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Photo by Carl Thiemann

Also In This Issue: A Word from Leo Vecellio, Jr. . . . 2 Career Honored With FTBA Hall of Fame and ARTBA Contractors’ Award . . . . . . . . . . 3 Sharpe Bros. Earns ARTBA National Safety Award . . . . . 4 Sharpe Winds Down On Upgrades To US-220 With Night Paving. . . 5 Bridges Help Span Gap In Road Construction For V&G. . . . . . . 6-7 What Is Milling? Typical Guess Just Scratches The Surface. . . . 8 FTBA ‘Best In Construction’ Award Presented To Ranger. . . . . . . . . . 9 Commercial & Residential Work Is A Ranger Speciality. . . . . . . . . . . 9 Vecenergy Moves Into New Office Outside Port Everglades. . . . . . 10 Smile, You’re On Vecellio Group Camera!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Ranger President Mike Slade Retiring After 43 Years, Bob Schafer Stepping Into Role. . . . 11 Online VanGuard Added. . . . . . 11 ENR Editor-in-Chief Jan Tuchman Gives 2012 Vecellio Lecture . . . 12

Quarry Rocks Around The Clock To Supply Runway Materials

Cover & above: Night operations as viewed from one of the crushing plants at White Rock’s main Miami quarry. Inset above: Mechanic Fulvio Davila lubricates the bearings on a Cat 777 haul truck parked outside the shop area..

It takes a lot of material to build an elevated runway rising the height of a six-story building. To meet the needs for a sloped runway extension under construction at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, White Rock Quarries has added night production and shipping to its daytime mining and dragline operations. White Rock will supply about 3,500,000 tons of limestone aggregates in just 14 months for the project, which extends the length of Runway 9R-27L by 3,000 feet. A mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall will support the sides of the elevated runway, which on its eastern end will span multiple lanes of US-1 traffic and FEC railroad tracks.

Current System Undermines Higher MPG With Poorer Roads And Bridges


A Word From repairs, and new construction continues to grow. aste not, want not, the old saying goes. UnforThe current system was established decades ago tunately, this isn’t true for the fuel powering our as a flat user fee, not indexed to cost, built into the nation’s vehicles because of the outdated way federal price-per-gallon and collected at the pump. transportation funding works. Instead, the reality is: When fuel shortages pushed up prices in the waste not fuel, and you’ll improve not roads and bridg1970s, manufacturers began developing more fuel es, undermining the benefits of higher miles-per-gallon. efficient vehicles, resulting in lower budgets for road This unfortunate situation is due to the fact that work. Adjusting the user fee became a political footfederal funds for maintaining and improving roads and ball, mostly punted, with only occasional adjustments highways are derived from a flat fee based solely on fuel usage — with no correlation to inflation, vehicle Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. — and then only after long and difficult pushes. The last adjustment was in 1993 and the user fee has sat fuel efficiency or actual miles driven. Vecellio Group, Inc. President, Chairman It’s great that we’re able to save fuel through more there, parked, ever since at 18.4 cents. and CEO Unless the user fee is updated to keep pace with efficient technology, which has produced higher-fuelmileage vehicles, fuel-electric hybrids, and all-electric vehicles. technology — which still provides a net gain for motorists as less Saving fuel means saving money — lots of money, in fact, as fuel is used — or a new mileage-based system is developed, our much as $1.7 trillion by 2025, according to transportation depart- nation’s roads and bridges will deteriorate even further, and overburdened capacity will become even more congested. ment estimates. The signs are clear: the current funding method is a functionalBut not one cent of that will go toward roads and bridges under the current funding method, while the need for maintenance, ly obsolete route; it’s a crumbling road going in the wrong direction.


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012

Photos by Carl Thiemann

A 992G Loader fills a Cat 777 off-road truck with shot rock, which will be hauled across the quarry to the production plant.

CEO Honored With FTBA Hall Of Fame Induction, ARTBA Contractors’ Award

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012

Photos provided by ARTBA and FTBA


eo Vecellio, Jr., the Vecellio Group’s President, Chairman and CEO, has been inducted into the Florida Transportation Builders Association’s Hall of Fame, recognizing his decades of significant contribution to the transportation construction industry. He is also this year’s recipient of the Nello L. Teer, Jr. Award, given by the Leo Vecellio and Mike Walton, incoming and Current Past Chair J. C. Miseroy presents Leo American Road & Transportation Builders outgoing Chairs of the American Road and A. Vecellio, Jr. with a plaque commemorating Transportation Builders Association, pose with Association for outstanding contributions to his induction into the FTBA Hall of Fame at the a ceremonial gavel at the 2007 convention. association’s annual convention in August. the association’s Contractors Division and to transportation construction as a whole. Mr. Vecellio’s connection to the industry goes back to his childhood in the late 1940s and 1950s, following the founding of At the national level, Mr. Vecellio is a past Chairheavy/highway construction firm Vecellio & Grogan in 1938 by man of the American Road and Transportation Builders his father, grandfather and uncle. Association (2007-2008) and current Chair of ARTBA’s Growing up, the young Vecellio absorbed all the industry talk Transportation Development Foundation (since 2009). and looked forward to visiting jobsites, and as a teenager worked summers at V&G. He joined the family business in 1973 after earning degrees in civil engineering and construction management from Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech, and gaining four years of project management experience as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. Since then, he has spurred the company’s growth and expansion into new markets and industries, particularly in Florida. Today, the Group is consistently listed in the upper half of America’s Top 400 contractors, as ranked by Engineering NewsRecord, with extensive heavy/highway construction, mining and petroleum operations located in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic states and beyond. Mr. Vecellio’s leadership extends well beyond the Group. He is a founder of Floridians for Better Transportation, serves on Florida’s “Council of 100,” and is active in the Florida Transportation Builders Association. In West Virginia, he was a founder and first President of the Flexible Pavements Council and is active in the Contractors Association. At the national level, Mr. Vecellio is a past Chairman of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association and currently chairs its Transportation Development Foundation. He is a member of Virginia Tech’s Academy of Distinguished Alumni and its Academy of Engineering Excellence, Georgia Tech’s Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni, and the West Virginia Academy of Civil Engineers. He and his wife, Kathryn, are also active in philanthropy. The Vecellio Family Foundation has provided more than $2.7 million in college scholarships since 1973 and helps support numerous other charitable outreaches as well. The couple’s two sons, Christopher and Michael, Work trips to Washington, D.C. are all part of laboring on behalf of the joined the Vecellio Group’s executive ranks in 2002, marking the industry for Leo Vecellio, shown here with U.S. Congressman John Mica fourth generation of family-owned leadership. and ARTBA President Pete Ruane.


Top: The team at Sharpe Bros. in Greensboro, NC, stand proud of their safety record and national ARTBA award. Above: Paul Yarossi, Chairman of ARTBA, John Riley Jr., Safety Manager of Sharpe Bros., and Mark Ligon, Vecellio Group V.P. of Safety, at the award presentation. Middle left and below: The full breakfast was a big hit.

Photos by Carl Thiemann (except as noted)

“It’s a tremendous achievement. We commend everyone at Sharpe Bros. for their ongoing commitment to safety.” — Michael Vecellio Vice President, Vecellio Group

Sharpe Bros. has increased its impressive record of working without any lost time incidents to six years as of August 2012. Employees and management of the Greensboro, NC, division of Vecellio & Grogan, along with corporate executives attending the occasion, celebrated with breakfast, door prizes and giveaways. Sharpe’s safety record and programs earned the company the prestigious Contractor Safety Award from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (500,000 or Fewer Employee Hours). The national award was presented at the association’s annual convention in September.

Photo provided by ARTBA

Six Years Of No Lost Time Help Sharpe Earn National ARTBA Award

Above: Sharpe V.P. Ivan Clayton and Safety Manager John Riley, Jr., left, and Michael Vecellio, right, congratulate the name-drawn winners of flat-screen TVs at the breakfast event (starting 3rd from left): Thomas Amend, Donald Poole, Rodney Golden, Dale Martin, Juan Acevedo and Bette Herring. 4

Above: Tim Raffensperger of Travelers presents a safety plaque to Sharpe Bros. V.P. Ivan Clayton and Safety Manager John Riley, Jr.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012

Photos by Carl Thiemann (except as noted)

Photo by John Riley, Jr.

Sharpe Winds Down US-220 Upgrades In NC With night shift crews laying a final lift of surface mix, Sharpe Bros. is nearing the end of a $24.2 million contract to bring an eight-mile section of US-220 in Asheboro, NC, up to Interstate standards for future designation as I-73/74. Other improvements included widening and paving the shoulders, improving median drainage and adding more guard rail along the project’s length.

Top left: Quality Control Techs Sean Smith and Brent Smith make sure proper asphalt pavement density is achieved. Above left: Juan Acevedo, Sr. follows a milling machine with a broom tractor on an access road. Above right: Paver Operator Dana Tuttle, Foreman Todd Nelson and their crew lay down a mat of friction course. Right: Project Manager Walker Moffitt marks a utility cover with paint. Below left: Shuttle Buggy Operator Ike Owen ensures the machine continuously feeds the paver with asphalt. Below: Groundman Josh Baker signals for a truck driver to dump more asphalt into Shuttle Buggy’s bin.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012


Photos by Carl Thiemann (except as noted) Photo by Matt Farley

Left: The middle section of a threespan, 254-ft.-long bridge takes shape. Above: Juan Acevedo, Jr., checks the construction of a bridge form before concrete is poured.

Hartley Drive Extension, High Point, NC:

Bridge Work Helps Span Gap

Left: A 600-ton crane was used to set the beams for the middle span.

With road and highway construction slowed by budgetary restraints, transportation officials in the mid-Atlantic states have been prioritizing projects involving bridges, where needed improvements are often more visible — and more critical. Vecellio & Grogan is focusing more attention on these bridge projects, calling on its decades of bridge-building experience to submit competitive bids that trim cost from a project’s budget. V&G specializes in efficient construction amid even difficult conditions. The company is known for finding ways to finish projects ahead of schedule, benefiting the project owner and traveling public, while keeping its own costs down. Two projects currently underway involve building a replacement Hartland Bridge in Clay County, WV, and spanning a creek and wetlands for a Hartley Drive Extension project in High Point, NC, in a joint project with Sharpe Bros.

Below left: Richard Clary and Luis Nunes cut and notch wood for a bridge form.


Hartley Drive Extension, High Point, NC:

Below right: Juan Acevedo, Jr. and Tony Martin work on a section of a bridge form. The form will be used to make a concrete abutment that will support one end of the Hartley Drive Extension bridge.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012

In Highway Construction Hartland Bridge Replacement, Clay Co., WV: Top left: Ronald Woodford, Matt Farley and Argel Cook discuss the project from the south base of the future bridge. Top right: Due to its age and condition, the narrow existing bridge has cautionary traffic limitations posted. Middle right: With traffic stopped, Tommy Coiner moves barrels to change the open lane after utility workers relocated a pole. Bottom right: Tommy Coiner runs an excavator to dig a pier foundation.

Photos by Carl Thiemann (except as noted)

Below: The existing bridge will be removed after the new bridge is built.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012


Homeowners Wonder: What’s Milling All About? Typical Guess Just Scratches The Surface W


outer edge needs milling, tapered to the correct depth. Adding an overlay without first milling would build up the pavement height taller than adjoining surfaces, creating a mismatched “lip” with up to 1” or more height difference. This abrupt change could cause pedestrians (or customers if it’s a commercial property) to trip, or bicyclists to take a spill, possibly into traffic. Milling prior to repaving addresses that potentially dangerous situation. So, even though milling might seem like it’s just scratching the roadway, there’s really a lot more to it. Like the rest of the equipment on the project, the milling machine uses advanced technology and is run by well-trained operators to achieve the exact results needed. Whether it’s for residential communities or commercial properties, Ranger’s milling and resurfacing teams provide high-quality results, while carefully maintaining traffic movement. The service is fast and efficient, all scheduling and activities are coordinated closely with the customer, and all work and materials are fully warranted.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012

Photos by Blair Johnson

hen Homeowners Associations look into getting asphalt resurfacing for their streets and parking areas, one of the questions that comes up is, “What’s the milling process all about?” Despite appearances, milling does not just “scratch up” the old asphalt prior to repaving. It removes a precise depth, ensuring that the new asphalt is smooth and matches the height of driveways and gutters. The milling machine, with its asphalt grinders and conveyor system, is an important part of the resurfacing process. It is positioned near the front of the equipment “train.” As it moves forward, the machine mills, or grinds and removes, a specific depth of old asphalt from the surface, conveying the material into a dump truck at the front. When the truck is full, the material is hauled away for recycling, and a new truck pulls into place. Following the milling machine is a vacuum truck or broom tractor to remove loose asphalt particles and dust prior to new asphalt being laid. On roads with dips or uneven areas, milling smooths out the asphalt, creating a more even surface prior to repaving. This allows for the smoothest finished pavement. Milling also lowers the asphalt height, ensuring that the new layer will be flush with adjoining gutters, inlets and driveways. In a cul-de-sac, sometimes only the

Widening, Resurfacing Work

New work at Ranger includes widening and reconstructing nearly a mile of SR-710 (Beeline Highway) in Palm Beach County under a $12.2 million contract, with 500 days allotted for the work. Other new contracts involve a significant amount of milling and resurfacing,

Photo provided by FTBA

At its recent annual convention, the Florida Transportation Builders Association recognized Ranger Construction with a Best In Construction Award for excellence in Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) on Ranger’s SR-704 (Okeechobee Road) milling and resurfacing project in West Palm Beach. The work involved night shifts, lane closures, and accommodating traffic entering the northbound lanes of Florida’s Turnpike. Ranger Construction also received a 2012 FTBA Safety Award in recognition of its safety program and achievements.

Photo by Alejandro Uribe

Ranger Earns Award For Night Milling And Resurfacing Project

Ranger Project Manager Alejandro Uribe, P.E., accepted the award for Maintenance of Traffic on an Okeechobee Road milling and resurfacing project in West Palm Beach.

including 5.5 miles of SR-5 (US-1) and SR-500 in Brevard County under a $6.19 million contract; 4.1 miles of SR-25 (US-27) in Palm Beach County for $3 million; and nearly 1.5 miles of SR-615 (25th St.) in St. Lucie County, valued at just over $1 million.

Design-Build, Airport Projects

Among the projects Ranger has well underway are two design-build jobs related to a major expansion of I-595 in Broward County. Ranger is a subcontractor to Dragados USA, providing road construction and paving services on

I-595 and adjoining Turnpike lanes. Ranger is prime contractor on two other design-build highway projects: widening 8.7 miles of I-95 in St. Lucie County and improving an I-4 interchange at SR-46 in Seminole County. In airport work, the company is milling, resurfacing and completely reconstructing portions of the runways and aprons at Lantana Airport under a $2.9 million contract. At the St. Lucie County Airport, Ranger is milling, resurfacing and widening Taxiway C, among other improvements, for just over $2 million.

Ranger Construction provides private-sector customers, including commercial property owners and residential communities, with the same high-level of quality and service it is well-known for on public-sector road construction and paving projects. Ranger’s well-earned reputation for top-quality results, performed on time and within budget, gives homeowners and business owners the needed assurance that their resurfacing projects will be performed correctly and efficiently. The company has performed costeffective repaving work for satisfied customers throughout northeast, central and southeast Florida. Current work includes entranceway improvements, bus lane widening, and milling and resurfacing of some roads and pathways at Century Village in West Palm Beach.

Photo by API

Commercial & Residential Repaving A Ranger Specialty

The Gardens Mall A fine example of Ranger’s full range of services for commercial properties is its work for The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Ranger provided complete site development and paving services when the mall was first built in 1988. More than two decades later, Ranger was called in to resurface the parking areas and access road when it was finally needed in 2011.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012


Photo by Facundo Zanardi

From the left, Chris Hodge, Tad Todd, Carol Wojtowicz, Maretza LeDonne and Rich Vogel are among the team at Vecenergy’s main office, now located just outside of Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. (See page 12 for the new office address.)

Photo by Sandy Robertson

Field Mechanic Steve Lumadue and Larry Verk on Ranger’s design-build I-95 widening project in St. Lucie County, FL.

Mandi Morgan and Stephanie Steward compare baby bumps at V&G’s office in Beckley, WV.

Photos by Carl Thiemann (except as noted)


We extend a warm welcome to all new employees who have completed their introductory period as of September 30, 2012, as well as to the newest members of our management team (in italics). Ranger Construction

Bryan, Hugh A. Concrete Supt. Hataway, Jimmy L. Grade Foreman

Nathan Coiner, Ronald Woodford and Argel Cook, Jr., on V&G’s Hartland Bridge project in Clay County, WV.

Heavy Equipment Field Mechanic Gary Gosnell works on his service truck at V&G’s shop in Beckley, WV.


Baez, Emmanuel Campo, Eduardo Campo, Yosvany Canty, Linburg Connell, Meredith Correa, Hernando A. Eller, Douglas E. Excellent, Andre Gates, Travis R. Gomez, Jorge A. Gonzalez, Ariel Gonzalez-Matos, Luis Hunter, Terry D. Jorge Gomez, Yohan Lewis, Willie R. Paez, Mario L. Reyes, Domingo G. Rodgers, Ted J. Rodriguez, Carlos J. Scruggs-Debose, Detria Sugg, William M. Thompson,Christopher Turner, Donald D. Villatoro, Johnatan Villatoro, Jose R. Warren, Edward Woods, Trenton J.

Sharpe Bros.

Davis, Elliot J. Johnson, Rebecca W.

Vecellio & Grogan *

*and affiliated companies

Acevedo-Parra, Juan Perez, Israel B.

Vecellio Management Services

Barles, Jose Diaz, Marcos A. Griffin, Henry L. Guerra Prado, Landy Jones, Robert J. Landera, Daniel Little, Fester G. Martinez Otero, Genry McInnis, Johnny E.

Perez, Mario E. Piedra, Osmani Reaves II, Larry M. Rivero Gonzalez, Elkis Romeu, Ariel Sanchez, Jimmy Tuesca, Agustin Valentin, Angel M. Zuniga, Mark R.


Vorster, Craig T., Equipment Director

Congratulations to our employees receiving recent promotions. Keep up the good work! (List reflects promotions through Sept. 30, 2012.)


Ranger Construction

Acosta, Keurin, Safety Manager Herren, William W. Maretza LeDonne Portillos, Jared A. Shorey, Todd M. Zanardi, Facundo N.

White Rock Quarries

Alfonso, Miguel A. Alvarez, Ruben E. Ayala Vargas, Yosbany

Scott Fowler, Vice President, Operations


Marquis Anderson, Lead Person in Charge Joseph LeBlanc Person in Charge Jesse Samano Person in Charge

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012

The Vecellio Group provides Equal Em­ployment Opportunity (EEO) for all persons, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or status as a qualified Vietnam-era, specialdisabled or other protected veteran.

Ranger President Mike Slade Retiring After 43-Year Career Will Stay On As Consultant; Bob Schafer Steps Into Lead Role President of Administration. When Rubin Construction (later renamed Ranger) was acquired in 1979, Mike moved to Florida to help with the transition and became integral to the company’s successful growth into multiple new Florida markets. He earned the titles of Vice President, Executive Vice President, and ultimately President, at both the divisional and company level. Mike is an active industry supporter, having served as President of the Associated General Contractors (Florida East Coast Chapter), President of the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida, and Chairman of the Florida Transportation Builders Association.

Among other industry leadership roles during his long career, Mike Slade served as 1998-1999 Chairman of the Florida Transportation Builders Association.

Vecellio Group Adds Online Edition Of VanGuard Taking advantage of the latest technology for desktop and mobile computing devices, the Vecellio Group has added an online edition of its award-winning VanGuard publication. The online edition is linked from each company website, as well as from The print edition is distributed directly to business contacts, industry associates, customers and employees. The online edition further extends the publication’s reach to deliver informative news and photos about the Group and its operations.

Though Mike is stepping down, he leaves the day-to-day management of the company in very capable hands. Bob Schafer is a 14year Ranger employee who started as a Project Bob Schafer Manager in West Palm Beach. As his industry knowledge and expertise grew, his administrative skills and approachable management style led to a series of promotions, including General Manager of the Ft. Pierce branch, regional Vice President, Executive V.P., and, effective the first of the year, as Ranger’s new President.

Photo provided by FTBA

Mike Slade has seen a lot in his 43 years with the Vecellio Group. He worked his way up from a janitor’s position — the only job open at Vecellio & Grogan when he applied in 1969 — to evenMike Slade tually become President of Ranger Construction Industries, one of Florida’s leading road construction and asphalt contracting companies. Effective January 2013, Mike will turn over the reins to new Ranger President Bob Schafer, formerly an Exec. V.P., while Mike will continue in a consulting role, particularly on the company’s I-595 design-build work in Broward County. “Mike is one of the top professionals in the construction industry and we are very fortunate he has been with our Group all these years,” said Leo Vecellio, Jr. “His management skills have not only helped Ranger prosper, but have helped guide the company through difficult times as well.” Though he started in custodial work, Mike didn’t empty wastebaskets for long. During prior summer jobs with V&G, he’d shown a knack for administrative work, so he was transferred to the Payroll Department as soon as a position opened up. He also attended evening college classes until he earned a degree. Mike rose steadily through the company’s ranks, first as an Insurance and Administrative Assistant, then switching back to Payroll and Accounts Payable for Black Rock Contracting when it was acquired in 1973. Eventually, Mike was put in charge of the entire Payroll and Accounting Department at Black Rock, then became Vice

VanGuard features a selection of the latest company and project news, along with safety and employee service recognitions. It has earned writing, photography, design and corporate publication awards. VanGuard was first published in the 1970s, with a Vecellio & Grogan employee contest producing the title. The word “vanguard” was a natural fit: it means “at the forefront;” spelled with a capital V and G, it denotes the company connection. As Vecellio & Grogan expanded, its divisions and sister companies became

See or scan QR code for latest issue! formally organized as the Vecellio Group, which nicely continued the V and G connection in the publication’s name.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 3rd Quarter 2012



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ENR’s Janice Tuchman Delivers 2012 Vecellio Lecture at Virginia Tech From her vantage point as Editor-in-Chief of Engineering News-Record, Janice L. Tuchman has a comprehensive view of the construction industry. After covering the market segment for 35 years, she brings a unique perspective to its challenges and future. Jan Tuchman As presenter of the 2012 Vecellio Distinguished Lecture at Virginia Tech, her talk explored critical issues challenging the industry and the nation—from the accelerating pace of technological change, to the country’s stalemate over infrastructure funding, to the constantly changing dynamics of working in an ever more globalized business. The annual fall lecture is sponsored by the Vecellio Family Foundation and individual family members through an endowment to the school’s Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program. The endowment also supports scholarships, fellowships and a full professorship at the school. Several Vecellio family members are alumni of Virginia Tech, beginning with the late Leo Vecellio, Sr. (class of 1938). Leo Vecellio, Jr. (1968) and Michael Vecellio (2001) also are Virginia Tech graduates.

Past Speakers: 2001 – G. Wayne Clough President of Georgia Tech 2002 – Ted C. Kennedy Chairman of BE&K, Inc. 2003 – Philip A. Shucet Commissioner of VDOT 2004 – Patricia D. Galloway National President of ASCE 2005 – Hans Van Winkle Director of the Construction Industry Institute 2006 – Ronald L. Johnson Major Gen., Dep. Chief of Engineers, US Army Corps of Engineers 2007 – Linda Figg President/CEO, Figg Engineering Group 2008 – Henry Petroski Professor of Duke University 2009 – Paul E. Torgersen Professor/Dean/Pres., Virginia Tech 2010 – Michael C. Vorster Emeritus Professor, Virginia Tech 2011 – John R. Hillman President, HC Bridge Company, LLC

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