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Vecenergy Adds Biodiesel At New Mexico Terminal Page 2

Vecenergy Retrofits Tank For Biodiesel In Albuquerque . . . . . . . .2 A Word From Leo A. Vecellio, Jr: In Construction, Safety Must Go Hand In Hand With Production . . . . . . . .2

‘Stand Down’ Drives Safety Message Pages 4-5

‘Through The Lens’ at White Rock Quarries (Main Site) . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 One-Day ‘Stand Down’ Drives Ranger’s Safety Message. . . . . . . . .4-5 Ranger’s Excavation, Utility Services Build Foundation For Success . . . . . .6 V&G Lands $24.1-Million I-79 Project In Lewis County, W.Va. . . . . . . . . . . 7 Hal Jones Finishes Containment Cell For Liquid Natural Gas Facility . . . . 7 Sharpe Bros.’ Crews Make Good Time After Weather Delays . . . . . . . . . . . 7 ‘Caught Working Safely’ Rewards Good Habits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 ‘Diamond Achievement’ Certifications Honor Ranger, Sharpe Plants . . . . . .9 Promotions, New Hires . . . . . . . . .10 Smile, You’re On Vecellio Group Camera! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 ARTBA’s Pete Ruane and FTBA’s Bob Burleson Each Retiring After 30 Years At Their Leadership Posts . . . . . . .10 Retirements, In Memoriam . . . . . .11 Academy of Construction’s Wayne Crew Shares Lessons, Strategies . . . . . . .12

Photo by Craig Smith

Contact Information . . . . . . . . . . .12


High-Quality Construction & Materials

Heavy/highway and bridge construction, drainage and site development throughout the mid-Atlantic states and beyond in the eastern U.S.

Grading, utilities and asphalt paving/resurfacing in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. A division of Vecellio & Grogan.





Energy Services & Products

Heavy industrial bridge and marine construction services in the southeastern United States. A division of Vecellio & Grogan.

Heavy/highway contracting, site development, and asphalt paving/resurfacing across central and southeastern Florida.

DOT-certified limerock aggregates and screenings. Located in Miami, Florida, White Rock is one of the top producers in the U.S.

Petroleum products terminals and related services in multiple U.S. locations. Total capacity exceeds two million barrels.

Photos by Craig Smith

Vecenergy Retrofits Tank For Biodiesel At New Mexico Terminal After adding biodiesel to the product lineup at its Macon, Ga., terminal, Vecenergy has completed a similar upgrade in New Mexico, adding the renewable fuel to its Albuquerque terminal.

The company has retrofitted one of the smaller tanks, adding insulation and heating elements, and installing new piping and blending controls. The biodiesel is blended with ultra low-sulphur diesel to produce a more environmentally friendly product for on- or off-road diesel use, with the added benefit of increased lubricity. The terminal can receive biodiesel by tanker truck or railway tanker cars, keeping it well-supplied as it serves the Albuquerque market. Vecenergy owns and operates terminals in multiples states, with more than two million barrels of total capacity. Left and above left: Biodiesel arrives via railway tanker cars for placement in the terminal’s silver, insulated biodiesel tank, which has dedicated pipes and blending controls. On the cover: Rich Vogel checks the control settings of the biodiesel storage tank at Vecenergy’s Albuquerque, N.M., terminal.

In The Construction Industry, Safety Must Go Hand In Hand With Production With the nation’s economy continuing to grow, two related issues are front and center for the construction industry: attracting and maintaining well-qualified employees to perform the work; and keeping our employees and the general public safe.

years of experience, but even those with prior safety training need to stay up-to-date on our safety protocols and follow the correct procedure at all times.

A Word From

“I’ve always done it like this” or “this will save time” is never an acceptable excuse for not following our safety policies, which are regularly taught and reinforced in a variety of ways throughout our companies.

Safety training is where these Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. two intersect, for new hires and Vecellio Group, Inc. Chairman, CEO for those who have been with & President us for years. It’s why we place such importance on the matter. Just one We expect you to “do the right thing,” example is Ranger Construction’s recent and that means not taking a shortcut that Safety Stand Down (shown on pages 4 could place you, a co-worker, or a member and 5). The day-long event emphasized of the public at risk. If you’ve taken that the importance of safety and the role it shortcut in the past or done it that way must have in our daily work. somewhere else, then you must update Many of our employees have many


your skill set.

Workers who are newer to our industry or are returning after an absence, also receive and are expected to follow our safety training. Learning to do the job safely is the first priority. We don’t expect anyone to start out productive and then become safe. It just doesn’t work that way. Safety must go hand in hand with production, right from the start. The construction market is strong and there is a need for qualified workers. The work can be very rewarding and provide well-paying careers. But with this opportunity comes responsibility.

We insist that our work sites and safety protocols are not compromised in the pursuit of production. All of us, from old hands to new hires, are responsible for working safely.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018

Above: The morning scale house crew includes, from the top, Jorge Jorge, Alexei Duran, Ivan Capote, Willard Pinkard and Silvio Castrillo.

Through The Lens

Above: Long before the crack of dawn, White Rock’s sales and scales are humming. Fast loading times and remote ticketing get trucks back on the road.

Above: As the sun breaks through the morning clouds, White Rock Quarries’ 105-cu.-yd. capacity dragline is seen in the distance.

White Rock Quarries Miami, Fla.

White Rock Quarries in Miami, Fla., is one of the nation’s highest-volume limestone producers, efficiently meeting the construction material needs of its valued customers. Above right: White Rock Quarries’ office and main quarry is located just northwest of Florida’s Turnpike Homestead Extension and US-27. (A secondary site is located farther to the south.) Left: Running a high-capacity Cat 988G, Loader Operator Luis Prieto prepares to fill a customer’s truck with limerock.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018


Photos by Carl Thiemann

Right and below: Getting an early start on the day, the inbound and outbound scales at White Rock Quarries stay busy keeping customers’ trucks moving along.

Safety ‘Stand Down’ What began last year as two separate daylong Safety “Stand Down” events for Ranger Construction personnel, held on two successive days to accommodate both divisions of the major Florida asphalt contractor, this year grew into one giant event taking up a cavernous space at the Palm Beach County Convention Center for a full day in September. The safety-focused event was mandatory for Ranger employees, drawing a full house of more than 600, bussed in from the farthest reaches of the company’s central and south Florida market areas. Those not fluent in English were provided headsets for real-time translation of the two key-

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Page 4: The vast size of this year’s Safety Stand Down venue allowed multiple ways of reinforcing the company’s image and message, including having a Ranger truck parked near the stage. Multiple large screens showed photos of Ranger employees working safely, an industry safety video in which Ranger participated, and informational slides during the two keynote presentations.


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018

Left and above: Vecellio Group Vice President of Safety & Risk Mark Ligon finishes drawing some names for door prizes, as Justin Ganschow, Senior Safety Consultant with Caterpillar, steps up to give the morning presentation to the full room.

Fills Up New Venue

note presentations and management comments. Also in attendance were asphalt and construction industry officials, along with equipment and safety products representatives who gave demonstrations, taught about fall protection, and ran a safety-related “game show” booth. There was also a vehicle cab rollover demonstration by the Florida Highway Patrol. Gift bags of safety items and boxed lunches were provided to all, with a number of door prizes given out in a free raffle. “We appreciate the great effort that went into this event,” said Vecellio Group Vice President of Safety & Risk Mark Ligon. “There is nothing more important than everyone staying safe.”

Right (and front cover inset): Ranger President Bob Schafer gives opening remarks. Far right: Elisha Gordon tries his hand running virtual equipment.

Above right: Attendees compete to answer safety questions using a game show-style phone app. Far right and below: Safety signage welcomed Ranger personnel to the day-long event. Right: Garrison Wynn, a noted business and safety speaker, gives the afternoon keynote presentation. Below left: Employees sign a pledge to work safely. Left: “Traffic” is directed around the door prizes.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018


Above left: A Ranger Hoe Operator loads a dump truck on a road-widening job in central Florida. Above right: Site development work for a housing subdivision in Delray Beach. Left: Crews perform earthwork on a major Interstate project in south Florida.

Ranger’s Excavation, Utility Services Build Foundation For Project Success

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Ranger Construction is a complete heavy civil and site work contractor, providing underground and utility con-struction services in addition to its asphalt contracting and paving work. Expanding the breadth of its industry involvement, Ranger has become a member of the National Utility Contractors Association, Florida chapter, and is being featured in the organization’s monthly newsletter. Ranger performs excavation, grading, pipe work and asphalt paving on projects of virtually any size. Expertise includes all phases of earthwork, drainage, utility construction and storm water solutions, whether for new construction or where pre-existing facilities have to be worked around or relocated. Aided by full-time safety and environmental personnel, Ranger provides ongoing employee training and enforces strict job site protocols, monitoring the operations and work sites to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and work procedures.

The company’s experience includes projects for commercial and residential developments, educational and healthcare facilities, industrial complexes, airports – even stadiums and sports fields. Numerous communities, complexes and facilities have been built upon the foundation of Ranger’s services over the years. Founded in West Palm Beach in the 1940s as Rubin Construction, the company became part of the Vecellio Group in the late 1970s. Renamed, it has expanded into multiple additional Florida markets. Ranger owns and operates six qualitycontrolled, FDOT-certified asphalt plants serving customers from the Orlando area through Daytona, and south through the Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and to the Florida Keys. In addition to its full range of site development and highway work, Ranger resurfaces roads and parking area for homeowners associations, condos and other communities, as well as for commercial and industrial properties.

Left and above: Ranger’s services include all aspects of underground utilities and pipe work, such as on this US-27 road-widening project in central Florida. 6

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018

V&G Lands $24.1 Million I-79 Project In Lewis County, W.Va. Road construction in West Virginia got a major green light last year when residents approved a multi-year, $1.6-billion bond sale to fund needed highway improvements. As part of this “Roads for Prosperity” program, Vecellio & Grogan was recently awarded a $24.1-million contract to reconstruct an existing southbound I-79 (Exit 99) interchange near Weston. The revised design will allow safer transit on and off the Interstate, while freeing up unneeded adjacent property for possible development.

The interchange connects I-79 to Corridor H, part of the Appalachian Development Highway System. That section of Corridor H is also known as US33 and US-119, while east of I-79, leading to Buckhannon, it is also designated US-48. In other news, a temporary work platform at V&G’s I-81 bridge project over New River near Radford, Va., was damaged by flooding from Hurricane Michael, requiring rebuilding. The $48-million I-81 project also includes interchange reconstruction at Route 232.

Hal Jones Finishes Cell For JAX LNG


Photo by Garrett Harrison

al Jones Contractor has completed work on a 225-ft. by 70-ft. by 18-ft.-deep Liquified Natural Gas containment cell for JAX LNG, an energy facility by the St. John’s River in Jacksonville., Fla. The pit (shown at right during construction) is a safety measure designed to contain any spillage from the on-site tank. Construction required 4,500 cubic yards of concrete. It is the second project Hal Jones has performed for JAX LNG. Hal Jones is nearing completion of a bulkhead rehabilitation job at the Port of Jacksonville under a $7.1-million contract. The 18-month project has involved removing and replacing 1,800 feet of sheet pile wall and cap, and various pipes and drains, while not impeding port operations. Founded in 1997, Hal Jones Contractor is a newly acquired division of Vecellio & Grogan, effective early 2018. Backlog at HJC includes projects at U.S. Navy bases in Kings Bay, Ga., and Mayport, Fla.

Sharpe Makes Up Time After Storms

Photos by Mike Bishop and Walker Moffitt

Sharpe Bros.’ job sites were spared a direct hit from Hurricanes Florence and Michael this year, but DOT job shutdowns, heavy rain, and power outages in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina caused some delays. Crews have worked hard to make up the time. In Rockingham County, crews are milling and resurfacing a 10mile section of US-29 (right) under a $5.25-million contract. The work started in July and is scheduled for November completion. In Randolph County, an asphalt crew led by Foreman Paul Hunt (below) applies a pavement overlay to Sunset Ave. The work is being performed as a subcontractor to Buckeye Bridge.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018


‘Caught Working Safely’ Rewards Good Habits As positive reinforcement of the companies’ safety policies, employees “caught” working safely (as expected) receive small gift items occasionally from management and Safety Dept. personnel. Vecellio & Grogan Top row, left to right: Hansel Rodriguez, Eric Canales, Billy Wood Second row, left to right: James Bolen, Leonard Fritz, Cisco Torres

Sharpe Bros. Left to right: Chris Harwell, Jodie Calloway, Curt Ash, Skyler Nelson, Todd Nelson

Ranger Construction Left to right: Arian Prado, Gabriel Delgado, (NA), Tyrone Foreman, Carlos Ortuno, Tony Leal, Luis Leon, and Heriberto Valentin; Deborah Clinton, Fred Weaver, Michael Johnson, Albert Hamilton, and Fitzroy Smith.

Photos by management and Safety Dept.

Below, left to right: Alexander Vegas, Loren Ewert, Larry Kelley, Donny Borowski.


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018

Yolensis Espinosa loads a customer’s truck at Ranger’s Miami asphalt plant (above). At right is Sharpe’s Plant 4 in Kernersville, N.C.

iamond Ac ie ement ertifications onor Ranger

ar e lants

Photos by Carl Thiemann

The Vecellio Group’s active asphalt plants have once again received recognition from the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s Diamond Achievement Certification Program for their neat appearance and operational excellence. In Florida, Ranger Construction serves customers from its DOT-certified asphalt plants in Winter Garden, Debary, Ft. Pierce, West Palm Beach, Pompano, and Miami. Sharpe Bros., a light grading, utilities and paving division of Vecellio & Grogan, has three DOT-certified asphalt plants and a shingle recyJoe Zelaya runs lab tests at Ranger’s cling center in the Miami asphalt plant (right and below). Piedmont Triad area At left is Sharpe’s Kernersville, N.C., plant. of North Carolina.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018



G R E A T JO B !

The Vecellio Group welcomes new and returning employees who have completed their introductory periods as of Sept. 30, 2018. (Management team members in italics.)

Congratulations to all employees who have received promotions through Sept. 30, 2018! (Management team members in italics.)

Hal Jones Contractor Allen, Samuel E Bazile, Victor L. Bonic, Seth Burley, Elmer R. Diotte Jr., Loius N. Diotte, Westly R. Kemp, Joshua R. Shields, Billy D.

Ranger Construction Jenkins, William D. Survey Party Chief Altomare, Brian T. Barnes, Dexter L. Bond, Gary S. Cannady, Delroy G. Celcis, Kristopher P. Davis, Rodney T. Fulton, S. Derek Guidos, Christian E. Imbert, Bonito J.

Lindsey, Anthony H Morris, William M. O’Reilly, Michael W. Patrick, Adrian D. Prado Gutierrez, Miguel A. Rider, Neil W. Rivera, Raul F. Rosier, Ophni Smith Jr., Bret C. Taquechel, Manuel P. Torrence, LaTravis T. Velardo, Jake C. Wilson, Malcolm J.

Sharpe Bros. Tharington, Brian Keith Asphalt Foreman Coleman, Davon A. Creed, Ryan L. Fulp, Kevin W. Gilliam, Paul L. Hall, Randy L. Hiatt, Christopher D. Hunter, Miranda L. Lawrence, Kareem I.

Morrison, Carole L. Mozeley, James P. Westmoreland, Kenneth D.

Vecenergy Freeman, Michael S. Romero, Henry J. Sills Jr, David C.

Vecellio & Grogan* *and affiliated companies

Lawrence, Richard F. Bridge Foreman Smith, Larry D. Grade Foreman Ball, Matthew B. Bare, Timothy J. Barker, Jamie D. Blevins, Jody C. Bower, Seth H. Caballero Cano, Adolfo Haughton, Matthew A. Kanupp, David L. Kelley, Willie N.

Lawing, Jimmy D. Lawing, Jimmy S. Lazo, Donaldo McCall, Cathy Sue Meadows, Eric K. Mendoza Viera, Brayan D. Parker, Eric S. Petty, Eva T. Rhoades, Jason W. Rojas Soto, Cesar I. Vega, Frank Weaver, Eric W. Welch, Christopher A. Whited, Donald L. Wyman Jr., Joseph C.

White Rock Quarries Johnson, Jon C. Lima, Briana L. Martinez, Carlos J. Pimentel, Rafael Placeres, Edwin Ramirez Pino, Keilyn A. Rodriguez, Ivette Santos, Magno R. Siemons, Thomas R.

Ranger Construction Michael E. Smith, Grade Foreman Oscar Torrens, Project Engineer John E. Covarrubias, Asphalt Lead Jose M. Estrada, Roller Operator Michael Mora, Asphalt Raker Johnny L. Prince Jr., Broom Operator Eddie Santana Jr., Shuttle Buggy Operator Bryan A. Waldman, Traffic Control Specialist Warren Walker, Roller Operator

Vecenergy Richard Avon, Port Everglades Operations Manager Paul Crissman, Director of Terminal Operations Tom Hecker, Engineering Manager Melissa Stanley-Bartusiak, Accounting Manager Jackie Hurst, Person in Charge (PIC) Adam Rafford, Port Everglades Terminal Manager The Vecellio Group proudly provides Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for all persons, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or status as a qualified Vietnam-era, special-disabled or other protected veteran. We maintain workplaces that are drug-free and do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or racial bias.

Above, far left: Ramon Perez and Luzma Restrepo at Ranger’s Miami office.

Photos by Michael Vecellio and Carl Thiemann

Above, middle and right: Attendees at Ranger’s Safety Stand Down (see pages 4 and 5) included Nikita Gibson, Leonard Smith, Erik Jensen and Mike Scarborough.

ARTBA’s Pete Ruane and FTBA’s Bob Burleson Retiring After 30-Year Posts

Two industry icons are stepping down after each serving 30 years at the helm of their organizations. In Washington, D.C., Pete Ruane leaves the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, while in Florida, retiring is FTBA President Bob Burleson (shown at left with his wife, Beverly, and with Ranger President and FTBA Chairman Bob Schafer at the association’s annual convention, held in August).


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018




After 23 years of service with Sharpe Bros., Bill Hill has hung up his hard hat. Bill was hired in 1995 as an Equipment Operator and was later promoted to Grade Foreman. Bill showed loyalty and an excellent work ethic, gaining a promotion to Project Superintendent in 2004. Bill continued proving himself a valuable member of the Sharpe team after the company’s acquisition by Vecellio & Grogan in 2006. Bill was known for his ability to manage large, complex projects, including the construction of a new runway at Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, N.C. He set a great example through his hard work and dedication to the company.

Jose A. “Tony” Leal has retired after 32 combined years of service for Ranger Construction and his previous company, which was acquired by Ranger in 2007. Tony was hired in 1986 by a Miami-based road construction firm that, after a series of ownership changes involving APAC and Oldcastle, ultimately became part of Ranger’s operations. By this time Tony had worked his way up to Paving Foreman, a position he continued to hold with Ranger. His knowledge and skill earned him the respect of his crew and Ranger management alike. Tony made his mark as a vital part of the company’s paving operations in the Miami area.

After 41 years of service, versatile Welder/Mechanic David Mullens has retired from Vecellio & Grogan’s shop team, also known as Beckley Equipment Repair. David was hired as a Welder by V&G in 1977, fresh out of high school and after a year of Vo-Tech training. His proficiency with handling complex assignments only improved over time, earning him a promotion to Welder/Mechanic in more recent years. David was known for being meticulous and precise, with a broad skill set. Whether lineboring, fabricating tools or rebuilding equipment components, David was “someone who could build anything.” He could produce accurate, top-notch results, whether working from a blueprint or fabricating something on the fly.





Dave Bashaw, who served as Chief Financial Officer and Executive V.P. – Finance of the Vecellio Group from 1997 until his retirement in 2007, passed away late last year. Prior to joining the Group, Dave was a principal with Mason & Bashaw, a West Virginia CPA firm that handled the Vecellio family’s business Dave Bashaw at his retirement party and personal accounting needs. in 2007. Dave helped structure the acquisition of Rubin Construction Co. (later Ranger Construction Industries, Inc.) and PAVEX Corporation (later merged into Ranger), as well as the start-up of White Rock Quarries. After joining the Group, he mentored the companies’ financial managers and developed the financial blueprint for establishing the Vecenergy division.

Ralph Beckett, a 36-year V&G employee who retired in 2003, passed away last year. Ralph came to Vecellio & Grogan in 1967 with a Civil Engineering degree. He had served in the U.S. Army working on missile defense initiatives, then in the aerospace industry, specializing in environmental control systems. As V&G’s Office Engineer, Ralph helped prepare and ensure the accuracy of project estimates. He also became informally known as the company historian for his vast knowledge of decades of work and remarkable memory for project details.

Ralph Beckett

Project Superintendent Charles “Leon” Bost, who retired in 2008 after 36 years with the Vecellio Group, passed away earlier this year. Leon was hired as a Grade Foreman at Black Rock Contracting in 1972, a year before its acquisition by Vecellio & Grogan. He had experience as an Equipment Operator and Supervisor, so he contributed right away. He was transferred to V&G’s mining operations in 1974, then to Florida in 1979 Charles “Leon” Bost after the acquisition of Rubin Construction, later renamed Ranger Construction. Leon oversaw shell rock production at Ranger’s various mining pits, then supervised road construction projects. In the mid-1980s Leon worked under the V&G banner again to help build an I-95 interchange in Jupiter, Fla. He then transferred back to Ranger, where he continued providing valuable project supervision, retiring in 2008.

Michel Exantus, a 25-year Roller Operator for Ranger Construction, passed away this year after being injured in a tragic accident. Michel was hired in 1993 at a Miami company that, after a series of ownership changes, eventually became part of Ranger Construction. He worked on many projects Michel Exantus tribute at a Ranger event. throughout South Florida, including an extensive I-595 expansion job. Michel was known for his hard work and loyalty, in addition to his equipment skill.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2018


101 Sansbury’s Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33411 P.O. Box 15065, West Palm Beach, FL 33416 Phone: (561) 793-2102 • Fax: (561) 798-3778

High-Quality Construction & Materials ● = Office

▲ = Asphalt Plant

■ = Materials

HAL JONES CONTRACTOR 720 Talleyrand Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32202 P.O. Box 3257, Jacksonville, FL 32206 Phone: (904) 355-5885 • Fax: (904) 355-7648


Company Headquarters

● ▲ 101 Sansbury’s Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33411 P.O. Box 15065, West Palm Beach, FL 33416 Phone: (561) 793-9400 • Fax: (561) 790-4332 Additional Locations ▲ 320 Benson Junction Road, DeBary, FL 32713 Phone: (386) 668-1837 • Fax: (386) 753-1760

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Plant Phone: (305) 828-9464 • Fax: (305) 818-7172 Office Phone: (305) 718-8070 • Fax: (305) 718-8184

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● ▲ 1200 Elboc Way, Winter Garden, FL 34787 Phone: (407) 656-9255 • Fax: (407) 656-3188

SHARPE BROS. 204 Base Leg Road, Greensboro, NC 27409 P.O. Box 35387, Greensboro, NC 27425 Phone: (336) 235-2756 • Fax: (336) 235-2743

■ 6311 Burnt Poplar Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409 (Shingle Recycling Center) Phone: (336) 708-7662

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Phone: (336) 605-3775 • Fax: (336) 605-7065

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▲ 4572 High Point Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284 Phone: (336) 355-1818 • Fax: (336) 346-8160

VECELLIO & GROGAN, INC. 2251 Robert C. Byrd Drive, Beckley, WV 25801 P.O. Box 2438, Beckley, WV 25802-2438 Phone: (304) 252-6575 • Fax: (304) 252-4131


● ■ 18300 NW 122nd Avenue, Hialeah (Miami), FL 33018

National Academy of Construction’s Wayne Crew Shares Lessons, Strategies At Vecellio Lecture Wayne A. Crew, P.E., General Secretary of the National Academy of Construction, is presenting the 2018 Vecellio Lecture, focusing on Zero Safety Incidents and Front End Planning. Crew draws from Wayne A. Crew 45 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry, representing both owner and contractor firms, as well as in best-practices research. Prior to leading the Academy, Crew directed the Construction Industry Institute (CII) at The University of Texas at Austin. Academy membership signifies the highest levels of industry accomplishment for owners, designers, contractors, academics and consultants. Leo Vecellio, Jr. was inducted in 2017. The Vecellio Lecture Series is held each fall at Virginia Tech and is sponsored by the Vecellio Family Foundation and individual family members through an endowment to the school’s Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program. The endowment also supports scholarships, fellowships and a full professorship at the school. Virginia Tech alumni include the late Leo Vecellio, Sr. (class of 1938); Leo Vecellio, Jr. (1968); and Michael Vecellio (2001).

Past Presenters 2016 – Honorable Thomas Rust Vice Chairman, Pennoni

2008 – Henry Petroski Professor, Duke University

2015 – Darrell Waters Project Executive & President, Tappan Zee Constructors

2007 – Linda Figg President/CEO, Figg Engineering

2014 – Hon. Stephen T. Ayers Architect of the Capitol, US Government

2006 – Maj. Gen. Ronald Johnson Deputy Chief, Army Corps of Engineers

2013 – Bob Prieto Senior V.P., Fluor Corporation

2005 – Hans Van Winkle Director, Construction Industry Institute

2012 – Jan Tuchman Editor-in-Chief, ENR

2004 – Patricia D. Galloway National President, ASCE

2011 – John R. Hillman President, HC Bridge Company

2003 – Philip A. Shucet Commissioner, Virginia DOT

2010 – Michael C. Vorster Emeritus Professor, Virginia Tech

2002 – Ted C. Kennedy Chairman, BE&K, Inc.

2009 – Paul E. Torgersen Professor (Dean, President), Virginia Tech

2001 – G. Wayne Clough President, Georgia Tech

Vecellio Group Ranks Among Top 25 In Highway Construction

The Vecellio Group is perennially ranked by Engineering News-Record as one the nation’s Top 400 contractors (#210 in the most recent list). It also ranks among the leaders in Transportation, placing in the Top 25 in Highway Construction (#13) from the work of Vecellio & Grogan, Sharpe Bros., and Ranger Construction, which operate in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States. The Group also has extensive operations in the mining and energy industries.

P.O. Box 15065, West Palm Beach, FL 33416 Phone: (305) 822-5322 • Fax: (305) 824-1433

Advanced Energy Services & Products VECENERGY

Main Office (& Vecenergy Resources) 1600 SE 17th St. Causeway #400, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 Phone: (954) 467-9774 • Fax: (954) 463-0546 Alabama — Montgomery Terminal 200 Hunter Loop Road, Montgomery, AL 36108 Phone: (334) 265-7071 • Fax: (334) 265-7072 Florida — Port Everglades Terminal 1200 SE 32nd St., Dania Beach, FL 33316 Phone: (954) 467-9775 • Fax: (954) 468-0003 Florida — Port of Palm Beach Terminal (South Florida Materials Corp.) 300 Middle Rd., Port of Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Phone: (561) 844-5153 • Fax: (561) 848-5660 Georgia — Macon Terminal 2476 Allen Road, Macon, GA 31216 Phone: (478) 788-5511 • Fax: (478) 781-6626 New Mexico — Albuquerque Terminal 3200 Broadway Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 Phone: (505) 246-4402 • Fax: (505) 246-4444 South Florida Petroleum Services (Port Everglades) 2550 Eisenhower Blvd. #12, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 Phone: (954) 467-9774 • Fax: (954) 467-9722


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