREE raffle of nutrients and t-shirts, 25%-30% off retail items, 2 W. Charleston, (702) 450-4769 for info. ADRENALINE SPORTS BAR & GRILL: Karaoke every Thursday at 9pm, Trivia every Wednesday at 6pm, Comedy hosted by Jack Slammy every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9pm, 3103 N. Rancho, (702) 645-4139 for info. See ad on this page for special events.


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Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 13

Medical Right To Life: A Cannabis Patient’s Fight For Survival By: Pamela Jayne

For the majority of the American population, the use of medical cannabis is not only accepted, but encouraged. With the devastating consequences of doctors over prescribing deadly, addictive pharmaceuticals, even the most conservative of citizens have revised their ‘Reefer Madness’ mentality and accepted the validity of marijuana as medicine. Unfortunately for Justin Turley, the doctor who quite literally holds his life in her hands, disagrees. And so she, and presumably the team she works with, have made the decision to deny Justin the only thing that could save his life, a new liver. Dr. Yuko Kono, a highly esteemed Hepatologist in the UCSD Health System who has been in practice for 25 years refuses to allow Justin to receive a liver transplant because he uses medical cannabis. Justin bluntly states that he feels “less than dirt” by their decision and goes on to say, “Why do I have to die because of your unwillingness to consider another option? Your ignorance shouldn’t be my death sentence.” Hippocratic Oath be damned, Dr. Kono has put Justin on the fast track to the Pearly Gates solely because she disagrees with his use of a natural substance to treat the excruciating symptoms of his condition. Justin suffers from cirrhosis of the liver, a debilitating and ultimately fatal disease, and he accepts full responsibility for his condition. For many years he was an extremely heavy drinker. The body can only handle so much, and two bottles of whiskey a day will eventually take its toll. Although he was not told with one hundred percent certainty that it was alcohol abuse

that caused the damage, upon hearing of his diagnosis, Justin immediately entered a detox program, and then continued on the path of sobriety. He has been sober for twelve years now. In his words, “I knew I was done drinking. My life literally depended on it.” As if fighting the demons of addiction weren’t difficult enough, Justin was suddenly thrust into a battle for his life. The emotional and mental aspect of his disease weighed just as heavy as the physical. “When they told me straight up, that I was dying (if I didn’t get a transplant), I went through a grieving

process. I wanted to say my goodbyes and make amends, see some things I’d never seen. But for years now, I’ve beaten the odds, so to speak. So its like, am I dying or not? I could still have years left. I could be making a better contribution to society...if I wasn’t constantly sick or in the hospital. That is what really breaks my heart, to tell you the truth. It’s hard to have relationships, especially romantic ones, having that hanging over my head. I could go at any time. I don’t want people to get attached, and that hurts, because I am a very social person.” As difficult as his emotional pain is, the physical pain Justin endures on a daily basis is not for the faint of heart. The constant abdominal pain he suffers is not a simple run of the mill belly-ache, it is a liver

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 14

in process of shutting down. The pain is so debilitating, that it makes even breathing difficult. Edema, a side effect of his condition, causes his legs to swell to more than three times normal size, and bleed. This makes mobility all but impossible. Even as the swelling subsides, it takes a good deal of time before the simple act of walking is no longer excruciating. Adding to the litany of his ailments, Cirrhosis also comes with another complication called Varices, in both the esophagus and the rectum. Varices causes extreme loss of blood from both ends, to be frank. Not only is this embarrassing and painful, it is life threatening. To add insult to injury, Justin is at risk of developing Hepatic Encephalopathy, in which the liver stops filtering ammonia and other toxins, and affects the brain, causing confusion, the inability to solve simple problems, concentrate on reading (though Justin is adamant about reading, challenging himself, to stave off the mental decline), and eventually leads to a dementia like state…unless you take a medication called Lactulose, which causes uncontrollable diarrhea. Not the “Holy shit, I shouldn’t have eaten those left over fish tacos” diarrhea, but rather, dangerously dehydrating, physically debilitating diarrhea. Speaking of bullshit, let’s get back to the matter at hand. Justin Turley, a man literally facing death, is being denied the one and only thing that could save his life. The one and only thing that could allow him to spend another Christmas with his family, another New Year with his friends, and another 4/20 with his Canna-Family, is a fully functioning liver. People screw up and die every day. They speed on the freeway, they forget to enable the safety, and they gorge themselves on carbs, and overdose on man made, federally sanctioned pills. So how is it that this man, has been deemed unworthy of a transplant

Medical simply because he chooses medical cannabis? Justin understands that life isn’t always fair, he just wants the opportunity to live it. And living, he is. While some in his situation turn to self-pity, Justin spends his time doing whatever he can to aid others in the cannabis community. He is active in court support efforts, regularly attending the trials of cannabis patients, providers, and growers, to lend support to the people who are pivotal in maintaining his quality of life. Justin is baffled by the fact that the people who are actively trying to save his life are on trial fighting for their freedom, while those who actually signed an oath to “do no harm”, are unrepentant in their decision to deny him life. He channels that frustration by attending meetings of the San Diego chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA). There, he has connected with compassionate people who donate cannabis, edibles, and Rick Simpson Oil, free of charge. Justin pays out of pocket for the bulk of his medicine, but living on a disability check makes that difficult. His recent media exposure in the Huffington Post and San Diego CityBeat has led to an onslaught of concerned citizens asking how they can be of assistance. Justin humbly, and quietly states that he just doesn’t feel comfortable asking for help. However, he is blessed with friends who are currently in the process of setting up a Go Fund Me campaign to help him pay for his medication.

To connect with Justin, contact him via facebook justinohooligan

Photo: Ryan Anderson- Sungod Photography 1-800-635-8883 1-800-635-8883

The introduction of AB 258 by California Assembly member Marc Levine has given Justin more hope than he has had in the last twelve years. According to the Americans for Safe Access website, the bill would “help protect medical cannabis patients from discrimination in the organ transplant process. The bill will prohibit a hospital, physician, or any participant in the organ transplant process from using a patient’s use of medical cannabis as the sole reason in denying his or her eligibility as an organ recipient.” As of now, the fate of AB 258 has yet to be decided. The first hurdle was cleared on April 30th when it passed the California Assembly by a vote of 52 to 8. It now awaits action from the Senate. Stay tuned to Vegas Cannabis Magazine for updates on the bill, as well as Justin’s continuing battle.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 15

Medical A Medical Marijuana Case Study: Part 1 By: Michael Parkinson

My name is Michael Parkinson. I am a 68 year old retired professor within the University of Nevada System. My first name is real, my last name is not. In April of 2013, I was diagnosed with “Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease” – the most common form of Parkinson’s. I agreed to share with readers my experiences using medical marijuana to treat, control and mitigate the symptoms of my disease. This is the first in a multi-part series on my experiences and results of using medical marijuana to treat Parkinson’s disease. Although I am legally authorized to grow my own medical marijuana within the state of Nevada, I still prefer to maintain my anonymity. Sadly, no one is safe within their home when word hits the street that you have an indoor grow room. Furthermore, my story is for the benefit of others, not to pump up my own ego. I am happy to share with readers

my experiences if it helps others who are faced with Parkinson’s or other serious medical challenges in which medical marijuana can be of benefit.


Most of my life I enjoyed excellent health. About 12 years ago, I learned I had a relatively benign heart arrhythmia called “Atrial Flutter.” In the ensuing 10 years I was able to control it with the aid of “establishment” medications. However, I constantly had to be vigilant as my condition could easily lead to “Atrial Fibrillation” - a more serious medical condition. I had been instructed by my physician to monitor my heart by watching for the onset of a rapid and irregular heart beat that leads to faintness. I became accustomed to taking my pulse anytime I experienced the familiar telltail symptoms of Atrial Flutter. In early 2013 I began to experience an increased frequency of what I thought were flutter events. My cardiologist had instructed me to keep a diary of such events to help him adjust my medications. This time when I checked my pulse it was always normal. At first I just blew it off to stress, but it seemed to recur too frequently and all the while my pulse was normal. I told my wife about it and because she said that she had actually noticed a very, very slight “twitch” in my left leg, we mutually agreed I should see our primary care physician. My primary care physician did an exam and concluded that the slight “twitch” I was experiencing was actually a PD tremor so I likely was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease (PD). However, he wanted to refer me to a neurologist called a “movement disorder specialist” for a definitive diagnosis. The specialist had me take a CAT scan of my brain,

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 16

performed a detailed interview and closely observed my movements. At this point I knew nothing about PD and was mostly in denial as I thought PD is something that other people get and surely my primary doctor was mistaken. Unfortunately, the specialist indicated I had a very early diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease - the most common form of PD. The symptoms I experienced with Atrial Flutter were so similar to tremor – the most common PD symptom - that I had mistakenly thought I was having an Atrial Flutter event when I was really experiencing a PD tremor. The good news was my Atrial Flutter put me in a very early diagnosis of my PD. As I soon found out, the bad news was PD has no known cure, is degenerative, and the medical industry has very little to help provide symptom relief, let alone hold out hope for a cure.

What Exactly is Parkinson ’s Disease?

Human cells communicate with each other through a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Our brain communicates to the muscles in our body using dopamine. Dopamine is produced by our bodies by cells at the base of the brain. For some unknown reason (the meaning of “idiopathic”) with PD these cells die off over time thereby reducing the amount of dopamine available to the brain. By the time a PD patient starts to show symptoms and is diagnosed with PD, about 85% of the dopamine producing cells will have already died. When our body has too little available dopamine, our brains’ communication with other cells, particularly those which control body movement, get muddled resulting in a variety of symptoms associated with PD. The most common early symptom is an uncontrollable tremor on one side of the body. Eventually other movement disorders emerge such as diminished ability to walk, instability, stiffness, slurred speech, sleep disturbance, and constipation, among others. About 1% of the population suffers from PD. In my case, my brother was also diagnosed with PD which should be a one in ten thousand odds of a random chance occurrence. We participated in a national study on the incidence of siblings

Medical diagnosed with PD. We can find no other relative who was also diagnosed with PD. PD researchers believe some, but not all, cases of PD are genetic. My PD specialist recommended I take a drug called Azilect. The technical description of the drug is an MOA-B inhibitor. Since dopamine is such a powerful substance our body protects the brain from getting too high a dose by creating a braking action. Of course, when your body is low on dopamine you don’t need to protect against a surge in dopamine. Indeed, Azilect is prescribed to prevent the breakdown of the chemical messenger dopamine in the brain by blocking the enzyme monoamine oxidase type B (MOA-B) that breaks it down. Over time, this medication has helped me with my stability, but not my tremor. To date, I have not taken a much more powerful drug called levodopa (see below). Additionally, we have incorporated more fruits and vegetables into our diets. We adopted the Paleo diet but others could also consider any diet which is similar to the Mediterranean diet. We like the Paleo diet’s emphasis on eliminating wheat products. It is our belief that a major cause of PD is inflammation which can also be caused by gluten in the diet. This is strictly a personal belief that may not be shared by others.

Establishment Medicine’s Treatment of Parkinson ’s Disease:

At this point the normal question people ask is why a PD patient can’t just take a pill or get a shot containing dopamine. Unfortunately, our bodies protect our most important organ by creating a blood-brain barrier which keeps external blood borne molecular intrusions from damaging the brain. The healthy brain, through the brain’s dopamine producing cells, produces its own dopamine from within the brain. When these cells die off, neurodegeneration results and you have PD. Dementia occurs in about a third of PD patients. Fortunately, for most patients with PD it can be said that you die with the disease rather than from the disease. However, in the process you are condemned to suffer a slow, torturous, degenerative loss of your humanity.

The traditional prescriptive solution is to take levodopa, a dopamine precursor molecule which the diminished quantity of dopamine producing cells can more easily convert to dopamine on their own. The discovery of levodopa revolutionized the treatment of PD. The only problem is with extended use, our body doesn’t tolerate levodopa well. Much like an addictive drug, the effectiveness of levodopa diminishes with continued use and you get a nasty side effect called dyskinesia – severe, uncontrollable body movement.

licensed a pharmaceutical company to exploit the patent while receiving licensing royalties that ultimately benefit the government. All this while marijuana was classified by our Federal government’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a schedule one illegal drug. A schedule one drug means it has no socially redeeming value. What’s wrong with this picture! We’ll explore that seeming contradiction in the next installment.

When I was diagnosed with PD my wife and I were looking forward to our retirement as she was just finishing her professional career of 27 years. Rather than accept the establishment medicine’s treatment methodology for PD, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Through our research we discovered some shocking things that the public was, for the most part, unaware. There was an extensive literature and science supporting the use of medical marijuana to help treat all disease in general and PD in particular, but the illegal status of the drug stood in the way of its potential wide spread utilization. In the next installment of this article we will discuss the science behind medical marijuana, show how the U.S. government received a patent for the use of medical marijuana, and

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 17

High End Advice

High End Advice from the Medicated Madame

Medicated Madame, I am a little confused here. I’ll admit that I’m oblivious to the new marijuana lifestyle and there is so much to learn but I really don’t understand this stupid [wax] craze. I see the states going to medical marijuana because everyone wants to get away from chemicals, then these idiotic kids run butane through the weed and smoke it???? I thought the purpose was to go natural and get away from harmful chemicals. Did I miss something or are these kids so stupid they think that’s healthy too?

Old Smoker – Sunrise, NV Hello Old (Grumpy) Smoker, I’m going to guess that you don’t know much about wax for two reasons. First because it is a newer concentrate and second because you keep referring to the leaders of this industry as stupid kids. For this educational article I will explain how

concentrates and solvents work. But don‘t fret Grumpy, I’ll be sure to type slowly for the older folks so they don’t get lost.

bowl just be the same?

When you see a “kid” who runs BHO (Butane Hash Oil) check his face and hands. If there are no burn marks and he has eyebrows, he probably isn’t as stupid as you think. Concentrates are taking over the market today with things like Waxes, Tinctures (which have been around longer than any of us), Hashish, Kief, and Oils. Flower in its raw form is a beautiful and healing plant but once you extract the THC and turn it into a concentrate, it becomes a super medicine.

Hello Kelly,

With marijuana in concentrate form we can cure illnesses, ailments, and…… attitude problems. To extract marijuana and turn it into a concentrate we must use a solvent. Unfortunately, things like vitamin D, kelp, and exercise (healthy stuff) don’t make for excellent solvents but butane, alcohol, and other potentially dangerous chemicals work best for extracting. This is why the marijuana community is constantly discussing purging methods. Purging pulls the butane out of the product, and if done properly can leave almost no chemicals in the finished product. If you are concerned about the amount of solvent left in your product, the only alternatives are to produce your own (you’ll still need to use butane) or have it lab tested. Some THC concentrates are being tested as high as 97% these days due to the potency of the product. If I have to inhale a little butane to get that 97% THC into my system then feel free to call me a stupid kid too. It may be best to learn about wax and other concentrates before you start assuming that the people who are making it have a limited mental capacity. If we lose the wax geniuses, we are stuck with just flower and no one wants that.

-Medicated Madame Medicated Madame, Why do some bowls have holes that you plug and others don’t? Each time I get passed a new bowl at the frat house party I have to look at it closely so I don’t have to ask if there is a hole to cover. Can’t each

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 18

Kelly – UNLV

If each piece were the same, what fun would smoking be? If you went to a frat party and all those college studs looked the same and were smoking the same weed, would you still like frat parties? The world needs less attractive men in order to appreciate the ones that are easy on the eyes. The same goes for glass. There are some glass pipes that swirl when you hit them, others change colors when they get hot, and some are just fun to look at. Glass blowers put their originality into each design so if they want us to cover a carb when we smoke from it who are we to judge their creativity? On a serious note, the carb (the little hole we have to cover) is there for our benefit. Covering the hole allows the user to gage the exact draw they want and guides the smoke into your lungs easier. Without the carb the user will only get the draw that the piece is capable of and you can usually count on getting some stale smoke from the last hit. If you have ever used a glass piece that doesn’t have a carb you will notice a few things. Your stash goes quicker since there is no air flow, the smoke tastes a bit stale, and the draw can be harsh and hard to hit. There are pieces that don’t have a carb, like bongs, but in this case the entire bowl is actually a carb. The user lifts the entire bowl after filling the chamber in order to draw in the sitting smoke. You’ll notice a small arm on most bowls so the user can operate it without getting burnt. Make friends with the carb, it’s our ally. Learn to work with it and perfect your draws so you can show off at the next house party. If you love it, it will love you back….unlike most of the frat boys in this town.

-Medicated Madame Need some High End advice? Email the Medicated Madame at MedicatedMadame@

EXPIRES 06/30/15

The Human Solution International

News from the Front Lines

By: Kristin Flor, Miggy Fourtwenty, Mindi Griffiths, Danielle Vitale-O’Brien, & Becca Nichols



When one is faced with criminal charges, it’s then and there that one must decide, “Shall I be another victim or go down with a fight?” One such person, is freedom fighter Todd Stimson, owner of The Blue Ridge Medical Cannabis Research Corporation, a company he registered with the state and for which he purchased the state marijuana tax stamp. Todd’s only crime is that of trying to make a difference in a state that still has a 1930’s Harry Anslinger swat team mentality against peaceful American citizens. Todd’s home, filled with family including small children, was invaded by 50 police officers and a SWAT team armed with AK-47’s.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 24th, mother of 2, Shona Banda realized that her 11 year-old child had been detained by authorities during a school drug education program. Banda is a published author, who has been a cannabis activist for many years and is a very well-known and inspirational figure within the medical cannabis “movement.” They took her son after he courageously spoke up regarding the misinformation being given to the class regarding cannabis. He was questioned by authorities, which resulted in a raid on her home. Banda has yet to be charged and was able to go home after the raid. Shona appeared in court April 20 where a judge placed a gag order on the case. She has no idea what will ensue next as a result of her son’s courageous words, but says, “They don’t have a clue that I’m walking in with [my] head held high, proud of who I am and what I do.” It was heart-wrenching to read her words on social media on Mother’s Day.

North Carolina suffers from a multiple personality disorder by having marijuana tax requirements, yet no medical marijuana program. How can the lawmakers of North Carolina justify a military style raid on a business that was being conducted openly through a registered business with taxes paid via the marijuana stamp and sales tax? Todd has been found guilty and is presently imprisoned. Americans are tired of people going to prison for pot. We are tired of innocent people losing time, which can never be replaced. We are tired of losing our hard earned money to lawyers, days off from work and even parking fees are a hardship. The more time people spend behind bars, the less of a country we are. This law is based on racism, not the greater good and based on opinion, not science. The incarceration of people for any amount of pot is morally wrong. You can support Todd and other POW’s (people in prison due to the war on drugs) by participating in THSI’s Prison Outreach Program or THSI Adopt-A-Prisoner Program. Please visit www.thsintl. org to find out how to write to a prisoner, adopt a prisoner, or donate funds to a prisoners’ commissary.

Debbie Brechler and Josh Mauk of Seattle faced a federal judge on April 30th and

Debbie, Josh & Family

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 20

plead not guilty on counts of Endangering Human Life While Manufacturing Controlled Substances, Maintaining a Drug Involved Premises and Manufacturing Hash Oil and Marijuana. Their nightmare began when a so-called friend called the police and reported them for cannabis. “She was a patient who we befriended,” said Debbie. “We even once did a fundraiser to help her pay her vet bill!” Unfortunately, this friend became disgruntled after a disagreement and retaliated by unleashing a raid on the family home in July of 2014. CPS removed their children but even CPS knew this case was unfounded and returned the children home after just one week. The couple however still faced state charges. Just as Josh and Debbie were finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, they then learned during negotiations over plea arrangements that the federal government planned to pick up the case. Currently they are being forced to cease using their medicine due to release conditions imposed. Debbie and Josh are requesting support in the courtroom. This could happen to anyone in the cannabis community. There are no victims in this so called “crime.” Please come and help prevent yet another inhumane incarceration. For the address and time of future court dates please visit, http://www.

LOCAL NEWS The medical marijuana ballot in Nevada was approved in November of 2000, with an overwhelming 65% voter approval. Medical marijuana is now legal in 23 states. Yet, those states are still raiding and charging legitimate card holding patients. Las Vegas resident Terisa Deming is one example of police ignoring state marijuana laws.

The Human Solution International

No One Should Go to Jail for a Plant! As Terisa affirms, “I’m an original 2001 card holder; I was number 25 in the first year of the program. My intentions have always been pure and for the law and legalization”. Despite Terisa’s intentions, she is being prosecuted for what the medical marijuana program told her she could do - grow her own cannabis. Terisa has been charged with Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell, Unlawful Possession of Firearm and Possession of Controlled Substance, Marijuana. In February of 2014, Terisa was involved in a serious motorcycle accident where she suffered from a subdural hematoma. The resulting pressure on the brain leads to extreme confusion. Terisa damaged multiple discs, suffered multiple fractures and endured a bruised spleen. At the scene of the accident, she told the responding officers that she was a medical marijuana patient, although she has no recollection of saying this. A man who lives at the mobile home park that Terisa lives at in a home that she owns had been harassing her in an attempt to obtain some of her marijuana which Terisa refused to give him. This man witnessed the accident and therefore was aware that Terisa had been rushed to the hospital, where she spent four days. This accident was the beginning of the events leading to Terisa being charged with multiple felonies. Terisa is a post-op transgender female, which she does not hide nor should she have to. Terisa believes the manager as well as other residents at her mobile home park have an issue with her being transgender. She was even banned from entering the office or filing grievances for a period of time. It would appear that Terisa was and is treated far differently than other

residents. The typical protocol when a resident has a complaint is to take a report and deal with it appropriately, not refuse such. The park manager who had previously refused to take reports from Terisa had been told by multiple residents that Teresa had been in a motorcycle accident, yet chose to call the police to do a “well check” on her. As a result she came home from the hospital to police and firemen at her

take her medicine? Eight months later, Terisa was charged. The reason given for the long delay was that she was obviously injured at the time the police initially entered her home. Terisa feels this would be reasonable if the police had brought charges against her within a month of the encounter, not eight months later. Terisa feels harassed and confused by these events. Stories such as this are not as uncommon as one would hope. Possessing a medical marijuana card does not protect you from being charged with cannabis crimes. It is far past time for a change. Get Active: You are invited to attend a THSI meeting with the local Las Vegas Chapter. Meetings are located at the Medical Cannabis Caregivers Institute (MCI) resource center located at 2923 W. Charleston on Saturdays from 1 to 3pm. Contact Lori at 702-272-9744 for more information. NO VICTIM = NO CRIME = NOT GUILTY

residence. The police claimed they had not already entered her house, although the ladder under the kitchen window and the broken hardware on the window prove otherwise. The police informed Terisa that they were going to enter her home because they could smell marijuana while still denying that they had already been in her residence. Upon entering Terisa’s home the second time, the police confiscated her plants that she was legally growing. The police did not confiscate Terisa’s growing equipment or charge her with a crime at this time, which seemed odd to her. How could they not charge her with a crime yet enter her home without permission and

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Creeping Up with George Campoverde By: Dustin Amato

Recently, I was able to kick back and drink a couple of cold ones with Mr. Campoverde on a sunny Vegas afternoon, at locals favorite Moon Doggies. George has dedicated his life to skateboarding for over a decade, mixing in art and graffiti and TM for Official Genius, he stays busy building his legacy in the skateboarding world. Name: George Campoverde Age: 26 Born: Las Vegas, Sin City, East Side All Day DA: How long have you been skating? GC: 12 years in this beautiful, dark life.

DA: How did the “Make George Famous” campaign start? GC: A little squirrel told a polar bear, next thing you know there was an army of forest creatures chanting “Make George Famous!” And alas, it was meant to be, so then it was. It all started when my best friend Jacques Robinson sent me the now infamous graphic of my face with OG 40oz, so I posted it on social media and everybody loved it. This kid named Jalen made a hash tag called #makegeorgefamous, then my sponsors and friends started reposting my pics and hash tagging, it’s really starting to pick up steam. DA: If definitely looks like you got more reposts than George the Dog, George the Waffle, and George the Potato from Minecraft, to what do you attribute your success ? GC: AIM HIGH, Stay hungry, Stay foolish, Eat your vitamins, and talk to strangers. DA: Tell me more about the “Campo-Dashian Collection” GC: Official Genius just released my signature Make George Famous 40oz OG design available as a t-shirt, hoodie and tank top. Be sure to go snag one along with my favorite Aim High beanie. We will be selling them for a limited time and a portion of the proceeds are going to my personal 40oz savings fund, so place an order now, operators are standing by.

DA: Where did the name “CampoDashian come-up? GC: Honestly I wasn’t there so I’m not 100% sure but I’m told that Las Vegas OG Rag Doll and a Hurt Life rep made it up over some beers at Moon Doggies. DA: Dam, creeping up, what’s your favorite skate shoe? GC: Osiris all day, my all-time favorite is the Duffel Kickback, but I’m also in love with the DV3 and the Bingaman VLC.

DA: How long you been doing graffiti? GC: It’s been like 10 years. I got hammed up before when I was 17 and I never left the game. DA: What are some of the latest pieces you painted? GC: I just did a new storefront called Bad Habits Smoke Shop, logo-ed up the outside using all spray cans, and been catching some random jobs, but I love just painting all types of stuff, or blasting up skate spots before we start filming. DA: How did you put together the Official Genius Skate Team? GC: Man, it took a minute. All these guys are really good, I have love for all them and they put in good work. DA: How do you feel about cannabis? GC: I say to each there own, if you can handle it, smoke every day or as much as you need. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it. DA: Your thoughts on the Vegas Cannabis Scene? GC: Man I hope they get it together like Colorado and just legalize it already, stop arresting people over a plant. Treat it like alcohol, let people have their fun, as long as they are not hurting anyone, no one should be jailed over using a plant that makes you happy. It’s insane. Photos: Andrew Clough • Kung Fu Griptape Fred Mortledge • Photo FM SHOUT-OUTS FROM GEORGE To moms, pops, my brother, Jacques Robinson, Travis Prange, Official Genius, Osiris Shoes, Reid-you the man, Theeve Trucks-thanks Steve, Tafoya Brand, Lil D, Kungfu Griptape, and Pharmacy Board Shop for keeping me on my feet and fresh and everyone who has bought a “Make George Famous” shirt or supported me on my quest of life, you are the real all-stars.

Smokin’ With the Stars with Hopper Stone

I had a chance to catch up with The Chronisseur, Hopper Stone for a little sesh. What a cool, down-to-Earth human he is. Every time I bump into him at events and parties, he is holding a twisted Sour Bong, packed with fire and ready to go. Hopper is very photogenic; he takes intense photos which usually involve him reaching and climbing into the camera lens, and cannabis is ALWAYS in the shots. Hopper doesn’t shy away from attention, nor does he hide in the shadows. He is a marijuana activist who is proud of this plant, and the medical aid it provides. Hopper Stone has a medical garden that has been featured on the cover of High Times Magazine. Damn, if that doesn’t give you goose bumps, I don’t know. So, I wanted to toke something from that garden. I hit up Hopper, and to my surprise, he was already in Vegas for the weekend. Let’s fast-forward to the sesh. I hop out of the car, and there he was…laughing and shit, arms stretched out to me with his twisted Sour Bong packed with Girl Scout Cookies, provided by The GLC. Oohwie!

BS: How you doin, Hopper?

Hopper: Doin great! Can’t wait to get you stoned. I brought up some original Girl Scout Cookies, which is Grand Daddy Purps x Cherry Pie OG x Durbin Poison. As you hit this, you will taste the floral essence of the GDP on the inhale, and following the expansion, you will taste the Durbin Poison on the exhale.

BS: (hits Sour Bong with GSC)MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Hopper: This is one of my favorites. You can feel this strain head

to toe instantaneously, maybe even see stars, which I call a dome run. Please pass me the lighter. I can’t wait for you to try this DK Organics,” Pheno C”. It’s very fruity, and berry pleasant. Let me pack you up a bowl of this too!

BS: Schweet! I feel like an adult in a cannabis shop.

Hopper: We also have a few flavors from The Dirt Brothers Seed Co, AKA Big MO, (AKA Handshake Mo). Mo also created the Original Afghani Bullrider.

BS: How much weed do you smoke on a daily basis? Hopper: I toke more weed by 10 am, than most people do all


BS: Do you like to dab? Hopper: Yes, I prefer clean shatter, purged well. BS: Alrighty then. We are nice and high. You are pretty

famous within the cannabis community. How do you handle your stardom? Hopper: One bong hit at a time. Some people think I’m famous, but I consider myself to be more infamous than famous.

By: Bill Shehan

BS: So I’m smoking with the infamous? Hopper: More like Tokin With The Infamous. Hahaa BS: I love it. How would you like to interview other infamous characters in the cannabis community for Vegas Cannabis Magazine? I like your twist on it, we could call it Tokin With The Infamous. Hopper: Hell ya! I’m down to do a monthly segment. With the cannabis market picking up steam, I see Vegas as a new frontier. I can think of 10 infamous people that would be great interviews for the mag, starting with Meen Green. I would like to interview him for my first segment. BS: Can’t Wait. Tell us what you have done with Meen

Green in the past. Hopper: Me and him go back 20 years deep. Currently, we are working on the Cali Cup in San Diego, which is Friday July 10th. He has also done 3 Cali Cups in Los Angeles. He has put together many afterparties, including The Medicated Mansion in Las Vegas for Champs. Next month we will have more details for the future events I will be doing with Meen Green so be sure to read my segment in the next issue.

BS: Awesome! You have played

a pivotal role in portraying the cannabis community in a positive light. Tell the readers about your partnership with the San Diego Food Bank, Alpha Project, Becky’s House, and Toys for Tots. Hopper: My team has collected thousands of pounds of food, and donated countless dollars to charity in behalf of cannabis. We have also spurred other collectives and cannabis organizations to donate and use cannabis resources to give back to the community and help families in need. But what I’m most proud of, is getting a Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Marine Corps for our outreach with the Toys for Tots program. I have never seen any other cannabis organization receive accolades from the federal government. This means the world to me. I feel the key to life is giving back. I am proud to be recognized by the United States Marine Corps as a beneficial cannabis organization. They said that I collected more toys than some Walmarts. This Certificate is a huge step forward for the cannabis community.

BS: Any shout outs? Hopper: Huge shout out to Vegas Cannabis Magazine for the

opportunity for outreach. I’d also like to thank medical patients and followers of our radio show – Nug Life. I’d like to thank all the bands that I have travelled with. When you are having fun, don’t ever forget that you are creating positive memories that will last a lifetime.

BS: Thanks for the head change. I’ll catch up to ya soon!

MMJ Program The Nevada Medical Marijuana Cardholders/Caregivers Program is a state registry program within the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. If you are interested in obtaining an application for the Medical Marijuana Program, you can send a written request, along with a check or money order in the amount of $25 made payable to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH). Mail your request to: Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health ATTN: Medical Marijuana Division 4150 Technology Way, Ste 104 Carson City, Nevada 89706


The cost to request an application for the Medical Marijuana Program is $25. The cost to register or renew registration in the Medical Marijuana Program is $75.00. Your caregiver can be anyone as long as they are over the age of 18


and your physician approves of that person as a caregiver. Please be aware that pursuant to NRS 453A.250 and NAC 453A.150: A cardholder may have only one caregiver; A caregiver can only be a caregiver to one cardholder; and a cardholder cannot be a caregiver to another cardholder.

• • • • •

A person under 18 must have permission from their custodial parent or their guardian who is in charge of their medical decisions. And that person MUST act as the minor’s primary caregiver.

• • • •

Only a physician who is licensed under NRS 630 or NRS 633 can sign a “Physician’s Statement”. That means only a medical doctor or osteopathic doctor licensed in the State of Nevada.

A card is good for one year only. It must be renewed annually, one year from the date your application was stamped. The same procedure used in the original registration process must be followed.

The DPBH cannot advise you on

AIDS Cancer Glaucoma Cachexia Persistent Muscle Spasms (including Multiple Sclerosis) Seizures (including Epilepsy) Severe Nausea Severe Pain PTSD

where to buy marijuana seeds or how to grow the plants, nor can we refer you to a doctor.• NRS 453A.200 allows the holder of a valid card to possess: (Effective April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2016) Two and one half ounces of usable marijuana in any one 14 day period and Twelve marijuana plants, irrespective of whether the marijuana plants are mature or immature. •

“Marijuana” includes, without limitations edible and infused products as defined in NRS 453A.101 and 112.

“Usable marijuana,” as defined in NRS 453A.160, means the seeds, dried leaves and flowers of a plant of the genus Cannabis, and any mixture or preparation thereof that is appropriate for the medical use of marijuana. The term does not include the stalks and roots of the plant.

Issuance of a Nevada Medical Marijuana Registry card does not exempt the holder from prosecution under the state or federal laws that apply to marijuana and is not recognized by the federal government. NRS 453A is a state law; it does not address federal laws. It is recommended you discuss the limitations and liabilities that are associated with existing federal laws with your personal attorney.

The registry card is issued for use in Nevada, and may not be recognized in other states.

For more information about the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program, visit www. or call (775) 687-7594.

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Advertiser Spotlight Bad Ink? Have it Removed Safely and Efficiently By: Lori Friedgen-Dean

Everyone and their mama has tattoos by this day in age and at this point everyone has something they don’t like about their tattoo. Most people get a tattoo intending on it being permanent, being told that you better make the right decision or else… Well, with the technology of today we are breaking those rules and blasting away old and unwanted ink. Using our state of the art Q-switched YAG laser we can fade and remove even the darkest of inks to just about nothing. Whether you are in the market for complete removal, cover-up, clean-up, partial removal or even just to preserve your favorite body art, laser is the means to all tattoo solutions for enthusiasts or those just looking to remove your ex’s

name. We see it all. When people find out I do laser tattoo removal they always ask “doesn’t that hurt?” and “how much does it cost?” So, let’s skip the B.S. and get down to it. Pain thresholds differ from person to person but what I can tell you is this: I have undergone removal myself and it is tolerable, it automatically subsides following the session, we have a cooling system and numbing creams. They do help. But really the whole session only take a few minutes with a quick sweep of the laser, leaving your body to do the rest. I mean most people have probably spent more time, pain and money stressing over the tattoo before they even get to laser removal. Cost is a factor to most people because they always “hear” what others have said. Sure there are factors. I mean you have size, age of tattoo, skin type, color etc. All these do need to be factored in but as a technician I am looking at the safest most productive way to hit the ink while protecting the skin. People want results and they want them quick. I say “me too” but most of that is a result of the individual’s immune system. The laser hits the ink, fracturing it so that it can be swept up by the white blood cells and cleansed

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 28

through the body’s natural waste system. So as far as sessions and results, I can calibrate the laser to the proper settings, make sure your reaction is ideal but the rest is up to you. It usually takes a few months for the ink to flush itself out enough for most people to notice it as a result, but then they are usually amazed at how fast the process usually progresses. It’s a pretty amazing process it’s just that most people haven’t been schooled on how it works. The rest is up to you. Looking to get a cover-up? Awesome, we are also a full blown custom tattoo shop and work hand in hand with your chosen artist so that you have all options with minimal limitations for the art you actually want displayed on you. Have you had some rough work done in the past and now need clean up? Sweet, I love helping people fix that. Why, because I can. That’s what I do... So stop wasting time stressing about it and let’s get you to where you want to be. Lori Friedgen-Dean is a Laser Technician at Liberum Studios Las Vegas. Liberum is located at 6745 S. Eastern Ave, #1, Las Vegas, NV 89119. For more information, call (866) 307-5773 or visit them online at www.

Dizzy Wright Life, Love & The Pursuit of Cannabis By: Stephanie Shehan Photos: Haylee Train Photography

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with local hip-hop artist Dizzy Wright to get his thoughts on life, love and the pursuit of cannabis. Here is what he had to say: VCM: What is your favorite strain? DIZZY: Crown OG VCM: I heard that you have your own strain in the works. Can you give me some insight? DIZZY: I do, it is called Dizzy OG and my first crop will be ready July 3rd. It is a collaboration with Crown OG and we hope to enter the new strain into future cannabis competitions. VCM: Are you native to Las Vegas? DIZZY: I wasn’t born here, but I moved here when I was just 4 years old. I consider Vegas my hometown. VCM: What age did you start writing music? DIZZY: I started rapping at the age of 8 but back then, my mom was writing my lyrics for me. At the age of 13, I started writing my own songs. My first show was at the Clark County Library over on Flamingo.

VCM: What is the one thing that you love about Las Vegas? DIZZY: ACCESS – there are so many options. VCM: What is the one thing you hate about Las Vegas? DIZZY: Now that I am a father, it has to be the ACCESS – there are too many options. VCM: What artist or group inspires you? DIZZY: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – their overall sound, musical approach, and harmony are both spiritual and meaningful. VCM: What are your thoughts on cannabis? When did you start smoking? DIZZY: I believe that medical cannabis can treat a wide array of illnesses. Recreationally, cannabis makes the world a better place. I didn’t start smoking until after high school. I believe that once you are old enough to make decisions for yourself, that you should be able to utilize cannabis. VCM: What do you have coming up? DIZZY: My new album “The Growing Process” released on May 26th. I am on tour through July but will be back in Vegas on July 4th for a show at the House of Blues. This album is cool. With it, I give a glimpse of my life the last couple years. “The Growing Process” will appeal to both my stoner and hip-hop fans.

VCM: Are you in a relationship? And, do you have kids? DIZZY: I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend since high school. We have two beautiful children. I am currently in new baby mode and couldn’t be happier. Babies are amazing, they feed off of the energy you give For more information about Dizzy Wright, them. I believe it is our job as parents to focus on including his tour lineup and new album details, instilling love into our kids. visit

An Educated Stoner High Art: Cannabis and Muse

Yes, my muse was fully activated. I loved smoking again! What fun, what pleasure! I could check into my little workshop, take a few hits and create to my heart’s content.

When I became pregnant with my daughter at 29 I sadly left the herb behind to be what I thought was a responsible and upstanding single mom.

My day job of writing for television prospered as well, as I excelled creatively and professionally. Yes, everything I’ve ever written has been done fully medicated – be it for television, dailies, weeklies, or magazines. It’s how I connect with that place. I don’t know how it works and I don’t care, I’m just grateful.

By Sharon Letts

At the age of 13, my daughter was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, an autoimmune system malady causing chronic pain and other debilitating complications. By age 16, she couldn’t attend school, couldn’t play softball or participate in any of the physical activities she loved. When she was 16, a friend acquired a small bag of weed off the black market for her to try, stating it would help ease the pain. I rolled a joint for the first time in years and we sat in the garden, puffing and passing. She didn’t like the euphoric feeling from the THC and that afternoon we spent a full three hours thrift shopping until the effects wore off.

My newfound health had me yearning for a different life and soon my daughter and I made the move to Northern California and Humboldt County, where she enrolled in college and I began writing for newspapers. Humboldt County is synonymous with

Cannabis speeds up metabolism and in a matter of weeks I was dropping pounds. You’d think I would have gained more weight by smoking, but contrary to popular marijuana myth, the plant actually got me up off the couch and out into the world again. I started smoking again in the spring and by summertime I had stopped watching television, lost the 50 pounds, gained some muscle back, pitched a tent in the garden and slept out under the stars until the rains came in the fall.

Published prior to California’s failed attempt at legalization via Proposition 19, it put a human face on the Nor Cal grow scene, detailing the ins and outs of living and working in a grow house and all that implies, as the neighborhoods of the area are changed forever supporting an indoor scene. The series also began my newfound career in writing about cannabis as medicine, and today I write internationally on the subject, penning many stories each month for magazines profiling everything to do with good medicine.

So, there I was with this little bag of green. What to do? I was sorry I couldn’t help my daughter, but after all those years of abstinence it made me feel just as good as it did years prior. I decided to forget about the stigma, created a workshop in the garage and let the muse in. An earlier diagnosis of thyroid disease had me 50 pounds overweight, and smoking soon found me walking my neighborhood with a camera, bringing home broken bits of things, and becoming an assemblage artist in the process.

But the muse persisted, and soon I began writing a series for a local weekly titled, “Behind the Curtain,” with a play on words of the “Redwood Curtain,” the protective shroud that keeps Humboldt so very rural and cozily covert.

Smoking made me feel better physically, but it also helped me find my artistic center once again – and that, in turn, made me emotionally happier.

cannabis and I slowly realized that most of my co-workers above and below the administrative line were involved somehow in the industry out of need, as Humboldt is a rural area and the hunting, fishing, and lumber industries were a shadow of what they once were. Minimum wage jobs beg subsidizing, and savvy residents grow, trim, and make product to get by. And though I have never grown, I have learned the ins and outs of this region and its estimated 14 billion dollar industry. As a features writer covering human interest stories in the county, when the daily newspaper I was writing for began to lay off staff I was the first to be let go.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 32

At 50, I could not have found my medicine at a better time, for that’s when the body begins to change and weaken and cannabis acts almost as a “Fountain of Youth,” if you will. It’s a rejuvenator of the body and rights the wrongs that cause us to have myriad modern day ailments that seem to lead everyone to pain, depression, and deathful disease. And for finding one’s muse, it’s a must, with the moral of this story being, if you have found your medicine smoke-up, eat your weed, be happy and healthy and your weed will never let you down. Sharon Letts started in this world as a gardener, ended up a writer/producer, and continues to advocate for the freedom to garden every seed bearing plant. You can find her on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter @lettsgarden.


Chronic Art By: Cliff Maynard “All artwork is made from roach paper and nothing else�

Safe Access Hempcon Busts Through Las Vegas By: Christi Watkins

With the summer events just getting under way in Las Vegas for the medical marijuana community, we find ourselves in the midst of a bitter situation. Hempcon came to the valley last month and the results were disastrous. Day one of the event found a crowd of smiling vendors and enthusiastic spectators excited to see where this industry is headed. With no access to safe medication since early 2000, the Vegas community was looking forward to the first of many occasions that spotlight medical marijuana. Unfortunately, Metro and the DEA had other plans. Instead of respecting the fact that people go through a lengthy and very expensive process to become a legal patient in Nevada they chose to treat many as common criminals. We were not aware that this event was not marijuana friendly until the first day of the event. The promotion advertised a cup and took submissions for each marijuana related category. When attending a cup event we expect to see the booths and the products of these hard working farmers and extractors who spent good money to enter the competition and rent a vendor space. Instead, we found ourselves inside a show that looked more like a swap meet, with no access to medication. As it turns out, there were some booths that ignored the rules and were indeed selling marijuana related products. This is when the event took a turn for the worst. Day one resulted in booths being raided and several arrests. It was reported by a bystander as going “too smooth, almost as if it were staged to promote fear.” As we all know, the law loves a fearful public. While this is hearsay, I can honestly admit that the feeling in the building changed

from excitement to negativity very quickly. Tables being flipped and purses being confiscated seemed to be more for show than a sweep for drugs. There were several others in the parking lot being harassed while they were medicating and the police seemed more aggressive than protective after the first incident. This was not just a bust on those that were selling marijuana infused items. This was more of an undercover sting. Uniformed and plain clothed officers made their appearance known and were not afraid to spread fear amongst us. Day two found more officers but just as many attendees, that is, until some of the entertainment was canceled. Law enforcement chose to step outside the

building and harass those who were medicating outside of the building. I personally witnessed an elderly lady medicating in a wheelchair, sobbing, while 3 officers surrounded her. A few hours later, a respected community member and caregiver was incarcerated for medicating in his own private vehicle. Several people were pulled over while leaving the event and had their vehicles searched while others witnessed officers running license plates of attendees while they were in the building. This event failed to show our officers serving and protecting, or even policing. It was rather a blatant harassment of legal card holders. There was a wealth of information available at the

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 38

event, and the police force chose to act as bullies instead of educating themselves on why we choose to heal with a plant instead of using addictive chemicals. I spoke with one of the vendors whom stated the officer said “We earn too much revenue from you dope heads, we’ll never stop arresting you.” As if the arrests, fear spreading, and harassment weren’t enough Hempcon took it a step further and canceled some of the entertainment, an entire day of seminars, and refused monetary compensation of any kind. Patrons of the event were still be charged full admission on Sunday even though more than half the vendors had packed up and left. As bad as this negativity was for our small community, all was not lost. Network of GoDer Magazine from San Francisco rejuvenated the excitement by hosting an epic after party that really brought the people together. The sour taste of the day was gone, the smiles were back, and we were able to medicate properly. The final day of the event seemed to be nothing more than a long tear down session. Some lagged to see if there would be any attendance but with the canceled seminars and arrests it seemed that was the last place anyone wanted to be. Things like this makes the Vegas marijuana community worry about how Hempfest will unfold. If the mindset of Metro Police stays this forceful we might be better off doing some real activism instead of hoping that the next event goes smoothly. In my opinion, Las Vegas needs to either provide patients with safe access to a medicating facility until the dispensaries open or stop charging us outrageous fees for a card that can still land us in jail. I normally tell others to get their card and protect themselves but I am no longer certain that we have any protection.

Cannabis Employment Bet It All On Green:

Preparing to Work in the Cannabis Industry By: Jason Sturtsman

If you would like to get a job working in the upcoming multi-billion dollar cannabis industry in the next few months, you have to do some preparation. However, you are at a significant advantage as a Nevadan as opposed to the thousands that will be coming to this state looking to work in one of the most exciting industries in the entire world. Beyond the financial benefit of working in the cannabis industry, you will be helping patients from around the country access safe medicine. Forty-five million tourists visit Las Vegas annually with 25,000 southern California cannabis cardholders coming here each month, along with the many other state and international medical cannabis patients in need of their medicine while on vacation. Currently, there are over 6,500 Nevada cardholders, with the Division of Public and Behavioral Health stating that they easily see 65,000 Nevada cannabis patient cardholders in the next few years. The many jobs that you can expect to see at cultivation and production facilities

include management, master grower, technicians, trimmers, lead chef, chef assistants, packaging, drivers, and sales. At dispensaries, employment will include budtenders, managers, delivery drivers, and security. These are good jobs with great benefits; budtenders and delivery drivers earn $12 to $15 an hour plus tips and specialized jobs garner between $20 and $30 an hour. It is not unheard of that a master grower is paid over $100,000 in a large cultivation facility and management and assistant growers will be paid over $40,000 a year. Get prepared to work in the industry before you even have the interview. Read every document on the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health Medical Marijuana website including NRS 453A, LCB R004-14 and all Division policy statements. You may also want to get familiar with the jurisdiction where you will be working, reading for example the cannabis regulations specific to the city of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Clark County. You are at a significant advantage if you have a Nevada medical marijuana patient card because you have either experience cultivating or you will have a high degree of empathy for patients that use cannabis as a medicine. Getting your CPR card or food safety training card will also give you an advantage over your competition. Consider being an advocate for cannabis as a medicine by joining local organizations such as Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada (WECAN) or Nevada National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NVNORML). Show up at city council meetings and advocate for cannabis as a medicine and for the decriminalization of its use.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 40

Get started on a cannabis job networking by printing some business cards with your contact information and the marijuana job you are looking for, then hand them out at cannabis events. Ask for business cards when networking and follow up with an e-mail in a few days. Vistaprint. com is great website to get custom business cards printed up for fewer than twenty dollars. Dress professionally when networking, wearing a suit and tie or conservative dress and blouse. If you show up to an interview wearing a T-shirt and shorts, you will be passed over for someone that takes working in the cannabis industry more seriously. Once hired or volunteering at a facility, you will receive a medical marijuana establishment agent card from the state of Nevada. If you have ever been charged with manufacturing and distributing a controlled substance, then you will not be issued an agent card as part of your background check from the state, you cannot work in a medical marijuana establishment (MME) facility and may want to consider cannabis employment outside an MME. If you are passionate about cannabis as a medicine, you have the opportunity to work in one of the most exciting industries in the world today: joining the “Green Rush.” Jason Sturtsman, is a Nevada patient, Nevada Independent Cannabis Laboratory Advisory Committee Member, on the WECAN Board of Directors, and also owner of Healthcare Options for Patients Enterprises (HOPE), a Cannabis Cultivation and Processing facility. He can be reached at for comments or questions.


Las Vegas Cannabis Seminar & Free Job Fair June 12-15 | Plaza Hotel & Casino





By: Dr. Aseem Sappal

Thinking about entering this emerging industry? Are you saturated with articles, news stories or TV shows about cannabis every time you blink your eyes? There’s a reason for that and it’s because marijuana is moving mainstream. Marijuana is no longer being whispered about. It’s being shouted about over the air waves, online and through the media. And it’s not just in the United States but internationally. In order to understand where we can go as an individual or as an industry, it’s necessary to understand where we have come from. Understand the history and politics of cannabis as politics will always lie behind the decisions that will affect your livelihood. Our history is in our future and our future will become our history. You can help write it, as you continue to pass medical and adult use laws throughout our nation. What’s moving the industry forward? Science, economics and advocacy. Validate, monetize and inspire change. Where can it go? Commerce, cooking, concentrates, and cultivation. How educated are you in these fields?


What should you do? That of course is a personal decision but regardless of your interest it’s essential to study and research. Most importantly invest in yourself. Understand and know your rights as a citizen and as a patient.




Marijuana Moving Mainstream

Finally please understand that two plus two does not equal four in the cannabis industry. Logical thinking doesn’t always work. We are still in a grey area. Speak to three attorneys and you might get three different answers. Not all law enforcement know everything about cannabis law. Not all healthcare providers or dispensary owners understand patient rights and access. That being said, do not get discouraged. Hold onto your goals, dreams and aspirations, as you are the future of our marijuana nation.



Marijuana laws will continue to pass and opportunities will continue to expand. As opportunity breeds opportunists, try not to focus on the cannabis or the cash. Focus on your patients, focus on their needs and above all, focus on compassion.



Marijuana reform begins with education. And remember it’s not just important to educate yourself, it’s important to educate others.





251 - 1


Dr. Aseem Sappal is Provost and Dean of the Faculty at Oaksterdam University. For more information about Oaksterdam University, visit

Legal Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Program is the Gold Standard By: Martina Jaccarino

The June issue of the International Cannabis Association will have the “Spotlight on Nevada” on its cover. With 23 states having legalized medical marijuana, and three having legalized some form of recreation, the recognition had to be deserved, but how did we do it? The Nevada Medical Marijuana Establishment (MME) program is not the first, but it is far and away the best medical marijuana program in the country. We set out to meet that goal, with the expectation that marijuana could be Nevada’s next great industry, bringing us respect and business from around the country.

Nevada dispensaries will follow the pharmacy based model of Colorado, rather than the smoke-shop model permitted in California. This means that only cardholding patients will be allowed to enter the room where marijuana is accessible. These rooms will have an area with a limited quantity of medication that is clearly labelled and displayed behind a counter where a trained employee will be on hand to assist the patient in selecting the appropriate product for his or her condition.

the likelihood that the federal government will choose to intervene with Nevada’s newest business. Many of our toughest regulations were inspired by the “Cole Memo” that gained nationwide media attention in 2013 because our goal is to maintain state independence in regulating this industry.

Nevada’s program will be the first in the country to mandate that all marijuana cultivated for sale will be tested by laboratories that meet the same standards of quality assurance as laboratories apply when they test and approve other regulated substances. This program of mandated testing will increase the cost to cultivators and producers, but proponents of the regulation point out that it serves important goals. First, this ensures that marijuana grown in Nevada will be of the highest quality, free of dangerous molds and pesticides. It will also allow dispensaries to provide patients information about what strain and strength of medication they are purchasing. This is important to patients as emerging research demonstrates that different strains are best to treat specific ailments such as seizure disorders and chronic pain while other strains are best for treating post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Another benefit to mandated laboratory testing and stringent tracking requirements is that it will decrease

Marijuana-centered tourism is flourishing in Colorado and Nevada’s tourism industry will benefit much faster and in a more meaningful way than any other state in the country because we know how to create an experience better than anywhere else in the country. We built an oasis of unique entertainment in a desert and we will expand on that experience with our marijuana program.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 42

High Quality and Strict Regulation Means Big Business for Tourism and Other Industries

Nevada’s other industries will benefit from the green rush even more than Colorado’s because we have three important things that Colorado’s medical marijuana did not have. First, people from out of state can come here and use their out of state registry cards to purchase Nevada cannabis here in the state. This means that as dispensaries open, people from California and other states with medical cards can come to Nevada to experience the most potent, cleanest and reliable marijuana in the country. We do not have to rely on legalizing recreation use to start creating new businesses based on cannabis tourism. Finally, we have experience, which is the most valuable commodity in business. Randy Black, founder of Clear River, LLC, had tourism in mind when he selected the location for his Clear River Laughlin location. “We had safety, reliability and quality in mind when we set out on this adventure and we expect that people will come from all over to experience what we have to offer,” said Randy Black when he was interviewed for the ICA June issue. Black & LoBello was involved in the regulatory comments well before the procedure for being awarded a certificate was in place, so he had a head start and, as any business person, he capitalized on that head start. - cont. on page 44

Legal Nevada was the only program to mandate laboratory testing in the country from its inception. In most states, when you purchase a cannabis product you have no idea how much THC is in that product. Further, Nevada’s program is striving to test reliably to identify the exact strain so that when you buy marijuana here you can consume it with the same confidence of its content and effects as you can with a shot of vodka, or a Tylenol. Many of us have been frustrated with the stringent regulation requiring testing and labelling, but in the long run it will benefit the industry, not to mention the customers, because people will know more about what they purchase here than anywhere in the country. Many of us continue to be frustrated by the expenses involved in getting growers, producers and dispensaries operating. This too will benefit us in the long-run because Nevada will avoid the false starts and enormous confusion that California and, to a lesser extent, Colorado, have experienced. Tourists can travel to Nevada with confidence that they will be able to get what they came for - the most reliable product in the country. With all of this said, it is important for businesses growing, producing or distributing cannabis products to understand that compliance with state regulations is not a defense to a civil lawsuit. Your business must be in compliance with state regulations to maintain your certificate in good standing. Civil liability is not impacted by your compliance. There are other steps that you can take to document everything you do to avoid consumer injury, but you cannot rely on compliance with state mandated regulations as a defense. With the quality assurances in place, though, valid consumer complaints or alleged negative outcomes should be reduced and customer satisfaction will help your business to thrive. Martina Jaccarino is Of Counsel with the law firm of Black & LoBello. She has extensive experience representing insurance companies and corporations from risk assessment and loss prevention. Ms. Jaccarino is licensed to practice law in three states and earned her degree from the Villanova School of Law in 1995.

Marijuana Patients and Firearms By: Derek J. Connor Esq.

As an attorney practicing in the medical marijuana field, patients often approach me with questions regarding their rights under the law. One issue that seems to be raised more than any other involves the relationship between firearms and marijuana. I have prepared the following to provide a brief summary of this confusing and often contradictory area of law. Whenever discussing marijuana, it is important to remember that while Nevada state law provides for the medical use of marijuana, it remains illegal under federal law. Pursuant to federal law, users of controlled substances such as marijuana are not allowed to possess firearms or ammunition. Quite simply, medical marijuana patients are federally prohibited from owning guns or ammunition. Patients should be aware that the penalties under federal law could be very severe. Nevertheless, there is nothing in Nevada state law that would prohibit a marijuana patient from owning a firearm. Additionally, there does not appear to be anything in Nevada state law that would prevent a marijuana patient from being granted a concealed carry permit. However, patients should note that under

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 44

Nevada law they may not be in control of a firearm while under the influence of any intoxicating substance, including marijuana. Nevada law also prohibits persons who are “addicted to” controlled substances from owning or possessing firearms. Irrespective of the foregoing, some patients have reported having their firearms confiscated by law enforcement simply due to their status as a patient. Patients should note that they are potentially subject to serious penalties under federal law or the laws of other jurisdictions if they are found to be in possession of marijuana and firearms. Consequently, patients with questions regarding firearms should consult with an attorney about their rights. Derek J. Connor Esq. is the cofounder of Connor & Connor PLLC, along with his wife, Amanda N. Connor Esq. Derek practices primarily in the areas of medical marijuana, civil litigation, business law and criminal defense.



CONNOR  &  CONNOR  PLLC   _____________________________________________________________________________  


  710  Coronado  Center  Drive,  Suite  121   Henderson,  NV  89052   (702)  750-­‐9139        /ConnorConnorPLLC        @Connor_pllc        Connor  &  Connor  PLLC  

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The Garden

Cannabis Gardening Using Mycorrhizal Fungi By: Adam Sternburg/CNC New Age Nutrients

Nearly all plants on earth rely on mycorrhizal fungi to aid in their intake of nutrients and moisture. Many plants are extremely dependent and can struggle to survive without these beneficial fungi. For the most part, plants, including cannabis, utilize the “Endo” types of fungi that physically enter roots through their semipermeable exterior tissue; while large trees such as pines and oaks use “Ecto” types that form a sheath around the roots. Plant root systems and mycorrhizal fungi operate symbiotically as a united subterranean team in nature. The plant performs photosynthesis and other aboveground functions, and the fungi facilitate underground nutrition-gathering, water and nutrient intake, and protect the roots from pathogens. These tiny fungi absorb nutrients and water and feed them to the plant in exchange for carbohydrate sugars. If present in sufficient numbers the fungi will work to keep roots vigorous,

white and healthy. In just one handful of fertile soil there could be scores of mycorrhizal filaments (Hyphae) at work absorbing water and nutrients to pass on to their plant host. Plants grown in natural or prepared specialty soil do not normally develop without at least some mycorrhizae in their root zone, and they certainly won’t thrive. Moreover, a lack of mycorrhizal fungi in the root zone is often the cause of disease and insect problems. Soil quality is greatly improved by the presence of mycorrhizal fungi, sending thousands of tiny root-threads far out from the main plant roots. These root-threads separate clay platelets to allow essential air and water into the root zone, or will bind together sandy soil to form a moistureholding biomass. In addition, marginal, salty, and damaged soils can often be made productive with the introduction of mycorrhizal fungi. Other important benefits of mycorrhizal fungi include enhanced rooting of cuttings, increased root-mass generation, increased drought resistance, increased salt tolerance, reduced transplant shock, and enhancement of other valuable organisms in the soil. Mycorrhizae spores are dormant and float in suspension. They are not metabolically active and do not need oxygen until roots are present, at which point they will germinate and need oxygen and sugars from the roots in order to grow. One of the main functions performed by mycorrhizae is phosphorus uptake. However, when excessive amounts of phosphorus are present, mycorrhizal germination will be inhibited. Therefore, it is important to establish thriving mycorrhizal colonization before the flowering phase. Once a healthy colony is established, mycorrhizae will be prepared for maximum uptake of phosphorus, resulting in accelerated overall plant maturity and larger flowers. Under certain conditions, especially an indoor cannabis garden grown hydroponically in rockwool, some fast-acting,

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 48

high PK liquid fertilizers can potentially mute microbial activity in the grow medium and create fertilizer-dependent plants. This is why some expert indoor growers choose to incorporate a degree of organic gardening practices, including mycorrhizae inoculation in conjunction with other organically based nutrients such as: bat/seabird guano, humic/fulvic acid, molasses, seaweed and worm castings. Taking this approach allows gardeners to reduce the amounts of powerful synthetic nutrients, and thus create strong populations of beneficial microbes which will provide substantial plant nourishment by utilizing nutrients present in an organically enriched grow medium. Biological/organic methods of gardening require more patience than crops grown with synthetic additives, as time to maturity is usually increased significantly. Ultimately, however, including soil inoculants and organic additives into a plant feeding program creates plants that are more self-sufficient; usually requiring lower fertilizer additive dosages to achieve the desired results. For outdoor gardeners who prefer the minimalist approach and make only occasional applications of compost and trace minerals, an organic garden cultivated with mycorrhizae can render amazing results over the long term. To be sure, organic gardens do not display the rapid dynamic growth and flowering of their synthetic cousins, but the end results of using a measure of organic nutrient additives in conjunction with mycorrhizal fungi are superior tasting and more aromatic cannabis flowers. So be patient after the initial inoculation because mycorrhizal fungi spores will need several days to activate, attach to plant roots, and then colonize the surrounding soil/ grow medium before their effects become noticeable. Once established, however, this low-input biological approach to growing plants is clean, powerful, and sustainable. Moreover, soils will actually improve year after year instead of being depleted. New Age Nutrients is a local provider of a complete line of premium plant nutrients including organic additives and mycorrhizae powder. Please see our ad on page 37 and visit our website:

Staying Ahead of the Summer Heat Wave By: Bill Bonello

I see it every year, growers scrambling to control their grow room temperature. Many times in Las Vegas temperatures spike seemingly overnight, causing an emergency situation. Novice to experienced green thumbs rush to find a quick fix; some growers fail and give up for the summer or worse yet, completely. I have experienced the same rush of anxiety and pressure to make a quick change that will solve my heat issue. It is much easier to make an educated decision when not under pressure, so I will cover just a few techniques that you can use to avoid finding yourself in a hot and anxious situation. Regardless of the size or design of your grow room there are many things you can do to enhance the efficiency of the ventilation and cooling systems. As a bonus, you will also save money on power consumption in most cases. When growing in a sealed environment, one enhancement you can make is using insulated ducting to keep warm air in the exhaust duct. You can also insulate the exterior metal surfaces of your H.I.D light hoods, this keeps heat from transferring into the grow room. Avoid using portable or window air condition units, instead get

The Garden a ductless mini-split air conditioner. These units are powerful, quiet, energy efficient, easy to install and only cost slightly more than the alternatives. The lines come prefilled and are easy installed, so no need for a professional HVAC tech. Using Co2 from a tank/regulator will also shave off the degrees. When running a Co2 enriched room the plants can tolerate temperatures reaching 90 degrees without any stress. When exhausting air from your grow environment for temperature control and fresh air, ensure that your exhaust fans are the correct size for the space. The exhaust fans need to move roughly the amount of cubic volume the grow space contains per minute. To calculate the cubic volume of your grow space simply multiply the height x length x width (example: 8x10x10=800 cubic feet). Using a well-sealed and insulated hood will generate less heat than the open hood lights. Use insulated ducting that is installed without tight bends and no longer than necessary. The placement and quality of the air intake makes a big difference. Hang the exhaust filter up to pull heat and install your air intake across the room and down low, using air from inside rather than outside. Always insulate and seal windows and doors not being used with IR bubble insulation. It insulates great and blocks IR (infrared radar) penetration.

will not find yourself stressed out over heat issues this summer and can hit more pool parties. For help with cooling or other specific information related to growing, contact The Hydrogeek at


(702) 929-6534

Hopefully with attention to detail when planning and building your grow space you

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 49


Roasted Veggie Quiche By: Corinne Tobias


1 Bell Pepper ½ Large Onion 4 Cloves Garlic 1 Med. Russet Potato 1-2 T. Olive Oil 1-2 T. Herbs (Rosemary, Thyme or Sage) 6 Eggs ½ Cup Green Monsta Oil (Canna-Coconut Oil) ½ t. Salt 1 Cup All Purpose Flour 3-4 T. Cold Water

3. Toss in olive oil and optional herbs 4. Roast in oven for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally 5. While veggies are roasting, combine salt and flour in a mixing bowl. Whisk. 6. Cut in Green Monsta/CannaCoconut Oil. Add water. 7. Lightly knead dough.


1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees 2. Chop bell pepper, onion, garlic and tater in ½ inch chunks

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • June 2015 • 50

8. Roll pie crust out to 1/8 inch thickness. 9. Do whatever it takes to get the pie crust into the tin. 10. Prebake the pie crust for 10 minutes. 11. Scramble eggs and fold into roasted veggies. 12. Pour into prebaked pie crust. 13. Bake until golden on top and until a toothpick or knife comes out clean. 14. Slice and serve. MAKES 8 STONEY SERVINGS For more awesome recipes or to order your copy of Wake and Bake, visit


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