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‘Through The Lens’

Energy Division Plays Integral Role In Transportation Network

Around The Group. . . . 3-13

Sharpe Bros. • Piedmont Triad Area, NC. . . . . . . . 3 Vecellio & Grogan • US-321, Blowing Rock, NC . . . . . 4-5 Vecellio & Grogan • Western Loop, Greensboro, NC . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7

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Ranger Construction • I-75 Express Lanes. . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 Ranger • Presidential Estates, Tuscany, SR-80. . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11 Ranger • Apollo Blvd., SR-70. . . . 12 White Rock Quarries. . . . . . . . . . 13 V&G Grading Section Of Monroe Bypass Near Charlotte, NC . . . . . 13 Smile, You’re On Vecellio Group Camera! . . . . . . . . 14 Safety Phrase Contest Promotes Good Work Habits. . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Personnel News & Notes. . . . . . . 15 2015 Vecellio Lecture Features Darrell E. Waters. . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Photo by Carl Thiemann

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High-Quality Construction & Materials

Heavy/highway and bridge construction, drainage and site development throughout the mid-Atlantic states and beyond in the eastern U.S.

Grading, utilities and asphalt paving/resurfacing in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. A division of Vecellio & Grogan.

Energy Services & Products

Heavy/highway contracting, site development, and asphalt paving/resurfacing across central and southeastern Florida.

DOT-certified limerock aggregates and screenings. Located in Miami, Florida, White Rock is one of the top producers in the U.S.

Petroleum products terminals and related services in multiple U.S. locations (total capacity exceeds 2 million barrels).

Photos by Carl Thiemann and Keurin Acosta

ON THE COVER: Angel Leon and Vince Vega prepare to offload petroleum products from a tanker ship at Port Everglades, FL. Above: Yosdany Garcia, of Ranger Mechanical Services, modifies a pipe at Vecenergy’s Port Everglades terminal. Below: Vecenergy’s Montgomery, AL, terminal. Bottom: South Florida Materials’ liquid asphalt and diesel terminals at Port of Palm Beach, FL.

Above: Port Everglades, FL, terminal.

Energy Products & Services Meet Regional Transportation Needs Transportation projects are highly visible to the public, so our Group’s heavy/highway operations tend to get the most notice. However, other aspects of the Group are just as important for meeting regional transportation needs. Our energy division, for example, owns and operA Word From ates petroleum products Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. terminals in multiple states. Vecellio Group, Inc. Chairman, CEO Now in its second decade, and President Vecenergy’s bulk gasoline, ethanol, diesel and jet fuel tanks total more than two million barrels of capacity.

Above: A petroleum products tank undergoing cleaning and maintenance at Port Everglades, FL. Below: Vapor Recovery Unit installation at Macon, GA, terminal.

The division includes two major operations in the Sunshine State: South Florida Materials Corp. and South Florida Petroleum Services, based at Port of Palm Beach and Port Everglades, respectively. In Palm Beach, we constructed a liquid asphalt terminal in 2004 to serve area road contractors, then built a diesel terminal several years later. Also last decade, we acquired infrastructure for offloading tanker ships at Port Everglades, which led to our construction of a petroleum products terminal there, as well. Other terminals, acquired in Georgia, Alabama and New Mexico in recent years, fill out Vecenergy’s portfolio of well-run facilities, overseen by Christopher Vecellio and COO/Executive V.P. Todd Cannon. As a division, our energy businesses may not be as visible to the general public as our heavy/highway construction companies, but they operate at the same high level of quality and are just as important to the transportation network. We tip our hats to the entire Vecenergy team for their commitment to operational and safety excellence. The vital products and services they provide meet transportation needs throughout their respective market areas. 2

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Piedmont Triad Area, NC

Through The Lens Top Left: Eloy Bedolla-Aguilera places asphalt base, while Juan BedollaAguilera rakes it, on High Point Road in Greensboro, NC. Top Right: Superintendent Tommy Mabe holds a surveying rod on a Vision Road project in Asheboro. Above Right & Right: Asphalt Plant Operator Jeff Johnson tends to paperwork at Sharpe’s Liberty Road plant in Greensboro, while Loader Operator Youssou Yade works a RAP pile. Below & Left: Patrick Jones coordinates delivery of material on High Point Road, while Antonio Bedolla-Aguilera guides placement of the asphalt base. Above Left: Foreman John Carter operates a hoe during drainage work on Vision Road.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015


Through The Lens

“US Route 321”

Blowing Rock, NC Above: Hoe Operator Bobby Bare tears out old asphalt pavement. Above left: Jerry Benge works on a wall form. V&G’s subcontract with Maymead Inc. includes construction of 40 different sections of various types of retaining wall. Far Left: Hoe Operator Jack Smith prepares the foundation for wall #18. Left: Travis Presnell compacts backfill next to a newly laid section of pipe. Below Left: Pipe Foreman Eddie Hicks inspects a delivery.


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Below Right: Traffic is shifted onto a completed section of roadway.

Top: Project Manager Jim Smith looks on as Surveyor Ray Bennett, using a wall map, discusses progress. Above: Jason Curtis walks toward a red laser target during pipe work.

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Right: Eddie Johnson breaks up asphalt on a closed section of old roadway. Asphalt pavement is 100% recyclable.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015


Photos by Carl Thiemann

Through The Lens

“Western Loop” Greensboro, NC

Above Left: A V&G Crane Operator prepares to life and place bridge girders. Above Right: Carlos Farmer and Shadrach Stewart assist with calibration of new crane software in a process that uses known weights, lifted at precise angles. Left: Haraldo Valencia attaches rigging to a deck screed so a crane operator can hoist it off a completed section of bridge.

The morning sun streams through an elevated section of Western Loop highway, the shadows stretching across the surrounding wetlands. Temporary work platforms provide construction crews with the necessary access, minimizing impact to the environmentally sensitive area.


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015

Above: The Western Loop project involves a full package of excavation, drainage and grading, in addition to extensive bridge work. Far Right: Eudoxio Medrano helps position a column of rebar as it is being lowered.

Below: Debbie Radeker, Louis Hadley, Clemente Mendez and Equipment Trainer Mike Collins check out V&G’s new HydraPlatform under-bridge work basket. Below Inset: A Hoe Operator and Dozer Operator work in tandem to load an articulated haul truck during excavation work.

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Right: Vecellio & Grogan’s concrete pumper truck stands by for bridge work.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015


“I-75 Express Lanes, Segments C & D” Broward Co., FL

Left: Gradall Operator Manolo Ortega places backfill material during sound wall installation on Segment D. Helping with the hand work are Vixon Louis and Anuel Jean. Below: Excavation of the retention ponds, through Ranger and subcontractor crews and equipment, also provides embankment material for express lane construction.

Like an orchestra conductor, Ranger’s Zaheer Williams directs the activity of haul trucks and heavy equipment during construction of a new ramp at Sheridan Street on Ranger’s I-75 design-build project, Segment D. 8

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Through The Lens

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Top: Hoe Operator Junior Ramsey removes unsuitable material from the median of Segment C. Layers of millings and rock will then be placed and compacted to form a stable embankment, upon which express lanes will be built. Above: Loader Operator Dominique Simon works alongside sound wall installation on Segment D. Above Right: Working amid the wet conditions, Dozer Operator Willie Jones spreads millings on a section of Segment C. Right: Loader Operator Jose Perez works near a retention pond in Segment D. Below: Sharon Major collects dump truck tickets on a section of Segment C.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015


“Presidential Estates” West Palm Beach, FL

Photos by Carl Thiemann

A Ranger paving crew, led by Foreman Rufus Robertson, resurfaces streets and cul-de-sacs in Presidential Estates, a lakeside subdivision near downtown West Palm Beach, FL.


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015

“Tuscany “Tuscany Subdivision” Subdivision” Delray Delray Beach, Beach, FL FL Through The Lens Above: A Ranger Construction Hoe Operator excavates one of several retention ponds at Tuscany, a residential subdivision under construction in western Delray Beach, FL. Photos by Carl Thiemann

Above Right: Hernando Correa and Dave Hilderman check the grade during road construction. Above, Far Right: A box culvert seems to look on in wide-eyed amazement at all the progress being made. Right: Pipe work on the project is being handled by subcontractor Centerline. The community is being built by GL Homes.

Right & Below: Dealing with the effects of heavy rain on Ranger’s SR-80 shoulder-widening job, Keith Burkhardt and Andre Carn install new silt fence, while cleaning up the slope are David Conway in a wheeled excavator, Dozer Operator Tim Keeler, and Loader Operator David Murrell.

“SR-80 Shoulder Widening” Palm Beach County, FL

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015


“Apollo Blvd.” Melbourne, FL

Through The Lens

Left: Loader Operator Nick Rosier moves material on Ranger’s Apollo Blvd. construction project in Melbourne, FL. Top: Ricky Angel and an electrical subcontractor pull wiring out of the roadway during traffic signal replacement, while police have all traffic stopped. Above: Mechanic Steve Lumadue gets air tools to work on a skid steer.

Left: Will Sugg and Jesse Ingham pull up silt fence alongside Ranger’s SR-70 improvement project in Okeechobee, FL. Below: Armando Fernandez operates a motor grader equipped with laser grade control, while Roller Operator Ramsey Jenkins follows behind to compact the material.

Photos by Carl Thiemann

“SR-70” • Okeechobee, FL


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015

Through The Lens Above: Quickly refilling the highcapacity bucket with FDOT-certified aggregates, Loader Operator Osmani Piedra is ready for the next customer’s truck. Two bucketfuls from the Cat 988G loader is all it takes to fill a dump truck. Photos by Carl Thiemann

Left: Mechanic Todd Voytek and Joey Rabassa look over a 150-ton Cat 785B off-road haul truck, in the shop for maintenance. Right: Vincente Parra is one of White Rock’s talented welders.

Vecellio & Grogan Grading 10-Mile Section Of Monroe Bypass Near Charlotte, NC Vecellio & Grogan has been awarded a $25.3 million grading and drainage subcontract on a section of the Monroe Expressway, a 20-mile bypass being built roughly parallel to US-74 southeast of Charlotte, NC. V&G is working on the middle of three sections, approximately 10 miles of four-lane, divided highway, involving

2.4 million cu. yds. of earthwork. V&G is working for Monroe Bypass Constructors on the design-build contract, with Rummel Klepper & Kahl (RK&K) handling the engineering. Due to open in 2018, the Expressway begins near I-485 in Mecklenburg County and reconnects to US-74 farther to the southeast in Union County. It will provide

a higher speed alternative for regional traffic, relieving congestion on the locally well-traveled, commercial stretch of state road. Also known as the Monroe Bypass or Monroe Connector, the Expressway will be operated by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority, with flat rate tolls instead of variable tolling.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015


Angel Leon, David Rivera, Vince Vega and Keurin Acosta at Vecenergy’s South Florida Petroleum Services in Port Everglades, FL.

Sisnarine Deopersaud, at South Florida Petroleum Services.

Youssou Yade, Loader Operator at Sharpe Bros.’ Liberty Road plant in Greensboro, NC.

Jack Smith of V&G, on a US-321 widening project in Blowing Rock, NC.

Zach Payne and Travis McCullough, at White Rock Quarries in Miami, FL.

Above: Jody Forman of White Rock Quarries in Miami, FL. Left: Jose Flores Lopez of Sharpe Bros. in Greensboro, NC.

Ceasar Gomez, at White Rock Quarries in Miami, FL.

Vecellio & Grogan’s Eddie Hicks talks with Amber McNeilly and a temporary worker on a US-321 widening project in Blowing Rock, NC.

Left: On a Sharpe Bros. shoulder widening project in Greensboro, NC, are Donald Carter, Nahum James, Paul Hunt, Matthew King, James Johnson, Arnulfo Garay, Jose I. Flores Lopez and Alfonzo Martinez.

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Below: Attending an equipment demo on Vecellio & Grogan’s Western Loop project in Greensboro, NC, are Dave Seymour, Debbie Radeker of Baker Engineering, Richard Clary, Randy Jenkins, Trainer Mike Collins and John Riley, Jr.


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015


IN MEMORIAM White Rock Quarries 1st Half 2015 • Tracy Davis (with Tony Diaz, left): “Be Smart, Use Safety From The Start.”

Sharpe Bros. Becky Peeples: “Having Safety In Gear - That’s The Sharpest Idea!”

Ranger Construction Industries Howard Morgan (second from left, with Bob Schafer, Jamie Moretz and Mark Ligon): “Safety Starts With Me.”

Congratulations! Congratulations to all employees receiving recent promotions! (Through Sept. 15, 2015.)

Ranger Construction

Kyle Deaton, Survey Party Chief Rafael Espinosa, Lead — Trucking Anthony Darrell Hampton, Area Manager Frank Hernandez, Loader Operator Westley Jackson, Loader Operator Joseph P. Johnson, Estimator

John Perrotte, Pipe Foreman Dominique Simon, Loader Operator William M. Sugg, Loader Operator Joshua Yawn, Loader Operator

Sharpe Bros. John Carter, Grading Foreman

Vecellio & Grogan Jim Bower, Bridge Manager

WELCOME ABOARD! Ranger Construction

Berish, Michael A. Grading Superintendent Mendez, Claudia Project Engineer Perrotte, John E. Pipe Foreman Seide, Patrick Estimator Boyle, Riley K. Brown, Austin C. Campbell, Kyle J. Casanova, Gustavo Casares, Juan D. Casas, Jesus A. Centi, John A. Cupid, Clayton

Darnell, Jennifer C. Diaz, Carlos R. Faulkner, Jeremy H. Garcia, Yosdany Hamilton II, Jessie L. Jackson, Wesley D. Lamb, Keith E. Lopez Moreno, Margarito Lugo, Oscar M. Magers, Teresa Martinez, Ricardo Maxwell, Joel B. Miller, Joshua W. Moore, Tobie T. Morrison, Jeremy A Murrell, David A. Norman, Jared C. Smith, Fitzroy A. Smith, Michael E.

Dallas Durst, a former Vecellio & Grogan Equipment Operator and Supervisor who retired in 1978 after a spinal cord injury left him significantly disabled, passed away recently. Determined to remain productive in his personal life and stay positive despite his injury, Dallas continued to be part of the company family, attending holiday gatherings as a guest of the Vecellios for decades afterward.

Road Crew Assists Woman, Child After Car Enters Pond When a car accident sent a vehicle into a pond, members of a Ranger Construction road crew, who happened to be working nearby, rushed over to provide assistance. Jose Chavez and Eliu Vasquez, part of a drainage crew on Ranger’s Apollo Boulevard project in Melbourne, FL, helped the driver and her five-yearold daughter get out of the vehicle as it Providing assistance were crew members began to submerge. The car continued (L to R): Jose Chavez, Eliu Vasquez, Obed sinking until the nose touched bottom, Vasquez, Jorge Barragan and Isidro Torres. with just the trunk protruding above water. Other Ranger crew members assisted from the shore. “They did a great job! They helped prevent a tragedy with their quick thinking and fast response,” said Lisa Castronova, a Ranger Project Manager.

Photo by Lisa Castronova

Vecellio & Grogan Landon Davis: “You Are The Key... To Your Safety!“

2nd Half 2015 • Jose Bonilla: “Want Another Day? Give Safety The Way Today.”

Dallas Durst

We’re pleased to welcome all recently hired (or rehired) employees completing their introductory periods through Sept. 15, 2015. New management team members shown in italics. Staton, David W. Steele, Katrina A. Stevens Jr, Ivan J Torres, Oreluis Vasquez, Obed R. Vernon, Howard E. Wilkin, Troy E. Williams, Zaheer T. Worthen, Johnny Yawn, Joshua E.

Sharpe Bros.

Bedolla-Aguilera, Jose A. Canas, Ramon I. Dawson, Steve R. Goad, Jeremiah O. Nelson, Skyler Rippin, Matthew D.

Vecellio & Grogan*

*and affiliated companies

Carlson, Albert R. Grade Foreman Gragg, Stephen Lee Grade Foreman Mowdy, Eric K. Bridge Foreman Bennett, Kevin L. Blair, Jonathan L. Canada, Matthew B. Carter, Michael K. Cozart, Christopher N. Del Valle Gonzalez, Carlos Elkins, James F. Holcomb, II Dana S.

Hughes, David W. Johnson, Eddie L. Johnson, Joshua C. Lambert, Jason D. Lucas, Lucian Jr. McIntosh, James D. McGiffin, Aaron M. McNeely, David C. Neal, Theodore R. Sigmon, Larry S. Tackett, .Jr. Robert E. Tucker, David A. Valencia, Haraldo S. Vance, William David Wallace, David Wallace, William C. Webb, William C. White, Randall B.

Vecellio Mgmt Services Hagerich, Diane E.


James, Tamara E.

White Rock Quarries

Bonilla, Jesus M. Dorkins, Damien S. Edmondson III, Johnnie Payne, Zachary M. Reznik, Christopher L. Sanchez Hernandez, Erik A. Velasquez, Elvin N.

The Vecellio Group proudly provides Equal Em­ployment Opportunity (EEO) for all persons, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or status as a qualified Vietnam-era, special-disabled or other protected veteran. VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2015


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High-Quality Construction & Materials

l = Office

s = Asphalt Plant

n = Materials

Ranger Construction Industries, Inc.

Company Headquarters

P.O. Box 15065, West Palm Beach, FL 33416 Phone: (561) 793-9400 • Fax: (561) 790-4332

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The Lecture is sponsored Darrell Waters, a Senior by the Vecellio Family FounVice President of Fluor Enterdation and individual family prises, knows a thing or two about collaboration. He is Projmembers through an endowect Executive and President of ment to the school’s Vecellio Construction Engineering Tappan Zee Constructors, the and Management Program. design-build team replacing The endowment also supports the structurally deficient Tap- Darrell E. Waters pan Zee Bridge in New York scholarships, fellowships and in the largest single public infrastructure a full professorship at the school. project underway in the country. Several Vecellio family members are Waters discusses the “how-to’s” of collaboration at this year’s Vecellio Distinguished Lecture, held each fall at Virginia Tech, alma mater of several Vecellio family members.

Past Presenters of the Vecellio Distinguished Lecture: 2009 – Paul E. Torgersen

2005 – Hans Van Winkle

Professor (Dean/President), Virginia Tech

Director, Construction Industry Institute

Senior V.P., Fluor Corporation

2008 – Henry Petroski

2004 – Patricia D. Galloway

2012 – Jan Tuchman

Professor, Duke University

National President, ASCE

2007 – Linda Figg

2003 – Philip A. Shucet

President/CEO, Figg Engineering Group

Commissioner, VDOT

2006 – Ronald L. Johnson

Chairman, BE&K, Inc.

l s 3970 Liberty Rd., Greensboro, NC 27406

2014 – Hon. Stephen T. Ayers

l s 4572 High Point Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284

2013 – Bob Prieto

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Vecellio & Grogan, Inc.


2251 Robert C. Byrd Drive, Beckley, WV 25801 P.O. Box 2438, Beckley, WV 25802-2438 Phone: (304) 252-6575 • Fax: (304) 252-4131

White rock quarries

l n 18300 NW 122nd Avenue, Hialeah (Miami), FL 33018

P.O. Box 15065, West Palm Beach, FL 33416 Phone: (305) 822-5322 • Fax: (305) 824-1433

alumni of Virginia Tech, beginning with the late Leo Vecellio, Sr. (class of 1938). Leo Vecellio, Jr. (1968) and Michael Vecellio (2001) are also Virginia Tech graduates.

Architect of the Capitol, US Gov.

Editor-in-Chief, Engineering NewsRecord

2011 – John R. Hillman President, HC Bridge Company, LLC

2010 – Michael C. Vorster Emeritus Professor, Virginia Tech

Major General, Deputy Chief of Engineers, US Army Corps of Engineers

2002 – Ted C. Kennedy 2001 – G. Wayne Clough President, Georgia Tech

Advanced Energy Services & Products Vecenergy

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