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Three Days With “Courageous” Wow, what an experience! June 9th – 11th, I had the privilege of visiting the set of Sherwood Pictures’ next movie, “Courageous” planned for release some time in 2011. The trip was encouraging, inspiring, and humbling all at the same time. As KTF President and host of the weekly music video series, “Christian Music Videos”, I went with the focus of recording several episodes of CMV on location in Albany, Georgia where the movie was being recorded. When you read this, principal photography should have wrapped. The second focus was to record interviews with cast and crew members from the movie to use in CMV as well as an upcoming series we plan to produce called, “Behind The Curtain”. In fact, we recorded 6 episodes of

CMV and obtained interviews inspired. Everyone working on with 3 actors, 2 crew members, this film are believers, and the senior pastor of (continued on page 2) Sherwood Baptist Church. There were two major themes that I Also This Month: took with me after experiencing what God is doing in Albany “Christian Music Videos”.....7 first, the power of unity. I was “The Wartleys”..................11 amazed that so many volunteers gave freely of their “Rezin Audio Series”.........12 time to help make this movie. About 70 percent of the people “Search With Me” Ends......13 helping are volunteer, and I KTF Nearly Scammed........15 would venture to guess that there were about 50 crew YouTube Revenue Share....16 members on set at peak recordings. The Christian Newsletter on iPad............16 community really came together Contact & Links.................17 pooling resources and dedicating a large part of their lives to making this movie happen. All of the cast and crew participants exhibited a level Keep track of us on twitter, humility, kindness and Youtube, and facebook dedication that left me awe


Sherwood Baptist Church Pastor, Michael Catt with Surgeon

(continued from page 1) and God is at the forefront of every aspect of what is happening with this endeavor. The second theme that I took with me from is that God can do anything. I always thought that making a movie of this scale was totally out of the reach of KTF Productions. We’ve made low to no-budget movies ourselves, screening the movies locally the best we knew how. I was certain that there was a huge leap between what we do and what Sherwood Pictures is doing. But when I learned how much money it takes to make Christian movies of this level and put them into several theatres, I began to realize that it may also be possible for KTF Productions. Many of the people who are producing this movie do not have formal film training and admit that they are finding their way with God’s help. Their words opened a new world of

possibilities in my mind should God take us down that path. Day 1 It should be said that the 3 day event is called “Media Day” where radio, television and print media are invited to the set to take pictures, observe, and interview the filmmakers. There were others that came along as well: contest winners, family oriented organization leaders, and faith-based leaders were in attendance. There were about 30 of us privileged with this rare opportunity to witness history in the making. June 9th around 5pm, I arrived in Albany Georgia with varying expectations. I received an agenda before arriving and noticed that there would be an opportunity to interview some of the filmmakers in the evening. My wife would join me

very late that night, but not in time to help me in the interview sessions. First we had dinner with the producers and some of the cast and crew. We heard from Pastor Michael Catt about the production and the short history of Sherwood Pictures. It was fascinating to learn how God has taken this ministry from a modest endeavor of making a Christian movie to show in the local theatre as a community outreach (Flywheel – the first movie) to an international movie ministry changing the lives of marriages with the latest movie, “Fireproof”. I also appreciated how careful everyone who is a part of the ministry is to continue to make every aspect of the process focused on God. They have devotions every morning, pray before every shoot, and often times just breakout into prayer as they feel the spirit leading. There is no question that God is at the center of this ministry, which is evidenced by the fruit. The faith and dedication of the individuals on the set rival the atmosphere felt in many Sunday morning church services. I knew right away to give credit for the success of Sherwood Pictures to no man. God is in complete control. Everyone at dinner was so humble and loving. It didn’t matter if they had large acting roles or modest behind the scenes participation, everyone seemed to have a Godly heart. It was a breath of fresh air. As a bonus, I met Wendy Griffith, news anchor and reporter for 2


Wendy Griffith and Ryan Johnson of CBN take photo with Surgeon

CBN, and her videographer Ryan Johnson. They came to do a story on the project bringing loads of professional equipment and a professional demeanor to match. It was a complete pleasure meeting them and hearing about Wendy’s passion concerning the call to action against the Muslim incursion into American life. Get this… I also met another person named David Evans. What are the chances to have two David Evanses within this small group of 30?

Wendy Griffith and Ryan Johnson set up for shoot.

To my surprise, David and his wife are finishing up their own theatre bound Christian movie, “The Grace Card”. You should really check out their website for more details. This movie looks great. When the time for evening interviews came around, I didn’t know what to do. My wife wasn’t there, so I didn’t know how I’d get interviews by running the camera and conducting the interview at the same time. We didn’t bring the amount of equipment that I’d normally want on a shoot like this. We had no lights, and a really cheap tripod. But I did bring our best camera and good microphones. Over the course of these 3 days we would record everything in 24p (24 frames per second, progressive scan). In layman’s terms, it is the closest thing we

have to film quality, and this was the very first time we attempted to record at such a level. So, the first day was a wash for me. I didn’t record any interviews. I stood watching as everyone else asked questions and recorded interviews with the producers of the movie, and representatives from Provident (the film’s promotion and distribution agents). I felt like I was missing out on a great opportunity. So, day one I walked away with zero interviews, and absolutely no footage. I was really depressed. I didn’t even try to do something on my own. That night, I could hardly sleep. I had only 3 days, and I totally botched the first day.

Property assistants make sure actors are dressed and “packing heat”.

Day 2 The second day was our only full day, and I was determined to get as much footage as possible. We went to the production set, first thing. They were shooting indoors, in very tight quarters. Though we had the opportunity to see a little of what was going on, from our vantage point there wasn’t much to look at. The set was 3

“Courageous” impressed with him. We talked about the process of recording sound for a movie like this. I’m mystified by sound production in movies. I mean, how do they get such high quality sound with so many varying conditions? He graciously Rusty Martin Jr. & Sr. with Surgeon answered all of my questions, and as a moviemaker myself, I that they’d already assembled was very much appreciative. from the movie. Wow! If you Later in the day, we were able liked “Fireproof”, this movie to record our first two episodes looks like it’ll be even better. From the few scenes that they showed, the 40 or so people from this small screening audience were all moved – me included. Several tears were shed at the power of these scenes. The writing from what I saw is spectacular. And the technical quality is above their previous movies. In the Q&A session, I highlighted that fact and that it holds up against anything I’ve seen in the theatres from the secular Hollywood dramas. Our next interview was with Mark Willard, music composer for the movie. We saw where he worked. He showed us some of Sound Mixer, Rob Whitehurst working diligently

elevated about 12 feet, and we had to stand down below. It was built to look like an evidence locker room at a police station, but there were several props and cabinets obstruction our view. I didn’t get very good footage at all. I was beginning to wonder if I’d come away with anything usable. I was, however, able to meet several of the crew and watch them in their given roles.

I spoke with Rob Whitehurst, the sound technician. He was very cool, and actually my first contact in my efforts to come to Albany. He frequents a Christian filmmaker forum of which I am a casual participant. He wrote about working on the upcoming movie and I asked if they allow people on the set to watch. He put me in contact with the right people who ultimately allowed me access. This was the first time I met him in person and I was very

of CMV as I interviewed actors Rusty Martin Jr. and his father, Rusty Martin Sr. Both are very humble, God fearing actors. You’ll have to watch CMV the weeks of July 19th and July 26th to hear from Rusty Junior and Senior respective, but I was impressed with both of them and their dedication to the Christian faith. I think they represent a snapshot of what every father/son relationship should look like. Next, we watched several rough cut clips

Music Composer, Mark Willard

his music and how music can enhance a scene. I was very impressed by his talent. The music he writes is sent out to an orchestra who performs and records it for the final film. I’ve 4


110-foot cross at Sports Park

something exciting, to help them discover alternatives to how they could spend their free time. It was very impressive. After the tour, we went to the set. This time it was outdoors. There was activity everywhere. This is where I got all of my Make Up Supervisor, Curry Bushnell, touches up an actor before scene “money shots”. I was able to introduce my wife to Bob Scott, seen several behind the scenes episodes of CMV were shot, the director of photography for clips of professional composers each containing a powerful this movie. I’ve met him twice as they describe their craft. It prior for extended periods of interview. And I got a lot of was amazing to see Mark time in Haiti, but this was the footage from different areas of demonstrate his work first first time she met him. He was moviemaking. Even still, we hand. You can watch my so nice, giving us a lot of his didn’t get the “money shots”. interview with him in the CMV The set was too confining to get time to visit and catch up. He episode set to air the week of made me feel really important. anything really useful. So at August 2nd. The fourth episode His role as DP for the movie is this point, I wasn’t completely with make up artist, Curry satisfied, but was happy to very demanding. He seemed to Bushnell. He was actually my know that there was one day run much of the show. I was favorite. Curry has the left. impressed to see him and personality of a loving everyone else work. Dolly grandfather and seemed Day 3 tracks, large sun filters, two honored to have us interview RED cameras, reflectors, lights him instead of just the other This day began taking a driving of all sorts, boom cranes and way around. I was humbled by tour of the Sports Park. Part of even a cherry picker were just his humility. You can see his the money that Sherwood a few things on the set. I shot interview on CMV the week of Baptist Church gets from the all of the footage I needed. I August 9th. All in all, it was a movies helps fund an 82-acre great day. I got lots of powerful park designed for all sorts of footage from behind the sporting activities. In the scenes, there were professional middle of the park is a 110-foot photo shoots happening and I white cross reminding everyone watch the prop master at work. of the focus of the ministry. I felt like I could’ve been on a The park is for Christian and Hollywood set. At the end of secular events. But the church the day, I felt much better knew that they had to create Rob Whitehurst about my footage. Four setting sound for outdoors something for the youth, 5


Director of Photography, Bob Scott sets cameras and oversees the visual look of the film

also interviewed Michael Catt, Senior Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church. You can see his interview on CMV airing the week of August 16th. We also interviewed Robert Amaya who costars in the movie. As the day ended, I was very pleased with what we were able to get. I look forward to airing the six episodes of CMV from on location in Albany, Georgia. I really hope you tune in to those episodes. Join me, and share in my experience on the set of Sherwood Pictures latest movie, “Courageous”. As mentioned earlier, it is also our hope to create our first

episode of “Behind The small town of Albany, Georgia. Curtain”; a series of videos focused on Christian Ministry and how God is at work in those ministries. We have our sites set on visiting the set of David Nixon’s next movie that is expected to shoot in August. You may remember that David is the Director of the recent Christian movie, “Letters to Bob Scott discusses the progress God”. I’ll be sure to let you thus far with CMV VJ, Surgeon know how that pans out. You can find out more information about “Courageous” on their website, Watch several behind-the scene clips and interviews and see what God is doing in the 6

Christian Music Videos

This Month on Christian Music Videos

This month watch all new CMV episodes! The week of July 5th, Surgeon takes you into his prayer room and encourages you to put together a prayer list to keep your prayers on track. Next up, the week of July 12th, while putting together an episode of “The Wartleys”

Surgeon reminds us exactly how much we are to love our God. In week 3, CMV takes to the road and visits the set of “Courageous” - the next Christian movie by Sherwood Pictures (who brought you “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants”). In this episode, Surgeon interviews actor, Rusty Martin Jr., about working on the Christian movie. That airs the week of July 19th. Rounding out the month, the week of July 26th, Surgeon interviews Rusty Martin Sr. who also acts in the movie. Watch all four of these episodes this month on “Christian Music Videos” and see new music videos by Canopy Red and Everlife.




No CMV Re-Runs This Summer!

About this time last year, “Christian Music Videos” took the summer off. And in doing so, KTF aired 4 months of reruns so that there would be no break in the CMV air schedule.

This year, not only will there be no break in CMV programming, but there will be no re-runs. That’s right all new episodes of CMV right through the summer and straight into fall. We’ve got a lot planned for the show in the coming months, but I don’t want to spoil any surprises. Just make sure you tune in every week to watch brand new episode of “Christian Music Videos” and watch for new music videos performed from some of your favorite Christian artists!



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Portage Cable Access Closes Portage Cable Access in Portage, Michigan has aired CMV since the show began in 1998. As of July 1, 2010 PCA will close it’s doors. For those of you who have enjoyed CMV on PCA, don’t worry, you can still watch “Christian Music Videos” on the Kalamazoo air schedule because PMN, or the Public Media Network, of Kalamazoo absorbed the Portage access station. Be sure to see the CMV air schedule for updated times and dates. We’d like to thank Portage Cable Access for the years of service to the community and to KTF Productions. Fun Fact: KTF President, David Evans, worked at Portage Cable Access before working at his current job at Western Michigan University. CMV Accepting Prayer Requests Last month, “Christian Music Videos” began accepting prayer requests from the viewing audience. Here’s how it works; email your prayer request (big or small) to and CMV VJ, Surgeon will pray for you. Prayer requests will remain anonymous. Prayer requests have already began to trickle in. So if you have something you’d like prayer for, don’t be shy, just email us. It never hurts to have one more voice partitioning our savior on your behalf.

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New Video Vendor When CMV first started, we received music videos from only the big national outlets like ForeFront, AristoMedia, Word Entertainment, etc. Over the years, some of those videos have consolidated into one group, but there are still smaller labels out there trying to get their music videos seen. The Nashville Publicity Group is once such group. Last month, we were contacted by them and we are now receiving music videos from them as well. Coming soon, you’ll see videos from Canopy Red, Everlife, and Manic Drive. You may have also noticed that our free CD giveaway this month is from Canopy Red, donated by these awesome group of people just for you! A big thanks to Brian Mayers of Nashville Publicity Group for contacting us and for sending us these great music videos. Be sure to keep your eyes open for more such videos in the future! New CMV VJ? We’re in the beginning stages of looking for new local video jockeys to appear on “Christian Music Videos”. We have interviewed one already, and plan to talk to other potentials in the fall. Stay tuned... You may begin to see fresh new faces on future episodes of “Christian Music Videos”. We’ll keep you posted!

Okay it is official! This month, along with the general free Christian CD giveaway we have for the general public (previous page), we’re now also beginning free Christian CD giveaways exclusively to facebook fans. That’s right, just become a fan of “Christian Music Videos” on facebook and look for the monthly giveaway posting either in the photo area of the fan page or on the fan page Wall. Simply “write a comment” saying something to the effect that you’d like to win or be entered and that’s it. The only thing is that we have to have some way of contacting you if you win, so your facebook privacy must allow for someone to leave you a message or you’ll have to let us know how to contact you should you win.

This is a pilot giveaway project so right now we’ll be giving away only 1 free CD per month. But based on response, we may broaden that out. We also may giveaway Christian DVDs and books through Facebook. So now there is no better time to be a fan of “Christian Music Videos” through Facebook. This month we’ll be giving away a free Christian CD from Shachah - Let The Light In. Same rules as the general monthly giveaway apply, however only one person can win. For a chance to win, all you need to do is enter, and its totally free. And when I say free, I mean FREE! But you can't win if you don't enter! (Please note: All entries must be from within the United 9 States.)

Christian Music Videos to help out. There were children, adults and senior citizens all pitching it. It was awesome to watch. I asked a few of the people how they heard about this outreach. Some heard from their children’s school, others heard from friends or churches. I actually found out by watching the local news about 3 days before the event, and decided it would be nice opportunity to help the people of Haiti.

Surgeon pours soy and rice into bags for Haiti

Packing 1 Million Meals For Haiti I am amazed at how many opportunities I’ve had to serve Haiti this past year right here in the United States. Some of you may know that for the past 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of going to Haiti on a missions trip for a week each year in December. The last time I was there was a month before the earthquake. Since then I’ve had three distinct opportunities to lend a hand to that region. First, as the United States came together to help out the earthquake victims, there were dozens of organizations designed to immediately help the disaster, including the red cross. We were able to partner with them in their efforts to make an immediate impact on the lives that were in desperate need of it. Secondly, our church decided to take up a special offering for the earthquake disaster a few months after the

event, in the hopes of continually helping even when the news stations and the cameras have gone on to the next disaster. And last month, my wife and I had the opportunity to help the Salvation Army in their efforts to pack 1 million packets of food - each feeding 6 people.

“Make a Million” Event Logo

I must say that I was amazed at the turn out. I realize that they didn’t get as many volunteers as they would’ve liked, but people from all over the surrounding area, took at least two hours out of their day

We also decided to bring the camera along and shot an episode of “Christian Music Videos” on location at the event which took place in Portage, Michigan. You can see that episode the week of August 30th. When I go to Haiti, each time it has been through New Missions - an organization that is stationed there. However, because of the earthquake, they are not taking volunteers until 2012 at the earliest. Just recently, a friend of mine made me aware of an opportunity to go back in March 2011. Right now we are getting all of the paper work in order and plan to visit Haiti for another week in March. It will be a different experience with an unfamiliar missions organization, but I’m looking forward to it, and as always, we’ll bring our camera and record six episodes of CMV on location in Haiti. My challenge to you is not to forget Haiti. It is easy to only be interested in what the news tells us to be interested in. But Haiti will be in need of prayer and support for years to come. If you can’t give or volunteer, everyone can pray. 10

The Wartleys

Wartleys Update I’ve been working diligently on what I can for “The Wartleys”. It has been my hope that every week there would be something new from posted for the series. This month, however, we’ll fall a little short with only 3 comic strips; The one posted above which is called, “Christian-ese” and two others. “Tithe Conscious” will be posted Thursday, July 8th and “Not For Granted” will be posted Thursday, July 15th. Last month, I was also able to complete a cartoon episode but it will not be posted until the chronology of the series permits. You see, the latest episode posted for the series is episode 25. The one I just completed is episode 30. As our volunteer graphic artists Philip Stephens and Paul Wycliffe complete elements for the episodes in between, they will be animated as well - but not until. Episode 30, “Comfort” is written by Amy Atnip and features the voices of Holly Otis

Image from Episode 30, “Comfort” written by Amy Atnip

(Abby) and Jocelyn Trautman (Kelly). This episode is the first in a 3 series, and certainly one of my favorite story lines that will be presented so far. As soon as it is able to be posted, I’ll put it up, but until then, I’ll have to hold on to it (I like keeping secrets). Progress is being made on episode 26, “Tolerance”. A major part of the story takes place in the restaurant where Adam works. Philip Stephens is working on background graphics for the

episode. Here you can see his work in progress. Philip also has his hands full working on character adjustments so that I can make them look sad when they should be.

Background image in progress from Philip Stephens


Rezin Dramatic Audio Series Update

W E B IS OD E 4 2 “Climax” - Coming in August This webisode will feature the voices of Agravane (Michael Evans), Mannatook (Jamey Olvera), Vice (Graham Kurtz), Operative 1 (Michael Jefferies), Operative 2 (Harold Laymon), Mariah (Shawna Smith), Rezin (Brian Woodman), and Susan (Kelly McMeekan). And as with every Rezin webisode, the narration will be by David Evans.

There are no webisode prepared for posting this month, but if all continues to goes well, two will be ready for August. These next two webisodes will mark the end of episode 3 for the series. If you’ve been keeping track, there are a total of 7, 40 minute episodes that make up the series. Each one of these 7 episodes have been broken down into 108 webisodes. With the completion of webisodes 42 and 43, three of the seven episodes will be completed. Episode 1 (“The Beginning”) is partially 3D animated and partially dramatic audio in nature. Episode 2 and 3 (“There is Another” and “The Dominion”) are completely dramatic audio in nature and round out where the series will be soon. Episode 4 is called, “Jean-claude” and I look forward to the release of that episode and its accompanying webisodes soon. Currently, we are well over the 1/3rd mark of the series completion. Be sure to continually follow the series as the saga continues to unfold.

W E B IS OD E 4 3 “What Lies Ahead” - Coming in August This webisode is the final webisode from episode 3 of the 7 part series. It will feature the voices of Mariah (Shawna Smith), Rezin (Brian Woodman), and Susan (Kelly McMeekan). And as with every Rezin webisode, the narration is by David Evans. Be sure to check out both of these webisode sometime in August.

S E R I E S A B O U T 4 0 % C O M P L ETE


Search With Me These settings would give the viewer a brief look into my life, hopefully making them feel more comfortable with who they’d be conversing with. The show was marginally successful. We didn’t have very many comments and added to that, the ministry of KTF was being taken in a different direction – with the reboot of “Christian Music Videos”, so we decided to put it on the shelf. We stopped the series until all of the sudden YouTube took the internet by storm. We reposted the episodes and found that there was an online audience that wanted to watch them. KTF Productions has created format was designed to feel Most views came from GodTube several internet shows over the more like a blog; to show that viewers, which was the target years, but few with a directed I’m an ordinary Christian, just audience anyway, averaging focus to illicit feedback from the like many presumed to be 1,000 views per clip. I’ve viewing audience. “Search With watching, who wants to learn always said that if a video clip Me” was one series that did just more about the Bible. What reaches 1,000 views from any that, and it is with sadness that better way to learn the bible given channel, then it justifies we say goodbye to this beloved than within a group? In this the work creating it. Well, to series… at least for now. I say case an online group where date, all of the 2003-2004 clips “at least for now” because viewers could comment directly have surpassed that mark. I we’ve been known to reboot a on the videos they’ve just seen. took that as a sign that it was series if we feel that God is This was before YouTube took time to reboot the show, leading us back to a given off, so viewers could only watch though this time we’d do it a project. As a matter of fact, clips if they visited our site. I little differently. This time it “Search With Me” was originally would have shows recorded wouldn’t be like a video blog. launched in 2003 and ended in while getting ready to mow the It’d be more like a video 2004. Then rebooted in 2009 lawn, having breakfast, devotional series. The hope was now ending again in 2010. preparing for church, or even to tackle deeper topics that are getting ready to run a triathlon. not as black and white as ones The History previously shared in the first series. I tackled topics like, “Search With Me” began as a “once saved, always saved”, Christian video blog hosted by “First Will Be Last”, and “The me, David Evans, the president Parable of the Talents” to name of KTF Productions. The idea a few. I also didn’t shoot was to share things that I’ve episodes as if to share parts of been learning in the bible and my life on the show. This time Triathlon episode from presenting it to the viewing it was shot in a studio. Season 1 audience for discussion. The Technology allowed us to shoot

“Search With Me” Ends


Search With Me in high definition and I added graphics and animation that made the show look more polished than the original. Though we continued to have decent viewership, audience response wasn’t the best. The show later began to post weekly, with audio episodes continuing the discussion first highlighted in the video episodes. So, as you can see, this fairly simple series has taken on several iterations. And now with over 75 episodes, the series goes back on the shelf. Only time will tell if it will stay there.

“Search With Me” Host, David Evans, in the latest Season

and circumstances still aren’t real. We also have bible study type shows like “Hardcore Christianity”, “Christian Music Videos” and “Search With Me”. These shows encourage thought on biblical topics and spiritual growth. They tap into the reality of our own personal Christian walk much like a church sermon is designed to do. I think both are powerful, yet geared to a slightly different audience.

It is tough to gauge viewership. I’m not sure how many people actually liked the show. Besides sites like YouTube, I can’t get a reading on how many views any given clip has gotten. And besides emails or direct comments to clips, there is no way of telling how many viewers like the participation element of the series. Overall, I really valued the series. There are primarily two types of projects we create: Story based and bible study. The movies and cartoons that we’ve created are fantasy, allowing the viewer to see things through the eyes of the Pastor Greg Stewart joined the 7-part characters presented. This series on “Once Saved, Always Saved” method is designed to engage the audience in an entertaining “Search With Me” will be missed. I’m saddened that setting, playing on emotions and drawing the audience into a there wasn’t as much participation as I’d hoped. I do world that is fabricated. know that several have Principles and ideas can be watched the series, and many highlighted, but the characters

have commented on the episodes. However, with the limited time that my wife and I have to work on KTF projects, we find that there is truly a season for each project. Many thanks to those who have watched, commented and encouraged us on the series. I plan to air a collection of the 2009 episodes on local access television, and create DVDs of them as well to hand out to interested individuals. The series will remain online as well, and we still welcome comments on any of the episodes which I will be checking periodically on line.


KTF Nearly Scammed... Twice!

KTF Nearly Scammed... Twice! people can be trusted. After all, they do have some safeguards in place. Just last month, I was trying to get rid of some of the equipment that KTF Productions doesn’t use anymore. KTF could use the money, and the equipment is either outdated or just unused. One such item is our “supercam”. Yep, that’s the name of it – I didn’t just make it up just now. Though actually it was quite super, at least in it’s day. We shot the movie, It is amazing how criminal “The Knight of Daye” with that some people can be. Some internet scams try to get you to camera. It holds a lot of great help out rich foreigners who for memories, but alas, analog video is heading out the door at some reason can’t get to their money. So they promise to give hyperspeed. It was time to put it up for ebay in the hopes that you a cut of it if you just help someone might still have a them out by sending a small allotment of cash that will open need for it. It received several views, and even a hand full of up their access to the treasure “watchers”. About 3 days before trove. Others are more clever, highjacking the email addresses the listing would end, I received an email from someone who of your acquaintances that are supposedly in trouble over seas wanted to buy the supercam and it’s accessories. I was quite and can’t get access to their happy. This person was even money. They email you saying they need your help, and ask if going to give me a little extra to take it down from ebay and you can wire money to an account (my church fell for that deal with him directly. He even one). Now the art of scamming wanted to set up a currier to pick it up, cutting down on has filtered onto ebay. I sell expensive mailing costs. He things on ebay in spurts. Stuff sounded legit… but he wasn’t. that was once very useful, but Over time we grew more and no longer is, begin to pile up more suspicious. Instead of around my house and I decide that it is time to get rid of a few sending us a money order and things. For the most part, ebay arranging for pick up, he sent a is a great place to do it. Usually check, much larger than we

agreed upon and asked that we use the extra money for the currier. My wife checked into the legitimacy of the actual check we received only to find out that the bank on the check didn’t exist and that the whole setup was a scam to get us to pay for the supposed currier. Doh! Thank God we didn’t go through with it. My wife contacted the FBI to let them know about the scam and I felt mildly stupid for taking the camera down with a few nibbles already established on ebay. So we put the camera back up on ebay and wouldn’t you know it, the scammer tried for round two, though this time under a different name. This time I sent him a “convicting” email – well, that was my aim anyway. I let him know that I knew it was a scam – and shame on him for trying to con money out of everyday people. I guess the moral of the story is to watch out and be discerning. Scammers come up with new methods to cheat you out of your money every day. Unfortunately, the camera never sold. I guess I might have to keep it around as an antique.


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YouTube Revenue Sharing Over the past several months, KTF Productions has been contacted by the popular video sharing website, YouTube, to allow the placement of ads on 3 select clips that have received several views on their site. These ads are nonobtrusive and are tasteful in nature. Often times they are even Christian, which I really like. They appear off to the side of the page as the main video is playing near the center. I’m not sure exactly how it works, and KTF hasn’t received any funds from this endeavor to date, but last month, another one of our clips crossed the 15,000 views barrier and we’ve been asked yet again to allow this clip to have shared revenue from ads. We’ve decided to accept bringing our revenue shared clips to four. The previous 3 clips are: Israel – Masada at over 34,000 views, Guyana 2007 – Shops at over 27,000 views and Israel – Western Wall at over 25,000 views. The latest clip accepted is Israel – Via Dolorosa at over 17,000 views. If you’ve been one to contribute to the hits count on these clips, I want to thank you for watching and for taking these clips above the 15,000 mark (which I assume is their bench mark). If and when we see any revenue from this endeavor, it will go directly back into the ministry of KTF Productions.

Do you want to know the best way to read the KTF Newsletter? I think it is the best way anyway. Though you can read the newsletter on the web or download it and read it on your computer, the best way to read the newsletter is on an iPad. If you are one of those privileged individuals who owns an iPad, there is a 99 cent application called “Good Reader” that will allow you to read .pdf documents, along with a myriad of other document formats on your iPad. I recently downloaded the update which allows for even smoother .pdf reading. Now I can use my finger to smoothly swipe through page after page of content. Unlike the computer’s adobe reader, the “Good Reader” application doesn’t catch when scrolling through images. So now, I can read the KTF Newsletter as

easy as if I’m reading a book from the iBook application. Speaking of iBook, at the time of this writing, Apple updated its application for the iPod Touch and the iPhone so that users can read .pdf documents on those devices. But I think it is too small to read on such a small window. If you are an iPad owner, the 4.0 upgrade for the iPad OS should be available this fall and the new iBook update will work on it as a free application for optimizing .pdf documents as well as their current e-pub books that can be downloaded. That means that the iBook application should have many of the smooth functionality that I mentioned from the “Good Reader” application. I love the idea of downloading a document such as the KTF newsletter and reading it comfortably on a device like the iPad. That, coupled with the now, native functionality with the .pdf documents is why I’ve decided that the iPad is the reader of choice. If you’re an iPad owner, try it out, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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