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KTF PRODUCTIONS Website Adjustments

Making the KTF Website more iPad compatible

In an effort to make the KTF Website more ipad and HTML 5 compatible, some adjustments have been made to the site design.

CMV COMPATIBILITY About two months ago, I revised the CMV site with a new interactive HTML 5 (and iPad) compatible element. Here, viewers can find out more about CMV as well as submit prayer requests, view a sample episode of the show or find out more about the VJs. Last month a new step in


the effort to make the KTF site more HTML 5 friendly took place.

HOME PAGE ADJUSTMENTS Now the main KTF page can be viewed and interactively accessed on apple’s iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Each tab can be accessed with the tough of the touch of your finger, or if left to idle will flip to the next tab. Each image links to the website and there are buttons that access the last episode of the given show, or facebook pages. So now most of the KTF site can be viewed on an iOS device including videos compressed, uploaded and embedded through vimeo. Videos appearing almost anywhere on the site can be viewed on an iPad or iPhone.

Also Included “Christian Music Videos” Page 2 “The Wartleys” Page 3 “Rezin Dramatic Audio” Page 5 Audio files from the “Rezin Dramatic Audio Series” can be listened to directly from the device as well as PDF print documents such as the newsletter you’re reading right now can be accessed on the iPad, as long as the download buttons are selected instead of the online flashed based viewing, which for the newsletter can currently be found at the bottom of the main page under “Newsletter Archives”. The Rezin audio clips can be accessed choosing the download button taking you directly to the audio file. Over time, I plan to make PDF and audio files easier to navigate for iOS devices. Over time, it is my hope to have the entire site accessible on iOS devices such as the iPad. I just need to take a few moments to look over the site and make sure all elements are up to date. Though at least at this time, most of the site, including the main page can now be accessed on the beautiful interface of the iPad and other tablet devices.




Free Christian CD Giveaway Enter to win a free CD from Deas Vail


“Fully Clothed” Airs Week of Nov. 7

“The Train” Airs Week of Nov. 14 Facebook exclusive clip

This month enter to win a free Christian CD from Deas Vail - Birds & Cages. This month there will be two winners. The number of CDs given away and potential winners vary from month to month. It is all dependent on how many CDs we have to give away at any given time. We shoot for 3, but each month it can be anywhere from 1 - 5. So keep entering and keep checking back to see what we’re giving away from month to month. Giving away free Christian CDs is our way of saying “thank you for watching!” You have all month to enter so don’t forget. And remember, it’s totally free. When I say free, I mean FREE! Just visit to find out how to enter. And remember... If


you've entered before and haven't won, enter again. Even if you have won, you can enter too. There is no limit as to how many times you can win. But you can't win if you don't enter! (Please note: All entries must be from within the United States.)

CONGRATULATIONS TO LAST MONTHS WINNERS: Jason T. - Arkansas Shirley Y. - Pennsylvania

“Ordained Days” Airs Week of Nov. 21

“Holy” Airs Week of Nov. 28 Facebook exclusive clip



The Wartleys 4 new postings this month STRIP “FESTERING LIE” This month, the fourth strip in the series of ten is revealed (see above). As our parents teach us, telling the truth is always the best option. The bible even says that we should let our yes be yes and our no be no. No need to make promises or to swear by God or anything else. We are to simply let our answer stand for itself. I’ve heard it said that we are only as good as our word. If we deceive or lie, it only damages our character. In this strip, Abby begins to learn how damaging a lie can be and how it can affect trust. Be sure to read next months newsletter to find out what happens next, or visit “The


Wartleys” website to catch up on the strips you’ve missed.

PUZZLE - “PRAISE HIM” This month, two online puzzles will be posted. The first focuses on the aspect of worshipping God. In an upcoming episode of “Christian Music Videos”, I ask a question on Facebook, inquiring about ways viewers worship God other than with song. In this puzzle, Abby is singing along with a song on a Christian radio station, but there are other ways we can worship our heavenly father. Maybe this month, we can consider other ways in which we can do just that.

CARTOON - STANDING Lastly, this month will also feature a new cartoon. “Standing” is the third part in a three-part arc on healing. The episode features the voices of Keegan Cox (Will), Kaitlyn Haan (Jessica), David Sullivan (Pastor Swartz), Vernal Shephard (Dr. Edmonds) and Zach Stoner (Miguel). The episode is written by Ivin Viljoen. • Play the first puzzle, “Praise Him” Wednesday, November 9th.

PUZZLE - “THE BIBLE” In an effort to end the online puzzles and comic strips the same time the cartoon series will end, I’ve decided


that this month, I’d post two online puzzles. The second puzzle focuses on the power of the Bible. It is no ordinary book, and Jerry is quick to point that out.

• Watch “Standing” Wednesday, November 16th. • Play the second puzzle, “The Bible”, Wednesday, November 23rd.




Surgeon Supports VOM See where Surgeon will be sharing about VOM

Speaking engagements are beginning to develop for me with opportunities to share information about “The Voice of the Martyrs”. About three months ago, I finished going through training to learn more about a powerful ministry which highlights what is going on with the persecuted church around the world. After about 6 weeks I was officially granted the privilege to represent by becoming an area representative. Now I can speak to churches and groups about the ministry and how individuals can get involved. As of late, God is opening the doors to several opportunities to share in different areas around Michigan.

• Also last month, on Sunday, October 30th, I officially started a local VOM group in partnership with my church. At Kalamazoo First Assembly in Portage, Michigan, we participated in our Lifegroup fair. Lifegroups are small groups with a specific focus. My group will focus on praying for, and practically helping the persecuted church. We will meet every first and third Thursday of the month. Anyone is welcome to join this group to find out more about VOM and to pray with us and help our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted just because they believe in Christ.

• Last month, on Wednesday, October 26th, I had my very first official speaking engagement at Cherry Creek Community Church in Portage, Michigan. There my wife and I set up a VOM table containing books and information about the persecuted church. I also spoke for about a half hour to the church about the ministry and shared stories about persecution in Vietnam and China. This all took place during their week long series, “taste and see 2.0”.

• This month on Sunday, November 13th for the International Day of Prayer, I will be setting up a table at Country Christian Evangelical Free Church in Portage, Michigan. There, those interested can browse our books and materials, and talk with me and my wife about VOM. This occurs during the churches missions focus which this year will include VOM along with other ministries that encourage believers to step out of their comfort zone and serve.


• Lastly, on Tuesday, November 29th, I’ll be traveling to Lansing to talk to Great Lakes Christian College during their Chapel service about VOM. They are in the middle of a series focused on Grace. I’ll be there sharing about VOM with a special tiein with their theme. My hope is that several college students will see the need and stand with the persecuted church. If you’re interested in attending an event where I’ll be presenting, or if you want me to speak to your group, feel free to let me know. It doesn’t matter how small or how big the group is, it would be my pleasure to share if the travel distance isn’t too far. If you’ve watched “Christian Music Videos”, you might have noticed that I’ve also begun to promote VOM there as well. I created a short promotion that can also be seen on the KTF site where I’ve also included information about VOM. I plan to expand the site to include areas where I’ll be sharing or have a table. At any rate, I encourage you to visit the website, to learn more about the persecuted church and how you can get involved. Image from KTF site




Rezin this month

Calendar Week of November 1st, 2011 Wartleys-“Festering Lie”(Nov. 1) Week of November 7th, 2011 CMV - “Fully Clothed” (All Week) Rezin - “Saddle Up” (Nov. 8) Wartleys - “Praise Him” (Nov. 9) Week of November 14th, 2011 CMV - “The Train” (All Week) Rezin-“Agravane Wing”(Nov. 15) Wartleys - “Standing” (Nov. 16) Week of November 21st, 2011

This month, log on to and listen to four new webisodes of “Rezin the Dramatic Audio Series”. With 108 webisodes total, the series is coming closer and closer to the final end. • Tuesday, November 8th, download webisode 82, “Saddle Up” featuring the voices of Brian Woodman (Rezin), Shawna Smith (Mariah), James Hickey (Trevor), Kelly McMeekan (Susan), Mary Kay Allbee (Olivia), Justin Goodrich (Manuels), Larry FosterGoodrich (Harrack), and Troy Kilpatrick (Jean-Claude). • Tuesday, November 15th, listen to webisode 83, “Agravane’s Wing” starring Brian Woodman (Rezin), Shawna Smith (Mariah), Michael Evans (Agravane/

Krakkin), Mia Paluzzi (Fui-Lin), Mary Kay Allbee (Olivia), Justin Goodrich (Manuels), Troy Kilpatrick (Jean-Claude) Rick Chambers (Glacus), Tony Gettig (The First) and David Evans (Duce). • Tuesday, November 22nd, listen to webisode 84, “The Lost Few” with voice actors Shawna Smith (Mariah), Brain Woodman (Rezin), Troy Kilpatrick (Jean-Claude) and Mia Paluzzi (Fui-Lin). • Wednesday, November 30th, check out webisode 85, “Misdirection” with voice actors Shawna Smith (Mariah), Brain Woodman (Rezin), Tony Gettig (The First), Mary Kay Allbee (Olivia) and Rick Chambers (Glacus). And as with every webisode of the series, voice narration is provided by David Evans.

CMV -“Ordained Days”(All Week) Rezin - “The Lost Few” (Nov. 22) Wartleys - “The Bible” (Nov. 23) Week of November 28th, 2011 CMV - “Holy” (All Week) Rezin - “Misdirection” (Nov. 30)


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