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Editor’s Note 8 Resources 10 Nevada Medical Program 12 From Narcotics to Cannabis 13 Cannabis as an Anti-Depressant 14 Events 16 High End Advice 18 Snickerdoodles 20 Top 10 Do’s and Dont’s 22 Marijuana, Addiction & Civil Liability 24 The Insurance Corner 25 Smokin’ With the Stars 27 Healing with Cannabis 28 Oaksterdam University 34 Traits of a Successful Grower 36 Reviews 38 The Patient Community 40 State of the Green in Nevada 42 NORML News 43 You Have the Power to Nullify 46 Marketplace 48 Munchies 50 Smoke Spots 52 Vegas Cannabis Magazine, LLC features content about marijuana, hemp, and marijuana-related products and information. In addition, we feature articles, legal information and medical news relevant to the cannabis industry. All content within our publication and on our website is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered personalized legal or medical advice. Both the printed publication and the website are intended for those over the age of 18. Vegas Cannabis Magazine assumes no responsibility for the advertisements within this publication.

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@VEGASCANNABISMAGAZINE @vegascannabismag Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 7

Editor’s Note Spring is here and boy do we have a lot to look forward to in our local cannabis community. This month, in observance of 420, locals have two awesome events to look forward to. On April 19th, be sure to attend the NORML Freedom Festival which will be held downtown and will feature artists, exhibitors, entertainment and patient resources. Then, on April 20th, head on over to the Las Vegas Cannabis Championships for more 420 fun and awesome patient-based contests. April is Autism Awareness Month and recently I had the chance to sit down with Mieko Hester-Perez to learn how she is successfully treating her son, Joey’s autism with cannabis. The story is truly inspiring and shows us just how powerful this plant is. A big thank you to the ever popular TROG for creating our one-of-a-kind cover this month. Find out more about TROG in this month’s Smoking with the Stars interview. And, be sure to

check out D.J. Short as he Stands Up for Cannabis.

Thank you to all of our advertisers and supporters who have watched our growth over the past seven months. It was back in October that we recognized the need for cannabis related information and awareness in our community. We continue to spread awareness by adding local pickup locations, by seeking out useful resources and by securing educated contributing writers. The wealth of information offered by our writers is undeniable, and we appreciate the wonderful feedback received from our dedicated readers that pick up Vegas Cannabis Magazine each month. Without all of you, this would not be possible. In the coming months, as our dispensaries, labs and cultivation facilities open, we look forward to more awesome interviews, new contributors and information features and updates. Thank you!

Stephanie Shehan Editor

In the News ...

Nevada lawmaker, Tick Segerblom has proposed a bill (SB372) that would grant ailing pets access to medical marijuana. Nevada Senator Dean Heller has signed on to support the CARERS Act, which would make the federal ban on marijuana inapplicable to people who comply with state laws allowing medical use of the plant. Euphoria Wellness, located on South Jones near Robindale is ready to open its doors to the public. They have approval from the state to begin cultivation and now await the opening of our local labs. Visit for info. On Monday, March 30, 2015, the City of North Las Vegas will open up its application process for medical marijuana establishments and start accepting applications. The last day the City will accept such applications will be April 14, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. Visit for more information.


WECAN: Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada, is free to join and provides a platform for people to post and discuss ideas in a controlled environment, or MEDICATED VEGAS: Offering alternative medicine, education and consultation, (586) 295-4365, www., Contact: LAS VEGAS NORML: The world’s largest organization working to reform marijuana laws. Membership: www., Information:, Contact: LAS VEGAS CANNABIS INFO CENTER: Provides referrals for all your cannabis needs including doctors, lawyers, legal dispensaries and classes. LVCIC also provides on-site classrooms and studio where the patient’s privacy is their priority, (702) 761-6770,, www.

Resources THE HUMAN SOLUTION LAS VEGAS CHAPTER: Grassroots network of people that support each other through the trials faced as cannabis consumers. Working to educate the public and end prohibition, COMPASSION AWARENESS PROJECT: Discounted medical marijuana license program, monthly meetings, workshops (HIPPA compliance, CPR, cultivation), information on accessing medicine, www.CompassionAwarenessProject. org, (702) 335-0020. COMPASSION NEVADA CONSULTING: Assistance with obtaining a Nevada medical marijuana card, 2800 S. Highland Dr, Las Vegas, NV, (702) 506-6379.

services for clients on emerging issues surrounding SB 374 by ensuring compliance and business continuity efforts,, (406) 748-6224.


ULTIMATE “U” MEDICAL: Dr. Kathleen Smith, medical recommendations and renewals, office assists with every step of the medical marijuana process, 8660 Spring Mountain Road, Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89117, (702) 353-9777, www. GETTING LEGAL: Dr. Susan Boyd, no medical records required, 99%approval rate. Pay just one low price and they take care of the process for you, 2619 W. Charleston Blvd, #100, Las Vegas, NV 89102, (702) 979-9999,

NEVADA MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM: For information about obtaining your Nevada Medical Marijuana card visit http://health.

LAS VEGAS MEDICAL MARIJUANA CONSULTANTS: Visit any Diversity location or call (702) 313-7273 for more information,

MEDICAL CANNALYST CONSULTING GROUP: Consulting, public relations and educational

DR. REEFER: Health and Wellness Center, 601 Whitney Ranch Dr, Ste. C13, Henderson, NV, (702) 930-8418, KARMA HOLISTIC HEALTH FOUNDATION: 9111 W. Russell Road, Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89148, (702) 388-1119,

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 10


DOCTORS CENTER AT RED ROCK: 8751 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117, (702) 233-1715. GETCARDEDVEGAS.COM: 732 S. 6th St, Ste. 100, Las Vegas, (702) 904-9564. GOLDSMITH HEALTHCARE LTD: 5375 S. Ft. Apache, Las Vegas, NV 89148, (702) 425-5191. DR. GREEN RELIEF: 8751 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117, (702) 930-8048.


AMANDA CONNOR: Connor & Connor PLLC, provides legal services to medical marijuana patients and medical marijuana businesses, 2450 St. Rose Parkway Suite 120 A, Henderson, NV,, (702) 750-9139. MARTINA JACCARINO: Black & LoBello, 10777 W Twain Ave #3, Las Vegas, NV 89135, (702) 869-8801,


LP INSURANCE: Jane Anthony, www., 8925 West Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89148, (702) 3659800.

THE GROW BOSS/HENDERSON HYDROPONICS: 726 W. Sunset Road, Henderson, (702) 434-7365,, used grow equipment available.


CANNABIS TRAINING INSTITUTE: The leading provider of online education & certification for the cannabis industry. All courses are available online. In-person training and group discounts are also available, www. cannabistraininginstitute, (206) 2938112. MEDICAL CANNABIS INSTITUTE: 2923 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, (725) 777-3631, online resource for cannabis education, forums, resources and software. OAKSTERDAM UNIVERSITY: Coming soon to Las Vegas, www., (510) 2511544.


LAS VEGAS CARE GROUP: Patient to patient, medical card needed, If in the South Vegas, Strip or Henderson areas, call (702) 6661843, If in the North West or North East areas, call (702) 470-6107, www. EMERALD AVENUE: Patient to patient, medical card needed, (702) 375-3443. Follow Emerald Avenue on Instagram: @EMERALD_AVENUE. OAK TREE COMPASSIONS: Medical marijuana, patient to patient, medical card needed, (702) 561-0888.


Have a company, organization or website that could benefit medical marijuana patients? Email your info to

KAERCHER INSURANCE: Karen Canton,, 9555 Hillwood Drive, Suite 140, Las Vegas, NV 89134, (702) 304-7891.


GREENSPOT HYDROPONICS: 3355 W. Lake Mead Blvd, North Las Vegas, (702) 463-6000, Open Mon-Fri, 10am7pm and Sat 10am-6pm. MEDIGROW NV: Professional cultivation education, (702) 606-9059, Also provides in home grow consultations. 4 Pot Nevada

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 11

Medical The Nevada Medical Marijuana Cardholders/Caregivers Program is a state registry program within the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. If you are interested in obtaining an application for the Medical Marijuana Program, you can send a written request, along with a check or money order in the amount of $25 made payable to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH). Mail your request to:

• • • • •


The cost to request an application for the Medical Marijuana Program is $25. The cost to register or renew registration in the Medical Marijuana Program is $75.00. Your caregiver can be anyone as long as they are over the age of 18 and your physician approves of that person as a caregiver. Please be aware that pursuant to NRS 453A.250 and NAC 453A.150: A cardholder may have only one caregiver; A caregiver can only be a caregiver to one cardholder; and a cardholder cannot be a caregiver to another cardholder. A person under 18 must have permission from their custodial parent or their guardian who is in charge of their medical


Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health ATTN: Medical Marijuana Division 4150 Technology Way, Ste 104 Carson City, Nevada 89706 •

decisions. And that person MUST act as the minor’s primary caregiver. Only a physician who is licensed under NRS 630 or NRS 633 can sign a “Physician’s Statement”. That means only a medical doctor or osteopathic doctor licensed in the State of Nevada. The specific reasons a person can be denied participation in the Medical Marijuana Program are available on the DPBH website.

• • • • •

AIDS Cancer Glaucoma Cachexia Persistent Muscle Spasms (including Multiple Sclerosis) Seizures (including Epilepsy) Severe Nausea Severe Pain PTSD

A card is good for one year only. It must be renewed annually, one year from the date your application was stamped. The same procedure used in the original registration process must be followed. The DPBH cannot advise you on where to buy marijuana seeds or how to grow the plants, nor can we refer you

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 12

to a doctor.• NRS 453A.200 allows the holder of a valid card to possess: (Effective April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2016) Two and one half ounces of usable marijuana in any one 14 day period and Twelve marijuana plants, irrespective of whether the marijuana plants are mature or immature. “Marijuana” includes, without limitations edible and infused products as defined in NRS 453A.101 and 112. “Usable marijuana,” as defined in NRS 453A.160, means the seeds, dried leaves and flowers of a plant of the genus Cannabis, and any mixture or preparation thereof that is appropriate for the medical use of marijuana. The term does not include the stalks and roots of the plant. Issuance of a Nevada Medical Marijuana Registry card does not exempt the holder from prosecution under the state or federal laws that apply to marijuana and is not recognized by the federal government. NRS 453A is a state law; it does not address federal laws. It is recommended you discuss the limitations and liabilities that are associated with existing federal laws with your personal attorney. The registry card is issued for use in Nevada, and may not be recognized in other states.

For more information about the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program, visit or call (775) 687-7594.

Medical From Narcotics to Cannabis By: Kathleen Smith

Christie was first seen at my office in January of last year. When she was brought in, her vitals showed her to be in an acute hypoxic state and after attempting to stabilize her oxygen, paramedics were called and she was admitted to the hospital for further treatment. Over the next couple of weeks, Christie was treated for acute double pneumonia. She had to be intubated and sedated for several days while numerous procedures were done to clear a severe fungal infection in her lungs. During this time, several labs were performed and she endured a course of treatment with several powerful antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungal medications. Her labs also revealed severe hepatic distress do to prior abuse of alcohol. While hospitalized and after her release, she was treated for extreme pain with morphine. In June of 2014, Christie was involved in an auto accident and the force of the impact prompted the seatbelt to lock which caused a portal vein blockage. In the weeks following the accident, Christie’s liver function went into a critical state requiring intense hospitalization for liver failure. She was admitted again and was again treated with morphine intravenously. Upon her subsequent release, she was prescribed continued use of morphine for the pain associated with her various ailments.

Christie diligently followed her Gastroenterologist’s treatment instructions as far as nutritional restrictions and within a couple of months her labs were in a very good range for most of the post-hospital diagnosis problems. However, due to extensive liver ascites pain, Christie continued to take morphine as prescribed to her. Over the next several months, Christie lost a considerable amount of weight and became very dependent on the morphine which was only providing moderate pain relief. One thing was obvious, Christie needed to withdraw from the morphine. Christie returned to my office with a request to be evaluated for the Nevada State Medical Marijuana Program and thus began the application process. The biggest concern for her was that she had stopped taking the morphine on her own and her withdrawal symptoms were typical of those with a long history of pain medication use. Experiencing shakes, insomnia, increased and exaggerated pain, and severe nausea, life for Christie was quickly becoming unbearable. She was advised to seek out cannabis containing higher CBD1 and CBD2 content and to ingest it in a nonaerosolized form, so as to not worsen the lesions left from the previous pneumonia. Desperate for relief, Christie began her treatment regimen with edible forms of cannabis known to be high in CBD compounds as well as some THC for breakthrough pain relief. Christie had not previously used cannabis in any capacity. At first, she experienced the

typical transient intense reaction of somnolence to the cannabis she was taking, but in less than a month, she had stabilized and had successfully weaned herself off of the morphine and her overall health and disposition steadily improved. The process of transition for Christie was made possible due to the beneficial effects of medical marijuana. Christie’s health is now on a much more stable and healthy trajectory, her weight is stabilizing and she has not had the extreme nausea issues which had contributed greatly to her daily discomfort and inability to eat. With a carefully controlled diet and continued exercise, Christie is not expected to need a liver transplant and her quality of life has been greatly improved. In over twenty years of emergency medicine experience, I have seen first-hand the ravages of the over use of narcotics and the devastating effect it has on patients. Christie’s experience is very similar to many of my patients who end up not needing or taking narcotics and other medications typically used in the treatment of pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders after finding the correct form of cannabis for their individual needs. tThe quality of life changes for my patients is as much a part of the healing process as emergency intervention for immediate disease issues. Ultimate “U” Medical is located at 8660 Spring Mountain Road, Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89117. The office can be reached by calling (702) 3539777. For more information, visit www.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 13

Cannabis as an Anti-Depressant By: Michele Ralph

Ever see the pictures floating around on social media that read something similar to the following caption: “Be careful, marijuana may cause intelligent thought, peacefulness, bliss, love and the feeling of oneness with your surroundings?” Statements similar to this certainly make a good point of debate about the validity of cannabis as a treatment for depression. Prozac, Wellbutrin, and Effexor type medications fall under the class of drugs known as SSRI’s (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.) They are designed to alter mechanisms regulating serotonin, an evolutionary ancient biochemical found throughout the brain and the rest of the body. In the brain, serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter or a chemical that controls the firing of neurons (brain cells that regulate how we think, feel, and behave.) In other words, antidepressants alter the balance of serotonin in the brain. SSRI drugs are also prescribed for bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD,


social anxiety and eating disorders. The only problem with these drugs is that the side effects practically outnumber the benefits. Research shows that these drugs are only moderately effective during treatment and relapse after discontinuing is as high as 43%. Some of the more popular side effects of SSRI drugs are abnormal bleeding and stroke, impaired gastrointestinal function, birth defects in the unborn fetus, and decreased libido. SSRI’s are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States. Over the past two decades, the use of antidepressants has skyrocketed. One in ten Americans now take an antidepressant medication; among women in their 40s and 50s, the statistic is one in four. Numerous patients report significant improvement and stabilization with their bipolar disorder when they utilize adjunctive therapy with medical cannabis. While some mental health professionals worry about the impact of cannabis on aggravating manic states, most bipolar patients trying cannabis find they “cycle” less often and find significant improvement in overall


Verification needed, for legal medical patients only

• Medical Marijuana Education • Specialized One-on-One Cannabis Oil Counseling • Personalized Patient Visits • Family Support Info: (702) 530-1226 or Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 14

mood. Those who experience extended depressive episodes are more likely to be helped by cannabis. To quote an article from The Medical Minute, “When Cannabis is consumed, chemical compounds like THC bind to receptors throughout the brain and body. Receptors centralized in the brain are called CB1 receptors, and a recent study analyzed these structures as they relate to subjective reports of happiness. They discovered that subjects with certain genetic variations of these CB1 receptors reported higher happiness ratings. Studies have shown that people with PTSD suffer a shortage of endocannabinoids. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD can help correct those deficiencies.” Now that science has concluded that endocannabinoid deficiency can be directly linked to depression, will cannabis be the cure? Well, it’s certainly an area of research that needs to be further explored. It is interesting to note that the U.S. federal government recently approved a study that would allow researchers at Arizona State University to evaluate the benefits of cannabis in individuals with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.) Further studies such as this one hold exciting medical promise for patients and physicians as to where cannabis really stands in the medical community now and in the not too distant future. Michele Ralph is the owner of LV Universal Wellness located at 8660 Spring Mountain Road, #101, Las Vegas, NV 89117. For more information, please call (702) 7421080.

Events W.E.C.A.N. 702 RADIO HOUR: Tuesdays, 4pm5pm, KLAV AM 1230, listen live at www.klav1230am. com, for more info. LAS VEGAS CANNABIS INFO CENTER - A Weekend of Cannabis Knowledge: LVCIC & CCI Seminars & Mixer 6/6/156/7/15, Seminar will include Law, Cooking, Delivery, Dispensary Management, Marketing, Advertising & Marijuana Cultivation, 702761-6770, W.E.C.A.N. AT FIRST FRIDAY: Every first Friday of the month, W.E.C.A.N. educates the public and sells retail products that are cannabis related. Their booth is located in between The Bar Bistro

and the Artiface on Boulder Avenue. W.E.C.A.N. 702 PATIENT SUPPORT GROUP: 2nd Saturday of the month, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, 4550 S Maryland Pkwy Ste A, Las Vegas, NV 89119, this group focuses on the patient questions and needs and announces any new projects in the community. W.E.C.A.N. PAHRUMP PATIENT MEETING: 3rd Saturday of the month, 1440 E Highway 372, Pahrump, NV, for patients, caregivers and those that are curious about becoming a patient. HEMPCON: May 15-17, 2015 - Cashman Center Las Vegas, NV. Visit www. for more information.

Interested in having your event listed in Vegas Cannabis Magazine? Send listing via email to

LAS VEGAS CANNABIS CHAMPIONSHIP: Monday, April 20th, Las Vegas, NV, For booth, sponsor, or competition information call (702) 913-2921 or email U.S. CANNABIS CUP DENVER: 4/18-4/20, 3 days of 700+ vendors, three levels of VIP experiences and travel experiences provided by CID Entertainment, world-class musical entertainment, awards show and the biggest 4/20 party on the planet! Visit www. for more info and ticket information. NORML FREEDOM FESTIVAL: 4/20 weekend, artists, exhibitors, entertainment, dispensaries

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 16

and speakers, www. for more information. “WHAT IF CANNABIS CURED CANCER”: Movie screening, 4th Thursday of each month at Herbally Grounded, 4440 W. Charleston Blvd, 7pm, www. BLAZ “N” GLORY: 5/15-5/16, San Manuel Ampitheater, San Bernardino, CA, www. ONE DROP: April 3rd, Adrenaline Sports Bar & Grill, 9pm, 3103 N. Rancho, Las Vegas, Tickets at www., 21 and over. SPRING HARVEST BBQ 2015: April 16th, Wonder Soil, 6355 Windy Road, Ste. 1,, 5pm,

expo, drinks, food & music, $15 or $20 at the door, vendor tables available - (702) 782-5064, no smoking at the event, RSVP onlne at http://events. t?oeidk=a07eapkpa8p2c6a4d7a&llr=p t48cmcab PATIENT APPRECIATION SPRING FLING: Hosted by NV Cann Labs, food, drinks, games & prizes, photo ID required at the door, 6631 Schuster St, Las Vegas, NV 89118, April 22nd, 5-8pm, RSVP to tiffany@nvcannlabs. com, FREE. WOMEN GROW: LAS VEGAS: April 2, 5:30-7:30pm, Clark County Library District, 833 Las Vegas Blvd. North, Las Vegas, NV 89101, www. Grow: Las Vegas, Featured speaker: Kathy Gillespie of Med Men, $25 in advance or $30 at door, RSVP:

Events and over STEEL PULSE: April 16th, 8pm, $29.43 - $33.00 +, 18 and over ALABAMA SHAKES & ALLAH-LAS: April 18th, 9pm, $40.15 - $44 +, 18 and over FORTUNATE YOUTH, HIRIE & HIGHDRO: April 19th, 8pm, $8.00 $10.00 +, 18 and over THE GROUCH & ELIGH AND ZION I WITH SOL: April 20th, 8pm, $15.00 $20.00 +, 18 and over STURGILL SIMPSON WITH VERY SPECIAL GUESTS THE LONE BELLOW: April 23rd, 8pm, $22.00 $24.20 +, 18 and over

ANDY FRASCO AND THE U.N: April 24th, 8pm, $8.80 - $13.20 +, 18 and over ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA: April 25th, 9pm, $38.50 - $71.50 +, 21 and over SEBASTIAN BACH: April 26th, 8pm, $20.00 - $25 +, 18 and over MORGAN HERITAGE: April 27th, 8pm, $13.20 - $16.50 +, 18 and over OK GO: April 28th, 9pm, $21.45 $27.50 +, 18 and over Brooklyn Bowl is located at 3545 Las Vegas Blvd. South, for more information, visit www.Vegas.

LAS VEGAS MEDICAL MARIJUANA ASSOCIATION: Monthly meeting & networking event, April 27th, 5-8pm, La Comida Mexican Restaurant, 100 S. 6th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101, Contact: John Laub, jlaub@regenmd. org, RSVP online at https://events.r20. g?oeidk=a07eao1tecb99039bd5&ose q=&c=&ch= BROOKLYN BOWL LAS VEGAS: PASSAFIRE & THE B FOUNDATION: April 3rd, 8pm, $13.20 - $15.40 +, $18 and over WAKA FLOCKA FLAME & HIPPIE SABOTAGE: April 4th, 9pm, $20-$55+ AFROZEP: Door and show times subject to change due to basketball schedule, April 6th, 9pm, FREE, 21 and over MILKY CHANCE & JAMES HERSEY: April 9th, 9pm, $17.50 - $22 +, 18 and over GHOSTFACE KILLAH & RAEKWON: April 13th, 9pm, $24.75 - $27.50 +, 21

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 17

High End Advice from the Medicated Madame

Medicated Madame, I am so happy to finally find someone to ask questions about weed and not feel stupid. My new boyfriend is a medical marijuana patient and he is always using weed terms that I don’t understand. When I ask what he’s talking about he makes fun of me. I am lost when his friends are over and they all think I’m dumb. How do I learn to talk street about weed and sound smart? Help! Silenced at UNLV Hello Silent One, Being handicapped can be difficult, let’s be thankful that your disability can be cured with some good old fashioned education. Being technical with the proper terminology is very important in the marijuana industry. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you don’t speak the role so get out your #2 pencils and pack a lunch….it’s time to get schooled. 420: A term that refers to smoking as in “420 friendly” and the universal time to light one up. BHO: Butane Hash Oil – This is the basis for all waxes. (See last month’s column for more info) Blunt: Rolling a joint in a cigar or cigarillo paper. Bomb: Wax has resurrected this old phrase and it is now used as BHOmb. (see above) Budder: A type of wax that is whipped. Calyx: The pod of a seedling. Cannabis: The formal term for marijuana.

High End Advice Cashed: The bowl is empty, “It’s cashed”. CBD: Acronym for Cannabidiol. CBD is marijuana stripped of its THC (no high). Cherried: The bowl is burning good, “Hurry up, the bowl is cherried”. Clones: A plant that is grown from a mother plant, not from seed. Concentrate: A marijuana product produced by using solvent to strip the plant of its healing properties. A concentrate is any marijuana product that has been manufactured from the original flower state. i.e. BHO, hash, wax, RSO etc… Cotton Mouth: Another name for dry mouth. Cross-Faded: Using two vices simultaneously. Typically, refers to marijuana and alcohol use at the same time (Not recommended: The THC will counteract the liquor…save your money). Dabbing: Refers to smoking wax, “Who’s down to dab?” Dank: Another term for good weed, like bomb or fire. The highest quality. Dispensary: A brick and mortar location where legal patients can access reliable medication. Edibles or Medibles: Food or desserts that contain marijuana or marijuana concentrates. Errl: A term used to describe BHO or wax. Fire: The best weed or concentrate, “That OG was fire!” Glob: Refers to the amount of wax used when dabbing, “That was a fat glob”. Greens: A freshly packed bowl before it’s been lit. Hash: Hashish is a type of concentrate. Ice water hash is common for dabbing while bubble hash is usually smoked in a bowl. Hemp: Marijuana’s cousin. You cannot get high from this plant. Hemp produces the strongest fiber on the planet. Like marijuana, it’s still illegal

(research why) Hydro: A way marijuana is grown. The hydroponic method is grown in water versus soil. Kief: Dry resin that falls off the plant. Kief is made up of pure trichomes, making it the gold of the industry. Loud: Really good weed, “My weed is so loud”. Oil Rig: A glass piece used to dab wax. A special nail, torch, and a dab stick are generally needed for rig dabbing. Salad: Weed that falls out of the end of the joint when you hit it. Sesh: A term describing a smoking or dabbing session, “Let’s sesh soon” Stash, Sack, Bag, Gram. Dub, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce: Names for bags of marijuana or a specific measurement. Strains: A specific brand of marijuana. Strains, for the most part, are a good way to decipher what effect the buds will have when smoked, vaped, or ingested. Terpene (Terp): The oil that a plant creates. This produces the smell and taste of the plant. Trichome: The resin glands of the marijuana plant. The trichomes protect the plant during the stages of development. People extract, sift, and grind their buds in order to catch every precious trichome. Vape (vaporizing): A method of smoking liquid concentrates, or dry flower depending on the heating element.

That is every term I could think of without starting a dictionary. Hopefully these terms will help you outsmart those genius college smokers. If all else fails, just buy better weed…no one cares what you sound like when you have fire.

-Medicated Madame

Need some High End advice? Email the Medicated Madame at Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 18

EXPIRES 04/30/15



By: Corinne Tobias

These Snickerdoodles are a wholesome, midwestern classic with a canna-twist.They’re addicting, so be careful.

Ingredients: •

1/2 T Ground Flax + 2 T Water

1/4 Green Monsta Oil (CannaCoconut Oil)

1/3 Cup Pure Cane Sugar

1/2 t Vanilla

1 Cup Gluten Free Flour Blend (Bob’s Red Mill)

1/4 t Cream of Tartar

1/2 t Baking Soda

Pinch of Cinnamon

2 t Sugar & 2 t Cinnamon

7. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

for Cinnamon Sugar Coating

8. Remove dough from refrigerator. Roll into 8 equal sized balls.

Method: 1. Combine Flax + Water. Set aside. 2. In a large bowl, cream Sugar, Green Monsta Oil and Vanilla until smooth. 3. Add Flax/ Water mix and beat.

9. Roll balls in Cinnamon Sugar Coating. 10. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Makes 4 Stoney Servings Corinne Tobias is a writer, yoga teacher and organic farmer trophy wife in training. She’s passionate about health and wellness, national marijuana reform, comedy and overhauling the food system. She lives in Durango, Colorado.

4. In a separate bowl, combine Gluten Free Flour, Cream of Tartar, Baking Soda and Cinnamon. Whisk! 5. Add the dry mix to the wet mix. Stir until just combined. 6. Roll dough into a ball, place in a covered container and refrigerate for one hour.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 20

Got a recipe you would like to share? Email to editor@


plant, a vegetative plant, and a flowering plant)

Medical Marijuana Patient Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts By: Amanda Connor

My law office is often contacted by medical marijuana patients who have been charged with a crime relating to marijuana. As an attorney, I wish that I could put on a seminar for patients to give them some basic knowledge of their rights so that less patients would have negative interactions with law enforcement. I think it is important to empower patients with knowledge. Therefore, here is a list of my top ten Do’s and Don’ts for medical marijuana patients in Nevada

Do: •

Get a patient card (a full card issued from the State of Nevada; not just a doctor’s recommendation)

Safely use your medicine IN your home or private place

Grow up to 12 plants IN your home (Remember a plant = a clone, a seedling, a mother

Know your rights as a patient and follow up with your medical professional regarding the use of your medicine

Contact an attorney if you have legal questions regarding your rights as a patient (Remember, marijuana is still federally illegal and remains illegal for nonmedicinal uses in Nevada)

Do Not: •

Use your medicine in a public place or drive while under the influence of your medicine

Grow more than 12 plants (regardless of gender or size) or sell your medicine

Take your medicine across state lines or onto federal lands or property

Store your medicine where it can be accessed by children or non-patients (remember to store edibles in clearly labeled and locked containers to avoid accidental ingestion)

Consent to a warrantless search of your home, car, or person – contact an attorney!

This list is not comprehensive. However, these tips give patients the basic information on their rights in the State of Nevada. As stated above, a patient who has a question about their legal rights should contact an attorney. Amanda Connor is a partner at the law firm of Connor & Connor PLLC. Connor & Connor PLLC provides legal services to medical marijuana patients and to medical marijuana businesses. More information about Connor & Connor can be found at

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 22


LOW COST PARALEGAL SERVICES (702) 439-5333 Divorce • Domestic Partnership • Child Custody/Support • Modification • Sealing of Criminal Records • Bankruptcy • Probate

This office is a document preparation service as outlined in NRS240A. Inasmuch, the information provided through Low Cost Paralegal cannot be used for legal advice. The State of Nevada prohibits paralegals from offering legal services directly to the public and such practice would be considered the “unauthorized practice of law.” Low Cost Paralegal Service reserves the right to deny service to anyone with cause. You may search for a qualified attorney at the State Bar of Nevada.

720 E. Charleston Blvd, Ste 140 Las Vegas, NV 89104 On the corner of Charleston & 8th Street


Marijuana, Addiction and Civil Liability By: Martina Jaccarino

The conventional wisdom is that marijuana is not addictive. This is one of the primary reasons that it has become acceptable for pain control, and preferable to using other legal narcotic painkillers. However, as the legal use of marijuana becomes more common, its users are becoming more honest about its affects. One result is a growing awareness that as a society, we really do not know for certain that marijuana is not addictive. In fact, there is indication that it has the key earmarks of an addictive substance. According to the National Institute of Health, 1 in 6 teenagers who try marijuana ultimately become addicted to using the drug. This statistic is widely accepted and comes from scientific research that has been peer-reviewed and relied upon by experts on the front line of treatment. Many of us would

contest using the word ‘addicted’ in the context of marijuana. This is the case for two reasons. First, our general experience thus far is that there are no physical withdrawal symptoms when stopping marijuana use. Second, there is no scientific evidence thus far indicating that the user develops a tolerance to THC. People do not report becoming physically ill when they stop using marijuana. Until recently, many people understood that the user can continue to get the same effect from the same amount of marijuana no matter how long they use the drug. As of this writing, there is anecdotal evidence to the contrary. Additionally, addiction is diagnosed using other factors, including behavior, regularity of use, the impact the use has on other areas of the individual’s life and the importance the user places on the use of marijuana. If you use medical marijuana, use it responsibly. Do everything possible to keep the product completely away from the reach of children. My children will climb the pantry shelves like a ladder for a cookie, so realize that safety will require inconvenience and, possibly expense. The most reputable producers use child-proof packaging. The best dispensaries will carry lock boxes. Invest a little more to protect the children who may either live with you or come to your home. Take the serving sizes very seriously, especially with regard to edibles. When you first try a new product, have company with you to monitor its effects. Finally,

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 24

if you use the product to get high, acknowledge that and take the precautions you would take before a night of drinking and partying. Responsible use is the key to the continuation of legalization. ADDICTION AND CIVIL LIABILITY The legal battle over addiction and other social consequences is being fought in Illinois by the City of Chicago versus Johnson & Johnson, Purdue and others and in California against the same defendants with Orange County as plaintiff. The essence of the lawsuits is that in 1999 big pharma launched a campaign to change public perception about opioid use and at the same time marketed drugs like OxyContin to doctors for use in treating chronic pain. The fall-out has been significant because patients develop a tolerance to these medications and addiction to them has become an epidemic around the United States. The drug companies’ campaign specifically included the assertion that narcotics like OxyContin and Percocet are not addictive. The plaintiff municipalities argue that the drug companies knew this when they engaged in a false advertising campaign and made representations to physicians that they knew were false. The claims and defenses available in lawsuits between prescribers and drug companies and plaintiff municipalities and patients include professional negligence and product liability. The marijuana business could face the same claims as drug companies and pain management doctors

Legal because the representations being made, whether truthful or not, are similar. Last year 2,000 studies were completed about the effects of marijuana, but only 6% of those studies were intended to establish the benefits it offers. The reason for this is the almost insurmountable obstacles to studying Class 1 narcotics. In the cases involving marijuana, plaintiffs will have all the support they need for a wide range of complaints and it will be the dispensaries, producers and growers who will have fewer options for expert opinions. The most important thing that growers, producers and dispensaries can do to limit exposure is to focus on loss prevention. We have a wealth of history to learn from. Minimize youth-targeted advertising as we know from big tobacco that it will eventually be banned. Use common sense precautions against use during pregnancy, “keep out of reach of children”, “use responsibly”, and warnings about the time delay for the effects of edibles are topics that should be covered in detail in package inserts. Consider using green dye in any extractions so that they cannot be used surreptitiously. We need to take precautions against people using extractions to surreptitiously intoxicate another person and accidental ingestions. Warn against mixing extractions with butane; people engaging in that behavior and lighting themselves on fire are a risk to our entire movement if we do not take responsible steps toward prevention. If we do not

do this, we will face the growing pains of big tobacco, but so early in legalization that it will risk our movement. Martina Jaccarino is Of Counsel with the law firm of Black & LoBello. She has extensive experience representing insurance companies and corporations from risk assessment and loss prevention. Ms. Jaccarino is licensed to practice law in three states and earned her degree from the Villanova School of Law in 1995.

their obligation then the bond is “triggered” or set in motion for the surety to fulfill the Principal’s obligation and/or monetarily guarantee the bond to the Obligee up to the penal sum of the bond amount.

The Insurance Corner By: Karen Canton

WHAT IS A SURETY BOND? A Surety Bond is a three party contract between the Principal (Insured), Obligee (Municipality, State, Company etc…) and the Surety. A surety bond guarantees that the principal will abide by the statute, ordinance etc, and/or fulfill the obligation set forth by the Obligee. The bond protects the Obligee and in most cases the bond form is provided by the Obligee and reconciles with the Principal’s obligation. If the principal does not fulfill

Unlike insurance, a surety bond is a credit extension and is underwritten using the same underwriting procedures as a financial institution. When a Principal applies for a surety bond they are required by the surety to sign a General Indemnity Agreement. This agreement secures the Surety’s rights that the Surety will be held harmless from and against any and all liability and responsibility. If a default or claim occurs, the Surety will be reimbursed by the Principal for any losses incurred. Karen Canton has been in the insurance business for 33 years with the last 4 years as a Commercial Lines Broker with Kaercher Insurance. Prior to joining Kaercher Insurance she worked for one of the worlds’ leading insurance brokerage’s. Her consultative approach with her clients has allowed her to be very successful as a broker with Kaercher Insurance and expand her area of expertise and responsibility to include Surety Bonds specializing in MME Bonds, Environmental, Large Commercial, and many other types of Bonds.

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Healing With Cannabis By: Stephanie Shehan

According to, “Autism statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identify around 1 in 68 American children as on the autism spectrum – a ten-fold increase in prevalence in 40 years. Careful research shows that this increase is only partly explained by improved diagnosis and awareness. Studies also show that autism is four to five times more common among boys than girls. An estimated 1 out of 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism in the United States.” Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Society of America stated that “Evidence suggests that in such cases, medical cannabis may be a beneficial treatment for persons in the autism spectrum.” Treating autism with medical cannabis is just what Mieko Hester-Perez has been doing for the past seven years. As a single mother of three beautiful children, one of which has been diagnosed with both Autism Spectrum Disorder and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Mieko is no stranger to the trials and tribulations that parents of special needs children face. Mieko’s son, Joey was just a toddler when he was diagnosed with autism. The signs were typical


and slowly progressed to a point where the family was virtually unable to leave their home without fearing that Joey’s behavior would draw unwelcomed attention. Joey was aggressive; he would hit himself and others, throw things and yell at people. He wouldn’t eat and by the age of nine weighed only 42 pounds. At one point, Joey’s doctors had prescribed him thirteen different medications in an attempt to control his autistic behavior. At her wits end and terrified of possibly losing her son, Mieko turned to medical cannabis. Delivering the cannabis in the form of oil infused into brownies resulted in Joey eating again, gaining much needed weight, sleeping easier and displaying an all-around calmness. Today, Joey smiles and attempts to speak from time to time. According to Mieko, “Until Joey began consuming medical cannabis, no one knew who he was, and he displayed no personality.” Mieko’s journey into the world of medical cannabis would not have been possible without Aaron Justis, President of Buds and Roses Collective in Los Angeles and his Kushman Genetics team which includes Kyle Kushman, a 26 year veteran of organic cannabis cultivation, and Tyler Wadleigh. Inspired

by Joey’s story, the team a custom, child-resistant, began specialized strain FDA approved container breeding using completely to house “Joey’s Strain” veganic practices in order as it is made available to to create a customized families in California and cannabis strain with the other compassionate perfect combination of states. cannabinoids and terpenes just for Joey. According to It is important to note Kyle Kushman, “Growing that medical marijuana cannabis with Veganics is has not been deemed essential as Veganics has a cure for autism, but virtually undetectable levels rather a treatment of heavy metals. Heavy method which can be metals in our environment effective in mitigating are believed by many to symptoms. For Mieko, be linked to autism.” After “Cannabis has proven to trying approximately fifteen facilitate life for her son different strain varieties, and has ushered him they were finally able to into his most progressive create a particular strain developmental that helped alleviate Joey’s period ever.” Mieko symptoms – the strain has is co-founder of the been appropriately named Unconventional “Joey’s Strain.” When Foundation for Autism asked about the impact that ( and she Joey has had on him, Kyle continues to work PHOTO COURTESY OF MEDICALMARIJUANA411.COM replied “When I first met Joey he with families of special didn’t even realize I was there, but now, needs children to ensure that Uncle Kyle can usually get a smile.” this treatment is available Keeping the importance of safety in mind, Mieko and and each family’s rights Aaron have also teamed up with MedTainer to create are protected. Helping to guide parents through the unfamiliar process of beginning a medical cannabis regimen, Mieko provides confidential, child-specific assistance to families in need. Making “Joey’s Strain” available to those in all states with a medical marijuana program in place is Mieko’s goal and she says that “Hopefully, the Nevada dispensaries are on board and we will be seeing this strain available locally in the near future.”

Joey & Mieko

Mieko Hester-Perez may be contacted via her website at www. For more information on “Joey’s Strain” and the team responsible, please visit the following websites:


Thank you Las Vegas! Your warm welcome in early March helped make Oaksterdam University’s first Indoor Horticulture Seminar at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino a success. A sold out crowd of entrepreneurs, dispensary owners, employees, suppliers and patients from over 15 different states attended the four-day, informationfilled seminar about growing medicinal marijuana. Based in Oakland, California, Oaksterdam University is the first medicinal marijuana college in the United States. With the growing need for credible training, the college brought its experienced faculty to Las Vegas to offer an intensive indoor horticulture seminar focused on cultivation law, vegetative growth, organic horticulture, yield maximization, grow room design, electrical safety and lighting, pests and pathogens, strain selection, basics of soil science, and more. In addition to having access to some of the most qualified professionals in the cannabis industry, including Oaksterdam University’s Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones, participants networked with each other and with established medicinal cannabis entities and experts. The founders of Green Therapeutics (all Oaksterdam University alumni) were on hand, as well as entrepreneur and Oaksterdam University’s Lead Horticulture Instructor Joey Ereñeta, representatives from the Las Vegas NORML Chapter, and co-owners of Jane’s Brew. Over 100 of the attendees are expected to pass the exam and become certified in cannabis horticulture. Because of the tremendous interest in medicinal cannabis seminars presented by Oaksterdam University and friendly accommodations in Las Vegas, the school will return in June with its four-day Classic Seminar and a two-day job fair. Plan to be there. The event will be held June 12 to 15, 2015. The best instructors in the cannabis industry will be teaching, local experts will be available to meet, and networking opportunities will be plentiful. Anyone interested in a career in cannabis will want to attend with resumes in hand. To learn more about Oaksterdam University or to register to attend the Las Vegas seminar in June, please visit

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Traits of a Successful Grower By Chris Egan

It’s April, and that can only mean one thing - 420 is quickly approaching. If you don’t know, 420 (April 20th) is a big deal for the cannabis community. When it came time to write this month’s article, I was at a loss. I couldn’t think of a topic worthy of such a festive time for the cannabis community. I started to think about us as growers and how we all have such an admiration for this plant. Then it hit me, write about the traits of a successful cannabis grower! Aside from the right equipment and knowledge, cultivating your own cannabis requires some attributes not easily acquired: diligence, reliability, cleanliness and patience. These traits and practices cannot

The Garden be taught, they must be developed and honed over time in the people that possess them.

Diligence: I never fully understood the true meaning of this word until I found myself learning, after hours, how to grow cannabis on a college campus outside San Francisco in the late 1990’s. I can’t express how important to a fruitful grow this attribute is. From the moment you plant a seed or get a clone, your ability to be diligent will be tested. Your garden will need your attention every day, regardless of your schedule and how you feel. Your duties with your plants may vary slightly day to day, but your attention must always be persistent, looking for subtle changes in your plants that will indicate how the plant is doing and where it’s going. Cannabis is no different than any other plant. If you know what to look for, it will show you physical signs that indicate its health and happiness. Diligence also comes into play when dealing with your nutrients. One of the biggest mistakes I see new patients make is using a shot glass to measure their concentrated nutrients for mixture. No matter how accurate you think those little lines on the sides of those glasses are, they are unable to allow you to reliably and precisely measure the same amount of fluid over and over again. Do yourself a favor and get a syringe capable of making the measurements you need as accurate as possible. Many of our patients see an improvement in their plants just by switching to a syringe when measuring nutrients. Pay attention to what your plants are telling you and you will reap

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 36

the benefits. Cleanliness: This is one of the hardest things for new patients to understand. After all, what needs to be clean about something that grows naturally in dirt anyway? Well, actually a lot. Indoor gardens are susceptible to many different things from molds to insect infestation (see my article in the February issue.) When it comes to cannabis cultivation, cleanliness is paramount. Even a dusty floor can harbor more insect life than you can imagine. We patients in Las Vegas are fortunate not to have to deal with the majority of molds, but we have our share of insects. Cleanliness in your garden is important to maintain a relatively sterile environment. If bugs and molds are allowed to take hold, you will be battling them later when they are killing your harvest. A clean garden doesn’t just apply to your grow space. All materials you use on a regular basis in your day-to-day care must be clean too, and any tools that you use should be kept clean and sanitary. I personally use surgical tools and clean them before each use with rubbing alcohol. This will help prevent any possibility of cross plant contamination. Other grow equipment such as buckets, pumps and hoses for hydro systems should be cleaned of any calcification and residue when possible. This will help prevent any cross crop contamination from any issues you previously faced. Another simple way to help keep your grow space clean and bug free is to keep your pets out of it! Sorry, I’m a dog owner too, but it’s got to be done. Dogs and cats

The Garden can easily bring bugs and soil pathogens in from outside, even if you do dress them in little sweaters and outfits. A little cleanliness now will mean a healthy plant at harvest time. Patience; Let’s face it, if you’re the type of person who never lets the microwave finish or are always yelling at slower drivers (like me), this is going to be the hardest attribute for you to acquire. The cultivation of the cannabis plant takes time. All strains are somewhat different and the length you have a plant in the vegetation stage is personal choice. But it’s safe to say, if you are planting a seed today, your harvest might be ready in 90 days. Yes, this is not a quick process, because you are growing something. Your patience will also come into play when you face your first problem (and you will, we all do.) Having the restraint not to react too quickly when encountering a problem is extremely difficult. This is especially hard when you are face to face with a dying plant you’ve put so much time and effort into. However, I have seen more plants killed by people just simply not having patience. Fighting the urge to jump into action and do something was always the hardest for me. I tell my students to remember what they learned and make small, gradual changes when encountering new problems. This simple thing alone will do more to save a plant than a warehouse full of expensive little bottles wrapped in promises. Patience also comes into play when feeding and watering your plants. One of the largest killers of cannabis

plants for new growers using soil is overwatering/feeding. Or, feeding when they see the plant look like it’s getting sick. Sometimes, this is caused by what you are feeding it and feeding more of what’s causing the plant to be sick will only make it worse and could even kill it. Patience is also important after harvest when you are curing your crop. Many patients are too impatient to wait until their crop is totally ready before they try it. I see this with almost every new grower. It’s understandable to want to try what you have worked so hard on for so long. I tell my students “if it’s not ready yet, it’s not ready”. I have seen patients upset after sampling the crop before it is ready, thinking that their crop didn’t turn out the way they wanted. However, after trying the same crop a week or so later, they are extremely proud of what they have done. Patience people, patience. Reliability: The cannabis plant by nature is reliable, give it what it needs and it will grow and flower. We as growers must be as reliable as it is, ready to give it the food or care it needs. Remember, it’s our focus to grow the best medical cannabis we can. In many ways, we are catering to this plant and its needs in order to get what we want. This primarily means being available to check on them at regular intervals. Not only checking our plants, but checking that our grow equipment is working. Any problem, even the smallest problem, when left unchecked can destroy a garden over time. Pumps die, bulbs burn out, fans stop. These are just a few of the problems I’ve seen destroy plants

and even entire gardens in as little as 24 hours. All the good growers that I know have regular times they set aside every day to spend in their garden. Others have a time window that they give themselves to check on their gardens. The point is that these growers are checking on and caring for their plants several times every day. There is no substitute for a reliable, attentive gardener. If you can’t guarantee time for your plants on a daily basis and be reliable, maybe cultivating your own cannabis is not for you. All of this brings me back to my previous point. These are not the traits and the image popular media would have you believe about the typical cannabis patients/growers. But like most things, times have changed and so have we. Cultivators are a different breed now, free from the fear of giving up the rest of their life for growing their own medicine (some places). Free to search out information from others like them. Free to acquire the things they need to cultivate without fear of raising suspicions. We have come a long way but still have so far to go. But that’s the thing, about cannabis cultivators, we will see it through until the end. It’s who we are and what we do every day. Keep growing and happy 420 Vegas! Medigrow Nevada was established to teach medical marijuana patients how to cultivate and harvest their own medicine. They offer both basic and advanced cultivation classes, as well as in-home consultations, for medical patients throughout Nevada. For more information, visit or call 702606-9059.

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How toTwist a Backroll Joint:

OCB Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Best Dab in the Universe I have been firing up a torch to a quartz nail for a little while, and this had been my favorite dab method.


The GALAXY E-Nail is the best invention since dabbing was created. I don’t know where to begin… Stop fumbling with your torch, first of all. Step away from the butane, and enjoy the convenience of the GALAXY E-Nail. Set the temperature on the digital interface to 710 (my fav temp), and get your fat dab ready. Within a few minutes, your rig is ready to take dab after dab without interruption. Take the torch and the butane out of your routine; it’s unnecessary. Perfect temperatures vary for different types of wax or shatter. I set my temp a little lower for softer wax, temp customization - very nice. I can now taste every terpene, because I can control the temperature of the nail. This is a party nail, it has a HUGE skillet to handle the fat dabs and big crowds. I enjoy its convenience and temperature control so much that I will be using the GALAXY E-Nail alone as well. I was impressed with the number of quality components included – 14mm and 18mm male parts, 18mm female, and a bell capper – ALL CERAMIC. The kit even comes with a nice skillet tool. Everything included comes in a durable briefcase…But wait! There’s more! Your GALAXY E-Nail comes standard with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY! The entire heating element is composed 100% ceramic. Ceramic nails give a pure (nothing but wax) taste, no metal hits. To clean it, just set the temperature controls to 900 degrees, and let it clean itself like a self-cleaning oven. That’s it. The owner of GALAXY E-NAIL gave me a tip. He cleans his when he is done dabbing for the night, so it is ready to go for a clean wake and bake the next morning. Want to bring life to the party? Bring the GALAXY E-Nail and get them heads spinnin’. For more information or to order your very own Galaxy E-Nail, visit

By: Bill Shehan

I will be twisting a “Backroll Joint” which is pretty much the same method as rolling a regular joint, with a few twists and turns. The purpose of the backwards joint is to smoke less paper and taste more flowers. Also, burning off the excess (prior to smoking the joint) is a cool party trick. I have taught myself this rolling method, and now let’s see if I can teach you. We will be using OCB Rolling Papers for this lesson. Here’s a little bit about OCB:

OCB Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Unbleached organic hemp rolling paper • 100% natural Arabic gum • Recycled packaging, printed using eco-friendly vegetable inks This is just one of their many styles of rolling papers. For more information visit Ok, let’s get started! First, instead of holding your paper the traditional way with the glue facing you in the back of your “taco shell”, invert the paper so that the glue is facing you on the front of the “taco shell”. Now fill your paper shell with your favorite flowers. Before rolling, take your finger and make a little divot in the middle of your flowers (this gap will fill in once you start rolling, and prevent your joint from having a rookie lump in the middle). Next, roll it up just like normal, but make sure that the strip of glue is nice and flat once it gets tucked into the seam. Keep rolling all the way. Don’t stop when the glue hits the seam. You will be able to see where the glue strip is, through the extra paper that you rolled about one time over. Lightly lick that glue strip though the excess paper and let dry for a minute or so. Now, pack the ends once dry, stuff more flowers to make it nice and full, or insert a filter if you are feeling crafty. You are ready tolight up Start burning the top corner of the excess OCB paper, closest to your filter and watch the fire burn off the paper you would have smoked if you had rolled a traditional joint. You are a Backroll master when you can light the fuse and ignite your joint without a second spark of the lighter. Enjoy! Thank you OCB Rolling Papers! You guys are the glue that holds my joints together.

Happenings in the Patient Community By: Raymond Fletcher

As the saying goes, April Showers brings May flowers. Here in the valley, we typically don’t encounter showers this time of year. However, you can still get those May flowers with WECAN’s grow classes. Part of WECAN’s mission is education and since we as patients are still waiting for safe and easy access, this is a no brainer of an investment as these classes will allow patients to provide meds for themselves. Grow classes are just the beginning. Designed to guide you from start to finish, WECAN offers classes on all aspects of growing such as properly setting up your grow room, cloning classes and cooking classes so you can truly get the most out of your plants. Cooking classes start with simple butter and oil making and move into the multitude of things you can make with your cannabis plants.

Patients First The added bonus of this is getting out of the house and interacting with other patients whose knowledge and skills will certainly be appreciated once these medical marijuana businesses open up.

much more. It will be held at 425 Fremont Street from 5pm-2am. There will be a crowning of Miss 420 Las Vegas and a midnight “toast” to honor the ushering in of 4/20/15.

WECAN is also cementing themselves in the community as cannabis educators and advocates. WECAN President Jennifer Solas recently stated that she is “very excited to be moving forward with the Boulder building.” This new WECAN facility is on track to be open by summer. Adding a facility to hold their education classes and patient meetings in addition to their corporate headquarters, this nonprofit public charity is truly making a difference in the lives of patients. To date, WECAN has assisted over forty patients in acquiring their medical marijuana cards.

On top of all of this….there is a bill that was introduced in the United States Senate that is co-sponsored by Cory Booker, Rand Paul and Kristen Gillibrand called the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States (CARERS) Act. Under this Act, the Controlled Substances Act would be amended allowing states to set their own policies without fear of repercussions from the federal government. This would open the door to university research and so much more.

First Friday is another event where you will find patient advocates out in the community educating people about their rights as well as responsibilities. WECAN volunteers provide informative material and educate people on how to obtain their Nevada medical marijuana cards. Stop by their booth located near Bar+ Bistro. Later this month, don’t miss the 420 Freedom Festival. There will be numerous artists, a fashion show, exhibitors, patient resources and much,

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 40

There is indeed so much happening in the community that I will certainly be involved and helping my fellow patients. Together we can make a difference. I hope you too will join me. WECAN is a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit that first started as a Meetup group. It currently has nearly 600 members. This is the 6th year that WECAN has been in existence in Nevada. is free to join and provides a platform for people to post and discuss ideas in a controlled environment. Visit for more information.

Did You Know ... As of February 2015, Nevada had 8,888 active medical marijuana cardholders. That is 3,687 more cardholders than a year ago.

State of the Green in Battle Born Nevada:

Nevada Independent Laboratory Advisory Committee (ILAC) By; Jason Sturtsman

For the next two years, I have the privilege of being chosen by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (Division) to sit on the Nevada Independent Laboratory Advisory Committee (ILAC) (NAC 453A.66), which is a significant responsibility to ensure that patients have access to safe medicine through dispensaries. However, the ILAC must finish its work with guidance from the Division before labs can be open to

Safe Access test patient and cultivation facility medicine, which will be provided to dispensaries.

cultivators, and deciding whether certain testing methodologies will be specified to the labs.

As part of this committee, we are tasked with providing recommendations to the Division with regards to testing medical cannabis and assisting the division in creating a policy manual for the testing of edible and cannabis infused products.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, April 1st at 3:30pm at 3811 West Charleston Blvd, Ste. 112, Las Vegas, NV. The meeting is open to the public.

Nevada will have the highest testing standard in the entire country for cannabis, protecting not only our own Battle Born patients, but the many patients visiting our state in need of the best medicine in the entire world. When medicine is purchased from dispensaries, you will know your THC potency levels; along with CBD and CBN to treat your condition working all synergistically. It is the responsible thing for dispensaries working with patients, to find their proper dosage and cannabinoid profile specific to their ailment, for there to be the maximum benefit through their body response. The next meeting agenda will include items such as setting the standard for heavy metals allowed, adopting an approved pesticide list that includes information from Washington, Colorado, & Nevada

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 42

Bet it all on green. Jason Sturtsman, is a Nevada patient, Nevada Independent Cannabis Laboratory Advisory Committee Member (ILAC), on the Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada (WECAN) Board of Directors, and also owner of Healthcare Options for Patients Enterprises (HOPE), a Cannabis Cultivation and Processing facility. He can be reached at JasonS@ for comments or questions.

14620 N. Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85022 (602) 626-8800 Hours: Wed-Sun 6am-2pm Closed Monday & Tuesday

Start Your Day the Hempful Way!


NORML News By: Brian Arevalo

year. •

Numerous ancillary businesses are developing in the local marijuana industry with advanced plant nutrient companies such Green Cross Hydroponics, media publications such as Vegas Cannabis Magazine, cannabis tourism, food and entertainment sectors working to do business the NORML way and help align their companies with the world’s leading name in legalization.

NORML’s legalization efforts have been very successful in paving the way for positive changes. Recent interviews from tourists from all over the world on the Las Vegas strip found that most were looking forward to medical and recreational marijuana being available in Las Vegas, despite not being consumers.

With the 2016 Presidential elections fast approaching, Las Vegas NORML has been actively working on several legalization campaigns in order to prepare and educate voters for the 2016 Presidential elections.

The entertainment capital of the world is now ready to open it’s doors to the medical marijuana industry as Nevada prepares to open dispensaries throughout the state in 2015. Following are the things we can expect moving forward. •

Nevada’s medical marijuana industry will be one of the most heavily regulated in the US with government oversight exceeding those of liquor and gaming.

A ballot initiative to tax and regulate marijuana recently gathered more than double the amount of signatures required to make the November 2016 ballot.

Recreational marijuana in 2016 will strategically position Las Vegas as one of the premiere cannabis destinations. With over 40 million tourists from all over the world annually, Las Vegas is poised to become the world’s leading city for the adult use of medical and recreational marijuana. Patients with a valid medical marijuana recommendation from any state will be able to visit Las Vegas medical marijuana facilities.

Las Vegas has become a cannabis convention hub with numerous marijuana related events, expos and legal symposiums being scheduled in Las Vegas throughout the

NORML TV, produced in Las Vegas, is a very powerful media tool in our legalization efforts to help reform marijuana laws as we move forward to 2016. The presidential elections will be a very pivotal point in determining how progressive medical and recreational marijuana will

spread throughout the rest of the nation. •

Voter turnout is a constant issue, particularly among the younger generation. According to the 2014 midterm exit polls, only 13% of the voters younger than 30 years of age showed up to the polls as compared to 19% during the 2012 electorate. Marijuana is a bipartisan issue with both parties, Democrats and Republicans, trying to garner support from the large marijuana voting block. Today, support for marijuana legalization is rapidly outpacing opposition. Over 50% of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana. It is of utmost importance that marijuana advocates nationwide take part in history and help us all “Smoke out Prohibition” and “Smoke the Vote” in the 2016 US Elections. Our votes have a powerful impact on public policy and government. Casting your ballot helps shape the society we live in today and for the future. Join us all today!! Become the change you seek…Be NORML Freedom is NORML

Brian Arevalo is the Executive Director of Las Vegas NORML. NORML is the world largest organization working to reform marijuana laws. Members can sign up and help support NORML at membership. For more information, visit www.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 43

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You Have the Power to Nullify Unjust Laws By: Mindi Griffiths

Excitement over one’s good fortune to serve on a jury, is not the first reaction most Americans have when they open up a jury summons. The posture regarding jury service, has shifted from being an honor and foremost civic responsibility in prevention of government corruptions, to an inconvenience and a waste of time. Civilians report various reasons for avoiding the dreaded summons. Financially, jury duty can be quite cumbersome and compensation for time is minimal at best. Community members may simply be uncomfortable with the change in daily routine. Often, the possibility of taking part in the incarceration of an innocent individual has been a concern. For socially conscious individuals, however, service as a juror is effectual in the prevention of unjust laws and violation of human rights. A juror is not required to put a defendant in prison, even if the evidence proves guilt. Unfortunately, it is usual for a juror to not be cognizant of their full rights upon entering a courtroom. One of these mostly unknown rights is Jury Nullification. Jury Nullification, as defined by (http://, “occurs when a jury returns a verdict of “Not Guilty” despite its belief that the defendant is guilty of the violation charged. The jury in effect nullifies a law that it believes is either immoral or wrongly applied to the defendant whose fate they

Human Solution are charged with deciding.” Due to unfounded fears of chaos, the vast majority of judges omit the details of a jury’s right to nullify faulty laws during the instructions prior to trial. Jurors are persuaded to believe they must judge the facts based on the law provided and have no discretion. On The Kansas Bar Association website ( under Juror Rights & Duties they claim the following, “At the conclusion of the trial, the judge will instruct the jurors as to the law applying to the particular case. Jurors must base their verdicts on the judge’s instructions as to the law, rather than on their own notions of what the law is, or ought to be.” However, the US Supreme Court in February 1794 stated, “Jurors have the power to judge the facts of the case as well as the law itself.” Often it is not the law itself, but the penalties or application of the law that is deemed unjust. For example, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was imprisoned in a Birmingham Jail as a result of the poor application of a law. He wrote, “There are some instances when a law is just on its face and unjust in its application. For instance, I was arrested Friday on a charge of parading without a permit. Now, there is nothing wrong with an ordinance which requires a permit for a parade, but when the ordinance is used to preserve segregation and to deny citizens the First Amendment privilege of peaceful assembly and peaceful protest, then it becomes unjust.” Nullification of the law is attributed

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to the case of Doug Darrell in New Hampshire, who was acquitted in September of 2012 of cannabis charges as a medical and religious consumer. Jury Nullification has shaped other changes in the law, such as with alcohol prohibition and slavery. Also in September of 2012, a Minnesota jury exercised their right to law nullification when they said “not guilty” to a farmer Alvin Schlangen charged with selling unpasteurized milk, operating without a food license and handling adulterated or misbranded food. At least one juror could not, with a conscious, say “guilty” and impose unmerited consequences. Education about jury rights and responsibilities is key to changing the way citizens perceive the dreaded juror summons. Often, one has to absorb the message of jury nullification numerous times prior to understanding they truly possess the power, right, and responsibility to nullify deficient laws and the real

Human Solution

changes that can be shaped as a juror. Recently a member of The Human Solution International recounted a discussion about juror responsibilities with a friend while attending court support. “I always avoided being picked on a jury for a cannabis trial for fear I would have to put someone in prison for pot. Now I will make sure I get on that jury so I can save a life.” To learn more about juror rights, please visit the Fully Informed Jury Association at Also visit The Human Solution International (THSI) at www. THSI members support each other through the trials people face as cannabis consumers through prison outreach, court support, and education. Members believe standing in solidarity against the unfair treatment of human rights and educating citizens about jury rights will keep people out of prison for a plant which is proven to have medicinal and health benefits.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine • April 2015 • 47


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